Author’s Note:

This is the 17th and final story in a series. The whole series is

1 — In Camera

2 — Sins Of The Father

3 — Summer Of Love

4 — A lady’s companion

5 — Summa Cum Laude

6 — Things To Be Thankful For

7 — That Special Someone

8 — Homecoming Queen

9 — Touch But Don’t Look

10 – Promises, Rules And Their Breaking

11 — Fifty Ways To Please Your Lover

12 — London Calling

13 — Business And Pleasure

14 — Through A Glass Darkly

15 — Family And Friends

16 — The Morning After The Night Before

And finally,

17 — Happily Ever After

“Upon what meat does this, our Caesar, feed?” David had everyone’s attention and that was more than a little nerve-racking, even though they were all friends. This was a big day and he had one more important duty to perform.

“No, I’m not about to betray Eric, stab him in the back or anything so dramatic. Eric is my friend, my fraternity brother and my boss. But our familiarity — and believe me when I say we are familiar — doesn’t lessen the awe I hold him in. If anything, knowing Eric as I do, I’m more in awe of him.

Perhaps this will make more sense if I start at the beginning.

I first met Eric when I pledged to Phi Kappa Delta and Eric was that year’s Fraternity President. He wasn’t notably scandalous at that time and I was such a quiet, studious soul that I dropped completely below his radar… Or so I thought. It was all about to change. That was the year Eric inherited a business empire he had little understanding of and less interest in. It’s been said often, by Eric himself, that the only good business decision he’s ever made was giving Parry control of the company. And while Parry slaves away over a hot desk, Eric has been free to pursue his true vocation as a libertine.

Nor did Eric forget his oath to his fraternity. His largesse has become the stuff of legends, especially the Social Development Program, of which I am a graduate.”

“With honours!” A sweet contralto voice interjected. David glanced along the high table to B who smiled to see him blush just a little.

“Eric’s career since has been more notorious than notable, he is more infamous than famous. His art has pushed the boundaries further than anyone could have thought possible. But let’s be honest: he’s had help.” David glanced along the table again, past Eric, past Kelsey, making eye contact with first B then Helen, both beautiful in their matching dresses. Both were smiling their gentle encouragement. He continued.

“He had help from… I have to get this right…” David made a show of remembering what he’d been told to say. “From two of the sweetest and most adorable young ladies one could wish to meet.”

There was laughter. Everyone present knew to whom he was referring and just how much of the truth his description of them had left out.

“And, in truth, it was that notoriety — the provocatively intimate nature of Eric’s work that first drew Kelsey into his orbit. In a frankly bizarre parody of a very adult fairy tale, Eric and Kelsey found each other and found in each other the thing they really sought — the thing everyone seeks — the other halves of their hearts.

The unicorn… and we’re all aware of Eric’s unique horn… The unicorn has, true to the fairy tale, been tamed by a virgin and we are gathered today to wish them both a happily-ever-after.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please raise your glasses to the bride and groom.”

“The bride and groom!” Many voices echoed in unison. Glasses clinked and Champagne was quaffed.

* * * * *

“Phew!” David sat back down, his work done. Barring incident, he had no more formal duties as best man. Traditionally, he had to look after the bridesmaids but he really didn’t think Helen and B needed any help. He finished his champagne in one gulp.

“You were great!” Rebecca whispered, leaning against his arm and insinuating her hand into his, drawing it into her lap.

“Really?” He whispered back, turning towards her and pressing both their hands a little more firmly against her thigh as he buzzed her.”

“Yes… Shh” Rebecca nodded along the table. Parry was on his feet and speaking.

* * * * *

“… absolute honesty that I’ve come to think of Kelsey as a daughter and so I was honoured and delighted when she asked me to give her away. In keeping with tradition, I’m also paying for the wedding… out of Eric’s funds.” There was a little laughter at that. Parry held Eric’s power of attorney. “I haven’t much to say, but there are some people to thank. Firstly, Titania, for arranging all the flowers today. Tittie, they’re beautiful. Thank you.” There was brief but hearty applause for Titania’s work, which made her blush a little — no mean feat.

“… And tomorrow, all those flowers will be taken to local hospitals and nursing homes so enjoy them while you can.

I also have to thank Pierre and Mary for hosting this wedding. I think you’ll all agree, they’ve done us proud.” More applause. If Mary blushed, it didn’t show on her dark chocolate skin, but Pierre’s beaming, gleaming smile was more than obvious. “Thanks guys…”

Parry had quite a few more people to thank but David tuned the rest out. He was distracted by the warmth of Rebecca’s thighs, trapping his hand. He hadn’t had time for sex last night, with all the last minute stuff for the wedding, and they’d been separated for bachelor parties the night before. He did a quick calculation. It was 70 hours, almost to the minute, since they’d had sex. That was the longest dry spell they’d had in six months of dating. He was rock hard right now and, for two pins, would just bend Rebecca over the table and fuck her like a jack hammer. In this company, it’s quite probable that nobody would mind. That is, nobody but Rebecca. She was shy… compared to the rest of the women at this table.

“What’re you thinking?” Rebecca asked quietly. She’d noticed he wasn’t paying attention to Parry’s speech or her.

“Just how long it’s been since we made love.”

“And?” There was a momentary increase in the pressure from her thighs.

“And it’s been 3 days. Would you be very embarrassed if I fucked you right now, in front of everyone?”

“Very.” Rebecca knew he was being hypothetical. “But…” she eased his hand out of her lap just long enough to hitch her hem up. David found his hand being thrust back between her legs. “Aren’t long table cloths great?” Rebecca asked, mischief gleaming in her eyes.

“I’m so hard right now.”

“Good.” Rebecca stroked the ridge along David’s thigh. It twitched. “Very good.” She was either complimenting him on the temper of his erection or the impudence of his fingertips that were rubbing just above the nub of her clitoris through her underwear.

* * * * *

There was more applause as Parry finished speaking and ceded the floor to the groom. Eric glanced around him before speaking.

“Thank you Parry. Thank you all for being here to share this occasion with us.” Eric’s arms spread expansively, encompassing all his guests. “We really do appreciate it.” He glanced down at Kelsey. She was radiant. “David was kind enough to remind you of my notoriety. Well allow me to retort.” He made a point of looking at his best-man, noticing where David’s hand must be. That made Eric smile. “Some are born notorious, some achieve notoriety and some have notoriety thrust upon them. I won’t say my public image was entirely thrust upon me, but I’m not wholly to blame for it either…” His glance fell on Helen and B who were snogging and pretending to ignore him. Everyone else got the point and there was a smattering of laughter. Eric continued. “And as much as I’ve enjoyed every minute of it, all I ever really wanted was to find that special someone I knew was out there. And she found me.

You probably noticed a significant omission in our vows: we did not promise each other fidelity. Our relationship was never based on that and our marriage couldn’t be. We love each other, but that love is expressed in our trust, not our fidelity. We’re making it up as we go among but it’s our hope that we can define a new morality that does not judge us for our desires and does not treat anyone as property. It’s a bold experiment, changing centuries of dogmatic thinking, but we feel we have to try.” Eric felt Kelsey’s hand slide into his and squeeze his fingers.

“But enough seriousness… This is a celebration! Eat. Drink. And don’t forget the wedding album.”

* * * * *

“What about the wedding album?” Rebecca asked David as Eric sat down and got preoccupied with kissing his bride.

“Kelsey’s idea. Eric’s doing an album of ‘his’ photographs of his guests. I didn’t mention it because… you’ve been pretty clear about not being photographed.” David had broached the subject once and Rebecca had been more than a little vocal on the theme of no, no way, not now, not soon, not ever.

“Oh.” Rebecca’s face shut down. It was what David thought of as her poker face and he was used to seeing it whenever Eric’s work came up in conversation. Rebecca liked Eric, really liked all of Eric’s family now that she knew them, but didn’t like the ever present sexual imagery or the pressure she felt under – unfairly — for being the only person in the room who wasn’t shown naked on the walls. Nobody ever mentioned that but Rebecca felt it and that was enough to make her always a little edgy in Eric’s home. David had long since given up trying to tell her she was being silly.

“Don’t do that. Please.” David put a conciliatory arm around her shoulders.

“Do what?”

“Shut down on me like that. It’s not compulsory. Most of the people here have been in front of Eric’s camera before so Kelsey thought it’d be a suitable memento of their special day. I’m sure you won’t be the only one not posing.” David hated having to defend his friends against his girlfriend but it happened quite a lot.

“Are you going to?” It was a loaded question.

“Yes… I am. I’m best-man so I should lead by example and…”


“And I want to.”

“I see.” Rebecca’s monotone response spoke volumes about just how much she disapproved of that idea.

“Sweetie, you did good today!” B broke up the conversation. Buzzed David’s lips firmly then turned to Rebecca. “What’s wrong?” B could see the storm clouds behind Rebecca’s eyes.

“Nothing.” Rebecca lied.

“Good. Can I tear you away from David for a few minutes? I need your help with something.”

“Sure, I guess.” Rebecca pushed back her chair and stood.

B straightened up and took her hand. Rebecca resisted a moment but let herself be led away.

David watched them go, bemused by how easily B had stopped an impending argument.

When they’d disappeared, he got up too and went to chat with Helen, now there was a spare seat next to her.

* * * * *

“Ellie, Robbie, have you met Rebecca? David’s girlfriend?” B had practically dragged Rebecca to a table that David had pointed out to her earlier, when he’d been too busy to make introductions.

“No. Hi Rebecca.” Ellie turned out to be, in Rebecca’s opinion, even prettier than B, which was saying a lot.

“Hi.” Rebecca smiled at the pretty girl with the blind guy. She’d certainly heard a lot about Robbie from David.

“… feeling a bit pressurized. I thought you’d both like a bit of moral support.” B was explaining something to Ellie.

“Pardon?” Rebecca had missed the gist of what B had said.

B turned to face her and spoke softly and warmly. “You and Ellie have something in common. She doesn’t want to pose for Eric either. I just thought you should know you aren’t the only one.” B gently eased the unresisting Rebecca into a spare chair while she spoke. “You guys should get to know each other better.”

B left, leaving Rebecca in the company of strangers. She immediately started to look around for David.

“Intimidating, isn’t it?” Ellie said, snapping Rebecca’s attention back to herself.

“I can’t see David.” Rebecca explained her distraction. It sounded lame to her but she had nothing else to say. David was the only person here she really knew and he was nowhere near her.

“He’s probably busy being Best Man.” Robbie suggested. “I’ve been looking forward to meeting you, Rebecca. David talks about you all the time.”

“Really?” Rebecca liked the sound of that. She had yet to visit the frat house and had started to wonder if she was ever going to meet David’s friends.

“Constantly. Rebecca… this is going to sound odd but, may I see you?”

“Robbie sees with his hands.” Ellie could see Rebecca’s puzzled look.

“Oh. Sure. What do I have to do?”

“Just relax and sit still.” Robbie moved a little closer and tentatively reached towards her face.

It was a little unnerving that he found it straight away. It was almost as if he could actually see where she was. She closed her eyes and felt his fingertips move ever so lightly over her face from forehead to neck. It was weird but not unpleasant. In fact, she rather liked it.

“Thank you.” Robbie sat back.

“You’re welcome. That was actually kind of…” She was searching for a better word than ‘nice’.

“Sexy?” Ellie prompted.

“Well, yes.” Rebecca felt herself blushing. “I think I’d have said intimate rather than sexy, but… I’m sorry.” Her palms went to her cheeks. She could feel how hot they were.

“What’s to be sorry about?” Robbie asked.

“You made her blush.” Ellie explained. She didn’t explain that Rebecca’s nipples had got a lot more obvious too. She didn’t mention it, but she noticed and Rebecca noticed her noticing.

“Is it true you won’t pose for Eric either?” Rebecca tried to change the subject.

“Not entirely.” Ellie moved closer to Robbie, tucking herself under his arm and resting her cheek against him. “I told Eric I’d pose for him if Robbie could see the pictures.”

Rebecca thought that was a bit insensitive but Robbie was smiling at it.

“I’m her excuse but, really, she’s just shy.” He said.

“Not true!” Ellie slapped his leg playfully. “Not that there’s anything wrong with being shy.”

“It’s not that…” Rebecca was shy, but that wasn’t the only reason.

“You know. It really doesn’t matter.” Robbie said. “Eric will respect your wishes and nobody in his family will ever say a word against your choice. They believe in respect.”

“True. All that stuff Eric was saying about their new morality? Its not the first time we’ve heard it. If you’re feeling under any kind of pressure, you’re imagining it.”

“I know, but…”

“But it still feels real? Been there, felt that. Trust me. You’ll get used to it.” Ellie sounded really sincere.

“Rebecca? How did you and David really meet?” Robbie changed the subject.

“Really meet?” It was an odd way to put the question.

“He told us he saved you from the unwelcome advances of a predatory boss. We figured he was lying. David’s not the heroic type.”

“I can’t believe he told you… Yes, it’s true… I’m Meg’s P.A. You know Meg?”

“Intimately.” Robbie said with a grin.

“He’s kidding.” Ellie didn’t seem bothered by Robbie’s claimed conquest. “Go on.”

“Meg hit on me on only my second day at the company and…”

“Meg? Not Parry?” Ellie’s eyebrows were raised. This actually was surprising.

“I hadn’t even met Parry then but there were… circumstances…” Rebecca was blushing again as she recalled the ‘circumstances’.

“And?” Ellie was leaning forward, past Robbie. She wanted to hear this story.

Six months ago, Rebecca would have been far too shy to tell them but a lot had changed in six months and she was feeling quite flattered at the sincere interest her new acquaintances showed in her story.

* * * * *

“… Meg didn’t push it. She backed off… I noticed her glances often enough and she stole the occasional kiss but never more than that. I was the first time I’d been openly desired by another woman but it wasn’t as uncomfortable as I thought it would be — should be. I even started dressing to impress her.

I was still surprised when Meg invited me to Eric’s Halloween party. Before that, the nearest we’d got to social time was lunch together.”

“Sorry, Rebecca…” Robbie interrupted her story. “This was last Halloween, yes?”


“You went to that party?” Ellie was genuinely surprised now.

“Yes. I didn’t know exactly what to expect. I’d visited Eric’s gallery and met him and Kelsey and Helen so I expected it’d be pretty racy… Still… I was really unprepared for the shenanigans going on there.”

“Robbie and I couldn’t go. We had other commitments… but that party’s the stuff of legends in the frat house. Go on. Is that where you met David?”

“Yes. He was one of the waiters.”

“He volunteered for that. It was originally supposed to be just the pledges but David argued that the Pantheon’s acolytes should provide the service.” Robbie had been excused pledging but was a full member of Phi Kappa Delta and wore an acolyte’s pin with a B inscribed on it. Rebecca knew what that meant because David had explained his own pin to her.

“What did you go as?” Ellie asked.

“The bride of Frankenstein. A wedding dress from a vintage clothes shop in Greenwich, green make-up and a novelty shop bolt through my neck.

I knew Meg was going as Queen of the vampires and Parry was Count Dracula and witches are just boring.

David kept plying me with drinks — which was his job — and I kept him talking to dodge Meg’s advances. I guess I told him that because he made a point of never leaving me alone.” Rebecca reflected on the fact David had not left her alone for the whole of the next day either and had been reluctant to say goodbye when Monday morning meant work was required.

* * * * *

“Problems?” Helen asked as David sat down. “I saw B stealing your girlfriend.”

“Rebecca’s not happy about the album.” David didn’t look happy right now either.

“So? Don’t do it.”

“I probably won’t.”

“David. Trust B. Have you ever seen anyone try to not like her?”

“Christabelle Deerborne?”

“Ok. But Prissy Chrissy’s an aberration. Rebecca is far too nice a person to not like B.”

“I guess.”

“I know. Besides, I have an idea. See that?” She pointed to where Rebecca, Ellie and Robbie were sitting.


“Wanna bet I can get you and Robbie in the album and Ellie and Rebecca will actually help?”

“No way!” David meant no way would he bet against Helen. He’d lost a few forfeits to her in the past and learned his lesson.

“Coward! Go talk to Daddy. Leave this to me and B.”

* * * * *

“I love you.” Kelsey’s voice was muffled because her face was pressed against Eric’s chest. His arms felt reassuringly tight around her and she could feel the pressure of his lips on the crown of her head.

“I love you too.” Eric murmured. This was the first private moment they’d had all day. Not that the ‘first dance’ was private, but they had a few square feet to themselves and the music kept their conversation between them. It felt private.

They swayed together as the space around them filled up with other couples, all but unnoticed.

And if they didn’t really notice their guests, their guests only pretended not to notice when Eric spirited Kelsey away from the party entirely, disappearing with her into the bungalow.

They were gone too long to not be missed but David, B and Helen knew there was one last twist in the day’s celebrations. Quietly, they went from table to table and group to group, explaining that everyone was expected on the beach in one hour to watch the sunset. Dress code was to be pyjamas or other appropriate nightwear. The formalities were well and truly over and tonight was a slumber party.

It was… different, but it sounded like fun and Eric’s friends were used to eccentricity. They cheerfully joined in.

* * * * *

“David?” Rebecca had been very quiet since they came down to the beach. David had let her be alone with her thoughts.

“Yes?” He turned at the sound of her voice and put his arms around her, drawing her close enough to hug as he looked down into her blue-grey eyes.

“I don’t want to be such a bitch… It’s just…”

“Shh.” He buzzed her lips to shut her up. “B told me. It’s OK.”

“No. It isn’t OK. You want to be in that album and you’re only staying out of it because I made an issue of it. It’s not OK.” There were tears in the corners of her eyes. “I… If you want to… you should…”

“Hey! You two.” Ellie interrupted their heart to heart. “Whoa!” she saw Rebecca’s teary eyes and immediately cranked down her exuberance. “What’s up, Sweetie?” She eased Rebecca out of David’s embrace and took both the girl’s hands in her own.

“Nothing.” Rebecca sniffed and tried to smile. “I’m just…”

“It’s that album deal again, isn’t it?” Ellie surmised. She didn’t wait for the nod that Rebecca answered with. She glanced at David, who was hovering like an over-solicitous waiter at her elbow. “David, I left Robbie over there.” Her eyes pointed the way. “Be a dear and keep him out of trouble. A beach isn’t a very safe place for him.” Ellie didn’t pay David any further heed. She hugged Rebecca and cooed softly while her new friend sobbed.

“I know I’m just being silly.” Rebecca mumbled, trying to get a little control over her emotions. She was embarrassed at melting down in front of relative strangers like this.

“No. No you’re not. But… Have you had a chat with Helen recently?”


“Only, she had an idea…”

* * * * *

“I’ve been sent to keep you out of trouble.” David walked up behind Robbie, who was facing out to sea, for all the world, as if watching the sun go down.

“You’re well out of it.” Robbie didn’t turn as David stopped beside him. A blind man never learns the habit of looking at those he’s speaking to.

“I know. Robbie? Would you say Ellie was high maintenance?”

Hardly.” Robbie actually laughed. “I’m the high maintenance one in our relationship.”

“I guess.”

“Why do you ask?”

“Because whenever I think about me and Rebecca, that’s a label that springs to mind.”

“And that’s a problem because?” Robbie was being rhetorical.

“I know. It shouldn’t matter… And it really doesn’t, but sometimes I wish it wasn’t so hard being in love with her.”

“Good answer.” Robbie did turn towards David now. “Helen’s talked Ellie into helping me be in the album.” it was a rather sudden change of subject. Or was it?


“And if I had to guess, I’d say right now Ellie is telling Rebecca that.”

“If you had to guess.”

“Actually, That’s why Ellie left me standing here and ran off to talk with your girlfriend.”


“And when was the last time you had a hand job?”


“Yeah.” Robbie was grinning.

* * * * *

“You’re sure?” Ellie gave Rebecca one last chance to change her mind.

“No. But I’m going to do it anyway.” Rebecca was clinging to David’s hand for moral support. David found himself hoping her grip wouldn’t remain quite so tight.

“Thank you.” Robbie said. He had good cause to thank Rebecca too. If she didn’t go through with this, neither would Ellie. That was the deal the girls had made with each other: Ellie was adamant that her new friend wasn’t going to be the odd one out.

Rebecca took a deep breath then, “Ok. Let’s do it.”

The four went into Eric’s studio together.

Glancing up at them, Eric asked, “Search party? I was just about to go find my bride and join you all for the sunset.”

“Is there still time for a couple of photographs?” David looked Eric right in the eye and smirked. It wasn’t often he’d seen Eric look so surprised.

“Sure.” Eric recovered his composure quickly and picked up a camera. The look he gave Ellie was… hungry would be a good word for it.

* * * * *

“I can’t believe I’m doing this.” Rebecca’s whispered mantra caressed David’s ear. Mantra? Well, she’d repeated it over and over since they’d entered Eric’s studio, throughout the photo shoot and all the way along the beach.

The photo shoot had ended when Kelsey had arrived in the studio, finally free of her wedding dress, barely more than naked in her wedding night negligee. It was definitely negligible attire. Eric hadn’t even needed prompting to set down his camera and take his bride by the hand. And so they made a procession of six down to the beach, Bride and Groom leading, then David and Rebecca, with Robbie and Ellie bringing up the rear. David and Robbie still proudly wore the erections that Eric had been snapping away at. Pyjama pants are decidedly not restrictive.

The sunset pyjama party was in full swing, as befits any event hosted by B and Helen. As Eric and his bride wandered into the midst of the gentle Saturnalia, Ellie touched Rebecca’s elbow, and nodded in the direction of the quiet end of the beach.

And so the four found themselves alone amid the black, volcanic rocks, far from the mating crowd. The girls had some unfinished business with the aforementioned erections and, when Ellie snuggled up with Robbie and continued where she’d left off, stroking his firm, proud flesh and nibbling at his earlobe, Rebecca found herself following that example, much to David’s delight.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this.” Rebecca whispered.

“Me neither… But I’m so glad you are.” David shut her up with a kiss. Rebecca could easily over-think this game into extinction.

David, for his part, was fumbling his way down the line of buttons between him and his sweetheart’s majestic bosom. He could just make out her nipples through the satin fabric of her PJs but he wanted to be sure they were properly awake and that required a taste test… as he always insisted.

David had his back to Robbie and Ellie but Rebecca could clearly see Ellie peeling off her top and pressing Robbie’s hands to her pert breasts. There was a time, not so very long ago, when Rebecca would have envied Ellie’s small, firm tits with their perfect shape. There was a time… before David… before he took such obvious delight in Rebecca’s very prominent bosom. David’s infantile bias towards her breasts made carrying them around in front of her all the time much more worthwhile.

A small part of Rebecca’s brain thought she understood just why Eric had looked so hungrily at Ellie and not her. Ellie was… perfect. Rebecca had never felt perfect, even when David went to such lengths to praise her curves: The sincere desire of one man just couldn’t compete with all those fashionista images of girls like… OK, say it, girls like Ellie.

“…away.” David’s voice reached her in mid day-dream.

“Sorry. What?”

“I asked if you’re OK? You were miles away.” Even in the gathering gloom, David’s look of concern was clear as day.


“It’s OK.” David gently but firmly moved her hand off of his penis and hugged her close. “I don’t ever want you doing stuff you aren’t comfortable with.” He held her tight while he got all noble. “Want to head back to the bungalow?” He gave her an ‘out’.

“David, no…” She wasn’t sure if she wanted to stay here on the beach but she was sure she didn’t want to go back to their room. Maybe the sight of Ellie’s pants heading south made the decision for her. She did want this. She wanted David to make love to her here, now. She pushed him backwards, going with him, mouth glued to his.

Horizontal, she took charge of her own PJs, dragging the jacket off. “I need this.” She guided his hands to her swinging bosom, moaning as he squeezed her flesh gently.

David went with it, rolling the two of then over to put Rebecca on her back in the soft white sand and kneeling between her thighs, urging her pants down. Rebecca raised her legs high to allow her lover to drag her one remaining garment off over her feet.

They had some catching up to do. Judging by the noise Ellie was making, David and Rebecca were quite a bit behind. David seemed intent on catching up though and as Rebecca’s legs came back down, either side of him, he moved forward, sinking easily into her body. Christ! She was wet. He didn’t mind foreplay but he loved it when he found her this ready. It always played out the same way when Rebecca was this keyed up: He’d start slow and she’d keep demanding more until David fucked her like a jack hammer.

Rebecca couldn’t see their friends any more but she did notice that David made no attempt to glance over to where all the noise was coming from. That was one of the things that made David so special: Most men, six feet from a naked girl as hot as Ellie, would sneak a peek. Not David. Rebecca had his undivided attention and was appreciating it more with every thrust of his hard hips, every bruising impact of his glans on her cervix. The havoc he was causing inside her helped stop her over-thinking. She gave up thinking entirely and surrendered wholeheartedly to her ravisher.

* * * * *

Lying in the darkness, on the sand, all passion spent, her head on Robbie’s chest, Ellie listened to the soft but slightly laboured breathing of four people. If she had to guess, which she decidedly didn’t, she’d have guessed Rebecca had enjoyed their mutual adventure as much as she had. Guesswork had been rendered unnecessary though. Rebecca had been… vocal. Now, Ellie had been known to make a fair bit of noise… would even be willing to admit that tonight had been just such an occasion… but Rebecca? Rebecca really had a pair of lungs on her. Still, it was good to know that chest had something other than big boobs in it’s favour.

Ellie was a little bit jealous of Rebecca’s bountiful bosom. If she was honest with herself, she was kind of glad Robbie couldn’t see them: If he could, Ellie would probably feel really under-equipped to hold his attention.

Paranoid? Maybe just a little bit.

“Rebecca?” Ellie broke the silence.

“Hmm?” Rebecca was just a shadow a few feet away: A very contented sounding shadow.

“Have you ever done that before? Been that close to another couple?”

“No… No, this is definitely a first.” Rebecca actually sounded like she was blushing. Like it hadn’t been embarrassing until somebody mentioned it then… crimson cheek syndrome!

“Me neither.” Ellie eased herself upright, still straddling Robbie, his flaccid penis squished under her haunches.

“I have.” Robbie sounded smug.

“Yes Dear.” Ellie sounded almost maternal. “We know you have. You were B’s love slave.”

“Until you rescued me.” Robbie spun the facts of the case just a little.

“And now you’re my love slave.” Ellie patted Robbie’s chest affectionately. His hand found hers and squeezed.

“David?” Rebecca had noticed his silence.

“I feel like Robbie.” David said.

“You can’t have him. He’s mine.” Ellie joked.

“I just meant its so dark.” his hands were wandering all over Rebecca’s body under cover of that darkness.

“Welcome to my world.” Robbie sounded just a little wistful.

“Sorry Buddy. I didn’t mean to bring the mood down.” David realized, too late, what he’d said.

“Forget about it.” Robbie forced some levity into his tone.

“I need to pee.” Ellie announced, standing up. “Oops!” As she rose higher than the surrounding rocks, the just rising moon lit her from the navel up, taking her by surprise.

If she hadn’t said oops, David would have missed it, but she did and everybody’s heads turned towards her.

“What?” Robbie couldn’t see the moonlight.

“Nothing Darling.” Ellie turned away from everyone and moved up the beach in search of a secluded spot to squat.

“David?” Robbie wasn’t satisfied with ‘nothing’ as an explanation.

“Ellie just found out it’s only dark behind these rocks.”

“Oh.” Nobody could see Robbie’s grin, but both David and Rebecca could hear it.

“Guys!” Rebecca felt a little solidarity with Ellie was in order.

“So this is where you’re all hiding.” B’s voice came from the rock above David and Rebecca.

“Hi B.” David looked up past Rebecca’s hair. B was butt-nekkid and bathed in the same moonlight that had startled Ellie.

Rebecca rolled off David, further into the shadows under the rock, her natural modesty prompting her to seek cover.

“I’ve been looking for you. The happy couple are about to leave.” Without waiting for a response, B bounced off her rock and was gone, presumably back up the beach.

* * * * *

Eric carried his bride onto the ‘Honey B’ and set sail on their honeymoon by moonlight. Along the dock, their friends and family, half in PJs, half naked, cheered and waved as the boat eased away from its berth with the happy couple sharing the wheel. There was one final surprise as the mainsail unfurled: It was emblazoned with the slogan “Just Married”. That got another cheer.

As the yacht got out of earshot, if not out of sight, the wedding guests drifted back to the beach and their various flavours of debauchery. Robbie, Ellie, David and Rebecca snuck away from the beach, back to the bungalow.

Many of the guests were actually billeted on the beach, in huts built just for this occasion though, given the luxury of their furnishings, ‘hut’ is perhaps a misleading word. Robbie had got one of the few main bungalow rooms because of his navigation issues and David had made it into the bungalow as Best Man. When they got back there, they found it deserted.

Nobody wanted to go to bed just yet. Probably nobody wanted to split up their little group after their adventure on the beach. Instead, they gathered in the family room and David raided the bar for a bottle of champagne and four glasses.

“Is this a private party or can we join you?” Meg was stood in the doorway with Parry a step behind her.

“Hi Meg.” David wasn’t surprised to see them. “Hi Parry. Champagne?” He went for more glasses without waiting for an answer.

“Thanks David.” Meg gravitated to the third sofa, arranging herself decorously on it with Parry’s arm around her. In any other household, the fact his hand immediately cupped one breast might have seemed incongruous. Here, it barely got noticed. Barely…

Rebecca noticed. She was always alert around her boss, since Meg had made it clear she wanted to bed her PA. Rebecca hadn’t had to fend off any unwelcome advances since hooking up with David but she often caught Meg glancing down her blouse. Clearly her boss still wanted her.

And, if there had been any doubt in Rebecca’s mind, Meg dispelled it with the look she gave Rebecca as Parry tweaked her nipple.

“I think today went well.” David handed Meg and Parry full glasses then joined Rebecca, drawing her into a good snuggling position under his protective arm. He knew Meg made her tense and figured it was time to be all manly and protective.

“It was all perfect.” Meg opined. “Did you have fun down the beach?” Coming out of the blue like that, she caught them all by surprise.

“Meg.” Parry admonished quietly. “Don’t tease the children.”

“But Darling,” Meg spoke to Parry but loud enough to include everyone. “I just want them to be happy.” She probably really didn’t need any more champagne. Meg was just a little bit inebriated.

“Yes dear.” Parry’s eyes delivered an apology around the room.

Ellie was the first to answer. “News travels fast on this island.” She’d never expected it to stay secret but she also hadn’t expected the gossip to go around so quickly, what with everything else going on on that beach. Who had time to gossip?

“It does when B catches you in flagrante.” Parry offered.

“We weren’t in flagrante.” Rebecca’s voice was a little too loud. She was blushing all the way to her bosom too.

“We had been, but B was too late.” David said. “Ouch.” Rebecca’s elbow punctuated his statement.

“Well, its probably a good thing. People were starting to worry you might feel besieged by our wanton ways.” Parry illustrated his point by slipping his hand inside Meg’s nightdress to tweak her nipple more directly.

“Because we don’t run around naked and fuck anything with a heartbeat?” Rebecca’s anger got the better of her.

David cringed at the outburst. He knew how Rebecca felt about Eric’s lifestyle but he’d hoped to get through this weekend without their usual conversations about it.

“Oh dear!” Meg pushed away from Parry, stood and crossed the room to kneel beside Rebecca. “Have we made you feel that uncomfortable? I’m so sorry.” She took Rebecca’s hand in both of hers, encountering resistance but ignoring it. This was Meg in full mother-mode.

“It’s just…” Rebecca couldn’t quite find the right words.

“It’s not about sex, Rebecca. It’s about freedom and respect. Everyone here… including those hedonists scaring the turtles on the beach right now… believes in freedom of choice. If your choice is to stay monogamous… we all respect that. Heavens! That was my choice for so many years. Parry was my first and only lover until… B.” she almost said Helen but that information was still on a need to know basis.

“It doesn’t feel all right.” Rebecca had gone from all out anger to defensive. “I always feel like the odd one out.”

“Why?” Meg guessed she already knew but it would do Rebecca good to have to name her demons.

“Because I can’t be like you… all of you… I can’t…” she started to cry. David drew her closer and kissed her hair, making soothing noises. He just wanted to take her to their room and cuddle her until she fell asleep but Ellie had something to say.

“You’re not the only one.” Ellie had everyone’s attention. She went on. “But, Rebecca? Meg’s right about respect. I’ve felt nothing but welcome and…” She squeezed Robbie’s hand for moral support. “This evening… On the beach… was the first time I’ve ever done anything even remotely like that.”

“Really?” Rebecca sniffled. She found it hard to imagine that Ellie was being entirely truthful.

“Really… But it was fun… wasn’t it?” Ellie asked a loaded question.

“…Yes.” Rebecca grudgingly admitted.

“I’d been kind of hoping it wasn’t over but…” Ellie had been secretly fantasizing about reprising their adventure and now seemed a good time to raise the issue.

“Darling?” Parry got Meg’s attention. “We should leave the kids to work it out for themselves.” he got up and offered her a hand to help her off her knees.

“Yes dear.” Meg took her cue from him. “Goodnight all.”



“Good night.”

“Sweet dreams.”

* * * * *

“D’you think they’re OK?” Robbie asked. He and Ellie were getting ready for bed. David had taken Rebecca to their room as soon as Parry and Meg had left.

“I’m sure they’ll be fine. Toothbrush.” Ellie passed Robbie his brush, already loaded with toothpaste. It was easier to rely on her than to learn his way around an unfamiliar bathroom.


“I have to say… I can relate more to Helen and B after tonight though. I mean… I see why they’re so ‘out there’. It really was kinda hot… having and audience.”


“Don’t get your hopes up…” Ellie knew Robbie had a past with B… and Kelsey… and what he was thinking might happen, was never going to happen. “All I’m saying is… If David and Rebecca are OK with it, I’d do what we did again.” She stood and flushed.

“Maybe we should go and check on them? Rebecca was very stressed out. Maybe a massage would help her relax?” He made it sound like such an innocent question.

“Or maybe you should offer your long-suffering girlfriend a nice, relaxing massage to help her to relax?”

“Just how relaxed do you want to be?” Robbie grinned and flexed his fingers. A couple of knuckles cracked loudly.

“Very, very relaxed… at least twice.” Ellie took the massage oil in one hand and Robbie in the other, all but dragging him into the bedroom.

* * * * *

“Pinch me… Ow!”

“You did ask me to.”

“I did, but I didn’t mean that hard, or anywhere that sensitive.”

“Why did you want to be pinched at all?”

“To see if I’m dreaming.”


“I think I’m really awake. So this… all this… is really real.”

“It’s real. I’m real. You’re real. That wedding ring is real.”

“It is, isn’t it?” Kelsey admired her ring, fingers spread and arm held out. It gleamed in the moonlight.

“And this…” Eric paused to touch her swollen belly. “This is as real as anything ever gets.” He spent a lot of time touching Kelsey’s baby bump. It was pretty clear he was looking forward to fatherhood.

“I love you.” Kelsey’s hand pressed his more firmly over her navel.

“I love you.” He kissed her. It lingered a long time. Long enough for Kelsey to slowly fall backwards, held by Eric’s free arm, onto the padded seats around the bimini. “and I love you.” Eric whispered to the taut dome of Kelsey’s bare belly as he eased his way down her body.

Kelsey giggled coquettishly at his overt sentimentality, then sighed as his mouth found it’s spiritual home, between her thighs.

The sail flapped noisily in the wind as the boat drifted with nobody at the helm. The newly-weds ignored it, lost in each other.

* * * * *

“Oh my god… Oh yes… YES!”

“Shh… You’ll wake the kids.”

“They’re not asleep… oh my… They’re doing what you’re doing… only not… as well… Oh god!”

“You like that?”

“Yes… Now shut up and fuck me… Please!”

Parry shut up and, spurred on by Meg’s very direct request, upped his game, putting on a spurt of energy that took Meg’s breath away. His gaze fell on the juncture of their bodies and his glistening cock sliding in and out of Meg’s waxed smooth, stretched labia. It was a sight he never tired of: Meg’s ass in the air and his manhood buried in her quivering pussy. He’d thought all those years of gentle missionary sex had been good but now he knew better.

He gazed with unashamed lust at her tiny, puckered anus and thrust harder, bumping into Meg’s cervix with each forceful stroke, making her gasp as she writhed on the bed, impaled on him. He let go of one of her hips to press the ball of his thumb to her sphincter.

Meg didn’t like anal sex. She’d been persuaded to try it once and decided ‘never again’. Parry, she said, would just have to content himself with his daughter’s ass, or B’s or Kelsey’s. It wasn’t a bad compromise.

She didn’t mind what Parry was doing now though – massaging and caressing her ass — because it always turned him on so much and, truth to tell, she rather enjoyed non-penetrative anal play.

Parry had been Meg’s first lover. He’d been her only lover too, until comparatively recent times. All those years that he’d enjoyed her exclusively, he’d contented himself with her suburban, picket fence boundaries and made gentle, heartfelt love to her because that was what she wanted. Then Eric came to town. Ok, so Helen was really to blame but Eric was the first man to go where only Parry had gone before. And away went that picket fence morality.

Parry had always loved Meg but now he got to show her that love in so many ways he’d never thought he’d be able to share with her. Like right now, taking her hard and fast from behind, feeling totally dominant with her whimpering into the pillow and so submissively offering her body to him.

His cock throbbed as he watched his own thumb circling her butt hole, making it contract reflexively. He steamed into her with all the strength he could muster, wanting her to cry pax, wanting her to not be able to take the full force of his lust.

Meg could take it though. She screamed in exultation as her climax washed through her, making her seize Parry’s cock deep inside her vagina. Parry had been waiting for just this moment. The pressure of his thumb on her ass increased sharply and the tight ring of muscle yielded. With a suddenness that took Meg by surprise, her husband’s thumb was deep in her anus. He didn’t miss a stroke, forcing his hardness harder into her hot body, using that thumb grip for balance in a perverted parody of a rodeo rider. Her climax just kept rolling on, surging back through her senses every time it appeared about to wane, until Meg was barely conscious. There was nothing left but the delirium and ecstasy as she yielded to Parry’s total and utter dominion over her.

And darkness.

Meg’s senses followed her consciousness into oblivion.

Slowly… Slowly…

The world came back for her. It was vague but familiar. She could still feel Parry deep inside her, but he’d stopped moving and the loudest thing in the room was his laboured breathing. Then something was moving. Not Parry but… Yes, it was Parry. Parry’s thumb at least.

Parry had been concerned when Meg went limp, but not too concerned. It wasn’t the first time she’d passed out during sex… not even the first time she’d passed out during sex with him… but he hadn’t wanted to carry on fucking her because he didn’t want her to miss his climax and, anyway, unconscious pussy is boring.

Meg softly broke the silence, with a resignation borne of long contemplation of this moment and with a hint of pleading because she really did want to be entirely his… “If you’re ever going to do it to me… do it now.”

In the past, Parry might have said “Are you sure?” In the past, but not now. He eased his thumb and his cock out together, leaving Meg’s pussy gaping for a moment. He took that moment to watch her muscles contract back, closing her vagina, then he pressed the slick, cum covered head of his cock to her ass and urged his hips forward.

It wasn’t their first try at anal, but the one previous attempt had been short-lived and quickly curtailed. This time, Meg was resolved to endure, even if it wasn’t comfortable. Parry couldn’t last long Anyway… Surely. She took a deep breath as she felt his cock touch her ass then forced herself to relax. There was a moment of almost unbearable pressure then, as sudden as his thumb, his penis was several inches inside her rectum, his hands gripping her hips for support.

“Slowly.” She’d seen how excited Parry could get over anal and she wanted him to remember he was in virgin territory.

Meg needn’t have worried. If she’d spent a long time thinking about this, Parry had spent a lot longer. He’d fantasized about this moment for decades. He took her with the deliberate gentleness he’d taken her hymen with so many years before. He wanted the moment to last. He wanted the moment to be memorable. He wanted it to go on forever. Meg’s ass was the tightest place his cock had ever been and he was finally balls deep in it. He eased back and thrust slowly in again, letting Meg get used to the intrusion. Soon, she relaxed more and it got easier for both of them: Easier for him to thrust in and easier for her to take it. By tiny increments, he quickened his thrusts, looking for the comfortable limit of Meg’s endurance.

He didn’t find it. This was too long anticipated to last long. Parry’s orgasm would wait no longer. He sprayed the contents of his balls up into her bowels with a triumphant roar.

* * * * *

“What’s wrong?”


“Nothing doesn’t make you cry.”

“It’s just…. me being silly.”

“Silly doesn’t make you cry either.”

“Are you?….”

“Am I what?”

“Are you bored of me?”

“No….” David pulled Rebecca’s face gently up to meet his mouth. He kissed her firmly before asking, “Why would I be bored of you?” He guessed he knew the answer but he played dumb.


“Ooooh! Because! That makes things so much clearer.” His sarcasm was offset by his boyish grin.

“Because I’m not like them!” Rebecca almost spat the words at him. She was definitely not going to let him mock her.

“No, you’re not like them… But you are a lot like you. Which, incidentally, is why I’m here and not there.” He tried for levity again.

“So you don’t want Ellie or B or Helen?” So that was who ‘them’ was tonight.

“Ellie’s with Robbie. Even if I did want to bed her, I’d never do that to a fraternity brother. B and Helen? Been there, done that, got the pin. Call me crazy but I get a kick out of having the mysterious girl that nobody but me has seen naked…. Ok, so Ellie’s seen you too, but she won’t tell.”


“Really. Rebecca, it’s not a secret in this crowd that Meg made a play for you. Not knowing what’s so special about you is driving the rumour monkeys crazy.” He was grinning like Alice’s cat now.

“There’s nothing special about me.”

“You say.”

“Ok, Mr Smartypants. Tell me what’s so special about me.”

“I don’t have to wait in line for my turn.” He reached between her legs, encountering no resistance as he massaged the cotton of her pants against the velvet of her labia.

“Gross!” Despite herself, Rebecca cracked a smile.

“And then there’s your finger.”

“My finger?” Rebecca was truly puzzled by that. Sure, her finger had played poke-the-prostate a few times with David but she was pretty sure that Helen and B wouldn’t baulk at such intimacies.

“This finger.” He lifted her own left hand up between them and suggestively stroked one small digit as if he was hoping it would get longer if he excited it enough.

“This finger?” Rebecca folded the others into her palm, leaving just her middle finger pointing at the ceiling, giving David the bird.

David seized the impudent finger between his lips, sucking hard on it . It was the moment he’d been waiting for. While Rebecca’s attention was on his mouth, he reached under the pillows and retrieved…. Let’s not spoil the surprise.

“Your finger…” He gave it another quick suck. “This finger right here, is just the right size.”

“The right size?” Rebecca guessed he meant the right size for sticking up his ass, but she was willing to play along. He was doing a good job of cheering her up and if that ended up with her finger in his ass, that was OK by her.

“The right size for this.” He slipped the ring onto her saliva-slick finger. It was a pretty good fit.

Rebecca’s mouth moved but there was silence. She was definitely not expecting that tonight.

“Rebecca?… Rebecca, Darling. Will you spend the rest of your life arguing over décor colors and new drapes with me? Will you find out all my bad habits and try to change them, but still put up with me when you find you can’t?”

“Yes.” Rebecca had often imagined being proposed to. It had generally involved less words and a more direct question but David was doing just fine. She was crying again but it didn’t matter.

“Good. Let’s get married.”

“Yes.” The force with which she hit him, tipped David onto his back with Rebecca on top of him. Her mouth was pressed against his and her tongue darted past his teeth. David went with it. Rebecca didn’t often take the lead but he always enjoyed those rare occasions when she did.

With him pinned down, she broke off their kiss almost as suddenly as it had started.

“Just one little thing.” She flipped him the bird. The ring gleamed. “This is the wrong finger.”

“Oops.” David’s apologetic grin earned him instant forgiveness.

Rebecca allowed her head to be drawn back down until their mouths met once more.

* * * * *

“Is that a shooting star?”

“No. It’ll be a satellite passing over.”

“I wonder if it can see us.”

“Probably not.”

“But some satellites can, can’t they? Or is that just in movies?”

“Some can, but most satellites aren’t for that. That one could be bouncing phone calls across the planet or just telling us where we are.”

“I don’t want to know where we are. I want to be lost at sea with you.”

“Shoo!” Eric waved at the twinkling dot of the satellite. “There! It’s going away now.” He turned over to take a closer look at his bride. Kelsey was smiling indulgently at him.

“You’re crazy, but I love you.”

“I’m crazy? You’re the one who married the AntiFeminist.”

“You’re supposed to say you love me too.”

“I love you two.”

“I don’t believe you.” Kelsey idly circled one of his nipples with a fingernail.

“I’ll prove it.” Eric raised himself and settled between her thighs. They spread to accommodate him and he took his weight on his arms to avoid squashing Kelsey’s big belly. His penis nudged at her bottom until Kelsey’s fingers guided it to the right spot.

“Go on then. Make me believe you.” She’d already been made love to for over an hour and was still very sticky. Eric had made her come three times before he filled her with his warm seed. His earlier libation now lubricated his route back into her body.

Slow but unstoppable, like continental drift, Eric’s cock slid deeper and deeper into her until he pressed gently against her cervix. He rested a moment then eased back a couple of inches only to slide in again. His eyes held hers, making sure he wasn’t hurting her. She just sighed with the inestimable pleasure of being so completely filled. She’d never doubted Eric’s love and never would. But if proof were needed… which it wasn’t… then that proof would be the look of absolute adoration on his face right now. That couldn’t be mistaken for lust.

Reaching behind his head, Kelsey pulled Eric down until their lips met.

There lovemaking was an adagio; two bodies moving with sensual deliberation against each other. The stars wheeling overhead seemed positively frenetic by comparison. This was the most gentle intercourse either of them had ever experienced and neither of them seemed inclined to hurry things along. Kisses lingered for minutes and caresses, light as the breath of angels, drifted glacially over erogenous zones, precipitating sighs and moans of mutual ecstasy.

Eric made his case well, refuting Kelsey’s tremulous response to his very pertinent arguments and concluding his defence with the irrefutable evidence of his love, which oozed warmly between their cooling bodies as they rolled onto their sides, still coupled.

Kelsey never felt Eric leave her. She drifted off to sleep with him still deep inside her body.

Eric eased out of her embrace and lifted her gently off the deck. Kelsey murmured something incoherent as he carried her below to their cabin and laid her on the bed, covering her with a light sheet.

He left her alone for the few minutes it took to secure the errant sails, check that they weren’t actually lost at sea and set the rather clever auto pilot to hold their position until morning. That done, Eric joined his bride in bed and, shortly thereafter, in the Land of Nod.

* * * * *

Bodies littered the moonlit beach. Their revels ended, most had not made it to their beach huts, eschewing the luxury they offered in favour of the simple comfort of white sand, stars overhead and the surfsong lullaby of the waves.

Helen and B lay face to face, sandwiched between a couple of Phi Kappa Delta’s finest. The young men were products of B’s social development program and would soon end up working for Parry. Many fraternity brethren had been flown in for the wedding, some as waiters, some as guests. These two had been here as Escorts to the Pantheon, namely B and Helen. It was their prize for graduating top of their classes and bringing academic honour to Phi Kappa Delta.

The young men were fast asleep, but B and Helen were still wide awake, communing through intimate touch and meaning-laden glances.

“What?” Helen became aware she no longer had B’s undivided attention. Her lover was watching something in the distance.

“Aunt Tittie.” B explained.

“So? She’s a night owl.”

“She’s naked.” B elaborated.

“Really?” Helen sat up so she could turn to see this for herself. Titania was the oldest person at the wedding and, although she was used to the casual debauchery of Eric’s household, she had always maintained her sense of decorum. She had finally been persuaded to pose for Eric, for a study titled The Fallen Caryatid, but that was the one and only time she’d shed any clothes. That is, until now.

“Hi Auntie” B kept her voice low to avoid waking the boys. Tittie had noticed Helen sitting up and had come straight to them.

“Hasn’t this been fun?” Tittie gazed at the naked bodies all around her and spoke as if she’d actually been part of the orgy. “It takes me back to the 60′s.” Then she seemed to notice that the girls were looking at her naked body. “I dressed like this a lot back then.” her tone was wistful.

“Is that why you’re in your skin? Old times sake?” Helen was never very diplomatic.

“No child. I’m going for a swim and I didn’t pack a bathing suit.”

“You should wear skin more often Auntie.” B suggested.

“Nobody wants to see my skin, child.” Tittie actually sounded like she was speaking to a child. “Not when they can look at you two instead.” She looked down at her own breasts, small but so old even they had sagged. Her pubic hair was silver grey too and unkempt. The moonlight did make the silver in it shine but it wasn’t much compensation for such long lost youth and vitality.

“Well I do.” B said, getting to her feet and hugging the old lady gently but firmly, skin to skin from knees to neck. “A swim sounds like a good idea. May I join you?”

“Why not?”

“Helen?” B extended a hand and an invitation.

“Not for me, thanks. I’m too tired.”

“We won’t be long.” B turned away and took Aunt Tittie’s hand instead. Together, the two women walked down to the waves.

* * * * *

The water was cold at first but refreshing. B dared to follow Titania’s example and plunged in, experiencing the shock of the chill all over at once. She surfaced with goosebumps everywhere and nipples as hard as bullets.

“Whoo whee!” She exclaimed, brushing wet hair back from her face.

“I used to bath in the ocean every morning when I lived in California.” Auntie was having the same goosebumps. “But the Atlantic is too cold. I miss it.”

“Well I’m glad this water’s cold.” B reached out and playfully tweaked one of Tittie’s nipples. Old as she was, they’d reacted just as obviously as B’s.

“Last time somebody did that, you weren’t even born.” Auntie looked suddenly terribly sad. Maybe it was the dimness of the moonlight but the shadows on her face seemed so forlorn.

“Oh, Auntie.” B felt for the old woman. She moved closer, chest high in the cold sea, embracing Titania again and gently, ever so gently, kissing her. It wasn’t a passionate kiss; B wasn’t coming on to her, just sharing what she could of herself.

“Thank you.” Titania murmured as their lips parted. “Time was… I’d have been the one kissing you.”

“So kiss me.” B barely breathed against Titania’s lips.

It wasn’t the most ardent kiss B had experienced, not even the most ardent she’d had tonight, but it hinted at something… Long banked fires in Titania’s past were stirring and B felt it.

B made a decision. She reached behind her, disengaging one of Titania’s arms from it’s embrace and guiding the old lady’s hand between her legs. “Would you wash me, please?” B gave Titania her most innocent look. It always aroused older men, she could only hope it worked on older women too. After all, Titania had made no secret of her sapphic preference.

Titania moved her fingers against B’s sex, hesitantly. It had been so long and she’d never expected to do this sort of thing again. Now, here she was, cupping the vagina of the girl from that picture over her mantelpiece. She’d never told anyone but B’s pictures and the daydreams they engendered had given Titania her first reason to touch herself in many years.

B reached out under the water and touched the springy mat of pubic hair that protected Titania’s sex. In moments, her fingers curled against Titania’s labia, just as the woman was touching her.

“Yes?” B asked… actually asked for permission.

“Yes.” Titania husked. So long… so, so long…

Their mouths met. Their fingers moved. Locked in each other’s embrace, the two women shared an intimate embrace in the cool, dark water.

“Ok, after this shot, we need to go to the Jacuzzi.”

Lana and Danielle looked at James as if he’d grown a third head while Mark nodded ecstatically.

“Um, James, I don’t have a swimsuit.” Lana explained.

“Neither do I.” Danielle chimed in.

“I’m going in my boxers.” Mark added. “Just go in your underwear, it’ll be fine.”

Both women pointed their crazy looks towards him .

“Mark, if you haven’t noticed, these wonderful bridesmaid dresses didn’t really leave room for a bra.”

Danielle nodded in agreement.

James threw his arm across Lana’s shoulders. “Don’t worry babe, you can wear my tank top and I’ll wear my t-shirt.”

“And you can wear my t-shirt.” Mark added to Danielle.

Before they could protest, James threw his hands up. “Perfect, it’s settled. One more shot then Jacuzzi time!”

Lana and Danielle looked at each other with unsure smiles as they followed the guys outside.


The four of them quickly grouped up during the weekend wedding celebration. Lana and James had been together for over a year while Danielle and Mark had gravitated towards each other in an unspoken sexual attraction fueled by the fact that neither of them were in relationships. Together the group found a mutual fondness for inappropriate jokes and copious amounts of alcohol.

“Yes James, this tank really covers my breasts.”

All three looked at Lana’s chest.

“Babe, they’re great looking breasts. You have nothing to be ashamed of.” James comforted bringing her into his thin frame.

Lana smiled kissing him in gratitude.

“I can’t believe you almost said no to this.” Mark spoke quietly.

Danielle waded through the water towards him. “I didn’t say no… I just gave a little protest. Isn’t that what good girls do?”

Mark scoffed. “I’m sure good girls do.”

Danielle flicked water at his face in protest. “This is an exception to my life. I’m on vacation, I can do whatever I want.”

He shrugged and smiled.

Danielle rolled her eyes and moved a little closer to him. “Besides, wasn’t getting me naked all a part of the plan?”

He took a swig of his beer. “I haven’t made a single plan since I got here.”

Danielle smirked bobbing up and down in the water.

“Are you purposely teasing me, or is it a coincidence?”

Danielle mimicked his shrug.

Mark leaned in towards her and whispered, “Between your tits and their little show over there, I’ll go with teasing.”

Danielle looked over her shoulder to see Lana grinding her ass into James while they made out.

“Come on you two, save it for the room.”

James looked up with a lazy smile. “Don’t hate.”

Danielle moved in close to Mark. “Is that what you were looking for?”

Mark bit on his bottom lip. “I may be feeling a little left out.”

Danielle was about to lean in and kiss him when they heard, “Damn, look at that ass.”

Danielle turned around at Lana’s remark. “Why thank you. It’s my third best feature.”

Lana leaned forward and lightly tapped, then squeezed it.

“Girl, it should be your first ’cause… damn.”

Danielle laughed. “If I had boobs like yours I’d have the complete package.”

She moved across the Jacuzzi and cupped the underside of each ample breast.

“I mean, look at ‘em!”

James leaned over to watch the action. The entire night thus far had been more than surreal. “Now compare lips. I mean, I think they’re both your number one best feature.”

“You wouldn’t want that James.” Danielle teased. “You know what they say about going black.”

“I’m willing to risk it.”

“Hey!” Lana exclaimed looking back and forth between the two.

James wrapped his arms around her bringing her closer to him and his very poignant hard on. “I’m sorry babe.”

She giggled slightly. “Besides, I’m the only one that can decide who the better kisser is.”

James perked up.

Lana looked at Danielle. “Let’s see what you got.”

Danielle smirked devilishly before placing her hand behind Lana’s head entangling it in the long curly red locks.

“You asked for this.” She directed at James before her lips pressed onto Lana’s.

Both men grew silent watching as the kiss deepened. To Lana’s surprise, her nipples grew even harder than before. The feel of Danielle’s full lips and the way her tongue massaged the inside of her mouth was something she’d never experienced. The thought of a woman making her as wet as she was had never crossed her mind until it was actually happening.

“It’s like having a chocolate and vanilla swirl come together.”

James chuckled. “Nah, it’s more like having strawberry ice cream topped in delicious hot fudge.”

Both girls laughed and parted.

“That was fucking sexy babe.” James told her pushing into her from behind.

Lana turned to face him as the kiss still lingered on her lips. “From the feel of it, I think you enjoyed it more than me.”

“I can show you just how much I enjoyed it.”

Lana gripped his hardness. “Why don’t we take this up to the room?”

James lit up at the words. “That’s a great idea. Why don’t you guys come up to our room?”

“Wait, James, I wasn’t…”

“No babe, that’s even better than what I had in mind.”

Lana took in a deep breath and looked over at Danielle.

Danielle winked at her. “It’ll be fun. Don’t worry about it.”

Lana smiled in return as they got out of the water.

“You still have that keg in your room don’t you?” Mark asked.

James raised a questioning eyebrow in his friend’s direction. “Well yeah, but are you really worried about the beer?” he asked following the two women out of the water.

Mark chuckled following suit.

They grabbed towels to wrap themselves up in before the four moved inconspicuously through the lobby as there were still plenty of people from the wedding moving around.

“You have no idea how hard I want to fuck the shit out of you.” Mark whispered in Danielle’s ear.

Danielle looked him up and down. Mark was a huskier guy than she would normally go for, but after feeling how thick he was in the Jacuzzi, she couldn’t wait to find out what he had to offer.


Once in the room, the guys took charge of their respective women. James’s hands immediately went for Lana’s breasts as he pushed into her from behind. He’d pictured something like this for years, but never imagined he’d get the opportunity. Lana wasn’t a prude by any means, but he’d never imagined she’d be into kissing another woman let alone participating in something like this.

Just the thought of what was about to happen had him straining through his boxers.

Clothes were quickly disposed of before the two couples reached the same bed. Lana pushed James backwards playfully.

“You know what I want.”

James chuckled. “Then come and get it.”

Lana moved up his body until her pussy was directly in line with his face. His hands moved up her thighs taking in the glistening mound. The small patch of red curls couldn’t hide what he was after as he flicked his tongue over her clit causing a sharp intake of breath to escape her.

Danielle watched for a moment before moving in between James’s legs. Underneath his boxers was something she hadn’t seen in a while, but was very familiar with. Her small hand took hold of the long shaft causing his hips to jump.

Mark stared with hungry eyes not sure when and where to jump in at first. Just before she was about to take James into her mouth, Danielle motioned for him to get behind her. He moved steadily taking in the gorgeous ebony span of her back before gripping his thick girth and running it through her small lips coating himself with her juices. With one smooth move, he entered into her tight slit.

The moment he began to enter her, Danielle was in ecstasy. He was thicker than any man she’d ever been with before and the combination of intense pleasure and pain had her taking it all out on James’s long cock in her mouth.

James was loving every minute of it. Every time Danielle moaned and slipped him further down her throat, he’d nip at Lana’s sensitized bud causing her moans to grow louder and louder.

James had always been talented in his oral ministrations, but this was a whole new ballpark for Lana. He seemed more determined than ever to get her off, and it was working.

The sensations hit harder and harder throughout her body to the point where she was grinding her pelvis into his face. Each movement eliciting another rolling wave of heat throughout her body until she came with a screaming climax nearly suffocating him in the process.

James hungrily lapped up her juices as best he could feeling his own climax surging only to be disappointed when Danielle pulled away with a loud suctioned pop.

“James, baby, that was amazing!”

James chuckled wiping his face with the back of his hand. “Would you still consider leaving me for a woman?”

Lana leaned down and began circling his nipples with her tongue causing him to hiss in excitement. “Not in a million years.”

Mark was loving the feeling of being inside Danielle. He’d been thinking about it from the first night they’d met. Her tight wet channel was doing wonders on him, but the moment Lana bent over exposing her glistening lips to him, a new level of arousal hit him causing him to swell even more.

Danielle moaned at the sensations going throughout her body. At first, she thought he was on his way to coming, but when she glanced back, she saw what had gotten Mark’s attention. With a devilish grin, she took his hand and guided it to Lana’s clit.

Lana’s body immediately responded to the thick fingers on her already swollen nub. For a second, she thought it was Danielle’s touch on her, but when Danielle came up on the bed, she soon realized who was giving her such intense pleasure. She moved off of James and backed into Mark’s hand as he thrust two fingers inside of her.

James watched for a moment unsure of what was going on before Danielle mounted him easily sliding his cock into her body.

His own body sprung back to life quickly as her hips began to move in a purposeful rhythm. Every wet dream he’d ever had about two women couldn’t compare to the events of the night. Both women were equally gorgeous and out to please him as he felt Lana’s hand on his balls while Danielle leaned over him grinding her clit into his lower abdomen while picking up the pace on his cock; her wetness making it all the more better as it coated his shaft and slicked down between his legs.

Lana’s hand soon stilled as Mark slid home into Lana’s dripping center.

Both women made incredible noises as they grew closer to climax. Mark leaned forward and began rubbing tight little circles on Lana’s clit while he pushed harder and deeper into her. Lana couldn’t believe the way Mark was taking her. Rough wasn’t normally her style, but the combination of him filling her and watching James with another woman who also made her hot was an unexpected rush to her system. Lana’s eyes shut tightly as the orgasm rolled over her entire body engulfing her in what seemed like a never ending wave of pleasure.

James’s hands gripped at Danielle’s hips. Watching his woman’s face as she came was a new experience for him. Especially while being in someone else. It made him feel powerful having made this entire situation happen.

He brought his feet up on the bed and began to pump up into Danielle as hard as he could. The feeling of being as deep inside of her as possible was something he’d only wished he could’ve experienced. This was better than any dream he could have conjured up.

Danielle’s body began to act on its own volition. Every part of her body felt as though it was on pins and needles. Her screams from James’s thrusts would have normally embarrassed her, but she couldn’t be bothered. Everything was too much and not enough until her orgasm finally peaked causing her vision to white out.

James pumped a few more times into her body until he went rigid with his own roaring orgasm. Every part of him was focused on draining everything he had into her.

This would be a night he wouldn’t be soon to forget.


After another thirty minutes, Mark and Danielle said their goodbyes. James and Lana took a quick shower together before curling up into bed together.

“Did you have fun?” He asked nuzzling her neck.

Lana smiled in contentment. “I did actually. It’s not something I’d ever thought I’d do, but considering how tonight went, I’m glad it was with Danielle.”

James shot up and looked down at her. Before he could start to probe she began laughing hysterically.

“You’re something else you know that?”

Lana cuddled back into his body. “I know, that’s why you love me.”

At last, they had arrived. Newlyweds Jeff and Dawn had reached Tikikana, a little known resort near the Virgin Islands with a reputation for sparking the most outrageous sex ever. Dawn had changed their summer honeymoon plans at the last minute and for reasons even she couldn’t understand. It was just that after the vows had been said, and the ring was on her finger, things felt different. They traded in their Hawaii tickets for Caribbean tickets and with help from the resort were on their way.

The island hopper plane, landed on a small airstrip on the end of the island where a single limo golf cart was waiting. The man who greeted them was dressed “island formal” with a proper shirt, navy white style shorts and a dry but pleasant attitude.

“We have been expecting you Mr. and Mrs. Sampson.”

Dawn blushed, acknowledging her new name. She momentarily reflected on how she now belonged to Jeff. He motioned them under the awning of the golf cart then took the bags off the small plane. The pilot headed for his little shack to rest up.

They rode along through the tropical jungle under palms, swaying grasses, and beautiful hidden waterfalls. A warm smell of wild flowers mixed with the occasional avocado or orange tree. Finally, they came out of the forest to the manicured grounds of the resort.

As they exited the cab, a long walk down a tropical flowered path awaited them. The iron gate automatically opened for them, welcoming them towards the extravagant main building with a large reflecting pond in front. Wild macaws were perched here and there and pink flamingos were stepping about the large lily pads. A natural-looking rock waterfall splashed down into the pond, rippling the water.

Dawn; blonde, attractive, was wearing a simple pink t-shirt and white short shorts. Jeff was in cutoffs and polo shirt. They walked past the large main doors into the bamboo- accented marble-floored main lobby. On each side of the curved main desk a large dark guard dressed in only a loin cloth and armed with a spear blocked passage to the curved corridors. Their stares were unswerving, staring ahead to nothing. Behind the front desk, a dark-haired island girl with an impossibly deep tan greeted them. Her dark boobs were barely contained by the green monokini. Jeff couldn’t help but stare at her exposed bosom and green ribbon tribal tattoo on her sexy smooth left leg running from her waist down to her upper thigh. Her jeweled pierced bellybutton was incredible and sparkling.

“Welcome to Tikikana,” she smiled, “I’ve been waiting for you.”

Jeff’s wedding ring jewel glowed as her looked at the young girl. His cock twitching in his pants.

“Can we go to our room?” asked Dawn

“Not yet, the mistress must greet you.”

“How personable,” Dawn said to Jeff.

“Mm Hmm,” he nodded, his eyes ravishing the sexy girl.

“Perhaps you would like to enjoy some of the activities we have here. We have some exotic classes like yoga, sexual meditation, the art of seduction, jungle love potions class.”

“Potions?” asked Dawn, “Like witches?”

“More like medicine men,” she smiled. “I like your breasts. They look so touchable.”

“Thanks,” Dawn feigned a smile,” Grew them myself.”

“So did I,” The girl said, cupping her massive breasts and squeezing them toward her, “Started when I was thirteen.”

“You’re making me hard,” said Jeff. The girl smiled a devious smile at him.

Dawn looked at Jeff with a frown.

“Now don’t be angry,” said the girl,” Looking is just natural. You’ll learn that here.” She smiled at Jeff. A friendly wicked smile, hinting that she knew what he was thinking about. She put her boobs back to center, pulling the thin straps over her nipples.

Presently, a tall curvaceous brunette slinked through the doors. Her dark tanned, though not as dark as the desk girl’s, flawless skin glistened under her tight-white body dress. The plunging v-opening showed the curves of her bosom. Her nipples poked through the near- see through material. Jeff looked at her 5″ white heels following up her legs to where the dress just covered her pussy. She cast a wicked glance at him. . She looked at Jeff’s crotch noticing the prominent bulge. Dawn’s expression was one of shock then determination as she faced her adversary

The woman slinked on her hips up to Jeff, looking at him squarely in the eye, “Welcome to Tikikana. We have been expecting you. I’m Enrika, the director of this resort. And you “she exclaimed turning towards Dawn, “You do not approve of my behavior.”

“I just feel a little threatened.”

“I know exactly what you feel….Dawn,” she whispered. She turned, wiggling her perfect ass as she slowly walked away, “You’re wedding dress was perfect, the maid of honor, Kim, forgot to walk down the aisle on time, the chicken had a bone, and Jeff’s penis felt wonderful as his seven inches thrust into you in the honeymoon suite.”

“How did you?….”

She turned walking slowly toward them. “The plane ride was a little bumpy, the snack wasn’t nearly as good as the burger you snuck on board and right now, you wish you were dressed a little more seductively to match my hard body.” She gestured with her hands towards her barely concealed tits.

“What’s going on?” asked Jeff.

“A little tete a tete Jeff. Dawn is quite the spit fire. Strong mind, tough will. But she’s only just touched the deep sexuality within her. Actually the same could be said of all the guests that have come here. Isn’t that right?…Dawn?”

Dawn flinched as her mind was invaded.

She was floating, naked, in a dark void. A swirling rainbow was circling her, teasing her with light touches, bringing up her arousal. It’s kaleidoscope eyes flashing in the dark the mist whispered. Dawn surrendered her body, her pussy open and wet, willing to let anything be done to her…..

Suddenly Dawn was aware that Enrika was staring her in the eyes, her palms caressing her hardening nipples.

“I…I…,” Dawn said coming back to reality. She was flooded with confused emotions. She had been pushed into a dream state, touched by another girl, and her pussy was wet.

“Why are you here?” Enrika asked.

“I don’t know.”

“Yes you do,” she said, “It started the moment you picked out that ring. Or rather, the moment it picked out you.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Why would a proper girl with a modest background, chose a ring that looks like a serpent, wrapped around your finger with a single green diamond for an eye?”

“I.. I like snakes?”

“Dawn,” Enrika frowned with a controlling air,” You shouldn’t mask your feelings. You are scared of snakes. Terrified of them. But you are changing. You were chosen. You know it and you want to explore it. Today, that choice will change your life forever.”

“My wedding,” she tried to smile, feeling something strange inside of her.

“Not exactly that choice, but a union that is coming. A union that you will accept once you give yourself to the will of the serpent.”

“Jeff,” Dawn said with concern,” I don’t know if we should….”

Enrika, ran a hand along Dawn’s hair, “Don’t be afraid Dawn. Why don’t you two enjoy yourselves at the spa this afternoon? Relax after your hard trip and long wedding plans.”

“That sounds good,” said Dawn, still reflecting on the images “What do you think honey?”

“Yeah.. OK” he said, mesmerized by the sexy women in front of him.

“Jeff..” Enrika said, slowly running her hand outside her dress over her pussy,” That’s not what you are thinking. You need to be honest with your wife. She loves you. She’ll understand.”

Dawn was shocked. Shocked that Jeff was falling under the same spell she had led them into. He was supposed to be her rock, instead he was her river. She looked up at Jeff’s face. “Is she right? What were you thinking honey?”

“A naughty thought I can assure you,” said Enrika. “Please Jeff, share.”

“Yes Jeff…” Dawn said with rising blind anger.

“No no no,” said Enrika,” You need to love what each of you are. Not what popular culture says you should be.”

Enrika moved closer to Dawn, holding her shoulders. Enrika’s dress slightly fell away from her chest. Jeff could see her tits perfectly from the side. Round, firm, perky. She looked Dawn straight in the eyes while addressing Jeff.

“Enjoying the view?” Enrika smiled at Jeff, “Now tell Dawn what you were thinking.”

“….I …. Was thinking it would be nice to go to the spa, but I really wanted to exercise… And I was thinking about touching you.”

“JEFF!!!” Dawn exclaimed.

“Now don’t be surprised Dawn. And don’t be such a prude. You were thinking about touching me too.”

“I was?”

“I can see you’re going to be tough case Dawn. Jeff. Touch me. Like you were thinking.”

Jeff walked over to Enrika, placing himself behind her. He slide his hands along the open sides of her dress. His hands went inside her dress fondling her breasts on the way down, then back up cupping her tits. He gently pinched and squeezed her nipples. Enrika took a deep breath.

“Oooh! That does feel good. What about you Dawn?”

Dawn was angry with Jeff and determined to show him. She wrapped her arms around Enrika and started kissing her. Enrika kissed back with soft lips and eager hands. Her tongue slipped into Dawn’s mouth as her soft hands squeezed her butt. Dawn moaned for Enrika, feeling her pussy swell. Suddenly it was over. Enrika standing back, primping her hair.

“Good,” she said “That was promising. How do you feel Dawn?”

“I… I…” she fumbled for words as the thoughts about being a dirty lesbian mixed with jealousy, betrayal, and anger. She was ashamed that she wanted another kiss.

“Stop focusing on your internal rating system. Do you feel good?”

Dawn hit the revelation in her mind. She did. And it was at odds with society’s expectations. She was conflicted.

“The only rule at Tikikana is to do what feels good. Leave your judgment for society.” She squeezed Dawn’s ass cheek. Dawn reached out and squeezed back. A sligh smile wiped over Enrika’s face. “Good Dawn.” She placed her hand on Dawn’s head, flipping her hair from her ear. Her touch felt good.

Enrika lifted up the green snake amulet hanging from the silver chain around her neck. She held Dawn’s hand, connecting the eye of the serpent to the eye of the ring. Dawn felt a surge of energy go through her body. Somehow it seemed that she had been waiting all her life for this moment. Her pussy tingled as that thought crossed her mind. A crooked smile slithered across her face.

“Will you do what feels good, no matter what?”

“Yes,” Dawn said, her mind drifting in a fog on sexy thoughts of how she was loosing control of herself. The swirling rainbow was trying to get into her mind again.

“Yes what?” Enrika asked.


“Good Dawn,” she smiled. “Kahlua will take you to the spa,” she motioned to the girl behind the desk.

“Yes mistress. Follow me.”

As they went to the door on the left, Jeff was mesmerized by her swaying ass as she led them. So was Dawn. She held his arm tightly, but it made no difference. Now she was wishing she could feel that open too. Down the long curving white marble hall they walked past tropical alcoves of palm plants, colorful flowers, small waterfalls, and white statues of Gods and Goddesses.

The lack of guests around them was unmistakable.

“How many people are here?” asked Jeff.

“Over 200. The place is expansive and we take pride in keeping each guest pampered. As they walked, Jeff grabbed at Kahlua’s ass. She squealed with delight then smiled at him.

“I thought that you would be first,” she said to Dawn with disappointment. “No matter.”

Dawn was shocked.

They arrived at a curved room with open windows facing the ocean. Many people were laid out on marble tables getting massages. Some were in the center mud bath, The white coated staff buzzed about, caring for each of them.

“Welcome,” said a likable man. I hope you are ready to indulge yourselves. “

After a couple hours of pampering, they were rejuvenated and free again. The summer sun beckoned. They took a stroll on the beach. Dawn was leaning up against Jeff’s smooth chiseled body, feeling frisky.

“Jeff? Why did you touch Enrika?”

“Why did you kiss her?” he asked back.

“Because it felt good.”

“Same reason.”

“Is that wrong?” she asked.

“Only if you deceive your partner.”

“Then I must tell you. I’m getting hornier by the minute. I feel so….so good about myself. Even the air is caressing me…”

“Look! There’s volleyball. Want to play?”

“Yes. Let’s go.”

They played a couple games, Jeff worked out, Dawn swam, and they met for a beach-side romantic dinner at sunset. Tiki torches were burning around them. A few other tables were set up on the beach with other couples also dining. It was the first time Dawn had see any real hint of others. The romantic candlelight was amazing as well as the oysters, coconut drinks, fish, shishkabobs, and lemon meringue pie. A live steel drum band was crooning slow island tunes.

“Jeff,” Dawn said in whispers over the soft tropical island music, “They shaved me… everywhere,” she flashed her flirty eyes.

“Me too” he said.


“You’re going to feel me tonight like never before.”

A young slave girl in a coconut top and grass skirt presented a tray to them with two stone mugs, containing a smoking liquid.

“Compliments of Enrika,” she said. “It’s called Island Paradise.”

“What is it?” Dawn asked.

“The world’s best aphrodisiac if you ask me,” she smiled. Dawn took her mug as did Jeff.

“Cheers,” Dawn said.

“Cheers,” he replied. Their mugs clanked or clunked as stones do.

Dawn sipped first. It was sweet but husky. There was a lot of body to the drink.

“Ooohh.” Dawn said, breathing out smoke, “That’s really….. weird.” Her ring’s diamond was glistening. “I don’t know if I can make it though dinner. Now my head is spinning.”

“I feel dizzy,” said Jeff.

“Let’s get some air,” said Dawn, even though they were already outside.

It was while walking along the sunset beach that it started. Jeff was feeling horny. Really horny. And it was tough to concentrate on the walk. Dawn was feeling it too. A deep horniness that she couldn’t remember feeling before. Except for that one time she masturbated with her vibrator 11 times in one day… but that was different, before she met Jeff. Back in their room, the rest of the evening was heavenly. Jeff fucked Dawn sweetly, deeply. The curtains flowed with the breeze of the ocean. Dawn orgasmed, calling out to the beach for anyone to hear. She didn’t care. She was feeling almost no concern about what anyone thought. She wanted everyone to know how good she felt.


The days activities had worn them out and they fell asleep early. Much earlier than usual. But the horniness didn’t take long to resurface. Dawn’s diamond started to sparkle in the darkness.

She awoke with erotic feelings as two strong arms picked her up fulfilling her wishes. She stared at the dark man that carried her to the reclining couch at the foot of the bed. She wanted to say no. She wanted to say stop. But her mind was too weak to fight off the feelings. He placed her down then got between her legs. He worshipped he ass and pussy, kissing her everywhere. His tongue licked her clit making her shudder as she squeezed her tits.

Kahlua, naked, came up to Dawn. Dawn wanted to kiss her more than anyone at any time. Her mouth begged. The young girl dropped her large dripping tit into Dawn’s mouth. She sucked hard, and was rewarded with a squirt of sex milk that flowed a warm horny sensation down her entire body. Dawn could only think of how good it would be to be touched, to be fucked. She had lost all control. Her pussy squirted into the man’s mouth.

Kahlua placed her lips to Dawn’s and the two girls kissed for an eternity as Dawn experienced micro orgasms. Kahlua ran her hands down Dawn’s arms, gently holding her fingers, then toying with her wedding ring. She held it up for Dawn to see. For a moment, Dawn hesitated, remembering what it was for, then smiled in horniness as the diamond sparkled. Kahlua leaned in to kiss her again. She brought Dawn to her feet, allowing the stud to recline across the couch.

When he laid back in the soft moonlight, Dawn could see he wasn’t a dark man, but a muscular man with the darkest tan she had ever seen. She was thinking how she would have to remain naked, exposed to the sun for so long to be that way too. It would be fun. It would be naughty. Kahlua placed Dawn’s hand on his long thick cock, pointing toward his knees.

Her tiny fingers couldn’t fit around this massive shaft. She stroked back and forth lovingly, placing the tip in her mouth and sucking the sweet pre-cum. His hand caressed her head as she sucked. His cock began climbing erect, pulsing with each precious heartbeat. Thumping in her hand as it grew wider.

Kahlua gently held the man’s hand, leading his glistening ring towards Dawn’s. When they touched, a ringing of chimes emanated from them as the diamonds mimicked each other. Dawn was startled, loosing focus on the 14″ monster that was a 5 inch thick pillar in front of her innocent face. Her ring was singing a crystal song.

“He is your Uumzati now,” Kahlua smiled. “By the ancient wisdom of the rings, you belong to him, and he to you.”

“No!… How could this ring from the jewelry store…”

“The diamonds come from the same places. You were compelled to come here the moment that ring was on your finger…. As was I.”

Kahlua showed off the diamond clip, pierced in her belly button.

“You really never had a choice.”

Dawn’s pussy suddenly gushed as she realized what had just been revealed. Her conscious mind trying to fight off the magic, trying to stay with the man she loved. That she thought she loved… That she remembered loving at one time but couldn’t remember why… The magic wanted her body to belong to his other man. And every time she let that thought invade her mind, she was rewarded with intense pleasure. She gently worked her hands along the stump thick cock, reflecting on what was happening in her head. She didn’t have much choice. The naughty thoughts took over her head as she gave in to the pleasures of the ring.

“My wife can’t get this in her pussy,” the stud said, “But the ring says you can.”

Kahlua urged Dawn to her feet, helping her straddle his monster cock. Dawn was momentarily unsure. Kahlua smiled at her, nodding approval. She bent down, the massive head leaving a slippery slime on her pussy lips. She panted. She groaned. And finally the tip was in her. The stud firmly held her hips and with slow agonizing patience, pulled and worked her pussy down, further and further over his long thick cock. Dawn placed her hands flatly on his chest, her wedding ring sparkling as his hardness pushed against her cervix.

Kahlua smiled at Dawn, caressing her cheek then climbing up into the bed with Jeff. Dawn watched with a hint of sadness, but nodded yes anyway…


Just after 1am, Jeff awoke, his cock hardening. In the dim moonlit room, he could see her long flowing hair on the pillow next to him, her outline under the silk sheets.

Jeff rolled over onto his right, feeling for his wife’s soft, curvaceous butt, her smooth back, the bump of her ass and her strong legs. He pretended she was Kahlua. His cock began to harden, his slippery pre cum oozing out. Wetting his finger he slid his middle finger along the crack of her ass to her pussy, softly squeezing her cheeks with his big hand. Gently inserting a finger, wiggling back and forth, her pussy lips started to swell. Her wetness aided his finger sliding along her pussy. Slowly, slowly he worked it inside of her. She sighed as her pussy opened for his fingers. Gently he slid two fingers in and out. His hard dripping cock pressed harder and harder against her ass hole which was slick with his juices. He pulled his fingers out, reaching up to her boob. He found her nipple and flicked it to hardness. He smiled.

I went to a fraternity bother’s wedding. I knew Brandon fairly well but was not in his close friends circle. At the reception I sat at a table with a couple of other fraternity brothers that also were not in Brandon’s close group. When the wedding party and guests were doing the chicken dance, and all of the other crazy things they do at receptions, I noticed a really hot chick having fun with the rest of the dancing group. I hadn’t noticed her before the chicken dance, and was surprised because I had spent time checking out the babes. She was wearing a light blue mini dress that showed off her fabulous legs and awesome ass to perfection. Her breasts were displayed beautifully in the low cut top. But the biggest attraction with this chick was her huge, ear to ear smile while dancing.

After all of the crazy dances and things were done the DJ played some good dancing music. The hot chick started dancing with a heavy set, plain Jane type of girl. I wondered if she was gay or something, but noticed, that as usual, there were a lot of girls paired off dancing, and most of the guys were by the bar drinking. I watched as her body swayed seductively to the beat of the music, making her short dress bounce up and down her shapely legs and awesome ass in a very sexy fashion. When the song was over she moved to the edge of the floor and looked around.

I seized the moment and I asked her to dance. Up close she was even hotter than she was at a distance. Her body was perfection itself, and she was the prettiest girl in the room. We danced to the fast music and I watched her with unashamed abandon. I was enthralled by this vision in front of me. When the DJ switched to slow music she put her head on my chest and we swayed slowly to the music. I kissed her hair and told her how beautiful she was. When the dance was over I led her out to my car. I put the convertible top down and told her my hotel room is only 5 minutes away. She smiled at me. I had no idea of what to say during the drive to the hotel, or maybe her beauty had me tongue tied. I finally asked who the girl was she was dancing with. She replied a cousin of the bride on her mother’s side, the same as she was. We arrived at the hotel after what seemed to be an eternity.

I kicked the door closed behind me and pulled her into my waiting arms. The first kiss was fantastic. She pulled herself in tight to me and kissed me back with passion. We played battling tongues and ground our bodies against each other. I was a little unsure this was real. We had barely talked, I didn’t know her name, and she was gorgeous, but here we were, making out like long time lovers. We broke the kiss to remove her mini dress and reveal a hot body clad in a matching blue lacy bra and panties set. I watched as she slowly stripped them off and stood before me nude.

“Wow,” escaped from my mouth before I could stop it. Here was the most fabulous looking lady in the world standing nude in front of me. She smiled and moved in close for another kiss. I cupped her ass and pulled in real close for this kiss.

She broke the kiss and said, “now it’s your turn to undress.”

I quickly undressed, allowing my 6 inch, uncut cock out of its confines. She lay down on the bed and I spread her legs apart opening her sex up to my devouring eyes. I knealt between her legs and started to slowly and lightly tickle her inner thighs with my hands until I reached the apex of her thighs. She watched me intently but said nothing. I finally leaned over and started to lick her puffy, pink lips. She started squirming and moaning, so I knew I was doing what she wanted. I found her clit with my tongue and began to caress it softly. Her moans became louder, but she still didn’t speak.

When it seemed as though she had enjoyed my tongue as much as she was going to I moved between her legs and entered her. She was a little tight, but soaking wet so it felt great to both of us. We started a slow easy rhythm that felt great. After a couple of minutes I rolled her over and let her be on top. The huge smile let me know that she liked that position. I reached up and caressed both of her firm, full tits. She immediately picked up the pace and soon was cumming out of control. When she came down from her climax I said now it’s my turn.

I got her up on her hands and knees so we could do doggy style. I entered her from behind and drove my cock in as deep as it would go. She grunted, but pushed back against me to maximize the penetration. I reached around her body and grabbed one of her fabulous tits and squeezed gently as I began a hard, fast thrusting into her soaking wet love tunnel. She was moaning again and thrusting back against me in perfect time with me. I was getting close to my orgasm. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and stroked my cock to a tumultuous orgasm, splattering hot, sticky cum all over her back.

“I don’t know if you are taking the pill or not,” I said.

I lowered myself to the bed and she laid down next to me and put her head on my chest. I toyed with a lock of her hair and said, “What is your name?”

Her reply surprised me, “Let’s keep it the way it is, two strangers having mind blowing sex.”

We were quiet for a few minutes, our breathing returning to normal, as I played with her hair and started stroking her back. She purred and reached down and felt for my half erect cock.

“How long before you are ready for seconds,” she asked?

“A couple of minutes, or less if you keep playing with me,” was my enthusiastic response.

She said, “Let me help,” and moved her head down until it was over my hardening cock. She reached out with her tongue and gave the head of my dick a soft lick and then pulled it into her mouth and began the best blowjob of my life. In record time my cock was rock hard and ready to go.

She immediately climbed back up on top, slipped my dick inside of her, and resumed her pumping up and down on my manhood and making herself cum hard. This time I let her go, her expert mouth had earned her a good orgasm. She came for what seemed to be forever when she finally collapsed on my chest, breathing hard and completely still except for an occasional spasm as her orgasm slowly drained from her body.

I thought she had fallen asleep when she lifted her head up and asked me to suck her tits. Now that is an offer I couldn’t refuse, so I sat up, with my erection still buried in that gorgeous creatures love canal and began licking and sucking on her firm, medium sized tits. She began a low moaning in her throat so I knew I was doing what she needed. I flexed my cock in her pussy and the moaning got louder. Soon she was slowly lifting her ass off of my crotch and dropping it back down, making sure I could still minister to her tits, and she was cumming again.

I have been with multi orgasmic women before, but this beautiful creature was far beyond what most women can do. She wasn’t as loud as before, or moving as fast, but she was cumming non stop again. I was having the time of my life, hardly moving, as I enjoyed her pussy stroking up and down on my cock. Time stood still as her slow movements maintained her orgasm without deflating my rock hard cock buried deep inside her. Finally she let out a real loud moan and collapsed on my chest again.

We slept for a while, her on my chest, my cock buried in her delightful pussy. When she woke up she kissed me tenderly.

After a few moments she said, “You must be ready to explode.”

She got off of my chest and pulled my cock up to her lips and sucked me into her mouth. The motion of her lips and tongue and the warm wetness of her mouth had me ready to cum quickly.

I had to tell her I was ready, so I blurted out, “I am going to cum.”

She said, “Good, that’s what I want you to do,” and slid me deep into the back of her throat. She milked my cock until I really did explode. My cum shot up from my balls, and filled her eagerly awaiting mouth, she swallowed and licked and sucked until I was dry and completely spent. We lay there with my limp cock still in her hot mouth.

When I came down from that tremendous orgasm she got up from the bed and headed to the bathroom. When she came back she said, “I would love to spend the night here, but I need to get back to the reception, my family will miss me.”

I watched her cover her fabulous body with the light blue bra, panties and mini dress, and fix her hair and makeup. We got into my car and headed back to the reception, without saying a word to each other.

At the reception she made the rounds of her family, danced with the groom and most of the groomsmen, talked and laughed with the bride, and pretty much ignored me. I did manage to get the last dance of the night with her when they played ‘New York, New York’, by Frank Sinatra. When the song was over she kissed my cheek, said, “I had a great time,” and handed me a folded piece of paper. I put it into my shirt pocket, without looking at it.

After saying goodnight to all of the people in the wedding party and my fraternity brothers I headed back to my hotel room and thought of the wonderful, mysterious lady I had met and enjoyed. When I got back to the room I opened the folded paper up and read,

“I will see you at the fraternity induction ceremony at state college this fall. I will be a freshman there.” “Thanks for helping me celebrate my 18th birthday.”


(Reader Note — This is the final chapter of the ‘Gap in the Curtains’ saga and it moves away from the exhibitionism/voyeur theme a little bit. Apologies if this is your thing, but it was necessary to wrap up the plot. Thank you for reading the story, I hope you enjoyed it. All feedback for this and other chapters is gratefully received.)


I opened my notepad and picked up a pen. I wasn’t sure this was a great idea, but I didn’t really have any better ones right now. And it’s not like it could do any harm as such. I drew a rough vertical line down the middle of the page. Then in large capital letters at the top of the left-hand column I wrote “Liz”, while at the top of the right-hand column, in equally large letters, I wrote “Anne”. I stared at the piece of paper for a while and rhythmically tapped my pen on the table. I was all alone in the office; everyone else had gone home long ago. I should have left too, but right at this moment I felt more comfortable here. Obviously I would have to go home eventually, but I could put it off a little while longer. Maybe once I had finished making these lists…

I decided I would start with Liz. It made sense for a number of reasons. She was on the left-hand side of the page, I met her before Anne and also she was my fiancée, which meant I was supposed to put her first. I sighed to myself. If only I had actually done that from the start then I probably wouldn’t be in this situation. I started to think about Liz’s good qualities, of which I had to admit there were plenty. After all, I had moved half way across the country and agreed to live with her parents; it would take a pretty special girl to make most men agree to that.

I added ‘Nice’ as the first item on the list. It was a bit non-specific, but Liz was basically a nice person, and that wasn’t something I could necessarily say about Anne. I also added ‘Honest’, which was something I always appreciated in Liz, maybe because I wasn’t. The adjectives were starting to flow more freely now and I added ‘Loyal’, ‘Dependable’, ‘Grounded’ and ‘Loving’ to the list. I looked at the list of six adjectives critically. They were all true, but they made Liz sound extremely boring and she wasn’t really like that. I tried to get away from the Dr Phil stuff and do an honest evaluation of what really made her special.

For some reason my mind went back to that night a few weeks before in Dillon’s. I guess that one night encapsulated a lot of what I loved about Liz…


Dillon’s was a sports bar in town. On the Sunday in question Liz and I went there to watch the NFL playoffs and catch up with some of Liz’s friends. In fact, I guess by this point you could say they were my friends as well. We originally intended it to be a fairly quiet afternoon, but we were drinking through both games and the Falcons won with a last minute field goal, so by the time the football was over, everybody was quite drunk and in very high spirits. Of course, it doesn’t take a genius to work out what happened from there. Even though we all had work the next day, we were eight young drunk people in a bar and it became a proper night out!

I can’t really remember how it started, but we ended up playing drinking games, including one called ‘I Have Never’. It’s a fairly simple game that I had played before in various forms, and the rules we were playing on this particular night went something like this. The players took it in turns to be the Confessor. The Confessor would stand up and say “I have never…” followed by something they had never done. Anybody who had done that thing then had to drink. The Confessor could then nominate someone who drunk to tell the story about the time they did it. Then the next person would become Confessor and it would start all over again. There was no predefined ‘aim’ of the game, the idea was basically that everybody would get drunker and as they did so would bring more and more risqué topics into the game, exposing their friends’ most embarrassing secrets.

Of course, we were all pretty drunk to start with, so it didn’t take long at all for the risqué topics to start creeping in. Catherine had started the game innocently enough with the unexciting revelation that she had never been to Europe, but it quickly descended into revelations about sex, drinking, petty criminal activity, sex, drugs, relationships and sex. I winced when Liz became the Confessor again. On the previous round she had intentionally stitched me up with “I have never been caught masturbating by my parents”. She knew it had happened to me once when I was younger so, of course, I had to drink and then tell the story to the group. I plotted to get her back later on, forcing her to make some revelations of her own!

“I have never…” said Liz, standing up. She paused, mulling it over for a few seconds. “I… have… never… given oral sex in a restroom.” Everybody sat there looking it each other, but nobody drank.

“Gross,” said Catherine

“Only hookers do that,” said Malcolm. “Swing and a miss Delaney, Jonah you’re next-”

“Wait!” said Liz. “I know someone here is lying.” Everybody looked at me.

“Me? No, I’ve never done that, honestly.” Everyone carried on looking at me. “I haven’t!” I repeated indignantly, looking questioningly at Liz.

“I wasn’t talking about you sweetie,” she reassured me. She looked over at her old school friend Melissa. “Tell them Mel.”

” I’ve never done it either.”

“Liar! Don’t you remember at school? Cam Maitland?”

Even in the low light of the bar we could all see Melissa turn a crimson shade. The rest of the table suddenly got interested as it became obvious that this accusation had teeth.

“How did you know about that? She eventually said.

The repeated chant of “Story! Story! Story!” suddenly started up around the table.

“Okay fine. We were sort-of-dating at the time and I got him to do my history assignment with the promise that I would blow him if he got me an ‘A’. And somehow he did! I have no idea how, the guy was as dumb as a bag of rocks, he never got an A-grade before in his life!”

“I guess he just needed more motivation,” said Malcolm laughing. “Well, it’s a good story, but we all know there’s a stiff penalty for telling lies in I Have Never.”

The penalty was a double shot of Jägermeister, which Malcolm went to the bar to get for the hapless Melissa. While he was gone, Melissa tried to justify the behavior of her adolescent self to her boyfriend Jonah, who apparently didn’t know the story either. Melissa and Jonah had only been dating about six weeks, and he was probably wondering how much else she hadn’t told him yet.

“I didn’t even know Liz knew about it!” Melissa pleaded.

“Everybody at school knew about it!” said Liz, still laughing. “James and Brad went into the restroom and they saw your shoes sticking out underneath the door!”

Everybody burst out laughing at this further detail. Moments later, Malcolm returned with the shots, which Melissa dutifully drank. Everybody was suddenly very interested in the game, wondering what secrets they could prise out of their friends and partners and scared of what they might be forced to admit themselves.

“Okay, I believe it was… Jonah’s turn,” said Malcolm.

Jonah stood up and thought for a moment before announcing his confession.

“Okay, I’m new to this group, so let’s find out what kind of sluts you all are.” He paused for effect and a couple of people gave encouraging cheers. “I have never… done anal.”

Everybody immediately looked around at each other. Jonah had worded the confession in such a way that it applied to both the guys and the girls in the group. Nobody looked like making any admissions, but eventually Malcolm glanced over at his girlfriend Sarah, who gave him a resigned shrug and they both drank. A universal cheer went up around the table. Jonah offered up a high five to Malcolm, who sheepishly returned it.

“I suppose it doesn’t matter who I ask for the story, since I’m guessing it’s the same story,” said Jonah. “But I want to hear it from… Sarah’s point of view”.

“Not much to tell really,” said Sarah, taking her turn to blush. “Malcolm really wanted to and eventually I gave in and we… did it.”

“What was it like?” said Catherine, a little bit too enthusiastically.

“Painful,” said Sarah, “really fucking painful.” Everyone looked at her, hoping for more detail. “But I admit it was kind of nice once we got past the initial pain.”

“So nobody else has got their brown wings?” said Malcolm, trying to rescue his girlfriend from the spotlight.

“What about you Liz?” said Melissa, seeking revenge from the previous turn.

“No, if I had then I would have drunk, as per the rules of the game,” Liz replied, taunting her friend about her previous indiscretion.

“Why not?” continued Melissa. “Too scared? Are you waiting for your wedding night? Or has Craig just not bought you a nice enough piece of jewelry yet?”

“I don’t have to answer that, it’s not part of the game,” said Liz, still smiling.

“Don’t worry Craig, she’ll cave in eventually,” said Malcolm. “Curiosity is bound to get the better of her.”

“If you must know, I’ve never been asked,” said Liz, staring straight back at Malcolm with a smirk.

It was true, I hadn’t ever asked Liz. I had asked a girl once when I was younger, but she squealed in pain and made me stop before I even got the tip in. I started to think about what it would be like to do it with Liz. She had a really cute little butt and she was only a small girl so her asshole would probably be pretty tight… I was drawn away from my inner thoughts by the realization that I was now the focus of attention for the table.

“You never asked her?” said Malcolm

“No,” I admitted, “it never came up.” There was a burst of laughter from the table and I realized what I had said. “I mean it never came up in conversation not…. screw it, you all know what I meant!”

“So Liz, would you let Craig stick it up there if he asked you nicely?” said Melissa.

“Don’t answer that!” I said, trying to reign in the conversation.

“I have no intention of answering it. Well, not in front of everybody else anyway,” she said, and winked at me. “Now, who’s the next confessor?”

Reluctantly the others finished interrogating Liz and continued with the game. We managed a few more circuits of the table, but no more major revelations were forthcoming and interest in the game slowly waned and we moved onto a different game. I tried to forget about it, but I kept thinking about the anal sex conversation. Was Liz interested in trying it or was she just looking for a face-saving way out of the conversation? It was weird, since my previous failure I had never really been too bothered about trying anal again, but for some reason I couldn’t shake the mental image of Liz on all fours with her pert little butt in the air presenting her tight brown hole. It was probably the alcohol, I always got horny when I was drunk.

I saw Liz on her own at the bar, so I decided to go and talk to her about it. The alcohol inside me dampened the inhibitions I might usually have had about broaching such a sensitive subject. She looked up and smiled as she saw me approach.

“Hi babe,” she said. “Don’t worry I’ve ordered the drinks. You can give me a hand back with them if you like.”

“Sure,” I said, kissing her on the lips. We stood there for a while, waiting for the barman to process the large drinks order.

“So, I’ve been thinking about that conversation earlier,” I said, eventually, after working up the courage.

“Which one?” said Liz.

“You know, while we were playing I Have Never. You said you had never tried it and… I don’t know, it seemed like maybe you might be interested.”

“Which one? Giving head in a restroom? Taking cocaine? Having a threesome?” asked Liz, recalling some of the things she had claimed never to have done during the game.

“No… the other one,” I attempted to clarify.

At that point our conversation was prematurely terminated by the barman, who had finished serving our drinks and was now collecting payment from Liz. Before I could continue my enquiry, Liz left the bar, carrying several of the drinks back to our table. I followed with the remainder and I was about to sit down again when Liz grabbed my arm and pulled me to one side.

“I’ve been thinking about it too,” she confessed. “Do you think you’d like to try it?”

“Yes I think I would. Ever since we were all talking about it, I’ve been thinking about doing it with you and it has got me really turned on.”

“Me too! I know Sarah says it hurts, but I’d really like to try it, just once, to see what it was like.”

“Great! Wait… just to make sure we’re on the same page here, I’m talking about…”

“Taking me up the ass?” finished Liz, bluntly. “Yes I’m talking about that too. If you like, we could go home now and… you know, do some experimenting?”

I could barely finish my drink fast enough. Liz sounded like she was into the idea, but I knew that women change their mind on a whim so I tried not to build my hopes up too much. We said goodbye to the others, telling them we had to get some sleep so we could get up for work in the morning. I hailed a cab as soon as we were outside. We cuddled up, and started making out in the back of the cab like a couple of schoolchildren.

“Can you stop here for a second?” Liz suddenly shouted out to the driver.

I was about to ask Liz why she had stopped the cab, as we were only about half way home, but before I could she jumped out and ran across the road. I shared an uncomfortable silence with the driver for a few minutes while we waited for Liz to come back. She eventually returned carrying a paper bag and the cab resumed its journey. I gave Liz an enquiring look.

“Twenty-four-hour pharmacy,” she replied to the unspoken question.

Being drunk and a little bit slow on the uptake I didn’t show any signs of comprehension, so she opened the paper bag and showed me a tube of KY Jelly. Suddenly it all seemed quite real. Until then it had been a sort of drunken idea that I wasn’t sure Liz would actually go through with, but now it looked like she was taking it seriously. Were we were actually going to do this? I could feel my dick stirring in my pants already in anticipation.

The cab eventually arrived back at the house. I quickly paid the driver and we half walked, half ran inside, drunkenly whispering and giggling to each other. It was late and everything was quiet inside, the rest of the family were all in bed. We wasted no time in heading straight for our bedroom. Once inside, Liz threw her arms around my neck and pulled me close to her, tongue-kissing me deeply. I put my arms around her waist, feeling her slender curves as we kissed. Then I moved one hand down onto her ass; an area that I hoped to know much more intimately in the near future.

Eventually Liz broke off the kiss. She ran her hands down my body, stopping at my belt, which she unbuckled quickly. Dropping to her knees in front of me, she unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, before reaching inside my boxers and pulling out my cock. My seven inch member was already hard in anticipation of what was to come. Liz grabbed it by the base, slowly stroking it back and forth while she planted gentle kisses on the tip. With her other hand she cupped my balls and squeezed them very gently while rolling them around in her hand.

I could see and feel my cock getting even harder, responding to the attention of Liz’s hands and mouth. Slowly she took the tip into her mouth, sucking gently and flicking her tongue repeatedly over my cockhead, which felt delightful. I put my hands on the back of her head, running my fingers through her long brown hair, which encouraged her to take more of my member into her mouth. Three inches and then four, slowly bobbing her head backwards and forwards as she continued to caress my balls. After a couple of minutes of exquisite cock sucking, she finally allowed my glistening cock head to fall from her mouth. She grabbed my shaft again with her hand and stroked it fully along the length several times.

“Shall we do this then?” Liz said, softly, looking up at me with dark brown eyes.

“Yes, let’s do it!” I replied, stroking her hair.

“Okay,” said Liz, getting to her feet. She gave me a kiss on the lips. “Make yourself comfortable, I won’t be long.”

Liz stepped out of the bedroom and a few seconds later I heard her close the bathroom door behind her. After a while I heard the shower turn on briefly. I didn’t give too much thought to what she might be doing in there; I just took off the remainder of my clothes and lay on the bed, waiting for her to return. For the first time I started to think about the actual mechanics of anal sex. I didn’t really know much about it beyond what I had seen in porn films, which I figured probably weren’t realistic. Eventually Liz returned from the bathroom interrupting my thoughts. She was wearing only a large towel wrapped around her body and carried her clothes in a bundle. She smiled when she saw me lying on the bed, my erection pointing at the sky.

“Good to see you’re all ready,” she said, throwing her clothes onto the floor.

I simply nodded and Liz dropped the towel revealing her naked body to me. I had seen it plenty of times, of course, but she had a great little compact body and I never grew tired of it. She crawled onto the bed on all fours.

“Okay, I’m ready too,” she said, slightly nervously.

I manoeuvred my way behind her. As I did so, Liz dropped her chest towards the bed, pushing her ass further in the air. I reached out and touched her butt cheek. Her ass was pert and firm, but the skin itself was soft. I gently caressed it with my entire hand as I psyched myself up for my first anal experience. I could see Liz’s virgin brown hole pointing at me, ready to receive its first intruder. It wasn’t a part of her anatomy I had ever given much attention before; I had always been far more interested in the apartment next door, so to speak. I reached down and tentatively touched the puckered entrance with my finger and I felt Liz flinch, but then relax.

“Sorry, I’m just a little nervous,” she said, apologetically.

I shuffled into position behind my fiancée. Her pussy lips hung partly open and her lady parts offered a tempting target, but tonight my cock had a different destination in mind. I aimed my member at her brown hole, resting it on the entrance.

“Wait!” said Liz, as I was about to push forward and attempt to penetrate her. “Remember the lube.”

“Damn, sorry!”

I jumped from the bed to retrieve the KY Jelly from the bag that Liz had left on her desk. As I walked back towards the bed I fumbled to unscrew the top, eventually managing to get it open and squeeze some of the gel onto my hand. I rubbed it liberally over my cock, enjoying the cool sensation and the unique feel of my lubricated hand running over my truncheon. I now understood why some guys used this stuff to jerk off.

“Everything okay back there?” said Liz, looking back over her shoulder.

“Yes, nearly done,” I said, enjoying a few more lubricated strokes before getting back into position.

I returned my member to the entrance of Liz’s ass. I pushed forward gently, anticipating my cock sliding into her tight asshole. But her sphincter didn’t give way, instead my cock slipped away from her ass crack. I repositioned it at her brown starfish and pushed a little harder this time, but again I couldn’t penetrate her. Liz was too slight of build and her body offered no leverage. Pushing harder just seemed to push her ass away from me. She giggled at our beginner woes and I laughed along with her, trying to ease the tension. I grabbed hold of her hips with both hands, holding her firmly in place. Then I pushed forward again, this time simultaneously pulling her ass back onto my cock. This time I felt my cock penetrate her entrance, but as soon as it did Liz gave out a loud yelp and pulled away.

“Are you okay?” I said.

“Sorry, I’m just not used to having anything up there. Your cock is too big, it hurts too much.”

“Oh,” I said, thoroughly disappointed. “So do you want to just… give up?”

“Well no, but… look why don’t you start with a finger or something?”

“Okay, let’s give that a try!” I said, with a renewed enthusiasm.

Liz returned to her position on all fours, while I grabbed the KY Jelly and spread some over my index finger. I gingerly touched her asshole, smearing a bit of the lube around the entrance. This was probably my last chance to get this right and I didn’t want to hurt her again. I gently pushed my finger into her ass. As my finger tip penetrated her, she flinched slightly, so I stopped and allowed her to get comfortable. I then pushed the finger further in, up to the first knuckle and then the second. It was an interesting sensation. Her ass was tight, yet sort of velvety and the lubricant allowed my finger to slide in quite easily. Liz gave another gasp, but this time it was different. It seemed more like a moan of pleasure than of pain. I pushed my finger all the way in as far as I could and Liz gave out another sharp intake of breath.

“How is that?” I asked.

“Okay,” she said. “It feels quite good actually. Try moving it around a bit.”

I wasn’t sure what she meant by move it around, but I started to move my finger in and out of her ass, like it was a little tiny penis fucking her. Then I tried a few different movements, twisting and slightly bending my finger. Liz gave little encouraging moans as I did do and after a while she brought one hand up to her pussy and started rubbing her clit. Meanwhile I could feel her asshole slowly expanding as it got used to its visitor.

“Shall I try two fingers?”

Liz just nodded and continued to rub herself. I withdrew my finger completely from her ass and re-lubricated it along with my middle finger. Then I held the two fingers tightly together and tried pushing them into Liz’s ass. Two fingers are a lot bigger than one and they wouldn’t go in right away. But after a bit of work the fingertips went in and then slowly but surely I felt her anal passage expand to accommodate them both together. I watched them slide slowly into her ass with fascination. Five minutes ago there hadn’t even been an opening there, but now it had expanded to the width of two complete fingers.

“Aaaaaargh!” said Liz. In my enthusiasm I must have pushed a bit too hard, and my fingers had suddenly slipped completely into her ass.

“Oh shit, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-”

“No it’s fine, just… actually it’s… ooh yes like that!” said Liz as I started to move my fingers inside her rectum.

She rubbed her pussy with renewed vigor as I started to pump my two fingers in and out of her ass. Slowly at first, but then increasing my speed as she responded more and more positively. Her sphincter started to periodically contract around my fingers and I wondered if she was going to come.

“Okay, I think I might be ready now,” said Liz. “Try with your cock again.”

My cock was still erect and had been patiently waiting for its turn. There was still plenty of lube on it and also in and around her ass, but I put a bit more on just to make sure. I aimed my member at her rear entrance once more, pushing it against her open sphincter. The difference between this time and the last was like night and day. The head of my cock slipped easily inside her back passage with comparatively little effort.

“Stop a second,” said Liz, clearly still in a bit of pain. She took a few deep breaths and composed herself. “Okay, try pushing it in a bit further, but slowly!”

I took hold of her hips and pushed forward firmly one final time. At last I felt the sweet feeling of my cock sliding into her asshole. Two, three and then four inches disappeared into her back passage. Liz gave out a cry that seemed to contain elements of both pain and pleasure. I held still, waiting for her to give me further indication as I didn’t want to hurt her too much. The feeling of her ass contracting around my cock was incredible. It was a totally different sensation from regular sex, tighter than I dared hope.

“Are you okay babe?” I asked

“Yes I’m fine, just… fuck me… slowly, fuck me slowly!”

Liz was panting heavily and trying to speak in between breaths. I tried to do as she asked, moving my cock in and out of her ass slowly and deliberately. I pushed in a little bit further every time and Liz gave out a little gasps as I explored new areas of her anus. It took a while, but after about five minutes of exquisite slow ass-fucking I must have had nearly six inches of my cock inside her. Liz was still rubbing her clit, but she was struggling to brace herself with just one arm. She was obviously getting some pleasure from the experience, but also some pain as well. Suddenly I had an idea.

“Would you like to change positions?” I enquired. “I think if you were on your back it might be easier.”

Liz didn’t reply, but she rolled over onto her back obediently. I grabbed a pillow and pushed it underneath her lower back, raising her pelvis into the air. Then I gently opened her legs and prepared to get back to work. But before I did, I took a minute to admire the view. Her anus was still slightly open, having not yet returned to normal size after the ravishing it had been receiving. Her pussy was extremely wet, betraying how turned on Liz was becoming.

“My vibrator… in the bottom draw at the back,” she said.

I rummaged around her bedside drawer and retrieved her purple egg vibrator. I knew she had it; I used to watch her use it over the internet when we first started our long-distance relationship, but I hadn’t seen it since I moved in. I liked to think she didn’t have a need for it anymore, but obviously she hadn’t thrown it away, so maybe she still enjoyed flying solo every now and then.

Liz switched on the vibrator and the egg started buzzing loudly. She turned a knob on the small remote control, connected by a wire, and the buzzing slowed to a gentle hum. She pushed the egg down into her pussy and started rubbing her clit again.

“Now… fuck my ass some more,” she ordered.

I didn’t need telling twice. I squeezed a little bit more KY Jelly onto her asshole and watched some of it dribble down inside her back passage. I then lined my cock up with her brown hole again and slipped it in. It took barely any effort at all this time, and I immediately started pumping back and forth. Liz no longer seemed to be in any pain and she was frantically stroking her clit and moving the vibrator around in her pussy. To my delight I found I could actually feel the vibration on my cock through her vaginal wall.

“That feels amazing!” I admitted.

“Oh yes babe for me too,” she said.

“I’m not going to last much longer,” I admitted, as the vibration and the tightness of Liz’s ass around my cock took me towards orgasm.

“Wait for me, I’m nearly there,” replied Liz, moving her hand faster over her clit.

I fucked her ass over and over, Liz no longer seemed to care if I took it slow or not. Then I decided to go for broke. I slipped my cock almost completely out of her ass and then pushed it back in hard, burying it completely up to the hilt in her tight butt. Liz let out a loud moan as she felt my full seven inches inside of her.

“Oh yes, fuck my ass, fuck my ass…” she gasped.

I thrust deeply in and out of her ass several times, admiring the unforgettable sight of my cock buried deep inside her nether regions, adjacent to her soaking wet pussy devouring the purple vibrator and her hand flying back and forth across her clitoris. I knew I wasn’t going to last long.

“Oh yes, this is it! I’m coming!” shouted Liz.

I wasn’t prepared for what I felt next. The vibrating sensation of the egg was suddenly overshadowed by the feeling of Liz’s ass tightening around my cock even more. This pushed me over the edge and I felt my orgasm hit me with the force of an oncoming train. I shot my load deep inside Liz’s ass as we both came together. I gave a few more strokes, then allowed my cock to fall out of her ass. Liz just lay there on the bed, panting. She pulled the vibrator out of her pussy and threw it to one side. I watched her asshole, still wide open but slowly closing up to its usual size. I collapsed on top of Liz and we both started laughing.

“So how does it feel to get your brown wings?” said Liz

“Magical,” I replied. “How was it for you?”

“Painful at first, but eventually it felt really good.”

I climbed off my fiancée and threw on a dressing gown. I had to go to the bathroom to wash my junk. It wasn’t visibly dirty, but given where it had been I thought it was the hygienic thing to do.

“Hey babe, when you come back I have another hole that needs filling,” said Liz as I made to leave the room.”

I wasn’t sure if she was serious. I hoped not, as I was tired and it would take a while before my cock was ready for another tour of duty. But Liz was always very persuasive when she was horny. I gave my dick a good soapy clean and then returned to the bedroom hoping she would let me off lightly. I needn’t have worried. By the time I got back she was already asleep.


I smiled as I recalled the events of that evening, then added ‘Attractive’, ‘Fun’, ‘Good Sense of Humor’ and ‘Great in Bed’ to my list. It’s a shame we didn’t have more nights like that. When she let her hair down and was in the mood, Liz was the perfect girlfriend. Unfortunately these days our lives were quite routine most of the time. We would get up, go to work, have dinner, watch TV and then, if we both felt like it, we would have fairly vanilla sex before going to sleep. At the weekend we would usually go out somewhere, but we didn’t have as many wild nights out any more, that night at Dillon’s had been the only one in weeks. We hadn’t tried anal again since then. I suggested it a couple of times, but Liz said she wasn’t in the mood. If you include the time when we were ‘internet dating’, we had been going out for nearly eighteen months now and I had never had a relationship that lasted this long before. Maybe this is how all couples ended up eventually. That was partly reassuring and partly terrifying.

I couldn’t think of anything else to put in Liz’s column, but I had ten entries now, which was a nice round number. I could always come back if I thought of any additions, but in the meantime I turned my attention to the other side of the page. What were Anne’s defining good qualities? Well there was one very obvious one that I might as well get out of the way. I wrote ‘Attractive’ as the top item in the right-hand column. I started thinking about Anne’s model-like looks. Her long silky blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and perfect figure, not overweight but not too skinny either. And her breasts were like… well, like two large firm fruits plucked from the tree of the gods. I crossed out Attractive and wrote “Hot” in its place. But even that didn’t seem to do Liz’s younger sister justice, so I crossed it out again and wrote “Incredibly Hot”.

Okay, so what else could I add to the list? I went back to tapping my pen on the desk as I tried to think. It was a lot more difficult with Anne; I couldn’t really pin down the things that attracted me to her other than her superficial beauty. Surely I couldn’t be that shallow. I looked back at Liz’s list for possible inspiration. Nice? No, that didn’t really fly; Anne could be bitchy, narcissistic, rude, lazy and unapproachable. Honest? Not really, only when it suited her. Loyal? I wasn’t really sure. Dependable? Grounded? No and no. Fun? I hadn’t spent much time with Anne in social settings, but from what I had seen, she wasn’t really the life and soul of the party. Great in bed? Well I didn’t know yet.

Didn’t know yet? It was little mental slips like that which annoyed me. How had I allowed my situation with Anne to get so complicated? It had started off with me spying on her through a gap in her bedroom curtains. Sure it was a bit creepy, but it was a huge thrill and as far as I was concerned a victimless crime as long as I didn’t get caught. But then I did get caught but it turned out Anne had a fetish for being watched and she wanted me to carry on watching her. So I did and we were both happy with the arrangement and Liz was in blissful ignorance of what was going on. And then on Christmas Eve I had taken things a little too far and had ended up in Anne’s bedroom while she was fapping. And… well, we both got caught up in the moment and she ended up jerking me off, firing my payload all over her beautiful tits.

That was about six weeks ago now. Since then I had tried to stay away from Anne as much as possible, but she didn’t make it easy. She started being nice to me. Anne had never actually been nice to me since I moved in. Even during the time we had our ‘arrangement’, she kept a cool aloof distance from me when we met in the real world. But now suddenly it was like she wanted to be my best friend. She would smile at me, laugh at my jokes and do favors for me. She even started hanging out with Liz and I and inviting us to places, which she had never done before. All the time she kept leaving me notes, inviting me to watch her ‘perform’ again. Of course it was tempting, but I stubbornly refused every single one. I knew if I was ever in that situation again with Anne then… things could happen, things that couldn’t be undone.

And then just when it felt I was in control of the situation, there was… that night.


It was a Saturday; two weekends after the night at Dillon’s. Liz and I went out for dinner and then came home to watch a movie. Anne and Vicky, Liz’s older sister, were both out with their respective sets of friends so once her parents and brother went to bed we had the house to ourselves. By the time the movie finished and we retired to our bedroom it was gone midnight. Liz completed her overly-long bathroom ritual, while I wondered if I would get lucky tonight. In the end we were both too tried, so we just fell asleep in each other’s arms.

It seemed like only a few minutes later, but in reality I think it was more like half an hour, when Liz’s phone rang. We both sat up groggily in bed, and Liz groped around on her nightstand trying to find her phone. Eventually she managed to grab hold of it and answer just before it went to answer phone. I could only hear Liz’s side of the conversation and in my sleepy state I tried to piece together what was going on.


“Oh hey. Do you have any idea what time it is?”

“What are you doing over that way?”

“But can’t you just get a cab instead?”

“Okay, I guess I could come over.”

“Can you text it to me?”

“Okay, see you in a bit”

Liz put the phone down, gave a deep sigh and swung her legs over the edge of the bed.

“What was that about?” I enquired.

“It’s Anne. Apparently she it at some house party on the other side of town and needs a lift home.”

“What? How did she get there?”

“She went with some friends of friends or something, but they’ve all left and now she’s stuck at the party with a bunch of creepy guys, or so she says, and she doesn’t have enough money to get a cab.”

“And you said you’d pick her up?”

“Well I don’t have much choice do I? I can’t just leave her there,” said Liz.

“I suppose not, but let me go instead. I don’t like the sound of this weird party on the wrong side of town and I don’t want you going there at this time of night.”

Liz looked visibly relieved once I said that. She gave me the address and approximate directions how to get there.

“Okay, I should be able to find it. I’ll be about half an hour I suppose.”

“I’ll keep the bed warm for you,” said Liz. “And thanks, I owe you one!”

I reluctantly threw on a few clothes and stepped out into the cold winter air. I really didn’t want to be doing this, I was sleepy and cold and I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of being in the car on my own with Anne who would probably be drunk. I drove over to the address that Anne had supplied. I tried to make out the numbers on the houses from the road, but it wasn’t really necessary as I could hear the party from a hundred yards away. As I got closer to the source of the noise I saw a bunch of guys and a few girls in the street. Most were drinking from bottles and cans and were talking in loud voices to each other. I was glad I didn’t live in this street; the neighbors wouldn’t get much sleep tonight.

I couldn’t see Anne anywhere. I waited for a few minutes but she failed to materialize. Annoyingly I had forgotten my cell phone and didn’t have her number anyway, so I realized there was nothing else for it; I would have to infiltrate the party to find her. I silently cursed Anne under my breath for getting me out of bed and making me come all this way to find her. I got out of the car and wandered over towards the house. A few of the guys in the street looked at me as I did so, in what I assume they thought was a tough and menacing way. I wasn’t really scared of them; I knew how to handle myself and they were just kids, maybe eighteen or nineteen. I remembered back when I was that age and going to crazy house parties trying to be cool. They were probably just playing at being grownups while their parents were away.

Nobody challenged me as I walked into the house. The inside was dirty and smoky and smelled vaguely of marijuana. There were bottles, cans and chips all over the floor and a pool of vomit lay stagnant in the hallway. It looked like it had been a good party by teenage standards. I followed the voices and eventually found what appeared to be the main party room. There was music playing and about twenty people there, chatting, drinking, dancing and combinations of the above. A couple of them glanced over at me as I came in, but nobody paid me too much attention. I guessed it was one of those parties where nobody, even the person whose house it was, really knew everybody there.

Finally I spotted Anne sitting on a sofa in the far corner of the room. She had a guy draped over her. He looked about the same age as her, maybe twenty or twenty one, with short, black curly hair and stubble and a cigarette in one hand. My knowledge of such things was limited, but he was probably what passed as fairly attractive for a guy that age. Was this Anne’s conquest for the evening? I hoped she wasn’t expecting me to give him a lift back to our house too. I really didn’t want to spend the whole journey watching those two making out in my rear view mirror then have to explain to Liz why I brought a strange guy back to the house.

As I got closer, my perception of the scene changed. The guy had one hand on her naked thigh and was using the other one to stroke her hair. Anne clearly looked uncomfortable, bordering on scared and she flinched at his touch.

“No, I told you, my sister will be here any minute!” I heard her say.

“Sister huh? Is she as pretty as you?” the guy replied.

“Leave her out of this, she’s probably waiting outside, I’ve got to go,” said Anne. She tried to stand up, but the guy grabbed her wrist and pulled her back down onto the sofa. I knew that was my cue to intervene.

“She said she has to leave,” I said in as authoritative a voice as I could manage.” They both looked up and he released his grip for a moment.

“Craig!” squealed Anne, jumping up from the sofa. But her would-be suitor wasn’t giving up that easily. He stood up just as quickly as put his hand on her arm in a rough way I didn’t like. I suddenly felt very protective towards Anne, and I needed to get her away from here.

“Who’s this guy?” he said. “Is he your boyfriend?”

“No, he’s my sister’s-”

“Well if he’s not your boyfriend I don’t really care who he is,” he interrupted, and then turned to me. “She won’t be leaving for a while, so either come back later, or grab a beer or wait outside or something.”

“I’ve got a better plan,” I said. “First you’re going to take your hand off her arm, then we’re both going to leave and you can find some other girl to sleaze on.” I looked at his hand on her arm, silently praying that he would do the right thing and let her go.

“Who the fuck do you think you are, punk?” he said menacingly, releasing Anne and squaring up to me. I tried not to laugh. I don’t think I had ever been called ‘punk’ before.

I stared him square in the eye trying not to let my eyes waiver. I wasn’t sure if I could take him in a fight, although he was slightly smaller than me and a few years younger, so I suspected I probably could. But even if I could take him one on one, I didn’t know how many friends he had at this party. I had my back to the room so I couldn’t see if anyone else had noticed what was going on, but I didn’t want to look over my shoulder and show that I was worried. I just kept looking him square in the eye, hoping he wouldn’t take this any further.

“Fucking twat-faced arrogant prick,” he said, aggressively, but his eyes dropped and I knew at that point he was going to back down.

He stormed off giving me a face-saving shoulder bump on the way past, which I ignored. Anne exhaled deeply and threw her arms around my neck.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” she said, hugging me close. I tentatively put my hand reassuringly on her back.

“Come on, let’s get you home,” I said.

Anne talked non-stop for the whole drive home. She seemed full of nervous energy and recounted the events of the last hour over and over again. From what I gathered, after she had phoned Liz, this guy had cornered her and tried to ‘put the moves on’. When Anne initially turned him down, he tried to ply her with alcohol. When she refused that as well he dragged her over to the couch and started touching her and she couldn’t get away. Every time she looped the story, she exaggerated the details a little bit more, making her danger sound greater and my rescue of her sound more and more heroic.

I had no idea what the real story was, but by the time we got home, she was talking like she was on the verge of being raped, and I had boldly jumped into the fray, knocked out the rapist and valiantly fought off five of his friends as we tried to escape the party. I was completely sober and my memory of the part I witnessed was nothing like the story that Anne was now recounting, but I’ll admit that part of me was quite enjoying the hero pedestal that Anne was putting me on. If she wanted to tell her version to Liz and Vicky and maybe even her parents then… well, I wasn’t going to argue too much. It might make getting woken up at 1am and having to drive across town worthwhile.

Eventually I pulled up in the drive and we both got out of the car. Anne scampered over and took hold of my hand as I unlocked the front door.

“Do you fancy hanging out for a while? We could grab a couple of beers or something,” said Anne. There was almost a look of pleading in her eyes.

“That sounds… fun, but it’s really late. I need to get back to bed and so do you probably,” I replied, hoping I wasn’t sounding too much like her dad.

“It’s just that…” Anne started a sentence and then tailed off.

“What is it?”

“I just don’t want to be on my own at the moment that’s all. I’m still really freaked out about what happened at the party.”

“But Liz will be-”

“Asleep I would think,” finished Anne. “Just come and sit and talk with me for a while. Forget the beer, we could just have a mug of chocolate or something, that always makes me tired.”

“Okay, I guess we could,” I reluctantly agreed. Framed like that, it wasn’t a proposition that I could really refuse. “I’ll go and put the kettle on.”

“Great,” said Anne, looking relieved. “Can you bring it to my room; I’m just going to get changed.” She scurried off down the corridor.

“Your room? I think the back room would be a better…” I started to call after her, but I heard her door close and Anne was gone.

I went to the kitchen and made two mugs of hot chocolate, reflecting on the situation. My plan had been to stay away from Anne as much as possible and avoid any situations that might lead to undue temptation. I was pretty sure that going to her room at two in the morning when she was probably a little bit drunk and was still thinking of me as her knight in shining armor didn’t really mesh with that plan. I would just have to make sure the conversation didn’t drift into risqué territory, finish my chocolate and then leave as quickly as was politely possible.

I knocked on Anne’s door and she let me in. She hadn’t got far with her plan of getting changed, all she had managed to do so far was remove her boots and she was in the process of taking off her jewelry.

“Hi,” she said, smiling at me Anne had a beautiful natural smile, it was just a shame she didn’t use it more often. “Come in, take a seat.”

I looked around to find the only two chairs in the room covered in Anne’s clothes. I was still holding two mugs of chocolate so I wasn’t really in a position to move anything.

“Um…” I said.

“Oh yes sorry, my stuff is everywhere,” said Anne, apologetically. “Just sit on the bed for now, you can put the mugs down on the table.

I did as I was told. Anne came over and took a sip of chocolate and sat down on the bed next to me. I tried to think of a nice neutral topic to talk about.

“So, how did you end up at this party?” I offered.

“Oh it was a stupid idea, I should never have gone. I was round a friend’s house and it was kind of boring and I was going to come home, but then her sister asked if I wanted to come to a party with her and her friends and I thought why not. But I didn’t know that her sister’s boyfriend would be there and so she went off with him and I was left with some guy and girl I didn’t really know.” Anne took another sip of chocolate. “And most of the other people at the party seemed like real freaks, so that’s when I called Liz and then-”

“Ah yes, I know the story from there,” I said, not really wanting to give Anne another chance to exaggerate the rest of the story further.

“I was really stupid,” said Anne, uncharacteristically self-disparaging, “It was so lucky you were there to rescue me.”

“Well, we all do that kind of thing when we’re young. I’ve been to a few shady parties in my time.”

We drank our drinks in silence for a few moments, then Anne suddenly stood up.

“Is it okay if I get changed? I want to get into my bedclothes,” she said.

“Um… sure, I guess,” I said, slightly nervously. I turned around on the bed so I was facing the other way and I heard Anne laugh.

“You don’t have to look away. I don’t mind, you’ve seen me naked loads of times,” she said, a little bit louder than I would have liked.

“Yes, but that was… different,” I said. “I’d rather look away if it’s all the same to you.”

“Fine, suit yourself.”

I twisted around on the bed to face the window. I noticed the gap in the curtains was still there; even now Anne hadn’t bothered to get it fixed. I wondered how different things would have been if the gap wasn’t there, or if I had never decided to peek through that night. My life would certainly be a lot simpler. Maybe Anne would still hate me. I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t be standing six feet behind me right now in a state of undress.

“Okay, I’m ready.”

I turned around, preparing myself to see Anne looking extremely sexy in a nightie or pajamas. But I wasn’t prepared to see her completely naked. I stared at her and she just smiled. There was nothing there I hadn’t seen before, of course, but Anne had a body that you could never get bored with.

“Shit, I’m sorry I… you said you were dressed!”

“I didn’t say I was dressed, I said I was ready. The question is are you ready?”

“Ready for what?” I asked, instantly regretting the question.

Anne said nothing, but just walked over towards the bed, where I was sitting. She put her hands on my shoulders and knelt on the bed, straddling my lap.

“I think it’s time we got to know each other a bit better,” she said, softly.

I was frozen in place with Anne on top of me, her naked breasts right in front of my face and her naked pussy in my lap. I put my hand on her hip, feeling her soft, smooth skin. I had seen Anne naked plenty of times, but never touched her before. Her nipple was just a few inches in front of my mouth. It would be the easiest thing in the world to just take it in my mouth and suck. I could feel her pussy pressing against my cock through my pants and it started to harden in response. Anne was giving herself to me on a plate and if I took what was on offer there would be no going back. I knew I had to refuse, but it was the hardest thing in the world.

“Don’t fight it,” she whispered in my ear. “We both want this.”

Anne took hold of the back of my head and gently leaned forward, pushing her nipple into my mouth. Involuntarily my mouth closed around it and gently suckled. Anne let out a little gasp and started to rock her pelvis back and forth on my cock.

“That’s it, make me yours,” said Anne softly.

It was exactly the wrong thing to say. I knew Anne could never be mine. Even if I broke up with Liz, it’s not like I could just start dating her sister, that would be impossible. Hearing those words made me think of Liz lying in bed, just meters away in our own room. I had to draw the line here; this was my last chance to do the right thing. I snapped my head back away from Anne’s breast.

“No, this is wrong!” I said, pushing Anne off my lap. “I can’t… we can’t. Liz is your sister.”

“Forget about Liz, please, just for tonight,” said Anne, trying to climb back on my lap. “Just one night and I promise…”

“No!” I said, pushing her away more forcefully this time. “This can’t happen.”

Anne just stood there in front of me with a hurt expression and then suddenly she burst into tears. I just sat there, not knowing what to do or say. I had never been very good at dealing with crying women. I didn’t even know if they were genuine tears or some kind of emotional powerplay. I moved along the bed and motioned Anne to come and sit down next to me. I offered her a hankie from my pocket to wipe her eyes.

“It’s nothing personal,” I said. “I really like you, but I can’t do this, it’s just not right.”

“What is it that Liz has that I don’t?” said Anne, through her tears.

“It’s not about what you haven’t got,” I said, at that moment not really having a good answer to that question. “But she’s your sister!”

“I know she’s my sister!” said Anne angrily. “Every morning I wake up and see my sister having everything that I don’t. It’s not that I want to hurt her, but I am a woman too, don’t I deserve happiness just as much as she does?”

“But why me? Why don’t you just… get a boyfriend?”

“Oh yes, because it’s just that damn easy,” said Anne, sarcastically, giving me a scornful look through her tears.

“I know this is a small town, but I there must be some nice guys here,” I countered. “It’s not like you’re unattractive, in fact you’re one of the prettiest girls I’ve ever met. Guys must be queuing up to take you out.”

“It’s just not as simple as that!” exclaimed Anne, ignoring the compliment and suddenly raising her voice. “I don’t really have a good history with guys.”

I suddenly found myself staring into the abyss of Anne’s private life. Not even Liz knew much about Anne’s previous boyfriends, all she knew is that she dated a guy at school for a couple of years. And now, for some reason she was opening up to me. Maybe this was my one chance to find out what went on inside Anne’s head. What things in her past defined who she was as a person? But I wasn’t going to do it while she was sitting here naked. I retrieved the dressing gown from the hook behind the door and wrapped it around Anne’s shoulders, covering her naked body as best I could.

“Liz told me you had a boyfriend at school,” I offered, encouraging her to open up further.

“Oh did she? Do you spend a lot of time discussing my private life then?”

“No, of course not, but I wanted to find out more about you and the rest of the family. You’ll be my sister-in-law one day.”

“Okay, I’ll tell you about Kevin if you really want to know. We were dating for about two years. I lost my virginity to him and we even got engaged, although we never told anybody. I loved him so much; I would have done anything for him. Then during our senior year my friend Amy got pregnant. She wouldn’t tell anybody who the father was, but then one day we had a stupid fight and she blurted out that it was Kevin’s. It turned out that they had been sleeping together for over a year behind my back.”

“That’s terrible,” I said. It was a lame response, but it was all I could think of to say.

“You think?” said Anne, sarcastically. “Well let me tell you about college then.”

“What happened at college? You were only there for a year right?”

“Right. After a couple of months when I met this guy, Mike. He was a junior, incredible looking and the coolest guy on campus. He was in a band and even played on the baseball team. He asked me out and I fell madly in love with him. We dated for about four months and it was the best time of my life. I got invited to all the best parties and everything. All the other girls were so jealous.”

“Did he cheat on you too?”

“No… Well yes, technically… maybe. We were in the process of breaking up by then anyway, that wasn’t such a big deal. But what he did after that was really bad.”

“What did he do?”

“Well Mike was the first guy that I ever told about…”


“You know, about my thing; my fantasy of being watched.”

“Oh right. And, what, did he tell people?”

“No, worse! He kind of liked it; he said that he enjoyed watching me get myself off so for the first time I was actually able to live out my fantasy. Then during Christmas vacation I made a video of myself jilling off, and on Christmas Day I emailed it to him. Maybe it was dumb, but I was madly in love with him and he was so popular. I wanted to keep myself in his thoughts; I didn’t want him finding another girl over Christmas while I wasn’t around.”

“And what happened?” I asked, starting to sense where this was going.

“Well we came back to college and everything was fine for a while. But then we had a stupid fight and he ended up dumping me for another girl. I was torn apart, I thought my life couldn’t get any worse, but then it did. A few weeks after we split up, people all over campus, even people I didn’t know, started pointing at me and laughing and whispering behind my back. It turned out he had put my video up on a website and practically the whole college had seen it!”

“Oh my God, I can’t imagine what that must have been like.” Anne started sobbing again. I put my arm around her shoulder in what I hoped was a comforting way.

“It was terrible,” she went on, choking back the tears. “Everybody I knew had watched the video. Everywhere I went, every lecture, every party, even just going to get food and stuff I got catcalls and crude comments. I couldn’t take it anymore and at the end of the year I quit. I told my parents I had failed my exams. The video is still out there on the internet if you know where to look.”

Anne started crying on my shoulder. I just let her cry, hoping she would get it out of her system. I guessed she had never told anybody this before and so in a way was reliving it for the first time.

“I know this must be really hard,” I attempted. “But if there are random guys out there watching a video of you on the internet then so what? They don’t know you and you don’t know them. The odds of anyone ever recognizing you are probably thousands to one.” I wasn’t sure if this was true, in fact I suspected it wasn’t, but I felt Anne needed reassurance, not sound mathematics at this point.

“I don’t even care much about that part,” said Anne. “If there is a stranger out there jerking off to my video, then good for them I guess, they’re welcome to. But I just can’t trust men any more. The only two I have ever loved both betrayed me. I’ve never been able to trust a guy properly since.”

“So… why do you trust me?”

I instantly regretted the question as it could have been interpreted as a threat. Anne didn’t reply for a moment, she took her head off my shoulder and wiped away her tears with my handkerchief.

“I don’t know,” she said, eventually. “I guess because you never told Liz about me and the cucumber. And you haven’t told anybody about my fetish. Maybe it’s just because Liz trusts you and I know she is better at judging people than me. I can’t explain it, I just feel safe with you.”

I said nothing, but smiled as I recalled Anne with the cucumber. She stole it from the fridge and I watched her through the gap in the curtains fucking herself with it. That was the day Anne had caught me looking and everything had snowballed from there. I became acutely aware that Anne was still naked next to me, save for the dressing gown wrapped around her shoulders. Looking down I could still see her pussy and I remembered how it looked with the cucumber pistoning in and out of it.

Anne caught me looking and smiled. Without saying a word, she picked up my hand and placed it between her legs, opening them to give me access to her pussy. I instantly felt the warmth of her lady parts and a large part of me wanted to spread her lips and just bury my fingers in her womanhood. But with all my remaining willpower I pulled my hand away.

“No, I can’t, I’m… I’m sorry.” I said, quickly standing up and rushing out of the room before I could change my mind. As I closed her door behind me I could just about hear Anne call after me.

“Why are you fighting this Craig? You know it’s what you want!”


I spent a while longer mulling over Anne’s list. Even recalling arguably the most intimate times we had spent together hadn’t really given me any ideas. In a fit of frustration, I ripped the page out of the notepad, screwed it up and threw it forcefully into the garbage can. This wasn’t going to get me anywhere. Comparing Liz and Anne was a silly exercise. It was obvious that Liz was everything I could hope to get in a girl, while Anne had few qualities I would want in a long-term girlfriend, I didn’t need a list to tell me that. And the whole question was moot anyway. What was I going to do, break off my engagement with Liz and tell her I was going to start seeing her sister, oh and by the way could I still stay in your family home as I have nowhere else to go?

Then the reality struck me that I had been making the wrong comparison. The real decision I faced was not between the sisters themselves, but what they each represented. Liz represented stability, a future, a wedding, a mortgage, kids, college funds, a nice family home where I would take Craig junior to soccer practice while Liz baked brownies. Anne represented a more uncertain reality. Where I would live in a bachelor pad and go clubbing and get drunk and sleep with random women then spend all my money on an iPad or a sports car or on one really wild weekend in Vegas. The terrible thing was I didn’t know which reality I wanted. Both were appealing and scary in equal measure. Everything had moved so quickly and until now I thought I wanted to get married and settle down, but did I really? That night, after bringing Anne home from the party, I had turned down sex with one of the most beautiful girls I had ever known, but because I felt I had to not because I wanted to.

But that wasn’t the night that made me have serious doubts. That happened just the day before, when Liz and I had our biggest fight to date.


The day had started off well enough. I had an appraisal at work and I was told that they were very happy with my performance, my probation was officially over and I would receive a modest pay rise next month along with some new responsibilities. I was delighted and couldn’t wait to tell Liz the good news. I arrived home, said hello to Liz’s mom and chatted to her for a while and then retreated to the bedroom to change out of my work clothes and into something more comfortable. As I did so I heard a familiar tune playing. It took me a few seconds to place it, but then I realized it was Liz’s mobile phone ringtone. Liz was always forgetting her phone and it didn’t surprise me in the slightest that she had left it at home when she went to work that morning. I managed to locate it on her desk and answered it.


“Hello, could I speak to Elizabeth Delaney please.”

It was a woman’s voice, an older woman, I would have guessed in her fifties or even sixties. She was well spoken and I wondered if it was someone from work. Liz worked as a junior account manager in a distribution company and she occasionally got calls from her more important customers on her personal mobile. I couldn’t think of anybody else that would call her Elizabeth.

“I’m sorry; she isn’t here at the moment. This is her fiancé, can I take a message?”

“Oh her fiancé, that would be Craig correct? Well you will serve just as well actually. This is Harriett Derby from Widdecombe House.”

“Widdecombe House?”

“Yes, I’m calling regarding the enquiry you made last week about available dates for your wedding. The seventeenth and twenty-fourth are available, but we already have another wedding booked on the thirty-first I’m afraid.”

“Dates for… our wedding?” I said, confused.

“Yes, Elizabeth came in on Sunday with her sister?” said Harriett, now also sounding confused. I decided to take the initiative and bluff. I had to find out what was going on.

“Oh yes, Widdecombe House, of course! Liz told me how nice it was there, I can’t wait to come and see for myself.” I was an excellent liar when I wanted to be.

“It’s a beautiful venue, even if I do say so myself. We could make your wedding really special”

“Let me write those dates down; the seventeenth and twenty fourth… just to double check, which month would that be?”

“August, she only asked for Saturdays in mid to late August. I could check other dates and get back to you if you like?”

“No, no, that’s fine, August is definitely when we want. Anyway, thanks for the call, we’ll be in touch.”

I hung up the phone and stood there completely dumbstruck for several seconds. Liz was planning our wedding! I was suddenly extremely scared and a little angry too. Nine months ago it might have been different – back then I couldn’t wait to get married. Sure, I wouldn’t have been too happy about Liz arranging the wedding behind my back, but I’m sure I would have looked past that quite quickly. But now doubts were already starting to creep in about where my life was heading and whether I wanted to move so fast. And now apparently the decision had been made on my behalf that my single life would end in August 2013, likely on either the seventeenth or twenty-fourth. August didn’t seem very far away at all.

Of course, it could be that I was overreacting. Maybe Liz was just visiting this Widdecombe House for another reason and decided to enquire about weddings on a whim. I calmed down a little when I thought of that explanation. It sounded perfectly reasonable; maybe I would have done the same thing if I saw the perfect wedding venue. Then I thought a bit more about what Harriett had said. ‘Elizabeth came in on Sunday with her sister’. Sunday was the day after that party and Anne had spent practically the whole day in her room, maybe with a hangover, maybe trying to avoid me, or maybe both. That meant it had to be Vicky she went with! Both Liz and Vicky had been out most of the day, they could easily have met up at this Widdecombe House at some point. Liz wasn’t home from work yet; maybe I could talk to Vicky and find out what was going on.

I went to Vicky’s room and could hear music playing from inside. I knocked on the door.

“Come in,” she called out. I opened the door and let myself in. Vicky was lying on her bed reading a magazine.

“Oh hi Craig,” she said. “What’s up?”

I was glad it was Vicky I had to interrogate rather than Anne and not just because of my complicated relationship with Anne. Vicky and I had been friends ever since I moved in. I liked Liz’s dark-haired tomboy elder sister, it was almost like having a guy friend around. There were never any complications with Vicky, she shot straight from the hip, which was what I needed right now. I decided to get straight to the point.

“Hey.” I said. “What do you know about Widdecombe House?”

“Nothing, I don’t think. Where’s Widdecombe House?” said Vicky putting down her magazine and sitting up on the bed.

“You know, the wedding venue. You went there with Liz on Sunday.” I didn’t have time to play games, so I made it clear straight away that I knew about their visit.

“I’m sorry, that doesn’t really help, I don’t remember the names and after about the fourth one they all started to look the same. I’m glad you guys are planning the wedding, but I’ve no idea why Liz wanted to take me to these venues rather than you, I’m crap at that kind of thing.”

“Hold on, the fourth one?”

“Yeah there was five or six altogether I think. I got so bored looking around posh houses and swanky hotels, I was almost glad when we moved onto flowers instead, even though I fucking hate flowers.”

“Flowers?” I was getting more confused by the minute.

“Yes, we went to, like, four florists or something, all exactly the same obviously. Anyway, which one was Widdecombe House? Was that the manor with the big fountain? Or the one next to the big field with the horses?”

“I’m not sure I… got a call saying they have a free Saturday in August though,” I said, weakly.

“Oh, well that’s good news right? I hope it’s a Saturday that the band can make, they had some other bookings in August I think.”

“Wait… band?”

“She must have mentioned the band! They were pretty good actually. Not like the easy listening jazz quartets and stuff you get at some weddings, they were a proper modern band with guitars and…” Vicky cut herself off mid-stream. “Are you alright? You have gone really pale.” Just then I heard the front door slam in the distance.

Yes I’m fine I’ve… got to go,” I said hurriedly, rushing out of Vicky’s room.

I figured the front door closing probably meant Liz was home and if Liz was home I wanted to confront her right away. I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt after the phone call, but now after speaking to Vicky it looked like things had gone much further than I could have possibly imagined. Looking back on it, it would have been better to wait a while, I should have calmed down, thought about things, put everything in perspective, maybe talked to Vicky some more. But at that moment I felt angry and I needed an outlet for that anger.

I managed to catch up with Liz in the kitchen as she made herself a drink.

“Hi sweetie,” she said as she saw me come in.

“Hi,” I said, bluntly.

“Did you have a good day?”

“Yes, great thanks. I had a phone call from Widdecombe House.” Liz stopped pouring her drink when I said that. She tried to feign a smile, but it was obvious that name had rattled her.

“A call for me? Did they leave a message?”

“Yes, they said that they have the seventeenth and twenty-fourth free and that my fiancée has been organizing my wedding behind my back,” I finished sarcastically. Liz looked taken aback for a second, then she gave a little laugh that sounded incredibly fake before replying.

“Oh that! That’s just something I did on a whim. I went there for a work seminar and it seemed really nice and so I made an enquiry about their availability for weddings.”

“Why are you lying to me?” I said, raising my voice.

“What do you mean babe, I’m not lying, it was just a nice place and I-”

“So what about the other five venues, were they just nice places you happened to stumble upon as well? And the florists too? And I suppose the band just happened to be playing when you were having a few lunchtime drinks from work right?

Liz was silent for several seconds. She sat down on a stool at the kitchen counter and rested her forehead on her hand.

“I assume you’ve been talking to Vicky then,” she eventually said, almost accusingly as if talking to Vicky was somehow wrong.

“You’re damn right I have! What were you thinking? What were you going to do, arrange the entire thing behind my back and then hand me a tux on the morning of the wedding?”

“No, of course I was going to tell you. I’ve been trying to talk to you about the wedding for weeks, but you always just dismissed it or changed the subject.”

“So you just decided to arrange it anyway? Book a venue, buy flowers, hire a band? Where are we going on our honeymoon? Have you written my speech yet?”

“Stop being such a child,” said Liz, visibly getting angry herself. “You didn’t seem interested in organizing the wedding so I started looking into things myself. And I took Vicky along to get a second opinion on certain things. What’s so wrong with that?”

“What’s wrong? I didn’t even know we were getting married! Well I mean sure, I knew we would eventually, but I thought we had other things to do first, like buy our own place so we can move out of your parents’ house.”

“But that’s the great part! My parents are going to pay for the entire thing. They have a wedding fund for me and they said I can get married wherever I like, within reason.”

“It’s not about the money! It’s about…” I struggled to finish the sentence.

“What? What is it about?” said Liz, now raising her own voice.

“You can’t just arrange someone’s life without asking them! What if I don’t want to get married in August? What if I don’t want to get married at all?”

I instinctively raised my hand to my mouth as if I could somehow grab the words before they reached Liz’s eardrums, but it was too late. I said exactly what I was thinking, but it was the last thing in the world I wanted to say. Liz fell silent and glared at me with a look that I knew only too well. Liz didn’t get angry very often, not properly angry. I had seen it happen maybe three times since we first met and each time it was accompanied by this look. This was the first time I had been on the receiving end of it.

“What?” she said, very softly and very deliberately. The four letters were sharper than a blade.

“No, wait, I didn’t mean it like that. What I meant was…”

I stopped when I saw Liz stand up from her seat and walk slowly towards me. Liz was a good eight inches shorter than me, but right now it felt like the other way around. She held her left ring finger up in front of my face. On it was the engagement ring I had given her almost a year ago.

“Do you know what this means?” she said. “Do you remember the promise that you made me?”

“Yes I remember! And I meant it; we will get married, just-”

“Just what?” she snapped back. “Just as soon as you feel like it? Just as soon as you’ve got nothing better to do one weekend? It’s bullshit! You’re living in my house rent free, you share my bed, you work at a job that my dad got for you and what have you given me in return? Nothing but empty promises!”

“How dare you say that? I gave up my life and moved half way across the damn country just to be with you. And it was your parents who insisted we lived here remember? A year ago we had only just met in person and now suddenly just because I don’t want my fucking wedding arranged behind my back I’m some kind of flake?”

“Fuck you Craig!”

Liz stormed out of the kitchen and off down the corridor. Several seconds later in the distance I heard a door slam. I wasn’t sure if I had ‘won’ the argument or if Liz just couldn’t bear to be around me any longer. If I had won it was a hollow victory. I knew this wasn’t over.

The argument resumed off and on throughout the evening. Other members of the family knew that something was up and tried to talk to me about it, but the last thing I wanted was to get anybody else involved. They would all be on her side anyway, that was how it worked with family. Eventually the argument blew over and we were left with a cold war of stony silence. Liz went to bed early and I didn’t dare try to get into bed with her, nor did I even particularly want to, so I slept in one of the guest bedrooms instead.

I lay awake for over an hour, thinking about what had happened. I knew I could make it all okay again. All I needed to do was give a long speech about how much I loved her and how much I wanted to get married and I knew she would instantly forgive me and… then what? We would book the wedding I guess. And that scared me because I was starting to realize that maybe I didn’t actually want to get married, not yet anyway.

At some point during my insomnia there was a knock on the bedroom door, but I ignored it. I had nothing I wanted to say to Liz at that point. I knew we would have to sit down and talk about this properly like adults, but it could wait until the next day when we had both calmed down and had time to think things through. Ten seconds later there was another knock, which I also ignored. After that there was nothing but silence as I lay there with my thoughts.

It wasn’t until the following morning it occurred to me that it might not have been Liz.


And that is why I was now sat in my office, long after I should have gone home. I thought that having a day to think about it would help me get things straight in my head, but in fact it had made things worse. I had been sitting at my desk, on my own, for ages thinking about everything that had happened between me and Liz and Anne and I was still no closer to knowing how I really felt, or what I really wanted. I picked up my notebook again and divided the page into a different two columns, this time they were ‘Get Married’ and ‘Stay Single’. I thought for a couple of minutes and then ripped up the page again. Delaying the inevitable with more lists wasn’t going to resolve anything. I had to go home and talk to Liz.

I spent the walk home deep in thought and the journey went far quicker than I would have liked. I knew the next hour might well determine the direction my life would take. Liz would probably be at home waiting for me and, knowing her, she would probably have a speech prepared. I wasn’t sure if it would be an ultimatum, or more of a bridge-building ‘let’s talk this over’ speech. She probably wouldn’t be too pleased that I was over two hours late home without telling her where I was. She hadn’t called or texted me to find out why I was late. I wasn’t sure if that was a good sign or not.

The reason became apparent when I arrived home — Liz wasn’t there. Anne and Vicky were around, but neither of them knew where Liz was (although both tried to talk to me about our fight the previous night). I hadn’t eaten since lunch, but I really wasn’t hungry, so I played video games with their younger brother Charlie instead. He was the one person in the family who seemed oblivious to what had happened the previous evening and, even though he was just a twelve-year-old kid, I was grateful for his company.

It was getting quite late when I finally heard the front door open. I rushed to the hallway to see Liz standing there taking her coat off. We both looked a little sheepish as we struggled to think of what to say to each other.

“Where have you been?” I eventually managed.

“Just out; trying to get things straight in my head,” she admitted. Just the same as me, I thought.

“Well, if you want to talk I’ll be in our room.”

I went back to our bedroom, sat at the desk and waited. I was sure Liz would come; she wasn’t usually one to shy away from awkward conversations, but as the minutes ticked by I started to wonder. It was nearly twenty minutes later when she finally showed up. She sat down on the bed, offering nothing by means of an apology or explanation for keeping me waiting. I guessed that she was just taking as long as possible working out what she wanted to say.

“Okay, let’s talk,” she said.

“Yes, let’s” I replied.

What followed was one of those awkward moments where we both tried to talk at once, then both simultaneously apologized and then both paused waiting for the other to speak. Liz eventually broke the symmetry.

“You first,” she said.

“Okay, I just want to say I’m sorry for last night. I said a lot of rash things in the heat of the moment and I guess I might have overreacted about you organizing the wedding.”

“I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t have looked at venues and such without telling you and I shouldn’t have got so angry.”

We both sat there in silence for several seconds. It was more of an opening gambit that a resolution as neither of us had really given the apology that the other was looking for. Liz hadn’t apologized for trying to force me into a wedding and I hadn’t apologized for allegedly reneging on our engagement. I wondered if she had noticed this too.

“Okay, so where do we go from here,” I asked.

“I don’t know,” Liz admitted. “As I said I’m sorry for getting so angry, but I’m not sorry for trying to plan our future. You asked me to marry you and I accepted. Everything since then has been building up towards that. As far as I’m concerned the wedding is non-negotiable.”

“But does it have to be so soon? It’s not like we’ve even been together that long.”

“We’ve been engaged for nearly a year, what are we waiting for exactly? We’ve tried living together and that seems to be working okay. Money is not an issue. I don’t want us to be one of those couples that just stay engaged forever.”

“It just all seems so fast. We’re still so young!” I floundered, trying to find a chink in Liz’s crafted defence.

“What does it matter? Either you think we’ll be together forever or you don’t. If you do, then why not make it formal? If you don’t, then… what are we even doing?”

Liz let the question hang in the air between us. When I didn’t answer immediately, she pulled her phone out of her pocket and pressed a few buttons.

“Here,” she said, “this is the number for Widdecombe House; it was the best wedding venue we saw on Sunday. The woman you need to speak to is called Harriett I think? Call her tomorrow and arrange a time and we can both go and see it together. If you don’t like it then we will look at other places. Once we agree on a venue we both like then you can choose the date of the wedding.”

Liz held the phone out to me like a poisoned chalice. This was the decision point. We could probably have a long and happy future, all I had to do was reach out and take the phone. She could easily make the call herself, of course, but that wasn’t the point. She wanted me to do it. If I agreed to make the call then I was implicitly saying I was ready to get married and if I refused… well, I wasn’t sure what would happen. Would I be saying I never wanted to marry her? I hated having my hand forced like this, so I made a clumsy attempt to find a middle ground.

“I’ll make the call,” I said, “but not tomorrow, I’ll do some research and then call them when I’m ready.” Liz narrowed her eyes and did not look at all impressed.

“Fine, you do that,” she said. “And until you do, you can carry on sleeping in the spare room.”

“Fine, I will,” I said, defiantly.

“Then get out,” said Liz. “I’m going to bed.”

Liz gave me an icy glare as I stormed out of the room, all the anger from the previous night bubbling back to the surface. Did she want me to just go to the spare room and mope by myself? Did she think I didn’t have any other option? I felt like I was almost being forced down a path that I hadn’t dared follow until now. But there was no escaping the fact that if Liz didn’t want me in her bed, then I knew somebody who did.

I made the short walk across to the other side of the house, not to the spare room but to Anne’s bedroom. By the time I got there my heart was in my mouth. I was about to knock, but then I paused. Was I actually going to do this? Yes, you are, I told myself. In the state of mind I was in it made perfect sense. Behind that door I knew there was a woman who wasn’t going to ask me to plan a wedding in order to let me share her bed. Even though most men would give anything to sleep with her, I had resisted all her advances until now. But why should I anymore? Did Liz and I have a future anyway? I knocked on the door.

“Just a second,” came Anne’s voice from inside the room.

Most people would have just said ‘come in’, but Anne wasn’t like that. She was a princess and her room was her own personal castle. She only invited people in on her own terms. I heard her walk over to the door and then the door opened and Anne looked surprised to see me.

“Can I come in?” I said.

Anne didn’t say a word, but she opened the door and stood aside, allowing me to enter. She was dressed simply in jeans and a snug-fitting yellow top. Not dressed up, not wearing makeup, just radiating her own natural beauty. She closed the door behind me and turned to face me, her hand still on the door handle. She looked at me questioningly with her big wide blue eyes and I found myself getting lost in them. I hadn’t thought about what I was going to say to Anne. I was kind of hoping I wouldn’t need to say anything at all.

“Hey,” was all I could manage, in what was probably a melancholy tone.

“Hey,” she replied. Not for the first time the sexual tension between us hung heavily in the air. I guess it was obvious to Anne that, at this time of night, I hadn’t come over to borrow a CD.

“I was kind of wondering if you would like to… um…”

It was possibly the worst come on in the history of sex, but fortunately it didn’t need to be good. I didn’t even manage to finish the sentence before Anne broke out into a smile and half walked, half ran over to me and put her arms around my neck. Before I knew it, our lips were locked together and we were kissing.

It was strange kissing Anne for the first time. Kissing is considered ‘first base’ in a normal sexual relationship, but the relationship between Anne and I had never been normal. I had seen every inch of her naked body more times than I could count. I had watched her masturbate many times and once she had even jerked me off. But this was the first time we had actually kissed. It should have been insignificant, but it seems there is always something electric about your first kiss with somebody. My head filled with pink clouds when I felt her soft lips on mine.

Also for the first time, my hands were free to explore Anne’s incredible body. I ran one hand up and down her back, feeling her every contour, while my other hand got lost in her silky blonde hair. I pulled her closer to me and felt her breasts pressing against my chest as our kiss intensified. I moved my hand down onto her butt, squeezing it gently through the denim. I couldn’t wait to get her jeans off to get my hands on it for real. Anne took her hands from around my neck and started undoing the buttons on my shirt. She fumbled as she did so, trying to move too quickly, but eventually reached the bottom. She broke off the kiss and ran her hands up my now naked torso, planting light kisses on my chest and neck as she did so.

I took my time sliding my hands inside Anne’s top, but it seemed Anne had no intention of taking things slowly. She unbuckled my belt and unclipped my pants, pushing her hand down inside them and grabbing my cock through my boxers, a little too roughly if truth be told.

“Whoa, take your time, there’s no rush,” I said, smiling at Anne.

“I’m sorry, I’ve just waited so long for this and I’m worried you’ll change your mind again.”

“I’m not going to change my mind.”

Anne went to reply, but I put my index finger to her lips to silence her. This wasn’t the time to explain to Anne about the fight between me and Liz. All that mattered right now is that we both wanted to be here with each other. I didn’t want to think about Liz or anything else other than making this time with Anne as special as it could be. I took her hand and led her over to the bed. Then I sat down and gestured for her to straddle me, just like she had done the previous Saturday night.

“This seems familiar,” said Anne, giggling as she mounted my lap.

“Yes I think this is where we were when I so rudely interrupted you the other night,” I said.

We kissed some more and then I removed Anne’s top, revealing her ripe melons encased in a simple white cotton bra. I gently squeezed them through the fabric and planted kisses on the tops of each one. Anne whispered words of encouragement to me as I fondled her tits gently and lightly brushed my thumb over her nipple. I reached around and unclipped her bra. Anne wriggled out of it, threw the bra to one side and then put her arms around my neck. I now had Anne’s greatest assets right where I wanted them. I squeezed one of them gently while I leaned in and took the nipple of the other into my mouth. Anne’s nipples were already firm and became even harder as I kissed, sucked and squeezed them in turn.

“Oh yes Craig, suck on my titties!”

I didn’t need any encouragement. Anne had nicer breasts by far than any girl I had slept with before. Maybe any girl I had ever met before. I probably could have sat there just playing with them and sucking on them for hours, but after a while Anne started to get impatient.

“Okay, enough, enough, I want to get my hands on your cock!”

By now it was no surprise that I had a massive hard-on. I could feel it pressing into Anne’s groin through my pants, maybe that was what had prompted her. Anne climbed off my lap and knelt down in front of me. She reached inside my boxers and pulled out my erect member, letting out an involuntary sigh when she saw it. She stroked my rock-hard shaft several times along its entire length, pulling the foreskin back and revealing the purple head beneath. Her strokes became faster as she got into a rhythm.

“Hold on a sec babe,” I said, as I pulled down my pants and boxers, taking them off and throwing them down next to Anne’s bra. “All this clothing really gets in the way don’t you think?”

Anne just nodded, seemingly mesmerized by my cock. She started playing with my balls as she continued to stroke my weapon.

“How about you give it a little suck?” I suggested, by means of encouragement.

“Okay,” said Anne, looking a little uncertain. “Please don’t come in my mouth though.”

“Okay, I promise. I know not all girls like that,” I confirmed. Liz didn’t like it much either.

“No, it’s not that, I just don’t want you to shoot your load before I’ve had a chance to fuck you,” said Anne, looking up into my eyes and giving me a wicked smile.

“I’m not gonna let that happen,” I reassured Anne, laughing. “I’m looking forward to fucking you way too much.”

Anne put her lips around my bell end, sucking on the tip gently. Slowly she put more and more into her mouth and worked her head up and down the shaft. She wasn’t as good a cocksucker as Liz if truth be told, but she was trying hard. And the sight of her long, golden hair draped all over my lap was pleasurable enough in itself. I ran my fingers through her hair, touching the soft skin on her shoulders, arms and upper back. After a few minutes I realized it couldn’t be too comfortable for her kneeling on the floor, so I invited her to join me on the bed.

I moved up the bed and rested my head on Anne’s pillows, right in the spot where I had seen Anne masturbate several times. Anne took up a position alongside me, further down the bed. She leaned over and took my rod into her mouth once more, resuming her cock-sucking. I just laid back and enjoyed the gift for several minutes, fascinated at how Anne seemed to be ‘learning on the job’. I tried to guide her to the right spots with encouraging noises and as time went on she managed to take more of my cock into her mouth and started to use her tongue to good effect. I decided to add another dimension to the proceedings.

“Hey, how about you take the rest of your clothes off and bring that ass up here. We can go sixty-nine.”

“Okay, but I’ve never done that before; tell me what I have to do,” said Anne, getting off the bed and obediently stripping off her jeans and panties.

“It’s easy; just turn your body around so you’re facing the opposite way to me…” I waited for Anne to comply. “That’s right. Now just kneel down right here and let me lick your pussy. You can carry on sucking my cock at the same time.”

Anne seemed to get the idea straight away. She straddled my face and slowly lowered her pussy down over my waiting mouth. As she did so I got a fantastic view of her hairy snatch descending over me, until it dominated my field of vision. I used pillows to prop myself up, to give me better access to the treasure in front of me. I stuck out my tongue and slowly licked all the way up Anne’s slit, from her pubic hair, across her clitoris, over her vagina, right up to her asshole. As I did I smelt Anne’s pussy for the first time. It had a clean and fresh aroma, as if she had just had a shower. I returned for a second lick and as I did so I felt Anne’s lips return to my cock once more. Her head bobbed up and down on my member as I slowly drank from her sacred honey pot.

I used my thumbs to spread her labia and started to concentrate my tongue on her clitoris. Anne began to moan softly as I whirled my tongue around and around, stimulating her nub from every angle. Her reaction became more intense as I did so and after a while she stopped sucking my cock, lost in her own pleasure. Eventually she knelt into an upright position, which served to force her pussy down onto my face even further. Initially it was a great feeling, but I quickly realized that I couldn’t breathe in this position. I made some urgent-sounding muffled noises which eventually caused Anne to pull away.

“Is everything okay?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said, gasping for breath. But I can’t breathe in that position, you’ll need to turn around. Straddle my face from the other side and face the window.”

Once again, Anne did as she was told. This was a much different experience. On the downside, I couldn’t smell the increasingly aroused scent of Anne’s sex so strongly any more, and my cock wasn’t getting any attention. However, I now had a great view of her tits hanging tantalizingly above me. What’s more I could reach up and play with them as I did my best work on her clit with my tongue.

“Oh god…” moaned Anne, under the triple onslaught of my tongue and both hands stimulating her most intimate areas.

Anne’s breathing grew heavy and I could feel her nipples become even more erect until they were like miniature marbles in my fingers. After a while the heavy breathing turned into moans. Anne was slowly losing control of her body and she had to lean on the window frame for support. Her moans became longer and louder and eventually she started to say my name under her breath between quick sharp breaths. I knew she was on the verge of coming so I went to my go-to move. I put my lips around her clitoris and flicked my tongue rapidly over its tip as I gently sucked on her nub. Anne let out a loud moan and I felt the muscles in her pussy contract as her orgasm hit.

“Oh god yes Craig, I’m coming!” she shouted in between means.

I couldn’t reply, so I just continued what I was doing, dancing over her clit with my tongue as I fondled her tits.

“Oh yes, oh my god, oh my…”

Anne let out a loud squeal as she came hard. She allowed herself to fall backwards, practically impaling her back on my erect cock as she did so.

“Ow!” I protested.

“Shit I’m sorry!” said Anne. “Are you hurt?”

“No, it’s okay, I’m fine,” I reassured her.

“That was incredible!” she said. “I have never had an orgasm like that before, you’re an absolute magician down there!”

I knew I was competent at oral sex, but I was no magician. Anne seemed sincere, but I suspected the truth was that she had never had a boyfriend who had attempted to do it properly before. The two guys she had told me about both sounded like jerks. No wonder she preferred to stay in and masturbate rather than go out and find a man. It was about time someone showed her how pleasurable sex could be!

Anne lay on the bed still breathing heavily. I could see that her entire chest and neck had gone red in a hot flush. I crawled over to where she lay and kissed her again. She gratefully accepted the kiss and slipped her tongue inside my mouth. She supported herself with one hand while her other hand found my cock. It gratefully responded to the touch and quickly regained all its former size and hardness.

“I love your cock,” she said, breaking off the kiss.

“It likes you too,” I playfully replied. “Where would you like me to put it?”

“I thought you’d never ask! My pussy is just begging to be filled by your big hard cock!”

“Why don’t you show me how much your pussy wants my cock?” I said.

Anne rolled over onto her back, lifted her knees up and spread them wide, revealing her gash to me. It was so wet there were actual drops of her pussy juices running down her slit and dropping onto the bed. She brought two fingers down in between her legs and penetrated herself with them.

“Look how wet I am for you,” said Anne. “Look how much my pussy wants to be fucked.”

She started moving her fingers rhythmically in and out of her pussy. Her eyes closed and her mouth dropped open and I wasn’t sure any more if this was for my benefit or if she was just totally consumed by the need to be penetrated. I crawled over and grabbed hold of her wrist, stopping her finger-fucking instantly. She opened her eyes and looked at me with an expression of pure lust as I gently lifted her fingers to my mouth and sucked her pussy juices off them slowly.

“Please fill me up. I need to feel your cock inside me!”

I didn’t see a reason to deprive Anne or myself any longer. I positioned myself between her legs, aiming my cock at the entrance to her promised land. I looked deep into her big, blue eyes and thrust my hips forward hard. Her pussy was so wet that my cock slid all the way in to the hilt immediately. Anne let out a long moan. I slid my cock almost all the way out and then pushed it back in again hard. I continued to fuck my fiancée’s little sister, gradually increasing my speed as I did so. As I thrust in and out of her, Anne just stared at the ceiling with a far away expression in her eyes. Her mouth hung open, occasionally letting out little whimpers of pleasure. I noticed for the first time how sexy her lips were. Maybe it was just remembering them around my cock.

I controlled my pace, not wanting to come too soon. Every time I thrust deep inside Anne, her breasts bounced around slightly, but always returned to sit pertly on the front of her chest.

“Oh yes, harder! Fuck me harder!”

Suddenly, Anne wrapped her legs around my waist. With every thrust I made she pulled me into her with her legs, daring me to fuck her as hard as I could. I was used to taking it relatively easy with Liz, as her petite frame couldn’t take too much abuse. But Anne was taller and stockier than Liz and she could withstand a far more aggressive fucking. The harder I pumped into her the more enthusiastic her moans became until eventually it became one long moan, punctuated by little gasps.

“Oh Craig… I’m going to come again!” she gasped.

I could feel my own orgasm approaching too! I decided I wanted to try Anne in another position before we both climaxed. I pulled out of Anne and grabbed her wrist.

“No Craig, don’t stop now, I’m so close!”

“Turn over honey I want to come while taking you from behind.”

Anne rolled over on the bed, using the last of her strength to pull herself up onto her hands and knees. I quickly moved back into positions and pushed my cock deep into her pussy in one long stroke. I pumped into Anne as hard as I dared, as she braced herself against the headboard.

“Oh god that feels even better!” she moaned. “Oh yes… yes, I’m coming!”

Anne’s orgasmic moan lasted several seconds. For some strange reason, a little bubble of reality popped inside my head at that moment. I suddenly panicked when I realized I wasn’t wearing a condom! I didn’t know where Anne was on her cycle and she wasn’t in a good place for me to start asking her questions. I could get her pregnant! I decided the best thing to do would be to pull out before I came. I left it right until the last second, then slipped my cock out of her pussy. I aimed at her lower back and gave my member a few quick strokes with my hand as I came. A jet of semen fired out and landed on her back, while a second helping quickly followed, dribbling out of the tip and landing on the pale skin of Anne’s cute little ass.

“Oh shit, no!” said Anne suddenly, the panic clear in her voice.

“It’s okay, I pulled out,” I said. “Don’t worry, I’ll clean you up.”

“Shut up Craig for one second, this is serious! There was somebody at the window!”


“I swear it!”

“Are you sure?” I said, nervously, trying to squint through the gap in the curtains. “It’s pretty dark out there, I’m surprised you can see anything at all. Who did you think it was?”

“I have no idea, I just saw movement!”

“Okay, let’s not panic, maybe it was just someone walking past, they probably didn’t…”

“Probably didn’t what?”

The voice came from behind us. I instinctively turned around, but I didn’t need to. The voice was unmistakable; it was probably the voice I knew best in the whole world.

Liz stood in the doorway, staring at the two of us. Anne screamed and tried to pull the duvet up to cover herself. I hid my head in my hands, completely unable to face my fiancée.

“Well I can’t say I’m totally surprised,” said Liz, with icy coolness. “I thought it was weird that the two of you were suddenly so chummy.”

“No it’s not like that, this is the first time I swear!” said Anne, her voice cracking as she started to cry.

“Do you really think it matters how many times it has been?” asked Liz, rhetorically, giving her a scornful look.

Anne just shook her head in response as the tears started falling down her cheeks. She sobbed loudly and allowed the duvet to fall, revealing her naked body to her sister.

What happened next was something out of a fantasy.

Liz closed the door and walked purposefully towards the bed. Anne just sat there crying and I was frozen in fear and embarrassment. My recently discharged cock, still covered in Anne’s pussy juices, hung limply down and I made no effort to hide it.

“I’m sorry to have interrupted you,” said Liz. “Please carry on.”

“What?” I said.

“I don’t want to spoil your fun. I was watching at the window, but it’s cold out there, I would much rather be here in the warm.” Liz sat down on the edge of the bed.

“Stop it Liz, this isn’t funny!”

“And I’m not laughing,” said Liz. “If you’re going to fuck my baby sister I want to be here to make sure you do it right.”

“No way, I’m not playing this sick game. Do you really think we’re going to do it while you watch?”

“Craig, I’ve just watched you fire cum all over my sister’s ass. How much more trouble do you think you can get in here? You’ve got yours and I know your cock won’t be good for much for a while. So I want you to get down there and lick Anne’s pussy. And you had better make sure she enjoys it!”

Anne didn’t look in a position to enjoy anything right now. She hadn’t said a word for a while, nor had she responded at all to the suggestion that we continue our sordid affair in front of Liz. She just knelt down on the bed, sobbing occasionally, with a vacant expression on her face. Liz took her hand and stroked it gently.

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