The room is filled with natural light but the curtains are half closed, and there is a flickering light coming from the candle burning by the side of the bed. You are naked and on all 4s, your beautiful wide luscious bottom near the edge of the bed, ready for my deepest and most carnal attentions.

…….in the theatre you had been stroking my thigh, running your hand up and down my leg and squeezing my cock. We were in the back row with no one near us and during a dark period in the play you had taken my cock out of my trousers. Following all the squeezing and titillating it was sopping wet and you took huge delight in very slowly wanking me off. You had looked around like the naughtiest schoolgirl to make sure no one was watching and dipped your head down and took me deep into your mouth. You sucked slowly, alternating between swirling your tongue all around the head, running your lips up and down the shaft, and taking me all the way back into your throat. I struggled to keep my eyes open as you feasted on me, sucking, licking, slurping and gobbling – I came inside your mouth with such force you nearly choked but you didn’t spill a drop, but there were some specks of cum on your chin. After you had popped me back inside my trousers and straightened your clothes you turned to face me in the seat. Slowly and sluttishly you caught up those specks of cum on your fingertips and licked them clean one after the other. Your eyes never left mine as you did this.

Now in the hotel room you are ready to be fucked hard. You are kneeling on the edge of the bed so your feet are hanging over the edge, and I kneel on the floor behind you. I caress your whole wide plump bottom with my hands, gentle but firm, both hands drawing circles on both cheeks, my left clockwise my right anti clockwise so both circling inwards. My palms are open, my thumbs trailing, and as I progress both thumbs get nearer to your inner parts and your wet, hot pussy. I start to kiss one cheek, nipping it with my lips, and pretty soon am taking large, wet sucking biting kisses of your cheek. Your cheek is getting quite wet and pink from my powerful sucking. You moan as I suck harder. I take a deep drawing of your plump bottom into my mouth and you moan again. I pull back and deliver a very sharp slap to where I have just been sucking. I continue this for quite a whole, deep sucking bites and very sharp slaps on my bite-marks, you are moaning much more loudly now and my face is soon covered in your sweet arousal – I take some of that juice and lick it all over your sweet arsehole, licking into you so you moan deeply. I am holding your beautiful bottom in both hands, my face buried between your cheeks, my tongue deep deep inside you, pushing, licking, sucking, adoring you…..

Are you ready for this, I ask. Yes, you say, do everything you want to me, to my body, to my mind – fuck me without boundary or limitation.

My face is level with your amazingly luscious bottom and juicy pussy. I spread your thighs wider and start to caress you. I run my hands all over your bottom, your skin plump and soft to the touch – I open my hands wide so I feel your flesh between my fingers, cool firm and fleshy to my fingers. I continue kissing your cheeks, licking and nibbling them and you moan loudly, more more, you say.

I continue “suck-biting” your fat bottom cheeks really hard and spanking you very hard just where I bite. You are moaning continually and I reach for the lube – I take some on my non-spanking hand and start to lube up your arsehole itself – I just rub my fingers over it at first, then start to edge just my fingertip in – you start to moan more loudly – push in a little more you say – I feel your arsehole grip my finger and I pause without you telling me to – I feel it relax and gently push my finger all the way in as far as it will go – you moan again as I finger-fuck your arse gently, all the while still suck-biting your fleshy arse cheek and spanking you nice and hard. I push a second finger gently into your arse and you moan and push back onto my fingers – fuck it, fuck it really deep, you say.

You push back more and more onto my finger and I circle gently round as I push into you and then I slowly pull my finger out. I stand behind you, my hard cock at a perfect angle for penetrating your lovely fat bottom. I take a little lube into my hand and give myself a few strokes to cover my cock. As you see me reach for the candle I ease my cock into your arsehole up to the engorged head. Now, you say – fuck my arse hard now. I push into you with one swift deep hard thrust – you gasp as my whole cock fills your beautiful arsehole right up to my balls that are ready with my cum for you.

As I start to thrust slow and deep into your lovely fat bottom I drip a little hot wax into the very fleshy part of your arse cheeks – you moan at its sharp bite – I drip little drops all over your very fleshy bottom, all the while fucking your arse really deep – I pick up speed and start to pound your arsehole much harder – oh my God you cry, I’m going to cum – fuck me harder harder harder – I shift my stance a little, increase the flow of the hot drops onto your bottom and feel my own climax building – cum for me my love I cry and as you start to cum I just let go and explode in your arse – I cry out in ecstasy, shudder hugely inside you and fill your arse with my hot cum – I love you, I cry and pull out of you gently. I blow out the candle, push two fingers inside your arsehole and pull loads of cum out onto my fingers. I take them to my mouth and move round to kiss you, sharing my cum with you in a deep kiss.

I wrap my arms around you and we kiss deeply – we close our eyes and lie a long time not speaking – just holding one another.

Being Friday afternoon a few days before Xmas, the shops very busy, so I had some trouble getting all the things on the Valkyries list. I managed to get the green, red, white and brown nylon cloth from a craft store called “Spotlight” along with the big curved sewing needles and fishing line and all the other small things around the mall. I didn’t find any “PU foam” anywhere though and the hardware store guy didn’t have any or know where I could get it other than suggesting an online store.

I waited with my shopping outside Sydenham Station as instructed, a pink 1980s hatchback with an open vinyl roof pulled up in front of me.

The hatch popped open so I put the bags in the back and a voice said, “Hurry up get in”.

I climbed into the back and closed the hatch pushing me down between the rear seat and the door. About 30 min later we arrived in a garage. The hatch did not open right away and I heard others get out of the car. One of the back seats opened after a few minuets and I was thrown a wrestling singlet. With some effort I got changed in the car and a hand reached in from the back and took my clothes and shoes.

A minute or so later the hatch opened and I was lead upstairs by a woman, maybe the same one with the camera from yesterday. She placed a collar around my neck with a small thin clipboard and waterproof digital watch hung from it. Pinned to the clipboard was a laminated “Orders” list.

First on the list was: “Cook dinner” and some instructions on where to find all the stuff. The rest of the list had an hour-by-hour itinerary of what to do over the weekend.

I started to ask the young woman who had led me upstairs what I was cooking and got a slap in the face for my trouble. She turned the clipboard over pressing it into my nose to show me the rules on the back.

Induction rules:

1. Subjects must raise their hand and wait to be called upon to ask a question.

2. Subjects may never talk amongst one another, and must answer only “Yes Ma’am”, or “Please explain further Ma’am” to direct instructions.

3. Subjects must follow all instructions as quickly as possible.

4. Subjects may not eat or drink or visit the bathroom without permission from a member (see rule 1).

5. Subject may not look any Members in the eyes.

6. Subjects may not talk unless necessary to carry out an instruction.

7. During any conversation with any Member, the subject must kneel or lie face down.

8. Alcohol, telephone, cooked food or email is absolutely forbidden unless instructed.

The Lady told me to read these aloud. So I did.

She asked, “Do you understand?”

I nodded. For that I got a knee to the groin.

She pushed the rules in my face and said “Read these aloud Ten times and finish each rule with… ‘Yes Ma’am, thank you Ma’am”!

I started reading and she lead me into the kitchen and said, “Cook and read.” as she pointed to an open cookbook.

I started fixing dinner; the book was open at Chicken medallions and Caesar salad. I was cooking and repeating the rules I noticed a man in a Jester costume walk in to the open plan kitchen. I went to say hello and he gave me a big “Shhhh”. As he put his finger to his mouth I noticed his wrist covered in noisy bells and his nails long and painted to match his suit. Around his neck was an electronic collar.

My watch chime beeped and the Jester led me around the kitchen collecting plates and cutlery. I could see the outline of his lips and eyes were painted with a dark brown dye and he had a heart and a star on his cheek.

We served the Valkyries dinner and then went to the kitchen and quickly ate the left over vegetables. The sound of my watch chime again and I was pushed into the main room by the Jester.

The main room was very large with a concrete floor. At the back there were some tents and an over sized dolls house on the side. There was a dining table large TV and couch at the near end.

After serving dinner another man in a wrestling singlet came out and turned on a big TV. I wanted to introduce myself and find out his name, but the ‘no talking’ rule seemed to be important. We played some wii games for about an hour while some woman sat around and chatted. Occasionally giving directions or cheers and sarcastic comments and jeers as they ate dinner and drank beer.

As the women finished eating we collected up the plates and washed them off. The TV went off without warning and the other two walked quickly down stairs to the garage so I followed. Some of the woman looked over the raining and watched us. We collected some cleaning equipment, headed upstairs again, tidied up and wiped down all the tables and mopped the floors. The other two finished and went back down to the garage and all the women looked down over the railing.

When I got down stairs the Jester lifted his arms and made a twirl with his finger. I raised my arms and began to turn when he started shooting me with icy cold foamy water from a high-pressure water gun. I shrieked in shock and the woman all clapped. After I was soaped up head to toe he handed me the gun and pointed to the other man. I soaped him up too and he in turn foamed the Jester. The Jester flipped a switch to water only and washed off my soap with a jet of water that felt like icy needles. And again we passed the hose around. As soon as he was soap free the jester stripped out of his unitard and hung it from a line in the garage. The other man did the same so I followed. As the jester pegged up his tights I noticed dark brown squiggles and writing all over him and they didn’t wash off.

The Jester grabbed two cleaning buckets and gave them to us. We all went upstairs and he led us wet and naked into the bathroom. As I followed him up the stairs I couldn’t help looking at his skin, naked and wet. I could see some of the squiggles on his butt were signatures, some just insults like “Jokeboy” and “Pussyman”…etc All in permanent ink.

The other man and I started cleaning the bathroom naked in our dog collars. The Jester locked himself into some stocks in the corner of the main room for the night.

We finished the bathroom, a woman stopped us at the bathroom door with an expensive looking video camera with a big lens set up on a tripod opposite the doorway. The woman told us to grab the shower rail so we did and another woman came in with a large glass bowl that had been in the microwave earlier. We had mostly drip-dried by this point although my hair was still damp.

The two women started at our armpits and worked their way down our bodies in a tight spiral. One dabbing on hot wax and the other tightly winding a very long cloth bandage all the way down, mummifying us from the chest down, waxing my male parts down flat. Then painting on wax and then bandage up the other leg. Finally our arms from bicep to the tips of the fingers bound together by the wax and cloth bandage in a diving position.

We were walked (hopped) out into the large room where there were two straps hanging from the ceiling with a soft mat underneath. The loose ends of the cloth bandage at my hands were tied to one strap and the other was looped under my arms. An electric winch slowly pulled me up to the ceiling about 4M in the air. I dangled there for a second or two like a big orange-striped piñata before the winch released from under my arms and the cloth wrap pulled my hands up as I fell.

I spun around very quickly as the wax ripped the hair from my arms. The pain and shock of falling and spinning was overwhelming. I let out a frantic squeal which shuddered as I spun. When my arms unraveled the cloth broke away pulling tight the wrap on my right leg. I flipped upside down and the wrap slipped off almost in one motion. My squeal changed to a scream as the wrap caught on my ankles. I dangled upside down for a few spins and I could see the other man trying to hop away but blocked by the two of the women.

I spun around one way for a few seconds then back the other panting and whimpering and I felt the wrap slip off my foot and I spun around as my leg was stripped accelerating as it unwound. When the coil got past my knee I started spinning more horizontally then as it ripped off my ass and groin hair I lost the ability to speak. Gradually I flipped totally around and ended up spinning and falling feet first onto a matt on the floor. The woman who set up the video camera took some stills as I fell.

The other three women watched and giggled a little but were mostly just wide eyed.

The other man was struggling so he was asked if he would like to be shaved. He said “Yes Ma’am!” and that a woman from behind with a big grin on her face took a chunk of hair off his head with electric shears.

He freaked out and fell over in panic. The same woman bent down and asked if he would like to take the wax of slowly and he said “Yes Ma’am.” She pulled at his groin slowly until he shrieked in pain. She said “Are you ready for the spin yet?” He said in a quiet voice “Yes Ma’am.” I guess he spun the same way I did, except for his whimpering which started even before he left the ground.

The whimpering progressively got higher in pitch as he was hoisted up and dropped to a guttural “Ugh” when he was started spinning.

I did not watch, the air moving over me when I moved stung so much it was hard not to cry. I tried to stay very still. His spin seemed to be much quicker but that might have been just adrenalin.

The women walked off to their tents and the other man and I were left in the middle of the big room naked and near hairless, except for our heads and a thin candy cane like spiral down both legs and a little beard under our balls. I took one mat and put it against the wall and got some sleep. The other man was just sitting on his mat when I drifted off. Each hour the watch chimed and I woke a little startled.

To be concluded…

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