In Chapter 2, I described how I got to drink my Aunt’s pee as well as my Cousin’s, and how much they both enjoyed giving it to me. In this Chapter I have a blind taste test of several people’s pee.

Chapter 3. I do a blind taste test, and drink pee all day.

I decided to sleep in the cottage since my parents were not there now, and I was woken in the morning by Aunty Jean. She put her finger to her lips and said “Shh, Di’s still asleep.”

She waved a pair of girl’s navy school knickers at me and said “I bought you a pair of these to keep you going.”

“Thanks Jean.”

“You are going to do a blind taste test, and so you need to put these over your head to stop you peeking. I’ve got several samples of pee for you to guess whose they are. So, cover up.”

She pulled them down over my head so I couldn’t see anything.

“I’ll be back in a minute.”

She came back with what sounded like glasses clinking.

“Now I’m going to get you to SIP these pee samples, no guzzling them down mind, I know how much you like it.”

“Whose pee do you have?”

“Well, there’s mine, Di’s, yours, and a mystery donor.”

“Where did you get mine from?”

“I saved some from the bottle you gave me last night.”

“OK, let’s go.”

The first pee sample tasted fairly mild, but with a fairly sweet “nose” as they say in wine circles.

“I think that’s Di’s.”

Second pee sample was much stronger, saltier, and an after-taste of Asparagus.

“That’s yours Jean.”

Third sample was very smooth, little smell, and not at all salty. I couldn’t place it.

Fourth sample was fairly strong, salty, and some coffee “notes”.

“That’s mine.” I said.

Fifth sample was slightly salty, a bit bitter, but with a strong, almost metalic, tang to it.

“No idea.” I said.

“Well, let’s see.” said Jeanie. ” You were correct for samples one, two, and four. Now, number three was the mystery donor who will be revealed later. Number five was also Di’s, but with some of her period blood added.”

I was somewhat sickened by that at first, but then thought “Well, that’s the real essence of womanhood.”

“Who is the mystery donor?” I asked.

“Well, she’s Di’s school friend who apparently drank a glass of pee once for a dare, and then developed a taste for it.”

“Di’s school friend? How on earth did you get that?”

There was a rustling noise from under the bed, and out crawled Di!


I took the knickers off my head to see Di grinning up at me.

“What, who, how, when did you two hatch this up?”

Jeanie said that they’d been in on the game since my first drink from Di’s potty, but neither of them had known about the other’s love of piss drinking until then. Since my involvement, they have grown to love the idea of drinking someone else’s urine as well as their own.

“Well, I loved drinking everyone’s pee.”

“The grande finale is this one. Drink up.” Jeanie held the potty up to my lips.

“It’s all of them mixed up for you.”

There was nearly a pint of it. Oh but I was so enjoying it all I barely noticed that the bed clothes were being pulled back and Jeanie started sucking my cock. Di took the next turn.

“Do you want to pee or cum first?” asked Jeanie.

“The thing is, I can’t masturbate or cum when I’m bursting, so I will need to pee first.” I said. I asked Jeanie to get the pop bottle funnel she made for me the other day.

“Now you girls kneel down at the side of the bed please, and Di, you can have the first drink. Put the funnel in your mouth and I’ll go into it. You can control how fast you drink that way, plus I won’t pee all over the bed.”

I rested my legs on her shoulders, and let loose with my bursting bladder. She soon got the hang of controlling how fast she drank, and she was suprisingly quick at chugging my pee down. When I decided that she’d had enough I stopped and she drained the rest of the funnel. She looked a bit pouty when I cut her off, but I explained that it was her mother’s turn. I was able to pee more slowly now, and so Jeanie took my cock into her mouth and let me pee directly. Oh those warm lips and tongue. Her tongue was working the underside of my penis where the sweet spot is as she drank, and as soon as I had finished peeing I was ready to cum.

“I have to slow this down a bit otherwise it’ll be all over in ten seconds.” I said. “Now hand me the potty so I can finish MY ration please.”

While I was enjoying drinking the pee slowly from the potty I let them take it in turns to suck me until I came. Jeanie got most of it, but Di pushed her away just in time to get the last few spurts. She didn’t spit this lot out, but grabbed the potty for a swig of piss to wash it all down.

“Where did you learn to do that?” Her mother asked. Di blushed a bit and said that there were lots of porn sites where you can watch people doing that.

“Now then,” said Jean, “We are going to give you a lovely day in bed, starting with breakfast, for being such a good sport. But you need to clear your self out now as you won’t be able to go to the out-house after we’ve gone out.”

“Where are you two going?” I asked, feeling a little bit unsettled by this yet excited too. Excited enough for a new erection to start.

“We have some things for you to wear, so go and have a crap and a shower.”

Afterwards, I got back into bed feeling nice and clean, and both hungry and thirsty.

Jean came into my room with a condom with some tubing added, like I had described to Jean. Oh God did I ever feel excited at that. By now I had the most enormous erection, which made it easy for Jeanie and Di between them to put my condom pee catcher on. They ran the tube down to the floor

The next thing Jeanie did was to tie a loop of cord around my balls and to tie the ends together under the bed. I was fairly helpless now, which excited me more than ever.

“Now, you not going anywhere my lad, so enjoy your breakfast.” Said Jeanie as Di brought in a tray with some slices of brown bread, and a pretty bowl covered by a napkin, which she pulled off with a flourish. The bowl was about half full of pee. The girls proceeded to feed me little pieces of bread dipped in that beautiful nectar of woman. I was hungry and thirsty, and was quite impatient with them when they fed me so tantalisingly slowly.

When I’d finished my “breakfast”, Jeanie told me that they were going out for the day.

“Now, I’ll leave your hands free since you can’t untie yourself as the knot is under the bed. And so you don’t get thirsty, Di and I have almost filled this potty for you. If you need to pee, there won’t be enough room without you drinking some first. We’ll leave you some more bread to keep the hunger at bay.” The rubber tube from my pee catcher ended in the potty, and they gave me a second tube to drink from. I still had the most enormous hard-on, like I’ve never had before. “This is better than any aphrodisiac.” I thought.

So, they left me there alone, and the only thing I was missing was wearing those lovely school knickers Jeanie had bought me. I lay back as best as I could without hurting my balls, and started to have a slow wank. “This is ecstasy, all this lovely pee to drink.” I just love the smell and wished I could put my head into the potty with all that precious urine and drink it right there. I soon came, and then needed to pee. I remembered Jeanie’s warning and hastily started sucking and drinking. I was thirsty enough to empty the whole thing, and could taste the creamy presence of my own cum.

The rest of the day was spent alternately peeing and drinking all that gorgeous urine laced with cum.

I came three times during the six hours I was alone, and never lost my erection. I began to wonder if they’d slipped me some Viagra!

They had! As soon as they came home they confessed to lacing my breakfast pee drink with one of my Uncle’s Viagra pills! They said it was the only way to ensure that the condom stayed put, or else I’d have flooded the bed! Cunning pee donors.

What a spectacular day. A whole day, no, twenty four hours by now, with nothing to drink but every’s life giving pee and a little cum protein added for good measure.

In the next chapter Auntie Jean dresses me up for a girls night in, and I drink from the fountain of youth.

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