“Sh…sh…” I whispered into her ear, holding her close. She was trembling, shaking and whimpering a little. She’d lost her mind a bit. From anal virgin to eager ass toy begging for more in just the last 2 hours. Her body’s sensations had peaked and slightly broken her thoughts.

Her whimpers resolved into a chant: “I love you, I love you, I love you…” over and over. She was mine now, always would be. While reaching into her body I’d reached deeper into her mind and heart than she’d ever known, or thought possible. Beautiful tears of joy and shock formed at the corners of her eyes. She’d been reaching her hand back, pulling my hips toward her as my shaft scrapped the length of her colon. Her sphincter, which was really mine now as much as it was hers, was clenching on me. Her strawberry blonde, or light red, depending how the light hit it, hair was partly matted against her face with sweat. Her pretty face at peace as her lungs trembled as they breathed. A pretty face, but not beautiful, but also not less appealing for not being beautiful. I could ask her to do anything, and she’d do it.

I suspected not just now in the state of ecstasy she was melted into, but wide awake, sober and at any time after this, she’ll give me anything I want. Everything I want. In the deep recesses of my heart I was smiling widely. Not just because this woman’s hot body was now mine to enjoy, but because in truth I cherished her, longed to be near her when I was not, and in the secret parts of me, the parts I share with no one, almost not even myself or God, I was hers. Completely.

I coated my devotion in possessing her. Owning her gave me a sort of emotional distance, feeling of control. I’m not sure if it was my distrust of her, or a distrust in myself that made me seal myself off in the guise of total domination. Either way, she was mine now. If I told her to bash her brains out on the floor, she’d do it with a smile. To slit her wrists, she’d find and razor and cut. Anything I wanted her to do, she’d do, anything I wanted to have, she’d eagerly give. Made me feel almost like I could relax and love her. But truly, made me glad I could relax and selfishly fuck and use her.

I slid my cock from her ass, her forehead furrowed. She felt best full of me. Changing position, I put a knee on each of her shoulders, and above her turned her mouth to face me. I spit in the face. It landed on her check and nose. She smiled, and used her fingers to wipe it toward her mouth and licked my saliva from her fingers.

I adore women. And I rejoice in their eager drive to please me. My cock head at her lips, I started to pee. I wanted to assfuck this while it had a belly full of my piss. I simply said “swallow,” and she did. My hot new toilet. She figured out how to swallow while her mouth filled, and then swallow again so she could take all of it. I like a woman who can figure out how to fill her role, fulfill her purpose. I finished and slapped her across the face. She cooed. What a good girl.

I moved behind her again, lined my cock up with her shithole, and began to push. While I sank into her her body tensed, but ass relaxed, welcomed me. I whispered in her ear again, “does it hurt?”


“Do you want me to stop?”


“Do you want me to keep going.”

“Yes, please. Yes.”

And she started her chant again as I began sawing in and out of her backside. “I love you, I love you, I love you, I’m yours, I love you, I’m yours…”

I put a hand on her piss filled belly, and another on her beautiful hair and smiled. I was assfucking my woman while her sore ass sent mind-shattering pain and sensation into her body. She came gently, tears running down her face, injected a “thank you” into her chant and liquified to seep into the cracks heartbreak had left in me. I loved owning her. I loved her.

Part 5

A New ‘Arrangement’

Claire got up alone the following day and left me in bed. She’d sorted the kids out for breakfast and taken them to school before I had even stirred at all. I awoke as she got back into bed next to me, naked once more but freshly showered and smelling absolutely wonderful.

“Yuck! You need to shower, you stink like a whore’s week old knickers,” she laughed as I tried to pull her to me, “Go get cleaned up and get yourself back here, I have more use for your body this morning.”

Wondering to myself how my previously innocent wife could possibly know exactly what a week old pair of whore’s knickers would actually smell like, I complied with her demands and returned to our bed a few minutes later.

“Me and Lizzie looked up on the ‘net yesterday what a cuckold is and I don’t want you to be one.”

I was surprised by her sudden desire to discuss my recently-discovered sexual yearnings, starting a conversation that she seemed to be part way through already. Did she discuss everything with her young lover’s mother? I wondered.

“Bloody hell sweetheart, did you tell her everything?” I demanded, “She’ll think I’m an absolute wimp. Did you tell her you had fucked her son too?” I laughed, thinking she would never have confessed to Lizzie her participation in young George’s sexual education.

“Huh Huh!…” she shrugged, nodding her head in affirmation, “Of course I did! She was shocked of course, but also very pleased. She’s just glad her suspicions of him being ‘gay’ were unfounded, she really wants to be a grandma sometime you know.”

I gazed into my wife’s eyes, bewildered at how she had, in just a few short days, turned into this free-thinking ‘libertine’ I saw before me.

“Does this mean I’m forgiven for stepping out on you? For fucking another woman?” I asked, nervous as to what the answer would be.

“Sort of,” she mused, “I am still very angry you went behind my back like you did; how you allowed yourself to be seduced by some old slapper who obviously just wanted to fuck up our marriage seeing as she couldn’t keep a man herself…. But after last Saturday night, well let’s say I understand just how thrilling and exciting it is to fuck someone new with no love or even affection involved, just simple animal lust.”

I couldn’t believe I was hearing this. My loving wife of over 15 years had just confessed she actually enjoyed the thrill of her adultery, didn’t have any remorse at all, and not only that, accepted that I enjoyed it too.

My cock was by then fully erect, again excited by the mere talk of Claire being used by another man. I pulled her on top of me as I lay back and thrust into her damp pussy with one fluid motion.

“Are you saying you what I think you’re saying?…That you want to fuck some more ‘strange’ cocks and you don’t mind if I fuck other women too?”

I was incredulous at the thought of my previously faithful wife even contemplating such actions in our marriage, my confused mind trying to get around the idea of what she had just said.

She began to move slowly, riding my cock like the wanton hussy she seemed to want to become and looking down at me with a mischievous grin on her face, “Wouldn’t you like me to fuck some more strange men’s cocks?… Like me to come home to you with a used pussy and arse?… Smelling and feeling like a whore?”

It was all getting too much for me. The image of my sexy, loving wife being pounded by some stranger’s cock flashing before my eyes, I started to thrust harder up at her; forcing my rock-hard erection as deeply and savagely into her as I could. She answered my lust in kind, writhing like a dervish as she rode me; as desperate for release as I obviously was. She was screaming filth at me, using the sort of language she had disapproved of just a few short days before; begging me to fuck her as hard as I could, to treat her like the whore she was. All too quickly, the hot cum built by our lust shot out of my twitching cock and splashed deep into her receptive cunt. I could feel her inner muscles pumping me, forcing every last drop of my seed into her desperate channel. She came at the same time, gasping and panting as she gripped me with her womanly thighs. We were both covered in sweat again as she fell off my now stationary hips, our mixed nectar pouring from her ravaged quim and staining the sheets once more. Lying on our backs, gasping for breath; both our chests pounding with the strain of our frenzied coupling, we eventually calmed down enough to turn and look at each other.

“Well that was interesting,” she laughed, “I don’t think there was much ‘love-making’ in that little session do you?”

“Fucking hell Claire!… Where the hell did that come from?… I think you’ve killed ‘Little Bob’ for the foreseeable future.” I laughed, grimacing as I tenderly rubbed my sore member.

“Oh God I hope not!” she shouted, “I want some more of what we have just had lover boy. You have some obligations to fill before the children get home.”

She leapt out of bed then, receiving a hard swat from my right hand on the cheek of her arse as she ran away from me.

“Mmmmm… I want some more of that later too,” she giggled impishly, “Your naughty wife has been a very dirty girl and should be punished accordingly. First though, I want you to give me a minute and then follow me into the bathroom.”

Intrigued, I did as instructed and discovered my naughty wife laying in the bath with her legs over opposite sides, her sore-looking wet pussy lips spread lewdly, exposing her still aroused clitoris.

“I agree with Lizzie, I shouldn’t deny you anything you may want to get elsewhere. You are my husband and my body belongs to you to do with as you see fit.”

“You really do discuss ‘everything’ with her don’t you?” I replied, amusement mixed with lust in my voice, my brain instantly aware of what my wickedly sinful wife had in mind.

“At least you should be able to aim properly this time seeing as ‘he’ is so soft.” she mocked.

“You dirty bitch!” I exclaimed, “You are so going to get that naughty arse spanked later.”

“Oh Fuck yes!… That will have to wait though.” she laughed, as she spread her nether lips even wider with the fingers of her left hand.

Unable to control my bladder any longer, I felt the hot stream leave my cock as I fulfilled her demands and aimed it at her required target…..

* * * * * *

Our session in the bathroom proved to be quite a turn-on for Claire; she had in fact masturbated whilst I was urinating on her sex, rubbing her engorged clit frantically as my hot piss poured onto her open pussy. Once again, the debasing act did very little for me personally and I secretly hoped she wouldn’t want a repeat performance too often. I had showered afterwards whilst my wife had taken a nice soak in the bath, allowing me to watch her shaving her beautiful pussy as completely bare as she had started to keep it by then.

I returned to our bed after showering and shaving at her request and waited for her to complete her own ablutions before joining me once again on our ‘pleasure platform’.

“Mmmmm that feels good,” she murmured as she snuggled up to my still naked body, “Have I been naughty enough for my punishment yet?”

I pulled away from her, immediately catching on as to where she was going with her enquiry, my temporarily flaccid cock twitching at the thought of what she was hinting at.

“Oh yes my little slut!… You have been a disgusting, deceitful wife and should be chastised suitably for your actions.” I replied, noting her flushed expression and her reluctance to look me in the eye as I completely fell into the role she obviously wanted me to play.

Climbing back off our bed, she went to her closet and fetched one of the flat-soled canvas loafers she occasionally wore with her jeans. Placing the shoe on the dressing table she left the bedroom, casually flaunting her nakedness, disappearing for several minutes before she returned carrying a bottle of sunflower oil. My previously semi-hard member sprang to full bloom as the implication of what my, by then, nervous wife was carrying.

Placing the oil next to her loafer, she went to her bedside cabinet and took out the sleep mask I had worn myself the previous night. Kneeling on the floor at the end of the bed, she placed the mask over her eyes and lay her upper body flat, spreading her arms wide and pushing her hard-tipped breasts into the mattress in a position of total subservience.

For my part, I was now as aroused as it was possible for a man to be, my inflamed cock almost painful with the intensity of its expectant erection. I stood from the bed, speaking softly to my wife as she knelt before me, her beautiful buttocks spread by her elevated hips and exposing her little anus that seemed far too small to accept what we both knew was soon going to impale it.

“How many…? How many strokes does my whore wife think she deserves?” I demanded, my voice firm but soft too.

Her whole body was visibly shaking by then, her upturned bottom moving nervously from side to side as she contemplated her journey into the unknown area of sexual pain.

“I am at your mercy my husband: I would just beg you not to mark me though. That would take too much explaining to the children if they happened to see it.” Her voice trembled as she voiced her fears. Surprisingly, she moved her knees further apart, spreading her aroused labia to my gaze.

“I don’t think you should be dictating to me what sort of punishment you should receive, should you?” I barked at her, my voice much louder and sterner than previously, as I slapped her left buttock as hard as I could with my open hand.

She yelped at the unexpected attack, wriggling her bottom but not making any attempt to rise from her position. Her arse cheek rapidly reddened to clearly show the shape of my hand as she once again stilled and waited for more. Walking over to the dressing table, I picked up her shoe and gave my other hand a couple of testing whacks, the sound making my now extremely nervous wife jump.

“I think six strokes on each buttock this first time.” I informed her firmly, my hand softly stroking her inflamed cheek.

“Oh My God!!!… This first time?… Oh Fuck!!!…. What have I agreed to?” Her voice trembled as her body responded to my stroking hand, her aroused cunt glistening with her sexual secretions.

“I want you to count them as I spank you. There is no safe word you can give. If you want me to stop, if the pain is too much, you must stand and beg me to stop. Do you understand…?”

She nodded her head, her upper lip trembling already with the expectation of what her soft womanly bottom was about to receive. Not giving her any further warning I began.

Crack!!!… The sound ricocheted around the room as the shoe sole made painful contact with her soft, pliant buttock.

“Oh Fuck!!!….” she hissed, her arse wriggling violently as she tried to relieve the pain. Settling down once more, she moaned softly, “One.”

Amazingly, my newly masochistic wife didn’t beg me to stop; she didn’t stand to her feet; she didn’t even try and rub her abused cheeks. Instead she remained spread-eagled on the bed, shaking and sobbing, the almost unbearable pain coursing through her aroused body.

After the twelfth stroke I was sweating profusely from my exertions. I dropped the punishing loafer and gently began rubbing her red-hot globes. Her sobbing gradually subsided as the pain eased a little and as I stealthily proceeded to include her soaked fanny in my ministrations, my fingers finding their way unhindered deep into the recesses of her sex. I began to use her fluids to lubricate the tight little hole that was by then twitching and appearing to wink at me. Gradually she expanded, her arsehole permitting access to first one, then two, and eventually three of my probing digits. She began moaning softly as I finger-fucked her rear entrance, her body moving sensuously to the rhythm of my hand. Slowly withdrawing my fingers, I fetched the bottle of oil from the table and inserted the nozzle as far into her anus as I could. Claire was moaning loudly by then, her bottom rocking back and forth as her arousal took over her whole being. She reached back with both hands and spread her rosy-red buttocks as I squirted a large amount of oil deep into her darkest hole.

“Oh My God!!!” she screamed as she experienced the thrill of the depraved act we were performing, her orgasm travelling through her body like a small earthquake.

I stood behind her then, fisting my rampant tool as I oiled it. Bending at the knees I got down behind her and, with one smooth firm shove, fully inserted my throbbing weapon as deep into her bowels as I could.

“Fuckkkkk!!!….” My blindfolded, tear-filled wife screamed as she came once again, this time her orgasm much, much more intense than the previous one.

Slowly I settled into a smooth rhythm, my cock pounding in and out of her bowels like a piston. For the first time since she had originally bent over the bed, Claire reached between her legs and I felt her fingers enter her dripping cunt. Wanking herself in time with my fucking of her arse, she appeared to be having orgasm after orgasm, shaking beneath me as her lust took over her whole body.

I knew I would be unable to last very long but, thanks to my previous fucking that day, I took at least twenty minutes before, with one last violent thrust, my cum shot from me and filled my squirming wife’s gripping channel, the residue seeping out of our union and running freely down her sweating thighs.

Both of us exhausted by our exertions, we collapsed together onto the floor, our heaving bodies moulded and stuck together by our sweat.

Claire was the first to speak, pulling the mask from her eyes and grabbing my face before kissing me fervently, our tongues fencing as we again consummated our love.

“WOW…. Fucking Wow!!! That was incredible. Why the fuck didn’t you ask for all that before, you idiot?” she grinned as she playfully punched my chest.

* * * * * *

For the rest of the week we behaved like newlyweds. When the children were at school during in the daytime we fucked in virtually every room in the house, – rutting like animals in our desire for each other; whilst at night, in our marital bed, we ‘made love’ like the old married couple we were. Claire used my kinky desire of being turned on by the thought of her being used by another man to tease and torment me as she fucked my brains out. She would tell me how much deeper her ‘much younger’ lover’s cock went into her pussy; how he was able to reach depths of her arse my significantly shorter cock was never going to be able to follow. Even though I knew she was teasing, her words inspired my feelings of jealousy at her betrayal as well as my lust and desire to prove how much better my ‘thicker’ cock was for satisfying the slut wife she had turned into.

Of course, all this sexual activity took its toll on my 40 year old body and by the weekend I was completely and utterly drained. I was secretly glad of the restrictions the presence of the kids placed on our daytime activities, our love-making being confined to the bedroom and at night-time only. I spent more time performing oral sex on her than actually fucking her, taking much longer than normal to lick her engorged pussy as I took her to repeated orgasms and inspired her to scream her ecstasy at how much better I was at making love to her than her lover.

The following week we actually spread our wings further. We took the kids to school every day but, instead of returning home, we would go somewhere else and fuck. We even did it on the top-storey of the car park where Bella given me the blow job early in our affair. This time though Claire had stripped completely and mounted me while we sat in the back seat, all the while knowing we could be discovered at any time, or even spotted on CCTV cameras. We also went up onto the moors and fucked on a picnic blanket, exposing our lust to any flying birds (or stray helicopters) as we joyously coupled. This exhibitionism seemed to unearth yet more latent desires in my naughty wife and she had orgasm after orgasm as she potentially exposed us to discovery.

On the Friday we were looking for somewhere to stop for a late lunch after Claire had earlier masturbated as I drove along the open roads, lying back on her seat completely naked from the waist down and open to the view of any lorry drivers or anyone else who we passed who were higher up than us. She really was getting into the whole exhibitionism thing and had even taken a pack of ‘baby-wipes’ to clean herself after her shenanigans so her womanly aroused smell would be unnoticeable when we eventually stopped for something to eat.

Unwittingly, I had by then driven up onto the road where the pub was that I had stopped at the previous week and I laughed out loud when Claire suggested that it looked a nice place to have lunch. I had to explain to her why I was so amused and, giggling like a school girl, my mischievous wife insisted we go in. The bar had more people in than my prior visit, – it was a couple of hours earlier in the day- but we were still able to sit at the window table I had sat at previously. My animated wife insisted I point out who the couple were who had attempted to include me in their marital games and, smirking knowingly to herself, left me to go and order our food from the unsuspecting ‘other’ woman.

I nervously watched as the two women engaged in conversation, both of them looking over at me and laughing as Claire pointed me out to the other woman, a look of recognition suddenly flashing across the barmaid’s amused face. The two women continued chatting conspiratorially, their heads close together as they prevented anyone else overhearing their conversation, both of them occasionally either looking over at me or at the woman’s husband, laughing and obviously making jokes between them. Eventually my wife returned to our table, amusement plastered all over her flushed face.

“What the hell were you saying?” I demanded

“Nothing much” she replied, giggling, “I just offered her the use of your beautiful cock sometime in the future.”

My mouth dropped open in shock. My loving wife had just offered my ‘services’ to another woman, someone she had met just minutes earlier. I struggled to believe what I had just witnessed.

Claire reached over and pushed my mouth shut, smiling seductively into my bemused eyes.

“Close your mouth sweetheart,” she laughed, “We discussed how you and her husband both got so turned on at the thought of having ‘hot-wives’ and how great the sex was with you both after ‘your’ woman had fucked some strange cock.”

Smiling broadly at me, my devious wife casually reached under the table and gripped my now rock-hard prick. “Mmmm, there he is again,” she giggled.

I felt my face flush with embarrassment as she fondled my rigid penis. I got even more flustered when a few minutes later my spouse’s new friend brought our lunch over and my naughty bitch wife didn’t even bother to stop fondling me, instead moving aside so the other woman was able to see what she was doing to me.

My apparently intended fuck-buddy chuckled sexily at the sight of my erect cock in the grip of my wife’s hand and in full view of the pub and her husband, bent over and planted a huge wet kiss on my amazed lips, her tongue forcing itself against mine in a blatant show of her lust.

“We’ll look forward to your next visit sexy,” the brazen barmaid laughed, “Just make sure you have plenty of time for me then though,”

Winking at my impishly giggling wife, she returned to her side of the bar, kissing her glowering husband lips quickly as she passed him.

Summary: Slavegirl is loaned to sadistic cult

Author’s Note: I’ve included the kinks at the start of each chapter so if you don’t like it, don’t read it. You should however be able to skip to any chapter you want without the need to follow the entire plot. If you happen to be an artist and want to contribute any illustrations based on my stories, PM me! (I’d love to see that…)

Disclaimer: The following story is fiction and not based on any actual events. I’m just fulfilling my own twisted fantasies. *grins*

Tags: MMMF+, mdom, BDSM, blowjob, anal, incest, group, enema, w/s, scat


The last thing she remembered was arriving at the clinic.

The white building was clean, welcoming and obviously well funded. Stephanie had been taken there before to get checked out after her month of being Tyrone’s most popular street walker, making sure all of physical activity and dozens of sexual partners hadn’t caused her any lasting problems. Luckily, she had been given the ‘all clear’ that time, assessed by a tall, sinister man who seemed to know Prunella Snyde well and had a knowing look about him as he made his inspection. Stephanie assumed they were there again for another round with the creepy doctor. She was only half right.

Inside the building, she waited in a comfortable lounge with Snyde sitting next to her, flipping through a copy of Vanity Fair. The mistress allowed her to accept a drink from the duty nurse while they waited. And then things got blurry. For the second time in her life, Stephanie’s world went black and time disappeared.

Moments flashed by. Memories. Words. Sounds. Light through the windows.

When she came out of her daze, she recognized the familiar surroundings of Madame Snyde’s mansion and immediately wished she had never woken up. Her body felt paralyzed and yet she ached.

What happened? Was I hurt? Are they helping me?

Then she slept again. A long sleep. Deep and filled with dreams of flying free and shrinking to the size of an ant and growing again until her head touched the clouds. Psychedelic colors burst around her and for a while, everything was wonderful.

She was still groggy when she came out of it. A little over a week had passed, Snyde told her, cradling her face in her hands and slowly helping her to stand. Something was different, Stephanie knew. Despite the soreness in her legs and the dizzy circles still weaving inside her brain, she could sense the difference.

And then she saw herself, placed in front of the mirror, with Madame Snyde’s terrifying yet beautiful presence standing behind her and whispering in her ear. “Welcome back, my dear.”

Stephanie’s reflection stared back in a bemused haze, wearing a hospital gown open at the front. Snyde gently reached around her waist and parted the gown, revealing to her a body she almost didn’t recognize.

Is this still a dream?

“What do you think?” Snyde asked, her malevolent smile sliding across her face. “Much better, wouldn’t you say?”

Stephanie looked down at her new breasts. From a B-cup to a Double D. Perfectly and unnaturally round. Pert and firm. Creamy spheres softly defying gravity when she moved. They were still tender and the mistress stroked them lightly, soothing them with her long lustful fingers.

Oh my god…

She had always wanted bigger breasts but not like this. Like this, she had the look of a plastic porn star. Her body had been manipulated like her mind had been. Nothing belonged to her. She was a model, a doll, a toy built to please others. The world began to spin again and sleep returned like a vampire’s kiss.


Darkness. Stillness. And silence apart from the sound of shallow breathing.

Then footsteps. Distant at first but louder with each step. Boots on wood. Coming closer.

Can’t move.

Closer still. Then nothing for a few seconds. Until a sudden grinding sound like metal on metal, followed by a loud clunk and finally two more snaps and more creaking wood.


…Too much light! Washing over everything. Trying to move again. But it’s no use.


The man locked the door behind him and descended the staircase, rubbing his hands with anticipation. The large crate had been sitting in the corner for the past hour and as he approached, he saw the note pinned to the top of it, picked it up and read it again.

‘Have fun! With love, Prunella.’

He smiled and let it fall to the floor. Turning the key in the big padlock until it dropped from the box with a thud, he then pulled back the locking hinges and finally lifted the lid open with both hands, pushing it back until it fell heavily against the wall.

Perfect, he thought to himself, peering inside. The figure struggled as the light hit her, wriggling like a worm. But the bonds kept her mostly restrained. He was glad to see that she had already been prepared and he could dispense with much of the hard work. He reached both arms inside and although he wasn’t a large man, he had a lot of power in his wiry limbs, hooking them around her and lifting her up until she was standing.

Truly perfect. The woman was taller than he remembered thanks to the ballet boots, a pair of long black latex contraptions that stood her on 7 inch heels and encased her legs all the way up to the top of her thighs. Her waist was encased with a matching latex corset that cinched in her waist slightly and ended below her breasts, which were left entirely exposed. As her arms were pulled back and bound behind her in a tightly belted leather sleeve, her chest had no choice but to be pushed out prominently. There was equally nothing between the boots and the corset, displaying her most private areas and her oh-so-delicate milky white skin.

Her crystal blue eyes squinted back at him, still adjusting to the light. It was all he could see of her face as it too had been covered in latex in the form of a skin-tight black mask that left openings for the eyes, two tiny ones for the nostrils and one for the mouth. Not that the last one mattered. Her soft pink lips were stretched open wide and clamped around a bright red rubber ball gag.

One final hole in the mask was right on the top to allow her thick burgundy hair to run through, tied into a high ponytail. It gave her the appearance of a show horse. But that was not the animal he had in mind for her to play.

I know you, she suddenly realized. The…doctor.

He stared at her jutting breasts for a moment, admiring his own work and running a finger gently around the areola of one of the enhanced globes. Yes, good work. Well constructed…She flinched at his touch. He liked that. His finger moved upwards, wiping away a thin thread of drool that was hanging from the bottom of the gag and licking it from his nail. She tasted just like he had imagined. Like fear.

The final adornment was the familiar pink collar around her neck. He unwrapped a chain leash from his pocket and hooked the end to the front ring, then guided her out of the box. She was careful not to fall as she stepped over the side but her boots made balance difficult and she moved like a newborn deer. But again, that was not the animal he had in mind for her.

She could see she was in some sort of basement, wooden beams holding up the ceiling and only artificial light coming from bare bulbs above them. As he walked her through to another room, the blue eyes darted about, taking in her surroundings. The smell of sawdust. And rubber. Not just the rubber from her own outfit but also from rubber flooring. And something else…medicinal? It was only then that she began to notice the items in the room. The bars and hooks. The chains. Whips. Cuffs. Wheeled trays full of strange instruments and toys. A metal stand with some sort of rubber bottle and hose hanging from it. The eyes widened.

He walked her to an old barrel in the middle of the room, placed his hand on the back of her head and pushed her over it until her stomach pressed against the oak, bending her at the waist. She felt him crouch down behind her and pull her feet apart to strap her ankles to the floor, immobilizing her legs. Then he appeared in front of her, pulling the leash down and bending her even more forward. Her neck strained as he yanked her head down and hooked the other end of the leash to a ring in the floor.

Unable to move, the position forced her trembling ass into the air and left her openings completely vulnerable. The man ran his hands over her buttocks, squeezing them. Then she heard the sound of his buckle being undone, his zipper opening and his pants lowering. He grinned to himself and pointed a remote control to a stereo system sitting in the corner of the room. A female voice burst out from the speakers.

‘Destination unknown, known, known, known known…’

Then the beat kicked in. A strange dance beat accompanied by an eerie saxophone. The music surrounded them as his hands returned to her ass. She felt his already hard manhood press against her crack and slide down along it until its tip was resting against her anus.

“Open wide!” he shouted above the noise.

With a forceful shove, he began to penetrate her dry. The sudden pain made her scream behind the rubber ball but she could barely be heard.

“Yeah, I like it when they scream,” said the man as he squeezed further inside. He grabbed her hips and pulled her against him until the base of his cock was pressed against her skin. Then he began to pump his hips, in and out, loosening her hole with each unforgiving thrust.

‘…I left my job, my boss, my car and my home

I’m leaving for a destination I still don’t know

Somewhere nobody must have duties at home

And if you like this, you can follow me, so let’s go…’

He sodomized her to the rhythm of the music. The mix of the pain and the wailing instruments and the bizarre environment made her wonder for a moment if she was hallucinating. But the physical sensation of his cock pounding into her ass soon snapped her out of any delusions. She grunted heavily each time he drove into her.

“No! That’s not the sound a pig makes when it gets fucked. I wanna hear you SQUEAL! Squeal, piggy, Squeal!!”

The smack of his palm against her ass cheek convinced her that he wasn’t going to ask again and she cried out from under the gag in her best imitation of a hog, a high-pitched shriek emanating from the back of her throat.


The squeals made him thrust harder and faster and she could feel his dick grow a little more. It was barely any comfort that at around 5 inches, his cock wasn’t particularly big, at least not compared to some of the men she’d been accommodating recently. He still seemed to know exactly how to use it. After a while, he was sliding in and out with ease, allowing himself to pull all the way out a few times to watch her reddened asshole gape open and then slowly shrink half-closed before he plunged back inside.

Eventually, he pulled out and relaxed and she thought he might have exhausted himself. He shuffled around in front of her and she strained her neck to look up at him. The scared eyes tracked the man’s movements as he tore open a condom packet, letting her watch as he discarded the wrapper on the floor and rolled the latex sheath over his erect prick. She breathed slightly easier. At least he didn’t want to cum inside her. Another miniscule mercy.

But then the man grinned his sinister smile, his yellow teeth glinting under the light of a hanging bulb. He reached for another item from the tray in front of her and picked up a small red bottle. Twisting the green cap off and sprinkling a few drops of crimson liquid onto the tip of his shaft. She could just make out the label on the bottle as he placed it back on the tray…


She tried to thrash but the binds made it impossible. His cock pressed against her weakened asshole again and plowed forward. At first, it felt no different. Then, seconds later, the slow burn of the hot sauce rose from her sphincter and right through her anal tract as his shaft hammered in and out. As he continued to butt-fuck her, she allowed herself to cry out again, only this time her farm animal squeals were even louder. Almost real.


The stinging sensation was unbearable. Her body quivered and spasmed as the pain took hold as if her insides were on fire. Still he fucked her, relentless and uncaring. Her eyes rolled back and her buttocks tensed. The feeling of her rear muscles squeezing around his dick quickly took him to the edge. He growled with pleasure as her anal walls milked him, making him shoot jets of cum into the tip of the sheath.

He leaned over her, resting and breathing heavily against her neck. Feeling her body still jerking, he withdrew and, taking just a moment to compose himself and buckle his pants, went to fetch the steel medical stand. The sound of its wheels squeaked as they rolled across the floor.

“What’s the matter, slut? Can’t stand the heat?…Well that’s ok. I have just the solution.”

He lowered the long plastic tube down and inserted the cold nozzle into her back passage, making sure it was in firmly. Then he twisted several levers along the length of the hose, allowing the liquid inside the upturned bottle to flow through.

Stephanie instantly felt the milk rush into her, flooding through her bowels. It immediately began to soothe her as it diluted the devilish pepper sauce. For a few wonderful seconds, the pain subsided and her body relaxed in relief. However the moment was short-lived and soon she began to feel the liquid growing heavy inside her and a dull ache begin to take its place.

Sensing her discomfort, the man checked the quantity left in the bag and finally twisted the lever shut.

“Don’t you dare let a single drop out.”

She wouldn’t. God knows what the punishment for that would be. Carefully, he removed the nozzle. Her ass obediently tightened as best it could, preventing any of the milk from leaking out. Satisfied, he stripped a length of duct tape off a fresh roll and pressed it over her orifice.

His hands were soon on her again, this time removing the leash from the ring in the floor and unthreading the sleeve that had kept her arms bound behind her. Slowly, he pulled her back to a standing position. The movement made her ache, her body not used to being kept in such awkward positions. As she straightened up, the milk sloshed in her belly, which was now slightly bloated.

Her shoulders, back and arms also ached and creaked as the sleeve came away. He pushed her arms forward to help her readjust, then raised them above her head. The moment of relief passed as she felt straps hanging from the ceiling being tightened around her wrists, stretching her up. Her feet were still held to the floor and she was soon returned to a state of helplessness.

Stephanie needed no introduction to the next item on his list. The sting of the cat o’ nine tails was a familiar one and always reminded her of first day in the possession of Prunella Snyde. He swung the whip hard against her body, targeting her tits.


The leather knots bit into her skin as his swung them against her. Her nipples had become hard and he took great pleasure in making contact with them, forcing her to let out a muffled shriek each time. Again and again he whipped her naked breasts, making them bounce from side to side, until they were soon crisscrossed with multiple pink lines.

The lashings then moved to the exposed flesh of her lower body. Almost worse than the shock of the tails was the waiting. She tensed her whole body each time he drew his arm back and he would wait a few seconds before swinging, sending waves of pain and pleasure through her. He lashed the skin between her open thighs and worked his way up to her bald cunt, which was now extremely sensitive. He circled around her, returning to her breasts for a while and then focused his energy on her quivering buttocks. Again and again came the whistle of the whip until they too bore the marks of his sadistic game.

When he decided her screams were beginning to diminish and her acceptance of the whip was starting to reveal itself, the man threw it to the floor and instead took two sling harnesses from the wall, hanging both in front of her from more clamps built into the ceiling and unclasping her ankles. He was not a big man but he was unexpectedly strong and had no trouble in lifting her up, pushing both legs through each of the loops. Her stomach strained with the movement but when she was eventually hoisted horizontally, gravity helped her keep control of the liquid inside.

Tightening the slings to the height he wanted, she was left swinging from the beams, her knees drawn up and wide apart as far as they would go. With a sudden harsh tug of the tape affixed to her asshole, he pulled it away, causing her to jolt. Somehow she recovered her senses quickly enough to clamp down and prevent herself from releasing the milk. Her private holes were as exposed as they could possibly be and her body was curved so far inwards she could smell her own juices flowing just inches away from her nostrils. The eyes swiveled about again, wondering what was next…

The man reached into his pocket and retrieved something that looked like a bullet, an egg-shaped metal device. Placing it directly onto her pink clitoris, he took another length of duct tape and pressed this over the device, firmly securing the cold metal gadget. He caressed her again and grinned wickedly before taking what looked like a remote control. A single flick of his thumb made the toy whir to life, humming gently and instantly releasing endorphins through her veins.

She murmured from behind the gag. The buzz of the metal arousing her more with every minute. It was shaming to her to feel so turned on while being abused by this stranger but her body always betrayed her mind and would never allow logic to overpower the waves of pleasure cascading through her nerves.

He pressed the remote a second time and the hum grew louder. She writhed suddenly, feeling it vibrate faster, making her clit expand as much as it could beneath the tape. Her pussy swelled, beads of fluid forming on her lips.

“Don’t you dare cum,” he warned her abruptly.

The blue eyes opened and flickered around, panicking. How long could she keep herself calm enough? She was about to find out. His thumb twitched again and the buzz grew louder still.

Murmurs turned to moans as Stephanie did her best to keep her body under control. The tiny device of pleasure had now become one of torment. Rhythmic bursts of gratification surged through her nerve endings and as each moment passed, she felt less and less able to hold out. Her eyes tightened to try to focus. But he pressed the button again and the gadget pulsated harder.

She squealed as the movement went up another notch and he repeated his warning. Eyebrows crinkled under her mask. The waves of bliss were relentless and wanted her to submit to them. Every muscle in her body tensed. After a few minutes, his thumb moved again.

Now she was whining loudly and shaking desperately in her bonds. Juice trickled from her pussy like a leaky faucet. She couldn’t last much longer.

“NNNNGGHH! NGGGHHHH!!!!” her stifled voice pleaded, begging him to stop. But once more, he pushed the button.

Top speed. The device sounded like it was about to take off. Her legs bucked and she swang wildly. But her resistance was useless. It was all too much.

She let out a long moan and with a sudden spasm, her pussy burst open like a broken dam. It sprayed hard onto the floor as she was overcome by the intense orgasm. The powerful release pushed her over the edge and her asshole gave out too, ejecting an arc of dirty milk at the same time, showering the rubber floor. The seconds of extreme relief were like paradise, only to be slowly replaced with a sense of doom as she realized she had shamefully lost all control. She whimpered in defeat as she watched herself continue to let go, ejaculating pathetically out of both holes.

“Oh dear. Look what a mess you’ve made,” the man smirked, finally switching off the bullet. “That will mean a punishment.”

He took her down one leg at a time and methodically untied her wrists. She felt like she’d been emptied, flushed out. He picked up the arm sleeve again, securing her back into it, tightening every strap. Then the leash hooked onto her collar again and she was walked back into the side room and told to get back in the box.

“I’ll be down in a few hours to feed you. Until then…get used to the dark.”

The lid closed once more, drowning out the light and banging shut. Footsteps. Creaking floorboards. Darkness. Still. And then only the sound her heavy breathing.


Being fed in the basement of the man known only to her as “the Doctor” meant having to eat sloppy pureed food from a bowl on the floor or suck a blended concoction through a straw. As food went, it tasted ok and her tormentor told her that it was highly nutritious so she wasn’t allowed to skip out on any meals. Her other basic needs were filled by the use of a bucket in the corner of the room. Once in a while he would take her to a shower unit somewhere outside in a closed off building away from any prying eyes and spray her down with cold water. To follow, she would be doused in some sort of antibacterial powder and hosed again before being returned to her box.

In between seeing to her fundamental health and survival, she was his to do as he pleased and often that meant nothing more than being flogged, spanked or fucked. To say he was light on conversation was an understatement. Instead, his only words to her were commands or ridicule, reinforcing her place as his personal sex doll.

A week into her captivity in the Doctor’s lair, Stephanie finally felt so numb and inhuman, she barely registered any emotion at being strung up again, her hands chained above her head and her legs spread out by a metal bar clamped between her ankles. But she watched. He made her watch. The surgical tray he kept topped with goodies sat directly in front of her and she watched him pull a pair of rubber gloves on and prep a pincer like device with a bottle of antiseptic. Fear in her eyes told him she was alert and ready as he rolled his thumb and finger around her left breast, making her nipple protrude.

He took hold of it, tugging it towards him, making her gasp underneath the ballgag. She could only watch as he smothered it with alcohol and then teased the ends of the needled claws to it. He hadn’t told her not to scream and when she did, it was muffled by the gag and the walls and the barren land around the building. No one could hear her except the Doctor and he enjoyed the music of her futile wailing. Each nipple was pierced through and inserted into the holes were a pair of small metal hoops.

Smiling at the decorations, he then wiped the pinchers again and crouched to observe her shaking womanhood. She looked down beyond her swaying tits and whined into the gag, begging for mercy. That only worked to do the opposite. He masturbated her gently for a while with his fingertips, overwhelming the panic and pain. Soon, he had her precious clitoris pinched between his fingers and moments later, her distorted screams reverberated again along the wooden beams above them. A third hoop adorned her most sensitive spot.

Stephanie’s head dropped and she slipped in and out of consciousness as he swabbed the pincers once more. He realized it would be easier for both of them this way and he took her ponytail in his hand, using it to lean her head back and hold her in place. She could vaguely feel a tickle. The metal instrument was pressing into her nostrils, gripping her septum. She awoke in another spark of white pain only to disappear into abyss again. The fourth and final ring dangled from her nose.

The Doctor cleaned the piercings and left her to sleep for a few minutes until he could numb the areas as much as possible with anesthetic cream. Then he half woke her again with a few slaps to her face and body, stirring her back into cold reality. He wasn’t done yet. His pincers were placed back on the tray and he exchanged it for a charged needle. The smooth skin below her navel was the perfect start. He set to work, switching the device on and pressing it onto her flesh. Stephanie stirred again, uncomfortable but accepting something far from the sensation she had just experienced. He traced his hand carefully as an artist would, looping and shading. Throughout the process, she felt like she was hallucinating again, the combination of numbness, soreness and endless vibration playing havoc with her senses.

At some point, he disappeared from view and she felt the needle again dragging over her skin, this time in small motions over her left buttock. It didn’t hurt as much this time, maybe because it was a less sensitive area or maybe because she was getting used to the pain. Her mind sprinted through dark winding corridors and into vast tunnels, trying to escape. How adorable, he thought, as her ass tensed and flexed in response to his calligraphy. How satisfying that her pure snow white skin should be branded by his hand. The Madame would be delighted.

When he was done, he made no effort to move her but instead left her to swing from her bonds and contemplate her new modifications and the horrifying possibilities of the days ahead.

What has he done to me?…What has he DONE TO ME?!


The secret society gathered every month under a large mock medieval-like building in the suburbs known to others in the neighborhood simple as ‘the castle’. Like the Doctor’s basement, they kept much of their secrets hidden away underground, where a series of wine cellars had been converted into a dungeon complex for the society’s meetings. Membership to the society was strictly controlled but those who were permitted had to pass a series of tests to confirm they were on the same level as their peers, believed in the same philosophy and possessed the same desires. The Doctor had been a member for years.

Around twenty men gathered in the building. They donned their ritual cloaks and hoods and proceeded down the stairway into the candlelit stonewall tunnels. Despite being a dungeon, the place was clean and dry, befitting its previous existence as a wine cellar. Woven tapestries hung from the walls and blood red carpets lined many of the floors.

They proceeded through a corridor where a human figure in a leather mask and straightjacket lay bent over, upside down, leaning against one of the archways on her shoulders. Her shapely legs were wide open and, as she balanced there, a thick candle was held in the crevice of her open pussy, steadily dripping hot wax down her belly. The woman made no complaint but as the members walked by, they could see she was gagged and blindfolded and barely aware of their presence. They moved on, passing another woman a few yards later, positioned in exactly the same way, lighting their journey into the depths of the prison like a human candelabra.

Deeper into the complex, a large hall bore the markings of the main room, with a half circle of thrones at each end, spaced out like the arrangement of an amphitheater. Each man had one throne and on an elevated platform along one length of the room, a more elaborate throne had been prepared, ready to seat the Grand Leader. Next to this majestic chair, another female figure waited on hands and knees, naked except for a skintight mask and a glass table surface across her back. She remained motionless like the others.

Elsewhere in the room, the furniture and amenities were tailored to the depraved intentions of the society’s members. A large St Andrews Cross stood in one corner. In another, a full length standing cage. There was also a smaller cage and old-fashioned wooden stocks, both of which contained a young woman each, dressed in nothing but a rubber mask and ballet boots. They were the bottom rung of this secret society and nothing about their confinement suggested they would be given an easy ride.

A sex-swing hung from the ceiling near to a sinister looking padded seat with a multitude of straps that gave it the appearance of an electric chair. Along the wall, a large rack held a series of ominous items. Paddles, whips, hooks, ropes, cuffs, canes, brushes, plugs, masks, clamps, weights…anything that could be thought to be of use was lined up neatly, all provided in a range of materials from the traditional to the modern. In the center of the room, a single padded leather bench stood proudly like a sacrificial altar.

The Doctor sat down in his throne and waved a hand for the other members to follow his lead. He plucked a grape from a bowl on his makeshift table and swirled it in his mouth. “I hereby commence this meeting and welcome you all to tonight’s ceremony in the name and spirit of Sade.”

‘All hail the master of darkness and truth! Welcome brother!’ The men responded in unison.

“Welcome brothers! Today we initiate a new gimp into the dungeon. This sacrifice has been made by the society’s dear friend Madame Snyde…”

‘Praise her name!’ they chorused.

“…and will be with us for the remainder of the month. Let us honor this generous endowment by defiling it to the limits of our imagination.”

‘We make this oath, brother!’

“Good,” the Doctor said flatly, clapping his hands together. The men turned to a corridor, hearing the clicking of heels on the stone ground.

Stephanie Coy emerged from the shadows, dressed in the same tight latex bondage outfit bestowed upon her since her arrival into the Doctor’s custody, her arms bound behind her with handcuffs and her face concealed. As she teetered into the light, the hooded deviants observed the silver tray balanced in front of her, hooked around her neck and carrying a handful of drinks. A chain from the front of her collar held the far end of the tray aloft but it swung gently as she moved and she did everything in her power to keep it level. She was to be their servant that evening in more ways than one.

They scrutinized her naked silicon-enhanced tits, now decorated with her new hoop piercings in each pale cherry nipple. As she came closer, they admired her pristinely waxed cunt, smooth as velvet. A few inches above it, the word ‘OWNED’ ornamented her ivory skin, freshly tattooed in blue with a hint of tender redness still outlining the letters. Her glassy eyes looked straight ahead from underneath the constricting gimp mask and her dark red tail of hair flowed out in a tall cascade from atop her head. The ballgag remained in its rightful place. She stood before them and as slowly and carefully as she could, she bent at the knees, keeping her back completely straight, so that the delicately balanced tray was at a comfortable level for the senior members to take a goblet of wine each.

“Isn’t it pretty? And useful too.” The Doctor rose from his throne and stepped down to the middle of the chamber. “Come here, whore.”

Free of drinks, Stephanie moved only slightly more easily towards her master on her red ballet boots. Her delectable ass jiggled temptingly with each step and the words permanently branded across the top of each bare cheek were visible under the flickering candlelight of the dungeon, forever affirming her true being: ‘FUCK PIG’.

She stood to attention in the Doctor’s presence, knowing anything less than perfect obedience could ruin her. He turned her to face her audience, removed the tray and then circled her slowly, inspecting her body before putting it to the test for the evening. From the rack, he selected a pair of loose chains each about ten inches long. On one end was a rounded metal clip and on the other, a small iron weight. He pressed Stephanie’s round breasts together, rolling them in circles to demonstrate their motion to the gathered men. The chain’s clicked into place onto the piercings and the Doctor gently released his grip on the weights, letting them drop. They yanked each globe downwards, placing an immediate strain on each puffy nipple and causing the slavegirl to mewl. The brothers murmured, pleased with the sight of her struggling to control her composure. Playfully, the Doctor flicked at each weight, making her bountiful orbs swing to and fro.

Another pair of weights came off the rack and Stephanie’s eyes filled with dread as she anticipated the inevitable and the Doctor forced her legs to spread. As each clip snagged her labia, the jolt of pain was already enough to make her heart race. Then, lowering them slowly, the Doctor let go, allowing the iron loads to drag her pussy lips down with them and drawing out another loud whimper. Stephanie shook in discomfort and all four weights swung freely. Gravity was her tormentor, tugging hard on her most sensitive areas. She could feel her cunt being stretched and tried to keep as still as possible to avoid any more unwanted pressure. The men sat and watched, emotionless to her suffering.

As she concentrated on trying to block out the sensations, she felt the sudden and familiar sting of his flogger strike her across the back of her thighs, causing her to dip and almost buckle to her knees. Somehow, she stayed up and the leather whips struck her again and again, kissing her flesh and rocking the weights on their harnesses. Her already susceptible breasts felt the brunt of his strikes and as he worked down her belly, she cried out, feeling each of the leather ribbons inch across her still-fresh tattoo and then to the equally uncomfortable spot below.

When he was happy with her resolve, he helped her to kneel and bend over. As she rested her face and chest on the cold floor, she sighed in relief as the pressure was removed from her chest, though her labia still cried out for mercy. There was to be none that night. Instead, with her ass in the air and her knees parted wide, the Doctor invited one of his brothers to approach. This first druid-like volunteer plucked a candlestick from the stand by his seat and held it aloft as he came forward. In solemn silence, he stood over the girl and waited for an unbearable few seconds before tilting the candle and dripping a shower of hot wax over her backside. Stephanie squirmed in shock, but the pain didn’t last long and the wax cooled quickly against her skin.

The Doctor exchanged the flogger for the candle and turned, retreating to his seat. The passing of the torch had been performed and the ritual could continue at their leisure. Already impatient, the men stood and crowded around, watching as the man with the whip began to slap the tails across her ass, breaking the wax away in small pieces. His wrist affected a circling motion and the flogger pin-wheeled over and over, punishing her and cleaning her at the same time. He kept the motion going for several minutes until he was happy that her pinkened cheeks were free of wax.

The cloaked figures then lifted her off the floor and lay her back across the bench, hooking her arms underneath so that her wrists remained bound underneath her. The men pulled at the weights, visibly smiling from beneath their hoods as she squealed and writhed in response. If for nothing but the fact they were in the way, they finally removed the clips. Her nipples and cunt lips throbbed but they continued to grope and pinch her in each spot, reminding her of their dominance.

“Get her legs spread. We need easy access,” one of the men mumbled.

Two of the others pushed Stephanie’s thighs upwards and outwards, exposing her vulnerable holes. Two leather straps were pulled round her knees and secured tightly, keeping her legs bent and locked and guaranteeing that she could not protect her modesty in any way. Another freed her from her gag, giving her another rare wave of relief as her aching jaw stretched and moved freely. Only it didn’t last long and another device was curtly fastened in its place, this time a metal mouth spreader, clamping her teeth open and her maw available for use.

And used it was. The line of men began to create an informal system and the one with the candle, a senior member of the society, was the first to throw his cloak open and straddle her face. His cock pressed into the awaiting oral cavity and his hips moved back and forth roughly. Stephanie had already been ordered to pleasure them all and her tongue darted out, massaging the tip and shaft.

“That’s it, bitch. You’re a well trained little serf, aren’t you?” he said.

Stephanie couldn’t respond with her mouth full and her lips stretched wide by the steel claws of the spreader. Not that she needed to. She felt the flogger come down again on her gaping pink cunt, making her emit a muffled cry. While his friends beat her, the man fucking her face shut her up by driving further inside her, sinking all the way to the back of her gullet and holding it there until he could feel her panic and her throat contract. Pulling back out, he continued to pump her mouth at his own pace, using his grip on her ponytail to keep her head forward at the right level.

“How does it feel, brother?” the Doctor asked, placing his feet up on his human table.

“Most excellent,” came the reply. “I do like a warm hole to play in at the end of a long week.” The others murmured in agreement.

The senior member generously swapped places with a fellow deviant a minute later. There were lots of men in the room and each one had paid his dues to have some fun. The next man practically sat on her chest, using her unnatural double-D’s to rest himself on as he flopped his prick between them. His hands forcefully squashed them together and the tit-fucking commenced. The hooded stranger was happy to find that her soft assets made for the perfect sensation, rubbing the length of his long member through her deep valley and lubricated with perspiration generated by her own fear and exertion. Stephanie’s body reacted with unbridled desire, at odds with the horror her mind was processing, knowing every one of the strangers would have her that night.

At this point, some of the men drifted off to have fun with the other slaves. The woman in the cage was led out and was placed in the dreaded chair, her arms, legs and neck all strapped into the seat tightly. Some of the brothers descended on her with low-volt cattle prods and clothes-pegs, while one of them began to bind her heavy breasts with rope. As they did, the woman in the stocks, bent over and helpless, was treated to a caning. Both of their squeals only seemed to encourage the men even more.

By now, the dungeon was warming up with the activity and some of the men tossed their cloaks back behind their shoulder to keep cool, standing naked and ready to take part. They were all strangely considerate towards each other’s time, spending just a couple of minutes on Stephanie’s mouth and tits before moving aside to let another take their place and circling back to prepare themselves for another turn. Not being in a hurry, they knew they could drag this ritual out to the early hours.

One of the senior members touched her pussy, feeling the moisture come off on his hand. “Well fancy that…Perfect timing.”

He leaned over her and positioned his rod at her sopping fuckhole and his hands on her knees for support. Then he plowed into her, parting her lips and pistoning his cock into her hot tunnel. His eyes flashed with joy from beneath the hood. Unable to move against the bench, Stephanie lay there and felt herself become an object for his sexual urges. A mindless masturbatory aid. A ripe piece of meat to plunder. She became more and more damp, her nerves jangling and synapses exploding with her own base cravings. Another man held her head forward, making her watch, which only added to her dark desire.

“This is the best pussy I’ve had in a long time,” the first deviant muttered to his peers. “Like a wet velvet glove.”

Honored to be the first to feel the inside of her snatch, the man went all out, pounding relentlessly until he came close to the edge and hurled himself over with abandon. There was no slowing down or pulling out, only a few quick humps and the full weight of him on her as he bore down and let himself explode into her cervix. “Oh, god! Take my cum, bitch!”

With his deposit left to pool inside her, he withdrew to make way for the next member to step up. By now, some of the men were removing their cloaks and hoods entirely, unconcerned at revealing their faces. There were no secrets between them anyway, such was the intimacy of the society’s laws, and the slavegirls knew what would happen to them if they ever somehow identified them. Their power was immense and betrayal of the inner sanctum was not worth contemplating.

Stephanie peered out from beyond her mask and saw the men stripping down around her, trying to count the number of cocks that would invade her over the coming hours. The next one had the body of an older man. Another senior member getting early access to her cunt. He breathed heavily, hungry to have her, and his robes opened to reveal a podgy white body covered in gray hair. He began by slapping his undersized cock against her vulva, using one hand to beat it against her like a small meat hammer tenderizing a steak. Then he leaned over her, mauling her breasts and squeezing them in a vice like grip.

“These juicy fat udders deserve a good beating,” he grumbled, revealing a row of old teeth almost concealed behind an unkempt graying beard. Following through with his conviction, he smacked them, making her feel his contempt for her.

She could feel his hardness pressing between her legs and she grimaced as he smothered her body under his weight and breathed his stale breath on her face. Straining to get going, he slipped inside her easily and began to hump his hips, forcing himself to enter up to his sagging balls. Stephanie moaned as he fucked her, still yearning for the friction and still excited at the feeling of being used. Her pussy already felt like a river waiting to overflow.

The old timer hammered away like a man half his age, grunting and gurning the whole time. His skin was clammy as he worked up a sweat and eventually he reared up. “Damn, it’s getting hot in here. Enough with this thing,” he said aloud, throwing the hood off and pulling the cloak away to cast it to the floor.

That’s when Stephanie’s heart almost stopped. There had been something familiar about him. Maybe his smell. Maybe his voice. But nothing was clear until she could now finally see his face. His beard. His piercing eyes. His dark bushy eyebrows.


The shock hit home and a gasp escaped her throat. She had dreamed of seeing him again. Endless days and nights of wanting to be rescued, to have him and her mom take her home and comfort and spoil her like they used to when she was a little girl. But not like this. Never like this. Stephanie could never have thought of her father as a depraved member of an abusive cult. He had always been quiet and strict, always more bookish and like…well, like a father. He was a Freemason, for christ’s sake. At least that’s what he’d always said…

STOP! DAD! It’s me! It’s Stephanie! Your little girl! PLEASE, STOP!

She wanted to kick him away and to cry out in rage and despair but she was rooted to the bench. He would have stopped if he knew what she knew. Would have collapsed in horror and denounced the group to hell. But he had no way of being able to recognize her in the same way. Her body was obviously a mystery to him and all the more since her implants. She was a faceless, voiceless and soulless puppet for him to despoil and he didn’t slow his rhythm one bit. His once friendly and loving countenance was twisted into a scowl of intense concentration. Hot and bothered by the sack of flesh he was pummeling, he wiped his brow and pressed harder into her, hoping he didn’t cum too quickly.

How could he do this?! Oh, god, I can feel him inside me…

Stephanie winced as the friction of his cock, the same one that had helped to bring her into the world, chafing along the walls of her open twat as he sped up another notch. Even worse was the knowledge that her body was still responding to their forbidden sex like every other man, causing her pussy to drip onto the leather surface of the bench.

Oh, daddy…

“Fuck, yeah…” he mumbled inches from her face, “…You’re a nasty little slut!”

His own words seemed to drag him into another level of debauchery and the slap-slap-slap of his hairy scrotum against her damp ass echoed in the great hall.

No, dad! NO! Not inside me…

Even if she could have vocalized her protest, it would have been too late. With a heavy grunt, she felt her father’s seed splash the inside of her canal.


Oblivious to his incestuous act, he slid out with a satisfied look on his face and wiped himself off on her smooth pubic area. “Wonderful! Your turn, brother.”

Tears had formed in her eyes but just as in Madame Snyde’s mansion, crying had been forbidden by the Doctor. Stephanie felt numb all over, except for the warmth of the terrible liquid pooling in the pit of her insides. Her dad quickly disappeared back into the throng of men and another stranger bore down on her.

Cocks plowed into her over and over as more men lined up patiently to explore her succulent cunt like a cheap fairground ride. The sex felt endless and she soon lost count of them, even closing her eyes one moment only to open them again to find a different person between her legs. The society members flitted around the room as the evening wore on, visiting one of the handful of helpless women on offer at their whim. But it was Stephanie, the new inductee, who was by far the most popular and she guessed that each one of them had to defile her to make her initiation official.

Throughout the ordeal, her back was raised further up and the men began to find new entertainment in plundering her backdoor. Many of the men went all out, depositing their loads inside whichever opening they desired. Still, a few of them preferred to actually see the fruits of their labor and, after force fucking one of her defenseless orifices, squirted their cum over her round tits or across her latex-clad face. When they did, Stephanie could feel the cream sliding inside the openings of the mask and had to blink to keep it from seeping into her eyes. She almost preferred to take it on her head and body than to have more added to the voluminous deposits being pumped into her lower regions. The disgusting wetness of it sloshing about in her guts was enough to make her want to cry.

As luck would have it, she was not to suffer that feeling for much longer. The line of men still awaiting their turn ebbed away and it was decided that a break was in order. Most of them returned to their seats, where another slave in a constricting catsuit served them iced tea at the Doctor’s orders. Three others stayed with Stephanie and unwinched her from the bench. A glass goblet was brought forward and she was positioned in front of the group with her back to them, as they wiped themselves down and cooled off.

With the goblet placed on the floor, she was finally ordered to expel the fluids built up within her. The men toasted each other to a job well done as they watched the redhead squat lewdly and begin to force the contents out into the glass vessel. The first load dribbled and spluttered out of her pussy in lumpy bursts. She strained to apply more pressure on her cervix to get rid of as much as she could, flexing her cunt muscles like a Thai hustler expelling a ping pong ball, only a lot messier.

Her asshole then began to bulge and stretch as she pushed out the rear load. Eventually her anus widened and spat out a thick wad of cream. It continued to leak out in white globules until more force was needed to evacuate the rest and Stephanie pushed harder, releasing bubbles and loud wet noises as she farted the rest of the cum into the chalice.

“Now open wide,” one of the men sniggered, knowing full well she couldn’t close her mouth even if she wanted to.

With the frothy mixture half filling the glass, she tilted her head back and waited for her reward. It slid out over the rim and into her mouth, slowly bathing her tongue. Then she swallowed the warm goo in two gulps, her mask hiding her pained expression. She tried not to think about the fact that some of the concoction was her own father’s semen.

“It’s an obedient little whore,” said her dad, stroking his beard with a satisfied look and still ogling her naked body parts. His familiar, leering eyes made her want to scream.

“Indeed it is,” the Doctor agreed, observing the puffiness of her swollen pussy lips. “And a horny one at that. See how excited she is? Bring her to the cross and let us find out just how much.”

Stephanie found herself being hoisted towards the padded wooden X on the far-side of the room, where each limb was pulled across it and tied in place, leaving her arms stretched above her and her legs spaced out wide. She could see her father leering at her as he helped to secure her to the frame. The Doctor handed him a wand vibrator, a handheld device with a bulbous head. Together, they strapped it with tape to the inside of her thigh and with a nod from the devious group leader, his flunky clicked the wand on, unknowingly forcing his daughter into convulsions of pleasure.

The slavegirl moaned as the pulsating head strummed against her clit ring, sending deep waves through her entire pussy, then through her pelvis and out to the ends of her fingers and toes.

“Uuuuunnnnnnn…Uuuuuunnnnnnn,” she whined through the mouth clamps. They had set the device to a very high setting, giving her no time to ready her body for this level of intensity.

One of the men stepped forward. “What’s that, cunt? You want can’t cum without a cock in your mouth? My goodness! What can we do about that?…” He found a soft rubber dildo on the rack and reached up to her quivering head, corking her mouth with it, its flesh-colored shaft protruding from between her jaws. Despite the makeshift plug, her muffled moans echoed around the dungeon, striking dread in the hearts of her fellow slaves as they waited for their next punishments.

The humming bulb on the end of the wand was pulsating hard into her box, sending shivers through her teeth. The metal piercing on her jutting clit vibrated with it and Stephanie felt the tide of pleasure power through her abdomen and send electric bolts back down into her twat. Her lips had become dripping wet and she let herself go into the moment, crying out a muffled but ear-splitting shriek.

She came with an intense judder, her hips jerking out and her limbs straining at their bonds. As her body convulsed several times, the men around her grinned and slapped each other on the back, watching her climax on the cross like a martyr to their erotic cause.

“Well done, brethren. You have seen to the sacrifice well.” The Doctor raised his arms aloft.

‘We honor the spirits of our founding fathers. Praise be to the Sade!’ they chanted.

“In accordance with our sacred texts, where will our chapter cast the serf to fulfill the remaining days of its servitude to the Order? Convene, brethren, and decide its fate.”

“Should we take her down?” one of the men asked.

“No,” the Doctor replied emphatically. “Leave the gilt strung up for now as it awaits our decision.”

The group returned to their seats, swilling water and wine as they huddled together and discussed the issue of what to do with the new slave now that she had been properly violated. Stephanie, trapped on the leather rack, looked sadly on, unable to hear them from across the dungeon hall. She tried to recover her breath and saw that her ivory skin was coated in a sheen of perspiration. Coming down from her high, her thoughts returned again to her father and his unforgivable actions. He sat with his partners in crime, wiping himself down with a towel and picking pretzels out of a serving bowl set by his chair.

He’s acting like he’s just on a night out with his friends. Is this what he’s been doing all these years? How could he betray me like this? What about mom? What would he do if he knew he’d just…he’d just…

It was too much for her to think about and all of it was far too fresh. Too fresh and too painful.

After some time, two men came over to her and untied the straps locking her ankles and wrists. Carefully but firmly, they took hold of her under each arm, lifted her off the ground and carried her to the middle of the hall. There, she was held in front of the eyes of the men and the Doctor stepped forward, casting the paper lots into a flaming bronze bowl.

“The lots have been cast,” he said in a commanding voice. “By order of this Chapter’s court, the gimp has been deemed to spend its remaining week in the castle under the watch of all our brothers. As decided by council, it will fulfill the role of the house latrine slave.”

‘So has it been cast, so will it be done,’ they responded.

The house what?

Stephanie’s eyes flickered about the room, an uneasy feeling welling slowly inside her. She saw her father staring back at her, stroking his beard and licking his lips. The same lips that had once told her bedtime stories…But this was no fairytale. There would be no knight in shining armor on his way to break her out of this castle. No happy ending at all. With a heave, the men either side of her hauled her out of the chamber and through the dark, winding passageways of the cellar.


The restroom in the castle was a large open space with four stalls along one wall and a line of several porcelain urinals opposite. Behind one of the stall doors, Stephanie Coy knelt beside a toilet, her hands cuffed behind her back and her tight latex hood still concealing her features. There she waited, listening intently for the sound of a visitor.

She heard the restroom door swing open with a whistle and footsteps make their way along the white tiled floor. The person stopped at the first stall and pushed the door open with a creak. Stephanie let out a relieved breath, wondering if he somehow didn’t know she was there. But then the footsteps moved away from the stall, coming closer towards her. Another stall door swung open and the stranger continued along, knowing he was soon to find what he wanted.

When he finally found her, he paused, admiring the semi naked young woman cowering on the floor and staring up at him with such gorgeous eyes beneath her mask. He took a step forward and she cringed, waiting for his hands to descend on her. Instead, he lifted the lid on the bowl and carefully grasped the long ponytail of red hair protruding from the top of her hood, using it to guide her forward until she was on all fours by the door. He turned to face her and slowly unbuckled his pants, dropping them to his ankles. When he sat down, he took her hair in his fist again and yanked her forward between his legs.

Her mouth descended on his hairy crotch, wetting his flaccid cock until it began to perk up. As it raised its head, she took it between her lips and sucked hard, bobbing her head along the length of it until her nose was pressed into his belly and her chin was gliding off the plastic seat. The stranger sighed in pleasure and leaned back to give her more room to work her magic.

It didn’t take him long to reach full mast. His cock waggled against the back of her throat and his knees spread out further so she could dip even lower into his lap. That was when the man began to grunt in a strange, strained manner. Before she realized what was happening, Stephanie heard the sound of two logs hitting the water.

Oh no! NO!…

The stench of his gas filled the stall and despite the disgusting situation, she continued to suck his cock while he evacuated his bowels. The man sighed and pushed her head down further, reveling in her distress. It was almost too much for her to take. But as always, there was no alternative.

After a few unbearable minutes, Stephanie finally felt the man tense up and with a groan, his jizz hit the roof of her mouth. She sucked it down quickly, not wanting to dwell on the taste or have to spend too much longer with him in this revolting rendezvous. Only the man hadn’t quite finished with his game. He stood up and turned his dirty ass towards her.


“Lick it clean,” he growled, bending over the seat.


Throughout that week, the restroom became her home. She would be chained by her collar to either a cistern in one of the stalls or left directly in front of the urinals, kneeling on the floor with her hands helplessly tied behind her. In all cases, her mouth and body were used to satisfy whatever need was most urgent.

Dishing out blowjobs while on all fours on the grimy tiles was the least nauseating thing she found herself doing in that place. By all accounts, it was positively wonderful compared to some of the things the sadistic cult members had her perform. One of the worst was undertaking her duties in front of the porcelain, opening her mouth wide and gulping down streams of warm acrid piss. What she didn’t drink only ended up spraying across her latex-clad face and cascading down her breasts, but even these spillages didn’t matter. Stephanie would still be left to slurp the remnants off the floor to the sounds of the men’s laughter disappearing out the door.

Worse still was when the society stopped providing toilet paper altogether. Stephanie had her face stuffed into more cracks than she could count and she wiped each one clean with her tongue. Strangely, the foul taste left in her mouth made her yearn to be returned to the urinals, where she would try to rid herself of it by sloshing mouthfuls of pee before swallowing.

In the mornings, before the members of the society arrived, Stephanie was charged with cleaning the entire restroom with the limited tools provided. Mostly, this left her scrubbing the floor with a nail brush, a chore that made her back and knees ache, before she would be allowed to polish the faucets and other fixtures.

Still, it was better than working on the toilets and urinals themselves. Stephanie’s tongue got even more of a workout from having to lick the porcelain clean. Her mouth became adept at scouring away anything from yellow stains to skidmarks. Failing to have the place sparkling by noon would force the Doctor to shove her head down the nearest commode and flush, causing her to panic as the water invaded her nostrils. The first few days she endured this punishment also proved enough of an excuse for him to fuck her from behind while she bent over the toilet, her head still dripping wet inside the bowl.

And yet the more extreme her humiliation, the more she craved it. Even after all these months, nothing could come close to turning her on more than the deep, soul-shattering intensity of being reduced to a plaything. A toy. An instrument. A sub-human existing for the perversions of others. The more time went on, the stronger the feeling had become.

And so, during her few nights at the castle, when she was left alone in one of the stalls in the small hours of the morning with the lights turned off to leave her a few hours to rest, she found herself sneaking out to the janitor’s closet. There, she sat on the handle of a mop and fucked herself to orgasm. She couldn’t even think about trying to sleep until all of the day’s built up sexual tension had been released from her cunt in several powerful climaxes. It shocked her to do it but she couldn’t help it. She was insatiable. Her body had a mind of its own now and the only remedy, however temporary, was to masturbate herself silly inside a restroom closet.

Later that day Shiri called. “Hi, Jimmy. Thanks again for a wonderful time. Are you free for dinner tonight?”

“Hi Shiri. Nice to hear from you. I’ve been dreamily reminiscing all day. Yes, I’m free.”

“Good! Come over around 6.” She told me which unit they were in.

“I’ll be there!”

At 6 I rang their doorbell and Christine answered the door. “Hi Jimmy. Mom’s in the kitchen just finishing up getting dinner ready. Come on in and have a seat in the living room.” After closing the door she took my hand and led me into a comfortably furnished room. She was barefoot and had on gym shorts which fit her perfect buns snugly and she was wearing a tight skimpy t-shirt. It was riding up, exposing her belly, and it was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra, as her nipples were poking out brashly. She smiled when she saw me notice that and leaned in for a quick kiss, which I gladly obliged.

Shiri called out a “Hi Jimmy” from the kitchen. “It’ll just be a minute. Welcome and make yourself at home.”

“Hi Shiri. Thanks.”

A minute later she came out to the dining room adjoining the living room, carrying a steaming dish and Christine went in to help her bring everything else out. I walked over to the dining room table. Shiri came out again and this time, after she had put down what she was carrying, she came up to me and we hugged very tightly and then kissed passionately.

“We should probably sit down and eat, otherwise we’ll never get that far,” she giggled.

Shiri was also barefoot, wearing shorts, and a tank top. Her massive mammaries were bursting out of the top and sides. She could tell I was turned on by that and was clearly pleased.

“Dig in. I hope you like it,” she said once we were all seated. We were across from each other, and Christine was to my left. The food was great. We chatted about a number of things, getting to know more about each other. After dinner Shiri and Christine cleared the table and then we adjourned to the living room.

We all sat on the big couch, me in the middle, the gals snuggling up to me on either side. “Would you like to watch an adult video?” Shiri queried.

“Sure, that sounds great,” I replied.

I took off my sneakers and socks. Shiri used the remote to turn on the TV, DVD player, and sound system and started the video. She also turned off the lights. The video featured several hot, young, and pretty girls, coeds in a sorority. Pretty soon the action picked up and they were making out and stripping each other. “Is this alright?” Shiri asked.

“Yes, very enjoyable.”

I had my right hand in Shiri’s lap, my left in Christine’s. They both had a hand on my shorts. We were rubbing each other’s privates now, through the material of our shorts. I was getting hard. I started unzipping Shiri’s shorts, she did the same to mine. Christine’s shorts didn’t have a zipper, so I just slipped my hand down inside. It turned out that neither of them had any underwear on, so I was quickly feeling squishy pussy on both fronts. Gasps and moans were beginning and the girls now had my shorts undone and together were pulling them, my boxers, and finally my jockstrap down my thighs, freeing my throbbing dong to spring into the fresh air, parallel to my stomach.

Christine slipped out of her shorts, revealing her teenage pussy, and Shiri slid her shorts off, too. I decided I needed to go down on Shiri, so I got off the couch, got down on my knees in front of her, and spread her legs to get better access to her waiting cunt. I licked her up and down, flicked her clit through its covering sheath, and then sucked her clit like a cock. She went wild, churning and squirming. She soon came and I was treated to an outpouring of her secretions, which I sucked in. She pulled off her tank top and those unbelievable tits were there for the taking. I squeezed, stroked, and tweaked them, the areolas puffing up and the tips standing up and getting quite hard.

Meanwhile Christine had also gotten down on the floor and had gotten her hand on my cock. She was stroking and pulling it, then leaned in and wedged herself between me and the couch and started sucking me off. One of her hands ran over her breasts, then found its way to her pussy. She started frigging herself, moaning loudly.

I had a finger in Shiri, then two, then three. She said “Jimmy, if you’d like to, go ahead and stick your whole hand in.”

“You got it!”

I took the tube of goo she had thoughtfully placed next to the couch, slathered a huge gob on her pussy, and started working my hand in. She lifted her legs and spread them wide and my hand slid entirely inside up to the wrist. I worked it around inside there, occasionally opening my fingers and poking and scraping the sides as Shiri squealed in ecstasy.

Christine, who had removed her t-shirt and was now stark naked, took some goo and applied it to my groin. Then she slipped a finger past my sphincter and into my ass. She had pulled my shorts and underwear the rest of the way off. I did the same for Shiri with my free hand, while fisting her with the other.

I used my free hand to spread Shiri’s labia and unsheathe her clithead, then started licking it. The direct stimulation of her raw clit was too much and she came violently. I kept sucking her raw clithead and she came again and again, her grand tits swaying and swinging around wildly.

Christine had reached over and retrieved a box of dildos. “Mom and I went shopping for toys today. We hope you approve.” She got one out and started working it into my ass, taking my breath away. She resumed sucking me. “Christine, you are so fucking good! I’m gonna blow my load now!” She greedily siphoned every drop and swallowed it all.

The video had been forgotten, though our sounds of lust blended with those coming from the sound system. I needed a time out, so I sat back down on the couch. Shiri was pretty wiped out too. Christine dildoed herself to a couple of orgasms, then joined us on the couch. We all sat back in comas, watching the horny college girls in the video, and idly fondling each other.

“Why don’t we all go lie down on the bed — there’s plenty of room for all of us to stretch out.” Shiri suggested. “I’ll bring some snacks.”

So we headed into her bedroom. She brought in some good munchies and we lounged nude and nibbled goodies. Christine had thoughtfully brought the goo and toys with her. Pretty soon we were all fingering and stroking each other as our passions rekindled. Shiri got out a strap-on and smiled lasciviously as she put it on. “Jimmy, why don’t you fuck my beautiful daughter while I fuck you?”

I mounted Christine, my dick hard once again, and entered her now experienced cunt. I was pumping her in a building rhythm when I felt a pressure on my ass. Shiri lubed me, inserted a single finger, then two, then gently started the dildo in. She leaned over my back, her giant firm breasts brushing me, then rested her weight on me as she got the dildo deeper inside me. I was lying on Christine, fucking her, while Shiri was lying on me, fucking my ass. What a sex sandwich we made. We arrived at a complex rhythm and kept our thrusting going for what seemed like forever, the girls coming repeatedly, me trying to keep from coming so I wouldn’t spoil the moment by needing to take a break. I said, “The only thing we’re missing is something fucking you, Shiri.” At which point she lubed her own ass, grabbed a free dildo, and started plunging it in and out of herself.

Eventually we grew tired and slowly disengaged. After resting I had an idea. I strapped on the dildo, with it above my dick. I said “Christine, why don’t you lie on your back on top of your mom, so both your pussies are one above the other?” She complied. I then stuck my cock in Shiri’s dripping pussy, and the dildo in Christine’s equally slippery cunt. We got into a new rhythm, with me fucking them both in the vagina simultaneously. This kept us all in a delirium for a time, until I finally came explosively in Shiri.

We fell asleep after that in a tangle of bliss-filled limbs and slept through the night.

Early the next morning I got up and went back to my place, as we all had responsibilities to attend to. We spoke of reconvening soon.

I felt so sorry for him. James had had a terrible fall skateboarding and really did himself in. He broke both wrists and really skinned himself good on the arms and legs.

We had been neighbors for a few years now and had gotten to know one another pretty well over that time. Both of us were single, though I was divorced and almost 43; practically old enough to be his mother. He lived in the apartment across from mine and was always on the go. We both worked different hours and he traveled a lot making it hard to get to know him better. I have been attracted to him since I first met him, but was pretty sure he figured I was just a groupie and didn’t mind the fact that I hung around.

James started skateboarding at a really early age. By the time he was in his early teens he was on the road, making a shit ton of money on the pro skating circuit. His body showed the countless hours he dedicated to the sport. He was lean and ripped, probably not an ounce of body fat on him. He had a fair amount of ink which just made him that much more appealing to me and pretty much every other girl he met. One of the reasons I like to hang out with his little crew is because they all usually ended up with their shirts off while they were working on new tricks. I’m sure I wasn’t the only chick who got moist in the panties watching them do their thing! Since he was practically surrounded by girls all the time I figured I didn’t have a chance in hell getting into his pants, but a girl can dream can’t she?

Yes, you could say I have always had a thing for “bad boys”. Unfortunately more often than not, those relationships would end in a bad way. I married an abusive asshole and divorced young. After that I didn’t really have an interest in long term relationships. I like to date younger guys as a rule. Most weren’t looking for anything long term and knew how to fuck and that was fine by me. I wasn’t all that impressed with guys my age. Lately, it seemed, all the “men” I had dated thought eating at a five star restaurant or going to the movies was the best way to impress me.

By the way, my name is Evelyn, or Eve. The guys took to calling me Evil Eve or just Evil. I love it! I am about 5′-5″ and am 115 pounds. My breasts are a solid 34 C and have managed to stay nice and perky. I have several tattoos and I’ve had my nipples pierced since I was 18. Hell, I may not have porn tits but they get the job done! I am naturally a brunette and have always kept my hair on the long side. I love to dye it or put it in pony tails depending on my mood, plus it makes me look hot! This month it was jet black with deep red highlights in part because James mentioned once that it made me look younger and a little dangerous. I could live with that!

I have always taken care of myself; work out pretty regularly, snowboard, and I am on a roller derby team. I just generally like to stay active. As a result I have a pretty tight, little body, which I pretty much need in order to catch the guys’ eyes at the skate park or where ever.

I have always been a bit of a wild child. I never hid the fact that I was a huge fan of skating, snowboarding, BMX and every other “extreme” sport out there. I probably spent a small fortune traveling to events that came within 200 miles of my place. I tried to attend as many of James’ events as possible and was pretty much accepted in his group as the “radical” older chick. I loved being accepted by his crew, but what I really wanted was to be around him as much as possible without being a total stalker!

I guess it was good luck that I was there the day he went down. He was at a skate park late one day. All of the guys who usually hung with him were busy, working or partying somewhere else. He was working on a new trick and missed in a bad bad way! Someone that ran the place knew him and called me from James’ cell and explained what happened and that he needed a ride to the hospital. No one there had a car?! I hauled ass and picked his bloody ass up and got him to the hospital about as fast as I could without getting us arrested.

After a few hours of sitting in the waiting room a nurse wheeled him out. He was all bandaged up and had casts on each hand that went up to his forearms. He had a little road rash, but I think his pride and wrists took the most damage.

Once he was cleared to leave the hospital it was made clear that he needed rest above all else, which meant keeping him in bed and making him as comfortable as possible. I spoke to the doctor at length about what he was going to need in the near future. I explained that we were just neighbors and that I didn’t think I would be able to be there all the time. He made it very clear that James was going to need a lot of attention for a while and since I was right next door I was the best choice for taking care of him. I was just going to have to deal with it.

I stopped at the pharmacy to pick up his pain meds and brought him back to his apartment. Once we arrived I braced him up and practically carried him to his room and into his bed. After getting him in a comfortable position I gave him his meds and left to make something for us to eat. It had been a long day, I was starving and he wasn’t supposed to take his meds on an empty stomach.

I made some soup and a sandwich for each of us and set it down next to him. I went back to the kitchen and came back with a big jug of water and a couple of beers (so sue me, I know you don’t mix pill and meds, but he looked like he needed a beer!). While we ate I asked if there was anyone I should call to come help him out. He just sat quietly for a while and finally told me he would rather keep his friends out of it for now. He didn’t want them to come bust his balls at least not for a little while. I just nodded and said I understood which I did. They were a pretty rowdy crowd and if one got hurt the rest were pretty brutal with the jokes!

As we ate I wondered to myself when we were going to have to deal with the more awkward and probably embarrassing moments that I had discussed with the doctor before leaving the hospital. With his hands in casts James was going to have problems with about everything; Dressing, eating, brushing his teeth, showering, and worse yet, and going to the bathroom.

Once we finished eating over some small talk I cleared his tray and took everything to the kitchen. James washed the pills down with the beer I got for him and then chugged most of the water I brought, and then asked if I could top it off for him. I guess he was pretty dehydrated after all the shit he had put up with all day. I dropped the dishes in the kitchen, got him his refill. It was pretty late by then. I asked if he needed anything right away. He said he was fine and thanked me again for the hundredth time. I told him I was going to take a shower and would come back once I was done to get him settled in for the night. Before I left we agreed that I would leave our two doors open a little so that I could hear him if he needed anything. Stripping I wondered if he was going to be alright and how I was going to get through all of this without jumping his bones. I didn’t want to take advantage of him in his state, but he was so helpless right now I doubt he would be able to do anything to stop me. I smiled to myself at that thought, then shook it off and told myself to knock it off.

I stepped into the shower and savored the feel of the hot water on my skin. Man, did I need this! I didn’t realize how tense I was till I felt the knots in my shoulders and I soaped and rinsed myself. I tried to work them out a little under the hot water as best I could. Just as I turned the water off I thought I heard something. I stepped quickly out of the shower, opened the bathroom door, and listened. Instantly the image of him lying helpless on the floor sprang to mind. He always was the independent one and I figured he would try to do things on his own rather than have to ask me to do it for him.


“Shit!” I said out loud.

I grabbing my red silk knee length robe off the back of the door and ran soaking wet across the hall into his apartment. I was still trying to tie the sash around my waist as I burst into his room. I must have looked like a crazy person. He literally jumped when I flew into the room looking like a wet cat. Of course he was perfectly fine.

“Shit Evelyn,” I thought to myself. “Way to make the guy think you’re a total nut job!”

James just looked at me with a look of shock on his face. Then he burst out laughing! I turned beet red as his finally calmed down. I just stood there with my hands on my hips waiting for him to get it out of his system.

“Ha ha, very funny asshole was there something wrong or was this just a test of the emergency scare-the-shit-out-of-your-friend system?”

James stopped and apologized. Then he stopped all together and just sort of looked at me. I looked back and was about to ask him what the fuck he was looking at when noticed he wasn’t looking at my face. Only then did I realize that the robe was only half way covering my front. James was laying there with an eagle’s eye view of my perfectly shaved pussy.

I think I must have turned a new shade of red when I realized I just “beaved” him.

“Shit, I’m sorry!” I stammered, pulling the robe around me, finally covering up. “I thought you were in trouble.” James just looked up smiled and nodded.

“Well, um…” He started. “The thing is, I kind of need to use the bathroom.”

“Oh, I see.” I thought for a second and continued. “Well, not to be too blunt but is it number one or number two?”

“I have to take a leak” he said quietly, clearly embarrassed about having to share this type of info with me.

“Ok then. Let’s get you up and to the bathroom then.” I walked over to the bed and pulled him up by his shoulders to the seated position. Once up he swung his legs over to the side of the bed and I helped him up the rest of the way. I walked beside him keeping my hand on his back and another under his elbow for support in case he felt dizzy. He said was fine but I noticed he was putting a lot of weight on me. We walked slowly to the bathroom down the hall from his room.

“You ok killer?” I asked.

“Yes fine Evil, never better.” He replied sarcastically.

As we got to the bathroom I thought of something. “Hold on here for a second, ok?” I asked.

“What is it?” He asked.

“Just hold on, I’ll be right back.”

I let go of him and watched for a moment to be sure he was steady.

“I’m fine!” He said giving me a sideways look. He was defiantly not enjoying this.

I walked quickly back into his room and found a pair of lose fitting shorts. He was still wearing his battered jeans and I knew he would be a little more comfortable in the shorts I was now bringing back to the bathroom.

“Here, I think you will be more comfortable in these. Don’t you?”

“Sure.” he replied with a raise eyebrow.

James always was a man of few words. Trying to be as disconnected as possible I walked over and stood in front of him, leaned forward a little and unbuttoned his pants. Then I moved around behind him and I slid them down to his ankles.

“Ok, lift up for me.” I said. Trying not to think about the fact that I was taking the pants off of the guy I have been crushing of for over a year now.

He did as I asked, lifting one foot then the other out of his beat up jeans. At that point I looked at his reflection in the bathroom mirror and noticed he had a very noticeable and fat bulge in his underwear. From my point of view it looked huge, pushing out almost to the point where he was sticking out of the front flap of his briefs. Doing my best to ignore his reasonably well proportioned unit, I positioned his shorts and had him lift one foot, then the other into them. Then I slid them up raising myself as I brought them to his waist.

“There, that should be more comfortable.” I announced.

“Um,” He began, “yeah it’s great except I still need to take a leak.”

“Oh!” was all I could say at the moment.

I had almost forgotten the reason for coming to the bathroom. It seemed I was mentally stuck at seeing his dick straining against his drawers. I tried not to but it was hard not to wonder what it looked like. Was it as thick as it looked behind fabric? Was he circumcised? Were his balls big too? I started to feel flush as I pushed those thoughts to the back of my mind.

“Ok, I’ll get you set up and then you can drain the lizard.”

“Nice!” He chuckled back.

He walked over to the toilet and stood in front of it. I moved behind him and hooked my thumbs inside the waistband above his hips and pulled his shorts back down. It felt like his shorts caught for a moment, and then came loose. I heard a soft “smack”. Like the sound of skin on skin. I realized his cock must have gotten caught in his shorts and then when it came free, bounced up and slapped his stomach. I tried to put that delicious mental picture aside and made as if everything was normal.

“Ok then,” I could feel heat rising in my cheeks. “I’ll ah, step out and you let me know when you’re done.”

Not waiting for him to reply I quickly walked out and closed the door behind me. I stood outside and my mind drifted back to how his cock might look. My nipples were hard and poking out against the thin fabric of my robe. I was struggling with the thoughts that raced through my head. James was apparently a well endowed guy. I closed my eyes for a second and imagined his thick meaty cock between my lips. Then the image flashed of him with my legs up on his shoulders and his cock buried in my soaking wet pussy. I suddenly became aware that I had my breast out of my robe, and was lightly twisting my nipple ring. I shook my head, trying to clear the lust and moved to his room to distract myself. I took the rest of his clothes from the day to the laundry room to be washed later. Then I went and straightened out his bed a bit, getting it ready for when he came back.

Figuring it had been long enough I went back to the bathroom and knocked lightly on the door.

“You about finished in there?”

There was a moment of silence and then he replied.

“Um, not exactly. I’m having a little trouble.”

“Okaaay,” I said. “Can I help?”

Again he paused and then replied, “I, um… I don’t think so.”

I opened the door slightly to hear him a little better.

“What seems to be the problem? Forget how to pee?” Gods I love sarcasm!

As I opened the door a little more I was rewarded with the sight of his tight ass as he faced away from me. Damn he was fine!

“I’m, well, I’m hard! Damn! I have a hard on and I can’t piss like this!”

As he was talking he turned toward me and I could see what he meant. He was hard. Not only that but he was rock hard! His prick had to be over 8 inches long and was quite thick. I couldn’t help but stare at it. I could see he was shaved and trimmed and could actually see it bobbing slightly with his pulse. It looked velvety smooth and good enough to eat!

I could feel my cheeks flush and nipples harden under my robe again, my pussy was on fire, and I could feel it getting wetter. I tried to push past the lust but all I could think about was how good his dick looked.

I forced myself to look up at him. He was watching me; I think he was trying to figure out what I was thinking.

“I really have to go, but I’m too hard. I don’t know what to do. Nothing works, I’ve been thinking about baseball, golf, Grandma for Christ-sake! Nothing works!”

I made up my mind. I wasn’t going to hold back any more. I just couldn’t take it! I walked up to him and placed my finger over his lips.

“Shhh, I’ll fix it for you.”

With that I sunk to my knees in front of his throbbing erection. Now face to face with it all I could think of was how it would taste. My mouth was actually watering as I reached out and took his cock in my hand and guided it into my warm mouth. James made no move to stop me. He moaned out loud as I worked him deeper down my throat. I quickly pulled my head back and his cock popped wetly out of my mouth.

James hissed through his teeth.”Fuuuck that feels so good!”

I grasped his thick shaft and could feel it pulsing in my fist. Placing my lips on the tip; I sucked hard, drawing him into my hot mouth all the way down my throat. I take pride in my ability to deep throat. Lust was in charge now; there was no thought of right and wrong. I didn’t care how much younger he was or that I was taking advantage of him. All I wanted was to feel and taste his cum. I took my free hand and pulled my silk robe open exposing my naked body to him. The robe dropped down my shoulders, and revealed my firm breasts, topped with my hard pierced nipples. I spread my legs farther apart and showed him my smooth pussy mound. I could feel the cool of the tile floor on my naked legs as well as the extreme wetness between my legs. I ran my hand down from my tits down my flat belly, over my mons and to my slick pussy lips. I started to run my middle finger along my slit; passing over my clit at I did. Goddamn I was on fire! I had wanted this for so long and needed to feel his cum in my mouth soon!

I sucked his cock all out, moving my tongue back and forth on the underside of his shaft, bathing it in my saliva. He was thrusting his hips forward and grunting as I pulled him to the back of my throat, feeling the head of his cock as it hit the back. I tasted the slightly salty taste of his pre-cum on my tongue making me cream on my finger as it continued to tease my throbbing clit.

“Holy shit, I ‘m going to cum if you don’t stop!” He moaned.

Stopping was not part of my plan. I pulled his cock back a little so that the head was between my lips as I stroked his wet shaft with my free hand. The mix of my saliva and his pre-cum lubricated his thrusting shaft in my mouth. James moaned louder. I could feel the head of his cock expanding in my mouth and smiled to myself and he groaned and pumped the first of his load into my waiting mouth. His first spurt hit the back of my throat. It almost made me gag it was so thick and large! He spurted again and again in my mouth. I tried to swallow him but there was so much, his cum was dribbling from the sides of my mouth. God his cum tasted good! I wanted to drink it all but there was just too much. I could feel it running down the sides of my mouth and then slowly drip wet drops on my heaving tits leaving white strands from my chin to my chest.

I slowed my hand on his cock as he started to soften in my mouth. I leaned back and looked up at him. He looked back down on me with a smile. I must have been quite a site, kneeling between his legs with one finger in my pussy and a stream of cum running from the corners of my mouth to my tits. I continued to finger myself as I watched his erection subside. I found my clit and rubbed it a little harder. I was so horny now I really needed to cum. I felt so dirty. I had just sucked my young neighbors cock and made him cum in my mouth. Just the mere thought of this act made me feel like I was going to cum.

James watched me for a moment as I rubbed my hard clit. He seemed so relaxed now. He tilted his head back a sighed. Then without warning, a thick steady stream of pee came from his cock and splashed right between my breasts! James jerked his head up with a look of panic. I don’t think he meant too, but with the pressure of his orgasm gone, his bladder took over and needed to be emptied right then and there.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I can’t stop it!” He practically shouted.

I don’t know why but the steady stream that issued from his cock only made me hotter! I thrust my fingers into my sopping pussy as a river pee ran down between my breasts, down my belly and between my legs to the tile floor. With my free hand I lightly grasped his flowing cock and aimed his stream at one breast and then the other. His warm pee splashed over my body as I masturbated under him. Before I knew it my orgasm was upon me. I arched my back and moaned long and loud as I came. His piss washed what was left of his cum down my belly and down to my moving hand. I literally gushed cum as I fingered myself, allowing my juices to mingle with the mixture of his semen and pee. Slowly his stream subsided and stopped altogether. He just looked down at me with his mouth open. I stayed like that for a while grasping his semi-hard cock; rubbing my pussy and savoring the wet dirty situation I was in. There I knelt; covered in James’ cum and piss and I couldn’t have been happier! Finally I looked up at him.

Kinky Experiments 1: Chav Girl

Hi- I’m Sebastian (Seb or Sebby please), a little makeup-wearing goth boy, 20 years old, pierced ears and belly, skinny, happy, with long dark hair.

These are my chronicles of sexual experiments I’ve made in the last months trying to uncover some of the amazing undocumented, unappreciated and unrecognised pleasures you can discover when you take a walk on the wild side with different kinds of boys and girls.

The first one started as an accident- I was walking home with my partner Darren- he’s not exactly my boyfriend. Partner is the perfect word- my partner in sin, usually. From the moment we met we struck up a relationship which enjoyed the mutual support and agreement to accompany each other into the darkest (well, darkish) dens of depravity.

After a great night of partying at a gay club where we had both racked up impressive totals of kisses, we decided to stop half way home and make out under a streetlight. We were both pretty wrecked, but not quite enough to stop us having lots of fun.

Darren’s face lit up in the orange glow revealing that his dark make-up had been smudged by the heat and sweat which gave him a very sexy wild look that you couldn’t achieve by trying. I grabbed him by two of the many buckles on his trousers and pulled him into a kiss. He pushed his skilful hands forcefully down into mine and squeezed my arse-cheeks.

Our black lipstick smudged and slimed as our tongues slithered over one another and I ran my gloved hands through his short spiky hair, pulling it a little every time a particularly strong surge of lust overtook me.

“Are you two gay?”

We heard the voice behind us, and immediately a little burst of drunken paranoia split us up. We’d had a little trouble before due to our reckless PDAs, and that kind of question was just the sort to start trouble. We whipped round and saw, sure enough, a slutty looking Chav girl staring at us. But she wasn’t staring with passionate loathing, only a kind of interest. It was a pretty stupid question, given that guys don’t usually kiss and fondle each other just because they’re bored, but I couldn’t help thinking that there must have been some kind of reason to ask it. I straightened my glasses and tried to look not-too-dangerous (that’s not really hard for me, but I wanted to be careful).

“Why?” Darren asked, a bit confrontational.

The girl giggled dirtily. Although, as a Chav, she was a natural enemy of us nancy goth boys, she didn’t seem unpleasant. She was wearing skanky trainers with white socks, no tights or stockings, a tiny denim skirt and an even tinier yellow top. I was surprised she hadn’t already died of pneumonia. She flicked some dirty blonde hair out of her face and shrugged.

“I jus’ wondered. I don’t meet many gay guys, but don’t worry- I don’t think is disgustin’ or nothin’. In fact, I think it’s quite fuckin’ sexy. As long as the guys are young and cute.”

She laughed again. It was obvious she was a little more drunk than we were.

By this time Darren had completely calmed down.

“Well no, we’re not.” He said “We’re bi.”

“Ah, same thing.” She replied.

Now, anyone who knows bisexuals will know that this is a silly thing to say. It causes lots of arguments, simply because its obviously untrue. But I was feeling quite good about this situation, since its always nice to find someone who you expect to start a fights just for being different actually being quite open minded.

“No, we like girls too.” I assured her “Really. We’re not just confused guys.”

“We LOVE girls.” Darren interjected, chuckling “They’re yummy! Especially when they give a poor guy a fag.”

“You’re always after something else.” She gave a snorting laugh, but walked into the streetlight with us to give Darren the requested cigarette.

I’ve tried to cure him of the habit, believe me, but no luck so far.

He lit up his own, and one for her, with his silver skull shaped lighter. She gave an impressed coo at it.

Now she was in the light I could make her out better. She wasn’t that pretty- she had braces on her top teeth and was wearing quite heavy slap which like ours had been ruined by a night out. She wore vivid pink lipgloss and hoop earrings, and her hair was kind of straggly. Her boobs were pretty big, though, and she attracted me in a way that I couldn’t quite define…after all, it was almost treason for a goth!

“That must be pretty cool, actually.” She said, taking a lungful “I mean, you get to do it with everyone. I always wanted to meet some gay guys, cos they seem like they’d try things that straight guys wouldn’t. Y’know, even with girls if there were no guys around. But all my mates fuckin’ hate gays. Most of ‘em are bitches though so, y’know, no fuckin’ surprise. They hate everyone.”

I neglected to ask why, if they were bitches, they were her mates at all, and instead put my arm round Darren.

“You’d be surprised. Lots of gay guys are pussy’s too. But us bis’ll do anything. What kind of things do you want to do that straight guys won’t?”

“Oh, I wanted to try…” She began. Then she stopped and grinned in the way that drunk people do when they think they’re being cunning.

“I just got a fuckin’ nasty idea. You guys up for some fun?”

We looked at each other.

I said, this girl was no beauty queen- but we had sworn to try everything but something about her took us into ‘the other side of attraction’ – she was so skanky in everyway she was fascinating.

“What’s in your mind?” I said, after we’d nodded our agreement

“There’ a public lav on the common- we can go in there and try out some things without being bothered.”

The common was only a few yards away and although it was pretty big it didn’t have any real ‘cruising’ potential, so potentially it was a great idea.

I did have one reservation, though, which Darren voiced a second later.

“How do you know we’re safe?” He said “I mean, I don’t want to do this if you’re too drunk.”

“Awww, you’re lovely.” She said, seeming genuinely touched “But I’ve done this enough times to know you aren’t dodgy. Anyway, you’re both fuckin’ cute- I reckon I wouldn’t stop you doing anything you fuckin’ want with me.”

Now that sent a spasm of lust across my body. This slag bitch was hot in a way that I could never have imagined…

As we walked into the near-dark of the common, she introduced herself as Lina and gave us a little info about her. She was 17 (although she made a big point of being nearly 18) and she lived nearby in the bad end of town. However, before we could get the full life history, she lead us into the girls”lav’ and started getting down to business.

“Right.” She said “I wanna see you two kissing. Do it like you were before, only more, y’know, raunchy. Like you just wanna fuck.”

I looked at Darren our eyes communicated a common idea- this would require no acting. We’d been wanting to fuck SOMETHING ever since we’d got out of the club, and the trembling, nervous sensation of repressed desire had only grown since then. With more violence than before, we began frenching and grinding against one another. Our tongues probed everywhere, sliming with muscular power in our mouths, leaving dripping saliva down necks and faces, fighting a vicious battle to taste and enjoy every part of the other. And now hands were working as well, I was kneading Darren’s tight arse, slipping my fingers between the backs of his thighs to rub against his under-carriage and all the time he was pushing me against the filthy graffiti-covered toilet walls in order to pleasure his hard cock against me. I watched out of the corner of my eye was Lina was doing- she started off just rubbing herself through the skirt and moaning slightly, but soon her pale bare legs rose into an M shape and she had lifted it up to slide her hand against her baby-white thong panties.

Darren started whispering nasty things, as well, which really drove her crazy.

“Oh, fuck, Sebby, oh fuck I want to get inside your tight little arse- I want to bend you over and just fuck you like a bitch…”

When she heard this she tore her knickers down to her sock-ed ankles and began really going for it. She rubbed and fingered her cunt so fast it was a blur- but it only went on for a few seconds before her panting voice broke in.

“God…oh fuckin’ God I need someone to lick my cunt. No one’s done it in sooo long.”

I couldn’t refuse- giving oral is one of my favourite things. She bent over with her hands on the system of the toilet and presented herself. Her arse was nice and firm, but very round and full, almost fat; perfect for squeezing. I pulled her cheeks apart to examine my feast- her tight little bud of an arsehole was flexing as she panted, and her fanny was covered by lots of blonde hair like her head- it was a nice pink, with full lips and it was radiating heat like a boiler . It was obviously unwashed, too, and some of the hair was matted but I don’t care what state a pussy is in when I’m hungry- I couldn’t waited to get stuck in, and began licking all around her arse, thighs and lips to get her wet enough to penetrate. Darren knelt down under me and for a while we tackled her skanky cunny, but his neck was strained. Taking advantage of the position, he hopped up onto the system and unbuckled his trousers. A second later a voracious slurping and a series of loud moans provided the soundtrack to what he told me later was one of the horniest blowjobs of his life. I didn’t envy him though- as far as I was concerned, I still had the best job. It hadn’t taken long for Lina’s pussy to get soaking wet, and I was buried in there like a pig at a trough. Her grunts, though muffled by Darren’s cock, told me she was having a good time. To get my tongue even further into that juicy passage, I forced my nose into her arsehole and caught the intoxicating musky scent- she obviously hadn’t wiped very carefully last time she had taken a shit- looking down I saw the string of her thong was marked by a corresponding brown stain.

She’s a filthy girl in every aspect of her life, I thought to myself- this made me even more horny, and I inhaled her arse stench deeply as her sweet ooze dribbled across my tongue.

We carried on for so long, my drunkenness giving me strength and it was if I was caught in a loop, an endless private heaven filled with her oozing slapper’s cunt, its smell, its taste, the delicious moans of my two companions. But finally it ended, as she had a mini-orgasm- her body bucked slightly and she let go a squirt from her cunny – I quickly lapped it up and discovered that it was pee! She’d actually been so turned on she’d pissed herself. As I rolled it around my mouth my cock threatened to burst my trousers- this toilet was a paradise of filthy pleasure. It could only get better.

I pulled away and she reluctantly let go of Darren’s cock, then turned round and began unzipping me.

“Wow!” She said when my cock was finally released “You’re shaved too? I hit the fuckin’ jackpot with you!” She began to rub me slightly, and I realised this was the first time she’d actually touched me- her hands were a little rough, but that was nice…I pulled them round so she could knead my arse. It felt good. Darren, feeling understandably left out, came over and took turns in kissing both of us and soon we’d reached a slightly more tender level of lovemaking. I pulled on his cock slightly, which was marked by a sticky pink ring of lip gloss where Lina had greedily sucked him.

Then we were ready for the next stage.

“Have either of you got any johnnys?” She asked, and we shook our heads

“Good.” She said, giving a greedy grin “No fuckin’ excuse for not going bareback. I’m on the pill, and I’m clean, don’t worry- I’ve got a doctor’s certificate and everything. So many guys chicken out when I want to go bareback I make sure I carry it round. One guy earlier wouldn’t fuck me till he’d read it. Little pussy.”

“We’re not your first tonight, then?” Said Darren, impressed, as one sinner to another

“Aww, he was rubbish. I didn’t give him time to finish up. You two are much better. Now let’s fuckin’ get on with it- which one of you wants my arse?”

“You want anal?” I asked

“Yeah, didn’t I mention? My ex-boyfriends wouldn’t give it to me. That’s why I really wanted a gay guy. I know they’d have no trouble packing my arse.” She chuckled “So who wants it?”

Now, I’ve met many people who really want anal but, when it comes to it, just can’t stretch to it, and Darren has a huge cock. I can barely fit it in myself- I’m a little smaller, so I volunteered to take her arse. With a twinge of spiteful lust, I pictured her rubbing her sore hole tomorrow, aching from the fuck I was about to give it. Darren was happy with this- he’d been eyeing her soaking wet fanny for ages. I sat back against the toilet system, and Darren sat opposite, while Lina lowered herself in between us. Our eager cocks strained to get inside her, but it took a little pushing and shoving to actually get them in. The look of pleasure on Darren’s face as her sopping, unwashed chav pussy gobbled up his cock was amazing. He must have been in heaven. Then she sat back on my knob, her dirty arse puckering as it came closer. She grunted and groaned as my cock head invaded her rubbery, clenching slaghole…she screwed up her eyes and with a slurping plop she suddenly slipped, impaling her rectum on my shaft.

It was only by immense effort that I didn’t cum right away. It was amazing- the hottest, earthiest, tightest place my dick had ever been. I felt as if a wave of heat had washed over me. If this slapper hadn’t been arsefucked, she must had shoved dildos or some lucky carrot up there, because she didn’t clench or panic. She just sighed happily- then Darren started thrusting into her pink passage, and I could feel his fat muscular cock as if it were rubbing slimily up against mine.

He moaned as he violated Lina’s tainted chav cunny, and Lina bounced up and down on me, stretching her legs almost 180 degrees as his fucking became more violent. I didn’t have much to do except hold her body, groping her pert, milky tits as she screamed and yelped and bounced. As the jackhammer blows continued on both of us and the grip of her anus grew ever more powerful, she lifted her arms, as if enjoy the sensation of being completely controlled by the cocks that were stuffing her-

I hugged her to me, smelling her sweat and the odour of her armpits- it was totally disgusting, totally intoxicating and mind-blowingly erotic. As her sphincter slithered up and down me in her flight of sex, I became aware of a even hotter sensation on the tip of my cock- it was lovely, as if I were having a thick, soft substance like hot ice cream poured lovingly over it. In the haze of sweat and body odour and movement and sheer fucking power of the moment, I realised Lina was letting herself shit on me. It drove me over the edge.

With a screaming, gasping animal growl I could only vaguely hear in my own white-hot world, I splattered my load all in her, painting her greedy, scally guts white from the inside.

Then I heard another scream, my vision blurred, and I fainted.

Apparently I was only out for a moment. I hadn’t even noticed that Darren had come, and that scream was the only indication I had that Lina orgasmed, but apparently they did- and I had the wet thighs to prove it.

But as soon as I came round, I felt like I was on top of the world. No tiredness, no lethargy- in fact, I was eager for more! I realised that Lina had not got off me, but as soon as Darren gave her the ok she did and kissed us both, staggering around in a daze.

“God…” Was all she managed for the first minute, gasping and panting and falling back onto the toilet seat “God…that was INCREDIBLE! I felt like I was just filled- just FILLED with you two! I couldn’t feel anything else, just being full and GOD it was fuckin’ AMAZING!” Darren hugged me and we kissed and congratulated each other.

I looked down at my still erect (though very sore) cock- it had a brownish ring around it. So I hadn’t been dreaming.

“My dick wasn’t the only thing you had in your arse, Lina.” I said to her, boldly

“Oh yeah!” She giggled and her tits shook “I’m sorry about that- I felt it coming and just couldn’t fuckin’ hold it- I hope you don’t mind!”

“It was that that made me cum.” I said, honestly

“What are you guys talking about?” Said Darren

“Lina needed a shit, honey.” I replied “And she decided not to wait till I was out.”

“And you got off on that? Wow.” He looked dazed, and then “Was it really that good?”

“It was amazing.”

“Wow. I half wish that had been me. But you have the cutest little cunt I’ve ever had, Lina- you’re a great fuck.”

Lina hugged him and giggled some more- she couldn’t seem to stop. The ecstasy had given her hysterics.

“It’ll be a great little reminder next time I take a dump.” She said, happily “From what I could tell, you’ve probably covered it with cum.”

“Why don’t you do it now?” I said quickly

“What? Take a shit in front of you?”

“Yeah.” Darren agreed “That would be quite hot.”

“Okay.” She said “God, you guys are fuckin’ nasty. Don’t worry, though, its turning me on too…I just love the feeling when I push a big shit out. Why do you think I wanted anal so much?”

She lifted the toilet seat and turned round, half-standing and straddling the bowl, then began a series of strained grunts. Her arsehole was already pretty wrecked by my cock, so she didn’t need to try very hard to get it out. It started to appear, a fat dark brown log easing its way out of her. Then it grew inch by inch, slippering between her fat arse cheeks and across her fanny. God, it was massive- she must have pigged out at Burger King before going clubbing because the monster just kept on coming; an obscene jism-splattered rope of turd which began to coil into a pile where it touched the bottom of the bowl. Eventually it snapped of, but remained standing. She squeezed out a few more chav logs, lifting her denim skirt right up- they would have been pretty big on their own, but they paled in comparison to the first mighty shit.

“Good luck flushing that.” She remarked, admiring it.

Then she looked around. There was no toilet paper.

I expected her to go and look for some more in another stall but instead she just shrugged.

“Aww, well. I guess I’ll just have to wipe when I get home.”

Then she began pulling her thong back up. But Darren stopped her before she could finish. Although the thought of her walking home with a dirty shit-stained arse turned me on, apparently he had other plans.

“No.” He said “Let me deal with that.”

And he bent down and began licking the shit from her filthy fucked out ring!

She was so surprised she started giggling again, but soon she was moaning happily.

“Ooo you filthy boy!” She purred as he licked her hole.

I really wish I’d though of cleaning her up, but I elected to make the best of it and got up onto the system.

She knew the drill and wrapped her foul-mouthed lips round my shaft, giving me a slightly fatigued but very skilful blowjob. I wondered how many other boys had shared this slutty hole. I watched over the curve of her back Darren’s pink tongue as it did its dirty work at her scally butthole. Soon I could tell Lina was getting hot again and I pulled myself out of her mouth and began to wank. I looked down at her and she grinned and opened her mouth wide, her braced upper teeth showing. I began to rub myself harder and soon I came my second load- I splatter partly into her mouth but some squirted across her nose and cheek, mixing with her orange foundation. She licked her lips, the white cum disappearing down her throat, then I bent down and licked the rest off her face. Soon Darren joined us and we all had a long kissing and hugging session. I could taste Lina’s earthy shit on his tongue. It must have been heaven to lick her out.

Snogging with Brian was always horny. Kissing turns me on no end and his lips are soft and moist and his tongue lively. I can feel him trying to suck the saliva from my tongue when we kiss and the harder he tries to suck it from my mouth the more turned on he is. It comes a close second (along with a growing list of other activities) to playing with his nipples.

He’s a builder and his body is fit and lean, nicely developed without being over-muscled. His chest and the middle of his flat belly are covered in fine, soft, dark hair. His skin is smooth and lightly tanned and his thighs firm. His cock must be about 8 inches, uncut, straight and long, full balls swinging low between his legs. A pert, rounded arse just topped him off nicely. He was also great company as well as being sexy as fuck.

He was lying on his back when I pulled away from his lips, licking his face and neck as I went. I carried on down his chest until I found a nipple jutting out and locked my lips and teeth round it. His chest rose suddenly to push his body against me and I held his waist with my hands. I sucked as much of his tit into my mouth as I could and bit firmly on his nipple, flicking the tip of it with the tip of my tongue. He put his hands on the back of my head and, as he pushed his chest against me, he pulled my head down tighter. I carried this on for as long as I couldn’t breathe. At the same time one hand had travelled down to stroke and caress his mighty erection and to cup and pull at the low-hanging ball sac. I felt a warm wet sensation on my hand and arm and I turned to see what was going on.

Brian was so turned on his cock was rock hard. He was desperately trying not to piss but by this time was losing control over his bladder function. Piss was bubbling out through his piss slit and running down his shaft, now and again a little jet of golden liquid left his cock and arced over my arm and onto his belly. I began to stroke him as though I was wanking him. Each time I pulled downwards a jet of piss left his cock like a jet of semen. It was like getting an extended load of spunk out of him. I wanked slowly and gently like this, watching the spurts of piss almost ejaculating from his body. Then I held my hand still and the flow slowly increased.

It began to spray out like a shower head, sprinkling my face and neck and shoulder. I opened my mouth and tasted him, golden drops falling into my open mouth. I moved down his chest to his wet belly and aimed his cock straight for my mouth, drinking and swallowing. Closing my lips round him I began to suck greedily on the hot liquid pouring from inside his body, out through his cock, and straight into my own body. He was pissing, emptying his bladder, urinating, and not a drop of it was seeing the light of day. It felt almost like getting an injection of man fluids.

I gulped hungrily as his flow strengthened, the warm, slightly salty, liquid filling my gut. The force of the stream on my tongue was driving me wild. To feel the pressure of that flow of piss was so hot. When the flow became too much and I thought I’d either drown or choke, I tightened the grip with my lips to stem the flow slightly. This way I could control what went into my throat. Eventually the flow subsided and, after a few lone squirts, it stopped. I carried on sucking for a while, making sure all the piss was finished, before lifting my head and looking up at him. His eyes were almost closed and he was watching me. He was still rock hard.

“Fuck me, that was horny.” he said. “Feeling myself pissing and knowing you were swallowing it was such a turn on. You dirty fucker, I loved it.”

“I’ll have more when you’ve got it available. Anytime.” I said.

I licked at the pools of piss on his torso and rubbed my face in the wetness and then went back to sucking on those fabulous tits for a while, making them wetter and wetter with my saliva.

A few days later we were watching a film on BBC — no adverts. It was a really good film and we were both enthralled. “I need a piss,” Brian said. I knew what he meant. He didn’t want to go anywhere and miss some of the film and we couldn’t pause it. I leant over and undid the tops of his jeans and his flies. Hooking my thumb in the top of his pants I pulled them down until his cock and balls were exposed. Leaning sideways I lay my head on his belly, so that I could carry on watching the film, and took his cock in my mouth. And waited.

The warm stream soon started and I let it fill my mouth before swallowing. As he sat there watching the film I drank his piss. The stream strengthened and I gulped for all I was worth, swallowing every drop. I waited until the last spurts had subsided and licked him dry. I put his cock back in his pants and did up his trousers. I sat up. Neither of us missed a second of the movie.

Drinking Brian’s piss during the film had turned both of us on and when the movie had finished we didn’t waste any time getting naked. Both of us were already hard. I told Brian how much drinking his piss turned me on and that if I drank enough of it I would eventually be pissing out his piss.

“Well,” he said, “I’ve got more if you want it.” He sat back on the sofa and I dropped to my knees. I took his hard cock in my mouth and waited. The expectation alone was a turn on. Knowing that soon the warm contents of this man’s bladder would come gushing out through his cock, into my mouth and straight into my own belly and bladder.

Body-warmth splashed the inside of my mouth. A hissing sensation sprayed my throat and tongue and the full force of his sudden stream erupted from his piss slit. I swallowed frantically and then started to suck him slowly. This had the effect of interrupting his flow as I stimulated the head of his cock and I found it easier to swallow. Apart from that, Brian was obviously enjoying himself. He began to groan with pleasure and reached forward to hold my head with his hands.

He stroked the back of my neck and my cheeks as I swallowed the liquid flooding out of his body. When he leant forward to reach down and play with my nipples his flow stopped momentarily, allowing me to draw breath. My cock was rock hard and I was wanking as I drank. I could feel pre-cum oozing from me. When he started to piss again, it dribbled onto my tongue at first and built up to a steady stream. I drank every last drop of him.

We played around for a while, sucking and fingering and snogging. Both of us getting more and more horny as we played. Eventually, I had to say, “I need a piss now Brian. It’s probably mostly yours. Wanna get me a bucket?”

“Fuck that,” he said. “I want to drink yours. Knowing it’s mostly mine makes it more fucking horny. I’ve got some more for you as well. Fancy a piss 69?”

Did I ever?! We lay on the floor and positioned ourselves comfortably. It was extremely horny waiting to piss and waiting for Brian to piss as well. He started first and as I began to gulp him down I felt my own bladder relax enough and I let go completely. We both gulped and swallowed, piss flowing from one into the other. Drinking each other at the same time. No wonder we both had stonking hard ons. I never knew I could piss so much with an erection.

When we’d finished, Brian sat up licking his wet lips. “Wow. That was fucking hot. Tasted slightly strong but not too bad. Now that’s what you call recycling.” He grinned.

After a break for something to re-load our bladders, and a couple of smokes, I bent over the arm of the chair, my hands behind me pulling my cheeks apart as Brian pressed the end of his cock against my hole. I felt a hot trickle that soon ran down my balls and inner thighs. The trickle increased rapidly as his bladder relaxed and I could feel some of the warmth entering my fuck tube as the rest sprayed off my arse and rained down on both of us. He pushed while he was still pissing and I felt the swollen head of his cock pop in through my outer sphincter. The rain of spray stopped and I could feel the flood of hot liquid pouring into me.

Slowly, and still pissing, he pushed himself ever deeper into my cunt. His hands gripping my hips firmly and pulling me back onto him. My belly began to feel like it had a balloon expanding inside it. He must have had gallons of piss stored in his bladder. Just as slowly as he had entered, he began to pull back out again. When just the helmet was still inside, I felt a sudden flow of warmth on the inner part of my cheeks, round my balls and down my legs. I was leaking. Behind me I heard Brian groan and say, “Oh Christ! That is so fucking horny. It’s bubbling out round my cock.” I obligingly pushed gently and felt another warm flood escape me, I could hear it as well.

“Oh Shit”, Brian groaned. I pushed again and this time blew quite a spray out. It splashed back off Brian’s belly and, looking down through my legs, I could see it running down his thighs. Even as it was gushing out of me, Brian was pushing back in again. His entry felt easier, slicker, with all that liquid inside me and my used hole gaping open. As he began to pump my piss-filled hole I could hear sloshing, squelching sounds from my belly and I could feel it gurgling in my guts. Warm trickles ran down the backs of my legs as Brian rammed his wet, hard, cock into my gaping, slippery, hole.

The slapping sounds as his groin and belly splattered wetly against my arse were a turn on in themselves. The flesh on my back rippled as he slammed the full length of his manhood up into my body. Now and again I could feel the wet farting sensation of piss bubbling out of me. I gave myself to the sensations completely. I submitted to this onslaught on my body. This man could do anything he wanted with me — anything at all.

Brian pulled his cock out of me suddenly, piss gushing all over him from my gaping hole. He pulled me off the chair and onto the floor. I rolled onto my back, lying in a pool of piss and adding to it as my arse emptied out bit by bit. Another squirt leapt from my fuck-chute as I hoisted my legs in the air and put my arse on show. He knelt down, put one hand under my back and lifted me slightly into position. I kept hold of my knees and spread my legs as wide as they would go. I felt another wet fart coming on and just as I started to release it Brian plunged his slippery wet dick straight up inside me. No easing it in or standing on ceremony, just sink it in and fuck like crazy. Which is exactly what he did.

He pounded me hard and fast for some time, his hands on the floor either side of me, my legs thrown over his shoulders. My fingers were pulling at his major turn-on spot; his nipples. His hips rose and fell with increasing speed as the full length of his shaft slid in and out of me. He was almost doing press-ups over my body. I kept reaching behind me to feel his shaft sliding in and out of my hole and to cup his balls as they swung against me. Reaching further round I could grab his buttocks and pull his body tight against me so I could the full length of him in my guts. I could feel piss running warm down my back where it overflowed from me. Brian was starting to turn red and was sweating profusely, beads of it dripping from his face onto mine, his body glowing with the slippery sheen of sex-sweat.

As his orgasm built up towards its crescendo, he started to repeat over and over, quietly at first, “Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck!”. His voice got louder and his tone more urgent. I knew I was about to receive the outpourings from his body. As he became louder and more urgent he started to spray saliva each time he repeated, “Oh Fuck!”. My face was getting showered in it. Coupled with the still damp piss on the outside of my body and the piss running out of me as his cock roared in, this heightened the feeling of absolute, disinhibited lust. I forced my body to rise and fall to pull him greedily into me. I tightened my grip on his nipples. His belly was smacking me between the legs as his balls slapped the piss-wet small of my back. His thrusting grew more urgent and he slammed into me, still repeating a spit-laden, “Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck!”.

Suddenly he shuddered and buried the full length of his dick inside me. I could feel the girth of his cock throbbing inside me as ropes of semen flew from his piss slit and sprayed the internal walls of my guts. His thrusts became spasmodic as he shot wads of spunk into me. Saliva fell from his lips as he lost control of himself. At that moment all of his senses were concentrated in his groin area, more specifically on his dick. A warm feeling grew inside me in spurts — I could feel his sperm inseminating me. He was breeding my hungry cunt. I pushed my body against him tightly to pull his cock in as much as I could. I wanted all that lovely seed as deep as possible.

Beads of sweat fell from his nose and his chin onto my face and lips. Saliva ran from the corner of his mouth onto my face and lips. I licked at it and tasted him. My belly was full of his piss and my piss-filled cunt had just been drenched in his seed, flooding my guts with the entire contents of his balls and bladder.

By now he was panting and making short, jabbing movements with his cock deep inside me. I couldn’t tell whether this was stimulating my prostate or my bladder. I didn’t know whether I wanted to piss or cum. All my awareness was suddenly concentrated on an area somewhere between my arse and my cock. Shivers radiated out through my body and I shuddered involuntarily. Piss trickled from the end of my cock. It felt like I was cumming. Then it thickened with a flow of precum. More piss, this time squirting from me. And then an eruption of spunk flying up onto my chest and belly. I felt the intenseness of the force behind the ejaculation. The next jet was hot piss and then another of thick spunk and then I was cumming with full force …. and I wasn’t even touching my cock and neither was Brian.

I’d never seen or felt that volume of semen from my own cock before. I squirted and squirted. Great ropes of it flying through the air, splashing onto my neck, chest and belly. At first I was wracked with the most intense orgasm as my body pumped semen out and then I went limp and just let it pour out of me.

Brian was still inside me and I felt his piss running out of me round his embedded shaft and down my back as I lay there impaled on him. I began pissing fully only when the gobs of cum had subsided. Even then spunk was still oozing from me as the piss began to flow. I’d never experienced anything like it. It was the most intense orgasm I think I’d had ever had. As I pissed I still felt like I was cumming, my body wracked with shudders. If I’d been standing up my knees would have gone weak. I hoped the orgasm would never stop.

The way a woman smells is more of a turn on than almost anything else. Of course I do love the way women look and have a preference for those with a fuller figure and a great smile but if that womanly scent is masked with strong perfume and layers of product it just turns me off. I love the smell of an unwashed body, not festering and gross, just that end of the day smell, the scent of sweat, ozone and, if I’m lucky enough to find someone to indulge with, the smell of urine and pussy soaked into the delicate fabric of a pair of panties pulled tight against swollen, plump cunt lips.

My wife knows this, knows just what I like. She’ll return from work and as we make dinner or deal with the evening chores she’ll surreptitiously stroke her pussy through the fabric of her pants, her fingers picking up that perfect womanly scent and as she’s passing or as I’m cooking she’ll come up behind me and hold her fingers beneath my nose. I’ll breath deeply and savour the smell and sometimes she’ll push her fingers into my mouth and I’ll lick them clean.


We’re no strangers to swinging and swapping and have had the occasional adventure alone so one night, as we lay in bed, I told my wife about Michelle. She listened to my brief description and asked me to tell her what I wanted to happen. I told her in great detail and she stroked her pussy through her knickers, teasing me by letting me smell her and then pushing her fingers inside as I became more explicit with my fantasy. She came as I finished my story, a gentle, mini orgasm. She looked at me and smiled.

“I don’t mind,” she said, “just come back and tell me all about it and if she’s that hot, bring her back to play.”


I work from home and our house is in an area with a great many fantastic coffee shops within just a short walk. I have a favourite that is large and noisy but has a great vibe, is pretty quirky and serves great coffee. Sometimes I’m there for just that; a Long Macc, just to satisfy the caffeine fix. Other times, when less busy I stay for lunch. The waitresses are lovely, not stunning, just plain and lovely. One wears very short shorts and has little bows tattooed on the backs of her legs. Another is young, early 20′s, quite dumpy and has the most fabulous smile and personality. I’d just so love to have my head beneath her dress at the end of a hard day, my face pressed into her cunt as she rubs herself against me. There’s the tall lesbian with all manner of piercings and wild coloured hair; she’s really funny and sarcastic, very dry and, unless you know her, she might seem a little prickly. She makes the best coffee. There’s demure English girl whose only make up is a shocking pink lipstick. She has very blond, almost white hair and of course, I fantasise that when the place closes they all strip of and luxuriate in each other every evening.

I try to sit on the same table. It’s a long communal bench and I like to sit closest to the wall. The wifi signal is strongest there and I often take my laptop and work but it’s also the spot that gives you the best view over the whole area and I love people watching. I’d seen Michelle a few times over the past couple of weeks, sometimes she called in just for a take away, other times she’d sit with a salad. She must be mid to late forties. She looks elegant and well dressed and is always alone. She has long blond hair, streaked with flashes of dark copper and red tones but she always wears it up, tied in a large bunch at the back. She wears large sunnies which she swaps for glasses as soon as she enters, black rimmed but fading to transparent on top of the lenses. She has a full figure, not fat really, just curvy and womanly with large breasts that she seems to tape down to her chest because they squash out the sides of her top. Every now and then, when she’s wearing a tight top I catch a glimpse of a beautiful roll of plump flesh around her waist. Her hips are wide and her arse shapely, as are her legs which narrow down to toned calf muscles and slender ankles.

Just over a week ago my day was quiet, I had some research to do and it was pretty warm so I thought I’d sit in the cafe and work there. It was reasonably busy when I got there but I was fortunate that my favourite spot was free. I’d been working for around 30 minutes, looking up occasionally as it filled to overflowing with the lunch crowd. I watched Michelle order and stop to look around the space for a comfortable seat. There was just one table free at the other side of the room; four seats, not good when you’re alone in a busy cafe and some seating outside in the hot, bright sun. Just as she took a step toward the large table the two people on the bench opposite me stood to leave. Their movement caught her eye and she smiled at them as they passed. She wandered over and sat against the wall, directly opposite me. I smiled and said hi and she smiled back.

Although I love this cafe, when busy, the service is dire and today it was heaving. 30 minutes was a long time to wait for a salad and I was beginning to give up hope when Lesbian came over with my plate covered in thinly sliced fennel and wedges of blood orange, micro greens and all manner of seeds and nuts. She dropped it down in front of me, leant on the table and bent her head to my ear.

“You’re fucking lucky you came when you did,” she said, just loud enough for me to hear, “some of these cunts won’t see their lunch for hours.”

She stood without waiting for my reaction and turned towards the kitchen. I chuckled and turned back to my laptop and food. I caught Michelle’s eye, obviously curious about what she’d said so secretively. I smiled but didn’t think she’d appreciate the news. She smiled back, a questioning look on her face, hoping I’d tell her what was said,

“How long did you wait for that?” she asked

I screwed my face up a little to emphasise my dissatisfaction, “About half an hour.”

Michelle turned her mouth down in mock sadness, “I bet I’ll be here bloody ages then.” she paused and looked at my plate, “It’s a shame, I ordered the same and it looks lovely.”

I stood and walked over to the cutlery table and picked up another set. Returning I offered her my plate and handed her the cutlery.

“We can share,” I offered, “I’m not that hungry.”

Of course she refused and I insisted and eventually she picked up the fork. I closed my laptop and we began talking. Michelle is married but like many women here, her husband is on a fly in fly out contract. He earns enough for her not to have to work but she enjoys her garden and does some voluntary work. She also writes, something I had always wanted to pursue and that is what we talked about, her stories, articles, books. She’d had little published, mostly local press and newsletter type things, it was a hobby and she enjoyed the process, had little interest in any reward or recognition.

We sat for more than an hour and by the time her salad arrived we had little interest for it and so it was transferred to a small cardboard box and went home with her. We swapped numbers and for the next week or so we’d text each other whenever we were heading to the cafe. We sat in the same space and just had a laugh and at the end of the week Michelle broached the subject of my wife.

“Wouldn’t she be worried about her husband meeting someone in a cafe like this?” she asked me.

I smiled and reassured her, brushed it off as ‘just coffee’ but she didn’t seem convinced.

“She has other men friends,” I told her, “I have friends who are women, there’s really no big deal, not for us anyway. I’m sure she’d like to meet you, we’re attracted to the same people.” She understood my meaning, there was no need for me to be explicit.

“Am I attractive to you then?”

“Definitely and I’m sure Jenn would think so too. I sit here because I like to see who comes and goes and I’ve always cast a sly, admiring glance your way.”

“I had noticed, though you do it well, it’s not obvious.”

We were silent for a few seconds and both sipped at our coffee, not breaking eye contact. It seemed that Michelle had thought about meeting me for more than just coffee, as I had thought of her but the next step seemed to be a bigger issue for her than I.

“When my husband accepted this job that we knew it might be difficult being apart but we’re doing it for the long term. We’re renting here, it’s convenient and in 5 years we’ll be mortgage free, and free!” she paused, “I do find it hard though, in lots of ways.”

There was certainly some hidden meaning behind what she was saying, it wasn’t an open invitation but she also wasn’t closing the subject down.

“Jenn and I just enjoy other people,” I told her, clarifying just exactly the kind of relationship we have, “sometimes we’re together, sometimes apart but there are no secrets between us, I’ve already told her about the hot woman I meet in the cafe most days.”

Michelle laughed, “Hot?”

“Damn right, I think you’re very hot.”

She laughed again, a little embarrassed and then we sat in silence for a few moments.

“What do you like most about seeing other women then, what is missing from your marriage to make you want to do that?” Michelle asked, breaking the tension.

“Mostly it’s the excitement that Jenn gets out of it. I love seeing her with other people, love hearing about her experiences with others and love watching her as I tell her about mine. I enjoy being with other women at that moment, when I am with them but the real fun happens when I tell Jenn or when she gets involved with us”

Michelle thought for a second, “It must get boring though, don’t you crave something more, something different or extreme each time to keep the thrill going?”

“I know what I like and I’m quite adventurous and open, vanilla is not what I look for.”

“Oooh, this is all very interesting for a writer, what do you look for?” she asked and leant forward.

I smiled and moved closer to her, staring into her eyes, “Now that does sound interesting, want to play a game?”

Michelle grinned “Yes, what?”

“Write about me, us, Jenn and I. Interview me and I’ll tell you everything.”

“When?” Michelle snapped back at me enthusiastically

“I’m ready.”

Michelle said nothing, just stood and grabbed her bag. We left there together and walked around 15 minutes to her house. It was tucked into a side street and hidden behind a high wall, Frangipani’s growing tall in the front garden. We stepped into the hall and Michelle pushed the door closed behind me, brushing up against me as she did so. I wanted to catch hold of her and kiss her but was worried we might end up fucking right there on the floor and there was more fun to be had yet.

I followed her into the lounge, a large corner sofa sitting on the polished wooden floor. Michelle found a pad and pencil and we sat opposite each other at the corner.

She smiled, tight lipped and nervous, “Go on.” she said.

“Where should I start?” I asked

“I don’t know, maybe with what you like. If vanilla is not your flavour then what is?”


I described what I liked, my love for fuller figured women, great eyes and a smile. How I love watching Jenn being fucked by another man or woman, describing situations we’d been in, watching another man’s cock slide slowly in and out of her, how we’d been to several glory holes and I’d watched Jenn suck and fuck strangers cocks. How I considered myself cock friendly, that I like sucking other men, particularly if they’ve just been inside a woman’s pussy and how I liked to lick my own or another mans cum from Jenn’s body. I told her I liked anal sex and women that squirted when they came and that I could watch two women kissing for hours. I told her all this in explicit detail but I saved my most erotic turn on for last.

“I love the way a woman smells.” I told her, “I love it when a woman has the aroma of the day on her, especially if she hasn’t washed her pussy that day and I get to lick and taste her. I love the smell of stale urine in a woman’s knickers and the way that, when wet and aroused, the smell of their pussy, the wetness makes the scent on the fabric even stronger.”

I could see Michelle was very agitated, she hadn’t written anything down for more than ten minutes and was staring wide eyed, visualising the scenes I described. She carried on staring into space as she asked her next question.

“Do you like watersports?”

“I like to watch a woman pee,” I said, “I love the hot fluid on my cock and love it when a woman pees on me but no higher than my chest and I don’t really like the taste.”

“What about poo?” she asked and then snapped back to life and looked at me, another embarrassed smile drawing over her lips

I laughed at the childish way she’d said the word ‘poo’, “No, I don’t like that.” I replied, “In fact, although I love the smell of a woman a dirty arse is not very pleasant. I’d love to push my tongue into your arse but only if it’s clean.”

It took a second for what I’d said to sink in.

“My arse?” Michelle asked

I stopped for a second and thought, “Yes, your arse.”

Michelle cleared her throat and fanned her face dramatically as she stood. “Sorry, give me a second.”

She looked very flustered and stepped up into the kitchen area and down a corridor towards the back of the house. She was gone a few minutes and when she returned she stopped in the kitchen then walked over with two large glasses of water. I sat on the edge of the sofa as she handed one to me and I drank some then placed it on the floor and watched her finish hers, gulping it down and panting heavily as she bent to place her glass next to mine.

She said nothing as she stood and raised her right foot, placing it on the sofa beside me. At the same time, staring into my eyes, she ruffled her skirt up to her waist, her fingers trembling and her breathing rapid and shallow. She revealed a pair of deep red knickers that covered a mat of dark hair that grew up over the top of the waistband. She placed her fingers from her free hand in my fringe and slowly slid them through my hair to the back of my head then applied some pressure and pulled my face close to her pussy, pushing herself forward at the same time.

“I washed my arse hole for you.” she said and I closed my eyes, pressed my nose to the gusset of her panties and took a deep breath.

The smell made my mouth water, she couldn’t have washed her pussy that day at all and the strong smell of urine tingled my nose. I pushed my nose down lower and she parted her legs more as I drew breath again. Her skin was sticky with sweat and she had a strong odour that made me hungry to push my tongue into her. I licked at the soft, plump skin between her legs and tasted her saltiness then ran my tongue over the smooth, silk fabric. A delicate flavour rippled along my tongue and I squeezed my tongue between the soft, sticky flesh of her legs and the rough, scratchy hem of her knickers, loving the scent on my nostrils and the salty taste on my tongue. I pushed further and further down until I’d pushed the edge of the fabric up into the crease of her groin and her pussy lips bulged, filling the gusset of her knickers looking amazingly delicious and plump. I closed my mouth over them and sucked and moaned at the intense flavour. I wanted more and ate at her hungrily, trying to slip my tongie inside her pants to lick her swollen lips clean but the fabric was too tight. I hooked my fingers into the gusset of her knickers and pulled them away from her pussy to release more of her scent. They stuck to her skin and hairs as I turned them outwards to take a closer look and could see a faint patch of yellowy, milky fluid staining the red silk, diluted by a fresh patch of wetness, possibly a dribble of pee, maybe a secretion of sex or my saliva. I pressed my nose to them and sniffed at the strong odour and my cock responded, hurting against the restriction of my underwear and growing as hard as can be. I pushed out my tongue and licked the sticky patch then pushed against the fabric with my fingers and sucked it into my mouth. The flavour was strong and acidic and it made my tongue twitch and cut into my throat. I sucked them clean, moaning with pleasure, pressing my nose against her plump pussy, soaking the pants with my saliva and lapping at them, probing with my tongue to find every morsel of womanly fluid. When finished I carefully pulled them to one side and through the thick, dark hair I could see a pair of large brown, wrinkled lips, wet with clear pussy juice, quivering and desperate to be sucked into my mouth and cleaned.

Michelle squatted down a little more and I held the fabric away from her, parted her lips with my free hand and licked the brown, swollen folds of skin. She moaned above me as my soft tongue pressed against her cleaning her hair of the days sweat and stale urine that had gathered, then louder still as I pushed the tip into her to get to the thick cream oozing from her cunt. My nose in her soft pubes and plump belly became coated in the strong scent so every breath made me want more. I ate her, sucking her lips into my mouth, moaning loudly, loving her taste and smell, pushing my tongue deep into her and rubbing the tip of my nose across her large, hard clit.

I wanted her to cum in my mouth, wanted her to explode but she kept swaying and grabbing my shoulder to steady herself and I knew she couldn’t be too comfortable. I held her hips and stood, moving behind her, pushing her forward to kneel on the edge of the sofa. She complied and I exposed her round arse to the air, knelt on the floor and once again, buried my nose into her as I pulled the fabric over one of her soft cheeks. Her arse hole was tight, wrinkled ridges of brown skin puckered into a tiny entrance formed by her strong sphincter muscles, the faint smell of perfumed soap from the hair that extended past her pussy and around her brown hole. I flicked my tongue over her and she jumped and squeaked. As I did it again with more pressure and I used the tips of my fingers on her cunt lips, parting them, stroking them and pushing a small amount into her, massaging her folds. She pushed back on me and I began to wriggle the tip of my tongue into her tight hole, my fingers pushing deeper as I did. When two fingers were inside her to the knuckle, coated in a thick layer of creamy white lubricant my tongue was as far into her arse as I could get and she rocked back and forth onto me. Her hole was tight and squeezed my tongue, her pussy juice trickled down to my wrist and I pulled my fingers from her and wiped the flavour all around her arse hole. I pushed my fingers into her again then withdrew them and licked them clean and once more pushed them slowly into her sticky pussy. I licked her arse clean of pussy juice, smearing it over my face and then forced my tongue back into her arse.

She was moaning loudly, her face buried in the soft cushion of the sofa. I felt her fingers on her clit and slowly withdrew my own from inside her plump, tight pussy, sat back and wiped them over my face before I licked them clean and watched her rubbing herself with some vigour.

“Don’t stop.” she said loudly, her voice muffled and I returned my tongue to fucking her arse. I pushed one finger just inside her wet pussy and moved it in firm but gentle circles she cried out that she was about to come and I increased the pressure just a small amount, finding her G spot and focussing the pressure against the ridge.

She raised herself from the sofa and shouted ‘shit’ in a long drawn out way as her orgasm built from her toes to the top of her head. I pulled my tongue from her and began flicking it over the ridges of her brown hole as my finger was forced out of her and a huge squirt of her cum soaked my shirt sleeve.

“Oh, fuck yes, Michelle,” I told her, “cum all over me, show me your cum.” and I pulled her lips apart and licked at her arse again.

I came to next morning not knowing what time it was. The sunlight was up so it was gone 8am (in fact it was gone 9).

Elaine’s intimate smell from her panties the night before entered my senses once again, not that I didn’t like this. In fact, I sort of sighed and let her wonderful smell pervade my senses.

I could feel my long hair strewn out. I just lay there contentedly and dozed back into a light dreamy sleep. The next thing I sensed was Elaine undoing the ribbon and removing her Uni panties from its place of creating servitude.

I really came to when Elaine climbed on top of me and ordered, “Clean out my cunt, Clare.”

She quickly pushed her naked pussy back onto my mouth and her anus onto my nose to perform the pleasurable duty. This wasn’t a particularly new thing as Elaine had always enjoyed a cum or two first thing on the morning, even when we were students.

Her firmness and speed of action, though, did take me by surprise. I duly complied and she was very quickly writhing against my tongue and I could taste that familiar cum. It wasn’t long before she was juddering, pressing and grinding her bottom even more into my face and forcing me to breathe in her scents and be bathed in her love juices.

She sat there on me not saying anything other than a purr or two, still presenting her bottom wide open towards me as her juice leaked out for some 10 minutes, before finally climbing off me and the bed.

“Mmmm, that was really good Clare, and just what I needed. I want you to go downstairs and make some coffee and I’ll straighten things up here and get our clothing ready for today. Could you take down our used lingerie and I would like you to wash it for me? There’s also a pair of black panties in the laundry basket that you can wash to.”

I put on my robe, brushed out my hair quickly, picked up my two pairs from yesterday and Elaine’s including the Uni ones and went downstairs. Coffee, juice, cereal and some fruit on the go and I got the hand washing done in her utility room, not missing the chance to inhale the gusset of the black panties (as Elaine would know that I would).

I hung the lingerie up, got the toast going and called upstairs that things were ready. “I’ll be down soon.”

Elaine appeared still in her pyjamas and her matching robe to me. We had a leisurely breakfast with the papers, and Elaine opened her post.

“Ok, time to get ready. Head for the bathroom and get a light clean and a little light make-up, nothing too much needed for the daytime.”

“I’ll use the other bathroom as if we were together, I might need you to service me again. I do want you to help dress me though.”

We met back up in Elaine’s bedroom.

“Take off your robe, Clare, and come over here.”

Elaine slipped her robe off.

“Now help me with my bra.”

And she handed me a plain black bra.

“Kiss the inside of the cups and then my nipples.”

I obeyed and duly helped her into her bra.

“Now my panties, kiss the places where my pussy and anus will sit and then you must kiss both of my love tunnels.”

I kissed the inside of her plain black boy-short panties and Elaine bent over and opened her legs so I had to kneel down and worship her.

“Now help me put my pantyhose on” and Elaine gave me her black hose.

This was followed by her blouse, an olive-green one, and then brown cord pants. Finally, she put on brown boots and a thick darker brown jumper.

“Now for you.”

Elaine pulled back the cover of the bed and handed me my white sports bra. She helped me into it, her fingers lingering on my nipples. The effect of the bra was to flatten me out a little.

“Bend over!”

Elaine started fingering my anus with a little cream. She inserted the chrome plug that I had worn the night before and then helped me into my matching sports panties, the fabric of which held in the plug. Over this went dark brown pantyhose.

“And your clothing, this is a present from me. Firstly, your top.”

Elaine pulled up a creamy cotton shirt from Gap that buttoned all the way up and into to a small, very feminine, rounded collar. Elaine positioned my necklace so as to hang out over the collar and down my chest, making the “I am Elaine’s” very prominent.

After this came a pair of pale green jodhpur pants from Next with tight legs and a low slung waist. These were pretty tight and pressed on my bottom and crotch (thank goodness for the elastomer of the sports panties to keep me hidden).

Elaine then produced from under the bed matching Urban green suede booties with a wide turnover above the ankle, almost rather pixie-style in effect. The boots had thick laces that I did into large bows.

“I also have a couple of other things for you,” she said.

Out came a wonderfully soft matching green padded cotton parka from Asos. And a green and silver studded/buttoned pull-draw bag from Dorothy Perkins, the green being slightly darker than the parka and my pants, along with the finishing touch of a wide green and white enamel bangle. Elaine got the hairbrush and gave my hair a quick brush and slipped it into a ponytail with a matching green elasticated ribbon. A quick ‘sprits’ of one of her favourite perfumes from Estee Lauder and we were ready.

A couple of small things needed to be done down stairs and I put some items into my bag and we were off on out in the car. Elaine had donned a casual riding jacket.

We were in the car for some 15 minutes before we swung into this lane and up to a horse farm.

“I keep my horse here and, yes, we are going riding, at least a short one.”

Elaine had been a fairly accomplished rider (in more ways than one!) at University and I have been known to get on a horse from time to time.

So we went in, got her horse and another ready and off we went. Now this was the first time I had ever been riding with a rear plug in and given its liquid core, the sensations of the horse set off a nice sensation in my channel down there.

We were on horseback for some 40 minutes before getting back to the stables. We dismounted and got the horses tack off, saw to the animals and turned them back into their respective stalls. Elaine took me by the hand and we headed into one of the tack rooms to get a coffee.

We entered the room and closed the door to keep the warmth in (I didn’t see Elaine lock it), no one else was there. It was a typical tack room with boot racks, saddle racks on the wall, along with piles of crops, whips, bridles and all the accoutrements of riding.

The place wasn’t exactly neat and tidy, but it was pretty clean and there was an old hessian carpet underfoot. There were a couple of work-benches, tables, coffee tables and old armchairs and sofa and other ‘odds and sods’ including, for some reason, a low level pummel horse.

There were boxes everywhere and, oh yes, coffee in the pot and a fridge.

We poured some coffee and slumped into the sofa. As it had been cold out, the coffee was welcome.

We chatted about the ride and Elaine thanked me for sharing the exercise as her horse needed the exercise. She snuggled up to me, lent over and kissed me, once again her tongue probing my mouth.

“You looked really good on the horse, quite the horse-girl in your outfit and I loved the pony tail down your back, emerging from your hard hat.”

“I bet that plug felt good in you and I hope you are nice and open down there as I want to use you, my Clare.”

Another kiss and she turned closer to me and started to undo the buttons on my blouse.

“Don’t worry, the door is locked and the other girls are out and will be for some time.”

Her hands explored my breasts and I let her take control of me. Soon she had me out of my blouse and pants off, followed by my hose and finally my bra, just leaving me in my panties and with the plug still in.

“Now get me out of my clothes and down to my panties.”

So I helped her as we continued to kiss furtively.

As we completed her undressing, Elaine then said, “I have another little surprise here, help me with it.”

She led me over to the table and pulled a box and a small bag out from under the table. They had her name on.

“I left them here yesterday and in the box, you will find my new heavenly toy. I’m in 7th heaven with it.”

Out of the box we lifted this ‘half barrel’ structure which was fairly heavy, owing to its motor and flywheels in the barrel. It was about 2 to 2 and a half feet long and overall, curved in shape, I would estimate nearly 2 feet high.

On the top was like a soft saddle, with a handle at one end and in the middle a flat area with a slit hole. Elaine quickly assembled the rest of it and laid out the accessories.

It was what is known as a Sybian and, in essence, an automated sex machine. Various phalluses of different sizes and girths can be attached to this upward rod mechanism and a woman can then sit on the saddled and be pleasured. As it is powered, the pace of the fucking can be set from 0 to 120 strokes a minute and controlled from the saddle.

Each latex cock comes on this flat plate and in front of the cock there is a large studded area , allowing the woman to get intense stimulation on her labial area as the movements rock her. Two of the appliances that Elaine had in the set included bulbous ends for vulva pleasure and there were a couple with double penetration capability. Obviously a boy-gurl such as me also could be pleasured.

(If you haven’t seen this before, I suggest a google on Sybian and there are video-clips out there on girls coming to the big O on the machine; they are truly wonderful and well worth the expenditure).

Elaine fitted a large dildo onto the saddle and added a little lub.

We positioned the Sybian on the coffee table and Elaine led me back towards the sofa.

“Now you, I want you take off my panties, slowly and no touching of my clit.”

I got on my knees and slowly slid her panties down her thighs and her legs. I could see Elaine’s clitoris emerging from its little hood and moistening up. I could also smell her sex, intermingled with the horsie aroma that her crotch had been recently subjected to.

Once she was out of her black boy shorts, she slumped back into the sofa, pushed her mons pubis up towards me and indicated me to please her with my tongue. I went to my task, starting slowly using my tongue and nose to explore her little crevices and to bring my submission to her pleasure. She was soon whimpering with her first clitoral climax.

“You are such a bad girl, Clare. I ought to punish you for this – and for having enjoyed the pleasure of my old juices on those black panties this morning.”

“Onto the pummel horse with you, your breasts downwards and your head towards the Sybian.”

I climbed onto it and got into the requested position. Out of the bag, Elaine took two cuffs and secured my arms downwards. Then she took a pair of old panties out opened my mouth, turned the panties so that the gusset was up and so that I could see it was incredibly well stained and duly gagged me. I could immediately taste her.

This was followed by the panties she had been wearing, which went once more over my head, my favourite mode, so that I could take in her now different aroma of her juices co-mingled with the hint of the horse-riding.

Elaine came behind me and I felt her removing my plug. She produced a large glass dildo with a flat base and slid it home; this had me gagging against her dirty panties in my mouth. She pulled my white Playtex sports panties up and then secured my legs down the sides of the horse. I was helpless and at her total mercy.

“You misbehaved so let me see.”

She walked across the room, back to her bag and pulled out a paddle and then she picked up her riding crop with its little leather strip end and walked back slowly and behind me.

She kept me waiting and then I heard the swish of her crop and the sting of it hit me through my panties, forcing me to bite against her stained gusset and my nose pressed deeper into the panties she had just been wearing, her scent pervading my brain.

Five more lashes, not too hard but enough to make me lurch forward and then she took the paddle to me which was a different more diffuse effect.

“That’s enough, even if you hadn’t sniffed my panties this morning, I would still have beaten you as you are my possession and to be used as I see fit.”

“Mmmm I feel I now need a fuck.” and Elaine climbed onto the Sybian and slowly lowered herself onto the prominent cock, giving me a full view of her and her front, as she began to take her first pleasure from the cock gradually sliding in and out of her wet pussy.

She turned it on, slowly at first to build up her pleasure, and the Sybian adjusted its fucking speed and Elaine’s excitement grew. I could see her labia and clit engorging themselves, indicating her mounting pleasure spasms. Five minutes later and Elaine came hard, twice in rapid succession, her body shaking with pleasure and her love juice coming out heavily.

“Your turn,” as she climbed off.

She came across, removed my restraints and gags and finally my panties and glass dildo that had been prepping me. She led me across to the machine and helped me on, just with a little lub but largely using her still sticky cum as the sexual grease. Once I was impaled, on went the machine and, God, was it sensational as my love channel was efficiently plowed, with Elaine gradually upping the speed. I didn’t last more than 5 minutes before hitting my big O.

Elaine helped me down and we cleaned the toys and packed the machine.

“We are taking this back to the house as, I don’t know about you, I want more of this.”

“Now, let’s get dressed and get out of here. Oh by the way, I have got some fresh laundry for me, and I have this for you.”

She went into her bag and out came a bag. I opened it and pulled out its content which shocked me. I looked at Elaine.

She said, “Yes I want you in these. Remember you are mine this weekend” They were a thin transparent plastic top and panties set, both in pink. The top was a plastic cami with a white piping and straps, the bra part was defined with a pink ‘shaping.’ The bottom of the cami was also finished with the same white piping. As to the panties, they were conventional briefs with white piping on the leg cuffs and on the waist. Otherwise they were totally see through in pink and left nothing to the imagination front or back, or even underneath.

“You can even pee and poop in them if you wish, I don’t mind the former, as you know. Now put them on for me.”

I duly climbed into them and they felt a little cold and clingy, which is what Elaine wanted.

“Nice, I like them on you,”

She felt my breasts and bottom through them.

“Ok, get dressed,”

We put on our clothes, tidied up our makeup, a spray of perfume and Elaine brushed through my pony tail. Elaine took her panties that she had been wearing and used on me as well as my ‘gag’ and dropped them into a ziplock bag that then went into the ‘toy’ bag.

“I think we should keep these fresh for later.”

We carried the Sybian out to the car and retrieved our bags.

“I think we should go by the supermarket and a farm shop and then grab some lunch in a nice little pub I know. Some lunch and a glass of wine would be good. And then perhaps a nap as, I don’t know about you, that took it out of me.”

While he despised going to the doctor’ office, Louis realized that, in August, another year will have passed since his last check-up. He has always been reportedly healthy, save for a slight iron deficiency. He had been taking the supplements regularly, and felt healthy and strong. He couldn’t help but notice, however, that his 30th birthday was coming up and it wouldn’t be long before he would have to worry about aging.

He kept most of his phone numbers in his cell phone, but he had opted to keep the number for the doctor’s office to spare himself from seeing it each time he went through the contact list to text his Dad or his friend Eric. Or, that red-head he hadn’t spoken to since high school, but planned to call eventually, one day.

Skimming the phone book, he quickly found the number, ominously circled in red ink. Louis hesitated, then tapped the numbers into his phone and waited for it to start ringing.

His call was picked up on the third ring, by the husky voice of the 50-something, widowed receptionist.

“Oh hi Rita-” Louis vaguely knew the woman as one of his mother’s friends. “Fine, fine. No, not married yet, but I’ll be sure to invite you-” he humored the woman modestly. “Yeah, I just wanted a check-up. Will Dr. John be in this week?”

The voice squawked, slightly erratically, at the other end of the line. “Cocaine, huh? I never would have thought. How long ago? Is he okay? Died on Christmas Eve? That’s a shame. Well who can see me?”

“…No, I wouldn’t mind a female doctor.” Louis tried to keep his cool, but he had never actually had a female doctor before.

Thursday came sooner than Louis anticipated, and as he drove himself over to the office, he couldn’t help but think of the stories and videos of horny female doctors that he had enjoyed over he years. He imagined a sweet, young, doe-eyed doctor in a skimpy uniform eager to take care of his every need. He couldn’t help but get a little hard thinking about it, but he shook away the fantasy before entering the office.

After about twenty minutes, the receptionist called his name and a tall, blonde doctor in a uniform appeared at the doorway to lead him to the examination room.

She was just a little bit taller than him, and though her buttoned lab coat and collared blue shirt beneath were modest, it was blatantly obvious that she had a rich, curvy shape underneath.

When she turned to lead him to the tiny room, he could see her buttocks, round and firm against the thin white cotton of her lab-coat. He doubted she was wearing anything between her skin and the coat. But that was impossible; of course she was wearing something.

“Sit,” was all she said as she patted the waxed-paper-like covering on the examination table with the palm on her hand. He obliged, hoisting himself up and sitting on the edge. He could feel a drop of cool sweat making its way down the back of his neck.

“I’m Dr. Emily. Any questions, concerns, symptoms?”

“No, I’m just here for a physical.”

“Okay. I’m going to check your blood pressure and we’ll go from there.” She was professional, and a little stiff, but not unkind. However, Louis couldn’t help but feel slightly intimidated when she looked into his eyes.

She checked his heartbeat with the stethoscope about her neck, and weighed him.

“You’ve lost a few pounds since last year.” She noted in a formal tone, checking the clipboard.

“Now, lay on your back please.”

Louis cooperated easily, and she pressed her fingertips along his stomach and chest.

“A bit firm, but no signs of obstructed bowels or unusual lumps,” she noted as she began to undo his belt buckle.

While his usual doctor had never examined him there, he quickly submitted to her authority. She knew what she was doing, there was no reason for him to make himself look stupid and question it.

He felt tingles in his groin as she pulled his pants to his knees, her fingers running down his thighs as she did. When she pulled down his boxer shorts, his penis immediately responded to the stimulation of the cool air.

She seemed to ignore his partial erection, and rolled and caressed his testicles in one hand. Louis was uneasy, but tried to convince himself the procedure as routine. He couldn’t help but regret not trimming his pubes that morning, however.

“Nothing unusual here,” she smiled coyly. “Undress and get on your hands and knees. I’ll be right back.”

Louis’ stomach dropped. He slowly slipped his tee over his head, but couldn’t help but feel as though he were doing something very wrong. Totally naked? Would he do something wrong, and feel stupid when she came back? Hands and knees? HANDS AND KNEES?

He slowly stripped, and settled on his hands and knees, extremely aware of the loud crinkling of the paper liner on the examination table.

As he kneeled there in the buff, he couldn’t help but feel cold, and very vulnerable. The chill in the room made him have to urinate. He glanced at his balls swinging gently between his legs. After a very long ten minutes, he flinched as the door suddenly opened.

A loud, feminine laugh bounced off the walls of the small room.

“Really? Seriously? I was just joking, do you really listen to what everyone tells you?”

Ashamed, Louis started to sit up and clutch his shirt to his bare chest.

“Nevermind, I’m sure there’s something I can do for you.” She said, getting behind him. He shivered, and went back on his hands and knees. She caressed his balls with a gloved hand. The rubber felt sticky and strange against his skin.

Then, she began to stroke his shaft with a light, rubbery touch.

“What are you doing?” he trembled, reaching down to touch her gloved hand.

“Just relax,” she said, “relax and give me total control over you.”

She caressed his whole body, starting from his neck and shoulders, and his legs, avoiding his very aroused genitals.

As she eased him onto his back, he could feel the chill and the fullness of his bladder. He ignored it, unsure if he could protest if he wanted to. It was as though he was in a trance.

“Relax,” she said, slowly pressing her fingertips into his lower belly. He felt a wave of pleasure as she pressed his full bladder. His penis became slightly erect again, and he felt a warm dribble on his balls as the urine began to leak out of his dick.

“Stop, I’m peeing,” he said softy, almost a whimper. But she pressed harder, and the urine stream became an arch, pattering loudly over the waxed paper and splashing onto his thighs as it became a steaming yellow puddle, growing as the piss noisily squirted all over the place.

The cool air and the exhilaration of peeing all over the place made him extremely aroused, but terrified as well. Who was going to clean all of that up? It couldn’t be sanitary. But he pissed on, and watched the thick, hot stream arching over the end of the table and splashing onto the floor.

She took her fingertips off his stomach, and the flow diminished to a small, gentle river streaming down the underside of his erect cock. She unbuttoned her lab coat, and revealed her nakedness under it, save for a blue dress shirt, which she quickly stripped off. In an instant, she straddled him, and pressed his abdomen fiercely again so a hard, sudden squirt hit her on her hot, ready pussy.

Louis felt himself reach full erection as he felt that lusciously silky pussy at the tip of his penis. She didn’t allow him to penetrate her, though, as the steaming yellow stream washed over her pinkness. As his stream finally diminished to a trickle, she moved forward to straddle his stomach, just below his waist.

She began to hump him viciously, smearing her slick pussy juices all over his belly. She pleasured herself on his pubic bone and pubic hair. Louis felt a tiny, hot squirt, followed by a sharp stream. He could hear the hiss of her pee as it exited her body and pooled around his sides, soaking the paper beneath them, then dripping rhythmically as it coldly dripped to the floor.

Continuing to grind him, she pissed and rode him hard, though still didn’t allow him to penetrate her. He was just beginning to consider trying to fuck her when she started to rock forcefully and moan in short gasps, almost silently as she pleasured her clit on his body. So roughly, it hurt.

Finally, she began to slow down, panting as her pussy juice oozed out of her in a creamy puddle that filled his bellybutton. He was still very erect, anticipating a great cum.

To his surprise, she replaced her shirt and jacket, and buttoned up.

“Hey, I didn’t get to cum…” He said tentatively, wondering if it was in fact his own fault. His piss covered cock was at full mast, and bursting to cum.

“Nope, my examination is finished. Now put your clothes on and get some exercise.”

She turned her back towards him and washed her hands casually, showing just how little she cared.

Puzzled, he slid off the table, splashing in the cold piss. He couldn’t believe he had to go home smelling so strongly and completely of urine.

He dressed slowly, the feeling of his clammy, cold skin against his dry clothes very irritating. He was going to have to fuck himself after a long, hot shower.

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