Well Saturday had been slow. Raven wasn’t expecting Sunday to be any different. She would still have to wait two full days for Dad and Liz to get home from their honeymoon. She was trying hard not to over-think everything. Raven had made some discoveries yesterday that raised some serious doubts about her the marriage that honeymoon was meant to celebrate.

She was worried for her dad, but at the same time excited for herself. It all seemed very unreal in the light of a fresh morning. Yet when she crept back into the master bedroom things were the same as before. The goldmine of girl-toys in Liz’s bedside drawer was still all there. It seemed to be having dire effect on Raven’s judgment. She couldn’t let herself get carried away. Raven needed a diversion to keep her busy. A day out seemed like a good idea. She dressed simply, in some cutoff jean-shorts, a Cure T-shirt and some converse sneakers.

She left the house having no particular destination in mind it was nine o’clock when she walked past the Watkins house.

Sam was sitting out front yelled hello from the front porch. Raven was a little startled because she hadn’t seen the car out front.

“Hey Rave, whatcha doin’ today?” Sam was one half of the Watkins twins, she was smart and bookish and a bit dorky truth be told. But she was also one of the kindest people Raven knew.

“Nothin much Sam. I’m just out for a walk getting some air. Got the house to myself actually, but it gets kinda dull just laying around.”

“Oh yeah, your pops married Miss Malone huh. Whats that like? ” Raven wasn’t entirely sure how to respond. She didn’t want to sound like she was exactly loving the situation but at the same time she didn’t want to sound like another bitchy little girl who oozed insecurity.

She settled for a shrug and ” I dunno yet, really. Too soon to say I guess”.

Sam nodded “yeah you know when our old man walked out on momma I was real worried, but its been three years now and she seems to be even stronger without him around. Church helps I think. That’s where they are now, momma and Staci I mean.”

“You didn’t go with?” Raven asked.

” Nah not this week, only reason Staci went cause she got in trouble, now she stuck with momma for today. We turned 21 last week see, and Staci already went and got nabbed for drunk drivin’ or as good as anyway. She didn’t actually get arrested but she drove the Volvo through the garage door.” She pointed to the damage – a dented garage door and a broken window .”Broke the driver’s side mirror clean off too.”

An idea bloomed in Raven’s devious mind. ” So your legal now Sam, I mean you could buy us beer if you wanted?”

She nodded again ” Yeah sure I could I spose. I mean I ain’t looking to do anything crazy like sis but you know.”

“Oh sure, of course we’d only be taking it back to my house. Like I said I’ve got the whole place to myself for tonight and tomorrow. Seems like kind of a waste to do nothing.”

So a few hours later the two girls were sitting in the Robinson family living room with cold beers in their hands listening to music. “Charlotte Sometimes” by the Cure came on and Raven realized she was towards the end of her sixth bottle. “Shit. Sam, drank my half of this pack, are you feelin’ good yet? “

“Yeah Rave, I’m good. Actually kinda lightweight I guess. This is only my fifth but I’ll split the last one with ya if you want.”

“Yeah sure sounds good lemme grab it from the fridge real quick.”

Raven stood up fast and felt a slightly wobbly on her feet. She must have been drunker than she thought. She shrugged it off and opened the last beer, and took a big healthy drink before handing it over to Sam. “Damn girl you kissin this or what, got it all wet and shit. It’s coo though I don’t care really, don’t know why I even said somethin’.”

That was the type of girl Sam Watkins was. If she said anything that might be taken negatively she was quick to take it back, even when drunk.

Raven was thinking about how nice Sam was and then she decided that if there was anyone she could count on to be understanding and discreet it was Sam. She’d even have the decency to not tell Staci something if you asked her to. The whole Liz situation was weighing on her mind even now so she decided to get it off her chest and maybe get some reassurance at the same time.

“So Sam, can I ask you somethin’.

“Course Rave ask away girl”.

“So have you ever went snooping around in your momma’s room and found some crazy shit? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to it’s just that I found some stuff yesterday and it’s got me stumped. I mean I’ve seen toys you know, I even got one of my own. “

She was near to rambling now, Sam just sat there taking it in. “But, Liz, I mean Miss Malone, I mean my dad’s new wife. She’s got some things i’ve never seen before.”

And so that’s how they ended up in the master bedroom pouring over the contents of Liz’s bedside drawer. The girls rolled the objects in their hands. A couple they had turned on and off feeling the different speeds and various tips.

” Yep that one there is most definitely a butt plug. You know I ain’t never told no soul about this, but when daddy left it wasn’t for no woman. Nope. Momma done found Daddy with another man. He had one of these things too found it out back in the trashcan the week he cut out”.

Raven was speechless.

“And that one there, that’s a stap-on for women to use on women. Old Auntie Jean was a full-on lesbo. Had a life partner and everything. Name was Nancy, little white thing. Auntie always said there was only two things you needed to know to be sure if were gay or not. How they talk and how they ate. All in the mouth she said. Momma just says Jean had an oral fixation though.”

Raven was suddenly very concerned about the signals she was sending, or wasn’t sending. It was all increasingly disconcerting.

Raven bit her lip, and said ” So you think I’m right don’t you? I mean is Miss Malone a lesbian?”

“Well she still married your pops but I’d say theres a good chance she likes girls too. You don’t need no strap to do yourself and your dad don’t seem like the type to take it in there if you get me. Nope, he ain’t nothing like my daddy was… is I guess. Also there’s the key. I spose she might leave it unlocked all the time, but there ain’t even a keyhole on the other drawer so I think it’s there for a reason ya know?”

Sam finished the last of the beer and gave a happy drunken belch. “Whoo I’m faded Rave this beer was a good idea i’m feelin’ gooood now”

Then still feeling her own inebriation Raven Robinson did the single boldest thing of her life. She held her breath a moment and said in soft voice. “You wanna feel better?” Next she picked up a slender purple vibrator and turned it up and down up and down. Revving it’s engine.

“It’s like that is it Rave? I think I just might”. She reached for a pale green one and turned it on. It gave off a faint buzz and Sam smiled wide. The two girls slowly began to take off their pants. Soon they were both sprawled on the floor moaning together. They were still only working their chosen toys on themselves. Sam was arching her back really going to town on her perfect little juicebox. Raven couldn’t help but stop and stare. She wasn’t even using a toy now just her own fingers, as she watched Sam writhe in pleasure.

Sam saw Raven looking intently and stuck her licked her lips playfully ” You getting off on me Rave. That’s hot. Come here and let me show you somethin’ sweetie”

Raven was dripping wet just thinking about it. She moved over to Where Sam was sitting. “I’mma show you somethin’ kinky Rave, somethin’ real dirty.” Sam took the vibe she was holding and turned it on a low rumble. She then lay on her stomach and began to rub the vibe on her luscious butt. She just felt it against her cheeks first giggling at the tingle. Then slowly but surly she began to rub it up and down her ass-crack. Finally she delicately inserted it’s humming tip into her puckered asshole. Raven meanwhile was working herself over furiously, passionately, but never taking her eyes off of Sam – Loving every second of the private show seeing it go in and out of Sam’s beautiful black booty. She wasn’t able to work it in deep but she never needed to. In just a few minutes time Sam was shuddering in orgasmic bliss. Raven was with her shortly in what was her best sexual experience in all her eighteen years.

It was the first shared experience with another girl. It may not have been sex but it was close as one could get really. When they were recovered and cleaning up Sam saw Raven looking at the butt-plug on the floor. Raven glanced at her friend quizzically as if to say – think you can take that one up there?

Sam only laughed shook her head and said ” I’d need more than beer for that thing baby, you know, hard liquor, maybe next time though if your lucky” Sam got dressed and was out the door and on her way home ten minutes later.

The mere hope that there could possibly be a next time was enough to make this the best day of Raven Robinson’s existence.

This is my first story for literotica — though I’ve written other things. It’s a little slow getting started, but hopefully you’ll see and agree that it’s worth it once you get going. The full story covers a number of categories, so forgive me if I’ve mislabeled it. If you like it, please vote and provide feedback.


“So, why don’t you go ahead and tell me why you wanted to see me. What was it you wanted to ask?”

“Ok pastor, I’ll explain. But I’m new to this church thing, so if I say more than I should please forgive me. ‘Cause you’ll need to know the whole story to understand my question. My story is graphic. I don’t know any other way to tell this where you’ll be able to help me with my problem. But I’ll try hard to stick to the facts.”

“Don’t worry so much about only telling me facts. Don’t get me wrong. Be truthful. But feel free to tell me what you want to say. Get it all out. We’ll deal with what’s fact and what’s perception or perspective after that.”

“Ok. Well, I guess you could say this issue started with the cruise… kind of…

My wife Vonne, and I have been married for 12 years. We’ve had our disagreements. We’ve had our full volume shouting fights. But those are few and far between. And I’ve never questioned her love for me.

I was a little jealous early in our marriage, because, well, you’ve seen her, she’s gorgeous, and guys look at her a lot. But… I’ve always believed that she loves me with her whole heart. I believe she and I will go to the grave still loving each other. I know that’s how I feel toward her.

I never expected to question that. But things are more complicated now.

The craziest week of my life began three days before our 12th anniversary. We’d flown to Miami and boarded the Journey of the Seas, one of the flagships of the cruise line my father had recommended. The trip was extraordinary. The sun, the sea and the ship were all meeting and exceeding our expectations. Beautiful weather. We chose a November sale date. It was cheaper and the weather was mild. My wife hates being too hot, so the equator, summertime and a happy wife were not going to mix.

We had five star cuisine for most meals on the ship. We made love each night to the sounds of the sea. We’d been looking forward to this for a long, long time. And it was turning out to be a fantastic vacation… until day three.

The morning the ship pulled into Samana, a small port city in the Dominican Republic, we got off the ship with an excursion tour. A short walk took us to the tourist-trap market we expected to see. We had a pretty good idea of what it would be like, and weren’t disappointed. Vendors from all over the island crowded the markets calling out to the wealthy tourists offering wares of all sorts. There were tons of sarongs, dresses and bandanas with colorful local patterns on them. Women and children offered stewed plantains, goat dishes and other foods common in their culture. The various merchants were so loud and often obnoxious in their desperate calls for business that my wife quickly began to get a headache. I saw it before she told me, and we both soon realized that a four-hour stay in this market was out of the question.

I looked around and spotted a taxi. There was a nice, well-dressed, twenty-something Cuban-looking fellow standing by it with a sign offering a two-hour island beach tour.

Now, you don’t have to say it. I should have known not to separate from the excursion tour. Both my wife and I knew. It’s just that the noise was so grating that we were getting desperate for some place quiet to go. I pointed it out, and mentioned it to my wife. She loved the idea, so off we went.

The driver told us his name was Havier. As I’d surmised, he was from Cuba. He’d come here chasing a girl a year ago and they broke up. Now he was trying to save up the money to get home. We figured that was his spiel to get bigger tips. Play on the sympathies of the rich tourists. We didn’t care as long as he kept driving and got us away from the market.

It turned out that he was a pretty good tour guide. We drove swiftly along the thin roads of the beautiful hills. He did tell us a little history of the island, from its settlers and founding to the beginning of the tourist trade. He pointed out a few picturesque villages. We saw two of the most popular DR beaches. I asked if we could stop for a little while at one of them.

“Oh yes,” Havier said. “But not here. I have the perfect one in mind. The water is fantastic. The sand is all sorts of colors. And it’s secluded enough to really enjoy yourself without dealing with all of the tourist traps.”

I guessed we’d either been too obvious with our distaste of the market, or he often picked up fares for that reason.

After another twenty minutes we arrived at what I am now certain is the most beautiful place on earth. The driver turned off a minor road down a dirt road driving through foliage. My wife began squeezing my arm in that “what did you get us into” way. We bumped and rumbled down this dirt road for another minute before arriving at the edge of a slight cliff. The beach Havier brought us to sat in a great rock alcove with lush greenery going up a steep incline to the mountaintop. Tropical plants and flora of every type spread down to the edge of the sand.

“We’ll stop here for a bit.”

Vonne and I stepped out of the car and looked around in awe. It was absolutely gorgeous. We stopped and stared at the unbelievably clear water, the schools of fish you could see from our dirt roadside perch fifty feet away. We were dazzled by the multi-colored sand that was beige in places, pink in others, black at times and this eerie faint blue elsewhere. A weathered set of dark pine stairs led down a crooked path to the beach.

“You all should still have two and a half hours before your shuttle boat heads back to the ship. So take your time.”

I glanced over at Havier and he gave me a mischievous smile.

“I think I’ll go for a walk. I’ll be back in maybe…” he tilted his head to the side squinching his face as if trying to think — as if any of us believed he didn’t know exactly what he was going to say. “An hour and fifteen minutes… or maybe an hour and a half.”

With that, he closed his door and walked whistling back down the dirt road.

Vonne and I just gazed at each other elated for a minute before looking back at the beach. It was stunning. And within moments we’d gathered a small blanket, a couple towels from the back seat and started down the steps.

Making it to the sand we confirmed what we’d suspected from the car. We were alone. The beach was completely deserted on this fantastic day in this fantastic place.

“Baby,” my wife said, “this is the absolute best vacation ever!” She let out an excited scream that resonated off the rock walls.

I had to agree as I laid out the blanket and took off my shirt.

Vonne just basked in the ocean air and beautiful surroundings while I got things ready.

I looked at the water, and looked at my wife. I’d removed my shirt and shoes, wallet and passport and was standing in my trunks ready to go swimming when I stopped.

“Y’know…” I said with the same mischievous smile Havier had employed. “How many opportunities do we get to fulfill fantasies like this?”

Vonne looked over at me with a smile acknowledging and agreeing with the gleam in my eyes. Her smile grew as she watched me take off my trunks also and toss them onto the blanket.

I love my wife. I’ve always loved her adventurous side. It was actually no great surprise how she responded. She quickly dropped all of her clothes and within seconds was racing me, naked as the day she was born, toward the water. We ran into the surf and dove into the clear warm salt water and soaked up one of the greatest experiences of our lives.

See, I’ve always been a closet nudist. I love being naked. I would do it twenty-four seven if we didn’t have kids, and work and laws and police that would have us incarcerated far too quick to enjoy it. But that day we swam and played. We spotted a manta ray and a few other creatures that we would later argue about.

But the scene, the setting, my delicious wife and our inhibitions being cast to the wind soon turned sexual. My hands began to squeeze and caress her breasts in the water. I pulled her to me, kissed her wet smiling face and pressed against her hard enough for her to feel my throbbing excitement. After kissing me for a few seconds, she pushed off of me and started pressing her way through the water toward our towel on the beach. I gleefully followed, and within moments we were making love on our secluded beach.

“Pastor, the sex was good. I don’t mean to be too explicit, especially to someone like yourself. But you need to know what happened in order to-”

“Nate,” Pastor Thompson put up his hands in an assuring gesture. “Don’t worry about it. It’s ok. Tell the whole story so we can get to the real issue.”

“Well, ok… The story starts getting a little crazy here, but this is what happened…”

Here I was on the beach. I was between my wife’s legs, licking and sucking her clitoris. I love to eat her out. And I’ve always been pretty confident about my skill in that area. So I was sucking on her clit and flicking my tongue back and forth across it as she came. I felt her body shudder and those stomach muscles clench as her orgasm took hold. And I was just reveling in her juices as she let out a scream that didn’t sound right. It didn’t sound like the moans, you know, she makes when we’re having sex. It sounded fearful. I looked up, (I usually keep my eyes closed while I’m eating her), and there was an m-16 pointed at Vonne’s head.

We both stayed completely still as my eyes looked up the gun shaft to its owner, a nearly black skinned 20-year-old native. He was dressed in a worn, olive green shirt with holes in it, and torn up military fatigue pants.

“What the-?” The gun turned to me, and I stopped my question.

Another young man was standing behind him to the right, and another was at the top of the crooked stairs. The outfits changed slightly, but they definitely all looked like part of some militia or guerilla group.

Now this was really crazy cause I’d never even heard of there being this type of shit– I’m sorry, excuse my French, Pastor — This type of war or violence going on in the islands. I mean, apart from maybe Haiti before the storms. So I was at a loss. We thought the biggest thing we’d have to worry about were pick pockets.

The gunmen motioned me to stand up, or at least I assumed that’s what he meant. I briefly thought about modesty and trying to cover my wife and myself, but figured I’d better clear that with the gunmen before making any quick moves. Vonne covered herself with her hands as best she could.

“Can I give her the towel?” I slowly reached my hand toward the big striped beach towel to my right.

The gunman stepped closer to me putting the m-16′s muzzle against my skull.

Vonne let out a muffled yelp and began pleading with the man under her breath.

I stopped moving toward the blanket and brought my hand back. He stepped back and we both slowly stood up.

By this time the third man had come down the steps and was walking closer. He started speaking something close to Spanish to the second man. Both of them had guns, but clearly felt no need to threaten us as their partner was doing such an effective job. But I could tell from the looks on the other men’s faces, that our situation just got worse.

The soldier who was previously on the stairs walked up to my wife with a great shit-eating grin on his face, showing of all things a gold tooth — yet he can’t afford a shirt without holes in it. He looked my wife up and down in an obviously lascivious gaze.

Now on the one hand, I can’t fault the man for looking. Vonne is stunning. She’s 5’4″, with the smoothest cello shape body you’ll ever see. Her skin is the color of coffee with one and a half creams in it. Her breasts are round and full, a C cup I think. And her hips and ass, well, they just sing to me. She’s slender, but not skinny. She keeps her hair in a short pixie cut that accentuates her face and makes her look like a woman-sized Tinkerbell. And just recently she’d taking to shaving all her pubic hair off. It was a particularly wonderful and well-received birthday present earlier in the year. I can’t tell you the extra thrill it gives me when I’m sucking on her clit or burying my tongue inside her. She’s only gotten more beautiful since we got married, and I know I’ll never find another woman like her.

But at that moment, my wife’s physical perfection was screaming at me that we were in serious trouble, and exactly what direction that trouble would take. I tried to calculate what it would take to overtake these three armed soldiers without getting me, and more importantly Vonne, shot in the process. I couldn’t imagine a move I could make that was guaranteed to work. Perhaps there would be another way out a little later.

The second man who’d up to now only admired my wife’s beautiful naked form from afar approached, squeezed one of her titties and spun her around. He proceeded to tie her hands with something he’d pulled from a pocket, while gold-tooth handcuffed me.

Tears were streaming down Vonne’s face, and there was little I could do about it.

“Babe, we’re gonna be ok. I’m going to figure us a way out of this.” Gold-tooth shouted something unintelligible at me, and I closed my mouth.

The three men picked up our belongings and escorted us up to their old rusted Jeep, which was parked behind our tour cab. I again reached slowly for our clothes and felt a sharp pain in the back of my skull as the butt of one of the rifles connected with it. Everything went dark.

I woke up to find myself standing in a small campsite in pretty thick forest. Judging by the tents, not more than 15 people were staying here. And judging by the shape of things, they hadn’t been here long. I was standing with my back against a magnolia tree. The handcuffs had been hooked over a bent steel bar that was driven into the stump of the absent lowest branch. My shoulders were killing me. I don’t know how long I’d had all of my weight on them, but my hands and forearms were nearly numb. I was still naked, and I didn’t see Vonne.

“Vonne!!” I started, terrified of what may be happening. How could I have stayed out so long? Luckily, I didn’t have to wait long to see her.

Vonne walked out of the largest of the tents beside a small native woman. The sixty-some-odd year-old lady looked even less like she belonged here than we did. They almost looked like two women just walking and talking until Gold-tooth came out after them, still pointing his gun at my wife. I did notice that Vonne’s hands were no longer tied. At least that gave me some relief. Maybe this native woman had good news, or a soft enough heart to let us go.

My hopes were quickly dashed.

The woman’s accent was thick. It was Spanish mixed with something else. I’d never thought of people from other countries having mixed accents. But hers made it very hard to tell what she was saying. But it still didn’t take us that long to get the gist of it.

“Garble, garble, soldiers not happy. Away from home, garble, garble. Not fight well, garble.”

But her last words were very clear.

“You make soldiers happy, fight better, I not kill yours.”

Vonne looked up mortified, first at the woman, and then at me. I could do little more than match her state of horror.

Now, here I should mention, Vonne and I are both really committed to this God thing. At least, we try. But even before we started coming here, Vonne’s integrity and honor and character were very important to her. From the time I met her she was always a sophisticated, fine upstanding woman. She was a virgin when we married, and our vows and marriage are very important to her. So even with such a terrible situation, there was a lot for her to consider. I don’t blame her for that.

I desperately looked around for a way of escape, and found nothing. But my full attention was quickly brought back to front when Gold-tooth began slowly approaching me and brandished a large butterfly knife. I grabbed hold of my bonds and tried to kick at him. But that clearly was not going to be our salvation.

I glanced at Vonne and saw the defeat in her eyes. Looking into mine, she put her hand on Gold-tooth’s arm and stopped him. He smiled, still looking at me and put the knife away.

The next few minutes were a flurry of movement as the little native woman began coordinating something in whatever backwards dialect these men spoke. I just looked into my wife’s eyes trying to figure out something to say. I couldn’t think of anything that sounded right. I didn’t want to thank her. I didn’t want to seem like I wanted her to be willing to be ravaged and humiliated to save me. I wanted to tell her to run for it, but I had absolutely no idea where we were, and she was still naked, with no money and no ID in another country.

I guessed that anywhere would be better than this.

“Run! Vonne, run!”

The stairs-man from before raised his rifle and pointed it at me.

Vonne never moved. She just looked at me and shook her head. I stared back with tears coming down my face.

My attention was briefly pulled away when I saw the small woman talking to four of the men. Once the congress was over. The fourth man walked off into a tent and returned momentarily with an air mattress. The other three began removing their clothes. The native woman just stood by and watched. I tried pleading with her, but she never even looked at me. She just watched my wife, and her troops.

“Now something I did not expect to notice… and this begins the explanation of at least part of why I need to talk to you,… I didn’t expect to notice their actual bodies. By this time I was imagining, expecting that a horrible nightmare was about to happen in a great blur in front of me. But no, I saw everything in great detail. I saw every detail of the men who approached my wife. And not every feature was a sign of weakness.

Each of the soldiers, if you could call them that, were similar in height, build and complexion. They were all very dark skinned, as if they were from northern Africa, with thin runners’ builds. They looked downright malnourished to me, though they weren’t going to get a lot of sympathy for that. Gold-tooth stood out for all the wrong reasons. He didn’t look very bright. His face looked kinda crooked, like he’d lost a lot of fights. Two of the guys could have been brothers; they favored each other so much. But the third man, the man from the steps, whom I’ll call Harry, was hung like a moose. His cock had to be nearly a foot long as he walked toward her. It almost reached his knee. I started as I saw it, which made Vonne look. She jumped a little when she saw the man, bringing her hand over her mouth. She looked back at me, and I didn’t know what to say.

Gold-tooth looked fairly normal in size, about six inches, though it was bent the wrong way. I’ll call the second man who took us from the beach, Slim, because people often give names that are opposites of what they’re really like. Slim’s dick had to be as thick as my wrist, and you can see I don’t have small hands. The last guy, the one we didn’t see until we got in the camp had a cock that was eight inches lying limp against his thigh. I struggled again against my bonds to little effect.

Needless to say the four men began to touch my wife. Their hands went everywhere. Her arms, her breasts, her stomach, her hair. She struggled a little, but hands quickly forced her back into place, standing there in the center of camp fifteen feet from the accursed tree I was stuck to. She alternated between looking at me, and looking down at the ground. I tried to give her what strength I could. But I didn’t even know what to offer.

All characters in this story are over the age of 18.

As you sleep peacefully on your back I have a very wicked idea…

You slowly awaken to the feather light touch of my fingers exploring your face, chest, belly and thighs. As you move to stretch you realise you cannot, I have bound your hands and feet and you are spreadeagled on the bed, naked and sexy for my enjoyment. I am wearing my favourite black negligee and a very lustful, wicked grin on my face.

As you realise what I have done, you begin to harden instantly and I teasingly comment on how you seem to like being tied up. I lean over your face and rub my silk covered breasts against you, moving down over your chest, your belly and finally to your delicious hard cock. I take my time massaging and teasing you with my silk covered breasts. As you begin to ooze pre cum I quickly lick it up, savouring the taste then sharing it with you with a deep passionate kiss.

I step off the bed and slowly take off my negligee, revealing my hard, excited nipples and I bend over to show you just how wet and swollen I already am for you. You groan and pull against your restraints, wanting to touch and feel but unable to. I move to the end of the bed and you watch me intently as I play with my breasts and stroke my wet pussy, gyrating and moaning as I put on a show for you.

“Like what you see?” I ask.

“Fuck yes” you reply.

I move to the side of the bed and put one leg up so you have a clear view as I thrust two fingers into my dripping cunt. I pleasure myself, watching your face, then, bringing my juice soaked fingers to your mouth, I tell you to lick them clean. You eagerly do as you are told and ask me to climb on top of you so you can eat me.

“Uh Uh” I reply, “I am in control today and if you don’t behave, I’ll just leave you there unsatisfied and take care of myself while you watch.”

“Ooooh godddd” you moan.

Climbing onto the bed, I squat over you and begin to rub my wet cunt up and down on your now rock hard cock. You thrust your hips up trying to gain entry but I don’t let you. I lean forward and brush my nipples over your chest, then up to your waiting mouth. I grind onto you as you suck and lick my nipples as if it is the last thing you will ever do, your hips thrusting through my wetness but not gaining entry to my tight cunt, not yet.

I sit up, taking my breasts away from you and moving myself up to stand straddled over your head, facing your feet, then I ever so slowly begin to squat down and you watch as my lips gently part to reveal my red hot cunt, shiny with my juices and so ready to be fucked.

You strain to lift your head to reach me but I don’t let you, staying just out of reach though my musky smell and the sight of me is driving you insane with lust. Moving slightly forward, I tell you that you can lick my asshole and if you do a good enough job I may let you taste my pussy. Eagerly you plunge your face in between my butt cheeks as I hold them apart and I almost collapse on you as your tongue goes to work on my sensitive hole.

“Yes lick me, lick my ass” I tell you, “oh godddd just like that!” I can’t take much more and push myself back so that my dripping cunt is now ready for your hungry mouth.

You begin to devour me with your tongue, sucking, licking, probing, I lean forward and take your delicious cock into my mouth. We groan into each other and revel in the taste and feel of each other. As I feel us both coming close to the edge I stop and climb off the bed, we are both panting and you look devastated and so hungry.

“Wanna fuck this cunt” I ask, “Till you can’t walk” you reply.

That was the right answer and I quickly untie you, legs first, arms next, then kneel on the bed in front of you, ass up, presenting you with that view I know you love so much.

With a groan you thrust deep inside me and stop, buried as deep as you can be, I cry out and beg you to fuck me, fuck me hard, but you laugh, and simply move yourself in and out of me with long slow strokes, teasing me as I teased you.

Finally it becomes too much for you and you begin to slam into me with all your strength as I rock back to meet your every thrust. With a long scream I grip you tight as my inner muscles pulse with an explosive orgasm and soon after I feel you slam into me and stop deep, then I feel your cum hitting the top of my cunt and I start to orgasm all over again, prolonging your release until we both collapse, breathless and shuddering from the power of our joining.

I left work a little early Tuesday, knowing my daughter had come home from college for the summer, and was expected that morning. She had a key of course, but was coming home to an empty house; Lisa, my wife, was away on business. I hadn’t seen Maggie for some months, and was anxious to hear about how her life was going, and didn’t want her to be alone when she came home. When I let myself in I didn’t see her around; I knew she was there, her car was in the driveway, and some of her stuff was in the doorway, more in the living room. I didn’t hear the television or her music, though, and assumed she might be napping as I followed the trail of debris through the house. I got to her bedroom (it’s still hers, even though she is only home a few months a year) and saw the door closed. I knocked gently and got no answer, confirming, in my head, that she had taken a nap after her drive. I made my way down the hall to the bedroom I shared with my wife, planning to change, keeping quiet to as not to disturb her slumber.

I guess it was my consideration for her nap that set the events into motion. If I had called out, or knocked harder, or made more noise, she would have known I was home, I think. But I didn’t, and she didn’t. And since she had her back to me in the open bathroom door, she didn’t see me when my eye caught movement as I passed the partially open doorway, and heard music playing low.

I have to say I was confused at first, as I didn’t recognize her. Her hair, besides being wet, was longer than it had been. It also had some streaks of light and dark in it. And I couldn’t see her face; as I said, her back was turned.

And she was naked.

Not realizing it was her, thinking maybe she had brought a friend home, I ducked a little out of the doorway and sneaked a longer look, thinking hey, it’s not my daughter, so it’s only wrong if I get caught looking. And I immediately assessed that whoever it was was worth taking a gander at – long slim legs led up to firm, tight, rounded ass cheeks, dimples at the top where her back started, up a slim and fit torso, long arm hiding a hint of side breast, wet hair spilled down her shoulders and back. Very pleasant to see. She had a one foot up on the closed toilet seat, the thigh muscles taut.

And just as I thought I had seen enough to fantasize about and should duck out of there before I pushed my luck and got caught, I realized what she was doing. Her leg, as I said, was up, knee pointing off to the side. Her shoulders were hunched and her head was down. Her arms busy, one moving the other still, hands down low in front. Then the busy hand extended from her to the side, and rinsed a razor in the hot water running in the sink.

She was shaving her pussy.

So of course, I looked longer. I mean, it’s not like I could see anything but her near-perfect ass with her back turned, and she wasn’t acting all sexy like a web cam show, but fuck, there was a naked girl shaving her pubes in my guest bathroom, just a few feet from me. How could I not watch, at least a little. So I did. I watched a few more strokes, another rinse. I saw her check the smoothness by swiping her hand across the finished area, take another stroke, rinse again. Check again. It struck me that she was rubbing her fingers across her shaved pussy, and my cock swelled. Naked pubic grooming is just hot.

I jerked away when she moved her leg off the toilet, sneaking out of the doorway in case she turned. I could act surprised. I waited a few seconds and pretended to be walking by, preparing my shocked act in case whoever it was noticed me. My eyes darted to the side to glance.

I froze.

She had the other foot up now, and had turned a little to the side. She had switched hands with the razor, doing the other side now. Head still down, intent in her duties. When her arms moved I could see her breasts, young and full, hanging a little as she hunched, perfect small pink nipples upon rounded globes. I could make out the mound between her legs when she pulled the skin tight from the side, as she worked diligently to remove the stubble and shave cream. Her wet hair hid her face. My cock grew more, and I adjusted it. I was fully hard.

And then she sang a little bit with the song that was playing softly. The voice hit me like a slap. It wasn’t a friend of Maggie’s. It was Maggie, my daughter. Guilt wracked me suddenly and my cock, the bastard, got harder. My daughter, home from school, was a fully grown and gorgeous woman and was shaving her pussy! And I was harder than I had ever been watching her.

When had she grown into such a delectable beauty? When did the little girl I taught to ride a bike turn supple and smooth and rounded? When did she turn hot? And when did she start shaving her pussy?

I had stopped even thinking about getting caught, enraptured by the vision of her naked body, grooming herself (for – what? – for sex?). The vision of her combined with the subtle knowledge that what I was doing was wrong possessed me so that I almost didn’t realize she’d finished. She was splashing water from the sink onto her pussy, wiping away the remains of the shave cream, then took a small hand towel and dried it. And then she stood there, sideways to me, looking straight ahead.

She took a deep breath.

“Did you get a good look?” she asked the room aloud. And in a heartbeat she was at the door, pulling it wide and startling me, freezing me to the spot in a panic. “Well?” she asked accusingly, eyebrows lifted as my mouth opened wordlessly. “Did you? Did you see enough, Dad?” She stepped into the doorway, only a step from me. She looked me up and down. “Or do you need a closer look, so you can go jerk off thinking about your own daughter?”

“You…you…” I stammered foolishly, embarrassed to sound like such and idiot in front of my little girl. My no longer little, naked and confronting and shocking daughter. “You shaved your…self,” I uttered dumbly.

“I shaved my cunt,” she postured arrogantly. Her language hit me like a slap and I startled. “So? You watched. Did you get a good look?” she repeated. Her hand went to my chest and her chin jutted defiantly. “Or do you need to see it close up?”


“You’re staring at my naked body and shaved pussy, and YOU ask ME why?”

“I… I….”

“I like it this way,” she said. Her lip lifted in a sneer, and her hand slipped to the front of my pants. She felt my erection. “I guess you do, too. Never seen a girl shave before?” she sneered. “Lots of girls do, now,” she stated plainly. “Or have you just never seen a young shaved cunt before, live and in person?” She squeezed my cock, and the blood rushed from my head and extremities making me go numb all over except where her hand grasped me. “Whatsamatter, Mom doesn’t shave hers? Never seen one except on the computer?” She closed the remaining distance between us until I felt her hot breath on my face. “Wanna see it up close and personal?” she accused. “Dad?” Her tone was a once nonchalant, derisive and cajoling.

I felt my head move, not believing I was nodding. She released my cock and grabbed the front of my shirt, pulling my near-lifeless body into the bathroom. I followed on shuffling feet until she reached the sink counter. She turned to face me, her expression filled with disdain and pity. I stepped back from her, just a step and she pulled me back.

“Oh, no you don’t, Dad. You fucking perv on me from the doorway? And now you’re scared?” She released my shirt and quickly lifted her butt up onto the counter. I was staring at her face, afraid to move my eyes, wanting to but resisting; knowing it was wrong, trying to turn away, failing. Her lip curled in amused entertainment at my obvious discomfort. “Look,” she told me. In the lower range of my vision I detected movement. I tried to concentrate only on her face, lost the battle, and my vision drifted down. Her neck; muscles pulsing. A red blush across her upper chest, her breasts, rising, falling. Her nipples, darker, erect. Was she excited by this? Her stomach, thin skin folded over as she sat.

And her pussy. Her shaved and naked pussy at the juncture of her slightly parted thighs. Her bare pubic mound, her tight, thin labia, crowned by her clit hood. I was breathing through my mouth.

“Like what you see? Like looking at you naked daughter’s shaved cunt, Dad?” She spread her thighs wider. “Go ahead. Get a good look, it’s okay.” Her voice lowered. “You’re not the first to see it.” Wider still. Her bare foot moved, stroked across the front of my pants, pressing my hard cock. “You like it. Everyone does.” She picked her feet up and rested her heels on the edge of the counter, knees up, parted shoulder width. “Everyone likes it. You know how many guys have seen my shaved pussy?” Her knees fell open. “Girls, too, Dad.” As her thighs parted wide her labia parted, giving a hint of glistening pink wetness inside. “They all love it. Just like you.”

Her words registered in my numb brain. “You show it…to…a lot..”

“Whoever I want. They all love it.”

“You’re a…slut in college?”

“If you like. I have a healthy sexual appetite,” she stated plainly. “And I get what I want.” Her fingers dropped to her pussy, stroking the smooth hairless skin lightly, then parting her lips. “Go ahead, take a closer look. You know you want to. You can’t help it.” Her other hand reached to my hair, pulled, and I felt myself falling to my knees. And then my face was inches from her fingers, pulling her lips open. I could feel her body heat emanating from her, I smelled her pussy. Fuck, it was incredible.

“Do it,” she hissed. “All the boys and girls do. Go ahead. You know you can’t stop yourself.” Her voice dropped to a whisper, saying each word slowly. “Lick your slut daughter’s shaved cunt.”

My last shred of resistance evaporated and so help me, I leaned in and planted a tender, loving kiss at the base of her opening, then trailed a series of them up her slit, smelling her, absorbing her, worshipping as the kisses moved up her cunt to her clit. I was enthralled. My chest tightened. My cock swelled, painfully hard. I dropped my mouth back to the bottom of her slit and my tongue emerged, touching her exposed hairless taint, and took a long, languorous journey up one side, down the other, dallying at her seeping wetness, her peeking inner lips, her swelling bud. I heard her satisfied cooing above me, felt her hands in my hair. I pointed my tongue and speared it into her wet hole, tasting the flood of sweet nectar rushing to greet me, caressed her opening, licking the slick walls at the entrance of her delightful pussy. My nose brushed her clit, and she pulsed against my face. I took several long slow licks up her full glory with my tongue flattened, avoiding her clit, then danced around her button, teasing the sides. She adjusted. I avoided. I went back to her opening, sucking the juices, licking and drinking from her, delirious. I suckled her labia. I licked her pee hole. And then I attacked her clit.

“Oh, that’s it daddy,” she sighed, “lick my sweet cunt. Worship my slut hole like a dirty boy.” She blew out a breath and her hips twitched as I flicked her swollen button. “Oh, yeah, you do that as good as the girls do.” I sucked her button into pursed lips and pressed my pointed tongue at it. “Oh, yeah, make my pussy cum, Daddy, make me cum in your face.” I slipped two fingers into her wet channel, palm up under my chin, and stroked her firmly and stepped up my tongue attack. “Fuck, yeah, I’m close! Lick my fucking cunt, dirty Daddy, lick your daughter’s slut cunt!” Her voice lowered. “Do you know how many cocks have fucked the hole you’re enjoying? Oh! Fuck! Yeah, lick my fuck hole!”

I fingered her harder, and licked faster, and she screamed and her hands grabbed my head and pressed me into her, smothering me, and then my face was splashed with warmth; she released me and I pulled back, fingers still inside, and as I gasped a breath my mouth was filled as a stream of fluid shot from her, splashing my face and open mouth. I sputtered for breath as she cried out and jerked her hips, several smaller squirts fountaining from her cunt. I eased my fingers from her slowly, caressing her silky walls, reveling in her ecstatic climax.

She eased, and exhaled, and relaxed. I stood, looking at her, seeing her satisfied and manipulative expression. She eyed me slyly.

“Take your cock out, you perv.” My face was dripping, but I didn’t stop to wipe. I tasted her as I unzipped, opened, dropped my pants and pulled my boxer briefs down. My erection, harder than I could ever remember, swelled painfully, jutting from my body, inches from my little Maggie’s swollen cunt. I looked up at her.

“Will you suck it?”

“Are you joking?” she asked derisively. “I don’t GIVE head, you idiot. I GET it,”


“What are you waiting for? Fuck me!” I panted, panicked. My mouth was dry and my heart pounded. And then I was inside her, my cock sliding easily into her heat. I grunted. She laughed.

“You fucking pervert,” she derided, “fucking your daughter. Look at you! You have less self-restraint than the boys at school!” I flushed with shame as she admonished me, but my guilt and internal retribution heightened my excitement. I flushed with frantic energy, thrusting madly into her, embarrassed at my awful surrender and wallowing in guilt and erotic horror. She laughed again.

“What a piece of shit you are. Fucking your own daughter. Losing yourself because you saw some shaved twat! Fuck! You’re not even good at it! You lick cunt better than you fuck! Come on!” Her hand reached up and pinched my face, making me see her derision, plain on her face. “Fuck me! Harder! Give me some man cock!”

I grabbed at her thighs, slammed my body into her, wanting to hurt her, hurting myself. I felt my balls slapping her ass, our bodies crashing brutally against each other. She started to fuck me back.

“Yeah! Finally! You lick like a girl, but you fuck like one, too! Give it to me! Be a man, Daddy! Fuck your slut!” I smashed into her, hurting myself against her, not caring about her, feeling the head of my cock impacting the back of her pussy. She screeched. I snarled. She clawed me. I gripped her thighs, probably bruising. My jaw clenched, teeth showing, gritted. She grabbed my old ass, dug in her nails, leaned back and pulled me in harder, and came. Her squirt shot up between us, soaking my shirt, splashing up into my face.

I shouted unintelligibly and jerked uncontrollably and exploded inside her, my hips pulsing in spasms as my cum jetted from my cock, filling her, turning her tight pussy hot and slick. I finished while she was still twitching and panting. I struggled to regain my breath and my sense. Her eyes opened, saw reason return to my eyes, and smashed it down.

“You think that’s it, you perverted old man?” she taunted. She grabbed my wet shirt, pulled me to her, and bit my lip. “Like that was good enough for me? You fucking owe me for that shitty fuck!” She grabbed my hair, pushed my chest, thrusting me out of her while pulling my head down. “I had a beautiful sexy cunt! Look what you did to it!”

I looked down, saw her lips gaping open, red and swollen, oozing my cum and hers, awful and brutalized. Used, fucked hard. “Clean that fucking mess up! Lick it out! Make it nice again, the way you found it!” She pulled my face between her legs and I didn’t even resist, lost in her command of me, her use of me as a fuck toy. Her father. My once-innocent daughter. She pushed my mouth to her pussy and I licked and sucked my cum out, tasting my pungent load, swallowing it down, hoping she would be satisfied when I was done, wouldn’t despise me. I was her dog, a terrible evil man who had lusted for his own daughter, licked her pussy, and fucked her. I needed to make it right, and she told me how.

“That’s it, get all that cum out, you fucking perv. God, Dad, I can’t believe you fucked your own daughter. Get it all. Swallow it. And make it all pretty. Clean my slut cunt and leave it the way you found it.” I didn’t think it would ever be the beautiful pristine shaved mound of paradise I had seen earlier, the gorgeous swollen peach that had enraptured me.

But I did my best.

When she’d had enough she shoved me away. There was no cum left in her, but she was still swollen and plundered, a gaping raw open wound of our illicit joining. “Get away,” she sneered. “You corrupted me, you filth.” I doubted that, but hung my head in silent agreement, shamed by her accusation and my behavior.

“I’m sorry, Maggie,” I pleaded.

“You better do better next time, you piece of shit,” she snarled, and jumped down. “And if any of your nasty cum drips out of me later, if you left any behind, I swear, you’ll be sorry,” she threatened.

But all I had heard was ‘next time’.

“I promise,” I implored. “I’ll do better, I swear.”

“Yes,” she said, angling her head at me. “I think you will.”

The Holiday – Part 3 – group

This is the 3rd part of what happened on my holiday when I was 18. It happened the day after the night before when I watch steph fuck some guy. This is all a true story and sorry as I’m not a writer so probably many mistakes. Hope you enjoy. I would Love feedbackxx

On the 6th day of the holiday we were all getting ready to go out. Me and Steph had gone into the other girls room to get ready. Steph was quite quiet in the morning but by this evening, and with a bit of drinking it had become a bit more comfortable between us. Regarding me though things had somehow changed. My mind seemed much more sexually curious. Usually we get changed in front of each other and I don’t care in the slightest, but today was different, I could not keep my eyes off the other girls naked bodies!

One of the girls Josie I noted had some hair on her pussy. At the time (2005) it was pretty much that everyone around our age was completely shaved. But Josie was different and she did not care. I could not keep my eyes of it. She was a blonde but her pubic hair looked much more darker than her head hair. I myself started shaving about a year before and kept it completely bald. At the time I did not really like it as it made me feel like a child again. But at the time I was so ashamed of my red hair which on my pussy was super red, that I would shave it. Now I usually have it just trimmed and love my red hair!

Anyway back to the story. We were heading out and the girls were annoyed because Steph wanted to meet up with the boy from the night before. We had agreed that we would not let boys get between us during the holiday. Even though I was pretending to be upset, I really hoping that they would meet up. The previous night of watching Steph having sex in the alleyway I was hoping to happen again. But I was hoping she would ask to bring him back to the bedroom where I would allow her this time so I could watch.

After dinner we were in a club when the Steph’s guy came over to us. He had his friends with him. The night before to me all the guys looked sub standard but tonight in my constant state of arousal it was different. I was so horny that I would fuck anyone of these guys now. My eyes kept scanning them over. I was drawn to one particular guy though. Not because of his looks but because Steph’s guy started to introduce them. As he went through the guys names he pointed over to the guy and announced his name as “donkey” As soon as I heard this I looked at his face, then his body trying to see if he had any features that made him look like a donkey. I then diverted my eyes down to his crotch to see if there was any other obvious reason for his name that just happened to be on show. He was wearing big baggy shorts so I could not make out much. I tried to play it cool and waited for my chance to try to chat to him.

After about 30 minutes my chance came. I notice him head to the bar on his own. I walked over to the bar and stood next to him. He looked at me and tried to get my attention over the music

“Hey your Kelly, right? Steph’s friend?”

I pretended as I did not even knew he was there. I studied his face quickly. He was not really attractive at all.

“Yes, sorry, I did not catch your name” I lied.

“I’m Gareth, but the guys call me Donkey”

“Ah right, Whys that then?” I asked politely

“Well, Its a joke the guys made up, its a bit embarrassing really” He blushed. I was unsure if it was for his dick. Surely if he was trying to chat someone up you would use your dick size to your advantage. We spoke for a few more minutes. Just general small talk about England and stuff when Steph came up to us and grabbed my arm asking to speak to me privately. We walked away from Gareth aka donkey. I followed Steph to a quiet corner where she tried to talk to me in hush tones

“Kelly, Is it OK if me and Martin go back to the apartment. I really want to alone time with him and not just in a alleyway” She looked at me trying to hide her embarrassment. Oh no I thought to myself. I was hoping the night would end with me being able to see Steph fuck again, But she had ruined my plan by asking to go early. I Huffed at her trying to give myself time to think. She started to try to reason with me when I had a idea. It was not a good idea but it was the only one I could think of.

“But I wanted to fuck Gareth tonight! You already had a shag, Now its my turn!” I moaned.

She looked at me shocked. I’m not usually one to be so open but I really wanted to see her fuck again.

“Oh right” she replied. I looked at her while she looked down at her feet.

“Well I guess we can take them both back, I don’t mind fucking in the same room.” I was shocked with my self. But Steph jumped at the chance!

“Yes, OK!” She near enough shouted. She turned around and ran off.

As I watch her quickly walk off it occurred to me, I now had to go and ask a guy that I did not find attractive and only just spoke to 5 minutes ago if he wanted to come back with me and fuck while sharing a room with our friends. I headed back to where I left him. He was talking to his friend. I tried to get his attention by waving to him. He spotted me and headed over.

“Everything OK” he asked slightly concerned. I was not quite sure what to say….I looked at his face then decided best to get it over with.

“Do you want to come back to mine and fuck?” I said meekely

His face lit up! He could not believe it, a girl who he only just met was asking to fuck him.

“Sure” He said.

I led him out of the club. I did not want to tell him about our friends fucking in the bed next to us as I was worried that would make me look like a even bigger whore. Outside we met Steph and Martin. I could see Martin give Gareth a wink and smile but did not see what was gareth’s reply. We started the walk back to the apartment. There was excitement in the air but no one spoke of what was to come. Steph and Martin was speaking between themselves and me and Gareth just listened. It made me realise more that I’m about to fuck I guy I just met, beside 2 other people fucking. And not because I wanted to fuck this guy but because I wanted to watch my friend fuck someone again. I was stunned with myself.

We got into the apartment and as we walked in Steph announced that She and Martin could go in the living room while we went in the bedroom. I once more remembered why I was going though with this.

“No! It’s OK, we are all OK in the bedroom” I quickly cut in.

I seemed to have grown confidence all of a sudden as I started to pull down my skirt in front of everyone. There was a sound of happiness from both the boys. I started to pull of my top revealing that I had not worn a bra that evening. As I stood in only a thong I watched as both the boys started to undress. I looked at Steph. She seemed nervous. I don’t think I picked up on it till this moment but I don’t think Steph wanted to fuck in the same room. It may have been the reason of trying in separate rooms. I decided I needed to give her some persuasion.

“Come on Steph, I will get the condoms!” As I said the words it hit me, I looked up at Steph and I knew that she had realise too.

When we went over to get ready at the other girls apartment we took our bag with all the make up and stuff if. It also contained our condoms. Steph looked at the guys and asked if they had any condoms. Both looked up. I could see a sign of worry in both their faces as they both shook their heads to say no. I tried to think. There was no way into the girls room, I started to scan the room when Steph Shouted from the living room.

“Found one!” She came walking into the bedroom carrying her purse. “But there is only one” She grimaced. “You can have it if you want” she looked at me and Martin.

I knew that even though both of us were on the pill Steph would never have sex without a condom. Neither would I. We were both worried about getting a STD, especially as One of the other girls mum showed us pictures before hand and hell no did I want that to happen to me. But If Steph didn’t have it she would not have sex, and I would not be able to see her fucking which is the whole point of me doing this. And If I didn’t then it would only be right for me and martin to wait outside while they fucked. I knew what I had to do if I wanted to see Steph fuck again.

“It’s OK. You can take it I replied” I turned to Gareth.”You don’t have anything do you?” He shook his head. “OK then. I turned to face everyone as I started to pull down my thong. “Lets Fuck!”

I tried to sound excited but really I was nervous. I did not really want to fuck this guy but I had to if I wanted to see Steph again. Steph Was still fully dressed. I watched as the boys pull down their trousers. Martin was fully erect and was quite big, probably about 7 inches or so. Gareth looked nervous and waited for Martin before he started to pull his down. As the trouser dropped I could not believe my eyes. Looking at Gareth’s cock it was probably about the same size as Martins, probably a bit thicker though…But Gareth’s dick was still limp!.

“Shit” I heard Steph exclaim! I turned to look at her. She was staring open mouthed at the huge cock in front of us as well. She was in her underwear now. Her tight Bra really showed of her massive breast on her skinny frame. But for once I did not care about that, I turned back to look at Gareth’s massive beast. It was still limp. He put his hand on it and started stroking it. I could hear Martin say

“I bet you now see why we call him Donkey” I nodded gently.

I was so aroused but I was so nervous as well. I had never seen a cock near that big. I don’t think I could handle it. Martin started to walk towards Steph who was still in her underwear. He pulled down her knickers as she started to turn her attention back to Martin. I waited for Gareth to walk over to me. I was sat on the edge of the bed now so in a natural position to start giving him a blow job. His dick was only semi-erect. Before I took it in my mouth I asked him how much bigger it gets.

“About 10 inches, maybe more” He said softly. I could not believe it. The biggest I had up to that point was maybe 7 inches. I started to suck on his dick. It was so heavy in my mouth. I was having to bend my head down to reach the head. I kept sucking for what felt like a eternity. I took him out of my mouth and looked across at the others.

Martin was on his back with his dick reaching up into the air. I watched as Steph who was now fully naked started to put the condom onto Martins dick. This turned me on so much to see her do this action. I kept my eyes on them as Steph climbed on top of Martin. She grabbed his dick as she guided it in to her sweet hairless pussy. I watched in amazement as I saw her sit down and it enter into her. I was so hot now. I was hardly paying attention to Gareth but I could tell that he was watching as well. I would not blame him. Steph was one of the most perfectly beautiful girls in the world.

I then felt Gareth start to lift me from my armpits trying to guide me back on the bed. He asked if I was OK. I nodded to him. He looked down at our private areas. I did not want to look as I was still scared at his dick. I could feel his dick start to touch my lips. It was so thick as well. It had massive girth to it. I could feel as he started to push his member inside me.

At first only a few inches. It was so painful. At the time I could only fit two fingers in my pussy but this was like the size of a fist! At about 4 inches he started to pull back out and then back in. He started to do this with only the first few inches at first but it still felt painful. But a amazing pain. After a while he started putting more in at a time. Probably got to about 8 inches and I don’t think I could fit any more in. He kept at a nice pace. I started to grow use to it and found it very pleasurable. I started to forget about them But then I could hear heavy grunts from the bed next to us. I looked across. Looking at Steph’s face I presumed she may have just come. Then the shudder of Martins body showed that he had come as well. Steph fell into Martins arms. It was a amazing site to watch. I looked up at Gareth. His eyes were closed.

While I was looking at Steph I had forgot the pain, now it was just pleasure for me. Gareth took his time. He lasted a few more minutes never entering more than 8 inches I would guess. I wanted to him insert more by this point. I knew it would hurt but I did not care. I could feel him start to speed up, as he did he started to insert more. My legs were spread wide, I could feel his balls slapping against my ass, His pubic hair started to rub against my bald pussy. I could feel he was completely inside me, there was no pain, just absolute pleasure! Then the most amazing feeling, as he started to stutter to cum I could feel it hit right against the back of the inside of my pussy. It was the most incredible feeling, For the first time in my life I came at the same time as the guy came. It was so amazing, He was completely out of energy and collapsed onto me. As I came down I looked across at Steph and Martin.

Steph had put a t-shirt on and Martin had started to dress. Martin started to do a mock cheer and Steph was looking at me in the eyes smiling. This had made it so much more hotter for me. Not only had I see her fuck but she had watched me!. I was so exhausted from it. Gareth Started to stand. He looked at Martin smiling, They both got dress. I could hardly move. I just sat there lying on my back with my knees up and spread wide. Martin spoke to Steph.

“We better get going” Steph nodded and started to get up to show them out. All 3 walked past me. I could not move so just laid there. I didn’t care if Martin saw my pussy with my legs spread. I heard Steph show them out the door.

After a minute or 2 she walked back in. She threw some toilet roll at me.

“Here clean up” She smiled.

I looked up a bit dazed. Then I realised. I forgot there was no condom!. I reached down and felt my pussy with my hand. I could feel Gareth’s cum oozing out of me. I was so embarrassed now. The three of them had just walked past, and here I was just after fucking I guy I had only just me and I just laid there spread eagle with cum falling out of my pussy. I was mortified. I quickly got up and rushed to the toilet. I could feel the cum running down my leg as I ran. I got into the bathroom and sat on the toilet. I tried to wipe it out as much as I could but there was so much. I went for a pee hoping that would get some out. I think I got most of it so walked out of the door. I walked into the bedroom. Steph was in her bed. She looked like she was asleep so I found some shorts and put them on and hopped into bed. I nodded of quite quickly. That night all I could dream about was Steph fucking again.

My wife, Lynne had excused herself from the bar where she and I had been talking with our new acquaintance, Mike. He was an interesting guy who we had met at a seminar we had all attended to keep up our continuing education requirements. Lynne is a nurse midwife, I am a nurse practitioner and our new friend Mike is a MD. We were lucky enough to live in the same town as the seminar. Mike however had driven in from Memphis and had booked a hotel room for an extra night to avoid the long drive home. We had enjoyed lunch with him and agreed to stay for a couple of drinks at hotel bar.

“You’re a lucky guy, Matt” Mike said moments after Lynne had excused herself.

“How so?” I inquired.

“To have a wife like Lynne,” Mike continued, “not only is she intelligent, fun and interesting, she’s very well endowed. Not at all like those stereotypical large breasted women who are shallow and silly.”

“Well I guess you are right, I suppose I’ve just grown to take her for granted.” I confessed.

“I would never take her for granted my friend; most guys would die to have what you have.” Mike warned.

“You know when we married her breasts were not anywhere as large as they are now.” I said, the rum talking now. “I was never really a big breast guy, she had C’s then and hers were the largest breasts I had ever seen in real life.”

“Man, I would give anything to spend an hour or so enjoying breasts like your wife has now, what are they, DD?” Mike said with a tone of sincerity.

“Actually, I lost track a long time ago, I couldn’t say for sure.” I said with a shrug. “You really mean it; you would like to play with them for an hour?”

Lynne has supersensitive breasts; it drives her insane to have them fondled. Over the years there had been pillow talk of her having both nipples sucked at once, but we had never had the opportunity to put the words into actions. Being hard working professionals with three children we had been “all work and no play” for more years than I cared to admit.

“Are you kidding, I have been looking for someone like your Lynne for years! Like I said, you’re a lucky guy.” Mike said with an honest smile.

“Well, how would you like to spend some time with Lynne?” I explored.

“Are you serious?” Mike said with one eyebrow raised.

“Well, why not? As long as that is where it stops, we are monogamous and I would not want you to think it was going to be anything more than a bit of good clean fun. Remember what they said in the breakout session about breast cancer, we all have to do our part! We’ll just consider it an intense breast exam!” I chuckled.

“It’s been years since I played doctor!” Mike laughed along with me.

It was then that Lynne made her way back from the power room. “What are you guys laughing about?” Lynne said as she placed her right hand on my left shoulder and her left hand on his back.” I couldn’t help but notice her breast touch his arm as she positioned herself between us.”

“Honestly, we were talking about the role of breast exams in cancer prevention.” I said trying to keep a straight face.

“I’m sure you guys found an amusing aspect to that.” Lynne looked disappointed that we were making light of such a serious issue.

“Hey guys, I know you’re driving home; I would hate to see anything happen to either of you because you stayed to have a couple drinks with me. How about we go to my room and talk for a while than grab a bite to eat, my treat.” Mike offered.

“What do you think Hubbie?” Lynne said. After years of marriage I could tell she wanted to spend more time with Mike.

“I do not want to drink and drive, that’s for sure, and I never turn down a free meal.” I smiled.

We went up to his room. It was very nice. Not only did it have a king sized bed, but it had a love seat and a chair. I made a point of sitting in the chair with the clear message that I intended Lynne and Mike to end up next to each other. We spent some time with small talk about how nice the room was and what a good view of Chattanooga it offered.

“Lynne, Mike thinks I am a lucky man to be married to such an attractive and intelligent wife.” I finally changed the subject.

“Really Mike? What a sweet thing to say!” Lynne smiled “I could just kiss you for that!”

“Don’t hold back on my account.” I said.

In an instant Lynne moved towards Mike. Instead of going for his cheek, she planted a kiss square on his lips. It did not last for more than a moment or two, and there was absolutely no tongue involvement, but it was for real a kiss. Lynne and I had been to a couple strip clubs and she had kissed more than one stripper in front of me, but I had never seen her kiss another man before. She pulled back leaving Mike and I both a little stunned.

“Wow, thanks, that was a wonderful kiss.” Mike said.

“Just thought you deserved a reward for reminding my husband that he is a lucky man.” Lynne said while she was looking straight at me.

“Yeah, Mike said that I was lucky because many men would love to be with a woman with large natural breasts.” I revealed more of the conversation.

“Really, Mike, you like my breasts?” Lynne said, glancing over to him.

“I have always admired woman with large breasts.” Mike said without avoiding her eye contact.

“Matt seems to take them for granted lately” She said, still looking at Mike. “I think honesty should be rewarded.” She continued as she once again moved towards him and again kissed him. This time the kiss was more passionate, this time she parted her lips, just enough to invite him in. Taking the opportunity his tongue entered her mouth as the kiss continued for what seemed to be an eternity. Again she pulled back. “Would you like to touch them?” Lynne said with an inviting smile. Without waiting for him to answer she reached out and took his hand and guided it to her still cloth covered mounds. As he started to massage her through her shirt and bra, she again moved in towards him and engaged him in a kiss.

There I sat, like a younger brother watching his sister make out with her boyfriend. Butterflies gathered in my stomach as I watched this surreal event unfold before my eyes. A quick kiss with a stripper was one thing, a full blown make out session with an out of town doctor was quite another. Pillow talk about sharing her with ghostly imaginary figure in the midst of passion was one thing, sitting 6 feet away without touching her was qualitatively a different experience. The butterflies turned to knots as the moment turned to an extended period of time, which while it seems to be forever was most likely closer to less than 5 minutes.

Finally, she once again pulled away. “Did you enjoy them?” She asked Mike.

“Very much so!” Was his simple reply.

“Did you enjoy the show?” My wife asked. It was a moment or two before I answered. My pause allowed time for me to process the various answers. As my answer was not immediately forthcoming, she posed a second question. “Would you like to be involved?”

I answered an honest “Yes.”

“Good, Then why are you just sitting there? Come over here.” She now took control of me as well. This was strange as her control had always been passive and indirect in our lovemaking. While for years she had been in charge and in control, she had never “taken” obvious, explicit charge of any love making situation. I stood and walked the short distance to the couch. As I moved next to her, she lifted both her arms and said “Take off my blouse!” I did as she instructed. This blouse could have easily been removed by her; Mike had been closer and obviously could have slipped it off her, or moved his hands under it; but she made me do it. She was not wearing one of her heavy duty work bras, but rather a bra which had a shear see through cup. This somewhat surprised me, I had not recalled seeing her in that bra when she had dressed in the morning. “Unsnap my bra, Matt” she said to me while looking at Mike. I unsnapped the bra and her breasts relaxed. “Do you like real breasts, Mike?” said she looking for some reassurance before she unveiled herself fully to him.

“I like them more than anything else in the world.” Mike said in a soft loving tone.

Once again she moved towards him, “go sit down.” She said to me as she relaxed her shoulders allowing her bra to fall off her. With a flick of her wrist she tossed her bra over to my lap as soon as I sat down.

Once again my emotions turned on themselves. On one hand there was the bitter disappointment of being dismissed just when I thought I would share in their sex play. While my chest tightened with frustration and jealousy, my penis slowly engorged with blood resulting in a semi-erection. I watched as his hands pressed into her breast flesh, her eyes closed and she pressed her lips even harder against his. His fingers moved to manipulate her now hard nipples. Again, time warped and slowed as every movement of his hands seemed to last for an eternity. She was now pressed so closely to him that I could see only a fraction of her naked breasts as her arms obscured what little view there was to be seen.

Suddenly she pulled away from him, supporting her breasts with her right arm; she reached to him with her left and pulled him up off the couch and moved toward the king sized bed. She lay down on the bed and then pulled him down next to her. I had turned in the chair, following their movements. Now I watched from a distance as he was now in a position to move his mouth to her breast. From my vantage point I could only see the back of his head as it moved while his mouth worked it’s magic on her areola and nipple.

“Hubbie, come here, I need you.” Lynne called out to me from the bed in a soft voice. As I approached she patted the side of the bed. I moved next to her and she pulled my face to her breast. I needed no instruction and was nearly to her nipple when she said “Hubbie, lick my nipple.” From my new position I could see exactly what his tongue was doing. I copied his movements exactly. Lynne’s body slowly moved between us. Her dress pants were still on her, causing no end of frustration. She had already endured more nipple play than she usually did before she reached her hand between her legs to stroke her clitoris. “I, I need my pants off.” She said. With that Mike and I both stopped our oral massage and tugged on a leg as she lifted her bottom and allowed the pants to slip off. She moved to slip her hands inside the waistband of her panties and slipped them off. We once again lay along each side of her as she cupped her mons pubis and pushed ever so softly. With our position we had the choice to either watch each other’s movements, or close our eyes; he chose the latter, I the former.

Once again, she spoke. “Ok guys, enough, enough, this is so unfair, let’s see what you have.” With that she removed Mike’s shirt, then his pants, and finally she pulled his boxers off, releasing his fully erect penis. There was plenty of light in the room to reveal his member. It was easily 7 1/2″ long and its girth was clearly more than a toilet paper tube, it had a uniform peach color and stood straight out from his firm body. “Oh my god” Lynne gasped “it is gorgeous!” She reached her hand out and clutched it, slowly moving her hand over his silky skin. “What are you waiting for Hubbie, take off your clothes.” She was making me undress myself in front of this nearly perfect stranger, who both she and I knew was vastly better endowed than I. She continued to manipulate Mike’s cock, while he stood next to the bed. She had moved from her position in the middle of the bed to his side and was now sitting with her back to the headboard and her feet drawn up to her chest, this position placed his penis directly in front of his face. She looked first at his cock, then up to his eyes, then over to me and once again instructed me to get undressed. Her tone betrayed her intolerance of my hesitation. As I removed my briefs, I moved my hands to hide my nakedness. She moved her eyes from me to Mike, “he’s a little bit shy I guess. Your cock is so much larger than his! Have you guys had as much fun as I have?” Lynne looked straight in my eyes as she asked this question.

“I could not have enjoyed myself more!” Mike said.

“Thank you dear for a great afternoon.” I said halfheartedly. While I had long fantasized about this even, the experience was much more intense that I had expected. I had thought it would be exciting in a very erotic way; it had been much more emotional. It was exciting, but somewhat overwhelming and my embarrassment with my own dick being obviously much smaller than his only potentiated the emotions. The embarrassment quickly led to the blood emptying from the cavernous bodies which had produced only the slightest engorgement. The result was my modest 5 ½” erection giving way to my flaccid 2″ dick.

Lynne once again looked into the eyes of the doctor, who was closer to her 42 years than he was my 50. I judged him to be around 37 years old from what he had said about his training and career. She leaned into him and kissed the head of his penis. It responded with a clear twitch. Lynne giggled like a school girl and kissed it again, resulting in more movement. She then slipped the whole head of his cock into her moist mouth. After a couple moments, she withdrew her mouth and exclaimed “it’s too big to get all the way into my mouth.” She licked it a few times, this too cause his cock to jump with joy. “I need to be fucked, I am so wet, I cannot stand this.” She said gazing up into his eyes. “Anybody up to the job?” she said as she turned her head over to me. “What happened to your hard-on hubby? I need to be fucked, you’re my husband, so I offer myself to you, if you can get it up, I will get it off. Or maybe you do not want to fuck me, is that why your dick is soft? I’m all wet, and Mike is rock hard, I guess this is not as exciting for you as it is for us.” I stood there dumbfounded; I had never heard her be so bold. I did not move. “Well Hubbie, I’ll take your just standing there all soft to mean you want us to fuck. Go set in the chair.”

With that she pulled Mike to the bed and rolled over on her back as he mounted her. “Take it slow; it’s been a long time since I have been with a guy as big as you. Ohhhh, yesss, you are so big, you are filling me up so much.” I could see as he finished inserting himself into her and start to thrust with a steady pace. Her ass moved beneath him and she moaned with pleasure as he continued to fuck her. As she moaned and moved, once gain my cock engorged, but this time it was fully flooded with excitement and stretched to its full length. My erections normally last for several minutes, especially if I am jerking off; but not today. I heard Lynne scream in a violent orgasm and my jizz burst out with such force that I had not seen in over two decades. Lynne gasped for air as Mike picked up his pace in an almost staccato rhythm. Lynne came three more times in rapid succession before Mike shot his load into her and collapsed on top of her. Once again they kissed deeply. They rolled over and Lynne went down on him resurrecting his erection.

“Hubbie come here!” She directed. “Go wash you dirty dick.” I did as she said and once near her, she pulled Mike off the bed before she laid me on the bed. She bent over the side of the bed and without being told Mike moved behind her and once more entered her vagina. As he fucked her from behind, she sucked my cock until it hardened again. Next she said, “Sit at the head of the bed.” After I readjusted myself, she told Mike to stop and lay with his head at the foot of the bed. She mounted him in a reverse cowboy and fucked him slowly as she faced me. “Play with your cock.” Her wanton eyes watched as I once again jerked off. She played with her tits and rocked on his member. I could clearly see how he stretched her out. “Do not cum” she commanded me. “Kiss me” I got on my knees and kissed her as she rocked on his cock. I could smell the cock on her breath as she kissed me. Finally she placed her hands on my shoulders and let out a gasp as she came again.

She pulled off him and lay on the bed. “Cum on my tits” she said to him. He finished with his hands spewing his juice all over her tits. She rubbed his cum on her tits and stomach; she then got up and once again led him by the hand, this time to the bathroom. The door shut and I heard it latch before the water came on.

Before the door opened, Lynne called out “get dressed and bring the car around and wait for me.” I waited over an hour before she got to the car. They had dined without me. I do not know what happened in the shower or how long it took them to get dressed, or if they had a quick salad or a full dinner. Lynne smiled the whole way home, we have not talked about the events of that day and Mike occasionally calls and emails. When I ask Lynne about getting together with Mike again, she says “we will just have to see what happens!”

I pull into an empty roadside rest stop on my bike. It’s late summer, shortly before sun down on Friday and the late afternoon air is cool. I’m wearing full leathers, but it’s still warm enough to take off my jacket while I stretch my muscles and drink something. A car pulls in to a parking spot nearby and a woman with auburn hair gets out. She’s wearing a black pencil skirt, white silk blouse and dark red heels; she’s beautiful and shapely, but seems a little distant. I casually check her out and see her blush in response. Encouraged, I smile and unapologetically watch her walk towards the restrooms, studying the way her lithe body moves beneath her expensive business attire. She’s graceful and confident and completely aware of my lingering gaze and it’s making her nervous… or maybe excited?

Several minutes later (longer than it usually takes a woman) she comes out of the building; her air of controlled perfection now diminished. She’s flushed; her hair looks a bit tousled; her blouse is open two buttons lower and her skirt isn’t the perfect line of sleek hips and legs it was. She notices my gaze again as I look more closely from over my sunglasses, and tries to fix her appearance, but only manages to draw attention to where she touches herself.

At first, she’s headed to her car, but as she passes near me she stops as if remembering something. She turns and saunters towards me; where once she was ice, now she’s fire! As she approaches, she slowly unbuttons her blouse the rest of the way. Beneath is a sexy lace strapless pushup bra covering perfection. Toned muscles move flawlessly beneath creamy white skin and dark, red lips curl into a wicked smile. With a move that can only be described as a magic trick, she removes her bra with one hand and lets it fall to the ground. I open my mouth to speak, but she silences me with a slender, perfectly manicured finger over my lips.

Without a word, she kisses me, deeply; passionately; expressing her growing desire with the urgency of her embrace. The smell of her so close is intoxicating and the warmth of her body is almost overwhelming. Her warm lips linger on mine for a moment before she slides her hands down my chest and unbuttons my jeans. She seems pleased with my reaction to her touch and licks her lips in anticipation. In one smooth motion she slides down my body and hikes her skirt up revealing long, shapely legs and curvy hips. She isn’t wearing panties and she’s saved clean except for a small patch of auburn fuzz directly above her swollen clit. Our eyes meet as she looks up at me from below and a wicked twinkle in her beautiful green eyes and a knowing smile confirming what took her so long in the ladies’ room.

Ever so slowly she frees my dick from my jeans and begins to lick the shaft, careful not to neglect the swollen head. I lean back against my Harley, surrendering myself to her affections. She continues to tease me with her tongue for a few minutes before sliding my cock, slowly, inch by inch into her hot mouth. Her left hand comes up to gently cradle my balls and she moans softly as she takes my cock deeper into her mouth. She continues to kiss, suck and lick my member, sometimes painfully slowly, other times with a wonton hunger most women never show. Her mouth moves up and down my shaft, falling into a sensual rhythm of pleasure and rapidly building anticipation of release. She continues for several minutes, my excitement building alongside her enthusiasm until I reach the point of no return. I grasp the back of her head with my hands and drive my cock deep into her mouth. She accepts it eagerly and gently squeezes my sack in encouragement. Unable to contain myself, I unleash the first of many large spurts of hot cum directly into the back of her mouth and down her throat. I shudder a bit with each surge until I’m spent. She gently withdraws my still-throbbing cock from her mouth, careful to clean every bit of cum form the head and shaft before returning it to the confines of my jeans. She stands up slowly, noticing a small trickle of semen clinging to the corner of her lips, but a quick flick of her tongue removes it.

With our attentions less focused now, we realize that during our little encounter, another car had pulled up nearby. Inside are a young married couple sit in amazement; blatant lust openly displayed on the man’s face; feigned disgust hiding secret desire on the woman’s. Without any apparent concern for the voyeurs, the red-head kisses me again, steps back and turns towards her car. In one graceful motion, she picks up her discarded bra, fixes her skirt and struts brazenly towards her car, blouse still unbuttoned, lacy bra tossed over one shoulder like a beach towel. As she opens the door to her car, she looks at me and speaks for the first time.

“See you next week?”

I slowly put my jacket back on and swing my leg over my bike. I smile and nod in response as I start the engine, its deep rumble having a noticeable effect on her. It would seem I’ve made a new friend.

This story is told through the eyes of a woman, Barbara Bradley, 42-years old, married for the second time. Her husband is Terry and she has two children, a son and a daughter from her first marriage. Two of her son’s best friends have just given her mind-blowing sex and she still languishes in the after-glow.

I knew that I would have to move soon, to get up out of my bed, to go and shower and wash the smell of MILF sex off me … to dress more sedately to welcome my husband home from his hard day at the office. This had been a day in which he had rejected his wife – the sexual temptress, unknowingly sending me into the arms of the two young men who had subsequently brought me an afternoon of sexual delight.

After I showered, I changed the sheets that were stained from the cum of Jeremy and Kurt, mingled with the juices from my body. At last, weary from the pleasant ravaging of my body, I stood in the doorway of my bedroom and surveyed the appearance of the room, ensuring that it would look normal to my husband when he entered in an hour or two. It was in this doorway that Jeremy had stood only hours ago, dropping his tracksuit pants to expose that gorgeous large penis, beginning the events that brought out multiple orgasms in me.

When Terry arrived home that evening, he was unbelievably horny, like out of control horny, wanting to take me to bed for a quickie before dinner. That could be disastrous because there was no way I could accept any penis inside my vagina tonight, maybe even tomorrow or the next day. Jeremy and Kurt had given me such a workout with hard-driving fucking that my passage was so sore and sensitive. It wasn’t just the amount of sex from these two young men, but the size of Jeremy’s penis that had filled me like I had never been filled before.

I stressed out while cooking dinner, wondering how I could quell Terry’s need for sex. After he had rejected me at his office, my suspicions had been that he was having sex with his PA and that they may have planned a lunchtime session. But for him to come home this horny made me reconsider that he might be having an affair.

After dinner, I cleared our plates away and when I came back from the kitchen, I stepped up to the table, standing opposite my husband. Then, taking Terry completely by surprise, I got down on my knees and crawled under the table, pushed his knees apart and slid in between them. Reaching up to unzip him, I reached a hand in and pulled out his penis and closed my mouth over it.

The sound of my husband’s moans as my wet mouth enveloped the head and half the shaft of his rapidly rising penis told me how surprised he was at my actions. Our two almost adult children still live at home, so we never indulge in any sexual activity out of our bedroom. However, Adam was away at the moment and our daughter’s tertiary studies would see her out until ten tonight.

I really worked at giving Terry the best damn blow-job he has ever had. I knew that if I could get him to cum here at the table, it would dim his horniness enough to avoid the embarrassment and possible exposure that would follow if I showed pain if we had full-on sex. When I had built up a strong rhythm and I could hear his breathing becoming ragged, he did try to push my mouth away, yelling “No Barbara, I want you in bed, I want to fuck.” But I pursued my task so diligently that he quickly gave up and allowed me to suck his cum all the way to the surface, having it spit from the tip of his penis and splash to the back of my throat. I even swallowed, which I am normally reluctant to do.

He somehow pushed his chair back from the table and I moved with him, so that when he opened his eyes again after blowing his wad into my welcoming mouth, I was still kneeling between his thighs. His now limp cock still rested on my lower lip, traces of his spent cum dribbling down to my chin. He laughed, “Wow, what brought that on?”

I just giggled for reply.

So I dodged a bullet that night. Although he had come home, wanting to make love to the woman who had seductively teased him in his office that day, my husband had alternatively been very impressed with my impromptu blow-job and the added risk of doing it in the dining room. So we went to bed, he very satisfied with the outcome of the evening and me obviously satisfied with the incredible pleasure that I had drawn from the two young men this afternoon.

In the days that followed, I thought about that afternoon of unbridled lust over and over. While I had told Jeremy that it would never happen again, my mind turned over and over, considering how it might be possible. I knew that it should not, that was when the moral me stood up and rejected the sordid scenario of (a) cheating on my husband and (b) doing it with my son’s best friends, (c) with young men that were less than half my age.

It was hard to justify a reason for wanting to have another day like that one. Yet in the darker areas of my mind, a box had been opened and my body lustfully craved another opportunity to have one or both of them bring me the delights that I savoured that magical afternoon.

When my son Adam returned from his holiday, I was nervous around him. I was constantly looking for signs that Jeremy or Kurt might have revealed to him that his mother had given them an afternoon of unbridled sex. But Adam was just his normal happy vibrant self and it appeared that the boys had respected me and not kissed and told. Then I went on to worry whether their silence meant that they would pursue me again. What would I do, how would I react if they came to my door any day and wanted to do me all over again? I was afraid that I would have little resistance if they did.

About two weeks later, Adam asked me if he could have his friends around for a pool party. While I was nervous at having both Jeremy and Kurt in my home again, I felt that there would be safety in numbers and besides, there was no valid reason to deny my son having his friends over.

The day arrived, a Sunday … there was quite a bunch, 4 girls and 6 guys, including Adam. Naturally, Jeremy and Kurt were there, they were very polite to me, addressing me as Mrs Bradley, just as they had done when their penises were inside me. My husband Terry chose not to stay at home, going out with his mates to watch a baseball game and our daughter was also out with her friends, so it was just Adam’s 20-year old friends and me, the 42-year-old mother.

I watched a fair bit of the swimming and all round horseplay of testosterone-driven young males and giggly teasing females from my kitchen window. Although there was a gender imbalance in the group, I did notice one or two decided couples emerge through the afternoon, particularly as the alcohol flowed. Jeremy — yes, he of the larger than life penis — seemed to have hooked up with an attractive young woman.

Her name was Georgia and about 3pm she came into the kitchen to talk to me. It was pleasant all-about-nothing conversation at first, but then she got around to telling me how she and Jeremy had become an item just a few weeks ago. She raved on about her feelings for him and that she hoped it would really lead somewhere. Then she suddenly hit me with a bombshell request.

“Mrs Bradley, is there somewhere Jeremy and I could go … err, I mean, in your house, like a room with a bed in it, where we could, like, do it?” She looked sheepish, like a little embarrassed, but she had still been bold enough to ask.

I didn’t know what to say. My moral code was back in the previous generation, and each generation coming through perhaps pushed the envelope just that bit further. Terry and I had recently talked about our reaction if either of our kids wanted to bring a partner home to stay and to sleep with them in their room. We agreed that it seemed pretty normal to do that these days, although it would have horrified our own parents.

But this was a bit different. Why wasn’t young Georgia asking her own mum if she could take her new love Jeremy to her own bed? She could see the stunned look on my face and was experiencing my long silence.

“If you don’t want us to, Mrs Bradley, it’s okay. It’s just that we have been building up to this moment for a few weeks, and I’m … err, sort of on heat right now. I … err, oh God, I want him so badly this very moment and I am so wet down there. Mrs Bradley, it’s not like I haven’t had sex before, I’ve just never done it with Jeremy, and I so want to.”

Just a minute … I am getting information overload. Did this girl really need to tell me just how wet she was? This seemed so weird in view of my having had sex with young Jeremy just two weeks ago. “Did Jeremy get you to ask me?” I was curious to know.

“Oh God no, Mrs Bradley, he doesn’t know what I’m planning. I wanted to get your permission to use a room, a bed you know, and just go back out by the pool and take his hand and lead him inside there. He will be so surprised.”

I was at least reassured by that. I knew that I was only a MILF to Jeremy, but I felt great affection for him, not just for the sex we had had, but also for having seen him grow up from a 4-year-old to now. I hated to think that he would be blatantly flaunting his real love in front of me at this time. But Georgia’s words reassured me that he was not, and in fact, I wondered then if Jeremy would be embarrassed that Georgia had asked me for use of a bedroom.

The next consideration, as Georgia looked to me expectantly for my answer, was whether she knew how big Jeremy was when fully erect. Had they petted that much for her to have felt around and found that she could not wrap her fingers around its girth. If she had had sex before, as she claimed, then she would know that other young men did not enjoy the dimensions that Jeremy did. Then I wondered further whether that afternoon that I had enjoyed with Jeremy and Kurt had been pre-planned to give Jeremy some experience at fucking a woman. In other words, to get practice on me because he knew he would soon have to perform for his new girlfriend Georgia.

That did seem a distinct possibility as I stood here in my kitchen on a Sunday afternoon, confronted by the cool young woman, Georgia who wanted me to let her use a bed in my house to fuck with her stud boyfriend. “Err,” I stumbled as I struggled to give her the answer she wanted, “how about the guestroom, it’s just back there behind the laundry, through that door there.”

Georgia’s face lit up and she reached out, throwing her arms around my neck, “Oh thank you, Mrs Bradley, you are so cool, Adam sure is lucky to have such a great mum.”

She planted a kiss on my cheek and spun around to leave. She was almost to the door that led back to the pool when she stopped, “Oh, I suppose I better get it ready, pull the top sheet back, make it look like our little love nest. Is it through here?” she asked and I nodded as she trotted off to prepare the bed for she and Jeremy to have their first sex together.

Soon, she was back, calling to me as she passed through the kitchen on the way to find Jeremy out by the pool, “It’s just perfect, Mrs Bradley, just perfect.”

I went back to my watching post at the kitchen window and saw the bubbly Georgia run up to Jeremy as he stood by the pool talking to, of all people, my own son Adam. What would he think of his mother giving his best mate a room to go and fuck his new girlfriend in? Then I had a touch of guilt as I watched the three of them … then again, what would Adam think if he knew that best mate had fucked me — his mother?

Georgia had Jeremy’s hand and eventually, she managed to take him away from his discussion with Adam. I watched as she led him half-way back to the house, then she stopped to talk to him. I could see the look on his face as she appeared to explain where they were heading. He smiled happily, as I guess any young man would when he suddenly found out he was about to bed his new girlfriend. I wondered if there would be a twinge of guilt from him for doing it in the same house as we had done it just two weeks ago. If he had been practising on me for this moment, there was a supreme irony about doing it under the same roof.

The explanation over, Georgia again tugged him along toward the back door that I stood alongside. I quickly busied myself, appearing to get some more food ready for the pool party. Georgia led Jeremy by the hand in through the door and I naturally looked up. She giggled, “Thanks again, Mrs B, and Jeremy thanks you too,” turning her head back to her new boyfriend, “don’t you hun?”

Jeremy looked at me very timidly, “Yes … err, yes I do, Mrs Bradley.” He looked to me as if it was a guilt look on his part, like he was looking to see if there was any anger from me. Perhaps my theory about him using me for practice was dead right and he was looking to see if I had worked it out.

“That’s okay, guys,” I said brightly, giving my tacit approval to what was about to happen in my guestroom. They quickly disappeared through the laundry door on the way to the guestroom just behind.

The laundry had a shower and toilet attached and with the guestroom on the other side, it was intended to be a self-contained area for a lodger or relation to stay in.

I went back to my cooking for the party and resumed my watch out the window, enjoying watching the frolicking by the pool of my son and his friends. A few minutes had elapsed since Georgia and Jeremy had adjourned for their first sex session together. But suddenly I was startled by a loud shriek from the direction of the guestroom. I was in a sudden panic, it sounded like a woman’s shriek, was Georgia alright? What had Jeremy done to her? I felt responsible if anything happened to her because I had given permission to use the room.

I looked out to see if the shriek had been loud enough to be heard out by the pool. They had music playing out there, so they hadn’t heard a thing. I headed over toward the laundry door, went through it to the door on the other side behind which was the guestroom.

I heard another shriek, louder this time because I was closer and the sound wasn’t now competing with the music from the pool area. Then the shriek was followed by “No Jeremy, no, don’t.”

What should I do? What was this young man doing? Surely not raping her, he didn’t need to, she seemed so eager to have him. I stood at the door, debating whether to knock. Should I intrude? Damn it, I knocked anyway, adding, “Are you two okay in there? Is everything alright?”

There was no answer, but when I pressed my ear to the door, I thought I could hear sobbing. Damn it, I was going in. I turned the handle and the door opened. My eyes adjusted to the semi-dark. I could see Georgia lying on her back on the bed, she was naked, her legs spread. Jeremy was above her, also nude, his legs between hers, that long thick penis of his rested on her smooth flat tummy.

“I’m sorry to intrude at such a moment, but I heard screaming, are you okay, Georgia?”

She was sobbing, seriously.

“She’s become a bit hysterical, Mrs Bradley,” said Jeremy, his upper body raised above hers, his straightened arms by her sides.

“Do you know why, Jeremy?”

He looked at me standing by the side of the bed, “I … err, I might have been a bit eager to get inside her. I don’t know if I hurt her or just scared her. After the foreplay, it was feeling so good and she was so wet down there … I might have just pushed it in a bit quick.”

I lectured him like a school marm, “Jeremy, did you learn nothing from me?” then quickly hesitated when I realised what I had just revealed out aloud. I think Georgia was too distressed to fully grasp what I had just blurted out. Since I could see his large erection resting on her flat tummy, the rest of what I had to say to the young man could justifiably stem from seeing his erect organ, so I continued. “What you have there is almost a lethal weapon, you must use it with care, particularly on somebody new. Georgia is obviously somebody that you care about.”

“Mrs Bradley, we did have foreplay…”

“Perhaps not quite enough, Jeremy.” I sat down on the edge of the bed, my left leg folded under me, my right still on the floor. I reached out and softly touched young Georgia’s forehead to quieten her distress, “Don’t stress honey, just calm yourself down.”

She eased her constant sobbing back to occasional sobs and turned to look up at me, “I was so excited at giving myself to Jeremy, I didn’t expect anything could spoil the moment. It’s just that he’s different to the only other two boys I have ever had sex with. Have you seen it, Mrs B, it’s big, so big!”

“Yes Georgia, I have seen it,” I was able to tell her so truthfully, but added “I can see it from here” to allay any suspicion that the young girl may have. “You’re right dear, it sure is big.”

“I mean Mrs B, I didn’t know they came that big.”

I was now using my hand to stroke her hair. She had certainly calmed down. She took me by surprise, lifting her head and dropping it into my lap. Although not yet joined to her, Jeremy shifted his body sideways to match her movement, bringing his face closer to mine.

“Georgia dear,” I started, “I went through exactly what you are going through just a while ago. I came across a man who was just as well endowed as your friend Jeremy. I was as scared as you obviously are now when he took it out of his pants. I was silly and I ran away, but only because nobody had prepared me for coming across one that size.”

“So what happened, did you overcome it, did you have him?”

I decided to blend two stories together to protect any revelation of my fling with Jeremy. I had started out talking about that neighbour from down the street, but now blended that story with having actually taken Jeremy into me. “Georgia, I told some girlfriends of my dilemma on being confronted with such a large penis. They persuaded me that I had really missed out on something special by rejecting the neighbour, so a few weeks later, I had the opportunity again, and this time I let him have me with that big penis.”

“Wow, did it hurt you? I mean, it was like seriously hurting when Jeremy started to put it in me.”

“Was that really pain, Georgia? Did it physically hurt, or was it just discomfort because he was so much bigger than those other boys you’ve had?”

“I don’t know, Mrs B, it seemed to be pain.” She paused, “Oh I don’t know, maybe you’re right, perhaps it was just uncomfortable, being so big and all. Was I being silly too?”

“No Georgia, I guess it was a natural reaction for a girl your age, but really, your vagina will expand no matter what size penis goes into you. I eventually found that out and it brought me exquisite pleasure.” Continuing the stroking of Georgia’s hair, I looked up to see Jeremy’s eyes watching me intently, his face so close. He smiled when I said what I did and I smiled back at him, looking down quickly with guilt, hoping that Georgia had not seen our shared moment of reflection.

“Are you sure, because exquisite pleasure sounds really good. Can you stay, I think I’d like to try it again, but I would feel better if you helped me through it. I mean, like you’ve done it and all with — I guess — one just like Jeremy’s.”

“Yes Georgia, one just like Jeremy’s.” I paused, “but I don’t know if I should stay. That’s a pretty intimate thing between you two, I shouldn’t be here with you.”

“Oh please Mrs B, pretty please, I’d like you to stay, and I’m sure Jeremy won’t mind. Will you Jer?”

“No I guess not,” was Jeremy’s response. But I was certain he would mind, I was certain he would be embarrassed to have me see him trying out his new technique on his new girlfriend … technique that I believed that he had learnt from me.

Jeremy’s agreement seemed to seal the deal for Georgia. She was a happy girl again, eager to have Jeremy for the first time … and I was to be the reluctant witness to this sexual coupling. I had never seen any couple have sex live, and in the flesh, as it were. I mean I had seen sex scenes in movies, but this was different. I was perched on the edge of one of my beds, young Georgia’s head lying back against my bikini-clad pubis, comfortably resting in the vee of my spread thighs.

I saw Jeremy resuming his intimate seduction of his new girlfriend, holding his massive organ, running it up and down her pubic slit, stirring her juices once more. She was obviously eager to enjoy this experience, almost immediately responding to his penis-tip strokes with quite loud sighs and moans. Georgia’s head began to wriggle around in my lap as Jeremy’s head came forward and his mouth devoured one of her nipples, right in front of my eyes. This brought increased and even louder moans and exhortations of her pleasure.

“Do it, do it … I can take it now,” Georgia urged her new lover as Jeremy’s work on her nipples combined with his slippery sliding penis head to stir her budding clitoris to a new high.

I had such a great view, although I still considered myself to be too close to the action to witness such an event unfolding. I stared intently as Jeremy positioned his thick penis head at her squirming pubis, aiming the tip into her vaginal opening. This was, I guessed, about as far as he got last time … an attempt that brought about Georgia’s loud shrieks and sobbing that drew me into this room, and now left me in such an embarrassing position.

My God, so clearly right in front of me, I watched that humongous penis pushing forward into her opening, spreading the lips of her vagina to wrap around the head and then the shaft. She was taking it now without protest. I heard Georgia whimper as he pressed his penis deeper into her, but she managed to turn those almost protesting whimpers into encouraging moans.

Her arms came up, the hands raised in the air above her body. I thought she was going to wrap them around Jeremy’s neck to pull his upper body down to hers. That would have blocked my view of the pushing and thrusting movements I was captivated by. But instead, she held her hands up in front of me. I wasn’t sure what she wanted, but I tried taking her hands in mine. That’s what she wanted. She grasped my hands tightly and through them, I kind of felt what she was feeling. It did help that I knew what Jeremy’s big penis sliding into my own vagina really felt like.

I could feel every inch he gained inside her body, reflected by pulses inside my own vagina as my memory translated those thrusting moves of his into how it felt for me as each inch of his hard thick penis pushed deeper inside me only recently. And whatever thrusts I couldn’t still imagine were conveyed so accurately to me through Georgia’s expressive hands gripping mine so tightly.

It was slow progress, achieved in stages … an inch gained, then a rest while she coped with the territorial gains made by the intruder. Minutes went by before at last Jeremy’s pelvis rested hard up against her spread pubis. Then the excitement really started as he began withdrawing and then thrusting back inside, gradually building up some momentum while Georgia grunted and groaned and moaned, depending on whether this big penis was on an inward or outward slide at that precise moment.

She gripped my hands tightly, her head ground around in my lap and her hips began to hump crazily, lifting her lover up with her as if she had been doing this forever. Her breathing was ragged and noisy and an orgasm seemed imminent. I couldn’t believe her good luck, although I had a sense of pride as I watched the young man that I had sort of trained, go about getting her off.

Now she was humping so hard that her hips were coming up off the bed, lifting his weight with hers. Loud incoherent panting gasps and then she was there, her whole body exploding in wild spasms. Her eyes were shut tight and just as well because Jeremy leaned forward and kissed me open-mouthed passionately on my lips as he too came, his cum exploding inside her welcoming body.

When he pulled his lips back off mine to loudly voice his own cumming, I looked down quickly, checking if Georgia had seen the illicit kiss between her lover and I. Fortunately, she was still riding her waves of orgasm, her eyes tightly closed, oblivious to the impulsive revelation of the connection between this young man and I.

What a turn-on, I was right in the middle of such an exciting scene. I now proudly believed that I had tutored this young man for just this moment, although I didn’t know it when I had him inside me just two weeks ago. I had to leave this room, I was hot — in heat, I had no doubt that I was wet, so wet, and that those juices would soon become so intense that they would penetrate the material of my brief bikini.

But Georgia was floating somewhere, her vagina full of Jeremy’s thick meat and his cum spilled deep inside her fertile young body. She wasn’t about to come back to reality and lift her head out of my lap so I could get up and slip out of the room.

“Thanks!” said Jeremy to me, acknowledging the help I had given to his carnal conquest of this young woman, I guess not just for my calming her down when she became a little hysterical, but for providing the bed in the first place.

“Just treat her right,” I told him in a motherly way.

“I will, Mrs Bradley,” he promised.

I needed to make my move, I lifted her head and eased my leg out from under her, sliding off the bed and tiptoeing silently to the door, making my exit.

Closing the door of the semi-darkened room behind me, I found myself back in my kitchen, sunlight still bright outside in the late afternoon. My son’s pool party was still in full swing and I wondered whether I had been missed, whether my son or any of his other friends had come into my kitchen wondering where I was.

God, I was so horny after bearing close witness to Jeremy’s first sexual pairing with Georgia. The young woman had got what she wanted and Jeremy had got his rocks off inside her. But I was left high — but not dry, so wet and so hot. Standing alone in the middle of my kitchen, I dared to slip my fingers down into the front of my bikini bottoms. Sure enough, I was wet, more than wet, there was almost a river running down in my pubic slit. I really needed to get off, but how and where, and with whom.

As if on cue, as I stood in the middle of my kitchen, searching for a pleasure source, that other friend of Adam, Kurt suddenly appeared through the door from the pool, “So how goes it, Mrs Bradley, you getting your share these days?”

I looked around nervously, checking to see that nobody else was approaching the kitchen. “I do alright, Kurt, my husband’s a good man, he looks after me.”

“He wasn’t looking after you that day we came to visit you, Mrs Bradley. I seem to recall that he had just rejected you, even though you looked a million bucks that day.”

I felt that I needed to defend my husband against the sexual arrogance of this young man, even though at this moment, my mind was whirling with thoughts of him urgently servicing my needs. “He was very busy that day, I just intruded at a bad time.”

“The man’s a fuckwit, how could he turn you down anytime?” Kurt kept moving closer to me, and I nervously backed up behind the breakfast bar so that he had me cornered against the kitchen bench, my back to the sink. He stood up close to me, in my personal space, “So are you really telling me you’re getting your share, Mrs Bradley?”

I was forced to look directly into his probing eyes. I felt him place both hands on the bare skin of my hips. “I guess that sometimes it’s not enough,” I confessed, although not sure why I should be so honest with him. Was it my body calling out for me to seek his help?

“I knew from that first moment when I met you on your driveway that you were a hot one.”

“I wasn’t dressed very appropriately that day.”

“I thought you were dressed very appropriately … for hot sex. But no, it wasn’t your clothes that day, Mrs Bradley, it was you, your body, your eyes, your lips, you just ooze sex.”

“Nobody else has ever told me that, Kurt.”

“Come on, you know you look great for your age, and you know what that does to guys, whether they’re your age or my age. Look at this, I’m stiff from just being in your presence,” and he reached a hand down and pulled the waistband of his swimmers away from his body so I could see his hard-on standing up and out. It was indeed rock hard. Just looking at it brought back such great memories of what that penis had done for me two weeks ago.

I wanted to reach into his swimmers and grasp it, to stroke it and introduce it to my body … but not here, in my kitchen. Jeremy and Georgia could reappear from the guestroom any moment, or worse still, Adam or his friends could come in from the pool. I was trapped and vulnerable as Kurt had me pinned against the kitchen bench, my back to the pool.

I must have stared down at his erection for too long as his fingers continued to hold the waistband of his Speedo’s out. “Look at you,” he said, “can’t take your eyes off it, can you? Where do you want it?”

I looked back up into his eyes, ashamed of myself. After last time, I swore I would never go near Jeremy or Kurt ever again. But I needed it so badly that I had no restraint, “You know where my bedroom is, you better go in first.”

He didn’t move, I felt the hand, that had exposed his penis to me, go to the front of my bikini bottoms. The fingers curled inside the material and his fingertips and his open palm descended against my bare skin. His fingers rolled over my clitoris and my body jerked in carnal response. Then they slid down the parted lips, “Shit, you are so wet,” telling me something I already knew.

“Alright, damn it, I want it now,” I admitted, then personalised it for his ego, “I want you, Kurt! In my bed, now!”

The fingers stroked back up to my clit and I shuddered again. Then they withdrew and he turned away from me. I watched as he confidently strutted across my kitchen to the door that led off toward the bedrooms. Even his arse looked great from behind. He disappeared from sight and I turned around anxiously to look out through the window at the pool area.

Everybody seemed happily occupied with swimming, drinking and talking. I turned back away from the window, my feet began to move, tracing the same steps he had just made, taking me from my kitchen toward my bedroom. I figured he should be in my bed by now, and I wanted nothing other than an illicit carnal coupling with this magnetic young man.

But the closer I got to the hallway, I picked up the sounds of two male voices … it sounded like someone was challenging Kurt and the young man was responding. Who else could be in the house? Jeremy would have had to come through the kitchen to be in that hallway … the same goes for my son, Adam.

The raised voices stopped as I stood frozen to the spot, halted in my mission to join Kurt in my bed and have him do to me once again what he did two weeks ago. I jumped in fright as a familiar face appeared in the doorway, My God, it was my husband, Terry.

“Hi honey, how’s the party going?” But he didn’t wait for my response, quickly adding “How about the arrogance of young people today … I just came across some guy — never seen him before — he was strutting through our house like he belonged here. Turns out he was looking for the bathroom … didn’t you tell them to use the toilet off the laundry, honey? They might be Adam’s friends, but we don’t want them in our bathroom and especially not in the small one off our bedroom, do we?”

I was surprised and flushed, did my face show it? “No, I guess we don’t,” I had to agree to appease my husband. I hadn’t expected him home for at least another two hours, “Darling, why are you home so early?”

“Oh, the ball game was a blow out, 10-1 in the seventh, I walked out. The other guys went to a bar, but I begged out of that, thought I best come home to my family. So how are the kids enjoying themselves, and did you miss me?”

I stuttered, “Oh … err, yes of course! And I think they’re having a good time out there.” My head was spinning, was I imagining it or could I smell my heated arousal … after all, I had my juices on my fingers … more importantly, could he? Would he touch me and feel how wet I was? What if Jeremy and Georgia were to suddenly reappear after their sexual tryst? What would my husband think about my letting them use our guestroom to quell their passion? What if it came out that I was with them throughout, how would he take that?

And most important of all, I was still hot and horny, how was I going to get off now that my husband was home? Could I persuade him to take me inside to our bedroom and do me … now while the kids still frolicked out by the pool? He was never an impulsive sort of guy, look how he let me down when I tried to be impulsive, going to his office dressed all sexy like. And, although I felt guilty thinking it, as good as Terry had been to me in our six years together, he had never made me hit the heights twice the way Kurt did in that one afternoon. I needed a stiff drink before I could enjoy anything else stiff.

“Would you like a drink, darling? I think I could do with one,” I suggested, backing up to the kitchen bench that Kurt had only recently had me pinned against, while his finger stirred my passion.

“Yes, why not,” he answered, “I only had a couple of those weak beers they sell at the ballpark, can you pour me a whisky while I go out and catch up with our boy.” To my relief, Terry went off toward the pool in search of Adam.

As I poured my husband a shot of whisky and got a rum and coke for myself, I noted that my hands were shaking. That was a really close call. If my husband had come home a mere minute later, I would have been in bed with Kurt and my marriage would probably be crumbling around me right now. I silently berated myself for being so stupid as to risk having Kurt take me in this house while others were here. Yet parts of my body hit back at my responsible side, telling me how I had to have Kurt again .. and maybe Jeremy too. As illicit as that afternoon had been, I had only exciting memories of it.

The two drinks poured, I took a big swig of my rum and coke, finding myself once more pressed against the kitchen bench, staring out through the window at the activities around the pool. I saw that Terry had found our son and he and Adam were sitting on the pool edge, engrossed in conversation.

Suddenly I jumped, startled as I felt hands tugging my biking bottoms down. My head spun around, seeing Kurt’s face over my shoulder. He pushed the bikini below my knees and his knee from behind nudged my thighs apart. His hands were on the cheeks of my arse and I felt him spread them apart, then a hard object that I just knew would be the head of his penis was pushed right up against my tiny puckered anus.

“No, oh God, no!” I pleaded, almost screaming the words at him as I felt him pressing his hard-on against my tiny anal ring. His hands had released my arse cheeks so that they gripped his penis, helping to hold him there and I felt one hand wrap around my body, his fingers immediately sliding within the inner folds of my pussy. I was still so wet there that they could slide around unhindered, immediately stirring my arousal at both ends of my pubic slit. One moment, the pads of his fingers were magically arousing my clitoral bud, then two of them were dipping inside my vagina, the finger tips quickly finding my G-spot on the upper side.

“Stop Kurt … no, you can’t … no, don’t do this, not here. Oh please stop!” My whole body was squirming around, trying to dislodge his penis from up against my anal ring and his fingers from the pleasurable distraction they were causing. “Stop right now, somebody could come in any moment,” I pleaded, but all the time feeling the pulsing that his fingers were already causing.

“We can see if anybody’s coming through this window,” he told me, his fingers not letting up, but rather intensifying as he felt emboldened by the whimpers and moans that I now emitted between my impassioned pleas for him to stop.

“Not just from out there,” I told him, “Jeremy and his girl, what’s her name … oh, Georgia, yes Georgia, they just did it in the guestroom and they could come out of there any moment.” My body still squirmed around in his hold, but was it now trying to get away … or was I squirming in response to the powerful sensations that his fingers were bringing to my innermost sexual parts, with his penis tip wedged at my arse.

“That’s what makes it all the more exciting then, we could get caught by Jeremy and Georgia. Hey, so he nailed her, did he? Good for him, but how do you know that they actually did it in there?”

Should I tell him? Oh damn, I couldn’t believe that I was actually having a conversation with Kurt while his penis was pushed up against my anal entrance and his fingers manipulated my budding clitoris and tickled my G spot alternately. “I was with them while they did it … I watched them, saw everything, it was amazing. That’s what made me so horny. See, it’s not you that’s got me this way!” I told him, trying to reduce his ego in spite of his confident sexual manipulation of my body.

My legs became unsteady, my thighs started trembling. I couldn’t believe that I might cum like this, right here and now in my kitchen, with all of these people so close by. Oh God, if I do, please don’t let me be noisy like I always am when I cum.

His fingers had done their work, I could feel my whole lower body responding. Strangely now, I almost liked the pressure of his penis head against my tight anal ring. I think I even initiated my pelvic floor exercises at this tenuous moment. That would have clenched my arse cheeks on his penis head in a series of spasms, to which he responded with words, “Oh yes, you’re so hot, you do want it up the arse, I knew it, I can feel it.”

“Not now! Some other time!” I surprised myself, admitting I might contemplate it and managing to tell him before his fingers brought on my orgasm and I screamed out my pleasure as the sensations hit me. His free hand quickly clamped over my mouth to silence any more orgasmic screams. I was so in the high of it all, my eyes wouldn’t focus to see if anyone outside had heard me cumming.

There was throbbing from deep inside my body, somewhere behind my pubis and the sensations washed over me from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. I was held up awkwardly wedged against the kitchen bench, my legs threatening to give out on me, but Kurt’s penis at my arse and his fingers foraging in my vagina somehow kept me upright. It was a fabulously intense finish, although I struggled to breathe through my nose as his hand clamped my lips shut to quell the screams of my pleasure.

I don’t know how long we managed to hold there in that position as my body came down from its incredible high. At last, Kurt released his hold on my mouth and the first thing I wanted to know, as I looked anxiously through the window, was “Is anybody coming?”

“Only you,” he said, “and you did a pretty good job of it.”

“Oh my God, that was sensational,” I admitted — how could I not? I turned my head to try to see his face, “Thank you Kurt, I really needed that.”

He would have realised that the moment was over, as I felt his fingers slide from out of my vagina, and I emitted a little whimper at the sensitivity of my pubic region at this moment. Then I felt his penis pull away from between my cheeks and I said, “Oh!” I don’t know why, it just came out.

“Yes I know, I can see that you really wanted me to be pushing it up your arse right now, not taking it away,” he told me.

“No, no I don’t,” I tried to claim ineffectually, but I was lying because by having his penis there, my memories of anal sex with my first husband returned and for just a moment, I contemplated the possibility of letting Kurt do that to me one day. That is, if we get through this day without our dirty little secret being discovered.

I felt Kurt pulling my bikini bottoms back into place and he stepped back, allowing me to straighten up. Oh God, I felt good at that very moment, despite the unsteadiness of my legs. I reached a hand out to hold the kitchen bench while my body recovered from the big ‘o’ that I had just experienced.

The next morning I wake on my side with my arms wrapped around you, my head still cradled on your shoulder and your fingers stroking my shoulder lightly. As my eyes open, your head it turns to me and you are still smiling from the night before. I hope your arm hasn’t falling asleep, but when I try to shift off you there is movement from your other side, and Natalie rolls towards you blinking at me sleepily from across your chest. Smiling back at me, she slides her arms around you from the other side and she and I hold hands for a moment.

In a moment of unspoken communication she and I release hands simultaneously and begin trailing fingers over your chest and stomach, working slowly downward. Each of us keeps to our own side for now, tickling and tracing our way down over your stomach and thighs, neither of us ever quite meeting in the middle. I can feel you trying to move your arms out from under us, but we have you pinned securely and this is our chance to play with you.

It isn’t long before you are diamond-hard, twisting your hips in a futile effort to make us touch you. I graze my fingers against the base of your cock, but otherwise Natalie and I continue to play with less sensitive skin, doing our best to drive you as wild as possible. Inwardly, I want to hear you ask us to touch you, but I also know you are too stubborn to ever do so. Finally, as you begin to make frustrated noises, I pick my head up from your arm and look directly at Natalie, trying to hide how much the game has excited me as well.

“Want to grab a bath?”

I can see Natalie’s own exhilaration in her perky nipples, but her face is as bland as my own as she answers me back.

“Sure, that’d be great. I’ll go start it.”

Bounding up, we both leave you stranded as we head for the huge, hotel bathroom that awaits. As I round the bed, I see you grasp yourself in both hands and I cannot tell if you are merely making the motion, or if you are about to take matters into your own hand. Leaning over you I let my hair brush your chest and whisper very distinctly, “Bath.”

It’s part order, part reminder. I see your eyes light up with recognition as you consider the three of us in the gigantic Jacuzzi bathtub that comes with our room. I have a fetish for warm water, as you well know, and the tub was the main reason I insisted on renting this room specifically. Unhanding yourself, you scramble out of bed and head towards the bathroom and I can’t resist giving you a playful swat on the rump as you pass me by.

The blue-grey tiles on the bathroom floor are cool against my bare feet, but the air is already beginning to warm from the steam billowing off the tub. Natalie has already chosen her seat, facing the door so she can see us come in. The water is still running, but she is performing for us as we enter, slowly soaping herself up her arms, down her legs and across her breasts as we watch. We both stop as one, just for a moment to admire her picturesque beauty and then you cross the final few steps and slide down into the sunken tub to sit beside her.

You are still hard, and the water level is still low enough that I can see the head of your cock risinging out of the water as you take the soap from her and begin to slowly rub your hands across her stomach and breasts, lathering her dark skin in a thick white layer. The rising water level gives you less to play with very quickly, and finally you reach out and turn off the water. I hear you say something quietly and Natalie stands up, water streaming off her perfect curves and the ends of her dark hair stick to her back where the water has touched each lock like a kiss.

Getting to your knees, you begin to soap your way up her legs and I see her eyes close as she once again submits herself to you. This time though, she submits to her own pleasure, not to yours. I watch as you wash each line, each crevice and each curve of her body as slowly as you can. Your hands, slick with suds, slide between her legs and I hear her gasp clearly across the room. Your fingers, continue, slipping behind her and her legs spread further as you slip your fingers between the cheeks of her glorious ass, giving her the same light grazing touch you gave her pussy.

I walk slowly towards you both, trying not to breathe and disturb the perfect vision of the two of you before me. Your hands are climbing again now, one stroking over Natalie’s flat stomach , the other sliding behind her to wash over her hips and back. You rise, still stroking her with your hands, and the water stream now off your own body. I wonder if you are consciously staying to the side so that I can continue to watch her pleasure, but either way the view is glorious. Your cock, as huge and solid as if we had never fucked the night before, strains towards Natalie like an animal desperate to be released.

I step into the tub and kneel, soaping my own hands, and sliding them around your calves as I begin my own journey up your body. I hear you groan and lean slightly into me, but your hands never stop moving over Natalie. I love the feeling of your skin under my touch; the rough hairs cover yours legs, and chest. Your muscles jump under my fingertips whenever I hit an especially sensitive spot. I soap your back and cover myself in suds when I lean into your to reach around for your chest. I still refuse to touch your cock, knowing that once I do this play is over, and I am too caught up in the sensation of hot water and soap to want to stop just yet.

You finally reach out, pulling to in front of you and look from Natalie to me with that look of pleasure and possession that is so masculine and so exciting. Running one hand down each of our torsos, you slide one finger into each of us causing a brief surge of pleasure. Then you make sound I have never heard before and step away.

You sit down in a gesture that states firmly “for now this game is over,” a gesture made almost funny by the sight of your own continued excitement still peeping above the water line. You pat the seats to either side of you and we sit, obedient and wondering what you have planned now. As I take my own seat, you smile at me and lean in my direction.

“It seems to me that you have gotten slightly less than your share of enjoyment from our Ménage à trois. And I know that the wetter things are, the wetter you get. So now it’s my turn to play.”

Leaning me back into the water, you run your fingers through my hair, making sure the thick strands are thoroughly soaked. Spreading your legs in the tub for balance, you lay the back of my neck across one of your thighs for support so that my hair and the back of my head remain in the water. I am almost completely under water but now I can relax completely into the warmth without drowning. I feel the water move as Natalie shifts position, allowing me more room to spread out.

I smell the expensive herbal shampoo that this hotel uses, and then your hands begin to massage my head. You stroke your fingers over my scalp, and then run your hands the length of my hair, thoroughly shampooing each strand. Meanwhile, I feel Natalie begin to soap my feet, slowly massaging each one carefully and then working her way up my legs, soaping and massaging each one and spending several minutes before rising the next few inches.

This is a very different sort of pleasure from the night before. Previously, our sex was about passion and intensity. This is a slow brand of erotic that begins under both sets of hands, and grows slowly, heating my skin from the inside.

If pleasure could be lazy, this would be it. It grows by inches, as Natalie’s hands slide up my legs and over my stomach, leaving a trail of sensation behind her. I am so relaxed that I cannot even move; it’s as if I am paralyzed, helpless against the rising wave rising around me.

I am fairly sure I make a sound when her fingertips brush over my nipples but whether it is a cry or merely a sigh I don’t know. My ears are under water and everything feels distant and unreal except for the sensations in my skin. I am suddenly very aware of how cold the air is as my nipples, now wet, contrast with the warmth of the water over the rest of my skin. Then they are warm again as Natalie’s hand closes over one, and her mouth on the other. Her touch remains light, delicate, her lips barely exerting any pressure and her tongue running every so lightly over me.

Your hands are still in my hair, stroking, rubbing, washing and watching as Natalie licks the water from me. I can feel your excitement against the side of my face, and I want to turn my mouth towards you, but I cannot seem to move. I am held prisoner by the lightest of touches.

Natalie’s hand move lower, and her thumb glides between my legs with that same, light stroking motion. Her thumbs find my clit and begin a slow, steady glide over it. She presses to fingers inside me and just the feel of being penetrated increases the rising hunger inside me. She doesn’t fuck me with her hand, but starts a slow, rocking motion. She uses her other hand on my hips to support me in the water and the water sliding back and forth around me only helps to stimulate me more. If I could move, I would have forced her to finish me by now, unable to stand this level of anticipation, but with my body so relaxed, all I can do is travel higher…and higher …and higher.

Your hands leave my hair and slide over my breasts to replace Natalie’s. Your roll my nipples between your fingers and then use your own thumbs to match her movements on my clit. I have always loved the sound of your voice during sex. You have the deepest, sexiest voice I have ever heard, and you often use it to coax me to even higher levels of desire. Now, while my own voice sounded indistinct under the water, your own deep tones seem to bypass my ears and go straight to my brain as you touch me.

“God I’ve never seen your nipples so hard. She’s going to make you cum any moment now. You must be so wet. I want to see you orgasm for us. I want you to cum like you never have before. Give it to us honey, cum for me.”

It’s as if your voice is everything I have been waiting for. My body melts away from me and the waves in the water surrounding me are replaced instead by a surge of glorious sensation. They roll over me as slowly as your hands have done, traveling between your hands and Natalie’s like gusting winds. You hold me in place, keeping my head above water and Natalie continues to touch me in that slow, rocking motion. The golden explosions of light in my mind continue to wash over in me in a flood and I can only cry out in quiet moans because I haven’t got the air or the energy for my usual screams. I have never felt desire like this.

Finally, the orgasm stops because I simply cannot sustain the energy anymore. I cannot move or think and for a few moments I fall into a doze, supported by your hands on my skin. I wake when I feel you shift again, and Natalie’s hands disappear as I feel you lower me into the water. The drying soap vanishes from my skin and the last of the shampoo rinses from my hair as you slide your fingers through it one last time.

The water is cooling now, and the three of us waste no time in rinsing off and climbing out of the tub. You have to give me a hand because my knees are still wobbly. I have never been so content. You stand the two of us on the thick bath mats and begin to towel us off, taking turns between us, softly drying the water from our bodies. We are still damp in the cool air when you are done, and Natalie and I move back to the bed and get under the covers until we feel warm again.

You approach the edge of the bed with the towel around your waist, the bulge in its front reminding me that you still haven’t had your morning release, nor has Natalie. I reach for you, but you step back and shake your head and then you begin to arrange us. Neither of us protests, curious to see what you have in mind.

You lay us side by side on the edge of the giant mattress, arms intertwined and legs spread wide and the inside legs overlapping. Then, kneeling down I feel your tongue stroke over the tops of my pussy, stroking gently and not quite penetrating my depths just yet. I am so sensitive though, that even this makes me writhe against your mouth. Two strokes, and I feel your head leave me, and then I hear Natalie whimper beside me. In moments your mouth is on me again, and this time your tongue touches my clit briefly and thrusts once into my pussy before you pull away again.

The sensations begin again, slowly like in the tub. This time however, it’s more a tease than anything else. You never leave your mouth on me long enough to do anything but stimulate me slightly, and then you are gone again. I know Natalie is experiencing the same thing as her whimpers become more frustrated and she begins to move restlessly beside me.

Finally, you stand up, your face wet with our juices. You lean over us each and we kiss you, sucking our taste from your tongue one at a time.

“So different and both so sweet.”

Your voice is lower now, and rough and I know you can’t hold yourself much longer. Your towel drops to the floor and you pull us both towards you so that our pussies are lined up for you. When you slide yourself into me, I grind myself into your with a cry. You pause, pull yourself out and when give Natalie her own taste of what is to come. She too cries out and I love the sound of her pleasure as much as I love listening to you.

You slide into me again, slowly the first press and then with a sudden, driving thrust that actually shifts me backwards onto the bed. When you move to Natalie, you hold her hips against you and your thrust into her is deeper.

Your next pass is three thrusts, and I can hear your breathing getting ragged. I wonder how many strokes you can make, and which of us you will cum in and the thought of not knowing is somehow exciting on its own. I reach between Natalie’s legs and begin to stroke her clit, wanting to see her orgasm before you lose it completely. I feel her fingers between my own legs and you have to pause to watch us as we caress one another.

When you come back to me, you take three strokes and then your eyes close. I hold still, knowing that look well and I listen you to whisper, more to yourself than to us.

“Not yet, not yet. Not-yet.”

Your final thrust for this round is more of a grinding against me and I cry out again as you get deeper than you have and it invokes that sensation of almost-pain. I know my fingers are moving faster, and Natalie is thrusting her hips against my hand as you thrust into her. Your push into her sends her over the edge, and I think you have cum as well when I hear you groan and feel fluid on my fingers. I am surprised when you press into me, still hard, but I know you are almost there. The smoothness is gone from your thrusts and it takes only a couple of movements before you drop yourself over me and begin to pound into me as hard as you can. Your breathing is more of a roar now. I love the sound of your excitement and every exhaled cry makes me tremble against you.

I don’t even think Natalie is done her own orgasm when you grab my hips so hard you lift me off the bed. Your nails dig into my ass and you orgasm inside me so hard that it feels like you are still thrusting. You grind against me as if you want me to taste you on the back of my throat. Your intensity brings me in my own final orgasm. It’s small because I am so tired, but it is as sweet as any of the others and there is a mental joy that comes from having you inside me, above me, which nothing else can match. You collapse above me and hold me against you and I feel Natalie move up against our side and wrap her arm around you.

We nap, but only briefly. Our trip is over and it isn’t long before the three of us have to wash up once again and begin to dress. Natalie and I exchange numbers, and we all promise to get in touch should we ever be in the area again. Deep down, we all know it will never happen. This time has been so perfect that to try and recreate it would simply lessen the memory for all of us. Each of us kisses Natalie good-bye and she slides out the door with a smile and a wave.

You and I share a longer kiss. It’s harder for us to part and have this moment end. Finally, you pull away and look down at me. The expression you give me is one I haven’t seen in a long time and I have missed it terribly.

“Thank you for this.”

I shake my head, not having the words to tell you that I should be thanking you. We kiss again, and then part ways. I head home, missing you already.

‘I reckon that if we ever split up; you and Rachel would be really good together.’

‘Huh’ I replied, rolling over and raising my eyes at my girlfriend.

‘I’m just saying; you’re both into the same kind of music and films, and she’s really quite hot.’

‘I honestly can’t say I’ve ever thought about it Chloe’, I replied, lying slightly.

‘Well I have, and I think it’s true…’ she rolled back onto her side, ready to fall asleep. ‘… but don’t go getting any ideas though.’

How could I not get any ideas? I had always thought that my girlfriend’s best friend had been hot, with her sultry, dark looks, sleek black hair and voluptuous body; but it had obviously never strayed beyond the occasional fantasy. And now, here she was on my doorstep; dropping by to pay a surprise visit to Chloe, but finding that she was out shopping.

‘Ohh that sucks’ Rachel replied as I told her that Chloe was out. ‘I was hoping for a girly chat and a catch up. How long is she going to be out for?’

‘Umm… I’m not entirely sure Rach,’ I replied, checking my watch; ‘she’s been gone for an hour or so.’ We stood there awkwardly for a moment or two. ‘Do you want to come in and wait?’

‘Sure!’ she replied as she bounded into the room and past me. Before I could even have a chance to inform her that I was painting the living room and for her to be careful, she stumbled straight into my step-ladder, which was set up behind the door. ‘What the…?’ She cried as she tripped and fell into the ladder, sending it, herself and the pot of green paint underneath it sprawling across the floor.

‘Holy shit, Rachel!’ I said, shutting the door and stooping to help her quickly to her feet. ‘Are you ok?’

She was fine, apart from a slightly twisted ankle, and a fresh coat of paint, ruining her clothes and getting in her hair. ‘I’m covered,’ she complained as I helped her to her feet.

‘Quick, quick,’ I said, stifling a smile at how ridiculous she looked, ‘shower!’ I said as I took her arm and led her upstairs.

‘I’m so, so sorry,’ she spoke as we walked; ‘I hope I haven’t ruined your living room.

‘Don’t worry’ I said as we reached the top of the stairs; ‘let’s just get you cleaned up before that paint does any permanent damage to your hair.’

‘I’m so embarrassed,’ she continued as we entered the bathroom, ‘what am I even going to wear?’

‘Stop worrying’ I said as I twisted the shower knob for her and started the jets. ‘I’ll get your stuff straight in the wash and you can wear something of Chloe’s in the meantime.’

‘So, umm… how do we do this then?’ Rachel stood there awkwardly in front of me.

‘Oh yeah,’ I replied, my face flushing slightly at the realisation that she was going to have to undress to get into the shower. ‘I’ll look away; I promise no funny business.’

‘Okay,’ she replied as I turned my back to her and looked at the tiled floor. I heard her quickly and quietly undressing behind me, muttering to herself about what an idiot she was. I stifled a chuckle, finding the whole situation quite amusing. ‘Done,’ she said a few moments later.

‘Jump in the shower then and close the screen; then I’ll take your stuff downstairs.’ I heard her footsteps pad towards the shower and then the screen was closed; the sound of the water changed as it hit her body rather than the empty tub and I knew then that I could turn around. I quickly took her pile of clothes and headed towards the door, resisting the almost overwhelming urge to look towards the screen in the vain hope of a glimpse at her sexy, curvy body.

‘Thank you so much Adam,’ she said as she heard me walk towards the door.

‘Not a problem Rach,’ I replied, ‘you just get yourself cleaned up and I’ll leave some fresh clothes for you outside the door.’

I placed her paint streaked clothes into the washing machine, all except for her satin pink underwear, which I kept behind, stroking the gusset softly with my thumb and feeling the warmth there. My cock swelled and began to throb as I gave in to the temptation and lifted her delicates to my nose. Pulse racing I pressed her panties against my nose and inhaled deeply; her delightful scent fuelling my arousal. My God, I thought as I sniffed her panties, Rachel is naked in my house right now; probably soaping those big fat tits of hers; rubbing my bar of soap between her legs, parting her lips and sliding a finger inside…

I stopped myself before I got too carried away and, with great regret, added her underwear to the wash load, knowing that if her underwear was to ‘disappear’ then questions would be asked.

I allowed my erection to gradually subside before I went to mine and Chloe’s room and picked out a white t-shirt, a pair of jeans and some underwear for her to change into. I knocked on the door and shouted through to let her know they were there and then went back downstairs to put the kettle on.

Ten minutes later she walked into the kitchen. How I managed to not splurt my tea from my mouth in surprise I do not know. The very first thing I noticed (hell, the very first thing that any red-blooded male would notice) as she walked into the room were her pendulous tits as they strained against the material of the flimsy white t-shirt I had provided her with; clearly bra-less as they swayed and jiggled naturally on her chest. I couldn’t formulate a sentence and found myself shamelessly checking her out as she stood in the doorway; her wet hair fell down past her shoulders, sleek, black, straight and oh, so sensuous; the aforementioned tits straining against the material, the dark bumps of her nipples visible through the white top. Her pretty little feet were bare and she coyly stroked the top of her left foot with her toes as she stood leaning against the doorframe. I eventually realised that I was staring and stumbled around for something to say.

‘Shit, I forgot to get you socks… sorry… I… do you want a cup of tea?…. errr… socks?’ I stuttered and stumbled and found myself flushing and staring at the wall behind her in an attempt to keep my eyes from her tits.

‘Honestly Adam, you’ve done enough.’ She replied as she walked into the room, I was grateful to the fact that she chose to ignore my perverted stares. ‘I’m fine as is, but unfortunately Chloe’s bras don’t quite fit.’

I stopped short of replying with the lie that I hadn’t noticed, but at least had the grace to stare at my cup of tea as she said this rather than the poor girl’s tits.

‘I will have a cup of tea though,’ she continued as she hobbled slightly into the room, ‘if that’s ok?’

‘Course it is,’ I replied as I jumped out of my chair and clicked the kettle back on. ‘Hey, is your ankle okay? I noticed you limping there.’

‘I think I twisted it when I fell over,’ she replied, ‘I’m sure it will be fine.’

Oh God, I groaned to myself as I turned back round to talk to her and saw her gently massaging her ankle, leaning forward on her chair, tits swaying rhythmically; her pretty little toes wriggling as she flexed her foot. How could she be such a fucking cock-tease without even realising it? I felt myself swell in my jeans, once again transfixed by Rachel. I didn’t even hear the front door open, and I jumped visibly when I heard the voice at the kitchen door.

‘What the hell has happened here?’ Chloe spoke from the doorway. I looked across at her, knowing that the look on my face was exactly the same as that of a child who has just been caught stealing sweets from the local shop. It spelled one word, GUILTY. I caught the quick eye check from Chloe to see what I was looking at and then the quick check to my groin for confirmation of my swelling nether-regions.

‘Chloe…’ I replied, floundering for words.

‘Oh my god Chloe!’ Rachel exclaimed as she saw her friend at the doorway, ‘you are not going to believe what has happened here!’

And that was it, Rachel explained the situation, Chloe giggled, then chuckled and then laughed out loud. Rachel joined in and pretty soon both girls were rolling around, laughing at Rachel’s clumsiness and the mess that had been made in the living room. At this point I made my excuses and retired to the front room to try and clear up the mess that Rachel had made. Thankfully I had laid sheets down on the floor so there was no permanent damage and, in a matter of minutes, the room was fine.

Rachel stayed for an hour or so and I left the girls to it, choosing to escape to the bedroom and play on the X-box for a while so they could have their girly chat. She shouted up to me to thank me again before she left and I replied that it had been no problem; besides, I had a few more tasty mental images of her for my wank-bank for future sessions. I had completely forgotten (or chosen to forget) the split second look from Chloe as she had entered the house, that told me she had caught me staring.

Which is why, when she mentioned it later that night in bed, it completely caught me off-guard.

‘So, Rachel has pretty feet doesn’t she?’ Chloe asked as she rolled over to look at me.

I didn’t reply.

‘I caught you there didn’t I mister?’ She continued.

‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ I replied, unable to meet her eye, but feeling them boring into the side of my face.

‘Yes you do,’ she whispered. ‘I saw you looking, or should I say staring, transfixed at her pretty little toes as she rubbed her ankles; her tits swaying in that t-shirt you gave her. You must surely have known that would be too small for her. It’s too small for me and I’m smaller than Rachel.’ It was true; Chloe was a size 10/12, Rachel a bit bigger than that. But I’m a man, surely it was an honest mistake (then why had I discarded several other tops that were bigger when looking for a t-shirt for Rachel)?

I continued to remain silent, but cursed my cock as I felt it stir in response to the memories of Rachel earlier that day; my God I wanted to suck on those toes.

‘I bet you wanted to suck her toes didn’t you.’

‘What are you talking about?’ I protested as I tried to turn over and face away from Chloe; but she stopped me by placing her leg across me, trapping me and discovering my growing cock in the process.

‘I cannot believe you.’ She whispered as she grabbed hold of my cock firmly, almost painfully; which only exacerbated the situation, causing it to swell and throb more. She didn’t let go. ‘You were staring at her tits and her feet, fantasizing about fucking her. You filthy pervert. My best friend had an accident and you thought you could take advantage of the situation by making her wear too tight clothes and ‘forgetting’ to get her a pair of socks, when it just so happens that your two main turn ons are tits and feet.’ Now that she put it that way, I could see what she was driving at; but it hadn’t been that way… had it?

My cock still throbbed and still Chloe held on to it.

‘What would have happened if I hadn’t come back when I did?’

‘Nothing’ I whispered hoarsely.

‘Bullshit!’ she whispered, directly into my ear. ‘I bet you would have offered to massage her poorly ankle.’ Did her hand just move? ‘I know how much you love to give foot massages; but poor Rachel doesn’t know that, does she? She would have thought you were doing her a kind favour… just like you had when you dressed her up like a slut for your own perverse pleasure.’ Her hand was definitely moving; slowly and surely, she was stroking my cock; her grip was vice-like around my member.

‘I might have walked in then, and caught you slobbering over my best friend’s feet. Your cock throbbing as you took them closer and closer to your mouth.’

‘Stop,’ I whispered, ‘please.’ She didn’t stop. Instead, she straddled me, pressing her hand onto my chest to keep me in place as she lowered her dripping wet pussy onto my iron hard cock. My God she was wet and she easily took my length deep into her tight pussy.

‘Close your eyes.’ She commanded. I kept them open. She roughly covered them with her hands as she began to rock back and forth on my tool. ‘It’s not me you’re fucking tonight Adam. It’s Rachel.’

Involuntarily I arched my back at that very moment, trying to shove myself deeper inside. ‘Yeah,’ she moaned, ‘I thought you might like that thought. Imagine if I had been even later. After you had got her all worked up with your foot massage and she had given in to your perverse, animal lust. Imagine if I walked in and caught you with your head buried between her legs; eating her hairy little pussy out. Oh yes, she’s got a bush going on has Rachel,’ she said as she continued to ride my cock, ‘I know how that drives you wild and helps to spread those delicious pussy juices all over your face. Imagine her grinding her little cunt into your mouth as you tongue fucked her to orgasm.’

I felt my own climax building; my balls began to tingle as Chloe worked her pussy like a vice on my cock, squeezing and pulling as she fucked me harder.

‘You dirty little fucker,’ she continued; ‘fantasizing about my friend. I know you’re going to cum hard; and you’re going to be thinking of her as you do. When you cum I want you to have the mental picture of her down on her knees; those big brown eyes looking up at you, pleading with you to spray your load over those big, fat tits she’s got. I want you to picture her as she squeezes them together and begs for your cum.

It was coming closer. My mind was a void, but for the very vivid image that Chloe was painting as she herself fucked me frenziedly to a climax.

‘Say her name’ she panted.

I held off, savouring the image or Rachel beneath me, begging for my load.

‘Say it,’ she wailed

I was almost there; I gripped hard at the bed sheets, arching my back as Chloe climaxed on my cock.

‘Say it,’ she screamed.

‘Raaaaaaaachheeeeeeeeeeelllllllllll.’ I moaned as I lost control and emptied myself into my girlfriend; but in my mind it was Rachel’s face that I coated; her tits that I sprayed as she looked at me with hunger in her eyes. I came hard and long and I don’t even remember Chloe rolling off of me. I was in a dazed stupor and way too far gone to even consider talking to my girlfriend about what had just happened. The next thing I knew I was drifting off into a long and deep sleep.

Chapter 2

I waited the next day for Chloe to being up the events of the previous night; but it was as if nothing had ever happened. We didn’t talk of the spilt paint, nor of the fact that I had lent Rachel some of Chloe’s clothes; nor of the fact that my girlfriend had basically forced me to fantasize about fucking her best friend while I fucked her. Things were… well, normal. There was no awkwardness between me and Chloe and it continued that way; as if the whole thing had never even happened.

‘Rachel’s coming round tonight.’ Chloe said a couple of weeks later; she allowed a pause after she spoke. Was she waiting for some kind of response? ‘We’re going to be having a girly pamper night; so you’ll have to stay upstairs.’

‘Okay.’ I replied, keeping my voice steady. It would be the first time that I had seen her since what I was now referring to as ‘the incident’; and I was glad in a sense that I had been banished to the room because I knew that if I had to look, or talk to Rachel at all, the only image that would be running through my head would be of her on her knees in front of me as I sprayed her huge tits with my hot, salty jizz.

I was downstairs making a drink when Rachel had arrived; she made a quick, innocent joke about spilling the paint and apologised once again. I told her that it was not a problem. Chloe came into the room and told me that I had to make myself scarce as they wanted to have their pamper night, so I did as I was told. I had been able to hear them periodically giggling and chatting as they did all the usual girly stuff. I was happy playing my X-box, chilling out in my room. That was how I assumed the whole night would go. This is why it came as a bit of surprise after a couple of hours when I heard my name being hollered from downstairs.

‘Adam!’ Called Chloe; I paused the game and went to the top of the stairs.

‘What’s up?’ I called back down the stairs, thinking that the girls probably needed some help with the DVD player or something to that effect.

‘Come downstairs; your services are required.’ I heard what sounded like a hushed protest underneath Chloe’s call, but she giggled and called anyway. Slightly confused, I made my way downstairs and headed into the living room.

They had made quite a mess of the room. Pamper products were scattered here and there. They had obviously used the foot spa at some point, as it still had the water in it, but had been pushed into the corner of the room. Face-mask packets were discarded in the corner and the room had a smell of nail polish in the air. Chloe was sitting in our armchair with her hands planted on either arm; her fingernails looked freshly painted. Rachel sat on the sofa with her legs tucked up under her bum. I could see a bare sole and fought the temptation to stare, knowing that I had been caught previously. Both were wearing thick, towelled dressing gowns and I wondered if they were naked underneath.

‘Hi girls, how’s your night going?’ I asked.

‘Good thanks honey,’ Chloe replied. ‘We’ve had a good pampering session and a girly chinwag; so yeah, it’s been a good night.’ I noticed a couple of empty wine bottles among the mess on the floor.

‘So what’s up then? What service of mine is required?’

‘Well,’ Chloe began, hushing Rachel before she was allowed to speak; ‘we were talking about pampering and, specifically massages, and guess what?’

‘What?’ I asked, confused.

‘It turns out that Rachel has never… ever had a foot massage!’ She exclaimed, giggling slightly.

‘Ohhhh-kay’ I replied, hoping against all hope that this wasn’t going the way I feared it might.

‘Well don’t you think that’s a shame? Especially considering how good you are at giving foot massages. I thought that maybe we could treat her tonight.’ I glanced at Rachel; the poor girl had gone bright red.

‘Honestly Chloe,’ she began, ‘I’m really not bothered.’

‘That’s because you’ve never had one… especially an amazing one like the ones Adam gives.’ Chloe looked at me; her eyes were filled with mischief. ‘You’d be happy to give Rachel a foot massage. Wouldn’t you Adam?’ She asked, challenging me to say no.

‘I don’t know Chloe,’ I tried, ‘she says she’s not bothered.’

‘I know what she said. And I know what you’re saying too… but I’m telling you Rachel,’ she said, speaking to her friend now, ‘you’ll love it. I insist. You’re a guest in this house and I want to see you pampered. What’s the worst that can happen?’

‘I guess…’ Rachel replied, nervously bringing her feet from underneath her bottom and placing them onto the carpeted floor. My God they were pretty, I thought, noticing the hot pink nail varnish she had applied, matching her fingernails. I smiled at Rachel, letting her know with my eyes that I was slightly embarrassed by the whole situation too.

I took to my knees at her feet, smiling slightly at how she coyly placed a hand between her legs to press the dressing gown down and preserve her modesty. Chloe knew exactly how much I loved giving foot massages, she also knew that I had checked Rachel’s dainty little feet out previously, fantasizing about sucking her pretty little toes and running my tongue up and down her smooth, arched soles. I took her right foot in my hand, noticing straight away how soft and smooth her warm skin was. I felt her jump slightly at the contact; out of embarrassment she had closed her eyes and I smiled slightly at her jump.

I began to slowly caress and massage her foot, paying close attention to every inch of her beautiful, perfectly shaped feet. My mind was whirling at the predicament I found myself in. I didn’t dare to look over to Chloe to see her face, because she would be able to tell straight away how much I was enjoying giving this massage. But she was the one who had asked me to do it; I was confused, but I was also aroused. My cock had sprung to life straight away, and the occasional whimpers and contented purrs that Rachel produced only served to make the situation worse. She still had her eyes closed, but as I continued to massage her sole I noticed her beginning to breathe more and more deeply, occasionally wriggling a little on the sofa. Was she getting aroused too?

‘What do you think then?’ Chloe asked, breaking the reverie that had descended upon the room.

‘My God it’s good,’ Rachel whispered in reply, biting her lip.

‘I told you,’ Chloe replied. ‘If I’m honest, when Adam massages my feet it really turns me on…’ The last sentence was allowed to hang in the air. I looked over to where she sat and saw her eyes were filled with the same lust and passion as they were on the night of the previous incident. She had pressed a cushion against her crotch and was pushing it down with her hands. ‘Don’t look at me,’ she spoke, ‘look at Rachel’s feet. Focus on your job.’ I did as I was told, too into the moment to consider what I was doing. My cock throbbed in my jeans and I felt precum ooze out and soak into the material of my boxer shorts.

When I massaged each of her little toes in turn, Rachel actually moaned softly; the toes of her left foot curled into the shag of the carpet and gripped tight. Oh how I wanted to suck on those toes; to run my tongue in between them, up and down her sole; to wrap them around my thick, throbbing cock.

Nobody spoke for a long time and I continued my massage in silence, eventually and grudgingly putting her right foot down, but quickly starting on the left. I stole the occasional glance over towards my girlfriend. She was sitting, face flushed, eyes heavily lidded, intently watching as I massaged her best friend’s feet. It was clear she was aroused; in fact it was clear that all three people in the room were aroused, the question was how far was this going to go? Her right hand had disappeared underneath the cushion on her lap and I wondered if she was touching herself. I couldn’t find out though, because her eyes told me to look back towards Rachel’s feet and continue my massage.

The hand that Rachel had used to keep her modesty covered was eventually abandoned to rest beside her on the sofa. The longer the massage went on, the more she relaxed and allowed her legs to part. I caught the occasional glimpse of the top of her thigh and it drove me wild. I needed to know if she was wearing underwear. Feeling naughty I began to gradually shift her left foot apart from its partner, making it seem almost imperceptible, but it had the desired effect. Slowly but surely her legs began to part, allowing me to see more and more. My cock was like iron in my jeans now and I thought that if I did actually catch a glimpse of her pussy I could actually cum there and then. Rachel was possibly feeling the same at this point; her face was deeply flushed and her breathing was deep and often came out as moans. Still she had not opened her eyes once, but she continued to nervously bite her bottom lip.

I was almost there; the top of her thigh came into view as a constant, no longer just the occasional flash. In the next few moments I would be treated to a glimpse of that wonderful, hairy pussy. I swallowed hard, my mouth was dry. My massage had dwindled to gently stroking my fingertips up and down the top of her feet; I had almost forgotten that my girlfriend was sat in the room, probably masturbating as she watched me with her best friend.

Suddenly the phone in the room went off; causing all three of us to jump. Rachel’s legs clamped shut and her eyes flew open. I dropped her foot like it was an iron and I glanced over at Chloe just in time to see her hastily pull her hand from under the cushion. I looked at Chloe with my eyebrows raised momentarily before reaching for the phone.

‘Hi, is Mick there?’ Came the voice of an elderly female.

‘No, sorry, I think you might have the wrong number.’

‘Oh… okay,’ came the reply and a click as the phone was hung up.

There was a long, awkward silence as I hung up the phone.

‘I think I should probably be getting off soon.’ Rachel spoke after a moment, breaking the silence and refusing to meet mine or Chloe’s eyes.

‘I’m err… I’m going to go carry on playing my game.’ I said as I stood up.

‘Ummm… thank you for that,’ Rachel mumbled as I walked to the door.

‘Yeah’ I replied just as awkwardly, ‘no problems Rach. See you soon.’

My mind was abuzz as I returned to the room; I sat there dumbfounded in front of the X-box, unable to fully comprehend the sequence of events that had happened downstairs. What game was Chloe playing here? What might have happened if that phone had not gone off? Had she been masturbating on the armchair?

I heard the front door opening and closing a short while later and the distant sound of a car pulling away; I assumed that Rachel had called a taxi. I decided to try and avoid any awkward conversations with Chloe by climbing straight into bed before she came up. Not long after that I heard the bedroom door opening and the sound of Chloe moving around the room, taking her dressing gown off. I pretended to be asleep.

‘I know you’re awake,’ she whispered as she slid under the covers. I didn’t reply. ‘I cannot believe that you did that down there,’ she whispered as she pressed her naked body up against my back, her tits mashing up against me. Still dumbfounded by events I kept up the pretence of sleeping. God knows what I would have even said. I had no idea what was happening here. Luckily I heard Chloe’s phone buzzing to life next to the bed before she could say anything else. ‘Hey Rachel,’ I heard her say. What now? I thought, but I was intrigued none the less. I think Chloe knew that I would be too, as she put her friend on loudspeaker in the bedroom.

‘Chloe…’ came the hesitant sound of Rachel’s voice through the speaker, ‘… what happened tonight?’

‘What do you mean what happened?’

‘… Well… you know… with Adam and everything?’ I could tell how uncomfortable Rachel felt about this and was relieved that I wasn’t the only one feeling awkward in this situation.

Chloe, on the other hand, sounded natural, playful even in her reply. ‘What, you mean the foot massage?’

‘Well, yes… and the rest.’

‘I couldn’t possibly know what you mean.’ Chloe said as she grabbed hold of my side and began to roll me onto my back. Still I kept up the pretence of sleep and so had to just roll with her pull. I was perfectly aware that she knew full well I was awake, but I think that just made her enjoy the situation even more.

‘Are you with Adam right now?’

‘Yes, but he’s fast asleep. Don’t worry sweetie, we can talk.’

‘Well…’ she hesitated, ‘the whole thing seemed kind of… intimate.’

‘Foot massages are Rach,’ Chloe whispered. I felt tremors of excitement ripple through my body as a delicate finger tip trailed the length of my penis. ‘Did you enjoy it?’


‘It’s okay Rachel. I told him to do it.’

‘Well that’s just it Chloe… why?’

‘I don’t really know,’ came Chloe’s reply as she continued to gently stimulate my cock, which was growing through her ministrations, ‘…but I liked it.’

‘You liked what?’

‘I liked watching.’ My cock throbbed under her touch and my heart pounded in my chest. There followed an interminable silence, where the only sounds were mine and Chloe’s breathing and the distant breathing of Rachel on the other end of the line.

‘…I liked it too,’ came the admission. Chloe gripped my cock in her hand as she heard her friend’s words on the other end of the line.

‘I noticed. I know Adam noticed too.’ She began to slowly work her hand up and down my cock as she spoke to her friend. I felt the covers move as she worked her free hand under the duvet too. Was she touching herself now? ‘He’s got a foot fetish you know.’

‘What do you mean?’ Rachel’s voice came out as a strained whisper.

‘He gets turned on by feet.’ I heard a soft gasp on the other end of the line. ‘I know for a fact that when he was massaging your feet he would have been so turned on… his cock would have been hard.’

‘Chloe…’ Rachel whispered, ‘you’ve got to stop.’

‘Why?’ She asked, her body squirming slightly beside mine, ‘I thought you liked it?’

‘…I do… but…’

‘Forget about the buts… you’re my best friend; I’ve always thought you were stunning. I see no problem that my boyfriend shares the same opinion.’

‘So, what’s going to happen now then?’

‘Who knows?’ Chloe’s hand was rubbing harder now at the base of my cock, manipulating my balls and sending shivers up and down my spine. ‘What do you want to happen?’

‘I don’t know,’ Rachel whispered.

‘Do you want him to give you another massage?’

‘Oh God, I don’t know,’ came the reply, she sounded flustered, breathless, ‘…maybe.’

‘Did it turn you on?’

‘…yes.’ She whispered.

‘Are you turned on now, thinking about it?’

‘…Oh fuck,’ she moaned, softly.

‘Are you?’

‘Mmmm.’ She gasped, ‘I can’t help it.’

‘It’s okay, I’m turned on too.’ She replied, her hand busily working on her own pussy while she continued to wank me off. I had begun to thrust unconsciously at her hand now, more or less abandoning the whole, pretending to be asleep, approach. ‘Next time you come round, I’ll get him to give you another massage. He likes to do what he’s told. Who knows, if the phone doesn’t ring, maybe we can take it a little further.’

‘Like how?’ She asked between shallow breaths. Was Rachel masturbating now on the other end of the line? Her laboured breathing would certainly suggest so.

‘Any way you like sweetie.’

‘What does Adam think about all of this?’

‘He thinks what he’s told to think dear. He’s already admitted to me that he wants to fuck you.’ I heard a soft moan from the other end of the line as Chloe told her best friend my dirty little secret. I was loving it; thrusting my cock into Chloe’s hand, now wet with precum, her hand slid easily up and down the length. ‘He’s got a nice big cock you know.’

‘…Chloe…’ came a hoarse whisper from Rachel.

‘I bet you’d like to suck it wouldn’t you?’ Chloe spoke now in harsh whispers; her own climax impending. I could hear the wet sound of her fingers sliding in and out of her pussy as she masturbated. ‘I want to watch you suck on my boyfriend’s cock Rachel,’

‘Ohhh, fuck,’ came Rachel’s moan as she climaxed on the other end of the line.

‘Mmmmmnnnnnh,’ Chloe moaned as she tipped herself over the edge, slamming her pussy to orgasm; ‘I want to watch him fuck yoouuuuuuuuuuu!’ She wailed. I came, hard, my cock spasmed in her grip as I shot my bolt; my eyes flew open but all I saw were stars as I rode the powerful orgasm. I couldn’t help but grunt as I came, possibly giving the game away to Rachel, who still thought I was sleeping; but I think we were all three a bit too far down the line for that to even matter now.

‘Come round tomorrow evening Rach.’ Chloe spoke softly as she came down from her orgasm; ‘sleep tight honey.’ With that, she hung up the phone.

‘Better get some sleep big boy,’ she whispered to me in the dark; ‘you’ve got a big night ahead of you.’

Chapter 3

Chloe was gone when I woke up; which suited me just fine. She had left a note pinned to the fridge which simply said ‘gone to town, be back later. X’. No mention of what had happened the previous night, or the fact that she had invited Rachel to come round to the house that evening for another foot massage and God only knows what else. My mind was a whirlwind of emotions and I found that the whole day passed in some kind of blur. I knew that I had showered, eaten breakfast and lunch, but the rest of the day drifted by whilst my mind dwelt on what the night may bring. I still couldn’t believe that my girlfriend was the one orchestrating the whole scenario; it was like every male’s fantasy come true and I was incredibly turned on by the prospect, but still found it difficult to grasp exactly what was happening.

Chloe returned at around 6 o’clock and found me in the bedroom, playing games. ‘Hey you’ she said as she came into the room.

‘Hey,’ I replied pausing my game.

‘You looking forward to tonight?’

‘Chloe…’ I began, not knowing exactly what I was even going to say.

‘Look… before you start with the questions,’ she said as she climbed onto the bed and took my hand, ‘just feel this.’ She guided my hands up her soft, smooth thighs, under her skirt to her freshly shaven mound, pantie-less and dripping wet. I slid my middle finger deep inside of her, causing her to moan softly. ‘Feel how wet I am,’ she whispered. ‘Don’t question anything… I can’t explain what’s going on any better than you can; but all I know is that the thought of what might happen tonight just drives me fucking wild.’ As she spoke she was grinding herself onto my extended digit, I curled it back at the tip in order to stimulate her g-spot. ‘So just go with the flow, okay?’ she said as she looked me in the eye.

‘Okay,’ I whispered, cock throbbing in my pants. She chewed her lip, staring at my crotch as she rode my finger, her breath coming quick and shallow.

‘Rachel will be here soon,’ she said, through harried gasps, ‘I’d better go shower and change ready.’ She paused to let out a deep, low moan, orgasm fast approaching. ‘You stay up here for a while; I’ll shout you when we’re ready.’ She began to furiously rub at her clit while riding my finger, quickly bringing herself to a shuddering climax, her pussy juices oozing from within, slicking my hands and soaking into the bed sheets. Her orgasm over, she slid from the bed and left the bedroom without another word; leaving me with a throbbing cock and the stench of sex thick in the air.

I lay on the bed, heart thumping in anticipation as I heard Chloe in the room next door, showering and changing. Before long she was back out and I heard her going downstairs and sorting the room out, preparing for the arrival of her friend. I tried to focus my attention on the computer game I was playing, but found I was unable to focus on anything for any length of time. At some point I heard the front door open and muffled voices confirmed to me that Rachel had arrived. My heart had still not stopped pounding in my chest and her arrival only made things worse. I swallowed hard about ten minutes later when I heard my name being called from downstairs. Shakily I stood to my feet and checked myself in the mirror, noticing how wide my eyes were with nerves. I puffed out my cheeks and raised my eyebrows at my reflection, questioning what the fuck was going to happen tonight, before descending the stairs to where I knew that Chloe and Rachel were waiting for me.

‘Hey Rach,’ I smiled at her as I entered the room, straight away taking in her bare feet and her mid length plaid skirt. She looked as nervous as I felt and gave me a timid smile in greeting.

‘Me and Rachel were talking about the massage that you gave her last night Adam.’ Chloe said as I entered, she was sat on the same armchair that she had been previously, with Rachel on the adjacent sofa.

‘Okay,’ I replied. Chloe was obviously keeping up the pretence that all three of us were oblivious as to what was really happening here. I suppose it was less awkward than saying out loud what we all knew was coming.

‘It didn’t seem quite finished due to that silly phone call, so we thought that maybe you could finish it for us tonight?’ I looked over to Rachel who was staring at her nails, face flushed with embarrassment, but she offered no words in protest. Chloe held up a bottle of something in my hands and proffered it in my direction. ‘I even bought this massage oil today to make it an even more enjoyable experience. What do you say? Are you going to finish massaging her feet for me?’

I swallowed hard before replying with a nod and stepping forward and kneeling at Rachel’s feet. She still refused to meet my eyes, but put her right foot out in my direction. My cock quickly began to swell as I took the massage oil from Chloe and poured some into my hand, warming it and inhaling the rich, fruity smell as it diffused into the room. Taking a deep breath to steady my nerves I reached out and took her dainty little foot with my slippery hands, feeling again how warm and smooth it was in my grip. Rachel let out a soft gasp in appreciation of my touch and I felt her relax on the sofa slightly as I resumed my ministrations on her near perfect feet; never taking my eyes from them as I first slicked up her right and, a few minutes later her left, working the massage oil expertly into every square inch. Her long, elegant toes were painted in the same hot pink as they had been the previous night and I made sure to pay loving attention to each one in turn, massaging the oil in and spending far longer than necessary delicately rubbing and stroking each one; my cock throbbing in my jeans with lust and the desire to take her toes to my mouth and suck on them.

Rachel moaned and gasped in appreciation of my massage and the room grew thick and hot with our mutual arousal. I didn’t look up from my task once, so was oblivious to anything else going on in the room, but after a while I became aware of Chloe’s shallow breathing to my left. Was she touching herself as she watched me massage her friend? The possibility spurred me on to massage even deeper, really working my fingers into Rachel’s sole; she too was breathing heavily and I finally broke my trance to look up to her face. She stared back down at me, her face flushed with her arousal; lips parted as she watched me at work. Knowing now that we had crossed to many bridges to turn back I stared at her chest; she was wearing a tight, soft pink blouse and I could see the bumps of her nipples as they strained against her bra.

‘The oil is edible…’ came Chloe’s voice from beside me. I looked over to my girlfriend, realising that she was bra-less underneath the flimsy summer dress she wore, the shape of her nipples clearly visible against the tight fabric. A cushion covered her lap and her hand underneath it; but I was pretty sure that she was doing something down there due to the deep flush in her cheeks and her ragged breathing. ‘Do you want him to suck your toes Rachel?’ she asked her friend, who squirmed in her chair and could only chew her bottom lip in response. ‘I think that means yes Adam.’

I took her right foot and raised it slowly to my lips, swallowing hard and staring at her delectable looking big toe as it edged closer and closer to my waiting lips. Still unable to get my head around what was happening here I puckered my lips and gently kissed the tip of her delicate big toe, causing my cock to throb in my pants. The warm, fruity taste immediately hit me, and I opened my lips to slide Rachel’s toe into my warm, wet mouth.

‘Oh,’ she gasped as my lips formed a vacuum around her tootsie and she felt me begin to suck and lick the tasty massage oil. I looked up and made eye contact with her as I began to devour her feet, my head spinning with lust and my cock aching with desire.

‘How does that feel?’ Chloe asked her friend in between shallow breaths.

‘Good,’ Rachel whispered in response, eyes closed in rapture as she lay back to receive her worship.

‘Does it turn you on?’

‘…yes,’ she replied eventually, followed by a long, low moan, as if the actual act of admitting her pleasure had allowed her to experience it on another level. I, meanwhile, continued my worship of her perfect feet, massaging her soles as I devoured each of those dainty little piggies in turn, running my tongue all around, sucking and kissing with reckless abandon. We fell into a silence for a while, the only sounds in the room were the girls’ heavy breathing and the slurps and wet kisses of my mouth on my girlfriend’s best friend’s feet.

‘Enough,’ Chloe said eventually from beside me. ‘Stand up now Adam.’ I did as I was bid, now completely beyond stopping myself, not that any part of me wanted to. I realised that my cock was painfully obvious, creating a tent-pole in my jeans as I stood, but I didn’t care; I wanted Rachel to see how much her feet had turned me on. I barely even hesitated when Chloe told me to strip off. Within moments I found myself standing nude in my front room, proudly displaying my swollen member, whose head was purple and engorged with blood, pre-cum oozed from the tip.

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