watching people fuck

It had been two weeks since I saw my girlfriend Jen.

She was in Austin, Texas on business and due to return today. In a couple of hours I was going to swing by the airport in Toronto to pick her up.

I was chilling with my best friend Mark, sitting out back by his pool drinking a beer and catching up. He too was waiting for his girlfriend Laura to drop by.

It was a beautiful summer day and Mark and I were relaxing in lawn chairs, drying off in the sun after a quick dip. Two weeks with no sex made my cock more sensitive than usual. A wet bathing suit clinging to my balls was enough to make me slightly aroused.

I did my best to hide my growing member from Mark. But thinking about my cock only made it swell faster. If he caught a glance, I’d never hear the end of it. The jokes alone would last the rest of my life.

Thankfully, before it got too big, I heard a voice coming from the patio door. I turned my head to see Laura walking out, her short blonde hair neatly tucked behind her ears. She was already in a baby blue bikini, her tits perky as ever.

“Hey guys,” she said, as she gave Mark a hug.

She walked over to me with arms outstretched. Reluctantly, I stood up for an embrace. As we hugged, my hardening cock pressed into her upper thigh. Mark didn’t notice. Laura smirked as she backed away. I quickly sat back down in my chair, praying she didn’t feel anything.

“So you excited to see Jen?” she asked.

To which Mark interjected, “Excited? Colin hasn’t had sex in two weeks. He’s been talking about all the dirty things he wants to do to her when she arrives.”

“Like what?” she replied.

I quickly changed the subject.

“Someone getting shy?” she said with a laugh.

Laura sat in the lounger directly across from me. Her legs were bent at the knees and slightly split apart, giving me a perfect view of the thong bathing suit stretched over her pussy. It was slightly off center. The edge of her lip and a few short blonde pubic hairs stuck out the side of the fabric.

I tried to focus on her soft blue eyes but couldn’t help sneaking glances at her hot pussy. Catching a glimpse of her cunt sent blood rushing through my cock.

Before her thong moved any further, Laura went inside with Mark to make margaritas.

“We’ll be back in five minutes,” Mark said.

As soon as I saw the patio door slide shut and the pair escape up the stairs, I pulled my bathing suit away from my waist, springing my inflamed cock and gripped my shaft with my right hand, just beneath my mushroomed tip.

Touching my cock sent a tingling sensation down my leg. I pumped my fist with determination. Soon, a bead of pre-cum was glistening on my engulfed head.

I thought of all the nasty things I was going to do to Jen as I jacked off. I was about to cum when I heard a hand knock on the patio door. Startled, I looked over to see Laura standing at the glass door. Her nipples were erect and poking through her bikini top.

Embarrassed, I quickly pulled up my pants.

Laura opened the door and said: “Mark wants to know if you want one or two shots of tequila in your drink.”

“One please,” I said with a mortified expression, as she scampered away.

A minute later they returned with drinks. I noticed Laura had a smile on her face as she handed me my drink.

I finished the margarita, changed and left soon after to go pick up Jen.

Jen was wearing a skirt, knee-high boots and a tight white blouse hugging her C-cup breasts as I pulled up to the airport pickup area. Her dark brown curly hair dangled to her shoulders.

I was pretty riled up as she climbed into the car. The plan was to go back to Mark’s house and have dinner and drinks.

The sight of Jennifer in a skirt had me excited.

I was so turned on that my cock began to twitch. The growing bulge in my pants forced me to squirm in the driver’s seat as I tried to re-position myself more comfortably.

Sensing my anxiousness, Jen hiked her skirt around her thighs, exposing her bald pussy.

“I left my panties in the airplane’s bathroom,” she said.

I tried to keep focused on the road but the sight of her sent me over the edge. My cock grew down the leg of my shorts.

To my amazement, she wrapped her lips around her middle finger and pulled it out of her mouth. She then worked her finger down her body and slipped it deep inside her dripping pussy.

Even she was surprised by the dampness and let out a mild sigh. After a few strokes, just enough to lube her finger, she pulled her skirt back down over her legs.

My balls were ready to burst, even more after she took her drenched finger and ran it against my upper lip, leaving the delicious scent of her pussy behind. She had a playful look in her eyes as I tried to keep my composure. It was just her way of letting me know what I was missing and what was in store later.

When we arrived at Mark’s house, I tried to remain calm as we ate dinner and shared several bottles of red wine. But all I could smell is Jen’s secretions lingering on my lip.

Dinner was filled with great conversation, good food and lots of flirting. The wine had us all relaxed. Laura was now in tight shorts but still had her bikini top on. Too drunk to drive, Mark suggested we stay over. So we took him up on his offer.

Jen and I went to bed early. She said she was jet lagged. But really, we just wanted to fuck.

The realization that we were about to have sex for the first time in two weeks quickly sunk in as we retired to the guest room.

I was tempted to drop my pants as soon as we got inside, but Jen had another surprise. She told me that she wanted to continue her show from the car. I agreed and pulled a chair up to the end of the bed to watch.

Jen propped a pillow between her back and the headboard and spread her legs, enough for me to see her pink pussy as she hiked up her skirt. She took off her blouse and unsnapped her bra, exposing her generous breasts.

Being in control had her confidence soaring. And it was turning me on too.

She started pinching her hard nipples between her thumb and forefinger. At first she was gentle, but she soon started tugging on them with a bit of force.

Staring straight at me, she brought a breast up to her mouth and flicked her nipple with her tongue, before sucking it softly. She dragged her finger over her gorging clit. A few gentle strokes made her whimper. Her middle finger worked its way into her slippery pussy. In and out it went, over and over again.

Her hips bucked as she fucked her cunt. As she grinded away, she moved her baby finger down to her ass and stuck the end of it in her hole. But before she came, she stopped and took her well worked finger out of her pussy and licked the juice off with her tongue.

I was ready to move in but she continued solo. She leaned over the bed and pulled out some lube and a fat purple dildo from her luggage. She squirted a handful of liquid onto the toy, leaned back and slowly worked it into her ass. She had a small look of discomfort on her face as she worked the nub into her tight asshole. But it was erased by a smile the deeper it penetrated.

The dildo was almost completely engulfed in her ass as she grinded it. Her eyes were closed and hips gyrating. For a moment she didn’t even know I was there. That is, until she felt a warm tongue over her throbbing clit. It was so sensitive, that she moaned with pleasure. I rolled my tongue back and forth, flicking her clit gently. I closed my lips over the soft piece of skin and gave it a playful tug. A feeling of ecstasy ran through her body while she drove the dildo in and out of her ass.

I took control of the dildo and continued the workout while never missing a beat on her ballooning clit as she shuddered in orgasm.

She was so saturated that my middle finger slipped into her pussy with ease. I curled it toward the roof of her vagina and rubbed her G-spot. She tried to keep still but the sensation of another orgasm hit her like a wave. Her sweet clear cum dribbled out and doused the bed sheets. Some trickled along her inner thighs and down to her asshole.

I returned the favour while she lied there panting. I went back to the chair at the base of the bed and unzipped my shorts and took off my t-shirt. My dick was spearing my boxers. I remove them to unleash my swollen cock. Two weeks of inactivity had it expanded more than ever. As I sat in the chair, I grabbed the shaft with my right fist and slowly pumped. It only took a few strokes for another drop of cum to force its way down the head. The sight of me pleasuring myself had Jen hot.

“You want me to suck that cock?” she asked. “It’s my turn to taste your cum.”

Without prodding, she crawled over to the end of the bed and engulfed my six-inch dick to the base, swirling her tongue on the bottom of my shaft. The deep-throating continued and I began to feel my legs spasm.

That’s when Jen gently stuck her index finger in my ass. With her mouth on my cock, she slowly fingered me to her middle knuckle. The sensation of my cock hitting the back of Jen’s throat and her finger buried in my ass was overwhelming.

As I looked up to catch my breath, I noticed the door to the room was open. And there, standing in the doorway, was Mark and Laura naked. Their eyes were fixed on Jen’s ass and the back of her head as it bobbed up and down on my dick.

Mark was furiously pumping his rock hard cock. And Laura was slightly bent over with two fingers jammed in her pussy.

Mark is a good seven or eight inches long. A big purple vein ran from the bottom of his cock to the tip of his head. He tugged his penis so hard that you could hear his balls slapping against his thighs.

That got Jen’s attention and she stopped sucking my cock and turned her head around to the doorway.

We’ve all been good friends for about 10 years but we’ve never done anything sexual together. We’ve never even seen each other naked.

“Um, hey guys,” Jen said with an awkward laugh. “Enjoying the show?”

Mark interjected.

“Sorry Jen. We were walking by the room to go to bed and the door was open and had to stop. We’ve been watching for awhile.”

Jen and I weren’t sure what was going on. We’re not really the swinger type. But it didn’t feel like it was going to progress any further. Besides, we we’re all still feeling tipsy from the wine, so we just went with it.

“Don’t stop,” said Laura. “Keep sucking Colin’s cock.”

Jen turned around and went back to work on my pulsating member. She squirted some lube on her hand and shoved her finger back up my ass about an inch or two deep.

Laura resumed fingering her pussy while Mark jacked his rod. He couldn’t keep his eyes off Jen pussy shaking in the air. It was kind of hot to watch another guy beat off to your girlfriend.

Mark started rubbing the palm of one of his hands over his surging head while carefully caressing his cock with the other. Soon his knees buckled and his balls tightened. I tapped Jen on the shoulder. She turned her head just in time to see him shoot stream after stream of cum on the bed, barely missing her ass.

Mark walked away to recover, leaving Laura alone in the doorway.

“This is so hot,” uttered Laura, as she grabbed Jen’s dildo and stuck it up her wet cunt.

I lied down on the bed and Jen climbed on top, resting her pussy on my face in a 69 position. She moved down to my balls and softly sucked them while I buried my tongue into her soaked hole. Sensing another orgasm, she sat up and grinded her vagina into my mouth with conviction.

The oral workout was wonderful but it was time to pry Jen apart with my bloated penis.

I leaned her face forward toward the bed, so her ass was propped up. I got on my knees and approached her from behind. I started with a few slow strides before picking up the pace as I fucked her doggy style. With each thrust, my balls slapped her pussy lips.

After two weeks, it felt so good to be inside her. She felt the same way.

She met my movements by pushing backwards. The sensation drove me further inside. She pulled away, turned around and licked my cock clean, just to taste herself one more time. Then, she mounted me and rode me with force. Her ass cheeks pounded on my thighs as she slammed up and down. As she slid on my pole, she glanced toward the door and made eye contact with Laura, who was moaning.

“You like watching me get fucked hard?” Jen asked, with a sly smile. “You like seeing me cum?”

Laura’s legs trembled and said something about being too weak to stand before sauntering off.

By now, I had met Jen’s thrusts with my own. I hit her G-spot again and she locked her vaginal vice grip around my aching pole. We rocked back and forth and felt streams of her cum flooding all over my balls and down my legs.

It sent me over the edge. Like a pistol, my cock shot wave after wave of hot cum inside the walls of her vagina. The fucking didn’t stop until every ounce of energy was gone. Exhausted, we collapsed on the bed.

I pulled out and Jen, knowing that my cock is ultra sensitive after I cum, continued to suck me off for another couple of minutes. This made me convulse in follow up mini-orgasms.

She glanced at my spent face and crept close to deliver a long kiss. We both tasted the slight remains of our sex and vowed never to go two weeks without sex again.

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