Part 2: After the War

Copyright 2013 by woodfellow

Twenty one months and four days after the occupation began, as quickly as it started it was over. When the UN forces arrived to liberate us they found a curious sight: An apartment complex filled with one hundred and sixty men, and exactly two healthy young women ages 19 and 21. They moved us to a refugee camp where we received food, new clothes, and health inspections. All of us were very healthy including the girls.

In the months that followed the war reconstruction effort gained momentum. Families like ours who were driven homeless by the war were a big focus of the humanitarian aid efforts. We qualified for a housing subsidy and I decided to use the opportunity to buy a home, only a few kilometers from where we’d lived before. I couldn’t help but think our family had come out ahead by the war: Our new house was certainly better than anything we’d afforded previously.

We moved into our new home six weeks after the war ended. What a beautiful home it was! It had three bedrooms, so the girls no longer had to share. The home also had its own in-law suite, basically a connected apartment with its own separate entrance from the outside.

Paulina and Kasia were delighted to settle into our new home, and return to normal life. Paulina, who was 20 at this time, had had her high school studies interrupted by the war. She was missing her last two years, and so re-enrolled in school as an 11th grader. Paulina was three years older than most of the other students in her class, but being young-looking and petite she did not stand out.

Kasia on the other hand had completed her high school studies shortly before the war. I encouraged her to consider college, but she decided she would rather work for a while and decide what she wanted to do next. So Kasia looked for a job, eventually finding a role as an administrative assistant at a law firm. She was surrounded by lawyers, mostly men, but it was an environment she liked and a job she could do really well. Since Kasia was working she moved into the in-law suite attached to the house. That would be convenient if she had to leave for work early.


There was absolutely no discussion between the girls and me about what had happened during the war, and what we had done to survive. In the privacy of my own mind I often thought about those events, and tried to make sense of them. Had I done the right thing as a father? Could there have been another way? On the one hand I was proud to have gotten my daughters safely through the horrors of war. Heaven knows things could have been much worse: Countless thousands of young girls no different from ours had been raped or killed or worse during the war. I felt proud that I kept my girls safe.

On the other hand, at what cost? They had provided sexual gratification to hundreds of men over many months. Yes we had rules about sexual contact to keep the girls from getting aroused. But there had to be consequences.

And truthfully, if I was honest with myself I still felt a burning sexual attraction for my daughters. I had gone from fucking each of them daily (one in the mouth, one in the ass), to nothing. How was I supposed to return to a normal father role? Everything had changed and I was consumed by guilt.

Over the weeks that followed, the war took on a surreal dreamlike quality. I think all of us wanted to close that chapter of our lives. I was soon reminded however that leaving the past behind is easier said than done….


“Daddy, I can’t sleep!”

I woke up and looked for the source of the whispering. Kasia was standing next to my bed looking at me. The alarm clock on my nightstand read 3:14am. What was she doing up so late?

“Have you tried listening to your music honey? That might help you sleep.” I whispered back, still half-asleep myself.

“Yes I tried everything! Nothing’s working. I’m not used to sleeping in a room by myself. Can you come keep me company for a while?” She was whispering very softly but with an urgency that brought me awake.

“Ok sweetheart, but I really need to get sleep of my own too. I’ll come for a while.”

And so I followed Kasia down the hallway and through several rooms, to the inside door to her suite. I was so tired I was practically sleepwalking. She closed her suite door behind us, and led me through into her bedroom. By design this part of the house was very private from the other rooms.

Her bedroom was quite large, with its own king-sized bed and attached bathroom. Still groggy I fell into the bed, and Kasia settled in next to me. Pulling the blankets up she shifted and lay on her stomach with her face buried in a pillow. She always liked this sleeping position. With my right hand I patted her slowly and gently on the back, hoping this would soothe her to sleep. For a long time I gently patted her….

“Daddy, I still can’t sleep!”

Waking up again I realized I had dozed off. Her clock now read 3:37am. Kasia sounded tired and a little bit frantic to get to sleep. I knew the feeling, when you need to sleep but your body just won’t do it.

“Ok honey,” I said. “Is there anything I can do to help?”

She looked me in the eyes and paused for a while with a strange expression on her face.

Very softly she said, “well there is one thing….”

“What is it honey? I want to help you get some rest.”

“Well…” she hesitated. “Daddy do you remember how you used to hold me in bed to help me relax? Could you do that for me now? I really need to get some sleep!”

She was talking about how I used to pin her arms down. For some reason this has a calming effect on Kasia, I don’t know why. It seemed almost an instinctive response, like how a kitten relaxes when picked up by the nape of its neck.

“Of course I’ll help honey.”

With that I rolled Kasia onto her belly. Then laying next to her, I pulled her arms up above her head and used my hand to grip her wrists together firmly. When I did this I could hear her exhale and visibly relax. She closed her eyes and her breathing got more even.

I thought she was drifting off to sleep, but she kept stirring periodically.

“Daddy can you lay on top of me for a little bit? I’m so tired….”

And so I climbed over on top of my daughter, and eased my weight onto her. With my left hand I continued holding her wrists above her head. With my right hand I did the other thing she finds soothing: I reached under her right armpit and placed my hand firmly around her throat. With this treatment Kasia sighed and I felt all the tension drain out of her. Like picking up a kitten by the nape of its neck.

As she was calming, something was happening to me. My groin was pressed against her pajama-ed bottom, and involuntarily I was getting an erection. I was wearing no nightclothes of any kind, so my penis nestled directly against her.

“I hope she’s asleep and isn’t feeling this,” I thought. Kasia was completely still for several minutes, and my thoughts began to drift. To the smell of her hair, and my memories of Gabriel feeding his daughters.

Almost involuntarily I shifted my weight slightly, and my penis fell perfectly into the crack down her bottom. She was wearing pajama bottoms, a fuzzy material that felt soft against my shaft. I couldn’t deny it, holding Kasia down was incredibly arousing. My thoughts went back to months before, when each morning I would hold my daughter like this, lube my cock with my saliva, and push my shaft deep into her warm bottom. Against my will I began tiny, imperceptible thrusting movements. For several minutes I stayed there, enjoying the sensation of her sleeping body underneath me and the rhythmic pressure of my hard penis against her soft bottom.

“Mmmm Daddy … that …. feels so good” she said with the sleepiest voice you can imagine. And then she fell quiet.



About four months after liberation day, I got a call from the doctor Tomasz. He wanted to meet and talk. I had a feeling he had bad news, and it was confirmed the next day when we spoke. Tomasz’s wife had not survived the war. The circumstances of her death were not clear, but he had made a positive identification of her remains. I tried my best to console him, but with little effect. Men, especially older men, don’t do well when their women are gone.

That was when Tomasz and I decided to start a weekly meetup of some of our friends from the old neighborhood. We called it “poker night”, from 8 to 11pm every Friday evening at our house. The group included Tomasz of course, and six other friends that were still in the area. Most of the men were older, although at 61 years old Tomasz was the senior of the group. One of the other men had also lost his wife during the war.

Poker night with the guys fast became a weekly tradition, and a chance for us to talk about old times and what was happening in our lives. The war had been disrupting for each of us, most of all the two who’d lost their wives. But we were all survivors and it felt good to spend time with trusted old friends each week.

The eight of us would seat ourselves around our big dining table, and drink and play poker. We’d play for money, small stakes. Just enough to keep it interesting but not enough to develop grievances. In truth none of us was all that good at poker, and the winnings would go back and forth between us each week.

The girls would usually stay in their rooms. By this time Paulina was getting a lot of homework in school, and she’d usually get all her weekend homework done on Friday evening. Kasia meanwhile would stay in her suite and was almost never seen or heard.


It was our very first poker night, and we were about an hour into a game of five-card draw. The men had settled into a good rhythm and conversation. Some of us were drinking beer, the others vodka as per each man’s preference.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw somebody standing in the wide archway in one side of the room. It was my daughter Paulina.

“Sorry Daddy to bother all of you. I just wanted to get a drink of water from the kitchen!”

From Paulina’s room the kitchen was on the other side of the dining room, and she had to walk through our poker game to get there.

“That’s fine dear. Don’t mind us men!” I replied.

As the words were coming out of my mouth, I realized that Paulina’s eyes had scanned the room and were riveted on Tomasz, the doctor. Her face was beginning to flush. Tomasz for his part returned her gaze with a blank, unreadable expression. He said nothing. As instantly as it came the moment passed, and Paulina began walking through the room toward the kitchen.

While she walked every one of the men’s eyes were on her. In hindsight I didn’t think about how awkward this might be for Paulina. All of these men had, just months before, been feeding their entire semen output to Paulina and her sister Kasia to help them survive the war. All but one of these men in the room had been in Paulina’s group, and each of them had been intimate with Paulina hundreds of times. For me those memories were fading into the past, since I lived with Paulina every day. But for these men in the room, this was the first they’d seen of Paulina since the day the war ended. For them the memories were fresh.

As she walked through the room I was also acutely aware of how provocatively she was dressed. Did she always dress like this on a Friday night at home? I wondered. All Paulina wore was a very large football jersey, so long it covered her bottom like a dress. Was she wearing shorts or panties underneath? I couldn’t tell. The only other visible clothing she wore was a pair of big fluffy white socks that pulled up to just below her knees. Paulina looked like she was ready for a sleepover with her girlfriends.

Conversation among the men began to return when Paulina had passed through the dining room again back toward her room in the hallway. Within seconds it was as if the interruption had never occurred. By some unspoken agreement we never said a word about what must have been on every man’s mind, namely how we’d fed Paulina and her sister during the war. That was in the past.


Poker night was a big success. By around 10pm all the drinking was catching up with us, and Tomasz was the first to ask if he could use the restroom. I described how to find the bathroom at the end of the hall, and he excused himself. After he returned, one by one the other men took bathroom breaks of their own. One of the nice things about poker is you don’t need all players to be there to continue the game. Men would excuse themselves to get a beer from the kitchen, or go to the bathroom as needed. They felt right at home.

At 11pm we decided to call it a night, and with handshakes and smiles we agreed what a fun night we’d had. We decided to make Friday poker night a standing tradition.


After the men had left and I’d cleaned up, I went to Paulina’s room to say good night to her. I knocked softly on her door, not wanting to wake her if she was already asleep.

“Come in daddy, I’m still awake,” I heard her respond.

I entered her room to find Paulina laying on her bed. She looked like she’d been staring at the ceiling and daydreaming. I sat next to her on the edge of her bed.

“How was your evening sweetheart? Did you get your homework finished?” I asked.

“My evening was great. I didn’t get too far on my homework though. I’ll need to finish it this weekend. How about you daddy, did you have a fun time with your friends?” she asked.

“Ah yes we had a really good time,” I replied. “We’re going to make poker night something we do every Friday. It’s good for the men to get together. The war was hard on them, and some of them even lost their wives. I think you know that Tomasz lost his wife of many years? Awful story.”

I continued, “Anyway, about poker night. Would that be ok with you? I know we kind of take up the house. I hope it isn’t too much of an inconvenience to have so many guests.”

“Oh no!” Paulina blurted out. “It’s no trouble at all. I can just stay in my room. I think the men really enjoyed themselves, and I agree it would be nice to do it again.”

“Mmm, well if it becomes a problem you just let me know, ok?”

“Ok daddy, but I really don’t think it will be a problem at all.”

I smiled and leaned over to kiss the top of her head. She was such an agreeable daughter.

“Well sweetheart, it’s late and I think you should get some rest!” I said.

It was her turn to smile. “Yes Daddy I think you’re right! And I’m all ready for bed.”

I kissed the top of her head again and stood up to leave the room. “Ok then, good night honey. I love you and sweet dreams!”

Walking toward the door I switched out the light to her room. As I was standing in the hallway closing her bedroom door behind me, I thought I heard Paulina say something softly.

A whisper? Reopening the door to her darkened room, I peeked my head in to see. My daughter was laying in bed with her big round eyes glowing in the darkness, looking at me. I walked quietly across the room and knelt next to her at the side of her bed.

I whispered, “Did you say something honey?”

She had wide-open eyes and a suddenly serious look on her face.

“Yes Daddy,” she whispered. “Can you tuck me in?”

I was stunned, I never expected her to say those words again. During the war those had been the words Paulina used when she wanted Gabriel (me) to feed her just before bedtime.

As my daughter said this she had a serious, almost pleading look on her face. Consciously or not she’d relaxed to let her mouth fall open, and I could already see her head tilting back. During the war she had spent countless hours in the “throat position”, it was second nature to her.

I am ashamed to say that my cock responded instantly. The animal within me wanted to become Gabriel again, and push my cock deep into her throat. I wanted to erupt into her mouth and fill it with semen for her to swallow. Every night during the war I would do this, fuck her throat with my nose nestled against her privates while I inhaled the smell of her vagina and anus.

I don’t know how I did it, but I resisted the urge. Deep down I knew this wasn’t about my daughter’s health any more. Gabriel had served his purpose, and for him to be an ongoing part of his daughters’ lives would be wrong.

I smiled at her and patted her cheek. “Of course I’ll tuck you in honey.”

And I pulled up the blanket around my daughter and tucked her in.

Leaning down I kissed her on the cheek, melting inside from the sad look in her eyes. I whispered to her, “Just remember honey, I always love you and will do what’s best for you. Now you get some rest.”

I slipped out the door, closing it softly behind me.


Several weeks went by, and our lives settled into more of a routine. Paulina was doing well in school, and Kasia was finding she enjoyed working at the law firm very much. Kasia also enjoyed living more independently in her own suite. Sometimes she would join us for dinner, but often she would cook for herself (her suite had a small kitchen) and we might not see her at all on some nights. Her suite had its own entrance to the outside, so she was able to keep her own hours without disturbing us. I was proud she was learning to be independent.

We also continued doing poker night each Friday, from 8 to 11pm. I don’t think any of the men ever missed a single one.



One evening in November I had a surprising conversation with Kasia. She had something to ask me, and wanted me to join her in her suite. Following her to her private rooms I was of course curious.

In the privacy of Kasia’s living area I asked her, “What’s it about honey? Is something the matter?”

“No Daddy, nothing like that. Well maybe. No that isn’t right. I don’t want to make you worried. I’m just trying to be safe is all.” Kasia responded, stammering a bit.

“Safe about what honey? Are you in trouble?” I asked.

Kasia was turning red and was clearly embarrassed or emotional. About what I couldn’t tell. She stalled a bit before continuing.

“Trouble? Oh no Daddy, not at all. It’s just…well…do you remember those special panties you made for me one time? Do you know where I can get those again?”

My mind reeled! Kasia was talking about her half-panties, the ones I’d made for her during the war to protect her virginity. Kasia had turned to anal sex as a way to get the nutrition she needed. She wore the half-panties whenever men were fucking her bottom, to prevent mistakes. There was always a risk that the man might accidentally pull out too far out of her bottom and thrust back into the wrong hole. The half-panties were designed to prevent that.

I considered what this request of hers meant.

“Of course honey, we can get you some half-panties. But can you tell me what’s going on? I’m your father and I want to make sure you’re ok,” I said.

Kasia considered that, and then continued on.

“Ok, well, I just want to be safe. Daddy there are a couple of men at my work who have been fucking my bottom for a while now. I want to wear half-panties to work just to be safe.”

“Really? Fucking you at work?!? Who are these men Kasia? How are they doing this to you?”

“Oh don’t worry Daddy it’s nothing bad. You know I enjoy it!”

With my prompting and cross-examination I eventually pieced together the entire story. The two men who were fucking Kasia were the two managing partners at her law firm. As men of power often do, one of the partners had decided to make a move on the attractive young woman who was new in the office. Kasia had enjoyed the attention from him, and within a few days invited him to fuck her bottom if he wanted. My daughter really has a different attitude toward sex than most women. Anyway, the man of course accepted.

So twice a day the partner calls Kasia into his office, and bending her over his desk he fucks her in the bottom. He doesn’t even take off his suit, he just unzips, lubes up, and pushes inside. Kasia it seems enjoys this. (“It’s better than working!” she laughed.) Once the first partner realized there was plenty of her to go around, he sent Kasia to the other law partner in the office. Between the two of them she was getting anal sex four or five times a day.

Once the basic picture was clear I said, “Thanks for telling me all this honey, it’s good that you trust me. But first things first, when these men fuck you where do they ejaculate?”

“One of them likes to come in my mouth, so I swallow it down. The other man usually comes inside my bottom. I’ve explained to both of them that I’m a virgin and I can’t have sex.”

I said to her, “Yes honey it does sound like you should be wearing half-panties to work. I’ll help you get some. Most importantly though, after the man ejaculates inside your bottom you should be careful about where it drips! You are a virgin but if his semen drips out and runs across your vagina, then it’s possible you might get pregnant. The chance is low but isn’t zero.”

“That’s smart of you Daddy. I’ll try to be careful.”

That weekend I took Kasia to several stores, but we didn’t find any half-panties for sale. I decided we would have to once again make our own. This time though I located a qualified seamstress and explained to her what we wanted. She was obviously intrigued by the job. She took many measurements of Kasia and asked her about what kinds of materials she liked, colors, and so on.

Several days later the seamstress showed us her work. It was beautiful! The panties were all black, with a sheer fabric in the front, and a soft cottony material over the vaginal area. The straps up the outside of the buttocks were made of a black lacy material, delicate looking but strong. Kasia tried them on and they fit her perfectly. I paid the seamstress to sew six more identical pairs.

From that day on Kasia wore her half-panties to work every day.



Fast forward to mid-December, and one of our regular Friday evening poker nights. As usual we were gathered around the table, drinking and playing cards.

On this particular night we had an accident, albeit a minor one. We’d just finished an unusually exciting round of cards, one of those hands where two players get into a bidding war and everyone else folds as the stakes get higher. It was a flush against a full house. In the cheering and high fives after the cards were shown, one of the men accidentally knocked a bowl of potato chips onto the floor.

Waving him down, I jumped up to go fetch the broom and dustpan from the hall closet.

Walking down the hall toward the closet I heard a muffled sound coming from one of the rooms. I was out of earshot now of the loud noise coming from the dining room. There was a definite human sound. Maybe Paulina was listening to her music with headphones?

Genuinely curious now, I put my ear against one door after another in the hallway to identify the source of the noise. It was coming from Paulina’s room. And it was definitely not her voice I was hearing! Kneeling quietly in front of her room in the darkened hallway, I leaned forward to look through the keyhole in her door. Our house had doors of this older style, with keyholes you could see clear through.

On the other side of the door I could clearly see Tomasz in Paulina’s bedroom. He was naked save for his shirt and socks. The noise I’d heard was him grunting, as he violently throat-fucked my daughter on the bed. Paulina was in the throat position, laying on her back with her head dangling over the side of the bed. Tomasz stood directly in front of her, thrusting his big cock straight into her waiting throat. He was rutting like an animal possessed. If I hadn’t known Paulina’s talent firsthand I would have been worried for her safety.

I felt like I was watching a scene from twelve months ago, when Paulina relied on this for her nutrition. Why would she be doing this now? Was she being coerced, or did she somehow enjoy it? Should I break into the room and put a stop to it? I decided that no, it was not my place to do so. Paulina was an adult now and capable of making her own decisions.

In one crucial way the scene was in fact very different from twelve months ago, and that was that Tomasz was having sexual contact with my daughter. During the war we were always diligent to keep the men from arousing the girls during their feeding sessions: Kissing, and touching their breasts or vaginas, were rigorously disallowed. Now however as Tomasz fucked her mouth he was using his tongue on my daughter’s clit and vagina. Her knees were up against her chest, and Tomasz was spreading her thighs apart with his hands. She was moaning herself and clearly enjoying this stimulation.

Through the door I could now hear Tomasz speak.

“Mmmm my love, I see you shaved yourself clean as I asked last time. That’s a very good girl. I prefer it this way, so smooth and sexy!” he said. Tomasz was getting close to his climax and his speech was labored. He continued lapping at her smooth pussy and clit with his tongue.

Last time? How long has this been going on? I wondered.

Then I realized, like a shot of lightning: This could have been going on for months! Maybe since that very first poker night! Kneeling there in the hallway I replayed our poker nights in my mind. How the men would take turns excusing themselves to go to the bathroom, and how they would be gone for significant intervals of time. I’d never really thought of it, but it now seemed obvious something suspicious could be going on.

I didn’t have enough time now to put all the clues together. Tomasz was reaching his climax. “Uhhhh!” he groaned in a voice hoarse and deep. Quickly he moved his hands to get a firm grip on Paulina’s head. His eyes squeezed shut and he pushed his penis as deep as it could go into her mouth and throat. All that could be seen of the doctor’s genitalia was his big ballsack covered in thick gray pubic hair, which now Paulina’s nose was buried into in this obscene display of oral copulation. Then Tomasz’s hips bucked violently as he began ejaculating his semen into her throat. Wave after wave of shocks rocked his body…6…7…8. I was impressed by the intensity of the doctor’s orgasm, and also by Paulina’s ability to take such aggressive treatment. They were a well-suited pair, the two of them, despite the fact that he was 61 years old and she only 19.

The doctor let out a long, shaky sigh and opened his eyes. Then in one motion he pulled his big shaft completely out of her, leaving her saliva-covered mouth hanging open obscenely. It really was amazing how deep her throat was.

“That’s a good girl Paulina, you really can take it hard and deep! I’d better get back to the poker game. You be sure to be ready for next week, our big day! I love you sweetheart!” The doctor said this in a kind and loving voice. It was clear he adored her.

The doctor made motions to get his clothing back on, and I realized I had to move quickly to get out of the hallway. Quietly I pulled away from the keyhole and stood up, then moved to the hallway closet to fetch the broom and dustpan.


Back in the dining room my mind reeled as I swept up the spilled potato chips. How long had this been going on? What was the “big day” Tomasz had spoken about? Are the other men also doing this? How could I have missed this for so long? My mind swirled with questions.

A minute later Tomasz came back to the group and rejoined the conversation. He looked as if nothing had happened. Perhaps a bit red in the face but not enough to arouse suspicion unless you knew what to look for. I realized it was entirely possible this had happened many times before.

A few minutes later another of the men excused himself to go to the restroom. I made note of exactly what time he left the table. It took him 11 minutes to return. Then another man excused himself, this time 8 minutes. Then another, 14 minutes. Eventually over the course of the evening every one of the men had taken at least one, and some two, fairly long bathroom breaks. It was a suspiciously long time to urinate. Why had I never noticed these long bathroom breaks before? The answer was obvious, I’d been distracted. In such a large group you don’t notice the difference between a 4 minute and 13 minute absence when everyone is talking and having fun.

Continuing my study of the situation, I began observing closely the faces of the men coming back from the “bathroom”, or excusing themselves to go. Were they communicating with one another nonverbally? Some way of negotiating who was to go next?

Despite my searching, I did not observe communication of any kind. The men just naturally took turns in some kind of unspoken agreement.

I decided to test my suspicions about what was going on. Toward the end of the evening Adam, a younger man of about 37 (that qualified as young in this group), excused himself to use the restroom. Adam had already been to the restroom once before since I began counting. A minute after he left the table, I excused myself under cover of returning the broom and dustpan to the hallway closet.

Walking quietly through the hallway, first I put the items away. Then looking toward the end of the hallway I noticed the bathroom door was open and the light off. That left only one place Adam could likely be. I crept back to the door to Paulina’s room and waited, listening for any sounds. All I heard was my own heart thumping in my ears. Kneeling quietly onto one knee I leaned forward to look through the keyhole.

As expected Adam was inside the room. He was fucking Paulina’s mouth in exactly the same position Tomasz had used, with her head dangling over the edge of the bed so her mouth and throat were in line. Adam was however much more gentle with my daughter. Instead of rutting like an animal as Tomasz did, Adam moved slowly and carefully in and out, although he did go just as deep.

My suspicions were confirmed. Probably all of the men were using Paulina in this way, and likely had been for many months. Obviously she did not mind. As her father I felt worried for her safety, but I knew it was misplaced. Paulina was an adult now and could handle herself. Moreover she deserved to make her own decisions about her romantic life without her father butting in. I decided the best course of action was to continue on as if nothing had happened.

I also had another realization: During every poker night Tomasz had always been first to use the bathroom. I’d noticed this before, and I suppose chalked it up to his older age. But with this new information it started to fit a broader pattern. There had always been a special relationship between Tomasz and Paulina, dating back to the war when Tomasz was always first to feed Paulina at a given meal. The pattern of bathroom breaks served to confirm that, for Tomasz at least, this had been going on for a long time. Perhaps as long as we’d been doing poker nights.

And so without my knowledge, poker night had become “poke her” night. I chuckled inwardly at that thought as I made my way back to the group of men.



I spent the next week with just a single question on my mind: What had Tomasz meant about their “big day” this Friday? I thought back to his history with Paulina. Was it an anniversary of some shared event? Nothing came to mind. I was burning with curiosity and resolved to find some way to learn what this was all about. Friday would be the day.

Paulina for her part seemed even happier and more talkative than usual. She’s always been a cheerful kid but she had a noticeable spring in her step that week. Or perhaps it was all in my mind, I don’t know.

And so it was a week of anticipation.


On Monday right after work Kasia asked once again if we could speak in private, in her part of the house. Of course, I said, and followed her to her rooms.

“How are things honey? Is your work going well?” I asked.

“Oh yes Daddy, work is going great. I wanted to let you know that the half-panties you had made for me are perfect! I’ve had no accidents, and all of the men at my work find them really sexy!”

“Men? You mean those two law partners? Are you still seeing both of them honey?” I asked. When you’re a father it’s hard to not get worried.

“Oh yes, I’m still seeing them of course. I’m also seeing a few others besides. Not partners, but staff lawyers. The partners have told their staff lawyers, all men by the way, that if they’re productive they get time with me as a reward. One of them even called me in to his staff meeting, to show the men what I look like under my skirt! He said for the incentive to be effective the men need to know what the prize looks like.”

“Really?” I said, with a grin on my face. “That must have been…interesting!”

“Really Daddy, I’m not kidding. I’ll show you how it was. Pretend my dining table here is the conference room table ok? The partner brought me in and had me stand like this.” Facing the table, she bent over at the waist and placed her hands on the surface, with her back arched so her butt stood out.

Kasia is by far the more voluptuous of my two daughters. She is shorter than Paulina, despite being a year older, and built differently. Where Paulina is lithe and thin and almost pre-pubescent, Kasia is curvy and womanly. She has thick thighs, wide hips, a large bottom, and a narrow waist. She has always been strikingly attractive. I could see why the men at her office would find her so enticing.

On this particular evening Kasia was still in her work clothes: A white silk blouse, knee-length tailored skirt, black nylons up to mid-thigh, and tall black leather platform high heels. She stood there bent over the table, with her feet shoulder distance apart. Kasia was looking back over her shoulder at me with a smile on her face.

“Now you pretend you’re the law partner, ok Daddy? He flipped up my skirt so all the other men could see my bottom. Go ahead and do it,” she said.

It can’t hurt to play along, I thought to myself. She seems to be enjoying this. So I reached down to grab the hem of her skirt, and pulling it up rested it on her lower back. It took some adjusting to get all of her tight skirt pushed up onto her back.

What I saw revealed stunned me.

First, her new half-panties made an absolutely gorgeous sight. They were black lace against her pale white skin. Kasia’s wide, plump bottom was framed perfectly by the straps going up the back of the half-panties. And they seductively hid her most private part, her vagina. Looking at her stunning shape I could understand why any of her male coworkers would kill to spend time with her!

Second and even more amazing, Kasia now had a tattoo on her lower back. In large scripted letters just above her bottom the tattoo read, “Daddy’s Girl”.

I was stunned. I didn’t know what to say.


“What do you think Daddy? Do you like it?” Kasia asked excitedly about her new tattoo.

I was stunned and could’t speak. I could only run my hand back and forth over the lettering as if to test the reality of it. In the process I will admit I became aroused touching her soft pale skin. Her big plump bottom really was a gorgeous sight. With her legs spread slightly apart like this I could just barely make out the hole between her butt cheeks. I knew she had had many dozens of men, maybe a hundred by now, fuck her in that hole. And still she remained a virgin. “Daddy’s Girl.”

“It’s…it’s…it’s amazing honey. I honestly don’t know what to say! But what does it mean though? Daddy’s Girl?”

When I said that, Kasia’s entire demeanor shifted. It’s hard to explain…she became, perhaps submissive is the word. She still wore a smile on her face, but now it had become more shy. She stood up from the table and turned around to face me, but now her arms and legs were clutched in together as she stood, as if she were trying to make herself smaller. And she no longer looked directly at me, but down toward my feet. When Kasia spoke again it was almost a whisper.

“Daddy it means that I am yours. I just…I just want you to be happy Daddy. And I want to be good for you.”

“Oh honey…” I said. I was too stunned to say much, but I could tell she was pouring out her heart to me. I was still struggling to understand what it was all about.

She continued speaking, in the same quiet intense voice. As she spoke her eyes defocused, her mind traveling far away. “I know the war was an awful time Daddy, and I know it’s good that our family is safe. But for me that was honestly the best time of my life. You really did save me Daddy, and we were so close then. It felt so nice, all the time we spent together. I just wish we could have some of that back.”

She looked up at me now, with sad eyes and a sad smile. I had no idea how she had perceived the war. In my mind the war was a horror to distance ourselves from, and here she was saying it had been the best time of her life.

I stepped forward and gathered her in my arms. Kasia buried her face into my chest and began to cry. My own eyes brimmed with tears as I held her tightly against me.

“Oh honey, I am so sorry! I had no idea you felt this way! I want you to know I really miss some things about those times too. I don’t miss being constantly worried about you and your sister. But I do miss how close we were, and how you and I were so intimate.”

I continued on. “But those were different times dear. We did those things back then because we had to, so you and your sister could survive. I wouldn’t give up those memories for anything! But now, it just isn’t right for a father and daughter to be intimate like that. It might be hard for you to understand.”

Kasia’s face was still buried into my chest and she got even more emotional as she responded. “But I DO understand everything! I understand that we were close then and now you don’t want to be any more. How can it be wrong if we both enjoyed it?” She looked hurt and rejected. How had it come to this? I felt nothing but love for my daughter.

“I know it’s hard to understand honey. But the law, and our religion, say it’s wrong for a man to have sex with his daughter. That’s just the way it is and it doesn’t matter what I want. Heaven knows I wish it weren’t that way, but it is.”

She pulled away from my body and looked up at my face with a serious expression. “But wait Daddy, I wasn’t talking about sex. I was talking about the things we did together during the war. You know, like how you would fuck my bottom and feed me. All the men would do those things. That wasn’t sex was it?”

“Well…uh…hmmm. Actually sweetheart…” I stammered.

I was at a loss for what to say. Should I tell my daughter that she’d had sex with a hundred different men by the age of 21? That would be telling her she was a whore. What else could I say? It was true we’d had very strict rules — and adhered to them completely as best as I could tell. There was only one thing I could tell her.

“Actually sweetheart, you’re right. Those things we did were fun but they weren’t really sex.”

She hugged her face back into my chest and closed her eyes again. “Ok that’s what I thought. Before when I was talking about us, I was just talking about doing those things again. I wasn’t talking about us having sex! Everyone knows family members shouldn’t have sex together. That’s even in the Bible Daddy.”

“Yes you’re right sweetheart,” was all I could think to say. I hugged her tight and kissed the top of her head.

She continued, “Some of the men at work want to have sex with me. But I told them I won’t have sex until I get married. I told them they could fuck my bottom as much as they want, but there’s no way I’m having sex.”

I smiled faintly at the distinction she was drawing. “I’m proud that you stick up for yourself like that sweetheart. But sweetheart I have to ask, do you like it when all these men at work fuck your bottom? You wouldn’t have to do that if you don’t want to, you know,” I asked.

“Oh no I don’t mind. Some of them I have to remind to use lots of lubrication, otherwise it hurts a little bit going in. When it’s inside though I love the feeling of being full! And when they move in and out it’s almost like scratching an itch. Or maybe more like massaging me from the inside. It’s hard to describe, but it feels really good!”

So there it was. As a consequence of her wartime experience, Kasia had developed (and possibly her sister too) a very unusual conception of sex. In her mind many of the things that most of us would consider sexually intimate, like oral and anal sex, are not sex at all. They are just fun things she likes to do, perhaps no different from hugging or dancing with another person.

“One thing honey is that you probably shouldn’t tell your friends about the things that happened during the war. Or about the men at your law office. Some people a little bit old fashioned about these things.”

“Yes I know,” she said.

Now I would be lying if I said I didn’t find my daughter sexually arousing. Apparently she wasn’t the only one with a psychological imprint from the war. I would never in a million years have thought I could be sexually attracted to one of my own daughters, but the strange circumstances had bent me to it. The erection in my pants was objective proof.

Pressed up against me as she was, Kasia could feel my erection now. She smiled and looked up at me.

“It feels like you’re ready Daddy! Can we do it again, right now? I even got this really good lubricant so you don’t have to use saliva. It just glides in perfectly!”

She walked over to her nightstand, opened the drawer, and got out a bottle of lube which she handed to me. (“Why does she keep lube in her nightstand at home?” I wondered. File that away for future questioning.)

“Can we Daddy? Please?” she had an expectant look on her face.

Now I should have run away from there as fast as I could, I know. I know, I know, I know. But she’d broken me down in every way possible: With emotion, with seduction, and even with my own logic twisted against me. But the honest truth was, I really wanted it. For all her pleading, deep down I probably wanted it more than she did. Gabriel likes nothing better than to hold his little daughter down and fuck his cock deep into her bottom.

Something strange happened then. As I stood there with my daughter in my arms, a growing feeling of certainty began to fill my mind. It was like an unhuman power that began to wash over me, moving quickly up my spine and sending the hairs on the back of my neck bristling. I felt a raw power coursing through my every vein and artery. It was the feeling of absolute certainty, of clarity of purpose. The indecision had fallen away and my mind was filled with absolute knowledge of what I must do.

Such was my state of mind throughout the next series of events I will relate here. It was a rare and fleeting state of mind to be sure, but while it inhabited me I harbored no doubts or second thoughts. I only acted. Of course this does not absolve me of personal responsibility for what eventually resulted.


Holding Kasia slightly apart from me now, I placed my hand under her chin and tilted her face upward to meet my gaze. Again I was not thinking, only acting.

I bent down and, turning my head, softly put my lips to hers.

It was the first time I’d ever kissed Kasia on the mouth. I started slowly, using my lips to softly caress hers. Then with a slow rhythm I started to kiss, stroking and kneading her lips with mine. Ever so gently I used my lips to separate hers. And she began to kiss me back, with a faint almost imperceptible moan.

With her lips still on mine I reached down and slowly brought her arms behind her back, bringing her wrists together. With my left hand I clasped her wrists together tightly at the small of her back. Then I moved my right hand up to hold her neck and head, my fingers entwining through her hair. With both arms — one around her waist and holding her arms, the other in back of her neck — I began to pull her into me and deepen the kiss.

The intensity of our mouths moving together increased and I could feel Kasia begin to melt, and follow my lead instinctively. My tongue entered her mouth and she responded in kind. When she surrenders herself to me as she did then, she truly is Daddy’s Girl.

I put into that kiss all of the love, all the passion, all the desire I feel for my daughter. The raw intensity of my feeling must have come through, because as we stood there kissing she gasped. Finally I relaxed my hold on her and slowly broke the kiss, standing up and holding her to me so my lips were against her forehead.

With her eyes still shut Kasia sighed and said, “Oh Daddy. Oh my God Daddy….oh my God!”

I gave her a moment to recover. Then I instructed her, “Remove your half-panties honey. You never need to use those with Daddy.” And she complied. As she pulled up her skirt once again over her hips, I was again stunned by how gorgeous she was. Soft pale skin and gorgeous curves. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her half-panties and pulled them down, bending at the waist. I was so mad with desire I couldn’t wait to have my cock buried in her ass.

I placed a pillow in the middle of her bed. “Good girl, now lay face down with your hips on the pillow.” She complied without question. The pillow under her hips made her butt stick upward. From experience I knew this would allow me to go slightly deeper.

Then I took off my clothes and got onto the bed myself, and straddled her legs to face her glorious bottom. The skirt had fallen back down, so with my two hands I hiked it back up to rest on her lower back. Kasia lifted her hips so I could get the skirt all the way up.

Again I was all action, no decisions. And so I leaned over to get my face close to her protruding bottom, and used my hands to separate her butt cheeks. This exposed her perfect little anus to me. I was in heaven.

As I’d done a hundred times before, I leaned in close and placed my nose right up against her butthole. Then I breathed in deep to smell her essence.

Kasia smelled a little bit different now than she had during the war, probably due to her very different diet. When she was on an all-semen diet, her bottom had had a musky smell. Now it was very similar, only a little more sour or acidic. It was every bit as sexy.

Then, with my face still nuzzled deep inside her crack, I used my tongue to lightly lick upward, from the top of her pussy up to the top of her crack. As my tongue traced over her butthole, she reflexively bucked her hips and gasped.

“Oh God Daddy! Uhhhhh!” she cried.

“That was my tongue on your butthole sweetheart. It’s called rimming. Just relax and I’ll do it some more.”

And so I rimmed Kasia. First I did more light licks from bottom to top. Then I placed the tip of my tongue at the center of her butthole and began to massage her, moving my tongue in little circles. I could tell this was arousing her because she pushed back against my tongue, moaning. She was striving for firmer pressure.

I gave her firmer pressure, pushing my tongue against her sphincter and driving it firmly inside. By getting in close I was able to go deep, getting perhaps an inch of my tongue through her anus and into her rectum. I used my tongue like a little penis to fuck her bottom. The taste inside of her was nice. A little bit spicy, but pleasant and very sexy. I did this for a long while, enjoying the feel and smell and taste of having my tongue deep inside her bottom. She enjoyed submitting to this treatment, moaning throughout. When I pulled back I noticed Kasia’s vagina was swollen and glistening. Her future husband is going to be one lucky guy.

Pushing back from her I sat upright once again, still straddling her lower legs. I reached for the bottle of lube she’d thrown onto the bed earlier. Uncapping it, I began to drizzle lube down the length of my cock, then slowly stroke myself to distribute it evenly. My cock was rock-hard and aching to be inside her bottom. But first I wanted her to say it.

“You’re a grown woman now Kasia, and you can make your own decisions. I want to hear you say the words. Say them for me now sweetheart,” I said. My voice was rough with desire, and I was slowly stroking my hard cock as I said these words.

She moaned. “Yes I want it Daddy, just like we talked about.” And involuntarily she thrust her bottom upward, aching to be penetrated.

“I want you to say the words aloud sweetheart. What do you want me to do?” I said.

“I want you to FUCK ME Daddy! I want you to put your cock in my ass and fuck me so hard that it hurts! I want you to hold me down and use me like your little fucktoy!”

I had to smile at the passion and emotion in her voice. That was all the permission I needed.

I spread a little more lube on my cock, and slowly stroked it over the shaft. The sight of my daughter’s curving hips and big full bottom laid out before me drove me wild with desire. I was desperate for what was to come. Stroking myself slowly, I drizzled more lube inside her crack, which I gently massaged into her sphincter with my left thumb. Now she was ready.

Then, a mere six inches below the tattoo proclaiming “Daddy’s Girl”, I put the swollen glans of my hard penis up against her butthole. It had been such a long time, I thought. Too long. And then I eased my weight on her and I could feel her instinctively relax as I began to push my way deep into her tight warm bottom.


That first time back together again was the best non-sex I’ve ever had in my life. It was a thing beyond comparison, outside of space and time.

My daughter had her first all-anal orgasm that night. As I pounded away into her tight ass, I leaned down and in a low voice began telling Kasia what a good girl she was:

“That’s a good girl Kasia. You’re being so good for Daddy. I saw how you lifted your skirt and spread your legs so Daddy could fuck his big fat cock into your ass! You’re such a perfect little fucktoy, Daddy’s little daughter! Just relax and let Daddy use you exactly like he wants. Daddy loves you and he’s going to pump you full of semen. You’re going to have your own Daddy’s semen deep inside you!”

Between the sensations and my voice in her ear, a powerful orgasm began to build deep inside my daughter. She moaned louder and louder as it gained momentum, her hips bucking as she lost control.

“Uhhhhh! Uhhhhhhhh! UHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! DADDEEEEEEEE!!”

I stopped my thrusting right as her orgasm hit, and I could feel waves of contractions hit her anal sphincter. It felt like she was trying to milk the come straight out of my cock.

The image of her milking my cock proved too much for me, and I crossed the point of no return. Knowing I would ejaculate within seconds, I pulled out of her ass and quickly moved up to her face.

Roughly I commanded, “Suck it!” And I fed my cock into her mouth. There was a lot of lube and some fecal matter on my penis from the deep ass-fucking I’d just given her. She didn’t seem to mind, planting her lips around the head of my penis and beginning to fellate me. Within seconds the waves of orgasm began to hit, and I felt as if my head might explode. Wave after wave of intense contractions came over me, jerking my hips and legs, forcing semen out of me and into my daughter. She took every drop into her mouth.

Only after my orgasm had subsided and I’d pulled out of her mouth, did she do anything about the huge load of semen there. Kasia swirled it around in her mouth for a time, enjoying the taste. Then with a single large gulp she swallowed it all. With her eyes closed and head on the pillow Kasia let out a deep sigh.

“I love you Daddy,” she said in a sleepy voice.

“I love you too sweetheart,” I replied. I put a blanket over her and my daughter drifted off to sleep.



Returning back to our timeline with Paulina, again it was a week of anticipation.

At the previous Friday’s poker night, I’d overheard Tomasz speaking to Paulina in her room about their “big day” the coming Friday. Leading up to the big day I searched for clues in Paulina’s behavior, to no avail. She behaved just as she always did. I was nervous with anticipation the entire week.

One thing I knew is that I would have to find a way to observe Tomasz and Paulina in her room that Friday night. My strong hunch is that whatever was planned, would happen then.

On Friday the men began to arrive at our usual start time of 8pm. One of them couldn’t attend due to a family event, so there were a total of seven of us for that week’s game. We quickly settled in, buying in chips and starting our first round of beers.

A few minutes into our game, Tomasz announced that he wasn’t feeling well. He was getting over a cold and was still feeling weak. Holding his head, Tomasz said, “I think I may want to sit out for a while, so please gentlemen don’t wait up for me. I’m going to lie low for a bit and see how I feel.”

Knowing about the “big day” I could see well what Tomasz was aiming for. He was establishing an excuse to be away from the table. Taking pity on my good friend I decided to help him.

“Why don’t you use the spare bedroom Tomasz?” I said. “It’s the closed door in the hallway, across from Paulina’s room. Feel free to lay down and take a nap if you’d like. We’ll just leave you alone and you can rejoin us out here when you’re feeling better.”

“Oh why thank you,” Tomasz replied. As he rose he did a bit of playacting, holding his head as though he had a bad headache. “That sounds perfect. I think a half hour nap could really help. I’ll set my alarm so none of you need bother with me.”

“Sounds good. Have a nice nap and I hope you feel better. Close the door if you want and we won’t bother you. Do you know which one is the guest bedroom?”

“Ah yes, I know exactly the guest room. Thank you. Gentlemen, enjoy the game,” Tomasz said. With that he departed the table and walked in the direction of the guest bedroom, his hand still to his head.

Now throughout all of this I was 99% certain that Tomasz’s “sickness” was a front. I had played along, and congratulated myself on a good acting job. I suspected that not even Tomasz knew that I knew. Meanwhile I scanned the faces of the other men, looking for a knowing glance or some other sign that they understood what was happening. There was none. It appeared that the “big day” was a secret between Tomasz and my daughter Paulina.

After another two hands in the game, I decided to make my exit as well. “Sorry to leave you gentlemen with only five, but nature calls. I’ll be in the restroom, and not to be too graphic but this one is going to take a while. Be back soon.” With that I departed the game.

Turning the corner to enter the hallway, I went into stealth mode, moving as silently as I could. Immediately I noticed that both bedroom doors were closed — Paulina’s as well as the guest bedroom. Faintly I could barely discern whispering coming from somewhere. Exactly where I couldn’t tell.

At this point I was virtually certain that Tomasz had joined Paulina in her room, just as he had dozens of times before. I moved quietly to her bedroom door and went down on one knee to peer inside. I was used to this drill, having spied on Paulina at least once or twice during every poker night of the last many months. Countless times I’d seen Paulina in her “throat position”, laying on her back with her head dangling over the edge of the bed, so that one man or another could fuck his cock into her throat at full depth. However, what I saw this time surprised me.

I saw nothing! Or rather, I saw only Paulina’s empty bed on the other side of the room. The sightline through the keyhole didn’t afford a view of the room in its entirety, but unless they were pressed up against one of the near walls, Tomasz and my daughter were not inside.

Still the whispering continued, and by this time I could better locate its source. Behind me! In the guest bedroom? Perhaps Paulina had moved over to join Tomasz there. Maybe he was sick after all?

Glancing across the hallway, I saw with relief that the guest bedroom door was of the same older style as Paulina’s, with the same type of keyhole below the doorknob. As silently as I could, I moved across the hall to the guest bedroom door. My curiosity had reached a fever pitch.

Looking through the keyhole, here is what I saw. I saw Paulina and Tomasz, together on the bed. Paulina was wearing nothing but a pair of white cotton ankle socks, and a white cotton tank top that hugged her form closely. Her skirt and panties had been removed, revealing her creamy white skin and slim figure. Paulina was nearly the opposite of her sister’s body type. Where her sister was voluptuous and padded, Paulina was lithe and athletic, and in her own way just as beautiful. However I’d always felt a twinge of guilt at my attraction toward Paulina’s figure, not because she was my daughter (a guilt I should have felt but didn’t), but because of her pre-pubescent figure. In spite of her 19 years, looking at Paulina always gave me the impression I was getting aroused ogling a 13 year old girl. At the moment, an impression heightened by the fact that her pussy was completely hairless. My girl shaved now!

Paulina was laying on her back, in the missionary position. Positioned between her legs was Tomasz, who’d removed every article of clothing. His groin was pressed against Paulina’s, and his upper body was laying against hers with his head in close. Paulina had her legs wrapped around Tomasz’s hips, and her arms wrapped around his upper body. In effect she was hugging him with all four limbs.

And the most important detail. Tomasz had his cock buried deep into Paulina’s pussy.

It was plain to see. The view from the keyhole was perfectly suited, a three-quarters view partly from the side and partly from below, looking up Paulina’s bottom. The bed was only about six feet away, close enough to see the glistening sheen on Tomasz’s cock as he slowly fucked it in and out of my daughter’s virgin pussy. From the way her lips gripped his shaft on the way in and out, I could tell it was a very snug fit.

My daughter was a virgin no more! It was a big day indeed.

As they lay there slowly fucking in the missionary position, I was struck once again by the vast age difference between them. Paulina at 19 years was literally young enough to be granddaughter to 62 year old Tomasz. Her pale, youthful appearance was in stark contrast to his older and more tanned body. In many ways Tomasz looked his age, with a nearly bald head, a hairy back, and a generous amount of weight around his midsection. That said, Tomasz was still fit and vigorous in a way that I imagined women could find appealing. His hands and forearms were thick and strong as trees, and his chest was broad. And Tomasz had a penis and testicles that would have been large on a man of any age. From my vantage point I could see his thick penis stretching my daughter tight, with his ballsack the size of a billiard ball hanging obscenely below.

The whispering I’d heard was their conversation as he slowly fucked her for the first time. Being closer now, I could just barely make out their words if I concentrated.

Paulina whispered to Tomasz. “Oww, move slow! Slow, slow, slow. Ah that’s better. It’s so big I feel like I’m being split in half! It’s so tight!”

“I know sweetheart,” her lover responded, again in a whisper. “It’s tight for me too. I’ve been waiting for this for so long! It feels like we’re in a dream.”

Tomasz continued to fuck slowly in and out, and his voice grew tighter as he continued speaking. It was obvious he wasn’t going to last long. He said, “Now just relax dear. Keep breathing and stay calm, and I’ll go nice and slow.”

Then he started to grunt in time with his thrusting, his face buried into Paulina’s neck. She had her eyes closed and was breathing deeply. As he sped rapidly toward climax, involuntarily he started to speed up his thrusting. Paulina did not complain this time, perhaps because her sheath was beginning to stretch and accommodate his size.

More grunting as Tomasz gave my daughter her first true fucking. Watching through the keyhole I was getting excited witnessing the obscene spectacle. Here was an old man, holding down a girl half his weight and a third his age, using his big fat cock to deflower her virgin pussy.

Now Tomasz said to her, “Ok baby I’m getting really close. Do you want me to come inside you, or pull out?”

Paulina opened her eyes and smiled. She said, “It’s our first time. I want you to come deep inside me. Make me your girl!”

“Ok sweetheart but you know what might happen, don’t you? How babies are made?”

Paulina smiled again. “Of course silly! And you know I would love if that happened. So send that big load of yours deep inside me!” I could see she was using her legs and feet to pull Tomasz’s butt inward, helping him get deeper into her.

This encouragement was all it took to send Tomasz over the edge, cascading him into a powerful series of orgasmic contractions. Over and over he hunched his big cock into her and grunted loudly. In my mind’s eye I could see each big spurt of semen going deep inside her, coating the inside of her pussy and forming a big puddle against her cervix. No doubt even now his sperm was making its way through her cervix and into her virgin womb.

At last Tomasz collapsed on top of her, spent. Paulina’s arms and legs were still wrapped around him tight. They were an unusual couple but it was clear they adored each other. As a father what more could I hope for?



Kneeling there at the keyhole to our guest bedroom, watching Paulina and her older lover Tomasz in their first post-coital embrace, an urge came over me to give them privacy. This was a special moment for them, and one that should not be be spoiled by spying.

Quietly I pulled away from the door and stood up there in the darkened hallway. As I did this, a familiar tightness in my pants confirmed what I already knew: Watching my daughter get fucked for her very first time had made me incredibly horny! So horny that perhaps my judgment was impaired for what was to follow.

I estimated I had at least a few minutes before Paulina and Tomasz came out of their room. I could afford a bit of time but had to move quickly. Turning around, I moved back to Paulina’s bedroom door and, quietly as I could, turned the knob and entered her room, closing the door behind me. If I were caught in here I possessed no good alibi, so I resolved to work quickly.

I walked to the phone on the nightstand next to Paulina’s bed, and picked up the handset. Dial tone. We had two phones in the house then: One there in Paulina’s room, and the other in the family room. The latter one was now in the middle of a large group of men playing poker. At the moment this was the only phone I could use privately.

Quickly I dialed a number I’d committed to memory. It was a number I’d never called before, but one I’d memorized in case of emergencies.

Far off at the edge of perception, I heard a phone ring. After a few rings a familiar voice answered. “Hello, this is Kasia. To whom am I speaking?”

I lowered my voice to a loud whisper, and cupped my hand over the receiver end of the phone to channel my voice and keep it from spreading.

Whispering I said, “Kasia, it’s me, Daddy. I need to see you right away, it’s important. Is it ok if I come over?”

“What’s the matter Daddy, why are you whispering? Is everything ok? I thought you were playing poker now with your friends?” A tone of concern had entered her voice.

“Everything’s ok sweetheart. I don’t have time to explain now — I will when I get there. Can I come over?”

She paused briefly. “Yes, of course Daddy. Can you give me five minutes? I have a…visitor…here but he was nearly done anyway. Give us five minutes and you can come over.”

“Ok, thanks honey. I’ll be over in five minutes. I can’t get to my key right now, so listen for my knock and you can let me in. See you soon!” I whispered this back to her, and then quiet as I could placed the handset back, refilling its cradle. I glanced at my watch to mark the time.

Moving quickly then, I went back to the door and once again used the keyhole, but for the first time to look out instead of in. To my relief the hallway was clear. I rose and quietly turned the doorknob, opened her door with as little noise as I could manage, then stepped into the empty hallway and closed it behind me. Safe.

I decided the best place to wait was the hallway bathroom, which is ostensibly where I was supposed to be right now anyway. So I walked down the hallway and entered the bathroom, closing then door behind me and flipping on the light switch.

In here I could think, and wait. Glancing at my watch I had 4:30 remaining.

Now as you’re reading this, it occurs to me that something bears explanation, which so far in the storyline I have not provided. This is the “visitor” that Kasia mentioned in our phone conversation, and the cause of my present waiting. I will briefly explain.

You will recall that Kasia had been receiving the amorous attentions of the two partners in her law office. As the office assistant she would work at her desk for most of the day. When one of the partners wanted her, he would ring her at her desk and summon her to his office. For each of the partners this would happen once or twice a day.

As Kasia described it, most of these encounters were brief. She would enter the partner’s office, closing the door behind her. Then, knowing what was expected of her, she would walk to the partner’s desk, on the side where he would usually be seated. There she would pull up her skirt — she always wore skirts to the office — and lean over the edge of the desk, placing the skirt in the small of her back. I mentioned how she always wears half-panties to the office, basically panties with an open back. The half-panties gave the men easy access to her bottom, but also served as a reminder that her vagina was off-limits to them. And so she would lie there bent over his desk, the lacy straps of her half-panties framing her full bottom. She’d taken to lubing up her hole in the bathroom on the way there, so her anus was already glistening and ready to be penetrated. This is how she would present herself to the men. They would simply unzip and mount her at that time. Occasionally they would pull out and want her to swallow their come. More often they would ejaculate deep inside her bottom. In any case, once he finished Kasia would simply flip her skirt back down and return to her desk. For the partners she was basically on call for whenever they wanted her, in between client meetings and so on.

Now I’d mentioned about how the partners had turned Kasia’s good looks and receptiveness for anal sex into an incentive program at her office. Here’s how it worked. A male staff lawyer in the office who distinguished himself in some way could be recognized by one of the partners by being given a certificate. (One of Kasia’s tasks as office assistant was to get these certificates designed and printed.) The certificate read something innocuous like, “for outstanding accomplishments”, but everyone knew their real purpose. They entitled the bearer to time with Kasia. Specifically, 15 minutes per certificate. Kasia would collect these from the men, and submit them to the office finance manager, who would pay her — in cash — $80 for each certificate. For Kasia it was a good source of extra income for something she enjoyed anyway, and for the office it was a very effective incentive program. The partners later expanded it to include certain important clientele, but I digress.

For the staff lawyers, the question arose of where could they could redeem their private time with Kasia. Unlike the partners the staff lawyers did not have private offices, and there were no other suitable private spaces in the office. For reasons of decorum they couldn’t have people fucking out in the open.

So the solution was for the men to visit Kasia’s apartment in the afternoon or evening — hence the “visitor” she mentioned on the phone. With the separate outside entrance to her rooms, with some discretion you might never see it. Kasia had taught the men to be discreet.

As part of this program she was allowed to leave the office early, usually around 3pm. The men would make afternoon appointments with her, keeping her busy usually until around 6:30pm. Occasionally one of the men would save up many certificates for a longer date, sometimes extending late into the night. Or they would buy “certificates” directly from her to extend their time, and her income.

It was a little unusual that Kasia would have a visitor this late, already close to 8:30pm. More typically her visitors would be gone by 6:30 or 7:00pm. This likely meant she was especially busy tonight. However “busy” never came close to how much male attention she received during the war, when she had anal sex over 100 times each day as a matter of survival. Her current activities must have felt leisurely by comparison!

Kasia enjoyed having her visitors, and she was very permissive in what they could do with her. Most would want anal sex, some would want her to suck them off (sometimes after anal sex), and still others — often the married ones — would only want to see her naked and explore her body. Kasia had two hard rules. One, the men couldn’t kiss her on the mouth. And two, her half-panties stayed on the whole time, and by implication her vagina was off-limits. Still, within those boundaries there were a wide variety of options for the men to explore.

She also loved to dress up for the men, knowing how visual men can be. Kasia had accumulated a variety of clothing and props for dates with her visitors. Schoolgirl outfits, goth leather gear, plain cotton nighties, and more were available for the men to request. Kasia enjoyed putting on a show, and the attention she got as a result.

As I stood there in the bathroom waiting (my clock now read 1:45 remaining), my thoughts turned to Monday, when Kasia and I had been reunited so to speak. The mood between us, and each of our moods individually, had seen a dramatic change since that day. In hindsight I realized just how much I’d missed Kasia during the time apart, and how wonderful it felt to reconnect with her once again. I was walking on a cloud that entire week, and I could tell Kasia felt the same.

Of course, in the days since our Monday reunion we could not stay apart from one another. Each night I would go to her rooms just before bedtime, usually 11pm or so, and we would play. I learned that my daughter was often horny at that time of night, owing to the steady stream of visitors in the afternoon and evening. Her visitors aroused her but she never got an orgasm from them, so for her it was an hours-long string of constant titillation each day. Kasia confessed to me that she would usually masturbate in the late evening to relieve the tension. I instructed her to stop masturbating, and wait for me to relieve her instead. By the time I came to her in the late evening she was always freshly showered and itching to be fucked by her Daddy. Over the past several days I’d learned that by kissing her, holding her down, and fucking her bottom in the right way, I could give her a strong orgasm.

Just a minute left. My up-close view from a few minutes ago of my daughter Paulina getting fucked for real also made me wonder: What would it be like to fuck my cock into Kasia’s pussy? I wonder if she would let me, if I asked her. Since I was her father I doubt she would refuse me. In my mind’s eye I imagined how it would feel to be lovers, and have my cock in her pussy. All it would take is a slight change of course as I fucked her bottom, an accident. Dangerous thoughts.

Ok, time to go. I turned out the light and cautiously opened the door. The hallway was empty. So I left the bathroom and walked to the entrance to Paulina’s apartment, on the other side of the TV room and office area that adjoined the hallway.

Knocking softly, she opened the door immediately. She must have been waiting there for me. She opened the door just enough for me to get inside, then closed and locked it behind me.

What I saw stunned me.

Kasia was still in her outfit from the last visitor, who’d apparently left just seconds earlier. She wore what would best be described as a “slutty good girl” outfit.

First, she had on a short plaid skirt that covered her wide hips and went down to mid-thigh. Those thick creamy thighs of hers always made me weak at the knees. Then she wore long white nylon stockings, covering her feet and calves all the way up to just above her knees. Completing the lower part of her outfit, Kasia wore six inch platform heels made of clear plastic, the kind you see strippers wear. Those shoes looked so fucking slutty.

The top half of her continued the look. Kasia’s midsection was bare, and all she wore as a top was a short white shirt that tied in front. The shirt did everything it could to contain her large breasts, but with no bra and only thin material it did a very poor job. Her breasts swayed as she moved, and her nipples were clearly visible through the thin fabric. Kasia’s hair was tied in two ponytails, right and left, with a length of red ribbon tied into a bow at the base of each. Finally, around her neck she wore a tight black velvet choker, with a large clear oval jewel set into the front.

“What’s the matter Daddy, is everything ok?” she asked. Honestly she looked so fucking hot I could barely hear her words.

“Oh yeah honey, everything is fine. I have some news about your sister. But before we get into that, tell me about your visitors today. It looks like one just left.” I replied. The giveaways were her flushed cheeks and a faint dew of sweat on her forehead. She looked like she’d been with a man just a few minutes ago.

“Well you’re right, the last one just left. I had eight visitors today after work, it was a busy day. They fucked me really good! And I think I got some cream in my bottom. Want to take a look?” She said that last part with a coy smile. She turned around to point her bottom at me, standing with her feet together and her back arched. Kasia was offering herself up for my inspection.

“Of course honey. Lean forward a little and arch your back…that’s perfect.” And then I reached down to grab the hem of her skirt, and lift it up over her bottom.

The sight before me was so slutty and erotic it was hard to keep from unzipping and entering her right then. Kasia’s half-panties framed her gorgeous bottom perfectly, and my eyes were drawn to her usually pert little hole. Now it was gaping open obscenely, having just been fucked by eight men in quick succession. Back during the war Kasia would spend a good part of every day in this gaped state. The difference now was that instead of coming in her mouth, most (all?) of the men had come in her bottom. A long trail of white semen oozed out of her gaping hole and down her leg.

Kasia’s half-panties usually formed a demure covering over her vagina. As I said, the men could fuck her ass as much they wanted, but her vagina was off-limits. Now though her pussy was so sopping wet that her panty material had soaked through entirely. Rather than demure, the half-panties if anything drew attention to how aroused she was.

When I spoke my voice was rough. “Mmmm yes, you seemed to have gotten fucked in your bottom. From the look if it I’d guess several times.”

Then I inserted the middle two fingers of my right hand into her bottom, going in deep and using the fingers to scoop out a big glob of semen.

“And I think you were right, they did get semen inside of you. Look,” I said, reaching around and holding up my glistening hand to her.

She looked at my hand and, not missing a beat, held it with both of hers and pulled it to her mouth. Kasia put my two fingers deep in her mouth and sucked them clean.

“Mmmm yes Daddy. That’s exactly what it tastes like. It’s semen from all the men who fucked me back there,” she said. I could tell she was so horny she would do nearly anything. (Would she let me take her virginity? I thought. Now might be a perfect opportunity.)

I continued. “Baby I also noticed something else. You have a lot of wetness dripping from your pussy. What’s that all about?”

“Uggggh Daddy!! I’m horneeeee!!! The men fuck me over and over but I never come myself. Can you help me? Please??” She arched her back and rocked her hips as she said this, as though she were fucking an invisible cock. Her voice was horny and desperate.

Reaching down I put my thumbs into the waistband of her half-panties, and in a single motion pulled them down to her ankles. Kasia carefully stepped her high-heeled feet out of them.

Then I walked her over to her bed, and put her in a doggystyle position with her knees at the edge of the bed. I was mad with lust. My own pants came off in an instant. I came up behind her at the edge of the bed, positioning myself for entry into her.


In that moment there with my daughter, I knew I could have anything I wanted from her. Her glistening pussy was presented there for me. Kasia moaned and arched her back, practically begging me to slide it into her.

I stood there behind her with my rock-hard cock in my hand, transfixed by the sight of her slippery, swollen lips. I thought to myself, “God she wants it so bad! Look at how wet she’s gotten. God knows it would be heaven to push inside. How could it be so wrong, if we both want it?”

As if on cue, Kasia said in a quiet voice, “I’m a grown woman now Daddy, I’m not a little girl any more. I want you to know you can have anything you want with me. Ok Daddy? I mean absolutely anything at all!” While she said this she squirmed her hips. Her head lay on the bed and her butt and pussy stuck out obscenely. Kasia was offering herself up for me.

Still positioned perfectly behind her, I lightly touched the tip of my rock-hard glans to her glistening slit. She gasped! “Oooohhh! That feels good!”

I was too consumed with lust to turn back. Using my hand I grasped my rock-hard shaft, and began to slowly rub the tip of my glans up and down her slit, parting her soft lips with the tip of my cock. God it was heaven! She moaned and tried pushing back against me.

I thought to myself, “Surely this isn’t sex. I’m barely touching her. This is just innocent rubbing. Sex is about penetration. It’s fine for me to touch her this way.”

And so I continued rubbing up and down, luxuriating in the sensation of her soft, wet lips rubbing across my sensitive glans. This treatment exposed even more of her delicious wetness inside. Slowly up and down I rubbed, and without any intention to do so, edged ever so slightly deeper into her on each stroke. Soon the entire glans of my penis was glistening wet, and nestled between the lips of her pussy.

“What is sex, anyway?” I thought. “What is penetration? Surely this can’t be it. I’m just rubbing at the outside against her lips. I’m just helping my daughter get the orgasm she needs. There’s absolutely no way this could be considered sex.”

With my glans now surrounded by her lips, I could no longer take such long strokes up and down her slit. But this new position gave a new possibility, namely to take tiny strokes in and out of her pussy. Again it wasn’t penetration, or even close. It was just a new type of rubbing. What made this new rubbing so enjoyable is that for a portion of the stroke my glans would be completely engulfed by her pussy lips. Pull out, then push back in to cover the glans, then pull out, and on and on. The tiniest imperceptible thrusts.

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