wanted sex

“Stop it, Gail. Get your hands out of my pants. I will NOT have sex with you.”

My hands were on hers, attempting to extract them from under my belt. Although she resisted slightly, I moved them back into the open air. We’d been into heavy petting a few moments before and, she’d been thinking I wanted sex.

“You don’t like me?” she questioned.

“Yes, I like you.”

“You don’t think I’m pretty?”

“I think you’re beautiful.”

“Well, I want to get laid… by you.” She reached for my belt buckle while I politely declined by pushing away her hands.

“Gail, how long have we known each other?”

“Um, three weeks.”

I moved to another chair across the room. Gail looked puzzled, like it didn’t make sense. She appeared willing and more than ready. Probably wondering why I didn’t want to ride the wave of passion.

“Damn it, Mike. What’s wrong with me? I like you and thought you’re fond of me. So what the hell don’t you like about me?”

I was quiet, trying to formulate an answer, but she wasn’t finished.

“Do you have a wife you haven’t told me about?”

“No, I’ve never married.”

“A girlfriend? You’re seeing someone else?”

“No, there’s no other woman.” I had the floor at this point, and asked my question. “What do you want from me, Gail? Just sex? Is that all you want?”

My question must have caught her by surprise, because her mouth hung open. I waited while she reflected on this.

“I dunno, Mike. I thought you wanted it.”

“Well, now you know I won’t do it. So my question still stands. What do you want from me?”

“I want you to like me.”

“I do, I’ve already told you that. Do you only want sex from me?”

Her pause is pregnant. “No …, not just sex.”

“Then what?” I insisted.

“I want to keep seeing you.”

“I’m game for that. Is that all?”

“Mike!” she said with exasperation. “What is this? Twenty Questions? I thought we were talking about having sex.”

“No, we’ve moved off that topic.”

“Damn it, Mike. What ARE we talking about?”

“We’re discussing ‘seeing’ each other. I like you, Gail and want to keep seeing you. But I won’t make love to you.”

“You better explain yourself. Because I’m not sure I understand.”

“Gail, I like you; a lot. Of all the women I’ve ever dated, you’re the only one I want to continue seeing. I guess I want to develop a stronger relationship with you.”

“What’s that got to do with not wanting sex?”

“I’m getting to that. I’m old fashioned in my values. My folks taught me that sex was only for married people and I’ve hung on to the belief, in spite of society today. Yeah, I know, people think it’s alright to be intimate without a commitment. But I don’t. Sex should only come from a permanent relationship, and that means marriage.”

“We were doing some heavy kissing and petting, a short time ago. What about that?”

“I know. If it gave you the idea I wanted to have sex, then it was wrong. I’ve got strong male hormones and I got carried away. But I stopped it before we went too far.”

“In order to have sex, we have to get married. Then are you asking me to marry you, so we can have sex?”

“Heck, NO!!! We’ve known each other for three weeks. That’s not enough time to develop a lasting relationship.”

“Then what’re you trying to tell me? Spell it out.”

“Marriage is a permanent, lifelong commitment. For us to reach that point, it’s going to take more time. But I like you a lot, and want to move in that direction. At least to explore that possibility.”

She was trying to digest that idea. I paused, and then continued.

“You’re a wonderful woman and someone I want to get to know better. I want to take you places, do things together, and have long talks with you. There’s this idea in the back of my mind, perhaps our friendship will blossom. If that were to happen, I’d ask you to marry me. But that’s in the future, not yet.”

“And how does sex fit in?”

“If we become married, then, and only then, would we share a bed. But not before!”

When she didn’t say anything, I asked, “Fair enough?”

Her smile answered before she did, “Fair enough.”

She walked over and kissed me. There was passion in it. Maybe she wanted to see if our friendship would become more; honestly, I did. Time would tell.

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