Again this just carries straight on from the last chapter and if you have not read the rest, it probably won’t make a lot of sense, although there is a LOT of sex in this one.


While Robbie and his mother nestled in each others arms, a few miles away the objects of both their desires were getting down to business.

Elaine spread her legs wide for Gavin as his tongue traced the moist folds of pussy flesh around her clitoris. Her thighs quivered in anticipation of his lips covering her small swollen point of ecstasy. He inhaled her musky fragrance and using both hands firmly on her inner thighs, held her cunt open. The slick gooey opening winked at him as she clenched her pelvic muscles. He appreciated the fact that she had not shaved for several weeks, he knew she had taken a liking to the look of Irene’s cunt, though he doubted his wife was capable of emulating that thick mat of hair, she was giving it her best shot. His saliva mixed with Elaine’s cunt juice to glisten and stick to the long strands of brown pubic hair. He loved the fact that her hair was now much higher on her groin, so much so that it protruded from the top of her knickers, the same knickers that he had removed from his giggling wife just a few moments ago.

He stiffened his tongue and ran it from her juicy opening to the base of her clitoris. Elaine jerked at the silky touch. “Mmmmm.” He teased her clitoris, gently lapping at the skin either side of it but never quite touching the thousands of jangling nerves in it’s pink swollen head. She was getting deliciously impatient. “Suck it Gav,” she hissed, “lick my clit.” He ignored her pleas and pressed down on her thighs even harder. Elaine loved to be held down like this, controlled, open, exposed for all the world to see. “Lick it! You bastard.”

“Uh Uhhh.!” He uttered without removing his mouth from her divine nectar laden cunt.


He responded to the magic word by sucking hard on her erect pink nubbin.

“Ohhh My God!” She moaned, thrashing her arms and upper body, grasping at the sheets beneath her sweating back.

After a minute of direct contact between his sucking lips and flicking tongue and the centre of her universe she came, hard and violently. She bucked her hips against his firm hands which pressed her down restricting her movements; she circled her love mound, trying to grind it against his face. “Ahhhhhh!” she cried, she simply could not stand it any more, the feelings of ecstasy were bordering on pain, and her clitoris became just too sensitive, too intense. Gavin recognised the signs and switched his hands under her thighs lifting them higher pushing her bum up and presenting him with a perfect view of her gaping, clenching cunt hole and just an inch away her little brown, star like anus. He ran his broad tongue wetly across her pink cunt and ended at her puckered little hole. Back and forth he ran his mouth across his wife’s excited quivering holes, making a point of his tongue at her anus and delving inside just a tiny way.

“You dirty boy!” she choked. “You dirty, little boy.”

That was a new term to Gavin, she had not used that one before. It excited him even more.

“Fuck me, please fuck me.” She begged, she needed to be filled, a deep urgent need that only a cock would fill.

Gavin relented his assault on her most intimate holes. He knelt between her legs rubbing the tip of his swollen cock between her wet labia, lubricating the purple head before finally thrusting forward and into her hot silken tunnel. “Ooohhh!” They uttered in unison.

Gavin watched his wife as her face contorted in sheer pleasure. He marvelled at her heavy tits rocking as he punctured her time after time. Finally he leant forward and lay fully on top of her, their sweating bodies joining as one and they kissed. His tongue and hers fighting to enter the others body to merge as fully as they could, to be inside the other, to be one orgasmic beast. They ground pussy against cock, and finally Gavin stiffened and filled her with blast after blast of thick white cum cream. Her firm wet cunt walls grasped his pulsating manhood as it pumped its load into her womb.

They lay panting like that for several minutes.

“Jesus!” He finally said, lifting his body up on straightened arms. “That was good.” Elaine just smiled. His wilting cock was still inside her. He tried to reach the box of tissues next to the bed but could not reach. “Shuffle over, or we’ll have a big wet patch.” They manoeuvred in a well practiced manner till he could reach some tissues. He handed them to his wife who stuffed a couple in the mouth of her dribbling pussy, as he withdrew his soft cock from her. He rolled on to his back next to her. “Phew!”

“How was it for you darling?” He asked ironically, he knew when his wife had had a really strong orgasm, and this was one of those times.

“It was good. I needed that.”

“Me too. It makes a change for us to be just us.” He laughed.

“Hmmm.” She made it sound doubtful.

“What do you mean, ‘hmmmm’?”

“Well we’ve never really spoken about the other night.” They both knew she meant the night they had swapped partners with the next door neighbours.

“What’s to talk about?” He had mixed feelings on the subject, and was not sure he wanted to discuss it now. In fact he actually wanted to roll over and sleep, he was a traditional sort of guy.

“I had sex with another man!” She exclaimed. “You fucked my lesbian lover! I think that’s quite a lot to talk about!”

“Strictly speaking, she’s not a lesbian and neither are you.”

“Ok bi-sexual then.” The phrase disturbed him a little; it had not occurred to him that his wife was indeed bi-sexual. “How do you feel about any of it?”

“Horny!” he replied flippantly.

“Really, be serious, how do you feel about the guy next door knowing what your wife’s like in bed?”

“Tricky one.” He admitted. “I try not to think about it too much.”

“So you don’t like the idea?”

“Of course I don’t like the idea of you with another man. But it’s not like you did it behind my back. I was there you know. It was more of a mutual trade situation. That’s why it’s called wife swapping. To be honest I think I came out ahead on that score.”

“WHAT? Oh thanks!”

He realised how terrible that sounded. “No, no I didn’t mean it that way. I meant I got to do more to his wife than he did to you.”

“And that’s how you see it? A competition?”

“It’s a man thing.”

“But I’m a woman. How about I even up the score? I’ll just nip next door and let him fuck me up MY arse..”

“Don’t be silly. Besides from what I saw, he wouldn’t fit.”

Elaine smiled. “Hmm, he’s certainly a big boy.”

Gavin was horrified. “Mine’s longer, his is just short and fat.”

“Not that short, but don’t worry, you still have the best willy.” She could not help but picture Robbie’s cock which had both her husband and her neighbour, Mike, beat. Gavin was appeased.

“Anyway, he’s not straight.”

“Of course he is.”

“He wanked me off!”

“So you’re not straight either then!”

“Yes I bloody well am. I didn’t know it was his hand.” He had a point.

“Well maybe it was a one off.”

“He mentioned me returning the favour?”

“OK so he’s bi too. That’s three out of the four of us. Whose the odd one out now?” She teased.

“Ha bloody ha.”

“So you don’t mind another man fucking me providing you get a fair share of his wife?”

“No, I mean yes. I mean no, I don’t like the idea of another man fucking you.”

“But I shouldn’t mind you fucking another woman?”

“That’s different.”

“How is it?” There was no rational answer to that one.

“Well that first time with Irene, it was a shared experience.”

“You got to fuck her though.”

“Yes, but it was you that more or less lured her into bed. If you had a cock, you’d have had it in her. It’s not my fault you aren’t equipped.” She had to laugh at that one.

“Would you like me to have a cock?”

“Noo. I thought we’d just established that.”

“I could get a strap on and do you with it.”

That caught his attention, he had to admit, it was quite an appealing idea. “That wouldn’t make me gay.”

“Of course it wouldn’t.” she laughed.

He rationalised his thoughts, he had enjoyed the odd finger in his arse recently. “A guess a bum is a bum. It must be pleasurable or homo’s wouldn’t do it.” The word made Elaine raise an eyebrow.

“You did me up there. It was nice… eventually. In fact I was hoping you’d do it again?”

“I’d love to, but not just now eh?”

“So you’d enjoy your wife fucking you with a big fat cock?”

He imagined his wife with a stiff prick and swaying tits. “I might…. But less of the big and fat, how about thin and small? And not a black one, in fact do they do one that doesn’t look like a cock?”

“I really don’t know, it’s not something I spend a lot of time researching. Anyway I don’t know how we got onto this subject. We were talking about how you felt when you saw another man making love to me?”

“I hated it. I hated it more when you were alone with him in the other room.”

“Yes, me too actually. I couldn’t help but wonder what you and Louise were up to, and frankly Mike just isn’t that good a lover ‘one on one’.”


“You and Louise, seemed to be enjoying yourselves.”

“We managed.”

She swung a pillow and hit him full in the face. “Managed!! You were like a cat that got the cream.”

“It was your idea I seem to remember.”

“Well it was more of a group decision.”

“Well it didn’t include me.”

“You agreed!”

“I didn’t feel I had a lot of choice, besides you and Mike were up the stairs like a pair of greyhounds.”

“Ohhh, I’m sorry, I didn’t think you saw it that way.” She genuinely felt regret.

“I’ll live.”

“So you don’t like me having sex with other men, how about women?”

“That’s different.”

“Not really.”

It is to me.”

“How so?”

“I’m not sure I’d like it, if you were doing it without me being involved some how.”

“Well you were involved with Irene, although….” She stopped herself.

“Although what?”

“Errr I do have a small confession to make.” She said looking very guilty. “I really didn’t think you’d mind.”

“Mind what?” he demanded.

“That night when you fell asleep, me and Irene sort of slipped away to bed a bit early and….”


“You know… we did stuff.”

“Stuff?” Gavin really did not mind, in fact he was feeling renewed stirrings in his groin.

“Yeah stuff…. Girl stuff. Look I can’t really remember,” she lied, “we were both quite drunk.”

“Ok, I’ll let you off that one.”

“And that time with Louise, I told you I was interested in her and you were ok with it, and I made you a tape of the ‘events’.”

The tape was in Gavin’s study, he had played it countless times. “I know, that was OK too. But that’s because I was involved, even if you were only sharing a tape with me.”

“The only other time was the other night and we just went through that one.”

“So what are you getting at?”

“Nothing, I just wanted to know where we stand. And it seems, it’s ok for me to pick up women for you to shag. But not for me to shag other men.” She smiled.

“That’s sooo not what I said. Typical woman, twisting the facts.”

“That’s what it sounded like to me.”

“Nooo.” He sounded exasperated.

“How about if you picked up a man?” She asked.


“How about if you picked up a man, had sex with him and then I fucked him?”

“What the fuck are you talking about? There is so much wrong with that, I don’t know where to start.” He was out of his depth.

“It’s the same as me picking up a woman, having sex with her and then you fucking her.”

“No it’s not!” He protested. Of course it was the samee. She smiled enigmatically at him. “We just said, I’m straight, I have no interest in men.”

“Actually you said that, just before you asked to have a cock up your arse.” She laughed.

“I’m not having this conversation.” He drew the line.

“Of course sweetie.” She leaned over and kissed his cheek. “All I was getting at was that sex with someone of the same sex is a bit like foreplay, at least for me it is. The main course is with someone of the opposite sex. And since you are so competitive you’ll appreciate that you’re ahead two to one.”

“OK. Yipee I win. Now let’s go to sleep.” He said sarcastically.

“Night lover.” She said. “But I’m competitive too.” She did not say.


Friday morning dawned and Gavin’s household had their usual mad rush of getting the kids ready for school and packed into his car so he could drop them off at school and go to work. Gavin arrived a few minutes later than usual and greeted Irene who was tapping away at her computer.

“Good morning Gavin.” She smiled, which was noticeably more upbeat than her usual glum ‘morning’.”

“Morning Irene.” He replied, “Someone’s in a good mood?”

“Yes, I am, must have been the early night I had.” She chirped and returned her attention to the screen.

“You should get to bed more often.”

She gave a knowing smile. “I think I will.” She answered without looking up.

Back at the house Elaine was tapping a computer keyboard too.

Over the last few weeks Elaine had discovered several things about herself. Firstly, and easily the most important, she loved her husband. Secondly, she had had a very sheltered life especially sexually. Thirdly, she loved the excitement and intrigue of the additional sex partners that she so recently encountered.

She had determined two things. Firstly things had to go back to being just her and Gavin, she knew that eventually the partner sharing, swapping and stuff would destroy their marriage, probably he would be the first to break but it was definitely going to have to stop. Secondly, and this is the one that she was really nervous about, she was going to fuck Irene’s son. He was going to be her present to herself. He was going to be the last new man to have his wicked way with her. He was going to be the secret score leveller. He was the full stop at the end of the madness. He was going to be a lucky bastard.

Google came up with what she was looking for and a few moments later she was entering her credit card details. Then she went upstairs to the bathroom, stripped top off and looked in the mirror at her 36dd tits. They had stood the test of time pretty well, a slight sagging and a few stretch marks but her large pink nipples still pointed north. Thinking better of it, she put her bra back on. She pointed her phone camera at the mirror ensuring it was only her breasts in frame, she pushed the button. The image was hazy and not all that complimentary, her tits looked a little smaller, but it would do the job. She entered a short message and pressed send. Elaine stripped the rest of her clothes and entered the shower. It was about 9:15am. That gave her over an hour.

Robbie dozed in his mother’s bed. They had awoken a lot earlier than usual after a bad nights sleep. They had both kept waking up, due to the unusual and exciting proximity of each other. When his mother had quietly started to disentangle herself from his arms and legs he asked “Everything OK?” He was worried that she would have yet another change of heart.

“Oh yes, everything is just fine, go back to sleep.” She had said lovingly and kissed his cheek. It was about six o’clock and the light was beginning to fill the room through the closed curtains. Robbie watched his naked mother sit up, the perfect cherry topped peak of her curved breast was a sight he would never get tired of.

“It’s very early,” he said, “are you getting up?”

“Well I can’t sleep and there’s washing to put on and I really do need a shower.” She emphasised this by running her hand across her breast and tummy, then looking at her hand.


“What is it?” she said kindly.

“Mum… I…” He really was floundering.

“Just say it son.” Irene was worried, had he had second thoughts?

“I don’t suppose you… ” He gestured towards the bed, “I mean would you like to…”

It dawned on her like a weight being lifted from her shoulders. “Again? Already?”

“Well only if you want to.” He said sheepishly.

“I must look a sight.” She said.

“You look incredible.” He said gazing at her tits.

“Very well, I did say I’d try to keep up with you.” She smiled, nerves beginning to build in her stomach. The room was very light and she was not sure she was ready for him to see her in the full throws of masturbation heaven. “Would you mind if I did it under the covers? I know it’s not the same but ….”

“Of course not, whatever you want.” He replied.

Irene settled back into bed, the duvet up around her shoulders, her arms still outside of the covers. “Well, here we go again.” She said nervously.

“Thanks mum.” Robbie said his hands already fondling his morning erection.

Irene stared directly ahead. Robbie was looking at her face, there was not much else to look at. He began to pump his meat quite earnestly. Irene nervously turned to look at him. His face was strained, the covers were moving quite rapidly over his thumping fist. She thought how vulnerable he looked, how urgent his hormones made him. She yearned to take him in her arms and hold him while he found release, but she knew she should not touch.

“Oh my poor baby boy,” she whispered, “you do need this don’t you?”

Robbie was finding it difficult to concentrate, it was after all, a truly bizarre thing to masturbate while your mother watched.

“Here, would it help if I….” she said and pushed back the duvet, uncovering her breasts. She had not yet touched herself. She had not really been in the mood.

As her nipples sprang into view, Robbie grunted, he thought it helped quite a lot.

With the duvet pushed back his chest was also on view, but the extra layers of cover were interfering with his pumping action.

“M mom,” he stammered, “could I..?” He used his legs to shove the covers further back and off of his groin. Irene took a deep breath, as for the first time she had a clear view of her son’s hand wrapped around his big cock.

“Oh my!” she muttered and her hand slipped down to her own quickly moistening genitals. Her pubic mound was only just covered by the newly pushed back cover. Robbie’s gaze drifted towards her covered cunt. Irene pushed back the cover some more and he gasped. “Is that better?” she asked.

“Uh huh.” was the best his strained voice could manage. He craned his neck up to get a better view of her dark trimmed bush.

Irene was fascinated by the sight of her son, seeking release in this way, she was very aroused but was far more concerned with his well being, and she still did not feel comfortable enough to really go for it in front of him in the full light of day.

“Would you like to see?” She asked.

“Uh?” he grunted, the words putting him off his stroke a little.

Irene knelt up next to him; her cunt was just a few inches from his head. Robbie stared in disbelief. “Ohh Mum!”

Irene cupped her breasts and squeezed the nipples. With the pungent aroma of her arousal in his nostrils he came. White strings of jetting spunk flew from his cock slit time after time. Robbie jerked with the involuntary feelings spewing from his manhood. When finally he relaxed back down, Irene stroked his brow, she had been quite alarmed at the sheer quantity of jism he had produced. “Goodness, what a lot.” she remarked as the translucent white liquid puddle on his abdomen. She reached across him to retrieve a box of tissues. Robbie ogled her beautiful tits as they hung pear shaped in front of his face. As she pulled back her nipple caught his nose. “Ooops sorry.”

“It’s really, really ok.” He laughed, taking the tissue box from her outstretched hand.

“Now I really must get on.” Irene hurried about the room picking up clothing and retrieving her bathrobe. She left the room.

Robbie lay back unable to believe his luck.

It was just after ten when he awoke again. Irene would have gone to work by now, His cock had once again ballooned into its magnificent full size. He fondled it yet again. He determined he would try not to wank anymore, or at least not till his mother was home, besides the usual urge was not quite so strong, his previous two efforts had been particularly satisfying. He jumped out of bed and went to his own room in search of fresh clothing. He noticed his mobile phone by his bed was flagging up a new message. It was from an anonymous mailbox. He opened it expecting some sort of spam. He was surprised to see a picture of a woman’s bra covered breasts with the caption ‘Hotel Ibis 11:30am DON’T BE LATE’.

He stared at the screen, re-read the message, he stared at the tits. “Mum?” He murmured. He rubbed his cock once more, but suddenly realised he did not know what time it was. He checked his clock, it read 10:30. “An hour.” His brain informed him. He was confused and quite excited. Why did his mother want he to go to a hotel?

He thought he better shower, then he realised he had no idea where the hotel was. He ran to his computer and quickly found the address. His brain ran through many calculations including a bus time table. His plan of action was set. First he ordered a taxi to arrive in thirty minutes time; he had the world’s fastest shower. He dressed and even had time to grab a glass of milk and brush his teeth. He wondered about shaving with the few minutes to spare but decided against it, he rarely needed one and this was one of those occasions. He grabbed his phone and the remainder of his money from the other day. Lastly at 11:00 he rang his mother’s office. A man answered the phone.

“Hi, is my mum there?” Robbie asked Gavin.

“That depends on who you are or more to the point who your mum is.” Gavin explained.

“It’s Robbie, Irene’s son.”

“Oh hello Robbie, no I’m sorry, you just missed her, she said she had an appointment. She didn’t know how long it would take.”

“Oh ok” he smiled as his thoughts were confirmed.

“Would you like to leave a message?”

“No, no message, it doesn’t matter.”

“OK Bye.”


The taxi beeped its horn and Robbie left the house. Twenty minutes later he paid the driver and stared up at the Ibis Hotel sign.

“Now what?” he thought to himself. He looked around. He was alone in the car park, he could not see his mother’s car but the car park extended around the side of the building. He looked at the automatic doors and headed through them. Inside it was quiet, a girl sat behind the reception desk, a few men in suits sat on couches with papers and coffee spread out ion tables in front of them.

The girl looked up. “Can I help you?”

“Err .. I’m not sure.” He said. His phone buzzed in his jeans pocket. It was 11:30. He motioned to the girl with his finger that he would be just a second. He looked at the new message. It read ‘Room 225′.

“Room 225?” he asked the girl.

“Second floor, to the left of the stairs,” she pointed to the staircase, or to the right of the lift.” She indicated the lift doors behind him.

“Thanks.” He entered the lift. He was feeling very excited, what a day he was having, and now playing secret agents too. He was feeling quite proud that he had managed to get this far in the time available. He began to relax a little.

Elaine reached the hotel at 11:00. She had chosen it because she knew from a previous business trip with Gavin that the hotel chain allowed early check in. Also, the rooms would be clean, perhaps a little functional, but comfortable and anonymous. She remembered she had like the walk in shower, but the towels were too small.

“Can I help?” The girl behind the reception desk asked.

“I have a reservation. I am Mrs Robinson.” The girl clicked a few buttons.

“Ah yes, Mrs Robinson, booked this morning, all paid in advance, for one night.” She passed a form and a pen, could you fill this in please. The girl went to create a key card, while Elaine filled the form with lies.

“Here’s your key, room 225 it’s on the second floor,” she pointed to the lift, “enjoy your stay.”

“I’m sure I will.” She smiled and headed to the lift.

Sitting on the bed, she checked her watch for the twentieth time before texting the room number. She was feeling excited, horny and guilty in that order. She actually had no idea whether he would come. He might not have seen the messages. He might not even want to come. As the clock reached 11:30 the butterflies in her stomach turned into lead booted rhinos. Her mouth was dry and she needed a drink of water. She entered the bathroom, she had already noted that true to form the towels were tiny, as she filled the glass; there was a knock at the door. She almost dropped the glass in the sink; she glared at her trembling hands. She stood upright, took a deep breath and straightened her black dress; it was the same one she had worn to go shopping yesterday. She opened the door.

The grin on Robbie’s face dropped like an avalanche. He lost the power of speech.

“Well aren’t you going to say hello?” She asked, a little disconcerted at his reaction.


“Well yes. Who did you think?” He dare not answer that one. “Are you going to come in or just stand out there in the corridor?”

His brain told his feet to move but there was a delay in communication and he stumbled forward.

“You certainly know how to make an entrance.” She smiled.


“What for? Silly.” She motioned him further into the room; as he passed her he glanced at the bathroom, the sliding door wardrobe, the counter with TV and kettle, the small couch, the enormous bed. “Not exactly the Hilton but it has all we need.” She said.

“What.. what…?” He was floundering. He was going to ask ‘what’s going on?’ but luckily his brain refused to transmit that particular message. He had absolutely no idea why he was with this goddess in a hotel room. Robbie could be really dumb sometimes.

“What?” she mimicked him. “Robbie, remember our lessons yesterday?”

“Yes of course.”

“Well I missed one, what would it be? Number seven? Eight?”


“Lesson eight then. Women change their minds.”

“Change their minds about wha….” His voice trailed off, as the blinding realisation of what was happening, hit him. “You mean you… we… “

“Probably, if you can ever get you’re brain in gear.”

Robbie slumped down onto the edge of the bed. He sat eager faced staring at his dream woman.

“OK, Here’s the deal.” She announced. “You’re here because I actually feel quite bad the way I’ve treated you, I led you on a fair bit and that was wrong of me. So this is to make up for that, of course it helps that I find you very attractive.” She took a deep breath and continued. “Anyway, this is a one time, never to be repeated thing. After today we don’t know each other, we don’t talk, we don’t write, we don’t email, no communication at all. If we come across each other by accident, I don’t know you. Right?”

Then as an after thought “Oh and there’ll be no talk of love or feelings, you hardly know me and anyway I love my husband, this is purely physical.”

“Uh huh.” He was in a daze.

She continued, “Because this is a one off, we need to make the most of it. It’s 11:35,” she checked her watch, “I’m out of here at 4:00 pm at the latest. I’m sure you can manage a couple of performances in that time?” She smiled but her voice remained business like.

“Performances?” He was confused.

“Grow up.”

“Oh …. Ohhhh” It really was what he thought.

“Because time is short, we need to be brutally honest and tell each other what we would like, no beating about the bush. Well maybe if you want to that could be arranged.” she smiled and patted her dress where her bush lay hidden.

Robbie’s confusion returned.

“All I ask is that this is a total secret and you don’t hurt me. Does that seem OK?”

“So we get to have sex right?”

“My you catch on fast, that university better watch out.”

“With the lights on?”

“It’s broad daylight! For Christ sake. Yes you get to see my tits, if that’s what you’re wondering, although I’m rather hoping you do a little more than look.”

Even now he still looked unsure of what was happening. The fact was he simply could not believe his luck.

“Robbie, remember we talked about Willy Wonka?”

“Yeah?” His voice sounded uncertain.

“Well you’ve got the golden ticket. Her I am, do what you like to me. But I’ll warn you I have a list of requests too.”

The penny finally dropped fully, completely and utterly. “Fucking hell!”

“OK, now we’re on the same page, how about you come here and kiss me.”

This was the part she had been dreading, how to get the ball rolling, that first nervous embrace, but actually she thought she had done rather well.

Robbie stood and took the two steps to stand in front of her. She looked up into his young eyes, he looked scared, “God he’s so young.” she thought.

“Don’t worry,” she said softly, “I’ll be gentle.” She closed the gap between them and put her arms around him and they kissed, gently and slowly.

It was Elaine’s tongue that made the first foray against his soft lips and pushed through to find his own tongue. His excitement soon mounted and he returned the favour soon enough. Their embrace grew more passionate and they hugged each other tighter. He pressed his groin against her soft groin and belly. The lump in his trousers was large and obvious to her. This was going well. Robbie slipped his hands down her back to her bum cheeks; he gently squeezed and played with them, making her whimper a little as her passion rose. After a few seconds she reached back and took his wrists pulling them away from her arse. “Shit! I’ve blown it.” He thought. But almost instantly that changed to “Fucking hell, I’ve won the lottery.” as Elaine raised his hands and placed them on her breasts. It was his turn to whimper as he squeezed the large soft orbs under his hands. Elaine’s own hand could not resist dropping to his crotch and confirming what she already knew. “Mmmmm”, they kissed a while longer squeezing and rubbing. Robbie was wondering if he was actually in a coma and this was some sort of dream. He hoped to God the doctors did not wake him up. He also wondered if he dare feel for her cunt. Elaine on the other hand was wishing he would.

It was she that took the lead. She broke the kiss. She was feeling in control, confident that this young boy was totally into her and that she could probably do no wrong. She knew exactly what she wanted. She pushed Robbie back towards the bed, he lost balance and ended up sitting on the edge.

“Would you like to see what I have on under my dress?” She asked, looking straight into his eyes, which flashed the answer long before his mouth said yes. She turned away from him, “A little help please?” She said pointing at the zipper which ran from neck height to the start of her bottom. Robbie’s shaking fingers obliged, slowly revealing her shoulders, then a purple and black lace bra strap, more skin followed by lacy topped knickers matching the bra strap, finally he reached her and the zip’s bottom.

“Thank you.” She said looking over her shoulder, smiling seductively.

“Anytime.” He rather stupidly said, but really meant it.

Elaine kicked off her black heels, losing a few inches in height. Then turned to face him, slowly shuffling the dress off of her arms, and then wriggling out of it, like a snake shedding its skin, till it lie in a black pool on the floor. She cupped her bra covered breasts, boosting her already impressive cleavage, and looking down at the fleshy mounds she whispered “The girls have been looking forward to this.”.

Robbie was beside himself. Never in his wildest fantasies would this have happened.

Before him stood the sight that would stay with him for the rest of his life. She was so fucking sexy; her shapely figure much heavier set than his almost skinny mother. Elaine’s fabulous tits, tethered in a purple bra with black lace trim, her belly so soft and pale, ever so slightly protruding. Her legs covered in black net stockings, held up by purple matching suspender belt under which she wore silky knickers of the same design. All he could do was stare.

Elaine smiled; the look on his face told her she had achieved the desired effect. She stepped forward till his face was level with her covered cunt. She pulled his face to her. He moaned. “Tell me how old you are.” She commanded.

“I’m eighteen.” His muffled voice said.

She pushed his head back but held onto it almost by his ears. She looked into his eyes. “Just eighteen, so young, just a boy really.” she said tenderly, “Well my boy, it’s time to put away childish things” She laughed and pushed him onto his back, then knelt between his legs and started unzipping his jeans, and undoing his belt. A few seconds later she was tugging them free from his ankles. She took the opportunity to remove his socks.

“Last lesson. Nine isn’t it? Always take your socks off.” She joked.

Robbie was finally getting into the spirit of things and was removing his shirt by pulling it over his head. That done he lie there naked save for his red boxer shorts, his legs hanging off the edge of the bed. Elaine resumed her position, kneeling on the floor between his legs.

“Enough theoretical lessons, it’s time for a practical.” She yanked his boxers down his legs, freeing the biggest chunk of man meat she would ever experience. She stared at it, admired it. This was not her first introduction to Robbie’s pride and joy, but the last time it had all been a bit too weird, his mother was there for a start and she had only met him minutes before. This time it was different, this time she was going to enjoy it, savour every second, after all this was a one time only deal. “Fucking hell young man,” she said huskily, “I hope you know just how bloody impressive this is.” She grasped it half way up its length, her fist failing to close all the way around it. “It’s bigger than my wrist!” She exclaimed. That reminded her, she looked at her wrist. The watch said 12:02. “Four hours, should just about be enough.” She joked.

Robbie lay back, thinking that this must be what heaven is like as Elaine stroked the length of his cock before finally licking around the gleaming, dark red head. She eventually after a little effort managed to suck the first few inches of his musky cock into her mouth; she teased the slit with her tongue. Robbie resisted the urge to hump her face. After a minute or two and her jaw had become accustomed to being so wide open, she started to bob her head up and down while her hand began stroking the shaft, her other hand tucked under his balls and began gently squeezing the tight impressive sack.

Had it not been for his exertions with his mother that morning he would have come by now. Elaine had a similar thought. She remembered how the poor boy had come so prematurely the last time. She pulled her mouth from his throbbing manhood. “How about we get the first one out of the way quickly, then we can take our time.”

“The first one!!! That means there’ll be more than one!” He thought.

“Worth a try.” he said.

“So how do you want it?”

He had no idea what his choices were. “Errr.”

“Hand, mouth or cunt?” she said blandly, wishing she did not have to explain everything.

“Cunt? Did she say cunt?” his brain was working overtime checking for errors.

“Cunt?” He said meekly

“Good boy.” She smiled.

She wanted him to take her, on her back and bulldoze that rod into her till she passed out but she figured, rightly, that he was still in awe of the moment. “OK lie back think of England, prepare to repel boarders.” She climbed on the bed and straddled him. “I’m leaving these on,” she patted her knickers, “I figure you’d like to take them off for me later.” She actually meant she would love for him to rip them off sometime soon.

She pulled the knickers to one side revealing her puffy pink labia, engorged with desire. She lifted his cock to the vertical position. Try as she might she was not able to lower herself onto it from a kneeling position, so she stood over him and crouched down till the tip of his twitching cock was in line with her opening. She rubbed it back and forth a couple of times to lubricate it with her own copious juices and to line it up between her slick cunt lips. Finally it was in the perfect position, she paused and looked at him, “I hope you deserve this, little boy.” Her thoughts were of her husband and just what this afternoon could cost if he ever found out. But her mind was clear and her needs were urgent. Slowly she impaled herself on the throbbing monster, it filled her more fully than anything before. “Oh My God!” She hissed, as his cock head pushed against her cervix. The feeling was of pure joy, she had found perfection.

All this while Robbie just lay there, unable to think and hardly able to breath. This simply heaven, nothing could ever top this moment. Elaine squeezed her cunt muscles tightening her grip of his iron rod buried in her most intimate place. The feeling caused him to avert his gaze from her spread cunt lips to her eyes. “Come on little boy, you’re turn to do some work.” She insisted. Robbie gladly obliged, and started humping his hips up and down while Elaine mirror the action with her thighs. The friction she felt was unbelievable. The feeling of such fullness caused by this …. this child was primeval, “come on little boy, fuck me. Stick it in me.” she challenged. Elaine leant back on her haunches pushing him deeper and deeper as his thrusts became longer and longer. Robbie watched as her face contorted with concentrated pleasure, he watched her tits sway back and forth but restricted by her bra. The silky warmth of her sopping wet pussy around his cock was almost too perfect to imagine. He dare not look at his meaty length sliding in and out of her cunt for fear of coming, so instead he watched her tits bouncing heavily within their silken confines.

Elaine saw his gaze aimed at her tits. “You want these?” she asked, roughly cupping them in her hands. His hands reached out towards them in answer, but could not reach. Elaine leaned forward and eased down to her knees, his cock felt like it reached into her stomach. It made her gasp. “Holy Christ!” she hissed. In her new position she could brush his face with her tits. “Come on little boy. Take all you want.” She taunted. Robbie needed no further invitation and he buried his face between her warm orbs. His hands rose to squeeze them. He rubbed his face back and forth between them, and thrust his hard meat into her harder and faster. Finally he slipped his fingers under her bra lifting it over and above her breasts, bare tits popped into view, the distended pink nipples as firm a his cock. He sucked on one hard and Elaine came. She came with a deep grunt, she pushed herself almost painfully onto his hammering shaft. “I’m commming!” she hissed. Robbie lost control and hugged her tightly to him almost breaking her back, he began humping her without regard for anything but filling her with his seed, which he did seconds later. Elaine felt his hot spunk squirt high into her vagina, a warm glowing sensation filling her, a feeling of completion. Robbie slowly began to relax his grip of her, and she eased back until she was dangling her tits in his face. She took a few moments for the feelings to subside. She stared at him from above her heavy breasts, her erect nipples brushing his cheeks. She laughed and smiled “Phew! That was amazing.” She leant down and kissed him passionately. After a minute or so, Robbie’s softened cock slipped from her tender hole. Her knickers slid back into place sealing her cream filled entrance. “Do you want to see what your cum looks like inside a woman?” She asked.

“Yes.” He said enthusiastically.

After pulling her bra back over her exposed breasts, Elaine stood above him, a foot either side of his chest, she reached down and pulled the gooey sodden gusset of her knickers to one side. Her labia remained glued together, so she dipped her knees and they opened a little allowing a glob of his spunk to splash heavily onto his chest. It was hot on his skin. Robbie stared intently as she repeated the move four or five times. His chest was coated in the mixture of their fluids. “Jesus, you sure pack an army of baby makers.” She exclaimed.

Elaine was shocked at how easily she had slipped into the role of gutter mouthed slut, she loved it, she felt so liberated by her knowledge that this was to be a one time thing.

“What about babies?” he suddenly asked.

“Don’t worry, I have a coil fitted, AND you should have asked about that before you fucked me. Maybe that should be lesson ten?”

He recognised the coil thing, from a biology lesson, but he had not been paying that much attention, that was a girl’s problem. “Fitted where?”

“Oh God Robbie, don’t you know anything?” She was back with a child. She lay down and pulled the gusset to one side again, presenting him with his first real view of her engorged womanhood. “Here put your finger in me.” He broke all records moving into a position to do just that. Elaine squirmed a little as his digit slid easily into her slick passage. “Push it all the way up, till you feel my cervix.” He had no idea where that was but he pushed in further until he felt a resistance. “There’s a tiny dimple in the end of my cervix, that’s the entrance to my womb. Do you feel it?”

He thought he did. “If you feel very carefully, there’s a tiny cord hanging out the hole. Have you got it?” He nodded; he really could feel something like a thin piece of cotton. “Ok, out you come.” She pushed his wrist away and re-covered her cunt with the soggy gusset. “On the other end of the string is the coil, it stops babies is all you have to know, and it’s a bitch to get in and out, that has to be done at a doctors.”

“Enough gynaecology, I need to clean myself up. You could do with a wash yourself.” She nodded at his spunk laden chest, most of the fluids had slipped off onto the sheets. “Do you mind if we go separately? It’s a bit un-lady like washing this stuff out.” She padded towards the bathroom. Robbie watched her buttocks click from side to side and just smiled. “Phwoooaaar” he thought.

In the bathroom Elaine stood by the sink and splashed water on her face to try and cool down a little. She spent a moment examining herself in the mirror. He rheart was pounding with guilt and excitement; her legs were a little shaky from the pounding she had taken between them, and her rather unexpected orgasm. It was not often that she could get off through penetration alone. She just found taking her pleasure from such a young boy so fucking exciting, his eagerness and admiration for her new no bounds. She was definitely taking advantage of him and she loved it. She stripped off her suspenders and stockings in order to remove her soaking knickers. She examined the sticky garment and used them to wipe between her legs. “You’ve done it now!” she admonished herself. “You can’t take it back.” She felt a twinge of guilt. But she surely was not the first woman to cheat on a husband that she loved. She needed this she reminded herself. She washed her sensitive genitals with water and padded them dry with a tiny towel, then replaced her stockings and suspenders. She left her sex juiced knickers on the counter. She fixed her hair took a deep breath, thinking of all the things she had wanted to happen today. She looked at her watch, it was 12:55. “Still got three hours. He should manage another one before home time.” She thought.

“Robbie my darling, how long do you think it will take for your cock to…” Robbie stood in the centre of the room, his cock fully erect and eager to please. “Wow! now that is impressive.” She exclaimed. In fact his whole body was impressive, lean, tanned and firm, a handsome yet innocent face crowned with short blond hair. His cock was the icing on the cake, surrounded as it was by soft curls of light brown hair.

Robbie once again was stuck for words as he stared at Elaine’s hairy cunt framed so perfectly by her suspender belt.

“Sorry, you don’t get to rip my knickers off, they’re a bit yucky.”

Robbie had been thinking, if this truly was a one off event, he better ‘man up’ and make the most of it, sod the usual meekness, just go for it. This was exactly how Elaine felt and hoped he would too.

“Can I have them?” he asked, “something to remember you by.”

She imagined what he was planning to do with them. “The gift that keeps on giving? Of course you can, but don’t let your mother find them or you’ll have a lot of explaining to do.”

He grinned. “I’ll keep them well out of her way. I better have a quick shower.”

“OK but hurry, time flies when you’re having fun. Good luck with the towels by the way.”

She heard the shower run for a couple of minutes. She busied herself straightening the bed. He returned five minutes later. “I see what you mean about the towels.”

He stood by the bathroom door, and she by the bed. They just stared at each other, admiring the other’s body, anticipating the next few hours.

“Fancy fucking a middle aged woman?” she teased.

“Too bloody right I do.” The new confidence was coming to the surface.

“Come and get me.” She taunted.

He advanced towards her, his erection bouncing obscenely. Elaine playfully skipped to the other side of the bed. “You can’t get away that easily.” He said, and moved towards her once more. She skipped to the corner of the room by the window. “Not good enough.” he warned, and cut off her retreat, holding his arms outstretched.

Elaine giggled like a school girl as he closed in on her. Finally he trapped her, with a hand against one wall and the other on the window ledge. “Now I’ve got you.” he whispered.

“Yes. Yes you have.” She melted into his arms and they kissed once more. Deeply, sensuously, lovingly they kissed. Robbie’s hands mashing her breasts, catching her sensitive, engorged nipples between his fingers and tugging at them slightly. Elaine whimpered her approval into his mouth. His cock pressed hard against her belly button as he gently rocked his hips towards her, dry humping her fleshy belly. Long minutes passed then he dropped a hand to her quivering mound, running his fingers softly through the fine curly hair and seeking out the crevice that lay at its centre. He slipped his fingers into the crease of flesh and across her hooded clitoris. “Hmmmm.”

she hummed.

Hungrily she intensified their kiss, their faces becoming wet from the prolonged tongue dance. Elaine humped her pelvis against his intrusive fingers trying to make firmer contact. Finally she breathless broke the kiss and clung to him, hiding her face against his neck. “Ohhh Robbie…. Robbie my darling boy.” she gasped. She lifted her mouth to his ear and pressed her tongue into it, swirling and stabbing. “Lick me… please lick me…. Lick my wet cunt.” she whispered imploringly into his ear.

Robbie was more than happy to oblige. He dropped to his knees and buried his face in her hairy gash. Elaine spread her legs as wide as she could and thrust her pelvis forward to allow him as much access as to her slippery snatch. His tongue flicked over her clitoris sending shivers of joy through her entire body. She wanted him to devour her, she wanted to corrupt this innocent young thing with her womanly essence. She raised a leg and rested it on his shoulder, her pink swollen lips flowered before him and he delved his tongue into her slick wet fountain. He inhaled deeply, her musky aroma driving him wild, he ravaged he cunt with his mouth.

“I want you in me.” She demanded. “Fuck me. Fill my cunt with your cock.”

Robbie gave up his assault on her dripping cunt. She lowered her leg and he stood, his cock spanning the distance between them. Elaine made to move to the bed but he stopped with hands on her shoulders. “I thought…” she started, but he stopped her by forcing her around to face the window. Robbie stood behind her his cock pressing into the crevice of her bottom. “oh!” she said. Elaine placed her hands on the window sill, she spread her legs wide and leant forward presenting herself to him. Robbie rubbed his cock between her legs. Elaine shivered in anticipation. Soon she felt his thick bulbous cock head pressing against her eager opening. When it was just at the entrance he stopped. Elaine held her breath, the moment lasted a life time, and just as she was about to ask why he had stopped, he thrust into her in one long rapid movement, his cock was like a steam train endlessly entering a tunnel, it seemed to take an age for it to reach the end of the line. Elaine exploded into tears, the feeling was so exquisite that she felt she should die right now for nothing could ever match the feeling of that one long thrust. She was wrong. Robbie withdrew almost all the way out then again pushed forward, piercing her very soul.

Again and again he battered her cunt. Elaine sobbed, and sobbed, she cried out at the sheer beauty of her feelings, she was unaware of everything but the intruding man muscle between her legs. “FUCK MEEEE” she cried. Robbie did, for a full ten minutes he punished her frail little sex hole. He did not stop his pounding even as he undid her bra and pushed it off her shoulders. He did not stop as he firmly squeezed her hanging tits and pulled hard on her nipples, hard like he had seen his mother pull her own. He pinched and pulled milking her tits, and with each squeeze she felt a jolt of pleasure running through her body that ended in her clenching cunt.

She could not remember when her orgasm started, it just built and built and continued with every pussy splitting thrust of his endless cock, wave after wave her orgasm continued, maintaining a level of pure unadulterated pleasure which she could never tire of. Then with a final hard thrust he stopped. He gave a cry of animalistic pleasure and spewed his sperm into her grasping sex. She could feel his cock pulsating in her cunt, expelling every last drop of his cum juice into her body. Then he collapsed backwards onto the bed. Elaine sobbed and her knees buckled and she sank to the floor, her wide open cunt dripping his hot juice onto the carpet. She could hardly breathe, through her sobs she gasped for air.

They remained like that for several minutes. Each replaying the moment in their minds, unable to believe how fucking intense it had been. Robbie was the first to move. He was concerned about his lover, who remained crumpled on the floor, still letting out the occasional sob. “Are you OK?” He asked gently. “I’m sorry if I…”

“Don’t you dare apologise.” she spluttered, “That was fucking incredible.” He moved to her and offered her his hand, then pulled her to her feet. Her legs were still a little shaky and she clung to him for support, her bra fell from her arms to the floor and she mashed her sore tits against his abdomen, her face resting against his chest. She began to laugh, a little at first and then almost uncontrollably.

“What is it?” he asked.

“I’m just so fucking happy!” she managed to say before bursting out again. She soon regained her composure. “Jesus Christ! Robbie! What have you just done to me?”

“It was good wasn’t it?”

“It was the best.” she meant it.

Robbie looked out of the window. A couple of elderly women stood thirty feet away, chatting and pointing up at the window. “They must have seen us.” he said.

Elaine looked at the pair, “Heard us more like, the whole bloody hotel must have heard that.” She waved to the old women who waved back. She realised her breasts were on display and stepped back. They both lay down on the bed. She rested her head on is chest and idly ran her fingers through the hair around his soft cock.

“Did I say this was a one time event?”

“Yes, you did.”

“What a twat I am.”

She checked her watch, it was almost two o’clock.

“Two hours.” she said with a hint of sadness, as she watched his cock start to twitch back to life.

“I think I need a little nap.” she said, “just a few minutes.”

“OK. I’ll wake you in twenty minutes; I might be ready by then.”

She cuddled him closer; “You’re a machine. A fucking machine.” she kissed his chest and dozed off…….

Elaine woke with a start. She took a moment to orientate herself then looked at her watch. Two thirty it read. Then she became aware of something else, she had just kicked something, she looked down the bed to see Robbie’s face between her legs.

“Hello.” she said gently, now she was fully awake and could feel the warm tingle of her pussy, which Robbie proceeded to lick. “Are you enjoying yourself down there?” she teased.

“I can’t help it.” he admitted.

“It must be a bit gooey, don’t you mind eating your own stuff?”


Elaine shook her head in wonder, “What a catch you’ll make someday.”

“I made some coffee.” He pointed to the bedside table. “It’s pretty awful, I think it’s the milk in those stupid little plastic pots.”

“Well I don’t care, I’m very thirsty.” She lifted the cup, took a sip and pulled a face. “Yuk.” but she drank some more.

He stayed between her legs, openly examining at her cunt. Using his fingers to gently prod and pull at her moist lips. Elaine watched his fascination. She giggled at his boyish fascination. “This isn’t fair.” she pointed out.

“What isn’t?”

“I want something to play with too. Lie down next to me.”

He moved to climb up the bed next to her. “No, I want the other end.” she pointed at his cock. Robbie grinned and after a little rearrangement they lay on their sides with one leg cocked each facing the other’s private area.

Elaine lazily examined his stiff penis. She marvelled at its size and beauty. She peeled back his foreskin and kissed the shiny head, teasing the slit with the tip of her tongue. All the while Robbie happily continued to prod, poke and occasionally kiss her wet gash. The feelings were nice, they were more intent on looking than getting turned on.

“Can I ask you something?” he requested.


“Have you grown your hair down here?” The stored image in his brain from his previous visit to her ‘garden’ had smooth pink flesh, he was now looking at quite a thick undergrowth.

“Yes. I thought I’d give it a go. I fancied an earthier look. What do you think?”

“It’s fabulous.”

“I think you’d say that whatever it looked like.”


“It’s not in your mum’s league for hairy though.” It was a tactless and stupid thing to say, she kicked herself for bringing it up. She did not want to rake over their old encounter, she did not want to bring Irene into the equation, not today, she felt guilty that she was here with Irene’s son, she was certain Irene would not be pleased.

It did not seem to bother him. “She shaved hers.” he said

“How do you know?” she was instantly wishing she had not asked.

“She told me.” he lied.

“Oh!” “How bizarre” she thought.

“Can I ask you something else?” he requested.

Elaine was a bit more wary this time. “You can try?” she smiled, lazily licking her man flavoured lolly.

“What did you and my mum do?”

“You mean in bed?” she said doubtfully.


“I’m not sure your mum would be too pleased for me to be telling you her secrets, I’m not sure I want to either. That was another time, it’s over now.”

“That’s what she said”

“Did she?” that information hurt her a little, she was not sure why.

“Can I ask you another?”

She was on her guard this time. “I’m not promising you’ll get an answer.”

“Do you have any sex toys?” he wanted as full a picture of Elaine as possible to fill his dreams.

“Robbie! Tut!.”

“What? It’s just a question.”

He was right, considering he had his face an inch from her exposed cunt, and his face was wet with her juice, this was hardly a time to be coy. “Yes I do.”

“Do you use them?”

“That’s what they’re there for.”

“What sort do you have? What’s your favourite?”

“Ohh so many questions. I have all sorts, my favourite is a vibrator with a kink in it.”

“A kink?”

“It has a bend near the end, it lets you massage your G spot.”

“I’ve heard of that.”

“Good for you.”

“Where’s yours?”

“Back to gynaecology?”

“If I don’t ask, I won’t learn.” he grinned.

“OK. Put two of your fingers in me,” The feel of his fingers slipping inside her sent a shiver through her body. “Now bend them up a little towards my pubic hair.” She felt her tight cunt muscles mould around the newly bent fingers. “Now press gently on the wall, and pull them back.” He complied, his face a picture of concentration. “Bit more…bit more.” Elaine felt a familiar jolt as his fingers pressed on the elusive spongy little area. “There… just there.” She found it difficult to form words. “Can you feel it? It’s supposed to feel a bit different to the rest of me.”

“It does, I guess.” He said doubtfully, “Does it feel good?”

“Ohhh yes. Very good, it gives a whole different feeling, sometimes it feels like you want to pee.”


“Don’t you have the internet? I thought all boys lived their lives looking at this sort of stuff.”

“I do sometimes.” The rest of the time he was asleep.

“Well look up squirting.”

“You mean when all sorts of stuff comes out?”

“Hmmm, not quite how I’d put it, but yes.”

“Can you do that?” He rubbed hard on the super sensitive area sending a signal to her legs to open wider.

“Ooooooo, no, no I never did,” the feeling was intense, “but your mum can.” It was second or two before she hoped the ground would swallow her up. There was an uncomfortable silence while Robbie processed this information. To Elaine’s surprise he did not pursue it.

“Enough talk.” She said, desperate to put distance between them and that information.

She swallowed the head of his penis. Robbie groaned and lay back, but continued to slowly rub her spot. Elaine’s tongue swirled around the hefty intruder and she gently played with his balls. As she began to bob her head, Robbie let out a groan of pleasure. Elaine’s fingers crept under his ball sack and pressed the area just behind it. Robbie moaned, he often pressed there himself when he was wanking. She continued to face fuck his fleshy monster. Suddenly Robbie tensed as he felt her fingers inch onto his anus and began pressing. “Uhhh. You’re… that’s my bum hole…” He warned her.

She pulled his cock from her mouth. “Yep. Don’t you like it?” She pressed the tip of her intrusive finger into his anus.

“But… I….” The finger tip wiggled a little. “It’s not….” The feeling was undeniably exquisite. He melted back onto the bed. “It’s good, it’s really good.”

“You can do mine if you want to. It’s a pity we don’t have any lubricant, I don’t want to hurt you.”

Robbie could not believe that this was how mature middle class mothers behaved. “Holy shit!” he mouthed and set about finding her anus.

“Roll on top of me.” She instructed him. Once again her wish was his command.

She struggled under him to get her face in line with his balls and anus. While she felt Robbie parting the crevice of her buttocks she sucked on one of his firm testicles. Robbie moaned his approval and prodded a finger at her puckered little bum hole.

Then he felt her tongue trace its way to his own brown star. Elaine was feeling like a dirty girl today and she jabbed her tongue inside his anus, in and out she fucked him with her tongue.

“Ohhh Mrs Robinson.” He breathed. Elaine delighted in his use of the alias that she regarded as their pet name, and fucked his arse more vigorously. Then she felt her cheeks being pulled a little wider and his tongue tracing around her own anus, a moment later he too was tongue fucking her dirt box. They continued their dirty tongue dance for several minutes. Elaine broke away first, her neck muscles unable to keep up the pace. She laughed. “Come and kiss me, properly.” She told him. Robbie climbed around until he was on top of her, face to face. They kissed and Elaine wriggled under his muscular weight, enjoying the feeling of being pressed into the sheets by her young lover. They swapped long leisurely tongue twirling wet kisses for a long time, Robbie’s hands gently caressing her tits. Elaine’s excitement intensified.

Most people are a little vague about exactly where they where or what they were doing when They first arrived. But I know precisely.

I was a lovely warm June day. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the breeze was warm. John and I had walked up to the top corner of the paddock. We regarded it as ‘our corner’ it was shielded by high, dense hedges and woodland on the other side of the hedges. We hadn’t been there long before we were laying down in the long grass and snogging each other’s faces off.

Soon John started to undo my blouse: slowly, button by button. I am not a big girl, if you know what I mean, nor am I a small one. As john says, what you can’t get in two hands and one mouth at the same time is surplus to requirements. My blouse undone to the waist, John deftly unclipped by front clasping bra and my tits sprang loose. Creamy white with rosebuds at the end. John moved his mouth close to my left nipple. He didn’t suck it or lick it. He simply breathed on it. His hot breath made my nipple spring to life: It stood proud like a chapel hat peg. The other nipple followed suit.

John started kissing me again.

I bent my left leg up and flicked off my sandal with my hand. John reached down and took my foot in his hand, interlocked his fingers in my toes, which are long and slender. After a while John disentangled his fingers and started to massage my foot. Then slowly he moved from my ankle and up my calf; then the back of my knee; then my thigh,; then my inner thigh. It was clear where he was heading. I felt a finger trace out the edge of my knickers. I have a wonderfully luxuriant, ginger bush and as the finger moved slowly along my knicker-line I felt it touching stray pubes. It sent a tingle up my spine. Still kissing heavily, I felt John’s finger find and trace out the line of my fanny through my knickers. My gusset was well damp and John lingered on the patch that had soaked through. In my head I was pleading with him to push my knickers to one side and insert a finger or two or three. But John had other plans.

He reached down and unzipped his jeans and slid them off. Then he slid off his boxers. Naked from the waste down is pushed his erect penis against my gusset being careful to align it with the damp patch. Then he moved his attention to my breasts and now very erect nipples, while all the time pushing and straining his dick against my gusset covered, soaking wet hole. He brushed my nipples with the hairs on the back of his hand. Working slowly in a circle he kissed around the base of each boob. The pushing on my crotch was incessant. I couldn’t stand it any longer. I reached down and pulled my gusset to one side. John slipped in all the way on his next push. It felt lovely. He slid it in slowly. He slid it out slowly. Slowly in, slowly out, deep, real deep each time.

“Let me kiss that cock!” I pleaded. John slowly withdrew his member and shuffled up my body pushing his dick up my pubes, across my navel, up between my lush tits and eventually into my mouth. I could taste myself. My God I tasted good.

While I caressed his member with my tongue and lips I reached down and slid my panties off. My skirt followed rapidly. Then I moved my hands up to John’s shirt and unbuttoned it as best I could while maintaining the emphasis on pleasuring his tool with my mouth.

Eventually we were both naked and then sun felt warm on our skins.

I signalled John to move back down to my fanny. It felt so good to feel his rock hard dick in my quim. I pulled both knees up slowly, a bit at a time, to allow him to thrust deeper and deeper into me. Eventually I could feel his bell end pushing on my cervix and his balls smacking on my milk white, inner thighs.

John’s thrusts were getting stronger and shorter. I reached my long arms down and grabbed each buttock with my hands. As he thrust in, I pulled him to me and squeezed his muscular bum hard.

I felt my own climax building as John’s thrusts built up.

I let go of his left cheek and reached further round to cup his balls in my hand. I felt his scrotum tighten as I touched it. I swear blind I could feel the pressure in his balls. Suddenly, like and express train, my own orgasm hit me and to my eternal pleasure I felt John’s balls jumping rhythmically up and down in my hand as he too climaxed and started to pump his load of lovely, creamy, salty, sweet cum in my love tunnel.

Now with each trust I could here the squelching of his cum as he whipped it up into a batter.

Slowly I felt him withdraw his cock. He kissed me on the lips one last time and then slid his mouth down to my tits and my nipples. He kissed and caressed them with his lips and tongue. Then he reached down and dipped a finger deep inside of my. He withdrew the dripping wet finger and drew a line down my body from my cleavage to my clit. I squirmed as he touched my clit. It was feeling very sensitive. Then he went back to my cleavage and followed the line of love juice down my body towards my still eager fanny. He licked every last drop off my tummy, which turned me on. My response was heightened because I could hear him sniffing all the way, inhaling my lovely erotic, fecund smells.

Eventually he had his face buried in my lush, ginger bush. I raised both knees again to allow him better access. His tongue flicked my clit briefly and then moved on, tracing out the outer and then the inner labia: sucking and kissing them every inch of the way. Then he put a finger inside of my again. As before the finger didn’t linger. It was in and then out again. This time he ran his dripping finger straight down my wet slit and onto my perineum (that deliciously sensitive stretch of skin between the base of the fanny and the bum hole). He slowly traced down my perineum. I could feel the soft hairs on it flexing under the gentle pressure of his finger. I pressed the soles of my feet to the ground and raised my bottom slightly. John’s lubricated middle finger worked its way between my bum cheeks and then pressed against my bum hole. I slowly lowered myself and his finger easily wriggled up inside of me — all the way up to the third knuckle. Then his mouth moved down onto my slit and he licked from the base of my perineum up the length of my crack to my engorged clit. He began to gently caress and kiss it. Then moved back down to the base of my slit and slurped some of his cum mingled with my juices that were slowly oozing out of my fanny. Then he ran his tongue back up my hot slit and lashed my clit with his tongue. He alternated between cream pie and clit for what seemed like a pleasurable eternity. I found myself pistoning my bottom up and down — shagging his finger as my second organism built and built. “Oh my god, my God, I’m coming again John. Please don’t stop.” I squealed as it hit, even bigger and better than the first.

John withdrew his head and pushed his slightly flaccid cock back up my fanny. Then he withdrew it again, now coated with our combined juices. I pushed john off and rolled him on his back. I stood up looking down at his naked body and semi-erect dick. I faced him, spread my legs and straddled his body. A glob of cum oozed out and travelled slowly down from my fanny on a thin thread of cum. I carefully and quickly moved forward and managed to deposited the drop directly into John’s open mouth. He smiled at me. Then I shuffled back to my position over his genitals and slowly lowered myself into a squatting position. I reached down, took hold of his cock and peeled back his foreskin. With a sudden rush, I unleashed a hot, powerful stream of piss and washed the spunk off him. The heat and force of the piss on his bell-end clearly turned him on because he started to swell again.

While I was doing this he reached for my skirt and fumbled for the pocket, where he found a tube of lub. He unscrewed the lid and liberally coated his index and middle finger. Then, while I was still pissing, he reached down and around me and worked his two fingers into my willing arse.

I shuffled forward and lowered my arse onto his quickly hardening cock. It went in easily and I started to ride it. All the while my legs were spread wide, my snatch facing John who bent his head to look at my wares. With one hand I reached around and cradled his scrotum and he reciprocated by reaching forward and fondling my fanny and clit.

My legs started to tire so after a little while I ended up on all fours with my arse in the air. John was behind me pumping his now rock hard cock in and out of my arse. He was tiring too and it was looking as though he wouldn’t cum a second time. So I asked him to stand up, legs slightly spread. I took up position standing behind him and reached around to work his dick. It’s funny but have you noticed how you can tell when a man is getting ready to cum. Their cocks, which are already large and hard, swell and become even stiffer and bigger. Well John was getting there. I quickly jabbed one of my fingers up my fanny and then suddenly pushed the well lubed finger up John’s anus. I wouldn’t have thought it possible but his already taught penis jumped to attention and before you could say “Fuck me. Look at that” it started to quirt, what seemed like gallons of a thin, milky cum with such force that it landed three or four feet in front of him.

After that we were more of less done. We laid down side-by-side head to foot and gently nuzzled each others genitals; licking and kissing each other gently for five or ten minutes.

After that I rolled onto my back and closed my eyes to try and re-live our session. My hand wandered, without any conscious thought, down to my pussy and started to caress and fondle. When I opened my eyes the sky was still clear blue and cloudless. Then I lay with my mouth open as a spaceship about 100 metres wide slowly materialised out of thin air. At first there was nothing. Then there was a slight grey haze. Then a sort of translucent shape. And before you could say “fuck me stiff” there was a real, live, solid space ship hovering a few hundred feet above us.

They had arrived.

But what had they seen before they declared their hand?

Brett was becoming frustrated with his wife of five years. First it had been all about showing Jan what a gentleman he was and taking her out the old fashioned way. They got to know each other but Jan was slow to come out of her shell. Brett still wondered if there was more he could have done to make her let loose more and give in to the sexual pleasures he could bring her. But she was so shy and he was not big on communication so he just went to the pub instead and dreamed of Jan in ways that would make her blush. If she only knew what he had done to her in his mind…she would probably leave him on the spot!

The day had finished early for Brett and he was on his way home from work two hours earlier than usual. Jan would be surprised and seeing as it was Friday, he would make a nice lamb curry for dinner to give her the night off for a change. He parked his Jeep in next to her hatch in the drive and let himself into the house. Jan was nowhere in sight so he assumed she must be in her garden or green house with her prize orchids. He decided to get a start on dinner so there would be less to do later on. He had just washed his hands and began preparations when he heard what sounded like moaning coming from the bedroom. His stomach twisted at the thought that someone else was in their house and fear gripped him when he thought that Jan might actually be in some sort of danger.

He picked up the lower half of a pool cue and crept quietly up the stairs. Once at the top of the stairs Brett turned down the hallway and saw what looked to be a massage table set up in their bedroom with Jan naked and lying face down on top of it. A very hunky looking muscular man was giving Jan a massage and she was moaning with pleasure. Brett could see why too because the man obviously knew what to do with his hands. Boy did he know what to do with his hands! In fact, his hands were sliding all over Jan’s smooth creamy ass cheeks and it looked as though the tips of his fingers were slipping into her ass crack with each move. The dirty bastard! Brett had a good mind to storm into the room and put an end to this right now. However, something about the way his wife was moaning and the sight of her naked and being obviously pleasured was turning Brett on. He knew this because his cock was pushing up against his jeans with some urgency.

Brett decided to remain standing where he was as they didn’t know he was there and he could watch what went on and get off on the sound of Jan moaning. He could see her ass arching upwards towards the guy’s hands as he worked her and Brett quietly unzipped his jeans to free his desperate member from confinement. Gripping his cock with one hand, he began to pull as he looked and once again his mind went off into dirty places. He dreamed it was his hands working on Jan’s ass instead, with maybe a tongue involved as well…

Jan was moving her legs apart now so the man had better access to her inner thighs. He was rubbing one thigh now with both hands, moving upwards towards her ass again but his hands were staying quite low. Brett just knew the guy was brushing against her thick juicy pussy lips as he got closer. There was no way he could be avoiding making contact with that area when his hands were so close and low. Brett’s cock jumped in his hand. How he longed to be between her legs now, nudging his fat cock head into her wet open pussy.

She moaned suddenly and said “Oh yes!” The man felt encouraged and continued to rub, moving onto her other thigh now for more of the same. Her ass was going up and down as his hands moved up and down in opposing motions. She was enjoying ever second of it. Sweat broke out all over Brett’s body as he pumped his cock excitedly. The guy stopped working on her thighs then and began to gently tickle Jan’s ass all over, making her giggle like a school girl. He tickled her sides, up over her rib cage and Jan’s whole upper body came up off the massage table so he could get to her breasts!

He rubbed his hands over them once or twice but his focus was more on the delicious curve of Jan’s bottom as it wiggled around just inches from his face. He parted her cheeks then and began tonguing her ass! Brett got ready to run as he expected her to take fright or offence at the man’s actions. But he need not have worried because Jan was staying right where she was and continuing to moan in pleasure. The man’s tongue was dipping in deeply into her ass crack and obviously pausing to probe her asshole along the way. Jan spread her legs even wider so her ass and pussy were more accessible. The guy got really excited about that and why wouldn’t he? Jan had a fine ass which never grew any hair at all so it was naturally smooth and obviously very tasty. Brett’s mouth watered at that thought.

Excitement went into over drive as the guy reached around under her thighs to pull her ass up high into the air. Now she was on all fours while he continued to eat her ass. Her full tits swayed beautifully back and forth as she pushed back against his face. She couldn’t seem to get close enough and watching her hard nipples caused Brett to begin cumming. He stopped himself letting go all the way, managing to catch some cum with his other hand. He willed his mind to go blank for a few seconds while he closed his eyes and calmed down enough to continue watching. It took more than a few seconds for his cock to settle down a bit but then he was left with a pool of cum in the palm of his hand. He wished it was a pool of his cum in the small of Jan’s back instead…

That was when her moans of pleasure turned into words of filthy demands for more and more! Brett couldn’t believe his ears when he heard his wife yell:

“YES, YES, stick your hot tongue in my tight little asshole!”

“CUM ON, stick more fingers in my shit hole!”

“Make me cum NOW!!!”

He had never ever heard his wife so excited and almost hysterical with lust. This was such a first and it was truly blowing his mind as well as nearly causing his cock to blow up.

The guy was really excited which became suddenly obvious when he dropped his pants and stood there with a raging hard on. He moved around to the side of Jan’s face and she turned her head to look at his big hard cock. He grabbed a fist full of her curly blonde hair and pulled her mouth down hard on his cock. She sucked him and gagged when he filled her mouth with his meat. Then he took it out of her mouth and slapped her cheek with it.

“SMACK, SMACK!” went his cock over and over again and she loved it!

“MORE!!!” She urged in a loud, commanding voice.

He smacked her several more times and then moved around to her ass again. He reached for the massage oil and poured some onto her ass. It ran around into her crack and he spread it with his hands, dipping into her asshole and pussy with his big strong fingers. She moaned so long and loud as he began to rub oil onto his thick veined cock while her ass wiggled invitingly in the air. He wasted no more time lining his cock up at the entrance to her asshole. Then he drove into her well prepared hole and began fingering her clit with precision and expertise. Brett had no time to feel any jealousy as he watched his wife get fucked in the ass by a complete stranger. She just let go and continued to say filthy things in rhythm with his thrusts:

“That’s, it, fuck, me, oh, fuck, fuck, oh, god, yes, fuck, me!”

It was unbelievable. His shy little wife who had trouble just saying the word “cock” yelling as she got her ass pounded. Brett used the pool of cum in his hand as lube and began pulling himself again. He watched and wanked as Jan bounced back and forth to the rhythm of the cock slamming into her over and over again until she suddenly screamed with a big orgasm and began to beg him to stop:

“Oh, fuck, stop, fuck, oh, fuck, stop, oh, stop, stop, stop!”

He pulled his cock out of her ass and walked around to her face once more. She gladly sucked his fat dick until he came, blowing a huge load of cum all over her face and hair. At the sight of another man’s cum spewing all over his wife, Brett let loose with his own silent orgasm without a care about where his cum landed. He quickly moved back out of sight and retreated silently down the stairs. Once back in the kitchen he continued on with dinner preparations as if nothing had happened. The only difference this time was a slight shaking in his hands as he cut the onions and of course, the raging thoughts inside his head.

He heard the man say good bye to Jan before walking down the stairs. As he came into view and saw Brett making dinner he smiled without missing a beat.

“Hi mate, what’s for dinner?” He asked, smiling.

“Lamb curry” Brett replied calmly.

“Sounds tasty,” He said, adding, “But not as tasty as your wife.” Then with a big wink, he and his massage table walked out the door.

Brett’s jaw dropped at the man’s audacity but an idea of what he really wanted to eat for dinner began to formulate in his mind and once again he put dinner preparations on hold and quietly crept up the stairs. Jan was in the shower so he got undressed and waited for her on the bed. He grinned to himself as he thought about what he would do to her. His wife was in for one hell of a surprise tonight! So much for giving her the evening off, he thought wickedly.

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