I was tired and hungry as I pulled off the interstate for a late night bite. The only thing open in this small town at this hour was Denny’s, so I gritted my teeth and went for it. It had been a long and lonely road trip.

There weren’t many people in the place, but to my pleasant surprise the waitress was friendly and cute, a chocolate-skinned girl-next-door type whose nametag said “Claudia”.

“Would you like a cappuccino with that, Msieur?” She said playfully.

“I didn’t know Denny’s served that fancy stuff.” I replied.

“They don’t. It’s plain, black, and hot, but I’ll keep it filled up for you all night if you like.” I watched her ass as she walked away. Yep, plain, black and hot. The long lonely miles on the road caught up with me and I started feeling a stirring in my pants. I rubbed it surreptitiously under the table as I watched Claudia at the waitress station. My cock was still pretty hard when she came back to my table. As she poured the coffee, her gaze moved down to my crotch and stayed there for a second. She looked in my eyes and gave me a nice warm smile.

That did it. I was hooked now. My hand was working my cock through my pants constantly now as I watched her work. Every so often she would look over at me. She couldn’t see under the table from her angle, but she could see that my hand was under there. She would still look for a second before resuming her duties.

By the time she came back to take my order I was completely hard and past caring if she knew. I leaned back in the booth to give her a good look at my jeans, which were tenting up in a painfully obvious hard-on.

“Long day on the road, sir?” she said with an exaggerated air of innocence. “It’s probably good that you stopped to stretch your…legs…a bit.” As she leaned in to pour the coffee, I saw that an extra button had come undone on her blouse, giving me a tantalizing view of her well-shaped breasts. As she poured my second cup of coffee she managed to drop the napkins she was holding into my lap.

“Oh, I’m so clumsy, sir. Let me get those.” As she picked up the napkins from my lap, her fingers traced the outlines of my hard cock. She seemed to be taking her time, extending both the time her fingers were touching my cock and her breasts were just inches from my face.

“I’ll be back with your order soon, sir. We pride ourselves on our service.”

She looked at me again from the waitress station. Now she could definitely see my arm moving. I couldn’t stand it any more. I looked around my area and saw that none of the other diners had a direct line of sight to my booth. I unsnapped the buttons on my Levi’s and eased my cock into the air. Just for a minute, I told myself.

It felt so good and so daring to be stroking my cock in the open air, in the middle of a Denny’s. Pretty soon a minute stretched into two, then three. I could feel a week’s worth of pent-up come building up in my balls, and I closed my eyes to savor the sensation.

When I opened them again there was Claudia standing in front of me, holding her coffee pot in her right hand as she looked directly at my raging hard-on as it slipped through my fist. I stopped in mid—stroke. Busted!

“I brought some cream for your coffee, but it looks like you about to supply your own!” she said. I went to put myself back in my pants, but she got a very stern look on her face.

“Buddy, I say one word and you are in a hell of a lot of trouble. If you stop right now, I’m going to say a lot more than one word. I think you best keep going with what you’re doing there.”

Reluctantly, I put my hand back on my now semi-hard cock and started up again.

“It was hard a minute ago. I want to see it that hard again.” She was blocking the view from the rest of the restaurant, so I was safe as long as nobody walked right by our booth. “Was it these tits that got you so hard? Were you thinking about shooting your load on them?” She pinched her left nipple with her hand.

That got my. Now I was fully hard again and stroking with abandon.

“That’s right, stroke that cock. I want to see you come all over yourself.” I was wearing a black t-shirt, and I went to pull it out of the way.

“Oh, what are you doing that for? Your come will look nice on that black shirt. Come on, boy, shoot that come!”

I was past the point of no return now. My hand was a blur as I stared at Claudia’s eyes and stroked my cock for her. I raised my hips a few inches and involuntarily leaned forward. I could feel the come rising, and I was past being able to stop it. Stifling a moan, I stroked one more time and looked in Claudia’s eyes. Her tongue was between her lips, licking in a most obvious and sensual gesture. I raised my hips and exploded. A huge geyser of sperm leaped out of my cock and hit me right in the face! The next one was in my mouth, and the next three were on my shirt.

I leaned back, spent. Claudia was silent, but by the heaving of her breasts I could see she was aroused. I reached for a napkin to clean myself off.

“Oh no you don’t, cowboy. You just leave that cum right there or you are busted. You are going to walk out of here just like that, so everyone can see what a nasty boy you are.” Off she went to the waitress station, leaving cum dripping off my face.

I could see Claudia watching me from the waitress station, so I dared not clean off any of the cum. Any hopes I had of mercy from her were dashed when every one of the Denny’s staff, from the other waitress to the busboys, made a special point to come to my table. They all took their time, seemingly enjoying my discomfort, as I ate my sperm-flavored cheeseburger.

At last, I paid my bill and Claudia allowed me to escape. “Have a nice night, sir”, she said as she handed me my change. The other waitress was right there with her, and I had hardly turned around before the giggling began.

I’ll never go back there again. Then again, I might.

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