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Alex stared off into space trying to concentrate on something other than her mouth on his hard cock. They were having a contest to see if he could hold off from cumming before her jaw and mouth got too tired from blowing him. It was not easy for him to avoid looking down and seeing Maggie’s mouth on him. She was also rubbing her clit and moaning more than usual, trying to make him cum. Alex really wanted to win, the prize was his big sister’s tight asshole. She had let him finger her ass, and constantly teased him by bending over in her school uniform with no panties on when their parents were still at work. Every time she bent over like that, her tight little asshole was glistening like either she had just licked a finger and rubbed it or like she had gotten really wet and used her juices to lube it up. Knowing how Maggie enjoyed teasing him, he knew she was capable of either one. Suddenly Maggie turned her body so that her wet pussy and ass were facing him, peeking out from under her little red and blue plaid skirt, her mouth never leaving his cock. She began rubbing her clit again and Alex could smell the aroma of her arousal. He tried to look away, still holding out. He closed his eyes for a moment and tried to think of anything other than Maggie. He opened his just in time to see Maggie slide a wet finger into her ass. At that moment, she pulled her mouth off of his cock just as he erupted, his jizz covering her chin and tits.

“I win!” Alex yelled in a raspy voice, his cock still dripping cum on the bed.

“I think we should call it a tie.” Maggie said, pulling up her left tit to lick his juices off.

“A tie? How in the Hell do figure that was a tie? Did my cum go in your mouth? Nope, I don’t think so.” Alex laughed.

“Umm, can we do something else? A 3some with Jenny?”

“We’ve already done that, a few times. I want something we haven’t done before. I told you the rules beforehand and you agreed. You aren’t trying to renege are you my sweet big sister?”

“No. But I’m just scared. I mean your fingers or my dildo are one thing, but your cock is so big.”

“Flattery will get you nowhere here sis. I’m only like 6 inches. That purple dildo you love is at least 9.”

“Yeah, but it’s not as thick as you are.”

Just then they heard the garage door start to open below them.

“Shit! It’s 6:00 already. Go get cleaned up.” Alex told his sister.

She jumped off the bed and kissed him deeply before running to her room.

“We’re not finished with this discussion, Maggie!” he called after her.


Alex and Maggie’s mother Elaine had come home and called for her kids to come downstairs. “Just a minute.” Was heard from both of them upstairs. Elaine began puttering around the kitchen beginning to get dinner ready. After a few minutes both kids walked into the kitchen and sat at the stools against the island. Alex was wearing sweats and a t-shirt and Maggie had on yoga pants and just a sports bra.

“Maggie, is it really appropriate for you to be showing off your bra to your little brother? This isn’t the dorms.”

“Ah, mom, it’s not like i’m looking. She’s my gross big sister.” Alex laughed as Maggie squeezed his cock hard under the counter.

“Ouch! Mom, she hit me.”

“I swear the 2 of you act just like you did in middle school. Be nice to each other.”

“I try to be nice all the time Mom, but he’s a little jerk! And, I wear less than this in the pool, so if he wants to perv on me, he surely does out there.”

“Ok, ok, no more talk of anyone perving. Listen, I’m surprising your father when he gets home. Our anniversary is next week and I am taking him on a cruise. I thought about taking you guys too, but I’m sure you’d rather stay home than see your parents have a romantic trip.”

“Aww mom, that’s so cute of you to do for daddy.” Maggie squealed.

“Yeah mom, very cool. So is Aunt Charlotte coming to stay with us?” Alex asked unhappily.

“No, now that you’re both over 18, I think it’s ok for you to stay home alone. But you have to promise there will be no parties or funny business. I may make you sign a contract.” Elaine laughed.

“I’ll keep this little jackass in line mom. Don’t you worry.” Maggie said.

“Who’s keeping you in line then?” asked Alex, poking his finger into Maggie’s spandex clad pussy. She was still wet and the crotch of the pants was slippery.

“Ok then, it’s settled. Why don’t the 2 of you take some cash out of my purse and go have dinner and see a movie so I can tell your dad about our trip?”

“And give him a preview of the good times on the ship?” Alex asked, laughing.

“Alex! It’s not right to think of your parents, or any other family members like that.” Elaine playfully scolded.

“Now get on your way. Your dad will be home soon.”


Alex and Maggie headed upstairs to shower and get ready to head out to dinner. When both were finished Alex went to his mother’s purse on the table by the garage door and opened her wallet.

“Hey mom, it looks like all you have are hundreds in here.” He called out.

“Yes, I know. Go ahead and take one. Have fun you guys.” Elaine called back.

Alex snatched a bill out of the wallet and his car keys from the table. As he was turning around, Maggie came into the room in a short,tight red dress that definitely was not conducive to her wearing anything underneath. He let out an audible gasp.

“You like, little brother?”

“Umm, yeah. But now I feel really under dressed.”

“You look fine. We’re just going to dinner and a movie, remember?”

“Yeah, let’s go. I’m starving.”

The two yelled goodbye to their mother and went out to the garage to hop into Alex’ black Mustang GT convertible. As Maggie slid into the passenger seat, her dress rode up on her legs revealing just a little bit of her shaved pussy.

“Wow sis, that skirt is almost illegal.” Joked Alex.

“As illegal as what you do to your big sister?” Maggie teased, leaning over the center console to kiss Alex on the neck and lightly rub his cock through his shorts.

“Umm, yeah. I guess not. And believe me, I wasn’t complaining. So where should we eat?”

“Jennifer is working at Mario’s tonight. I know she gives you a boner.” Maggie continued rubbing him slowly as he got harder and the speed of the car increased.

“Mario’s it is!” Exclaimed Alex.

Jennifer was Maggie’s best friend, and had been pretty much all of their lives. Maggie and Jennifer spent countless hours teasing Alex when he was in elementary and middle school, but something changed around the time he was a junior and the 2 girls were seniors. Their teasing took a turn from being slightly mean spirited to almost a competition to see who Alex would pay more attention to. It took Alex a little bit to realize what changed. Alex had decided to play football and his body began to show differences from his workouts. He was no longer scrawny little Alex, he was now Alex the starting QB. Either way, he had always enjoyed the attention from the 2 girls, and always lusted after Jennifer. The day that he caught the 2 girls skinny dipping in their pool and they pulled him in with them was like a dream come true for him. He and Maggie had already been messing around a little, but he’d never dreamed that his sister and Jennifer messed around as well. Maggie was right though, Jennifer did give him a boner.

Alex pulled the Mustang into the parking lot and put the top and heavily tinted windows up. As he did this, he suddenly noticed how heavily the scent of his sister’s pussy hung in the air. He looked over at her and then leaned in to kiss her deeply, his hand sliding between her thighs making her moan as his fingers entered her hot wet sex. Maggie gripped his cock tighter and unzipped his shorts with her other hand. She pulled away from his kiss and buried her face in his lap taking the full length of him into her throat. She giggled a little as he moaned which made him moan more from the tickling sensations her giggles caused in her throat. She sucked him hard and fast, rubbing his balls and shaft as she she swallowed his better than average sized dick. Alex’s fingers continued to work their magic on her pussy as he stroked her clit with his thumb while sliding 2 fingers in and out of her pussy. He sent her over the edge when he removed his second finger and slid it deep into her tight little asshole. She moaned deeply on his cock as her orgasm rippled through her body. The combination of Maggie’s mouth and the naughty feeling of fingering her asshole combined to make Alex explode into his sister’s mouth for the second time in as many hours. He leaned his head back and pulled his hands away as his sister looked him in the eye, opened her mouth and showed him his as yet unswallowed load. She often did this and it drove him crazy. She giggled again and swallowed. The two straightened up a bit and headed into Mario’s for a bite to eat.

Mario’s was a small pizza and pasta place where most of the local teens spent quite a bit of time. The prices and food were good and old Mario didn’t mind the kids hanging out. Mario also had a reputation for hiring only the cutest waitresses in the area so there was always eye candy for the teen guys to ogle. Mario called out a hearty hello to Alex and Maggie as they walked in and ushered them towards a table in Jennifer’s section. They sat down as Jennifer sauntered over to say hi and get their order, noting that it was odd for them to be there during dinner hour on a weeknight since the Warners were a family dinner time type of family.

“Mom is surprising dad for their anniversary and wanted the house to themselves. Maggie explained to her friend.

“You know what that means? Sexy time for Elaine and Tom.” Jennifer exclaimed thrusting her hips in a bad pantomime of sexual activity.

“It’s a good thing you have more rhythm than that when you fuck, or you’d never get laid.” Maggie joked.

“I’d never get laid more than once maybe, look at me, this is enough to get a first chance.” Jennifer laughed, posing like a goofy model.

“Why are you so quiet, Mr.Alex?” Asked Jennifer.

“I think he might still be in shock from the tongue lashing I gave him in the parking lot.” Chimed in Maggie.

“Yeah, I think that’s it, sis.” Answered Alex.

“Mmmm…did you save some of his juice for me? It isn’t fair that you have full access to him all the time.”

“I share him with you when I can, but that’s the perks of fucking your little brother, full access.” Maggie whispered.

“OK, you guys want your usual?”

“Yeah, sounds great. I’m starving.” Answered Alex.

“I’m on it, and hopefully later I’ll be on you, cutie.” Jennifer said as she went off to put in their dinner order.

Alex leaned into his sister.

“About all of this full access stuff, you owe me from our bet this afternoon.”

“Alex, I told you. I’m scared you’ll hurt me. Tell you what, how about you fuck Jennifer in the ass so I can see how it works? She’s done it before.”

“But I wanted it to be special and be both of our first times doing it.”

“That’s sweet little bro, but I think that in this case it’s best for you to have a little experience before I let you. I promise you’ll be the first cock I let inside my tight ass.”

“Let me think about it.”

“OK. I’m going to run to the restroom. I feel like I’m dripping on the floor because of you.”

Alex smiled as she got up from the table and thought about Maggie’s proposal while staring at Jennifer’s ass as she talked to another table. I guess it would be good to have a little experience before I get my prize, he thought. And it would almost be like fucking another sister since they were so close anyway. Jennifer turned her head and saw him staring. When she caught his eye, she stuck her tongue out at him playfully.

After a few minutes Maggie emerged from the restroom just as Jennifer brought their food to the table.

“So, what are your after dinner plans, kids?” Asked Jennifer.

“Mom gave us cash for dinner and a movie. I’m not sure what’s showing though.” Said Maggie.

“Well, you guys are my last table and I don’t have any plans. We could go to my house, my dad is in Boston for work and the garage fridge is stocked.”

Jennifer lived with just her father since her mother ran off a couple years before. Her father had a lot of out of town business so she was often home alone.

“Yeah, I wasn’t really up for sitting in a theater all night.” Answered Alex.

“Sounds good to me.” Agreed Maggie.

They finished eating and waited for Jennifer to finish up then headed to her house. Once there, Jennifer invited them in and said she wanted to get out of her uniform, stripping off her clothes as she headed up the stairs. Alex couldn’t help but stare as she peeled off her bra exposing her tanned 36C breasts. Just as she turned the corner to her room, she tossed her hot pink thong over the railing. It landed partially on Alex’s head and he felt the wetness of the crotch on his forehead. He pulled them over his face, causing both he and Maggie to crack up.

Jennifer yelled down the stairs telling them to help themselves to the beverages in the fridge. When no one answered, she was a little shocked. Jennifer quickly pulled a baggy old t shirt over her head and sprayed some perfume to freshen up then headed back downstairs.

“You guys, I said help yours- -” Jennifer called out, stopping when she saw the scene unfolding on the couch.

Maggie had her dress hiked up to her stomach and Alex had his face buried deep in her cunt. Maggie was moaning softly as he worked his tongue and fingers. Jennifer jumped on the couch to get a closer view.

“Wow, you guys are like rabbits. Don’t you know it’s a little rude to start before the host is ready?”

Maggie pulled her best friend closer and began to french kiss her. Jennifer lifted the t shirt over her head, tossing it aside and pulling Maggie’s head to her tits. Maggie wasted no time, sucking Jennifer’s nipple into her mouth while moving her hand between her friend’s thighs, slipping her fingers into her wet pussy. Alex pulled back from his sister’s pussy to take in the vision of the 2 hot girls playing with each other, noting the contrast of his sister’s blonde hair and slightly fairer skin against Jennifer’s well tanned skin and dark brown hair. One thing in common was how smoothly shaved and pink both of their pussies were.

“You heard Jennifer, don’t be a rude guest. We have to make our guest happy or she won’t invite us back.”

Alex swiftly moved his head between Jennifer’s thighs and started licking her pussy like a starved man.

…to be continued

This story is quite a long one, and it takes a while to get to the sex, but when you do there is quite a lot of it. It covers a lot of different acts, but does not get any more ‘wild’ than anal sex. The story could fit into many categories, but this is probably the best fit for it. The setting is Australia, and there are some references to the local ‘Australian Rules’ football code. If there is any of this that you find confusing please make a public comment and I will try to explain it for everyone. Please let me know if you enjoy the story. BB1212


I have two rules that I consider to be my ‘unbreakable’ ones. The first is, never bet with your customers, and the second is never bet when the odds are strongly against you.

“You’re on,” I said with only a moment’s hesitation, breaking both of my rules at once.

Julie always pushes my buttons. She is definitely the most attractive and desirable woman that I have ever met. She is witty and intelligent and she always pays on time. She is perfect in every way but one, and that is her total and blind dedication to the Collingwood Magpies. Just about every football league has a team that totally polarises the supporters, and in the AFL (Australian Football League) it is the Magpies. The people who love them do so passionately, and the rest of us hate them just as fiercely.

I was about half way through a major project for Julie. I had to pave the area around her swimming pool, which was pretty heavy work, and I also had to put up a privacy screen to stop people who were passing by from seeing in. Julie wanted the privacy screen so that she could relax by the pool in the nude. The first time she said this I had an instant hard on that didn’t go down for at least thirty minutes.

Julie has a body that is perfect, she’s just a bit shorter than average, with tits that always look like they are going to burst out of whatever it is that she is wearing. Her waist is tiny and her hips flare out from it just enough to show that she is a woman, not a girl. Her delicate features are framed by a jet black shoulder length pageboy haircut. I see her on the TV most weekends during the football season because the cameramen at the football are really perverts at heart, and a pretty girl in a team jumper at least three sizes too small for her always gets found. That will happen even if the jumper has what used to be vertical black and white stripes before they were stretched so drastically out of shape. The fact that Julie always sits next to a girl similarly dressed but with blonde hair doubles the chances too.

Julie is also way too young for me. She’s late twenties and I’m early forties, so as much as I like to look at her I have never tried to take it any further. But she’s not an airhead or a bimbo, and she is earning enough money to get the new super privacy screens that I was selling as a side line. These things are spectacular, and they allow the people inside to easily see out, and totally block the people outside from seeing in, regardless of whether it’s lighter inside and darker outside, or if it is the other way around. I’m not sure exactly how it’s done, there are layers of finely polarised material and some one way reflective sheets involved, but they work and that’s what counts. Like I said, from the inside you can see out, but from the outside all you see is the pattern or colour that I print on a special machine in my workshop.

Our main argument on this job was about the patterns for Julie’s screens. She wanted vertical black and white stripes, with the Collingwood logo on them, and I wanted just about anything else. But Julie is the customer. We were discussing it yet again.

“I’ll do it,” I said reluctantly, “but if it destroys my machinery I’ll charge you for it.” Julie grinned. She is the sort of Collingwood supporter who at least acknowledges that there is another point of view, even if she is absolutely sure they are wrong.

“For the money I’m going to pay you’d better,” she said bluntly, and I nodded. The screens aren’t cheap.

“I still don’t like it,” I grumbled, and then she smiled one those smiles that tells any man with half a brain to turn and run. I mustn’t have even a quarter of a brain, because I didn’t even turn.

“I’ll make a bet,” Julie said slyly, “if you win this weekend you can choose the decoration. Anything you want.” I must have looked interested, because she then continued very quickly. “If we win I get a twenty per cent discount off the whole job.”

Twenty per cent on that job was substantial, but that didn’t really bother me. Eight years earlier I had won first division in Tattslotto. People think that when you win the lottery you are set up for life, but that isn’t always the case. There were a number of winners that week and I had ended up with a bit less than seven hundred thousand dollars. It was enough to let me make a total change to my life, but not enough for me to give up work all together. Anyway, I quit my job as a supply co-ordinator in a large garden supplies chain, and took up landscaping instead. Working for myself I could choose the projects I wanted to take on, and not being short of money I could allow enough time to do them right. As a result I got a good reputation very quickly, and the screen suppliers from Finland actually sought me out and asked me to represent them. By the time I was doing Julie’s project I was earning almost twice as much as I had been before I ‘retired’.

“You’re on,” I said with only a moment’s hesitation, breaking both of my rules at once. I knew that the chances of the Kangaroos beating the Magpies on the weekend were minimal at best, but I had this mental picture of Julie’s privacy screen being blue and white vertical stripes with the North Melbourne logo on them and I had to take the chance. Julie lifted an eyebrow.

“Really?” she asked.

“Yep.” Julie looked dubious.

“Can you afford that?” she asked suspiciously. I could see that she was now wondering if I was overcharging her.

“Not really,” I replied, “but the chance of having the Kangaroos colours and logo is just too good to refuse.” She looked shocked.

“You wouldn’t…”

“You said anything I want,” I replied smugly, and I put my hand out. “So shake or chicken out?” Julie stared at me for some time, and then shook my hand.

“We’ve got a bet,” she said, “I’ve just got to work out what do with the extra money I budgeted for the job.”

“Don’t count your chickens,” I suggested, trying to sound more confident than I felt.

The next day Julie gave me the chance to change my mind, and I thought that was really sporting of her. She knew as well as I did that the odds were firmly stacked on her side. Collingwood were the reigning premiers, and they had been almost unbeatable all year while the ‘roos were sitting in the bottom half of the ladder and had only shown a few flashes of their former glory all season. I knew I was throwing my money away, but as I said, I didn’t really care, and even the slightest of chances was worth it. We kept the bet.

By Friday afternoon I had the screens up on three sides. It was quite a job, because their strength was mostly achieved by interlocking them precisely together, and the foundations I had set into concrete had to be exact. Fortunately I was pretty well practiced, and the job was going well.

“I’m not looking forward to Monday,” I said, wiping my brow as Julie brought me a cold drink.

“Why’s that?” she asked, falling into the trap.

“Have to take them all down again to change the covers,” I said grinning, and she took a good natured swipe at me.

“Then the result will suit us both,” she teased, putting her hands on her hips and leaning toward me. I groaned silently as her chest stretched her already challenged polo shirt totally out of proportion. I swear that she must use wire to sew her buttons on; they should have been flying in all directions after that amount of force was applied. That incredible cleavage was just so distracting. I turned away and heard her giggle quietly. I had long ago realised that she was deliberately teasing me, but I didn’t care, the view was well worth it.

I was still single, and I had been since the week before my lottery win. At that time my wife of six years had finally decided she wanted to be young and free again, and in the ultimate irony I had left the court room much poorer and single, and had immediately bought the ticket that fixed everything my wife hated. She hadn’t liked that I was fat, but then again so was she. She hadn’t liked the amount I drank, but she drank too, and she hadn’t liked my job that kept me away from home so regularly. Our sex life had almost dried up entirely, and I think she was too nervous about being caught to have an affair. I had decided I could quite happily live without it, so I hadn’t gone looking elsewhere while we were married either.

Since the divorce my hard physical work had toughened and toned me up better than any gym could, and I can honestly say that I am now fitter and more ripped than most men who are half my age. I have cut down on the grog too, and I now sometimes drink wines instead of my previously preferred Carlton Draught beer. I don’t drink a lot either, because when your bank account has something in it that is worth stealing, you become much more careful about getting into situations where you don’t have full control. My new job is flexible too, and even though I can come home physically tired, I am always mentally refreshed. I tend to go out most Friday and Saturday nights, and now I get much more sex than I did back when I was married, and from a lot more different women too. I might find one to settle down with one day, but as they say ‘once bitten…’

I didn’t pick up that Friday night, but I was looking for a Julie amongst the crowd made up of some real and some temporary singles at one of the over 28′s nightclubs. I found mutton, but no lamb, and I decided to go home early. I wasn’t nervous about the game, I expected us to lose, but I really hoped it wouldn’t be by too much.

When the ‘roos are playing, and I’m watching at home, I allow myself four beers, one for each quarter, so on Saturday evening I cracked the first one as the siren sounded to start the game. Within thirty seconds our long bomb at goal was touched on the line and we had a point. We were ahead, but then it all fell apart. Collingwood got five goals three (a goal is worth six points) and we got nothing for the rest of the quarter, so the scores were thirty three to a dismal one point at quarter time. I got a text from Julie asking if was watching the game, and I just replied ‘yes’. At least she wasn’t directly gloating. The second quarter was really scrappy, and we got a goal and a couple of points, but they got three goals and two points. The score at half time was to fifty three to nine and my misery wasn’t helped by seeing Julie and her friend in the crowd shots. I swear Julie’s smile was wider than her face. But I didn’t get a text this time.

I cracked my third beer as the ball was bounced and watched a rejuvenated Kangaroos team claw back some ground. They suddenly looked like contenders, but a goal to Collingwood after the siren (the mark was taken before the siren) sent us to the huddle on a bad note. We were still a long way back at seventy seven to forty, but there was a glimmer of hope. I was sorely tempted to turn on the radio to hear the final result, because the TV coverage was on delay, but I wanted to cling to some element of hope for as long as I could.

The start of the fourth quarter was awful. A very doubtful free kick and a fifty metre penalty gave Collingwood the early running, and I thought it was all over when our captain was knocked unconscious in a tackle that had the Collingwood player reported. Sadly the reported player could keep playing and we were down by one on the interchange bench as a result of the clash. Our hopes were raised as an angry team of Kangaroos started tackling like there was no tomorrow, and we got three quick goals, before conceding a point. Eighty three to fifty eight. Fifteen minutes of sensational football later and I was wondering if we had enough time to actually do it, they were ninety five and we were eighty five. Just two straight kicks would put us in front, but we were well into time on already, so the siren could call the end of the match at any time. We got a goal almost immediately, but they replied with another. I was on the edge of my seat as we ran the ball back down the centre and were rewarded with an easy goal from a free kick as one of their back men held on to our full forward. Just one more goal needed.

My voice was hoarse from shouting at the television as we hit the front a minute later with a sensational banana kick from the boundary line. We were ahead one hundred and three to one hundred and one. I was begging the final siren to sound as Collingwood got the break from the bounce, but the Kangaroo defenders looked totally exhausted and I watched in horror as Collingwood ran the ball down the centre and then on of their best players kicked the ball from just inside the fifty. The siren sounded just moments after the kick and the game hung on the ball that was heading toward the goals. It was too high to touch, so our only hope was inaccuracy as it faded to the right. Pandemonium broke out as the goal umpire patted the post, signalling that it had touched. We had won the game by a point.

For a moment I wondered what to do. Should I just forget the bet and continue the job? But that was just for a moment. I knew that I would have insisted that Julie get the discount had it gone the other way, and I really couldn’t let the chance pass. I’d had four beers that evening, but I still felt fine so I went to the workshop in my garage and started up the machinery to print the panels. I knew it would take up most of my Sunday, but it would be well worth it.

I didn’t see Julie on Monday, which was a bit strange. Usually she manages to get home before I’m finished on work days. I did get all of the panels changed over and I grinned as I left. She would be furious, but she had made the bet. Julie’s home is on a corner block. It is a small cream 1960′s brick veneer house, and the pool is beside it rather than behind it, so the privacy screens are essential. From the street I could see two sides of the screen and the Kangaroos colours and logos looked great. I took some pictures for my reference book.

“What will it take to change them back?” Julie asked. She was obviously not happy with the new look.

“I think they look fine as they are,” I replied casually.

“I didn’t think you’d actually do it,” she said indignantly.

“Would you have taken the discount if the ‘Pies had won?”

“Yeah,” she admitted her eyes down. “Look Darren, I can’t afford to pay you any more, I just don’t have the money,” then she looked up at me earnestly. “What can I do for you to convince you to change them back?” she asked again, and this time she thrust her chest toward me.

“I… uh…” I was lost for words, was she really suggesting a sexual deal?

“I’ve seen you looking at me, how would you like to do more?” she finally asked, making the offer clear.

“It would want to be a lot,” I croaked, my voice letting me down. I wanted her desperately, but this was not the way it should happen. It should be because she wanted to, and this felt too much like blackmail. My attitude toward this sort of situation is to make the stakes way too high, rather than just saying no, because a blunt refusal often escalated the situation and was seen as an insult. So I thought quickly, trying to think of the most outlandish demands possible.

“What?” she demanded, looking at least a bit happier because we were talking about it.

“Four sides means four times,” I said, before I had even thought out my reply properly, “and in four different ways.”

“What ways?”

“One tit fuck with a facial, one blow job and you swallow, one normal fuck to completion and one ass fuck to completion.” Julie looked stunned. “No condoms either,” I added. Julie’s face had drained of colour. That should put the sexual solution out of contention, I thought.

“I’ve never…” she started, “I can’t…”

“No worries,” I reassured her, “I can just leave it as it is.” She shook her head slowly.

“Tomorrow,” she muttered, “I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” Julie turned and went into her house without saying anything else. She looked like she had been punched, and I felt guilty, but at least now she could be the one to refuse the deal, and that would keep her pride intact. I continued working on her paving for another hour, wondering if I had actually pushed her too far, but at least now nobody, including Julie, could see my embarrassing erection, because the screens were all in place. I managed to smile as I looked back when I left. It looked like the Kangaroos screens would stay up for some time.

I got a late night phone call from Finland that night asking me why an Australian customer was asking them if there were any other installers for their product. ‘Well done Julie’, I thought, at least she was looking for every possible answer. I told them that she was just trying to beat down my price to print new screens for her, and that they shouldn’t worry, I had already sold the gear. They sounded doubtful, but accepted that it was my sales territory and I had the right to handle it as I wanted.


But I didn’t sleep well. Half the time I had the most vivid erotic dreams of Julie’s various parts wrapping tightly around my cock, and the other half I was having nightmares about how my rather immature joke could ruin her life. I knew I had to decide which way to go, but the little head was winning the argument as dawn broke. It was telling me to stick to my guns and at least get a good fuck out of it, but after all the dreams my cock and balls felt like they were going to explode so I finally decided I had to take care of myself.

In what was one of the fastest wanks of my life I grabbed the shaft of my cock, replayed one of my erotic dreams in my head and about two and a half strokes later I shot a huge load of cum into the sheet. I never even had time to try and prevent wearing it, and the sheet and I were both soaked. Grinning ruefully, and thanking goodness that I wasn’t still married, I wiped up on a dry part, rolled the soiled bed sheets up and dropped them straight into the washing machine. Then I had a shower, and while the little head was dozing the big head decided that I was going to let Julie off. I would make her keep the Kangaroos covers for a month and then put her Collingwood ones back on. I was tired as I drove to Julie’s place, but I felt a lot less guilty. Deep down I also wished I was a bit less driven by my morals, because Julie was one hot chick, and knocking back a chance to do her was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make.

She wasn’t there when I arrived, so I just went to work. Her paving was made up of solid marble tiles, and it was heavy and painstaking work to get them perfectly level and aligned. I was cementing them as I went, which meant frequent mixes, and the day slipped by with me barely noticing. That’s what I like about landscaping, the time passes quickly and you can see a tangible result when you are finished for the day. I was so engrossed that I never heard Julie come home or come out to the pool area.

“Darren,” she said from behind me, startling me, “I’ve been thinking about your suggestion…”

“Me too,” I said, hating myself for what I was about to say.

“No, let me go first,” she insisted, and I turned to her. “There are some things you want that I’ve never done before, and they are things that I am very scared of trying, but you said four parts for four walls, so if we start with one thing we can then see where we go from there. Is that OK?”

“Julie, you don’t have to…” I said and then I stopped in shock. She had just let her shirt open and she wasn’t wearing a bra. I was speechless as she thrust her two perfect globes toward me invitingly. Her tits are sensational; there is no way to describe them in words that will truly convey their magnificence. They are very big, but are not misshapen as many enhanced tits are. They are firm with large pale pink areola surrounding large nipples, and her cleavage is still epic, even without a bra on. When I saw them that first time my mind was stunned, but my cock reacted instantly, and I was very thankful that I had my morning wank because I am sure I would have shot my load in my pants if I hadn’t relieved the pressure earlier. I had honestly intended to tell Julie that she didn’t have to do this, but when confronted with the reality I just couldn’t form the words. Julie giggled, seeing my reaction.

“Let’s start with the tit fuck,” she said almost eagerly, “I’ve done that before, but I have never taken a facial.”

“Uh huh,” I moaned.

“You’ll be sweaty, can you jump in the pool first?” she asked sweetly, and I nodded, and turned to undress. “No,” she said, “I want to see you strip.” Feeling more like the prey than the hunter I turned back to her.

“OK,” I groaned and peeled off my shirt. She smiled her approval. It was much more awkward and far less sexy when I was trying to undo and take off my work boots and socks, but Julie waited patiently. Finally I undid and pushed down my trousers, taking my underwear down with them at the same time. My cock sprang out, pointing proudly up.

“Oh fuck,” she said breathlessly, “is that thing real?” I nodded and dropped into the pool, hoping desperately that I would remember how to swim. At that stage I could barely remember how to walk. Fortunately the water revived me and I didn’t drown before I got my long anticipated chance. I have to admit that after seeing those epic tits I had immediately given up on the idea of telling Julie of my earlier decision, the little head was back in control and the big head was not even pretending to put up a fight.

Julie was lying on a lounge chair when I climbed out of the pool. She had stripped down to her bikini bottom only and she looked only slightly nervous. I grabbed a towel that she had brought out and dried myself off. When I walked over to her she was staring at my cock intently.

“Are you sure nobody can see in?” she asked, not sounding overly concerned.

“Absolutely,” I reassured her. The screens always have that effect.

“OK,” she said, obviously trusting my certainty, “I brought out some baby oil…” she held a bottle out to me.

“Later,” I said, and lowered my mouth to one inviting nipple, licking it gently and then sucking it into my mouth. I could feel it growing in my mouth, and Julie moaned softly. My hands sought her tits and I squeezed the other nipple, rolling it gently between my thumb and finger.

“Oh shit,” Julie groaned, but it was in pleasure, not because I had hurt her.

I spent a long time introducing myself to Julie’s tits. I found out they are one hundred percent natural, that they are soft and also that they are incredibly sensitive. I licked every bit of them, savouring the slightly musky smell that Julie had after a day at work. She has no tan lines to spoil the view either, and my eyes were just as pleased as my mouth and hands. I felt Julie shake and I looked up at her. Her eyes were half shut and she was panting. I was amazed to realise that she had orgasmed just from stimulation of her tits and nipples. That was special.

“Now?” I finally asked, and Julie nodded. I took the bottle of oil and squirted some into my hands, rubbing them together to warm it before I applied it generously to her cleavage. Julie watched, but did not assist. I stepped over her and lowered my cock so it sat between those glorious mounds of flesh. Julie smiled nervously as I slowly started to move, transferring some oil to my cock. Julie was staring at it, and she seemed to be fascinated as the movement drew back the skin and pulled my pee hole open as it approached her face. I started very slowly, taking long and deliberate strokes, and letting my cock settle down into her glorious valley as far as it would go. Even without being pushed up Julie’s tits still wrapped around it slightly.

A few minutes later I had built up a rhythm, and I was now holding Julie’s tits together to create a soft and warm tunnel all around my cock. On the forward stroke all I could see of my cock was the end poking forward. Julie was still staring at it and I wondered if she had ever seen one this closely before. Plenty of girls have sex, and even oral sex without having the opportunity to closely examine the appendage concerned, because at the time it is hidden somewhere inside them and / or there is not a lot of light to see by. I brushed her nipples with my thumbs and she moaned with pleasure. I kept up the manipulation and her nipples hardened until they were fully extended, and that was a mighty fine sight to see as well.

“Good,” Julie moaned, “so good.”

“Can you cum from this?” I asked,

“Did earlier… mmmmmm oh yeah!” she replied.

“Tell me when,” I said, and I stepped up the pace again, both in my tit fucking and in my stimulation of her tits. I could feel my orgasm approaching, but tried to hold on as I watched Julie writhe under me.

“Now,” she finally gasped, “oh, fuck I’m coming.” It wasn’t a moment too soon, and I shot a stream of cum straight into her chin. It shot so hard I’m surprised it didn’t do her any damage.

“Oh, yeah,” I gasped and stood up, pointing my cock at her face. The second squirt hit her mouth and nose, and Julie quickly turned her head sideways. I shot two more times, leaving a pair of long white lines in her hair which looked disturbingly like the Collingwood stripes, and from there it was just dribbles which I directed onto her sensational tits.

“Mmmmm,” Julie made an urgent sound, and was pointing at her face with her eyes screwed tightly shut. Despite my exceptionally shaky legs I reached over, grabbed the towel I had used earlier and put it into her hand. Quickly she wiped her face and opened her eyes cautiously.

“That was great,” I said, but Julie just made a face at me.

“I’m sticky,” she complained, and I grinned. I was quite aware of that.

“Want a swim?” I asked, and she nodded, so I scooped her up and threw her into the pool, diving in after her to make sure she was ok. The privacy screens may stop the neighbours seeing what is going on but I am sure that a few of them heard Julie shriek, and didn’t know what to think.

We swam around for a while, just washing away the sweat and fluids of sex, and finally Julie stood at the shallow end, her tits floating impressively in front of her.

“Who decides which ones to change?” she asked, her two enormous distractions floating in the water in front of her.

“If I am totally happy you do,” I told her, thinking quickly, and this time at least managing to be a little bit noble.

“Are you?” she asked, her head cocked cutely to one side.

“Yep,” I said, and I was.

“Them,” she said, pointing as expected at the longer of the two sides that faced the street.

“OK,” I agreed, mesmerised by some tiny little bubbles that seemed to be trying to lift her tits further out of the water.

“Say goodbye,” she said grinning, and she climbed out of the pool. Her ass in the little wet bathing suit was just sensational. Julie put her shirt on without trying to dry off and went out through the door and down the path back to her house carrying the towel and the rest of her clothes. I stayed in the pool for a while, just trying to sort my head out. I had just had an explosive sexual experience with the most beautiful woman I have ever met, and chances were that there would be more to come, in a manner of speaking.

Eventually I got out of the pool and worked naked until I had dried off. I didn’t see Julie again before I packed up and left.


My thoughts that night did not include any regrets. Sure I had felt guilty earlier, and sure I had been about to let Julie off, but what had happened was so spectacular that I was relieved that I hadn’t had the time to do so.

I decided to wait and see just how much of it she was prepared to do, and to only offer to let her off if we reached a stalemate. I know, ‘what a bastard’ you say, but I was a very satisfied bastard and she was, after all, a Collingwood supporter.

The black and white screens went up the next morning. Again it was damn hard work, but she had earned it, and I sure as hell didn’t want to look slow in keeping my side of the bargain. Once I had finished I looked at them critically. They didn’t look as bad as they had the first time, but maybe it was just my memory of what had occurred behind them that was making the view a little bit mellower.

“Darren,” Julie said, and I jumped. She had a habit of sneaking in unnoticed while I was working.

“Yeah?” I asked eagerly, turning to her. I was disappointed to see that she had a friend with her, because that would mean we weren’t going to do anything today.

“This is Toni,” she said, introducing the blonde half of the weekend Collingwood football club camera magnets. Toni was slightly taller than Julie, fractionally slightly smaller in the bust department and to my eye not quite as perfect in features, but when I saw her close up the family resemblance was obvious.

“Your sister,” I said, “pleased to meet you Toni.” The girl smiled, but said nothing.

“Yes,” Julie agreed quickly. “I’ve told Toni that I want to give you a blow job, but I am a bit scared.”

“Really?” I asked, wondering where this was going.

“I mean, I have tried it once before, but it wasn’t really, um, successful,” she explained.


“So I was wondering if you’d mind if I have Toni here to give me some advice as it happens,” Julie said, her voice half pleading. I just stared. This was a development that I hadn’t anticipated. It had been two days since our last encounter, and I had been eagerly waiting for the next one.

“She wouldn’t be, um, involved,” Julie added hastily, “but she would just watch and make um suggestions.” Julie looked at me searchingly, and I turned to Toni.

“Is this OK with you?” I asked, and she grinned ruefully.

“Sure,” she said in a low and husky voice, “Julie really wants it…”

“And nobody can refuse Julie,” I said. Toni just grinned and nodded. I looked at Julie, and she nodded almost eagerly, so I took off my shirt. Toni smiled approval and I got rid of the work boots and socks too. With four eyes watching closely I undid my pants and dropped them to the ground, taking my underwear with them. Needless to say my cock was already hard, and I saw Toni’s eyebrows rise. As I dived into the pool I heard her speak.

“You’ve got quite a task ahead of you…”

Minutes later I was lying on the sunbathing couch and Julie was looking at my cock nervously from about six inches away. It could have been my over active imagination, but I was sure I could feel the gentle caress of her breath on my cock head.

“You don’t take it into your mouth at first,” Toni said, startling both of us, “you stroke it lightly, paying particular attention to the underside.” I felt Julie’s fingers tentatively grab around the base of my cock, and I moaned quietly as it jerked in response to her touch.

“Play with his balls too,” Toni advised, and Julie did, giggling quietly as she felt their shape and then rolled them gently in her hand.

“Damn, that’s good,” I moaned, and she smiled nervously.

“Really?” she asked.

“Really,” I said happily. Julie grinned and sat back for a moment.

“Inspiration,” she said grinning, “you need some inspiration.” She stood up quickly and unbuttoned her very businesslike and modest white blouse to reveal a smooth white satin bra trimmed around the edges with a strip of delicate white lace. The bra was substantial to say the least, but it still struggled to hold her tits in place. Needless to say I was suitably impressed. Then Julie unzipped her straight black almost knee length skirt and stepped out of it to reveal matching panties. I don’t know if my cock or my heart leapt higher.

“He’s inspired,” Toni observed, and I turned to her. I had momentarily forgotten that she was there.

“Mmmmm,” I agreed. Then Toni stood up.

“Do you mind,” she asked slowly, “if I get more comfortable too?” I groaned and nodded dumbly and she reached down and peeled off her tight blue Tee shirt. Toni’s bra was black and was more revealing than Julie’s. The top half was quite see through and about the top third of each of her areole was clearly visible. From the prominent bulges of her nipples in the satin part I could see that she was quite aroused. I was going into overload again as Julie’s hand returned to my balls and her sister peeled off her tight jeans to reveal matching underwear down below. Either Toni was shaved downstairs or she had very light pubic hair.

“Oh my…” I stammered, and Toni smiled. She walked over to us and knelt down next to Julie.

“Run your thumb gently up the bottom of his cock,” she suggested, and Julie did.

“No,” Toni said quietly, “more like this.” She wrapped her hand around my cock at the base and pushed her thumb gently into the vein before rolling both thumb and fingers up the full length of my cock. So much for not being involved I thought, but of course I didn’t protest.

“Do you mind me showing her?” Toni asked grinning, but I just moaned. We all knew the answer to that question. Then Julie copied Toni’s move.

“Like this?” she asked.

“Yes,” Toni said, “but change the speed and the pressure on each stroke.”

“Uh huh,” Julie grunted, concentrating on the hand job in hand.

“Not too firm,” Toni advised, “we don’t want him to finish too quickly.”

Needless to say I was in heaven. Toni turned out to be a very ‘hands on’ and extremely knowledgeable teacher, and Julie was a very eager student who learned fast. After a minute or two of hand stimulation Toni finally moved it to the next stage.

“Lick it first,” she suggested, “like an ice cream.” And Julie did. Not too long later a bead of pre cum appeared at the end of my cock and Julie looked questioningly at Toni.

“What do I do with that?” she asked, and Toni quickly leant in and licked it off.

“You’ll have to be quick to beat me to it,” she replied, “he tastes great.”

From there it was almost a game for them. Julie did most of the work under Toni’s instructions, licking, nibbling and sucking my cock gently. Toni would join in now and then, usually to show Julie some trick or technique, but sometimes it seemed that she just wanted to have a turn. I swear she was enjoying the situation immensely. When my pre cum appeared it was a competition to see who would lick it off first. This was sibling competitiveness taken to a whole new level. For the first couple of times Julie seemed a bit unsure of the taste, but then she got right into it.

I was moaning constantly in pleasure as the scantily clad sisters bantered happily while the lesson progressed. They eventually started sucking my cock and Julie managed to take about four inches into her mouth before coughing and spluttering, and after a few attempts she looked at Toni.

“Just go with that for the moment,” Toni advised, “deep throat is a whole new lesson.”

“Any time,” I groaned, and the girls giggled appreciatively as they exchanged a look I didn’t quite understand.

“How much of it can you take?” Julie asked.

Toni was accomplished at deep throat, and Julie and I both watched in amazement as her lips met my pubic hair.

“It’s not really all that important,” Toni explained as Julie sucked my cock once more. “The most sensitive bit is the end, so that’s where you really need to be working anyway.”

“Really?” Julie asked.

“Really,” I confirmed, grinning widely. “But look out because I’m not going to last much longer.”

“Now,” Toni said, “we get serious about milking this great big cock.”

Julie’s lips were stretched wide around my cock as she pumped her head up and down rapidly. On Toni’s urging she was sucking hard as well, occasionally slurping noisily as she pulled back too far and the seal was broken.

“That’s it Julie,” Toni cried loudly, ‘fuck him with your face, fuck him hard.” Then Toni reached across and grabbed one of my balls in each of her hands, and then she squeezed them firmly.

I cried in pleasure as the cum boiled up out my balls, and I shot a huge spurt straight into Julie’s mouth. She spluttered and coughed as another squirt, just as strong as the first one, followed. Julie was trying to pull her head away but her sister had quickly released one of my balls and had her hand at the back of Julie’s head, forcing her down. I must have sprayed into that soft warm mouth at least ten times before the pressure even started to reduce and Julie was spluttering and coughing, her tears flowing freely, as my cum flowed out of her mouth and back down the shaft of my cock. I waited for Toni to let her recover, but she kept up the pressure on Julie’s head.

“Lick it up,” Toni demanded after Julie finally settled down.

“It’s salty,” Julie said, warily eyeing the pools of cum on my body.

“I know, isn’t it great?” Toni asked. Then she leant forward and licked up a big glob.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned with appreciation. I watched Julie closely as she steeled herself and then she too had a lick.

It was sort of like two cats cleaning themselves and each other, but somehow my cock was in the middle. I had just experienced the most powerful orgasm of my life and I was incredibly exhausted, but there was no way my eyes were going to close when the view of the two gorgeous semi-naked sisters licking me clean was right there in front of me. I groaned again in ecstasy.

“Which wall will you do?” Julie asked me about ten minutes later.

“Huh?” I was confused.

“You can’t be completely satisfied because I didn’t swallow it all, so you choose.”

“I am satisfied,” I replied, and I certainly was.

“I didn’t keep the bargain properly,” she insisted, “you have to choose.”

Rather than argue I just pointed at the second wall that faced the street and a grin split her face.

“Thank you Darren,” she said happily, and she kissed me deeply. I wasn’t sure if I should be happy with the unexpected kiss or unhappy because I was pretty sure that the peculiar taste in her mouth was my own semen. I eventually settled for happy and I hugged her to me as the kiss stretched on and on until Toni cleared her throat beside us.

“Can I have a turn?” she asked, and I wondered just how happy one man could possibly be.


I would swear it took two days for the smile to fade off my face. I heard the phrase ‘You look happy’ so many times in that period that I wondered if it was a permanent change. Once again I changed the screens the next morning and once again they didn’t seem to be quite so bad. It is hard to hate a football team totally when it’s two most attractive poster girls have sucked your dick so well that it damn near turned you inside out.

My mind was turning over the bet again, and I finally decided to give Julie some sympathy, and some credit for a job very well done, when it came to the anal sex. I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to fuck her, and that was something that I was now anticipating so much that it was the source of every erotic dream that I was having. I just couldn’t wait.

“Darren?” Julie said when she got home from work.


“How do I know you don’t have any… uh…” she stopped short of saying it.

“Diseases? Sexually transmitted ones?” I filled in for her, and she smiled gratefully.


“I haven’t had unprotected sex since the last time I slept with my wife” I said, and Julie suddenly looked shocked. “Then I got checked after the marriage broke up just in case she had got something and passed it on to me. She hadn’t.” Julie looked a bit happier.

“I didn’t know that you were married,” she said, “you never told me.”

“You never asked,” I responded, but it was with a kind smile, and she grinned.

“That’s true,” she said quietly, “I didn’t want you to be married.”

“What?” I asked, confused, but Julie just looked at me and then grinned wider.

“You’ve seen this,” she announced, and pulled her shirt straight up over her head and off without undoing the buttons. I smiled.

“And these,” she said reaching behind to unclip her bra, and then dropping it off her spectacular tits. I smiled wider and nodded.

“And this,” she said, slipping her skirt down over her hips revealing a cute pair of pink panties.

“And beautiful they all are,” I finally responded.

“But not this,” she said finally as her underwear met the pavers.

I just moaned my appreciation. Her pussy was trimmed around the edges, but most of it still had a healthy but quite light covering of black pubic hair. For a while I went through a phase where I preferred women who shave entirely, but I was now back to wanting some hair down there. Let’s just say I don’t like a barren landscape and I don’t like a massive jungle, I like a nice neat and tidy garden. Julie’s was exactly what I liked.

“Perfect,” I said, echoing my thoughts.

“Really?” Julie asked dubiously.

“Really,” I confirmed.

“You don’t think I should shave? Toni shaves…” Julie said, and then stopped as if she had said something wrong. Neither of us had mentioned Toni since my blow job, and I sensed there might have been a story there somewhere.

“I prefer exactly what you have right there,” I said sincerely, looking straight into Julie’s eyes.

“Good,” Julie said, “now fuck me Darren, I’m horny and I want it now.”

I looked carefully at Julie. She had said what I wanted to hear, but there was something wrong in the way she said it.

“What’s the matter?” I asked.

“Nothing,” she replied, even less convincing with that line.

“You’re scared,” I said, fairly sure I was on the right track.

“No I’m not.” Her denial was too quick and too forced. I stared at her for a moment.

“How many times in your life have you had sex?” I asked her, thinking I might know what the issue was.

“I, uh… er… three,” she stammered.

“Uh huh,” I said, “did you enjoy it?” Julie hung her head.

“No,” she admitted, “it hurt like… er…” Her head dropped further as she realised what she was saying. I shouldn’t have laughed, but I did.

“Like fuck,” I said eventually. She looked up at me and she had tears running down her face.

“It was awful,” she said.

“So why are you doing this?” I asked.

“The bet… the screens..” her voice trailed off again. I knew then that I was on the verge of doing something that was much closer to rape than I ever wanted to be involved in. I decided on humour as my approach, and I put my hands under her chin and lifted her face to mine.

“I’ll bet you the rest of our bet that this North Melbourne supporter can make you enjoy what those nasty Collingwood supporters made you hate,” I said, grinning.


“If my making love to you hurts enough at any time to make you ask me to stop, I will stop,” I explained, “and then I’ll change the rest of the screens back and we are square.” Julie looked into my eyes.

“What do you get from this bet if you win?” she asked.

“I get to have sex with you,” I replied, “an astoundingly beautiful young woman.”

“You already get that and more. You have to get something new,” she said stubbornly. “What else do you want?” I had to think quickly.

“OK, if I am right and you actually enjoy this then I get a bonus extra blowjob, just from you, and an extra fuck as well after this bet is completed.” I suggested.

“I can’t really lose can I?” she said, nodding her agreement, “but I know it’s going to…” I kissed her before she could get the words out. It was a very long and very passionate kiss, and she tensed up at first and then she relaxed and kissed me back.

“No,” I finally said after pulling my mouth off hers, “you can’t lose, but neither can I.”

With that I picked Julie up and laid her gently on the sunbathing lounge.

“Just close your eyes and don’t say a thing,” I whispered, and her eyes flicked shut.

I kissed her face then, starting on her closed eyelids and working my way around everything I could reach. I nibbled her ears, making her giggle, and I finally kissed my way down her throat and worked down to her tits. I already knew they were very sensitive, so I licked and sucked them until she had an orgasm, and then I gently placed a hand on her pussy and kept sucking those incredible tits.

Her tenseness that I had felt when I put my hand on her pussy seemed to fade as I got her going again, and I gently sought out her little pleasure button with a finger. She groaned when I found it, and her eyes opened.

“You like?” I asked, taking a short break from sucking a very erect nipple.

“Ooh yeah.” She replied, and her eyes flickered and then closed again as she surrendered to her feelings.

I brought her to orgasm again, this time stimulating her breasts and her clit at the same time, and then she moaned softly when my mouth moved down to her belly. I was still rubbing her clit and I don’t think she realised what I was going to do until my mouth replaced my fingers.

“What the…?” she said, opening her eyes and lifting her head.

“Ssssh,” I whispered, “you are really going to like this.”

“But I…”

“Ssssh,” I repeated, and then sucked her clit into my mouth. She tasted musky and a bit stale, which was not surprising after a day at work, but I knew I was going to lick that away pretty quickly and get down to her real taste.

Julie’s head was thrashing around as she came again, and I slipped a finger into her slick pussy. She was very tight, but I had made her extremely wet and totally relaxed, and I wondered for a moment if she had even noticed.

“Feels good,” she said, “not sore.”

“I know,” I said and returned to my task.

I had managed to work three fingers into her tiny pussy and I was pumping them in and out when she came again. I knew it was time for the real thing, and I’m sure she did too. Julie watched me intently as I slipped out of my clothes and crawled up between her open legs.

Julie’s pussy had already been every bit as good as I had hoped it would be. It looked exceptional, it tasted fantastic, it was hot inside and it was incredibly tight. Now it was going to be exactly where I wanted it to be, and that was wrapped around my throbbing cock.

“You will be gentle?” she asked, looking nervous again.

“It’s OK,” I said reassuringly, “you will love this.”

Julie nodded her head and watched intently as I rubbed my cock head up and down her slit until it was thoroughly soaked in her juices.

“Tell me if it hurts too much,” I said and I gently pushed my cock against her tight entrance, which resisted for some time, but then finally relaxed enough to allow some movement. I spent some time just pushing my cock head in a tiny way and then backing out again and when she was fully relaxed with that I pushed in a bit further. At the same time I was gently stroking her clit with a finger, just to try and make her feel a bit better and less nervous.

Julie flinched a bit as my head finally penetrated her opening, and I stopped to let her pussy adjust. I looked into her trusting eyes for a while and then she nodded.

It would have been at least five minutes before I finally worked my cock all the way in. I was being as gentle as I could, using only very light pressure and very small movements, but finally that moment arrived.

“Is it OK?” I asked, and she smiled nervously.

“I think so,” she replied.

“Did it hurt?”

“Only a little.”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“Fuck me Darren,” she said, and this time she really meant it.

It started as a slow and gentle fuck. I was using long strokes and just stopping short of pulling my cock out completely before pushing in again. At first Julie just lay there, tentatively feeling the sensations, but after a while she started pushing her hips up to meet my thrusts and I increased the speed.

“Never.. thought… it… could… be.. this… good,” she grunted as I started to fuck her in earnest. The build-up had taken a long time, and that long stimulation, combined with the exquisitely tight grip of her pussy meant that this was not going to be a marathon effort.

To try and last longer I eventually pulled out of her and changed to doggy style on the side of the lounge. This worked well for a while, but then a couple walking their dog down the footpath outside stopped as they heard our moans, peering at the screens for a moment before shrugging and walking away. This distracted Julie so I changed again, this time to cowgirl, a position where Julie could not see the street and be distracted.

Julie rode me like a champion, and I struggled to decide what to watch. The motion of her massive tits as she bounced up and down was sensational, but looking down and watching those delicate pussy lips stretch as my cock entered her on every stroke was pretty special too.

“I’m going to…” she moaned, still a bit too shy to complete the sentence.

“Me too,” I replied, and moments later my cum finally sprayed deep inside Julie’s pussy. I beat her by a couple of seconds, but I was still squirting when she shuddered and her pussy clamped around my cock as she joined me in that final orgasmic moment.

Julie had collapsed on me as she orgasmed, and we lay there panting for a while. My cock slowly shrank inside her, but didn’t pop out. It was still too deep to do that. I hugged her and she clung to me as her breathing returned to normal.



“Thank you so much that was just the best.” I squeezed her against my chest.

“I’m looking forward to repaying the new bet,” she said.

“Me too,” I replied, as Julie, a beautiful girl about half my age, told me she really wanted to fuck me again.

Damn, I thought, I am just so lucky.


I changed the other long side the next morning, even though we hadn’t discussed which side was next. I spent some more time finishing off the paving Job, and I reflected on how long this particular project had taken to complete. I always took my time when I did a job, to make sure it was the best it could be, but this one had already taken a week longer than it should have. That was partly due to putting up the screens, taking them down and replacing them and then gradually swapping them back again. The rest of the reason was that I had worked more slowly than usual to give Julie time to fulfil her side of the bet. But it was time to move on now and start on the next job which I had been delaying.

I also thought long and hard about the last part of the bet. If Julie had struggled so much with a straight fuck how could she cope with anal sex? My cock is quite long, I know that, but it is also very thick and that is the dimension that can cause major problems with such a tight little hole. Anal sex is a bit of a double edged sword to me. It can be great, with a tightness and intensity that is incomparable, but it can also cause a lot of pain, and I don’t like inflicting pain. I really wanted to ‘complete the set’ by taking Julie in every hole, but deep down I knew I couldn’t. I would tell her that the anal was not going to happen and move straight to the extra blow job and fuck, something that I was anticipating greatly anyway.

I changed the last screens. As far as I was concerned the original agreement was now complete, and with that I felt a huge sense of relief. We could complete our agreement and then I could move on, and that was good because I was becoming far too attached to Julie. She was a young kid with her whole life in front of her and she didn’t need an old letch like me hanging around trying to take advantage of her.

“Darren?” Julie called as she entered the pool area.


“How do they know?”

“How do who know what?” I asked, confused.

“The girls at work,” she replied, “almost all of them have said something to me today about my ‘big night’ or my ‘good time’, and one even said I look like I was royally fucked!” Julie’s face glowed with embarrassment as she said this, and I grinned.

“It could be that wonderful aura of satisfaction that surrounds you,” I suggested, and I could see that, “it could also be that huge smile on your face,” I continued, and yes she was wearing a grin as wide as the Yarra River was long, “but it might also be the fact that you are walking like Roy Rodgers,” I said, laughing a bit at the same time. Julie ran to me and she kissed me and hugged me tightly.

“Who is Roy Rodgers?” she eventually asked, but I never got around to answering that question. The kisses got priority.

“Julie,” I said sometime later as we lay together on the lounge hugging, “I’ve been thinking about the anal sex thing and I really don’t think we should…”

“Stop right there,” she demanded, and I stopped, looking at her curiously.

“You have been so nice to me Darren,” Julie continued, and then she took a deep breath. “You have made me feel good about things that I hated.”


“No, let me say this,” she interrupted again, and I smiled my acceptance.

“For all my life Toni and I have been best friends and also the best rivals too. We competed for highest marks at school while we helped each other study, we gave each other alibis when we were out when we shouldn’t have been, and that sort of thing. Almost everything was great, but then when it came to boys somehow Toni always got the good ones and I got the bad ones. “

“Uh huh,” I said and waited to see what the point was.

“I was jealous of her Darren. Toni was sexually active early, but when I tried it was awful. Toni was great and she tried very hard to help me, but as soon as my boyfriend’s met her they just lost interest in me.” I looked at Julie in disbelief, wondering how anyone could not see she was the more attractive of the two sisters. “I was too much work,” she explained, “I was too hard…”

“And she was too easy,” I said grinning. Julie slapped me lightly.

“I didn’t mean that,” she said, and I nodded. “But now I’ve found you, and you are different. You took the time to make it good for me. You made me enjoy sex and for that I will always be grateful.” Julie looked at me, and the sincerity of what she was saying was obvious. “You didn’t run to Toni after you met her Darren, you wanted to stay with me instead,” she said and I nodded again. “I didn’t bring her as a test, I really needed her help to get that right, but it also showed me that you cared about me more than you cared about her, even after she got your whole cock into her mouth. Even after all she did you still didn’t talk about her until I did. You made me feel important.”

“You are important,” I told Julie sincerely and she smiled.

“I know, and that’s why I want to complete our bet.”

“How does that work?” I asked, confused,

“If this is ever going to happen to me I want it to be from someone who I know is gentle, someone I trust totally and some I… uh… care for,” she said. She was going to say ‘love’ I thought, and my heart jumped. I was very attracted to Julie, but did I love her? I had been so hung up with the older man younger woman thing that I hadn’t really considered that.

“But I can’t stop this from hurting you,” I finally said, “and hurting you is the last thing I want to do.”

“I can stop it hurting, at least a bit,” Julie said. “I told Toni about the bet and our agreement as soon as it happened and she said most of it should be all right but I needed to prepare for the last part, the… um… anal,” she explained. “Toni got me some… um… things to make me bigger down there,” Julie said, turning scarlet again, “and I have been using them every night and most days.”

“Uh huh…” I said, my head spinning. She’d been using butt plugs for days on end just so that I could fuck her ass? Now that’s dedication.

“So don’t you dare back out on me now, because I don’t want to have gone through all of that for nothing, right?”

“Errr, right,” I agreed.

“So I’m going into the house now to prepare, and when I come out you’d better be ready to pick the last cherry left on this tree.” I smiled at her wording, as she grabbed my cock and gave it a squeeze.

“Aye, aye Sir,” I responded saluting both above and below.

“That’s Ma’am to you,” Julie said and she got up and walked away, leaving me there with a bemused expression on my face and a hard on in my pants.

I stripped off and plunged into the pool, wondering at how quickly my well laid plans had been completely overturned. I had only mentioned anal in the first place because I wanted to give Julie a way out that kept her pride intact, and I had never expected any of this to actually happen. I still couldn’t understand how it had happened, but I knew that I was falling for her and walking away after our deal was complete was going to be one of the hardest things I had ever done in my life.

It would have been about an hour later, and I was back in the pool, when Julie came back. She was dressed to kill in a tiny black dress that clung to her every gorgeous curve, a subtle matching diamond pendant and earring set and shiny matching black clutch bag and stilettos. The shoes had thin straps that wound their way up around her calves. She had even done her hair and was wearing it up, exposing the graceful curve of her neck. I was stunned.

“Wow,” I gasped as she spun to show me the full effect.

“You like?” she asked, with a mischievous grin.

“I love,” I replied, and she reached around for the zipper on her dress.

“Wait,” I said quickly, and she paused. “This is one gift that I want to unwrap myself.”

She waited.

It was interesting swimming from the far side of the pool to the steps. I had my own version of the famous ‘winged keel’ that was instrumental when Australia won the America’s Cup all those years ago. Unfortunately mine was an encumbrance, not an advantage, but I got there eventually. Julie smiled as I came out of the water and waited patiently while I dried myself hurriedly. I then walked to her and took her into my arms, hugging her passionately as a lover does. This wasn’t just about the sex anymore; this was all about the beautiful woman who was willingly offering me her most personal prize.

I kissed Julie’s exposed neck as I slowly lowered her zip and she leaned her head back to make my access easier. I reverently peeled of the black dress and found the most amazing lingerie under it. Usually when a woman is very big in the chest department her bras are quite large and more about load bearing than about being sexy. Julie’s was the exception to that rule. While still quite large in size it showed a lot of her spectacular cleavage and it was made of some sort of mesh that was very see through at the top and it gradually darked as it went further down so you just couldn’t quite see her nipples. This wasn’t just a couple of bits of material sewn together, it was one single piece. At the bottom of the bra it looked like a smooth and solid black satin material. The straps were thin, almost a shoestring style, as they went up, but they did widen out around the shoulder.

“Oh wow,” I exclaimed as the bra was revealed.

“You like?” Julie asked again and I grinned.

“I love,” I replied again.

I am one of those men who thinks that a woman in sexy underwear can be more of a turn on than one who is naked, and Julie standing there in her heels and underwear was the absolute proof that I needed in that regard. I had peeled off her dress and that had revealed the matching bikini briefs that she wore.

“You are stunning,” I told her.


“Love,” I said and I pulled her to me and kissed her deeply.

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