How this happened, Ken Hutchinson didn’t know. Well he did, but it went out of control. He and his curly haired partner, David Starsky, were assigned to find the killer of gay prostitutes. The course of their investigation brought them to an exclusive club for the rich to fulfill their own fantasies. Here they were, expected to do as the rest or risk their covers. He took a nervous breath and pushed his blond hair away from his face.

Sitting on the soft cushion of the leather sofa, Hutch’s eyes went to Starsky’s. Various men standing around the den with only the warm light of the fireplace illuminating their presence was an unbearable weight in Hutch’s mind. He watched the uneven short breaths of his partner and knowing what had to be done, Hutch shifted in his seat towards him.

Careful not to startle Starsky, Hutch put the palm of his hand over his partner’s. With soft precision he slid it up to Starsky’s shoulder and pressed until he was on his back. Hutch moved over the top of him and his lips went to Starsky’s.

Insistent and probing, Hutch moaned in pleasure when he was allowed access. He could feel Starsky’s chest pounding with nervousness beneath him and sought to relax him. He put his hands on the side of Starsky’s face and continued the spicy exploration of the mouth responding to him.

Hutch’s body was already on high alert and he pressed it tight to the hard body beneath him. The warm atmosphere seemed to accelerate his want and Hutch had to grapple with his control. The truth of his desire was coming out in a place he had least expected.

He broke the kiss and trailed his tongue to Starsky’s ear. With delectable teasing he ran a hot trail of moisture inside. His partner responded with a light moan and Hutch thought he would die with the pleasure of Starsky’s hands on his sides.

When Hutch raised his head, the spell was broken when he saw the fear in Starsky’s eyes. They had to perform for the crowd and Hutch hated himself for bringing his fantasy to such a place. There was no choice. He pulled at the silk tie around his neck until it was off.

‘Trust me’ was the message to Starsky and Hutch hoped he got it as he used the item to cover his partner’s eyes. Seeing the black cloth blocking Starsky’s vision, he hoped it would be enough to bring forth the desired reaction. Starsky needed to be alone with his sensations in order to respond as needed.

Keeping his eyes away from those looking on, Hutch ran his hands along Starsky’s chest. The heavy breathing from his partner told him the desired effect was coming. His hands went to the buttons and Hutch proceeded to open up the prize beneath him. He pulled the shirt from the confines of the pants and removed it.

The bare chest was too tempting to ignore and Hutch’s hands roamed. When he came to Starsky’s nipples his nails trailed across them and he was pleased at their rising. Starsky was growing more and more excited under his sexual command.

Hutch was nervous when his hands went to the pants. The unbuckling of the belt was far noisier than he expected, but it didn’t break the spell at all. He pulled the pants and underwear down and took Starsky’s shoes off in the process.

A few people inched forward to get a better view of the naked man on the couch and Hutch’s eyes went to the semi-erect cock. His body surged in response to the hot organ. Rather than take the meat at that moment, Hutch needed to let his partner know he was there.

Still fully clothed, he moved across Starsky’s body and sought those beautiful lips. Hutch noted Starsky’s eagerness when a tongue was pushed into his mouth. He responded in kind and as they dueled, Hutch’s hands went to Starsky’s firm ass. He humped in pleasure and groaned at the size of the cock growing beneath him.

Hutch pulled away and moved down until Starsky’s cock was in front of him. He took the hard member in hand and was pleased at the excited response of his partner. Starsky was rocking his hips back and forth. Hutch tightened his grip and was pleased with the begging he heard.

Once in his mouth, the erection seemed to grow even more. The eager thrusting in his mouth was one Hutch accepted and wanted. He opened up even more and took as much inside as possible. He pulled back and let his tongue play with the tip.

His heavy breathing and Starsky’s groans of pleasure filled the room. Hutch knew eyes watched them and even knowing the voyeurs in the room were there, his body knew no bounds as it hardened even more in the midst of the sexual haze.

He took the cock from his mouth and pumped on it some more. One hand went to his pants and Hutch made quick work of releasing his erection. It surged at the freedom. Hutch was on his knees between Starsky’s legs and as he looked at the man aching for release, there was no doubt as to what was next.

A hand with lube already on it grabbed onto Hutch’s cock and he looked over. The stranger readying it was barely visible and knowing what he was being prepared for, his erection twitched its approval. When the hand left, Hutch took his cock in hand and pumped on it just enough to cover his fingers.

He leaned down and took another lick and suckled at Starsky’s still hard cock. Hutch spread his legs open and used a digit to probe the dark passage between them. When Starsky stiffened, Hutch knew this could deflate his excited partner’s libido. He lowered his head and licked at the heavy sac close by. As Hutch worked another finger into Starsky, he sucked on a nut until it filled his mouth.

Hutch heard Starsky’s loud groan of pleasure and he took the opportunity to fit another finger inside. He did his dual tasks with pleasure and Starsky’s as well who was now moving as if he were on fire. Hutch worked to stretch and fill the anal passage. He pushed up farther inside until he found the gland and when he ran his finger over it, Starsky’s body almost shot up off the leather sofa.

With a third finger in now, Hutch moved his fingers around even more. The ass needed to be widened to handle his girth. Starsky’s body told him when he was ready. Hutch pulled away and Starsky moaned in distress. Hutch stripped off his shirt and pushed his pants down.

His excitement was almost too much to bear. The rest of the room was now in the background and Hutch was to the point of not caring about their surroundings. He moved in between Starsky’s thighs and propped one leg on the back of the couch to allow for greater access.

Hutch scooted up closer and his cock rested at Starsky’s opening. He pulled one ass cheek away and began the slow process of inserting it inside. When a groan of pain erupted, Hutch’s eyes went directly to Starsky. The blindfold was now a hindrance since his partner couldn’t see him. Hutch ran his hands over Starsky’s body and whispered soft words. “Easy, babe. Easy.”

When Starsky began to relax more, Hutch pushed onward. It was still difficult and he wished he had sucked Starsky off before this act. Starsky’s legs widened even more to Hutch’s surprise and he thrust inside until he was buried deep inside.

The fit was perfect and tight. Hutch’s cock was gripped with agonizing pleasure and he almost lost control. Never in his wildest dreams did he expect the fantasy to play out in such a way. His plan had always been to soothe and woo his partner. It wasn’t for this strange coupling on a leather couch with an audience.

Animal want took over and Hutch began rocking back and forth. His cock found more pleasure with the friction and he continued to pump which elevated his need even more. Through the erotic haze, Hutch could see Starsky was slow to respond to his ever-growing need. His partner’s cock was growing limp.

Much to Hutch’s surprise a hand reached over and grabbed onto Starsky’s cock. He was too far gone to bat it away, but found himself strangely relieved to see the anonymous hand move up and down in order to further Starsky’s gratification. It seemed to work and Hutch grabbed onto Starsky’s hips as he pounded into him.

Groans, sweaty bodies pounding against each other and the sounds of leather echoed around the room. The world was non-existent except for the driving needs of two men who humped and ground in order to gain the orgasmic high. Nothing else mattered and as they held onto to each other, they used the other for their own selfish wants and desires. Animalistic sex was in control and grew more powerful with each thrust and drive.

When he came, Hutch’s response was a loud growl at the top of his lungs. Fluid spilled from him into Starsky’s bowels and the ass clenching demanded more and more until nothing was left. After a few more thrusts, Hutch’s cock slipped free.

He looked down at Starsky and saw semen spattered on his partner’s abdomen. It was instinct that prompted him to lean down. Hutch licked it up and swallowed in deep satisfaction. He pulled Starsky’s cock into his mouth and cleaned it as well. After it dropped from his mouth, Hutch got up and covered Starsky’s body.

As he kissed him, Hutch pulled the cloth away. Their eyes met and Hutch was relieved to see no resentment. Starsky brought Hutch’s lips to his own and they kissed unaware of the others looking.

Neither man even noticed the applause in the room.

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