Tonight I know we will be watched, by whom I do not know. I’m standing in the room naked, I’ve put on my wrist cuffs and blindfold and now I must be patient.

You enter the room, even without shoes on I can hear more than one person. Before I can begin to panic you are standing next to me with your hand resting on my hip.

You whisper in my ear, “relax you are safe, I am with you no harm will come to you.”

Truth be told I am less nervous about harm, I know I can trust you. I am just self conscious that there is someone else in the room. Someone looking at my naked body, the body that I loathe most days, the body that I see as fat and undesirable, the same someone who likely will be allowed to use my body before the night is over.

“Raise your arms.”

As I do so, my wrists are clasped together and then suspended overhead. Not too high to cause discomfort but enough to help keep me in place and them out of harms way. I was able to catch a glimpse of a few of the things you had laid out on the table, nothing that will cause me harm but will get my attention. I know that you will bring a pink glow to my skin, make it so that when you are finished every touch no matter how light it may be I will feel it. I am so excited, I have been looking forward to the awakening of my senses all day as I prepared for this evening. I want you to push the limits just ever so lightly.

“Spread your legs apart and keep them there.”

I hate this part. I like to wiggle and this command is one of the hardest for me to obey. It also means that you have full access to my pussy and our visitor can see it as well. A part of me is ashamed, I feel like a slut, standing there naked and allowing this to occur and a part of me is becoming aroused. I know that soon it will be evident to all that I am aroused, I will not be able to hide it.

Your hands caress my skin, lightly brushing over my body. Soon it will begin. Soon I will feel the sting.

Thud! The flogger makes contact with the skin of my back; again and again it makes contact with my skin. You move to my ass and the back of my thighs. No part of my back is missed. Slowly you make your way around to the front of me, this will also feel the sting of the flogger, my breasts will sting, so will the flesh of belly. Even my pussy gets a little taste of the flogger.

I’m always amazed that you can change to different instruments with such seamless ease. Each one has a different feel some harder than others, some are softer; the contrast heightens my senses and causes the sting to linger on my skin. I can feel the warmth of my skin even the lightest touch of your hand I can feel. My pussy is dripping wet and my nipples are hard.

“Are you ready?”

I nod my head yes. My arms are released and I am led over to a chair where you sit down.

“Lay across my lap, you have a spanking coming to you.”

My heart skips a beat; I had hoped you had forgotten or would at least punish me when no one else is present. I lay across your lap, fighting back tears; I will not embarrass you or myself by objecting or fighting this.

“Dear, I want you to remember this ass and pussy belong to me. It is mine, I will take care of it. I will use it when, where and how I want to. You need to remember this and obey my rules. Twice this week you have disobeyed. What are the rules?”

I’m to take a cleansing enema every day. I am to wear a but plug whenever I am out in public, I am not to wear panties so you have access to my pussy and ass at any time.

“Who’s pussy and ass?” You ask.

“It is your pussy and ass” I respond.

“I’m going to give you ten swats, you are to count them out loud.”

Swack! “One” I squeak out. My skin is so sensitive after just being flogged and beaten that even the slightest swat hurts. Swack! “two” Swack! “three” Swack “four” I know he’s not hitting hard, but my flesh feels so raw and I’m so embarrassed that there is someone else watching my punishment. “Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten.”

I am grateful for the blindfold; it hides my tears that have escaped.” I know my ass must be bright red by now and I can’t bear anymore. You help me up to a kneeling position and take me in your arms and give me a kiss and a long hug.

“Now let’s go have some fun” I can hear the smile on your face.

You lead me to the bed and once again my arms are restrained. I know that this is not to prevent me from moving, for I can easily reach the release. It allows me to mentally relax and enjoy what will happen next. It’s my mental hang up, I need to “think” that I am restrained that I have no choice.

You slide my legs apart and bend my knees up. “Can you be a good girl and keep them open or do I need to tie them up to?”

“I can keep them open.” My face is now as pink as the rest of my skin. I can feel your weight shift on the bed and feel you move up closer to my head.

“Relax, enjoy, cum as often as you like.”

Then you leave the bed. Again I feel the bed shift our guest is now next to me. I still do not know if it is a man or a woman. Finger tips brush across my sensitive skin. I can only smell clean soap, no cologne, no perfume, and no hint of who this might be. Finally a hand cups my breast, it’s soft but large a tongue flicks across my nipple and I feel facial hair. Through my mind runs two thoughts – “it’s a man” and then “why does it matter” I take a breath, lick my lips and relax.

His hands and tongue are exploring my body; I’m being touched in places and ways that you have not done so before. I feel his teeth graze across my skin; it sends thrills of pleasure down my spine. Again I feel his teeth along my neck, my body reacts on its own I raise up to meet him. He ever so slowly works he way down my body, then he hesitates, is he teasing? Looking for an ok from you? I showered and shaved just shortly before you arrived, I know I’m clean. I’m soaking wet, but I’m clean. Then I feel his breath and that first sweet lick. He teases me as if he has known me before, his hands touch all the right places steadily he brings me closer to my release. My body reacts on its own, my head rolls back, moans escape from my throat, my hips rise up to meet his mouth. He slides fingers inside me and begins caressing me, touching that sweet spot. It only takes a moment and I cum, my whole body cums.

He stays with me slowly bringing me back to here and now. Then he places a hand under my hip and pushes me to roll over. I do so willingly, I assume a kneeling position and feel him there with his hard cock pressing up against me. I push back on to him, after he gives me a moment to adjust he begins a steady rhythm. For a fleeting moment I wonder if you are masturbating while you are watching. I can’t think about it for long, I’m enjoying having my ass fucked too much to think about you, and my next orgasm is quickly approaching. I have no idea where the words come from, it’s almost like they are instinctual, raw, harsh, but I can’t stop them from coming out of my mouth. I am begging him to “Fuck me, please fuck me, yes, deeper, yes, yes please yes!”

I cum and he continues to fuck me, it feels so good. Another wave of pleasure washes over me and I feel him cum deep inside of me. When he catches his breath he leans up and whispers in my ear a soft thank you.

I hear you say to him, “You are welcome to stay and watch for as long as you like and there are clean towels in the shower if you would like to use it.” Then you ask me, “did you enjoy yourself?”

“Yes, very much. Thank you.”

“Now it is my turn” you reply with a cackle. You enter me without any warning. While I am startled at first, I quickly begin to move in rhythm with you. Soon I am begging you to fuck me. The words are so vulgar and yet for the second time that evening, I can’t seem to keep them from escaping from my mouth.

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