Wait, is this even right? Is this the same story? Well, the characters seem to be generally the same. Where has Marchosias sent Lyden, and why can’t he remember anything of his real life? He’ll have to step up his game, if he’s going to be able to protect his friends.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Chapter 18

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

A Land of Fantasy: Part 1I chuckle lightly as I answer him, “You could say that. It was definitely some lord, and he took your daughter north.”

“Who’s this?” he asks, finally noticing the girl.

“A little thief,” I tell the farmer. “What should we do with her?”

“We can’t take her with us,” the man says, but I see he is eyeing the younger woman. “It’ll be too dangerous.”

“I can fight!” the girl states, twisting her arm just right, and escaping my grip. “Let me help you. It’s the least I can do to make up for trying to rob you.”

I look doubtfully at her, but she had escaped my grip.

“You can fight?” the farmer echoes my thoughts.

“I can!” she exclaims indignantly. “Let me borrow your sword,” she says, turning to me, “and I’ll show you.”

I grip the hilt of Muramasa protectively as I glare at her. “You don’t know what you’re asking for, girl.” I turn to Thomas, but he already knows what I’m going to ask, and nods. “Test your skills bare handed against him,” I tell the thief.

“But he has a. . . .” she trails off as Thomas removes the sword from his hip and hands it to me. She barely even waits for him to let go, before springing her attack.

I can tell right away that she has speed on her side, as the veteran farmer barely blocks her fist. She aims a kick for his hip, but he scoots back, and her foot passes harmlessly by. With her now off-balance, Thomas takes advantage, and delivers a quick open-handed blow to her back.

Ondy stumbles forward, but recovers quickly and with grace. This time she’s wary as she faces her opponent, trying to get a better grasp of his skills. The two trade precise blows, blocking and dodging as necessary, while gauging each other’s capabilities.

Where did the old man learn to fight like that, I wonder, and then remember that he’d been in some war. Still, it doesn’t seem to sit right that he’s this good.

I see him slowing, and she notices it too. With a triumphant yell, she dodges around a weakened jab, and goes in for the final strike.

Thomas nearly blurs, and before I know it, Ondy yelps and is on her back. Thomas is sitting on her stomach, her arms held against her sides by the older man’s legs.

“Yield,” Ondy cries out, seeing the game is lost.

The older farmer gets up, and I hand his sword back to him.

“You’re fast, girl, but you’re also impatient.” He reaches down, and offers her a hand up. She disdains it, and gets back up on her own.

“You tricked me,” she complains.

Thomas laughs heartily, before replying. “In a fight for your life, never assume you know your opponent. They just might surprise you.”

“But we weren’t fighting for our lives. It was just a little sparring,” she defends herself.

Thomas scowls at her, and his tone grows deadly serious. “Every fight is a fight for your life. Don’t forget that.” He sucks in a deep breath, and continues in a more moderate tone, “You’re welcome to come with us; I guess we could use your help. You know how to fight, but you also have a lot to learn.”

Thomas turns north, and I fall into step next to him. A couple seconds later, Ondy comes running back up to us. “Will you teach me?” she asks Thomas, and he only grunts in assent. “I don’t have a weapon.” She says next, and without looking, the old man produces a dagger from nowhere, and hands it to her. This man is more dangerous than I’d originally given him credit for.

The woman slips the dagger into a sash around her hip, and we walk for a ways in silence. Ondy proves her worth, as she finds tracks on the edge of town, heading north.

Straight into a forbidding looking forest. Yay.

“We should go around,” Ondy states, but Thomas shakes his head.

“My daughter’s in there, and I’m going to get her back.” His tone is so adamant, that I decide not to argue.

“I know these woods,” Ondy declares unhappily. “If we run into any problems, let me do the talking.”

Keeping one hand on the hilt of Muramasa, and both eyes open, I follow Thomas and Ondy into the dark forest.

The first sign of trouble comes from Ondy, as she yelps, and jumps back, brandishing her dagger. A shadowy form steps out onto the path, their features obscured by the gloom of the area. I can tell that this person at least has a face.

“Leave your weapons and all your money and we’ll let you leave with your lives.” A slight breeze blows through, and a shaft of light pierces the branches, giving me a quick look at her face. Short brown hair and a blue eye. Her left eye is covered by an eye patch, and I have just enough time to make out a crossbow in her hands, before the light is blocked again.

She also has the biggest knockers I’ve ever seen on a woman, her bodice is cut low to take full advantage of her incredible cleavage.

“I’m just trying to find my daughter,” Thomas yells to the woman, ignoring Ondy’s indignant hiss at not being allowed to talk first. “Did you see her come by here? Some men took her.”

The woman laughs throatily before answering. “You mean that little slip of a thing riding in that lordly man’s lap? Didn’t look to me like she wanted rescuing.” She laughs again, and there’s a coldness to it this time. “Of course, she was also out cold, but the man’s hands were all over her.”

“You bitch,” the farmer screams, drawing his sword and charging the woman.

She lazily lifts her crossbow, and I barely have time to shout a warning before she fires the quarrel at him.

A loud clang resounds through the forest, and I’m certain the bolt is lodged in the man’s breastplate. His sword clatters to the ground, and I see him hunch over, holding his hands close to his chest.

“She only has one bolt,” Thomas gasps. “Get her before she can reload.”

Before I can begin to move, the trees and leaves around us rustle, and I watch as faceless people step out of the shadows, some holding crossbows and regular bows, some holding daggers and swords.

In the time it takes me to notice the rest of the bandits, Ondy has moved over to check on Thomas.

“Is he okay?” I ask, still wary to draw Muramasa.

“I’m fine!” he yells. “Damn bitch hit the guard and knocked my blade out of my hands.”

I breathe easier as I hear those words.

“Look,” I say, addressing the well-endowed woman, “We don’t want any trouble. We’re just trying to retrieve his daughter. We have no money, and our weapons aren’t worth your effort.”

“Any weapon is worth the effort, stranger, even the sword between your legs,” she laughs back at me, “or is that one only a little dagger, not worth anything more than buttering my bread? ‘Course that one on your hip looks rather nice as well.”

“This blade is cursed,” I inform her. “Believe me when I say I would hand it over if I could.” I look around at all the faceless bandits, trying to formulate a plan. “What will it take to leave here unmolested?”

“It’s too late for that, but for a bit of entertainment, we may let you leave with your gear,” her almost too quick reply makes me worried.

“What kind of entertainment?” Ondy asks worriedly. As the only woman in our group, she has the most to lose.

“Sorry, sweety,” the bandit leader quips, “you aren’t my type, and I have plenty of men to satisfy me if I want.” She starts to unlimber her shoulders, turning her neck from side-to-side, and I have a feeling I know where this is going. “How’s about we go one-on-one, to the death. You win, and you walk free. I win. . . . Well, if I win, let’s just say I’ll end up with your stuff anyway.”

“I accept,” I say easily, confident I can beat this one eyed woman. I walk over to pick up Thomas’s sword, but he yells at me to stop.

“No,” he tells me. “She disarmed me with her little trick. I need to regain some honor, and I don’t want anyone else touching my sword.”

He picks up his blade, or tries to. His right hand doesn’t seem to want to properly wrap around the grip, but he only grunts and picks it up with his left hand. Giving it a few practice swings, he faces the bandit leader, sword up and ready. I just hope he’s good enough with his left hand.

“You’re hurt,” Ondy exclaims. “Don’t do it.” When he doesn’t respond to her, she turns to me, and I can see the pleading in her eyes. When did she start caring so much? “You can’t let him do this. I know who she is!” She flings her arm out, pointing at the female bandit. “That’s Jenny of the Large Pennies. She’s a dead shot with any bow, and nearly as good with a blade. She’ll kill him.”

“Not nearly as good, darling,” Jenny says sweetly, “better.”

I understand Thomas’s position, though, and know he needs to do this for his honor. If anyone else fights for him, he will lose even more face.

“Take care of my daughter, Stranger. Thanks for your help to this point.” The man’s words are solemn, and I take it he’s heard of her too.

“The name’s Lyden Snow,” I tell him, at least wanting him to know whom he’s traveling with.

Everyone suddenly freezes, staring at me and even Ondy backs away, covering her mouth in worry.

“That’s a poor joke to make, friend,” Thomas states, then turns back to his foe, closing the distance in only a couple steps.

Those two steps are all the warning Jenny gets, but it’s enough, and her blade blurs as it comes out of its sheath, and meets his blade, edge-to-edge. Her riposte is quick and hard, knocking Thomas backwards a step. I actually wonder that the bandit is able to move with such ease, with such a large chest, but when she somehow gets behind Thomas and bumps into him with her breasts, knocking him down, I see she uses them as an asset, rather than a hindrance.

I also see that she’s just playing with the older man. There’s no doubt that he’s a skilled swordsman, even left-handed, but she’s younger, quicker, and more agile. She also has a surprising amount of strength in her attacks. I watch as Thomas’s attacks grow weaker and weaker, hoping that he’s using the same ruse he’d used on Ondy earlier.

Sure enough, just when it looks like he’s done for, he springs his final attack.

A painfully cracking clang reverberates through the trees, and something shiny strikes the dirt in front of me. Looking closer, I see it’s the remains of Thomas’s blade.

My head snaps back up as Ondy cries, “No!

Thomas is staring at the four inches of steel above the guard in shock. He collapses to his knees, and I can just make out a trickle of blood seeping from his cheek.

I quickly grab Ondy before she can take off, and she starts to fight me, as Jenny places the blade at his throat. Her eye meets mine, and suddenly I feel like I know who she really is. Flashes of memory start to seep through the fog that’s been surrounding my mind.

“Jennifer?” I ask, struggling to recall how I know her.

“Lyden? What—” her words are cut off as Thomas uses the distraction to ram the remains of his blade through her neck, and into her brain.

NO!” This time it’s me screaming the words, as I watch the woman I once knew fall to the ground, lifeless. I can’t hold onto Ondy any longer, and she rushes over to Thomas, pulling him into a hug. I feel the fog start to creep back in, obscuring my mind and forcing my memories away.

I begin crawling over to them, but by the time I reach Thomas and Ondy, I can’t remember why I’m crying. The bandit leader is dead, and her cohorts have retreated into the forest, staying true to her word. I should be happy, but the tears won’t stop.

Raiding a dead body is a hard thing to do, but we end up with her blade and crossbow, along with a small bundle of quarrels, and a bag full of coins. We’ve won our freedom, so why am I still so sad?

“We’d better get moving,” Thomas states, shaking my shoulders and reminding me that we’re not out of the woods yet. Penny of the Large Pennies is dead, but her bandit crew could still be lurking in the trees.

“But your cheek,” Ondy states. “You’re injured!”

The old farmer wipes his cheek with the back of his hand, smearing blood across it, but also showing that it’s nothing more than a scratch.

Thomas complains that his new sword isn’t as good as his old one, making sure that anyone around can hear how knowledgeable he is about such weapons, until we see the edge of the tree line.

Even after we get out of the forest, we continue walking, well after the sun has gone down.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Chapter 19

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

A Land of Fantasy: Part 2“Now wait a minute,” Thomas argues back, “We didn’t ask for help, just directions.”

The two deputies are already strapping on their swords. “If you plan to go up against Lord Mark, then you’re going to need all the help you can get,” Leese says calmly.

Why are they so willing to help us?

In the end, all five of us leave town, heading for the castle on the horizon.

The edifice is quite imposing as we come up to it. Black stones make up the towers, topped with solid black flags.

“Think the lord’s in a black mood?” I try to joke, lightening the atmosphere. My efforts fall flat.

No guards stand at the portcullis, and nobody can be seen as we work our way down blackened hallways, dimly lit with torches. The entire place feels creepy, and abandoned, other than footprints visible in the dust covering the floor.

We work our way deeper into the castle, feeling the oppressive mood of the place begin to seep into our bones, but Thomas refuses to stop until he has his daughter, and each of us pulls a measure of strength from him.

I don’t like this place, Muramasa states, and for the first time I hear fear in the sword’s mental voice.

Finally we come across a pair of massive wooden double doors, and we can hear voices on the other side.

Pushing through, we find a large, darkly tanned man sitting at the head of a long table. A golden chain leads from his left wrist to a collar around a young woman with golden hair and golden tinged skin. Even in this dour place, she seems to glow slightly, as if her presence is valiantly attempting to push back the evil of the place, but slowly failing. Two female guards flank their lord, weapons already drawn and ready.

“So I see you made it all the way here, Lyden,” the lord’s deep voice booms. “How have you enjoyed my little play? I must say, I’m impressed with how well you’ve handled yourself. You’ve only lost, what, two people? Of course, I don’t know that you could consider one of them a friend.”

“Lyden?” I hear Leese and Becks murmur at the same time in fear, but they draw their blades and prepare to defend themselves.

“We’ve been told that that lady is here against her will,” Leese shouts.

Lord Mark burst out in booming laughter. “Against her will?” He yanks on her chain, making the golden woman stumble. “Tell them, my pet. Are you here against your will?”

“No, my lord,” the girl’s dreamy voice comes out. It sounds like she’s speaking from a faraway place, instead of only a few feet away. She is obviously under a spell.

Why do I think she would look better with large butterfly wings? I shake my head to dispel the absurd thought.

“Release my daughter, fiend, or face my steel!” Thomas screeches, taking a ready stance.

Lord Mark chuckles for a second, before flicking his fingers at his two guards. “Kill them.”

I take a closer look at the two armed figures next to Lord Mark. One is clad in a supple blue material that looks serviceable and durable. In her hand is a long wavy blade that looks quite deadly. The other woman is clad in some sort of yellow and black animal skin that barely covers her ample parts. A long spear is clutched in her hands, and it looks like she knows how to use it.

“How will you handle this dilemma?” Lord Mark asks me, a wicked grin on his face. “Friends on both sides, all intent on killing each other. This should be fun.”

The woman in blue faces off against Ondy and Thomas, somehow able to deflect their combined efforts. It would probably help if the two had practiced together some, as they keep getting into each other’s way.

The Amazonian woman, meanwhile, brings her spear’s haft to bear down on the short Becks, but Leese’s sword intercepts it, saving her fellow deputy. Becks doesn’t hesitate at the sudden opening, slashing at the giant woman’s stomach. I’m certain the Amazon is going down, but she blurs, and is suddenly standing five feet further back, spinning her weapon in her hands.

Who do I help? Both groups are holding their own, and if I step in, I might get in their way. For some reason I can’t pin down, I’m extremely hesitant to fight anyone in here.

Except Lord Mark.

Pulling Muramasa from my hip, still sheathed, I approach the darkly tanned man.

“Do you really think you can take me on, generator?” The man asks, but I have no idea what he’s talking about. “I’ve been destroying ants like you for millennia.” He stands, and for the first time I see just how large this man is. If muscles had muscles, he’d be the steroid that pumped them all. The man is a mountain! He pulls a sword that’s nearly as tall as I am from behind his back, and then glances at the other two fighting groups. “Perhaps we should wait, and see how this turns out first.” He waves his hand at me, and every muscle in my body locks up, stopping me from any more movement. Twirling his finger, I find myself turning rigidly in place, until I can watch the other two groups, battling for their lives. dread fills me, as I realize how much power this man has, and how much I’m at his mercy.

I watch in horror as Thomas stumbles over Ondy’s outstretched leg, and the blue armored guard brings her sword down hard, nearly separating the older man’s neck from his shoulders. He collapses in a lifeless heap at Ondy’s feet. The thief goes berserk, wildly slashing at the guard. For a moment it looks as if the vigor and speed of her attacks will make up for her lack of skill, as she lands blow after blow. Unfortunately, each successful strike only causes minor damage, and Ondy begins to wear down from her efforts.

A grunt from Leese pulls my attention to that battle, and dismay fills me as the Amazonian strikes the blonde woman in the chest, knocking her back. Becks is holding her side, and I can see blood trickling between her fingers. Leese moves to Becks’s side, taking a defensive stance.

My friends are about to fall, and I’m frozen, helpless and impotent. Inner rage at my inability to act boils up in me, and I strain against my invisible bonds, but to no avail. Nothing is as strong as Lord Mark’s willpower.

Becks tries to gain her feet, but I watch as her face goes white, and she collapses to the ground, her life still seeping between her fingers. The Amazon woman goes in for the kill, and Leese moves to intercept, but is a moment too late. The spear shaft sinks deep into Becks’s side a split second before Leese’s sword lops off the Amazonian’s head.

“Becks, no!” Leese cries out, bending over her deputy, and checking for a pulse. Tears pour from her eyes when she doesn’t find one. Tears are quickly replaced with rage, as she stands and faces the other guard, in time to see Ondy take the blue armor-clad guard’s blade through her stomach, and fall next to Thomas.

The two remaining women face off against each other, attacks ringing out as sword meets sword. The blue-armored guard is the better fighter, but she’s slowed down by her many wounds. Blow after blow, parry after parry, the two women go back and forth, until the guard is able to put her blade into Leese’s right shoulder. The deputy drops her weapon from nerveless fingers, and tries to stumble away from the blow she knows will land next.

The guard delivers a mighty kick to Leese’s jaw, cranking her head to the side. The sound of her neck snapping is unmistakable.

“Bravo!” Lord Mark cries out, clapping his hands. “Bravo!” He walks over to his triumphant guard, and smiles down at her. Without warning, his sword arm comes up, and his guard collapses in two pieces, the blade severing her torso from her legs. The speed and ease with which he dispatches his own guard belies his prowess with the weapon.

I want to demand to know why he would kill his own servant, but my mouth refuses to function.

“We couldn’t let one of them survive, now could we?” he asks me mockingly. “Now we’re just down to you, me, and my newest little pet here,” his smile turns to Thomas’s daughter, but she doesn’t react. I can see that her eyes are glazed over, and feel sorry for whatever torments this monster has in store for her.

“Now, I believe you wanted to have a battle,” he says to me, waving his hand and I can feel control over my own body returned to me. “Draw your blade, little thing. I begin to grow weary of this game.” Despite his words, I can see laughter in his eyes.

I hate to do it, but I know I don’t stand a chance against this monster, unless I draw Muramasa from his sheath.

“Oh, I almost forgot,” the large man waves dramatically, but I know he is just being melodramatic, “What fun would this little fight be, without your true memories?”

Lord Mark snaps his fingers, and a searing lance of pain erupts behind my eyes. White encompasses everything, as the fog that has sat over my mind since waking up in this world, lifts. Memories, thoughts, and feelings flood through my system, and with dawning horror, I realize what’s happened.

Almost everyone I know is dead. Angela, Brooke, Becky, Lisa, Jennifer, Ondine, and even Thomas are all beyond my help now, manipulated and destroyed by Marchosias’s evil machinations.

Even Miranda’s death weighs on me, and she’d wanted to kill me in truth.

I don’t know when I fall to my knees, but as I stand back up and look at the four dead bodies around me, I have to fight hard not to be overwhelmed by despair.

Dead. . . . They’re all dead! All because I’d chosen to rescue a little fairy. The same fairy I’d been tricked into coming on this quest to rescue again. She’s still standing there, eyes glazed over, not even aware of what is going on.

“Shall we end our little play, Lyden Snow?” Marchosias asks me, laughter ringing in his baritone voice. “There are only two ways for you to return to the real world: take Arethusa’s maidenhead, or allow me to kill you. Should it be the latter, I will take her virginity and soul, enjoying every moment of it.”

Rage, hotter than any I’ve ever felt in the past suffuses my limbs, burning away my despair and replacing it with a purpose; kill Marchosias. He must answer for his crimes. No matter how skilled a warrior he is, I vow not to rest, until I destroy him.

Muramasa is free from his sheath in one swift motion, no longer willing to give myself a second thought on the consequences. My cursed blade crows in glee at his freedom. Yes! Feed me his soul! Let me devour him! Allow me to caress his soft skin.

No!” the demon yells, backing away, and I can see fear enter into his eyes, his voice incredulous. I pay it no heed as I charge him. “How did you get that blade?” He barely deflects my first blow in time, Muramasa guiding my movements. “That isn’t supposed to be here! It was in my study.” My next blow comes within a hair of his shoulder, and the large man leaps back to get some breathing room. “Lyden, you must stop!” Desperation is in his tone now, as he continues to back away. I want nothing more than to press the attack, but Muramasa holds me in check, only allowing me to slowly approach. “This whole thing was a farce. A game! It isn’t—”

Muramasa frees me, and I charge forward, sword raised. I watch as the demon brings his blade up to block me, and suddenly I’m spinning, bringing my sword in low. Sparks fly as the demon uses his unnatural speed to deflect my strike. The sentient blade directs my every move, and I don’t even hesitate as he cries out for blood. Pressing the attack, I watch in glee as the evil creature before me truly begins to fear for his very existence. My blade will feast on his soul today, and while it won’t bring back my loved ones, it will at least be some measure of recompense.

Marchosias is speaking to me, pleading with me, but my blood pounds in my ears, and I can’t understand his words. His hands make the same gesture that’d frozen me in place earlier, but Muramasa somehow deflects the demon’s power.

Finally I draw blood, as my blade sinks deeply into the demon’s thigh. His howl of pain is sweet music to my ears, penetrating the blood rage that guides me.

The large monster waves his hand to something to my right, and I see something golden out of the corner of my eye. Spinning to destroy this new threat, I barely stop Muramasa from splitting Arethusa’s skull.

Kill her! Kill them all! my wicked blade sings in my mind, but I regain control over myself, and turn to face the demon.

He’s gone. Whether fled to the real world, or somewhere in this fantasy world, I’m not sure.

“Lyden?” a soft voice says near me, fear and worry in her tone. “Wh—what happened? Where are we?”

Muramasa continues to demand I kill her, but I resist, taking more effort than it should to do so. Seeing that there is blood on the blade, I shudder, and quickly sheath my sword. The original Lyden, the one I am again, knew nothing of this blade. The Lyden that Marchosias created for his entertainment knows how deadly this sword is.

I also know how cursed I am to have it in my possession, now that I’ve drawn it.

Muramasa cannot be sheathed unless he’s drawn blood. He will also stay with me until I go mad, killing everyone I know, before either killing myself in grief, or getting killed in turn.

I don’t know how wounded Marchosias truly is, but it’s less than he deserves for what he’s done.

Seeing Angela’s Amazonian head, the spear in Becky’s gut, and both pieces of Brooke. . . . Bending over, I empty my stomach of all its contents, unable to look at my friends and lovers anymore.

I don’t know how long I stay hunched over, nor when I passed out, but when I awaken, it’s Areth’s golden tinged cherubic face that greets me.

“Welcome back,” she says nervously, which is so very unlike her. There is tenderness to her now, which is new. I wonder if it’s an affect of Marchosias’s messing with our minds, or something else.

I try to turn my head to look around, realizing that I’m lying with my head in the pixie’s lap, but her hands grip my face, and forces me to look at her.

“No, don’t,” she tells me, and I feel fresh hot tears spring to my eyes. “Where are we, and how do we get home?” There is fear and worry in her tone, and I want to comfort her, and be comforted in turn.

“I don’t know,” I say, then remember something Marchosias had said. The mere thought of the demon makes my vision go red, and Muramasa begins to sing to me, but I fight it all down as I recall the dark-souled creature’s words. “Either I have to die, or. . . .” I trail off, remembering the rest. Or I take her maidenhead. I can’t do that to her. “I have to die.” I say, trying to cover my almost slip.

The fairy shakes her head though. “Or you have to take my maidenhead,” she states, already knowing the answer somehow. “I know the way demons think. He set this whole thing up to punish us. What worse punishment can there be, than watching your friends die, and then dying in futility, knowing there is nothing you can do. Or, if you actually did defeat the demon, you’d be stuck here, until I gave up my. . . . Well, either way, I’d be punished as well.”

I decide not to tell her what her fate would have been, had I lost to the demon. “I don’t understand?” I say, confused. “I mean, I understand if I take your virginity, but not about if I die. How does that punish you?” I ask.

Her slap against my face stings as much as it’s unexpected. Shoving me off her lap, she glares at me. “Are you really that dumb?” she demands, reminding me of when we’d first met. “Haven’t you figured it out, yet?” I can only blink at her in confusion. I try to look around, trying to find something to help me understand what her problem is, and only then notice that we’re no longer in the throne room. The fairy must have moved me while I was unconscious. “You really don’t know.”

“Know what?” I demand.

She shakes her head, and moves back over to me. “It doesn’t matter,” she tells me softly, and it’s at this point I conclude all women are crazy. “Lyden, you can’t die. You must fulfill the prophecy, or so many more will die. Giving you my most precious gift is a small price to pay, for saving so many lives.”

“Why should I care about all those other lives?” I demand almost angrily. I regret the words as soon as they’re out of my mouth, when I see the hurt in her eyes.

“Because you wouldn’t be the Lyden I know if you didn’t. Not all of your friends are dead,” she points out, and I want to yell that ‘Yes, they are!’

Sheila, AnnaBelle, and Debbie cross my mind. They’re still alive. At least, they will be if I can end this world.

I remember Miranda’s—or rather Randa’s—words here, about me destroying this world, and realize that they had been true. One way or another, this world will end, but it won’t kill everyone like she’d thought.

“But your soul!” I state, not willing to give up. “I can’t take that from you. I’d rather commit suicide to end this world, than do that to you.”

“I don’t think that will work,” she tells me sadly. “Marchosias would have wanted to ensure you made it all the way to the end. Only he can kill you, or you must take my maidenhead. There is no other choice.” Her slender hands hold my cheeks firmly, gazing deeply into my gray eyes. “As far as my soul, you cannot take what is freely given.”

“But—” I try to protest some more, but her lips against mine cut me short. There is no passion or sorrow in this kiss, but simple tenderness. Our lips are the only parts of our mouths that are touching, but that is enough for me to understand that this is truly okay with her. She’s willing to chain herself to me for the rest of our lives, to save both our worlds.

Can I make any less of a sacrifice to save so many lives?

Pulling my head back, I look deeply into her golden eyes, cupping her chin. Funny how I’ve never noticed their rich color until now. Probably due to me being colorblind.

“Are you sure?” I have to ask one last time.

“Just be gentle,” she says, and I can see the determination writ across her face. “I still get a little uncomfortable sitting down after the last time.” She says it with a wry smile, but I can see how nervous she is.

Using my grip on her chin, I pull her face back to mine, kissing her softly. Her slender arms wrap carefully around my neck, and I lay us down on the hard rock ground. There are worse places to take a woman’s virginity, I suppose, but none come to mind at the moment.

Reaching down to the skirt of her yellow dress, I gradually begin to move it up. By the time I have it above her waist, our tongues are dancing in each other’s mouths. My hands discover that she isn’t wearing any undergarments, as I lightly begin to knead her buttocks. I feel her tense up at my intimate touch, but I don’t stop. I don’t go any further yet, either.

We continue to kiss like this for a bit, until I feel her relax. Letting go of her rear, I start moving her bright dress up her body some more, until it’s just under her chest.

Her head pulls back, as she bites her bottom lip in thought. We stare at each other, knowing that it isn’t necessary to remove the dress, but also knowing it’s something I desire.

Suddenly deciding, she grips the bottom of her clothing, and yanks it up over her head. Her perfectly formed breasts sit firm and high on her chest, no sag to them at all. “Might as well do it all the way,” she states, that wry smile still on her pretty face.

I raise my hands to her sides, and easily roll us over. It takes me a second to get my leather jerkin off, and then even longer to undo the ties to my pants.

She gasps as my cock springs free, even though this isn’t the first time she’s seen it. This is the first time that she’s had a say in whether or not she’s going to allow it into her body.

“You promised to be gentle,” she reminds me, her eyes never leaving my one-eyed monster.

“I promise to be gentle,” I tell her solemnly. “I promise to be gentle. I promise to be gentle.” She laughs slightly, finally looking up to meet my eyes, as I make the promise three times.

This is part four of my long-neglected story, “Dad, I Have a Question.” It isn’t absolutely necessary to read the earlier chapters to understand this one, but, like I said before, it can’t hurt.

PLEASE NOTE: This is part of a completely fictional series about a single father, his daughter, and her friends. No actual virgins were harmed in the making of this story.

Brief synopsis of events so far: Jamie, teenage daughter of single parent Bill, asked him a question about sex. One thing led to another. When this chapter begins, Bill and his daughter have been having wild and satisfying sex almost daily for a few weeks. Jamie’s best friend, Kiersten, who is spending the weekend at Bill and Jamie’s house, has discovered their incestuous relationship.


“Daddy Bill,” Kiersten said, her gaze flickering from my eyes to my swollen manhood, “I need you to teach me stuff.”

The last shred of my morality was gone. “Let’s go to my room,” I said.

Jamie led the way, naked Kiersten was next, and my cock followed behind them. When my daughter walked into my room, she turned on the light and took off her shirt. Two beautiful young women were naked in front of me.

My cock bobbed in rhythm with my pulse. “Kiersten,…” I began.

She stepped to me and pulled off my robe. Then she unsnapped the waistband of my pajama pants, letting them fall around my feet. “I want you to teach me everything you taught your daughter. Please.”

“Do you know what you’re asking, Kiersten? I’ve masturbated Jamie to orgasm, and she’s done the same for me. We’ve had oral sex, and I’ve cum in her mouth. I’ve taken her virginity. I’ve ejaculated inside her. Is this really what you want?”

Kiersten moved against me, forcing my cock to slide up along her abdomen. Her large breasts pressed against me, the nipples firm on my chest. She put her arms around my neck. Just before she kissed me, she said, “Yes.”

“I had never done any of this stuff,” Jamie said, watching her best friend’s tongue play with mine.

“I haven’t done much,” Kiersten admitted when we paused for air. “I’ve kissed before, and I let a guy feel me up once, but I was afraid to do anything else.”

“Didn’t you like it?” Jamie asked.

“Not as much as I thought I should,” Kiersten said, moving slightly to grind my cock on her belly. “He was kinda rough. I don’t think he knew what he was doing.”

“Dad does.”

“I always thought an older guy should be my first. Bill, what should I do?”

“Nothing you’re not comfortable with,” I answered.

“You should be comfortable enough to play with his cock,” Jamie said. “You did that before.”

“He was asleep.”

“No he wasn’t,” Jamie giggled. “Were you Dad?”


Kiersten blushed visibly. “You knew I was touching you?”


“Oh…. Should I do that again?”

“Why don’t we lie down so we can touch each other?”

Jamie took my hand and led me to my bed. She had me lie on my back in the middle, and she got on her knees next to me. “Come here, Kiersten.”

She knelt opposite my daughter, her legs slightly spread. There was moisture on her bare slit. She put her hand on my hard penis and stroked it timidly, just like before.

“Watch,” Jamie said, pushing her friend’s hand away. She fondled my manhood, the way she had when this all started. Stroking me gently but firmly with one hand, she lightly caressed my glans with the fingers of her other. “Dad says it feels real good when you run a finger around this ridge here. See this little triangle thingy?” she asked, bending my cock up toward my belly. “Dad likes it when you tickle that. You try it.”

Kiersten replaced Jamie’s hands with her own, imitating the motions she had been shown.

“Does that feel good, Dad?” Jamie asked.

“Uh huh.”

“Lie down next to him, Kiersten. Let him make you feel good, too.”

When I first held Kiersten’s round breast in my hand, I stopped worrying about the consequences of what we were doing. Until I had touched Jamie that way, I had forgotten how amazing a teenage boob feels, how warm, how soft but firm at the same time, and how arousing. Kiersten’s nipple was as hard in my hand as my cock was in hers.

She knew how to kiss. Every time I switched from fondling one sumptuous breast to the other, she moaned as we crushed our mouths together.

“Has anyone ever sucked your nipples?” I asked.

“Just me.”

“Would you like me to show you how I do it?”

“I’m so turned on already,” she whimpered. “Yes, please.”

I pushed her hair aside and whispered into her ear, “Sweetheart, I’ll do everything I can to make you feel good. If you like something, tell me. If something makes you uncomfortable, I’ll stop.” I inched my hand down from her breast and across her belly. She gasped when I ran my fingers over her mound, enjoying her soft skin. I didn’t go any lower. It wasn’t time for that yet. I trailed kisses from behind her ear and onto her throat. She arched her neck, and my tongue found the hollow below her larynx and began to play.

“Oh, God,” she hissed.

I massaged her puffy mound just hard enough to pull at the tender skin around her clit. My kisses went lower, into her cleavage. By this time, her nipples were straining for the ceiling, begging to be sucked. When I licked one, she jolted slightly, and I smelled fresh, hot pussy.

“You’re making me wet,” she whimpered.

“Really?” I hardened my tongue, and flicked her proud nipple back and forth.

Jamie moved on the bed so she was lying across our legs. I could feel her warm breath on the hair on my thighs. She giggled softly. “Kiersten, that’s making my dad drip pre-cum.”

“What’s pre-cum?” Kiersten gasped as I devoured her lovely breasts.

“This.” Jamie crawled over to Kiersten’s side of the bed and took her friend’s hand in her own. She rubbed the head of my dick with the girl’s finger, and then raised it to Kiersten’s mouth. “Taste it. Feel it on your tongue.”

“Is that what his cock tastes like?”

“Kinda,” Jamie answered. “I like it. I like giving and getting oral sex, at least with him. Dad, why don’t you lick her now?”

“Good idea.” I moved down and placed a small kiss on Kiersten’s warm mound where my fingers had been.

She was already trembling before my tongue first touched her. Her smooth pink skin was shiny with leaked fluids. She smelled sweet and hot, a little different from Jamie, but still pure, fresh, and ripe. I meant to start slowly, nuzzling her with my nose, kissing her thighs and her lips, trailing my tongue softly over all her exposed goodness before plunging it into her little hole, but I couldn’t help myself. I had to taste her.

“Ooooh,” Kiersten gasped, clenching thigh and belly muscles. “Ooh. Oh, God!”

“Wait’ll he gets warmed up,” Jamie snickered.

She didn’t have to wait long. I alternated between soft caresses of my lips on her lower ones, and deep thrusts of my tongue against her wet opening. Her legs never relaxed, but they spread wider as I licked her, until finally, her knees were against the bed. That was when Jamie took my cock in her mouth. That was also when Kiersten whined, “I’m gonna cum.”

I pushed a finger a little way into her opening and sucked on her clit.

“Oh shit! Cumming!” she moaned. Each spasm of her tight channel on my finger brought a fresh drop of moisture. Jamie kept slowly tonguing and sucking me, so it was difficult to concentrate, but I did what I could to lick Kiersten clean.

As she recovered, she propped herself up on her elbows. “Daddy Bill, that was so awesome. I’ve never cum like tha… Oh my God, Jamie! You’re sucking your dad’s cock!”

“Mm-hmm,” Jamie murmured, never pulling her mouth off me.

“Wow,” Kiersten whispered. “That’s so hot.”

Jamie released me and took slow licks from base to glans. “Wanna try it?”

“After what he did, hell yeah! I like watching videos on the web, but I don’t really know what to do.”

“Get down here and I’ll show you.”

Grateful Dead’s “Hell in a Bucket” flashed through my head when I rolled on my back. There was no denying I was enjoying the ride. Jamie’s pretty breasts hardly bounced as she bobbed up and down. Kiersten stretched out on her belly on my other side, her short, wavy hair allowing me to appreciate the perfection of the skin of her back as it curved down to her magnificent ass. She propped herself up on her elbows, eyes wide, gumdrop nipples against my thigh.

“Here’s what you do,” Jamie said, stroking my spit-wet member in her hand. “Hold him by the shaft at first. Run your tongue all around the top of it, like this.” She demonstrated. “Your turn.”

Kiersten grasped my cock gently around the base and extended her tongue. As soon as her wet tip touched mine, a drop of my clear fluid leaked out.

“Is that what his cum will taste like?” she asked.

“Kinda. Do you like it?”

“I think so.” She licked all around the head of my dick, like Jamie had shown her.

“Lick the whole thing. Make it wet with your spit before you put it in your mouth. He likes that.”

Kiersten ran her tongue all over me, kissing, rubbing it back and forth over her lips.

“That’s really good!” Jamie exclaimed. “Isn’t it, Dad?”

“Yeah,” I gasped.

“Here’s what you do next,” she said, her forehead against Kiersten’s. “Excuse me.” Jamie lowered her mouth onto me, taking about half my length, bobbing up and down a few times, and then sucking hard, lips smacking when I popped free. “Don’t let your teeth touch him. Let’s see you do it.”

Kiersten fondled my erection, smiled, and kissed the tip of it. “Will he cum if I suck him?”

“Yeah,” Jamie and I said in unison.

Kiersten licked all around the head of my cock again. “A lot?”

Jamie looked at me and giggled. “Probably.”

“Cool!” Kiersten again mimicked my daughter’s actions by taking me into her mouth. She moved slowly at first, taking me as deep as she could and then withdrawing so that only my crown was between her lips. She bobbed rapidly a few times, finally stopping and rubbing my cock on her tongue. “How’s that?”

“Keep that up and he’ll cum, Kiersten.”

“Will you, Daddy Bill?”

“Thinking about it,” I groaned.

“Let me help you guys,” Jamie said. She took my cock from her best friend, held it up, and started licking it. “C’mere, Kiersten, there’s enough here for you, too.”

Jamie sucked hard on the head of my cock while Kiersten licked my shaft. After a while, she nudged my daughter out of the way and took me into her mouth herself. They swapped me back and forth like that until I started to spurt. The first part of my load went in Jamie’s mouth, but she pulled off and jerked the rest of it onto her friend’s waiting tongue.

“Now swallow it,” Jamie gurgled. Kiersten got to her knees, an errant dollop hanging from her chin as she swallowed, licked her lips, and swallowed again.

“Wow,” was all she said.

“Congratulations, you gave your first blowjob, but you’re a messy eater,” Jamie giggled. Kiersten knelt motionless beside me, looking a little stunned, a grin on her face, a glob of my product on her chin, and a splatter on her one big tit.


“There’s cum on your chin!”

“Where?” Kiersten asked, extending her tongue to search for it.

“Right here,” Jamie said, leaning over to wipe it off her friend’s face. “See?” she held up her messy finger.

“You know what I saw once online?” Kiersten asked. She pulled my daughter’s cum-smeared finger to her lips, and wiped them with it. Still holding it against her mouth, Kiersten leaned toward her friend until the finger was touching them both. Kiersten extended her tongue and delicately licked her side of it.

Jamie copied her actions, and inevitably, their tongues touched. They kissed like that for a while, almost innocently. Or as innocent as it can be when two naked teenagers, my daughter and her best friend, are licking cum-taste off each other’s lips and tongues. My cum-taste.

Kiersten said, “Remember when you asked me if I had done anything with my sister?”

“You have?” Jamie grinned.

“No, but I’ve thought about it, maybe more than I like to admit. Sometimes when I watch stuff online, I think I look at the girls as much as the guys. Does that make me a lesbian?” Kiersten asked.

“We just made Dad cum in your mouth, so I don’t think so. Did you like it?”

“Doing that with him? Yeah!” Kiersten giggled.

“Look,” my daughter said, pointing at the smear of semen on her perky breast. “I got that off your big boobies when we were kissing.”

“I like your breasts better, Jamie. They fit your body so well, not like my big knockers.”

“Are you kidding? Every girl in our class would kill to have boobs like yours! Why do you think we teased you back when we were kids? We saw how the guys looked at you, and then they’d look at us and smirk. Like, ‘When are you gonna grow some tits?’ We were all jealous.”

“Do yours feel different than mine?” Kiersten asked.

“I don’t know. Do they, Dad?”

“Hers are bigger, but maybe you should come here so I can compare,” I said, motioning to the girls to lie down next to me. We played and explored for a while, a naked teen on either side of me, a damp pussy rubbing each of my thighs.

“You’re hard again,” Kiersten said, running her fingers up and down my shaft.

“What do you expect?” Jamie laughed. “You’re playing with his dick!”

“I know, but it’s so cool.”

Jamie said, “I’ve been fascinated with his penis for a while, since it’s the only adult one I’ve seen, but now that I’ve done stuff with it, all I have to do is look at it and I start dripping. It’s like when your mouth waters when you smell your favorite food cooking.”

“You’re that wet too?” Kiersten asked.

“Pretty wet,” Jamie giggled, sitting up cross-legged on the bed. Her little petals glistened with moisture. “How wet do you get?”

“Soaked. See?” She spread her puffy lips apart to reveal an interior awash with juices. My tongue and cock battled in my brain for it, but my tongue won.

Jamie had her head between her friend’s knees before I did. “Can I look at it up close? It’s impossible to hold a mirror and get the light just right and all. Please?”

“I know what you mean. I’ve tried often enough,” Kiersten said.

As I watched, Jamie studied her friend’s wet virgin pussy. “Can I touch it?”

“I,.. I guess so.”

Jamie spread Kiersten’s puffy outer lips to look inside. “That’s so awesome,” she murmured, her breath making her friend grip the sheets. “Dad, does she taste like me?”

“You’re both delicious, sort of a blend of honey and lemon and fresh cream. I can’t describe it better.”

“I know what I taste like,” my daughter said.

“How?” Kiersten asked.

“From my fingers when I play with myself, or kissing Dad after he eats me or sucking his cock after it was in my pussy. I do that sometimes if I’m too worn out to take any more, but I think he can go again.”

Kiersten sighed, “I can’t believe how good it felt getting my pussy licked. My sister talks about it all the time, and the girls on those websites always seem to like it. Now I know why. Bill, will you do that again?”

“No, Dad, help me figure out how to do it.”

“Jamie?” Kiersten and I both exclaimed.

“Why not? I know how good it feels, and I like doing oral on you, Dad, so why not on my best friend? I want to see what it is about licking a girl that you like so much. Now, get me started.”

I knew that tone of voice. There would be no denying Jamie on this. Plus, I had to admit, the thought of my lusty daughter licking the pussy of a teenage beauty who wanted me to fuck her was a pretty big turn-on. “I’m not sure how much I can instruct you, honey. You know what I do. You know what you like.”

“Okay, Dad. Are you all right with this, Kiersten?”

She looked at Jamie, her face inches from her sex. “Do it. Maybe I’ll learn something I can use later.”

Jamie grinned and placed a small kiss on her friend’s inner left thigh. Kiersten’s legs immediately parted, and my daughter began raining ever more frantic kisses over the girl’s thighs and mound, licking and sucking, even nibbling, on everything but her pussy itself.

“Daddy Bill?”

“Yes, Kiersten?”

“I like looking at your penis. Do you want me or is it Jamie that has you so turned on?”

Jamie started to giggle from between her friend’s legs. “If you’re smart, you won’t answer that,” she said.

“Does it matter what I say? This whole thing is so wrong it isn’t funny.”

“Are you going to start that ‘fathers and daughters do don’t this kind of thing’ rant of yours again? I can imagine what you’ll say about fathers and daughters and friends,” Jamie said, pausing from her licking. “You’re so funny, and I love you so much.” She pushed a finger inside Kiersten and began probing her.

“Oh, God,” Kiersten hissed. We made eye contact, and she reached out and grabbed my cock, rubbing her one fat nipple with it. “I think I’m ready for you, Bill.”

“I want him first,” Jamie said. “He’s my dad, after all. I’ll keep playing with you, okay, Kiersten? Dad, I want you behind me.”

I moved into place and rubbed my drooling cock over Jamie’s already wet labia. Lining up, I pushed slowly inside.

“Don’t cum in me. Save that for Kiersten, but make me feel good first.”

Don’t cum? Easier said than done. I was balls-deep in my daughter’s tight, juicy tunnel, holding her creamy little asscheeks in my hands, watching her do an amazingly good job of devouring her best friend’s meaty cunt.

I couldn’t resist moving. I had done this with her enough by now to know the power she needed to build to a strong orgasm, and the pace I could maintain without, hopefully, going off right away. With Jamie moving to help me, Kiersten’s big boobs started rolling with our rhythm. I pushed deep inside my daughter and held her still, my hands wrapped around her pelvis so that my fingertips could play around her clit. “Oh, God, Dad!” she wailed, and then she buried her face in Kiersten and worked her harder than ever.

Kiersten was still cumming when I pulled out of Jamie. She was still shuddering when Jamie, finished with her own climax, rolled over on her side. “Take over, Dad,” she giggled, wiping her chin.

Two fresh teen pussies, my daughter’s gaping slightly from the treatment my cock had given it, and the one I was going to de-flower, wet with a mixture of girl cum and saliva. Could it get more depraved than this? “Are you ready? Do you still want to do this?” I asked.

“You’ll love it, maybe not at first, but I promise you’ll love it,” Jamie said.

“Hush, sweetie. I’m talking to your friend, not you.”

“How much will it hurt, Bill?”

“I don’t know. Jamie said it hurt a lot. I’ve heard other women say it wasn’t too bad.”

“There’s only one way to find out,” Kiersten said, her hand reaching for my wet cock.

“You’re right.” I wiped my straining hardness over her juicy slit, up and down, from behind her opening to her clit. Each time, I used more pressure, until I was notched in her entrance. “You’re sure?”


I pushed gently until she parted to admit me. As soon as she surrounded my head, I stopped. “Are you okay?”

She smiled and pulled me down for a kiss. “I’m glad you’re my first, Bill.”

I moved in until I felt her resistance. She winced a little and gave me a weak grin. “I’m nervous.”

I kissed her again, gently at first, her face rather than her mouth. Every time I found a new place to kiss, I moved out a fraction of an inch and then back in, angling differently each time, slowly stretching her outer area. “Do you want me to warn you, or should I just do it?” I leaned down to suckle on her breast and wait for an answer.

“You’ve warned me enough. I’ll be ready when you think it’s the right time.”

I pushed in against her hymen again, waiting for her to wince. When she did, I pulled back. Nibbling on her other nipple, I pushed my hand between us to play with her clit as I stroked in and out of her outer passage. I found the depth, just barely bumping her hymen as I stimulated her, and when she started crying out her orgasm, I broke through and stopped.

Jamie saw her friend jolt. “Are you okay?” she whispered.

Kiersten let out a shuddering sigh. “That wasn’t that bad. It got really hot for a second, kind of like the sting of waxing, but then I was cumming and couldn’t think about it. Now it’s just a little sore. I feel really full.”

“You’re not full,” Jamie giggled. “He’s probably halfway inside you.”

My new lover studied my eyes and then pulled me down for a kiss. “When do I get the rest?”

Her slick muscles gave way grudgingly to their new visitor, but finally I reached full depth. We moved, adjusting ourselves for comfort, kissing tenderly. She wrapped her legs around me. “I think I’m ready.”

It took us very little time to find a pace we liked, slow but deep, not really thrusting — more a pressing together.

“That feels good,” Kiersten murmured.

“I’m glad.” I started fondling a nipple again.

“I think I’m ready to go faster.” She pulled back a little more when we drew apart this time, and I pushed back a little harder. We weren’t rutting, but we were making love with more enthusiasm.

“Oh, fuck! I know just what that feels like,” Jamie whined. Kiersten and I both looked at her, thrusting her fingers rapidly in and out of herself and pulling on her one nipple.

“Make me cum, Bill. Make me cum for the first time with a man inside me,” Kiersten whispered in my ear, her fingertips digging into my buttocks to urge me on.

I pulled out enough to get my fingers on her wet clit again, and began stroking purposefully in and out of her tight teen pussy. “May I cum inside you?”

“I won’t feel like I’ve had sex with you if you don’t,” she panted. “Shit!” Her nails raked my asscheeks as her vaginal muscles squeezed. When her contractions weakened, mine began. “I feel it! You’re cumming, aren’t you? Oh God!” she squealed, as new spasms of her soaked walls milked the last from me.

When it was over, I pulled my spent cock from her and rolled on my back, moving her to lie partially on top of me. As we kissed sensuously, coming down from our high, I realized this was exactly what I did with Jamie when she gave me her innocence, not so long ago.

Jamie saw it too. “I’d be jealous if I didn’t love you both so much.” She snuggled in on my other side. I had two pussies, two pairs of boobs, and two lovely heads pushed against me. “How did you like it, Kiersten?” she asked.

“My sister told me sex was good. She didn’t tell me it was this good. Thank you, Bill. You too, Jamie.”

Jamie said, “You asked earlier if you were a lesbian because you thought about girls. What does that make me?”

“I don’t know,” her friend replied. “Maybe bi?”

“Bi-curious, at least,” I said. “If you’re with someone you care about, there’s nothing wrong with it.”

“That, or sharing with you, Dad,” Jamie giggled.

I moved so I could see Kiersten’s face. “Are you okay?”

She returned my look of concern with one of her own. “I’m fine. I’m completely fine with everything that happened. Thrilled! I asked you to teach me stuff, and you did. If it’s okay with you guys, I’ll come back for a refresher course.”

“Can we sleep with you tonight, Dad?” Jamie asked.

“Um, I guess so. There isn’t much to hide anymore.”

“I think I want a shower,” Kiersten said.

“Me too,” Jamie agreed.

“You ladies go ahead. I’ll change the bedding.”

The girls giggled their way to the bathroom while I started stripping the spotted, rumpled sheets. My mind was reeling. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine something more arousing, more taboo, and more salaciously sick than a threesome with my daughter and her best friend. Jamie came back into the room, knelt in front of me, and cleaned me with a warm washcloth. “I knew there would be a little blood on you.”

“Honey, is she okay?”

“She was humming when she got in the shower, so I would say yes.” When Jamie was done, she placed a small chaste kiss on my penis, and then stood to put a similar one on my lips. “Do you have any idea how proud you made me?”


“Yes. I told you before that Kiersten said she wanted you. I didn’t tell you how much detail she went into about it. She’s been talking non-stop ever since the day she helped me wash the car. I’m proud of you for the way you treated her.”

“Is she infatuated with me? That could be a real problem.”

“No, it’s fine. I’ll talk to her.”

“The sooner, the better.”

“Kiersten? Make room in the shower for me,” she called across the hall to the bathroom. “I’ll talk to her right now,” Jamie said. She gave my cock a playful squeeze and bounced out of the room.

Numbly, I pulled off the last of the rumpled bedding and carried it down to the laundry room. Jamie would know how to get the stuff clean. I went back to my room and set about the task of re-making my king-size bed. For the first time since I bought the thing, I didn’t mind the stretching and reaching it took to put the sheets on just right.

The girls had stopped talking and laughing. All I heard was the sound of the shower against skin. Then, I heard Jamie moan, “That’s it! Right there!”

I was fluffing the pillows when the water finally shut off across the hall. I wondered if I would be taking a cold shower, and as I watched them dry off through the open door, it seemed like that might not be a bad idea. I couldn’t stop staring at them. Jamie did what she always did when she got out of the bath, applying her deodorant, lotions, and body spray, and then working on her hair, unconcerned about her nudity. I had seen it all before, pretty regularly in recent weeks. Kiersten did the very same thing, probably exactly the way she does at home. Seeing them together was intensely erotic.

Kiersten’s shorter, wavy hair arranged itself into her cute, perky style quickly, so she was done first. She came across the hall into my room, beautiful, fresh, and naked. She grazed her hand across my swelling manhood. “Is that because of me or Jamie?”

“Both of you.”

“When we washed your car and you saw us as good as nude — was your hard-on for me, or Jamie, or both of us?”


“Thought so. That’s cool, Bill. It really is. It would be different if you didn’t know you. I’ve always thought of you as my second father, my ‘fun-daddy’. Growing up, I felt a lot different about you than my own dad — closer, more loved. You were the one who took me camping the first time, to amusement parks, movies, and the beach. My parents are kind of boring, and they spent a lot of time on my sister’s modeling stuff when I was younger.”

“Jamie told me. You girls always got along, even when you were little kids, and I always liked you, so I wanted you to come with us.”

Kiersten hugged me, her naked body so arousing to hold. “You’re my ‘fun-daddy’ in a new way now. I can keep as quiet about what the three of us did as you can, okay? I love you both, and I want to do this again.” We were locked in a kiss when Jamie tiptoed in and smacked her friend’s ass.

“Before you two mess up another set of sheets, let’s get something to eat. I’m going to the kitchen. C’mon, Kiersten. Let my dad get his shower. There’s probably enough hot water left.”

I managed to calm down as I bathed. It felt very good washing my genitals, but I resisted the urge to do more. I had to get my head around things, not my hand.

The girls put together a platter of cheese and fruit. I found them sitting on the sofa in their nightshirts when I arrived in fresh pajamas and a tightly tied robe. I sat on the floor across from them where I could reach the snack plate.

“Dad,” Jamie said, “please get over this guilt thing you’re carrying. We’re okay, you and I, and Kiersten is too, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Bill, I am. Jamie told me how concerned you were when we were showering and raiding the fridge. Please, I’m a big girl now, okay? I am absolutely fine with what we all did. I love you both, but I’m not ‘in love’ with either of you. I’m smart enough to keep my mouth shut about everything.”

“There’s a lot at stake. The last thing I need is for people to start gossiping about all this. I don’t want people to be uncomfortable coming to this house. Your parents would kill me if they knew what I did.”

“No, they’d kill me, so I’ll never tell them.”

“Will you stop worrying, Dad? I graduate from high school tomorrow, and I want you sitting in the audience looking happy.”

Glancing at Jamie, I saw her pretty pussy peeking out from her old t-shirt. “Tomorrow night when Melody is here, I think you should wear panties, Jamie. It wouldn’t be a good idea if she thought I could see you.”

“Is it okay if I don’t wear panties, Bill?” Kiersten said, hiking up her football jersey and putting her feet up on the couch to display herself to me. “I bet I won’t be sore at all by tomorrow night.”

“Kiersten, behave!” Jamie laughed. “What’s gotten into you, girlfriend?”

“You were there, sweetie,” Kiersten said, her sex still exposed to me. “I always wanted to feel sexy, maybe even secretly slutty. Now, suddenly, I do. I got my pussy licked repeatedly by a hot man and my best friend. I sucked a cock, swallowed cum, lost my cherry, and then made your dad shoot inside me after he was inside you. I ate pussy and liked it. I’m a sexually-active adult woman now. That’s a nice feeling.”

“Yeah, it is,” Jamie said, grinning at the new bulge forming under my robe.

I shifted my position to try to hide it, and so Kiersten’s beautiful opening wouldn’t be directly in my line of sight. “What’s the plan for tomorrow?”

“Melody said she would text me when she wants to bring over her stuff before lunchtime. She’ll drop Kiersten off at her place, and they’ll get ready and go to graduation with their families. You’ll take me, and we’ll bring Melody and Kiersten along when we come home.”

“All right, honey. That should work. I took the day off from work so I can get a haircut, wash the car, and go for groceries. I can run any last-minute errands you need me to.”

“Um, Dad, there is one thing, if you would.”


“Well, we’re all eighteen now, and it’s graduation, and Melody’s and Kiersten’s folks let them do it at home a little, just like you do, and,…”

“I thought you didn’t want a drunken party.”

“I don’t. But if no one is driving and we all stay inside, can we maybe have a little celebration?”

“Can I trust you girls to keep quiet about what’s happened when Melody is here? I need to know right now.”

Jamie looked at me, then to her best friend. “I can keep my mouth shut. I won’t drink enough to say something dumb. I have too much to lose.”

“I don’t know how to reassure you guys,” Kiersten said. “I promise I will never say anything. It would be bad for all three of us.”

“All right, ladies. I’ll call the other parents, and if they say it’s okay, I’ll stop and get something. What do you want? Wine coolers? Beer?”

“Bill, can we have champagne? There are some things a girl only gets to do once, and I’d like to celebrate that. We can toast our graduation, and our friendship, and secrets and experiences we’ve shared,” Kiersten said with a wink.

“Champagne it is.” I would only get two bottles, not nearly enough to make anyone talkative, hopefully.

We finished the snacks and decided it was time for bed. The girls took their turns in the bathroom, and I went last. In my room, Kiersten was on the far side of the bed and Jamie was close to me. Both were on their backs, covered to the chin with the sheet. Empty space was between them. I took off my robe to get in bed. Jamie sat up and kicked the sheet off her nude body.

“Seriously, Dad? Pajamas?”

Kiersten laughed as she sat up to display her globes to me. She pointed at the bulge forming in my pajama pants. “The pj’s gotta go, Bill. Jamie told me I shouldn’t ask you to make love to me again tonight, and I am kinda sore, but I’d like to help you with that.”

Jamie had my pants draped on my ankles before I could get my shirt off. My filling manhood bounced as I climbed over her to lie on my back in the middle of the bed. All of us watched my penis expand till it stood tall and proud. “Kiersten, did you like sucking my dad’s dick?”

“Yeah. It got me pretty excited, and it was fun making him cum.”

“I love it . Did you like it when he licked your pussy?”

“Duh! Yes!”

“We should do what we tried in the shower,” Jamie giggled.

Color flooded Kiersten’s cheeks.

“What did you try in the shower, girls?”

“Remember, Kiersten, secrets are for outside this house,” Jamie said.

“Well, Jamie sort of helped me clean up, and then I helped her clean up, and then we kinda played.”

“And?” my daughter urged, winking at me.

The words tumbled from Kiersten. “And there wasn’t really enough room for a sixty-nine and we kept sliding around on the wet tub floor. There, no secrets.”

“That’s not all,” Jamie said.

Kiersten shot her a look. “All right, all right. I made you cum, you slut.”

“Slut? You did exactly the same things I did.” Then Jamie started to giggle. “Look at his cock.”

A large drop of pre-cum dripped down onto my belly.

Kiersten’s gumdrop nipples got even harder. “Bill, did you like watching Jamie go down on me while you took her from behind?”


“Did you ever put it in her ass?”


“My sister says that feels really good, and doesn’t hurt as bad as losing your cherry if the guy’s careful.”

“Dad likes to play with mine. It feels pretty good.”

“What do you guys do?”

I said, “I’ll rub it, or lick it sometimes when I’m down there, or sometimes I push a finger inside.”

Jamie added, “It’s weird, but it’s cool. I looked it up. Dad’s right. There are more nerve endings in the rectum than in the vagina, so you would think it could feel good.”

“Have you ever had anal sex with a woman, Bill?”


“Wasn’t it messy?”

“Not gross, if that’s what you mean. All sex is messy, and lube makes things messier, but it’s all good. The shower afterward can be fun.”

“Did you like it, Dad?”



“I don’t know. It’s different. Taboo.”

“Different and taboo? Most guys your age aren’t lying in bed with two naked high school girls he’s balling, one of whom is his daughter.”


“Taboo doesn’t mean much around here any more, so why haven’t we done it?”

“Um, well, I,…”

“Dad, look at me. I love you. I love what we do. I love that you’ve done things for my best friend in the world. Now, I want you to do this for me. Take my anal virginity.”

“Jamie, I,…”

“Now, with Kiersten here. Please, Dad.”

“That’s a big step,” I said.

Jamie snuggled against me and started rubbing my cock with her thigh. “You think so? Some of the girls at school do it so they can still say they’re virgins or because they’re not on birth control. We’re way past that. Kiersten knows everything now. She’s seen or experienced pretty much all of it. Now I’d like to show her this.”

“You need lube,” Kiersten said, beating my daughter into position and drooling spit onto my cock. She then lowered her mouth and spread the slickness down as far as she could.

“How much porn do you watch?” Jamie laughed, licking the part of me that her friend couldn’t reach. “Be right back!” She scampered from the room.

“What was all that about?” I asked.

Kiersten took a break from her work. “She’s your daughter.”

Jamie bounced back onto the bed with us. “Remember when we were at the mall shopping for Melody’s birthday gift?”

“At that store with all the posters and t-shirts with raunchy stuff on them?” Kiersten responded.

“They had free samples at the register.”

“Oh my God, yes!” Kiersten laughed.

“Should we use the cherry-flavor or the grape lube, Dad?” Jamie asked, showing me two plastic packets, the kind they put in your bag when you ask for mustard at the drive-through.

“You have lube, Jamie? You’ve been planning this?” I asked.

“Not planning, really. I watched a few videos, and I kinda like it when you play with my ass. You’ve rubbed me there a few times with your cock, like you want it, so I knew sooner or later we’d do it. I think now is a good time.”

“And you want Kiersten to watch us?”

“Bill, I want to watch you two. Like the other stuff, I’ve seen it online, but never for real.”

Jamie said, “Please, Dad. Everything else you’ve taught me has been amazing, and it feels pretty good when you play around back there.”

I took the packets of lube and handed them to Kiersten. “Hold on to these, sweetie. We’ll need them later.”

“Dibs on the grape,” Kiersten said.

“What?” Jamie and I exclaimed together.

“I’m calling dibs on the grape. I want him to use the grape on me.”

“You want my dad to do you in the ass?”

“Yeah, kinda. Like I said, my sister said it’s great after a while, which is the same thing she said about regular sex. She wasn’t wrong on that one.”

“Kiersten,” I said, “I’m not sure you know what you’re asking for.”

“Of course I do. We don’t have site restrictions on the internet at home.”

“So, how do we do this, Dad?”

“Fathers and daughters don’t do this sort of thing,” I murmured, pushing her on her back so I could suckle her breast.

“I know, but lovers do.”

I was between her legs in seconds, feasting on her young pussy.

“Oh, Dad!”

“That’s so hot,” Kiersten gasped. I paused to look at her. She had one juicy nipple in her mouth and her hand between her legs.

Two of my fingers found Jamie’s sweet vaginal opening and began to play in it as my tongue resumed its work on her clit. She came spectacularly. As soon as she was done, I pulled my fingers from her. A mix of her juice and my saliva drooled from her pussy, and onto her anus. I licked her, from her clit to her star, and then worked my index finger inside it.

“Kiersten, I need that lube now,” I said, getting to my knees.

She handed me the red packet, and took my cock in her hands. “I can’t believe I had that inside me. That is so totally cool.” She started sucking on me again.

“You like doing that, don’t you?” Jamie asked.

“I sure do,” Kiersten said, drooling spit on me and spreading it around with her hands.

I drizzled some lube on Jamie’s ass and on two of my fingers. Teasing, probing, and finally entering her, I tried to work as much goo inside her as I could. Kiersten continued to play with me, jacking, licking, and sucking at a leisurely pace.

“Are you ready, baby?”


I dripped more lubricant into her slightly open ass, and slathered some onto my cock with my already slick fingers. Kiersten sat back to watch.

I held Jamie by the ankles and pushed her legs up, tilting her pelvis. Her sweet pussy winked at me, but I was aiming for something else this time. I looked at her face one more time. “Are you sure?”

“Do it, Dad.”

Holding myself by the base, I wiped my well-lubed cock back and forth along the crack of her ass, prodding her pucker, teasing it, hoping to get it to relax. Finally, I pushed my way inside, stopping when her hole had captured my crown.

Jamie remembered her breathing, calming herself to help her let go of the tension in her sphincter. It loosened, just a bit at first, but slowly, she adapted. “That’s … big,” she gasped.

“Are you all right?”

“Uh huh. Go ahead.”

I pushed in a little deeper. Jamie grabbed her nipples. A little more, and one hand darted down to her clit.

Kiersten shoved some pillows under Jamie’s hips to raise her, and then moved to kneel behind her head, taking her ankles from me. “Let me help you guys,” she said. “This is so cool.”

“Dad, are you gonna put it all in me?” Jamie gasped.

“Am I hurting you?” I started to pull out.

“No! I want more, I think,” she said, furiously strumming on her clit.

“Are you sure?”

“Push it back in. More than you did.”

I slowly forced myself deeper into my daughter’s ass. The hot, wet friction of her was mind-blowing.

“More,” she whispered.

Soon, my abdomen was against the hand she was using on herself, and my balls were against her buttocks.

When you picture a Georgia beach resort you see swaying chairs in front of a picturesque manner house shaded by trees across the way from a nice white beach, right? With people offering you sweet tea and lemonade, and dogs chasing swallows or whatever birds they have? At least I did. No matter my prior conceptions — we loaded up the RV and drove from Kansas City (Kansas, not to be confused with those fuckers from Missouri) to Georgia. 27 hours later (including a rough night’s sleep at an RV park) there I was. Darien, Georgia. Me, my parents, my sister, and 1,719 poor souls who for some reason decided to stay in this godforsaken corner of the Deep South. To think I brought my finest Polo shirts on this trip, the kinds you pop the collar and look like a badass, hoping to charm some pretty young thing. The things I’d do to a girl with a southern accent…

The Piggly Wiggly in town smelled like rotten sour cream, and all the perishables were expired. So we loaded up on preserved meats and old loafs of bread, tortilla chips and the one tub of guacamole that was still green, catfish, some candy bars and a pound cake, and got the hell out of there, hoping to evade the stares of the regular customers, who weren’t accustomed to seeing outsiders, it seemed. Next stop was the rental house agency, where we needed to pick up our key. The first thing I noticed when we went to the rental office, which was in fact just a very small house near the other vacation homes, was how dark and humid the room was. A woman was sitting behind a desk in the back of the room, with a light illuminating her area. She was wearing an old red sweater, faded to a pinkish color now, and had on heavy makeup that at first glance made her appear quite frightening. Her bosom was full and heaved as she shifted forward over the desk to find our paperwork. Her flaxen hair had traces of silver, strands woven into fine patterns by the hand of nature. As I took notice of a freckle on the left base of her neck, next to her silver cross necklace, I felt my crotch grow firm, as blood gushed to my penis, and my nipples grew hard. Then, as fate would have it, she spoke to me: “Want me to suck your cock, son?”

Well, that’s what I thought she said. In reality it was something like “That’s a nice blue shirt, son.” I realized my fantasy had overcome my real-life sensory perception as my mother nudged me to say “Thank you,” in her usual nagging way. I nodded and walked towards a table displaying literature about the scenic Georgia coast. Fun facts from the brochures: Scottish settlers founded Darien in 1736. It’s known for its butterflies and hanging moss, apparently. And goddamnit I just couldn’t stop staring at that woman. Had it really been this long since I’d seen a woman who wasn’t my kin? I sweat was soaking my clothing, ruining the seat of my slacks. What if people thought I wet myself? I glided outside for some air. As soon as I exited the rental office I saw a blur in my peripheral vision. Someone, someone wearing red, with brown hair, had sprinted around the corner of the building as soon as I left. Were they afraid of me? Or was this just a coincidence. I imagined they saw me leaving and felt some sort of intimidation or embarrassment. Anyway, I felt satisfied because in the words of a former president or prince or someone, “It’s better to be feared than loved.”

We drove the few blocks to the house we rented and unpacked our belongings. I brought a couple boxes of Magnum condoms because I heard they were for studs, and my sister almost saw them when she walked into my room as I was unpacking. She hopped up on my bed, on top of the admittedly tasteful quilt whoever decorated the house had on there, and glared down at me in her usual way as I hurriedly rearranged some clothing to conceal the black boxes with gold letters symbolizing my manhood. She was such a fucking prude back then. Just 14, but I hear kids that age are having sex parties and sexting now. Back when I was 14 — I’m 19 now, 18 at the time of this story — we didn’t have those things or maybe I just wasn’t invited. Though I’m certain I would’ve been invited.

“Dad says we can go on a boat tour tomorrow,” she said.

“Fuck that,” I replied.

“You shouldn’t talk like that. I heard there are kids in, you know, New York and Chicago who don’t even get to go to the beach.”


“And there are bird watching trails. And a fort with reenactments, and fishing…”

“I’m just gonna stop you there because you had me at historical reenactments.”

She looked annoyed and jumped off the bed and out of my room. Finally I had some time alone to test out these condoms. I closed and locked the door, careful not to make noise since my dad hates locked doors, and pulled out the package. I thought about the woman at the rental office. Her tits. Her sweaty armpits. The sweat between her thighs. Her tangy moistness growing as she spies my seductive gaze. Me shoving the stuff off her desk and picking her up on top of me and her riding me as my family flees in terror, afraid of my sexuality let alone their own, those fucking prudes, and she rides me like the stallion I am until… And shit — I came on my suitcase. I didn’t even have a chance to open the condom wrapper. Well maybe next time.

That night after dinner I took an ill-advised walk around the nature trails in the forest near the beach. I was looking for a place I could bring beer if I stole it from the store. People are so slow around here I bet I could easily get away with it. Lethargy is like the default emotion here. I reached the dead-end of a trail and turned around and — there again, the blur of some person fleeing my gaze. This time I had to pursue. I grabbed a stick, an admittedly small stick since it was the only one near me, and ran after him or her or whoever it was, waving my arm. I got silver at track and field regionals so I’m pretty fast. Also the guys on the lacrosse team called me jackrabbit boy, which I took as a compliment. My point is I’m fucking fast and I still couldn’t catch up with my fearful stalker.

I gave up on my pursuit and decided to sit on a bench near the beach. Before I knew it, someone’s hands covered my eyes. They were moist. Could this be a joke played by the local bumpkins on unsuspecting tourists? I pulled the hands off and turned around, surprisingly unaggressive since usually when people fuck with me I elbow them in the stomach or something. Something about this encounter disarmed me. Maybe it was the smell of lilac perfume, or the softness of those dainty little hands. I looked up and saw the person from earlier, who scampered away as I exited the rental office, cock hard with pride. It was a girl, a bit older than me, maybe college age, but with the coquettish smile of a girl who’s taken something she shouldn’t have, or done something forbidden. She was wearing a red dress, had nice brown hair to a bit below her shoulders, smiled big and planted a kiss right on my cheek.

“I saw your earlier. When you pulled into the parking lot,” she said.

This girl is crazy, I thought, but the freaks are the nicest lays. So why not?

“Yeah. I took my family on a vacation. Nice place you got here,” I replied, acting casual.

“What are you talking about, it’s so boring,” she said, drawing out the “boring,” which ended up sounding more like “bow-ring” with her accent. Like the white man tamed the savages, I thought, I will tame this creature. With my dick.

“I’m Claire, Claire Parsons,” she said, extending her hand. I shook it and she began pulling me away, back onto the trail. This time we took a different path and cut across a grove, ending up on a flat area below some live oaks. She told me to sit down and wait, lodging a finger between my buttcheeks as I turned around. I jumped and said, “What’d you do that for?”

“Oh, just getting you ready,” she replied, before yelling into the woods, “Ma, he’s ready!”

The woman from the rental office came running out the woods. I hadn’t noticed her full figure while she was sitting at the desk. But boy she was fat. Like — her fat extended farther out than her tits, though only a bit. And her tits were massive. Like double Fs. But hey I’d already yanked it to her so, sure, I was down to fuck. Plus it’d been… forever for me. I’d gotten a couple blowjobs at lacrosse parties but truth is I still hadn’t. I was still a… Well I hadn’t had sex yet. Though I claimed I’d snagged like 14 sloots in my day, you know, because I have a reputation to uphold. I’m basically a role model for the underclassmen. Before I knew it my instincts kicked in and I was lunging toward the woman and her daughter, but she grabbed me and pushed me to the tree, and pulled some rope out of her pants and tied me up. This was gonna be a ride, alright.

I think I might’ve blacked out a bit from the epicness of this situation. Or maybe from when my head hit the tree from the woman pushing me. But when I’d come to the daughter was pulling down her black lacy panties and rubbing herself all over me as the mother stood and watched. The smell of her fragrant pussy and the sight of her breasts in my face got me hard as a rock, concussion be damned. She took notice of my raised mast and called her mother over, literally tagging her in. I thought the mom was gonna hop on top of me, though hopefully without any actual hopping, but she actually reached into a plastic bag and pulled out a scary sized strap on dildo and a bottle of lubricant.

“This is to loosen you up,” she said in a thick drawl. I felt my erection shrivel with fear.

“Are you still game, son?”


“This is the only way you get my daughter.”

“Alright,” I said, submitting to my desire to possess her daughter. But then something magical happened. The woman entered me and was on top, gyrating, her tits in my face, I breathed in her musk and licked her nipples, my erection grew and grew. I’d never known anal pleasure. It was like a constant ejaculation, but I checked and I still hadn’t come. The daughter, pleased with the progress, came over and stared giving me head. I felt the presence of a tongue stud I hadn’t noticed before. Tongue studs fucking rule. After a while the mother exited me and the daughter untied me from the trees, and then the mother quickly tied my hands behind my back and set me up on my knees.

“Now I expect you to be a good boy, alright?” she said.

“Yes ma’am,” I moaned in response.

The daughter also got on her knees and lifted up her dress, and the mother grabbed my torso from behind. I was doing it! Finally — sex! Oh man this Claire girl was so tight and moist. The mother kept rhythm and pushed me in and out and in and out and out just outside teasing the girl who moaned gruffly for more, more, more.

“Slow down,” I whispered. Somehow hearing me the mother said,

“Oh the little boy gettin’ over-stim-u-lated? Clairey I think he’s about to cream on ya!”

I kept my resolve and said, “No. Let’s do this.”

The mother thrust me into Claire faster and deeper now, and the girl screamed with satisfaction. It was surprisingly similar to the cries of sexual passion I’d seen on the Pornhub website. A couple minutes later I couldn’t hold it in any longer. My seed gushed into Claire’s pussy and the mother spanked me.

“Thought I’d get a turn!” she said indignantly.

She spanked me again, this time shoving her pinky in my asshole and twisting it slightly. Claire turned around and gave me another wet kiss on my cheek. I bit her hair as she pulled away. Just then, my cock beginning to droop, as Claire rearranged her dress and the mother shifted her weight off me, I heard a rustling in the vegetation near where we’d walked her. Then voices. My sister saying, “Daddy, I think I heard something over here.” It was growing dim, but they could still see us if they walked through the brush.

“Untie me! Now!” I told the mother.

“Now he gets feisty,” she tells Claire.

The next sight I see is my father. Then my sister screaming and turning around, running. Then my mother gasping then screaming, “James, WHAT IN THE WORLD?” My dad looked mortified, but I sense he was a bit proud of me too. At least one of us got laid that night!

This is a follow on from the original ‘Games Boys Play’. It is a work of fiction.

The minutes passed and yes, I found out who the spectator had been. It was of course Rob the janitor. It made sense when I thought of it because where else would David had got the key to the boiler room. Rob came out from the shadows and joined the three of us. “Good show, boys. Who’s the new boy David?”

“It’s Peter,” David replied. “He’s our new recruit. Never been fucked before and just got his first taste of spunk.”

Rob looked me in the eye and enquired, “How was it Peter? Did Dave’s cum taste good; did you get a good mouthful?”

Rob frightened me somewhat and I looked down at the ground unable to hold eye contact with him. “It was good,” I mumbled. I turned to one side embarrassed. I saw that David and Fergus had dragged across a small sturdy coffee table and now David stripped completely. On seeing David completely nude something stirred inside me; he certainly had a very cute figure and along with that girlie face of his it served to excite me enough to once again enlarge my cock.

David climbed onto the table and got down on all fours with his bum in the air. Rob moved across and stood behind him. As Rob dropped his pants Fergus applied some Vaseline to his rampant cock. It seemed as though they were all well rehearsed and I realised that this was certainly not the first time that this scene had been enacted.

I was enthralled, frightened and fascinated. I knew what was going to happen but in some strange way I couldn’t quite believe it was going to happen here, now, with us and with me looking on. Rob’s cock was large and I couldn’t imagine that it would fit up into Dave’s back passage. In the event as soon as Rob pushed against Dave’s ass his cock slipped in. David let out a little yelp of pain but within a minute Rob was in to his balls. He had his hands on David’s hips and was thrusting in and out like a steam piston.

My fascination was intense and I became aware that I was masturbating as I watched. Something in my mind screamed at me “This isn’t right; this shouldn’t be happening.” But my hard cock was telling me, in a more subtle fashion, that yes, it was right. I saw that Fergus was now stripping down and within a minute he was also completely naked; it seemed to me that he was keen to take part in the action.

A shiver went through me; it was good to watch but there was no way that I wanted to be impaled on that giant cock. I decided to keep my clothes on; I decided that I would just be a watcher and maybe another time I might submit. Maybe I could try David’s smaller cock first and when I was opened up a bit I might be able to accept Rob’s weapon.

Rob pulled out of David and gave him a hefty slap on the backside and shouted “Next!”

David slid off the table and was replaced by Fergus. Rob made his entry with no problems and was soon pumping away like a man possessed. I could not tear my eyes away; I was transfixed. David moved round behind me; he put his arms round my waist and pushed against me. I felt the hardness of his cock through the thickness of my jeans. His lips nuzzled into the back of my neck, a shiver went down my spine. In no time at all David had undone my belt and the buttons on my jeans; they fell to the floor and now my prick reached out towards Fergus as though it had a mind to join in.

David grasped my penis and gently massaged it. He nuzzled at my ear and said, “Peter, it’s your turn next. Rob wants to fuck you.”

I was shocked into saying, “No; no way. I can’t take that thing; impossible. I’ll just watch.” I felt David’s cock pushing against my backside. Slowly but forcibly I was being pushed towards the action. Once again Rob caught my eye and as he did so he withdrew from Fergus; he turned towards me and his cock was rampant. “I can’t do this,” I protested.

Fergus came to my side and between him and David I was guided to the table; against my will? I’m not sure; my legs seemed to propel me forward as though acting of their own accord. My erection was gone and nerves were causing my whole body to shake; I climbed onto the table and adopted the position. David encouraged me to rest my head on my arms so that my backside was elevated to the utmost. I felt Fergus applying liberal amounts of Vaseline to my anus and then as he was applying it a finger pushed its way inside. I felt the lubricant being worked round my anus and then finger number two was in. Slowly but surely my anus was being expanded; as it expanded I started to experience pain. The pleasure was all gone now and it was just an ordeal that I was committed to accepting.

The fingers pulled out and my hips were grabbed by a strong pair of hands. “Hey little faggot; say good bye to your fucking virginity.” I remained silent and braced myself for the pain. Nothing happened. Rob’s voice hissed urgently, “Say it faggot; say goodbye to your fucking virgin ass.”

I was getting angry now; to hell with it, “Goodbye virginity,” I said through clenched teeth.

I felt his cock head pushing against my anus; I felt the strength of his hands as he pulled me towards his prick. It seemed as if he wouldn’t be able to make that final push; my anus resisted his onslaught. David knelt beside me and urged, “Relax; relax your ass; let him in.”

I let all the tension flow from my body and then as his prick finally slipped in all the tension and pain came back; too late; the deed was done; Rob was in and not leaving any time soon.

Thrust by thrust he robbed me of my virginity; thrust by thrust he took possession of my body. The minutes passed and the thrusting continued; I felt full to bursting; I imagined my ass had been torn apart; but slowly, as the pain and discomfort decreased, my mood changed; I raised my head from my arms and looked towards David, “I’m taking it Dave, I’m taking the whole bloody thing.”

Still on his knees in front of me David leaned forward and our lips touched; we kissed a kiss of total passion. David had to hold my head firmly to maintain the kiss as the pounding from behind was moving my whole body. Eventually he broke the kiss and stood up; his prick was now at the level of my lips. Never before had I looked at a bulbous pink cock head and felt such desire; my tongue pushed out to make contact, it touched the tip of his glans and now my tongue pulled back as if to guide his prick to my mouth.

My lips closed round his cock, I sucked it deep into my mouth; his hips began a rhythmic movement; in and out of my mouth went his cock shaft; in and out of my anus went Rob’s huge member. I clung desperately to the table, determined to stay the course.

Rob’s thrusts quickened and then suddenly stopped. I guessed he had cum but had no indication that this was the case. Seconds later it was confirmed as he pulled out of me and I felt his spunk dripping down onto my balls and inner leg. Next think I knew Fergus had stepped up to take his place and now as his cock pushed in and out of me the spunk began to steadily ooze from my arse. Dave was still pumping at the front and Fergus was having a well lubricated fuck at the back.

In no time at all Fergus reached his climax and slowly withdrew. The spunk was now freely running down my legs. David pulled free of my mouth and moved round to the back of me. Entry was now very easy and David fucked away at my asshole; at the same time he reached under me and started to masturbate my cock. I examined my feelings and realised that I was proud; proud to have taken three cocks; proud to have caused two men to spunk for me and proud that David was also about to reach a climax.

David didn’t last very long and soon he had added his fresh sperm to the now sticky mess of the other two. I stood up and my underpants were thrown across to me. I wiped my balls and between my legs. Then I moved across to wipe the table.

“Oh no little faggot,” Said Rob. “Just one more part of the initiation; get on your knees and lick up the mess on the table.”

I sank to my knees and moved across to the table. My cock was still hard and I had not climaxed. With a hard cock my brain did not function like it should. I relished the task I had been given. The table really was a mess and it looked like ten men had spunked not just three. As I lowered my head the heady smell of spunk hit me; I breathed deeply wanting the scent to invade every part of my person. I touched my tongue to the pool of sperm, I gently lowered my lips and moved them through the spunk allowing myself to luxuriate in the smell, the texture and the taste.

Next thing I knew a heavy hand pushed my face down into the sticky mess; the hand was removed and I raised my head; the spunk clung to my face and it formed bonds that bridged the gap between my face and the mess on the table. I guess I was truly initiated now. I bobbed back down and made quick work of clearing the spunk; I felt like a dog lapping at his favourite meal.

Rob stepped back and yanked his trousers back up, “Good show guys; well done. Lock up after you leave.” With that he turned on his heel and sauntered off.

Gingerly we three dressed again. I couldn’t wear the underpants as they were sticky and wet so I popped them into a plastic bag and pocketed them. We made our way out of the boiler room and as we left David said, “That’s it Peter, you’re one of the gang now. He gave me e lingering pat on the backside and then we went our separate ways.

I headed home quickly; I was worried in case my trousers would show any onlookers what I had been up to. On reaching home I showered and dressed in clean clothes. Later, as I settled in bed for the night, I remembered the underpants. After a quick panic I retrieved them from my coat. I curled up in bed and held the pants to my nose and mouth and with the scent and taste permeating each and every one of my senses I slowly masturbated myself to a climax and added my load of spunk to the pants.

I was happy; I enjoyed what I had done; I liked where I was at. Was I gay? Pass; not sure on that one yet. Time will tell.

The end.

September 2018
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