I was in a trance through the rest of the night and into the next day. Every scintilla of my attention was focused on one thing, Jolene.

I had an older friend buy the bottle of Southern Comfort and a twelve pack of beer for us. He took another twelve pack for his trouble.

Around noon, my parents said goodbye. I filled the refrigerator with beer and made sure we had plenty of ice cubes. Then I raced over to Bobby’s house to spread the news. As I ran threw Buster’s back yard, he didn’t even try to chase me. He just lazily watched me pass. As I did, I said to Buster, pounding my chest, “I’m the big dog now.” I leaped the fence and vaulted into Bobby’s back yard. Jolene was only standing a couple of feet away, and I almost ran into to her. It startled her, she screeched and fell back on her butt.

“Whoa! Jolene,” I blurted out. “Sorry!”

“For goodness sake, Richard! You nearly scared my pants off.”

I reached down and helped her back up.

“I bet that was your plan all along.” She patted my cheek. “You’re so anxious to get them off, aren’t you?” She dusted her bottom.

“Ah…well…ya. That is why I’m here. You are most certainly right,” I said grinning.

“Naughty boy,” she replied.

“My place is all ready for tonight. Are you?”

“Mmmmm. I do believe I am.” She leaned close and whispered in my ear. “My pussy has been wet all day thinking about it.” She giggled, pushed me away and ran to the tire swing.

“Come push me, Richie. You don’t mind if I call you Richie, do you?”

“You can me anything you want, Jolene.”

I got behind her, pulled her back as high as I could and gave her a push. She squealed. When she came back towards me, she looked over her shoulder.

“I have a confession to make,” she said and swung out away from me. When she came back at me and asked her what it was.

“I just like you so much,” she said and swung out again. Back in, I put my hands against her hips and pushed.

“I like you too.” She flew out away from me, squealed again at the top of her arc and came back.

“I mean,” she said. “You’re such a better lover than Bobby.” I pushed her and away she went; then back again.

“Don’t get me wrong, he’s a sweetie.” I pushed once more enjoying the feel of her hips in my hands. And she swung back again.

“But when I’m with him, I’m wishing it’s you.” When she came back, I grabbed the swung and stopped its motion. She leaned back against my chest. The smell of her hair was intoxicating. She reached back and put her hand on my crotch.

“Jolene, he’s my best friend. I can’t do anything to hurt our friendship.”

“I’m not asking you to, Richie. I just wanted you to know. You’re my favorite guy.” Her fingers caressed my cock into an erection.

“The three of us will have a great time, tonight, but I want a lot more alone time with you.”

“Okay,” was all I could manage to say. I wanted to tell I her I loved her, I adored her and I was willing to do and be anything she wanted of me. I’d walk over broken glass bare foot into hell itself. Well…almost.

She stood up from the swing, turned around, looked down at my boner and smiled. She reached up high on the rope and looked at me with her sexiest leer.

“Do you love me, Richie?”

“I’m crazy about you.”

“Tell me you love me.” The tip of her tongue darted out and wet her lips.

“I love you, Jolene.”

She reached out and ran a finger tip over my lips.

“I think I love you too.”

“What about Bobby?” I didn’t want anything to hurt my friendship, but Jolene was clearly in control, and I was clearly putty in her hands. She pushed her finger into my mouth.

“I’ll keep Bobby happy sugar, but I’ll be thinking of you. Is that okay?”

“Yes, Jolene; what ever you want.” There, I said it. I relinquished all control.

The back door slammed, and Bobby came bounding out to join us.

“Hey, bro,” he said.

“Hey, dude.”

“Bobby, tell Richie what you and I did last night,” Jolene said with a chuckle.

“Richie? How cute.”

“Fuck you, Bobby.”

“Tell him what you did to me.” She twisted around still clinging to the rope. Bobby looked back over his shoulder at the house; then he nervously laughed.

“Jolene has this…ah…long dildo thing. She had me use it on her.” Bobby looked uncomfortable.

“You aren’t much of a story teller, Bobby,” she scolded him. “He took my long dildo thing, slid it deep into my pussy, turned on the vibrator and fucked me crazy! I thought I was going to die.” Jolene laughed.

“Woo wee! And then…he stuck it up my tight little bung hole, and ass fucked me good! I nearly fainted with happiness and joy.” As she spoke, her words were interspersed with laughter.

“Wow,” I said. I looked at Booby and then back at Jolene. Bobby was blushing. “Wish I could have been there.”

“Don’t worry, sugar. I’ll have you both at the same time tonight.”

Jolene clearly loved to embarrass and play us. I loved it, but I’m not sure how Bobby felt about it.

“Look boys, I have to go get ready. You are taking me to the all night movies, right?”

“Yes, mam,” I said and bowed. “We will have your chariot waiting, my queen.” She giggled and ran off toward the house.

After Jolene went inside, I looked at Bobby and tried to read his face. He was unusually quiet.

“Bobby, you okay with this?”

“Oh, sure, man. I mean…I don’t know. It is kind of…weird.”

“But fun, right?”

“Well, sure,” Bobby said. “But still…”

“Okay, man. What’s up?”

“I’m starting to feel bad because she my cousin.”

“You feel guilty?”

“Ya, I guess so. It’s wrong, right? Incest and all that?” I nodded my head. I wasn’t about to admit I’d love it if Bobby were out of the picture. The idea of Jolene all to myself for the summer was too much to dream about.

“Look Bobby. If you feel that way, then maybe we should just cancel.” He shook his head.

“No way. You and Jolene can go at it. At least I’m not a virgin any more. The guilt is worth that. No use spoiling it for you.”

“Wow,” I said and sat down in the swing.

After several long minutes of silence, Bobby cleared his throat.

“Look, bro. You better go clean up and look like you’re going to a theater. I’m going for walk. Maybe I will go to the movies by myself.”

“Ah, man,” I protested and stood. “This is bogus, dude.”

“No, it’s cool. I just can’t do it.” Bobby turned and ran down the dirt driveway and disappeared.

“Well, fuck a duck,” I muttered, but the voice in my head said, yay!

The back door opened, and Jolene’s father, a big burly man came down the steps toward me.

“Howdy, young man,” he said.

“Hello, sir,” I replied. We shook hands.

“You taking my little girl to this all night movie deal?”

“Ah…well, yes sir, with your permission.”

“Bobby’s parents say you’re a pretty good egg, so I guess its okay. When will you have her home?”

“It usually gets out around three or four. If it’s okay, we’ll stop for breakfast and be home no later than six.”

“That’s what I’ll expect then,” he said, punched me roughly in the shoulder with a stern look and walked away. The punch was clearly a message, or more likely a warning. My bruised shoulder could have cared less. What ever Jolene had in store for me would be worth any thrashing that man could give.

Just before dusk, I arrived at the front of Bobby’s house and knocked on the door. Bobby’s mother opened and invited me in. I had showered, shaved what facial hair I had, brushed my teeth and put on a nice pair of pants and shirt.

“Hi Richard,” she said. “How’s your folks?”

“Pretty god, Mrs. C.”

“You tell them hello for me.”

“I will. They’re in LA right now.”

“Oh, God forbid. I don’t envy that traffic.” She called out behind her. “Jolene, sweetie. Richard is here.”

After a few minutes, Jolene came around the hall corner. She wore a dress that hit her mid knee, and a cute blouse with little hearts all over it. Her hair was tied back in a pony tail.

“Hi,” I said. I was taken by how sweet and chaste she looked.

“Hi Richie,” she said. “Good night folks.” She kissed her dad’s cheek as he glared at me. I tried to smile.

“Good night Mrs. C,” I said, and Jolene and I went out the door, down the steps and started walking toward down town. She put her hand in my arm.

“You look very handsome, Richie.”

“You look…gorgeous as ever.” She squeezed my arm.

“There you go. Being so sweet to me. You’re the best.”

We walked for a couple of blocks before we turned the corner and double backed toward my house.

“It’s too bad about Bobby,” she said. “What happened?” I was surprised she didn’t know.

“Ah…” I didn’t want to break his confidence, but I went ahead and told her. “He was having a problem with the whole…cousin thing. You know? Incest.”

“Ohh. So sensitive. We aren’t even first cousins. My goodness! Second and third cousin are fucking all over the planet,” she said with laugh. “It’s good, clean fun.” I joined in her infectious laughter. I couldn’t disagree. I had a couple of cousins I’d love to have some good clean, fun with.

It was almost dark as we approach my house, and she took my arm and put it around her. She wrapped her arm around me.

“Well, at least I get you all to myself. But I was looking for a little threesome action. I’ve never done that before.”

“You’re kidding,” I said flabbergasted. “I thought you’d done everything.” She laughed big.

“Uh, uh,” she replied. “I haven’t even been fucked in the…you know…back door before. I’m hoping you can do that for me. See,” she said, stopped and turned to face me. She took my hand in hers. “I still have a virgin hole and the cherry belongs to you.” I held her hand as we walked up to me door. Before entering, we stopped, faced each other, and planted a long, wet kiss against our lips. Her tongue swirled into my mouth. Mine darted back into hers. My cock was ready to tear through my pants.

We went straight to the kitchen, and I mixed up a couple of drinks. Jolene hopped up on the kitchen counter and hiked up her skirt high enough to show me she wasn’t wearing panties.

“Damn, Jolene,” I said and stared down at her sweet, bald mound at the top of her gorgeous legs. “I’d be dead right now if your daddy knew you weren’t wearing panties.” She giggled.

She took her drink, and sipped on it looking at me over the top of her glass.

“You know what my pussy needs right now?” She slid a little closer to the edge of the counter. I shook my head.

“Guess,” she commanded.

“It needs to be licked?” I said the obvious. She smiled broadly and nodded her head up and down.

I took a long sip of my drink, set it down on the counter and fell to me knees.

Her pussy was so pretty. She spread her legs wider. I reached in, gently parted the delicate lips and gazed at her inner sanctum of feminine beauty. I leaned in and inhaled. I loved the way her pussy smelled.

“What a perfect flower,” I whispered. I looked up at her and smiled. “Your pussy smells so good.”

“You talk so nice to me, Richie.” She brushed my hair off my forehead. “No body has ever talked to me like you do.”

“Wet my finger,” I said and held the index finger up to her mouth. She leaned forward, took it into her mouth and slobber all over it. I brought my hand back down and slowly extended it toward her open vagina until the tip softly touched her clit. She moaned, and her thighs and stomach muscles twitched a little. I looked back up. Her eyes were closed and her head tilted back.

I started rubbing my finger in little circles around the flower petal like inner pussy, passing over her clit with each circle. Jolene continued to moan.

“You know, Jolene,” I said almost in a whisper. She brushed her fingers across my hair as if to say she was listening.

“I’ve never know anyone like you. You’re the perfect woman.” I was just beginning to figure out how to have some power in this relationship. Jolene definitely liked to be sweet talked, and I liked to talk that way. But everything I said was true, and she loved it and I loved saying it.

“You’re beautiful. You’re bright. Your sooo sexy.” My finger continued its journey around her vagina. “Your pussy tastes like ambrosia and smells like a flower. You make me feel better than I’ve ever felt in my whole life. And when I’m inside you, I feel like I’ve come home.” I really poured it on. Jolene groaned, put her hand behind my head and pulled my face into the vortex of her warmth and wetness.

“Oh, Richie,” she said as my tongue dove into her sweet, tight tunnel of love. My hands groped up to her breasts and gently kneaded the soft, pillowy mounds. She placed her hands over mine and started rocking her hips.

I lifted her knees up and her head fell back with a thud into the wall cabinet. She didn’t say a word. I lifted her legs over my shoulders and pressed my face tighter into her softness. Her breathing became heavy, and her pussy became wetter.

As I slid my finger inside her, I started sucking on her clitty. Jolene shuddered and gripped my head tighter.

“Oh, god, Richie. You eat my pussy so good. You make me feel so good.” Her body began to quake. The juices began running over my chin and my hand. She humped and shook and groaned.

“Yes, yes, baby. Suck mama’s clitty.” She cradled my head and every time I sucked and pumped my finger in and out she said, “Oh, oh, oh.” I truly loved the taste of her vagina. The inside texture was so smooth. Her clit began to grow fatter and extended out for my tongue and lips. I tried to get my lips around it, but it was still too small. My mouth was plastered against her with the clitty in the center as I sucked on her sensitive flesh. Apparently that was enough. Jolene humped and twitched and bucked against my face.

“Ahhhh,” she started screaming, “Richie!” As an orgasm swept her away, she flooded my face with her delicious lady cum. I was in haven. Jolene was indeed an angel of mercy.

As she started to relax and giggle, she pushed me away.

“Oh, you sweet, sweet lover boy,” she said and slid off the counter. I took her in my arms. She kissed my sloppy wet face over and over.

“I love to eat your pussy, Jolene.”

“Oh,” was all she said and continued her little kisses all over my face and neck.

“And I love you,” I muttered. When I did, she pressed her lips to mine, slithered her tongue into my mouth and kissed me deeply.

After a long kiss, she leaned away and looked into my eyes,

“I love you too,” she whispered, and gently caressed the side of my face. “You’re so sweet to me. I just adore how you talk to me.” She put her head against my chest and snuggled.

We stood there in the kitchen holding each other. I couldn’t believe how I felt. I’d never been in love like this before. I wasn’t sure it really was love, but it was the best feeling in the world. She sighed heavily and stated talking in a soft voice.

“No one has ever talked to me like you do, Richie.” She kissed my neck. “The boys back home are more interested in a quick BJ, a hand job or a fast fuck. They never talk sweet like you do. I know I talk like a slut, and I guess I really am one, but you make me feel so special.”

I kissed the side of her head and said, “You are special, Jolene. You’re the most wonderful woman in the world. I like it that you’re so free sexually. I love how you talk slutty. Let me spend the summer showing you how special you are.”

“Oh,” she gasped and clung to me. “I am yours, Richie. Make me feel special.” She kissed my deeply. I sucked on her tongue when she slid it into my mouth.

“That’s good to hear, my sweet wonderful Jolene. Now I’d like to take you up stairs to the bedroom. I don’t want a quick BJ or hand job, and I’m not interested in a fast fuck. I want to hold you into my arms, and make love to you all night long. I want to show you just how special you are.” I didn’t know where this stuff was coming from, but I was on a roll.

I kissed her deeply again, swept her up in my arms, and carried her up the stairs. We struggled a few times, and I almost dropped her. By the time we got to my parent’s bedroom, we were full of giggles and I tossed her on the bed.

I then teased her and talked in my worst Oklahoma accent.

“Now little lady, you give me that quick blow job so I can go down to the pool hall and have a few beers with the boys.” She laughed and scooted away from the edge of the bed.

“Don’t make me come after you.” I grabbed her ankles and pulled her back toward me. She screamed and kicked her feet, but some how I managed to hang on.

All at once she stopped. Her face became very serious. I knelt on the edge of the bed and slowly lowered myself down on top of her. I looked down into her lovely face.

“Are you really in love with me?” She asked. I didn’t answer immediately. I just looked into her dark, brown eyes.

“Let me ask you a question,’ I finally said. “Have you ever been in love?” She blinked a couple of times.

“I don’t know. I thought I was. But he was…a rat. I guess not so that it was ever returned.”

“I’ve never been in love. So I’m not sure what I feel for you is love, but I swear to God, Jolene, my heart is so…so…full for you. I hope this feeling never ends. Maybe it will. Maybe you’ll go back to Oklahoma, marry some rich oil man and leave me with the memories of the most wonderful summer of my life. But tonight…right now…ya, baby, I’m so in love with you.” She smiled.

“I’ll take that.” She started unbuttoning my shirt. “I surely do feel a whole lotta love for you.” She pulled the shirt down my back and ran her hands over my chest.

“Richie, no matter what happens when I go back to Oklahoma; while I’m here, let’s pretend were crazy in love.” I lowered my face and kissed her.

“That won’t be hard, Jolene. I am crazy in love with you.”

“Me too; It’s so much fun being in love,” she said, hooked her legs around my hips and twisted, rolling my on my back. She came up straddling me.

I unbuttoned her blouse and she tossed it off the bed. She reached behind her and unhooked her bra. When her breasts fell forward, I caught my breath.

“God, these are beautiful.” I ran my fingers lightly over her nipples watching them stiffen and grow erect.

“Uu that feels real good.” She arched her back pushing her breasts out. Her skin was soft and smooth and flawless. She rocked forward, put a hand on either side of my head and lowered a nipple to my lips. I reached up with a tongue and swirled it around the bumpy areola. The nipple became more erect. I took it into my mouth and gently sucked. Jolene moaned.

After a few minutes of switching her nipples back and forth in my mouth, she slid down my body and started undoing my belt and pants. I put my hands behind my head and watched. She pulled the zipper down, pushed the pants open and my cock bulged up under my boxer shorts.

She started kissing and biting my cock through my shorts. I groaned and moaned. Very slowly she rolled the top edge of my shorts down until the head of my cock cane into view. Jolene swirled her tongue over it, kissing and licking.

“Mama wants to see her baby’s cock.” She sat up, and I elevated my hips. Jolene slid my pants and shorts down my legs, over my feet and pushed them to the floor.

“Mmmm. Mama likes,” she whispered and took my swollen, throbbing member in her hands.

“Uuuu. It looks like it might explode,” she said with a giggled. I assured her it was about to do just that.

She cupped my balls in one hand, held my cock in the other and squeezed, making my glans swell up into a purple ball. She made little animal sounds as she lowered her lips to the head, kissed it a couple of times and then swallowed it and the shaft. Her tongue rolled around massaging the velvet skin of my cock head. I closed my eyes, and the room spun.

“Jolene,” I said in a long drawn-out gasp. Her mouth moved up and down on my cock. She ran her lips from the crown of the head all the way down to the base. Her fingers tickled my balls. Every few seconds, she ran a finger gently over my ass hole. Up and down. In and out. When she stopped her mouth movement to suck solely on the head, she used her hand to stroke the shaft.

I go to a small, private school. Going to a private school in a small southern town pretty much decides that you are going to have no excitement in your life. Our school is very small. The type where everyone is in every club/sports team imaginable. One bad thing about being part of a small school, news travels fast, lighting fast. So there was no way I could ever let this get out.

One day, during class, I had to take a piss. now normally the teachers do not let us leave class, but this was an emergency. After explaining my desperation to the teacher, she finally let me leave class. I scurried down the hall and barely had enough time to get my cock out my fly before pissing my pants. Seeing no one else in the bathroom, I let out an audible sigh of relief, which was followed by me throwing my head back and dropping my shoulders. As I was pissing I heard the door open, so I quickly straightened up in order to not look like an idiot reclining in front of the urinal. Questions filled my head as to who could be in the bathroom during class. Because of the strict rules, it was very rare to have multiple people in the bathroom at one time, at least while class was in session. I peered over my shoulder and saw that it was Hunter.

Hunter was one of the most popular boys in school. He was the hottest guys we had in high school, ever. Being the Senior football star, girls loved him. His big, white smile, broad shoulders, large, defined biceps, and a chest and abs like a brick wall. His long, flowing, blonde hair and tan skin made him the epitome of a Baywatch model. As an added bonus, behind the stunning good looks, he had a personality that was likable by everyone. There was no question as to why he was the most popular guy on campus.

Hunter had been sent in to tuck in his shirt (yes, it’s so strict that you must come in the bathroom to tuck your shirt in). When I realized it was him, my heart jumped, and so did my cock.

I never considered my self gay, but everyone has their gay crush and Hunter was mine. There were many times when I had jacked off to the thought of me and him doing something, anything. If I would have one wish it would be to be able to get with Hunter, even if it was just once. Being half way into my Senior year, I knew I was running out of time if Hunter and I were going to do anything.

I walked away from the urinal with my pants undone while I tucked in my shirt and fixed the position of my member before locking him in his cage. As I walked up to the sink, avoiding the silence, Hunter says,

“Our Teachers are such bitches! I mean like my shirt is that big of a fucking deal.”

I nodded my head and replied,

“Ya but what more can you expect from this shitty school.”

I looked towards hunter and saw him with his shorts down to his knees, reveling the full length of his dark grey sliding shorts. They were so tight up against his toned thighs, but then my eyes worked their way up to his bulge. I had seen Hunter sporting a pretty big bulge through basketball shorts, but i never imagined it to be like this. It looked like he had stuffed a softball in his crotch. Trying to not make it obvious, I tried to look away but found it impossible. The size of the massive bulge was incredible. My dick leapt with joy, begging to escape from my boxers, but I reached my hand down and shifted him to the right. How big are his balls? I wondered. There is no way his dick could be that big. As I focused on the bulge, a visible outline of a dick could be seen, but no head. Was he really that big?

Trying to keep off his crotch, I led my eyes up to hunters torso. Knowing he had a great body, it was not odd for Hunter to check himself out in the mirror. He slowly lifted his shirt, reveling his beautifully defined “V”, and pulsing 8-pack. He lifted it up to his neck, also showing off his large pecs. I couldn’t control myself, my dick became rock hard in a matter of seconds. I stared at him in amazement as he ran his delicate hand across his sexy body, flicking his nipples and slowly running them back down towards his hips. All I wanted to do was tackle him and slowly and passionately make out with him (plus a few extra actions). Avoiding the awkward silence, I spoke up.

“Damn son! How the hell did you get a body like that?”

“Oh this? Ya it’s nice huh? I mean, I work out everyday, so I imagine that’s got something to do with it. You like it?” Hunter said.

“Who wouldn’t like it? Dude your like a fucking body builder!” I exclaimed.

“Hehe, ya I get that a lot.” He replied.

“Gee, I wonder when you hear things like that?”, I toyed.

Hunter laughed, “Well ya know, mostly when I’m on top of um.”

We both laughed.

“And are you like smuggling baseballs are something?” I questioned.

“Huh?” He looked at me confused.

I looked and nodded towards his crotch.

“Oh hahaha, ya it is pretty big huh?” Hunter answered.

“Big is an understatement.” I said.

Keeping his shirt by his chin, he reached down and grabbed his large bulge.

“And you know, people think that it’s big because of my balls, but nope, that’s majority dick in there.” Hunter explained.

“Are you serious?” I questioned.

“Yes sir, watch I’ll show you.”

When he said that, I almost fell to my knees. All I came here for was to take a piss, but now I’m getting to see Hunter’s actual cock! He dropped his shirt and reached down to pull out his piece of meat. When his sliding shorts lowered, I saw a massive, 6 inch, soft cock flop out of his underwear. He rubbed his dick and played with his balls to get them off of his leg. He lifted his shirt and turned his pelvis towards me, allowing me to get a good look at it.

“See that bulge is from 6 inches of cock, not no low hangers.” Hunter said.

All I could do was stare in amazement and in awe. Me and Hunter were never ones to talk an a daily basis, but now here he as in front of me, half naked for my own viewing pleasure. His eighteen year old, long, thick, cut cock lay soft on top of his nice balls. His shaven pubes and body made him mirror the image of an Abercrombie model.

“Well I guess you like it.” Hunter said, staring at my 7 inch cock bulging from my shorts.

“Oh um, well, I…” I tried to hide my hard on and give an explanation other than “I want to fuck you”

“Dude it’s cool, I even get wood from looking at myself, but I mean, with this sexy body how can you not?” Hunter joked, as he rubbed his hand up and down his body, and down to his dick.

“Plus it seems like you got some nice sized dick too. Let’s see what you got there.”

Full of excitement, I quickly undid my pants and dropped my American Eagle boxers to my ankles. The moment the elastic left my dick, 7 inches of rock hard meat flew forward pointing straight at Hunter. I reached down and rubbed my stiff boner and tugged at my full low hangers. Hunter stared intensely at my member, while reaching down and rubbing his growing dick.

“Damn dude, your even making me get a hard on.”

To hear Hunter actually say that to me made me full of excitement. Hunters cock continued to grow as he slowly jacked it off.

“So you already getting me hard, would you mind helping me out with it too? It’s not like I can go back to class with wood.” Hunter asked me.

I couldn’t think of anything to say to him, so I just walked straight to him and pressed my lips onto his. You could tell Hunter as taken aback but he quickly relaxed and opened his mouth, pressing his tongue into my mouth.

He backed up against the counter and grabbed my face while intensely showing his affection to me. As we made out, I lowered my hands to his cock and slowly began stroking. He then took my shirt off and I helped him remove his, then we were fully naked. I licked and bit his hard nipples and he tugged at mine. I liked that. After a few more kisses, I lowered myself to his cock and slowly began to kiss the tip of his pecker. I got on my knees and licked his wide piss-hole, begging for his sweet juices that were sure to come.

I wrapped my lips around his wide cock head and saw him tremble in ecstasy.

“Oh shit dude, that feels good!” Hunter said, clenching the edge of the counter. I lowered my mouth and came back up. His now fully hard dick pulsed, waiting to be sucked. I looked down at the 9 inch rod and worried if I could take it all. Without hesitation, I tried anyway. I lowered my head on his dick, lubing it up with my wet mouth. I grabbed it with two hands but still had plenty more dick to play with. I stroked the base of his cock as I sucked his head. I tried to get in a rhythm before I deep throated it.

“Take it all the way baby.” Hunter begged.

I felt a sudden sense of confidence just because he called me baby. The thought of me being his baby made me excited and ready to please him even more. I took a deep breath and lowered toward his body. I could feel his big dick curving down my throat.

I opened my eyes when my nose touched his smooth, hairless, body. I had did it, and without gagging. I felt so proud. Hunter moaned in pleasure. I wanted to do it again. I deep throated Hunter maybe ten more times sending him to the edge. I released his dick and sucked on his cum-filled balls, which he liked.

“Lemme face-fuck you baby, please let me do it.” His kindness made me want to do it even more. I opened my mouth as Hunter grabbed the back of my head with two hands and he began to thrust. He grunted loudly with every thrust. He forcefully humped my face. All I wanted to do was make him happy.

He took his dick out of my slippery, wet mouth and pulled on my chin, asking for me to rise. I stood up and he pressed his tongue into my mouth. He grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me close to him, our rock hard dicks being pressed in between our bodies. As we kissed, he lowered his hand to my crack and began rubbing my virgin, eighteen year old hole. It felt so good and it made my dick throb even more. I did the same for him, massaging his muscular cheeks with one hand and inching my finger into his crack. We both moaned as we teased each other’s asses.

“Please fuck me daddy.” I whispered into his ear. You could tell he enjoyed being called daddy. He pressed one finger into my virgin hole, it hurt like hell, but i knew it was gong to get better. He flipped me around, bending me over the counter. He bent down and began rimming my asshole, lubing it up. I arched my back and breathed loudly, telling him that I was pleased. He ate me out for a while and then spit on my hole. He rubbed some spit on his dick and pressed his rod to my ass. I reached back, and spread my cheeks, welcoming him to his temporary residence. As his dick entered my hole I whimpered in pain. He played with my hair in an attempt to soothe me.

“It only hurts for a minute, then it feels like paradise.” He reassured me. Waiting for the pain to go away, I clinched my teeth and whimpered with my head against the wall. Hunter humped nice and slow, trying to open up my tight ass. He now was able to put his whole dick inside me.

Once all 9 inches were in, I felt at ease. He began to go faster, grabbing my hips for a brace. I felt him hit my prostate and I moaned in happiness. My dick sprung up and slapped against the counter. He thrust harder and faster now. We were both panting and moaning as we passionately made sweet love to each other.

“Oh Yes Hunter rite there!”

“You like this baby? Do you like it? Tell me you do!”

“Damnit I love you inside meee!!! God, fuck me Hunter!, FUCK ME HUNTER!!!, YES! YES! YES!!!”

“Oh shit baby I can’t last much longer.” Hunter said in between pants.

“I want to taste your cum in my mouth!” I replied.

Hunter wrapped his arms around me and began jacking off my cock. We both were not going to last much longer. Hunter then flipped me over and I dropped to my knees. I jacked off while I sucked his pulsing cock.

“Oh shit baby here it comes, here it is. Open wide!!! UGH UGH OH OH OH SHIT SHIT YES OH God!!!!” Hunter yelled as sperts of his sweet juices filled my mouth. I gagged a little as I tried to swallow it all. I milked his long cock. We both cummed at the same time. I looked down at my cum-filed hand and the stream of cum on the bathroom floor. I stood up and we kissed again. Hunter grabbed my hand and licked it clean, swallowing the cum that was on it. He delightfully swallowed like it was a sweet treat. We kissed once more before we got dressed.

“Baby, you are awesome!” Hunter said to me as he pulled his shirt down over his abs, winked, and left the bathroom. I checked myself in the mirror, and went back deciding how I was going to excuse my long absence.

Probably don’t mention this one to the Wedding Planner.

Or your Mother-in-Law.

Hope you enjoy.


Wedding Night

You get used to hearing stories about weddings. When you’re engaged, everyone wants to tell you how to have the perfect wedding (like they did) or how to avoid disaster (like Shirley and Jack and the cheese fondue). You smile and nod, or exclaim and deplore respectively. It’s usual for the bride-to-be to be in charge of the arrangements, so I happily left everything to Angelica. I bet you’ve never heard a wedding story like ours!

Angelica is sweet. From the moment I met her I was captivated. She has a bright smile, a very cute dimple in one cheek and gorgeous blue eyes. Her short, strawberry blonde hair gleams in the sun. She’s shy and affectionate. I really don’t know what she saw in me, but whatever it is, I’m glad she found me. Angelica is a doll.

So, to the wedding.

Angelica’s family were very conservative, so she wanted to have a very traditional ceremony. Church, priest the lot: very formal. And so we were married in high state at one of the city’s cathedrals, the sound of the organ echoing up through the vault. My Angel — as I call her — wore a stunning white gown with a train. Candles everywhere. Flowers and bunting on the pews. Pages and flower girls. Confetti, tears and laughter.

The reception afterwards was a testimony to my girl’s taste and style. It was elegant, but not over-done. Sophisticated, but not expensive. Classy, but comfortable. I’d say ‘really nice’, but guys aren’t allowed to get away with weak descriptions like that. Oh, it had the odd moment with awkward relatives and misunderstandings after a few drinks, but on the whole it went off well. Even the speeches were tasteful. A dance or two, the usual hilarity with the bouquet and garter and then we were gone. It was a whirlwind day.

We drove ourselves to the hotel we’d booked a room at for the night. The lads had done the obligatory stunt with the ‘just married’ tag and tin cans, but we didn’t mind. Angelica snuggled up to me as we drove and I remember feeling a strange mix of emotions; I was elated, exhausted, sentimental and horny all in one.

Let me explain that last bit. I mentioned that Angelica’s folks were traditional. So was she, in a way. She’d looked at me seriously during our second date.

“Paul, I haven’t dated many guys. I’m still a virgin, and I want to stay that way until I’m married. I want my husband to be my first.”

I respected that, though. I really liked the girl. Don’t get me wrong, she wasn’t frigid. We had some pretty hot make-out sessions. Several times she had to stop me before I lost control! Though thinking back later, it occurred to me that her condition was pretty carefully worded. Was that a coincidence?

Anyways, now we were married and I was really looking forward to tonight. I knew she was too, because she’d been winding me up the whole day. Secret touches and caresses. Smoky looks. Disguised kisses with way too much tongue. There was almost a moment where we were going to cut the cake and me with a huge boner bulging the front of my trousers. Fortunately, good old Aunt May decided that was the time to show off her ‘famous’ dance moves, which bought me a few minutes. Angelica just gave me a saucy smile.

I wasn’t the only one having troubles though. Angelica had three bridesmaids. I’d nicknamed them the ‘three musketeers’. Lena, Justine and Chrissie. They were nice enough girls but, together, they had ‘Danger!’ written all over. Lena was slim and athletic and, though I thought her face was a little hard for my taste and her personality a little too edgy, that wasn’t the first thing you noticed. Well, guys anyways. Lena had a fantastic rack. And she wore her dark hair just below the shoulder so, if you just happened to miss them the first time, your eyes followed the natural fall of those wavy locks right down to … what was I saying? You get the idea. So did most of the men at the wedding.

Angelica had chosen strapless dresses for the bridesmaids. They were a beautiful design and really very tasteful. Except that they really emphasised Lena’s assets. I actually didn’t mind because it kept the unwanted attentions of half-pissed young men away from my girl. Even odds, though, as to how many of the wet stains on the tablecloths were spilt drink or drool. Or worse. I’m pretty sure ‘dirty’ Uncle Frank, who’d stared sleazily at her all night, made the most of the dimmed lights to jerk off under the table.

My boys had managed to behave themselves pretty well. It was probably fortunate they sat beside me without a direct line of sight to the bridesmaids. Josh did get a bit flustered giving the ‘bridesmaids’ toast’…

I’ve gotten off track again. Well, I haven’t really — you needed to know about the ‘three musketeers’. Trust me.

We arrived at the hotel and the best sound I’d heard all day (other than my Angel’s voice saying ‘I do’, of course) was the latch of the door as it closed behind the bellboy. Angelica and I were alone at last. Alone and married! She shot me a smoky look over her shoulder as she went into the bathroom. I had to be really firm with myself (seriously, no pun intended) to stop racing in after her. The effort was worth it. When the door slowly opened, she stood there in a sheer negligee which left absolutely nothing to the imagination. And believe me; I’ve a pretty good imagination.

I’ve told you she was sweet and unaffected. Indulge me for a bit here while I — respectfully of course — tell you a bit more about my Angel. Her figure was petite and trim; her breasts medium-sized and perky. Just right-sized for her. A gorgeous cute ass and great legs. Watching her standing there I was struck by just how perfect she was. The mirror light in the bathroom behind gave her strawberry blonde hair a flame corona. She was divine. My Angel.

She tried hard, but couldn’t pull the siren thing off without bursting out laughing. So did I. She ran across the room and jumped into my arms giggling, smothering my face with kisses.

“I love you, Paul, so much!”

“And you, stunning Angel, are soon going to find out just how much I love you!” I replied.

She left my arms, laughing and skipped — seriously — to the bed. It doesn’t sound hot, but trust me it was. Think Goldilocks, but with nothing on underneath! The glimpses of her naked ass as her negligee swished were pure poetry. I was seriously hard as I followed her to bed.

She pulled a couple of towels from the top of her suitcase. I was non-plussed for a moment as she laid them out on the bed. Oh, virgin. Right. It was a timely reminder that I needed to be gentle with her. She had saved herself for me and deserved a wonderful first experience. Start slow. Down boy!

I took her in my arms and kissed her slowly; mouth, neck and downwards from there. Somehow we lost our clothes: I really don’t remember. What I do recall clearly is her perfect breasts. How the nipples hardened as I licked and kissed them to attention. Her fingers through my hair as I ran my hands down the beautiful curves of her body. The soft down between her legs. Her moan of pleasure as I carefully parted her and began soft, smooth strokes. The desire urgent in her voice.

“Please Paul, take me”, she whimpered.

“Not yet, Angel”.

I ran my tongue slowly over her stomach, kissing her navel. I teased the hair on her mound with my mouth. I gently explored her glorious pussy, reverently licking every fold and feature. I told you I had a good imagination. And she was everything I’d pictured, and more. How could a guy like me get this lucky?

She groaned as she came. It was magic to my ears.

“Oh… oh … oh, Paauuullll. Paul! Paul, baby!”

I continued to caress her as her body spasmed as the orgasm washed through her. After a few minutes she sat up slowly and took me in her arms.

“Darling, that was really wonderful. Please, will you take me now? I want you inside of me so badly.”

A tremulous smile and a little tear rolled down her check. God, I love her. My sweet, precious Angel.

She reached down to touch my cock. My soldier was standing proudly to attention.

“Paul, you’re huge!”

“Thanks for the flattery honey”, I laughed, “but I don’t think I’m that big!”

I figure I’m about average. Then it occurred to me that Angelica — so innocent and all — had probably never seen an erect penis before.

“I’ve watched a few a dirty movies, but they show a lot more of the women than the men.”

OK, maybe not quite so innocent.

“We — the girls — also discuss stuff and they’ve told me a bit. Shown me some stuff, too.”

The ‘musketeers’? Bloody hell, scratch innocent altogether!

She must have noticed my expression and blushed. She blushes beautifully by the way. Did I tell you I’m totally captivated by her?

“I may have been saving myself for you, darling, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t prepared for you.”


“My turn now. Before you fuck me.”

What the …? Where did that come from!

I didn’t have time to think anything else before I was completely absorbed by the feeling of her mouth on my cock. She ran her tongue around and underneath my head. She sucked and licked me gently, then hungrily. She took half my length down her throat.

“Angel, I’m going to explode if you keep doing that”, I gasped.

She looked up at me with those beautiful blue eyes, through lowered lashes. Her lips were stretched around my cock and yet somehow she managed to look as though she was smiling. God, that was hot!

“I ‘ow”, she said.

And slid down my entire length. The heat of her throat, the feeling of her tongue around my shaft was sensational. I couldn’t hold it.

“Aaaaggh, Angel …”

I shivered as I felt the cum erupt from me into her throat. Then she gagged and choked. I withdrew from her as quickly as I could while she coughed and spluttered by semen over the bed. I felt like a right bastard. I stroked her head while she recovered. Tears rolled down her cheeks.

“I’m sorry, Paul. I need a bit more practice”, she rasped.

“No honey, I’m sorry. You were pretty brave taking me like that. I should have given you more notice.”

I rewarded her courage by taking her in my arms and laying her gently back on the bed. I stroked her and kissed her, murmuring little endearments in her ear until I felt her start to respond. Her body awoke. Suddenly her hands were all over me as much as mine on her. Her mouth fastened to mine like a leech and her tongue invaded me aggressively. She threw a leg over me and rolled me to my back and sat on my stomach. She was panting hard and her beautiful tits were heaving up and down.

“Steady, tiger”, I cautioned her.

“Thank you”, she said, and leaned forward to kiss me. “I’ll be careful, just let me pace it.”

And she lifted her hips. The bathroom light was still on and I will never forget the sight of her in silhouette. I could see every detail of her magnificent pussy defined in sharp contrast. A string of thick fluid as she spread her lips to take me into her. I watched the thread sag as she slowly lowered herself and pause momentarily before contact. I felt its gossamer touch on the tip of my pulsing cock. It’s lucky she was on top, because I would have lost it right there otherwise. She was driving me insane with need!

She lowered herself slowly onto me and every moment of that glorious descent was agonising ecstasy. I could feel her warmth, her heat, the supple velvety texture of her vagina. She paused as we reached the point of her resistance.

“It’s OK, baby”, I murmured and reached out to stroke her hip and thigh. She was trembling like a leaf.

“Paul, I want you so badly. I want … I need … the hurt.”

And she pushed herself down. A quavering intake of breath. A hot rush over my groin. Another tear rolling down one cheek. I levered myself up carefully so as not to disturb her and, half propped, reached out to gently wipe it away. She nestled her cheek into my hand and nuzzled my fingers. She stayed like that, kissing me softly and gently, licking my fingers and my palm as she started to slowly move. When she raised her head, I drifted my hand downward to play with her breasts, trace around her nipples, revelling in the feel of her body.

She reached down and grabbed my shoulders, pulling me up to her. We held each other as we came, my Angel sitting in my lap. I felt her fluids over my balls at the moment that I thrust upward to spray myself deep inside her. She kissed me hard, moaning my name and rocking with the sensations of her orgasm. God, what a woman!


We cleaned up the towels. Then we took a shower together. She had bled and we were both sticky. It’s these practical things that don’t feature in the romance novels. Or those dirty movies.

We popped the cork on a bottle of champagne. I raided the mini bar for chocolate while Angelica poured. We snuggled comfortably on the bed enjoying our impromptu supper. Angelica was a little restless. Eventually, she picked up her phone, texted briefly and then tossed it back on the bedside table.

“Bragging?” I quizzed her.

She gave me a mysterious look and a funny little smile.

I was surprised by a knock on the door. More surprised when Angelica got up to open, not the main door, but the one which connected the adjoining room. We had one of those suites that could be connected to form a much larger set of rooms for larger parties or VIPs, but which are mostly just locked off. I jumped off the bed to grab her robe — she didn’t have a stitch on — when she opened it and in trouped our bridal party, also completely naked!

They were laughing and chatting, obviously quite comfortable with each other. My mouth must have been hanging open because Angelica walked back, closed it gently and kissed me.

“Honey, this is for you. You waited so patiently for me. I think you’ve got some catching up to do. Besides”, she said with a wicked grin, “you won’t be able to think about much else in a few minutes. It took a little while to talk the girls around but, you know them; up for anything!”

She talked them around!?

“I decided to leave your boys to the expert. She didn’t have any trouble.”

Holy shit!

Lena waved and blew me a kiss. Her massive breasts jutted out very prominently in front of her and I felt myself getting hard. And the room tilted. Angelica steadied me and reached down to stroke my shaft.

“I added a little something to your champagne to help you enjoy yourself. Now I’m going to leave you to the girls for a few minutes.”

I felt an odd mix of emotions for the second time that day; I was confused, horny and absolutely terrified.

“OK, Paul”, purred Lena as she walked around behind me. “Angelica has worked very hard to organise this, so we’re not going to let you disappoint her.”

Lena pressed her huge tits into my back and reached around to caress my chest. The hands slid down to my hips and around to my grasp my buttocks. I don’t know what Angelica had slipped me, but the chemicals raging through me were sending me into sexual overdrive. My cock felt so hard it felt like it was going to explode. It looked larger than I’d ever seen it. The veins standing out along its length and my head a deep purple, engorged with blood. I watched Chrissie kneel in front of me and take me into her mouth. Justine entwined herself around my neck and began licking my shoulder, then down to my chest. I felt Lena part my ass cheeks and lick around my asshole. I thrust forward in response, deeper into Chrissie’s mouth.

None of my previous girlfriends had been particularly adventurous and this was the first time anyone had touched, let alone licked, my ass. It felt depraved and utterly wonderful. I groaned as she continued to explore my crack, fondling my balls as she licked and pushed at my anus with her tongue. The swords, sorry tongues, of the ‘three musketeers’ did their work. I let out an animal roar of pleasure as cum tore from my throbbing cock into Chrissie’s mouth. She licked the last couple of drops from my tip before standing up and giving me a smirk. A dribble of cum escaped from the corner of her mouth to run down her chin. It was obscene, and fucking hot. I watched her stalk over to the bed.

“What a good boy”, Lena breathed in my ear. Justine gave me a kiss on the neck before turning away.

Released from sexual slavery, I turned looking for Angelica. She was watching me from the bed with a look of absolute hunger. She sat astride Josh, his cock buried inside her. She was also helping Greg and Trent to jerk off, one hand on a cock either side of her as they stood beside the bed.

I’d married a sex-crazed nymphomaniac! Who knew starving yourself could result in such sexual degeneracy!

“I ‘ink ‘is ‘elong’ ‘ou”, garbled Chrissie.

She kissed Angelica and I realised she was sucking my cum out of Chrissie’s mouth. Some of it dripped down onto her breasts. She licked her lips as her tongue left Chrissie’s mouth.

“Thank you Chrissie. Paul, baby, that was delicious. See, it’s just my technique I need to work on.”

Chrissie moved Trent aside and helped Angelica turn to face the bedhead, rotating on Josh’s shaft. Justine grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the bed. I’d just cum, but my cock was still a steel bar. She pushed me up on the bed as Angelica arched her back, giving me a wonderful view of her ass. Josh’s member filled her pussy and her tight little rosebud moved and contracted as she slid up and down him.

“You know what to do, stud”, whispered Lena in my ear.

Suddenly Greg shot his load all over Angelica’s back, covering her with thick white cream.

“Oh, dessert!” purred Chrissie and began to lick his cum off my Angel. As she leant over, Trent moved behind her and sank his cock into her cunt. He thrust into her fiercely. Chrissie grunted, then moaned with pleasure as she kissed the last few drops from Angelica’s back. She spat on her fingers and started to rub Angelica’s asshole. It glistened, wet and wildly inviting.

Angelica looked over her shoulder at me, with those smoky blue eyes.

“Come on Paul, I loved what you did with my pussy. Now fuck my ass. Please, honey?”

Wild horses couldn’t have stopped me. Kneeling behind her I pressed the head of my cock against her little hole and watched in awe as it disappeared inside her. She gasped. Lena reached over from behind me to massage her buttocks and get her used to my size. Again I felt Lena’s massive breasts pushed against my back. I slid a little further in and Angelica pushed back against me.

“Fuuuuccckkk”, yelled Josh.

The tightness of Angelica’s almost-virgin cunt, together with my entry into her rear had sent him over the edge and his hips bucked beneath her as he thrust against her weight. I tried not to push deeper although the urge to do so was almost irresistible. I let her ride him until he’d finished.

“It’s OK … Paul … he’s wearing a … condom” Angelica gasped raggedly as she fought to control two cocks inside her.

What …?

“It’s your wedding night mate, I can’t cum inside your wife!”

The insanity of the situation got the better of me. An eight-way orgy on my wedding night and he’s worried about sexual protocol! I laughed like a maniac — I told myself later it was the drugs — and plunged myself as deep as I could into Angelica’s ass. She screamed. A small part of me was appalled, but I was in the grip of sexual insanity.

“Don’t you dare stop”, she yelled at me. “Ride me like I’m your fucking mare. Fucking ride me!!”

And I obliged, grabbing her hips with my hands and ploughing into her hot anal canal again and again. Lena nibbled my earlobe and that she-devil’s voice whispered in my ear once more.

“OK, stud. I’m going to blow your fucking mind. Justine, get me that lube.”

Disclaimer: All individuals in this work of fiction are above the age of 18 years.

This was meant as a two parter but I decided to submit as one piece. Hope you like it, please comment if you do and even if you don’t but try to be constructive :)


I stood in awe of the beautiful rustic building before me. I paid the cab and got my suitcase out of the trunk. It wasn’t my first time in Italy, but it was my first time here alone. At only nineteen, it took months to convince my parents to let their “baby girl” go off for a month to Europe, all by herself. My aunt on my mother’s side offered me the opportunity to housesit her villa for the summer while she went on a series of business conferences stateside. I was ecstatic the moment she asked, but even more so, a couple months later when my parents finally agreed. Now I was finally here, in this amazing foreign country for a month, I could hardly contain my excitement.

I struggled to pull my suitcase along the cobble stone street. I made my way in past the iron gate and into the complex where my aunt’s villa was housed. The narrow echoing hallway was just as I remembered when I visited as a child, many years ago. I made my way to the elevator and up to the third floor. I fished the house keys my aunt mailed me out of my purse and held a breath as I inserted it into the door. The door swung open and I was at ease. Locking the door behind me I immediately called my folks back home as I was instructed to do. I gave them the all clear, telling them I had arrived safely, problem free. I rolled my suitcase along the dark hardwood floor into the guest bedroom. The first thing I did was to pull the curtains, letting the wonderfully beaming sunlight fill the room. Deciding to unpack later, I left my suitcase on the bed and went on to explore the villa.

Everything was as I remembered, a lovely quaint villa, cute kitchen and living room with a patio balcony and bedrooms on either side. I walked up to the kitchen counter where I found a bottle of red wine and a note attached,

“My darling Bella, a little welcoming present for you! There’s groceries in the fridge and cupboard but it’ll probably only last a week, there’s a market down the street and restaurants all over. Don’t forget to water the plants on the balcony. Make yourself at home, have fun and be safe. See you when I get back. Love Aunt Elena.”

I smiled and placed the note down. I just relaxed the rest of the day, getting over my jetlag. For dinner I made myself a sandwich and opened my welcoming present and had a glass. I was asleep pretty early, leading to my waking up also pretty early. While the coffee was brewing I walked out onto the balcony with the watering can. I was greeted by a stunningly beautiful woman in the villa across the way having a cigarette. Our balconies were right opposite each other. She smiled at me and I in turn did the same. She looked to be in her mid-twenties, long flowing brunette hair like mine. Her frame was petite but still bigger than mines. Her breasts were definitely bigger evidenced by the view she was offering, dressed only in a light robe which just barely hung on her body.

“You bought from Elena?” the woman asked, her voice sweet but commanding , her Italian accent making her English sound exotic.

“Oh no, Elena’s my aunt, I’m house sitting for the summer,” I replied.

The woman nodded and introduced herself, “I’m Daniele, pleasure to meet you.”

“Isabella, Isabella Hale, nice to meet you too,” I replied.

“Ahhhh Bella! What a pretty name. I hope to see more of you while you’re here, maybe we can hang out sometime.”

I smiled and watched as Daniele pressed her cigarette into an ashtray and walked back into her villa. I finished watering the potted plants on the balcony and went back to the kitchen. I had a slice of toast with my coffee then set off to unpack my clothes. After what seemed an endless task, I finally zipped up my empty suitcase and slid it under my bed. I decided to go for a walk so I changed into a white summer dress with a pink flower print and made my way downstairs. I walked out the gate and down the street, past some local vendors and restaurants. I saw the market my aunt had mentioned, it was actually very close to the villa. The streets were filled with activity, the town, being close to the beach, attracted lots of tourists. I finally made it down to the shore and leaned against the bannister overlooking the water. There were stairs that led down to the beach which was well occupied. The first thing that caught my eye was that some of the beachgoers were completely naked. For a young girl who’d never experienced anything like that, it was quite a shock; I think I might have even been blushing.

I made my way back towards the villa, stopping in a restaurant for lunch. When I got back to the gate, I was greeted by Daniele also heading in. She was shrouded in a white beach towel that she hugged around her body, from her neck to her hips, and she wasn’t alone. Stood beside her was a slender but very masculine man. He also looked to be in his mid-twenties and he was a sight to behold. I could tell they had just gotten back from the beach, water was tricking down their bodies. My eyes immediately focused on the man’s body, his bare chest was flat and chiseled. He wore speedos which left little to my imagination; I could clearly see the outline of his penis through his damp swimwear.

“Bella! Nice to see you again,” Daniele greeted, “This is my Marco, Marco this is the girl I told you about,” she introduced.

I smiled at the man and watched as he leaned in and kissed me on both cheeks,

“Hello dear, very nice to meet you,” he greeted; his voice was deep and just as exotic as Daniele’s.

I could do nothing but smile and blush.

“Ohh Bella, the water is so cool and soothing, you should join us next time,” Daniele exalted.

“I would love to,” I shyly replied.

“We better go get changed, Ciao Bella,” Daniele said as she waved goodbye.

We headed in different directions to our respective villas.

When I turned to close the gate I noticed Marco and Daniele walking away. Her towel was pulled so high I could see her bare ass, and Marco’s hands groping her cheeks. I felt myself suddenly become flush. I closed the gate and went up to the villa. After browsing the internet for a while I settled on the couch with my book. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful; I had dinner, called my folks and watched some television. The next morning I was out on the balcony having my coffee when Daniele came out,

“Morning Bella! Are you coming out to the beach with us today?” she greeted.

“Hey Daniele, I’d love to, what time?” I replied.

“Ohhh I don’t know, how about around noon?”

“Sure, I’ll meet you downstairs at 12 then,” I confirmed.

The morning flew by and soon I found myself putting on my swimsuit in my room. It was a navy blue one-piece that clung to my body; I was never one for the risqué. I gave myself a once over in the mirror, bundled my long brunette hair into a ponytail, grabbed my towel and headed downstairs. Marco and Daniele were waiting at the gate. Marco was dressed in his speedos but it was Daniele that floored me. The bikini she wore was stunning, and extremely skimpy. The light blue cups of her bikini top were barley existent and did little to contain her c-cups. Her white bikini bottoms were just as scarce, a thin triangle layer over her vagina and that was it. It was strange, but for some reason, I was the one feeling embarrassed wearing the one-piece. We made our way down to the beach, getting to know each other. Marco led the way down the stairs giving me a view of his toned ass encased in his speedos, it looked perfectly round and firm. We spread out our towels on the sand, anchoring them with our flip-flops then went into the water.

The warm summer sun beating down felt wonderful as we splashed about in the cool waters. Eventually we had gathered in a circle in the shallow waters chatting.

“So Bella, you must be very mature for your age for your parents to let you stay all by yourself,” Marco commented.

“Well, I think I’m very responsible, so my parents trusted that I would be alright on my own, but as far as mature for my age, I don’t think I am, at least not in all aspects of my life.” I tried to explain.

After a few more meaningful questions by all parties, I decided to go take in the sun on the sand.

“Okay Bella, we’ll be out in a couple minutes,” Daniele replied after I told I was headed for the sand.

I made my way over to our towels and laid down. I cast my gaze back to my new friends and saw them coupled together. They were kissing each other, their bodies pressed against one another. I didn’t mean to stare but I couldn’t look away. After a while they both headed towards me. I immediately noticed Marco’s crotch, he was hard! I tried to not stare but it was so obvious, and Marco, almost proud, did nothing to hide his arching cock, bulging against his swimsuit. He lay down next to me and we both watched as Daniele reached behind her and untied her bikini top. I was astounded at her brazenness and at the same time excited at the sight. As she nonchalantly removed the wet top, her breasts stood out proudly. Her skin was almost golden, shining in the sun, smooth and bare, obviously without tan lines. The water had her dark rosy nipples erect, it was beautiful. Daniele lay down on her towel which was a little way from mine and Marco’s. I glanced over to Marco, who was focused on my stare,

“Mmm, Bella, you seemed to be intrigued,” he said.

I was flustered,

“Uhh, it’s just new to me; we don’t really have that kinda stuff where I come from.”

“Ahhh, well it’s not as taboo as you might think, in fact, it’s quite the norm, maybe you should try sometime,” he said with a smile, casting his gaze up and down my body.

“Oh I could never! I don’t think I have it in me to be that brave,” I protested.

“Aww Bella, give yourself time, you’ll be surprised at what you’re capable of.”

We continued chatting until Daniele said she was hungry. We gathered up our stuff and went to a beachside restaurant for lunch. After eating we headed back to the villas. The couple and I parted ways once again at the gates. I had a quick shower and plopped down on the couch with my book. I had only read half a chapter when I was disturbed by a strange noise emanating from the balcony. It was some kind of moaning. I tried to ignore it but the moans grew louder. I walked over to the balcony opening and peered through the curtains, which were pulled closed. Through the slender opening in the curtain I could see past my balcony over to Daniele’s and Marco’s and into their villa. What I saw, took my breath away. I was looking at the back of their couch. Daniele was propped up on the couch kneeling, resting her elbows on the couch’s back. I could only see the top half of her body but I could tell she was naked. Behind was Marco, also nude, pumping into her over and over again. Daniele kicked her head back as Marco continued, and then came the familiar moans. The brunette groaned in pleasure as he lover fucked her.

I was dumbfounded; these were the same people I was just hanging out with, now here they are fucking right before my eyes. I watched with bated breath as Daniele’s cried louder and louder, I could tell she was cumming. Then, Marco began groaning. Soon it was all over. They had disappeared from my sight, collapsing onto the couch. I walked away from the curtain in disbelief. I tried to get back to my book but I couldn’t get the thoughts out of my mind. The memories followed me all the way to nighttime as I tried to fall asleep, but my head was filled with the erotic images of my neighbors fucking. My hand travelled down my body between my legs. Even over my nightgown, I could feel how damp my panties were. After a few minutes of tossing and turning, I could no longer ignore my urges. I pulled my nightgown over my head, dropping it to the carpeted floor beside my bed. My white cotton panties were now the only thing on me. They were soon disposed of, joining my nightgown on the floor. I immediately began to trace my hand over my breasts, then began cupping and massaging them. I moaned as I pinched my erect nipples. I moved my free hand down across my quivering stomach. As I reached my pelvis, my legs naturally spread open. I softly ran my index and middle fingers through my pubic hair and over my swollen pussy lips. They were already wet, my sex oozing. I pressed my fingers between my lips and drug them up, gliding them across my hard clit. I began to rub, slowly at first then vigorously, alternating my pace, trying to drag out my orgasm as long as I could. I squeezed my breasts hard while simultaneously plunging two fingers into my vagina, pumping in and out of my tight opening. After a few seconds I returned my hand to massaging my clit. Soon I was screaming, tugging tightly on my nipple as a thunderous orgasm blew through me. I rested my butt back down on the bed which had risen as I arched my body when my orgasm hit. I pulled my fingers up to my mouth, sucking on my juices, as I felt my pussy still convulsing, my other had still clutching tightly to my breast. A soothing calm soon overcame me and I was now able to fall asleep with ease.

The next morning I awoke, sprawled out naked on the bed. I got dressed and made breakfast. Heading to the balcony with my toast and coffee I was pleasantly surprised to see Marco and Daniele having breakfast on their balcony. They were sat in the same chair, Daniele sitting on Marco’s lap.

“Morning guys,” I greeted.

“Morning Bella, good night rest?” Daniele asked.

I sighed with relief, “Actually, yes, very good in fact.”

They both smiled at me.

“We’re going down to the beach again if you want to join us,” Marco invited.

“Sure thing,” I beamed.

We sat and chatted, having our breakfast. Before we left with our dishes, a sudden flash of bravery overcame me,

“Umm. . .Daniele, I have something to ask but I’m sort of embarrassed.”

“Aww Bella, please go ahead, don’t’ be shy,” Daniele encouraged.

“Well, do you think I could borrow one of your swimsuits? Mine feels so childish, I really feel out of place on the beach,” I confessed.

Marco and Daniele smiled at each other.

“Aww Marco, our Bella wants to feel like a woman,” she commented before looking over to me “Of course you can sweetie, why don’t you come over right now so you can try some on.”

It felt weird and strangely exciting having Daniele refer to me as theirs.

“Ohh no, I didn’t mean right now, I don’t want to interrupt or impose,” I protested.

“Of course not Bella, we insist,” Marco piped in.

“Okay then, I’ll be over in a minute.”

I nervously made my way downstairs and across the street to Daniele’s and Marco’s villa. I knocked on the door and Marco answered.

“Welcome Bella, please come in, Dani is in the bedroom waiting for you,” the handsome Italian said, pointing to the bedroom to the left of the villa. I smiled at Marco and walked into the bedroom where Daniele was laying out various swimsuits on the bed.

“So, do you see any that you like?” she greeted.

I looked over the garments strewn across the bed, all different colors and all very skimpy. I finally decided on a red number, picking up the matching set.

“Oooo great! Let’s go try it on,” Daniele excitedly said grabbing me by the arm and pulling me towards the mirror. I tried to protest as Daniele began unbuttoning my white linen shirt but she was having none of it,

“Oh Bella, don’t be shy, we’re both women,” she stated, going right ahead undoing my shirt, then my white bra, revealing my petite b-cup breasts to her. I noticed my nipples were erect, a sign of my arousal, and that I was on some level enjoying what was happening. They weren’t dark and rosy like Daniele’s, but light and pink, with tiny goose bumps going round them. Daniele held the bikini top up to my chests, placing the cups over my breasts and tying the knot behind me. I looked at myself in the mirror, the red material covered my nipples and a little of my breasts. It was very much see-through, and I could clearly see my hardened nipples through it. Daniele smiled at me then began unbuttoning my jean shorts. In one swift motion she pulled them down my legs along with my white cotton panties, revealing my pubic mound. I was taken aback when Daniele placed her palm over my pussy, sliding her hand through my pubic hair. Daniele chuckled,

“Bella, this will not do. You need to be shaven to wear these types of outfits.”

I looked at her encouraging eyes in disbelief.

“I’ve never,” I began to say before she cut me off.

“Don’t worry Bella, it’s no big deal, I’ll do it for you, come with me,” she excitedly explained as she whisked me off into the adjoining bathroom.

Daniele sat me down on the edge of the tub and turned to the sink where she turned on the water. She wet her hands then quickly passed her hands over my pussy. The water was warm and soothing. She then reached over to the corner of the tub grabbing a bottle of shaving gel. She squirted some of the pink gel into her palm then began to lather up my pubic region. I found myself opening my legs wider to allow her more access. I watched intently as Daniele retrieved a pink razor from the cupboard beneath the sink. Sitting between my legs, Daniele removed the razor from its packaging and proceeded to gently and expertly drag the blades down my pelvis. I was feeling more naked than I had ever felt before. A few more strokes and Daniele had removed almost all the hair above my slit, twisting her body to wash the blade every couple of strokes. Daniele then placed her hands on my inner thighs, prodding me to spread as wide as I could. She held onto the lips of my labia with her fingers as she carefully passed the razor along the edge, clearing away my dark curls. Doing the same to the other side, Daniele was soon patting my pussy with water. I looked down admiring my freshly shaven pussy, my lips were swollen and protruding. Daniele ran her fingers along my slit, smiling up at me as she did so. I blushed profusely then Daniele grabbed a towel and dried me off. I noticed a grin on her face. I peered down to see what she was looking at and was embarrassed to see that even though she had dried me, there was a trickle of creamy white liquid hidden in my folds. Then Daniele did something that astonished me, she stood up and leaned in, planting a kiss on my lips. It wasn’t deep and passionate but sweet and innocent.

“Don’t be embarrassed sweet Bella, it’s perfectly normal,” she comforted as she pulled her lips away from mine, “Come on, let’s go finish trying on your bikini,” she continued, grabbing my arm and pulling me back to the bedroom.

Daniele placed me in front the mirror once more, where I was now able to admire the full beauty of my freshly shaven mound. She grabbed the red bikini bottom and knelt down before me. Daniele held the garment open and I stepped into it. She slowly pulled the scant material up my legs till she was standing face to face with me. She smiled at me as she reached behind, pulling the string back of the thong bikini up between my butt cheeks. Daniele then reached in front and tugged on the sheer material which had just gently lodged itself between my lips. When she was done, Daniele stepped away and we both looked at my body in the mirror.

“What do you think?” she asked.

“I don’t know Daniele, you don’t think it’s too revealing?” I trembled as I observed my nipples clearly visible, the same as my pussy lips.

“Don’t be silly Bella, you look absolutely beautiful, you really have a body that suits it,” Daniele replied.

“Come on, let’s go show Marco,” she continued.

Before I had a chance to object, Daniele had dashed me out into the living room where Marco was sitting on the couch where I saw them fucking the day before.

“Marco, look at our Bella!” Daniele announced.

Daniele held one of my arms up in the air as she spun me round for Marco’s viewing pleasure. I could feel my face reddening as I knew Marco’s eyes were scanning up and down my body.

“Bellissimo Bella!” Marco complimented.

“Okay let’s go get changed and head down to the beach,” Daniele said to Marco. The couple disappeared into the bedroom leaving me in the living room. Minutes later they emerged, Marco in his speedos and Daniele in a similar outfit to mines except in black.

We had a quick dip in the water and ended up back on shore lounging on our towels. I was laid on my stomach, Daniele and Marco on their backs, on either side of me. We weren’t lying down for more than a minute when Daniele began fishing in her beach bag. She pulled out a green bottle of suntan lotion and tossed it to Marco,

“Marco be a dear and put some lotion on Bella, she’s not used to having so much exposed,” she said with a smile. I offered no protest, just laid there in anticipation.

My head was resting on its side, on my folded arms, my eyes closed. My body quivered when I felt the cool droplets of lotion hitting my back. I looked up to Marco and saw him squeeze some lotion into his hands then rub them together. Finally, I felt his soft caressing hands on my back and shoulders, rubbing the suntan all over. Marco rubbed along my sides, gliding across my ribcage, briefly brushing against the sides of my breasts. His hands skipped down to my legs where he massaged my calves, then, the back of my thighs. His masculine hands slowly drifted north till his was cupping my butt cheeks. He rubbed his hands all over them, making sure to cover then in lotion. Then I felt his palm squeeze between my cheeks, sliding along my bum crack. His hands were slick, his touch exhilarating; I could feel my pussy getting wet. I couldn’t help but feel his staring eyes focused on my exposed ass. Then, much to my dismay, his touch was no more,

“There you go Bella, you should be good now,” Marco’s deep voice stated.

“Thank you Marco,” I whimpered in reply.

I must have fallen asleep because I awoke about an hour later to Daniele’s sweet voice,

“Belllaaaa, Bellaaaa, time to wake up sweetie,” she tenderly whispered into my ear.

I opened my eyes to the blinding sun and sat up. I saw Marco was just getting out of the water again, walking in our direction. Marco pulled me and Daniele to our feet and we gathered to towels and headed back to the villas. As we got to the gate and began to part ways, Daniele stopped me,

“Bella, tomorrow is Marco’s birthday,” she started. My eyes brightened at the announcement and I looked over to Marco with a grin on my face. Daniele continued,

“We’re going out to a club tomorrow night and would love if joined us.”

“Are you sure you two wouldn’t like to be alone?” I reluctantly asked.

“And leave our sweet Bella all by herself, don’t be silly,” Marco interjected.

I smiled at his kind words,

“Well I’d love to celebrate your birthday with you,” I agreed. We said our goodbyes and departed.

I fixed myself some lunch and then had a shower. I returned to the couch with my trusty book, but again, like the day before I was interrupted by melodic groans. I excitedly rushed over to the curtain and peered through. I was pleasantly surprised by the view, the enchanting couple was not hidden on the other side of the couch, instead, they were in full view. Daniele was leaned over the back of the couch, her hands reaching behind her spreading her butt cheeks. Marco was fucking her from behind. I couldn’t be sure because Marco’s body was obstructing the view but I think he was fucking her in her ass! Daniele’s moans were loud and in sync with Marco’s thrusts. I marveled at the sight of Marco’s well-toned ass moving back and forth. Then with a mighty groan of his own, Marco thrusted hard into Daniele and stayed there. Seconds later he pulled out of his brunette nymph and I could see his cum drooling from her asshole. I hadn’t noticed but my hand had found its way beneath my skirt and was gently rubbing my pussy over my panties. Just as Daniele got up from bending over the couch and turned in my direction, a gust of wind blew the curtains apart. There was only a four or five second gap that the curtains were open but it was enough for Daniele to make eye contact with me, seeing me rubbing my pussy to her and Marco’s lovemaking.

I immediately ran for cover, hiding behind my couch. A rush of panic and embarrassment overcame me. I finally built up the nerve to peek over the couch but there was nothing to see, the curtains had fallen back to their original state. I sat there thinking of how I was ever going to look these people in the eyes ever again. After a few frantic moments I concluded I would just have to deal with the consequences. I went about the rest of my evening as normally as I could, staying clear of the balcony.

The next morning I was out on the balcony early to water the plants. I cringed to see Marco out there alone having a cigarette.

“Morning my beautiful Bella,” he charmingly greeted.

“Good morning Marco,” I nervously responded while watering the plants, then I remembered it was his birthday today.

“Ohh, happy birthday Marco!” I added.

“Thank you my sweet, twenty-seven, I’m getting old,” he joked.

I laughed and continued with the plants.

“So Dani told me you had quite the show yesterday,” he abruptly stated.

I was taken off guard at his directness; I didn’t know what to say.

“No need to be shy Bella, from what she told me; you were rather enjoying yourself,” the bold Italian added, a sly smile spreading across his lips.

“So we’ll see you tonight? Downstairs at ten, the cab will be waiting,” Marco said changing the subject as he got up and began to head inside.

All I could muster was “Yes” before he disappeared into their villa. The rest of the day I kept to myself, reading my book and watching television. At around nine I finished up with supper and took a shower. I stood naked in my bedroom trying to decide on what to wear. I finally decided on a black pair of lace low rise bikini panties together with a black strapless club dress. I looked myself over in the mirror, admiring my exposed legs, the dress barely made it halfway down my thighs. I spent the next twenty minutes accessorizing and fixing my hair. When it was about 9:45pm, I made my way downstairs. Marco and Daniele were already waiting at the gate. Marco could not have looked more handsome, his hair parted to the side, his face clean shaven, a tight fitted light blue dress shirt with sleeves rolled up, tucked into a slim fitting black pair of trousers. Daniele complimented her man exquisitely, dressed in dark maroon short silky cocktail dress that hugged her body in all the right places.

Daniele greeted me with a kiss on either cheek, as did Marco.

“Happy birthday again Marco, sorry I didn’t get you a gift,” I apologized.

Daniele giggled.

“No need Bella, besides maybe you can make it up to me later,” Marco coyly replied smiling both at me and Daniele.

Before we had time to process Marco’s statement, the taxi pulled up. We all piled in and the driver took off.

As we entered the nightclub we were immediately hit with brightly strobing neon lights and loud European dance music reverberating off the walls. The three of us made our way through the crowd, bobbing along with the music. When we got to the bar Marco ordered us all a shot of tequila and we toasted to his birthday. We hung out at the bar for a while getting acclimated with our surroundings. After another round of shots Marco and Daniele made their way to the dance floor. I didn’t mind being left alone; I just stuck to the same place admiring the music and view. After a half an hour, a perspiring Marco returned to the bar finding me in the same place. We did another round of shots before he turned to head back to Daniele with her shot. He turned to me and smiled,

“Bella! Come dance with us!” he yelled, trying to propel his voice over the music. I shook my head shyly but he did not give in. He grabbed my arm pulling me to the dance floor where we met Daniele.

“Our sweet Isabella looked so lonely,” he said to Daniele as she downed her shot. After that Daniele placed her hands on my hips and positioned me in front of Marco. The music changed to a fast pulsing beat. I felt Marco’s hands join Daniele’s on my hips as he stepped up against me. The three of us began to sway to the music, the pounding base thumping through my chest and reverberating throughout my body. After a few seconds I felt the distinctiveness of Marco’s manhood, pressing against my ass. I looked up to Daniele’s eyes. She smiled, almost knowing what the startled look on my face meant. Daniele just continued swaying her body in front of mines. Marco’s and Daniele’s hands were now roaming all over my body. Their touch was like fire, the combined scents of our mixed perfume, sweat, and arousal infiltrated my nostrils. I felt Marco’s hands lower to hold mine, then he pulled them up, placing my palms over my breasts and squeezing, forcing me to fondle myself. Unbeknownst to me, realized I had been grinding my ass harder and harder against Marco’s crotch, my dress riding up my thighs. I could feel the sopping wetness of my panties as Daniele drug her hands up my thighs, teasing me, not letting her hands wander beneath my dress but instead trailing them up my stomach to join in Marco’s and mines groping of my breasts. The song was soon over and just as quickly replaced with another fast paced tune. The night flew by, hours felt like minutes, thanks to Marco’s regular trips to the bar for shots. We danced the night away just like that till it was just past 4am and Daniele decided it was time to go.

We all bundled into the backseat of a cab, me in the middle. Just as the cab took off, Daniele leaned across me over to Marco’s crotch and to my surprise, began unbuckling his pants, the numerous shots obviously doing away with her inhibitions.

“Sorry Bella but all that teasing in the club, I just don’t think my Marco could wait till we get home,” she explained as she pulled Marco’s cock through his boxers. It was the first time I had set eyes on his manhood, and it was magnificent. I had only been with two boys before and theirs could not compare. Marco’s cock stood tall, thick and throbbing, bigger than I had ever seen. Under the flashing lights of passing lamp posts, I looked on as Daniele lowered her mouth over Marco’s cock and began to suck, sliding him in and out of her mouth. I looked over to Marco who was groaning, his head kicked back and eyes closed. Daniele’s impromptu blowjob lasted a couple minutes before Marco began to buck his hips, stifling the groans of his orgasm. Some slurping sounds were followed by Daniele buttoning up Marco once more. Daniele sat up then looked into my eyes then swallowed hard. She then leaned in and kissed me. Her tongue invaded my mouth, I could taste Marco’s salty manhood on her and I loved it. I used my own tongue to lick hers, trying to get as much as I could. As we continued making out, I felt Marco’s manly hands on my inner thighs, slowly moving towards my pussy. I groaned as I felt him press his fingers against my panties, sliding them along the length of my slit.

“Oh my Daniele, feel our Bella’s panties, she’s completely soaked,” Marco commented. Daniele broke our kiss and lowered her hands to join Marco’s beneath my dress. They both roamed their fingers over my sex, feeling the wetness of my underwear. As they continued massaging me, Daniele whispered into my ear,

“You know Bella, I didn’t get Marco a present either. I asked him yesterday what he wanted but he couldn’t say. Then, finally, this morning he told me. Do you want to know what he said sweet Bella?”

I moaned and nodded, thoroughly enjoying the couple’s magical touch beneath my dress.

Daniele continued,

“He said he wanted you Bella, he wanted you in every way . . .your mouth, your cunt, your ass, he wanted us to transform you from this shy girl into a brave and brazen woman. Do you think this is something you’re interested in?”

My moaning continued,

“Yes! Yes! Yessss!!,” I cried as Marco’s and Daniele’s gentle touches threw me into a raving orgasm. I was breathing heavily when Marco and Daniele pulled their hands from me and licked their fingers, coated in my juices. I turned to Daniele,

“I would love to make everything you just said come true,” I told her in a calm convincing voice, “Can we start tonight?” I eagerly asked.

Marco and Daniele laughed.

Daniele leaned into me and cradled my face wither her arm,

“Our sweet Bella is so enthusiastic. Not tonight my sweet, we want you to remember and cherish every moment and we’ve all had too much to drink to make this as memorable as it should be.”

Marco joined in cradling me,

“Patience dear, the wait will be worth every second.”

The cab pulled up to the villas and Marco paid the driver.

Marco and Daniele walked me up to my door. They both planted kisses on my cheek, and then Daniele whispered into my ear,

“Goodnight sweet Bella, get some rest, we’ll see you in the morning for the first day of the rest of your life.”

With that, I entered my villa and went straight to bed. I was slightly jealous, knowing they were on their way to their villa to fuck the night away. I would just have to be patient.

The next day I rolled out of bed surprised to be hangover free. Maybe I had slept through the bad parts seeing that it was almost 4pm. I took a shower and went out for a meal. When I got back to the villa I went out on the balcony with my laptop to check my email. Sometime later Marco and Daniele came bustling onto their balcony soaked and in their swimsuits.

“Bella, we missed you today, the beach wasn’t the same without you,” Daniele greeted. They both sat in the same chair, Marco holding Daniele on his lap.

“I guess I did too much partying, I was so exhausted,” I explained.

“Not to worry Bella, at least now you’re well rested,” Marco commented, “Dani and I would like to invite you over for dinner tonight, say around eight?” he continued.

“Marco’s cooking, he’s absolutely wonderful,” Daniele excitedly chirped.

“I’d love to.” I replied.

“Great, well we better go take a shower, see you tonight,” Daniele said, grabbing Marco’s hand as she got up and disappeared into their villa.

It didn’t take long for 8pm to approach. I took a shower got dressed and went over to Daniele’s and Marco’s. Daniele greeted me at the door, taking the bottle of red wine I ‘borrowed’ from my aunt and placing it on the counter. Their apartment was filled with the sound of sizzling pans and the aroma of fresh seasonings and spices. Marco was in the kitchen, busy over the stove. Daniele sat me down on the dining table and asked if I wanted a drink, I opted for water.

We chatted till Marco came over with a wonderfully crafted dinner, sundried tomato pesto chicken pasta. He served us and we all sat and ate.

“Oh my god Marco! This is amazing,” I commented after taking my first bite.

The handsome Italian raised his glass of wine to me and smiled.

“It’s his specialty,” Daniele added, placing her hand over Marco’s and affectionately rubbing her thumb against him. When we were almost done eating, Daniele turned to me,

“Bella, do you remember the conversation we had in the cab last night?”

I took a sip of my water and nodded.

“Good, now was that the alcohol talking or did you really mean yes?” she asked.

I looked into her eyes, then Marco’s, then back to Daniele,

“I absolutely meant yes,” I confirmed.

Marco’s and Daniele’s eyes lit up.

“Good, we just wanted to be sure,” Daniele replied.

When we were finished eating, we just sat at the table talking, eventually moving over to the couch. An hour had passed when Daniele turned to me,

“Why don’t you and Marco head to the bedroom while I clean up the dishes.”

I smiled and looked to Marco; he took my hand into his.

“You two don’t get too carried away without me though, maybe you can give Marco a little thank you for the wonderful dinner,” Daniele said as she winked at me. Marco and I got up from the couch and he led me into the bedroom, leaving Daniele behind.

As we entered the bedroom, a sudden rush of bravery overcame me as I found myself turning Marco around and sitting him down on the edge of the bed. Sitting on the floor between his legs, I immediately began unbuttoning his shorts, pulling them down to his ankles. I watched with desire, the arch of his hardened penis pressing against the tightness of his grey briefs. Marco ran his hand through my hair as I tugged on his underwear.

“Our sweet Bella is an eager slut,” he whispered.

His crude words just got me more excited and drove me on. I pulled his underwear to his ankles and watched his enormous manhood bounce free. His cock was truly a vision of manliness. As he had said, I eagerly lowered my mouth to him, inserting his giant cock into my tiny mouth. His flesh was warm, salty, and masculine. I tried to get as much as I could into my mouth, but it only went about two thirds of the way. I sealed my lips around his shaft and began sliding him in and out of my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down, his cock becoming soaked in my saliva. One of my hands was planted firmly around the base of his cock, holding him steady as I worked my mouth on him, the other, gently caressing his neatly trimmed balls. I gagged a couple times trying to devour his entirety which only lead to more saliva. Marco combed his hand thorough my hair,

“Mhmmm, my sweet Bella! Are you gonna swallow all my cum you dirty slut,” he groaned. I paid no attention to his question, and just enjoyed the feeling of his warm cock pulsing against my tongue as I continued sucking on him.

Moments later I felt a pair of hands on my back, unzipping the length on my strapless white summer dress, lowering it past my bare breasts and allowing it to gather at my waist. Then I heard Daniele’s sweet whispering voice in my ear,

“Our little Bella is just a cock hungry whore isn’t she.”

I felt Daniele’s body press against mine as she scooted up behind me, placing her legs on either side of me. With a mouth full of Marco’s cock, I stifled a moan as Daniele reached around me squeezing my perky tits in her hands, pinching on my hardening nipples. I could feel Daniele’s breasts press against my bare back as she hugged closer, planting kisses on my back and shoulder. It wasn’t too long after that I felt Marco’s cock go extremely hard in my mouth and suddenly began spasming. This was followed by him bucking his hips and streams of his warm spunk hitting the back of my throat as he groaned in ecstasy. I proudly swallowed it all, enjoying his taste. Marco’s cock continued twitching in my mouth for a few more seconds then began to go limp. I pulled him from my mouth and Daniele leaned over, licking the sides of my mouth where some of Marco’s juices and my saliva were dribbling down.

“Very good Bella,” Daniele whispered as Marco caught his breath.

I wiped the sides of my mouth as Daniele stood me up, my dress falling to the floor leaving me standing in nothing but my pink lace panties. Marco extended a hand towards me, pressing his fingers against my slit, gently pushing so my panties wedged themselves inside me. He then placed his hands on my hips and pulled me towards him. I was stood between Marco’s legs. He pulled my body near and began kissing my stomach. I moaned as his warm tongue traced over my navel then up my quivering tummy. Marco reached behind me, grabbing hold of each of my butt cheeks with his hands, his mouth moving up till he was licking between my modest but proud cleavage. Eventually Marco had pulled me onto him, so I was sitting on his lap, my legs wrapped around his waist as he planted kisses up my neck then finally my lips. Marco’s tongue split my lips and he entered my mouth. I began twirling my tongue around his as my breasts squished against his chest, his hands massaging my ass.

The Indians had attacked at dawn. They had been following for a few day, probably waiting till they had the numbers to overwhelm the small wagon train. It was a train of 6 families going onto Oregon from Missouri. The guide had died of a fever 12 days ago and they had strayed into bad territory. The first harbinger that they were in trouble were the smoke signals on the hills. These would be the rallying call to gather together for a raid. They had started 3 days ago. At dawn all hell broke lose.

The previous evening they had brought the wagons into a circle for camp and set guards, but the sudden onslaught spooked the horses which bolted everywhere. Arrows rained in, some hitting the live stock sending the animals wild. It was all over in 10 minutes 11 men and boys were no match against 50 plus warriors. Why they had spared Mrs Dixon and her daughter and killed the other women it wasn’t clear.

After the battle Mrs Dixon had watched the braves take turns to rape and sodomize the other women until they had spent themselves. One after another they had held the women down and fucked them like rabid dogs. Their screaming and pleading seemed only to urge them on. Finally when each knot of Indians surrounding a woman had fucked her till she had gone limp the braves would become dissatisfied and kill their victim. It didn’t matter age or youth, they ravaged them all. Their blood was up from battle and they just pulled their loin clothes to one side to expose their rigid members. Then each long angry stiffness was sunk violently into one of the females orifices.

Mrs Dixon was a slim, blond haired 39 year old woman from Danish stock, who was deeply religious. Next to her was her daughter Ann, her only child, who had recently come of age. Perhaps it was their blond hair that had saved them, perhaps the braves had just got tired, but for whatever the reason they had simply bound them to a couple of wagon wheels next to each other. When at last the men had had their fill of fucking, their leader had walked over to them, ripping open their dresses and harshly inspected each woman’s breasts. First he felt the ample firm ones of the mothers and then the pert tight small ones of the young girls. Each brave then took his turn in doing the same, even stopping to run their hands through their blond locks and discussing it with the others. Some lifted up their loin flaps to threaten the women up close with their long limp spent cocks.

At 5′ 10″ Ann was 4″ taller than the mother, her long skinny legs making her quite an athlete. She had very quiet disposition, clear pale skin, long blond hair which she wore braided and pinned round in a bun.. Ann’s family brought her up with stricted puritan values, and in their house no mention of sex was ever made. She was expected to keep herself neat and clean, and be prepared to do anything that a male family member demanded of her. She had never even looked closely at her own private parts between her legs as she was sure that doing so was against God rules, despite this, what was between them had been of interest to one close relative once over. Today had been the first time Ann had ever witnessed sex or the form of an excited naked man. Having only ever once seen her fathers penis recently, when he had urinated along the trail, and her cousins tiny one years earlier, she had no idea of how they could grow so big, and her mother had never told her that men would want to put theirs between a woman’s legs. After satisfying himself with the 54 yrs old Mrs Backer, a Dutch settler, one brave came right up to Ann and pulled his foreskin all the way back and placed his glistening purple bulb under her nose and roared with laughter. The smell of a woman’s’ sex was all over it as he wiped all 8 inches across her face.

Despite all that she had seen that morning, the murder of her husband, the debauching of the other women, Mrs Dixon could still focus on what she had to do if both herself and Ann were going to survive this ordeal. After a while the Indians became distracted and left them alone for a few minutes.

“Ann Ann!” Pleaded the mother in a most desperate hiss.

“Ann listen, we must comply, if we fight we will get hurt and tired. If we scream it will inflame them to enter us harder. If we act like we want to please them they may keep us alive.”

Ann said nothing, there was just panic in her eyes. At 18 she was technically still a virgin though her hymen was probably broken. Her only experience with sex had been with her older cousin one day by the river, when they had played doctors and nurses. As he was older she had to comply with his wishes. Her cousin Eli had made her lay back with her legs open wide whilst he examined her pussy with different fingers, sniffing and licking them each time he’d used one. Then he had her wash his little stiff thing whilst they sat in the cool river. At home she had heard her mother being fucked by her father through the wall, although at the time she had only thought that her mother was being ill or something by the muffled antics. In any case these episodes had been a quick and mostly quite quiet operations. A few grunts and a gasp, and that was it. What she’d seen that morning wasn’t like sex, it was more like wild animals tearing a beast apart.

The Indians caught 4 of the escaped horses and made a team to pull one of the settler covered wagons. They searched through the remains of the battle and threw bits of metal, clothe and pots into their requisitioned transport besides the 2 bound women. Ahead of them was a hot dry 6 hours journey which took then to a village of around 80 tipi’s camped in a bend in a river. Once there a small savage jumped over the back board and into the wagon, cutting the bindings off the two white women. Although he was yelling in a strange language it was clear that they were to get down. Once on the ground he cast them into a tipi on the very edge of the village. Their captors confident that escape was all but impossible and they did little to guard them. In the middle of the settlement Mrs Dixon had seen the squaws fighting hard over the scraps from the settlers belongings, but in large the squaws would leave the two blond women alone. That first night their abuse and torment started.

In the darkness of their shelter, lit by a simple oil lamp, the woman and the girl could see the paintings on the inside of the tent covering. They were in a circular space about 12 feet across. The floor was a mishmash of animal skins and blankets, and they crouched closely together for comfort. The odour and images gave them the feeling that this was going to be their cage, and that they were going to be treated as animals to serve the needs of the tribe.

“Be strong Ann, don’t give up, God has spared us so far, he we may yet have a plan for us to survive.”

“Mamma, but why do they do such things, why do they put their hardness into our women folk?”

“They feel they have to hurt and punish us for taking their land and hurting their people. These people are godless folk and can only act like wild animals. But God sees all my dear, he know we are not sinners, what they do to us is their sin not ours, as we take no pleasure in it. Come close and lets hold each other and prey.”

There were obvious rules as to who could do what to them. Boys who hadn’t yet been accepted as a brave could not actually enter the woman but could otherwise do as they pleased. Whole groups would come at one time to tease and humiliate them. The young studs needed to release some of their lusts from behind the dam of their restricted position in the tribe. However if a brave appeared they would scatter. Braves usually came in 2′s., one to hold the woman in the right position whilst the other could do his deed.

Soon after dark a group of 6 youths entered through the low flap. White blond women were rare to this tribe, heard about but never seen. They set about ripping there dresses off them, then their bloomers. Shy at first they inspected the colour of their pubic hair, yes that was blond too, yelling and leaping they laughed at their captives. Ann recoiled as the wannabe braves touched her thighs and pulled at her blond tousled pussy lips. Whilst her mother closed her eyes while her taunters explored the old females intimate hole.

“Do as they say Ann.” whispered the mother. “Don’t cry, it might hurt at first but the more you relax the less harm will be done.”

“But momma, they they frighten me so.”

Mrs Dixon needn’t have had concerns about her daughter, the group was fixated on only her. The boys pushed Mrs Dixon over and 6 hands started to feel her body. 6 left hands as the 6 right hands had started to beat on their teen hardons. Two were at her head playing a game of who could get more semen into her mouth. they shouted at her at the same time one forced her jaw open. They then found it funny to stream their cream across Ann’s mothers face. Two more who had been busy probing the older woman’s cunny joined in. Meanwhile the last 2 took over pussy fingering before unloading a mess of cum over her spread pussy and thighs.. The boys at the head didn’t stop at just the once. Easily engorged again and again they each shot off 3 or 4 times.. As Ann was crouched next to her mother she could clearly see the bronzed bodies fisting their hot members over her surrendered mother. Each ejaculation sent a queer shudder between her thighs. When at last they’d stopped, as they could no long get their rods stiff, Ann had found that her pussy was dripping as much as her mothers.

Shortly after this another 4 came in. These youths were more focused, and again Ann was left alone. However this time Mrs Dixon was made to kneel before them holding her breasts out, whilst they pumped their swollen ends creating fountains of white semen flying over her front. Ann’s hormones were getting the better of her, why couldn’t one just come over to her so she could watch closely how the white juices flowed out onto her breasts. Her mother was totally covered in their issue. It came into Ann’s mind now just what that sickly scent had been at the breakfast table some mornings. It must have been the white cream of her fathers running out of her mothers pussy. She could smell it again, more strongly now, as the white sperm ran down the large breasts of her mother.

One of the boys wiped the mess off one of Mrs Dixons nipples and started to suck it like an over grown 1 year old, at the same time he directed her hand to his stiffness. With some quick pumping another shot of cum was released. Now the other 3 wanted the same treatment and Mrs Dixon worked hard to empty their ripe sacks. Ann noticed that her mother had a particular skill of gently caressing their ball sacks with one hand whilst pulling their foreskin back and forth exposing their swollen tip. This skill seemed to milk their cream and get it squirting out very quickly, her mother hardly blinking as she was being bathed in it. The thought crossed her mind just how many times she had used this same technique on her father. She looked closely at her mother, she watched as her mother finished one boy off, she casually took hold of the next and repeated the action. It did seemed to Ann that her mother perhaps did not mind doing this so much, as when the youth grunted she would direct each jet of cum onto alternative breasts for the satisfaction of its owner. With all her mothers actions Ann could now feel wetness running down her inner thighs.

Suddenly 2 braves came in and the younger ones scurried out, one having to get Mrs Dixon to stop her work just as he had reached climax. The men were grinning, looking down on the large bosom of the mother covered in globs of cum and her slim naked daughter clutching on to her. After a brief discussion between them they exposed their genitals and barked orders that they wanted to be sucked.

“Do it Ann, don’t think about it, just put it in your mouth and follow what I do. God will forgive you.”

Mrs Dixon took the closest penis and placed it deep into her mouth, closing her lips round its thickness and started to blob her head up and down on the shaft. It quickly became much longer. As she worked it in and out Ann could see that her mother had pulled the braves foreskin all the way back and was stimulating his end directly. Ann had a massive desire to put her fingers deep up her own hole as her cousin had done all those years ago. Instead Ann grasped the second braves cock and followed her mothers example. Just as her mother was doing Ann would suck on the bulb before taking it far back into her mouth. She found that as the brave got more excited that a sweet juice would dribble from his penis. If she squeezed his balls slightly more sweetness would ooze out. In time this would become something she savoured, but now she just tried to follow her mothers lead.

After a minute or so sucking the men commanded that they bend over on all fours. With her head down and her ass upwards they then got Mrs Dixon to reach her hands round and pull apart the cheeks of her ass and pussy lips. Ann followed the example of Mrs Dixon. One of the braves laughed out loud and pointed to Ann’s open pussy. It was soaking, positively frothing in anticipation. Her cum juices had run out and down her thighs, there was no disguising it. Lucky for Ann her mother couldn’t tell what had amused them. They poised their rods at the entrance of each woman’s displayed cunt and started fucking them hard. Mrs Dixons brave was a full 8 inches long and thick, Ann’s was much smaller.

“Oh mamma, oh its hurting.”

Mrs Dixon did not answer, her eyes were closed due to the ecstasy she felt as the brute behind her stretched her pussy like it hadn’t been since she was 18. She was close now, the hand work done on the youths had done most of the job, her pussy was already on fire before her brave had even appeared. With this huge cock in her she tipped over the edge, without thinking she took a hand off her ass and started to masturbate her clit. Ann saw this and copied her mother. Mrs Dixon was orgasming. Her cunny muscles went tight and she her pussy spasmed, the brave had a finger in her anus and could feel her pleasure wash through her. He smiled as he thrust even deeper.

“Mamma, he’s hurting, he has fingers in my bottom Mamma.”

As Ann rubbed her fingers over her wet clit the soreness she had felt eased, it was replaced by a rising tide of pleasure. The more she rubbed the more she relaxed, not resisting now but trying to get more of his stiffness into her. She started to ride back onto his cock, making his pleasure increase too. Ann’s brave parted her ass as he fucked her and had started to stretch her anus. He had plans for either her sphincter or that of her mothers. This girls ass had never been used he could tell. Getting even one finger in it had not been easy but now he was finger fucking her ass with 2. He looked over at the mother, his comrade had pulled her ass cheeks wide and her anus was gapping, yes he thought, well used by her white brave.

Both men eventually gave up their seed. Planting it deep in their victims. As they withdrew their weeping cocks Ann continued to masturbate herself until 30 seconds later she squirmed in delight as a massive orgasm over took her. Closing her eyes she squirted juices over the blankets. As it subsided the braves watched as she followed the climax by slipping 3 fingered up into her dark hole and starting to thrust into herself, covering her hand with Indian cum.

The braves were interested in this and indicated to the mother that they wished her to lick out the cum from her daughter.

“Lay back my baby and don’t open your eyes till I say.” Mrs Dixon coaxed.

Her daughter took her hand away from its tight hole and laid on her back amongst the blankets. Her mother holding her daughters legs apart started to calmly slip her tongue into the wet dripping young pussy. Ann, as requested, closed her eyes and imagined that it was one of the youths tongues arousing the fire between her legs. The braves took a moment to watch the sight, stroking themselves into hardness.

As Mrs Dixons ass was already presenting itself to the braves, the one with the larger cock spat onto her anus rubbed it round with his fingers before forcing his way in with his rock hard member. Mrs Dixon winced but she was used to it. The only way to stop your husband from giving you a dozen children was to let him have his pleasure in your ass. For years now Mrs Dixon had been ass fucked at least twice a week by her husband 6 inches, and once by the slightly larger priest during an extended confessional one Wednesday afternoon. Ann writhed as her mother brought her to yet another orgasm. At the peak she grabbed her mothers head and held her face hard against Ann’s spread lips whilst she repeatedly thrust it over her mothers face. Mrs Dixon had never done this to another woman and found it hard to keep up with the flood of juices being created.

The brave had buried his cum deep in her bowel and as he with drew he left her gapping anus twitching and closing slowly. The smaller brave wanted Ann’s ass. He pulled her up and showed her the still closing anus of her mother and pointed at her to get her ass in the air too. She resolved to try and relax as her mother had said. On her knees she placed her head to the ground, reached round and pulled her white cheeks apart. The braves had never seen a anus so perfect held in the air by her while skinny legs. Her juices had run down over her puckered hole making it glistened in the dimness.

The brave bent down and tried hard to get his tongue past her sphincter. After a time he got up spat on his own hand and smeared it over his cock. He muttered something to his friend who went outside and returned a minute later with a pot of something like bear grease. The larger Indian took a finger full and plastered it into Ann’s asshole. He also took the liberty of doing a little finger fucking as he did so. The smaller Indian was ready. He got her to pull wider and forced his cock head past her barrier.

“Mommy, mommy, ohhhhhh.”

“Rub darling rub, imagine nice things!”

Now that his cock was in he started to fuck her, deeper and deeper with each plunge. Soon all his 6 inches was being accepted by the young woman who was frantically rubbing her own clit. After a time the pain eased and his rhythm less angry, the brave was now savouring her virgin ass. As she worked her clit she also began to slow, now the thrill of masturbating in front of 2 wild men started to engage her mind. They were watching her expose herself to them, getting them to the point where their cock would burst with semen which they’d leave in her like her father had done to her mother.

The fucking Indian was grunting above her, to the side she could see the second one beating his erection in preparation for taking a second turn in her ass. His was a huge cock and he was wanking it just inches away from her face. Behind him was her mother, she seemed to be engrossed in watching her daughters ass being fuck. All the time she was being pounded her mother was oblivious, stroking at her own pussy like she was in private with no one able to see. You could tell by her panting that she was keeping herself on the edge of a climax, waiting for the one thing to send her over.

With a louder grunt and a gasp, the fucking Indian tensed and started delivering his cum into her. As each shot was pumped into her his ass clenched. After 5 or 6 deposits their intensity diminished as his balls were then empty. He slid out and the second Indian replaced him. Again he had to make battle with her tightness but once won he too took up a slow steady rhythm deep into her. Now lubricated with cum of the smaller man, whilst having a bigger cock that stretched her more but it hurt her less.

People have always said that my temper would get me in trouble, but I never guessed how right they’d turn out to be. I’m usually a pretty nice guy, keeping my head down and trying to treat everyone with respect. When I get angry, however, my head clouds up and I don’t think clearly. Fortunately, I can usually calm down with a little time alone and for many years it was never a problem.

That all changed in my second year of college with Allison. She transferred into my Chemistry class midway through the semester and I was immediately struck with how beautiful she was. Her almond skin, cute little round face, and silky black hair were incredibly alluring, but when I first saw her vibrant smile I was smitten.

It was clear that she was in need of a friend, so I volunteered to be her lab partner for the remainder of the year. She seemed to enjoy my company as much as I hers, with our study sessions containing as much playful teasing as actual studying. My thoughts at night danced with images of this girl for a couple of weeks before I could bear it no more.

It was a Friday night and I was hosting another “study session” at my apartment. After only an hour or so, we ditched the schoolwork and decided to watch a movie. Since I intended to watch her more than the T.V. screen anyway, I allowed Allison to pick the film; we ended up with some generic girly love story that she seemed to enjoy.

I snuck looks at her throughout the movie, studying the way her eyes lit up when she laughed. She was gorgeous, and she was just wearing a simple blouse and jeans. When I caught sight of her adorable “aww” at what must have been a particularly romantic part, I couldn’t hold it in any longer. After the film ended, she commented on how great it was that we could watch those sorts of movies together. I agreed and then took my chance.

“Allison, I really enjoy spending time with you, and we make a great team. In fact, lately all I’ve been able to think about is our time together and how absolutely beautiful you are. All I want is to make this relationship into something more…”

I waited for her to absorb my words and react. The way her smile fell from her face and her expression morphed into one of pity was heartbreaking. I knew the answer before she said anything; my cheeks were already burning.

“Thanks, Thomas, but I’m not really ready for a relationship right now.” She continued, explaining a recent bad breakup and her feelings towards me merely as a friend, but I couldn’t concentrate on any of her words. My heartbreak from earlier was changing to rage and I could already feel myself losing control. Of course, I was a perfect gentleman about it and dropped the subject right there, but all I could think was “How dare she friendzone me?” I badly needed a chance to cool off.

To my dismay, Allison suggested watching one more movie before she left, perhaps out of pity. I couldn’t think of an excuse not to that didn’t increase my humiliation, so I dutifully started the film she suggested. It was clear neither of us were really watching it and I breathed a sigh of relief when she awkwardly got up to leave. She hesitated at the door.

“Uh, Thomas? It’s awfully late and my house is pretty far; would you mind…?” I gulped down my humiliation and anger and got up to escort her home.

Neither of us really said anything as we walked. It was all I could do to keep my expression neutral. As we were walking through a deserted park, my foot caught in a crack in the pavement. I tumbled forward onto my hands and, like that, my self-control was gone.

“Are you okay?” Allison asked, reaching down to help me up. I accepted her hand and pulled down hard, eliciting a gasp of shock. Before she could regain her balance, I forcibly shoved her through nearby bushes, pulled myself to my feet, and threw myself after her.

As she struggled to stand in the grass on the other side, she managed one high-pitched yelp before I slapped a hand over her mouth. Her squirming was cut short when I produced a pocket knife, something I usually carry for self-protection. The irony of its current use was lost on me in my anger. She looked fearfully between me and the blade held to her throat.

“I’ve had it with girls like you,” I began. “How dare you give me that shit about ‘just being good friends?’ I’ve been nothing but a gentleman to you, helping you with school and trying my best to treat you with respect, and this is my reward? If you won’t respond to being treated like a lady, maybe you prefer being treated like a whore!”

I pushed her to the ground and reached for her blouse. She began protesting but was quickly hushed when I flashed the steel of the knife in front of her eyes. With her noises under control, I proceeded to remove her upper garments. With those gone, I simply had to remove her bra and I was left to admire her amazing tits. They were just the right size – her B cups suited her slim frame fine – and those little nipples were perfect. She usually wore loose-fitting clothes, leaving the shape of her breasts up to my imagination, but these were better than I ever dreamed. As she quietly moaned, I took each breast in my free hand and rubbed it, enjoying the feeling of her delicate skin. I then took one into my mouth and savored her taste, a combination of fear and her usual perfume.

Once I had had my fill, I began working on her jeans. She stared at me with absolute terror and I almost succumbed to those huge brown eyes, but my fury won out and I pulled her pants around her ankles, tossing them to the side. Now all that stood between me and my prize was one little lacy pair of pink panties. I cut through them with one swipe of the knife and feasted my eyes on her best parts.

There was her beautiful pussy. It was clean-shaven and an enticing pink – I couldn’t resist rubbing her clit a few times. This made her moans louder and I was starting to worry that somebody would hear. Even in my rage, I had no desire to cause Allison any physical pain or to give her any injuries, and I was beginning to wonder what I’d do if my threats weren’t enough to keep her quiet. Fortunately, when I pressed the flat slide of the knife hard into her thigh, she stopped gasping and allowed me to flip her onto her stomach and move to her excellent backside.

It was not uncommon for Allison to wear sweatpants to our study sessions, so her ass was what I most lusted after and I was not disappointed. It was extraordinarily round without a single blemish and the almond skin was perfectly smooth. I cupped one cheek in my hand and squeezed, relishing the plump curves. Spreading her ass apart, I viewed her little cherry asshole. It was so small and delicate that I couldn’t resist leaning in and running my tongue across her entire ass, ending on her anal entrance. I felt Allison give a little uncontrollable shiver and knew it was almost time to move onto the main course.

First, though, there was something I had to take care of. I flipped her back onto her bottom and began reaching for my phone. She made a half-hearted attempt to get up, but I forced her back to the ground. With my phone in hand, I began taking pictures of all her perfect nakedness. I told I wouldn’t hesitate showing her friends and family what a little slut she was if she ever said or tried anything, but only got a whimper in response.

With that taken care of, I unbuckled my own pants and finally withdrew my dick, which had been clamoring for release for some time now. Now, I’ve always considered myself fairly average-sized, but my member being barely a foot from her small face did it a lot of favors. She eyed it fearfully and made no move. Since she didn’t seem to understand what came next, I grabbed her by the hair and yanked her face within inches of it. She wrinkled her nose and started squirming, but I cupped her cheeks and angled her to look right at my cock.

“You see this? You’re going to pleasure it. If you do a good enough job, we can call it a night. Sound like a deal?” She nodded at first, then absorbed my words and began protesting again.

“Please Thomas, I’m a virgin—” she began, but was quickly silenced when I filled her mouth with my dick. I made sure not to go deeper than her throat, but the surprise entry meant she was still gagging and spluttering. I held my penis in that little bit of heaven for a few minutes, enjoying the feeling of her tongue frantically trying to find to avoid contact with my penis. Finally, I let her pull back and cough everywhere. There was drool and a bit of precum on her chin and her mascara had started running. Seeing my little angel in such a mess only made me hornier.

“That was good, but remember what I said about pleasuring me? I’ll give you one more chance and this time I want some real effort.” I pushed my cock back up to the entrance of her mouth and waited. She whimpered and obediently began to take in as much as she could

With her experimental attempts at pleasing me, it quickly became clear that that she’d never done something like this before. She ran her tongue over different parts of my shaft, testing my reaction and, though it was amateurish, it felt absolutely sublime all the same. The innocence with which she did it made me love her all the more and it took all my self-control to resist forcing her to deepthroat my cock. As horny as I was, I was still trying to treat her as delicately as possible and that seemed to be crossing the line. After several minutes I pulled out and allowed her to catch her breath.

“Now, I’m going to enter you one last time. When I release my load, I want you to swallow every last drop. Don’t make a mess.” She stared up at me with fear.

“Please don’t make me swallow that,” she mumbled, “I don’t think I can take it.” She sounded so pathetic that I considered.

“Well, I can be reasonable and listen to a lady’s request.” She looked relieved for a moment before I continued. “I’ll let you decide, then. Do you want it inside or outside?”


“My cum’s either going down your threat or over your face. What’ll it be?”

She looked close to tears for a few seconds as she considered.

“O-on my face.”

“Alright then. I just want you to use your hands to finish the job. Go on.”

She hesitated, but then reached for my dick.

“That’s it, just give it a good rubbing and you can go home.” Spurred by my promise, she began stroking the shaft.

“Like this?’ she asked, looking up at me past the penis she grasped.

“That’s perfect.”

Encouraged, she worked faster. Soon, she was using both hands and pumping with a steady rhythm, determined to make me cum. The feeling of her delicate little palms wrapped around my dick was too much, and I knew I couldn’t last much longer. When she got the idea to cup my balls with one hand, I could hold it in no more. With a grunt of satisfaction, I released my load.

Before she could react, it sprayed out across her face, covering it and her upper body. Her almond skin was sticky with cum and saliva, a large dollop covering one eye. She stared blankly at her hands, which had not yet released my cock.

When I backed away, she fell to the ground and simply laid there, defeated and covered in cum. I searched for my phone and, finding it, took more pictures of the scene. Satisfied, I kneeled down next to her.

“A deal’s a deal,” I said to her limp form, “You did an adequate job as a whore tonight, and I for my part kept your virginity intact. Just remember my warning.” I held the phone up to her face.

Now, I completely intended to keep my word. Despite my rage, which had significantly dissipated after my orgasm, I still had feelings for this girl and didn’t want to take things any further than I had. The way I saw it, I got a nice orgasm, leaving her no worse for wear. However, the events of the night played out much differently than I had anticipated.


As I turned to leave, Allison still motionless behind me, I heard rustling in the nearby bushes. Before I could think to hide, a large figure stepped out into the moonlight.

It was a middle-aged man. He was large and intimidating looking, dressed in torn-up jeans and a biker jacket. I could see muscles ripple under the coat, even in the poor lighting. Allison and I stared at him blankly for a few seconds, trying to process his sudden appearance. Allison reacted first.

“Please sir, help me…he…” She was cut off by the stranger.

“There’s no need to explain, miss,” he said in a deep voice. “I saw most of the events of this night with my own eyes…”

I turned pale, images of myself in prison flashing before me. There was no way to deny anything, especially with Allison still covered in my cum.

“…and frankly, I’m disappointed. I wanted more.”

We both stared at him in surprise for what seemed like an eternity.

“I’m getting old; it’s not often I get to see the fucking of such a lovely little lady. But you gave it up too early. It needs to continue!”

Still we said nothing, too shocked to form any words.

“Maybe I wasn’t clear.” He reached into a coat pocket and withdrew a large pistol. The sight of the gun sent my heart plummeting and the knife fell from my fingers. “You’re going to continue the night’s activities, and this time I’ll join you. I don’t think I need to explain what will happen if we have any disagreements.”

My rage from earlier had already died significantly after my orgasm and the sight of the pistol had dispelled it completely. I was filled with fear – fear of being convicted as a rapist, fear of this strange man with a gun, and, perhaps strangest of all, fear for the girl whom I had just finished having my way with moments ago. I really did care for Allison and never intended for her to get hurt, even in my darkest thoughts.

“W-what do you want us to do?” I stammered.

“Ah, getting the idea quickly I see! Well, I saw the way you teased this lady’s lovely asshole earlier and the look you gave it. It’s clear you want more; why not take some?” He gestured towards Allison.

She gave a little gasp and my heart did a somersault. He was talking about anal! It was something I’d wanted to do with my girlfriends, but they’d always been afraid. As much as I loved Allison’s perfect little ass, I knew the pain was supposed to be enormous and so had avoided it tonight.

The man, gun in hand, grabbed Allison’s upper arm and forced her into a position on all fours, ass stretched out. By this point her sobs were getting more frequent and more pitiful, but the man didn’t seem to care. He beckoned me forward with the barrel of the pistol.

“What are you waiting for? She’s going to need some lube. Use your mouth like you did before – make her asshole wetter so the entrance isn’t so painful.”

I hesitatingly obliged, getting down on my knees and bending forward to reach her anus. There it was, right in front of my face. Despite my terror, I found myself getting hard again. I couldn’t resist the gentle curves of her ass cheeks and the inviting little hole – I leaned closer and jammed my tongue into her.

Allison let out a squeak of terror, but I could feel the cold steel of the gun pressed into my back and resumed my licking. I quickly ran my tongue all over the exterior of her anus, trying to get it as covered in spit as possible. I then began forcing my tongue down her asshole again, coating her insides with my saliva. I worked as quickly as I could but still couldn’t resist enjoying the feeling of her smooth ass cheeks pressed against the ones on my face.

After a too-short amount of time, the man barked “That’s enough! Time for the real thing.” With some prodding from the gun, I was up straight again with my dick poised at Allison’s asshole. I was terrified and excited, but then I saw her pathetic puppy-dog stare.

“I never meant for things to go this far,” I whispered to her. “I’m so sorry, Allison.” Before she could respond, the man kicked me in the leg, hard.

“Did I say you two could speak? Now, fuck her already!”

With no other option, I closed my eyes and pushed.

The feeling was incredible. Even coated in my saliva, Allison was still unbelievably tight. It felt like a boa constrictor had a hold on me. I groaned as I worked my dick deeper into her anus, inch by inch. Her whimpering soon turned to moans of pain or pleasure, I couldn’t tell. All I could focus on was the incredible sensations running through my body and the sight of Allison slowly enveloping my penis.

After what felt like ages, I reached as deep as I could go. With a sigh of both relief and disappointment, I began pulling out.

The man had moved in front of Allison. “That’s good, perfect,” he said to me. “You keep doing that while I finish what you started earlier.” He unzipped his pants to reveal his enormous cock right in front of Allison’s face. He saw her eyes go wide with fear and smirked.

“Yeah, impressive, isn’t it? Your friend with his little dong went easy on you, earlier, but now you’re going to have to handle this big guy.” He grabbed her by the back of her head and pulled her forward so that her nose was smashed against his cock. When she refused opening her mouth and tried shrinking away, the man slapped her across the cheek with the back of his hand, producing a resounding “smack!”

“You don’t get a say in this, bitch! Now swallow it!” He forced her mouth open and immediately crammed in a good four inches. I had stopped pumping the moment he hit Alison and was now staring on in concern. He noticed this and snapped at me.

“Did I say you could stop? Keep fucking her!”

Though I was still worried, my body was all too happy to comply. I resumed my fucking, savoring the feeling of her anal walls, even while my guilt grew at my own pleasure. As I watched her miserably suck this man’s dick, my body craved more and more. Unconsciously, I had sped up my thrusts.

It was clear that Allison was doing the best job of pleasing the man she could, because he wore a look of ecstasy. I watched as he forced her deeper and deeper, until he seemed to have reached the entrance to her throat. That was as far as I had gotten, but nothing seemed to stop him.

“I hope you’re ready, sweetie.” A moment later, he pushed further. Allison’s eyes went wider than I thought possible, and she began making little spluttering sounds as more of the dick disappeared into her mouth.

“Get used to it; I’m far from finished with you.” As tears streamed down Allison’s cheeks, the man pushed deeper, deeper.

By this time I had gotten considerably faster and was nearing my edge. When Allison at last took the stranger’s entire member into her throat, his pubes in her nose and her chin pressed into his balls, she clenched her ass so tightly that I thought my dick might fall off. The feeling was so incredible that I came immediately, the cum filling her asshole and oozing across my dick. I collapsed to the ground, exiting with an echoing “pop!”

The stranger wasn’t done, though. He held Allison there, her face pressed into his groin, for well over a minute. Her struggles began to grow more and more frantic as she coughed into his balls and flailed her arms helplessly. When he showed no intention of releasing her, I got up in concern.

“That’s enough! You’re choking her!”

“You stay out of this!” he snarled. He managed to level the pistol at me with one hand as he kept Alison pressed against him with the other. By now she was using both hands on his legs to try to pry herself away, but his grip was too strong.

“And what is it to you if I hurt her, anyway?” he added. “Not twenty minutes ago it was you in this same position!”

I hung my head in shame. He was right; I was just as much a monster as him. I was totally helpless. Maybe I was feeling some small portion of what Allison was going through right now. All I could do was look on in disgrace as the man finally neared his end.

As a traveling troubleshooter for advanced computer malfunctions, I have the unique ability to be able to be in the US one day, and the former Soviet Union the next, at no cost to myself, and at a salary that is more than generous. My employers know that if they send me on a job, I get it done, no matter what may stand in the way.

I had been doing this for fourteen years, without any sort of companion or physical comfort, my work consuming my entire being and being my world; when I was suddenly brought up short by a very touching scene, a young mother cuddling her baby on a sidewalk.

I felt a sudden loss inside me that erupted and consumed me. I realized that although I was secure in my chosen career, I had totally forgotten about a family or even a female companion to tell my troubles to and to have for comfort and love. Sure, I’d had my share of girlfriends, but they always had turned out to be money-hungry wenches who ended up being more interested in my bank balance than me.

I knew that the woman I wanted had to be submissive, no one who would question my actions, argue with me, or object to me decisions. No western woman would do that, they were all too self-possessed. I felt the only way to find a suitable companion – go to the Far East.

I picked up a job sheet that took me to Thailand, Chiang Mai, the northern capital of that lovely country. I knew that north of Chiang Mai lay the so-called Golden Triangle, the region that lay on the borders of Thailand, Laos, and Burma, and that trading was quite common in the commodity I was after, young women.

After finishing my job, I took some time off and traveled north, into the triangle itself. Being a Gaijin, or foreigner, it took some talking, and a reasonable amount of cash changing hands before I got to what I was after, a small fort on the shore of some unnamed river. I entered the fort, and was checked out by three guards who patted me down for weapons, and examined the contents of my case and pockets before allowing me entry into the main building.

I entered, slipped off my shoes, and knelt before the middle-aged man sitting on a mat in the spotless room, attended by two young women, clad in silk wraps.

“I understand that you have come far with difficulty to seek me out, American.” He said in a high, but clear voice.

“I have. I seek something that you can deliver for me.”

He nodded and waved his hand, both of the women quickly rose and vanished, one to return a moment later with a pillow, while the other came back with a tray covered in a white cloth. The pillow was for me to sit on, which I accepted with gratitude, and the other lay the tray in from of the general and removed the cloth. On the tray was a pipe and a small quantity of opium. One of the women prepared the pipe for the general and handed it to him, he took it, lit it, and puffed contentedly for a moment, then looked at me with a sharp eye.

“You seek a woman who will serve your needs, is that correct?”

I nodded. “I wish a woman who will not be like the western woman, not argue with me, disagree with me, object to my decisions nor disrespect me. I need a woman who will be mine, and who will obey me.”

He nodded and returned to puffing his pipe.

“You are aware that even in my country, such a submissive woman is not easy to find. Most are being corrupted by the Western culture and are finding their own voice. To find a submissive woman who will obey you, a Gaijin, is not an easy task. But, I can do it. You will just have to wait a few days.”

“I am in your debt, general. If I may be so bold, what will your service cost me?”

He laughed, and puffed on his pipe for a few moments, before smiling at me. “I will find you a suitable woman, of age to leave with you and be your constant companion, and in return, you will supply me with a computer to let me view the world.”

I nodded, and smiled back. “I will arrange for the equipment immediately.” I pulled out my satellite mobile. “May I?”

He nodded, and sat back, puffing away contentedly as I phoned a few contacts and began pulling together the required parts for a computer system that the General could use for many years before becoming obsolete.

. . .

Two days later, the parts had arrived and I was busy installing and configuring the system, including a generator, backup power supply, and satellite uplink system, when one of the general’s girls gently tapped me on the shoulder.

She bade me follow, and I secured the equipment, the walked with her back to the general’s house. He was still sitting on his mat, puffing away on his pipe, and grinned widely when I entered and knelt before him.

“I have found you a woman, my friend. She will be here tomorrow, at ten o’clock in the morning. She is eighteen years old, innocent, but understanding that you are her master and she will obey you in every way. I think you will be pleased.”

I smiled back. “I am content that you have chosen wisely for me, General. I am sure that I will be very pleased with this woman.”

That evening, I couldn’t sleep, and sat up watching the sun go down, puffing away on a cigar, and listening to the quiet talk going on in the fort and the village just outside it. The stars came out, and I watched the sky become alive with tiny points of light as the milky way rose.

It must have been eleven o’clock when I felt a small hand on my shoulder and looked up to see one of the general’s girls standing beside me. “The General wish that you be comfortable and rested, he ask that I relax you tonight. Will you come?”

I smiled and put out my cigar, then stood and took her hand, allowing her to lead me back to my room.

Once there, she turned on the light beside the bed, and undid the belt, allowing her wrap to fall open, revealing her perfectly smooth nakedness beneath. She was totally shaven, having body hair only on her head, and no stubble anywhere. She shrugged out of the wrap, letting it fall to the ground in a pool of silk, and raised her arms. “Do I please you?”

I nodded. “Yes, very much.”

She stepped forward and took my hand, gently leading me to the bed, then put her hands on my chest and pushed, I fell backwards onto the bed with her falling on top of me. She felt like a feather, so very small and light.

Her small hands found the buttons on my shirt and nimbly undid each one while I caressed her back and shoulders, feeling a tightness in my trousers that was almost unfamiliar after so long without a decent woman. She pulled my shirt open, and kissed my chest, her tongue teasing my nipples while her hands ran up and down my chest and neck, rubbing and kneading my muscles and tendons into a state of relaxation and arousal very unfamiliar to me.

Her hands moved to my trousers and with a few deft movements, they were undone, and her hand was wrapped around my erect cock, rubbing up and down with her thumb caressing the head, already oozing with pre-cum. She shifted on me, and I felt her warm mouth wrap around my cock and she began to suck, moving her head up and down while her tongue tickled the tip, sending shivers of pleasure through me.

She performed for a few minutes, while my hands rubbed and caressed her ass and legs, feeling between them for her wetness and sliding a finger inside her to test how moist she was. Then I suddenly grabbed her hips and twisted us, pulling her off me and onto her back and getting on top, she spread her legs and put her arms around me as my cock rubbed between them, finding the entrance to her hot cunt and pushing into it.

God was she tight, and hot. Like a velvet glove, so soft, tight, warm, and slippery all at once. I pushed all the way into her with one violent shove, causing her to cry out and wince in pain, but I didn’t care. I pushed into her, feeling my entire cock rammed up inside her, my balls resting against her ass, and my belly pressed against hers, then I began to pump, pulling out, then forcing my way back in, feeling her cunt flexing as it expanded to accommodate my length and thickness, then contract as only the head of my cock remained. I fucked her hard, feeling the entire bed vibrate as I pounded into her, hearing her soft cries of discomfort change to cries of pleasure as her body responded to it’s animal desires. Her legs wrapped around my waist, pulling me into her depths, and I felt my cockhead pushing at her cervix, having gone all the way into her on each thrust.

I continued to pump into her and as her gasps began to build, felt a tightness in my balls that indicated I was about to come. I gripped her waist and fucked her really hard, pushing myself into her so much tat as I felt my cock erupt with cum I pushed through her cervix and into the womb itself, spurting stream after stream of semen right into her body.

I lay on top of her, supported by my hands, gasping with breath as my body finished it’s motion and relaxed, my breathing slowly returned to normal and I opened my eyes to look at her face. She returned my gaze serenely and smiled. I pushed myself up and slipped out of her, causing her to wince slightly, and I noticed a bit of blood.

“Did I hurt you?” I asked, suddenly concerned for her well-being.

She smiled again and petted my soft cock. “No, you just very big man. I not used to American men.”

I lay back on the bed as she leaned over and turned off the light, then snuggled up beside me. I fell asleep, feeling more contented than I had for a long time.

I woke up a few hours later and got up to go to the bathroom, careful not to wake the little concubine. After I had finished, I returned to bed and noticed that she was also awake, sitting up, waiting for me. I got back into bed and she put her arms around me, kissing me deeply.

I lay back and let her kiss and caress me, feeling life return to my cock as it began to stiffen and rise again under her careful ministrations. Once it was erect enough, she sucked it for a bit, slathering it with her saliva, then she got on top of me and lowered herself onto my cock, gasping as it filled her slowly, pushing herself down until her was fully impaled again.

She put her hands on my chest as I caressed her small breasts and tweaked her nipples, pushing herself up, then sliding back onto my cock, wriggling herself down onto it so that it was buried in her soft moistness.

I caressed her breasts for a while, letting her control the motion of our fucking, then pulled her down onto me, putting my hands on her asscheeks, and began to thrust up, holding her on top of me as I pounded into her strongly. My hands rubbed and kneaded her asscheeks, squeezing and kneading the flesh as I pushed and thrust into her. Then one of my fingers slipped between her cheeks and rubbed her anus itself. She groaned at this and pushed onto me harder, trying to avoid my finger. I persisted, pushing my finger into and through her anus, embedding it in her asshole as I continued to fuck her. She groaned, but did not complain or stop me, and I could feel my cock pumping into her, separated by a thin membrane of flesh.

That feeling triggered my orgasm, and I pulled her onto me, again spurting semen into her pussy for what seemed like minutes, my finger still buried up to the knuckle in her asshole.

I held her on top of me as my cock grew soft, and I soon fell asleep, my cock and finger still inside her. When next I awoke, It was daylight, and I was alone, only the soft smell of her perfume, and a musky dampness on my cock as evidence she had even been there.

I got up and got ready to meet my new companion. By the time I had bathed, had my morning coffee, and gotten dressed, it was nearly 10, so I quickly walked outside into the bright sunlit morning to wait.

It did not take long, soon afterward, a car pulled up, and a fairly husky man got out, then assisted a dainty looking woman out. She was clad in a white dress that hugged her slim figure. The man looked around, then spotted me and led her over to me. He released her and was gone.

I looked over her as she must have looked me over, but her eyes never met mine, permanently downcast, she watched her own hands as they twisted their fingers, intertwining and nervously twisting among themselves.

“What is your name?” I asked, touching her on the chin to get her to look up at me.

“Ji Lai.” She answered in a very soft, quiet voice.

I smiled at her, and that brought a very small upturn to her lips.

Taking her by the hand, I brought her back to my room and sat her on the bed, then went in search of the General. I found him playing with his new toy, which was calmly teaching him everything he needed to know about using it.

Before I could say anything, one of his girls stood and handed me an envelope. Opening it, I found a passport, and some other official papers that said Ji Lai was now my property and my responsibility. I thanked the general, and returned to my room to find Ji Lai had already packed all of my belongings and was sitting on the bed beside my suitcases.

Six hours later we were back in Chiang Mai, booking into a hotel as the sun set in a blaze of orange and red light.

Once we had booked in and freshened up, I took her to dinner, and watched her eat, very daintily and carefully. Although I ate heartily, she didn’t really eat much of her meal, but seemed satisfied with the small portion she had consumed.

We returned to our room and I sat down on the bed, then lay back, feeling weary and wanting to rest, but still excited over having her with me. I knew that she would obey me in any instruction or command I gave her, without argument or objection, and my mind was abuzz with concepts and ideas, but an underlying layer of fatigue also clouded my mind, and without realizing it, I fell asleep.

I woke up a couple of hours later, to find the lights all but out, and Ji Lai curled up, not on the bed, but in a chair, fast asleep. I got up and quietly began to remove my shirt, shoes, and slacks, to make myself more comfortable. I had decided to let her sleep, but after removing my pants, I turned and saw she was awake, and watching me with those dark almond-shaped eyes.

I smiled back at her, and pulled the covers away from the bed, then sat down on the edge.

“Come here, Ji Lai.” I said softly. She got out of the chair and walked over to stand in front of me.

I put my hands on her slim hips and gently turned her around, then unzipped the back of her dress, exposing a smooth, coffee-coloured back, minus any brassiere. Getting to my feet, I carefully slipped the dress from her shoulders, letting it fall down to her waist. She did nothing to stop it falling free of her small, pert breasts. I turned her to face me and moved her hands apart from where they had been clasped together in front of her, then gently removed each arm from the sleeve of the dress, finally freeing it to fall to her feet in a pool of soft cloth.

All she was left with were a pair of high-cut white panties, perfectly accentuating her slim hips and tight vee at the juncture of her legs. I sat back down on the bed and held her at arms length, looking at and admiring her beautiful and flawless body.

“Ji Lai, you sleep here. With me, all the time, you understand?”

She nodded, and pulling her hands free, bent, picked up her dress, and went around quickly picking up my clothes and then with a few deft movements, had them all folded and put on a chair. She then climbed onto the bed and slipped beneath the covers, lying on her side, facing me.

I shrugged mentally. I would seduce her at my own time, better to get her used to being with me before I took our relationship to it’s ultimate conclusion. “Very good, now you sleep.” I said and reached over to turn off the light.

In the darkness, I rolled onto my back and closed my eyes, painfully aware of the warm feminine body only a few inches away. After a few minutes, I heard her sudden abrupt sigh, and felt the bed shift, then she snuggled into me, curling up beside me with am arm lying across my chest and one of her legs hooked over mine. I shifted slightly, and put my arm around her shoulders, and she rested her head on my chest. She was small enough that it wasn’t uncomfortable for her to be lying on me like this, and I breathed in the soft scent of her hair and sweat. A slightly spicy scent that tickled the base of my spine. I felt myself beginning to get erect, but focused my thoughts on other, non-arousing subjects. Then she shifted, and raised her head to look at me in the darkness.

“You not like Ji Lai?” Her soft voice queried.

“No, no. I do like you, I like you a lot.” I whispered, pulling her head down to my chest and hugging her firmly.

“If you like, why you not touch Ji Lai?”

That brought a raised eyebrow. She was supposed to be an innocent, but maybe she wasn’t so innocent as I had been lead to believe.

“I wasn’t sure if you were ready to be touched, Ji Lai.” I replied, cuddling her.

She slid one of her hands down until it cupped my semi-erection, and she squeezed it gently. “I not that innocent.”

That did it, I shifted, pulling her close to me, and lifting her face to mine, kissed her lips gently, then with mounting passion as my hands roamed over her bare breasts and belly. I caressed and teased her nipples with my fingers for a while, while kissing her deeply, letting her get used to the feel of my tongue touching and slipping between her open lips.

After a bit, I pulled away from her lips and nuzzled her neck and ear. kissing and licking that sensitive region, making her gasp in surprise as tingles ran down her spine.

My hands continued to rub and caress her breasts, but I got a bit rougher, twisting and beginning to lightly pinch her nipples as I kissed and licked her neck. I moved down her torso, leaving a trail of tingling kisses until I came to one of her small nipples. I gently licked it, then took it into my mouth and sucked it while swirling my tongue around it. This brought a groan of pleasure from her mouth as she gasped at the contact. My other hand continued to tease and twist her other nipple as I hungrily sucked and nibbled on the first. I switched, rubbing and twisting the now-wet nipple while I sucked and nibbled at the fresh hard treat.

I slipped my other hand down her smooth belly until my fingers felt the waistband of her tight panties. I slipped my fingers under the elastic and continued to slide them down, feeling smooth skin all the way until I hit the indentation of flesh that was the top of her pussy. She was totally hairless. She was also quite moist, and her wetness had seeped into her panties, making them quite damp and a bit sticky. I shifted my hand and tugged at the waistband. She obediently lifted her slim hips and her last barrier of defense slipped down and away, with her kicking them off the bed amidst a satisfied sigh.

I then returned my hand to it’s place between her thighs, and let my fingers slip between her lips, where the wet slickness allowed me to rub her folds of skin and tease the tiny nub of flesh that felt like a tiny pearl amongst her smooth, moist flesh.

Lifting my lips from her erect nipple, I kissed my way down between her small breasts, past her flat belly and it’s small, indented bellybutton, to the smoothness of her pussy. I licked her, tasting the sweet tanginess of her juice, then ran my tongue around the outside, circling inwards, listening to her gasps and sharp intakes of breath as I passed over sensitive areas.

I slipped my tongue between her outer lips, feeling for the deep indentation that was the entrance to her vagina, and I found it, then pressed my tongue against it, letting the wriggling tip slip inside and into her tight passage. I could only put a small portion of my tongue into her, a ridge of flesh prevented me from getting deep into her, and caused a yip from her gasping mouth as my tongue passed over that sensitive and thin membrane.

Chapter 5 – Tommy’s Story -Back from the dead.

Tommy found himself in a field. The sun was shining and the birds were singing. He could see his mother dancing with a young boy. Looking closer he realised he was looking at himself. They would often go on picnics and were such happy times. His mother saw him and smiling beckoned him over. As he walked towards her he felt pure joy and happiness. If this was heaven then he had definitely come home. Suddenly someone called his name from behind and he turned round to see Ryan standing there in full dress uniform. He looked so handsome. Tommy was sure this must be heaven now, both the people he loved, both who have died, here to greet him. Ryan called again only this time it sounded more urgent. Tommy tried to call back but he couldn’t speak, his throat hurt. He was suddenly aware of a blinding headache and darkness enveloped him.

“Tommy, wake up!”

He opened his eyes to see a face staring back at him. It was dark but the moonlight illuminated his features enough to see he was looking at Ryan.

“Am I dead?” he croaked dreamily hardly able to talk.

Ryan smiled, “No thank God.”

Tommy was confused, if he wasn’t dead and Ryan was in front of him then he was either a ghost or… Ryan kissed him and Tommy burst into tears.

“You’re alive,” he said flinging his arms around him. Clinging on with all his might he sobbed into his neck.

Ryan cradled him, holding him just as tight, tears rolling down his cheeks. “I’ve missed you,” he said.

“Where have you been? I thought you was dead.”

“I was captured,” he replied. “Our mission was compromised and we got ambushed. I lost ten good men in that fight. The rest of us was transferred to a prison of war camp where we’ve been for the last twelve months. The only thing that got me through it was thinking of my son and you. I did manage to escape but by then the war was already over, I just didn’t know it.”

Tommy smiled, “I used to sit outside the village hall every night and hope you would turn up.”

Ryan giggled, then his face turned serious, “Tommy, why was you trying to kill yourself?”

Suddenly the memory of all the events leading up to that point came flooding back. His eyes welled up as he retold what Bobby had done to him.

“I changed my mind,” he continued, “but the chair slipped.”

Ryan sat up. Tommy could tell he was angry but he didn’t say anything. He picked up Tommy’s clothes and handed them to him, “Come on,”

Tommy’s face dropped, “I don’t want to go home, I want to spend some time with you, I haven’t seen you for so long.”

Ryan smiled, “I’m not taking you home. I’ve booked into the Inn for tonight and we need to treat your wounds, I can’t do that here.”

Tommy smiled, “Can I spend the night with you?”

Ryan nodded.

Twenty minutes later they was in Ryan’s room at the Inn. They decided it best not to be seen entering together, so Tommy sneaked in the back entrance, it was quiet and he easily got to Ryan’s room without being detected.

Tommy waddled over to the bed, his anus still very sore, “Get your clothes off, lets take a look,” Ryan said.

Tommy didn’t need telling twice and was soon completely naked on the bed face down with his arse in the air. Ryan firstly took a damp face towel and cleaned up all the dried blood, then opened a med kit from the jeep he had borrowed again.

“How bad is it?” Tommy asked, concern very apparent in his voice.

“Not as bad as it looks, I reckon it’ll heal up in a couple of days,” Ryan replied.

He then opened a pot of antiseptic cream and gently applied it to Tommy’s anus causing him to yelp, “Ow, it stings,” he protested.

“It will for a bit,” Ryan assured him.

Ryan was very gentle and carefully massaged the cream around Tommy’s pucker. He applied some more cream on his finger and slowly inserted it into Tommy. Tommy groaned in delight, “Oh that feels so good.”

“Is this turning you on?”

“Uh huh,” Tommy grunted, then reaching down pushed his erection back for Ryan to see.

Ryan laughed, “I guess we’re going to have to do something about that swelling too.”

Tommy giggled.

“All done,” Ryan said playfully slapping Tommy on the ass.

Even though the trauma of Bobby raping him was still fresh in his mind his horniness was strong, “Does that mean you can fuck me now?”

Ryan laughed, “You’ll need to let it heal for a couple of days.”

Tommy span round and sat up quickly, “A couple of days? I can’t wait that long.” He complained as he began to undress Ryan.

“I would love to fuck you. You turn me on so much but we really are going to have to wait. I don’t want to make your wounds any worse.” His face turned a little more serious and he grabbed Tommy’s hands. “I have some good news and bad news,” he said.

Tommy’s stomach turned, “What’s the bad news?”

“I sail home in two weeks.”

Tommy sat back on his heels looking horrified, “What’s the good news?”

“I have two weeks leave.”

Tommy didn’t see how that would make up for the fact Ryan was leaving in two weeks, his head hung low.

Ryan lifted his chin, “At least we’ll be able to spend that time together, can you get time off work?”

“I thinks so, Mr Rogers is pretty good and I haven’t had any time off in twelve months, why?”

“How do you fancy going to London?”

Tommy’s eye’s widened, “Fuck yeah!”

Ryan had to quickly put his hand over Tommy’s mouth to keep him quiet, at the same time laughing.

They kissed passionately and the trauma of what Bobby had done quickly dissolved away. He was so happy to be back in the arms of the man he loved. Knowing that penetration was out of the question they were more than happy to do Tommy’s second favourite position. They sucked on each other, bringing themselves close but delaying the inevitable until neither one could take no more. They flooded their mouths with each others semen as they drew the night to a wonderful climax.

Both exhausted they snuggled up under the bedclothes. Tommy loved how Ryan’s arms wrapped round him and held him tight, he felt safe and loved. This is how he wanted to spend the rest of his life. He shed a small tear of happiness before he drifted off to sleep.

* * *

London was a mess. Rubble lined the streets where magnificent houses once stood. Tommy felt pain when he remembered that his mother had been in one of those houses. Reaching the west end they checked into a small hotel.

“I’ve been told this place is very discreet,” he said.

“How do you know?” Tommy asked.

“While I was the POW camp I met a young british corporal and a sergeant We became good friends and the Sergeant told me he ran a small hotel here in London.” He said as they approached the unassuming hotel.

When they entered the building a slender man with large green eyes and a balding hairline greeted them. His face was warm and friendly and Tommy immediately liked him.

“Ryan! I’m so glad you came.” The man greeted them. “And this must be Tommy. You never said he was this handsome.”

Tommy blushed.

“Arthur, it’s good to see you again,” Ryan replied.

At that moment a young man entered the foyer and greeted Ryan. He looked to be about nineteen and had strong cut features. His eyes were a bright blue and shone with enthusiasm.

“Tommy this is Arthur and Geoffrey, the couple I met at POW camp.”

As Tommy shook their hands he noticed a gleam in Geoffrey’s eyes.

“Are you two living together now?” Ryan asked.

“Shh, keep your voice down,” Arthur replied. “Walls have ears.” Ryan laughed.

“I’m staying here on leave for the moment but as soon as I get signed off I’m going to move in,” Geoffrey said.

Tommy felt pleased for them but jealousy too knowing he would have to wait for his man.

“Let’s get you checked in,” Arthur said.

They were given the best room in the hotel which over looked the street. As soon as they were inside Tommy flung himself at Ryan and they kissed passionately.

“Such young love,” Arthur said from the doorway.

Tommy panicked not realising the door was open.

Arthur laughed, “It’s ok sweetheart, everyone who stays here is.. Let’s say of our persuasion.” He then whispered, “It’s a queer hotel.”

Tommy’s mouth was wide open. A hotel just for queers? He’d never even considered the idea.

“Oh and if you want some extra fun we operate an open door policy. Strictly off the record of course,” Arthur added as he left leaving the door ajar.

“What does he mean?” Tommy asked.

“Leaving the door open at night is an invitation for other men to join you.”

Tommy gasped and quickly closed the door. “No way! I’m not sharing you with anyone!”

Ryan laughed as Tommy jumped on him and wrestled him to the bed. In seconds they were naked and making love.

That evening Arthur and Geoffrey took them to a private gentlemen’s club where homosexual men could meet. It was an eye opener for both Tommy and Ryan. There were men from many different walks of life, class seemed to have no boundary. What surprised them the most was to see men dancing together.

Ryan and Tommy were both very popular. Tommy had never been the centre of so much attention before. The owner talked them into having their photograph taken saying young love like this should be captured for prosperity.

They had a wonderful time, not having to worry what people thought of them. They danced and they kissed. It felt truly liberating to be showing each other affection in front of like minded people.

That night back at the hotel Tommy was shocked to see several doors ajar as they walked to their room.

“Are they…erm..”

“Expecting visitors?” Ryan said.


“I guess so.”

As they passed one room the door was open wide enough to see the occupant. On the bed was a naked man stroking his very hard cock. He beckoned Tommy to join him but Tommy grabbed Ryan’s hand and they ran back to their room.

“Oh my god! Did you see that?” Tommy gasped as he locked the door.

Ryan laughed. “I guess he’s a bit horny.”

“No way I could ever do anything like that.”

“You know a lot of these men are married.”

“Like you.”

“Yeah I guess so. It must be awful for them to be trapped in a loveless marriage knowing the only thing you want is illegal and this is the only way to find it. I’m not going to let that happen to me.”

Ryan stared out of the window, Tommy could tell he was thinking.

“What if I wasn’t around? I mean if for some reason we couldn’t be together?” Ryan asked.

“Don’t say that. I never want to be without you,” Tommy climbed onto Ryan’s lap. “But if that was the case then I wouldn’t go with anyone. I wouldn’t want to sully your memory.”

“You might feel differently at the time.”

“No Ryan, I mean it. You’re the only man I ever want.”

* * *

During their stay in London Tommy was able to visit the grave of his mother for the first time since she was buried. He was so grateful to Ryan for letting him do that. That day was very sullen for Tommy.

The two weeks flew by far too quickly. He knew they would have to part soon but he kept that thought locked in the back of his mind.

* * *

Back at the village Inn, Ryan was lying on his back with Tommy resting his head on his chest. Ryan idly stroked and tousled Tommy’s hair. They were both breathless after making love twice in a row.

“That was our last time together,” Tommy said in a trance like state.

“I know.”

Tommy looked up to Ryan, “I don’t want you to go.”

“I wish I didn’t have to either but I have to see my son. I don’t care about her but I just can’t leave my son, the both of you mean the world to me.”

“Wish I could go with you,” Tommy sulked putting his head back on Ryan’s chest.

They fell silent for a while, then suddenly Ryan leapt out of bed and rummaged round the room.

“What are you doing?” Tommy asked.

“Ah!” Ryan said finding what he was looking for.

He took a pencil and wrote something on a card, “This is my address in South Dakota,” he said handing the card to Tommy, “Write to me.”

Tommy looked at him blankly, “We’ll work something out, I don’t know what yet, but if there’s a way then we’ll find it. You, me and my son.”

Tommy smiled, he looked at it then put it in his trousers, “I’ll write my first letter tomorrow,” he beamed.

Climbing back into bed Ryan pulled Tommy tight, “I love you so much it hurts.”

They kissed and Ryan managed to coax another load out of Tommy before they drifted off to sleep.

* * *

The following morning Tommy sat on his bike outside the airbase. Near him was a group of local girls, all come for the same reason, to say goodbye to their GI boyfriends. Tommy noticed Doris looking at him, if only she knew. He watched with extreme sadness as one by one the trucks left taking the GI troops back home.

Later that day as he helped Mr Rogers in the store he overheard the women talking about Bobby Jones. He’d forgotten about him and he became anxious now that Ryan wasn’t there to protect him.

“He’s disappeared,” one woman said.

“Good riddance I say, he was nothing but a menace. I’m sure it was him that killed my poor Fido,” another woman added.

“Yes and the way he would look at the girls, disgusting.”

Tommy listened carefully, he felt relief that Bobby would no longer be a threat, but what had happened to him?

Robin was waiting for me two streets and an alley over, in a corner far enough from the temple and deep enough into the poorest area that not only would we not be recognized, but there weren’t likely to be a whole lot of hardcore believers around. He grabbed me as soon as I was in reach and kissed me, short and perfunctory before locking eyes on my tits, riding high and firm, barely confined by the tight neckline of my dress. He grabbed one and bent his mouth to it, and by the hoots and hollers around us I could tell we were starting to attract attention. This was how we had been getting started recently, for he knew I wanted to be a virgin on my wedding day and couldn’t go too far in the wide-open streets. It was mostly men and brothel girls in this area and the men crowded in, remarking lewdly to Robin that he shouldn’t stop there. It was exciting for them, seeing a man dressed in expensive clothing with his mouth on a girl who was clearly not a lady of the night, like watching the king take the queen in full view of the court. That was said to happen every now and again, but gutter rats like this would hardly get the chance to enjoy the spectacle.

Robin lifted my skirts high enough that I felt the draft around my knees and the hooting took on a wolfish tone. His other hand left my tit and found the lacing of my overskirt, working against my back until the knots were undone, the laces loosened, and the dark red brocade fell to the ground. It took less than a moment- he was very practiced- and the hooting turned to moaning. My golden satin underdress was next but Robin knew to string it along, let it slide down my body like the oily gazes of the lustful men, pooling and clinging where and how it wanted to. On every side trousers were bulging and straining, and by the time the underdress was also in the dust several of the men had released their burdens and hands went to work. Some of the brothel girls filtered into the crowd, offering the assistance of their own hands, mouths, and more, and gold began to flow.

It was all the excitement I needed and I covered my now barely-concealed tits, desire beginning to pool between my legs as I turned to tell Robin I wanted to find a room for him to pleasure me as he always did. He caught my lips in another kiss, one hand darting downward and squeezing my inner thigh through the thin cotton of my undergarments. I leaned away but his mouth followed me and his other hand was working on the lacings of my corset.

“Robin, that’s-” I gasped, finally free of his lips, but he wound his hand into my hair and jerked my head back, cutting off my air midsentence and leaving me gasping and choking. My corset was looser than before and he grabbed the back and yanked it away from my body unmercifully. The lacings held but stretched and he had enough room to raise it off me like taking a mold away from a cake. He had to let go of my hair to do it and I tried to get away but he caught me by the wrists, pulling them back behind me as he perched his knee against my spine, forcing me to arch forward in a wanton pose that showed off my tits and flat stomach to the masturbating men. They moaned and shouted, urging him on as he pulled me back to him. I fought, desperate to escape, sure he would see that this was going too far, and he reached up and pulled my chemise down, revealing my bare tits to the sun and the much hotter gazes of the lustful vermin.

Several reached forward, roughly squeezing and pulling in the most obscene ways and I cried out in pain, struggling for all I was worth. It did no good- Robin was far stronger than me- and he bore me to the ground, the men and their hands following. The brothel girls had unwittingly created a bit of a barrier around me, having already lain on their backs or crouched on all fours for their spontaneous clients, and when Robin sat me up against him most could not follow. The few who could groaned as one, some coming onto the pavestones, as he forced me to spread my legs, my chemise skirt bunched up around my waist. My pussy was exposed, wet and wanting, and two hands reached me, one rubbing hard and rough on my clit and the other inserting a finger into the tight entrance. I was a virgin despite all Robin had tried to do doing our preceding liaisons and just a single knuckle of the man’s index was all it took to make me scream in protest, tears coming to my eyes. He grinned and laughed but Robin pulled me back, ripping the chemise away and casting it into the dust on top of my other pieces of clothing.

“You can have her after if you help me get her now!” he shouted to the two men, releasing his own huge, hard cock above me as he shoved me down beneath him. I was on my stomach, pleading through my tears, but two men signaled their assent by crawling forward, one spreading me against the expensive fabrics and patches of dirty street stone until my legs were so far apart I cried out again. The other came forward to my upper body and held me down then sandwiched his hand between the ground and my tits, rubbing and twisting as his mouth caressed my ear, narrating his disgusting thoughts in between licks and nibbles. Robin spat once, twice, and I felt his warm, slimy gobs of mucus against the cheeks of my ass, sliding down into the chasm between them. Robin rubbed his spit into my asshole and leaned forward until I could feel the tip of his cock against my puckered hole, pressing down hard until I knew that if he so much as shifted his weight his gigantic member would violate me.

“I want you to beg, bitch,” he ordered, and I blubbered out something incoherent as the man abusing my tits laughed and spat on my face.

“Louder,” Robin hissed, somehow pressing even harder without breaking through. I heard the order being repeated by many voices, shouting over the cacophony of animal sounds surrounding me, and I looked up as best I could and saw the orgy had grown until the whole street was full of squirming sluts, willing and not willing, men bearing down on them sometimes four or five at a time. From above every window had been thrown open and more men hung out, their tongues lolling, their hands out of sight as they fapped, shouting at me to beg loud like a good little bitch, wanting to see me fucked in the dirt.

“No-please-,” I gasped, then Robin leaned forward and I screamed, loud and long, not caring as the spit on my face dribbled into my mouth. Only the very tip of his cock had drilled into my ass but it felt as though he was fucking me with a gigantic wooden beam. He kept easing into me, stretching out the moment and my tender virgin asshole with delicate, cruel finesse, his hands working my asscheeks, pulling them apart, pushing them forward, stretching, always stretching. I screamed and screamed as around me the watchers cheered, and finally Robin shoved and I felt his balls slap hard against me as I took all of him.

I almost passed out from the pain as he said “Teasing little cockslut, bet you love that hot dick, doncha?” Then he pulled back, not nearly as slowly as he’d pushed in but still slowly enough to make it hurt as much as possible for me. I couldn’t scream anymore, my throat was already so raw. “Wanna take my dick, bitch? Want your ass fucked?”

Right before his tip was about to pop out he dove back in, puncturing my ass all over again but this time with so much speed and force that it felt like he would just keep going until the world would be able to see his hard cock by looking down my throat. I found I could scream again, then he pulled back and plunged in, as fast as he could, and as he started to pound my ass I somehow still felt the fingers of another man worming their way beneath us both to reach the tender, vulnerable folds of my aching pussy. He rubbed at me, back and forth, his thumb trying to find my center, but I was so pinned down by Robin’s long cock up my ass and the man practically fornicating with my raw tits that I could do nothing to stop him.

Robin drilled me into the ground so hard that my pelvis grated against the stones through the folds of my discarded clothing. The man fucking around with my tits had started smearing his spit across my face with his tongue as his hands tortured and abused each tit in turn, and as the thumb of the third man found my untainted fuck hole and pushed in I thrashed with all my might. Robin happened to be pulling out and I caught him off guard so that he lurched to one side, his huge dick finally popping out of my asshole. I dragged my legs as far closed as I could, still thrashing in the dirt, and Robin shoved the man lying on my torso out of the way so he could grab me by the hair and pull me into a sitting position, slapping me across the face over and over again.

“You fucking stupid bitch!” he shouted at me. “You fuckpig whore!” His blows made my head spin and my vision cloud but I cried from relief, because at least he wasn’t still fucking my asshole with his monster cock. For a moment the hitting stopped, then he dragged my head downwards and before I could tell what he was doing I tasted his salty, bitter cock fluid on my lips.

“Suck the come out of my dick, whore,” Robin ordered, pushing on the back of my head so that his dick forced its way against my tongue and down my throat, making me choke and gag and bringing even more tears to my eyes. I couldn’t even think of biting him, only of the way my throat was forced to expand while the man from before found my tits with his mouth. He did want to bite, pulling and nipping with his teeth until he made me scream even while Robin fucked my face. Robin seemed to like the feeling, and after a gruff comment to the other man that I didn’t catch they shifted so that I was still sucking cock but also sitting on the other man’s naked lap. He eased his fat dick up my asshole and I cried out as loudly as I could, making my throat vibrate around Robin’s cock until he shouted and pulled away before he could come too soon. He hit me in the face again and I fell back, stunned, against the man filling my ass. He had my arms above my head quick and eased me back so I was laying on him, limp and exhausted as he raped me hard with his hammering fuckpole.

Robin grinned down at me, enjoying watching the man force his huge dick up my ass over and over again, my reddened, swollen tits bouncing and quivering with every movement, my nipples hard and sticking straight out, their sore, painfully sensitive tips still damp and shining. All around the men watching grunted and groaned and screamed themselves as they came, spilling their sticky, smelly spunk into pussies they’d bought or fucked into submission.

Robin knelt, spreading my legs wide so that my pussy was laid out flat before him, pink and virginal, lips gleaming with pre-come. His naked cock twitched and throbbed visibly, the bulbous head descending almost majestically until it was hovering just above my defenseless cunt, trembling beneath him as my ass continued to be fucked and filled.

“I’ve been dreaming about fucking you like this,” he crooned, touching me with one finger, almost nonchalantly spreading my folds open before just grazing my clit, making my body spasm with the sudden, animal lust of a bitch in heat, thirsty for hot cock. “Putting you in the dirt, making sure the whole world saw your wet pussy beg for it. I don’t need you to say it out loud.” He came forward, put his mouth against my ear, and whispered “I like you better when you’re screaming.”

He leaned back, rearing above me, his cock rubbing slowly against my clit, then down my wet and tender folds, tracing its sultry way towards my slit, tiny as a pinprick before his mammoth sausage. I couldn’t even fight, not with my ass being drilled bloody and the taste of his dick still filling my mouth. I lay peacefully, invitingly beneath him, waiting like a willing slut to give him whatever he wanted.

His cock pressed against my fuck hole, hard then harder and harder, then all at once he dove in, sheathing himself to completion, his heavy balls slamming into me. I screamed one last time in protest as I felt myself torn open for him, blood soaking my thighs as it seeped around his long, hot spear, thick around as a tree in between my legs, spearing me. Cries of victory went up on his behalf from all around as he slammed into me again and again, matching his fucking with the man still in my ass, one pulling out as the other drove forward, and my pussy was soaked not just with blood but with my own hot, juicy fluids as something horrible inside of me made me clench my pussy and asshole around my rapists’ cocks. That same horrible, base desire made me squirm in delicious, wanton thirst as even more onlookers crowded in close, the sounds of their masturbation ending in squirting, thrusting joy as ropes of hot, sticky need draped over my legs. Cocks found their way between me and Robin and I felt wet, warm slime coat my heaving stomach, my bare, sore tits. Another cock forced its way between my lips and I moaned against the invader as he began to pound me without mercy, his balls hitting hard and fast against my chin.

The man in my asshole came first, thrusting with all his might before blowing his load deep into ass, waiting until every possible drop was spent before relaxing, his cock going soft while still inside me. The man in my mouth came, fisting both of his hands into my hair and yanking my head up so he could force his come as far down my throat as possible. He went limp and slid off me, his slimy dick leaving a trail across my face.

Robin, that stamina god, came last, laying on me and screaming insults into my come-coated face as he left his seed between my spread-open legs. I lay limp beneath him, every possible cranny fucked and filled, and swallowed the sticky come in my mouth.

This is the ninth instalment of an 18-year-old music student’s, Clare’s, sexual journey. In the first instalment, she was hired by the husband and wife team of escort agency owners who discover during some sexual high jinx she is still a virgin. In the second, she set out in a limo to her first appointment with her new escort name, “Celeste,” to a man who outbid other men for the privilege of taking her cherry. There is an erotic adventure in the limo. In the third instalment, she lost her cherry to an experienced client. The fourth instalment found the young lass fucked by a client known as the “High Hippie” on the altar of the Earth Goddess at an orgy at midnight of Summer Solstice in Central Park. The fifth had Clare at a party for a friend of the escort agency owner that turns into an orgy. The sixth had her fulfilling a crush she had with her ex-music teacher who was visiting New York. She lured him to her room, slowly stripped and made him an “offer he could not refuse.” Then in the seventh instalment, she had a lesbian session with a female boxing champ who has paid a big bonus to be the first to remove the pubic hair from her never shaven pussy. The eighth instalment has her being exploited by her doctor and his drinking buddy during a physical “examination”. Today, kind Clare helps a fellow student solve her financial problems.


Clare walked up the stairs to the office of Midnight Magic Escort Agency with her new Muslim girlfriend, Saira. Young, innocent Saira needed to make some quick money. Clare was helping her apply for a job with Jerome, the co-owner, who was waiting with a big grin on his face behind the door at the top of the stairs.

Clare was remembering that is was just yesterday that she met the pretty young girl in the cafeteria at the Julliard School of Music. It was late in the day after class and the poor girl was sitting alone weeping loudly and muttering in Arabic in the empty hall. She wore the headscarf of a devout Muslim and dressed in modest long beige dress and shawl. Clare was instinctively drawn to help her fellow student and sat in the chair beside her. When she placed a hand on the sad girl’s shoulder, the girl was startled and looked up suddenly with tear filled eyes. The frail beauty of the young girl’s face took Clare’s breath away. She had deep brown eyes with long lashes and high cheek bones and perfect light brown skin. She could easily be a model. The head-scarf covered her hair tightly but framed her gorgeous features nicely.

The sad young thing was reluctant to talk about her worries at first but Clare was such a caring soul that soon the girl poured out her story. She said she was an exchange student from Saudi Arabia and her and her family were devout Muslims. As such, she could not have any boyfriends. But she was eighteen and her body was maturing. Lately she had incredible bouts of horniness that made it almost impossible to concentrate on her studies. She tried to quell the fires by stroking her pussy but this left her unfulfilled. She had heard about personal vibrators as a better method of getting satisfaction and she had purchased one. Unfortunately during an incredible orgasm she had ripped the instrument through her hymen and was therefore no longer technically a virgin. In her culture, this was a disaster. If she returned to her native land without her virginity, she would not be able to marry a good husband. She had even heard of girls being killed for dishonouring their family. She was even contemplating suicide.

There was an alternative but it would take $10,000 and she could not ask her family. When Clare inquired, she told her that many Muslim women that have lost their virginity as young free-spirited girls were able to have expensive surgery to repair their broken hymen and the horny husband on the future wedding night would not know the difference.

The girl’s plight was so bad that Clare confessed to Saira how she had made lots of money as an escort. She said she would help the girl get a job as an escort. The girl’s face lit up in relief and she kissed Clare’s hand in gratitude. Even when Clare told her about having sex with clients, the girl wanted to do it. Anything was better than going back to Saudi Arabia without her hymen and disgraced.Clare pushed the door of the escort agency open and walked in with Saira closing the door behind them. Jerome leapt up from his char behind the desk with a big shit-ass grin on his face and a black hand outstretched to Clare. She was a bit surprised and suspicious that Fran, Jerome’s wife and co-owner was not there.

“Well, girl. It is certainly good to see my number one favourite employee.” Jerome said as he looked her slowly and brazenly up and down from toes to head. He still regretted not having fucked Clare’s sweet pussy when she had applied for a job. But she had given him wonderful oral satisfaction and it gave him a hard-on recalling those red full lips wrapped around his big black cock. He loved the way she dressed up to see him with a pink and white sleeveless summer dress that showed off ample cleavage and short enough to be just a bit naughty. Her long brown curly hair was even more glorious than he had remembered. It fell over her shoulders and framed her beautiful face.

“And this must be the friend you have been telling me about.” Jerome’s voice boomed and he shot a large open hand to Saira. She blushed, looked up at the good-looking black man towering over her and shook his hand delicately. “My name is Jerome. What is yours, my dear?”

“My name is Saira, sir.” she said as she blushed even more crimson and looked down.

Jerome looked her up and down hungrily. The girl was a tiny thing that only went up to his arm pits. She was wearing a traditional Muslim plain brown silk head scarf that tightly covered her hair. Even though it was early summer in New York City and very hot, she wore a heavy long tan dress down to her ankles. The long-sleeved top was buttoned up the front to her neck, revealing nothing. Her face was picture perfect. She exuded innocent beauty in full flower. He couldn’t wait to see what delights were hidden under those drab clothes.

Jerome pulled a chair from in front of the desk and placed it in front of the long sofa that was against the far wall of the office.

“Saira, why don’t you sit on the chair while Clare and I sit on the sofa? I need to ask you a few questions to see if you are qualified for this job.” The girl sat on the chair with her tiny hands on her lap and Jerome and Clare sat on the sofa with Clare on his right side. Jerome wore baggy jeans and both girls noticed that his penis was erect enough to make a small tent in the front when he sat back with his arms outstretched along the top of the back of the sofa.

“So, you want to be one of my high-class well-paid escorts?” The Muslim music student nodded yes. “Good. Now tell me. Did my sweet Clare tell you all about what being an escort is all about?” She nodded yes again. “Good again. But let me be sure. It means having sex with clients. Or as we like to call it in the industry, FUCKING.” At this outburst, Saria put her open hand over her chest, looked down in embarrassment and gave a little whimpering sound. Jerome thought, “This is going to be REAL fun. I just love breaking in these innocent types.” He dropped his hand to Clare’s knee and gave it a good squeeze and left it there when she did not protest. The tent in his pants grew a bit when he thought of what was next.

With a sly grin he said, “Now girl stand up and put that chair back by the desk and come back and stand there so I can see you”. With a bit of effort, she took the heavy chair away and stood looking down at Clare and the big man on the sofa.

“Lift up your dress so I can see your legs sweetheart.” This was the moment that Saira had dreaded. It was now or never. Clare could see the wheels turning in her friends head. Jerome too and he had seen a few girls scamper away when the moment of truth came. He didn’t know which way this one would go. Saira thought she had no choice and with a deep audible sigh, the young girl bent at the waist, reached down to the hem of her dress at her ankles, and lifted it up to her waist. But this only showed her legs from the knees down. “Good girl. Now that wasn’t so hard was it?” The girl looked up at the ceiling and Jerome knew that it was tough for this one. He also knew from experience that once a girl had decided to comply, he was in full control.

So, with the confidence of a person in total control he said, “Hell, girl, take that dress off. I want to check out what your business assets are.” The tiny beauty began to reluctantly undo the long line of buttons on the front of the dress, starting near her neck.

Jerome was in no hurry. He loved the anticipation of the sexual release that he knew would be coming soon enough. He could see Clare intently watching her friend strip and suspected the erotic show was turning her on as much as it was him. He ran his large hand up Clare’s bare leg under her sundress until it rested on her silk thong covered pubic mound. The young music student gave out a low moan when Jerome slipped his index finger expertly along the camel-toe fold of her panties, stroking her womanhood. Sure enough, he felt a growing wet spot which was evidence of her arousal. He leaned his mouth towards Clare’s ear and whispered, “Why don’t you unzip me and set my cock free, babe. Mr. Johnson needs some air.”

Clare had to admit to herself that she was getting extremely horny watching her beautiful friend submit to her boss. Her pussy was throbbing and she felt her love juices flowing. She had been fantasizing about this interview since the moment she called Jerome and booked the appointment. She gladly pulled down the zipper to release her boss’s manhood.

Clare loved the velvet-over-granite feel of Jerome’s hot erection. It was exactly as she had remembered it felt and how she had fantasized while relieving her passions with her long black vibrator in her dorm room. She smelled the punky-sweet odour of his manly parts and it turned her erotic subconscious up a few notches.

The zipping sound caught the attention of the Saudi exchange student. Her eyes grew wide as Jerome’s erect ten-inch, thick black penis came into view. Saira was shocked at the shear size of the weapon. Her friend Clare’s hand gripped the base but it was at least another hand width longer above. She had never seen a man’s penis in the flesh and she found it hard to believe that her tiny body could ever accommodate such a large object.

Jerome got a bit impatient when Clare’s warm hand encircled the base of his cock. He saw that the cute Muslim music student had stopped undressing and was just staring wide-eyed at his crotch. “Hey girl, don’t stop. Get that dress off. We don’t have all day.”

Saira made a surrendering whimpering sound and quickly undid the rest of her buttons and slipped the dress off her shoulders. As she stepped out of it, Jerome could see she was wearing plain a white set of bra and panties. It seemed all these students that showed up needed a lesson in buying sexy underwear. But he certainly liked what he saw. She had perfect light brown skin and even as she stood with her arm modestly covering her breast area and her hand in front of her girlie parts, he could see that she had a beautiful figure.

“Don’t be shy woman. You have a great body. Doesn’t she Clare?” Clare smiled and nodded yes.

“Now, take off that bra and let me see your nice titties.” When the girl reached her hands up behind her back, Jerome could see a dark shadow of pubic hair showing through the crotch of her panties and even some spilling out the sides. The girl removed her bra and released a glorious set of breasts. They were small but in perfect proportion to her body size. The areolas were deep brown with oversized hard nipples sticking straight ahead. Jerome licked his lips at the thought of rolling those around between his lips. “Come over here and let me feel if those are natural.”

The girl blushed deeply even down her neck but walked to the sofa and bent over the smiling black man. Her new boss reached up and with both large hands engulfed the wondrous soft orbs that had never been felt by a man before. He kneaded them and rolled the hard nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. “Hmmmm. Yes. Those are as natural as honey from a bee.”

Jerome turned to Clare. “What do you think, baby?” Clare reached up and tentatively felt the end of Saira’s breast with the tips of her fingers. Her boss boomed, “No, take a GOOD feel.” Clare obeyed and took a full handful and found them wondrously firm but silky soft to the touch. He urged her on. ” Why don’t you help your friend out of her panties.” She looked at him quizzically. “Go ahead roll those panties down her legs and show us what she’s got.” Clare leaned forward and gripped the waistband. “Slowly, girl. This is like Christmas,” he instructed. And the music student slowly slid the panties down over Saira’s hips, revealing a dark bushy patch of pubic hair with passion swollen pink pussy lips peeking below. She and Jerome could smell her love juices. The girl’s knees were firmly held together and Clare had to pry her hand between them before she would allow the garment to fall to the floor.

He looked up at her head-scarf which was still on and said, “Do you want to keep that on?” Jerome was sensitive to the fact that Muslim women like to wear this for modesty’s sake. The girl nodded yes. “No problem, my dear.”

Then, Jerome leaped to his feet and said, “This is not fair at all. Why should you have to undress when we are all fully clothed? Clare, why don’t we get undressed, too. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Isn’t that right?”

Clare stood up and nodded an enthusiastic yes. This was going just about how she thought it would. She was looking forward to a good romp. Then she thought, “Oh my goodness, it was only a short time ago that I was a shy virgin like Saira in this office for my escort job interview. Wow, look at how much I have changed.”

He pointed to the sofa and said, “Saira, why don’t you sit down while we get more comfortable?” She sat down meekly.

Both of them stripped quickly and when Clare had removed her bra and had only her thong left on Jerome said, “Hey, why don’t you let your girlfriend take those off for you? Only fair. Ha Ha.” Clare walked to the sofa and the innocent girl leaned forward and peeled the pink satin thong over Clare’s hips and down her long perfect legs. Saira had never seen a shaved pussy before and she was staring. Jerome saw this. “You are going to have to shave your pussy like that soon. You have quite the bush down there.”

He sat down beside the Arab student and Clare sat on his other side. He leaned back with a shit-ass grin with his arms outstretched on the back of the sofa and a beautiful, barely legal, naked teen on each side. His stiff black cock stood brazenly erect and it was the object of total attention of the girls, Clare with hungry eyes and Saira with apprehension.

“Now tell me, my Arab beauty, have you ever sucked a man’s cock before?” She looked down and nodded no. “Hell, have you ever even touched one?” He was not surprised when she shook her head no again. “Well, girls at the Midnight Magic Escort Agency pride themselves at being the best cocksuckers in New York and that means the world! I can’t hire you until you can show me that you can suck dick. You are lucky because you have one prime piece of man meat right before your eyes and your fellow music student can show you how a real pro works. Isn’t that right Clare?”

Clare smiled and eagerly moved her lips toward the imposing member but her boss said, “Now now girl, slow down and tell the girl what you are doing and why, just like in school. You remember how my wife taught you.”

Clare started by reaching over and grasping the base of her boss’s hard circumcised black penis and saying to her fellow music student, “I have learned a lot about sex since becoming an escort. I now really enjoy giving and receiving pleasure. You will too.” Clare’s tiny hand barely circled his manhood. “Men love it when we stroke the sensitive skin up and down like this.” She grasped the staff and slipped the velvety outside over the iron hardness within. A spot of precum bubbled at the slit at the tip of the bulbous head. “See how some fluid leaks out when the man gets aroused. They love it when we swirl the slippery liquid over the head of their penis. Go ahead Saira, touch it and spread it like I said.” Saira reached over a tiny manicured index finger and touched the warm liquid and slowly swirled it around Jerome’s cockhead making it glisten like a big black diamond. He closed his eyes and gave a low animal groan of pleasure. “See, did you hear that. Like I said, they really like that. Now, why don’t you stroke the skin of his penis like I showed you?” The innocent Arab teen grasped the imposing weapon and slowly stroked a bit clumsily up and down. Both girls stared at the instrument with total concentration. Clare said, “See how soft that feels. Why don’t you keep doing that while I feel his sack down here?” With this, she slipped her hand under the lucky man’s heavy ball-sack and gently rolled the two egg-like objects within. Her boss, groaned in pleasure again. “See, a man’s balls are very sensitive. They really like that but you have to roll them very gently.”

Jerome was getting incredibly horny. He placed a hand on the thigh of each teen. Clare parted her legs invitingly in anticipation of having her throbbing pussy stroked whereas the young Muslim squeezed her knees together nervously. This did not bother Jerome since he knew the ice would melt soon. He decided to show the newbie what sexual pleasure was all about and he moved his right hand to Clare’s womanhood. She spread her legs wide without urging to give full access and closed her eyes and moaned in delight at his expert touch. The scent of her love juices heightened the primal urges of everyone.

Saira could see that her friend’s girly parts were wet with passion and Clare was moving her hips instinctively to the rhythm of the black fingers stroking her bald slit and engorged clitoris. She was getting hot watching this erotic scene when the man said to her, “Hey baby, don’t stop stroking my cock girl.” She immediately restarted her stroking action. She looked down and saw a large black hand move from her thigh and cup her breast. She gave a bit of a gasp in surprise but the could not resist a deep moan of pleasure as the hand rolled her nipple sending a surge of lust to her brain. Jerome grinned as he realized the ice was melting. He could see the Muslim girl blush deeply over her perfect light brown skin. But she did not resist.

Jerome said sternly, “Hey Clare, why don’t you show the new girl how to suck a cock?” Clare smiled and moved her mouth to the staff but her boss interjected, “Why don’t you get up on your hands and knees and put your ass in the air while you suck me off? That way I can play with your pussy while you are doing me. It that good, baby?” Clare smiled widely in joy and jumped into position and loved it when her boss’s hand returned to her smoothly shaven cunt. “Now, don’t forget to tell your student what you are doing.”

Clare grasped the black cock above Saira’s hand and said, “It is best to make your tongue really wet with your saliva and then roll it around the sensitive cock head like this.” And she swept her wet tongue around the bulbous engorged head paying particular attention to the sensitive under part below the slit.

Saira watched in rapt attention this erotic view. She realized with disappointment the man’s hand had left her breast but then realized it had returned to her thigh. Her knees had already parted a bit as she was watching her friend and she was surprised that her legs instinctively opened a bit more at his touch. Her body seemed to have a mind of it own. Then the hand moved up her leg towards the region that had never been touched by a man. “Oh my goodness,” her mind screamed, “He is going to touch me THERE!” She looked down and saw the large black hand slowly move up her thigh and approach her thick dark bush. She recognized the same musky odour of her womanly juices that she had experienced while masturbating secretly in her dorm room. She could feel her entire crotch throb with primal passion. When the hand touched her pubes, an electric shock went through her nether regions and her knees parted of their own will in complete welcoming submission. Saira looked down in wonder as the hand swept over her hairy pubic mound and down to her now sopping wet pussy lips. “Ahhhhh.” She sighed loudly surrendering to the new sensations.

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