virgin ass

The lights are low in the apartment and there are scented candles flickering on the dining table wafting their perfumed essence into the air. My sweetheart comes through the door. We kiss and he proceeds to give me a shoulder massage. He knows how much I love those.

I get him his favorite drink and he settles into the couch and tells me about his day. He’s already planned what he has in store for me, but I have different ideas. We kiss and cuddle with each other for a while as the soft music is playing in the background. He says “Why don’t you slip into something more comfortable?” and I get up and head toward the bedroom.

He waits in the living room as I ready myself behind closed doors. I put on my beautiful red lace nighty and a light spray of his favorite perfume. As I touch up my lipstick, I remember what else I had set aside and I put that on too. I slip under the covers. “Sweetie, I’m ready…..” He comes into the bedroom and there I am, waiting for him, perfumed in satin and lace. Just what he’s been waiting for all day.

He takes off his shirt and reveals his muscular chest with just the right amount of hair on it. He comes over to my side of the bed and I run my hands through his chest hair. I undo his pants and slide them and his undershorts down. I give his cock a lick and a suck or two, and it springs to attention. “Come to bed, sweetie,” I say with a wink, so he climbs under the covers on his side of the bed.

He rolls over on top of me and kisses me. I say, “Would you like to try something a little bit different tonight, sweetie, just to spice things up a bit?”

He lays there and thinks about it for a minute, all sorts of scenarios running through his mind, and replies, “Sure. Why not.”

I tell him to close his eyes and I grab the rope out of the bedside table. I make sure I have four separate lengths of rope available.

He’s dying of curiosity about what’s going to happen and I say “No peeking!!” He shuts his eyes even tighter. I blindfold him and throw the bedcovers back. I have him roll over onto his stomach and move his wrists to the sides of the bed, where I tie them one at a time with the soft cotton rope.

He knows in his heart that I’d never do anything that would really injure him. I tie his ankles also to the corners at the foot of the bed with the two remaining lengths of the soft cotton rope. He’s going nowhere now, so I can have my way with him. “How are you feeling now, sweetie?” I ask.

“Wonderful honey,” he replies, “But…what are you doing?” Now his mind is racing with all the possibilities but, never in a million years, would he know what I was planning.

“You’ll see.” He hears the nightstand drawer on my side of the bed open again and wonders what I’m doing. I fasten the dildo into the O-ring on my strap-on harness. I put a condom on the dildo and add some lube to it. I rub the dildo along the crack of his bum and he starts to quiver and tense up. He doesn’t know exactly what I have in mind, but he knows it has something to do with his bum.

He knows he can’t get away, regardless. I put a latex glove on and I slip a finger into his hole. His sphincter twitches and relaxes to accommodate it. Then I slip two fingers in and out for a few seconds and then, finally, three. In spite of himself, he likes the way it feels and moans as he feels it stretch his bumhole. I remove my fingers from his bum and he hears me take the glove off.

He thinks, “Is she done with this? Now what is she going to do?” I rub the head of the dildo along his butt crack again and rest it on his bum, lightly pushing on his hole. He struggles against the ropes.

“Oh sweetie, just relax. This is not anything you haven’t done to me many, many times. Now it’s your turn to see how it feels to take it in your backside.” I slather some lube on his butt and push against his hole with the head of my silicone cock. It slips inside, the head of my cock making it just past his sphincter.

He makes some involuntary noises and moans as he gets used to the feel of something bigger than fingers in his bum. I begin to slowly push the whole length of it into the depths of his bumhole. I know it will push against his prostate, which I hope will feel good to him, that is if he can get used to having something stretching his bumhole at the same time.

I start to thrust into his bum with my dildo, slowly at first. As I do, the base of the dildo presses against my clitoris because I have the front of the harness placed down low. With every thrust, I get more and more aroused. I grab his hips with my hands so his bumhole stays where I want it. I start to fuck him faster as I get more and more aroused. His cock gets harder as I fuck him and my silicone cock massages his prostate.

I reach around with one lube-covered hand and stroke his cock as I’m fucking him in the bum. My pussy is wet and throbbing and I start to orgasm, I fuck him faster and faster. “Oh my god!! Oh my god!! Oh shee-it, I’m cumming!!!” My hips and upper thighs slap against his butt cheeks. Whap! Whap!! Whap!!!

I keep stroking his cock as my orgasm almost subsides and, before it’s done, here comes another. I’m slamming my silicone cock into his bum repeatedly as I’m cumming again. As I ride the wave of my second orgasm, he spurts his hot cum into my hand.

As we both finish our orgasms at the same time, I put my hand in front of his face. “You need to clean up your mess, sweetie,” and he licks my hand clean.

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