Surprising allies come forth to help, as Lyden’s control slowly begins to erode. Muramasa is meticulously taking over Lyden’s willpower, turning his emotions and manipulating his thoughts against those that would aid him. Time draws near for Lyden and company to return to the Shadow World, but will it be a path of stone, or a path of blood?

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Chapter 21

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


“And that’s the gist of it,” I finish talking, looking at everyone in my office. Sheila, Debbie, and Thomas look at me with varying emotions, ranging from pure incredulity on Debbie’s slightly plump features, to calm acceptance on Thomas’s older face. Even Jennifer shows some doubt about what I’m saying, even though she’s faced a denizen of the Shadow World first hand. Sheila just stares at me with an unreadable expression. I wonder how she feels about the way I used her in the fantasy world Marchosias had forced us into. AnnaBelle just nods her head, as if she’d already figured everything out. Only Ondine seems bored with what I’ve been talking about.

Turning to AnnaBelle, I take a deep breath to steady myself before delivering the news I know will hit her the hardest. “What do you know about your reverend, or father, or whatever he is, Michael Chilton?”

Her brows draw together, and I can see she’s already getting defensive. “He’s the most pious and religious man I’ve ever met,” she informs me, her tone confident and full of fervor. “I’ve seen him heal the sick through faith, restore the lame, and help the poor. He devotes his time and efforts at a homeless shelter, and never has an unkind thing to say.” Her eyes sharpen as she regards me for a few seconds, and I let her get everything out before I drop the awful news. “Why do you ask, Lyden? Is he someone from your other world?”

I debate on saying that it isn’t my other world. Earth is my world! But I don’t. “He paid me a visit last night, where I’m staying.” I avoid mentioning that I’m staying at my girlfriend’s place while three other sexual interests—Sheila, Jennifer, and Areth—are here with me. I don’t think Sheila would appreciate that news, though I’m certain Jennifer would get a kick out of it. “He was the reason we all shared that, um, vision.”

She raises one eyebrow at that statement. “I’m sure he felt there was something to be learned by it.” Her words say one thing, but her tone is troubled.

“Oh, he did alright,” I tell her, trying to smother an annoyed chuckle. “Areth?” Throughout my talking, the little fairy had remained hidden in the back of my shirt. When she emerges, a new round of gasps sounds around the room. Only AnnaBelle and Ondine show no surprise by her appearance.

“My daughter,” Thomas whispers, then shakes his head to clear the thought.

“In the vision she was,” I agree with the older man sadly, before turning back to face AnnaBelle. “Marchosias found out I’d tricked him concerning her. That vision was his punishment.”

Anger suffuses AnnaBelle’s mature features. “Are you telling me that Reverend Chilton works for that demon?” Her voice is almost loud enough to be called a yell.

It’s Arethusa that responds, fluttering up to her, “No, he is telling you that your holy man is Marchosias, simple human.”

AnnaBelle’s face turns a deep dark crimson color, and I fear she’s about to blow a gasket, but suddenly she calms. “I don’t believe you,” she tells us, her voice barely controlled, “but I can see that you believe it. It’s much more likely that your demon took the image of my Reverend when he visited you.”

I nod to her, though I don’t believe it for a moment. The voice of the two had been the same, something I hadn’t realized until after he’d changed into his wolf form. I’d only met the reverend one other time, but even then, I hadn’t much cared for the charismatic man. Now I know why.

Looking around the small office space, I see all eyes are on me. Well, all eyes except for Ondine’s blue orbs. She’s looking at Thomas curiously. I remember how she’d acted towards the mature man in the vision, and wonder how much of that carried over into the real world.

“Lyden” Sheila’s commanding voice breaks the silence, “can I have a word with you in private?”

I nod to my boss, before leaning over to Ondine and whispering, “Go to him.”

She looks up at me wide-eyed, obviously surprised that I knew what she was thinking, before shaking her head.

Shrugging my shoulders, I start to follow Sheila out, but stop when Areth follows me. “Stay here if you can,” I tell the tiny golden woman. “If you start to grow weak, then follow after, but this needs to be private.”

This might be a good test for how far I can get from her. I’m only slightly surprised at how readily she agrees. She must really trust me.

“Don’t be gone too long,” she tells me, and I nod that I won’t.

Stepping into the hallway, Sheila starts to head back to the conference room, but I stop her before we get too far. She glares at me, her eyes narrowing. “What the hell are you playing at, Lyden?” she demands, her finger stabbing at my chest.

“Um, huh?” I ask, momentarily dumbfounded.

“Don’t play dumb,” she nearly yells. “You knew who I was in that—that place, and you used me like a common whore!”

“What? No! I mean, I did use you like that, but I didn’t know who you were. My memories had been changed. I didn’t know who anybody was!” I try to keep my voice down, not wanting anyone to overhear.

Her hand balls into a fist against my chest, and she drops her head to my torso. She starts to shake, and feeling sorry for the woman, I wrap my arms around her.

“You want to know the worst part?” she asks me, and I can hear tears in her voice. Not knowing what to say, I just rub her back, letting her work through her emotions. “The worst part is, I still dream about that. I still crave it.” She lifts her head to look deep into my gray eyes, and her conviction is such that I can’t look away. “I grow wet every time I think about it. I didn’t wear panties today, hoping you’d come in. Wanting to be used like that again.”

“I’m sorry,” I murmur, truly feeling bad for her.

Apparently it was the wrong thing to say. Anger flashes in her eyes again, and she tries to pull away, but I hold her to me.

“Sorry? You’re sorry?! I don’t want you to be sorry, Mr. Snow; I want you to bend me over and fuck the ever living shit out of me. I want you to shove your cock down my throat, gag me, and use me in every way. I want—”

I cut her off, as I grab a handful of her long black hair, pull her head back and mash my lips to hers. Her entire body shudders as I forcefully part her lips, and she has a minor orgasm, a small portion of her soul joining mine. She really must have been on edge, for her to cum so quickly and easily.

Pulling back from her, I let her fill her lungs with air, as she bends over, putting her hands on her knees.

“It’s because you’re this generator thing, isn’t it?” she asks me breathlessly. When I don’t immediately answer, she tilts her head up to look at me. “Why I feel, for lack of a better term, addicted to you.”

“I’m not sure,” I reply, not liking her terminology, but understanding her point. “It’s not something I do on purpose. I’ve been told that our souls mix when I’m with someone and they become loyal to me, though I think it’s a two way street.”

Her eyes widen unexpectedly before she says, “My God. Debbie, Thomas, and AnnaBelle? Have you been fucking the whole office?”

“No,” I chuckle slightly at the accusation. “I’m not into men, Debbie and I have never been together, and AnnaBelle is too married to her religious views to even consider it. She helped me rescue a friend, but we’ve never fucked.”

“And that other woman, Ondine? Jennifer! That’s why she lost the weight so fast, isn’t it?” she gasps.

“Ondine, no,” I state. “You guessed right about Jennifer, though.” I feel embarrassed admitting this to her. Especially after she’d been so angry with Jennifer claiming to be my girlfriend when she’d called in sick for me.

“You really aren’t human, are you?” Her brows knit together, and her eyes drop to my waist. “Where did that come from?”

Cursing, I already know what she’s talking about by the insidious whisper that starts crying out to be fed. Muramasa.

“This is a damned curse I can’t wait to be rid of,” I tell her, nearly spitting venom in my sudden anger. Why won’t the motherfucking sword leave me alone long enough to conduct my own business? I’d promised to put the bastard back on.

“Lyden, are you alright?” The fear in her tone brings me out of my fury, and I realize I have a white-knuckled clutch on Muramasa’s grip.

Forcefully releasing my hand, I sigh deeply, regaining control. “My next stop is to try and break this curse,” I tell her, still fighting off the influence of the iniquitous blade.

“Is there anything I can do to help?” Her tone, so innocent and concerned, hits something deep inside me, and I look up to see her hands clasped in front of her, eyes wide and endearing.

I snap. I’m not proud about what I do next. My feelings of impotence at everything that has been happening to me rise up in a towering wave, crashing back down and demanding an outlet. For what TanaVesta did to me in her chambers, when I had no choice. For the twelve who died in my apartment complex, due to the fire from the Pillar of Fire’s assassin. For the pain and wounds Angela suffered. For the torture and maiming Brooke had to suffer while under that vast body of water. For everything Marchosias has done, and still he’s escaped my vengeance. For Miranda’s incompetent actions and attempts to kill my friends and me. Everything boils up in my mind, my emotions going haywire.

And Sheila just happens to be the poor soul in front of me, willing and waiting.

Like the stories of the cavemen of old, I grab the woman, fling her over my shoulder and dart into the nearest office. With the blood pounding in my ears, I’m unable to hear if she protests the rough treatment, and to be honest, I’m not sure if I even care right now.

The room is empty, though richly furnished, and I set my boss down long enough to rip her clothes off in shreds. The way she moves and looks at me in shock only drives my desire and ardor higher. In short order, she’s completely naked. My pants strike the floor mere moments later, and I spin her around, before bending her over the desk by the open back window, and plow into her soft folds with my raging phallus. For her sake, she’s already sopping wet, and I’m just able to make out a cry of passion or pain from her. Her pleasure, for once, is not my aim, and I grab her long black tresses once more, hauling back until she’s standing upright, only her legs against the desk keeping her from tumbling forward from the force of me plowing into her tight cunt.

“Yes!” She moans passionately. “Use me, Lyden. Fuck me. Fuck your little whore slave. I’m yours in any way you want, just use me.”

Reaching around her torso with my left hand, I get a hold of her nipple and twist it, enjoying the way her pussy constricts as it clamps down on me.

Energy floods through me a second later, clearing my mind, and I realize she’s just orgasmed. With the wash of new strength, comes her joy at our coupling, washing away my own anger and I falter for a second, as I realize how roughly I’d been treating her.

Even though I know she’s enjoyed it thus far, I still slow down for a second, until I hear her moan in frustration.

I pull out of her anyway, and when she turns around to see what I’m doing, I get a handful of each c-cup breast, and shove her carefully back against the desk. She topples onto it, and I can see her bald coochy glistening at me. Without hesitation, I dive in tongue first, and lap up her juices. My hands go back up to her breasts, as I tweak her nipples in time with my tongue darting in and out of her. Her cries of pleasure ring out in the office, and I don’t care if anyone else hears this time.

She is mine! Muramasa declares.

She will never be yours, I mentally tell the sword. I am her master. She is my slave, now and always.

With that thought firmly in my head, I bring my right hand down, and shove two fingers into her, just long enough to wet them, before pulling them out, and roughly shoving them into her anus.

“Oh fuck, yes!” Sheila Lance screams out in ecstasy. “Use me, Lyden. Use me like the little slut that I am. My body is yours to use however and whenever you want, as long as you use me, I will be your willing slave.” Apparently she really means it!

With those words fresh in my ears, I stand up, and aim my cock for her ass. She reaches down, and spreads her cheeks for me just in time, as I move my hips forward, turgid prick like a missile, impaling her colon with it.

Again she screams out in delight, and this time she orgasms powerfully, her anus gaining a powerful grip on my penetrating penis and finally sending me over the edge.

Our bliss is short lived, however, as the owner of the office we’d confiscated returns. “What the fuck is going on in here?” A voice rings out, deep and angry. Suddenly embarrassed, I look up to see Sheila’s boss, Trevor Anderson, standing in the doorway, a stack of papers in his hands. “Sheila?” he demands, as she looks up at him. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing in my office?”

She sits up, and I step back, slipping out of her rear. With perfect aplomb she looks at her boss for only a second, before dropping to her knees in front of me. “Cleaning off my master, Trevor” she says evenly, before sucking my limp prick between her lips, and cleaning our mixed juices off me.

The other man goes into apoplectic shock, as I moan at her ministrations. I’m not at all surprised when he begins screaming that we’re both fired. He does, however, calm down perceptively when I pull my pants back up, sword and all.

Luckily Sheila’s skirt had survived my attack well enough, though her blouse is nothing more than rags now. With a smile still plastered on my face, I walk over to the other man, and remove his suit coat. Mr. Anderson doesn’t even fight me off, as I search the pockets and hand his stuff back to him.

Placing his coat about her shoulders, we leave the office, and head back to our old office.

All eyes turn our way, and I don’t miss the knowing looks they give us. AnnaBelle is disapproving of course, Debbie somehow looks both disgusted and intrigued, Jennifer just grins from ear to ear, and Thomas. . . . Well, the other man just keeps looking between Sheila, Ondine, and me. After a second, he smiles gamely my way, winks, and turns back to Ondine. Apparently they’d been having a conversation before we’d entered. Only Areth doesn’t seem to care, as she flits about the room examining everything in it.

“I think we’d better get going before someone calls security on us,” I say, looking at Jennifer.

“They already have,” she tells me. “I told them I’d take care of it, since I was already in the area.”

“Thank you,” I tell her appreciatively.

“Don’t mention it!” She replies almost too happily. “It’s not every day I get to escort two sexual freaks out of the building after they get caught fucking on one of the big-wig’s desk.”

Sheila lifts her head and glares at the big-breasted woman, then looks at me, before her cheeks go red and she drops her gaze.

Sheila and I pack up our desks, and out of the corner of my eyes I see Thomas hand something to Ondine, before we turn and leave. Surprisingly, AnnaBelle follows us out.

“I want to go with you,” the pious woman states when Jennifer drops us off at the Orange Bubble.

“You know how dangerous it is,” I remind her, knowing she’s talking about the Shadow World. “You also know what happened last time.” I try to say it kindly, but I’m just not really in the mood right now to put up with any of her bullshit.

“I understand,” she says contritely, “but I need to go. I, my faith, it’s . . . there’s something. . . .” She trails off, not able to put into words what she means.

“You’ve had a crisis of faith, and need something to believe in again,” I fill in for her, saying the words she couldn’t. She nods at me, and I shake my head again. “It’s even more dangerous this time. This sword brings out urges and feelings that I’m usually able to control,” I tell her, hoping my words are true. “Usually. In truth, I’d go alone if I could. No one is safe around me as long as I carry this cursed blade.”

The older woman looks at my hip as I pat the blade. “But you’re going to the realm of Light. Your succubus said that the god I believe in is the Pillar of Light,” she argues with me.

“And what is faith, if you have tangible proof?” I ask her right back. I feel for the woman, but I really don’t think it’ll be a good idea for her to come along.

“And what is my life, if I have nothing to live for?” That statement strikes home, and I finally drop my head in acquiescence.

“You know where to be, first thing in the morning,” I tell her sadly. “And let the consequences be on your head. I will protect you if I can, but I can’t protect you from me.” Without waiting for a response, I turn and climb into the Orange Bubble.

A now familiar gasp behind me tells me that Sheila followed me in. I spin on her, my anger all too easily rising once again. Her eyes are roving the expansive inside of my car, but as soon as I speak, her brown eyes subserviently look at me. “Where I’m going, I don’t think you want to follow,” I state, not wanting to reveal. . . . What? What do I consider Becky and Lisa’s house? My harem? I don’t like that thought, but I can’t replace it with a better one.

Ondine and Areth enter my car, and they both take one look at me, before heading to the back of the vehicle, where the bed is, leaving my somewhat alone with my slave.

“Can any of your other girlfriends handle you in the way I can?” She asks solicitously of me, and I do a double take. “Oh, come now, master. I know I’m not the only one. That much is easy enough to figure out.” She shoots a knowing glance at the fairy. The fact that she’s calling me master now, when we’re not alone sends an odd thrill through me. Is this something that I’ve long kept hidden, or is it some influence from Muramasa? Either way, I need to get back to the Shadow World, and find Masamune, the oppositely cursed sword.

“You’re right,” I tell her, but I’m not yet ready to accede. “But more than your life will be at risk. We’ll be facing unknown monsters, in a world I barely understand, led by a succubus that knows more than she should, with a religious zealot and a precocious fairy as tag-alongs.”

“Will I be able to serve you?” she asks, and I feel my cheeks burn when she drops to her knees and looks pleadingly up at me.

“Damn it all to hell,” I mutter and nod before turning away. “Yes. Might as well bring everyone, but dammit, yes you can come.” The woman that at one time had been my overbearing boss throws her arms around my legs, and thanks me profusely. I actually have to stop her from unzipping my pants, not wanting to do anything in front of Ondine and Areth.

“Pervert,” the fairy says happily, as she comes back over and lands on my shoulder. Sheila takes one look at the tiny golden woman, and bursts out laughing. “You know he likes to do dirty things to women, right?” Areth asks Sheila.

“It’s more fun that way,” the woman still on her knees answers with ease, lightly patting my crotch and making Areth laugh.

I give Sheila the address to the girl’s home, and she promises to be there first thing in the morning as well.

Throwing myself face first onto the bed, I mentally direct my car to head home.

“Is there anything I can get for you, oh wise and beneficent master?” Rolling over, I grab a pillow and chuck it at the giggling pixie.

I stepped out of the shower, only to find Gina waiting for me in my room.

“Remember to open the door for her, and do everything you can to treat her like a lady,” she told me, as though I didn’t already know. I was getting ready for my date with mom, and for some reason, Gina had gotten it into her head that I didn’t know how to treat a woman, properly. “You may be tempted to use your switches on her, but avoid it if you can.” There was only one switch in my mother right then, and I couldn’t move it, unless I was in physical contact with my sister, as that was when I’d made the switch.

“I know, I know,” I protested. “Now are you going to get out so I can get dressed, or do you plan on watching me?” I should have known the answer before I asked.

“I’m staying, of course. Look, I just want to make sure every goes good for her tonight. She is a strong woman, but I can see she is still hurting inside.” How could she tell that? I had tried to keep an eye on her myself, but she seemed to be handling my dad’s leaving better than I would have thought. Was it some kind of feminine intuition?

“I promise I will do everything in my power to make tonight a good night for her,” I realized what I said a moment after her eyes went wide. “I meant I would do what I could, WITHOUT using my powers.” Gina then spent the next twenty minutes critiquing everything I tried to wear, until she was finally satisfied with my raiment.

When I finally made it out of my room, mom was nowhere to be found, and an idea occurred to me, to try to make this more like a date. I slipped outside; catching my breath in the frigid cold. I went to my car, and grabbed a small bouquet I had purchased earlier, and then rang the doorbell.

Gina and Summer both answered the door, and grinned widely when they saw it was me.

“Hello young ladies,” I told them, unable to hide my own grin, “I believe I have a date with the lady of the house. Is Mrs. Xavier here?”

“Mom, your date is here,” Summer called over her shoulder loudly, and then turned back to me. “You’d better treat her right, tonight, Mister.” We all laughed, but the laughing stopped when mom walked out.

Mom looked absolutely stunning, in a black shimmery dress, that hugged her curves all the way down to her ankles. She was wearing matching high heels, but I couldn’t seem to pull my eyes away from the low V-cut of her dress that showed her cleavage nicely. She did a little spin when she saw us looking, spreading her arms out and smiling. It was also a backless dress.

“You like?” she asked, with a small sparkle in her eyes. “Summer helped me pick it out.”

My throat was dry, and I couldn’t get any words out. Summer had helped her pick that out? She looked like an mature sex goddess, ready to ravage the town! She looked ten years younger. She looked… She looked… Dammit, she looked delicious!

I had to clear my throat a couple of times, to get it working again which set the two younger women giggling, and mom to blushing. “Shall we, milady?” I asked as I held my arm out to her.

She took it in her hand, a huge grin splitting her beautiful face, and we went out to my car.

“We really don’t need to go there tonight if you don’t want to,” she told me as I pulled out of the driveway. “I know how expensive it is, and it was the girls’ idea, more than mine.”

I knew it had been the two other women, helped some by Nancy, who had come up with the idea of going to the fanciest restaurant in town, and while it meant I would have to dip into my savings, I didn’t mind at all. I knew she really needed this right now.

As promised, when we arrived at the restaurant, I made sure to open the doors for her, and the reservation was under Mr. Xavier. My dad’s name was rather well known, so it had been no problem getting us a table.

When I opened the menu, however, I had to stifle a groan; it was more expensive than I’d thought.

“We really don’t have to eat here, son,” mom told me as she looked over her menu.

“I promised you a date to anywhere you wanted, so this is fine,” I told her, meaning it. My savings could handle it. “Besides, when was the last time you went out, and had a good time?”

She thought about it for a bit, before looking me in the eyes, and telling me, “Last Christmas, when we had our date then.”

I smiled, remembering the simple date at a local fast food joint, and then ice-skating afterwards. “I remember. You skated circles around me, and laughed every time I fell down.”

Mom smiled again and we both laughed, until she looked back down at the menu. “Everything looks so expensive, son. I don’t dare order anything.”

I reached out, and pulled the menu from her hands, which unfortunately revealed her cleavage, and I had to look away before I got caught staring. “Then I will order for my beautiful date, tonight.” She tried to protest, but I wasn’t going to have it.

When the waiter came and took our order (and stare at my mom), she complained again. “I saw that on the menu. That is too expensive, son. And the champagne? Son, I know you can’t afford this.” She looked around at those close to us, before leaning over and whispering, “We should go, now, before he comes back with our food.” Unfortunately her leaning over only brought my attention back to her open cleavage.

To say I was shocked to hear my own mother recommend ditching after ordering would be an understatement. To see her bending over in that dress set my heart to racing.

“Relax, and enjoy the night, mom. I’ve got this.” But she didn’t seem to want to listen.

“At least let me pay for some of it,” she insisted.

“Mom, if this were a date with dad, would you be so worried?” She shook her head. “Then enjoy the food, and hopefully my company, and let me take care of the woman that has meant the most to me, throughout my life.”

She sat back then, and looked at me wide-eyed for a few seconds, before saying, “The most… What about Gina?”

I heaved a sigh before answering. “I won’t deny we fool around,” it felt odd talking to my mother so openly about it, but she had to know by now that we were doing it, “but other than that we are just friends.” The waiter arrived and poured us the champagne, and then left the bottle with us on ice. That bottle was as much as half a paycheck for me. I took a sip of mine, and smiled, before continuing. “You have loved and cared for me my entire life. Even when I was a kid and screwed up, you were there for me. When I was hurt, or alone, I could always count on you.” I looked her hard in the eyes, and smiled, “So just sit there, and let me take care of you for once.”

She met my gaze for a few seconds, taking a sip of her drink. “And what about Nancy?”

I choked, trying to take a swallow. “Nancy?” I spluttered.

“I’m sorry,” her cheeks were turning red. “I shouldn’t have said anything. It’s just, well, she told me about what you all did. Oh, don’t give me that look. I’m not so innocent, myself.” I looked at her curiously, still trying to clear my throat, but to no avail, “I know who tucked me in that first night and I remember what I did, also.”

Thankfully I didn’t have anything in my mouth at that moment, because I would have likely spewed it all over the table. She remembered kissing me? And by the sound of it, it had been no accident.

I was saved from having to say anything immediately, by the waiter bringing our food. He gave mom a little more attention than was necessary. I started to get a bit annoyed by him, but he finally left us to eat. It smelled great, but I was a bit disappointed by how little there was on the plate.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have told you that,” mom said, after a few seconds of uncomfortable silence. “You probably think less of me now, and I’ve ruined our date.” She looked down at her plate, and suddenly I felt terrible for her.

I reached across the table, and gripped one of her hands in mine, but she continued to look down at her cleavage. “Mom, you are a beautiful woman. I would have to be a fool to be upset by a kiss from someone as hot as you.” She finally looked back up at me, and I could still see some worry in her eyes.

“I’m not that, son. You don’t have to lie to me. I’m old, and used. That’s why your dad did…why he did what he did.” Her voice was soft as she spoke, but I had no problem hearing her.

“No!” I exclaimed indignantly. “Haven’t you noticed how the waiter looks at you? He can’t stop staring. Look, he’s even staring now,” I waved to where our waiter stood, looking at our table, before turning back to mom. I couldn’t claim she was young, not with the crow’s feet at the corners of her eyes, but I couldn’t stand to hear her get down on herself for what dad did, either.

I knew I’d promised not to use my abilities on her, but I figured this would be forgivable. I made two quick switches, one for the elasticity of her skin, and one for her aging. I turned up the former, and slowed down the later. I couldn’t touch her ‘happy’ switch.

“Dad was an idiot for what he did to you,” I went on. “You look absolutely stunning tonight. Any man would be lucky to sit in my seat right now, across from you. But it just so happens to be that I’m the lucky one and I WILL NOT complain.” I tried to sound forceful, willing her to understand what I was telling her.

She smiled tremulously at me, before dropping her gaze down to her plate. “Let’s eat,” she said then, and I figured she just wanted to change the subject.

The food tasted as good as it smelled, and thankfully it was a little more filling than it looked. Mom filled up her glass of champagne one more time, but otherwise refrained from drinking more. Since I was driving, I only drank the one glass.

“Did you really mean what you said,” mom asked as she finished up her plate, “about you being the lucky one?”

I looked at her across from me, at the way the dress hugged her curves, her beautiful cleavage, the shape of her lovely face that I have known my entire life, and answered honestly.

“Do you want to know what my first thought was when I saw you come to the door? I thought you looked like a sex goddess. You are smart, beautiful, and sexy. I absolutely meant what I said about me being lucky enough to be here with you tonight.”

As I spoke, I watched her face for signs of anger, but only noticed her cheeks reddening slightly.

The waiter returned, asking if we wanted anything for desert.

“No,” mom said, keeping eye contact with me and her tone level, “I think we are fine, if we could have the bill please?” The waiter nodded and left. “Son, hand me the keys, please. I will go wait in the car.”

I had over done it, I feared. I nodded as I reached into my pocket to draw out my keys, and handed them to her. She stood, walked over to me, and leaned over to give the top of my head a kiss. I had a great view of her cleavage, but right then, I couldn’t think of anything but that I had somehow hurt her.

Her next words only served to confuse me. “Thank you, son.”

I paid as soon as the waiter brought the bill, and he gave me a dirty look when he saw that mom was gone. The meal wasn’t cheap, but then again, I’d known it wouldn’t be. I probably left a worse tip than he’d deserved, but he HAD annoyed me. I grabbed the bottle of champagne as I left.

When I walked out, I was surprised to see mom in the driver’s seat, and waiting for me with the engine running. I got into the passenger seat, and mom put the car in drive. I didn’t know what to say to her, and she didn’t try talking to me either. It took me a bit to notice that she wasn’t driving home. When she finally did stop, my heart was racing, and even my hands felt sweaty.

We were in a motel parking lot. The same motel I had found dad cheating on mom in, and later that night fooled around with Summer.

The silence dragged on for a while, but I didn’t know what to say, or even think. Mom was finally the one to break it.

She was alternating between looking from the steering wheel, and to the motel office, as her voice came out, cracked and hesitant. “This was a…a mistake… We should go.”

I don’t know what made me do it, but I reached over, and before she could put my car in reverse, I pulled out the keys.

“I’m going to go pay for a room,” I told her, wondering what she might say or do. “I’ll leave you the keys to my car, and you can either come in, or go home. I won’t think any less of you, no matter what you decide.”

Without looking back, I walked to the office, and paid for a room for the night. When I walked back out, mom was still waiting in the car, and I could feel her eyes on me as I walked to the room and unlocked the door. I looked back at her one last time, before I walked in and turned on the lights.

I sat on the stiff queen-sized bed, as I waited. After a few minutes passed, I turned on the TV. Had I made another mistake? Did I misunderstand what she’d had in mind? As the minutes wore on, I wondered if mine and mom’s relationship was forever damaged.

When the knock finally sounded on the door, it scared me half out of my wits. On shaky legs, I stood and walked to the door, half-afraid that it was room service, or the manager telling me my date had left me here.

Opening the door, I was almost tackled as mom threw her arms around my neck, and pressed her lips firmly to mine. The cold air followed us in, until the door closed, but I barely noticed it, as her tongue slipped between my lips to be met by mine. I could taste the champagne on her mouth, and wondered if there was any left in the bottle. For a second I worried that she was only doing this because she was drunk, but I remembered that she had brought us here while still sober.

Her hands weren’t idle while we kissed, and she soon had my shirt up over my head, and then off. The bed hit the backs of my legs, and I fell backwards. Without saying a word, the older woman’s hands started fussing at my belt, and she nearly ripped my pants off of me.

She stood there, staring at my manhood, her mouth slightly askew. “Forgive me, Nick, but I want this. I really want this. You can hate me tomorrow, but please love me tonight.”

I stood back up, and hugged her body to mine. “There is nothing to forgive. I want this, too.”

Her eyes looked wonderingly into mine, and I saw tears starting to form. I kissed each of her eyes, as I let my hands pull the zipper in the back of her dress down. It soon puddled on the floor with a soft sigh, as our lips met again. Our tongues fought desperately against each other, both vying for dominance; neither willing to submit.

I grabbed the back of her head, and fell back, pulling her down on top of me. She grunted at the impact, but it turned to a moan, as my hands roamed her back, and dropped to her rear. At first I thought she wasn’t wearing any panties, but then I felt the thin bit of thread, and realized she was wearing a G-string.

For some reason, the thought of my mother in that type of sexy underwear turned me on even more.

“Love me tonight, Nick,” she repeated breathlessly. “Love me like I haven’t been loved in years.”

Mentally cursing my father for mistreating this wonderful woman, I rolled us over, and started kissing down her bare chest. Her nipples were already hard, as they topped her tits, and I took one between my teeth, while I let my left hand drop down to her covered mons.

She started to moan softly, but as I continued to lick and nibble her bosom, and rub her pussy, her volume increased. I broke away from her nipples, and kissed my way down her smooth stomach, to the tops of her panties, and then further. I could easily smell her arousal, and see where her panties had a wet spot already growing. I gave her knickers a quick kiss, before pulling the cloth aside, and diving in. She tasted so sweet and warm, that I started to moan as I drove my tongue in as far as it would go.

“Oh, Nick, thank you! Oh, Nick, oh Nick, OH NICK!” Her hips were lifting up and down against my mouth, and I pulled my tongue out, and sucked hard on her clit, bringing her over the edge. I slipped two fingers into her, and felt how tightly her muscles squeezed the invading digits. I crooked my fingers, trying to find her G-spot, as I started to pop her clit between my teeth. Her words were unintelligible, as she moaned, and soaked my fingers in her juices. “Oh, son. I never knew. I never knew it could feel like this,” she told me as I started kissing my way back up her body.

I brought my wet lips to hers, and we started kissing again. I started to rub my cock against her panties, but she broke the kiss, and pushed my chest away a bit. “We don’t have to do this,” her voice was uncertain and tremulous. “You have already done enough for me tonight. Maybe we’d better stop before we do something we’ll regret.”

I looked deep into her eyes, and could easily see the desire there, screaming to get out, warring with her fear and trepidation, and knew that she had a loose grip on her control.

“Do you want this?” I asked, bumping my cock against her vulva.

“Mmm, yes I do. Gawd help me, but I want this. Ahh… But it’s wrong. It’s incest… Hmm… Please, Nick…ahh” As she talked, I continued to rub myself against her. “You feel so good. I… No we shouldn’t. Ungh. But…Nick,” she grew quiet for a second, and I barely heard her next words, “make love to me, son.”

Hearing her give into her desires, I pulled the thin cloth of her G-string aside, and slipped a couple inches into her before she could change her mind. Her insides felt like they were on fire as they wrapped around my member. Her head rolled back, and her fingernails dug into my ass, as she tried to pull me deeper. I pulled out a little, and then slid a bit further in, loving how mom moaned with every movement.

I looked down to where the two of us were joined, and couldn’t believe that I was actually in the hole that I’d been born from. I was making love to my mother, and she loved it at least as much as I did.

“I can’t believe I have my son in me,” she cried out, as I slid most of my length back into her. “I can’t believe I am going to cum with his penis in me.”

I dropped my head to her neck, and nibbled lightly on her sensitive flesh. I felt the last of my cock slip fully into my mothers’ tight, burning hot, pussy, and moaned at how wonderful it felt. I held still there for a few seconds, reveling in the completeness I felt with her.

I felt her teeth on my neck for a second, before her lips brushed my ear. “No regrets, tonight, son. Just, please love me. As long as you love me, there can be no regrets.”

I lifted my head, and looked down at her. “I will always love you, mom. Always.” I dropped my mouth back down to hers, and started to move my hips again. I move with fast, powerful strokes, and soon mom had to break away from the kiss in order to breath and moan.

I rolled us back over, not breaking our connection, and then pulled her chest to my mouth. I latched onto her nipple, sucking hard on her soft breasts, while I gripped her hips, and forced her to rock back and forth on top of me.

“So deep… My son is so deep inside of me,” she cried out.

I reached between us, and started to play with her clit. The sudden stimuli against her already sensitive organ triggered another orgasm, and she collapsed onto my chest, panting heavily. I was close, and I knew there was no slowing down, so I grabbed her cheeks, and started to thrust upwards as fast and hard as I could. I began to jerk and thrash under her, as I emptied my balls into her hot, wet, demanding womb.

Out of breath, we just lay there, cuddling with one another, and enjoying each other’s warmth. Mom was the first to talk, breaking the blissful silence.

“You shouldn’t have cum in me,” she said placing a kiss on my chest. “Next time we will need to use protection.”

Horror struck, I began to worry. Had I just gotten my mom pregnant? Why hadn’t I pulled out? I had just acted without thinking, and…

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He attached himself to her, becoming her bodyguard without a second thought. The other three would do the same when they returned from their duties, but a female in this type of area was an oddity, other than the very few female officers and the nurse. That thought gave him pause. There was supposed to be a nurse on duty twenty-four-seven.



“The nurse should still be here, and probably won’t know what’s going on.”

“We’ll send someone over for her once we get to dinner. Everyone needs to know what’s going on and be able to make some kind of decision about what they want to do.”

He mulled the statement over. She had just shot four men, pretty much in cold blood, and now she was getting ready to give out some choices. This was a Deirdre he didn’t know, possibly one that she had hoped was gone before he met her. This was someone he could respect, if possible, more than he already respected her. She’d done a lot for him in the past, but she’d driven here after a nuclear and biological attack to save a bunch of inmates.

If he didn’t know her better, he’d have thought she was absolutely batshit crazy. From what he understood from her, though, she had logical thought processes. The biggest problem in her near future was going to come from the very small contingent of the Aryan Brotherhood who seemed to get their fingers into every prison in the U.S. The other races would deal with her just fine, although she might have to man up to the Mexicans a bit. After seeing what she’d done already, he wasn’t really worried about that too much.

Mostly, Andre worried about the aftereffects of what she was doing. He’d only seen her as a nurse, only known her as someone who cared when no one else did. This was a different side to her Gemini coin, and the one that he didn’t really believe existed even after she told him. This was the side, he instinctively knew, that she never let out. The side from the things she’d done in the military that she only ever half-discussed in a hushed tone of voice. He prayed for her then, like he’d never prayed for anyone before. She would have to be strong for them to survive this.

Fortunately enough, Officer Thomas had managed to get the nurse to the dining room as well. Andre smiled, it was clear that there was something going on there, and the young officer was hovering over the nurse. Deirdre took one look at the nurse and sighed. The girl didn’t look amazingly competent at the moment. She shot a look at Andre.

“She’s not in your league.”

“I figured.”

“She’s not bad, just young, just inexperienced, and way too in love with love.”

Deirdre rolled her eyes. “That’s gonna have to stop. Do you know if she has any family?”

“Maybe parents, don’t think she has a boyfriend other than about three of the officers, no kids.”

“That’s a relief at least.”

He watched her straighten as she walked into the dining room. He was proud as he walked in beside her, not touching her, but obviously there, and looking murder at people he knew as troublemakers. Most of them looked away quickly. Andre was more than just a gang-banger here, he was one of the O.G.s. One of the shot-callers. Someone who got things done. He knew that Deirdre knew that about him, but realized that her trust of him was what had gotten him called to her. The fact that she knew he was running something here didn’t hurt, though.

She stood there waiting until everyone quieted down, it didn’t take long. Rumors had already spread courtesy of Officer Thomas, the grave diggers, and the three guys now holding the keys.

“Gentlemen.” Her voice rang out over the crowd, it seemed rough and hard, unlike Andre had ever heard it. “There has been an attack on the United States. As of right now, I am not sure if the United States actually exists. I am positive that the Oklahoma State Government doesn’t exist in any form as it did yesterday.”

She stood patiently, waiting for the noise to die down. Most were shocked, some ecstatic. They didn’t realize what it meant yet. Most of their families were dead, or worse.

“There was a nuclear explosion in all major cities of the United States today including Oklahoma City and Tulsa. In addition, there was a biological agent released along with this that had a very interesting effect on a concentrated population. They are calling it the ‘zombie apocalypse’. It has, so far as I can tell, increased the animal nature of humans and decreased their higher thought processes. I have not seen a ‘zombie’ so I do not know if they are actually undead, which I honestly doubt, or if they are seriously infected with both the virus and radiation poisoning simply making their appearance that of a ‘zombie’. I suspect the latter.”

There was dead silence. Andre felt her shaking and laid his hand on her shoulder. He felt her take a deep breath and continue speaking.

“Most of the people I know are dead. Most of the people you know are dead other than those with us here and in the outlying areas. I came here, because total anarchy is reigning, and I believe that together we can form a force to be reckoned with. Often, Anarchy is ruled by the strongest, most cold hearted son of a bitch there is.” She cracked a smile that chilled everyone in front of her. “I don’t intend that should happen here, but I am not open to negotiation on leadership at this time.” “What the fuck, you nigger loving cu—-” The report of the .38 shocked most people as she simply drew and shot the leader of the Aryan Brotherhood in the face. He was standing less than ten yards from her. Brains and blood sprayed the men behind him.

“Now, we’re not having any of that. There will be rules, and one of them is simple. United we stand, divided we fall. There is no more race. There is no more hate. We will work together or we will die. That is how the world is now. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Warden,” came from Officer Thomas.

“Yes, Warden,” came a thundering cry from the rest of the inmates. Andre squeezed her shoulder. She inconspicuously leaned into it.

“If you don’t wish to stay here, that’s fine. I understand some of you may have homes close to here, or may want to strike out on your own. I won’t keep you here. You can pack everything that is in your possession, and you will need to leave by noon tomorrow.”

A hand went up. No one wanted to offend her. She wished that she had it in her to smile.


“Warden how will we get where we’re going?”

“The same way everyone’s going to get where they’re going when they’re not on official business. On foot.”


“I’m not giving away vehicles, fuel, and food here. That is meant for people that decide to stay here with me and survive. If you leave, I will not be responsible for your food, transportation, and safety. I can’t be. I must provide for the people who decide to stay.”

“But how—”

“How are we going to provide? I have several ideas. I need these people to find a conference room after we finish eating and we’ll go over some ideas.”

There was some murmuring at that.

“Let’s remember that for right now this is not a democracy. I’m taking people that I feel comfortable with and making some decisions. If you all can agree on some people that I don’t know and send them along that’ll be fine, too. I don’t know everyone here, I don’t know all the leaders, and I don’t know the pecking order. I’m okay with that. If you can’t decide on people we’ll go with who I decide on and no one else. It’s up to you.” Her shrug was visible.

She looked out over the crowd. It was easy to tell from bearing who was who in this bunch, and she already knew a few of them. “Andre, Codis, Gandalf,” she smiled at the old white man with the long hair and beard, she never could remember his real name, “and if you’ll forgive my rudeness you, you, you, and you.” She pointed out people whose names she didn’t know, but who she was sure were movers and shakers by how they were standing, surrounded by their people. Another fortyish white man, a couple of Hispanic guys, and an Asian. They looked rather surprised as she picked them out, but Andre wasn’t surprised at all. She’d always had good instincts.

The ones she’d picked came forward to where she was standing, and stood around the table. One of the other men went over to pick up a food tray for her and brought it back. He set it down in front of her, and she sat. It was then the men sat, and the rest of the men sat after that. She looked at Andre, and he nodded to her. She’d managed to take control of the camp, now it remained to be seen if she could keep it. He owed her though, and he’d help her until he was dead. He looked over at Codis and Gandalf, and realized they felt the same. Things in this fucked up world might not be so bad, after all.

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7. Sweet revenge

The sound of light feet made him hold his breath.

He wasn’t sure what he had expected, but the feeling of relief was tangible as a lithe, small figure stepped in through the opening, wide brown eyes fixed on him. He had to turn his head rather uncomfortably to get a good look.

He turned his head back and rested his forehead against the rough wooden surface of the pole. Relief made him close his eyes and slowly exhale.

“If you could just cut me down from here…”

He shifted his weight and grimaced at the pain shooting through his toes.

“Use one of my daggers, they are still…”

He tilted his hip sideways a tad, to demonstrate where the daggers could be found, still attached to his belt, sheathed.

The ache seeping through his arms, throbbing through his entire body, made him groan softly. The boy still didn’t speak, and Keran turned his head, searching for him.

The boy was still standing just inside of the opening, slightly crouched down, and his face showed wide eyed astonishment.

Well, who could blame him?

He probably hadn’t expected to find their allegedly skilled and dangerous protector strung up like a piece of meat on a stick.

“Don’t tell me you got caught?!” The boy´s voice held a wholesome deal of amusement. At that point Keran couldn’t really appreciate the humor though. His shoulders were aching increasingly.

He was just about to vocalize his discontent when the boy froze, a startled expression on his smooth, almost heart shaped face.

“Someone is coming!” He whispered and turned to the opening.

Yes, Keran could hear the voices as they came nearer. They were being kept low, however, and he couldn’t distinguish the golden angel´s voice among them.

She had a smooth, slightly husky tone to her voice, not at all unpleasant.

“I have to go, I´ll be back.” With that the boy slipped out through the opening, and within moments Keran could no longer hear his light footsteps.

The darkness filling the opening in the tent suddenly seemed threatening, as if anything could come through at any time.

Groaning from pain and discomfort, he tilted his head back and examined the way the rope snaked around his wrists. The rope was tied tightly and roughly, making his wrists raw.

She had probably tied it that way on purpose, wanting to make it as uncomfortable for him as she could.

He wondered why she hadn´t taken his clothes off, that way he would have felt the whack of the cane even more. It would have been even more uncomfortable as well, since the night air was indeed chilly. Maybe even a bit humiliating, since she was so obviously not impressed by him and he certainly was by her.

The voices sounded as if they originated from right outside, and they were indeed being kept low, as if they didn’t want to be overheard.

“Wait outside, keep guard. Don’t let anyone in.”

He knew who would step through the opening before her tall, limber form emerged. He couldn’t help turning his head as much as he could, though, not at all comfortable with having his back to her.

He watched her step inside the tent, her feet placed carefully on the trampled mud floor.

She moved smoothly, much like the angel, but possibly with a little less grace.

If the angel reminded him of a stalking tiger, the dark haired woman was more of a hyena. She was flanked by two other women, who he had not seen before. They were as tall as her, and dressed the same way, nearly not dressed at all, that is.

“Aw, did Isora leave you all alone?”

Her voice was low and husky, with unmistakable glee coming through loud and clear. They stepped apart, split up and advanced towards him.

He clenched his fists, tugging at the rope that kept his hands high above his head and shifted his feet, desperately wanting to find a balanced stance. He turned his head anxiously, not being able to see them all as they approached him made his heart race and his muscles tense in objection.

The sodding brat had left him high and dry.

If he had only cut the rope, he could´ve defended himself, but instead he hung there, pathetically vulnerable.

One woman advanced leisurely from his left hand side, and the other from the right, but he couldn’t see Lelia, the dark haired one.

He could hear her feet touch the ground though, as she approached from behind. Since his arms were stretched straight above his head, the space right behind him was his blind spot.

He caught a glimpse of her in the corner of his eye and breath hitched in his throat when he realized how close she was, only a couple of steps behind him.

“So, she didn’t even interrogate you properly. I guess that was only to be expected.”

She leered. She stopped a step away, close enough to touch.

“First, these clothes really need to go.”

Normally, yes, he would´ve agreed. At that moment? Not so much.

The tall women closed in on him, their eyes intently on him. They came close, their exposed skin brushing his clothing, the look in their eyes clearly appreciative.

They were not as pretty as the golden angel, or even Lelia, but still attractive enough.

He couldn’t help looking at them, taking in the smooth, exposed skin and well-shaped limbs.

“Let´s take it down. You wouldn’t do anything stupid now, would you?” Leila’s voice so close, and her warm breath in his neck, made him jump slightly.

He turned his head, startled, at the same moment her body pressed up against his back. He could feel the soft flesh of her breasts and the flat plane of her stomach as she pressed herself against him. Still, he jumped again when her hands snaked around his waist, palms coming to rest on his ribcage.

The blond on his right hand side giggled softly.

“Is it afraid?” It was the one on his left who raised her voice.

She sounded amused. He turned his head to look at her. She had shiny brown hair and greenish eyes.

When he caught her eye he realized they wanted to scare him. As if he would give them the satisfaction. The hands on his ribcage travelled upwards, eagerly palming his flat, hard pectoral muscles, grabbing them through the clothes, followed by a contented sigh from behind. He held the brown haired woman´s gaze, and smiled, as if he wasn’t tied to a pole with his arms stretched above his head, completely helpless.

The brown haired woman´s eyes widened a little bit, just for a brief moment, then she tore her eyes from his, smiling slightly.

“Cocky bastard, isn’t it?” She said, looking past him. The blond giggled again, and a hand brushed the underside of his arm, all the way up to his elbow. He turned his head to her and met her eyes. They were brown and sparkled mischievously. Her fingers brushed downwards again, stopped just above his armpit.

“Oh, Lelia let us play with it.” She purred, still looking him in the eye.

The hands on his chest travelled downwards, and landed unceremoniously on the buckle of his belt. The one the daggers were attached to.

“Trust me; we are going to play with it.” Lelia drawled as she undid the belt buckle.

He couldn’t help it. They were attractive females, and the prospect of them playing with him, even if it was roughly, made his heart beat faster and blood to surge into his lower regions.

She pulled the belt from him, and he heard the thud as it landed on the trampled mud floor. That wasn’t the belt holding his trousers up, though.

“Take it down.” Lelia said, and stepped away from him.

Blondie and Brownie immediately left his sides, but came back a moment later carrying crates that they placed next to the pole. Stepping on the crates they reached high enough to untie him from the iron ring.

They grabbed him by his upper arms as they allowed him to place his weight on the entire soles of his feet. They lowered his arms in front of him, his wrists still bound together. He moaned from discomfort as his aching muscles were forced to change their position. They made him turn around to face Lelia.

He stood as tall as he could, stretching his spine and lifting his chin as much as he could. It was all he had, a slight advantage in height. Lelia merely smiled coolly, her gaze examining his probably bruised face.

“Pretty, isn´t that a fitting name for it?”

She snickered, so sure of her dominance.

Keran´s jaw clenched.

Certainly not. It sounded silly, and he wasn’t an it. He met her gaze, forcing his features into the expressionless mask, focusing on keeping his gaze empty, cold. If anything, she was an it. A hyena, thriving on the helplessness of others.

A nearly naked, attractive hyena though.

She smiled appreciatively, her eyes travelling down his body.

“Undo the rope, and take those clothes off. ” She ordered; her eyes still on him. Blondie and Brownie immediately untied his hands, then again taking hold of his upper arms.

Usually, the prospect of some playtime would probably have made him postpone his escape indefinitely, but looking into Lelia´s eyes he knew she wanted to humiliate him.

She wanted to torture and hurt him, as much as she wanted his body. The thought of being dominated by her cleared his foggy mind a bit, and pushed his arousal level back a notch or two.

Her idea of play most certainly wouldn’t be the same as his.

At the same time he crouched down, a split second before he made his escape, Blondie twisted the rope around his neck and pulled it tightly. His hands clawed at the rope, desperately since she had effectively cut of his ability to breathe.

“Stand still and I will loosen the rope.” Blondie whispered in his ear. She loosened it enough to allow him a little bit of air, just enough for him to stop struggling.

Brownie had already started opening the buttons in his vest. She was very effective, and in a few moments time she had undone it, and continued with his shirt.

Keran gritted his teeth. Once again he was forced to tilt his head back, his hands still pulling at the rope. She had an excellent grip on it though, and no matter how hard he pulled, it stayed around his neck.

“Stop struggling:” Blondie tightened the rope a little, forcing his head to tilt back a little more.

“Stand still.” Blondie´s lips nudged his ear as she whispered to him, and she gently nibbled on in earlobe. Keran shuddered when her warm, wet tongue traced the crease under his ear.

He became very still, tensed, but still.

Brownie pushed the vest and shirt off his shoulders, clearly pleased with what she had uncovered. The night air was a bit chilly, and he shivered slightly.

“Pretty all over.” She purred and let the garments fall to the ground.

He didn’t resist as the clothes slid of his arms.

Brownie smiled at him, and then she started working on the belt buckle. Lelia watched him intently, her eyes narrowed and glued to his body. She had moved sideways, so that Brownie didn’t hinder her from seeing all of him.

“So much better than those merchants.” Lelia said with a smirk. Her gaze travelled up to his face, and she winked. “They were quite ugly, to be honest.”

She let go of his gaze and stepped past him.

Brownie had managed to undo the belt buckle, and was eagerly pushing his trousers down his hips and down his muscular thighs.

His attention was on Lelia, though. As she disappeared behind him he became uneasy. He couldn’t turn his head much, since Blondie held the rope tight around his neck, but he managed to peek over his shoulder.

Lelia stood behind him, clearly enjoying the view.

“It has been whipped recently.” She remarked with a dry tone in her voice, a tone that told him it wasn’t a concern to her, but simply an observation.

Blondie was examining his back. She held the rope tight in one hand, while the fingers on her other hand gently brushed the marked skin on his lower back. The lashes was crisscrossed, they were striping him all over, in an angry shade of red.

The healing process had started, but it would take some time before they started to fade, the whip had bit sharply into his skin.

Carefully Blondie traced the marks from the whip, so gently, he couldn’t help but to shiver from her touch.

Brownie tugged at his trouser leg, urging him to lift his foot so she could pull his boot off. Obediently he did so, and then the other foot. The trousers went the same way, leaving him naked.

Brownie sat on her heels, her narrow face lifted, taking in his naked form. The smile on her face was that of a cat observing a mouse caught between its paws. Her eyes raked over his hard, lean body, and came to rest at his groin.

“It´s well equipped too.” She exclaimed, appreciatively eyeing the somewhat swollen cock, hanging heavily against the narrow gap between his slightly parted thighs.

She actually licked her lips, something he found extremely exciting. The view of her flushed face and the swelling mounds of exposed flesh just below made blood rush into his groin, causing his cock to swell further, slowly beginning to lift upwards.

He had to strain hard to be able to watch Brownie. Blondie had him in a tight grip, his head forced back by the rope around his neck, but he managed to glance at Brownie down his nose. Her lips were full and red, and just imagining how they parted to take him in her mouth caused him to whimper.

“Clearly it wants to play.” Blondie was standing next to him, looking down his body. She had loosened the rope around his neck a bit. Lelia chuckled behind his back.

“Why don’t you give it a treat, Nancy, it has been such a good boy.”

Lelia came up beside him. She placed one hand on his shoulder, her fingertips gently stroking his smooth skin, relishing in the firmness of his muscles.

Brownie didn’t hesitate. Her hand came up and wrapped around the base of his hard flesh.

She peered up at him, her eyes glittering with delight. He watched those red, lush lips part, slowly closing in on the shiny, glistening tip of his excited cock.

At the sight of her pink tongue darting out, slowly tasting the wetness at the tip, he moaned, but he didn’t take his eyes of her lips.

She smiled with her lips pressed against the tiny slit at the tip of the thick, hard but yet velvety smooth cock, looking up at him enjoying the enthralled expression on the beautiful face.

His blue grey eyes were wide, framed in thick black lashes, and the beautifully shaped lips were slightly parted, showing a hint of his strong, white teeth. A blush colored his high cheekbones, and when she let the bulbous head of his hardness slide in between her lips, his eyes closed, the lashes fluttering against his cheeks, another deep moan pulled from his throat.

Brownie teased the sensitive string on the underside of the tip with her tongue, drawing another moan from him.

She knew what she was doing, that was plainly obvious, and at that moment he was immensely thankful he hadn´t yet escaped.

His hands found their way to her head without any conscious effort on his part, but they were immediately removed by Blondie.

She pulled his hands behind his back, and tied them together with the same rope that went around his neck. He didn’t fight her; he tilted his head back, eyes closed, as Brownie took more of him into her mouth. He would happily have gone along with almost anything, if it meant more of her mouth on him.

Lelia was stroking his chest. Her hands were pressed against his tensed chest muscles, rubbing them. Blondie was stroking his ass. She grabbed his cheeks, squeezed and groped, clearly an ass woman.

He didn’t mind.

Not at all.

Why was it he intended to escape in the first place?

By the life of him, he couldn’t remember.

Brownie stroked his thigh with one hand, and gently cupped his balls with the other, devouring him completely, far down her throat.

The muscles in his thighs were trembling, and he was moaning a little more frequently. Gently she raked her nails down his thigh, and immediately he groaned and came. It felt as if he emptied an entire bucket of semen down her throat. At least it did to him. Spurt after spurt, until he had nothing more to spend.

His eyes fluttered open, hazily taking in the area, as if awoken from a deep sleep. His legs were weak, nearly trembling still, and his breathing was ragged. Brownie was gently lapping his softening cock, cleaning him thoroughly.

Blondie was watching Brownie, her facial expression captivated. He couldn’t tell if it was his cock she was so enthralled with, or if it was Brownie.

Maybe a little bit of both. He turned his head slightly to look at Lelia. She was still standing next to him, her eyes on his face, and their eyes met.

“Really, that was more than you deserve, but Nancy just can’t help herself.”

Lelia´s gaze held his, and the look in her eyes was predatory. She was turned on, no doubt about it, and she looked very determined. For a moment he wondered if he would be able to satisfy her, and if he didn’t what would she do to him?

No doubt something really painful and humiliating.

He had averted his eyes from hers, but he couldn’t help but to glance at her again. He swallowed hard.

Somehow he didn’t think she would refrain from humiliating him even if he performed outstandingly well. She leered at him, the desire to hurt him clear in her eyes.

Brownie was softly stroking him. Her hands caressing his thighs, his hips and hard stomach. He had started getting another erection, but when looking into the hateful depths of Lelia´s eyes, it softened, shriveled and hung shyly against his thighs.

Soft, warm lips pressed against his stomach, just below his belly button. A warm, wet tongue darted out, tasted his salty skin, and tickled the sparse hairs trailing downwards.

He looked down, and saw Brownie on her knees in front of him. Her hands held his hips firmly, and her mouth travelled downwards, kissing its way to his groin.

Evidently he wasn’t allowed to go limp, not even for a little while. He was already starting to grow, pressing against her chin as she looked up at him, her eyes gleaming. She still had traces of his semen in the corners of her mouth, little droplets glistening in the light of oil lamps that hung a few feet from the sides of the tent.

Lelia suddenly left his side. She walked over to the table. She didn’t look his way as she stepped out of the loincloth, revealing a tight, firm ass.

She settled on the edge of the table, spread her legs and beckoned him to come to her. Her mound was covered in dark, curly hair, and the sparse lighting made it impossible for him to make out the details below the mound.

“Bring it here.” She said, her gaze intensely fixed on his naked body. He felt no confusion about what it was she wanted. It was rather obvious.

Brownie let out a sigh, grabbed his swollen cock briefly before letting it go and getting up on her feet. The touch made him groan, no matter how brief, the feeling of her mouth on him still fresh on his mind.

Blondie and Brownie once again held him between them, taking a firm grip on his upper arms.

Personally, he would rather have played with them, and left Lelia out of it, but as it seemed he had very little control of the situation.

Reluctantly he let them guide him to her. As he stood in front of her, the two women pushed him down on his knees.

He was merely a foot away from the junction between Lelia´s legs. She spread them wide, revealing her very wet core.

Her lips were almost hairless; the curly hair covered the mound only, giving him a good look at her anatomy. The outer lips were parted, puffy, and he could see the little nub at the very top, protruding eagerly towards him. It did look kind of inviting, and by the look and smell of things, she was very clean.

The continuing saga of…The Eliminator: House of the Femdoms

Part 1 — Betrayal

Part 2 — The Rose Coloured World

Now: Part 3 – Payne & Pleasure

The Eliminator was very angry and someone was going to pay. Before tonight he had been a skilled warrior, expert of martial art techniques and he had never been mastered.

Tonight that had all changed, suffering first the mind control of Red Passion and then the humiliation of…of…he didn’t want to think about…that thing. He felt nauseous and angry. He could feel a massive ball of rage at the shame of being bested, and the desire for revenge was thick enough to almost taste.

His instincts were in control now though, he had to keep his emotions in check and concentrate on escaping. He was observant and wary as he quietly made his way along a stone corridor.

He heard footsteps in front of him so hid in a doorway as a guard clad in the red cloak that marked out Red Passion’s servants, and that he also wore walked past him. The Eliminator quickly made his way to a set of double doors and entered a large ballroom with a black and white tiled marble floor.

The room itself had cost some money to build. A wide stairway at the opposite end of the ballroom led to the first floor with a long walkway running along each side which rested upon elegantly engraved metallic beams.

Everything in sight was ornate and stylish with long black curtains framing the sides of the ballroom and large chandeliers hung overhead. He closed the door behind him and stood still, studying the room and listening…

To hear the click of boot heels as three women advanced towards him from the darkness at the far side of the ballroom. They were clearly aware of his presence but appeared unarmed, he advanced, tensed and ready to act.

As they drew closer he could see that they were dressed in tight fitting, shiny black costumes. They were varied characters, a lithe black woman, a redhead and a blond and as they slowed to talk to him, the redhead and blond moved off to one side each, forcing him to look left and right to check their position.

‘We know who you are…servant of Red Passion but we do not know how you have escaped.’ The black woman began. ‘We are the maidens of Payne and I have a secret to show you but you must stand closer for me to tell you.’

The Eliminator was in a state of full alert, his intuition screaming that this was an extremely hazardous situation and not to trust what he was being told. He would have to play this carefully despite feeling like smashing these maidens down. He stepped closer.

‘Our mistress is your ally and seeks to aid you, her instruction is here.’ The black woman looked down to her chest and The Eliminator’s gaze followed this prompt. He found himself staring at a large circular disc that hung above the woman’s cleavage.

The disc contained a black and white spiral that spun clockwise and was very eye catching, in fact despite seeing that the spiral displayed no information, he found it difficult to look away but finally managed to, tearing his gaze back up to the woman’s face. She frowned when he looked up at her and signaled to her left.

Suddenly he was pushed very hard in the back and turned around to find the blond woman stood near to him. She slowly moved her hands from behind her head, down to the sides of her breasts which she gently pushed together emphasising her spiral disc which captured The Eliminator’s gaze. After ten seconds or so he broke this trance which was noted, a signal given and he was shoved in the back.

To turn around and face the redhead who huskily sighed as she sensuously rubbed her hands up and down against her breasts before circling her spiral disc. The Eliminator had no chance to react, their motor actions were trained to capture his gaze and bring it onto the hypno disc every time.

It was taking longer to break the trance with each recurrence, the discs dragging his gaze into their slow spinning turns. He was finding it hard to concentrate on anything other than the spiral, yet when he did he would be shoved, turned and distracted again and again. Disorientated and unable to think, he was soon losing control to the trap set for him.

‘Yes that’s it, look at the spiral’ Intoned a sexy voice behind him. ‘The aid you seek lies within it.’ He felt a pressure on his shoulders gently push him towards his knees.

‘Just relax and give in to your fatigue…’ He began to feel very lethargic, a wave of tiredness washed over him.

‘Your eyes are feeling soooo heavy, as if lead weights were slowly pulling them down.’ The spiral seemed to fill his vision, his eyes were closing but through the glimmer of vision left he thought he could see something within…

‘Look deeper into the spiral.’ Was it a light?

‘Just let yourself begin to fall asleep.’…A symbol?

‘And join with us.’…A star?

‘Let yourself be controlled.’ A STAR!!

A massive overload of images instantly washed through The Eliminator’s mind, visions of Red Passion’s glowing star hidden within her gem as it transfixed him, of fractured rose tinted images and finally revulsion of contact with some hideous sweating beast.

‘NOOOO!!!!!’ He leapt to his feet as a wave of anger and wrath filled his being. He kicked the black woman now stood in front of him and she crashed to the floor.

Turning quickly The Eliminator grabbed hold of the redhead’s disc before smashing her in the stomach and slapping her to the head before she fell.

He heard steps behind him as the blond maiden tried to flee in terror but he showed no mercy. These temptresses were dangerous and had to be stopped. The Eliminator ran up from behind and clotheslined her with his right arm sending her to the floor. She tried to regain her feet but he kicked her powerfully in the side, and she passed out.

This female threat was vanquished and he felt grim satisfaction as he surveyed their beaten forms lying on the ground.

Staring at the physical destruction around him The Eliminator tried to calm down. All was quiet and he was shaking at how close he came to being ensnared again. Once he escaped Justice 7 would have to upgrade its training to deal with the threat of these mesmerising objects that were proving so effective.

He stealthily advanced towards the stairway at the end of the ballroom, once on the first floor he was bound to be able to access some means of esca…

‘Hold it right THERE…Eliminator.’ A powerful voice boomed out. He looked up to the top of the staircase where a woman clad in tight fitting black PVC clothing began to walk towards him.

Unlike the maidens he had overpowered, her attire was randomly covered in spikes, rips and zips. She strode towards him confidently and wore a leather mask that encased the top of her head but left her face exposed below her nose, the mask also being studded.

‘I’m not at ALL happy with the violence you wreaked upon my maidens of Payne after our kind offer for you to join our cause, so now you will be a taught a lesson on why you should obey MISS PAYNE!’

As she advanced she exposed her right hand which had been hidden out of view behind her and held a long whip which crackled with electricity.

The Eliminator retreated quickly as Miss Payne reached the floor and began to whirl the whip around her head. The whip looked dangerous and he was naked apart from the cloak so he tried to hide in the shadows at the side of the room. Miss Payne began to laugh.

‘Oh Eliminator, I wouldn’t hide there if I were you.’ She flicked a button on a control pad in her left hand and The Eliminator had to immediately jump forward to escape a ball of flame that emerged from the metal grill flooring below him. Looking up he could see the whip flicking towards him and successfully dodged its attack.

Miss Payne attacked again with her electric weapon but seeing its angle The Eliminator somersaulted over the whip to land directly in front of his opponent.

He aimed a vicious punch at her head but she ducked and with her left hand brought a hand tazer into the side of The Eliminator’s neck. His vision exploded as 50,000 volts coursed through his body and he collapsed to the floor.

‘No-one hurts my Maidens you aggressive freak.’ Were the last words he heard before blacking out.

On opening his eyes he looked up to see his antagonist stood over him, whip in one hand and tazer in the other. Staring at him venomously; ‘Its time you paid…’ She wasn’t smiling.

ZZZAAAPPP!!!!!! She lashed him with the electric whip, his cloak no defence against its charge. His body contracted in pain at the current this wicked whip held.

CCCRRRAAAACCCCKKKK!!! She whipped him again, and again, and again as a cruel smile came to her lips and The Eliminator groaned in pain. Kicking him on the shoulder with her pointed leather boots, she forced him to roll onto his back before grinding her boot heel into his chest.

‘Who’s the big hero now then?’ She asked sarcastically. ‘Signing up to your charters and pacts and saying you’ll do good, and then you hit women!! You’re lowly scum!’

He winced as she placed more weight on her bootheel. ‘Like most superheroes they are wearing Kelvar body armour which allows its wearer to take massive punishment so they won’t be badly injured but you just don’t hit women!!’ The bootheel ground down again and The Eliminator muttered quietly.

‘What was that my feeble so say superhero?’ Miss Payne lowered her head towards him as he looked up at her with a smile on his face.

‘I said I think I’m getting my strength back’ Miss Payne’s opened wide in surprise as his fist smashed into her stomach sending her to her knees.

‘No you don’t.’ He jumped to his feet and kicked her wrist forcing Miss Payne to drop her whip and then her other hand as she struggled to use the tazer. ‘Now its my turn.’

BBBOOOOOMMMMM!!!! He kicked her in the side with all his strength and she lifted up from the floor before crashing against a metal pillar, her head violently smacking against the floor.

He had seen that Miss Payne was wearing Kelvar armour and she was now slowly getting to her knees. The Eliminator strode over and violently grabbed her in a choke hold by the neck, squeezing his hand so hard he could hear the air choking in her throat.

‘How you liking that you little bitch?’ He asked, enjoying the feeling of power over his assailant.

‘I don’t enjoy hurting women as it happens but you and your fiendish cronies don’t count. And I won’t lie either. Beating them just now and getting to pay you back, it makes me feel good.’

He stared at her face, looking for the reaction as the oxygen stopped traveling to her brain. At first her eyes stared blankly as she registered the shock of his assault and which combined with the thick line of blood that issued from the cut behind her mask made her look confused and panicked.

Suddenly her eyes regained their focus and she looked up at him before trying to speak. Only a choking guttural noise sounded so he relaxed his grip just enough to allow her to be audible, she said one word;


‘What?!’ The Eliminator said in surprise, keeping his grip firm but trying to understand the implication.

‘I said harder you worm.’ Miss Payne choked out as she looked despisingly at him before her tongue came out to sensuously lick the crimson trail of blood by her mouth.

Rage flooded through The Eliminator and he had to concentrate to ensure he didn’t instantly crush her neck from the anger he felt from her twisted comment.

She choked slightly but still looked up at him, her eyes daring him to squeeze even more so. He did and the pressure on her neck became immense, any greater and her neck would break, they both knew it.

Miss Payne continued to defiantly stare at him even though she could no longer speak, then perversely she began to lick her lips. Slowly, suggestively, her red tongue slowly moved around and around, she then choked a little more and mouthed a word at him.

He knew full well what the word was but to apply any more pressure would be the end of this twisted monster, in fact even applying this for much longer would kill her but she was pressing all the wrong buttons and he was on the brink and feeling no need for mercy tonight.

Incredibly he felt her hand snake up his chest, encircle his left nipple and squeeze it painfully. She mouthed harder again, her eyes glinting in victory, she really wanted him to do it, she really was this addicted to pain. She licked her lips in a last act of defiance, on the verge of blacking out.

‘Aaaarrrggghhhh!!!!! You bitch!’ He roared as he released his hold, Miss Payne gasped as she loudly inhaled air back into her body and struggled to keep upright as the effort of their confrontation registered itself upon her.

The Eliminator could feel tension in his shoulders and his mind throbbed with anger, hatred and a feeling of nausea. Concentrating upon this he found to his shame and incredulity that he now had a massive erection.

He looked down as if he needed to confirm this and he certainly had become sexually excited whilst strangling her. He was disorientated by this realization and worried by its implications.

Why had strangling a woman to the point of death excited him so much? Was it who he was strangling or the emotions she had triggered in him. It was all too sudden, he felt out of control.

‘Oh well surprise, surprise. Not only do you enjoy hitting women, what really does it for you is strangling us. You must really have got a power thrill out of that you dirty little pervert.’

She was now getting back to her feet, staggering a little as she did and standing close by to him, looking at her attacker and looking powerfully at him as well as she regained her breath. The role of dominant was shifting again…

‘Acting surprised? Not done this before? Maybe you’ve always wanted to hmmm?’ She was confident, walking slowly back and forwards in front of him as she spoke.

‘That’s not true! I’ve never thought of this before.’ He exclaimed.

‘No but its been at the back of your mind hasn’t it. Always there just waiting for the right time and that time is now. If I’m not right, why did that feel so..’ She looked down at his swollen member. ‘So good.’

The Eliminator panicked, too confused to think straight. He didn’t want to listen to her witch words but he felt a sense of connection to what she was saying, as if she knew something about him that he didn’t.

‘You run around giving the big power show as a hero don’t you but there are so many things you’re not allowed to do, so many things you aren’t even allowed to think of.’

‘They just keep telling you of evil criminals and off you charge. This..’ she glanced down at his cock ‘is what you’re not allowed to think of. Your pleasure is what you’re not allowed to think of and your freedom to indulge in your wants.’

‘But I have Purity, my girlfriend.’ He protested

‘And with a name like that, I’m guessing you haven’t fucked her yet.’ His look gave the answer. ‘But maybe if you’re good then one day she will but what will that sex be like hero? Will it be anything like what I can offer.’

She stood directly in front of him and slowly reached her hand up towards his chest. ‘Because I can offer you all the dirty pleasure you want.’

She sighed and very tenderly began to pinch his nipple. Despite his strength, he could feel his knees buckle as she unlocked some secret deep inside of him. Her grip tightened slightly and he groaned in pleasure as his cock stiffened visibly.

‘Isn’t that so good? I can give you this all the time, every day and night and the beauty is that its what you’ve wanted all along. Why chase villains when you can have pleasure.’

Her grip slowly rotated his nipple in a small circle and pre-cum started to ooze from his cock. ‘Hmmm that looks ready to go, why don’t you take hold? Grip that cock and start pulling on it.’

He hesitated his hand closing the distance halfway. ‘Go on hero, this is going to feel so good, its time to let the animal inside you have its time. Its time to free the inner you.’

‘No its wrong!’ He gasped in pleasure at what she was doing to him, his cock throbbed waiting for contact, her fingers irresistibly pulling his nipple around in a circle.

‘No its right…and you know it.’ She smiled and he couldn’t resist the idea of what this could lead to, of what he was going to learn. He grasped his erect shaft and began to tug violently upon it, moaning as enjoyment flooded through him.

‘Mmmm, that feels so good doesn’t it? Go on tug it a little faster, show me what you can do.’

The Eliminator eagerly complied with the request and grew more excited still when she reached down to grab his left hand, bringing it up level with the nipple she still held. ‘Now its your turn to take over. Pinch hold of your own nipple…pervert…clamp it between your thumb and finger and make sure you’re pinching it with your fingernails.’

Adrenaline flooded through his body at her suggestion, the fingers of his left hand moved closer and then took over. It was a new sensation for him, but exhilarating. Miss Payne took a step back from him as he pinched himself with one hand and jerked himself off with the other.

‘My you do look like you’re enjoying yourself Eliminator but why don’t we play a little game. I’ll tell you to pinch your nipple harder and the harder you pinch, the faster you have to wank yourself off for me.’ He gasped at the thought of what she was suggesting and waited.

‘That’s it, enjoy the feeling and….pinch harder…mmmm…..harder….that’s right….one more for me….harder.’ She gasped. ‘Look at how fast your hand is going, its almost a blur you’re jerking off so quickly.’

‘Now fall to your knees, that’s it, down on your KNEES.’ He complied, barely able to move for all of the sensations coursing through him.

‘So confusing isn’t it? Here I am dominating you, controlling you with your own lust and yet…jerk faster for me…its so enjoyable and you’re absolutely…loving it.’

‘Fucking your hand so goddamn hard and reveling in the feeling I’m giving to you. You feel light headed and giddy at the doors in your mind that I am opening. You’re so strong but I’ve tied you up and made you weak and its your passion that’s giving me this power over you’.

‘A power you’re happy for me to exert over you..pump HARDER on that cock and breathe in the control I have over you. You love having a strong, dominant woman bind your will, you’ve been wanting this to happen.’

‘Pull back on that cock and show me your moves…that’s it. What will the future hold for you under my dominion Eliminator?’

‘How about you lying on your back with my shaven pussy grinding into your face…suffocating you whilst I scream at you to ‘TUG ON YOUR SWOLLEN COCK TILL YOU SCREAM.’

‘Oh, that takes your fancy doesn’t it…is it the idea of having a mouth full of hot, wet cunt that’s turning you on or me squatting over you whilst you toss yourself off…your hand going so fast now…hardly able to breathe.’

‘Panicked and excited and flushed at what’s happening to you. But you have to please me now first so come on, show me what you can do…beat that cock with your hand.’

‘That’s it Eliminator, pinch your nipple harder for me…oh you must be so near orgasm, your wet slick shaft just needing to spurt your seed of submission for me.’

‘Now start twisting on that nipple…twist it…more and keep fucking that cock with your hand. You’re loving being under my control, loving the pleasure and pain I can give you and think that this is only the beginning, your first steps into the dark water of desire that I can pull you into.’

‘Pinch harder for me…harder…think of my nails raking your back, your thighs, your balls. Think of my bootheel grinding into your chest or even…your cock, and as for being whipped…tonight was just me being playful.’


After eating our fill we drifted off to sleep, he on a threadbare sofa in the main room and me sitting on the floor, my back against the wall. Seeing that the sun was low in the west, I deduced that it was mid afternoon when I awoke to the sound of Garth retching.

My head throbbed and I felt like pulling my eyes out of their sockets. A victim of the hangover I predicted would result from drinking too much whiskey too fast in too short of a time; I was overcome by a wave of nausea.

I stood up and instinctively placed my hand over my mouth to keep from having to wallow in my own filth in the squalid abode that was now my prison. I ran through the door, bypassing the pistol my captor had carelessly left on the table, and took my place next to Garth, who was kneeling on the ground next to the cabin, emptying the contents of his stomach onto a patch of grass.

I leaned over and puked on the grass, the bits of my tuna fish sandwich dwarfed by the amorphous puddle of partially digested food that my kidnapper had deposited a few inches away. The nausea and headache subsided momentarily and I was drenched with sweat as I righted my torso and took a few deep breaths.

Garth, startled by my presence, jumped up and felt around his waist before surveying me. Totally nude with my arms at my side, I had nothing to hide. With a sense of relief written on his countenance, he strode past me and went back into the cabin, soon emerging with the pistol in his right hand.

“Bitch, you probably just blew the best chance you’ll ever get to kill me. You ain’t ever gonna see me fuck up like this again,” he snarled.

The reprieve from my hangover was over. The misery was back with a vengeance. And I was in no mood to be called a bitch. The prospect of death as a source of relief from my bi-yearly or so hangovers had in the past seemed an attractive option after a night of booze filled merriment, and was even more enticing that day.

I staggered over the rough ground to my enemy, unconcerned about the mode of my imminent demise. Looking him in the eye, I screamed, “Don’t call me a bitch, you stupid motherfucker!”

I pounded on his muscular chest with my fists, the blows I landed ineffectual. It was as if I was striking a stone wall, but it felt good to be fighting back.

My captor didn’t flinch. Instead, as I pounded on his chest, he broke out into evil laughter.

Tears streamed down my face. I could use all my strength and would accomplish nothing. He was right. I had blown perhaps the only chance I would ever have to end the nightmare I was living.

The futility of my attack now obvious, I stopped pummeling him and reached to the ground and grabbed a rock that was about the size of a baseball. Intending to use the stone to crush my tormentor’s calvarium, with all my might I drove my right arm forward.

Before the rock got within a foot of his skull, Garth seized my right wrist. My hand involuntarily opened and the stone fell harmlessly to the ground as the flesh and tendons and bones of my wrist were crushed together in the vise that was his meaty hand. I then looked him in the eye again, managed a smile, and then expectorated a mixture of spittle and vomitus that splattered on his right cheek.

The right side of my face exploded in pain after the handle of the pistol landed on my cheek. He released my wrist and I stood motionless for an instant before falling in a heap to the ground.

I tried to muster the strength to get on my feet and run away, hoping I could conceal myself in the brush and avoid whatever awaited me at the hands of the beast who had imprisoned me here. But when I attempted to stand up, my legs would not support me and I again sank to the ground, striking the side of my head on a rock. Helpless, I let out a sob as another stream of tears ran down my cheeks. I pounded on the ground with my fists, my anger not only directed at the sadist who had brought me here but also at the One who had given me life.

Garth seized my right wrist and dragged me across the ground as my shrieks and sobs continued. The pebbles tore my skin and the rocks bruised my flesh.

When we stopped and he let go of my wrist, I sank my teeth in his leg. For this I was rewarded with a kick in the rib cage that muted my sobs for a moment. But as he dragged me to my feet I began screaming at the top of my voice.

He wrapped his right hand around my throat, stifling me. When he let go, he picked up a rusted tin can as I caught my breath. He placed the can on the top of my head and strode about ten paces back.

I felt like a bird mesmerized by the gaze of a snake as I watched him raise his pistol. It did not occur to me to run for my life as he squeezed the trigger.

The woods echoed with the blast from his gun and the can fell from my crown. I looked to the ground and saw the can had been pierced by the bullet.

Garth trod toward me, the pistol still raised and pointed at my forehead. I was frozen in fear, the bravado with which I had been overcome as I had pummeled him with my fists and spat in his face now a distant memory. The possibility that he would finish me off an instant after he had put an end to my acts of defiance had not occurred to me.

“Please, no, I’m sorry! Let me live!” I pleaded.

I watched his index finger flex as he pulled the trigger, the barrel of the gun inches away from my forehead. I did not duck or close my eyes. My illusion that I had a chance to survive now gone, I was ready for my life to end.

The roar from the pistol deafened me as the bullet whizzed above my head. I collapsed into my captors arms and barely heard him mutter, “The next round from this gun is going into your skull. You can call me a son of a bitch, a bastard, or even a cocksucker but don’t ever fucking call me stupid again.”

I sank to my knees, sobbing, still entrapped in my living hell but grateful to be alive. I heard Garth trudge away and hoped he would leave me alone to wallow in my misery, to cry in solitude. But after fading away, the sound of steps crushing the leaves and snapping the twigs on the ground resumed and grew louder. My tormentor was returning. I was too timid even to lift my head and regard his countenance.

Startled by crash of an object landing on the ground next to me, I turned my head to regard a spade lying next to me. I looked up at Garth. His face was lit up by a shit-eating grin.

“Find a spot where you’d like to be buried. It’s time for you to dig your grave!”

“Dig the fucking hole yourself,” I muttered, my eyes again downcast.

He squatted next to me and picked up my chin in his left hand, using his right hand to direct the barrel of his pistol to my forehead. He cocked the trigger.

“You have about five seconds more to live if you don’t get on your feet and find a spot to dig that hole.”

Part of me wanted it to end there, but certain after having been abandoned by whatever entity governed creation that the best for which I could hope was oblivion after the round in the chamber destroyed my frontal lobes, I played for time.

“OK, don’t shoot.”

I raised my hands in the gesture of surrender and slowly assumed the erect position. I then reached down and grabbed the shovel and surveyed the area for my final resting place.

“You’re gonna dig it nice and deep. I don’t want no predators dining on your corpse. If it doesn’t get its fill, it might try making me its next meal and I don’t think you should be the cause of me having to kill some innocent bear or coyote.”

“Promise me you won’t kill me after I’m done digging. It won’t be worth living a few more hours if I’m going to spend it digging a fucking hole in the heat.”

He shoved me forward. I almost lost my balance and as I staggered, trying to keep from falling, all the bumps and bruises inflicted on me by my tormentor exploding in pain. I sobbed and sniffled as I strode toward a towering oak, in the shade of which I would have my eternal repose.

“Get to work, bitch! Oh I forgot you don’t like to be called that. Sorry, bitch!”

“Rebecca would be a nice name to call me.”

“You don’t deserve a god damn name!”

I stood beneath the oak and regarded the cabin. It’s ugliness was only a function of the blight put upon it by my captor. How nice it would look with a fresh stain and a new roof, I thought.

I stuck the spade into the ground in a shady spot under a giant bough. I wondered how old the tree was. It certainly was older than me; maybe older than Garth and me combined.

“How’s this?”

“I don’t give a shit. Just dig the fucking hole!”

I pushed the spade into the ground and lifted a scoopful of earth, depositing it a few feet away. My head ached and I was overcome by another wave of nausea. I upchucked and my emesis splattered on the ground in front of me.

‘Bitch can’t hold her liquor!”

“Fuck you asshole!”

I stuck the spade into the ground, lifted another load of black soil, and tossed it aside. And then another and another. Beads of sweat formed on my forehead and streamed down my face. I must have been a frightful site, my skin coated with a mixture of perspiration and earth.

After about an hour of digging, I had managed excavate enough soil so that my body would lie three feet below the surface after my captor chose to end my ordeal. My arm muscles ached. With every movement I winced in pain, raising the memory of each blow that Garth had dealt to me.

“Please, please, I beg you, let me finish digging tomorrow! I can’t go on!”

‘I might just decide to off you tonight. And digging that hole looks like real fucking work. I’m sorry bitch, but I’m afraid you’re gonna have to finish digging.”

“Or what?”

I threw the shovel onto the ground outside the hole and laid face down in my grave.

“Go ahead, shoot!” I demanded.

All was silent as I lie motionless. The birdsong that punctuated the still air would at least provide some solace as I faded into oblivion. I finally felt his beefy hand encircle my neck and he lifted me from the hole. I hung limply in his grip, too exhausted to even bear my own weight, hoping his grip would tighten and that I would lose consciousness forever as my brain was deprived of oxygen.

Instead without uttering a word, he scooped me up into his arms. After gasping for breath, my head fell limply back. The inverted vista of trees, hills, and the setting sun bobbed up and down as I was carried away to I did not know where.

He struggled to maintain his balance as the ground sloped downward. I cared not to where I was being taken, for it seemed most likely the destination was either oblivion or even worse, another level of hell. But thirsty as I was, my attention was piqued by the sound of rushing water.

The rushing turned to a roar. I finally mustered the effort to turn my head and saw that Garth was standing at the bottom of a waterfall.

He laid me down gently at the bank of the river. I watched as he removed all of his clothing.

My gaze wandered to the torrent of water flow over a ledge fifty feet above our heads. The stream was at least twenty feet wide and the rock side was obscured from the vapors rising from the pool into which the torrent flowed.

“This is gonna be cold,” my tormentor explained as he lifted me into his arms again.

“Please don’t drown me. Put a round in my head if you have to,” I pleaded.

“You should be so lucky either way. But I ain’t done with you yet. Right now you’re too disgusting for me to even think about fucking you. I got to get you cleaned up.”

I heard splashing as he waded into the water. When my foot broke the surface of the frigid pool, I quickly lifted it up, gaining a brief reprieve from the icy bath I was about to endure. The water continued to deepen as Garth strode forward, and I screamed when my tuchus finally got wet. I then threw my arms around my tormentor’s neck, gaining another reprieve from the chill, but he relentlessly waded deeper until we were immersed up to our shoulders. I scrunched up to my captor, craving the warmth from his body.

“I’m freezing,” I whispered, my teeth chattering.

“The cold will take away your pain,” he explained.

I broke out of his embrace and wrapped my legs around his hips. I planted my lips on his and we kissed passionately, the roar from the waterfall applauding the gesture of kindness the beast had bestowed on his captive.

He turned and waded toward the torrent of water flowing over the rocky ledge.

“No-o-o-o-o!” I screamed, knowing I was about to get a cold shower.

My plea went unheeded. A grin lit up Garth’s face as a stream of mountain water flowed onto his bald pate. I winced as droplets splashed onto my face, and shut my eyes as he turned to give my scalp the same treatment.

“This is fucking awesome!” he exclaimed.

My body was numb below the shoulders, my host’s prediction that the cold bath I was enduring would take away my pain having come true. We kissed again as the water beat down on us, and I broke away to float on my back in our private pool.

He tickled my feet and I righted myself, treading water as I splashed him in payback for the interruption of my bliss. I tried to escape as he paddled toward me, only to feel his meaty hand on my scalp before he dunked me, holding my head under water just long enough for me to know who was the boss.

He released his grip on my skull and, fearing that I had stoked his wrath, trepidation welled within me as I floated to the surface. Garth was nowhere in sight when I opened my eyes after my head broke the surface, but a second my shoulders were in his grasp. He spun me around like a toy and pressed his lips against mine. We kissed passionately as I wondered whether in his mind the lips he was kissing were mine or those of some lost or unrequited love.

He scooped me up into his arms and streams of water flowed off my mane and torso as he waded toward shore. I shivered in the breeze as he carried me to the hillside, and soon found myself on my feet, standing on a ledge, at eye level with my tormentor. The cold water having served as an anesthetic and now temporarily free of pain, I was invigorated by the fantasy that he had turned, that he saw me as a human being and not an enemy to be slaughtered.

I pressed my lips against his and he wrapped his arms around my torso. Hot to feel his cock inside me, I sandwiched his organ in my slit and grinded against him as our tongues battled each other’s. I wrapped my arms around his neck and lifted my legs, straddling his hips.

His rigid member slid into my pussy and he effortlessly pleasured himself by sliding my pelvis up and down over his cock. As I my arousal built, I decided that I must have him in every one of my orifices before my climax.

“I want to suck your dick, and then I want you to cum up my ass, I whispered.

I sighed as he lifted me up and his cock slipped out of my wet pussy. Numb to the rough surface of the limestone ledge, I sank to my knees. With my right hand stroking his still rigid member, I looked into his eyes, smiling lasciviously, waiting for the beast who I was convinced that I had tamed to demand I take his cock into my mouth.

No words emanated from the creature who had me in his grasp, my life or death his whim. He clutched my throat with his meaty hand, exerting just enough force to close my airway. I tried to talk, but he squeezed my larynx even harder, forcing me to beg with my eyes for my life not to be extinguished before I could finish pleasuring him, not missing a stroke on his cock even as I became dizzy. I did not resist as he dragged my face to his crotch, and he released his hand from my throat as I opened up my mouth to engulf his tumescent cock.

My head bobbed up and down as my tongue slid over the shaft of the rod that I hoped would continue serving as the key to the chamber of ecstasy in which I would bask as I felt my captor’s love. As I sucked his dick, I fantasized that an earthquake would sever our abode from the rest of the world and that the two of us would live off nature, free from the chaos of the world that had driven our two tribes to mutual enmity.

His fingers ran through my mane as his arousal built. My tongue lighted upon the spot beneath the meatus of his cock that when teased just right by a fellatrix’s tongue sends the recipient into the rapture she alone can provide.

Just before his orgasm became inevitable, I expelled him from my mouth. I pirouetted and bent over. My hands caught another limestone ledge on which I balanced, allowing me to thrust my butt at his crotch. He took the hint and I bit my lip as I absorbed his cock into my tender ass.

The pain turned into pleasure as he thrust into me over and over, gracious as I was to be alive and loved. I smiled as he spilled his juices inside me, convinced after receiving such exquisite pleasure, that my rapist would now forever be my lover and protector.

I felt the tumescence leave his member, both of us all fucked out. Kneeling before him, I licked my juices off his flaccid cock, and then stood up and embraced him, burying my head in his muscular chest.

We strode hand in hand back to the decrepit cabin, which I was intent on turning into a decent abode for us. The late afternoon sun shone into my eyes, and surprised my headache was gone, I decided someday to share the news with the world that lovemaking was an excellent cure for a hangover.

“Are you still going to throw my corpse into that hole tonight?” I asked as we passed the oak tree beneath which was my partially dug grave.

“It ain’t deep enough yet,” he answered, and I then knew, despite the respite, that my torment was far from over.


This story contains graphic violence and rape scenes. It’s a one-shot spin-off of the Ben and Streek series. Like me, it’s not to be taken seriously. -Ax


A giant walks into a bar. The bar was Fevs’ Place, in downtown Keyser, on the planet Verona, in Unprotected Space, in the Cygnus arm of the Milky Way galaxy.

The grey haired bartender looked up as he approached. “Well, look who it is. I thought I felt the ground shaking. Good to see ya Tank, it’s been a while. Where have ya been?”

“Better places than this.” replied the big Pirate.

“Lucky you. Fev is downstairs, they’re waiting for ya.”

Tank nodded and walked past the bar, to the stairway. He ducked under the doorway, as he was accustomed to doing, and made his way down the stairs.

The large underground room was filled with people, mostly men in black jackets. They cheered as they saw Tank coming down the stairs. “There’s Tank,” said one of them, “I heard the sun rises every morning only because he lets it.”

“I heard when he does push-ups, he actually pushes the planet away from him.” said another man.

“I heard he’s a descendant of Arnold Schwartz, the Alien slayer.”

In the middle of the room was a large, wired cage. As Tank got to the bottom, he was approached by a dark skinned man with a black afro. He wore dark clothes that were adorned with gold and silver jewellery. “Tank, glad you could make it my friend. It’s been too long.”

“What have you got for me Fev?”

“I got a Kraken. Been having a string of wins, and is feelin’ pretty damn cocky. Reckons he’s got what it takes to take on the Tank.”

“Yeah, yeah. I stopped coming here cos’ it stopped being fun and profitable. So tell me this isn’t a waste of my time.”

“Well, as it is, he’s paying out thirty dollars, and you would pay out one dollar and one cent, as low as it can go.” Tank looked down at him and growled. “…but I was hoping you would agree to a handicap fight.”

“What’s the handicap?”

“Your arms bound behind your back. It would lower his pay out to fifteen dollars, and raise yours to one dollar and twenty five cents.”

Tank nodded, “Okay, I bet all my winnings on Tank. Do you offer odds on a ten second knockout?”

“Ten seconds?! uh …no.”

“Do you offer odds on a ten second knockout for me?”

“Uh …yeah, …five bucks.”

“I’ll take the bet.”

Soon Tank was standing in the cage. He had taken his large black jacket off, and was in his tight grey shirt. His large muscular arms were bound behind his back with cable locks. Men were standing all around the cage cheering loudly.

Opposite him was a dark skinned man, around six foot two and with a muscular build. He had long dreadlocks and wore a white singlet. He was smiling and looking Tank up and down, mostly up. “After tonight they’re gunna call me the Tank Slayer. And when I tell the story, it’s gunna be me with my hands cuffed.”

Tank just looked down at him and smiled.

Fev got up on the platform and called out over the crowd. “Allright, If you haven’t placed your bets yet, then hurry the fuck up. Today we’ve got a handicap match between Rick Abel of the Krakens, undefeated, and, returning to cage, Tank of the Steel Sharks, undefeated.”

Fev walked around beside the cage and lifted up a heavy wooden baseball bat. He tossed it into the cage. “For whoever wants to use it!” he said, smiling at Tank. Tank just stood there, cool and emotionless. Rick Abel picked the baseball bat up, chuckling. Fev sounded the bell, and the crowd roared.

Rick wound up and swung the baseball bat hard, slamming into Tanks’ side. Tank barely moved. He suddenly stepped forward and gave a hard kick into Ricks’ guts, lifting him up off the ground and making him cry out in pain. The baseball bat clanged on the ground. He came back down again and was falling forward as Tank slammed his knee into his head, sending him backwards, onto the ground.

Tank casually walked over to the dazed man and stomped his head into the ground. The crowd roared around him. Tank grit his teeth and strained. He ripped his huge arms apart and the broken cable-locks fell to the ground. Tank turned to Fev, who was staring at him wide-eyed. “Get me my money.”

Soon Tank was upstairs again. “So how did it go?” asked the bartender.

“Not all that fun, but fairly profitable. Don’t think Fev will be inviting me back here again.” He put some slips on the bar and reached over and grabbed a bottle of Rum. He turned and started walking away.

“You’re not gunna drink that here?” asked the bartender.

“It’s a nice day. Why the fuck would I wanna spend it here?”

Tank was walking down the side of the streets of downtown Keyser, taking swigs of his Rum. Everyone coming the other way moved aside for the huge Pirate. His side was bruised and throbbing, but he never let a little pain bother him. He was cashed up now, time to find an expensive woman and make it a great day.

He was walking toward an alley way, when suddenly someone darted out of it, and ran right into him. Tank barely felt it, but the young woman felt like she ran right into a brick wall, she fell backwards onto her ass.

It was a pretty, young Asian woman, with jet black hair. She looked up at him with fearful eyes. “Please, help me! They’re after me!” she pleaded. Tank heard the roar of swoop bikes down the alley, they were getting louder.

“Stay here.” said Tank, as he walked toward the alley. He stood next to the entrance as he took another swig of Rum and listened to roaring engines get louder. He held his arm out straight, past the corner.

The arm connected with the helmeted head of a swoop bike rider, and he was knocked back, while the swoop bike continued zooming forward out of the alley. The rider hit the floor, and the swoop bike wobbled wildly and then crashed onto the road. Another swoop bike shot out of the alley way.

The rider on the ground was groaning loudly and struggling to get up. The other rider had stopped his hovering bike and swung it around. He was sitting in the middle of the road, looking at Tank through his dark helmet.

He raised a stun-gun toward the huge man. Tank tossed his almost-empty Rum bottle, and it smashed into the riders’ wrist, making him drop the gun. The rider cried out in pain and yelled out “MotherFucker!!”

He revved his engine. He was planning on running this huge stranger down. Tank bent down and grabbed hold of the rider on the ground. As the swoop bike shot toward him, he roared and tossed the man at it. The body slammed into the bike and caused it to wobble out of control.

Tank casually stepped aside, as the crashing swoop bike slid past him. The other rider was rolling along the road, before coming to a stop and lying there limply. Tank walked over to him, bent down and lifted him up. He wrapped his large hand around the black helmet and ripped it off.

The rider was an ugly red headed man in his thirties. He looked dazed and was moaning and wincing. “Fuckin’ amateurs!” said Tank. He slammed his fist into the face of the man, knocking him unconscious. Then he dropped him down onto the road.

Several people were standing around watching wide-eyed at the display of violence. The young woman was still standing there. She looked around twenty years old, with a pretty, round face and short black hair. She stood around five foot seven, and had shapely, long legs and nice pert breasts. She was wearing long grey pants and a light green blouse.

She looked up at Tank with wide eyes as he approached her. “Thank you sir, you saved me.”

“Come with me.” said Tank. He went over to the crashed Swoop bike and lifted it up. It faltered and bobbed up and down, scraping on the ground. Tank gave it a kick and it hovered in place. He climbed onto it and looked at the young woman.

She hesitated, and then cautiously walked over to the bike. She squealed as Tank grabbed her around her waist and effortlessly lifted her onto the bike behind him. The engine roared and they took off. Tank didn’t want to hang around and spend his winnings bribing the Keyser Police.

They drove on for a bit at high speed, weaving through the ground traffic. Eventually he came to a stop outside a Lovecroftian Temple. The large menacing statue of Cthulhu seemed to look down at them. Tank cut the engine. “How much?” he asked the woman.

“Excuse me?”

“The bounty on you. How much?”

“Oh, I …I don’t know.”

“They had stun weapons, so they gotta want you alive. Who then?”

“My …My father put the bounty on me.”

“Yeah? Who’s your daddy?”

“He’s the CEO of ValcoCorp Galactic.”

Tank smiled, “A rich fucker then. I don’t give a shit why your daddy put a bounty on you, I just wanna know where I gotta take you to collect.”

“Please, I know it’s not safe for me here, but I don’t want to go back there.”

“It aint about what you want Sweetheart.”

“No, …it never is.” she said sadly.

“Tell me!” said Tank menacingly.


Tank got his TAB out from his jacket pocket and called Sadie. A small holographic screen appeared above the device with the young womans’ face, with its’ Mohawk and all its’ piercings. “Tank, what’s up?” said Sadie.

“Hi Captain. I was just wonderin’ if the Jaws was available to go off planet for a bit.”

“No, I told you, it’s getting some upgrades at the moment. You’ve got leave for the rest of the week. Have some fun, do whatever the fuck you want, just don’t go upsetting the other factions again. …I’m not doing much, perhaps we could hook up.”

“Nah, I got something to keep me occupied. I’ll see ya later Captain.”

“Right, I would tell you to stay out of trouble, but it’s you I’m talking to. See ya Tank.”

Tank put the TAB away in his jacket again. “Looks like my regular ride is in the shop. We’re gunna have to find another way to get there.”

“You’re another Bounty Hunter?” asked the young woman.

“No, I’m a free man, a Pirate. Sometimes I do a bit of bounty hunting, whatever gets me paid.”

“You’re not going to cuff me or anything?”

“Are you gunna cause any trouble?”

“I might run.”


Tank started up the loud engine again, and the woman grabbed him tightly as they shot off. Around twenty minutes later, he pulled up outside Keysers’ Ferry Terminal.

A young skin-head was walking past. His black jacket identified him as a member of the Pirate Alliance and a tattoo on his neck identified him as a member of the Stingray faction.

“Oi! You! Stingray!” called out Tank.

The man turned and looked at him, “You’re Tank!” he said.

“I fuckin’ know who I am. Do you want to buy a Swoop-bike?”

He looked the bike over, “Is it stolen?”

“What the fuck do you think?”

“I mean, is it stolen from someone in the factions?”

“What the fuck do you think?”

“How much?”

“How much do you have on you?”

“Fifty bucks.”

“It’s yours for a hundred.”

The young man smiled and pulled out a couple of fifty dollar credit slips and handed them to Tank. He stared at the young woman. “Nice bitch you have there. I like the Asian pussy. You pimpin’ her?”

“You got some more money for pussy do you?”

“No, no, I gave you all my money. I was just makin’ conversation. Just sayin’ you got a nice bitch, is all.”

Tank got off the bike and helped the young woman off. “Nice doin’ business with you.” said the other Pirate, climbing onto the bike.

They entered the Terminal. Tank looked up at the board for a Ship that was travelling to Poitas. Luckily for him, there was one leaving soon. They walked down to the docks, among the large passenger Star Ships. There was a fair bit of activity going on around them.

“Hey! Be careful with that! There’s some sensitive equipment in there.” A short, thin man with short dark hair and a goatee was yelling at a loader driver who was loading a large shipping container into the ship.

He stepped back into Tank and looked up at the big Pirate. “Hey! You’re supposed to …oh, you’re not …hmmm, excuse me.” He walked away from them.

“Strange man.” said the young woman.

It was the ship Tank was looking for, QF164. The large, white, bulky Star Ship looked like it had seen better days. It had the Quazar logo painted on its’ side.

It was illegal for businesses to operate in unprotected space, according to the Galactic Federation. But there was profit to be made, and so the large transport companies run very unofficial sub companies from Verona. They often used their oldest ships, and least desirable employees in the dangerous spaceways. Quazar was an unofficial subsidiary of QuantumCorp.

There was a line of people waiting to board the ship. Tank and his mark walked past them all, and up to the Quazar employee at the front. “Hey!” called out a middle aged man Tank had cut in front of.

“What?” said Tank, looking down at him.

“…nothing.” said the man, looking away.

“…uh, ID chips.” said the employee, looking at them.

The woman held her TAB up and the man waved a small device near it. “Amelia Lees. Welcome aboard ma’am.” he looked up at Tank, “…ID chip sir.” Tank got his TAB out and held it out, and the man swiped it. “This just says Tank, there’s no surname.”

“You got a problem with that?” said Tank.

“Uh, no, no problem. You will need to check in any weapons you have. Passage will be eight hundred and sixty dollars for both of you.”

“Fuckin’ rip off!” said Tank angrily. He got his stash of slips out from his pocket and payed the man. They moved on to where a security guard was standing.

“Please check in all weapons. You will get them back upon exiting the craft.” Tank reached in his black jacket and pulled out his large Magnum Revolver, specially customised for his big hands. He placed it on the metal bench.

“You better not go messin’ with that, or I’ll show you how it works.” He unclipped the large vibro-blade machete from his waist and put it on the table as well. He knelt down and got a second knife from his boot. He reached into his belt and pulled out a big black frag grenade and put it on the bench.

“What are you doing with a grenade?” said the security guard, staring at it.

“I like grenades.” said Tank.

Soon the Star Ship lifted off from the terminal and flew off into the blue sky. Tank had made his way to the large, open bar area, and Amelia was following meekly behind him. Tank sat on a stool at the bar.

“Rum.” he told the bartender, “…leave the bottle.” He turned to the girl, “What about you?”

“Oh, I don’t normally drink.”

“Just get her one of your girly cocktails.” he told the bartender.

The bartender got them their drinks. Amelia looked at her blue and white drink in a large cocktail glass, she reluctantly took a sip. “This isn’t bad.” she said looking up at Tank. Tank just lifted his bottle of Rum and took a gulp. The bar area was slowly filling up with other passengers.

“You don’t ask many questions do you?” said Amelia, “But I bet you want to know what’s going on between me and my father.”

“I’d rather know how much I’ll be getting paid.” said Tank.

“My dad is the biggest Ass-hole!” said Amelia. “He doesn’t give a shit about me. All he cares about is business. I barely saw him at all while I was growing up, and that was fine with me, I hate him.”

The windows around the room seemed to glow a bright orange, and then the view became a star field on a black background as they entered space.

“…He sees me as an asset. Made a ‘business deal’ to marry me off to the CEO of Lexcorp. A fuckin’ arranged marriage, I had no say in the matter. This man I’m supposed to be marrying is twice my age, and by all accounts a real fuckin’ Sicko Sadist.” She took another mouthful of her cocktail.

“…I heard he has a dungeon where he likes taking young women. Heard he can’t get it up unless he’s badly hurting and humiliating them. …It’s horrible. Do you think my father cares? All he cares about is the fuckin’ corporation.”

Tank just sat there drinking his Rum. Soon the Captains’ voice came over the intercom, “Attention crew and passengers, we will soon be making the jump to Hyper-warp.” Soon the Ship shuddered, and the windows went pitch black as the Star Ship sped away from the Verona system.

“I’m a living person, not a commodity to be traded around.” continued Amelia. “…That’s why I ran away. But you just see me as a commodity as well, don’t you?”

“You’re a paycheck, waiting to be cashed in.” said Tank.

“I’m not cut out for being out here on the run. I could have been killed or raped, if I hadn’t run into someone like you.”

Tank looked down at her and smiled, “Aint no one like me. If there is, I’d like to meet him.”

“You’ve got the tough guy act down to a fine art don’t you?”

“Act? Sweet-heart I’m probably the most honest man you’re ever likely to..”

BANG! There was the sound of a loud gunshot behind them. Everyone in the room let out a collective gasp. Tank casually looked over his shoulder. There were three huge men, all identical, standing at the doorway.

A Security Guard in the room drew his gun, there were four more gunshots and the bullets ripped through the guards’ chest and he cried out and dropped to the ground. The passengers in the bar cried out in fear and cowered down. Amelia had a terrified look on her face. Tank took another swig of his Rum.

“Everyone stay cool!” came the booming voice of one of the large gunmen from the doorway. “We are the Flynn clones, and we’re hijacking this shitty vessel. If anyone else wants to be a hero, then just step forward.”

The terrified passengers stayed where they were. A woman near the bar sobbed in fear. “What do we do?” asked Amelia, looking up at Tank.

“Don’t do anything.” said Tank.

“Get out your TABs, cash and jewellery, and get ready to hand them over.” called out one of the clones. Tank looked them over, they were around the same size as him, seven and a half feet tall and full of muscle. They each had short dark hair and goatees. Tank recognised the face, the weedy guy from outside the Ship. ‘So, he managed to smuggle a bunch of his clones aboard, this could be fun!’

The clones came further into the large room. Tank could see that they each had large hand-guns, and knives sheathed on their belts. One of them started going around with a large black bag, taking the valuables off of the passengers.

One of them came up to the bar, where they were. He looked at Amelia and approached her. “Well, well, Hey there baby! You’re pretty cute! Ever had a fat fourteen inch clone dick up your twat?”

Amelia looked terrified. Then Tank took another swig of his Rum and stood up. He was right in front of the clone, looking into his eyes. It was very rare that he could look someone in the eyes without having to look down.

The clone didn’t look phased, “Big man! You don’t intimidate me big man. I’m just as big as you, and there’s a whole bunch of me. You’re probably used to towering over everyone, making them shit-scared. But when you come up against someone your own size, what have you got?”

“I got your knife!” said Tank. The clones eyes went wide and he let out a gasp as Tank stabbed the knife up through his rib-cage. “Get behind the bar Amelia.” said Tank, as he grabbed onto the dying clone.

“We got a fuckin’ hero!” called out one of the other clones. He fired several shots toward Tank. Tank held up the other clone as a shield, then roared, as he ran forward and threw the large body into the gunman.

The other clone raised his gun at Tank. Tank grabbed a metal bar stool and flung it at him. The stool slammed into him, making him stumble back. Then Tank ran forward with a few long strides, and smashed his fist into the clones’ face with a strong right hook.

The clone raised his gun again and Tank grabbed it, and then slammed a fist into his face again. Tank yanked the gun from his grip and then fired off a couple of shots into his head, making him drop to the ground dead.

The other clone behind him was getting up again and raising his gun. Tank spun around and fired a few more shots into his torso. The big clone dropped to the ground screaming. Tank casually walked up to him and fired off a couple of shots into his head. Then he fired a couple of shots into the head of the other clone he had stabbed and used as a shield.

Amelia peeked over the bar counter at him. Tank said, “I heard about clones. You gotta make sure they’re dead, or they’ll just come back at ya.” He rummaged through the clones’ corpse and reloaded the hand-gun, and took a knife and sheathed it to his belt.

The stunned passengers around the room were all staring at Tank wide-eyed. “You saved me again.” said Amelia.

“Well, you’re probably worthless to me dead. Come on, there’s probably more of them.” The two of them exited the large room.

They walked down the corridor where the passenger rooms were. Tank punched a console on the wall, smashing it, then he pulled the door open. They both entered the room. It was a simple room, with a double bed in the middle and other pieces of furniture and an ensuite.

“Stay here,” said Tank. “I got some stuff to do.”

“Stay here with me. We can hide here.”

Tank chuckled, “Hide.” he said, like it was a joke.

“Hold on.” said Amelia, she got up and stood on the bed, so that she was at Tanks’ eye level, then she gently kissed him on the cheek. “Good luck.” she said.

Tank cracked a smile. “Well, All right! I’ll finish off these Peanuts and then I’ll see to you.” He turned and started walking out of the room. He turned back to her, “I’ll be back!”

A large clone walked down the corridor. When he got to the corner, a gun was pressed against his head and then a bullet ripped through his brain, making a red mist of blood spray out the other side. He slumped to the ground dead, as Tank stepped around the corner.

There were loud bangs as bullets were shot down the corridor toward him. Tank crouched down and let off four shots at the other clone down the corridor. The clone cried out and dropped to the floor. Tank walked up to him.

The wounded clone tried to lift his gun, but Tank stepped on his hand. He crouched down and looked into the clones’ frightened eyes. “How many of you are there?” he asked.

“Aaaagh!, Fuck You! you big Cunt! Naaagh!”

Tank got his knife out and pressed it against one of the bullet wounds on the clones’ chest, making him scream out in pain. “How many?”

“Nnnaaaagh, …twelve, there’s twelve. Aaaaagh!”

“There were twelve? or there’s twelve left?”

“There were twelve of us. Naagh!”

Tank counted on his fingers. “That means there’s eight to go.” He put the knife up to the clones chin, and then stabbed it up into his skull. “…Seven.” he said.

Soon a few of the clones were down in the lower levels of the ship, holding their guns out in front of them. “Here, you two check out the cargo hold.” said one of them.

“How many of them are there?”

“The people in the bar said there was just one, and he was as big as us.”

“Shit! Another clone?”

“I don’t fuckin’ know. Just be careful, and call us if you see him. I gotta get back and guard the boss.”

Two of them entered the large cargo hold and started slowly walking around, searching the place. The large room had assorted pallets and containers and a few vehicles stored inside.

One of them walked in front of an open topped hover-car. Suddenly the car powered up and the engine roared. It shot forward and slammed into the clone, and then squashed him as it smashed through the wall. Tank leapt out of it and onto the bonnet as gunfire came his way from behind him. Tank disappeared into the room he had just smashed into.

The other clone cautiously came forward with his gun raised. He got close to the hole in the wall and then a huge arm swung out, and a machete sliced through the clones’ arm between the elbow and the hand. The clone screamed out as blood squirted out from the arm.

Tank emerged from the room and swung the machete again. The clones other arm came off and dropped to the floor. The clone screamed loudly as Tank swung the machete through his neck. The clones’ head and body both dropped to the floor separately.

Tank also had his Magnum, boot knife and hand grenade. “Five.” he said.

Up on the bridge, Negus Flynn, the sire, was holding the Captain hostage. Three of his hulking clones were stationed around the large room. One of them had a naked, blonde, female co-pilot bent over a console and was ramming his huge rod into her pussy. Her moans and cries were filling the room.

The Captain was cuffed to the Captains Chair in the centre of the room. He was in his fifties, and had a large grey moustache. His mouth was taped shut. “Captain Bertrum” was printed on his name tag.

“Drakk it! Now I can’t get in touch with N-Five and N-Six.” said the short, skinny sire. “…What the fuck is going on out there?”

“Do you want us to go and check boss?” said one of the large clones.

“No. You gotta stay here and protect me. I got a fuckin’ bad feeling.”

“Don’t worry boss. Anyone who tries to fuck with the Flynn clones will get what’s coming to them.”

Suddenly there were gunshots outside, and Negus tensed up. “Do it then. Kill them!”

Soon the doors slammed open and Tank stepped in with his smoking gun in front of him. “Three.”

A metal pipe swung down and whacked his arm, making him drop his gun. Another pipe smashed him in his upper back, knocking him to the ground. The three large clones were laying into him with their boots and metal pipes, and the sound of loud thwacking filled the room.

Tank reached up and grabbed one of the metal pipes, then he kicked out, knocking back one of the large clones. He swung the pipe around quickly, knocking another one back. He moved the pipe around and blocked the other swinging pipe, then he got up with a powerful uppercut from his left arm, knocking the third clone back onto the ground.

He raised the metal pipe up high, and then brought it down hard, smashing the head of the clone and making blood splatter everywhere. Another clone was coming at him and he raised his shoulder and barged right into him.

He dropped his pipe and smashed the clone with a strong left, right combination. Then he pulled the grenade from his belt and jammed it into the clones’ mouth, knocking out several teeth. He kicked the large clone back into the other clone that was just raising his gun, and they both fell back onto the floor.

There was a thunderous explosion, and blood sprayed around the room. Tank stood up from where he was crouching and wiped the blood from his face. He smiled, he liked grenades.

“That’s all of them, I think.” said Tank. He looked over at Negus Flynn. The little Sire was looking at him with wide, fearful eyes, he was holding a gun to the Captains’ head. The Captain also had wide, fearful eyes. “…Plus one more.”

“Who the Drakk are you?” asked Flynn.

“Tank, of the Steel Sharks. The transports are under the protection of the Pirate Alliance. You know what happens when you fuck with the Pirate Alliance?” he nodded over to the three large dead bodies and the growing pool of blood. “…We fuck harder!”

“Don’t come near me! Or I’ll kill the Captain, I swear.” Called out Negus.

Tank raised his big Magnum and fired. Negus Flynn suddenly had a big hole in his forehead, and blood sprayed out the back of his head. He dropped to the floor. The Captain pissed his pants.

Tank nodded to him, “Captain.” He slowly walked up to the terrified man. Tank pulled out his machete and casually put it to the Captains’ neck, making him even more terrified.

“Now, when the Feds, or anyone else ask what happened here, you’re gunna tell them that the clones all turned on each other. That’s what happened, isn’t it?”

The Captain quickly moved his head up and down, nodding. “Good man. And remember, I hold you responsible for what everyone on this ship says. Keep up the good work Captain. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a hot date.”


Tank returned to the room where he left Amelia. He pushed the door open again. The young Asian woman poked her head out from the ensuite. “Oh it’s you, thank goodness.” she said.

“Really? You weren’t hoping I’d get killed? Then you’d be free.”

“I’ll never be free as long as I have a bounty on me. Did you do it? Did you kill all those horrible clones?”

Tank nodded. He took off his black jacket and dropped it to the floor. He walked past her and went to the basin and started washing away the clone blood that was all over him. When he was relatively clean he turned to Amelia, “Get on the bed again.”

“Uh, …okay.” She slowly went over to the bed and stood up on it. Tank went over to her and grabbed her. She squealed and looked at him surprised. He moved his mouth to hers’ and started kissing her lustily. His big hands grabbed at her bottom and chest. She was trying to push him away and pull her face away from his mouth, but she wasn’t having much success.

Eventually he stopped kissing her and she got her breath back. “Tank! No! Please stop it!” she said to him.

“I’m just gettin’ started baby.” He grabbed at her and started kissing her again, and she cried out and tried to push him away.

Eventually he stopped and Amelia sobbed, “No! Please Tank, I don’t want this.”

“Aint about what you want, remember?” He pushed her back down onto the bed and started pulling at her pants. She held onto them to stop him pulling them down. “Do you want me to rip your nice clothes off you?”

“No!” cried out Amelia.

“Then take them off.”

Amelia sobbed some more, “Please, …just stop it!”

Tank pulled her pants down, and took them off, pulling her boots off with them. “Go on, take your top off, show me your tits.”

Amelia sobbed as she tried to undo her blouse with her trembling hands. Tank helped her, roughly pulling her top off of her. He could see an elegant diamond necklace hanging around her neck, it had not been visible before. He yanked down her bra.

She cried as his big hands groped at her pert breasts. He moved his head to her chest and started licking and sucking at her little dark nipples. “No! Why are you doing this?” cried Amelia.

Tank looked up at her, “Cos’ I like fucking.” He moved his lips to hers’ and kissed her again. He reached down to her small white panties and pulled them down, exposing her dark patch of pubic hair and small pink slit.

Tank sat up on the bed and then Amelia squealed as she found herself being lifted up by her legs, so that she was almost hanging there up-side-down. Tank moved the girls’ crotch to his face and plunged his mouth into her tight pussy.

Amelia cried and squealed as his tongue lashed out inside her. Her legs kicked out each side of his head. He just held her there as he continued lustily eating her out.

His tongue roughly rubbed along her tender lips, getting her wetter and wetter. He poked his tongue inside her as deep as it would go, and tongue fucked her.

Tank put her down again and started fumbling at his pants. He freed his enormous erection, a big, fat, veiny monster that was twelve inches long. Amelia sat up on the bed. Her eyes went wide with fear as she saw the huge cock. “Tank No! You can’t!”

Tank got up off the bed again and stood, towering over the scared girl. He took off his gun and machete holsters and his belts. He proceeded to get naked.

Tanks’ huge cock still jutted out in front of him. He had bushy blonde pubic hair and a set of big balls hanging under it. His huge body had many scars, at least four of them were unmistakably gun-shot wounds. The big purple bruise was still on his side, and he had a few new bruises forming. There was a large tattoo of a vicious shark on his chest.

Amelia sat back against the head of the bed. She had a frightened look on her cute, round face. She was only wearing her pulled down bra, diamond necklace and a pair of pink socks. Her slit was wet and glistening under the dark patch of pubic hair.

Tank climbed onto the bed again. Amelia recoiled as he reached out for her. His large hand wrapped around her head and he pulled her forward toward his cock. “Open wide for me.”

The fat cock head poked at Amelias’ lips. She opened her mouth wide, and the cock moved its way inside. She closed her lips around the fat shaft and sucked. Tears streamed down her face. “Grab the shaft.” commanded Tank. Amelias’ hands wrapped around the huge cock and rubbed it as she sucked.

Tank sat there on the bed enjoying getting his cock sucked for a little while. Amelia stopped sucking and took the fat member out of her mouth. Tank looked down at her. “My jaw’s getting sore!”

“Okay then!” said Tank smiling. He got up on his knees. Amelia squealed as he pulled her toward him. He effortlessly pushed her back onto her back and spread her legs.

“Please Tank No! I don’t think you want to hurt me!” cried out Amelia.

“Nah, I don’t wanna hurt you. But I really wanna fuck you!” He rubbed his big, wet member along her little slit.

“No! Dont!” cried out Amelia. Tank pressed his fat cock head into the opening and then grabbed hold of Amelias’ thighs and pulled her toward him. Amelia cried out in pain as the huge invader penetrated her deeply.

The little cunt tightly squeezed around ten inches of fat cock. Fresh tears streamed down Amelias’ face. Tank repositioned himself over her, she was laying underneath him with her legs spread wide.

He raised his ass, slowly pulling the cock out, and then he slowly pushed it in deep again. Amelia cried out loudly as he fucked her.

“You got a great pussy.” said Tank, as he fucked her with a slow, steady rhythm. Amelia put her arms up and tried to push him away, but he was way too strong and heavy for her. He squashed her into the mattress with each deep thrust.

He changed his pace, thrusting forward hard, and then pulling back slowly. Amelia started crying out louder. Tank banged away at the girl beneath him for several more minutes.

He pulled out of her again. His big fat cock was soaking wet. He effortless flipped her over and positioned her so that she was on her hands and knees. “Please Tank, no more!” begged Amelia. Tank guided his huge member into Amelias’ tight wet cunt. She cried out again as he grabbed her ass and then thrust it in deep.

He had hold of her ass, and was pounding away at her from behind, bucking her forward with each hard thrust. His big hard cock rammed at her insides again and again like a piston.

After a little while, he started to grunt and groan. He pushed his weight on top of her and made her collapse on the bed. His huge member was buried deep inside her, and started throbbing. Amelia cried out as his hot, wet cum spilled out inside her.

He pulled back again and then thrust forward. Cum spilt out from her stretched, ravaged pussy. More cum spurted out inside her. Amelia was crying out loudly. Soon Tank pulled it all the way back until it popped out. More cum spilled out from her soaking wet hole.

Tank moved up to her head. Amelia had her hands over her face crying. “Clean me up.” he told her. Amelia reluctantly took the fat, slimy cock in her mouth again and gently sucked it.

Soon Tank pulled away from her again and laid down on the bed next to her. Amelia curled into a ball and faced away from him, quietly sobbing. Tank reached over and touched her diamond necklace, and examined it. “What’s it worth?” he asked.

“…My mum gave me that. It’s not worth anything.”


“Take it then, …you bastard!”

Tank started fumbling with the latch with his big fingers. “I’m not real good with small clips and stuff. Take it off for me.” Amelia slowly moved her hands over to the back of the necklace and undid it. Tank grabbed it. “Thanks baby.”

Amelia slowly sat up. “I want to put my clothes back on now.”

“No. I’m not done with you yet.”

“Please, haven’t you done enough?”

“Nah.” Tank got up again and grabbed Amelia. He pushed her back down, so that she was on her stomach. He grabbed hold of her ass cheeks and spread them apart, exposing her little brown freckle. Amelia cried out again.

Tank moved his head down to her ass and began licking at the little ass-hole. His saliva was getting the tight hole wet as his tongue pushed its way in. “Aaagh No! Not there!” cried out Amelia.

Soon Tank got up and pulled Amelia up so that she was on her hands and knees again. He pushed his big hard cock into her soaking wet pussy, making her squeal. Then he pulled it out again.

He pushed Amelia back down, flat onto the bed. He spread her ass cheeks with one hand, and guided his huge, slimy member to her little anus. “NO!!” cried out Amelia, “You can’t, it’s too big!”

“Sure I can.” said Tank. He put his weight behind his cock and rammed it forward. The big fat member stabbed its way into the squeezing tight hole. Amelias’ screams filled the room. Tank pushed his huge cock down deep into her stretched ass.

He started moving his cock back and forth, fucking her. The little stretched ring squeezed his shaft tightly as he continually pushed his way through it. Tears streamed down Amelias’ face as she screamed and begged for him to stop.

Tank was bouncing up and down on top of the girl. Pushing her into the mattress as he continually slammed his cock into her. Soon Amelia stopped screaming and just laid there limply as the big man banged away at her tight ass.

Some time later, he pulled his big member out from the squeezing pooper and groaned as he started jerking it. He groaned as cum spurted out of his big cock onto her ass and lower back.

He slumped down next to her again. “Are we done now?” she sobbed.

“I’ll tell you when we’re done!”

“My father will kill you if I tell him.”

“Then I might have to kill your daddy if you tell him.” Tank looked into her teary eyes. “…Do you want me to kill him? You’d get a big inheritance right? And you wouldn’t have to marry that rich Prick. Maybe we could make a deal.”

Amelia shook her head. “No, I’m not going to make a deal with you, you bastard. I’m not like that.”

“Too bad then.” said Tank.

Several hours later, the Quazar ferry dropped out of hyper-warp into the Poitas System. They landed on the planet, at its’ capital; New Darwinia. the Federation was waiting to board the ship, somehow they knew that something had happened.

Tank entered the Cargo bay, he was pulling Amelia along with him, she was walking very stiffly. Tank went over to a crate and opened it. He lifted the large engine block out and threw it onto the ground with a loud crash.

“Get in the box.” he told Amelia.

The young woman just looked up at him. “You’re going to pack me away in a box now?”

Tank nodded. “Get in.”

Amelia reluctantly climbed into the crate and squatted down. Tank put the lid on it again. The girl squealed as he lifted it up over his shoulder. He carried the crate over to the large exit ramp, where workmen were busy unloading everything in the cargo bay.

“Hey, you don’t work here!” said one of the men as Tank walked onto the ramp with the crate.

“Fuck off!” said Tank, looking down at him. He continued to exit the ship. Tank walked down the large ramp with the crate over his shoulder, and right past a few blue armoured Federation Troopers and into the Docking bay area.

Around an hour later they arrived at ValcoCorp towers in downtown New Darwinia. The large grey building rose up to the sky amongst many other large buildings. There was plenty of activity going on around them in the heavily built up area.

Tank entered the lobby and gently put the crate down in front of the reception desk. “Can I help you sir?” asked the pretty young brunette receptionist.

“I’ve got a delivery.” said Tank.

“All deliveries are to be taken around the back. You should know this. What company are you with?”

Based on the novel by Anthony Burgess

“What’s it going to be, then, eh?”

There was me, Domina Alex, and I was going out for another night out at the Korova, it being a little past the 12 stroke and the club just starting to slam. And I got all gussed up in my black lace glorycovers and black lace vickies, and put on my black vinyl thigh highs with the six inchers. P and M were fast asleep, having taken their sleepers hours ago, so I slammed the door as I left the apt and took the elly down to the lobby.

The Korova was packed with girlchicks, some walking around with strapon long dongs hanging from their waists. Girlchicks were dancing, by themselves in a trance or together, rubbing against each other and squeezing each other’s pots and pans. In the corner, a young devotchka was friggin herself, sprawled out on the couch with a long dong up her wazoo and diddling her cliddle…Two other young devotchkas were going at it, tongue dancing and feeling each other up, there on the couch.

I saw my domdroog V, trance dancing by herself, swaying to the music. V’s head is as bald as a cue ball, shiny and smooth, and her pussy wussy wasn’t fuzzy wuzzy, was it? She wore a shiny black latex catsuit with a hole cut out at the crotch in all its glory.

Jonny Boner and the Eunuchs were performing at the club, creeching and banging and wanking to the electro-music, dressed in nothing but thongs, manacles and nipple pinchers. Jonny was yowling into the microphone, and took out his slippery snake and began strumming to the hoot, hoot, hooting of the girlchick crowd. We love to watch Jonny wanking on stage, and one of his eunuchs get down on his knees and begin bobbing him off, Jonny fucking his mouth, in out, in out…..until Jonny’s manmilk explodes on his face.

“I need a shot of cum in my rum,” I said to V. The cumboy walked over and pulled out his hose from his pouch, as I pumped it until out came a jigger of jism into my baccardi and I downed it in a shot…”I want to get spunk drunk, I do.”

I plopped down on the divan in the Footsie Parlor, and zipped off my boot and stuck out my foot, and up out of a hole in the floor popped a young malechick’s head to begin slucking on my little piggies. The disembodied head sucked, and he slucked, and he smucked, and made them feel real horrorshow he did, until l let him be finished and stuck my heel on his head and pushed it back down to the underfloor dungeon he came from.

The Ys in this world are here to serve us, oh my sisters. They are here for us to abuse…to beat them and make them scream and sing, to fuck them and stretch their tight little arseholes, to make them swordswallow and gag on our strapons. They are here to satisfy us…, to massage and suck our toes, to lick clean our Hershey highways, to provide us with their nutritious cummilk.

The loo was full of young devotchkas, queuing to sit on the seats and release their curds and whey into waiting mouths of the menheads sticking out from the holes in the floor. When each finished, the tongue would stick out and lick them dry and wipe them clean.

My other galdroog, Domina Kate, was sitting on the pot, taking a whiz and getting a toungewipe. She has bright purple hair, her skin is decorated with elaborate ink sketchings and rings and studs scattered around her body.

“Lets go find some newbie malechicks.”

“Right, right, right…”

It’s always much more horrorshow to go out and hunt strong young vanillies, who haven’t had their arses ripped open and their bodies bruised and branded and broiled. Unlike the cumboys and mansluts at the Korova, they haven’t yet learned their place in the world, serving us and to be here for our pleasure. The three of us, me, V and Kate, were all ready for a little bit of the old ultrasex and the old ultraviolence…

We walked in on a gang of four boppergirls, probably none elder than 12, one of the other girlgangs that prowled the streets. The leader of the gang was a ptitsa named Britt with blonde ponytails, wearing green and black plaid tartan skirt, without any vickies underneath, and a clean white blouse, unbuttoned to show off her big siliconies. Her two other droogies, Booby and Jessica, wore the same outfit and they were tying up a strong young malechick they had come across, getting him ready for their ballbusting, analpopping, mouthfucking gangbang.

“Hello, hello, hello”, I shouted out to them, interrupting the start of their gangbang. “We want him and we want him now!”

But these teenyboppers weren’t gonna give up their prize without a fight. Britt tried to kickbox me in the face, but I dodged her spiked heel, grabbed hold of her leg and threw her on her ass. We grabbed hold of their pigtails, and swung them down on the ground and then began tolchocking their silicone balloonies and toebooting them in their cunty wunties. The, we began slapping them with our long rubber willy sticks. They fought back, pathetically, but we won the rumble and let them run away, leaving their captured malechick for us.

He was already tied up to the wall and had a big long boner, sticking out hard, to show us he really liked it, no matter how much he boo hoo hooed and resisted. All of us liked yanking it and squeezing his yarbles, like they were goin to burst like squoshed grapes.

Then we took turns kicking his yarbles, with our knees and our boots and our bare little piggies. Each time we would kick, he would scream and squirm, acting like he didn’t like it, but we knew betterwise. We would laugh, laugh and laugh.

I turned on my surroundsound musicpod and out came the thundering chords of Lucille Van Beethoven’s Fifth to inspire us and keep us in rhythm as we kicked and punched and rammed and slammed.

We took him off the wall and strapped him down on the tubular gyno-chair, so that his legs were spread wide open and arse stuck out so we could easily get to his tight virgy bunghole. He squirmed and struggled, but it was no use getting free from the leather straps and metal shackles that kept him in place.

“You are going to take this big long dong up your ass pussy, do you hear me boyslut?”

V forced the long rubber two headed snake into his tight virgin ayehole, popping through the vortex, giving him the old in-out in-out, back and forth, making a popping sound.

“I’m going to fuck your face with my big long strapon, forcing it in your rot and down your throat until you gaggy wag.”

Domina Kate knelt down on the foam rubber knee pads on both sides of his head, so that her big long strapon could go down his mouth. She began rocking back and forth, forcing it down his gullet. “Come on, come on, show me what a good little cocksucking whore you are. That’s it, suck it good, suck it real good.”

While they are fagging and shagging your holes from both ends, I will juice up your lightning rod, turning up the voltage all the way. I snapped the electrode pads on his shaft and balls, turned the dial and let him scream, scream, scream. Oh, oh, oh, what lovely music he makes.

V pulled out her long dong, leaving his asshole wide open. She pulled out a jar of Crisco from her bag, coated her gloved hand with the white gunk, and slid her lubed hand into his inner sanctum. It swallowed her hand, up to her wrist, like a vacuum. She started punchfucking his arse, twisting it inside the wet, warm, wide hole, sliding in her arm up to her elbow. The boy screamed and squealed and groaned and moaned and gasped and boo hoo hooed.

I attached the milker to his long hard boner and turned it on and it began jacking and sacking his cock, chug chug chugging to the sound of the motor pump, until out spurt the creamy white manmilk, sucked into the tube and down into the waiting spunk jar. You could see him deflate as we drained the essence from his body.

It had been a fine night of ultrasex and ultraviolence, and the big orange orb was about to come up, and drive all us vampires and creatures of the night back to our beds for some eyeshut.

Copyright© April 2007 DJK

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