Her attacker, Erik Gráfeldr, former berserker warrior, swept his gaze disdainfully over the young girl’s shapely backside. He chuckled at her furious expression, then sank down on the bed beside her bound body. His body odor wafted over her and she wrinkled her nose in disgust.

He slid his hand up her leg, lifting her skirt as he did. “Oh God!” she cried. She frantically pulled at her restraints as she pleaded with the man. “Please, don’t do this!” she cried. “I’m a virgin. Have mercy!” As she struggled, her dress was completely pulled up to her waist, and the hiss of his breath came faster. His gaze was fixed on her small, beautifully rounded buttocks that were still hidden by her undergarment. She squirmed and cried helplessly as he dragged the fragile material down her legs and off. Then the man climbed on top of her and spread her legs with his knees. Her bottom was very white in the dim light of the room, but the man’s slow caress calmed her as a different sensation took over. “Please! Don’t do this!” Glenna whimpered, confused at the pleasant feelings.

“I will not hurt you, lass,” he said in a low voice. “I need a woman, and you, my lovely lady, are the only one available at the moment. I’ll make you feel good, I promise you.”

Glenna couldn’t believe the nerve of the man. He wanted her to just accept her fate and allow him access to her body.

With one hand, the huge man pushed aside his kilt and freed his swollen member. She might be young, but she knew what was about to happen to her. It will be rape, she decided. What the man was doing right now, felt pleasant, but she was still an unwilling participant. “Please stop! Leave me alone. If you rape me, kill me after you are done. Because if you don’t, I’ll kill you myself. That I promise you.”

But the man totally ignored her threat, and thrust forward, breaking through the proof of her innocence. When he was fully imbedded, after a few slow strokes, he reared up on his elbows. The cords in his neck stood out starkly and he fought to control his intense lust for female flesh. He hadn’t had a woman in a long time, and he needed one, willing or not.

Glenna gasped in pain when the man plunged into her virginal body. She cried out in rage as the man began to move in and out of her body with slow thrusts that were meant to arouse her, and not hurt her like she’d expected. Whether or not there was pleasure from the forced copulation, was beside the point. She was angry enough to kill him, which she would do as soon as the man was done with using her body. She would dress as a boy and follow him. She would wait patiently until he was asleep, then slit his throat like the animal he was.

When Erik was done, he climbed off the young girl and straightened his kilt. She lay quietly as he untied her hands and left her alone on the bed with her skirt around her middle. She didn’t realize that he had deposited his seed on her buttocks to prevent pregnancy until he wiped it off with a cloth that he picked up from a wash basin. Depositing the cloth in the basin, he pulled her skirt down and left her alone.

Hours later, she found him getting ready to head north into the highlands of south Scotland, near the English border. She couldn’t let that happen. She had to try and kill him before he’d leave. A shiver went through her slim body as his eyes passed over her hiding place. She felt the hairs on the back of her neck lift when he paused his gaze and seemed to know that there was someone, or something hiding there. Her body responded as she smelled the musk of his huge body. He sure was big! Before and after he had raped her, she didn’t see much of him. She had never seen such a large man. His thighs were as thick as her waist. His shoulders were almost twice as wide as hers. Even his powerful jaw was imposing.

Beneath the tight bindings that bound her breasts snugly, her nipples tightened as she gazed at the man who had well and truly used her. She had discovered that as she grew and her small, pert breasts became full and round, she was able to run and fight better when they were bound tightly under a shapeless, loose tunic. Dark leggings covered the telltale whiteness of her slim legs and the fur foot coverings hardly made a sound when she stalked her prey. Digging her fingers in the rich soil beside her, she spread the soil over her cheek, forehead, and nose. She applied more dirt in her hair and then tied it back with a leather thong. Only her brilliant eyes marked her as separate from the night.

Glenna waited until the big man ate and settled down to sleep. Soon he slumped forward. She then crept toward the man. A snore reached her ears. He must be exhausted, she thought, and began her final advancement. Her intent was to grab his hair, yank back his head to expose his throat, and drag her sharp dirk across his jugular.

She had his hair in her grasp when her whole body froze in shock. Two eyes gleamed up at her. In that frozen moment of time, the man slammed a huge fist into her soft stomach. Glenna collapsed in the grass and struggled to gulp in air. While the man got up and pulled his sword free from its sheath, she sprang to her feet and launched herself onto his back. She wrapped her strong legs around his waist, dirk raised to plunge into his exposed neck.

A bellow of rage vibrated through Erik and coursed along her legs wrapped tightly around his wide girth. She felt her wrist being clenched tight. Right away her fingers went numb and the dirk fell harmlessly to the forest floor. He grasped her thighs, wrenched them apart and threw her to the ground where she landed and hit her head hard. A haze clouded her mind and she struggled to clear her thinking.

Erik slammed his foot down on the boy’s too long hair that was spread around his head, holding his sword to his soft throat. The boy screamed in rage and tried to jerk away.

Glenna jerked and pulled at her hair until she was sure her scalp would be ripped off her head.

Erik held his sword to his attacker’s throat. He sure had a lot of energy and rage for someone so small.

“Kill me, you raping monster,” the lad cried, jerking up to impale himself on the sword point that was just above the hollow of his throat. He arched again, more violently this time, and consequently caused the sword to cut through a layer of skin. Erik saw blood trickle down the side of the boy’s slim throat. He lifted the sword’s deadly point away from the lad’s throat. With the boy still squirming beneath him, he reached down and lifted him to his feet. “Behave yourself, boy,” he said, grasping the boy’s slender arm tightly.

Erik noted that the boy was smaller than he’d expected, also younger, and not even old enough to shave. He shook his head, wondering why the lad attacked him. Without telling the kid what he was about to do, he wrapped an arm around the kid’s neck and whistled for his horse. The stallion stopped beside them, and he threw the boy face down over the horse’s back.

Glenna twisted her head to see him swing up behind her and her head started to spin. At the clenching of his muscular thighs, the horse lunged forward into a controlled canter. Before a few minutes had passed, she sank into blessed unconsciousness.

As he entered a thicker part of the forest, Erik slowed his horse to a slow walk. The boy was still draped across the saddle, his slight form wedged against his thighs. He glanced at the small buttocks outlined where the tunic stretched tightly over the nicely rounded curves. His groin stirred, and he cursed loudly. “What the…” I need a woman, he told himself. While he knew men that preferred boys to women, he wasn’t one of them. There was no way that he would ever stoop that low. He wrinkled his nose at the smell of dirt and sweat from his dirty captive. Clearly cleanliness was not a requirement for him. His hair hung in a ragged, braided queue down to the forest floor, catching on branches and bushes as they passed.

At a massive fallen tree that must’ve fallen years ago, Erik stopped beside it and dropped the kid on a soft bed of leaves. Then he swung off his horse, unraveled a few lengths of rope that he carried in his saddlebag, and tied the boy’s legs together. He then bound the captive’s arms behind his back and pulled both arms and legs together with a third length of rope. The end he secured to a root imbedded in the ground. Getting up, he surveyed his handiwork and tested the knots. Then he turned and gathered firewood.

Glenna’s head was pounding when she next awoke, and her abdomen hurt where she’d been punched. When she didn’t hear any movement around her, she opened her eyes a little and waited for her eyes to adjust to the darkness and her head to stop spinning.

Erik Gráfeldr used kill at will, but raping he never did. His savagery in battle was legendary. He and his fellow berserkers had rushed forward without their armor, were as mad as dogs or wolves, bit their shields and were as strong as bears, and killed people with a single blow, while neither fire nor iron hurt them. Sometimes when they’d feel the fury coming on, they’d wrestle with large stones or trees; otherwise in their rage they’d have slain their friends.

He had gotten sick and tired of all the senseless violence, and staged his own death to escape it. So far he had done well. That is until he came upon a young girl who he had almost hurt badly. He had tied her up and forced himself on her. He was as gentle as possible with her, but he had still taken her against her will. Now it seemed that there had been a witness. Her little brother, it seemed, was out for revenge, but it was Erik who had him captive now. What was even more disturbing was that he got aroused whenever he was near him. That was very unusual, since it never happened to him before. After Erik had tied the lad up, he had to go and satisfy himself behind a tree. It seemed that it hadn’t helped. Right now, as he stared down at the helpless captive, he felt that annoying stirring in his groin again. This was not normal. All he wanted to do was use the lad to satisfy his sexual urges. While the warriors he used to plunder with used boys the same way as they would women, he, however, never took part in that kind of sexual activity. He had always looked for a female to satisfy his lusty urges. Erik stared at the lad, who glared back at him as he dropped the firewood.

Glenna froze. The huge man who had raped her yesterday, punched her in the stomach, held a sword to her throat, knocked her on her head so hard it still throbbed in pain, carried her off to only God knows where and, for some inexplicable reason, took her as his captive, was standing near her.

“Good,” he said, “you appear to be well.” He strode over to where Glenna was tied. She tried to move back, but she knocked her head against a jutting root instead and cursed loudly. Shaking the loose, dirty strands of hair out of her face, she saw the man grinning at her.

“You should behave herself, lad,” Erik said, watching the boy’s dirty face grow tight with anger. “If you behave, you will not hurt yourself.”

“I will kill you yet, you know,” she sneered when he turned away from her to light a fire with flint. “You are a sadistic rapist of helpless girls!”

Erik knew who he referred to. “Who was it that I supposedly raped, lad?” he asked rhetorically.

“My older sister,” she answered.

The boy shifted position so that he could lean against the tree. Erik turned back to the wood and started striking the flint. A spark flew off, landed on the dry grass underneath the wood and started to smolder. “And who is your sister, may I ask?”

“The girl you raped yesterday.” Glenna glanced up at the huge warrior, her rapist, feeling her body responding. She shivered, the unfamiliar sensations frightening her.

“Such rage for a boy of what, twelve summers?” remarked Erik. “I remember pleasuring a girl, but not raping her. From what I saw and felt, she had been enjoying herself, boy,” he added.

Glenna now knew her captor thought she was a boy. The few earlier references to “boy” and “lad” clicked into place and her thoughts sharpened. She glanced down at her bound chest, dirt covered skin and loose tunic, and sneered at Erik from beneath her lowered lashes as she watched the man settle in for the night.

Morning came with bright sunshine and birds singing. Erik glowered at the boy sleeping peacefully in what seemed like a most uncomfortable position. He hadn’t slept soundly all night. His resentment for his captive grew overnight.

Glenna’s eyes slowly opened.

“Here,” Erik said, “let me untie you so that you could stretch.”

She felt very uncomfortable with her shoulders pulled back. The position jutted her chest forward. She turned on her knees and presented her back to Erik. She felt the cold metal of a blade at her throat. When her captor was assured of her attention, he skillfully untied the ropes around her legs and wrists. Holding the knife in one hand, he quickly looped the rope around her neck and secured it with a knot that would tighten should she try and escape, strangling her.

“There. Now understand me when I tell you this. This knot will tighten if you try and run. It will not loosen, so don’t try to struggle or run. Your neck is too small as it is. I would hate to see it mark that skin of yours.” Erik frowned. “Go do your…thing, and then we’ll move on.”

Glenna gaped at him. She stumbled to her feet and swayed for a moment as the blood rushed back into her calves. She grabbed hold of a root and started to move behind the nearest tree. A slight tug and faint tightening of the rope around her neck stopped her.

“Where are you going, boy?”

“Behind the tree.”

“Damn you! Must you be shy as well? Be quick.” Erik drew open his breeches and pulled out his half stiffened manhood.

Glenna’s mouth dropped open. Her eyes flew to his face and saw him mocking her. A splash drew her attention down again and saw an arc of urine landing near her feet. She yelped and dashed behind a tree as far as the rope allowed, the warrior’s laughter following her. She stumbled and the rope tightened around her neck. Her fingers slid into the noose and tried to loosen it but the rope would not budge.

Erik was quickly by the lad’s side, loosening the rope. “What is your name, boy?”

“My name?” Her voice was raspy and deep due to the bruising of her throat. She averted her eyes for a moment and scuffed at the dirt with his fur covered feet.

“Would you rather I called you ‘boy’?”

“No, I mean yes, that would be okay.” She looked up with a defiant glare.

Erik’s gaze traveled slowly down the boy’s frame, from the slender throat to the scrawny, blackened arms and finally to the coltish legs covered in leather leggings. His gaze then returned to stare into a pair of green eyes. The boy gazed back unflinchingly. Erik was disturbed. He turned abruptly away when his randy manhood rose quickly.

“Tell me your name, boy,” he demanded, “or I’ll throw you across my knee and spank you.”

“Glenn,” Glenna finally replied, not daring to show any disobedience or else her captor will discover that she was actually a girl.

“A Scottish name,” he muttered to himself.

Glenna stood frozen, the sudden heat flushing her skin catching her by surprise. When his eyes raked her she had been sure he would see the truth, for her body trembled, her chest heaved, and her nipples tightened.

“Who are you?” Glenna asked, her voice sounding too feminine. She coughed and tried to deepen the tones.

“Gráfeldr,” he growled. “I am Erik Gráfeldr of Northumberland.”

A damned berserker, she thought. A hated Viking. “When will you release me?” she asked.

“When we reach Lindisfarne.”

“Lindisfarne? That is too far. I cannot go there,” she stated stubbornly. “I will be nothing but a burden to you,” she insisted. “I mean, you would make much better time without me,” she said, fear entering her voice.

“I’m sure I would be much faster without you, but I don’t trust you not to come after me once I release you.”

Glenna looked at his back as he stood facing away from her. She marveled at the man’s immense size. She had never seen someone so huge yet composed of solid strength and firm musculature. It scared her that this man was able to make her feel like a woman. When he had first thrust his male part into her, it had hurt, but quickly it had turned pleasant, and even pleasurable when his thrusts had become deeper and faster.

“A man like you should not need to fear a boy like me,” Glenna challenged, walking behind him as he made his way to his horse.

A sudden jerk on Glenn’s rope and a choked-off gasp made him whip his head around. He saw him falling forward with his leg caught in a root hidden in the leaf covered ground. He saw the boy’s eyes were wide with fear and one hand was flung forward to stop his fall while the other was clawing at his throat where the rope was choking off his air as the noose tightened roughly, quickly.

Stars danced in front of Glenna while a red haze clouded her vision. A sharp pain ripped through her ankle caught in a tangle of roots. Her hands were ripping at the rope around her throat and left deep scratches where her nails dug in. She heard a curse, then her face slammed into the hard ground as she collapsed. The last breath was forced out of her lungs in a whoosh.

Erik leaped to help Glenn and drew his knife in one fluid movement. His small body thrashed as he struggled to draw air into his chest. By the time Erik had the rope free, the boy was almost unconscious. He rolled over on all fours and struggled to breathe.

Erik watched the lad heave. He sheathed his knife and bent over the boy. “Are you alright, Glenn? Here, let me check your ankle.” Erik squatted down and gently slid off the soft fur covering the ankle and studied it. It was slender and fine. He stroked the delicate indentations above the heel, checking for breaks. Then he gently rotated the ankle with one hand on Glenn’s shapely calf and the other encasing the ankle. He felt the calf muscles twitch under his warm hands and he stared at the finely shaped lower leg, surprised at creaminess of the skin compared to the filthy arms and face. Mesmerized by the soft texture, Erik stroked the high arch of the boy’s foot and then each toe. He wiggled each digit separately, starting with the big toe and ending with the smallest one.

When he caressed higher up the shapely calf, Glenna jerked her foot out of the Viking’s huge hands when pleasant sensations streaked up her leg to her groin.

Erik sat back, startled, and looked up into Glenn’s angry green eyes. “You are fine. Nothing is broken, but it might be sprained.”

Glenna grasped Erik’s hand with hers to pull herself up since her ankle would not support her weight. The second their palms clasped, a shock ran through each of them. Their eyes locked. Time stopped while they felt a pulse throb between their hands and race throughout their bodies. Erik watched Glenn’s face as it reddened and he stood entranced while a loud roar echoed in his head.

Glenna shivered as bolts of electricity raced through her fingertips and down to her belly. Her mouth went dry yet her skin was covered in a layer of sweat. She felt her thighs slip against each other as Erik continued to pull her up to a standing position. Staring into his eyes, she was mesmerized. She lifted her other hand to brace herself against his bare chest and felt another shock arc between them. She felt his nipple respond under her palm and quickly leapt back, dropping his palm in haste.

When Glenn swayed as if he was falling again, Erik quickly stepped away instead of helping him again, not trusting himself lest he ravage the youth and consequences be damned. He felt a terrible sense of shame that he had reacted to a young boy in such a sexual manner. Although he himself knew many good warriors who preferred the companionship of boys to that of women, he preferred soft, submissive, sensualistic-talking women, and the occasional whore when there were no other women available. Erik looked at the skinny, filthy boy in front of him and shuddered. He turned away and walked into the trees, leaving Glenn balancing on one foot in the clearing, alone. He knew that he wasn’t going anywhere with his injured ankle. Or so he thought.

Glenna watched him go with an overwhelming sense of relief. The tingling in her body remained and she acutely aware that she was a woman who was very aware of her body. She instinctively knew that should she let Erik know that she was a woman and let him love her, she would enjoy herself, just like yesterday when he’d forced her.

Uneasy at his sexual response to the lad lingering in his gut, Erik opened his breeches and quickly stroked himself until his seed erupted from his body. Then he walked back to the clearing to find Glenn gone. But knew that he wasn’t far. “When you are ready to join me, make your presence known, Glenn,” Erik called out. “I know you are still here.”

Glenna hadn’t gone far. Her painful ankle held her back so she just settled herself in a thick brush and waited to see what Erik would do when he’d find her gone. When he did come back, he just called out to her as if she wasn’t even gone.

In defeat, she made herself known to him. She hobbled up to him and suddenly stumbled. Erik braced his legs and caught her against his chest. Her pain filled eyes stared up at him for a moment before closing in a faint.

Erik carried the lad to the stream and lay him down at the water’s edge. Then he cleaned the dirt of Glenn’s face, the mud disappearing in dirty rivulets.

Glenna awoke with a start and looked at Erik in shock. She clung tightly to his hand, who gazed down at her beauty that was now revealed.

Glenn was exquisite looking for a boy, he thought. His wide mouth with generous lips was slightly open as the lad stared up at him. Erik’s heart began to race. He looked down at their clasped hands and then at Glenn’s strong forearm. The biceps were well shaped, not big, but firm and well defined. He shook his head in frustration. The arms was too strong to be of a female, Erik reminded himself. The boy might be pretty, but he was still a boy. His groin tightened and he tried to will the sensation away. Too many years of experience with the opposite sex taught him that females were soft, pliant, weak and vulnerable. This person was none of those things, thus, despite his girlish looks, he must be a young boy.

He groaned at the quick arousal he got. Without thinking, Erik ran his hands up the boys legs, feeling the bunching muscles of his calf and thigh.

Mesmerized, Glenna watched as Erik’s head lowered and kissed her forehead. Let him think I’m a boy, she thought with a small smile. She couldn’t resist making him think that he was being aroused by a boy to teach him a lesson. She relaxed a little, and let herself enjoy the sensation of being touched by this man.

Erik couldn’t believe the boy was letting him touch him. He was disgusted at his arousal, but couldn’t seem to stop himself from wanted to bare those shapely buttocks and thrust himself between them. With gentleness and care, of course.

Glenna lifted her leg, making Erik think that it was okay to touch more intimately. Shifting slightly, she was getting ready for a crippling strike to the groin of the big Viking. When she felt his hand getting ready to bare her bottom, she struck, kneeing him hard, right between the legs. She was on her feet and moving as fast as her injured ankle would allow, when she heard his bellow of rage. She did not look back as she ran into the trees.

Erik gasped for breath and clenched his fists as he stood at the water’s edge, his sex throbbing. He watched as Glenn ran into the trees. Jumping on his horse, he bellowed in rage again as he came down hard on the saddle. He spun the horse in the direction of the fleeing boy and set off at a full gallop.

“You stupid, little bastard!” he yelled as he reached Glenn. “What reason did you have for hurting me? I could run you through with my sword. Tie you to a tree and let the wild animals feed upon you.” Dismounting the horse, Erik wrapped his hand in the boy’s long hair, and pulled him closer. With his other hand he stroked his soft, smooth cheek and chin. He lowered his head and kissed Glenn right on the mouth, giving in to the lust that was taking over his body.

Glenna was too stunned to react at first. She opened her mouth to scream in outrage, and Erik’s tongue slipped inside the warm cavern to touch her tongue with his. Even though she enjoyed the sensations of being kissed, she had to stop him, otherwise he’d find out she was really a girl, the girl he had already stolen her virginity from. She swung her leg back to kick him again. As her leg swung up, Erik closed his legs just in time and captured it between his thighs. Abruptly he grabbed her tunic and brought her body up against his. She sucked in her breath and tried to sink her chest in by rolling her shoulders forward, and sank her weight down so that Erik would not feel the lack of male parts between her thighs.

“Do you think you would get away with trying this a second time? This time I’ll get what I want from you.” He turned Glenn in his arms and pulled his head back to expose his throat. “Reach behind you and open my breeches, boy.”

Glenna reluctantly obeyed the command. Reaching behind her, she felt for and found the area where his erection strained against his breeches. She got his breeches open in a few moments, then Erik turned her again to face him.

Wrapping his second hand in Glenn’s hair, he forced him to his knees in front of him. “Please me, and I might let you go,” he ordered with a ragged voice.

Despite her inexperience, Glenna knew what he wanted. Erik wanted her, thinking she was a boy, to pleasure him with her mouth. For a long moment, she stared at the shaft jutting out from his open breeches. Despite her circumstance, she was excited. It didn’t matter that he thought she was a boy. Let him think she was a male. When she finally took him into her mouth, he moved her head in a rhythm that he liked.

“Use one hand to play with my sac, while stroking the shaft with the other,” he instructed. “Close your lips over the head and suck at the same time,” he added. When Glenn did, he groaned with the incredible pleasure.

All the while she pleasured Erik, he kept his hands in her hair, holding her securely so that she couldn’t turn her head away. Even though she didn’t know that a man could use a boy for pleasure, Glenna didn’t even think that a man’s rod could go another place besides a mouth.

Erik moved Glenn’s head faster and faster as his climax approached. Just as he was about to erupt, he released him to spill his seed on the ground, stroking himself until he was done. Doing up his breeches, he led the boy to his horse and lifted him up onto the saddle before swinging up behind him.

Isle of Lindisfarne, England

2 miles off Northumberland coast

Late the following day, Erik and Glenna arrived at Lindisfarne Island, just off the coast of northeast England.

The island had a church and monastery that was established there by St. Aidan, who was a monk at Iona, an island of the Inner Hebrides in NW Scotland. At King Oswald’s request, Aidan settled on Lindisfarne and was made bishop of the newly converted Northumbrians, then was consecrated in 635. After Oswald’s death in 641, Aidan’s protector became the next king, Oswin. He died soon after Oswin’s martyrdom in August 20, 651. From Lindisfarne, Aidan evangelized northern England. He founded churches, monasteries, and, on the island, a school for the training of ministers, among whom were Chad, the first bishop of Lichfield, his brother Cedd, who converted the East Saxons, and Eata, abbot of Melrose.

In the early 700′s, the Anglo-Saxon historian and theologian Bede praised Aidan for his learning, charity, and simplicity of life. Under his direction and that of his successors, Lindisfarne flourished as a leading ecclesiastical center until the Danish invasion began in 793.

Erik was in an unusual position. It seemed that he was keeping Glenn around for his own amusement. He couldn’t get himself to actually have sex with the lad, which was okay with him, but it seemed that the lad was willing enough to use his hands and mouth on him, which aroused and confused him at the same time.

The island was now deserted. The Danes raided the monastery and was abandoned in 875, and the monks fled inland with the body of St. Cuthbert, the sixth bishop, eventually settling at what became known as the cathedral city of Durham. In the early 900′s, the Scandinavian Hrólfr, declared himself independent of King Harald I of Norway, came to raid Scotland, England, Flanders, and France on pirating expeditions. Towards the end of his life, his Danish army attacked France, and he established himself in an area along the Seine River. Charles III the Simple of France held off his siege of Paris, defeated him near Chartres, and negotiated the treaty of Saint-Clair-sur-Epte, giving him the part of Neustria that came to be called Normandy; Hrólfr in return agreed to stop his brigandage. Before his death in 927, he gave his son, William I Longsword, governance of the dukedom.

Settling in for the night at a empty cottage, Erik and Glenna lay close together on the bed. Erik could feel the boy’s heart beat through the heavy layers of fabric and the softness of the boy’s chest against his back sent tremors through him.

Turning to face Glenn, Erik reached out and grabbed his long locks. He twisted his hand in the long strands, forcing her near. “Boys as pretty as you can discover disturbing aspects of the male nature.” Glenn was brought up against Erik as he wound the boy’s hair one last turn. “And I strongly suggest that you either cut your hair, or bind it into submission. You look too much like a female. I find that I am strongly affected by you, and all I want to do is use you like I used your sister.”

Erik tried to remind himself that he was not attracted to the dark-haired lad, but rather felt a strong brotherly protectiveness. He was a virile man, but these unnatural stirrings of arousal were disturbing and unwelcome. It was wrong of him, but he imagined Glenn as a woman. While women were round and soft, the lad was thin, lithe and supple. There should be no confusion! He was a young boy with the bad luck of being pretty. He must get rid of the odd notions from his mind, and seek a female to satisfy his sexual urges. Perhaps all he needed was to sink his randy shaft deep into a velvet sheath of a willing woman from a nearby town or village. Once he lay with a woman, the strange yearnings would disappear. But the nearest town was a few miles away, and too much trouble to cross the water at this time. He needed a woman now, but only Glenn was available. He cursed in a low voice, and turned his back and tried to sleep.

When Erik was finally asleep, Glenna crept from the bed and left the cottage. Going to the shoreline, she stripped naked and washed in the cold water. After she was done bathing, she made her way back to the cottage and crawled into bed beside Erik. She nestled her bottom into his groin and was immediately wrapped in his strong arms. She was doing this because she wanted to feel a man’s touch. The wildness in her soul, the womanly core, ached to be possessed by this powerful man. A one time event, her wicked thoughts whispered to her. She turned in his arms and looked into his face. His eyes were closed, but he was more than ready for her.

“Undo my breeches,” he mumbled in his sleep.

Glenna wasn’t sure why she was so eager for a man’s touch, but she was. She looked down at his crotch, but it was too dark to see anything. She felt for and found the huge bulge between his legs. She could feel it jump and swell beneath her light touch. She worked at the ties of his breeches until she finally had them loose enough so that his massive shaft sprang free. She grasped and stroked the huge member thrusting up from between Erik’s legs. She felt very excited but also a little scared. What was she to expect from him while he thought she was just a woman in his dream.

Erik, thinking he was having a dream, gave in to his strong sexual urges. His hands gripped his dream lover’s hair as she lowered her head to his throbbing rod. He could feel her lips kissing the underside of his shaft. Her mouth was open as she panted in short, soft gasps.

Immersed in her excitement, she was not surprised when Erik turned her onto her stomach and settled himself between her spread thighs. She made sure her hair was hiding her face, and raised her buttocks slightly.

Erik awoke and stared down at the girl sprawled beneath him, but couldn’t see her face. He really didn’t care who she was. As long as he got sex, he cared little who the girl was. As long as she was willing. Quickly he lifted himself off her and ripped off his breeches. Completely naked, he gazed down at the woman in his bed. One leg was bent slightly and angled out, and her buttocks slightly raised, giving promise of open thighs and waiting for his hardness. He straddled one leg and prepared to take her from behind. The woman arched her back that lifted her bottom up some more. Too dark to see anything, he used his fingers to explore her hot, velvety folds. He stroked her, feeling her tight curls around his fingers. He heard her moan. He marveled at the soft texture of her hair and brushed his cheek against it as all thought was swept away, leaving only sensations. The heady aroma of her arousal stimulated him.

Glenna was lost in the sensations that Erik roused in her. Her body convulsed as he stroked her heated center. She let out a whimper that soon escalated into a low scream. She trembled from the eroticism of the moment.

Erik turned his attention to her small, rounded buttocks. He tilted his head sideways and dipped his tongue into the crease separating the cheeks. She tasted of salt and he nipped at the tender flesh of her swollen folds. He couldn’t wait any longer. He turned her onto her back and pulled her under him so that she lay across the bed with her head hanging over the side. He grasped her thighs, urging her to wrap her legs around him so that her wet center was widely exposed. He slipped a supporting arm around her waist. His erection jumped and found her opening, yet the soft petals surrounding her entrance stopped his eager penetration. His shaft pushed at her, determined to sink into her body. Reaching between them, Erik used two fingers to peel her open.

Then he slid into her naturally slick sheath. He groaned while she moaned. The tightness surrounding him squeezed and pulsed. He could feel the folds caressing him. Heat gushed around his shaft and he could barely hold himself back from losing control even before he was fully inside her.

Glenna felt his thick manhood penetrating her deeper and deeper. The stretching of her sheath caused her to clench tightly around him. Her legs tightened around him, causing him to sink deeper inside her. She let out a cry and shook her head, pressing her breasts up and hips forward while squeezing her eyes shut.

Erik clamped his lips over an erect nipple, sucking strongly as he pushed all the way in. Pausing for a moment, he pulled almost all the way out, then plunged back in. She arched and twisted under him as his rhythm grew frenzied.

“Hold on, my mysterious lover, just a moment more and you will find ecstasy, I promise you,” he murmured, his voice harsh and throaty. He plunged even deeper. All ten inches of him stroked in and out of her. Her flesh gripped him and sought to milk his precious seed. He withdrew most of the way, and sank back in with a powerful thrust. The woman’s cries changed in tempo. She gasped with shocked pleasure when he thrust, and trembled when he pulled out. He felt her lay her bowed back down flat on the bed.

Letting her legs fall wide open, he began to move more aggressively. Using his mighty strength, he ground her pelvis into the bed with his thrusts. Incredible bliss swept over her. She cried out in passion again and again while Erik exalted in her sounds. His owns groans mounted as he thrust into her faster and faster. Glenna felt her toes tingle madly. When her climax was almost upon her, she wrapped her thighs so tightly around him, they hurt. Her nails dug into his back, leaving trails of red. Erik loved the feeling. It was incredible, so completely fulfilling.

Glenna ached, tingled, and burned. She felt a heaviness settle in her belly and she rocked to ease it. Her rhythm matched his and she felt the pace rise to a frantic level. A starburst began to spark from her wet depths and her muscles started to convulse. A flood of warm fluid came from deep within her and soaked her passage from the heated friction of Erik’s huge shaft’s movement. The waves of sensations shot out faster and closer together. When she heard a shout above her, she exploded in an intense climax.

Erik felt her sheath spasm and gush out another spurt of her feminine fluid. While she climaxed, his seed erupted from his body, seemingly pouring endlessly into her as she screamed in ecstasy. Sinking into her a final time, he collapsed on top of her completely drained. He regretfully slipped out of her and rolled onto his back. When he reached for the woman a few moments later to make love to her again, he found that she had scrambled away, and was gone.

The following afternoon, Glenna saw Erik standing in the water, naked, on the shores of Scotland, near the English border. She stood stunned at the sight. Her eyes roved up and down his body. His nipples were dark red and puckered from the water and cool air. Following the line of dark hair downwards, she saw a line separating his bronzed chest from his paler waist. His backside bulged as he walked out onto the beach. She had an urge to run her hands down his back and over his muscular buttocks. Her eyes stared at his manhood hanging in a bed of dark curls. Her breath quickened and her breasts tingled underneath the tight bindings that crushed her breasts to make her look more boyish. She watched as he bent over to grab his breeches. He began pulling them on, having a little difficulty because he was wet. When he finally had them pulled up all the way, she watched as he stuffed his impressive member that had pleasured so greatly last night into the tight breeches, and close the front.

As they were getting ready to move deeper into Scotland, they both heard sounds of riders approaching.

Glenna turned back to Erik and looked at him nervously. With a fluid motion born of years of practice, he rose with sword in hand. She flashed him a smile and tucked her dirk into the sleeve of her tunic.

Together they watched the riders approach. It was a caravan of Gypsies with four wagons. Each person was dressed in colorful clothing. There was a young woman sitting on a wagon seat and stared at Erik. She wore large earrings and many strands of golden chains around her neck. Her sultry eyes took in Erik’s half naked body. Her ruby lips curled into an inviting smile and beckoned him to come closer, before climbing down from the wagon.

“Gypsies,” Erik declared. “One never knows just what they will do. Come on, Glenn. It is best to show no fear and to play along with whatever they want to do. I only hope they don’t steal my horse and sword.”

Glenna’s eyes were wide, but she followed him readily when strode to meet the band of Gypsies. A sultry woman moved up to Erik and twirled her hips seductively to imaginary music. She swirled around in front of him, dipping her shoulders with a tilt of her head. When she moved close enough to brush her body against him, Glenna stepped forward, her eyes narrowed and her glare malevolent. Realizing that she was acting jealous, she backed off a little.

“Who are you?” Glenna demanded. The woman responded by licking her red lips with a forked, pink tongue. Why her tongue would be split, she didn’t know. Placing her hands against the sides of her half uncovered breasts, the Gypsy pressed her breasts with their erect nipples together, and forward against the already straining fabric of her blouse while gazing at Erik. It was clear that she meant to seduce him, right in front of everybody. Gypsy women were known to be very promiscuous. The Gypsy woman laughed low, her voice heady with invitation. She tilted her head again, this time in a slight nod toward her wagon. “You,” she pointed at Erik, “are welcome in my wagon. But you,” she pointed at Glenna, “would perhaps like to entertain my brother. Stay here and he’ll help you get cleaned up. Come, handsome one,” she invited Erik, “let me introduce you to a woman who knows how to please a man.” With that, she turned in a swish of silken scarves and swaying hips. She tossed an enticing smile over her shoulder and started to climb into her wagon. Erik watched the undulation of her hips and followed. He needed a woman, and she was willing.

Glenna was unusually angry. Her petite frame vibrated with fear and anger. Her man was being whisked away by some sultry woman who intended to pleasure him. Not only was she far from home, but now she was among an alien group of people. In fury, she watched Erik walk away, leaving her to go and bed some… Gypsy prostitute.

At the entrance to the wagon, he turned to Glenn. “Go enjoy yourself, Glenn. I know I will.” Oddly he felt pleased by the boy’s reaction for he was still befuddled regarding his attraction to him. “If you feel that you are in danger, call out.”

“Do not fret, little one.” A Gypsy man came up behind her. “You have a reason to masquerade as a boy that I am not privy to, but I will not tell anyone. My name is Roman, and I would be pleased to call you friend.”

He stared deeply into her eyes. His swarthy skin was darker than Erik and although he was not as large, his body was still strong and lean. His hair was dark and shoulder length. She nervously brushed back a loose tendril of hair behind her ear. “Are you hungry?” he asked.

Glenna glanced up. A rumble of her belly answered for her. Roman offered his hand. When she took it hesitantly, he turned and led her off to a small fire beside a wagon, which she presumed was his own. A pot a simmering stew was hanging over the flames. He dropped her hand and walked up to a pot. He acted naturally, casting a glance at her before dropping a powder into a bowl of stew that he was preparing for her. He stood and handed her the bowl and the fear fled as her belly rumbled even louder. Roman smiled at her, leading her to sit down on a tree stump.

She sat down on top of the stump cross-legged and placed the bowl in her lap. As soon as he handed her a spoon, she devoured the food. He sat in front of her with his own bowl. He broke off a piece of bread and gave Glenna half of it.

“What is your name?” Roman asked.

Glenna looked up from her bowl of stew. “Glenn.”

“I mean your real name. I promise that I won’t tell anyone.”

“Glenna,” she answered truthfully. She scooped the last bite into her mouth and then placed the bowl and spoon in Roman hand, who in turn placed it on top of a rock beside the fire. Cocking her head to the side, she looked warily into his dark eyes. He reached out and took her hand in his. His hand was warm were he grasped hers and he used his other hand to lightly stroke the palm. The sensation was pleasant. It tickled in an enjoyable way.

When Glenna’s lips turned up in a smile, Roman’s eyes filled with desire. He leaned forward and blew softly on her lips. When she did not move back, he let his lips brush against hers. His tongue flicked out to stroke her bottom lip lightly. She reached up and touched his lip with a fingertip, tracing it. He pulled back a little, looked down and studied her palm. Then he looked up again and stood, keeping her hand in his as he pulled her to her feet. Then without warning, he flung her over his shoulder and carried her to the edge of the camp.

When she struggled, Roman tightened his hold to grip her better, pressing his cheek to the curve of Glenna’s soft bottom. “Release me, please,” she said softly.

“What if I don’t?” He had carried her to where a woman was waiting, and dropped her in a steaming tub of hot water.

Glenna sank down over her head until her feet touched the hot bottom where the fire was heating the water. She shot up, sputtering. “What was that for?” she gasped.

Roman leaned down with both hands gripping the lip of the deep tub. “You need a bath,” he said matter-of-factly.

She sank down into the warm water with wide eyes. She stared at him in silence, then turned her gaze to the sultry young woman who had been with Erik.

“Where is Erik?” Glenna asked her.

“Sleeping like a babe,” she replied in a sultry voice. “He is a very lusty man. He sure knows how to please a woman and make her feel good.”

As the woman revealed what she and Erik did, Glenna felt her body heat up. A wave of heat swept through her as the Gypsy woman pulled a screen from where it had been resting against a nearby tree. It was made of black silk and was stretched over a six-by-five leather-hinged frame. She wrapped it around the tub so that Glenna was hidden from any prying eyes that might be watching. The heated water felt heavenly and she had no desire to leave just yet, so while the woman began to ease off Glenna’s clothes, she remained pliant.

She reclined with a sense of serenity. She pulled her knees up so that her bare bottom rested on the bottom of the tub and her back against the side. Just the tops of her knees and her shoulders peeked above the water. The woman gathered her braided, raven hair, and secured it on top of her head. Then she dropped her dress and joined her in the tub. With incredible soothing hands, she poured water on her hair, and lathered it, developing a rich foam. As Glenna’s hair soaked, the Gypsy woman proceeded to run the lather over her body. She started with her shoulders. The deep massaging motion smoothed away Glenna’s high tension.

The woman ran her thumbs down Glenna’s neck and spread them over her back. She then soaped her arms and hands, making sure that each finger received equal attention. She picked up the soap again and slid her hands underneath the water, picking up each of Glenna’s feet, and ran the soap over them multiple times. She slid her fingers in between Glenna’s toes before abandoning them and sliding up her calves to her thighs. Glenna’s eyes were closed. The steam brought a rosy flush to her cheeks. She purred in total contentment. Then she slid the soap over Glenna’s muscular inner thighs, between her legs, and belly. She did that a few times. The highly sensuous massage aroused Glenna until all she wanted was more.

The woman left the tub, and she signaled to Roman to get ready to carry Glenna once she got to incoherent to know what was happening to her.

Glenna heard someone lift pitchers of warm water and pour them over her hair until all traces of soap were gone. Then the soothing massage began again, only this time the hands were slick with a fragrant oil. Her neck and throat were rubbed with oil, then her shoulders and upper back. Each leg was unfolded and draped over the edge of the tub so that her thighs were parted. The oil was rubbed into her feet and calves. The sensitive area behind her knee was caressed with smooth, circular motions, causing Glenna to groan softly. Then the oil was spread up her inner thighs and out in sweeping strokes.

Glenna felt a dribbling of oil on her collarbone next, and she could feel it slowly making its way down to her small breasts. She felt arms coming around her from behind and smooth the oil down. The hands slipped boldly over her breasts to cup each of them. Glenna’s eyes flew open and she scrambled for a moment to get her legs into the tub and turn to look back to gaze with desire filled eyes at who the culprit was.

The sultry, dark-eyed beauty stood behind her with a bottle of warm oil in her hands. Her small hands were shiny and covered in oil. Her red lips were parted in a smile.

“What are you doing?” asked Glenna in a sensual haze.

The woman raised one hand in innocence. “Helping you bathe.” She blinked in a sexy way and smiled. “Do you want me to stop?” she asked. Glenna looked around for her clothes but couldn’t find them. The woman handed her a robe and a cup of drugged tea. “Your clothing is still wet, sweetie.”

Glenna rose from the cooling water. The oil on her body caused the water to sluice off her lithe body, highlighting her sleek muscles and sinuous curves. The dark eyes of the Gypsy woman ran boldly over her lightly browned skin. She licked her lips before holding out her hand to assist her. Glenna took the tea and swallowed half of it in two deep gulps and forced herself to relax. She felt unusually hot in the cool air.

“Your body is unusually strong,” the woman said. “It is no wonder Erik thinks you are a boy. Such muscularity in a woman is truly remarkable. Your belly is firm but incredibly soft. But the men prefer a fleshy pillow like mine, huh, rather than you? You see, me, men would never mistake for a male.” She laughed throatily. “And your poor breasts, they must ache to be bound all day. You should let me rub them to return the blood flow. Perhaps you’ll enjoy my touch very much. I’m a woman with great sexual experience. What do you say, Glenna. I also have objects that I could use to pleasure you.”

Glenna slipped her arms into the robe with her back turned to the woman who was offering to sexually please her. She wanted to give in, yet part of her felt as if she were floating, drifting to another place where she could no longer hear the woman’s voice. She turned back to face her. Taking the tea, she finished it. She felt her eyes drift closed. She snapped them open and looked at the Gypsy.

“What…what did you do…to me.”

The Gypsy picked up Glenna’s limp hand and began to lead her to Roman’s wagon where a pile of soft furs made a bed on one side. “You wish I was a man so that I could pleasure you, don’t you?” the Gypsy queried. With a sigh, Glenna sank down on the fur pile for she was suddenly unaccountably hot and aroused, and a little weary.

The woman softly brushed Glenna’s light brown hair while she decided how to proceed. “Pretend I’m a man, Glenna. Soon you will not be able to control your body’s needs. Already you feel it getting hot.”

Glenna’s head dropped and her eyes closed.

“I choose to be a lover of many men, sometimes women, and I can act on my desire any time I want.” Glenna remained silent. Her body on fire, she writhed and undulated as the Gypsy drew the robe open to get at the aroused body underneath, that she was partly responsible for. It was her brother who had slipped something in her stew. “My role is clear,” the Gypsy whispered. “Erik was a lusty lover, as was I. And so you will be. Relax and let your body lead you to untold pleasure. When I am done, Roman will pleasure you as well.” Bending her head, she kissed Glenna. Soon she was kissing back, hungrily devouring each other with deep, erotic kisses. For several long moments, they kissed, until the Gypsy began to suckle at Glenna’s erect nipples, stroking the swollen folds of her sex at the same time.

Glenna thrust against the fingers that were lodged deep within her. A jolt of heat seared through her and the image of a naked warrior danced before her vision.

Roman groaned as he watched his sister with Glenna. He bit his lip while ramming his hand down his breeches. Pressing hard against the wood, he tried to focus on Glenna through the slightly parted flap of the window, but his sister was partially blocking the view. He watched as his sister parted Glenna’s folds and delved into the moist pink flesh. He saw her toes curl, then watched as she raised her knees and let her legs fall wide open. She cupped her breasts in her own hands, and tweaked her nipples while his sister thrust two fingers in and out, while lapping at Glenna’s clit at the same time. Never before had he seen two women making love. It was incredibly erotic to watch, and highly stimulating.

As she turned over and lifted her buttocks in the air, Roman groaned again. Clutching himself tighter, he imagined grabbing her from behind and plunging into her sweet tightness. He vowed to take her, right now. He took his hand from his pants, and stepped up to the door.

Glenna was barely able to comprehend what was happening to her. She moaned, feeling out of control with her body. She lifted and lowered her body in a wavy motion as she felt fingers moving in and out of her hot body. She turned onto her back and lay her head down. Again the image of Erik swam before her eyes and her body arched upward in unconscious response. Her head began to toss, sending her hair flying about her head. She opened her mouth, panting small breaths. Her lips felt dry so she licked them and then touched them with her fingers. An uncontrollable shivering began to take over her body and her thighs generated so much heat that they fell open to lessen the hot waves. Roman’s sister relentlessly continued her expertise in the erotic arts, making Glenna so aroused that she was starting to move restlessly and got pretty loud with her cries of pleasure.

When she barely heard the knock on the side of the wagon, she turned her eyes toward the entrance. A husky laugh broke from her throat. With a gasp, she rolled over again, face down on the bed of furs to smother her sounds of pleasure. She gripped the furs and bunched them between her heated thighs, reveling in the sensations it created.

Then she felt a presence leave her and felt another take its place. Rolling onto her back again, she instinctively arched toward it. She became aware of a man’s heavy breathing near her, but the sound stirred her and she closed her eyes and smiled. A hand reached out and caressed her cheek, then slid down to the sides of her heaving breasts. She shrank away and at the same time arched her body closer. A flash of sensual pleasure ripped through her body and she cried out, begging for relief. The foggy shape of a man left her briefly and saw it taking off his clothes. In an agony of desire, she thrashed on the bed of furs, her body wantonly displayed and desperate for sexual fulfillment.

The hazy figure returned to her, looking down at Glenna. With one hand he grasped her ankle and pulled her closer to him, and flipped her onto her stomach. Pushing her face down so that her cheek was flat on the fur, he brought her hair over her face so that she couldn’t see him. He grasped her around the waist and lifted her so that he could push some furs beneath her to elevate her buttocks. He glimpsed her glistening center. With a growl, Roman lowered his head and feasted on her overheated flesh until she climax. He then took her, forcing himself into the depths of her hidden delights. With one plunge, he sank his large shaft into her overheated depths, glorying in the shriek that filled the wagon at his abrupt entrance.

Glenna rose up on her arms, accepting, welcoming the brutal possession by the unknown man. She wriggled and arched. Pulling at the furs hard enough to yank out clumps of soft hair and flinging the pillows to the floor. The man behind her breathed slowly, trying to maintain control, never letting her body escape his hold. He paused and reached for a phallus shaped object that he had fashioned out of ivory. He oiled it, then her rear passage generously, before slowly pushing it in. He bucked his hips, pushing the dildo in at the same time he pulled his erection out. Glenna stilled, feeling the pain she could not understand begin to center in her rear passage. Taking advantage of the pause, the man repeated the strokes, closing his eyes at the sheer pleasure of the tight, wet passage. A loud moan came from her as she sank down on the furs. With only her buttocks raised, her body was now pliant and accepting.

As soon as Roman felt her body accepting the penetration of her anus, he withdrew the phallus and oiled his own before sliding it into her bottom. Overcome by urgency now, he thrust into harder, faster, watching her writhe and twist to match his rhythm. She cried out louder, moaning and panting until he felt her inner muscles begin to clench and spasm. Roman’s control slipped for a moment, and he paused and leaned over her, pressing his face into the scented skin of her neck. When the feeling of his climax passed, he began to move again, reaching under her and stroking her clitoris. She gasped and clenched her muscles again.

Glenna dimly felt the man withdraw from her rear passage, and enter her sheath a moment later. The man thrust wildly into her overheated body, not stopping until his seed exploded from his body, drenching her insides with his abundant seed. She screamed, gripping him so tightly he couldn’t leave even had he wanted to. She gasped and shook, her golden body suffused with a rosy glow as she cried out Erik’s name in her rapture.

Above her, Roman reared up on his elbows, his manhood still buried deep within her. He pulled almost all the way out, then slammed back in. Weak and drained, Glenna lay submissively, not even resisting. Having just spent himself, nonetheless, he pounded into her. He was angry at her for calling out the warrior’s name that his sister was currently using vigorously as well. He could hear their cries of pleasure right now.

When his second release came upon him, Roman shouted his pleasure and collapsed on top of the now unconscious girl.

Glenna slept until the sun was high in the sky. She awoke to the sounds of music and laughter. Yawning widely, and stretching languidly, she felt the furs rub against her bare skin. When the achy soreness in her nether regions registered in her fuzzy brain, she opened her eyes. Roman was sitting beside her, and she grabbed for a fur to cover her nakedness.

“Oh, Glenna, please don’t hide your lovely body from my eyes. I get pleasure just by gazing upon you as you lay sleeping.” He smiled warmly and reached out to touch her. She jerked back and frowned at him. What happened to me last night? she wondered with growing dread. Did Roman sleep with me? And if he didn’t, why am I so sore?

Glenna had no idea how incredibly appealing she was with her tousled hair and sleepy eyes. She pulled the furs more tightly around her and sat up.

“Where is Erik?” she asked.

“He is still with my sister, in her wagon.”

“Your sister?” Glenna questioned, then her eyes widened as she recalled the dark-eyed, fork-tongued Gypsy woman, who had bathed her. Her mouth opened in shock as she then remembered that she also pleasured her, using that forked tongue of hers on her sensitive breasts and sex. Her arm lowered, allowing the fur to slip and reveal the gentle curves of her breasts. The crescent of her nipple was visible on one breast.

“You know that my sister wouldn’t have a chance with Erik if you would only act like a woman. You could easily entice him away from her. No man with a brain could refuse your invitation.”

That got her attention. “Explain yourself.”

“You could be both male and female,” he began. “That way you’ll be by his side. Erik will notice you. As long as you look like a Gypsy, he will be fascinated…intrigued…drawn to you…and will abandon my sister’s side to be with you.” Glenna looked doubtful. “Trust me, he will,” he ended.

“I would like to be this…Gypsy, but I don’t look like one at all and I know not how to entice him or any man,” Glenna complained.

“You drink some wine. When it takes effect, you let your sensuality flow.” Roman reached out to touch her thigh, sliding under the fur and up to her heated center. “Do you not long for the stroke of a man’s hand on your thigh?” A finger slid between the lips of her moist sex. “If you cast your attention on Erik, your supple body, your lovely eyes, your sweet breath will entice him.” A finger slid deep into her velvety sheath, causing her to move her hips as he stroked a sensitive place deep within her.

Never in a hundred years would she have thought that she would ever be involved with two very different men. Both were great lovers. If Erik would have left her alone that day he had forced her, she wouldn’t be in this situation. “I cannot do this,” she protested, while at the same time she moved against his fingers. Her hands let go of the furs, allowing them to fall away from her breasts.

Roman pushed the furs aside with his free hand and urged her to lean back on her hands and spread her legs. When she did, he pleasured her. He brought her to a quick climax by using his fingers like a thrusting manhood, and with his tongue he licked, lapped, and sucked on her sensitive folds and the erect little nubbin of flesh on top of her opening.

He stopped what he was doing to her and quickly undressed. Then it was Glenna who trailed her lips down his neck and along the powerful muscles of his shoulders. She licked and stroked him with her tongue. She pushed him back until he was braced against the wall of the wagon, then knelt over him, the touch of her hair on his thighs exciting him.

Roman felt the heat of Glenna’s mouth on his chest. She trailed down his body, exploring freely. She lapped at his nipples and nipped at his sides, causing him to suck his breath in from the pleasure. Finally she knelt between his legs and took him in her hot mouth. He jerked in surprise, pushing the crest of his shaft into the back of her throat, then groaned in pleasurable appreciation. His rod slid into her mouth, resting on top of her warm tongue. She closed her mouth, encircling his manhood with her soft lips.

Glenna felt a small amount of salty fluid on her tongue. She lapped at the seeping head of his manhood, and leaned back into the hand at the back of her head. She looked up to see that Roman had an expression of immense pleasure on his face. His mouth opened slightly as he pushed inside her throat a little bit deeper, surprised that she had taken such daring initiative but overwhelmingly appreciative. She opened her mouth wider and slipped her tongue around and over in a swirling motion, exploring familiar territory like she had with Erik in her first encounter of this kind. Roman’s eyes closed in ecstasy. He guided her into a smooth rhythm so that her mouth slipped back and forth. Glenna submitted to his learning while adding sucking pressure each time his shaft was drawn out and lapping with her tongue when it pushed in. She lifted her hands to grip his buttocks where the muscles bunched. She ran her nails up and over them, encouraging him to plunge deeply into her wet, heated mouth.

Glenna captured him between her tongue and the roof of her mouth and drew deeply, sucking and releasing in an alternating rhythm. Roman shifted his hands to her waist, and then, because she was so petite, he also raised his leg so that it rested against her sex, sliding his hands over her buttocks. With a firm grip, he rocked her body against him, moaning aloud at the sensation it created. He gripped each cheek and spread them apart. As the sucking became more feverish, he slid a finger into her bottom, the tight and sensitive place that he had breached twice last night.

Glenna paused and tried to pull away, but Roman forced her to continue, pressing her head back down and her buttocks back up. He used his finger again, and this time she paused only because she had to gasp in pleasure. He gripped her head with his free hand and urged her back into a rhythm, sliding her lips over his manhood then slipping his finger inside of her, while at the same time rubbing her clit against his hair-roughened leg. He repeated his alternating erotic torture until they both began to sweat and pant with mutual pleasure. Suddenly Glenna felt her body clench and buck as the internal sensations flooded her, reaching her climax abruptly, strongly. Simultaneously, Roman arched his body and drove down her throat, lost in his own orgasm.

A gushing warmth spilled out of Glenna as she gulped Roman’s essence, drinking greedily. Her body quivered and shook with her feelings. She started to slump down, weak from her orgasm, but Roman caught her and pulled her across his body. There they lay, breathing in the scent of sex and feeling the exhilaration of the aftermath.

Her hand went to his chest and stroked absently. A sigh hung in the air and Roman smiled.

“I can make you look like a Gypsy.” He watched her absorb his statement. She stared back. An imagine of her acting like a wanton made her squirm a little, guiltily. Her hand dipped lower, deliberately brushing her flesh, teasing her nipples and they responded by tightening. She reached up and pulled on her light brown strands. She ran her hands through them, then paused and looked at the black dye Roman had ready. Understanding filled her eyes.

“Yes, I want to look like a Gypsy,” she told him, and Roman’s lips spread widely in a grin.

“Come here, then. Lean your head over while I dye your hair black.” Glenna felt strong fingers massaging her scalp. When all her hair was raven black, Roman wrapped a towel over her shoulders. She sat up and he carefully brushed her hair out to dry.

“You tease him, making him want you as a woman when he knows naught that you are really his boy captive. Around you he would be bewitched.” Then he shrugged and added, “Of course, once your blood is hot, seek me out.” Glenna looked at him in confusion. “Not seek me out for sex, but still, reject him at his most aroused moment. Make him squirm to want you more, make him ache in unsatisfied sexual excitement.”

Glenna made her decision to have Roman once more before going to Erik. “Yes, this will be fun.” She glanced longingly up at Roman and drank the slightly drugged wine. The ruby color stained her lips, inviting his caressing thumb to slide over the rich, red color. She caught and sucked his thumb suggestively and got up on her knees, dragging the towel with her.

She continued to suck on his thumb, and Roman felt the wet tug and silky suck of her tongue and was instantly aroused. He looked up at her naked body that had a towel draped across her shoulders and felt a need to have her again. Sensing his need, she settled herself over him, straddling his lean hips. Roman raised his hands and cupped her breasts, his thumbs stroking the nipples into hard points. Pushing up the soft mounds, he took a nipple and bit down on it, causing her to yelp and squirm as she sank down on him, impaling herself on his throbbing shaft. Pulling hard with his mouth, he lifted her slightly and withdrew, sliding his hardness between the twin halves of her bottom.

Glenna felt the sudden increase in heat and the velvet head rub between her cheeks and tease the edge of her inner lips. She wriggled, trying to twist around to reverse her position. He let her and she was now positioned in a way that had her having her back and buttocks facing him. His hands came around and up to pluck at her nipples, rubbing them and teasing them until she could not decide what would hurt more, for him to continue or for him to stop.

Roman slid his shaft along the crease of her sex, caressing her clit until she was right on the edge of release. When he was ready to burst, he slammed his body against hers and they both exploded. Roman’s seed burst from his body and he emptied himself into her as her inner convulsions grabbed and clamped around him. The sensations continued, on and on, as the ecstasy swept from the burst between her legs to an intense fire all along her limbs. She felt as if she was floating upon his pulsing shaft that burned her sheath, branding her.

“You are an amazing woman,” he praised her, staring at her naked back and rounded bottom, caressing her also. Glenna lowered her eyes in sudden shyness, but stayed on top of him, remaining impaled on his shaft. He brought his hands around her to caress her soft belly and breasts before reaching for a white blouse and placed it over her head. It was gathered at the low neckline in a wide curve, exposing the swell of her breasts and shadowed cleavage between them. The sleeves were made of loose lace that trailed down to her wrists. He tied the shirt edges together just beneath her breasts so that a wide expanse of Glenna’s alluring belly was revealed. He then placed a golden chain about her waist. When he clasped it around her, many links trailed down from her navel to hang between her legs. The cold metal against her thighs caused her to shiver.

“Stand up, Glenna.”

She stood, swaying slightly from the effects of the wine and rocking of the wagon caused by Roman’s movement. She lifted a heavy hand to brace herself against his shoulder and dropped her eyes to the Gypsy kneeling before her.

When he was done, Glenna was dressed sexy enough to lure Erik away from Roman’s sensuous sister. There was a chain around her waist and fifty colorful scarves hung from it as a skirt. When she spun around, they flared out and allowed sensually erotic glimpses of her creamy legs.

Finally, he had her sit down in a chair and let her head fall back so that the locks hung halfway to the floor. He brushed it thoroughly. When he was done, she sat up and tossed her hair back. It was fluffy and full, black like a raven, and contrasted sharply with her ivory skin and flushed cheeks.

Roman continued to ply her with slightly drugged wine. She felt peaceful and loose, hot and aroused. She forgot why she was dressing this way and let herself revel in the sensations. Never had she felt so sexually alive. Until a few days ago, she had never allowed herself to appreciate her sexuality. The delight was all-consuming and she touched herself with light movements just to feel the material of her strange clothes against her sensitive skin.

A little while later, after having Glenna for the last time before handing her over to Erik, he led her out of the wagon and into the late-afternoon sun.

“Roman! My good friend! What a magnificent creature you have here!” A dark-skinned Gypsy looked Glenna over with hungry eyes.

She lifted the wine she still had in her hand. Tipping her head back, she exposed her long and slender throat. She took deep, slow swallows, one after another, until wine dribbled down her chin, dropping onto her chest. And when it trickled between her partially exposed breasts, the two men started the clap and whistle. When Roman saw Erik watching them, he stopped his ruckus, dipped his head and placed his lips against her wine soaked neck. The second Gypsy did the same to her other side. While they nibbled, Glenna downed the last of the tainted wine with flourish. The third man, Erik, who had come up behind her, picked her up and swung her around, burying his face between her wine soaked breasts and breathed in the scent. Then, grasping her by her slim waist, he lifted her to ride on his shoulders. Glenna wrapped her strong, slender legs around his neck.

When the second man made to go after them, Roman stopped him. “Leave them alone. She belongs to him.”

When the man carrying her ran under a tree, she reached up and grasped a low branch. She swung herself up and looked down at the men below. They teased the man who had carried her, hitting him on the shoulder with their fist.

Glenna looked first at Roman. His eyes were warm and tinged with the light of desire. She couldn’t even remember how many times they had pleasured each other. It must have been four or five times. She giggled and tossed her hair back and forth over her back and swung her legs so that the men caught glimpses of her shapely calves and thighs. The second man tried to scramble up the tree to reach her. When he was almost close enough to touch her, she leaped down, right into the third man’s waiting arms. Her wine stained lips spread wide in a grin. “It seems you have captured me. Do what you want with me.”

Erik stared at the Gypsy woman in his arms. He was mesmerized by her exquisite beauty. He set her on her feet and reached an arm around her waist and pulled her body flush against his. The heat between them flared up so that the other two men stepped back and left them alone. He used his other hand to lift her chin. His lips brushed over her eyelids, then down her cheeks to her parted lips. He felt them quiver beneath his and it caused his lips to press forward, letting her feel his desire for her.

Erik leaned over her and slipped his free hand into her thick hair. Gripping it at the base, he pulled so that she was arched backwards over his supporting arm. He deepened the kiss by sliding his lips over hers to feel their soft fullness. He felt her breath coming in gasps and he drank in her intoxicating scent. He licked the corners of her mouth and felt her weight sag as her knees gave way. His hands tightened in her hair and he pulled her fully against his body so that she could feel his erection straining to reach her.

When she allowed him full access to her mouth, he took immediate advantage and deepened the kiss even farther. Her eyes fluttered shut and her hands came up to grasp his shirt. She gripped the lapels tightly and pulled herself closer to him. Erik’s mouth slid off hers to make a wet trail down her throat where he nipped her. Pushing her blouse down, he exposed a breast and took the turgid nipple into his mouth, tugging and suckling strongly until he was interrupted by two Gypsy men. They grabbed him and dragged him away, leaving Glenna with Roman.

Erik lost sight of her. The men laughed at his state of arousal and desire to go to the mysterious woman, but teasingly forced him to lose her as he joined in the merrymaking.

“Damn, Glenna,” Roman murmured in her ear. “I want you again. I am near bursting with my desire for you.”

Glenna staggered. When an arm went around her waist for support, she let Roman back her against a tree. She lifted her desire-glazed eyes to his. With a groan, he leaned down and lifted her, holding her against a tree. He took advantage of her unsatisfied passion. When he got a response from her, he lifted her slightly higher so that he could free himself. Pushing aside the scarves that served as a skirt, he plunged into her sheath that he knew would be wet and ready for him. When she wrapped her legs around his waist, he vigorously used her, pounding in and out of her until they both climaxed explosively.

Sated, Roman pulled out of her. While she leaned against the tree for support, he closed his breeches, then lifted her into his arms and carried her back to the camp. He saw Erik sitting with the two men who had dragged him away. Their eyes met for a few seconds. He knew he should feel guilty for taking advantage of Glenna in her vulnerable and aroused state, but he didn’t feel that at all. All he wanted was to be with her. She aroused him like no other woman ever had. Carrying her into a wagon so that she could rest, he laid her limp body on top of a pile of soft furs, and left her alone to join the festivities.

A few hours later, Glenna awoke. She got up and stepped out of the wagon. Standing in the shadows, she watched the Gypsy girls dance to the music of fiddles. When one found a man that she wanted, she pulled a scarf from around her waist and wrapped it around him. She then started to drag him away, intending to drag him into the darkness while the man pretended to protest. Two other women then pursued him. Furious dancing ensued until the man would grab at one girl’s scarves and she would leave with him triumphantly.

Erik was away from the area of the dancing. She saw him leaning against a tree with Roman and two other men, talking and laughing. Two older women joined them, offering the men food and drink. Erik allowed them to place the meat in his mouth and tip the wineskin to his lips. It was getting darker. The moon lingered low on the horizon, barely casting its light upon the festival. The reflection of the bonfire shimmered off the ocean where gentle waves broke in a endless rhythm.

Erik scanned the gathering casually, searching for any sign of the alluring Gypsy girl he had kissed so passionately. He was tense. His body ached with unfulfilled longing. He tried to relax and converse with the other men, but kept a watchful eye for the girl who had aroused him so much earlier. He could still taste her on his lips and feel her body pressed against his. Where was she? Was she already paired off with someone? He was sure that she wasn’t an innocent and his body tightened at the thought of sinking into her hot little body. He knew that most Gypsy girl don’t remain untouched for long. Knowing that, he couldn’t stop his shaft from hardening to stone. He wanted to caress her breasts and touch her silky wet womanhood.

Then he saw her. She was walking toward him, walking slowly into the firelight. Her eyes were half closed. He saw her draw a deep breath and turn a slow, full circle with her hands outstretched. He could not move. He was mesmerized.

Her body swayed to the fiddle music. He saw her belly ripple as she moved with its rhythm. She began to roll her hips. Her arms swayed in the air. She bent over and her gathered neckline gaped to reveal her breasts and the puckered crests.

Erik’s mouth went dry. She spun around and the scarves at her waist flared out. He saw her shapely legs and imagined them opening for his possession. She ran her hands over her throat and the tops of her breasts. She caressed her hard nipples through her thin blouse, encouraging them to an even more stiffness. Her actions were highly erotic. She then pulled a scarf free and began to wave it in the air. Her movements were getting more and more erotic.

Erik felt a wave of jealousy hit him when he saw Roman join her. They were Gypsies. He had no place here and he certainly couldn’t claim one of their women. They were known to be promiscuous. When he saw Roman’s sister approach him, her brother intercepted her.

Glenna was lost to the music. Her unbound breasts swelled as she became aroused by a set of blazing blue eyes focused on her. The hair cascading down her back felt heavy so she lifted her arms to sift through it while her body dipped and swayed to the music. The tendrils slipped off her fingers to swing behind her in a curtain of blue-black. Of their own volition, her steps brought her closer and closer to her target, as if the pull of his gaze could physically move her.

Glenna let the sensuality of the dance guide her movements. She twirled so close to him that the scarves hanging from her hips fluttered around him. She reached up to her shoulder and pulled the gathered neckline down to bare her shoulder. Her ivory skin glowed. Erik’s eyes were riveted on her. She turned her back to him and looked over her shoulder. She ran her hands down her hips, slipping beneath the curtain of scarves to slide provocatively over her hot skin.

Erik’s eyes followed her hand movements yet he remained still. The rule was that she had to choose him. Even though every muscles ached with the effort to keep from taking her into the trees, he disciplined his body to obey. He could not risk the chance of scaring off this very exquisite creature, no matter how much she was provoking him.

He was on his knees now in front of her. His face was level with the juncture of her thighs and he could smell her arousal. She swayed closer so that his nose was touching then scarves. His tongue snaked out and licked at the bare skin a few inches under her belly button. She moved away from him and he feared that she was leaving. He looked up at her face with passion-filled eyes and waited for her next move. Her dance slowed and he held his breath. She wound the scarf around his shoulder so that he was snared within its boundaries.

When the symbolic gesture was complete, he surged to his feet and grabbed her tightly, bringing her up against him. He ground his hips into her so forcefully that she stumbled back a few steps. He stalked her. Her eyes widened and her arms came up as if to ward him off. Ignoring her feeble protest, he scooped her up and headed for the trees. Her heart pounded with excitement. When they were well into the trees, he stopped and looked into the girl’s glassy eyes.

The instant he felt the moist warmth of her mouth, he was in paradise. His hands burrowed into her hair and he lifted her slightly to better fit against his much larger frame. Glenna slid her arms down his shoulders to his bulging chest. Her fingers kneaded and Erik felt her nails dig into the muscles. He groaned his need for her. She replied with a soft whimper from deep within her throat.

Erik brought them both to their knees while holding onto the back of her hair so that their eyes could still meet his. Her desire was mounting and it excited him even further.

“I want you so much. I want to slide into your wet body.”

“Then what are you waiting for,” she whispered.

She watched as he pulled off his shirt over his head. She could barely breathe! He was so handsome. He was tough, big, hard and honed. He was powerful, potent and intoxicating. To have such a man was… she waited no longer. She lay back, her blouse molding to her breasts. Erik ripped his breeches open and pulled them off all the way. He looked down at the Gypsy sprawled beneath him and was lost. Her black hair lay around her face like a cloud. He reached down with both hands and undid the knot that held her blouse together. Grasping the collar, he opened it to bare her exquisite mounds.

Glenna’s bare chest heaved. Her full, rounded breasts looked lovely and untouched. They were tipped with a perfectly round rim of light brown that tapered to a darker brown, hard nipple. Her waist was surrounded by numerous scarves. One leg was bent and angled out, giving promise to a place where he could bury his throbbing hardness. He straddled her legs and began to carefully brush each scarf aside. Each time a bit of skin was revealed, he bent and licked and kissed it.

Glenna arched off the ground. Her breasts lifted and her belly button stretched. She squirmed because her legs were trapped by Erik’s weight. She wanted him more than she had wanted Roman, and even him when she had come to him only a day ago on Lindisfarne Island. Since that time, she’d had sex about six times. She was beyond thinking, beyond knowing how to respond. Instead, she let him take her body. She willingly give up her control to him and let his fingers guide her movements.

With the scarves fully pushed out of the way, he saw her glistening center. He used his fingers to discover that she was very wet, more than ready to receive him. After stroking and caressing her until she was ready to climax, he coaxed her to lift her knees and let her legs fall to the side so that her soaking wet center was widely exposed. He growled and groaned, his shaft hard and pulsing. He smoothed his hands down her body, reveling in the luscious curves, and she arched in response. He licked her nipples.

“Take me! Take me fast and hard,” she whispered huskily while clenching his hips with her knees.

Erik flicked his thumbs over her nipples, then reached under her to grasp her buttocks, sliding into her well lubricated sheath.

Glenna moaned and began to rock, her body undulating while her mind slipped away. She didn’t care. All she wanted was him inside her, bringing her to an orgasm that she was beginning to crave more and more. She tried to hold back her passion-filled cries. She was still sore from all the sex that she’d had the last two days. She was very tight, and the huge size of him hurt her even as it pleasured her. She squirmed against him, oblivious to the music. Erik buried his face in her fragrant neck, bucking against her powerfully, quickly, deeply, desperate to bring them both to rapture before they were interrupted by her people. He drove hard and heavily, grasping her hands so tightly it would leave bruises. Just as a group of Gypsies were close enough to see them, Erik felt her insides clench around him, gripping, releasing, pulsing, and he held her as she twisted wildly in her orgasm. Ignoring the men a few seconds more, he pushed into her and released his own desire in a rushing explosion deep within her heavenly body.

The Gypsies stopped and gaped at the scene of an outsider coupling with one of their own. Or what they thought was one of their own. “Erik,” a man called out. “You have to leave before it is discovered that you have lain with one of our woman. She might be irresistible, but you shouldn’t have mated with her.”

“Go, Erik,” the woman whispered. “Please. Go now before you are discovered with me.”

“Come with me,” he urged, his shaft still imbedded within hers.

She wriggled, trying to get loose. Her actions caused him to harden again and she suddenly stopped her motions. “Go!” she said again, more urgently. She wanted him away from here so that she could change herself back to Glenn, the boy.

“Come with me,” he repeated, almost angrily. He slid halfway out of her and then back in, letting her know his intent to make love to her again, right in front of the men.

“Stop,” she hissed, her body beginning to respond.

“Who are you?” he asked, moving his hips slowly, trying to see her face in the darkness.

She shuddered and turned her head away, hiding her face underneath her hair. “You must leave here.”

He erupted again, shooting his seed deep within her for a second time. He pulled out of her and pulled on his breeches. Glenna stood and closed her blouse and shook out her skirt of scarves. Her legs were wobbly and she leaned against a tree while watching Erik walk away.

“Who’s the girl?” Erik asked Roman.

Roman lowered his head to hide his smile. “She was sent by your lad. She is nothing but a promiscuous Gypsy girl who uses men for her pleasure. You must go before it’s too late.” He wanted Erik away from here so that he could transform Glenna the gorgeous Gypsy, into Glenn, the beautiful boy.

“But I want her for myself,” Erik persisted.

“She is just a girl among many, Erik,” Roman told him. “Get away from here.”

Erik knew he was defeated and left with great disappointment.

Away from the two men, Glenna was grabbed by a swarthy Gypsy and flung to the ground, using his bulk to hold her helpless. The weight of the man was suffocating and his stench overpowering. She pushed with all her strength. “Get off me, you creep.” To her surprise he got off her and stood. He towered over her prostate form as she crawled backwards on all fours, keeping her eyes on him. He reached a hand to the front of his breeches. She cringed but raised a leg to strike him. He kicked her leg aside with enough force so that she lost her balance and fell on her side. He gave her an another shove with a booted foot, sending her sprawling onto her back.

The man breathed heavily. “You are a feisty piece of flesh. Now stop fighting me, and I’ll make it worth your while.” He fell on top of her a second time.

“Let go of me, you raping beast, I am not a whore!” she cried, but the man ignored her pleas. “I’m not a whore!” she cried out a second time. She tried to twist free, but he was too strong.

“You allow Roman and Erik between your legs, why not me?” the Gypsy asked. “After waiting a long time to get you all alone, finding you was a stroke of luck that I hadn’t anticipated. Most women like being with me.”

“I’m not most women.”

When she tried to twist free again, he clamped her upper arms and held her against him forcibly. “You aren’t going anywhere. You are nothing but a teasing, Scottish whore. You know what I want, and I’m going to have it. It’s not like you’re an innocent.”

“Let me go!” Glenna cried, squirming to get free. Despite the Gypsy being lean, he was surprisingly strong. Grasping her head between his hands, he slammed his mouth down on hers, taking her bottom lip between his teeth to stop her from struggling. Keeping pressure on her lip, he reached between them. With surprising efficiency, he raised her skirt, baring her legs and thighs. Her scream was smothered when the Gypsy took her mouth. His kisses were sloppy and wet, his tongue making her gag in disgust.

“Don’t even think about screaming for help,” he warned, “or you’ll regret it. You want this. You are just being difficult. Deep down, you are a slut. In my experience, all women are sluts.”

Suddenly Glenna went limp beneath him, making him believe she was submitting to him.

“That’s better,” he said with a leering grin. “I knew you’d come around.”

When he got his manhood free, she struck out in mounting rage, kneeing him in his swollen groin. He yelped in pain and surprise, and rolled off of her and curled into a ball. Glenna leapt to her feet and kicked him again in rage. Then she spat on him and ran for Roman’s wagon. She climbed into it and quickly pulled the scarves from around her waist. She was naked from the waist down when Roman entered the wagon.

“You are truly a vision of extraordinary beauty, Glenna,” he told her as she placed an open palm over her exposed sex. “Is there a chance we could make love again?”

“I would like to, but I’m too sore, Roman. I’ve had you and Erik eight or nine times the last two days. It’s too much.”

“There are more ways to make love without me entering that sweet body of yours. I can use my mouth. So, what do you say?” he asked, kneeling in front of her, leaning closer as he gently parted her thighs.

Her heart started to pound. She was excited, but she really wanted only Erik. “Please, Roman,” she said. “It’s really too much for me to take in. I was a virgin only two days ago. Since then, I have acted like a prostitute. I am beginning to like sex too much. You and Erik are great lovers, but I want to be with Erik. You understand?”

“I understand, but I still want you, Glenna. One last time. I promise. Let me love you one last time, and I promise to leave you alone. Then I’ll transform you back to Glenn, the lad, and send you back to Erik.”

She knew she should resist, but she wanted him. “Stand up, Roman.” She let her legs fall open and reached for the front of his breeches, opening them. She reached inside to take him out, caressing the satin smooth shaft as it grew longer and harder in her grasp. A pearlescent drop appeared on the blunt head. She flicked her tongue, licking it up. Another one appeared, bigger than the first one. This time she took him in her mouth, closing her lips around the crest, sucking as she caressed him with slow, measured strokes, moving the skin along his hard shaft so that it first bunched just under the blunt crest, then stroked down so that it bunched at the hilt. She stroked and sucked until he stopped her.

“Take me inside you, please.”

She leaned back on her elbows and raised her legs, letting them fall open. Roman didn’t wait. He grasped himself and stroked himself a few times before placing the head of his erection at her entrance. They gazed into each other’s eyes as he slid into her. Her mouth opened with a gasp of pleasure. When he was imbedded to the hilt, he paused for a moment. Then he withdrew almost all the way, then sank back in. He repeated the action a few more times before increasing his rhythm. He grasped her ankles, and raised her legs, watching as his manhood plunged in and out of her tight body. Crossing her legs at the ankles, he held them in one hand and lowered his other hand to cup a buttock cheek. His thumb rested over her anus, then he began massaging it until she relaxed, circling it until he saw it begin to part slightly.

“May I?” he asked.

Glenna could only nod her approval. Having Roman slid his shaft between her buttocks, only excited her more. He withdrew and pressed the head of his shaft to the puckered opening. Dropping a wad of saliva on himself and Glenna, he made himself slippery so that he could penetrate her easier. She relaxed and concentrated on her anal muscles. Her anus opened slightly and he pressed until the head was enclosed by the tight rim of muscles. Holding still so that she could get used to the unaccustomed penetration, he watched as she played with herself, cupping her sex, then stroking the lips to heighten her pleasure. Then when he slid deeper, she stroked her clit.

“That’s it. Touch yourself.”

She placed her left index finger and middle finger on her mound, rubbing the crease. Gradually she scissored her fingers closed, trapping the plump lips and her clit together, adding a few light strokes to encourage that little nubbin from its protective hood.

It was amazing how quickly she heated up, how wet and pliant her sheath had become. Feeling Roman’s gaze on her, she pushed her middle finger down the seam of her sex and thrust it inside her sheath. Moaning, she inserted a second finger and pleasured herself as Roman moved slowly in and out of her rectum.

“Put your hands over your head, Glenna,” he ordered. “I want to touch you, now.” When she did, he crooned, “That’s it, love. Do you like me in your tight bottom?”

Glenna moaned and nodded.

While moving in and out of her bottom, he played with her sensitive clit. Pinching slightly, it sent a jolt up to her nipples.

Her belly, bottom, mouth, sheath, and legs tightened. Her climax was so close. He teased her to the point that she couldn’t stop whimpering. Her hips lifted up, allowing Roman better and easier penetration of her bottom. With her legs on his shoulders, she held herself slightly raised. She arched her neck as he gently caressed her swollen folds with his thumbs, massaging the fleshy lips slowly as he began a faster rhythm. She felt the pleasure mounting. She’d started to drift away, anticipating that moment when everything synchronized into a glorious explosion.

“I’m ready,” Roman groaned. “Tighten around me. That’s it.” Groaning, he flexed his hips, countering every stroke in her rear passage with a flick of her clit. A deep thrust in, a tissue-rasping withdrawal. When his climax was upon him, he withdrew from her bottom, wiped himself clean with a moist cloth, and thrust himself into her sheath, slamming into her just as his seed burst from his body, drenching her womb.

Considering the multiple times she’d allowed Roman into her body, while only letting Erik in four times, there was a good chance she’d get pregnant with Roman’s child. She really didn’t care who’s child she’d wind up with. She would love it just the same.

“Time to get you ready for your transformation into Glenn. Lay with your head on the edge so that I can wash out the dye.”

When she did, his limp manhood was near her mouth. Now that she had a taste of sexual freedom, it was as addictive as any drug. All she wanted was to take that rod of flesh, caress and stroke it to hardness, take it into her mouth, and suck until his essence filled her mouth. She didn’t, however, touch him. It was not that she didn’t want to, but she had to get ready to leave here. Otherwise, Erik was going to get too far ahead of her.

Glenna came upon Erik as he slept under a tree with a small campfire a few feet away. Laying out her blanket near the fire, across from Erik, she fell asleep almost right away.

Erik awoke to find Glenn sleeping. Thor’s hammer, where did he come from? His body responded yet again to the boy. What he wanted was the Gypsy girl from last night. Maybe Glenn knew her. Maybe he had even tasted her sweet body. Walking over to the lad, he poked him in the ribs. He stirred and came awake suddenly.

“Get up, you lazy rascal.”

Glenna was up in a flash.

“You don’t happen to know this Gypsy girl that was with me last night, do you, Glenn?”

Erik knew the boy was hiding something when he looked down quickly. A little too quickly. Oh, yes. He knew something. And he was going to find now right now.

“No. Why?”

“I know you know something, Glenn. Either you tell me right now, or I’ll beat it out of you. If that doesn’t work, maybe I’ll find another use for that pretty body of yours.”

Glenna knew she was in trouble. Instinctively she knew that Erik was now going to find out who she really was.

“Answer me, Glenn,” he said in a low voice, advancing on her. “Where. Is. The. Girl?” Erik saw fear in the boy’s eyes. Good! Now he’ll talk.

Glenna was sure if she should confess or risk running. She knew running wouldn’t help. What she needed was to get on her horse.

“Don’t even think about running, Glenn. You’ve probably had her, too. I want to know where she is. Is she back at the camp?”

Glenna didn’t know what to say, so she said, “I don’t know. Maybe.”

Suddenly Erik reached out and grabbed her by the collar and hauled her up to him. Grasping the front of her shirt, he lifted her off her feet and brought her in close so that her face was mere inches from his. “You don’t know? Maybe? What kind of answer is that?”

Erik cocked his head to the side. Gazing into Glenn’s eyes was like looking into the Gypsy girl’s eyes. It can’t be. That meant that Glenn and the Gypsy girl were the same person. Why, that little, good for nothing…liar. He was going to get it, or she was going to get it.

Erik started dragging Glenn over to his horse. Opening the saddlebag, he pulled out a length of rope.

“What are you going to do?” she cried, not bothering to disguise her voice. She now knew that Erik knew that she wasn’t a boy. Was he going to hang her?

“Let’s go. It’s time for me to punish you. You lying, little…”

Stopping under a tree, he threw one end of the rope over a branch and made a knot. Grasping her wrist in one hand, he tied them together. She didn’t even think of resisting. “What should I do to you, Glenn. Or is it Glenna? Maybe I should flog you first before stripping you naked and use that beautiful body of yours. I can safely say that Roman was in on it, too. How many times did he use that lovely body of yours, Glenna?”

“More times than you did, that’s for sure,” she retorted. As soon as she said it, she regretted it. “I’m sorry, Erik. Things just went a little too far, that’s all.”

“Too far?” he roared. “I should beat the living daylights out of you. Do you have any idea what I felt when I thought that I was having lustful thoughts for a boy. I let you do things to me. You could have told me, but you teased me on purpose, didn’t you?”

She hung her head.

“Didn’t you, Glenna?”

“I just wanted to teach you a lesson, Erik. You were the one who wronged me, too. You were the one who raped me.”

“Not only did you pretend to be a Gypsy, you are the girl that I took advantage off two days ago.”

“You used me.”

“I could have killed you. When you came after me, I could have killed you, Glenna. That was what you wanted, wasn’t it? You were trying to impale yourself on my sword.”

“But I did impale myself on your sword, Erik,” Glenna said in a sultry voice. “Three times, not counting the rape.”

“It wasn’t rape, Glenna, and you know it. You responded to me nicely. I’ve never had to rape a woman yet, and I’m not going to start either. A woman’s resistance leaves by the time I enter her body.” Suddenly he stopped talking. “Three? I remember only twice. Back at the Gypsy camp.”

“The first time was on the island.”

“On the island?” he shouted. “That’s another reason why I should punish you. You have done more wrong to me than I did to you.”

“Then why don’t you stop talking and punish me, Erik?”

Erik realized what she was saying. He advanced on her. Oh, yes. He was going to punish her, but in the most pleasurable way.

“Prepare to be punished, Glenna,” he said. In no time at all, he had her naked from the waist down. Opening her shirt, he unbound the bindings around her small, perfect breasts. “Lovely. How I could have mistaken you for a boy, is beyond me? You are all woman.”

Glenna shrieked as Erik thrust into her body. Hanging by her arms, all she could do was wrap her legs around his waist as he furiously pounded in and out of her aroused body.

When he cupped a buttock cheek with one hand, and a breast with the other, Glenna threw her head back as his hips pumped fiercely. Her sheath clenched around him, causing him to climax right behind her. Reaching up, Erik untied her wrists and carried her a few feet to where his blanket still lay under the tree. Staying inside her, he sat down, keeping her in his lap. He pulled off her shirt as she pulled off his. When they were both naked, he lay down with her on top, wanting her in control.

He had enjoyed her as a rape victim, as a boy, as his mystery lover on Lindisfarne, as a Gypsy, and as Glenna, enjoying every minute of those erotic encounters to the fullest.

“Before we continue, how many times did Roman make love to you?”

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