The Portfolio that Jimmy had compiled had become his prized possession, containing photos and a video of his nude mother disrobing at the tennis club locker room. He would visit these daily, he had possessed them only a month but had viewed the video over a hundred times already, slowing down the DVD when his mother removed her bra, watching her breast fall free under their own weight in slow motion and again when she slid her tennis shorts down exposing her shaved mound. The camerawoman did an incredible job with her close up of moms pussy and anus when she bent offer to remove her shoes. The contrast between moms tan and her sexy bikini tan lines was very exciting for this 18 year old boy.

Walking around the house mom just seemed more… sexual since she started dating Mark (from the agency). She had no idea I had this material but she somehow seemed sexier than ever.

While serving breakfast in the morning, when she would lean forward to lay my plate down, she would give me a full view of both her beautiful white breasts, it seemed like she would hold this pose a little longer than before. When I would ask for the butter and syrup she would make two trips instead of one allowing me to gaze upon her breasts again!

I know it was just my imagination but it almost seemed that she was a little flirtatious with me, her son. I could not look at her without getting aroused. I walked around with an erection almost every waking moment; I jacked-off 4 or more times a day.

The agency had made the offer of setting up anonymous sex with my mom for $2500.00 and I had to somehow come up with the money.

I had already sent a 1,000.00 deposit with a letter stating my intent to accept this offer, shortly after a man came to the door one evening to take my mom on a date. It was Mark, the man on the video being introduced to my mom at the tennis club bar. I know she was getting laid because she was much happier and even started dressing a little sexier around the house.

He was a little formal introducing himself to me, we had never met but I knew who he was. I wondered what the plan would be.

Mom came down the stairs, her hair was perfect, she seldom wore much make-up but this evening was an exception and she looked absolutely heavenly. She seemed excited about her first date in over a year.

I was still up when she returned before midnight. I wanted to hear about her date but she was pretty tight lipped. She said he was a real gentleman and that they were having lunch the next day.

It took me a month to come up with the rest of the money; in that time they saw each other several more times. She even spent the night with him at least one night. There was another time he spent the night at our house when mom thought I was out and they made a lot of noise. Banging the headboard against the wall and when they both came they were very vocal. I was so aroused picturing my mother getting hammered by this man that I laid in bed stroking my cock.

Finally I paid the fees and awaited instructions from the agency. They sent me an email and told me to meet at a particular Starbucks on Saturday at 8 PM. I was so excited I was like a kid at Christmas counting the days.

Saturday finally came, I watched my mom all day knowing that I would be seeing her later nude and, according to the agency having an intimate relationship with her later, and she had no idea.

Evening was setting in; she had been in a great mood all day and was now upstairs getting ready for her date (with me).

When she walked downstairs she took my breath away. She was stunning. She was wearing a black cocktail dress with sparkles all over it. The dress was very snug and I could tell she was not wearing a bra and there were no visible panty lines. I complimented her and gave her a hug. She told me that she would not be home tonight.

She left on her date and about an hour later I headed out to the Starbucks. I sat there sipping my coffee when I was approached by an attractive woman in her mid-thirties. I had never met her before but I recognized her voice as the camerawoman in the locker room and shower with my mom.

She told me that we would be going to the Hilton on Pacific Coast Highway in Huntington Beach. We drove separately to the hotel. We walked through the lobby of this very expensive hotel and went right to the elevator. We didn’t talk much but she was very pleasant and nice to look at.

We got off on the 6th floor and she let us into a room half way down the corridor. When we entered this empty room she gave me a white terry cloth robe and asked me to remove all my cloths and put on the robe. I changed and walked out where she had a drink waiting for me. We both sat there with the TV on and made small talk. I still wasn’t sure what was going to happen.

She received a text to her phone after reading it and responding she said, “Were on”. She grabbed a video camera and took my arm. We left the room and entered the room directly across the hall. You could tell that this room was occupied because there was luggage and an open bottle of champagne.

The woman went over and turned the stereo on and then opened the closet door next to the bed, she directed me in and open the slates in the door. She stood outside and looked back at the door adjusting them so that I could not be seen. Then she took her place next to me and we stood silently listening to the music in the room anticipating the door of the room opening.

There they were, my mom and Mark entered the room. They were having fun; mom was laughing and had a little stagger in her high heels. Mark poured her another drink which she downed in a couple of gulps.

Mark directed her next to the bed standing about one foot in front of me. I could feel my cock getting hard knowing I was about to see my beautiful mom in a sexual situation!

With their back to us the female in the closet switched on the video camera and started taping. Mark was kissing my mom very passionately as he slid the straps of her dress off her shoulders! He slowly lowered her dress exposing both shoulders then lower until her entire bare back (no bra) was exposed. When it got to her hips it took a little bit of a tug but soon her dress was around her ankles. She wore no panties. Her sexy white bottom was only inches in front of me. I have never seen a sexier site. My cock was now standing straight out of the robe.

Mark whispered something to my mom and she giggled and said “ok”. Standing in only her black heels mom slowly kneeled in front of Mark and unzipped his pants pulling them down. Marks cock sprang up hitting moms chin, she grabbed it with her hand and slowly, seductively licked and sucked his cock before engulfing his entire cock!

Mark moaned with pleasure, his head went back. He placed a hand on the back of her head and shuffled sideways so that I would have a clear unobstructed view of my mother sucking and deep throating her date’s engorged cock. She was hot, the sounds were sensuous as she sucked and milked his cock. The sight was incredible, unbelievable, my mom sucked cock as good as any porn star I’d seen on the internet.

Mark helped her to her feet and kissed her and whispered something into her ear again, mom laughed “I don’t know, can I trust you?” she said.

Mark responded “Of course, I’m a gentleman”. They both laughed. In one motion Mark pulled the comforter and blanket off the bed leaving just the white satin sheets on the bed. Mom crawled on the bed (giving me a quick peek of her pussy from behind) and lay on her back in the center of the bed. Mark pulled a blindfold for a drawer and showed it to mom, she had a nervous laugh. He placed the blindfold over her eyes and tightened it in place. Next he pulled out two soft restraints and secured both wrists securing her arms outstretched to her sides.

Mark looked toward the closet I was hiding in when my female accomplice slowly, quietly open the closet door and we stepped into the room. She helped me remove my robe and now I stood next to my naked, blindfolded restrained mom with the hardest erection I have ever had!

I was directed toward my mother’s head; I knelt on the bed next to her face my rigid cock just inches from her beautiful face. Mark was now taking close-up still photos of my hard cock hanging over moms face as his female accomplice positioned herself to record the evening’s events on video tape.

Mark waved me closer, when the tip of my cock brushed my mom’s cheek she smiled and turned towards me and opened her mouth. I hesitated for just a moment savoring the view before sliding my cock into her mouth.

She immediately started sucking and milking my cock with her mouth, I have never felt such an incredible sensation. I watched this beautiful woman, the only woman I have loved my entire life giving me the best blowjob I have ever received. I reached down and grabbed a handful of her white breast and she moaned with pleasure.

I started to slowly pump her mouth, I repositioned myself now straddling her face, my balls now swinging and hitting in her chin as I increased my pace fucking her mouth. I reached back behind me, pulling and twisting her nipples as I massaged her breast.

I did not want to stop, I would have been happy cumming right here in her mouth. My pace quickened I was now fucking her mouth with earnest, I was about to cum! When Mark signaled me to slow down and stop.

When I pulled my cock from my mother’s mouth she was still sucking and it made a popping sound as I pulled out breaking the suction. I long string of pre-cum strung between the tip of my penis and her hot wet mouth.

I allowed my cock to slide all the way down the length of her firm, mature body.

I left a wet trail between her gorgeous tits, I took a moment here pushing her tits together surrounding my cock as I slowly titty fucked my mom. I then slid down her ribs, across her flat tummy all the way to her completely shaved mound. I positioned myself between moms open legs, as I did she opened them a little more inviting me in. I crawled between her legs and reached forward and cupped both her white breast, resting my hard cock on her shaved mound. I slid my rigid cock back and forth on top of her hard mound and slit making sure to brush her hard clit, she would jump when my penis would rub her little nub. As I played and messaged her wonderful tits, I slid my cock to the entrance of her visibly wet pussy.

Mark put one finger up asking me to pause as the camera woman got the lens of her video camera very close to her pussy as I slowly pushed my cock into my mother’s wet warm pussy, We both moaned out loud, Mark signaled me to be quiet as I slowly pumped her. Mark placed his mouth close to mom’s ear to reassure her and ask her if this felt good. She beamed a huge smile and said “Yes, this is the best. Please fuck me harder!” We all smiled at each other as I increased my pace, getting full penetration, it just seemed right. As I fucked her harder and harder she would move her hips meeting my thrust and moaning every time I would reach full hilt!

The warm, moist walls of her pussy caressed my rock hard cock, pulling and milking me as I fucked my mother’s pussy. The other couple in the room was taking photos and video taping us. The female camera man made sure she taped mom’s facial expressions as her son pleasured her, then turned the cameras down to get close-ups of my cock penetrating her now swollen pussy, her clit erect standing out from its protective hood… I would reach down and rub it causing her to jump and squeal!

The sight was incredible, mom completely nude and enjoying the fucking she was getting from her son (although she didn’t know it was me) and watching her breasts bouncing every time I would pound that wet cunt!

Mom pulled her knees up toward her chest opening her legs and softly moaning allowing me to get even deeper with my cock! She was the sexiest woman in the world at that very moment. Keeping one hand on her breast I reached down and put my thumb on her sensitive erect clit. Every time I would rub it she would jump like she had been hit with and electrical shock. Her clit became so sensitive she was begging me to stop rubbing her; I continued rubbing her clit until she had a very loud climax! She tried wiggling from under the pressure of my thumb on her clit. Her body tensed up as she let out a very long, loud moan! I could feel the fluid running from her pussy as she came, this was so hot.

I kept fucking her harder and harder, I could hear the wet pussy sounds coming from our sex! I was close to cumming myself when again Mark signaled for me to slow and stop.

I was shocked to hear what he said as her leaned close to mom’s ear and whispered, “Would you like to feel my cock in your bottom”?

My mom just smiled and said “I don’t know”

“Well we can go very slow and easy, if you don’t like it I’ll stop”, he whispered.

She visibly hesitated before saying “I’ve only done it a couple times and didn’t care too much for it. If you really want to you can try”.

I could not believe this, I never thought about ass fucking my mom, I didn’t want this, I don’t want to hurt her, I love her.

I was directed off the bed as Mark untied my mother’s wrist and turned her over, securing her arms outstretched with her head in a pillow. He also positioned a couple pillows under her hips, elevating her sexy white ass.

I stood back and looked at this beautiful sight in front of me. My beautiful blond mom with those lovely tan lines waiting for me. Blindfolded, her face pressed into the pillow, her arms outstretched and tied down, all her weight pressing her breasts flat, overflowing out the sides of her armpits. Her ass propped up in the air, waiting for me.

As she felt my weight in the bed behind her she opened her legs wide inviting me to fuck her. I held my hard cock in my hand and slowly direct it toward her pussy. Her pussy is so wet, lips swollen and open, I place the head of my cock into my mom’s pussy. I place both of my hands on her hips as I push my cock slowly into her touching bottom. She let out a sexy long moan! I started pumping her pussy!

Mark has me release with one hand so that she thinks it’s me lubing her ass. Mark placed a glob of clear lubricant on the opening to her bottom and smeared it around. Mom let out a low guttural moan as I continued to fuck her pussy.

Mark started working the lube in and out of her ass; I had to stop pumping her to watch this sexy site. She slowly rocked back and forth on my hard cock as he played with her asshole. He handed the jar to me and I took some lube and also placed it on my mom’s tight little hole.

I slid a lubed finger in her ass and she gave a sexy little sequel, she was very tight. I knew my cock would never fit in her ass. She seemed to enjoy me finger fucking her bottom, she increased the pace on my cock, and I could feel her tighten her anus around my finger.

I stopped fucking her and pulled my cock from her wet pussy making a loud wet sound. I lubed the head of my cock and touched it to her anus, she jumped a little. The head of my cock was way too big to fit in her, but I put a little pressure with my finger on the head of my cock, she stayed very still allowing her son to TRY to penetrate her ass. Like I thought it was too tight and with that thought that little hole expanded and allowed the big swollen head of my cock to slip in her ass disappearing from my sight.

Mom’s face distorted for a moment due to the pain, then she forced a smile and said “Ohh, that’s a big one… remember real easy ok”?

Mark responded, “Of course baby nice and easy”.

I looked at him and he signaled me to continue, the camera woman placed the video camera close to moms face as I fucked her with just the tip of my cock, trying not to come out. I could see this was still uncomfortable for her so I went in and out very slowly as her face would cringe.

This felt incredible, so tight, so sexy. I would slowly inch my cock in a little more each time until and had almost half my cock in her ass. At this point it was all she could take as she said “Enough please don’t go any deeper”.

I needed a better angle, I got off my knees and stood flat footed behind my mom with both hands on her hips and fucked her ass. I would only stick my cock in her half way, then about every tenth stroke I would go deeper and she would give a loud painful grunt, but never told me to stop!

I was really liking this, so tight so hot to look at I was fucking her faster and faster and about to cum, mom was panting like she was running a marathon. She was totally at my mercy, I was in complete control now quickening my pace and now going even deeper and deeper in her ass. Now she was not even trying to hide the discomfort on her face as I fucked her as deep and hard as I wanted, but she still did not tell me to stop. She was taking this in her ass for me; I just wish she knew it was her loving son.

I could hold it no longer, mom was now grunting with every stroke. I could feel my sperm working its way from my balls… I now hammered her ass harder than ever and I was cumming. I pushed the full length of my cock in for the first time. Mom let out a scream and her face was distorted because of the discomfort, but she never told me to stop. He stayed still and allowed her son to continue to fuck her ass and dump his load deep inside her bottom.

I couldn’t stop I had to finish; I had to pump her ass full of my semen and kept fucking her against her wishes. As soon as I was done I felt bad, I just could not stop at that point.

When I pulled my cock out I could see my sperm oozing from moms sore ass. The team made certain they got plenty of close-up photos of this. She said in a very low, sexy voice “That’s the best fuck I’ve ever had”.

I was now being ushered into my robe and out of the room I looked back to see Mark, still naked with a raging hard-on lining up behind my mom. I felt jealous, his assignment was over. He did not need to fuck her anymore, give her a rest. He was doing this strictly for himself. As he slid his cock into my mom’s waiting pussy, she cooed “I can’t believe you’re still hard after all that”

Mark said “You have no idea” and immediately went into a fast hard pace pounding mom’s pussy.

I quietly left with the other female and could hear them both grunting like animals as we left the room.

I showered in the other room, changed into my clothes and after the camera woman checked the hall I left and drove home.

I replayed the night’s events. I could not believe what transpired this evening. I fucked my mom’s tits, her mouth, her shaved pussy and that tight sexy ass…. And she will never know and I can never tell anyone, I now had the videos and photos taken that night to look forward to.

About 9 AM the next morning mom got home, looking a little spent she still wore the same sexy dress from the night before. No bra and I knew first hand no panties.

I greeted her with a big smile and embraced her feeling her breast flatten against my chest and asked how her evening was and she said “I had a wonderful time” with a big smile on her face “But I could use a nap” she added as she headed upstairs.

I stood at the bottom of the stairs watching her walk up the stairs. She knew I was right there and would be able to see up her short cocktail dress but she didn’t seem to care. I didn’t hide my leering eyes as I watched her all the way up the stairs. I watched as I could see more and more of her thighs and then her white cheeks of her ass appear as she disappeared into her room.

I looked up and saw that my 22 year old sister was watching me. She just shook her head and walked into her room.

Watch it, I thought. You could be next!

I went to my home office and pulled out the tripod and the HD camera. These two sweet girls both have a really naughty streak. Or maybe they get a competitive and want to see how far they can push the other. Whichever it is I am happy I get to play.

Walking back into the living room Autumn had taken Becky’s position on the Ottoman. Setting on her knees she was cleaning Troy’s cock with her mouth and Becky was stroking his balls. She jumped up and came to help me sit up the camera. I also got one of her world famous deep kisses.

“I can’t believe I took both of you when I had the plug in.” She whispered to me. “I was so tight and it felt amazing.”

“It was very sexy baby. I almost came a couple of times.” I told her. “Do you think I will get a chance at your bottom tonight? Or are you done for the evening?”

She smiled that sexy smile and said “Maybe just a little bit more. I want Autumn to clean you up after you cum in my butt.”

“She will want you to do Troy’s the same way.” I reminded Becky. “Do you think you can take me in your ass and Troy in your pussy?”

“I am not sure. The butt plug was not nearly as big as you are.” she gave me that sexy little grin in reply.

I had already came twice tonight. Troy had as well. Autumn and Becky both multiple times but none of us was were ready to stop. Autumn still had the big butt plug in her tight ass and sucking on Troy’s rapidly hardening cock. Becky had went to bathroom. I was sitting up the video camera as my goddess return with a warm wet wash cloth for me and another one for Autumn. She cleaned off my soft cock and down my thighs. She went down one then back up the other one. She then cupped my very depleted ball sack and squeezed them softly. She then went over to the couple on the Ottoman.

She took Troy’s member out of Autumn’s mouth and started washing him off. Autumn walked gingerly over to me and got down on her knees. She took my cock in her mouth in an attempt to revive my member. Troy’s cock was almost back to full strength from Autumn’s mouth and Becky’s warm wash off. Becky looked me in the eye as she lowered her mouth down to his wide head and gave him a long tongue lick from the head down to his base. Her eye contact while giving him head did more to harden my staff than Autumn’s wonderful mouth did.

The camera was up and ready to go. Troy was at full mast but I still was going to need a little time to recover. Oh to be young again. I led Autumn back over to the others. I had her assume the position on her hands and knees that Becky had just occupied. I went back to the camera to make sure she was in frame. Becky led Troy around behind her and into the position. Both of the girls had became very adept at leading us by those male leashes.

Becky slapped Autumn’s butt to get her to widen her legs and then ran Troy’s cock up and down her friends well used pussy lips. They were very bright red and swollen as I zoomed in for a close up of the penetration. The base of the butt plug resting against her tight opening. Troy had the head of his wide cock between her lips and was pushing in.

“Wait a second stud.” Becky said. “I want to get her face on film when you ram that into her. Jim get in front and tape it please hon.”

I walked to the other end of the stool making sure to get a wide view of the three of the them. Troy standing behind Autumn’s raised ass. Becky holding the base of his cock in one hand and the other pushing down on the small of Autumn’s back causing her to slump down off her hands down to the cushion. She turned her head toward the camera and gave me a big smile.

“Tell me what is happening sexy?” I asked her from behind the camera.

“I am about to get fucked by a fireplug and then suck on your long cock.” she answered. “And I have a really big dildo stuffed in my asssss ohhhhh!”

That was the point Troy shoved himself into the hot brunette. Her mouth opened wide in the moan and her eyes closed as she got stuffed just like Becky had been earlier in the evening. Not being really long let him get all the way in her on the first stroke. Autumn was not ready for it and her head came forward with the push. My cock was almost back to full staff and it smacked her in face when she fell forward. Autumn shifted her head and opened her red lips for the next intruder for her young body. She took just the head in but was sucking on it so hard trying not to scream.

I was looking at a similar scene for the second time tonight. I was kneeling on my Ottoman with my hard cock getting suck on by a sexy young woman. Her butt was up in the air and Troy was pounding into her from behind. Pulling her hips back after every hard thrust to keep his short cock buried in her very wet pussy. I moved the camera up her back to that sexy ass. In the view finder you could see the base of the butt plug peeking out.

I zoomed out to get the whole scene of what was going on before me. Autumn was on her knees and had moved up on one elbow to get a better angle on sucking my cock. Her back was arched as she took Troy’s pounding. Troy had one hand on her hip and the other pushing down on the small of her back trying to get a better angle for his entry. Becky, still very nude and sexy was using her camera phone to take still pictures of our threesome.

Troy moved his hand on her back down to her ass. I thought he was going to start playing with the plug but instead he gave her a really hard smack on her tanned cheek. First one and then other on the beauties flanks. Autumn kept bucking back to him with every swat. She was moving so much my cock dropped out of her mouth and she let out another scream of pleasure .

Her orgasm caused Troy’s. He filled her tight pussy with another load. Autumn fell off Troy’s dick shaking from the orgasm we had just given her. Becky reached down and gave her a kiss on the forehead as she gently removed the dildo that was still in the girl’s ass causing one last heavy sigh. Becky stared deep into my eyes as she sucked on the dildo fresh from Autumn’s stretched ass.

Troy picked up his lover and carried her to the love seat. The switch from hard pounding sex to sweet caring boyfriend happened in a flash. The mild manner young man was back and the rough stud in heat was gone. They entwined themselves together on the loveseat. I looked at Becky and saw her flushed from the scene she had just watched.

The break in the action gave me a chance to switch roles from cameraman back to porn star. I got up and took the camera over to the tripod. I made sure the Ottoman was still in the middle of the shot and then went to my blonde goddess. She gave me one of her perfect kisses and grabbed my staff to claim it as her property.

“Do you still want to push this big thing in my tight little bottom?” She asked knowing my answer.

I grabbed her by that tight ass and lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. I returned her kiss and laid her down on her back. We were both way past any more foreplay. I was harder than I had been all night and she was dripping pussy juice down her tight crack. I thought about getting the lube but seeing that wet pussy I went for the natural instead.

Two long deep strokes into her pussy to get myself coated with her sweet nectar. I rubbed the head of my cock all around her dark purple rosebud to get it wet as I could. Becky reached down with both arms to bring her legs back wrapping her elbows behind her knees. Man she is so flexible and sexy.

The head of my hard cock pierced her puckered bottom. It was still very tight but the earlier stretching allowed me to enter her easily. She grimaced as the head slipped past her sphincter and into her rectum. The view of her on her back, knees almost to her head, bare pussy right above my cock entering into her third hole was so erotic. I stopped for a second to enjoy the sight and not wanting to hurt my princess.

She was having none of it “Do not stop. Fuck my little butt. I need it hard.”

Listening to and seeing my angel being so naughty got me moving. I pushed hard into her tight ass. I had never gotten all of my cock in her tight butt and tonight I was going to try. Her ass hole was a the perfect height with me standing above her on the Ottoman. Three or four hard strokes and she had about five inches filling her bowels. The look of pleasure and pain told me I was as deep as I was going to get. I held myself as still as I could and then gave her a slap on her exposed pussy lips.

I started to fuck her ass with as much gusto as I could. This was not going to be about her pleasure but about my release. People joke about fucking like rabbits and moving like a jack hammer but that was the sensation I wanted. I wanted to make my angel into a little slut right now. My dick was on fire from the friction. Becky started screaming dirty words at me as I kept going faster and harder.

“Fuck that tight ass! Does it feel good to fuck my innocent butt hole? You are going to ruin me! You are too big for that small hole.” all mixed in with her cries of pleasure.

I stopped again at the bottom of my in stroke. My balls slapped against her spread cheeks. I pressed my hand against her sex and slip a thumb between her pussy lips. Sliding it between her soft small lips. I rub it in circles around the top of her pussy. Brushing against her clit sticking out from its hood. Just this little touch sends her over the edge.

She drops hold of her legs and wraps them around my waist. Trying to pull me into her as I back out slowly as she cums with my cock in her ass. Her sphincter contracts around my cock milking me. I am having to use all my will power to not cum right then. She digs her heels in to my flanks like a rider on a stallion. The pressure on my ass and her contractions set off my third orgasm of the night. It was not much but it felt like I came and came. My knees got a little weak but with Becky’s legs wrapped around me I barely stayed on my feet. I looked down at my lover and saw the naughty smile on her angelic face again. She was almost finished milking my cock dry and was thinking about what was coming next.

Autumn had slid out of the love seat and was kneeling patiently besides us. Becky unlocked her legs from around my back and pulled away from my cock. My softening cock slide out of her ass trailing my cum from the tip to her now gaping hole. Autumn took the stream cum from Becky’s ass with two fingers and pulled it to her own mouth. She slurped the string in and swallowed all of it she had taken between her lips. The brunette lowered her mouth to my soft member and began to clean me from the tip down to my balls with just her mouth.

She collected all of the naughty goo from my cock in her sexy mouth. Becky was collecting the sperm leaking out her ass into her small hand. Becky then placed her fingers in front of Autumn who eagerly lapped the juices into the mixture already resting in her mouth.

“Show it to them and then swallow all that nasty stuff.” Becky ordered.

Autumn showed first me, then Troy and then looked straight at the camera and swallowed the load she had taken from Becky’s ass.

“Not a chance!” I growled in a mix of anger and disbelief.

“Those are my terms. If you want to keep your house, you’ve no other choice.”

It all started 14 months earlier when my employer had been forced to make cut backs and “reluctantly” let me go. Despite having solid qualifications, I’d had a real hard time finding work, and with our savings and redundancy money long gone, the mortgage repayments had started to stack up. Inevitably, after months of missing payment, my wife and I received a strongly worded letter insisting that we meet a senior mortgage advisor to discuss the prospect of foreclosure.

As the day of the meeting arrived, I tried to reassure Jess that, regardless of what was about to happen, we’d come out of this situation stronger as a couple. Looking back now, I’m not sure who I was trying to convince more, her or me, but despite my efforts we both entered the room knowing that the conversation we were about to have could change our lives forever. Unfortunately neither of us realised how right we would be.

Despite impossible assurances that I’d be back in work soon enough, the mortgage advisor told us in no uncertain terms that if full payment wasn’t received within the next few weeks, court proceedings would begin and my wife and I would lose the house we’d worked so hard to buy just 4 years earlier. As the advisor packed up his papers and Jess sobbed in to the sleeve of her coat, I became overwhelmed with the feeling that I’d hit rock bottom. Although my beautiful wife knew just how hard I’d been trying to find a solution to our problems, I felt for all the world that I’d failed her.

After an agonising drive home in which the only sound I could hear was the heart-breaking noise of Jess sniffing back her tears, we sat down at the dining room table to begin discussing our options. We knew that the bank wouldn’t go near us now that our credit ratings had taken a battering, and we also knew that neither of our families had any money that they could afford to give. So, after racking our brains for alternatives, we eventually realised that we were left with no other option than to turn to our friends.

Given the amount of money involved, we knew that we only had a handful of friends who would realistically consider lending us such a large amount of cash, and so we drew up a shortlist of 3 names. Unfortunately, even as we were writing the names down, it was clear that only one would possibly have the type of money needed to help us out, and so our hopes lay solely with Jess’ best friend Beth.

Although I felt that we should explain our situation to Beth face to face, Jess was adamant that she wouldn’t be able to cope with telling her that way, and convinced me that she would find it easier if she could tell her over the phone. Having received my reluctant agreement, Jess spent the next few minutes composing herself, before picking up the phone and having one of the most difficult conversations she’d ever have with her lifelong best friend.

Despite her best efforts, as soon as Jess begun explaining our situation, she once again burst in to tears, causing Beth to instantly panic at what might have happened. After a hard struggle, Jess finally forced our story out of her mouth, and explained why she was calling. There was a short silence before Beth, who had also begun to cry, told Jess that she’d recently invested all of her savings in to a new business with her brother and no longer had the kind of money we needed. It seemed all hope was lost until, sniffing back the tears, Beth suggested that her brother may still have some money left, and would call us back once she’d spoken to him. After a short thank you, Jess hung up and we both sat there waiting anxiously by the phone.

After what seemed like an eternity, the phone rung and Jess answered nervously.

“Jess,” Beth said trying to keep a calm voice, “I’ve just finished speaking to Tim. I explained your situation to him, and although he’d been planning on using the money to place a deposit on a house, I managed to convince him that yours and John’s needs are greater than his. He’s agreed to give you the money!”

Both Beth and Jess began screaming with delight, and the earlier tears of despair were replaced by the welcome tears of happiness. Beth explained that Tim was free to meet and discuss the finer details the following evening, but she had a date arranged. She offered to cancel, but Jess told her that she should go, so long as she promised to call her afterwards and let her know all the details. Beth made sure that Jess really was fine for her not to come along before arranging a time for Tim to meet at our house.

I’d only met Tim a few times and, although I found him a bit calculated, I always thought he seemed like an alright guy. However, Jess assured me that he could be a real dick; apparently when Beth and Jess were growing up they’d often noticed him treating his girlfriends like trash and acting really disrespectful towards them. This surprised me a little, but Jess had grown up around him, so who was I to question her.

Despite having the best night’s sleep either of us had had in a few months, Jess and I gradually grew more and more nervous as the evening grew closer. Although Tim had already agreed to lend us the money, we decided we should try hard to make a good impression, and so I went to the local shop to get some wine while Jess prepared dinner. Despite having a tight budget, I found a couple of good quality bottles on sale, and soon made my way home with a smile on my face.

Just before Tim was due to arrive, I laid the table and we both quickly got changed in to some clothes that we hoped wouldn’t look too formal. I wore a fitted white shirt with a pair of smart jeans and brown shoes, while Jess put on her favourite black dress and did her make up. She always looked amazing in that dress; the jet black contrasted perfectly with her flawlessly creamy skin, something which was accentuated by the dark mascara framing her eyes, and the red lipstick she had delicately painted on to her lips. I looked at my wife as she put the final touches to her outfit and reminded myself how lucky I was that, at 32, Jess still looked as good as the day I met her.

Almost as soon as we’d finished getting ready, Tim pulled up in his Audi and I opened the door to greet him. As he stepped out of his car I instantly grew conscious that perhaps we had gone too formal after all. Tim had dressed casual with a maroon cable knit jumper that gripped his trim physique, some ripped jeans, and some smart but worn trainers. As he reached the door we shook hands before I showed him through the hallway and in to the dining room where I poured him a glass of wine.

At first there were quite a few awkward silences, but once we’d all finished our first glass of wine, the mood began to relax. By the time we’d finished our meal, we were all laughing and enjoying ourselves, almost forgetting the reason why we’d invited Tim in the first place. Inevitably though, after another 20 minutes of general chat, Tim asked us exactly how much we needed.

I explained the situation to Tim, and told him that we needed to cover what was owed, plus enough for the next 6 months, by which time I was confident I’d be back in work. A moment of concern hit us as Tim sat there quiet for a bit, causing Jess and I to look at each other anxiously.

“The problem is you see, there’s this house that I’ve wanted for ages, and if I give you this money then I’m going to miss out on it.”

Jess shifted in her seat, trying not to get emotional. “But Beth said that you’d agreed to help us out…”

“I told Beth that I’d agree to meet and discuss it, not that I’d definitely do it,” Tim replied, no longer displaying any of the earlier warmth.

Inside I was furious. Why come here and build our hopes if you’re not going to help us? I wanted to tell him to get the fuck out of my house, but all the while he hadn’t flat out refused to help, I realised I needed to stay calm. After all, if we couldn’t persuade him to give us the money, soon I may have no house to chuck him (or anyone else) out of.

Jess began frantically pleading with Tim before, after a minute or two, he held his finger up to silence her. After another short pause he turned to me and said, “Ok. I’ll lend you the money…”Jess and I both stood up in relief and went to thank him, but he quickly continued, “but only if you let me fuck Jess any way I want, right here, right now.” Jess and I looked at each other with a mix of stunned confusion and shock.

“Wh… what!?” I managed to stutter.

“You heard. Those are my terms. After all, I should be compensated for losing out on my own dream home.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! “Not a chance!” I retorted.

“Those are my terms. If you want to keep your house, you’ve no other choice,” he said as he stood up. “I need the bathroom. You have until I’m back to make your minds up, or I’m leaving… along with any chance you have of getting the money you need to keep your house.” With that he turned and left the room.

Jess and I sat there in stunned silence until eventually Jess softly spoke, “There must be another way of getting the money.”

“There isn’t…” I said, shaking my head, half in answer to her question, and half because I still couldn’t believe what Tim had just said to us, “but I’m not going to let another man fuck you! Jesus!”

Jess looked at the ground, again on the verge of tears, “John… we need this house. We’ve got nowhere else to go.”

“But Jess, he wants to fuck you. Do you understand? He wants to FUCK you!”

“What else can we do?” Jess asked, hoping that I would quickly think of a new solution, but also recognising that, unless I did, this was the only way we would be able to save our house. We sat there for a few minutes just staring at each other as the reality of our situation slowly dawned on us.

“Time’s up. Have you made a decision?” Tim said as he stood by the door way.

I looked at him, my mind full of anger and hate, “You can’t be serious?”

“Deadly, but I assume that this means your answer is no then.” Tim walked over to pick up his car keys.

“Wait…” Jess said quietly. I looked at my wife and saw a tear run down her cheek. She looked back at me and gave a small reluctant nod before turning her gaze back to the floor.

Tim stared at me waiting for my response.

“Ok…” was the only thing I could force out, still not able to believe what was happening.

“I’m sorry John, I didn’t hear that? What did you say?”

“Ok…. we’ll do it.”

“Do what? What was that deal again? I think I need to hear you say it.”

“You fucking pr……”

“I’m sorry. Does that mean the deals off?” Tim asked, knowing that he had me dangling.

I swallowed hard and had to force myself to say, “You can fuck Jess if you give us the money.”

“I think the deal was that I could fuck her any which way I want….”

“You can fuck Jess….. any which way you want.”

“Excellent,” Tim exclaimed. “In that case I think we should make our way to the bedroom. All of us.”

“What?” I growled. “You think you can fuck my wife in my bed and have me be in the room while you do it?!?”

“If you want the money John, yes,” Tim responded, “And you won’t just be in the room, you’ll be helping me do it.” He grabbed Jess by the hand and led her out of the room. Still in shock, I slowly got up and followed them.

As I walked in to the bedroom, Tim turned to me and said, “While I was on my way to the bathroom, I stopped for a little look around and found this. I hope you don’t mind.” He threw something in my direction, and I instinctively caught it. As I looked down at my hand, I realised I was now holding the camcorder we’d bought for our holiday only a few months before I’d lost my job. “I want you to film me fucking your wife” Tim said as he pushed Jess down on to the bed.

“You want me to wha…..”

He interrupted, “Look John, if you keep protesting, the deal’s off. Do as I say, or the money is gone.” I bit my tongue and looked at Jess. She was sat on the bed, holding back the tears, shoulders slumped in defeat. “Right,” Tim said, “let’s get this party started. John, start recording, and point the lens at Jess.”

As instructed, I reluctantly took the lens cap off, turned the camcorder on, and aimed it at my wife’s beautiful yet scared face.

“Jess, I need you to tell the camera exactly what our deal is.”

Jess stared at Tim, begging with her eyes not to make her go through with this, but he simply nodded back towards the camera. Jess slowly opened her mouth and quietly said, “Tim can fuck me, however he wants, if he lends us the money we need.” She immediately looked down at the floor.

“Ok. A bit quiet, but I’m sure the camera got it. Right John?” I nodded regretfully. “Oh, actually, there’s one more thing I want to happen before we start. John, I’ll need you to strip naked.”

The confusion and concern must have been clear to see from my face.

“Don’t worry, I’m not in to guys, but I want your wife to see just how excited you get while another man fucks her like a cheap whore.”

“What the f….”

“Right, last chance John,” Tim said visibly annoyed, “Once more and I’m gone.”

I was desperate to call it off, but I knew what the consequences would be. Reluctantly I put the camera down and started to undress.

“Jess, every now and then I want you to look at your husband’s cock while he’s films us. I guarantee you’ll be surprised by what you see.”

I finished getting undressed and picked the camera back up.

“Right, Jess. Now it’s your turn. Let me see what’s under that lovely dress.” Tim pulled Jess up by the hand, spun her around, and pulled her zipper down. Pushing the straps off of her shoulders, he slid the dress down Jess’ body and let it fall to the floor. “You can take the rest off yourself,” he said spinning her back around.

Jess looked up to his face, cheeks red with shame, and slowly unclasped her bra, releasing her small but perfectly firm breasts. Tim reached out and started caressing them before leaning in to softly blow on her nipples until they grew stiff.

“Excellent. Now your thong.”

Jess hesitated momentarily, but then slowly pulled her thong down to the floor, exposing her well maintained strip of pubic hair. Tim whistled.

“Wow, look at you. Who would have thought when we were growing up that you’d grow in to such a sexy little slut and be about to get on your knees and suck my dick?” Tim grabbed Jess by the shoulders and roughly forced her in to a kneeling position. “Make sure you capture the look on her face when she sees what I’ve got for her,” he said as he grabbed her hand and put it on to his belt buckle. “Now take them off.”

Jess undid Tim’s belt buckle and slowly popped each of his jean buttons until she was able to pull them down. Tim stepped out of the jeans, removed his jumper, and positioned himself back in front of Jess’ face, “Now them,” he said, pointing to his briefs. Jess hesitated momentarily before moving her hands to the elastic waist. “Remember, make sure you’re pointing the camera at her face,” Tim said.

As Jess slowly pulled down his briefs, it became clear that Tim’s dick was considerably longer and thicker than mine. Jess tried her hardest to avoid looking at it, but you could tell by the look on her face that she knew it was bigger than what she was used to. She flashed a look in my direction, a look of embarrassment and fear.

“Right, Jess. As you can see, you’re going to be dealing with something much bigger than you’re used to, but I’m sure you’ll be able to handle it,” Tim said as he looked at the camera with a smile. “Kiss it. Kiss every inch. And don’t forget my balls.”

Jess looked at Tim as if to plea one last time not to make her go through with this, but he simply raised his eyebrows to dismiss her. Jess moved her hand towards Tim’s crotch and held it there for a second. Then she slowly leant forward and kissed the tip with her delicate lips, still a deep red from the lipstick she’d re-applied after finishing dinner. As instructed she kissed Tim’s member all over, causing it to grow more erect. Tim was now about 7 inches, but you could tell he wasn’t yet at full stretch.

“Good girl. Now do the same, but this time, I want you to lick it.” Again, Jess momentarily hesitated before leaning in and slowly running her tongue up and down the whole of Tim’s shaft, before finally licking his large balls. 8 inches.

“Excellent. Now suck my cock you little bitch!” Tim growled, sharply pulling Jess’ hair as he pushed his cock roughly to her lips. I went to protest, but Tim raised his hand up to stop me.

Jess closed her eyes and hesitated before gradually opening her lips. Due to his thickness, I wasn’t sure whether she’d be able to fit him in to her small mouth, but Tim pushed forward until he forced his way inside. “How’s it looking John? Does your wife look good sucking on a nice big cock?” I wanted to kill the guy, but I just stayed silent.

After a few minutes of watching Jess give another man head, Tim stretched his hand out in my direction and said, “John, it appears your wife is only able to take 4 inches or so in her mouth. That’s probably not a bad thing for you, but I like my girls to deepthroat. I think she needs some help. Give me the camera.”

Jess flashed a worried look my way. I stood still for a second, before Tim began to show that he was again getting frustrated.

“I’m sorry baby,” I said as I handed Tim the camera and slowly walked behind her.

“Right John, you’re going to use your hands to push Jess’ head all the way down my cock until her nose touches my pubic hair. Got it?”

Again I stayed silent, but gently placed my hands around the back of Jess’ head and slowly pushed forward so that she could take all of Tim’s cock in her throat. 5 inches, 6 inches, 7… Jess started to gag, but Tim growled, “don’t you dare stop pushing John,” so I slowly continued. 8 inches, 9… finally Jess’ nose met Tim’s pubes. “Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Now hold it there for a bit.”

Jess was clearly struggling to breathe and was continuously gagging, but I held her there for a few seconds before Tim gave the signal to let her pull back. Jess gasped for air as soon as she was able, and a string of thick saliva ran down her chin.

“Right bitch, your loving husband is now going to push your head back and forth so that I’m fucking that sweet little mouth of yours. Try not to puke. I’ve had a few girls do that and it just gets messy.”

Tim nodded, and I gently started to push Jess’ head again in a slow rhythm. Although I wasn’t pushing all the way down now, Jess continued to gag, and the noise of Tim’s cock hitting the back of her throat echoed around the room. After a short while, more strands of saliva left Jess’ mouth, ran down her chin, and dripped on to her exposed breasts. Tim, who was enjoying the sight of my wife struggling to handle his meat, kept zooming the camera in on her face, which now had streaks of mascara stained tears running from her eyes due to the constant gagging.

After a few more minutes of having me help him fuck my wife’s face, Tim turned to me and said, “Right, while I’m enjoying your sluts warm mouth, I’m interested to see how tight her little cunt is given what little you’ve been putting inside her for the last few years.” He handed me back the camera, looked down at Jess and told her to stand up as he spitefully grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her to her feet.

Before I got the chance to complain, Tim simply glared at me.

“Right, lay down and spread your legs you little whore.”

He pushed Jess hard on to the bed and she dutifully did as he said. He leaned down and slowly spread her labia apart with his index finger before pushing it in to her hole.

“That’s different,” I told my sister, unwilling to believe Carrie would use the video she took against us. “That was her dad. What’s she going to do to us?”

“Yeah, exactly,” Monica said, sitting on the couch with her towel still wrapped around her.

“Maybe she will, maybe she won’t,” I said, thinking it through. There was no where for my mind to take the thought. I didn’t know Carrie well enough to know for sure, but I wasn’t going to play “what-if” games all night. “For now, she’s the least of your concerns. I told her, who else do you want me to tell?”

“Technically, I told her,” Monica corrected. There was nothing technical about her adjustment. She had.

“But I proved it to her,” I said, feeling on the losing end of another argument against Monica. Fuck, I hate that feeling!

“Because I told you to do it,” she said, rising back to the top.

“Yeah, why did you?”

“Because she fucks her dad, who’s she going to tell?”

“Him?” I suggested.

“Nothing to gain from that. It made her safe, that’s all.”

“Why did you make those movies?”

“I told you, for my boyfriend.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“You don’t have to,” Monica said.

“Suck my dick,” I said, pissed off at losing another argument.

“Make me.”

“How about if I set-up my webcam and make you do it in a chat room for the world to see.”

Monica laughed. “Right, you’re going to tell the world you make your sister suck your dick?”

“You don’t think I will?”

“I don’t see a webcam set-up,” she said, crossing her arms beneath her tits and hugging her towel protectively.

I had had enough. I went upstairs, grabbed my laptop and external USB webcam. As I walked downstairs, my fingers flew across the keyboard. I signed into a popular Internet Relay Chat system (IRC), making sure I bounced my internet connection through anonymizers. To the world-at-large, I was anonymous, but I knew Monica wouldn’t guess it. And, unless someone who knew us stumbled into the room I set-up, we would be anonymous. Again, something Monica wouldn’t guess. There are advantages to being a computer nerd. I put the laptop on the coffee table, facing her while I held the USB wired camera. I positioned the camera at the TV and typed into the chat room. “This is my sister the whore,” I wrote.

Monica leaned in to see what I was doing. She could see the preview window showing her video. “What the fuck?!” she asked as people from around the world began populating the room. Camera view requests began pouring in. I set the software to automatically approve the requests. People began asking questions in the chat portion: Who is she? She’s hot! Is she really a cheerleader? What school is that?

“Ready to suck my dick?” I asked again.

“Or what?”

“This,” I said, typing: My name is Monica. I like to suck my brother’s cock. Who wants to watch me do it?

“You are not broadcasting this!” she shrieked.

I pointed to a tiny upload bar in the lower right hand corner of the interface. “This is where I’m loading your video. In a moment, when that bar turns green, I can make it so anyone can download your video.”

“Stop it!” Monica pleaded.

“Get rid of the towel,” I commanded. She whipped it off without argument, her eye on the bar changing colors as it filled, sliding through the rainbow closer to green. It began as red, went to orange and was now fading into yellow. I laughed at her. “Better. Ready to suck me?”

“Anything,” she begged.

“Anything?” I repeated. She nodded. “Fine, then promise me you’ll stay naked every moment you’re inside this house.” She nodded. “And I get to dress you before you go out.” Another nod. “And we do it anytime I want, anyway I want.”

“Okay,” she said, a tear running down the side of her face as the line began turning green. I shut the lid of laptop, severing the connection as it went into sleep mode.

“Suck me,” I commanded and Monica swiftly fell off the couch, on her knees and between my knees. She took me deep inside her mouth and sucked me as if auditioning for a porn movie. I laid back, watched the video version of her fucking the handle of a pom-pom and watching her head bobbing up and down on my shaved cock. She didn’t stop until I came inside her mouth. “Show me,” I said. She opened her mouth, showing me the load I had given her and waited until I told her to swallow. She did. “Hungry?” I asked.

“Yes,” she answered, giving me a suspicious look. She was right to do it.

“Feel like pizza?”

“If you do,” she said, chastised into perfect compliance.

“Yeah, I do,” I said. I dialed the local delivery service and placed the order in her name. “Hope it’s no one we know making the delivery.” Her compliant façade cracked a bit, but she held her tongue. While we waited, I went upstairs and got dressed. When I heard the doorbell, I sat halfway down the stairs where I could see the door but where I wouldn’t be noticed by the delivery person. It was some old guy I didn’t recognize. I don’t think recognized Monica, either. It was too bad, though it was fun the way he stared. When Monica turned towards the kitchen, her face was beet red.

After dinner, I grew bored. As fun as it was harassing my sister, I could only take so much. I left her downstairs, went to my room and sat in front of my powerful desktop computer. I had built it from the motherboard up and it was a speed demon. I lost myself in the world of online play. A couple times, I went downstairs for a drink. I checked on Monica. She stayed naked, sitting in front of the TV with her laptop and her cell phone. It was jarring seeing her naked, but fun, too. She either ignored my glances or was too absorbed in her electronic world to notice me. It didn’t matter, as long as she was following instructions.

It was close to midnight when I heard her coming upstairs. “Come here,” I called as she neared my door.

“What?” she asked, back to her former attitude. “I’m going to bed.”

“Not until I see another orgasm from you,” I said.

“Come on, I’m tired,” she whined, as if it would make a difference. It didn’t. She sighed. “Fine. Where do you want me?”

“You can use my bed,” I offered. It was made. It was a habit mom had instilled in us since we were kids. If it wasn’t made in the morning, you made it at night. It didn’t matter when. Monica scooted into the middle of it, laid on her back and began playing with her breasts.

“You’re not even watching,” she complained.

“So?” I asked, glancing away from my game and grinning.

She rolled her eyes. I guess she didn’t notice that I could see her in the reflection of my extra monitor. She was distorted, but I could tell if she was doing anything. Every now and then, I turned my head to watch her. She was rubbing her pussy, too. Good. Rubbing her pussy and playing with her titties. It was a fun sight. I waited until I heard her breathing changed before I spun around in my chair to watch.

“Are you going to do anything to me?” she asked, looking hopeful.

“Yes. I’m going to watch,” I said, though my cock was getting hard. She looked disappointed at my answer, but kept going. I crossed my legs so she wouldn’t see my hard-on. I stared, enjoying the view, but keeping my face as blank as possible. She kept looking at me, waiting for a reaction she didn’t get until she arched her back and came.

“Happy?” she asked, her voice a bit breathless from the thrill.

“Happy enough,” I allowed and I nodded at the door. I watched her in the blank monitor. She kept looking at me as she climbed off my bed. When she reached my bedroom door, she stopped and looked at me again. She shrugged and left the room. Perfect, I thought. I rubbed my hard dick and considered playing with myself. I know it sounds stupid when I could have her suck it or when I could fuck her, but that wasn’t my point. I wanted her to know I was in control. I went to bed naked, happy and hard. I was in the same condition when I woke. I pulled on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Soon, only one out of three of those things would be true.

Monica slept late enough I was concerned she was ducking on me. I was about to check on her when she stumbled downstairs, as naked as last night. I approved. “Good morning,” I smiled.

“Fuck you,” she mumbled, giving me the same answer as any other day, except this wasn’t any other day anymore.

“Okay,” I said, standing up and stopping her before she passed the kitchen table. I spun her around, leaned her over the table and shoved down my shorts. My cock needed only a few strokes of encouragement to grow stiff. I licked my fingers, swiped them between her pussy lips and replaced my fingers with my dick. She wasn’t wet but that changed quickly.

“Stop it,” she said.

“It was your idea,” I reminded her. I pounded my way in and out of her pussy, admiring her firm, tanned ass as my hips bounced off of it making hardly a ripple to her perfect butt. I lasted longer than I expected.

“The table hurts,” she whined.

“Good,” I said, slapping her ass. Her pussy had gotten wet. My cock made juicy slurping sounds as I fucked her. The extra lubrication helped. Feeling her pussy contracting around my big fuckstick helped, too. I came inside of her.

“Fucker,” she groaned as I helped her stand upright.

“Yeah, I am,” I admitted, happy. I pulled up my shorts and cleaned my own dishes. She grabbed a paper towel and wiped before sitting at the table with a glass of juice.

“What time is it?”

“Ten,” I said.

“I think Carrie works today.”

“Yeah, she said she’d stop by before work. Are you going to hang out at the mall with her?”

“Am I allowed?” she asked, frost dangling from every word.

“Sure, if you want. No bra, a skirt and no panties.”

“Maybe I’ll stay home.”

“Good. Then I can watch you fuck your ass.”

Monica sighed at her predicament. “What are you going to do once mom and dad come home?”

“I don’t know, I’m sure we’ll work out something.”

“Maybe I’ll get a job this summer.”

“Good,” I said, already imagining all the ways I could fuck with her at work. Her phone chirped and she glanced at it.

“That’s Carrie. She says she’s coming over. Is it okay if I get dressed?”

“Why? She’s seen you naked.”

“What if she brings someone with her?”

“Did she say she was bringing someone?”


“Then no clothes for you,” I said, firm in my resolve.

“You like her, don’t you?” Monica asked.

“She’s fun,” I admitted.

“I think you like her more than that.”

“So what if I do?”

“I don’t know,” she said, putting her dirty dishes in the sink. “Just think it’s funny that you’d fuck your sister in front of your girlfriend.”

“She’s not my girlfriend.”

“Why would she want to be if she keeps seeing you fucking me?”

As Monica went upstairs for a shower, I was left pondering her words. She had a point. Carrie was hot and fun. More importantly, she was bright, too. Too bright for community college. Until these last two days, Monica had separated us. Ironically, it was Monica bringing us together. That’s when a new thought occurred to me. Was that Monica’s plan? If she hooked me up with a girlfriend, might I leave her alone? Especially if my girlfriend knew I was intimate with my sister? If that was her plan, it was a good one. I looked hard for a hole in the idea and couldn’t see one. Oh well, it only worked if Carrie and I became a couple and that seemed unlikely.

Carrie showed up while Monica was still in the shower. I heard her car in the drive and greeted her at the door. Her smile flickered. “You’re not naked,” she said.

“Should I be?”

“I don’t know. You were when I left. How’s it going with Queen Bitch?”

“Pretty good. She needed an attitude adjustment this morning, but I took care of things.”

“Wish I had been here to see it,” Carrie said, tracing her finger across my chest. “So, are you going to get naked?”

“Are you?”

“I asked you first.”

“Who am I getting naked for, you or Monica?”

“Does it matter?” she asked.

“Sort of,” I said.

“Who do you want to get naked for?” she asked, her finger sliding down my chest, across my stomach and over my crotch until she was cupping my balls.

“You,” I admitted, quickly doing the math in my head. That felt like the better answer. Carrie seemed to think so, too. She went up on tip-toes and kissed me. I tried kissing her back, but she went flat-footed and moved out of range. She was playing with me and I didn’t mind.

“Oh, I brought a video for you to watch,” she said, fishing inside her backpack.

“From yesterday?” I asked.

“Yeah, there’s actually two cuts on there, but you only get to watch the first one.”


“You’ll see,” she said. “Hey you!” she called up the stairs. Monica, done with her shower had glanced around the corner before coming down. Seeing only Carrie, she skipped downstairs as naked as when she went up. “Love seeing you like that,” Carrie said. The girls greeted each other with air kisses in the direction of each other’s cheeks. It’s as close as a cheerleader ever came to being lesbian.

“Not much of a choice,” Monica said with a pained eye roll in my direction.

“Can you blame him?” Carrie asked without sympathy. “You set him up, you know that.”

“Thanks for taking my side.”

It was Carrie’s turn to perform the classic, pained cheerleader eye roll. “You get yourself in trouble and want to blame everyone else.” She shook her head.

I laughed and led the way into the family room, accepting the DVD from Carrie. Monica plopped naked on a couch. After putting in the DVD, I sat in the big easy chair with Carrie perched on its arm. I handed Carried the remote and when presented with a simple menu “Track 01; Track 02,” she choose the first one. It was Carrie’s version of Monica’s mysterious videos. The improvement was immediate. Carrie had cut and spliced together footage, deleting the side comments and turned it into a whole that more than any of its parts. Watching her work, I got hard again, really hard. Some of it was because of the content. Seeing my sister prancing around naked and assfucking that big cucumber was hot. Another part of my thrill came from remembering how things had gone yesterday, remembering how I had primed Monica’s ass for the cucumber. But there was a third element that thrilled me, knowing that Carrie had sat in front of her computer for a long time working with the footage. For hours, she had watched Monica fucking and being fucked. She had seen it all. I think the last part thrilled me the most and it showed. I was hard and my hard-on strained against the front of my shorts.

“Looks as if someone liked it,” Carrie said, eyeing the lump inside my shorts. “You should get naked.”

“I’m good,” I lied, determined to show some willpower.

“Aw, c’mon. Don’t I get a show today?” she pouted.

“We could go up to my room and I could give you a private show,” I offered, hoping to put something more together. I had been an idiot yesterday, especially when Monica had been washing Carrie’s car. I had a chance with Carrie that I should have taken.

“But you two make such a cute couple,” she teased, glancing at Monica.

“Shut the fuck up,” my sister groaned.

“I’m serious. I think it’s hot seeing the two of you together.”

“Get naked with me and maybe,” I offered, hoping to turn things into a threesome again.

“Come on, you’re already hard,” she said, rubbing the lump inside my shorts. “Pull it out and make her fuck you or something.”

“I did that earlier. I’m good,” I said, surprised at Carrie’s insistence that I do something with Monica.

“Then why so hard?” she asked, still rubbing me.

“Come on, get naked with us,” I suggested, wrapping my arm around her and planting my hand on her breast.

“No,” Carrie said, squirmed away from me and demanded, “I want to see you naked and I want to see the two of you fucking.”

I glanced at Monica. She looked as surprised as I felt. “Sorry, but I don’t think that’s how this game is played,” I said. “Just because you know the deal doesn’t mean you get to make the rules.”

“I know how this game is played very well,” Carrie said, pressing the play button the remote and starting the second track. It wasn’t as artful as the first. It was more a collage than a unified scene. There was a shot of me wearing shorts, followed by a close-up shot of my hard dick before I opened the front door. I called Monica inside and the shot changed. It showed Monica’s see-thru clothing as she came inside. As I remembered yesterday, she was pissed Carrie was filming, but that wasn’t included. Instead, I was holding Monica against me, cupping her pussy and talking about how wet she looked. She included me telling Monica to “suck it,” followed by close-ups of Monica’s mouth full of my cock. As she blew me, Carrie had used the questions and answers as an overdub. I heard Carrie asking, “You like how Monica sucks your dick?” And me replying, “Yeah, she’s a good cocksucker.” She spliced together other questions. Carrie asking me, “Does Monica know you sleep naked?” And me replying, “Oh yeah.” That wasn’t how the conversation had gone. There was a cut to Monica shaving me, more out-of-context conversation as an overdub and that was followed by me assfucking her as Monica begged for it. Again, out-of-context, but it didn’t matter.

“That cloud idea was a good one,” Carrie said. She saw Monica’s phone sitting on the table. “Can I borrow this?” She didn’t wait for a response. After a few taps, she held up Monica’s screen to me. She didn’t need to press play on the file she showed me. The time, date, description and file size were enough for me to believe it was real. Carrie smiled at me. “Feel like getting naked now?”

“Not really,” I said as I stripped off my shorts and t-shirt. What choice did I have?

“Told you,” Monica said, wearing a self-satisfied smirk as if Carrie’s video didn’t include her. It took me a moment to realize that wasn’t it. She understood how it affected her, but how had her world changed?

“Shut the fuck up,” I said and when both girls laughed, I wondered if this had been a plan I had missed. That idea was forgotten when Carrie shut up Monica’s laughing.

“I don’t know why you think this is funny,” Carrie said, still laughing. “Now you’re screwed twice, because anything your brother doesn’t make you do, I’m going to make you do.”

Monica’s laughter faded as she stared at Carrie, measuring the dark haired woman’s threat and deciding it was real. Being Monica, her first instinct was lashing out. “Making me eat your pussy still makes you a lesbian, too,” she warned.

“Ew,” Carrie said, reminding me of how anti-lesbian the two cheerleaders were. She looked at me. “Apparently she needs some dick. Feel like doing some assfucking?”

“Do I have a choice?” I asked. Yes, I was naked. Yes, I was hard as hell; that’s not something a man can easily turn off around two beautiful women. But the dynamic had changed and not for the better.

“We both know she loves it up the ass,” Carrie said.

“If that’s what you want,” I said, resigned to do her will.

“Come on, baby. Don’t be like that,” she said, sliding close to me again and caressing my hard prick. “Do it. Do it for me. Show that tight-assed bitch whose boss.” She glanced at Monica, “If it is still tight after all the things you’ve shoved up it. You really are a butt slut, aren’t you?”

“Fuck you,” Monica said, unimpressed with Carrie’s new role as blackmailer.

“No, but that’s okay. I know a way to give your ass its fill,” she said, still rubbing me. “Don’t I, baby?” I wasn’t sure what she meant and I guess it showed. “I’m sure we can find lots of guys who want to fuck some cheerleader ass.”

“We don’t need anyone else knowing,” I interjected. “We can have lots of fun, just the three of us.” I moved from the chair towards Monica. “Suck it,” I commanded, pushing my cock in her face and shoving it far enough down her throat to make her choke.

Lee felt totally at ease at our apartment as she surveyed the two bedroom place that my wife Laura and I rented. She had me carry in some bags and selected the master bedroom as her new room telling me she would sleep there. She looked over what we had in the pantry and fridge, and while she indicated she didn’t do much cooking, put together a list of items and sent me out to the grocery store to pick up a few things she wanted.

When I returned she had already removed pictures of Laura and other family members replacing them with pictures of Carl, Wanda and herself. I knew it was of no use to express my displeasure and consigned myself to all the changes she was making in our living quarters.

Lee had instructed me to pick up some Thai food on my way home and I was quickly to become accustomed to her Asian cuisine that would soon fill my diet.

My young mistress could tell I was troubled by the new developments and might even have second thoughts about our new arrangement, giving myself and my wife over to an older couple as their slaves and personally putting my own life in the hands of this young woman who would guide me in the first few weeks of my training.

After dinner, Lee instructed me to strip down completely and to run her a warm bath filled with some oil she had me pour into our garden tub. I was still very self conscience about the CB6000 chastity device which caged my cock dangling between my legs.

Lee undressed in the bedroom and showed no modesty at all as she made her way into the bathroom and eased her legs into the frothy water. Lee was a very pretty 21-year old with silky black hair which ran down the better part of her back. She had an olive tone to her skin and was completely hairless except the hair on her head and her thin eyebrows highlighting her dark eyes.

She had a number of tattoos that decorated her body with a bright green and red dragon on her right side set in colorful flowers along with more colorful flowers on her back shoulder and some type of Asian letters or symbols on her right breast. Lee told me the two Chinese symbols pronounced “nyu nu” actually meant female slave. She had really nice breasts which sat up high and firm on her small frame and were perhaps 36D’s with two very prominent dark nipples that really stood out when she was excited.

Lee provided me with a sponge, pulling her silky hair in a bun on her head, and had me both wash her back and massage her as she relaxed in the warm water. She pulled her leg out of the water and left it resting on the side of the tub as I noticed her professionally pedicured toes with their burgundy polish.

“So, are you Japanese?” I questioned.

“No, Korean,” she laughed off as if my ignorance to international culture was extremely apparent. She looked back at me and seeing my genuine interest replied back, “My family and I are from a small village in Cheongwon. You are curious how I met Carl? How I came to be here?” she replied back, her dark eyes absorbing mine.

When I nodded, she began, “My parents wanted me to have a better life and enrolled me and my sister in an English speaking kindergarten when were very young. They recognized that I had a high proficiency in mathematics. I was educated in classical piano. I began playing piano at three and moved to the U.S. at ten studying at the New England Conservatory of Music.

“You’re kidding,” I said with some emphasis, thinking of the irony this trained musician, the very one I was bathing, was a slave of Carl and Wanda.

“No,” she continued. “While my teachers realized I had a gift, I was also very good with numbers and studied at MIT. I thought for a while I might want to be an architect. While I enjoyed my music, it’s a personal expression and I do not enjoy playing in a public setting. It was at MIT I met Carl. I was interning at a Boston Architectural firm that was working on one of Carl’s projects.”

“I’m not sure what you know about Carl but he has extensive properties, real estate, and resorts in Canada, here, and the U.K. I was only 17 at the time but there was an instant attraction and he and Wanda asked me to come live with them. While I was on a scholarship, Carl provided financial support to my family which allowed my sister and two brothers to also attend University. He still takes care of my family,” Lee added reflectively.

“I went to work for him. He has support staff on the ground at every location but I look over all his books and help counsel him when it comes to his overall financial planning and operations.”

“Wanda cannot have children of her own and neither have close family members. Their parents are deceased and Carl is not close to his brother. So I am now their closest family member. I am officially their adopted daughter. While Carl’s portfolio is invested in several holding companies and fairly diversified he and Wanda have a net worth of $2.7 billion. Does that surprise you?” Lee asked.

I was dumbfounded. Looking at them, there was no doubt they both lived comfortably and had wealth, but I would have never guessed they were billionaires. “You’re shitting me,” I shot back as I fell back a little on the bathroom tile.

“I know, they don’t act like it. Carl is a self made man and doesn’t like all the trappings that come with wealth. But he has several attorneys that work for him whose only mission is to protect his interests and keep his activities under the radar screen.”

“So what you’re telling me is his company, all that he owns, will one day be yours,” I asked.

“I’m telling you I am his daughter. As close to him if he were my biological father. Closer than that actually. I am also his mistress and that of Wanda’s. I love them as much or more than my own parents. I exist to please and serve them. They own me and I know I will be well taken care of… just as Anna will, as well as yourself if you give yourself totally over to them.”

I reflected on what Lee was saying as I ran the warm sponge over her soft skin. As beautiful and exotic as this young lady was, and everything she had just said, I could not get my mind off my wife, and the fact I had given us both to this older dominant couple and their adopted daughter.

After Lee had soaked for some time, she had me dry her and then we both made our way into the den, but not before she had me retrieve her a glass of wine and give her a quick tutorial of our home entertainment system.

Lee had noticed my slight melancholy and depressed state although she drew no specific attention to it. Instead, she retrieved a disc from her bedroom informing me she had something that Carl had specifically required me to watch on our first night together.

She had me sit on the floor by her feet as she relaxed on the couch sipping her wine and using the remote started a disc. In seconds, I recognized the voices and then images of Wanda, Carl, and my wife Laura as they walked around in Carl’s spacious living room. Obviously Lee was filming as Laura was wearing the outfit she had on that first evening we had all met at the restaurant. It was a white top and I had asked her to go braless so her little nipples were pretty prominent, not to mention that the buttons were undone quite a bit exposing much of her small chest.

Laura was wearing a short black skirt and while she had on heals earlier, they were already off as she walked around their home barefooted. Laura was very quiet through most of the video with Carl barking out directives for Wanda to get him a scotch and everyone else a drink as well.

Returning, Wanda handed my wife a glass and began to talk with her, specifically noting her demeanor, “You’ve been pretty quiet all the way over here. You nervous?” Wanda inquired as she swept my wife’s brown hair behind her ear.

“A little I guess. I mean, I’m not sure what to do exactly,” my wife began.

“Sit down,” Wanda patted the seat as she sat on an ivory colored leather sofa. Laura sat beside her as Wanda looked at her for a second before trailing her fingers down her arm. “Earlier tonight when you were talking about how Connie seduced Gary and started having sex with him over that Christmas break at school. You two were pretty much going steady right?” Wanda asked.

“Yes, came Laura’s timid reply.

“But when you found out about them. You weren’t angry were you. Most women would have called it off right there. The humiliation, the indignity of their spouse, lover or boyfriend cheating on them. But you didn’t. You didn’t because deep down you still knew that Gary loved you. This was just sex. You didn’t feel threatened did you?”

“No,” again was the soft reply.

“And later he was actually a party in setting you up with two lesbians. You had never had sex with lesbians before but here was your boyfriend wanting you to experiment… to broaden your sexuality. And you enjoyed that didn’t you?” I watched as Laura, now called Anna by both Wanda and Carl, nodded.

“And he liked it too. Gary was excited watching you have lesbian sex. He got off watching you with Connie, Sandy and the other women. Truth is, he liked watching you have sex with other men too didn’t he?” she continued. My gorgeous wife just continued to nod, knowing she was right.

“It was Gary’s idea to have the threesomes and swap with other couples after you married. Gary’s idea to seek out a dominant couple on the internet. Every step of the way, Gary has wanted to pursue sex with other people. Actually he’s enjoyed watching you with others and he was excited at the prospect of having another man take you this evening wasn’t he?” Wanda reasoned.

“Do you know what men who like that are called Anna,” Wanda asked using her new name, the one they had given her. Anna just looked back somewhat puzzled.”

“They’re called cuckolds,” Carl chimed in, his voice filling the room. “They’re men who enjoy watching their women, their wives having sex with other men, other women. Some like to join in. Most enjoy it when they are consigned to look on, to watch as their partner has sex. Perhaps having oral sex on your more dominant lover or cleaning you up afterwards by going down on you.”

“Having oral sex with you both as a final act of submission. Gary is a cuckold Anna. He always has been. It’s not that he does not want to have sex with you but he’s happiest when he gets to watch you have sex with others.”

I sat there on the floor listening to Carl’s words as he spoke about me. My initial reaction was one of indignation. Of course I enjoyed having sex with my wife. I was no wimp who wanted to watch men fuck my wife because I couldn’t. But the more I thought about it, the more it did make sense.

I did enjoy seeing Laura have sex with others — men and women alike. I did enjoy watchig her on the occasions where we swapped or had threesomes as some guy fucked her and then the cum that eased out of her pussy.

Often Laura did not even say anything as she spread her legs and I took up a position between them savoring the juices of her and her most recent lover. I didn’t consider myself gay but I did enjoy sucking cock and having a woman fuck my ass or even one of Laura’s lovers fuck us both.

Lee had seen how transfixed I was on the TV screen and took her bare foot and lifted the tube of the CB6000. My cock filled the plastic but the curved shaft prevented my penis from obtaining an erection. Her little burgundy painted toes played with my balls as she lifted them lightly with her foot, rubbing her toes down the hard plastic of the CB6000.

I was so excited but I could not get an erection as this young seductress toyed with my dick.

Back on the TV screen, Wanda reached over and slipped her hand inside Laura’s shirt causing Laura’s head to tilt back and her eyes close. While Wanda’s fingers were hidden in the confines of the blouse, I could see they were caressing her pert breasts. She undid the remaining buttons and slowly pushed it off my wife’s shoulders as she moved forward and closed the distance between them.

Wanda’s lips closed over Laura’s as she kissed her softly, passionately. Both of their tongues moved between their lips as Wanda paused only long enough to slip her own top off her head and unsnap her bra which freed two massive breasts. They were 38DD and made Laura gasp as they came into view for the first time.

Wanda pulled Laura’s head over and down to her breast as Laura sucked on the woman’s tit. She was far from being a novice when it came to female love and soon had Wanda moaning as she kissed and suckled at her huge bosom.

In the meantime Carl moved over and began feasting on my wife’s breasts as he sucked and licked her tit. He unzipped her skirt sliding it down her legs. She had removed her panties in the restaurant, so her little brown bush became visible as he snaked his hands back up and spread her legs, moving his head between her thighs.

I could tell that Lee was moving around trying to get the best angles of the camera as she moved slightly to the right so she could zero in on Carl who was now tasting the juices between my wife’s legs as she continued to lick and suck on Wanda’s prominent nipples.

In little time at all, Carl stood up and slipped off his shirt and then his trousers, until at last he removed the briefs and his massive cock came into view. Carl was about 6’2″ and had a very athletic frame with broad shoulders and a chest that belied his regular workout routine. But his most amazing feature was the huge cock between his legs framed by the massive balls that hung down.

Both Carl and Wanda shaved their genitals and their bodies could easily have been mistaken for models.

I saw on camera the first time Laura viewed Carl’s massive cock. Her eyes fixated on it and even though her lips stayed glued to Wanda’s nipple, her eyes could not believe what she was seeing. Her hand instinctively reached out as he stood and closed on the shaft which grew in her fingers. I heard her moan her appreciation as Carl smiled back.

“It’s time Anna. It’s time I took you. That I made that pussy mine. It’s what you want isn’t it angel. You want to feel my cock between your legs, filling you, exploring the depths of your pussy that has never been fucked. That’s what you want isn’t it little one,” Carl teased

“Yes, please give it to me. Fuck me,” she cried.

“You know when I do, you will always belong to my cock. That pussy will be mine and no one else will ever fill it like me. It will be my pussy. It will belong to me. You will belong to me. Is that what you want,” he inquired.

“Yes, I want it. I want to belong to you, I want you to fuck me,” she shot back, now looking right in his eyes as she lay back on the couch.”

I watched as Carl lined his cock up to her vagina, on his knees, he inched in closer as he eased the head in and then little by little moved toward her, his thick shaft disappearing into her lovely pussy. There was a part of me that languished at that moment. I knew then our lives would forever be changed. But at the same time, I felt an excitement watching this man take the woman I loved and her giving herself so completely.

“Oh fuck, yes, that feels so good. Your cock feels so good,” Anna moaned as he moved back and forth, more and more of his shaft stretching out her hole. I watched as Carl locked his arms under her legs, moving her ass up off the couch as he thrust his cock in further. Wanda was kissing her deep on the lips as this couple took my wife.

Lee had seen enough and pulled on my hair, pulling my head to her pussy. I had surveyed her delectable womanhood but had not sampled it as I moved between her legs. Her pussy was shaved bare and I could smell the sweet smell of the scented oil from her bath. Her legs were warm and smooth as my cheeks brushed her soft satin skin and my tongue found its mark.

She cooed softly as my tongue parted her delightful folds and I scooped up the first taste of her young pussy. It was a taste I would become very familiar with over the next year as I licked the juices and tongued her clit. I could hear my wife’s soft moans in the background coming from the DVD as she moaned and urged Carl to fuck her harder, deeper.

I heard him ask, “What’s your name?” “Anna,” she replied.

“Who do you belong to now,” was his retort.

“You, I belong to you and Wanda, to serve you, to be yours. I am your slave, My body belongs to you,” she rambled as he pounded into her.

In the meantime I sucked at Lee’s pussy, teasing her clit with my tongue, drawing it in as she stroked my hair between her fingers. Her soft thighs resting on my shoulders as I licked and probed.

I could hear Carl in the background groaning, pounding my sweetheart’s pussy. “I’m going to cum Anna. I’m going to fill that wet cunt of yours with my hot load. Is that what you want? You want my load baby,” Carl intoned.

“Yes, shoot it in me. Cum in me. Fuck me. Give me your cum,” she cried as she thrust back. I was buried in Lee’s pussy so I heard more than saw Carl climax for the first time in my bride. Their groans filled the room as I heard Wanda encouraging her, telling her to cum, cum for both of them as Carl pumped his load into my wife.

Soon things grew quiet and I thought for a second the DVD had ended but it was only a pause and then round two which must have been filmed sometime later Saturday afternoon.

My wife’s hair, which had been long and brown, was now cut a little shorter, about shoulder length and dyed blonde. Lee told me later that all three of them had taken a trip that morning to a Salon and Spa where Anna was given a make over including the waxing where her pussy was given the smooth look that I had observed when I went by the next day.

I wasn’t sure if Lee or Carl was operating the Camcorder but there was Wanda on the couch again as Anna went down on her. The DVD went on for some time as it showed my wife savoring Wanda’s delicious pussy until Carl came into view and sat on the top of the couch, his feet resting on the cushions as he pulled Anna up in a sitting position and Wanda and Anna traded places.

What my wife did now shocked me as she sat back, Carl almost sitting astride her head as she tilted up her head and took his cock in her mouth. She sucked on it for a few minutes as Wanda licked her snatch. Then Carl took his own cock in his hand pumping his shaft as Anna lifted her face up and planted it squarely in his behind.

My eyes, which had been focused on Lee’s pussy, now was glued to the TV as I watched Anna licking Carl’s ass and balls as he pumped his cock.

“Yea, you filthy slut. Lick my balls, lick my ass. Get your tongue in there good. Show us what a good little slut you are. Lee’s filming us and Garys going to be watching it. Show him how much you love worshiping my cock. How much you love licking my ass. You like being our little slut don’t you,” Carl teased.

“Yes,” came the muffled reply as I watched her snaking her tongue up his backdoor. In all of the time we had been together, she had never done that to me. There had been many occasions I had licked her back there. She loved anal sex both when I fucked her and when I went down on her. But she had never done that — at least to my knowledge.

But here she was licking ass like a whore, her hands pressing on his thighs prying them apart giving her more access to his bunghole.

“Lick my balls and look into the camera. Show Gary what a good little cocksucker you are. My little cocksucker,” Carl commanded.

Anna did exactly that staring at the camera while Lee zoomed in. She had a sultry, possessed stare as she sucked his big balls, trying to stuff them both in her mouth before she inched her head back and began assaulting his ass with her tongue.

She slid her pink flesh back and forward over his crack as he urged her on, “Yea, you’re such a dirty little slut. I knew you would be. Stick that tongue up my ass bitch.”


Mom is off-limits, but Jeremy has a plan to make her accessible again.

There was an error in the original submission process, and only part of the first page got through. This is the full chapter. Sorry.


When I woke, I could tell it was late from how bright the room was. One glance at my clock confirmed it. Almost 10:00 am. What the Hell, it was vacation, I’d earned it.

I hit the head, taking a quick leak and cleaning up. Dad was at work. That meant Mom was available. I had unfinished business with her. I was still worked up after last night’s show.

I headed down the hall, naked, and found her still asleep. That was a first. Mom’s idea of sleeping in was hitting snooze once at 8:00 am. I slid into bed behind her, taking her in my arms. She sighed, leaning into me.

“Morning, Mom. Are we a little tired?” I asked, my hands caressing her naked body.

“Don’t Jeremy, please. We can’t. Not in your father’s bed.”

I kissed her shoulder, pulling the covers back so I could see her. She rolled onto her back, looking up at me through heavy lidded eyes. I kissed her softly on the lips. She returned the kiss lovingly, but with none of the passion I was hoping for. I gazed down at her glorious body, surprised to see she had a hickey on her neck, and several more on her breasts. Dad was marking his territory.

I cupped her tit in my hand, tugging gently on the nipple. She flinched, grunting softly. “Please, baby. Every inch of my body is sore and aching. Not now.”

I caressed her, kissing her cheek. “Let me run a bath for you. It’ll help you feel better.”

She nodded, closing her eyes and turning away from me.

Ten minutes later, I helped her into the steaming bubble bath, putting her bath cushion behind her neck. I left her there, going down to the kitchen and turning on the coffee. I took my time, letting her soak, while I had some cereal. I made her some toast and jam, and brought it to her. She let me feed her in the tub, while she relaxed.

“God, he was out of control last night,” she finally said, sipping her coffee. “I’ve never seen him like that. I feel like I’ve been gang-raped.”

I got her out of the bath, onto wobbly legs, dried her off, and brought her back to her bed. “Relax, Mom. Let me take care of you.” I got her a few aspirin and some water, convincing her to take them. Then I put her on her belly, and gave her a nice gentle massage.

“Massage oil’s in the bottom drawer,” she murmured softly.

I found it, among a drawer full of sex toys. My parents were freaks. “Really Mom? Five, six, no seven different types of dildos? Jesus, I don’t know what half of this stuff is for!”

She chuckled, “Your Dad sure does. I think he went through all of them last night, some of them twice.”

I closed the door, and used the oil to rub her down, extra careful with her rear after she groaned the first time I touched her. Her ass cheeks were bruised. “What happened here, Mom? Did he beat you?”

She chuckled. “No, but he does like to spank me, doggy style, and he has a bad habit of grabbing my ass really tight when he’s hammering me. Probably a little bruised from his fingers.”

I could make out the lines of his fingers, little black and blue bruises evenly spaced on both cheeks, where his fingertips had dug into her skin. Blasphemous. I got some aloe and rubbed it in, hoping the cooling effect would help. She groaned a couple of times, and moaned loudly when I opened her cheeks. “Gentle, baby. I’m horribly sore back there.”

“God, Mom, you’re bleeding! Do you need to go to the doctor?”

“Calm down, Jeremy. It happens. Not too often, but sometimes. It’ll be OK in a couple of days. I’m not bleeding much, am I?”

“No, but I can see some tears at the opening, and they’re seeping blood. What can I do?”

She sighed. “Ice pack, wrapped in a dish towel would help.”

I ran downstairs, making her ice pack, and hurried back upstairs. She was just getting off the phone. “Who was that?” I asked, placing the ice pack between her cheeks.

“Marie,” she said. “I had to cancel our Yoga session.”

I laid down beside her, holding her. “What else can I do, Mom?”

She sighed. “Stop worrying. I’m not made of porcelain. I’m just a little sore. I’ll probably be fine by this afternoon.” She turned and I saw her grimace. “Or maybe not. Be a dear and look under my sink for a tube labeled lidocaine. It’s like a toothpaste tube.”

I found it after a minute and returned to her. “Now what?”

“Now a little bit of privacy, while I take care of this,” she said.

“I can do it for you, Mom. I promise I’ll be careful.”

She sighed. “If it won’t bother you too much, put a little all around my butt-hole, and a little inside. But be very gentle, Ok?”

She moved the icepack away, and I squirted out some of the lotion onto my finger. I caught my breath. It was so hard to believe what I was doing. Spreading her cheeks, looking at that naughty little puckered hole of my mothers. Not any asshole, but Mom’s asshole that had been fucked to shreds just last night. I rubbed it very softly all around her opening like she asked. I got some more lotion and pressed it into her just a bit, making her groan. I stopped abruptly.

“Go on,” she said. “Just be careful.”

I went as slow as possible, easing it into her, up until the second joint of my finger. Holy crap. I had my finger in her ass. I got hard, and nervous. She sighed deeply as I pulled out. I heard her giggle.

“What?” I had to ask.

“Not what I imagined it would be like, the first time I gave you access to my ass,” she laughed. She turned over onto her back, and moved the ice pack between her legs. She grinned, “Your old Mom isn’t so sexy now, is she?”

I reclined next to her, holding her. “You’re the sexiest woman in the world, Mom.”

She reached her arm around me, while I cuddled in close. “I can’t do it, Jeremy.” She said it so softly, I could barely hear her.

“Do what?”

“I can’t be with you. I can’t do it to your father. I promised him last night I wouldn’t.”

“What can’t we do?” I asked, deathly afraid of her answer.

“Any of it. No more blow-jobs, no sex of any kind. I’m sorry.”

I reached out and cupped her breast, gently. “Is this Ok?”

She sighed deeply. “I’ve been thinking about it. If you keep above the waist, I won’t stop you. That includes kissing and touching like this. But that’s it.” She hugged me. “I hope you understand. I love your father. More than ever. It’s not fair to him. He shouldn’t have to share me with you. I’m your mother, not your lover.”

I put my finger over her lips. “Shh. I understand. I do. It’s not fair to him. You get me, I get you, but he has to give up a little of you. I understand.” I kissed her softly, and it grew into a long, warm heavenly thing. “I hate it, but I understand, and I’ll go along.”

She closed her eyes, leaning back and relaxing. “Touch me, Jeremy,” she said softly.

I caressed her upper body, gently, while I showered her with kisses. “I love you so much, baby,” she whispered.

I heard the doorbell ring, and I started to get up to answer it.

Mom grabbed my hand tightly. “I…I know it’s not fair, but please don’t fuck Marie,” she said. “Blow-job if you need it, but please…”

“I won’t Mom. I promise.”

“Penny. Have Penny over, I’ll help any way I can, just not my sister.” She sounded desperate.

“I got it Mom. Aunt Marie’s off-limits. No sex.”

She wouldn’t let go of my hand, clinging tightly. “I’m sorry,” she whimpered, tears rolling down her cheeks. “It’s so unfair to you, all of this. But I couldn’t stand it. I couldn’t. Not her.”

I unpeeled her fingers from mine, leaned over and kissed her deeply, while the door rang again. “I love you, Mom. You. Only you. If this is what you need, I understand. Don’t worry about it.”

I ran down the stairs, skipping every other one, and opened the door without looking out. Speak of the devil. “Aunt Marie,” I said with a grin.

She walked in past me, and as soon as the door was closed, she slid into my arms for a big kiss. “How’s it going, handsome?”

One touch from my sexy aunt, and I was on my way to forgetting all the promises to my mother. She felt so damn good in my arms. No hesitation, hugging, kissing, willingly. Mine if I wanted, without the drama. Crap.

“I’m not bad. Mom’s in pretty rough shape.”

She nodded. “Let me take care of her, then maybe you and I can have a little private time.”

“By the rules?” I asked.

“If you want. I’m willing either way,” she said with a mischievous grin.

“By the rules for now, Ok?”

“You got it. I’ll be back in a bit.”

It gave me a chance to make a phone call that was way overdue.

I dialed the number from memory. “Penny? I’m back from the cabin. I’ve missed you…”

* * *

Half an hour later, Mom was sleeping again, and Aunt Marie and I were naked in my bed, playing. She had an unstated goal. As long as we weren’t allowed to have intercourse, she was determined to turn me into her personal oral love slave. We spent nearly two hours in bed, most of it in careful instruction on what to do, and what not to do. It was a little distracting, but I believe I was learning something that would have enormous value in my future. She also gave me a hand-job and with just a little coercion, a blow-job. I loved it, but was sad to notice the difference between what she did, and Mom. I was right. Mom had spoiled me for life.

That was when it hit me. What if she was serious? What if it was over, and she never sucked me again? Fuck! I’d compare every girl I was ever with to her, doomed to come up short. I couldn’t, wouldn’t let that happen.

When I got hard a third time, I saw that mischievous smile of hers. “God, you have no idea how bad I want to ride that beast,” she said.

I had to laugh. “Are you kidding? I want you so bad, Aunt Marie, I’m dying over here.”

“If you want it, here it is, come and get it,” she said, singing the last part.

“Not going to happen,” I reminded her, giving her nipple a teasing twist. “Not until Mom gives her Ok.”

She sighed. “That could be tough. Once she’s made up her mind, it’s nearly impossible to get her to change it. I still think it’s a miracle your father gets his way with her.”

She climbed out of my bed, and wandered over to the bathroom. “I’ll be right back, honey, and we’ll take care of that big boy who’s being so patient.” She took her time. I almost went to go look for her before she appeared, holding a bottle of lotion. “Ta-Da! Time for a treat.”

She laid down in the middle of my bed, and I watched while she squirted several ounces of lotion between her tits. “Come fuck your Auntie,” she said grinning, holding her tits together.

I straddled her chest, pressing my shaft down into her ample cleavage. She pressed her tits together, making a soft tunnel which I was more than happy to traverse with my cock, repeatedly. It took a little bit to get the mechanics right, but once I had that worked out, amazing.

“Do you like that, sweetie?”

I was breathing hard. “Incredible,” I gasped.

“You going to be able to come for me this way?” she asked.

“Soon. Real soon.”

“Hold them, sugar. Hold my tits, squeeze them, use them to make yourself happy. My tits are yours, now. Now and forever, love.”

I grabbed both, pressing them together, squeezing them tightly, pressing them down around my cock. I moved faster, fucking her tits harder and she squirted more lotion between them, making the going smoother and sexier. It was too much.

“I’m coming,” I warned her.

“All over me, baby. Mark me.”

I groaned, shooting hard, getting her face, neck and tits. She moaned while I squirted on her.

“Perfect,” she said softly, smiling at me. “You like the girls, don’t you?”

I couldn’t help but smile. I rolled off of her, breathing hard. “I love them. Who wouldn’t? You have the best tits ever.”

I sat up. “How the hell do any of those idiot husbands ever leave you.”

She laughed, playing with my cum. “They never leave me, baby. I leave them.” She got up off the bed, looking at herself in the mirror. “You relax, sugar, while I clean up and check on your mother.”

I should have known better. Of course she’d do it in the opposite order, checking in on my Mom, with my cum dripping from her face and chest. I was out of it, but you can bet I heard about it later. She came back and reported Mom was doing well, and encouraged me to practice my learning a while. My jaw was sore, and we both might have been a little less energetic, but I found I liked it just as much, lying comfortably between her legs, letting strategically placed pillows hold us in place, and lapping away at Aunt Marie’s moist pussy, no hurry to accomplish anything but show her how much I loved and adored her. Her body let me know she appreciated it.

After Aunt Marie left, and my chewin’ out from Mom for ‘pushing boundaries’ e.g. titty fucks, I still had the last of the butchering to finish. Dad and I had finished the lion’s share the previous day, but I was still slow compared to the old man and it took me a good part of the afternoon to finally finish. Heading into the house, I was stunned to find Mom dressed, chatting with Penny in the living room.

I was filthy so I kept my distance. “Hey gorgeous, you been here long?”

“No, I came downstairs when I heard the doorbell,” Mom answered with a teasing grin.

“Mom! You know I was talking to the other gorgeous girl. I know how long you’ve been here.”

Penny grinned. “Only about 15 minutes or so. Your Mom was sweet enough to keep me company.”

“Can you give me another 10 to get cleaned up? I’m a mess,” I asked, my hands pointing to my old t-shirt which was sweaty and stained.

Mom answered, “Take your time, sugar. Penny and I have so much catching up to do. I don’t think we’ve had a good sit down since you guys went to Anderson together.”

Back in middle school, when I still shared many of the details of my life with Mom. “I’ll be back in a flash, I promise.”

I hurried upstairs and took a quick shower, spending a couple of extra minutes cleaning up, brushing my teeth, putting on deodorant and cologne, all that good stuff. I think it was still under 15 minutes when I walked into my bedroom to get dressed.

Penny was laying back on my bed, waiting.

“Your Mom said it was Ok to wait for you in here, if you don’t mind. She’s doing some baking.”

I was naked, and embarrassed to be standing there in front of her, while she was totally dressed. I considered grabbing my clothes, when she patted the bed beside her. “Come join me, Jeremy. We should talk.”

If I was expecting a big sordid sex scene, I would have been disappointed. We really did talk. Talk about our futures. My leaving to go to college 3 hours away. Penny staying behind, going to the Community College for her first year, making up some remedial college math. We talked about our relationship, where it was, what the summer meant, what the future might hold in store.

It wasn’t all talk. I got her shirt off, and we relaxed in each other’s arms, both agreeing that what we had was great. I confessed that I’d hoped for more in terms of intimacy, and she admitted she was holding back, afraid of being judged, or even abandoned after giving in to my advances.

“I wasn’t your first blow-job, was I?” she asked, reaching down and caressing my hard cock, which didn’t realize we were having a serious discussion.

“No, but you were the best,” I told her.

She chuckled. “That seems unlikely. I have no idea what I’m doing.”

I reached up and brushed her hair back, before bestowing a small kiss on her. “It’s like Dad says, attitude is 90% of the job, and with you it’s not like I’m torturing you. You actually seem to enjoy it.”

She had her hand wrapped around my cock, stroking it slowly. “That’s what your Dad says, huh? Kind of weird family discussion.”

I nodded. “You have no idea. We’ve always been pretty private. Ever since Dad and I started hunting together, things opened up a little. This weekend, all the walls came tumbling down, and it seems like there’s nothing we can’t talk about.”

She raised her eyebrows, then gave my cock a tight squeeze. “Is that how come your Mom knows so much about our love life?”

“That, and the fact that Mom and Dad saw the pictures on my phone,” I confessed, fearful of that iron grip down below.

“Jesus, Jeremy! You promised!” She looked mortified.

“I know. I’m sorry. Once Dad found out about it, he couldn’t wait to show Mom. They were so excited for us. Believe me, I caught a lot of shit for not spending more time with you this summer. I was just so confused about where our relationship was headed, with the big changes a few weeks away.” I pulled her closer and pressed my lips to hers softly, tenderly, letting her feel my appreciation of her. “Mom thinks you’re the greatest. You’re the only girl she’d let me have in my room like this. And Dad, well Dad thinks I’m an idiot for not doting on such a gorgeous girl.”

She grinned shyly. “Really?”

I nodded. “Mom was comparing the pictures to their first time doing it. It was pretty weird.”

She laughed. “I imagine. I’d just die if my Mom talked about her first blow-job.”

“Yeah, and then Dad said, and I quote, ‘I can’t believe you’re not hitting that. She’s a cutie.’”

She giggled. “God! Do you guys always talk like that? What did your Mom think?”

“I’m not sure you want to know,” I teased, working to get her bra off.

“Right. You can talk about anything with your Mom and Dad, but you can’t share with me, your girlfriend for the last year?”

Our hands were getting busier, and I think she liked all the crazy talk. “She suggested I have you over. She promised me all the privacy I needed and said I could have you in my room. She says that in the pictures you seemed to like what you were doing. That girls who like it tend to get good at it. I should work with you on it.”

“Now I know you’re pulling my leg,” she said.

“Not at all. Dad swears that Mom gives the most incredible blow-jobs in the world, and that in twenty years or so, he thinks you could be almost as good.” I grinned, looking to see how she’d take that.

“Twenty years! I doubt it would take that long. What do you think?” she asked quietly.

“I think I’d like to find out how good you can get. We could learn together.”

She suddenly looked shy. “Would it be slutty if I told you I did like it? A lot?”

“No. I don’t think my Mom’s a slut, and apparently she loves it.”

“What about if I admitted there’s a lot I’d like to do before you leave for college? Stuff I’d like to do with you.”

“I think it would be incredible. I just feel so strange, going away. You don’t think our relationship can last long distance, do you?”

She shook her head. “I think once you’re gone, we’re pretty much done. I haven’t wanted to think about it.”

I nodded, hugging her close. “I know. God, it’s going to be hard leaving. But it wouldn’t be fair to either of us.”

She nodded. “I’ll tell you what. How about if we’re not seeing anyone seriously, whenever we’re both home together, we can still get together. Give us some hope for the holidays and for the summer.”

“I’d like that. I love spending time with you, I’m sorry I’ve been so wishy-washy this summer.”

“We should have talked it out. I guess I should thank your parents for that.” She abruptly laughed.


“This is so weird! For the last couple of months, sometimes I felt like all you wanted to do was find somewhere private and get me to suck your dick. Now we’re here, alone, privacy ensured, your dick is hard and waiting, and I’ve told you I like sucking, a lot. Yet all we do is talk.”

“Penny, I’m dying to feel your lips around my shaft. But even more, I want to open up to you, completely. I want to know that what we’re doing is good for both of us.”

“That’s nice. Now can you take a hint? I like sucking. A lot.”

“Can you get naked with me?” I asked.

She looked at me intensely. “I’m not sure I’m ready to go all the way.”

“I want to see you. That beautiful body I fantasize about. When you’re done blowing me, I’m going to return the favor.”

She blushed. “I wasn’t expecting that,” she said shyly.

I pulled her close, and kissed her deeply. “Go clean up in the bathroom. Take your time until you feel comfortable getting back in this bed with me, naked. Then you and I are going to spend from now until dinner learning from each other.”

She grinned. “Is that an order?”

“Will that get you in my bed naked for the rest of the afternoon?”

“Your wish is my command.” She kissed me, running her hand over my cock, while she climbed off the bed. “I won’t be long. Don’t get started without me.”

The saucy girl dropped her shorts on the way, disappearing into the bathroom wearing only her panties. When I heard the shower start, I threw on some shorts and headed downstairs.

Mom was in the kitchen when I got there. “Taking a break already?” she teased.

“We’ve just been talking. Mostly about where things were going with us. It was good.”

Mom nodded. “That’s great. Penny is a darling girl. She likes you a lot.”

“How are you feeling?” I asked her, headed for the fridge.

“Much better, thanks baby. The nap and the bath helped a lot.”

I was getting bottles of water for both of us. “Things are about to heat up,” I confessed. “I have some thirsty work ahead of me. She’ll be staying for dinner, by the way.”

Mom walked up and put her arms around me. “Damn. If I hadn’t promised your father to behave, I’d get your first load out of the way, take the edge off, so you could take your time with her.”

“Jesus, Mom! If you’re not going to do it, don’t talk about it. You’re driving me crazy!”

“Do you need a condom?” she asked.

“Not yet. We’re not going all the way now. We’re just going to play with each other a while.”

She sighed. “God, I’m so jealous of that young girl.”

“How do you think I feel, after watching the performance you put on last night for me.”

She grinned. “Did you like it? I tried to give you a sexy show.”

I took the waters in hand, and gave Mom a quick kiss. “I can’t be thinking about that now, or I won’t last 10 seconds in Penny’s mouth.”

As it was, I didn’t last more than about 2 minutes between Penny’s accommodating lips. At least the first time. Once that was out of the way, we both learned how much better it could be with time to relax, privacy, a comfortable setting, and all our concerns openly talked about.

She had told me she liked sucking, and her actions matched her words. She seemed to have a blast getting me hard the second time, giggling and teasing until I was stiff and ready for more.

“This is so cool, Jeremy, watching you go from soft to this. You always start so hard. The change is amazing, feeling you stiffen in my mouth, thickening, filling me.”

“It’s pretty damn sweet on this end, trust me. You like?”

She sucked me once, deliciously. “I love it.”

She played around, trying different things, responding to my reactions, changing things up. She did a lot of licking and kissing, all up and down my shaft. Sucking on the head, stroking with her hand, taking me to the back of her mouth, struggling to take me deeper and deeper, gasping sexily, before laughing.

“I can do it,” she growled.

“I don’t doubt it.”

She sat up, looking at me. “Do you like it? Really? Is it good, or is it just that having any girl’s mouth on your cock is a turn on?”

“Penny, you are doing an incredible job. I swear, it’s amazing.”

“Make sure you tell me if I do anything wrong, or if anything could be better,” she said, back to licking my shaft. “How else am I supposed to improve?” She gave me a wink, and I groaned.

She was sucking me steadily, her mouth and hand working in tandem, up and down, up and down, making great progress. I was getting harder and more excited.

Until Mom walked in. Penny damn near bit my cock off, squealing. I grunted painfully.

“Never mind me, kids. I just brought you a snack. Dinner’s going to be late. Your father has to finish something up in the office.” She walked beside the bed, setting the plate and drinks on the bedside table, watching us with a smile on her face.

Penny had started to pull away at first, but I had held her head in place, my cock pressed against the back of her mouth.

Mom reached over and smacked my hands away. “Don’t do that, Jeremy! Never! That’s not how you treat a lady. I thought I’d raised you better than that!”

Penny pulled off of me, obviously embarrassed, drool leaking from her lips. She was grabbing at the bed sheet, trying to cover herself up.

Mom helped, pulling the sheet over her. “Don’t be shy, honey. It’s a beautiful thing you’re doing.” She stroked the girl’s side. “He’s behaving, I hope.”

Penny looked up, nodding mutely.

Mom leaned down and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to embarrass you, I only wanted to make sure that everything was Ok.” Mom took the edge of the sheet, and wiped Penny’s mouth.

Penny nodded. “It’s wonderful.”

Mom chuckled. “That’s all I needed to know. Can I get you kids anything?”

“A little privacy, Mom?” I reminded her.

“Sure, you’re happy enough to watch me go down on your father, but you’re not willing to share?” Mom pouted.

Penny gasped. “You’re kidding! He watched you?”

Mom settled back onto the bed, caressing Penny’s covered leg. “Jeremy’s father can be rather demanding on occasion. I interrupted a conversation they were having last night, and I guess he thought I was teasing a little too much. So he had me blow him right there, on the patio, with Jeremy sitting this close,” she said, nodding toward my proximity.

“God, that would be so embarrassing,” Penny confessed.

Mom nodded. “It was, at first. I couldn’t believe that he would do that. In front of my boy. But then, once I got into it, I’m not ashamed to say it was a little exciting, showing off what I could do, making his father squirm for me. When Jeremy pulled my hair out of the way, for a better view, his touch alone set me off. It was incredible.”

Penny had uncurled a bit, leaning against me, looking at Mom. It gave me a chance to play with her perky breasts a bit. She seemed utterly fascinated. “I would just die if Mom or Dad saw me doing something like this.”

“Like what?” Mom teased.

Penny grinned. She turned and put her mouth over my cock which had softened a little. She sucked me hard, wiggling her head, freeing me with an audible ‘pop’. “Like that,” she answered.

Mom giggled, reaching out and brushing her hair back. “You like doing it, don’t you? Like me.”

She nodded. “I love it, Mrs. Davis.”

“Alice. Call me Alice, honey. Why would you die if your Mom or Dad saw you?”

“I just would! It would be horrible!”

“They’re just people. You’re Mom is a girl like us. She knows all about this stuff. I’m sure she’s delivered her share of blow-jobs.”

“But she’s my Mom!” Penny said.

“She’s a woman. Your Dad probably wouldn’t mind at all. I don’t know a man alive who doesn’t love a good suck, and they seem to enjoy watching them almost as much as receiving them.” She turned to me. “You enjoyed watching Mommy suck your father, didn’t you Jeremy?”

“Incredible, Mom,” I confessed.

“But he’s my Dad!” Penny said.

“He’s a man, baby girl. They’re all just men. Especially when they’re hard, and you’re naked.”

“This is really weird, Alice,” Penny said.

“I understand, sweetie. I’ll leave if you want me to. Do you want me to leave now?”

Penny looked back at me, then at Mom. “I, uh…”

Mom interrupted. “I’d like to stay. I’d like to see you do it. Blow my boy. Suck him for me. I’m his mom, I can’t, but I’d love to see you do it.”

Penny looked at me.

“Suck me beautiful. Get me off, so I can do the same for you.”

She glanced back at Mom, pulled the sheet back around her body, and took me in her mouth. I groaned. I couldn’t believe she was doing it. Sucking me, with Mom watching. Mom didn’t say anything, sitting quietly, running her hand over Penny’s shoulders, while my girlfriend sucked me diligently. She was almost working at it, no longer playful.

Mom kissed her on the shoulder. “Don’t make a job out of it because I’m here. Have fun. Enjoy it. Tease him. Don’t do this for me, do it for him, and for you.”

Penny looked back at Mom, pulling her mouth off of me. I saw her grin, and fun Penny was back, licking and teasing, looking up at me, kissing my cock, sucking playfully.

Mom couldn’t leave well enough alone, rubbing Penny’s shoulders, holding her hair back out of the way. She scooted in closer, leaning over my girlfriend, the sheet that was covering her slowly falling by the way. Penny had been laying sideways, but she scooted over between my legs, looking up at me, while she sucked me wildly. She was fully naked, on her knees, pleasuring me.

Mom stretched out on the bed beside us, her face only a few inches from where Penny was playing. She kissed my hip bone, and I heard a moan escape Penny, who was watching her intently.

“Make him come for us,” Mom said softly. “Tell him what you want.”

Penny pulled up gasping. “Come for me, Jeremy. Come in my dirty little mouth, while your Mom watches us. Show her how I make you feel.”

She started sucking me for real, hand pumping away, my cock disappearing deep into her mouth.

“Fuck, Penny, I’m going to come,” I gasped.

“All over my pretty face,” she said, her hand a blur on my shaft.

I groaned, unable to hold back. “Oh GOD!” I shouted, exploding, shooting my cream across her nose, cheeks and mouth. She was giggling, pointing my cock at her face, opening her mouth, licking me as my shots faded, rubbing my cock against her cheeks. She looked at Mom, sucking my cum off my cock, before using it to clean her face some more, and licking me clean again.

She was grinning wildly, obviously pleased with herself. Mom reached out and ran her finger along Penny’s chin, cleaning her up, then slipped her finger into Penny’s mouth. Penny sucked Mom’s finger, closing her eyes. Mom cleaned her again, from beside her eye, and then brought the finger to her own mouth, sucking it clean.

Penny moaned, taking Mom’s finger back into her own mouth. “God, that was hot, Alice.”

Mom leaned in and pressed her lips softly against Penny’s. “Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this. I won’t forget it.” She brushed Penny’s hair back, and kissed her on the top of her head. “You’re a lucky man, Jeremy.”

I laughed. “You don’t have to tell me. That much I know.”

Mom got up, straightening herself out. “I’ll leave you two alone now. I won’t bother you again until dinner’s ready.”

Penny jumped up and gave her a hug. “Thanks, Alice. That was wonderful. And you can come back any time.”

Mom hugged her back. “I can’t. I don’t trust myself. I want you to do for him what I can’t. Can you do that for me, honey?”

Penny nodded. “I’m going to drive him crazy for you.”

Mom grinned. “I won’t hold you up any longer.” She leaned forward and gave Penny another small kiss on the lips. Those kisses were killing me. “He’s ready for more. I better go before he explodes,” Mom said, nodding toward where I was laying, stroking my latest hard-on.

Mom left us, and Penny and I enjoyed a couple of chocolate chip cookies and milk, laughing that Mom still treated us like kids as far as snacks were concerned. Penny was teasing, playing with my cock, while I kissed the cookie crumbs off her mouth.

“You’re Mom’s a little wild, isn’t she?”

I nodded. “I never thought so until recently. But the last few days, definitely.”

“She wants you,” Penny said.

“I think it’s the idea of having me, seeing me with you, that’s has her this way. She and Dad are very happy together. They have a great sex life.”

“And you know this because..?” she teased.

“They both have told me so. They’re very openly affectionate. And loud, when they’re in their room, especially when they forget to close their door.”

“No shit? Wow, in my house, you’d never know that Mom and Dad had any kind of relationship at all, except they share the same bed.”

“That’s kind of sad, isn’t it? I think it’s great that Mom drives Dad crazy, and he adores her. You know, he turned down her kid sister for her.”

“Your Aunt Marie?”

“Yep. When they were dating, Aunt Marie actually climbed in the shower with him naked. He turned her away for Mom. They’re friends, lovers and partners in everything. I only hope I’m so lucky in love.”

She leaned in and kissed my lips. “You’re going to be lucky in love today,” she said, before lowering her head back into my lap.

“Hey! It’s supposed to be my turn,” I reminded her.

“When this guy stops coming back for more, you can do what you want. As long as it’s hard, it’s still my turn.”

“That’s not fair,” I told her, pulling her hair back so I could watch her. “I may have to wait days for my turn. You drive me crazy!”

“Exactly like I promised your Mom. Now hush up and enjoy. I don’t want to hear anything from you but moans and groans, and advice on how I can do you better.”

I sat back and let her pleasure me again. It took a long time, but she was patient and playful, and ever so generous with her attention. “Could you move over here next to me, so I can touch you while you do that?” I asked.

“Would you like that? Fondling me, playing with my titties, touching me down there?” she asked, crawling sideways and moving her body sexily for me.

“I’d love it.”

“Grope away, handsome.”

I touched her, caressed her, running my hands over her smooth skin, squeezing her butt cheeks softly, sliding my finger down her crack, before exploring her pussy. She’d never allowed me access to it before, and I was going nuts. Finally I couldn’t take it any longer. I lifted her up, making her squeal and giggle, then lowered her over my face, straddling my head.

“God, you’re beautiful,” I said, looking at her cute little pussy, swollen lips, small little opening. It didn’t look big enough to slide a finger in, never mind my whole cock.

She had her mouth around my shaft, working hard. I licked her, parting her lips with my tongue, smelling her, tasting her for the first time. It was so damn exciting, it was pushing me over the edge.

“Oh fuck,” I groaned, erupting in Penny’s mouth suddenly.

She sucked me dry, and kept on sucking while I put a little of what I’d learned with Aunt Marie to use. It was working, and she was moaning continuously, her head resting on my thigh while my mouth and active fingers had their way with her.

She got excited very quickly, and I thought she was going to come for me, but although it was easy to bring her to the edge of orgasm, it was difficult to get her over. She continued moaning and groaning, wriggling wildly. I did everything I could, licking and sucking, fingering and poking. I had my lips over her clit, teasing it gently, when I nudged a finger against her back door. She moaned loudly, her legs trembling, and as I eased it into her rear, she finally went off, screaming out, coming hard.

I let her down easily, licking her gently, until she was relaxed, lying on me, gasping.

She climbed up off me, turning around and lying on me again, bringing her lips to mine. “My God, Jeremy! That was incredible!”

“You think so?” I teased, kissing her pretty little lips that had done so much for me.

“Fuck! I’ve never come like that. I was on edge so long, driving me crazy, and then boom! Wow. I can’t believe we wasted a year. We could have been doing this all along!”

I laughed. “I guess we have some catching up to do.”

I grabbed her around the waist, and rolled over with her, loving the way she giggled for me. I slid down between her legs, kissing her. “You have the prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen, and sooo sweet. I love the way you taste and smell,” I told her.

“Really? You don’t just do it for me? You really like it?”

“Do you like sucking?” I asked her.

“Hell yeah,” she chuckled.

“I love going down on you. Getting you off makes me feel amazing.”

She pressed my face down into her crotch. “Show me.”

I did, taking my time, enjoying learning about her, tasting her, fingering her, seeing what she responded to. She was very vocal with what she liked, thankfully, and it wasn’t long before I pressed all the right buttons and had her coming for me again, screaming out my name, giving me goosebumps.

We laid in bed together, naked, holding each other, talking about it. What we’d done, what we’d liked, and why. Penny giggled abruptly. “Your Mom would have loved that.”


“Seeing how you got me off. That was fucking amazing, Jeremy. A-mazing.”

“It’s all you beautiful. Trust me.”

“How did you learn to do that?” she asked, obviously curious.

I’m sure I blushed. “That’s a story for another day. I had a very good mentor.”

“Now you’re killing me. Who?”

I leaned over and kissed her softly, nibbling her bottom lip. “I promised not to tell. Sorry.”

“You promised to keep my pictures private,” she reminded me. “You owe me.”

She had her hand on my cock, stroking and tugging, slowly bringing me back to life. “Let me take some more pictures of you doing that, and I’ll tell you.”

“Sure, and this time the pictures will probably end up on the internet,” she said, poking me.

“No, I promise. Nobody will see it except for you, me and my family.”

“Your family?”

“Mom and Dad. Dad would just die. It’s not going to take you any twenty years to catch up to Mom, and I want to show him.”

“You’re kidding, right? You want to show him pictures of me going down on you?”

“No. A video.”

“Video! Now I know you’re nuts.”

I kissed her chin, her jaw line, licking teasingly, “You’ll never believe who taught me how to go down on a girl, and where.”

She jabbed me. “You fucker. You had to go there, didn’t you? Is it really a good story?”

“The best. You’ll have to swear on your life never to tell anyone. I’d be killed for sure.”

“And the video, you promise only us and your parents?”

“I promise.”

She grabbed my phone from the bedside and passed it to me, before climbing down between my legs. “It better be a damn good story.”

“Ready, Jeremy? Let’s see what I can do for you.” She turned to the camera. “Hope you enjoy the show.” It was at least a 15 minute blow-job, and I was going crazy, both from what she was doing, and who was going to watch it. I was afraid I was going to run out of battery. She was learning me, and as I got close, she rose up, looking into the camera. “Hey Mom and Dad, he’s about to blow for me,” she said stroking my cock, smiling. “Normally I’d suck him dry and swallow every delicious drop, but I’m going to let him come on my face for you.” She looked at me, “Warn me, Ok?”

“God, Penny!” I groaned.

“Goddess Penny,” she giggled, before taking me back in her mouth. She sucked me and stroked me, quickly bringing me to the edge. “I’m close,” I warned her.

She climbed off the bed and got on her knees. “Come for me, Jeremy. Shoot all over my face for Mom and Dad,” she moaned.

I followed her, stroking my cock. I stuck it back between her lips, fucking her sexy mouth for a few more seconds, before pulling out. “Fuck,” I groaned, keeping the camera focused on her face as I blew my load. I got a couple of good shots on her, before she opened her mouth and I finished between her lips, letting her suck me clean.

“Am I pretty, Jeremy? With your cum all over my face, marking me, making me yours?”

“You’re beautiful, Penny. Fucking incredible.”

She used her fingers to clean her face, sucking them clean. She scooped up some of my cream and held her fingers out to the camera. “If you were here Alice, I’d let you clean them for me.” She sucked them herself. “I’d let you lick my whole face clean.”

She giggled, looking away from the camera. “Oops. Now look what I’ve done! Time to start all over again. Sorry, this one’s all mine.” She blew a kiss at the camera.

I wasn’t really hard, although I was getting there. “You are a naughty little tease, aren’t you?”

“Happy? I did my best for you. Now I think you owe me a story.”

“Let’s shower together, and then get back in bed, and I’ll tell you everything,” I told her.

“You’re not trying to trick me?”

“No. I want to hold you, relaxed and comfortable, and tell you an amazing tale.”

She took me by the hand and lead me to the bathroom.

We bathed, washing each other, learning more about our bodies, drying each other off, before collapsing back into the bed. I plugged my phone into the charger, getting a grin out of my girlfriend. I gave her one of the water bottles, snacking on the last of our cookies.

“Stop delaying, Jeremy! I did my part.”

“Yes you did. The story’s good, but I think it’s fair to say that no story is as good as what you did for me.” I chuckled, pulling her close and kissing her. She was a little resistant to start, then she got into it. “Don’t judge, Ok?”

“I won’t.” She crossed her heart, bringing my attention back to her pretty perky breasts.

“We never meant for it to happen, I swear. It was an accident really.”

“Jeremy, stop stalling,” she whispered, kissing my shoulder. “Tell me, or I’m cutting you off.”

“I’m not stalling. I need you to understand, I never intended…”

“Jeremy!” she snapped.

“It was my Aunt.”

Marie?” she asked, eyes open wide in surprise.

“The very one.”

“Oh my God! That friggin’ sex goddess? Are you fucking her?” she asked.

“No. Don’t get ahead of yourself, Ok? Let me tell you a little tale.”

She leaned her body against mine, legs entangled, while I told her a partial accounting. I explained about Aunt Marie and me always being close, playful, teasing. I told her about the lake, seeing her tits, and motor-boating her boobs afterward.

“In front of your Mom?” she asked, her hands wandering over my body as much as mine were on hers.

“Yeah. Not the smartest thing I’ve ever done.” I described the Jeep, trying to get it loaded up, and having Aunt Marie sitting on my lap in the backseat, in our own little world, half dressed, and her more than a little drunk. Two long hours. Two hours of magic.

The story evolved, as I explained what we did in the backseat. I avoided the entire second half of the trip, letting it sound like it ended after the blow-job. I did include some salacious details, like the sexy underwear she wore for me, and their true meaning, as well as her declaration that we couldn’t fuck there, in the Jeep, with Colin in the front seat.

“Fuck,” she murmured softly. “Marie. Those huge tits. She really let you come in her mouth? Jesus, Jeremy.” She had her hand back on my cock, tugging on it gently. “Pretty amazing. But when did you learn the rest?”

“Mom found out. No, that’s not right. Marie told her, and Mom had a fit. She laid down the ground rules. I wasn’t allowed to have sex with Aunt Marie. She did agree to let me continue playing with her.”

“No fucking way.”

“Yep. With fucking prohibited, Aunt Marie wanted to make progress on the oral front. I wasn’t going to argue with her.”

I told Penny about Marie teaching me, starting the day before, and was a little ashamed to explain the last lesson was just a couple of hours before she’d arrived. “Mom and her sister have some issues, and she was adamant about drawing the line at sex. Intercourse. I wasn’t going to fight it, since oral was still allowed. Both ways.”

“Holy shit! You got more blow-jobs from her? This morning, before I arrived? Now I feel like an idiot. How can I compare to that?”

“I’m not going to lie. It was incredible, mostly because of who it was, and where it was. Coming in her mouth in the back of the Jeep with my parents in the front seat? Fuck, that was intense. Then more of the same yesterday and today. Mind-blowing.”

“I bet,” she said, sounding a little down.

“Time for another secret.” I told her, tilting her chin up so she’d look at me. “You’re better. You weren’t the first few times, but today? What you did on camera? Fucking amazing.”

“You’re just saying that,” she pouted.

“I swear on my life. Much better than Aunt Marie. She’s done me a few times, and she’s good, but it’s like she’s doing me a favor. The way you do it, the way you look at me, knowing you want me to come for you, not to get it over with, but because you want it, want me. Jesus, Penny, it’s fucking incredible!”

“You really think so?” She was kissing my chest, teasingly.

“I don’t have that much experience, but I swear, nobody before you was half as good, and even Aunt Marie can’t hold a candle to you. I love that naughty, teasing little mouth of yours.” I didn’t mention my experience with Mom, of course.

“Good, because you’re going to be getting a lot of it. All you want, and then some.”

I pulled her on top of me, kissing her. How had I waited this long? Dad was right. She was so doable.

I heard the knock on the door. “Kids?”

“Come on in Mom,” I said, wrapping my arms around Penny who was kissing my neck.

“God, you’re bad, Jeremy,” she whispered, squirming in my grasp, sliding her legs outside mine, and grinding against me.

Mom entered, taking in the scene. “Oh, Jeremy! I don’t want to interrupt your first time,” she said. I was jealous of Mom’s view, standing at the end of the bed, getting an eyeful of Penny’s spread legs.

Penny turned to her. “We’re just playing now, Alice. No sex yet. Just the most amazing oral. Jeremy’s very talented.”

I pulled her head close, whispering in her ear. “She doesn’t know ALL about Aunt Marie,” I said.

“So it sounded,” Mom laughed. “I’m so happy for you two. Why don’t you clean up and get at least somewhat presentable before dinner. Not that Harold would mind that outfit you’re wearing, Penny.”

Penny giggled, sliding off me to the side. “This old thing?” she said writhing beautifully, running her hands over her body. “I’ve had it forever. Not half as nice as yours, I imagine.”

Mom laughed. “No, honey. It’s quite beautiful. Too beautiful. My husband gets a look at that, and I’ll be walking bowlegged for weeks.”

“Now that’s something I’d like to see,” Penny said.

“Walking bowlegged, or getting there?” Mom teased.

“Both. Especially the getting there.”

“No way, wild child,” Mom laughed. “And here I thought you were a sweet innocent girl, safe to leave my boy with.”

“I was. I think you and your boy are changing that.”

“Any regrets?” Mom asked.

“Hell no! This is the most amazing day of my life. I hope it just keeps getting better and never ends.” She climbed out of my bed, grabbing a t-shirt off the stack on top of my dresser, and slipping it on. “Presentable?” she asked.

“Panties. We don’t want to leave stains and puddles everywhere we sit.”

She pouted. “Mine are already soaked through.”

Mom took her by the hand. “Come, we’ll find something for you.”

I watched them leave, stunned. Mom was going to give her panties to wear? Holy fuck. I put on a shirt and some light knit shorts that would do little to hide any action below the waist. I ran a comb through my hair and headed downstairs.

Dad was sitting on the couch, sipping a beer. He smiled when I walked in, and held out an open one for me. “Sounds like things are working out between you and Penny. Noisy little thing.”

“Newsflash Dad. It’s not going to take anywhere near 20 years. It might not take 20 days.”

He grinned. “I’m glad you think so. I wouldn’t bet against your Mom. You haven’t seen even a hint of what she can do when she puts her heart into it.”

He was sitting in his favorite chair, and I scooted to the end of the couch nearest him. “You might have been a little hard on Mom last night,” I said quietly.

His face took on a dark look. “Are you really going to tell me how I should treat my wife?”

I shook my head, knowing I was treading on thin ice. “No Dad. Never. But Mom would never say anything. She couldn’t even get out of bed this morning, and she was bleeding from her bottom.”

His eyes got hard. “How the fuck would you know that?”

“Aunt Marie had to come over and take care of her. I helped Mom into the bath when she couldn’t even walk. She slept all afternoon.”

Dad looked a little concerned. “She seems fine now,” he said, taking a drink from his beer.

I nodded. “She loved it, and would never complain. You know that. I’m letting you know how she was this morning. What you do with that information is your own business.”

Mom and Penny came downstairs, while I finished talking to Dad. It was clear they’d taken a little time to clean my girlfriend up. She looked gorgeous wearing my t-shirt. Her hair was brushed back, a little makeup on, her perky nipples pushing through the thin material of her shirt. She was barefoot, and her legs were perfect.

Mom looked almost as good, tight shorts accentuating her amazing ass, a simple tight shirt showing she was going braless as well. Mom’s beautiful, but the way Penny was almost dressed? Sexy as hell.

Dad called Mom and over, and she sat on his lap, cuddling up to him. I smiled and patted my own legs. Penny curled up in my lap, leaning her head on my shoulder.

Dad pulled Mom’s head down for a long kiss, then leaned back, looking at me and my girl.

“Kiss me, Penny.” I said softly.

“Here, now?

“Now. Like you mean it.”

She brought her lips down to mine, tentatively at first, then more passionately. Her legs unfolded, stretching out, and I slid one devilish hand between her thighs, teasing her. I felt the material of Mom’s panties, curious as to which they were. While our tongues dueled, I eased the bottom of the t-shirt back to her hips, and opened her legs a bit, giving my parents a teasing view.

Penny moaned in my mouth, moving her lips to my neck, nibbling on my ear, while I gently rubbed her between the legs, teasing.

“They can see,” she whispered nervously.

“Of course,” I told her, biting on her ear lobe and giving it a tug. “Can you imagine what it’s doing to Dad, seeing you in Mom’s panties?”

“Oh, God! Jeremy…” she moaned.

I closed her legs, straightening out her shirt, and pulled her back for a quick little kiss, hugging her. “You’re right Dad. I was a friggin’ idiot not to be giving her all my attention.”

He chuckled, his hand inside Mom’s shirt. “It’s part of growing up. We all make mistakes. Smart men learn from them. I’m proud of you.”

Penny was blushing hard, my hand fondling her tight little butt cheeks, out of view of the parents.

“My boys ready for dinner?” Mom asked. “I imagine at least one of them has built up quite an appetite.”

“Starving, Mom,” I confirmed.

Penny nodded. “Me too, Alice. It smells great.”

“Help me set the table?” Mom asked, climbing off Dad’s lap gingerly. Dad gave her butt a squeeze, and watched her cringe. I saw the look of concern on his face. “Alice. Come here.”

Mom turned backed to him. “What, dear?”

He pulled her close, reaching his hand around her bottom. “Are you alright?”

“Just fine,” she said.

“Be honest with me,” he said sharply.

She sighed, sitting back in his lap. “I’m a little sore. Nothing terrible.”

“Was Marie here, taking care of you?” he asked.

Penny was watching the interplay as intently as I. My hands were being bad, feeling her up more than was reasonable, with the parents only a couple of paces away.

Mom blushed. “Yes. I just needed a little help getting going this morning. I’m fine now.”

Dad gave her a squeeze. “I need to know these things, baby.”

She nodded. “There’s nothing to be concerned about. Really. I’m fine. Up for anything.”

She whimpered, when Dad moved his hands between her legs. “Up for anything?”

“Always. I’ll never say no to you.”

“I know,” he said. He eased her off his lap, helping her to her feet. He stood, pulling her into his arms, kissing her deeply, his hands gently caressing her bottom. “Feed me, woman. I’m starving.”

Penny climbed off my lap, but not before I could steal another quick kiss. I got up and followed Dad to the table, where Mom and Penny were serving up the food. Lasagna, one of my favorites, and a huge mound of garlic bread.

While we stuffed our faces with one of Mom’s better concoctions, Mom caught Dad up on our relationship progress, with Penny volunteering additional details when needed.

“Penny says she made a movie for us,” Mom told Dad, teasingly.

“Alice!” Penny chuckled. “That’s for after I’m gone, Ok?”

Mom had more cookies for us after dinner, after which Penny and I excused ourselves back to my room. “I only have a little while,” she said, pulling off her shirt. “I told Mom I’d be home by 10:00.” She laid back on the bed, dressed only in Mom’s tiny panties.

I moved between her legs, nibbling on her through the soft material. She giggled. “This is awfully naughty, Jeremy. Wearing your Mom’s panties while you’re doing that.”

It was. Naughty and exciting. Knowing where they’d been. I licked her crotch, tugging at the cloth with my teeth, pushing the material into her. I slid my tongue along the sides of it, teasingly, probing underneath the edge. I imagined I could taste Mom on them, wondering if they’d been clean when Penny put them on. Kind of hoping they weren’t.

I pulled the crotch aside, sliding my tongue along her slit. She moaned sweetly, while I started working on her.

Once I had her squirming for me. I turned her over, lifting her butt up nice and high, pulled the panties to the side, and got back to work, teasing and playing with her, licking and nibbling. It was fun, she was fun, and I couldn’t get enough of her, moving her around, doing my best to pleasure her as thoroughly as possible.

She was still very vocal, crying out loudly when she came. I was bringing her to her third big orgasm, when I saw Mom open the door carefully. She pushed it wide, winking at me, then walked away. I went after my sweet toy aggressively determined to get her off big. She was moaning and whimpering, twisting under my ministrations.

I could feel her trembling, once again on edge, hanging there eternally, gasping and crying, begging me to finish her. I held her down, fingering her, sucking on her clit, teasing her butt-hole.

“Fuck,” she groaned, her body tense, her thigh muscles turning to stone. “FUUUUCK!” she screamed, exploding for me, trembling uncontrollably, her fingers in my hair pulling hard. She kept coming for me, relaxing for only a moment, then going off again, her legs clamping down on my head. “JEREMY!” she cried out, her body arching, so beautiful in that moment.

I licked her gently, rubbing her softly, soothing her, bringing her back down. She was gasping, breathing hard, her body still shivering. “Jesus,” she groaned, her hands caressing my head. “That was crazy.”

Penny climbed on top of me, kissing me hard. “Why the fuck did we wait this long?” she asked.

I hugged her. “I’ll have to plead stupidity.”

“God, we have so much catching up to do,” she said, sliding down my body, taking my cock in her hand. “Remind me to thank your Mom and Dad,” she said, before taking me in her mouth.

“I think your little video will be quite a nice thank you.”

She smiled for me, my cock deep in her mouth, the corners turning upward sweetly.

“We’re going to have to do this a lot more,” I told her, brushing her hair back for a better view.

Her only answer was to struggle to take me deeper, gagging, until I felt my cock slide into her throat for the first time. She looked up at me, as she pushed her head forward, her nose pressing into my pubes.

She slid back and forth a few times, before pulling off completely. She was grinning hugely. “Yeehaa! I knew I could do it!”

“Fucking amazing, beautiful,” I told her.

She sucked me hard, teasing me. “Still think it’s going to take twenty years to catch up?”

“Hell if I know. I don’t have all that much experience here either, and watching Mom doesn’t compare to feeling this. All I can say is that you’re incredible. The best, Penny.”

“It’s only gonna get better. Now give me my present. I’ve earned it.” She slid me back into her mouth, working on me, her hand stroking in tandem with her hot, teasing mouth.

I watched her, getting closer, eager to fill her mouth one more time. She was so pretty, so willing, so eager. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to have found her.

I saw some movement and looked up. Mom and Dad were both peeking in the doorway. Mom saw me looking and put her fingers up to her lips, shushing me. Dad gave me a thumbs up. They had a hell of a view, my pretty girlfriend almost naked on her knees, her butt pointed at the doorway, clad in Mom’s sexy panties, while she went down on me.

Dad grabbed Mom’s head, and pulled it down to his waist. She opened his pants and pulled his hard cock out, sucking him. She turned her head, her eyes glancing over at us, while she blew him.

“Jesus,” I gasped. I tried to hold back. Fought it with my heart and soul. I thought I stood a chance, until I looked up again and saw Dad pressing Mom’s head into his waist, his entire cock down her throat. Penny chose that moment to once more confirm she could do the same. It was too much. “I’m about to come,” I warned everyone. Penny looked up at me, taking the head of my cock in her mouth, while she stroked me rapidly.

I groaned, letting the feeling roll across me, as I stopped resisting and fired off inside Penny’s hot little mouth. She stroked me, milking me, while she sucked me dry. When I finished coming, she grinned and opened her mouth, showing me her prize, before swallowing. I looked up and saw the doorway was empty, and the door almost closed.

Penny climbed up the bed and gave me a tangy kiss. “I do have to go. I’m already late.”

“This has been wonderful,” I told her.

She climbed off the bed, pulling up Mom’s panties, before she finished dressing. I grabbed a pair of shorts and a shirt, getting presentable. “I’ll walk you home.”

She gave me a hug. “Thanks. It has been fun, hasn’t it?”

I squeezed her back. “Beyond fun. Incredible.”

She grinned. “For me too.”

I walked her the few blocks home, giving her a kiss on the doorstep. “See you tomorrow?” I asked.

She grinned. “If you want.”

“I’ll give you a call. I definitely want to.”

She kissed me again. “I bet you do. More practice?”

“More time with my amazing girlfriend, who, like an idiot, I’ve been neglecting far too much this summer.”

“I’ll be expecting that call.” She gave me a last peck, before heading into her house, twenty minutes late. I hope her parents wouldn’t be too irritated.

At home, Mom and Dad were waiting for me in the living room. Mom was wearing a teasing little nothing of a nightgown. She ran to me, giving me a big hug. “Spill, baby boy.”

I laughed. I pulled my phone out of my pocket, cuing up the video. “This is for you and Dad,” I told her.

Mom took it and ran to Dad, planting herself in his lap. I watched her start the video, and heard Penny’s voice, getting louder as Mom turned up the volume. “Hope you enjoy the show,” I heard her say.

I got up and went to the garage, returning with a couple of beers, since it looked like Dad was dry. I opened his, passing it to him, peeking over Mom’s shoulder. I was torn between checking out the video, and Mom’s cleavage.

“Talented,” I heard Mom say, chuckling.

“Damn, son, she’s a keeper,” Dad said.

I put my arm around Mom, giving her a squeeze, watching the video with them. Damn she looked good, my cock filling her young mouth. Mom and Dad didn’t comment much on the first viewing, watching Penny give her best, and obviously enjoying what she was doing. I heard both my parent’s breathing speed up. Mom’s nipples were hard. I could only imagine how hard Dad was.

Hey Mom and Dad, he’s about to blow,” we heard her announce. I watched her bring me to the edge, the camera shot getting wobbly when I climbed off the bed, following her, taking a last few strokes in her mouth before bathing her face in my cum, and watching her clean herself.

If you were here Alice, I’d let you clean them for me. I’d let you lick my whole face clean,” she said to the camera.

Dad managed to tear his eyes off the video long enough to look at Mom, questioningly.

“Mom stopped by to drop off snacks and offer encouragement,” I told Dad, giving Mom a peck on the cheek. “Totally hands off. I kind of told Penny that I got to watch Mom blow you last night, so she thought it would be kind of cool to let you see us together. She’s a tease, isn’t she?”

Dad nodded, starting the video over. “You’re sure she’s new to this?”

“Completely. You saw what the other picture was like. Trust me, it was easy to tell a couple of months ago. Today? Wow, like a whole new girl.”

Mom was leaning into Dad. “Atmosphere, baby. No back of the car, uncomfortable, worried someone might walk in on you, awkward BJ. On a bed, relaxed, naked, in the privacy of your room; it frees her, sets her loose.”

Dad gave Mom a squeeze. “Not that there’s anything wrong with the occasional public BJ, with the excitement of getting caught, huh Alice?”

Mom blushed. “I’m sure I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Dad grinned. “Of course you don’t. Just like having an audience can’t be a hell of a motivator to do your best either.”

Mom giggled. “Depends on the audience.”

He pulled her close for a kiss. A long passionate one. It felt odd, with me sitting on the arm of his chair, my arm around Mom’s shoulder, while he kissed her like that, his free hand reaching down and fondling her bottom.

When he came up for air, I spoke, while I had the chance. “Dad, I want to get a decent video camera. Something with better lighting control and easier close-up focusing.”

He grinned at me. “Do I want to know what for?”

“I think you know what for. With high-resolution, image stabilization, and better auto-focus. Wouldn’t you like to see that video on a 60″ screen? Without the shakes, and dark moments?”

“What’s something like that cost?” he asked.

“I think around $300.”

He whistled. “A lot to pay for a simple BJ video,” he said.

I laughed. “Trust me Dad. It’ll be worth it. How about it?”

He looked at Mom. “Family camera, right? Your Dad can use it if he feels the urge,” she asked.

“Family camera. Anyone can use it.”

She turned back to Dad. “I have no problem with that.”

Dad nodded. “Use your Mom’s credit card. Don’t go crazy though.” He didn’t even look up from the video.

Mom was watching it as well. “Don’t you love the way she keeps glancing up at him, those big blue eyes looking all innocent?”

Dad groaned, and I could see Mom was rubbing between his legs. “Alice,” he murmured almost desperately.

She slid down between his legs, rubbing her face against his hardness.

Dad looked up at me. “Your Mom’s going to blow me now,” he said. “You’re welcome to stay and watch. Pick up some pointers for your cute little girlfriend.”

Mom looked up at him. “Again?” she asked nervously.

Dad stroked her hair. “I’ll be gentle tonight. I promise.” He lifted his hips, and Mom pulled his pants down, freeing his thick erection.

I moved to the side. “Need another beer?”

Dad smiled, while Mom licked his cock. “Sure. That would be nice.”

I rushed out and grabbed two beers, returning to find Mom with most of Dad’s cock down her throat. The old horn-dog was holding the video next to her face, watching both at the same time.

Mom gave us a hell of a show, and I was surprised to find Dad ready to come by the time I was about to do so on camera. “On your face,” he gasped.

She leaned back, and he stood up.

Hey Mom and Dad. He’s about to blow,” I heard Penny say as Mom took Dad back in her mouth. He grabbed her head and starting fucking her face roughly.

Come for me, Jeremy. Shoot all over my face for Mom and Dad.

“Fuck,” Dad groaned, pulling his cock out of her mouth and stroking it fast, while she posed for him, mouth open wide, waiting.

Am I pretty, Jeremy? With your cum all over my face, marking me, making me yours?

“Alice,” he gasped, his hand a blur. He grunted and shot his load, splashing her face, before finishing in her mouth.

Mom took his cock in her mouth, sucking him.

If you were here Alice, I’d let you clean them for me. I’d let you lick my whole face clean.

She leaned back, pulling off Dad’s cock and showing her empty mouth. She reached up and scraped the cum off her cheek, sucking her finger clean.

Dad watched her, no longer paying attention to the video. “Would you do it, Alice? Lick her face clean?”

Mom grinned. “From his cum?” she said with a nod of her head toward me, “Or yours?”

“Either,” he said, his voice catching.

“Both,” Mom told him, scraping her other cheek clean and sucking her fingers. “Only if it was Ok with you.”

Fuck, that was hot. “It’s Ok by me,” I said.

It seems like they’d almost forgotten about me. Dad looked over and laughed. “I’m sure. So what do you think? Your girlfriend have a chance to catch up to that?”

Mom was grinning, leaning in and licking Dad’s cock teasingly.

“Maybe not yet, but you have to admit, she’s a hell of a learner.”

Dad laughed, pulling Mom’s face onto his cock. “I’ll give you that. She’s a pretty little cocksucker, and looks eager enough to please. That’s worth a lot.”

Mom watched me, still sucking Dad. I was getting seriously jealous, and hard as a rock.

“I…I think I’m going to go upstairs now,” I told Dad, watching Mom taking him deep. I was sitting on the couch next to them. Mom got up, pushing me back on the couch. She sat on my lap sideways, giving me a kiss.

“You didn’t enjoy the show?” she asked teasingly. “Didn’t learn anything?”

I adjusted her in my lap, embarrassed. “I think I’m enjoying it too much,” I confessed.

She turned in my lap, facing forward, pressing her ass down into my crotch. “I thought you liked me sitting in your lap. You certainly did last time.”

Dad walked over to us, standing between my feet. He pulled Mom’s face forward, and she took him in her mouth. He reached out and pulled the straps on her shoulders down her arms. Her top slid down, exposing her tits. “That’s much better,” he said.

Mom was rubbing her ass against my cock, moaning beautifully. I held her hips, pressing against her. I slid my hands down her thighs, rubbing her legs, sliding to the inside of her thighs. Dad was grinning, watching his hot little wife, my sexy Mom, blow him.

Mom opened her legs for me, and I eased my hands higher, pressing against her panties.

“Uh-uh,” Dad said, staring down at me. “Let’s keep it above the waist.” I was suddenly nervous. He grinned. “She’s a little sore today.”

I moved my hands upward, placing my hands on her breasts, watching for my Dad’s reaction. He grinned at me. “Your Mom’s a pretty hot number, wouldn’t you say?”

I pinched her nipples, tugging on them. “The hottest woman I’ve ever seen.”

He smiled, holding Mom’s head and fucking her face aggressively. “Your not as dumb as you look.”

I kissed Mom’s bare shoulder, feeling her tight ass clenching around my cock. “I get my brains from the hottie. I get my looks from you.”

I bit down on her neck, and she moaned around Dad’s cock, her body shaking as she came for us.

“You like our boy holding you, while I fuck that sexy mouth, don’t you?” Dad teased Mom.

She pulled off his cock, gasping, staring up at Dad. “I need more, Harold. I need you to fuck me,” she gasped.

He grabbed her head, and stuck his cock back in her mouth. “Soon, Alice. I promise.”

I was playing with her tits, squeezing them, playing with her hard nipples. Biting on her shoulders, I saw one of Dad’s markings and I smiled, sucking her skin hard. My hickey was going to obliterate his.

Mom’s ass was going to town against my cock. Her butt-cheeks were tensing, teasing me, squeezing my staff.

Dad held up my camera, replaying the Penny video. He turned it toward me. “We appreciate this. I appreciate it.” He brushed Mom’s hair aside, looking down at her. “It doesn’t make up for everything, but it’s a hell of a nice start.”

I released Mom’s skin, giving her neck a nibble. “I know Dad. I’m sorry we went behind your back.”

He nodded. “I know. Coming clean helps.”

“I’m going to keep making it up to you Dad. I promise.”

He grinned. He pulled Mom off his cock, and slapped it against her cheek. “Kiss your boy goodnight, Alice.”

Mom turned in my lap, throwing her arms around my neck. She kissed me hard and deep, her tongue exploring my mouth. “That was sweet, making that video for us. You had a good time today?”

“Jesus, Mom. It was an amazing day.”

“Even after Penny left?” she asked teasing, kissing my lips softly, grinding against my stiff cock.

“Especially after she left.” I looked up at Dad. “I am so fucking jealous.” I squeezed Mom’s tit, making her moan.

“You should be,” Dad laughed. “Although Penny’s a sweet little alternative.”

He pulled Mom off my lap, hugging her. “This one’s mine, Jeremy. I hope you can accept that.”

I stood, my cock sticking out in front of me, aching. “I understand Dad.”

“Good.” He turned her around, facing me, reaching down and grabbing her breasts, squeezing them hard, making her groan. “I’m going to take this hot little piece upstairs and fuck her like she needs.” He tugged on her nipples, and she squirmed deliciously. “Don’t worry, I’ll be easy on her tonight.”

I grinned. “Good. Give her what she needs. Give her one for me too.”

He chuckled. “You do the same with Penny.”

“I will. I’m going to fuck her soon. I’ll make sure to get us a nice video.”

“You’d do that for us?” Mom asked.

“For Dad. Sorry Mom. He gets to choose if he’ll share it with you.”

She rubbed her ass against him. “That’s fine. I know how to get him to share.”

I laughed, bending over and kissing her. “I’m sure you do. Now go upstairs and give him a thank you for me. He deserves it. He’s the best man I’ve ever known, too.”

She gave me a hug. “I love you, Jeremy.”

“Love you too, Mom. I love you both.”

I turned and ran upstairs. Couldn’t let Dad see me gettin’ all sappy. The whole ‘I love you both’ was pretty much over the line as it was.

I listened to Dad make love to Mom, both our doors wide open. I stroked myself easily, imagining taking a turn on Mom myself. I heard her cry out, and Dad’s chuckle. “That one was for you, Jeremy,” he called out.

I got myself off, one last time, barely hard enough to manage it. It had been a pretty intense day. I could still smell Penny on my sheets. She really was amazing. Not Mom, but hell, nobody was.

* * *

I woke with Mom’s arms around me, kissing my shoulder. “Time to get up, lazybones. Daylight’s burning.

I turned and found myself holding a naked Mom. She pressed her lips against mine briefly. “Breath of death,” she whispered.

“Sorry. I wasn’t expecting company.”

She rolled back on the bed, stretching, letting me see her beautiful body. “God, Jeremy, last night was incredible.”

“You two had a good time?” I teased, fondling her breast.

“The best. He was so loving, so gentle, and still, when I needed it hard, he gave it to me.” She arched her back, pressing her breast into my hand. “It was all about me last night. It was wonderful.”

“You deserve it, Mom.”

She turned on her side, her hand on my chest, looking at me. “You don’t mind that I talk to you about it?”

“I love it Mom. I’ll never get enough of hearing how much you two love each other.”

She smiled. “You really love your old man, don’t you?”

“Of course. Almost as much as I love you.”

“You never say it.”

“Mom! We’re men. We don’t have to say it. We know.”

She leaned in and kissed me warmly. “That video of Penny. I don’t know if you can understand how much that meant to him. The way she sucked you, talking to us. Doing it for us. Openly sharing it with him.”

“That part was her idea,” I admitted.

“You owe her one.” She moved against me, throwing her leg over mine, kissing me warmly. “Your Dad is very private. Much more than me. What he’s doing, letting you watch us, it’s not like him. We’ve never done anything like that. We’ve never been swingers or fooled around. We’re enough for each other. Sharing that video, it’s intensely personal to him. He couldn’t stop talking about it last night.”

“This whole thing is intensely personal to me, too. I would never do this for anyone else. I wanted Dad to see those pictures of her. Nobody else.”

“Is this because of the car ride?” she asked.

“Partly. What we did was so incredible.” I pulled her close, hugging her. “Life altering. Doing it behind Dad’s back, was the worst thing I’ve ever done. I’m going to make it up to him.”

She pressed her lips to mine, kissing me slowly, her tongue exploring my mouth. I caressed her soft skin, reaching down for that amazing ass, letting it fill my hands, cupping it, feeling the firmness. Jesus, what an ass.

I reached lower, feeling between her legs. She stopped kissing me, and pulled my hands upward. “The rules haven’t change Jeremy. I might bend them a little, letting you fondle my butt, but you can’t go any further. Keep it above the waist.”

“You climb into my bed naked, and tell me that?”

She glared at me. “I could leave.”

I pulled her close and hugged her. “No. Please. I’ll be good. I promise.”

She kissed my neck. “I’m not trying to tease you, Jeremy. I just love being with you like this. If it’s too much, I’ll understand.”

“No Mom. It’s not too much. I can deal with this.” I went back to fondling her sweet ass. “You guys were bad last night. Dad made you come so loudly, and then yelling out that one was for me.”

She giggled. “You have no idea, Jeremy. He was so naughty. He made me act like his Mommy, and pretended it was you fucking the living daylights out of me. I had to wear a blindfold and everything. Sucking that big cock while he called me Mom, begging for it. Such a rotten bastard. He made me come so hard I thought I was going to pass out.”

“Seriously? He pretended to be me?”

She giggled. “That was the one that was for you. Literally. I almost screamed your name. I had to be Penny afterward. He came in my mouth so damn fast. I even cried when he took my virginity.”

“Mom! Really?”

She wriggled against me, nibbling my shoulder. “What did you expect, after that video?”

“I don’t know. Not that!”

She sat up, pressing her naked crotch against my hardness, grinding against me. “Please, Mr. Davis, we really shouldn’t,” she said in a little girl’s voice. “Ok, just the tip, for a second…No, Jeremy will never know. I won’t tell I promise.” She rose up, holding my cock against her, rubbing it between her wet pussy lips. “Oh, God! It’s too big,” she whined, pushing it against her opening. “So big,” she gasped, pressing it inside. “It’s stretching me too much. I can’t. We have to stop.”

She grabbed my hands, and put it on her hips, then started wiggling. “No, Mr. Davis. We can’t. That’s enough. I can’t take any more,” she begged in that high-pitched teasing tone, meant to imitate my girlfriend. “Yes, I promised, but I didn’t know,” she whined. “No! Please, don’t make me take it all. It’s impossible. You’re so huge. Not my first time!”

She settled down onto my cock about halfway, groaning. “Stop. You have to stop. It’s tearing me open. Please. I…I’ll blow you. I’ll suck you so good. Even better than her. We have to stop. At least let me get used to it.”

She had her hands covering mine, still on her hips. Moaning, while she rose up and down on the last few inches of my cock. “It hurts too much. We have to stop. No more!” she cried out, sinking a little further. “God, Mr. Davis, you’re killing me. Please stop. Please. We can do something else, anything else. Whatever you want. Please.” She leaned over pressing her head against my shoulder, fucking herself with most of my cock.

“Yes, it still hurts. Too much,” she whined softly. “Oh FUCK,” she groaned. “Stop! You’re really hurting me. You’re way too thick. Let me suck you, Mr. Davis.” She paused, about half-way down my length. “Mrs. Davis?…Yes, she’s pretty…Uh-huh, very pretty and sexy. Of course I’d kiss her for you.” She slowly slid off my cock, sighing. “Oh God! Thank you.” She hesitated at the tip, driving me crazy. “Down there? Kiss her down there? Oh, no! I couldn’t.”

She slammed down on my cock, crying out loudly. “Ow! No more! I’ll do it. I will. I promise. Whatever you want. Whenever you want. You just have to stop.”

She started pounding down on my cock, screaming. “No! You promised! You’re destroying me! Don’t! Don’t come in me! I’m not on the pill. I’ll get pregnant! You have to stop.”

She sighed, groaning, “So big. You fill me up so much.” She got quiet, riding me slowly, taking my whole length. I moved with her, thrusting into her, listening to the whimpers and soft moans. “A…little better,” she murmured, kissing my chest. She had stopped her own moving, letting me pound into her. “No, it’s Ok, a little longer, but you can’t come in me.” Mom pushed my hips down, riding me gently. “Yes, that’s better. It still hurts a little. Oh, God! Not so deep, please, it hurts at the end. Yes, like that, that’s better. Much better, thank you.” She gasped, grinding against me. “Do you like that, Mr. Davis? Being my first? Stretching out my poor virgin pussy to fit your huge cock?”

It was too much, Mom fucking me like that, pretending to be Penny. “I’m going to come,” I warned her through clenched teeth.

“No, Mr. Davis! Not inside of me. I’m not on the pill, and it’s the worst time of the month. You can’t!” She rode me fast and hard, grinning, driving me crazy. “Please, in my mouth. You can come in my mouth. Just don’t fill my poor virgin pussy with your nasty cum.” Mom was breathing hard, digging her fingers into my flesh. “God, yes…Alright? Yes, I want your cum. Your nasty hot burning cum all the way up inside of me, making me pregnant. Give it to me, Mr. Davis. Gimme.”

I grabbed Mom’s hips and slammed into her, filling her just as she’d begged. I don’t know if her orgasm was real or part of her game, but it was huge. “FUCK!” she screamed, slamming her hips down and grinding against me.

She laid down on me, settling all the way down. “You were so mean, Mr. Davis,” she said softly kissing my chin. “You said just the tip. That was a huge tip! What if I get pregnant?…You’ll keep me? Promise?” She kissed my lips. “Again? What if they come home?…You will? You’ll make her lick me? Ok, one more time. But that’s it. You promise, right?…Mmm. Good. Thank you Mr. Davis. Can I call you Daddy?…Yes, thank you Daddy. Fill up my poor little pussy again. Give me your baby, Daddy.”

She rose up on her hands, looking down at me with a wicked grin. Mom was back. “That one doesn’t count, you understand. That was naughty little Penny, not your sweet Mom. Right Jeremy? It didn’t happen.”

I pulled her down and kissed her. “Of course Mom. You’d never do anything so evil.” I thrust up into her, still hard.

She smacked me on the chest. “Enough. You know our rules. That’s not allowed.” She lifted up off of me, my cum draining out of her messily. She turned sideways, licking up the pooling mess. “One moment, Ok, while I clean up poor Penny’s face.” She licked me for more than a minute, sucking me clean, even going down on me for a while.

She finally sat up blushing, and laid down next to me, quiet.

“Good thing Mom wasn’t here,” I said softly. “Just me and my naughty girlfriend, playing.”

She gave me a squeeze. “I’m sorry, Jeremy. That was wrong of me. Can we pretend that didn’t happen? I’ll never be able to explain it to your father.”

“Mom, nothing happened. You told me a naughty story. That’s all. I’m not going to do anything with you behind Dad’s back.”

She hugged me tightly, almost painfully. “Win me, Jeremy. You can win me from him, I know. I don’t know how, but he’ll share me with you if you do. Win Mommy, baby.”

“I will Mom. I promise. I’ll figure out a way.”

She kissed me softly, making a face. “Clean up, and brush your teeth, whatever you do. I’ll get your breakfast for you.”

She climbed out of my bed, so beautiful, my cum running down the inside of her thighs. She turned at the door, watching me as I got out of the bed. “I love you, Jeremy,” she said softly.

“I love you more, Mom. You’ll see.”

* * *

I made the call to Penny, and she agreed to go shopping with me. I wanted her there when I bought the camera.

We had a great time, and I found it so comfortable to be with her, holding her when I wanted, giving her the occasional kiss. Patting her bottom. We didn’t talk much about the previous day. The future was what mattered at the moment.

I took her to look over the cameras, and she was definitely curious. “Do I want to know what that’s for?” she asked.

I grinned teasingly. “You know what it’s for.”

She blushed. “I didn’t say there was going to be another one.”

I turned and kissed her hard, surprising her. “You’re last one was Academy Award winning. You were an enormous hit.”

She leaned her head into my shoulder, “Not here, Jeremy. Please. Don’t embarrass me.”

“Of course not. Help me pick out the best one. I want image stabilization so the picture isn’t so shaky, and easy to use zoom and close-up, and really good auto focus.”

We played with the cameras, taking practice pictures. She was getting into it, teasing me. We eventually found the one we both liked best. It was almost $400, a bit more than I’d told Dad. I was willing to pay for the difference if needed.

I broke out the camera and filmed her eating lunch. She was shy at first, then started teasing me, playing with her food, sliding her fries between her lips, licking them, moaning in pleasure.

“Jesus, Penny. You keep that up, and I’m going to have to do you in here.”

“They really liked the video?” she asked, grinning shyly.

“Holy shit. I had no idea.” I leaned forward, my voice little more than a whisper. “After they watched it the first time, Dad made Mom blow him while he watched. He held the picture right next to her head, and at the end, he came all over her face, just like in the video.”

She was clearly excited, squirming in her chair. “You watched them?”

“Oh yeah. That bit, when you told Mom you’d let her lick your face clean? I swear it almost gave him a heart attack.”

“Twenty years to catch up?” she asked, grinning slyly.

“I told them it wouldn’t take twenty days. Dad’s still not completely convinced. Not that you’re anything less than spectacular, but Mom’s just that good.”

“Jesus, Jeremy! How good is she?”

I shrugged. “Looks pretty damn good. Dad’s the expert.”

She pushed her tray away. “Things are good between us now, aren’t they? Better than ever. I know you feel it, too.”

I nodded. “Everything feels so right, being with you. Wandering around with you, no weirdness, no uncertainty. It’s wonderful.”

She grinned. “I know, right? I’m happy now. Really happy. Thank you.”

We dumped our trays, and I took her in my arms. “Forgive me for being so stupid for so long?”

She kissed me softly. “If you’ll forgive me.”

“Done. I love you, Penny.”

Her eyes opened wide. “Oh, Jeremy. I love you too. So much.”

I held her for a long time. She finally pulled away. “You’re going to make me late again. I told Mom I’d be home by 2:00, we have an appointment.”

“Can I see you later?”

“I’ll be over as soon as I can. Probably around 6:00. Dinner?”

I nodded. “And dessert.”

* * *

I dropped her off at her door, getting a nice long kiss before she left. “I love you,” she whispered softly.

I was surprised at myself for saying it first. I didn’t love her like Mom, or even like Aunt Marie. What I felt for her was different than anything else I’d ever felt before. It was good, and real, and if it wasn’t love, it was as close as I’d ever been.

Which made me feel just a little bit guilty when I grabbed my phone.

“Aunt Marie? Would it be Ok if I came over for a while?”

“Give me about twenty minutes, alright handsome?”

* * *

Aunt Marie answered the door wearing the sexiest thing I’d ever seen. Lacy and transparent, it barely covered her at all, and what it did cover was more accentuated than hidden.

I took her in my arms and kissed her. She was so damn hot, those big tits of hers begging for attention.

“The afternoon is ours, sugar,” Aunt Marie said. “Come play.”

I followed her into her bedroom. I’d been there many times before, but never like this. It took on a whole different meaning. The huge 4 poster king size bed. The dresser mirror and closet mirrors both visible from the bed. The thickly padded pillow top mattress, beautiful bedspread, turned down on one side, the smooth satin sheets. I got hard just thinking about it.

Aunt Marie took my bag from my hand and put it on the bed-stand. She started unbuttoning my shirt. “Rules?”

I nodded. “The same. For a little longer.”

She kissed my chest, pulling the shirt off, and dropped to her knees, opening my pants. “We could bend them a little. Nobody would have to know,” she said softly.

I ran my fingers through her hair. “Like you wouldn’t tell Mom,” I said.

“Not if you don’t want me to,” she answered, pulling my pants down to my ankles and helping me step out of them.

“I wish I could believe that,” I said.

She slid my boxers down, freeing my hard cock. She took it in her hand, and stroked me once, then took the head in her mouth for a quick, easy suck. “I can keep a secret, Jeremy. I can. Ask your Dad.”

Ask Dad? Shit.

I pulled her to her feet, and hugged her again. I tilted her chin up and kissed her softly. “I love you so much, Aunt Marie.”

“I love you, Jeremy. As much as I’ve ever loved anyone.”

I opened up the bed, and pulled her in with me. “Tell me about you and Mom. Everything.”

She tensed up, suddenly nervous. “What did she say?”

“A lot. Everything about your past. I want to hear it from you.”

She bowed her head. “I can’t, Jeremy. Please don’t ask me.”


She heaved a huge sigh, leaning against me. “I’m ashamed.”

“I love you. You know that. I know what you’ve done. Now I want to know how we’re going to make it better. Once and for all.”

She pulled out of my arms, lying back on the bed, her hands covering her face. “I don’t know if we can. I wish we could. I do.”

“We can, and we will. I’ll help. I’ll do everything I can. So will Dad. First, you need to tell me everything.”

She turned to me, cuddling in. “Can’t we just have our fun?”

“I don’t want fun. I want you. All of you. All the time. That’s not going to happen until we work out things between you and Mom.”

“If we could work things out?”

“You’ll be mine.”

I listened to my aunt tell her side. About her jealousy. Pretty Alice, perfect Alice, Daddy’s pet, who could do no wrong. Good grades, never in trouble, so impossible to be compared to, which her parents did all the time. Why couldn’t she be more like Alice? Why couldn’t she work harder in school? Why couldn’t she do what she was told? Keep her room clean. Dress proper. Be on time. Stay out of trouble. Get better friends. Like perfect Alice.

Aunt Marie rebelled. Fooled around. Stayed out late. Did drugs. Skipped school. Got drunk. Dressed like a slut. Bad Marie, slutty Marie, stupid Marie, she’d heard it all the time.

She did her best to live up to it.

Taking Mom’s boyfriends was so easy. Mom didn’t put out. Marie would give them one look at her tits, drag them off to her room and fuck them. Didn’t matter if her parents were in the house. She once stole Mom’s boyfriend while her sister was making dinner.

She didn’t want them. Didn’t even keep them for long. Just long enough to rub Mom’s nose in it.

“Why?” I had to ask. “It wasn’t her fault.”

“I know that now. Then, she just pissed me off. Why couldn’t she screw up just once? Get suspended. Bring home a B. Stay out past curfew. At least get high or drunk. Something. Even the few things she did wrong, she got away with. It wasn’t fair.”

“She wrecked Mom’s car you know? Ran a red light. Had to go to the hospital. Everyone was so worried about her. Treated her like a princess. I backed into a pole and had my driving privileges taken away for a month. God, sometimes I hated her.”

“Daddy’s little girl. In his eyes she was perfect. She played him. Even at 18 years old, she still sat on his lap all the time, watching TV, reading a book. He’d hold her. Kiss her goodnight. When I tried to hug him he’d shrug me off. If I sat in his lap, he’d put up with it for a few minutes, then tell me I was too heavy. Mom would get mad at me. I figured it out later. He got hard when he held me. Not sweet innocent Alice, at least not that I could tell.”

She looked in my eyes. “They didn’t love me. Just the Princess. Jenny later, of course, the cute little baby. I was the problem child, and they had very little patience for a sad, confused, teenager.”

I held her in my arms. She sounded so sad, like it was still hurting her. “Their loss. You’re a wonderful, loving, generous person, and I’ll challenge anyone to say different.”

She lay in my arms, trembling, thinking back to the bad days. Broke my heart. Happy, cheerful, loving Aunt Marie, an unloved, sad and confused, troubled teen. I couldn’t reconcile the two images.

I sat up and started taking off her outfit. “Let’s get this off you. It’s a shame to cover up any part of your amazing body.”

She giggled. “That’s all I had, you know. The only place where I could one-up her. The boys always loved my body. All of them.” I had her outfit off and pulled her into my arms.

“I can see why. Pretty damned spectacular. Best tits in the world.”

She gave me a squeeze. “You should have seen them twenty years ago, sweetie. Back then they were really spectacular. Irresistible. To everyone. Except your Dad.”

“He thinks they’re amazing. The best ever. Told me so himself.”

She looked up at me. “Really? I know he likes them. I see him looking at me.”

“Told me how jealous he was that I got to do what we did. How he’d love to trade places with me, if not for Mom.”

“How much does he know?” she asked nervously.


“She would tell him,” Aunt Marie said, irritation creeping into her voice.

“I told him everything. Every little detail. What these tits are like. How you came for me. All about coming in your mouth that first time. What it was like to hold you, play with you, kiss you.”

She buried her head in my shoulder. “Jeremy, how could you?”

“He wanted me to be with you. He made sure you got to sit in my lap. He hit every damn bump in the road, so we’d get to have fun. He would have let me ride with you the whole way home, if Colin hadn’t gotten so damn frisky with Mom.”

“Really? He wanted me to be with you?”

“That’s what he said. That, and he wished he could trade places with me.”

“I didn’t think he liked me very much.”

“He loves you. Like I love you. But he loves Mom, and knows what it would do to her, the way things are now. That’s why we’re going to fix things. And then I’m going to give you to him.”

“He won’t,” she said nervously.

“He will. With Mom’s blessing by the time I’m done.”

“Do you honestly think so?”

“Tell me about you and him. That first time.”

She was fondling my cock, getting me hard. “He wasn’t like the others. Older, confident, manly, so God damn handsome. Better than she deserved. Yes, I wanted him the moment I saw him. I wanted to take him from her and keep him. Not like the others. I loved your father the first time I laid eyes on him.”

“I did what I could. Rubbed against him, showed him my tits, even climbed into the shower with him. He didn’t know it was me at first, calling me Alice, and telling me we shouldn’t. I was behind him and reached around, grabbed that huge cock of his and started stroking him, rubbing my tits against his back, kissing him. He groaned and leaned against the wall, letting me jack him off.”

My aunt was stroking me, looking down at my cock. “God, you’re so much like him back then. It’s uncanny.” She leaned down and sucked me once. “I should have done that to him. I should have sucked him off. I didn’t do that in those days. Never. Tits and pussy were enough. Or so I thought.”

She climbed on top of me, kissing me softly. “I should have finished him. Instead I turned him around and pulled him down for a kiss, grabbing his hands and putting them on my tits. I was convinced that was all he needed. Get a hold of these babies, and he’d be mine.”

Aunt Marie sat up, holding her tits out for me. “Irresistible, right? He resisted. He pushed me away. He was gentle about it, I’ll give him that. ‘No,’ he said firmly. I hugged him, grabbing his cock stroking it. He groaned for me. ‘We can’t. She’s your sister,’ he told me.”

“‘We can,’ I told him. ‘Anything you want. Right now if you want. You can fuck me now and all night long,’ I said. I almost had him. I was so close. He pushed me down to my knees. I knew what he wanted. But I didn’t do that. I stroked his cock, rubbing my tits against his legs. ‘Fuck me’, I pleaded.”

She leaned over, her tits hanging down and brushing against my chest. “We were that close,” she said. “I was stroking him, and he was staring at me with those hungry eyes of his. ‘Suck me,’ he said. I was a fucking idiot. ‘I don’t do that,’ I told him. He glared at me. He grabbed me by the hair, tilting my head back. He took that big dick in his hand, stroking it rapidly, and grunted, coming all over my face, slapping my cheeks with it when he was done, rubbing the head of his cocks against my lips. ‘Alice does,’ he said. He lifted me to my feet, and turned me to face the shower-head, rinsing his hot cum off of me, while squeezing my tits. Then he pushed me out of the shower, naked. ‘Don’t do that again,’ he told me. God, Jeremy, I was so embarrassed. I wanted him more than ever after that. I wanted him to stick his cock in my mouth and make me suck him. I needed him to use me. Instead I lost him.”

She laid down on me again, grinding her crotch against my hardness. “Fucker went and told her I came onto him, got in the shower with him. He didn’t mention asking me to suck him, or coming on my face, did he? No mention of playing with my tits. See, I can keep a secret. Twenty years now, you’re the only person I ever told.”

She sighed. “I didn’t try again. I let her have him. I’ve never made a move on him in all this time.”

“You still love Dad, don’t you?”

She nodded. “I always have. Everything I always wanted in a man, and never got. It’s not fair, Jeremy.”

“What would you do with him, if Mom said it was Ok?”

She kissed my neck softly. “Everything. Anything he wanted. All the same things I’d do with you, if we could. If you wanted.”

I held her head, kissing her lips gently. “Do you think I don’t want you?”

“Not enough, I guess. You could be having your way with me right now, doing anything you wanted. Things I’ve never done with anybody else.”

“Aunt Marie, I love you, but you don’t think things out. We could do it now, do everything. I’d love that. Sooner or later Mom would find out. Probably Colin and Dad too. It would be over, ruined, forever.”

I kissed her again, slower, deeper, fondling her soft body. “Or…we could be smart about it, win over Mom and Dad, and do everything we want, with everyone we want, for as long as we want, all of us happy for ever. Which do you want?”

“Do you think it’s possible? Really?” she asked hesitantly.

“I do. How much are you willing to do to make it work out?”

“Anything Jeremy. I swear. Whatever it takes.”

“I’m going to hold you to that.” I eased her off of me, and passed her that sexy little teddy. “Put it back on. Time to start.”

She looked at me confused, sliding the outfit back over her head. “Start how?”

I opened the bag I’d brought, and pulled out my camera. “Time for you and me to make a movie. A special movie for Dad’s eyes only. You’re going to tell him all the things you would do for him if you could, and enlist his help in making it come true.”

“If Alice saw that, she’d kill all of us.”

“No. When she sees it, she’ll understand. Now get between my legs and pretend I’m him. Tell him what you want, how long you’ve wanted him, what you’ll do for him, given a chance. And beg for his help.”

I expected a little push-back, not complete capitulation. She got on her knees, facing the mirror, and shook out her hair. She adjusted her sexy nothing of an outfit, and moved between my legs. I was semi-hard, but suspected she’d be able to fix that easy enough.

“Ready?” she asked, sitting up. “Camera up here to start, Ok?”

“Ready.” I hit the record button. “Recording,” I whispered, framing her pretty face in the display.

“Harold? It’s me. I think I owe you an apology. More than one, actually,” she brushed her hair back. “Twenty years ago. I was bad. I tried to steal you away from Alice. I did. I had done it before, and I was confident I could do it again. But you were different. I knew it the first time I saw you. Different in every way. Not like those boys. Different with her, too. I wasn’t ready for someone like you.”

I zoomed the image out, showing more than her face, bringing her amazing tits into the viewfinder.

“Touching you in the shower, feeling you, I can’t forget it. How you were, your hardness in my palm.” She moved lower, taking my cock in her hand, stroking it. I made sure the camera got all of it. “Pressing my body against your smooth, slippery skin, feeling how hard you got, so quickly. So big in my hand.” She looked down at my cock, firming up for her. “I’d never had one so big. I wanted it. I wanted it in me, stretching me. I don’t think I ever wanted anything so bad. It’s true, at first I just wanted to take you from Alice. I hadn’t known you for more than a couple of hours before I knew it was more than that. I wanted you more than I’d ever wanted anyone.”

She sat up and removed her top, holding her tits for the camera, before going back to stroking me. Damn, she was hot. “I only knew one way to get boys. Flash ‘em the tits, and fuck ‘em. I threw myself at you, and for a moment I thought I had you, the way you looked at me. You pushed me to my knees, telling me to suck you. I didn’t, and I lost you.”

She lowered her head to my cock, kissing it. “I wish I’d done differently. I wish I’d taken that big fat cock of yours and wrapped my lips around it. I’d do it over if I could. I would do whatever you asked. Anything you wanted. I let the best man I ever met slip through my fingers because I was a stupid, immature, scared little girl. This is what I wish I had done.”

Aunt Marie licked me slowly, staring into the camera. She kissed the head, moaning softly as she took me in her mouth, teasing me with her tongue, while sucking the last few inches of my cock. She stroked me, tenderly. She had never been like this before. She was making love to my cock, gently, adoringly. This was a different Aunt Marie. Dad’s Marie. If he wanted her.

I let her have her way, slowly driving me crazy. I focused on her mouth, sliding up and down my shaft, leaving a slick sheen behind as she pulled upward. She dragged her teeth against my skin, giving me shivers, scraped with her fingernails, teasing with her tongue.

“I’d beg you to come for me, Harold. Come in my mouth. You could have been my first. Should have been my first. Filled my mouth with your delicious cream. I wanted that so badly. I still do.” She sucked me hard, popping her head off noisily. “Come for me, Harold? Let me taste you?”

Another lesson for Debbie!

As Debbie walked across the college playing fields at the end of the afternoon lessons, she could feel her heart thumping and butterflies fluttering around her stomach! She had an idea what was in store for her during the evening, because her life had been jolted and ignited into blistering activity that she had never known before!

Waiting on the other side of the field would be her uncle Mac, to take Debbie to his home in the car. There was no doubt that Debbie was nervous, if the events of the previous week were anything to go by. She was nearly 19 now, living with her parents on the English/Scottish borders and, up until last week, Debbie had lived a naïve, strict life with her parents, not being allowed to stay out late, not being allowed to fraternise with the opposite sex and, even when her parents had gone away for the weekend, she had been left instructions to stay at home, doing all of the chores, as well as attending church on Sunday.

But events suddenly overtook the delicious teenager when Uncle Mac and his wife, Aunt Mary, arrived unexpectedly while the parents were away. What ensued over the next hour or so was the initiation of Debbie….the full initiation into the delights of her stunning body. Uncle Mac and Aunt Mary, quite out of character, but with firm and kind persuasion, seduced the college girl to such an extent that she was left shaking with lust, excitement, satisfaction, shame and nervousness at the end of it all. They had taken pictures of her….many pictures, and they had both played with and used her body in every way possible.

Debbie didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the end of her ordeal but what she did know was that the experience was like nothing she had ever encountered previously……and she was ashamed to admit that her body and mind were bubbling uncontrollably!

She had initially been frightened and nervous, but the feelings that had encircled her young body were just mind-blowing. They were wonderful but shocking, because Debbie had always regarded her two relatives as loving, kind people who would never hurt her or take advantage of her.

Those thoughts were shattered that evening, but Debbie still enjoyed the experience and only had a couple of reservations……..hell would be paid if her father ever found out (even though he was the brother of uncle Mac), and she would be banished from the family home if any of the explicit photographs ever came to light.

So it was with these confused feelings that Debbie made her way across the field to meet uncle Mac. When her parents had returned home after their weekend away, Aunt Mary had called in one evening, and casually asked the parents if Debbie could come round for tea one evening and perhaps help Aunt Mary hang some curtains. There seemed no danger in this, of course, so, after mother had given permission for Debbie to visit her relatives, it was arranged that Mac would pick her up from college and deliver her back home at the end of the evening.

The day of the visit had arrived, and Debbie smiled nervously as she saw her uncle waiting at the gates to the college fields. She had a fine body and looked fetching and attractive, particularly in just a little white skirt and a revealing, tight, blue blouse. Her nerves became even greater as she reached the college gates!

Straight away, she could see uncle Mac’s eyes devouring her body in the tight fitting blouse and the little skirt, particularly at Debbie’s magnificent breasts, on view in the low cut garment, straining to get out into the fresh air.

‘Hello Debs,’ smiled Mac. ‘Great to see you again, and I’m so glad mum and dad said you could come and have tea with us. Jump in the car.’ Debbie smiled and said hello and threw her jacket onto the back seat before climbing into the front seat next to her uncle.

Nothing untoward was said during the 30 minute drive to the relatives’ house, but Debbie could sense her uncle taking regular glimpses at her breasts and then her legs as he steered the car along the roads and then the little lanes. Her nipples started to itch and her panties became damp, knowing that she was again turning her uncle on, and when he put his hand on her young thigh, the shivers went around her body and Debbie wondered again what was in store for her that evening.

But nothing else happened on the journey, and soon she was entering the house where Aunt Mary was there to greet her. Mary looked smart in a nice little dress that showed off her 48 year old figure to good effect, and Debbie also noticed that Mary was wearing high heels and some form of dark hosiery.

‘Oh, Debbie,’ began Mary, rushing to embrace her niece. ‘It’s lovely to see you again. I’d almost forgotten how beautiful you are,’ and she held Debbie quite firmly and ran her hand down the teenager’s back to caress her firm ass in the little skirt. ‘Come into the kitchen and have a cup of tea and a piece of cake. She looks so gorgeous again, doesn’t she, Mac?’ The flattery had begun straight away!

The three of them sat at the big, wooden table, having a cup of tea, and talking about everyday things. Aunt Mary kept feeding compliments to the shapely girl, and Debbie wondered if anything was going to be said that would embarrass her or give a hint of what might be happening after tea!! But the aunt just continued with normal conversation, until she said,

‘Did you enjoy our little time together last week, Debs?’ Debbie blushed but nodded ‘yes,’ and mumbled ‘ummm,’ because it was the truth. She had enjoyed it, but she was still nervous again now, and lowered her head again in shyness!

‘Oh, that’s nice, isn’t it, Mac,’ and Mac smiled and just nodded. ‘And we’ve got lots of lovely photos to show you……so, so many, Debbie….and you look so adult and mature in all of them, doesn’t she Mac?’ Again, Mac nodded and Debbie shuddered at the thought of the photos getting into the wrong hands…….especially her father, who would probably disown her, after giving her a good thrashing!

‘Oh you won’t let anybody else see the pictures, will you, Aunt Mary?’ Debbie almost pleaded. Mary put her hand across the table and held Debbie’s, as though in reassurance.

‘Don’t worry, don’t worry, Debbie. They’re perfectly safe with us, but I hope you’re looking forward to being a good girl again, this evening,’ she said with a certain firmness in her voice. ‘In fact there is something I’d like you to do now, Debbie……and just call me Mary…you don’t have to bother with the ‘aunt’,……….after all, you’re a mature adult now, aren’t you,’ and Mary laughed at her remark, trying to reassure the teenage girl again. Debbie looked nervously but excitedly at her aunt who still held her hand. What did ‘good girl’ mean? Debbie had a good idea!

‘You know where my bedroom is upstairs, don’t you! Well, I’ve laid out a nice little outfit for you, so would you go upstairs and put it on….it’s all there for you, Debs. Then, when you’re ready, just come back down into the lounge, and Mac and I will be waiting for you. We can have another drink, if you like……..and perhaps you can have a glass of wine if you don’t tell anybody,’ and Mary laughed at their little secret.

There was silence for a split second, and Debbie knew they were both looking at her. She gulped, and then rose from the table and made her way up the stairs, and she realised that Aunt Mary seemed to have a power over her which was so gentle but so commanding. Besides, Mary and Mac had all the photos in their possession, so what choices did Debbie have? Although Debbie found it exciting and new, with new experiences being thrust upon her, she also knew that Aunt Mary was fully in control and was, for want of a better expression, ‘grooming’ Debbie for her and Mac’s own enjoyment.

In the bedroom, Debbie just looked at the clothes that Mary had laid out for her. They were certainly skimpy, and she blushed again, even though there was nobody else in the room. Slowly, she slipped off her own clothes and began to dress in the attire left for her, and finally she put on the high heel shoes that Mary had provided. Debbie looked in the full length mirror, and turned to see the reflection from all angles. ‘Ummmmmmm,’ she moaned to herself. Already she was feeling horny and sexy, but also very nervous, knowing full well that she had been brought here to entertain her aunt and uncle again.

‘Oh, God, is this what being a ‘good girl’ means?’ she thought as she slowly descended the stairs! The clunk of her high heels on the stairs seemed to be the only sound in the house, and Debbie felt the electric atmosphere in the air. She slowly made her way to the lounge door which was open and she sidled inside. Although it was July and the evening was still light, the lounge curtains were drawn closed and the light was on. Debbie stopped in the doorway and there were Mary and Mac both waiting and eying her body from head to foot. Mac quietly closed the door behind her as Mary went to hold Debbie’s hand.

‘My goodness, Debbie,’ smiled Mary as she lightly kissed her niece on the cheek. ‘You look stunning, really stunning in those clothes…..doesn’t she, Mac?’ Mac raised his eyebrows in appreciation, and Debbie just blushed. ‘The black really suits you, Debs,’ carried on Mary. ‘Now turn around, let’s really have a look at you…..oh and hold the dress apart, will you,’ smiled Mary again.

Debbie did as she was told, doing a little twirl in the middle of the room, and holding the bottom half of the dress apart at the long slit.

However, she hadn’t failed to notice the video camera that had been set up on a tripod in the middle of the room. This set Debbie’s heart racing again, both through nervousness and also with great anticipation. Whatever happened to her this evening was going to be recorded on film for ever and, with the sexy outfit that she had been told to wear, Debbie felt her panties getting damp already!

She was wearing little, black, see-through panties, a black and red suspender belt, black stockings, a little black bra, high heels and a dress that was split from the hem to the waist and was almost see-through. She waited for Mary to speak again, but in order to try and put the college girl at ease once more, Mary came close to her again and held her hand.

‘Now, darling Debbie. I want you to enjoy yourself again, really relax and enjoy yourself…..just like last week. Would you like that? Of course you would.’ Debbie blushed once more and just nodded her head….did she have any option? Mary carried on.

‘Mac is going to play with the video camera but I want you just to ignore him and do as I ask you……will you do that, Debbie?’ Mary smiled. Again, Debbie just smiled and nodded her head. She tried to ignore Mac, but she saw him move behind the video camera and start to fiddle with the controls. Now, Debbie felt butterflies in her stomach!

She was on her own with her auntie and uncle, and they already had numerous photos of her from the previous time she had spent with them. She was dressed in the outfit picked out by her aunt Mary, and there was no doubt that uncle Mac was going to record her as she carried out any instructions that might be coming her way.

But, Debbie told herself, she was an adult now, she had eventually enjoyed what had happened the previous week, and the feeling in her damp pussy told her that there was no need to worry……her aunt and uncle would look after her! Wouldn’t they??

‘Just stand with your back to the sofa, Debbie…go on, darling….you look so mature, grown up and attractive!’ The college girl moved tentatively and stood in the right place while her hands went to the front of her dress. She knew that Mac was recording already as she faced the video, but she tried not to think about it and only concentrated on what her aunt was saying.

‘Now, darling Debbie, you look so beautiful, and you have a wonderful body, especially in those clothes. Will you just do a slow turn right around, so we can see all of the outfit.’ Debbie obeyed easily, and moved her shapely body round, knowing that the video would be picking up every movement of her body in the flimsy clothes. Both Mary and Mac were watching and smiling at their niece, whilst Mac kept his eye on the viewfinder.

‘Now, Debbie, just open your legs a little, that’s it, and pull the slit in the dress wide apart. Oh, that’s beautiful. You have such wonderful legs, so shapely, and they look so good in the stockings and high heels.’ It was obvious that Mary was going to encourage her niece as much as possible, trying to put her at ease, while she and Mac manipulated Debbie for their own excitement. Debbie held the dress apart, and eased her feet apart….the view was stunning.

‘One other thing, Debbie darling. Would you just look at the camera and smile because that will make it so much more relaxing and natural for you. There, that’s wonderful, isn’t it, Mac? Look at the camera and just widen your legs some more. Oh, good girl!’ Debbie’s legs were now a little wider and she was holding the dress wide open so that her little panties and stocking tops were fully on view. She also sheepishly looked into the video camera, but she was also experiencing a sort of thrill that was sending shivers down her spine.

Mary was standing beside Mac at the camera and they both watched Debbie looking gorgeous before them. Mary seemed to want to draw out the girl in a slow, seductive manner, enjoying every minute of their niece’s presence.

‘Now, slowly, take the dress off completely, Debbie. We want to see your gorgeous body again…..there’s a good girl.’ Debbie undid the halter top, and the dress slid from her body. She was left with just high heels, stockings and suspenders, little panties and a miniscule bra. Her body looked delectable and her tits were straining so hard to try and escape the tiny bra. ‘Open your legs again, Debbie. That’s right…….keep them wide apart.’

By now, Mary was casually playing on the front of her dress as she watched her niece. Her fingers went between her legs on her dress and pushed with some pressure on her own cunt below the material. The sight of the 18 year old girl was really an erotic thing to behold, and Mac himself was playing on his trouser zip occasionally as he focussed on the dark haired girl.

‘God, you are so sexy and gorgeous, Debbie, isn’t she Mac? Do you feel relaxed, darling Debbie? Don’t worry about anything, just relax and enjoy.’ Mary was doing her utmost to keep her niece on edge with encouragement, and she made Debbie turn slowly round again so that the video could focus on her stunning ass in the little black panties. Mary continued.

‘Now, Debs, will you just play with your breasts in your bra…..go on……just lift them and squeeze them…..your breasts are so firm and shapely, aren’t they?’ Debbie began to caress her bra, just as her aunt had instructed, lifting the cups, squeezing them, running her thumbs over the flesh trying to pop out, and then she smiled at her aunt as she lifted each glorious orb out of the cups to let the flesh rest on the tops of the cups. Her tits were stunning! Mary kept up the encouragement.

‘They are gorgeous, Debbie, really beautiful. Keep playing with them, Debbie, there’s a good girl, and play with the nipples, will you? Make your nipples really hard so that they point out!’ They were rock hard already, but Debbie tweaked her nipples and ran her palms over them and the nipples pointed upwards and looked like hat pegs.

It was also making Debbie more and more excited herself, and she could feel her panties getting more and more sticky. She knew full well what Mary was going to ask next, as she watched her aunt pressing her pussy through her dress.

‘That must be uncomfortable for you, Debbie. Why don’t you slip off your bra and the little panties?’ Now Debbie was going to be filmed with just stockings, suspenders and high heels on, but the tingling in her nipples and hard tits, and the itching that seemed to be getting worse in her young cunt, told her that she didn’t care. She didn’t care that her body would be recorded in such a nubile state. It was fun, she was with family, and she knew that her aunt and uncle wanted her to….so what could be the point in objecting?

The panties and the flimsy bra were soon cast onto the sofa, and Debbie gently turned again at Mary’s instigation.

Without encouragement, Debbie ran her hands over her naked breasts, lifting and holding them up to the camera, running her fingers over her nipples, pinching them gently, and then Mary told her to run one hand down her tummy into her pubic hair. Debs was on a high now, her pussy itching uncontrollably, and it was so natural to let her hand wander down to stroke her own body.

As her fingers found her clit, her body jolted for just one second, the feelings washing through her nerves and sending a chill up her spine, but Debbie just carried on, becoming embroiled in her erotic state. She suddenly could see aunt Mary taking off her own dress, seeing her stockings and suspenders come into view with a nice set of

colourful underwear, and this only encouraged Debbie to let her hands wander over her body more, touching each erogenous zone for the camera.

‘Turn round, Debbie, darling. Let’s see that beautiful bottom again…it’s delectable, isn’t it, Mac? Just keep playing between your legs, Debbie. Good girl!’ Debbie obeyed without question, turning her ass to the camera and opening her legs. Her fingers could be seen delving between her open legs, and her suspenders stretched right across her wonderful thighs.

As Debbie was facing the sofa as she caressed her cunt, she could hear her aunt instruct once more.

‘Under the cushion on the sofa, Debbie, you’ll find two lovely toys for you. Will you take the black one and turn round and face me and Mac again.’ The teenager moved the cushion and her heart jumped a fraction. The black toy was a lifelike cock, made of thick rubber, and about 8 inches long, with veins along the surface, just like the real thing. The other item, in pink rubber, was a double headed vibrator, with one long head and a shorter one. Debbie took a sharp breath, but took hold of the black toy and turned to face her aunt again. Mary was smiling at her niece, and now her fingers were inside her own panties.

‘Keep your legs apart, Debbie, there’s a good girl. Now, just lick and suck the black toy…really suck it as deeply as you can.’ One of Debbie’s hands still played with her wet cunt but she used the other to bring the dildo to her mouth and slide it in. She licked it and then sucked it in as far as was comfortable, and then began to give it a ‘blow’ job, just like she knew her aunt wanted.

Mac followed every movement with the video, panning and zooming just as required, following the college girl as his wife put the girl through ever more erotic poses. Then the girl didn’t wait for her aunt to speak. The dildo slid from her mouth and moved down her stomach to search through her pubic hair for her soaking lips. The tip went in and Debbie grabbed her tits with her free hand. Now, more encouragement from Mary.

‘That’s it, darling! Push it in. Push it in gently, as far as you can go. Feel it right inside you, Debbie. Look at the camera, and push in and out… look so adult and natural, Debbie. Oh, goodness, you look beautiful.’

The teenager eased the black dildo further into her sopping cunt and there was no doubt that there was a warm smile on her face. She looked directly at the video camera as she began to ease the thick object in and out, each time going that little bit further. Her fingers were squeezing and pulling at her nipples as the dildo disappeared up inside her body, and Mary just stood and grinned as her own fingers began to caress her own mature pussy.

‘Tell the camera, darling, how good it feels inside you. Go on, just tell the camera what you are doing!’ instructed the aunt. Debbie looked up and shyly mouthed the words that Mac and Mary wanted to hear.

‘I’m playing with my pussy. I’m pushing a big black dildo up into my pussy and it feels….ummmm… feels soooo good.’ The eroticism of knowing she was being filmed as she abused her own body was really getting to Debbie now, and she began to push a little harder. Her breasts were heaving, her nipples now rock hard, and she moved her legs even further apart. Her second hand came down to play with her clit as she pushed and pulled the black monster in and out of her body, and her juices were oozing easily onto her thighs. All the time, Mac zoomed in and out to capture the stunning girl’s body in all its glory. Then Aunt Mary upped the stakes.

‘That’s so beautiful, Debbie. You look so mature and happy. Will you ease the toy out now and pick up the other one. Give it a nice lick like before, Debbie, there’s a good girl.’ Although Mary appeared to be being kind and gentle with her niece, there was no doubt who was in charge, and there was no doubt that Debbie was being strictly led into every action that Mac and Mary had predetermined. The girl just simply obeyed, mainly because she was now enjoying the experience.

She slid the black toy from her body and gingerly picked up the other double-headed monster. Again, she licked the thick rubber into her mouth…..and then she licked the second head, all the while looking into the camera like a seasoned film star. Then, suddenly, Mary moved towards her niece.

‘Perhaps you need a little help with this one, Debbie, and just to make it a little more fun, why don’t you let me do this,’ and Mary brought some lengths of twine from her bag. Debbie smiled that excited look, having a good idea what was going to happen next. Mary went on.

‘Just put your arms behind your back, Debbie, there’s a good girl. You are so obedient, aren’t you,’ and she caressed the stunning breasts of her niece and took the two-headed vibrator from her. Debbie obeyed and put her arms behind her, and her aunt immediately slipped one length of twine round her wrists and tied them tightly. Then, to make the effect even greater, Mary held Debbie’s arms closely together behind her back and attached a second piece of twine. This one went round Debbie’s upper arms, just above her elbows, pulling her arms as close together as possible.

This had a wonderful effect! With the twine round both her wrists and her upper arms, it pulled Debbie’s shoulders back, and her big, shapely, young tits were thrust forward and looked magnificent, the nipples really thrusting out like bullets. Mary was in total charge of her niece now, and just carried on caressing the young skin, and every contour of her body, planting little kisses all over her back, shoulders and the side of her face.

‘Oh God, Debbie, this is so good, but now I think you’d like to feel this wonderful toy, wouldn’t you, Debbie?’ and Mary ran the double header to the young girl’s lips again, prompting Debbie to take it into her mouth once more. As she did this, Mary was running her hand between Debbie’s legs, feeling her wet cunt and then running a finger round to gently prod at Debbie’s ass. Mary went down onto her knees behind her niece and then she spoke.

‘Try and lean forward a little bit, Debbie, but keep looking at the camera…right into the camera, Debbie!’ With her arms totally restrained, Debbie kept her feet wide apart and bent forward from the waist, making sure she didn’t overbalance. Then she felt her aunt’s lips gently licking at her anus.

‘Ummmm…..ummmmm,’ sighed the college girl as she tried hard to keep looking at the camera. Mary kept up the gentle attack, licking all round the sexy ass-hole and then suddenly bringing round the pink toy between Debbie’s open legs.

‘Open just a little wider,’ the aunt instructed, easing at Debbie’s thighs. Then the girl could feel the vibrator easing up into her soaking cunt, the longer length going in a number of inches before she felt the second head on her anus. She felt Mary pushing gently but firmly, and then her wet anus was pushed open as the rubber head passed her hard opening. She jumped a little, but the feeling was delicious and then Debbie could feel the two big heads invading her body!

‘There, darling! Does that feel nice inside you? Do they feel big, Debbie,’ asked Mary, and she gently pushed the big double header in and then almost out again. ‘Look at the camera, Debbie darling, and just ease your feet a little wider. There’s a good girl.’

Debbie mumbled her excitement and eased her feet apart a little more and then…….whooooshhhh!! Mary turned the switch up to almost maximum and the vibrations shot all round Debbie’s body. She could feel the waters in her cunt start to build, and her ass was on fire with the thick rubber playing with her inner skin and nerves. Debbie had a job to stand still but her aunt held her tightly and just guided the vibrator back and forth, playing with the cheeks of Debbie’s ass, pulling them apart and generally abusing the girl’s body in a sensuous manner.

Mary was now behind the girl, holding her steady with one arm while her other hand was holding the double header and really starting to force it into Debbie’s body. In, out, in, out, harder, deeper, harder, deeper.

‘Tell the camera how good it is to be screwed with the vibrator, Debbie. That’s a good girl. Tell the camera that you like the feeling of the big cocks going right up inside you.’

Debbie’s breathing was heavy, her tits were heaving and she was bending forward whilst aunt Mary assaulted her in a glorious way. Yet she still wanted to please both Mary and Mac and managed to mumble towards the video…,

‘Oh God, umm…I love it…it feels so good inside me. I love the big cock up inside me…please….please…ummmm,’ but Debbie had to hang her head again as the experience of her ass and cunt being invaded at the same time was really sending her delirious. And all the while, Mary was kissing her ass, running her hands all over the sexy bottom, feeling Debbie’s tits hanging down and generally keeping the girl on edge with the vibrator.

Mac was picking up every movement of the action with the camera, and then Mary increased the pace of her thrusting and had to hold the teenager’s body firmly to stop her falling over. Debbie began to pant and moan more frantically, her juices running down the insides of her thighs, and then she shuddered and almost screamed out loud as her body went into the automatic convulsions of a crushing orgasm. Mary had screwed her to a wonderful orgasm, but this just might be the first of many…perhaps!!

As Mary eased off and then gently slid the huge toy from Debbie’s body, she stood and went to face Debbie. The girl was still restrained by the twine, and Mary just played with her breasts, sucking the nipples, then holding her face and tonguing her soft mouth, and running her hand down between Debbie’s legs to feel the saturation, the wet lips of her cunt, and then further to feel the way her anus had been gently softened and opened for more enjoyment.

‘That was beautiful, Debbie, wasn’t it,’ and Mary just kept kissing her niece in reassurance. Debbie nodded her head, offering her open mouth up to her aunt for more of her searching tongue. Mary and Mac knew that they could have…or take…anything they wanted from their niece and they were determined to continue.

‘Now, Debbie,’ went on Mary, ‘we’ll just change this for you…it won’t take a moment,’ and Mary undid the twine on Debbie’s wrists and arms and then instructed Debbie to hold her arms out together in front of her. Mary tied them again, in the same way, wrists and upper arms. Now Debbie was restrained again, only this time her arms were in front of her.

‘Now, Mac and I would like you to kneel on the sofa, Debbie, and put your arms on the back of the sofa…..good girl, that’s it.’ Debs didn’t hesitate and soon she was kneeling on the sofa, her back to the video camera, and with her arms resting in front of her, on the back of the sofa. Her wonderful, naked ass looked stunning, and her legs in the stockings and high heels made the picture so erotic. Mac zoomed in to capture the sight as Mary made further adjustments. She ran her hands over Debbie’s back, down to the cheeks of her ass, while whispering to her niece.

‘Will you move your knees wide apart, darling, there’s a good girl, and will you arch your back as much as you can. That’s it! Beautiful.’ Debbie had moved her knees wide apart and had succumbed to Mary’s pressure in the small of her back by really arching her back until the cheeks of her ass were really jutting into the air. This gave a magnificent view, not only of her sodden cunt but also of her young, inviting anal bud between the cheeks of her stunning ass.

‘Just to make it a little more exciting for you, darling,’ went on Mary, ‘let’s just do this,’ and she took a blindfold from the table and slipped it over Debbie’s eyes. ‘There! Now, just relax and don’t worry about a thing, Debbie. Just relax and enjoy the fun.’ Was it fun? Debbie had already had one wonderful orgasm and, if she were honest, she found the whole experience totally exhilarating and erotic. Now she was fully under her aunt’s control, not being able to see anything, and her arms and wrists restrained. But she could certainly feel and hear!

She felt the rustle of clothes which, in fact, was Mary divesting her own bra and panties, leaving her in just stockings and shoes, and then she felt Mary’s hands start to caress her all over again. She felt the soft hands on her breasts, then sliding round onto her back and down to her bottom. She then felt Mary’s tongue on her bottom, at the same time feeling Mary’s hands on the cheeks of her ass, pulling them apart. The tongue briefly slid down to Debbie’s gaping cunt, licking between the open lips and across her hard clit, making Debbie gasp an appreciative moan.

‘Ohhhhhh…oh God!’ But then Mary pulled the ass cheeks further open, really apart, and then Debbie felt the delicious tongue on her anus. She was already wet there and her auntie’s tongue only added to the tantalising feeling. The tongue continued to play on the hard bud, pushing in and then back again, round and round, while Mary grasped the ass cheeks, keeping them as wide as possible.

There was a brief pause but then Mary was at Debbie’s rear again, having picked up a tube of jelly. Debbie felt the cold gel being squeezed right onto her bud and then felt the soft fingers begin to smear it all round her delicate asshole.

‘There’s a good girl, Debbie,’ enthused Mary. ‘That feels nice, doesn’t it,’ but then Debs could feel the fingers begin to slide open the pink anus. First one finger slid in gently and moved tentatively inside Debbie’s ass. Then a second finger slid in and played with the teenager while Mary reached down and planted soft kisses and little bites on the girl’s bum.

‘Does that feel good, Debs? Does your bottom feel nice?’ Debs could only mumble and nod her enjoyment as Mary continued to invade the shapely ass. All the while, Mac was recording the events, zooming in close to catch the details of his wife and his niece, and then zooming out again to capture the whole scene.

After some minutes of this initial practice, Mary sometimes sliding three of her fingers into her niece, she ceased and picked up the huge black dildo. She didn’t say anything, but just licked the toy and then placed the thick head against Debbie’s anus. Mac took the camera from the tripod and carried it, still whirring away, to the side of the sofa so that he could film all the action still, but he was able to capture both Debbie’s ass and her blindfolded face in the viewfinder.

Mary just rubbed the huge tool up and down between Debbie’s ass cheeks, but now she whispered in her ear.

‘Debbie, darling. It feels nice, doesn’t it? Just relax, but will you turn your head to the right…there’s a good girl.’

Debbie mumbled ‘Ummm, ummm, yes!’ and moved her neck so that her head was facing to the right (towards Mac and the video camera). Mary whispered again.

‘I want you to talk to me, Debbie. Do you understand? I want you to say as I tell you, but in a loud voice, Debbie, so that Mac and I can both hear you. Do you understand that, darling?’

Debbie groaned again, but said Yes in a firm manner. Mac and Mary grinned at one another. Good


‘Good girl, Debbie. Now, I want you to tell me what is happening to you…tell me what you can feel. Go on Debbie.’

‘I can feel you playing with my bottom. I can feel the big rubber thing going up and down my bottom and you are rubbing my bottom so nicely.’

‘Will you call it your ass, Debbie. It sounds much more sexy when you say ‘ass.’

‘Sorry….you are playing with my ….with my ass!’

‘That’s better, Debbie. I am playing with your ass. Now what am I doing, Debs?’

‘Oh Aunt…’re pulling at my ass and rubbing the dildo against my ass…right against my ass. It feels so good.’

‘Does it feel wet and big, Debbie? Does it feel really big against your ass?’

‘Ummm…oh yes, it feels huge and wet and…….ahhhh!!’

‘What shall I do with it, Debbie? What would you like me to do with the big dildo?’

‘Oh, God. I don’t know….Would you……ummmm!’ and it had started. Debbie felt the big, rubber toy push against her anus, sliding her pink bud apart and then…..ahhhhhhh…….it had penetrated her soft ass-hole and was inside her. Mary had her hand on one of Debbie’s cheeks and was holding her ass open. She was now standing at Debbie’s side and sliding the toy inside an inch or so and then pulling back a little.

‘Is that good, Debbie? Tell me and uncle Mac how you feel.’

‘Ummm….it feels so big inside me….it feels so good, though….oh yeeeees!’

‘Shall I carry on, Debs? Shall I?’

‘Oh, yes please….ummmm!’

‘Ask me then, Debs. Ask me to carry on with the dildo. Keep looking this way, darling.’

‘Oh, please…..please carry on pushing the dildo into my ass….oh please, it’s…’s so big and it’s stretching me…….God…….ahhhhh!’

‘Good girl, good girl Debs.’ The camera was picking all this up in clear sound and picture and there would never be any chance now of Debbie turning down any request from her uncle and aunt! She was their sexual plaything and she had been hooked like a fish in the sea. Not that at this very moment did she want to complain.

She was restrained with twine, kneeling on the sofa, almost half naked and her uncle was filming as aunt Mary inched a huge dildo in and out of her ass. Mary began to push deeper, sliding back and then easing the black rod further and further inwards. Mac was filming everything as Mary tried to move the rubber cock sideways and round to open Debbie’s ass-hole.

All the time, the teenager was sighing and groaning with pleasure as she felt the thick rod abusing and invading her ass. The movements went on for 5 or ten minutes, Mary gathering quite a speed and power as she moved Debbie’s body forward slightly with each powerful thrust.

‘Ahhh, ahhhh, ahhhh…….,’ and then Mary eased off slightly but still held the toy inside the receptive ass. She knew that her niece had not reached orgasm and she had stopped deliberately.

‘Is that good, Debbie, the big toy in your ass?’

‘God…..yes, yes……it feels wonderful.’

‘Would you like to cummm, Debbie. Would you like some more, so that you can cummm…….just like you want to?’

‘Oh auntie……oh, yes please…..I feel so ready…..I just want….,’ and sweat was on Debbie’s face and in the small of her back and she was past all sensibility now. She just wanted that ultimate feeling that would bring her so much instant pleasure. Still with her blindfold on, Debbie could hear shuffling behind her and at the side.

Mac was putting the video back onto the tripod and positioning it so it was ready. He then checked the view and then moved behind his young niece. Mac undid his trouser zip and let the trousers fall to his ankles, and then took them off along with his pants. His cock was already rock hard from watching Debbie and Mary, and now he edged towards his niece at her rear.

Slowly, Mary eased the big dildo back and slipped it out of Debbie’s ass, but she replaced it with one of her fingers and moved it around the rim of the pink bud to keep Debs on tenterhooks. With her other hand, Mary grabbed Mac’s cock which was pointing upwards and fully rigid.

Mac edged forward as his wife guided his cock towards the waiting orifice and Mac’s hands went onto the young hips before him. He watched and felt as his wife pushed his cock against the young anus and then Mary spoke again.

‘Can you feel it, Debbie? Can you feel Mac’s cock touching your delicious bottom while he holds your hips?’ Mary eased the length of meat forward and Mac pushed a little at the same time, causing Debbie to squeal a little.

‘Ummm, oh my God…..oh God,’ and Mary and Mac smiled at each other again, and Mary still held her husband’s cock as it was guided into the waiting velvet hole. She continued to tease the teenage girl.

‘You can feel it, darling, can’t you? What is happening to you, Debs……what is Mac doing to you…….keep turning this way, there’s a good girl!’ Debs head turned so she was still facing the camera and then she groaned once more.

‘Ummmmm……God, he’s fucking my ass with his cock. Mac is sticking his cock in my ass and fucking me. GGGoooood!’ Now, Mac pushed a little more, his tool sliding in deeper, ably assisted by Mary who just held onto the penis and pushed it in as she held one of Debbie’s cheeks apart.

Mac was gripping Deb’s hips even more tightly now, pushing his cock in harder, trying to go deeper, and Mary concentrated on holding the young woman’s ass apart and just caressing her husband’s cock as it disappeared back and forth into her niece’s bottom.

Now the motions went into full flow and Mac was really slamming into the stunning ass. His grip on Deb’s hips was vice-like and he even put one of his feet onto the sofa so that he could get over Debbie and really fuck into her deeply. His cock was going down into her ass-hole and there were slurping and sucking sounds as he lunged into her.

As her husband was now in full flow, fucking his niece’s ass, Mary took the opportunity to grab the moaning face and start to tongue kiss Debbie. The teenager was still tied, her hands on the back of the sofa, and Mary just held her face and lunged her tongue deeply into Debbie’s mouth, and the two women soon were engaging in a long and violent French kiss. At the same time, Mary was mauling the naked tits that were hanging down, grabbing and pinching the young nipples, and all the time Mac was thrusting, in, out, in, out, harder, harder, harder!

I was so preoccupied I walked along the sandy, unfamiliar street in a daze. It was around midday and the town was busy, lots of traffic zipping by, beautiful food smells coming from food vendors and the many restaurants along the road, incense, smoke and car fumes, but little of it registered today. I stepped off the curb and almost into the path of a holiday maker on a hired scooter. He shouted and waved an arm at me and I decided it would be best if I just found a place to sit and wait. Across the street was a small bar and although open to the street and with no a/c it had large ceiling fans oscillating rhythmically as the dusty blades forced hot air around the space. I ordered a local beer which came with a jacket of rapidly melting ice pooling on the unvarnished wood of the bar. As I bought the glass to my lips I smelt the mouth watering, strong scent of my wife’s unwashed pussy and my cock twitched. I lost myself in thoughts of what she might be doing at that moment.


Our first trip to Indonesia was to be an experience. The hotel had a great kids club and they had little interest in sightseeing so we were all happy. My wife, Jenn, wanted more though. That’s not really fair, we both did. We plotted and planned and placed an advert, an advert on a select website and including very specific instructions with what was wanted and what was to be expected. Although no RSVP was required a number were received. Some were ‘wish I could be there’ types, some promising to hold the date and others with interesting and delicious photographs attached.


I sat in the room watching Jenn ready herself. She looked so gorgeous, her round, full curves wobbling slightly as she moved from bedroom to en suite. She kept smiling at me as I watched, a kinky, sly sort of a smile. She wrapped her summer dress around her body and stepped over to the camera I’d set up.

“This is definitely working?” she asked, fiddling with the tripod and the angle it faced.

I got up and wrapped my arms around her from behind, holding her close to me so she’d know how excited I was.

“It’s fine,” I replied, “just leave it, all you have to do is turn it on.”

She turned around and kissed me and squeezed my hardness through my shorts.

“Just checking. How do I look?” she didn’t have to ask but she was clearly a little nervous.

“I wish I could stay. You look incredible.” she did and part of me wished I could stay but that was not what we’d agreed, that would be another adventure.

“How do I smell?” her eyes widened and followed me as I dropped to my knees. She pulled the hem of her dress up to her belly for me and I pressed my face to her pussy and inhaled deeply.

I love to smell her unwashed pussy. She hadn’t showered since the previous morning and although we’d swam in the ocean during the day she had the rest of the day’s sweat and odour saturated into her knickers. They were yesterdays too and her scent was strong and sexy through the fabric. She pushed her bald pussy to me and I used my fingers to pull the gusset to one side. Her lips were already sticky and I pushed two fingers into her. She moaned above me and I looked up to see her with her eyes closed. As I withdrew them slowly she came to her senses and pushed me away.

“Stop it!” she scolded, playfully, “Your fun comes later, now piss off, it’s time for you to go.”

I stood and looked at the clock on the wall, it was 11am. We kissed and I left through the sliding doors into the lush, green, perfectly dressed garden outside our suite.


I looked at my watch, 12.30, an hour to go. I ordered another beer and looked around the bar for someone to talk to but there were no obvious choices amongst the couples and travellers. The hotel was a half hour walk away and I finished my beer fifteen minutes later and decided to take a long route back, drift through the hotel gardens and maybe catch a glimpse of someone leaving.

I made it with five minutes left and from the outside the suite looked quiet, the gardens empty, the sound of the ocean behind me and some distant screams of children playing in the pool. My heart was pounding in my chest, my stomach somersaulting and my hands trembling. With thirty seconds left I jumped from the bench and almost ran to the same door I’d left by. I stopped outside and listened for any sound but all was quiet. I nervously slid the door open a little but could still hear nothing. I stepped inside without parting the thin, white curtains and closed the door. I kicked off my shoes, the polished stone floor cooling my bare feet, I took a deep breath and stepped through the fabric into the room.

On a ruffled, messy bed lay my naked wife. She looked at me and smiled, aimed the remote at the camera, still sitting on its tripod and the huge screen at the foot of the bed flickered into life.

I undressed, my eyes not leaving her body. I could see droplets of fluid on her skin as it caught the light and as I moved closed, more of it filling her navel and covering her breasts. Spots also covered the white sheets and, between her legs, from her pussy to the foot of the bed, the fabric was sodden and wet.

A sound from the TV caught my attention. It was Jenn’s voice out of view as she greeted someone. The first of her guests had arrived and she was inviting them in to the room.

I stepped onto the bed and propped myself next to Jenn, watching the screen for any sign of movement. Next to me Jenn ran two fingers over her breasts and nipples, coating them in the fluid which she licked from her fingers.

“It tastes very good.”

It was the first thing she’d said to me and I rolled forward to lick her soft skin. She was right, the flavour was delicate and familiar, not too salty. I took her nipple into my mouth and licked it clean then released it as the sound from the TV grew louder. I watched the image of Jenn standing at the end of the bed, a pair of mans legs in front of her, their heads out of shot. I watched his hands run over her body, feeling her warm skin through the fabric of her flowery dress and I watched her hands loosening the belt of his linen pants. They dropped to the ground to reveal an impressive pair of thick, tanned thighs and a small, pert arse. Her fingers stroked his skin and as she began to play between his legs her dress joined his plants on the floor.

They caressed each other for a while then Jenn sat down on the edge of the bed and thoughtfully turned her lover toward the camera. His cock was long and straight and had the same deep tan of his body. She wrapped her fingers around the base, pulled his skin forward then back, kissed his tip and then opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around him. I heard him moan and she licked and sucked the tip of his lovely cock and played with his balls and shaft with the tip of her fingers. She placed her hand on his arse, pulling him deeper into her throat, her nose almost touching his stomach. She released him and panted for air, wanking him at the same time with long, slow strokes. She licked him and used her spare hand on his balls but a sound outside of the room stopped her momentarily. She wanked the cock before her while looking behind its owner and then said hello to someone else, apologised for starting and then went back to licking and sucking him.

A few seconds later another body came into view. This one was thinner and whiter but the hard dick that preceded it was much larger than the first. Jenn stopped sucking and took the new one in her hand, feeling its warmth and muscly firmness. The tanned body broke away for a second and the man dropped to his knees and lent forward, kissing Jenn’s thighs. She shimmied forward a little to give him better access and opened her legs wide. She opened her mouth and began tasting the new cock as a face reached her pussy and a strangers lips kissed her through the fabric.

I heard him say something but couldn’t make it out.

“He told me he liked the smell of my cunt.” Jenn clarified for me.

The first guy pulled Jenn’s knickers off and sniffed at them before handing them up to the stranger above.

“He liked it too.” Jenn said, giggling.

I went back to licking her skin and moved lower towards the pool in her navel. It could have been the cum from both of them, there was a lot there and I wanted to plunge my tongue into it and suck it all up into my mouth. I heard Jenn on the TV moan as the tanned man began to stroke her naked lips, parting them and then inserting a finger to the knuckle, playing with her pussy and clit with his thumb and occasional licks from his soft tongue. Jenn wanked the other man into her open mouth, the tip of his cock resting on her tongue as she looked up into his eyes.

The second guy pulled away and sat beside Jenn on the bed, facing the camera. I could see he looked very young, early twenties maybe. He kissed Jenn’s neck and stroked her breasts through her bra while fumbling behind her back. The bra released with a spring, her large breasts forcing it apart and they separated a little and dropped slightly as he discarded the fabric and lowered his mouth to her nipple. Jenn looked at the camera and smiled, mouthing ‘I love you’ at it before her gaze was diverted outside the room again.

“Sorry I’m late,” we heard from a third stranger who also undressed off camera and stepped forward naked, another tanned but slightly hairier body moved towards Jenn. She stopped the man between her legs and gave instructions to the new guy who did as he was told. He was also younger than us, mid thirties, a little bit of a belly but a large, soft cock swinging between his legs. He lay on the bed and propped himself up on his elbows. Jenn turned over and knelt up, pulling his legs open to rest either side of her thighs. She played with her tits for him and rolled her nipples in her fingers.

“You’ve got some catching up to do.” I heard her say and she dropped forward and kissed his hardening cock which twitched and jumped, hitting her lips as she broke her kiss. She pushed her knees back and parted them slightly and the younger of the three began to kiss and stroke her arse. The tanned guy stood and watched, wanking himself slowly.

Jenn took the new guy in her hand and began massaging his cock which grew and grew. When erect he was as fat as her wrist, not very long but thick and veiny. Jenn licked him and a thread of silver connected her tongue and his muscle. She licked him again and squeezed him towards her mouth, a bead of clear fluid appearing at his hole which she licked off before closing her lips around him. Behind her a pair of hands pulled her cheeks apart and the young guy began to lick her pussy in long strokes from her clit, over her lips and arse hole and up to her back. The tanned guy moved around and placed Jenn’s hand around his cock. She pulled him onto the bed and he lay beside the other stranger, Jenn wanking him as she sucked on the fat cock before her.

I reached her navel and pushed my tongue into it tasting the nutty, salty flavour that formed a puddle there. I slurped at her and swallowed it down and Jenn parted her legs slightly as I stroked her thighs. I could feel her fingers in my hair, massaging my head and I could smell sex and cum, pee, sweat and perfume all mixed together. A loud moan on the TV caught my attention again and I looked up to see the young guy sliding his long cock into Jenn’s pussy. She’d moved to straddle the two closest legs of the guys on the bed, her head right between their cocks, allowing her to swap with ease. She stopped sucking for a moment to enjoy the sensation as the other cock slowly pushed deeper into her, the hands on her hips pulling her back onto him.

The hands of other two men began to massage her breasts and nipples and Jenn raised herself up off the bed to give them better access. She had a different cock in each hand and looked so slutty, so gorgeous as she was fucked from behind. Her lover built up a steady rhythm, pulling almost all the way out and then sliding back in till his balls pressed against her lips and clit. Jenn alternated between sucking the two cocks in front of her but they stopped her after a few minutes and sat up, manoeuvred themselves underneath her and began sucking her nipples, stroking her body and rubbing her clit.

Jenn went wild at this and told the guy behind her to fuck her faster. He held her and did as he was told, still with a good rhythm, his hands pulling her arse cheeks apart, stroking her back or her thighs as he did so. Jenn cried out that she was going to cum and as her first orgasm hit she knelt up, pulling her nipples away from the two mouths, her own hands dropping between her legs and pressing against her pussy as she shook and jerked. She slid off the still hard cock and forward onto the bed, face down. The young guy stood and moved round, sitting beside her, his wet pole pointing towards the ceiling.

A few seconds later the other two rolled Jenn over onto her back. I saw her smile as the one with the fat cock held her legs apart at the ankles and the tanned man knelt on the bed, aiming his cock at her hot pussy. He pushed inside her still trembling body and held her hips as he began the same rhythm, slow and long.

Jenn reached out to the pair of balls hanging down beside her and began to fondle them delicately, feeling the weight of them. The guy holding her ankles let go and turned around and she began to play with his cock too. The young guy, his cock still hard and wet with Jenn’s juices, knelt beside her and pushed himself towards her lips. She licked him clean and moaned at the experience and the cock inside her began to move faster. Jenn began panting and moaning, telling him to go faster. She stopped sucking the cock and wanked both of them as before and looked down to the man between her legs. The other two took a leg each and held them apart and the tanned man threw back his head telling her he was going to cum.

This was enough for Jenn and she announced her orgasm too. The man must have spurted some inside her before pulling out and spraying thin strands of cum up over her body, reaching her nipples with two spurts of hot fluid. Jenn’s own orgasm was much stronger and a little squirt of her own covered his cock and belly. One of the guys holding her legs swore as he watched the stream of liquid cover the sheets and then twisted away from her head and used his hands on her pussy. Before her orgasm had subsided he rubbed the hot semen into her clit and pushed the fingers from his other hand into her pussy, fucking her with fast strokes as Jenn threw her arms out onto the bed, gripped the sheets and struggled to contain a scream as her squirting orgasm continued, soaking the man between her legs who stood up to watch the scene. The man with the fat cock took his place without moving his hands and when lined up with her pussy, removed his fingers and replaced them with his fat cock.

Jenn looked down at him telling him ‘no’ and to stop but she was enjoying it too. He fucked her hard and fast and Jenn continued to thrash around on the bed, switching from telling him to stop to words of encouragement; “fuck me harder, please” I heard at one point before she stopped him and moved over onto all fours. He pushed into her again and Jenn buried her face into the bed, moaning and screaming, the sounds deadened by the mattress. With a final thrust fat cock announced he was cumming and Jenn pushed back onto him, lifted her head from the bed and hissed at him to fill her. He cried out and pulled her onto him, pushing as deep as he could, filling her pussy with hot cum. He slipped out of her and Jenn rolled over and beckoned him to her. As her got close she lifted herself off the bed and licked and sucked his cock clean, it looked amazing.

Jenn flopped back on the bed, her legs trembling and wide apart, not caring at her gaping wide pussy being on show for all. She looked around the room and then exclaimed a sound of surprise as she realised they’d been joined by another. The new man stepped forward and got don between her legs. Without saying a word her licked her pussy lips clean of the cum trickling from her and she gasped at the softness against her and kept twitching as he brushed his tongue over her very sensitive clit. The new man was the best looking of them all, a very well toned body and a nice, if not too big, cut cock. He finished licking her and crawled up the bed until his face was level with hers, looking down at her. He smiled and opened his lips and a trickle of semen and pussy juice ran out and into Jenn’s open mouth, I’d never seen anything so hot and Jenn kissed him, pushing her tongue into his mouth. He took hold of her hip and rolled onto his back, pulling Jenn with him as he did so. Jenn swung her leg over him and straddled his thighs, his cock resting against her lips. She reached down and held him, guiding him into her as she slipped down until he was all the way inside her.

She barely moved on him, slowly and gently just rotating her hips and in the background, fat cock dressed and left. The tanned man was hard again and he and the young guy were talking as they watched, then whatever was said was agreed and the young guy stepped forward behind Jenn. Awkwardly he positioned himself behind her and told her to hold still. She looked back and smiled as he pressed the tip of his long cock against her arse. A couple of failed attempts and Jenn shifted to give him better access then shouted a long ‘aaawww!’ as he stretched her. She stopped him while she got used to his size and then leant forward and he slid deeper into her.

Jenn became more vocal as she was fucked by the two cocks, occasionally frowning with an ‘ouch’ as the long cock in her arse stretched her but then they settled, the man underneath supporting her weight and thrusting up into her, the guy in her arse moving faster and faster as she relaxed. The guy underneath increased his pace and from the slapping sounds, Jenn was getting wetter and wetter, her pussy squirting onto him until finally she couldn’t hold back the screams and she cried out as a final orgasm hit her. The cock in her pussy didn’t stop thrusting for another ten seconds or so and then with a final push began filling her with spurts of hot cum once more. The young guy in her arse stopped and slid out, causing Jenn to shout in pleasure again as she collapsed down onto the bed beside the new guy.

The men stood and talked for a second while Jenn recovered enough to join in. She looked at them, the new guy was dressing, the tanned guy was hard once more and the young guy stepped out of the bathroom, his cock, still hard but clean.

“Oh my god,” she said to the young guy, “you still haven’t cum”

He just smiled and shook his head “No, but I’d like to.” he laughed

“Would the two of you wank over me?” she asked, “I’d love to watch you cum and have it covering my skin when my husband returns.”

They both stepped forward, kneeling up on the bed either side of her in line with her hips and wanked themselves as they watched Jenn stroke her body, stroke her pussy lips and lick her fingers clean.

The young guy was the first. He said nothing, stopped wanking and squeezed his cock hard, his foreskin pulled back down exposing a shiny red head. When he released the first spurt shot over her head, some of it catching her face, a few drops on her breast. The spurts came quickly and plentiful, streams of clear cum covering her skin from belly to face and as they slowed he moved closer so the final drips ran over her pussy.

The tanned guy took a minute or so longer and Jenn licked her lips of the beads of semen that had landed there, staring at him as she did so and moaning playfully. She wiped her chin and cheeks and licked her fingers before massaging the cum into her tits then licking her fingers for him. He cried out and aimed his cock at her belly and three good spurts of white fluid joined the other mans and a pool of semen formed in her navel. He moved himself forward and wiped the last few beads onto her nipple and then his softening cock into her mouth for her to clean.

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