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So, this is my first submission here on Lit, so feedback is appreciated!

I’m just kind of “in a mood” so there’s possibly not much going on here aside from my erratic (not to mention erotic) mind leaking out of my fingers into the keyboard. There’s no real story, it’s just short and sweet (and sexy!)

—– —– —– —– —–

Shelby leaned back in her office chair, the wheels making a quiet squeak-squeak! as she rocked to and fro, using her bare toes dug deep into the thick cream carpeting as an anchor.

The light was set on low, casting the cream-colored room into shades of dark tan and brown in the shadows, save for the small lamp that glowed at the edge of her desk.

If anyone had decided to come calling at her home office, they could easily have taken her for what she was, a business professional that ran her own very successful web company. That is, if they ignored the soft robe she wore, and her freshly-scrubbed face … and the sounds that emanated from her laptop computer.

Her face was rapt, cheeks flushed with a soft pink glow as soft moans and low growls broke the silence in the room. Her eyes were glued to the video that played across the screen … a small, dark-haired beauty on her knees, straddling a blond-haired man who groaned as she rode his lap even as her lips were wrapped around the shaft of a tall black man, her breast squeezed tightly in one hand.

Shelby shifted, breath growing stuttered as she responded to the erotic video, her eyes glazing softly as one hand sneaked up and cupped a breast, thumb fluttering against a hardening peak. The touch on the sensitive nub sent a flash down into the bundle of nerves at the apex of her thighs, triggering a rush of moisture as the black man wrapped the girl’s hair around his fist, thrusting his hard cock down her throat as she began to wail in obvious orgasm atop the other man.

It finally got to be too much for her, watching the other woman cumming and she was barely anywhere, herself. She moved around, tucking one knee over the arm of her desk chair, pushing back her robe and slipping her hand down over her mound, fingers slipping between her lips to dip her long middle finger inside her slit.

“Ahh, god … ” She moaned, and felt her muscles clench, rocking her hips as the players on the screen shifted, the black man splaying her out, thighs wide as his dark meat speared her over and over again.

Her head tossed back, the slim line of her pale throat working as she moaned and swallowed, fingers flying as she worked them in and out of her wet flesh with small, sticky sounds, the fingers on her free hand working one turgid nipple as she began to squirm against her palm.

She really had no idea what an appealing picture she made, cupping herself and teasing her own breasts, nor was she aware of the man who stood in her doorway, floored at finding her like this. He was unbelievably aroused that she was so caught up in her act of pleasure that she didn’t even hear his knock, or the creak of the hinges as he’d opened the door.

He smiled, slowly edging his way around her desk, tipping his head to see the video she was watching, and his smile turned hot as some blond guy started tapping his cock on a brunette’s open, panting mouth as a big black man fucked her pussy.

He reached down and tweaked the nipple that wasn’t getting attention, and chuckled as her eyes flew open, the shocked, hazy green meeting his own as he knelt between her spread thighs, his palms opening her even wider.

She sighed deep in her throat as his mouth lowered, tongue licking out to tease against her, and her fingers tangled in the dark hair at the base of his skull, tugging him to her as she lifted her hips.

His chuckle was soft against her skin as she whimpered, his tongue flicking out to work the swollen pink bud that peeked from its hood as he suddenly thrust a finger inside her.

She squealed, her hips jerking at the sudden invasion of his thick digits in her sensitized flesh, and groaned as his mouth settled over her, sucking her hard clit between his lips as his finger was joined by another. She gasped as a third joined, stretching her, and set a frenzied rhythm that soon as her arching and panting.

He felt the change in her body, and variated his suck on the nub, flicking it with the soft tip of his tongue from different angles, and growled softly as he felt her orgasm, her soft groans and whimpers music to his ears.

He straightened, tugging her hips low on the seat, and freed his cock with one tug on his sweatpants, giving her spasming pussy a light swat with his open palm before thrusting his length deep into her channel.

She arched, her back bowing, offering him her nipples, and he dipped his head with another growl, feasting on the dark tips. His teeth nipped as his hands gripped her hips, working her along his thrusting cock, bringing her against his working hips with tiny little smacking noises that were almost drowned out by the sounds of the orgasmic trio on the computer.

He slicked wetly inside her, those slick muscles clamping down on him with each move, and he bit her nipple harder, her nails scoring down his back as the girl in the video began to squeal and announce her orgasm with “ohhh fuck! I’m cumming!

Shelby panted, rocking her hips, and started her own raunchy monologue. “Yeah, baby, fuck that pussy. Mmm yeah, you know just what I like,” and wrapped one leg around his waist as he released her nipple, grunting.

“Cum for me, you dirty little bitch!” His voice was a low growl, and he gripped her throat, pushing her upper body back against the chair, raising onto the balls of his feet and thrusting almost cruelly into her body.

Her cry was instantaneous, and as he began to punish her with his cock, she gripped his wrist with both her hands and began to shudder, shaking all over as the tide swept in and she came around his shaft, pummeling her sensitive flesh.

“That’s it, cum harder,” he ordered, his free hand coming up and gripping her at the knee, spreading her open even wider to receive him as he took full advantage of this new angle, rasping his cock against her clit as he fucked her.

She keened low in her throat, eyes fluttering and rolling back in her head as she came again for him, then felt him grunt and jerk, his own thick ropes of cum shooting out and splashing inside her spasming cunt.

He lay half-on her in the chair for a few moments before he slowly pulled out, and straightened, tugging up his sweats and heading toward the hallway. He looked back, resting a hand on the doorway, and grinned at her, a hot gleam in his eye. “I was coming in to tell you when I interrupted … I’ve got the new video, that porno you picked out, ready in the DVD player. If you wanna grab the extras, I’ll meet you in the living room. I’ll fuck you sideways, after I have that dirty mouth on my cock.”

She laid there blinking after him for several moments, ruminating over his words, and a small smile started as she headed after the sexiest man she’d ever had.

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