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Written just for Gwendolyn by JD “PurpleHazeFL69″

“24 Gwendolyn”


1~~ Sweet Arrival

2~~ The Appetizer

3~~ The Main Course

4~~ A Full Second Plate

5~~ Finishing Breakfast


1~~ Sweet Arrival


Typically an early Autumn Wednesday in Florida like any other… clear blue skies and toasty heat during the morning, with short but powerful thunderstorms at 5PM like clockwork. Working from home through my internet connection has it’s rewards where I can get a lot done and not be bothered, however today carried a special perk.

I was expecting a guest from out of state. She’d driven down to attend a large horror movie convention where the who’s who of horror and makeup were scheduled to appear. Her name is Gwen, a delicious Georgia Peach, party girl and sensuously evil temptress.

We’d interacted online for several months before she became curious enough to give me her phone number. Her voice was neither high nor low toned, a middle-of-the-road-sexy-as-hell-hint-of-a-Southern-drawl spiced by quite an infectious laugh.

Although I’d not yet met her in person, I had seen photos of her online and some she’d sent to me via email. An all natural beauty with no surgery-enhanced features (as can be the norm ’round here in the Sunshine State). No balloon boobs, no padded bubble booty… Just the prettiest eyes and smile, surrounded by the cutest bobbed auburn hairdo, connected to two perky mouthfuls of naturals, a lovely thick waist and hiney connected to some very lucious legs. The camera loved her, and she worked it with her sexy eyes, and for that I love the camera.

But these long distance adorations would soon be demystified as she’d announced she was coming into town and would like to finally meet. I’m certainly no fool, and had given her specific directions and prepared for her arrival for quite some time. I had just finished coding new logic into a software project for work when I heard padded footsteps near the front door, a bit of a screamed expletive followed by the lazy bing-bong of the front doorbell. My eyes widened, heart raced and smiled to myself “She’s HERE!”

My home office is in the master bedroom at the back of the house. As I made my way through the living room layout, her playful attitude induced repeated fist-pounding on the door mixed with a constant press of the doorbell…BOOM BOOM BOOM BING BONG BING BONG “JIIIIIM! IT’S THE POLICE, OPEN THIS DOOR GOD DAMMIT!” BOOM BOOM BOOM… My pulse made me feel rather giddy in anticipation. I decided to take a breath and see what I was in for.

I peered through the mirror coated door glass. Oh, my God. I was SO in trouuuuuble! MmmmDamn! She’d been driving for several hours and was dressed in a purple, white and blue striped spaghetti strap tank and jean shorts. Very nice Gwen stems flowed down from each leg opening, each tipped with elevated flip flops drawn through cute popsicle toes.

She shifted her shades from her eyes to a resting place atop her hair. Her head turned to the side as if to listen for any sign of me opening the door while raising her hand to knock yet again. She raised her legs alternately to stretch them now that her long drive had come to an end. She’d apparently gotten some rays on the drive down and her skin glowed with the slightest sunburn. Her breasts were softly cradled in a silky fleshtone bra with straps that paralleled with those of the tank. Giving her such an intense once over made me quite… ferociously emotionally erect to say the least.

A cloudburst was rolling in overhead as she knocked again, a little softer and less confident that I might answer. As the thunder rumbled and heralded in the hissing rain, the bolt lock popped open and her head snapped towards the direction of the door.

I turned the knob and the door creaked slightly as the threshold yawned open in front of her. Once the door was fully ajar, I stepped from behind it with a shit-eating grin. Gwen’s face went from semi-grin to a nearly ear-to-ear pearly white teeth bearing smile as she shrieked then trumpetted “YEEEAAAAAH BABY!”

She held out her raised arms and with playful baby steps walked unabatedly forward as my hands raised and open to catch her. With the last few skittering steps, she slowed and with her head slightly cocked looked up to me with her lips in full pout.

“Hello Beautiful, how ya doin’?” I replied as my hands slid around her waist and my head lowered and turned to meet her pout. Her arms slid around my neck in a full-on love hug as our eyes locked and lips met. She felt like heaven and smelled so nice, a hint of coconut, and her lovely pearlescent lips tasted sweet.

Locked in the very welcome hug, we swayed from side to side and both said in unison “I’m so glad to see you!” For a moment we stopped and gave each others eyes a glance as if to find the other’s intensions, wisdom or soul inside.

“You look incredibly edible, Gwen” I said in all honesty. She lifted one foot behind her and lowered the flipflop to it’s tip, pivoting it playfully as her hand slid across my chest and grasped the bottom of my grey goatee.

“You’re looking mighty sharp yourself, darlin’”, she said, her cheeks rounding her warm smile. Still grasping my beard, she guided my lips back to hers for another kiss, lingering a bit longer before our lips parted this time.

Stepping to the side and raising my hand in an ushering gesture, “So come on in, stretch out and relax, no worries here Sugarpuss!” I said.

She raised to her tip-toes and arched her back with arms over her head giving a bit of a gasp while she stretched, then suddenly her taut stance released as she laughed and took a stumbling step forward, gave me a playful punch in the belly and exclaimed “Sugarpuss?!? I drive all the way down here and one of the first things out of your mouth is Sugarpuss?”

I laughed and one of her eyebrows lifted as the other lowered, indicating I was a nut. “Sssssshuuuuuu gaaaaaah puuuussssssy, tha’s riyat ma’am!” I quipped in a heavy southern accent. “And that’s a sincere assumption it is!” I concluded with a smile.

Her expression went to one of amazement and her mouth rounded in a loud gasp and laugh as I gave her hiney a slight smack with my fingers as she passed by me into the living room.

“Wow, VERY nice place you got here, Jim, VERY nice! You’re not into horror and movies are you?” She said and chuckled looking around at the layout.

I have a split level home with a staircase that winds around the living room to the second floor guest rooms and bath. The ceiling in the living room is vaulted and the thirty foot walls sport some full sized theatrical banners from various horror and science fiction movies. Mixed in are theater-sized posters, framed celebrity autographed photos and various bits of movie memorabilia. The center of the back wall is home to a 50 inch TV and stereo system and two wrap-around sectional sofas make for choice seating.

“I have friends out at Universal who give me first pick on certain things that arrive” I explained. “I do things for them during the year, like portray Santa at the Cineplex at Christmas and do mystery shopping, and they do things for me, ha ha.”

“You’ve got some cool shit! Ooooh, look at that, and how did you manage to get those?” she replied, her eyes scanning the wide open wallspace coated with hard to acquire items as an outstretched finger followed her glances over each item. She had turned around several times, even scanning the second floor walls and she was now with her back to me looking up and around.

“Glad you approve!” I said, and placed my hands on her shoulders.

My thumbs began massaging the tightness in her shoulders. “So should you ever decide to move down here or visit, there’s plenty of room and you’re more than welcome” I said in a lower voice close to her dainty pierced and bejeweled ear.

The vibration of my voice must have tickled her as she kind of lowered that side of her head and giggled and gasped. “What? Is my voice turning you on?” I said lower and more breathy closer to her ear, continuing the massage.

She shrieked “Yes! My ears are VERY sensitive!”

“Ooooooo well don’t stop then, eh mate?” I said, my hands lowering to rest on her waist and hold her to me.

“Perhaps a movie quote then?” my voice now lowered to full vibe mode, heh…

“Yippee kiyay, amuddafuk” I said and she laughed out loud.

“…Is it safe? Vee haff weys off mekkeeng yoo tok!” I whispered and she giggled trying, but not very hard, to wriggle from my grasp.

Her twisting motion as she bent slightly forward accidentally grinded her butt into the bulge in the front of my jeans. She stopped and straightened her stance without pulling away and just said slowly “Oh… my…”.

“Naw coffer yore eyez, mein fraulien!” her commandant commanded as she was thankful the auditory torture session earned her a temporary reprieve.

Gwen’s hands covered her eyes as I guided her through the dining room. The smell of warm melted chocolate and brandy filled the senses.

“Chocolat? I know your favorite!” I said, guiding her to the kitchen bar.

Her eyes popped open “Jim, you’re kidding me! You did this for me? Look at this, it’s awesome!”

A fondue pot full of a mixture of milk chocolate, white chocolate and brandy was simmering. A large serving tray was prepared with neatly sliced mandarin oranges, marshmellows, brownies, buttercake, bananas and strawberries. The fondue forks awaited.

“Thank you, I’m so hungry, I haven’t eaten in hours…” Gwen said while spinning out a barstool near the tray of treats. I sat next to her, open legged on another barstool, not nearly as hungy as I’d had several tastes already in preparing it. She picked at the tray with her fork. Each treat was a burst of flavor in her mouth as the warm chocolate complimented each bite of coated delicacy. At times she picked chocolate coated items off the fork with her fingers once they’d been dipped and laid them upon her tongue.

“What, you’re not going to eat?” she asked.

“No, I’m fine, I might try some in a little bit” I returned.

“Bullshit!” she said. As she licked off her sticky digits, she gave me a glance as her index finger slid into her mouth and emerged clean of chocolate. She then took the same finger and gently ran it around the inside rim of the fondue crock.

A generous dab of melted chocolate coated her finger as she turned her barstool and leaned forward to me saying “Jim, I’m going to eat…AND you’re going to eat!” She held her dripping chocolate finger for a moment in front of my mouth and looked at me straight in the eyes with a slight smirk.

“If that’s what you like” I said quickly and opened my mouth smiling at the edges.

She gave a slight single breath snicker as she pushed the chocolate into my mouth. My eyes never leaving hers, I cradled her finger with my tongue around as it went in, sucked until i felt her flesh and then brought up the hardened the tip of my tongue to run along the bottom of her finger. I then opened my lips and sucked her finger back in, running my tongue again hard along the bottom as she hesitantly withdrew it from my lips.

Perhaps I’d telegraphed the sentiment strongly enough as she was speechless for just a moment. I looked down and noticed a drip of the chocolate had escaped her finger and landed right on the side of the bulge in my pants.

“God dammit Gwen!” I said playfully, “look what you’ve done! I’ve had a premature eCHOCulation!”

She turned in her seat which put her legs between mine. She steadied herself by placing her small yet warm hand on my thigh then glanced at my fabric-and-chocolate-covered cock and just laughed. She gave my leg a slight squeeze as she laughed. My cock responded and it wasn’t shy. The head pushed hard against the inside of my pants as it inched forward.

“Jim, you must REALLY like chocolate” said Gwen glancing at the shameless tent.

“Lets see how much you like it Sweetheart!” I said, rounding my finger along the inside of the crock. I placed my hand on her arm so she would not spin away, then brought my chocolate treat towards her face. She pursed up her lips as if she was going to resist.

“MMmmph MMMPH GDDMMT” she muttered through closed lips as my finger followed her mouth from side to side as she turned her head to avoid it. I poked a finger just below her arm into her rib cage and she laughed out loud.

“Uh huh, that’s it baby…” I said positioning my finger to her mouth.

She opened her lips as if to take it in, leaned forward then stopped. She looked into my eyes and gave an ear to ear smile then grabbed my wrist with both hands. She guided my finger to just in front of her open lips and I felt her breath on my hand. She turned her head to the side avoiding my finger and lowered her lips to my palm, closing her eyes as she went. She stopped at the bottom of my palm and I felt the tip of her tongue slowly glide back up along the outside of it as she breathed through her mouth to add to the sensation.

I fidgetted slightly and hunched once in my seat as she traced her tongue on the outside of my palm, then up the side of the chocolate coated finger. She leaned a bit more forward, transfering more weight onto her hand on my thigh. It tugged the fabric of my pants a bit more taut across my growing pleasant ache. She then started licks from the bottom of my finger to the top, each time stopping to savor the taste and lick her lips, then start a new lick from the bottom again.

With the last two licks, she looked up at me and my expression. She regained that ear to ear grin and laughed through her mouth during each slow agonizing lick.

“Why Jim, you taste pretty damn good! Mmmmm” she purred and finished off the last lick then gave the palm of my hand a breathy sucking kiss.

“I was just thinking the same about you, Sugarpuss…” I replied. The brandy in the fondue had a mellowing effect, a slight ringing in the ears but an overall smooth buzz, enhancing our flirtatious torture of one another.

Gwen glanced down to see the more pronounced outline of the swelling head of my penis trying to push it’s way through the fabric of my pants. Her eyes then followed down a bit further and she noticed a huge splatter of chocolate had dripped down her chin, into her cleavage and along the outside of her left breast.

“Crap!” she said while running a finger to catch the drop running down the front of her tank. She raised the finger to her lips and sucked the candy off, but her eyes returned to my stiffness. She had swivelled between my legs and just the feeling of her lovely presence having it’s way within that space felt like heaven.

She opened her fingers and gently placed them over the bulge and gave a single squeeze. I heard her whisper something to herself, could have been a ‘damn’ but I didn’t quite hear it. She then opened her left hand and placed the bottom of her palm under the bulge and started to slowly push it down the length of the swelling.

My hand went softly to her chin and guided her gaze from below up to my face to kiss her candy coated lips. She leaned up into the kiss more forcefully, a bit more tongue than I had expected, but it was most welcome indeed. Her palm slid from the front of the head of my cock down to the bottom of the shaft where she gently squeezed my balls through my pants. The motion had pushed my cock into a more comfortable position and promoted further growth with less constriction.

As we finished our kiss, our eyes slowly blinked back open. I whispered “You know what, Gwendolyn?”

She rested her head gently on my chest then looked back up at me and whispered “Whats that Jim?” as she squeezed near the base of my bulge and ran her fingers back up the length.

I smiled a shit-eating grin and said “I’m really, REALLY happy you’re here!”

Her eyes squinted as she laughed and shook her head “You dumbass…” her grasp a little more firm to the flesh beneath the clothes “Are you happy Jim?” Pushing her palm down again “Yep, you’re really happy to see me alright…heh heh”

As I raised up in my seat she was hitting an excellent spot and my leg twitched. Putting my hands under her arms, I led hear up on her barstool.

I tugged at the bottom of her tank and said “I need to get this in the washer real quick for you.” She gave me a bit of an ‘Are you kidding’ type look then conceded, winked and raised her arms. I lifted the tank halfway up until it just cleared her mouth then pulled it back so her arms were trapped while her eyes were covered and I kissed her, very passionately.

She gave a quick “Hey!” and a gasp, then her tongue entered my lips as she welcomed me. I leaned forward, holding her around the waist, and licked the chocolate that had run between her cleavage. Pausing to suck an area here, an area there beneath her satin bra covered breasts. I felt her tense stature ease as my tongue made little circles where spots of chocolate had spattered. My breath on her skin made her arch her back and her nipples hardened through the silky bra as my tongue slid along her sternum.

She finished removing her tank as i let go of it and she ran her fingers through my hair as my mouth glided upon her. She definately was wearing something coconut as my tongue slid over chocolate then coconut and back. Gently running my teeth over a hardened silk covered nipple, my lips ran softly over the material. She gasped and turned her torso, placing the other nipple front and center for attention. I placed it between my lips and hummed. She giggled surprisedly as it tickled her senses.

“I’ll be right back, Gwen…” I said, grabbing her tank from the counter.

“You’ll need to wash those too” she said licking a finger and pointing to the spot of chocolate on my pants which had now been rubbed into the fabric.

I stepped into the garage and started the small batch of laundry. She grabbed a strawberry off the tray and dipped it into the chocolate melt, then savored the mixture of flavors as it disappeared in her mouth.


2~~ The Appetizer


“Would you like to wash your hands?” I asked as the garage door closed behind me.

“Yes darlin’, if you don’t mind” She stood from her barstool, with hands crossed in front of her.

I had emerged from the garage without my jeans and my boner was standing out like a front porch flagpole, loosely covered by my briefs. She laughed and pointed at it, not making matters much better.

I held out my hand “Well come on then, follow me”.

She took my hand and got behind me, as if to keep herself warm from the cool breeze of air conditioning flowing from the vents in the rooms, her other hand rested on my hip. I led her through the house to closed wooden double doors at the far end of the living room. I opened them both inward at the same time.

“Oh wow, Jim, that’s a nice bed!” she said, eyeing the kingsize brass bed before her. Covered in leopard print sheets and cases it beckoned to any weary or horny soul.

“This is the master bedroom and my home office, this is where I was when you came to the door” I explained. My office desk wraps around in one corner, forming a letter ‘J’. The walls are covered with yet more autographed pics and banners and posters.

A huge Jessica Alba Sin City poster on the wall behind the bed, a standee of Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft in one corner, posters for Underworld and Gothika, signed autographs from Tiffany Shepis, Marilyn Chambers, Sid Haig, Robert Englund and others. Lots of computer and video equipment abound.

“Jim if you were locked up in this room, you’d be set for a few days, ya think?” Gwen commented.

“Actually, just one day” I said, locking the double doors behind me.

“Excuse me?” she said turning her head down and looking up to me in disbelief.

“Don’t you remember? You asked ‘If you had me locked in your room for 24 hours to do anything at all I wanted, what would you do?’ and I just wanted to show you my reply. You’ll still get to the convention on time, and I wouldn’t mind going with you.”

She seemed a bit frightened or cautious so I opened her hands and put the key to the bedroom within her grasp.

“Look, lover, you can leave at any time you don’t want to be here, ok? We’re working with illusions and role play here, ha ha…” I assured her.

“You aren’t supposed to take those silly surveys literally, you nut.” she smiled and shook her head, pounding the key in her palm with the other hand.

“You don’t approve of my answer? Maybe you should reach the end of the 24 hours and then rate my reply, ya think?” I said stepping to the back of the office.

“Follow me Sugarpuss…” I said opening the door at the far wall. “This is the master bath.”

A large double sink with theater lighting all around and the commode on one wall, large sliding double doors to a huge walk in closet on the opposite wall, and an oversized tub just one step down from a jacuzzi was at the far end with sun, moon and astrology decor. I walked to the far end and sat on the top step of the tub, set the plug and started running some steamy hot water.

“Jim can I move in with you?” Gwen joked.

“I know you’re joking but the answer is and always will be ‘Yes’” I said in a serious tone, testing the waterflow churning from the tub faucet with my hand.

I sat with one leg up, the other down on the step, my hardon had pushed the material of the elastic waistband open a bit, as if trying to crawl out on it’s own.

She washed her hands in the far sink and then looked at me inquisitively “Is that for me?” as she dried her hands with a terrycloth towel.

“Yes, this is all for you AngelEyes” I said, shaking a generous amount of bath oil beads into the waterflow. It hissed in the rumbling water and released a pleasant scent in the steaming water. I turned and saw her eyeing my briefs.

“That would be yes on both counts” I said. She then looked up to see I’d caught her eyeing my cock and gave a snicker while rolling her eyes.

“I’m going to give you a steaming hot sponge bath, honey. You’ve been driving for hours and now you’re covered in chocolate, I’m going to pamper you.” She came over, put the lid down and sat on the commode.

“Thats very sweet!” she said, leaning over and running her fingers through my hair just once.

While the water roared, I reached down, grabbed her left foot and put it in my lap. I ran my fingers down her calf, caressing her ankle. She steadied herself on the seat with both hands as her leg was pulled forward. I unbuckled the ankle strap of her elevated flops and slipped it off her foot. As I placed the shoe on the floor, she giggled and turned her foot to the side, tapping my cock which swayed and snapped back into position.

She tapped a couple of times, the last time running her small toes along the side of the bulge.

“Okay okay, other foot, sweetcakes…” I said, lowering her foot gently and grasping the other. With this one, she slid a bit forward on her seat as I removed the strap and her shoe. When I placed the shoe on the floor, she straightened her knee which put her foot directly on the front of my aching cock.

Her big toe to one side and other toes to the other, she pressed into it and the bottom of her foot was so soft along the hard yet curved underside of my boner. I smiled and stroked her leg and ankle, holding it in position so she wouldn’t stop. The bubbly scented water began gurgling in the overflow drain so I reached over and turned off each knob as she rested he arch of her foot on me.

We both stood and I put my hands around her waist, pulling her to me. My cock pressed into the front of her jean shorts as I reached around behind her to undo her silky skin toned bra. She lifted her arms, resting her elbows on my shoulders to give me access to the clasp at hand.

She looked up into my eyes with the most penetrating glance she’s famous for. I felt my heartbeat race as her eyes pierced mine. She liked the feel of my cock pushing into her jeans and turned just a bit putting her right leg forward so that it rested the length of me against her. As the back of her bra popped opened free she lowered her hands to around my waist, resting both on my ass and held me firmly against her so that she felt the heat of my rod against her.

Her face beamed with a sly smile and said “Mister, you’re in pretty sad shape here” as she shifted several times so that her leg rubbed just under my balls, making me stand up even harder. I pulled on her bra strap and it snapped from between our bodies. I let it fly through the air and hit the bathroom door.

Her lovely and now bared natural breasts showed she was quite turned on as her nipples were totally hard and standing out, so sensitive to each puff of steam that rolled by from the bubbly water. My hands then came around her and i traced her spine with my fingertips down to the top of her jean shorts and my fingertips grazed across an elastic strap of undies just inside the edge.

She slid her thumbs in under the elastic strap of my briefs and gave a strong tug downward. They slipped to reveal the top of my hiney cheeks, yet were held from going further by the hard flesh hook they were caught on standing in front. Her breasts pressed against my shirt, the nipples rolling across the warm cotton fabric.

She looked up at me with her head cocked to one side and one eye in a bit of a squint and said “You can’t be bashful forever, Jim” and her fingers following the waistband around to the front of my briefs. She closed her eyes and kissed me while reaching her hand inside the tented material, the warm side of her fingers coming into contact with the hot and strained flesh of my cock within.

Her eyes reopened, directly into mine as she ran her fingers along my lower abdomen rather avoiding my cock which stood out at an angle just an inch away from her hand. Gwen then raised her hand slowly, tracing her thumb along the side of the shaft, bumping over the rim of the swollen head as she pulled out the elastic band and pulled it down over the front. My briefs hit the floor and she did not break eye contact but was fully aware I was bare naked to the world just below her gaze. My fingers traced around to the front of her jean shorts and she grabbed my hands with hers to stop me.

“Get in there, sucker!” she commanded, her eyes glistening rather evil above her smirk.

“I’m the one giving my guest a sponge bath, lover, now get these…” I was interrupted by her finger raised to and pressing my lips to shush me.

In a soft sultry whisper she recanted slowly “Get… your… fucking… ass… in… the… tub… now!”

“As you wish, M’lady” I surrendered and took a step into steaming bubbly water. I pulled my T over my head and dropped it to the floor before going further. I adjusted to the temperature of the oily steaming bath before putting my other foot in, leaning on one hand against the wet tiled wall.

I glanced back to see Gwen standing there, her hands on her hips with a huge smile watching me enter he oversized tub.

“Hows the water?” she asked, raising an eyebrow. I stepped in then slowly lowered my torso under the oily bubbles.

“It’s very soothing but it’s missing a main ingredient” I stated.

Her eyes glanced across the boxes and bottles on the sink, wondering what was missing “What did you forget?”

The corner of my mouth quirked “Essence of Gwen! Get that edible ass of yours in here” I stated.

I sat against the back of the tub, my legs and arms relaxed to the sides and wide open, the bubbly water revealing just my knees and upper body, all else hidden below the bubbly surface. She turned her back to me and looked back over her bare shoulder. The steam had started to fog the mirrors, and her skin was slightly glazed with steamy sweat.

I heard her pop the button on the front of her shorts, then unzip the small fly, all while looking back at me. Bending forward just a bit, she tugged the jean material and slowly pulled down both jeans and undies together. They slid down over the curves of her lovely ass and dropped quickly to knee height where she bent over yet further to tug them off. Her butt fully bent over revealed her pink lips between beneath and her tiny hiney hole.

Her lips appeared moist, as if she’d been turned on by our flirtatious not-quite foreplay as well. My cock twitched in the steamy water as if to cry the word “In!” in anticipation. She kicked her jeans free from her foot and stepped forward to the tub. I’m in awe of her presence, this lovely Georgia Peach, naked to the world, drops of sweat rolling across her breasts was about to climb into the tub with me!

Her feet softly padded on the tile floor then welcomed and rubbed into the soft cushion rugs near the bath. She grabbed a towel from the rack and slowly wrapped it around her hair, tucking it so it was protected from the elements in the water.

I reached out a hand and she grabbed it to steady herself as she lifted her leg and dipped her foot into the water, giving it a temperature test before committing. She stepped in quickly with both feet then turned and eased back through the suds, leaning her body back against mine. Closing her eyes and breathing hard to adjust to the steamy temperature, she blew out a slow whoosh from her mouth as if to cool the water.

I put my arms around her and leaned forward, kissing her ear then neck and biting playfully. She turned her toweled head to the side, exposing her neck for nibbling and scooted back further into me. I grabbed the oversized soft sponge that was floating in the steaming bath and gently sponged across the flesh of her back letting her feel my breath along the edge of her neck.

Her hiney slipped through the oiled water and slid right up against my cock as she leaned back. Putting her hands on my legs beneath the bubbly surface, she lifted herself just a bit, raising the crease of her hiney to the bulbous head of my rod, then slowly lowered herself against it’s length, turning her ass from side to side on the ride down.

My fingers slid along her rib cage just under her breasts while softly sponging along her neck and shoulders with the other hand. The oil in the water made my fingers glide across her flesh as I slowly circled her breast, then nipple, in increasingly smaller patterns.

When I rolled her nipple between thumb and forefinger, she gasped arching her back and brought her hand up to intertwine with mine, rolling her fingers over the tip as I gently twisted. I ceased sponging and copied the same movement on her other breast, stroking it’s soft round texture, gently squeezing and rolling the nipple between my thumb and forefinger.

She laid her head back on my collarbone and moaned and whispered “Jim that feels soooo good, don’t stop…”

She raised both hands to hold mine to her, reaching over and running her fingertips across the nipples while I gently twisted them. I felt her legs opening in the water, wider and wider, rubbing them along my legs to either side of hers. She lowered her right hand and placed it on my oil slicked leg and slowly moved it higher on my thigh while starting a slight hunching or bucking motion with her ass against my cock.

While my left continued the finger roll, my right hand slowly glided down her sternum over her rib cage, circling her belly button, down to her hip, then the inner crease of her thigh. With mouth on her neck, I stroked lower, my fingers sliding beyond her lower abdomen. Her left hand removed from her breast, she placed it on my left leg and raised herself slightly I’m assuming so I’d have better access. I slipped down lower in the water and my lap was now more under her ass than before, when she lowered her weight my cock and balls were directly under the crack of her ass.

My finger slipped down over a swollen fleshy obstacle, the hood of her clit. She twitched as I made soft contact and her legs opened yet wider, I heard a whispered gasp as my fingers explored further.

My index and ring finger slid along both sides of her pussy lips as the middle finger slipped every inch over her clit. Spreading my index and ring finger opened her lips under the steamy oily water and my middle finger rubbed circles just below her clit before slipping inside between the lips. The finger disappeared inside her, then I gently pulled it out up and over her clit, tugging every fleshy knuckle and joint over it’s swollen tip before slipping back inside her.

She released her weight from her hands on my legs and found herself sitting directly on top of my cock and balls. With a slow rythmic riding motion, she glided the crack of her ass up and back along my hard cock. She reached down and felt my fingers on her pussy, then just below that she massaged my tight balls. Her breath became spasmatic a time or two as more extreme and exaggerated bucking motion soon had the bottom of her pussy rubbing along the base of my cock and balls.

Sliding an inch or two further underneath her did not allow me to rub her clit in the same manner, and my hands slid down under each of her ass cheeks. My fingers slid further towards the friction point, pulling open her ass cheeks and ‘walking’ closer while pulling further apart on her lovely globed ass. Sliding the inch or two further put the head of my cock nearly in alignment with her oiled asshole, and she slowly hunched back and forth along it’s length, only a slight repositioning and I’d be inside her. Christ, it was nearly unbearable.

Just about that time, I felt her fingers caressing my balls again, but this time they rubbed lower and grasped the base of my cock, pulling it up inside her silky flesh. I felt the head pulled tightly along that area between her asshole and pussy. She pulled the head between her now-parted pussy lips, then let the shaft and swollen tip glide along between her lips and clit without going inside her.

Her oiled hand made a tight circle and raised up over the hard head, then slipped down tightly back over the head, the shaft, then rested firmly and tight around the base, rubbing the top of my cock along her pussy and clit. She raised a couple of times in our restless wrestling and placed just the head between her open pussy lips, giving just the tip a taste of her honey hole. The anticipation and torture was extreme, I yearned to be balls deep inside her.

She took the flat of her hand and rubbed my cock between her legs, then closed her legs and cradled my cock between them and jerked a moment or two before I heard her yell out “OH FUCK!”

Her inner thighs convulsed a moment or two before she released her position and slowly swirled around in the water, now facing me.

Pulling herself up between my legs, she was inches from my face. Her feet kicked up behind her, she placed her hands on my shoulders to steady herself and her bubble covered breasts dangled before me. Her upper tummy pressed hard against my cock and she smiled while changing her glance from one of my eyes to the other.

“So Jim… locked for 24 hours behind closed doors… how were you going to play it? Going to fuck the shit out of me? Hmmmm?” She smiled and had me pinned back, no way I could avoid a response. “Hmmmm Baby?” she insisted.

“Gwen darlin’, the thought crosses my mind quite often” I confessed.

“Ha ha, awww that’s so sweet” she replied sarcastically. We both laughed as she edged closer to my face, rubbing her torso up my body.

“Jimmy boy, I hate to spoil your fun…” she said, her eyes closing half way as she edged closer. “…But you can’t rape the willing!” she concluded as her lips pressed against mine.

She smelled sweet like the fragrant oiled water as she leaned heavily into me and I felt her lower abdomen snake along up between my legs. Pressing forward on her knees, her feet stuck up behind her spread to either side out of the water as she twisted them on their ankles. Her pelvic undulations while we kissed were unearthly.

She’d positioned her clit mound against the tender opening in the tip of my cock’s head and was now rocking her ass up and back so that they rubbed together ferociously. I felt her tiny swollen clit against the opening in my cock and the oil in the water caused them to slide into each other as she shifted her body weight towards the friction.

My cock was pulsing to her magic and I came very close to the edge of cumming all over her pussy when she suddenly stopped. So close, my cock continued to throb as if begging to cum from just one more touch.

No sooner had the contraction throbbing subsided, she repositioned herself, this time leaning back on her hands and placing her legs open in front of her and over the top of mine. She raised herself up, her legs now locked over the top of mine and then came to rest upon my cock. I wasn’t inside of her, but she was sort of sitting on my lap, with my balls below her pussy and the hard curved underside of my dick against her pussy lips.

She put her arms up around my neck and I caressed her breasts with each hand. As she began moving her hips, my hard cock slid along her pussy lips and i felt her clit rubbing hard against me. We both moaned about the same time. We both sported agonizing smiles, both so painfully close to orgasmic explosion yet smiling because it felt so fucking good.

“You’re not going to survive this one, Baby, you might as well let go and prepare for round two” she concluded.

“Gwen, you’re going to cum on my cock again aren’t you?” I deducted.

I raised my hips and hunched into her rythmic pattern and my tubular hardness pressed through her pussy lips, up over her clit, then back again. We both twitched to the electrical jolts of pleasure, but neither of us were going to stop. Then suddenly the head of my bath-oiled cock slipped between us into her, swollen and oiled, pushing through her pussylips and was in halfway down the shaft. She froze in position, her eyes squinted and she gasped.

Finally being inside the pussy of the lovely Gwen was like heaven and she contracted so tightly around me. She felt my heart pulse telegraphed through my shaft with each growing throb of my cock head inside her. I felt her heart pulse in the tight ring of flesh surrounding me mid-shaft. My hand came up to gently touch her face, and her eyes blinked open. She smiled softly as our bodies were now connected.

Her look slowly slipped from lust and love to a precious lower lip pout as about that time, Gwen got a cramp in her leg from kneeling inside the tub. She leaned forward over my shoulder, her pussy was so tight-lipped and soaked that when my cock reluctantly squeezed free it made a slippery pop like a juicy cork being released.

She apologetically dismounted and slowly slipped over the edge, wrapping a terrycloth robe around her lovely dripping frame.

“Gwendolyn my love” I professed.

She turned and looked at me smiling while drying her tossled hair with the towel that had previously wrapped her head.

“Although I am sitting down, rest assured that I am giving you a standing ovation” I delivered the punch line.

“Ha ha, poor baby, come out of the tub and we’ll get back to where we were, I promise” she beckoned.

I arose from the steamy bubbles slightly waterlogged and wrapped another robe around me while she took a step back and asked “This is a huge closet, what do you have in there, dead bodies?”

“Look for yourself” I stated and slid one side of the doors open.

Her eyes opened in amazement and the ear-to-ear grin returned “Totally fucking awesome!”


3~~ The Main Course


I turned on the closet light and revealed to her what could be described as a costume collection and dressing room. Over the years I’ve collected many different Halloween and theatrical costumes and had them hanging neatly in order.

A shelf full of hats, another full of accessories, many horror masks in bagging and on styrofoam heads. Even a face painting and theatrical makeup kit. I’d also collected some of the Leg Avenue wear as I worked at Spirit Halloween during the season, and trust me, its to one’s advantage to stock up on items a girl would love to wear. There was also an assortment of adult novelties including love cuffs, bungee cords, vibrators and a soft paddle.

In another container was a collection of adult DVD’s. Other than the theatrics, I actually had clothes and other memorabilia stored or hanging in order. Gwen’s eyes were wide like a kid locked in a candy store.

Drying myself off, I slid open the second door and offered “Try on whatever you like, I’m going to check in with work for a moment.”

“Mmmmmm! Jim I think I love you” she stated with a dazed glaze to her eyes, stepping in through the closet doors.

Spinning on her bare heel, “Baby, give me a few minutes in here will ya?” she asked.

“Enjoy, Sugarpuss”, I encouraged, “No worries, no hurries…” She stepped up with a teeth-baring smile, kissed my cheek with those lovely lips and I felt her perky nips on my arm as she squeezed it with both hands.

I reached for the duffle bag just inside the sliding doors which contained the assortment of velcro love cuffs, bungee cords and assorted battery operated utensils then stepped back into the master bedroom, placing the bag on the edge of the desk closest to the bed.

I sat down at my desk chair and checked the progress of a multiple library interactive recompile I’d submitted earlier that day while connected to the main computer. It was still running and wasn’t even half way through yet, so I was good to go for the rest of the day. I checked email and as usual, none other than the announcements from the activities committee. No voicemail either, so all was well in computer land.

I stood and finished drying off, then sat down to relax in the middle of my king sized bed. I inched further to the middle of the bed and propped myself up on my elbows, robe slightly parted as my boner peeked through it. As i rested on the bed, my boner jumped with each heartbeat while resting atop my belly.

I heard my lovely Georgia Peach guest raiding the closet, shifting each costume hanger and on occassion giving a hard whispered approval of what she found. I pulled down the body-length pillow from the headboard and propped it against my back. Amidst a daydream, my mind reflected briefly on what had already transpired that day.

Stepping over to my dresser, I retrieved my Indiana Jones fedora from it’s hanging peg and positioned it atop my noggin. Certainly I appeared more like Dr. Jones, Sr. on viagra, I thought and chuckled to myself.

From the closet came sounds of stumbling and shifting wire hangers, the creaky noise the chair in the closet makes when someone uses it for slipping on footwear or what have you. I was looking through various items atop my dresser when I heard an evil hiss emerge from behind me.

I turned and found one Gwen sporting a full length sexy hooded velvet robe, holding one of the most grotesque looking vampire full head masks, slowly moving toward me. She also sported a dark carnival mask underneath the hood she wore and had applied a fresh layer of pearlescent lipstick. I sensed she was also wearing a pair of the finer designer vampire teeth, as her bottom lip seemed slightly askew from the large prosthetics.

She pointed towards the bed as if to direct me back over to it, so I willingly stepped back over and towards the middle of the leopard-print covered mattress. The vampire Gwen turned and faced me from the foot of the bed. Gwen’s eyes glistened behind the carnival mask in the shade of the hood.

The mask in her hand was purplish in color with ragged hair sticking from the top and back of it. The eyes of it were covered white and a bloody mouth with fangs hung wide open, as if waiting to bite the next victim. The mouth actually was open a bit, adding to the 3D effect of the mask and allowed the wearer more freedom to talk and breathe.

The hooded robe was a soft dark purplish black in color with a red embroidered trim around every edge of material. When the vampire’s hands raised and rested on her hips, the hooded robe split open, revealing a most edible body in a full sized crotchless fishnet bodysuit.

A sly smile twisted from one corner of her mouth and with one hand she tugged twice on the bottom of my terrycloth robe. I slipped out of it and was fully naked save for my Indy hat and my boner was springing in the open air. She jerked the terrycloth robe off the bed and threw it to the doorway of the master bath.

The vampire raised her hands and started this sexy type crawling atop the bed, Gwen’s eyes never diverting from staring directly at me. She pulled open the hooded robe and slithered up along side me, straddling my leg. The feel of the fishnet tight around her body, and her hard nipples protruding from openings in the fishnet, sliding across my body as she moved up was totally erotic.

Her hands traced along my legs and thighs, then my lower abdomen. As her left leg straddled mine, she stopped when her thigh rested just below my tight nutsack. A playful fingertip traced around my right nipple and made it hard while the vampire’s head moved to my right nipple.

I felt her mouth pressed against my chest, then her lips suckled and licked my right nipple till it got hard as well. Her hand lowered and traced down from my upper torso to my lower abdomen and gave a full fingered grasp around my aching cock. With her knee supporting under my balls, her fist started stroking my dick, from the very base to up over the swollen head.

I felt her adjust her position and her head was then up by my shoulder. She let loose a playful hiss through the prosthetic teeth before bending over and giving me a bit of a bite on the neck. The bite was rather intensive, feeling her teeth pressing into my flesh and her tongue lathering within the bite area while giving a strong hickey-inducing suck with her lips and mouth. The sensation of her intense sucking joined with her soft hand pumping my cock with her knee rubbing my balls was intense, I was fully erect.

Her head raised up so she could see the teeth marks she’d left on my neck and I heard an evil type breathy laugh. Her knee gently but firmly pressed underneath my balls while her hand slowly worked the length of my cock, her hooded head turned to watch as she stroked.

My hands ventured inside of her robe and the touch of her fishnet-covered skin was electric. I let my fingertips softly graze over her flesh, and she’d shift her position slowly and moan a soft purr whenever I touched her. My left hand traced from her shoulders, down her netted spine and stroked the small of her back just above those edible ass cheeks. The fingertips of my right hand feathered across the globes of her breasts, feeling every curve, down the ripples of her rib cage then back up.

I loved tracing my fingertips around her nipples for they got very hard and sensitive and poked through the tight fishnet material. As she enjoyed the sensations of my touch, she shifted just a bit and the flaps of the robe opened granting me full access. The robe peeled back softly off her shoulder as I untied the front clasp. The hood remained on her head and my fingers now traced down her shoulder, her elbow, past the moving forearm to her pumping grasp.

Keeping a tight ring with her thumb and middle finger, she glided it up and down over the fleshy head, feeling every vein throbbing in the shaft. Her other fingers beckoned me to join hers. She grapsed my hand and placed it flat on the head of my cock, pushing down and around the head. As my nuts tightened, her determined strokes had squeezed a couple of drops of precum which were now glistening over the tip and on my fingers. I then grabbed her hand in return and guided it to rub the bottom of the shaft and balls.

I slid down a bit to suck on those luscious nipples through the fishnet. My lips made a warm wet sucking hole and one at a time her perked nips were pulled into it. Rotating between them, I glistened them with my saliva and blew across them. A bit distracted, her pumping and rubbing ceased.

I slid down even further and let my lips slip down over the globes, across her lower abdomen. She eagerly inched her way up on he bed, flinging open the lower flaps of the robe. I rolled over and positioned myself in front of her. My hands traced down her lovely legs and grabbed both ankles, raising them before her so her knees bent, her legs fell open and her feet rested near her gorgeous ass. I looked up in awe.

Her lovely hooded head with carnival mask laid back on my pillows at the top of the bed. She gasped a time or two in anticipation and I saw she was still wearing the vampire teeth and her tongue flicked between them licking her lips. The dark velvet robe was opened and pulled back behind her starting at her lovely neck.

Her hands were raised yet relaxed to the side of each shoulder. The fishnet hugged her collar line and tightly cascaded over every curve. Her breasts were on full fishnetted display, and shiny saliva coated each peeking nipple. The net hugged her tight thick waist. Her lovely netted legs spread open wide to either side, touching her feet just before me.

The pattern of the fishnet yawned open at her crotch, revealing her lovely pussy to me. Very flushed and pink it was, with a lovely hooded clit near the top. Two glistening lips showed her to be quite turned on, wet and slightly parted on their own. Just below this tasty display hiding in the crease was her tightly puckering asshole.

I threw my Indy hat to the side and licked my lips. Just then she extended her foot and put it on my chest as I leaned forward. Not sure what she wanted I looked up to her face. One hand was raised and she was dangling the purplish vampire full headed mask on it.

“You want me to wear that, yes?” I inquired. A full motion vigorous nod was returned and she tossed it at me. She placed both feet on my chest and gently rubbed them against me while I slipped the grotesque mask over my head.

Although vision was limitted, it did allow full movement of my mouth and thankfully, breathing. Once the mask was on and adjusted in place, her feet dropped from my chest, touching again below her on the bed and her legs fell wide open to either side.

I grabbed her right foot and brought it up to the mouth hole in my mask. I pressed the latex to the side of her foot, then licked through the opening. My tongue traced along her instep and the tender portions of the bottom underside of her foot. She shrieked unexpectedly, her leg shook and she pounded her fist into the soft cushiony bed. I’m assuming that tickled the shit out of her and proceeded to take the tip of my tongue and run it along the outside of her big toe.

I then moved forward and placed her ankle on my shoulder as I ran the mouth-hole of the mask down the inside of her calf, letting her feel my breath through the mask upon her squeeky clean bath-oil bathed fragrant skin. My tongue traced along the inside of her knee, then along her inner thigh, and as I moved forward her leg slid over my shoulder.

Caressing the inside of her left leg, I pressed my fingers into her flesh, walking them up higher as she brought that leg up over my other shoulder as well. She coaxed me towards her by pulling me forward with her feet behind my neck. Her ass lifted a little as she pulled me to her, and I slid the huge pillow under the small of her back to support it and expose her wares more openly.

My thumbs caressed to either side of her pussy, pushing, rubbing, tracking along the outer boundaries of her mound. Pushing little pressure points all around her pussy lips, pressing a couple times right between the bottom of her pussy and puckered asshole. Her pussy lips had spread open just a little by themselves so I relaxed my thumbs and gently pulled the open a bit wider, revealing a very tight and succulent honey hole leading inside.

Pink, spread open wide and moist, she was so ready. I lowered my head, bringing the latex mask mouth hole near the top of her pussy and pressed gently into it. The action gently pulled back the hood of flesh over her clit baring it to my breath as I panted inside the mask. As my tongue gave her nubbin a full length lolipop-style lick, I heard her moan and felt her writhe just a bit on the sheets.

My lips locked around the tip of her clit, sucking it as I did her nipples, letting the pointed tip of my tongue slide over it again and again. With one hand I reached up and tested the tightness of her pussy, pushing deep inside with two fingers up to my knuckles then making tiny circles inside her up under her clit. With my other hand, i tenderly pushed all around her butthole, slowly and firmly in an ever decreasing circle.

I felt a strong pulse throbbing around that little ring of puckered hole and she grasped the sheets with while knuckled fists and arched her back in anticipation. I licked her pussy with a bit more saliva, and it slowly dribbled down her anxious lips, past the bottom, trailing over my pressing thumb and her asshole.

Gently rolling the drops of saliva around the hot tight opening I slowly and steadly pushed at the hole. Her breathing was a bit erratic yet I felt her relax a bit and push into it, she wanted it inside. Her lubed asshole offered some natural resistance at first, then as the length of my thumb pressed inside, sucked it all the way in and squeezed hard around it. As my mouth focused on her clit, sucking and licking so intensely, and my fingers fucked her pussy and ass, she started a rythmic bucking into me.

My fingers swirled in and out of her pussy and my thumb pressed into her again and again, the knuckle of my thumb teasing the tight sphincter as it slowly popped in and out. Changing rythms frequently in my rubbing and sucking, her breathing came harder and occured less. I felt her tightening up, arching her back and pressing her pussy into the mouth hole of the mask so I could suck it.

Her feet pressed hard into the mattress and she raised her hips roughly as I licked her clit and finger fucked her pussy and ass. Frozen in intensity for just a moment she released and opened her legs wide, pushing into my fingers. As I sucked her clit, I felt her pussy contracting against my whiskered chin. I stuck my tongue deep inside as it squeezed and pulled it up slowly over her swollen button.

“Oh GOD JEEzus CHRIST SHIIIIT!” she screamed and grabbed my masked head with both hands as I felt her burst all over my lips. Her pussy churned and squirted again and again. Sweet as sugar she was, I knew it.

As her contractions subsided, she grasped the hair of the mask and pulled it off my head then placed the pointy teeth on the desk next to the bed. She came up to a kneeling position and put her arms around my neck and kissed me very hard, at the same time pulling me back up onto the bed.

“Sugarpuss!” I said between kisses, her sweet cum all over my lips and mouth as we kissed. She seemed to kiss me harder when I said it, as if to shut me up. She pushed me back onto the pillows near the brass headboard with both hands. She slipped off the robe and carnival mask and plopped them to the side of the bed, her lovely body accented with the fishnet.

Picking up the vampire mask and hanging it on one hand, she looked at the mouth and laughed at how wet the mouth hole was, rubbing at it with her fingers stating “Guess I picked a winner, huh?”

She then laid down and rolled over between my legs, looking up at me. As she lay looking up at me with piercing eyes, she shifted her position so that my hard cock was pressed between her tits.

“Jim!” she spouted in a serious tone, lowering her jaw and looking up at me.

“Gwen…” I replied in a more subdued manner.

“I have to ask you this, and don’t take me wrong, but I’m taking this personal…” she stated.

“What is it, Love? What’s bothering you?” I asked.

“Ahem”, she cleared her throat sarcastically, “Do you not like me or something?”

I laughed and asked “Gwendolyn, I just sucked your pussy until you came in my mouth, are you thinking that’s a sign of dislike?”

“Uh, No Darlin’, I loved that, and am enjoying you immensely, but so far, you haven’t even cum once!” she stated.

“Oh…” I said, looking back as she smiled leaning in across my lap. “Well Ma’am, I have always lived the rule” I replied.

“And what is your rule?” she inquired.

“The lady always cums first… and second… and…” I replied, suddenly stopping as she punched me playfully in the ribs.

“Well we’ve killed that rule all to Hell” she said, raising up on her knees and hands, leaning towards my face.

“For the next few minutes, we have a new rule…” she whispered dreamily, “You can’t touch me, ever again, until you get off!”

I laughed and she leaned in to kiss me. “Don’t…” she insisted “look, I want to get busy again, and nobody else here can cum until you do. I know you’re close, just relax and enjoy”.

She then opened up the vampire mask and said “Lets see how this thing works, ha ha”.

She pulled the latex over her head until it snapped into place. She snickered and the cheeks of the mask puffed out just a second, then she pressed the mouth hole close to her face and wiggled her jaw around to get the best fit.

“Damn” she stated, licking her lips inside the mask, “I guess you were right, I do have a sweet pussy afterall!”

I laughed and she lunged forward, pinning me to the mattress. Her full weight was on my body, I don’t think an inch of her was touching the bed, it felt so erotic. The latex mask made it a little weird. She bent her knees and brought them up hard onto my thighs, then began a slow gyration in her hips. My sweat mixed with hers, the fishnet fabric and the feel of her body gyrating against my cock was fantastic.

She started her descent, pushing her palms into my shoulders and pushing away so her lower torso and ass slowly slipped down my legs. My cock ached pleasantly, super hard and moving with my heartbeat. As her waist reached my legs, she slid between them, letting my cock glide along her belly button and fishnet coated ribs. She stopped moving when my cock slid between her tits and looked up at me.

As turned on as I was, I had to laugh looking down between my legs and seeing a white-eyed purple vampire. She slowly twisted her upper body from side to side, making her netted tits slide all over my hard cock. She enjoyed sliding her nipples just under the head of my cock, rubbing one up and down the shaft, then turning and repeating with the other.

When my cock slipped between her breasts, she really leaned hard into it and rocked back and forth. Then I felt her scoot down a bit more. She lassoed the head of my dick with her thumb and forefinger and positioned it in the mouth hole of the mask then pushed her masked head down onto it. There was only a slight abbrasion from the mouth hole, but once the swollen head pushed through her mouth so warm wet and sweet closed around it.

Her mouth felt like heaven, and not being able to see it added to the experience. Her lips closed around the shaft just below the head, and her wet mouth was so warm and slippery on me. Her tongue cradled and circled the cock head, licking every curve, crease and vein. The mouth hole of the mask was a little tight, but felt like a cock ring around the base of my penis. I looked down and the mask was not moving, however inside the mask, she was turning her head from side to side licking and sucking the head.

My cock felt super hard and tingly from the restricted blood flow, and then she started moving. For just a moment she pulled her head up off the shaft and pressed her mouth against my balls. Her lips planted like a soft suction cup underneath my balls and I felt her slippery tongue glide along between them while her hand stroked the length of me. Her tongue slid like melted butter up the tender underside of my pole and I jerked uncontrollably once when she reached my urethra.

She held the mask in place with both hands and started moving her head up and down the shaft, sucking in as much as she could. I was about to pop. I felt the cum building in my balls and instinctively asked for her to wait, to slow down as I was getting close. I felt her laugh with my dick in her mouth, the vibration was insane, and she made the loudest sucking noises possible.

Although I couldn’t see, it felt like she was fucking me with her mouth wide open, pushing into the back of her mouth and throat. I let loose with just a couple moans at first, then they increased in intensity and she locked her lips around my shaft. I felt her tongue slipping all along the bottom of my shaft, and she raised a hand to my ball sack slowly massaging a thumb right between them.

Needless to say, I started cumming, hard, into her mouth. Perhaps it caught her off guard, but when I looked down to see my dick inside the mouth of the vampire mask, there was a long thick stream of cum hanging out of the mouth hole. She continued to suck and lick the sensitive hole of my cock until my nuts quit contracting.

She then sat up, pulled off the vampire mask and held both hands up yelling triumphantly “TAH-DAAAAH!”

My white cum provided a creamy coating for her lips, and she licked some of it in and rubbed some of it off onto her fishnetted wrist.

“Well that was a lot of fun!” she exclaimed, laying down next to me, resting her head on my shoulder.

“Mmmhmmm” I agreed with her, as my cock convulsed a time or two.

I heard her licking her lips and licking off her fingers saying “Jim, that really tasted unusually sweet, whats in your diet?”

Without being direct, I snickered and returned “Nothing but the best for you, Love”

She looked up from my shoulder, smiled and requested “Let’s do it again!”


4~~ A Full Second Plate


Claiming that the need for nourishment did not break the ’24 hour challenge’, Gwen opened the bedroom doors and we wandered back to the kitchen. She had slipped out of her fishnet body stocking and into one of my terrycloth robes. I sported a robe myself and although I had just cum in Gwen’s mouth, just the site of her naked hiney in one of my robes was making me hard again.

She told me to sit by the dining table and she’d put something together for us in the kitchen. I wasn’t used to being waited on, but I’d much rather sit back and watch her wander around my kitchen for a spell. Gathering some fruit, cheese and crackers, she prepared a platter for us and brought it to the table, then returned to the kitchen to retrieve an assortment of drinks.

She sat down next to me at the table and placed her feet in my lap. I snacked a little but I was feeling a little more in need of fluids. The cold pineapple juice always hits the spot. The mixed drink she’d prepared for both of us was stout and mostly Absolut Vodka, but enhanced the mood perfectly.

She was talking to me, but I was blissfully admiring her beauty at the same time. Gwen’s red tinted hair surrounded her beautiful smiling round-cheeked face. So cute, intelligent, funny, creative, lustful, what man could be immune?

Her voice snapped me back to attention. “What do you think J.D.?” she inquired, looking to my eyes and stretching her legs and feet so that they rubbed across my waking boner.

“The convention… I’d like you to come with me unless you have other plans. And afterwards you could show me around town, all your hangouts and weird friends…I’m only here for a couple of days that is…”

She leaned back in her chair, resting an elbow on the table and touching a finger to her cheek striking an inquisitive pose. Her bright unblinking peepers stared back at me behind her tight lipped smile while she fidgeted with her robe tie. Those lovely bare stems of hers stretching and rubbing warmly across my lap as I massaged her feet and calves.

“It would be my pleasure to show you around town and be your personal escort for as long as you desire, m’lady” I offered in sincerity.

“Done deal!” she spouted before finishing that last sip in her glass.

Her feet had worked open the front of my robe and she playfully nudged against my revived cock now and then as if testing the water in a pool. She opened the bottom of her robe up to the tie around her waist so that her lovely legs were bare to me.

She tested my hardness yet again then stated “Which reminds me, Jim, there’s something I want to give you.”

She shifted forward out of her chair then put her hands on the front of my shoulders and pushed me back in my chair. As she stood, her legs straddled me and she bent forward so that her face was just inches from from mine. Her hands slid up around and locked behind my neck while her bright peepers flared and a teeth-baring grin split those lovely pursed lips. Our eyes half-closed as our noses touched and softly slipped to the side, our mouths opening in anticipation.

Our lips not quite pressing full force, our mouths slowly moving from side to side in soft teasing kisses. My hands ventured inside her robe, and I felt the goosebumps rise across her ribs as my fingertips touched her flesh. Her hands ran through the hair on the back of my head as the kisses became stronger. I pulled her to me, turning her so she straddled my lap and rested across my frame. Lips pressed firmly, one tongue seeking the other.

Our torsos gently gyrating, her pussy pressed against the base of my cock. Eyes closed amidst the bliss of such a passionate kiss, each body easing into the comforting embrace of warm arms and caressing hands. I sucked her tongue into my mouth and she returned the favor. Shared saliva gliding across our lips as our faces shifted, tenderly licking and sucking, nibbling and biting each other.

Hearbeats racing, a brief moment of seeing stars passes from such a strong and sensuous kiss. My fingers traced her cheek then ran lightly across our locked lips. Our mouths parted for but a moment and my fingers pressed lovingly against her lips, caressing the small circle of puckered flesh as she sucked it briefly into her mouth and our gyrating increased. Planting my lips firmly yet again, such a shared needed passion.

“Mmmmmmm, Oh yeah!” I whispered as the kiss began to break into smaller desperate puckers.

“THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about!” she teased, kissing and nibbling as we relaxed.

“Where can I take you now, Love?” I inquired.

Patting my hand on the wood next to me, “The table?”

She glanced doubtfully at me and laughed at the suggestion.

“The stairs then? That could be fun…” I suggested.

“Mmmmmmm, interesting…” she rated the suggestion.

“There’s something different in each room, how about christening each one?” I coaxed.

“I’m not sure we have the time, but that would be fun.” she agreed.

“The corner piece of the sectional sofa compliments many positions” I assured her.

“Mmmmmm yeah…” she turned her head to look into the living room and see for herself, “we can make it happen.”

“Or I could tie you to the bed and screw you silly…” I offered.

She looked up at me and punched a hand against my chest. “Screw me silly? You might try” she spouted defiantly.

“That I might! Sounds like a challenge to me” I laughed.

“While you’re planning your strategy” she smirked, “I want to try on more costumes!”

Nodding in agreement I suggested, “Well go pick out a good one darlin’, cause I have the perfect one in mind right now.”

“Oh you DO, huh” she doubted as we traded kisses.

“MmmHmmm” I taunted, “Go on ahead and dress up first, I’ll wait my turn.”

Returning to her feet, she reached down and gave a slow full length stroke over my cock, “You be sure and bring this along with you, promise?”

I laughed as she gave me that flirty over-the-shoulder glance as her pretty form maneuvered through the living room and through the double doored bedroom. Her hips perhaps acknowledging my eyes on her lovely rounded ass, giving a bit of extra swing beneath her robe. Such a pleasantly wicked temptress she is.

As I arose to join her in the bedroom, I felt her fragrant wetness upon me, the base of my cock moist and glistening where her pussy rubbed firmly against it. My hard dick twitched from the sensation, yearning for more, wanting inside her. The scent of her hair, her coconut lotion scent and prints from her lipstick surrounded me. I was indeed heavenly high on Gwen, my lovely Georgia Peach.

Before passing the big television in the living room, I unplugged the digital cam from it’s charger and screwed in the base attached to the tripod. I ran a cable for it from the TV hookup over to the coffee table in the living room for later. I removed my robe as I entered the bedroom and opened the duffle bag on the desk.

Putting together the love cuffs and bungee cords, I tied them securely to each post of my kingsize brass bed. I removed the comforter to reveal the silky leopard print sheets and gathered the pillows to one side, including a couple very firm specially designed wedge-shaped cushions.

I heard Gwen shuffling about inside the closet, a slow unzipper, some popping of buttons, a gasp of surprise. As I heard her finishing up, I waited patiently on the edge of the bed with a clear vision of the mission ahead.

I heard the door slide open and Gwen emerged in the sexiest nurse ensemble I’d ever seen put together in person. I remembered purchasing the costume, but didn’t recall it once coming close to looking so fine as it did on her. The white onepiece costume had red vertical lines that accentuated her curves. The bottom of the skirt laid very high across her thighs. White thigh-highs topped off by red ribbons caressed her lovely stems. Her hair just perfectly combed and cradling the red-crossed nurse’s hat. Her lovely arms and shoulders bare to the elements and the zippered from of the dress slightly askew.

She was not wearing shoes, but rose on the balls of her feet, holding her hands down to her sides and doing a bit of a twirl as she entered the room. I caught a glimpse of the matching tight white sequined thong drawn through her fanny. She twirled yet again and landed with her arms around my neck, one foot up behind her, and gave me a warm does of sugar. We careened onto the bed, kissing as we sat and laid back.

I loved running my hands over her nyloned legs and the feel of that silky thong hugging between her legs. Her legs opened wide, one knee up the other down, as my hands warmed over the soft fabric and flesh. Her breathy gasp escaped as I firmly traced my fingers through the crease of her satin thong, feeling her lips beneath the hugging smooth garment.

Grasping my cock like a doorknob, her fingers gently twisted into it, then tugged, twisted back down, then tugged, making sure every inch of me was primed and hard.

She whispered into my ear “Your turn!” and gave a nod towards the closet.

As I arose from the bed, the fantastic sight of Gwen lying back on my bed primed and ready was very difficult to part with.

“I’ll be waaaaaaiting…” she teased with a promise as I reluctantly stepped from the room into the master bathroom.

I pulled a small tub from under the sink and filled it with warm soapy water before sliding open the closet dressing room. I only needed a few items. A pair of armor forearm braces slid on easily enough and my arms felt tight and powerful. A chestplate strapped on fairly quickly. A piece here, a strap there, I soon returned to the bedroom.

She looked over her left shoulder and shrieked followed by a very hearty chuckle. I emerged from the master bathroom in piecemeal body armor wearing the two layer Predator mask. All she saw of my head was the dreadlocks sprouting from underneath the Predator’s helmet. Armor here and there, but my lower torso was not covered and my blood-gorged cock appeared very angry and stood out with a rage.

I walked dominantly over to the foot of the bed as she teasingly giggled with a finger to her lips. I grabbed her ankles and turned her over onto her belly. As she rose to her elbows to bend around and see what I was doing, I locked one of the velcro cuffs around her ankle then restrained it to the corner of the bed with the bungee cord.

“Ooooooo, Predator’s feeling kind of KINKY today! MMmmmm Baby!” she spouted in approval. She turned her ankle once the bind was secure and she was comfortably locked down. Running my hand along her inner thigh and across her thonged ass, I stretched her other leg to the opposite post, applied the velcro cuff and secured it in place. Her legs were firmly spread eagled from corner to corner.

My large alien head and body came up the bed between her spread stems and grabbed one of the elbows she was propped on. Her head rested softly in one of the many pillows near the top of the mattress as Predator locked the velcro around her wrist and tied it tightly around the far post, then duplicated the effort with her remaining appendage. I took the wedged pillows and pushed them under her lower abdomen as she lie face down on the bed. This positioning pushed her ass up at an angle where nothing was unexposed.

The nurse skirt hugged around her hips and upper thigh but was so short that it only covered half of her lovely globed ass cheeks. The white thong drawn between the cheeks appeared slightly soaked as it laced snug over her holes. I heard no complaints or felt any resistance and as a matter of fact, she smiled while watching Predator secure her last limbs of freedom.

I stood by the head of the bed with crossed arms in a confident straight back pose, giving a nod of approval to the site before me. The lovely red headed Nurse Gwen stretched out like a starfish across my bed, her ass up and head down. My cock tapped hard against the costume armor above it.

I retrieved the tub of warm soapy water from the bathroom and put it at the foot of the bed. I then returned with a large soft body towel, a shaver and warm foamy shaving cream. She could only see my movement and heard the water slosh as I positioned the plastic tub.

“Ooooh Kaayyy..” she seemed just a bit nervous, “Predator, you’re going to behave within reason, yes?”

As much as she could strain to see behind her, I nodded yes through the mask. I touched her ankle and unripped the velcro, showing her the restraint was for play and that if she really desired she could free herself, otherwise to just relax and enjoy. Her ass cheeks were so beautiful in this pose. I chose not to blindfold her so she could catch glimpses as Predator performed.

While she seemed just a bit humiliated with the positioning of the wedged cushions, she definately was into it and relaxed against the wedges, opening her ass cheeks just a bit instead of struggling and tightening them. My fingers traced along the fabric of the thong, giving an extra lingering circle over her pubic mound, pushing just a bit into the cleft of her crotch and the snug hole in her lovely behind. Pushing just a bit more firmly the fabric moved just to the side and her restrained pussy lips seemed to pop open once free of the garment.

The hood over her clit was red and flush, the lips of her honey hole spread open. Such a bright pink of slippery flesh was showing between the wet lips. She was totally turned on by the domination and not knowing just what I might do to her in such a vulnerable state.

Two fingers slid inside her tight pinkness while my thumb tapped and pressed around her puckered tight asshole. I grasped the crotch string of the thong tightly with my fist and ripped it from her ass. Her head slightly raised, she let out a gasp. I ran the soft towel along her legs and across her mound and pussy. Her tender feet stretched and turned just beyond the ankle restraints.

I threw the remains of her thong upon the bed up by her head where she could see it. I tucked the body towel in under her legs and lower torso then slid down off the bed between her legs. She tried to turn to see what I was doing but it was no use. The tell-tale squirting sound of warm shaving cream from a can let her know what was coming. I applied the silky smooth cream to her pubic mound and all around her pussy.

“Oh God, Jim…” she seemed to be incomplete in her whispered request for me to be careful. …Or perhaps she was really enjoying the treatment.

I tenderly glided the shaver across her flesh, shaving areas that had the tiniest amounts of hair and even those that had none. My warm thumb rubbed circles over the swollen hood over her clit as the other hand guided the shaver. The right side, the left side, the mound were all slowly shaven gently and clean.

An occassional gasp or sucked in breath is all that I heard from Nurse Gwen. I patted her pussy and legs dry with the towel and returned the tub to the master bath. I returned with a large bottle of Astroglide.

My fingers gently rubbed over her freshly shaven flesh as I blew across her exposed pussy and ass through the Predator mask. She hunched just a little as I blew into her hole as if begging for more. A short gasp here, a purr of approval there, is all she muttered at this point. She heard the top of the plastic container pop open behind her.

She felt drops landing directly on her asshole, too much for it to contain, and the resulting heavy dribbles trailed down through her pussy lips, into and around the hood. Continuing the trickle of Astroglide, I ran my fingers through the trailing dribbles, gently rubbing and smearing the super slick lubricant over her clit, all around both sides and inside her pussy lips, then pushed a finger at the puddle of lube in her throbbing ass.

Her sphincter tried to resist, but the super slick Astroglide ushered my finger inside.

“Oooooh, I love that…don’t stop.” she said as her circle of muscle sucked as my finger pushed into her hot hiney hole. I pushed it in up to my knuckles, then retracted, let more Astroglide drip inside, then pushed it in yet again and again.

Her elevated and exposed ass cheeks contracted as I continued to finger fuck her ass, lubing up deep inside her. She was so horny that her lips spread wide and the soft pink tightness yawned just a bit, begging for something inside. She was totally ready. I dismounted the bed and walked around to where her head was.

Standing just far enough from her restrained fingers, I turned the bottle of Astroglide upside down and let the flow trail from the head of my erect cock. She smiled as she watched and turned her wrist, trying to grasp out for my lubed cock. I ran more into my hand and then made a tight fist and pushed into it, completely coating my cock from the tip of it’s head to the base with super lubricant. Predator stood before her with one of the hardest roaring boners, glistening with lube.

She purred an ‘MMMmmmmmm’ at the sight, and mimicked a stroking motion with her hand as if begging me to bring it closer. I inched forward and let just her fingertips feel the hot tight flesh that strained to contain it. I let her examine the size, how big the head had swollen, and the uncontrollable throbs that pulsated through it. I then pulled it away, and Predator stared at her as he walked back to the bottom of the bed.

She felt my weight crawl up onto the bed between her legs behind her. She felt me rub across her lubed clit, running two fingers along it, trapping it between them as they rolled across. She felt my armored forearms plant into the bed just above her thighs. The huge bulb of my cock head pushed into her pussy. There was no resistance although I did feel her contract and squeeze. The lubricant granted deep access.

“OOOooooh FUCK!” she yelled, biting her bottom lip as I slowly pushed into her. Her insides stretched to accomodate the thick hot fleshy tube, and the next sensation she felt was my balls firm against her. Balls deep inside the pussy of Gwen felt like heaven to me. I pushed in deeper even though I could go no further and my balls rubbed across her clit, the hard underside of my cock glided across it’s stretched skin.

I slowly retracted my dick, letting her feel every lubed inch of it slide out of her pussy lips. Once the ridge of my swollen cock head was just at the opening of her lips, I shifted my hips and went deep inside her again, a bit more forceful this time. Her hands grasped at the pillows beneath them with white knuckles. She wanted to move and hunch into me but she couldn’t. I was in total control.

I continued fucking her tight freshly shaven pussy, so sensative to the air around it and the huge hot swollen cock pushing in and spreading her inside. With one hand, I slowly peeled the nurse’s skirt up from around her ass so that it gathered in a roll around her waist. I continued my slow rythm, all the way in, all the way out, for several minutes as her hands and feet twitched and twisted in their restraints.

I seemed to be hitting just the right spot inside of her, and she would let loose with an exclamation or grunt whenever that button was pushed. She felt my hands grasp the top of her thighs and hips as I pushed inside of her in a nonstop rythmic motion, turning my ass now and then on the out and in-thrust so that my cock twisted slightly going in and coming out.

I reached under and felt her clit had swollen and required rubbing while I continued going balls deep.

Her repeated ‘Oh!’ and ‘Yes!’ got louder as I continued, and soon they matched each and every push inside. Her pussy was so tight and her contractions sucked my cock into her. I shoved in balls deep and stopped, letting her feel the head of my cock swell and expand as it throbbed so deep, and the throb of my cock was matched by a twitch in my balls which she felt tugging across her clit.

“Ooooh Ooooh, Don’t stop, Jim, please…” she beckoned. My hands ran up her ribcage, then down and grabbed her waist and I started fucking her again. I felt her trying to rock into me just the slightest bit, but her restraints kept her from exaggerated movements.

Soon she yelled out a much louder “OH!” following repetitively with much longer responses. She was going to cum. She tried to relax and let it pass, I felt her limbs go limp for a moment but when my contant fucking was relentless she tightened up again and tried harder and harder to rock the bed into me. I felt her contractions start deep near the head of my cock, then soon her pussy was squeezing the length of me in a throbbing pattern. Her arms and legs went stiff and my cock continued to pump in and out, in and out.

I felt her cum squirt all around my cock as it filled her up again and again. Her pussy walls tightened and sucked at my dick, not wanting it to leave. I pushed into her, balls deep and let my cock stay there while her pussy continued to burst all around it. I slowly retracted my dick and when she felt the head slip out of her pussy lips, she gave a moan of disapproval and squeezed her ass as if to beg for more.

Just a moment later, she felt my hands push apart her asscheeks, then the swollen head of my cock pushing into her extremely lubed asshole. Startled for a moment, she tried to resist, but the lube was too much for her puckered ass. The head squeezed in, and once the ridge was inside I felt her tight ring of muscle pulse around me with every beat of her heart.

The inside of her asshole was extremely tight. Her butt was squeezing so tightly upon me. But when the throbbing of her hole would subside, I’d slowly gyrate my hips a bit and yet another inch would slip inside of her. Her puckered hole now sucked at my cock mid-shaft. Her asshole was stretching to accomodate my thick and veined rod, and she felt the bulbous head somewhere deep inside of her lubed and pushing forward.

Her breathing was strained and at times she’d try to catch her breath as I stopped pushing into her. I stopped my gyrating and just kept a slight but steady push behind my cock so that as she relaxed more would slip inside of her. Soon I felt that incredibly throbbing ring at the base of my cock. Balls deep inside her ass, her hole was so tight and snug around my base and my balls pushed against the bottom of her pussy and ass.

I felt my cock grow even harder and longer inside her, as if that was possible, and my dick was a perfect fit for the tight tube of pleasure. She froze when my cock would start to pull out, but was very vocal when it would reverse and push even further into her hiney hole. The thick middle of my rod pushed into her and I felt the extra lube trickle from my shaft and her hole when I’d push inside.

I looked down at my shaft as it disappeared into her tiny butthole. Her flesh so tight and accomodating, yet stretched and sucking upon the shaft as it would start outward. Her moaning was a bit more like stressed singing, hitting several different notes as the rythm increased. Gaining the technique I had previously applied to fucking her pussy, my cock now twisted gently going in and out of Gwen’s ass, gentle but firm.

The ring of muscle on occassion would pulse extremely hard as my rod slid in and out. She enjoyed this sensation immensely, and it was my pleasure to fuck my lovely Gwen in the ass for as long as she could handle it. The brass bed rocked and knocked into the wall now and then as we fucked.

The feeling of the large hot throbbing cock screwing her ass made her light-headed with pleasure. I felt a slight pulse just below my balls as I was fucking her ass. Her feet kicked into the bed and her body stiffened. Her pussy was cumming. I felt the pattern of throbbing and squeezing, and feeling her cum while I was inside of her ass was insanely hot. I leaned over her as her pussy continued to squeeze and contract.

“Ready to be unleashed?” I asked, giving the bungee cord around her wrist a slight pluck.

“Yes, let me loose, lover…” her head nodded as beads of sweat welled up across her hips. As I pulled out of her, her ass was reluctant to set me free, yet I slid out of her and then unripped the velcro restraints.

As she was freed from the cords, she pulled me onto the bed and lifted the Predator mask off my head. She leaned into me and kissed me so feverishly hard. She had lost the nurse’s hat in all the thrusting, and my hand stroked through her lovely bobbed red hair, pulling her mouth to me as we kissed.

Guiding my hand, she placed it on the front of her right breast contained within her tight costume. As we kissed, I kneaded her breasts through the outfit and her nipples became rigid underneath. I led her to the edge of the bed and tugged down on the zippered front of her nurse dress. As it slipped to the floor, I wrapped the bed comforter around her and took her by the hand.

We left the bedroom and I led her to the furthest end of the wrap-around sofa. She relaxed on it’s cushions as I finished setting up the camera. I turned on the big screen TV and hooked up the video connection. The camera lit up on it’s tripod stand and I adjusted the view so that it aimed just right at an up-angle on the corner section. She watched me with one eyebrow raised, rubbing her feet together under the blanket.

“Enough setup and playin’ around” she insisted, “lets get going!”

She took my arm and spun me into the curved corner piece of the couch. I appeared on the TV as I sat, my hard cock and open legs in center frame. Gwen grabbed the Astroglide from the coffee table and slipped out of the bed comforter as it dropped to the floor. She layed across the short end of the sofa facing towards me as her upper body appeared on cam across my lap. She popped the top of the lubricant and watched her own actions as they appeared on the big screen TV.

A generous flow of the lube was squeezed onto my erection and her eyes watched the screen as her hand slowly stroked it up and down the length, giving it a shiny glistening coat of the super-slick lubricant. She adjusted her position, watching only the screen as her head lowered and her lips blew around the head of my cock, making the sensation mixed with her stroking nearly unbearable.

The feel of the thick hard rod that had just been pumping her ass now in her hand made her wet, and she reached down to rub her pussy with one hand while stroking my cock with the other. She raised to her feet and stepped between my legs, sitting her lovely tush on my left leg.

“Santa” she joked “all I want for Christmas is you, Baby!”

She looked into my eyes with those bright peepers of hers between her red bangs. She scooted higher on my lap and leaned back against me, raising her head to the right to kiss me. Her hand stroked my dick, now behind her as she relaxed onto my frame.

My hands around her lovely waist, I steadied her as she repositioned herself. She stood up and placed one thigh-high covered foot on the sofa over one of my legs, then hoisted herself up placing the other foot on the other side. Lowering herself into a squatting position while supported by my hands, her hiney came down over my lap. Her eyes returned to the big screen TV as she lowered her body onto me.

I supported her back and she relaxed, placing one foot atop one of my knees and her other foot atop my other knee. Reaching down, she stroked my dick which was now standing firm in front of her pussy and ass on the big screen.

“Oh, God, that looks good. Look at that, Jim” she said in semi-amazement.

“Watch me, Baby, I’m going to do a magic trick” she said, “I’m going to make your hard cock disappear.”

Coordinating her eyes, hands and hiney, she guided my cock to where the swollen head lay cradled in the bottom cleft of her buns. The top of the head rested just at the opening of her ass, the shaft was glistening with generously applied lube, and her inner thighs, pussy and ass were moist and slicked up from our prior activities. The silence of the room except for both of our raspy breathing in anticipation.

She laid onto my chest, her head back next to mine, putting her arm up around my neck. Her hips started a slow gyration and the head of my cock pushed against her tiny hole, just teasing the flesh. The big screen TV gave an extra dimension to the eroticism.

Her eyes half squinted and dilerious with passion, her whispered voice beckoned to me “Make love to me. Jim I want you inside me…”

I smiled and turned my head to tenderly kiss her on the lips and replied “As you wish, M’lady.”

My hands began slowly wandering over her body, sliding along her ribs, kneading her breasts, softly twisting her nipples. I shifted my position upward just the slightest bit, and the head of my engorged dick was now pressing with a soft, unyielding force. Gwen relaxed and I felt her reach down with both hands, grabbing her lovely ass cheeks and pulling them open to allow full access.

Starting a rocking motion with her hips, she pushed on my cock with every downward motion of her body. I felt her flesh give way and she held her breath, turning to the TV screen. The head of my cock disappeared into her tight butt.

Her eyes rolled back and she whispered “Oh God I love this!” and started easing her body down. I felt her sphincter so tight around my head at first, then it rolled down so warm and slippery over my shaft as I went further inside her. She took another deep breath and walked her fingers a step or two across her cheeks to pull them wider apart, and i felt the cool air of the room vanish from my shaft as her asshole slid even further down the shaft. Her rocking motion took in yet more, and even more cock with each push against me.

“You’re so deep inside me Jim” she whispered in blissful agony “Waaaaaay up inside me.”

Her lovely hiney took me in deeper, and soon her edible cheeks were pressing firmly against my balls.

“Look at that” she said nodding to the screen “Jim you’re all the way inside my ass.”

I felt her ass contract and squeeze my shaft from the thick head so deep somewhere inside her, all along the shaft and finally a throbbing rythmic contraction around the base of my cock. Her body was instinctively contracting tightly against the intrusion, yet her hunching motion activated the well lubed shaft and hole. Slipping in and out, in and out of that tightest of places, she squeezed her ass cheeks together on the down thrust making it super tight, and my lubed cock pushing ever so easily into her.

For a moment, my hands slid down and held her by the waist, firmly against me as I hunched into her, coming out only mid-shaft before pushing yet again inside balls deep. My cock head never once came anywhere near the opening as I fucked her deep. She raised her knees to my hands and I grabbed them as she laid back and surrendered to me. Her nylon covered feet dangling in the air above us as I took total control and fucked Gwen’s tight ass.

Her whispers were reduced to ‘Oh God, Oh Yes, Oh God” and breath was pushed from her lungs on every deep in-thrust.

I glanced at the TV as I thrust into her all the way and held it there. Her pussy lips were very wet and open wide, her clit a rosy pink at the top of her lips and my shaft disappeared into her body. She watched along with me, and her hands slid down her frame and across her pussy. She held her lips open and stroked her clit so ferociously.

Tapping her fingers along the lips with one hand, and gliding hard circles around her clit with the other, I could tell she was on a mission and would burst very soon. I then returned my hunching underneath her and fucked her deeply as she rubbed her pussy.

“Cum inside me, I want you to cum inside me, just like this, please Baby” she half-whispered to as her arms jerked atop her frame.

I felt her ass tighten up and her pussy was convulsing again. The contractiosn were much stronger this time and she shrieked in each blissful pulse. Her pussy came hard and she twitched on top of me with the electrical pleasure jolts. I felt her juices running over my balls from her pussy above, the juice slipping around my shaft and making a slurping, sucking sound as I continued fucking her all through her orgasm.

“OOOO YES, I FEEL IT!” she exclaimed “You’re going to cum! You’re getting so big inside of me, so hard…”

My balls began jerking tightly and as the cum was rythmically pumped from my cock, I felt it travel up the tightly enclosed shaft and she did too. The head of my dick burst inside her, she felt the wetness and throbbing so far up inside as my balls pumped forth squirt after squirt of thick globs of white cum.

“Oh Christ” she said, glancing toward the TV. Her ass could not contain my cum, and it was seeping out all around my shaft and balls. A thick string dangled for moments before dripping slowly to the floor beneath us. She reached behind and held me against her.

“Don’t come out until I get every drop, please” she requested. My cock jumped with each squirt and as the cumming subsided, I remained deep inside her ass as she rested on top of me.

As we relaxed and caught our breath, she dismounted and spooned behind me.

“Jesus Christ, Jim, I think I”m about ready for a nap, ha ha…” she laughed.

“We can do whatever you please, M’lady” I offered. “How about we share a shower and just get all comfy cozy, share a meal and enjoy some Vodka jello shots, maybe put in a DVD or some romantic music, lights down low…”

“You’re trying to spoil me!” Gwen deduced.

“Your 24 hours inside my walls aren’t up yet, Darlin’” I teased. We did just that. A nice long leisurely shared steamy shower, emerging in oversized full length terrycloth robes. I pulled some jello shots out of the fridge and had Gwen relax on the sofa while I whipped together an oriental dish she’d never had before – and liked it.

Afterwards, Gwen picked out a couple of horror DVD’s and I had her lie down on the long sectional. I gave her a very slow and relaxed backrub as we watched, letting my thumbs do the walking all up and down her back. She was so relaxed by the second DVD all she wanted to do was rest and sleep. She put her arms up around my neck and I slid mine under her torso and legs, lifting her and carrying her through the open double doors to the bedroom.

I tucked her in on the kingsize master bed, then slid under the covers next to her. Her body so warm, her arms and legs across me under the covers was such a heavenly feeling. Only a few moments of whispered musings arrived before she fell asleep on my shoulder.

Her pretty red bobbed hair encirlcing her gorgeous face. Softly shaded eyelids covered her pretty peepers now on their way to dreamland. The feel of her velvety skin and breasts against me only fueled the fire for some interesting dreams of my own. Hearing Gwen’s slightest snore and feeling her heartbeat on me soon had me sawing wood myself.


5~~ Finishing Breakfast


On the edge of a dream, I felt a slight tugging on my body. Following the tugging was a pleasant warm and wet feeling.

As my eyes cleared the fog, I saw Gwen partially out of the sheets yet fully nude leaning over me and sucking my cock. Already at full mast, the feeling of her mouth and tongue slathering over my rod was incredible. With my cock still in her mouth, she glanced up to see I’d awoken and continued the stare as her head slowly slid down the shaft then back up to circle the tip with her tongue.

Both of her hands rested around the base of my shaft and balls, and only her head and mouth moved around my hardness. She licked her tongue along the underside of my straining member and her lips kissed at the tip so gingerly. Running her mouth half-closed along the sides, she teased me as her tongue rolled inside. Holy Christ how she loved to suck cock.

The harder I got, the further she would take me into her mouth. Feeling her lips around and near the bottom of my shaft just made me ache with pleasure more. Her lips pursed into a tight ‘O’, she pushed it down over the swollen head, then let the ridge around the head pop in and out of her lips while sucking at the very tip. What a way to start the day!

I slid my hand in under the covers and traced along her leg as she continued sucking me. I found her pussy to be wet and ready for attention, and rubbed it a time or two. Flinging back the covers, I slid down to her legs and then carefully glided them over the top of me.

“What number am I thinking of now?” I snickered lovingly.

Her mouth came off me just long enough to reply “69 DUDE!”

As she straddled over the top of my head, she leaned down over my lower torso so that my cock was in a new position now in front of her mouth. Looking up, I noticed Gwen had one of the prettiest pussies I’d ever cum across. So pretty and edible, it just begged to have a mouth on it.

I guided her towards me as my lips locked around her clit and my tongue traced inside and around her hood. Gwen was now putting a twist of her neck into her sucking pattern. I raised my hands and spread her cheeks before me so I could suck more directly on her clit.

As I pushed my face firmly between her legs, she methodically plunged her mouth over my rod, feeling the head slide over her tongue, nearly touching the back of her throat. Her pussy lips parted as my tongue licked entirely around the inside of her pink wetness and my tongue slid so deep inside.

The tender underside of my cock slid along the upper cavern of her mouth as she sucked it in. Pulling my head back just a bit, I extended my tongue so that all she felt was it’s slippery tip licking all over the swollen pink clit, all over and underneath the hood.

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