The knock at the door is startling to me in the semi darkness but my answer to come in is clear and strong. I hear the door shut behind you quickly, and I am excited to actually see you in real life, but I don’t turn around right away. Somehow I know that would give you control and I have the edge right now if only from the element of surprise. A long, languid minute later, when your nervousness can actually be tasted in the air, I turn around slowly, the echoing sound of the chair motors the only sound in the room.

Cherry? I say the word and wait for confirmation, as if there might be other possibilities. You nod, and the body now slightly trembling in front of me is male, slightly stronger than average and slightly taller, but this does not surprise me. Your eyes, however, are a picture of surprise as they take in the metal surrounding me. Probably still expecting an orange haired superheroine to pop out from somewhere. This slightly frustrates me, but it is a normal reaction from you, so I don’t show you the frustration, preferring to turn it into power for whatever is coming. You will be educated soon enough. Are you scared? The question is out loud, but you don’t answer. Are you scared that you will hurt me, or are you scared that this little broken body won’t be able to satisfy you? Again, you do not dare to answer. But I answer both questions. This time isn’t about me or my body. And I swear you will cum as hard as you ever have, maybe even harder, by me just touching you. Just a regular touch. I can tell you don’t believe me, but you’ll learn.

Look at my face and do not take your eyes off of me until I say so. You obey quickly, but in about 10 seconds, glance away, half just out of nervousness and the other half to see what I will do. The soft slap across the face is instant, not painful because I do not have that kind of strength, but letting you know that I’m in charge, and surprising enough for you to reestablish the eye contact, which you have no further desire to break. You are watching me incredulously now, and after a quiet few seconds, I feel your fear begin to slip away. In its place, I send you reassuring energy. I will not hurt you, and you will not hurt me.

When I know there is no more wheelchair for you, only my face, I tell you to raise your arms above your head. You do so without looking away, which I softly praise you for. I feel the last traces of your fear disappear. Now I’m no different from any other Mistress you’ve had, demanding respect, but giving some back too. I lift your shirt off, then instruct you to strip the rest of the way, which you do quickly and without breaking eye contact. No praise this time though, for you already know what is expected.

I am already naked, both to make things easier and because that is something I enjoy being. I toy with the idea of ordering you to kiss my breasts or my feet, for my enjoyment and to confront you with more of my real body, but I decide not to. That’s not the purpose of now.

I tell you to look away from me and hang on to that handles on my chair. Not because I need to be pushed, but because I want you to follow. In this way, I lead you to my bedroom. The bed is adjustable height, and right now high enough where I can slightly bend and reach all parts of it from my chair. You also notice that in the appropriate places there are more short lengths of rope, each tied on the end not attached to the bed in a hangman’s noose fashion. I feel your shiver. Yes, I remember. Of course I remember.

The next orders for you are to lie down on your back on the bed and make unbreakable eye contact with me again. I guide your arms and feet into their holds by feel alone, seeing nothing but the look on your face, and by that knowing that your body already feels anticipation. You squirm in order to get your body, any part of your body, closer to my hands, but all that does is make it so that there is no possibility of escaping your holds now.

Still not breaking the eye contact yet, I take away your sight with a blindfold. I kiss your lips hard and quickly, sucking in your surprise and rewarding you because I know that under the blinder your eyes are still looking at where my face is. But I break the kiss before you have time to respond. More anticipation, even though you know better then to raise your head to try to chase the kiss.

Now you know how my life is, I whisper deeply into your ear. Inability to move, and not knowing what anyone is going to do next. I look at your body, so gloriously helpless and accessible to me. So beautiful. I don’t care that it’s male. Beautiful is still the word.

You are breathing hard, not scared, but just waiting. Knowing that you will have to wait longer than you would usually want, I send you energy and breathe myself in very measured breaths, slow and deep, like I do when I’m trying to calm spasms. Shortly, your own breathing matches mine, which makes me dizzy with happiness and my own desire because I know this connection will make your eventual release stronger. So much stronger.

I select from the instruments I have within easy reach. A feather duster first. You flinch when you feel it lightly tracing your chest arms and nipples. I know you don’t like this. That’s the point. I don’t like a lot of things that are done to my body either, and I’m trying to show you part of my experience. You seem to realize this eventually, and relax into it, at first only resigned, but as I persist, grudgingly intrigued and even slightly aroused by the sensation. I know you want harder touches, but you know I know this, and so you know they are coming.

Next I kiss and stuck your nipples gently, but with purpose enough to make them slightly harden. When they are firm enough, I quickly place small, vibrating nipple clamps on them. There is verbal protest from you, but no words, because I have warned you that words will get you a cover of some kind across your mouth. I am perfectly aware that these instruments are meant for female bodies, but when we play online, you have one, and I’m acknowledging that, while also showing you from my own experience that anything can be made to be arousing. I prove this to you by using one of those sensation wheels lightly on your breasts, just outside of, and below where the clamps are. Around and around in little maddening circles. This does arouse you, fiercely, and by the time the wheel moves away from those areas, you are so craving sensation that the clamps are driving you mad by themselves.

Then the wheel moves, still with its very light touches in circles, to your balls. The surprise of this makes you harder than I have ever seen anyone before, but I don’t want to hurt you, so I move the wheel back to your breasts and use my fingers on my free hand to continue the circles on your balls. Harder. No more teasing touches now, and I feel your relief. Not release yet, you will wait for that until your body cannot hold back one more second. But there is relief in knowing we are finally headed that way.

Not stopping the deep circles with my fingers, I bend down and circle the tip of you with my tongue, the circles in the opposite direction I am working my fingers in. You cry out, but I quickly and firmly hold your shaft so that you can not cum yet. Not yet. I will keep my promise.

I move my mouth from the bottom to the top of your body, to your face, and my hands as well, cupping your face now. Your body is bucking toward me, and begging me for release, not realizing yet that it only has to ask itself.. I remove your blindfold and your eyes are still steadily looking at my face, though they are crying. I kiss the tears away and stroke your cheeks gently. And that turns out to be the simple touch that sets you free. After you’ve been breathing with me for a while again, that is all you need.

And you cum. Long and hard, almost violently. I want to see, but I respect you, and do not take my eyes off of yours, even while I am kissing your lips, craving and tasting your joy, swallowing your cries like food. And now, I don’t stop you from kissing back in gratitude. Your body keeps responding and reacting long after there is no more liquid to send out. And I am so happy.

I completely and totally ache to feel that kind of total release myself, but I know that this time is not about me. I remove the holds on your limbs and nipples, and allow you to pull me from my chair so that I am laying on top of you, skin to skin, with no space in between us at all, which to me is complete comfort and enough joy in itself. For now.

July 2018
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