Looking upon Tina, my first thought was there was no way she could be what she was. Like a horny adolescent boy my eyes ogled her stunning figure from head to toe. For whatever reason she had chosen to wear something more akin to a party outfit; black heels, stockings and a short, black dress which hugged her figure before barely flaring out over her hips. As if that wasn’t enough, her eyes had a slight almond shape to them and emanated fun and mirth, her dark hair almost as long as Amy’s, all accompanied by light-brown, glowing skin.

“He’s a cutie,” I heard her say, my mind still processing what I was seeing.

Tina sauntered over to me, grinning as if to an inside joke, until we were face to face.

“I can’t wait to see how much fun we’re going to have,” she breathed, a hand sliding over the robe about my chest.

“He’s not quite sure about everything,” Amy said from the side as she watched us.

Tina giggled, telling me, “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle. At first.” Her grin turned into a coy smile with a hint of evil mixed in. It was completely captivating.

“Step back,” I told her, trying to keep my voice as calm as possible despite the butterflies in my stomach.

Without a word she did as I asked, turning her body this way and that so I could get a good look at her. She blew me a kiss as she turned sideways, giving me everything I wanted and more.

My eyes darted to Amy who still watched us, the smirk on her face letting me know she was enjoying the show just as much as I was. Looking again at Tina, she twirled her delectable body, displaying it for my viewing pleasure.

“I told him you wouldn’t mind if he took control,” Amy said.

“Ohhhh, I like it when someone has their way with me,” Tina said as she bounced up to me. “What do you want to do first?”

The question caught me off guard. What did I want to do to her?

“I know,” Tina teased, her finger running under the collar of the robe, “how about I strip for you and while I do that, you can think of what you want?”

I liked that idea and grinned, nodding my acceptance. She took a step or so back and with a devilish grin began to sway her body, the hem of her dress tantalizingly erotic as it swept across her legs. There was no sound in the apartment as Tina performed, my eyes fixed on her as like with Amy, the urge to have her made itself known. Spinning on the balls of her feet, the hem spun out and up, my eyes catching sight of a lace band on her thighs before Tina came to halt, her dress momentarily swirling around her legs before hanging free.

With one hand she reached behind her back, with the other she held her dress against her body and turning sideways, looked directly at me as she pulled down the zipper. Down her hand went, inch by inch, until it stopped at the bottom of the small of her back. Facing me, Tina used both hands to slowly peel the dark material from her body, thin black straps on her shoulders coming into view which led down to a lacy, nearly sheer bra which held her perky breasts.

Hooking her thumbs inside her dress, Tina wiggled her hips and with a light push, her dress fell to the floor where she stepped out of it, displaying the thigh high stockings and nearly sheer panties before coming up to me.

“So what do you think?” she asked me, her body separated from mine only by my robe and what passed for lingerie. Her height, despite her heels, was slightly shorter than me but our eyes met with ease.

“Very nice,” I told her, a hand leaving the pocket of the robe to rest on her waist.

“Just nice?” she inquired, batting her exotic eyes at me and lying her arms behind my neck.

In response, I lowered my head and kissed her neck, any thought of who she was blotted out by my desire for her. Her perfume invigorated me, its scent controlling me as I kissed her neck, her collarbone, her shoulder. Yanking my other hand from its pocket, I took hold of her bra straps and slid both my thumbs along their length until I hooked them in the top of her bra and pulled down. Her breasts jiggled free, the bunched material of the bra pushing them up and making them look even more enticing.

My mouth followed my hands and I bent down to take a nipple between my lips, sucking on her and feeling her pull me against her. My tongue thrashed against her, my teeth biting down to hold her, her charged gasp at my bite snapping in the room. I felt her drop an arm from me and after a few moments of searching, found the opening to the robe and reached inside to grab hold of my nearly hard dick.

“Get a room, you two,” Amy chuckled, her voice breaking the silence and reminding us we weren’t alone.

Tina giggled and pushed me away with her free hand, her other hand still firmly wrapped around me.

“Let’s do what she says,” she coyly suggested as she walked past me, her hand pulling me along behind her. Back to the bedroom we went and almost as soon as we crossed the threshold she turned to me and ripped apart the knot of the belt with both hands. In one quick motion she yanked the robe off me and letting it lay where it fell, again pulled me by my now fully erect dick to the bed. She positioned me so my back was to the edge and forced me down to sit, then stepping back to give me a clear view of her attire.

“So what do you want to do to me?” she asked, her hands on her hips as she awaited my response.

I didn’t know. I marveled at her smooth skin, the bulge in her panties holding my attention for a few moments before my eyes floated up and took in her sight.

“Come here,” I quietly said. Tina calmly walked forward, grinning, until she was a foot or so in front of me.

The urge to take her in my mouth boiled inside but I fought it, forcing myself to take my time admiring her. With both hands I felt her smooth legs, my fingers skimming on top of the stockings until they met the lace band. Grabbing her right leg behind the knee, I pulled it up so it rested on the bed next to me, my hands running up and down the length of her leg until my hand brushed her growing hardness.

I looked at her and she smiled, her hair silhouetting her face against the muted tones of the room walls. Without thought I pressed my hand against her, feeling the contours of her cock beneath the flimsy material, my other hand sliding down her silken leg and pushing it back to the ground.

I was hard thinking about her, my brief exploration of her body pushing any hesitation I might have had to the back of my mind.

“Strip,” I told her, leaning back on the bed with my arms and waiting.

“All of it?” she asked, stepping back and giving me another long view.

“Just the top two pieces,” I said, locking eyes with her.

With a knowing grin Tina did as I asked, unhooking her bra and smoothly letting it fall to the floor. My eyes followed her hands as they slid down her body until her fingers disappeared inside her panties then reappeared holding her firm cock which spilled out over the top.

“You like?” she rhetorically asked, my fixated gaze telling her all she needed to know.

Absently nodding, I waited as she pushed down her panties and stepped to the side, her dick bouncing as she came to rest.

“Come here,” I ordered her, sitting up and moving so I was on the edge of the bed. Gliding across the gap, Tina stood in front of me and I pulled her forward, her legs spreading across mine then sitting on the edge of my thighs.

She said nothing, letting me do as I wished, her arms lightly draped behind my neck as my hands toyed with her breasts. I glanced at her and saw her warm smile, our dicks just inches apart, my hands moving again to her legs to feel their firm smoothness. Leaning in, I kissed her neck then bent myself until I could suck on a nipple, having to push her back to find the right position.

She wiggled on my legs and wrapped her legs behind me, holding herself in position as she leaned back further to let me lick her breasts. I almost gnawed on them, their succulent shapes delightful to nibble.

When I could take it no more I pulled her up then pushed her away so she stood, my hands taking hold of her waist and pulling down. Tina followed my lead and knelt between my knees, her arms resting on my legs, her eyes looking up at me, waiting for my command.

My heart thudded in anticipation as I told her to suck me.

Without a word she took hold of my erect cock, gave a small flick of her head to toss her hair, and dropped her mouth over me, her warm, wet tongue immediately slobbering around my shaft.

I couldn’t see her work but her touch told me everything I needed to know. Her head bobbed slowly up and down in my lap, her hand holding my shaft as her mouth caressed me. She was just as exquisite sucking cock as she was to look at and I leaned my head back, exhaling in a delighted release.

She was different than Amy, more tender, taking her time to enjoy me. My hand went to her hair and I ran my fingers through it, taking hold of her dark tresses and pulling them to the side. I twisted my body so I could watch, Tina merrily slurping and licking every inch of me.

This went on for some time, Tina not hurrying, my balls growing heavy as they swelled. I gripped her hair tighter and pulled up, her mouth popping free then licking her lips as she looked at me.

“What?” she asked, her hand having picked up where her mouth left off.

My mind was in a hazy, deviant state, her work bringing me to a heightened state of arousal and I needed to free myself from the ache in my loins. With a growl in my voice I ordered her to sit on the floor next to the wall. It took her moments to slide the short distance and no sooner had she turned to face me then I was on my feet and standing in front of her.

“Open,” was all I said and she obediently complied. I jammed my throbbing cock into her mouth and immediately she clamped down on me. I began to thrust my hips as I looked down at her, my hand again grabbing her hair only this time holding her head in place against the wall.

I fucked her face as she sucked me, her hands on my hips as she pleasured me. Harder I slammed my cock into her mouth, her touches driving me to thrust faster, my hand locked in her hair as I used her. I leaned over, supporting myself on my free arm and a slight thumping was heard as her head tried to move off the wall, only to be pushed back as I shoved my cock to her throat. She let out a stifled squeal, the unrelenting urge to empty myself taking hold.

With longer strokes I pushed and pulled my cock from her, my hips flexing to and fro as I felt my balls tighten, my body tensing, my heart racing. I was on the edge, that blissful, painful moment right before I cum, and I gritted my teeth as I watched my cock flash in and out between her lips.

My release surged through me, frantically emptying myself into her as my voice groaned. I heard her swallow over and over, her hands holding tight to me as I slammed myself hard into her mouth. I couldn’t help myself, the sensation of her mouth scraping across my shaft and cockhead was electric, forcing me to cum again and again.

Much too soon I was done and I held my position, leaning my head against my supporting arm, my eyes closed as I gulped air. Her mouth still held me, gently sucking, making sure I was empty. I fought to stay upright, my hand dropping from her hair and hanging free, Tina pinned between me and the wall.

With a grimacing moan I pulled myself free, her lips compressing around my shaft to squeeze the last drop from me. Standing upright, I opened my eyes and looked at her, her face turned upwards and grinning from ear to ear as her hands slid to my ass and gave me a squeeze.

“Enjoy that?” she giggled, her hands now on my tense thighs, her short nails scraping across my skin.

Able only to nod, I fought the urge to stay awake but knew I needed to rest. Staggering to the bed I flopped down and closed my eyes, my spent body deliriously relaxed. I felt Tina crawl into the bed behind me and work her way next to me, a hand finding my ass and rubbing it.

“Cute butt,” she remarked, giving me another squeeze.

Unable and unwilling to move, I could only give a small snort, her hand gliding over the small curve of my ass. I felt her move then her warm breath whispered in my ear, “We’re going to have fun when you wake up.” A quick peck on my cheek and she left me alone, my mind drifting off to the void of nether sleep.

When I awoke I looked around and found a clock, the time telling me roughly fifteen minutes had passed since I had closed my eyes. Dragging myself from the bed, I half-walked, half-shuffled to the living room and found Tina and Amy sprawled on the couch sucking each other. I froze and watched as each was engrossed in their activity, the light smacking sounds of their lips heard in the otherwise quiet room.

Tina lifted her head to toss her hair and saw me watching the two of them. She winked at me, the tip of her tongue reaching out to flick across Amy’s shaft she held in her hand. Her eyes locked with mine as she toyed with the meat pole, somehow able to smile as she did, Amy’s stuffed mouth letting out a moan in response.

Moments later she lifted herself on her hands and announced to Amy that I was awake, looked down her body and carefully extracted her cock from Amy’s grasp before standing. Amy tossed her hair, her face lighting up as she found mine and smiled at my appearance.

“Welcome back sleepy head,” her voice called to me, the hard cock between her spread legs already tempting me.

I couldn’t help myself. There was something about her, the size and shape of her cock, her rounded breasts, her long, dark hair, everything, that made me want to suck her. Maybe it was that time of the month and I was horny. Maybe it was the incongruity of seeing what would otherwise be an attractive woman with a cock instead of a pussy that piqued my curiosity. Whatever it was I no longer had any inhibitions about being with her, or Tina, and wanted to spend more time with them.

Amy stood and came up to me, my eyes catching Tina’s grin before Amy’s body cut off the view.

“Are you ready for some more fun?” I was asked, a twinge of nervous anticipation jolting me as I heard those words.

“Sure,” was my only response, my mind whirring with ideas of what they may have planned.

Without a word Amy took my hand and handed me off to Tina before leaving us alone.

“What you did to me got me all worked up,” Tina breathed as she wrapped her arms behind me. “I loved how you forced yourself on me. And in me.” She gave me a light kiss, her eyes meeting mine as she toyed with my hair. Her dick lightly grazed me, its tip sliding back and forth as she wiggled her hips.

“I had to satisfy myself with Amy when I really wanted you.”

With those words Tina kissed me. This was the first time I had truly kissed either of them and the feeling was certainly unique. She was somewhat forceful, her tongue diving into my mouth as her hard cock came up against when she pulled me close. My hands went to her back, one holding her near the shoulders, the other to the small of her back then, in an act of supreme balance, she lifted a leg and slid it behind my legs, rubbing its silkiness up and down.

Her taste was different than anyone I had ever kissed. Maybe it was the leftover taste of Amy or something else, but I kissed her until I felt Amy come up behind me and nestle her cock in the crack of my ass, its warm hardness sending a surge through me.

“Have you ever played with your ass before?” her luscious voice asked in my ear as a hand slid down my side, the tactile sensation of her playing with me both exciting and comforting.

“No,” I replied as a hand moved between us and her cock slid under me. I tensed momentarily before I realized Tina was kissing the one side of my neck and Amy the other. Their lips danced against my skin, the brief touches sensuous in their tenderness.

“Just relax,” she continued, “and enjoy yourself. I promise you’ll like it.”

With small movements she pushed and pulled her cock beneath me, my legs opening fractionally to allow her to move more easily. My heart raced as I realized what was going to happen, my body tingling with nervous anticipation as I enjoyed the sensation of her cock scraping below me.

I was feeling an unknown number of emotions, everything from aroused desire to trepidation. All were mixing in a storm within me, my mind rapidly alternating between competing thoughts.

“Tina’s been begging to do you,” I heard a voice tell me as a pair of tongues licked my neck.

My eyes closed as I let myself be taken away in a haze of lustful appetites. My heart pounded, my dick coming to life as those words echoed in my ears. My throat grew dry and I tried to swallow, unnatural twitches shaking my body.

“Don’t be afraid,” the voice whispered, a body pressed firmly into my back, the warmth of a hard dick wedged beneath me.

In reality I wasn’t afraid. I was trying to control myself as the thought of Tina’s cock burying itself in my ass drew upon the now wanton desires bubbling from the dark recesses of my imagination. I had done anal on one or two women and knew how it felt for me, but now I would know what it felt like to have it done to me.

“Kneel down on the couch,” Amy’s voice instructed as she stepped back, not giving me any time to consider my options. Tina released me as I got into position, planting myself on my hands and knees, my head hanging down as I waited. Amy knelt and kissed my cheek, turning my head so I was looking at her, her eyes holding my gaze.

A hand drug itself down my back then to my ass, a finger dipping between my cheeks and finding my opening. Her touch was soft yet firm, wiggling across me before momentarily pressing against me.

“Relax,” she said, her finger pressing harder until it forced its way just beyond my anal ring. She went no further, letting me feel what it was like to have something in me, then pulled back and rubbed my ass.

I looked at her, my breaths somewhat ragged as I tingled from her fleeting touch. I wanted to do this, to feel what it was like to be fucked.

“Here we go,” Amy’s voice said, snapping me from my thoughts. She twisted so she was facing away from me, one hand taking hold of my cheek and a second or so later the cool, wet pressure of her lube coated finger swirling around my hole. I flexed against her, the sensation, other than the momentary coolness, not unpleasant. I remembered her words and relaxed, enjoying her slippery finger as it coated me.

“Okay?” she asked, turning to face me as she cleaned her finger.

I nodded, my heart beating hard against my chest as the moment was almost at hand.

She turned to Tina who I saw had her cock in her hand. She hadn’t said a word as Amy prepared me, the anticipation of fucking my ass etched into her face. She still wore the stockings and heels she had when she arrived and there was something about those black stockings and heels juxtaposed against her light olive skin, her hand stroking her cock, which made her even more desirable. Her hair, from leaning over as she sucked Amy, now had more body and framed her face like the hood of a cobra, her expression complimenting the unintended look.

My eyes followed Tina for a moment as she made her way behind me, the weight of her body settling on to the couch making me adjust my stance. A hand slid up and over my ass to my back, its gentle touch slightly relieving the nervousness I now felt.

Her hand went back to my ass and her fingers carefully pulled me apart, my hole almost fully exposed as I waited. With a slight shift of her weight I felt the tip of her cock press against me and hold its position. I breathed deeply, expecting her to push inside but she didn’t. Was she giving me a moment to back out? Was she toying with me?

“Relax,” I heard Amy’s voice say, a hand caressing my face.

I forced myself to do as told, attempting to overcome the natural reaction to close tighter. I took another deep breath, my body responding and then I felt it. Tina pushed her hips forward and her cock forced me open, the slickness of the lube giving her the smooth entrance she needed.

Inhaling as she slowly entered me, my hole opened further and further until she popped past my ring then held her position. My breaths were short as the intrusion took hold. I could feel the warmth of her shaft inside me mixing with the slippery sensation of the lube. I balled my fists as I fought the urge to expel her, forcing myself to open and take her inside.

“He’s so tight,” Tina gasped, one hand on my hip while the other, I supposed, was still guiding her shaft into me.

“You look so good on all fours,” Amy cooed, taking my face in her hands and kissing me. “How do you feel?”

“Okay,” I stammered, still trying to get used to Tina’s cock in my ass. She hadn’t moved, giving me time to feel somewhat more comfortable with her inside me.

Taking that as her cue, Tina inched more of her into me, the expansion of my ring as she slipped inside filling me as never before. With every passing second she burrowed deeper, my body adjusting as she scraped my walls. Further she went, pressing into me at a constant rate, her own breaths heard as my ass tightened around her.

“God you feel good!” Tina exclaimed, sucking in air as her cock pressed in. Her hand dug into my hip, grabbing me harder as she shifted further forward.

I growled when I felt her cock rub against something inside me, panting for a few moments at her forced intrusion. This act, of being fucked was painful, in a good way, and awoke in me feelings of a sexual nature I had never felt before. I enjoyed having a cock in my ass, of being stretched, of being used.

“Fuck that’s hot,” Amy said. I lifted my head and saw her eyes wide open as she watched Tina penetrate me. She caught my look and smiled before sitting in front of me. Her cock was hard and she stroked it, her back against the couch as she spread her legs. Her head was turned so she could watch me be fucked, her hand rhythmically pumping as Tina began to pull back.

The friction of Tina’s cock dragging against my walls and over my anal ring forced a moan from me. The feeling was more pleasurable than her entrance and I couldn’t help myself. Slowly she pulled back until I thought she was going to slip away before she pushed back into me, more forcefully than the first time.

I rocked forward as she forced her cock in, both hands firmly gripping my waist. My hole felt warm as she slid passed it despite the lubrication, the grating of her shaft across my skin eliciting another breathy moan. She pulled back quickly then thrust forward, her cock digging deep into my bowels before sliding backwards then shoved forward.

We both grunted as her hips came in contact with my ass, her cock as deep into me as she could get. She soon developed a rhythm, fucking my ass at a deliberate pace, her hips slapping against my ass before yanked back, only to be driven forward a second later. Over and over she went, my body expanding then collapsing as the smooth passage of her cock inside me continued.

Amy’s movement broke my concentrating on Tina’s cock in my ass and she repositioned herself so she was kneeling in front of me. With no words she held her cock in her hand and grabbed my hair, pulling my mouth on to her shaft where she mimicked Tina’s thrusts.

There is no way to explain how this felt, to be fucked in the ass and the face at the same time. With small movements Amy pushed her cock into my mouth as Tina drove her cock into my ass, the two sandwiching me between them, using me for their own pleasure. But I didn’t mind. I loved Amy’s cock in my mouth and I sucked on her, my ass grabbing hold of Tina’s cock and squeezing her as she kept to her pace.

In short order all three of us were moaning, Tina’s hissed calls sharp while Amy’s were more sultry, my own guttural, as we fucked and sucked. Tina plunged into my ass as Amy did the same with my mouth, my body rocking back and forth to their thrusts.

Tina stopped and adjusted herself, her hands positioned higher, almost on the small of my back, her cock driven deeper than before. My mouth opened in a labored groan, Amy’s cock interrupting me as she forced it inside where I greedily sucked her. Tina laid into me, my ass raised skyward as she mercilessly fucked me. I could hear her seething breaths, the unmistakable sounds of someone working hard to cum. She didn’t hold back, her cock pistoning in and out, at times almost pulling herself free before jamming back inside.

I felt myself getting sore, my ass unused to such treatment, but my mouth was full of Amy and I concentrated on her. That my body was bent at an odd angle didn’t seem to phase either of them, Amy merrily pumping her cock into my mouth, her hands holding my head in position. Her hardness filled me as I sucked her, my mouth thoroughly wet as I let her use my face.

Tina’s thrusts increased, her hips slamming into my ass as her cock sawed at my hole. I could hear her breaths grow louder, her actions more violent. Over the slopping of Amy’s shaft in my mouth I heard her grunts, her cock as hard as ever as it was driven home. Faster and with more deliberation she fucked me, her shaft a blurred pressure as it flew in and out of my hole, her balls lightly slapping my ass as they were thrown forward.

A deep, grating groan filled my ears as she shot her hot cum into my ass, coating my walls while her cock pummeled me, the added lubrication giving her a near effortless passage. Her hands dug hard into me, her hips repeatedly slamming into my ass which quivered as she emptied herself.

The sensation of her cum filling me was unexpectedly thrilling, my thoughts momentarily fixed on how the creamy liquid felt inside me until, without warning, I let out my own drawn out moan when her cock hit something deep inside me as she bottomed out in my ass. Again she hit that spot, my mouth springing free from Amy’s cock, my body jerking each time she found her mark.

Amy wouldn’t be denied and she shoved her cock back into my mouth, almost forcing it down my throat, her moans now adding to the carnal sounds in the room. She thrust faster, my mouth having a difficult time holding on to her as Tina continued to spew her cum inside me while hitting that one particular spot. I was losing control, my arms barely able to hold me upright, Amy’s hands locked in my hair as she tried to satisfy her own needs.

As Tina slowed Amy sped up, her charged breaths rising. I held my position as best I could, my ass twitching with Tina’s cock still buried inside, my mouth being used in the same manner as my ass. With a surge Amy’s cock went fully hard as her turn arrived, her stream shooting straight down my throat, the large blob barely able to be swallowed before she sent her next shot to the same place.

I frantically drank her juice, unable to do anything else as she fucked my face, my head held in position, my body immobilized between the two of them. Though Tina no longer fucked me, I still felt her cock in my ass, the difference between her slippery passage and Amy’s rough thrusts clearly felt.

Amy finally had nothing left though she still forced me to suck her, my tongue scraping under her softening shaft, her body twitching with each touch. Her sounds tapered off as my face was buried in her crotch until she eased herself back and forth a few final times and her limp dick dropped from my lips.

She fell back on the couch, exhausted, my ass still raised with Tina inside, my lowered head resting on the cushion. I couldn’t believe how I felt, my body used front and back and drained though it hadn’t done anything. I breathed deeply, letting myself relax, Tina’s dick sliding out until it squirted free and caused us both to give a grunted exhale.

I fell to the couch, partially curled, letting my body drift off to wherever it wanted. My head was on Amy’s thigh, a hand resting on my shoulder while my feet rested against Tina’s legs. The three of us dozed off, perfectly content with everything.

Amy woke me as she moved to get up. I stretched my legs over Tina who also got up then disappeared into the bedroom. When Amy returned and sat next to me she had drinks for both us. I gratefully took the glass from her and nearly emptied it before able to answer her question.

“You okay?” was all she asked, her fingers toying in my hair.

I nodded then told her, “I think I need to get cleaned up.”

Amy laughed, understanding my meaning and took my glass as I stood. As if hearing us, Tina reappeared and gave me a quick kiss before flopping back down on the couch. I left the two of them and took my time before coming back and sitting between them. Tina immediately swiveled her body and put her head on my thigh, her feet propped up on the arm of the couch while Amy snuggled close to me, my arm sliding behind her.

My hand went to Tina’s stomach before moving higher and cupping her small breast, her smooth skin delectable to touch. Amy leaned her head over on my shoulder but didn’t say anything, the three of us quiet with our own thoughts for a time. I looked down at Tina, her eyes closed as she lay on me, and absentmindedly slid my hand down until I covered her limp cock. Immediately her eyes opened and looked at me, her grin returning after a moment as she settled in and closed her eyes. My hand played with her, not trying to get her hard but just feeling the difference between her and me, the smoothness of her shorn cock and balls intriguing.

As I toyed with her she bent her knees and opened her legs, my hand able to travel down and feel her complete smoothness.

“Ummm,” I heard her purr, her body moving at my touch.

Amy heard and felt us and lifted her head, watching what I was doing then kissing my cheek.

“I thought you said you weren’t interested,” she commented, her own hand sliding down my chest to my lap.

“Things change,” I told her as I cupped Tina’s sack, Tina twisting her hips at my touch.

“Glad to hear that,” was her response as her hand covered my cock.

The feeling of Tina’s smooth skin in my hand drove me to explore her further, my fingers reaching out and finding her puckered opening. With a light touch I toyed with her hole, Tina cooing as I did and spreading her legs wider. Pressing my finger against her, I swirled around and around, Tina’s soft gasps letting me know she was enjoying the attention.

Though the lube was on the table in front us, I didn’t want to break the mood and carefully pushed my index finger inside her, letting her muscles adjust to the raw entry.

“Ummmm,” she again purred as she pushed back against my finger which went to the first knuckle. I wiggled it up and down, Tina’s hips moving as I did, her breaths long and slow as I pleasured her.

“Deeper,” she told me, her voice almost tinged with excitement.

I pushed my finger harder, sinking it in to the second knuckle. I felt her muscles twitch around me, the slightly moist interior of her ass holding me. With more of my finger in her I waggled it hard, Tina’s hips rising then settling back. Her hand went to my arm and held it, her fingers digging in and holding tight.

Her eyes were now open but instead of the usual mirth they were hazy and sleepy, her painted lips parted, her chest rising and falling as I dug in. Turning her head she sighed, a tremor rippling through her as my finger pushed all the way in.

“Like that,” she hissed, her hips rising to meet my buried finger. Slowly at first, then more obviously, she used me to fuck herself, her motions growing stronger the harder I pressed.

“Why don’t you give her what she wants,” Amy whispered in my ear as she stroked my growing cock.

I looked at her, our faces inches apart, and kissed her lightly. Her hand pumped me until I was nearly hard when, as that morning, her head went to my lap and her mouth enveloped me. That familiar warmth held me as her tongue licked me, my body relaxing into the couch as she sucked me. I continued to swirl my buried finger in Tina’s ass, her hips moving with me and lifting slightly off the couch, her hand on my arm gripping tighter.

“Fuck me,” I heard a raspy voice whisper.

Now it was my turn to grin as my ministrations were having their effect, Tina’s almost begging plea returning me to my usual position of control. I didn’t give her what she wanted, not yet, and purposely pressed the pad of my finger against her inner wall and rubbed against it. Immediately Tina responded with a quick inhalation, her back arching as I pressed harder.

“Oh fuuuuck,” she groaned, a hand grabbing my wrist and trying to force me to fuck her with my finger. I held my ground, teasing her, my finger now straight inside her and unmoving. Her muscles flexed around me, as if desperate to feel more.

With a small pop Amy’s head left my lap, her hand lightly stroking me as she watched me torment Tina.

“I see you’re taking to heart my comment about taking control,” she smirked, kissing my arm before resting her head on my shoulder.

“Yeah,” I responded, my voice tinged with lecherous overtones, “and it feels good.”

Amy’s response was a soft chuckle, the warmth of our bodies mingling in the waning time of the late afternoon.

Our brief conversation over, I resumed wiggling my finger inside Tina, her response a contented growl as her hips once again moved with me. I altered my pace, sometimes wiggling, sometimes scraping, Amy pressing against my finger until it was fully inside.

“Deeper,” she pleaded, her hand now stroking her dick.

“Okay, you’ve tortured her enough,” Amy interjected. She gave me a quick kiss then wrapped her lush lips about my shaft and softly sucked on me, making sure I was fully hard for what was to come.

I didn’t want to stop, not with Amy’s mouth wrapped about me, but I did want to fuck Tina. The short time I had spent with her had shown she really enjoyed herself and I could only imagine how she would sound when I fucked her.

Without notice I pulled my finger free from the grip of that clenching ass, Tina immediately sighing and relaxing, her hand losing its grip and falling to her body. Turning herself over, she watched as I was sucked, her stocking-clad legs bending toward her upturned ass.

“That looks good,” she commented, almost giggling as she said it. She looked up at me and smiled then lifted herself from the couch.

“Fuck me,” she demanded, hands on her hips as she stood over me, Amy’s head still bobbing in my lap.

“If I say no?” I countered.

“I’ll do it myself then.” She reached down to grab the tube from the table and with practiced ease extracted a small blob before spinning on her heels and spreading her legs in a wide, inverted ‘V’ and bending over. Turning her head so she made sure I was watching, she rested one hand on the table to steady herself while deftly using the fingers of her other hand to jam her lubed finger into her ass.

At first she had a sinister smirk on her face, as if taunting me, showing me what I was missing, then after a short while her look changed. She no longer looked at me, her face turned sideways, her eyes closed as she concentrated on where her finger was. Her lips parted as she breathed, her body lightly rocking as she dug in.

Amy slid her mouth from cock and watched the performance, almost as entranced as I was.

“See what you’ve done,” she joked. “The poor girl has to take care of herself.”

Tina laughed when she heard those words, her head again turning to look at the two of us, her hand moving back and forth as she fucked herself. To drive home her need, she pulled her finger out and pressed two back in, the airy moan letting everyone know how it felt.

“If you don’t fuck her, I will,” Amy said, looking at me to see my reaction.

“Fine,” I chuckled, “I’ll take care of the girl but I have to say, I don’t appreciate being thought of as a sex toy.”

“Oh please,” Amy shot back. “You love it and you know it.” She leaned back on the couch and curled sideways, waiting for me to put on a show.

I came up behind Tina whose head kept twisting to follow me until she was practically turned into a pretzel, her fingers still jammed in her ass but now holding station. I grabbed hold of her wrist and pulled her hand free, Tina unwinding as she stood.

“Did I say to get up?”

Tina looked at me, unsure by the tone of my voice if I was joking, then turned around and bent over until her hands rested on the table.

I really had been joking but didn’t correct her, running a hand over her surprisingly smooth ass. Tina’s head turned to watch me as I examined her, wiggling her ass as if to hurry things along.

In return I gave her a good smack, her body leaning forward from my contact, the look on her face a mix of confused pleasure. Seeing her minor reaction I smacked her again, harder, a short exhale being heard.

“It seems she likes to be spanked,” I heard Amy say. I smiled and nodded, keeping my gaze on the bent over body in front of me.

“Apparently she does,” was my reply as a I caressed the spot I had just hit. Tina wiggled her ass and again I hit her, even harder, a slight tinge of pink forming where my hand had connected.

This time Tina gasped, her body lurching further forward then settling back in.

“Have you been a bad girl?” I teased, getting into this power play.

“Yes,” was the hissed response. She no longer looked at me, her head hanging down, her feet firmly bracing her body.

“What do you want me to do?” I continued.

“Fuck me.”

“Fuck you? You mean like this?” Stepping in close I took hold of my dick, still hard from Amy’s sucking and with a little bit of maneuvering, placed it at her lubed hole and pushed myself part way in.

Tina stiffened at the quick entrance, her hands trying to dig into the hard surface of the table, her body pushing back to sink me further into her ass.

“Did I say to move?”

“No,” was her growled response, her muscles clenching and releasing as she tried to get me deeper.

I stood still, just my cockhead and part of my shaft in her hole, enjoying her tightness as it quivered.

“Fuck me,” she pleaded, the tremble in her voice letting me know she really wanted this.

“Fine,” I answered, yanking myself from her. “Go to the bedroom.”

Doing as instructed, Tina stood, and with a look of submissive acceptance walked to the room. I glanced at Amy and gave her a funny grin while shrugging my shoulders, unsure how we had gotten to this point. Amy shook her head, unable to say anything as she watched the performance play out.

When I entered the bedroom I found Tina on all fours on the bed, facing away from me, her head again hanging low.

“Grab your ankles,” I told her, watching as she turned to look at me but did as I said. In so doing she had no choice but to lay her face on the bed, her back bent at a concave angle. Coming up behind her I caressed her exposed ass but didn’t hit her. I enjoyed giving her directions, this reminding me of my normal job and like my job I gave her clear, concise instructions.

“You will hold on to your ankles at all times. If you let go, I stop and you’re on your own. Understand?”

“Yes,” was the simple reply.

Though her dick and balls hung between her legs, I wanted to fuck her in the worst way. Seeing her bent over, following my every command, her exposed ass in the air, I was going to make sure she walked funny when I was done.

Kneeling on the bed behind her, I again placed my dick at her hole and like before shoved it in with little build up. Tina flinched as her hole rapidly expanded, my dick pressing deeper until I was almost fully in her. I held my position, giving her a few moments to adjust, her muscled ring slowly squeezing and releasing as it got used to me forcing her open.

US Olympian’s Secret Life as a Las Vegas Escort – I don’t know why the stories about Suzy Favor Hamilton struck such a chord with me but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Maybe because it was someone who decided to live out their wildest fantasies and create a second life, something I had dabbled with online but failed to act on. After reading article after article about her I became curious about the Vegas escort lifestyle. I found websites for some agencies and on a whim sent some emails to them. To my surprise most sent something back, usually a questionnaire and request for a photo. After some more back and forth I was shocked that I had several requests for in person interviews should I ever travel to Las Vegas.

My boyfriend had talked about a Vegas vacation for awhile. I was never very excited about it since I’m not much of a gambler and don’t golf which is what he wanted to spend most of his time doing there. When I floated the idea of trying Vegas he immediately got online to start booking flights. I wasn’t sure yet how far I’d go with this, but thought it might be fun to at least be in “Sin City” and maybe just go to an interview for a thrill.

When our flights and hotel were booked I exchanged a few more emails with the interested escort services and actually set up an interview with one that really intrigued me. My boyfriend had lots of time planned gambling and golfing so I’d be free to shop or hit the spa or spend some time doing whatever I wanted. We got in on a Thursday and I received an email that I would be meeting Terrence for an interview at 7:30 pm Friday evening at a room in the same hotel/casino if I was still interested. I confirmed I’d be there and tried taking my mind off it while spending time with my boyfriend. He planned to be out gambling at some other casinos most of the night Friday so I pretty much had that night to myself. Thursday night we went to dinner, did some gambling, had drinks & capped it off with some particularly wild hotel sex. My boyfriend remarked that I really seemed to be into Vegas – he couldn’t have been more right.

Friday my boyfriend was out the door early to the golf course, so I spent some time at the hotel spa, mentally and physically preparing. As early evening approached I had a few drinks in me to calm my nerves and started getting dressed. I picked some tight black pants and black heels over top a cute white thong and bra set. My 34c breasts looked good I thought as I stood at the mirror pulling on my cream colored blouse. I’m 5 foot 5 so the heels gave me a few more inches of height and my 120 pounds seemed pretty well proportioned from the time in the gym I’d been putting in. I pulled my shoulder length red hair back in a pony tail as I put some makeup on and decided to leave it that way, thinking it made me look a little more casual. Finally, I undid another button on my blouse, showing just enough cleavage, but not wanting to look too slutty as I walked through the halls and up the elevator to the room reserved for my interview.

7:30 approached so I finished another glass of wine, took a deep breath and headed out to my interview. I knocked lightly on the door and heard footsteps approach as the door opened.

“Hello, you must be Heather. I’m Terrence pleased to meet you, please come in.”

He shook my hand and his big black hand enveloped mine. I walked into the room and Terrence offered me a drink which I gladly accepted as we sat in chairs facing each other.

Terrence was black, maybe 6 foot 1 and looked well built. He was dressed in a light grey suit with a black shirt and wearing glasses. After just a minute or two of small talk on how my flight was and where I lived we started to get to the interview.

“So Heather, why are you interested in working for my agency?”

“Well, I’ve had many fantasies for quite awhile and thought I’d like to act some out, also the Suzy Favor Hamilton story really intrigued me.”

“Ah yes, many agencies have gotten quite a few inquires since that story broke.”

“Really?” I asked.

“Oh yes” Terrence smiled, “Not many actually make it this far, but it seems to have inspired many soccer moms and housewives to explore their fantasies.”

“Lets see, your 28?”


“Single, Married?”

“Single, with boyfriend – he doesn’t know” I stuttered.

“Fine, Fine”

“Red hair is natural? Top and bottom?

“Yes, well what is stiil there on bottom”

The interview continued. Terrence asked what my availability would be should I be employed by their agency. What limitations I might have sexually, etc. We talked about my medical history and health. Terrence informed me that all employees and clients needed testing for sexually transmitted diseases so protection wasn’t a mandatory requirement but birth control was recommended. Finally Terrence started wrapping up the interview.

“Now Heather, our agency tends to cater to a particular type of client, primarily African American men. I assume that isn’t a problem with you?”

“Oh no not at all.” I smiled, knowing this was the reason I chose to interview with this agency.

“Excellent, well we are nearly done. At this point I will need you to strip down to your undergarments. He took out a small digital camera, I will take some photos that we can use on our website until we get some more professional ones done, that is of course if we decide to work together. You of course can hold on to the camera until the interview is over and delete the photos yourself should you decide to change your mind.”

Terrence looked down at his phone as I stood and started unbuttoning my blouse. I sorta thought this might happen and was prepared for it, in fact was a little surprised that I didn’t need to be completely naked. Terrence’s professionalism and the fact that he seemed to be almost ignoring me as I undressed made it that much easier. I slipped my blouse off and had to take my shoes off to pull my tight pants off.

“Please put your shoes back on for the photos dear” said Terrence, not even looking at me.

I finished, standing nearly naked in front of this tall black man and he rose with the camera in his hand. I felt kinda silly not knowing how to stand but he had obviously done this numerous times so Terrence put me in a number of alluring poses, snapping shots of me. Bent over the back of the chair, looking over my shoulder with my near naked ass hanging out, eyes closed on the edge of the chair with my legs spread wide, leaning forward with hands pushing my boobs together as they spilled out of my bra. After just a few minutes Terrence handed me the camera.

“That was excellent Heather, now for the last part of the interview. I’ll need to see you actually perform.”

My jaw dropped a little but Terrence held up a finger, smiling.

“No I am not asking you to blow me. But, our clients do expect performance when they pay for services. I can’t send someone new in with a client and have them get cold feet and run off. I’ll ask you to go next door in the bedroom and masturbate to orgasm as I watch. There are a number of sexual aids on the night table if you require them. I will enter the room in exactly 5 minutes and merely sit and watch. Should you decide to change your mind simply get dressed, delete the photos from the camera and I’ll wish you well. Good Luck.” Terrence opened the door for me then walked away checking his phone.

A million thoughts ran through my brain, I sorta prepared to be propositioned on this interview and made up my mind I would walk out if that happened no matter what. This was very different, and interesting and exciting. As the time ticked off in my brain, I thought this might be a great way to end my fantasy. I could play with myself in front of an attractive black man, but not have any regrets. Before I could think anymore or talk myself out of it, I walked to the nightstand next to the king-sized bed. There were vibrators and dildos of all types and sizes. I paused briefly at a few big black dildos, then chose a smaller silver vibrator, similar to one I owned. I quickly stepped out of my thong, kicked my heels off and unclasped my bra. I thought maybe if I was already well into things by the time Terrence entered it would be easier to continue. I climbed onto the big bed and lay flat on my back on top of the soft white comforter. Closing my eyes I tried telling myself that I was just at home in bed, playing with myself after another hot chat session with one of my hot black online friends.

My left hand went down between my legs, not surprisingly I was already very wet. I slipped 2 fingers inside then rubbed my clit softly. Then I took my wet fingers and started rubbing my sensitive nipples. I flicked the vibrator on with my right hand and ran it down my belly to my inner thighs. I felt the heat building and started rubbing the big silver bullet up and down my pussy lips and pressing on my clit. I felt that familiar jolt jump through my body and groaned softly. My eyes still shut, visions of big black studs in my mind. There I was, pinching my nipples, my right hand working a vibrator between my spread legs when I heard the door open from a million miles away. I don’t think I missed a beat, but I did crack my eyes open just briefly to see Terrence sit in a chair against the wall, about 10 feet from the side of the bed. I worked my pussy hard with the vibrator for the next few minutes, grinding into my clit and briefly slipping inside my lips and I groaned softly from time to time. I felt my orgasm quickly approaching and it took all my strength to stop myself, thinking Terrence wouldn’t want to see me finish too quickly.

I reluctantly stopped with the vibrator, sat up and got on my hands and knees, my ass pointed directly at Terrence. I placed my left hand under me, spreading my lips wide, then occasionally, rubbing my clit and fingering myself. Just enough to keep me going, but not enough to make me cum. I picked up the vibrator and traced circles around both my nipples, feeling the vibration shoot down my spine and into my pussy. I started groaning louder, wanting, and needing to cum. I buried my face in the soft comforter and shoved the vibrator down between my legs. I wiggled my little white ass, rubbing the vibrator along my clit as I worked my fingers deep inside me. I felt my juices dripping down my thighs as my body trembled, getting closer. I was so close, but it wasn’t enough, I needed something inside me, I needed to be fucked. I snapped my head up and my eyes tried focusing on the toys on the nightstand. I whimpered as I reached out, knocking over several toys as I grasped a big black dildo.

I quickly rolled over on my back and grasped the big fake dick with both hands, lapping the shaft with my tongue then taking it between my lips, getting it slick with my saliva. It was bigger than any toy or cock I’d ever taken but I didn’t care, I needed it inside me at this moment. Still holding it with both hands, I spread my legs, feet underneath me with my knees up in the air and started working it into my pussy. It was bigger and wider than I’d expected, but I was so wet and horny it was slipping in nicely.

“Oh, Oh, Oh” I cried out. “Oh God yes, yes, yes” I whimpered. Slipping the big black cock in deeper.

I was still fucking myself with both hands wrapped around the black dildo. Pumping 4 or 5 inches in at a time quickly, pulling it nearly all the way out then quickly back in. I went at it like this for a few minutes, hearing my cries echo throughout the big bedroom, Terrence sitting and watching quietly the entire time. I felt the vibrator buzzing on the bed against my hip and I grabbed it with my right hand, still fucking my pussy hard with the dildo in my left. I took the vibrator and pressed it hard on my clit as I fucked myself and nearly immediately felt the explosion, fireworks going off behind my eyes as I cried out.


I came hard, violently, my toes curling as I shoved the dildo as deep as I could. I felt my pussy drench the bedspread and even squirted some, which was rare. I squeezed my eyes shut tightly and whimpered through my orgasm, my body thrashing about the bed. I finally controlled my breathing and started to regain my senses as I heard Terrence standing, walking back out of the bedroom, his cell phone going to his ear.

Thinking this wasn’t a good sign I decided to get up and hustled into the bathroom. As I quickly glanced at myself in the mirror, my post coital high wore off and I started feeling silly. I washed up and dressed quickly, intending to delete the photos and thank Terrence for his time. I was a bit startled as I exited the bathroom and nearly walked right into Terrence.

“I’m sorry I left so abruptly, but I had a client I needed to contact. If you are available tomorrow afternoon I have a client I think you’d be perfect for”

Terrence held his hand out and I shook it. I fully expected this adventure to be ending but as I was shaking hands with him the voice I heard telling Terrence that I’d be glad to work for him and looked forward to tomorrow’s date, didn’t even sound like my own. Walking back to my hotel room my legs wobbled a bit and my head spun, wondering what door I had just opened…

The next day’s seminar was insanely boring, so I snuck out of the morning session early to call Gary and spill the beans, or at least some of them.

I called him at his office and he answered on the first ring.

“Gary Walsh”

“Hey baby. Do you miss me?”

“You know it. Shouldn’t you be in class or something, you bad wife?”

“Oh honey, I am a bad wife. I am just too bored with all the rehash and I am way too tired from last night.”

I put a big emphasis on the word “am” and I laid on the sexy tone. He knew something was up.

“Well well well, what did we get into last night?”

“Oh babe, I was a very bad girl.”

“Were you now”

“I really was, Honey.”

“I want to know everything.”

“It’s really hot honey. Do you want to hear about it now or should we wait until we’re together?”

“Tell me now, babe. I’m about to burst over here.”

“Ok, well, I met a guy and it turns out he’s the President of Weatherton Paper.”

“No way.”

“Way! I found my way into being alone with him and we ended up naked in his hot tub. I blew him and swallowed a huge load of his cum.”

“Oh my.”

“Then he fucked the hell out of me baby and he was really well hung. I’d never been with a man that big before.”


“Well, not until later on, when his friend fucked me.”

I let out a little giggle as I said it.

“Holy shit! You did two men?”

“Well, I think they did me, babe, but yeah.”

“And they were both bigger than me?”

“Yes, honey. Are you mad?”

“Mad? Not unless you don’t want me anymore.”

“Oh dear, no. I love you with all my heart.”

“Good. Well that’s a relief. So, was it good? Did you enjoy all that cock?”

“Oh god yes. I had more orgasms than I can count and did things that I never thought I’d do.”

“Oh man, hold on.”

He was gone about thirty seconds.

“Ok, I locked my door. Tell me what you did with them.”

“Well, I let both of them fuck my ass.”

He groaned.

“And I let them fuck me in both of my little holes at the same time.”

“Holy shit! You did DP with the President of Weatherton Paper?”

“Baby, I did SERIOUS DP with Nick and Tommy. They both were all the way inside me at the same time. They totally owned me, Honey.”

“Jesus.” I could here him working himself and I knew he was close. I continued.

“I came harder than I ever thought I could. I’m so sorry, but I just loved their huge cocks so much and I was so turned on, that I let them do anything they wanted. They were so far inside me, honey. It was so dirty. I let them fuck me for four hours straight. They totally dominated me.”

“Oh my god…Ahhh” He groaned as he came.

“I feel like such a slut. I’m so sorry, but it was just so incredible. I’m probably going to let them do it to me again tonight unless you don’t want me to.”



“Uh, sorry. This is just an awful lot to process. You feel comfortable with these men?”

“Oh yeah. I could have left at any time. They were both complete gentlemen. That is, when they weren’t stuffing my holes with their huge cocks.”

“Oh my.”

“Honey, maybe I shouldn’t.

“No, I want you to do what you want to do. So it was good enough where you want it again?”

“Oh hell yeah, babe. It was amazing. I’m used to being with a big man, but to have two huge cocks inside of me made me come like nothing I’ve even experienced. I really can’t wait to do it again!”

“Then go get your brains fucked out all over again and free yourself of all guilt. I want you to do it and I want you to love it. I also want to hear about all if it when you get home.”

“Thanks, baby. I love you so much.”

“Your welcome, baby. I love you too.”

I went back to the rest of the seminar, but I left during the second intermission and went up to my room for some much needed rest. I hit my bathtub and had a nice soak. Then I took a little cat nap.

At 4:30 my alarm went off and I knew my two men were expecting me. I was in a completely new place. Talking to Gary had removed my guilt and that had emboldened me even more.

Last night, I left my room with the intent of grabbing a quick obligatory drink and heading home. What happened after that drink was a wild ride and I didn’t regret my actions. The men were incredible and my orgasms alone made it a worthwhile experience, but tonight was a very different deal. Tonight I was a married woman heading to another man’s hotel room for the expressed purpose of getting fucked hardcore by two ridiculously well hung men.

What to wear?

I went with the flimsiest outfit I had. I picked out a loose-fitting silk blouse and a short skirt. I wore no panties or bra, but I did throw some heels on. I jumped in the elevator and hit floor 24.

I was already totally randy and wet between my legs.

When I got to their room, Tommy answered the door naked with his massive tool dangling and bouncing as he moved. I dropped straight to my knees in the open doorway and started sucking his giant cock–taking it as deep as I could. If anybody walked down the hallway, they would have seen me on my knees worshiping his enormous cock.

“Damn, Beverly. Are you ready to be our slut today? It sure looks that way”

I took his cock out of my mouth to speak.

“Oh god yes. You guys own all my holes. I here to be used.”

He groaned as I went right back to stuffing his cock into my throat. He slowly backed up out of the doorway and I crawled with him but without letting his cock leave my mouth.

I was definitely going to be a slut today. I wasn’t going to hesitate or judge my actions. I was going to have completely wild sex with my new men and I was going to give them whatever they wanted. The idea of doing this was making me even hornier than I was yesterday. My pussy’s juices were running down my leg. That might sound like poetic license, but I assure you, I was as wet as a woman can get.

I was also sober, so I was feeling even naughtier with all of my wits about me.

I’d have some champagne later, but I loved the idea of doing them both sober. Last night was a bit of a blur, but the beginning of tonight would not be.

After Tommy got the door closed, he kept backing towards the room with the hot tub and I kept crawling on my hands and knees like an animal while giving him oral worship. He stopped about half way there and worked my skirt over my hips so I could crawl out of it. A few feet later, I was naked from the waist down. Then he stopped and undid the buttons of my blouse. When we got to the doorway, he announced us.

“Hey guys”, said Tommy.

Guys? I quickly thought to myself.

“Look what I found in the hallway” said Tommy.

“Wow, Bev’s ready!” Said Nick.

Nick was in the hot tub with a third man.

“Bev, we have a friend over and we hope you don’t mind. He’s gifted like Tommy and I so we figured you’d be ok with it.”

Tommy pulled me off his cock and took me by the hand. He walked me over to the hot tub and pulled my blouse off of me leaving me totally exposed to the three men, one of whom, I had not met before.

It was exciting. I had on nothing but my heels, and, unlike the night before, I was totally sober.

“Bill, this is the horny little slut we spent last night with. If you sit up on the ledge, Bev will show you her amazing oral skills and she loves swallowing cum, don’t you, slut?”

Nick’s cold tone and harsh language caught me off-guard at first, but it also made my pussy gush. I didn’t miss a beat. After all, I was there to be their slut.

“Yes Sir, I love swallowing hot cum” I said with a growing grin.

Bill sat up on the ledge and produced a very hard and very long cock. It was decision time again. Do I expand my vision of what tonight was going to be like? Will my husband understand me with three men as well as he seemed to understand two? This was a gangbang now. Was this something I wanted?

Yes, it was.

Nick, sensing my internal dialogue, took control.

“Beverly, you are going to be our slut tonight, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Tell us what you want, slut.”

“I want to swallow … as many loads … as you guys can give me.”

“That’s a good slut. Now show Gary how well you suck cock.”

Every time he called me slut, it sent a tingle through my pussy and ass. It was scratching an itch I had deep inside. I’d fantasized about being taken by a group for a long long time. Wearing a sexy smile, I kicked off my high heels and slipped into the water on the opposite side of the Jacuzzi. As I swam the seven feet to Bill’s cock, I knew my fantasy was about to be realized.

I submerged as I swam over and I came up right in front of his cock and grasped it with both hands.

Oh my.

With two hands on Bill’s monster, I only had about half of his cock covered. This was going to be crazy.

I looked up into his eyes and said “hi.” He laughed and asked me if I liked what I saw. I said that it made me hungry. He told me that he liked feeding the hungry. I stood up and the water dripping off my body must have looked erotic as I bent slightly to take his member into my willing mouth.

I worked hard on the head and sucked with all my might. I heard him groaning and felt his rod twitching. I wanted to impress him, so I tried to take him deep like I did with the boys yesterday. I had about two thirds of him down and I was working the end of him with my throat muscles. I had a few mild gag reflexes, but I just dealt with them and I didn’t purge. My deep massage on his cock combined with my struggles must have excited him as he announced his load.

I pulled off of him and asked him how he wanted to mark me. He wanted to blow in my face. I stayed down with my mouth wide open and he rose above me. He jacked himself and sprayed my upturned face. The first shot hit my nose and splattered everywhere. The second burst hit me right in the middle of the forehead. He then pumped a few right into my open mouth and I tasted him before swallowing.

I loved it.

Then I scooped up the rest and slid it into my mouth and savored it before swallowing.

I dunked myself down into the water and came up feeling fresh.

I asked Bill if he was done for the night and he told me he had at least two more big loads for me. I smiled a sexy smile and licked my lips before swimming over to Tommy and Nick.

I wanted to drain them and then take a little break for dinner. I got up between Nick’s legs and went to work on him.

“That’s it Beverly. Take my cock, baby. Do you want more, you little slut?”

I nodded and moaned with my lips wrapped around his length. Then I felt Tommy’s huge tool being pushed into my already throbbing pussy. He eased his whole manhood into me and then started to pound me with deep strokes. It excited me so much that I really turned up the heat on my servicing of Nick.

Then Tommy pulled out of me and told me to suck all of my pussy off his cock. Nick thought that was a great idea as he would be able to fuck me. Try to imagine how much of my own pussy I tasted as I licked and suck myself off of Tommy’s foot long monster. I was getting lost on the thing.

Nick was giving me a deep fucking from behind, but then he mixed it up and started to give me just the head and a few inches as he raked the ridge of his cockhead over my g-spot. He had me and he just abused my inner button. I was having an orgasm every minute or so as he went back and forth between deep shag and g-spot. He did this to me for a good fifteen minutes until they switched places again.

I began to suck my cum off of Nick as Tommy started to continue the method that Nick had established.

Tommy started hammering me like a stallion as he held my tail in place and then he’d work his huge plum-like cockhead on my g-spot. I started to shake with a climax and as it hit me, Nick dumped a big hot load into my mouth with no notice. I was suddenly overflowing with sperm and I pulled off of him so I could choke it down. It was hot and my pussy gushed a little more as he told me to swallow his whole load.

“That’s it, Bev. Drink my nut, baby. Are you our little cockslut tonight?”

I swallowed and answered before I could even catch my breath.

“Oh yes! I am your little cockslut. I want to fuck all of you over and over again. I need it so bad. Show me no respect. Treat me like the slut that I am”

I started cumming and quivering uncontrollably. Tommy was obviously turned on by my display and he pushed all the way into me. He held himself there for a few seconds and then grunted deeply as he shot his wad right into the back wall of my womanhood. It felt incredible as I came and came with him.

I was cumming so hard and with so much of my body that it just continued and continued. My whole body was jerking around as if I was being given electric shock. I was now pretty out of it. It was as if I was sedated but I could still experience pleasure to the nth degree. Tommy and Nick had to help me into the water as my legs were literally jello. They had literally fucked me intoa state of helplessness.

They both sort of held me as I slowly calmed down and came back to this planet.

“Well that was a nice little warm up wasn’t it,” said Nick with a smile.

Both men laughed and agreed and so did I. Nick grabbed the phone and placed a large dinner order through room service. He also ordered six bottles of champagne and a case of beer. The night was obviously young and I was up for anything.

Tommy opened a bottle of bubbly and we all had a glass while we waited for dinner. The men asked me about my marriage and I told them about my special relationship with my husband. They thought the whole concept was awesome and they all wanted to meet Gary as they thought he sounded like a great guy. Of course, Gary is all of that and more. If it wasn’t for him, I’d never be able to have this kind of experience. Even if I did, it would be steeped in guilt and lies. As it was, I was more sexually alive than I’d ever been before and I felt no shame or guilt.

I was the luckiest girl I knew, and I was in cock heaven.

We ended up having a very nice surf and turf dinner though I ate light to keep myself spry. The men ate more than I but they also avoided pigging out. The booze was flowing freely and I was now getting a very good buzz on. I excused myself and took a quick shower and came back out nude and clean. I wanted to stay fresh and all the cum leaking from my pussy was annoying me. Tommy must have shot a gallon up there.

The feeling of another man’s seed running down my legs was a huge turn on, but I knew I’d have plenty more.

Bill loved my ass and he kept making comments. He asked me if I’d ever had a good licking and I told him that my Hubby did that for me on occasion. Bill then told me to bend over the arm of the sofa and to spread myself open. I did as I was told and I got my legs as far apart as they would go with my feet on the ground. Then I used my hands to hold my ass open for him.

Bill went to work on my little rosebud. He licked me all over and it was really getting me aroused. Nick and Tommy were making comments.

“Bev, is Bill turning you on with his tongue on your ass?”

I was so into it that I was moaning the answers.

“Ohhh yes. My ass is getting really horny for you guys now. Ohh yeah. Mmmmm.”

Tommy asked Bill if he could try and then he lapped away at my back door. I was really enjoying being pampered by their tongues and when I made eye contact with Nick, I gave him a look that said “not you?”

He came over and asked for a turn. He went at my little hole and rimmed me good. I was now totally ready to be fucked in the ass and I asked for it loudly.

“Oh yes. Oh yes. That is so nice. Who is going to take my little ass for a ride?”

Bill had lubed himself up and he stepped in to take me first. His manhood had plenty of length, but it wasn’t as wide as Nick’s or Tommy’s. He eased himself into my ass and started fucking me slowly at half depth with me bent over the arm of the sofa.

Over the next twenty minutes, all three men took turns fucking me in the ass while I rubbed my clit with my left hand. It was so nasty as they kept talking about my body the whole time and how tight my ass was and how my body was made for gangbanging. I felt like such a slut and when I came, it was a big one.

After my climax, the men led me into a bedroom. Tommy laid me down on the bed and spread my legs as wide as they would go. He then gave me two orgasms in five minutes as he worked my pussy with his tongue. As my climax subsided, he told me to get on all fours and he slid under me. We got into a sixty-nine. I sucked his cock as he worked my pussy, which was now in over-drive. After a minute, I felt another tongue and it was working my ass.

Only the very luckiest of women will ever get oral on both holes simultaneously.

It was simply out of this world! I had an orgasm that was probably heard in the casino. My whole body shook uncontrollably. It lasted for almost a minute! I just shook and shook and shook. The men had to hold me down so I wouldn’t hurt myself.

“This is what a gangbang should be like,” I thought to myself.

After I calmed down, Tommy sat on the edge of the bed and told me to come ride him. I mounted him and slid down onto his huge penis. I was now in heaven as he moved me up and down for a few minutes and told me what a slut I was. I could feel his cock as it moved in and out of my depths and it was like nothing I’d ever felt.

It was perfect.

I was in a state of orgasmic bliss—my head swaying from side to side as I moaned and came and came and came. I looked back at Nick and saw him putting more lube on his cock and I knew a DP was coming.

Tommy told me to to be a good slut and to sit down on his cock as deep as I could. I was so excited that I took him balls deep. He then leaned back and now my ass was pointing up. Nick stepped in and eased his length into my back door.

I took my DP a lot easier than the day before and once I was in a good position, they started to fuck me for real. Tommy gave me short strokes and he was bumping into my cervix at the end of each thrust. Nick was fucking my ass with long controlled strokes.

They went at me this was for a long while with Bill standing next to us stroking his cock and giving us encouragement.

“That’s it boys. Fuck our little slut. Make her cum. Are you going to cum again slut? Do you like those huge cocks in your married pussy?”

His words took me over the edge.

“Yes! Yes! I’m cumming!”

It was intense. They both pounded me harder as it hit and that made it last even longer. Two cocks is an amazing experience and it changes the way I cum. I just love it.

My orgasm was so wild that Nick blew his nut right up my ass. When he pulled out, Bill took his place and I was back to getting double-stuffed. Bill was even longer than Nick and he went slow and tried to work his stick deep into my ass. Once he got around the curve inside me, he was able to get balls deep. I was now fully impaled on two huge cocks. They started grinding into me without really pulling out more than an inch or two. This gave me sensations all through my ass and pussy. It was like a carnival for my genitals.

They just ground themselves into my depths and they didn’t let up until I started bucking and shaking in orgasm. As soon as it hit me, they lengthened their strokes and quickened their pace. I was whimpering and wailing in climax as both men shoved in all the way and coated my inner walls with their cum.

Their orgasms felt so warm and so deep that my orgasm lingered out of sheer excitement.

It was now 10pm. It was still early, but all my men had blown multiple loads and they were going to need some time. As it turns out, time is exactly what Nick wanted.

He asked me if I wanted to go and relax with them in the hot tub while they recharged for a final go with me. I thought that sounded great and we took a few bottles with us and slipped back into the water.

Steven sat at the bar, nursing his second single-malt. He was starting to feel it, but wasn’t quite there yet. He was starting to feel a little horny on the side and decided to see if he still had the stuff to pick up chicks.

It had been a while, about two years since he and Sharon met. It was two months since they split up. Steven didn’t regret the nearly two years together, nor did he regret the breakup. They drifted apart and they both knew it. It was better this way.

He turned around on his bar stool to survey the fine young ladies in the room. All were dressed to the nines. Long black evening gowns, bright sequined red dresses, heels, hair perfect. He wouldn’t turn down any of these women, but of course that wasn’t the situation here. They weren’t flocking to him, so he needed to go to them.

He picked out his mark. She was black and easily over six feet tall, but a lot of that height was due to the heels she was wearing. They must have been five inches. Fuck was that sexy.

Her tits were perfect, with just the right amount of cleavage showing out of her gold dress. The dress stopped mid-thigh and that’s where the black stockings took over, right down to those heels — those black fucking stiletto heels.

She was sitting along at a table for two and was drinking something clear and tall, but it was nearly empty. He ordered a gin and tonic and another scotch for himself and walked towards her table. She didn’t look up, even when he sat down opposite her. He placed the gin and tonic in front of her and sipped his own drink.

“Hello,” she said in a deep sultry voice, still not looking at him.

“Hi,” he said. I’m Steven.

“Amber,” she replied. “You hear for the pharma convention?”

“Yeah, you?”

“No, I’m a local,” she said, finally looking up. “Boyfriend just dumped me and I’m here drowning my sorrows.”

Her lips were a bright, delicious shade of red. “I’m sorry to hear that,” said Steven. “My girlfriend and I split up a couple of months ago. I know how difficult it can be.”

The conversation continued for about a half hour and another two drinks. Amber made the first move.

“So, you’re not talking to me out of pity,” she said. “You obviously have some ulterior motive in mind.”

“Me? Nooo”, he said, putting his hand to his chest and shaking his head slightly.

Amber laughed. “Let’s go then,” she said, standing up and taking his hand in hers. By this point, Steven was feeling fine, so he got up and let her pull him towards the lobby elevators

“What floor,” she asked, pretending to be an elevator operator.

Steven looked at his key card. “Seventeen.”

As the elevator rose, Steven put his arm around her waist and let his hand wander to her hips. She didn’t seem to mind, so he let his hand do a little more wandering, to her ass. So smooth. The elevator dinged and they got out, stumbled to his room and then inside.

“Welcome,” he said, waving his arms around as if to show off this hotel room.

“Very nice,” she said and sat down on the bed. She patted the space beside her and Steven was quick to join her.

She brought her mouth to his and kissed him. Her lips tasted as sweet as they looked. Steven’s hand made it’s way up her dress, from her hips to her breasts. He felt one through her clothes and then felt the other. His cock began to stir.

He squeezed her tits and sucked at her lips. This girl was hot, much hotter than Sharon. The kind of girl you can only meet in a fancy Vegas nightclub and the kind of girl you probably didn’t want following you home afterwards. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right?

His hands continued roaming her body, now slowly making their way up her thigh. Before he reached what he knew would be a sweet, delicious pussy, she took his hand and placed it again on her breast, only this time she encouraged him to take it out of her dress. He obliged her.

What a perfect sphere of a tit, with a hard nipple that he all of a sudden needed to taste. He fondled and sucked each breast, cupping them and gently squeezing. They were more than a handful, but not too much more.

His penis was now straining against his pants and needed to get out. Amber expertly unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and stroked his cock through his underwear.

“Mmmm, so hard,” she said.

“For you, babe,” Steven replied.

Amber wrapped her hand around his cock, stroking outside his loose boxers. She ran a finger along the underside, from the base to the tip, still through his underwear. Fuck, did she ever know her way around a penis. She licked his underwear up along his shaft.

Finally, unable to take it any longer, he lowered his own underwear and ran a hand along his cock. With nothing covering it now, she took his penis into her mouth and held it there for a few seconds, a few glorious seconds.

She began to stroke with her hand and suck with her mouth. Her long, silky black hair tickled his thighs. She sucked slowly at first, then began to pick up speed.

Steven knew that if she kept this up, he’d cum in another minute or two, but he wanted more. He wanted to fuck that pussy so bad. He pulled her off his cock and she stood up in front of him.

He reached out to touch her breasts, now hanging outside of her dress, but she stepped back, just outside of his reach. She began moving her hips slowly back and forth and lowering her dress.

A striptease. She was going to do a striptease for him. He watched and stroked himself slowly. She lowered her dress enough to reveal those full, round tits with erect nipples.

God, he couldn’t wait to get those in his mouth again. She lowered her dress a little more, showing her flat belly. A little more and ….

“Fuck!” he said.

“Surprised?” she asked, as she grabbed her own eight inch cock and began stroking it. She was still wearing those long fishnet stockings and the five inch heels.

“Yeah,” he said, drawing out the word so that it spread out over two syllables.

She moved closer to him, shoving her cock in his face. Steven didn’t know what to do. He wasn’t gay, but fuck, she was hot — even if she did have a cock. Fuck it, he thought, and took that enormous penis into his mouth.

She fucked his mouth and Steven began rubbing himself with one hand and playing with Amber’s balls with the other. He moved a finger to her ass and started working his way in. If he was going to do this, he was going to fuck her and he might as well start with a finger.

Amber licked a few fingers and used her saliva to lube up her own asshole. Steven’s finger slid in easily and he used it to fuck her, while she continued to fuck his mouth. That seemed to get her even hornier and she started moaning a little.

“Fuck me,” she said, laying on the bed face down, ass up.

Steven spit on his hand and rubbed his saliva over his penis. He spit on his fingers again rubbed them into her hole.

He spread her cheeks and pushed his cock head into her anus. It slid in easily. He inserted it about halfway and then began fucking her, slowly at first and then more quickly.

“Go all the way in,” she told him.

He fucked her deeply and steadily, shoving his cock as far inside her as he could. His hands roamed around her ass, her back and her hair. He ran his hands up her still-stockinged legs. So sexy.

He pulled out and flipped her over. He wanted to play with her tits and he surprised even himself when he realized he wanted to get his hands on that big cock of hers. He grabbed her legs and lifted them high in the air, holding onto her heels and then he slipped his penis inside her ass once again.

He kissed and licked her stockings, rubbed his hand over her ass cheeks and tits and then gathered his courage and took her cock in his hand. It felt strange. It was quite a bit longer and thicker than his own, and it felt weird stroking another man’s — another person’s — penis.

Weird, perhaps, but awesome. He continued fucking her and jerking her off at the same time. Soon, she was moaning and he was slamming his cock into her ass. She let out a ‘unnnhhh’ sound with each thrust into her.

He couldn’t hold it in any longer. He thrust once, twice more and then he was cumming inside this woman-with-a-cock’s ass. He thrust deeply with each spurt of his orgasm and kept on jerking her off.

On his last thrust, she ejaculated. Steven directed her cock at his face, wanting to taste her cum. It was sweet and delicious. He milked her penis until she was drained and then pulled his cock out of her ass and lay down beside her.

“That was intense,” he said. “I’m glad you didn’t say anything before. I may not have agreed to go along with it.”

Amber smiled at him and ran a hand up along his leg and belly. It gave him a shiver. Steven wasn’t gay before. He wasn’t sure whether he was gay now, but he certainly had developed a taste for cock.

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