This is the introduction to a set of characters moving from a very traditional marital relationship to eventually a more rounded sexual lifestyle. The sex in this story is fairly vanilla, intentionally. Thanks to rexbrookdale for your superb edits.


It was a nice night for a party. The chilled evening air blew gently from the north, the grasshoppers serenaded in the night, and stars shone brightly in the cloudless sky, as Hannah cleaned up inside after an eventful supper. She and Chase had bought this house almost five years ago, just after they were married. It was a charming little relic, set just a few miles outside of town near some apricot orchards. On summer nights when the skies were clear and the city lights didn’t shine too brightly they could just make out the brilliant white river of the Milky-Way. Tonight had darkened into one of those nights.

Warm water ran over Hannah’s almost child-sized fingers. Soapsuds coated her petite forearms up to the delicate crook of her elbows. She had been doing dishes for over an hour now and was growing weary of the monotonous chore. Straw-colored hair fell loosely around her face, her green eyes fixed on her task. Her mind wandered tiredly through bitter memories of harsh words and empty kisses. Tonight, she had used just about every dish in the house. After days of planning tonight’s gathering, and a full morning preparing little delicacies after deep-cleaning every surface, heartsick thoughts filled her head. “At the very least … he could have … given me some credit … for all of my effort!”

Chase had invited the regional branch managers and executives of Clark, the major acquisitions firm for which he worked, over in order to angle his way to a promotion. Thus it had been paramount for her to perform her role as the dutiful wife beyond reproach, regardless of how things really were.

Outside, sending off the last of their guests, Chase stood: a perfectly chiseled specimen of a man. The evening air filled with his deep throaty laugh as he threw his head gleefully back and reveled in his successful evening. He had thrived tonight, displaying his natural intelligence, and easy confidence. The chief financial officer had taken a shine to him, laughing and joking the whole night; and had even let slip a half-serious remark about the upcoming merger and Chase’s place within the new structure of the company.

Hannah was proud of him; proud of his hard work, proud to follow a man with such a clear head and the ambition and drive to realize their dreams. And to achieve such success as a young man. She did not follow him in the traditional ‘You-are-the-man-of-the-house-so-I-will-follow-your-lead-regardless’ as her grandmother had followed her grandfather; she followed Chase because he was a worthy leader. She respected him, appreciating how he asked her opinion on a matter, carefully considering her words, then making a smart rational decision that more often than not brought them prosperity in the end.

He was a wise man who loved her … or at least who used to love her.

Lately though, Chase had been cold. Stress over the tightness of money seemed to have stolen his compassion. In an effort to bring in some extra money Hannah had taken a job as a bartender three nights a week; but somehow this had only exacerbated the situation. While the pay wasn’t great on its own, she brought in good money in tips … as long as she acted the role of “tease” for her customers.

Anxious about the merger, and haunted by thoughts of his wife flirting with strange men at the bar, Chase had lashed out at her a few days ago. “I can’t believe you would whore yourself for pennies in a jar…!” His words echoed in her head.

“…Well I woke up to the sound of silence, the cars were cutting like knives in a fist fight, and I found you with a bottle of wine…” The racket roused Hannah. She fumbled to dry her hands and unlock her phone.


“Hey! How are you?”

“Hi, Sis. Ummmm … I’m okay. How ’bout you?”

“Heeyyy … what’s up? You don’t sound like you.”

“Oh, I … it’s just … Chase. He hasn’t been himself lately. I … I honestly think he resents me for getting a job at the bar.”

“Oh, Sweetie….”

Hannah listened as she paced around the kitchen and back to the sink. The timing of her call was uncanny! The pressure to confide in her came bubbling up to the surface…. Talking to each other like this was a fairly recent development between the two. It had begun about a year ago when Abby had moved back to the area and they’d started doing things together, like their Pilates class. Something had changed between them when Abby had moved away. They used to hate eachother but now, gradually, they’d grown close. Perhaps it was part of what happened to many siblings as they grew up? She had no idea…. Whatever it was, she gave in and placed full trust in their mutual understanding. With this in mind, she plunged ahead.

“I know his cruelty is rooted in his insecurities, but … knowing that doesn’t help me feel any less empty or hurt. Abbs … I miss the real him … I miss the intimacy and respect we had for each other, you know? I mean … I miss the soft words and … the gentle touches. I fucking miss my happy marriage! Is this what is left of love after the shiny wears off? This … isn’t the … life I signed up for! He’s not the same man I married. Not the same man who …. loved … me to the ends of the earth … and back!” she paused.

“He’s changed … we’ve changed … I want to go back to before.” Hannah began to sob into her phone.

“If you aren’t happy yet, your story isn’t over.”

Her sister’s soft words made Hannah bend over the sink and sob harder into her dishwater.

“Listen, keep at it, Han. I know you hurt, I know the pain makes you feel like your life is imploding. I know you want to quit. But you can’t. You do not want that. You cannot give up on your happiness just because it isn’t easy any more. You have to stick it out. It will get better. I promise.” The firm voice gentled on the phone and paused. “I love you, Sis. I’m always here for you. You know that, right?”

“Thanks Abbs. I … I’m sorry, but I need to go. I’ve got to finish these dishes and clean up, and Chase will be inside any minute now.”

“Alright Sweetie, I will see you tomorrow afternoon at Pilates, right?”

“Yeah, I’ll see you there.” Hannah tried to put a smile in her voice, but somehow trying to turn up the corners of her mouth led her to emit an awkward squeak. She closed her eyes and hung her head low taking a deep breath to calm down, and reconcile the overwhelming grief that coursed through her petite frame.

She heard the soft sound of footsteps creeping toward her over the hardwood floors, then felt a warm body press against her. Familiar hands wrapped around and pulled her close. Chase leaned in and gently kissed the nape of her neck. “Thank you,” he whispered.

Instantly, Hannah responded. Her head fell back to rest on his shoulder, and she surrendered to his strong arms. This affection was exactly what she had wanted … yet something was wrong. It seemed forced … artificial, somehow. Maybe it was his stance as he held her; she sensed an unfamiliar rigidity and tenseness. Maybe if they stood this way for a long time, things would … fall back into place…. She sighed, longing to feel the intimacy they once shared.

Something dripped on her forehead; she looked up and all at once her musings changed to horror. She could count on one hand the number of times she had seen Chase cry!

“Heyyy … heyyy.” She spun around and placed her wet hands on Chase’s cheeks, wiping a tear away with her thumb. “Baby, what’s wrong??”

“Come outside with me,” he said hoarsely.

Hannah’s breath caught in her throat. This was it, she was sure of it! This was the conversation she had been dreading for months. He was going to tell her it was over. She knew he hadn’t been happy with her, why else would he have pulled back from her, and pushed her away so forcefully?

They stepped outside onto the patio, the night air smelt of sweet apricot, the moon nowhere to be seen, the brilliant stars shining out along the vast expanse of the celestial river. Under the brilliance of the galaxy rested their patio. They’d planned it together. It was bordered by white boulders and paved with sandstone upon which sat two neatly arranged dark wicker chairs with vibrant blue cushions, a matching wicker couch, and a stand-alone hammock. She remembered the day they’d bought the furniture….

Chase walked over to the hammock and sat down. He looked up at Hannah as she stood there, carefully weighing which seat to take. She readily complied when he motioned for her to take a seat next to him in the hammock.

From out of his coat pocket he produced an old tobacco pipe that had once belonged to his great-grandfather, who had brought it home after the First World War.

Tonight though, she knew he was not intending to use it for tobacco.

“Chase! What are you doing!?! We haven’t … not since college! What about your job?”

“Hannah … trust me.” His words sealed her lips. Just hearing her name spoken so gently calmed her frantic objections. He pulled a small mint tin, half-filled with dried leaves, from his pocket. As he loaded the bowl, he carefully compressed the buds and then looked over at his wife. His face was somber and very serious. Filled with a sense of grief and longing, he felt contorted inside by the words left unspoken that fought to be set loose.

Hannah felt some unnamed terror grow as she watched his expressive face changing, flickering with emotions. Still, she sat quietly if a little stiffly, and tensely waited.

He carefully lit the herb, slowly inhaled deeply, and then handed Hannah the pipe. She took it and followed her husband’s lead.

“I had no idea….” He tried to begin, looking down as a tear of remorse streaked down his cheek. Smoke seeped from between his lips.

“What? Baby, what happened? What are you talking about?” Hannah’s emotions seemed almost feral: fear shifted to intense confusion, to fear of sudden abandonment, to panic. Understanding finally dawned: she had been overheard on the phone, earlier! She felt like she had been caught in a horrible lie, or rather, a horrible truth … caught red-handed during her confession! She didn’t yet know how much he had heard, nor could she tell what he was thinking about her … about them … or about their future together.

He took another hit.

“I didn’t know you felt … like that…. So hurt. I thought … because of the job. I … I wasn’t sure … you were….” His voice was heavy with shame as he spit out mumbled sentences through hard sobs. “Useless … not a good husband….”

He’d carried his worries for so long; he’d been sure that she hadn’t still wanted him…. How could she want a man who couldn’t even provide for her? Why would she want someone so clearly flawed, perhaps even broken? Hearing her grieve for the loss of intimacy felled him. He had hurt her … he had never wanted to hurt her, had promised himself he would never do so. He had punished her, albeit unwittingly, with his own doubt. But she clearly did not care about money, or material things … or a better man. She wanted him, as he was, without restraint! The thought astounded him.

For her part, Hannah was overwhelmed at the sight of her husband sobbing. She felt dismay, and a thousand other feelings as she realized that her honest words spoken to another meant this much to him.

“I thought you were going to leave, that you were pushing me away because you were done…!” Tears welled up in her eyes, spilling over her cheekbones and down along her jaw. She distractedly took another hit, and her eyes gazed upward. A thought came to her, unbidden: the galaxy was overseeing their discourse.

Chase leaned in toward Hannah. He reached over and wrapped his arms tightly around her waist, pulling her down to lie next to him. The hammock rocked as he moved them both, then slowed and swayed gently as their movements stilled. He rested her head against his shoulder. The sweet smell of jasmine and bamboo filled his nostrils, her smell. A chill went up his spine, thinking of how close he had gotten to losing this. He felt her body press even more closely into his … sinking into him like a puzzle piece. He leaned his cheek against the crown of her head and whispered, “I’m so sorry baby, I’m so sorry….”

They lay there, smoking and embracing, crying softly into each other’s arms, letting the strange combination of relief, guilt, and joy flow through them: relief from letting go of a burden held for too long … relief in the realization that the other could feel the distance too, and that neither had been the only one who had missed what they’d had before. Guilt for making one’s soulmate feel so poorly; great sadness at the discovery that they had become what they had promised they wouldn’t ever become…. And, joy at the realization that this pain was a new beginning.

Suddenly Chase withdrew his arms. He placed his hands on either side of Hannah’s cheeks and pulled her face to his, planting a long, passionate kiss on her lips. “Hannah, I love you. I have always loved you and I always will. You are beautiful. You are the woman of my dreams. I love your smile, I love your cute little dimples, I love your eyes. You are insightful, you’re resourceful, you are kind. You are everything to me, I could not … would not be anything without you. I love you, my dearest. I am so sorry I have been so angry, so distant. I am so sorry I hurt you!”

Hearing this Hannah’s tears welled out of her eyes, but before she could become lost again in weeping, Chase leaned in and kissed the tears where they ran down. She felt his soft, muscular lips flutter against her face, wiping tears away, and it sent shivers down to her toes, filling her with affection and desire. Her hands found the hem of his shirt and slid underneath. They glided up along his torso to his ribs, then around and up his broad back, coming to rest on his shoulders. She pulled him into her, digging her fingers into him. Chase moved his hands into her hair, twisting them gently through her golden locks and pulling her head firmly toward him, deepening their kiss.

She gently nudged her hips against Chase’s endowment. In response his powerful cock throbbed; it had been weeks since their last encounter and both were hungry for love, longing for the satisfaction of their carnal needs, for the intimacy they used to share so regularly. He tenderly planted kisses down her neck, moving lower and lower. His kissed just behind her ear, then trailed down to the nape of her neck, across her collarbone and down to her silky skin above her breasts and into the dip of her cleavage. His hands avidly kneaded her breasts, squeezing and pulling them through the thin fabric. They were large for her small frame; beautifully symmetrical, firm … plump … her delectable nipples rested proudly atop her chest waiting for his exploration. Swiftly he slid a hand down her body and in one motion moved it back up underneath her shirt. He traced the edge of her bra with nimble fingers and flicked at her sensitive nipples until the pink flesh stiffened and ached for him.

She in turn fumbled at his belt buckle. Her head fell back, and her mouth opened as her breath quickened. The buckle undone, next she ran the pants zipper down to its base and slid her hand into his boxers to capture his member. She squeezed and then gently stroked his cock as she ground against him, pulsing in a rhythmic circular pattern, all the while kissing him passionately. They lay there, snogging and stroking for a long time, swooning under the stars, wrapped up in renewed affections … until they realized their mouths had become desert-dry.

Hannah took a deep breath and pulled away, placing her hand reassuringly on Chase’s chest. “Let’s go inside and find something to drink,” she smiled alluringly.

Lying in the hammock, he’d felt that things could not have been more perfect. “Okay.” He nodded, but couldn’t help grimacing a little as he moved to follow; he felt bereft without her.

They got up shakily from the hammock and walked a little reluctantly back into the house. Hannah strode over to the kitchen cabinets and opened the cupboard above the dishwasher to retrieve two tall glasses. She stepped over to the refrigerator to fill the cups with ice water. As she turned away from Chase and stood at the refridgerator door he stepped up behind her, lifted her shirt and skillfully unhooked her bra, pulling it from her shoulders and tossing it emphatically across the kitchen island where it skidded before landing on the floor. He kissed her neck, his breath on her skin causing goosebumps to rise and the hair at her nape stand on end. He pressed his body against her back, his hands caressing her breasts. He rubbed his aching groin against her tiny sweet ass.

Hannah swayed a little, fighting playfully against her husband’s most welcome advances. She managed to take a quick drink of cold water before placing both glasses on the counter and turning to her husband. She slipped her shirt over her head, then his shirt over his shoulders and up over his head. Then she moved into him until her breasts pressed against his bare chest. Standing on the tips of her toes she kissed along his jaw, up beneath his earlobes, and nibbled at his ear.

He reached around and clasped her ass, pulling her tighter against his erection. He undid and then pulled at her tight jeans easing them down over her hips and down until the taut waistband rested midpoint on her tight round ass making the flesh bulge above it. She released him for a moment in order to strip, tossing her jeans aside to rest on the floor next to her shirt. He tore the rest of his clothes off in turn. Standing to face her, he gathered her in his strong arms and lifted her to the countertop to where it came up just below the level of his cock, and spread her legs open. As he pressed the tip of his straining hard cock against her now slick cuntlips, she nudged to the edge of the counter closer to him, positioning her hips so he could easily thrust into her. She was rewarded with a firm swift thrust into her that stretched her tight, the head of his cock pressed against her cervix.

“Ahhhh!” She threw her hands around his neck and ground her hips into his groin. Chase thrust slowly, each advance sending waves of pleasure through his limbs causing him to moan out and grasp her ass to steady himself. His knees buckled with ecstasy as his cadence accelerated, beating out the song of his desire on her now dripping drum. With each thrust his swollen testicles slapped against her ass cheeks, forcing them apart, caressing her tight hole gently, and the throbbing vein atop the base of his cock pulsed against her clit.

Hannah clung to him, arms around his shoulders, grasping him like a life vest in a turbulent sea. “I love you, Chase…!”

With that he lifted her up off of the counter and quickly carried her toward the bedroom. When they reached the hallway he stopped, panting with desire, and slammed her against the wall, unable to hold back the need to slide into her warm welcoming cunt again. He kissed her passionately, his tongue darting eagerly into her mouth as he ran his fingers through her hair and pulled it tight momentarily, before releasing his grip. She arched against the wall and then set them in motion toward the bedroom, entwined, with Chase stumbling a little in their mutual eagerness.

He staggered in and threw her down on the bed; then stood back for a moment, drinking in the beauty of his wife as she lay there sprawled out on the bed: her shaved cunt, glistening with her desire for him, nipples swollen, quietly moaning in an agony of desire, awaiting the completion of his gaze and the return of his touch. The scent of their lovemaking drove him wild and his mouth watered in anticipation; his appetite for her flavor was insatiable. Swiftly he knelt and lapped at her juices, drinking in her lust. He licked at her perfect hood with his skilled tongue, then plunged three fingers deep into her chasm until rivers of her sweet nectar flooded her thighs, and she screamed for mercy.

Justin peered out his bedroom window, staring at the heavy cascade of mid winter rain beating down on the thick drenched grasses, and pooling in every divot in his yard. He stood there grinning, daydreaming about the summer past, wishing it had not ended so quickly. He sighed deeply, mindlessly crossing his arms, and turned to his girlfriend who was curled up on her corner of the bed, reading yet another old, weathered book, thumbed through so many times that the pages were creased and yellowing. He cleared his throat, hoping to get her attention but when she did not look up, he slumped onto the bed beside her and snatched the book away. Natalie looked up, mouth agape at his sudden brazenness.

“Lets go for a drive,” he said before she could complain. This was nothing unusual. He loved driving through the rain, and chasing thunder and lightning. It was exciting and secretly, she loved it too. In truth, however, she was warm, content, and heavily mesmerized in her book, despite the fact that she had read it a dozen times before. The rain sometimes kept her spellbound, no matter the activity and she was not really in the mood for driving through it.

“It’s pouring!,” she said exasperated but seeing the pleading look in his eyes, she sighed and quickly agreed, not wanting to disappoint the man. He flashed her a wide smile, obviously failing to hide his elation. He had quite a bit more planned than the usual rainy day drive.

Natalie slipped on her shoes and Justin helped her into her coat. He snatched his keys and strutted down the stairs, turning only once to shoot Natalie a dirty grin. She exchanged a smile, thinking only that he was excited to be going out. Perhaps a bit more excited than usual but it had been a while since it rained like this…

Justin slid his key into the ignition without breaking his gaze on Natalie. She shifted in her seat, thinking that he was staring at an imperfection or clothing malfunction. She smoothed out her coat under the seat belt and ran her fingers through her hair to tame any stragglers. She glanced up at Justin, who was still glaring. “If you take a picture,”she said “it’ll last longer!.” Justin grinned, shaking his head.

“I would if you ever let me!.” Natalie pretended not to hear and rendered her focus to the rain now pounding even harder on the pane. Surely, it would hail soon. No doubt Justin was aware of this. She was sure this was why he chose now, of all times, to drive aimlessly through the rapidly worsening weather. The young man pulled out of the drive and set course for the foothills above their city home.

Natalie realized what was happening when Justin turned on to the familiar mountain road. Often times, when their relationship was new, Justin would drive up the dirt path and follow it all the way to the top, parking on a shady ledge that overlooked the their highly populated city. There they would spend hours in the large, accommodating back seat of his Toyota Tundra, worshiping and pleasuring each other into wild, frantic frenzies, and making love until either were too tired to function.

Justin sensed that that Natalie was now aware of his plan. The trace of a knowing grin was rapidly spreading itself over her face. He parked his truck on the remote ledge just in time for a grand flash of lightning that lit the entire darkened sky. Thunderous booms shook the city. Natalie sat in her seat, overcome with bubbling excitement.

As if the lightning was his cue, Justin pushed open his door, struggling a little with the gaining wind, and exited. A moment later, he opened the rear door and plopped himself into the backseat, shaking off what rain he could. He slammed the door and peered up at Natalie. That dirty grin he had on his face all afternoon had finally morphed itself into full toothy smile and his eyes were wide with anticipation.

“Why don’t you come sit back here with me?,” he said charmingly, waving her into the backseat, coaxing her closer. Another loud clap sounded overhead and the nearby trees whipped around wildly, threatening to detach and strike the truck. Electrified and unafraid, Natalie shrugged off her coat and gracefully swung her legs over the consul and into the backseat, forgoing the rain entirely. And, anticipating Justin’s notion, climbed into his lap,wrapping her arms and legs around the pleasantly surprised young man. She grinded her ass into his crotch, pressing his hastily hardening manhood against herself. Justin inhaled sharply, not expecting her to take the lead. He excitedly attempted to unbutton her blouse, fumbling a little and quickly resorted to ripping it off entirely instead. Not knowing what came over him, he tore off her bra as well, and smothered his face in her hot heaving breasts. Natalie squealed, running her fingers through his damp hair. Despite the terrible cold outside, they were both sweating profusely.

Natalie pressed her lips onto his and parted them with her tongue, probing deeply into his mouth for what seemed like hours, nearly forgetting to breath. She stopped gyrating in his lap and slid herself off of him. He was almost disappointed before he realized what she was about to do. She slowly unzipped his pants, giggling a little as his dick flopped out. She rubbed her fingers up and down his thickened shaft, reveling at it’s silky smoothness. The young woman lowered her face to his groin and took him into her mouth, still rubbing the base of his cock with her finger tips. A heavy moan escaped his lips as he flung his head back. The warm, silky wetness of her mouth enclosing around his plump penis caused him to shudder. It felt so good. He let her suck him until he couldn’t stand it any longer. Desperately wanting to hump her senseless, he pulled away and flipped her over onto the seat.

Justin pulled her pants down and grinned. “No panties today?,” he asked, lifting her legs over his shoulder to slap her little ass. She giggled, relishing in the sudden and powerful sting on her butt cheek. He slapped the other one for good measure.

The rain had now come to a climax, hail began clobbering the roof of the truck, and the wind moaned it’s very loudest on the shoulder of the mountain road. As if it were edging the couple on, the thunder crashed and sent deep cosmic vibrations onto the thoroughly dampened earth. Now throbbing hard, Justin parted his girlfriend’s legs, only taking time to admire her velvety, ample vagina, now slickened with oozing wetness, and thrust his hugely thickened rod into the young woman.

Gasping, and feeling as though the man was going to split her in half, she relaxed into the rocking groove and moaned with intense pleasure. He pumped away into her, feeling as though all the blood in his body was plummeting it’s way to his dick. He could feel Natalie quiver beneath him and every time the walls of her womanhood clenched around him, he came closer and closer to blissful orgasm. Justin plowed into the deep, welcoming, and all encompassing crevasse, nearly humming in titillation. He crashed into her like a huge, hungry wave on a pristine beach.

“I’m coming!,” Natalie cried, feeling her body accept the thick rush of a beautiful and heavy crescendo, descending itself upon her. Hearing this, Justin could hardly contain his own rapidly building flux. He let himself go, pumping his liquidy warm seamen further and further into her canal.

His love left Natalie in ruins, like a small city after a hurricane. Demolished, she grinned the smug smile of contentment. Now exhausted, Justin relaxed his body into Natalie’s, resting his heavy head on her chest, listening to her heart beat gradually returning to a settled pace, matching his steadying breath to hers. He sleepily rubbed her still hardened nipples, caressing her soft, supple breasts. Natalie felt his penis soften and shrink itself out of her vagina. A slow and slippery retreat.

The couple remained there for what seemed like hours, allowing their love for each other to envelop them whole. They listened to the storming weather outside the truck, keeping each other warm and cozy, not really saying much, not really needing to.

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