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“I would like for Gloria and myself to investigate the crime scene while Amelia interviews the investigator who was subdued by the perpetrators of the attack.” Andrew replied keeping his tone business like.

“Richard Fenton the investigator is waiting for you in the van I thought it may help speed up the process. I have six teams out searching for your son and Tony. If I can be of any assistance please call me, my personal cell number is on the back of the card.” Walter Astin explained as he handed Andrew his card.

“Thank you Mr. Astin. I will keep you up to date on our progress,” Andrew replied taking the card and then offering his hand.

“Please call me Walter. I have made arraignments for rooms for you, your mate, and Ms. Vegas. If there is nothing else I can assist you with then I will leave you in the capable hands of Ms. Hobes.” Walter said while shaking Andrew’s hand. He then shook Amelia’s hand and gave Gloria a friendly hug before leaving them with Marsha Hobes.

Marsha Lead the group to the van that held Richard Fenton when Andrew first saw him he was surprised he wasn’t what Andrew was expecting. Richard Fenton was just over five feet tall with a slight build. Andrew doubted the he weighed one hundred pounds wet. Andrew noted that Richard reacted with humor as he watched Andrew assess him. Amelia had a similar reaction but was a bit better at hiding her surprise.

“The reaction that the two of you are having is exactly why I am normally excel at my job. Ms. Barnes I understand that you have the ability to read memories.” Richard said humor coloring his voice.

“I am sorry about our reaction, you weren’t what we were expecting and yes I do have the ability to read memories,” Amelia replied confirming what he had heard.

“Not to worry like I said I use my height or lack thereof to my advantage. No one seems to take note of me normally. The reason I had asked about your abilities is that I believe that the person who incapacitated me ordered me not to remember what I saw that night.” Richard explained. He was hoping that the rumors he had heard about her abilities were true he was not happy that someone had managed to get the drop on him and then fuck with his head.

“If you wish I can try to search your memories and find out if they did anything to you,” Amelia offered.

“Please, I want to remember. Just tell me what I need to do.” Richard beseeched.

“Just relax and please lower you mental shield,” Amelia instructed. She gave Richard a few moments to relax himself then locked her eyes with his and gently started to probe his memories. She scanned his memories looking for the ones from when he was incapacitated. After she found them, she could tell that someone had placed some form of a mental block so she decided to help him to overcome the block so he could recall the memories. She guided Richard around the mental block and allowed Richard to access the memories. After Amelia had guided him around the block, she mentally stepped back allowing him to take the lead. She would keep him on the task of bringing those memories forward and would watch them with him. She watched as he now recalled the events of the night in vivid detail. Richard had been keeping an eye on Charles people to one see if they were just watching a vampires human family like Charles claimed and secondly in case they ran into any trouble so he could summon assistance if they ran into trouble. Walter felt it prudent to take these steps the last thing he needed was for a bunch of Charles’ people to be killed after he had granted them safe passage.

The night had been long and boring and Richard was glad when Harry showed up an hour early to replace him. The two of them were talking when Richard felt the presence of another vampire but seeing that Harry hadn’t reacted to her Richard thought it was just Ilesha Harry’s mate. Richard knew that Harry would occasionally bring her along on long boring stakeouts. He didn’t realize it wasn’t her until he felt the prick of the needle piercing his skin then a slight burning sensation of the unknown drug they had given him. He knew that the scent was vaguely familiar but the drug took effect before he could identify whom she was. Even though he still couldn’t identify it, he would recognize the scent if he ever smelled it again. Amelia made sure that Richard could access those memories and quickly removed herself from his mind. Amelia would be able to identify the female that had injected Richard by scent now. Marsha watched as Amelia probed Richard’s mind she was surprised how much control Amelia seemed to have of her ability. The last time Walter had Keisha probe on of his investigator’s mind it was to say very painful for him but Richard was totally relaxed and showed no signs of discomfort.

Amelia informed everyone what she had seen in Richards mind so the appropriate calls could be made in order to try to capture Harry so they could interrogate him. After she was done she set there for a few minutes with her eyes closed trying to regain her energy. Using this power still was a bit of a drain on her. This time was not as bad as the other times because Richard hadn’t fought her. She could sense his apprehension when she first tried to enter so she waited until he was comfortable and relaxed before she entered his mind.

Richard was relaxing with his head against the headrest of the seat as he tried to identify the scent he now remembers, thanks to Amelia. He knew he had smelled it before but couldn’t recall to whom the scent belonged. He knew he had meant the woman in question before, but couldn’t for the life of him recall her so he figured it had to be in the distant past after all he had meant a lot of people since he was turned over eight hundred years ago. As he sat there, he wondered if Amelia could maybe help him to recall who this woman was. Noting that they were almost to their destination he decided he would ask her later on. “Ms. Barnes I cannot thank you enough for your help,” Richard said as he bowed slightly.

“My pleasure I wish I could have identified that woman’s scent. I know I have smelled it before.” Amelia responded.

The van pulled up in front of Toni’s and Shannon’s home. Marsha led the others into the house and then stood out of the way to allow Andrew and Amelia to conduct their investigation. Gloria stood beside Marsha carefully watching Andrew for any signs he was losing control. Andrew and Amelia slowly circled the living room where the attack had taken place, looking for anything that the others may have missed. They couldn’t find anything that the other team that went through her house had missed. Amelia was focused on trying to see what was going through the minds of the vampires who had done this horrendous act the trouble was they had left few clues that could help her. She noted for the apparent violence of the attack the room was remarkably undisturbed no overturned furniture or broken nick-knacks. There was very little blood only a couple small stains by where the body had laid. She went into the file and noticed from the autopsy report that Shannon hos no defensive wounds even though from the repost she had endured an extensive ante-mortem beating. The report had listed several broken ribs and her torso had extensive bruising.

Andrew wanted to see if his psychometry would work so he moved to where someone had outlined where the body had laid and placed his hand on the carpet. Immediately he had an image of Shannon frightened out her mind laying there while Toni in full vampiric mode violently raping her. Andrew watched in horror as the man he had trusted the safety of his ex-wife and child taking pleasure in hurting her he could see other vampires standing around the room but couldn’t get a clear image of them. The image faded and then was replaced by the next image of Tony latched on to the side of Shannon’s neck while two other vampires that Andrew didn’t know were latched on to her wrist. Tears started to run down the sides of Andrew’s face as he watched the woman that was the mother of his child die. He vowed that he would track each and every one of them down and feast on their blood.

Andrew knew that there were at least four other vampires in the room but they appeared a vague outlines one of which was directing things from a chair over by the fireplace. He quickly realized that Tony was a feral vampire, which meant that he had to be found and put down quickly. He slowly rose and stood there for a couple minutes fighting to regain the total control he needed, to be able to find his son. He felt Amelia’s arms wrap around him form the back and felt as she laid her head in between his shoulders. “Love we will find him and we will also take care of those who a responsible for this,” Amelia softly promised.

“It was Tony love he has been turned and he is feral. He was the one that raped and murdered Shannon,” Andrew stated his voice choked with emotion. He was in such shock that he didn’t even think that Amelia had already known because of their bond.

Both Marsha and Gloria were surprised by Andrew announcement that the husband had been the one who raped and killed her. Marsha reached for her cellphone and quickly dialed Walter’s number if Andrew was correct and Toni had been turn into a feral vampire then Walter had to be informed immediately. While she waited for an answer, she wondered who was behind this attack and if it had anything to do with the attack on those vampires in Philadelphia. She had seen the reports on the cable news channel right after it had happened. She had heard a rumor that Amsu was behind it but once all of the publicity had died down the rumor mill quickly dried up. She was surprise when Elaine answered the cell. “Elaine is Walter available?” Marsha hurriedly asked.

“He is right here but his hands are occupied so I answered the phone. What ‘s up?” Elaine replied humor coloring her voice.

“Are you free to talk? The information is sensitive.” Marsha inquires wanting to make sure that they were in an area where the conversation couldn’t be over heard.

“I am in my office. Now what is going on,” Walter demanded his displeasure evident in his tone. His hands had indeed been filled with his mate’s luscious ass as she set on the edge of his desk while he was feasting on her. As he waited for Marsha to explain what she wanted he started to slide his rock hard member into Elaine’s white-hot sheath. Even after being mated for over a century he still wanted her as much if not more than the night he saw her standing on the balcony of the Marquise hotel in May of Eighteen ninety six.

“Sorry but it seems we have a bigger issue than we first thought. The human male has been turned and is apparently feral,” Marsha quickly explained. As she waited for a response, she heard a string of curses that would have made a sailor blush then the phone went quiet for a moment.

“How do you know he has been turned and he is feral?” Walter asked needing to know how she came by this information. He grimaced as he slid out of his mate; unfortunately, this needed his undivided attention. Elaine gave him a sympathetic smile letting him know she understood.

“Andrew seems to have psychometry and claims he saw the attack when placed his hands on the carpet where the body was found,” Marsha replied.

“Object read? Interesting. I will contact the search parties and make sure that they have this information then I will call the Ubertas Venator and get them mobilized. The last thing we need is a feral parvulus rampaging through the streets. Has anyone contacted Charles yet?” Walter asked as he was going over a mental checklist of what needed to be done. He would alert the local vampire establishments and hangouts. He was just about to call the head of the local Ubertas Venator when his phone rang.

“Hello Charles you called faster than I expected.” Walter said with a touch of humor.

“Hello Walter. I know but I didn’t want you to waste your time calling the Ubertas Venator. Gloria will hunt Tony down and I want to try to take him alive…” Charles started to explain.

“Why in the hell would you attempt that? You know that once a vampire has crossed over he cannot be brought back. He is just a dangerous rabid animal that needs to be put down,” Walter Argued.

“I am not saying we won’t put him down. I am hoping that Amelia may be able to pull some information from him that will lead us to the child.” Charles finished explaining.

“I will agree as long as it doesn’t endanger anyone and I also want to be kept in the loop and I mean I want updates as soon as you get them,” Walter stated firmly.

“I agree to all of your terms. As far as the rogue vampire goes, I wouldn’t expect you to endanger anyone life on a chance that we may get some information.” Charles agreed thankful that Walter was being so reasonable.

Charles shared all of the information on the recent events starting with Amsu attempt on his daughter’s life. He didn’t include any assumptions as to let Walter draw his own conclusions in hopes of a fresh prospective from a neutral third party. After he had shared all of the pertinent information, Walter agreed that all of the recent attacks seemed related and promised to keep Charles updated on any new developments on his end. By the end of the call, the two of them had agreed to a tentative alliance.


Andrew moved to the chair, placed his hand on it, and saw the blurred image of a vampire he could sense he was old and seemed almost frail until he felt how powerful the vampire’s mind was. Andrew felt a sense of dread coming from this vampire and as he watched him, direct the events of that evening, Andrew felt the oppressive air in the room that emanated from this vampire. He looked to the left of this vampire and saw Amsu standing there with a large smile on his face he heard him bragging about how this would hasten the war that was needed to bring the vampire race back to its former place of glory. Andrew refocused on the other vampire whomever he was he was malevolent. Andrew tried to make out any details he could about this new vampire but he couldn’t make out any fine details; it was as if he was looking at an out of focus picture when he looked at the mysterious vampire even though the rest of the images were sharp and clear.

Andrew could sense that the mysterious vampire was almost bored; he seemed to be disinterested in the events unfolding before him even though he was the puppet master. Andrew could sense the vampire’s only interest was the reward that he was promised. He suddenly had a flash of insight as to what the reward was and the bile started to rise from his stomach as his primal side came exploding forward.

Amelia was standing next to Andrew wondering what he was seeing in his images. She could feel his disgust and anger at the images he saw but she could tell he was in full control of himself. She sensed he was trying to probe deeper into what he was seeing when all of the sudden she felt his primal side come rushing forward. His eyes darkened and he almost immediately transformed into his baser self. She quickly wrapped her arms around him and tried to push into his mind sending calming images to him however this time she was meeting a wall of resistance. The good thing was that she still had enough sway of him for the moment to keep him rooted where he was even though she could sense he wanted to run or possible outrun something. His thoughts were all over the place and for the first time since his change, she could sense gut wrenching fear from him.

Marsha was briefing Gloria on her conversation she had just had with Walter when they both felt Andrew baser side explode forward. Gloria grabbed Marsha and moved her outside of the house. “Amelia is going to need to get his undivided attention in order to try to talk him down.” Gloria explained as she wondered what set Andrew off he had been showing excellent control even with the added stress of the murder of his ex-wife and the kidnapping of his son. She could only assume that he had seen something in his visions that had caused his loss of control and she prayed that it was not the death of his son.

Andrew struggled to maintain control as he felt Amelia’s arms wrap around him. He could feel her attempt at calming him but even with her support he was losing control he desperately wanted to get his hands on the vampire he saw setting there Andrew wasn’t sure how he knew his intentions but he did the bastard was going to take his son and make him his. He could see the perverted ideas he had in store for his son and he wouldn’t allow it. The only thing that kept him from completely crossing over was that somewhere in the back of his mind he knew he had to remain calm in order to be able to track his son. That thought added to the combination of Amelia scent and the constant wave of her calming reassurance that they would find his son before it was too late gave Andrew the strength to bring his baser side back under control for now. As he calmed he picked upon final image it was the front of the hotel he staying at when this attack had happened.

While Amelia was holding on to her mate trying to calm him she started to pick up some very disturbing images from Andrew’s mind at first she thought he was seeing what had happened to his child but after a few minutes she realized this was what one of the vampires was planning to do to his son. She knew she had to keep control of herself in spite of these sickening images or Andrew would lose what little control he had at the moment.

Andrew took about fifteen minutes to finally recompose himself afterward he explain what he had saw in his visions to the rest of the group. Gloria called Charles while Marsha contacted Walter and the both of them relayed the information to their respective leaders. Walter promised to contact all of the local vampire establishments and coven leaders to alert them to be on the lookout for the vampire that Andrew had described. Charles started calling the other enforcer hoping to get a lead on the identification of the new vampire.

After Andrew finished telling the others what he had learned he started to wonder how he had done never before had he been able to pick up intentions and thoughts it was always like watching a movie he could only hear what was being said. He realized whomever this new vampire was he was trying to bait him into a confrontation. Andrew relished the idea of getting his hands on this bastard. He would take great pleasure in ripping him into small pieces as he feasted on his blood.

As Andrew moved around the room he suddenly got this over whelming feeling of anger and something else he couldn’t quite identify he hadn’t realized he had placed his hand on the door back of sofa. Andrew could only pick up a partial image of what was going on and it didn’t make a lot of sense. He could hear Amsu angrily stating he was betrayed by someone and that he would find a replacement. He heard Amsu promise that the replacement would be there by the end of the week then he turned to someone else and ordered that he find the bitch that had betrayed him and bring her head to him or it would be the person who he was speaking to head.

Andrew shared the images he had garnered with Amelia and his suspicions that the unknown vampire was trying to bait him into a confrontation. Amelia wasn’t sure that it would be a good idea for just the two of them to confront him on their own. She could sense that he was old almost as old as Amsu and the two of them had yet to master their abilities. Andrew had trouble with controlling his pyro abilities. He could use them at will but the results varied; sometimes they would do exactly what he wanted and other times the fire would quickly get out of hand. The last time they had worked on his control he was just supposed to light a candle with them he would up igniting every burnable object in a spectacular fashion. Hell he even managed to cause the fire resistant wallboard to spontaneously combust. Thankfully, the fire suppression system kicked in and doused the flames before there was too much damage after that fiasco Charles thought it would be pertinent to forgo farther training until they could find a safer location. He had advised Andrew to use that ability only in extreme emergencies.

Gloria thought it would be best if they all went back to the hotel and freshened up before planning their next move. On the way back to the hotel Amelia quickly sketched the image of the hotel she had seen in Andrew’s mind hoping that she could get it close enough. One of her favorite ways to cope with the stress of the job when she was alive was to sketch and paint landscapes. Once she was finished, she showed the sketch to Andrew who suggested a couple changes. After she finished them Amelia, showed Gloria and Marsha the sketch and Marsha recognized the image as the front of the Hotel Del Grande.

Marsha contacted Walter she knew that he was friends with the manager and head concierge at the hotel and could most likely find out who they were dealing with and if he was still there without alerting the mysterious vampire if he was still there. Gloria told the driver to head towards Del Grande hoping they could capture the mysterious vampire. The driver told her they about ninety minutes away.

Little over an hour later Marsha received a call from Walter telling her that the vampire travels under the alias Carlos Arturo it was believed that his real name is Taharqa he was turned in eight-ninety BC. He is wanted in Europe by lead enforcer and three possibly four different covens. He seems to have a thing for young males especially those under the protection of powerful vampires. His last known location was in Crete where he kidnapped the youngest son of the leader of largest coven in Chania. Nikos remains were found in Paris two weeks later. He was just eighteen years old. Rumors say that Taharqa has the ability to control people like puppets even vampires that had gone feral. Taharqa is known to have several large estates that he will flee to when things get too hot since he is under the protection of Rodrigues and the members of the Rios Cartel. He also told her that it was believed that he was holed up in his suite, and that he had three visitors one of them matched the description of Amsu.

They had been decided after much debate that Andrew and Amelia would make contact with the manager while Gloria and Marsha would watch the main entrance while Richard would watch the entrance to the parking garage. Once Andrew and Amelia were done with the manager Gloria and Marsha would join them on the floor to act as back up incase Amelia and Andrew had trouble-subduing Taharqa. The reason that the two of them were chosen to make entry was because of their ability to mask that they were vampires from other vampires.

Frank Arondale the hotel manager meant Andrew and Amelia in the lobby telling them that Mr. Arturo was in the penthouse suite and as far as he knew, he was alone in the room right now. The manager handed them the passkey and pleaded with them to try to be subtle as possible. The last thing that He needed was for the two of them to cause a major incident in his hotel.

Andrew and Amelia took the elevator up to the penthouse level. The two of them carefully shielded themselves against detection wanting surprise on their side. Once they arrived on the floor, they went to the entrance of the penthouse trying to make sure he was alone. As soon as Amelia got close to the door, she was able to sense overwhelming fear coming from what she was sure was a young human and by the scent, it was a male.

Immediately Andrew had an image of Jake being at the mercy of that vampire he had seen in his visions. Before Amelia could stop him, his feral side came forward and he burst through the door causing it to shatter into a million pieces. He quickly zeroed in on his target the vampire was in the process of raping the young male as he drained him of blood. Andrew hit the older vampire before he could even react driving him from the lad and into the wall as he ripped into his left side. The older vampire hadn’t sensed Andrew’s approach so he was caught off guard and put on the defensive.

He tried to take control of Andrew’s but found it shielded he could also feel that someone else was trying to take control of his mind and he noted that Amelia was gaining the upper hand in the battle. Normally he would be able to shield his mind against her attacks but Andrew’s physical attacks were taking too much of his focus and energy. Amelia’s constant mental attacks were preventing him from taking control of Andrew’s mind. He had already sensed that he wouldn’t be able to take control of Amelia’s mind without his full concentration he realized that she was just too powerful even though she was so young. Taharqa had already received several painful and deep wounds thankfully none of them were life threating he had managed to block all of the attacks that could of lead to fatal wounds. He now realized he had become over dependent on his mental abilities. It had been centuries since he had to participate in a physical altercation.

Taharqa was starting to lose his temper it seemed that he couldn’t even get a decent hit in on Andrew. He couldn’t believe how fast Andrew it was almost as if he was reading his mind the way he was anticipating his moves. Andrew struck again; this time he used his lengthen fingernails to rip deeply into Taharqa chest muscle. Taharqa howled in pain as he launched another flurry of blows directed at Andrew with the same result as most of his other attacks just about every one of his blows missed and the few that hit him were ineffectual at best.

Taharqa decided to change tactics if he couldn’t best Andrew by a straight forward attack maybe he could use his mate against him all he had to do was get his hands on her and place her between him and Andrew then he could use her to control him. He waited until after Andrew next attack then he feigned like he was going to charge Andrew and quickly reversed direction towards Amelia. Amelia saw him coming towards her and waited until he was just about to her. She all of a sudden dropped below his grasps and as he passed over her, she stood up using her shoulder to redirect his momentum. Taharqa crashed through the ceiling tile and crashing painfully into the bottom of the concrete floor above him. His head was spinning as he fell to the floor like a sack of potatoes. As Taharqa rose, Andrew tackled him driving his nails into the left side of Taharqa chest piecing his lung.

Taharqa manage to rake his nails down the side of Andrew’s face. He quickly started to slash Andrew’s stomach but Andrew used his speed to move out of his range before he could damage him too badly. The two vampires circled each other trying to find an opening. Andrew feigned to the left to draw Taharqa attack and once he took the bait Andrew quickly moved to the right and drove his fingernails into Taharqa back severing the spinal cord just below the shoulders causing him to lose control of his legs. The sudden intense pain caused Taharqa to lower his mental shield and gave Amelia her chance to take control of Taharqa’s mind forcing him to surrender.

Andrew quickly went to check on the boy and saw that he had already bled out. Upon looking at his identification it turned out, he was twenty-three years old and just looked young for his age. Andrew covered the man up knowing that he was in the process of being turned now. Marsha and a very pissed off Gloria came bursting through the doorway. “That was goddam foolish thing to do he could of killed you both,” Gloria reprimanded angrily.

“We don’t need a second mother hen I thought that was Susan’s job,” Andrew responded with a chuckle. He didn’t see what all of the fuss was about they had handled Taharqa without too much trouble.

“Andrew one of these days the two of you are going to get yourselves in over your head you need to slow down and wait for back up. Susan and Charles will kill me if I let anything happen to the two of you.” Gloria argued.

I wasn’t about to stand around and wait for the two of you when that could have been Jake in there with him. The only reason he gave me any trouble was that we wanted him alive if I could have killed him he would have never even had a chance to defend himself,” Andrew angrily retorted.

” I would suggest we decide what to do about the young man that is on the bed he is in the process of being turned and will need a mentor once he wakes up.” Amelia said trying to defuse the argument before it went on to much farther.

“It would be simpler to prevent him from turning,” Marsha said drawing a long bladed knife.

Andrew stepped between her and the unconscious’s Young man. His stance showed that if Marsha wanted to get to the young man she would have to go through him. Amelia quietly stepped to Andrew’s side showing her support of Andrew. “There is no way we will allow you to kill him,” Andrew stated in a commanding tone.

Marsha sheathed her blade then slowly raised her hands in capitulation.” Ok I will make arraignments to have him looked after.” Marsha quickly said.

Marsha quickly dialed Walter’s number and while she waited for him to answer she surveyed the damage to the room it wasn’t as bad as she thought it would have been a few broken chairs two holes in the wall and one in the ceiling. “Walter we need a team here we have captured Taharqa but he had started the process to turn a young man and Andrew is insistent that we provide for him.” Marsha quickly explained. She listened to Walter’s reply before continuing, “Yes there is some minor damage to the room but Amelia and Andrew did manage to capture him alive.”

While Marsha was working out the details with Walter Andrew had Amelia give him a set of the handcuffs that were designed to be used on vampires and cuffed Taharqa he then blindfolded and gagged him to prevent him from using his powers. Amelia started searching the room looking for anything that may give them a clue as to where they had taken Andrew’s son. Amelia found a bunch of papers written in a language she didn’t know it sort of looked like ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics but she wasn’t sure. She found Taharqa’s laptop but the computer was password protected and she would time to probe Taharqa’s mind in order to get the password if she could even get a pass his defenses again. Amelia knew it was Andrew’s attack had caused him to lower his mental defenses and she was sure it wouldn’t be as easy a second time to slip into his mind.

Twenty minutes later Walter’s security team arrived and took custody of Taharqa. They had guaranteed that Andrew and Amelia would be able to interrogate him once they had him in a secured location. Just as they were about to lead him form the room when all hell broke loose

“Look out,” Amelia screamed as she tackled Andrew whom was directly behind Taharqa. The window exploded then Taharqa head vaporized leaving behind a fine spray of blood mixed with brain matter all over the wall that had been in front of him. Everyone dove for cover and those that were armed pulled their weapons.

Andrew quickly checked Amelia and found her unharmed. He then crawled over to the window and peeked out looking trying to figure out where the shot had come from. He spotted two likely locations; one was a parking garage but quickly discounted it because of the angle it would have been an extremely hard shot to make. The other was a roof of building over three hundred meters away.

Amelia had got an image of the sniper taking the shot only a brief couple of seconds before the window had exploded. She quickly realized that Andrew was in the line of fire and all of her thoughts were on saving him. Amelia was never able to reliable control this ability. She never knew how much of a warning it would give her if it gave her any at all.

The security team quickly packed up everything and with the help of Andrew, Amelia and Gloria managed to get everything into vans including the bodies before the police had arrived. Unfortunately there was no way they could clean up the crime scene which left the human authorities with a mystery to solve it was obvious that someone had been murdered in the room but the body had disappeared. The head of security had summoned the police after he found the room covered in blood. He had been called by the people staying in the adjacent room and called the front desk complaining about a possible fight in the room next to hers. She claimed hearing an argument and then to sound of glass breaking. He stated that it had taken him no more than five minutes to get to the room and upon finding, the condition it was in he did a cursory check to see if anyone needed assistance then secured the room until the police arrived.


Andrew and Amelia went to investigate the top of the building to see if his hunch was right about where the sniper had been located. He was going to go alone but Amelia wouldn’t hear of it but he had managed to convince Gloria the fewer the better. Much to his displeasure the shooter had been professional enough to police up their brass in fact the only visible sign of him being there was two marks from the bipod of the rifle. Andrew placed his hand on the spot that the shooter had laid and he saw a vague image of the woman lying under a dark colored cover. He watched the woman take the shot but unfortunately, he never saw her face. He saw that she was about five foot six and was well proportioned with light brown hair. He was sure from her tan complexion she either spent a lot of time in the sun or used tanning facilities regularly. Andrew was just about to remove his hand when one final flash of insight hit him he also was her target. Andrew stood and offered his hand to Amelia. The two of them casually walked towards the door making sure to stay invisible. As they reached the door, four officers exited on to the roof with their weapons at the ready. They were almost positive that the shooter was long gone but better safe than sorry. Amelia and Andrew quickly went through the door before it closed after the last officer cleared the way. The two of them quickly exited the building and headed towards the car where Gloria awaited them. Andrew knew it would be hours before the police would finish clearing the scene and he felt bad he couldn’t tell them they were wasting their time. Once they were in the car and on their way Andrew relayed what he had found out leaving out the part about him being a target.

“Andrew what are you holding back and don’t you dare lie to me! I can sense that you are hiding something from me,” Amelia demanded.

“Hun it is nothing important…” He started to try to lie.

“Don’t you fucking hun me when you are lying. Now tell me what the fuck you are hiding or I will probe your mind and find out myself! Last fucking chance,” Amelia Angrily threatened.

“Amelia it is just that I was also her target we both know that Amsu wants us dead. So nothing like I said nothing important. Don’t you ever threaten to probe my mind again,” Andrew retorted his anger starting to show.

“Andrew that is not nothing, that bitch had you in her sights and if it wasn’t for Amelia’s abilities you could have died.” Gloria softly chastised.

“Andrew you ever try to lie to me again and I will kick your ass. I am your mate and if anything happened to you it would destroy me.’ Amelia softly whispered. The hurt and anger that he had caused her was clearly visible.

“I am sorry love. You are right I should have never tried to hide that from you by lying. I promise I will never lie to you again.” Andrew softly promised as he drew her into a tight hug.

The rest of the ride to the hotel was quiet. Walter had reserved them the penthouse at his hotel. The room had already been converted into a command center of a sort. He had two computers in the room with all of the information they had already. There were two phones their one with a direct line to Charles and the other with a direct line to him. There were a couple of pegboards; one had a map with all of Amsu known properties marked on it. Every one of the properties had around the clock surveillance. The other board had the location of two possible rogue vampire attacks. The first one was less than a mile from Shannon’s home it had happened about eighteen hours ago. The second one was in the skid row part of town and had happened less than three hours ago.

“Gloria how should we go about trying to track Tony?” Andrew asked. He knew that Gloria had more experience in tracking rogue/feral vampires and her experience would prove invaluable to them now. He knew that if it wasn’t already too late to save his son it soon would be.

“Andrew, I would suggest we try to confirm that the last attack was done by a rogue vampire and if it was, we start there as long as the hunting is good I don’t imagine he will move on too quickly. I suspect they forced him to go feral by not feeding him so he is little more than a predatory animal and the only reason he showed any restraint at the house was because he was being controlled by Taharqa.” Gloria explained.

“Is there any chance of bringing him back?” Amelia asked.

Gloria and Marsha both shook their heads. “Unfortunately once he went feral there is little we can do except put him out of his misery. Charles is hoping that we can capture him alive and use Amelia’s abilities to get a lead on Jake,” Gloria sadly replied.

Andrew had everyone gather around the map somehow he had been selected to be the leader. He stared at the map of the city for a few minutes. He brought forth his baser side to help him to understand how his quarry would think. He quickly realized that Tony would seek out an area that would provide him shelter close to easily accessible prey and gave him a good vantage point with several avenues of escape. That is what he would do if it were him. He looked over the map and quickly realized that the area of the last attack was not an idea area and he was sure that if Tony had carried out the attack he quickly moved on. He started to question Marsha about different areas of the city so he could try to narrow their search to two or three areas.

Amelia picked up on his line of thinking from their bound and started using the internet to get a look at the areas. After about two hours, they finally had three areas that were very promising and out of the three, the dock area was the most promising it had several abandoned buildings and a large homeless population in the area.

Gloria, Marsha, Amelia, and Andrew were just about to head out to begin their search when Marsha’s cellphone rang seeing it was Walter’s office number she quickly answered it.

“Marsha we just received a report of a possible rogue vampire attack in Tijuana. We may have gotten lucky a young vampire that witnessed the attack and from her description, it sounds like it may be Tony. Walter is trying to secure permission for you all to investigate the incident,” Elaine quickly explained.

“What does Walter want us to do?” Marsha asked. She knew if they entered Mexico without permission, it could start a war.

“He said for you all to head that way but call before you cross the border both him and Charles are working on securing permission for you to enter. I am sending the information to your email now. Please share it with the others.” Elaine said before hanging up.

“Lester get on the eight o’ five heading south.” Marsha said as she hung up the phone. After she made sure that Lester did as she requested she continued with her explanation, ” There was a rogue attack in the Tijuana and the description form a young vampire that witnessed the attack it sounds like the rogue was Tony.”

“Do we have permission to enter from Rodrigues?” Gloria asked.

“Walter and Charles are working on obtaining permission as we speak. I am to call them before we cross the border.” Marsha explained. Marsha phone chimed letting her know she had an email. “This is most interesting,” She exclaimed almost under her breath. Marsha looked up to see everyone staring at her.

Note: Once again I thank all of you who take the time to read and comment on my stories. You are all appreciated. Thanks also to my beta readers Jean and donalde for their time and efforts. And last but not least, thank you to teacher2272 for editing.


Alex woke up disoriented, sore, and sick to her stomach. She felt as if she had the worst case of flu in her life times ten.

“What time is it?” she asked licking her dry lips.

‘It’s just past ten,” Reese replied. “You’ve only been asleep for an hour.”

“All of the exchanges are done?”

“They’re done- how do you feel?” Reese asked as he kissed her head. She was already feverish. The change had already begun.

“I feel like shit,” Alex replied.

“That is because the change has already begun, which is a good thing,” Reese replied. “Would you like an ice chip? I don’t think that water will stay down.”

Alex agreed and took the offered ice chip. Seconds later, she leaned over the side the bed and vomited.

“I’m sorry,” she said embarrassed.

“Don’t worry,” Reese assured her. “It is easily cleaned up, but I think we had better stay away from the ice chips. Will you be alright while I clean the floor?”

“I can get…”

“No you will not,” Reese said interrupting her. “Stay where you are and rest. You’re going to need it.”

It didn’t take long to clean up the vomit because there wasn’t much to clean up. She had been too upset and nervous to eat. After the mess was cleaned up, Reese held her and put her head on his chest.

“I hear that listening to the heartbeat of one’s mate is soothing especially in times of discomfort.”

Alex snuggled against him and closed her eyes.

“Tell me about your family.”

It was as good a time as any and the distraction would be good for both of them. When the pain got too severe, he would stop and finish the story another time.

“I was born in….”

“Your wife sounds like a good woman,” Alex said, after Reese described her. “And to live under the conditions that you lived in must have been horrible.”

“Angelica was a good wife, mother, and woman. It is she that taught our children right from wrong and forgiveness. It was a very difficult life, but we made do. We knew no other life, but we were happy. It was enough to know that there was food on the table, even if it wasn’t much. We entertained ourselves by telling stories and singing. The people of this time would have great difficulty if they were to lose their gadgets.”

“I’m sorry, but I need to vomit again,” Alex said. Reese reached for the basin, but didn’t need it. She was only dry heaving. “Go on,” Alex encouraged, even though she was beginning to feel the twinges of pain that she knew would soon escalate into excruciating levels.

He had just gotten to the part about his arrest and escape when the first severe spasm of pain hit. He admired how Alex seemed to embrace the pain instead of fighting it. Her training was coming in handy.

“Keep going,” she said, once the spasm of pain had passed.

“You should rest,” Reese said, as he rubbed her arms.

“I need for you to talk to me, so start talking!”

Reese couldn’t help but laugh and continued on with his story.

“You took the plague home to them didn’t you?” she asked her voice strained when he reached the part about escaping from prison.

“Yes,” Reese replied. “I had no idea of what I had done until the baby got sick.”

He told her how he had run to the doctor and begged him for help.

“He told me that I didn’t need a doctor- I needed a priest. Before that day, I had never begged for anything in my life, but there I was, begging for help for my child. Can you imagine how I felt when I realized that I had brought death to my family and then was unable to bring help?”

Alex bit back a moan and kissed his cheek. She couldn’t imagine how hard it must have been for him to drop to his knees and to beg. Reese she knew was a proud man and that pride was part of the reason that he had refused her help.

“I’m sorry,” she said quietly. This time a moan of pain did escape.

“We can finish…”

“Keep talking until I can’t focus anymore,” Alex said.

By the time she lost focus, Angelica and the two other children had died. Reese was beside himself trying to come up with ways in which to make her more comfortable. Alex was no longer talking, but softly crying out with tears running down her face. The only thing that he could think of was a hot bath to help relax her muscles that were in a continuous cycle of spasm, slight release and spasm again. The hot water wouldn’t do anything for the bone pain, but if he could get her muscles to relax…

With a thought Reese filled the tub not moving Alex until the tub was full. She let out a small scream when he picked her up and carried her to the tub. He stepped in, sat down and cradled her against his chest. He breathed a small prayer of thanks when Alex let out a sigh of relief.

“This helps a lot,” she said enjoying the slight reprieve. She wasn’t even half way through.

The next twenty four hours were the longest hours of their lives. Alex continued to try to embrace the pain, but she had never experienced anything like it. Once or twice she felt her control slipping and laid her head on Reese’s chest until she was back under control. After the twenty-four hours had passed, the pain began to gradually decrease. At first it wasn’t noticeable but after two or three hours, they noticed the difference. Finally she was at the point where she could doze for longer periods of time. Then she was in that deep sleep that rejuvenated both mind and body. For twelve hours she would be almost comatose. When she woke up, he would begin feeding her. They wouldn’t know for a few days if she had retained her ability to eat human food, but Reese hoped that she did. He still mourned the loss of his ability to eat.

While Alex slept, Reese began to make plans based on what he knew. Part of that was that he had to write Edgar out of the equation. Alex had included him in their circle and there was no way in which he could do harm to him. If he did, he would also have to kill Marco. While thinking about Edgar, Reese got a feeling in his gut. Satisfied that Alex would remain asleep, he reached for his phone.

“Jean,” he said his voice ice cold. “It appears that you do not believe me. I will call you back in five minutes.”

He had no real idea if she was going to call someone, but it was time to nip it in the bud and he trusted his instincts. He could take no chances.

“Leo,” he said quietly. “Go to the restaurant on the corner of fifth and main… yes… yes, call me right back.”

Alex stirred and then settled. A few minutes later, Leo called back.

“I have her.”

“Take her for a short walk and then take her back to her table.”

Reese hung up and called Jean back.

“Your mother was having dinner with your father at the steakhouse at fifth and main. Your father excused himself to take a phone call. It seems that he goes through great pains to keep your mother in the dark about what and who he is. While your father was gone, we took your mother for a little walk. If you don’t believe me, after we hang up; call your father. My point is this, the next time you even think about calling anyone…”

“I get it!” Jean yelled into the phone.

“Do you?” Reese asked coldly. “Do I need to prove myself again?’

“No,” Jean sobbed. “Don’t hurt him! This was my doing! Lewis didn’t know…”

“Where is he?” Reese asked as he peeked over at Alex.

“In the office… I’ll get him.”

While he waited, Reese covered Alex with a light blanket. She was beginning to shiver.

“I didn’t know that she was going to do that,” Lewis said before Reese could say anything. “I warned her! I….”

“Shut up and listen,” Reese said. “Control your mate! I don’t care what you have to do but if I fail…”

“I understand!” Lewis exclaimed.

“Has your mate spoken to her father?”

“Yes… her mother said that she was taken for a walk,” Lewis replied.

“Then you know that I don’t fear her family and that any and all of them can and will be taken if the need arises. I suggest that when we hang up, you talk to her.”


But Reese had hung up.

“Such a badass,” Alex said softly.

Reese jumped in surprise and turned to look at her. She shouldn’t have been awake for another ten hours but there she was wide awake and talking to him.

“What?” she asked. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“How do you feel?” Reese asked as he assessed her from head to toe.

“I’m tired, sore as hell, a little hungry; but otherwise fine. Why what’s the matter?”

“You shouldn’t be awake yet,” Reese replied as he took her face in his hands and looked into her eyes. He sat up, made her lie flat on her back and did a complete head to toe assessment and then made her turn on her stomach ignoring her questions about what the problem was. “You shouldn’t be awake,” he repeated. “Are you sure that you feel alright?”

“Reese I’m fine!” Alex replied. “As I said I’m hungry and as horny as hell.”

Reese expected both of those things, so he wasn’t surprised by them. He was still stumped by her being awake so early.

“Feed first,” he said as he bit into his wrist and offered it to her. For the first twenty-four hours, the only blood that she would receive would be his. Alex latched on to his wrist without hesitation and began to feed. The sensation of her sucking traveled straight to Reese’s cock making it rock hard. He moaned and bit his lip to help him keep his focus. It was important that Alex not take too much. She was like a baby… too much would make her sick and he wanted to be cautious. The early waking still concerned him although she looked fine. “Stop now,” he said as he started to pull his arm back; but Alex hung on and continued to feed. “Alex!” Reese said sharply enough that it got her attention. “Enough!”

Alex reluctantly let his arm go and gave him a sheepish look.

“Sorry- did I hurt you?”

“No- but your system is new and we cannot overload it,” Reese replied. “You are for all practical purposes an infant who needs to be taught how to walk.”

“I don’t like that analogy, but I understand. Does the same apply to making love?” she asked as she reached for him.

“There are no limitations on that,” Reese replied sighing as Alex ran her fingertips up and down his cock. “It will be painful,” he warned.

‘It can’t be any worse than what I just went through,” Alex replied wrapping her hand around his cock and giving it a gentle squeeze.

“It won’t be anything like that, but your skin and insides are tender…”

“Will you stop talking and make love with me?” Alex interrupted as she gave his cock a hard yank making him groan with pleasure. A spurt of clear pre-come moistened the tip of his erection as Alex gave him another hard tug. When she saw it, she stopped, bent her head down and licked it. “You taste good,” she said as she licked her lips.

“Alex….” He breathed. He was supposed to be taking care of her, not the other way around. He gently pushed her back until she was lying on the bed. “Let me take care of you first.” He kissed her lips moving his hips back when she tried to reach for him again. She needed gratification before she could slow down. He nibbled at her neck making sure to hit all of her sweet spots before moving down to her breasts. Her nipples were hard little pebbles that he kissed and then took into his mouth one at a time.

“Reese- this isn’t the time to tease me!” Alex said when he released one nipple and moved to the other.

He didn’t answer but put a hand between her legs. Alex opened her legs and cried out when his hand lightly brushed across her clit and then moved away.

“Put your hand back!” she said almost whining.

Reese slid three fingers inside of her and began slowly moving them in and out.

“That feels…. Good… go faster!”

Reese smiled around the nipple that he was sucking on. He liked a woman who wasn’t afraid to say what she wanted and needed. He began to thrust harder and faster when he saw that she wasn’t in any real pain.

“Yessssss!” Alex cried out as she moved to meet his thrust.

Reese placed his thumb so that it hovered over her clit, gave a hard suck to the nipple and pressed down on her clit at the same time. Alex screamed at the top of her lungs as Reese continued to suck her nipple and manipulate her clit with his thumb. His cock ached to be inside of her but he held off. He released the nipple and as he continued to thrust into her with his hand, he eased down her body leaving behind soft but firm kisses. He stopped at her mound, kissed it and then spread her vaginal lips. He took a moment to look at her glistening clit and then took it into his mouth. He felt Alex’s hands on his head pulling him even tighter against him grinding against him.


Was all she got out, before she was screaming again. Reese waited until she had stopped screaming before removing his hand and moving between her legs. He wanted nothing more than to ram himself into her heat, but restrained himself. Instead he pushed until just the head of his cock was in and waited.

Before he knew what was happening, he was beneath her and she was fully impaled on his cock riding him hard and fast. He looked up at her face looking for any signs of pain but saw an expression of complete ecstasy. That look relived him of any anxieties and he began meet her downward thrust with upward thrusts. Alex’s hands were on his stomach but now she reached out for him. He reached for her hands and their fingers intertwined. Her eyes were open and looking down into his when the climax took them.

Afterwards, Alex slumped over onto Reese’s chest and was fast asleep. Reese didn’t move for several minutes, thinking that she would wake up. When she didn’t, he slowly rolled to his side with her in his arms. He felt his cock slip out of her and made a small sound of disappointment. When he had her settled, he looked down at his cock and was alarmed to see blood. Taking the chance that he might wake her, Reese eased his arms from around her and put her on her back. He gently parted her legs to see if she was bleeding. He let out a sigh of relief when he saw only a small amount of blood and she wasn’t actively bleeding. The blood on his cock was from them making love and not because she had been injured. Not wanting to take another chance of waking her, Reese stretched out next to her and pressed his body against hers. He hoped that she would sleep for several hours this time.


“What in the hell did you do?” Lewis roared. “What fucking part of don’t call anyone didn’t you get? If anything happens to our son it will be your fault! I warned you about him didn’t I? I told you that he was no one to fuck with! Do you fucking believe me now?”

Jean cowered on the sofa. She had never seen Lewis so angry and for a moment thought that he might actually hit her.

“Do you understand what could have happened?” Lewis yelled. “He could have taken that bitch mother of yours and snuffed her out just by looking at her! You have endangered all of us!”

“I was only trying to help….”

“Well look where it got us!” Lewis snapped. “If you ever, ever disobey me again you will pay for it and I’ll start by locking your ass up. I don’t give a fuck about your father and what he’ll say. In fact, I don’t give a fuck about your family! I’m sick and tired of you reminding me of how they helped me get my start! They may have given me the money, but I am the one that did the work!”


“Shut the fuck up Jean, I’m not done. I know what you think about me-that I’m weak and ineffective. That was me being too afraid to say anything. That stops now do you hear me? I will no longer bend over so that your father can fuck me in the ass and expect me to smile about it. I’m done kissing your ass as well. So hear this- I, and not you, am the head of this family! From this point on, you will do as I say. Do you have any questions?”


“Good, now call your father and tell him to back off.”

“But… he won’t,” Jean said weakly. “You know how he is.”

“Then you’d better find a way to stop him,” Lewis said, “because if you don’t and something happens to Edgar, I’m holding you personally responsible.”

Jean’s temper flared as she jumped up from the couch.

“So now you’re the concerned father,” she said snidely. “You’ve ignored him for years! He wasn’t even allowed to call you father once he told you that he was gay. Where was this concern when he needed it? Why didn’t you insist that he have guards? Why didn’t you insist that he learn how to protect himself? Do you want to know what I think? I think that all of this is because you feel guilty! You finally saw that Edgar isn’t the weakling that you are! He was brave enough to face you knowing how you would react and you took the coward’s way out! You wouldn’t even stand beside your son when he went to my father! So don’t you stand there and berate me for trying to save him!”

“You’re right,” Lewis said softly. “I was a coward and I was a horrible father. I allowed what your family and others would say about me keep me from doing the right thing and that’s standing by my son. And yes, I didn’t realize how strong a man Edgar was until this happened but that doesn’t change the fact that you shouldn’t have called your father. Do you understand what’s going to happen if whatever this vampire has planned fails? Edgar’s life is forfeit. So tell me, how will daddy help you deal with that? Now get on the phone and call him.”

Jean was going to argue, but time was passing. She picked up the phone, crossed her fingers and called her father.

“The son of a bitch is dead!” her father Arthur screamed into the phone. “The son of a bitch walked into the restaurant and took your mother for a walk!”

“I know, but daddy he could have hurt her but he didn’t…”

“I don’t give a fuck! He laid hands on my mate!” Arthur yelled. “It’s bad enough that he has my grandson, but to come to a public place and disrespect me like that?”

“Daddy, listen to me,” Jean said in the little girl voice that always got his attention. “I know that you’re angry and so am I but he did what he did to make a point. He wanted me to know that he knew that I called you. It was a warning that if you interfere none of us are safe.”

“So you just expect me to sit back and do nothing?” Arthur asked.

“Yes. Daddy, if whatever he has planned fails, he’s going to assume that it was you and he’ll kill Edgar. After the ball is over and we have Edgar back, I’ll help you look for the bastard, but until then you have to stop whatever it is that you’re planning and begin to make plans for the capture of this vampire.”

“He’s dead even if he releases Edgar,” Arthur said firmly.

“I know and agree,” Jean replied. “So do I have your word that you won’t do anything until Edgar is safe?”

“You have my word,” her father replied.

“Thank you and daddy? I won’t be calling you again until everything is over.”

“I understand, but you find a way to reach me if you change your mind.”

Jean hung up relieved. The conversation had gone much better than she had hoped. She turned to look at Lewis.

“It’s done,” she said and walked away.


Emilio sighed with contentment. He was finally completely sated mentally and physically. The last woman had fared much better than the others had because he was full by the time he got to her. Her, he turned and made her his personal assistant. Her first duty was to run him a bath, and then to bathe him. He hadn’t realized how much he missed his life until he came back. He was gratified to see that no one had forgotten their place and that all of them remembered how he liked things.

The next order of business was shopping. He considered everything in his closets and dressers outdated. He would allow his staff to take what they wanted and the rest would be tossed away. The one thing he would not allow was that they couldn’t be donated to any of the human charities. Anyone caught doing it was severely punished.

“Y-your bath is ready,” the pretty red-haired, green eyed woman that he had turned said. Her voice shook as she said it- something that pleased Emilio.

“What are you to call me?” Emilio asked coldly.

“Sire,” she replied softly. “I’m sorry and I won’t forget again.”

“See that you don’t,” Emilio snapped as he walked past her expecting her to follow him without being told. As he stepped into the bathtub, he thought about the woman that he had last turned. If he had known all of the steps she would have lived, but could he have dealt with her chatter about her Giovanni? He supposed that he could have cut out her tongue… but then she wouldn’t have been able to lick him the way that he liked. The other thing was, if this Giovanni existed and he was now certain that he did- she would have led him to them. It was probably a good thing that she was dead.

He leaned his head back so that the woman whose name he never found out could wash his hair.

“Scrub it hard,” he commanded. “It had been a long time.”

“Yes sire,” she said, softly as she washed his long hair with an unscented shampoo.

“Harder,” Emilio said as he relaxed.

Two hours later, he was clean and dressed in a pair of tight black jeans and polo shirt. It was time to hit the malls. He went into his garage and chose a car-the size wouldn’t matter; he would have everything delivered. He looked at the long line of cars and chose the black Ferrari Testa Rosa. It was flashy, but he had lived like a peon for so long that he felt that he deserved some flash.

He slid behind the wheel and took a moment to relish the feel of the black leather beneath him. He inhaled and took in the scents of the car that he had never driven. He loved cars and had someone working for him that purchased cars that they thought he would like. This one was a winner. Emilio ran his hands over the dashboard with a gentle touch that none of his lovers had ever experienced. After several minutes of luxuriating in the car; he put the key in the ignition and turned it. He sat for another ten minutes listening to the motor idle.

“Beautiful.” He murmured as he shifted into reverse and drove away. For the first time in a very long time he felt at peace. He didn’t think about the mysterious Giovanni or anything else. He was home and things were as they should be. He pulled into the first high end store he saw and bought all new colognes, body washes and any other toiletries that he could think of. He left the store after dropping over two-thousand dollars.

His next stop was a high end men’s store. He felt as though he were a child in a candy store. He had always loved bright colors and patterns and the store was full of them.

“May I help you sir? A male voice asked from behind him.

Emilio turned around to see who the speaker was. ‘Sebastian’ was written in bright blue marker on his name tag. Emilio looked the young man up and down and decided that he wanted a female to help him.

“Get me a female sales associate,” he demanded.

“I’m sorry, but there isn’t one available this evening, but I am…”

“Get me one.”

“As I said…” the salesperson started to say but was cut off.

“I heard you, now go find me a female to assist me,” Emilio growled.

Sebastian took a step back and looked behind him. There was no one else in the store with him other than his girlfriend who was in the back waiting for him to close the store while she did homework.

“Just a moment,” he said softly and went to the back. On the way there, he regained his nerve. He slipped into the manager’s office where his girlfriend was working on a research paper and called security.

Emilio was about to head to the back of the store when four security guards walked in.

“Is there a problem here?”

“No,” Emilio replied inwardly seething. “The young man went to get a female associate to assist me.”

“I believe that you were repeatedly informed that there was no female associate on duty. Please be on your way.”

Although he was furious, Emilio gave the guards a pleasant smile.

“My apologies, I must have misunderstood him. Of course I will leave.”

The guards moved so that Emilio could pass them. He took a quick glance toward the back of the store. It wasn’t over. After that, he only went into stores where he saw a female staff person. The shopping trip was for the most successful. There was one last store that he wanted to go into- a jewelry store. He loved Jewelry as much as he did cars and clothes. His taste in jewelry ran to the unique so he often bought jewelry created by relative unknowns.

The person serving him was a male, but in this case, that was alright. He bypassed the jewelry made by the well-known artists and went to the case containing the work of new artist.

“Are you looking for something specific?” The salesperson whose name was Thomas asked.

“Show me your newest pieces – the ones that aren’t out here.”

“They aren’t ready to be shown…”

Emilio reached into his jacket pocket, pulled out his wallet, took out the black card and slammed it on the counter.

“Bring me the pieces that aren’t out here,” he repeated.

“Yes sir!” Thomas said and rushed to the back. A moment later he was back with a large locked box that he sat on the counter. “Please be aware that the prices are tentative and pending final approval of the artist.”

“I understand, open the box,” Emilio said eagerly.

“Most of the jewelry in here was created by a new artist,” Thomas said as he unlocked the box. “Personally I think he’s going to go far. His work is exquisite; each piece hand crafted and very unique.”

“Interesting,” Emilio said, only half listening.

“He just moved here from Italy a few months ago and had his things shipped here…”

“Italy?” Emilio asked sharply. “Do you know what part?”

“I’m not really sure,” Thomas replied. “I know that it wasn’t one of the big cities…”

“It doesn’t matter,” Emilio replied. “Show me the pieces.”

Thomas laid a black cloth on the counter and began taking the pieces out one by one and laying them on the cloth. Emilio’s breath caught. The pieces in his estimation were perfection. He loved the combination of colors that called to the flamboyant part of him. He wondered how much money it would take to get the artist to work just for him.

“What is his name?” Emilio asked as he fingered an amethyst tie clip.


“What did you just say?” Emilio asked as he jerked his hand away from the tie clip.

“Giovanni Ponzi- a very pleasant young man…”

Thomas was talking to air. Emilio left the store and went to his car, bypassing the store that had called security on him. The pleasant mood that he had left home with was gone. He didn’t believe in coincidences and took the mention of that name as a sign. He drove home, parked the car in the garage and went to his room without speaking to anyone. He hoped that there would be a message waiting for him in the ads. He now felt a sense of urgency. He and Donatello had to talk and soon.


“Where are you going to meet him?” Vangie asked.

“Wherever it is, it must have a place that is considered neutral ground,” Donatello replied. “Those are usually found in the bigger cities although they can be found in the villages.”

“What are you thinking?” she asked liking the idea of meeting on neutral ground.

“I am thinking Munich,” Donatello replied. “It’s the biggest city to the Austrian border. Before we place another ad, I want to have the meeting place arranged. I am looking for a place that also has a hotel, so you will be safe as well. But even so, you are to remain out of sight. If the conditions are suitable I will have you close by so that you can listen.”

“That would be great!” Vangie said throwing her arms around him, “but we’ll use the bug as well just in case I miss something. Do you know of any hotels that are also places of neutral ground?”

“I have a few ideas,” Donatello replied. “One of the human fallacies is the belief that a church is a neutral spot because it is considered holy ground. That is true but it’s more than that. We as a species must agree that a place is neutral.”

“So any place can be declared neutral ground,” Vangie said.

“Yes. Human hotels are often popular sites but there are some vampire run businesses that exist only to serve as a neutral place for all species to meet. The guidelines are very strict. No weapons, no guards and no overt threats. Each meeting is witnessed by a vampire at the hotel. Notes are taken and all contracts if any are also witnessed by the same person and signed in blood. If Emilio refuses to meet me at one of these places then I will not meet with him.”

“Agreed, but when do you think that they’ll announce the date and place of the ball?”

“I don’t know, but something isn’t right,” Donatello said. “I wonder if it is going to be cancelled.”

“Why would they cancel it?” Vangie asked frowning.

“I don’t know,” Donatello replied, “but the guest list is never put out this far advance of the ball. There is too much chance of discovery. Something has happened. What I can’t say, but it buys us some time.”

“The question is how much,” Vangie said. “I want to check into a few things while you make the arrangements.”

Donatello went to the travel site and found a hotel that he thought Vangie would enjoy. The Sheraton Munich Arabellapark Hotel not only was beautiful, but it had Jacuzzi’s and other amenities that she would enjoy. There were several boutiques in the area, where she could shop till her heart’s content. In fact, they could check in a few days before the meeting with Emilio. He made the reservations online and then called the hotel to make the arrangements for a conference room.

Vangie was waiting for him when he hung up.

“I just went over everything that we know hoping that I haven’t missed anything that could help but I don’t think I did. Are the reservations made?”

“Vangie you are one of the most methodical and thorough people I know,” Donatello said pulling her into his lap. “If there was something to find, you would have found it. As to the reservations- they are made. We will list the ad and then leave. I want to get there before Emilio does to see how the place is set up. And we have not been anywhere as a couple. I promised you a shopping trip and we can do that in Munich.”

Vangie kissed his cheek and then gave him an anxious smile.

“Cara-sweetheart, what is it?” Donatello asked as he settled her bottom more firmly on his cock.

“Do we have to go to the ball?” She asked.

Donatello looked at her concerned. This wasn’t the woman that he knew and loved, but then he remembered something. She was a woman and no matter how strong a woman was, she would always fear for her mate. Vangie was only now showing that fear.

“Yes cara – we have to go. Although the invitation appeared to be just that, it wasn’t. It was a command that no one dare disobey. To do so would be suicidal at best.”

“I know and I’m sorry,” she replied and laid her head on his shoulder. “I’m scared. What if Emilio doesn’t help us? We don’t even know who we’re looking for! And what if we do find him and we can’t convince him not to kill you? Then what do we do?”

“We do one thing at a time,” Donatello said as he took her hand in his and began to gently massage the back of her hand in small circles. We will try not to look at the ‘what ifs’ and deal with what we know, and the rest we will deal with as it comes. Thank you for everything that you are and for everything that you are doing for me.”

“I love you,” Vangie said. “And I will find a way to kill him before I let him or anyone else hurt you. Let’s get that ad written.”

Donatello kissed her. The confident, methodical, and focused Vangie was back and ready to get to work. She went to move from his lap and he stopped her.

“Did I tell you that you could move?”

Vangie froze. She knew and loved that tone. It was the quickie tone meaning that he wasn’t going to tease her. It was going to be about relatively instant gratification for both of them. She didn’t even care that they weren’t in the bedroom. These times came too rarely for her to argue about it. She turned so that she straddled his lap and ground against him. Donatello opened her house robe exposing her breasts and licked his lips before taking a nipple into his mouth and lightly biting down on it. He felt Vangie’s warm wetness cover his lounge pants and seep to his cock.

“Now darling,” he breathed as he lifted her up so that she could fish his cock out. As soon as it was free, he slammed her down on it and lifted her only to slam her down again. After the second time, he pulled her toward him, kissed her and moved to her neck. He licked her pulse point and bit as he pushed his cock further into her. His cock hardened even more when her blood touched his tongue.

“Deeper,” Vangie moaned, as Donatello fed from her. “Deeper!”

Donatello stood and then laid on his back on the floor, her full weight bearing down on him. He moaned as he slipped deeper into her. Vangie took over riding him hard, as she leaned over so that her nipples were just inches away from his face. He knew what she wanted—she wanted him feed from her while he was inside of her.

“I’m so close! Finish it!” she cried as she reached down, yanked his head up and crammed a breast into his open mouth.

Donatello gave the nipple a long hard suck and then nicked it with a fang. Vangie screamed in his ears making them ring, as he sucked her nipple nicking it again to make the blood flow faster. He licked the bite closed and moved to her other breast. He kissed the nipple and nicked it as he had the other. By this time, his heart and cock were throbbing in tandem. He screamed out her name around the still bleeding nipple as he emptied deep into her womb. The thought of pregnancy crossed his mind and he wondered why he had never worried about it before.

Vangie lay on his chest still impaled on him, but fully sated. They lay in the floor for a few minutes before Vangie began to move.

“Permission to move?” She teased as she kissed his chest.

“I don’t want to, but I suppose we must,” Donatello replied kissing the top of her head.

Twenty minutes later, the carefully worded ad was placed. An hour after that, they were packed and on their way to Munich.


Alex woke up three hours later starving. Reese fed her from his arm again and this time she had better control, but she wanted food.

“Something-anything!” She begged. “If I get sick then I get sick, but I need something.”

Reluctantly, Reese gave in. He made a call to Marco and asked him they had supplies for toast and tea.

“Yeah, but who is it for?” He asked.

“Alex- please bring her a tray.”

“Thank you and I promise if I throw up, I’ll clean it up myself,” Alex said. “I’m still not supposed to be up yet, am I?”

“No, and nor are you supposed to be craving food,” Reese replied. “I don’t understand it, but as long as you’re alright I’ll leave it be.”

While they waited for the tray, Reese settled Alex in his arms and quickly finished his story.

“Reese… I’m so sorry, but it wasn’t your fault. How could you have known that the fleas carried the illness?”

“I know that, but had I not been arrested in the first place I wouldn’t have taken the disease home with me.”

“True, but from what you told me, the chances of them contracting it were high,” Alex said.

“Yes but it wouldn’t have come from me! And why in the hell didn’t I get it? I had fleas too.”

“Reese?” Marco called through the door. “Your tray is here.”

“Leave it, I will come for it,” Reese called back.

A moment later, he anxiously watched as Alex took her first sip of tea. She grimaced and then smiled.

“Too strong, but it’s good,” she said after drinking half of it and reaching for the toast.

The toast didn’t go nearly as well as the tea. She took a bite of it, grimaced but swallowed it. By the third bite she threw up.

“Sorry,” she said as she started to get up.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Reese asked as he gently pushed her back. “Stay there and I’ll bring you a cold wash cloth. But at least we know that you can at least drink fluids other than blood. It was probably too soon to try the food.”

“You’re right, but I was hungry.”

While Reese took away the basin that had vomited in, Alex finished the tea. He came back with a glass of water spiked with mouthwash for her to rinse her mouth out with.

“Thanks, that’s better so finish telling me your story.

“I understand why you killed Rossi and the others,” Alex said when he was finished. “I also understand why you want to kill Emilio and the Borcelli’s but what I don’t understand is why the doctor. Granted he didn’t go with you but he did give you medicine.”

“He was one of them who thought that we were nothing,” Reese replied. “He chose to let a child die because I couldn’t pay him. I offered to be his servant for as long as he wanted, but he still chose money over a life.”

“Reese, maybe he didn’t have a choice…”

“Of course he did!” Reese exclaimed “And he chose those who didn’t really need him.”

“Alright, let’s say for the sake of argument that he didn’t have a choice,” Alex said. “I can’t even begin to imagine how hard losing your entire family had to have been. But realistically, what more could he have done? The medicine that he gave you was probably paid for by one of his patients. Right there, he put himself at risk. He didn’t have to do that – he could have walked away and that tells me something. He was undecided.”

“You defend him.” Reese said quietly, but he was angry.

“No,” Alex said holding his hands. “I’m just saying that not everyone deserves to die. Would his going to your house have saved your baby? I don’t think so. I maintain that he helped you by giving you a way to make her more comfortable. Did you use the rest of the medicine for your family?”

“Yes, the baby didn’t require much,” Reese replied.

“So then, he helped the rest of your family, as well,” Alex said as she moved closer. “Ask yourself does he deserve to die?”

“He became one of them,” Reese said.

“Yes he did, but does that mean that he’s a monster? Look at you – you were turned under horrible conditions and you’re far from being a monster. You just turned me – am I a monster? What about Marco? Is he a monster? Did he even have a choice?”

“That’s different,” Reese replied. “You and Marco were and are good people. Those people killed and turned people for sport and food. Some of them like Leo were turned and made to serve as slaves. Rossi raped and then killed his wife in front of him.”

“I understand but what proof do you have that the doctor is like that? Maybe he was a good person too.” Alex challenged. “And even if he was, how do you know that he hasn’t changed? Maybe he’s found his mate and has baby vampires… are you going to just kill him?”

“Then, the Borcelli’s could have changed as well as Emilio,” Reese replied. “Should I let them live?”

“My only point is that not everything is black and white. The Borcelli’s are obviously evil, and this Emilio character is as well, but the doctor – I’m not so sure about.”

“What would you have me do?” Reese asked angrily.

“Use your head,” Alex said softly. “Reese I know that you’re angry, but not all of these people need die. I still maintain that the doctor helped you even if you don’t see it. You don’t know the real reason why he didn’t go with you. Maybe they had a family member as hostage; you just don’t know. But I do know this, there’s a fine line between vengeance and murder and you’re walking it. If you kill this doctor it’s murder.”

“What will you do if I kill him?” Reese asked.

“I will still love you but you’re asking the question to the wrong person,” Alex replied. “Ask yourself if you could live with the fact that you killed someone who didn’t deserve to die. My guess is that you won’t rest well. I can’t tell you why I feel as I do about that doctor, but killing him would be a mistake. Will you at least think about it?”

His anger cooled, he agreed but made no promises.

“I wasn’t asking for a promise,” Alex said kissing him. “I’m asking you to take a step back and think about what you’re doing.”

“Would you stop me?”

“I would try,” she replied, “but I think that you would stop yourself. This is just another reason why we need to think about going to this ball.”

“Cara – I understand what you are saying and maybe you are right about the doctor. I cannot discount what you say, but… this ends with the ball. After it is over, Marco and Edgar can go and do as they please, as can you and I. Do you know how to ride a motorcycle by the way?”

“I most certainly do,” she replied. “It’s been a while but I think that it’ll come back. Why?”

“We need to start thinking of our lives when this is over,” Reese said. “How would you feel about exploring the world from the back of a motorcycle? We could buy one for you or you could ride behind me.”

“Hmmm, I think I would like one of my own – a Harley maybe. What do you think?”

“I will give it some thought but whatever it is we will get it soon. We will leave as soon as the ball is over.

“Alright but please, I want something with some power,” Alex said.

“We will go looking later tonight or tomorrow. What about the military?” Reese asked remembering that she had a job.

“My reenlistment is over in a few weeks. I can see if I can get it moved up. I go back to work in a few days… I’ll call tomorrow. Another question, what do you want me to call you? Reese or Giovanni?”

“Reese,” he replied. “Once this is over, Giovanni will be no more, but I will keep my last name of Barresi and you may take that name as well if you wish.”

“I think I will,” Alex replied. “Alex Barresi – I like it.”

“I like it, too,” Reese replied. “Come here, Alexandra Barresi.”


Elena relished the fact that she could now walk around unmolested. She still watched herself though. It could change at any given time. Her servant followed her everywhere she went even sitting in the bathroom as she showered or took a bath. Elena wanted to shoo her away, but didn’t. She didn’t want to give Cristiano any reason to demote her back to the bottom of the pole. She took the opportunity to pump the girl for information.

“Do you know what’s happening with the ball?”

“No,” she replied. “There are even questions as to whether it will happen.”

“Really?” Elena asked. “Why would the master cancel?”

“I don’t know,” Bella her servant said. “Some say it’s because his mate will not accept him as he is.”

“Have you seen her?”

“No Mistress, no one has. It is said that she refuses to come to the house or to the ball. Master has been spending his time there.”

Interesting, Elena thought. What was it about this female that she could resist Cristiano’s charm? “She sees him as he is,” she murmured with a small smile. As long as the female refused to come, there would be no ball thus buying her more time.

“What else have you heard?” Elena asked.

“Not much else, except….”

“Except what?” Elena asked.

“When master is home, his mood is foul. You must stay out of his way. He is making the refusal of his mate to come here your fault.”

“My fault?” Elena asked surprised. “How is her refusal to come my fault?”

“I don’t know, but mistress, please be careful of what you think and say.”

Elena didn’t know what to make of the information but was grateful for it. She wondered why the woman refused to come and realized that Cristiano’s reputation had preceded him. He had never cared about how people perceived him and now it was biting him in the ass. She stifled a laugh and wished the woman well. Cristiano always got what he wanted which brought up a thought. Why hadn’t he commanded her to come? The woman was human so why hadn’t he compelled her? As if he heard her, Elena felt him summon her. He was back.


“Yes I know,” Elena said. “He wants to speak with me.”

“Please remember to be careful,” Bella said. “He will not hesitate to kill you if it will bring her here.”

Elena looked at the servant curious as to why she was risking herself to help her. She didn’t ask, it was enough that she was receiving the help and she was now thinking of the servant as a friend. She decided that if she managed to escape, she was taking the girl with her. If she left her, Cristiano would have her tortured and then allow her to be used as badly as she herself had been used. But there would be a difference. For the servant there would be no reprieve. She would spend eternity being abused. It occurred to Elena that this was the first time in centuries that she thought about someone other than herself and she liked the feeling. She cleared her mind, fixed her hair and makeup and went to see Cristiano alone.

“How are you enjoying your elevation in status?” He asked when she was kneeling before him.

“Thank you for your generosity sire,” Elena replied with her head bowed and just the right amount of humility.

She flinched when he touched the top of her head but didn’t pull away. It would have angered him. She prayed that he didn’t demand that she open her mouth for him. She didn’t think that she could comply. She breathed a sigh of relief when he removed his hand and backed away from her.

“You may stand,” Cristiano ordered.

Elena stood wondering what game he was playing.

“Please – sit,” he said holding out a chair for her.

When she hesitated, instead of being angry; he smiled.

“You have my word that I will not harm you. Please sit down.”

Elena knew that tone. It was the tone that he used when he wanted something, and he wanted something from her.

“Yes sire,” Elena said and nervously took the offered seat.

“Would you care for refreshments? Fresh blood perhaps?”

Elena licked her lips. It had been a long time since she had fresh blood. The blood she was served was drained from drug addicts and alcoholics, and she swore that she could taste the alcohol.

“I would like that – thank you master for your goodness to me.”

Cristiano looked at her and laughed.

“You are very good,” he said still laughing. “You hate my guts but yet you continue to play the role of the dutiful and grateful slave. You aren’t anywhere close to being either of those things. Your stubbornness was one of the things that I loved about you. There were times when it was a pain in the ass, but it kept things interesting.”

Elena didn’t say anything. He was laying it on thick and she wanted to know what it was he thought she could do for him.

“You may speak freely and without fear of repercussion for anything that you might say,” Cristiano said as he rang a bell. A second later, a female servant came in carrying a tray that had a carafe of blood and two goblets on it. “You may speak,” he said to Elena as the servant filled the goblets.

Elena’s mouth watered. She waited until the goblet was in her hands and drained it before she said anything. She would have loved to have taken her time and enjoyed it, but she didn’t trust Cristiano. The fresh blood tasted heavenly as it passed her lips, coated her tongue and made its way to her stomach. It gurgled in appreciation and wanted more.

“Would you care for more?” Cristiano asked this time pouring it himself.

Elena watched as the red liquid of life filled her goblet. She grabbed it and took a sip holding it in her mouth for several seconds before swallowing it. She drank half of it before she was ready to talk.

“There will be no repercussions?” she asked.

“I give you my word,” Cristiano replied with a slight nod of his head.

Only then did Elena relax a little. Whenever Cristiano gave his word with a nod, it was sealed in stone.

“You will not harm my servant girl?”

She was pushing, but she had to see how far Cristiano was willing to go. She saw his dark eyes flash, but he agreed.

“She will not be harmed in any way as you will not be,” he assured her. “Now speak your mind.”

“When I first met you I thought that you were the handsomest, kindest man anywhere. My parents tried to warn me but all I saw was what you could give me. Even after you turned me and put me through training, there was a small part of me that began to see that you were and are – the consummate liar. You learned my weaknesses and played on them. You took advantage of the fact that I was young and impressionable. My head was filled with idea of love, romance and of traveling the world. You offered that and I took it. Now when I think about it – I was so stupid. I should have listened to my parents.”

“Continue,” Cristiano said with a smile on his face. “I want to hear all of it.”

“I did things with you that I never would have considered doing before. I admit that I was petty, jealous and immature, but I wasn’t a murderer. I didn’t delight in the torture and mistreatment of others…”

“I beg to differ,” Cristiano interrupted. “I could not make you into what you were not. You had the capacity for those things. Why do you think I chose you? You were so fucking gullible only seeing my looks and wealth. Yes my dear, you should have listened to your family. But I must tell you, I was fully prepared to compel you to leave with me.”

“Would you have killed them?”

“Probably, but I didn’t have to because you came with me willingly,” Cristiano replied. “And to some small degree, I did love you.”

“I recently realized that you didn’t love me at all,” Elena replied. “I was only a distraction until you found your true mate. I don’t know why I didn’t see that until recently.”

“You didn’t see it because you were so involved with your life of excesses,” Cristiano said. “And I did love you – just not as a mate should. You knew that you weren’t my true mate but you didn’t want to admit it. I could never treat my true mate in the manner that I have treated you so yes, you were a distraction.”

“So now we come to the reason for the change in my treatment,” Elena said dryly. “You had this planned for centuries. I was a pawn and an acceptable loss. You never loved me, lusted after me but there was no love on your part. I also now know that there was nothing special about that last human male I turned. He was just as much a pawn as I was and am. So tell me – master – what is it that you really want or shall I guess? You always seemed to enjoy when I played the guessing game.”


“Or what? Elena challenged. “You’ll go back on your word? Go ahead and word that you cannot be trusted to keep your word will spread like wildfire. You and I both know that the servants are afraid of you. But that doesn’t stop them from talking. Do you know what your friends and allies will say? They will say if Cristiano Borcelli cannot keep his word to a slave how will he keep it to us? Isn’t the ability to keep one’s word with a slave sacred? So go ahead – break your word.”

Cristiano seethed. She had him over a barrel.

“You seem angry, my lord,” Elena taunted now that she was safe. “You made a grave error when you underestimated my intelligence.”

“So it seems,” Cristiano said, a little too smugly for Elena’s liking. “But let’s continue shall we? You were about to enlighten me with your wisdom.”

“You found your human mate,” Elena said. “My guess is that you weren’t able to charm her as you were me. She sees you as the brute you really are and wants nothing to do with you. You were planning to sacrifice me so that she could see that you were rid of any excess baggage, but she isn’t like me is she? At heart she is a good, kind and gentle person and she would not condone what you’re doing here. How am I doing so far?”

Cristiano didn’t answer so she continued.

“Her refusal to come is why the date and time for the ball hasn’t been announced. The ball was going to serve several functions. My humiliation and death, proof that there was no other and your wedding but alas – you have no bride. So what are you going to do? Postpone the ball? Oh… I see. You want me to talk to her is that it? What do I get out of it if I agree to do this?”

“You will live,” Cristiano replied. “If you think back to my promise, I said that you would not be harmed. I did not promise your life.”

“True, but kill me and what happens? Who will talk with the unfortunate woman? One of your whores?” Elena asked. “Being locked up has given me time to think. So go ahead – by all means kill me. The threat of death no longer frightens me. Seeing the place of my impending death day after day has hardened me.”

“What is it that you want?” Cristiano asked angrily. It was very rare for him to be outmaneuvered. He had as she said seriously underestimated her and had played his hand long before he should have.

“I want to be released with my servant,” Elena said. “I want to live the life that I had become accustomed to before you demoted me and I want to live it in peace. There will be no attempts on my life or the life of my servant. Nor will you at any point take away my funding. If you do it will be announced to the paranormal world that you are a liar and a cheat, but I have a question for you; why didn’t you compel her?”

“Is that all that you want?” Cristiano asked his voice cold.

“No, I want to attend the ball with an escort of my choice. I also want a wing of the house to myself complete with servants of my choosing. And- I want fresh blood instead of that polluted shit that you send me. The question is do you want this woman badly enough to comply with my wishes.”

“Very nicely done,” Cristiano said as he clapped his hands.

“I learned from the best,” Elena replied. “So what is your decision?”

“I want to know what you will say to her,” Cristiano said.

“Wait – there is one more thing,” Elena said with a small smile. “If I talk to her and she still refuses to come or to change her mind, our agreement stands.”

“Agreed,” Cristiano spat out, “Now what will you say to her?”

“You really care for this woman don’t you?” Elena asked. “But are you willing to give up the cruelty and all that goes with it? Never mind – that is not my concern. I will tell her that at heart you are a good and decent man. I will also tell her that I bring out the worst in you by my blatant disobedience and attitude. Will that do?”

“That will do. You will meet her this evening,” Cristiano said.

“I will need appropriate attire…”

“It has been taken care of,” Cristiano said coolly. “You may choose any wing that you wish as your living space.”

“I want the one that is furthest away from you!” Elena said. “I also want to see the next shipment of new slaves before you do. Are we finished? I have a meeting to get ready for.”

“Technically, you are still my slave until after the ball is over,” Cristiano said as he stood. “Nowhere did I state that I or others couldn’t use you.”

“If you or any of your animals touch me…”

“You will do what?” Cristiano asked as he pulled his cock out. “No agreement has been broken. You made the error of assuming that you were free. You may no longer speak freely,” he said as he approached her.

Her stomach roiled with nausea. How could she not have thought about that? She realized that it was because she had been thinking of her creature comforts and she did think that the agreement covered this.

“Your mate…”

“Is not my mate until she is in my bed and has received my seed,” Cristiano interrupted. “Now shut the fuck up and use that mouth as it was meant to be used.”

Elena refused to open her mouth. She hated the taste and feel of come in or on her. She would rather die.

“No?” Cristiano said lightly, “Then how about this- that little servant that you seem to care so much about is on her way to the cellar. Do you remember what’s down there?”

She did and didn’t wish it on her worst enemy.

“They will fuck her until she’s no longer recognizable or coherent. How would you like to join her? They still talk about that sweet mouth and ass of yours.”

He was toying with her. All he had to do was command her to open her mouth and she would have had to. He was taking his revenged at being outsmarted the only way that he could. Elena cursed herself for her slip up and spoke.

“I will do as you ask, but please do not send her to the cellar- she won’t survive it.”

“Well look at this, the insolent bitch has a heart – very sweet…”

To prove that she meant it, Elena grabbed Cristiano’s cock and stroked it.

“Please master,” she said as she took just the tip into her mouth.

“That’s better,” Cristiano moaned. “The bitch is safe and sound in your room…harder… but… yes… Like that…remember that until the ball is over your mouth, cunt and ass are mine, and so are hers.”

Elena wasn’t listening. She wanted to be done as soon as possible so that she could brush her teeth.

“You … will swallow…!”

Then he was coming. He grabbed Elena’s head and pounded into her mouth with wild abandon screaming his release the entire time. She swallowed as fast as she could while trying not to vomit. When he was done, he roughly pushed her back and looked at her with hatred.

“Get the fuck out,” he said and walked away.

Elena rushed to her rooms, to the bathroom and began to vomit. Bella stood behind her and rubbed her back. Gradually, Elena stopped vomiting and got to her feet.

“Come mistress,” Bella said. “I have things prepared.”

Elena allowed Bella to lead her to the bathroom sink where she brushed her teeth and gargled for several minutes. Two bottle of mouthwash later, she began to feel better.

“Bella, sit down we must talk,” Elena said taking the girl’s hand. “After the ball, we are leaving this place. Do not ask me the details, but we are leaving. We will be moving from these rooms to the wing at the opposite end of the house. We will also be receiving fresh blood instead of the tainted…”

“Mistress – what have you done?” Bella asked. “The master is not this generous for nothing.”

Elena told her everything, except that she had to suck Cristiano’s cock, so that they wouldn’t be sent to the dungeons.

“But remember, that the freedom we have at the moment is an illusion. He still owns us and we must be careful not to do anything that he can send us to the cellars for. Believe me when I tell you that he will try. Bella – I know that you haven’t been with many men, but that may change. Cristiano’s main control is through the use of sex…”

“I-I understand,” Bella replied. “But if it will help you, I will do whatever is required.”

“No Bella, it is for us that we both must do what we need to,” Elena said gently as she hugged the girl. “You are frightened and I understand, but after tonight I hope that we will be free. We will attend the ball…”

“We, mistress?”

“Yes we, and I think that it is time that you start calling me by my given name – Elena – and don’t tell me that you can’t. I am commanding you to do so. Now, let’s get moved into our new home and then get ready for dinner.”


Cristiano fumed. He really hadn’t given Elena enough credit and she had outsmarted him. He felt a pang of regret that she wasn’t his true mate. If she were, she would have been an equal partner and together they would have been formidable. But as the fates would have it, he was given a woman with a soul so soft and gentle, that it angered him, but yet he felt the pull toward her. He wanted her enough that he had entered into a bargain with Elena.

He had to decide about the ball. No matter what happened with the Elena and her chat with Joy, he had to decide what to do about the ball. Postpone it, he decided. He would keep the guest list as it was, and maybe add a few more names to it, but post that the ball was postponed until further notice. He breathed a little easier at the decision, but felt a small inexplicable discomfort too. He shook it off and called the lead planner. When he was done talking to him, Cristiano had the distinct feeling that he had made the wrong decision. He should have cancelled the ball. Pride wouldn’t allow him to do that. The ball was going to double as his wedding to the lovely and shy Joy Martinez. Postponing the ball had another benefit. It kept Elena under his roof to do with as he wished and it gave him time to figure a way out of the bargain that he had made with her.

Master decided Rick need a rest from the constant fucking and decided to dine on him instead. Rick was always a tasty treat. To make sure the blood was surging with hormones and other goodies, he had Rick confined to his bed and tied in place. At no time was his cock or sweet ass to be touched unless a bathroom break was needed. Then it was right back to bed with arms and legs secured.

Rick couldn’t help but squirm as he missed his butt plug and the wonderful tingles that shot through body. In fact not having it made him even hornier. Helena, his keeper, informed him that Master was going to take blood and didn’t want him wasting all his delicious hormones on orgasms. Teasing him, she twisted his sensitive nipples between her fingers.

“Oh you, bitch!” he hissed and closed his eyes. “The least you can do us suck me off.”

“Not on your life,” Helena retorted although the sight of him helpless with a raging hard on made her weak in the groin. How easy it would be to just hop on his swollen cock and ride him to a bone crunching orgasm. Her pussy was aching with need, and she needed to take care of it.

Taking a vibrator out of her toy chest, she sat in a chair facing her oversexed captive and turned it on. The moment the humming head touched her inflamed clit; she moaned wantonly and gave in to the sensation. One orgasm after another clenched her pussy tight, and all poor Rick could do was watch.

“Pay back’s coming, bitch!” he announced heatedly.

“You talk so dirty,” she laughed and ran the vibrator once more over her sopping wet pussy. “I could do this all day.”

But she didn’t have to. Master walked into the room and smiled when he saw Helena enjoying herself and Rick just watching, his huge cock pressed so hard against his belly it had to hurt.

“Helena,” he interrupted her. “You may go now.”

Helena jumped up, kissed the master on the lips and hurried back to her room. Master chuckled softly and then turned his attention towards his evening meal. “Have you been good today?’ he asked and sat on the bed beside Rick to caress his bare tanned chest.

“I have,” Rick choked out the answer as Master toyed with his hyper sensitive nipples.

“No, sex?” Master asked and allowed his elegant fingers to trail down Rick’s lean body to his straining cock.

“No…Master,” Rick gasped as just the tip of a nail brushed his cock head.

“Excellent,” Master stated agreeably and reached into his breast pocket for his a set of fine silver needles. “Pain and desire create a delicious flavor to the blood,” he explained and pierced Rick’s right nipple. Rick closed his eyes and squirmed uncontrollably on the bed. He needed to be fucked badly. Master pinched the left nipple and rolled it between his fingers, making it stand up hard before piercing it with the other silver needle. Rick moaned and tried to fuck the air. He was desperate now.

Master looked at his squirming meal, golden skin damp with sweat and a rock hard dick lying straight up on his belly. There was nothing wrong with him. Master decided to fuck him after all. Rick was such a good fuck, so appreciative of a hard dick in his ass. Standing up Master undressed and laid his clothing over the back of the chair. Rick watched him with wild lust filled eyes.

Nude and perfect, the vampire, his cock not quite hard enough yet to fuck his meal, lay on the bed beside his over heated food and breathed in deeply. Rick smelled of blood and sex. Master smiled and then hefted the swollen meat in his hand, so hot and hard and full of blood. He ran his tongue over it from root to tip and inhaled the scent of aroused male. Rick couldn’t help but shudder with desire when Master sucked the hot meat into his mouth and tongued it like a lollypop. Rick shivered. Master smiled wickedly and continued to orally torture his food’s lovely firm cock. If he had allowed it, Rick would have climaxed right then and there, but Master was feeding on the little shivers of orgasms that pulsed through the young man’s taunt body. He could have fed all night on the little orgasms pulsing through Rick’s body.

Releasing Rick’s cock, the Master Vampire let his eyes run up Rick’s straining body. So so hot and tasty. Using the tips of his sharp teeth the vampire kissed Rick’s belly and nipped his way up Rick’s body. Drawn by the scent of hormone-enriched blood, he stopped again to torture Rick’s pierced nipples, but Rick was past feeling any pain. Rewired by sex Rick felt only lust throbbing all the way down to his cock and swollen balls.

Master bit down on one abused tip and enjoyed the leaping heart beneath the taunt skin and muscle. “Good boy,” the vampire crooned in Rick’s ear. “Good boy.” And with a swift bite he sank his teeth into Rick’s throat. Blood filled the vampire’s mouth as he drank deep and greedily. When he could take no more without doing damage to his pet, he drew back. Rick’s face was pure orgasmic bliss, except Master had not let him cum.

Freeing Rick’s legs, he lifted Rick’s ass higher and hooked the young man’s legs over his shoulders. Fingering the tender hole, slipping one finger and then another inside the sweet tight treasure, the vampire loosened him up a little before repositioning his cock and pointing it at the tender opening. Rick’s ass was probably sore from the previous night’s pounding, but Master didn’t care. He pressed his cock head against the opening and pushed. Even after the demon’s thorough butt fucking, Rick was still good and tight. The young man was blessed to have one of the tightest asses that Master had ever had the pleasure of fucking.

“Oh yes,” the vampire hissed and worked his cock deeper. Finding his rhythm he started working his cock in and out of the helpless young man. Rick was beyond caring. He wanted to cum, needed to cum, but Master’s cock, constantly rubbing that sweet spot was taking him higher and higher. “Are you ready to cum?’ Master asked curiously. The look on the young man’s face was a mixture of out of control desire and pain. He was close to desperate.

“Yes… yes, sir,” Rick answered frantically. Master released his hold and Rick came with a flash of please and white hot light shooting up his spine and into his brain. He screamed as Master filled his bowels with hot cum, and his own jism sprayed over his lathered belly. Master sighed contentedly but did not pull out right away as he continued to slowly stroke Rick’s cum slick ass. Such a sweet ass did not deserve to be abandoned too quickly.

“I wish I could do this all night,” Master said appreciatively and then laughed. “Oh wait, I can. I can bury my dick in your ass and leave it there all night. Would you like to sit on my cock all night?” He ground his cock deep into Rick’s body for affect.

Rick was beyond thinking. Little shivers of exquisite pleasure shot up his spine, and Master’s cock buried in his ass just felt right. His ass was never going to be the same without something thick and hard buried deep inside of it.

Master withdrew his cock and laid on the bed beside his food. He was completely sated for the time being. “Do you like having your ass fucked?’ he asked curiously and used the young man’s shoulder for a head rest.

“Oh yes, Master,” Rick answered readily.

“Which would you rather do, fuck someone or be fucked?”

“Be fucked.”

“Interesting. How long do you think you could stand being fucked?” The thought of having a hard dick in his ass made Rick’s own cock stir again. Master noticed this and smiled. “You really are a whore at heart. None of my other men are as eager to be fucked as you.”

“Your cock is amazing,” Rick answered blissfully.

Master smiled. “I am a vampire who feeds on sex. How did you enjoy the demon last night?”

Rick smiled. “Awesome,” he murmured. “He was so big.”

“You like big cocks fucking you?” Master asked and let his eyes run down his food’s slick body.

“Oh yes,” Rick answered dreamily.

“Well then, we need to see how many big cocks you can take in a night,” Master said and stood up. He needed to wash off and redress, and Rick needed to be prepared for a proper fucking. If he passed the test, Master would enter him in competition against his old friend Duvalle, who claimed no one could beat his pet.

Rick was still in a daze when someone came to clean him up and lead him back to the playroom where he was secured to the fucking swing. With legs wide and arms bound to the chains, he was ready to be fucked by anyone who wanted his ass. The thought of being so open and so vulnerable made his dick twitch even with his less than normal blood pressure.

Master, with Helena sitting naked in his lap, her hands tied behind her and her luscious nipples clamped with delicate butterflies, smiled as one of the pets of Xavier, a visiting vampire from Oregon, approached Rick and fingered his well used ass. Rick moaned as the man pushed his middle finger in deep. Rick closed his eyes and shuddered as his hypersensitive prostate sparked with pleasure.

The man smiled and positioned his huge cock even with Rick’s ass. Using the swing, he impaled Rick on his cock. Rick closed his eyes as light danced in his brain. Back and forth he went, and each time the man’s cock plowed deep into his bowels. He didn’t cum this time, but his ass was warming up to it.

Maurice fucked him next and actually took the time to grind his cock into Rick’s body. It felt so good that he didn’t hurry. Long, slow and smooth, letting his cock slide right into Rick’s fuck hole. When he came, he closed his eyes and growled like an animal.

Andre followed but not before taking Rick’s semi soft cock into his mouth and sucking it to a full erection. He rolled it around in his mouth and played with it, while blood slowly filled the empty chambers.

Master, snacking on Helena’s constant little orgasms, leaned close to her ear and whispered, “Does this make you aroused, my dear?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Do you want to just watch or be fucked like that?”

Helena’s heart jumped. She didn’t know if she could survive that kind of ass fucking. “I like watching, Master,” she answered hesitantly.

Master laughed and leaned back in his chair, his finger moving towards Helena’s pussy. She was very wet and in need of her own release. “Maurice, if you aren’t going to fuck Marcus again, come take care of Helena.” Master opened his legs so Maurice could sit between them and lick Helena’s hot little clit.

Of coarse Master was not letting her cum. Her growing arousal was food for him, and he enjoyed its hot sweet taste. Deciding that he was going to do more than eat Helena’s orgasms, he had her stand up so he could unfasten his trousers and free his fully erect cock. Making sure her supple young ass was free and open, he sat her down on his cock and ordered Maurice to resume using his tongue on her pussy. Now this was nice. He had to leave in a couple of hours, but for now he enjoyed himself.

Rick’s eyes rolled back in his head as Andre fucked him to another orgasm. This triggered Andre’s release and he came with a loud grunt as he buried his cock in Rick’s well used ass.

For the rest of the time Master was present Rick was fucked by the men of the estate. He literally craved cock up his ass and came several more times before Master put an end to it. Rick was exhausted but would literally fuck himself to death if permitted. It was the result of being fed on by vampires whose power was sex. Before sending everyone off to their own beds, he released his hold on Helena and allowed her to have a bone crunching orgasm. She screamed and squirmed as Maurice tongued her clit and Master fucked her ass.

“That’s my girl,” Master purred into Helena’s ear. “So sweet and tasty. Now take Marcus with you and make sure he gets clean.”

Helena did as she was told with some help from Andre and Maurice. They made sure Rick was showered off, and cleaned his ass as best as they could, but not before one more good fuck in the shower. Pressed up against the tiles, Rick was lifted by one and impaled on the cock of the other. It was hard to tell if his brain was even aware of it, but his ass responded willingly. Rick was the finest ass whore in the Master’s stable. And Master had something special in mind for him.

Before reading this you should know that this piece contains m/m and f/f sex.

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When I open my eyes, they go straight for him.

When I try to listen to the music, all I hear is him.

I hate him. I like him. I can’t stand him. I’d give anything to touch those lips of his
,” runs through Ian’s head as he sits by himself in the midst of a party. ‘But let’s face the facts; He is a ladies man, a ruthless player, and not to mention, he played my best friend, Maya, like a violin. And! I’m pretty sure he isn’t gay, or even bi.’ Ian sighs.

Ian is a decent man. He stands about 5’4 and is slender. His hair is brown and has a few piercings in each of his ears. He also has a tattoo on his lower, lower, stomach. He’s a quiet person when he isn’t with his friends. Some call him a loner, which is pretty much true.

He is sitting on the floor against a wall. It’s a spacious living room that 20 young adults can comfortably mingle in. Of those 20 people are himself, Maya- who he came here with-, and him; Nelson. He is across the room, chatting with 3 women, as usual. Maya is a few of her close girlfriends just talking and laughing. Ian’s glad. He just hopes she doesn’t look over there seeing him depressed. ‘That would ruin her mood and night.’ He concludes to himself.

But anyways, Ian’s sitting on the floor with his beer and for the life of him just can’t keep his eyes off of Nelson. ‘Wow.’ One of the girls with him slapped him and left with the other two close behind her. ‘That was funny.’ He couldn’t help but to crack a smile. Feeling lonely, Ian guesses, Nelson looked around the room for a new victim to torture. Just then, his eyes lock onto Ian’s pathetic position on the floor.

With a smirk he walks over to him. Nelson has short black hair with blond streaks, he spiked it up tonight. He is wearing a tight black T-shirt, black skinny jeans, and all black sneakers. The outfit just made him all the more hotter and irresistible to Ian. He looked punky yet his usual suave self. He was gorgeous, and this is why Ian hates him.

Nelson stands in front of him, smiling. His smile was an innocent one which was definitely a contradiction to the rest of him. Ian looks up for a second and sees Nelson’s dangerous smiling face and quickly looks back at the hardwood floor. Ian crosses his legs and arms trying to somehow to subtly signal to him that he’s not interested in talking.

“What’s your name?” Nelson asks. Yeah, that whole signal thing didn’t work so well. Nelson nudges his thigh with his sneaker. “Are ya deaf? Come on, you can talk; can’t you?”

“Sure I can,” Ian replies which also wasn’t his best comeback.

“Well I’m glad to hear that. How about you stand and join me up here? The weather is fine.” He says teasingly while extending a hand to Ian. He reluctantly takes it and stands uneasily next to, the still smirking, Nelson. He leans against the wall with his arms crossed, trying to play off his nervousness. “Hi, thanks for coming. Say, you look a little familiar. Do I know you from somewhere?”

“Yeah, try thinking for a moment. I’m sure you’ll remember.”

Nelson goes into deep thought then snaps his attention back to Ian as he had remembered. “Aren’t you one of Mary’s friends? Wait, it’s either Mary, or umm May… something with an ‘m’.”

Ian sighs annoyed and angry. He could at least remember the name of the woman he fooled around with for a month! “You mean Maya?”

“Yeah, that’s right! Maya; aren’t you a friend of hers’?”


“That’s cool. She was really stup- I mean, sweet. But she was one fine piece of ass. I’ll tell ya that my friend.” He stood beside Ian so they both now had a clear view of Maya was looking stunning tonight in the tight black dress she was wearing. Ian even admitted to himself that he was a little aroused when she walked toward his car when he picked her up earlier. “Mmm, you ever tap that- oh, I never caught your name buddy.”

“My name is Ian and no, I have never had sex with my best friend. I’m gay, you asshole.”

“Sorry.” He said in a condescending tone.

Ugh, I want to gauge his eyes out!’

“So you’re gay huh? Sweet,” he put his hand on Ian’s cheek and stroked it with his thumb, “Because you look so,” He leaned into him near his ear, barely kissing it, “Cute.” Nelson pulled away, holding Ian’s eyes with his gaze. He walked away and Ian couldn’t stop his stare from being glued to Nelson’s ass. Now Ian felt like stripping him right there and then taking him on the floor.

Damn him!’

Maya came over and proposed they leave for the night. Ian agreed right away but knew he’d still be in the house for about 20 more minutes because Maya had to hug, kiss, say good-bye, and possibly have a short chat with absolutely everyone she knew, talked to, or anyone she was even slightly acquainted with before she’d ever take one step out the goddamn front door!

While Maya said her final goodbye, Nelson suddenly came into Ian’s view. He waved bye then smiled mockingly at him.

They left right after that. On the way home Maya asked all sorts of questions about Ian’s night. He answered positively, saying his night was good; he only had a beer, and talked to a few friends.

“Bullshit.” Maya said bluntly and clearly.

“What?” He responded confused.

“I said that what you described as your night is bullshit. Need it spelled out for ya!?”

Ian’s eyes widened, flabbergasted at Maya’s sudden excitement about the accusations she was throwing at him; but he kept his cool and focused on the road. “You never make anything easy for anyone do you? I am trying to drive, please calm down Maya. Now if everything I said was bullshit, why don’t you tell me how my night went? Hmm?”

“Fine. Okay, you had one beer so that wasn’t bullshit; however, you didn’t talk to any friends, you were alone the whole time. And, you look miserable! So your night wasn’t ‘good’.”

Ian sighed in defeat, she was right. But she didn’t see him talking to Nelson, and he wasn’t about to tell her about that. “Yeah, you’re right. Sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry honey. You just need to break out of that shell. You’re really living up to that ‘loner’ status of yours. Just try honey.”

“I know, I will.”


A week later, Maya and Ian were invited to another party. This one was being hosted by Nelson at his house. They were both hesitant to accept but they went anyway.

Maya was off with a little group of friends again, and Ian was standing by himself once again. He was standing next to a bookcase in the living room and immersed in a book that he picked out. Nelson sauntered into the room.

He was wearing a black preppy suit that was clad to his body. The tie was untied, the top 3 buttons of his white shirt were undone, and the shirt was not tucked into his pants, and wore a black vest on top. He walked around the room smiling and greeting everyone. Then he stopped in front of Ian.

Nelson put down his beer on the coffee table and slid the book out of Ian’s hands, putting it back into its place on the book shelf. Ian glared at him, who was smiling wickedly. “I was reading that.”

“Yes you were…and now you’re talking to me.” Ian huffed and reached for the book. Nelson grabbed his wrist. “Now, now, what’s so bad about talking to me?” He held Ian’s hand against his chest. “I don’t think I bite too hard. Or do I? Would you like to know?” Ian stared at him with an annoyed look. “Well that’s okay if you don’t wanna answer me because I already know it! Here we go, and please don’t be afraid to speak up if I’m wrong. So your probably gonna call me and asshole again and walk away, but, of course, grabbing your precious book first; huh?”

Ian blushed and tried to wiggle his hand free from Nelson. The worst part was that he was right; that would’ve been exactly how he would’ve reacted. He was speechless. Nelson let go of his hand and pushed him back against the wall. “But because I’m right I think I deserve a little reward; don’t ya think?” He took a lock of Ian’s light brown hair and played with it in his fingers.

“Rewarded for making fun of me?” Ian snapped.


“Get off of me! Leave me alone.”

“Aw, I’m sorry,” Nelson hugged Ian tightly, “You just looked so lonely over here and I wanted to cheer you up.” He pulls away from him with a sweet smile.

“Tell it to someone who fucking cares; I’m in a worse mood now. Thanks!”

“You’re welcome.”

Ian sighed and slumped against the wall. “Well? What do you want?” Get it over with already.”

“Get what over with love?”

“This torture of talking to you.” He mumbled.

Nelson raised an eyebrow and stepped closer to him; just mere inches away from touching him. “This is torturous to you?”

“Yes, you heard me.”

“Indeed I did.” Nelson ran his hand through his hair while looking down at the floor. He looked back up at Ian with a serious look. “Why is this torturous to you? Huh? I really want to know. I know I come off a bit strong, but I can’t help it when I’m around you.”

“Really?” Ian was caught off guard by Nelsons little confession.

“Listen baby, I’m bi, but you make me lean more towards then men than the ladies.”

“I don’t believe you. Don’t toy with me.” Nelson cupped his cheek with his hand.

“I’m not toying with you,” He softly pecked Ian’s lips. He smiled as he pulled away. Some girl walked up to him and began flirting with him. She was plastered, her words were slurred, and she reeked of beer. Ian was shocked speechless.

When the girl finally staggered off, Nelson turned back to Ian, satisfied at how distressed he was. “I really like you. You’re gorgeous. I love your temper. But most of all I really like your ass.” Ian’s cheeks flushed a bright pink. Nelson reached around and gave his ass a light squeeze. He gasped.

Truth be told, Ian was a virgin. He was crazy about Nelson and now, hearing that he liked him back made him very excited. However, on the the outside, he still looked very perplexed.

Nelson smirked. “You okay?”


Nelson grabbed his hand and held it over his heart. “Feel that? My heart beats faster when I’m with you.”

Ian nodded in agreement, not even hearing what Nelson had just said. And all he could feel beneath his hand was Nelson’s hard chest, but he was too much in a daze for it to click in his head. Nelson helped him up when he could stand on his own.

Nelson smiled then gave Ian a quick kiss. He grabbed his hand and led him out of the living room and toward the back of the house and into a large room. Ian stood in the middle of the room to look around the stylish decor. The walls were painted black with white floral designs. The rug was black with a peppering of white on some of the tips. All of the furniture was black with white detailing. It didn’t surprise Ian that this was Nelson’s room.

It was professional with modern-playfulness to it…much like Nelson himself. Nelson locked the door after closing it softly then joined Ian where he was standing. He slid his arms around Ian’s waist and kissed his neck. “What would you like to do, love?” He whispers against the warm skin of his neck.

“I-uh- don’t know.”

“I have an idea. Why don’t we keep going until you say stop? Is that okay?”


“Perfect.” Nelson steps away from Ian and strips himself of the black vest and seductively unbuttons the white shirt. Ian backs away until he is against the wall; his favorite position so far…

Nelson took off the shirt revealing his beautiful upper body. He had a narrow happy trail of light brown hair from his mid-stomach leading below the waistband of his pants. But other than that he was hairless. He shrugged off his tie and pulled off his pants to show his bare legs.

He stalked over to Ian and placed his hands on either side of his head. “Like what you see sweetie?”

“Yeah, you look delicious.” Ian blushed wildly at the shocking realization of what he just said.

Nelson smirked and said, “Good. Now how about we get you out of your clothes?” He grabbed the bottom of Ian’s shirt and pulled it over his head. Nelson kissed his lips than migrated down to devour his neck. Ian moaned when he nipped at his tender skin.

Nelson moved down to his chest and took a nipple into his mouth. He teased it by flicking it with his tongue and gently biting and tugging on it with his teeth. He switched nipples and gave the same treatment to it. Nelson came back up to Ian’s lips while working on his jeans. After finally unclasping them, he pulled them down and Ian stepped out of them, holding onto Nelson’s shoulders for balance. Then Nelson stood back a moment.

He ate up the sight of Ian’s bare body, greedily. His eyes trailed down the flawless torso to a scripture tattoo. He recognized the language as Arabic.

He shyly looked away from Nelson, suddenly feeling over exposed under Nelson’s surveying eye. A strong feeling of embarrassment swept over him, making his cheeks flush a light shade of pink; matching the color of his neck and chest.

“What’s the tattoo say?”

“All you need is love, in Arabic.”

“Interesting choice… What’s wrong?” Nelson asks with a slight smirk.

“This just feels really weird.”

“Have you ever done this before?”


“First timer, huh?” Nelson stepped closer to him, “I’ll go easy on you then.” He grabbed Ian’s sack through his boxers to exaggerate when he said ‘go easy on you‘. Ian whimpered at the touch, causing Nelson to smile. He placed his hands on Ian’s hips, pushing him over to the bed and laying him down, so his legs were dangling off the side and his butt was half on the mattress. Nelson pulled off Ian’s boxers then his own. Ian’s breathing was getting rapid with his new anticipation.

Nelson knelt down between Ian’s legs then stopped all of his actions and stared up at Ian, happy that he was getting all worked up. Ian gazed down to Nelson because he sensed no movement from him all of the sudden. He met Nelson’s gaze, seeing he had a dangerous smirk playing on his lips.

“Wh-what?” Ian stutters out.

“You just look all out of sorts.” He chimed, holding back vicious chuckle.

“Oh, thank you.” He said a little perplexed as he blushed again.

“Tell me what you want me to do Ian.”

Ian gave an audible gulp and choked on his words. “I… I-uh.”

“Come on. Say it.”

“I-I want you t-to touch me.”

Nelson grabbed Ian’s 7 inch woody. He kissed the head which made Ian gasp desperately in pleasure and buck his hips gently, needing more stimulation. Nelson held his hips still so he was in full control of Ian’s orgasm. He sucked the head hard while he wrapped his hand around the rest and jacked the rest of Ian’s length.

Ian was moaning and slurring nonsense under his breath. He was writhing in pleasure. His balls tightened to his body and Nelson took that as his cue to swallow Ian’s whole member. Ian white-knuckled the bed sheets then came hard, his juices sliding down Nelson’s throat. He swallowed every drop of the sweet and salty semen as if it was his drug and his last fix was months ago.

Nelson didn’t waste any time; he grabbed a bottle of lube out of his nightstand and smeared some on his finger and went back to his position in between Ian’s trembling legs. Ian was still panting and shaking while still high from the amazing orgasm that had washed over him.

Nelson pushed the lubed finger past Ian’s sphincter which made him draw in a sharp breath. Nelson massaged his prostate then added a second finger, then soon after he added a third. He scissored all 3 fingers until he had him bucking his hips and begging for more.

Nelson stepped back and lubed up his 7 and half inch penis while watching Ian moving slightly uneasy and whimpering, whispering to Nelson that he needed to be filled. Nelson lined up his cock with Ian’s opening and paused, “Do you trust me?”

“Yeah, just fill me Nelson.”

Of course, being the saint he is, Nelson happily obliged Ian’s pleas without the slightest objection. Nelson pushed the head of his rod into Ian’s hot virgin hole. Nelson exhaled heavily at that heat and tightness of his fuck buddy’s ass. Ian gave a faint whine of pain as Nelson made his cock disappear deeper and deeper into his bum.

“Oh fuck baby,” Nelson panted, “Aaah. You tell me when you’re ready.”

“Mmmhm.” After Ian’s muscle relaxed around its new intruder he started bucking against Nelson again. “Oh fuck me Nelson!” Nelson drew back his hips and rammed them against Ian’s pelvis.

“Oooh, fuuuck.” He moaned. He plowed into Ian again and again. A sheath of sweat slicked them both as the rapid paced movements continued.

Nelson was a dirty-talker during sex. Tonight was no exception. “Yeah baby. Oooh, you slut. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah! That’s right bitch you take that cock. Mmm, yeah!” He pounded into Ian harder. “Oh you slut! You love that big juicy cock up your sweet tight ass, don’t ya? Oh shit. Mmm, yeah. Take it!”

“Nelson! Ah, what the fu-…Oh. Oh. Oh! Fuck!”

“You close baby? You’re tightening up again. Ah, oh. Mmm.”

“Yes! Oooh! I’m so close! I’m gonna cum. Oh don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

Nelson chuckled under his breath and slowed his pace then stopped his thrusting all together but was still half penetrating Ian. Ian gave a long whimper of protest. He looked up to Nelson with a strong look of bewilderment. ‘Did I say something wrong?’ He briefly thought. “Wh-why?”

“Why’d I stop? Well I like seeing you squirm.” Nelson smirked, knowing Ian wasn’t listening to the bullshit explanation; rather, he was trying to thrust his hips up trying to get Nelson further into him for some pleasure. Nelson grabbed Ian’s hips and shook his head. “No, no baby. And if your hands move anywhere near your dick then we’ll be done here.”

Ian sighed and nodded, still not really concentrating on anything the sexy man above him was saying. He just wanted him to start moving again. “Good, I’m gonna start up again. But I need you promise me you’ll be a good boy, okay?” Ian nodded. Nelson jerked his hips. “What was that, I couldn’t quite hear what you said?” Nelson tilted his head toward Ian and waited for his verbal answer; of course he had his trademark smirk still beaming.

“Yes! Yeah, yeah. I’ll do what you say! I’ll be good, just mooove. Fuck.”

“Well when you put it like that,” Nelson drew back his hips, so just the head was still sheathed in Ian’s warm crevice. “I guess I’ll continue.” Nelson plowed into Ian hard, right to the hilt. Ian moaned. Nelson gasped and repeated this maneuver over and over, although not as hard.

“Oh god Nelson! I-oh!”

“I know. Me…me too,” Nelson brushed the damp hair out of Ian’s warm face and whispered in a low tone that made shivers go down Ian’s spine, “Cum for me baby.” Ian clamped his eyes shut and threw his head back as his climax overcame him when he wrapped his fingers around hid prick and stroked it a few times. His muscles squeezed around Nelson as he was brought to an intense orgasm of his own.

“Oh god Nelson. Th-that was mind-blowing.” Ian panted still coming down from his sexual high.

Nelson’s spent cock slipped from Ian’s arse and he sprawled out on top of him with his face nuzzled in the crook of Ian’s neck for a moment before got out of the bed to collect his items of clothing. Ian sat up and watched him put each on. “Where are you going?”

Nelson finished fully dressing himself exactly as he was earlier then stood in front of Ian, sitting of the side of the bed still watching Nelson. He bent down next to Ian’s ear and whispered, “Ian. That was some great sex. You’re one of the best pieces of ass I’ve had.” He kissed Ian’s cheek, “But you’re as easy as Maya was.” He chuckled wickedly.

Ian’s eyes grew wide. Nelson kissed his forehead and walked to the door, opening it, but then turned to Ian before fully exiting. He winked then laughed as he walked back down the hall to the bustling crowd of people.

Ian still had the look of shock written across his face while tears brimmed his eyes, threatening to spill over onto his pink cheeks. He came to the horrible realization to what he had just done, who he had done it with, and what, he had been saving to give to someone special, he gave away. Thoughts of guilt, shame and fury flooded his head as he dazedly tried to collect his clothing and attempting to put them on.

How the fuck could I had not seen it before? I was just a quick fuck. What the fuck is wrong with me!? I feel like throwing up .Oh shit, better yet, I feel like dying. I need to get out of here; I need to get the fuck out of here. I’ll leave. Yup, just get the fuck outta here! I’ll tell Maya to stay and enjoy herself. And I’ll go. I won’t come back, this is too humiliating. I can’t let him see my face again. Why am I so naive? I’m such a joke, a flat out idiot. Ugh, I’m worthless.‘ Ian thought as he quickly dressed himself then hesitantly leaving Nelson’s room to go find Maya.

She was easy to find, and he walked up to her, leading her away from the small group of friends she was talking to after excusing them. “Hey Ian. Where were you?” She asked rubbing his arm.

“Oh. I was sick so-.” His focus was deteriorated by Nelson popping out of nowhere and stood next to them. “S-so I should go h-home.”

“Not gonna stick around?” Nelson said, looking smug.

“Shut up Nelson,” Maya spat, “Go screw a whore or something.” Nelson chuckled coldly in Ian’s direction and walked away.

“Anyways Maya I’m gonna leave. I want you to enjoy the rest of your night though. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

“Are you sure honey?”

“Yeah, I’ll see you later.” After giving his car keys to her, Ian walked briskly out of the house to avoid running into anyone, especially Nelson.

Tears streamed down his cheeks as he filtered through all of Nelson’s words that night.

‘”You look so…cute.”‘ “Sure, cute enough to fuck right?” He asked as if talking to Nelson.

‘”You make me lean towards men more than the ladies.”‘ “You’re the king of pick-up lines aren’t you!?”

‘”I’m not toying with you.”‘ “Fucking liar!”

‘”But most of all, I really like your ass.”‘ “I should’ve known that’s all you fuckin’ wanted!”

‘”My heart is crazy for you.”‘ “Yeah right!”

‘”Do you trust me?”‘ “Why? Why did I even trust you!?”

Ian collapses on some one’s front lawn and hugs his knees to his chest. “Crazy about me? What a joke! Why couldn’t I see it? I knew what you were, what you had done, and I didn’t see it coming right at me. Someone finally takes an interest in me and what do I do? Put down my guard and open legs.” Ian starts sobbing. “I’m the fucking joke!” Ian cries a while longer on the lawn then eventually picks himself up and continues in the direction of his home.

On the way he takes a detour to a park and sits on the swings. “That was my virginity. That innocence that I promised myself to give to someone I treasured, and treasured me. Gone. Vanished. Why? Because I’m pathetic.” Ian hung his head in shame. He was tired, emotionally, and physically.

But little did Ian know, there was someone across the park, at the top of the big slide. The stranger was watching him. The person was hidden by the darkness casted over that part of the park. “Funny, I came out for some fresh air, and look what I find. A cutie.” The creature whispered to himself with chuckle.

Ian looked up to the crescent moon and closed his eyes. “I wish I could just disappear.” He let go of the swing and leaned backward until he fell the short distance to the mulch covered ground beneath him, with a deep exhale. He flinched, but kept his eyes closed, and relaxed his body against the ground.

Meanwhile, the man across the park arched an eyebrow at the sight of Ian intentionally falling off the swing. “What an odd boy…Why do I always find the weird ones. Ugh.” The man scoffed while walked over to Ian. “Well, well. Hello there. Are you okay? I saw you fall.”

Ian opened his eyes and examined the stranger. He was taller than him but had almost the same slender build. His hair was fine and black, also straight; the bangs fell to side, partially hiding an eye. On the other eye, Ian could tell he had an eyebrow ring from the way the metal glistened from the light coming from a nearby streetlamp. Ian guessed the man stood about 5’7, a bit short for a guy, but Ian couldn’t judge since he was just 5’4.

The stranger’s smile was gentle, and he looked young; maybe 25 or so, which is just a bit older than Ian. However, the man had a peculiar feeling to him that Ian had picked up on, but even the odd aura didn’t faze him, the night’s earlier events seemed to take up all of his thoughts. “Yeah, I’m fine.” He said shyly.

“Need a hand?” The man offered, extending his arm out to Ian. His fingers were slender, his arm wasn’t thin but it wasn’t muscular either. And he also had quite a few scars on his arm.

“No thank you, I’m fine right here.”

“On the ground?”

“Of course.”

“May I join you then?”

Ian was taken aback by the fact that a stranger wanted to lay with him. Asking questions was one thing but this was a bit much. But it only alarmed Ina for the moment then quickly faded. “Yeah, why the hell not.”

The man laid down close next to Ian; so their arms were touching. “Why are you at the park so late?” He queried.

“I just needed to clear my head. What about you?” Ian asked to be polite but didn’t bother to listen any further; he stared into the stars and lost himself for a moment.

“I needed some fresh me-er-air. Sorry, air. I needed air.”

Ian pulled away from his thoughts, starting to think rationally. “What’s your name anyway?”

“Jamie Lamont. And you?”

“Ian Drake. Nice to meet you, Jamie.”

“So, you said you came here to clear your head. Have a rough night?”

“Rough would be an understatement. But to sum it all up I’ll just say that I was a at a party earlier and trusted the wrong person.” Tears brim his eyes, “I was stupid.”

“I don’t think you’re stupid.”

“You just met me,” Ian scoffs, “I’m gonna get going. See ya around.”

“Do you have to go home?”

“Yeah dude, my parents are probably worried by now.” Ian stood and was about to walk away but Jamie stood and grabbed his arm before he could.

“Wait, don’t go.”

Ian was getting frazzled by this handsome stranger who just wouldn’t let go of his arm. In fact, his grip was getting tighter. “No, I really have to go.”

“But I was enjoying your company. Stay a while longer?”

“Seriously man, you’re creeping me out, and let go of my damn arm!”

Jamie let go of the smaller man’s arm and rubbed the back of his head. “Sorry.”

“Yeah whatever.” Ian turned and walked briskly towards the park entrance.

Well,’ Jamie thought to himself, ‘He is gonna make me do this the hard way.’

Right before Ian left through the park gates Jamie appeared in front of him. He pushed Ian to the ground and sat on his legs while holding his arms still. “What the fuck are you doing!?” Ian demanded while writhing beneath Jamie in an attempt to free himself. However, his movements caused his body to move against Jamie’s, which made Jamie a bit aroused.

Ugh, wrong time for a fucking boner Jamie!’ Jamie scolded himself. “Feisty aren’t we? We’ll fix that later. Please be quiet. I’ll make this quick.” Jamie squeezed the pressure point on Ian’s neck making him pass out with a gasp. Jamie slung him over his shoulder and walked out of the park.


Jamie stood in front of the open window-slider in his room puffing away at a cigarette in the mid-afternoon sun of the next day. It was safe to say that he was a little irritated. ‘When the fuck is he gonna wake up already?’ He growled in his head. He just sighed and looked over to Ian’s, passed-out, huddled mass on his bed against the wall. He looked so peaceful, yet there was a hint of pain to his aura when Jamie found him last night and while he was sleeping now.

Sighing again, Jamie looked back outside. ‘He is just so tempting. He’s so cute and innocent when he sleeps. But that pain of his is always keeping me at bay. For that I will let him sleep. I can’t be like Val: torture the hell out of a mate until they warm up to you. I’ll be gentle with Ian. I haven’t had a lover in 20 years for Christ’s sake!’ Jamie groaned in disappointment. Suddenly, in his peripheral vision, he saw a slight stir on the bed. The man flicked his cigarette down to the street below, and shut the slider and curtains, and knelt down beside the bed; facing Ian.

Ian slowly opened his eyes and made some movement to wake himself. He heard some noise then sensed a presence behind him. It startled him but he had to cautious with his movements, discovering that he was a little dizzy. As his vision became clearer he was then aware he was staring at a dark red wall. Ian turned over onto his other side carefully until he was face to face with the stranger from last night. His memory of the previous night came flooding back to him.

“Good evening Ian.” Jamie chimed, seeing Ian’s expression turn to panic. Ian slid back against the wall, in some attempt to get way from Jamie.

“You’re that creep from last night! Leave me alone!”

Jamie crawled onto the bed and sat Ian up. He leaned in close to his face; with his reddish-brown eyes piercing into Ian’s frightened brown ones. “I’m not too fond of people telling me what to do. So you better keep that fucking attitude under control. It’ll get you in trouble.” Jamie growled, making Ian shudder in fear at his tone which was dripping of malice. This amused Jamie, but he got off the bed and gently rubbed Ian’s head. “I’m not going to rape or kill you. Don’t worry about that.” Jamie turned away, about to walk away, but stopped when Ian’s voice rose.

“Then what the hell am I here for!? You kidnapped me for shits and giggles? I don’t mean to sound ungrateful but this shit is ridiculous!”

Jamie hopped back onto the bed, and pressed Ian’s head into the mattress. “And there’s that attitude again,” Jamie pulled Ian, by his hair, out of the bed, room, and into the bathroom across the hall. He shoved him into the shower. He landed in an awkward side-ways position facing Jamie. But he didn’t move a muscle. “I told you we would fix that feisty behavior, but you’re making it apparent that you need it now huh?”

“N-no I was… I- uh, um I’m sorry.” Ian panics, not wanting to be hurt by this crazy guy.

“Oh? He stutters? Well, you need to learn your lesson.” Jamie quickly turned the water on the iciest setting and watched Ian squirm, trying to get up; pleading with him to shut it off. Ian curled up in a ball and thought about anything to get his mind of the freezing water. “Are you ready to be a good boy?”

Those words triggered a flashback of last night when Nelson had told Ian to be a good boy.

I like to see you squirm.”

Promise me you’ll be a good boy, okay?”

You’re as easy as Maya.”

Ian snapped out of his thoughts after Jamie smacked him on the back of the head. “Hey! Don’t go off to La-La Land! Now are you going to behave or not?”

Tears rolled down Ian’s cheeks. “I’ll behave.” He said softly.

“What?” Jamie’s voice slicing through the short moment of silence made Ian flinch.

“I’ll behave.” He said louder this time.

“Good, I’m sorry for hitting your head. I got a little carried away.” Jamie apologized while turning off the icy shower. “C’mon, I’ll get you some dry clothes.” Jamie’s change of moods led Ian to wondering briefly if Jamie had some sort of bipolar disorder.


They sat in an uneasy silence in the living room while watching TV. Ian learnt the layout of the apartment and it wasn’t a bad set up. As soon as you walk in through the front door you are in between the living area and kitchen. The kitchen wasn’t large, mainly because they never really used it to cook food.

The living room, on the other hand was large. There was a maroon love-seat in the corner next to a door, which was to another room. In front of the love-seat, across the room, was a wide flat screen TV. Against the wall perpendicular to the love-seat was a big, soft, puffy black couch that took up the entire wall. There was a side table next to the love-seat and then another on one end of the couch.

To the right of the front door was a hallway with a bathroom on the right and another bedroom, Jamie’s room, directly across the hall on the left. The bathroom had a light blue color on the walls. Everything else (sink, toilet, shower, tub, etc.) was white. The floor was white tile with black lines outlining the perfect square white tiles. And at the very end of the hall was another door to another bedroom. The carpets were plush cut and also a shade of dark red. Other than Jamie’s room all the walls were a dark raspberry color. It was a very mellow home. Ian had no objections though.

Jamie flicked through the stations trying to find something interesting, as he belittled himself for treating Ian so cruelly. ‘What the fuck, I was supposed to be nice to him. Now he probably hates me damn it. ~sigh~ I’m so stupid now he’ll think I’m some asshole.’ Ian’s eyes were fastened to the carpet as he began to think about Nelson, and his whole night of stupid decisions. Noticing how dismal he was getting, he switched his thoughts over to his family. Ian came to the realization that they were probably worried sick about him. He closed his eyes and silently swore to himself.

“You’re awfully quiet. Something wrong?” Jamie asked, trying to be friendly.

“Yeah!” Ian said with a bit too much enthusiasm. Jamie growled at him, but quickly stopped. But it made Ian immediately go silent again, not wanting to piss off Jamie again.

“Anyways, what’s on your mind?”

Ian shifted in his seat to face Jamie, “I’m afraid my family is pretty worried about me. They’re probably freaking out, not knowing where I am and all. Not that I’m desperate to see them, I just don’t want them to be worrying.”

“Why don’t you want to go see them? They are your family.”

Ian sighed, “Well they do love me and I do love them but it just isn’t how they use to love me before I told them I was… different than them.” Jamie nodded, understanding what Ian meant. He continued, “They were pretty close to kicking me out anyways. Then all I would have is my best friend Maya. Sorry, I’m just rambling on, aren’t I?” Ian finished with a hurt chuckle.

Jamie rubbed his chin and finally said, “I’ll let you see them…in time. If you want.”

“How long do you mean?”

“When I’m able to trust you.”

“And how do I that, make you trust me?”

“That comes with time.” Jamie chuckles.

“And I’m guessing you’re not that kind of guy who gives hints?” Ian teases, finding himself smiling. Believe or not, he actually felt himself warming up to this weird, sort of terrifying ,stranger.

“You guessed right.” Jamie winks, returning the gentle smile he had just received from the younger man. Jamie was falling for Ian quick.


About an hour later there was a rustling outside the front door. Finally it opened and a woman stepped in drunkenly; and made her way to the love-seat in the living room. She was a little shorter than Ian and had a slender frame. She had nice full breasts, lean legs and arms, a tight stomach, and long brunette hair that came down to the middle of her back. The woman was beautiful. She reminded Ian of Maya momentarily, the way their beauty seemed to catch his eye and make him wonder if he was bi-sexual rather than gay.

“Hey Val. Have a good time?” Jamie asked, trying his best to contain a laugh. Surely this hasn’t been the worst condition she has been in, which was a good thing, but he thought it would be a little offensive to her if he were to laugh.

“Mmmhhmmm. Who’s that?” She pointed to Ian as she giggled noticing her exuberance.

“This is my friend Ian.” Jamie said as he rested his hand upon Ian’s shoulder, which made him shiver a bit. He hoped Jamie hadn’t noticed.

“Oooh. Ian. He looks delicious.” Val winked to Jamie. Ian’s look of bewilderment caught Val’s sharp eye; even though she was wasted. “Honey? You don’t know do you?” Ian shook his head becoming even more confused as to what she was talking about. Jamie desperately motioned for her to stop talking, but she paid no mind to him. “We’re vampires hun. But Jamie here won’t eat ya. Or kill ya.”

“A-a what!?” Ian gasped out.

“Jamie, I think he is hard of hearing or something,” She said to Jamie, then turned to Ian, “I said we’re vampires! This whole building is full of them!” She said louder to him.

Jamie sighed and hung his head. ‘This drunk bitch…why is she my fucking best friend???’ Ian got up silently and went to Jamie’s room, sitting down on the bed.

“I broke it to him gently huh?” Val slurred still giggling, as merry as could be.

Jamie got up, “Yeah. You were brilliant Val. Now go to you room please.”

“Roger that! Captain ass wipe!”

Jamie sighed even heavier while walking down the hall to his room. He shut the door behind him after entering his room then stood before Ian, whom was waiting for him to say something.

Giving up, Ian spoke up first, “So, you’re a vampire. That chick Val is a vampire. And this whole apartment building is run by vampires.” He said more as a statement than a question.

“Well yes. This is a safe place for my kind to live in society. And I also have another roommate, Aiden. He is a close friend of mine along with Val. But he isn’t too friendly,” Jamie paused and exhaled heavily, “Sorry. I should have told you earlier.”

“Uh-huh. It’s okay. But um… if you’re not going to kill me then what are you gonna do with me?”

“Well I haven’t had human blood in a long while and…” Jamie trailed off.

“And what?”

“Listen Ian, I know you’re gay.”

“Huh? How do you know that?”

“You were sleep-talking. I heard you saying some very, uh, suggestive things about what Nelson was doing to you,” Jamie blushed thinking about the hard on he’d gotten when he was listening to Ian speaking so lewdly in his sleep.

Ian blushed profusely hearing that he spoke such things, which were so flamboyant that Jamie could tell his sexual preference. He hid his face behind his hands so ashamed.

Jamie pulled his hands away from his face and held both of them while kneeling down in front of him. Something about seeing Ian somewhat hurt was enough for the creature to care for him and want to take that hurt away. “If it helps any, I’ll have you know that I’m gay too. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.” Jamie smiled on the outside but was sweating like a whore at church on the inside at the realization that he just told the man he liked he was gay.

Ian looked into Jamie’s brown eyes with the reddish hue. At that moment, all of the fear that he might’ve had associated with Jamie was gone. The man was really beautiful. And he was a very warm person, like he had seen earlier that night. ‘Oh no. I’m attracted to my kidnapper.’ He sighed to compose himself in any way he could. “Thank you, that does make me feel much better.” Ian smiled warmly to his new found dangerous attraction.

“Good. We should get some sleep. Looks like you could use it.”

“I sure do.”

Ian settled on one side of Jamie’s bed and Jamie settled on the other and both drifted into the darkness of sleep.


The next morning Ian woke up in the bed alone and went to the bathroom. He walked in and noticed a girl at the sink washing her face. “Oh excuse me. Sorry.” Ian said embarrassed looking at the floor.

“Nonsense,” The girl waved off his apology, “Its fine. Stay.”

“Uh, I have to pee.” He added feeling his cheeks burn harder.

She chuckled, a cute little giggle that made Ian look up at her. “I won’t look. I promise.” The girl said while turning to face the wall while Ian quickly did his business and flushed.

‘My life seems to get weirder by the fuckin’ second.’ He thought briefly, as the girl turned back around to the sink and continued tending to her face. Ian stood facing her but at a sudden loss for words.

“I’m Vaness by the way.”

“Just Vaness-”

She cut him off in explanation, “Yeah I know; ‘where’s the ‘a’?’ But that’s what it says on my birth certificate. My parents were hippies. Ha.”

“Oh. Well, um, my name is Ian. Nice to meet you Vaness, I’m assuming you’re a vampire too?”



Vaness went to the closet and grabbed a towel then returned to the sink and began applying some make-up. “That’s right. I’m human. You are too huh?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“Well that’s great! Would you like to be friends then?”

“Sure that’d be great,” Ian paused to smile; not feeling all that lonely since this girl did seem really nice. “Do you live here too?”

“I’m Val’s girlfriend. All my stuff is in her room, and I never leave the house, so yeah, I guess you could say that I live here too.”

“Val is a le-”

“-Lesbian?” Vaness finished for him. “No, but she is bi; I’m the lesbian.” She smiled to herself.

“Oh. Um, when you said ‘never leave the house’, were you serious?”

“Yup, I usually stay in Val’s room all day and night. Sometimes I go out in the living room to watch some TV to catch up with the outside world. But I always get Jamie to bring me a newspaper. Or sometimes I hang out in the kitchen. Oh! Or the occasional party downstairs.”

At the mention of the kitchen Ian suddenly felt hungry. He had totally ignored it yesterday.

“Well I am starving for some breakfast. Want some cereal?” She said picking up her belongings and leading him to the kitchen.

“Yes, please. How long have you been here?”

“I’ve been here a little over a year.” She answered pouring milk into two bowls of Honey Bunches of Oats.

“And Val still doesn’t trust you enough to let you leave?”

“Ugh yeah,” She sat at the table after handing Ian his bowl then took the first bite of hers. “I’m still trying to figure out what I’m supposed say. It’s like a phrase or something that she wants to hear from me. I just have no idea what it is. Hopefully, now that you’re here, we can both put our heads together and figure it out.”

“Sounds like a deal. How old are you, if you don’t mind me asking.” Ian blushed, looking down at his cereal.

“Not a problem. I’m 19; you?”

“24. You’re so young. How did meet Val anyway?”

“Full of questions aren’t ya? I’m just kidding. Well a year ago, after my birthday, a bunch of friends and I got into a bar, with the help of some fake ID might I add, and we split up after getting drinks. I was mingling with a few people, and then Val caught my eye. We were talking and she convinced me to come back here. She gave me a glass of wine with something in it, to make me sleepy. Then I woke up the next morning.” Vaness looked off remembering something then smiled to herself and looked back to Ian as he asked her another question.

“Did you ever try to leave?”

“I wanted to but then Val gave me a choice before tried to escape. Either I could’ve left and I’d never see her again, or I could’ve stayed and possibly not leave for a very long time. It made me think about the life I had and what I could have. To put it simply: I had no life. All I had was school. I had a few friends but not close friends that I could truly confide in. I didn’t have family. My parents had no siblings and their parents died early. I was an only child too, so I didn’t have siblings.

So to sum it up, I was pretty fucking lonely. Then I met Val at the bar and she was so…so interesting. From the moment I laid my eyes on her something in me was just drawn to her, and I couldn’t bring myself to back away. I don’t wanna say ‘it was love at first sight’ but I guess I have to.” Vaness smiled again. “I know sitting in an apartment all day isn’t that glamorous but the sex is amazing so I don’t mind.”

Ian laughed then went back to eating his cereal. Thoughts of Nelson penetrated his mind and his expression slowly turned into a forlorn one. Vaness noticed his changing of moods and would have none of that!

“Hey, you okay? Caught you daydreaming, or shall I say nightmare. What’s wrong?”

“Nah, I was just remembering something.”

Vaness brought both their empty bowls to the sink and went to Ian’s side. “What is it? I won’t tell anyone. I promise.”

“Well two nights ago I went to this party and to put it short and sweet: I was deceived by this guy I liked and we ended up having sex. Turns out I was just a quickie for him. He took my virginity and threw it away like trash. I can’t believe I trusted him.” Tears spilled over Ian’s cheeks while he felt a wave a disappointment come over him. How could he be that stupid? It was Nelson. Was he blind? Ian felt so ashamed of himself. He was an adult not a pathetic stupid teenager. What was he thinking!?

Vaness cut through his mantra of degrading comments by hugging him tightly. “Don’t cry honey,” She soothed and handed him a tissue. “Every thing’s all right. I know how it feels to regret the things we do but there isn’t much you can do about it now; no sense in feeling ashamed or humiliated about it. The best thing to do, honey, is to move on. I know that seems pretty impossible but you have to keep your head up and forget all about that stuff. It will just eat away at you. So start with Jamie. He is a great guy and will treat you right. You gotta just let yourself like him though.”

She was right. Ian knew she was. He had to forget about all that happened with Nelson and move on. Before he fell off the swing that night, he had wished to disappear. Well this is about as close as it’s gonna get. He has been given a second chance; a chance to love and be loved by Jamie. “Thank you Vaness. I’ll try.”

Vaness kissed his cheek and gave him another squeeze before releasing him. The front door opened and Val walked into the kitchen with groceries.

“Well, well hello… I’m sorry, what’s your name again?”

“That’s okay, I’m Ian.”

“That’s right. Ian. I’m sorry Ian. I know I was shit-faced last night. I apologize.” Val turned to Vaness and caressed her cheek with her hand. “Hi baby, how are you?”

“I’m fine, welcome home.” Val hugged her then turned them towards Ian.

“So are you two getting along well?”

“Yup,” Ian answered cheerily, “We were just talking and getting to be friends.”

“Good,” Val smiled, “But I’ll let you know now that I’m very protective and territorial of Vaness.” She disclosed, hugging her love closer to her.

Fuck yeah you are…” Vaness mumbled under her breath.

“What was that?” Val asked with a smirk.

“Oh, it was nothing.” Vaness smiled, feigning innocence.

“I thought I heard you say something.”

“Me? Say something? Nooo.”

“Oh yeah?”


“Oh you’re gonna get it. So gonna get it.” She tickled Vaness to the floor. Ian laughed as he watched them play on the floor, so in love. Vaness said truce and they both got up, sharing a few sexy and dirty looks.

“So are you and Jamie getting along okay?” Val queried.

“We’re getting better.” Ian smiled to Vaness. She smiled back.

“Good, I’ll tell you a little secret about Jamie then. He may come off or try to come off as a tough guy but he is actually just a really sweet, soft-hearted kind of guy. Don’t be afraid of him.” Val winked to Ian.

The door opened again, and Jamie walked in. Ian turned and smiled at him. Jamie smiled back seeing how cute Ian’s smile was, and it was just for him. Then he told himself not to get too carried away and took of his sneakers. “Hey.” He said walking over to Ian. He pecked his cheek without thinking and tried to distract him by quickly asking “How are you? Did you sleep well?”

Ian blushed when he realized Jamie had just kissed his cheek. But he hurriedly composed himself and replied, “I’m great. And I slept well thank you.” He heard snickering coming from the ladies across the kitchen.

“Good.” Jamie struggled to find words, so he just grinned. ‘Perfect. When all else fails, just look creepy! Nice going Jamie.’ He scolded himself.

Ian took a deep breath and pecked Jamie’s cheek then quickly looked down at the floor. “H-how was your, uh, day?” ‘Great now he probably thinks I’m afraid of him. Ugh, I’m such a loser. Nice job Ian.’ After a moment of silence, Ian looked back up to Jamie who had a light dusting of pink across his cheeks.

“It was okay.” He replied and the shade pink got darker.

The hushed laughter returned at the other side of the kitchen.


A few days had passed. Ian was sitting on the bed in Jamie’s room, and Jamie was over at the window slider having a cigarette. After a lot of thinking, Ian couldn’t help but to wonder about where the hell he was- who wouldn’t?

“Hey, Jamie?” He asked quietly.

“Hm?” Jamie hummed blowing smoke out through his nose and looking over to his dearest.

“Uh, where exactly am I? Like, what’s the name of the city?”

“This small, conveniently, overlooked city is called Millbury. Just a few miles away from the park we met in. Anything else de-, err, Ian?”

Ian smiled at the “tough guy’s” stammer. “Yeah. Where do you work?”

Jamie smiled inwardly at the younger man’s cute face. “A few blocks away at the grocery store. It’s a 24-hour store. I’m an extra for all the shifts that need to be covered so my boss doesn’t have to pay anybody overtime. He thinks he is saving money. Murphy is an idiot, but he’s a cool dude.” He chuckles then takes another drag of his cig.

“Thank you Jamie.” ‘For making disappear, and… a second chance.’

“For what? I thought you hated me.”

“I don’t hate you. There were just some things I was frustrated about. But I’m over them now. So I’m okay.” He had a hint of dejection in his voice that Jamie easily picked up on.

He flicked his cigarette to the street below and closed the slider before making his way over to the bed and sitting next to Ian. “You wanna tell me about what was bothering you?”

Ian looked over to Jamie and couldn’t help but to blush at the site of him. His hair was gently tousled from rolling around in his sleep, light stubble covered his jaw and most of his cheeks, and then he looked into his eyes full of concern and adoration. Ian looked away before he lost his train of thought.

“The night we met at the park, I had just come from a party. That guy Nelson sweet-talked me into believing he actually liked me. I had a crush on him already so it was pretty easy for him to fool me into bed. As you can probably guess we had sex and afterwards he got up right away and got dressed. He then explained to me how easy I was, how I was a great piece of ass, and left the room.

I remember sitting there and feeling like getting sick. It was my virginity that we both threw away. I pulled myself together, made an excuse to leave, and ended up at the park.”

Jamie hugged Ian into his lap and squeezed him tightly. He didn’t know his night had gone so dreadful. “Are you okay though? Did you get hurt?” He asked upset with himself.

“No, I’m Fine.” He replied into Jamie’s warm chest. He definitely felt comforted.

“Oh thank god,” He paused knowing he had to make it up to Ian the best way he knew. “Ian, I am truly sorry about all of this. I shouldn’t have taken you. If you want to leave, then I won’t stop you.” He looked down to the sheets on his bed, thoroughly inspecting the fabric while waiting for Ian to reply.

Ian was shocked to hear this offering but said the first thing that came to his mind. “I don’t wanna leave, Jamie.” He looked up into Jamie’s face, which was now looking down at his. “Ya know what else about that night? Before I fell off the swing I wished to disappear. I got my wish. This a nice place with two very nice ladies and a very nice man that I don’t wanna leave. I like you Jamie. I like you better than the life I had. So I don’t wanna leave.”

Jamie felt tears welling up in his eyes. He smashed his lips into Ian’s. He had never heard someone say something so sincere and loving like that to him. All the emotion he had held over time from being neglected of love from another went into that breath taking kiss they shared.

Ian felt wetness on his cheeks and kissed the man harder with the emotion he has bottled up for days, weeks, and years.

Jamie, reluctantly, broke the kiss for some much needed air, and smiled down at Ian.

“Thank you.” Ian said hugging Jamie tight and feeling like never letting go.


A few more days passed rather uneventfully. Val and Vaness had been down stairs at a friend’s house, and Aiden hasn’t been home at all. So Ian and Jamie have been hanging out together a lot. They watched TV and movies holding hands, shared a few chaste kisses when Jamie left for work or when he came home, and plenty of talking, laughing and sharing. Taking the friendship slow and steady made both of them feel reassured and safe.


Both men were sitting in Jamie’s room reading books in the late afternoon. Jamie was sitting next to the slider having just finished a cigarette, and, seemingly, reading ‘Great Expectations’ for the 36th time. Ian was on the bed reading ‘The Memory Palace’. Jamie closes his book and goes over to Ian and sits next to him. The sun was finally below the horizon but there was a faint pink light still in the sky, and the pinkish hue illuminated the room, making the atmosphere cozy.

“Something wrong?” Ian asked, looking up from his book.

“I just wanted to talk to you about something. You mind?”

“No, of course not.” He set his book down then looked back to Jamie.

“So do you remember when I told you I haven’t had human blood in a long time?”

“Uh, yeah. I do.”

“Well I’ve been thinking a lot so I was wondering if… if you’d give me the pleasure of tasting you?”

Ian blushed at the wording of Jamie’s request. Then he immediately mentally kicked himself in the butt for thinking so perverted. “I-I don’t know.”

“You’ll only feel a little sting at first. It won’t be unbearable at all really.” He reassured Ian.

“Okay. If you say so.” He sighed giving up easily.

Jamie smiled and looked back out the window, seeing the sun was completely gone from the sky. Perfect. “Okay. Sit up straight and relax.” Ian nodded and did as he was instructed. Jamie tilted his head back for better neck access then leaned into him. “Breathe. I promise not to hurt you more than the inevitable.” Ian nodded slightly and wrapped his arms around Jamie’s waist.

Jamie quickly punctured the tender and supple flesh of Ian’s neck and sipped until he was full; which wasn’t much at all. Jamie, and all other vampires, doesn’t have the stomach strength to take too much blood. It can only handle a pint of blood at one time. He detached himself from Ian’s neck and licked the two little wounds until they were non-existent. He kissed that very spot, and he felt his lover’s body shiver.

Jamie pulled himself away from Ian’s body. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, it didn’t hurt that bad.” He got up from the bed and went to examine his neck in the mirror. He was confused when he didn’t find any bite marks, and turned to Jamie with a questioning look.

“I licked them until they were gone.” He answered not needing the obvious question on Ian’s mind, “So that was okay?”

“Yeah, it was. You know, if you ever need a drink…just ask.”

“Oh, thank you.” Jamie looked down at the floor awkwardly.

“Is something wrong Jamie? You’re acting really weird.”

“Oh. That.”

“Yes, that. So what’s wrong?”

“Uh, well I don’t think- I mean I shouldn’t but if you, uh-”

“Jamie,” Ian placed his hand on Jamie’s shoulder to try to calm him from babbling like an idiot. “Just spit it out.”

“I like you.” He blurted right out. “I’m, just- well, very attracted to you Ian, and I was wondering if you’d like to be my boyfriend.”

“Oh.” Ian muttered as felt the familiar heat creep up his neck and face.

“I was going to ask you sooner but then you told me about what happened between you and that Nelson guy, so I just thought we should take things slow. And I do so very much enjoy the sweet kisses we share every once in a while. But we are more like friends than partners. And through this friendship that we’ve been growing has made me more interested in you, as a potential lover, not just a friend.”

Ian smiled softly and thought, ‘Wow, I thought he’d never ask…’ “I’d love to be your boyfriend Jamie, I feel the same way; truth be told.”

Jamie smile couldn’t have been wider. It spread across his face, he felt the luckiest man in the world. He pressed his lips to Ian’s, feeling words could do his emotions no justice at this point.


A few weeks passed and during that time Jamie and Ian grew closer, as lovers and friends. He and Vaness also became good friends. They often talked about how to gain the trust of their lovers…but the brainstorming always fell short.


Val and Vaness were getting ready to go to a party up on the 5th floor in their room while Jamie takes a shower and Ian sat on the closed toilet talking. “So you can’t drink my blood to the point of killing me, you can go out during the day perfectly fine, and what other cliches can you do?”

“Well, during the day I have none of my vampire qualities. Like, I can’t drink blood, my upper canines won’t grow into fangs, I can’t teleport 100 feet, and I can’t heal wounds by licking them. But when the sun goes down, I get them all back.”

“Wow. So there are no coffins, super strength, super speed, insomnia, or mind reading?”

“Nope, absolutely not.”

“Hm, I learn something new about you every day.”

“I am a wonder; aren’t I? Oh, I’m done. Can you pass me a towel?” Jamie turned off the water and Ian tossed a towel over to him, who then stepped out of the steamy shower with it hanging dangerously low on his hips.

Ian took in the sight of the dripping, slender, god- looking man standing in front of him as he bent down and planted a firm kiss on Ian’s lips then went to the sink and shaved. Jamie felt his lover’s hungry gaze on him, and smiled to himself.

Ian’s cheeks flushed and there was a stirring in in his pants as his stare fell to Jamie’s round ass. He ripped his gaze away before he popped a boner that would’ve been impossible conceal without being obvious.

Upon entering his room, Jamie’s phone started ringing, he answered it, “Hello?… Hey Murphy… Yeah… Uh, I was scheduled in for 3pm to 11pm today… Really? What happened?… Mhm, oh?… Mhm… Well that really bites…Yeah sure… Okay, see ya tomorrow Murphy. Bye.” Jamie thrrew the phone on the bed side table and changed into some sweatpants and a t-shirt.

“Everything all right?” Ian asked, ignoring the brief view of Jamie’s ass.

“Yeah. The electricity is down because the maintenance guy fucked up the wires. Everything should be good by tomorrow so I have the day off today.”

“Well that’s great! Uh, but unfortunate of course.” Ian blushed at his excitement to have Jamie all to himself.

“Hell yeah it is. I love working but a day off is great every once in a while. Oh, that reminds me, I’ve been meaning to ask you what you used to do.”

“I worked at home as a website coder.” Ian said remember his home office where he would worked hours end before taking a break. Maya always said he spent too much time working on the amateur websites his boss saddled him with all the time. But it was what paid the bills so he did the best job to earn every buck.

Jamie sat on the bed next to Ian and gazed over at him, Ian stared right back. “So, we have the house to ourselves for once. What do you want to do?”

“I-” Ian was cut off by Val and Vaness bursting through the door. “Hey guys! We’re leaving! You two sure you don’t want to come?” Val queried for the millionth time that day.

“No thanks, Val. We’ll be find here by ourselves. But say hi to Tim for me please?”

“Will do sweetie. Well don’t wait up!” She yelled, closing the door and leaving the apartment.

Jamie sat back and sighed. “You wanna drink?”

“I’d love one.”


After Jamie got their drinks; Ian an Absolut and soda and himself a beer, they returned to Jamie’s room and sat on the bed, finishing off their drinks. Jamie pulled out his lighter and cigarettes as he opened the window slider. Ian relaxed on the bed watching Jamie pull the smoke into his lungs then let it past his lips and out into the cool breeze. He found those simple gestures so intriguing and gentle.

“Don’t you know smoking is bad for your health?” Ian asked teasingly.

“Of course, but my body is unaffected by disease and deterioration unlike humans. So why not.” He smiled.

“How old are you?” It just slipped right out…

Jamie chuckled a bit and let out the drag he just inhaled. “Well, let’s see… I was 26 when I was turned, gosh, and that was about 94 years ago… so I’m 117 years old.” He smiled again, taking another drag.

“Wow, I’m dating an ancient man!” Both of them had a nice long laugh then Jamie finished up his cigarette and threw he butt into the street below. “What’s the life span of a vampire anyways?”

“Usually, give or take, 600 years.” He said closing the slider, and walked over to Ian.

“What do you plan doing during all that time?”

Jamie stood over Ian and cupped his face in his hands. “Well, love, I haven’t a clue. But, honestly, I’m more concerned with right now.”

Jamie bent down and crashed his lips into Ian’s. The kiss progressed to a more steamy and passionate one. In the midst of the searing kiss, Jamie climbed onto Ian’s lap, straddling him. They separated their lips reluctantly and gazed into each other’s eyes.

“Ian, you… you’re so beautiful.”

“Thank you. You’re quite the stud yourself.”

“Baby I want to show you how much I need you, Ian,” Jamie pressed his face into the other’s neck; licking and kissing, while grinding their hips together desperately. “I want to ravish you. But if you want it gentle, I can do gentle.”

“Take me however you want me. We’ve got plenty of time.” Ian smiled as Jamie slid off him and to his feet.

Jamie pulled off his shirt and started to pull down his sweats when he looked over to Ian still, annoyingly, fully clothed. He quickly pulled off his sweats, now only dressed in some red boxers with an impressive tent in the front. He moved back to in front of Ian. “You’re wearing too many clothes.” He growled.

Startled, Ian pulled off his own shirt and chuckled, “Sorry, I was enjoying the show.” Then he lifted his bottom off the bed and took off his pants and boxers with one quick movement. He laid back on the bed, splaying himself out for Jamie to examine.

Jamie first noticed the tattoo on his lover’s lower abdomen. It was Arabic. “All you need is love?” He guessed.

“Yup, you read Arabic?” Ian asked, amused.

“I picked it up. You like the Beatles?”

“No, I love the Beatles.” He laughed.

Jamie chuckled and leaned over the young man and smiled down at him. He assessed Ian’s manhood and smiled wider in appreciation.

“Like what you see?” Ian asked playfully.

“Oh yeah.” He groaned, fighting back the urge to take him in his mouth and not stop. He opted for rubbing his hands all over Ian’s chest and abdomen instead.

Ian sighed and lifted his hand to the side of Jamie’s head and huskily said, “Let me see yours Jamie.”

Jamie removed his boxers in a flash to reveal his fully erect 8 inch cut member. Everything was hairless, gorgeous, and it made Ian anxious to taste. ‘Wow, ten times better than any wet dream I’ve ever had! Damn!’

Jamie cut through Ian’s thoughts when he purred, “Like what you see?”

Ian dropped to his knees and before taking Jamie’s length into this mouth he muttered a barely audible, “God yes.” He sucked the head lightly then placed butterfly kisses all over his lover’s cock then looked back up to Jamie. “Be patient, this is a first for me.”

Jamie stroked his cheek tenderly, “Take all the time you need.”

Ian smiled then looked back to the leaking cock. He licked up the precious drops of pre cum from the head. The taste was on the salty side but delicious nonetheless. Ian greedily sucked the head back into his mouth and sucked harder than he had before. Jamie groaned and moved them around so he could sit on the bed before he lost his balance.

Ian teased the piss slit with his tongue which rewarded him more of Jamie’s lovely pre cum. After he got bored of doing that he decided to try deep-throating. He slowly worked the cock further into his mouth until the head hit his gag-reflex and he retreated back to just the head in his mouth. Jamie ran his hands through Ian’s hair encouragingly. The simple maneuver sent chills down Ian’s back, he was going to try again.

He swallowed more of Jamie with each try. When the head would hit his gag-reflex he would take in a breath and swallow, he tried to regulate his breathing with his movements on the cock but it wouldn’t last long. Jamie encouraged the young man and commended him for his enthusiasm to deep throat him, he wasn’t complaining, but there was no need.

Jamie gently pulled Ian off his throbbing dick and kissed him. “Baby, don’t worry about deep-throating me. I don’t need anything special, just the fact that its you is special enough for me.” Jamie smiled down at Ian. Ian nodded and took the head of his lover’s cock in his mouth and jacked the rest with his hand. Jamie moaned and involuntarily bucked his hips.

With the other hand Ian cupped Jamie’s balls and lightly caressed them back and forth between his fingers as he slowly increased the speed of his hand on the shaft.”Oh god. Mmm fuck. Ian,” Jamie moaned them gasped Ian’s name a few more times. His nuts tightened as he felt the edge coming closer. “Ian, oh fuck, I’m gonna cum! Ah, ah, oh fuck. Ah!”

Ian let go of Jamie’s balls and focused on sucking him to completion. He heard a roar from Jamie above him then felt his muscles tighten. Thick ropes of Jamie’s cream filled Ian’s mouth as he tried to swallow it all. His taste was irresistible.

Euphoria washed over Jamie. His vision went white and his mind went black and all he could register was the pleasure pulsating through him. He let himself fall back onto to the bed. His head throbbed and his vision tried to come back into focus but was unsuccessful. He faintly sensed Ian cleaning his deflating cock with his tongue and cuddle up next to him on the bed.

Jamie wrapped his arms around him and kissed all over his face. It was a silent thank you.

How long has it been since I’ve achieved an orgasm without the assistance of my own hand?’ He thought to himself as he continued to lightly kiss Ian’s face, which made him giggle so cutely.

“Are you okay?”

“Oh my god Ian, That was great. For a first-timer, I must say, you did wonderful.” Jamie kissed his lover’s forehead.

“Really?” He blushed. “Thank you.”

“No, thank you.”

Ian smiled and looked down Jamie’s body, and found Jamie’s cock rigid. He looked back up to Jamie confused. “Uh, but you- did I?- What?”

“I know. It’s been a while since I’ve had a decent orgasm, so yeah, I’m still horny.” He chuckled.

Ian smiled and pecked his lips before rolling over and laid on his back, open and ready for Jamie’s touch.

“Not so bashful are you?” Jamie placed himself on top of Ian, unaware that his stiffy was piercing Ian’s stomach. He claimed his mouth for a steamy kiss that lasted long minutes and left both panting and more aroused.

Ian lifted a hand to stroke the vampire’s wiry arm. “I wanna go all the way Jamie.” He said looking into those mahogany eyes.

Jamie kissed him sweetly. “You’re sure about this?”

“Yes.” He replied after a moment of thought, but he had already made up his mind.

“Then of course, let’s do it.” Jamie hopped off the bed and opened the bottom drawer of his nightstand. after rummaging around for a few moments he pulled out a tube of KY, and handed it to Ian before leaving the room briefly to come back with a condom in hand. “Ha. Aiden is a life-saver.”

Ian smiled and spread his legs wantonly for Jamie to prepare him the way he wanted.

“You look gorgeous baby.”

Ian bit his bottom lip and wrapped a hand around his aching cock. “Come here.” He whispered seductively.

Jamie growled and lied on top of Ian again, they frenched for a moment before Jamie pulled away to kiss Ian’s forehead, cheeks, down his neck, over to his shoulder, then across his chest to the other, next he trailed down kisses all around his bare chest, also sucking and biting each nipple. Ian mewled in pleasure, continuing slow strokes of his cock.

After teasing Ian’s hardened nubs for a few more minutes, Jamie continued to trail kisses down his stomach, only pausing for a moment to delve his tongue into Ian’s belly button making Ian giggle. Then Jamie slid his hands underneath Ian to cup his beautiful soft globes.

Instead of continuing his trail of kisses straight down Ian’s torso he avoided his center and kissed down his inner thighs. The young man started breathing heavily with anticipation after Jamie removed his hand from stroking his cock for release.

Jamie switched legs, starting from the knee, then slowly back up to Ian’s balls. He flicked his tongue to taste the hairless skin of his sack then sucked one into his mouth to gently caress it with his lips and tongue.

Ian gasped at the wonderful heat surrounding his sensitive orbs. “Jamie. Ohhh Jamie!” Jamie slathered two fingers in KY and began teasing Ian’s hole. Not much later, Ian was bucking his hips on Jamie’s three slick fingers scissoring deep in his heat. “Oh Jamie! Ah p-please. I’m ready.”

Jamie put on a condom then leaned down and captured Ian’s mouth with his and laid his body against his. “Tell me if you need me to stop or slow down, okay Ian?”

“Yes Jamie. Mmm.”

Jamie slowly pushed into Ian, allowing him to adjust and become more comfortable with the new intrusion. After Ian signaled he was ready to continue making love, Jamie kept a slow and sensual pace. It was just wanted both of them needed.

After long years of waiting, Jamie had found another partner and saw absolutely no need to rush a beautiful moment like this was with Ian. Ian felt amazing and was great keeping a gentle pace. They rocked back and forth slow and in unison. This pace was out of the ordinary for Jamie, he was usually rough with his past lovers and rarely slowed down to capture true essence of love-making.

Ian broke their languid kiss and whispered into Jamie’s ear, “Ah, I’m so close Jamie. Just a little more.”

Jamie didn’t disappoint. He shifted his position to thrust against Ian’s prostate harder, causing louder moans to escape from Ian’s throat. Jamie drove a bit deeper to satiate their hunger for completion. Ian screamed into Jamie’s mouth before blowing his load between their torsos.

Feeling Ian’s channel spasm around his cock made him yearn for his own completion that was soon upon him with just a few more thrusts. “Fuck Ian!” He yelled as his own intense orgasm washed over him.

He propped himself on his elbows above Ian, catching his breath and watching him pant below. They stared each other in the eyes for a few minutes, sharing some sweet kisses. Jamie’s softening dick slid out and he moved to lay beside his exhausted lover. After disposing of the used condom he pulled Ian into a protective embrace.

“I love you.” Ian mumbles into Jamie’s neck.

“I love you too, baby.” Jamie replied genuinely with a smile. Ian raised his head and placed a kiss on Jamie’s moist lips and they stayed like that, tenderly making out, until they eventually fell asleep.


Val and Vaness came stumbling through the door around midnight, a little tipsy, with their arms around each other for support. Val lead them down the hall towards the bathroom so she could relieve her bladder meanwhile Vaness went across the room to check on Jamie and Ian. They were fast asleep in each other’s arms. Vaness smiled and when Val looked over her shoulder she smiled as well at the two men tangled in each other’s arms.

“Aw they made love.” Val whispered.

“How would you know?”

“Well that’s how we slept after the first real time we made love. That love comes from the heart, not groin, and it really knocks you out afterwards.”

They both looked at the sleeping lovers and they did look like they passed out. “Fine, you win. Can we go to bed now?”

“Absolutely.” Val said with a wicked smile.

After Vaness closed the door and started to walk to their room she asked, “You just wanna fuck my brains out don’t you?”

“Of course.”

Vaness entered their room and put her things down and took off her heels as Val followed suit. She was about to go to the bathroom to freshen up and take off her make up but Val stopped her. “Where do you think you’re going?”

“I’m just going to take my make up off and take a quick shower. You know, so we can fool around.”

“Oooh nooo, I want you as you are this second. As a matter of fact we never have had hot, dirty, sweaty sex before.” Val wrapped her arms around Vaness’ waist and stroked her back through the material of her dress as she lightly kissed and sucked at her neck.

“Ah, Val. Just let me take off my make up. I don’t wanna get the sheets all dirty.”

“I don’t give a damn we’ll change them tomorrow.” She spoke against Vaness’ flesh, causing her to shiver.

“But I’m all sweaty baby.”

Val licked from her collar bone, up her neck, and to her lips; then sucked on her earlobe. “That’s the point of hot-dirty-sweaty sex baby. And, besides, I think its goddamn sexy.” Val pulled away from Vaness and looked her in the eye. “Just get on the bed honey. Trust me, I’ll make you dirtier than you are now and then some.” She cooed, complete with a sexy wink.

Vaness gave up, after all, she couldn’t deny Val’s powerful persuasion skills. Val shoved her onto the bed for a little motivation then crawled from the foot of the bed until she was straddling her hips and grinding their pelvises together.

She resumed her spot at Vaness’ neck but soon traveled down to her shoulder after she stripped Vaness of her shirt.

“You’re seriously gonna fuck my brains out then?” Vaness panted in between desperate moans.

“Hmm, was I laughing when I said it?”

“Oh fuck… N-no.” She gasped as she felt her horny lover’s hand wander down to her soaking pussy and slid two fingers in.

“Then in that case, you’re about to get your brains fucked out. Enjoy.”

Vaness moaned when she felt Val move away from her briefly then relaxed when she returned. However, her eyes almost popped out of her head when Val held up the latest addition to their ‘toy chest’. She gaped at the object she hadn’t seen before, but she had a hunch that she would become well acquainted with it momentarily.

It was a blue strap-on with a slender 7 inch penis. It was perfect. Vaness was tight and Val wanted to keep her that way so she never used thick toys; just long skinny ones. Vaness didn’t have a problem with that, the toys they used on her fit wonderfully.

Val smirked and adorned the strap-on. She kissed Vaness on the cheek lightly before positioning herself between her lover’s slightly closed legs. “Spread your legs; will you dear?”


The next morning Val, Vaness, and Ian sat in the living room watching TV. Jamie had gone to work early that morning and wouldn’t be home until late that night. Val was going off to work in a little while but was spending a little time with her lover.

Val was sitting on the lounge chair with Vaness on her lap while Ian sat on the couch. Vaness was flicking through the channels but couldn’t find anything of interest so she settled on the midday news and threw the remote on the coffee table.

She snuggled into Val and whined about how there was nothing on. “Ugh, there is nothing to watch and I’m so fucking bored!”

Ian smiled at her child-like outburst then went back to thinking about his previous night with Jamie, and the sweet love they made.

“Well get a book or something, sweetie.” Val said gently, she knew how sour Vaness could get.

“I don’t want to read a fuckin’ book. I wanna go outside, go for a walk. Please?”

“I have to go to work soon. You know I can’t today.”

Vaness sighed dramatically and kissed Val’s neck. Val smirked and hugged the young woman closer. Whenever she was bored, Vaness would resort to having sex to occupy her time. No surprise to Val that her lover would get frisky at a time like now.

“Don’t get too frisky babe. I might not be able to leave.”

Vaness giggled. “Oh speaking of frisky; Ian, you and Jamie got pretty frisky last night, eh?”

Ian blushed, “How did you know?”

“When we came in last night, we checked on you two and the both of you were passed out in each other’s arms. We know that kind of sleep.” Val stated with a sly smirk.

“So how was it?” Vaness queried.

“Nice and slow… And a little loud.” he chuckled.

“I’m guessing Jamie was the top?” she asked, already knowing the answer.

“Yeah.” He replied shyly.

“Well that isn’t surprising,” Val added plainly, “But secretly, and I swear he said this, he loves being a bottom.”

Ian was shocked and almost choked on his own saliva. “I don’t think I could top him.”

“There’s nothing to fear honey. I’m sure it’ll feel weird at first if you’ve been the bottom. But Jamie would happily guide you through it. He’d love it, you’d love it.” Val smiled.

Ian nodded and before he could reply, a man walked through the door, and sighed while taking off his coat and shoes.

He was as tall as Jamie but had a more athletic build. Full of muscle and not an ounce of fat anywhere. His brown hair was cut short and matched the color of his chestnut brown eyes. He wore a tight grey shirt that outlined every one of his bulging muscles on his upper arms and his well-toned abdomen.

Obviously the man worked out most days out of the week. His face wasn’t bad to look at either. His face was well structured with a strong jaw, average cheekbones and nose and a decent forehead. His lips weren’t full but held a masculine shape. Ian had to admit the man was handsome.

He quickly came to the realization that this man must be Aiden, and judging from the description Jamie had given him; this was him.

As soon as Ian made this discovery, Vaness confirmed it by yelling, “Aiden! You’re finally home, it’s been weeks.” Then she hopped off Val’s lap and gave Aiden a hug and kiss on the cheek.

Aiden smiled and kissed her cheek missed. “I missed you too.” He then walked over to Val and bent down to give her a kiss on the lips that was a bit longer than a peck. It struck Ian as odd but he dismissed it, thinking that it must be that he, Val, and Jamie were close friends.

Aiden turned to Ian and held out his hand. “I’m Aiden and you must be Ian. Jamie has told me about you.”

“Hi, nice to meet you. And Jamie has told me about you too.” He said taking the hand for a strong shake.

Aiden turned back to Val, who was shifting underneath Vaness after she’d taken her place in her lap again. “So what’s up?”

“Well I have to go to work in a bit. Ah, speaking of which, I have to get ready honey.” Val motioned Vaness to get off her lap. With a pout, Vaness got up. Val hugged her and kissed her chastely and whispered in her ear, “But when I come home I’ll ravish you.”

Vaness kissed the elder woman and let her go and Val went into her room to get ready. Vaness sat down in the lounge chair once more and looked up at Aiden. “Can we go outside?” She whispered to him.

“Sure, when she leaves.” He whispered back.


After Val said and kissed everyone good bye, she walked out the door.

“So, when are we going??”

“Well go get ready and we’ll leave. I need to go the store for a few things.”

Ian liked this idea, they’d get to see Jamie while at the store, that gave him plenty of motivation to get his coat on faster.


They arrived at the store not much later. The walk on the way had been pleasant for Ian. It felt good to feel the chilly breeze and warm sun on his face. He was also in good company, Aiden was a pretty funny and nice guy. And, of course, Vaness was always a blast to hang out with.

After their arrival, Aiden and Ian went over to Jamie at the cashier station. Jamie looked up at the two of them and smiled widely. “Hey guys, I was just about to shoot myself out boredom. You came just in time.” He joked.

Aiden said he’d be right back and disappeared into the aisles. Ian leaned over the counter and gave Jamie a kiss. “Good morning.” He said to Jamie while pulling away.

“Good morning babe. How are you feeling?” Jamie asked, covertly asking about his lover’s rear.

“A good kind of sore.” Ian smiled, and kissed him again.

Aiden back over to the counter with beer and a few other items. As Jamie rang up the items, Aiden asked if Ian had seen Vaness. “No, I haven’t.”

“Fuckin’ great! I’m gonna kill her!”

Aiden’s brief outburst of rage did catch Ian off guard and startled him. Jamie tried his best to calm his friend down.

“Chill dude, she probably didn’t go far. You know she wouldn’t runaway like that. She’s probably up in a tree somewhere close.”

Ian nodded thinking back to when he and Vaness were talking and she had mentioned that she loved tree climbing and did it all the time when she could go outside with Val. It seemed definitely like something she would do.

“Yeah, you’re right.” Jamie finished ringing up Aiden’s things. “She’s definitely a puzzle.”

“You got that right. Val always had a talent for picking out the nutters.” He laughed, and Aiden gave a little chuckle at the joke.

He grabbed his things and looked over to Ian. “Well we better go find her.”

Ian nodded and kissed Jamie good bye before following Aiden out of the store. Across the street there was a huge oak tree and perched on a sturdy lower branch was Vaness, staring out into the distance.

Aiden walked over to the tree with Ian beside him. “All right, that’s enough Vaness. Get down here we are going home.” He said firmly.

“Can I stay up here a little longer?” She pleaded.

“Vaness,” He gritted through his teeth, “Get down here so we can go home. Don’t act like such a child.”

“I’m not, I was deep in thought.”

“Vaness, you get the fuck down here now! This is ridiculous! We are going home now!”

Vaness hopped down from the tree, regretting pushing Aiden to his limit. She and Ian walked back home before Aiden so he could cool down. He always got aggravated when Vaness chose to act childish rather than the young lady she should be.

Aiden sighed and followed them home, trying his best to calm down.


Later that evening, Vaness and Ian sat in the living room talking while Ian was sleeping in his room.

“I don’t know what they’re so worried about, I’ll come back if I leave; always. Wouldn’t you?”

Ian asks, a little frustrated about not know what Val and Jamie want them to say or do.

“Well of course I would! I’d always come back to Val!” She announced, also aggravated.

“I know, Jamie and I have something special, I’d never want to just runaway and throw it away.”

“I’m glad you two had a quick connection. It took me a while to warm up to her at first.”

“Really, why?”

“Well the first 3 months I was here I wasn’t very cooperative with her. Sometimes I’d just ignore her, not listen to her, or challenge her; which were very bad ideas might I add. And when I did things like that she’d punish me.”

“How would she punish you?” He asked, curious.

“She’d throw me in a cold shower. She knew I absolutely hated those the most,” She flinched just thinking about them. “All right, we’re getting way off topic. Oh! I like totally forgot, I was thinking really hard up in the tree and I have an idea of what we need to do!”

“What is it?” Ian asked anxious, any idea was better than none.

“So you know how when you’re gaining trust from someone, it has a lot to do with being truthful all the time; right?” Ian nodded, “So they probably want to hear the truth from us. That what they want us to say our true feelings about them.”

Ian nodded his head. “Yeah! That’s sounds about right. Well they want our trust so we can come and go right? So I bet they want to know the truth about what we would do if we leave. If would we runaway or come back to them.”

“Bingo! And we know that we’d come back to them, they know it too, we’ve just never said it out loud to them. I get it now! Not once have I said ‘Val I’d always come back to you if I were to leave’. It all makes perfect sense. We gotta try it on them tonight.”

“Hell yes! I think we’ve got it Vaness!”

They embrace for a moment with smiles on their faces. “We should make it a special night for them.”

“Yeah, Make it extra meaningful.”

“I hope we have it right Ian. I really hope we do.”


Val walked through the door with a large sigh. She takes off her coat and Vaness comes over to her with a cold beer. “Aw thank you sweetie,” Val took the beer, “Just what I need.” She said after taking a swig. She kisses Vaness and goes to their room, putting her things down. “How was your day?” She asked over her shoulder while kicking off her shoes.

“Could have been better but I have a feeling my night will be much better.” Vaness said putting down her beer and wrapping her arm around Val’s waist form behind. “As a matter of fact, I believe the night is just beginning. A long night.” She whispered into Val’s ear, giving her lover goosebumps.

Vaness’ hands moved to undo Val’s pants and slid them down her smooth legs, her panties followed right after. “You’ve had a long day baby,” She said into Val’s neck while unbuttoning her shirt; still from behind, “So I think you should relax, finish your beer and then you’re ready for me, I’ll make you feel good. Okay baby?” Vaness threw the shirt into the hamper then unclasped Val’s bra and threw it in as well.

Val picked up her beer and sat on the bed. She took a nice long pull from the bottle followed by a content sigh. She motioned for Vaness to stand before her. Vaness did so, taking her beer over with her. Val took another gulp of beer and lifted Vaness’ shirt over her head and into the hamper. Next, Val held the lip of the bottle between her teeth and used both of her hands to free Vaness from her pants.

Val smiled and took her bottle from her mouth and took a large pull again before setting on the bedside table. “Gone commando on me?” She smirked. A smile spread across Vaness’ face, she usually never went commando unless for a fashionable reason. “I like it.” Val kissed her lover’s stomach and cupped her pussy in the hand that was just hold the cold beer.

Vaness gasped at the chill on her heat, Val chuckled then sat back again the headboard of the bed and drank up the sight of her lover in front of her in the nude. “Did you get even more beautiful while I was gone today?” She asked in a sexy tone. Vaness drank a large portion of her beer then placed it on the bedside table.

Val held out her arms, inviting Vaness to lay with her. Vaness crawled onto the bed and laid herself side ways onto Val, and her arms wrapped around her. Val cradled Vaness against her and let out a content sigh. “I love you Val.”

Val kissed the top of the young woman’s head. “I love you too.”

Vaness kissed her lover’s neck and rested her head against her shoulder. Val pulled Vaness’ head up for a proper kiss on the lips. The younger woman opened her mouth letting their tongues dance. Val bit on Vaness’ tongue and drank the precious blood. Vaness whimpered at the sting but moaned at the massage her tongue got from Val’s afterwards.

Val broke away from the kiss panting. “I think I’m gonna need that ‘feel good’ treatment you promised me.” She smirked.

Vaness got off her and went between her legs. She noticed Val’s vagina was hairless, which was rare. “Mmm, you shaved this morning.” She smiled up at the older woman.

She nodded and bit her lip. “I messed up the design and just shaved it all off.”

Vaness kissed the clitoris and licked up and down the moist slit of her partner’s pussy, causing her to sigh. Vaness sucked a lip into her mouth, sucking and nibbling gently. Val gave a soft moan and shivers went down her spine.

Vaness did the same to the other lip then wiggled her tongue into Val’s entrance, making her gasp and moan loudly. More juices flowed onto Vaness’ tongue. She loved the taste of her lover. It was sweet yet had a tang which Vaness found addictive.

She worked two fingers into Val’s tight hole and moved her mouth to suck on her clit. Val moaned and grasped Vaness’ head and ran her hands through the long brown hair. She gave it a tug every time she moaned.

“Oh baby, ah. Oh. I’m close honey. Suck a little harder. Oh baby!!”

Vaness was pleased with Val’s begging, that didn’t happen often either. She sucked her lover’s clit harder, bringing Val to her much desired completion. Val pulled her up and locked her lips on Vaness’.

She moaned when Val licked the inside of her cheek very slowly and lightly. Val tasted her own familiar essence in on the young one’s tongue. They parted and stared into each other’s eyes.

“Vaness, thank you. That was-” Words failed her for a moment but she quickly recovered with, “Amazing.”

Vaness smiled and gave a mental sigh of relief. Her cunnilingus skills aren’t fully mastered in the slightest, when compared to Val’s. “You’re welcome baby. Anytime.” She winked and chuckled.

Val smiled and stared into her beautiful woman’s eyes and realized that she must have been horny as hell. Val brought a hand to Vaness’ baby smooth pussy and it was worse than she thought. Her pussy was dripping wet.

She kissed Vaness’ neck and slid three of her fingers into the warmth depths between the younger’s legs. Vaness groaned long and loud as Val wiggled her fingers, teasing her.

Vaness nuzzled her face into the vampire’s neck and began trembling and gasping against the soft flesh beneath her lips. She felt like she was going to explode, however, three of Val’s fingers wasn’t nearly enough; it was just winding her up, leaving her wanting -no needing- more. The teasing in her sensitive hole was becoming too much for her to handle. Her breath was lost and she humped subconsciously onto Val’s fingers. Tears rolled down her cheeks; she was in so much pleasure but there needed to be more.

Val pulled away to look at her beauty and saw trickle of tears on her face. “Vaness are you crying? Baby, I’m so sorry. I didn’t no it was hurting you.”

Vaness took in a shuddering breath, “It’s not pain. Its pleasure, but I just need more Val,” She took Val’s head in her grasp and leaned in close to her face., “I need you to fuck me with that god-forsaken strap on!” She exclaimed, then planted a bruising kiss on Val’s lips.

Val was taken aback for just a moment at Vaness’ forwardness, but smiled and replied, “Not a problem honey,” Val got off the bed, “I’ll get the strap on and you lay down and get ready for me to take really good care of you, babe.” The smile now had a kinky undertone, loving nevertheless. Val put on the device and got on the bed, between Vaness’ legs. “Want me to go slow at first sweetie?” She queried, rubbing the thighs she knelt between.

“No! Just ram it in and fuck me Val! I want you to fuck me hard. And don’t stop. Please, whatever you do, don’t stop.” Vaness had an edge of desperation in her plea.

Again, Val was taken aback by the blunt request but was destined to comply with her no less. “Okay, just tell me what ya need.” With that being said, Val rammed the fake 7 inch penis into Vaness making her weep in pure pleasure.

Val continued relentlessly pounding into her woman’s body. And Vaness kept moaning and constantly begged for more. Val had never seen her so sex-driven like she was tonight. It was such a turn on! Val began to thrust harder and faster. The more she did the harder Vaness raked her nails up the older woman’s back, making her moan. Both ladies were so riled up the sexual energy was just pouring out of them. The room was full of moans, groans, and the heady smell of sex and sweat. Delicious.


Jamie walked in through the front door, taking off his coat when he heard: “Oh Val, oh baby! Don’t stop!” from Val’s room. He also heard a thumping against the wall, in sync with Vaness’ moans. He just smirked to himself and chuckled quietly while he walked into the kitchen. He opened the fridge and took one of Aiden’s beers, still smirking. He popped the cap off and took a nice long swig.

He opened the door to his room and turned on the light. Ian made a sudden move to get off the bed and startled Jamie. “Jesus christ! Whoa, you scared the hell outta me babe.” Jamie laughed and took off his shoes.

“Sorry, I was getting off the bed to hug you.” Ian giggled.

Jamie hugged Ian tightly, then pulled away to look at his lover. He brushed the hair out of Ian’s beautiful face. Jamie kissed his lips softly at first then it escalated to a more passionate and rough one.

Ian pulled away from his lover’s lips and moved down to Jamie’s neck, sucking on the spot just below his jaw. When he bit into the succulent flesh of that very spot Jamie moaned and grasped Ian’s ass, pulling the younger man closer to him. Their groins were rubbing together making both of them become aroused.

Ian moaned at the wondrous friction between them and decided it was time to retreat to the bed, his knees were feeling weak. He guided Jamie over to the bed and laid him down. Ian straddled his legs while unbuttoning Jamie’s shirt.

Ian parted the fabric and drew it from Jamie’s body, throwing it in a random direction. Ian bent down and peppered kisses all over Jamie’s smooth hairless chest until he stopped to suck on a nipple, eliciting a deep moan from Jamie. Then he moved to the other nub and gave it the same treatment.

“Oh Ian. You’ve never done this before… I love it.” The vampire moaned as he buried his hands in Ian’s hair.

Ian lifted his head to look into his man’s eyes. “I love you Jamie.”

Jamie smiled at his precious lover with a soft smile and eyes. ‘After 20 years of agony I’ve finally been blessed with you, Ian.’ Jamie briefly thought to himself. “I love you too Ian,” He grabbed Ian’s shoulders, “God, do I love you!” He then pulled Ian down for a steamy kiss that seemingly lasted forever.

Ian pulled away and his trembling hands rushed to undo Jamie’s pants. Jamie lifted his hips and pulled his pants and underwear completely off while Ian desperately got all his clothes off. He resumed his position on Jamie’s lap and groaned when their cocks rubbed together.

Jamie flipped Ian onto his back and got on his waist and eagerly attacked his neck, chest, and erect nipples. All the while both of their hard members rubbed against one another making them leak precum onto each other’s hips.

“Oh. Jamie. Ah, oh. Jamie.” Ian quietly chanted to the man above him. But he took it as a plea to make love to him.

Jamie reached over to the bedside table an grabbed the tube of lube and condom. He sat back on his haunches and tore open the foil package. As he was going to sheath himself when Ian’s hand grabbed his wrist; stopping him. “What’s the matter babe?”

“I was wondering if we could try something different tonight.” He panted trying to fight back the urge to stroke himself to completion. “If that’s okay with you.”

Jamie raised his eyebrows in curiosity. Apparently, his lover was full of surprises tonight. “What did you have in mind?”


Vaness moved her hips to meet Val’s feral thrusts into her weeping pussy. She was so close to an orgasm, she could taste it. With on last deep thrust into her folds was enough to throw Vaness into he depths of ecstasy and she screamed with the arrival of her climax.

Val quickly took off the strap on and threw it to the floor. She grabbed Vaness’ beer off the side table and downed it in one large swallow. She placed herself to hover over her panting lover. She had never experienced Vaness that horny. Val thought, while Vaness kept begging her to go faster and harder, that she would surely break the young woman’s hip or something in that region. “You’re on fire tonight Vaness; everything all right?”

Vaness looked up at Val and smiled. She wiped the sweat from her brow and answered, “Yes baby, I’m feeling excellent. I just love you so much and I guess I was a little nervous but not anymore. A nice rough fuck always helps.” She giggled.

“Nervous about what?”

Vaness took a deep breath and let it out. ‘Just go for it. What do you got to lose?’ “Val, Ian and I have been putting our heads together; thinking of how to earn the trust of you and Jamie. A lot. Anyways, I think I have the answer.” Vaness sat up, keeping Val in her lap. “Trust goes hand in hand with truth and the truth is: I love you so much and it’s because I love you so much is why I know that if I were to walk out the door I’d always come back to you, Val. My heart resides with you.”

Val stared down at her beloved Vaness. Tears formed in her eyes as she raised her hands to hold Vaness’ head then lean forward and kiss her. Vaness kissed back softly feeling Val’s tears run onto her cheeks. Val pulled away, wiping her tears and smiling. “Yes Vaness. I couldn’t have imagined it said any more perfect than that.” She hugged Vaness close.

Vaness was greatly relieved that she had all of Val’s trust. “I love you Val.”

“I love you too Vaness. And my real name is Valetrix, just thought you should know.”

“Valetrix? I like it, but I’m gonna stick with Val.”

“Good, I prefer Val anyways; its short and sweet.”

Vaness laid back down and Val cuddled up beside her, pulling the sheets on top of them. They drifted off to sleep soon after saying and kissing good night. It had been the perfect end to a perfect night.


Ian took the unrolled condom from Jamie, never breaking their eye contact. The gaze was intense but Ian couldn’t look away from the mesmerizing cherry-tinted brown eyes. Ian rolled the condom down his own member and slowly switched their positions on the bed, so he was on top of Jamie. “I thought we could reverse roles tonight. That okay? Because if it isn’t then that’s fine. I was just wondering if you wanted to try it. We don’t have to if you don’t want to.” He rambled on.

“Oh Ian. It’s not like that, I want this. It was just such a surprise and I have to admit that I’m a little nervous because I haven’t bottomed in over 20 years. But yes, I’d love to try this.” He nervously smiled up at Ian.

Ian smiled back. “I’ll open you up really good, like how you open me up.” Jamie chuckled at that, which helped calm his nerves.

Ian grabbed the bottle of lube and squirted a copious amount in his hand and warmed it in his hand before rubbing it into Jamie’s entrance, making him gasp at the old and almost forgotten sensation.

Ian popped one finger into the tight hole, forcing a moan from Jamie. He wiggled his finger around until he thought it was time to put in a second. He repeated this process until Jamie was writhing in pleasure on his three fingers.

“Oh Ian. Ah, baby… I’m ready for you. I need you inside me now.”

Ian took in a shaky breath, hoping not to mess anything up, and lubed up his cock. He positioned himself between his lover’s leg and lined up his dick at his lover’s opening.

Jamie rubbed Ian’s arm and smiled. “Go ahead baby. I promise it will feel amazing.”

Ian nodded then slowly pushed a few inches of his length into Jamie and paused, allowing him to adjust to the new intrusion. Jamie’s tight muscle relaxed around Ian’s member and he nodded, signaling Ian to continue. Ian slid in until his most of his length was sheathed in the vampire.

Rick awoke on his stomach with a raging hard on and uncontrollable need to cum. Half mad with need, he lifted his ass higher and reached for his cock to jack off, but he quickly realized that he wasn’t alone. A beautiful blonde woman with huge tits and pale pink nipples was sitting on the bed beside him. He’d never seen a woman so beautiful and with such mouth watering tits. Smiling, she showed him a vibrator and turned it on.

He’d never had a vibrator up his ass before, but after last night, that was nothing. Closing his eyes, he moaned as she slowly eased the head of the vibrator into his traumatized ass. It hurt but it also felt so good. Careful not to hurt him, she very slowly pushed it into him until the vibrator hit the right spot. Rick moaned loudly as she slowly fucked him with the humming gadget, neither pulling it out too far nor pushing it in too deep. He didn’t care, he needed to cum and she was making it happen. Screaming, he came all over the bed beneath him. What he wasn’t prepared for was the second, third and fourth orgasm hitting him one after the other.

“Good boy,” she purred and kept the vibrator humming on his prostrate. He came several orgasms before she removed the toy and sat back. “You need a shower,” she suggested with her disarming smile. This new member of master’s food was very handsome in a surfer boy way.

Rick sat up and looked down at his stinky body. “I think so,” he agreed. Moving made his rectum hurt, but the sensation was also pleasurable. If anal sex was this good, he should have tried it sooner. Thinking about it made his ass clench and his cock twitch. Sex was very good.

“Come,” she said and hopped off the bed.

He followed her into a bathroom right out of the designer fashion mags that some of his old girlfriends had kept. Granite countertops, marble and brass fixtures.

“What is your name?” he asked as she turned on the shower.

“Helena,” she answered and tested the water.

“Rick,” he answered.

She looked back at him and noticed his cock was waking up. He was staring at her tits no doubt and fantasizing. “Master will give you a new name,” she explained and took his hand. Leading him into the shower she closed the door behind them.

“I like my name,” he protested meekly while her hands lathered liquid soap over his nearly hairless body and started washing him.

“Master doesn’t,” she replied and lathered his growing cock. Such a nice hard cock, she thought, her pussy also waking up to the prospect of being fucked by him.

Rick closed his eyes and surrendered to the moment. Her hands were pure magic on his cock, and he thought about letting her jack him off, but no, he wanted pussy. Moving her hands away, he let the water wash the soap off while he took her shapely ass in his hands and lifted her. Wrapping her legs around his waist, she moaned as his raging hard-on sank into her wet pussy. Master rarely pussy fucked his women, although he did like their clits tortured with time set butterflies. Rick’s cock was pure ecstasy.

Rick slammed his meat into her and fucked her good and hard, making her cum over and over while he held back. When he could wait no longer, he came into her almost violently.

“Oh god, that was good,” he said as she slid down his body, her large tits rubbing against his body.

“Yes,” she agreed breathlessly. “We need to finish.”

Finish meant making sure they were both squeaky clean. This included enemas. After the royal fucking he got from the vampire, Rick didn’t protest too much. Besides it felt good having warm water cleaning him out. Then Helena informed him that he needed to wear a butt plug for at least four hours before they could take it out.

“I don’t think so,” Rick protested, although his ass actually clinched at the thought of being filled again.

Helena smiled and pulled her clean plug out of a drawer. “Here, put this in me.” Rick couldn’t believe his ears or eyes. Taking the plug from her, he watched as she leaned over the counter and held her ass cheeks open for him. “There’s oil in blue bottle.”

Pouring oil on the plug, he used his hand to smooth it over the long thick plug while she smiled and wiggled her ass. Using one hand to steady her back, he pushed the plug slowly into her hot firm ass. In spite of himself his cock rose to attention. When the plug popped into place, he stood back and grabbed her ass in both hands. Before she could stop him, he rammed his cock deep into her pussy. She rocked back against him and was not surprised when he leaned over her and grabbed her tits in his hands. He squeezed her tits and fucked her as hard as he could. Helena closed her eyes and surrendered to the fucking. Being the food of a succubus or incubus made you highly orgasmic, and it didn’t take long for his cock to bring her again. He orgasmed after her with an almost painful gasp.

“Wow, I’ve never been this horny,” he laughed and withdrew from her.

“The Master’s bite does that to you,” she explained and stood up. “Now bend over.”

“No,” he persisted. “This ass is mine.”

“Not really,” she explained. “You belong to Master now and your ass is his. He wants a plug in it for most of the day so it will be ready at night if he wants to fuck you.”


“Master will punish us if you refuse,” she protested.


“Master will be very angry with me. Please.”

Rick could see tears in her lavender eyes and relented. “Very well,” he conceded and bent over the counter. After last night’s fucking, there was no need to act the prude. She took a medium length plug out of the drawer and oiled it up real good. Then she pressed it against his anus and slowly pushed it inside. The moment its vibrating head hit his prostate, his eyes rolled back in his head and hot spunk ejected from his engorged cock. How was this even possible after all the morning sex that he had had?

He spent the rest of the morning going from one orgasm to another. Lying on Helena’s bed controlled by the vibrator in his ass, he could do nothing but wait for the next orgasm to hit him. If anything surprised him it was the fact he was not growing weak or losing any orgasmic strength. Helena told him that that was the result of Master’s bite and the fact he ejaculated into Rick’s bowels. Blood and semen were turning Rick into the perfect food.

As night came upon them Rick’s needs became more desperate. What came easily in the daylight was now almost impossible. He needed to cum but couldn’t. Master was awake and controlling them, feeding on their desires like well prepared food.

There was no one visiting the estate that night except the usuals. Master had business to take care of before playing with his pets, which meant they could do nothing but wait in the playroom for his arrival.

Rick, lying on the cool stone floor, was close to going mad, his body desperately needing to cum but unable to. The other men in Master’s pantry watched him with understanding gazes, their own cocks standing out hard and ready as plugs hummed undaunted in their asses. The women, wearing nipple clamps that looked like small golden butterflies, sat around Master’s chair in silence.

When Master finally arrived, he smiled at his suffering pets and said, “Oh, my babies. Does it hurt?” His pets crowded around his knees begging him to fuck them first, all but the new one who didn’t understand the game. Moving past his eager food, he stood over his newest pet and smiled. “I’m going to call you Marcus. Come Marcus, stand up. “

“No.” Rick moaned. “Name is Rick.” God he wanted to cum so badly; his cock and balls hurt, and his ass was literally throbbing with need.

Master looked down at his defiant pet and smiled. “Your name is Marcus,” he repeated.


Master turned away with a heavy sigh. A moment later his lieutenant arrived and picked Rick up from the floor and quickly bound his hands together. Rick didn’t know what was happening, but he suspected it wasn’t good when he was hung from a ceiling hook by the powerful vampire and left dangling.

“My new pet is being defiant,” Master explained from his throne like chair. “I say he is Marcus, he says he’s Rick.” The lieutenant smiled and removed a thick wide belt from the wall. Defying the Master warranted serious punishment. “Don’t hurt his cock or balls. He may reconsider,” Master said and stroked the soft hair of one of his female pets. With all the gadgets humming in her ass and on her clit, she didn’t need much encouragement to cum. Helping her up and removing the plug, he impaled her ass on his cock. The titty clamps were removed, and with a greedy smile, he took one of the tortured buds into his mouth and sucked long and hard on it. Releasing his hold on her, he fed on her orgasms as she came over and over, her delicious body shaking uncontrollably on his long thick cock.

Rick, his cock standing straight out from his body, was not going to have it so easy. The lieutenant, drawing the strap back, swung it hard at Rick’s naked ass and smiled when the gorgeous young man jumped. Pain and desire mingled in Rick’s brain as the leather strap worked his ass over good. He cried from frustration and pain, but the whipping continued. Soon Rick’s firm white ass was a flaming red.

Master, watching the show, smiled and released his hold on Rick’s delectable body. In the middle of the beating, Master decided to let his defiant pet cum. Rick gasped in surprise as he came violently, his spunk shooting straight out a good two feet. Pain and pleasure mixed in his brain but he didn’t care. He had cum.

Standing up, Master motioned for the beating to stop. Rick’s milk white ass was fiery red, but Master liked that as he ran his hands over the heated flesh. So hot and firm. Feeling for the plug, he turned it just enough to draw a whimper out of his pet. No more orgasms until Master decided it was time again.

“What’s your name?” Master asked softly and circled his trembling possession.

Rick stared at the vampire and thought about the strap if he didn’t answer correctly. “Marcus,” he gasped.

“Good boy,” Master praised and stroked Rick’s extended cock. This only increased the tension in Rick’s body, as he was certain he was going to die on that hook. “Do you want to cum again, Marcus?”

“Yes, Master,” Rick answered desperately. The Master’s touch was almost painful as his body responded to it.

“Very well.” Gazing at the other vampire, Master said, “Hugh, enjoy.”

Rick couldn’t believe it at first. Master was giving him to another man? Hugh felt for the plug and slowly removed it, but not before pumping it a couple of times in and out of Rick’s ass. The sensation made Rick jump but it also felt so good. Hugh removed the plug and tossed it aside. How was he going to fuck this tender ass? Unzipping his own jeans, he stepped out of them and presented a cock already fully engorged. He had fed well before answering Master’s call.

“Do I take you standing up?” he asked Rick, “or bend you over a table. Maybe I’ll lay you one the floor with your feet in the air. I could really fuck that man pussy of yours hard.” Looking down at Rick’s nipples, he played with them a moment and then asked, “Master, may I work on these?”

“Whatever you want,” Master replied as one of his men knelt between his legs and sucked on his cock for fun.

“Very good,” the vampire said and magically produced a pair of super thin needles. Rick whimper when the vampire pulled the right nipple out as far as it would go and then pierced it with one of the silver needles. The pain was startling, and when the second nipple was pierced, Rick was certain he was going to die from the mixture of pain and desire in his body. He needed fucking bad.

Hugh removed his hands from the hook and led him to a table. Rick bent over the table and waited while Hugh ran a finger inside of him and wiggled it around. “Still so nice and tight,” the vampire leered. He found Rick prostate and paid extra attention to it, running his finger over it in little circles. “I could spend all night milking you just like this,” he told Rick, who closed his eyes and wept.

He was in hell. Hugh removed his finger and slapped Rick’s tender ass with the flat of his hand. Rick jumped, but another hand steadied his back as Hugh thick cock pressed against his rectum. Rick pressed back against the cock, and the next thing he knew he was being mercilessly fucked by the vampire. Hugh pounded his ass long and hard and knocked him against the table. All the time Rick prayed he would survive the fucking. Oh god, he needed to cum again.

Then Hugh grunted and Master released his hold. Rick screamed as orgasm after orgasm ripped through his body, the strength of them feeding both vampires. Hugh’s cock did not shrink, and he was soon pounding Rick’s ass again. Unable to keep the orgasms from coming now, Rick found himself being fucked senseless by Master and Hugh who did throw him on the floor and fuck his man pussy with his legs thrown back over his head.

Nearly unconscious when morning came, his three friends dragged him back to Helena’s bed and laid him on it. Someone removed the needles and wiped the dried blood off his tits with a wipe. His traitorous ass twitched with interest. Looking at Helena’s big beautiful tits so sweet and tender made his cock swell and his rectum clench. They could fuck him to death and his body wouldn’t object.

Here were go again, back into my crazy world of vamps and weres :-)

Hope you like the opening instalment of the final part of this world. (And I’m stressing final here otherwise I’ll still be sitting here in five year’s time writing yet another sequel LOL!)

Many thanks to WorldHistoryBuff for sticking with me as editor as I tame these naughty twins :-)

And my thanks to the Guild for all their support and encouragement.


Loretta fluffed her shoulder length brown hair and sighed as she sat in her car watching the vampires go in and out of the seedy looking club. She really needed to get her hair cut. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d worn it so long, usually preferring to have it a lot shorter. It made life a little easier when she shifted to wolf form, her fur more sleek and figure hugging.

She wasn’t usually a girly girl, preferring to be more of a warrior; a hunter and protector. Her sleek, well-honed body was testament to that as was her position as Beta in the Hanlon pack. But ever since the night of the war last year she felt a little part of herself changing inside. She was letting her hair grow, paying more attention to how she dressed and moved. Christ, she’d even caught herself considering trying on some nail polish the other week.

She shuddered at the memory. Thankfully she had managed to restrain that girly impulse. She could just imagine the taunts she would have gotten from the other Betas if she’d shown up with bright red painted nails. Still, they probably would have looked pretty spectacular, almost as if she had talons which were dripping with blood. The image made her think of ‘him’ and her insides suddenly got all warm and tingly.

If there was a hard way or an easy way to do something, she always managed to select the hard way. She had been so close to death that night that it had taken her days to realise what meeting him signified. Only when she was back on her feet and getting around unaided did she finally realise just what had happened and just how screwed she really was.

Loretta sighed again and opened the car door, well toned, shapely legs rippling as her feet hit the sidewalk and she climbed out. She was here to see an asshole and it didn’t look like he was coming out of the dive in front of her anytime soon. Which meant she had to go inside.

Her wolf stirred deep inside her, excitement warring with trepidation at the thought of walking into the nest of vampires on her own. They could kill her in a heartbeat and there was a good chance they would. Her only hope was that the man she was here to see would be present and would stop anything bad happening to her. Or at least she hoped he would.

She slid her hands down the sides of her deep crimson mini dress, her lips quirking in a little smile at the brevity of it. Cedar said to go in with all guns blazing and then had taken her shopping to buy the item that was now clinging to her like a second skin. She might as well be walking in completely naked, the dress showed off her body so much. Now that would have been amusing, watching the shock on the vampires’ faces as a naked Were walked into their territory.

Squaring her shoulders, Loretta leaned into the car and grabbed her matching purse before straightening and locking the door. She couldn’t put it off. Jared needed to know what was going on and the only way they could find out was by asking the man she was here to see. Heels tapping loudly on the tarmac, she crossed the road quickly and entered the aptly named club The Dive.

Sharp eyes quickly took in the large open room, the dark secluded areas which would afford humans with little or no view but were easy to penetrate for a Were. There was a medium sized dance floor with a few swaying bodies on it but mostly the room was full of private leather clad booths. A quick scent told her there were maybe a handful of humans present in the room but the rest were vampires, who were suddenly turning to look at her as she strode quickly across the room towards the bar against the right wall. She knew they could instantly scent she was a Were and that they would not be happy with her presence in their domain.

The brief, fragile acceptance which had begun between their species almost two year ago had broken down pretty quickly after almost a hundred vampires died in the abortive attack on the Hanlon compound. Now they were back to where they started, the majority of vampires detesting all Weres and the pack ready to kill any vampire who was not a personal friend of theirs.

Loretta reached the bar and stared intently at the man behind it. The music had died and a silence hung over the room as she felt close to a hundred and fifty pairs of eyes boring into her back and one pair staring at her face as intently as she was staring at him. The bartender’s beautiful face twisted into a grimace of disgust as his hazel eyes swept her with contempt. He hissed loudly into the silent, tense room.

“No dogs allowed,” he growled loudly, hissing again when she hopped up onto one of the bar stools and rested her hands on top of the bar.

“Andrei hired you,” Loretta countered, forcing an amused drawl into her husky voice. It was better to let the entire room know as quickly as possible that she knew their boss. It would halt any action on their part for a moment. She knew he was their boss even though vampires didn’t run in packs and have Alphas the way Weres did.

One meeting with the vampire all those months ago told her all she needed to know about him. He was a cold, ruthless killer with the most amazing smile and laughing brown eyes which he used as his best weapon to fool others into thinking he was harmless. Andrei Romanov was anything but harmless. He ruled these people in the room and he set Loretta’s wolf on edge and her heart thumping with excitement. She’d always liked to live dangerously but Andrei was a step too far on the wild side even for her. That hadn’t stopped her from volunteering to come here though.

Her mention of his name tamed the room slightly. Well, it brought a thoughtful expression on the bartender’s face if nothing else. He leaned down and picked up a phone from underneath the bar. “There’s an arrogant bitch in here who doesn’t understand the concept of no dogs allowed,” he said shortly, his tone full of anger. He listened quietly for a second and then looked at Loretta. “Name,” he barked ominously.

Loretta’s lips twitched slightly as she considered her response. He must have called Andrei. She tried not to show any sign of relief that he’d had the brains to do so. Maybe she wasn’t about to die in the next couple of minutes after all.

“Rose,” she answered, her lips twitching further. She was playing a dangerous game, relying on the vampire to remember their last conversation. Maybe he had forgotten her completely, it had been almost a year ago and vampires were such a fickle people, swiftly moving on to the next thing that caught their attention without a second thought for what they were leaving behind.

The bartender hung up after listening quietly for another long moment. He turned and grabbed a bottle of red wine and two glasses, putting it down on the bar in front of her. His head jerked to the door to his left marked private. “You’re to go down.” His attention turned from her immediately, his eyes raking the room quickly as if silently conveying some message to his own kind.

The music suddenly started up again and Loretta breathed a sigh of relief as she grabbed the bottle and glasses and moved over to the indicated door. Andrei clearly must have remembered her. She felt a stirring of excitement inside her and tried to dampen it down as she pushed through the door and started making her way down the long flight of stairs before her. She was here on pack business, not personal business. She had to keep that firmly in mind.

Andrei Romanov leaned back in his chair, his keen ears listening to the heels tapping lightly on the stairs as the spicy scent of cinnamon drew closer. He tapped a long finger against his lips as he smiled slightly, his interest piqued as to why the little she wolf was entering his domain. She was either incredibly brave or incredibly stupid. He couldn’t work out which one at the moment.

Not a lot surprised the elder vampire anymore but the woman approaching his office just had, for the second time. The first was the night of the war, when he had found her broken and close to death, still in wolf form at the time. He had gone to put her out of her misery but found himself unable to do so. It had been disconcerting to say the least and very out of character for him.

Instead of killing the she wolf he had healed her with his blood, giving up a secret of his kind which was once closely guarded. Had she kept that secret or had she told her Alpha at the first possible opportunity? It was something he had always wondered about when she came to mind. Something which happened much too often for his liking.

Still, he couldn’t help smiling as he listened to her reach the door, a little shiver of excitement coursing through his body at the thought of seeing her again. The last time she had been covered in bruises, her feminine beauty hidden under the damage done to her body. He felt as if this would be the first time he was truly seeing her.

The office door opened and she stepped through, stopping in the doorway. His brown eyes quickly travelled over her body poured into the most delicious little red dress he had ever seen, his appreciation for her tempting womanly curves causing his blood to heat slightly. Damn, she was surprising him again, or rather; his reaction to her was surprising him again.

She looked hot, there was no denying that. Her breasts were pleasantly firm and rounded, the plunging vee of her neckline showing ample creamy white flesh. Her small waist was pinched tight in the dress, her hips flaring out as the tight material clung to her like a second skin before ending mid- thigh showing off her strong, sleek legs. She wasn’t a tall woman, maybe five feet three or four but in her red patent leather heels her legs looked so much longer, her calves so graceful.

His eyes travelled back up her body to her face and he actually struggled to keep his expression carefully neutral. She’d let her hair grow out. The thick brown locks rested just on the top of her shoulders in silky waves. It really suited her, softening her slightly sharp features which couldn’t really be termed as beautiful in a classical way but were exceedingly attractive despite that. He smiled as he watched her silently, seeing her deep brown eyes sizing him up just as intently as he was her.

Loretta was so still because she quite literally found herself unable to move. Andrei Romanov was even more beautiful than she remembered from their first meeting. Granted she had been in a considerable amount of pain and close to death at the time, but even still, she had registered his inhuman beauty despite that. Her memory had obviously been clouded with the pain because it didn’t do him justice though.

His long, light brown hair was loose around his shoulder, his brown eyes intent as they travelled over her body very slowly and actually caused a stirring of liquid heat inside her which she fought down before she started scenting up the room in a very embarrassing way. Her gaze slowly roamed over his strong, hard face, taking in the strong brow, high chiselled cheekbones, hard, granite jaw and soft, slightly curved lips. The vampire was a walking advertisement for all things that were alpha male; hot, sexy and extremely dangerous.

His big body was huge even sitting down. She knew he was around six feet tall and so strong he could snap her neck with barely any force required. His wide shoulders and arms made his white, silk shirt bulge slightly, the soft material at odds with the hardness of his physique.

Her gaze didn’t get much further than that because he remained seated but her memory of him knew she wouldn’t be disappointed in the rest of his amazing body. She could still remember how it felt to be draped over his hard, muscled thighs, of how he moved with such grace and speed as he’d carried her almost tenderly in his embrace that night.

Loretta met his eyes when he travelled back to her face, seeing a hint of amusement in them. They were his secret weapon, able to lull his enemies into a false sense of security before he took them apart. Andrei Romanov may be the most beautiful man to walk the planet but Loretta Simpson wasn’t the most stupid woman to, she knew exactly what he was. Her eyes stayed locked on his for a fraction of a second longer and then she clinked the glasses in her hand and moved into the room.

“Hey asshole,” she drawled smoothly, her lips twitching in a little smile as his widened even as one of his eyebrows quirked up at her greeting.

“Hey Rose,” he answered, finding her irreverence strangely refreshing. He wasn’t used to blatant disrespect. In truth, he’d be tempted to kill anyone foolish enough to address him as she had just done, but the little she wolf somehow managed to get away with it without sparking his ire. “You look much improved on our last meeting.”

She set the glasses and bottle of wine down on the desk in front of him, coolly opening the bottle and pouring out two healthy glasses before she responded. “Vamp blood sure tastes like shit but it does wonders for a girl’s complexion,” she retorted with a little laugh, taking her glass of wine and sitting calmly down in the leather chair before him. She tipped her glass in his direction before taking a sip from it.

Andrei threw his head back and laughed loudly at her sass. Yes, she really was quite refreshing, as long as she didn’t let it go to her head too much.

Loretta watched him with bated breath. She had thought long and hard on how to approach him on the way over. She had sensed that he responded to strong personalities on their first meeting. She tried to measure her inner strength whilst trying to appeal to his baser side with the skimpy dress. That she had also managed to appeal to his sense of humour was a bonus. She would live a little longer, maybe long enough to find out what she needed to know and make it back to the pack.

His laughter trailed off as he picked up his glass of wine and tipped it in her direction. “I’d say you had balls, Loretta, but that wouldn’t be anatomically correct,” he smiled softly. He took a healthy slug of his drink, enjoying the deep, full bloodied wine as it slid down his throat. His mouth watered slightly as his eyes dropped to the pulsing beat at the side of her neck. Her blood would taste so much better than the wine he was drinking.

He stiffened imperceptively at the errant thought. He had tasted her blood before when he had healed her back, his tongue lapping up her bright red succulent essence as he’d waited for her to heal. He knew what she tasted like, had remembered the sweetness of her taste many a night since then, almost craved it. But he could never taste her again and he knew it. If he ever bit into her tender skin he would kill her instantly. He couldn’t stop his venom from releasing the moment he bit, it was a physical impossibility and vampire venom was instantly lethal to a Were.

“As much as I find your wit mildly amusing, I assume you are not here for a social call?” he finally said, dragging his eyes away from her neck and meeting her gaze head on. She looked wary, most probably having worked out just where his thoughts had been going just then. He liked seeing her knocked off balance. It appealed to the predator in him and let him see that she wasn’t nearly as confident as her arrogant entrance implied.

“My Alpha needs to know what’s happening with The Council,” she said quietly, a thumb lazily stroking over the bowl of her wine glass as she kept her gaze locked with his. She watched him frown, a flash of irritation appear in his eyes along with something else. Wariness? Did he have something to hide? Something pertinent to the pack’s survival? She instantly became more alert, searching his beautiful face for some answers but finding none as he closed down his expression expertly, a blank mask settling over his features.

“And you came to me why?” Andrei’s voice was cold and hard, his eyes narrowing intently. Had Caleb told the Alpha? If the other vampire had he was going to have to do something, find a way to counter his interference. He couldn’t allow the Ancient to run around telling all his secrets, especially to non-Vampires. He didn’t think Caleb would have said anything. He had said he didn’t want to be involved in Council politics. Maybe he was reading more into the she wolf’s words than were really there?

Loretta wasn’t unaware of the sudden tension in the room or the way Andrei’s big body was suddenly coiled tightly as if ready to spring. She wondered what she had said that had suddenly sent him into such a feral state. She couldn’t counter the slight shiver of trepidation which coursed through her body. She had to be very careful with what she said next or they might be her last words.

“You’re the only one available to ask,” she said carefully. “Caleb and Annie are in Europe. No one knows where Demetri whisked Mara off to but they are definitely out of the country. We know your brother is too and has been for months now. So that just leaves you, Andrei.” She let out a slow breath when she saw him relax, his hard expression melting slightly and a hint of amusement coming back into his eyes.

Andrei willed his anger to subside, scenting her fear and not liking the acrid scent it gave off. It interfered with her wonderful spicy scent of hot cinnamon which he particularly enjoyed. Her explanation seemed plausible enough. If the other vampires weren’t around and the pack really were concerned about what was happening in the Council, they would send a representative to him if he were the only ‘friendly’ vampire available.

“Why you?” he asked curiously taking another drink of wine as he relaxed more fully. He watched a slight flush of colour tinge her cheeks as she twisted slightly in her chair.

“I volunteered,” she answered after a short pause, taking a little Dutch courage from her glass before speaking. “It seemed imprudent for the Alpha to come himself given the uncertainty of our welcome, plus his mate has recently given birth and he doesn’t like to be away from her. A Beta seemed the logical choice to send.”

He watched her silently for another long moment. “Why you?” he growled softly, repeating his question and smiling slightly when she flushed with colour again. She really did look cute when she was all flustered and knocked off balance. He was enjoying her discomfort immensely.

Loretta sighed and met his gaze, knowing he wasn’t going to give her any information until she answered what he wanted to know. “I argued that there was less of a possibility of you killing me than any of the others,” she admitted truthfully. “You had your opportunity to do so and didn’t take it. I figured that gave me a fighting chance of walking out of here alive.”

Her honesty surprised him. He wouldn’t have harmed any other member of the pack if they’d come but she wasn’t to know that. He had no need to harm them, not unless they attempted to hurt him in some way. While he had no great love for the dogs, they were under Ancient protection; at least until the Council came to a decision on what, if any, retribution was to be inflicted because of the war.

Her bravery amused him and he felt a little flicker of pride in her which surprised him. She constantly surprised him, engaging him on so many different levels. The little she wolf intrigued him greatly as did his own reaction to her. He was finding this meeting with her was more than he had imagined their next meeting would be.

He smiled slowly, standing up and picking up the bottle of wine. He rounded the desk, interested to see how she would react to his nearness as he poured some more wine into her glass. His smile widened as he detected the increase in her heart rate, her hand shaking ever so slightly as she held the glass as steady as she could. He perched on the side of the desk, looming over her. “You seem a little nervous, Loretta. Something bothering you?”

Loretta’s wolf howled loudly as she unconsciously tried to shift away from his big body. He was so close to her she could feel his body heat and it was setting up little sparks of electricity in her body, making her wolf ecstatic but making her human side very uncomfortable. The smug smile on his face told her he knew exactly what he was doing, that he was deliberately playing with her.

She felt her anger spark and tried to tamp it down. Losing her temper with him wasn’t the way to go. It would give him the upper hand; make him feel superior, that he had won some kind of battle. She wouldn’t give him that satisfaction.

Setting her glass down, she stood slowly, bending forward enough that she knew her cleavage would be amply displayed to his intent gaze. She smiled as she watched his eyes narrow sharply and heard his breath suck in hard. She took one tiny step which brought her almost toe to toe with him. Even sitting on the edge of the desk she still had to look up at him. His size was impressive. “Nothing bothering me, Andrei,” she sighed softly. “You?”

Their eyes locked for a long moment, both of them rooted to the spot as they both issued challenges and waited for the other to back down. The silence in the room suddenly seemed very heavy, only broken by the soft sounds of their breaths rasping out way too fast.

Andrei struggled to hold himself in check as the little she wolf challenged him so blatantly, her head tilted defiantly to the side. She was so close to him, her sweet scent teasing his nostrils, her body heat like a blazing furnace as she stood so close. His body hardened in an instant, lust spiralling sharply inside him. He stifled down a deep groan, his nostrils flaring as he watched her eyes darken to almost black and scented the wonderful musky scent of her body answering his.

This was so incredibly stupid. They both should know better. He was a vampire and she was a Were. An impossible combination and yet he found himself moving almost as if he had no control over himself. “Stupid little bitch,” he growled a second before his large hand wrapped around the back of her neck and pulled her mouth to his.

Loretta whimpered softly as Andrei’s mouth took hers in a kiss so devastating she felt her knees tremble the instant his mouth slanted over hers. Her wolf shrieked her joy as his hot mouth lazily nudged hers, his tongue licking slowly along her bottom lip before pressing for entry. She sighed and parted her lips, allowing him to ravish her mouth with bold, hard strokes of his tongue, meeting him half way so she could taste him as thoroughly as he was tasting her. This was so wrong. She shouldn’t be allowing this to happen but all rational thought was leaving her mind as his hands moved and began to slowly stroke down her bare back with a surprisingly gentle touch.

She moaned and moved closer to him, pressing her swollen breasts against his hard chest as his hands reached the curve of her ass and he pulled her lower body towards him, spreading his legs so he could fit her between them. Her moan turned into two as his mouth continued to devastate hers as her body connected with the unmistakably hard ridge of his erection which he ground against her stomach with a deep growl.

Andrei felt as if he was going up in flames. Her sweet taste was intoxicating, the feel of her soft curves pressing against his aching hardness enough to make his body tremble with desire. He shouldn’t be kissing her, touching her soft skin, pressing his raging cock hard against her sexy body but he was doing all of that and wanted to do so much more.

If he didn’t get some kind of control he was going to bend her over his desk and fuck the living daylights out of her. The thought shocked him even as it made him groan loudly and grind his mouth harder against hers. Just the erotic image of Loretta’s legs spread wide, her ass in the air as he slid between her thighs and rammed his thick length into her soaking wet pussy was enough to make him almost explode.

He had to stop. One of them had to stop before this insatiable hunger got out of hand and someone got hurt. More accurately before she got hurt. What if he lost all control as he felt dangerously close to doing already? What if he accidentally bit her in the throes of passion? He didn’t need to bite, to feed whilst laying with a woman but he liked to and was in the habit of indulging himself. He would kill her if he did so and he didn’t want that to happen.

With a muffled growl he ripped his mouth from hers, pushing her away swiftly, keeping a tight grip on her upper arms as she stumbled slightly at the speed at which he separated their bodies. When he was sure she was steady on her feet he dropped his hands and raked one of them through his tousled hair, his breathing harsh and ragged as he regarded her disappointed face.

“Do you have a death wish?” he ground out angrily, moving back behind the desk as he fought to get his breathing under control and recover his equilibrium.

Loretta watched him, her heart pounding erratically, her wolf howling her disappointment that he was withdrawing from them. Shock rocked through her body in deep waves. She wasn’t shocked because she had responded to him. No, she was shocked at the intensity of her response, at how quickly she had forgotten all about her personal safety when his lips had touched hers.

Staring at Andrei’s rigid back she took a deep breath and picked up her glass of wine, draining it quickly to steady her nerves. The situation was impossible and she couldn’t deny that. The angry vampire before her was her mate. Her wolf had taken one look at him and declared he was hers.

The combination of a vampire/were mating was just too dangerous. Her wolf wouldn’t listen to her though. She had claimed him and nothing was going to satisfy her until they joined together, however they were going to manage that little problem.

Andrei finally turned around, his expression carefully neutral as he looked at her briefly before sitting down behind the desk. “The Council has not reached a decision yet,” he said as if they hadn’t just been practically ready to rip each others clothes off a matter of moments ago.

“Very soon there will be a change in the vampire hierarchy; a new Council will be sitting. The consensus has been reached that the outgoing Council erred in its judgement of not getting involved when Graves’ aggression towards the pack became obvious. The Council Elect has been in training for the last half a decade. They have considerable power now that the rotation is so close to happening, it is only a week away. They have come to the decision that the outgoing Council does not have the right to make a judgement therefore it is postponed until the new Council has time to investigate the matter.”

Loretta’s mouth dropped open in surprise. His honesty was staggering. He was telling her valuable information about how the hierarchy of his people worked, knowledge that no Were had ever been privy to before. Her Alpha would be very interested in this news. This was the second time he had let slip something his people wanted to be kept secret from all Weres. “You appear to know a lot about it, Andrei. Is there a reason for that?”

She watched his eyes narrow and expelled a deep breath. Her instincts were still sharp even if he did turn her knees to mush with one kiss. He had told her so much more than he probably wanted to with that one slight narrowing of his eyes. Andrei Romanov was part of the Council Elect. She was certain of it and she was certain that her knowledge was shining in her eyes as he watched her intently, his expression hardening.

“Did you keep my secret, little wolf?” he suddenly growled softly and she took another deep breath before she shook her head in the negative and watched his lips firm into a tight line, anger clouding his deep brown eyes.

“Did you really expect me to?” she countered softly wishing she hadn’t finished her wine so she could settle her nerves a little more as the atmosphere in the room dropped a couple of very chilly degrees as his displeasure sunk into her very soul.

“Do you think because you healed me that I would betray my pack, Andrei? Jared needed to know. I am his Beta and it was my place to inform him of any little titbit that can protect his pack from your kind.”

Andrei pushed his anger down reaching for his glass and then changing his mind, pushing it across the desk towards the she wolf before him. He stood up again and crossed the room, heading for a hidden compartment behind a wooden wall panel, taking out the bottle of cold blood and pouring himself a generous glass to soothe his desire to taste her blood. He drank deeply, poured a refill and carried it over to the desk again, watching Loretta drink from him glass.

He wanted to growl as her lips caressed the glass where his own mouth had been not so long before. It was almost as if she were kissing him again. He sat back down and drank some more blood, his eyes fixed to hers as she watched him, knowing what he was drinking. It didn’t appear to bother her and he felt his lips quirk in a little smile. She really was a brave little thing. Didn’t have the sense she was born with but brave none the less.

“You got what you came for, Loretta,” he finally said, suddenly wanting her gone from his presence. If she stayed any longer he didn’t know what he’d do next, what other secrets he would unwittingly tell the little she devil. She seemed to have a way of slipping under his guard and loosening his tongue. “You have all my secrets now. Run along to your boss and fill him in on all the juicy details. I’m sure he’ll find them riveting.”

It was clearly a dismissal, his tone bored, his expression remote. Loretta couldn’t help feeling disappointed but she knew he was right. She had come here on pack business and she was leaving with the knowledge she had come to collect. She rose slowly, smoothing down her skirt as she stood. “What will the Council Elect’s decision be?” she asked, her tone brisk and to the point. She could be as detached as he was.

Andrei snorted loudly, shaking his head at her sass even as he smiled in approval. God she was a complete pain in the ass but a very sexy, delectable one. He considered her question, his eyes raking over her body slowly as he came to his decision on just how much he was willing to give away. “You would stand with the pack if the decision went against them?” he asked even though he knew her answer. She didn’t speak but she did nod her head, drawing a weary sigh from him.

“Then you know what the Council Elect’s decision will be, don’t you, Loretta?”

She stared at him with a puzzled expression on her face, her eyes questioning him. Sighing loudly Andrei stood once more, moving back around the desk and pulling her hard against his body. His head dipped to her neck, inhaling deeply at her wonderful scent, his tongue snaking out to run lightly along her fragile skin as she trembled slightly. He knew he shouldn’t be getting so close to her again but he couldn’t help himself.

He raised his head and their eyes met and he saw hers widen slightly in surprise as he allowed her to see past his guard. “Does that answer your question?” he asked quietly, his gaze trapping hers as his hands ran down her back as if he couldn’t prevent them from doing so.

Loretta swallowed hard wondering if she was getting the right message from him, needing to hear the words but knowing he would never say them. Andrei Romanov would never admit out loud that he would protect a pack of Weres because he was attracted to one of them. She finally nodded her head slowly, unable to find her voice with him being so close to her.

“I believe this meeting is now concluded.” He arched a perfect eyebrow at her as he spoke, releasing her as abruptly as he’d gathered her into his arms, resting back against the desk and folding his arms.

Loretta picked up her purse and licked her lips slowly. Her heart was thundering loudly in her chest, her wolf prowling in agitation as she prepared to separate from her mate. She couldn’t stay no matter how much she wanted to. She couldn’t be with him and she knew it even if her wolf wasn’t happy with the turn of events.

Her mind was whirling at what he hadn’t said in words but so clearly intimated with his actions. As long as she stood with the pack, he would ensure that no decision would go against them. He would have been as well as acknowledging verbally that her interest in him was returned with as much fervour by him. But she knew he wouldn’t utter the actual words. Not Andrei Romanov, cold bloodied vampire. He would never verbalise anything that would make him appear vulnerable in any way.

“Thank you, Andrei,” she said quietly, looking up at his hard face, so very tempted to press her body against his again and see if he would have the strength to push her away for a third time. She smothered down a deep sigh. She was a fool to even think it. She would be playing Russian Roulette with her life again. It was so very tempting though even if it was incredibly stupid.

Andrei growled loudly, seeing the conflicted emotions crossing her face, knowing exactly how she felt because his rigidly crossed arms were the only thing that was stopping him from doing all those delicious things he had been imaging doing to her. If she didn’t leave right now he was going to lose all control and give into the insatiable need she created inside him. “Go now!” he hissed quietly, his eyes burning with fire as he struggled to keep his more feral side under control.

His sudden feral expression made her heart lurch wildly in her chest, her wolf growling loudly inside her, her breath quickening and her eyes darkening as she reacted to the wildness within him. “Wrong move,” she growled softly dropping her purse to the floor and giving in to the need to feel his hardness pressing against her once more. Her body arched against his as his breath hissed out loudly and his arms came around her in a crushingly tight grip.

He held her tightly, stilling all her body movements, trying desperately to halt her aggression so it didn’t fire his any further. “Stop,” he hissed, a deep guttural groan escaping him as she twisted in his arms, rubbing against his straining cock. He caught a glimpse of wildness in her eyes, her wolf close to the surface.

That explained why his hold was not having the desired effect. He had never had to restrain a Were before. He had no reference of how much strength to use. She wriggled against him again and he was completely lost, his head descending to capture her mouth in a hard desperate kiss. God she tasted better than the first time he had kissed her, sweeter, more intoxicating. The hot musky scent of her arousal filled the office and made his body twitch hard with lust.

She uttered a soft breathy moan and the combination of her soft curves, sweet scent and husky sighs drove all rational thought from his mind. Only one thought remained, how he was going to fuck her senseless until she screamed his name in ecstasy.

“Andrei, rip the dress and you’re going to regret it,” Loretta growled against his lips as his hands tugged hard at the material separating her body from his. Her words stilled his movements and he raised his head to look down at her, his eyes glittering wildly.

“Fuck the dress,” he hissed reaching for the fragile straps to snap them from her body. She seriously wanted self control from him, after pushing him to the end of his endurance?

“I’m not going home naked,” she laughed softly, her hands catching his wrists and applying a firm pressure as she stepped back and quickly tugged the zipper down, letting the material pool at her feet leaving her standing in only her heels and a red lacy thong.

Andrei’s breathed sucked in deeply as his wild eyes travelled quickly over her creamy white skin, fastening on her firm, round breasts with their soft pink tips hardening already in the cool air. “Come here,” he growled softly, a frown darkening his face as he saw her smile slowly and shake her head at him.

He glared at her in confusion. What the fuck was the little she devil up to now? She wanted this as much as he did, he could scent it on her delectable body. Christ, she had pushed him and pushed him until she finally got what she wanted. Now she was saying no after stripping off half naked in front of him?

Loretta struggled not to laugh at his frustrated expression. He had obviously never been with a wolf before, didn’t understand that the wildness inside her craved that he had to be strong enough, fast enough, and dominant enough to take her. Her wolf demanded nothing less. If he wanted her he was going to have to work for it.

“You have a lot to learn about Weres, Andrei,” she sighed softly taking another step backwards, running her hands slowly down her hips. “We’re not insipid little human females. We don’t fall to our knees in gratitude that a man deigns to share our passion. If you really want me, then you have to prove you’re capable of taking me.”

The predator in Andrei sparked, his lips curling into a chilling little smile as his eyes flashed with excitement. “You want me to play chase?” he growled softly. “That seems a little unfair on you, Loretta. You know I’m faster than you, stronger than you. You know I’m going to win so why bother with all the needless time wasting?”

“Who says it’s needless,” she laughed huskily kicking off her shoes and shifting instantly, surprising a startled hiss from the beautiful vampire in front of her. His surprise lasted barely a fraction of a second before he came at her with a feral laugh issuing from his chest in a deep rumble.

Loretta growled and streaked away to the right, nimbly circling the desk and putting it between them. She watched Andrei’s head turn lazily to the side, his eyes tracking her as his hands began unbuttoning his silk shirt , sliding it effortlessly from his broad shoulders.

Two things registered in Loretta’s mind. The first was how rock hard his chest was, all rippling muscles which promised strength and the ability to defend her if the need ever arose. The second was the fierce excitement on his face which told her he was enjoying the chase, that she could expect to be overcome and forced into submission when he caught her. Both had her wolf rumbling her approval. Any thoughts that she shouldn’t be doing this were completely forgotten. Her lust was in control, her need to be with her mate completely dominating everything else.

She expected him to come at her again but instead he turned away, unbuckling the belt of his jeans as he crossed to the office door and slid the lock home. He stripped completely naked, standing before her without a hint of self-consciousness as he let her eyes peruse his body slowly.

God he was amazing. All hard muscles everywhere, his impressive cock standing proudly against his stomach. He was thick, rock hard and had been walking the planet long enough that she knew he was adept at using the powerful tool between his legs. She howled softly, her body flooding with moisture as she felt her mouth start to water. Maybe she wouldn’t try so hard to get away? Maybe it would be more fun to submit quickly?

Andrei felt his blood boil at both the heated look in the wolf’s eyes and also the soft howl she emitted as she hungrily ran her gaze over his body and found it to her liking. His lips quirked in a little smile, smug male satisfaction flooding him that the little she devil was reacting to him the way she was. Her scent was filling the room so thickly that if he didn’t get his hands on her soon he was likely to start ripping the room apart to get to her. This chasing thing was mildly entertaining even if a little frustrating. It certainly got the heart pumping and appealed to the predator within him.

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