Disclaimer: This is a work of FICTION, erotic fiction at that. I do in no way, shape or form endorse rape and am a firm believer in that it IS rape no matter if he/she later enjoys it. That does not mean that the fantasy cannot be intensely erotic.


Warning: This chapter contains explicit scenes of a sexual and oftentimes brutal nature. There is caning, DP, bondage and cuddling – among other things. There is NOT a lot of plot. :)



Here it is, the PWP chapter. 12k words of stroke fiction. You can thank me in the comments ;)

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Madly erotic fantasy, however, was EXACTLY what I was aiming for. Let’s assume that being turned into a vampire will also ensure you get a wonder-cock, shall we?

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Moments later the black silk blindfold is wrapped around her head, plunging her world into darkness and causing all of her other senses to sharpen. Someone is stroking their palms over her shoulders and chest. At the same time she can feel the ropes around her upper body being tested, then added to. Another double loop of rope is added, encircling both her breasts and digging in to her ribs, pushing her mounds up and out from her body to stand even prouder than they already did.

Suddenly there is a mouth on each of her nipples, sucking, licking, pulling and nibbling her hard buds, pushed even further into erection than before by the rope. The feeling is exquisite and despite all of her conscious efforts to the contrary she can’t help but arch her back to try to push her breasts even further towards the magic mouths. She wants to curse at them, cuss them out, but surprises herself by instead releasing a loud moan as the sensation of their tongues circling her nipples causes streaks of lightning to flash through her body .

“Told you.” Adrian comments to his brother with a deep chuckle. The rumbling sensation does strange things to her body, just like last night..

“Holy…” Kai sounds amazed at her reaction to the advanced bondage and subsequent manhandling .

“You’re right brother, she’s a natural.” Strong hands stroke her thighs from knee to hip, making her legs weak and causing delicious fluid to pool between her legs.

“Now, less talking, more doing.” Both brothers chuckle in unison before she is lifted up by her buttocks and placed on her side on a hard padded surface. The table she noticed before, perhaps? Suddenly there are hands everywhere.


A/N: The next section switches point-of-view between the brothers and does a wrap-around of the timeline with every paragraph.


As by an unspoken agreement Adrian is concentrating on her upper body and Kai on her lower half. Having left them largely alone yesterday, Adrian is enjoying her breast immensely. He is tugging on her buds, burying his face between the soft mounds, and nibbling, licking and sucking at her erect nipples. In a heartbeat he loses his dress pants and briefs, returning to his ministrations of her chest with his throbbing cock right next to her silk clad face. One hand around his shaft, he steers it towards her mouth without saying a word. Once his swollen head touches her lips, she jerks slightly, sticks her tongue out to feel what is there and withdraws again with lips closed tightly at the now familiar taste of his pre-cum.

Kai, meanwhile, is stroking her thighs, her ass cheeks, her abdomen, feeling the delicious smell of her increasing arousal assault his nostrils. He pulls his fingers along her slit, immediately coating them in her juices, and soon after finds her clit with the pad of his thumb. He sees Adrian suck and tweak her nipples as he starts rubbing her clit, using the fingers of his other hand to part her inner lips. She is writhing and moaning under him as he keeps rubbing her, finally sliding two of his fingers into her core, extracting another loud moan from her. His fingers start pumping in and out of her and when he sees Adrian quickly lose his clothes he does the same. Returning to her a split second later he grabs her upper leg and places it on his shoulder, spreading her incredibly wide and giving him an excellent view of her folds, glistening with moisture.

Adrian shakes his head to himself, she still has much to learn. Then he brings his face down to her left nipple and bites down, the pain causing her to gasp. As she opens her mouth to draw her gasping breath he doesn’t waste a second before shoving his rock hard erection down her throat, and suddenly all she can do is keep up, moaning at the sensation of him mouth fucking her until stiffening and gasping from another invasion.

Locking eyes with his brother who is already rubbing the engorged head of his erection over her lips and getting ready to make her open her mouth, Kai takes his shaft in the one hand not busy rubbing her clit and aims his veined cock right at her entrance. At the moment Adrian bites down, causing her mouth to open and his cock to enter her mouth, Kai thrusts his rock hard erection into her pussy. His brother has already told him what her slight body surprisingly can take, so he is none too gentle, instead ramming his cock into her until it sinks in to the hilt on the first stroke. It feels fucking fantastic! A groan of pleasure escapes his lips and he closes his eyes tightly at the sensation of her slick, tight walls stretched impossibly wide to take all of him in.

She screams around Adrian’s cock as his brother possesses her pussy and he doesn’t know if it is from pleasure or pain, or both. He does know that the feeling of the sound she’s making while he’s mouth fucking her is fantastic, and that’s really all that matters right now. He takes a firm hold of the hair in the nape of her neck to help her take his erection deeper and faster, matching his strokes to Kai’s so that his brothers thrusts pushes her mouth further onto his cock.

On his end, Kai is in heaven as he continues his fierce thrusts. He leans back to get a good look of his throbbing cock as it slides in and out of this petite little thing. He finds it amazing that her small frame can take him at all but that’s no reason to go easy on her. She was rude and obnoxious when he told her to let him fuck her before, so this time he isn’t asking, or trying to be gentle. With one hand on her leg over his shoulder and the other on her hip he fucks her hard, relishing in her cries, or perhaps they are moans, muffled by his brother’s dick. He lets the hand on her hip slide inwards to be able to rub her clit again, intensely, in time with his brother’s thrusts in her mouth and his own pace in her absolutely delicious pussy.

Spreading her this wide gives him a clear view of her other entrance, pink and puckered, but for this moment he is satisfied by watching her sweet pussy stretched to its limits to accommodate his girth. She starts shaking violently as her orgasm comes closer; her blindfold is moist with tears. Not wanting her to cum just yet Kai stops fingering her clit and reluctantly withdraws his cock from her body. Her strangled moans around Adrian”s dick continue, and Kai walks around the table to stand next to his brother, his hands roaming all over her body. They catch each other’s eye and Adrian pulls his cock out of her mouth. A quick sob has time to escape her lips before Adrian’s erection is replaced with Kai’s. He thrusts in her mouth a few times, allowing her the opportunity to taste herself on him, and then removes his hard on to again leave space in her mouth for Adrian’s erection.

“That’s it Kitten. Suck us both” he manages to get out between gritted teeth as they take turns fucking her mouth and fondling her body. When Kai once again relinquishes his place for Adrian and takes his own throbbing length in his hand, his brother grins at him and uses his fingernail to draw a thin trail of blood along her collarbone. Kai immediately feels his fangs escape his mouth and bends down to lap the blood up, the taste is beyond anything he has tried before. When it is his turn to claim her mouth again he repays the favor by reopening the gash with his fangs for Adrian before rising back up to let his cock savor her sweet lips and tongue.

She is gasping for air every time the cock in her mouth changes and the deep moans that escapes her while trying her best to please them affect them both. Kai moves back behind the table, all the while caressing her body, while Adrian gives her a moment to catch her breath. He licks her nipples and strokes her waist with one hand, the other is firmly wrapped around his own throbbing erection.

When Kai is back in position he again lifts her leg up on his shoulder, this time bending it a bit further forwards towards her shoulders, thus allowing him to penetrate even deeper. With a glance between them the brothers both thrust back in her, none too gently, extracting a muffled wail from the blindfolded girl between them.

The power of Kai’s thrust twists her body slightly towards him and she must struggle to keep her head turned enough to keep Adrian in her mouth.

“Yes, Little One, that’s right. Fight for it! Fight to suck me!” Adrian pants with one hand behind her head and the other at the base of his cock. He moves slightly upwards, forcing her to stretch her neck to take his length, creating a different angle in her throat. He pushes back in, hits the back of her throat and pauses.

“Little One, Swallow around me!” he orders, and with a loud moan she complies. To her surprise this causes the tip of his cock to slide past the resistance at the back of her mouth and into her throat. Another push of his hips and she finds her nose touching his pubic bone as she’s taken his entire length into her mouth. Adrian groans loudly, lost in the pleasure while he continues to take her mouth and throat in long, careful strokes, pausing and pulling out regularly to allow her to breathe.

Kai continues to pound into their petite beauty. Her delicious pussy clenches around him at every thrust. He has learned from Adrian that her previous sexual experience was limited, that she never even tasted cock until yesterday. But now here she is, just look at her! He is beginning to lose it, looking at this delicate, innocent creature swallowing both their massive cocks at once, one in her mouth and one in her oh so tight pussy. He begins to thrust harder into her, alternating between rubbing her clit with his fingers and hitting it with his pubic bone. Her moans around Adrian’s cock grow louder and more frantic as Kai’s length slides in and out of her, deeper and harder with every thrust.

Again the brothers’ eyes meet and in an unspoken agreement they both pick up the pace, while intently caressing her body. Adrian is rubbing her breasts and stroking her nipples, Kai is flicking her clit with one hand and letting the one on her ass which he uses to consistently lifting her sex up to meet his thrusts slide to the side. This allows him to use a finger to play with her puckered back opening, never entering but continuously teasing. She releases a muffled wail at the sensation and her whole body begins to shake again. This time he doesn’t move away.

“That’s it Kitten, cum for us.” Kai coaxes her while his cock pistoned in and out of her. His thumb on her clit picks up the pace even further and the girl is struggling with her bonds, she’s writing so hard. He slows the pace of his thrusts and concentrates on her clit for a second, feeling her shake more and more.

“Clench on my cock while you’re swallowing my brothers cum Kitten, common, you know you want to!”

Her inner walls start to flutter and he pulls his hips back, pausing for a second while almost completely withdrawn from her. He locks eyes with his brother and with the unspoken agreement he then takes her clit between thumb and forefinger and pinches down on it, hard, while putting all the power a mortal body can take behind the thrust that buries him to the hilt in her, pushing her body further on to Adrian’s cock. She wails and thrashes, her whole body arching while the most powerful orgasm in her life swells over her. The vibrations of her screams around his erection causes Adrian to come undone. Roaring with pleasure and throwing his head back he shoots wave after wave of cum down her throat.

Kai holds back another second, waiting for her wave to peak and slowly begin to fade before repeating the process. This time he wets his thumb in his mouth before first pinching and then immediately beginning to apply both pressure and motion onto her swollen clit, The stimulation together with his forceful thrust picks her right back up and immediately sends her into a second orgasm, almost as strong as the first. Losing control at this second clenching assault on his cock he pounds into her another two times before releasing a fierce growl, just like the panther she likened him to. He feels his balls tighten and then release all his pent up anger and frustration along with his seamen deep in her body while her pussy spasms around him.

The aftershocks find him relaxed and content. Adrian reaches over her body to the release one end of her bonds. Pulling it, they quickly untie her body before any cramps set in. Kai withdraws from her and Adrian picks her up from the table, bridal style, and swiftly carries her over to the huge bed, remade with fresh silk sheets. Placing her completely exhausted body between them all three of them lie down on the bed together.

A drop of Adrian”s cum escapes the corner of her mouth and Kai’s load is beginning to wet the inside of her thighs as it slowly leaks out of her. She is sweaty, worn and, the brothers agree, absolutely beautiful.

As she once again finds herself cocooned between the two vampires; the overwhelming sense of safety, comfort and contentment returns to her. She whimpers softly while two pairs of hands, previously hard as steel, caress every inch of her with the gentleness of a swan’s feather. They are rubbing the marks of the ropes that dug into her arms and chest, removing the blindfold and drying the remains of tears from around her eyes.

“You did really well, Little One, really well.” Adrian strokes her hair and kisses her brow, his voice full of affection and pride. She inexplicably feels happy and content at having pleased him, no matter which way it was attained. She knows there is something that should bother her about that when she hears him continue; “Now, have you learned your lesson?”

“Yes Master.” She really has. She shouldn’t have spoken so to his brother, her other Master. She doesn’t know what came over her and feels really sad that she disappointed them both. A small small voice in the back of her head is screaming at her that this is wrong, but she is ignoring it. Instead she turns to Kai.

“I am sorry Master, I am so sorry.” Tears fill her eyes again and she buries her face in his chest, feeling his comforting strokes along her spine.

Kai smiles at her and places feather light kisses on every surface of her head that he can reach with his mouth. He stops caressing her for a moment and instead wraps his arms around her, pulling her into his chest and enveloping her in strength, warmth and security.

“Yes, Kitten, I know. We are satisfied, and you are forgiven.” She relaxes into his arms.


The petting and stroking continues, gentle and caring. She feels that she has really atoned and gained their forgiveness and their affections. One of them gets up, she doesn’t know which one as her eyes are still blissfully closed, only to return with what turns out to be a bowl of warm soap water and two soft sponges. She is lifted up and placed on a towel, still without opening her eyes. Then she feels the sponges gently washing her body, her face, her sex — any remains of sweat and seamen is removed from her body and soft, feather light kisses are placed on her skin from two directions as the cleansing goes on. Time flows by and she can feel strength return into her mind and muscles, while still being deliciously relaxed.

“Did it turn you on to suck both our cocks, and be fucked by us both, Little One?” Adrian asks her while carefully turning her over and stroking the sponge over her buttocks.

“Yes, Master.” It’s funny how much easier saying those two words becomes with time. Still, a small voice inside her head seems to be struggling to make itself heard.

“You’ve never come so hard in your life, have you, Kitten?” Kai continues, the momentary silence suddenly making him realize that he didn’t ask a question that Adrian’s rules allowed her to answer.

“Am I right?” He continues, amending his mistake.

“Yes, Master.” She sighs contently, but the screaming voice in her mind is getting louder.

“So, have you not only learned the important lesson, but are grateful that we taught you?” Kai feels like he is repeating himself, but making his Kitten say the words out loud will admit to them and her that she is beginning to settle into her role as their submissive. They may prod her to say it with their questions, but she needs to express it herself. It is an important step.

Something in her awakens at his words, the inner voice comes to the forefront with a roar. She shakes her head slowly to clear it from the cobwebs put there by the brain washing treatment she has gone through during these last few days. Seriously? He wants her to say that she is grateful they tied her up and fucked her two-on-one? Grateful that Adrian made her deep-throat his huge cock? Grateful that Kai deigned to impale her on his massive erection?

Ok, so maybe a part, a big part, of her wants to say yes. Embarrassingly enough, say yes truthfully, but another, much bigger and most of all older part of her will hear nothing of it. She tries to hold it back, she really does. The part of her that is beginning to learn, beginning to be trained, what they want is very aware that talking back is a very, VERY bad idea, but what is left of her self-esteem will not let her act any other way. She is trying to control herself, so the words do not exit her mouth as aggressively as her unconscious wanted them too. From the sudden tension in her lovers” bodies, it came out harsh enough.

“No Master, I am not grateful that you raped me. My body may keep saying yes, but my mind is still saying NO. That means it is rape. No matter how much you make me want it. Let me go, please. I don’t want to be a part of your twisted games anymore.” She stops to take a breath but then doesn’t dare continue as she feels the rigid state of the two muscular bodies she is sandwiched between. She realizes that even without cussing them out this time, she has taken her statements too far.

Also, thinking about it in the light of what she has learned about them, she has unfortunately issued something of a challenge; to make her want it with her whole being, not just her body. None of them seem like the kind of man to step down from a challenge. As she is contemplating this she notices Kai looking at his brother over the top of her head, a world of words passing between them in that one glance, and then speaks.

“Well, Adrian, I don’t know about you but I believe I have rested long enough. It is time to return to the stubborn girl that still does not seem to have learned what we intended her to, despite the previous signs to the contrary.” Adrian sighs and nods at his brother.

“Indeed, every victory seems short lived with her. However, I think we can do better, brother, don’t you?”

“I know we can.” With that she feels her body being lifted in strong arms and placed back on the table, face down, with the attached shackles snapped around her wrists and ankles.

Oh shit!

“Now, Kitten…” she hears Kai’s voice purr behind her ear “You have been a very bad girl, talking back to us like that. And do you know what we do to bad girls?”

She shakes all over as she feels his large, calloused hand stroking her ass, right where it is the most sensitive. One split second later his hand is pulled back only to come back down forcefully with a smack that echoes through the room. The spanking Adrian gave her earlier, although painful and humiliating had nothing on this! Kai’s motion was designed to hurt like hell, and it did. She screams at the impact that pushes her forward on the table and the pain immediately brings tears to her eyes.

“We punish them. You’d be surprised at how many ways there is to punish a bad girl, and how much we enjoy it” He chuckles deep in his throat, a deep, vibrating sound that travels through her body and scares her senseless at the same time as it excites her.

“We usually do not introduce the next stage this quickly, but you are a special case.” he continues, still breathing in her ear and bringing out goose bumps all along her body.

“You surrender in one way and keep fighting in another. We cannot trust in your surrender at this point.” Another wicked slap hits her ass, again forcing a loud yelp from her lips.

“Who knows, maybe you will find the pleasure in the pain?”

Kai’s breath stays in her ear as she feels the end of something hard trail along her backbone all the way up to her neck. A tongue touches the base of her neck in its wake and trails lazily over to land at the base of her other ear. Adrian’s breath fills her mind and her senses.

“You are freed from restrictions to not speak unless spoken to, Little One.” he purrs to her, his deeply masculine voice touching every nerve end of her body, her whole being is concentrated on his words. “But we will not stop until you surrender, mind and soul.” He bites her neck, painfully hard, with blunt teeth; bringing excitement she thought she was too tired for back into play.

“Luckily you are being trained by two vampires. Counting the few weaknesses we have, lack of stamina is not one of them.” His deep chuckle shakes the very core of her being. She notices a thin bamboo cane in his hand, the tip of which must have been what she felt along her spine.

“This time, Kitten, you will not come unless we find you deserve it, and certainly not until you beg for it. And you better be convincing in your begging.” The younger brothers voice breathes into her ear. “The time of patience has passed. Now is the time to show you that you are all ours.”

The table is angled in a way that she can still see the tool wall, the one that frightened her so yesterday, the one where Adrian said “another day, another idea”. She shivers as she realizes that this is that other day and that other idea, and that she brought it completely upon herself. This could have ended with her snuggled between them like she was only minutes ago, if she hadn’t been too stubborn to give them the answer they wanted. Instead, here she is, strapped down on a table and completely aware that this is just the beginning of her trials, trials that could have been avoided. She swears at herself while testing the bonds.

Unbeknownst to her, the brothers are standing right behind her, watching her writhe on the table. She twists her body this way and that, testing the limitations of her bonds. All the while Adrian and Kai are watching her naked body fighting the bonds and deciding what to do with it, each with a thin, flexible cane in hand.

“Little One, stop struggling and get up on your elbows and knees!” Adrian’s voice underlined with a strong note of authority orders from somewhere behind her. She tries to twist her head around to see him but can’t quite crane her neck far enough.

“Adrian, you don’t have to..AAAAHHH”

*WHACK* Adrians hand holding the cane rises and falls in a sharp moment. The sound of the cane hitting her buttocks, still pink from Kai’s hands, echoes in her ears only to be drowned out a moment later by her own wail. The pain of the stroke is intense; it feels like someone has placed a thin burning rope right across her ass.

“I said, on your elbows and knees! Do not make me repeat myself again, Little One.” Adrian’s voice is deceptively soft. Soft the way an avalanche is soft. She whimpers while she hurries to pull her legs and arms under her, the shackles just allowing her to change her position. Soon she is on all fours, the fact that he ordered her to rest on her elbows and not her hands puts her upper body closer to the table than her lower body, leaving her back arched and her striped ass invitingly propped up in the air, her sex, still swollen from Kai’s earlier ministrations, almost pouting out between her cheeks.

“Kai, why are…AAAAAARGH!” Her words are yet again interrupted by a loud wail.

*WHACK -WHACK* In almost perfect synchrony two canes come down, one from either side. Adrian places another stripe perfectly parallel to the first, while Kai aims slightly lower. His strike does not only stripe the lower parts of her cheeks but also hits her swollen lips, just narrowly missing her clit. The pain is excruciating and her wail turns into sobs almost immediately.

“And what is the correct form of address, Kitten?” Kai purrs while trailing the tip of his cane up and down along her slit, causing her to flinch each time he passes the bright red stripe. “I’ll give you a hint. You get one strike per wrong answer, so the two you just received were for getting it wrong twice.”

“Kai, I..”

*WHACK* Her wail is even louder this time, laced with sobs. Kai hasn’t lifted the cane far from where he already had it, instead flicking his wrist to let the supple end of it strike her swollen clit. Her whole world turns red with the intense pain and instinctively tries to lower her ass to get it out of harm’s way but her hips are immediately captured in Adrian’s firm hands, angling them right back to their previous position.

“Stay!” he orders her, firmly. By now the very thought of disobeying an order of his makes her shake in fear, so she lets her hips be maneuvered back into position and then keeps them there.

“Try again, Kitten” she can hear the smirk in Kai’s voice without being able to see it as he continues “A second hint, you continue to get it wrong.” He chuckles while leaning back to admire their handiwork. Her delicious ivory globes are now adorned with thin, bright red stripes, his cock is growing impossibly hard at the sight and he can see his brother having the same reaction. Her pussy is even more swollen than before and perhaps not only from the caning. If he isn’t completely mistaken, it is also beginning to produce new moisture.

Adrian notices it too, using two fingers to spread her inner lips, revealing the sight and scent of her budding arousal as she whimpers and tries to move her burning, whipped sex away from his touch, stopped by the barest hint of his cane under her thighs. Who would have thought, he ponders? The brothers share a grin that threatens to split their faces in two.

“A natural submissive indeed” Kai mutters under his breath, too low for her to hear. Adrian nods, letting his tongue trail her slit from top to bottom, having a taste of her fresh juices lightly but deliciously spiced with blood from where the cane hit her tender tissues.

“Delicious, a rare find.” He confirms to his brother, equally quiet, then stands back up and licks his lips.

“Well, Little One? My brother asked you a question. We do not like to be kept waiting. The proper form of address?” Adrian lets the tip of his cane lightly flick over her pussy, enough to cause sharp but manageable pain, unlike the intensity of the previous strikes.

“M.. m.. master” she finally manages to get out between sobs.

“Good girl!” Kai beams at her. He leans over her back and lets his hands caress her striped behind, soothing and irritating the burning welts, all at once.

“Good little Kitten.” He purrs in her ear. She can feel his massive erection pressed up against her, but he is not making any move to enter her. “Now, are you likely to forget that any time soon or should we continue this lesson to make sure you do not forget?”

“No Master, I will not forget!” she gets out in an almost hysterical voice, hoarse from her wailing. “Please no more, no more… I will not forget Master, I promise!” To her horror she can feel fluid slowly escaping her pussy, fluid that is not the remains of Kai’s load. Her traitor body is getting excited in the midst of her torture. Maybe because of the torture. When she heard the expression “pleasure and pain” before, she never thought it could ever apply to her, or that the pleasure would be this painful.

“What say you, brother? Do you think she has learned her lesson?” Kai asks with raised and wiggling eyebrows. Her whole body tenses up in fear as she waits for her first Master’s response. Adrian pretends to think it over for a moment, before slowly shaking his head.

“I think we have been too trusting in the past when she shows remorse, which is why we are now correcting her for the third time in an evening. A few more stripes would both look good and weld the lesson into her mind I think. Do you agree, brother?”

“Absolutely!” Ignoring her loud and tearful protests that she indeed has learned her lesson and this is not necessary at all, they take up position again, this time only Kai holds a cane while Adrian stands next to her body, studying her cheeks.

“There, I think” he says and points to a pristine part of her ass, right in between two welts.

*WHACK* Kai places a new stripe precisely where Adrian pointed, with the same intensity as in the first hard strokes. Her pride gone she now wails at the top of her lungs when the cane hits her skin. Adrian’s hands caress her cheeks surprisingly tenderly, slightly easing the burning pain before pointing in a new location, right below her ass at the top of her thighs.

“And there.”

*WHACK WHACK* Two strikes in quick succession places parallel welts on her thighs, the upper one touching her outer lips as well. Her vision is becoming cloudy and she’s beginning to lose her voice from the wailing. When she feels Adrian’s hands again caress and soothe the new welts she feels an absurd but undeniable gratitude towards him for easing her pain. When his hand strokes the part of the stripe that crosses her pussy, her insides clench with a strong surge of unexpected arousal.

“There, there, Little One” he purrs to her. “Just a little more, it is for your own good my little doll. You should be thankful. We are just making sure you will not forget this lesson, you understand?”

“Yes, Master”

“Well then, to make sure you feel involved get to choose where we place the final two strokes. At least one of them must touch your sweet pussy.”

“Wherever you chose, Master” she is sobbing, but filled with a sensation that she wants to please them. She doesn’t know where it is coming from, but it is strong and undeniable. She finds herself actually pushing her ass into his caress. She cannot see his pleased grin, but she imagines she feels the heat of it. Then his hands leave her as he moves behind her and picks his own cane back up. He looks to Kai as to say “Your choice” and waits. Kai studies her now perfectly striped backside and decides on going absolute center, right across her lower ass and her core. He pulls his arm back and delivers the sharpest strike yet.

*WHACK!* The sound of the strike pierces the air, closely followed by a desperate moan, her vocal cords now too strained to yell. The cane comes back glistening in the middle from the juices it picked up when striking her opening. Adrian looks at the new stripe, takes aim and whacks his cane in the exact same place, taking the sharpness of the hit to new heights. Her lungs attempt to force another scream out of her but it comes out as a whimper.

“That was the final two.” Kai kneels behind her to rub his hands lightly over her burning behind and lets his tongue stroke her equally stinging core, bringing soft relief.

“Thank you, Master” she hears herself mumble as he eases her pain. Kai’s eyebrows rise to meet his hairline in surprise, Adrian thinks his jaw may touch the floor.

“Excuse me Kitten, what was that?” She is too exhausted from the pain, the screaming and the crying to be afraid right now, and so simply repeats herself;

“I said thank you, Master. Was that the wrong thing to say?”

The brothers look at each other and just shake their heads in awe. Yes, she’s a natural, but for her to reach the point where she thanks them after a severe caning, without prodding, was completely beyond all expectation. They are thrilled.

“No, Kitten, not at all. It was just perfect. You did well.” Kai goes back to gently licking her folds, tasting the same sweet mix of arousal and blood that his brother enjoyed earlier, while Adrian stands next to her face, stroking her hair.

“Good girl.” He murmurs proudly, she really is something else.

“All you have to do is surrender.”


“Now the starter is concluded, to the main course!”

Grinning while he reaches in under the table, Kai retracts the long rope she was previously restrained by. He starts looping it around her in a completely different way. Her arms are tied, just like before, but this time they are stretched above her head, lifting her sizable breasts to cause their nipples to aim towards the roof. Delicious. Also, instead of tying the rope around her breasts and bringing it around her upper body he loops it around her upper thighs and hips, spreading them apart and supporting her, almost like wrapping her in the ropes of a swing.

The likeness to a swing becomes uncanny as he throws one end of the rope over the hook in the ceiling, and quickly and effortlessly hoists her up. Her slight frame presents him with no trouble at all, and soon her tussled form is suspended from the ceiling, neither foot touching the floor while her legs are spread, teasingly exposing both her front and her back entrance.

Reaching towards the tool wall she sees Adrian grab a bottle of lubricant and squirt some out in his hand to rub it all over his cock, apparently relishing the feeling as he rubs it on clearly pleasuring himself. Despite her relative innocence she is beginning to suspect where they are going with this. As soon as the realization hits her, her pleas start.

“Oh god, no! Adrian!” She completely forgets her previous lesson of what to call him in her horror of realizing he is planning on putting that huge thing in her tightest hole, never used for anything but its original purpose. Continuing to lube his cock in long leisurely strokes, he raises a perfect eyebrow at her while bringing the tube to her ass cheeks, spreading them with his fingers and squeezing to deposit a large dollop of lubricant right on her back entrance. His fingers start spreading the gel around and slightly into her puckered hole.

“Please don’t do this. Please!” she continues to beg. “I’ve never done this…And you are so big, I can barely take you normally.” she’s almost crying as she keeps begging him. “Adrian, please don’t! I’ve never done this, I can’t!”

“There are so many things you haven’t done that we will introduce you to, Little One” Adrian purrs in her ear. “And, as my brother said at the start, perhaps you will find the pleasure in the pain. Besides, I found you.” He purrs deep in his throat. “Your anal virginity is my finder’s fee.” He chuckles to himself, clearly excited at the prospect.

With those words he slips a finger into her back entrance, slowly beginning to thrust it in and out of her. The intense pleasure of it takes her completely by surprise, although even this tiny intrusion is also sending small waves of pain through her. If his index finger penetrating her anus hurts her ass… She does not even want to contemplate what his huge cock will feel like. As soon as her treacherous tight muscles begin to relax he adds another finger, spreading them to open her back door while using the ropes to swing her onto his hand.

Kai, standing on the other side of her, cock in hand, lets his swollen tip graze her clit every time her swinging motion brings her into reach.

“See Kitten, we can make it feel good, IF you want.” He grins at her.

“No, Adrian! Kai!” she is sobbing through her pleas. “Please don’t do this! I will do anything you want, just please don’t do this!” She is literally terrified. The fearousal streaming out of her every pore is delicious and only serves to make them harder and more determined. Their patience is slowly running out and the time to stop making it easier on her and simply claiming whichever part of her they want is quickly approaching.

“There are two things wrong with that statement, Kitten” Kai tells her. “The first is that we can already make you do anything we want. The second is that fucking your ass IS what we want.” He cocks his head to one side before continuing

“Finally, your inability to consistently keep to the correct way of addressing your masters is really not helping your case or inciting us to go easy on you. We have thicker tools than canes to inflict corrective pain and make you see the error of your ways.”

Her eyes can’t help but slide to his literally massive erection when he speaks about “thicker tools” and she knows without a doubt that even though they have already fucked her hard, they could have made the process much more painful for her than they did — instead they chose to give her pleasure.

Swinging in the ropes suspended in the ceiling, she still manages to turn her body around to look at Adrian. His cock is now covered in glistening lube, but that just makes him slicker, it doesn’t make him any smaller. Turning her head around 180 degrees, there is Kai, his own massive erection in hand and ready to do whatever to her pussy that Adrian chooses to do with to her ass. Catching his brother’s eye he knows that it is time. Kai walks up to her extended form and lifts her legs up around his hips to spread her, both front and back. He rubs his cock along her slit a few times, to wet it, and then without so much as a “by your leave” he enters her in a single painfully hard thrust until his cock is buried to the hilt deep inside her pussy. She wails at the sensation, the intrusion is so hard and sudden that it brings her more pain than pleasure, but instead of Kai beginning to thrust in her he stays still when he is as deep as possible, quickly allowing the pain to subside and the feeling of ecstasy to take over as he fills her to the brim. She allows the sensation to feel good for a moment, until she starts realizing why he isn’t moving.

She feels Adrian’s calming presence cover the back half of her body, and then his presence is suddenly anything but calming as she feels the engorged head of his huge cock pressing against her virgin ass, while his brothers’ massive erection is buried deep in her pussy. She tries to beg him again.

“Adrian, Master, please, don’t do this!” But he simply purrs in her ear and partly repeats his brother’s earlier words

“Shhh, Little One. This *will* happen. Just relax and you may enjoy it, there can be pleasure in the pain.” The tip of his cock slips past her cramping ring muscle, stretching it incredibly and forcing a pain filled moan from her lips.

“Nooooo, please!”

Adrian’s voice turns harder as he pushes his over-sized cock another inch into her ass “You are pushing my patience to the limit, Little One. If you think the purpose of this exercise is your pleasure you are sorely mistaken. You are mine. And for now you are ours. I’ve tried to be patient with you due to your inexperience, but I believe it is time to simply show you. If I want to fuck your ass, I will!” He grins for a second “Like this.”

He stops talking, retracts the inch that he has pushed into her until only the tip of his erection is still inside her puckered hole, briefly tenses his hips and then — completely without regard for further preparation of her minute body, thrusts his entire length into her ass, effectively taking her weight off the ropes in the ceiling as she becomes impaled on one cock in each hole, lifting her further off the ground. Had he not lubed so carefully the motion might well had torn her beyond repair.

As it is it causes no lasting damage, but the pain of the sudden intrusion ripples through her body in red hot waves. As his hips touch her ass forcefully, proving he has buried himself as deep as he can in her anus, the red welts already there from the previous caning gets aggravated, adding a small amount of pain to the already almost unbearable experience. She throws her head back and wails, long and loud. The two huge cocks in her is making her feel like she will explode from the inside, and unlike last time neither of them are stimulating her along the way. This time they are punishing her for real, and taking their pleasure without giving. Kai’s words in the beginning of this round resound in her mind.

“This time, Kitten, you will not come unless we find you deserve it, and certainly not until you beg for it. And you better be convincing in your begging.”

The brothers look at each other over her shoulder, sharing the intense bonding moment. Only a thin membrane of tissue separates their throbbing cocks from each other, and they both possess the same girl at the same time, with no sense of jealousy. In an unspoken agreement, they start rocking in and out of her — reveling in the exquisiteness of her tight entrances, utterly enhanced by her being filled to the very limit by another cock.

Kai reaches down to support her ass, Adrian takes a hold of her hips and waist. Together they start moving her in time with their thrusts, sometimes lowering her gently and sometimes slamming her down on their double penetration.

Somewhere along the way, the intense pain of Adrian’s anal assault starts to be matched by equally intense pleasure. The pain remains, but the pleasure joins it and takes the edge away. Somehow her screams turn into moans, her pleas for them to stop into pleas to continue and her whole body melds into them. Her head spins even harder and the last vestiges of resistance lets go. A sudden realization hits her.

What happens to her is no longer her choice. This is all they are trying to teach her. They are not trying to hurt her, they are trying to _teach_ her, and pain is a good reminder. Adrian, her Master, gave her a chance to experience a gentle anal penetration and she squandered it by thinking she could avoid it all together. It is not his fault he is fucking her so hard it hurts now, it is hers.

It is like an epiphany. The pain starts to drain away, leaving acceptance and pleasure in its wake.

*What* happens is not her choice, but *how* it happens can be. Her mind spins and their words starts swimming through her head, warping and changing with each repeat, some words falling out while the core message gets clearer.


“Little One, All you have to do is surrender.”

“This time, Kitten, you will not come unless we find you deserve it, and certainly not until you beg for it.”


“All you have to do is surrender.”

“not come… not until you beg for it..”


“have to … surrender.”

“beg for it.”





Adrian feels it the moment it happens, it takes Kai another second or two. Something changes in her, something profound, on a much deeper level than the admissions and small victories that have been achieved up until now. There is something in her scent. There is something in how she is no longer either struggling or being limp, but gently rocking with their motions, aiding the flow with slightly undulating hips.

It is in how she arches her back to lean her head on his shoulder as he forcefully thrusts into her sweet, tight ass. It is in how her legs around Kai’s waist tighten around him, holding her up by her own force and releasing his hands from lifting her ass to roam her body.

It is how her moans loose the unaccepted edge and painful aftertaste to instead express rising excitement. In fact, it is in how her cries and whimpers fail to be complaints at all, instead becoming true moans. It is in how her pussy floods with so much moisture that it drips between her holes to wet the base of his cock when it is buried deep in her ass, and he hears Kai’s appreciative sounds as her inner walls become more slick around him and her clit swells.

But it is really in how the unspoken reactions become outspoken actions. How she grabs the short hairs in his neck in her fists and pleads, not orders…

“Touch me!” turning her head to catch Kai’s eyes, extending the plea to him. They both hold off responding for a second, looking at her. She realizes, remembering the words, she must plead, beg, and truly show that she has surrendered. Not just do it, but show it. Suddenly it becomes easy, natural.

Her whole body relaxes, neither fighting nor helping the pounding of their cocks into her most private areas, but not being able to help the moans their thrusts elicit from her tiny frame. They realize she is trying to say something and slow their pace, giving her a chance to get her words out. The change is clear and they want to hear it.

“I am yours. I don’t know why I fought it, but I now know I am only yours. Please take me with you in making this pleasurable. Teach me, include me, own me, and take me. Please include me, touch me. Master, please let me cum too. PLEASE!”

At the word “Master” she quickly turned her head, making it clear she included them both. There is no doubt in their minds that she is serious, that this is genuine. They have trained before and they know what it looks like when a slave accepts her calling, breaks and becomes willing. It’s just mind boggling how she fought harder than they ever do, seemingly gave in and then didn’t like they never do and then surrendered — all in a nights work.

Now the change in them is equally clear. It is not all about their own pleasure any more. Their pleasure is no less important, there is just an added goal in the activity. She gave in, truly submitted. She must be rewarded for this, about that fact there is no question. Their hands are everywhere on her, squeezing her nipples, fondling her ass. Kai pulls the hood of her swollen clit back to allow his pubic bone to hit it with every thrust, Adrian takes advantage of his brother exposing her bud by letting his still lubed up finger rub it intently between each stroke. The combination is intense and unbearable. Sweet, intense friction followed by hard pressure combined with complete penetration, over and over again. A deep vibration starts at her toes and fingertips and moves slowly inwards.

Adrians cock in her ass is giving her immense pleasure. Why was she ever afraid or opposed to this? The intense pain of his entry has faded in her mind, not to be recalled until the next time he wants to (and subsequently, will) push his erection through her back door. Now when they are not only fucking her hard, but also rubbing her, pleasing her, taking her with them, her body is brought closer and closer to sweet release, what the French call “the little death”, with every stroke.

Her head is thrown back in bliss, exposing her white, untouched neck. Kai’s eyes meet Adrian’s and quickly flicker to the throbbing pulse in her neck, and receives a minute nod in reply from his brother. Her ass is not the only part of her that will be penetrated for the first time today.

The brothers watch each other as if in a mirror as their fangs expand and their expressions take on the demonic appearance of their true nature. The girl is still lost in bliss from the thrusts of their cocks in both her holes and the intense clitoral stimulation she is receiving. From her tremors, they can tell she is close to release, and neither of them really can wait to fill her with his cum. They smile an otherworldly, wicked smile at each other before increasing the pace of their thrusts to near unbearable speed for a human, lowering their heads and simultaneously piercing her jugular on either side of her neck.

“Ahhhh! FUCK! Oh my GOD!” Her scream, initially from pain, almost instantly turns into ecstasy. Being filled to the brink of her capabilities, especially Adrian’s cock thrusting in and out of her ass, their fingers on her most sensitive parts and now finally coupled with two pairs of fangs forcefully entering her skin combines to send her over the edge to an absolutely mind blowing orgasm. Kai feels her pussy spasm around him while swallowing her blood and, having no further wish to hold back, thrusts violently into her for another second or two before his cock twitches and he starts cumming hard inside her. Every thrust filling her with another load of his cum. Its amazing there is so much left after coming so hard not that long ago, but there seems to be an endless supply as far as she is concerned.

Adrian on the other hand, is intent on taking this to the next level. She has begged for her own release, he wants to see if he can make her beg for his. He keeps thrusting his impressive member in and out of her ass, continuing to rub her clit as she rides out her orgasm, her head bent back over his shoulder and his fangs buried in her neck. Carefully he retracts his fangs and speaks in her ear in time with his thrusts.

“What do you want from me, Little One? Say it, and I might just give it to you.” He punctuates the last words with hard strokes, one for each word.

She moans at his invasion of her ass before answering.

“I want you to cum in me, Master” He grins at the fact that she still uses the title she has been drilled to say even at this stage. This is the best proof he could get that she is in fact completely his now.

“What did you say?” he repeats, teasing her “I didn’t understand.” She tries to turn her head towards him, her breath being knocked from her lungs with every forceful thrust into her ass. Kai is still thrusting into her pussy, although with less intensity than before he came. Of course he is still hard, he is a vampire after all.

Finally she gets her head far enough to look into his lust clouded eyes, and gets to say what she wanted to, in gasping breaths as the aftershocks of her orgasm floods over her.

“I want you to grab my hips and pull me onto you as hard as you wish for and need to, Master. Then I want to feel you spurt your hot cum into my ass. THAT is what I want. I want to please you, Master. I want you to cum in me.”

At her words he loses it completely. To the rhythm of her last contractions from her earlier orgasm, he grabs her hips and starts pistoning his cock in and out of her ass. Reaching around her he intently stimulates her clit, the twin sensations of his cock and his fingers quickly rising her up on the top of the wave again. He is fucking her ass so hard he thinks he might cause lasting damage, so he bites his wrist and holds it to her mouth as he bites down on her neck again. As her sweet blood runs down his throat and he swallow, he pounds his cock into her harder than ever before, secure in that she has taken his blood and will heal. On the first big gulp he feels something loosening inside of him. She is his, she has given herself to him and he is taking her in the most intimate way possible — a way that even many long standing lovers never do. Her anus clinches deliciously around him as his teeth, tongue and cock sends her into orbit again.

He really doesn’t mind if a girl has known the touch of a man before, as long as he gets to be the first to possess her ass. Not that he doesn’t love owning a pussy, but there is something extra intimate and special about pushing his — honestly, for this purpose — too big cock up a woman’s anus. He doesn’t need the extra tightness, pretty much every woman feels tight if you have enough girth — no, for him it is the visual of tight buttocks, slightly or completely unwilling, spread by his fingers and then watching his rock hard erection pushing in where she didn’t think she would ever allow anyone to enter. Scorching hot. Taking his little Ones anal virginity in such a forceful way makes him feel alive, and strong, in a way he has not in a long time. Yes, she is really doing her job to distract him. He has tried all of her cavities now, and they are all delicious. He really can’t pick a favorite.

Finally allowing himself to feel all of it, her clenching ass brings him to the edge and beyond. He leans his head back and growls out his release, as he shoots wave after wave of hot cum up her puckered entrance. He removes his fangs from her neck before he takes too much and relishes in the feel of his cock twitching deep inside her tightness.

When he finishes releasing in her he stops moving, realizing that Kai and his Little One are also still. He looks at his brother for a second, sharing what needs to be done, and quickly unhooks her ropes from the hook above her. Kai has moved away, but Adrian is still supporting her against his body, his cock buried deep in her ass. He never makes the same mistake twice, so he checks with her now.

“Little One, how do you feel?”

“Happy, master”

Carefully, he repeats and rephrases Kai’s question from earlier, the one that started round three. ‘So, my doll, have you learned your lesson? Are you grateful we took the time to teach you?” Her answer does not waver for a second and is miles away from her previous insolence.

“Yes, Master. Thank you for teaching me. I am sorry it took me so long.” She tries to lean further back towards him, and he uses the moment to untie her arms and legs from their bonds, slowly walking over the bath tub that Kai is in the process of filling.

She really has submitted. He grins at that, while still aware that does not mean the training is over. She will make many mistakes in the next few days that will need to be corrected. Such a pity, he thinks to himself as the very thought makes his cock twitch again — but by now he really is too tired, they all are. He carefully removes his still semi hard cock from her anus, leaving a stretched, half open entrance behind, slowly leaking his semen. It is a very erotic, and a very possessive, picture. She is HIS, there is no better way of showing it. He looks to his brother and smiles.


Once the tub is almost filled her body is submerged in hot, gentle caresses. There is something with how water moves that almost makes it feel like a touch. The tub is large, made for 6-8 people, so when Kai and Adrian slips into it there is hardly any disturbance to her feeling of freedom.

They settle to either side of her, allowing their hands to roam, gently, over her body. Adrian’s blood has already healed her, inside and out, the intense pain is now a distant memory whilst their sweet caresses are overwhelming reality. The men move closer together, Adrian gently lifting her legs to let her hips rest in his lap while Kai leans her upper body against his muscled chest, his hands gently stroking her sides and breasts, his soft lips placing feather light kisses against her neck and shoulders. A deep and content sigh slips past her lips while her body settles against them.

Reaching to the side of the tub Adrian picks up two soft, natural sponges already prepared and soaked in exclusive body wash and hands one of them to his brother. He chose the scent of musk and light vanilla to perfectly compliment his Little Ones natural scent and is happy with the result as she leans deeper into them both when it hits her nostrils. Gently, ever so gently, they start cleansing her, the sponges in their hands caressing every inch of her body and making her feel pure and loved. Whispering sweet nothings in her ear, mixed with praise and pride at her performance she knows she did well. Right now nothing could make her happier.

Instead of slipping off into exhausted sleep her body begins to gently react to their caresses. Not powerfully intense, simply relaxed arousal caused by loving, sponge-holding hands tickling the underside of her breasts, the inside of her thighs, the small fold where her buttocks meet her thighs. Noticing her pert nipples beginning to harden and her relaxed breath turning slightly shallow the brothers lock eyes and an unspoken agreement pass between them causing their caresses not to intensify but rather slightly change focus.

Dropping his sponge on the side of the tub Kai brings his palms to fully cover her breasts, feeling their perfect size and shape filling his hands, her nipples poking into his palms. He begins to gently rub and fondle her soft globes, lifting, stroking, caressing, never grabbing or pinching. His mouth by her ear is now breathing down her neck, nibbling her earlobe and sending shiver after shiver through her body.

“Would you like us to show our appreciation, Kitten? You have earned it.” He purrs into her ear, his voice almost as deep and rumbling as Adrian’s when he is in the same mood and having the same effect on her as goose bumps rise on her skin despite being submerged in the comfortable heat of the water.

“Mhmm” she nods and mumbles her agreement, her eyes never opening while she leans her head further back into the crook of his neck, her soft hair floating out in the water to tickle and caress his chest. Her left arm reaches out blindly until her hand finds another body, her fingers gently exploring Adrian’s shoulders, trailing down his arms and finally finding his hand, entwining her fingers in his. Her actions cause a content rumbling sound to roll from his lips, the vibrations going straight through her body and making her hips lightly grind down into his lap, having an immediate effect on his previously exhausted member.

His gentle caresses along her thighs increase their span, coming closer to her core at each apex of their upward motion, before turning and again trailing down her leg. His other hand gently squeezes her hip and upper buttock, not hindering her grinding motion but also not forcing her harder onto him. This situation has no force involved whatsoever, they are simply pleased to be pleasing her. She arches her back to push her breasts more firmly into Kai’s hands and tries to angle her hips for Adrian to finally touch her where she needs him to; she finds his progress is excruciatingly slow.

Eyes still closed her right arm rises up and wraps around Kai’s neck while her left leg snakes around Adrian’s waist, spreading her legs for his gently probing hand.

“Please…” she murmurs as her breaths turn more shallow and her heart beat quickens.

“Please what, Little One?” Adrian purrs.

“I need…” she realizes she doesn’t know what it is that she needs and just shakes her head. “I just need.” She concludes.

Both brothers chuckle at this, the rumbling again striking at the very core of her being and making her arch her back further, mewling like the kitten Kai has dubbed her. Not wanting to torture her further, Kai let’s one of his hands trail down her flat stomach while the other keeps caressing her breasts, switching from one to the other. As his hand reaches her center he expertly finds her clit and starts rubbing it lightly with his thumb while using two other fingers to spread her folds. Taking advantage of his brothers actions, Adrian allows his hand on her inner thigh to rise to her spread folds, gently prodding and caressing her entrance, only to find her impossibly slick under the water. He allows two fingers to slip into her wetness, carefully and surely curling his fingers in a “come hither” motion to find that special spot inside her, stimulating it in time with Kais rubbing of her clit.

He died saving her.

For nineteen years, entombed within a dark mausoleum, Demetri’s spirit tossed and turned.

He had died to save her.

The vampires had formed out of the very shadows of the night. In a frenzy of flashing fangs and tearing claws, the monsters surrounded them.

He had loved her more than life.

He could not find peace while memories of his sacrifice haunted his soul. So, for nineteen years, his sorrow and rage grew in the silence of his tomb until they became enough to give him a form.

Demetri arose from his tomb on the anniversary of the very night he had been lowered into it.

Even as a ghost, the years had aged him: Though his chiselled features and defined body had remained the same, the corners of his eyes and mouth were now slightly wrinkled. His hair, too, had changed: Instead of framing his face in jet-black waves, it glowed in cascades of silver. Demetri’s whole figure was now cast in a subtle icy glow that made the steely blue of his eyes all the more piercing.

Demetri breathed out of the mausoleum and up into the night.

The city had changed. It was bigger and faster and louder and darker. Even though the entire cityscape was blanketed by a hazy neon glow, it was much darker than he remembered it to be.

But it did not take him long to find her.

It was almost as if he could smell her spirit. It was jasmine and vanilla… it was happiness.

She was happy?

How could she be happy when his soul had tossed and turned for nineteen years in a tempest of longing and heartache?

How could Serafina be happy?

People whirled out of Demetri’s way as he stalked down the street. His booted feet hardly touched the ground as he followed Serafina’s scent through the city.

He stopped at the base of a towering apartment building. He took a leap straight up and flew upwards until he reached the penthouse apartment. That was where she was. He phased into the apartment and stopped in mid-air.

“Serafina?!” He howled.

The vampiress stirred slightly and opened her dark eyes. She took in the ghostly apparition and scrambled awake, shaking the vampire that lay beside her into consciousness.

“D-Demetri?” Serafina stammered. There was no mistaking those piercing eyes – not even death could blunt his gaze. He was wearing the same leather jacket she had watched him die in.

“How could you?” the phantom snarled at her. Demetri’s eyes glowed with unbelievable anger as he started towards the couple.

Serafina’s vampire husband hissed at the spectre and bared his fangs, but the ghost paid him no mind.

“I died saving you from these monsters!” Demetri roared. “And you became one? You married one?”

He lunged at the couple and grabbed the vampire by his throat, wrenching him up into the air.

“Jasper!” Serafina cried, reaching in vain for her husband.

Demetri glared at the vampire twisting fiercely in his grasp and growled contemptuously: “I will kill you.”


Tonight was Ember’s eighteenth birthday.

The young girl’s charisma was irresistible and undeniable: Her mischievous fanged half-smile was contagious and her amber eyes crackled with a constant fire. Every night was an adventure, and every day an opportunity to learn something new – that was why, even though she looked nothing like her parents, she was most certainly their daughter.

Ember’s mother only became a vampire after she was born. That was why, instead of having pale skin, long fangs, an aversion to sunlight and heat, and hair the colour of moon-less midnight, Ember’s fangs were short and delicate, she was unaffected by heat or sun, her skin was warm and tinged burnt sienna, her dark hair was streaked with flames, and she hated the taste of blood.

It was almost dawn and Ember was finding her way home slowly. It had been a fantastic night and she did not want it to end just yet. She swept through the city, smiling as heads turned and eyes lingered on her. She was dressed as any respectable vampire would: to kill. She wore thigh-high black boots, a tight black skirt, a red corset and a long, black coat. Her hair whirled about her face like a hellish halo and her eyes burned like cognac ambers.

She reached the gleaming grey monolith that her family called home far too soon. She raced up the stairs with inhuman speed, all the way to the twenty-third floor.

Ember turned her key in the door and stepped into the apartment. She hardly had the chance to shrug her coat off when she heard her mother’s frantic cries.


Serafina wailed hysterically as she watched her husband struggle and twist in the deathly grip of her ghostly ex-lover.

Suddenly there was pounding at the door.

“Mom?! Dad?! Are you okay?!” A muffled voice came through the door. “Answer me!”

“Ember! Darling, run!” Serafina cried out, stumbling out of bed and towards the door.

“You had a child with this creature?!” Demetri roared angrily. He whirled around and flung Jasper across the room. The vampire crashed through a glass table and lay gasping on the floor, impaled by long slivers of glass.

Serafina dashed towards her husband and knelt amongst the shards of glass, cradling him in her arms. She roared angrily at Demetri and bared her fangs at him.

“I never loved you!” Serafina screamed. “Never!”

Demetri choked out a wretched groan and then gasped: “After I died… how long did you wait?”

“I didn’t,” Serafina spat, trembling with anger.

Demetri roared furiously.

“Mom! Dad! Who the hell is in there?! Open the door!” Ember shouted, pushing against the heavy mahogany door with all her might.

Demetri swooped down and pulled the door open. Ember fell into the room and the wraith immediately grabbed a fistful of her hair and hurled her away from him. Ember slammed into the wall and fell, semiconscious, to the floor.

“Ember!” Serafina cried.

Demetri looked at the vampiress and then at her child. He scooped the girl up into his arms and strode across the room to the window.

“No!” Serafina sobbed. “Don’t take my baby!”

“You already have your baby,” Demetri purred mockingly, glancing almost idly over his shoulder at the teary eyed vampiress. “You will have him forever. Death will never separate you. Isn’t that enough?”

“Besides,” he said, as he and Ember began to dematerialise, “your child should have been mine.”

And with that, they disappeared.

Serafina moaned piteously and buried her head in her unconscious husband’s chest.


Ember gasped in a breath of cold air as she awoke. Consciousness coursed through her veins and she shivered as she regained her senses.

Her wrists were shackled to the wall above her head. She tugged at her bonds in vain for a few moments before she gave up.

The room she was in was round, old, and made of stone. It looked like a tower room of an ancient castle. The windows had never seen glass and frosty breezes swept through the chamber every few moments.

How cliché: the ghost takes his prisoner to a medieval castle, Ember snorted to herself as she shivered.

Ember tried to digest the absurd, but very real and dangerous, situation she now found herself in.

“I was abducted from my parents by a ghost…”

Even when Ember said that sentence aloud and heard it echo back to her, it still sounded ridiculous. And yet, it was true.

She had been able to hear almost every word through the door. It seemed that this ghost had loved her mother, had died, and had an extreme dislike for vampires and her father.

Your child should have been mine… Did the ghost say that?

Ember renewed her efforts to escape. She struggled so desperately to twist her wrists free that she did not notice when Demetri faded into the room.

“You have an unusual name,” he said, “for a bloodsucker.”

The young girl started and glared at the apparition striding towards her. Even in the darkness, his blue eyes glimmered like the sea under a midnight moon.

“I suppose you think I’m evil,” he mused.

“Or,” Ember interjected hotly, “maybe I think you’re pathetic.”

Demetri raised a silver eyebrow and he knelt down to be at eye-level with his prisoner.

“You are just a child,” he said, his fierce eyes inches from hers. “You don’t know what it’s like to be in love.”

“Not yet,” Ember retorted, “or do you plan to make sure I never get the chance?”

“I haven’t made up my mind yet,” Demetri said menacingly. He leaned so close that his lips brushed against hers when he spoke. “Maybe I will keep you here and do to you everything I never got the chance to do to your mother.”

Ember shuddered as the ghost leered at her.

“And then,” Demetri continued, “once I am sick of you, I will send your body back to your parents. I could send just your head… But I think they will want to see the whole thing.”

“Do your worst,” Ember hissed at him.

Demetri recoiled and a sneering smile began to tug at his lips.

“That’s exactly what I said to the vampires,” he said softly. “And, believe me, that is exactly what they did.”

And, with those words, Demetri faded through Ember.

In the brief moment that the spirit passed through her, Ember felt all of his pain and sorrow and bitter rage. She saw flashes of a bloody fight between the ghost and a group of vampires and she saw her mother turn away and leave him for dead before the world went black.

And then, it was all gone.

A single, reluctant tear dripped down Ember’s cheek. It was an unbearable pain.


Wherever the castle was located, it seemed to be in a perpetual state of stormy twilight. For what seemed like hours, Ember stared out the window, watching the rhythmic amassing then recessing of black, purple and grey clouds beyond the stone casement, and thinking about all that had happened.

Aside from my parents, I have never loved somebody so much that I would die for them… And my mother said that she didn’t love him.

The girl cringed thinking about it. That was when Serafina had sealed her daughter’s fate.

But I still don’t know what he’s going to do to me… and I don’t think he knows either.

Ember decided the ghost had been bluffing when he had threatened her earlier. After the phantom had unwittingly shared his pain with her, Ember decided that he wasn’t evil.

He’s angry, he’s lonely… He’s heartbroken, not evil. He would never be able to do those things to me… He still has feelings, even if he doesn’t have a heart.


Demetri breathed down through the castle in sighs of bitter rage and guilt.

“How could I have said those things to her?” he asked himself aloud.

The spirit sank down and rested on the satin throne of some ancient king and let his heart answer his spoken question:

Because she is Serafina’s child and I cannot help hating her. She broke my heart and left me for dead after I fought to keep her safe. I gave my life to keep her safe, and she repaid me by falling in love with one of those monsters.

Memories filled Demetri’s spirit and he sank through the floor into the dungeons below. He howled through the stinking cells until he passed out of the castle, and soared into the eternal tempest that made up the ghostly realm.

The girl is mine now.


Demetri hazed back into the tower room and found Ember’s flaming eyes closed in sleep. Her slim form was trembling with cold and Demetri quickly dematerialised the shackles that bound her to the wall.

She shivered and wrapped her arms around herself, but did not awaken from her slumber.

Demetri knelt beside her and picked her up, phasing through the castle with her in his arms.

Ember’s eyes fluttered open and she started when she found herself in the ghost’s arms. Demetri looked down at her with the hint of a smile on his lips. He headed straight towards another wall and Ember quickly latched her arms around his neck and squeezed her eyes shut as they morphed through it.

Finally, they faded into the room that Demetri found for her: A fire was blazing in the hearth of a magnificent fireplace, and the bed was made up with satin sheets.

Demetri tried to lower the girl onto the bed, but Ember’s arms were still tightly wrapped around his neck.

“Is this part of my torture?” she murmured.

Demetri dematerialised momentarily and Ember dropped onto the soft mattress with a gasp.

“Maybe,” Demetri whispered as he faded back into view.

“Well, thank you,” she said softly. “Um, I don’t know your name.”

Demetri’s gaze hardened: “I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that your mother never mentioned me.”

Ember bit her lip and lowered her eyes. Of course her mother hadn’t.

“Demetri,” he said shortly. Then he turned on his heel and began to walk towards the wall they had entered through.

“Demetri,” Ember called out.


“I’m sorry,” she said simply.

Demetri stopped in his tracks and turned to face the girl. His eyes met hers and he saw everything she felt for him at that moment. And it made him angry.

“You mean you feel sorry for me,” he snarled quietly.

Ember’s eyes widened as Demetri began to stalk back across the room towards her. His blue eyes were storming wildly.

The girl began to scramble backwards across the bed, but there really was no use in her movements of escape. In an instant, Demetri was on the bed and on top of her. He straddled the struggling halfling and his ghostly hands wound around her neck.

“Hate me, fear me,” he snarled, “feel anything towards me but pity.”

Ember gasped for air and clawed in vain at the ethereal hands wrapped around her throat. Her amber eyes were burning with angry shock and she bared her fangs at him.

Demetri stood and wrenched Ember up, holding the struggling girl up before him. With a powerful growl, he hurled her across the room. Ember’s slim form slammed against the wall and she cried out in pain as she crumpled to the ground.

Ember rose slowly: Her lip was bleeding and she cradled her forehead with one hand.

Demetri jumped off the bed and began to walk towards the injured girl. He was scarcely five feet from Ember, when she lunged at him. Her eyes were sparked with a fierce, unholy fire and her fangs were bared to sink into him.

But, in the split-second before Ember collided with him, Demetri dissolved into thin air. Ember cried out as she hit the floor, and Demetri was over her in an instant.

He grabbed a fistful of the halfling’s hair and dragged her towards the fireplace. Ember scrambled behind him as best she could on her hands and knees.

Demetri threw her onto the fur mat in front of the fireplace. Ember groaned and slowly propped herself up on her hands and knees. The ghost knelt behind her, gripping her chin and forcing her face up with one hand while the other grabbed at the edge of her corset and ripped it off.

“No! Stop!” Ember cried, trying vainly to twist away.

Demetri growled and pushed her face into the mat to muffle her cries as he tore her clothes off her bruised body with inhuman strength.

In moments, she was naked except for her thigh-high boots. Demetri flipped her onto her back as if she weighed nothing, and he shivered at the sight of her naked body.

God, she’s gorgeous. And there is no one to stop me from taking her.

“Well, you’re as beautiful as Serafina, but are you as much of a whore?” Demetri asked as he pinned her wrists over her head. “Tell me, are you a good fuck, halfling? Huh?”

Ember lay deathly still and her eyes gleamed with angry tears.

“Get off me,” she growled.

Demetri shifted so that he could hold both of her wrists with one hand, with the other, he reached down to unbuckle his belt.

Ember thrashed and bucked wildly.

“No! No! Get the fuck off me!” she roared furiously at the ghost.

Demetri smirked and used the belt to strap her wrists together.

“That’s better,” he murmured, “now, I can do this…”

The ghost unzipped his pants and Ember’s eyes widened at the sight of his dick. He wrapped a hand around it and began to pump slowly as he stared down at her. His other hand, however, was at Ember’s pussy. He drove his fingers hard into her vagina and smiled as her face contorted in pain and reluctant pleasure.

Demetri stopped suddenly and Ember opened her eyes as his fingers left her sex. But the ghost was not done.

“No! Don’t you fucking dare! No!”

Demetri hefted his penis and sneered at his captive. He slapped her vagina with it a couple times and slid the tip around the entrance.

He took one last look at her teary face, lust flashing like lightening in his stormy eyes, and whispered: “All the things I never got to do…”

And then he shoved his massive dick deep into Ember’s pussy. The halfling screamed as he began to thrust hard inside her.

Ember’s breasts bounced with the force of his thrusts, but he didn’t stop. The ghost’s powerful arms lifted the halfling’s legs up so that he could force himself deeper into her. He groaned in pleasure as he felt the tip of his dick pressing into her insides.

“God what a tight little pussy…” the ghost grunted, thrusting harder and faster into the halfling.

It seemed ages to Ember before Demetri’s breath began to quicken but, in reality, the ghost had not lasted long. He was reaching an explosive climax when he pulled out of her, letting her legs fall around him as he stood up. Demetri looked down and saw that his dick was red with blood.

“Oh my God,” the ghost said incredulously. “Was I your first, little bloodsucker? Huh? Will I be the first and the last man to take you?”

Ember closed her eyes as tears threatened to flood them.

Demetri laughed darkly and pulled her onto her knees by her hair. As he stroked his cock to keep his climax from fading, he growled: “Open your eyes and your mouth, you little slut. Blood or no blood I want to see you chocking on my cock.”

Ember opened her eyes, but found she could barely see through the mist of tears. The second she opened her mouth, however, Demetri wrenched her up by her hair and forced his dick down her throat.

The halfling gagged as she struggled to swallow all of his cock.

Demetri did not wait for Ember to get used to his size before he began to fuck her mouth. Soon he was slamming his cock into Ember’s mouth so fast and so hard that she could not keep the tears from streaming down her face. Ember looked up at him and saw those glowing eyes fixed on her.

Demetri grunted and shoved his cock as far down Ember’s throat as he could, the halfling’s watery eyes sparkling up at him had almost sent him over the edge. He pulled his cock from her mouth and slapped it across her teary face before wiping the tip against her full, red lips.

Demetri took a step back and let Ember go completely. The halfling slumped to the ground and lay at his feet, gasping for air and leaking tears.

The ghost laughed breathlessly and then knelt over her face, pumping his dick fast and hard.

“Get ready to drink my cum,” he murmured lustily. “And if you spill a drop, I’ll make you lick it off the floor.”

Ember did not move.

Demetri gripped her chin firmly so that her open mouth was beneath him. Ember did not struggle, but she clamped her eyes shut as Demetri let out a rasping cry and shot his cum all over her face.

** So this has some non human factor to it, but more non-consent.. I think rape is terrible and should never happen to anyone. This is simply a fantasy. Leave comments!!**


She had just turned 18 three months ago.

She lived a simple, sheltered life in a village that lies close to a castle. Though she has tasted the cum of only a few men, her appetite for wilder and wilder sex grows and she begins to find that her village simply has too few men, and she knows she will need more… much more. In fact, she secretly wants to be taken by force…

I am the Vampire Lord who resides in the castle overlooking her village.

I have lived for a thousand years, spending my time enjoying the blood and lives of many men and women. Although this keeps me alive, it doesn’t come close to satisfying my carnal lust. I love to fuck young women, who have just tasted the freedom of adulthood. I steal them in the night while they sleep and bring them into my chambers. I like to play with them first, in their confused state, teasing their ignorance while my pheromones slowly make them horny. I deprive them, making them beg me to lift them up and set them down slowly on my dick, watching them shake and stutter as it slides past their g-spot. Some of them cum before I even begin, but I love the ones who resist until they are so weak I break their will and have my way with them.

After I had her in my castle I felt a little smug, as she was beautiful and I knew exactly what I was going to do to her. She woke up and began to struggle on the bed panicking.

“Kneel, peasant”, I demand.

She refused and actually tried to run! Ha! Escape from me? How stupid could she be?

She sees me vanish, then suddenly she feesl a harsh, painful hand clamp down on her arm. I spin her violently around, forcing her on her knees, staring at her with a firey gaze.

“You WILL kneel when I tell you to, girl!”

I let go and stand up straight, towering over her. She holds back tears and swings to punch me as hard as She can “I will not KNEEL to anyone you worthless jerk! Let me go or you will pay!” she threatens.

I let the punch make contact with my waist. It does nothing but make me chuckle. I lower, slightly, back arced menacingly. I bare my teeth, growling “This is MY castle. You. Are. Powerless. Here!!!”

She shifted when she punched me. Upon seeing her movement, after she punched, I clasped a hand down again, this time on her shoulder, fastening her in place.

“You will learn to obey, little one. You will learn… or it is YOU who will pay!”

Her eyes mee mine in a challenging glare, as if she could ever overpower me!

My smile widens at the challenge. With one arm I lift her like a feather, up and over the bed, dropping her on it.

She bounces once, lifting off, breasts following in dance. Her night gown flutters around her beautiful sexy body. Time seems to slow as she reachs her full height in the air.

Suddenly, time begins to move again as I teleport above her, horizontal. We drop, but I drop faster. We hit the bed, and the stone underneath cracks.


My wings spread above us as I smell her neck veins.

She calls a half smile as she says, “Make me.” her eyes again challenging the clear authority I have over her whole body. This angers me. I smile, “Oh I will.”

I grab her neck with one hand, wrapping my fingers completely around, choking her long enough to get her horizontal. With my other hand, I rip off her night gown.

“You won’t enjoy this……” her legs tighten at my words and I can’t help but laugh.

I see her suddenly closed legs as the invitation I was waiting for. releasing my hand from her throat, I use both my hands to pry her sexy long legs open.

As her pelvis is bounced upward from the motion, my face is splashed with her tasty juices.

“You aren’t supposed to enjoy this” I croak, using her legs to turn her completely over.

I force one finger into her very tightened asshole and bury it two knuckles deep. Laughing at her struggles and cries.

“QUIET, WRETCH!!”, I howl, a size amassing under my cloth.

I massage her tight ass in and out with my finger, not caring if it feels good. My finger explores her intimate texture.

My other arm first works at swatting her struggling feet down back onto the bed, but then I settle with grabbing her long hair.

Wrapping it once around my wrist, I snap it back towards me. I hear a satisfying pop in her neck and my knuckles under the sudden movement.

I touch my hands together, one with one finger buried in her asshole and one gripping her hair, making her arch her back to complete the circle.

Her perky nips face the ceiling, and reach up to it during each sudden movement, but then bouncing back down into a playful jiggle.

With the position I have her in, she has to look straight into my eyes as I force not one, but two more fingers into her ass to keep my first one company.

I dive another knuckle deep, fitting all three up to my hand in her.

My thumb begins to press down hard against her clit, not massaging, but digging. As it does, I begin to hook my three fingers in her ass to try and break through to your pussy, flicking them again and again.

“This is for MY amusement, not your own!”

I snicker, pausing with my fingers a brief moment to lean down to her upside down face. I lick away her tears with my long, forked tongue. I move down to her left ear, drawing a tiny drop of blood with a bite. I whisper, “I will kill you if you cum before I do”, and then I stick my tongue in her ear, tasting the fear my words inflicted.

And then I continue, harder then before, snarling… laughing…

She closes her eyes tightly and her scream increases as I shove myself deeper in her. “Why??!!” She demands as her eyes close tighter.

She feels me by her ears and shudders at my touch I can feel her climax slowly building.

From behind, I withdraw my finger’s claim from within her delicate, juicy holes. But before she can breathe a sigh of relief or take a breath of fresh air, I pull off my pants just enough to erect my vampire monument, which springs up toward freedom, slapping her ass.

With my hands, I aim my fleshy sword at her dripping pink opening, and yank on her hair, thrusting it deep inside her. I feel her squeeze in protest as I push past her throbbing g-spot.

I snarl. Baring long fangs I close my mouth around her neck, retracting my fangs at the last second, putting teeth marks in her neck, but not breaking the skin. I withdraw my penis from her dripping flower, letting her juices evacuate, dripping down her legs.

Again she feels my hot breath in her ear. “Can you last?”

I force my cock in between her legs, not penetrating, but closing her legs together, like one would in giving a boobjob, and I run it past her vagina.

Looking down, she sees my tip appear and vanish between her legs as I move back and forth. The top of my cock slowly spreading her quivering pussy lips.

“Can you last?” I hiss, pulling back enough to position it at the face of her tight pink starfruit…

Then I thrust my cock into her ass, my balls slapping repeatedly against her battered tired pussy…

Her ass squeezes, and first a small bead of cum drips down my shaft inside her, and then she cries out, and she feels a rush of hot liquid burst deep inside of her, splashing against her textures.

I breath out heavy…

“You… you… are free.”

I pull out, my cock slips out smoothly, lubricated by her pussy juice and my cum…

My hot seed runs down her legs…

I loosen my grip.

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(Note: This story is the beginning of the White Album. It may be enjoyed on its own, but is continued in the story “Whiter Shade of Pale”.)


“Fashionably late, I see.” Flora Weinstein stood at the door, martini in hand, and greeted Carly and Abby with an almost professionally gracious smile. As always, she looked as though she’d just stepped out of a Tom Wolfe novel, albeit one that had been updated to keep pace with the latest fashion.

“Sorry,” Carly grimaced. She flicked snow from Abby’s locks while her wife handed their coats to a butler. “We got caught behind a snow plow.”

Flora clucked and swirled her drink. “No, darling, it was a compliment. The first hour of any party is the dullest one. It’s when all the punctual people show up, you see.” She said ‘punctual people’ almost as though she was putting capital letters on the words. “I have only managed to meet three punctual people in my life who have anything interesting to contribute to a conversation, and although one of them is here tonight, it takes at least two to make a party worth showing up on time for.”

Abby smiled and kissed Flora on the cheek. “I told her we wouldn’t miss anything if we skipped the first hour, but I’m afraid Carly gets a little tense driving in bad weather.” She shared another, more tender kiss with her wife. “She’s originally from Florida. Took her two years to get up the nerve to drive at this time of year.”

Flora smiled. “The advantages of being wealthy. I have people for that. No, apart from a slightly-less-than-tedious altercation with a party crasher who insisted one of my guests had stolen his girlfriend, it’s been dull until a few minutes ago.” She led them into the ballroom as she spoke. “Now, let’s see. Abby, you already know most of the people here, but whom shall I introduce Carly to?”

Abby laid a hand on Flora’s shoulder and pointed. “Is that Dalila? Oh God, I’ve been wanting to shoot her forever.” She turned to Carly. “Wanna meet the hottest new alt-model on the international circuit?”

Carly followed her finger and frowned at the sight of a woman in a flame-colored kimono and full-body makeup, surrounded by men and women in similar, though less colorful, garb. “The Kabuki chick with the real, live harajuku entourage? Nah, you go on ahead. She looks too high maintenance to carry on a decent conversation. I’ll let Flora steer me toward someone more…normal.”

Their hostess arched her brows. “Normal? Here? Darling, I spent the first seventeen years of my life surrounded by the most bourgeois people you could possibly imagine. The day I got married, I swore I would never speak to a normal person again unless I absolutely had to. Frankly, the only reason I’m still talking with you is that fascinating tattoo on your left wrist. It speaks to a potential for interesting strangeness.” She took a sip of her martini. “Nothing personal, of course.”

“Of course.” Carly smiled thinly. “I’ll try to make up an interesting story about it for you.” She grabbed a drink off of a tray from a passing waiter. Carly tried not to drink too much at events like these; people at parties where they didn’t know anyone tended to fill the social gap with alcohol, and Carly had been a bartender too long not to know where that led. On the other hand, she needed at least one cocktail in her system before she could cope with someone like Flora. “Allow me to rephrase, then. Instead of ‘more normal’, how about ‘less pretentious’?”

Flora let out a peal of laughter. “Oh, that is a tall order! Let’s see…” She scanned the crowd. “No, no, no, definitely no, no, no, already too drunk to talk, no, claiming he’s a butch lesbian in a straight man’s body, no, no, is she wearing that on a bet, no…ah!” She hooked her arm around Carly’s, dragging her away from Abby. “You go have that chat with Dalila, dearest. I’ve found someone your wife will get on with like a house on fire, right down to the property damage and potential loss of life.”

Abby squeezed Carly’s hand before they got separated. “Love!” she called out. “Have fun, I’ll be networking!” Carly blew her a kiss in response, and let Flora pull her into the knot of people.

At first, Carly thought Flora had introduced her to Dalila after all. The woman was almost as pale as the snow outside, with long, flowing white hair. She wore a bright red dress that contrasted brilliantly with her skin, making her look more than a little like a special effect in a music video. She appeared strangely ageless; her skin was immaculate and unwrinkled, but her eyes seemed somehow old. “This is Renata,” Flora said. “She was dragged here against her will, too. I’m sure you two must have lots to talk about.” And with that, she vanished into the crowd.

Carly tried not to fidget as the stranger looked her over. She was used to public attention, but at the bar, the people who looked at her looked through her. Renata, on the other hand, seemed to be studying her in detail. Carly felt almost as though she were being graded, but that might just have been her imagination. Or perhaps it was the effect of Renata’s eyes. They were were a cold, depthless obsidian, a shocking contrast with the white of her skin and hair. Both colors appeared natural rather than chemical, but since when did albinos have jet black eyes?

“So,” she tried, as Renata maintained her silence, “I’m Carly D’Antonio. I’m here with my wife Abby. ‘Married in Massachusetts’, you know? She’s a photographer; you might have heard of her. Abby Desai? She works with most of these people.” Carly felt a nervous grin stretch her lips. Normally, she was pretty good with strangers, but she felt like she was talking to a statue, here. “So how did you wind up getting invited?”

Renata paused another moment, then pursed her scarlet lips. “D’Antonio,” she said at last, utterly ignoring the question. “You are of Italian ancestry, then.”

Still, at least it was a response. “And proud of it,” Carly replied. Feeling slightly more confident, she cocked her hip. “How about you? I can tell you’re not from New York, but I can’t place your accent.”

“I’d be extremely surprised if you could.”

Not much of an opening, but it was something Carly could work with. “Well-traveled, huh? I had a girlfriend like that, once. She was from Spain originally, but she was a wine seller, flew all over the world. She wound up speaking English like an announcer on the BBC.”

Renata’s eyes flashed suddenly to life. “I prefer Spanish wine to French. The quality of the sunlight is different there; the wine tastes like the distillation of a summer afternoon. Some of the happiest days in my life were spent with a lover and a bottle of Spanish wine.” She took a sip of what Carly judged to be sherry. “Did you know that the Spanish vineyards were once a part of the Roman Empire? Your ancestors used to own the grapes your lover pressed and sold. They might even have owned her ancestors, for that matter.”

“Not my ancestors,” Carly said, her smile thinning a bit. “My family comes from Naples. It’s a bit too far south to be owning any Spanish land, don’t you think?”

Very slightly, Renata smiled. “Well parried.” Then her eyes grew distant as she looked over Carly’s shoulder. “And your wife is the young woman in the turquoise gown? You must have a taste for dark lovers.”

Carly’s hip swung in the other direction. “Yeah. And I’m taken.” Her smile was now so tight you could have played it like a violin. “Nothing personal.”

“Is she taken?”

Carly looked around to see Abby across the room, flirtatiously twirling a lock of hair as she chatted with Dalila. She turned back to Renata. “She’s just networking.”

“You’re not concerned that such an exceptional beauty might slip through your fingers?”

Carly looked over at Abby again. “She’s a busy girl, you know that?” she said, still with her back to Renata. “Not famous–the models are famous, the photographers are busy–but she’s in demand. She works with the most beautiful women in the world, every single day of her life. She dresses them in gorgeous clothing, skimpy clothing, sometimes nothing at all. And then, every single day, she comes home to me.” Carly turned to Renata again and tossed back the last of her drink. “I know Abby. And I’m not concerned.”

“And I know Dalila.” Renata’s eyes were still locked on Abby and the model. “To answer your question, it was she who sent me the invitation. It was her idea of a joke, I think. She didn’t expect me to come, which is of course why I knew I had to. We have something of a…a history together, I believe you would say. A long one.”

Carly bit back her curiosity for a moment, then decided, screw it. Renata hadn’t worried about offending her, and it wasn’t like they were ever going to see each other again anyway. “You were lovers?”

Renata surprised her with a loud burst of laughter. “Oh, God no!” she blurted out, before slipping into a fit of quieter giggles. She looked momentarily carefree, as if this was the first thing that had given her cause to laugh in decades. “No,” she said eventually, “Dalila isn’t interested in lovers she can’t possess.” She looked back over at Dalila, who was lightly touching Abby’s wrist as they laughed together.

Carly wasn’t sure what bothered her more, the laughter or Renata’s insinuations. “And you think she’s just going to snatch Abby away from me, huh?”

Renata’s eyes were colder than the air outside. “That is Dalila. What she wants, she takes. And she is always hungry for more.” Whatever small connection they’d shared, Renata had broken it with a snap that was almost audible. “Go to your wife. Talk to her. Be with her. I have no more patience for Dalila’s humor today.” She turned and walked away.

Carly gaped for a moment at Renata’s retreating back. She stared down into her empty glass. Finally, she stared up again at Abby and Dalila, now standing noticeably closer together. “Hell with it,” she muttered, and left the glass on a table.

Abby’s back was to her, and Dalila’s entourage had eyes only for Dalila, so the model was the first to notice Carly’s approach. Her black eyes glittered, and she mouthed something to Abby that Carly couldn’t hear. Abby nodded, then turned, an easy smile spreading across her face. “Hey, babe,” she called. “Done chatting with all the ‘normal’ people?”

Shit, how many drinks had Abby downed already? Carly fought to maintain her smile as she strode up and slipped an arm around Abby’s shoulder. She leaned in, and under the pretense of pecking her cheek, whispered, “Manners, chickie. Manners.”

Abby pressed a hand to her lips and giggled. “Sorry,” she whispered, altogether too loudly. She turned back to Dalila, twining her arm around Carly’s waist in the process. “Dalila, this is my wife, Carly.”

Reassured by the display of affection, Carly bumped her hip against Abby’s. “Hi,” she smiled. “I’ve just been talking to a friend of yours. Renata–damn, I just realized I didn’t get her last name.”

“It’s not important,” Dalila purred. Her eyes, painted in a startling array of reds and golds, glittered a warm hazel. “You’ll have much more fun talking to me, I promise. Renata is always such a puritan. She’s terrified by the notion that someone, somewhere, might be having fun.” She squeezed Carly’s upper arm and smiled. “You have the frame of an athlete. Such a lovely contrast against your wife’s curves.” The harajuku behind them laughed appreciatively, but Carly couldn’t see a joke there.

She wondered for a moment if anyone here besides herself knew the meaning of the word ‘tact’. Even Abby seemed to be lacking it at the moment. Then again, Dalila seemed genuinely appreciative. Maybe that was just the way people talked in these high-fashion circles. Carly decided she should probably just shake the chip off her shoulder and relax. “Thanks,” she said, the word coming out in a sigh. “I used to be on the varsity crew team, back in college. Then I dropped out, and I got my exercise as a bouncer. Now I’m a bartender, and I have to get my exercise in other ways.” She put her arm around Abby and lifted her just a bit off the ground for a half a second. Abby squealed in delight and surprise.

Dalila chuckled, swatting both women’s forearm in mock consternation. “Oh, you’re just as saucy as she is! And lucky to have found her, I might add.” Was it just Carly’s imagination, or did Dalila’s hands linger for a moment before she pulled them away? Probably just imagination. Everyone always thought that being a lesbian led to loads of kinky sex with random strangers, but Carly had only had one threesome in her whole life, and that was as a favor to a bi friend with a boyfriend. She usually had her kinky sex with just one woman at a time.

“I’m the lucky one,” Abby said, giving Carly a slightly sloppy kiss on the cheek. “Nobody takes care of me like my wife. Carly’s an absolute treasure.” She leaned her head against Carly’s shoulder with a sigh.

Something struck Carly as odd about her wife’s behavior, but she couldn’t quite place it. Maybe it was just that it was out of character for Abby to drink so much at what was, for her, a business event. Dalila had probably plied her with alcohol or something. Anyway, Abby was right; Carly did take care of her. She was doing it right now.

“It’s always nice to own something precious,” Dalila murmured. Something in her eyes brought Renata’s words to mind, and for a moment Carly tensed; but then Dalila’s expression softened as she leaned in and took the girls’ arms. “Now Carly,” she said conspiratorially, “Abby and I have been talking a little business. Of course, I always tell people I don’t talk about my work at these parties, but that’s just to deflect the sycophants who only want to tell me how pretty I looked in my last shoot.”

Dalila’s coterie chuckled, and this time Carly and Abby joined them. It was nice, Carly thought, that Dalila had a sense of humor about her looks. Most of the models Carly had met would have said something like that and meant it, but Dalila gave the words a charmingly ironic spin.

“So Abby here has been telling me she wants to shoot me,” Dalila continued, “and of course I’ve seen her other work, so I’m already interested. But doing a photo shoot with someone, it’s not just a matter of skill. It’s more intimate than that. It’s like a relationship. You don’t want to walk into the studio and find out that the two of you are totally incompatible, because by then you’re already committed. It’d be like getting married on the first date. No, if I’m going to let someone shoot me, I have to get to know them. Really get inside their heads.”

“Okay,” Abby agreed eagerly. “Let’s see. I’m a second-generation American. My grandparents are from India, but my parents and I were born in Chicago. They wanted me to be a doctor, but my uncle got me a camera for my ninth birthday and I never looked back. Did some local shoots for ad agencies and the like, and that got me started, but eventually I had to move to New York if I wanted to really get anywhere.” Her eyes grew distant. “I was actually kind of miserable here until I met Carly.”

Dalila smiled. “Oh, and when was that?”

At last, Carly thought, here was someone who seemed genuinely interested her story. “Five years next month,” she beamed. “Abby was actually on a date with someone else at the time — what was it, Abs, the second or the third time you’d gone out with her?”

Abby rolled her eyes. “Second. I learned pretty fast with that one.” She leaned toward Dalila. “Shawna got soooo sloppy drunk that she started hitting on the girl on the other side of her and left me out in the cold.”

“And of course,” Carly added, hugging her tighter, “Shawna wound up puking in the john shortly after. And all the while, Abby was just sitting there at the bar with those big, sad eyes, looking like a wet kitten.” She gave Abby a peck on the cheek. “Absolutely irresistible. And once we got Shawna into a SoberCab, well, naturally someone needed to make sure Abby got home. Lucky me.”

Dalila ran her hand down the curve of Abby’s arm, leaving a streak of white body paint behind. “I think you definitely got lucky that night,” she said, drawing another round of titters from the blank-faced entourage. Carly was starting to wonder if they were animatronic or something. “And you’ve always been behind the camera?” she asked Abby. “Never in front?”

Abby shook her head. “Don’t have the body for it. An extra pound here, a little bulge there…nothing to be ashamed of–”

“Some women like it,” Carly interjected, kissing her again.

“–but I’m sure you know that the camera has no mercy,” Abby finished. “I don’t mind, though. I got into this because I loved to take pictures.” Both Dalila and Carly gave her a look. “Okay, pictures of hot women in their underwear specifically.” All three of them laughed.

“I always knew you only wanted me for my body,” Dalila teased, flouncing her hips in a way that drew more attention to the body under discussion. It was a nice one, Carly had to admit. Dalila wasn’t nearly as angular as some of the other models in the room. She wasn’t what you’d call voluptuous, but she had curves. She’d probably look much better modeling lingerie, or perhaps doing nude shots…

Carly blinked. She’d definitely had too little to eat. Or too much to drink. Maybe both. She felt suddenly self-conscious, like everyone was staring at her; but the coterie was still focused on Dalila, and everyone else had something far more interesting to occupy their attention than her. Just a twinge of social awkwardness, Carly told herself, the kind of thing she’d seen happen to other people in her situation. The kind of thing she’d specifically planned to avoid tonight. She was just being paranoid. Nobody was staring at–

She caught Renata’s eyes from across the room. It was like touching a live wire. Renata’s face was a mixture of anger, envy, sadness, anxiety…a whole host of emotions, and none of them pleasant. Carly almost broke away to go talk to her, but she remembered Renata’s advice just as Abby said, “Of course I’m interested in your body.” Carly had heard Abby network enough times to recognize real flirting when she heard it. And that meant Renata would just have to take care of herself for a while. Setting her chin, Carly turned back to Dalila.

Something flickered in the model’s eyes, but before Carly could interpret it, Dalila smiled and lifted a hand from Abby’s arm. “Mmm,” she said, running her fingers along the line of Carly’s jaw, “you have such strong features, you know that? So striking. But really, it’s not worth the stress just to make your chin look like that. Relax, darling. It’s a party. You’re supposed to be having fun.”

Carly felt the tension in her shoulders ease, and she sighed and nodded. Party. Yeah. Relax. “Sorry,” she mumbled, looking from one woman to the other. “I didn’t mean to get in the way of your work.” Inwardly, she winced. Her shoulders might be relaxed, but the chip hadn’t quite fallen off yet. Still, she felt like she needed to say something to make it clear that this was just business, and not…not…her thoughts skittered away into confusion. Not whatever she’d thought it was a few moments ago.

But if Dalila was bothered, she didn’t let it show. She just cupped Carly’s chin for a moment longer, letting the touch linger and fade. Somehow, that made Carly even more aware of Dalila’s other hand on her arm. “Oh, darling, we haven’t even started working yet. This is just getting to know one another. It’s not work until the camera comes out.” She squeezed Abby’s arm again, but Carly felt too relaxed to mind.

“And of course,” Dalila went on, “until the camera comes out, you have no idea whether any of it is going to work or not. Whatever the model’s done before, whatever the photographer’s done before, you have no idea if they’ll have that essential chemistry until the film starts rolling.” Her coterie watched her, seemingly too amazed by her wisdom even to nod. “That’s when you find out whether you’ve got million-dollar photos, or shots not worth the cost of exposing the film.”

Evan’s story I—The future is dark.


I looked into his eyes and grabbed his extended hand for the handshake. I sensed him shiver. But I also sensed an excitement in him. The warmth of his hands sent shivers down my spine, something that had not happened for a very long time now. I was always cold but Sean’s touch had the warmth I had long forgotten.

I broke my chain of thoughts, smiled and walked out of the door.

So long had I waited to meet him. But, I could never approach him. I yearned for him but no one listened. I yielded to the commands. But, things were changing now. I couldn’t just stand in the shadows and watch it happening. I decided to go against them. I had to step out and protect him. Sean would not meet the ‘pre-ordained fate’. Never! Not till I was around.

“How was school, brother?”

I halted and looked around. With such thoughts raging my mind I didn’t realize I had walked all the way from the campus building to the woods about two miles. The Mysticus was what the residents of the town Mysticus Domus called it.

I turned to come face to face with Daniel, my elder brother leaning against the trunk of an old elm tree. Tall, dark, extremely handsome with chiseled looks and a toned body, Daniel was quite appealing for his age, twenty I daresay. I was 18 and quite impressive but Daniel was the man with all charms and a deadly instinct with immense pride.

He gave me a sarcastic look and spoke again. “You didn’t answer me, Evan. How was school? Or should I ask how was ‘your’ boyfriend?” He sneered.

I smiled. “Better than I expected.”

Daniel stopped smiling and started walking towards me. “What is wrong with you? Why are you doing this? For the sake of a mere guy? He cannot be involved in our affairs. You know what they ordered. Yet, you defy them. You are aware of the consequences, Evan!”

He continued rattling in frenzy, pacing the forest’s ferny floor up and down.

“I love him, Daniel. I cannot stay out of this. He is unaware of the danger lurking in the shadows. He has to be protected. I will be his shield. I cannot bear to see them …”

Daniel cut across me, “Love! Are ya kidding me? Don’t ya realize you can NOT be with him! Your destinies are not intertwined. Stay out of this. You have no future with him. You know who you are, Evan. Don’t turn your face away from the truth!”

His heated argument didn’t do any good and I lost patience. Anger raged in me as I cried. “I am NOT turning away from the truth! I know who I am. But, I also know that I love him and I cannot bear any pain being inflicted on him. Our destinies are intertwined, Daniel. They have been since that day. And shall remain so. You are incapable of love and cannot feel! That was why you lost him!”

I broke off. Daniel’s face was clouded with anger. I should not have mentioned him. I had gone too far.

“I don’t know about love! Really! Is that what you think, Evan! Huh! I know what it is to be in love and to lose the one you love the most. You don’t know about the sheer pain that gnaws at your heart and tears your soul apart when you see the death of your love. You don’t know anything!”

Saying this he hit the tree trunk with his fist. And turned away from me. Tears filled my eyes and I tried to speak. “I’m sorry Dan. I didn’t wanna say this. I just lost it. I cant help it. I am madly in love. Please understand me.” I cried.

Daniel turned and came towards me. He embraced me and said. “I understand you, Evan. But, things are gonna get dangerous. The transition in our lives has been set in momentum. Do what you want to. I will support you. But, don’t forget who you are and what will you get from Sean later. The future is dark. There is no inkling of what lies on this dark path ahead of us.”

I listened but couldn’t utter anything. I knew he was right. But, I had taken up this responsibility. I had to save Sean. No matter what.


Sean’s Story II: Tyler’s weekend party


Finally! An hour of vigorous attempts to choose the perfect attire, get the perfect hairdo and accessories seemed to have come out well. I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I wasn’t a self-centered person but couldn’t help thinking how handsome I looked. Evan would be forced to make a move.

Evan! The mere thought of his made me blush. The entire week at school had been an amazing one. I had spent a lot of time with Evan getting him acquainted with my friends and the school stuff. I He and I had become good friends and things were sailing smooth. He had become a favorite with my friends and quite popular at school for his knee-weakening looks, amazing academic skills and cool athletic activities. A pro at everything he did. This made him more attractive and I felt drawn towards him. I could sense that he too had some feelings for me- the way he looked into my eyes or the way he smiled at me- but he was distant in some ways. He never gave even the slightest hint of things going to another level between us which disappointed me a bit. But, I had hope that things would get even better between us.

And tonight was the perfect to try to woo him. I smiled at the thought, gave myself a final look in the mirror and went downstairs. Amanda was in the living room with Stefan, Rebecca, Chris and Rachael waiting for me. She smiled and winked when I walked in.

“Amanda, don’t stay up tonight. I don’t think Sean would return. Evan is bound to take him home tonight!” Stefan remarked. Everyone burst into laughter while turned deep red and threw a sofa pillow at Stefan, who playfully dodged it.

“Stop mocking him, Stefan.” Chris spoke and turned towards me. “By the way, do we need to stop at the store to grab a few condoms?!” He shot at me.

“Oh! Shut up!” I shouted while everyone laughed their heads off.

“Okay! Okay! Give it a rest guys. We’re getting late for the party. Lets get going!” Rebecca said.

We took heed and quickly spilled out into the starry night. A cool soothing breeze touched my face. This is gonna be an amazing night.


I looked around but Evan was nowhere in sight. The clock struck ten. It had been two hours since we arrived at the party. I had enjoyed a lot. Danced with my friends, downed a beer and chatted with a number of people from school. The party was a great one. Tyler had always been a pro at such bashes. Perhaps, one of the many benefits of being the Mayor’s son. But the enthusiasm was wearing off me. I had spent an entire week waiting this night and Evan hadn’t turned up. I was depressed and decided to go back. I turned to leave and walked straight into someone.

I looked up with annoyance only to be surprised. Evan stood there giving his usual seductive and very charming smile. I hastily re-arranged my expressions and beamed.

“Going somewhere?” He enquired.

“No! Not at all. Was going to grab a drink!” I replied checking him out. He looked so hot dressed in a black leather jacket and jeans. “You are late though. The party started hours ago.” I spoke without realizing the tone of accusation. “I mean I….We were waiting for you.” I felt myself going red. Why on earth was I fumbling and acting a complete douche-bag!

Evan looked surprised for a moment but cracked another smile. “Got stuck at home. Some urgent work. Sorry.”

“Oh! You don’t need to apologize to me. I was just…”

“Evan! Heya buddy! What took you so long?” Tyler entered speaking loudly. I heaved a sigh of relief. Finally, I had time to brace myself and get control.

“Nothing, mate. Some work. The party looks great!”

“Thanks, man. Grab a drink and join us in the next dance.” Tyler beamed and headed off to a couple of guys in the other corner.

“Let’s grab a seat.” Evan motioned to a corner where Rebecca sat with Rachael.

We walked to them and took our seats.

“Hey hottie!” Rachael winked at Evan and began her persistent efforts to woo him. She had been flirting with him the entire week and didn’t seem deterred in the least by his minimal interest. In fact his lack of interest fuelled her passion. I took a drink and made a face at Rebecca who had been seeing things. She winked at me and mouthed “Competition”.

“Let’s dance.” Rachael suddenly said to Evan. He didn’t seem interested but Rachael being herself grabbed his arm and dragged him to the dance floor. I saw them dancing. Rachael was all over him. Throwing herself against him, dancing seductively. I was fuming.

“Why can’t she keep those hands to herself?” I grumbled.

“Oh come on, Sean! Stop sitting in a corner grumbling like a hag. Just go there and get him.” Rebecca chided.

“Yeah! I should get going. Its time she realized who Evan Damien belongs to!”

I finished the rest of the drink and walked towards them.

“Hey guys, why you don’t get some drinks. You’ll be tired now.” Was all I said and saw Rebecca shaking her head in exasperation.

“Yeah! We should get some drinks.” Evan spoke before Rachael (who showed all signs of refusing) could reply and headed to the bar. I followed him suit while Rachael stood there fuming.

“Thanks for saving me.” Evan said after we sat at the bar with the drinks. I almost choked on my drink.

“Saving? Nah! I just thought you guys would like some drinks. That’s it.” I stammered.

Evan smiled and turned to look at the dance floor. There was an awkward silence with the music playing in the background. Rihanna’s “We found love” was playing. I felt more uncomfortable.

My cell rang. Amanda had sent a text. “Need ya at home. Nothing urgent. Just wanna talk about Aaron. C ya.”

I sighed. Amanda was worried about Aaron again. Why doesn’t he learn?

I got to leave. “Going somewhere?” Evan enquired.

“Home. Amanda texted. See ya at school.” I smiled and turned to leave. What a waste of the night!

“Sean! SEAN!” I heard Evan shouting over the music and hurrying towards me. “Will you mind if I walk you home?”

I couldn’t believe my ears. “Yeah! I won’t mind.” I smiled.


The night was starry and cold. A cold breeze would blow every now and then and make me shiver. Evan and I walked on the roadside. Neither of us had uttered a word since we left the party. The silence seemed uncomfortable. The only sound was our footsteps on the gravel and my pounding heart! I couldn’t stand it anymore and decided to strike a conversation.

“It’s a cold night.” I cursed myself. Such a lame topic! The weather of all things!

“Yeah,” Was all he said.

A couple of minutes passed and I tried again.

“So, how do you find school? How’re my friends?” I asked.

“School’s great. And ‘our’ friends are amazing. A cool gang, I daresay.” He replied with his characteristic smile.

“That’s great. And what do you think about me?” I made a bold attempt without looking at him. I walked a few steps and realized Evan wasn’t with me anymore. I halted and turned around. He stood at some distance and was looking at me in a strange manner. He seemed nervous and uncertain. I walked to him and looked at his face.

“What happened, Evan?”

“Please. Don’t be mad at this.”

He put his left hand on my cheek. His red lips met mine. The kiss lasted for a few seconds before he pulled off. I was shocked. Evan had kissed me! I stumbled back.

“I love you, Sean. I dunno what you feel about me but I can’t live without you. If you don’t like me, tell me. I’ll leave and not say anything again’” Evan spoke, his eyes meeting mine.

I hesitated for a second. In an year of despair and guilt of my parents’ death, life had seemed harsh and unbearable. And now, I was standing on a deserted road looking at a person I had met a week ago claiming to be in love with me. I had been crushing on him but now that he had reciprocated my guilt had come flooding and the feeble façade of bliss had been washed away. I didn’t have the right to be happy. My eyes filled with tears as I said, “I’m sorry, Evan.”

I turned and ran away from the person who loved me. I ran away from the chance of bettering my life. I had failed. My guilt and despair had won.

Chapter 5


Daniel’s Story I – Yes and No


As I walked out of the Geller residence into the cold night I sensed a presence. My body stiffened, senses alert as I walked down the stony path leading towards the gate. My eyes were fixed ahead but my sharp ears were waiting for an impending movement while my olfactory perception had already recognized the scent. I heard another set of footsteps on the stone slabs on the path. The movement was brief and the person stood behind me. Without turning back I spoke.

“Have you now taken up stalking people?”

“Why did you come here?” He shot a question in reply.

“I understand that this is your boyfriend’s house but that doesn’t give you exclusive right to decide the visitors.” I turned and fixed my eyes on Evan.

“Don’t try to humor me, Daniel. I’m your brother. And if I’ve spent a long time with you to know that the only contact you have with humans is to satiate your insatiable thirst for blood.”

I laughed at his feeble attempt to coax me.

“I came here to drop your boyfriend’s brother. He got hurt badly at the bar. Had got into a brawl with his boyfriend.” I scoffed.

Evan looked skeptical. When he spoke his voice was dripping with sarcasm.

“And you saved him! I don’t believe this. Daniel Damien, the meanest of vampires ‘saved’ a human and not fed on him. Amazing.”

“I thought you would know better. I guess now that I’ve had pity on you and allowed you to be with Sean, it’s our responsibility to save his brother. Family, ain’t it?”

Evan smiled. “Come on, Dan. Stop denying and covering up. I know you have a soft corner for Aaron. It’s great, big broda! In fact I’d be very glad if you tried to move on. It’s been years now. Why are you still stuck up on Alexander?”

In a second I was face to face with Evan, my hand tightly grabbing his throat. My vision became red. My pupils contracted into slits and radiated a reddish aura while my canines emerged. Sharp enough to rip his throat. I growled.

“Do not utter another word! I will never give up Alexander’s memories. He has always been my love. I had vowed never to let go in life or in death!”

With this warning I released him and walked away. While he stood on the path watching me go.


I grabbed a champagne coupe and poured some blood from an ornate flask into it. I was still fuming at Evan’s stupid assumptions. Anger filled me and I finished the drink in one gulp. Re-filling the coupe I sat down on the eighteenth century Victorian settee. Evan’s words were still echoing in my ears. Who was he to decide what I should do? How dare he suggest that I should forget Alexander’s memories? How could he assume that I liked Aaron! He says I saved him because I had a soft corner for him!

I got up and walked to the mirror. Looking at my reflection, I pondered over what he had said.

No! I didn’t love Aaron. I cannot have feelings for him. I cannot walk over Alexander’s memories and begin a new life! No! I had no right to do so. But why Am I justifying myself! I don’t have feelings for Aaron. Yes. I saved him because…. But no answer came to my mind except Evan’s statement. No! I shook my head. No! I saved him because he was hurt and he was Sean’s brother. I did it for Evan and his boyfriend. It had nothing to do with my feelings for Aaron. Evan was wrong and talking nonsense.

My brain was in frenzy. All thoughts were swirling in my mind. I needed to get away from them. I needed a break.

My pupils were slits and the canines emerged again. I knew what to do.


Chapter- 6


Sean’s Story IV—And life’s back on track!


“Soft, wet lips were pressed against mine. Demanding. Insistent. I let out a soft moan and rolled onto my back as Evan got on top of me. My hands started wandering. I had no control as they began exploring the sculpted physique of my Adonis. As they moved over the treasure he withheld, Evan growled. My little sensual gestures had arisen the animal in him. His fingers found the spaces between mine as he pinned me to the bed, his wet lips moving from my lips to my neck where he playfully bit me. A strong shiver ran through my body and I quivered like the string of Cupid’s bow when the arrow of sensual love is shot……”

I smiled as I remembered every moment of the sensual night that had passed between us. Our love for each other had manifested itself in the act that had left us exhausted and in extreme bliss. I smiled and turned under the covers extending my hand. It was empty.

My eyes sprang open. Was it a dream? Wasn’t Evan here last night? Or had he left? Had he used me? My mind was raging with such depressing thoughts when I noticed him. He was standing at the window looking at the rising sun, with his bare back towards me. I sighed. Some insecurity from the past had come over me. That was so stupid!

I silently got out of bed, planning to surprise him. However, the moment I kept my bare feet on the floor, my heart beating fast, he spoke without turning back.

“Have been waiting for you to get up for an hour now.”

I was shocked. However, I gathered my senses and walked to him. He encircled me in his arms and we stood watching the morning awaken. The sky burst into orange flames as the sun appeared on the horizon. We were bathed in yellow-orangish light, the heat of the sun washing over us. The sun’s soft warmth combined with Evan’s body heat gave me an almost orgasmic pleasure.

Cherishing this pleasure I spoke. “How did you know I was awake?”

“I could hear your heart beating fast in this body I admire.” He playfully answered and nibbled at my ear.

I giggled and tried to get away. The tickling and nibbling was turning me on but he showed no sign of stopping. Sensing my resistance he tightened his hold on me and pressed me closer to his body. We continued struggling as he retreated from the window and pushed me onto the bed once again. Getting on top of me he buried his face in my neck and continued to bite playfully. I was getting excited and ecstatic. He growled and pinned me to the bed again. I started losing control and was about to give in when the door knob gave a click and Amanda walked in.

“Hey Sean! Time to get U…………Oh my God!”

We turned our heads to look at her. Shock was etched on her face as she quickly turned her back towards us.

Evan got off me teasing me with a smile. I rolled my eyes, grabbed some sheets to cover my privates and tried to speak.

“Oh Amanda! We were just having s…..No. I mean he came in the night……And we slept together… Slept as in…..Aarggh!”

What was wrong with me! I was so nervous that I kept on saying the things I should never have uttered. Lord knows, what else I would have said had Amanda not interrupted.

“Yeah! Yeah! I get the story. It’s fine. You’re grown up enough. It was just the shock. I don’t really expect to walk into my nephew’s room and find him going at it with his boyfriend.”

She smiled and I relaxed.

“I’ll be downstairs. Shower and come for breakfast. Hurry up or you’ll be late for school.”

She walked out but stopped at the door and turned.

“Evan, will you mind using the front door now that I know you’re here.”

Evan looked at her and smiled sheepishly, scratching his head.

“And Sean.” She looked at me and began closing the door. “The sheets are not opaque.”

I dashed to hide behind the bed while Evan burst into laughter.


“And then I turned around and saw dad standing. I almost peed in my pants.”

“I thought you were nude.” I cut in while Amanda laughed loudly.

Evan had been narrating the event when his dad had walked on him to find him indulging in self-pleasure. I loved to hear him talk. He was funny, cute and a decent charmer as the little compliments he gave Amanda proved. She liked him now and had given me a thumbs-up ascertaining her approval while he had been indulging in the pie.

“That’s just an expression, darling.” He retorted, stressing ‘darling’ and seductively smiling. Amanda let out a teasing “Awww” while I blushed and laughed, only to see Aaron standing at the door.

My laughter stuck in my throat while the others turned to look at him in apprehension. The bubble of happiness I had created had been pricked with Aaron’s entry. I looked down on the cereal bowl and started eating. I had no appetite now but that seemed better than staring at him before he blasted.

Dead silence echoed in the room. I heard Aaron’s footsteps as they made their way from the door, crossed the distance and came at a halt right next to me. My heart was beating fast as I turned to look at him. I was dreading to look into a face distorted with rage and hatred etched in every feature.

But, I was surprised. Aaron stood with the tenderest expression on his face, with tears running down his cheeks while he looked on the floor. I turned to look at Amanda who looked equally surprised and Evan who was watching him intently.

After an awkward minute, Aaron finally spoke. “Sean, I….I am very sorry about what I said last night. I was drunk and hurt and didn’t realize how much I had hurt you. I was wrong in blaming you for our parents’ death. I have treated you very badly since last year and am very ashamed. I can’t look into your eyes now. I feel so dwarfed with my attitude while you continued to bear my insolence and love me. I want to bring everything back to normal between us. I apologize for everything. I dunno whether you will forgive me or not, but….”

I threw the stool aside and hugged my brother. Tears of happiness found their way out of my eyes and my heart filled with great emotion. I heard Amanda sobbing while Evan sat beaming at us, nodding in appreciation.

“I was never angry at you, bro. You don’t need to seek forgiveness for anything.” Was all I could say before I got too overwhelmed to speak.

When we calmed down, Aaron and I broke the hug and looked at each other. I got another stool and we sat together to finish the breakfast. Amanda continued fussing over us while Evan took my hand under the table and pressed it lightly.

We had a great time talking about everything under the sun with Aaron making us roll in laughter. Aaron told about the weird stuff he had done since last year which sent Amanda over the edge for a minute before we calmed her down. Aaron then went on to talk about last night and how the things had gone at the Mysticus grill. I learnt about Daniel being Evan’s brother. It was then that Aaron spoke.

“Oh and I forgot to thank the person who knocked some sense into my thick skull. Thanks Evan.”

Evan smiled. “Mention not, Aaron.

I was surprised yet again. “You didn’t tell me. When did you talk about this?”

Aaron broke in. “Last night. I couldn’t sleep when he came to my room and talked to me. He made me realize your worth.” Aaron smiled and gave me a hug.

“However,” Aaron continued. “Next time when you come to make me see sense Evan, please don’t walk in smelling of sex.”

I blushed and playfully hit Aaron on the shoulder. Aaron, Amanda and Evan laughed heartily.

“Guys, you should get leaving now. Time for school.” Amanda instructed.

Aaron took the car while Evan decided to drop me in his. I winked at him. We left for school though not without Amanda inviting Evan and his brother to dinner that night.


“Are you sure? I didn’t get any such feeling from him. Your self-centered brother didn’t really like Aaron.” I voiced my doubt as I got out of the car.

“Oh! Daniel is that kind. Doesn’t want to be predictable and stuff. He hates when someone guesses his feelings.” He said slamming his door shut.

“Anyway, how should I thank you for what you’ve done? You’ve just made life so perfect!” I smiled and watched him come over to me. He put his arms around my waist and pressed me against the car’s side.

Looking into my eyes he gave me a sly grin. “Tonight, I’ll take my thanks. However, let’s check up how much gratitude do you feel right now.”

He came closer to me. His lips were inches from mine when Tyler’s voice boomed across the parking lot.

“Oye! Stop making out and come here!”

I laughed on seeing Evan roll his eyes pissed. We turned to face our gang coming towards us.

“So you two love-birds have ended the hide-n-seek game. I tell ya we knew something was cooking but you guys acted Bean and so did we.” Stephan grinned and messed my hair while giving Evan a hug.

Rebecca came to me and hugged me; she whispered in my ear. “Rachael doesn’t look very happy.”

I turned my eyes to the green-eyed Rachael whose expressions proved the “green-eyed fiend’s” existence. Jealousy.

“Let her be.” I whispered back.

Rebecca retreated winking at me. Chris and his girlfriend Rose congratulated us while Rachael stood pretending nothing important was happening.

Next, we headed to the school café and grabbed our favorite seats. I sat with Evan and Rebecca on either side, while Rachael, Stephan and Tyler sat across the table. Chris and Rose brought the burgers and pizzas while we pulled extra chairs for them. That done we sat down to a hearty meal and began talking about school stuff. True to his nature Tyler began his announcements of our plans.

“Listen guys. We have Halloween next Sunday. There will be a super-cool bash at school and I want everyone to be present with dates. That’s important. Considering that the party rules will be made by me, dates will be mandatory. No dates, no entry. And, I want great costumes. The winner has to be some one from among us. I’d hate some loser walk away with the grand prize.”

After Tyler’s rather pompous and intimidating address, we began talking about the preparations for the “Monster Ball” to be held at Halloween night.

“Good that I found a boyfriend.” Evan whispered in my ears.

“When did I say yes? You should officially ask me out.” I answered with a sarcastic smile without looking at Evan.

“You are so going to regret this tonight, honey.” With this sarcastic comment he pinched me on the thigh.

“Aeow!” I howled.

“What happened, Sean?” Stephan asked while everyone turned their heads towards me.

“Nothing, my foot hit the table leg. So, what were you saying about Halloween?” I tried to cover up.

Tyler gave me a quick, searching look before delving into the subject once again. Evan continued to snigger in the next seat.

Suddenly, my attention was caught the news telecast on the TV in the café. All heads turned in that direction as someone increased the volume. The famous reporter George Keats was on TV speaking.

“The body of a nineteen year old girl was found lying on the Mysticus highway. The girl has been identified as Tara Smith. The local authorities are saying it’s an animal attack. The girl was found by a local resident who was returning to town. Sources tell that he reported seeing the girl’s throat having been ripped open. The Sheriff has asked people not to panic. The situation shall be looked into. Any further reports will be given soon.”

There was a commotion and we looked behind and saw Emily Smith from my class cring hysterically. Her friends were gathered and trying to console her. Apparently, Tara was Emily’s elder sister who was returning to town after three year. I felt sad for her and turned to Evan.

Evan looked troubled. He seemed to be thinking something that was bothering him. I put a hand on his shoulder.

“What happened, Evan?”

He shook as if coming out from a trance. “I got to go somewhere. I’ll be there for dinner tonight.” He kissed me on the cheek and left in great haste.

I watched him go. Why was he acting so awkward? Why had the news troubled him so much? Such questions were forming in my mind when Rebecca said. “Let’s go and try to console her.”

I nodded and walked wit the others towards Emily. But, my thoughts were still hung on Evan and his awkward reaction.

Chapter 13


Evan’s Story V


“And that is why I ain’t affected by the sun.” I beamed at the awe on Sean’s face. A streak of sunlight sneaked from among the branches and hit his wide eyes sharpening the blue in them. The sparkling eyes kept me captivated, little registering Sean’s digestion of what I had just told him.

“So, you’re saying that your vampire blood provides you immunity from the sun. That’s so confusing. All this while I thought the vampires couldn’t walk in the sun.”

“Yeah, but those are the vampires who don’t have the blood of the Sanguinatus. Those who were turned by the Sanguinatus can walk in the sun. Apparently, there is some witchcraft involved, but that happened like centuries ago. Even before we were around. The Sanguinatus’ blood provides protection from the sun. ”

Sean nodded, trying to understand whatever I had told him. Seriously, he was a huge question-bag and I was more than willing to answer all his questions, rather than keeping secrets and risk losing him once again.

“So, these Sanguinatus guys, are they like the oldest ones? As in your, well, ancestors kinda stuff?”

“Yes and No. Well, there are two bloodlines or clans- The Sanguinatus and the Noctimonstra. The story of origin goes way back to 666 AD. I ain’t familiar with it. I’m kinda too young to be knowing. Just 432 years old you know.”

I grinned at him. He raised his eye-brows and I continued.

“Yeah, so the two bloodlines originated from Mortui Viventrant, the ruler of western Romania, the region of the deadly cold, Transylvania.”

“Oh! Oh! Count Dracula is from Transylvania! Isn’t he? Isn’t he?” Sean raised his hand, jumping like a student in thrill and excitement.

“Can we keep fiction out of this? So, Mortui had two sons, Sanguine and Noctus. During an invasion of the Slaves in 666 AD, when defeat was near, Mortui had performed a ritual. He made a pact with Lucifer. However, tricky and equivocating that the Devil is, something went wrong and his sons turned into vampires. Sanguine beget the Sanguinatus who could walk about in the sun while Noctus beget the Noctimonstra who were the night monsters. Both were vampires with the latter being more powerful. Noctus didn’t tolerate the injustice and killed his father and the witch who performed the ritual. Thus began the feud between the two bloodlines, which exists to this day.”

If possible, Sean’s wide eyes had widened in awe and thrill. He was astounded by everything I had told him. I didn’t know the details but the general story that all vampires had heard of. No one knew the exact nature of the rivalry.

“Sibling rivalry. That’s like everywhere in history. Brothers really don’t get along. Anyway, so Dan and you are Sanguinatus?”

“Yeah, we are the Sanguinatus.”

“But, how were you turned?”

“Well, that’s a long story. Tell you some other day, ok?”

Sean pouted but then smile and put his arms around me. Smiling and looking into my eyes he spoke.

“I see you so differently now. But, it’s kinda cool. A vampire boyfriend! Yeah, man!”

I laughed and softly pulled him for a deep kiss. Another streak of light made its way through the thick foliage and hit us. A soothing breeze made its way through the area, making its way through his hair and lifting it lightly. It was perfect.

“Ahem? Can’t get enough of each other?”

We started and turned to find Daniel leaning against a tree looking at us, a sly smile playing on his lips.

“No, we can’t.” The usually timid Sean retorted and pulled me back for another, more passionate kiss. I guessed he was putting up a show for Dan there.

“Whatever, just letting you lovie-dovies know that Sean you are supposed to be at home for helping Amanda with the cleaning.”

“Crap! I forgot all about that. I better get going. Will catch ya later, honey.” With a light kiss he walked towards his car and drove off.

“You told him about the Sanguinatus and Noctimonstra. Did you tell him about the tip we got that the Noctimonstra are looking for him?”

I looked into Daniel’s serious face remembering the conversation with Emily.

“No, I didn’t tell him that. There was no point scaring him. We still don’t know why they want him. Plus, the town is well-protected. The witch is doing her job well saving him. Nothing happened to him in spite of Ruth’s bite, remember.”

“And did you wonder why Ruth was here in the first place? Why did he attack Sean? Surely, someone knows Sean is here and wants him dead.”

“I dunno Dan. Noctimonstra want Sean for a reason, we don’t know. Sanguinatus want him dead so that they don’t get him. But, I fought with them and they allowed me to guard him and keep him away from the Noctimonstra. If I fail that condition Sanguinatus will kill him or the Noctimonstra will capture him. Gawd!!!”

I groaned and stamped my feet in frustration. Dan put his hand on my shoulder and tried to comfort me.

“Relax, brother. No point getting worked up. Sean’s is very safe right now and we don’t need to worry. Ruth is dead, the witch is working well and Sean trusts you. Things are in control All we have to do is be alert for any suspicious activity.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” I smiled and hugged him.


“So when do you drink blood? Like every meal of the day?” Sean shot another question at me as he cut his steak.

“Huh?” I looked up at him surprised. “How many more questions do you have?”

He smiled. “I can’t help it. My boyfriend is so mysterious and intriguing.”

I rolled my eyes at him as he burst into laughter.

“I drink blood twice a week. Sanguinatus don’t kill people for blood. We drink the required quantity and then wipe the person’s memory. The Noctimonstra are the night predators. They kill and drink brutally.”

“Thank god, these night guys have this sun-allergy! So, you can wipe memories?” He laid his fork and leaned in.

“Not just wipe, I can read minds and control your actions. I can hypnotize you to do things for me.”

He smiled and looked into my eyes. “Well, then read what’s in my mind?”

I smiled and fixed my eyes into his blue ones. The moment I saw what he intended me to I started and pulled back. Satisfied and smiling. Sean went back to eating his steak.

“You are so dead for this! I hate you!”

He smiled seductively. “Isn’t that what you want?” With that he licked his lips reminding me of a very graphic image of his mind exciting me further.

“Enough, okay!” I jerked my head trying to get the picture and the feelings out of my head. “Let’s eat.”

“Eat? Don’t you wanna drink my…”

“EAT!” I cut across him and he laughed heartily.

“Anyway, a question has been bugging me. Why did Ruth attack me?”

I took the cup and drank the water. After a minute or so I answered.

“Honestly, I don’t know Sean. Maybe, because he and Dan had a fight the other night over the killings. And he was a Noctimonstra, if that explains.”

“Weird. If the brothers didn’t get along, how do the younger vampires interact?”

“The rivalry existing between the bloodlines isn’t binding on socialising. The two bloodlines socialize, the rivalry happens under the covers. We killed Ruth, but no one knows about it. And everyone’s happy. No one wants a full- fledged war. That would mean the end of the bloodlines. They are more powerful but we have the Sun. With even things, the war would mean annihilation.”

“Oh-kay. That’s interesting. So as long as this balance remains, everyone’s happy.”

“Yeah. And now eat! No more vampire questions. You’ve asked enough.”

Sean smiled and nodded. “I know all that I want to. This is so exciting! I still can’t believe you sang for me!” He smiled teasingly. He had been mocking me for ages now.

“Sean Geller! I can kill you right now for mocking me!”

He laughed and leaned in, kissing me softly on the lips. “I love you.”

I looked at him with dreaming eyes. “I love you too.”


The man in the shadows looked across the street through the restaurant’s glass. The vampire sat there dining with his lover. That had to be the guy He had said. This wasn’t the time to do the job. He would wait till the boy was alone. A loud horning bus went rattling by. Silence restored itself on the desolate street. Only this time, the man in the shadows was gone.


We walked quickly down the stairs and I put my arm around his waist as we walked through the streets to my home a few blocks away, we walked up the drive to my house and I opened the door quickly with my keys which I pulled from my pocket.

He eagerly walked through the door striding into the spacious front room, I took his hand and pushed him up against the nearest wall gently.

I caressed his face with my hand gently placing my thumb over his lips that parted as I touched them, I kissed him gently, softly but this was not what he wanted, he moaned into my mouth and tugged me closer against to him.

I responded forcefully as I was sure he wanted and clutched at him tearing his shirt again, I chuckled slightly as I felt his chest, running my fingertips over his nipples and carefully releasing a small amount of pleasure enzymes into the skin, he moaned repeatedly as I ran my hands down his chest feeling his heart beat quicken once more, my cock began to stir behind my jeans as I was sure his was.

I picked him up and ran quickly to my room before dumping him onto my bed and diving on top of him pinning his hot body beneath me.

He squirmed under my grasp but I silenced his fears with my lips, I felt him relax immediately and I pulled him up onto the large pillows.

I moved my hands to the headboard smiling as I knew he had obviously not seen the chains that dangled behind the head board, I pulled them over the headboard and pushed his hands together before using my superior speed to quickly wrap his arms together with the cold metal chains, he tugged against them for a second before giving up with a sigh.

I ran my hand down his chest gently massaging the muscles that bulged out from him, he wriggled under my touch but relaxed as soon as I released a small amount pleasure enzymes through his skin.

I ran my fingers down his chest gently stroking his six pack, I undid the button of his jeans and undid the zip pulling the thin layer of clothing down past his knees, his cock swelled within his boxers, I squeezed his cock through his boxers it twitched under my hand as it swelled to its full size tenting proudly 7” away from his body.

I slowly stroked him, from his face to his nipples which I played with for a while causing him to tug against the chains that bound him to the bed, I reached his boxers and played with the waistband for a while causing him to wriggle in anticipation, he spoke in a low growl “just get on with it already, give me what I want”.

I obliged and pulled down his boxers slowly, his cock sprung up free from it’s cloth prison rising up to meet my hand, I ran one of my fingertips up from his balls to the sensitive head, I rubbed slowly over the piss slit causing him a pleasant amount of pain, he moaned loudly thrusting his hips upwards towards my hands.

My ears picked up the sound of feet on the front porch,and heard the sound of my front door opening and tensed immediately, James noticed my sudden freeze and opened his mouth to speak probably to ask what was going on.

I put my hand over his mouth and put my index finger over my lips, he relaxed quickly, I moved pulling his boxers up his legs and doing up his jeans with difficulty over his swollen cock, I undid the chains from around his arms and quickly handed him a t shirt which I fetched from the nearest drawer.

I tugged on his hand and led him slowly from the room me crouched defensively in front of my mate, I put my hand on his chest when we reached the upstairs hall, he halted, I heard movement downstairs and I kissed him quickly on the lips before jumping off the edge of the balcony down to the ground floor beneath a growl in my throat as I turned to see the intruder, I moved to the living room and looked around and there on the couch sat my….my maker.

I stiffened when I saw him, freezing on the spot as he turned to face his progeny a smile on his lips, I looked into his eyes and listened to him speak as he moved closer to me, “my progeny how good it is to see you, I can tell by the look on your face that you believed that I died in London during the blitz, but that my progeny was necessary at the time, but now I need your help in a matter” Marcus sniffed the air before looking at me and saying “what is that scent?” he looked at me before turning when he heard James’ voice from behind me “that would be me and who the fuck are you, we were busy before you came in, so who are you and what do you want?” he moved to my side, I moved in front of him defensively before looking forward at my maker, he looked at James then turned his eyes to me he spoke to me completely ignoring James “I see you have a meal how thoughtful” he took a step toward trying to side step me I snarled at my maker putting my arm in front of James blocking my makers path to him, I snarled at him threateningly “he is my mate and you will not touch him!, I do not care if you are my maker but James is mine!”.

He raised his hands in innocence I straightened out of my crouch before looking over at James smiling assuredly at him, he smiled back weakly, I turned to my maker who now was observing James with fascinated eyes, he winked at him before addressing him “to answer your question James, I am Louis’ maker, I am over 486 years old I was made in 1526 by a Spanish vampire in the newly founded city of Santa Marta.

I made Louis in 1784 after I found him dying in a gutter in Dublin, and the reason why I want him is that involving a broken law” he caught my eye and I knew exactly what he meant, someone had found out about us and had to be eliminated quickly before It was made public and our very way of life was challenged.

Marcus moved to the front door opening it quickly and ushering in a woman, she looked around 19 with dark brown hair and sea green eyes, her eyes quickly scanned over me and James before she retreated behind Marcus clinging onto his arm.

He looked at me before saying “now Louis we both have something in common, this is Maria, she is my mate and like your James she is also human”

she looked up and smiled at James before turning her eyes to me with a look of fear in them, Marcus spoke again “now my sweet why don’t you go with James over there and find something to eat I have some buisness to discuss with Lois”.

James shot me a glance as Maria moved towards him, he smiled at her before glancing anxiously back at me.

He moved away from me following Maria but not before placing a quick peck on my lips that left me craving more God he knew how to turn me on.

I turned my attention to Marcus who was leading the way out out of the front door, the sun was beginning to set and I felt my full powers begin to manifest as the suns dampening effect lessened my maker spoke to me slowly as soon as the door was closed behind me.

“I see you too have found a mate, have you claimed him yet?”

I shook my head, by claiming he meant having sex with, I chuckled and said “I was going to soon but you interrupted me, I had him chained to the bed naked before you walked in” he laughed a short laugh before waving his hand dropping the subject.

“when i first smelt him there was something there, he smelled so desirable, the only example of sweetness in blood is that he is a supernatural, just a little food for thought about your mate.

But now that the sun has almost set I believe we should continue this conversation telepathically don’t you think?” I nodded dropping the guards around mind entering the mind of my maker and absorbing the thoughts closest to the surface.

I saw a young man relatively attractive with black hair and hazel eyes, I saw a vampire chained to a table the blood being drained slowly from his body keeping him weak enough that he was unable to break the chains that had him spread eagled on the table naked.

The human moved around the table examining the anatomy of the vampire, I broke apart from his mind eager to tear this human to shreds but torn between my need for James and the outrage of this human.

James’ Point of View*********

I moved away from Louis following the woman called Maria into the kitchen away from my mate but not before giving him a quick peck on the lips seeing the look of lust that crossed his face as I moved away following Maria into the kitchen.

I heard the front door open and close, I knew that I would have to go home soon and explain why I missed the whole day of school, I hoped that Louis would help persuading my Mum, I knew just how persuasive my…boyfriend? No that wasn’t what Louis had called me he had called me his…mate, the very thought of that pale hunk of gorgeousness being mine made me want him in my arms right now.

I wondered if this Maria woman felt the same about her Mate?

The dark haired one who had interrupted Louis just as I was about to be truly his.

The woman moved into the kitchen uncertainly as did I, the kitchen was large with a refrigerator in the corner that hummed quietly and a microwave on the counter, there was a cooker against the wall spotless obviously just a prop.

I moved towards the fridge and opened it before slamming it shut just as quickly, all I saw in the fridge were bags of blood stacked on top of each other.

I moved towards the cupboards and found a loaf of bread and some eggs probably for when he had humans here which I guess was not very often.

I began to whisk the eggs before dipping the bread in it and quickly frying it in hot oil, the woman Maria moved to my side watching me cook, I finished cooking the food and plated up the 2 slices of bread that I had cooked.

I ate quickly eager to be rid of these people and to be alone with my mate, the woman Maria began to speak with a Spanish accent and I guessed Marcus that was her mate’s name had picked her up when he was in Spain or South America or somewhere.

She spoke slowly in only slightly accented English “so I see you too have found yourself a vampire as a mate, it is wonderful is it not” “yes” I spoke quickly she nodded before asking another question “has he…claimed you yet?”

I shook my head guessing the meaning of her question “I almost was, but you interrupted us”

I said she blushed muttering a quick apology, she spoke slowly again obviously nervous as to my answer “has..has he bitten you yet?” I nodded smiling, she spoke quickly obviously exited “he has? Marcus has not yet done that to me, what was it like? Did it hurt?” I shook my head answering “the initial bite hurts but after that it is just pure pleasure it was so amazing feeling my strength flowing from me and into him, especially when I bit him and drank from him, God it made me so horny” I spoke quickly excited.

She gawked at me, obviously she had not tasted her vampire yet, my face flushed and I looked down embarrassed, I did not hear the front door open and close, my face was pulled up against my consent, I tensed as I felt a set of lips press against mine but relaxed as soon as I saw that those lips belonged to Louis, he pulled me up onto my feet and I wrapped my arms around his neck completely ignoring Maria she was lost in the past all that mattered now was holding Louis here and kissing him.

He pushed his tongue past my lips and I pressed myself closer against his cold body enjoying the way it controlled my rising body heat, my heart began to beat faster and faster as I realised I had forgotten to breathe I didn’t care and hardly noticed as my vision began to darken until I fell away from Louis’ lips.

He caught me in his strong arms and pulled me up to his lips again gently breathing into my open mouth, whatever was in his breath it began to clear my head and my eyes shot open and I felt a sudden buzz of energy course through me.

Maria was nowhere to be seen but I could not give a fuck all I cared about was Louis who was easily within arms reach, both his blood and his breath in my system must have done something to my muscles since I moved too quickly towards him surprising him as I threw him onto the floor growling as I felt an uncontrollable urge to dive on top of him and take him inside of me or at least give him the pleasure I so greatly wanted to give to him.

I landed on him pressing my lips once more against his, this time it was me in control and I had this vampire all to myself, I broke away and kissed up the left side of his pale face before once again locking my lips against his, I felt his fangs descend against my tongue gently nipping the skin.

He flipped me over and I bared my throat for him, the angle at which my neck was at must not have been enough for him because he grabbed my jaw bone and pulled my head even further to the side and dug his fangs into my neck.

The sharp pain made me gasp involuntarily but that was before the enzymes on his fangs went to work in my body, after it had taken effect he could have hacked off a limb I wouldn’t have cared, he pulled away and leant forward to kiss me, I tasted my own blood in his mouth and enjoyed the salty sweetness of it.

He pulled away “I have to leave, but don’t worry not for long a few hours at most, i will go after you fall asleep” he said barely pulling his lips off of mine.

I grimaced at the thought of him leaving but I realised that he would not be gone long and i would not notice it, I might as well have what I wanted at the moment though even if he would not claim me we could both give each other pleasure.

I pushed forward and rubbed my groin against him, he smiled against my lips before kissing his way up my face.

His throat was directly above my mouth and I leant forward and pressed my lips against his throat moving to the side of his neck nuzzling the flesh, he knew what I meant to do and I saw the muscles in his neck relax against my mouth, I bit into the flesh enjoying not only the taste of his blood but also the slight chuckle that I heard from him, I sucked weakly on his neck drawing in his blood.

My lips moved off of his neck, I swallowed the blood that was inside my mouth pulling his face down to mine he smiled at me before pressing his lips onto mine, his tongue moved around the inside of my mouth, I sucked greedily on his tongue, my hands moved to his back my nails digging in to the smooth flesh beneath his t-shirt, I felt his cool blood on my finger tips, if he felt any pain he didn’t complain in fact he showed more passion as he crushed my body beneath his growling into my mouth.

I broke away from his mouth gasping for breath, being around Louis made all of my normal instincts vanish, he moved his lips down my face to my neck licking the skin over his previous bite wound.

I waited for him to bite me again but instead he moved his face down my neck to the collar of my t shirt, his hands moved to the top of my t shirt tearing the fabric straight down the middle exposing my chest, I chuckled that was 2 of t-shirts he had ripped today, I couldn’t care, all I care about was the feeling of his lips moving down my chest, he had reached my nipples and his soft skin felt wonderful against mine, pleasure shot up my body.

He began to move down my body reaching my six pack he gently kissed each of the muscles before moving his hand towards my crotch, he was completely in control of me, he squeezed my growing cock gently through my jeans, I moaned under his touch thrusting my hips upward into his hand seeking greater friction against it.

He undid the top button of my jeans quickly undoing the zip and yanking them down to my ankles, my cock tented upwards free the first of its prisons, he moved up my leg gently kissing the skin, he reached my left thigh and kissed the skin, pleasure shot up my body again, he moved to my right and I moaned in pleasure, his fingertips trailed up my leg starting at the soles of my feet, he gently stroked the skin his cold fingers sending shivers up my body.

He moved to my chest and his fingers lingered over my nipples before he moved to my face cradling it in his hand, I smiled down at him my fingers weaved into his hair and I tugged him upwards towards my face, now it was his turn.

I rolled onto my side laying him down next to me I ran my hands over his t shirt feeling his developed muscles beneath the thin layer of cloth, I tugged the bottom of the t shirt pulling it upward to his head, he sat up and I pulled it over his head.

I stared at his topless form gawking at his perfectly defined muscles and smooth perfect skin, I moved my right hand to his chest placing it over his heart, there was no beat beneath my fingers, he moved the back of his hand against my my cheek, and spoke seductively “it may not beat but it feels for you, I do not have long around an hour but in that time we can still have some fun” he smiled cheekily, he stood up in a flash his hand offered to me, I grasped it pulling myself up smiling at him, he picked me up cradling me in his arms in a second we were in his room.

I spoke shocked “I don’t think I have fully measured your abilities” he smiled at me again before answering “now that the sun has fully set my powers are at their strongest.

He moved onto the bed and lowered me onto it and then himself onto me.

I felt his legs against mine and realised that he had removed his jeans, his hands ran down my body and he yanked my boxers off, he moved his hands to my cock now semi-hard and stroked the skin lightly, I gasped at his touch my cock and immediately shot upright in his hands, he slowly began to wank my cock.

He sped up and I groaned loudly as he sped up, he replaced his hand quickly with his mouth, he sucked my cock greedily obviously enjoying himself as I moaned under his touch.

I climbed higher and higher I knew that my orgasm was imminent and I was sure that he knew too, he pulled his head away looking up at me smiling widely, he lay down on the bed next to me and I knew exactly what he wanted me to do, I moved my hand towards his 8″ cock marvelling at it.

I wrapped my fingers around it and slowly began to wank his cock enjoying his reaction to my touch, I sped up as he had noticing how even though he did not need the air his breathing still sped up.

I moved my hand away from his cock noticing the low growl that emanated from his chest I replaced my hand with my mouth and licked the head teasingly, I moved my lips down his cock until my nose reached the base and rested in the dark pubes that surrounded his cock.

The tip of his cock had entered my throat and he growled louder than he had before and I knew that he was getting closer and closer to orgasm, I had tasted him once before and now I wanted to do to him what he had originally done to me, I would suck him until he begged for me to stop.

I felt him shudder against my body and I sucked harder and faster until he howled loudly as he shot into my mouth, I pulled back allowing his second load to land on my tongue, his load tasted sweet and bitter at the same time I swallowed his cum and I continued to suck causing him to shoot again and again into my mouth, I pulled away and wanked his cock as he kept on shooting his load.

Eventually I collapsed on top of him, he was breathing heavily and had his eyes closed, I lay on top of him and nuzzled myself against his chest, his arms moved from his sides and wrapped around me pulling him against me.

My still hard cock pressed against him and he smiled with his eyes still shut, he moved his hand towards my chest and stroked my abs before moving down to my cock, his cool hands stroked the skin softly, sensually as I slowly got higher and higher, I had been on the verge of cumming when he had pulled away and now I was close, he began to speed up and I shut my eyes as the pleasure built and built until finally I spurted onto his chest.

I collapsed against his chest kissing the skin of his pecs, his hands moved to my hair and he gently stroked it lovingly as I slipped into a satisfied sleep in the arms of my dark angel.

A special thank you to sun_sea_sky for editing my first story

Here we are in my cellar. I can smell your lust, trussed up like this, spider gag in your mouth, ass in the air, not sure what I have in store for you. Yes, I must say, you are quite the picture of manhood, this lovely piece of meat between your legs, so big. Ah, it’s sensitive to the touch, so long, so hard. Do you enjoy my hand pumping your organ this way? Yes, I smell your lust but also, yes, I smell your fear. I can see in your eyes the dawning realization as I rub your cock head that in this position you will shoot your cum down your own throat. Yes you will, what you don’t know is that you will do this for me many times tonight. Yes, there, your fear, ahhh the aroma of fear. Mmmmm.


Let me tell you something of vampyrs. We are creatures of the night, but can walk in daylight if precautions are taken. Our skin is thinner with less pigment then the non-dead. We sunburn easily, skin blistering, itching, as a human would. Also our vision is more suited to the night; without dark sunglasses we get ‘snow’ blindness quickly. Actually all a vampyr’s senses are more intense, smell, hearing, taste, touch and even the sixth sense: telepathy.

We have emotions as well, though as with people they change with the individual. Some vampyrs have anger issues, usually relating to how they were turned. I have no such issues. I was turned while on death’s door, I was given the choice and took it.

Though immortal, we are not invincible; death can take us again. Overt damage to the heart, head or major loss of a body part are not good. Fire, of course, there is always fire, our bodies tend to burn more easily as we don’t contain as much water as a human. Older vampyrs tend to be more aware of their limitations.

We feed as does any creature on this earth, blood is our food. Human food is not easily passed through our system, the physiology is changed, blood is our food. Drinking liquids is acceptable, though we have a high tolerance to alcohol.

Vampyrs are not shape shifters. I wish! We can’t disappear in a vapor cloud, but we can move very quickly. Traveling long distances in a short time, without losing one’s breath, is a good attribute to have.

Sex? Ah yes, that is true, as with our other senses our sex drive is increased. In some it is more powerful then the hunger for blood. Vampyrs feed once, maybe twice, a week; but have sex many times a night, multiple partners, both sexes; well at least for me. There are other thrills even more powerful than sex — hunting and killing are such a rush. The smell of fear can be more intense then the smell of sex. If one harnesses this skill you can make a living hunting and killing. It is how I have made much of the wealth that you see here. I am a hired assassin, I have killed many people in my centuries on the Earth.

I enjoy a good fuck, man or woman, but what I truly enjoy is the smell of fear, the taste of fear, far more powerful.

Human life is far more fragile than a Vampyr’s, I know no fear, I have died already, I know what death brings. For humans, the fear of death is palpable, the smell intoxicating, even the biggest strongest man will beg me for mercy.

As you can clearly see I am not imposing at 5′ 6″, a mere hundred pounds and female. Many a man has underestimated my power, sexually as well as physically. I can strike fear as quickly as lust in any man’s heart.


But let us make this more interesting shall we, see this lovely steel rod, the undulations, the size small at the tip yet larger here at the base. Yes, you understand where I’m going to put this, yes in your ASS.

Oh my, that was an impressive explosion, swallow — swallow, it will be much easier on you if you just swallow. There that wasn’t so bad? Yes I so enjoyed your orgasm. It wasn’t so bad was it?

But that was only the first of many, see you are still hard my love, in fact you have grown larger. We could almost work the tip of your cock right into your mouth. Let me help with that, yes if we pull your legs down farther, there.

Oh don’t be such a baby, I will not break you two, what I will break is your mind.

Mmmmm …

Your fear is so wonderful, what do you fear most, what I am doing to you, or that you are enjoying it? You are! I can see the lust! Yes, you are enjoying yourself, see how your cock now fits in your mouth? Lick it. Let’s take the gag from your mouth so you can better suck yourself. Yessss, what a talented cocksucker you are, see how you are twitching and pulsating.

Let me help you along, you thought I forgot about this, didn’t you? I’m not that easily distracted. Yes I will grease it up for you, we don’t want you bleeding too soon. There, if you relax it will be less painful. Aaahhh, I know that when I pull your cock like this, it is ‘hard’ to relax. HaHaHa, I made myself laugh.

Oh! Are those tears I see? Give it a minute, once your ass gets used to it the pain will dissipate. What you don’t know is it is hollow, it’s like a tuning fork, here. Aren’t those vibrations in your ass wonderful? Oh oh, we missed your mouth a little, swallow it will be better, no you’re not drowning in your cum.

Let’s play a tune on your ass, delightful the way you squirm. Do you like when I play your ass? Oh yes you do! Let’s make you cum faster this time, suck your dick you little cocksucker, yes you’re my little cum slut aren’t you? Cum for me, yes suck your fat prick, oh oh yes there you are.

Oh it’s leaking out of your mouth. I would have thought by now there wouldn’t be so much left. You are quite the stud.

Shall we try for one more? You shake your head ‘no’ but your eyes are telling me ‘yes’. More importantly THIS is telling me what you want, look how hard you are, look it’s pulsing with excitement.

Your balls are so wonderfully blue and hummm; so tasty. Sorry did I bite your balls? Yumm, your fear tastes so good. You’re not losing that much blood, concentrate on sucking your cock. That’s better, you have one more in you. Let’s see if we can get more cock into your mouth. Does that hurt, oh my, OK I’ll back off a little. You’re more flexible than you thought, see I didn’t snap you in two, yet. You’ve got almost a third of that monster in your mouth, MOST impressive.

Don’t cum yet, no you don’t, let’s pull this out and … Wow that was a good one! Swallow, swallow, that’s it, you won’t choke if you swallow. Ymmmm your bloody balls taste so good.

I’m going to bite you here behind your balls, you have a nice vein that feeds that big dick. Oh my, did you just come again? Mmmmmmm…. I love the taste of your fear in your blood. I could just suck you dry… Mmmmmmmm.

Oh you baby, sit still! I was just kidding I’m not going to suck you dry, besides I think you sucked you dry! Ha ha ha! You amuse me so.

There there, let me release your legs. See you stopped bleeding already. I’m going to attach your legs to the table here just so you don’t hurt yourself.

That’s it, sleep now I’ll be back to see you soon.

Mmmmm, your fear is SO delicious!

“Well, your finally are awake. How are you?”

“Awake, huh? Where am I? Who are you?”

“You may call be Sir Tristan. You are in my humble castle,” said Tristan.

“Castle?! And wait, I thought your name was Matt,” said Erin looking around wildly.

“Yes castle,” replied Tristan. “You lost consciousness back in the club, so I brought you here.”

Erin memory swam back in bits and pieces. She remembered partying in a club and meeting Matt… Tristan. In the dark of the club all she could see was a dark object mostly mannish is shape. But it was shaped like a man, smelled decent, and seemed like he could be fun to party with. They danced for a while and had a good time. Later when they were getting drinks and he pulled her close. He told her that she was beautiful and that he would like to kiss her.

Erin nodded slightly, strangely enchanted by his shadow hidden face. Their lips touched and Erin felt a shock jolt through her; it flew from her lips, down her spine and right between her legs. She pulled “Matt” closer and kissed him harder. He pulled away from her and started butterflying kisses along her jawline and down her neck. Erin’s breath became quicker and quicker as he kissed further down. Suddenly, a sharp but pleasing pain erupted from her neck. She felt a bit of warmness flow down her neck and passed out in a storm of white ecstasy.

She opened her eyes and found Tristan crouching in front of her.

“You are only alive – well sort of – because I want you to be,” Tristan told her.

“What do you… you bit me didn’t you?”



“I am a vampire,” Tristan said in a matter of fact manner.

Erin screeched “A vampire?!? But but but…”

“Simple. I was bitten and then fed my sire’s blood. Now I am a vampire.”

“Sire? Who?… did you turn me?”

“My sire doesn’t matter… He is dead. I staked him. Got tired of his constant need for me to bring him fresh blood… incompetent old bastard… And yes, that is why you are here. You are my vampire. My vampire sex slave… hehehe”

“I’m a vampire,” asked Erin. “Wait! You’re what?”

“Sex slave, get used to the idea,” murmured Tristan. “You mime until I decide that you are of no more use to me.”

Erin stood and backed away from Tristan. She started to turn, but couldn’t. Something was holding here there. Something more powerful than she could resist.

“Can’t move can you?”

“Wha… Vampires don’t have this sort of power,” exclaimed Erin.

“Vampires don’t but I do. I am more than a normal vampire. Now why don’t you remove your cloths for me.”

Erin’s hands moved towards her the buttons on her shirt. She struggled to stop, but couldn’t. She had no power over her hands… or any other of her voluntary muscle actions. Her shirt dropped to the ground and then she slipped out of her jeans. There she stood in her bra and panties. A few tears silently streamed down her face.

“Crying are we,” taunted Tristan. “You should embrace you new life, otherwise you will be miserable forever.”‘

“You bastard!”

Tristan took a step forward and slapped her. “Slave! Don’t talk that way to me!”

He flexed his right hand and Erin passed out. When she came to again, she found herself collared and shackled. Chains from the collar and the shackles ran to large rings attached to the frame of the bed. She writhed and tried to free herself but all she managed to to was attract Tristan’s attention.

“Awake again, are we? Well good.”

He walked over to the side of the bed. He let his eyes roam over her body for a minute, taking in every aspect of her lovely form. Her slim body, her well shaped legs, he large breasts. He took a sharp breath in. What a beautiful slave I have, he mused to himself.

Suddenly he reached down and tore her panties and bra off. Erin gasped at the forceful removal of her remaining cloths. Erin’s arousal was obvious. Tristan reaches down and slide a finger into her cunt. He pulled it out and sucked the juices off.

“Hmm… If I didn’t know better, I would think you like this sort of thing. But from the way you were acting earlier, I guess you don’t,” Tristan said with a smile.

He slid his cloths off revealing his well toned body. Erin’s eyes widened… his cock was huge. It was the biggest one she had ever seen. It was at least 8 inches long and pretty damn thick. Tristan moved to the side of the bed and positioned his cock next Erin’s mouth.

“Suck it slut.”

Erin clamped her mouth shut at first. Tristan smiled slightly and her mouth flew open. He slide his cock into her mouth.

“Now that is a good girl.”

Erin moved her head and started sucking his cock. Tristan moaned slightly and then pulled his cock out of her mouth. He bent over her and bit her neck again, letting the blood flow. Erin bucked from the sensation, pleasure filling her body. Tristan stood up and climbed up onto the bed.

“You’re a good cocksucker slut and you taste good, but I think I want to fuck you now.”

Erin whimpered as she fought to keep her legs closed. Tristan made another motion and applied a little pressure on her knees. Her legs spread revealing her cunt for Tristan. Erin squeezed her eyes shut to keep from seeing him. He lowered himself over her and slid his cock into her. Erin’s eyes flew open when she felt his cock fill her up.

Moving terribly slow at first, he slide in and out of Erin. Grunting, he started fucking her faster and harder. With every stroke, Erin moaned louder and louder.

“Slave, don’t cum until I do. I want you to cum with me.”

Erin’s moans eventually turned into screams of pleasure. Tristan was close to cumming.

“Slave, I’m almost there! Cum with me,” he cried.

And then he came into Erin. Feeling his cock pulse within her, she let go and the world turned white as she came and passed out from the pleasure. Tristan came down from the extreme high that he was at and stroke Erin’s hair.

“Hmm… my slave, I do believe you and I will have much fun together.”

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