vampire attack

Denua gathered the women together ensuring the sling throwers were well armed; the archer’s arrows were sharp and straight while they tested the strength of the bows. The women were all armed with both a sword and a dagger and Denua gathered them together.

“Tonight we attack with one intention. To kill as many Romans as we can and release the hostages. No one must be captured and here we have a responsibility for each other.” She looked seriously at the women. “If you see a sister being captured kill her. Do not allow those pigs any chance of using her. We owe it to each other.”

Standing up she said seriously “This is your last chance. If any of you want to leave then do it now. No one will think any the less of you if you feel you can best serve the cause by living to fight another day.” Looking round Denua noticed with pride that not one woman wanted to leave.

Swallowing hard and with a trembling voice she said “Then, today could be a good day to die”. The women responded by shouting and beating on their shields and waving their swords in the air.

In Jonas’ tent Utta stirred in bed as one of the slave women came in and brought some hot water, a towel and her warrior leathers. “The Master wants you to wash and change back into this.” she said holding up Utta’s top and leather skirt “He will be back to fit you with your collar.”

“MY COLLAR?!” Utta shouted, “I’m not a dog that I need a collar!”

The slave woman stood up and stared at Utta “No you are not a dog. You are lower than a dog. Utta, the ‘Virgin Warrior’” It was obvious she was mocking “The one who was to save us, overthrow Rome!”

Laughing she said with sarcasm “You couldn’t get enough of his cock last night. Your screams of passion were heard throughout the camp!”

Utta’s eyes filled with tears as the slave continued “After you have given pleasure to the Romans you will be placed in the arena where you will be forced to fight to entertain the Romans. Who knows? You might even have to fight Denua!” The girl turned to leave the tent but before opening the flap she turned to say loudly “WASH!”

Utta washed herself finding her womanhood was painful when the water hit her torn hymen reminded her of the previous night bringing a confused emotion of fear, anger and desire. She changed into her warrior dress and food was brought to her which she ate.

As night began to fall Jonas returned and closed the flap of the tent. Utta expected to be raped again but instead the Roman stood in front of her. “You will find I am not a monster” he said quietly as he clapped his hands and two slaves entered. One carried a table the other a flagon of red wine and a wine cup.

“I know you are still painful from last night so I will give you time to heal. It’s time for another lesson.” He ordered Utta to stand and then kneel while he manoeuvred so that the lower part of his toga opened and his hard manhood stood out. “Remember, kiss it … gently.”

Utta spluttered as it entered her mouth but obeyed with a tiny peck which made her master’s cock twitch with excitement.

Jonas continued “Now, remember my warning. Bite me and a slave will be crucified. Open your mouth and allow it in.” Utta felt tears of shame flow down her face as allowed the tip to rest on her tongue. “Now, gradually allow it in. Lick it, suck it. Let it possess you.”

Utta struggled to protest but with her mouth full and disgust in her heart her number one struggle was trying to avoid gagging. “You will get used to this” Jonas said “sooner than you think.” Utta found the fold in her tongue was a cushion for the underside of Jonas’s cock and although she felt disgust there were other sensations bubbling to the surface within her. Primitive sensations she was ashamed of. A raw lust and a desire to cause this man to cum in her mouth.

Suddenly there was a noise of uproar in the camp and the sound of panic. Arrows covered in burning straw were being fired at the tents followed by the rush of sling shots and the thud of stone hitting skull with the screams of the dying.

Jonas jumped back determined to take control but as he went to leave Utta tripped him up grabbed his sword. Taking Jonas’ hardened cock in her hands she slashed the weapon across severing it from his body causing an explosion of blood urine and semen. “Have this on account Roman!” Utta cried while Jonas’ screams were both guttural and primeval as he rolled on the floor in agony bleeding to death.

Turning she said deliberately “That’s for all rape victims in history!”

Leaving the tent Utta saw a guard coming towards her and with a single swipe removed his head from his body. Shouting as loud as she could she rallied the women “THE HOSTAGES HAVE GONE!”

The battle raged for nearly an hour and there was a smell of smoke, blood, butchered flesh, urine and human excrement in the air. Making her way into the slave tent Utta encouraged the slaves to escape but on her exit she received her first wound. A dying Roman soldier threw a dagger that pierced her back just below her right shoulder blade. Turning she lifted her sword and his chest exploded.

Outside bodies were lying everywhere, Romans, slaves, warrior women. Denua had taken a spear in her chest just below the heart but it had not gone deep enough to kill her instantly.

Nevertheless the wound was fatal and she staggered into the open where she saw Utta. Smiling at each other Utta turned to engage three other soldiers. Utta killed two but the third stabbed her in the lower right abdomen penetrating her right lung and the young warrior fell in her death throes.

It was the last thing Denua saw before a huge sword swung round removing her brain from her skull. Utta saw it and cried out as one of the Romans raised his sword to end her life too. But it didn’t happen. Instead there was a sound like a huge rush as human like creatures descended upon the Romans at super speed. Screams of terror filled the air as the Romans found their weapons useless against their attackers.

For Utta time seemed to stand still as a kaleidoscope of images and sounds attacked her senses. Screams, shouts, battles and death filled the air and then the darkness closed in as she succumbed to a sinking feeling that she embraced as death.

In her last moment of consciousness she thought she saw Vala approach and pick her up. Even in death Utta believed this was a hallucination, the last gasps of her dying brain.

In the very next moment of consciousness Utta was aware of a weakness in all her limbs and a feeling of thirst and hunger together with a sensation of deathly coldness.

Hearing a voice she recognised she turned her head to see Vala looking at her. Struggling to talk she heard her friend speak to others round about “It’s ok. She’s with us.” Approaching Utta Vala said with a smile “Welcome to your new life Sister, we’re pleased to have you with us.”

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