Celina found herself sighing as she brushed her hair for bed, listening to the characteristic creaks and groans of her childhood home. She stood in the small bathroom across from her bedroom, dressed only in a thin white tank top that let the slight draft of her home tease at the soft fabric that was pulled taught over her breasts. Her nipples made pert tents in the fabric covering them, the shirt only continuing half way down her slip waist. From there flowed a few inches of smooth, creamy skin before her center was covered with a pair of tight pink panties, lace decorating around the top of her thighs.

She smiled at her reflection when she finally arranged her red hair to lay straight around her face, the ends reaching between her shoulder blades. She set down the brush, her blue eyes catching a glitter from the bathroom lights just before she flipped them off.

She crept her way through the dark hall, back across to her own room, the lights off there as well. She navigated her way into the bed by memory, falling onto the cool sheets with a contented smile. She enjoyed spending time at home on her breaks from school. She shrugged away her thoughts of homework and boys at school, rolling onto her side and pulled the blankets up warmly around her. She purred at the warmth, finding herself quickly asleep.

* * * * * * *

Celina sat up with a start, eyes wide open, not quite sure what had woken her. She looked around the room, her eyes unable to pick up an disturbance in the familiar shadows. After a few moments of looking around, she shrugged and chalked the sudden wake up to an unremembered dream. She curled back up on her side, eyes just starting to drift closed once again.

There was a loud skittering from under the bed. She sat up with a start, blinking hard at the sound. She leaned towards the edge of the bed, her thoughts in a jumble.

The skitter turned into a scrape of nails against the hardwood floor. She sat back quickly, shaking a bit in surprise and fear. Her mind instantly jumped to memories a decade old, nights she spent too terrified of the monster under the bed to get her parents for help. She shook herself out of her cowering, leaning forward with a soft mumble.

“You’re too old to be scared of monsters,” she shook her head, her foot inches from the floor when a clawed hand the size of her face reached its way out from under the bed, reaching up. Instead of grabbing her ankle as she snapped it back in surprise, it lifted into the air and waved to her.

Her eyes went wide, staring at the spot in the air so intently she missed the second hand pulling from under the bed, followed shortly after by the back of the creatures head. Its bright blond hair hanging from its scalp to the floor finally pulled her attention. She shrank back in terror, her scream caught in her throat. After another moment, the monster had fully emerged into the room.

He stood well above six feet in height, almond shaped eyes accentuating the sharp angles of his face. The beast bore a hungry smirk, leaning forward towards the bed, blond hair falling around his strangely beautiful face. Ears nearly a foot in length stood at an angle from his head, jutting backwards from his skull. The monster took a step forward, bones clear under his dark skin. It held an almost purple hue; spikes of varying length stuck up between his shoulder blades and continued down his spine, their tips tinted an inky black. The base of his spine flowed into a slim, whip-like tail, the same color as his flesh.

He took another step forward, leaning his great hands on the edge of the bed, balancing his form on it in an almost catlike way. The hungry look on his elf-like face was impossible to mistake. His tongue was as pointed at his teeth as it slithered between them. A hand closed around Celina’s ankle as she flinched towards the wall. She found herself shaking as the beast pulled her forward, screwing her eyes shut. She wasn’t ready to look into the sharp teeth preparing to tear into her flesh.

Quite suddenly she found herself flat on her back, ass resting at the edge of the bed, legs straight up in the air. She blinked furiously in confusion, lifting her head as she felt her ankles resting on the creatures warm shoulders. She stared up at the sweet smile on his face, her legs still quivering from the terror before. She lay still, trying to understand what the beast could be trying to do. Slowly, almost without her noticing, the monster slipped her panties up over her smooth thighs, pulling them away from one of her legs. He tugged them gently apart to expose her damp center.

She blushed as she felt the creatures nails scraping softly down her skin, lifting her ass into the air, staring at the moisture beginning to build around her lips with a curious look as he held them in front of his face. She lifted herself onto one elbow as she felt the monsters breath against her core, the wetness between her legs beginning to build as she tried to look up at his face.

She shook her head suddenly, her mind clicking the pieces together as it began to slide its long, dark colored tongue over her slightly spread lips. She body shivered in response, the creature pausing to spread her legs wider apart. She shuddered, her head turning away as its long nails pulled her cunt lips slowly away from each other, tongue flicking over the string of moisture that stretched between them.

She gave a short gasp, trying to pull her legs out of the monsters grip. Her resistance dissolved as its tongue curled around her slowly budding clit, the long muscle pushing its way into her tight opening. Her legs gave a great shiver, her hips rolling upwards towards the intrusion. It slowly worked deeper inside of her, drawing her sweet juices out with slow, tender strokes. He cupped her ass, nails slowly digging into her skin, sliding along her back, letting her legs rest lazily on his thin shoulders, tongue never pausing as it undulated deeper inside of her sweet tunnel.

Its claws slowly pushed her shirt upwards, leaning her hips higher into the air as he kept up his affectionate lapping, the point of his flexible tongue rotating around the cap of her cervix. She moaned, his lean fingers wrapping around her breasts as they bounced free of the shirt, every ounce of resistance gone from her, letting the beast from under her bed continue to tease and pleasure her body.

As the strong muscles inside of her pussy began to contract around his tongue, the monster drew it out of her with a great sucking noise. She let out a loud whimper, her voice nothing but lust and frustration, the world shattering orgasm that had been building in the pit of her stomach was suddenly torn away. She stared up at the beast as it smiled, her juices still covering its chin. Slowly, he licked his lips and laid himself along her body, squeezing and bouncing her breasts in his clawed hands.

He ran his hot, slick tongue over one of her nipples, it budding up hard at the tickle of it caressing her skin lightly. Celina found herself panting, her body pushing upwards towards his touch desperately, the scrape of his nails over her skin lighting up every nerve. Her lust rose higher as his lips pursed around one of her nipples, suckling tenderly along it, the head of his long member brushing along her thigh.

He continued to massage and lick along her chest for another moment before he tilted her face up and caught her in another long kiss, thrusting himself slowly inside of her. He rolled his hips tenderly until he was buried to the hilt inside of her. Celina moaned, gripping onto the bed as he held her hip with one hand, the other remaining cupped around her face. She looked up at the strange, beautiful creature above her, the two of them sharing another long kiss.

Celina felt the pit of her stomach start to fill with heat as the rolled herself with the creatures movements, his teeth on her neck now as his arms slid gently around the girls shoulders. As it held onto her, he began sliding deeper inside her, the great clawed hands supporting gently underneath her, resting at the small of her back. She arched under him, her heels resting against the creatures hips. Soft moans fell out of her lips with every thrust of the beast inside of her, feeling like she would burst from the sheer feeling of fullness at the pit of her stomach.

There was a slow buildup of heat inside of her, leaning her head back against the bed, her body moving with every fluid movement from the creature above her. She turned her face away, gripping the bed as her face flushed. Her mouth falling open as her voice rose slowly in volume until she was shouting without realizing, a bursting in her stomach made stars dance before her eyes as she came around him. The insides of her clamped down, massaging around the creatures still thrusting cock, not letting up as the girl beneath him milked the cock buried inside of her.

Her hips shook as they gripped hard around the monsters slip waist, the two of them clinging close to each other. The alien weight and smoothness of him bearing down against her, his mouth biting down on her neck as he throbbed deeper inside of her. She reached up, gripping the short reaches of the creatures hair, the spikes on its back shooting up more straight as he slid deeper, the head of its cock just tenderly beginning to press the mouth of her cervix.

And before she knew it, she’d been filled. Hot cum dripped down along her thighs as he slowly slithered out from between them, pointed tongue licking along its lips, sliding slowly back out of sight. Though, as the creature slipped beneath the bed, one of its hands still held gently onto her own, great claws a gentle pressure against her skin, free from any pain. Her eyes simply fluttered back shut, holding onto his hand in return, falling into dreams just as sweet.

Chapter 8 — per guardare

Adam found me the next day. Technically since Ruby, Cheyenne, and my threesome had happened around ten am that morning, I suppose it was the same day. But after sleeping the sleep of the satisfied for several hours, I thought of my ‘mornings’ as usually starting around early afternoon.

Regardless, I was running on the treadmill in the exercise room of the spa. Jacqueline was there, chatting with me, telling me about her daughter. I managed to avoid laughing when she described the teenage girl as being “Only a few years younger than me.” Jacqueline of course didn’t know I was a mage, or that I’d been born almost forty years ago. She simply knew I looked like a man who was in his prime, early twenties according to the new fake ID that Renia had set up for me.

That gave me pause and I almost slid from the treadmill as it occurred to me. The date of birth on my new drivers license, the one linked to my new identity said that I was born June sixth, nineteen ninety eight. I stuttered because I realized that with all the fucking, learning the business, working as a bartender, and learning magic, I’d lost track of the days. Today was June sixth, today was my birthday. In reality I was thirty nine, though according to my ID, I was twenty one today. I couldn’t believe I’d almost forgotten that it was my birthday. I felt like it should matter to me, even though I really wasn’t sure that it did.

That’s when Adam came in. Jacqueline greeted him in her usual friendly way, and Adam returned the greeting, but then asked her, “Jacqueline, could you give Mike and I a little privacy? I want to talk to him.”

She waved good bye to me and left the exercise room, the heavy glass door swinging shut and leaving Adam and I alone. He came and stood in front of the treadmill I was jogging on and leaned his back against the mirrors on the wall. “So,” he said slowly crossing his arms. “Trying to stay in shape?”

I nodded, and replied barely winded, “Yeah, I’m going to try to take better care of this body than my last one. I was always athletic, but as I got older I kinda let myself go. Not going to happen this time.”

Adam pursed his lips and furrowed his brow slightly. I felt a touch on my mind and immediately envisioned a brick wall. Casting the mental spell of defense with a single thought I kept Adam from my mind. Strangely enough he seemed pleased with that. “Good, good, good.” he said, though I wasn’t sure if he was referring to my workout or the fact that my mental defenses had slammed into play so quickly.

He pushed away from the wall and spoke as he paced, “I noticed that you’ve been spending a lot of your mornings with Ruby after work. That’s fine, I have no problem with it. In fact it saves me a lot of trouble. She needs to feed after all, and if she doesn’t get enough during the prime working hours, well, you and I are the only men on the compound. She can feed from the women of course, but it’s nothing, a trifle for her. It’s the difference between a hamburger with fries and a side salad.”

I punched some buttons on the tread mill and felt the machine enter a ‘cool down’ stretch as Adam continued, “So, since you’re feeding her, I don’t have too. While she’d be satisfied with a good fuck from a man, from a mage, it’s something else. If a normal man could give her a hamburger, you and I give her a prime cut of Kobe beef with all the sides she could want. She drains mana from us when she fucks us, tires us out, uses our power to stay alive.” He turned back to face me, “Soooooo… If she’s taking your mana, making you weaker, that’s one less drain on me.”

He shrugged as I felt the treadmill come to a stop. I grabbed my water bottle and squeezed a full drink before wiping my brow. “Yeah, I got it. Don’t spend too much time with her.”

Adam chuckled, “By all means, spend as much time with her as you think you can take. Just make sure you’re getting enough rest. You can skip sleep as long as you’re holding a bit of mana in reserve, or you can let her drink your mana pool dry as long as you get enough sleep, but you can’t stay awake with no energy and still expect to learn magic.”

I frowned, I had gotten a few hours sleep in Ruby’s bed, and woken up next to a still snoozing Cheyenne. I’d gotten used to only needing two or three hours sleep at night, but he was right. Any night that I fucked Ruby, I always needed more sleep. That’s why after my one pm lesson with Adam I’d gone back to sleep for a few more hours. In fact showering and than hitting the Gym were the only things I’d done all day other than my first lesson. “You’re right, I’m sorry.”

Adam nodded, mollified by my apology, “Good, well then I suppose we can skip the punishment then if you’re sorry. But you’re not here to fuck my whores, be they human or demon. You’re here to learn how to wield your powers. One pm and five pm, no exceptions because you’re busy giving away all your power to a demoness, understand?”

I lowered my head, attempting to look as contrite as possible, “Yes sir, my apologies sir.” Internally I started to feel a little bit irritated. His threats of discipline and punishment were only being said to reinforce yesterday’s embarrassment. But I remembered what Ruby had said to me about Adam, that a little deception went a long way with him. Adam thought that he was the big bad ass around here, and I suppose, for now he was. But the fact that he was used to that, meant that he was susceptible to flattery and to people behaving the way he expected them too.

“Good,” he said sniffing slightly. I hoped that my ‘aura’ wasn’t giving me away to him, and I hoped that he wasn’t actively reading my mind through my defenses. “Well, I wanted to let you know that I have a birthday gift for you, as long as you don’t mind it being delayed a little bit?”

My head came up, a gift? I quirked an eyebrow and my eagerness wasn’t at all fake. He smiled and nodded, “I know it’s a bit impersonal, but I’m going to just give you a thousand bucks, cash.” I wasn’t sure what to say about that. I hadn’t had any use for money basically since I’d met Adam. Likewise in the last few weeks id spent here at the compound that Ruby’s Hideaway sat on, I’d had no need for money. Obviously I lived rent and utility free, there was no charge to eat anything in the kitchen. I know Adam said I was earning a wage working the bar at night, but I hadn’t seen a cent of it yet.

“A thousand bucks cash, and your pay for the last two weeks… but with a stipulation.” he said. Ah hah, here came the catch. “Around the first of every month, Ruby goes to Vegas for a few days. She scouts for fresh young new talent that might want to come work for us. It’s the only way to keep up with the turnover, we usually lose a girl every two or three months. We’re actually down right now, but Ruby said she had a line on some fresh girls that might work out well for us.”

“And you want me to go with her and keep an eye on her?” I asked, slightly confused.

Adam laughed, “No, far from it Mike. I want you to go and have fun, enjoy Vegas, if anything I’ll ask her to keep one eye on you. But what I do want is for you to set up a bank account, and deposit at least two hundred dollars in it. Bring the information back and I’ll set up direct deposit in your name. Also, pick up a cell phone, you need a bill in your name, gotta have you on the tax roles and paying a bill. The only thing worse than bad credit is no credit after all. Maybe even sign up for a Visa or Mastercard, I’m sure you’ll be able to find some place to make that happen once you have a bank account in your name.”

He moved towards the door, “But also, it’s a late birthday gift, so you can have fun too. Go see a show, do some gambling, whatever you like.” Pushing open the door he strode out calling behind him, “It’s quarter after four, I expect to see you in my office for the five o clock lesson shortly, don’t be late.”

The door swung shut behind him and I decided that my muscled had cooled down too much to do more working out. Plus I wanted to shower before the lesson, I’d need to be fresh and ready for whatever other surprises he might have for me.

- – -

The next week went by pretty uneventfully as I settled into my new routine. What I considered my ‘mornings’ went like this; wake up around noon, grab lunch, lesson at one, practice for an hour or two, work out, take a shower and a twenty to forty minute nap. When I woke up from my nap, it was what I considered my ‘day’ and went like this; five pm lesson followed by a six o clock meal, practice the magical forms I’d been learning from both Adam and Ruby for a while or read if Adam had given me a text to learn. Then at nine I’d either take a short nap or have sex with one of the girls, something to recharge my batteries as it were. After that, I’d get ready for my ‘evening’ which started at ten with me going to work at the bar. Usually Kelli was already working by ten and had things under control, but she always appreciated the help. Kelli usually left by around one or two in the morning, which left me alone working the bar till we unofficially ‘closed down’ the brothel around four am. Technically, the brothel was a twenty four hour affair. But we locked the doors up around four and hadn’t had a customer between the hours of four am and two pm the entire time I’d been there. But on the off chance that a customer did come around during those hours, there was an intercom that fed into the phones at the house. After the bar was shut down, it was off to Ruby’s room. She was teaching me her kind of magic, and I’d practice there in her room with the assistance of either Cheyenne or Jessica for a few hours. Then there was no getting around it, but I had to fuck the succubus until she was satisfied, which usually meant that I passed out on her bed around seven or eight am. Half the time the succubus and whatever girl was sharing her bed that night kept going, even if I was snoring on the bed next to them. A few times the sapphic shenanigans were so vigorous that I’d actually wake up and drag myself to my own bed just to get some sleep.

I found out that Ruby’s room was magically shielded and that Adam couldn’t scry on her. It had something to do with an agreement they made, and also it protected Adam from the succubus somehow. Ruby never fully explained it other than to say he couldn’t know what happened in her room, even if he was standing right outside the door. That was a mild relief, because the rest of the house was far from sound proof.

My schedule seemed to work for me quite well, as the two naps, or one nap and then a good fuck with a human girl, recharged my batteries more than adequately. I managed to keep Adam from finding the need to ‘punish’ me again, though he expressed displeasure at the fact that I wasn’t learning ‘fast enough’ for him and suggested that I might want to take a few days off from Ruby’s ministrations if I was finding her too distracting.

What I found very interesting was when Adam began to teach me about warding an area. I knew that this was the type of thing that would block sounds and prevent scrying, like Ruby’s room had upon it. But he was obviously no expert in this field, as it was more pure magic than he was used too. So the learning of this was quite slow and unproductive. But he suggested that when I went on my trip to Vegas, it would be a good idea to ward any area I spent any significant time in, like my hotel room.

- – -

It was the evening of July second, or the morning of the third I suppose, when Ruby came up to me at the bar. Her grin was wide and she asked, “Well Mike, you ready to hit Vegas?”

I looked at the clock on the wall, it was a little after three am, I hadn’t heard much about the trip since Adam told me about it more than a week ago on my birthday. “Uh, I’m not really packed or anything, when did you want to leave?”

“Right now, we’re going to catch a ride back to the city with Candi,” she said hooking a thumb over her shoulder at one of the freelance working girls that was sitting on a couch, watching the news. It was slow tonight, slower than we usually were on Thursday nights (Friday mornings). I think the working girls were feeling a bit bored, and that was rubbing off on Ruby. She practically bounced in anticipation in front of me.

“Should we wait till four?” I asked looking over the bar, which had barely been used tonight.

Ruby shook her head, “No, let’s go, I’m eager to get to the town and check into our hotel rooms.” She said rooms, a subtle thing, but I caught it. We wouldn’t be sharing a single room. I wasn’t sure if that made me glad or not.

I turned the key, locking the cash drawer on my register, “Ok, let me go pack up an overnight bag.”

She shook her head, her raven tresses flying out as she did so. She reminded me of an excited child, “no no no no, anything you want we can get for you in the city. Lets goooo.”

I shrugged, relenting, there was no arguing with her, I knew that now. Ruby bounced off to talk to Malik, probably about closing up a little early. I looked to Candi, a very nice woman who was starting to go past her peak years and was pushing thirty. “All right Candi?”

She simply waved at me without turning from the TV and called out, “Whenever you’re ready Mike.” Candi’s name was actually Candice, but she never liked anyone to use it around here. Apparently she had a part time job during the days at a non-profit organization in the city of Vegas. But it didn’t pay very well and she had no benefits, so she worked for Ruby’s Hideaway on the side a few nights a week. The money was very good and she appreciated the security we offered. She was a dirty blonde with a great body. Her breasts had started to sag just a little, but modest implants had helped fix that. She claimed she was twenty five, but I suspected that she was padding that number by at least four years, if not more. In any case she was a quiet but bright girl, and didn’t have the youthful exuberance that some of the girls did that could occasionally get annoying.

Ruby came bouncing back into the lounge and announced, “Ok girls, we’re going to close up a little early tonight. It’s my monthly trip to Vegas, so that means I won’t be here to watch my little chickadees.” The girls in the lounge chuckled and ruby Continued, “As soon as Isabella finishes with her client, Malik will see the guy out, then the rest of you can all leave for the night. I’m taking Mike with me,” One of the girls Booed, I think it was Cheyenne, but I couldn’t be sure. “I’m taking Mike with me, so that means Kelli is going to be pulling some extra hours. Make sure you’re extra nice to her and tip her well. You know how she hates working late.”

The girls giggled and then Ruby came and pulled me out from behind the bar. Candi following along behind her. The two women were dressed in lingerie, and pulled me along to the back room where there were literally hundreds of different outfits, including some normal street clothing. It was odd to me to see Ruby dressing in a pair of skin tight jeans and a black silk blouse, but I found it quite amusing that she didn’t bother with either panties or a bra. Of course with her control over the shape of her body, she didn’t need a bra at all. Though I wondered if anyone else would mind how her pert nipples showed through the dark silk blouse so perfectly.

Candi dressed a little more conservatively, meaning at least she put on undergarments beneath her polo shirt and jeans. But then we were out the side door. Candi had a mid sized Saturn, and I offered to sit in the back seat. My reasons weren’t exactly noble, I knew that if I’d taken the front, Ruby would have been teasing and toying with me for the hour long car ride from the back seat. She’d had only one client the whole night, and while it was enough to ‘feed’ her, I knew she wouldn’t be satisfied.

The car trip was interesting, watching as Candi and Ruby giggled and joked around like teenage girls. Candi was one of the older working girls at the brothel at twenty nine, and of course I had no idea how old Ruby was, but the two of them were acting almost like teenagers that had stolen their father’s car for a joy ride. I mostly stayed in the back, quiet, and observing. While my new body made me look about twenty, and my hormones matched, mentally I was still almost forty. I never understood the idea of men that were attracted to teenagers or… ugh… god forbid children. Such a thought repulsed me. Obviously I found a younger woman’s body much more appealing than an older womans. Tight breasts, a firm ass, flat abs, all of that was visually stimulating. But the attitude that a teenager had was often such a turn off. Immaturity was very off putting for me.

Maybe one of the reasons I liked the girls that worked as prostitutes at Ruby’s Hideaway was because even the ones like Cheyenne, who was only twenty, were quite mature. I suppose whatever happened in their lives, whatever circumstances led them to selling their bodies for money, led to some rather sobering attitudes. Cheyenne really never acted like a young girl, though she could play it if the customers wanted that, but instead like a mature woman easily several years older than she actually was.

But the way Candi and Ruby acted in the car, laughing and joking and giggling, it was very interesting. It was almost as if the harder more mature attitude they had to have during their work day, could be put aside for an hour and they could just act like girls. I was thankful that they left me out of it as I sat quietly in the back seat.

It wasn’t until we were coming into the City proper that they seemed to calm down. Ruby turned in her seat to look at me and explained what the plan was. “Ok Mike here’s the situation. We’re staying at the Casino Royale.” My eyebrows, now fully regrown by the way, went up. A James Bond reference? James Bond had been my favorite thing to read when I’d been a child. Ruby didn’t notice my reaction however and continued, “It used to be known as Nob Hill until twenty years ago, but then it reopened with the new name and a new look. It’s one of the lower end casinos on the strip, caters mostly to low rollers. I figured since you don’t have a lot of money, it would be a good place to start your Vegas experience. As for me, well, I could conduct my interviews in a run down Motel 6. So it’s all the same to me. We’ve got adjoining rooms, but I’m going to be gone most of the weekend. But on Sunday night I need you in the rooms with me. About ten-ish I’ll start having girls come up for final interviews and tryouts. I want you there to do what you do.” She tapped the side of her head subtly, so that Candi didn’t see her. But I also suspected I might be needed for more than just my mental powers by the way Candi giggled at that comment.

“So you’ve got all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to yourself.” She turned forwards for a moment and pulled her small clutch purse from the floor where she’d set it and dug into it for a moment. Pulling out a business card she handed it to me. It was a card for the brothel, Ruby’s Hideaway, but below the business and fax numbers was the number for Ruby’s cell phone. “The bottom number’s my cell phone. Call me when you get yourself a cell, and make sure you do that this weekend.”

I thought about the rather plain, nondescript Visa credit card that had been made out in my name, thanks to Renia when she gave me the new identity. I had no idea what the credit limit was, and had not yet used it. Hopefully it wouldn’t give me a problem. Then I realized, “Uh, Ruby, my drivers license is a NY State license. I don’t think you can sign up for a contract with an out of state license, can you?”

Ruby rolled her eyes and Candi giggled. I didn’t know why but Ruby sighed, “Mike, what, you’re going to go get a two year contract with Verizon or something? Don’t be dense, go out and get a burner.” I had no idea what a burner was, so she let out a second sigh, over exaggerated, “A burner is a pre paid cell phone that you can throw away if you need. There’s half a dozen companies that make them, just go into a cell store and buy a pre paid phone with plenty of minutes. You can even pay cash for them.”

I nodded, I’d had a cell phone before, in my old life. It always seemed to me like I was under contract. The thought of a prepaid phone never occurred to me. Then I was taken by the lights of Vegas. We passed the airport, and were quickly at the Casino Royale Hotel & Casino. It was almost practically in the middle of the strip, so I got to see quite a few of the famous casinos as we drove past; The Luxor, the MGM Grand, The Bellagio, Ceasers Palace, and it was right across the street from The Mirage. We thanked Candi for the ride as we got out, no luggage other than Ruby’s clutch.

“See you two on Sunday,” she called as she drove off.

Ruby turned to me, “Let’s check in and then you can get some sleep. First thing in the morning, you need to go get a haircut and some clothing.”

I nodded, following the sexy succubus in human form into the Hotel Lobby. Check in was fairly standard, and one of the bellhops came running over to ask ‘Miss Ruby’ if she had any luggage today. The gleam in the young man’s eyes told me that not only had Ruby been here before, but she’d likely taken advantage of the young bellhop’s supple body in the past.

Shortly later we were in our rooms. They were nice, very clean and elegant, if a touch drab. Each had their own full bathroom with a shower and a separate jacuzzi tub. They were also connected by an adjoining doorway, and ruby pushed her door all the way open, encouraging me to do likewise. I guessed I wouldn’t likely be getting much privacy this trip.

She began undressing as she walked around my room, looking around, even though both rooms were obviously the same. “Look,” I said holding my hands out, “I know you’re probably hoping for a fuck, but I want to have mana about me tomorrow and you have a tendency to drain me a bit much. You’ll be ok for one night, won’t you?”

She raised one eyebrow and stuck her bottom lip out pouting, “Not even a little taste Mike?”

I sighed, knowing I’d not change her mind if she didn’t get a little something. She was after all a demoness. Sex was to her what food was to me, to deny that would be to deny the reality of what she was. Of course she saw my sigh and my shoulders slump and giggled and clapped her hands together. She quickly went to her knees in front of me as I unbuckled my belt.

- – -

I woke some time later, early morning, but light was streaming through my pulled curtains. I heard the unmistakeable sound of Ruby’s orgasm as someone fucked her in the bedroom next door to me. I thought about getting up and closing the door separating our two rooms, but rolled over and pulled a pillow over my head instead. I was asleep before they finished.

- – -

When I woke up the next morning… well… close to ten am, which was about as early in the morning as I usually woke. Ruby truly hadn’t drained much mana from me last night when she’d sucked me off, and a good night’s sleep left me feeling very refreshed and relaxed. I was getting to the point where I could almost feel when my body was brimming with mana, asking to be used. This morning was one of those mornings.

I got up, and not bothering to dress went through to Ruby’s room. I figured that I should ask her if she had any good places in town to go for a haircut. I think one part of me also thought maybe I’d put my morning wood to use too. But to my surprise, her room was empty. I poked my head into her bathroom, but she wasn’t there either. The bed was a shambles, and there were several empty condoms in the garbage pail. I shuddered slightly, that was one of her more vile habits in my opinion. As a prostitute, she used condoms with almost every client. Not with her regular lovers like me of course, and it was physically impossible for her to catch a ‘human’ disease. But appearances needed to be kept up, and the working girls at Ruby’s Hideaway used condoms, therefore when Ruby had a client, she had to use one.

But of course, as a demented succubus, she enjoyed ingesting cum. So often she’d wait for the client to leave the room and then empty the condoms into her mouth the way a human might tip a sleeve of trail mix, nuts, or candy into our mouths. She even referred to condoms quite often as ‘snack packs’ which was, to say the least, disturbing to me. A quick mental count put it at four condoms in the garbage, and I wondered if it was just the one young man from earlier, or if she’d had more than one man up last night while I slept.

I found my wallet in the pocket of my jeans, my cash and cards still all in place, so I decided not to worry about Ruby’s activities last night. I sat down on my bed and picked up the room service menu and glanced it over. They offered several services, including tickets to the in house movie ciniplex. I grinned as my eyes spotted a particular item on the list. I called down and asked to charge my room for a personal concierge for the morning. I agreed to a six hour charge, and was informed that my man would be up shortly. I smiled, I could charge most of this to the compound’s charge account without having to touch my small savings. I ducked into the shower and took a quick shower with the bathroom door open. I wasn’t in there for but a few minutes when I heard a knock at the door.

“Come in,” I yelled, knowing that if it was my hired concierge he’d have a key, if it wasn’t then they’d have to wait. But a moment later the door opened and a trim man who looked to be about thirty or so entered. He wasn’t dressed formally as I imagined he might be, but wore the hotel’s livery. Immediately upon entering, he must have heard the shower, and turned his back to the open bathroom door.

“Hello, I am your personal concierge. I can wait in the hallway if you prefer?” He called loudly so that I could hear him even though his back was turned and I was in the shower.

“No no,” I yelled, “It’s fine come into the bathroom so I can talk to you please.”

The man stepped backwards a few steps into the bathroom, and I opened the door into my mind to allow my thoughts to touch his. To say I could read his mind is not accurate, but what I gleaned from him in an instant was that he was a straight man, and while he wasn’t uncomfortable with being around other men, he didn’t like coming into the room without that foreknowledge. He was professional and took his job very seriously, especially since the Casino Royale only employed two other men in this position. I had just finished washing up and I reached for a towel, wrapping it about my waist. Using another to begin drying off I started the conversation, “Sorry for springing that on you, but I’ve a busy day ahead of me and didn’t want to wait to shower.”

I felt his thoughts again and knew that my apology mollified him. He also could smell that the room had the unmistakeable scent of sex in the air. He incorrectly assumed that I’d been having sex all night. He of course wouldn’t have known what a very wet squirter Ruby was, and how her musk often lingered for several hours. It made me pause as I realized that I hadn’t even smelled it this morning, I must be becoming immune to it, being surrounded by sex all day and all night.

“That’s ok Mr. Naughton,” he said, “my name is Michelle Beauxmont. How may I assist you today?”

I didn’t detect a hint of a french accent despite his name, and another quick touch to his mind told me that he’d been an American from birth, though his parents were both French immigrants. I finished drying off and said, “I’ve a laundry list of tasks that need to be accomplished before I can enjoy gambling today.” I held out my hand and ticked off a short list, “I came here on a whim and have nothing with me other than my wallet. So I need personal grooming items, tooth brush, shave kit, etc. I’ll need a suit, nothing too fancy, but something that will fit me well, also a change of casual clothing, khakis and a polo for example, and of course undergarments. I’ll need a prepaid cell phone. Then I’d also like some breakfast, a barber to come up and give me a good haircut, and finally a massage before I go out.” I grinned widely as he nodded and made mental notes of everything. I felt rather pleased with myself. Adam had told me to enjoy myself, why shouldn’t I charge this all to the brothel’s charge card? If Ruby hadn’t dragged me out of the bar by my ears, I could have packed most of this stuff.

Michelle nodded his head and waited for a beat or two to see if I had anything else to add. But when I didn’t he pulled out a PDA from his breast pocket in his jacket. It looked a bit like a tablet, but smaller. Larger than a cell phone however. He looked at me and asked, “For breakfast sir? What would you like?” I shrugged, I wasn’t really even very hungry, but figured if I ate something then my body wouldn’t draw on it’s mana reserve to keep going. He nodded and then fished a stylus from the side of the pda, he made several notes and then tucked it away. He then left me in the bathroom and I heard him rummaging in the room. I finished drying and with the towel still about my waist went to see what he was about. He’d picked up my clothes where they’d fallen last night and was folding them neatly and setting them on the dresser. Then I watched as he adjusted the table and chairs near the bed, and pulled one out, gesturing for me to sit down. I took him up on it and he even slid the chair in a bit as I sat.

With a TV remote he turned on the hotel room’s TV, and noticed it was turned to the hotel’s in house channel. Advertising on the screen was the movie playing in the ciniplex as well as several features of the in house casino. He set the remote next to me and then moved to open the heavy blinds in front of the windows. There was a patio beyond, but it was small and unfurnished. He cracked the sliding glass doors open just a few inches and then turned back to me and said, “I find a little fresh air before noon to be best. Before the heat really begins.”

I nodded, but could already feel a blast of scorching hot and dry air coming in through the crack. I wondered if the smell of sex was so strong in here that he was trying to quickly air it out before anyone came. But after only a minute or two I said, “actually Michelle, would you please close it? I find the air a bit too warm for my liking.”

“Of course sir,” he said shutting the glass door and latching it, then moving to the temperature control panel and engaging the AC. I flipped through the channels on the TV for a few minutes before there was a knock at the door. A young man wheeled in a cart and then served me breakfast where I sat, steak and eggs with a cup of fruit, juice, and coffee.

As I watched the young man set up breakfast, I wondered something to myself. Why had the butler, Michelle, suggested opening the door to the patio? He had to have known that even this early in the morning, the Las Vegas air would be uncomfortably hot. I decided to use this time to practice touching another mind. Adam was always telling me that practice would make the images and senses I got from a person’s mind, easier to interpret.

I got a sense of who Michelle was, hard working, but he’d made a mistake in his life. Somewhere, some time, he did something he still regretted. I didn’t know what it was, but it was something so large that it shaped his persona, it shaped every thought and action. This wasn’t what I was looking for and I closed my eyes and bowed my head over my breakfast. I’m sure Michelle would simply think I was saying a silent prayer. But I was probing deeper into his thoughts.

The images I gathered from him, the senses, the feelings, they didn’t make much sense. I began eating my breakfast as I thought about what I saw in him. It was like trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle in your head. If you took a jigsaw puzzle, dumped all the pieces onto a table, and then tried to figure out what the image was without touching any of the pieces. Something about me being in the shower, the image of his PDA, the smell of sex in the other room.

I worked the puzzle quietly as I ate my breakfast and Michelle quietly stood by. Then I realized the most basic part of the puzzle, the one thing that I missed that was so obvious, the one thing I should never miss; sex. All of the pieces came together then. Michelle had ordered a masseuse to come up to my room, and he had feelings for her. Strong sexual feelings if nothing more, but at least that. He also suspected that she might take money to give her clients happy endings, and he was torn about that. Most of all, he feared the smell of sex in the room might mean that I’d make a pass at her, or suggest that she jerk me off. Underlying all of this was a sense of jealousy and anger, somehow tied to that big mistake in his life.

After breakfast I had a a meeting with a tailor, or at the least, a man who came in and measured me and made notes in a little pocket notebook, then asked me about my ‘taste in suits.’ Since I knew next to nothing about suits I told him to keep it simple and classic. I didn’t know if that meant anything, but he nodded his head as if I was offering sagely advice. After that a barber came in, and dragging a chair into the bathroom, draped me with a towel and gave me possibly the best shave and haircut I’d ever had, finishing with a scalp massage. I took a shower again after the barber left, to wash off any little hairs that might have clung to my neck. When I was done with that, I found a young man, who looked to be about the same age as me (well, the same age I appeared to be) about twenty standing in the bedroom handing Michelle several bags with the name of a very well known store on the side.

I finished toweling off as the young man left and Michelle unpacked the bags. Everything I’d need for shaving and bathroom ablutions. I raised an eyebrow at the fact that there were condoms in the bag as well. I hadn’t specified that, but I wasn’t going to complain or nit pick about it. The bags also held some underwear, boxer briefs, which I’d never worn before. There was socks and under shirts, and even a pair of track pants and a few plain colored t shirts. No khakis or polo shirt, but then again those things would need to be closer fitted then track pants that had a very stretchy waist I guessed.

Then, to my surprise, he pulled a ‘tracphone’ out of one of the bags. The prepaid cell phone also had a time card with it, and I was pleased to see that it was one of those smart phones. I of course, had no clue how to use a smart phone, but was still excited to play with it. It looked like one of those blackberry phones, though I noticed that it was made by a different company. He took it out of the mylar packaging and plugged it into the wall just as a knock at the door drew my attention.

The room had cooled back off, and the smell of sex wafting in from Ruby’s room had seemed to lessen, though I could still scent it. I finished toweling off and stood there with a second towel wrapped about my waist as a woman wheeled a folded massage table into the room. She was cute in a somewhat plain way. With the right makeup and outfit she could easily turn tricks, I knew that. But she’d never be looked at as a real beauty. But when she turned and looked at me, she smiled and I suddenly realized Michelle’s attraction. This woman had a purely beautiful soul. “Hello sir, my name is Tina, I’ll be your masseuse today. If you’d like to lay down on the table?”

I did so and I let my mind touch hers. Her name wasn’t Tina, but that didn’t really matter, we all have secrets. I probed deeper. She was happy to see Michelle. There was more and I dug as her hands began to work my back. She had a child, no, not just a child, a disabled child. Deeper I went. Her daughter was autistic and she had trouble getting the state to pony up with help. Deeper, I needed to know more. She did turn tricks once in a great while; handjobs if the customer didn’t seem like trouble or a cop. Deeper I probed her memories. It was getting tougher, like swimming through seaweed. She liked Michelle, no… not just liked. But her daughter came first in her life. There was more… I could almost sense….

“Roll over sir,” she said with a friendly lilt in her voice. How long had I been probing this woman’s mind? Long enough that a pair of suits was hanging on the back of the open closet door. I hadn’t even heard the tailor return with the clothing I’d been so distracted. Well, no one ever said that probing someone’s deepest darkest recess of the mind would be easy or quick. I didn’t give any thought to the fact that I smelled something like roasted peanuts in the room. If I had, I might have realized that I was pushing my luck with feedback.

But I wasn’t paying attention, I rolled over, I needed to know more. There, that hidden spot. Her daughter’s father had fucked her and then left her when she got pregnant. She never had trusted men after that. It was the only reason she never accepted any of Michelle’s friendly advances. I wondered if I could do something about that? I found that memory… I thought about my training, about how I could manipulate people’s minds. All of the training I’d been doing under Adam seemed so far away now. Now I wasn’t just tinkering with simple things like a person’s favorite color or if they preferred bangs or not. This was deep, this was a core belief. But if I never tried…

I took that memory, that thought, that part of ‘Tinas’ mind and mentally held it up to examine it. Like all memories it was both good and bad, sweet and sour, dark and light. I visualized myself holding it as if it were a tchotchke, a porcelain figurine that my grandmother might have had on a shelf on her wall. I took it and turned it, looking at it from all angles. Slowly it began to even look like one of those porcelain figures. I imagined myself holding a very soft damp cloth. I began brushing the dust off it, polishing it so that it sparkled and shone. I took care to get into the cracks of it and wipe away the dirt and lovingly and carefully make it look more beautiful, more precious, more tender. Then I took the figurine and put it back on the shelf where I’d taken it from. It sparkled and glowed and looked wonderful. There was still shadows behind it and in the crooks of it, you could never get rid of all of the darkness in something like that. But it wasn’t ugly and horrible anymore, it was a joy to look upon.

I mentally stepped back, the figurine became again a shapeless formless memory. But where before there had been guilt and pain, now there was love for her daughter and joy over the man that had been in her life and given her the blessing of her daughter’s presence. The other memories of that man were still tainted, but this one was clean.

I drew back and took a breath. I realized that Tina’s hands had stopped on my thighs. I opened my eyes and she was looking off into the distance, a tear unshed in her eyes. I also realized, somewhat to my dismay that I wasn’t seeing anything in color. The entire world had gone black and white. I managed to retain a sigh, I knew that this was reality backlash, and was the price of my magic. Adam assured me that as I grew in power, it would lessen in severity.

“Is everything ok Tina?” I asked.

She started and looked down, “Oh sorry, I …” She was flustered and I told her that everything was ok. I gave her a slight mental nudge reinforcing that point. Everything was ok after all. She smiled at me, then at Michelle. “I’m sorry, I don’t normally wool gather like that. I was just thinking about my daughter.”

“How is she?” Michelle jumped in and asked.

I suddenly saw a chance to practice another skill I’d wanted to try out. I announced, “well, I’ll be leaving you two alone then. You both stay here and talk for a while, enjoy yourselves.” But with that statement I pushed a thought forcefully into both of their minds. I was gone, they should stay and talk and see what happens.

Summer was hitting everyone particularly hard this year. Several times had the thermometer topped 110 which was uncharacteristically high for the particularly region. Clothing had become more and more optional all throughout the city and not always for the better. No one said anything though too busy fighting the heat themselves to worry about others. Stephanie was driving home from running her errands, just finishing her last stop at the dry cleaners. How they could handle to work in that near sweat shop was beyond her, but she was glad they were doing it and not her. She turned the corner and preceded down Brown Street, her friend Anna lived there, A beautiful Italian woman with just the most luscious breasts ever. Stephanie and her husband had taken many trips over the years with Anna and Mitch but nothing ever resulted of it. Sure there had been tons of innocent flirting and the occasional glance but it never went further than that.

Almost as an afterthought, a last minute decision she decided to pull into the driveway and pay Anna a visit, see how she was doing. With Sam on a business trip Stephanie was feeling a little lonely and felt that visiting a dear friend would help perk her up. She rang and no one came to answer the door. Someone was home as the car was in the driveway and both Anna and Mitch were notorious for not going anywhere unless they were driving. It had been a long standing joke that Mitch was known for taking the car to the end of the driveway to check the mail. She rang once more and waited a few minutes before heading into the yard hoping to see them in back having a burger or something.

The yard was large, spacious, almost secluded from the other yards with the high fence and wooded area just beyond the back part of it. Only two neighbors flanked them, one was an old lady who was a shut in, the other was never home, he had a job for the government and somehow managed to work seventy three hours a day. Mitch was in back lying down upon a lawn chair, towel over his lower half, upper half completely naked, sunbathing.

“Anna home?”

“Mitch. Is Anna home?”

Mitch looked up from his relaxing pose and noticed Stephanie standing a few feet away. She looked good as ever. He noticed her feet, only sandles, god he loved her feet and so many times had wished that Anna had feet that looked that good. But Anna had other strengths and he was more than a happy man.

“Sorry, no, she’s on a cruise with her old alma matter, Go Tri-sluts”

In college Anna had been part of Pie Pie Pie, how the school approved such a name no one knew, but just the name was enough to get so many people’s imaginations running on what the sorority was really all about; and the girls didn’t work hard to change perspectives either. Stephanie herself had declined the invitation to join saying that it would only serve as a distraction and she needed to focus. Two degrees later and a job at one of the most elite law firms in the city had definitely rewarded her decision.

“Dan’s out of town again I heard leaving just the two of us to hold down the forts. Why don’t you join me?”

“Sorry, no suit”

“I won’t look”

Stephanie thought about it for a while, they had all been to Europe together where it was customary to swim topless to Mitch had seen breasts before but it was still inappropriate, especially considering the situation with both of their spouses out of town for the foreseeable future. She began to walk away then decided against it.

“No peeking”

He turned his head away and she removed her clothing, keeping just her panties on but even those were practically see through choosing to wear her sheerest pair just to help a little against the heat. She lay down on her stomach choosing one of the other lawn chairs and rested her head upon the cushion tilting it to face Mitch so they could chat. The conversation was pleasant enough, mostly idle chat about how Anna and Sam were doing. What their plans were. Ideas for the next group vacation, probably South America this time, both Stephanie and Anna had been hinting rather strongly about wanting to see the Mayan temples. An hour passed before either of them even knew it and the timer Mitch had set rang loudly.

“Time’s up. Can’t stay out too long.”

He tossed her a towel and headed inside. She followed and went upstairs straight to the guest bathroom and decided to take a shower to clean off all the sweat. She knew Sam wouldn’t mind so she didn’t ask. Getting out she went to grab her clothes and cursed beneath her breath that she had forgotten them outside on the small table. She wrapped the towel around her body as well as she could and headed down the stairs to retrieve her clothing. When she got down she noticed Sam lying down on the couch with his towel still watching television.

“Going to get my clothed, want something to eat on my way back” She asked.

“Your clothes are in the wash, sorry, seems they got dirty outside. But ya sure, I’d love a sandwich; Provolone, turkey and mayo, bottom shelf.”

She leaned over and took the food off the bottom shelf, Sam couldn’t resist a peek as bent over the towel his nothing and he could clearly see her pussy and her ass. He stared down at her feet as well, freshly cleaned, washed, and beautiful. Eventually she made her way to the couch and had him scoot over a little as she handed him his sandwich. She put her feet up on the couch and placed them on top of Sam’s lap.

“Hope you don’t mind” She said and then laughed to herself.

As the two of them sat on the couch eating their sandwiches and watching some documentary on the possibilities of a third world war and what would happen globally should there be one they spoke little. More than once Stephanie’s towel had opened up when she bent over to get her glass and sip some wine or when she just yawned and stretched. Each time she had to excuse herself, slightly embarrassed at having flashed Mitch, and quickly refasten the towel.

Sam placed his hands on Stephanie’s feet and began to massage them. Feeling each and every toe with his fingertips, touching the soles of her newly cleaned feet and admiring just how cute each individual toe was. More than once his mind raced with ideas of massaging them, licking them, even fucking them. Stephanie reclined herself slightly and let him massage her, allowing the calm relaxing feeling take over her body. The towel loosened once more but she didn’t care, rather she didn’t even think about it, focusing entirely on letting all tension go. Sam kept rubbing her feet, noticing the ever widening gap of the towel as more and more of Stephanie’s flesh was exposed. Her welcoming 36D breasts, the near flat of her stomach with just a few curves to accentuate her figure, her slightly wet slit still not completely dry from the shower. He could feel his erection grow but instead focused on massaging her feet and feeling

Neither was sure how it started, what had led to this point though the near full bottle of wine they had consumed certainly a contributor.

“You like my feet don’t you?”

The question took Mitch off guard momentarily but there was no sense lying about it.

“Yes I do. I have a thing for feet and well I’ve always found your to be exquisite. I know it’s weird.”

Stephanie giggled the kind of giggle that you can’t help but be attracted to. “No I don’t find it weird at all. I knew you liked my feet, Anna had mentioned it before. I just never knew how much.” As she said the last words she ran her left foot over the towel and the noticeable erecting cock beneath it. She slid her right hand under the towel casually and let the bare sole of her foot touch the flesh of his manhood, running her toes along it and teasing his balls.

His body reacted reflexively as a droplet of precum flowed out and touched her foot. She noticed it as she grinned at him. She lifted her left foot again signalling for him to continue massaging it. He obeyed. Rather he welcomed the chance to keep rubbing her left foot as her right foot rubbed him. His lips kissed the bi toe, taking it in just a little suckling it. She moved her hand down and spread the towel out completely. He admired her form so much, taking in full view of everything. Her long brown hair that dropped to just below her mid back, her full chest, her near shaven slit with just a small patch to show womanhood. His cock swelled to full length as she masterfully rubbed it with her foot, she had done this before, many times before he could tell.

“Grower not a shower huh.”

He blushed slightly understanding the full meaning of her words. Normally he was quite small and had often been mistaken to be below average length. In reality however, when truly aroused he grew to just over 9″ in length and thick, something that had always pleased the ladies and certainly Anna time and again. Stephanie kicked her right foot and tossed the towel covering Mitch to the ground getting a full view of his massive cock, rivaling Sam’s, standing at full attention being coaxed by her foot. Mitch’s hands and lips kept touching her left foot, caressing it, suckling it. God that felt good.

“Stop a sec”

He looked at her puzzled but listened to her request. She placed both of her feet on his shaft, one on each side, simulating two hands taking a firm hold of his cock. She then brought both of her hands down to her sex, two fingers rubbing her slit and slowly making their way in, the other hand palm and fingers grinding against her clit and an inch above.

“Let’s see if I can make us both cum at the same time.”

Mitch’s head began spinning at how turned on he was. Certainly Anna and he had played around before with foot fucking and massaging but never had they tried this. Not through fear just never thought of it before. He looked at her and watched her begin to touch herself. To rub her slit, her pussy. He saw the juices flow from her and begin to coat her fingers calling out primitively for her to explore more. Her feet curled themselves around his shaft and began to rise up and down pumping his cock. It felt good. Both of them writhed in pleasure she Stephanie focused on their arousal. A third finger slid into her cunt as her feet pumped his hard cock ever more. Finally he couldn’t take it anymore as He arched his back completely his hot semen shooting forth, pouring out over the flesh of his cock and coating her feet. She screamed in response to his reaction and climaxed herself as wave after wave of pure bliss overtook her. She screamer louder as another wave, more powerful than the first came over her. She didn’t slow down or stop but instead kept pressing her fingers into her slit. “Watch me” she pleased to Mitch still stroking his cock with her feet; her now cum covered feet, adding extra lubrication to the mix. He couldn’t stand it anymore and tossed her feet aside. He grabbed her by the hands and forced her hands above her head holding them there as he plunged his still rock hard cock into her cunt hole. She screamed as the he thrust into her. Hurriedly he rubbed his cum off of her toes and began to suckle on them. He still tasted himself a little but the arousal overcame any preconceived notions he had. He kissed her feet, sucked on the toes, licking between the little digits. He worshipped them for having made him cum so hard. He thanked them for giving him so much pleasure. He kissed each toe in turn with every thrust he made into her hole.

“God yes, please fuck me.”

He quickened his pace as he rammed into her harder with every thrust. His balls slammed against the opening to her ass. He felt it open and close needy. He knew she wanted him to drill her there too; or rather her body was open to the idea. He didn’t slow. He went faster and faster with his hips as the couched made noises from the hard rocking. He kissed her feet even more and began to suck on her big toe specifically, fixating on it, almost giving it a blowjob somehow wanting it to explode. He swirled his tongue around it as he kept suckling on it. His fingers rubbed her other toes, the soles of her foot, the arch and her ankles. No longer could he resist, could he hold himself back. He climaxed once more, harder than the first time, this time straight into her womanhood filling her. He pulled out and watched the cum ooze out of her sex.

Her hunger wasn’t satiated as she pushed him onto his back and began to ride him. She arched herself back, her head at his feet lying near flat so her feet were at his head in turn. She straddled him more shoving her feet into his face, her toes into his mouth. She fucked his mouth with her feet as she fucked him with her cunt. She came again and again, unable to keep count as she rode him hard. Finally, after countless times she collapsed onto her back, breathing heavy as he continued to just kiss her feet and caress them gently.

“Wow” She said, softly, lying down.

When I met my mistress, I was legal, so really no one can complain. I loved when she says those nasty things to me, so anyone who doesn’t understand can gladly fuck off.

My mistress had been going at it for quite some time. Months of rough, lovely sex. She mentioned her husband to me once or twice, but usually only to say things like “If you don’t behave, I’ll leave you hear and Daddy will spank you.”

To begin my story, I should probably tell you about the day I met my “Daddy.” It was a nice day in June with my raven-haired mistress and her forceful browm-eyed gaze.


“Put your hands down on the table,” she ordered, surveying my miniskirt from behind. I turned around, my back to her, and did as I was told. I gulped with anticipation. I wanted this as much as I feared it.

She pushed up the back of my skirt and my hips wiggled almost involuntarily, eager to be touched and teased. I felt her cold hand rub it’s way over my ass cheek, her thumb stroking my skin in slow circles. Her other hand joined in, gently teasing my entrances. I let out a soft moan accompanied by a shiver.

I gasped as she slapped the palm of her hand against my ass. “Oh! Oooh…” She gripped the cheek roughly with her other hand and kept spanking me, elicited tortured moans from me as a result of the teasing.

“You want this, baby, don’t you?” She crooned, her fingernails digging into my skin.

“Yes, please.. OH god!” I gasped again as she continued to ravage my ass with slaps. I felt my wetness spread through the bottom of my panties. My breath was coming out in hitches but I couldn’t stop moaning. “Please, please, mistress. Fuck me, please.”

She placed both hands flat on my ass and squeezed. My legs trembled. I licked my lips as I heard her laugh.

“I’m gonna fuck you, my pretty girl,” she murmured, reaching up to stroke my hair. I bit my lip and shivered. “Don’t you move now, little slut.” I pressed my hands against the table harder, trying to control my arousal.

She reached up so she could unbutton my shirt. Her hips pressed against my bare ass, and I rocked back so I could rub against her. She let out a soft sigh of anticipation and flicked her tounge against my back when she successfully removed my shirt. “Not yet, baby.” I whimpered; it felt like I was going to explode. My arms shook with the weight of holding still for my mistress.

Her nimble fingers snapped off my bra and it was quickly disposed off across the room. Her cold, thin fingers trailed their way down my body: around the curve of my breasts, over the tender skin under my belly button. She leaned forward so she could reach lower, her still-clothed breasts pressing against my naked back and her hips moving in a gentle humping motion over my exposed entrances. I moaned her name as her fingers lifted the front of my skirt up and stroked me through the fabric of my panties. She grinned and flicked my earlobe with her tongue.

She caught my covered mound in the palm of her hand, squeezing it lightly. I gasped in submission as she kneaded me through the material. This teasing was going to drive me insane.

I moaned with loss as she moved away, the back of my body missing her warmth. “Shut up, pet,” she said, slapping my rear once more. She cupped my ass cheek fiercely. “I’m going to punish you for acting up, pretty girl. Oh yes, baby, you will be punished. Don’t move, now.”

I heard her move around behind me. I thought I heard the dropping of clothing and a rustling. My knees and elbows ached from being perfectly still, but my mind was racing excitedly at the thought of my punishment.

“Time to be punished, naughty baby.” She stepped up behind me, roughly yanking my skirt and panties–the last remainder of my clothes–to the ground; it puddled around my ankles. I wiggled my ass a little for her in anticipation.

Her slick tongue darted into the folds of my cunt, causing my breath to escape in a tortured moan. “Oh yeesss.” She licked me up my slit before pushing her tongue inside me and pulling it back out. She repeated the motion, tongue-fucking me vigorously. “Oh, oh oh, mistress…” was all I could manage.

Her thumb rubbed a in a circle around my anus. The combined assault on my senses made me whimper her name. Apparently she appreciated this, because she slid two fingers into my sopping cunt. She finger-fucked me hard, causing my gasps to rise in pitch and rhythm. “Yes, yes, god yes, fuck me…” My fingers and toes curled inward with the rising force of my oncoming orgasm.

Her fingers curled inside me and brushed against a tender spot. I screamed my pleasure to warn her I was going to cum.

As I did, I felt her lick it all away, stroking my ass and the back of my legs with her fingernails. I moaned softly.

“Looks like I got you ready, you little whore.” She stood up and placed both her hands on my hips.

I gasped as felt her strap-on cock slam into my pussy. “Fuck,” I choked out, my back arching for her.

“Yes, you’re such a naughty girl. Mistress is going to fuck you so hard. You want me to fuck you hard, baby?” She pushed the dick until it was all the way inside me. I tightened around it and moaned.

“Yes, ma’am,” I whimpered, rolling my hips for her.

She pulled it back and slammed back in my again. I cried out in ecstasy. “Tell me you want me to fuck your pussy hard.”

“I want you,” I moaned out. “I want you to fuck me hard. Please.”

“Beg for my cock, pretty girl,” she said, her hands rubbing against my ass.

“Oh god, please, mistress.” I gasped. “Fuck me with your cock. I’m your little pet, mistress.”

“You’re mine,” she growled.

The cock began pumping into me, ramming me against the table. I squealed and moaned her name, pressing my hips back against her as much as I could, begging for more. She sped up her rhythm, rolling her pelvis back and forth so I could feel the cock better inside me. I panted for her, my shoulders slumping in ecstasy.

Her hands reached up and grasped my shoulders. As her position changed, her cock brushed up against something sensitive inside me and I cried out. “Fuck me, oh god! Oh ah ah ah ah!” She humped me harder. I squirmed against her, trying to find a pleasurable resistance.

“Take it, you little slut.” She grasped my hair in her hand and pulled roughly. My eyes closed in ecstasy. “My pretty little girl.” She groaned out my name, and I could tell she was close to orgasm from watching me writhe beneath her. I whimpered at the friction her hips made against my bare ass.

“Mistress,” I moaned out. “Mistress, I’m gonna cum.”

“Cum for me, slutty girl,” she crooned, yanking my hair toward her. Her pumping became faster and I heard her moan out. “Cum for Mistress, sweetie.”

I screamed her name as I released myself for the second time that day. She continued to hump me vigorously.

“You’ve already been fucked here, haven’t you?” she asked suddenly. I tried to answer, but the force of her fucking destroyed my voice. “Haven’t you, you little slut?” Again, I choked, but couldn’t answer.

She forced her cock as deep as she could and reached around to grab my breasts. I gasped in pain and she squeezed them roughly. “Haven’t you, slut?!” She cried out in anger.

“Yes,” I gasped out.

“Mama’s disappointed in you,” she murmured in my ear, thrusting her hips forward sharply. I moaned in pain more than pleasure.

She squeezed my breasts once before letting go. “Oh but I bet I know somewhere my baby hasn’t been fucked yet.” She used her thumb to trace my anus. “I’m going to fuck you in the ass.”

I whimpered in fear. “Mis…” I stopped mid-protest, knowing I would only make it worse for myself. I pulled my lip between my teeth.

“Oh don’t worry,” she cooed as she pulled out from my cunt. I felt the tip of the cock graze my anus, coated with my fresh juices. “Mistress will punish you, baby. You’ll like it.”

She thrust the cock forward. My muscles gripped in pain as she entered my ass. I cried out, releasing my trapped lip. Her nails dug into my sides as she pulled back and forth, fucking me vigorously.

The pain faded into pleasure as my muscles loosened for her. I moaned and rolled my hips back, urging her on. She laughed. “See, pet? You want my cock in your ass.”

Her humping sped up, her hips slamming into my ass cheeks with every thrust. My pleasured squeals came out in rhythm with her movements and she moaned out my name. I came again, moaning out how much I loved her cock in me. I heard her groan softly, and knew my words had brought her over the edge again.

Her humping didn’t ease up until I heard her gasp out my name between ragged pants.

She pulled out of me, and despite my recent orgasm, I felt abandoned from the retreat. I whimpered softly. “Mistress…”

I felt her pull my hair again, yanking my arms away from the table. My muscles ached from holding myself still for so long. Before I could react, she perched herself on the edge of the table, her legs wide open and hanging over the side. The plastic dick was wet from my juices.

My head still in her hands, she pushed my mouth against the cock. “Suck it. Baby, suck mama’s cock.”

I obediently wrapped my mouth around the dick and bobbed my head up and down on it. I could taste myself on it, and I felt wetness spread to my cunt again. It’s tip brush the back of my throat, but she kept pushing my head down farther, her fingernails digging into my scalp. I groaned, but took it all. My entire mind was focused on not gagging.

She moaned. “Ooooh, baby you’re good. You’ve got me all turned on again. Don’t stop now.” Her other hand dipped below the strap of the cock and she plunged a finger into her own pussy, moaning my name softly. Her hips bucked, fucking my mouth.

I grabbed her thighs for support as I continued to mouth-fuck the cock, her fingers kneading the back of my neck now.

“Oh, honey… ooooh,” she shuddered as she came over her fingers. She pulled my head away from the cock, and eased her wet fingers into my mouth. I licked them eagerly, dipping my tongue between their softness.

“Do I taste good, baby?” I gasped out a yes against her fingers as they stroked my lips.

She smiled secretively. “I think I got you ready, pretty girl.”

I stared at her in confusion. Ready for what?

She petted my head. “I want you to meet my husband.”

My eyes widened. I knew about her husband, but meeting him? Right now? I was about to open my mouth and suggest that that might not be the best idea when Mistress looked away from me and beckoned to someone just behind me.

I turned and saw her husband enter the room. He was tall with dark brown hair and blue eyes. He smiled in a way that made me know he’d been watching us.

I also knew that given the fact he was completely naked with a long, hard cock jutting out between his legs.

“Mistress,” I began, turning back to her. I was afraid of what we might do, as this was uncharted territory for me, but something about my present situation thrilled me.

She grasped my chin in her hand. “You want my husband and me to fuck you, don’t you?” I bit my lip and nodded, not allowing myself to speak.

He laughed. “She’s such a cute girl.” I looked at him out of the corner of my eye. He was lightly stroking his cock, a hungry gleam on his face.

“Tell me what you want, slutty girl,” she commanded, pulling my head up so I met her eyes.

“Mistress, I want you and your husband to fuck me hard, please,” I whispered, my hand moving to touch my throbbing clit.

She smiled. “From here on, you will call him Master, okay?” I nodded eagerly. Master was a good name for such an intimidating-looking man.

“Open your mouth for me, baby,” she murmured, stroking my neck. I obliged, and she pushed her tongue inside, prodding my own tongue with it. I moaned into her mouth, allowing her to reach around and grab my ass. I jerked forward and our pussies rubbed against each other. She moaned at the friction.

Her tongue stroked the roof of my mouth and fought my tongue for domination. I gasped out little high-pitched moans when she stroked my clit softly. She had never pleasured me like this before.

She licked my lips, my cheek, my chin, trailing her soft fingertips over my pussy lips.

“Just trying to relax you, dear,” she whispered. I heard Master groan from the other side of the room. A quick glance told me he was stroking himself vigorously, and getting impatient.

Mistress motioned for him to sit on the couch. He did, and she pulled me over toward him, his erect cock throbbing visibly. His hands grabbed my sides to pull me closer. I whimpered fearfully.

“Let me fuck you, baby girl,” he said enticingly. He winked. “I’ll be gentle.”

I smiled tentatively. I was cautious about him, but he seemed more forgiving than Mistress. She was standing off to the side–watching, I supposed.

He pulled me towards him and I rested my knees on either side of his hips. “This’ll be good, baby,” he whispered, as he guided my pelvis down. His hips lifted up as my cunt was lowered over his dick.

I moaned and gripped his shoulders. “Master…” His cock was surprisingly warm. My insides clenched over the soft pressure as I took all of it in.

“Mistress says you’re a naughty girl,” he murmured as he licked my earlobe. “She wants me to spank you. Do you want to be spanked, naughty girl?” I nodded.

His hand came down on my ass, surprising me. I gasped out. “Daddy, spank me.” He slapped my ass again, once, twice, three more times. I moaned his name and repeatedly promised to act better.

“That’s a good girl,” he moaned, running his hands over my body, letting me get used to the pain. “You’ve taken it all. Tell me what you want, good girl.”

“Fuck me, please,” I groaned out, rolling my hips forward. “Please fuck me, master.”

His fingers dug into my hips and he raised his pelvis off the couch and pounded his cock as far as it would go. I gasped. “Oh god…”

He continued his thrusts, grunting with gritted teeth. “You’re so tight,” he groaned. As his thrusts sped up, my breasts began to bounce. I dug my fingers into his arms and leaned forward on his shoulders, mu nipples brushing his chest with every thrust. For some reason, I hoped Mistress was watching.

“Fuck me, daddy,” I moaned out.

He rolled his hips in a sort of waving rhythm, allowing his hipbones to press into my thighs. “Baby, you feel so good…” His hands gripped me under my arms and he raised me up from sitting on his hips. From there, he pounded into me faster, no longer held back by my weight. I cried out.

I felt someone’s hot breath on my neck. “Mistress,” I moaned, remembering her presence. As her husband fucked me, I felt her scratch my back with her nails, eliciting a hard moan from me as pain mixed with pleasure again.

“I’m here, pretty girl,” she crooned, letting her hands rest on my thighs so that her breasts pressed against my back. I felt the strap-on cock slide into my ass. I cried out in surprise.

“Mistress, please oh godddd yesss.” My muscles clenched as I was pounded in both my entrances. I gasped and felt my orgasm rising as both my masters found sensitive spots in side of me. Mistress’s assault on my ass was aided by her reaching in front of me to massage my bouncing breasts.

“I’m gonna cum,” I managed to moan out, riding on the rhythm of the multiple cocks. I panted, feeling the ecstasy of every thrust.

She bit my ear. “Cum for us, baby, you slutty little girl.”

Master stretched out his neck so he could whisper against my lips. “Cum for Daddy, cutie.”

I screamed as I came over his lap. He moaned my name softly.

“Tell me to cum in you,” he groaned, still ramming my cunt.

“Please cum in me, master.” He bit my ear as he released his load inside me, his fingers tightening around my legs. I heard Mistress moan my name quietly as she reached her orgasm point too, her grip on my breasts slackening.

Master reached up and pulled my head down to his, slipping his tongue in my mouth. I gladly welcomed him, his moans of “my pretty, darling girl. daddy’s little pet. baby, oh, you’re such a good girl” entering my mouth, tasting like heat on my tongue.

Mistress pinched my breasts lightly. “That’s my good, naughty girl,” she whispered, licking the side of my neck. “Mama and Daddy are going to have so much fun with you.”

Kelly sat atop her bed with her knees held tight to her chest staring out the window of her 2nd story bedroom. Although she lived in a beautifully over-stated home on what the less fortunate would call the “rich” side of town she felt she may as well be sitting in a dollhouse where she would be just as confined and surrounded by obnoxious pink furniture. Her mother insisted upon decorating her room and for some reason, despite Kelly’s recent eighteenth birthday, thought her daughter was still trapped between infancy and the age of six.

Kelly’s mother poked her head in the room and said “Sweetie, your father and I are leaving soon. You’re usual sitter canceled so we had to improvise…”

Kelly began to protest “Mother I’m eighteen! I don’t need a baby sit-”

“Now dear, I didn’t mean to call him a sitter, old habits and all. Your father and I just want someone here with you to protect you if anything happens. Home alone is no place for a beautiful young lady. As I was saying, we had to find someone else and on such short notice we were blessed to reach father Henry who volunteered Jeffery from the congregation. Such a sweet boy that Jeffery, he’s planning on becoming a minister you know.”

At first Kelly couldn’t believe her ears. The man she had been pining over since her first bible study was to be standing inside her house, in real life, living, breathing…standing there like a real person. She tried to subdue her flood of emotions in a desperate attempt to stifle her reaction and feign ambivalence. “He’s a nice man and I appreciate what he’s doing but I still don’t think I need a babysitter.”

“Consider him a house-sitter then.” The doorbell sounded. “That must be Jeffery. See that you are a good hostess and don’t leave him waiting long.”

Oh I won’t. Kelly saved her mischievous smirk for when her mother’s back was turned.

As she heard the muffled sounds of her parents greeting Jeffery and giving him instructions down stairs she began to panic. Oh my God! This is it. I promised myself I’d lose my virginity to him someday and damn it this is the day! I refuse to enter college as a virgin and I only have a month until fall semester starts. She rummaged through her drawers searching for the sexiest outfit she could find. Frustrated, she let out a defeated sigh. I wish my parents wouldn’t pick out all my clothes! I don’t own a single seductive outfit! She finally settled on a tight white tank top and a pair of soft pink work-out shorts with a white stripe going down each side. Maybe if I just roll up the waste band a couple of times my butt-cheeks will show a little bit. So she did, and they did. I don’t have much upstairs but maybe if I don’t wear a bra he’ll still think my breasts are sexy. She unsnapped her bra and worked it out of her top. She stood in front of her full-length mirror examining her fair skin and firm, perfectly proportioned, body. At a towering five feet, 4 inches tall her dreams of ever being a run-way model were unlikely at best but her delicate porcelain-doll features made her above average in appearance. After turning from side to side for one last look at the way her tight clothes formed to her physique she stared into her big emerald eyes. Goodbye virgin me. She made a few last minute adjustments to her long, wavy, chocolate-brown hair and turned to leave the room.

Kelly heard her parents’ car leave the driveway. Just as she reached for the door knob, convinced she was about to strut down the stairs and make her debut, she froze. Realizing she knew nothing about sex she became overcome by insecurity. She recounted her only experiences with the subject matter being that of the few stories she’d heard growing up, from the kids in her church youth group. They were the kids who got to go to public school unlike her who had always been home-schooled. She had never been allowed to associate with her peers unless it was somehow church-related. For that matter she had never even been allowed to watch television shows or films unless they were first deemed “right with the Lord” by her fanatical parents. Even music was off limits apart from Christian rock.

Right when she wanted to crawl under a rock and die she heard a tap at her door followed by a deep voice that made her private-parts tingle. “Kelly, are you alright in there?”

Oh no! She cursed the painted name-plate hanging on her bedroom door that her mother made for her in one of her stupid arts and crafts classes at church. She mumbled through the door “Um, y-yes I’m alright. Hi Jeffery.”

“Kelly don’t be so formal. You know you can call me Jeff. Can I come in?” Without waiting for a response he opened the door and stepped inside. “Whoa, this is quite a room you’ve got here.” He snickered. Dumbstruck by his beautiful raven hair, chiseled facial-bone structure and sultry eyes she almost didn’t realize a conversation was taking place in her midst let alone that she was part of it.

“…Oh yeah, my mom, she decides what my room looks like.” As he walked past her to view the posters of cats on her wall (Her mother loves kittens even though her husband won’t allow her to have a pet.) Kelly shook her head in disbelief at how embarrassing this all was for her.

“Your dad mentioned you might need some help with your math.”

“I do!” Her heart leapt. This is my chance to sit right next to him!

When Kelly sauntered across the room and seductively bent over to pick up her schoolwork Jeff’s eyes darted directly to her ass. The perfect curvature where the backs of her thighs met her buttocks brought his still laying dick to life. He sat on her bed and picked up one of the nearest teddy bears to cover his erection. When she turned around to face him he noticed for the first time there was nothing more than a thin piece of 100% cotton between him and her small firm breasts. Her hard nipples showed through as though they were trying to burst from her top to reach his salivating mouth, which wasn’t exactly far from the truth.

In his chest he felt a strong pang of guilt. He silently prayed for forgiveness and strength as he forced his eyes to change direction. Kelly hopped on the bed and positioned herself closely next to him placing her open math book in their collective lap knocking off the stuffed bear he had been concealing himself with. She exaggeratedly leaned over him to point out the farthest problem in the book. His mind couldn’t register what she was saying because it was preoccupied trying to place her scent. Her hair smelled of fresh citrus. She must use one of those fruity shampoos. He leaned his head down slightly further so he could subtly smell her skin. Body wash… but what kind? He was shocked to observe his own hand had been caressing her generously exposed shoulders. The straps of her tank top had slid down. Startled, he pulled his hand away and stammered an apology. “I uh, I’m sorry. That was inappropriate.”

Kelly sat upright to look him in the eyes. “It’s okay. I want you to touch me.”

“I’m flattered but this is wrong.”

“What’s wrong? It’s my age isn’t it?”

“…among other things.”

“But you’re only twenty-four. That’s just a six year difference. Don’t you think I’m pretty?”

“You’re beautiful. But the beauty God gave you was meant to please your future husband, not me.”

“My beauty belongs to me and I can please you with it if I want to.”

Kelly slid her tank top over her head and tossed it aside. She knocked the math book to the floor and noticed the huge bulge that had been hiding underneath. He clinched his eyes shut as she crawled onto his lap.

“Kelly I must insist you stop. “

“Shhh.” With her back against his chest she grabbed his wrists then took control of his hands. As she pressed them against hers breasts he couldn’t stop himself from giving them a squeeze. She let out a short gasp of surprise as he gripped them tightly and started gently pinching and twisting her perfect little pink nipples. With his mouth so close to her neck he was helpless to his curiosity of how she must taste. He extended his tongue and glided it along her neck. He grazed her skin with his teeth a few times but resisted the urge to bite down. She moaned softly and spread her legs, draping them over each of his. He opened his legs to spread hers even more. He then slid his hand down between them to feel her pussy through her shorts. She squirmed with pleasure. “Underneath” she panted.

“Are you sure?”


He slowly reached beneath her shorts and cotton panties. And there it was, the most magnificent thing he’d ever felt. It was so soft with just the littlest bit of pubic hair. He almost forgot to breathe as his excitement grew. He spread her lips apart with his index and ring finger then used his middle finger to caress her clit. She moaned and shifted in his lap.

Kelly closed her eyes and tried to stop herself from giggling. It all felt so good but her nervousness was making her sort of ticklish. I wonder what his penis looks like. She leaned back and whispered in his ear “I want to see it.”

Jeff reluctantly pulled his hand out of her shorts and released his grasp on her left breast. He lifted at her waist and turned her around in front of him. She sat eagerly on her knees between his legs.

“We really shouldn’t be doing this. God is watching, and what would your parents think, and the congregation? This is insane.” These words tasted like vinegar pouring out of his mouth but he knew they needed to be said.

“You’re being ridiculous. Just relax. God knows we’re all sinners. If he wanted us to be perfect he would have made us that way. And why on Earth would I tell my parents and the congregation? I promise I won’t. I’ll even leave your name out of my next confession.” She chuckled.

“Alright. Just this once.”

He unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, and pulled out his thick hard cock. He proudly displayed it as her eyes widened and jaw dropped. “Can I taste it?” she asked as she smiled up at him.

“Are you sure we should be doing this? What am I saying? Of course we shouldn’t be doing this.” He reached to start stuffing his penis back in his pants but she grabbed it from him and as soon as she wrapped her hand around it the battle was won. He was helpless.

“We’re doing this.” She said matter-of-factly as she began to stroke it. “What do you like?”

His voice lowered to a whisper. “Just put it in your mouth and bob your head up and down but don’t drag your teeth on it.”

She did as he requested. Paranoid she might hurt him she kept her tongue over her bottom teeth and tightened her upper lip over the top row. Up and down she went. Then he whispered “Good. Now suck on it too.” So he felt a strong wet suction as he watched her head rise and fall. Without thinking he grabbed the back of her head and pushed her down hard on his dick. She gagged as it jabbed the back of her throat. “I’m sorry.” He released her head and pulled his hand away. Her watery eyes looked up at him as she placed his hand back on her head and motioned for him to keep doing it. She found it oddly exhilarating to feel him so deep in her throat. She kept gagging periodically and drooling down her chin but it didn’t stop her from enjoying every second of it. Just when he felt he couldn’t take anymore without filling her mouth with cum he stopped her.

“Stand up.” She wiped off her chin and stood. He peeled her shorts and panties off and she stepped out of them when they fell to her ankles. He stood up and wrapped his arms around her. With his hands firmly gripping her ass he lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around him. He spun around and laid her down on the bed.

“Are you gonna’ put it in me now?” she pointed at his penis.

“Do you want me to?”

She smiled devilishly and nodded. Jeff gently pulled open her wet vagina and slid his middle finger in slowly. It was tight, almost too tight. So much so that he once again felt the familiar pang of guilt in his chest. “Are you a virgin?”

She blushed. “Yes but it’s okay. I really want this. I’ve wanted to lose my virginity to you for a really long time.”

“I don’t know if I can do this. You know I can’t actually be with you right? And after this, we’ll just go back to being members of the same congregation and nothing more?”

“I know that. And again, I know I can’t tell anyone. If my dad found out he’d kill you!”

“Good call. You realize it’ll hurt right?”

“That’s what I’ve heard.” She giggled.

“Alright I’ll do it. But if you change your mind tell me and I’ll stop.”


“I’ve never taken anyone’s virginity before.”

“Just put it in fast. Maybe it’ll be like pulling off a band-aid. If you do it fast it won’t hurt as bad as doing it slow. ”

“If you say so.” He shrugged.

She bent her knees and spread her legs. He pulled apart her pussy and spit on it to get it nice and wet. Then he spit in his hand and stroked his cock to lubricate it. “Here we go.” She screamed as he shoved it in. Jeff was startled by her reaction. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine. Keep going.”

Seeing tears rolling down her cheeks made him feel sick, not just for hurting her but for enjoying it. He once again tried to find the discipline to stop himself but being inside of her felt so good it seemed impossible. He continued penetrating her over and over again. She wrapped her legs around him tightly, pulling him in deeper. She made an array of noises; panting, moaning, and whimpering. He could tell by the way she grinded against him and clawed at his back she must’ve gotten past the pain and was beginning to like being fucked.

Confirming his suspicions she made a request. “Harder!”

He obliged, pounding her as hard as he could until it all caught up to him at once. Before he could pull out, his penis went off like a cannon filling her with cum. There was so much she could feel it oozing out around his dick, glazing her taint and asshole. The sticky wetness made her feel like a used up whore and she liked it. They caught their breath as he clung to her with his dick softening deep inside her cunt.

“I love you.” She quietly proclaimed.

Electric waves of terror shot through his entire body. He stood and backed away from her so quickly he tripped, having forgotten he had his pants around his ankles. He landed hard on his backside and she laughed. He clumsily got up and fastened his jeans.

“Kelly you just think you love me because I was your first. You’re vulnerable and confused right now.”

“No, I’ve loved you for years! Let me show you my scrap-book.” She walked over to her closet and hidden behind a shoe rack was indeed a scrap-book… entitled Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Collins. “I’ve been working on it for a long time. See, here are you and me at the spaghetti dinner fund raiser.” She began flipping through the book showing him pictures, sketches, poems, stickers… all in his honor. His dread heightened with each turn of a page. To his blissful relief he heard two car doors slam shut in the driveway.

“Quick put some clothes on! Your parents are here!”

She placed the book back in its hiding place and promptly threw on a sweatshirt and jeans.

“This isn’t over lover. I want to talk about us.”

“I’m sorry but I don’t feel the same way. This can’t happen. There is no us.”

Her cold stare unnerved him. “If you stop seeing me I’ll tell everyone what we did. In fact I might even make up a few things.”

All the color drained from Jeff’s face. His dream of ever being a respected man of the cloth was jeopardized unless her dream of one day becoming a minister’s wife came to fruition.

“Kelly? Jeff?” Her mother called out to them.

“We’re in here.” Kelly replied. Turning to Jeff with a sinister smile she said “So how about it? What’s your decision?”

“Fine, I’ll call you. Just don’t tell anyone.” He scurried out of her room.

Kelly’s mother walked in shortly thereafter. “I trust you were a good hostess?”

“Yes. I was very attentive.” She smiled knowingly.

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The next day, Jason woke up with Emily cuddled up against this back, still asleep. Quietly, he slipped from his bed, memories of last night still fresh in his mind. With his morning wood leading the way, Jason padded to the bathroom. As he did so, he paused to look himself over in the mirror in the hallway.

His brown hair hung down to his shoulders, without even a wave to it; deep brown eyes that seemed to look deep into one’s heart peered back at him; and soft, full lips that always looked to be on the brink of laughing. Jason let his eyes slip lower; sweeping across his broad, muscular shoulders and moderately built chest. He glanced at the reflection of his arms, noting how slim they were despite their strength. A slight rustle from the bedroom reminded him that Emily was still there and he should do what he had gotten up for and get back in bed next to her.

When he stepped back into his room, Jason couldn’t help but quietly chuckle at the sight before him. Emily had kicked all the blankets off and was lying on her stomach; legs spread wide, one arm beneath the pillow with the other beneath her. Having just pissed, Jason’s cock was mostly limp; but was rapidly stiffening. Slowly, so as not to wake her, he climbed on the bed between Emily’s legs. Lightly, Jason slid his fingertips up from Emily’s ankles to her hips, taking care not to wake her. At her hips, Jason paused and dipped his head between her legs, slipping his tongue along her slit from clit to her asshole. He could taste her wetness from last night as well as from this moment. His shaft was beginning to throb between his legs, begging for attention and release. With a lot of effort and restraint, Jason kept licking Emily’s cunt, preparing her for the moment when he slid his member into her tight hole again.

Once Jason felt the wet spot on the sheet was big enough, he slowly and silently moved above her, positioning his pole against the soaking wet opening before him. He stopped to pull on a condom and to admire the way her black hair spilled across the pillows in waves, how peaceful she looked sleeping, and how relaxed this beautiful creature looked beneath him. Softly, Jason began rubbing the bulbous head of his dick up and down along her lips, spreading the wetness that leaked out as he slowly started to ease himself into her.

Jason took his time, working slowly deeper into Emily and trying not to wake her. He’d take a break every few minutes, making sure he didn’t get too close to cumming and that he wasn’t rousing her from slumber. Once he got himself fully inside her, Jason stopped, only moving enough to keep himself hard and Emily wet. After a bit, he could feel his rod beginning to soften, and decided that it was time. Jason pulled almost completely out, and then shoved his whole cock into her.

Since he was watching her face, Jason didn’t miss it when Emily’s eyes snapped open wide in shock as he pulled back to do it again, this time, eliciting a moan of pleasure. He knew he wouldn’t last long at this angle and how tight her pussy gripped his shaft wasn’t a big help with his stamina either. So, he gave it to her hard and fast, pounding into her g-spot as he felt the hand that was pinned under her start rubbing at her own clit urgently.

“Oh, Jason!’ Emily cried out, “Oh, fucking God yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck my pussy! Mmmmm… Oh, yes!” Her screams got louder as she neared her orgasm, “Fuck me, Jason; you fuck me so fucking good! Oh God! I’m gonna cum soon! Please, make me cum. make me cum on your big dick. I’m so close, oh, please let me cum! Ohmygod I’m cummiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!” Emily let out a scream as her orgasm took over.

Jason was straining not to cum when he felt Emily’s cunt start to clamp down on his shaft, squeezing his manhood tightly. He was only able to hold back his orgasm for a short time before feeling his balls tighten and draw up. He gave a few more thrusts before the need for release began to overcome him. Jason pushed once more into Emily’s wet hole, burying his member deep inside her before spilling his seed and filling the condom.

Jason rolled off of Emily to lie beside her, hearing a wet sort of popping sound as his still-hard shaft was pulled out of the hot hole. The end of the condom was hanging from the tip of his dick, so full of cum that it had pulled at least two inches of the rubber off of him.

Emily gave his balls a gentle squeeze as she rolled over next to him, leaving her hand to linger upon his warm flesh. Jason turned his head to look at her. She was smiling at him, her tanned skin seeming to be glowing after her orgasm. He felt Emily’s hand start moving, caressing his balls.

Jason reached down and pulled the rubber off, careful to not allow his jizz to leak out. He tossed it into the garbage and reached for another as he felt Emily’s hand start fondling his shaft. She sat up and took his member into her mouth. Jason moaned as he felt the heat and wetness from her tongue dance on the underside of his cock.

“Damn, your dick is SO thick! And I love how long it is too!” Emily said after letting the tip slip from her lips. “It’s wonderful how hard you get and the way these veins stand out so much.” She licked his sac, then his shaft from base to tip, and took him in her mouth for a couple strokes before letting go and reaching for the condom in his hands.

Jason let her take it and watched with increasing lust as she kept one hand stroking his turgid member as she tore the wrapper with her teeth and brought the condom to his tip. Emily quit stroking him to pinch the tip and roll the latex sheath down Jason’s fat fuck stick. The feeling of someone else putting a condom on his pole for him was a new experience for Jason and he enjoyed it. Sadly, it was quickly over and Emily was getting up from the bed. She stood up, and had Jason move to the center of the bed. After he had done so, Emily got back on the bed, standing with her legs on either side of him.

Unable to do much else, not that he really wanted to, Jason gazed up at Emily’s body. He admired her tanned and toned body; her legs were smooth all the way up to her smooth pussy. He liked that she had faint tan lines, and how her long, wavy, black hair fell to mid-back. Emily’s tits were firm and at least a “D” cup, tipped with dark areola and darker nipples standing proudly above her flat stomach.

“Enjoying the view?” she asked him, snapping him out of his visual heaven.

“Huh? What’s that now?” Jason was shocked at suddenly being spoken to. He could feel himself blushing from the slight embarrassment of having been caught.

“I asked if you liked what you were staring at so intently,” Emily said, “so, do you?” All he could do for the moment was nod; so, he did “Well, I’m glad. You’re the first person to see me fully naked you know.”

Jason nodded again, watching as some of Emily’s pussy juice started to drip from between her lower lips and down her legs or even straight onto him. He traced his fingertips up her legs from her ankles along her calves and knees up to her thighs and then her hips. “You’re so fucking sexy!” Jason was beside himself with how beautiful Emily is. He looked up into her hazel eyes and said that she is the most beautiful person he’s ever met.

Jason was pleasantly surprised that instead of saying anything in response, she simply squatted down over his prick, took it in hand, and proceeded to bring it up to her soaking wet gash before impaling herself on it completely. She took her time doing so, lowering herself slowly too only engulf half an inch of Jason’s dick at a time.

Watching the point where their bodies were joining, Jason could feel himself grow yet harder still. He wanted to use his hands, which still rested on Emily’s hips to pull her down faster onto his throbbing pole. Another thing he wanted was to watch his meat getting stuffed into her for the rest of the day. Instead, Jason simply watched as his cock slowly disappeared into Emily’s tight fuck-hole.

Emily moaned as she finally fit the last bit of Jason’s shaft that would fit inside her. She carefully leaned forward to see how close she was to fitting his entire big dick. Fuck! How bit IS that fucker?” She winced as she tried to take more of him. “It feels great, but; it’s ripping me apart!”

Jason looked up with a smile. “Well, last time I measured. It was about seven and a half inches long.” His smile got bigger as she asked how thick his shaft is. “I think it’s about six inches around.”

“Holy shit! No wonder it feels like my cunt is being pushed up into my uterus! Not to mention how it doesn’t just fill me up, but it seems like you are ripping my poor puss apart!” Jason chuckled as he heard this.

“Well, we could stop if it’s too much for you…” He hoped it wasn’t, and that she’d want to stay on his cock at least until they both came.

“No! No stopping until I cum all over your big dick!” She started moving, slowly lifting herself up along the turgid rod stuffed inside her.

“Hey, what about me? I want to cum too!” He put on his best pouty face to show his disappointment at being left out of the orgasm loop.

“Oh, you’ll cum at least twice!” She had her sexy smile on her face as she continued, “After I cum on your giant schlong, I’m going to taste your cum by sucking it out of you!”

During this exchange, Emily had finished her ascent of Jason’s porker and was beginning the task of lowering down as far as she could again.

“Well, you better cum soon, with how tight you are, I’m not going to last very long this time either.” he moaned as he felt his dick head hit her cervix.

“Good, with the way your pole touches EVERY part of my hole, I’m gonna…” Emily screamed loudly as her orgasm hit her hard. Jason could feel each wave of spasms in her cunt as the muscles rippled, gripped and squeezed his cock.

“Fuck Emily! Your pussy is gripping me so tight! I can’t hold it back any longer!”

“Yes! Do it! Fill that condom up inside me!” Jason gave one last thrust deep into Emily as his balls tightened and within a minute, Jason’s sperm was shooting from the tip of his cock. He felt each spasm of his dick as it pressed against the close walls of the vag that wrapped tightly around him. As the pulsations slowed, Jason felt light-headed and drowsy…

Is this what is meant by a “parallel universe”? Harry Knutson walked through the door into a Bizarro World where social mores and conventions had long since been dissolved in an acid bath of hedonism. In the feeble light he saw only the undulation of arrhythmic waves of Othello’s proverbial beasts with two backs. The one piece of morality that held sway here was the maternal admonition to share. There was sharing going on everywhere one looked.

The door itself was the perfect portal to a nether-realm, or perhaps a fucktopia. It was metal, windowless, battleship grey (where it wasn’t rusted), and broke up an otherwise non-descript red brick wall at the back of an equally non-descript single-story industrial park building. No one would expect a soul to traverse through that doorway, but yet they did — Harry did.

The space had once been partitioned off into offices, a break room, lavatories, etc., but now all the partitions were gone except the one at the front that allowed for a perfectly mundane looking receptions area to be maintained, so that if one looked through the glass frontage of the office space one would think it was just another run-of-the-mill real estate office that went out of business when the housing bubble burst. On the happening side of this partition was a barrier of thick sound proofing secured even to the back of the door. The soundproofing was to ensure that moans and screams of ecstasy wouldn’t carry across the street to the plumbing wholesaler with opposing frontage. The owners left the signs up from the previous business. What was more mundane and unlikely to garner attention than a real estate business — particularly when no one was buying real estate? The landlord couldn’t have given a fuck, because he got his check promptly on the first of each month.

It seemed remarkable, even to Knutson, that he’d tracked his quarry down to this of all places. How could this be? Quite simply it was where she let her hair down — literally and figuratively — and, furthermore, she must have figured that the private club’s security could substitute for her own. That was a rookie mistake, but one that even sharp people could make when they were tired of hiding. Another person’s security is never a good excuse to let one’s guard down. That other entity’s interests will never entirely synch with one’s own — even when they are working for you as this club was ostensibly working for its patrons.

In her daily life she was impossible to track down. First, she stayed at various friends’ houses from night to night interspersed with the not infrequent one-night-stands with complete strangers. It wasn’t that she didn’t have her own apartment, it was just that she was there with such great irregularity that it would make a guy crazy trying conduct a stakeout of it. Second, she worked on a gig basis over the internet — i.e. no place of employment. Finally, she was either a brilliant tactician who practiced complete randomness in moving through life, or, and this was the more likely option, she was a complete ditz who just blew through life like a butterfly. Either way, discovering and exploiting routine was the key to Knutson’s business.

Time was of the essence. Being in a place like this for more than a few minutes without getting naked and finding a hiding place for one’s salami was a sure way to attract attention as some kind of vice cop or, worse yet, a picture-sneaking creep. Knutson had called in a favor with an associate who would be on the hook if someone got pissed off with him. He had no interest in invading anyone’s privacy — not even his subject’s. He just had a job to do, and wanted to do it and get back out to his real world. He just hoped that he could escape the Bizarro World. Knutson imagined going outside to find some threesome fucking like bonobos on the hood of his car, and then he would know he had forever transited down the rabbit hole and beyond the bounds of the good ole Puritan U.S.of A.

Knutson knew what the girl he was looking for looked like — sort of. He had seen a number of photos, but knew she changed her hairstyle and color with frequency. It could be hard to identify one particular 20-something white girl in a dimly lit room if you didn’t know what her hair looked like and if several people fit the general description. Knutson eliminated the 25% of the crowd that were African American, another 10% that were various varieties of Asian, and 25% that were definitely not in the proper age range or body type. That still left about eight girls that looked the part.

“Can I help you?” Knutson turned to see a man with a shaved head and a tattoo on his neck who looked decidedly unhelpful contrary to the phrasing of his question. Now, for ninety-five percent of the population, it is impossible to look intimidating while naked — at least if you are being belligerent to a clothed person. One’s sensitive parts are all sticking out, one can’t possibly be hiding a weapon, and even for exhibitionists there is a certain feeling of vulnerability. This guy was among the five percent for whom it was impossible not to look intimidating while naked. This was one of the areas, like pregnancy, for which there was no middle ground.

“Yeah, sorry, just trying to get my bearings. It’s a little dark in here. I’m looking for Sarah Forte. She invited me. This is my first time. I’m a little nervous.” Knutson said. Now there is a time during any such lie when time seems to slow as one wonders if one is about to be caught red-handed and punched in the face or whether the lie will work swimmingly. This lie had an extra-long pause because chrome-dome really did seem to be evaluating whether he would believe Knutson or kill him.

Knutson must have seemed convincingly pathetic because chrome-dome hiked his thumb over toward the corner and said, “On the can.”

Harry had no idea what those three words meant, but headed in that general direction, happy to get away from chrome-dome and his dangle monster. He soon discovered what the imposing man who vaguely resembled Mr. Clean meant. Sitting on one of the crappers that had, no doubt, once been partitioned off into separate single sex restrooms was a girl with straight jet black hair hanging over one shoulder almost down to her nipple. Harry might have confused her for an Asian girl, but as he got closer her features were definitely Caucasian — most notably her big vivid eyes. He moved around to take a second look. It wasn’t easy to see given the lighting and the high population density in the area of the former single-seater toilet. There was a thick black girl at a wall-mounted lavatory sink next to Sarah’s crapper who was washing some skinny white guy’s member, and next to the woman Harry thought was Sarah was a standing man with his dick shoved in her mouth.

Harry didn’t like to judge, but it seemed a little over the top to suck dick while doing one’s business. He suspected she wasn’t really voiding her bowels but rather eliminating the jizm from one or more of her earlier partners. Put in this light, it almost seemed like the socially conscious thing to do rather than drip a puddle for some poor unsuspecting foot to step in or to form a cold spot for someone’s back to roll into.

Knutson had no idea what the protocol was for getting a moment of time of one who was sucking schlong. Normally, he would have waited his turn, so to speak, but time seemed to be a little short. He was probably going to have nightmares of sodomization by Chrome-dome as it was, but he sure as hell didn’t want the nightmares to be memories.

“Excuse me, Miss Forte?” Harry felt ridiculous displaying this kind of formality with a young lady sitting on a toilet who appeared to be very near having her tonsils pressure-washed with cum.

She didn’t interrupt her action immediately, but it didn’t matter much because a couple more bobs of her head and the young man she was servicing was spurting as he rocked up on balls of his toes from involuntary contractions throughout his entire lower body. The girl was good. When she pulled the dick from her mouth a rope of saliva laced with semen crawled down over her chin and dripped partially down her front but mostly into the toilet bowl.

“Miss Forte?” Harry repeated.

“Call me Sarah. But, sorry, my dance card for the evening is full — even for a cutie such as yourself.” She said, wiping her chin with a paper towel and then dabbing a couple points between her breasts and on her lean stomach where the spunk had dripped.

“It’s not about that.” Harry said.

She stopped mid-mop and looked at Knutson with stunned and fearful eyes. Her adorable big eyes had a pathetic quality that made Harry involuntarily cringe. He was often called an ass, but rarely felt like one. He was just doing a job, and an important one at that. Despite being naked and doused in the cum of strange men, her face had a sweet innocence about it that made one almost become instantaneously instinctively protective of her. It made Knutson not want to do his job, but a job was a job.

“You are served.” He said, pulling a folded envelop out of his inner coat pocket and extending it toward her.

She took the summons reflexively, though it seemed clear that part of her wanted to flee. Harry could see it in her eyes as she reached out to take the envelope. Her eyes darted toward the exit briefly before exhibiting a defeated quality. Harry had found her fair and square. He had no idea what startled her so. All he knew was that it was a witness summons. That shouldn’t have been as bad as a summons to appear as a defendant or a summons for failure to appear before the court. Yet the girl eyed the envelope as she flipped it over as if it were a letter from the Army saying her young husband had died in combat.

Knutson felt a hand clap down on his shoulder, and he thought his startled heart would shoot out through his chest – though the slap was consistent with a friendly, if overzealous, greeting. He turned to see chrome-dome flanked by two ladies. One was a buxom blond and the other was lithesome brunette with a “take no shit” look about her.

“Come on, fella, enough with the shyness. It’s time to get your freak on.” Chrome-dome said turning Knutson around and heading him in the direction of the front of the building and the faux-receptions area. The blond took up a position to Harry’s other side, and the brunette was on the opposite side of chrome-dome.

“No thank you. I think I’ll be on my way.” Harry said trying to break away from the arm chrome-dome had around his shoulder in a jovial but overly familiar way — particularly given his state of undress.

“Non-sense. Holly and Sonya, here, will take good care of you.” Chrome-dome said, clamping down to negate all possibility of escape. As near as Knutson could tell from chrome-dome’s head nods, Sonya was the brunette and Holly was the blond.

At that point, Holly began to unbutton Harry’s shirt as they were still walking.

“I’m sorry. I think there’s been a miscommunication.” Knutson said.

Holly didn’t miss a beat, when she got to the last button of his shirt above his belt she adeptly went to work unbuckling his belt, and then unzipping his trousers. As Holly was working on his pants, Sonya, moving chrome-dome’s arm off Harry’s shoulders, eased the jacket off his shoulders and then removed the tie that Holly had left loosened but intact.

Harry faced a conundrum as he’d become a bit aroused by the activities of the two attractive women, and they had undressed him sufficiently that even though chrome-dome stepped away to a comfortable distance, he couldn’t just flee. Knutson was pulled in different directions by the “professional Harry” and the “horny and undersexed Harry”, and the “professional Harry” was becoming bigger pussy by the second. When Holly slowly went to her knees taking a suggestive position to drop the trousers and then prostrating herself to clear away his shoes to make way for him to step out of his pants and boxers and, simultaneously, Sonya ran her hands over his bare chest as she cleared away the dress shirt –raking nails through his chest-hair in the process, he was beyond resistance. Knutson vaguely noticed that the girls had handed his clothing to chrome-dome, but he was incapable of great concern at that moment.

“We’ve got a fun game to play.” Sonya whispered right into his ear.

Holly was opening the door to the front of the building, and Harry was trying to figure out what was happening. He was a little concerned when Holly went into the receptions area. The receptions area had a glass façade and she might easily be seen by a passersby. He became even more concerned as Sonya took him by the cock, which had now swollen to a full-bore erection, and started leading him in the same direction. Harry should have seen what was coming, but as the blood flow to his brain was substantially reduced, he was helpless but to be led into the publically viewable receptions area. Harry just thought the two girls had an exhibitionist streak they wanted to explore. As there were no retailers, but only wholesalers and services, in the area Knutson hoped that they could do what they were going to do without being seen.

When Sonya pulled him into the receptions area, Holly had her back to the front door, her lovely rounded buttocks seemingly pressed taught against the glass. Sonya moved around behind Knutson so that she could again whisper in his ear. Harry could feel the warmth of her breasts on his back and her midsection curving around his buttocks so that she clung to him. His cock throbbed as he imagined being sandwiched in between the two women — one a slightly zaftig blond, the other a svelte brunette, and both gorgeous.

“Close your eyes.” Sonya whispered seductively.

Idiotically, Harry did as he was told.

Sonya, still in his ear, said, “Three… Two… One…”

By the time Harry recognized the sound of the door opening, he was being shoved forward hard. He almost tripped on the threshold as he flew past Holly and out onto the sidewalk. Holly yanked the door closed behind her, and Harry was standing naked – but for socks – on the sidewalk.

“The game is called: ‘Don’t fuck with our members, douche-bag.’” Sonya said as the two women, grinning wickedly, turned and walked back into their sex banquet, ignoring his impotent stammered attempts to get them to let him back.

Almost immediately, Harry heard a vehicle coming and leapt to hide behind a bush. As it turned out, the bush was an American Holly, and its abrasive leaves with their sharp spikes were unpleasant to say the least. A white delivery van zoomed by apparently incognizant of the man attempting to hide behind the prickly shrub. He took a deep breath, looked both ways, and then began to walk as close to the wall as possible. It occurred to him that his keys, along with his wallet and cell phone, were in the pocket of his pants. He wouldn’t even be able to seek the shelter of his car.

While Harry wasn’t looking forward to it, he would have to talk with chrome-dome to get his clothes and effects back, and he was confident he could be reasoned with. As much as Knutson might want revenge, he definitely didn’t want to be the story of the year at the courthouse, which is exactly what would happen if he had to call the cops. “Process server stripped bare and kicked to the curb”, would be the headline. If it could at all be avoided, Harry’s preference was to keep it on the down low. However, if his hand was forced and he had to call the cops to get his wallet and keys back, there would be all sorts of trouble. The space probably wasn’t approved by the zoning board for an “adult enterprise” and the lot abutted a lot owned by a local Methodist church, and, therefore, they wouldn’t be able to get such approval because of a minimum distance requirement – even in the unlikely event the city council looked favorably on their little enterprise, for which they probably didn’t have a license. Harry couldn’t have cared less about those infractions. That was not his job, and it was, in his estimation, a pretty petty business. Chrome-dome would give him back his clothes. Why wouldn’t he, if he did he still could claim a victory, but if he didn’t he’d lose the war for winning the battle.

It turned out all this speculation was moot. Another vehicle began to come down the road. This time when Knutson hid in the bushes, he found a nice soft plant. However, he couldn’t get off that easy. Hearing a sound, he turned to see that on the other side of the window against which he had sought refuge from the car was a small six-seat conference room in which four people — three men and a woman were having some sort of meeting. The woman looked mortified but didn’t turn away. Two of the men averted their eyes, one of whom did so to pick up the phone and punch in three distinct numbers while the third man joined the woman in gawking at him. When the woman grabbed her camera-phone, he jumped out from behind the bush to use the bush as concealment against the would-be photographer.

Knutson moved out from behind the bush just in time to give the driver of the car a good show. The car honked and Harry covered himself. The car came to a stop. A familiar voice said, “Get in.”

Harry stood looking dumbly. It was Sarah Forte. The girl he’d just served. He felt vulnerable as he stood in plain sight and tried to figure out what her game was.

“I think those people looking at you out the window from around the bush called the cops…” Sarah said, and then – when Knutson instinctively turned to investigate – she added, “Don’t turn around, nimrod. They’ll get a face pic of you.”

Harry jogged awkwardly around to the passenger side, and was happy to get out of the line of leering eyes that he felt were all around him. As soon as he was in the car, Sarah pulled away with a tire squeal that really amounted to more of a tire chirp. Harry wasn’t concerned about being naked in front of Sarah. Having seen all her naughty bits, he accepted the state of parity. However, he did keep his hands over his crotch instinctively; more because he felt that the little Honda coupe probably offered anyone taller than five foot a nice view inside the car.

“Your clothes are on the back seat.” Sarah said.

As Harry turned to grab his clothes, he noticed Sarah’s thin dress clinging taught to her still hardened nipples. She had likely just thrown the dress on over her nude body without concern for the formality of underwear. The image made him begin to swell, and so he turned away pulling his clothing up front and trying to think of anything other than the beautiful vaguely-clothed woman beside him. Sarah drove through the office park and found an abandoned building at the back of the park. She pulled behind the vacant building to let Harry finish dressing. He’d already gotten his boxers on and had pulled his pants on without yet zipping or buttoning them up. He checked his pockets. There was nothing missing.

“Sorry about that. They’re a little protective of me.” Sarah said.

“I see that. I can’t say that I blame them. Thanks for bringing my clothes. That was really cool of you.” Knutson said feeling awkward, but also relieved that his ordeal was over.

“Yeah, it was.” Sarah said smiling sheepishly so that it was clear that she was kidding. It was an endearing grin, and it was looks like that that were the reason Knutson was drawn to her.

“So why’d you do it? Why help me?” Knutson asked.

“Seemed like the right thing to do.” Sarah said, looking down as if she were embarrassed by her virtue.

“Well, thanks again. Can I ask a question? You don’t have to answer.” Knutson said.

Sarah nodded as if she knew what the question would be.

“Why go to such trouble to avoid a summons to testify as a witness?”

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