vaginal sex

In Dr. Alex McVie’s mythology class on Wednesday, Camilla was delighted to hear him lecture on love gods, especially the birth of Aphrodite.

“Cronus usurped his father, the sky-god Uranus, castrating him,” Alex said. “The severed genitals were cast into the sea, where the foam around them metamorphosed into Aphrodite (literally, ‘foam-born’), who, naked, came out of that foam in the water.”

Camilla was fascinated with what her prof was saying. We should install a shower onstage at Club Ritz, she thought; then I can emerge from the water and mist naked, as Aphrodite did. Always identifying herself with Aphrodite, she imagined her father Agape was Uranus, though deposed by her mother Collette rather than Cronus. To Camilla, Agape’s cuckolding by Collette was a symbolic castration. Camilla envisioned her body as having been shaped from the foam, or come, of the very genitals she so incestuously coveted. Hearing Dr. McVie’s lecture made her want to worship them all the more.

“Other sources, however, say the father of Aphrodite was Zeus,” the professor continued. “He begot her, they say, on Dione.”

Is my father Zeus, or Uranus? she wondered. Either way, he’s a god, and I’m a goddess. After class, Alex will be my Zeus, and I’ll be his Dione.


After class, she walked with Alex to his office.

“Have time for a quickie, sir?” she asked him.

Ogling her, he said, “I guess I can squeeze you in…and squeeze myself in you.”

She giggled lewdly. “I’m glad you’re not so nervous anymore about doing this.”

“That’s because I know being nervous won’t help me,” he said, opening the door to the building where his office was. “I comfort myself with the fact that I never had a choice.”

“Oh, come on, sir,” she said as they went down the hall to his office. “You know you want it as much as I do.” They reached the door to his office and went in.

He sat at his desk, and she locked the door.

“Do you like my jeans, sir?” she asked, turning around for him and sticking her ass out at his face.

“Yes,” he said, ogling her. “Very tight, very sexy.” He spanked her hard two times. She straightened up, giggling.

She turned around, swaying her hips slowly as she unzipped her pants. “And I love that suit you’re wearing, sir,” she said, unbuttoning her pants and slowly pulling them down to reveal her pink panties. “You always dress so well.”

“Thank you,” he said. “You always undress so well.”

She giggled her thanks as she turned around and bent over with her ass in his face. He patted her buttocks gently as she removed her white running shoes and socks. When she’d pulled her feet out of her pants, he pulled on the elastic of her panties, briefly ogled her butt-crack, and let go. The elastic snapped sharply against her ass, making her shriek and giggle with excitement.

Fearing the people outside would hear them, Dr. McVie turned on a radio he had on a bookshelf behind him. He tuned in to a classical station; it was about ten minutes into Bartok’s Miraculous Mandarin. He turned it up.

Camilla took off her tight white T-shirt; not wearing a bra again, she wiggled her tits just inches from Alex’s face. Resuming the swaying of her hips, she put her hand in her panties and briefly fingered her clitoris. Then he reached over and pulled her panties down to her ankles.

“Shaved pussy, eh?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she said with a giggle, pulling her feet out of the leg-holes of her panties. “Do you like it?”

“It’s beautiful.”

Now completely nude, Camilla turned around, got on the floor on all fours, and pushed her ass out so he could see her pretty brown anus. Taking her anal lube out of her purse, she asked, “Wanna fuck my ass, sir?”

“Oh, yeah,” he grunted, kneeling behind her and unzipping his pants.

“I’m Aphrodite, and you’re Zeus,” she said, looking back at him and opening her buttocks wide so she could focus his attention on her puckered asshole. “And my anus is Uranus.” She giggled lewdly.

He pulled his half-erect cock out, and she gave him the tube of anal lube. He lubed his cock and her rectum, the pushed the tip of his now fully-hard cock against her opened anal lips, pressing an inch inside. “No need…for your black…magic. The music…will drown out…the moaning. Unh!” He was now half-way inside her ass. The Bartok music was at the climactic last three minutes now.

“I don’t…need Nigrovum…to make you…want me. Oh!” she sighed, looking back at him with an agape mouth and squinty eyes as he pushed in another quarter of the way. “You always…wanted me. Ah!” He was all the way in.

“What…is Nigrovum?” he asked as he slid all the way in and half-way out of her tightly hugging anal walls.

“My power,” she sighed. “You should…have it…by now, too.”

“How so? Unh!

“Our body…fluids mix, and you…get it…that way. Oh!

“I see,” he panted. Then I can use it on you, bitch, he thought. He reached over and grabbed her tits. “I’m gonna…come.” The Bartok music was getting particularly loud, frenzied, and dissonant.

“OK,” she sighed. He pulled his cock out, and she turned around. He stood up. She knelt before him, jerking him off with his cock pointing at her wide-open mouth. After a few seconds of masturbating him, he ejaculated a straight line of come into her mouth; it splashed against her uvula. The subsequent blasts of jizz all went in her mouth, hitting her tongue, her teeth, and a bit against her lower lip. That last bit dripped down to her chin; she wiped it off with her fingers and ate it, too.

Putting his spent penis back in his pants and zipping them up, he said, “OK, I got you off. Now if you don’t mind, could you please get dressed and leave? I have a lot of work to do.” He sat down and turned off the radio, which had just reached the end of the Bartok music.

“Yes, sir,” she said with a frown. She then got dressed and left, hurt that he didn’t appreciate the pleasure she was trying to give him. She comforted herself with the fact that he was just a plaything for her; her heart truly belonged to her daddy.


That night, Camilla sat in her room, reading her books to prepare for Thursday’s classes. Her cell-phone rang.

She picked it up. “Hello?” she said in the receiver.

“It’s me,” Candice said. “Sorry I haven’t called in a while.”

“Look,” Camilla said nervously, remembering how Candice knew about Camilla’s having committed incest with her father. “About Saturday night,…”

“It was an accident, Camil,” Candice said. “We were all stoned. We didn’t know what we were doing. We both fucked the wrong guys. You don’t have to explain. I did something embarrassing that night, too. I fucked the priest: eww!

Candice, I love you! Camilla thought. What a perfect way for her to save face! She just went along with it. “What you did was nothing compared to what I accidentally did. Eww on me! With my own father? Good God, I don’t love him that much,” she lied.

“We’ll just have to be more careful next time.”

“Sorry, Candice. There isn’t gonna be a next time. Because of how crazy things got last time, Daddy doesn’t want us to have those parties anymore.”

“But I’m lonely here at home,” Candice said in sobs. “With you at school, I don’t see you at Club Ritz anymore.”

“Oh, baby, don’t cry. I’ll come over to see you now, OK?”

“It’s raining.”

“That’s OK. I like the rain. See you in fifteen minutes. Bye.” Camilla hung up and grabbed her jacket.

Not even bothering with an umbrella, she walked in the rain to Candice’s apartment. Remembering Dr. Singh’s advice about always having a cheerful attitude, the female Gene Kelly danced in the puddles, welcoming any possible Nigrovum that could have been in each raindrop she felt splashing on her face and hands. Are the sons of God giving me bukkake? she wondered, giggling.

By the time she was in Candice’s apartment, she was obviously soaking wet. Naked Candice opened the door, hiding her body behind it.

“Camilla,” she said, taking Camilla’s dripping wet jacket after she took it off. “Haven’t you ever heard of umbrellas?” Candice hung the jacket on a nearby chair, then went back to the door as Camilla walked in. Candice licked her lips at the delicious sight of Camilla’s wet, erect nipples protruding through her tight, white T-shirt. “Wait: let me get a towel from the bathroom.”

“I let myself get wet because I was hoping some Nigrovum would be coming down in the rain tonight, as Ravinder says it did in Vancouver.” Leaving the door open, Camilla took off her jeans, shoes, and socks.

“Maybe you have too much Nigrovum in your blood as it is,” Candice said as she returned from the bathroom with a large, thick towel. Camilla pulled off her T-shirt; she now had only her pink panties on. “Don’t get naked with the door open.” Candice then shut it, always careful to hide her own nakedness behind it.

“Maybe a handsome man was watching me,” Camilla said with a lewd smirk as she pulled her panties down.

“The only guy who was enjoying watching you strip, if he was watching, and I hope he wasn’t, was my neighbour across the hall,” Candice said, wrapping the towel around her wet lover. “He’s in his early twenties, and he’s three hundred pounds.” She dried Camilla’s hair, then moved down to dry her breasts.

“Three hundred pounds? Eww!

“Eww, exactly! He’s a real asshole, too. He pinched my ass two days ago. I kicked him hard in the balls.” Candice dried Camilla’s back and buttocks.

“Good for you, girl.”

“I’m amazed my foot found them under all that blubber,” Candice said, finishing drying Camilla down at her legs and feet. On her knees with her mouth millimetres away from Camilla’s hairless slit, Candice said, “You are shaving yourself these days.” She then licked Camilla a few times. “Unless you have Desiree, or somebody else, doing it for you now.”

“Don’t get jealous on me, baby,” Camilla said. “Oh! I did…it myself. Dr. Lawson likes…it that way. I want…to please him. Ah!

“Please me, too, OK?” Candice sighed, now sucking on Camilla’s clit.

“Gladly. Oh!

“I miss you…at Club Ritz.” Candice slowly got up, kissing Camilla’s belly, breasts, and face along the way.

“I had…to switch to…part time,” Camilla explained between kisses on Candice’s lips. “I need…time to…study.”

Taking Camilla by the hand and leading her into the bedroom, Candice said, “Well, take a break from it tonight.”

They got on the bed, with Candice on top of Camilla, who lay on her back. Candice wrapped her lips around the dark pink nipple of Camilla’s right breast and sucked away as if she were famished. Her right hand fondled Camilla’s left breast. Moaning and sighing, Camilla ran her hands through Candice’s tiger-coloured hair. The top of Camilla’s right foot gently rubbed against Candice’s wet vulva.

Candice slowly raised her head, gently pulling Camilla’s tit up with her an inch or two before letting go of it; her tit prettily bounced back into place. “Your nipples are getting darker, like mine,” Candice said. “Have you noticed?”

“Yeah,” Camilla said. “Everything on us is darker, except our paler skin; Nigrovum’s making us look like Goth girls.” She giggled. Candice lay on her back, and Camilla got on top of her in the 69 position.

“I’m not sure that’s a good thing,” Candice said, raising her head so her tongue could reach Camilla’s asshole. She started licking it, and fingering Camilla’s cunt.

“Oh, keep a…positive spirit,” Camilla said, lowering her head to lick Candice’s twat. Between licks, she continued, “Dr. Singh says…a happy attitude will…keep Nigrovum a…good thing inside us. Bad thinking…and Nigrovum are…what killed…the other guys.”

Candice’s index and long fingers were massaging, respectively, Camilla’s G- and A-spots. Her tongue continued tickling those wrinkles on Camilla’s anus. Camilla was sucking on Candice’s hard clitoris.

Not wanting her bed soaked with Camilla’s gushing, Candice stopped licking Camilla’s asshole and moved her wide-open mouth down to Camilla’s soon-to-spew cunt. Thanks to Nigrovum’s psychic gifts, the girls could not only predict–with uncanny accuracy–each other’s orgasms, but could also control and synchronize them. Indeed, they came within a half-second of each other, Candice gulping down all of Camilla’s cascade, and Camilla licking away Candice’s oozing secretion.

After lying in each other’s arms for the next few minutes, catching their breath, Candice asked, “You’re not gonna fuck your dad again, are you?”

“Of course not,” Camilla lied.


The next day, Camilla had some free time between classes, and she decided to sit in on one of her father’s lectures. Agape was discussing a scene from Hamlet in a course on Elizabethan tragedy.

“‘Assume a virtue, if you have it not,’ Hamlet urges his mother,” Agape said.

My mother could never assume a virtue, Camilla thought; she had it…not.

“‘Refrain tonight’,” Agape continued in his quote of Hamlet’s pleading to Gertrude. “‘And that shall lend a kind of easiness/To the next abstinence; the next more easy;/For use almost can change the stamp of nature,/And either curb the devil, or throw him out,/With wondrous potency.’ Hamlet is telling his mother to ‘resist the devil, and he will flee from you’, as it says in the epistle of James. Good advice to all sinners, indeed, if only we’d listen.”

“Oh, Daddy,” Camilla sighed, almost swooning in her admiration of him. Staring at him with glowing eyes, she was so enthralled by his erudite speaking that she ignored the content of his words–a content that, had she heeded it, would have suited her well. “I love you so much, infinitely,” she whispered, teary-eyed. Then she checked the time on her cell-phone. “Uh-oh.” Dr. Lee is having his office hours now, she thought; time to suck his cock, if I can get him to stop resisting me. Do forgive my infidelities, Daddy. I’ve always been a bad girl. All those other men have my body, but you’ll always have my heart. She left the classroom.


That night, she sat on her bed, reading. Her cell-phone rang, and she picked it up. “Hello?” she said.

“It’s me,” Father Josiah said. “We have to talk about what happened last Saturday night.”

“OK,” she said. “Let’s go to that hotel again.”

“Camilla, let’s not have sex this time. I want to talk to you, to save your soul, to save you from yourself.”

“No sex, no talking to me. No talking, no saving my soul; so if you wanna save my soul, you gotta fuck me. I’ll see you at the hotel in twenty minutes. Bye.” She hung up.


Again, she lay naked on the bed, and he, in regular clothes, sat on the side of the bed, with a troubled look in his eyes.

“You’re much sexier in your priest’s outfit,” she said, running her hands through his hair.

“Stop it!” he said. “Let’s get right to it. What happened between you and Agape?”

“Look, we fucked, accidentally. We were too wasted to know what we were doing. It won’t happen again.”

“You seem to be taking this rather lightly, Camilla. You committed incest: aren’t you ashamed?”

“Well, I’m not proud of it, Father,” she said, annoyed. “I was shaking all Sunday, didn’t you see me at church? But some time went by, the initial shock wore off, and I know it was just an accident. I didn’t wanna have sex with my father, but I do wanna have sex with you, Father.” She tickled his chin.

“Stop that,” he said.

“Speaking of shame, you had sex with Candice that night, didn’t you?”

“I don’t wanna talk about it.”

“Well, I don’t wanna talk about the ‘evil’ of incest. People who live in glass houses, Father Virtue. Now come on, let’s fuck.”

He got naked and got on the bed, behind her; she’d got on all fours. With both her pussy and asshole on display for him, she looked back at him with eyes that told him he had a choice of hole. Naturally, he chose her vagina. He slid his hard cock in slowly, loving the wet tightness of those vaginal walls as they eagerly embraced his burning cock. As he fucked her doggy-style, she held her buttocks wide open so he could see her asshole more clearly.

“You can…fuck my…ass, if you like,” she said in a shaky voice. “Ah!”

“Don’t…be disgusting,” he grunted. “Unh!”

“Don’t be…so boring. Oh!

“I’m boring away…just fine…as it is,” he moaned.

“That’s the spirit. Oh! Make jokes. Lighten up. Be happy. Ah!

“I’m going…to…”

“OK.” She had him pull his cock out. “Stand up,” she said.

Kneeling before the standing priest, she jerked him off, and he sprayed his come all over her face. She giggled.

“That’s disgusting,” he said as his come continued to splash on her.

“It’s raining,” she said with an ear-to-ear grin.

At least my seed isn’t spilling on the ground, he thought; in this way, I may just avoid Onan’s fate.


On Friday night, Camilla was reading in her bedroom again. She looked out the window: more rain. Bored with her reading, and impatiently waiting for Marcel, her Parisian Facebook friend and admirer, to arrive in Toronto and meet her in Club Ritz the next day, she left her bedroom and went downstairs to see her father in the living room.

Agape was there, on his chair drinking again, and listening to a CD of Neil Young’s Harvest. He’d just finished his third glass of bourbon.

“Shall I fix you another drink, Daddy?” she asked, taking his glass.

“Sure; thanks, sweetie,” he said in slurs, then belched.

“My pleasure,” she said as she took the glass into the kitchen. She was surprised and impressed with her ability to resist trying to seduce Agape a second time. Now that almost a week had gone by since she’d committed incest with him, the temptation had been getting weaker and weaker with each passing night. Having made love with Alex, Candice, and Father Josiah also made it easier to keep her hands off her father.

But now, she wanted to party.

She took a pill of ecstasy from her pants pocket, broke it in half, and mixed one half in the bourbon she’d made for him. Then she got a can of beer from the fridge for herself. She popped the other half of the ecstasy in her mouth, and took a gulp of beer to wash it down. After that, she took the drinks into the living room.

Giving him his bourbon, she asked, “Wanna smoke a joint?”

“OK,” he said after sipping his Jim Beam. “But let’s not get too crazy tonight; remember, no Candice.”

“Don’t worry about that,” she said, getting out her marijuana and papers from the coffee table drawer. “Candice is not invited. It’s just you and me…alone.”

“Good,” he said. “I want to be faithful to Carrie. She is the only woman in my life, now and forever.”

“Right,” she said, trying to hide her jealousy. She rolled a marijuana cigarette, lit it, took a few puffs, and gave it to him.

“Thank you,” he said, then took a few puffs. Coughing a bit, he then passed it back to her. “With each passing night, it’s getting easier and easier to resist the charms of your red–uh, black-haired friend.”

The song ‘Old Man” was playing; Camilla, sitting on the floor, looked up at Agape and sang along. “Old man, look at my life, I’m a lot like you were.”

A half hour passed, of drinking three drinks each and smoking two doobs, and the ecstasy was finally kicking in. Agape’s body was tingling, as was Camilla’s. He fidgeted in a trance-like state, and she could see that he was no longer completely aware of what was going on. Her use of Nigrovum would make him even less aware, while at the same time she would use her psychic gifts to keep herself aware of what she was doing.

Before Mr. Berman left Club Ritz on Friday night, he gave Camilla the address to the house where he and his housemates lived, and invited her to a Hallowe’en costume party there the following night. On Saturday afternoon, she phoned and told a gay male friend from York, who was about her age, about the party. The two of them had often spoken about wanting to go to a costume party that Hallowe’en as Adam and Eve, wearing only small leaves stuck to their pubic hair and anal clefts, and to her nipples. He would attract any gay men he could find at the party, and she…well, that should be obvious by now.

The party was held on Saturday, October 28th, because Hallowe’en would be on a Tuesday, the night before a work day. Camilla used Nigrovum to make her hair blonde, her eyes blue, and all her other body parts their original colour. She and her friend, Ron, arrived at Berman’s house late, when almost everyone else was already there.

Berman, dressed as a devil, came to the door to let her and Ron in. Berman frowned in jealousy at her good-looking friend.

“Who’s your friend?” Berman asked.

“Oh,” Camilla said. “Ron, Mr. Berman, a former grade school teacher of mine; Mr. Berman, Ron, a friend of mine from York.” As the men shook hands, she brought her lips to his ear and whispered, “Don’t worry about him; he’s gay.”

Relieved, Berman asked, “Shall I take your coats?”

“Are you sure about this, Camil?” Ron asked. “People won’t freak out too much?”

“Oh, yeah,” she said. “I got this covered; just give me a minute.” She visualized everyone at the party repressing all disapproval or intolerance at her and Ron’s soon-to-be near nudity. She imagined their scandalized mouths always shut, all prudes completely mute. When she felt Nigrovum’s psychic energy permeating the entire house, inside and out, she said, “OK, let’s do this.”

She and Ron took off their coats with lewd grins, proudly showing off their practically naked bodies, and gave their coats to Berman to hang up in the closet. They also took off their shoes and left them at the foot of the closet. Everyone, not least of all Berman, just stared in amazement at the boldness of ‘Adam and Eve’, but no one said a word of negative judgment, nor did anyone demand they be kicked out of the party. There was just a lot of lecherous staring and smiling, mostly at Camilla.

“That power of yours,” Ron said. “It’s working; I don’t believe it.”

“I do,” she said. And I’m sure Daddy’s judgement will still be similarly suspended when we have our next fuck, which will be on Hallowe’en proper; and there will be no problems, she thought. “OK, Ron, let’s mingle.”

She and Ron split up and mixed with the crowd of guests; predictably, Camilla immediately found herself surrounded by men who were fascinated with her costume, or relative lack of one. That crowd of men made it difficult for Berman, who’d just finished hanging up the coats, to get a chance to chat with Camilla.

She had the tiniest of leaves stuck to her nipples, allowing a little areola to show at the edges. She’d also had Candice shave her pussy to look like a ‘landing strip’ so Camilla could stick a smaller, thinner leaf on her remaining pubes, allowing more skin to show. Another thin leaf was stuck on her ass, covering most of her anal cleft, but leaving about a centimetre of buttock cleavage exposed. Apart from the leaves and her whore-bright makeup, she had nothing on.

Ron, too, had a small leaf stuck on his cock, and he’d had his pubic hair shaven so he could show off more skin; he also had a leaf stuck on his ass, similarly showing a little buttock cleavage. He wasn’t a very hairy man, so his body, with its good muscle tone and definition, would be a real feast for the eyes of any women and gay men at the party; indeed, he was soon surrounded by horny women and a few openly gay and bisexual men.

“Hi,” a woman said to Ron.

“Madam, I’m Adam,” he said.

“Did you get tired of Eve?” she asked, ogling him. “Do you want to go back to Lilith?”

“Actually, this Adam is looking for his Steve. Sorry.”

She and all the other disappointed women went away; but the gay and bisexual men were now crowding him.

Camilla psychically sensed many men behind her slowly bringing their hands down to her ass, to pull off the leaf stuck there. She used her mind-controlling powers on them and all the other men she found unattractive: she mentally suggested, You don’t think I’m sexy. You’d rather pursue other girls at this party. You’ll want to avoid me for the rest of the night. The majority of the men now went away, leaving only Berman and another handsome blond man in his forties to talk to her.

“What?” a woman watching asked. “Is she gay too, like her naked friend?”

Camilla found a chair and sat there while Berman and the other man sat on the sofa opposite her. She spread her legs so they could see her uncovered pussy. They were as amazed as they were aroused by her boldness, but they felt something mysterious compelling them not to make her restrain her sluttishness.

“So, you’re Eve, eh?” the blond man asked. He was dressed as a cowboy.

“Yep,” she said, smiling as she watched him staring at her pussy. “I’m freshly made from Adam’s rib.” She giggled.

“You sure are fresh all right. I ain’t a for real cowboy, but I sure am one hell of a stud.”

“Really?” she asked.

“Yeah. And if you don’t mind my saying so, you have a very pretty pussy.”

“Why, thank you,” she said, giggling. She then deliberately knocked a bowl of candies on to the floor. “Oops. I’m so clumsy.” She got up to pick up the candies; the bowl didn’t break.

“Oh, let me help you,” Berman said, and he and the cowboy got up to pick up the candies with her. She bent over with her legs spread wide open, and her exposed asshole was inches from the cowboy’s face.

“Oh, Jesus!” he said.

After picking up all the candies and putting them back into the bowl, the men sat down again. Camilla was about to sit down, too, but she looked over to the front door and saw Patrick and his wife being let in by one of Berman’s housemates. Patrick was dressed as a king, and his wife as a queen. Preferring to be with Patrick, Camilla used Nigrovum on Berman and the cowboy. You want to go get some drinks, and mingle with the other guests, she psychically suggested. The two men immediately got up and went over to the bar.

Camilla then psychically caused Patrick’s wife to feel a sudden filling up of her bowels with shit, and of her bladder with piss.

“Oh, Christ,” his wife said. “I gotta go to the little girl’s room.” She asked one of Berman’s housemates where the bathroom was, and quickly went to it.

Now that Patrick was alone, Camilla went up to him.

“Hi,” he said, ogling her next-to-nakedness.

“Hi,” she said in her ditzy ‘Dolly’ voice, acting as though she were fully dressed.

“Typical Camilla,” he said, looking up and down at her body. “And she was naked, and not ashamed.”

“Yep,” she said with a giggle. “Like Eve before the Fall. Let’s go somewhere alone, while your wife still doesn’t know.”

“Right,” he said. He followed her as they looked for a private place. They went down to the basement and found the laundry room. They went in and locked the door.

Patrick put his hands on her ass, gently squeezing her buttocks as she had her arms wrapped around his neck. They were intensely French kissing; his fingers inched into her ass-crack like the legs of a spider, searching for her asshole. The leaf on her anal cleft came loose and fell off.

“Oops,” he said. “Sorry.”

“That’s OK,” she said, then resumed kissing him. He slid his finger all the way inside her rectum, rubbing his fingers all along her anal walls; he was amazed at how clean she was in there. She moaned at the sensation of his finger stimulating the anal wall that neighboured her vaginal wall. Then he pulled his finger out, brought his hands up to her breasts, and gently squeezed them. At first, his hands avoided touching the tiny leaves on her nipples, but inevitably his fingers loosened them, and the first one fell off. She, always with her tongue inside his mouth, pretended she hadn’t noticed. Then the second leaf came off.

“Oops,” she said, looking down at it as it touched the floor by her feet.

“Sorry again,” he said, embarrassed at his clumsiness, but still squeezing.

“Don’t worry about it,” she said. She brought her right hand down to his crotch and started stroking the erection inside.

Naked, unashamed Eve, he thought; what an appropriate costume. Then he put his hand between her legs, correctly assuming she wouldn’t mind if the last leaf came off her pubic hair. After several seconds of stroking her clitoris with his fingers, the leaf did come loose, and indeed, she let it fall to the floor, too. Now she was one hundred percent naked.

“Sorry a third time,” he said.

“It’s OK,” she said. “I had a friend shave me so I could show off more skin. Might as well show everything.”

“Yeah,” he panted.

His sensitive, expert fingers tickled her clitoris with a faster, vibrating speed, and she was sighing and squealing at a high pitch. He bent down to suck on her tits. She ran her fingers through his hair as his wet lips tightly embraced her left nipple, then moved over to be wrapped around the right one. The fingers that had been stroking her clit were now up her cunt, tickling her G-spot. She hoped her screams wouldn’t be heard outside. Luckily for her, that man in the cowboy costume had seen her and Patrick come down into the laundry room. He eavesdropped on the other side of the door and touched the bulge in his pants.

Patrick squatted down on the floor, and Camilla got on the floor on all fours, with her legs spread wide open and her butt pushed out so he could see her asshole and pussy. She looked back at him, her eyes asking him if he still liked what he saw. He fingered her asshole, opening it wide, then his face dove down to it.

He started eagerly licking her asshole and pussy, his tongue sliding upward in large, inclusive licks. His tongue touched every wrinkle, both pink and brown, and there was no urinary or faecal taste at all. He kept licking and licking, and she kept sighing and squealing, coming closer and closer to orgasm. His fingers opened her asshole wider, and he slid his tongue a centimetre inside.

“I’m gonna come,” she squealed. “Oh!”

Oh, if only I could see this, the cowboy thought as he listened and felt himself.

Remembering how copiously Camilla gushed, Patrick pulled his tongue out of her asshole and brought his head down to her vagina just in time. Her come spouted out, and he swallowed much of it, but much of it also sprayed all over his face.

They were fortunate to have a sink in the laundry room so Patrick could clean up. After he did, he asked, “Well, what about the leaves?”

“Oh, don’t worry about them,” she said. “I’ll think of something.”

“Are you sure?”

“Oh, yeah, I’ll be fine. You’d better hurry. The Mrs. is probably wondering where you are.”

“Oh yeah, right,” he said, and rushed out of the laundry room. The cowboy was hiding, so Patrick didn’t see him as he raced back upstairs to find his wife.

Camilla psychically sensed the presence of the forty-something blond man in the cowboy costume; she just casually walked out of the laundry room, leaving the leaves behind. He appeared from his hiding place.

“Oh!” she said, pretending to be surprised at his accosting of her, but leaving her hands at her sides so his eyes could freely roam all over her delicious frontal nudity. “Bonsoir, mon cowboy.”

“Hi,” he said, admiring her breasts and landing strip pubic hair. “Those leaves weren’t really covering anything anyway, were they?”

“Nah,” she said, giggling at how his eyes continued looking up and down at her body. “Are you a guest, or one of Mr. Berman’s housemates?”

“A guest,” he said, approaching her and still ogling. “I’m Hank, by the way.” He put out his hand for her to shake.

“I’m Camilla,” she said, shaking his hand. “If you go up, get my coat and bring it to me, I’ll let you take me home and fuck me.”

He flew up the stairs like a bolt of lightning.


In twenty minutes, they were in his apartment building, standing in the hall in front of the door to his room as he got out his keys to let them in.

“I hope Mr. Berman won’t be too mad at me for leaving his party so soon,” Camilla said, undoing her coat buttons.

“I’m sure you can make up an excuse, and he’ll forgive you for it,” Hank said as he put his apartment key into the hole and unlocked the door.

“I’ll make it up to him someday soon,” she said, then took off her coat and let it fall to the floor. She kicked off her high heels.

He got the door open, then looked back at the naked girl in the hallway. “Uh, sweetie, I can’t have you out here naked, where my gossipy neighbours can see you. Please get in quickly.” He squatted down to pick up her coat and shoes. While he was down there, she pushed her buttocks against his face and rubbed them against his nose, lips, and cheeks. While he enjoyed that, he knew he had to get her in his apartment quickly before anyone saw them.

They got inside, and while he was locking the door and putting her coat and shoes on a nearby table, she ran off, looking for his bedroom. She found it, dropped her purse by the bed and got on it on all fours, spreading her legs and showing off her asshole and pussy. He quickly got naked and got on the bed behind her.

He slid his hard cock inside her wet pussy; as it went in deeper and deeper, she sighed and squealed louder and louder, and higher and higher in pitch. When the knob of his cock poked against her A-spot, she screamed with delight. After a few more pleasant pokes, she squirted her first orgasm for him.

“Wow,” he panted as he continued fucking her. “You’re a…wet one, aren’t you?”

“Yeah,” she said in sighs. “Sorry. Ah!

“That’s OK. Actually, I’m…quite flattered. Unh!

“Oh, fuck me! I don’t…get enough…these days. Oh!

“Not enough? You just…got some…with that guy…in the…laundry room. Oh!

“He didn’t…put his…cock in me. Ah!” She came again.

“You…poor girl. Unh!

“Wanna fuck…my ass?” Oh!

“Sure,” he panted, then pulled his cock out of her pussy. She sighed soprano notes as his shaft slid along her vaginal walls, making a tingling sensation against her G-spot. She reached for her purse and took out her anal lube; then she gave it to him. He lubed his cock and her rectum thoroughly, then gently pushed the tip of his cock against her anal orifice.

She looked back at him as he slid his cock in an inch further, moaning softly and her eyes welcoming his cock inside her ass. By the time he got half-way, her low moans changed to high-pitched squeals.

“This good,” he grunted. “Oh!” He pushed in further.

“Oh, yeah,” she moaned. “Ah!” He was all the way in.

“You are…so tight…in here. Fuck!

The bed shook as he pushed his cock in and pulled it out. She balanced herself with one hand while the other fingered her hard clitoris. They were moaning and sighing like a vocal duet. After a minute or so of more ass-fucking, he was ready to come.

“I’m gonna blow. Unh!

“Take it out,” she said with a shaky voice. Come on…my tits. Oh!

He pulled his cock out of her ass, and she turned around, kneeling and facing him. She took his cock in her hand and slid her fingers back and forth along his long, thick shaft. Keeping his dick pointed at her tits, she had him shoot his first load at her left breast, then her right, then on her right nipple, then her left, then a last splash went on her belly.

They lay on the bed on their backs, with their arms around each other, slowly catching their breath.

This should keep me satisfied until Hallowe’en, she thought; when I’ll be doing this with Daddy again.


Agape was confident that his developing psychic powers would cancel out any drugs Camilla gave her, so he could clearly monitor her inevitably lewd behaviour during the late hours of their Hallowe’en party. He could surreptitiously watch her without her knowing he was watching. Soon he would find out for sure if she was really committing incest with him, and his psychic turning of her ‘fog of unknowing’ into a ‘window of observation’ would have ‘glass’ that would shield him from the emotional pain of knowing how she was shaming him. He would be ready for her.

She agreed to start going to Mass with him again, since that was his condition for agreeing to smoke pot with her during their Hallowe’en costume party in his house on Tuesday night. That Sunday morning, he and his daughter sat at the front pew of the church as usual, waiting for Father Josiah’s homily.

The priest spoke about the symbolism of the first six days of Creation. “There is much duality, or separation into opposites, in the Creation narrative,” he began. “God created the heaven above, and the earth below. The earth was unformed and void, and there was darkness: then there was light.”

All of this was reminding Camilla about Dr. McVie’s first lecture on creation myths. In Greek myth, there was unformed chaos, then darkness, then light.

“From the darkness, we come to the light,” Josiah continued. “God divided the waters below and above with the firmament. He called the light Day, and the dark Night. Then He separated land and sea, and made the sun and the moon.”

Exciting? Camilla wondered; boring, actually.

“Finally,” Josiah said, “God created man and woman in His image. He separated the original human into two sexes when he fashioned Eve from one of Adam’s ribs. In chapter one we look down from heaven onto earth, as before the Fall; in chapter two, we look up from earth to heaven, as after the Fall. Prior to the Fall, all is good; after the Fall, all is bad. We went from the light to the dark. We must go back to the light, from the unformed void to the goodness of God’s creation. There’s no third, middle way, as the false prophets would have us believe; good and evil are separate, as were all the things God separated during the Creation. Jesus is the only bridge from the evil to the good–Jesus, who as the Word was with God during the Creation. There are only two ways, as the Creation narrative suggests: darkness, or light; formlessness, or creation; night, or day; below, or above; damnation, or salvation. Choose the latter.”

After the homily, Agape and Camilla went up to say goodbye to Father Josiah.

“Would you like to come to a Hallowe’en costume party at my house, Father?” Agape asked.

“Nothing too crazy, like last time, I hope?” the priest asked.

“It’ll be perfectly innocent,” Agape said. (He was hoping the priest could be there to corroborate his story about Camilla’s incestuous lust should they see it before their eyes.) “Nothing sinful at all.”

“It’ll be like Adam and Eve before the Fall,” Camilla said.

Both Agape and Josiah raised their eyebrows at her words, but said nothing in reply to her.

“I’ll be there,” Josiah said, hoping to watch Camilla and make her behave. “But I won’t have any liquor.”

“No problem,” Agape said. “We’re having only Coke and ginger ale, right, Camilla?”

“Right,” she said. We’ll save the drugs for after Josiah and Carrie are gone, she thought.

Late on Tuesday night, after Camilla had finished committing incest with Agape, he used his psychic powers to put himself completely to sleep; a deep sleep would put that whole sordid affair out of his mind…for a while, at least. He wasn’t yet ready to confront his daughter with his awareness of her surreptitious lewdness.

In his dream, he saw Collette in the mansion, now burning, with the sight of groups of naked lovers engaging in group sex all around him and his ex-wife.

“I’m so sorry, Aga,” she said. “Camilla’s always been a bad girl.”

“She wasn’t before our divorce,” he insisted. “I’m sure her seeing you and your swinger friends over the years since our divorce is what made her what she is today.”

“It was more than that,” she said. “I tried to control her. I thought putting her in an all-girls Catholic high school would make up for what she’d seen all those early years. I’m sorry. I’m really, really sorry. She’s out of control.”

Behind her, Agape could see a group of men in grotesque masks laughing eerily at him.


On Wednesday morning, he woke up sitting on his living room chair, where Camilla had left him. His lap was wet with her remaining come: in her wasted state the night before, she’d forgotten to clean him up properly. With this mess, he could at least prove his case against her, and stop her lies and denials once and for all.

By separating and distancing him from his feelings and moral judgement, that ‘psychic window’ he’d created to watch her fucking him the night before was still protecting him from the emotional pain of what she’d done. Nonetheless, he would have to remove that window, and face his trauma: being jaded and emotionless about what she’d done was as wicked an attitude as the deed was. Apathy was a totally unacceptable reaction to his unwitting incest with her. Apathy was a terrible emotion to begin with. As horrible as it would be to feel their shame with all his emotions unrestrained, he still had to confront his feelings…he had to have feelings about what she’d done, or else he wouldn’t be human.

First, he called the English faculty at York and told them he was sick, and wouldn’t be able to teach his classes that day. Then he went up into his bedroom, sat on his bed, and meditated.

He visualized smashing the ‘glass’ of that psychic window; it took all of his bravery to do so. After a minute of intense concentration, the barrier that had been protecting his ego from his moral judgement was shattered, and he felt his shame flooding all over himself in an awesome tsunami. The eyes and mouth of Agape were agape with the horror of it all.

“Oh, my God!” he screamed. “How could she do that to me?! Why? Why?” He was wailing, sobbing, and shaking all over.

Camilla woke up in her bedroom with a start at his crying. She covered her nakedness with a bathrobe and ran into his bedroom. Already, she correctly sensed what the problem was, but she wasn’t at all willing to admit her fault in it.

“Daddy,” she said, coming up to him. “Are you OK? Try to calm down. Whatever you do, don’t think despairing thoughts, or be afraid. Whatever the problem is, we can make it better.” She brought her hand up to his shoulder.

“Don’t touch me!” he yelled. “Never touch me!”

“Yes, sir,” she said timidly, backing up with fear, and knowing exactly what he meant by that.

He took a minute to calm down. Then he looked her in the eyes and said, “Camilla, I know what you’ve been doing with me.”

“Wait, Daddy, do you mean when you saw Candice on top of you last night? It was–”

Don’t lie to me! Stop pretending you’re innocent. Admit what you did. It was you, not her.”

“Wh-what you saw…was a dream.” She was crying.

“Come on, Camilla. That lie is getting so old. I’m wet all over my lap. None of it is me. It’s all you, and you know it.”

“Let…let me explain. I–”

“Ever since you returned to my life, I’ve been developing…some kind of strange power. Suddenly, I can cure my own hangovers in a heartbeat, just by wishing them away. You once cured a hangover of mine, I remember, by simply tapping me on the shoulder; the pain was gone in seconds. This mental anguish you’ve caused me, though, it won’t go away so easily.”

“It would if you stopped thinking of it as a sin. Open–”

“Ridiculous!” he snapped. “Without the need of this power, I’ve suspected that you were doing what you were doing, but I kept hoping my suspicions weren’t true. Now I can’t deny it any more.”

“Daddy,” she said in sobs, “This power can heal your shame, too.”

“I don’t want it to! We should be ashamed of ourselves, otherwise, we’re not human. But this power, it allows me to…read minds, it seems, or at least sense people’s thoughts. I sense that you can, too. I can influence people’s thoughts…I know you can, too, but I don’t know how we can do this. This power is…sexually transmitted, isn’t it?”

“You can do good things with it, though…”

“That’s how I got this power, didn’t I? You passed it on to me through your…oh, God, ejaculations?”

“Oh, Daddy,…”

“Tell me the truth, dammit!” he shouted.

“Let me explain,…” Camilla said, shaking.

“Tell me!”

Yes! Daddy, yes! I love you, Daddy. I’ve always loved you. These things inside me made me love you even more, though. I–I tried to fight it, but I couldn’t. I’m in love with you. I know it seems sick, but…”

Seems sick? It is sick!” he cried, his face drowning in tears. “You’re in love with me, but you have lesbian sex with Candice, right in front of me? You took a man up to your bedroom a month ago and had sex with him, and you’ve been ‘in love’ with me the whole time, the last man on earth you should be in love with?”

“I–I can’t control myself,” she said, also with a face drenched in tears. “These things, they make me always want sex; I starve for it every day.”

“What are ‘these things’?” he asked, now no longer crying.

“They’re in our blood, tiny, microscopic black ovoid things.”

“Bacteria? A virus of some kind?”

“I don’t know,” she said, calming down and no longer crying. “A doctor I know in Vancouver who also has them in his blood thinks they’re aliens from another planet.”

Agape rolled his eyes and said, “I don’t know what planet I’m on right now.”

“Daddy? Can I have a hug?” She timidly approached him.

“No,” he said firmly, putting out his hand and psychically creating a force field to block her.

“Just an innocent hug, Daddy. Please? Nothing sexual.”


“Please don’t keep me from you. Let me kiss your mouth. I love you.” She tried breaking the barrier, but he kept it strong. “Let me kiss your mouth. Daddy, please! I’ll die of despair if I never touch you again!”

“Camilla, you’re sick. Sick in your mind. I’m arranging for you to see a psychiatrist as soon as possible. You’re also moving out.”

“No, Daddy. Please!” she yelled, crying again.

“Carrie is moving in, and she and I are engaged to be married.”

“Oh, God, no! Not her! Please, Daddy. Don’t marry her; she isn’t right for you.”

“Oh, and you are, eh?” he asked with a sneer.

“Daddy, she’s old, and I’m young. I’m a much better lover than she could ever be, and I have a really nice body. Let me show it to you.” She started undoing her bathrobe.

“No, I don’t want to see,” he said, psychically freezing her hands and not letting her open the robe to display her nudity.

“Daddy, please don’t marry her. Don’t make me leave. I couldn’t bear it! I wanna be your lover.”


“Please! Open your mind to it! We can keep our love a secret. Nobody will ever know.”

I will know! We will know!” he shouted, crying again.

“It’s only society that says incest is wrong!”

God says it’s wrong!”

“No! That’s just the rules of the Church, not God.”


“Please open your mind to what I can do for you,” she said frantically. “I can make you feel so good in bed, Daddy. I can drive you wild, be any fantasy you dream about. I’ll be faithful, too. I’ll give up all my other lovers for you.”

“That’s supposed to make me feel better?” he asked.

“Open your mind, please! Homosexuality used to be condemned, now gays can get married. Who knows? Maybe in a few decades, people can come to accept our kind of love.”

“You’re positively insane,” he said in sobs. “Oh, my poor baby girl!”

“Don’t marry Carrie, please! She could never love you the way I do. She could never please you in bed the way I can.” She gritted her teeth and smiled lewdly at him. “Believe me, I am such a little whore under the sheets.”

“Stop it!” he shouted, slapping her. “Shut up!”

“I–I love you so much.” She sobbed softly.

“You don’t know anything about love. With you, it’s all sex and no love. How could you do such a filthy thing to me? How could you even want to?”

“I just wanted to please you.”

Please me? You’ve shamed me. You’ve shamed me. You’ve shamed both of us.” He started walking toward the bedroom door.

“Please, Daddy, let me convince you.”

“We’re not having this conversation! Today is your last day in this house.” He went out of the bedroom, down the stairs, and out of the house to get in his car.

She buckled down to the ground, shaking. That heavy weight was on her back again, like a pile of rocks holding her down. She knew that without Agape, she would plunge into despair; that would lead to her death, and an eternal nightmare of being gang-raped by masked incubi and those Vancouver punks. Fucking, forever and ever and ever. Even she needed a rest from that from time to time. As hopeless as the situation seemed to be, she couldn’t allow herself to despair.

She reminded herself that she had been given a great, divine gift, the power of the ‘sons of God’. Nigrovum had given her abilities most people couldn’t even dream of. She wasn’t defeated yet; she just had to bring that power of hers to its fullest potential. She had to use her imagination and think of a subtle plan, a brilliant plan to get Agape to love her, accept having an incestuous relationship with her, and remove all other hurdles to the realization of their love.

She kept the hope in her mind that he had the same sexual feelings for her, deep down in his subconscious–those feelings just hadn’t surfaced yet. She used this desperate hope to raise her spirits, inch by inch, and to remove those psychic ‘rocks’ on her back that were weighing her down.

She could feel herself less and less weighed down, and she slowly regained her strength, and got up from the floor. Sensing how her father had dealt with the trauma of knowing what she’d done, she decided to do the same thing with her own emotional pain: she put psychic dome around herself, a barrier that would shield her from the agony of his rejection. This would allow her to have the patience she’d need to think clearly and come up with a plan to get him back.

Indeed, she reassured herself that she would get him back, and get him to love her in the same physical way as she loved him. The first obstacle to be rid of was, of course, Carrie…


Agape was in his car, just driving and driving aimlessly down some open roads. As he was driving, he searched for a radio station that would play some music that could help him take his mind of what Camilla had done; instead, all he got were cruel reminders. First, he heard ‘Young Girl’, by Gary Puckett.

My love for you is way out of line.’

“No, I don’t want to hear that,” he said, and quickly changed stations.

Then he heard ‘Don’t Stand So Close to Me’, by the Police.

‘This girl is half his age.’

“Oh, God,” he said, and immediately switched to another station, an alternative station that played oldies.

He heard ‘Brown Shoes Don’t Make It’, by Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention.

The drummer lecherously said, ‘If she were my daughter, I’d…’

“Oh, I give up!” he shouted, turning the radio off. What’s the attraction? he thought; Why would Camilla have incestuous feelings for me? Am I simply forbidden fruit? Surely a pretty girl like her would much rather have a handsome young man instead of an aging man like me, father or no father. Maybe when she sees a psychiatrist, we’ll get some answers.

He eventually drove to his church. He went inside, and went inside a confessional.

“Bless me, Father, for I have sinned…” he began.


Once Camilla had completely calmed down, she called Father Josiah.

“Hello?” he said on his cell-phone.

“It’s me, Camilla. Do you still want me, Father?” she asked.

“Yes, of course,” he eagerly said.

“I know this is sudden, but can I move in with you?”

“Yes, yes, of course. When do you want to come over?”

“Is tomorrow OK?”

“I already can’t wait,” he said. “Come here with all your things in the morning.”

“Thanks, Father,” she said. “I’ll be at your door around 11 AM. Bye.”

His hopes of marrying her, and saving her soul (as well as redeeming his) were suddenly resurrected.

“Thank you, Lord,” he said, looking upwards.


On Thursday morning, Camilla brought her bag of things with her to Father Josiah’s home. They went into his bedroom, she put the bag down, and they sat on the bed, her on his lap.

He sensed her emotional numbness, and correctly feeling that it was unhealthy, he tried to break her psychic ‘dome’ down. She wouldn’t let him at first, but knowing that her tears would likely make him want to fuck her, the sex-starved girl removed the dome herself.

She started crying; he held her tightly in his arms, and rocked her back and forth on his lap. “Tell me all about it, sweetie,” he said soothingly. “What happened at home?”

“I had a fight with my daddy,” she sobbed, her head on his shoulder. “He doesn’t want me to live with him anymore. I’ll go crazy without him.”

“Well, you’re with me now,” he said. Though he knew what the problem was between her and Agape, he was hoping for a confession from her. “What happened between you and your father?”

“I don’t wanna talk about it. Please hold me, Father. Hold me.”

“Of course, sweetie,” he said, hugging her tighter and trying to ignore his erection. “I quit the priesthood yesterday, so our love wouldn’t be sinful.”

“What?” she asked, pulling back. “But that makes you less sexy to me.”

“I can become an Anglican vicar, if you like.”

“Oh, let’s just make love.”

“Alright,” he said, and they started getting undressed. “Why’s your hair all black?”

“Remember that power we both have?” she asked, unzipping her green, flower-patterned dress.


“It made my hair and eyes turn black. That’s why my skin is paler, too.” Her dress dropped to the floor. She kicked off her high heels; wearing no underwear, she was now naked. “If you don’t like the way I look, I can change it back.” She got on the bed on her back.

“No, that’s OK,” he said, now naked too. “Black is a nice change, I think. Besides, I’m getting a little black myself. You should see my fingernails and toenails.” He got on top of her in the missionary position. She lifted her legs up, ready to receive his cock in either hole. He, of course, would only choose her vagina, and he slowly slid his cock inside.

As it went in deeper and deeper, her sobs changed to sighs of pleasure. He got all the way in, and she squealed with delight. This was the first cock she’d felt inside her since she’d fucked her father. For the time being, Father Josiah would have to do as a substitute. He slid his cock in and out several times, and she came all over the sheets. “Ah!”

“Oh, yeah, I forgot…about your gushing,” he said, still moving in and out of her pussy. “Oh!”

“Just keep…fucking me. Ah!

“Please, watch your language,” he moaned. “Unh!”

“Don’t stop. Oh!” She came a second time.

He put his hands on her breasts and gently squeezed them. He reached over and pecked her on the lips. “I’m…almost there,” he sighed.

“Pull it out. Oh!

“OK,” he said, and slowly let his cock slide out of her soaking wet pussy. She sat up and took his cock in her hand. She jerked him off, pointing the tip of his cock at her belly. Her gentle hand slid back and forth along his shaft. Then he spouted all over her right tit, her belly, her black pubic hair, and her thigh.

They lay next to each other on their backs and cuddled. After a minute or so of them catching their breath, she said, “Thank you, Father. I needed that.” She reset that psychic ‘dome’.

“So did I, as sinful as it was,” he said. “It would have been better if I’d…discharged inside you, though.”

Exploiting his foolish hopes, she said, “But we can’t do that unless we’re married.”

He smiled slightly at those words. She would say no more, though: she was playing her cards very carefully.


On Friday, Camilla, with her hair blonde again, and wearing heavy makeup and a tight-fitting black dress, went to see Dr. Marlow Rosenblood, a psychiatrist in his late forties. Camilla didn’t at all want to bare her soul to such a man, but she went anyway, out of a wish to show obedience to her father, now the only way she could show him her love. She was delighted, however, to see how good-looking the psychiatrist was, tall and thin, with streaks of silver in his wavy brown hair.

I do pick the right days to dress like a slut, she thought.

She sat on a chair facing him. He had a notebook and a pen in his hands.

“OK, Camilla,” Dr. Rosenblood began. “Feel free to say anything you like. Do not feel at all inhibited. Even if you say rude things, I won’t care. Let your natural feelings flow: that way I can better understand your thought processes.”

“I can even say things that are…possibly offensive?” she asked in disbelief.

“If you don’t like my tie, or my nose, feel free to say so. Even antisemitic remarks won’t bother me.”

“Wow, you’re really secure, aren’t you?”

“You can say nice things, too, of course. The point is, whatever’s on your mind, just say it. Don’t be shy.”

“OK,” she said, getting up and moving towards him slowly, with a lewd smile. “You tell me: what’s on my mind?”

“You can say anything, not do anything,” he said, motioning to her to go back to her chair.

“Oh, come on, Doctor. Let’s have some fun. I won’t tell if you don’t.”

“Camilla, why don’t you take a look at the photo on my desk?” he suggested.

She looked at the picture: it showed Rosenblood hugging a man.

“Oh, I’m sorry!” she said, backing off. Then she paused thoughtfully, and tried her cat moves on him again. “I’ll bet, in the right circumstances, a woman could bring the animal out of you.” She was kneeling before his chair, her fingers tickling his hands. She also started using Nigrovum on him to give him an erection.

Surprised at what was happening, Rosenblood nonetheless used strong willpower to resist her. “A tiger can’t change his stripes, Camilla.”

“He can crawl into a different cave every now and then, though.”

“Camilla,” he said firmly, taking her hands and pushing them back. “Back in your chair, please.”

She went back and sat on her chair like a petulant, spoiled child.

“You obviously use your sexuality to hide your real self from people. I’m here to uncover the secrets of your mind; you just want to uncover your body. Even when you learn that I’m gay, you try to convince me to spend a ‘straight’ night with you. You want to avoid talking about your problems so much, you’ll stop at nothing to use sex to change the subject.”

“Yeah, whatever,” she said, pouting and avoiding his eyes.

“When your father insisted on making our appointment as soon as possible, I could hear a lot of anxiety in his voice,” the psychiatrist said. “Why don’t you tell me about your relationship with him? Or, if your prefer, perhaps it would be easier if you talked instead about your mother. What about her?”

Around 5 AM, someone driving in Agape’s neighbourhood saw a black-haired woman walking out of Agape’s house and onto the sidewalk. The dress she was wearing looked familiar.

“That’s one of Carrie’s dresses, isn’t it?” the driver said.

When the woman had walked far away enough not to notice the car, the driver parked in front of Agape’s house, got out of the car, and went over to the side of the house.

The sun was just starting to come up, allowing only a slight hint of light. The driver looked through the window of the side door, which led into the kitchen. The dim light allowed the sight of only a pool of blood on the floor, and a hand lying palm up in the blood. The naked eye wouldn’t have even seen if the hand was a man’s or a woman’s, it was so dark; but the driver knew who was lying there.

Walking quickly back to the sidewalk to see where the black-haired woman was going, the driver took out a cell-phone and dialled a number. The woman was walking towards that tall apartment building where, in one particular room neighbouring that of a fat young man, there had been much lesbian lovemaking, as well as a lot of heroin use.

“Hello, police?” the driver said into the phone.


Patrick, piss drunk, had arrived home at about 3 AM. He’d turned on his computer and sent an e-mail to all of his family and friends. This is what it said:

I can’t live with what I’ve done. My selfishness has resulted in death, undeserved death. I, however, do deserve to die. Sorry, but I can’t take the pain anymore. Something inside me, in my blood, has made me inhuman, a monster. The pain I feel weighs down on me; I can’t breathe. Sorry, and goodbye.


He’d left the house ten minutes after sending the e-mail, having left the computer on so Camilla could see the message when she came back.


The black-haired woman went into the apartment building with her hair hanging down over her face, covering it almost completely. She pressed the elevator button and waited.

How could everything have gone so wrong? she thought. The elevator opened, and she got in.


At about 5:30 AM, Mr. Berman’s housemates forced their way into his bedroom after he hadn’t answered their repeated knocking; they found him hanging by the neck from a sturdy light on the ceiling. A chair was lying on its side by his dangling feet.

“What the fuck?” one of them said, almost falling on the floor in shock.

The other housemate, with his hand over his mouth in case he threw up, went over to Berman’s computer, moving the mouse and noticing, on the monitor, a draft of an e-mail, sent to Berman’s family, friends, and boss. This is what it said:

I’ve done many bad things in my life, some real, and some imagined by slanderers. But the worst thing I ever did was fall in love with one of my former students. She made me do things that I, in my right mind, would never have done. I hate myself for being weak enough to get mixed up with a girl half my age. My family despises me, I’ve lost my self-respect as a former teacher, and I’ve degraded myself beyond redemption.

This self-hate has pulled me down so low in depression that I literally can’t even move, except with great effort. Something…alien…is inside me, making me feel even more ashamed that can be put into words. I can’t bear this agony anymore. Sorry, but goodbye.

Adam Berman


As the driver, frowning, waited for the police to arrive, he psychically scanned the bullet that had been shot, to ensure that the ballistic fingerprinting would match the bullet to the gun. Sensing different markings, and concentrating with closed eyes, he mentally adjusted the markings to ensure accuracy.

It’s a perfect match now, he thought; I’m ready. He saw a police car coming down the road, and rushed to his car to get something.


As the elevator went up to the right floor, the black-haired girl went over in her mind what had happened three hours before.

I put my gloved hands on the doorknob of the front door, she thought, then I psychically scanned for the locking mechanism and the burglar alarm, assuming they’d be set. But bizarrely, the burglar alarm wasn’t on, and the door was unlocked! Had someone already come in to do the job? It didn’t feel that way. Anyway, I obviously didn’t need Nigrovum to help me get in. I opened the door carefully and quietly, and I walked in, removing my coat and high heels and leaving them by the door. I crept over to the kitchen; then I sensed someone coming down the stairs from the bedroom. But who was it? Was I being psychically blocked? As I heard the person coming towards the kitchen, I hid behind the fridge, waiting to fire…


At about 5:45 AM, a police car drove by the scene of a car crash. Patrick’s car was smashed against the side of a building. Patrick’s bloody, lifeless body was leaning against the steering wheel, his mouth kissing the ever-beeping horn.


Two police officers, one male, the other female, got out of their car and walked up the driveway to Agape’s house, where the driver, sobbing, was sitting on the porch with the gym bag on his lap.

“You reported a murder, sir?” the policewoman asked.

“Yes,” the driver said, wiping tears from his eyes. “My name is Don Josiah, and three hours ago, I shot and killed Agape Mennon.”


The elevator doors opened, and the black-haired girl got out and went down the hall. The fat neighbour opened his door slightly to ogle her. She gave him a look that would have made the evil eye seem friendly; he quickly shrank back and closed his door.

She got out a key and unlocked the door to the room across the hall from the fat man’s. She went in, still thinking about what had happened in Agape’s kitchen.

I felt that urge swelling up inside me, she thought; Kill! Kill! Kill! My hate and lust for violence was distorting my thinking, and though I couldn’t psychically focus on who was entering the kitchen, I knew I wanted to shoot that person, whoever he–or she–was. I took off my gloves and got ready to aim.

She went over to the bedroom, about to open the door; still, she went over in her mind what had gone awry in Agape’s kitchen.

I aimed as my victim came in the kitchen and turned on the light, she thought; I saw Carrie. “Ca–?” she began to say.

The black-haired girl opened the bedroom door, turned on the light, and looked at a pile of blankets on the bed, covering most of the motionless body of a pale-skinned girl with black fingernails. Walking closer to the body on the bed, she barely seemed to notice the disturbing sight, for she simply couldn’t stop obsessing about the tragedy that had occurred in that kitchen.

I fired, she thought; as soon as the bullet hit ‘Carrie’ in the chest, ‘she’ suddenly changed into Daddy! He’d been using Nigrovum to trick me into thinking he was her! This was his plan to protect her from me. The sharp sting in my fingertip, which dripped ignored blood on the floor, was a pleasure to feel compared to the shaking of my heart.

Camilla pulled the blankets aside and saw the open-eyed, pale face of ‘Goth-looking’ Candice lying on the bed, dead from a deliberate overdose of heroin. Wearing no makeup, her lips were nonetheless jet black, and her baggy eyes suggested black eyeshadow.

“So now I know where you were aiming your killer instinct, Candice,” Camilla said, beginning to cry. “Baby, I’m so sorry.”


Agape’s body was put on a stretcher and in an ambulance. The police handcuffed Don, while Carrie, sobbing in loud, high-pitched shrieks, watched him being put in the back seat of the police car.

“Please forgive me, Carrie,” he said, still crying. “I was out of my mind; I didn’t know what I was doing.”

Carrie, with her face blanketed in tears, watched the police car drive away. Then she thought she heard–or, more accurately, felt–a voice, Agape’s, ‘saying’, Don’t cry, sweetie. I’ll be right by your side, every second of every day. And wait for your dreams: there you’ll have a taste of heaven, with me, every minute of every night.


Don mediated in the back seat of the car, communing with Agape’s spirit. We did it, Don thought; Camilla has absolutely no reason to kill Carrie now, for without you, her father, Camilla has no prize to claim.

Agape: That’s right. It’s a good thing you got to her locker in that strip joint, just in time before it closed.

Don: This power we have, it sure is convenient, allowing me to open the padlock just by mentally scanning for the right combination; and psychically distracting everyone else, so no one would notice me in the locker room. I got my gym bag out, and left safely. I’m so glad no one else got to it before me.

Agape: And with the markings on her mental ‘bullet’ altered to match your gun, the evidence will point only to you, and not to Camilla. She’ll be safe from any suspicion in the murder. You sacrificed your freedom for the girl you love, my daughter. Thank you so much.

Don: Oh, that’s nothing. You sacrificed your life for the woman you love. That was very brave.

Agape: I hope Carrie will be alright. I’ll comfort her in her dreams. And now that I’m in this other world, I can navigate it more skillfully, so when Camilla dies and arrives in the darker areas, I can rescue her faster and more assuredly.

Don: I wish Camilla could appreciate the value of sacrifice, for it is true love, not incessant sexual conquests.

Agape: Yes, and I hate to wish an early death on my daughter, but she mustn’t build up any more bad karma. It will only make it harder to get her out of hell.


Camilla sat on Candice’s bed. She’d removed her emotionally numbing psychic dome, for she knew she had to have a crying moment for her father, to remind herself that she was still human. Always crying, she continued going over in her mind what had happened in Agape’s house:

“Daddy!” she screamed, grabbing him and breaking his fall. She laid him gently on the kitchen floor on his back, and knelt beside him. “I’m so sorry! I can heal you. I’ll use my power to get the bullet out.”

“No,” Agape said, coughing out blood. “Let me die.”

She tried visualizing her ‘bullet’ disintegrating, and the wound closing, but Agape wouldn’t let her psychic energy touch his body.

“Daddy, why are you blocking me?” she cried, desperately trying to break through the force field he’d put between her healing energy and his wound. “I can save you: let me save you!”

“No,” he said, smiling serenely as he looked up at her lovingly. “You must…let go…of me.” He coughed out more blood.

“No!” she screamed, bawling and crying. “Carrie! Help me! Daddy’s dying!”

“She can’t…hear you. I’ve put…a dome…around her. It…protects her…and blocks…out sound.”

“Why do you want to die? That’s despair. That’s a sin. You know what the Church teaches. You’ll go to hell.”

“No, I won’t. I don’t…want to die. I must die.”


“To save you…from yourself. It’s you…who’ll go…to hell…when you die. I must get…you out…of there. My dying…will teach you…to let go…of your desires.”

“No, Daddy. Please! Don’t you die on me. I love you.” She was sobbing so intensely that her inarticulate words were now barely intelligible.

“I love…you, too. But I…love Carrie,” he said, still spitting out blood.

“Yes! You must live for her!” Camilla cried.

“Then what? You try…to kill her…again?”

“No, I won’t.”

“You will,” he said, his voice getting weaker and weaker.

“I won’t, Daddy. I promise. I learned my lesson. I’ll be good, I swear. I’m sorry I hated her.”

“You still do. I can’t…be with her…if you…oppose our…togetherness. You must learn…the consequences…of your actions. Saying sorry…and promising…without keeping…the promise…won’t be…enough. In the…other world, I’ll be waiting. When you’re…in hell, Don and I…will get…you out.”

“Don’s not dead, is he?” Camilla asked.

“No, not yet. But alive…or dead, he’ll help you…as will…Dr. Singh.”

“No, Daddy. Don’t listen to Ravinder. He’s gone crazy with this power.”

“No. He’s right. The masked men…want you.”

“Oh, no,” Camilla said in softer sobs. “Nigrovum’s made you crazy, too.”

“No. It’s given…me peace. You can…have it, too.”

“I can’t have peace, Daddy. I’m too horny. I’m being eaten up by desire.”

“That’s why…I must…save you,” Agape said. “You can…be saved.”

“It’s too late for me.”

“It’s never…too late, sweetie.”

“But I always want sex. I can’t stop wanting it. It’s an addiction.”

“The masked men…make you want it. They make it…an addiction…to make you…their slave. But I’ll save you, sweetie. I promise.”

“Oh, Daddy. You’re so sweet to me. I love you. Oh, I want you.” She, breathing heavily, reached down to kiss him on the lips, craving to drink his blood and make it mix with hers.

“No, my daughter. I won’t…take part…in your…filthy desires.”

“Let me kiss your mouth.” Her lips got closer and closer to his.

“You’ll have…my body,” he said, feeling his life drain out of his body, “but my spirit…will repel…all incest. I’ll be…in your…dreams tonight, and…every night…”

As soon as her lips met his, he died. She kissed him passionately, putting her tongue inside and snaking it around his motionless tongue. Sensing the lifelessness of his body, she acted fast.

“I’ll reanimate you,” she said with a shaking voice. She stared intensely at his vacant eyes, visualizing them moving and showing human expressiveness again. They moved ever so slightly, if soullessly; it was enough for her to continue trying. Come back, she thought, imagining his resurrected body; come back to life, for one last fuck.

As she continued focusing and concentrating on her meditation, her hair began to flutter out at the sides, as if a wind was blowing on it; her entire eyeballs also temporarily turned pitch black. The energy of Nigrovum vibrated from her hands into his lifeless body, electrifying it from head to toe. She was breathing heavily and hoarsely as she sent her psychic energy pulsating throughout his corpse, which, within seconds, seemed no longer to be a corpse. Indeed, his body slowly began to make ever so slight movements in the hands, legs, and head.

Encouraged by this progress she was making, and madly covetous of every inch of his–as she saw it–sacred body, she bent down to his chest, in the middle, where the bullet hole was; careful not to suck the bullet out, she began sucking out his blood, in large gulps. I will have as much of you inside my body as I can, she thought. Though she felt saintliness in his energy, she ignored that aspect completely.

His body was now moving, if mechanically. She then focused on his cock. She unzipped his pants and pulled it out, visualizing it as fully erect. She grinned salaciously as she watched it slowly grow and thicken into a rock-hard phallus. Her dress was soaked in his blood; she took it off and threw it on the kitchen floor near the entrance to the living room, outside the ever-widening pool of blood. Wearing no underwear, she was naked.

She got on top of him in the cowgirl position, and held his artificial hard-on below her descending pussy, which was already wet with lecherous expectation. She slowly fed it in, the dead member that eighteen years ago had given her life. Sighing hoarsely as she felt his hugeness filling her up and stimulating her every vaginal wall, she thought, I can only temporarily reanimate you. But if I can make you come in this resurrected state, I can get pregnant with your child. I’ll use Nigrovum to ensure that no birth defects result from inbreeding, and in a way I’ll have you back, however indirectly.

She fucked and fucked, screaming and squealing from the probings of the best cock she had ever felt–and would ever feel–in her whole life. Even as a cool, reanimated corpse, he was hot! She came, her ejaculation mixing with his blood. She kept him hard, and continued fucking.

In a way, this was the best fuck she’d ever had with him, even with him dead: for she didn’t have to divide her attention by psychically making herself look like Carrie, to fool him–she could focus completely on her lust; also, with Carrie in a soundproof psychic dome, Camilla didn’t have to worry about her lovemaking being interrupted; best of all, she could keep this reanimated corpse going, and going, and going, for it was only about a quarter after three in the morning. They could keep fucking until sun-up, and she wouldn’t get tired!

She came a second time, and her come poured out on his lap, surrounded by his pool of blood. She continued fucking.

As she bounced on his cock, she reached down to drink more of his blood from the wound in his chest. Her face was dripping with red, but she loved it, because it was his blood. She came a third time. Now she wanted to use Nigrovum to make him come: she visualized that cock inside her about to spout, as it tickled and massaged her G-spot, A-spot, and all her vaginal walls. Finally, he ‘came’, and she gleefully felt his love-juice flowing inside her.

She got up, feeling his tingling cock slide along her vaginal walls and come out of her soaking pussy. Then she went down on his lap and sucked all her come, with his blood, off his lap, using Nigrovum to ensure that absolutely no traces of her come remained.

Suddenly, she remembered her bleeding finger: she mentally healed it within seconds, and sucked her blood off; then she scanned the room for drops of her blood on the floor–it had mixed with her father’s. She psychically made her blood merge with his so completely, and indistinguishably, that no blood analysis would recognize any of it as hers.

Then she took her come, which she’d psychically separated from his, from out of her pussy and lubed her ass with it. Noticing his erection going soft again, she mentally got it hard again and sat on it, slowly feeding it inside her rectum. As his cock slid in and out, she thought, since this is going to be our last fuck, Daddy, I’m making sure it’s our best–one epic, necrophile fuck!

She went up and down, up and down on his cock, loving how its thickness and length stimulated her anal walls thoroughly. Her only regret–apart from, obviously, her accidental killing of him–was that he wasn’t enjoying the fuck as much as she was. After several minutes of intense ass-fucking, which caused her to have an anal orgasm, she pulled his cock out and flipped around for some ass-to-mouth.

After drinking all of the come from her anal orgasm from his cock, balls, and lap, and enjoying its mixture with his still-flowing blood, she slowly took his cock in her mouth, licking the tip and underside, and taking his shaft in half-way.

She blew him with a most ironic joie de vivre. She took his cock out of her mouth and sucked on his balls for a while, her tongue kicking them alternately and feeling them bounce off the roof of her mouth. Then she put his cock in her mouth again, deep-throating him: his blood-stained pubic hair went up her nostrils, and she sneezed as the drops went up her nose. She thrilled to feel the knob of his cock down in her throat. As she continued to have the entire length of his manhood in her mouth, she gently shook his balls with her hands.

My idea of heaven is always fucking you, Daddy, she thought, forever, and ever, and ever.

Finally, she pulled his cock out with a popping sound. Aiming his cock right at her nose, she mentally made him come all over her face, hitting her nose, her left eye, her right cheek, and lips, and her chin. She giggled, and licked all his come off his cock; then she put his cock back in his pants and zipped them up. She used Nigrovum to stop reanimating him, and his body fell limp on the floor.

She got up and looked at her dress, stained with his blood. “Must get rid of the evidence,” she said, then went to the ground floor bathroom. First, she washed as much of the blood off her dress as she could get off it, careful to make sure the blood all went down the drain. Then she let the shower water rain all over her blood-soaked naked body. As she, sobbing again, washed her body clean with thoroughly-lathered soap, the tears running down her face seemed to compete in quantity with all the water coming from the shower nozzle. She wanted to be cleansed of her sin, but she would be clean only in body.

After getting out of the shower and drying off, she found one of Carrie’s dresses, which was lying on a chair in the living room, and put it on. She took a cloth and wiped away any drops of blood she’d left in a trail from the kitchen to the bathroom. She then went back into the kitchen and looked at Agape’s body. Still sobbing, she realized she had to pull herself together. She put up that emotionally numbing psychic dome around her, and felt a fading away of her urge to cry, replaced with an almost inhumanly blank facial expression.

Then she used Nigrovum to remove all of her fingerprints from the scene of the crime. She also tried her best to make her bullet match those she’d sensed in Don’s box of bullets; she didn’t do a very good job of cloning them, but Don would correct her inaccuracies soon enough–in fact, he was waiting in his car a block or so down the street.

Camilla now scanned Agape’s semen in her vagina–with Nigrovum’s help, she realized that it had been sterilized! Did Daddy have a vasectomy? she thought; well, I’m going to have a baby, come hell or high water.

It was around 4 AM now; she went into the living room and sat on his chair. She began to meditate. She channeled all the psychic energy of every lover she’d had, focusing on her favourite men–and women: Mr. Grisham, Wayne, Mr. Hanson, Mr. Langella, Mr. Baker, Carl, Troy, Candice, Akemi, Belle, Mr. Leroy, Bob, Mr. Patterson, Li-ping, Don, Dr. Singh, Alex, Mr. Holland, Dr. Davis, Marcel, Dr. Lee, Dr. Lawson, Dr. Abruzzi, Dr. Martin, Patrick, Mr. Berman, and, of course, her father.

She amalgamated all of them into one perfect entity: with, for example, Dr. Lawson’s intelligence, Agape’s sweetness, Wayne’s kindness, Li-ping’s gentleness, Akemi’s virginal naivete, Candice’s loyalty, and Carl’s creative genius.

With her dishevelled hair flowing in, as it were, an imaginary wind, and her eyeballs completely black again, Camilla chanted, “Come, you spirits, sex me here. Fill me, from head to toe, with a mother’s fertility. Make my womb round, let no sterility thwart my purpose. Make my breasts full of sweet milk. Give me a son, a beautiful, perfect baby boy.” If I can make a bullet ‘ex nihilo’, and can reanimate a corpse, she thought, surely I can create a human life out of nothing, too.

She carefully visualized every feature of her boy-to-be, wanting no defects anywhere in or on his body, or in his mind. He’d grow to be handsome, he’d eventually be a big, strong man, he’d have genius intelligence, he’d be in perfect health, both physically and mentally. She imagined his future brain, hair, eyes, ears, face, bones, spinal cord, heart, lungs, stomach, kidneys, intestines, genitals, arms, legs, hands, feet, fingers, and toes, all in perfect working order. His nervous system, lymphatic system, circulatory system, and digestive system would all be flawless.

There would be no chemical imbalances or ‘faulty wiring’ of any sort in his brain. She vividly imagined her son’s future personality: gentle, soft-spoken, patient, considerate, polite, generous, and loving. Completely devoted to his Mommy.

In the intensity of her concentration, she became aroused again, feeling the combined psychic energy of all her past lovers stimulating her vaginal walls, her anal walls, her nipples, and her skin. It felt like two dozen hands were gently stroking, caressing, and fingering every inch of her body, leaving not a goose bump untouched. Anticipating an orgasm, she lay on the living room floor on her back. She put her legs up, and raised her ass up off the floor.

When she came, she used Nigrovum to make her come fly in an arc and fall, with perfect aim, into her mouth. She swallowed it all, and not even as much as one drop trickled down her cheek.

Then she put on her coat and shoes, stuffed her bloody old dress in her purse, and went out of the house.


A week later, a funeral was arranged for Agape. Camilla and Carrie held hands and wept together during the whole service. After the service, they talked.

“I’m so sorry, Carrie,” Camilla said in sobs.

“Why do you keep apologizing?” Carrie asked. “Don’s the one who killed him, not you.”

“Well, yeah,” Camilla lied, with effort. “But it was Don’s love for me that led to this. He went crazy because I neglected him.”

“I see,” Carrie said, hugging Camilla, and psychically sensing, vaguely, dishonesty in her. All the same, Carrie was too bereaved to pursue these suspicions at the time.

“I miss Daddy so much,” Camilla sobbed.

“So do I,” Carrie said. “So do I.”

“I dream about Daddy.”

“So do I; it’s comforting.”


Candice’s body was taken back to Vancouver for a private family funeral. Camilla wasn’t invited to this funeral, because her family blamed Camilla for corrupting Candice with sex, drugs, and partying. Camilla planned, when she found the time, to visit Vancouver, find Candice’s grave, and lay some flowers on it. That free time, however, would never come.


Camilla was now living in Candice’s old apartment. In her eager expectation to see Agape in her dreams, Camilla often went to sleep at night quickly, forgetting to set up protective psychic barriers, as she had that night.

In basement three of the burning mansion, naked Camilla was being gang-raped by the four Vancouver punks. The leader of the punks had his cock in her mouth; another punk fucked her tits, another her pussy, and the fourth fucked her ass.

“We’ll be…rapin’ you…like this…forever, big titty bitch!” the leader grunted. “Forever, and ever, and–”

“No, you won’t!” Agape said when appearing. He waved his hand quickly, as if to swat a fly, and all four punks were psychically thrown to the other side of the room. The masked men, standing in a circle surrounding everyone, just watched the scene and laughed eerily.

“What the fuck?” one of the punks said after getting up. “We were banging that girl.”

“She’s my daughter,” Agape said, staring the punk down.

“Then you’re dead, Pop,” the leader said, approaching Agape with clenched fists, as were the other three punks.

“We’re already dead, Einstein,” Agape said. Then he psychically confined the punks in a thick dome. They punched and kicked at it, but couldn’t get out.

“Hey, you fucker,” one of the punks yelled, his voice muffled inside. “Get us out of this!”

“Thank you, Daddy,” Camilla said, sitting on the floor. “My hero.”

“Let’s put some clothes on you,” he said.

“But I wanna be naked and sexy for you,” she said.

“No. You’re my daughter. Fathers and daughters are not lovers, Camilla. You must accept that.”

“But I love you,” she said, beginning to sob.

“Then love me honourably.”

“Oh, alright, I’ll try. But how will you save me from this place?”

“Only with your cooperation,” he said, handing her a dress. “Get up. Put this on, and come with me.”

She got up and put on the dress. He led her to a black wall at the side of the room.

The masked men, naturally not wanting Camilla to escape, started closing in on her and Agape; but he thrust his hand out forward, psychically knocking down those in front of him and Camilla and pushing them aside. Then he set up a psychic force field, a glowing wall of blue light separating the masked men from him and Camilla. She touched the black wall at the side of the room: it was soft, gelatinous, and muddy.

“Oh, Daddy, it’s disguising,” she said, grimacing at the feel and smell of the wall. “Do I really have to go through it?”

“Yes,” Agape said. “Go quickly. The force field and dome won’t last long. The masked men and those punks will soon be upon us again.”

They pushed their way through the thick, black slime that made up the wall. After pushing through about five feet of the revolting muck, they got into another room where an orgy was taking place. Everywhere, naked men and women were engaging in group sex.

Camilla saw Li-ping being gang-banged by three masked men: one with his cock in her mouth, another fucking her pussy, and the third fucking her ass. Jasmine and Candice were making love in the 69 position. Calina had Clarence’s cock in her pussy, as well as another black man’s cock in her mouth, and another’s in her ass. A fourth black man was fucking her tits. Many surrounding masked men watched, and laughed their distorted laughs.

“Oh, this looks like fun, Daddy,” Camilla said, taking off her dress. “Let’s stay.”

“No, Camilla!” Agape shouted. “No more sex. This room is just meant to tempt you, and lure you back to that other room, where you’ll be raped again. Put your dress back on, and come with me. Hurry, before it’s too late.”

“Oh, Daddy!”

“Come on!” He grabbed her by the arm and pulled. “There’s a much better place than this, a peaceful one.”

She resisted, crying, “No, I don’t wanna go!”

Camilla suddenly woke up.

“Oh, I just wanted to have some fun, Daddy,” she said.


A month later, Camilla sat on her bed and meditated, psychically feeling the beginning of the embryonic period of her pregnancy.

She could sense the beginning formation of such things as the embryo’s brain, spinal cord, and heart. She visualized every part of that beginning embryo, scanning for any possible defects. So far, everything seemed perfect.

“Amazing,” she said. “I’ve created an embryo in my own body, without a man’s help. I am a goddess.”


Two days later, Don Josiah was taken to his prison cell. Since he’d signed a full confession to the murder of Agape, and his and Camilla’s use of Nigrovum ensured that no one found any traces of contrary evidence, nothing at all could have led to his acquittal and her being charged with the crime. He was thus quickly taken to Kingston Penitentiary to serve his sentence.

He sat on his bed in the cell as a guard closed and locked the cell door. It was nighttime, and the lights would soon go off. The inmate sharing his cell, a big, muscular man leaning against a wall, looked at him.

“What are you in for?” he asked, sneering at Don.

“Murder,” Don said, keeping his cool. “What about you?”

“Triple murder,” the inmate said. “I’m doing life; no hope of ever getting out.”

“I see,” Don said. “Who’d you kill?”

“Is that any of your fuckin’ business?”

“No, but since we’re going to be sharing this cell, it won’t hurt to get to know each other.”

“I’m no stranger to doin’ time, but it always used to be for stealing. This time, I killed three priests, and I’m not sorry about it.”

“Why did you kill them?” Don asked.

“I used to be an altar boy for the local Catholic church,” the inmate said. “The priests took turns fuckin’ me in the ass when I was ten.”

“That’s awful.”

“I hate all priests; whenever a so-called ‘man of God’ comes around, the guards have to keep me from killing him. I see a preacher, I kill him instantly–simple as that.”

“Well, not all priests and ministers are as bad as the ones who made you suffer,” Don said, sensing the danger he was exposing himself to; but instead of fearing it, he actually welcomed it.

“What you defending them for?” The inmate got off the wall and approached Don threateningly. The lights went off.

“Because I used to be an ordained priest, and I never–”

“Close enough for me!”

Don closed his eyes, took a breath, and sat peacefully as the priest-hater got near him.

The inmate grabbed Don by the neck, put his head in a headlock, and twisted it. Don’s neck snapped, killing him.

The inmate took bedsheets from off Don’s bed, and tore strips off them to make makeshift ropes. He tied Don’s arms up high on the bars of the cell door, stretching them out so that Don’s lifeless body hung like Christ on the Cross.

That was unpleasant, Don’s spirit thought; but I’m useless to Agape and Camilla in a prison cell. My dodging violent criminals all the time would have only distracted me from navigating the other world, and helping Agape. Now I can be of much better use to him, and can help Camilla. The physical world is but a pastime; this other world is the real world.


Several nights later, ‘Goth’ Camilla again went to sleep without psychic barriers, happy to have her father rescue her from incubi rapists.

In her dream, she, naked, was making love with Li-ping, Calina, Akemi, and ‘Goth’ Candice in the burning mansion. Camilla licked Li-ping’s pussy, Calina sucked Camilla’s right breast, Akemi ate Camilla’s pussy, and Candice sucked Camilla’s left tit.

Suddenly, Candice reached up and bared vampiress fangs at Camilla, grinning eerily.

“Candice!” Camilla said. “What are you doing?”

Candice reached over and bit Camilla on the neck, as she had bitten Candice’s almost two months before. Candice greedily sucked Camilla’s blood, which poured down her neck, then let go.

“Ow!” Camilla yelled. “Why’d you do that, baby?”

“I am yours,” Candice said with a hoarse voice, and still with that wild look in her eyes. “Forever, and ever, and ever. Remember, Camil?”

“Forgive me, Candice,” Camilla said in sobs. “I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“Neither did I, in biting you,” Candice lied, smiling bitterly.

Then Don appeared in priestly attire, showing the crucifix on his necklace to the naked succubi.

“Go away,” he said to them. “Leave Camilla alone.”

“That won’t work on us,” Candice said, baring her fangs and laughing at him. “You have to have faith for that work on me; and you’re not even a priest anymore.”

“You’re not a real vampiress,” he said. “And I have a new kind of faith…and power.” He thrust the crucifix in his hand out again, visualizing the crucifix as glowing with Nigrovum’s energy. The succubi were all thrown back. He had them surrounded in a psychic dome, glowing in light blue.

He then gave Camilla a dress to put on.

“Oh, Father Josiah,” she said, putting the dress on the floor. “I like being naked. You like me this way, too, and you know it. C’mon: let’s fuck.”

“No,” he said firmly. “Put the dress on, and come with me.”

“But you’re so hot-looking as a priest,” she said.

“Stop this nonsense and put the dress on.”

“No! You want me to abstain from sex, just like Daddy does.”

“Freeing you from your addictive desires is the only way to save you from this place.” He picked up the dress.

“But I don’t wanna give up sex!”

“You must! Your lust will destroy you.” He handed her the dress again.

“No!” she said, throwing the dress further away on the floor.

She woke up.

“If I have to give up sex,” she said, “then I’m destined for hell…unless Nigrovum can grant me immortality.”


Two and a half months later, Camilla was in Club Ritz, with her hair and eyes changed back to their original blonde and blue, her skin its original peach colour, and all her other body colours as they had been before Nigrovum gave her her ‘Goth’ look. She was in a private room with a cute eighteen-year-old boy, lap-dancing him.

She was aggressively rubbing and grinding her ass against his hard cock. Fondling her breasts, he was panting with lust, even though her aggressive pushing on his cock almost made him feel as if it would snap off.

He moved his right hand off her breast and went down to touch her slightly round belly. He asked, “Are you pregnant?”

“Yeah,” she said with a proud grin. “About sixteen weeks now.” She stood up, with her ass in front of his face.

“Wow,” he said. “I think pregnant women are hot.” He opened her buttocks wide to see her puckered brown asshole.

“Thank you, Allen,” she said. “You’re sweet.”

“Hasn’t it been uncomfortable for you to work like this?” He was fingering her asshole.

“Not at all. Never.”

“What? You mean you’ve never felt morning sickness or anything?” He slid his finger between her legs.

“Absolutely none,” she sighed, turning around and facing him.

“How can that be?” he asked, tickling her wet pussy.

“I have special powers.” She sat on his lap.

“Powers?” he asked with a sneer. “What powers?”

“Oh, let’s just call them friends in high places.” She put her hand on the bulge in his pants, massaging it.

“I see,” he panted, still not believing her and fingering her asshole again. “Who’s the father?”

“Nobody,” she said with wide-open eyes.

“Oh, fuck off.”

“Allen! Nice boys don’t say bad words.”

“Well, stupid boys believe BS like what you’re telling me. Who d’you think you are anyway, the Virgin Mary?”

“No,” she said, smirking. “I’m a goddess.”

“Well, you may be beautiful enough to be a go–”

Suddenly, she psychically turned the lights on brighter, then changed her looks back to her black-haired, pale-skinned ‘Goth’ look. His jaw dropped to the ground.

“Now, do you believe me?” she asked with a grin, then stood up.

“Goddess!” he said with a look of awe in his eyes.

“Get down and pray.”

He got down on his knees before her. She sat on her chair with her legs spread out, and he put his face between her thighs. His tongue frantically licked her shaved wet pussy; she ran her hands through his hair and moaned softly. He put his hands on her belly, gently caressing where the foetus was. He felt his tongue lick as if it had a mind of its own: indeed, she was psychically controlling it, to ensure she got better head. He was shocked, yet thrilled, at his sudden loss of control.

His tongue flickered wildly against her hard clitoris, and he sucked on her swelling labia. Then she got up and turned around; he opened her buttocks and started licking and kissing her asshole. His lips and tongue went all over her crack. She fingered her clitoris as he licked away.

Then she turned around, feeling her orgasm coming. He put his face into her crotch and resumed licking there. She, sighing up high, came a cascade all over his face.

“I baptize thee…in the name…of the Goddess,” she sighed.

“And I’ll worship thee, gladly,” Allen said, licking her come off his lips.

“Good,” she said. “Later, I’ll give you instructions on how to worship me. In the meantime, pay me, and go in peace.”


That night, Camilla fell asleep and dreamed without psychic barriers again.

In the burning mansion, Patrick was fucking her ass, Berman was fucking her pussy, Baker’s cock was between her tits, and Marcel was receiving a blow job from her. Though she worked hard to please all four men, they were looking hatefully in her eyes.

Unconscious Camilla was now reliving a memory from a year before the aquarium incident. She was thirty-six at the time, and wearing a tight-fitting dress, high heels, and heavy makeup. She was at home, sitting on the sofa in the living room one December afternoon after having just finished teaching at McGill University. She’d heard some unpleasant news earlier that afternoon: Alain had killed himself.

She sat there for several minutes just musing his death. Though sad about it, and feeling more than a little responsible for passing Nigrovum into him, something she knew had expanded his sorrowful feelings, she was confident Alain wouldn’t attack her as a ghost. After all, she’d been kind and comforting to him after their one sexual encounter; she would learn in the not-too-distant future how wrong that assumption was.

After a few more minutes of contemplating Alain, Eros came home. He was seventeen and a half years old now. When he walked into the living room, she got up, suddenly all happy to see her son.

“Hi, sweetie!” she said with a grin, and went up to hug him. She had to look straight up at him as they hugged, for her face was level with the huge boy’s chest. “How are you?”

“Oh, better now that I’m with you,” he said, sitting on the sofa.

“What happened now?” she asked, sitting on his lap. “Did the other kids give you a hard time again?”

“Yeah,” he said. “But I didn’t fight with any of them.”

“Good boy,” she said, kissing his cheek. “Remember, Mommy likes nice boys.”

“Oh, please don’t call yourself that. Especially not in public. I’m not a baby anymore. I’m almost a fully-grown man now.”

“You sure are big enough to be, my adorable giant. Still, you are, and always will be, my baby.”

“I wanna be a man, Mom.”

“Don’t rush adulthood, sweetie,” she said, hugging him close. “Jesus once said that if you’re not like a child, you won’t get to heaven.” Then she felt a most unwelcome sensation from his lap, where she was still sitting. “And you won’t get to heaven thinking like that, either.”

“Like what?” he asked, pretending not to know what she was alluding to.

“You know what I mean. Make him go to sleep.”

“But Mom, it’s just an automatic–”

“Baby, nice boys don’t think that way about their Mommies. Make him go to sleep.”



Suddenly, 37-year-old Camilla woke up, frightened from knowing what memories were soon to be relived. Her eyes focused, and she saw all those lecherous men on the ledge with their cell-phone cameras still getting video of her with her spread-out legs. She would have only frowned at the sight of all those cameras aiming at her gaping pussy and asshole, had she no invisible cock sliding in and out of her wide-open mouth.

Alain’s ghost’s invisible cock was pumping in and out of her dripping wet cunt. You seduced me, then you left me wanting more, he mentally told her. Sure, you were compassionate when I complained about my abusive father, but I’d fallen in love with you, and even after your husband died, you wanted to be only my friend, no longer a lover. You put this alien intelligence in my blood, and never warned me about the dangers. You selfish bitch!

She couldn’t psychically reply to that. After all, he was right. Her only response was to come a huge wad into the water over which she was hovering, since, though his words didn’t make her feel good, his ghost-cock sure did.

Danny’s ghost-cock was sliding in and out of her damp asshole. Alain’s right, Danny said in his thoughts. You got us in bed, but didn’t tell us about Nigrovum’s dangers. And, oh, how I degraded myself for you! I wish I’d never met you.

Chris’s invisible cock was all the way inside her mouth. Her fingers flickered by her chin, for she was tickling his balls.

One of the lechers, on the ledge that was level with her hovering naked body, noted how she was sucking. “Is she deep-throating a ghost’s cock?” he asked his friend, who stood beside him.

“Looks that way,” said his friend. “If you’re right, she has good control over her gag reflex. I can’t believe this porn marathon we’re watching here!”

The ghost of Vera, the former waitress at Club Ritz who’d had the hots for Camilla back in those days, was sucking on her left tit. Akemi’s ghost was sucking on the right one. Her breasts bobbed up and down with each suck.

I’ll never forget the night you finally let me lick your pussy, Vera mentally told Camilla. If only you’d told me what was in your come, I’d never have had you, and I might still be alive today.

“It has been about a month now that Dr. Camilla Mennon-Fox has been hovering naked over a water tank here in this aquarium,” said a female reporter for CBC’s The National. “Now that the truth is known, that Camilla and many other naked young women in countries all over the Western world are being gang-raped by Muslim ghosts, and being made to foul rivers, lakes, and aquariums just as Camilla is here, the Green Parties of Canada, America, England, Germany, and many other Western countries are forming a coalition willing to fight the Islamo-fascist menace. The emergency laws the Green Parties have enacted are facilitating the quick and easy capture of all these Arab men who’ve mysteriously acquired psychic and telekinetic powers in a new wave of terrorism, of environmental terrorism. This reporter can confidently assert that she’s not alone in feeling grateful for the ascendancy of Green Parties in Western countries over the past decade for so; for only the Green Party has proven themselves able to protect our women and our natural resources from degradation.”

The gang-banging continued: Camilla showered more come and piss into the water tank. The large ghost-cocks of Alain and Danny continued poking at her A-spot and massaging her G-spot and rectal walls, giving her a pleasure so great that it almost made her forget how humiliating the whole experience was, with all those people watching her. Chris’s invisible cock then came out of her mouth; he slapped his rod against her cheeks a few times, then he went away. Finally free from sucking, she looked down to her left, and saw all the mesmerized people below in the observation area watching her through the glass, glass that the spirits of her father, Don, and Candice were still psychically trying to keep from breaking. Camilla shuddered when she saw a masked man among that hypnotized crowd below.

She then looked up in front of her, where all the men were getting video of her gushing pussy, and cheering with every gushing. “When will this end?” she wondered.

When you give up your life, Dr. Singh mentally communicated from Vancouver.

“I’m too scared to die,” she said out loud.

We’ve done all we can, Don told her in his thoughts. When will you do what you must do?

When I’m ready,
she mentally answered.

And when will that be? Agape asked.

We can’t keep that glass from breaking forever, Candice added.

There’s still more I need to know, Camilla told them. Stuff I have to find out for myself, about Eros.

We can tell you that right now. Eros is in–
Agape began, but the masked men blocked him, preventing him from telling her.

Camilla, no longer able to communicate with her father and friends, looked at the men in front of her. She noticed, among the lechers, one man who had no camera, a man who instead looked at her with concern and love in his eyes–Armand.

She sensed that he was the man who’d almost freed her from the gang-bangs before. Feeling his love for her, she said, “Thank y–”

Suddenly, however, she was interrupted by the feeling of a pussy being shoved in her face, the pussy of the ghost of Clara, the lesbian owner of the Toronto clothing store in the Eaton’s Centre. Camilla was compelled to lick the invisible clitoris and suck on the labia. Then she had to stick her tongue deep inside the hole and flicker it. Clara’s ghost enjoyed the sensations, but was as mad as the other ghosts at Camilla for tempting them to their destruction.

“Alright!” shouted a man standing beside Armand. “I’ll bet she’s licking a lesbian ghost now. Yeah!” He brought his cell-phone camera down for a close-up of Camilla’s cunt.

Armand, desperate to end Camilla’s humiliation, closed his eyes and began to concentrate. Hoping to succeed where he’d failed before, he summoned all of his will not only to visualize the ghosts floating away from Camilla’s body, but also to put psychic barriers around himself and Camilla, so neither the masked man down in the observation area, nor the living and dead masked men controlling this spectacle from elsewhere, could stop him.

He and Camilla could each feel a glowing bubble of blue light surrounding and protecting themselves. Soon after, the ghosts of Danny, Alain, Clara, Akemi, and Vera all felt themselves slowly floating off of Camilla.

She relaxed her whole body, her limbs lowering to the point of almost touching the surface of the soiled water. “Please,” she panted. “Let it be permanent this time.”

The men watching her, however, had a different reaction. “What the fuck?” one of them said.

“Not again!” said another. “Get the ghosts back! Pronto!”

“Could this be it?” the reporter asked. “Is Camilla’s ordeal finally about to end? We know that many members of the Green Party have developed psychic powers in their counter-terrorist efforts. Have the Green Party finally prevailed against the Muslim psychics? We’ll soon see.”

Armand is succeeding! Candice said with a thrill of hope.

I’m afraid I doubt it, Dr. Singh told her. As gifted as Armand is with Nigrovum, the many masked men out there are much more powerful.

Indeed, Singh was right, for the masked men focused all their efforts on Armand. Within seconds, they broke through his and Camilla’s psychic barriers, leaving them vulnerable again. Camilla’s legs were spread out wide and made to go back up over her head again, exposing her pussy and asshole. The masked men caused Armand to be thrown against a wall, knocking him into a few of the men who’d been recording the ghost-fucking.

“Hey, watch it, fuck-head!” one of the men shouted. The men Armand had knocked into were ready to fight with him, but he had been knocked unconscious.

“Hey, the ghost-fucking is back!” said another man. All the men pointed their cell-phone cameras back at Camilla’s spread, and resumed getting video of her.

The invisible cocks of Alain and Danny quickly slipped back inside Camilla’s pussy and ass. Vera’s and Akemi’s ghost-lips wrapped themselves around Camilla’s nipples again, and Clara’s cunt was pushed against Camilla’s mouth, with her tongue slipping deep inside and tickling Clara’s invisible vaginal walls. Camilla’s agape pussy and asshole were expanding and contracting with each pump of the ghost-cocks inside.

The lecherous cameramen licked their lips as they continued with their video recording, their cheers getting especially loud with every gushing of Camilla’s come, and every pouring out of her piss.

“Oh, this is so disappointing,” the newswoman said. “It really looked as though The Green Party had succeeded against the Muslim terrorist psychics. But unfortunately, victory remains elusive, for now. Still, this reporter has faith that the Green Party will ultimately defeat these environmental terrorists. We must not lose hope.”

As scary as my more recent memories will be to relive in my dreams, I need a break from my waking horrors, Camilla thought in her most bitter frustration. Who is that man helping me? I can sense that he loves me, and he’s kind of cute, actually. Still, there’s no way I’m going to fuck him as long as I’m stuck here. Besides, he’ll just end up like all of my other lovers: dead and mad at me. Speaking of being in love with me, I’ve got to face those memories of my 18-year-old son, and hope that–behind all the horror of watching him fulfill his desires–I’ll find some insights that can help me get free of the masked men forever. Oh, Eros, why did you have to fuck me?…

With that thought, Camilla bravely allowed herself to lose consciousness again, and relive her most horrifying and shameful memories yet…

Paula Darian, a cute, short, petite 18-year-old blonde, beamed with her pretty blue eyes at her tennis instructor, Gavin Mundt, as he was playing a game with another man on the court where she’d just had a lesson with Gavin an hour before. She hadn’t gone home yet because her crush on the big, tall, handsome 38-year-old kept her sitting on the bleachers, her head following the ball in play as it went back and forth, left to right to left to right. When the ball wasn’t in play, she looked only at him, even when he wasn’t serving. She was so absorbed in watching Gavin that she didn’t even notice her next door neighbour, a man who regularly used the tennis court, walking by and waving to her.

At one point, the man Gavin was playing against hit the ball outside the boundaries, and it bounced by the bleachers where she was sitting, two tiers from the bottom. Gavin went to get the ball.

He picked up the ball, noting how, once again, she was eyeing him longingly as she had so many times before during her lessons with him. “Paula,” he said, smiling his flattery. “Why are you still here?”

She just looked at him with flirtatious eyes and, not knowing where her boldness was coming from, clearly mouthed the words, “I love you.”

Chuckling and slightly sneering at the naive passion of a teenage girl, but also hiding his real emotional reaction, he went back to his game.

“Sorry, Manny,” he said to the man he was playing against. “My serve?”


Gavin wasn’t the only man she fancied. She’d been getting rock climbing lessons from Devin ‘Buzz’ Ness, a 39-year-old who, like Gavin, was also big, tall, and handsome. She’d quickly decided to have ‘Big Buzz’, as she liked to call him, teach her when she saw him win at a rock climbing competition on TV. She watched the TV screen with rapt attention.

“So, your rock-climbing school is in Toronto: is that right?” a reporter asked him.

“Yes, that’s right,” Buzz said, smiling for the camera.

“How convenient,” Paula said to herself. “His school is right here, in town.”

“What do you have to say to those environmentalists who accuse you of never practising ‘clean climbing’, and damaging the rock you climb without remorse?” the reporter asked him.

“Oh, please,” Buzz said, trying to hide his contempt. “I say to them, ‘Get a life’. It’s just a sport.”


A month later, and after several rock-climbing lessons at his school, Paula was climbing with him on a rock wall there. He was just under her, and her pretty little behind was just a foot or so above his face. He stared at it, smiling lewdly.

“I hate the way those environmentalists always demonize you, Big Buzz,” she said.

“All I want to do is get right to the top, higher than everyone else,” he said, still smiling as he ogled her ass, and knowing as well as Gavin did that she liked both men. “To hell with keeping the rocks pretty.”

They got to the top of the wall and looked at each other. “I love watching you get it up…uh, get up, uh, to the top,” she stammered, giggling shyly and blushing at her slip of the tongue. He laughed, too.

“I love taking you up with me,” he said. “I want to take you up to the top with me.”

They looked in each others’ eyes, practically reading each others’ minds, but not saying anything.


Sometimes Buzz would go over to play tennis at Gavin’s tennis court; Buzz would enjoy watching Paula having lessons with Gavin. The two men would see each other, but would look at each other coldly, particularly when Paula was there.

“Hi Buzz,” she said, smiling and waving at him one day as he sat at the bleachers. He smiled and waved back, then frowned when he saw frowning Gavin.

“So, you get rock climbing lessons from him?” Gavin whispered in her ear as they picked up their rackets and balls.

“Yeah,” she said. “So?”

“You like him, don’t you?” Gavin asked.

“Oh, don’t be jealous,” she purred. “I like you better.”

“Good, ’cause Buzz is lecherous. He’ll seduce a girl, then leave her. You don’t want that.” They walked over to the court together. “Right-wing hypocrite that he is.”

“I’ll be careful.” She smiled, flattered and excited by the attention she was getting from both men.

“Why don’t you quit rock climbing?”

“‘Cause I like it.”

“You should focus on one sport, to get really good at it. Your natural talent at tennis should make it obvious which sport you should quit.”

She smirked as he served the ball. Which man should I have? she thought as the ball came at her; Big Gavin? Big Buzz? Both? She giggled, hitting the ball back at Gavin.

Buzz watched the lesson, smiling at her when the ball went to her, to his right, then scowling at Gavin when the ball went to him, to Buzz’s left.


After finishing a climb up the rock wall in Buzz’s school, he and Paula rested at a table, drinking iced tea he’d bought for both of them.

“You should quit your tennis lessons with Gavin,” Buzz said. “Focus on rock climbing.”

“But I like tennis,” Paula said.

“Lessons with both of us must be getting expensive,” he said. “You sure you can afford it?”

“I manage,” she said. “My parents help.”

“I’m sure they do. They waste more money than the socialist nanny state.”

She smirked, delighted that both men wanted her enough to be jealous of each other. “I gotta go pee,” she said, then got up and left the room.

He followed immediately after, but was careful not to let her see him follow.

She went into a small, one-person washroom and closed the door, locking it. He stood by the door, watching the halls so no one would walk by and see what he was doing. He took a skeleton key out of his pocket and slowly, silently unlocked the door.

Waiting first for the beginning sound of her piss hitting the toilet bowl, he opened the door quickly and walked in on her. There she was, on the toilet with her shorts pulled down to her ankles, and her pretty pink panties showing, too. Her legs were open, and her pee could be seen pouring out into the toilet bowl in a straight line.

Blushing and giggling in embarrassment, she quickly closed her legs and put her hands on her crotch, covering the little spot of brown pubic hair he’d already clearly seen.

“Buzz,” she said, giggling and grinning sheepishly. “I’m peeing.”

“I can see that,” he said, closing the door and locking it, always looking down at her half-naked body. “Don’t be embarrassed, sweetie. You look beautiful without your clothes on. C’mon: move your hands away; let me see it all again.” He gently pulled her hands up from her lap.

“But I’m peeing,” she said, now frowning, and still blushing. “I’m smelly down there.” The golden juice kept pouring out of her now-exposed urethra.

“I like the smell.”


“Because it’s yours.” He held her hands up in the air.

She squirted out a few last drops. He smiled, enjoying watching her natural bodily functions. “I’m done. I need to wipe myself.”

“In a minute, sweetie,” he said. “Stand up.”

“OK.” She got up, still frowning.

He squatted down and took off her shoes and socks, then got her bare feet through the leg holes of her shorts and panties. He sniffed her urine-smelling snatch and grinned.

“Buzz, what are you doing?” she asked nervously.

He got up, then pulled off her T-shirt, which she reluctantly allowed him to do. Now she had only a pink bra covering her tiny tits. He put his hands on the clip between them.

“But Buzz,” she said almost fearfully. “They’re really small. You won’t like them.” She seemed like she was going to cry.

“I like small ones,” he said, taking off the bra and revealing the little but firm breasts. He looked up and down at her naked body. Shy, she avoided his eyes; she was afraid he wouldn’t like what he saw. “You’re beautiful.”

“Really?” She quickly reached back and flushed the toilet, hating the smell.

“Oh, but I like looking at your pee, sweetie.”

“But it’s such a gross thing to like.”

“No, it isn’t.”

“How not?”

“It’s yours. I love everything about you–even your natural smells.” He looked up and down at her frontal nudity, admiring her small breasts, and her small spot of pubic hair. She shyly covered both private places with her hands. “No, let me see.” He pulled her hands away, adoring the vulnerability of her nudity. “You’re beautiful.”

She giggled nervously.

“Turn around. Let me see the rest of you.”

She did, her heart pounding in a mixture of fear and excitement. He grinned at the sight of her cute little buttocks. He caressed them and patted them gently, then he sat on the toilet, with her ass in front of his face.

“Spread your legs and bend over,” he said.

“OK.” She did as she was told, exposing her pretty little brown anus and urine-soaked, pink pussy. She wasn’t aware the first hole was showing, and she would have felt her hair stand on end had she known he was thinking about penetrating it. “Do you like it?”

“Very much.” He took some toilet paper and wiped the dripping piss off her pussy. He was delighted to feel a bump of innocence there…a hymen!

“Baby?” he asked with a grin. “You’re a virgin?”

“Yeah,” she said, embarrassed again.

“Sit on my lap.” She did. He looked in her eyes yearningly as he gently and slowly rocked her back and forth, enjoying the feeling of her soft little buttocks touching the hard-on in his pants. “My sweet, innocent little baby. Please let me deflower you.”

Rubbing her buns against his hard-on, she ecstatically sighed, “Yes.” She leaned back, turning her head, and they began French kissing.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. He put his hand on her mouth and said, “I’m in here. I’ll be out in a minute.”

“OK, Buzz,” a female voice said; then she left.

“I must see you later,” he said to Paula. “As soon as possible.”

“My parents won’t be home till late tonight,” Paula said, pecking him on the lips. “Can you come over now?”

“You still live on Glenrose Avenue, right?”

“Yeah, 241,” she said, getting up and reaching for her clothes.

“I can get there in about an hour,” he said. “I have some stuff to do here first.”

“Great. That gives me enough time to shower.”

“OK, I’ll see you there at about four.” He got up and left the washroom.

“Bye,” she said as he walked out the door.


He arrived at her house at about 3:45; he rang the doorbell. In a white bathrobe, she opened the door.

“Wow, you’re early,” she said, surprised.

“Yeah,” he said as he went inside. “What I had to do at the school didn’t take as long as I thought it would.”

As she closed and locked the door, he undid her robe and pulled it off her now-nude body.

“I haven’t showered yet,” she said, covering her body with her hands again in embarrassment.

“That’s OK,” he said, picking her up and carrying her up the stairs to the bathroom on the second floor. “Let me bathe you. Which room’s your shower in?”

“Over there,” she said, pointing to it. They went in.

He put her down in the bathtub and turned on the water. She put in the plug while he reached for the soap, beginning to lather it.

Gently running his hands up and down her soft, smooth skin, he soaped up and cleaned every inch of her body. She washed her face and shampooed her hair. When he’d washed all of her, from her shoulders to her toes, he gently pushed down on her. “Squat down,” he said.

“OK,” she said, squatting. With her legs spread open, he could see the next part of her body he wanted to clean: her virgin cunt. As he rubbed the soap all over her labia, her clitoris, and her vulva, she gently moaned and got horny. At one point his fingers gently pinched her hymen and shook it slightly. “Don’t!”

“Does it hurt?”

“No; it just embarrasses me to be reminded I’m a virgin.”

“I think it’s beautiful that you’re so innocent, and vulnerably nude.”

She giggled and blushed.

“OK, sweetie: get up, turn around, and bend over,” he said.

“OK,” she said, and did as she was told.

“Spread your legs; I need to see what I’m cleaning.”

She spread her legs, revealing her asshole again. Sighing lustfully, he lathered up his hands and started soaping up the pretty hole. When he gently poked a soapy finger an inch or two inside her rectum, she winced. “Eww! Buzz, that’s where I poo. It’s so dirty there.”

“That’s why it has to be clean,” he said. He continued cleaning, sticking his finger in deeper and rubbing it against every rectal wall. She moaned in a paradoxical combination of pleasure and discomfort. He thought, I’ll conquer you, too, pretty asshole. She’ll lose her anal virginity as well…when the time comes.

After the shower, he dried her, inspected every inch of her body, especially her two holes when she was bent over, then picked her up and carried her to her parents’ bedroom. He laid her on the bed on her back, her legs spread wide open to receive him.

“Please be gentle with me, Big Buzz,” she timidly pleaded, shaking with the same mixture of fear and excitement as before, only now it was more intense. “Don’t hurt me.”

“Well, popping your cherry is going to hurt, sweetie,” he said, unzipping his pants. “But I’ll be as gentle as I can. Now, close your eyes, and Big Buzz will give you a big surprise.”

“OK,” she said, closing her eyes and grinning with expectation.

He pulled out his big, long, thick erection and pushed it against her vaginal opening, poking against the hymen. He got on top of her in the missionary position.

He poked and poked, puncturing the hymen by degrees. She squealed in pain and pleasure, putting her hands on his arms and gripping his muscles. His cock was soaked in her blood and vaginal fluid.

Finally, after enough aggressive thrusts (he was nowhere near as gentle as he’d promised to be with her), he broke through the hymen completely. She screamed in pain, her blood staining her parents’ sheets.

They fucked and fucked, her feeling a paradox of increased pleasure and soreness. When he’d had enough of digging inside her, he pulled his cock out, then reached for some nearby Kleenex and wiped her blood off his cock.

She hadn’t orgasmed, but she didn’t care: she wasn’t a virgin anymore. “How do you…do fellatio?” she asked, panting and licking her lips.

“Let me teach you,” he said, sitting on the side of the bed with his cock, pointing up through the zipper of his pants. She got off the bed and knelt between his legs.

Looking up at him, she took the tip of his cock to her lips. Looking down at her, he held her head and caressed her cheeks.

“First, kiss and lick the tip and underside several times,” he said.

She did, always looking up at him anxiously to learn, by his facial expressions, if she was doing it right. So far, so talented.

“Good,” he moaned. “Now, take it inside.” She did. “Massage the…underside with…your tongue.” She did.

Never as she sucked his cock did her eyes leave his face, so anxious was she to know how well her mouth was pleasing the man she loved.

“Play with…my balls. Oh!”

She took them in her hand and jiggled them slightly, tickling his scrotum with her gently-scratching fingers.

“Oh, yeah,” he moaned. “That’s much better. Ah!”

She slid her lips up and down his shaft, covered in her lubricating saliva. Her tongue flickered and tickled his protruding corpus spongiosum; he put his hand on her head, pushing his cock deeper inside so she could deep-throat him. She coughed and gagged at first, but not wanting to displease him, she quickly adapted and learned to control her gag reflex. Soon, she was deep-throating him almost effortlessly.

She’s a natural, he thought.

Finally, after a minute or so more of sucking, he felt himself ready to come. He kept his cock at least half-way inside as the first few squirts of come splashed inside her mouth and went down her throat, making sure she couldn’t spit any of it out. Indeed, she swallowed every last drop, regardless of whether she wanted to or not. When the last squirt finally came out, he took his spent member out of her mouth and put it in his pants, zipping them up. He stood up, coldly not even looking at her.

“I love you,” she panted.

He walked out of the bedroom without even saying goodbye.

She didn’t have any time to react to his coldness, for she noticed those bloodstains on her parents’ bedsheets, and hurriedly took them to the laundry to wash them, hoping she could get the stains out before they set in.


A week had gone by, and Paula hadn’t seen or heard from Buzz: he wasn’t at the rock-climbing school, nor was he available on his phone or even online. She was completely at a loss to understand why he’d disappeared so suddenly, as confused by this as she was eager to see him again. Finally, she went to the school and asked the receptionist there where he was.

“Oh, Buzz went with his wife and kids to California for a vacation,” the receptionist said.

“Oh, OK. Thank you,” Paula said, turning around slowly and walking out of the school. He told me he was divorced, she thought, beginning to cry; he just used me for sex. He never loved me.

She went sobbing all the way to the tennis court to see Gavin, the only man she could imagine being able to comfort her. By the time she saw him there, she was bawling out loud.

“Oh, baby, what’s wrong?” he asked, putting his arm around her. “Come on, let’s go somewhere private.”

He took her to his office (for he owned the tennis school, as Buzz owned the rock-climbing school). She kicked off her sandals at the door and went in barefoot. He locked the door, then took her to his sofa, where he sat, with her on her knees between his legs. He hugged her, her head on his left shoulder, and her knees pushing against his bulging hard-on.

She was wearing a pretty white dress with a flower pattern on it; but it wouldn’t be on her long, for he quietly, slowly, surreptitiously unzipped it at the back. He was careful to lift the dress up gently where the zipper was being lowered so she wouldn’t feel it going down her back. That she was too overwhelmed with a broken heart to notice made it easier for him to undress her.

“What happened, sweetie?” Gavin asked in a soothing, avuncular tone. “Was it Buzz?” The zipper was now down all the way.

“Yeah,” she sobbed. “Buzz seduced me, but he’s married. He just had me…and dumped me…when he’d had his fun.” she sobbed louder.

“Bastard!” Gavin growled, untying her dress’s shoulder straps and slowly pulling the dress off her, careful not to let the material touch her bared skin. He kept her from noticing not only with his patiently undressing hands, but also with his distracting words. “I warned you about him. Mr. Big Buzz Ness, Mr. white-collar conservative family man.” Gavin slowly lifted each of her knees off the sofa while carefully bringing her removed dress down her legs to her feet. He continued his distracting talk. “Hypocrite! Buzz pays his employees peanuts for a salary, never above minimum wage. Climbs rocks and doesn’t care that he’s damaging Mother Earth, and seducing teenage girls and cheating on his wife. I told you he was a lecher.”

“I know; I shoulda listened to you.” Her dress was on the floor now. She was in only her pink bra and panties. Still with her head on his shoulder, her face soaked in her tears, she was too distracted by her sorrow–and his comforting words–to notice she was half-naked.

“Don’t worry, sweetie. I’m here,” he said, now with his hands on the elastic of her panties, slowly, patiently lifting them from her skin so she’d not feel them coming off. He gently pulled them down to her knees. “He used you, but I won’t.”

He kissed her teary cheek, then pulled her left leg up gently, getting her panties around and below that knee. He slowly, carefully did the same for her other leg, her still not noticing.

“I’m so stupid,” she cried, always with her head on his shoulder, soaking it with her tears. “I was so stupid, trusting him.”

“Oh, don’t put yourself down, honey.” He lifted up her legs by her shins, carefully not letting her panties touch them. Then he slowly pulled the panties up and off, never letting them touch her shins, calves, ankles, or feet by putting his stretched-out fingers in the leg holes, keeping the panties separate from her skin.

Now he just had to remove her bra. Luckily for him, the clip was on the back. With the same patient, careful slowness, he unclipped it without her feeling it. He never stopped talking to her with the same soothing but distracting words. Keeping the straps from touching her skin, he pulled the bra off, slowly bringing the straps down her arms. He carefully got the straps around her elbows without touching, then lifted her arms by the wrists so he could get the bra off without it touching her skin. She took her head off his shoulder and brought her teary face a millimetre or two away from his. She gently pecked him on the lips.

“I love you,” she whispered, pecking him again. They began French kissing. He put his arms around her, moving his hands up and down her back, feeling her soft bare skin. It was now that she finally realized she was undressed. She pulled away and looked down at herself. “My God, I’m naked.” Embarrassed and scared, she put her left hand over her tiny breasts and her right hand over her pubic hair.

“Oh, don’t cover yourself, sweetie. Let me see your beautiful body.” He slid his hands down to her ass.

“But…how did my…?”

“I undressed you, of course,” he said, taking her hands away so he could see all of her frontal nudity. “You’re beautiful.”


“Really.” He pulled her to him and kissed her on the lips. He looked lovingly in her eyes.

“You aren’t gonna hurt me, are you?”

“No, of course not,” he said kindly.

“Do you love me?” she asked timidly.

“Absolutely.” If there was insincerity in his face, she couldn’t find it. “That’s why I undressed you: so I could know all of the girl I love.”

“Then, in that case,” she said, smirking lewdly, “I’ll do this for you.” She knelt between his legs and unzipped his pants. “There’s at least one good thing I got from Buzz: learning how to blow a guy.” She pulled out his hard-on, whose size made her eyes and mouth widen to the maximum in amazement. She licked and kissed the knob a few times, then took it half-way in her mouth.

Her lips went up and down his cock, and she played with his balls, tickling the underside with her tongue, and always looking up lovingly in his eyes. He looked down at her, smiling and moaning with pleasure. Her naked body looked so pretty down there, knelt before him in loving submission.

His sighs and moans grew louder and faster as he approached orgasm, and her head movements up and down his shaft accordingly went faster and faster. Finally, he came in her mouth. She swallowed it all, gulping it down as if it were a tasty milkshake…even though she actually hated the taste. After the last of his spurts, she put his spent member back in his pants and zipped him up.

“That was great,” he panted. “But what about you?”


“You satisfied me, now I have to satisfy you.”


“I’m a liberal,” he explained, getting up, picking her up, and laying her on her back on his desk. “I believe in equality, unlike ‘Big Buzz Ness’. You ate me; I should eat you now. It’s only fair.”

“Oh, OK,” she said, giggling with excitement.

He opened her legs out wide, pushing them up at 45 degree angles from the desk top, so both her pussy and asshole were showing. For a moment, he just stared at that bottom hole, with its pretty brown swirling wrinkles, and thought: I’ll slip my cock in you, one day soon, pretty asshole.

He put his tongue, flattened out, against her asshole, and began one slow, long, thorough lick all the way up, touching her perineum, her vulva and labia, and finally her hardening clitoris. She squealed with pleasure, surprised that he would lick her asshole, let alone not spit out any faecal taste.

He sucked on her clit for a few seconds, getting it harder and harder. Between licks of her vaginal opening, he said, “When playing tennis, we’re on a…flat, level playing field…Not climbing to…the top, trying to be…up higher than others, as Buzz tries…to do. Tennis is a…game of…equality.”

“Oh!” she moaned, her labia swollen with desire, and her whole cunt dripping wet.

He sucked on each of those labia, then slipped his finger inside her pussy, rubbing it against her tingling G-spot. The tip of his tongue flickered against her asshole while his finger slid in deeper, reaching for and stimulating her anterior fornix area. Her moans grew louder and louder.

Approaching orgasm, she put her hands on her little tits, squeezing them and pinching her nipples. Her squeals grew louder and higher in pitch.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

Startled, they both looked over at the door. “What?!” he shouted in annoyance.

“Is everything OK in there?” a woman’s voice asked. “I heard screaming.”

“Everything’s fine,” he almost snapped.

“OK.” The woman took the hint and went away.

“Sorry,” Gavin said, getting up and reaching for her clothes. “I forgot where we were.”

“That’s OK,” she said, taking her underwear from him. “Wanna come over to my house tonight? My parents won’t be home till late tonight. We could have a little fun in their bedroom earlier tonight, if you can come over.” She put her panties back on.

“OK,” he said. “I’ll see you there at six. You still live at the same address…I mean, as it says on the register when you signed up for lessons?”

“Yeah, 241 Glenrose Avenue. See you tonight at six.”



When Gavin arrived at Paula’s house, she again answered the front door wearing only her white bathrobe; but this time she’d just finished a shower. As soon as he got inside, he took it off her body, so eager was he to see her naked again. She led him upstairs to her parents’ bedroom, he sat down on the bed, pulled down his pants and underwear to his knees, and she sat on his cock, him slowly feeding it in her already wet cunt.

He had her back to him as she bounced up and down on his cock; her hair, freshly dried and fragrant-smelling, brushed against his face. He reached around and cupped her little breasts in his hands, giving them gentle squeezes.

Now that the soreness from her virgin fuck was gone, she could thoroughly enjoy the sex. She squealed high-pitched staccato notes every time her body came down, feeling a thrilling poke from his long, thick cock.

All she could think was, He loves me, Big Gavin really loves me. Had she been facing him, she might have been disappointed to see the revelatory look on his face, his lips mouthing the words, ‘Hot little bitch’, over and over again.

She was coming closer and closer to orgasm, but he was getting there faster. Since he hadn’t been wearing a condom, he had to pull his cock out in order not to risk getting her pregnant.

“Baby,” he panted, “I’m gonna come. I gotta…take it out.”

“OK,” she sighed, reluctantly getting up.

As soon as his cock popped out of her box, he sprayed his load all over her buttocks. He held her by the hips to make sure every squirt hit her ass.

Just then, they heard the front door open: her parents had just walked in the house!

“Shit!” she said, rushing out of the bedroom. “Come on, Gavin–you gotta hide!”

“Yeah,” he said, pulling up his pants and rushing out of the bedroom. Luckily, no come had sprayed on the carpet or bed.

Paula got dressed in her bedroom and kept Gavin hidden there until she found a safe opportunity to sneak him out of the house. Her parents never suspected a thing.

“Whew,” she said as she, looking out her living room window, saw Gavin walking down the sidewalk and out of the neighbourhood.


Over the next week or so, Paula couldn’t find Gavin anywhere: just like Buzz after her sexual encounter with him, Gavin had just disappeared without explanation. He wasn’t to be found at the tennis court, nor could he be contacted by cellphone or online. She couldn’t escape the assumption that he, like Buzz, had just used her for his own gratification, nothing more.

Mr. Big Gavin Mundt, she thought, you’re no better than Buzz. She was at home lying on her bed in the afternoon, crying with her face buried in her pillow.

Finally that night, there was an e-mail from Gavin, explaining his absence: his mother had been dying in hospital, way off in Brampton, and he had to go see her. He’d just dropped everything and left Toronto without thinking to tell anyone except the staff in the tennis school. Apologizing for not telling Paula, he asked if he could see her, since he was now back in Toronto, his mother having passed away.

She replied in her e-mail to him that he could come to her house that very night, since her parents were on vacation and wouldn’t be back till the next day.

He hurried over. They sat in the living room with beer, marijuana, ecstasy, and ketamine, all of which he’d brought.

“We’re gonna get high?” she asked, curious but a little nervous about the possible consequences.

“Sure, why not?” Gavin said. “One thing about liberals is that we’re open-minded. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Here,” he said, giving her a broken-off half pill of ecstasy, “Swallow this with your beer. In a half hour, you’ll feel amazing.”

“Oh, uh, OK,” she said, taking the E. He put a CD of techno music in her living room CD player.

He rolled a marijuana cigarette, lit it, took a toke (not inhaling), then passed it to her. She took a few drags, coughed, then passed it back to him.

“Oh, go ahead, have some more,” he said. “I’ve already had enough for now.”

She toked a few more times, then he chopped a line of ketamine for her. “What’s that?” she asked.

“Special K,” he said. “Snort it up, you’ll feel great.”

“I dunno,” she said. “What’ll it do to me?”

“It’ll make you feel no pain, believe me.”

“Oh, uh, OK.” She took a straw and snorted the line. “You gonna have any?”

“Later,” he said.

After moving to the beat of the techno for a half hour or so, he could tell by her body language that she was obviously really wasted. He took out his smartphone and called some friends, asking them to come over. Within twenty minutes, they arrived: Manny Banks, who’d played tennis with Gavin at the beginning of this story; and three other men, one named Van Church; another, Cory Copps; and the last one, Moss Medea.

With all of them now in the living room with Paula practically bouncing off the walls, Gavin said, “Gentlemen, meet Ms. Paula Darian.”

“She’s lovely,” said Church, looking up and down at her.

“Indeed,” said Banks, ogling her.

“Let’s get her out of her clothes,” said Copps.

“Yes, right away,” said Gavin. He turned to her. “OK, sweetie, we’re gonna take all your clothes off now.”

“Oh, OK,” Paula said, too disoriented to resist. Gavin, always looking in her eyes, pulled off her pink T-shirt; Medea squatted down and unzipped her jeans; Copps took off her shoes; and Church removed her socks. Banks pulled her jeans down.

Now in just her white bra and panties, she giggled without inhibition, since she was too high to be embarrassed, even though she knew full well what the men were doing.

Gavin, his eyes never leaving hers, unclipped her bra and took it off. Medea pulled her panties down. Copps got her legs through the leg-holes. She was now standing completely naked amid the leering men, who were surrounding her.

“OK, sweetie,” Gavin said, leading her to the coffee table. “Lie on the coffee table on your back, and spread your legs. We’d all like to see what treasures you have between your legs.”

“OK,” she said, doing as she was told. Again, she giggled at the sight of all those men gawking at her pussy; the ketamine made her feel, somehow, psychologically protected from any feelings of fear or shame. It all just seemed absurd to her, to allow all these men to stare lustfully at her nakedness.

“Delicious pussy,” said Copps. She tittered at that.

“Beautiful,” said Medea.

“Great,” said Gavin. “Now, get up, baby.” She stood up, her back to all the men. “Bend over and spread your legs.” She did, exposing her asshole as well as her pussy.

“Perfect asshole,” said Church.

There was a ring of the doorbell. Gavin answered it.

“Buzz!” Gavin said, smiling as he let the rock-climbing teacher in. “So good to see you.”

“Is she sufficiently stoned?” Buzz asked.

“Oh, yeah,” Gavin said. “She’s totally out of it. Our previous, pretended animosity has set her up for quite a shock when she sees you as my pal here.” He led Buzz to the living room.

“Good,” Buzz said. “I can’t wait to see the shock on her face. The fear. It’s such a turn-on for me.”

“Even with that shock, though,” Gavin assured him, “she’ll still receive you as well as she does us. She’s too wasted not to.”

Buzz and Gavin entered the living room. “Hi, gentlemen,” Buzz said. Then he feasted his eyes on stoned Paula’s nakedness. “Oh, I remember that tasty body.”

“Huh?” she said, at first confused; then she saw Buzz’s face, lewdly smirking. “Buzz?” She laughed again at the absurdity, as she saw it, of the situation, rather than at her obvious helplessness.

“Let’s not hurt her, OK?” Gavin said, taking some anal lube out of his shirt pocket. “You lube her ass thoroughly, Buzz, and I’ll lick her cunt to get her wet. I wanna hear her squeal with pleasure.”

“Hear, hear,” said Church, licking his lips.

The men had Paula get on the floor on all fours. Buzz lubed her ass and Gavin licked her pussy, lying on the floor on his back under her. The other men pulled their hard-ons out of their unzipped pants. She moaned softly to Gavin’s expert tongue and lips, almost oblivious to the gang-bang she was about to be subjected to.

Finally, she was all wet and ready. Gavin moved around on the floor so he’d be lying with his face under hers; he pulled his cock up and out of his unzipped pants, pointing it at her pussy. Buzz unzipped his pants, pulled out his erection, and pushed the tip of it against her anal orifice.

“Oh, I’m gonna love this,” he moaned, coaxing her asshole open slowly and carefully.

“As am I,” Gavin grunted, sliding his cock in her vagina.

Banks went up to her face and put the tip of his cock against her lips. “Open wide, sweetie,” he said. “Get your saliva flowing.”

Remembering the fellatio techniques Buzz had taught her, and forgetting the fact that she was blowing a complete stranger, Paula opened her salivating mouth, licked the tip of his cock, and took it in a few inches. Banks looked down at her timid, submissive face, and smiled.

Copps, Church, and Medea each ran one hand along her back, arms, and legs, and the other hand up and down their erections. Her skin was so delightfully fair, soft, and smooth, and their cocks were so long, thick, and hard.

Buzz slid his cock in a few inches. “Oh, that feels great,” he groaned, sliding in further.

Paula, still feeling psychologically protected from any pain, fear, or discomfort because of the ketamine, nonetheless could only wonder at the situation. Someone’s fucking my ass, she thought; I feel as if I have to poo. Too busy being distracted by the other two cocks in her pussy and mouth to worry even slightly about this situation, she just kept on sucking and receiving cock. I wish I could at least look down into Gavin’s eyes, she thought; am I being gang-raped?

Gavin continued pumping his cock in and out of her gooey pussy, looking up at her pretty naked body.

After another minute or so of fucking, Buzz pulled his cock out of her ass and came on her buttocks and back. Though Paula felt herself approaching orgasm, Gavin once again deprived her of that pleasure, pulling his cock out of her pussy and shooting his come up on her belly and pubic hair. Buzz put his now-limp dick back in his pants and zipped them up, as did Gavin, who slid out from under her and sat with Buzz on the couch. All the men were now watching her blow Banks.

“This girl…has talent,” he moaned. “Oh!” His cock was throbbing with pleasure, and she was moving her head back and forth faster and faster. The other men cheered her on, ogling her kneeling, naked body.

Finally, Banks blew his load in her mouth; she swallowed most of it, though some dribbled down her chin. He put his spent penis back in his pants, zipped them up, and sat with Buzz and Gavin.

Now it was time for Church, Copps, and Medea to enjoy Paula. She could only chuckle to herself as she saw the three men approach her with their hard cocks poking out of their unzipped pants. How many men are going to have their way with me tonight? she thought. I’m glad I’m high; otherwise, I’d be terrified.

Copps lay on his back as Gavin had, and she acquiescently crawled on all fours over him. Church got behind her ass, and Medea pointed his cock at her mouth. Church re-lubed her ass and his cock, while Copps lowered her ass a bit to receive his cock.

“Spit on my dick, sweetie,” Medea said. “To lubricate it.” She did, then opened her mouth to receive it half-way in.

Church pushed his cock an inch or so inside her still-gaping asshole, groaning with pleasure at the sensation of that tightly-hugging ring around his shaft. “Oh, that feels…so good!” he grunted.

I can’t believe this is happening to me, she thought as she slid her lips along Medea’s cock. I can’t believe I’m actually doing this. Am I dreaming? I hope so. I’ve always wanted sexual experience, being embarrassed by my former virginity, but not like this. Did Gavin set this up?

Copps gently squeezed her tiny breasts as he kept pumping his cock in and out of her wet pussy, which had now lowered in stimulation; he would have to do an amazing fucking job to bring her to orgasm now, since she’d have rather fucked Gavin.

Church was about to come. He pulled his cock out of her asshole, now gaping even wider than before, since his cock was thicker than Buzz’s. He sprayed his come all over her ass and back.

Wanting to see his come on her body, too, Copps pulled his cock out of her cunt when he was about to ejaculate. He put her hand on his cock to jerk him off briefly; her hand slid up and down his shaft, and he squirted all over her belly and pubic hair, as Gavin had before. She was now so covered in come, it was as if she was no longer naked.

Copps slid out from under her and zipped his pants up, as Church had. They sat on chairs on either side of the sofa where Buzz and Gavin were sitting, the two latter men patiently waiting for their cocks to get hard again, which would be soon. All the men watched and admired the come-covered girl’s sucking skills.

Medea was about to come. She didn’t want to swallow this time, but he kept her head in a position to keep his cock in her mouth. He shot his discharge in forceful spurts right down her throat. She gagged and spit out some of it, coughing. Somewhat disappointed, he put his cock away, zipped up his pants, and went to sit on the sofa.

She looked over at the six men, who were ogling her nude body with lewd grins. Her head was swimming, for she was still peaking on the drugs. Though Copps’s cock had gotten her moderately horny, she still hadn’t come: she’d only made them come, and come copiously they did, all over and inside her. Of course, the high she was getting from the drugs made orgasming seem unnecessary for her; and the ketamine was causing her to feel what seemed like a metallic, electric shield all over her body, protecting her not from their cocks or their lust, but from any feeling of physical or emotional trauma…for the time being. She knew, intellectually, that something horrible was being done to her–she just didn’t feel it at the time.

While Copps, Church, and Medea were resting and waiting for their cocks to get hard again, Buzz, Gavin, and Banks were hard again and ready for some more. These three latter men got up and went over to Paula with hungry, greedy eyes.


Vicki Diamond was a woman of means due mainly to the divorce of her wealthy husband. At 36 years old she was the picture of health and sexuality. She looked more like a woman in her twenties with long blonde hair and a 34-24-35 figure. At 5’6″ she weighed a trim 120 pounds. She was a workout junkie and had her own fitness setup in her home. She also swam laps every day that the California weather permitted. Her stately home was very private and Vicki would often swim and sunbathe in the nude. She had lost her tan lines and her golden bronze skin contrasted beautifully with her blonde hair.

One would look at her and ask why would her husband ever cheat on her? The answer was simple he just couldn’t keep his dick in his pants. He was a successful surgeon and had banged his share of nurses. Vicki caught him with his scrub nurse one day in his office. He was sitting in the chair with his pants down around his ankles and his naked nurse was riding his cock. Vicki used her cell phone to record the incident and after that the divorce was carried out.

Vicki had been faithful to her husband and he had been a good lover. However at the age of 36 Vicki had peaked sexually and she needed more cock then most women. For a year now she had been taking lovers and hardly a week went by that she wasn’t in the sack with some young stud. She had also started to get creative in her sexual encounters by living out her fantasies. Vicki loved to dress up and role play with her lover. The guys got into it big time as well and they looked forward to their visits. The upcoming week was going to be the most exciting of her life.

The next Monday through Friday, Vicki would be visited by a different young stud each day. She had her outfits planned to act out her fantasies but her lovers would not know what it was until they arrived. Vicki would then wrap up the week with a party for her five lovers on Saturday. The party would most likely run the night and into Sunday morning. Vicki’s panties were already wet from the anticipation.


Nick was a handsome 26 year old stud of Italian descent. He had dark curly hair and his 6’0″ frame carried his 185 pounds very well. Nick stayed in shape and he was a real ladies man, a womanizer would be a better term. Nick was proud of his manhood he was blessed with a 7+” cock that was just a smidge over 5″ around. He had pleased many a woman with his Italian sausage and his love making. He had been banging Vicki for a couple of weeks now and he loved fucking her. He admired her ass and he hoped that one day she would give it up to him.

Nick was surprised to see Vicki dressed in a cheerleader outfit when he arrived. She told him that she was just about to get her pompoms down from the shelf. “Now that you are here, you can hold the ladder for me,” she told him.

Vicki stood on the ladder and when she stretched to reach for the pompoms her short cheerleader skirt rode up on her legs baring her shapely thighs. Nick looked at her bare skin and suddenly felt that familiar surge in his loins. He stepped in a little closer and peeked under her skirt. He saw more leg including her thighs up to her panty covered pussy. He felt an erection form in his pants and he was anxious to get going. What ever Vicki had in mind, he was up for it.

Vicki was getting turned on by her fantasy to be fucked in a cheerleader outfit and her panties were getting damp. She asked Nick to hold the ladder and then she stepped up one more rung. Nick leaned in and noticed her nice round ass encased by the panties and his cock throbbed in his pants. This time when Vicki turned back to him she saw the outline of the erection in his pants. She smiled to herself as she was pleased that she could cause this young man to get an erection so soon. Her seductive fantasy continued for a few minutes before Vicki took it to the next level.

“Oh my I am so sorry! Look what I have done to you,” Vicki said as she made her descent down the ladder.

Nick looked confused but then he realized she was talking about his erection which was clearly visible in his pants.

“I am so naughty letting you look up my skirt. Only bad girls do that and they get punished when they do such things. I made your cock hard because I was so naughty,” Vicki went on.

Nick thought that this was really weird behavior. He wondered, “What did she mean when she said she should be punished for her behavior.” They had never done any bondage, discipline or stuff like that.

“If my daddy was here he would spank my bottom for being so naughty,” Vicki whimpered and then said, “You’re not going to spank me, are you?”

Nick realized that this was a game she was playing and he decided to go along and see how far it would go. He was getting really excited now and his cock was throbbing in his pants. He replied, “You have been a bad girl and I think that you do need a spanking.”

“Oh no, please don’t,” she whimpered again and then ran to her sofa and acted as if she would be punished.

“Please don’t, don’t put me over your lap and spank me,” she begged mockingly.

Nick caught on that she was giving him instructions. He moved over to the sofa and sat in the middle as Vicki cowered in the corner of the sofa. Nick was starting to like this game and he reached for Vicki. He pulled her over his lap and her body pressed against his erection.

“Pleased don’t flip my skirt up and spank me,” Vicki faked again but Nick did just that.

He flipped her cheerleader skirt up baring her legs and her panty covered ass. Nick stared at her beautiful shapely legs and curvy butt. He again acknowledged just how pretty and shapely Vicki was. He ran his hands over her legs and panty covered ass and then he spanked her lightly on her bottom.

“Oh you mustn’t take my panties down and spank me on my bare bottom,” she said.

Again Nick did just that. He pulled her panties down to her knees and then he admired her beautiful ass. He ran his hands over her smooth buns and squeezed them gently. His cock was ready to explode and he was fearful that he would cum in his pants if this went on much longer. Nick began to spank Vicki’s bare ass lightly and he liked watching her buttocks jiggle each time he slapped them. Vicki made believe that she was in agony and she began to beg Nick to stop. Although he had not slapped her ass hard enough to hurt her it was all part of her fantasy.

“Oh please stop your hurting me. Please don’t hit me anymore I will do what you want. I will let you put your dick in my mouth,” Vicki pleaded.

Nick heard her but it was no big deal as his cock had been in her mouth plenty of times. If she wanted his cock in her mouth he was going to let her blow him. Nick lifted Vicki off his lap and reached for his belt and zipper. He pulled his pants down to his knees and his rock hard 7+ inches bobbed in front of him. Vicki smiled when she saw the impressive cock and she knelt in front of him. Nick grabbed her head and pulled it toward his cock. Vicki willingly took the cock into her mouth and within seconds she was deep throating him. No one except Vicki had ever been able to take his entire length into her mouth but Vicki was handling his cock with ease.

Vicki was an accomplished cock sucker and Nick knew that he would not last long at all. She bobbed her head up and down on his cock and ran her tongue around the shaft. She reached down and handled his balls and tickled his perineum. She had Nick on the verge of one of his biggest ejaculations ever. He could feel the pressure in his scrotum and then it released through his cock. Nick fired a barrage of cum into Vicki’s mouth and he marveled at her as she stayed with it and swallowed every drop. He knew it was one of his biggest discharges ever but Vicki seemed undaunted by it as she sucked and milked his cock dry. She nibbled on his cock head and let it pop out of her mouth with a loud sound. She continued this until Nick couldn’t stand the sensation any longer. He was still hard however and Vicki wanted his youthful cock in her pussy.

“Oh look what you’ve done. You came in my mouth. Now behave yourself and go away. Don’t even think of putting your thing in my pussy,” Vicki acted out her shame.

But Nick knew that they weren’t done and he pushed Vicki onto the floor, removed her panties and crawled between her legs. He eased his cock into her and it slipped in easily as Vicki’s cunt was sopping wet. Vicki gasped as his cock hit home and she wrapped her legs around Nick’s torso. Nick pounded her pussy with his rock hard cock and Vicki grunted and groaned every time his cock went all the way into her womb.

“Oh my, this is going to be a quick one!” Vicki gasped.

Her body lifted off the floor with the intensity of her first orgasm. She held Nick tight as her body shook violently and he felt her juices cover his cock. Nick’s pecker was swimming in Vicki’s pussy but he continued to pound at her in search of his second ejaculation. Vicki was extremely turned on and she felt another orgasm building in her body as Nick raced toward his. She felt his body tense up and then with one more thrust deep into her, Nick shot streams of cum into her hot cunt. Vicki felt the ejaculation and it sent her over the edge again. She dug her heels into Nick’s back and held him tightly in her arms as she climaxed again. Her body shook and she screamed out in ecstasy as she had one of her most intense orgasms ever.

The two of them held to each other and remained motionless on the floor for several minutes. Nick thought about his situation as they both remained coupled together still partially clothed. Vicki was still in the cheerleader outfit only her panties had been removed. Nick still had on his pants and underwear down around his knees and ankles. Nick eased his cock out of Vicki’s cunt and he looked down at the pretty woman. She smiled at him briefly and then went back to playing out her fantasy.

“Oh what have we done? I am so ashamed,” Vicki said and then picked up her panties and ran to the bathroom.

Vicki douched her pussy free of Nick’s semen before she came out of the bathroom. She was still wearing the cheerleader outfit. “I have a date tonight I had to wash all that goo out of my pussy in case my boyfriend wants to put his mouth on me.”

Nick realized that she wanted him to eat her pussy next. He had eaten her pussy before and he liked doing it. Nick had Vicki stand up in front of him and then he ran his hands up Vicki’s legs and cupped her buttocks pulling her toward his head. He pushed up her skirt and began eating her pussy. Vicki grabbed his head and held it tightly to her quim as Nick dipped his tongue into her and sought out her clit. Vicki was overwhelmed with desire and she came quickly dousing Nick’s face with her female nectar. Nick kept eating her until she couldn’t stand it any longer and collapsed in his arms. He had enough of he game for now and he carried her into her bedroom.

Nick placed her on the bed and again lowered his pants and underwear to his knees. He crawled on the bed, pushed her skirt up and moved between her legs. Nick eased his cock into her sopping wet cunt again and Vicki gasped again. They fucked like animals as they both raced toward their orgasms. Nick was quick to fire and he let loose a barrage of cum into her pussy. Vicki came again as soon as she felt cum bounce of the walls of her vagina. They held each other tight as they rode out their intense orgasms.

Nick then pulled out of her and placed Vicki over his lap. His pants and underwear were down around his ankles and he was still wearing his shirt. Vicki was still in her cheerleader outfit and Nick pulled up the skirt exposing her ass.

“You have been naughty again so I am going to give you another spanking,” Nick teased as he ran his hands over her shapely ass.

Nick spanked her again as he had done earlier. He hit her lightly not to hurt her but hard enough to make her buttocks jiggle. He would pause every once in a while to run his hands over her shapely ass and then he would spank her again. Nick felt his cock harden under Vicki’s lap and she felt it too.

Vicki faked that she was crying and that her buns were stinging. “My daddy always put lotion on my bottom after he spanked me to soothe the pain.”

Nick looked around and spotted the lotion on her nightstand. He leaned over to retrieve it holding Vicki on his lap as he did. Nick got the lotion and squirted it all over Vicki’s ass. Nick then massaged the lotion into Vicki’s buttocks. He took his time as he loved handling her beautiful ass. Nick’s cock was erect under Vicki and she could feel it poking into her pubes.

“That feels so good on my sore bottom,” cooed Vicki and then warned, “But you mustn’t stick your finger in me. That would be so nasty.”

Nick realized that she wanted him to finger her asshole. He had never done that before to Vicki but the thought of it excited him. He squirted the lotion in the crack of her ass and then pushed his index finger into her asshole. Vicki wiggled her ass in reply and faked her response.

“Oh that is so nasty. You shouldn’t do that. You shouldn’t move your finger in and out of my bottom.”

Nick did just that as he finger fucked Vicki’s asshole. Then he switched fingers from his index finger to his middle finger and pushed it in as far as it would go. Vicki wiggled her ass again and Nick was getting hotter by the second. He made up his mind that he would take her ass that day. He wanted Vicki on all fours while he played with her ass and finger fucked her. He pushed Vicki off his lap and told her to get on all fours on the bed. Vicki did as she was told and she placed her head on the bed turned to one side as she raised her shapely ass in the air.

Nick knelt behind her and pushed his middle finger back into her ass and resumed finger fucking her bung hole. He then switched back to his index finger but at the same time he slipped his middle finger and ring finger into her pussy. Now he sawed three fingers in and out of her as he fingered fucked her asshole and pussy at the same time. Vicki loved the feeling of the three fingers in her and she was pleased that Nick had thought to do it but she wanted more.

“Your fingers feel wonderfully nasty in my pussy and ass but you can’t put your thing in my bottom. That would be dirty and wicked,” Vicki said sounding childish.

Nick thought about her statement, “God damn, she asking me to fuck her in the ass.”

Nick had been dying to fuck her in the ass and now his wish was about to come true. He took more lotion and put it on his cock and then added saliva to it making it nice and slick for Vicki’s asshole. Nick had used lotion and saliva before so he knew how to make his cock slick. He them removed his fingers from her pussy and asshole and lined up his cock with her anus.

Nick pushed his cock into her asshole and when the head cleared her sphincter Vicki let out an audible gasp. The feeling was incredible for Nick as his rock hard cock nestled into Vicki’s snug warm sheath. He pushed his cock in all the way and then pulled back so just the head remained in her ass. Nick fucked her slowly as he wanted it to last forever. Vicki had her head turned to the side on the bed and she had a dreamy expression of her face. She was obviously enjoying the anal sex.

Nick moved steadily and slowly in and out of Vicki’s ass until he felt his release building in his balls. Nick picked up the pace and thrust quicker and harder into Vicki’s ass. His body slapped against her buttocks causing them to jiggle as he fucked her and the sight was erotic. He loved watching his cock slide in and out of her shapely buns. Then his body stiffened and he thrust all the way into her ass as his cum traveled from his scrotum through his cock and shot into Vicki’s ass. Nick felt a stream of cum shoot through his cock and go deep into Vicki’s rectum. Vicki loved the feeling of cum coating her anal channel and filling her rectum. Nick had shot an impressive amount of cum in her asshole and Vicki was surprised since it was his fourth load that day.

Nick stayed in her ass for minutes as Vicki used her talented anal muscles to milk his cock dry of any cum remaining in his shaft. Nick’s cock began to soften slightly and he let it slip from Vicki’s asshole. He looked at her dilated anus and it looked vulnerable as a little bit of cum trickled out of it. Nick was then shocked when Vicki spun around and took his semi-erect cock in her mouth and sucked it clean. He couldn’t believe that she would take a cock right from her ass into her mouth but the act excited him. Of course Nick had no idea that Vicki douched her ass and pussy thoroughly before she visited him.

“My poor pussy needs attention right now,” Vicki pleaded.

Nick realized that they were still dressed. Vicki still had her outfit on and he still had on his shirt with his pants and underwear around his ankles. In all the time they had fucked and sucked they had never been completely naked. Nick now wanted to be naked and he wanted to see the rest of Vicki’s body.

“Vicki I want to see you naked. Let’s take all our clothes off,” Nick ordered rather than requested.

“But what if someone comes in and catches us naked?” she whimpered as if a little girl.

“No one is coming in. Now do as you’re told or I am going to spank your bottom and put my cock in your ass again,” Nick replied playing the game.

Vicki acted shy as she stood up and removed her cheerleader outfit. Nick watched her as he took off his own clothes. Vicki had a great figure and her tits were perfect, not too big and nice and firm. Vicki lay back on the bed and she opened her legs for Nick. He knew that she wanted him to eat her pussy again and he was only to glad to comply. He slipped between her legs and she cuddled his head in her hands and stroked his hair and he ate her pussy.

Nick buried his tongue in Vicki’s pussy shoving it in as if he was fucking her. Vicki loved the action as he nibbled on her clit while he fingered her pussy. Nick was really getting into the action particularly because of the way he had Vicki squirming and tossing on the bed. Vicki moved her legs over Nick’s shoulders and pulled his head closer to her pussy. Nick held on to Vicki’s shapely buttocks and squeezed and fondled her firm ass cheeks as he ate her pussy.

“Oh, oh, yes oh, oh!” Vicki cried out.

Nick continued to eat her pussy as he held her ass tightly in his hands. He then moved his hands up to her tits and found her hard nipples. Nick massaged her boobs and twirled her nipples in his fingertips as he continued to munch on her pussy and clit. Vicki was tossing and thrusting her pussy into Nick’s face as she moaned and groaned in ecstasy. Nick decided to play with her asshole again as he ate her pussy. He snuck one hand behind Vicki’s bottom and toyed with her asshole tickling the tight nether hole.

“Oh are you going to put your finger in my bottom again?” Vicki sighed.

Nick stuck his middle finger in Vicki’s pussy and got it good and wet with her juices. He then positioned it at Vicki’s asshole and shoved it in. Vicki gasped with the abrupt anal penetration but soon had Nick’s finger buried in her ass. Nick pumped his finger in and out of Vicki’s ass as he continued to maul her pussy with his mouth. Nick loved the feel of his finger in the warm recess of Vicki’s ass and he was sure that he could feel his cum in her hole.

Vicki stiffened and gasped aloud as she came on Nick’s face. Nick held on to her with his finger still buried in her ass and his mouth glued to her cunt. He felt the waves of orgasm rock Vicki’s body and his face was flooded with her cunt juice. Vicki kept humping his face until the last of her orgasms passed and she flopped back on the bed. Nick slipped his finger from her ass and his hands found her breasts again. He stroked her tits and nipples as he gently licked her pussy dry of all her juices. Nick finished eating her and then sat up kneeling between Vicki legs. Nick followed Vicki’s eyes to his cock and then he realized that he was hard again.

Vicki smiled at him and said, “Oh look at you. Your cock is big and hard again. Are you going to put it in my pussy again?”

Nick leaned forward and aimed his cock at Vicki’s pussy. He slid in easily to the hilt and reveled in the warmth of her cunt. Nick began to pump his cock in and out of Vicki’s pussy as she wrapped her shapely legs around his back. Vicki pulled him in with her legs and positioned herself so that her clit was in constant contact with his cock. Nick began to pound Vicki’s pussy and Vicki humped her hips back at him just as hard. The two of them fucked each other frantically breathing heavy and grunting and moaning. Vicki had another orgasm but continued to fuck Nick toward his. Vicki lost count of her orgasms before Nick didn’t cum again but he was pleased that Vicki did.

Nick and Vicki lay still in bed for a long time. Nick caressed Vicki’s cute firm tits and rolled her hard nipples in his fingers. Vicki ran her hand along Nick’s balls and cock and she soon had him hard again. Nick rolled over on her and they fucked again until Vicki begged him to stop that she couldn’t cum anymore.

“Oh please we have to give my poor pussy a rest,” she pleaded.

“Okay then I will just have to stick my thing back in your bottom,” Nick replied playing her game.

Vicki rolled over and wiggled her ass for Nick. He got some more lotion and lubed up his cock and her asshole once again. Then Nick rolled over on top of Vicki and slid his cock into her ass once again. He fucked her slowly and then he knelt up pulling Vicki with him so he could watch the anal penetration. He relished every second he was in her marvelous ass. Nick fucked her ass slowly for a long time before it felt like he came. Nick buried his cock in Vicki’s ass and held it there as it throbbed in her rectum. Nick pulled his softening cock from her ass. He flopped down on the bed as he was drained and exhausted.

This time Vicki did not go down on him and take his cock in her mouth. She too lay still face down on the bed. He looked down at Vicki and stared at her gorgeous ass. It was hard for him to believe that he had fucked her ass not once but twice that day. He noticed that traces of cum seemed to bubble up and trickle out of her ass as she lay there. Nick patted her on her shapely buttocks.

“I’m having a party here this weekend. Are you available?” Vicki asked almost in a whisper.

“Yes I will keep the weekend open for you,” Nick replied and then he smiled to himself and thought, “That could be interesting.”


On Tuesday Vicki’s lover for that day would be Rick. He was another handsome stud who loved having sex with Vicki. Rick was 6’2″ and weighed about 190 pounds. He was 25 years old and a former college athlete so he was in great shape. Rick had a nice cock that was about 7″ long and 5″ around. He knew his way around women and Vicki liked fucking him. Rick was unaware of Vicki’s fantasy that she would play out that day but it would be one to remember.

When Rick arrived Vicki answered the door dressed as a school girl. “You must be Rick. My mother told me that you would be coming by today. She had to go out for awhile,” Vicki play acted.

Rick took a close look at Vicki. She really looked hot in the uniform. She had on saddle shoes with knee high white socks. The skirt was blue plaid that was so short that it barely covered her ass and panties. She also wore a white blouse with a blue string tie and a blue blazer. Rick felt his loins surge again as he looked at the delectable Vicki. He didn’t know what she was up to but he was ready to follow her lead.

Rick couldn’t believe how much younger she looked dressed like this. He thought to himself this is one sexy lady. Vicki went about her play acting and as she bent over her short skirt rode up and provided a glimpse of her white cotton panties. Rick felt his cock harden in his pants.

“And what is your name?” he asked almost laughing.

“My name is Vicki too. I am named after my mother,” she said in a sultry tone.

Vicki bent over again and this time she blushed and then said, “Rick I saw you looking under my skirt. That’s not a nice thing to do. My mother told me that you might try to look under my skirt. Now please don’t do that again.”

Rick just shrugged his shoulders but he kept checking out Vicki’s ass and then he couldn’t resist any longer. When she bent over slightly he reached out and grabbed one ass cheek.

“Oh you naughty boy,” she squealed.

Then Rick pinched her bottom again and again until she jumped away from him. “Stop that this instant,” Vicki said.

“My mother told me that you might try to put your hand under my skirt.”

“Really and what else did she tell you?”

“She said that you might try to take my panties off to.”

“And what else did she say?”

“She told me that you might try to put your mouth on my innocent little pussy.”

“I see, anything else?”

“And that you would try to put your finger in my pussy and in my bottom.”

“Is that all?’

“No she said that you would try to put your thing in my mouth and my pussy and my bottom.”

“Do you want me to do all those things to you?”

“Oh no I am a good girl. I could never do those things.”

Rick was now tired of playing the game without some action so he moved toward Vicki. She acted as if she tried to getaway but he caught her and forced her to her knees. Rick pushed her over the sofa and then he flipped her skirt up over her back. He rubbed her hot ass through the cotton panties and then he pulled the panties down to her knees. He pushed his hand between her legs and located her sopping wet pussy. Vicki groaned as she felt the desired contact. Rick fingered her pussy from behind and then he took a moistened finger and teased her anus with it.

“Oh no not in my bottom, I have never had anything in there. Don’t hurt me!” Vicki exclaimed.

Rick moistened his finger some more with her pussy juice and pushed it into her asshole. He continued to moisten his finger with cunt juice and saliva as her finger fucked both her cunt and ass at the same time. Vicki groaned with the double penetration as she loved both holes being filled at the same time. Rick looked at her with her skirt tossed over her back and he panties down around her knees and he thought how erotic she looked bent over the sofa while he fingered her.

Rick then needed to free his cock so he unfastened his pants and shoved them and his underwear down to his knees. Then he moved in behind Vicki and slid his erect cock into her hot pussy. He continued to play with her ass and finger her asshole as he fucked her doggy-style. It didn’t take long for Rick to cum as he was horny when he arrived and the play acting was a real turn on. His body stiffened as he shot a barrage of cum deep into Vicki’s womb. Vicki had a mild orgasm just as she felt the semen spray her insides. She loved the way he came there was always so much of it.

Rick eventually pulled out of her and looked at her shapely ass and luscious thighs. He rubbed his cock on her ass and trickles of remaining semen coated her curvy bottom. Vicki turned around and she looked at his semi-hard cock. She knew that he would be ready to go again in minutes but she wanted to play act some more.

“Oh what have you done? You put your thing in my pussy and your finger in my bottom. You came in my poor pussy. I am not going to take your thing in my mouth,” Vicki said trying to sound upset.

“I think you are going to take my thing in your mouth and clean it off and get me nice and hard again. This time I will put it in your ass,” Rick said firmly as he reached for Vicki.

He took hold of her and gently pulled her head toward his cock. Vicki acted as if she was being forced to suck his cock and that she had no choice. Her mouth engulfed his cock and with in seconds Rick was receiving one of Vicki’s signature blow jobs. “God she was good,” he thought to himself.

Vicki’s head bobbed up and down and her tongue swirled around his cock as he held on to her head. Then he had another idea so he reclined on his back and had Vicki straddle him so they could eat each other. He pulled her panties off her legs so that she could sit on his face. Vicki lowered her pussy to Rick’s mouth as she resumed sucking his cock. Rick stroked her luscious thighs and caressed her curvy ass as he sucked on her clit. Vicki was going wild and she knew that she was close to a massive orgasm.

Vicki began throwing her hips violently as she reached her climax and Rick held on to her curvy ass as he tried to keep his mouth fastened to her pussy. Her juices gushed into Rick’s mouth as she groaned on his cock. Vicki momentarily stopped sucking Rick’s cock until the intensity of her orgasm had passed. Minutes after her orgasm, she resumed sucking Rick’s cock and she stayed with it until he ejaculated in her mouth. His second load was almost as voluminous as his first and her mouth filled quickly with cum. Vicki swallowed every drop and continued to suck on Rick’s cock even after she had milked his cock dry.

Vicki loved sucking Rick’s cock and she knew that she could keep him hard given his youthful recuperative powers. Rick lay still and enjoyed the feeling of his cock in her sensuous mouth. Rick wanted to stay hard so he could take on Vicki’s ass next and she was doing a good job on his cock. When Rick felt he was ready he gently pulled Vicki up and she reluctantly removed her mouth from his erect cock. Rick moved Vicki back to the sofa and had her lean over it.

Vicki had anticipated being butt fucked again and she had lotion in her hand. She handed it to Rick as she knew he was going to fuck her in the ass next. Rick smiled at her as he took the lotion and greased up his cock. Then he went to work on Vicki’s ass and she couldn’t resist playing the game some more.

“Don’t you dare try to put your thing in my bottom? You have already done too many nasty things to me. My mother was right about you,” she whimpered.

Rick was getting a little bored with the game but he went along with her as he prepared to fuck her in the ass. He put an ample amount of lotion in her ass and fingered her ass and pussy at the same time which they both loved. Rick stared at Vicki in this position as she was still dressed except for her panties. She still had on the blue blazer, the white blouse and tie, the white knee high socks and saddle shoes and her skirt was flipped up over her back. Rick was still dressed as well and his pants and underwear were down around his ankles. Vicki loved playing out her fantasy and keeping their clothes on made it realistic in a bizarre way.

Satisfied that she was ready Rick pushed his cock into her ass. Vicki gasped at the entry as Rick slid all the way in with one steady push. He began to fuck her ass slowly and steadily as he had on other occasions. He had to admit to himself that it was a turn on fucking her ass while she was dressed like a school girl. He caressed her curvy bottom as he plowed into her ass and she grunted each time he hit home. It took Rick awhile to cum a third time but he savored every moment of being in her gorgeous ass. Finally he felt his orgasm approach and he let loose in her rectum and streams of cum filled her bottom. Vicki clenched and unclenched her anal muscles and milked every drop from his cock.

Rick stayed in her ass for as long as he could and then he watched as his cock softened and slipped from her poop chute. Cum trickled out of her ass and ran down her crack between her thighs. It was an erotic sight to see her dressed like a school girl bent over a sofa with cum running out of her asshole. Rick wiped his cock on the cheeks of her ass and Vicki cooed at the act. Rick then took off his clothes and sat naked on the floor but Vicki remained in her position for several minutes before she moved. She was still fantasizing that she was a school girl in a private school that had just been fucked.

Rick then moved over to Vicki as he was determined to see her naked and fuck her once more before she left that day. He had Vicki stand up as he undressed her. He first removed her saddle shoes and then her plaid skirt. He couldn’t believe how erotically sexy she looked still wearing the blazer, blouse, tie and knee high socks while she was naked from the top of her socks to the blazer. He felt a surge run through his loins as he looked at her. Then he removed the blazer, tie and blouse. He looked at her again this time clad only in her bra and knee high socks and that did it for him. His cock was erect again. Rick then took off her bra but left the white knee high socks on her.

This time he wanted to fuck her in bed so he directed her to go to the bedroom. He followed her and watched as her fabulous ass moved side to side. They went to his bedroom and Rick climbed between Vicki’s legs and slipped his cock into her pussy. He fucked her long and hard bringing her to multiple orgasms. Vicki was just about to ask him to give her pussy a break when he finally shot his load into her womb. Rick’s body stiffened as he ejaculated and then collapsed on top of Vicki. After several minutes he rolled to the side and lay along side of her. He reached over and playfully pinched her nipples and caressed her tits. They were both done for the day and they both knew it but Rick was in no hurry to get out of bed.

“I am having some people over on Saturday, can you come?” Vicki asked sexily.

“Of course, I wouldn’t miss it.” Rick replied and then asked, “Can I bring something?”

“Just this,” Vicki said as she took hold of his cock.


Phil was a former college tennis player and Vicki had asked him to teach her the last time they were in bed together. Vicki’s house had a tennis court out back along with the swimming pool. Her ex-husband was an avid player and he had the court put in but Vicki never played. Phil had worked with her a couple of times before they went in the house and had sex. He was a good looking guy and at age 24 he was very fit from his years on the courts. Phil was 6’3″ tall and weighed about 195 pounds. He had sandy colored hair and hazel eyes. He had a slender cock that was nearly 8″ long but less than 5″ around. Vicki loved the feel of his cock in her ass and he could cum in buckets.

They were going to play tennis again that day but Vicki had a surprise for Phil. Vicki smiled wickedly to herself as she decided to wear a thong panty under her tennis skirt. Phil arrived with a hopper of tennis balls and they went out to her court. She knew about his desire to fuck her while she was in a tennis outfit so she decided to seduce him on the court.

“We’re going to work on the serve today,” Phil told her.

Phil set up the hopper by the service line. “Let’s stretch out first and warm up the arms,” Phil said.

Phil demonstrated how to warm up for the serve. First they moved their arms in circles to loosen up the shoulder joint and then they did stretches with the racquet behind their back pulling it with both hands. Phil then demonstrated the proper position and the ball toss for the serve. Vicki tossed the ball several times without hitting it as Phil instructed. She was to catch the ball with her hand in the same position that the ball left it. This was to develop consistency in the ball toss. On one toss Vicki dropped the ball and when she bent over to pick it up her tennis skirt rode up over her buttocks. Phil almost gasped aloud when he saw Vicki’s shapely ass on display. Seeing a shapely ass in tennis panties was nothing new for Phil but seeing a bare ass was.

Phil felt that familiar surge in his loins as Vicki continued to work on the ball toss. As she reached up with her arm to toss the ball and stand on the balls of her feet, the tennis skirt rode high enough to show the bottom of her cheeks. Phil then decided it was time to move onto the actual serve. Phil showed Vicki how to strike the ball and turn her wrist outward to achieve a top spin serve. Then he stepped back and watched as Vicki executed the serve.

Each time Vicki struck the ball and followed through, her skirt flew up over her bottom and her curvy bare ass came into view. Phil figured out why she was wearing thong panties and he knew that she had done that purposely for his benefit. By the time Vicki had finished her service drills Phil had a throbbing erection in his shorts. Phil walked up behind Vicki and acted as if he needed to correct her service form. He took her hand in his hand and circled it back and then extended it upward. As Phil extended Vicki’s arm she felt him close to her body. Phil pressed his crotch forward into Vicki’s ass she felt his erection through his shorts. Vicki smiled to herself and she pushed her buttocks back against his cock.

Vicki then reached back with her other hand and groped Phil’s cock through his shorts. “What do you have back there, another racquet? Vicki giggled.

Phil then reached around Vicki and grabbed her breasts through her tennis top. Vicki continued to squeeze his cock through his shorts and then Phil suggested they go back to the house. They picked up the tennis balls on the court and Vicki put on quite a show as she bent to pick up the balls. By the time they returned to the house Phil was ready to shoot his load.

Once in the house Phil sat in a chair and Vicki came over and stood by him. He ran his hands up and down her thighs sending chills through Vicki’s body. He pulled her thong panty down and off her legs and placed it on the floor. He then lifted her tennis skirt with one hand and stroked her pussy with the other. Then he fingered her pussy causing Vicki to groan. Phil ran his hands over her shapely buttocks and let his fingers dip into the crack of her ass. He tested her nether hole and moistened it with Vicki’s pussy juice. Phil then stood up along side of Vicki and instructed her to take out his cock.

Vicki dropped to her knees and unfastened Phil’s tennis shorts and pushed them down over his legs and let them puddle around his ankles. Phil’s erection was poking through his brief and Vicki slowly peeled the underwear down his legs. His cock caught in the elastic and sprung out when it cleared the waistband. Vicki always loved that when it happened. Vicki stroked Phil’s cock and then looked up at him.

“You have a nice cock Phil. I bet you would you like me to suck it, wouldn’t you?” Vicki teased.

“Yes, suck my cock you fucking tease,” Phil said with a raspy voice.

Vicki took Phil’s cock in her mouth and used all of her oral skills to bring him to the brink of ejaculation. Then Vicki removed his cock from her mouth and looked up at Phil as she stroked his cock.

“Do you want to cum in my mouth? Or would you like to fuck me?” Vicki asked in a sultry voice.

“Get your mouth back on my cock. I’ll cum in your mouth first and then I’ll fuck you,” Phil replied urgently.

Vicki resumed sucking Phil’s cock and it did not take long for him to shoot in her mouth. Phil blasted a huge load into Vicki’s mouth and she quickly swallowed every drop. Phil remained hard even after Vicki had drained his cock dry.

“Get up here and I’ll fuck you!” Phil gasped.

Vicki stood up and Phil bent her over the chair, flipped her tennis skirt up over her back and exposed her lower body. Phil always loved the look of a girl bent over with her skirt flipped up over her ass. Phil had fucked a few of the woman and girls before in this very position. He moved in behind Vicki and buried his cock to the hilt in her pussy. Vicki was already wet and his cock slid in easily. Phil held onto to her hips and he fucked the shapely Vicki from behind. He began to fondle her shapely ass and then he shoved a finger in her asshole. He loved how easy his finger went into her ass.

“Do you want to fuck my ass too?” Vicki teased and then added, “Make me cum first and then you can fuck my ass.”

Phil continued to fuck Vicki from behind as he reached around and began to finger her clit. Vicki orgasmed quickly once her clit was rubbed and she drenched Phil’s cock in her pussy. Phil pulled his cock from her pussy and slipped it into her ass. His pussy moistened cock met little resistance as it entered Vicki’s ass and settled in her rectum. Phil was so close to cumming before that he didn’t last long at all. His body stiffened and he fired a barrage of cum deep into Vicki’s ass. He remained pressed against her ass cheeks as she used her anal muscles to squeeze every drop of cum from his cock. Phil remained in her ass as long as he could and then his cock softened and slipped from her nether hole.

“You know I always had this fantasy about fucking a female tennis player in the ass,” Phil told her.

“Really,” Vicki said playing along.

“Yeah, right before her match she would be in her tennis outfit with her panties pulled down to her knees. I imagine that I am fucking her in the ass and cumming in her ass. I pull up her panties after cumming in her ass and pat her lovingly on her shapely round bottom before she has to head out to the courts,” Phil continued.

Phil then stepped up behind Vicki and slipped his rock hard cock deep into her ass for a second time. Vicki emitted a gasp as Phil’s cock slid all the way in on the first thrust. He plowed her asshole and fucked her rapidly in search of his much desired release. Vicki began to move her hips in an attempt to match Phil’s thrusts and it was obvious that she was turned on by the situation. Vicki was gasping and grunting as Phil began to really pummel her ass. He picked up the pace even more and held to Vicki’s shapely buttocks as their hips slapped noisily together. She was really into it now and the two of them fucked like maniacs.

Vicki then teased Phil when she fantasized, “Oh we shouldn’t be doing this. I have an important match later and I can’t play with my ass full of cum,” she screamed.

They were both sweating from the physical intensity of their butt fucking. Phil slammed into her as his cock now moved freely in her ass. He felt his orgasm approaching and as much as he wanted to prolong the ass fucking session, he couldn’t. Phil’s body stiffened and he plunged his cock all the way into Vicki’s gorgeous ass. Streams of semen shot into her rectum as Phil seemed to cum continuously for several minutes.

“Oh, I feel it. What am I going to do? I need to be on the court in five minutes. Cum will be leaking from my ass,” Vicki cried out and then her own orgasm hit her, “Oh, I’m cumming!”

Her body thrashed around as Phil held onto her curvy ass cheeks and kept his cock buried in her ass. Her fingers flew over her pussy and clit as his warm seed flooded her anal passage. Vicki then collapsed face down on the table and Phil’s cock slipped from her ass with an audible pop. Phil knelt over her as his cock dripped the remaining cum on her curvy ass and Vicki wiggled her bottom and squealed in delight.

Phil stepped back from Vicki and admired her shapely ass. She looked so sexy with her tennis skirt thrown up over her back and her panties down around her knees. Phil rubbed her buttocks lovingly and Vicki clenched her glute muscles in response. Phil pulled Vicki’s panties back up and the thong barely covered her cum filled asshole. Vicki groaned feeling very naughty all off a sudden. She ran up the stairs to her bedroom. She could feel the semen oozing from her anus and wetting her panty thong.

Phil followed her up to her bedroom and stripped off his clothes. Vicki stripped off her tennis clothes and panties. Then she jumped in her bed on her back and spread her legs open for Phil. He was still hard but Vicki had something else in mind.

“I’ve already forfeited my match. Come here and eat my pussy,” she told him as she spread her legs for him.

Phil climbed on the bed and moved his head between her legs to eat her pussy but first he kissed and licked around the area and her inner thighs. Phil breathed warm air right on her snatch and Vicki grabbed his head and pulled it to her cunt. Phil pulled his head back off Vicki’s pussy and let his fingers trail to her cunt. He lightly rubbed her outer cunt lips as she twitched with each touch. She moaned as her clit responded to the stimulation and slowly exited its hood looking for attention.

Phil placed his fingers on Vicki’s cunt lips and trapped her clit between them and it became engorged and stood erect. She squirmed in pleasure while he moved her cunt lips up and down on her clit and she shuddered from the extreme arousal. Still moving her cunt lips up and down, Phil bent down and kissed her clit. Vicki jerked and bucked as Phil’s lips touched her upright nub. He drew his head back a bit and again blew air directly onto her clit as she writhed and bucked again, moaning with pleasure. Phil placed his arms behind Vicki’s knees and raised her hips up. He put her legs over his shoulders and he lowered his mouth to her pussy and kissed it as though it were her mouth. She groaned with delight as she waited for Phil’s next advance. He drew his tongue along her outer labia, up one side and down the other without touching her clit.

“Suck it please, please lick it, oh please!” she moaned lustfully.

Phil flicked his tongue across the edges of her pussy as Vicki quivered and her juices seeped from between the lips. Phil licked the juices from the edges of her lips telling her she tasted delicious. Vicki was nearly mad with desire as she begged Phil to pleasure her with his tongue. Phil finally parted her labia with his tongue and licked the insides of her cunt lips, nibbling each one a little and then sucking on them both. Vicki whimpered and moaned when Phil suddenly plunged his tongue as deep as he could into her pussy. She screamed with delight as his tongue explored the insides of her pussy. Instinctively, she grasped Phil’s head and pulled it into her cunt, begging him to lick and suck her. Phil did not disappoint Vicki as he swirled his tongue around her engorged clit and back into her sopping wet cunt. Vicki was constantly moaning as his lips closed about her clit and sucked her clit in and out of his mouth. Writhing and gyrating she exploded in another powerful orgasm, drenching Phil’s face and mouth with her copious juices. She seemed to cum with each spasm of her body. Phil did not let up sucking her clit and she tried to push his face away as she cried out.

“Oh stop, please stop. I can’t cum anymore let me rest,” she begged.

Vicki’s body shuddered through yet again another orgasm and she lay there gasping and breathing heavy as her orgasm abated. Finally her orgasm subsided and she embraced Phil and kissed him. Phil knew that Vicki could taste her own juices on his lips and he plunged his tongue into her mouth taking her breath away.

“That was marvelous, absolutely incredible. I felt so wicked when you fucked my ass in my tennis outfit,” she sighed.

“I had always wanted to do that. Make believe it was a pro player right before the match and fill her ass with cum,” you made that fantasy come true.

“It was going to be my fantasy but I’m glad it turned out the way you wanted.”

By then Phil’s cock was rock hard again and he moved between her legs. He eased his cock into her sopping wet pussy and she wrapped her legs around his torso. Slowly, he moved into her. Vicki opened beneath him, enveloping his penis tightly. Her cunt was like a fist as she clenched her vaginal muscles. She squeezed Phil’s cock as he moved within her.

“Vicki,” Phil groaned, “You really feel so good today.”

She moaned in response, “Your cock feels so good. Fill me up with it.”

Phil thrust into her deeply and he felt the head of his cock pressing against her cervix.

“Oh Phil,” she sighed with her eyes closed.

Phil felt her vagina contract around his cock as she climaxed again with a shudder and a long moan. She urged him on, “Fuck me, I want it so much.”

Phil grabbed her hips in his hands and began to thrust in and out as he pounded her pussy. His heavy bloated testicles slapped against her ass as his cock drove into her hot pussy.

“Yes, oh yes,” she gasped as her body rose to meet him.

The bed was now rocking with the force of their fierce, animalistic fucking. Vicki clamped her legs tightly around Phil’s waist as she screamed with her climax. Her pussy grasped his cock, squeezing it and milking it as he fucked her. Phil moved his hips against hers and buried his cock to the hilt within her. Vicki’s quaking pussy erupted into orgasm again as Phil rocked his cock slowly, grinding the head against her cervix. Phil felt his orgasm building in his balls and he knew that at any second he would be spewing his seed into her womb. Phil felt his semen travel from his scrotum through his cock as he ejaculated deep inside Vicki flooding her waiting warmth with his load.

Neither one of them could speak as the pleasure was so intense. Phil collapsed on Vicki and she wrapped her arms and legs even tighter around his body. Phil kissed Vicki’s neck and when he kissed her on the lips their tongues dueled with each other’s briefly. Not wanting to crush her Phil rolled off Vicki as his cock softened and slipped from her cum filled cunt. Vicki closed her eyes and let out a deep sigh as she was exhausted from both tennis and sex and she was sexually sated.

“Phil are you doing anything Saturday?”

“Not really, I would be happy to come over and do you,” he replied with a laugh.

“Good, I’m having a few people over. Why don’t you come to?” she offered.

“I’ll be here,” he accepted.


Carl was a fitness junkie like Vicki and he enjoyed working out as much as she did. He never expected the workout that Vicki had planned for them that day. Carl stood at 6’2″ and weighed a very fit 190 pounds. He body was chiseled and he had unbelievable abs. Carl was above average in the cock department just shy of 7″ but he never had any complaints. When he arrived that day he was surprised to see Vicki a workout outfit.

“My aerobic class is late so I thought I would get a quick workout in,” she said.

“Your aerobic class, huh,” Carl replied with uncertainty as he wondered what Vicki was up to.

Vicki’s outfit consisted of a sport halter top that showed off her firm abs with a spandex bottom that hugged her curves. Her ass looked great in the spandex and she looked more ready for sex than exercise. They went downstairs to her workout room and all the while Carl was thinking about fucking her. Carl watched as she did some very suggestive exercises including leg kicks while she was on all fours. That did it for Carl and he just had to have her ass again.

Carl looked around the exercise room and he spotted a bottle of massage oil on the mat. He picked up the oil and while Vicki was still on all fours he dropped his pants and underwear. Carl lubed his cock with the oil and then he got on the mat with Vicki. He pulled her spandex down to just below her buttocks. Carl then lubed Vicki’s fine ass as she faked her protest.

“No don’t fuck me now my aerobic class could show up at any moment,” Vicki said as if she really believed it.

Carl now knew it was game and he went along with her. “Well if your class shows up they will just have to watch me fuck your ass.”

He lubed her anus with the oil and then slipped his cock into her ass. He was very turned on and it did not take him long to cum. He fucked her until he shot his load deep into her rectum. Vicki cooed when she felt the semen flood her passage.

“After that workout I need a massage,” Vicki announced and she stripped off her workout clothes.

Carl removed his clothes too and knelt next to her as she stretched out on the mat. “We have to hurry and finish before my class gets here,” she continued the game.

“Don’t you worry, I will give you a massage to remember and I promise we will be done before your class gets here,” Carl replied almost laughing at the situation.

Then Vicki felt his strong hands on her shoulders and back as he went deep into her body. Vicki just cooed as Carl rubbed her body all over from her head to her ankles. Then he had Vicki turn over and he worked on the front of her body. Vicki was getting hotter and hotter as Carl’s hand moved all over her and she felt her loins stir and her pussy throb. He had led her up to that state by teasing her many times as he massaged her inner thighs and allowing his hands to bush her panty covered pussy.

“Oh be careful you got too close to my privates,” Vicki cautioned.

Carl laughed to himself and he continued to massage her and let his hand brush against her pussy several times. Carl could feel the dampness and the heat from her pussy.

Vicki was so aroused by then that she just closed her eyes. Carl stroked her outer lips. Vicki could feel her juices flowing and she bolted when he touched her hooded clit. He stuck one thick finger into her twat and with his other hand he tweaked her erect clit. Vicki went bonkers and came immediately but Carl did not stop and he brought her to multiple orgasms with his fingers.

“Oh you made me cum. You shouldn’t make me cum. What if my class saw me cum?” Vicki continued the game.

“Well your class isn’t here,” Carl replied now anxious to fuck her.

Vicki instinctively allowed her thighs to part and exposed her dripping wet pussy. Carl smiled, leaned over and ran his tongue up the length of her cunt. Vicki’s body tingled and she shivered with desire. Carl licked her a few more times and he had her close to another orgasm when he stopped. Vicki reached for his head but he was out of range and she was confused by his actions but she went along with him.

Carl removed his tee shirt and shorts as he said to her, “Vicki it is time for you to reciprocate as well.”

“But I don’t do that,” Vicki protested mildly faking her shyness.

“Well today you will do it that is if you want me to take care of your pussy,” Carl told her.

Carl moved back toward her and she spotted his erect cock. Carl lay on the mat with her so that his cock was beside her face and his face was aligned with her pussy. Vicki knew she was expected to take his cock in her mouth but she faked her reluctance and restated that she had never done that before. Carl guided his cock to her mouth and then he resumed eating her pussy. Vicki adjusted to the thick cock in her mouth as she enjoyed Carl’s skilled cunt licking.

At this point Carl was very sexually charged and he knew that he would cum quickly. He did not warn Vicki that he was going to cum but just as she was humping her hips into his face with her own orgasm, Carl ejaculated into her mouth. Vicki was caught off guard with the first jolt of cum as it hit the back of her throat. She no sooner swallowed the first load then another load filled her mouth. Vicki swallowed again and sucked on his cock until it softened in her mouth. Carl had returned to eating her pussy and he brought her to another orgasm.

Vicki faked her humiliation and anger at Carl for cumming in her mouth. “Oh what have you done? You came in my mouth. That was so naughty.”

Carl moved around the mat and lifted her legs up to where her knees touched her chest exposing her pussy and asshole. Carl began to lick her pussy once more and Vicki offered another mock protest. He kept eating her toward another orgasm and then he ran his tongue across her asshole. He licked her from her asshole up over her pussy and then back again. Vicki acted mortified but she was excited by having her ass licked. Carl would dip his tongue into her pussy and into her asshole.

“Oh you are so nasty. You shouldn’t put your tongue in there,” Vicki gasped.

Carl then fastened his mouth on Vicki’s twat as he slid a very oily finger into her asshole. Vicki flinched with the intrusion of her ass. Carl worked her pussy with his mouth and her asshole with his finger as Vicki relished the anal invasion. Carl then pushed the thumb from the same hand fingering her ass into her pussy and held her in a bowling like grip. He continued to suck on her clit as he finger fucked her pussy and ass. Vicki was going crazy and her head was rolling from side to side in ecstasy. Just before Vicki came again Carl removed his finger, thumb and mouth. Vicki frantically tried to get his mouth back to her pussy but Carl climbed back on the bed and Vicki noticed that he was fully erect again. Carl knelt between her raised legs and eased his thick cock into Vicki’s pussy.

Vicki squealed, “Oh no, you can’t fuck me. I can’t let you fuck me! What about my class?”

She moaned as he filled her cunt. Carl rocked his body into her and kept his cock in constant contact with her clit. Vicki was crazy with desire and she was approaching a mind blowing orgasm. Vicki’s body went rigid and then she exploded as she was overcome with the intensity of her climax. Her body seemed to go into convulsions and then slowed down until she finally collapsed.

Carl pulled out of her and then rolled her over onto her stomach. He lifted her by the hips until her ass was level with his cock. Carl slid his cock back into her pussy and slowly fucked her doggy style. Vicki turned her head to one side on the bed and stared into space as if she were in a trance. Out of the corner of her eye she watched as his big cock sawed in and out of her. Carl raced toward his orgasm and filled Vicki’s pussy with cum. It was the first time in awhile that he had cum twice after he fucked her ass.

Carl pulled out of her pussy and stood up and Vicki flopped down on her stomach. Carl smiled as she got on her stomach and then he looked at her beautiful ass. He felt his cock stir as he thought about sliding his big cock into her curvy ass again. Then Carl put an ample amount of oil on his hands and began to massage Vicki’s buttocks. Vicki relaxed as Carl massaged her ass. Vicki was in a dreamy state when she felt Carl’s hand slid into the crack of her ass and a tingle ran through her body. Recognizing her pleasure, Carl allowed his fingertip to brush her nether hole. Vicki’s body twitched but not in alarm but in excitement.

Then she felt Carl’s finger probe her anus once again and she remained still and quiet as he had his way with her nether hole. Carl sensed her submissive state and took it to the next step. He eased his finger into Vicki’s ass little by little until his finger was buried in her rectum. Vicki remained still and allowed Carl to finger her asshole and she felt tingles run through her body. Carl wormed his finger around in her ass and then he slowly removed it. Carl still needed more time to recover from his three ejaculations.

Vicki was in state of desire and ready to have her ass fucked when Carl rolled her over on her back as he spoke, “Time to do the front now.”

Vicki had expected him to fuck her ass but she allowed herself to be turned over and she closed her eyes as Carl’s hands rubbed oil all over the front of her body. He began with her shoulders and neck and then descended to her breasts. Vicki’s nipples were hard as rocks when Carl massaged her breasts and rolled the extended nubs in his fingers. Then his hands moved lower to Vicki’s thighs skipping her hips and pubes. He massaged each leg separately lifting it to his shoulder and rubbing it all the way to her pussy. His hands would occasionally graze her cunt and Vicki would flinch in response. Once again she was in a state of desire and she felt the need to orgasm.

“Do you need to cum again Vicki?” Carl whispered to her.

Vicki just closed her eyes and nodded yes. There were no mock protests this time. He gently rubbed Vicki’s pussy with the massage oil and sought out her erect clit. Carl pushed two fingers into her pussy, rubbed her clit with his thumb and located her G-spot with two fingers. Vicki covered her mouth with her arm as an orgasm rocked her pretty body. She kept her eyes shut as her body jerked and spasmed on Carl’s fingers. Carl removed his fingers from Vicki’s pussy and brought them to his nose. He was pleased with her aroma. Carl’s cock was throbbing by then and now he was anxious to cum again but he wanted Vicki’s ass this time.

Carl rolled her over so that she was face down again and then he returned his attention to her ass. He kneaded her gorgeous ass cheeks and as he massaged her ass he put an ample amount of oil on her asshole. Then Carl began to probe her asshole first with one and then two fingers. Before long his fingers were moving easily in and out of Vicki’s thoroughly lubed asshole. He lifted Vicki up by her hips until her ass was in the air as she rested her head on the mat. He removed his fingers and knelt behind her. He positioned the head of his cock at the entrance to her ass. As he eased his cock into her bunghole he heard Vicki gasp and hold her breath.

“Oh my, you are in my ass. Please don’t fuck me there. I don’t want my class to see me do this. Please not in my ass,” Vicki acted.

He had cum three times already but he was determined to cum a fourth time. Vicki felt the warm cum shoot into her rectum and she loved how it felt strangely good. She liked the soothing feel it gave her ravaged asshole and how she felt unbelievably full. Carl started to fuck her with long deliberate strokes as he admired her beautiful ass accepting his huge cock once again. Carl stroked her marvelous ass cheeks and told her how good she looked in this position with his dick skewering her luscious ass.

He came more than he expected and cum soon filled her asshole to overflowing and backed up coating his cock and running down the inside of her thighs. He kept slowly fucking her ass until his cock started to soften. Vicki’ ass involuntarily was milking his cock draining it of all his seed. When Carl’s cock slipped from her asshole with an audible pop, his cum shot out and ran down the back of her legs and over her pussy. It looked like Vicki was shooting cum out of her ass. She collapsed face down on the mat and Carl stroked her buns lovingly as she lay quietly. Carl was drained and he knew he had nothing left.

The two of them remained still for a long time resting and recovering from one of their most intense sexual encounters. Carl finally moved first and headed for the shower. When he came out Vicki told him about Saturday.

“That would be great. I’ll see you Saturday at 11:00 AM,” Carl confirmed and then he got dressed and left.

Vicki finally lifted her fatigued body off of the mat and went upstairs to her bathroom. She drew a bath for herself and soaked in it for over an hour. The jets soothed her muscles and she used a jet on her anus. She always loved the feel of the jet washing her nether hole. After her bath she took a nap and slept most of the afternoon. She had one more fantasy to play out on Friday and then the orgy on Saturday.


Tony was strapping young Italian stud. He was only 5’8″ tall but he had a cock on him like a horse. Tony had been raised catholic and had attended catholic school. He was familiar with nuns so Vicki had decided to play out a fantasy of him fucking a nun. Tony arrived on Friday and he nearly shit his pants when Vicki answered the door dressed like a nun.

“Oh hello, you must be Tony. I’m Sister Vicki. Father Michael is busy right now so he asked me to make you comfortable. Please come in,” Vicki said.

Tony couldn’t believe what he was seeing but he went along with it. He had never seen this side of Vicki before and it was intriguing. Vicki had Tony sit in a chair and she acted as if she was tidying up the room and she bent over the coffee table. Anxious to fuck her and impatient, Tony dropped his pants and walked up behind her. He took her hand and placed it on his cock. Vicki didn’t turn around but continued to act as if she was busy as she jerked Tony off. Then Tony lifted the habit and saw the pantaloons. He thought he would cum at any second the sight was so hot. Tony looked for an opening in the pantaloons and found it. He parted the pantaloons and bared Vicki’s shapely ass. Tony caressed her buns and tickled her anus. He found her anus already lubed and ready for his cock. He thought to stick it in her pussy first but Vicki stopped him.

“Oh no Tony, I am still a virgin. You will have to use my bottom if you wish to penetrate me,” Vicki play acted.

“Of course Sister Vicki, I didn’t know about your virginity. I will take your ass as you wish,” Tony replied as he was getting into the game.

Tony then pushed his stiff cock into Vicki’s ass and she moaned softly as it slid in all the way. Tony fucked her slowly and caressed her lovely buttocks. It was really quite erotic to be fucking her ass framed in the pantaloons. Tony did not last long and he pulled his cock out and ejaculated all over her buttocks. Vicki squealed with pleasure when she felt the warm cum land on her buns. He put his cock back in her ass so that she could squeeze the remaining cum from it. Tony then wiped his cock on her ass and spread the semen around on her flesh. Vicki was excited beyond normal and she needed her pussy tended to. The two of them went into her bedroom. Vicki lay back on her bed on pulled off the pantaloons baring her pussy. The habit was pulled back so that her lower body was exposed. Vicki kept the habit on including the headdress and Tony felt like he was actually making it with a nun.

“You may eat my pussy but don’t stick your cock in me as I am still a virgin,” Vicki play acted.

“Of course Sister, I will eat your pussy and make you feel good,” Tony went along with her.

He pushed her habit up over her breasts and exposed her hot tits and nipples. Tony played with her tits and rolled her nipples in his fingers. He kept his hands on her breasts as he lowered his mouth to her pussy. Vicki groaned with delight as Tony’s thick tongue plunged into her cunt. He swiped his tongue all around and over her clit driving her wild. Vicki was very turned on and she grabbed Tony’s head and held it tightly to her pussy. She could feel her climax building and she knew that it would be a massive orgasm.

Vicki screamed as her crescendo rocked her entire body and she doused Tony’s face with her juices. Tony went right on eating her and drinking down every drop of her sweet nectar. Vicki felt that she had come close to passing out but that had never happened. She looked up and saw Tony with his menacing looking cock fully erect and ready for action. He moved up on the bed and nestled between her legs. Vicki felt the large head at her entrance and she knew that in a few seconds she would be stuffed with cock.

“Oh Tony, you must not penetrate me. You will take my virginity that I have been saving for Father Michael,” Vicki said continuing the fantasy.

“Fuck Father Michael,” Tony responded as he drove his cock home taking her breath away.

“Oh we mustn’t, think about Father Michael. Oh we shouldn’t, it is not right and then oh yes, oh it feels so good, oh, oh, fuck me, yes fuck”, Vicki cried as she was too close to another orgasm to stop.

Tony slid in and out of her pussy slowly allowing Vicki to adjust to his size and he continued to go deeper with each thrust until he was buried balls deep in her pussy.

“Oh my I have never been so full, fuck me, make me cum, make it last forever”, Vicki cried out.

Tony pounded her pussy making sure that his cock was in constant contact with her clit. Vicki had multiple orgasms as he fucked her. Tony pushed the habit up again over her breasts. Tony twirled the nipples in his fingers and then leaned over taking one then the other in his mouth.

Vicki went wild telling him. “Oh yes, suck my tits, suck my nipples, fuck me good!”

Tony could feel his balls start to tighten and he knew it wouldn’t be long before he filled her pussy with his cum. Vicki stiffened and then had another violent orgasm. She thought to herself that Tony was incredible as he fucked her and sucked her tits.

Vicki yelled, “Hold me, please hold me, I’m cummmming!”

Tony reached around behind Vicki and pulled her toward him as she shook and trembled throughout her intense orgasm. As she was cumming so did Tony and he fired a barrage of cum into her pussy. As she started to recover Tony laid her back down on the bed and slowly fucked her as his cock softened. Tony’s cock was swimming in her cunt; there was so much cum in there mingling with her own pussy juices.

“How was that Vicki? Wasn’t that better than that small dick Father Michael,” Tony said playing her game.

“Oh what am I going to do? Father Michael will be so disappointed that he didn’t get my virginity,” she faked her humiliation.

“I’ll tell you what you are going to do. You are going to suck my cock back to hardness and then I am going to fuck you senseless,” Tony told her.

“Oooh!” was all Vicki could muster.

Vicki took his thick cock in her hand and ran her tongue over the head of it. Then she wrapped her mouth around it and slowly moved her head up and down taking him as deep as she could without gagging herself. Tony was the only one of her new lovers who she couldn’t deep throat. Vicki bobbed her head up and down on his cock pursing her lips together until she felt Tony shiver. She liked to lick the underside of his cock and his balls driving him wild with desire. Vicki sucked his balls into her mouth and lightly scratched his perineum with her fingers. Vicki let her hands run over his hard abs and loins which caused Tony to tremble as a tingling sensation ran through his body.

Tony couldn’t take anymore and he grabbed Vicki’s head and pulled it back onto his cock. Vicki knew this time he would cum in her mouth. Tony held her as he unloaded in her mouth. Cum bounced off the back of Vicki’s throat and she swallowed as quickly as she could. Vicki managed to keep all of it in her mouth and she sucked him dry.

Tony stayed hard as he pulled his cock from Vicki’s mouth. He pushed her back on the bed and slid between her legs. Tony eased his cock back into her pussy and fucked her through multiple orgasms until Vicki pleaded with him to stop and give her pussy a rest. She couldn’t believe his stamina and virility. Vicki rolled over on her stomach almost as if she was protecting her pussy from any more pounding.

As Vicki lay on her stomach Tony took the lotion from her night stand. He sat on the back of her legs and she could feel his thick meat resting on her buttocks. Tony began a slow soothing massage starting at her shoulders and worked his way down her back. Vicki tensed as he started to massage her ass cheeks as she knew where this was heading. Tony put a generous amount of lotion on her ass and lovingly kneaded her cheeks. He complimented Vicki on her beautiful ass. Tony lifted Vicki by the hips so that her ass was elevated. He poured more lotion between the cheeks of Vicki’s ass and began to probe her asshole with his fingers. Soon he had a thick finger sawing easily in and out of Vicki’s asshole and another in her cunt. Vicki lay there with her head on the bed turned to the side and cooed as Tony simultaneously moved his fingers in and out of her rectum and vagina. Tony pushed down on the small of Vicki’s back causing her to accentuate her shapely ass even more. She was in awe of how his fingers were as thick as some cocks.

Tony removed his fingers from her ass and lined up the head of his cock with her pink rosebud. Tony eased his cock into Vicki’s lubricated asshole and it slid in easily all the way to the hilt. Tony stayed still for a second and then slowly pulled his cock out until only the head remained in Vicki’s ass. Tony slowly fucked Vicki in the ass watching his cock slide in and out from between her gorgeous ass cheeks. He would not cum for quite some time and he savored every moment that his cock was in her ass.

Tony eventually stiffened and pushed his cock all the way up Vicki’s ass and he held on to the globes of her ass as he fired an impressive load of cum deep into her rectum. Vicki could feel the warm seed fill her ass and chills ran through her body. She was surprised that he came so much given that it was his fourth time. Tony stayed in her ass and remained hard as Vicki milked him with her anal muscles. Tony leaned over Vicki and they both flopped to the bed with Tony still buried in her bum. They lay still for awhile and Vicki realized that Tony was still hard in her ass. That’s what she liked about fucking guys younger than her; they could last for a long time and they could cum multiple times.

Tony rolled to his side and rolled Vicki with him so as not to crush her with his weight. As they lay there Vicki clenched and relaxed her sphincter muscles as she massaged Tony’s softening cock. She felt him finally go totally soft and slip from her asshole. Streams of cum trickled out of her ass and ran over her ass cheek onto the bed sheet.

“That had to be one of the best we ever had together. I can’t believe how much you could cum,” Vicki sighed.

“It had to be that nun thing. That was really a kinky feeling but I loved it,” Tony replied.

“Can you come over tomorrow? I’m having a few people over,” Vicki asked.

“Sure, what time?”

“If you could be here at 11:00 AM sharp that would be great.”

“I’ll be here.”

Vicki reclined on the bed and let out a deep sigh. It was all set for Saturday and the five guys would be there at 11:00 AM. Vicki had a marvelous fantasy planned and the best part was that the guys would meet each other for the first time.


By 11:00 AM the five studs had arrived at Vicki’s home and they were surprised that there were no other women. They did not know that they were all fucking Vicki but they would find out soon enough. Vicki had set up the bar for Bloody Marys for the guys.

“The bar is set up if you want a Bloody Mary and there is plenty of beer in the cooler. If you want something else feel free to get it. You all know your way around here. I am going to leave you to get acquainted while I change clothes,” she told them.

Vicki left the room and the five young studs just looked at each other. “I’m going to make a Bloody Mary, does anyone else want one,” Rick offered.

“I’ll take one,” Phil said.

“I’ll make my own, thanks,” added Nick.

“Me too,” Carl said.

“I’m going to get a beer,” Tony decided.

The five of them got their drinks and then sat in Vicki’s family room. They were still curious about why they were all there and Phil broke the ice, “I have been seeing Vicki, how do you know her?” he addressed the others.

“I’ve been seeing her too,” Carl admitted.

“Me too,” the others chimed in.

“So we have all been seeing Vicki,” Phil confirmed.

“I think it is more then seeing her. I’ve been sleeping with her,” Nick chimed in.

“Let’s face it guys, we have all been fucking her,” Tony stated.

“So why are we all here today?” Rick asked.

“I think we will find out pretty soon,” Carl offered.

“Maybe it’s another one of her games,” Phil said getting the others attention. “She likes to play games and act out fantasies. Last Wednesday I fucked her in a tennis outfit. She was just wearing a thong panty under her short tennis skirt.”

“I’ll be damned. On Monday I fucked her in a cheerleader outfit,” Nick shared.

Nick and Phil looked at the other guys and waited for their admission. “I had her in a school girl uniform,” Rick told them.

“It was a fitness instructor game and she was dressed in a hot workout outfit when I fucked her on Thursday,” Carl admitted.

“You won’t believe this but she was dressed like a nun yesterday when I banged her,” Tony told them.

“A nun holy shit, that’s kinky,” Carl reacted.

“I think she is a very kinky but sexy lady,” Tony said.

They all agreed and then they knew why they had been invited over that day. They assumed that Vicki wanted to have sex with all of them at the same time. They just didn’t know what game she would be playing that day. Just then Vicki came into the room and she was dressed to the hilt. She was wearing a short mini skirt, blouse, bra, nylons with garters and panties. She was in high heels and she looked stunning.

“Where are you going all dressed up today?” Phil asked.

“I have a meeting and I need to hurry. I don’t know what you are all doing here but you need to finish your drinks and leave,” Vicki play acted.

“Really, I think that we should give you something to take to the meeting with you,” Tony snickered and then said, “Give me a hand guys.”

Tony pulled Vicki over to the sofa and bent her over the arm. Carl and Phil held on to her arms pinning them down. Tony pushed her skirt up and they all stared at her garters, nylons and panty covered ass. Tony pulled her panties down below her ass as far as the garters would allow.

“Stop it, stop it his instant. What do you think you’re doing,” Vicki screamed at Tony.

“Like I said, I’m going to give you something to take with you,” Tony replied.

Vicki tried to break loose although she really didn’t want to. The guys kept her bent over the sofa. Tony dropped his pants checked out his cock. He was clearly bigger that the others and they looked on in awe as he eased his big dick into Vicki’s pussy. Vicki loosened up and Tony began to pump his cock into her rapidly.

“Stop it, you guys can’t just come over her and fuck me anytime you want,” Vicki uttered but it was just what she wanted.

Carl dropped his pants and underwear to his knees and pushed his stiff cock in Vicki’s face. She accepted the cock in her mouth and the other three dropped their pants and underwear and awaited their turn. Tony plunged his cock deep into Vicki’s womb and unleashed a torrent of cum filling her pussy. Vicki groaned when she felt the semen splash off her vaginal wall. Tony eased his cock out of Vicki’s pussy and cum rushed out and trickled down her thighs and gathered in her panties stretched between her legs. Phil moved behind her and fingered her asshole with some lotion that he had located.

“No, please no, not in there, please don’t fuck me there, not today, please,” Vicki whimpered continuing her play acting.

But Phil was not to be denied in fact he got more excited as he thought about it. He rubbed his lotion covered hand up and down his shaft a few times making it very slick. Then he moved his cock to Vicki’s anus and pushed ever so slowly. Vicki gasped as the mushroom head cleared her sphincter and slipped into her. Phil began fucking in and out watching his cock slide in and out of Vicki’s curvy ass. She looked so vulnerable and so sexy with her skirt up around her waist and her panties down to where the garters held the stockings. Her ass was framed by her clothing and Phil loved the look as he worked his cock in and out. Vicki just remained still, bent over the table as she awaited the moment when he would cum in her ass again.

She continued to suck Carl’s cock and she reached for Rick and Nick. She held their cocks in her hands as she sucked Carl and got but fucked. Phil was extremely turned on and he did not last long fucking Vicki’s ass. His balls tightened, his body stiffened and he plunged his cock all the way in. Phil fired ropes of cum deep into Vicki’s rectum and filled it with his seed. Vicki’s anal muscles moved of their own accord and milked Phil’s cock as it spewed into her.

Rick moved behind Vicki and shoved his cock into her pussy and fucked her until he ejaculated in her. Then Nick took her ass and while he was fucking her, Carl came in her mouth. Vicki swallowed every drop of Carl’s seed and she grunted when Nick came in her ass. The six of them were quite a sight. The five guys were still hard with their pants and underwear down around their knees. Vicki was still bent over the sofa with her skirt pushed up and her panties around her thighs. Cum was leaking from her ass and pussy and she looked so sexy and vulnerable at the same time.

“I need a massage after that,” Vicki announced as she pulled up her panties and smoothed out her skirt. “Meet me in the exercise room,” she added as she went to her bedroom to change.

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