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Sheldon sat at the conference table in the high rise office in Mumbai sipping spiced chai tea. He was listening as a Nehru-jacketed functionary in the Indian computer firm assured him again and again of the precision and stability of their computer aided manufacturing software. He had heard it all before but let the man ramble on. When the speaker reached a pause, Sheldon raised his head and asked his question.

“You can tell me all day long that you’re the best but show me some examples or references.”

“Sahib Sheldon, that is almost impossible to do. You have the most advanced robots in the world, state-of-the-art and cutting edge. No one else uses anything that precise. We have worked hard to make the program meet your specifications. But the only way to test it is to use it with your robots.”

Sheldon looked at Indira, his host country national guide and interpreter. She had been arranged by his wife, Krista, to accompany him on this trip. Indira was the one splash of color in the room. While everyone else wore business black and grey, she shone in her costume of pastel silk saris: orange, pink, blue and yellow. The fabrics were loose wrapped but you could still tell she filled them out well. Her eye shadow was dusky and her lips fire engine red.

In addition to her duties as protocol guide and interpreter, Indira was along on the trip to provide Sheldon with stress relief. During the long inbound flight on the TWI corporate jet, Indira had performed splendidly several times to relieve Sheldon when he got too wound up in his technical studies and ponderings. Right now, Sheldon was feeling stressed. He longed for one of Indira’s spectacular fire engine red blowjobs.

Sheldon stood. “I have heard your arguments and understand the risk that we must take to stay ahead. Let me read through your manuals again and we will reconvene tomorrow. It has been a long day and I need to rest. With your leave, gentlemen?”

“Of course, Sahib. May God grant that your slumbers be peaceful and satisfying.”

Sheldon certainly hoped so.

The towncar took then through Mumbai’s bustling streets to the oasis of their five star hotel. Sheldon had dispensed with the illusion of employer-employee working distance and ordered one suite with the largest bed available. The air crew had sent their luggage and it was waiting in their suite. Indira unpacked their clothes and settled them in. Room service delivered a sampling of curried delicacies. The preview dinner menu featured everything but beef; cattle were sacred in the Hindu culture. Pork was also missing to acquiesce to the intermingled Muslims.

The dining room served a sumptuous repasse: lamb with all the accompanying side dishes. Sheldon surveyed the room over his post-dinner chai. It was a more casual setting but Indira was still radiant in her silk wraps. There were other couples well attired in expensive clothes but Sheldon hardly noticed. Indira had relieved him with a hand job in the shower before dinner but he was still keyed up. Indira could tell.

“Sahib Sheldon, I think you are over wrought by these deliberations and decisions. The Indians are master programmers. I am sure that they will satisfy your requirements in the end.”

“Probably, but it’s still a risk. They are upstarts at this programming stuff. But economical upstarts and with our limited financing at present, we need their thrifty efforts.”

“They will succeed. We Indians have been programmers for millenniums.”

“Millennia!? Computers have only been around for a few decades, maybe a few centuries if you include early weaving loom controls. Millennia?”

Indira held her ground. “Yes, millennia. Have you never heard of the Kama Sutra? It is the programming and control manual for love and sexual intercourse. It is millennia old, first written in ancient Sanskrit.” She gave Sheldon a ‘gotcha’ look and wink. “At your direction, I have performed oral and digital sex for you. But there is so much more that my culture has to offer. We take the Kama Sutra seriously. It teaches all ages of men how to be truly intimate with their wives and it stabilizes our families. It is a wonderful and success filled program.”

Sheldon finished his chai and stood up. “Okay, I’m game. Prove it.”

Indira rose slowly and spread her sari wrapped arms like a newly blossoming flower. Her hand settled on his. Sheldon and Indira departed to the central atrium. They took the glass caged elevator to their floor. Indira glided along the carpet, her unseen sari draped feet propelling her forward. Sheldon keyed the lock and they entered their suite.

Indira removed her pale blue head scarf, uncovering her jet black hair held in a bun behind her head. She slipped off her sandals. She walked the intervening carpet to Sheldon and undid his tie and belt. His buttons were next. His shirt fluttered off and his pants dropped to the carpet. Finally his boxers and sox joined the growing pile. Sheldon stood naked. There was nothing new for Indira to behold that she hadn’t already seen, felt or tasted.

She helped Sheldon to a knee stand on the carpet. Positioned similarly, she placed his hands together in front, palms together, straightened fingers pointing up. She brushed her fingers over his eyelids, signaling him to close them. Indira took a similar pose and started a whispered hum in her throat. Sheldon opened one eye to peek and saw her in an apparent deep meditation. He closed his eyes again and listened. The tones brought him a quiet peace he hadn’t felt before. He noticed that his breathing had slowed.

Sheldon tried making Indira’s sound. His tone was deeper but the vibration touched his neck and chest with serenity. His constant torment, a low grade tension headache, went missing in action. His shoulders relaxed. He sensed motion, a swaying or rocking in his upper body. He opened his eyes. He was holding steady as a rock. Indira had moved her tone up an octave. Sheldon continued with his low tone.

Indira stopped making noise and opened her eyes. Sheldon was watching her. She motioned for him to remain down as she stood. She placed a loose end of her sari between his palms and began a slow rotation as she backed away, unwrapping the saffron colored cloth from her body. She reached the limit of its length and it fluttered away to the ground. She came back to Sheldon and placed a second silky wrap between his palms. Her second twirling unwrapped a second cloth, pastel green this time. Abdominal and shoulder skin appeared. The last wrap was pale blue, like her head scarf. It draped her thighs. Then she danced and it didn’t anymore. Sheldon had seen Indira fully naked but she looked extraordinarily exotic in her dark blue panties and midriff shirt. She was athletically fit with muscle definition and tone. Indira returned to her place in front of Sheldon, kneeling upright as before. She pulled his hands to the lower hem of her shirt. Sheldon understood and lifted the obscuring garment off her chest and over her head. Her breasts bounced and settled, generous globes, natural with dark areoles. Their color matched her eye shadow; the nubs matched her lips. Sheldon placed his hands on the soft slopes above.

Indira reached up and unfastened her hair pin. The black strands fell loose and cascaded to almost the floor in her kneel up pose. She rested her hands on Sheldon’s hips and leaned in. She rubbed the tip of his nose with hers, maintaining a steady eye contact. Sheldon was too mesmerized to look away. When he felt her hand on his cock, he broke the stare and looked down. He had grown hard without realizing it. His erection stood high, full and proud, encased in Indira’s palm.

The disrobing ritual had one more rite. Indira gracefully stood and pulled the panties off; presenting her bare vagina covering split flesh at his eye level. Sheldon could not maintain the tactile connection with her boobs when Indira stood up but here was new ground to explore. He spread her outer lips with his thumbs and spied the glossy inner lips at the mouth of her cunt tube. He leaned in and planted a lingering kiss on the moist reddened folds. It just felt like the natural thing to do. Strawberries; sometime today Indira had douched with strawberry flavored cleanser. He licked along the folds and smacked his lips. He would ask her later about other available flavors.

He looked up and she was looking down at him, smiling but not focused on his face. She held his head as she glided down to his stance. A full kiss ensued. They didn’t play or probe. It was a leisurely, lingering connection of wet lips, opened mouthed. Sheldon closed his eyes and felt like his body was rocking again. Indira stopped the kissing but stayed close. She reattached her hand to his erection, using the peg to lead him to the bed.

Indira put Sheldon in the middle, sitting sideways so that he saw himself in the lateral full wall mirror. Another was behind him. She positioned him, folding his legs under and resting his ass on his heels. His erection was a spike on a thigh shelf. She crawled forward and sat on his lap, folding her legs behind his ass, locking her ankles. His erection pressed her belly; her boobs pressed his chest. Her arms locked behind his head and he saw his hands in the mirror planted on her back ass. He squeezed the cheeks, testing their firmness.

Indira drew herself up, running her nipples up his chest to his neck. She locked eyes with Sheldon in the reflected mirrors and nodded. Sheldon used a hand to point his cock at her opening and Indira relaxed down, burying Sheldon deep. She settled her butt and stayed still. Sheldon felt a contraction around his cock; then another. Indira was clamping her vagina muscles, pressing his flesh with hers. The pressure increased. Sheldon bounced his hips, thinking that strokes would give him extra stimulation. But Indira calmed him with a caress and look. She was only getting started.

Sheldon watched Indira’s reflected toes curl towards the soles of her feet. The clamping pressure intensified. He was feeling flush, blood rushing everywhere: head, groin, limbs. His toes tingled. Then the soles of his feet tingled. The static electricity in his nerves moved across his ankles and up his legs. His head felt light. He hugged Indira for stability. His chest was pulsing with heavier breathing. Sheldon feared a heart attack but in reality, is heart was beating more peaceably that it had in years. His core felt hot and suddenly the muscles around his prostate clenched, squeezing the seminal fluid out through his urethra, up his cock, blasting out into Indira’s moist cavern. Sheldon saw lights and sparks flash under his closed eyelids.

They lay sideways where they had fallen over, limbs still inner tangled. Sheldon’s erection was softer but not fully dissipated. Indira held his head and gave off the whispered moan that had started this demonstration of ancient Indian love lore. Sheldon fell asleep; a peaceful and satisfying slumber, as his corporate hosts had prayed he would.

During the night, Indira and Sheldon untangled. Before drifting back to sleep, Sheldon arose, opened his briefcase and signed the contract ordering the manufacturing control software. Indira had shown him examples and references enough to convince him their claims were true: The Indians were indeed ancient and successful programmers. The CAM software for his robots was in good hands.

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