The cork flew up, bounced off the ceiling, and ricocheted off the wall. Ellie and Linda laughed as Garret filled the three glasses and raised his up.

“To Ellie,” he said. “Congratulations!”

They clinked their glasses and drank the champagne.

Garret kissed Ellie’s cheek. She felt a tingle of excitement. It was hard for Ellie to be around Garret and not recall how good he looked naked. They only slept together once and that was more than a year ago, but it had been memorable.

What a year it had been since Garret took her virginity at Linda’s specific direction. That act of generosity helped Ellie banish the last vestiges of doubt and inferiority that plagued her life.

Ellie quickly went on to David who, though not the experienced lover Garret was, made up for it in enthusiasm.

Ellie eventually lost interest in David, though, and started dating Anthony. After Anthony came Rick. All three men loved her BBW body and did their best to please her in bed.

Yet Ellie grew bored with each of them. Maybe she just wasn’t ready to commit to any one guy. She met all three of them at school so they were own age, and she wondered if that was the problem. They were still boys, emotionally. They were either too possessive, too needy, or both.

Besides, she would be moving in a few months.

“Oh, Ellie!” Linda beamed, picking up the diploma and admiring it.

“It’s just a two-year degree,” Ellie said.

“With high honors!” Linda protested. “It’s a stepping stone to bigger things.”

Linda was right. Ellie’s grades not only meant she was eligible for admission to the state college an hour away, but she had also been awarded a scholarship to study in the Art Education program there. The girl mocked in high school as Ellie Elephant was on her way to the big city.

Still, it would be sad leaving the people she loved. There was her mom, of course. Mom was proud of Ellie’s recent success, but the passive-aggressive comments about Ellie’s weight continued.

“You have such a pretty face,” her mom said just the other day “If only you could lose some weight.”

“Whatever, Mom.”

She’d miss Linda. Of course, Ellie would only be an hour away. Linda promised to make the effort to get up there to meet for lunch regularly, and there was always Skype.

Still, Ellie thrived on Linda’s strong, vivacious presence. It was Linda’s example of a proud BBW, after all, that woke Ellie up to her own potential.

“So, listen,” Linda announced. “We’ve got an idea. How would you like to go to Florida with us next month?”


“Garret’s cousin Mark has a condo down there on the water and has offered it to us for the first week of July. The kids are going to be with my mom and we thought it might be a great way for you to relax.”

“Wouldn’t you two prefer to be alone?”

“Garret will be surfing all day, honey. Someone’s going to have to keep me company. Don’t worry about the money, either. We’ll buy your ticket. Call it a graduation present. Please say yes.”

“Do I have a choice?”



The month went by quick. Ellie continued to babysit for Linda, and worked part-time at the local library where she met Rob. Rob was the same her age, cute and witty. They went out a few times and it led to sex, but he was selfish in bed so Ellie broke it off.

“What kind of man doesn’t like to eat pussy?” Ellie complained to Linda.

“The wrong kind,” Linda said.

On the day of their flight, Ellie arrived at Linda’s with her luggage in tow. Garret was in his home office, talking on the phone. Linda looked upset.

“What’s wrong?” Ellie asked.

“Emergency at Garret’s work,” Linda said.

Garret emerged from his office a few minutes later.

“Hello, Ellie,” he said. “Good news and bad news, ladies. “

“Out with it,” Linda said.

“There’s been a mishap at one of our sites and I won’t be flying out with you tonight. But I think I can handle it and I’ll join you tomorrow.”

“That’s terrible,” Linda said.

“It is what it is.” He shrugged. “Get going. I’ll see you tomorrow down there.”

The trip was one hassle after another. Getting through security took too long. Then the plane was stuck on the tarmac for an hour before taking off. Ellie clutched the arms of her seat and closed her eyes as the plane surged into the air. A whimper escaped her lips.

“Oh, Ellie!” Linda grasped Ellie’s hand tight. “I’m so sorry, honey! I forgot this is your first time on a plane.”

“I’ll be okay,” Ellie said.

She felt better after the plane leveled off and they had a glass of wine. Before long, she was chatting with Linda and feeling relaxed.

They stumbled through the hassles of the Florida airport, picked up their car rental, and drove to the condo. They also stopped at a supermarket to stock up on essentials for the week ahead.

They sighed with relief when they at last arrived at the condo.

Stepping through the front door and putting down their luggage, they looked around and were pleased. It was nicely furnished, bright and modern. There were two bedrooms, a good-sized kitchen, and a nice deck out back with an ocean view.

“This is spectacular,” Ellie said, standing on the deck.

“That it is,” Linda said. “But I need a shower and I’m hungry.”

They washed away the sweat and strain of travel and went out to get a bite to eat. Ellie wore a red tank top and jean shorts. Linda dressed in white capris and an orange top.

“Look at us,” Linda said. “Two hot BBWs headed out on the town! One blonde, one brunette!”

They walked down the street to a tiny Cuban hole-in-the-wall type of place. It looked like a real dive from the outside.

“These are the kinds of places where you find the best food,” Linda assured Ellie. “Besides, Garret’s cousin swears by it.”

Linda was right. The food was fantastic. They both ordered the roast pork dish Garret’s cousin recommended and loved it. They also enjoyed a round of mojitos, the stress of their day’s travels forgotten. They finished their meal and had another round of mojitos.

Back at the condo, they grabbed a couple of beers and went out onto the deck. They sat down on a loveseat facing the water.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Linda said.

“Linda, I wanted you to know something,” Ellie said. “I, uh, I don’t know where I would be without you. You’ve done so much for me. Heck, you lent me your husband!”

Ellie choked back tears.

“Sweetie!” Linda placed her hand on Ellie’s shoulder. “Honey, it was my pleasure. Believe me. I fucked Garret harder that night than he’s ever been fucked before. I don’t know why, but the idea of Garret and you together turns me on. A lot.”

“I’m glad,” Ellie said. “It would have been terrible if you had second thoughts about it and resented me.”

“That would be unfair on my part,” Linda said. “I insisted, after all.”

“I just…I wish I could find a way to make you understand how much I admire you and appreciate your friendship.”

“I already know, honey,” Linda said.

Ellie leaned forward and kissed her on the mouth.

Linda did not resist, welcoming the kiss. Ellie found that kissing Linda was much different than kissing a man. It was softer and more luscious.

Ellie pulled back.

“I can’t believe I did that! I don’t know what got into me. I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t be,” Linda said.

Linda kissed Ellie, thrusting her tongue inside Ellie’s mouth. They shared a long, passionate kiss and pulled each other closer, their plentiful breasts pressing against each other.

Ellie placed her hands on Linda’s big boobs. Linda kissed her harder.

“Linda, what are we doing?” Ellie murmured.

“What we’ve always wanted to. Come on, Ellie.”

They went back into the condo. They passed through the living room into the nearest bedroom.

Ellie went willingly, her mind swimming. She loved and admired Linda more than anyone in the world, but did she want to have sex with her? Her pussy grew moist at the mere thought.

Yes, she decided. At that moment she would rather have sex with Linda than anyone in the world.

As soon as they entered the bedroom, Linda turned back to Ellie. They fell into each other arms, their mouths kissing each other eagerly. They undressed each other and soon wore nothing but their underwear.

Linda undid her bra strap. Ellie watched Linda’s tits spring free. They were a lot like own tits, big and hanging down against Linda’s round belly. Linda’s nipples were large and erect, a pair of pink confections dying to be sucked and nibbled.

“Linda, you’re so beautiful,” Ellie murmured.

Ellie undid her own bra and let it fall to the floor. She slid her panties off.

“Oh, Ellie,” Linda said, reaching out her hands to caress Ellie’s breasts.

They kissed again, their tongues and lips savoring each other’s feminine softness. Their ample breasts mashed against one another and their hands explored each other’s backs. Ellie pulled Linda’s panties down and grabbed hold of her bare ass.

They slid onto the bed without breaking their embrace, lying on their sides and exploring each other’s bodies. Linda began kissing Ellie’s neck and moved down to her breasts.

It had been many years since Linda had been with a woman, but she had not forgotten how much she enjoyed the feel of another girl. She felt incredibly aroused.

Linda fell upon Ellie’s breasts with abandon. She sucked both nipples in turn, Ellie moaning with delight. Slowly, Linda worked her hand down to Ellie’s pussy. It was damp, at least as wet as Linda’s own. Linda began rubbing Ellie’s clit gently and Ellie moaned.

Linda kissed her, her finger still massaging Ellie’s clit. Then she kissed Ellie’s neck and slid a finger into Ellie’s pussy. Ellie was warm and wet down there and groaned with delight.

“My turn,” Ellie said.

Ellie licked Linda’s nipples and sucked each tit in turn. It was an entirely new experience for Ellie and she found herself carried away. Instinctively, her hand went down to Linda’s crotch and she caressed the outer edges of Linda’s pussy lips with her fingers. Linda was wet and warm.

“Oh, Ellie,” Linda moaned.

Ellie fingered Linda’s pussy, nibbling on her nipples. Linda moaned loudly. Ellie gave her nipple a last bite and looked up at Linda.

“I want to taste your pussy,” Ellie said.

“We’ll taste each other. Lay on your back, honey.”

Ellie lay back. Linda climbed on top, her rear end looming above Ellie. Linda settled in, lowering her wide, round ass down. Suddenly, there was Linda’s pussy and asshole mere inches away from Ellie’s face. Down her torso she felt Linda’s full weight atop her as Linda spread Ellie’s legs apart and lowered her face into her pussy.

Ellie hesitated. She had been bi-curious since she was very young, but this was the real thing. A woman’s pussy was mere inches away.

Linda started licking Ellie’s clit. Ellie let out a load moan as she felt waves of pleasure pulsating from her clitoris outwards throughout her body.

Ellie’s hesitation melted. She pulled Linda’s pussy lips aside. She started licking Linda’s pussy, marveling at the novelty of doing this to another woman. Ellie was surprised by how much it excited her.

Ellie inserted her finger into Linda and began fucking her with it as she licked her clit. Linda began to groan and stuck her own finger into Ellie’s pussy in response. They were soon vigorously finger-fucking and licking each other.

Linda slid in a second finger, still licking Ellie’s clit. Ellie followed suit, fucking Linda with two fingers as she licked Linda’s clit furiously. They both moaned and kept at it, the feelings of pleasure radiating through their bodies.

Ellie came first, screaming and gasping as her orgasm spilled over her like a wave. When it subsided, she went right back to Linda’s pussy. Linda arched her back and started to squeal.

“That’s it, that’s it,” she wailed.

Ellie felt Linda shudder, letting out several long squeals of delight as she came.

Sweaty and exhausted, they collapsed on the bed side-by-side. Ellie lay on her back and Linda on her stomach. They kissed tenderly.

“Oh, Linda,” Ellie said. “That was amazing.”

They held each other for a long time, kissing softly and cuddling.

Then they took a long shower together. They put on pajamas, grabbed a few more beers, and sat up in bed talking until late.

Linda told Ellie how she had sex with a few girls in college, but none since she married Garret.

“Well, until tonight,” she corrected herself. “Garret is going to be so turned on when he hears about this.”

Ellie nodded. Of course Garret would be told, and he would undoubtedly approve.

Ellie contemplated how she’d slept with both parts of a married couple as she drifted off to sleep. They drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.


Ellie woke alone. She crawled out of bed and threw on her tank top and shorts, not bothering with underwear. She put her long black hair into a ponytail, splashed some water on her face, and brushed her teeth. She thought about the night before.

She’d fucked a woman. Not just any women, but Linda! Linda had been her inspiration, her mentor, her best friend, and now her lover. It was a lot to absorb.

Garret and Linda were in the kitchen having coffee when Ellie came in.

“Good morning, Ellie!” Garret said.

“Morning, honey,” Linda said, winking. “Garret got in early this morning on the red eye. We didn’t even hear him.”

Ellie poured herself a cup of coffee and sat down.

“I didn’t get here until two,” Garret said. “I didn’t want to disturb you two so I slept in the other bedroom.”

Ellie glanced at Linda, then at Garret.

“That’s right,” Linda said. “He knows. You know, I think the horny fucker’s delighted.”

“I can’t believe it took you two this long to finally get around to it,” Garret said, sipping his coffee.

They shared a quick breakfast and then Garret was out the door with his surfboard. The girls shopped, had a nice lunch at a cool little bistro right on the water, and got some sun on the beach.

That evening they went out to dinner at one of the nicer places in town. Garret beamed with pride to be out with not one, but two lovely ladies.

Ellie and Linda looked spectacular in maxi dresses purchased specifically for the trip. Ellie’s dress featured a bright blue and white pattern and Linda’s had a white and purple nature print.

After dinner they went back to the condo and went out on the deck.

They stood by the railing and admired the view. Linda put her arm around Garret’s waist and leaned her head on his shoulder. He put his arm around his wife’s shoulder. Garret extended his other arm towards Ellie, who took the cue and snuggled against his other shoulder.

No one said anything for a long time.

“Shall we?” Ellie whispered.

Before Garret knew what was happening, Ellie and Linda were leading him back inside. His mind was racing with anticipation as they entered the master bedroom.

Ellie broke the ice, kissing Garret on the mouth. It was a slow, wet kiss. Then Garret turned and kissed Linda the same way. He stepped back and glanced at back and forth at Ellie and Linda. They took the hint, kissing each other long and slow.

Garret stripped down as he watched. They glanced at him and suppressed a giggle. If it was a show Garret wanted, then it was a show he would get.

Ellie and Linda made out, Garret watching in awed silence. His cock was hard and he stroked it slowly. He wanted to savor this.

Ellie unzipped Linda’s dress and Linda did the same for her, still kissing wildly. They stepped out of their dresses and Garret was surprised to see they both wore bras but not panties.

The bras were next to go, four huge breasts freed from their cages and on full display. Ellie and Linda felt each other’s bare tits, exaggerating their caresses for Garret’s benefit as they made their way to the bed.

Ellie lay back and Linda began sucking on her young friend’s tits. Ellie caressed Linda’s shoulders with one hand and reached down to touch her own pussy with the other. Ellie rubbed her clit as Linda sucked on her tits.

Ellie turned her head and looked at Garret, extending her tongue towards him. Ellie’s tongue undulated and twisted, teasing Garret until it was more than he could stand.

Garret slid into bed on the opposite side of Linda. While his wife sucked Ellie’s right breast, he sucked the left one.

Ellie was delirious. She never imagined having such an experience.

Garret moved up and kissed Ellie on the mouth, still clutching her tit as Ellie reached down and started stroking his cock. Linda, meanwhile, slid down and gently spread Ellie’s legs apart. A moment later, Linda’s tongue was licking Ellie’s clit.

“Oh, yes!” Ellie moaned.

Linda began fingering Ellie, still licking her rapidly. Ellie began to buck and moan.

Garret slid out of the bed and walked around behind Linda. His wife’s big ass was pointed upwards as her face was buried in Ellie’s pussy.

Garret climbed back onto the bed, approaching Linda from behind. He grabbed both ass cheeks and slowly pushed his cock into her pussy. Linda was soaked and he easily buried his inside her. He began to fuck her, clutching her ass and smacking it playfully.

Linda started to squeal right away but kept licking and fingering Ellie’s pussy. She added a second finger and Garret began to fuck his wife harder.

Ellie began squirming about and squealing loudly. She came, shaking with pleasure.

Ellie took a moment to recover from her orgasm. Then she sat up and leaned close to Linda. Linda’s face rested against her belly. Ellie reached down and caressed Linda’s shoulders as Garret started fucking her harder.

Linda felt encircled by them both, Garret’s hands still on her ass as he drilled her pussy.

Linda looked up. She took one of Ellie’s nipples in her mouth and began sucking on it. The combination of Garret’s cock and Ellie’s nipple sent her over the edge. Linda came, screeching loudly.

Garret kept fucking her, ready to come.

“Not yet, love,” Linda said. “You still have to fuck Ellie.”

Garret withdrew his cock. He felt the rising sensation of an oncoming orgasm slowly subside. His cock twitched a few times, the orgasmic tide receding.

“Lay down,” Ellie said.

Garret lay down. Ellie kissed him on the chest, then the belly. She reached his crotch and took his cock into her hand.

She stroked it gently, then lowered her head and took the tip into her mouth. When Garret took her virginity last year, she hadn’t sucked his cock. She’d sucked a few since then, though.

She sucked him long and slow and he started to moan. She kept her hand on the base of his cock and massaged the shaft as she sucked the top half with vigor. She tasted Linda on him.

Linda lay next to Garret, licking his ear. Garret gasped and groaned.

Ellie slowed her sucking and lifted her head.

“Please,” Garret protested. “I have to come.”

“Not until I’ve felt you inside me,” Ellie said.

Ellie crawled up and then lowered herself onto his cock. Ellie groaned as she felt it enter and stretch her pussy to fullness.

Slowly at first, she bounced up and down on his cock. After a while, her pace started to quicken.

“That’s it, Ellie!” Linda said. “Ride that cock, honey.”

Linda stood and then crouched down until her pussy was mere inches above Garret’s mouth. Garret lifted his head and began licking it while Ellie rode his hard cock. Soon both women were groaning and squealing.

Ellie and Linda leaned towards each other and started kissing and feeling each other’s breasts. The kissing was the wildest Ellie had ever experienced, their tongues attacking and licking each other. She moaned, feeling another orgasm approaching.

Ellie screeched loudly and bobbed up and down on Garret’s cock as fast as she could. He thrust his hips upward, sending Ellie over the edge. Ellie’s orgasm was like an explosion from her pussy. She screamed wildly as it overtook her.

Part two in the series. I would suggest reading Ch1 first. Thought I’d wrap up this series with two more chapters, one from Matt’s perspective, the other from Kim’s.

Disclaimer: All characters in this work of fiction are above the age of 18 years.

Enjoy! and please comment if you do.


I moaned in ecstatic agony as Kimberly slowly bobbed her head up and down. She took the length of my cock in her warm mouth, licking and slurping her way to the base then slowly and teasingly back to the tip.

“Babe, I’m gonna blow,” I grunted

Kimberly sucked harder on my penis, sliding her mouth up and down even quicker. I bucked my hips and felt my release. My cock spasmed inside Kim’s mouth as she used her fingers around my shaft to milk my every drop. When she saw I was done, Kim simply swallowed then proceeded to lick my shaft clean.

She crawled up to my side and lay down beside me. I rolled over and briefly kissed her, showing my appreciation.

“So are you excited about Tuesday?” Kim asked as she wiped the corner of her lips.

“Uh huh, my bags are packed, I’m set to go,” I replied, motioning over to the corner of my room where my grey suitcase stood.

Adam and Summer had already left for Adam’s folks place for thanksgiving. I normally accompanied them but when Kim invited me down to Miami for the daunting task of meeting her parents I had to accept. It had been ten or eleven months since Kim and I started going out, so she convinced me it was as good as time as any.

“Do you think they’ll like me?” I asked, smiling to Kim, the beginning of a little game we’d developed.

“Well, I like you so I can’t see them not liking you,” she replied.

“Do you think they’ll love me?” I followed up.

Kim grinned at me; she never once took the bait instead answering with her usual response,


I kissed her on the cheek and we fell asleep.


Tuesday couldn’t have come soon enough for me. Matt and I piled our luggage into his car and made our way to the airport. Matt parked, leaving his car in the airport parking lot. We checked in and proceeded to our gate. We didn’t have to wait long to board and soon we were airborne. When we landed in Houston for our half an hour layover it was almost six pm. Matt and I took note of the rain pouring down outside as we trekked to our new gate. I don’t know if it was the stress of travelling or something else but Matt and I seemed to be bickering the entire day. Now, we were giving each other the silent treatment as we took our seats in the crowded terminal.

Matt sat listening to his ipod while I skimmed a magazine. The flight was delayed an hour, but when 7:30 came around we still hadn’t’ boarded, I began to worry. Then came the dreaded announcement,

“American 1128, Dallas to Miami has been cancelled due to severe thunderstorms; please see your closest American Airlines counter for details.”

Matt and I stared at each other then walked over to the counter. We returned to our pull-alongs five minutes later and began to head outside. We had managed to get on a flight tomorrow morning, and the airline was putting us up in a nearby hotel. As we rode the hotel shuttle to the hotel I called my folks to let them know that’ we’d be in tomorrow.

Matt and I schlepped our bags into the hotel lobby, by no means a five star lodging but decent enough. We made our way up to the room and Matt held the door open for me. We still hadn’t said more than a couple words to each other since the airport.

After a couple sandwiches from room service I was getting ready to take a shower. Matt was lain on the bed with his laptop. I had removed my jeans and was walking around the room in just my blue plaid shirt and black cotton thong, looking through my bag for some clothes to sleep in. I noticed Matt’s gaze following me around the room; we may have been fighting but that didn’t stop our surging hormones. I pretended not to notice, and facing away from him, began to slowly unbutton my shirt. I bent over and packed my shirt into my suitcase. Knowing how much Matt liked my ass, I lingered in that position for a bit, giving him a slight wiggle. When I stood up and turned around, he was readjusting the crotch of his jeans. We smiled at each other as I walked towards him. He set the laptop to the side and reached out a hand to me.

I happily took his hand in mine and crawled onto him. Matt kissed me and brought his hands to my chest, letting them roam across the black lace cups of my bra. Matt eventually snaked his way from under me and stood up. He quickly removed his jeans and boxers as I lay on my stomach watching him. I was about to turn over when Matt got on top of me, straddling the back of my legs. I felt his warm palms on the curve of my ass, gently rubbing, then, the wonderful feel of his wet lips kissing by butt cheeks. Matt tugged on my thong, pulling it to around my knees. I lay there smiling as I felt him spreading my butt cheeks, then pressing his manhood between them. Matt’s throbbing penis found my vagina with ease and he slid into me. I groaned as he immediately began pumping, his hands still holding my butt cheeks apart.

Matt was fucking me a bit rougher than was usual for us; I suspected that he was still working out some of our earlier bickering. While I hated to admit it, I loved it, and it was feeling amazing. Matt’s thrusts were hard and deep, the walls of my cunt stretching to accept all of him.

My orgasm was swift and hard, sweeping over me as Matt continued to fuck. I felt him slow his pace as the walls of my pussy contracted around him, over and over again. Matt’s explosion was quick to follow as he groaned and pressed hard into me, eliciting an unexpected yelp from me. He slowly slid up and down a few times then released my butt cheeks and pulled out of me. Matt lay against my body, kissing the back of my neck as his limp cock dribbled cum onto my ass cheeks.

We took a shower and lay together in bed. I was resting my head on Matt’s shoulder as he played with the fingers on my right hand,

“Babe, I’m sorry for being such a grump today, I think I might just be nervous about meeting your folks, I didn’t mean to take it out on you,” Matt apologized.

I curled my fingers around his hand,

“I’m sorry too, and there’s nothing for you to be worried about,” I consoled.

“Do you think they’ll like me?” he asked.

I grinned and responded,

“I like you so how could they not?”

“Ahh, but do you think they’ll love me?” Matt asked.

I paused in thought, I wanted to say the words so badly, but ultimately chickened out,


Matt pulled my hand to his face and planted a kiss on the back of my palm.

He held me as we fell asleep.


The next morning Kim woke me up and we got dressed. Thankfully it was a bright and sunny day. We were back to normal, walking hand in hand as we made our way through the airport terminal. The wait at the gate wasn’t that long and by nine AM we were in the air. Kim sat in the window seat as I looked over her shoulder to nothing but white clouds outside. A few hours later, we began our decent into Miami International. I rubbed Kimberly’s shoulder, gently rousing her from her sleep,

“Babe, we’re about to land,” I whispered as her eyes slowly opened.

Kim and I stepped out into the humid south florida weather. We made our way into the middle of four lanes of traffic and stood on the pedestrian island and waited for Kim’s dad. It took about five minutes but Kim finally exclaimed,

“There he is!”

She pointed over to a white range rover that drove up and parked beside us. A tall statuesque man stepped out and walked over to us,

“Daddy!” Kim squealed, wrapping her arms around the man.

After their brief embrace, Kim turned to me,

“Daddy, this I Matt, Matt, my father.”

I nervously stuck out my hand, palm open. The man smiled at me and shook my hand, his grip firm,

“Nice to finally meet you Matt,” he said in a light voice.

“Nice to meet you too Mr. Kent,” I replied.

We quickly packed the bags into the SUV and took off. I was sat in the passenger seat.

“So where’s mom?” Kim asked from the backseat.

“Oh you know your mother Kimmy, she’s at home cooking up a storm,” James replied.

The drive to the Kent’s place was about twenty minutes. We pulled into a gated community then down the corner into the driveway of a twostory cream colored house. As we entered the house we were struck by the aroma of homemade cooking.

“Make yourself at home Matt,” James Kent politely invited as we placed the suitcases in the corner of the living room.

We all walked into the kitchen where woman was setting out some cutlery. Margaret was tall and slim like her daughter but with short brown hair. She turned around and smiled a smile I had seen on Kim’s face a thousand times.

“Kimmy!!” the woman yelled as both brunettes hugged.

When they finally released each other they turned their attention to me,

“And who is this handsome young man?”

“Mom, this is Matthew,” Kim introduced.

The woman hugged me,

“Welcome to our home Matthew, we’re delighted to have you.”

“Thanks Mrs. Kent,” I replied.

We all sat down at the table for lunch. The food was mouthwatering just to look at; the taste was in another stratosphere. We sat there for most of the afternoon as Kim caught up with her folks and they got to know me. We went through the stories how we met and our first date, leaving out the more private details.

“So when is this Summer coming down for a visit,” Kim’s mom asked.

“She promises next trip down she’s definitely coming with,” Kim replied.

When we were just about finished, Kim’s mom insisted I not help her clear the table despite my offer.

“Kim, why don’t you show Matt to the guest room,” her dad suggested.

Kim and I got up and walked through the living room, to a narrow hallway that led to a room. It was quaint but just what I needed. I set my suitcase in the corner and sat on the edge of the bed. Kim walked up to me and I wrapped my hands around her waist,

“My room is upstairs on the right,” she whispered.

I looked up to her and smiled,

“I’m not trying to get shot on thanksgiving vacation babe,” I replied.

She just laughed as she groomed my hair with her hands.

We remained there, silent, my head pressed against Kim’s stomach as we held each other when her phone began to ring.

Kim hung up her phone a few minutes later,

“You wanna take a walk with me? That was my friend from highschool, Jessica, she lives right down the road.”

“Okay,” I responded and stood up.

We walked towards the front door and saw Kim’s parents in the living room,

“Hey, we’re going over to Jessie’s for a little while,” Kim informed.

“Okay sweetie,” Kim’s dad replied.

Kim and I made the quick trek a couple houses over and rang the doorbell on another twostory house. We waited a couple seconds then were greeted by a curly haired blonde.

“Hey Jess!” Kim cried as the two embraced.

After Kim introduced us, Jessica invited us in and we sat down in her living room.

“So how long are you guys here for?” Jessica asked.

“We’re heading back Saturday night, you know how it is, finals to study for,” Kim explained.

The two girls chatted, I mainly listened.

“Hey you guys should come out with us tonight? We’re going out clubbing,” Jessica offered.

Kim looked at me. Clubbing was never really my thing, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of clubbing on south beach. I nodded in agreement with Kim.

“Great, we’re leaving around nine,” Jessica added, “I can pick you up if you want,” she added.

“No that’s okay, we’ll take my dad’s car, in case we want to leave early, Matt’s not much of a clubber,” Kim stated.

I smiled at her; she knew me down to a tee.

That night I sat in the living room, watching Sportscenter with Kim’s dad, waiting for her to get ready. I donned a simple outfit, jeans and black short sleeve shirt. The sound of Kimberly’s heels on the parquet steps alerted us to her presence. She turned the corner into the living room and took my breath away. Her hair was up, accentuating her slender neck. She wore an asymmetrical bodycon dress, one long sleeve from shoulder to wrist, the other shoulder and hand completely bare. The dress was alternating color of black and dark purple horizontal panels.

I stood up and Kim and I made our way to the door. As we walked to the car, I couldn’t help but stare at Kim’s ass. The tight dress, ending halfway down thigh, spotlighted the wonderful curve of her butt perfectly.

Kim’s dad also stood up to see us off,

“You kids drive safe now,” he reminded as he stood in the driveway watching us head off.

Kim directed me to south beach and to a parking lot. We walked the one block to the club and met up with her friends. We sipped on a couple of cokes, trying to stay true to Kim’s dad’s warning, and then made our way onto the dance floor. The music was loud; you could feel it pulsing through your body. Kim’s hands were all over me and mine, her. I wasn’t much of a dancer but Kim seemed to make it a delight as she rubbed her warm body against mine. After a couple hours, the place had become incredibly crowded. Even staying in close proximity to Kim’s friends was becoming difficult.

“You wanna take off? Even this is too packed for me,” Kim yelled into my ear, competing with the blasting music.

“Okay,” I shouted back.

We said our goodbyes to her friends and made for the door.

“Oh my god, these things are killing my feet,” Kim bemoaned as she bent over removing her high heels. Seeing as we only had one block to walk, I picked up her petite frame and held her on my back. When we got to the car, I set Kim down and opened the door for her. She began to direct me through the streets of south beach .

“Oooo, I have an idea, turn here,” Kim announced.

I followed her direction and turned.

“Make a left up there,” she continued.

“Now pull up and park there.”

Kim had directed us to some parking spaces overlooking the water, the beautiful Miami skyline off in the distance.

“Why do I get the feeling that you’ve been here before,” I teased.

Kim giggled guiltily as she crawled onto me. Her body was warm as we embraced and kissed. I could taste the slight hint of sweat on her skin as I licked her neck. Kim was grinding her body against my crotch as I hiked her dress up to her waist with my hands. My palms roamed across her delicate ass, squeezing her soft warm flesh. My hands kept searching for Kim’s panties to remove them. I had made my way all the way up to the small of her back but found no elastic band. I pushed Kim’s face from mine and stared longingly at her as it dawned on me,

“Kimberly Oliver Kent, where are your panties young lady?” I asked in an almost scolding tone.

She smiled at me,

“I decided against them, I had a feeling you were gonna get me all heated up tonight,” she explained.

“Mhmm, well it certainly feels like you’re all heated up,” I replied, gliding my fingers along her moist sex.

Kimberly began to undo my jeans, fishing my erect penis through my boxers. Firmly holding on to Kim’s butt cheeks I lifted her up and then down onto me.

“You’re such a naughty girl, fucking in your daddy’s car,” I teased.

“Mhmm hmm, I’m your dirty girl baby,” Kimberly cooed as she lifted herself up and down my shaft. Her pussy was so tight and warm. I was still grasping Kim’s ass, almost spreading her cheeks, as I helped her lift and drop herself onto me. At one point, I guess we became too enthused, as on one lift, I lifted her right off my cock. On the drop, my erection slid between Kim’s butt cheeks, rudely jabbing against her anus. I don’t think it hurt her, but the surprise caused her to yelp. I immediately set her down on my lap and we erupted into laughter.

“Babe I’m so sorry, are you okay?” I asked.

Kim just giggled,

“Yeah, I’m fine, was quite the surprise though,” she replied before pausing, “Actually felt kinda nice,” she added.

“It did huh?” I asked, reaching behind her and using the tips of my index and middle fingers to rub the circumference of her anal rosebud, “You really are my dirty girl.”

Kim worked her sopping tight pussy back onto my cock. She began rocking herself on me as I massaged her asshole.

We resumed kissing, Kim interrupting our smacking lips every few seconds to speak,

“Maybe when we fly back home, mhmmm uhh,” kiss, ” mhmmm we can buy some lube and do some experimenting ahhh,” she moaned.

I just smiled against her lips, savoring the feel of her tight cunt slamming down on my cock, and her warm asshole against my fingers.

“Ohh god baby, I hope you’re close because I’m almost there,” I grunted.

“Mhmm hmm, I right there baby, cum with me,” she cooed.

We both pressed our mouths together. I felt Kim’s pussy squeeze down on my cock as her moans grew higher in pitch.

I couldn’t hold back, I pushed up hard and felt my cock throb in ecstasy. At the same time I was filling Kim with my spunk, her pussy was dribbling cream onto my crotch. We both moaned in delight, gently squirming our bodies against one another. As our euphoric state subsided we continued kissing. I had pulled my hand from between Kim’s ass and was holding her by her back. My penis eventually softened and slipped from Kim’s vagina. She was still sat on my lap so we weren’t concern with her leaking onto her dad’s car. She reached over the glove compartment and retrieved some soft tissues and proceeded to wipe herself as well as my crotch.

Kim pulled her dress back down to her thighs and slid over to the passenger seat. We sat there for a while, staring out over the water before I drove us home.

The next morning I was up around eleven. I brushed my teeth and put on some shorts over my boxers before wandering into the kitchen for some juice. Kim’s mom was getting ready to prepare thanksgiving dinner and her dad was reading the paper.

“Morning Matthew, Happy Thanksgiving,” she greeted.

“Good morning guys, happy thanksgiving,” I replied.

“Late night for you guys huh?” she asked.

“Yeah, but it was nice meeting some of Kim’s friends,” I responded.

“Speaking of Kim, she’s still sleeping, why don’t you go wake her up, you guys can still have a late breakfast.”

I turned and walked up the stairs to Kim’s bedroom.

Slowly prying the door open, I spotted my brunette angel curled up in the middle of her bed. I curled up beside her and gently pressed my lips against hers. It took a while but I eventually felt a response on Kim’s mouth, and a shallow whimper. I pulled back and watched as she opened her brown eyes to me,

“Hey beautiful, you gonna wake up this morning?” I softly asked.

She just smiled at me. I cleared her hair from her face and we just lay there staring at each other.

Gazing upon Kim, she looked so adorable; I figured this was as good as a time as any,

“Kimmy, I have to tell you something, and I can’t go another second without saying it.”

I watched as her eyes locked on to me, then I just blurted the words,

“I love you.”

I stared at Kim as she lay there silent for a few seconds. She had gotten almost teary eyed,

“I love you too Matt,” she replied.

We both held each other’s hands as we kissed.


“Gimme a few minutes to brush my teeth and changed,” I whispered as I rolled off the bed.

Matthew just lay there while I pottered around the room going about my business.

As we walked down the stairs, I was almost giddy; finally we had expressed our fullest feelings to each other. We made our way to the kitchen and I made a quick breakfast for Matt and myself; toast and eggs. After breakfast, Mom sent us to the grocery for some last minute items. Matt and I couldn’t be happier as we walked through the aisles. When my phone began to ring, Matt was across the grocery in search of some seasonings.

“Hey Summer!” I greeted into my phone.

“Hi Kimmy, so how’s your trip going so far?”

“Better that I could have imagined Sum.”

“Oh really, do tell,”

Even though Summer couldn’t see me, I was blushing.

“Matt and I told each other that we loved one another this morning.”

I had to hold the phone away from my ear as Summer’s high pitched squeals blasted out of the speaker.

“I’m so happy for you two,” she finally stated after calming down.

“So where is Matty? Is he around?” Summer asked.

I spun around in the aisle but didn’t see Matt,

“He’s around here somewhere, we’re at the grocery, want me to find him?”

“No, just tell him “hey” from Summer and Adam, see you guys when you get back, Love yah babe.”

“Okay Sum, tell Adam “hi” for me, mwah.”

After I hung up I went out in search of Matthew.

Thanksgiving dinner was an absolute feast. I felt so bloated as I helped my mom clear the table. Under mom’s insistence, Matthew was in the living room watching football with daddy.

The next day flew by, and soon enough, Matt and I found ourselves seated next to each other, as the plane ascended into the air.

“I’m really glad you came down to Miami with me for Thanksgiving,” I said to Matthew.

“I am too babe,” he replied, kissing me on my knuckles.

By the time we landed it was late. Matt and I hustled to his car and drove to my place. We were so exhausted from travelling I convinced Matt to just sleep at my place. The apartment was empty, Adam and Summer weren’t due back till tomorrow. Trudging our luggage into my room, Matt plopped down on the edge of the bed, bending over to remove his shoes. I stepped up before him and ran my hands through his hair.

“I’m gonna take a nice warm shower then hit the sack,” I stated.

“Okay sweetie, let me know when the shower’s free,” he replied.

I was standing between the bathroom doorway when I turned back to Matt,

“You know, you’re more than welcome to join me for a shower.”

Matt smiled at me deviously.

“No hanky panky though! We just got done saying how tired we both were,” I warned.

Matt just laughed as he followed me into the bathroom. I turned on the shower beforehand to warm up and we both stripped. Matt followed me into the tub, under the warm stream of water. It all started as a regular shower just with someone in the tub as well but at some point, Matt began to lather my body. Now I was standing here as he kissed my neck and soaped my back, his hand venturing lower. I just went along, enjoying the moment. I took notice of the amount of time Matt spent lathering my butt. His hand must have been buried between my cheeks, playing with my anus for the past five minutes.

“I thought I said no hanky panky mister,” I faux complained, kissing his cheek.

“Babe, you know me, you should consider yourself lucky you’re not bent over with me cock deep in you wonderful pussy,” he stated.

I burst out laughing.

“You sure are spending a lot of time back there,” I mentioned, his index finger gently pressing against my anus.

“You remember what you said about experimenting? I thought we’d ease into it,” he smirked.

“Oh really, and what do you propose?” I asked intrigued.

Matt stared at me with a purposeful look on his face,

“Sweetie, what I’m about to say. . .and do, well let’s just say it’s gonna get weird so I’m apologizing upfront. What I’m about to do is, kneel behind you, and I’m gonna start licking your asshole. I’m gonna do this until you ask me to stop.”

Matt’s words were calm and blunt.

I stood there in a daze, I knew for a fact that Matt could see how red my face had become. He then proceeded to step behind me and I offered no protest. Matt knelt down and I felt his hands spreading my butt cheeks. I wasn’t sure what to think or do, but I had to admit, it was all very arousing and exciting. I felt Matt’s warm breath deep between my ass cheeks then his tongue. At first he just made circles around my anus, which to be honest were a bit ticklish. Then I felt the broad surface of his tongue press against my asshole and drag itself upwards. I found myself moaning and lowering my hand to my vagina. Matt licked my asshole a few times, then I felt the tip of his tongue right at my tight opening, I couldn’t believe he was really doing this. He pressed gently and the tip of his tongue slipped into my anus. I felt him wiggling around then thrusting in and out. My fingers were circling my clit with a frenzied pace as I grew accustom to these new sensations. Matt went back to licking my anus then I felt him pull back, only for a finger to position itself where his tongue had just been. Matt gently eased his index finger into my ass, squirming it around, then sliding it out and in.

I was about to cum, my toes had curled and I couldn’t stop moaning. I felt the muscles in my groin contract as my body shivered. I could feel my anus squeeze down on Matt’s thrusting finger, while my own fingers rubbed my throbbing clit. Matt was still sliding his finger in me when my orgasm had subsided. I reached behind and pulled his finger from my butt. I then stood him up and kissed him, sucking on his tongue,

“That was amazing,” I panted.

“Glad you liked it,” he replied.

“I guess I can’t let you go to bed like this, neither of us would ever get any sleep,” I said as we both looked down at Matt’s rock hard erection. I positioned Matt against the wall at the end of the tub, out from under the downpour of water. I gladly knelt down infront of him, taking his beautiful throbbing penis in my hands. As water beat down on my back, I began to lick the base of Matt’s shaft, all the way to the top. I planted a few teasing kisses on the tip of his cock, then licked my way back down. I did this twice before sliding him into my mouth. I loved the feel of Matt’s hard cock filling my mouth. I could feel his every bulging vein, pulse against my lips as I slid him in. Directing my eyes to Matt’s face, I began sliding him in and out of my mouth. Matt placed his hands on my head, guiding my rhythm to his liking. I was more than happy to let him set the pace as I dragged my tongue along the base of his shaft. After a few minutes, Matt let go of my head. I grabbed hold of his cock and slid him from my mouth. I swirled my tongue around his bulbous tip, then began stroking him with my hand.

“You ready to cum baby? You gonna cum on your sweet Kimmy’s little breasts,” I urged. That was all the encouragement Matt needed as he jerked his hips and globs of his white cum shot from the tip of his penis. I stroked faster and faster as his cum landed on my chin and breasts. After I squeezed the last bit of spunk from Matt, I stood up and give him a peck on the cheek. I then stood beneath the water, letting his seed wash away from my body and down the drain. We finished up with our shower, got dressed and went to bed.

As we lay together in bed, Matt’s arms around me, my mind was rethinking what had just happened,

“Babe?” I whispered.

“Yeah,” Matt groggily replied.

“Was that the first time you did something like that?” I asked, curiosity running riot in my mind.

“Eat out someone’s ass?” Matt chuckled.

“Mhmm hmm,” I confirmed.

“Yeah, it was the first time I’ve done something like that,” he replied.

“Weren’t you. . .ummm, grossed out?” I hesitantly asked.

There was a slight pause before Matt spoke.

“I thought I might be at first, but once I was down there, to be honest, I just thought to myself, this is my Kimmy, there’s nothing to be scared off,” he explained, “That’s when I, umm, dived in,” he chuckled.

Matt kissed the back of my neck as I held his hand close to me.

“Babe?” I whispered again.

“Yeah sweetie?”

“You know that store on the corner of Oak and Vine?” I asked, “The one with the black and red door?” I clarified.

“The sex store?” Matt chuckled, playfully poking me in the stomach.

I was glad he said it, because I wasn’t sure if I would have been able to.

“I think we should go there sometime, maybe pick up some stuff.” I mumbled.

“That sounds fun, but I hope you don’t think that I’m bored with our relationship or I think it needs spicing up, I’m more than delighted being just with you, you’re everything to me Kim,” Matt stated assertively.

I breathed a sigh of relief and turned around to face Matt,

“The same goes for me, I just think it could be a lot of fun, like you said.”

“Okay sweetie,” Matt replied.

“Babe?” I whispered a final time, smiling into Matt’s eyes.

“Yes my dear?” Matt sarcastically replied.

“I love you,” I proudly stated.

“I love you too Kimmy,” he replied, leaning over and kissing the tip of my nose.

Soon after our conversation we fell asleep cuddled up together.

The next morning I was up around nine. I left Matt sleeping and went to the kitchen to make some coffee. He came shuffling in about fifteen minutes later.

“Hey are you coming with me to pick up Summer and Adam?” he asked.

“Sure, what time is the flight landing?”

“Well I just checked on my phone, they should be landing in an hour,” Matt replied as he poured himself a glass of OJ.

“Okay, well we better get a move on.”

Matt and I quickly got dressed and headed off to the airport.

The next two weeks were completely hectic. I hardly saw Summer, much less Matt. The first week was spent studying for finals, and the next was the actual week of finals. I was so relieved after I wrote my final exam.


“So what do you have planned for the next week?” Adam asked as he took a shot.

We were down at the park just shooting the basketball around.

He was referring to the free week we all had before everyone left. I was headed to California to see my sister for Christmas, Kim was going back down to Miami for a week, and Adam and Summer were headed to her folks’ place.

“Nothing really,” I replied, catching the ball under the rim and tossing it back to him.

“Well if you’re up to it I have a suggestion.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“I was down at our storage container yesterday to get some of my winter gear for the trip north; I saw our old camping stuff. We should take the girls camping for a couple days.”

I thought about the idea as I tried a hook shot,

“I dunno man, I don’t think Kim’s much of an outdoorsy person, bathing in an ice cold lake isn’t quite her thing,” I replied.

“Come on man, it’ll be fun, a little hiking, camp fire, fishing, grilling some hot dogs,” Adam argued.

“Okay, I’ll ask her.”

I was pleasantly surprised when Kim agreed to the camping trip. She even seemed excited.

It was still dark out that Monday morning when Adam and I packed his car up with our North Face bagpacks and the cooler. The morning air was crisp and chilly. We drove across campus to pick up the girls. Waiting in their parking lot, I got out when I saw the girls coming then helped them store their bags in the trunk.

“Better enjoy it now Sum, there’s no Starbucks out in the wild,” I commented as Summer sipped on her coffee.

She smirked at me as steam rose from her cup.

The drive to the trail head was about an hour and half. By now the sun was out and felt wonderful in the cool air. Adam parked and we all got out and retrieved our bags. Kim smiled up at me as I helped her adjust the straps on her bag, tightening the shoulder straps, and fastening the waist clip around her tummy.

“Too tight or too heavy?” I asked.

She took a few steps to gauge the feel,

“I think its fine,” she replied.

Adam made sure to lock the car and then we set off on the hike along the trail.

The trail was pretty tame, with only a few mountainous sections proving to be a bit challenging. Adam and I took turns carrying the mini cooler which stored some drinks and the hotdogs and hamburger patties, along with some sandwiches the girls had prepared. The cool air provided for a comfortable feel as we trekked along to the campgrounds we had selected. Around noon, we found a clear spot along the trail to stop for lunch. Summer helped Kim get the turkey sandwiches. The four of us sat in a circle as we ate. I was really proud that the girls only complained about their feet hurting only once thus far. I told them this much and was thanked by a bottle of water flying towards my chest.

“Okay, we should get going if we wanna reach the campgrounds before dark,” Adam stated as we all got up.

“Wait I have to pee,” Summer announced.

“Well babe, get to it,” Adam replied.

“Do I just go anywhere?” she asked.

Adam and I looked at each other and erupted with laughter.

We both received playful jabs from our counterparts.

“Come on sweetie, I’ll come with,” Kim defended.

Adam and I took a look at the gps while the girls made their way into the woods.

When they returned a couple minutes later, we continued along the trail.

We all breathed a sigh of relief as we came upon the campgrounds. The sun was just about getting ready to set and the temperature had dropped slightly. After picking out a nice spot along the lake, Adam and I gathered up some wood and started a fire. We then turned our attention to setting up the two tents. It was a simple task, made even easier by that fact that two of us had done it many times before. When we were done, we went over to help the girls, but by the looks of things, they had everything under control.

Summer had set up the metal grill contraption over the fire and was grilling up some hotdogs while Kimberly was setting out some paper plates with the hot dog buns. In no time at all we were sat round a roaring crackling fire enjoying our dinner.

As Kim went round the circle collecting the paper plates in a little garbage bag, she looked out over the lake.

“Babe shouldn’t we be getting cleaned up before the sun goes down?” she asked.

I looked up to her,

“Kimmy, I was joking about bathing in the lake, do you know how cold that water is?” I replied.

“I don’t mean to actually bathe with soap and stuff, but just to rinse our skins, we’ve been hiking all day, I can’t go to sleep all sweaty like this,” she explained.

I looked out to the serene water; the sun was still sparkling on its surface, even watching it made me shiver in dread.

“Sweetie, that’s what camping is all about, not showering for days on end,” I replied.

“Baaabyyyy. . . .pleeeaasee, don’t make me go in alone,” she pleaded, turning on her sweet childlike voice, knowing very well I wouldn’t be able to turn her down.

I looked over to Adam and Summer who were chuckling at me,

“Are you two joining us?” I asked.

They looked at each other and then to me,

“Sure why not,” Summer replied, grabbing Adam’s hand and standing him up.

Kim gleefully retrieved two towels from mine and her bags and we made our way down to the water.

Standing on the edge of the lake, the four of use stripped, Adam and me down to our boxers, the girls down to their bra and panties. In swift motion, we all plunged into the lake. When our heads rose above water back into the air, our blood curdling screams must have spanned the lake.

“Ahhhh COLD COLD COLD!!” Summer cried as she hugged onto Adam for warmth.

I don’t think we lasted a minute before we all rushed for land. I helped Kimberly out of the lake and wrapped the towel around her. She quickly dried her body with the towel then gave it to me to dry myself. Adam and Summer did the same. We all got changed into some warm sleeping clothes and hung our wet underwear on a nearby tree branch.

The four of us sat on logs around the fire chatting. Kim had her legs stretched out, resting her feet on my lap as I rubbed her sore ankles. As the night drew on, I noticed Adam nodding off, Summer saw it too.

“Come on sweetie, let’s go to sleep,” she whispered to him then led him off to their tent.

“Night Matty, night Kimmy, see you guys in the morning.”

“Night Sum,” I replied as I watched her zip up her tent.

Kim and I waited for the fire to die down before we decided we should get to sleep. I made sure the fire was completely out before I followed Kim into our tent. It was quite roomy as it was meant to sleep four, so to the two of us it was more than enough space. I zipped us in and we got into our sleeping bags. We were lay there no more than five minutes when Kim began shifting in her bag,

“Baby, it’s so cold, I’m freezing,” she whispered.

I had to admit, it was a bit colder than I expected it would be.

I jostled my body in my sleeping bag,

“Why don’t you come here in my sleeping bag, I’ll keep you warm,” I replied.

The silence in the tent was interrupted by Kim unzipping her sleeping bag. She was about to climb into mine, when I unzipped as well. She looked at me confusingly as I sat up and laid her down on her back.

“You know sweetie,” I whispered as I slid my way down to her feet, “If there’s one thing I know about you, it’s how to warm you up,” told her as I began to tug on her plush cotton sweat pants. When her pants were around her knees, I started on her cotton undies. We were in complete darkness, so I switched on a tiny led flashlight I had in the tent with me so I had some idea what I was doing.

“Baby, what if they hear us?” Kim whispered.

I smiled as I crawled up to her and kissed her on her lips,

“We’ll just have to keep quiet,” I replied before returning to sitting at her feet.

Kim’s panties and sweats were now around her knees and I stared down at her pussy. I leaned down and licked the length of her slit.

“Mhmmm, aren’t you glad I took that dip in the lake now as opposed to being all sweaty,” Kimberly cooed.

I smiled up at her as I wiggled my tongue between the lips of her vagina.

I pulled back,

“Actually babe, it wouldn’t have made a difference, there’s nothing that could keep me away from this cute pussy of yours,” I replied, before lowering my face to her snatch once more.

“Ewww, you’re such a dirty boy,” Kim teased.

After licking up and down Kim’s slit a few times, I spread her flowery lips, staring at her tempting pink flesh. I pressed my tongue against her opening and licked, tasting her wonderful juices that had begun to seep from inside her. I slid my thumb up a little and gently circled her clit. As I pressed my tongue into Kim’s moist opening I rubbed her slippery nub. I felt her body squirm around me and smiled to myself knowing how hard she must be fighting herself not to moan out loud. Kim raised her hips to my face. I happily gave her what she wanted, sliding my tongue deep inside her. I felt Kim’s hands through my hair, which only urged me to increase the pace with which I rubbed her clit. I was sliding my tongue in and out of her now, enjoying her warm, wet, and tight womanhood. I could hear soft whimpers begin to escape Kim and I knew she was close. I kept up with my heightened pace, rubbing her sopping pussy, sucking on her juices. Kim’s legs tightened around my head as her hands clutched firmly onto a clump of my hair. Kimberly was suppressing her moans so much it almost sounded like she was crying. I slurped up Kim’s oozing cream as her body continued to twitch and shudder around me. When I heard her let out a satisfying relieved sigh, I pulled my face from her vagina.

The light from my flashlight shone onto Kim’s body. I stared down at her pussy; her lips were red and throbbing, her entire crotch glistening with her juices. I reached into my bag a got a tissue. I wiped the sides of my mouth then Kim’s skin. I helped her pull her panties back up, then her sweats.

“Feel warmer now?” I asked.

Kim just smiled at me as we both got into my sleeping bag. I zipped us in and cradled Kim’s body in mine, pressing my face against the back of her neck.

“Now I feel warmer,” I heard her whisper as she wiggled against me, trying to get comfortable.


I had been at my Swede’s house for a couple of days and it was safe to say that I was well and truly fucked. Not that I minded though. I was scarcely off the plane when things started getting heated up between us. If I thought things over IM and voice chat were hot I was woefully under prepared for the live and in person version of my Swede.

I had previously greeted him on his visit to my home state of Texas with a blowjob and sex on the hood of my car. The guard that had walked in on us wasn’t planned but a nice addition in any event. I wasn’t sure what to expect when it was my turn to step off the plane. It had been a long flight and I hadn’t slept well so I was thoroughly embarrassed when I fell asleep straight away after sitting in the passenger seat of his car and before he had even gotten into the driver’s seat himself.

I don’t know how long the drive to his house took but I can tell you that he spent the majority of the time betwixt the airport and his home with his fingers dancing around my nether region. I had promised to wear a skirt without panties when I landed, just in case we couldn’t control ourselves again. As fast asleep as I was, my Swede’s fingers circling around and around my clit kept me from totally succumbing to the Sandman’s charms.

My Swede was teasing my clit and pussy so well that before we’d gotten too far out of the parking lot, I was waking up and becoming increasingly alert. I was still lying back in the seat but since he’d done the job of hiking my skirt up to my hips I felt it only fair to open my legs to allow him easier access to the pussy that he’d claimed as his on his last visit. The circular trips that his fingers made around my clit held no pattern that I could discern. Sometimes he would move clockwise and then for no reason he’d reverse trajectory. Occasionally he would flicking the tip of my clit with the tip of his finger which was driving me absolutely mad.

By the time we pulled into his driveway I wanted to cum so badly, but he simply looked and me and said “Here we are, baby” as he exited the car with a smile. I closed my eyes and tried to control my breathing long enough to exit the car with some semblance of composure. I took a deep breath as I stepped from the car to see that he’d already collected my bags and was waiting at the steps to the front door. I followed him inside the house and then up the stairs. My hand kept in contact with the wall to steady myself on the way up but my eyes never really left his ass. I had thought to let myself calm down a bit when we arrived but that thought went out the window the higher we climbed on the stairs.

He set my bags down by the door and then showed me to his desk so I could fire off a quick email to let the people back home know that I had arrived safely. I excused myself to go to the restroom as he took my place in the seat. As we passed each other, I let my hand brush across his very visible bulge. He’d spent the last long while teasing me. Two could play at this game. I looked up at his face as I made contact with his quite considerable protuberance and heard the sharp inhale that passed his lips.

I smirked at him as I bent over to pick up my bag. I bent from the waist and saw him smiling at what I thought was my ass. “Is my ass amusing you?” I asked.

He chuckled as he sat down at his desk “Your ass is fantastic as always but I was smiling at that wet spot just under it.”

I pulled my skirt around and sure enough, there it was, a large spot that looked as if I’d sat in a puddle of something. I knew his chuckle was born out of the knowledge that his ministrations between the folds of my labia are what had caused the puddle in the first place. I walked into the bathroom and removed my dress and just dropped it into a pile on the floor. I started to reach into my bag, not quite sure what I wanted to wear now and becoming more and more distracted by the wetness that was still accumulating between my legs.

I removed my bra and stood fully naked in the bathroom and tried to decide how best to torment my dear Swede. I put my curly red hair up into a pony tail and stepped into the shower. I got myself all soaped up and cleaned from my journey to this new adventure. The water was hot and relaxing but still did nothing to ease the ache that had taken up residence in my pussy the day I started talking to my dear Swede and had not left since that day.

I stepped out of the shower, reached for a towel and wrapped it around my body, tucking the end in around my damp breasts. I walked out and found him still at the computer, checking his own email. I walked silently behind him and slide my hands inside his shirt. I felt him jump briefly before he relaxed under my hands.

“Forget I was here already?” I whispered into his ear.

“Never, baby. Just didn’t hear the shower stop.”

He reached up and caressed my arms as his head leaned back against my bosom. I unbuttoned his shirt on the way down to his waist and lightly dragged my nails against his skin on the way back up. Again, I heard and felt the sharp, deep inhale of air into his lungs.

I leaned down and licked his earlobe before taking a quick nibble of it and then sucking it in between my lips. I stood up and swiveled his chair around so that he was facing me. Still encased in my towel, I leaned forward and kissed him deeply as my hands found their way to his button fixture on his shorts. My lips were barely touching his as my hand reached in to make contact with that fantastic cock that I’d made acquaintance with when he visited me a few months before. My tongue tipping inside his mouth but darting away when his tongue attempted to make contact. With both hands (and his cooperation) I slipped the shorts over his hips and down his legs to lie in a bunch at his ankles.

I leaned forward and placed the corner of the towel poking out between his teeth and s l o w l y stood up. His teeth gripping my towel as I rose exposed first my cleavage and then my breasts and finally my entire body. The towel fell against my Swede’s thigh before falling to join his shorts. I moved forward against him and got almost close enough for his lips to meet my nipples but not quite. I could feel his breath against my skin as I let my tits touch the side of his face before I lowered myself down his chest. I placed my hands on each of his arm rests as I moved around his chest, my nipples touching and teasing his own until his nipples were so hard I thought they would cut me.

I lowered myself even more until I was kneeling between his legs and practically face to face with his fantastic, fat cock. I looked into his eyes as I reached for his throbbing member, barely touching around it instead of directly. I planted light kisses on either side of the base of his shaft while my nails gently dragged along his balls. I looked at this glorious piece of flesh before me and decided to make my move on it directly. However I was still feeling the after effects of his digital stimulation of my own sex and decided that he’d not had enough of his own medicine yet.

While my hands continued to caress his balls, my tongue traversed its way along the ridge on the underside of my Swede’s cock. I followed it up and over the head, letting the underside of my tongue to pass back and forth over the head of his cock before gently taking my Swede’s cock-head ever so slowly in between my lips. I heard a deep moan escape his lips as I felt his prick twitch between my lips. I left one hand to minister to his cum filled balls while the other hand began to move at a snail’s pace up and down his shaft, my mouth moving at a similar speed over and around his cock.

Almost imperceptibly I picked up the pace. My mouth moved down his shaft and each time it rose off his cock, my hand would run over the head, spreading more of my saliva down his shaft. I could feel his hand on the back of my head as he leaned forward. His other hand ran over my still slightly damp back before moving around to pinch and tweak my nipples, first one and then the other. I let my mouth move as far down his shaft as I could before coming up for air. I quickly took him again into my mouth, determined to get as much of his as I could. My lips were within a finger width away from his balls but his cock head was already at the back of my throat. His hand held me down for a few moments, only letting up when it was clear I could not breathe.

I came off his now slick cock and looked at him with hunger in my eyes. I licked his prick as I watched him breathing heavily, his fingers wrapping themselves around my twisted curls. When he removed his fingers from my hair, I stood up and began to walk out of the room.

He stood up and breathlessly asked me “Where do you think you’re going, babe?”

I licked and then bit my lower lip before responding “You have a balcony, don’t you?”

I smiled and walked backwards out of the doorway before turning around and making a dash for the balcony, still stark naked.

I went outside to the balcony and felt the cool breeze of Sweden across my teased hard nipples and my now super sensitive skin. I leaned back against the wall furthest away from the door, my back against the wall but my hips moving back and forth along my hand. I pinched one nipple with my left hand while my right hand circled my clit and moved up and down my slit. I pushed two fingers inside my still aching pussy while my thumb moved around my clit. I watched my Swede emerge just as naked as me from the balcony door.

He walked over toward me and bent his head to lick and suck at my nipples while his hands took over my movements inside my soaking wet pussy. I put one foot up on the railing as train passed by us. I’m not sure if anyone noticed since it was a bit far away, but I’m fairly certain people would be wondering (for the next few moments anyway),

“Were those two people fucking over there?”

He knelt before me and it was my turn to run my fingers through his hair and along his scalp.

I felt his tongue trail down my stomach before it settled into the soft, wet mound of flesh between my legs. “Mmmm, I’m so glad you decided to shave, baby. As much as I liked your pussy before, I love it even more now. So soft and smooth for my tongue and fingers.” He ceased his speaking as his tongue now trailed rings around my clit while his finger began to investigate my inner confines. His fingers moving back and forth, then around and around my eel slick quim, his tongue flicking back and forth over my clit. My hips began moving against his face, my hands trying to hold him as close as I could. I leaned my head back and moaned as continued to eat my pussy.

“Oh, fuck, baby, that feels so good. Oh my god!”

His fingers quickened within me and his tongue swirled faster and faster around my swollen clit. His lips surrounded my clit and began sucking while he finger fucked me harder and faster.

“Oh, god, Tom. I want your cock.”

His fingers kept moving within me as he kissed the skin above my pussy.

“Yeah? Where do you want it baby?”

“Oh, fuck me, please!”

His fingers moving faster and faster.

“Fuck you where?”

“Oh, god. Tom, please fuck my pussy. I want your cock in my pussy so much!”

He licked my pussy for another few moments before rising to kiss me very passionately. I could taste my juices on his lips and tongue as I felt his cock head move up and down my slit. He was teasing me with his prick just as he teased me with his fingers and tongue. I moved the foot that was resting on the railing of the balcony so that my leg was draped over the railing. I felt behind me for any sort of support and found a shelf of sorts. It was really nothing more than a continuation of the railing but it was enough of an edge for me to get a hold of for my next move. I let him press his weight against me, holding me to the wall as I lifted my remaining foot off the floor and placed it behind his ass.

When he had just placed the head of his cock inside my pussy, he let go of his cock so he could thumb my clit some more. I took my foot that was against his ass and pulled him into me…hard. We both groaned together as I felt the fullness of his cock penetrate my sensitive and responsive pussy. With all the teasing and playing between us, I knew I wouldn’t last long but I had no idea how quickly he could make me cum. He slowly moved his cock in and out of my soaking wet sex several times before he began pounding me in earnest. He thrust his cock into me so hard I thought he might tear through me. This did not make me want to stop him. On the contrary, it made me want him all the more.

“FUCK!” he cried as he delved further and further into my pussy. “God, baby, your pussy is so fucking tight. You’re going to make me cum soon if I’m not careful.”

“OH, fuck me harder, Tom. Fill me with your cock. Fill my pussy up!”

His body leaned even further into me as he doubled his efforts to invade my now twitching cunt. Every time his dick slammed into me I could feel his balls slap against my ass. Each slam made me thrust back against him even harder, my nails digging into his back as I climbed even further towards the height of ecstasy. I could feel the pressure building up within my pussy, the muscles inside me gripping his cock for all it was worth. I could not stop the moans and cries from escaping my lips despite the fact that I knew people around us had to be able to hear us. I didn’t care. All I wanted was for him to keep fucking me harder and harder. I could feel his hands grasping my hips, willing himself further inside me.

“Oh, god, Tom, I’m so close, don’t stop fucking me!”

“That’s right, baby, cum all over my cock. My fat…fucking…cock.”

He punctuated each word with an extra hard thrust. My legs tightened around him as my hips began to buck wildly against him.

“Oh, fuck, Tom, I’m cumming. OH GOD!”

“Yeah, me too, baby. Cum with me. Come on, cum with me.”

He drilled me harder and harder. He pounded me so hard that I thought I would split in two. I came so hard that I screamed out his name as my pussy gripped him tighter and tighter, my muscles spasming around his fat cock. He held me tighter than ever before as I felt his final few thrusts within me.

My legs quivered around his waist as they fell to take their place beneath me. I tried to stand but my legs wouldn’t hold me up. I fell against him and we both slid to the floor of the balcony. I giggled quite a bit as I waiting for my senses to return and my breathing to slow to normal. I could feel his finger trace along my shoulder as he spoke.

“What’s got you so tickled there, babe?”

I chuckled once more before responding, “I was just thinking that we’ve never had sex in a bed. The poor thing is going to start thinking we’re very boring if we only use it to sleep.”

He sat up and brought me with him, kissing me very deeply as he pulled me against him.

“Well, give me a few minutes and we’ll fix that.”

He stood up and I brushed against his body as I rose to meet him. He walked back inside, pulling me along behind him. The only thing that I could think as we made our way indoors was…

Best. Vacation. Ever.

Angie George was gone frequently on business trips and was one of the most successful saleswomen in the state. Angie was about 5’8″ with short, curly blonde hair and wore glasses with small red frames. She was in excellent shape and had great breasts.

“Girl, you’ve got to get back at that deadbeat.”

“Well I’m not taking him on the trip to Nassau.”

“You should really let your hair down and show him how turnabout is fair play.”

“I’m just going to let things happen and have a relaxed time.”

“Well, you should you earned this trip to meet with the buyer’s in Nassau.”

“But, I am going to have a good time. And I’m going to make him sorry for fucking that girl from his gym.”

She wore her brown jacket and matching skirt with a blouse opened up to the top of her cleavage. This is how she boarded the plane bound for the tropics and she packed light with only her briefcase, purse, and two suitcases. The suitcases had some lingerie and 2 swimsuits. A very small two piece that was blue and a thong. She got off the plane and the hotel had a driver waiting for her.

“Welcome to Nassau.”

“Thank you.”

Angie sat with her legs crossed and stared out the window of the vehicle as it moved past the pleasant tourist shops towards the beach front hotel.

“I don’t know whether it’s customary to tip, but if you’ll follow me to my room I’ll be able to tip you there.”

“Oh, I don’t know, I’ve got ‘em waiting as day come.”

Angie leaned towards the glass, her cleavage falling out of the blouse a little and said “I’ll make it worth your while.” She licked her lips and let a breathy and subtle ooh escape. She sat back down and said thank you as she winked at him. And then returned to the staring out the window.

When they arrived to the hotel the bag boys retrieved her luggage from the trunk of the cab. Angie walked up to the concierge and began to check in and receive her messages for the trip.

“Ms. George you’ll be staying in one of our finest suites. Room 608. These men will accompany you and carry your baggage and should you need anything feel free to buzz us down here.”

“Thank you.”

“I will walk you to your room, open it for you, and present you with the key.”

The elevator ride was slightly awkward. Even Angie didn’t exactly know what she was going to do when she got to the room.

Upon entering the room the men stood in a line facing Angie, unable to make eye contact with one another. The room was clearly hers to command. Angie walked over to where her luggage was and bent over at the waist, ass sticking out. The short skirt hiked over her buttocks just enough to expose her round ass and smooth white panties. She remained bent over and cocked her head around.

“I can tip you guys individually or two at a time?”

She licked her lips and stood up, the skirt stayed hiked up as she walked over to the group. She licked her lips and squatted down to get eye level with their cocks. Angie stroked the bulge in one fellow’s pants. Her asshole puckered and she rubbed the other hand from ass to vagina. Her three fingers felt good over the thin damp cloth. Angie trimmed a light v-shape over her pussy, which was now exposed from the hand movement that was making her wetter and wetter. Her whole body was a little moist from the climate and her excitement. Dick after dick went into her mouth and came out hard glistening with pre-cum and saliva. The brown top that hugged her chest and overlapped itself right over left contouring each breast was pulled up exposing her flat stomach and pierced navel. She pulled her hands away from two pricks and removed the top. Surprisingly, she wore no bra and presented two perfectly round full b, nearly c cupped breast that had pink erect nipples. Her areola were not perfectly symmetrical but did have a nice eraser tip sized nipple.

“I wanna taste you guys.” She licked the tip and continued. “This dick is too big but I need it so bad.” A finger inserted into Angie’s asshole.

Servicing each wasn’t difficult for her and each left once they were satisfied. Angie had a string of semen dangling from her chin that oscillated as the last man thrusted behind her. She rocked back and forth as she moaned and played with herself as he slid in and out. She turned around and swallowed him. Angie was sweaty with semen on her back, on her belly, in her hair, on her shoulder and generally all over her. “How did I get cum on my shoulder? I understand getting it on my face, there’s definitely some in my ass. I needed a cum bath.” “You covered in cum huh?” “I needed this so bad.” “You gots da sweetest ass.” “Mmm, I’m going to be here for a few days. I’m going to do this again. Know anyone who might be interested? I want men with big dicks, several of them and I want cum all over me.” When he was done he left. Angie felt satisfied and cleaned herself up. She remained without clothes for the rest of the evening and did not leave the room. The next morning she was like a new woman, with new appetites. She put on her suit and looked in the mirror. She was going to have to shave completely. The yellow micro mini covered just her clit and labia and had very thin strings, it was literally 4 cubic inches of cloth. The top was equally small and just exposed the very outer edge of her areolea. She walked the beach picking up sea shells and letting her ass feel the sun’s rays. Very aggressive men would touch her and she gave them her room number and a time to be there.

Angie got drunk at an open air bar on the beach. Guys approached her and would buy her drinks. “You know the problem with men is you never have plans to finish what you start.” She said to one. “Whadda ya mean?” “What I mean is you buy me this drink, but when are we going to do what we both have in mind?” He leaned in and put his arm around her. Angie stopped him and pulled away. “What about your friend over there?” “What about him?” “Well, do you think he wants to cum?” He stepped back. “I don’t know.”

“Let me find out.” Angie walked over to what appeared to be her aggressor’s friend and caught his attention. Angie was in the beach side bar with the same micro mini she wore earlier.

“You must hate tan lines.”

“Only the wrong ones. Your friend over there invited me to your room, but I think we might need a chaperone.”


“Well…. Three’s company. If you know what I mean.”

Angie followed the first man and beckoned the second. When they got to the elevator she went straight to work teasing both by grabbing their dicks through their khaki shorts. One kissed her neck while the other massaged her breasts. Both fellas had hands maneuvering below the waist. The micro mini was positioned to expose her genitals.

“You boys know exactly what I want. But I know I’m too much for you to handle. You better call some friends over.”

The elevator dinged with just enough time for her to reposition the swim suit.

“I thought four was a crowd.”

Angie leaned in and whispered to them “Four, is short of a party. And I love a good party.” She was straight to the point and led one over to the bed and pushed him over.

“Undo your shorts.” She barked orders now and untied both bows at the waist of the bikini bottom, which fell to the floor in an unintelligible mass of string. She pulled off the top. The chaperone watched as she mounted his friend. She moaned and bucked up and down sticking her middle finger deeper into her ass. “Don’t just stand there and watch, fuck my ass.” She looked his direction and he didn’t move.

He shot back with “how about a party?”

“Mmm, let’s.” She raised off his cock and inserted him into her ass. She watched in the mirror as she gyrated over top of him. “Fuck my ass. Fuck it with that cock. My pussy’s so wet. Stretch me, Fill me up! Uhhhn, I want that big dick in my mouth. Fuck that ass and cum in my mouth.” She felt him close to orgasm and got off to inhale his member. She turned around and licked the tip and moved her mouth down the side to the base. She moved to the top and inserted his whole penis into her mouth. Angie appeared to have no gag reflex, her hands were rubbing her clit. She slid her mouth up and down on the cock while her throat seemed to swallow his member over and over. His orgasm was instantly swallowed.

“Who’s next? I want your dicks to fill me all the way. I want all of you to cum for me.”

The room was full of about eight men now, and she sat on the bed masturbating as she stared at their crotches. “You guy’s shaved for me. I’m gonna suck your dicks dry.” They all stepped close to the bed and she grabbed the first two cocks within reach. The two men stood side by side and she swallowed each with abandoned. Angie was being pulled up onto the bed ass way in the air as she paid two men attention with her mouth. Her tight body was being rubbed and her buttocks were being spread to insert a large erect penis. She took a break from sucking dicks to rub her self and moan. “Deeper with that big dick. Cum in my mouth not in my ass.” She looked back up and deep throated the man to her left. She swallowed slowly with his member fully inserted into her mouth. He gushed cum that ran right down her throat. She pushed his thigh away from her and said “next, please.”

With a string of cum that ran from the tip of his member to the bottom of her lip, she licked her lips as it split and dangled from her chin. The man behind her was gyrating into and out of her. “I’m gonna cum.” he said, as he pulled out. Angie whipped around and looked right at the dick with her mouth open. She looked like a porn star as some of the ejaculate landed in her mouth and some on her face. Angie was covered in cum and had satisfied each man that was in the room. “Well, I think we’ll have to do this again some time.” Angie said with a giggle as she got up on her knees to get off the bed. She slapped two men on the butt as she walked to the bathroom to wipe herself down. Angie left the room for her own. She was incredibly satisfied and smelled strongly of sex.

It had been a long winter and with spring break coming up Anna decided to book a vacation. She needed a warm climate with lots of sun. She decided to take her week and go to the Caribbean. She had not been able to have one of her special weekends in a long time events always seem to conspire to occupy her every weekend since her last escapade. She really missed her weekends of sexual depravity. In fact just sitting and peeing in the morning, the smell of her own urine would often excite her. She would recall being tied up in the bathroom of that seedy bar and being used by all the men, fucked and pissed on all night long. As much as she loved her job teaching, she needed a break.

She searched the Internet to find a deal she could both enjoy and afford. Happily she found the perfect spot and quickly booked the week. Although spring break was still a month away, Anna relaxed immediately, just knowing it was booked and paid for made all the difference in the world.

As the day of departure grew nearer, she found herself becoming more and more excited and so did the kids in her class. She realized that there was little difference between her and the class, everyone was ready for a break. While packing for the trip Anna wondered if she might find the right place to enjoy her own perversions. She wanted to relax for the most part but she also wanted to have that freedom she felt every time she allowed herself to be used in a dirty seedy manner. Not being able to escape to her city slum bars for so long made her very horny.

She almost had an orgasm as her flight left the ground on its way to her island paradise. The possibility for adventure, and the long sunny days at the beach, were a dream come true for Anna. She had a few drinks on the way and was anxious to deplane and get on with her vacation.

Anna decided to treat herself and elected to take a cab to her hotel rather then wait for the shuttle. She could not wait to put her bikini on and ‘chill’ on the beach. She waved down a cab and allowed the driver to load her bags in the trunk. She then told him her destination and off they went. The driver turned to her and before she knew what was happening he sprayed something in her face and said.

“Welcome to my island.”

Anna was caught unawares and belatedly tried to wipe the mist from her face but the next thing she knew her world disappeared. When she came to sometime later she found herself naked and strapped to a cot in what looked like a locker room. Still dazed by the effects of the drug she spent more time wondering where she was then worrying about her circumstances. It seemed odd that she was on a cot in a completely tiled room, lockers of some sort lined three of the walls and urinals and a shower room lined the fourth.

As she realized that she was now imprisoned in a Men’s locker room a man walked in. He was not the cab driver, at least she didn’t think he was but who could be sure. She opened her mouth to speak but he beat her to it.

“Welcome to the Men’s Club, Anna.”

“How do you know my name?”

“We have all your baggage and your purse, we know a lot about you Anna.”


“Why have we taken you? We always take someone foolish enough to travel on his or her own and not use the safer modes of transportation. Don’t worry we will eventually let you go.”

“What are you going to do with me?”

Anna was not panicking and that seemed to puzzle her captor. In fact she was beginning to like what she hoped was happening to her. She was naked, restrained and basically in a bathroom. She looked at her captor and waited to hear his reply.

“Well we plan to use you this week in anyway we see fit. We are a select club here on the island and we from time to time like to take an attractive woman and use her like a cheap piece of meat until we tire of her. We have over a hundred members and most to the local police and judiciary are members so we never have to concern ourselves with the law. Usually when the women are let go they elect to just keep quiet about it and preserve their own reputations, especially once they realize that no one on this island would help them.”

“No one has ever complained once they get home?”

“No, not to our knowledge. Oddly, one woman came back, perhaps looking for more. Unfortunately, we never do repeats, no sport in it at all.”

“Well it looks as if you have the advantage here. I have no help from the local law enforcement types, you have me tied up, so when do you start?”

“We will begin later this afternoon. We have a big party today, lots of drinking and then as the members wish; they know to come here and do what they will. Sometimes they come in alone more often they come in pairs or groups of three. Feel free to scream or whatever we are quite isolated here and in fact those complaints or screams will only turn the men on.”

“I assume I will be fed! Given some drinks too! Is that allowed?”

“Certainly Anna. We know to keep your strength up, keep you fed and watered etc. You will have no shortage of food and sustenance.”

He left her to herself and Anna spent a few hours anxiously waiting for the abuse to begin. She wondered if they would discover her desires for this abuse probably exceeded their desire to abuse. She would have to at least pretend to be put out by all of this if she wanted to make sure she got her own satisfaction. She could feel her pussy leaking onto the cot and her nipples hardening at the promise of being used and could not wait much longer for the action to begin.

She heard them gathering and the loud laughter from the other room as the party began. Soon her time would start. Long before she heard the door opening she was ready to cum. She looked over and saw that just a single guy was coming towards her, nice looking older guy. He was tall, maybe six feet or more and slender. He went to the urinals and began to pee. She heard him stop and he turned to her and walked over his cock still out. When he got closer he resumed peeing on her, covering her tits and face with the warm stinky fluid. Anna came.

She was too absorbed in her own orgasm to see that he left as soon as he finished, not bothering to even touch her. She was disappointed but had no time to think of that as a couple of guys entered and came to her. Neither said a word but one of them took out his cock and put it to her lips. She opened her mouth and allowed him to fuck her face. She felt rather the saw the other cock as it entered her wet hot pussy and knew that her week had finally began. Both men used her hard, not caring at all for her needs as the one in her mouth forced its way to her throat making her gag.


Was all she had time to get out before he rammed his hard cock back in. She felt the man in her pussy start to erupt and he pulled out dumping his hot sticky load on her belly and tits. Soon the guy ravaging her mouth came, spurting once in her mouth before pulling out and covering her face with his ejaculate.

And so the week began. Anna was used well into the night. She was ultimately released from the bed and tied to a structure that made all of her holes available at the same time. Consequently she was often taking three hard cocks at the same time. Anna lost track of the number of orgasms she had, never counted the cocks; she didn’t care. As long as they continued to use and abuse her she was happy. Her body was covered in cum and piss, the floor around her wet and sticky from the fluids dripping from her. The room smelled of piss and she loved it.

Sometime later she was returned to her cot, it was soaking wet and stinking of piss as she was tied to it once again. The activity slowed but never stopped and she napped as she could between the men who used her. She was peed on most of the night and forced to allow some of the guys to pee in her mouth and made to swallow. She was fed and given liquor and beer to drink and as her own need to piss came, she just let loose where she was, in the middle of a fuck or lying in her own cot. By the time the sun rose Anna was beginning to feel alive. This was better then her city jaunts.

For the next few days Anna never left the room. She would from time to time be tied elsewhere, in different positions, but always in the room. She was never washed and towards the end of the week her hair was matted with dried cum and stale piss. Her mattress was like a sponge and every time she moved on it piss would drip onto the floor. Her pussy was sore and so was her ass. Her mouth and throat felt bruised and she still wanted more.

On what would turn out to be her last day, she was moved outside. For the first time since arriving on this island Anna saw the sea and the beach. The bright sunshine felt wonderful on her abused body and even though she was tied once again she felt great. She was positioned once again so that all of her holes were available and a sign was erected near her. On the sign was printed the following.

“This slut will allow all to fuck her and to use her in any way, come enjoy this slut and get your picture taken for a free memento of your stay in the islands.”

Anna realized that the club had finished with her and now she was to be left in the open and used by any and all that came by. She hoped that this section of the beach was a busy one, she was already feeling empty and wanted cock. She was able to look up and down the beach and saw quite a few people either lying in the sun or walking and she waited patiently for someone to come and fuck her. She did not have to wait long. Four college age guys, slightly drunk, but ready to have their free fuck approached her.

It wasn’t long before the guys had dropped their swim trunks reveling four deliciously large cocks. She licked her lips as she waited for them to decide who was doing what. Finally they all decided to do her one at a time and Anna saw them all walk behind her. Suddenly she felt her pussy stretched as a cock invaded her well-used cunt. Barely able to feel him she did her best to squeeze her cunt around his cock as he fucked her hard and fast. She saw a flash in the corner of her eye and realized someone had taken his picture as he pummeled her. He was good and she loved it as his cock splashed inside her and erupted. She had no time to savor the feeling as her pussy was quickly filled again. She was soon lost in the day, cocks entered her pussy and ass all day most of them depositing their seed in her but many covering her with cum as well. She had her mouth worked all day too and realized that as the day wore on the men using her got older and dirtier.

She was servicing the old homeless street men. Men who had not washed or showered in months, whose only opportunity for a rinse came with the rain. She had stinking cocks in her mouth so foul that she was ready to gag but managed to hold on. Towards the end of the night she took a particularly nasty cock in her mouth and when he came the taste was so bad she did gag and spit out all he had managed to deposit in her. He slapped her face and the pissed on her. He grabbed her hair with one hand holding her head up and forcing her mouth open as he filled her mouth with his piss. She had no choice but to swallow it and was sickened by the taste. Needless to say that by morning she was herself a stinking, sticky mess from a week of cum, piss and now sand.

She was untied and led into the club and tossed to the floor of the locker room that had been her home for the week. He pissed soaked mattress and the urine and cum covered floor assaulted her nostrils as she lay there. She was suddenly hit with a cold spray of water and rolled over to see a man in a janitor’s outfit hosing her down. He then used a rough rag to wipe her body of the dried cum and piss, regularly returning the cold hose to her, rinsing off more and more of the week.

He tossed her some shampoo and she did her best to clean her matted hair. She managed to make it presentable but the smell of piss and cum would be there for a few more days. Once she was done the janitor pointed to her luggage and left. Anna found her clothes and return plane ticket. She dressed and went out the only door she saw into a waiting cab. It was the same driver who had taken her here.

“Did you enjoy your adventure Anna?”

“Yes, thanks. It was all and more then promised on the Internet. Please let everyone know how grateful I am.”

“Will do, glad you’re satisfied. I hope to see you again.”

“Well only time will tell.”

He then handed her a large manila envelope. Inside were photographs.

“Some mementos of your week Anna.”

Indeed inside were hundreds of photos. All of them showing the many men and the way she had been used; pictures of her ass being stuffed with cocks and hands; pictures of her pussy dripping cum; pictures of cum draining from her mouth and others of men pissing all over her. Yes she thought, I would come back again some day.

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