It is 1811. I have been sitting in debtors prison for almost a year now, trying to raise the money to pay my landlord all the back rent I owe. I couldn’t help but get behind. A single woman in this day and age can do very little to raise money for herself, but I’m a religious woman and won’t prostitute myself. Someday, maybe I will marry – but that seems unlikely, wasting away my best years here in prison.

I was born in 1792 into poverty, and my parents died when I was a teenager, leaving me nothing. I had no prospects, and tried to find jobs in restaurants and shops, but it is difficult to keep a position. After being unable to pay my rent one month, my landlord had me thrown into prison. Now, I rely on the alms provided by passersby who see my outstretched hand.

“Woman!” The gaoler was yelling at me. I raised my head and looked at him silently. “This man is here to take prisoners for medical research. He picked you. Go on, now.”

“I choose not to go,” I answered.

Turning red and stomping toward me, the gaoler grabbed my arm and roughly pulled me forward. “You have no choice. He is paying me for prisoners, and you are one he wants.” He flung me toward the awaiting doctor, who proceeded to put handcuffs on me.

The doctor smiled. “You are an intractable one. Collins, the ether, please.”

Another man came forward with a rag, reaching toward my face. Unable to use my hands, I tried to resist by moving my face away, but the two men held me close as the rag was forced over my nose and mouth. Soon, things went dark.


When I awoke, things were a bit hazy. I could see men looking down on me in two tiers – some were in seats before me, and others were in a balcony. The ones on the ground floor were all in white aprons and had notebooks. The doctor saw me open my eyes.

“Hello, I don’t believe I have your name. I am Dr. Kraus,” he said to me.

“Ann,” I said, still groggy. I tried to scratch my nose, but could not lift my arm from my side. I looked down.

I was completely nude, lying on a table that was tilted slightly up at perhaps a 20 degree angle. My arms were restrained by straps at my side, and my feet were tied into stirrups, held up in the air apart. I was completely exposed with a room of perhaps 40 men staring at me.

“It’s nice to have you with us in the operating theater, Ann. The men above are paid spectators, and the men below are students that will be learning from you.” He turned to the audience. “You see that I have shaved the patient. She is a virgin, which makes her particularly agreeable for this session.”

Dr. Kraus now took his finger and traced it around my vaginal entrance. “This is where the hymen is visible. You probably cannot see well from where you are, so I invite the students to come forward to take a closer look.”

The students stood and began to file down. As the first one leaned over and took a good look at my most intimate parts, I felt the blood rush to my cheeks. He touched the rim around my hole.

“Which part is the hymen?” he asked.

“This filmy tissue just inside,” the doctor answered, taking his own finger and pushing it slightly into my vagina. “You are all welcome to come and feel the hymen for yourself. You’ll need to know how to establish that one exists, when the men in the balcony ask you to check the purity of their fiancees.” The balcony rippled with laughter.

One after another, the students, about twenty of them, came and peered closely at my vagina, then felt gingerly inside for my hymen. One of them spent quite some time with his finger feeling inside my hole, claiming he couldn’t find it, which led to the Doctor again pointing out the hymen by carefully tracing my hole with the student. Having both fingers inside was painful as they vied to both fit inside my tight vagina. Finally, the examination was over.

As the students sat back down, Dr. Kraus continued with the lecture. “Of course, the hymen isn’t the only part of the vagina worth studying. There is also a clitoris, sitting just within the two lips of the labia. The clitoris is a useless organ, but during intercourse it can become engorged, as can the breasts.” He again touched me, pulling on my labia. “This is the labia,” then he touched the senstive bump above that, “and this is the clitoris.” He then moved to my side and started massaging my left breast. “You also see how the nipples of the breasts become hard when handled. This can also occur during normal intercourse.”

Dr. Kraus took off his apron and unzipped his pants, removing them. He folded his jacket and shirt up, revealing his flaccid penis.

“I know you’ve all seen one of these before, gentlemen,” he said. The crowd laughed. “You know how they work, no doubt. I will now show you how a woman reacts during normal intercourse, and how it changes her body afterward, so that you will be able to identify a used woman readily.” He began to stroke his cock, getting it hard. When it was standing out from his body, he took a cloth from a bucket and wrung it out.

“No, please, don’t!” I exclaimed. I valued my purity! I did not want to give it up!

“Collins? Please gag the patient.” The man who had administered the ether at the prison came forward and tied a cloth around my face. I could not fight him, restrained as I was. I tried to talk, but only muffled noises came from my throat.

“A woman will usually, upon first intercourse, be too dry to admit a penis into her vagina, so for that purpose we have here a soaked rag.” Dr. Kraus began to wipe my vagina, leaving my wet in the drafty room. He then positioned his member up to my hole and pushed it in. I screamed, but the gag muffled my voice. His penis pushing in and out of me burned me deep inside.

“You can see that the woman does not enjoy intercourse. This is true of women for most of their lives. You may have to instruct a frustrated husband that he will have to restrain his wife by brute strength or by other means.”

At this, Dr. Kraus began to move in and out faster. I squeezed my eyes shut. I could hear the crowd whispering and coughing, and some laughter here and there. Finally, he pushed himself into me hard, and gripped the table I was laying on to steady himself. He shuddered a few times, then stood up straight and carefully withdrew.

As he put his pants back on, he began lecturing again. “You can see that, in confirmation of our examination of the hymen, the patient is bleeding vaginally. She was in fact a virgin. You can also see that not all of the semen remains inside the vagina. This is an indication of obstinateness, an unwillingness to bear my child.” Dr. Kraus began to wipe me off again with the water soaked cloth.

“For the remainder of the lesson, each student will perform intercourse with the patient. You are instructed first to examine the vagina and confirm that you see no hymen, so that you can contrast the two states. After you have performed, you should wipe her off for the next student, out of consideration.” The audience laughed. “Be sure during intercourse to observe as much of the reactions of the patient as possible, and share those observations with the other students. I will call each student down alphabetically. Mr. Ashdown, please come forward.”

A student emerged from the gallery. He removed his apron and pants, as Dr. Kraus had, and began to stroke his penis as he moved toward me. He stood before me, still stroking, and peered down into my vagina.

“You can see that she is missing the tissue that was earlier covering her vaginal entrance,” he said aloud. Then he inserted himself. I began to sob for the loss of my virginity.

“She is crying, which leads me to believe she does not enjoy intercourse. She feels very warm inside, and very tight. I am a little amazed, in fact, that her vagina is expanding to accept my penis.” He moved faster, in and out, examining my body clinically. Then, he leaned forward, grabbing the table, and quaked as he released his fluid into me.

When he had recovered enough, he stood up and withdrew, accepting a wet cloth from Collins. He cleaned himself and then me off. I could feel his semen dripping from me.

“Mr. Bennett,” Dr. Kraus called.

Another student emerged from the gallery, removing his apron and then his pants. He again peered carefully at my vagina, inserting a finger. “I can see nor feel any trace of a hymen.” He stroked himself until he was hard, and clinically inserted his penis into me again. At this point, I was merely crying silently, the tears dripping from my face, imagining the horrible fate that awaited me as a slut with no one who would marry me after this.

As he moved in and out, he examined my labia and clitoris with his fingers. “Her clitoris is becoming enlarged, bigger than it was when she was still a virgin. She feels warm and tight.” As the others had done, he braced himself as he moved faster in and out of me, finally leaning over me and pressing his pelvis hard into me as he exploded with his own pleasure. Not once did he look me in the eye. He withdrew and silently cleaned me for the next student.

“Mr. Bigge.”

A large man stood from his seat and came toward me. As his name would indicate, when he took off his pants, his cock was quite big. I began to sob again. I did not think I could survive this onslaught. He laughed at me.

“This gutter trash thinks she does not deserve this abuse! Maybe next time she will not break the law.” He unceremoniously inserted his finger into my vagina, smiling as he did so, then pushed his huge member into my still delicate hole.

I screamed in pain. I could feel his hands rove over my thighs. “I observe that her thighs do not strain in this wide position; maybe she is not so virginal as we would have believed?” He chuckled. He put his hands around my waist. “She doesn’t eat much, does she?” He took his time, pumping his cock into me hard each time, but still not finishing. He was obviously enjoying the show. Finally, with two hard thrusts, his seed flushed into me. Before he even removed his member, I could feel the sticky juice dripping down. He withdrew and cleaned me with the offered rag.

“Mr. Brickenden.”

Once again, a student came down, examined me silently, then inserted his penis. Mr. Brickenden pinched my nipples as he pounded me. “She is warm, not so tight anymore.” The audience roared with laughter. “Her breast are firm and enlarged.” He slapped them each a few times, again drawing guffaws from the crowd. “I rather believe she’s enjoying this.” He smirked at me.

I could feel the tears drip down my cheeks. He finished pleasuring himself between my legs and wiped me up. I resigned myself to my fate.

“Mr. Brooker.”

Mr. Brooker stepped down, ritualistically examining me as the others had, then rubbing my clitoris carefully as he inserted himself into my vagina.

“I have read that women as well as men can have an orgasm if the clitoris is stimulated. May I try, Dr. Kraus?” I looked at the doctor, who nodded.

As he moved himself in and out, Mr. Brooker also massaged my clitoris hard and fast. I tried not to respond, but despite my efforts to hold back, I could feel myself trembling. Soon, I was bucking my pelvis, my whole body rippling with pleasure as I involuntarily reached out for his fingers. When I was exhausted, I fell back on the table, and he stopped touching me, laughing. “I see that Mr. Brickenden was correct. She does enjoy being the object of our class.” Everyone chuckled. I was completely humiliated and embarassed, angry that my body had betrayed me. My hot tears continued to flow. Mr. Brooker finally came inside me and cleaned me up.

The class continued to use me, about 20 of them in all. Finally, it seemed everything was over. Collins was unstrapping me. I could barely move anyway, so what was the point of restraints?

Collins stood me up and turned me so that my back was to the crowd. Then he pushed me back on to the table, stomach first.

Still gagged, my surprise and the questions I had immediately formed were inaudible. I felt him strapping my knees into the stirrups, legs apart, and my hands were restrained to my sides again. Although I was confused, I was relieved not to be so exposed to such a large group of men any more. I also could no longer see them, as my head was through a hole in the table, facing to the front of the theater.

Dr. Kraus again began his lecture. “Some women are such sluts that when their vagina becomes too loose, as has Ann’s here, they perform their sexual work anally.” I felt something pushing into my rectum. “This cone is designed to open a woman’s anus sufficiently to allow a penis in.” My rectum was being opened wider and wider. I groaned from the pain.

“One of our spectators today has paid for the privilege of using Ann’s anus first. Mr. Mannering, you may come down.”

I heard footsteps, then the sound of clothing dropping to the floor.

“Thank you, Dr. Kraus. Any instructions, or may I get to it?”

“You may proceed as you wish, Mr. Mannering,” Dr. Kraus answered.

I felt the cone removed. “As you can see, class, the anus has been opened.”

Something warm, presumably a body, moved up against me, and I could feel a fleshy object press against my rectum. Soon, it was in, and I could tell that it was like all the other members that had entered my most private parts that day. Mr. Mannering was gentle at first, then more urgent. It wasn’t long before his penis was moving in and out of my anus so quickly that I couldn’t help but yelp each time. Finally, he pressed himself all the way in. I could feel testicles against my sensitive skin as he orgasmed. Before he withdrew, he stood and rubbed my buttocks as my anus closed on his increasingly flaccid member. He finally withdrew.

“You can see that her anus is now of a different size than it was at first. You can always look for the difference in a woman to see if she has allowed herself to be so used. You will also note that the semen is brown, because the woman is unclean back here. Any questions?” The crowd was quiet. “Class dismissed.”

As the men were leaving, they were free to come by me and touch me, and many reached their fingers into my throbbing anus, exploring me. Finally, they were gone.

“Collins, the ether again.” Unable to fight, I was again transported to another state of consciousness.

When I awoke, I was dressed, laying on the floor of the prison. The gaoler was laughing at me. I gave him a dirty look, to which he replied, “Don’t act high and mighty to me. I know what you are.” Again, I could do nothing but cry. I was a ruined woman.

You walk down the road in your miniskirt. Probably on your way home from the store, or school, or work. Fuck, I don’t care where you’re coming from, but I’m not letting a hot piece of ass like yours get away. I know you’d more than likely never let me take you in the back of the alley and have my way with you, but that’s not stopping me.

I watch you from a parking lot, and I know these streets better than you, I imagine. I start up my SUV, and drive pass. You look up. Maybe you’re hoping for this. Why else would you walk around this part of town looking like that? Or maybe you are really that clueless. Or maybe you sense something unexpected coming your way. Like I said, I don’t give a fuck. I’m going to show you what a slut you can really be.

I smile at you. You look away. Good. I love the innocent act. It makes my cock go stiff. I race off and around the block. I pull into a dusty alley that I know is never used for anything besides illegally dumping garbage. I get out and run down to the end. I light up a smoke and wait for that sweet ass of yours to sway past me.

It takes longer than I expect, and for a moment, I think you may have turned around. You may have gotten away from me. But thankfully, I hear your feet tap closer to me. I stand where I am, not even attempting to hide myself. I know you won’t run right away. Not many people expect to raped in an alley. You emerge in my vision, and I am quicker than a speeding bullet.

I grab you by the back of your hair, and I rip you backwards into the alley. You scream, but I quickly slam my hand over your mouth, and I whisper, “Shut the fuck up if you know what’s good for you.”

You instantly obey, and I know now you’re going to make this much too easy more me. You grab at the back of your head, trying to get me to release you. It probably twinges a bit, but its nothing you wont get over. You stumble awkwardly further into the alley as I lead you at a fast pace. The alley takes a bend, and I stop. It is here I will take you. Trees surround us on every side, and this section of alley is a dead end.

I reach between your legs, going after what I want. You scream through my hand again, and I warn you, “Do that again, Bitch, and this alley will be your grave.” You whimper and close your eyes as I massage your pussy through your panties. I can feel moisture being licked up by the cotton already, which means you were getting hot and bothered as I drug you over here, which also means you’re going to like this more than I thought.

“You’re a good slut, aren’t you?” You don’t say anything, so I move your panties to the side and shove two fingers to the knuckles inside your warm hole. You quiver, and I ask you again, “You’re a good slut, aren’t you? Say it bitch! Say you want me to fuck you.” You start sobbing. Fine be stubborn. I’m going to fuck you either way. I push you down into dirt and hold you down with my right hand, while I pull your panties down your silky smooth legs.

I get them off over your shoes and smell them. “These smell like you’re a horny whore. You want to smell them? No? I’ll bet you’d love to taste them then.” I press them against your lips but they won’t budge open. I smack you across the face. “Open that goddamn slut hole of yours.” I must be a magician cause your mouth follows my orders like open sesame. I shove your panties in your mouth. “That’s better. I knew you were a good slut.” I unzip my pants, and my bulging boner shoots out at you.

Your eyes widen as you realize this is all really happening. Or maybe you’ve never seen a real man’s dick. I’m no porn star, but I’ve got a hefty piece of meat. Seven inches long and a thickness most men never achieve. Although, that could just be you affecting me. I have fucked something as hot as you in awhile now.

I don’t take anytime at all. I know what it is I’m after. I push my mushroom head cock against your inviting pussy lips and thrust it forward. You grunt into your panties. I guess you haven’t had someone my size inside you yet. I thrust back and forth, until you’ve thoroughly coated my cock with your pussy juices. “Yeah baby, you can cum if you want. Get my dick wet.”

Once again, my rough voice is commanding your body like a puppet. I feel your walls clench against me, and your legs shake violently in the air above me. You gasp into your panties, and after a minute of solid rocking, your orgasm falls away. And for the first time, you look me in the eyes. You’re looking to see if I am done. “Oh no,” I say, “You’re not done yet slut.”

I pull my cock from you, and you shudder again. I roughly twist you over onto your stomach, and I smack your round ass peeking out from under your skirt. I spit on your ass and move my hands to it, guiding the spit down your ass crack, until I find that tight sphincter, sealed shut against me. I pop a finger in without hesitation, and you turn your head to the side to make sure I can see you shaking your head no. Oh god, I love when they do that. I spit again and say, “I’m gonna fuck your ass whether you like it or not cunt.”

I pop another finger in, and you spit out your panties and scream for help. “That was a bad idea you stupid slut.” I pull a rubber ball from my back pocket, knell on your shoulders, and pop into your mouth. I pull the band around the back of your head, and I pull a rope from my other pocket. I pull your hands behind your back and tie your forearms together. I lower myself back down to your ass and I push the head of my cock against your ass. I try pushing it in, but it isn’t giving, so I plunge my dick back inside your pussy to coat it again.

I pull out and push against your asshole again. This time, I feel it slipping open. It throbs open and close, and I time myself perfectly—I’ve been doing this for a while now. It opens, and I thrust as hard as I can. My dick pushes all the way to hilt inside your ass. “That feels great you little cock slut. Mmm. I might have to keep you.” I move it back and forth, enjoying the way you flop against me. You try fighting it, but you’re in no position to fight.

I keep my rhythmic pounding going on longer than you probably thought I could, and after ten minutes of constant ass pounding, you stop fighting. In fact, I think I can hear you moaning. “That’s it slut. Enjoy this cock in your ass. I bet all the boys would love to get in this ass. I bet you let them too. Huh? You little slut. Answer me.”

I can barely make you out through the rubber ball, but I am sure you said, “Yes.”

God, that makes me want to cum. I grab a handful of your with one hand, and I reach under you with the other, grabbing a tit. I massage your tit hard under your shirt, and I pull back on your hair as my thrusts become more powerful. I can feel every muscle on your body vibrating with every slap of my body against yours, with every plunge of dick inside of you, with slap my balls make against your exposed pussy.

The cum rushed all at once, and I feel my balls tighten. I pump my gushing cock inside of you, feeling my cum shoot deep into your ass. “Yes you slut, take it. Take it like the whore you are.” I feel my orgasm dying down, and I pull my cock from your terrorized hole. I grip it hard against the base and roll you over. I’m still not done. I’ve been mastering multiple orgasm for a long time now. I rub my dick back and forth furiously, and soon I feel that second orgasm building in my balls. Lucky for you, my second is bigger than the first.

I pull the ball out of your mouth and let it fall to your neck and say, “You ready to eat my cock, slut? You don’t say anything, you’re crying. I can’t wait for an answer, I feel my volcano about to explode. I lay across your face and shove my dick all the way down your throat, and I mouth fuck you as my balls tighten once more and start to dump there load in your stomach. I pump myself repeatedly, pulling all the way out and sliding all the way back in every time. I know you can taste me because I can smell it.

When I’m done, I pull myself out just past your lips, and I squeeze one last stream from my cock and watch it fall on your tongue. I see you about to spit it out but I can’t have that. “You eat that cum, slut. Don’t spill a drop.” I put my cock back in your mouth and slowly push it all the way down your throat. You throat spasms against my cock, and I pull out and check to make sure I got it all the way in there. I did. I put my dick away, and I take off all your clothes and replace the ball. I stand you up and walk you back down to the bend in the alley.

This time I go right, dragging you along with me. My SUV waits parked for me just where I left it. As we move closer, you start to realize what I’m doing. You thought you were going to be free to go, but didn’t you remember me telling you I haven’t had a piece of ass like yours in awhile? I can’t have you just once. Tonight will be your first night as my live-in whore. You’re going to love it, you little slut.

(This story involves sex with the undead, ghosts, and perhaps a very unfortunate end for our protagonist. If that isn’t your cup o’ tea, I understand. But darling Bella will be a recurring character in some of my work,)

Bella wasn’t your ordinary college student.

Honestly, Bella wasn’t ordinary, period.

If you saw Bella first thing in the morning, you would think she was the most beautiful girl in the world. Her long reddish hair and piercing green eyes were a perfect combination, but what always got the attention of boys were her round, firm, and supple breasts. They were DD’s, which would be impressive on any girl, but were incredible on her 5’10 frame.

But then things got interesting. The tattoos that covered her body were bizarre. Everything from hearts and stars to zombies and werewolves. She was nearly covered in tattoos from her neck down. She’d put on all sorts of mascara and eyeliner, and she was never without her adorable pigtails.

Now, the guys are her school were not stupid. They saw past her piercings and make-up.

“Tattoos? Piercings? I bet she’s a freak in the sheets” they’d muse.

But she would just roll her eyes.

“Stupid oafs. Useless trolls. You couldn’t handle this” she would spit as she spanked herself and walked away, grinning.

She might have been a tough kid, but she was still a girl, and what girl doesn’t enjoy making boys squirm.

Unfortunately… There was a price. All the teasing, prodding, joking, it made the college jocks angry. So one night, leaving an “Asking Alexandria” concert, they ambushed her. They wore masks, but she recognized them.

“Frat pigs” she spat at them. “Help!” she screamed. They began to close in on her but she managed to kick one in a very uncomfortable place and take off into the darkness.

She knew that they could easily outrun her, and would be on her soon, so she started using her wits. She had to go somewhere they couldn’t find her, that they wouldn’t chase her. As she burst around the corner a deserted alley, she saw it.

A graveyard.

She almost laughed.

If there was anywhere that a girl like her would go where they couldn’t follow… She eagerly ran through the open gate and dove behind a tree.

She saw the small mob tear by, desperately searching for her.

“Shit. She got away.”

“Where did she go man?!”

She giggled.

She couldn’t wait to report them to the police.

Literally. She waited until they were out of sight and she pulled out her phone.

That’s when everything went to hell.

Her phone shut off.

It was the strangest thing. It didn’t power down or flicker off. It just went cold.

She tried to turn it back on, but she dropped it, and couldn’t see where it fell.

“Fuck… Alright, I’ll just buy another one” she said, admitting defeat. But as she tried to leave, the gate slammed shut.

Bella was a Goth chick. Scene girl. Whatever you want to call that kind of girl, so she definitely had sensibilities about the undead and the supernatural.

She’d heard stories… Pretty girls who were found in graveyards… Used… Worn out… Dead.

She gulped.

They were just stories, she told herself.


Still… The idea of being ravaged, slaughtered by the undead excited something deep in her.

Her nips grew hard and her heart raced, she felt the familiar tingle as she got wet downstairs.

She shook her head and started running.

She stopped.

She was smarter than this.

Busty, sexy girl, running through the graveyard… In heels? Next she would trip over a stray root or her own feet and voila… Damsel in distress.

She sat down and began to take off her heels…

Unfortunately she wasn’t smart enough.

She tried to move her legs but her feet were stuck in the ground.

Then she felt it…

A rumbling beneath her.

Suddenly a hand shot out of the ground…

A rotten hand.

Green, cold, and missing chunks of flesh.

How did she know it was cold?

Because it was grabbing her ankle.

She screamed.

Slowly one, two, THREE men crawled out of the dirt.

They were disgusting. Eyeballs missing, skin rotten, chunks, even limbs missing from his naked body. She tried not to puke, but her jaw dropped when her view fell.

For a few dead guys without heartbeats…

All three of the zombies were hung.

Her eyes shot open.

The legends were true.

“NO!” she shrieked. They were going to rape her.

“No!” she screamed again. “Please don’t”.

But her cries fell on deaf undead ears.

They kept advancing on her and she couldn’t move.

Two more hands shot out of the ground and grabbed her wrists.

Another pair of hands emerged and ripped her clothes off with ease and proceeded to knead her breasts.

She tried to resist, but her body was betraying her.

One of the zombies crept within inches of her and aimed its huge cock near her face. She tried to keep her mouth closed, but a cold, dead hand roughly grabbed her pigtails.

She gasped, and the zombie took the opportunity.

The zombie forced its huge dick down her throat and began to fuck her face.

Tears started to roll down her face as she desperately tried to get air between thrusts.

His dick was mostly intact but it tasted awful.

Soon the zombie started thrusting faster and in a few moments, he pulled it out and emptied it onto her face.

She had let her boyfriend’s cum on her face before, but usually it was only a string or two.

The zombie’s orgasm never seemed to end. It probably took around 10 seconds, but it felt like a lifetime to Bella.

She felt the gross, warm liquid splash into her face over and over, dripping down her chin and onto her huge breasts, which were still being held together by the zombie.

But then something incredible happened. After finishing his orgasm, the zombie let out a ghastly moan and turned to dust.

Bella had hope.

With only two zombies left, if Bella could get them to orgasm… She might make it out alive.

So she gulped, here goes nothing.

She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, offering her throat to the next zombie.

If the zombie could have laughed, it would have. Bella felt the hands on her wrists pull her hands down, leaving her on all fours.

“Oh no…” she whimpered as she realized the zombie had other things in mind.

It slowly lurked around her and groaned as he slid to his knees.

She was soaking wet from all the excitement of the evening, but even then she wasn’t ready for the 10 inch undead dick that violated her.

She winced as the zombie slowly rocked in and out of her.

She was ashamed of how good it felt.

She had never been fucked by a cock that big before.

She was even more ashamed when she had the first orgasm of her life.

But she couldn’t help it.

It felt so good.

Her breathing started to get irregular, she can’t focus on anything.

Not the dirt on her body. Not the undead cum on her face. Her whole body shakes uncontrollably and can’t help but enjoy the way her body betrayed her.

Thankfully, it must have felt good for the moving corpse too, because soon she felt the disgusting juices fill her vagina.

She shivered as he pulled out and the rest of the cum hit her back.

She looked back and he was still there, moaning away.

She began to fear that he wouldn’t turn to dust.

Thankfully for Bella, she was wrong.

As his huge dick shriveled, he collapsed into dust and bone.

One zombie left.

She was actually excited.

The third and final zombie had the biggest dick of the three.

All she had to do was take this huge dick in her pussy and she would get to go home?

She was a Goth girl; this was going to be something she masturbated to for the rest of her life.

That’s when yet another hand shot out of the ground and grabbed her throat, pulling her close to the ground.

She gasped for air as the unrelenting grip crushed her windpipe.

She hardly noticed the hands on her ankles sliding up to the knees and forcing her ass up.

She focused on breathing.

If she could get through one more fuck, she could get away.

She was growing impatient as the well-endowed zombie stumbled over to her rear.

All she wanted was his big dick to violate her.

To make her feel like she was melting again.

And then to get the fuck out of there.

That’s when something awful happened.

She felt the huge, hard dick slap with a sickly sound on her ass… But he didn’t move down for her pussy…

Her eyes shot open as the zombie roughly rammed her ass.

She screamed as loud as she could, but this zombie had endurance. He slammed into her hard and fast, over and over for what felt like forever.

“It can’t get any worse” she thought to herself.

And then it did…

Out of the ground… Burst three more zombies.

The mayhem went on and on for the rest of the night. Zombies came from the ground and abused her throat, ripping her hair out and cumming everywhere from her tits to her throat while the big zombie in the back destroyed her ass.

After a while, she just learned to love it.

Each zombie was just as well-endowed as the last and she had a dozen orgasms.

Eventually, the hands from the ground turned to dust and the final zombie pulled out and walked around. He aimed his huge member at Bella’s empty, soulless face, and let go.

It looked like somebody was washing her down with a firehose.

A hilariously unrealistic stream of cum bathed her until she couldn’t breathe.

At last, the huge zombie turned to dust, leaving Bella alone, used up, and covered in the cum of the undead.

She tried to get up; she used all the strength she had left… But she couldn’t move.

The cum had some sort of numbing effect on her and she couldn’t move. She felt herself start to sink into the earth.

The sun started to rise on the opposite end of the graveyard, and she screamed.

She fought and fought with everything that she had and she heard voices coming from the gate.

“Help!” she screamed. “Please god… Help me”.

She felt several strong hands lifting her out of the muck and carrying her out of the graveyard.

When she opened her eyes, she saw her saviors.

And realized they were the frat guys from the night before.

Oh boy.

By the time I pulled my car into our driveway, most of the semen coating me from head to toe had dried to a flaking crusty shell. I stuck to the driver’s seat as I climbed out on wobbly legs. The sun was just coming up and I hurried to get inside the house before any neighbors saw me like this.

I started a pot of coffee, put the gallon jug of sperm in the freezer, and went to the shower. It tried to peel the glued on nylons and underwear from myself, but it was so stuck on, I just stepped into the shower stall an let the warm water loosen it up. The wig dropped to the floor while I scrubbed the ruined makeup off my face. I finally got the rest of the slutty outfit off of me, and removed the large breast forms from my chest.

I stepped out, toweled off, and shaved my face before re-applying makeup. Goddess hadn’t specified an outfit for me so I glued on the smaller B cup forms with the sturdy black cotton bullet bra, white panty hose, and the black open bottom girdle. 2″ heels would be fine, I thought. My ankles and legs were still sore from 20 hours in those impossibly high heels I’d worn yesterday. The chin length blond bob wig would be good enough for today’s housework.

I was exhausted from lack of sleep, but was afraid of what they might do if I was found lacking in enthusiasm for today’s chores as the maid. Sipping a much needed cup of coffee I was sketching out the order of the day. I had a few loads of laundry, the bathrooms, kitchen, and living area to clean. I was also ravenously hungry. All I’d had to eat in the past day or so was an enormous amount of sperm.

I was just putting some bread in the toaster when the back door opened. Goddess and Lance entered the kitchen, followed by Tammy, the crossdressed maid. Tammy was wearing a tight demure dress and low heels. She (he) looked more ready to work in an office than serve oversexed partygoers.

Lance helped himself to a cup of coffee, poured one for my wife, and said,

“See? I told you the little fag would do as he was told. It looks like he skimped a little on the outfit for today, though. We can’t have our new slave girl getting lazy on us.”

Goddess sipped her coffee and nodded. Then she told me to sit down and pay attention.

“Trixie, last night you showed us what you are capable of enduring. It was a test. As much to prove to you how much of a whore you are as to me. We understand that no one could do that every day. But now you have some idea of what your future holds. Follow our plan and we will probably not have to use pain as an incentive. If you resist, become uncooperative, or try to flee, you have seen a small taste of how ugly your new life might become.”

She went on to explain that Tammy was here to help me with makeup and fashion, as I was, in their opinion, rather unpolished as a woman. Tammy would move into our house for a few weeks, or as long as it took to get me ready for passing effortlessly as a female. I was to follow Tammy’s instructions and learn all I could from her. I was to accept Tammy’s word as a command from her or my Master, Lance.

“You need to learn all the tips, tricks, and shortcuts that a woman knows about how to look, move, act, and behave in different public settings. Until we feel you are ready to do outcall prostitution work, you will entertain clients here. Of course, your little sissy cockette will remain locked up unless you are being rewarded, but that won’t be very often. Work hard, Learn all you can, my little sissy fag, and you may even learn to look forward to the rewards you can earn in your new job.”

I was shaken badly by these words. Last week, I was a closet crossdresser with a boring office job. It seemed that my wife was using the leverage she’d gained in our relationship to turn me into a whore. And I had to admit. All the fantasies I’d ever had while dressed paled when compared to the reality I’d experienced in the past few days. This was moving way too fast for me, but deep down, I accepted it. I even liked it. Being a toy for men to use turned me on in a base way.

I just nodded, accepting her words as law.

Goddess continued, “Lance and I are taking a vacation for a few weeks. I’m going to leave a key for your chastity cage with Tammy, just in case she feels you deserve to be let out while we’re gone. Tammy’s story is remarkably similar to yours. His ex-wife sold him off to Lance a few years ago, and since then has served Lance’s home well. I expect you to make fast progress in your transition to sissy maid. We’ll figure out a longer term plan for you as time goes on. But assume that your old way of life is over.”

She reached out to hold my chin, forcing me to look her in the eye.

“Last night your whore debut at the glory hole was so profitable, even the store owner was surprised. He wants you back there tonight, but I did you a big favor and declined. We may use that as a punishment, as needed, but you appeared to enjoy it just a little too much. Would you like to know how much money you made sucking cock all night?”

I was curious. I had no idea how many men had used me, but it was an awful lot.

My wife smiled as she unfolded a piece of paper and read.

“Mr. Big paid $400 to take your ass. Six other men paid between $100-150. The first 23 men paid $20 for your blowjobs. Once the buzz on the street grew, the next 33 guys were paying $50 dollars. That’s over three thousand dollars. All of it in cash, too. Even after the 40 percent cut to the fat slob that owns the place, we made nearly two thousand for last night’s work. You never made that in a month at your crappy job, so you can see how it’s a no-brainer for me to have you earn all you can as a sex toy.”

Lance grinned and showed me a huge wad of currency as he added,

“And, we got 4 hours of video to edit down into several fetish porn movies. I can get another ton of money for distributing those, too. You gonna be a star, baby. Work hard, and do what Tammy tells you while I take your wife to Hawaii and fuck her senseless with a real man’s cock.”

I started to cry. It made them laugh, even Tammy smiled for the first time.

My wife said “Do you remember the talk of hormones and breast implants yesterday? Well, the hormones are for you. Tammy will see to the dosage. The boob job is for me. I’ve always wanted D cups, but couldn’t justify the expense. But now, Trixie dear, you will be paying for them. We’ll see how much progress your body makes with the hormone treatments over the next few months before we decide on real boobies for you. Good luck honey. We’ll see you next month.”

She leaned over to kiss me on the cheek, handed the tiny key to my cock to Tammy, and rose to leave with her big black lover.

Tammy looked at me, sighed, and told me to make us something to eat while she looked over the feminine clothes in the house. She mumbled something about having her work cut out for her and left the room.

About an hour later, after we’d eaten some toast and eggs, Tammy took me upstairs and began my first makeup lesson. Explaining the difference between daytime and nighttime subtleties, I found myself looking much more like a soccer mom than a tarted up hooker. She had me put on a knee length jersey dress, did some magic with my short blond wig. She tucked a large feminine pad between my legs inside my panty girdle, and we left for the mall in her car for what she said were basic things I was going to need to pull off this gig.

Lance had left her a lot of the cash I’d earned last night to spend on my transformation.

We spent a few hours at the mall getting me two handbags, 3 pairs of sensible shoes, skirts, blouses, and other ladies wear. The most interesting garment was a tight black crotchless girdle with pads on the hips and in the butt that gave me very nice curvy hips. This one thing alone was the biggest change in my appearance that day.

We had lunch at a mall bistro while watching ladies walk by doing their everyday routines. Tammy coached me on things I wouldn’t have noticed about the ways women moved and acted while out in public. I tried to pay attention, but there was just too much to absorb. It was midafternoon when she decided today’s lesson was as complete. We got back into her car and drove to the grocery store, where she walked along with me offering tips and corrections about my manner and motion.

I already felt more comfortable about being out while looking like most of the other women, and told her so.

“You have a long way to go, Trixie, but you’re learning.” She said, with an approving nod as we left the store.

On the way home she told me that Lance had left the raw video footage of my whore debut with us to edit while they were away, and that we’d be working on that when time permitted. She also told me we would be entertaining two of Lance’s friends tonight, and what I should cook for dinner while she supervised and helped.

“I’m here to show you much more than just how to please men. My main task is to get you more able to move about the world as a woman, so you can be more than just a kept slave slut in this house.” She said as she parked the car and we carried the day’s purchases inside.

“Start the roast for dinner at 7:00, and meet me upstairs in the bathroom, Trixie. We still have several things to get ready for tonight. Oh, by the way, just call me Tammy. Even though I’m responsible for your training and you are under my wishes, There’s no need for all that yes Goddess, no Master stuff. Unless I feel you’re not giving things your best efforts.”

I said, “OK Tammy. I’ll try.” And carried the groceries into the kitchen.

When I got up to the bath, Tammy was soaking in the tub. I couldn’t help but ogle her beautiful teardrop shaped C cup breasts, and her cock was half hidden in the soapy bathwater. Somehow, it was a conflict for me as to which drew my attention more.

She rose from the bath and I toweled her off gently. She smiled, pushed me to my knees, and offered me her cock. I took it into my mouth and she moaned. I wondered how long it had been since she ejaculated, because it only took a minute before she tightened up and filled my mouth with spurt after hot spurt of creamy cum. A small sigh escaped from her pretty lips as she regained some composure and pulled me back to my feet. She kissed me, her tongue searching my mouth and sharing her load with me before telling me to get into the tub and shave my body hairless.

As I did that she stripped off her day’s makeup and began on a much bolder look for herself. I was busy paying close attention to removing any stubble on my body, but she kept up with what she was doing to her face while giving me verbal tips on why each subtle change was needed for a more ladylike evening look.

She began on my face after I was dried off and inspected. I was realizing most of what she’d shown and told me as I watched my new face materialize. She really was a wizard with this makeup stuff.

I was told to give myself an enema. Twice, she said. You want to be really clean for our guests. It was a relief to do this. All day I’d felt last night’s deposits leaking from my ass and realized why Tammy had me wear the maxi-pad on our shopping trip.

I threw that in the bathroom wastebasket and used my wife’s douchebag to fill my sore rectum with warm water as Tammy left to lay out my clothes for tonight’s party. The enema felt weird to me, but I repeated the process until just clear water was expelled over the toilet.

When I joined her in the bedroom she had the large DD cup breast forms and one of my new bras waiting. I put on the sheer white underwire bra and tucked in the forms with glue already applied to them. Next came a beautiful ivory lacy garter belt and beige stockings. A tight white gaff put some unwelcome pressure and an odd angle to my steel cock cage, but the look from the front was flat enough to suit her. Then came the padded girdle that shaped my butt and hips. A knee-length pleated navy skirt and tight lightweight sweater really showed off my new curves.

Tammy added some costume jewelry, a long string of small ‘pearls’ looped around my neck a few times, and changed out the studs in my newly pierced ears for some plain gold 2 inch hoop earrings. A few gold colored bracelets and a ring seemed to complete the look she was going for, because she smiled and said “Hm, not bad at all.”

We went down to the kitchen and she made a few phone calls while I completed a few more dinner preparations. She checked the time and decided things were on schedule.

“Trixie, you may have been wondering why you brought home a large container of semen this morning.” She said. I had forgotten about it, but remembered the humiliation of collecting, storing, and carrying it home with me.

I was told to take the gallon jug from the freezer, cut off the top of the jug, and to start a pan of water boiling. When the jug was opened and the water hot, my next task was to heat a paring knife and cut the frozen spunk into ice cube sized chunks. The stuff was the consistency of a popsicle, and took some work to prize free from the container. As I chopped spermsicles from the jug, she put them into a gallon freezer bag, explaining her orders to have me finish it all by the end of the week.

She put one in my mouth and told me to eat it any way I wanted. “Suck on it, chew it. I don’t care. But this bag will be gone by Friday. Good girl.”

It was cold, gooey, and slimy. It left a taste in my throat that I remembered well, even though my first taste of another man’s cum had been recent, I already had a lot of experience with this flavor. Tammy checked the roast in the oven and led me to the living room where she coached me on walking, bending over, and sitting in a ladylike manner until the front doorbell rang.

Right on time, she said, and told me to answer the door. I opened it to find two large black men that looked like stand-ins for a gangsta rap video.

Tammy said “Hello, Master Jamal, Master James. I’d like you to meet my friend Trixie…”

I greeted our gentleman callers with a kiss on the cheek as I led them in and invited them to sit with Tammy and took drink orders.

I clacked back into the room with a tray of drinks and set it before them on the coffee table, taking a glass of white wine for myself. Once we were all settled in, with me sitting between the men Tammy filled me in on the purpose of tonight’s exercise.

“Jamal and James are good friends of Lance. They are familiar with the surprises we have in our panties, and are willing to help in your training as a housewife, a whore, and a porn queen. They will be staying here off and on for a week or two until you get comfortable with your new routine around the house,” She said.

She went on to tell me that the men were in charge, and she was only here to help and advise me. Anything the men desired, I was to comply with cheerfully and promptly.

Jamal was stroking my thigh under my skirt, and James was cupping a breast form idly when Tammy asked how much time we had before dinner was served.

I’d just checked the roast while mixing drinks, and said we could eat anytime in the next 30 minutes or so.

“Good, then you got time to smoke my nigga pole for an appetizer” Jamal said, putting my hand on his bulging crotch.

I took the cue, and unzipped him, reaching in to feel his warm spongy dick as I moved to kneel before him. His cock was very thick and hidden in foreskin. I leaned to kiss it feeling more comfortable with this ‘normal’ home seduction than I had tied to a bench in a basement, but not much more.

Somehow I had abandoned any idea that my fate was temporary or escapable as I gently licked and sucked on him, coaxing the purple head to peek out of its sheath. I licked at the head and wormed my tongue up in the foreskin searching for it and tasted a drop of precum just before the one-eyed black snake came out of hiding. My eyes were locked on his as I gently sucked him into my mouth, as Tammy had told me men liked that. I know I used to.

James was cuddling Tammy and watching my performance on his friend’s growing pole. Jamal was laid back on the couch, drink in one hand and a cigar in the other as I serviced his black mamba with my mouth. There was no sense of urgency like I’d felt being gang raped in the basement. That night I was just trying to suck and fuck as many men as possible to be done with it faster.

But tonight I was the hostess in a much quieter setting, and my guests wanted all the hospitality I could give them, while coaching me rather than just using my holes. After a few minutes of oral sex, Jamal probably wasn’t even fully erect yet, but he grunted and started shooting jets of hot slimy sperm into my mouth. I knew it was coming eventually, but it took me by surprise. I didn’t want to ruin my makeup so I swallowed it all like I just finished a trip across the desert.

He was softening as I gently rubbed his huge hairy balls, and he got my sucking mouth off him by easing my shoulders back.

I was on my knees before him still looking him right in the eye as he finished his drink and groaned. “Oh yeah. This ho gives GOOD head, James. This is gonna be a great week. You ready to get your snake drained?”

James was sliding his baggy jeans down and spread his legs for me to kneel before him. He was already half hard, not as thick as his friend, but at least 8 inches of semi waited for my housewife whore’s loving lips.

I repeated the slow loving blowjob on him just as the timer on the oven chimed.

“Perfect!” Tammy said with a smile, taking Jamal by the hand and leading him to the dining table. I licked James clean, thanked him, and bustled off to the kitchen.

Dinner went well with good food (I’m a great cook), some more wine, jokes and stories. I hadn’t realized it until James told us he’d been one of the guys in the basement gangbang, and said it was a very hot scene.

“One of Trixie’s tasks for the week, beside doing the housework, shopping, cooking, and taking care of our sexual needs is to edit all the raw video shot by 4 cameras that night.

You guys are welcome to help if you like,” Tammy said.

Both men said they would love to see it, and went to get the files set up on my computers. James was a producer for some obscure rap star and had a lot of experience with video.

I went off to clean the dishes and kitchen while Tammy and Jamal left to pick up some professional video gear from James’ home.

When they returned a couple of hours later, carrying some equipment cases, I was on my back, my stocking clad legs over James’ shoulders as he pounded in and out of my asspussy.

His cock had grown to an impressive 10 inches as he skimmed over the raw video waiting for his gear to arrive. Even though I’d blown him before dinner, he said he just had to fuck me before he came again.

Tammy and Jamal set the gear down and watched my caged cock furiously wagging uselessly as James thrust in and out of me endlessly. After a while, they went into the kitchen to get more drinks. They came back in to set up the editing gear just as James pulled out of me and shot thick ribbons of cum all over my hiked up skirt, blouse, and face. My own cock was straining against its stainless steel cage and I was breathing almost as hard as James. Everyone but me laughed.

I had to admit, this was easier and more fun than being taken by 30 men in a basement or video arcade, but somehow even more frustrating. Sexually and emotionally.

I was laying on the sofa with semen all over my nice clothes. I would not only have to change, re-do my face and hair, but also clean up the sofa. And do it quickly, too. It was my new ‘job’.

I bustled about, washing my face and re-applying makeup. Not too much cum in my hair, I thought, as I presoaked the skirt & blouse and went to my bedroom to change.

I out on the pink maid’s outfit over my beige lace, higher heels, and went back down to clean the sperm off the sofa and attend to the men’s needs.

‘I’m so lucky she’s mine,’ I thought as I looked across at my beautiful wife, who had now wrapped a short silk kimono around her ample charms. Suzi looked even more relaxed than usual as she sipped from a Champagne flute. The flush in her cheeks was evidence that I had already had her once that evening, as was the redness around her waxed mons; covered up just moments ago.

Tonight was a special waypoint in our sexual relationship that my submissive wife was very conscious of. Although I hadn’t told her as much, I had no doubt she knew that I was going to offer her to another couple. Either way, she was very aware that I was going to expand her sexual boundaries once again and the idea visibly thrilled her.

My wife of 12 years, Suzi had always been close to the boil sexually as well as being a reluctant submissive. Her recent weight loss of nigh on 8 stone had, however, not just transformed her physically from attractive and comely to drop dead gorgeous but also turned the heat up both on her sexuality and submissive3nature. There was no longer any question of her refusing me anything! If her mind tried to assert itself, her pussy just took over. Her innocent face always giving her a youthful look, Suzi now appeared at least 10 years younger than her 42 years and even found herself being asked to prove her age in pubs and clubs.

I finished my Champagne and Suzi took that as the signal it was to knock back her own drink, walk across the room and stand passively by my side, shedding her robe on the way. Drinking in her beauty, I ran a hand down the curve of her ample breast, along the tight leather corset I had cinched her into earlier and followed the flair of her hip. Standing abruptly, I pulled her slender arms behind her back and taking a long leather sleeve, began to lace it up the length of her arms. With a last tug, I fastened the restraint off with a bow and admired the way in which it made her 38DD breasts lift and project even further. For a few seconds, I couldn’t resist taking her nipples into my mouth one at a time, elucidating a low moan from my horny woman. Next came a spreader bar for her ankles and then a 4 inch penis gag, firmly lodged into her throat. Suzi made a token attempt at struggling as this was inserted — she really didn’t like it but once it was fully in and fastened, she relaxed again. We both learned a long time ago that the one faculty Suzi had to give up for total submission was her voice. The final touch was a leather blindfold and a small butt plug, pushed firmly in place just as the doorbell rang. With a last rub of her sopping wet pussy, I left my beautiful wife standing vulnerable and available in the middle of the bedroom as I went to let our guests in.

Mike and Katherine were good friends of mine, Mike being a golfing partner of several years standing. I had already had the pleasure of his lovely wife several times; more latterly as he watched. Suzi had met them a few times in passing but didn’t really know them. She had, however made enough of an impact on both of them for Mike and Katherine to jump at the opportunity to play with her when I suggested it last week (while pounding Katie’s tight little bottom for the first time). I took Katie’s coat and drank in her youthful beauty, barely concealed in a lacy little teddy and high heels. At 24 and 5 foot 2, she was a knockout by anyone’s standards. Her long silky blonde hair framed a heart-shaped face with big blue eyes and blowjob lips. Her body was small and tight in every way but one — a magnificent pair of tits almost as large as my wife’s but firmer and somewhat perkier than my milf’s funbags.

‘You look like a ripe fruit, ready to be plucked,’ I joked as I bent to kiss her soft and downy cheek.

‘I hope you’re not just going to kiss her cheek,’ remarked Mike and chuckled as I parted her lips with my tongue, reaching down simultaneously to stroke her moist little pussy. ‘That’s more like it,’ he added, ‘The little slut’s been creaming herself for days about what’s going to happen here!’

‘Well, in that case, shall we go and fuck my wife? Remember, no talking,’ I added as I led them both up the stairs. ‘Let’s keep her guessing about who you are!’

Suzi could hear very little through the door and down the stairs, just a hum of voices. There was evidentially another man in the house and she could make out the tinkling laughter of another woman too. She trembled with excitement as footsteps on the stairs announced the imminent arrival of her seducers. The door opened and the only voice she heard was mine.

‘Our guests won’t be talking to you. They are keeping their identities a secret so they feel free to do anything they like with you,’ I chuckled. ‘I can tell you for sure that they like what they see though!’

The tent in Mike’s pants and the rock hard nipples pushing through the sheer material of Katie’s teddy made it abundantly clear they both wanted my wife. I reached across to roughly fondle my lady guest’s delightful tits.

‘Why don’t you have a play while I get my cock inside your beautiful wife’, I invited Mike, indicating the variety of whips, floggers and other toys I had arranged on a dressing table.

Leading Katie over to my wife, I pushed her to her knees so that the back of her head was positioned right on top of Suzi’s pussy and without standing on ceremony, whipped out my cock and pushed it into her mouth. Mike had picked up a light riding whip and weighed it in his hand as he watched his wife begin to suck on my 6 inches. Katie’s soft and wispy hair tickled Suzi’s thighs and her head banged against my wife’s clit with each thrust of my hips.

Katherine’s hot little mouth felt just perfect wrapped around my cock and holding her firmly by the head, I began to thrust with increasing enthusiasm into the welcoming passage and Katie took it like a porn star. Tapping Suzie lightly across the buttocks with the crop, Mike matched my rhythm. The tell-tale flush began to spread across my wife’s neck and chest and she began to tremble, occasionally twitching as Mike’s crop caught the edge of her butt plug. Taking my hands off Katie’s head, which was now firmly wedged in the vee of Suzi’s thighs, I held my wife’s heavy titflesh in my hands, gently tweaking her nipples to bring her off.

All of a sudden, Suzi very obviously came, her body violently shaking as she screamed into her penis gag.

‘The first of many’, I remarked, as I withdrew reluctantly from Katie’s exquisite little mouth. I was very keen to watch her swallow my cum but that would have to wait. Guiding my blind and hobbled wife on her shaky legs, I turned her around and backed her up to the bed. Leading Katie around the other side, I stripped her of her flimsy garments and threw her on to her back. Quickly getting the idea, she shuffled up the bed, pushed her head between Suzi’s legs and gripping her firmly by her spread thighs, she fastened her mouth on my wife’s creamy cunny as I pushed my way into hers.

If I thought Katie’s mouth was warm and snug, her tight little pussy took it to another level. She fitted so snugly around my cock that each thrust pushed her right up the bed and she had to hold on tight so as to not be dislodged from the feast she was making of Suzi’s pussy. Mike began his steady tapping with the crop again but this time across my wife’s exposed nipples, causing her to fidget and rub her sloppy pussy around Katie’s face.

Abruptly, Mike reached up to remove my wife’s gag and holding her firmly by the nape of the neck, bent her over ninety degrees at the waist as he liberated his cock with his other hand. Still blindfolded, Suzi found her lips bumping against a very large and musky helmet. And large was an understatement; the cock that Mike had freed from his pants was at least 3 inches longer than my 6 and looked as wide as a coke can. Without standing on ceremony, he held Suzi’s nose to encourage her to open wide and began to force this monster into her pretty mouth.

Each powerful thrust of my hips drove little Katie up the bed and with her mouth firmly fastened to Suzi’s cunt and her arms wrapped tightly around her thighs she took my wife with her, impaling her throat on Mike’s enormous cock. A crescendo of noise began to build; the slapping of flesh as I hammered into Katie, her muffled moaning as she climbed towards her peak of pleasure and a gagging, moaning sound from Suzi as she hovered around orgasm and tried to breathe around the flesh filling her airway.

With a triumphant cry, I filled Katherine’s love tunnel with what seemed to be pints of hot spunk. This pushed her into her orgasm and she began to tremble and shake like an epileptic. Suzi was seconds behind her; squirting all over Katie’s face and then practically sitting on her as her legs almost gave way.

Reluctantly withdrawing from Katie, my shrinking cock left a sticky trail behind. Pulling her free by her legs, I helped her to prop herself up on her back by the headboard, legs akimbo. Unfastening my wife’s legs from the spreader bar, Mike grasped her firmly by the back of her collar and her bound hands and walked her to the foot of the bed before launching her up on to her belly, between Katie’s legs. Helping her to shuffle up so her mouth was directly above Katie’s fragrant pussy, I grabbed a small cushion and forced it up her pelvis, leaving the butt plug pointing directly into the air.

‘Now then, my darling,’ I coached her. ‘What’s going to happen next is you’re going to lick and suck my jism out of that lovely little pussy in front of you until it gushes all over your face’.

‘You’ve got to be ….,’ she began but was cut short when I cut her hard across the left butt cheek with the crop she had been tickled with earlier. Katie anticipated the blow and forced my wife’s head down so her cry was muffled in her pussy.

Another 5 hard blows later and the tears had begun to stream down her face. Katie had kept Suzi’s mouth buried in her pussy throughout, showing a strength which belied her size.

‘They only come in sixes,’ I began but she had got the message and began to furiously lick my sperm out of Katie’s little pussy.

Mike knelt on the bed and offered his softening cock to his wife, who gobbled it up hungrily. Knowing only too well what was coming next, I pulled out Suzi’s butt plug with a light ‘pop’ and began to rub some more gel into her rose bud. Getting the idea and not particularly liking it, Suzi tried to lift her head and was rewarded by Katie pushing her cunt hard against her face, almost drowning her in pussy juice.

Hard and huge once more, Mike moved around the bed and I stood back to watch in fascination as he began to push his massive cock against my wife’s tiny little opening. Gradually her sphincter began to give under the pressure and bit by bit, he edged inside her.

Suzi was now becoming frantic, shaking her head from side to side, her cries for help subdued inside Katie’s fuck tunnel. Her arse squirmed desperately in every direction but there was no escape from the onslaught. Suddenly with a big thrust, Mike somehow managed to bury himself fully inside my wife’s luscious bottom. Simultaneously her head whipped back and Suzi let out a loud, strangled moan of pain and pleasure before flopping back forward again to continue servicing her tormentor’s wife. Now inside, Mike wasted no time in humping my wife’s arse, thrusting hard and fast until he deposited his load deep inside her guts.

Getting up, he slapped her hard across the buttocks and pushed the plug back in, stopping any leakage. It was hard to tell if she was still licking but Katie was effectively fucking her face. Holding her tightly by the hair, her bum was off the bed and she was frantically rubbing her slimy pussy all over Suzi’s face.

‘Arrrgh! My wife cried out as she arched her back fully and came like an express train.

Shuffling out from under my wife, Katie went to collect some equipment from the back of the room while I turned Suzi over on to her back. Grapping some straps, I ran them across her shoulders and under her knees to leave her pussy spread open and available as she laid waiting with trepidation for what was coming next.

Katie had been busy getting into the biggest strap on dildo I’d seen in my life. At least 12 inches long and as thick as her little forearm, it was jet black and ribbed with thick rubber veins. The dildo was double-headed and Katie had been working the 6 inch rubber cock into her pussy before pulling the harness straps tight. It now stood proud and mighty, it’s deep blackness in startling contrast to her own milky skin. She turned from side to side to show off her new body part and the way it subtly bounced made it clear that it was solidly fixed. Katherine had in effect just grown herself a massive cock!

And she was about to put it to good use! Getting back onto the bed, her cock sticking straight out in front of her like a missile homing in on its target, she crawled between my wife’s spread thighs, running her tongue up her body as she went. Reaching Suzi’s lovely tits, she took them in her little hands and suckled on the nipples for a while, the end of her rubber cock nestling against my pet’s twitching pussy.

Working her way further up Suzi’s body, she held the dildo firmly in one hand and began to work it inside. Once again I watched in enthrallment as my wife’s cunt opened up to seeming impossible dimensions.

Once again Suzi began to fruitlessly protest, mouthing the words ‘please, no’ over and over and shaking her head. Gentler than her husband had been, Katie held her head firmly between her hands and began to kiss my wife’s lovely lips, softly at first and then with increasing passion. Very carefully working the dildo in as she snogged my wife, Katie soon had the protests change to moans of passion once again. As soon as she was sure she had her, she reached down, whipped off Suzi’s blindfold and just as she saw the recognition dawn in her eyes, grabbed her by the shoulders for leverage and thrust the rubber cock deep into her cunny

Katie now began a savage rhythm, fucking my wife harder than any man ever had. Holding her tits for leverage, she smashed that massive dildo into both of them for a solid ten minutes, taking the two of them up and down numerous earth-shattering orgasms. Watching the horniest thing I had seen in my life; this petite and cock-throbbingly cute woman humping a massive dick into my Suzi, both of their lovely bodies bouncing in such delightful ways, I began to absent-mindedly rub my soft tool as it came back to life again. Katie supported herself on her hands as she slammed her cockhead against Suzi’s cervix and her tits flew up and down with the motion. The confused look in Suzi’s eyes revealed her brain was finding it hard to process the contradictions her senses were transmitting, the soft and gentle little girl she saw above her seemed incapable of producing the violent feelings that now stirred inside her cunt:

And then she began to cum, which is what I’d been waiting for. Greasing my cock, I grabbed Mike’s wife hard by the back of the neck to control her and then pushed myself into her agreeable little bottom hole. Tighter than ever due to the rubber cock inside her cunt, it was Katie’s turn to cry out in anguish as I slammed up against her soft little buttocks, buggering her without mercy. Looking over the shoulder of the shorter woman, I looked directly into Suzi’s eyes as I thrust powerfully into Katie’s poopshoot, knowing full well that my efforts were giving both women multiple sensations from the cock inside their cunts and the thick plug in Suzi’s arse.

Catching Mike’s eye as he wandered over to the bed, we worked together to roll the women onto their sides without dislodging my cock or the rubber one which held them together. Pulling out Suzi’s butt plug, he also released her hands before climbing onto the bed behind her to begin to ease inside her arse once again. A token tussle with her newly available hands was Suzi’s way of signalling that her arsehole was already raw and Mike struggled again to get his huge slab of meat into her. A big grunt from Mike was answered by a wail from Suzi and he was in again. The girls linked hands and Katie thrust her tongue into Suzi’s open mouth as we began to pound in unison into the girls’ soft little bottoms. Hammering away relentlessly had the effect of pushing the dildo in and out of their sweet pussies and drove the wives wild.

Finally we all collapsed in a sticky, post-orgasmic heap. Withdrawing from Katie’s accommodating bum, I took myself off to the shower. On returning, I was amused to see the ladies had fallen asleep in each other’s arms, Katie with a protective arm around my wife and her other hand stroking Suzie’s hair. Looking down the bed, I saw the dildo was still buried all the way inside them both, connecting them by their most intimate parts. Gently stroking my wife’s soft buttocks, I drew the duvet over them both to keep the chill off and turned to see Mike coming out of the bathroom, looking slightly ridiculous in my wife’s towelling robe.

‘Fancy a beer mate?’ And without waiting for a reply, I led him off towards the kitchen.

“Go to the door and get there money Jerome.” Jamal says turning on the camera.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you Tyler, Quinn said to make a small profit off of this. About 2 dollars per person. If the guy wants to be with you longer then the price goes up. But I’m gonna get mine first before they fuck your hole up.” He said.

I decided to plea for last time hoping he would change his mind.

“Please Jamal, You don’t have to do this! Your a good person, don’t let Quinn turn you into something your not!”

“Shut up bitch and spread your fuckin’ legs!” He shouted.

Tears rolled down my face as I let the first guy I befriended at this school, turned evil by Quinn’s manipulation and fuck me like I was a piece of meat. Jamal slid his big dick inside of me with no problems at all.

“I knew it! Your a fuckin’ slut!” Jamal shouted pulling out his dick and pointing at my face.

I had completely forgot that less then two hours ago I was just fucked by the Professor and his son.

“Whose fuckin’ cum is this on my dick?” he shouted.

I didn’t say anything but turned my head in shame.

“Alright… Then fuck you too!” Jamal shouted and then slammed his dick inside of me hard making me cry out.

He fucked me harder then anyone had, literally taking his anger out on me.

“You mutha fuckin’ whore!! I don’t give a fuck if you hurtin’! Take my muthafuckin’ dick!!!”

The whole room erupted in loud, grunts and shouts all made by us. I’m sure everyone in the dorms heard us. That’s when Jerome came back in the room with a wad of money in his hands to see what was happening.

“Damn Bro!” Jerome shouted. “Don’t fuck his ass up too much! We got about ten guys out there waitin’ for his ass!”

Jamal didn’t stop his rape in my ass, and just kept pumping until he announced he was going to blow. He slapped my face twice and then slammed hard in my ass to shoot his load deep. He grunted loud in my ear, making sure that I had his load deep. When he finished he pulled out and walked out of the room like his rape didn’t just happen.

Jerome walked into the bathroom and came back with a towel, then he wiped my ass off, cleaning Jamal’s cum and the Professor and his sons cum that poured out of my ass. I just laid there covering up my stinging face from the slaps Jamal gave me. His slaps let me know that the relationship between us was done and over.

“My turn.” Jerome said. He pulled out his dick which was rock hard from watching the rape scene that just happened and he started fucking me.

“What the fuck? Your still tight after all that?” he said moving in and out slowly. I didn’t say anything back to him.

“Keep this up and we will be millionaires by the end of the day.” He said.

I looked over at my clock, it was 11 o’ clock at night. This night has just begun.

Jerome fucked me hard but not as rough as his brother did. Instead of cumming inside of me like I thought he would, he pulled out and walked over to my face.

He grabbed my head and made me face his stunningly identical to Jamal’s cock covered in juices and unleashed his big load on my face. A few moans and my tongue came out unintentionally, licking up his load.

“I guess my bro was right. You are a fuckin’ whore, even after all of this. You white bitchez never change.” Jerome put his pants back on and then went back outside of the other room.

I wiped my face off with my hands and then I heard him shout, “Alright the bitch is ready!” I heard a few cheers and then I looked over to see them all walk in.

A few of the guys I’ve seen before. One was in my math class, the others I’ve seen walking to classes. This last guy that walked in shocked the hell out of me. It was Kelvin!

Kelvin still had his clothes on and he didn’t look happy at all. The other guys surrounded me completely naked and jerking there dicks off around me.

One of them said, “I liked that video on Xtube. Man you got some skillz!” As much as I would get turned on by this, I was still depressed thinking about what I did to Jamal.

“Make sure you don’t get in the way of the camera when I shoot the close ups.” Jerome said.

“Forget about Jamal.” he said noticing my look of unhappiness.

“Just concentrate on the pleasing your fans.” I looked around all the sexy black men staring down at me jerking there big hard dicks and that was enough to make my thoughts of Jamal disappear.

Jamal pressed the record button and he says, “Alright go head and fuck him.”

One of the guys took no hesitation in grabbing my head and forcing me to suck his dick. I reached up with both hands grabbing the nearest cock to jerk them off. My eyes were closed but I just knew the camera was up close on my face.

I felt a few hands rubbing all over my body, some on my nipples, and my legs were being stretched out. I heard a few guys say damn and look at that ass. I guess my ass was looking more like a pussy from all the cock it was getting. I started my moaning spells that seemed to really get the guys going and it worked.

They started calling me names, white bitch, whore, pussy boy, and a few other degrading but sexy as hell names which really got me going.

I stopped sucking one of the guys long enough to say, “Someone please fuck me! I need black cock in my ass now!” The two rock hard cocks in my hands covered my chest with there sticky mess.

I stopped sucking the guy I had started sucking and then began servicing the two nasty dicks in my hand. I rubbed there sticky dick heads on my lips and on my cheeks and moaned like a whore at the same time.

I was so caught up in focusing on the two guys in my mouth, that I didn’t even realize that I was getting fucked. I had felt a sharp pain go through my body making me shout. This guys dick was long and it felt like was going in my stomach.

“Make the white bitch scream!” One of them said.

The guy fucking me started ramming deeper and harder in my ass making me squeal.

I sucked harder on both of the dicks in my mouth to keep my focus away from the pain, this only made the shout more obscenities like, “Yeah, suck it bitch!… Take all that fuckin’ dick!” and “Open that white ass up for that dick…. Suck it up good slut!”

All there nasty comments were turning me on so much, that I was becoming more eager for black dick. All that was on my mind was pleasing these men and getting them off. I had to!

The guy fucking me was giving me such a hard pounding to the point where I was yelling out inaudible curse words with my mouth full of cock. This was seriously the hottest thing I’ve ever done!

The guy shouted that he was going to cum and Jerome quickly kneeled over to them man fucking me.

“Pull it out and shoot it on his hole, then put it back in him.” Jerome said.

The guy pulled his very long cock out of my ass, unfortunately I couldn’t see anything but I felt his very hot load spray in my nasty cunt. All the guys watched as the man stuck his dick back in my ass and finished his load off in me.

“Oh fuck that feels so good dude!” I shout.

The next guy replaced my first fucker, his dick was much smaller but it still felt great.

“Damn I’m gettin some real good shots here.” Jerome said.

I looked down to see the camera doing an extreme close up of my ass taking the next guys big dick. I just knew this next video would make the XTube viewers go crazy.

I focused my attention back to the dicks in my hand and attacked them both with my hungry mouth. I used the same tricks I used on the Professor and Darius swirling my tongue in circles, and licking the sensitive area under the head. There moans guided me to go further… literally taking risks.

One of the guys was uncut so I started biting down on the skin but not hard.

“Fuck yeah bitch, bite that shit.” he said.

Once Jerome heard that, the camera was immediately on my face biting this sexy guys dick. I grabbed the other guys balls and tugged on them hard and unexpectedly, the guy shouted and his load went shooting out all over my cheek and down my neck.

Man it felt so warm and it was so thick. That only made me go back to sucking the other guy off to a full orgasm.

“Damn it!!…. SHIT!!!… I’m gonna nut!!!” he shouted.

I pulled him out of my mouth and jerked his load on my face mixing it with the other guys. His load was runnier but hotter then the other guys making a nice soupy mix on my face and slide down my neck. I went back to sucking him making sure there was not a single drop missed from his cock.

“You Jerome check this.” The other guy scooped up there loads in his hand, he turned my head and said, “Open yo mouth bitch.” I did so and he poured there cum in my mouth.

“You nasty white bitch.” One of the guys said.

I accepted the degrading comment and added to it, “Can I have more please?”

Everyone in the room laughed at my trashiness. I just happen to glance over to where Kelvin was, he had disappeared. Maybe he came as a look out for Quinn?

The three men that came already had to leave… or should I say were forced to leave. They wanted more but didn’t want to pay up. Once they left, feeling upset, all the attention was back on me again.

“Who’s next?” I ask.

“Open yo’ mouth pussyboi.” One of the guys said, he had long black dreads and his body was thin but muscular.

His big dick is what really got me. I opened up and swallowed him whole. One of the guys got between my legs in a hurry and slipped right in.

In no time my face was being smacked on by another black cock, begging for attention. I quickly maneuvered over to the next guy who was light complected with a bald head.

I couldn’t get over how amazing this felt, this was so right being the center of attention like this. I made sure to use my ass muscles on they sexy guy fucking me, all the while giving a wet sloppy blow job to both of the huge dicks in my mouth like a vacuum. My moans got louder everytime the man went deeper.

It seemed like we were fucking for a while until he announced that he was about to cum. I thought the guy was gonna cum in my ass but he took it out and shot really long shots across my body, literally painting my face and my body with his hot cum. Everyone was awe, I guess I worked his cock good!

The guys in my mouth jerked themselves off into a climax just in time. Jerome brought the camera closer and told me to open my mouth wide. The two big dicked studs aimed there dicks right down my throat making sure the camera caught every shot that went in my mouth.

“Damn dawg! I dont think any porno’s done a shot like this!!” Jerome said.

The men where still grunting and moaning still emptying every drop of there seed in my mouth.

“Don’t swallow it yet Tyler, let me zoom up on that shit.” Jerome said.

He did his close ups and then told me to swallow it. When I did he moved the camera down to get a close up of my Adam’s apple bobbing up down from swallowing.

“Damn we gonna a ton of dough with this shit!” Jerome said.

I was so caught up in ecstasy, literally telling Jerome, “I want more! Please give me more black dick!” The other guys did just that for the rest of the night, flipping me in every which way possible. I knew Jerome would be happy with the results…. Even Quinn.

End of Part 14!

She liked the idea of using him for his cock. A lot. In fact, she often fantasized about a world where men existed only for her pleasure, mouths and pricks to please her whenever she desired. Would these males get their own gratification from their activities in satisfying her? She didn’t care one way or the other, so long as they performed as often and as long as she demanded. It was a daydream that had, as of yet, only existed in her kinky imagination. But tonight she decided she wanted to live her fantasy.

He enjoyed their roleplays together, their experiments in power exchange and psychological sex games. She often took control and they both enjoyed all the facets of this arrangement, though his interests rarely strayed into being used for his cock — he was much more inclined toward her superior role as a humiliatrix, forcing him to kiss the toes of her gorgeous friends or endure her mocking belittlement or beg hopelessly for sexual release. She knew this. She knew that simply being used for his cock was not his roleplay of choice, that he would get little from it. He certainly would never request such a game. And this excited her all the more. After all, this way tonight she would be using him . . . for real.

She immediately struck on a problem, though. Just the idea of this game already made her pussy hungry for pleasure, and as her lips started to moisten in her panties she realized he’d never last long enough to be used to her full satisfaction. Her mind raced, attacking this problem and searching for a way to make her fantasy a reality. Desensitizing cream? A cock ring? An initial ruined orgasm so he would last longer? All held appeal and might keep him hard, but were uncertain. Finally, she came to the solution…

The little blue pill. He’d gotten a sample once from the doctor but never taken it. This, suddenly, seemed like the ideal time for a test run. She smiled to herself as she pulled open the bathroom drawer and searched through to the bottom until she found what she was looking for. She turned it over in her hands several times, giddy at the prospect of its usefulness.

“Better living through medicine,” she thought.

She popped the pill from its protective sleeve and brought it to the living room where she set it gently on the bar next to a glass of his favorite beverage, both ready for his consumption. She then awkwardly dragged the large oak table that normally filled the dining area off the kitchen into the middle of the living room. With its leaf installed it was the only thing in the house long enough to work for the game she’d constructed in her head.

Then, wandering the house, she gathered the other props she’d need to make this fantasy come true. A spandex hood that only opened over the nose and mouth; three enormous rolls of black bondage tape that had sat, unused, in their toy chest for many years; several pieces of rope; a roll of duct tape; and, finally, a soft mattress pad that she placed over the table, both to protect the wood and her evening’s victim.

Finally, she went to the closet to select her outfit. She poured over the options — frilly lingerie, strict leather, soft silk, sexy lace, and a variety of slutty costumes from naughty schoolgirl to Little Bo Peep to Cleopatra. After 15 minutes of careful consideration, she finally made her choice — she’d wear exactly what she was wearing when she began her search.

She looked over to the full length mirror to study the slacks and blouse she’d had on all day at work. It seemed the most appropriate. After all, why would she dress up for him? He was there the be used, not pleased. Plus, the idea or remaining fully clothed while he was forced to strip naked excited her. It would further emphasize his debased status, turning him both physically and psychologically into something purely there for her use.

A glance at the clock showed he’d be home soon. She’d warned him she was setting up a sexual fantasy for the evening, but had given him no details. She poured herself a stiff drink, smiling at the idea that, when he arrived, neither her outfit nor the items in the room would tip him off to her plans. It wouldn’t be until after he’d taken the pill that he’d learn of his position for the evening.

Her fingers slipped down the front of her pants and between her legs, and she found that her panties had already soaked through. She badly wanted a cock — not his cock — just any cock, one that she could ride for as long or short as she wanted, as fast or as slow, as hard or as soft. One that was there to serve her needs, whatever they may be. Tonight she’d get that.

She fell backward into a chair in the corner of the room, and her body tingled in anticipation. The seat was soft and cushy, and she downed the rest of her martini before leaning back into it, her fingers resting gently on her inner thigh. He’d be home in a few minutes…and she could hardly wait.


When he pushed the door open she was already halfway through her second cocktail, and his eyes scanned the room as she greeted him softly. He muttered an unintelligible, distracted reply. She saw his gaze move from the odd table sitting in the middle of the room to the pile of toys she’s prepared and then back again, trying without success to determine what she’d prepared. She was delighting in the mystery she’d created, and she beckoned him to come in.

She didn’t rise to meet him as he pushed further into the room, though; she simply offered him the drink she’d poured earlier and suggested he take the blue pill sitting next to it. His lips curled up at the proposition, and she knew what he was thinking — that her game for the evening was simply to try out the sexual enhancement drug that had been sitting in the bathroom drawer unused for the better part of a year. Little did he know…

Without a word he made his way to the bar, tossed the tablet into his mouth, and downed his drink in three big gulps. He turned back to her, probably expecting to head straight for the bedroom. Instead, she rose from her chair, a grin on her face, and said, “Perfect. Now we will begin my little fantasy.”

She caught a brief look of puzzlement as it washed across his face, but he quickly shrugged it off and nodded, seemingly ready for whatever she might have in store. No doubt the double shot of whiskey he’d just swallowed helped make him compliant, but she knew he was always up for trying any of her fantasies, and she was desperate to begin.

“Tonight,” she stated, simply, “I will be using you.” His eyes widened a bit, and she knew he wasn’t exactly sure what this meant. At least he didn’t know the extent to which she’d use him. She loved that.

“First, strip.”

It wasn’t barked out as an order, simply as a matter-of-fact statement with which there was clearly no arguing. Without hesitation he started pulling off his clothes, dropping them onto a pile on the floor. When he was down to his boxers he paused and looked up at her.

“Aren’t you going to get undressed? Or do you have some special outfit you’re going to wear?”

She looked at him quizzically, as if he’d just asked the dumbest question in the world. Her answer was as patronizing as she could muster.

“I’ll be wearing this. I’m not here to please you. I told you, I’m going to use you. You’re simply here for my sexual gratification. Even if you get no pleasure whatsoever out of this, that’s of no concern to me.”

He swallowed hard, not quite knowing what to say, and her eyes traced down his body and landed on his boxer shorts, which he was still wearing. Her eyes bore into him, and he stood, frozen, seemingly unsure of what she wanted. Finally, after a firm nod of her head, he realized what she was waiting for and he slipped the underwear down to the ground.

“Good,” she said, almost dismissively, “Now fix me a drink.”

She stared at his naked body as he turned to the bar and started mixing. Her body pulsed as she thrilled to the situation she was creating, a nude male “object” here to cater to her every whim. Her eyes moved over his cock, which was still relatively soft. She wasn’t sure how long the pill would take to work — or even if it would work — but she hoped it would be soon.

When he’d finished shaking the beverage he poured it into a glass and brought it to her. She took it without a thank you and simply said, “Hands and knees.” He didn’t argue, and seconds later she was sitting on his back, using him as a chair while she sipped her drink. She clicked on the stereo, and as the pulsing beat of the music filled the air she felt a rush of power.

It didn’t take her long to down her third martini of the evening, and as she drained the glass she stood up, telling him to stand and then lie down on the table she’d prepared. He knew enough not to question her, and she appreciated how easily he’d fallen into his role.

The fantasy in her head was clear — there’s no way he’d be able to put his pawing, grubby hands all over her perfect body, so she started by tying his wrists and ankles, spread-eagled, to the four legs of the table. He didn’t resist, but she secured him tightly, wanting him to know that he truly had no control over what was to come. She also quickly pulled the spandex hood over his head, anonymizing him and sending her deeper into her fantasy.

Her eyes scanned down his body and she saw his cock was semi-hard. Not ready yet, but there was still time. She wanted to reduce him further to a simple appendage and mouth, so, with the large rolls of black bondage tape, she started wrapping his entire body to the table. She stretched the tape across and between his bound wrists, then passed it under the table, before pulling it again across his body. She continued this way all the way down to his feet, mummifying him to the table surface and only leaving a gap over his mouth, nose, and his still-growing cock. When she finished, he was little more than a black plastic mass with a dick bobbing out of the center, completely unable to move.

He moaned a bit as she stepped back to admire her work, tickled pink that she now had a real life dildo to use. The semi-erection bobbed slightly in the air, but it still wasn’t as hard as she wanted. She decided to fish the drug’s box from the trash and read more about it, and quickly discovered the problem:

This drug helps achieve harder erections for up to four hours, and will help keep you hard. You must, however, become aroused to achieve an initial erection. This drug has no effect in the absence of stimulation.

She looked back at the cock and realized she’d need to excite it for the drug to kick in, but she certainly wasn’t about to suck it or even stroke it manually. That was beneath her. Instead, she decided to give him a bit more time to get aroused with the encouragement of her now-dripping pussy. So, because he now was unable to see, she slid out of her pants and g-string and climbed onto the table to straddle his head.

“Get hard!” she demanded as she pushed her engorged wet lips to his face, and his tongue quickly extended to receive them. The new added wetness on her pussy from his mouth made her clench her eyes in pleasure, and she started to ride his wrapped face, quickly nearing her first orgasm. Because his head was totally immobile she was in complete control, and she pushed her clit repeatedly across the tongue beneath her that, in her mind, now belonged to an anonymous sex slave. Her legs clenched together around his plastic-enclosed face, and she nearly suffocated him as she brought herself to orgasm on his mouth.

She rarely got off simply from oral stimulation, and her first climax was bigger than she had anticipated, no doubt because of the total power and freedom she was feeling. Her toes curled and she screamed out, “Oh fuck yeah!” as her juices dripped down onto the encased face below her. As her thrusting subsided, she lifted herself up and turned back to see his cock still bobbing in the air, but still only half-hard.

He heard her muffled grunt of disapproval, and she swung her leg up and dismounted the table to head for the bedroom. As she walked she pulled off the blouse and bra that she was still wearing, stopping briefly to admire her own naked form the the full-length mirror. The room was overwhelmed with the smell of her sex and the thumping beat of the music, and she felt consumed by her own lust.

She was a bit irritated that she had to go to extra lengths to get her human dildo fully erect, but anything short of completely rock-hard would be a waste. Apparently she’d have to help, but she was determined to punish him for making her do so. No matter, she would get it so stiff it felt like it was about to burst. Plus, she knew that, after she got started, the little blue pill would keep it hard for as long as she wanted. After a few moments she returned to the living room, and she leaned down toward the wrapped head of her slave.

“Guess where I’ve been,” she whispered, loud enough so he could just hear her over the music and through his bonds. “Digging through the hamper. And I found the nastiest, sweatiest sock I could down near the bottom.”

He opened his mouth to respond, and, when he did, she pushed the dirty sock into his mouth. It was filthy and wreaked of sweat, and she was sure he would recoil if he wasn’t fully restrained — anybody would. But it was her next line that she knew would fully demean him.

“Do you know why that sock is so disgusting?” she asked, pausing for him to consider what she might say next. “Because it’s not mine…it’s yours.”

She laughed wickedly, knowing this was not what he expected and certainly not any fantasy he would’ve ever hoped for, and as he tried to push the funky garment from his mouth with his tongue she clasped her hand over it and purred, “Oh no, no, no. Pathetic slaves who don’t get hard on their own get punished. That’s staying in for a bit, so you better learn to enjoy the taste.”

For a moment she wished she could see his eyes and the combination of shock and pleading that they must be showing. That thought quickly disappeared, though, when she looked back at his cock to find it now fully erect, her humiliating exercise clearly having had the desired effect. She reveled in the delicious irony of him hating the things that got him excited, and the utter pleasure she felt in manipulating him with those things.

She stood by the table soaking in the scene for a moment, fingering herself gently and enjoying the anticipation of what was to come. Then, ready for her first ride, she pulled the sock from him mouth and quickly replaced it with a piece of duct tape she’d prepared.

“There,” she said, “That’ll keep you quieter while I enjoy myself. I wouldn’t want any of your noises to distract me while I picture myself with a real man.”

She gave the engorged dick a flick with her fingernail, delivering just enough pain to make him moan and test the gag — the tape effectively muffled him. She looked up at the clock and it had only been 15 minutes since their game began, but it felt like days. She wanted it to go on forever, and her mind flashed on a fantasy of a collection of objectified slaves, all bound to a row of tables and ready for her use. She imagined the different sizes and shapes of cocks for her to choose from — just like her collection of latex dildos — so she could be fully satisfied, whatever her mood. Tonight, though, the cock before her was what she wanted.

She climbed up onto the table again and positioned her swollen pussy lips over the 8 inch prick that extended from the plastic mound below her. Her hand firmly grabbed the shaft, and, as she lowered herself onto the tip, an audible gasp escaped her lips as it first entered her. The wetness between her legs was so intense, though, that with one push she slid all the way down the rod, filling herself with the pulsating cock.

She felt it twitch inside her as she started to ride it, thrusting up and down. Her hands found their way onto her firm, round breasts, and she pinched each of her nipples, moaning and slamming herself down on the dildo with more force. Visions of beautiful hard bodies, both male and female, filled her head, and she clenched her eyes shut to momentarily forget where she was. As sexual scenes permeated her imagination, she became desperate to feel her toy unleash its warm load and squirt into her — she loved that feeling — and she could tell it was getting close as she squeezed it between her thighs.

She sped up her thrusting. In the background, beneath the music, there was a barely audible murmur from the table, and then she felt the cock jerk and spasm twice just before it exploded and filled her dripping pussy with heat. Waves of pleasure shot through her body, and her lips tightly gripped the shaft, pulling it deeper inside. The music barely covered her loud cry of pleasure, and it seemed as if time froze as the intense orgasm flowed through every cell.

It never even occurred to her to consider if the slave tied beneath her had enjoyed his orgasm. Her fantasy had become her reality, and she had replaced her husband in her mind with an object that had the sole purpose of satisfying her. But she wasn’t yet satisfied — that orgasm came too fast, and she needed to cum one more time. Luckily the little blue pill seemed to have kicked in, because the dick she was sitting on didn’t soften one bit after its orgasm.

She knew the cock would be extremely sensitive after cumming, but fortunately any protests of discomfort would be blocked by the tape deftly placed over the slave’s mouth, and with her carefully executed bondage there would be no chance of escape. Not that it mattered — she felt no pity for the anonymous object beneath her as she began to ride her toy once more.

Her mind wandered to the possibility of removing the duct tape just long enough to insert another pill so she could keep the cock hard even longer. Perhaps her friends would even want to come over for a ride. They wouldn’t even recognize the “thing” strapped to the table, they’d just enjoy the pleasure of using it. She smiled at the thought of sharing her creation.

The music faded into a new song as she began to rotate her hips in small circles, beckoning the tip of the prick toward her g-spot with each rotation. She gyrated in time to the beat, and felt herself start to approach yet another climax. Despite her dripping pussy, she knew the cock must be getting sore, and the idea of torturing it with one more ride got her even more excited.

She leaned forward and pressed her hands onto the plastic-wrapped chest of her slave, varying the speed of her fucking from fast to slow and back again. There was a swell of pleasure with each thrust, and she expertly brought herself closer and closer to climax. The music began to get louder, and as it crescendoed, so did she.

She felt a slight movement under her ass, as if he was trying to buck upwards into her. The bondage tape kept him firmly held to the table, though, and she smirked at his predicament, knowing he had to just lay there and take it. She pushed harder on the cock, one finger moving down to tease her clit, and she imagined leaving him this way until the morning when she could wake up and use him again.

Then, with her head thrown back she gave one final thrust and erupted into the largest orgasm she’d ever felt. Her pussy quivered around the shaft as her body, glistening with sweat, collapsed down onto the heap of plastic. She lay there for a long moment, reveling in her own pleasure, the thrill of power still coursing through her veins.

Finally she slid off of the cock and the table, and leaned against its edge to steady herself as she stood next to her slave. The prick still bobbed in the air, engorged and seemingly ready for more. She was done with her fantasy for the evening, though, so she pulled out a knife and carefully cut away the bondage tape before untying the ropes around his wrists and ankles.

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