Shauna and I decided to take a shower together. I washed her hair and back just long enough for us both to pretend we were really showering for the sake of being clean. The bathroom steamed up and we stood face to face kissing and massaging each others back and buttocks. My limp cock became gradually harder and began to slide up between Shauna’s legs. It settled between her plump lips, spreading them slightly so that I could feel her erect clit rubbing against the top of my shaft. Standing with feet together and shifting her weight from one foot to the other, Shauna rolled my penis back and forth, her clit flicking to one side then the other. Our tongues tied and untied themselves slowly. I thrust my tongue to the back of Shauna’s throat and slowly licked the roof of her mouth.

With her back to the showerhead, I dropped to my knees stopping briefly to peck each tingling nipple. My tongue circled Shauna’s belly button and traced a V shape along the edge of her pubic hair. It was trimmed to about a quarter inch in length but was otherwise unshaved. Shauna spread her feet apart and I sat fully collapsed on my knees, reaching between her legs to hold each buttock firmly. The water ran over her shoulders, streaming down between her breasts and over her slightly plump belly. A small cascade formed as the water streamed through her pubic hair, falling onto my chest.

Looking slightly up into Shauna’s vagina I lapped the water as it fell. With a wide flat tongue, I licked her lips. Her taste became slightly salty as her juices began to mingle with the trickling water. I darted my tongue in and out every so often. Shauna jerked slightly each time the tip of my tongue flicked across her clit. I pushed my face firmly into her crotch and sucked her pussy lips into my mouth. As I sucked, my mouth filled with her juices. Shauna trembled a bit and pushed me away.

She pulled me to my feet and leaned me against the back wall of the shower. After being crunched up on the floor I had become flaccid. Shauna dropped to her knees and took advantage of my limp penis. She quickly enveloped my penis and balls completely in her mouth, tugging slightly on the whole package. As I became hard she did not move. She sucked ever so slightly as my shaft lengthened in her mouth. I grew to push against the back of her throat. She swallowed rhythmically, massaging the tip of my penis with her throat muscles. Fully erect, my balls popped from her cheeks and rested on her chin. She held me pinned against the wall and created as much suction as she could, drawing my cock further into her throat.

Shauna reached up between my legs and pressed her middle finger into me. Finding a comfortable depth, she massaged my prostate at the same pace that she suctioned my cock. I began to drizzle semen and Shauna’s swallowing became quicker. It came in a small trickle at first, then surges. With each press of her finger, she coaxed more semen past her tonsils. She did not have to swallow now. I was so deep into her throat that my cum flowed freely into her belly.

Shauna withdrew her finger slowly, and as I softened she continued to hold me in her mouth. She lightly pressed down on each side of my penis to pop my testicles from within my abdomen and gently petted my scrotum. Now completely flaccid again, Shauna wrapped her lips around the base of my penis and pressed them together firmly. She sucked lightly as she withdrew, squeezing every last drop out of me. She flipped her hair to one side and looked up at me smiling. I was ready to pass out. The heat and steam of the shower had soaked the walls of the tiny bathroom. I turned off the shower and was stepping out when I noticed that Shauna seemed apprehensive to follow.

Her smile had transformed into a mischievous grin. Shauna lay down on the floor of the shower with her knees up.

“I want you to pee on me” she said with half a giggle. I was caught a little off guard. We had never tried or even talked about such a thing.

“Are you sure?” I asked with an eyebrow raised.

“Mmhhmm”, she nodded.

I stepped back in the shower and stood between Shauna’s feet. I had to coax myself a little to try to pee. I could only dribble in spurts at first, having just ejaculated. Gradually my stream returned to normal. Shauna giggled as I urinated, splashing her legs, then her belly, then her breasts.

“On my face?” she half asked.

I was nearly drained, but managed to drench her face for the last few seconds. She caressed her body up and down, rubbing my urine into her soft skin as if it were lotion. She even licked her lips a little. Curving her back, Shauna rotated her hips upward and pulled her vagina wide open.

“My turn” she said. I crouched on the balls of my feet as she released a spray of urine. It hit me in the chest at first, and I dipped my head quickly to catch a few drops on my tongue. She released herself slightly so that her stream fell onto my penis. Her warm urine soaked my pubic hair and dripped from my balls. I rubbed my cock into her crotch as she finished, wanting to feel every last bit of her liquid warmth.

She sat up, and we both sat on the floor of the shower looking at each other. Neither of us was quite sure what to say.

Finally she broke the silence. “I think we need another shower.”

“I’m not done yet” I said. “If you want to play dirty, then we are going to play dirty. Lean on the edge of the tub.”

Shauna got to her knees and rested her elbows on the edge of the shower tub with the curtain open. I think she knew what I wanted. I knelt behind her and scratched my fingers down her back. I continued rubbing her back with my left hand, and began rubbing her butt cheek with my right. I slipped my middle finger into her vagina to moisten it. I withdrew and pressed my finger gently on her anus. She arched her back and relaxed her sphincter. I inserted my finger up to the first knuckle.

“Okay?” I asked, not wanting to frighten her.

“Go for it” she replied with the same mischievous grin as before.

I moved my arm slowly forward until my finger was as far as it could go, and my other fingers curled back into my hand. Shauna flexed and wrapped her anus tightly around my single digit. Then she relaxed again. This was just a warm up, and she knew it. My penis was now quite erect again. With my finger still inside her anus, I inserted my shaft into her pussy. With my inserted finger, I could feel my penis slide along the thin wall of tissue inside her. I withdrew my hand. I thrust slowly several time to lube up as much as possible, then withdrew.

I pressed the head of my cock against her anus, which instinctively tightened. She relaxed and I pressed inward until just the tip of my penis was in her. I moved it in and out slowly until she relaxed further. I then gradually inserted more. My heart was pounding and my erection was throbbing. Shauna’s tight ass squeezed my shaft. It felt like it would burst. Gradually, she loosened up a bit and I was able to slowly thrust my entire cock in and out of her. Fully penetrating her, I felt a rough texture at the tip of my penis. The sensation set me off. My cock stretched her as I came, and the confined cavity of her rectum filled with warmth.

I pulled out slowly, leaving a gaping hole. Shauna clinched her muscles, but she could not close her anus all the way.

“You think you are so brave?” She asked, not waiting for an answer. “Lay down.”

I laid on my back and Shauna squatted over my belly, holding her had flat over her crotch.

“Here it comes” she giggled.

She removed her hand and my semen dripped from her open anus. She then bore down on her bowels and released a large amount of air. Still squatting, she had one more question.

“Ready for more?” she asked, this time waiting for me to answer. I know what she had in mind.

“Go for it” I replied.

Shauna adjusted her crouch and bore down again. She released her bowels onto my stomach. A beautiful, warm log lay upon me as she stood up. Almost nonchalantly, she picked it up and plopped it into the toilet. She wiped her fingers and my belly with a bit of toilet paper.

“That was beautiful” I marveled. “You must have saved up for a while.”

She just grinned, and then said “NOW, we need another shower.”

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