I’m finding myself becomming dirtier and nastier in my sexual appetite. The dirtier the better lately. This dirty instance happened to me halfway between Sacramento and Yreka, CA four years ago and I still get a hard on thinking about it.

My company sends me all over the US on business, and they insist that I drive so I can take my samples with me for clients to see when I give box lunch presentations. Little did I know that I’d be presenting my box to a group of strangers at a dark rest stop.

I’ve never really been in a serious, long-term relationship with anyone. My job has had me hopping for years now and I travel about 250 days a year. That’s a tough schedule for any potential partner to have to deal with. I’m finding that the more I travel, the more I seem to meet guys with similar tastes in nasty, dirty, fast and hard sex. There must either be more of us out there or the ones that are out there are on the same wavelength so we can almost tell instantly if there will be a chance of some dirty sex.

This trip was a long one. It’s quite a drive from Seattle to Long Beach, CA. I’ve done this road trip many times and have seen the same guys at the same rest stops along the way. A lot of them have left their hot cum in my dirty, tight ass many times when we’ve happened to hook up at one of a couple of notorius rest stops along the way. My favorite sticky ass-mess happened at a little rest stop about an hour south of Yreka, CA last August.

I don’t have to even mention that it’s hot in California in August. When I’m driving I always dress comfortably, in my loose, workout stretchy shorts and a t-shirt. But, being from this area I’ve become accustomed to the heat and like being hot. It just makes me even more horny, which is another reason for wearing my stretchy shorts. I have a little fun by myself along the way fairly often, since it’s sometimes weeks, or more, in-between having sex. This trip, I was looking for more than fun by myself, I was looking for some rough, dirty gang-bang, nasty type of sex!

It was already getting dark and after a few hours of bringing myself to the brink of orgasm, I was determined to make it to my favorite rest stop for some action. I’ve never been let down here. Well, once I was tied up to rings on the ceiling and let down on a few waiting, rock hard cocks..

I pulled in and it seemed darker than usual, like some lights were out. These budget problems in California were really taking a toll on maintenance. I saw two other cars, one semi truck, and a full-sized van with Oklahoma plates. I was starting to doubt that I’d have any luck here, but I had to unload a couple of hours worth of ice tea so I thought I’d just go in and take care of business anyway.

On the way in I saw two darker-skinned guys and a hot-looking, blond caucasian woman. The two guys were talking on cell phones. I couldn’t understand what language they were speaking but they seemed fired up, talking fairly passionately about something. They looked at me as I walked past them and the woman seemed to by eyeing me up and down. I thought that was strange, usually this is a hang out for horny gay guys not women. Hey, I’m an equal-opportunity fucker, I’ll stick my cock in almost anything with a pulse. Young, old, fat, thin, black, white, male, female; it doesn’t matter to me. Right now I was fantasizing about fucking that woman’s hot ass.

I pulled the sticking door open and walked into the dark entry of this dirtier-than-usual rest stop and walked over to the men’s door. I had to piss like crazy. As soon as I pulled on the door to go in the bathroom area I heard the sticking entry door opening and saw that the two guys and the woman were walking in. I thought nothing of it, the only thing I could think of was emptying my bladder in one of the dirty urinals. As I rounded the corner into the bathroom, a hand reached around and grabbed me by the waist! WHOA!

“Hey, what the?..” was all I could say before they put a gag in my mouth and a hood over my head! I couldn’t see a thing but I heard several voices chuckling and that’s when my shorts were pulled down exposing my cock and ass to whomever was in that room. They were still gripping me around the waist and I could feel a hard cock beneath their pants being ground in-between my ass cheeks. My cock instinctively came to life and started to bob up and down.

“HA! Look at that, this guy’s already horny, we won’t have to force him as much as I was hoping to. Look at his cock twitching!”

I didn’t recognize the voice at all. Who were these guys? How many of them were there? What were they going to do to me? How much use and abuse were they going to put me through?

I heard the door open again and I thought it might be some help, but I recognized the voices as the two guys from outside. Was the woman with them, I wondered? How embarrassing. I had been in many similar positions with fellow, dirty gay sex partners but never with a woman! I could feel my face blushing, not that anyone could see it in the dark room, and especially with that dark hood over my head. I was totally helpless and they knew it.

The guy that was gripping me put something around my right wrist and forced it in front of me. It was a velcro cuff. He then forced my left hand to my right hand and secured them together. Now I was really helpless. I could feel hands rubbing up and down my naked ass and legs. Then they cut off my t-shirt and I was totally naked and dripping with sweat in this room full of strangers!

This is when the spanking started. My poor little buttcheeks were slapped again and again from every angle. I could tell that a few of them were working me over, getting their guilty pleasures at my expense. My cock was getting harder and harder, it was impossible to control or to hide. I just let it go, that’s what they wanted anyway..

Hands were all over my sweaty, naked body, spanking me, pulling and rubbing my hard cock. Fingers were being inserted up my ass. And, I still had to piss! I felt something touch my cock head and I felt a hand surround my cock, like they were guiding it somewhere. A voice said, “Piss, man. Let it go.”

I let loose and could hear that I was filling some sort of bottle. Hmm.. what were they going to do with that? It felt soooo good though. It’s been almost three hours and the last half hour was spent in here being abused by these dirty strangers.

As soon as the last drop fell in that bottle the spanking atarted again. They really liked seeing my ass cheeks jiggle around and turn pink. I felt myself being led somewhere and felt a wall ahead of me and my memory told me that I was against the wall where the urinals were. I heard chuckling and felt a hand on my shoulders pushing me forward and was soon bent over like a jackknife! That’s when the first cock head spread my butt cheeks apart and started filling me full of hot piss! This stranger was using my ass as a urinal, shooting his hot stream of dirty piss way up into my ass!

I can’t lie, I love being used as a urinal and that’s why I come to this rest stop over and over again. The feeling of a semi-hard cock sliding between my bubble-butt cheeks and shooting a steady stream of hot piss up in my colon is such a turn on. I’m literally being used as a urinal for a room full of strangers in this hot, dark rest stop. I can hear the door opening and closing as one after another a steady group of guys piss up my ass and spank me and leave.

Are they charging for this? Am I being used as a urinal for profit? The only payment I’m getting is the feeling of being used and abused by strangers as I’m tied up and blindfolded, and loving every minute of it.

I feel something hard on my poor little asshole, it’s the bottle that I pissed in! It’s being squeezed up my ass! My own hot piss is being squirted up my ass!

I feel a set of hands on my hips and I get ready for another overflowing of piss up my dirty asshole, but this cock head doesn’t just go in once, it keeps going in and out, this one is fucking into my dirty, piss-filled asshole! I’m being fucked by some dirty dick and piss is squirting out all over. My asshole is a gushing mess, shooting out everytime they slam into my hole. It feels great, my ass is so wet. Their cock keeps slamming in and out as they bounce off of my dirty butt cheeks. I hear the voice ask if I like being fucked when my ass is so dirty. It’s the blond woman! She must be a transvestite! She’s fucking my ass like there’s no tomorrow, pounding in and out, abusing my tight little chute. She was the first one to give me a piss enema and now she was the first to fill me with cum. She’s a very dirty girl and she’s got a great, hard cock.

I found out later that a couple of the guys were ones that I regularily meet here for dirty sex and they’ve pissed and cummed in my ass several times in the past. They asked everyone they knew to meet them there after they saw me driving in. There was a bus full of prisoners that pulled in and they had all filled my ass with piss and cum. The two dark-skinned guys had huge cocks and were friends with the horny transvestite. They had recorded the whole gang rape and I saw it a couple of years later when .

I hope to relive that someday. I keep stopping back hoping to feel that arm around my waist..

June 2018
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