“The doctor’s ready to see you now, sir,” the receptionist said, waving him through to the doctor’s office. It was like any other doctor’s surgery – magazines in the waiting room, a clean, professional doctor’s office with an examination table in the centre. The difference being that Dr. Litt only attended to a very specific clientele.

Timothy stood, thanking the receptionist with a quick grin. Timothy was a charming boy – at twenty-two, this was his first pet – a present from his father. He wanted to make sure that he did everything right, that the pet got all his shots and that they set up monthly health checks. He wanted to make sure that he looked after his new pet perfectly, wanted to make his father proud.

Pulling on his leash, Timothy guided his pet into the doctor’s office. “Come on, Fido,” he said, his voice low and commanding. His father had told him that you had to be firm right from the start, that you had to establish yourself as alpha male or they would try and push boundaries. He knew better than to expect anything less than immediate obedience – if his pet didn’t obey, it would be punished severely.

Fido crawled toward the office, trying to keep up as best he could. He was a cute pet, with dark brown eyes and floppy brown hair. The only thing he wore was a tail plug, his tail ‘wagging’ with every movement he made, his cock dangling soft between his legs, his body pale and completely smooth. He was boyish and cute, and new enough to this that being naked still made him blush. He knew better than to disobey his master – he knew that would only bring pain.

They entered the office together, the doctor looking up from his studies. He was an older man, though still virile. He had wrinkles around his blue eyes and salt and pepper hair. He was quick to smile, looking over his new client professionally.

“My, my,” the doctor said, his voice low and friendly. “I take it he’s new?” he asked, raising his eyes to Timothy. Dr. Litt was a handsome man – despite his age, he hadn’t lost any of his good looks. He was confident, and he loved his job.

“Yeah, I just got him earlier today. I wanted to bring him in for examination and vaccination immediately,” Timothy said, reaching down and rubbing a hand through Fido’s hair. “He’s cute, isn’t he?”

“Adorable,” Dr. Litt agreed, unable to take his eyes off the new pet. “Why don’t you put him up on the table? I’m assuming you want a full examination, including sensitivity. Is he a virgin?”

“Of course,” Timothy said, nodding his head. “We were assured that he was trained by the best, and that he was left fully intact and virginal, but I’d like a sensitivity and tightness test all the same, just to be sure. My father wants to make sure that he got his money’s worth.” Timothy patted the examination table.

Trembling, Fido hopped up onto it obediently. He was nervous – he’d been trained, but he’d never been examined like this before. The tail plug was the biggest thing he’d ever had in his ass, and it wasn’t much more than a finger. And he had no idea what a ‘sensitivity test’ entailed.

“Understandable,” the doctor said, watching the pet tremble with a smile. He reached for his gloves, snapping them on slowly, relishing the anticipation. It wasn’t often that he got to examine one this pretty, nor this new. He was going to enjoy himself.

Dr. Litt started by checking Fido’s eyes, ears and teeth. “Very good, very good,” he murmured to himself. “Excellent teeth, though we can have those removed if he proves to be unruly. I had the procedure done just last week to Mr. Lawrence’s bitch, Lavender. He says that she’s much more pleasant to face fuck now that those pesky teeth aren’t in the way.” He pulled Fido’s mouth open until the pet’s jaw ached, inspecting him carefully.

“We’ll see,” Timothy said. “He seems like a timid creature – well trained, so it may not be necessary.” He crossed his arms over his chest, watching the examination with interest.

“Mmm, sometimes, even if they’re not a biter, they can’t help their teeth grazing you, which isn’t pleasant. Of course, you can just use open-mouthed gags to keep his teeth out of the way as a short term solution, but if you’re ever looking for something more permanent, we can yank his teeth. I’d offer the same discount to you as your father, of course.” Dr. Litt grabbed a speculum, fitting it in behind Fido’s teeth and opening it carefully, stretching the pet’s jaw open painfully before pushing his fingers inside. He checked the gag reflex, sinking his fingers into Fido’s throat.

Fido choked and gagged, his hands twisting in his lap, tears coming to his eyes at the pain of having his jaw stretched open. It was a persistent ache, not helped by the way the doctor roughly finger-fucked his throat. He tried to swallow around the fingers, but he couldn’t help choking, his throat tightening as he gagged.

“Nice, tight throat,” Dr. Litt said, pulling his fingers out. “You’ll enjoy that, no doubt.” He left the speculum in, tutting at the pet drooled all over himself. “Dirty creatures. I hope he’s not a drooler. I suppose such a perfect specimen has to have a flaw somewhere.” He slid his hands down over the pet’s chest, twisting and pinching his nipples until they were tight and hard.

Shuddering, Fido whimpered – his nipples were exquisitely sensitive, sending bolts of sensation down his body. His cock twitched eagerly to attention even as his jaw ached fiercely. He flushed with humiliation at the doctor’s words, but with the speculum keeping his mouth open, he couldn’t stop himself from drooling all over his chin.

“Sensitive nipples,” the doctor noted. He grabbed a clamp, snapping it closed on Fido’s hard nipple, watching as the pet’s back arched and he howled. Dr. Litt nodded to himself and added a second clamp, tightening them both until Fido whimpered, whined and twitched. “Very sensitive nipples.” The doctor looked down at the pet’s hard, twitching cock. “Look, see how excited it gets him? He’ll respond very well to nipple play. Nipple torture will be a good punishment for him, too,” Dr. Litt said, pulling at the clamps until Fido let out a hoarse scream of pain.

“Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one with nipples that sensitive before,” Timothy said. He sat down in one of the chairs and reached down, rubbing himself slowly through his pants. “You don’t mind, do you, doctor? The thrill of discovery is very… stimulating.”

Dr. Litt released the pet’s nipples and looked around at the young owner. “No, no, go ahead, feel free,” he said. “I can certainly understand that this could all be a little overwhelming, especially for a first time owner.” Leaving Fido’s nipples painfully clamped, he slid his hands down over the pet’s stomach, checking him over carefully for any imperfections. “He’s got a little birthmark in his thigh here, but I’d say it’s more endearing than a blemish. Still, I can get it removed by laser, if you desire it. I know that some owners like their pets to be absolutely flawless.” He reached for Fido’s balls, rolling them carefully between his fingers, watching as the pet’s cock twitched and jumped.

“His testicles are intact – we can fix him for you, if you like. If your father has any female pets, there is a risk of impregnation if you don’t keep a close enough eye on your animals.” The doctor gave a quick squeeze to Fido’s balls, eliciting a pained whimper from the pet. “Of course, if you want to stud him, or if you want to keep his balls for personal reasons, that’s fine. But we do take care of those kinds of alterations at this surgery. Or any alterations you might require.”

“As long as he doesn’t prove himself too troublesome, I think I’d like to keep him intact, at least for now,” Timothy said, leaning back in his chair, rubbing his palm over the bulge in his slacks. “He’s a fine specimen – he could fetch a fair bit as a stud, and I do like it when they can come. So much more entertaining that way.”

“Ah, yes, I’ve got many a client that has the same opinion as you on that,” Dr. Litt said, nodding his head in agreement. “Though I’m not sure that your father will agree if Fido starts breeding his bitches. I suppose if he proves unruly and you want him to keep his balls, you’ll just have to keep him locked away from the females. They can’t help themselves, you know.” The doctor lubed up his gloved palm before stroking Fido slowly, feeling the pet’s cock jump and twitch in his hand. He pulled the foreskin back, exposing the pink, sensitive head. “Ah, foreskin’s intact. That’s nice, you don’t see that a lot. That means the glans and slit will be nice and sensitive. Of course, if you require it, I can remove the foreskin. But I recommend you leave it, especially if you’re into cock torture. They’re so much more sensitive that way. See?” He rubbed his fingers lightly over the head, circling the little piss slit slowly, watching as it twitched.

Fido panted and gripped the edge of the table, arching into the touch, his body awash with sensation. His jaw was in agony, his nipples clamped tightly and burning, his cock so hard that it itched and ached. He was expressly forbidden from touching himself and it had been two weeks since his last milking – his trainers had wanted him nice and horny for his new owner. He whined hopefully.

“Yes, yes,” Dr. Litt said, slapping the pet’s thigh. “Down, boy. I’ll milk you when we’re done.” He paused. “If that’s what you wish, of course, Tim.” Moving away from the table, he opened a drawer, retrieving a metal box. Opening it, he revealed a selection of slim metal rods, ranging from slimmer than a pencil to as thick as a finger.

“If you would,” Timothy said, nodding his head. “I want to make sure of full sexual function before I take him home.”

“Understandable,” the doctor said, pulling out one of the slimmer rods. “I’m just going to make sure his urethra is clear – no obstructions.” He lubed the sound up and pulled Fido’s foreskin back, revealing the sensitive head and the twitching piss slit. Pre-cum pooled at the tip. Dr. Litt teased the sound around the slit, dipping it in gently like he might insert it before pulling it out again. He repeated this a few times before guiding the rod slowly into the tiny hole slowly, inch by inch.

Fido had never taken a sound before. He looked down anxiously as it circled his oh-so-sensitive piss slit. He knew that he liked it when someone touched him there, but he’d never had something inside him like that. He panted, his toes curling as the doctor teased him with it. Eventually, the man guided it into him, and Fido groaned gutturally at the feeling. It was so sensitive down there, even more sensitive than the outside of his cock. Having that little hole stuffed felt so good and hurt all at once, burning and itching as it stretched him out, the cool, smooth metal sinking deeper and deeper into his aching dick as his cock ate it greedily. Lube and pre-cum oozed up around the sound as at least eight inches of it disappeared into his throbbing dick. Fido looked at the box desperately – if one of the thinnest sounds felt this intense, he couldn’t even imagine what the biggest ones felt like.

“Oh, he likes that,” Dr. Litt said, pulling the sound out carefully. It was covered in pre-cum, white streaks clinging to the metal. “I’d recommend urethral play with this one, he seems to enjoy it a great deal. I can’t feel any obstructions.” He let the metal sink back into Fido’s dick, watching as gravity took over. Every time the pet clenched, the sound squirted out a couple of inches before sinking back down again, fucking Fido’s cock in sweet, slick slides.

Fido whimpered, his hands clenching desperately so he wasn’t tempted to do something stupid like touch himself. It felt so good as the sound squirted in and out of his cock. He looked down at himself, moaning as he saw the metal gleam at the tip before disappearing back inside him. He was so hard that he ached, and he thought maybe he could come from this alone, but his master hadn’t given him permission to. His cock twitched and bounced as he shivered from the stimulation, finding the sight of his own dripping, rock hard cock arousing in itself.

“Yeah, he definitely likes that,” Timothy said, groaning and rubbing his cock slowly, fingering the head as he watched his pet shudder and whimper. “Is there a way you can keep it in there while you examine him?”

“Certainly,” Dr. Litt said, pulling out a cock plug. He fitted it carefully into place, sliding the tip inside of Fido’s sensitive urethra before fitting the ring into place, keeping the sound plugged deep inside of the pet’s cock. Hidden away, it still moved every time Fido clenched and relaxed, fucking his cock on the inside, stimulating him even though they couldn’t see it.

Having the sound plugged inside his cock made Fido pant. He was so aroused that he didn’t quite know what to do with himself, his skin tingling and his cock pulsing. He could feel the sound sliding, rubbing against the inside of his cock, the slick metal pulling sensation after sensation from him until he was a shivering, moaning mess. Through training, he’d never been this aroused and it showed – his skin was flushed, his chest heaving, his clamped nipples hurting every time he moved.

The doctor squeezed the pet’s rock hard dick and let out a low chuckle. “I think I’d better slip a cock ring on, or he’ll come before I’m even done with the examination,” he said, shaking his head. “He looks like he’s ready to explode just from the sound.” Reaching for a cock ring, he snapped it into place, separating Fido’s balls from his body, adding in a ball spreader so that each of the pet’s balls were separated and defined, the skin pulled tight. He added a couple of weights to really pull Fido’s balls down away from his body, making sure that he wouldn’t come until they wanted him to.

Fido whined – having his balls confined made them ache sharply. He looked down at himself, twitching at the way his rock hard cock pointed for his navel. His balls were smooth and separated out, pulled tight. With that on, there was no way he would be coming, and he ached to release a hot load.

“Right, time for your shots,” Dr. Litt said, turning away. “Little scratch.” The first few shots were just immunisations, and the doctor got those out of the way quickly. “I’m going to administer something special,” the doctor said. “Just something to make him more sensitive. I don’t believe in animal cruelty, and this shot will make sure that his pleasure far outweighs his pain. The effects last a few hours, so he’ll be extra fun when you get him home. Of course, I have vials for sale on the stand by reception, if you feel like buying. Lots of clients think it’s worth the money, but I’ll leave that for you to decide.” He gave Fido the last shot.

Within minutes, Fido felt it. He moaned quietly, his eyes glazing over, his chest heaving. What had been almost bearable before suddenly seemed impossible. His whole body was on fire, his nipples shooting pleasure and pain down to his dripping dick. His cock twitched and throbbed to the beat of his heart, the sound trapped away inside him making his breath come in sharp pants. He arched his hips, helplessly reaching for his aching dick. Even the leather wrapped around his bound balls was stimulating.

“Ah, don’t think it’s bad training.” Dr. Litt caught the pet’s hands, keeping Fido from touching his straining dick. “He’s over-stimulated. It drives them crazy. No amount of training would keep him from trying to touch himself. It’s very potent. The poor boy must be losing his mind with that sound in his dick. Just look at him. He’s ready to explode. Of course, he won’t be doing that until I’ve checked his prostate thoroughly.”

Timothy let out a low groan. “Fuck,” he gasped out, spurting inside his slacks, messing his underwear, his hips arching. “Damn it.” He’d meant to save himself, but seeing his new pet squirm was so stimulating that he couldn’t help himself. “Well, feel free to tie his hands so he doesn’t touch himself.”

“Of course,” Dr. Litt said. He tied Fido’s hands carefully behind his back before helping the pet to kneel on the table. The doctor arranged Fido so that he was using his shoulders as a brace, his ass up in the air, his legs spread, his balls dangling and stretched down thanks to the weights, his cock so hard it was up against his stomach.

“Right, I’m doing to examine how tight he is, first.” The doctor parted Fido’s buttocks with his thumbs, exposing the pet’s entrance to the air. He eased the tail plug out of the Fido’s ass, feeling the pet shudder involuntarily beneath him. Dr. Litt set the plug aside and patted the pet’s hip soothingly as he examined his hole. It was nice and tight – small and pink. Lubing up a finger, he teased it around the tiny hole, watching as it clenched and twitched. Carefully, he inserted the finger all the way up to the knuckle, feeling the way it clenched around him tightly.

“Yes, beautifully tight,” Dr. Litt said, ignoring how the pet panted and twitched under him, fighting against his restraints helplessly as he desperately tried to touch his aching cock. “I’m just going to check his prostate.” He carefully slid a second finger inside, stretching Fido out slightly.

Fido was in a world of hellish lust. He moaned gutturally as he felt the doctor insert a second finger into his ass. His hole clenched greedily around the two slick, latex-covered fingers. The stretch of it burned slightly – he’d never had more than one finger and that tail plug up there before. But with the aphrodisiac in his system, the pain of being opened up by those two fingers just felt good, his cock jerking underneath him. He groaned and whimpered, jumping as he felt the doctor touch a special place inside him that made him want to come on the spot. Only the snug leather and the weights on his balls were stopping him. The doctor touched it again, and then started to massage it slowly, making Fido tense and cry out. His hips started to jerk as he tried to fuck the air helplessly, his cock throbbing so hard that he thought it would burst, the sound sliding slickly inside his urethra as the doctor manipulated his body mercilessly.

“Nearly there, boy,” Dr. Litt said, slipping his fingers from Fido’s ass. “He’s very responsive to prostate stimulation. Everything looks fine. I’m just going to open him up and take a quick look.”

Reaching for a second speculum, Dr. Litt opened up the pet’s buttocks and slid the instrument carefully inside. He started to open Fido up, stretching the pet’s ass out painfully, working him open with the cold, unforgiving metal.

“Not too much, Doctor,” Timothy said. “I want to feel it when I fuck him later. No point buying a virgin if his hole is ruined by you first.” He leaned back in his seat, sighing happily like a man that had enjoyed a satisfying orgasm.

“Don’t worry,” Dr. Litt said. “He’ll be plenty tight when I’m through.” He opened the Fido up a little more, stretching him more than two fingers, but not enough to impede Timothy’s later pleasure.

Fido whined and panted against the table. The feel of having his ass stretched out was uncomfortably erotic. It hurt enough that his ass ached and burned, but his cock throbbed and drooled like it welcomed the pain. Maybe some part of him did. Between his aching Jaw, his clamped nipples and the speculum stretching out his ass, he was in plenty of pain. Despite that, he was still rock hard and so turned on that he couldn’t help flexing his hips forward a few times, searching for something to rub his dick against.

The doctor tutted and slapped the pet’s thigh. “Keep still,” he said. “I can’t take a look with you squirming around.” He aimed a small flash light up Fido’s ass, watching as the pet clenched around the speculum, futilely trying to close his asshole. The metal held him open – there was no give in it. It kept Fido spread open and helpless whilst Dr. Litt examined him.

“I’ll be over at 8:00.” Matt read the text from Andrea with a touch of dread. He hadn’t heard from her in over a week and was beginning to think maybe their previous encounter was a one and done sort of thing. It obviously was not to be that way. Matt was beginning a relationship with another girl who he hadn’t even begun to discuss with the kinky things that he needed, even craved. He was feeling a bit nervous about the situation, but now Andrea had her blackmail. The pictures were likely dated, and even if they weren’t, what they were of was enough to crush anything he had going with anyone. He wasn’t even sure what to reply with. “K” was all he could bring himself to do.

He tried to keep him occupied for the next two hours, reading, playing a game, watching TV. But he was sidetracked completely and inevitably it lead to watching porn or reading erotic stories. He couldn’t even imagine what sort of punishments she had in mind for tonight, or where she was getting them from.

At the clock neared 8:00, he figured he might as well get ready. He unlocked the door, then walked back to the computer. It was a little cold out, getting closed to winter, but he new he’d likely be naked anyways and took his shirt off, his nipples were already hard and sensitive and he delighted in pinching them a bit as he watched the last bit of porn. His cock was already hard against the leg of his jeans. He turned off the computer and sat on the coach as the clock turned to 8:00. He had butterflies in his stomach as he watched the clock. If she was in a mood worse then last week, who knows what sort of pain she would inflict on him. That thought made him even harder.

It was then that he heard the door being opened. He stood up quickly as the moment he’s been nervously awaiting finally came reality once again. He walked into the kitchen as she opened the door from the foyer. Yet again, she had the same long coat on but this time boots on. She smiled at him as she put a little bag on the table and walked up to him. “Kiss me.” She said.

He obliged and leaned in as they met lips, she immediately brought her fingers up to his nipples again and squeezed as her tongue tickled his lips. She pulled her mouth away after they kissed for about 10 seconds. Her fingers still squeezing his nipples. Her grip tightened, “Mmm, I’ve missed these.” She once again began using her fingernails on his nipples and pinched them painfully. His knees got weak as he moaned. She lifted her head and again they started kissing.

After a minute or so she finally let go of his nipples and pulled away from the kiss, “take off your jeans, and sit on the cough.” Without a moments hesitation, he stripped off his pants and sat on the couch as he was instructed. She watched him lustfully, “scootch to the end. Yes, just like that. I love how hard you are already. I can’t wait to hurt you.” She took off her long jacket. This time she was completely naked underneath except for the same fishnet stockings and a tall pair of black boots. She grabbed the bag on the table and sauntered over to the couch. Her nipples were hard, she had perfect c-cup breasts on her small frame. Her sex was shaved bare as it usually was and her tan was a bit darker then normal. This sexy little one hundred pound girl would hurt him tonight, and he was so hard as the night unfolded. She put her bag down on the couch next to him and took his cock into her hand. She rubbed it up and down and brought her lips down. Slowly she licked his cock head as she looked up at him. She then plunged her head down his whole shaft, taking him deep into her throat. He gasped and leaned his head back in ecstasy. Her hand pushed his legs apart as her hand found his balls that hung off the end of the couch. As her mouth and throat worked on his cock, her hand sensually played with balls, lifting them and lightly squeezing them.

Her mouth came off his cock with an audible pop from the sucking she just gave him. “Mmm, I’ve always enjoyed doing that to you.” She crawled up his body again and kissed him deeply for a few moments.

“Okay, now it’s time to hurt you. I know, you can’t wait.” She smiled at him. “Where did you put that syringe I brought last week?”

“Its in the drawer, all cleaned.”

“Good.” She got up from her knees and walked to the bedroom. He could hear her open the drawer where they had kept all the sex toys. She lingered longer then he thought she needed to if she was just getting the syringe which was right on top. Finally, she walked back into the room. She had a few other things, some rope and a pair of metal teethed nipple clamps.

She plopped the rope down on the couch but still held the nipple clamps in her hand, “I miss using these.” She grinned as she leaned over him. She flicked his nipples a few time to get them as hard as possible. She then put the teethed clamp over his nipple one at a time and tightened them until he gasped. She then gave it one last twist ensuring they were biting into his nipples deep enough to cause the perfect amount of pleasure and pain that she knew he enjoyed.

“I’m going to tie you up. I have a feeling if I don’t you won’t let me finish what I’m intending to do tonight.” He smiled as she tied his ankles to the couch and eventually his hands together behind his back. She made sure everything was tied tightly enough so that he truly wouldn’t be able to fight her. The idea made him hard but also just a touch fearful about what she had in mind.

She got down on her knees between his spread legs. The next thing she pulled out of her little bag of tricks was a full tube of lubricant. He had an idea about what she intended with that and smiled, it had felt sooo good last time when she filled him up with lubricant. His dick was hard as could be as his thoughts began to wander. She indeed filled the syringe as full as it would go with lubrication. “I know, you liked this last time.” She grinned as she brought the tip of the syringe to his hard cock. She slowly pushed it in and began to push down on the plunger. Matt began to moan has he felt the cool liquid pushing into his urethra. Such an exotic feeling, the lubricant being pushed into his cock. It sunk into the depths of his cock. He pushed his hips up, welcoming the waves of pleasure as the mass amounts of jelly was forced into his cock. Andrea pushed the last bit into his cock and pulled the syringe away. “Some day we’ll see how much we can get into you.” She smirked as she put the syringe down and tugged on the chain between the nipple clamps. Matt gasped as a spasm of pain shot through his nipples, down his body into his loins and resulted in a small spurt of lubricant pushed out of his little hole and down his shaft.

Out of her little bag she pulled something that Matt wasn’t sure how to respond to. It was a long thick rubbery looking worm. It was nearly two feet long and at least a quarter inch wide, if not nearly a half of an inch. It was a bunch of funky colors too, from orange to pink to yellow. “I found this at Walmart in their fishing section, I knew immediately I wanted to push it all the way into your little hole.” She had such a wicked grin on her face as she brought it up dangling over his penis. It was tremendously long and thick looking. “I wonder if there are actually worms this big. Maybe I’ll find one some day and we’ll use that.” She sounded serious.

Another gush of lubricant spilled out from Matt’s cock as Andrea positioned the tip of the rubbery worm at his pee-hole. She manipulated his hole and worm deftly and pushed the head of the worm into his cock. He gasped at the size. It was the thickness of the biggest sound they’d ever used. “Mmm, perfect.” She said as she began to push the huge worm into his hole. It was stiff enough to be pushed in inch by inch. She seemed to delight in Matt’s moans as she pushed it in. And it had a long way to go too. Slowly, Andrea fed the worm into Matt’s cock. The girth of it left Matt gasping and moaning. It was certainly soft and luckily did not hurt at all, despite it ridges and life-like textures. He was amazed as he looked down and saw that nearly half had been pushed into his cock. It was then that he could feel it deep in his urethra, passing the part where only the longest sounds reach. The feeling was utterly orgasmic as the Andrea pushed the worm deeper and deeper. He shuttered as he felt the worm find what must have been his bladder. He had never experienced anything like this. She was obviously delighting in the feelings she was creating in his body. But she wasn’t done at all, it still had another six inches or so before it would be all the way in. She had no intentions of stopping at this point, even though it was becoming harder and harder to get the worm to go deeper.

She stopped for a moment and took a few moments to take in the yellowy part of the worm that remained sticking out from his cock. It looked like some alien tentacle was sprouting from his cock. She tugged on the nipple clamps a few times. It was obvious that Matt was in a world of his own. The torture of his nipples only increased the pleasure the worm was creating deep inside his cock. She wrapped her hand around his rock hard penis and slowly worked his cock up and down. She could feel the worm and how thick it was in his cock. Now she used both hands to work the worm into his cock. She wanted it all the way in. It took another few minutes as Matt gasped and moaned with his head rolled back but finally the whole length of the worm was buried deep in his urethra. All two feet. It was then that Matt noticed that there was a length of string tied to end of the worm.

“Perfect.” She said as she got to her feet.

She turned her petite body around and lowered her wet pussy onto his cock, easing his manhood into the sweet folds. The sensations were incredible. The worm inside created feelings of intense pleasure for both, the worm made his cock even harder along her clitoris and the girth of the worm worked the inside of his cock as her pussy enveloped him. He humped upwards to meet her, thrusting deep into her cunt. She pinched her nipples as she impaled herself. They both moaned deeply awash in pleasure. She road him until she began to tire, though she never found an orgasm through intercourse, it certainly felt good. But it was time for the next stage.

Matt was panting in pleasure as his hard cock pulled free of her pussy. He was fairly close to orgasm, but apparently that would have to wait. “It’s time to get back to business. So you mentioned paying me again.” She looked down at his hard cock that bulged full of worm. He nodded. “Good.” She walked over to his discarded jeans and pulled his wallet out. He only had $40 in it, she removed both twenties and dropped them into her coat pocket. “Well, since you’re shorting me this time around, I’m going to have to make this worse for you. Sorry.” She grinned.

She kneeled down in between his legs again. Her hand came up and started to lightly smack his dangling sack. He moaned and pushed his body down a bit further and spread his legs as far as he could. She took the invitation to take a little more frustration out on his balls, he accepted the pain with moans. With her other hand she found the end of the worm and worked it further into his cock. It went in further much easier. She pushed it in until the end of the worm was past where his shaft met his body. She stopped smacking his balls and went into her bag again and pulled out a tube of toothpaste. She held the bottle up for him to look at. “This is why I tied you up.” She licked the end of his cock, where the string hung out of the tip of his hole.

His eyes widened as she opened the toothpaste and put the end of the tube into his pee hole. She pushed it in as far as it would go. He submitted himself to what would come next and could already feel the cool feeling of the toothpaste within his cock. He mouthed the word ‘please no.’ Miss Andrea shook her head and started to squeeze out the toothpaste directly into his urethra. He gasped as the cool minty cream started to immediately burn inside his cock. She relentlessly emptied the tube of toothpaste into his cock. The sensation wasn’t entirely horrible as the cream pushed into his urethra. It went from cool, to hot to intensely pleasurable. He moaned and panted as she pushed toothpaste deep into his cock. She was surprised he wasn’t screaming bloody murder. “Does it hurt?”

“Yes, but it’s bearable.” He said.

She sorta laughed. “Well I guess that’s good, want it in your ass too?”

He shook his head quickly knowing exactly how much that hurt. She shrugged her shoulders and pushed more toothpaste into his cock until he was full up to where the worm was stuck way in his cock. Once his cock was full she put the practically empty tube of toothpaste on the couch and watched as toothpaste oozed from his cock.

“Well, I guess it’s time to get my worm back.” She tugged on the string. With the slightest pressure the worm started to travel back up his cock. Toothpaste poured from his cock, the burning sensation increased dramatically as the worm forced it’s way back out. Matt began to howl as his cock burned. Now Andrea was beginning to enjoy herself watching Matt pant and shake from the pain that tore it’s way through his cock. Finally the worm came out of his cock and after a few minutes of tugging and moaning from Matt, she slowly pulled the rest of it out. It popped out of his cock, toothpaste covered the outside of his penis, and created intense feelings there too. However, despite the pain, Matt remained hard the entire time, his balls boiling with cum.

“You should flush out your cock.” She said as she started to untie him. When she was done he ran to the bathroom.

When he finally got done and walked back out, she was already gone. There was a note on the table. “Don’t cum, I’ll know if you do. Miss Andrea.”

Matt was overwhelmed with boredom. He hadn’t had much luck getting any sort of relationship working. Andrea was driving him insane. He need her, he needed her ministrations which he was truly beginning to crave. She texted him only a few times that week. He was saving himself for her as she commanded. The orgasm denial stuff was just about the hottest thing ever.

A text came in as Matt sat playing a video game, “Hey what’s up?” from Andrea. “Not much. You?” He replied back. A few minutes past. Nothing came through. He was about to lose interest when a reply came.

“I’m having a really bad day.”

Matt was a friend so of course he cared, “Want to talk about it?”

“No… but…”

But? What was the but about? Matt wondered, “?”

“Can I come over and take it out on you?”

Matt’s cock sprung to attention immediately, “of course” he texted back.

Matt paced back and forth. There was no reply. Was she coming over? When? What did she have in mind. It drove him crazy. Minutes went by, then an hour went by. Matt sent a text, another question mark, but there was no reply then he heard the door open. He heart was pounding.

She was looking hot as always. Her hair a bright blonde color now that he liked. It was much warmer out, she had a low cut tight shirt on that showed off her ample cleavage and a skirt that made him almost immediately hard.

“Take your clothes off slave.” She said in a cute but demanding voice.

He quickly complied and stripped off his clothes and stood before her. Her fingers caressed his body slowly, then her left hand found his nipple and her right, his balls. She squeezed both vigorously. “Ahhh!” he said. She was being intensely rough.

“Oh be quiet, you want this.” She said. He did. She used her nail on his nipple and her other hand squeezed his balls. He was breathing quickly but kept himself perfectly available for whatever she had in mind.

Her hand let go of his balls and immediately slapped his nuts hard. Hard enough for him to gasp and bend inward.

“No, push your hips out.” She continued to squeeze his nipple. He did quickly. Again she slapped his balls, five more times she did, each one hurting more then the last. The last one had brought him to his knees. She let go of his nipple at the same time.

“First things first, I came over for me.” She took off her clothes as Matt regained his composure and stood back up. She stripped off her shirt and undid her bra revealing her perfect supple tits. They jiggled a bit as she slipped her panties off from under her skirt.

She pushed past him to the couch where she assumed her favorite position – doggy style, pulling her skirt up as she settled into cushions of the couch, she even brought over her favorite vibrator and was working her clitoris expertly, “Put your dick in me. And don’t you dare cum.” He was quick to act, slamming his cock into her wet pussy. His hands pulled hips as he fucked the hot temptress. Her hands expertly worked her pussy and within minutes she was crying out in orgasm. After it had faded, she pushed his hips back and he popped out of her.

“Go lay on the end of the bed, knees up.” She pushed him towards the bedroom.

Matt did as he was told, the juices of her pussy still clinging to his cock. Precum seeped from his hole. He got on the bed as commanded with his feet right at the edge, his cock and balls exposed. He could hear Andrea rummaging around the kitchen and in her purse. His cock pulsed with anticipation. “Close your eyes and keep them closed,” she said. All went dark as he closed his eyes. He could hear her come into the bedroom, “Good boy.” She climbed onto the bed and began wrapping a cloth around his head covering his eyes. Once done, Matt opened his eyes but couldn’t see a thing. She then took hold of his hand, then his other one and pulled them up over his head. She began tying his wrists together, then tied them above his head. She moved a bit next to him to slide off the bed, stopped. He felt her lips come to him and they kissed sensually for a few seconds. She pulled away and got off the bed.

Her touch was like electric as she touched his balls, pulling them away from his body. Then he could feel the rope being tied around, pulling his balls down and tightening the skin. She looped the rope around 5 or 6 times till there was no more skin left to wrap. His balls felt so exposed, throbbing, open for whatever ministrations she could conjure up.

“I want you to know, I’m not mad at you. I’m going to hurt these,” she said as she wrapped her hand around his testicles and squeezed, “but only because I need to, and I know you’ll enjoy it.” She let go briefly and like a jolt of lightning, her hand slapped his trapped balls sending waves of pain and pleasure coursing through his body. Matt gasped loudly. She pushed his knees back apart and slapped his balls hard, over and over. She continued smacking his balls until he could take it any more, whimpering he struggled to close his legs and stop the pain. He twisted to the side and pulled his knees up. She stopped the assault on his balls. Through his panting he could hear her satisfied noises. Her fingers once again found his balls which tied up were constantly exposed. She caressed them softly. Her other finger found his anus. She pushed her finger in slightly. One, then two knuckles.

She continued to finger his ass and massage the balls she had just punished for a couple minutes. Pulling her finger out, she bent over and kissed and licked the tight reddened skin on his balls. The pleasure was exhilarating for him. He started to moan a bit. She pulled away and pulled on his knees again. He brought his knees back up and opened his legs for her again.

“Good.” She began caressing his balls lightly and noted the pre-cum dripping from his cock.

She gathered some things up as Matt shuttered in anticipation. Then her hand wrapped around his pulsing cock, stroking him to an almost painful hard on. More pre-cum oozed from the tip. She took a condom and unwrapped it, “This will definitely feel weird.” She then picked up one of the smaller sounds and unraveled the condom over it’s length. She brought the condom covered sound to the tip of his cock and began pushing the condom into his cock. It didn’t feel as weird as he expected but he still moaned as the sound traveled down his cock. She used a smaller sized one so it slipped right into his well worked hole. After it had descended all the way she carefully pulled the sound free of the condom. Now it felt weird. “Perfect,” she commented at her handiwork. The condom was all the way into his cock so that just the opening of it remained, “Now let’s see what we can put in there.”

As if she had this all planned out she held his rock hard cock in place and began pushing something stiff into his cock. He moaned out as she pushed it into his hole. “We fit 3 q-tips in here before, let’s see what we can fit now,” she said as he felt a second one pushing into his hole. The condom made it easier as the second one slid in. She stroked his cock a few times as he heard and felt lubricant being squeezed into the hole in the condom. As she pushed the third one is, Matt began moaning loudly as his urethra was expanded to fit it’s girth. He gripped the sheets tightly as she pushed the little torture device into him. “Can’t wait to push the fourth in now,” she snickered and she stroked his cock a bit more. He spread his legs a bit more offering his hole to her willingly. She eagerly took the invitation and started easing the fourth one into his hole. Matt grunted as he felt the pain in his urethra as the q-tip was pushed into his hole. It felt bizarrely good, her hand around his cock, the other one pushing in the q-tip. He felt like he was going to orgasm from the kinkiness of it. If only she was stroking him a little more. He felt his orgasm building and was his moaning became more and more pronounced. She finished pushing the fourth one in and noticed his pleasure. She smirked as she stroked his cock some more, up and down his whole shaft. She could see his body tighten as the orgasm was nearing. But just before he was about to cum she let go of his cock, made a fist and punched him right in his sperm filled scrotum. Matt howled as he closed his legs and gasped in pain and frustration. “You don’t get to come yet. And you didn’t ask,” she sounded actually mad.

She lightly pried at his legs and he opened them again for her, “And you might not get to come at all now today just because of that.” For a second time she punched him in the balls, but not quite as hard. Matt grunted again but kept his legs open for her. His orgasm had completely past, between the pain in his urethra and the pain in his balls.

He heard the click of her phone as she obviously took a picture of his predicament. He suffered it willingly. He could then feel the tugging of the q-tips as she pulled them free of his condom filled cock. She was nice enough to pull the first two out one at a time and the then the last two out together.

“And now the main course, I’ve been thinking about this one for a few days,” He could hear her fiddling with something making a noise he couldn’t quite figure out. Turned out they were frozen peas and she began feeding them into the condom one by one. They were cold and he moaned out as they felt like they were freezing the inside of his cock as she pushed them in and helped them descend into his cock. One by one she pushed them in. His hungry hole ate them up quickly. As she pushed each one into his hole, she then pushed it down his shaft as far as it would go… and she just kept repeating the process. After a while, the cold sensation went away. His fingers found his way to his nipples and he squeezed them, pleasure emanating from every part of his body.

After what seemed like 10 minutes she unceremoniously announced that she thought his cock was full. And it sure felt like it. He guessed she was able to push over 100 into his cock. He could feel them struggling for space in his urethra. “Lay down on the bed properly,” she said and he turned himself on the bed. He heard her undo her skirt and then it hitting floor and climbed up on top of him. His cock was already pressing into her wet folds as she bent over him, kissing him deeply. His hands came up to her full breasts and began caressing them and pinching her nipples slightly. They kissed rather passionately for way longer than he expected. As she pulled away from his lips, her other lips descended upon his cock. She moaned louder than he did as his manhood pushed into her depths. The peas creating and exhilarating sensation for her. She sat on him and began gyrating on his body. Her fingers were down at her pussy playing with her clitoris. His hands found her tits and nipples and played with them as she liked.

It only took perhaps a minute and Andrea’s pussy was clenching on his full cock tightly as she moaned and eventually had what sounded like an amazing orgasm. He pinched her nipples tightly through out the whole thing. She was panting as she finished. He gave her nipples one last squeeze, then fondled her breasts softly, “Thank you slave.” She bent down and kissed him deeply once more.

“Don’t you dare masturbate or cum.” She kissed him again. “This cock and balls are mine,” she said as she gyrated her hips for emphasis. “You will only cum when I tell you you can,” she eased herself off his cock. He moaned knowing she would leave without giving him an orgasm…. and thus she owned him.

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