I got divorced from Michelle ten years ago and remarried with Nelly. I only saw Michelle again a few times at funerals and birthday parties for our grandchildren. Each time I saw her I was glad we were divorced, she was such a bitch. Until recently.

My daughter Nadia was in hospital and Michelle was looking after the kids. She had remarried too but her husband wasn’t in good health and had recently undergone a liver transplant. I had picked up the grandchildren from school as I always did, once a week. When we got to their home Michelle was there, preparing the dinner. It was strange being alone with her again after so many years. She looked nice with blonde hair and tight jeans. Her tits looked good too in her thin pullover. I wondered if she had had a boob job. As we talked I felt a strong attraction to her. About a year after our separation she had told me that she wanted to get back with me. I was at her home which was the same house we had shared during our marriage. I had come to fix a leaking tap for her. It wasn’t long before she was wearing only her panties and I was sucking and caressing her tits. I wanted to fuck her but she had her period and didn’t want to do it. She gave me a hand job and said we would do it properly the following week. It didn’t happen however. I was overcome with guilt and prayed that my wife Nelly wouldn’t find out. Ever since then I have often fantasized about fucking Michelle, imagining it was her while I was screwing Nelly.

My cock was getting hard as we talked about old times. I kept looking at her tits and I knew that she had noticed. “What are you looking at?” she asked with a smile on her face.

“I’m looking at your tits, have you had them enlarged?” I replied. “They look beautiful.”

“You haven’t changed,” she said. “Still as dirty as ever. No, I haven’t had them done. Nelly wouldn’t be pleased if she knew you liked them.”

“She doesn’t know.” I said. Now I was really horny and I wanted to hold her in my arms and kiss her. I touched her hair and told her how nice she looked. She gazed into my eyes with a look that told me I could have her if I wanted. Then the kids came into the kitchen and didn’t look like they would be leaving so I said that I had to go home. Michelle came to the door with me and I put a hand on her arm as I kissed her on the cheek. Then I quickly kissed her on the lips.

“Can I see you somewhere this week?” I asked her. “Just you and me.” My cock was throbbing now and if we had been alone I would have seduced her and I’m sure it wouldn’t have been very difficult.

“Where?” she asked. “And why?”

“It’s been so long since we were together and I often think about you. It would be wonderful to be alone with you.”

“How about a coffee in the shopping center on Thursday afternoon?” she whispered, looking round to see if the children were within earshot. “Two o’clock at Stacey’s?”

“OK,” I said. “I can’t wait.”

I had a raging hard on all the way home and masturbated several times over the next few days thinking about what was going to happen. I felt guilty concerning Nelly, especially as we love each other very much, but the thought of having sex with Michelle again was driving me wild with desire. I knew that she would probably want to have a serious affair with me and probably cause me terrible problems but I couldn’t resist. I kept thinking about our sex life when we had been together. She used to let me fuck her in her pussy and sometimes in her ass but she didn’t like sucking my cock. Maybe she had changed and would have had lots more experience over the years. I remembered how she loved me to suck her pussy. I wondered if she shaved it now.

Thursday finally arrived and when I walked into Stacey’s Michelle was already there. We had a coffee and I held her hand across the table as we talked about this and that. She said it was such a pity that we hadn’t made a success of our marriage. I said that we could start seeing each other and she agreed but the problem was where?

She wanted to buy some clothes and I went into a store with her. Walking behind her I saw that she still had nice shapely legs. She chose a few shirts and I followed her into the changing room. There was nobody else there and I asked if I could go into the cubicle with her. I helped her take off her coat and unbutton her blouse. As she stood there in her black bra her tits looked just as lovely as before. I unhooked the bra and saw her bare breasts. They were perhaps a bit saggier than ten years ago but they were still full with bigger nipples than Nelly’s tits. I stood behind her and fondled them, weighing them in my hands and squeezing the nipples. She moaned with pleasure as I kissed her neck and pushed my hard cock against her ass.

“You don’t waste any time, what if somebody comes,” she said, peeping out behind the curtain.

“Take your skirt off.” I murmured in her ear. “There’s nobody around.”

She unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it. She pulled down her tights and I removed her panties. She was completely naked now and I held her in my arms tight against me. I ran my hand down over her belly and she opened her legs. I could feel her soft pubic hair and I kissed her mouth, feeling her tongue on mine. I pushed my fingers into her pussy which was wet. She always got very wet when she was turned on, her juice used to run down between her ass cheeks when she was lying on her back. Her pussy wasn’t as tight as Nelly’s but Nelly didn’t get wet the way Michelle did.

She unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. It was such a fantastic thrill to feel her fingers stroking my prick. I started to rub her clit and I soon heard her whisper the words I remembered so well, “Oh God, I’m coming.” I hoped that she would sit down and suck my cock but she didn’t.

“I want to fuck you sweetheart,” I said as I zipped up my pants. “I want to make love to you properly.”

“Can you come to my place tomorrow?” she asked. “Mike has to go for a check-up and it takes all afternoon. Can you come around two o’clock?”

“I’ll be there, I want you so much.”

I walked with her to her car in the car park and sat next to her for a while. We kissed and caressed each other and I wondered if we could have sex there in the car, my cock was so hard again. But there were several people around. I told her that I liked stockings and high heels. “I know,” she said. “I haven’t forgotten. Holy shit, I can’t believe this is happening. I’ve often thought about you and wished you were with me. What in God’s name would Nelly say if she could see us now?”

“Why don’t you shave your pussy? I want to suck you and it’s much nicer that way,” I told her.

“Maybe,” she grinned wickedly. “Wait and see.”

When I got home I was in for another pleasant surprise. Sometimes when Nelly was feeling horny after a few drinks she would put on her sexy underwear, high heels and stockings. She came into the living room dressed like that and I hoped to hell that I didn’t smell of perfume. I had a scotch and watched her as she did a little dance and staggered a bit. How much had she had to drink? I stripped off my clothes and was glad that I was going to get a fuck and empty my balls. She sucked my cock for a while and then I bent her over the back of the sofa and fucked her from behind. She always comes quickly and so it didn’t take long. I closed my eyes imagining I was shafting Michelle and shot a big load up her.

The next day I pretended that my daughter had called to say there was nobody to collect the kids at school and could I do it. Nelly wasn’t too happy because she wanted me to take her shopping but I promised to go with her on Saturday. Nothing was going to stop me from spending the afternoon in bed with a lovely woman who wanted me as much as I wanted her.

I had never been to Michelle’s apartment before and I was shaking with anticipation as I rang the doorbell. When she opened the door I couldn’t believe my eyes, she looked so gorgeous. She was wearing a short, low cut black dress with black stockings and shoes with very high heels. We had a couple of drinks and then she stood up and took off her dress. She looked absolutely incredible in her red bra and silky red panties. Her belly was a bit fatter than before and her thighs were larger but she still had a great body.

“Do I still look good? Want me to keep my stockings on?” she asked.

“Yes, keep them on, and your shoes. God you look incredibly sexy, look at what you do to me.” I took my hard cock out and showed it to her. She took my hand and led me into the bedroom. I got my clothes off and held her in my arms against my naked body. I ran my hands over her ass as I kissed her. I put a hand inside her panties and caressed her ass cheeks, then I moved it round to the front and stroked her pussy. Wonderful! She had shaved it! Her pussy was soft and smooth. I pulled her panties down and she stepped out of them. I unhooked her bra and then she was naked except for her black stockings and shoes. My cock was dripping precum as I stood back and looked at her body. It wasn’t as firm as the last time I had seen it but she was still a magnificent, beautiful woman.

I sat her down on the side of the bed and pushed her onto her back. “Hold your legs up,” I told her, lifting them until her knees were on her tits. I could see her lovely smooth pussy, still a bit pink after the shaving, and her asshole was visible, brown and puckered. I knelt down and kissed her cunt, holding the lips open and pushing my tongue inside. She gasped as I licked her clit. “Suck me,” she moaned. It’s been so long.” I sucked her pussy lips into my mouth and pushed my tongue as far into her as I could go. I licked her asshole and then I began to suck her clit, flicking my tongue back and forth on it until she began to cry out, pushing my head hard against her. I made my fingers wet in her pussy and pushed one into her asshole. How long since I had done this before?

“Oh my God, I’m coming,” she gasped, pushing her cunt against my mouth which was full of her juice. When she had finished I pulled her up and stood with my cock in front of her face. She held it in her hands and licked the precum off the head.

“It hasn’t changed,” she said, looking up at me with a big smile on her face. Then she leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth. She started to suck me and stroked my balls. Nelly gives me a good blow job but this was so much more exciting, my ex-wife was sucking my cock! It wasn’t long before I shot a big load into her mouth. She didn’t swallow. She took a Kleenex and spat my cum into it.

“You still don’t swallow?” I asked. “You never liked doing that.”

“No I still hate it,” she said. “Does Nelly swallow?”

“No, she doesn’t like it either but it doesn’t bother me.”

We lay on the bed in each other’s arms and I felt another erection coming.

“Fuck me David,” she said, “I want to feel your cock in me again. It’s been ten years and nobody has ever fucked me as good as you did.”

That was nice to hear and when I slid into her wet pussy it felt just the same as I remembered. Every woman feels different when you fuck her. Michelle’s cunt is not tight, in fact it’s rather loose, but I prefer a very wet pussy like hers. I moved up higher so my cock was rubbing against her clit. I fucked her hard, kissing her passionately until we both came.

Maybe I should try and sodomize her too, I wondered. Why not, there might not be another chance. I made my fingers wet with her pussy juice again and slid them between her ass cheeks until I felt her anus.

“Turn over,” I whispered, “I want to do it there.”

“Slowly then,” she said and turned over onto her belly.

I got on top of her and pushed my cockhead against her asshole until it popped through the sphincter. She gasped as it went in. I slowly pushed and my cock entered her ass until it was right in. Jesus, this was absolutely incredible, I was fucking my ex-wife in the ass! What would Nelly do if she knew? I moved it back and forth, kissing Michelle’s neck and stroking her hair as I sodomized her, it felt so good. I shot my hot cum in her and pulled my cock out. We lay together for a while and talked. As I had thought, she started to talk about our future. Maybe one day we could be together again. I decided it was time to go. We arranged to see each other the following week and I went back to Nelly, the woman I love. It was wonderful to fuck Michelle again but we had got divorced because we couldn’t stand living together. It would never work out again. I was seeing her now simply for the pleasure of screwing her.

I am still having an affair with her which will have to end before it goes too far. I am in dangerous territory and it is worrying. Michelle is a bitch and wouldn’t think twice about telling Nelly everything, but I can’t resist the thrill of having raw, passionate sex with a gorgeous woman who will do anything I want.

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