Author’s note: As mentioned before, this is a joint writing effort between myself and DungeonsOfDread, and begun life as a role-play on the Lit forums. Many thanks to DungeonsOfDread for breathing life into Scraps, and creating this world with me. We hope you enjoy this next chapter and would love to hear any feedback you have. There is plenty more to come after this! Thanks!

Scraps spent the next day mostly in training with Hawkeye. It was the most uncomfortable and aggravating thing he’d ever experienced. Because Hawkeye lacked an active ability they were practising close combat self-defence. Hawkeye was in an even more upbeat mood than usual and Scraps knew why. On several occasions Scraps forgot to pull back a punch or kick, as a result Hawkeye ended up with some nasty bruises.

“Whoa man! Careful, it’s only training remember?” He stated happily. His annoyingly positive mood made Scraps all the more frustrated. Every time he landed a blow it felt like a welcome release to the built up tension. Hawkeye rubbed his chest after Scraps landed a well-placed kick. If they continued this way Scraps knew that he eventually hurt him more permanently. What worried Scraps the most was the fact that he didn’t care too much if he did. All he could picture was Hawkeye holding Flit intimately, and that was a strong motivator.

“I’m sorry Hawkeye, I don’t think I’m up for this today.” Scraps acknowledged, taking a step back before he let his emotions get the better of him.

“Okay, No problem well go again next week.” Hawkeye replied, he held his hand out to shake but Scraps just could bring himself to remain civil. He turned and left the room without looking back.

Scraps no longer required an escort and could freely move around the complex, his only destination this afternoon was his room. He knew with is upcoming test he should study but after the incident yesterday he could no longer motivate himself. He just lay on the bed and rested his head and mind.

After a few minutes he heard a knock on his door, it unlocked and Flit was standing there, she seemed anxious, perhaps she was going to inform him of the discontinuation of their relationship. It wasn’t something he was ready for.

“Hi.” he said flatly.


As soon as the door opened Flit could tell that there was something wrong. Scraps looked terrible, and when he greeted her his voice was completely devoid of any emotion. After Hawkeye had pulled her from a dark place that she thought she’d left behind, she had realised that Scraps was her second chance, just as much as she was his. However, his expression worried her, and after the emotions of last night she didn’t know if she could handle losing him.

“Scraps? What’s up?” Flit asked, concerned. Scraps looked up at her blankly, and the emptiness of his scarlet eyes felt like a dagger in her heart.

“I saw you with Hawkeye after dinner last night.” He stated flatly and turned his head away from her before continuing, he took a deep breath as though he was steeling himself before he continued. “I thought you and I were….” he stopped himself short, “So are you with Hawkeye?” he questioned sadly.

“What?” Flit asked, eyes wide and mouth popping open in surprise. “Me and Hawk? No way!” She shook her head vigorously. “Hawkeye’s like a brother to me- I’ve never been interested in him in that way.” She said.

Flit’s mind raced back to the previous night and tried to figure out when Scraps would have seen her. She didn’t remember anything other than Hawkeye’s voice as he talked her out of that dark place. Scraps must have seen them hugging, it was the only explanation for his dismay.

“Oh Scraps…” Flit said softly, crossing the room and sliding onto the bed beside him. She reached out and took his hand in her own, relishing the feeling of his warm skin on hers. “Hawkeye was comforting me- nothing more. He was there for me when…” She trailed off, unable to say what she knew she needed to. “Look, what Swipe said hurt me. She did it on purpose as well. She used what she knew would cut me the deepest. That is why I leapt at her- I don’t normally attack people at the dinner table, you know.”

Flit was momentarily distracted by the tactile memory of her nails ripping into Swipe’s porcelain skin and she had to stop herself from smiling. It wasn’t revenge- it wasn’t nearly enough for what Swipe had said, but it would have to do.


Flits’s sincerity was too pure for him to deny her words. As she touched his hand he looked back at her eyes. He felt like an idiot now, never once had he ever overreacted in a situation, he always analysed everything before formulating a solution. This girl had changed him; changed him for the better he decided as an afterthought. Without her, none of this would have been possible, just like everything in life there were bound to be positives and negatives. Even with this recent incident he still believed himself to be on top. He smiled at her.

“I understand now. Sorry about overreacting, it’s not like me but all these new things and experiences have made it difficult to adapt.” he explained. “I do have one question. If you don’t want to talk about I’ll understand, but can you tell me who Rook was?” he asked cautiously.


“There is nothing to be sorry for.” Flit said sincerely, “The last couple of weeks have been emotionally draining for me; I can’t even begin to imagine how it must be affecting you.” Flit said.

The smile on Scraps’s face made her feel so much better. She leant forward slowly and placed a soft lingering kiss on his lips. When she pulled away she let out a soft sigh.

“You’re right about one thing.” Flit said, looking away from Scraps. “I don’t really want to talk about Rook… But I need to. You have a right to know what happened.” Flit took a deep breath. “I might as well start from the beginning if you don’t mind. You should make yourself comfortable.”

Flit scooted back on the bed so that she was seated beside Scraps with her back against the wall. Her stomach was roiling about and her heart was already aching, but he deserved to know, and she needed to learn to talk about it.

“I met Rook just after my eighteenth birthday. He and his parents transferred here from the Eastern Front.” Flit began with a heavy sigh. “He was put into the Security team straight away- he’d been doing the same thing in the EF for a couple of years so it was an easy transition for him. At that stage I had just started proper training and was working here and there. When I did my Security rotation I did a few patrols with him, and we also did our navigation and survival training together.” Flit couldn’t help but smile when she remembered those times. Flit and Rook had spent their patrols poking fun at each other and trying to prank the other.

“We got along really well; we had the same ideas about a lot of things and were both pretty rebellious. It wasn’t long before things started happening and we realised that there was something between us.” Flit could picture Rook’s face when he first admitted that he had feelings for her, the memory making her eyes fill with bitter tears.

“The other thing was that his family was much like mine; they also lived their days in The Hub and their nights in the Underground. He understood what it was like to have to live in both worlds- not many people down here do.” Flit said softly with a frown, sniffing back her tears.

“The years passed and things became pretty serious.” Flit said, her mood slowly slipping from reminiscent to melancholy. “Then one night on the trip back to The Hub, he asked if we should put in the application with The Government so that we could be genetically approved for marriage.” Flit’s voice caught in her throat at the last word and she squeezed her eyes shut, holding back tears at the memory of the look in Rook’s tender brown eyes as he had spoken to her.

“I said yes- of course- it wasn’t even a question for us anymore. I told him to download the forms when he got home, and said that I’d quickly port back and let Digit in Intelligence know so that she could make sure our genetics would be compatible for The Government.”

Flit’s hands clenched the sheets and her chest began to heave. She opened her eyes and the dam holding back the tears was burst open.

“I went back and told Digit. When I asked she wasn’t even surprised- she just told me that she’d already taken care of it. Apparently we were the last ones to think about it. I was so happy as I made my way back to The Hub, I was going to go straight to Rook’s so we could get started on the forms.”

Flit felt the familiar weight of her mourning settle over her, but she refused to stop speaking. She knew that Scraps was listening to her, and now she had to finish the tale. She would not let him go on without knowing something so important about her.

“When I got to his unit the doors had been blown in. The place was a complete mess- the comm screens shattered, the walls riddled with ammo holes. I found his Father’s body first. After that there was a trail of blood leading from the dining room to Rook’s room…”

Flit took a few minutes to allow the memories to wash over her. She couldn’t ignore them, so she had to let them flow. Only then could she deal with them.

“Rook and his mother were gone.” Flit said, the weight of her words settling on her and crushing her with their truth. She looked up at Scraps through her tears, his red eyes looking intensely into her own.

“There is something you need to understand about relationship down here, Scraps. They can be dangerous. At any moment one of us could expire- from natural causes, by the hand of The Government, because we over stretch our abilities… There aren’t many happy endings down here, and the ones that do exist are hard fought for and bitterly earned…”

Flit clasped her hands together in her lap and put her head down, the tears falling against her leather pants with soft splashes. It was hard for her to think, hard for her to speak, but she fought against the darkness that threatened to overwhelm her as she spoke.

“Almost two years ago, five days after Rook was taken, Digit came and found me in my room. She had discovered a new record in The Government’s Archives. PF-601. Male. Twenty Four years old. Five feet ten inches. Dark brown hair and brown eyes. A Rank 5 telecoercionist who was known to have links with The Underground. Even with the control chip he tried to escape several times. The Government decided that he was too much of a risk, and was unable to be reclaimed, so they terminated him.”

When Flit spoke the final word she let the tears fall freely and she wrapped her arms around herself. Her breath was coming in soft sharp bursts and her head started hurting, her eyes burning.


Scraps listened intently as her story unfolded. Her mood darkened the more she revealed. When her voice broke and she found it difficult to talk Scraps held her hand more tightly and wrapped an arm around her. When she finally concluded her tale he brought her closer placing her head in his chest. He now understood why she initially resisted their growing friendship, he himself shared the same concerns. Although he did not share a similar experience, hearing her tale brought to light the reality of their mortality.

Flit leant into Scrap’s warm embrace. It took a while for her tears to subside, but when she had nothing left to cry she wiped her eyes carefully and looked up at Scraps who remained her silent sentinel.

“Right,” Flit said with a brave smile, making the corners of Scraps’s lips lift slightly. “Now I’ve cried in front of you once don’t expect it to happen again. It’s a very rare thing- consider yourself lucky.” She joked, even though her voice was hoarse from all of the emotion.

“No matter what happens to us from now on Flit, I will always remember each and every experience we have shared together. Thank you for telling me your story. I’ve always known my life would be full of risks. Danger had no meaning because I was trained to die for The Government. Now though ,being with you, I have something to live for. Every moment is precious to me now.” He explained softly. Scraps shifted the hair out of her eyes and rubbed the tears from her cheeks.


Scraps spoke with such heartfelt depth that Flit’s aching heart began to warm up slowly. The extent of his honesty and openness about his feelings were quite far from the norm in the underground. When she and Rook had started out they had revealed their true feelings little by little, it was a way to protect their hearts just in case the other changed their mind. With Scraps though, it was clear that he had no intention to beat around the bush. The lack of games and his genuine personality was exactly what she needed to help her heart heal.

When Scraps slowly slid the hair off yet face and gently brushed away her tears she couldn’t help but smile at him.

“Yesterday you told me that I was your second chance at life… Well, I think you’re mine as well.” Flit whispered. As soon as the words left her mouth she knew them to be completely and utterly true.

Flit turned her face to Scraps and looked up into his eyes. This time when she slowly leaned towards his lips there was no nervousness, no question as to whether he would reciprocate. When their lips met she felt a hot rush of emotion and desire that washed away her longing and sadness.

Flit moaned into Scraps’s mouth as his hands begun to eagerly explored her body. He was getting the hang of it very quickly, and her body was slowly becoming attuned to his touch. She continued their kiss for a few minutes, but then she had a sudden thought and broke away.

“Scraps we’d better stop.” She said, breathing heavily. “These holding cells are subject to spontaneous video monitoring…” She pulled away from him reluctantly. “Besides, I’d better get to the training rooms. I want to talk to Post-Hoc about the Orienteering test. Will I see you at dinner?” She asked, carefully extracting her body from the tangle of limbs.


The mention of camera’s monitoring the room worried him slightly. Luckily he hadn’t done anything or spoke about anybody that would be considered embarrassing or incriminating.

“Sure, no problem. Now that we’ve straightened out our stories I think I’ll get back to that study.” He stated with a smile, pleased beyond all reason that she was still his.


Flit went straight to Post-hoc after she left Scraps and got the details for the Orienteering test. She needed to know exactly where the starting point was for the test. As soon as she heard where it was she was pleased. Even if he was the best navigator of them it would be pushing it to get home before a decent bed time. They would need to camp out for sure. It would probably take a while for her to get him out there, and that was using her ability to teleport them both and speed up the process.

After seeing Post-hoc she went to her room to prepare. She packed a lot of her Underground gear into a study pack and then went to her locker to get her back up weapons ready. Once her bag was ready to go she started looking through the maps of the tunnels again just to reassure herself that she knew all the markers, and then she transferred them to a smaller hand-held device and put it on charge.

Dinner that night went smoothly. It was made better by the fact that Flit and Swipe were at completely different ends of the table and didn’t have to talk to each other, or even look at each other. At one stage Flit noticed that Hawkeye was moving a little more slowly, but when Scraps apologised for his behaviour in training Flit had to hide a smile because she knew both sides of the story.

When the group dispersed after dinner Flit pulled Scraps aside, but left her hand on his arm as she spoke to him, relishing the contact.

“I’ve got everything prepared for the Orienteering test. Chances are that I’ll only see you at dinner until then. I have two really long patrols with Hawkeye over the next two nights. Study hard, okay? I want you to be able to delay our return as much as possible!” Flit said the last sentence with a wink before she turned away, sure to add a little extra sway to her hips.


“I think Swipe is interested in Scraps.” Hawkeye said thoughtfully as he and Flit approached a junction in the eastern tunnels. Flit laughed loudly.

“I think Swipe is interested in anything with a co-” She stopped herself before saying the word. Hawkeye turned to her with an eyebrow raised.

“With a?” He asked slowly with an amused grin.

“With a Y chromosome.” Flit said quickly. Hawkeye rolled his eyes at her.

“That isn’t what you were going to say.” Hawkeye laughed, “Anyway, I think that’s why she said something the other night- she’s jealous of the time you’ve been spending with Scraps.” Hawkeye explained, Flit shrugged.

“It might’ve had something to do with that, but I think it’s because she’s a bitch.” Flit said. Hawkeye didn’t bother to defend Swipe.

“How are you doing anyway?” He asked, his tone suddenly more serious.

“Well, actually.” Flit’s surprise was clear in her voice “Thankfully I was over it pretty quickly- the last thing I wanted was you hanging around constantly because you’re worried about me.” Hawkeye laughed again and they fell into a companionable silence.

“You know, you have been spending a lot of time with him.” Hawkeye said slowly, peering at her out of the corner of his eye.

“Well, I am his mentor.” Flit said, “Plus he’s a nice guy.” Hawkeye’s shoulders became stiff.

“Right. I suppose he is…” Hawkeye said uncomfortably. “How are things with your parents?”

Even though Hawkeye changed the topic Flit got the impression that he wanted to talk about Scraps more, but wasn’t quite comfortable with it. Well, Flit thought, his loss. When he was ready to ask her outright if she had something for their newest recruit she would tell him the truth. Until then, it was nice that it was hers and Scraps’s little secret.


Bright and early on Saturday morning Flit went down to the Underground and straight to her room. She pulled her small handheld comm device off charge and slipped it into her pocket then put her pack on her shoulders. She then strapped several guns and knives to the holsters over her tough leather pants and boots. She pulled on a singlet and then a grey flak jacket which she left open to display the hint of cleavage that peaked out of her tank top. She buckled up her utility belt and ran her hands along it to make sure she had enough of everything.

It wasn’t until she made her way to Scraps’s holding cell that she really became excited. The knowledge that they would be alone in those tunnels took a hold of her and she imagined all of the things they could do in the dark without interruptions or spontaneous video monitoring. When she knocked on Scraps’s door it slid open and revealed Scraps and Acumen deep in conversation.

Big birds screeching and diving with razor sharp talons poised to claw out your eyes, sunlight glinting of razor sharp beaks, claws covered in dark granules of dirt. That was enough to distract her from the thought of what she hoped she would get to do with Scraps, and was more than enough to make her confident that Acumen would steer clear of her mind.

“Morning Gentlemen!” Flit said enthusiastically, grinning at the pair of them. Acumen returned her greeting with an eye roll.

“A good morning to you, Flit.” Scraps replied, his happiness clear from his tone.

“Morning Flit, I was just making sure that Scraps is ready for his first orienteering, I trust you already know the contingency plans should anything go wrong?” Acumen asked in his most official and boring tone.

“Yes Acumen, I am well aware of the emergency procedures. The ones for the test aren’t that different from the ones for patrols.” Flit said exasperatedly. “Don’t worry- Scraps’ll be in good hands.”

“That’s what I’m concerned about.” Acumen muttered, before turning and patting Scraps on the shoulder “All the best.” He told him before leaving the room. When he was gone and the door had slid shut behind him Flit turned to Scraps and grinned at him.

“Right, all set?” She asked, he nodded the affirmative. “The first half of our day will be spent getting to our destination. I will put these-” Flit pulled a pair of night-vision goggles off her utility belt “over your eyes and turn them to black-out. Then, I will jump us to our location. It will take a while but when we get there I’ll take the glasses off you and you are free to get lost!”

Flit walked over to him and brought her spare hand up to caress his cheek. She smiled at him before stopping the intimate gesture and slipping the night-vision goggles over his eyes and pressing a button on the side.

“Now I have to start the black out here so that you have no idea where we are going from the very beginning.” She said, she took a step closer so that her body was touching his lightly. She wrapped her arms around him and made their first jump.

An hour or so later Flit was beginning to feel the strain of jumping both herself and Scraps so far so quickly. She ported Scraps and herself to their nearest nondescript alcove and slowly, regretfully, pulled herself away from him. She reached up and reversed the black-out.

“Just need to take a quick break.” She said settling herself down onto the floor and gesturing for him to to the same. She took the canteen off her belt and took some long, slow draws of the cold water within. “We’ll stop for about ten minutes and then I’ll be right to keep going… And you’d better not take a peek around or else I’ll be forced to discipline you.” She said with a cheeky grin, looking at his handsome face.


Although Scraps couldn’t see as they jumped from one location to another he could certainly still feel. Initially being pressed so close to Flit’s body was quite distracting, and he couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to spend an entire night alone with her. After a few minutes the pleasant distraction wore off and he felt was sick and queasy. The only thing stopping him from vomiting was the steady grip he had on her base of her lower back. In their training sessions they practiced teleporting together but never for longer than a few minutes. When she stopped for the break it took him a moment to adjust to his surroundings.

“Wow, I don’t know how you keep that up and not feel sick. I’m glad you needed a break because I certainly do.” He complained and sat down with his back to the wall, his head spinning.

“Sorry Scraps, I often forget how this much jumping makes others feel.” She laughed as she tried to smooth her smile down to something a little more sympathetic. “If you feel sick along the way you’re allowed to tell me. We can take as many breaks as you need. I’m in no rush to get out there.” She said.

“The next hour or so is going to be shorter jumps but more of them… I’m not sure if that will be worse than what we’ve just done for you, but tell me if it becomes too much, okay?” She explained. She took her pack off and fished around for some snacks. When she pulled out a packed meat jerky she grinned.

“Want some? You need to keep your strength up!” She told him, waving the packet at him. His stomach was still doing somersaults so he politely declined. When he was confident that his head had stopped spinning they resumed their jump cycle.

Scraps was determined to get through the next hour and with careful concentration and focus he fought of the effects of the teleportation. When they arrived he was ready to begin.

As expected he did not recognise anything in his surroundings. He took one look at Flit and she responded with an endearing half smile. He nodded and picked a small passageway to start his journey. He heard Flit laughing behind him and he turned around quickly.

“Hey Scraps! You forgetting something?” She tapped her head and nodded at him meaningfully.

In his haste to get going he completely forgot.

“Thanks, Flit. I guess I’m just too focused on completing this task.” He said with a s light frown, noticing the presence of the inhibitor on his head. After having it on for so long he had forgotten it was there. Scraps walked back toward Flit and bent down to allow her to unlock the inhibitor. When she was done he gave her a quick kiss before setting off again with her in tow.

After a few hours he felt no closer to finding a marker point or shelter, on several occasions he found himself back-tracking over the same points just to readjust his bearings. Several hours later Scraps decided it was time to rest and refresh. He found them a suitable location to sit, eat and drink.

“So how long did it take you to get back the first time?” he asked Flit.

“I left, like we did, first thing in the morning. I was back by dinner time.” She said, eating one of the long-life biscuits she had packed. “Though comparing my time and yours is silly really, I was able to jump. I had Quickstep with me, so we were both able to move a lot quicker than non-teleporters. If I actually had to walk it would have been an overnight trip. And I spent half of my life in the Underground as I grew up.” She explained, leaning against him.

Scraps placed his arm around her, appreciating the closeness. He looked forward to a night alone with Flit, but he at least wanted to know if he was even going in the right direction. Her assurances only did a little to calm his anxiety. It seemed there was only one thing for it. Keep moving.

He continued down a tunnel he suspected he recognised. Scraps could hear the sound of running water and assumed he was getting closer to something that would help him out. The tunnel opened up into a larger junction. What they saw took him completely by surprise.

Where he expected to find a small running stream was instead a river of mutated insects, they surged through a small opening perpendicular to Scraps and Flit’s entrance to the junction. Unlike their cousins these mutated cockroaches were each the size of a cat and ten times a ravenous. For the moment they hadn’t noticed them, Scraps slowly backed away with Flit just behind him. He accidentally scraped his shoe on a rock as they backtracked the sound alerted the swarm and some of bugs turned their attention toward them rushing in their direction.

Scraps reacted quickly to their assault, unlike with the rats when Scraps’s abilities were limited, he was able to fend of multiple insects at a time causing a tidal wave of bugs to be flung backward. It only slowed their advance so Scraps kept moving backward but much quicker this time.


Flit began to back away when Scraps did, so tempted to help Scraps get rid of the horrid swarm- of only to prevent herself from having to see them anymore. She wondered if he would remember how she saved him from the rats. The best way to deal with swarms of small-ish critters was, without a doubt, fire grenades.

Flit had to work hard to remind herself not to touch the grenades at her waist. She was only allowed to intervene if things were about to turn sour. Right now there was still lots of hope for the situation. She would just need to follow Scraps’s cues until he figured this all out.

Scraps seemed to recognise that his abilities wouldn’t be enough to save them, so he turned and begun to head back down the tunnels with Flit in tow. They broke into a run down through the maze of tunnels, their footfalls echoing through the sewers. Scraps turned back every now and again to fling the mutant swarm back but they were relentless in their pursuit.

They came to another junction which at first appeared to be a dead end. Scraps looked around quickly searching for an escape route. An old rusty ladder led upward to another tunnel above them. It was pitch black and so he gestured Flit to climb up, she didn’t hesitate and began her ascent. Flit called down to him when she reached the top. Scraps followed behind but he had to pause as he climbed to keep the insects from over taking him.

When the tunnel filled with the sounds of grinding and then a loud screech, the ladder that Scraps was climbing begun to fall away from the wall with him on it. He managed to slow his fall with his abilities, but when he turned and begun to fling the cockroaches back Flit knew that it was time for an intervention.

Flit ported back down to stand beside Scraps and took stock of the situation- all of the roaches were still far enough away for her to safely use her fire power.

“Scraps- GET DOWN!” She cried, tearing three fire grenades off her belt and activating them. She threw them into the living sea of shiny black bodies and took cover just as the tunnel shook and the sounds of explosions boomed through the narrow passages.

As soon as the sounds stopped Flit jumped back to her feet and assessed the situations. Another two fire grenades later and the passage was now filled with the sound of the creatures wheezing and their shells crackling in the fire.

“All clear.” Flit said, nudging Scraps gently. When he got to his feet she begun to flick off some of the cockroach guts that had been blasted her way. “Sorry to cut in, but I got a bit concerned… How were you planning to handle that situation?” She asked, shrugging her pack off her shoulders to grab some more fire grenades for her belt.

“Uh, I didn’t really have much of a plan after you got out. I am glad you are okay.” He explained meekly. Flit couldn’t help but roll her eyes

“Thank you Scraps, but as gallant as that is, I can take care of myself.” Flit said, trying not to sound harsh.

Flit turned and looked at him carefully to determine if he was injured. He had a few tiny scratches on his face from flying debris but appeared otherwise unharmed.

“You need to remember that you are more than your abilities. There’s so much more to you than telekinesis!” She said to him, taking a step closer and placing a hand on his chest gently. “There are some times where we can’t use our abilities, and there are other times where we can but there are better ways… Look at me- even though I can teleport I can still walk and run.” Flit explained. “You’re not just KC-847 anymore, you are Scraps! You’re a smart, strong, funny, handsome and resourceful man! Play to your strengths!”


“Thanks, I’m really glad you were here though, I’ll definitely remember those grenades for next time.” he commented, silently chuffed at her complimentary assessment of his personality.

They continued their trek through the charred corpses of insects when Scraps realised they were right next to a marker. He checked the surrounding tunnels and passageways to confirm their position. Sure enough he found that he was correct, the bad news was that they were a long way from home. By his calculations they would definitely need to rest for the night.

He located a nearby shelter on the map that wasn’t exactly in the right direction but it was good enough. After a couple more hours Scraps led himself and Flit to the shelter without further incident. As Flit had informed him during his study the shelters were hidden but were specially marked by a symbol of the underground.

Scraps searched the walls and found what he was looking for; the handle of the makeshift door. Once Flit was inside Scraps sealed the door behind them. The shelters created for the underground were all purpose build and equipped with the bare minimum supplies. Emergency rations, water and first aid. There were two beds with sheets and blankets but most importantly an emergency communication device. Scraps placed his bag on the floor and collapsed onto the bed. His muscles and joints ached from the days travel and he longed to relax.


“Well, you look completely shattered.” Flit said, laughing, as Scraps collapsed onto the bed. She threw her own bag down on the other one and leant over, pulling her boots off.

Flit walked over to a panel on the grubby looking wall and slid her finger over the screen. When it asked for a retina scan she held her eyes opened and allowed it to identify her. The Emergency Communication Screen lit up and she typed a message on it.

17:46. Flit and Scraps. Emergency Shelter 39. All is well.

With another retina scan the computer sent the message off so that the others back at base would know that they had reached a shelter and were still alive. When the screen returned to its normal blank state Flit started the process again, and this time accessed a panel with several options. She pressed one and there was a groan and a dull sliding sound as one of the panels of the wall sunk backwards and then slid to the side, revealing a small but functional toilet and shower.

“Luckily for us you found us a shelter with a shower.” Flit said turning to Scraps and grinning at him. “I don’t fancy spending the night covered in roast roach. I’m going to have a shower.”

She went back to her bed and rummaged through her pack for her plain clothes and then put them on her bed. She stripped off her socks and flak jacket and then grabbed the bundle of clean clothes and tucked them under her arm.

Flit didn’t bother shutting the door when she went into the bathroom. The shower was against the wall that the door was on and was out of view. She reached over and pressed the buttons to turn the water on and enjoyed the fresh smell of warm steamy water as she peeled off her clothes before stepping in and pulling the curtain around her for privacy.

Flit relished the feeling of the scalding hot water pouring down her body and washing the dirt and tiredness of the day away. She hadn’t expected the Orienteering test to be quite so tiring. However, when she thought about it, the amount of double jumping she had done that day was quite extensive, coupled with the hours of walking in the afternoon and her muscles had a right to be worn out.

Conscious of the fact that there would be a limited supply of hot water Flit reluctantly turned the flow off and then opened the shower curtain. She looked out and then cursed under her breath. She had brought her clothes but nothing to dry herself with.

“Ah… Scraps? Can you do me a favour please?” She called out. “It seems I forgot my towel- can you please get it out of my pack for me?”

Flit pulled the curtain back across the shower and stood, naked and dripping wet, waiting for Scraps to bring the towel into her. The air in the room quickly cooled down as she waited, and she was hoping that Scraps would get there soon.

“Here you go.” Flit heard from the other side of the curtain.

Flit slid the curtain back a little and peered over the edge of it to see Scraps holding her towel out. As she reached out for the towel she shivered as the cold fabric of the shower curtain clung to her wet body. It was a relief when she managed to grab the towel off him.

Flit peeled the cold curtain off her body and slid it shut again, trying to get the picture of Scraps’s handsome face out of her mind as she wiped herself dry. Much to her relief she heard his footsteps as he walked out of the bathroom. When she was done she pulled the curtain open again and slipped into her clothes, grateful for the feeling of soft warm cloth against her clean skin. She put the towel around her shoulders to stop her hair from wetting her clothes and went back into the main shelter.

“Your turn now roach boy!” Flit said with a smile as she walked over to her bed and begun to search through her pack for her food, eager to fill her rumbling stomach.


When Scraps passed Flit the towel he had to make a conscious effort to stop his eyebrows from disappearing into his hair line. The curtain was thin and almost see-through. The material clung to her naked body. He could see the perfect outline and shape of her curvaceous body and even the hint of her nipples against the cloth. He felt the beginnings of his arousal and remembered why a night alone with Flit was something he longed for. Luckily, she didn’t notice him staring and stepped back to dry herself.

Scraps left the shower area and went back to sit on his bed. He gathered his own belongings in preparation for his turn. When she finished he made his way to the unit and activated the water system. The luke-warm water rushed over his body cleaning away all the muck and filth from the day. Unfortunately his manhood hadn’t softened and he had to actively change his line of thinking to bring it to a more manageable size. After the completion of his shower he redressed and joined Flit back in the main area.

When Scraps finished up he got dressed quickly. When he stepped into the main room Flit smiled up at him from where she was seated, cross-legged, on one of the beds.

“Technically I am not allowed to share any food with you- I’m meant to leave you to your own devices.” She begun slowly. “But I don’t think anyone has to know about these.” She held out two packets of chocolate out for his inspection. “I knew you’d bring dinner, so I thought I’d supply desert.” She told him. Flit put the chocolates on her lap and then tore open a packet of rations. She patted the bed beside her and motioned for Scraps to join her.

Scraps had to smile when he sat beside her and joined her in their indulgence. He organised his own food for dinner and they sat together finishing their respective meals. When they had finished their food Flit let out a loud sigh and relaxed against the wall before looking over at him.

“So, how are you feeling about today? How do you think you went?” She asked, reaching over and taking his hand in hers. He looked down at their adjoined hands and felt feelings of warmth rush through his body.

“Well not as well as I’d hoped, I mean I was almost eaten by mutant cockroaches. But aside from that I am glad that I finally found a marker.” he recounted thoughtfully.

“Don’t worry too much about the roaches- now you’ve done it once chances are you won’t do it again. Just remember what I said; you are more than just a telekinetic.” She rested her head against his arm. “I’m glad you found the marker… and the shelter. I don’t fancy the idea of camping out in the tunnels to be honest. It is much cosier in here! Beds beat sleeping bags on hard cement any day of the week.”

Scraps gave her a kiss on the forehead as she rested her head on his shoulder.

“I’m really glad you came along.” he turned his body slightly and placed his hand on the side of her face. He then tilted his head downward and placed a soft kiss on her lips.


Flit’s stomach filled with butterflies as Scraps turned her face towards him and gently placed his lips upon hers. All of the arousal of the past week rushed back into her body and she eagerly returned his kiss. She slipped her tongue into his mouth as she unfolded her legs.

Flit broke the kiss for a moment and smiled at him, unable to keep her cheeks from going pink, as she got to her knees and moved to straddle him as she had when they were in her room. This time though, as she kissed him, she slowly slipped her hands under the bottom of his shirt so that she could feel the soft skin of his stomach against her hands. As they continued to kiss she brought her hands up further to caress his chest, making sure that his shirt was coming up also. She stopped kissing him and, breathing heavily, raised her eyebrows as she tugged on the hem of his shirt, silently asking for his permission to remove it.

He obliged, lifting his arms in the air allowing her to pull his shirt off. They resumed their passionate kiss whilst she continued to explore his upper body without restraint. Scraps’s hands begun exploring the naked flesh beneath her tops. He started lightly stroking her back and then moved up to her front. His hands discovered her naked breasts andScraps grasped them gently in his hands. Flit couldn’t help but moan as Scraps fingers moved slowly under her shirt. The feeling of his hot skin over her nipples sent waved of pleasure coursing through her body and she broke their kiss, instead leading a trail of soft, small pecks down his neck and over his shoulder as she slowly peeled her shirt over her head.

Flit had guessed at what Scraps would look like under his clothing, and she was pleased to say that he didn’t disappoint. The skin of his chest was soft and relatively hairless, which hi-lighted how well built he was. He wasn’t extremely muscular, but he was toned enough to make running her hands over his body intensely pleasurable for her.

When her top was almost off Flit took a break from kissing his shoulders for a moment to sit back and pull her own top over her head and cast it on to the bed beside her. As she sat, straddling his lap and bare chested before him, she could feel his hardness pushing up against her. The knowledge that they were alone, and in a state of semi-undressed made her very, very happy. Flit bit her lip in anticipation as Scraps surveyed his body.


When Flit removed her top Scraps got his first real look at a half-naked woman. Her skin was nicely tanned and her breasts stood out before him completely uncovered, he took a long moment to appreciate the two perfect mounds of flesh before him. Her nipples were erect from either the cold or his own attentions; either way they only accentuated her beauty and built upon his growing lust.

He moved forward and began kissing the side of her neck like she had done for him, sucking in a breath as their naked torsos collided. He trailed his kisses downward and kissed lightly down the front of her right breast. His left hand came up to massage her other breast exploring her nipple with his thumb and forefinger. Following his instincts now he felt the desire to taste her delicious looking nipples. Without waiting for permission his mouth captured one and he began a gentle light suckle on her erect nipple. The slight hint of soap mixed with what could only be the natural flavour of her skin perked his arousal further beckoning him to work his mouth on her harder.

“Oh Scraps!” Flit moaned when his tongue ran over her nipple. She brought her hands up to grasp his head and hold it close to her and Scraps felt his arousal twitch at her eagerness.


Without even thinking Flit began to slowly grind her hips against his, moaning in pleasure when his stiff rod pressed against her eager core through the fabric of their pants. She continued doing this for a while, enjoying his inexperienced yet passionate explorations of her body. When the build-up caused by the feelings of his hands and mouth on her breasts and his manhood pressed against her became too much she gently pulled his head away from her.

Flit brought Scraps’s face up to hers again and kissed him as she pressed her breasts against his chest again. The feeling of a warm body against her own was something that she had not felt in a very long time, and knowing that it was Scraps that was against her made it all the more special.

When Flit thought that they had teased each other enough, she shifted her hips back slightly and slid her hands down Scraps’s chest until they came to rest on the waist-band of his pants. As she kissed him she felt around slowly for the button and fly on his pants. She struggled to undo them, then held the fabric open. Flit broke their kiss and shuffled back a little further, suddenly feeling cold from the lack of skin-to-skin contact. She looked down at the tented fabric of his underwear and whimpered as she carefully reached down to slip her thumbs into the sides of his pants.

“Lift up a bit.” She whispered breathlessly. When he complied she, careful not to catch his tip, lifted his pants and underwear over his erection and then pulled them down slightly.

There he was, his erection standing proud in all its glory. It was just as hard and smooth as the rest of him, and perfectly proportioned. Flit’s heart suddenly started beating even faster and she could feel herself moisten at the sight of his tip poking out of his foreskin eagerly.

“May I?” She asked, bringing her fingers a hairsbreadth away from his manhood and eyeing it hungrily.

He smiled and nodded at her in a way that told her that he couldn’t believe she was asking for permission. Scraps’s smile made Flit’s lower regions burn. She reached out slowly, tentatively, and ran the tip of her finger up the length of one side of his rigid member. The skin was soft and incredibly hot under her touch and she watched him carefully for his reaction. She then skimmed gently over his tip and back down the other side.

Flit leant forward and kissed his lips softly, before lying down on the bed with her head on the pillow.

“Lay with me.” She said softly, patting the pillow beside her head and turning to her side so that there was enough room.

When the bed sagged under the weight of Scraps’s body as he lay closer to hers, Flit’s breath caught in her throat. She had been hoping they would get the chance to be alone, to explore one another better, but the reality of it was so much more erotic and intimate than she had imagined.

When he was settled, his face close to hers, she edged forward and resumed their passionate kissing. As they kissed, she slipped her hand between them and traced her fingers along his manhood again. Up and down her fingers danced, delighting in the feeling of the soft skin stretched over his hard rod. Then she could wait no longer, she wrapped her hand gently around him and gave him a soft squeeze before she began a slow and sensual stroke of his member.

As she moved her hand she pressed her breasts against his chest again and moaned into his lips. Her nether regions were throbbing now- her clitoris desperate to be touched. She used her free hand to find his and took it, then directed it down the skin of her side. Down over her waist and hips and to the waistband of her pants.

“I want you to touch me.” She panted as she broke their kiss. “You can touch anything you want.” She moved his hand over the curve of her behind “You can touch here,” she moved his hand over her hipbone to the junction between her thighs and sighed at the feeling “or here…” She placed a soft kiss on his lips. “If you want me to take my pants off just tell me.” She said before resuming their kiss and pressing her upper body against him more firmly. Flit continued to stroke him at a leisurely pace, thrilled to feel his erection encased in her grasp.


With her hands guiding him Scraps was given free reign of her body. As she grasped his aching manhood he couldn’t help but grunt in response. The slow stroking of her hand relieved a great deal of the tension that had been building and felt better than anything ever had.

His own hand wandered around her lower half, first around her bottom, this time slipping underneath the fabric. He took a firm grasp of her shapely behind before slowly moving around to the front. As his hand slipped around her hip Flits pants started to shift downward. He lingered around the front of her thigh before slowly making the journey to between her legs.

“Can you remove your pants please.” He whispered in her ear. She smiled in response and arched her back to pull the restrictive clothing off. He eyed the small splash of hair in between her legs and ran his fingertips through it admiring the soft texture. Her hand returned to its previous location and she resumed her stroking.

Scraps’s fingers gradually slid their way down past her pubic hair. Although he knew the scientific anatomy of a woman he’d never had the chance to fully explore one. His fingers seemed to have a mind of their own as he lightly stroked the tips of her nether-lips, they were slightly moist and very warm to the touch. Braving further, used one finger to part them slightly. He was rewarded with a soft moan escaping her mouth. He furthered his exploration by lightly stroking her slit, up and down, coating his finger with the fluid of her desire.


The realisation that Scraps was quite sexually inexperienced dawned on her as she observed his reactions and enjoyed his truly exploratory touches. She didn’t mind at all, she loved the way that he was learning from her body, how he reacted when she moaned into his mouth because of something he’d done. So far he didn’t seem to mind when she gave him directions, so as she stroked his erection with increasing pressure she worked up the courage to increase the pace of his lesson.

Flit ran her spare hand down Scraps’s arms and then placed her hand over his as he ran his fingers up and down her womanhood. She placed her fingers on his over his and waited for him to realise. Eventually he slowed his movements. Putting enough pressure on his hand to guide him, she made his fingers slowly trace up to the swollen nub of her clitoris. When she reached it she let out a moan as the contact sent a sharp bolt of pleasure through her body. She used her own fingers to guide his, she showed him how to trace circles around the small pearl, how to stroke it, and how to apply differing levels of pressure to make her moan.

After a while of showing him how to touch her clitoris, Flit reluctantly led his fingers away from her nub and slipped them down her slit to the entrance of her core. When his fingers pushed against her entrance her reluctance was forgotten. She moved her hand off his and her hips bucked up against him.

“You can put your fingers inside me if you like.” She whispered softly, pushing her hips up again, desperately wanting to be filled.


Scraps loved the way Flit guided his fingers, she introduced him to a small bump of skin at the top of her slit and demonstrated the movements needed to increase her pleasure. Then she guided his finger to the opening at the base of her womanhood.

Flit gave him the opportunity to choose how he would proceed, her hips pressed upward toward his finger hinting at her desire. He understood and slowly pushed his digit inside her; she was tight and soaking wet within. His finger journeyed further wiggling its way inside. When he ventured as far as his finger allowed he used a slow purposeful massaging technique whilst inside and observed her reactions. Her eyes were closed shut and her moans of pleasure increased in tempo and volume. Scraps, wanting to experiment further, slid his fingers out and back in again. Her hips bucked in time with his fingers as a response and so he continued the action over and over.

“Do you mind if I teach you something else?” She breathed into his neck.

“Of course.” He replied huskily. Any lesson she could teach him at his point would be very welcome.


Flit smiled at Scraps’s enthusiasm as she let go of his manhood and reached down to place her hand over his once more. She let out a sigh of regret as she pulled his finger out of her, but as she led his finger back up to her clitoris the regret was washed from her mind.

“Use two fingers.” She directed softly, pressing his index finger down along with his middle. “And then go like this.” She directed his hands to rub up and down her slit, over her clitoris. Once he had the hang of it she let go and let him take control.

Flit didn’t know how long it took, but every second of it was wonderful. She could feel her orgasm building from deep within, and she couldn’t contain her moans of pleasure as it arrived. Along the way she directed Scraps carefully, asking him to add a little more pressure, or to move up or down a bit more, and he was always wonderfully obliging.

When Flit’s orgasm finally came it was an explosion unlike anything she had experienced in a long while. Her arms and legs went numb and she turned and buried her face in Scraps’s chest as she cried out in pleasure, biting gently on his skin as the waves crashed down upon her. Scraps continued to keep his pace stable as she came, and when her body became too sensitive she reached out and stilled his hands.

“That was wonderful.” She said, looking up into his deep crimson eyes and smiling at him. She planted a tender kiss on his lips. “Now it is your turn.”

With her body still singing from the pleasure of his touch, Flit began to trail kisses down his face and neck, over his chest and stomach, and down to the spot just above his arousal. She used one hand to hold the base of his manhood and gave the moist and exposed tip a soft kiss.

“If there is anything I do that you don’t like, or if it’s too much, you can tell me. If there’s anything you want me to try let me know. I want to please you.” Flit said, before slowly engulfing his awaiting member in her mouth.

He tasted clean, fresh and distinctively male as she slid her lips down around him. She just moved her mouth up and down for a few minutes, making sure to keep her pressure light until he had time to register the sensations. She then decided to swipe her tongue over his tip experimentally. When she had done that she added a bit more pressure and brought one hand up to cup and massage his balls.


Flit’s climax shocked Scraps slightly, as he had never seen or experienced it before. However, her cries of pleasure were like music to his ear and it made what she did next even more special. When she wrapped her warm and moist mouth around his throbbing manhood his eyes widened in surprise and he grunted at the unexpected pleasure. She started slowly and gently which he appreciated greatly; his member was extremely sensitive and responded to her every touch. She worked her lips up and down his shaft and added slight flicks of her tongue on his tip, he found himself hyperventilating and grunting loudly with the pleasure. The effect put him in a state of extreme bliss, his hips bucked slightly in time with her mouth and every so often he felt his manhood pulse in response to her attention. She moaned in appreciation.

Flit grasped his balls and gently massaged them as she worked, the feeling was an added bonus to the elation he was already feeling. She tightened the pressure of her lips around his shaft and took more of his length into her hungry mouth. The pressure in his manhood built and after a few minutes he experienced his first climax. Every muscle in his body tightened, the pressure on his manhood released and he felt powerful pulses of pleasure explode out of him and into Flit’s mouth. She eagerly continued sucking him through his release and he had to pull her head off when he became too sensitive. When she finally pulled away from him he spied a small amount of white fluid leak from the side of her mouth, she quickly wiped it up with a finger, swallowed the remainder and cleaned her finger off by sucking on it.

With a satisfied grin, Flit slid up the bed and laid beside Scraps, resting her head on his chest.

“So, how was that?” She asked, stroking his chest as she relaxed against him.

Scraps was still catching his breath when she asked him and couldn’t reply immediately. He’d never experienced such a feeling in his life before and found it difficult to put into words.

“Really, really amazing. I had no idea it was that good.” He responded honestly, mind still foggy from the onslaught of pleasure.


Flit couldn’t help but laugh heartily at his response.

“Really?” She asked poking his chest playfully, “You doubted my skills to please you orally? I’m offended!” She said in a tone that was light and teasing.

“No really, I have never had an experience, orally or otherwise before.” He responded.

Flit was astounded. No experience before this? Well, she shouldn’t have been too surprised- she had heard from a couple of their once-Registered’s that the Government were adamantly against any form of sexual interaction between their Derivates.

“Well I hope it is at least better than your own hand.” She said, reaching down and gently stroking his flaccid member. She giggled when he gasped, his body convulsing because of his sensitive member. She pulled her hand away slowly.

“I’ve never used my hand on it to… do what you did. In fact, it’s only since you guys captured me that it has been getting hard. Perhaps it has to do with the deactivation of my chip.” He murmured thoughtfully.

“Are you serious?” Flit was unable to keep the amazement and horror from her voice. The thought that The Government was supressing something as natural and human as arousal made her sick. “Wow…” She said slowly. “Scraps- that’s so twisted. I’m sorry to hear that.”

Flit’s anger at the Government returned anew and she had to struggle to keep it from disintegrating her post-orgasmic bliss.

“It probably was the chip.” Flit said softly, trying to calm her anger. “Well, whatever it was, I’m honoured that I was your first.” She said blushing slightly. She had assumed that he was pretty inexperienced, but knowing that he had never even masturbated? She was genuinely shocked.

“What was The Government’s training like? Were you trained with other Derivates? Did you make any friends?” She asked, tracing circles on his chest as she listened to his strong heartbeat.


The light caress of her fingers on his chest were a stark reminder of the difference between his training here and on the surface. The rueful realisation of his inexperience, and the pleasure that The Government denied Registered Derivates, was another strike against their strict regime.

“They kept us apart mostly. We only ever saw each other for training and briefings. They didn’t allow any kind of friendship to form between us or even other citizens.” He replied sadly. In truth it only made him unhappy now, whereas before he just accepted everything he was told. Now he could looked back and regret what he missed out in his past.

“Well,” Flit said burying her head into his chest “you won’t need to worry about that down here. You’ll be sick of us all in your business soon enough. You’ll have the chance to make plenty of friends down here- and hey, you already got yourself a girlfriend.”

He was surprised to hear the word even though deep down he already knew it to be true.

“Girlfriend ah? I never thought I’d have one. I’m glad it’s you Flit.” He responded, a satisfied smile playing at his lips.


Flit got to her elbows and kissed Scraps happily, thankful that he hadn’t shot her down. She enjoyed the sweet feeling of his lips on hers again before her head spun and she realised just how tired she was.

“I suppose we’d better get some sleep.” Flit sighed. “Do you want me to take the other bed? These beds are tiny.” She offered.

“You’re right, I’m pretty tired now… but I don’t think you should move. With a wave of his hand Scraps pulled the other mattress over to them effectively making a double bed. He smiled at her cheekily and she shifted slightly, making use of their newly created sleeping space.

“Good night, Flit.” he whispered with a kiss on her forehead. As soon as his eyes closed he fell into a deep sleep.


Scraps woke to Flit shuffling against him. His mind slowly regained consciousness and he became aware of two things. Firstly he was still naked and had his whole body pressed up against Flit’s naked body, and secondly his erection was in full force again. His first thought was of relief; he wasn’t keen on the idea of having an over sensitive member for too long a period and was pleased that it was recovered. His second thought however, was the growing lust he felt with his arousal pressed so firmly against Flit’s firm behind.

“Do you wake up like this often, Officer?” She teased with a raw voiceas she squirmed against him again.

“Every morning since I met you. Usually it goes away after a while.” he responded honestly. When it first started happening he wasn’t exactly sure why, but now he was pretty certain he knew the reason.

“You just let it go away? You didn’t fix it yourself?” Flit asked, turning around in his arms and pressing a soft kiss to his lips.

“I’m not sure what you mean. Until last night I didn’t really know how to use it for other than going to the toilet.” He explained innocently.


Flit giggled and then trailed soft kisses across his cheek before kissing his earlobe and then biting it playfully. She was too happy about having Scraps so close to her to let herself dwell on the disgusting way that The Government treated Derivates. That was something for another time and place.

“Well,” Flit breathed into his ear “perhaps then you should learn how to fix your little problem. I can assure you that it will be much more fun and a thousand times more satisfying than simply waiting for it to go away.”

Flit’s hand left Scraps’s shoulder and then moved slowly down his chest and stomach before reaching his pleasantly erect manhood. She gripped it gently and repeated her actions from the previous night, stroking and adding pressure as she watched his eyes close in pleasure as his mouth let out a groan of desire. After a few moments she pulled her hand away.

“Do it just as I did.” She instructed “And if you feel the need to you can go faster or add more pressure; the goal is to make yourself feel good. While you do that I can show you how females deal with their problems.” She told him.

Flit sat up and shifted her position so that she was lying with her head near his hips, and so that her womanhood was facing him. She spread her legs and slipped two fingers between her legs, slowly massaging her already damp slit.


The feeling of her soft hand on his raging member brought back all the pleasant memories of the previous night’s endeavours. She demonstrated the technique and instructed him to imitate her. Her hand left him, as did the warmth but he replaced hers with his own and continued the erotic massage.

He began at a leisurely pace wanting to learn more about how everything worked, with varying pressure and speed he felt the familiar build up. Whilst he worked Flit had repositioned herself to demonstrate her own self pleasure. Unlike the previous night, from this angle he got a much clearer view of her womanhood. He admired the small tuft of hair above her engorged lips. With her fingers, she parted her nether lips and began massaging her slit just she had guided him, her inner moisture coated her fingers and she moaned with pleasure. The open display of her masturbation increased his own arousal and he found his own pace and pressure on his member increasing.


Flit watched as Scraps experimented with his strokes. It was such a turn on for her to be able to watch this uninhibited self-exploration. Despite the reasons leading up to it, it was an honour for her to witness his first explorations. Watching his eyes close in pleasure and hearing his breathing become heavy was extremely satisfying to her. Watching him realising his full potential was something that made her feel happy; and this was no exception.

The sight of Scraps stroking his erection also had another effect. It made her womanhood wet, and her clitoris throb. As his explorations became more purposeful and forceful made her react in the same way. It wasn’t long before her vision went spotty and her legs went numb. Flit moaned in pleasure as her world exploded into a bright shower of sparks, all of the nerves in her body stimulated by the ecstasy radiating from her core in tempting undulating waves.


Despite the fact they weren’t touching each other anymore, Scraps felt an undeniable connection between them. As her fingers worked more fervently so did his hand. It was only moments later that Flit screamed out in pleasure, her climax triggered his own and he felt the warm wet fluid bursting out of the tip of his manhood. When it was over his hand was soaked in his own seed and some of it had even sprayed onto his chest. The relief was similar to the previous night however he still felt the need to touch Flit and for her to touch him. It wasn’t long before his seed exploded from his eager manhood to cover his hand and even his chest. Flit smiled as she carefully sat up and swivelled around so that she could lay down beside him, leaning forward and taking the chance to quickly lick a small drop of his fluid off his chest on the way down. She positioned herself with her head on his chest again, and brought one of her fingers up to play with some of the fluid that had spurted to a spot just below his nipple.

“Isn’t that much better than letting your arousal distract you all day? Now you can go about the rest of your orienteering test without having to worry about it!” She said, kissing his chest softly.

Scraps couldn’t help but chuckle at her comment. It was true, without the uncomfortable distraction of his arousal straining against his pants he was free to move on with his day. Flit cleaned the rest of his seed on his hand and despite his recent release he found the action extremely arousing.

They lay together for a few moments longer before they both decided it was time to move on. After cleaning up and following procedures the two of them were back on the task of navigating home. With the marker positively identified Scraps had little or no trouble finding his way back.

Later that afternoon they were back in the Residence, upon arrival they checked in with operations. Flit opted to go back to her room to freshen up before making a full report and she suggest Scraps do the same.

“Oh, Scraps!” Flit said, stopping in her tracks and turning to Scraps as he walked down the tunnel in the opposite direction. She jumped back so that she was standing just in front of him. “If anyone down here asks if we’re together, you are welcome to say yes if you want… Except, I just ask that you wait until tomorrow because I just need a chance to talk to my parents first.” She got to her toes and gave him a soft kiss on the lips before flitting down the corridor.


When Flit reached her room she stripped off and eagerly made for the shower. Another day travelling through the tunnels at non-teleportation speed made her feel clammy and gross. After her shower she noticed that the comm screen on her wall was flashing, so she walked over to it and pressed a small green icon at the base of the screen.

“Hey Flit!” Hawkeye’s voice sounded through her room and she smiled. “I don’t have long but I just wanted to tell you that I have to go on a retrieval mission with Team 3 right away Capture has taken ill and can’t do their remote viewing so they have asked me to go. I was hoping to talk to you when you got back from orienteering, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. I want to talk to you when I get back, okay? Stay safe and don’t take any silly risks!”

Hawkeye’s voice cut off and her comm-screen went blank. The knowledge that he had rushed off without a chance to say goodbye made her sad; it was never good to leave good-byes unsaid in the Underground. With a deep sigh Flit began gathering her casual clothes and getting dressed. Post-Hoc would want to debrief with her about the test.


Flit had told Post-hoc everything she could about Scraps’s performance. Apart from the mutant cockroach business Post-Hoc was pleased with Scraps’s ability to navigate the tunnels, and they both agreed that he would need some team-training time.

Whilst telling her story to Post-hoc it was difficult for Flit to avoid letting her mind become enthralled by the memory of their lust filled night. It was then that Flit decided she had better head to the Residence and see one of their medical officers.

“Flit! How are you?” Patch asked as she walked into the medical bay.

“Good thanks Patch, you?” She asked, sitting herself down on the examination seat. It had been a long while since she had seen Patch. Normally her mother insisted on catering to all of Flit’s medical needs; however, this was one thing Flit never asked her mother for.

“Good, good. Long time no see. How can I help you?’ He asked.

“I came for the AP injection actually.” She said, annoyed at the way her cheeks tinged with pink. Patch raised an eyebrow.

“I thought Hawkeye just left?” He asked, confused.

“What?” Now Flit was the one that was confused. “He did. What of it?”

After a few moments of awkward silence Patch quickly shook his head and walked over to the cold storage vault. He pulled out a particularly nasty looking needle and walked over.

“You’re aware that it will be at least a week before this starts to work?” He asked.

“Yes, yes, I know the drill.” Flit reassured him, still wondering at his strange behaviour. She held her arm out to him and turned away.

The needle stung like a bitch. However, it was the most effective non-permanent birth control they had access to in the underground so she would have to deal with it. When the needle was pulled from her skin, Patch ran his fingers over the small line it had left under the surface of her skin and nodded, satisfied.

“So- this really isn’t for Hawkeye?” He asked, when he had said it his eyes widened and Flit finally caught his meaning.

“Hawkeye? Seriously? What is it with everybody?” Flit asked, hopping of the seat looking at him quizically. “Hawkeye’s like a brother to me. If I ever come in asking for an AP Injection because of Hawkeye, you have my permission to lock me away in a padded cell.” She joked, making for the door. “Thanks Patch.”

As she left the room she couldn’t help but marvel at the fact that her relationship with Hawkeye had been mistaken again. Well, whatever, she thought. She could understand where people were coming from; she and Hawkeye did spend a lot of time together. Regardless, now she had the AP injection she knew that in a week or so time she would be ready to go just in case things became heated with Scraps. The thought that things might escalate to that made her insides burn and her lower regions flood with heat.


After dinner was when the real fun begun for Flit. On their trek back up to The Hub her mother and father had quizzed her for every detail of the orienteering mission. After stressing for the millionth time that she thought it was completely reasonable that Scraps had his inhibitor removed for good and been assigned his own room.

“Speaking of Scraps,” Flit said slowly as they finally slipped through the hidden vent and into their unit. “I need to tell you guys something about him.”

“What is it?” Her father asked, shrugging off his jacket and throwing it on a near-by chair.

“He and I are together now.” She said, she waited for the storm of resistance and wasn’t disappointed.

Flit’s parents lectured her about everything from how the Registered’s were trained, to how they were treated, and to how they thought that Scraps wasn’t going to be able to care for her. Her mother referred to Rook in everything but name and insinuated that Flit needed to wait longer before putting herself out there- she didn’t want her daughter to be hurt again. Flit explained to them that she didn’t ask them for permission, the purpose of her admission was simply a courteous warning. By the time Flit went to bed it was exceptionally late, and she found herself actually looking forward to work, even if it was only because she was sick of her parent’s carry-on.


Scraps made his way back to his cell after the test, his shower was long and very refreshing. As much as he enjoyed spending so much time alone with Flit he appreciated being neat and clean again. When he was done, Scraps began the process of unpacking and organising his belongings, after a few hours of sorting the mess he heard a knock on the door, Acumen was waiting for him outside.

“I heard you got back safe and sound. I trust everything went well?” he asked. Scraps was too tired to bother blocking his thoughts and let Acumen read the whole lot in the hopes his mind would explode with sheer information overload. Acumen was silent for a minute, suddenly his eyes opened wide and his mouth broke into a knowing smile.

“That good, ah? I wish my orienteering test was that good. Well, I think my news will be overshadowed by the great time you had but I’ll tell you anyway.” he stated. “We decided that it was time you got a promotion. You are no longer required to reside in this cell; you will have freedom to move about the complex where ever you wish and you no longer need to wear the inhibitor.” he explained happily.

This news was most certainly welcome, even though he’d become quite used to his living arrangements this was truly a monumental step for him. More importantly Flit and himself could spend time in his room without the surveillance cameras spying on them. The thought sparked his arousal slightly.

“Whoah buddy, keep those thoughts to yourself.” Acumen complained shaking his head. “We’ll sort your stuff out before dinner. I’ts lucky you’re already neat, I dread the thought of moving some of the others to a different room. Like Flit for instance.” Her confessed with a wink.

Over the next hour Acumen and Scraps moved the meagre possessions (which weren’t actually his anyway) to his new place of residence. After completing the task both Acumen and Scraps were famished and rushed to the mess hall for dinner. Scraps informed the group of his recent upgrade and they all congratulated him except Flit, she gave him a cheeky smile. He could almost imagine what she was thinking. After dinner they retired to their rooms and Scraps got to enjoy his first night in a new room.


After a long and boring day at work, that was only marginally better than her parent’s lecturing, Flit practically bounced the whole way to the Residence. She stopped at a comm-screen on the way and figured out which room belonged to Scraps and made a bee-line for it, eager to see him in his new space.

Flit knocked on the door and waited impatiently to see him. When it finally slid open she launched herself at him, threw her arms around his neck, and kissed him happily.

“Hey Flit, happy to see me I guess. How was your day?” He asked when she finally allowed him to breathe.

“Long and boring.” Flit responded, rolling her eyes. “Glad to be back down here. Although I’m afraid I won’t be able to stay with you for too long; I have to go and talk to Post-hoc. With Hawkeye gone I’m not sure how I’m going to do my patrol. But I think I can spare a few minutes for you.”

Flit peered over Scraps’s shoulders and looked at his room. It was pretty much a copy of hers except without the mess.

“Enjoying your new room?” Flit asked, she ran her fingers along his forehead. “It is much nicer seeing you without that stupid inhibitor as well.” She added, nodding approvingly.


Scraps smiled in response.

“It’s nice not to have to wear the inhibitor anymore. It’s great not having a locked cell anymore but more importantly, there’s no cameras.” he commented and bent down to give Flit a light kiss. She took the hint and deepened the kiss slightly.

Scrap’s hands wandered up and down her sides once again exploring the curves of her body. His hands found their way under her top lightly stroking the bare skin of her back and tummy.

Scraps felt more confident about their couplings after their escapade in the emergency shelter. His instincts guided him and he followed. Using his hands on her hips he guided her toward his bed and sat her down on the edge. His mouth never left hers, he used his hand to remove her top off over her arms and he placed it down by the foot of the bed. She was wearing a bra this time, without looking he tried to unhook it. It was a difficult task and he had to reluctantly released her hungry mouth to look over her shoulder. Even with visual aid the task seemed a challenge.

“Umm can you help me out here please?” he asked sheepishly.


Flit couldn’t help but laugh as Scraps sat, perplexed, by the infernally complicated device known as a bra. Unable to hide her smirk of amusement, she slipped one hand around her back, unhooked the bra, and tugged it off her body with ease. She cast it aside without the care that Scraps had shown her shirt and then leant forward to take his shirt off before resuming their kiss.

Scraps certainly was a quick learner. As he eagerly took her nipple in his mouth, Flit couldn’t help but moan. The attention sent shockwaves of pleasure right down to her core, and she was pleased that she was the instrument that Scraps had chosen to hone his craft on.

Flit’s fingers tangled eagerly through Scraps’s short hair, pulling him closer to her as her hips bucked involuntarily, her lower regions begging for the same attention he was lavishing on her breasts.


Using Flit’s cues as guidance Scraps used varied pressure and pace to elicit the desired responses, he switched between each nipple not leaving either out of his ministrations of love. Her short intake of air and arching back were among his favourite reactions to his new found skill.

Scraps would have preferred to continue enjoying the taste of her nipples and breasts but time was against him on this particular ‘mentor session’. He trailed his tongue down the valley of her smooth rounded breasts and navigated his way further south. Not wanting to spoil himself too early he planted light kisses just on her navel and up and down both of her thighs. Flit’s thrust her pelvis toward him impatiently every time he got close to her nether region but he resisted savouring this moment a little more.

Scraps decided it was time to put Flit out of her misery; he nuzzled in between her legs on the outside of her panties. Her womanly juices had already soaked the flimsy material giving him a taste of her arousal. Her hands tangled themselves in his hair pressing him toward her and he felt her groin push back toward him. He used the provided pressure against his jaw to grind up and down her covered treasure.

After a few short moments of teasing he slowly pulled her underwear down. She lifted herself off the bed to aid him in his task and when he removed the article of clothing it was unceremoniously dumped to some unknown location in the room. He took the moment to admire his prize. A light spray of hair encompassed her moist tender flesh. The succulent folds of her flesh lay slightly open like an invitation to her core. Scraps could wait no longer; the beautiful sight of her on display for him mixed with his own heated desire spurred him into action. He dove toward her like a starving man to his first meal. His tongue lapped at her nether-lips gently at first then slowly applied increasing pressure. As her lips parted for him his tongue gained greater access to her inner sanctum and he explored every single inch of her womanly flesh. His tongue moved downward and toward her entrance, when he arrived Scraps darted in and out of her, drinking her salty sweet nectar. When his thirst was quenched he trailed his tongue back up her slit toward the small nub of flesh she had directed him to before.

Scraps mimicked the action of his fingers like she had shown with his tongue, only this time he also added swirling circles. The effect was immediate, her soft moans became louder and she crushed her body against his tongue. Her fingers stroked the back of his head guiding his pace and pressure allowing him to bring her to an out of control climax, her legs clamped around him and her body shook with undeniable pleasure. Lucky for them the rooms were mostly sound proof therefore her ear-shattering screams would not be heard by anybody on the outside. When her body had finally calmed down her grip slackened on him and he lifted his head to observe the after effects. Her eyes were slightly closed, she was breathless and she was still whimpering in pleasure.

“How was that?” he asked with a smile.


Flit’s world faded away into darkness for a few moments of pure and utter anticipation before everything around her exploded into a shower of bright sparks. Her entire body tingled and tensed as her orgasm came down upon her unrelentingly. Scraps used his tongue to bring her to the edge of desire only to push her over and send her into a free fall of pleasure.

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