June 1st Dear Diary:

Please excuse the messy writing; it is so hard to have good penmanship on a train. Yes, Diary, I am on a train traveling from London to York and thence to Brasethwaite Castle. I am going there for a month of Bed Training. Poppa says that all the smart people are taking it and so must I before I go away to Girton College in the fall. Momma was worried about the idea until Poppa reassured her that virginity has no value in a bride any longer. After all, my dear little nephew Phillip was born only five and a half months after brother Theo married Jane and no one has had anything unkind to say about the matter.

Lady Alexandra is well known in the country gentry and we have heard nothing but the best kind of gossip about her. She assured Poppa via the post that almost all the graduates of her school go on to brilliant marriages. I wonder what the others do.


June 2nd Dear Diary:

This has certainly been a surprising day! I arrived in York after an excellent breakfast in the restaurant car. I was still digesting the eggs, sausage, kidneys and pudding on the platform when this elegant steam car arrived to take us to Brasethwaite. That is correct, Diary, I said us. It appears that this training session has three other students besides me. There is Cora, a cheerful ginger young lady from Edinburgh, Thomas from outside of Kent and a brilliant young Anglo-Indian named Rudyard. He says his parents loved the lake by that name so much they named him after it. I think that both odd and very nearly cruel but he seems to be a fine young man in spite of it. His father is a professor of art so I suppose one must expect such eccentricity.

The ride in the steam car was exhilarating! The driver, Wilkinson, went very fast and we all hung on for dear life. I was told that car can actually exceed forty-five miles per hour. One wonders how the human body can withstand such pressure.

Brasethwaite Castle is my new home for the next month and a grand one it is. I said as much to Lady Alexandra and she sniffed and said that it was the very devil to keep up. My amazement at such language must have shown on my face because she laughed and told me that country folk are forthright in their opinions and that I needed to get used to it.

Mme. Babbette, the headmistress, is from Normandy and her accents in both French and English are a bit hard to follow. However, she is a warm and cheerful lady. I believe Poppa would call her ‘earthy’. She explained that since we are all here for bed training, we must be ready for bed at all times. We were sent to our rooms to change into what we will wear for the next month. If I did not have some idea of my purpose here I would be appalled. I am allowed only a camisole, pantalettes, and slippers. For meals we can dress up in silk caftans. Mama would have to go for a lie down. She spends three hours every day making clothes and here I am, among the peers, wearing little more than a few pocket handkerchiefs. I must admit that it feels very free in comparison to my usual dress.

I have been assigned a room all to myself! The bed is rather large but Mme. Babbette says that it has to be so we can do homework. I have not the slightest idea what that was supposed to mean.


June 3rd Dear Diary:

At breakfast this morning we had visitors. A Dr. Roger Merely and his companion dined with us. She is the famous mathematician and notorious copulist Mia La Touche. Rudyard tells me that Mme. Babbette and her husband, Maître Hercule, trained her. They must be very good because all the men in the room clustered about her like bees around sugar syrup. I think she is sweet, though, and she spoke to each one of us individually. She asked me what my plans were and when I told her I had been admitted to Girton she was impressed. She admonished me that a bed trained young lady with a university education should not let herself get rushed into marriage. She herself never attended university but was taught mathematics by Maître Hercule. She also told me that now that she is an independent woman, the world is her oyster. I asked if she was going to marry Dr. Merely and she laughed. She said she would not and was looking for a proper wife for him, one who would share. I have no idea what that was supposed to mean.

After breakfast we were sent to our rooms to rest. Mme. Babbette says that we must never attempt any of our lessons on a full stomach but must digest our meals first. The room is exotic. There is a large, filmy, black curtain hanging from the ceiling all around the bed. I have counted eight candles and an incense burner on tall stands. There are no chairs in the room but there are several very large pillows with tassels on their corners lying in a pile on the floor. Mama will be glad to know that the windows seal well and that there are no drafts. The pictures on the walls are naughty.

After our rest we all met in a large room. Mme. Babbette calls it the lecture hall and that the laboratory is through the doors to the south. We did not go there today. Today’s lesson was all about proper breathing. We must learn to breathe very deeply when we are in bed with someone, she says, so we practiced breathing. It made me light-headed and giggly. Mme. Babbette said that was perfectly normal. We are putting a great deal of oxygen into our bodies that way and it makes us feel good and happy. I shall practice breathing every day.

After lunch we were told to bathe and that the bath is down the hall. Following instructions I took a Turkish towel and a change of clothing. Imagine my surprise when the door to the baths opened onto a conservatory! It was so lush and tropical. There were palms and vines and orchids and the bath was a warm pool in the center. Several of the more advanced young lady students were already there lounging about the sides. I was pointed to a shower and told to wash off with French milled soap before getting into the pool. It was embarrassing to wash myself before so many eyes but Gloria, a second month girl, said I should get used to being watched by women because I would soon be watched by men. I am still blushing.


June 4th Dear Diary:

My goodness but there is a lot to learn! After breakfast Dr. Merely gave us a magic lantern show on human anatomy. Diary, I never dreamed that my insides were so complex. We were shown diagrams that described how the man’s parts and the woman’s parts work and how they interact. We tried very hard not to giggle. After the lecture we were sent back to our rooms with diagrams to study. Mme Babbette says that we should use pastel pencils to color in the diagrams. She also told us that we were to learn the proper names of each part. There are a lot and I can just tell that she will test us on them. I spent the morning studying hard and practicing my breathing.

After lunch and a nap, we were taken upstairs to the ballroom for waltz lessons. I am sorry to admit that I blushed the entire way up the stairs. All the staff could see us in our underthings! Poor Thomas and Rudyard were bare-chested and it must have been very difficult for them. Fortunately, it did not take long.

Maître Hercule is a stern dance master. He walks around in polished boots with a riding crop stuck into the top. He never hits anyone with it but gestures furiously when we get something wrong. I danced with Rudyard and Maître Hercule nearly tore his hair out. He grabbed Rudyard’s left hand and made him put it in the center of my back. That gave me such chills, to have a man’s hand on my bare back and my chest pressed against his. Our dancing went better after that.

We bathed again before bed time. I have come to greatly enjoy the fall of hot water over my skin and also sitting neck deep in it. I believe I shall miss the baths most of all when we leave.

Whenever we are all together, Rudyard keeps looking at me sideways. I think he likes me.


June 5th. Dear Diary:

This morning we went into the laboratory for our morning lesson. I have no idea what I expected a bed training laboratory to look like but I could not have imagined the reality. In the front of the room was a table with rubber models, very life-like rubber models of both men’s and women’s parts. I am sure I turned bright red. There were padded benches for us to sit on and in the rear of the room were actual beds! At least there are curtains that can be drawn around them. I know I do not want to be watched when I am in bed with someone.

Mme Babbette began to introduce us to the models. She put them in our hands. I’m sorry to say that it was all I could do to keep from dropping them. The girls started with the women’s models and the boys started with the men’s. Mme Babbette demonstrated diverse stroking methods we could use to give ourselves pleasure and then sent us back to the beds to practice on ourselves! I climbed into the bed farthest away from everyone else and pulled the curtains tight. I thought perhaps to just sit there and wait until the others were finished but Mme Babbette has dealt with shy young ladies for years and knew my mind better than I did. She reached in through the curtains and insisted that I remove my garments and hand them to her. When I had done so, she told me that I must start stroking my parts at once and that if I do not, she would know it. I obediently complied.

Now I know how she would know if I did not. It felt like nothing I have ever felt before. It was so good that I began to whimper and moan. I could hear Cora doing the same. When we finished, Mme Babbette let us have our clothes again so we would not display ourselves to the boys.

In the afternoon we danced again. Rudyard held me very close.


June 6th Dear Diary:

I must say that after yesterday I should have known what today would bring. After our morning rest we once again repaired to the laboratory. Mme. Babbette refreshed our memories with a demonstration of useful strokes. She then handed the men’s models to the girls and v. versa. Mme. Babbette was very particular about how we showed what we had learned. She cajoled the boys to be very delicate and made especially certain that we girls touched all the right spots. Initially we were very hesitant and embarrassed but Mme. Babbette can be quite forceful and we soon were very interested in demonstrating our ability. Not doing so merited quite a lecture. When she was satisfied, we looked up and saw to our surprise that it was time for luncheon. We arrived in the dining room very much subdued, I fear. Rudyard would not look me in the eye the entire meal.

After eating we were sent to bathe and to rest. I could hardly sleep I was so anxious to know what would follow. When we returned to the laboratory Mme. Babbette asked if we had any preferences for partners. Rudyard and I have been spending so much time together at meals and in waltz class that she presumed to pair us. Mme. Babbette told us that this afternoon we should apply our knowledge on each other. We began with the boys sitting on the bed with their legs apart and the girls sitting between the boys’ thighs. We were to lean back and the boys were to pleasure us with their hands. Afterwards we would exchange places.

Rudyard and I went to one of the beds and pulled the curtains. Again, Mme. Babbette reached inside and demanded our clothing. I blushed very much from being unclothed with a naked man. Rudyard’s male organ was quite stiff and when I sat between his legs it poked me in the back. He must have learned his lessons well because he touched me very gently and in just the right way. He also reminded me to breathe very deeply.

Diary, I understand the paroxysm now. It is the greatest gift God has given womankind. After Rudyard had stroked me sufficiently, I gave a great cry and fell shaking into his arms. He held me until the tremors ceased.

Next it was his turn to sit between my legs and to have me stroke and pleasure him. I must have done it correctly because he shot white seed out all over my hand. It tasted salty.

At waltz lesson I clung to him.


June 7th Dear Diary:

Today is Sunday. After breakfast we all returned to our rooms and put our traveling clothes back on. It seems that Brasethwaite has its own chapel and we must all attend services every Sunday morning. The vicar is young and quite handsome. This morning he preached from the Song of Songs, Which is Solomon’s. I am surprised that such erotic language is in the Bible. Vicar says that is because God approves of physical love and that people should enjoy it, which is quite a revelation.

Rudyard says that the Song is wonderful poetry and he finds it inspiring

After lunch, Lord Bohun, Viscount Venture, took all the boys fishing for the afternoon. Lady Alexandra loaded all the girls up into the steam car and we went shopping and sight-seeing in York. Our first stop was at the apothecary’s where she made sure we all bought enough Herbal Preventatives to last through our lessons. Mme. Babbette says that we must make sure not to have babies until there is enough money to care for them. I think that is very wise and it is a great relief to the mind.

After supper we danced. I got to dance with Lord Bohun. He is very tall but a skilled waltzer. Dancing with Rudyard is more exciting.


June 8th Dear Diary:

Rudyard has written me a love letter! I am so flushed with excitement and warm about my thighs. No one has ever written me a love letter before and Rudyard is a true poet. His words make me melt and want to fly to his arms. If he had given it to me in the morning I don’t know what I should have done.

This morning we had just the most exciting demonstration in the laboratory. Maître Hercule and Mme. Babbette gathered us around a bed and then removed their clothing and demonstrated caresses! She sat between his legs and leaned back against his chest as he ran his hands all over her body. He said that the boys were to pay special attention to the way he stroked and caressed her breasts. Imagining having Rudyard do that to me, I soaked through my pantalettes. It was embarrassing but Mme. Babbette congratulated me.

After she had several paroxysms, she traded places with her husband and made him make very loud, happy noises before he ejaculated all over her hands. I saw that both Thomas and Rudyard were quite excited. I was very tempted to invite Rudyard to my room to help with my homework.

I could not sleep after lunch for thinking about it.

During waltz lessons, Rudyard’s hand crept down my back and his fingers were just inside the top of my pantalettes. I did not tell anyone.


June 9th Dear Diary:

This morning the boys were allowed into the baths at the same time the girls were. We were a little shy with each other as none of us had all been naked together but the older students encouraged us to scrub each other’s backs and even showed us how. The big soapy sponges feel wonderful when rubbed hard on our backs. They feel even better rubbed softly on our fronts! Soapy hands are better yet. Cora, Thomas, Rudyard and I made a circle, each washing the person on our right. The more senior students applauded. For a few moments I had both Thomas and Rudyard’s manhood in hand but Gloria said to stop as I mustn’t exhaust them too early in the day. Thomas made sure I was very clean all over.

In the laboratory, Mme. Babbette told us to go to bed in couples and practice what we saw yesterday. After the demonstration, Rudyard’s letter and this morning’s bath play I was ready and eager. Once the curtains were closed, I undid Rudyard’s pantaloons and pulled them down. He had no chance to touch me before I had him very aroused so he slapped my hands aside and pulled off my clothing. It was such fun. I squealed and struggled but he overpowered me. Being overpowered and molested so was almost enough to make me surrender my virginity at once but he reminded me that we were to practice caresses. Two people can use up a great deal of time caressing. I don’t think Rudyard will be excitable until tomorrow. After two paroxysms he fell asleep in my arms.

After our afternoon nap we were taught a series of exercises designed to strengthen the pubococcygeus muscles. Mme Babbette says they are very important for health, easy childbirth and erotic pleasure. She gave Cora and me little steel dumbbells that we are to insert into our parts and try and lift. It is an interesting idea. I shall be exercising quite rigorously from here on.


June 10th Dear Diary:

This morning’s lesson was about kissing. I was surprised that kissing can entail so much. Rudyard and I practiced tongue kissing. I told him he must come to my room and help me practice. It will be good homework. Perhaps I shouldn’t have told him that so early, though, because next Maître Hercule removed Mme. Babbette’s clothing again and demonstrated more kisses. He showed us one called ‘the snake’. It starts behind the woman’s neck and ends up with him sucking her toes. It takes a very long time and Mme. Babbette enjoyed it very much. Rudyard says that he will practice it on me tonight. The idea makes me warm between my thighs.

The next lesson amazed me. Mme. Babbette removed Maîtres clothing and started a ‘snake’ on him but when she got to his male organ she kissed it until it was large and stiff. Then, Diary, she swallowed it! She bobbed her head up and down until he groaned in a paroxysm. When she came up she was smiling and licking her lips. She said he tasted salty.

The she handed out the rubber models to us. Maître took the boys and Madame took the girls and we spent the rest of the morning learning those kinds of kisses. My throat is a bit raw.

After lunch we did breathing exercises, pubococcygeus muscles exercises and then waltzed for hours. I was exhausted and needed a nap before supper.

After supper Rudyard came to my room. I had already lit two or three candles and the incense. In the dim light the room was very exotic and romantic. We kissed for a long time before Rudyard removed my clothing and kissed a snake on me. I kept breathing very deeply until he kissed my sex in what is called gamahuche. Then I screamed. His side whiskers tickle so erotically.

Afterwards I kissed his organ and swallowed it. He still tastes salty.


June 11th Dear Diary:

This morning Lady Alexandra introduced us to the idea of polyamory. She says it is perfectly possible for one person to love more than one other. It is different from the harems of the Arabs and Turks in that not only may one man love several women but one woman may love several men. I think that is fair. My great aunt Sophie was abducted while traveling in the Holy Land and sold to the Sultan of Tougourt. It took several years of diplomacy to find her and when the family tried to free her she refused to come home. She had born the Sultan twin sons and had risen to a high position. She writes occasionally and says that sharing a husband with three other woman has its advantages.

After the lesson, Mme Babbette said that we also should learn polyamory and therefore directed me to practice kissing with Tom while Rudyard did the same with Cora. It is becoming easier to be naked with a man, now. Tom does gamahuche even better than Rudyard. He sucks slightly while he licks and sends me into paroxysms very quickly. He kept me at it for a long time. I told him it was cruel to make me so helpless but he only smiled in a most wicked fashion. He says he got the idea from Cora who sucked when she swallowed his manhood. I told him it was a very good idea indeed and returned the favor when it was my turn. If you swallow a phallus far enough, when the man ejaculates you taste nothing.

This afternoon we had another dancing lesson. I waltzed with all the men: Rudyard, Tom, Maître Hercule and Lord Bohun. Diary, I have decided that men are great fun.


June 12th Dear Diary:

This morning we were all given a book called The Kama Sutra. It is profusely illustrated. Who would have ever thought that congress between a man and a woman could be done in so many different positions? I do not believe that some of them are really possible. Mme. Babbette requires us to read it during our rest periods. She brought out the rubber models again and showed us very explicitly how they fit together. By the end of the lesson I was perspiring profusely. At least Mme and Maître did not demonstrate for us!

I am sitting here in my room with candles lit and incense burning. During the dancing lessons Rudyard pressed very close to me. I could feel his arousal through our thin garments. He whispered in my ear that tonight he intends to have me. I am waiting.


June 13th Dear Diary:

I am a woman. My chapter of maidenhood has closed and a new one begins. When Rudyard came to my room last night I was wearing my caftan. He was quite indignant and pulled my clothes off roughly saying that the next time he comes to me he expects to find me naked. I struggled but he is much stronger and soon had me bare. It was delicious. He refused my attempts to pleasure him with my mouth but set his face between my thighs and began gamahuche. Thomas must have told him about sucking for he did that and I responded loudly. Then he threw himself upon me. The weight of his body, the pressure on my parts was overwhelming and then he entered me. Oh Diary, I have looked forward to this day with anxiety but the reality is exquisite. When he had had his way with me we lay in each other’s arms and kissed and were quite silly. Just as I was drifting off to sleep I felt him becoming hard and erect again. I opened myself once more. He took a lot longer the second time and when he had finished we fell asleep with him still inside and on top of me.

In the morning we walked to the baths hand in hand. As we bathed, Lady Alexandra came into the baths, disrobed and joined us in the tub. She congratulated Rudyard on ravishing me and said that I must have performed well as everyone on the hall could hear us. It seems that I can expect other visitors, now that I am no longer intact. Lady Alexandra even suggested that I go visiting on my own.

After breakfast the lesson dealt with how a man goes about the process of learning to have multiple paroxysms. It seems a strange idea but Mme. Babbette insists that it is possible and that a man can remain hard for an hour or more. Naturally, both Thomas and Rudyard are enthusiastic about learning this. Cora is pouting. Thomas has not vanquished her yet. I told her she should go to his room and ride St. George on him. She has a very mischievous face when she is thinking naughty thoughts.

After lunch Lady Alexandra took me to her day room. We again discussed my plans for my future and she, like Miss La Touche, admonished me that a young lady with bed training and a university education should not rush into marriage. She asked how I felt about men in general and gentlemen in particular. My answers must have set her thinking. She believes I may be turning into a natural copulist. I think she may be right.


June 14th Dear Diary:

Today the vicar preached on the Decalogue. He pointed out that the commandment regarding covetousness states quite baldly that wives were property and that the commandment against adultery implied that having congress with another man’s wife was theft. Now that we women are no longer property it becomes very complicated. It must be best for both parties to discuss such things before marriage and often after that.

Again the boys went fishing. We women discussed botany. It seems that many common herbs have interesting effects . . .


June 15th Dear Diary:

As I was going down the hall for breakfast I saw Cora leave Thomas’ room. She was quite naked and wearing the broadest smile. There is nothing like a good plundering to start a lady’s day, I guess. I thought to discuss the possibility with Rudyard at breakfast but Lady Alexandra bade me sit next to her instead. She proposed the most delectable prank. Tonight we will trade bedrooms and she will lie in wait for Rudyard while I entertain his lordship. The very thought made me moist.

This morning’s lesson was hard work. We alternated between breathing exercises and pubococcygeus exercises. As well the boys needed assistance working toward multiple paroxysms. They must be stroked until near to climax and then relax completely. Mme. Babbette says that it will take most the coming week before they are successful but that once they are capable we women’s lives will be much enhanced! By lunch time I looked forward to rest time.

During waltz lessons the men were most forward. When I accused Thomas of being cheeky he pushed his hand down inside the back of my pantalettes and said that while he might be, I was far more so. We finished the dance that way. I do love a man’s palm on my bottom.

After supper I waited until the hall was clear and then surreptitiously made my way to the stairs. I met Lady Alexandra coming down with Mme. Babbette. Madame led me back upstairs to her ladyship’s bedroom. She told me to wait until I heard the bath begin to run in Lord Bohun’s room and then open the door that connects them. This is the universal sign among the gentry that a lady is entertaining that evening. While he bathed, I enjoyed the smoke that Lady Alexandra left for me in her hookah. The mix of herbs had a peppery taste and the smoke left me feeling most languorous and hot below my belly. My thighs fell open of their own accord and I was sure his lordship would have his way with me immediately.

Diary, I was wrong. When Lord Bohun saw the door open and me in his lady’s bed he smiled broadly. Climbing in beside me he took me in his arms. The man has practiced The Snake a great deal, I gather, as he soon had me whimpering with desire from his kisses. I begged him to use me at once but he grinned mischievously and said I must climax for him first. When his lips touched my sex I wailed. Then he rolled over on top of me and had me most vigorously. Perhaps instead of marrying I shall become the mistress of some lord.


June 16th Dear Diary:

I am becoming quite the wag-tail. This morning I proposed to Mme. Babbette that I take Rudyard back to my room and help him with his homework. She laughed and said that it was good idea. I grabbed Rudyard by his side whiskers and marched him back to the room and told him to rearrange the cushions on the floor into the form of a chaise. When he lay down, I knelt beside him and started pleasuring him with my mouth. When he was hard enough I straddled him and rode him slowly. We both breathed very deeply, alternating. As our passion rose we began to pant and when Rudyard was at the brink of paroxysm, he completely relaxed while I continued to rock. He trembled all over but stayed hard inside me. I told him to do it again. When he finally erupted within me he had managed three before. And I had held one long one, very long.

After lunch, we waltzed. Cora, Lady Alexandra, Mme. Babbette and I all danced naked with the men.

Tonight Thomas put me on my hands and knees and took me from behind.


June 17th Dear Diary:

Today Mme. Babbette announced that it was time for our mid-session examination. That came as quite a surprise. She said it was in two parts, a theoretical and a practical. That was alarming. The theoretical part I was prepared for but the practical? We were to couple while Madame watched and took notes?

Fortunately, that was not the case. The theoretical part came at once. It was really very simple, just color in the different parts of both the male and female diagrams and give their proper titles. Since I knew this was coming and had been studying I finished in good time, most sure that I had everything right. I did.

The practical part was delightful. Each of the instructors took a student to one of the beds in the back of the laboratory, closed the curtains and rogered us soundly. Half an hour later another instructor came and did so again. I must say, Lord Bohun is a skilled lover but Maître Hercule is more-so and rather larger in the Nebuchadnezzar. I am glad he did not grade my blind cupid. I should have been much stretched.

After supper Miss La Touche graciously invited me to her suite. She advised me that I received full marks on my examination. “Talented” and “Enthusiastic” were words she underscored on the remarks. Once more she brought up the subject of my future plans. Mme. Babbette told her that my French is very, very good but with a charming British accent. Miss La Touche asked what my maths were like and I blushed to admit that while I can keep accounts with the help of a mechanical abacus, matters beyond that were a mystery. She smiled and said that I should not be concerned. She told me that she has some connections and that she had been in touch with them.

That night I fell asleep at once and did not wake until it was light.


June 18th Dear Diary:

Today I received a letter from home. Dear Poppa writes to say that he has received a letter from, of all strange places, the Foreign Office. Someone there with an illegible signature ‘strongly’ recommends that I read Recent History and Modern Languages when I arrive at Girton. This is very odd. Who in the Foreign Office can have any knowledge of me or interest therein? It must be that this is the contact Miss La Touche was telling me about. I wonder who it is. However, since I have no other definite plans I will give the idea serious consideration.

At breakfast, Lord Bohun took me aside and quietly invited me to return to Brasethwaite Castle when I am finished at Girton. He says that I will be given a full scholarship if I desire to take the complete six month course. That is amazing. I admit that I approach my studies here with great enthusiasm. Men are wonderful things to play with. Some of them are even interesting people. But that I am thought so good at making the beast with two backs that I should take what I now know to be professional grade coupling lessons is quite the compliment. I assured him that I would, unless Fate intervenes somehow, be glad to accept their generosity.

This morning I took Thomas to my room. Now that Rudyard can have multiple paroxysms and Cora can stretch hers out for a quarter hour there remains only Thomas. I continue work with him. He will become a magnificent lover or die trying! I believe that we made progress.

There were no waltz lessons this afternoon. I spent the time in bed with Lord Bohun.


June 19th Dear Diary

This morning more work with Thomas. It will not be long before he succeeds.

I spent this afternoon in bed with Maître Hercule. He told me that it was time to begin exploring my blind cupid. I said that I feared that he was too large and that he would hurt me. His face is so mobile; it immediately took on a cherubic expression. He took me in his arms and rocked me gently. If I did not wish to submit myself to him in that way, he said, then he would return me to my lovely Rudyard. However, before we coupled so, Mme. Babbette would have to intervene. I asked what he meant and he chuckled. Coupling, he advised, can be done with more than two people.

After dinner we dressed in our traveling clothes and waltzed genteelly. Rudyard kissed me goodnight at my door. He can be so romantic at times. And so animalistic at others!


June 20th Dear Diary

Success at last! This morning Thomas had four paroxysms in the course of three quarter hour. After he had the first one I relaxed myself and spent 30 minutes trembling and shaking in climax. He asked me to marry him. I told him he was being silly. Coupling for pleasure is not love, it is simply pleasure. Besides, I will not be ready to marry for at least five years and if Miss La Touche is correct rather longer than that. He should marry Cora and go to work for her family’s airship building yard. Now that the compression ignition engine is in manufacture, airships will soon be the major route of high-speed travel. Only the poor and those of luxurious intent will tour by steamship any longer.

After the post luncheon rest period, Mme. Babbette summoned me. She said that her husband had related my concerns regarding sodomy. She is sympathetic and announced that she would assist Rudyard and me. We were to join her in her bedroom at once.

I must say, Rudyard is unseemly eager to occupy my nancy. Madame began by explaining that for the comfort of the catamite a great deal of lubrication is required and some time must be spent in massage and relaxation. For the health of the indorser, either the lady must be very clean or a protective must be worn. She announced that she had just had an enema and that I was to sit and observe while she instructed Rudyard. At that point she whisked his drawers off. Then she took out another rubber model. With her fingers and a jar of glycerin/lanolin, she showed him in detail how to insert the lubricant and how to gently stretch and massage the opening. I blushed for the first time in a week.

Then she removed her clothing and, handing Rudyard the bottle, bent over her dressing chair to give him access to her fundament. His interest was obvious! At first he was very careful but she encouraged him and when at last she was satisfied with his technique, she covered his cock with the ointment. Then she turned and bent over again. He stepped up behind her and pushed himself into her brown hole. I expected her to squeal at least but instead she sighed. Rudyard took hold of her by her hips and began to fuck her most industriously. She reminded him that we only have a limited amount of time and that he would have to do me as well so he worked himself into a dry paroxysm and withdrew.

Then, Diary, it was my turn. I felt most humiliated but assumed a bent over position at the side of Madame’s bed. The touch of his fingers was surprisingly pleasant and as he began to insert the lubricant into me I found myself actually responding. I grew moist as he stretched me. Then he stopped and Madame must have given him some sign that I was ready for his assault. She stood beside me and instructed me to push out as he pressed. I obeyed and within a second he was in me. I squealed. Madame chuckled and said that gentlemen loved it when ladies made such noises. Rudyard stood quite still for a while and then slowly pushed his arbor vitae farther in. When his thighs were against my bottom he withdrew and began to futter me. I do not believe that I shall ever learn to fully enjoy such treatment but Madame said that it is part of a woman’s role to be the box for a man’s tool. I shall get used to it, I suppose. Rudyard later told me that he had enjoyed himself immensely and was looking forward to abusing me again.


June 21st Dear Diary:

To my great surprise my bottom is not sore. I would have thought so unnatural a congress would be damaging but it seems such is not the case. Thinking back I must admit that it was far less unpleasant that I feared. One can, I imagine, get used to such treatment with practice.

At breakfast Lady A embraced me and congratulated me on my progress. She assures me that when I return in four years I shall graduate with top marks and qualify for a Diploma in Erotic Arts. Until then I must satisfy myself with the intimate company of reliable young gentlemen. Determining which ones are reliable can be challenging. She assured me that the ladies of the gentry know who among their sons would be suitable playmates at Cambridge and she would wire me a list of names. She also whispered that some of them are likely to be as interested in each other as they will be in me. That can set up very interesting ménages she said, and proceeded to tell me about the time she talked her husband into joining her and Dr. Merely in her bedroom where they both rogered her at the same time, one in front and one in back! Lady A must hold a Doctorate in Erotic Arts.

More exercises and breathing in the morning, as well as some very interesting stretching exercises. We are told that yoga is an important part of the extended course. I greatly enjoyed ‘helping’ Rudyard into the full lotus position. The wails were delightfully piteous. Maybe next time he will think twice about indorsing my fundament!

The after lunch waltz was formal and gracious. That is all very well but naked and rampant is more fun.


June 22nd Dear Diary:

This morning vicar preached on the New Testament. I find it intriguing that Our Lord never once in all the Gospels made mention of the sexual behavior of unmarried persons. Disregarding the habit in those days to treat a woman before marriage as her father’s property and afterwards as her husband’s, it seems to leave open a great number of possibilities. And I had to clap my hand over my mouth to keep from laughing when he pointed out that St. Paul only insisted on monogamy among ‘elders’ of the church. So vicar must satisfy himself solely with his wife while Lord B might fill the castle sleeping wing with ladies? So amusing . . .

After services, Lady A announced that we should take tea in the countryside. The groom hitched a team to their coach and Lord B, Lady A, Madame and Maître, and we four junior students all climbed aboard for a picnic. When we arrived at a suitable site, the gentlemen went off angling. Madame adjured them to bring back fish as she had brought along a kerosene stove and intended to prepare truite au bleu for tea. We ladies unpacked the picnic things and spread out a cloth on the grass. Then Lady A proposed that we should disrobe and reenact the Manet painting that hangs in their drawing room. It is titled Luncheon in the Woods and shows two naked ladies having a picnic with two clothed gentlemen. The idea is so exciting. I knew that after tea we would be ravished without mercy. I could hardly wait.

As we hoped the gentlemen did return with sufficient trout for tea. Madame is a superb cook. When I complimented her she told me that skill in the kitchen is one of the things taught in the advanced course. Perfume use is, as well. I am looking forward to it.

When we were finished eating, Lady A sat between Rudyard’s thighs and began to rub her back against him. Maître at once seized me and pulled me into the same position. After fondling me into a high state of arousal he pushed down his trousers and had me. One would think being taken in public would be a cause for great embarrassment but since all the others were also making the beast with two backs they were too busy to notice. Having men who can last hours has unsuspected consequences. The four of them moved from lady to lady sampling all our wares before finally shooting their seed into us. It made an exhilarating end to the picnic. I expect to develop a taste for orgies.


June 23rd Dear Diary:

Only a week of Bed Training left. Without any undue immodesty, I believe that I have been well trained. All the men here either act very satisfied with my ardor or they tell me what a capable cleaver I have become. I take it as a compliment. If fortune favors me, some day I will be the hostess of a country house, garnering toasts to my husband for my erotic prowess.

The morning we spent in exercise. Madame thinks Cora and I should make every effort to attain the position called the Viennese Oyster before the month ends. This is very difficult. We are to lie on our backs and pull our legs up so that we may cross our ankles behind our heads. Madame says it makes a woman very tight and exposes her most delightfully. Rudyard and Thomas are enthusiastic about the idea and help us stretch. While I have my doubts that I will ever be so flexible, hot towels applied to the lower back and the backs of the thighs seem to be helping. Rudyard is almost able to get into a full lotus unaided, now. At least he has stopped whimpering in pain.

She had hurt her foot running, and spent six weeks on crutches without the use of her right foot. It sucked! It zapped all her energy, and the lack of exercise put her in a bad mood. Through it all her husband was amazing. He never complained when she couldn’t help with things around the house. He made dinner, walked the dogs, and made the bed every day. He even put up with her bad moods, without offense.

Now that she had been back on her feet for a few weeks she wanted to reward him for being so good to her. He had to work late today, and she thought this would be the perfect opportunity to surprise him with his reward.

He got home a little after 9 PM. He wasn’t too tired. Work had gone well, there was just too much to have completed it all by five o’clock. He set down his briefcase in his office, and went upstairs to find his wife.

“I hope she’s not already asleep,” he thought. As he reached the top of the stairs, he still saw no sight of her. “Honey, I’m home!” he called jokingly.

“Hey hon!” she replied from the bedroom. “Give me a sec. I’ll be right out there.”

“Ok,” he said. He went into the kitchen and began to put away clean dishes from dinner the night before. He heard her walking out into the living room, and moved around the corner of the counter to greet her. He was quickly stopped in his tracks by what he saw.

She wore a black, kimono style robe, that went down only barely far enough to cover her ass, and black heels. She had tied the kimono seductively in front, allowing it to part almost down to her navel, so that he couldn’t miss that she wore nothing underneath.

She approached, wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed him. “Hey hon,” she said. “How was your day?”

She heard him come in and quickly got up from bed where she had been reading. She slipped into her heels, and adjusted her robe, which was askew from the way she had been lying.

“Honey, I’m home!” she heard him say. Did she want him to walk in and see her here, or meet him out there? Out there, she decided quickly.

“Hey hon!” she said. “Give me a sec, I’ll be right out there.” She gave herself a final once over in the mirror to ensure she looked perfect for him, then she walked out into the living room.

“What is all this?” he asked.

“You’ve been so good to me lately. I wanted to return your generosity.” she said.

“You don’t have to do anything. I’m supposed to take care of you,” he countered.

“I want to do something for you,” she insisted.

“Well, ok then. What did you have in mind?” he inquired. A devilish grin crossing his face.

She took his hand and led him to the formal dinning room. The lights were dimmed low, and one of the side chairs had been pulled back from the table. On the table, in front of where the chair had been pulled back, was a pair of black, metal handcuffs. She positioned him in front of the chair, and began to remove his clothes. She alternated unbuttoning his shirt with kissing him on the neck and mouth, and nibbling on his ear. She knelt down to remove his shoes, socks, and slacks. She left his boxer-briefs on, for the time being, but nibbled playfully on his already fully erect cock, through his underwear, several times. She ran her hands up and down his stomach and chest. Then she stood back up, untied her kimono, and tossed it aside. Sure enough, she wore nothing underneath.

“I want you to take those handcuffs,” she instructed, “and bind my hands behind my back. Then do with me what you wish. Does that sound like a fair reward?”

“Yes,” he replied. “That sounds like something I would certainly enjoy.”

He reached behind her and took the handcuffs. They were real ones, with a key, which was sitting beside them. He moved the key to the end of the table. Then he took her by the arms, turned her around, and gently bent her over the table.

“Hands behind you.” he commanded.

“Yes, sir” she replied, as she placed her hands together behind her back.

He placed the handcuffs on one wrist, then the other, and ratcheted them down to fit. Then he stood back. She was standing bent over the table with her legs slightly apart, and her ample breast pressed into the wood of the table. Her head was turned to the side, and she looked back towards him and smiled. He reached out and began to play with her clit. She closed her eyes and moaned.

She watched as he took the handcuffs, and moved the key to the end of the table. She wanted him so badly it almost hurt. As he took her by the arms, and turned her around she knew exactly what he wanted. She let him bend her over the table.

Her pussy was already wet at the thought of him restraining her. As he placed the handcuffs on her wrists her stomach did somersaults, and her pussy clenched in anticipation.

“I’m going to spank you six times,” he said still rubbing her pussy. “One for each week I took care of you. And you are going to count, out loud, for me.”

“Mmmm… Yes, sir” came her reply. She had hoped he would take the bait and punish her. He did not disappoint.

He removed his hand from her pussy, which was already becoming very wet, and brought it down, hard, on her left ass cheek.

“One!” she said.

He did it again, this time on her right ass cheek.




He was putting more force into each blow, and her ass was starting to redden.


“Five!” she screamed. She was in heaven, and wasn’t ready for it to stop.

He spanked her a sixth time, but she said nothing. She simply moaned. “You forgot to count,” he stated sternly.

“Oh… sorry,” she said coyly. “Maybe I need another.”

He spanked her again, hard, on her right ass cheek. She moaned again, but still didn’t state the count. So, he spanked her harder on her left ass cheek.

“Six!” she cried out.

“That’s a good little slut,” he said.

“Thank you, sir.” She tried to remain calm and wait patiently for him to take her, but inside she was screaming “Please fuck me!”

He stood her up, turned her around, pulled her towards him, and kissed her passionately. Holding the back of her head in one hand.

“Do you want it a little rough tonight?” he asked as he pressed his forehead to hers.

“Whatever you want, baby.” she replied. “This is your reward. Use me like your own little whore.”

He smiled and pushed her to her knees. He removed his one remaining article of clothing, allowing his erect cock to bounce free. She smiled, looked up at him, and opened her mouth. He placed his right hand on the back of her head, and slid his cock into her mouth. They both moaned in unison. He enjoying the pleasure of her tongue teasing the bottom of his shaft, and she enjoying the taste of his cock, knowing that she was pleasuring him greatly.

He slowly fucked her face. His cock pressed against her throat on each gentle thrust. He kept his hand on the back of her head, firmly forcing her down on his cock. She expertly licked and sucked him as he entered and withdrew from her mouth. He was almost painfully hard now, and he wanted to take greater advantage of his bound wife’s willingness to please this evening.

He moved his hands to the sides of her head, and began to increase his tempo. He was enjoying the sight of his wife, hands behind her back on her knees, taking his cock down her throat. He fucked her mouth deep, and hard, several more times then released her head.

She leaned back and sucked in air, catching her breath, as she looked up at him and smiled. “I take it you enjoyed that?” she asked.

“You have to ask?” he retorted playfully slapping his cock against her face. She moved to take it in her mouth again, but he evaded for a few moments before letting her have it once again. This time she didn’t need his hands on her head, keeping the rhythm. She quickly sucked his cock all the way down, held it in her mouth for a moment, and then pulled back watching him as she did so.

“Mmmm… stand up,” he commanded. She did as she was told. He pushed her back towards the table, so that she was barely sitting on the edge.

“Spread your legs,” he said.

She complied, and responded, “Yes, sir.”

He placed three fingers into her mouth, and let her suck them. Once they were nice and wet, he pulled them from her mouth, and lowered them to her pussy. He began to finger her clit and pussy, which was already very wet. She moaned, and spread her legs to give him more access to her wet slit.

“Oh god when will he fuck me!” she thought.

He lowered his head to her tits and began to suck on her nipples. First, her left, then her right, teasing them hard and erect. She moaned in ecstasy, “Oh baby!”

He stopped rubbing her clit, and abruptly smacked it instead. She brought in a quick breath in response. “Tonight you’re to call me Sir, understood?” He said.

She loved him controlling her. His forcefulness brought her to a level of excitement she had rarely experienced. She was so wet that her juices were beginning to run down the inside of her thighs. She caught her breath, and responded as he commanded, “Yes, sir.”

He returned to rubbing her clit, and she was clearly aroused. He massaged her button faster, and faster. She was breathing heavily, and quickly building towards orgasm. Once he felt she was sufficiently close he stopped.

“Oh god so close!” she screamed in her imagination. She looked at him distraught, but she was soon distracted. He sat down in the chair, which had been pulled from the table. “Come over her and fuck me,” he said.

“Mmmm. Yes sir!” She moved to straddle him carefully, considering her still restrained hands. He held his cock forward so she could easily slide onto it, and she did so. Her wetness caused him to immediately sink to the full depth of her.

He pulled her towards him. “Fuck me hard, my good little slut,” he growled.

Again her reply was a pleased, “Yes, sir.” To herself she thought, “Finally!”

She bounced up and down on his cock. Her handcuffed hands kept her from doing much more. Meanwhile, he assisted her with the motion lifting her by the hips or ass. She continued like this for several minutes, impaling herself on his swollen rod, until her legs began to tire. She stopped her vertical motion, to rest her legs for a minute, opting instead to grind against him and play with his balls.

He moved his hands from her hips, and roughly fondled her breast. Licking, biting, and pinching her nipples. Causing them to become even harder.

She returned to bouncing up and down on his cock. This made her tits bounce joyously, directly in front of his face. She was once again climbing close to the peak of orgasm. This time he did not stop, but assisted her in increasing the pace. His hands tightly gripping her waist, bouncing her harder, and harder on his cock.

She screamed out as she came, and he pulled her tightly against him, continuing to fuck her as her orgasm racked her body. As it subsided he pulled her close once again, and kissed her.

“Are your legs a little tired?” he asked with a devilish grin.

“Yes, sir. A little,” she replied. “But I can keep going.” She knew she wanted all of him tonight. However, he wanted it.

“Good,” he said. “Now stand.”

She did, however a little unsteady. He got up as well. “I’ll be right back,” he said. He walked back into the bedroom, and retrieved a bottle of lubricant.

Returning to the dinning room she saw the bottle and asked, “What did you have in mind for me next?” Smiling at him playfully. She knew what he wanted though, and she couldn’t wait. He hadn’t fucked her ass in months.

“Pretty much the same thing we just did.” he said. “Only this time, in reverse, and fucking your ass.”

“Yes, sir,” she purred.

“Bend over,” he commanded.

She did as she was told, and once again placed her tits against the table. He spanked her twice, once on each cheek.

“Ah! Thank you Sir.” she said.

He poored the lubricant between her ass cheeks, letting it drip down over her ass hole. Then he began to massage it around her back door. He drizzled a little more over her ass, and rubbed it into each ass cheek, making her whole bottom shine. Then he began to prepare her ass for his cock, by placing one, then two, fingers inside her tight hole. Making sure to use plenty of lube.

She moaned in pleasure as he fingered her ass. Her hands still handcuffed behind her, she tried to spread her ass for him as best she could with all the lube applied.

He removed his fingers from her ass, and began to stroke his cock, getting it ready for her as well. He reached his other hand underneath her, and helped to lift her up off the table. She stood and found his hard cock in her hands. She began to stroke him. He only allowed it for a few seconds before pulling away from her, and sitting back down in the chair.

“Face away from me, and lower your ass onto my cock,” he commanded.

“Yes sir,” she said as she positioned her legs on either side of him and began to lower herself onto his waiting erection. She spread her ass with her hands, and he positioned his cock at the entrance to her back door. She lowered herself an inch more, and felt his cock slide into her ass. She went weak in the knees, and had to pause before continuing. It felt amazing! Her ass was so tight from lack of use.

He placed his hands under her ass and helped to support her. After a while, she continued to push down on his cock. He removed his hands, and let her control the pace of her penetration. She moaned as she slowly began to fuck his cock with her ass. Going further, and further down his shaft with each stroke. Her legs were getting tired quickly, and she knew that was part of his game.

His psychological control over her now, excited her even further. She felt that she had pulled in about half his cock. Her legs were quickly tiring. She could feel them begin to shake. With her fatigue and the increased arousal she took the last half in one determined thrust.

“Ahh!” she cried out in a mixture of both pain and pleasure.

“That’s a good little slut,” he said. He pulled her back towards him, and wrapped his arms around her to fondle her breasts. One hand then smoothly made its way down her stomach to finger her clit. The sensations were incredible. Her ass became accustomed to his hard member, and she began to rock against him. Slowly, she increased her speed, and before too long she was fucking his hard cock, with her ass, in earnest.

“Oh… god… yes!” she cried. “Fuck me sir! Fuck my tight little ass hole!”

He started pulling her down harder onto his cock as he increased the tempo of his fingers on her clit. It was obvious he was driving her completely wild.

Her orgasm built quickly. She felt his speed and force increase, and lost all control. She pounded her ass onto his hard cock with all her might. She reached her peak. Her legs gave out completely, and she fell back on his cock as waves of amazing orgasm ripped through her body.

He felt her begin to cum, but he didn’t let up. His fingers played across her clit as fast as he could make them. Her legs went weak, and he pulled her tight against his chest. His left hand tightly pinched her left nipple, and his right hand still fingered her clit. Her wetness exploded from her in streams that shot onto the floor in front of them. Her cries lost all articulation and became high pitched screams of pure pleasure, released.

As her orgasm subsided he released his hold on her body. And began to nibble at the nape of her neck. Each little bite sent post orgasmic shivers through her body.

“Oh my god, baby,” she gasped after some time.

“Did you enjoy that?” he asked playfully.

“Use me sir,” came her reply.

“What?” he asked taken aback.

“Use my body for your pleasure,” she clarified. “Fuck my ass, my pussy, my mouth, my tits, my hands… Whatever you need. I’m yours!”

He needed no further prompting. Lifting himself, and her, from the chair, he once again bent her over the table, hands still bound behind her, and began to pound her ass hole with all his might.

She encouraged his violent thrusting. “Fuck my ass baby! I want your cum sir! Oh yes sir, fuck me hard!”

He didn’t last long with that kind of encouragement. After just a couple of minutes he pulled out, and positioned his cock over her ass and hands. He started to stroke out the huge load of cum begging for release.

She could feel his tight balls hitting her hands, and she turned her hands and grasped his balls between them. “Shoot your load all over me sir!” she cried.

Cum exploded from his cock, shooting all over her ass and back, into her hair, and past her head onto the table. She squeezed every last drop out of his sack almost causing him to black out, but he steadied himself, and let her finish stroking out the last few drops.

She felt the cum landing all up and down her backside. It felt wonderful knowing she was pleasing her man so well. She held firm to his balls until his orgasm had calmed, then she reached up and stroked his cock. Gently squeezing out the last few drops of cum from his previously engorged rod.

He reached over, took the key to the handcuffs, and released her. She stood up and rubbed her wrists subconsciously. She could feel his cum beginning to drip down her ass onto her legs, and the floor.

“Were the handcuffs too tight?” he inquired.

“No, they were perfect,” she assured him. “Care to help me clean off in the shower?”

“I think I could help you with that,” he said.

She took his hand and led him to the shower. They allowed the water to warm, and climbed in. They cleaned her off first, rinsing all the cum and lube from her body. He gently washed her up and down making sure not to miss any spot and spending a little extra time washing between her legs. Then he rubbed her shoulders and arms, massaging the body wash into her tired muscles. She relaxed against him, letting him work her muscles in concert with the hot water.

After her shoulders were well relaxed she turned and began to wash him. Ensuring she took equal care to thoroughly clean all of him. As she washed down his stomach, and beyond, his cock began to stir from her attention.

“Oh baby!” she moaned leaning in closer to him. “Did you need more?”

“Keep stroking me like that, and I will,” he replied.

“I don’t want to leave you any less than fully rewarded,” she teased. She stroked his cock, and kissed him. After several minutes of giving him a hand job, she rinsed the soap from his once again hard cock, and lowered herself so that she could suck him the rest of the way off. She pushed him against the back wall of the shower and vigorously sucked him until he came.

As he reached orgasm he grabbed the back of her head, and held her on his cock. She looked up at him, and their eyes locked as he shot his remaining cum into her eager mouth. She swallowed it down, then cleaned his cock off once again.

“Do you feel rewarded now?” she asked.

“Yes, baby,” he replied. “Very well rewarded.”


Five crisp one hundred dollar bills rest on the faded brown surface of the hotel bedside table.


It’s always the same with Billy. A little over an hour, and few, if any, words are spoken. It’s sixteen steps from the elevator to the room, room 214, his favorite room because he’s superstitious like that.

He leaves the deadbolt open so the door doesn’t shut all the way, and I walk in casually and drop my large leather duffle on the floor. The room is disorganized, disheveled, typical of a bachelor; you’d think he lived there, but this tornado was only left behind during a one-night stay.

It’s just an Ayres Inn not like the Ritz that I am used to, hell, not even like the Renaissance I use for travel. It’s a simple, messy Ayres room and he’s a simple, messy boy anyway — so I ignore it all, and get to what I have come for.

Billy is already kneeling, and he’s already naked. I can’t tell you how many habits I have trained and untrained from him, over and over again, until his meticulous habits become less annoying and more stimulating to me. I used to hate his need for protocol and rules and structure. God knows how such a slob could be so strung out on rules, but that’s Billy — a walking contradiction.

Or crawling. Billy crawls to me obediently and on time, greets me with a kiss to the top of my boot. Just another silly ritual that I find kind of needless but it helps in the cock-rock department, so I let it slide. And it gives me time to admire the shape of his back, the tone of his flesh, the outline of the muscles that frame his body.

No words with Billy this time. Not that we have anything to say, anyway. Billy’s eyes do most of the talking, or the signals that come with the shakiness of his breath. His fingers curl into the cheap carpet of the Ayres Inn as I bring out the first flogger, then the paddle. If I were not in boots I could feel his breath coming in ragged pants across the tops of my toes.

Instead, I just keep beating him, and watching what seems like a gloss appear over the top of the black patent leather. His body is shaking and he starts to collapse, just a little, his shoulders slouching as he tries to find the strength to stay upright for the continued necessary beatings.

I don’t beat Billy because I like beating. I beat Billy because I like what it does to Billy.

By the time I am finished with the flogger, and the paddle, his body is covered with a thin film of sweat and his cheeks have turned a beautiful sweet shade of pink. His ass cheeks. Without a moment of hesitation, though, I take him by the chin and haul him up to look at his face, to confirm that the cheeks of his face are equally flushed, and indeed they are.

It’s one of the finer mysterious of life. How come after the aerobic workout of a ruthless eleven minute beating, he is more out of breath than I am. And clearly he is in better shape than I am, as evidenced by the definition in his arms. He’s the one shaking on ragged breath, his face covered in sweat, and his lips nearly quivering, but not quite enough.

“Bitch,” I say, and it ends up being the only word I speak to Billy that day.

“Yes,” he agrees, obediently, and of course, that’s the only word he says that day.

I slap him, once, across the face, and he stumbles from his knees to the floor, probably more melodramatic than anything. I didn’t hit him that hard, after all. I never do. I just find myself needing to take a swing at him after calling him a bitch. It reminds him of his place.

Billy holds still, naked, in his pile on the Ayres floor, as I investigate the contents of my leather duffle bag. It’s always fairly random, what I toss in the bag. Billy never knows, and never is told anyway. I see the clock in the corner of the room, but damn me, I forgot to look at it when I came in, so I have no idea how much time we have left.

I take longer than I need to. In my bag. Because Billy’s just softly, sweetly, barely whimpering there, and he’s doing it for my benefit, I think. I hate to use the word “whimper” because Billy doesn’t really whimper — he just makes a sweet sound when he exhales, if he’s in pain, a sound that makes me so incredibly wet. It’s one of the few sounds made by man that makes my pussy literally ache; with every exhale, with every soft trace of the sound, I feel a pounding inside my crotch that makes me want to drop everything in that moment and merely wrestle his head between my legs and order him to use his tongue.

Clearly, that’s not part of our agreement.

I quiet the aching between my legs by letting my fingers wrap around the familiar, rigid form of the large latex cock. My fingers trace it as I listen to Billy’s breathing settle, and when I peer over at him to see what he’s up to, I realize he’s kneeling forward, close to the ground, his hands behind his head and his face pressed into the carpet.

For my benefit, he’s intertwined his fingers. Luckily, Billy remembers these important details.

Observing him in this vulnerable pose makes strapping into the harness an even more enjoyable process. Sometimes I make him watch, but this time, I take some pleasure in knowing that he can hear me and must know what is going on, while his face is pressed hard down on the floor. He doesn’t dare look; the beating put him into the perfect frame of mind, the one that curbs his otherwise uppity attitude and strips every last shed of false confidence from his core.

I take my time with the buckles and stand close enough so that they jingle where he can hear them. I pull the harness straps tight, deliberate, and see his body tense and flinch at all the right times. Once again, his breathing starts to shake, and I even see the hint of a tremble in his otherwise steady, talented hands.

For a moment, it’s very easy to discard the knowledge that he’s quite strong, quite capable and quite desirable to so many women. For the moment, he’s merely a bitch for my amusement, and the aching in my pussy demands that I push him to completion. To my completion.

This time, I won’t make him suck my dick, or beg for lubricant. As much as I long to see his eyes water, his cheeks turn even more read as he gags on it, I fear that time has been lost and I really am behind schedule. All I can do is use my boot to kick apart his legs, give him a nudge with the toe of my boot to force him to raise his ass for me, and coat the head of the dildo with the moisture from my pussy and nothing else.

It doesn’t go very easily.

There’s a fine line between stifled, painful humiliation of an ass that’s simple too tight, and real terror or danger of physical harm, and I know Billy can walk that line. Hurting him, for real, simply isn’t an option, but if at any time in our relationship he felt the fear of potentially being hurt, it is now. To say he is tight would be a huge understatement. But with the help of a lubricated condom, my cock finds its way.

Fucking Billy from that point is fairly inconsequential, except for the fact that it drives me close to orgasm three times from the mere thrusting, only because I watch him clench his own fingers in his thick hair and try to muffle his cries by biting into the carpet, using all his physical strength to keep his hips positioned and ass elevated, knowing that collapsing on the floor would have serious consequences.

He knows I want to ride until I am done.

Without my clock as a guide, with no real concept of time, I ride him dangerously close to our cut off time. I visualize the crisp one hundred dollar bills on the brown nightstand table of the Ayres hotel and something inside me aches, a different kind of ache. An ache of sadness, of longing. An ache for closeness.

I imagine deep, romantic and sensual kisses that I know will never happen; I imagine the feel of his thick, almost curled locks of hair between the flesh of my finger tips. I imagine the scent of his cologne, closer, as I curl against him in the Ayres bed and listen to his breathing when he sleeps.

Such closure is simply not possible. I push those thoughts out of my mind as I feel my emotional release peaking as much as it possibly could, as I look down at him and hear the kind of honest, vulnerable sounds I need to hear to know he’s been pushed as far as he is going. At least for today.

I leave him to clean up himself, and listen to the sounds of his ragged breathing as I put my things back in my bag. Billy doesn’t help; we both know that after the act, he needs emotional and social distance even more than I do. I never confess to him my fantasies of curling up in the bed next to him and holding him, allowing him to comfort me as I reconcile my sadistic thoughts and process the token guilt.

On the nightstand, next to the ashtray, he’s left a torn page of a calendar with a date for next month circled. I take the paper and fold it in half, sliding it into my pocket; we’ll never talk about it, we just both know what it means.

Since this time there’s no words, I say nothing to him before I exit his room at the Ayres Inn. I quietly remove the crisp one hundred dollar bills from my purse and place them next to the ashtray as usual, and force myself not to steal one last glance before I go.

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Author’s Note: This is the fourth story in a series about step-mothers. I have received a couple of requests from readers asking that I write about step-mothers. Each story will be about a different step-mother and her sexual escapades. The first story was about a step-mother who hooked up with her step-son stationed in Italy. The second story is fictional but it is based on a reader suggested story line. The step-mother uses TLC to seduce her step-son. The third story is about a family who succumbs to their step-mother’s charms. The fourth story is about a stepmother who became so addicted to her stepson that she formed a group called, “Stepmothers Anonymous.”


Cynthia Wilcox, an attractive blonde hair woman of 40 years, had recently formed a woman’s focus group called, “Stepmothers Anonymous.” She formed this group based on her own experience with her now 20 year old stepson. Cynthia and her stepson Toby had been having a torrid affair ever since he had turned eighteen. Cynthia was addicted to her stepson’s huge cock and she just could not get enough of it. Toby’s father had passed away when Toby was 16 years old and Cynthia continued raising him. It was when they were celebrating his 18th birthday that things got out of hand and they had their first sex together.

Since that first night Cynthia was insatiable and all Toby had to do was take out his big black dick and she was all over him. Cynthia had never been with a black man until she dated and eventually married James Wilcox. They had a passionate life when James was alive and he was the one who introduced Cynthia to anal sex. James used to tell her how good she looked on all fours with his big black dick sliding in and out of her shapely white ass. Now it was Toby who filled her anal passage on a regular basis.

Cynthia had met several women over the years that had become addicted to their younger stepsons’ vibrant cocks. They shared stories and at the urging of two close confidants, Cynthia started Stepmothers Anonymous. It was open to any stepmother, single or married, who could not break off the taboo relationship with her stepson. The response was alarmingly large and there were currently a dozen women in the group.

Stepmothers Anonymous was supposed to help women with their problem and offer suggestions for breaking off the affairs with their stepsons. In Cynthia’s case however, the stories only served to ignite her fire that Toby was more than willing to put out when she arrived home. Cynthia would share the other woman’s stories with Toby and they both would get turned on and head for the bedroom. Cynthia often wondered how many of the other participants did the same thing.


Cynthia took her stepson Toby out to dinner for his 18th Birthday. It was a Friday night so Cynthia didn’t have to work the next day and Toby didn’t have school. After dinner they returned home and Cynthia opened a bottle of wine for them to share. They drank and laughed sharing stories with each other. Then another bottle of wine was consumed and they both became amorous. Toby had lusted after his stepmother for sometime as he was turned on by her slender shapely body. Cynthia had nice medium size breasts, gorgeous legs and a killer ass. Toby knew that his father had fucked that curvy ass many times in the past.

It happened so fast that neither of them realized it. Their clothes seemed to melt off and they found themselves naked in Cynthia’s bed. Toby was between her legs and his big black dick was nestled in her blonde pussy. It had been years since Cynthia had sex and she was more than ready. Toby’s impressive cock filled her womb just as his father’s cock had years before.

They began a slow and steady fucking motion but before too long they were pounding each other racing toward their orgasms. Cynthia came first and she wrapped her legs tightly around Toby’s body and pulled him in tight. Her eyes rolled and her body went into spasms as she reached her climax. Cynthia covered her mouth with one arm to muffle her cries of ecstasy as she humped Toby for all she was worth. Toby kept right on fucking Cynthia and she had a continuous string or orgasms before Toby finally shot his load deep into her womb. Toby’s body went rigid as he drove his cock in as far as it would go and fired warm streams of cum into Cynthia’s cunt.

Toby pulled out of Cynthia and his still hard cock looked ominous as it glistened with their combined love juices. Toby rolled Cynthia over on all fours and then pushed his cock back in her pussy. Cynthia crooned as she lowered her head and turned it to one side. Toby pushed gently on her lower back which caused her round curvy ass to be even more accentuated. Toby caressed Cynthia’s shapely ass as he fucked her doggy style and then he toyed with her nether hole. He eventually lubricated his finger with her pussy juice and slipped a finger into her anus. Cynthia wiggled her shapely bottom in response to the intrusion.

“If you want to fuck me in the ass you have to use lots of lube and go easy. It has been a while since your father fucked me there,” Cynthia cautioned.

Toby pulled his cock from Cynthia’s pussy and got off the bed to get the lubricant. Toby returned to the bed and put an ample amount of lube in Cynthia’s asshole and liberally lubed his cock. Then he positioned his cock at the entrance to Cynthia’s asshole and slowly pushed forward. The head of his cock disappeared in Cynthia’s shapely ass. Cynthia grunted softly and Toby slowly fed his cock to her.

Toby fed his cock a little at a time to Cynthia and he seemed to take his cue from her hand on his thigh. Cynthia would press her hand against Toby’s thigh and he would stop his penetration. Once Cynthia was comfortable with the intrusion she would relax her hand and Toby would press forward again. Eventually Toby began fucking her slowly sliding his cock in and out of Cynthia’s ass. Cynthia looked so vulnerable and so sub-serviant on all fours with her head turned toward the side and her hands grasping the bed sheets as Toby’s big cock invaded her most private area. Cynthia’s expression was a combination of complete bliss and helplessness a she was dominated by Toby’s impressive cock.

At that moment he knew why his dad loved to fuck her ass. He loved watching his big black rod slide in and out between the cheeks of her lily white ass. Toby fucked Cynthia slowly at first but then picked up the pace. He began slamming into her ass and they could hear their flesh slapping together as Toby penetrated Cynthia’s ass. Instead of retreating, Cynthia pushed back at Toby as if she was trying to get more of his cock into her. Toby then stiffened and shoved his cock all the way into Cynthia’s ass and Cynthia knew that he was cumming.

“Oh I feel it. Give it to me. Cum in my ass, it feels so good. Oh God I love it,” Cynthia called out to Toby.

Cynthia was frantically rubbing her pussy as her ass muscles clenched around Toby’s cock. Toby then slowly slid his cock from Cynthia’s asshole and trace of cum bubbled up at her anus. Cynthia flipped over and her fingers plunged into her pussy as she needed to get off again. Toby pulled her hand away and dove in between her legs and licked Cynthia’s pussy. Cynthia was surprised that Toby was not concerned that he had cum in her pussy earlier. Cynthia grabbed Toby’s head and humped her pussy up into his face. Toby ate her until she came again and he sucked up all her juices.

Cynthia then turned around and moved into a 69 position with Toby. Just as Toby had shown no hesitation eating cum filled pussy, Cynthia did not hesitate taking the cock that had just been in her ass into her mouth. The two of them ate in each other for awhile and then they fucked once more in the missionary position. After the final act they lay together and kissed and cuddled. Toby caressed Cynthia’s fantastic tits and played with her rock hard nipples.

“Oh man that was great,” Cynthia sighed.

“It certainly was,” Toby echoed.

Toby just lay there and groaned as he was drained. The two of them didn’t move again before they fell asleep. During their sleep however they ended up cuddled together in the spoon position. When they woke up in the morning it was still early and Toby decided to fuck Cynthia with his morning piss hard-on. He rolled over on top of her and she spread her legs for him. Toby sank his rock hard cock into Cynthia’s juicy pussy and then he fucked her until she begged him to stop. Toby got out of bed and made his way into the bathroom to pee.

When he returned Cynthia was lying on her stomach so he got behind her and pulled her up on her knees. Toby then greased up his rod and slipped it back into her ass again. He fucked her hard and fast and it didn’t take long for him to cum in her ass. Then they both went into the shower where they soaped each other’s body and played with each other. Toby ate Cynthia’s pussy again and she sucked him off until he came in her mouth. That weekend was filled with sex and with Toby youthful recuperative powers Cynthia was pleasured beyond belief.

Toby’s birthday celebration was the start of his affair with his stepmother. They had sex all the time and they both seemed tireless. Toby dated girls from school and even fucked a few 18 year olds but he always had something left for Cynthia. She liked it best when Toby came home from a date when he didn’t get laid and he was ready for action. Toby loved it when she came home with a juicy story that she heard at the focus group.


A group of ladies were seated in a circle at Cynthia’s home chatting engagingly as they waited for the focus group to get started. “Okay ladies, I see that we have a new stepmother joining us. Everyone, say hi to Jill,” Cynthia announced.

All the other ladies responded in unison, “Hi Jill.”

“Now who would like to go first this evening,” Cynthia asked.

“I will,” answered a pretty blonde woman.

“Go ahead Ashley what would you like to share with the group?”

“Well most of you know that my 19 year old stepson and I have been having an affair. My husband travels a lot and when he is out of town my stepson Buddy is all over me,” Ashley began.

“The last time I told you about the time he fucked me in the ass right in my kitchen. I had come home from my doubles tennis match with the girls and he had his way with me while I still had on my tennis dress. He pulled my panties down, bent me over the kitchen table and greased up my anus with the butter on the table. Then he stood behind me and stuck his big cock in my ass and fucked me until he came. Buddy cums in buckets and he flooded my rectum with his seed,” Ashley said reminding everyone.

“As I recall Ashley you liked it. You thought that it was very wicked, exciting and erotic,” Cynthia assessed.

“Yes I did. At first I was humiliated but then I felt so wonderfully naughty.”

“So what do you want to tell us this time?” Cynthia prodded.

“A few weeks ago Buddy shared me with two of his friends,” A blushing Ashley said astounding the others in the group. An audible gasp was heard from several of the women. Jill was in disbelief but at the same time she was anxious to hear what happened.

“How did it happen?” Cynthia asked.

“Buddy and I play tennis on Wednesday mornings now that school is out. We were driving home and he had me remove my tennis panties as always so he could play with my pussy on the way home. He spotted two of his friends Curt and Kirk and he stopped the car to give them a ride. I was scared and embarrassed.”

“The boys came over to the car and greeted us and Buddy offered them a ride. He told me to get in the back seat with his two friends. ‘Sit between Curt and Kirk,’ he told me.”

“I had to climb over Kirk to sit between them and though I tried to keep my skirt pulled down the guys spotted that I was not wearing panties. I settled in between them and kept both hands on my tennis skirt pulling it down. I was so embarrassed that I was as red as a beet. Buddy started driving to our house.”

“Hey guys did you notice that Ashley is not wearing any panties. Buddy told them. Kirk and Curt looked at each other and they now were as red in the face as I was. I was playing with her pussy when we spotted you guys, why don’t you guys pick up where I left off,” he suggested. “Go ahead she loves to have a clit diddled and her pussy fingered.”

I screamed at my stepson, “Buddy, stop it and don’t you boys dare touch me!”

“The boys were hesitant but with more encouragement from my stepson they tried to reach under my skirt. I tried to fight them off but the more the three of us struggled, the more excited and more determined Curt and Kirk became. Finally they succeeded in getting to my pussy and I resolved to let myself be fondled. Curt and Kirk also started rubbing my tits through my tennis dress and I got even more turned on. Soon they had me panting as they played with my cunt, clit and tits. Both of the guys were now sporting boners in their tennis shorts.”

“Hey guys take your dicks out and let Ashley have some fun too”, Buddy told them.

“I was too far gone to protest and the guys couldn’t get their cocks out fast enough. Curt and Kirk moved my hands to their rock hard erections and continued to play with my pussy.”

“Ashley show the guys what a great cocksucker you are,” Buddy directed.

“I leaned over and took Kirk’s cock in my mouth first and he came immediately filling my mouth with a huge load. I sucked him dry and then I turned to Curt and took his cock in my mouth and the result was the same. Curt came quickly and filled my mouth with a generous load and I sucked him dry. The guys were so horny that they stayed hard in spite of shooting so quickly.”

“We’re here,” Buddy said as the car pulled into our driveway and garage. “Come on in guys and we will all fuck my stepmom’s brains out,” Buddy directed.

“Curt and Kirk were grabbing my ass as I climbed over them to get out of the car. Once in the house they followed Buddy to my bedroom. Curt and Kirk kept fondling my curvy ass as they walked behind me and up the stairs to the bedroom,” Ashley continued.

The women in the focus group were getting excited by Ashley’s story and some of them were squirming around. Others leaned forward anxious to hear more. Cynthia told Ashley to continue.

“Once in the bedroom everyone stripped and I lay naked on the bed. Buddy directed the action and Curt and Kirk began sucking on my tits as Buddy ate my pussy. Each time I had an orgasm the guys rotated until each one had sucked on my cunt. They kept me in a constant state of arousal.”

“Curt fucked me first and then Kirk fucked my pussy. Buddy then fucked me as well. Kirk and Curt watched as Buddy’s 9″ cock plowed my cunt and had me writhing in ecstasy. After the three of them came in my pussy, Buddy rolled me over and pulled my ass up into a fucking position. Buddy then used the gel to lubricate my asshole. Curt and Kirk looked on almost in disbelief as Buddy prepared me for an ass fucking session.”

Buddy looked at them and said, “Are you ready to fuck this beautiful ass, don’t worry she loves it in the ass?”

“Kirk got behind me and eased his hard cock into my ass. He fucked me slowly at first and then picked up the pace. He was so turned on that he fired another large load of cum this time into my asshole. I used my sphincter muscle to squeeze Kirk’s cock draining it of his cum. Curt was mesmerized watching Kirk fuck my ass as the cock slid in and out of my very curvy ass. Curt wasted no time when it was his turn getting behind me and shoving his cock into the hilt. Curt fucked me rapidly and he too then deposited an ample amount of cum into my asshole.”

“Curt and Kirk then watched in awe as Buddy slid his thick meat into my ass and they couldn’t believe that I could take it all. Not only did I take it all but I began pleading with Buddy to fuck my ass and fill it with cum.” I told Buddy “Oh my I love this, fuck my ass, fill it up with your cum. I want to feel you shooting in my ass.”

“Buddy fucked me in a steady rhythm as he always did when he was in my ass. He took longer than Curt and Kirk did but when he finally ejaculated and there was so much sperm from the three loads that it started to back out of my asshole and run down my legs and pussy lips. Buddy allowed his dick to soften inside of me and then slid it out making an audible popping sound.”

“I was cooing with my butt still in the air. Curt and Kirk were rock hard again and anxious to fuck me some more. Buddy had Curt lay on his back and had me straddle him. I lowered my pussy down and engulfed Curt’s cock in my cunt. Buddy had Kirk get behind me and slide his cock into my asshole. The two of them began to fuck me together and I was having an intense orgasm and juicing Curt’s dick. Buddy knelt in front of me and presented me with his cock, which I immediately took in my mouth. I had my first threesome and first foursome on the same day.”

“Ashley you now have almost two feet of cock in you at the same time,” Buddy announced. “How do like it?”

“I just moaned softly as my sounds were muffled by Buddy’s cock. The three of them continued fucking all three holes until they had cum in each of my orifices again. The triple teaming continued until each of the guys had cum in each of my holes. Curt and Kirk could not believe how many times they were able to cum. They had never been so turned on in their young lives and they lay exhausted on the bed.”

“I heard myself softly murmuring, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” I was in a sexual trance as I fingered my pussy and asshole and then sucked cum soaked fingers clean with my mouth. I was still in a euphoric state when Buddy drove them home.”

“Each time we play tennis, Buddy and I bring Kirk and Curt back from the tennis club for hours of fucking at my house. I looked forward to our marathon fuck sessions and to the trip from the club to the house. Now I automatically got in the back seat of the car and sit between Kirk and Curt. Within minutes my panties are off and Kirk and Curt have their dicks out of their tennis shorts. I have started to wear two-piece tennis outfits so that Kirk and Curt can push up my top along with my sports bra and bare my titties. Kirk and Curt each have a tit in their mouths as they finger my pussy and asshole. I have a cock in each hand and jerk them off as they service me on the way home.”

“Once we arrive at home the orgy begins. Buddy devised games for us to vary the sex acts. Once he had me kneel on the bed on all fours sucking Curt’s cock while Kirk ate my pussy and Buddy rimmed my asshole. Once Curt came, Kirk replaced him in my mouth and Buddy went down to eat my pussy while Curt rimmed my asshole. After Kirk shot his wad in my mouth they rotated again this time Buddy was in my mouth, Curt ate my pussy and Kirk rimmed my asshole.”

“Then they fucked me in the same order Curt, Kirk and Buddy each one cumming in my pussy. I was then back on all fours as they fucked me in the ass, first Curt then Kirk and Buddy again each one cumming in her ass. I could always count on at least three loads of cum in each of my holes.”

“The last time, Buddy had Curt fuck me missionary style until he came. Then I was placed on all fours and Kirk fucked me in the ass. After Kirk shot a load up my asshole, Buddy fucked my pussy missionary style filling my cunt with his seed. Then I was back to all fours as Curt fucked me in the ass. Then it was Kirk’s turn to fuck my pussy, which was followed by Buddy fucking me in the ass. Then they finished off the session with another triple team topped off by the three of them shooting cum all over my body.”

“Thank you Ashley, that was very graphic,” Cynthia said with a deep sigh. “The first time you joined our group you said that you hoped to learn how to break off the affair with your stepson. Is that still your wish?”

After Wendy and I had our wild evening with her sister Sara and Sara’s fiancé Mark, my wife confessed to me that she and her sister had done the lesbian thing before and that she even had hopes of what happened coming about. I was flabbergasted so say the least. While my wife is no prude in the bedroom she never indicated she could be so . . . so wild and kinky! Some people, you think you know them and then bang you are totally surprised by something they say or do.

Well, Sara and Mark made a habit of coming to visit about every two weeks and maybe I’ll tell you more about that another time. About five weeks after that first night it was our anniversary and we got together for dinner with our daughter Ann, Wendy’s parents Annette and Bill as well as Sara and Mark. Sara and Mark had to leave early that night but we knew they would be coming over next weekend anyway. When we got home Ann went to bed and my wife and I and my in-laws went and sat out for drinks on the patio. It was my mother-in-law that mentioned the seclusion I had created in the back of my home. Again my wife proved she had either little shame or a totally kinky aspect to her personality as she offered her parents the opportunity to have a nude soak in the hot tub! I mean this time she didn’t even mention swimsuits! My father-in-law seemed reluctant to share the view his body parts with his daughter but Annette interest was obvious the minute the words left Wendy’s mouth.

‘Oh I used to love swimming nude when I was younger.” she confessed.

“You can’t really swim in a hot tub mom but you can soak and the water does the moving; it’s very relaxing” Wendy told her.

“I’m game if you are.” said Annette to her husband.

I get the feeling that Bill didn’t want to be a wet blanket and so he just said “Oh, why not.” and started removing his shirt.

Now unlike my sister-in-law I had no desires about my mother-in-law before this and frankly the thought still didn’t occur to me as we all striped down to get in the tub. However, my eyes were glued to my fifty-eight year old mother-in-law’s clean shaven pussy as she climbed into the hot tub. I followed closely behind her and she turned as soon as she was thigh deep in the water causing me to be crotch to face height with her as I got in. Not only was she looking at my cock but I swear I saw her inhale deeply. Wendy was behind me and she stop just before getting in the tub and announced she was going in to get some towels from the laundry room. When she returned she handed everyone their drinks, after refilling them, and got in herself. We sat and relaxed in the tub making little or no conversation till Wendy said we had been in long enough and explained the wisdom of short periods in the hot water. We got out and Wendy’ dried herself with the towel then sat down in a patio chair and beckoned me to her and began drying me off like a child. Annette took the example and took to drying Bill, who evidently is ticklish because he was chuckling when she did it. I guess Bill got carried away and playfully pushed Annette’s head into his groin area until his cock mashed into her face. Surprised Annette playfully slapped his dick hard enough to make it waggle and start to rise from the contact. “Nice cock daddy. “Wendy offered.

“Thanks; but I think your mother bruised it!” was his reply.

Annette leaned in and said “Oh let me kiss it and make it better.” And then she did just that.

“Still hurts.”

“How about I kiss it too?” says Wendy and follows her mother in making it better; planting many kisses all over her father’s cock bringing it to full mast quickly!

My head went bong, what family did I marry into twenty years ago that I had no clue what they were like? If I thought that was surprising imagine my astonishment when Bill stepped forward and offered his dick up for me to kiss! “Ah, no thanks Bill you’ll just have to suffer.’ I told him.

That got a laugh from everyone and I took this good natured moment to ask just what the hell was going on with this family. So Annette confessed that years ago she had caught Wendy and Sara getting it on and after we had our evening of swinging Wendy confessed the rekindled incest to her mother and then the whole story upon questioning about my knowledge of her actions. It seems Annette felt that if I didn’t know about it was cheating. Then Annette got so horny from hearing the story she attacked Bill when he got in and she told him about it. Bill tells me he had no prior knowledge of any of this. Annette confessed to Wendy that she had always been curios about their lesbian sex and was a little jealous that Wendy and Sara had this intimate relationship. “So I set this up so my folks could have fun too!” She then took to her knees and swallowed her father’s cock as deeply as she could. My mother-in-law not wanting to be left out got behind Wendy and pulled her ass up so she could bury her face in her daughters rear end and lap at her pussy and asshole with a fervor I had never seen. She raised her own ass and reached back and spread her ass cheeks in invitation to me. I got lined up with her pussy and sank my cock in deep only to have her soon pull off my cock and direct it into her asshole. I slid in with ease but it was still tight and I was so overtaken by lust I was soon pounding her ass hard and deep. My father-in-law was the first to climax with a loud groan he filled his daughter’s mouth with his jism till it was spilling out the corner of her mouth. This set of Wendy and she came uttering “Yes” and “Eat my pussy Mom” repeatedly. I continued to ram into my mother-in-law’s asshole with vigor and when I came I felt it from in my own ass hole, grunting like a pig as I filled her bowel with cum.

That’s when I heard my Wendy gasp and I turned to look at what she was seeing. Standing in the sliding glass doorway was my own daughter Ann with her nightgown up around her waist and her hand working her clit like a banjo string. The site was so hot I never went soft and I shoved my cock in my mother-in-law’s snatch as I watched. Her grandpa walked over to her and Ann groped his cock while fingering her hot pussy a lewdly as she could manage standing up. Without a doubt I knew I had to have her. I pulled from the grans cunt and walk to her and lead Ann to the rug and laid her down on her back. “Fuck her Grandpa!” I said.

He mounted her; using long deep strokes to savor every movement and I mounted her chest and offered her my cock still covered in her grandmother pussy and ass juices. She swallowed it as deeply as she could on her own, another family slut, and I fed her more by pushing it in as far as it could go. Remembering the other two members of our group I looked over to see what my wife was thinking but she and her mom were enjoying themselves in a sixty-nine and paying little attention to us. As I’m grinding my cock in my daughter’s mouth I got a surprise and a thrill, I must admit, as my father-in-law began licking my ass! It felt weird and good all at once and I was too busy enjoying my slutty daughter to stop him.

God my daughter could take a cock. I really fucked her face, she gagged some but never tried to get my cock out of her mouth and I came first this time pulling my spasming prick from her mouth and drenching her face with cum. As soon as I removed myself off her chest to admire my handiwork her grandpa pulled from her cunt and leapt up to add his sperm to her face. “Geez, her pussy was so tight” Grandpa commented.

I told him “I won’t take your word for it but I’ll have to test it out later.”

Annette moved to Ann and began slurping up the cum from her face and when Bill knelt down to watch her she shared the sperm with him. I really have to have a long talk with my wife and her family one day!

My wife moved in on my daughter’s smooth young pussy and dug her tongue in as far as she could and I, not wanting to be a party pooper, dove into Wendy’s upturned rear and lapped her from clit to crack with periods of just boring my tongue into her holes. Amazingly I got hard again and decide it had been too long since I last filled my wife’s ass with fuck juice! My saliva made for a good lubricant and I was all the way in with one stroke. After cumming two times even the tightness of her anus or the warmth of her bowels weren’t going to make me ejaculate for a while and I sawed in and out with long strokes, totally fascinated by the view of it. Ann was moaning as Grandpa was sucking Ann tits, Annette was on her back attached to her own daughter breasts as well. I reached over and fingered and slapped my mother-in-law’s snatch while fucking my Wendy’s ass. I never felt so elated in my life, but all things end and I pushed in and filled Wendy with whatever sperm I had left. When I was done ejaculating Annette was right there to clean my cock and lick out Wendy butt! We were all spent at this point and collapsed on the floor to rest.

Turns out my in-laws had been swingers many years ago but stopped when their kids got old enough to ask why they went out so much. My father-in-law; bisexual as is his wife but that’s no surprise at this point. All the rest of this is actually new for them but they sure had an easy transition. I don’t think I did a bad job of moving over to the wild side myself.

My story is listed in the “Loving Wives” category, but I think it should be listed in a “Loving Husbands” one. These are, after all, my fantasies. Fantasies HE made come true, one starry night…

My husband Kyle and I (some names have been changed, to protect the not so innocent) have been married for over ten years. We’re high school sweethearts, you know. Some people think it’s impossible to find “the one” when you’re still a teenager. In fact, my mother strongly advised me to go out and “experience” other people before committing to my first love. She married her high school sweetheart too. She would have done well to heed her own advice. I, however, am glad I never did.

Kyle and I aren’t perfect for each other. Hell, perfect is boring. We’re not so alike as to be twins, and not so opposite as to be compliments. Oh no, it’s better than that. We’re best friends, you see. The wonderful thing about marrying your best friend is that no matter how much you change, the basis of your relationship never does. You can add to it, take things away from it, but in the end, you’ve got that initial respect that will never fade.

Last New Years Eve, I had something truly special planned. My parents agreed to take the kids for the night since they were getting too old to stay up until midnight anyhow. I’ve had this fantasy for a long time, and never had the nerve to try it, until now. Tonight, I’m going to have a threesome!

I know what you’re thinking. That’s a man’s fantasy! So chauvinistic! Truth be told, I’ve always been a little bi-curious. My first kiss, in fact, was with a girl. Her name was Heather. She was 12 and I was 9. We tried it, just to practice, to see what it would be like, with a boy. Her lips and tongue were soft and she tasted sweet, like candy. Ever since, I’ve always wanted to know what would happen if I went further than a stolen kiss.

Kyle had no idea what was in store for us. I’d convinced him to take me out to dinner at a fancy restaurant. He hates going to new places, but I insisted. The restaurant just happened to be in the lobby of the Gaylord Palms Hotel.

Two weeks earlier, I’d done a little research. I wasn’t about to ask anyone I knew, or that Kyle knew, to have a threesome with us. We’d never be able to look her in the eye again, or she’d decide to try and steal him from me. Then I’d have to kill the bitch, and things would get messy.

The idea of a prostitute also bothered me. Prostitutes, even escorts, however clean looking, were probably full of disease. No, I needed someone who I could ask the icky questions and still not have to meet on a weekend trip to the grocery story. So I fell back on the only medium I had available to me: the Internet. It’s amazing what you can find on Craigslist. I didn’t see much in the ads that appealed to me, so I made one of my own:

Early 30′s couple looking for 20′s-30′s girl to join in one time play. Must be clean. Send an e-mail with pic and contact info and we’ll meet for coffee first.”

No way was I having sex with someone I hadn’t met before. Even if her pic was seriously hot, that didn’t guarantee chemistry. And it would be a huge disappointment if she turned us down during the date.

I was a little surprised to get an e-mail only two days later. Jenna was a local college student who was studying psychology. The dynamics of a married couple asking a second woman to join intrigued her. She was even more interested when she discovered the subterfuge.

Over coffee at Starbucks, I told her how my husband couldn’t know anything about the date until afterwards. It was a surprise. The way her nose scrunched up when she smirked at that, it was adorable. Her long blond hair kept falling in her eyes and it was the only cue to her bookish personality. Jenna was a knockout. At least, I thought she was.

She stood just a little taller than me, which isn’t hard, considering I’m 5’3.” I’d always wanted to be a redhead, which is why my hair is usually dyed somewhere between dark brown and mahogany. Right then, it was a dark auburn. Her natural, dirty blond hair seemed just right, though. It reminded me of my sister, which was a little weird, but in a good way.

I’m what you’d call a BBW. I carry it well though. I’ve got an hourglass figure, with DDD tits and an ample ass to match. I’ve always hated my thunder thighs, but they go with the package. The saving grace is that my waist is a good 15 inches smaller around than my hips and chest. Jenna, on the other hand, was svelte. She had larger A cup breasts that would probably spill out of one of my hands, and fit just perfectly in Kyles. I shuddered at the thought. Her waist dipped just enough so that her narrow hips had sufficient flare to keep her from looking like a boy.

The thing that made this surprise so special was that both Kyle and I were virgins when we met. Like I said, high school sweethearts, and we’ve never broken up. Nope, not once. So after popping one another’s cherries, we obviously stayed faithful to one another. I’ve always felt just a little guilty about that. Traditionally, men are supposed to “sow their wild oats.” Even my mother said I should do the same. I have no complaints personally, just fantasies, and Jenna looked like she’d fit the bill.

At first it worried me that she was so polar opposite in looks to myself. I could never, EVER compete with her in that department. I didn’t used to think of myself as beautiful, but Kyle changed my mind about that very soon after we started dating. Appreciation for my own looks and form helped me to have a good self esteem. But like any woman, I worried that my husband just said that to be nice. Jenna was practically a model, if just a little too short. The important part, however, was that she was willing, and she turned me on. We set the stage and I made reservations. It took me a whole week to steal away the cash without Kyle noticing. The only opening, New Years Eve, was much more expensive than I’d initially planned.

Finally the day arrived. I got all dolled up, straightening my hair, wearing a little make up, and putting on a sexy party dress. I love animal print, and the yellow sash and zebra striped skirt made me feel like a million bucks. Kyle grudgingly wore the dark jeans and black button down I’d laid out for him. He would have rather we gone somewhere he could wear a tee shirt. I’d made him shave, too, and wear cologne. He kept giving me odd looks. I never made this much fuss, even on our anniversary, choosing instead to let him be comfortable. He only got this dressed up for office parties.

We made a funny couple, actually. I was practically bouncing while I held his arm, walking from the parking lot to the restaurant. I just couldn’t contain my excitement. Kyle wore his usual bored expression as he towered over me at 6’2.” We got a table and he ordered the steak, me the lobster.

Jenna’s entry was perfect. It didn’t hurt that she was taking theater courses as well. She slipped into our booth, next to me, her eyes streaked with tears, clutching my arm just a little too tightly. I managed to be surprised, the pain in my arm helped, and I got sucked into the scene with ease.

“Please, can I sit with you? My girlfriend… I just dumped her and she’s furious with me! I don’t want to talk to her. She won’t come over here if I’m with someone.”

Kyle loved lesbians. Most guys seem to, even though lesbians don’t like them! More than lesbians, though, he was a sucker for a damsel in distress. It’s one of the things I love most about him. He has this driving need to protect. It was kicking in now, but I could see his inner frustration. If Jenna had claimed a boyfriend was harassing her, he’d have offered to beat the guy up, maybe a little more than jokingly. A girlfriend, however, was another matter. Kyle didn’t hit girls.

“You can stay with us. It’s fine. Do you want me to order you a drink?”

I stroked her back soothingly while throwing a helpless glance at Kyle. He looked around for our waiter while Jenna went on.

“Yes, please! Something strong, maybe a double shot of Patron.”

Top shelf, she was deliberately pushing me. I went with it and ordered in spite of Kyle’s horrified look. I always drank the cheap stuff in mixed drinks to make it last. High maintenance I am not! He wouldn’t care later, though, I was sure. He swallowed down the argument about spending $16 on a drink and asked Jenna to tell her story.

“Are you going to be okay? Is there someone we should call for you?”

“No. I’m all alone. I came here out of state to go to college. My whole family is back in Pennsylvania. Lizzy was my only real friend here. She’s the TA for my LIT class. I’d never been with a girl before her, just boyfriends who were always unsatisfying. They were rough and demanding. I hadn’t even had an orgasm except from my own fingers.

” Lizzy was so nice to me, always talking about how she loved to read my papers. One night she invited me to help her with the grading. I couldn’t help myself, I was drawn to her. When she licked me… it was heaven!”

The far away look in her eyes made me wonder a little if there was some truth to this story. I dragged my gaze away from Jenna to look at Kyle’s face. He was watching her intensely. Undoubtedly he was wondering why this hot stranger was telling us her most intimate details, and enjoying them also. He had to swallow hard before his response. Luckily the waiter arrived with her drink, which she drank in one shot. Once he left, Kyle tried again.

“How many drinks have you had tonight?”

Jenna took my hand, hers a little shaky as she answered him, slurring her speech just a tad.

“Oh, I dunno, maybe four? Or five? It took a few before I was able to get the courage to tell Lizzy it was over.”

“Do you want us to drive you home?”

Finally, my turn to talk! It was the cue she was waiting for. Jenna burst into tears, turning her face into my cleavage and sobbing against my bosom.

“I moved in with Lizzy last semester! I just can’t face her right now, I can’t!”

She nuzzled herself against my chest, her hands idly stroking my legs. Kyle couldn’t see what she was doing, but the small gasp of pleasure that I couldn’t hold back certainly caught his attention. He licked his lips, watching her as she mumbled against my chest.

“I have a room in the hotel. I don’t want to be alone right now. Please, come stay with me for a while?”

She raised her head to look first at me, then at Kyle, her eyes pleading. Kyle was obviously torn when he replied.

“Jenna, we’ll walk you to your room.”

It wasn’t a commitment, but I wasn’t surprised. Kyle wasn’t one to take advantage of a drunk girl. I was worried that Jenna had overplayed it and ruined our chances. We finished our meal, Jenna and I sharing a bowl of ice cream, she licking the cream sensually from the spoon, me giggling with delight, and Kyle watching it all while squirming uncomfortably in his seat.

After the check was paid, Jenna bounced up, her steady feet giving the impression that the alcohol was wearing off. She took my hand and pulled me to my feet. Then she took Kyle’s, pulling him also, rubbing her body sensually over his obvious bulge before he gently stepped back. She didn’t let go of his hand though, and if he wanted to be released from her grip, he would have to pull her fingers from his own.

“Let’s go! I’m on the 12th floor.”

Jenna held both of our hands all the way to the elevator. When we stepped in, and the doors closed, she pounced, dragging me against her while grinding her ass against Kyle’s erections. Her lips on mine were a surprise, although they shouldn’t have been. She tasted like vanilla ice cream. I probably did too.

I responded to the kiss tentatively, then with more enthusiasm. Her tongue was soft, her lips silky. It was so different from kissing Kyle. He has a jet black goatee. He’s had one since we met, having enough facial hair at 16 years old that my friends all thought I was dating a college student from the technical school down the street from my high school.

When I parted my lips, she eagerly dipped her tongue inside. I opened my eyes to see Kyle watching us, his gaze riveted on his wife tonguing another girl. It was definitely having an effect on him. I could see his chest rising and falling rapidly, although he still had enough control not to be openly panting. I, however, had no such control, my breathing coming in short gasps, moaning into Jenna’s soft lips. We were both caressing one another as well, hands sliding up and down our bodies, cupping each other’s breasts, while Jenna continued to alternately grind against Kyle’s hips and mine. Hero complex be damned, if he could resist this I would apply Kyle for sainthood tomorrow morning.

When his hands reached around us both to cup my bottom, pressing both of us against him, Jenna and I both smiled against one another’s lips. My giggle of triumph was drowned out by a loud moan as Jenna left my lips to suck my neck. Then the bell dinged, letting us know that the elevator had arrived at our floor.

Jenna slipped from between us and walked quickly out the doors, turning to place one hand on her hip and stare at our stunned expressions with a bold, sultry smile. Even though I knew what to expect, more or less, she was doing such a good job playing her role!

Kyle and I followed her to her room, the one I actually paid for. When she got to the door, unlocking it with her key, she turned, her face a mixture of pouty and sexy all in one beautiful bundle.

“Stay with me, just for a little bit?”

Kyle looked at me. It was obvious he was handing control of the encounter over to me. Good. I walked over to Jenna and put one hand on her shoulder.

“Of course we will.”

She took my hand and pulled me inside. Kyle followed, his expression registering surprise only by the way his brows arched. I don’t know if he was more surprised that she’d invited us in or that I was going along with it. I hoped we would have many more surprises in store for him as the night wore on.

Jenna pulled me into the middle of the room, a wicked glint in her eyes. I was completely taken aback at her proposal.

“I want to take a shower. I don’t want any trace of my girlfriend on my body. I’m going to need someone to scrub my back though.”

She kept pulling me until we went into the large bathroom. Kyle’s mouth actually dropped open. I knew he wanted to say something, probably about my total lack of resistance, but he didn’t. I expected him to follow us, but he stood and watched instead as we disappeared behind the door.

“How’m I doing?”

Jenna’s fervent whisper pulled me out of the fantasy for a moment and I put a hand over my mouth to stifle a giggle. You’d think I were the one who’d been drinking!

“You’re awesome. Just don’t play up being drunk, he wouldn’t want to take advantage of someone who wasn’t able to consent.”

She cocked her head in surprise, then nodded. Drunk girls were pretty popular with most men, since their inhibitions were lowered.

Jenna went back into character quickly, turning the shower on until it was steaming and stripping out of her short black dress, and quickly unzipping mine. I was a little self conscious at first, letting her see me without my clothes. No one but Kyle has seen me naked since I was a toddler. Her obviously appreciative gaze helped my confidence, and I was able to openly stare back in admiration.

Naked, Jenna was just as hot as I’d imagined. Although petite, her proportions were right on. She was very womanly, and I found that exciting, in a different way from what I felt with Kyle. She leaned in to kiss me again, and I responded eagerly, opening my mouth to her tongue and running my hands down her spin to cup her ass. When her fingers traced the shaven lips of my pussy, I gasped. Taking advantage of my distraction, she raced into the shower, the spray hitting her body and bouncing off the walls.

Quickly I joined her. She poured liquid soap into her hands, then handed me the bottle. We took our time, lathering one another, exploring each other’s body. I cupped her breasts and discovered that yes, in my petite hands, they were just over a handful. She found out that she loved the way my huge nipples would contract to almost half their size when they puckered in pleasure. The creaking of the door alerted us that Kyle had walked in, watching his wife sliding her soapy hands all over another woman. I tried really hard to ignore him, and so did Jenna. She rinsed me off, then herself, and started to wash my body with her tongue. My hands flew to her head, caressing her as she licked my body, pausing to suckle my nipples. I pulled her up then, when I suspected she would have traveled lower. Not yet…

Pushing her gently against the tiled wall, I returned the favor, licking and sucking her neck, then blazing a trail down her chest until I was tonguing her nipples. She wrapped her arms around my neck and leaned into my mouth. Her gaze fell on Kyle, who was frozen to the spot, watching us, breathing heavily. When I put one hand between her silky thighs, I swear I heard him growl. Jenna crooked a finger at him, then arched into my fingers, moaning from my caress.

I saw his face, when he finally broke. He was clenching his jaw as he quickly unfastened his buttoned shirt and yanked his jeans off, boxers and all. He cursed when he realized he’d forgotten about his boots. Quickly he pulled them off and was standing naked in the bathroom, his erection so full he was almost pointing to the ceiling. He took his cock in his hands and gave it one long stroke, shuddering, before walking towards the shower stall.

We were in luck, it was a huge shower. He was easily able to slip inside, coming behind me and rubbing his cock between my ass cheeks. My pussy quivered in anticipation, but I still had a few ideas I wanted to try out. Taking the soap, I lathered my hands and turned to soap Kyle’s body, running my hands lovingly through his chest hair. It was such a stark contrast to Jenna’s smooth, curvy tits. I loved it.

Jenna took the soap and started lathering his backside. Kyle’s eyes closed, and I saw his cock twitching, his balls tightening, it was his fantasy come true too.

We both got him totally soapy, then began to rub our naked bodies against his skin. Kyle’s cock against my stomach was hot and throbbing. I cupped him, rolling his balls together and finally got what I’d been waiting for: he groaned in pleasure. I love it when Kyle makes noise during sex. He doesn’t do it a lot, so when he does, I know I’m doing something particularly enjoyable. Not like myself, who moans and screams for any little thing.

Jenna dipped her fingers between his ass cheeks and he momentarily stiffened before relaxing against her caresses. One of my hands rolled his sac while the other stroked his cock and Jenna continued to rub his ass and squeeze his cheeks. Kyle dipped his head down to kiss me, something else he doesn’t do nearly enough.

His lips were hard and hot, his tongue thrusting into my mouth, demanding more. I took hold of the shower head and rinsed him off. I caught Jenna’s eye and she nodded. We both knelt in front of him, our mouths and tongues melding as we both licked and sucked on his cock. Kyle actually had to grab the wall to keep from falling over. He spread his legs wider to improve his stance as we both attacked his swollen shaft.

Eventually, I let Jenna suck his cock while I tickled his balls with my tongue, my hands smoothing up and down his legs, fingers sliding over his ass, teasing him. He was breathing hard, groaning often now.

“Oh God… You two are killing me here.”

He had to be close. I entwined my tongue with Jenna’s again as she left his cock. We kissed, then she stood and I began to suck my husband’s cock instead. She started licking his nipples and wrapped one leg around his hip. He held her there, and I got a sudden inspiration. Still sucking on Kyle, I slipped one hand between Jenna’s legs and began fingering her tight hole. She moaned against Kyle. When he glanced down to see that I was fingering her while sucking his cock he was completely undone.

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Author’s Note

This story is primarily focused on incest, but also contains group sex (MFM and FFM), anal, interracial, a cheating wife, a cheating husband, and some voyeurism. Unlike my other work, there is nothing fantasy (i.e., no supernatural elements). All characters are entirely fictional and at least 18 years of age.


The blinking vertical line on Mel’s monitor taunted her.

It had started off innocent enough. A little fun to help pass the time at work. But with his last email, Adam had steered things into uncharged territory.

Maybe she could just dodge the question. Keep things going as they were as if she hadn’t even noticed that he wanted to know if she was ready to leave the realm of fantasy. But, then, he was only nineteen. Barely older than her son, Jake. Full-grown men often struggled with reading between the lines. Could she trust this little boy to take the hint?

A wiser woman would have found a discussion board or something online, assumed a fake name, and flirted anonymously with men she’d never meet. What had she been thinking, hitting on the intern anyway?

A knock came at her door.

Mel gave a start and instinctively minimized the browser before turning to see who it was, even though there was nothing terribly incriminating in the empty message field.

It was him.

“Come with me to get a coffee,” Adam said. His gorgeous smile helped his command sound more like a request than it actually was.

Mel’s heart raced. The correct answer was clearly “No.” But, it was just coffee. Wouldn’t mean that she’d agreed to his other proposal. She didn’t even have to admit that she’d read the email. That she’d spent the last twenty minutes agonizing over her response.

“Okay,” she said, sliding back her chair.


“You know what you need?” his friend Steve asked. “To get laid. And I’m not talking about your wife. This is a job for a woman half Melissa’s age.”

Bill rolled his eyes.

“Seriously,” Steve said, following the waitress with his eyes as she walked away. He made the kind of sounds most men would have reserved for the plate of wings she’d just dropped off before exhaling heavily and turning back to Bill. “Trust me, man.”

“Right,” Bill said. “That’ll totally relieve all the problems we’ve been having.”

“Course not,” Steve said. “But it’ll put the spring back in your step.”

Most of the beer he shouldn’t be having with lunch disappeared in one gulp. “It’s just a phase,” Bill said. “We’ll get through it.”

He’d told himself the same thing a thousand times in the past. Some of those times, he’d actually been right. But every time things got a little better for a while, they’d get a lot worse again. And each little plateau they climbed was just a little lower than the one before.

Ever since Jake had gotten that acceptance letter from Princeton last week, Bill had really started to have trouble sleeping. Panic attacks hit him in the middle of the day. The personal stuff they’d fought about in the past was no big deal. The romance was gone. Why didn’t he buy her flowers anymore? Would it kill him to call and let her know when he was going to be stuck in the office all night? Everyone went through that shit. In a sense, it was just in their heads anyway. This was different. He couldn’t just turn on the charm offensive for a while and hope to wake up one day and find that Mel had forgiven his latest sin.

He’d been saving up to help pay off his parent’s mortgage for years. Between him and his two sisters, they were only a few paychecks away from being able to give their folks an anniversary gift they’d never forget. And one that would get them away from the terrible weather and high taxes and everything else.

All of which would have worked out fine, if his son decided to go to state school like they’d always assumed he would. The way their daughter, Evie, was doing. Not only was the tuition much more reasonable, but they’d offered Jake a full scholarship.

A degree from State wouldn’t open the same doors as one from Princeton. And he understood that Jake hardly relished the idea of going to the same school as his sister. The first few weeks after she’d moved out, hardly a day had gone by without Jake pointing out that the house was much quieter without Evie around.

Valid points, all around. It wasn’t like the kid couldn’t take out student loans, though. Like most of his generation did. That would be no small hardship, but it was an option.

The way Mel talked about it, though, you’d think that wasn’t. His damn wife always had to make it sound like he was trying to deny their son an Ivy League education. Every fucking time the subject came up, that would be her starting point. Then he’d insist that there were other ways of making it work even if they didn’t pay for him, and she’d admit that Bill was right. Only to tell him, in the very next breath, that it was besides the point. Best of all, she’d go right back to accusing him of trying to ruin their son’s future the very next time they talked about it.

In fairness, Bill had been stupid enough to promise that if Jake got in to Princeton, they’d cover as much as they could. And with all the money he’d saved up, they could cover quite a bit. How was he to know the guy would actually go and get accepted though? He’d only scored a little higher than his sister on the SAT, and Evie certainly hadn’t gotten accepted to any top schools.

He was, of course, glad that his son had gotten accepted. It was a great opportunity. Bill just wished he hadn’t been so stupid as to promise his son the same money he’d already promised his sisters that he’d spend on their parents.

Bill let out a heavy sigh. Either his wife would think him a terrible father or his sisters would think him a terrible son. Screwed no matter what.

And Steve’s brilliant solution was to cheat on Mel.

“I know a place,” Steve said, staring up at him from his plate of wings.

Bill scoffed. “I’m sure you do.”


Mel clutched her paper cup as though it was an anchor, keeping her from being carried away on some foolish whim. Adam reached into his pocket, pulled out a paper envelope the size of a credit card, and slit it across the formica table.

“What’s that?” Mel asked, as if she didn’t know.

“A room key,” the boy said.

“How exciting. Does your boyfriend know yet?”

“My boyf-” he started, then grinned at her. “No. It’s going to be a surprise. I don’t think he has quite admitted to himself that we’re ready to take the next step.”

“Hope that works out well for you, then,” Mel said.

In what universe did it make sense to pump her system full of caffeine for this conversation? Her heart was already working overtime.

Adam looked her straight in the eye, without so much as blinking, and in that moment she knew. It was like a door had shut behind her. And this was not a door that the little plastic card sitting on the table would open.

Not even a second ago, she’d still been laboring under the illusion that she could get off the ride at any time. That she, the older and more experienced of the two, was in control.

Who was she kidding?

He was so young. So hot. And so confident. At no point since he’d shown up at her door had he asked her what she wanted. Not even when he ordered her coffee. He knew what she wanted, and that she was going to let him provide it.

How could she not? Those green eyes had her all but hypnotized. And when he offered her a languid smile, the kind that told her that he understood exactly what she was trying to intimate, but couldn’t be bothered to give a damn, well, she very nearly melted.

Of course, it didn’t hurt that his mocking smile revealed a set of beautiful, sparkling white teeth. Or that he had the smooth skin of a child and the body of a man. Nor that everything about him suggested that he could have any woman he wanted. Never in her life had Mel felt as desirable as she did when this young stud stared at her like that.

Without even realizing she was doing so, Mel undressed Adam in her mind.

Truth be told, he wasn’t quite her type. She preferred her guys long and lean. Like Bill, who, for all his many failings, still looked just about as good as he had when she’d married him. His coal black hair had begun to go gray, but showed no signs of thinning. And he hadn’t put on a bit of weight. That was something she only wished she could claim for herself. He’d passed those great looks on to their son, too. Jake had been fortunate enough to inherit little more from her than her intellect. Well, and her green eyes and red-brown hair. Which was strange, since Evie’s mane was every bit as dark as her father’s. Still, her husband had the kind of figure she’d always been drawn to, and he’d given her a strong, healthy son who shared his father’s best traits.

Adam, on the other hand, was short and bulky.

Of course, that bulk was all muscle. Though she’d never seen him in anything but business attire, Mel could just tell that he was built like an underwear model. That beneath his smart silk shirt, he was hiding an exquisite six-pack. Maybe even a full eight-pack.

“Pretty sure it will,” he said at last.

For a moment, Mel wasn’t sure what he was talking about. Then her transparent attempt at being coy came back to her.

“I’m married,” she said, breathlessly.

“Conveniently enough, I’m not,” he said. “One fewer person to lie to.”

“They’ll notice if we don’t go back to the office,” she said. “We are going to need more than a few minutes, aren’t we?”

“Meet me there after work,” he said.

For a moment, she wondered how he knew that her husband was out of town for a business meeting. Then she remembered that she’d told him, several emails back.

Mel tried to imagine an excuse, but found that she didn’t really want to anyway. After another sip of tepid coffee, she nodded.


The madame brought out a row of girls, all clad in lingerie or leather or costumes. Though some were young and others a bit more mature, and a range of body types and ethnicities were on display, they all looked the same to Bill.

Dead inside.

They’d play the part well enough, no doubt. This was a classy establishment, and the “talent” was impeccable. At least, to hear Steve tell it. But one look at the fake smiles beneath lifeless eyes, and Bill knew he couldn’t go through with it.

“What about that one, eh?” Steve asked, jabbing an elbow in his ribs.

The girl he was pointing to did nothing for Bill.

But he had to admit, the one right next to her was something else entirely. And when she noticed him noticing her, she smiled back at him.


For some reason, that totally disarmed him. The others were so straightforward, trying so hard to appear enthusiastic, that he almost reconsidered.

“Or her,” Steve said. He leaned in close and whispered in Bill’s ear. “Here’s the deal. You go make me proud, and tonight’s on me. Play Mr. Upstanding Citizen, and Mel’s going to get a very upsetting email tomorrow.”

“Well, gentlemen?” the madame asked. “Should I make introductions?”

“You wouldn’t,” Bill whispered to Steve.

“This time, I’m good for it,” Steve said.

Bill started to protest that he hadn’t been talking about that part, but his friend had already slipped away to kiss one of the girl’s hands.

The one he’d made eye contact with a moment ago blushed, looked down at her feet, then glanced at him out of the corner of her eye. She couldn’t have looked more innocent if she tried. And though part of him was sure that she was trying, he told himself otherwise.

“I’m going to regret this,” he mumbled to himself.


“Are you okay?” Jake asked her as she shuffled through the front door.

“Hmmm?” Mel asked. “Oh, yeah, Mommy’s fine, honey.”

Her son sat there at the couch, bent over a pile of books, and gave her the exact look she’d have given him if he’d stumbled home drunk and insisted that he hadn’t had a thing to drink. Not that she’d ever gone through that routine with him.

That was more Evie’s thing.

“Really, I’m fine,” she said, pulling herself together.

How did you tell your son that you were intoxicated, but it wasn’t because you’d had too much alcohol? That you were feeling no pain, and thought you just might float away if you didn’t very consciously choose to remain on the ground, because you’d just gotten back from a marathon session of the best sex you’d ever had in your life?

There was no hiding that something was up. She hadn’t even called to tell him that she’d be getting home late from work. He’d have been wondering what had happened to her as it was. Best to say that she had been out drinking. As out of character as that would be for her, it should suffice to keep her son from guessing what had really happened.

Or so she hoped.

Boys that age still hadn’t quite come to accept that their mothers knew what sex was, had they? Or at least refused to believe that their mothers’ sexual urges continued even after they gave birth to their sons.

Hell, she was in her early forties and she still wasn’t sure she was ready to admit that her son was a sexual being. The same had to go for him.

The young stud who’d just rocked her world was practically the same age as Jake though.

A sudden bout of nausea came over Mel at that thought. It wasn’t the first time it had occurred to her. But somehow, it had always been easier to dismiss in the past.

She closed her eyes, and she saw Adam’s hard body beneath her, glistening with sweat. Then he morphed into her son before turning back into Adam once again.

They had the same color eyes. Green, just like hers.

Oh, god. Was that why she was drawn to Adam? Because he reminded her of her son?

Nonsense. Besides the eyes, they looked nothing alike. Adam was all rippling muscle and cool confidence. Jake was taller, leaner, and shyer. A sweet, shy boy who’d never seduce an older coworker. He’d been dating the same girl since his freshman year. If he’d so much as kissed any girl other, it would come as a surprise to Mel.

So why was she thinking these thoughts?

“You sure?” he asked.

“Well, I might have gone out for drinks with some people from work,” she said. Then, pressing a finger against her lips, she added, “Don’t tell your father.”

Jake shook his head, put his earbuds back in, and went back to doing his homework.

Mel gave him a tentative smile, slipped her shoes off, and padded down the hall to her bedroom. Once inside, the door safely closed behind her, she flopped onto the bed, spread-eagled, an let out a huge sigh.

Her body still tingled, from head to toe. It had been years since she’d gotten off multiple times in a row. And Bill had never made her cum quite that hard. Never shown so much enthusiasm for oral sex. Or come in through the back door.

On some level, she was still surprised with herself for letting Adam do that. But at the same time, she couldn’t imagine refusing him. She’d been like putty in his hands. Her body had been his to use however he’d wished. And he’d not abused that trust one bit. Her needs had been every bit as important to him as his own.

Even if he hadn’t been, it still would have been amazing. Simply knowing that someone like him could find her so attractive had almost been enough for her. For a time, she’d felt proud of her big breasts and broad hips, rather than ashamed of the way gravity had caught up to her or the stretch marks her two children had given her.

When Mel finally bestirred herself to go take a shower, she brought a friend from the bottom drawer of her dresser with her.


“You finished that quick?” Steve asked when he strode back into the lobby. “I’d have taken my time with that sweet, young thing.”

“Yeah, well,” Bill said, as he climbed to his feet. “I guess that’s just yet another way that I’m an inferior model.”

The stench of perfume and sex was getting to be too much for Bill. He could hardly breathe. Without waiting to see if his friend was following, he headed down the stairs.

“Wait, you did fuck her, didn’t you?” Steve asked as they descended. When Bill didn’t reply, he said, “Oh, come on, man. You know they don’t give refunds?”

“No one told you to waste your money on me.”

“What was the problem? Get back there and find out she was a dude?”

“Reminded me of my daughter,” Bill said.

He wasn’t sure where that had come from, though. They hardly even looked alike. The prostitute was a few inches shorter than his daughter. Her hair had been medium brown, whereas Evie’s was jet black, the same as his. And if there was one word you’d use to describe his eldest child, it was not “innocent.” Not that the girl Steve had paid for him to have sex with was either, but she’d faked it well.

Perhaps it was just his subconscious throwing everything it had at him in attempt to keep him from violating his wedding vows. If he wouldn’t go for the obvious argument that it simply was wrong to cheat on his wife, perhaps he could be persuaded that it was really wrong to cheat on her with a girl who was young enough to be his daughter.


But the scary part was that he’d wanted the girl even more once he’d drawn the connection. It would have been only too easy to climb atop her and pretend she was Evie. To close his eyes and imagine himself committing the most vile act known to man.

“You know, sometimes I think you want to be miserable,” Steve said.

Bill had no reply for that.


Mel was brushing her teeth when Bill came in from the bedroom, stepped up behind her, and fondled her ass. He smiled at her, gave her a peck on the cheek, then reached around her to grab his own toothbrush.

She watched her green eyes go wide in the mirror.

How long had it been since he’d touched her like that? So casually? They weren’t in bed, and he wasn’t asking for sex. At least, not so far as she could tell. He’d already squeezed some toothpaste onto his brush, shoved it in his mouth, and walked back into the bedroom while he scrubbed his pearly whites.

For the briefest instant, she resented him for it. Did he think they were on good terms now, just because he’d brought an autographed copy of one of her favorite books back from his trip? Sure, it was thoughtful of him to stop by the book signing, and to know that the author would be there when she herself hadn’t even thought to check. But it wasn’t like he’d made any phone calls to his sisters yet.

At the same time, she couldn’t deny that it felt good.

The very innocent nature of his touch had made it powerfully arousing. It told her that her husband still found her sexy. How long had it been since their lovemaking had felt like anything but an obligation? A ritual? Yet with that quick little grope, Bill told her that the passion wasn’t entirely gone. That she still lit his fire.

It probably helped that she’d been feeling sexier lately. Men picked up on things like that. Since that unforgettable night with Adam, she’d practically turned into a new woman. Started wearing lingerie to bed again, even while Bill was out of town. Wore more makeup and perfume to work. Skipped fewer sessions at the gym.

And was rediscovering some old friends in the bottom of her dresser drawer. At this rate, she might need to go out and pick up some batteries soon.

Bill came back and spat in the sink then rinsed off. He always finished before her. She had no idea how his teeth were so healthy, the way he raced through brushing.

“Missed you, you know,” he said, running his fingers through her hair.

What had come over him?

Without waiting for her to respond, which she couldn’t very well do with a mouth full of foam, he kissed her on the cheek again and headed back into the bedroom.

She finished up, adjusted her breasts, which looked rather amazing in the skimpy little teddy if she did say so herself, and went to join him. If he played his cards right, he just might get lucky tonight. That would be the first time in months, setting aside the obligatory quickie on his birthday. And more than a month even counting that.

And the first time in years that she was genuinely excited about the prospect.

Her husband was lying in bed, reading something on his laptop.

“Work?” she asked.

“Some articles about student loans,” he replied.

And just like that, her well ran dry.

The man had to be mentally impaired. If he wanted to wile his way back into her good graces, the very last thing he should be doing was researching ways to screw their son over. And if he was only turning on the charm to lull her into a false sense of security, well that wouldn’t work either if he was going to be so transparent about trying to weasel out of his promise. Whatever he was after, it made no sense for him to throw that in her face!

“Hmm,” she grunted as she slipped into bed.

He looked at her. “If we take out a private loan in our name, there’s practically no limit to how much we can borrow. Interest starts accruing right away, but we can afford to cover that for him until he graduates.”

Until he graduates. They’d make his interest payments.

“I’m tired, honey. Can we turn the light out?” Mel said.

Bill actually looked surprised that she hadn’t pinned a ribbon on his chest for proposing such a brilliant fucking compromise. “Sure, babe,” he said.

And so their five week long dry spell grew one night longer.


“Hey, Sue,” Bill said, staring out his office window. “How are you?”

“Good. And you?” his sister asked.

He let out a heavy sigh and switched his phone to his other ear. All his life, Bill had been a nervous fidgeter. His midlife crisis was only making things worse. “Been better.”

“What is it?” she asked.

His temples throbbed. A monster of a headache was coming on and his throat felt tight. “I need to talk to you about Mom and Dad.”

“Are they okay?” Sue finally asked, voice tight.

“Oh, yeah, they’re fine,” he said, realizing his mistake. Since their parents lived closest to him, he was the one they’d call in the event of another medical emergency. After Dad’s prostate cancer, that was always the first place Sue’s mind went. “It’s not that.” He drew a deep breath. “It’s about their retirement.”

The pregnant silence said it all.

He made his best case, but he knew what her reaction would be. He had, after all, made a promise. It certainly wasn’t her fault, or their parents’ fault, that he’d gone and promised the money to two different members of his family. Nor was it any concern of his sister’s that his wife was freezing him out even worse than usual because of it. He could tell her about Mel and his promise to Jake, but he couldn’t very well tell his sister that he was pretty sure that his wife was deliberately withholding sex in an attempt to get him to cave. That he was almost certain that they’d been about to do it last night, until he’d been fool enough to try to convince her that student loans were a real option.

Besides, Sue knew that he and Mel had been going through tough times for years. He might win some measure of sisterly sympathy by mentioning the toll it was taking on his mariage, but not enough to get him off the hook.

“Look, I’m sorry you and Mel are fighting,” his sister began.

Before he hung up, Bill repeated his promise to cover his share of their parents’ mortgage.


Mel stared at her phone. Jake’s enrollment deposit was due soon. Yet, surprise of surprises, her husband hadn’t made a decision yet.

Adam’s internship with the local community college would also be ending soon. Tonight might be their last night together.

Yet, if Bill would just do the right thing, she’d be glad to call it off. Hot as their little romance had been, she’d have no qualms about ending it prematurely, if Bill gave her a good reason to. She kept hoping that he would, too. Any minute now, she told herself, her phone would ring, and Bill would tell her that he’d come around. After she hung up, she’d send Adam an apologetic email.

If only.

Of course, she ought to send that email anyway. And not just because she never should have started down this path in the first place. Of late, Bill seemed to be growing suspicious. She’d probably been imagining it, but she was half sure that he was reading her emails too. The other night, she could have sworn she remembered to sign out of her account before going to bed. When she went to use the computer the next morning, Firefox was already open, and one of the tabs was open to her inbox. All the naughty stuff was filed away, but she’d been stupid enough to save the messages under the label “Adam” rather than something more innocuous. Bill hadn’t said anything about it, nor behaved any differently around her than he’d been acting in general lately, but the experience still left her spooked.

For most of the day, she fought with the idea of telling Adam something had come up and she couldn’t make it tonight. No need to even tell him she was breaking things off. After next week, she’d never see him again anyway, unless she chose to. If she put a stop to things now, Bill would never find out. Assuming he hadn’t already, that was.

In the end, though, her libido won out.

God help her, she liked having a regular sex life again. And it certainly didn’t hurt that Adam was hot as hell and good in bed to boot.


Bill found Steve sitting at a booth. Two young women were with him.

Two very young women.

“For fuck’s sake,” he mumbled to himself, immediately turning around.

He should just go back to his car. Call his friend later and claim that his car had broken down. Nothing good could come of this. Bad as things had gotten with Mel lately, he didn’t know if he had it in him to walk away again, the way he had at that brothel.

Glancing back over his shoulder, he saw that the girl sitting across from Steve and her friend looked even more like Evie than that prostitute had. Back then, it had mostly been his conscience forcing him to see what wasn’t there. That was clear now that more time had passed. This time, though, there really was an uncanny resemblance. She had the same ultra fair skin and jet black hair, roughly similar facial features, and the shamefully low-cut dress she wore would have fit seamlessly into his daughter’s scandalous wardrobe.

Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Steve couldn’t possibly know that Bill had started fantasizing about his daughter after that trip. That he was counting the days til it would be time for him to drive out there and pick her up, and doing so with both excitement and trepidation. Did he even remember what she looked like? It had been years since he’d been over the house when Evie was home.

He stared over his shoulder at the girl. She didn’t really look that much like his daughter. And though she was entirely too young for him, she probably had a good four or five years on Evie. And ten, twelve pounds, for that matter.

It wouldn’t be so bad if he went through with it, really. She was in her mid-twenties. Not a girl, but a grown woman. Out of school and living on her own, most likely.

Besides, he was pretty sure that wife was having an affair of her own. How bad could he feel about cheating on her if she was already cheating on him?

Bill drew a deep breath headed over to the booth.

“There he is!” Steve called out, beaming at him.


Mel paced back and forth, staring at the front door. She couldn’t believe she was going through with this. Until now, they’d only met at hotel rooms. Now they were going to soil the very bed she shared with Bill.

After what should have been her last night with the boy, she and Bill had their worst fight yet. She’d asked him if he had any news for Jake, and again he brought up student loans. Didn’t he get that Jake didn’t want to have that kind of debt hanging over him when he got out of school, even if it meant he got to go to Princeton? With a full scholarship awaiting him at State, of course he was going to decline if they couldn’t help him out. It made her so angry to think of the way he was forcing their son to sell his future short, just because Bill didn’t have the balls to stand up to his sisters.

There was obviously only one way to respond: revenge sex.

She realized how absurd that was, of course. In truth, it wasn’t even revenge sex. That was just a rationalization. Mel wanted to fuck her young stud one more time, and wanted the rush of knowing that she’d risked getting caught to do it. It was as simple as that.

After the second time she found the browser open to her inbox, she was sure that Bill knew. And she no longer cared. She almost hoped he’d called out of work too, that he was planning on interrupting them. She’d love to see the look on his face.

And to have an excuse to put this farce to an end.

She stopped dead in her tracks at the thought. Had she really crossed that line? Was she really hoping for a divorce?

If so, it would be awfully stupid to let her affair be the precipitating event. Bill was cheating on her too at this point. She was sure of it. Of course, he was barely even trying to hide it, so it would be hard not to be. He’d come home smelling of cum and perfume the last time he said he was going out for drinks with Steve. If she could catch him in the act, she might get enough of his money to help Jake go to Princeton after all. But if he had pictures of her and her lover in their house, that would never happen.

Mel whipped out her phone and started clicking through her phone book.

Then a knock came at her front door.

Too late.

She could tell him this was a bad idea. Ask him to leave. He’d understand, wouldn’t he?

Of course he wouldn’t. He was a teenager. He was pumped full of hormones and convinced that he had the most addictive drug known to womankind inside his pants.

Besides, there was no way Bill was going to bust in on them. If her husband had any testicular fortitude, if he wasn’t completely incapable of standing up to anyone, they wouldn’t be in this mess. He’d have told Sue and Ann to fuck off.

She smoothed out the imaginary wrinkles in her babydoll, fixed her breasts, hiked up her thigh high stockings, and then answered the door.

Adam gave her a quick look up and down, carefully hiding his excitement, and said, “I’m sorry, miss, I must have the wrong house.”

“Oh, shut up, you,” she said, reach out to grab him by the wrist. “Get in here before the neighbors see me dressed like this.”

He laughed as he stumbled over the threshold.

Before she even had the door shut, his hands were grabbing at her. She giggled as she tried, haphazardly, to get away. Even if she’d wanted to, she couldn’t resist him. He was too fast, too strong. Too determined.

The burning passion in his eyes made her quiver.

They didn’t even make it up to the bedroom. Just did it right there in the living room. On the floor, on the coffee table, and on the couch. Over and over and over again. Her gorgeous stud was so young, so full of stamina. He never needed more than a few minutes after ejaculating before he was ready to go again.

She eventually noticed that they were caught in the act after all. Which ought not to have come as a surprise, given how reckless they’d been.

But it wasn’t Bill who’d been spying on them.


“You really think this is cool?” Lem asked.

Jake snickered. “Dude, sometimes I wonder if my parents remember I still live here.”

If they did, you’d think his mother might not bring her teenage lover home. Might not leave her email open on the family desktop, for anyone to peruse.

The mere thought made him shudder. And when Jake closed his eyes and pictured the things he’d seen his mother doing with the guy just a few hours earlier, in his very own living room, his body reacted even more strongly.

And in all the wrong ways.

“We should at least close the doors, no?” he asked.

“Obviously,” Jake said. He got up and went to the entrance to the den. “We’re gonna watch a movie, ma,” he called out. “I’m closing the doors so you don’t have to hear.”

“Okay, dear,” she called back.

“Speaking of,” Lem said, “we gonna have to mute it?”

“Prolly, yeah,” Jake said. “The doors help, but sometimes they scream pretty loud. Even if we turn the volume down low, she might hear something.”

“Right,” Lem said. “And that would be bad.”

“Yes,” Jake said, staring at his friend flatly. “That would be bad.”

“Just fucking with ya,” his friend said, clapping him on the back.

So Lem started browsing through selections at a streaming adult video site while Jake set up the cables to connect the laptop to the TV.

“Gotta be MILF?” Lem asked.

“That a problem?”

“Not really,” he said. “Wouldn’t mind a little interracial, but MILF definitely works.”

Of course he wouldn’t mind interracial. They only ever used the most ridiculously well-endowed black guys for those movies, further perpetuating certain myths. Of course, Lem insisted it wasn’t a myth, but it wouldn’t surprise Jake at all to find out that his friend was smaller than him. Granted, most men were. He was lucky in that respect. But still.

“Oh, this is it,” Lem said.

Jake looked over his friend’s shoulder. “Watching Mom Go Black 14? Really?”

“Hellz to the yeah,” Lem said, nodding his head emphatically.

His heart raced as he heard himself say, “Whatever, man. It’s your money.”

For an instant, he wondered what it would be like to watch his mother fuck for the second time that day. To watch his mom go black. Suddenly, he found it hard to breathe. His stomach heaved, and it was a wonder he didn’t vomit.

Yet, despite that, his semi was rapidly becoming a full-blown erection. He turned away from the laptop, feigning disgust, and tucked his cock up into the waistband of his shorts.

He pulled the couch a little closer to the TV and took a seat.

“Here we go,” Lem said as he finished typing his credit card number in.

“Oh, god,” Jake said as the opening credits rolled.

He covered his face with his hands, peering out between his fingers, and groaned. On screen, snippets of one voluptuous white woman after another appeared, most of them sucking or riding monstrous black cocks.

None of them looked particularly mature, but that was no real surprise. Everyone knew that “MILF” was just a porn industry codeword for curvy, the same as “teen” or “barely-legal” meant “flat-chested and wearing her hair in ponytails.” Besides, it was the curves he was interested in anyway. He didn’t really want to watch older women fuck.

Or so he told himself.

“Yeeeaaaah boi,” Lem said, punching Jake in the bicep.

“This is happening,” Jake said. “This is actually happening.”

It was weird. He’d watched porn with his friends before, but everyone always pretended it was no big deal, that it didn’t even turn them on. They’d laugh at the terrible acting, rag on the girls with bad boob jobs, and just generally make complete asses of themselves. It made Jake feel dirty and pathetic and misogynistic, yet gave him a cheap thrill all the same.

This was going to be different. He could feel it already.

“Hey, there’s a redhead,” Lem said as the brief intros to the women advanced.

“I do believe she is,” Jake said. “Your powers of observation are a wonder to behold.”

His friend flashed him a toothy grin. “You know who else has red hair?”

“Fuck you,” Jake said.

God, he would give his left foot to see that. He didn’t care how horrible a human being that made him. The sight of his mother taking it in every hole from her young lover was already permanently seared into his memory. He’d thought her skin looked exceptionally fair in contrast with that of the man lying atop her this afternoon. How milky would her big, fat tits look in Lem’s chocolate hands? Watching her suck and fuck Lem’s cock, however big it might or might not be, would drive him crazy.

The first woman up was a tall, hot mess with fake tits, a fake tan, and fake blonde hair. Her face left something to be desired, and he felt like he should have thought the same about her body, but there was something fascinating about her thick thighs, huge, round ass, and relatively slender waist. It wasn’t just her extreme curves, which were more than a little appealing. The stretch marks and cellulite that the extreme closeups revealed in all their glory made Jake’s cock twitch. That should have turned him off, but instead it seemed to humanize her. To offset some of the artificiality evoked by all her fake parts. Her tan, tits, and locks aside, she was a real woman, with serious curves and realistic imperfections.

“Barbie, after her divorce,” Lem said, chuckling.

“Nah, Ken’s still whoring her out at this point,” Jake said. “The real hard times are yet to come. You can tell because she hasn’t got that heroine chic look of starvation yet.”

“Day-umn,” his friend said. “That’s harsh, bro.”

Jake shrugged. “Tell me I’m wrong.”

“Nah. You ain’t that.”

Yet he felt like he should wash his mouth out after saying it. Why did being young and male have to mean constantly needing to prove that you were just as hateful, overconfident, crude, and selfish as the next prick?

More to the point, why did he feel guiltier about succumbing to peer pressure than he did fantasizing about his fucking mother? In what world did that make sense?

His, evidently.

They continued making nasty comments for the next ten minutes or so. But once things really started to heat up, they got a lot quieter. For Jake, that was the moment the two guys appeared and the black guy started mocking the son. Even with the sound off, it was obvious that was what was happening. The white kid hung his head in shame, though he never bothered to look away for more than a few seconds. The black guy made a show of treating the mother like a piece of meat. He ripped her clothes off, slapped her huge ass and laughably firm tits, squeezed her face, and then really started to manhandle her.

“Okay, this I can do without,” Jake said. “Why does porn have to be so violent?”

“Pussy,” Lem said.

After that, Jake kept all such thoughts to himself.

One monster facial that obviously involved fake jizz later, a new actress came on screen. This one was short, cute, and brunette. She too had a big ass and big tits, but hers might actually have been real. Unlikely, given their size and the norms in the industry. But if nothing else, she’d gotten much better work done. They had some real sag to them and bounced deliciously when she strutted across the room in her monster heels.

This time, one black guy was not enough. The poor woman’s son, who looked no more than five years younger than her, had to watch as two burly studs tag-teamed her.

Jake and Lem hardly spoke a word throughout the scene. The two of them just sat there, pretending not to notice the other guy rubbing himself through his shorts, enraptured.

By the time a third black guy joined in, Jake was close to asking Lem if it would freak him out if Jake jerked off. The woman had a dick the size of a soda can in her snatch, another monster in her ass, and another one in her mouth. The guy who was supposed to be her son watched in wide-eyed fascination. It was very nearly more than Jake could handle.

“Fucking Tupperware Party,” Lem said at last.

His friend’s sudden disruption of the long silence jarred him. Jake shook himself out of his reverie and took his hand out of his pants.

“Dude,” said Lem, who had been rubbing himself through the fabric of his shorts but hadn’t actually touched himself. “Don’t go getting all freaky on me.”

“What are you talkin’ about?” Jake asked, looking his friend dead in the eye as he dared him to name the lie.

“Whatever,” Lem said, shaking his head. “Just keep it together, okay? Your mom hasn’t even come on screen yet.”

Jake gasped.

The subtext had been obvious enough when he’d commented on the woman’s hair color. But there it was, out in the open. He wasn’t just watching porn with his friend. Porn with a theme of white guys watching black guys fuck their mothers. He was about to watch a woman who looked like his mother, at least in some very superficial ways, get fucked by a black guy, while his stand-in watched in horror and fascination.

And perhaps joined in.

“Shall we?” Lem asked, slipping out of the couch to kneel in front of the laptop.

Jake nodded.

He wasn’t sure what his friend was proposing, but he had a pretty good guess.

Sure enough, Lem went and jumped over the rest of the brunette’s scene, hot as it no doubt would have been. Then, having gone just a bit too far, he then backed it up to approximately the start of the redhead’s scene.

“Eh? Eh?” his friend asked, beaming at him.

Jake sad not a word. Just gestured sharply for his friend to get out of the way and then resumed his impression of a zombie, staring slack-jawed and wide-eyed at the screen.

She really didn’t look that much like his mother. Her skin was too tan, her hair too long, and her facial features completely different. Height was about right, and the electric green eyes helped. But the tramp stamp and tongue-piercing did not.

Her breasts were more obviously fake than the brunette’s had been, but not quite as bad as the blonde’s. The rest of her body was perfect though. Voluptuous-and-then-some, with strong thighs and a big, round ass that made Jake drool. Her skin had the same subtle imperfections that endeared him to the tall blonde. Not quite as prominent perhaps, which was fine by him, but enough to help him see her as a real person.

Suddenly, the den doors slid open.

Jake jerked upright, twisting around to see who it was.

As if there was any doubt.

For his part, Lem actually laughed.

“Um,” his mother said, planting her hands on her hips, the way only mothers and cartoon characters can do without looking melodramatic. “What, exactly, are you boys watching?”

Neither of them replied.

“Jake? Honey? I asked you a question.”

“What’s it look like?” he replied, in a small voice.

He wished he could take it back. It wouldn’t do him any good to get snide with her. Feeling defensive, he’d panicked and said the first thing to come to mind.

Fortunately enough, though, his mother merely snickered. She glanced at the screen for a few moments before saying, “Looks like porn.”

“Yeah,” Jake said.

So. There it was. They’d been caught red-handed. Who knew what trouble he was in.

“Any good?” his mother asked, taking a few steps further into the room.

Jake’s head spun. What the hell was happening? Why wasn’t she furious? That actually looked like amusement on her face. Did that mean she had some really devious punishment planned for him? Like the time she’d caught him smoking and made him burn through seven cigarettes in row, one right after another?

He never had touched tobacco again.

“I dunno,” Jake said.

“S’okay,” Lem said.

He wished his friend wouldn’t humor her. That would only make things worse.

“What’s it called?” His mother rested her hands on the back of the couch, just above Jake’s head, and leaned forward to get a better view. He resisted the urge to look up and see her heavy breasts dangling above him. “Dare I ask?”

Lem looked at him as if to ask “You gonna tell her, or should I?”

To that, Jake responded with a shrug.

“Watching Mom Go Black,” Lem said, with a smug smile. “Fourteen.”

“Oh, fourteen,” his mother replied. “Personally, I think that series went downhill after the first dozen or so, but hey. Still a solid premise.”

Lem snickered.

For his part, Jake simply held his breath, waiting for the hammer to drop.

“That’s supposed to be her son?” she asked. “He’s probably the same age as her.”

“Seriously,” Lem said.

Jake flashed him an indignant look. He’d been the one to notice the discrepancy first.

There couldn’t have been a stupider thing to get hung up on, though. He was a fish out of water, floundering around wildly. This was too unreal. His mainframe was on the fritz.

“Just look at that huge tattoo on her lower back. So trashy,” his mother said. “And did I see a tongue-piercing a moment ago? She looks like a tramp, not a suburbanite.”

“Maybe she’s not supposed to be?” Jake said.

“Oh, please,” his mother said. “Look at that McMansion. And the way her son is dressed? They’ve obviously supposed to be well-off.”

“We may have overlooked those details,” Lem said.

His mother chuckled at that.

Well, one of them had. Jake hadn’t for a moment thought the woman looked like the soccer mom she was evidently supposed to be. It just didn’t seem like her ink and piercings were the most important details. Nor could you expect much else from the porn industry.

“Well, she’s, um, certainly enthusiastic,” she added, a moment later.

“Eh,” Lem said with a shrug.

On screen, the woman had just spat a huge gob of saliva onto her chocolate lollipop. Now she’d taken it deep in her throat and was shaking his her head about as she gagged on it.

“I don’t know why they do that,” Jake said. “Or why the men always smack her in the face with it. Do they think guys like that? Or would the kind of blowjob that actually feels good just be too boring to watch?”

His mother leaned to the side to look down at him, eyebrows raised.

Perhaps it was a little transparent that he was trying to show her that he didn’t care for the more humiliating aspects of the otherwise enchanting display. Did he want a pat on the head? Was he expecting to think her an enlightened, forward thinking kind of guy?

“Have a lot of experience with what makes a blowjob feel good, do we?” she asked.


Maybe that was worthy of an eyebrow raise too.

“Or with what’s fun to watch?” she asked.

All the oxygen left planet Earth. Or perhaps just Jake’s lungs.

Did she know about his little act of voyeurism earlier that day?

Towards the end, it had seemed like she’d looked up at the stairwell, where’d he crouched silently, believing himself to be more or less out of view. When she hadn’t freaked the fuck out, or so much as sat him down for a stern talking to after the guy had left, he’d assumed that it had only been in his mind. But perhaps he’d been mistaken.

“It’s not like I’m a kid anymore,” he said. “We’re eighteen.”

His mother snickered. “Well, I guess that makes you an expert.”

“Oh, your son’s no virgin,” Lem said. “He and Katie-”

“She doesn’t want to hear about that,” Jake said.

His mother put a hand on his shoulder, sending sparks of electricity through his body. Well, and stilling his tongue. Which was probably more to the point.

“Just the one, though,” Lem continued. “I tried to get him to hook up with some girls from across town last fall, at the homecoming game. But your son’s nothing if not loyal.”

“Hmm,” his mother said.

If Jake had expected his mother to be impressed by that, he’d have been sorely disappointed. Did she want him sleeping around, cheating on his girlfriend?

Onscreen, the sloppy blowjob had ended and the woman was now mounting the guy cowgirl. It didn’t seem to take any effort for her to fit the entire length of his dick inside her pussy. The man wasn’t as absurdly huge as some of the other guys that had already appeared in the film, but he was far from small. About as big as Jake. Yet Katie always had trouble fitting him in at first. He couldn’t imagine her sliding right down his pole the way the redheaded pornstar just had.

“Is he supposed to be big?” Jake’s mother asked.

That drew a gasp from Jake, and Jake’s gasp drew laughter from Lem.

“What?” his mother asked.

“How’s she supposed to know, man?” his friend asked, smacking his arm. “Hasn’t seen any but your father’s in decades.”

“Well, that’s not quite true,” Jake’s mother said.

Oh, god. His cock ached so hard, it felt like it might snap in two.

“I’m no size queen,” she went on, “but if I was going to go black, I think I’d be expecting a bit more than that, you know?”

“That’s just a my-” Jake began.

“And how does a guy get to be a pornstar with a gut like that?” his mother continued. “Is that really the best they could do?”

“Can’t blame you there,” Lem said, ever so helpfully.

“You don’t let the girls down, do you, Lem?” she asked.

“Okay, okay, I get it,” Jake said, standing up. “I shouldn’t be watching porn in your house. I’m duly chastised. Can I go to my room now?”

His mother stared at him in disbelief. “What are you talking about, sweetie? We’re just a bunch of adults, having some fun, right? No harm in that.”

“You’re flirting with my friend,” he said.

Was that righteous indignation, or just bald jealousy?

He knew the answer to that question. And he was pretty sure his mother did as well. But he still felt the need to put on the show, if only for Lem’s sake. The truth was too weird.

“Am I?” she asked. Turning to Lem, she said, “Would you like to make my son watch his mom go black?” Before Lem, who had finally lost his composure, could answer, she turned back to Jake. “Now, see, if I were to say that, I’d be flirting with him.”

“But you didn’t?” Jake asked, sarcasm dripping from his mouth. Did she really expect him to believe that she’d only said it to make a point?

“If I wanted Lem to fuck me, Jake, you’d both know it,” his mother said, a hint of frustration creeping into her voice. “Older women don’t fuck around like girls your age do. We understand that life is too short.”

Jake pressed his palms against his eyes. “Fine. I take it back. You weren’t flirting. This is all so very harmless. Just like watching violent and degrading porn casually with my friends, as if it were just another movie. Point taken, Mom.”

“You keep saying that,” his mother replied, a bit impatiently. “Why are you so sure that I’m trying to discipline you? Can’t I be interested in hanging out with you without it meaning either that you’re in trouble or that I want to get in your friend’s pants?”

Actually, Jake was pretty sure that it really couldn’t mean that. Not since she’d caught them watching what she’d caught them watching.

Still, he said, “I’m sorry. If you’d like to take a seat, feel free.”

A hint of amusement twinkled in his mother’s eye and one corner of her mouth stretched up, forming the beginnings of a grin. “So. Tell me, dear, am I supposed to think it a complete coincidence that you’re watching a redheaded mother fuck her son’s black friend while he plays the voyeur?”

Oh, fuck.

She totally knew.

There was nothing voyeuristic about watching two people have sex when they knew you were there, when the whole point was to humiliate the one who was watching. What the white kid in the porn was doing didn’t match anyone’s definition of voyeurism. But she’d chosen that word for a reason.

Lem stared at Jake, looking a little freaked out now. Probably a little confused too. He couldn’t possibly have picked up on his mother’s subtext.

But there was no missing the bulge in his shorts. Unnerved and disoriented though he might be, he liked what was happening.

It sort of looked like he was silently asking Jake to make it stop. But it was just as likely that he was hoping his friend would give his permission for things to go forward.

Jake struggled to find a semi-plausible response. One other than the truth, of course.

Nothing came to mind.

His mother had him dead to rights. And the two of them knew something Lem did not. They knew that he’d already watched his mother with another man once that day, and that he’d liked it. And she was glad that he had.

Jake hadn’t been sure about that before, but he finally looked past his own anxieties to see how rapidly she was breathing, the way her nostrils flaring, and that her pupils were dilated and her nipples fully erect.

He was attracted to his mother. Sexually. And she was getting all hot and bothered by that. So much so that she was going to ask Lem to help her take care of her little problem.

That should have bothered Jake. It should not, not, not, have him leaking pre-cum.

Perhaps noticing the vibe that Jake and his mother were giving off, Lem finally took notice of the woman standing before him. Really took notice of her. And to judge by the look on his face, he liked what he saw.

Jake certainly couldn’t blame him.

The circumstances alone probably would have had both of them plenty turned on, even if his mother wasn’t all that hot. The mere fact that she was his mother, that there were few things in this world that were more forbidden than mother-son incest, had his heart racing. And how could Lem not be excited by the prospect of his friend’s mother wanting to seduce him? That she was smoking hot, and she was, amounted to no more than the cherry on top.

Strangely enough, that was easier for Jake to appreciate now than it had been earlier in the day, when he’d seen so much more of her.

Then, he’d been peaking around the edge of a wall, from an awkward angle, afraid of being seen. Now, he was staring openly at his mother. Yes, there was a couch between them, and she was wearing one of his father’s dress shirts, which was doing as good a job hiding her huge breasts as any garment could. But even so, Jake felt as if he was bathing in the light of his mother’s beauty for the first time.

Her skin was as fair as porcelain, her lips full and red, her lashes long, her natural brows dark and full, and her eyes bright green. Her nose was slender, her chin pointy, and her face shaped like a heart. Yes, there were laugh lines and crows feet marring her visage, and her skin had a hint of the gaunt yet also droopy look that comes with age. Her gorgeous red-brown hair, lightly curled and so shiny it could almost be said to glow, did have a few grays mixed in. But his mother was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. Hands down.

He could only imagine what she’d look like when his father had married her.

No, fuck that. He actually didn’t think that a younger her would appeal to him nearly as much. She’d have matched conventional standards of beauty more then, but so what? He didn’t want a beautiful little girl with a tight, flat ass and perky little tits. He wanted a woman, with heavy breasts and real hips.

“Guys?” Lem asked, breaking the spell.

Jake licked his dry lips. “Turn the movie off.”

“You sure?” Lem asked Jake’s mother, ignoring his friend.

She nodded, without taking her eyes off her son. “Jake, honey, do me a favor.”

“Sure,” he said, breathlessly.

“In my room, in the bottom drawer of my dresser, there’s a bottle of lube.”

He almost passed out.

But he was letting his libido run away with him. She was going to tell him to go fetch it, bring it back, then give her and Lem some privacy. There was no question that his mother was going to get fucked for a second time that day, but that didn’t mean he was going to get to watch for a second time. The crazy train had to come to a stop sooner or later.

“Grab yourself a drink on the way back,” she added.

“A drink?”

“One of your father’s beers,” his mother continued. “Or some of my tequila, if that’s more your thing. Whatever you prefer. But get yourself something, because this might be harder for you to watch than you think.”

“Yeah, it will,” Lem said, grinning ear to ear.

Jake stared at him coolly.

“Fuck you, man. Don’t tell me you’d refuse, if you were in my shoes.”

Truthfully, he wasn’t sure he would in his own shoes, in the insanely unlikely event that his mother would be depraved enough to go there. That wasn’t going to happen, of course, but the mere fact that he knew what his answer would be if it did told him that he really couldn’t begrudge his friend wanting to seize the opportunity of a lifetime.

Without another word, Jake went and did as his mother bid.

Not long ago, the other objects she kept in the bottom drawer of her dresser would have hit him like a right hook. Knowing that she had any sex toys would have been a surprise, nevermind the exotic assortment thereof, or the intimidating size of some of them. Now, though, he hardly even stopped to dwell on it. After everything else that had happened, was about to happen, her collection seemed rather tame.

He did note, though, that her collection was rather complete. There were huge dongs, anal beads, butt plugs, and much else besides.

He was too numb to tell whether the thought of his mother being into anal play excited or repulsed him. Perhaps a bit of both. He’d thought her young lover had fucked her ass earlier that afternoon, but it had been hard to tell from his vantage point. Whether he had or not, though, the toys in his mother’s dresser made it clear that she was no stranger to that more exotic branch of lovemaking.

By the time he got back to the den, a bottle of lube in one hand and tequila in the other, the fun had already started. He’d thought maybe they’d wait for him, but the look in his mother’s eyes should have disabused him of that notion.

With most of his length disappearing inside his mother’s mouth over and over again, it was hard to tell for sure, but Jake thought that Lem was no bigger than he was. Clearly, he hadn’t been shortchanged in that department. But neither did he rival the biggest of the guys they’d just seen in the surprisingly apt skin flick they’d watched.

Or the biggest of his mother’s toys, for that matter.

Jake took a deep breath as he quietly set the lube on the floor beside his mother. Then he sat down on the couch, leaned back, and poured himself a generous helping of tequila.

His mother didn’t bother with any of the stupid flourishes found in each and every scene of modern porn. Didn’t smack his cock against her cheeks, didn’t spit on him, didn’t force herself to gag, and didn’t pop her cheek out with the tip of his dick. She just wrapped her lips around him and worked him like a pro. Back and forth, back and forth, then pausing to, presumably, showcase her tongue work. Occasionally, she’d take his full length all the way in, until her nose was buried in his velcro bush, if only to prove that she could.

It was a wonder his friend hadn’t exploded already. Jake probably would have. From the looks of it, his mother really knew what she was doing.

His cock twitched in jealousy.

As he’d known that it would, the contrast of his friend’s beautiful dark skin against his mother’s breathtakingly fair complexion bordered on hypnotic. Lem looked even darker, and his mother that much fairer, in contrast with one other.

The tequila slowly disappeared from Jake’s glass as he watched the shockingly depraved act. His mother’s hand was starting to substitute for her mouth more and more often, but she always swallowed Lem’s dark stick back up. If either her jaw or his balls were getting ready to give out, neither let it show. It seemed like the fellatio festival might go on forever.

After working his way through the better part of another glass of tequila, the effects of which he was already starting to feel, Jake went to his knees behind his mother. He reached around her neck and, starting from the top, began to unbutton his mother’s, er, his father’s shirt. Whosever it was, the thing was coming off.

His mother let him get as far as the third button before she swatted his hand away.

“If I need a hand with anything, I’ll let you know,” she said.

Jake cleared his throat. For a second, he considered ignoring her. When Katie tried to get him to stop undressing her, it was almost always just for show. A test of his resolve. A symbolic gesture to preserve her dignity. Something along those lines. It was only when she continued to resist after he kept trying that he’d learn that she really wasn’t in the mood. Perhaps it was the same with his mother.

But he just couldn’t bring himself to defy her. Not now. Not like this.

With a heavy heart, Jake went back to his tequila.

His mother did finish shedding the garment herself, though. Her hands worked quickly and deftly while she continued to bob back and forth on Lem’s meat pole.

When the shirt finally fell to the floor, Jake’s heart skipped a beat. Her lacy black bra was gorgeous, and contrasted wonderfully with her creamy white skin. The light freckles decorating her back and shoulders couldn’t have been cuter. They took him by surprise, too, since she didn’t have any on her face.

Somehow, it seemed scandalous for his mother to let him see that much flesh. That was ridiculous of course. The scandal was what she was doing with Lem, not that she’d taken her shirt off. Yet, while the rational part of his brain understood these things, some other part only knew that mothers didn’t undress in front of their sons.

By the time Jake had poured himself a third glass of tequila, and his mother’s glorious breasts had freed themselves from her bra. He couldn’t stop staring at his mother’s pink nipples, which were the size of the uppermost part of his pinky finger, or her perfectly sized dark areola, which were a few shades darker than the nipples themselves, or the heavy milk bags to which both were attached.

When his friend finally busted his nut, Jake only knew it by the sounds Lem made. His eyes remained glued to the breasts that had nourished him in his infancy.

Lem stumbled away from the redheaded goddess, looking more inebriated than Jake felt.

Without a word, Jake’s mother reached back, grabbed the glass out of Jake’s fingers, and washed Lem’s cum down with its contents. She smacked her lips, sighed heavily afterwards, then handed the glass back to him with a grateful smile.

“You like them, do you?” she asked, noticing him staring at her chest. She cupped one heavy breast in a hand that was woefully ill-equipped for the task of supporting such weight.

“Could say that,” Jake said, forcing himself to look away at last.

“Would you like to see your friend play with them?” she asked. Her green eyes turned to Lem. “What do you say, tiger?”

Jake clenched his jaw tight. For a moment there, he’d thought she was going to ask if he wanted to play with them. That was stupid of him, though. She was having a little fun, pushing the bounds of propriety, but that didn’t mean she was going to violate the strongest taboo known to man. He just had to accept that.

Lem progressed from sucking on her beautiful tits to kissing his way down her stomach and then across each hip. When he finished, he slipped her shorts and panties off, then went to work on her thighs, working his way slowly up to her treasure.

Jake watched in fascination as Lem brought his mother to climax in a fraction of the time it had taken her to do the same for him. Whether that was testament to his friend’s skills with cunnilingus or his mother’s ability to let herself go completely, he wasn’t sure. But either way, he was definitely impressed.

At first, it had been impossible for him to satisfy Katie through oral sex. Then she’d encouraged him to read up on it. A few hours on the internet gave way to a small collection of books and couple’s videos on female orgasm, cunnilingus, the G-spot, and female ejaculation. Apparently, the main reason most women had trouble reaching climax wasn’t because of anything their partners did wrong, but because they weren’t comfortable enough. Technique definitely made a difference, though. In time, Katie started to enjoy having Jake go down on her. Perhaps because he’d gotten better at giving head, or perhaps because she’d found it easier to relax. One way or another, oral sex had become an integral part of their lovemaking. But even so, he didn’t think he could get Katie off nearly as fast as Lem had his mother.

Before long, Jake was stroking himself openly.

First, his mother had laid flat on the floor while Lem knelt above her and fucked her missionary style. Then he’d climbed up on the couch, not twelve inches from Jake, and had her ride him cowgirl. Jake could have sworn he hadn’t drawn a breath for four or five minutes straight as he watched them, utterly enchanted.

Once Jake’s mother reached a monster orgasm, the kind Jake wished he could coax out of Katie, he thought for sure that the fun was over.

She was going to leave him high and dry after all. Of course she was. He’d always known that it had to be that way. Why did he keep letting himself believe that maybe things would get even more depraved? That she would fool around with her own son? Putting on a naughty little show for him was one thing, but some lines just couldn’t be crossed.

“Just give me a minute to catch my breath, kay?” she asked Lem. “I’ll be right back.”

Before walking past Jake, she bent down and kissed him on the forehead.

Knowing full well that it could spell the end of a very special evening, but so overcome with lust that he just couldn’t help himself, he grabbed his mother by the backs of her thighs and pulled her down into his lap.

She laughed giddily as he did. Anchoring herself with hands atop his shoulders, she straddled his hips and settled herself in. His hard cock pressed against her belly.

He stared up into her impossibly green eyes for a moment, unable to believe he had her on top of him. Then Jake tried to kiss his mother full on the mouth.

His mother’s hands slid quickly from his shoulders to the back of his head and she guided his face down to her chest. Pressed him right between her lovely breasts. As she her hands through her hair, she said, “Nice try, kiddo.” Then she leaned down, kissed the top of his head, and climbed back to her feet.

He gave her fat ass a playful slap as she left, but that was all he got.

However, he did notice that his rebellious little gesture earned him a devilish grin rather than a reproachful glare. The same look Katie gave him when she was playing hard to get.

“Dude,” Lem said. “Are you serious?”

“I know,” Jake said. “I can’t believe her either.”

“Well, sure, her too,” he said. “But I meant you. You really want to fuck your mom?”

Jake didn’t reply.

“Fuck,” Lem said. “I thought you just wanted to see how far she’d take things. Like a deer caught in headlights or some shit. But you…this is seriously fucked up.”

He couldn’t really say anything to that. Lem was right. But he wasn’t about to stop.

“I mean, if you make a move, I won’t do anything to stop you. I don’t think I could get off this train if I tried. But, damn, I hope that ain’t where this is going.”

“Probably isn’t,” Jake said. “She keeps slapping me down.”

His friend gave him an incredulous look. “And you think that means she don’t want it?”

Jake snatched up the bottle of tequila and tossed it to Lem. “Drown your inhibitions.”

Lem snickered, but without a word of protest, he unscrewed the cap and took a swig straight from the bottle. And then another. And another.

Before Jake got a chance to reflect on his friend’s words, his mother returned. Wearing more clothes. Well, a pair of fuck-me red pumps, sheer black thigh highs, and a lacy black garter trimmed with red ribbon. Not exactly a sign that she wanted to call it quits. The rest of her ultra-feminine form was still on full display.

Jake took a moment to drink her in.

She looked damn good naked, and better still in stockings and heels. Her legs were well-muscled, but not to the point that they looked masculine. They were shapely and soft where they should be, but firm in all the right places. Her hips were nice and broad. Birthing hips, as his grandmother sometimes said. Yet she had a flat belly and a surprisingly narrow waist. Her breasts…fuck, he could stare at those natural wonders for hours. And though both the alcohol and the general prurient atmosphere may have played a role, Jake found his mother’s face prettier and prettier every time he looked at it. He loved every feature, every last line and contour. That included her crow’s feet, thank you very much.

“Okay, big boy, here’s the moment of truth,” his mother said to Lem.

Oh, fuck. This was it. To hell with social taboos.

“If you promise to be gentle, I’d like to have that spear of yours buried deep in my bowels.” She said it so casually. “Whaddaya say?”

Lem looked stunned for a moment.

Jake felt the same way himself. Her “moment of truth” was that?

“Anal?” Jake said, more to himself than his mother.

“Yes, sweetie,” she nonetheless replied. “Grownups sometimes get tired of playing the same game over and over again.”

“I-” he started, standing up.

Lem grabbed the bottle of lube. “Promise.”

“Great,” she said. Then, turning to him, she added, “Jake, sweetie, if you don’t think you can watch this part, that’s okay. I’ll drive Lem home when we’re finished.”

So that was really it. He’d been right all along. Why did he let Lem convince him that his mother wanted to fuck him too? Why did he let himself tell that story?

“No, that’s okay,” Jake said, feeling numb. “I’m good.”

“You sure?” she asked, stepping over to him and pressing a hand down to his cheek.

He rested a hand on her hip, daring not venture further. Thankfully, she allowed that.

“Yes,” he said. “I can’t stop watching you.”

A wicked smile spread across her gorgeous face. “I’ve noticed.”

It took all his willpower to resist the urge to try kissing her again. Still, his lips burned for her, so he pressed them gently against her cheek. As he did, she lightly raked her nails through his scalp and cooed. Then, just before she stepped away, she reached down and slid the palm of her hand across the length of his shaft.

For a moment, Jake was too stunned to react.

She’d touched him. His mother’s hand had tenderly, affectionately, swept over his cock.

It was too much. The orgasm he’d been holding back for so long overwhelmed him.

His mother laughed even as she was climbing down onto all fours. “Glad you’ve enjoyed yourself,” she said in a self-satisfied tone.

Past tense. And without “so far” tacked on to the end.

Blooding coursing hot through his veins, Jake went to the bathroom the clean himself up. He came back with a paper towel for the mess he’d left on the floor.

When he returned, he found his mother down on all fours, Lem kneeling behind her, thrusting his fat cock in and out of her puckered anus. He stared dumbfounded as his friend thrust back and forth rapidly, all the while squeezing and slapping his mother’s ass mercilessly. Despite the punishment she was receiving, his mother seemed to be in heaven. If Lem was going too hard on her, you’d never know it by the look of pure bliss on her face.

“Fuck,” Jake whispered to himself.

Her high-pitched whimpers, the way she thrust her hips back at Lem, impaling herself on his thick cock, and the knots of tension at the corners of her jaw all seemed to say that while it was an incredibly intense experience, she was having the time of her life.

It was more than he could take. Jake had to be a part of this. Just had to.

He went to his knees and presented his cock to her. At first, she didn’t notice. But when she finally opened her eyes again, they went wide as saucers and she jerked her head back.

Jake ran a hand through his mother’s beautiful red-brown hair. “Go on,” he said.

“We can’t,” she. “This is wrong.”

He pushed his dick closer to her lips.

Her eyes left his, focusing on his fat cock. When she licked her lips, he knew he had her.

A moment later, she engulfed him. And while his friend violated her ass hole, his mother gave him the best blow job of his life. It was every bit as good as he’d expected it be after watching her with Lem, and then some, despite the fact that she was distracted by the intense stimulation she was receiving from behind.

From there, they took turns fucking her, usually while she sucked the other one off. Eventually, though, his mother took things to the next level and asked Jake to fill her ass while she rode Lem. Both boys had balked at that, but after a little coaxing, a little tequila, and a few kisses, she talked them into it.

In the past, Jake had thought that double-penetration was something porn directors invented to satisfy the ever more extreme demands of their disturbingly sadistic male audience. But perhaps that was only if it was done wrong. Or only because the women who performed that depraved act on screen rarely wanted to do so. But his mother set the pace, and after a slow start, really, really got into it. She rode the two of them to a most intense climax. One that swept them along with her. The three of them jerked and spasmed and swore in unison as the two boys filled Jake’s mother to overflowing with their jizz.

Then it was over.

The whole affair had lasted for hours, but it felt like a matter of minutes.

Of course, if he had all of eternity to relive that moment, it might not have been enough for Jake. It, or any of the others that had preceded it. Never before had he realized how enjoyable sex could be. And he’d always been a fan. It was the most incredible experience of his young life.

He had fucked his mother. Every which way from Sunday.

Nothing could ever top that.


“That’s not really what you were out to dinner, is it?” Bill asked his daughter.

“Why not?” Evie asked, staring down at her obnoxiously tight, scandalously short skirt. At least her top was almost modest. A mere one or two sizes too small.

“Honey,” he said.

“Dad, I’m not a child anymore.”

“Can we pretend you are? Just for one night?” he asked. “Put on some pants and I promise I won’t even ask if you’re seeing any boys.”

Evie rolled her eyes, let out an exasperated sigh, then skipped off down the hall.

If that gave him a tantalizing view of her incredible ass, well that was just an unintended consequence. It had to be.

Bill took his glassed off and mopped his brow. A few short hours of helping his sister box things up and he felt like he’d slaved the day away in the fields. How could the girl have so much stuff? And why wasn’t any of it ready to go yet?

Throughout their labors, his daughter had been flirting with him shamefully. Well, not by the standards of what she’d consider shameful, no doubt. But it had been enough to make him want to cry. Or take a bathroom break to relieve himself.

It didn’t mean anything. She was at that age where sex was on her mind all the time, and she was only just now discovering the true extent of how much power her sexuality gave her over men. Girls started to learn that lesson the moment they hit puberty, no doubt. But Bill had to imagine that up through high school, they mostly only thought it worked on their peers and the odd pervie young teacher. Only in college did they realize that their bodies could get them out of far more than homework they didn’t want to do.

At least, that was what he imagined. No doubt his wife would tell him he was naive. That girls understood how closely their lot in life was tied to their ability to arouse men’s desires from a very early age. That it was drilled into them from cradle to grave.

No doubt, she was right. To some degree. But he still had to believe that his daughter had retained some innocence until now. Maybe even a few drops still.

Fathers just didn’t have the ability to see their daughters any other way. Even those fathers who looked at their daughters in the most depraved ways.

Fuck, but the girl had a nice body.

Mel had never had a body like that. Even before she’d put on weight and later started working out to take said weight off. Not in her prime, and not since, when she’d reached something of a second peak. She was still an attractive woman, to be sure. Hadn’t put on nearly as much weight as most of his friends’ wives, and to look at her face, you’d think she was much younger than she was. Long hours in the gym in recent years had flattened her stomach and brought her waist back to within a few inches of what it had been on their wedding day. Her ass and thighs were still a good deal larger than they’d been before she had kids, though. As were her breasts. And unlike her thighs and ass, which had at least grown reasonably firm of late, her breasts only got saggier and saggier as time went by.

Some of his friends envied him. Told him that Mel looked like Christina Hendricks, only better. That might be so, but Christina Hendricks didn’t do too much for him, so the idea that he had a celebrity lookalike for a wife was small consolation.

His little cocktease, though. She was incredibly thin. Not disgustingly so, like supermodels. Just pleasantly so. Her legs were sleek, lightly curved with trim muscles, and her waist was small enough that he could encircle it with his hands, with room to spare. Her breasts were perfect. They were nice and firm, sitting high on her chest, even though she clearly wasn’t wearing a bra. Couldn’t have been more than a handful. No less either, mind. Supple, feminine, but not too soft. Despite how trim the rest of her frame was, she had the nicest little bubble butt. If it had been smaller, he wouldn’t have minded, but he couldn’t pretend it held no appeal for him. It wasn’t nearly as big as her mother’s, yet it was no less round and heart-shaped. The way it jutted out behind her, without sagging towards the ground in the least, made him long for her so bad that it hurt. Damn, but she must be driving all the poor college boys crazy with that little treasure.

And her face?

There had ever been a more beautiful face. Not on any woman in any land in any time. His little Evie had perfect cheekbones and full lips, with the upper forming a delicious cupid’s bow. Her eyes were oversized and deep brown, nearly black. Her skin was as fair as her mother’s, but without the slightest imperfection. She had just the tiniest bit of baby fat, making her look younger than she was. Her long lashes and exquisite brows, slender nose and cute little ears, were beyond perfect.

Then there was her hair. It fell halfway down her back, a perfect sheet of individual strands, each straight as an arrow. It was black as pitch, glossy as enamel, and tantalizingly thick. And it smelled delightful. He’d gotten a little too close once, for just a second, and her scent had coaxed a few drops of precum out of his stiff cock.

The poor little guy had been summoned for duty and asked to stand at attention for hours on end, without any relief. It was absolutely cruel.

Bill slammed the heel of one hand against his head before donning his glasses once more.

He absolutely should not be noticing these things. And if he did, it should have only been in passing. How could he be standing there, dwelling on them? Cataloguing his daughter’s virtues in comparison to his wife?

Running the latest round of emails from work though his head in hopes of killing his erection, Bill quickly changed out of his sweat-soaked shirt and into a fresh button-down.

“Better?” Evie asked, strutting down the hall of her apartment in the tightest pair of jeans you ever did see. If he looked closely enough, he suspected he’d see a camel toe. But, somehow, he managed to resist the temptation.

“I suppose so,” he said, with a bemused laugh.

Her jeans could not possibly have been any tighter. Not even if they were leggings. She might as well just have dipped herself in a vat of paint.

“Okay, then,” she said, looping an arm in his. “Off we go.” Then, with a wicked grin, she added, “I should warn you, though. I’m not a cheap date.”


The soft silk felt smooth in her hands. But the dress wasn’t Evie’s color. Or her size. She sighed and moved on down the rack.

“We can keep looking as long as you like,” her mother said. “It’s nice to have some mother-daughter time again. But don’t you think we have enough?”

“You have no idea how much Dad made me throw out,” she said.

“Well, you told him yourself you hardly wore any of it anymore, right?”

Evie rolled her eyes. “That’s not the point.”

Her mother put a hand on her shoulder. “How about I treat us to some frappuccinos, hmm? My feet are killing me.” Sensing Evie’s reluctance, she added, “If you really want to keep shopping after that, we can. Or I’ll give you my card and you can come back tomorrow and treat yourself to whatever you want. Within reason. Whaddaya say?”

“Fiiiine,” Evie said.

Her mother offered her a faint smile. They went up to the front and paid for the one top Evie had picked out then headed for the food court.

Once they had their frozen treats, they found a seat in the endless sea of squat tables and plastic chairs. Evie tucked the bags between her legs.

“So Jake really might be coming to State in the fall?” Evie asked.

Her mother pursed her lips. “Who told you that? Your father?”

“No,” she said. “Jake did.”

“Well,” her mother said, with a little less hard edge to her voice, “I wouldn’t count on that. Somehow or other, we’ll find a way to send him to Princeton.”

“Pretty expensive,” Evie said. “Kid’s too good for a lowly state school?”

“Oh, honey, it’s not that.”

Evie grunted by way of response. She always knew that Jake was her mother’s favorite. The fact that she was her father’s had always been cold comfort, given that their mother always got her way and their father was a total pushover.

“I get it,” she said.

By which she meant that she wasn’t going to make her mother lie to her.

Her baby boy deserved no less than the Ivy League. State was good enough for Evie, because she was a fuck-up with no real future. She’d never say that to Evie’s face, of course, but that didn’t make it any less true.

Not that Evie would want to be surrounded by all those boring, arrogant, poorly dressed book-worms anyway. If Jake wanted that life, more power to him. She didn’t hold it against her brother. He’d always been really modest about his academic achievements. And though she appreciated that he probably didn’t think so, she knew her kid brother was smarter than her too. It was only her mother’s favoritism was what stung.

Besides, while it might not make up for years and years of treating her like a disappointment, her mother was currently going out of her way to make Evie happy. She wasn’t sure why, but it was a welcome change.

Come to think of it, her mother seemed happier herself than she’d been in recent memory. And she was dressing nicer. Wearing more makeup. Carrying herself differently.

Suddenly it hit her.

Subconsciously or otherwise, she was trying to buy Evie off. To assuage her guilt.

“How long have you been cheating on dad?” Evie asked.


“It’s okay,” she said, heart beating like a smith’s hammer against an anvil. “I won’t tell him,” she added. Which was probably true. “I just want the juicy details.”

Her mother laughed awkwardly. “Well, I hate to disappoint you, but there are none.”

“Uh huh,” Evie said. “You’re just glowing because you’re using a new body scrub. The spring in your step is because you had a good week at work. And what woman in her forties doesn’t spontaneously decide to start wearing more revealing outfits, more makeup, and expensive perfume?”

Her mother’s swollen bosom rose and fell, her nostrils flared, and that one vein in her forehead popped out. Bad, bad signs.

“No one’s judging,” Evie said, hiding a grin by pressing the straw to her lips.

A few of the people around them stared.

Suddenly, Evie wished they were somewhere else. It had to have been the first time in years she’d been in a shopping mall and wished to be somewhere else.

“Is he cute?” she asked, trying to sound excited.

“Honey,” her mother said.

“I bet he’s taller than Dad.”

Finally, with a sigh, her mother said, “About the same height. Actually, he looks a lot like your father. Only younger. Guess that tells you why, doesn’t it?”

Evie squealed and slapped her palms gently against the tabletop.

In her mind, she was gasping for air. Her father was the sweetest guy a girl could ask for. Wasn’t hard to see how a girl might get bored with that, but still. He gave her mother everything she wanted. And he looked damn good for his age.

Still, she found it surprisingly easy to pretend she was talking to one of her girlfriends who’d just confessed to cheating on her boyfriend. What that said about her, she wasn’t quite sure. But she’d worry about that later. After her mother spilled the beans.

“Your father and I have been fighting. I tell myself that’s why I’m doing it. But I think the truth is I just couldn’t keep my hands off this guy if I tried.”

“Sounds promising,” Evie said. “Also eww, what with the looking like Dad part, but we’ll just pretend you didn’t say that.”

In truth, that had probably gotten Evie more excited than anything else. She wasn’t about to admit that to her mother though. It was hard enough to admit to herself.

Her mother laughed awkwardly before taking a sip of her frap.

“The more important question,” Evie said, “is how good is he in bed?”


“What?” she said. “We’re both grown women, aren’t we? Can’t a girl want to know that her mother’s needs are being met?”

“I…I guess.”

Looking her mother over, she couldn’t help but imagine tending to those needs herself.

Fuck, that was a scary thought.

It was bad enough that she’d been thinking of either her father or both him and her mother most every time she masterbated for the past two years. Those were just fantasies though. When she touched herself while thinking about sharing her father with her mother, the parents in her mind were abstract ideas. They didn’t even have faces. In fact, memories of the few threesomes she’d had would bleed in, and the next thing she knew, she was whispering “Mom” and “Dad” to herself but seeing the faces of past boyfriends and her roommates in their place.

Now, though, she was looking her mother in the face, and getting turned on. As she had been by her father from the moment he’d showed up at her apartment Friday night.

Evie knew it was okay to fantasize about such things. She’d learned in her Human Sexuality class that punishing yourself for fantasizing about the types of unspeakable things you’d never do in real life was unhealthy and could be very damaging. But this seemed to be more than that, and she wasn’t sure how to feel about it.

Placing a hand over one of her mother’s, she said, “So? Is he good?”

Her mother sighed contentedly. That sound, and the look on her face as she emitted it, said it all. But lest she leave any doubt in her daughter’s mind, she stretched her lips slowly until her face was split in two by a huge smile.

“Go you,” Evie said, feeling her pussy start to come alive.

“I don’t know him, do I?” she asked, suddenly remembering the time she’d been convinced that her mother was a bit too friendly with one of their neighbors.

“Well…no, no. I’ve said too much already.”

Her mother clammed up at that point, but it was clear that she really wanted to tell someone. Sooner or later, Evie would wear her mother down.


That Monday, Bill informed her that he was going to go out with “Steve” after work. Mel had almost laughed at him when he’d told her. Their daughter, who they’d not seen since Christmas break, had just come home, and he’d spent all of one night with the family before running off to his mistress. It was pathetic.

Yet some part of her wished him the best. Hoped that, whoever she was, his little miss thing was good. That her husband’s needs were being met at least half as well as hers were.

Mel wasn’t sure if that the part that had once loved him talking. Perhaps it was the part that was slowly losing all hold on reality and all else of propriety, that had told her it was a good idea to fuck her son, and to open up to her daughter about same.

Maybe it was just the ache between her legs and the deliciously naughty thoughts of all the things she could do without her husband home.

One way or another, Mel simply told her husband to have fun rather than reading him the riot act, as she ought to have done.

At work, she had another terribly unproductive day. But this time, it wasn’t because she spent most of her time exchanging flirtatious emails with Adam. He’d finished his internship with their office and she’d finished her tryst with him. If he wanted a letter of recommendation, perhaps she’d sing his praises, but aside from that, she was done with him.

No, it wasn’t her young lover who kept her distracted. But it was lascivious thoughts, spurred on by inappropriate emails. They just happened to come from her children.

Evie’s especially.

She’d actually considered coming clean during their little shopping spree, crazy as she knew that to be. When the guys both went to bed early and her daughter busted out the bottle of tequila, it had only been a matter of time before Mel spilled the beans. Much to her surprise, her daughter hadn’t been repulsed or outraged or any of that. Though it would have been perfectly understandable for her to vomit or cry or scream at her mother, if anything, Evie had seemed to find her mother’s revelation arousing.

Whatever uncertainty their conversation had left Mel with was cleared up by those emails.

Her daughter was indeed incredibly turned on by it all. And eager to take part herself. Best of all, she hadn’t said a word to Jake and insisted that Mel not do so either.

So, after spending the entire day in a pair of damp panties, squirming in her office chair, Mel left the office early and headed home to her two wonderful children. She couldn’t wait to see the look on her son’s face when his sister “accidentally” walked in on them.

At first, they all behaved as though everything was normal. The way they might have just a few short months ago, before she’d gone and had herself and affair. Before her son had spied on her. Mel made dinner and the kids cleaned up after. Granted, they’d all exchanged a few awkward glances. The sort that had no place at the family dinner table. But otherwise, an outside observer could be forgiven for thinking they were just like any other family.

Right up until it was time for dessert.

Mel’s heart was beating so fast that she almost couldn’t breathe when Evie announced that she was going out for the night. As they’d discussed earlier that afternoon, the girl was just going to drive around the corner and park on the street, out of view, before sneaking back into the house, where she’d find her mother and her brother in bed together.

The first part of the plan went off without a hitch. Getting her son up into her room hadn’t posed much of a challenge either. And though Mel had heard the back door creak open a few minutes later, her horny young son had been too focused on the killer blowjob she was giving him to take notice.

Take that, Murphy’s law.

As she’d known it would be, the look on Jake’s face when his sister appeared at the bedroom door wearing nothing but a sheer pink babydoll had been absolutely priceless.

“I have a surprise for you,” she’d said, after taking his beautiful, glistening hard cock out of her mouth for a moment.

“What’s that?” he asked breathlessly. The look on his face said that he’d humor her so long as she spat it out soon, but he was none too pleased that she’d chosen that exact moment to tell him. His hips twitched and his dick inched closer to her mouth.

“Come on in,” she’d called out.

That was when Evie stepped in from the hall.

Jake had gasped and started to instinctively cover himself up. But he’d always been a smart kid. Quick on the uptake. Where others might have insisted that it wasn’t what it looked like, or demanded to know what their sister was doing there, or otherwise lost their shit, her son had simply stared in wonder at his sister. A grin had slowly spread across his lips as his mind absorbed the obviousness of what the two women had planned for him.

“Seriously?” he asked no one in particular. “This is happening?”

Evie took a few slow steps into the room. Damn, the girl knew how to strut her stuff. It was hard enough for Mel to keep from jumping out of bed, grabbing her, throwing her down, and tearing that skimpy bit of lingerie off. And Mel had gone fifteen years without either knowing the touch of a woman or terribly minding that absence. How her poor son kept his cool while watching the young vixen’s tantalizing approach, she couldn’t have said.

Though Mel had slowly come to appreciate her body, thanks in no small part to behavior of both Adam and Jake, she’d always wished to be built more like her daughter. Evie had a tight, athletic body, yet not one entirely devoid of feminine curves. Her long legs went on forever, even though she was only a few inches taller than her mother. They were sleek and thin and covered with just the right amount of hard muscle. Her hips were narrow compared to Mel’s, but seemed generous beneath that tiny little waist. Trim as the girl was, she had a perfect hourglass. Her pert little breasts were nice and firm and round. Not at all like swollen melons, the way Mel’s were. She had her father’s hair, black as a raven, and the prettiest face the world had ever seen. It was a wonder she’d never expressed any interest in modeling or acting or anything like that. That face belonged on the covers of magazines.

“Is that okay?” Mel asked, running her fingers lightly down her son’s torso.

He too belonged on the covers of magazines, come to think of it. And not just his face. Those chiseled abs and that flat, broad chest were to die for. He wasn’t nearly as built as Adam, but to her great delight, she’d found him no less toned.

Her son slowly peeled his eyes off his sister, who was just starting to crawl onto the foot of the bed, and met her gaze. A wicked smile spread across his face.

Mel’s pussy ached fiercely. Now that she’d realized that she’d subconsciously been yearning for him for some time, her son took her breath away every time he looked at her. But with a look of pure, unadulterated lust upon his handsome young face, she very nearly climaxed on the spot. Who needed physical stimulation when you had a boy that beautiful in your bed, staring at you like he’d punch God in the balls and choke the devil with his own tail if that’s what it took to get between your legs?

“Hey, squirt,” Evie said as she crawled up to kneel on the other side of Jake. One of her pretty little hands joined Mel’s on the boy’s thick shaft. Big as her son was, the two of them still didn’t cover his entire length. “Not spoiling the fun here, am I?”

“Would it stop you if I said you were?” Jake asked.

His sister blushed. “Probably not, no.”

“Course not. You never could stand the sight of me enjoying myself, could you?” the boy asked, grinning ear to ear despite his words. “You always were a bitch.”

Evie turned to Mel. “You’d think I tortured the poor kid or something.” A naughty grin spread across her face. “Oh, wait. Guess I did, come to think of it.” Her impossibly dark eyes fell upon her brother once more. “You’re going to find out what suffering really is soon enough, though,” she said. “No one knows how to tease like I do.”

Mel’s breath caught in her throat at the sound of her daughter’s words. How did she make what was essentially a threat sound so damn good? She almost envied her son.

“You say that now,” Jake said. “But I haven’t gone down on you yet.”

Mother and daughter shared another glance. Evie’s black eyebrows climbed her pale forehead. Lord, that was beautiful. The stark color contrast, every bit as dramatic as that between her creamy white skin and her ruby red lips, could make a woman question her sexual orientation. “Is he that good?”

“Better,” Mel said with a sigh.

She hadn’t found out that first night, when she’d given herself over to both him and his friend. But the next day, the two of them had fooled around for hours. They wouldn’t have gotten out of bed any longer than it took to go to the bathroom the whole damn day, if not for Bill and Evie returning home that evening. Her son had violated every one of her holes, repeatedly. But as addictive as she found his huge dick to be, his tongue was even more magical. The boy had a talent the likes of which she’d never even imagined. She’d melted in her son’s mouth and on his fingers over and over again. In his capable hands, she learned things about herself and her body that no book could have taught her.

“Well, then,” Evie said. “Course, she’s far from unbiased.” With a look on her face that told Mel her daughter wasn’t entirely kidding, she added, “Mom’s always thought you were perfect. You could have wiped your ass with a canvas, called it a painting, and she’d have hung it on the fridge. On top of my report card.”

That stung. But, strangely, the little jab only served to excite her further.

“Guess you’ll just have to see for yourself,” Jake said.

“Mmm,” Evie said, licking her lips. “But first, I’m going to show you who the real champion of giving head is.”

Mel watched as her daughter slowly descended, taking her brother’s monster cock into her sweet little mouth. The sight sent shudders down her spine. Her two beautiful children, all grown up, exploring each other’s bodies. Her hand lingered on her son’s cock for a time, until Evie chose to demonstrate her talent for deepthroating, but otherwise, Mel was just a spectator. She watched in silence, with rapt attention. It was so perfectly vile.

And yet, it seemed like the closest thing to heaven Mel could have imagined.

To judge by the sounds her son immediately started making, Evie was at least as good as she believed herself to be. Maybe even more so. He whimpered and moaned and swore and begged her not to stop. His eyes were closed and his jaw clenched tight, beautiful little knots of muscle popping out at the corners. One hand gently held his sister’s hair back while the other had the bed covers clutched so tight that his knuckles were going pale.

Just as Mel was sure that Jake was about to cum, all of sixty seconds after his sister’s lips had engulfed the tip of his cock, Evie sat back up.

“Fuck you,” Jake said.

Evie smiled wickedly before wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

Mel almost told her daughter not to be so cruel. Almost commanded her to finish him off, the way she’d forced the girl to give her brother’s toys back when they were kids. But she stopped herself. She wanted to watch the rest of this little drama unfold.

“Told ya,” Evie said. “Now say please.”

Jake stared at her in cold silence for a few moments. Then, suddenly, he let out an awkward laugh. “Please.”

“Beg,” his sister replied.

“For fuck’s sake,” he said.

Mel knelt down and started nibbling at her son’s earlobe. He moaned softly for a while then said, “Okay, okay. God, you two are cruel. Please, Evie, my favoritest sister in the whole world. I’m begging you. Don’t leave me hanging.”

“Take back everything mean you ever said to me,” she said.

“Everything,” he panted. “It was all lies.”

“Good boy,” Evie replied.

Then the sounds of her slurping on her brother’s cock filled the room once more. And, sure enough, it wasn’t but twenty seconds later that her son started cumming.

Wondering whether her daughter was anywhere near as good at eating pussy as she was at sucking dick, Mel sat back up and looked down at the girl. She still had her mouth wrapped around her brother’s hard cock, presumably licking him clean. Or just giving the poor kid a few more precious seconds to enjoy her considerable talent.

“Don’t get too impressed with yourself,” Mel said, reaching down to run a hand through her daughter’s hair. “I warmed him up for you.”

Jake laughed. “A guy could do worse than having you two take turns sucking him off.”

“Did you know we were here strictly for his pleasure?” Mel asked Evie.

“News to me,” her daughter replied.

“Think maybe it’s time for him to get to work,” Mel continued.

“Me first,” her daughter said.

“I’m right here, guys,” Jake said. “No need to talk about me in the third person.”

As if he hadn’t even said anything, Evie flopped down on her back and spread her legs. Mel stared in fascination at her daughter’s cunt. At first, she thought the girl was shaved bald. But then she noticed the thin landing strip of dark, curly hair. That struck Mel as odd, yet appealing. Herself, she kept things neatly trimmed, especially around her labia, but there was a respectable auburn bush on her mons. And her pussy was modest, her labia slim and tight. Like a baby pink slit in her white flesh more than a full vulva. Mel’s lips were prominent, fluffy, and dark. When she’d been younger, she’d felt self-conscious about that. But Bill had always told her how much he loved her little lady, and their son certainly took after his father in that respect. That was good enough for her.

“You’re up, bucko,” Mel told her son, without taking her eyes off her daughter.

Evie petted her kitten slowly, almost lazily. “Let’s see what all the hype is about.”

As Jake got into position, kneeling before his sister, Mel laid down flat on her back beside the two of them, close to the top of the bed. Her feet faced the opposite direction of Evie’s. That way, she could fellate her son while he went down on his sister. Lest she prevent him from giving Evie his best though, she went very easy on him. Just delivered enough stimulation to get him hard again and keep him aroused.

“Oh my,” Evie said. “That’s amazing. I’ll never be the same woman again.”

“I haven’t even started yet,” Jake protested.

“Relax, buddy,” his sister said. “Just fuckin’ with ya.”

A few minutes later though, Mel’s little girl was moaning many of the same things, sans sarcasm. If Mel hadn’t experienced the indescribable wonder of receiving oral sex from Jake herself, she’d almost have thought the girl was faking it.

She slipped back out from under her son and sat up to watch Evie enjoy herself.

“Fuck, Jake,” she moaned, bucking her hips gently and raking her nails through her brother’s scalp. “You really weren’t kidding.”

“Isn’t he amazing?” Mel asked.

Her daughter groaned throatily as she looked down at Mel. Her dark eyes were wide as saucers. “Good god, woman. You’ve created a monster.”

Mel ran a hand lightly down her son’s strong, smooth back. The taut ropes of muscle felt amazing. “I don’t just think he’s perfect,” she said. “He is perfect.”

“Not even sure I can argue,” Evie panted between heavy breaths.

Soon enough, the girl lost all ability to speak. Her climax built up slowly, and she appeared to be in a state of crippling ecstasy for several minutes. Her eyelids fluttered and strained sounds escaped her throat periodically. Her hips twitched frantically. Then something broke and she started screaming and thrashing about violently for nearly a minute before collapsing flat on her back, sucking air.

Climbing up to his knees, Jake looked down at his sister’s quivering form. It looked like her bones had liquefied, rendering her into a human jellyfish.

“Whaddaya know. It is possible to shut her up,” he quipped.

Mel slapped his arm with the back of her hand, playfully, little more than her nails connecting. When he looked at her, she smiled back at him.

“I’m taking you back to school with me,” Evie said, after she started to recover. “I don’t care if I have to put you in a cage. Talent like that isn’t to be wasted on trust-fund babies.”

Jake laughed awkwardly. “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“Was certainly meant as one,” Evie said, swiping a lock of sweat-dampened hair out of her face with her pinkie. “Where the hell did you learn how to do that?”

Jake shrugged. “I do my homework.”

His sister snorted as she propped herself up with her elbows. “I know you do,” she said. “But you’re not really saying you learned that from a book?”

“A few of them, actually,” he said. “And a couple videos.”

“God bless the printing press then,” Evie said.

Mel giggled. Then she pressed herself against her son’s back. One hand rested on a strong shoulder. The other found its way between his legs to fondle his Burmese python. “Maybe you should remind your mother of all the things you’ve learned doing your homework.”

Eagerly, he did so.

There was nothing in the world like it. Her son knew her body better than she did. He was teaching her to control her G-spot. To push the head of it outside her body, to relax or contract it at will. His fingers were delicate when they needed to be, and persistent when she wanted that. His tongue was a warm blanket covering her vulva, then it was a stiff little nubbin, assaulting her clit at inhuman speeds. He licked and kissed and caressed every part of her sex. He nibbled on her outer labia and shoved his tongue deep inside her. He dragged the underside of its tip along her inner labia and finger-fucked her.

Sometimes, her son seemed to be on a quest to prove to himself that he could satisfy her. That was fun, in a way, but she didn’t like the pressure it put on her. Like she’d disappoint him if she didn’t cum as quickly as possible. Other times, though, he really seemed to enjoy himself, and that allowed her to do the same. He’d tease her, bringing her to the brink and then walking her back, leaving her guessing as to when he’d finally allow her the sweet release she craved so desperately.

This was one of those times.

Mel lost all track of time. She couldn’t have said if he’d been done there five minutes or an hour. All she knew was that her son guided her through one of the most mind-blowing orgasms she’d ever experienced. The only time she’d ever felt anything like it had been two days before, when her son had first shared his impressive talent with her.

Only after it was over did she even remember that her daughter was there too. The girl had gone quiet, playing with herself while she watched her brother pleasure their mother.

“Wow,” she said. “That was hot.”

While Mel came down from her high, her two beautiful children climbed together, limbs intertwined, anxiously fumbling with each other’s bodies. Evie’s translucent dress got tossed to the floor and the two rolled over and over, apparently unable to determine who would go on top. The sight of it gave Mel flashbacks to when they’d wrestled as children, before Jake had grown much larger than his older sister.

Even after she got her breathing back under control, she laid back and watched her children play together. The sight of her son’s fat cock disappearing into her daughter’s tight little snatch was painfully arousing. After a while, it got to be more than Mel could bare. She slipped out of bed, went over to her oak dresser, and got some supplies.

Watching Evie’s perfect little round butt cheeks bounce up and down, rippling gently as the muscle underneath contracted and expanded, nearly hypnotized Mel. She could only imagine how much more jiggling there would be if that were her riding Jake’s pole. Her daughter had almost no fat on her, and nary a hint of cellulite. Proud as Mel was of her womanly curves, she wouldn’t have minded looking just a little bit more like her daughter.

She gave one of the little globes a firm smack. Evie let out a nice whimper in response.

“Eve, sweetie,” Mel said, “have you ever had both of your holes filled at once?”

“Harder, harder, harder,” she was chanting, her eyes locked on Jake’s.

Mel asked her again.

“Maybe,” she said.

“Oh, fuck,” Jake panted. “My two lovely whores. Is there nothing you won’t do?”

His words felt like a slap across Mel’s face. She’d never been called a whore by her son before. But, to her surprise, she found she rather liked it.

Taking her daughter’s answer as consent, she lubed up her thumb and started working Evie’s sphincter loose. Ever the mindful one, Jake helped her out by grabbing hold of his sister’s hips and keeping her from bouncing up and down.

It took some time to get her daughter to relax, but in the end, Evie took the butt plug all the way in. Soon after, she screamed her way through another monster orgasm.

For the grand finale, Evie and Mel sixty-nined while Jake crouched above his mother and gently fucked her ass. They didn’t stop to all three of them had cum.

Afterwards, Jake volunteered to make dinner. He washed up quickly in the bathroom then left the two women lying in a tangled, sweaty heap.

Eventually, they gathered up enough energy to drag themselves into the shower. While caressing each other’s bodies, they talked about what they’d just done.

“I still can’t believe you crossed that line,” Evie said, yet again.

“Hey! Now you have too, missie.”

Her daughter shrugged. “Yeah, but it’s always easier to follow in another’s footsteps than to cross a line yourself.”

Mel pinched one of her daughter’s puffy nipples by way of response. Evie howled, but the sound quickly turned to laughter. She slapped playfully at her mother’s arms before pinning her against the wall and kissing her deeply for several glorious minutes.

“Be a dear and wash my hair,” Mel said when they finally came up for air.

Without a word of protest, Evie did as she’d bid her. If anything could have been more uncharacteristic, Mel couldn’t think of it.

“Is it weird that I feel dirty and guilty and ashamed and really, really satisfied?” Evie asked as she lathered up Mel’s hair.

“That sums it up pretty perfectly, I’d say.”

“This goes without saying, but we can’t tell your father,” Mel said.

“What do you mean?” Evie asked. “You can seduce Jake, but Dad can’t sleep with me?”

Mel started to protest that she hadn’t seduced Jake, that it had been the other way around. But, of course, she’d known from the start that she wasn’t going to deny him if he tried something with her. And she’d done everything she could to ensure that he would.

“What’s good for the goose is good for the gander,” her daughter chided her.

“You’re right,” Mel conceded.


It was nearly ten o’clock when the door finally opened.

“Hi Daddy,” Evie said, turning off the TV.

She slipped off the couch and stood up straight, so that he could get a good look at her. In her argyle socks, pleated mini skirt, tight white blouse and gray cardigan, she looked like a school girl. Only the uniform she’d worn to St. Peter’s before getting kicked out weren’t nearly as naughty. Her skirts had probably contained three or four times as much fabric, and her cardigans reached her waist, rather than stopping just below her breasts.

“Hey, sweethear-” he began. His jaw hit the floor when he saw what she was wearing.

“Wow wee,” Steve said over his shoulder.

Her father gave his friend an elbow in the ribs.

There was yet another guy, just behind Steve. His eyes went wide as he got a look at his friend’s daughter, but he didn’t so much as speak a word.

Evie felt flushed as blood rushed to her cheeks. This was so embarrassing! She’d had no idea that her father would be bringing friends home with him. And here she was, waiting up for her father, wearing the kind of outfit ordinarily reserved for Halloween.

“I was…I was just dropping by to get my checkbook,” her father said.

His checkbook? What did he need that for, at this time of night?

“I could go for a drink,” Steve announced, stepping into the house. He gave Evie another glance before looking away. “How ’bout you, Chris?”

The third guy, who looked to be a good decade younger than the other two, swallowed the lump in his throat before answering. “Sure.”

“Bill?” Steve said.

“What?” her father asked, staring pointedly at the floor. “Oh, yeah, sure. Come on in.”

None of the men were staring at her, but that somehow only made Evie feel more awkward. Especially since both her father and Chris were making a point of not doing so. Only Steve was acting natural and relaxed, as though there were nothing remarkable about coming home to find your daughter dressed for a softcore porn shoot.

That her father’s friend immediately knew how to act didn’t surprise Evie in the least. She probably ought to consider him pervy and gross. Indeed had thought so, when she was younger. But the older she got, the more time she spent getting hit on by older men, the more she realized that Steve was different.

For some dirty old men, hitting on young girls came naturally. It wasn’t even flirting. There was no expectation that it would lead anyway, nor any shame about the fact that they were obviously making her uncomfortable. They remarked on her appearance, casually mentioned what they’d like to do to her, and deliberately read more into her words than was there, simply because they could.

Steve didn’t bother hiding the fact that he was attracted to her, but neither did he rub her face in it or get all uncomfortable about it or anything like that. He was a man, she a woman, and there were certain things that were likely to come to mind as a result. But he knew and respected the boundaries. Simple as that. Had he really wanted her, she’d have already spread her legs for him. Evie had no doubt about that.

He wasn’t the best looking guy she’d ever met. Not just because of his age either. Her father was no younger, and he was a definite fox. But neither was Steve hard on the eyes. And the way he carried himself, you just knew that he could have any woman he wanted.

All of a sudden, the fantasies she’d had in high school were coming back to her. Damn, but she’d wanted to be the kind of girl her father’s friend would break the rules for. Wanted him to want her so badly that he’d risk his friendship with her father. To see something in her that he hadn’t found in any of his other lovers, of which there’d no doubt been many. Back before she’d admitted to herself that she had a thing for her father, before she’d realized that her attraction to older men was an outgrowth of her Electra complex, she’d thought that there could be no greater validation of her sexuality, of her status as a woman, than to be seduced by Steve. He’d hardly entered her thoughts since she’d gone away to school, but just at that moment, they couldn’t have been more vivid.

Evie cleared her throat. “I’ll get them,” she said.

Her father gave her an awkward look, his eyes seeming to fight to remain above her collar. After a fraction of a second that felt like several minutes, he nodded.

Whether their eyes really were glued to her ass, she couldn’t have said, but as Evie walked into the kitchen, she sure felt as though they were. Uncomfortable as that made her feel, she wouldn’t have had it any other way.

The tiles felt cool beneath her feet, despite the thick fabric of her socks. Strange, considering how warm it had been that day.

As she gathered up four light beers, Evie listened to the hushed conversation taking place in the living room. It was a little hard to tell what they were saying, but overall, they weren’t doing a very good job of keeping their voices down.

“…do that often?” Steve asked, sounding amused.

“No,” her father said emphatically.

“No one’s judging,” said an unfamiliar voice that must have belonged to the one named Chris. Then, after a brief pause, he added, “Girls sometimes go a little crazy when their bodies start changing. Kinda get drunk on the power it gives them over men. Only natural.”

“Dude, she’s not sixteen,” Steve said. “Though she looks every bit as good now as she did then, I have to say,” he added in a softer voice.

At least, that’s what she thought he said.

“Fuck you,” her father said, apparently with a slap, to judge by the sound.

Evie slumped her back against the fridge.

It wasn’t the greatest display of carnal desire she’d ever witnessed. Nothing like the things she’d once fantasized about her father’s friend saying and doing because of her. But it was still enough to get her juices flowing.

“Anyway, she’s, what, nineteen now? Twenty?” Steve went on.

“Twenty,” her father said in a tone of resignation.

What he didn’t say was that she’d be turning twenty-one in just a few months.

Did she really still look like a teenager? Or was it just the outfit that had fooled Chris?

Either way, it felt good to hear them arguing about it. Though she looked forward to turning twenty-one, so that she could stop using fake ID to get into bars, if men still thought she looked like she was in high school, if she didn’t look like she was in her twenties until she got to her thirties, that was just fine by her.

Drawing a deep breath, Evie headed back into the living room.

The two guests sat on the couch she’d vacated, while her father rifled through the stacks of paper on the end table, presumably looking for his checkbook. Evie took stock of her father’s two friends. Steve looked a little worse than she remembered. He was of medium height with an athletic build. Or what had once been an athletic build. Neither the mass nor the definition she thought she remembered were to be found on the man sitting before her. His brown hair had started to thin a bit, and there was more gray than brown. Still, he remained reasonably fit, and he’d yet to develop an actual bald spot. And he had a handsome face with a strong jaw and beautiful brown eyes.

At first glance, Chris struck her as plain. But now that she got a better look, she decided that he was rather cute. Not hot, exactly. But definitely cute. And the way he blushed at her when he saw her approaching was pretty adorable. His head was buzzed, so she couldn’t have said what color his hair was, but the look worked for him. And though he could have afforded to beef up a bit, he looked pretty cut. His calves were just about perfect.

“Here we go,” she said, handing two beers to the guys on the couch. Then, turning to her father, she stretched out the other hand. “Dad.”

He took the bottle from her, frowning. “Getting to be pretty bad with numbers, taking all those English classes, huh?”

She raised an eyebrow at him.

“I see four beers but just three adults,” he clarified.

“Oh, please,” she said, rolling her eyes.

“Yeah, don’t be such a killjoy,” Steve said to her father. “What do you think happens when she’s away at school?”

Evie stared down at her bottle innocently. “I behave myself like a good little girl,” she said. “Spend all my time at the library. Besides when I’m at Church.”

Her father laughed. “Yeah, right.” He held up his bottle, pointing its mouth towards her. “Here’s to you, kid. Good to have you home.”

“Good to be home,” she said, saluting him back.

“Drink to that,” Steve added.

“Nice place,” Chris said, looking around the living room, drinking in the flat screen TV, the bookshelves, and the fireplace. Everything but Evie.

“Thanks,” her father said. He put his beer down, quickly wrote out a check, and handed it to Chris. “Here,” he said, “before I forget.”

Chris gave him an appreciative nod, folded the check, and stuffed it in his pocket.

Evie wondered what that was all about, but didn’t feel it was her place to ask. Before she’d have even had the chance to anyway, Steve asked her, “So, the party was lame, huh?”

“What?” she asked.

Then it hit her. He’d assumed that there’d been a reason for her to be in that get up. And the only reason he’d seen for her to be home so early was that the party had sucked.

“No,” she said, “hasn’t started yet.”

“Ah, to be young again,” he said, chuckling to himself. “Partying all night, sleeping all day. Not a care in the world.”

Evie fretted at her lower lip. “Something like that.”

“Where’s everyone else?” her father asked.

“In bed,” she said, though she left out the “with each other” part.

Her father simply nodded. As though it were perfectly ordinary for Jake or their mother to be asleep by ten.

“Where are you headed tonight?” Steve asked. “House party? Or into the city?”

“House party,” Evie said. “Won’t be many people there.”

Steve gave her a nod. “Someone special’s gonna be there, though, huh?”

Evie blushed.

“Enough,” her father said. “Let’s finish these beers and get out of her hair.”

“It’s fine,” she insisted. “I mean, if you’ve got somewhere to be, don’t let me hold you up. But don’t rush out on my part.”

Chris finally braved a look at her. His gray eyes traveled up and down her body. No expression formed on his face, but she knew that he liked what he saw.

“Ain’t got nowhere to be,” Steve said.

“Well, if you don’t mind, I’m gonna put some music on.” Without waiting for a response, Evie went over to the TV, dropped to her haunches, opened the glass doors of the entertainment center, and popped a CD in. She stood back up carefully, trying not to give the guys too much to look at, much as she liked the idea of them staring at her thong.

“You don’t dance in that, do you?” her father asked. “If you so much as wiggle your hips, everyone in the room will get to see the family jewels.”


“Don’t be ridiculous,” Steve said, coming to her rescue yet again. “I bet your little girl knows how to move.” The briefest pause elapsed before he added, “And when she’s tearing up the dance floor, she don’t need to show any skin to get the boys’ attention. They see what she wants them to see and nothing more.” He turned to her. “Ain’t that right, Eve?”

Her heart almost burst. No one called her Eve except her parents. And even they hardly ever did. The way he tacked that on, so casually, had her swooning.

“Well, long as I don’t have to see it, I guess I can tell myself that,” her father said.

Evie downed half her beer in one big gulp then set the bottle on the coffee table. Without another word, she started dancing. Hands up in the air, she rolled her hips from side to side.

Her father let out an exasperated sigh. “Honey, what are you doing?”

“Showing you that I don’t need to flash my drawers to get my groove on,” she said.

“I’ll take your word for it,” he said.

“Let the girl have some fun, Bill,” Steve said.

A few seconds later, Chris, who’d been quietly tending to his beer, stood and shook his empty bottle at the other two guys. Steve nodded but Evie’s father shook his head. Both of them were staring at her, completely enraptured. The bald stud disappeared into the kitchen, leaving her alone with the two men she’d fantasized about so many times.

At first, Evie really had meant to keep it nice and tame. To prove to her father that she could get a man’s blood flowing without hardly even trying. If she was going to try to seduce her father, she’d figured, she’d have to wait until his friends left.

But the way they were looking at her, as though they’d never seen anything more beautiful in their entire lives, convinced Evie to go ahead and see how much fun she could have now.

By the time Chris returned, there was notable bulges in the other guys’ pants. And Evie hadn’t even shifted into second gear yet.

In the middle of a particularly undulating move, she stopped, stood up straight, and said, “See? I can command the spotlight without acting like a stripper.”

“That’s not what you were doing?” her father asked.

Evie glared at him, nostrils flaring. It was one thing to be overprotective. That chafed a little, but it was endearing too. It was quite another to imply that she had no class.

Granted, Evie sometimes did act like quite a whore. She’d fucked her own brother just a little earlier that evening.

But her father didn’t know that. And she took pride in knowing that she could be every bit as innocent, or as dirty, as the circumstances required. Here she was, tiptoing up to the line of acceptability, and her father was suggesting that she’d gone and jumped right over it.

“No, Dad, this is acting like a stripper,” she said.

Everyone watched in silent fascination as she started dancing again. This time, her movements were deeply sensual and overtly provocative rather than slow, hypnotic, and suggestive. She spun around, popped her ass out, and gave her bare ass cheek a firm slap. The simultaneous release of air from all three men’s mouths made her pussy quiver.

“Evie,” her father began.

“Shut up, Bill,” Steve said.

Evie smiled at him. Her eyes didn’t leave his until she’d finished pulling her cardigan off. At that point, she snapped her head to the side and glared at her father, silencing him with a look. As she’d suspected, he looked like he’d been about to say something, but her father tipped back his bottle and drowned whatever response had been on the tip of his tongue.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” Chris muttered to himself.

She kicked the coffee table out of the way and approached Steve. Standing just an inch or two away from the couch, she continued writhing, her hips flowing like the sea. Ever so slowly, she undid the buttons of her blouse. When she got to the last two, though, she jerked at the blouse violently, popping the remaining buttons right off.

Steve’s eyes went wide with wonder, but he recovered quickly. Smiling to himself, he ran a hand softly over her flat stomach. He stopped just as the tips of his fingers approached her lacy bra. His hand fell back to his lap and he jerked his head at Chris, silently commanding her to give his friend a some attention.

Her eyes watched her father as she slid into his friend’s lap, her ass pressing up against the erection his jeans did little to hide. Where there should have been anger or shame or disgust, she found only animal lust.

That was all the permission she needed.

Arching her back, Evie pressed her warm mouth against the man’s ear. She purred as she bounced her round buttocks against her crotch. Gingerly, he placed one hand on her hip. She took hold of it and guided it up to her breast, helping him to free it from the cup.

Her father gasped, but not Steve. She’d already gotten that reaction from him once, and she suspected it would be the only time that night.

Chris moaned as he played with her pert little breast. Evie undid the front clasp and pulled the garment away, tossing it to the floor.

When Chris started to roll her stiff nipples between his fingers and nibble at her ear, she decided it was time to move on. Her body protested the decision though.

“Your turn,” she told her father.

He started to protest, but she pressed a finger over his mouth. They stared into each other’s identical brown eyes for a few moments, then, with a faint nod, her father assented.

Evie took his hands in hers, guided them back around her waist to the small of her back, and helped him unzip her skirt. She then shimmied out of it, slowly, delighting in the way her father stared first at her hips then her crotch. The gossamer red fabric barely hid anything from view. Had he noticed her landing strip yet? Or did he think her bald?

She didn’t give him time to figure it out. Kicking the skirt away, she turned around and pushed her ass back towards her father.

“Okay, okay,” he said with a chuckle. Evie felt a soft smack of his palm against a bare cheek. “Far be it from me to ruin your fun, but you can leave me out of it from now on.”

Right. Far be it from him.

The mood had changed, of course. Later, he’d claim that he’d just been trying to figure out how far she would go. But Evie knew better. Her father realized exactly how this would turn out, and he was fully on board with that. Otherwise, he’d have been nervous. Excited too, perhaps, but there’d be at least some sign of anxiety.

She looked over her shoulder, reached back, and mussed her father’s hair, the way he had hers so often when she was a child.

“No fucking way,” Chris whispered.

Steve’s eyes locked onto her and Evie strutted back over to him. Without a moment’s hesitation, she jumped up onto the couch, straddling his hips. That got no reaction from him though. He just leaned back and helped stabilize her with hands on her hips. Nimble fingers immediately began toying with the strap of her thong.

“Haven’t seen you in a while,” she whispered, running her hands through his hair and pressing her forehead to his.

“I’m all grown up now,” he said.

Evie smiled. “That’s my line.”

“No,” he said. “Yours is `I want you to fuck me, while Daddy watches.”‘

“Is it now?”

By way of response, he gave her ass a firm smack, making her whimper.

“I’m not that kind of girl,” she said.

“Good. Wasn’t sure how best to let you down easy anyway,” he replied.

“Mmm hmm,” she said, leaning back so far that she’d have fallen out of his lap were it not for the hand gripping the back of his neck like a stripper pole. Her hips pulsed slowly, her pussy rushing towards him then retreating then approaching once more. “You don’t want none of this? That what you’re saying?”

His eyes didn’t leave hers. But the hand that had slapped her ass took hold of it firmly and pulled her tight against him.

That alone nearly got her off. Evie had a love/hate relationship with her ass. Most of the time, she thought it was too big. It looked terribly in jeans or stretch pants. She knew what girls whispered behind her back when she passed them on campus or in the halls. But guys seemed to love it. And when she was on the dance floor, her ass were almost as powerful a weapon as her hips. She had but to shake her booty and any guy would be hers.

Evie leaned down and almost let herself kiss her father’s longtime friend, a man who had become a surrogate father to her, if only in her fantasies. At the last second, though, she pulled away. As she started to slip out of his lap, he gave her ass a good squeeze. But then he let his hands fall away, allowing her to retreat. She pressed a hand to his cheek, blew him a kiss, and then moved on down to Chris.

With her ass facing the newcomer and her eyes locked on her father’s, Evie dropped her thong to the floor. Then she put on a little show for Chris, performing an expert booty shake. The muscles underpinning her round globes twitched alternately, and she could feel her cheeks bouncing lightly and rapidly. Part of her wished she could see the look on the young man’s face, but the one on her father’s was priceless.

When he licked his lips, Evie shuddered.

No doubt, Chris was expecting her to climb into his lap after that. Indeed, she’d planned on doing so. But when Steve cocked his head, beckoning her to him, she changed her mind. The cool, confident look on his face brooked no argument.

“Can’t get enough of me, eh?” she asked.

“I imagine at some point I might reach my limit,” he said. “Not as young as I used to be, after all. And something tells me you’re not planning on going easy on me.”

Her heart skipped a beat.

“Thought you weren’t interested in that,” she said as she straddled his hips again.

“I might have lied,” he said. Without wasting any time, he slid his hands down her back and over her ass cheeks. Gripping them tight, he spread her wide, and his fingertips then sought out her wet snatch. “Could be that I’ve never wanted anything so badly.”

“Could be?” Evie gasped as his fingers teased her labia.

“For fuck’s sake,” her father panted.

Hungrily, Evie kissed Steve. Their lips pressed together, slid over another, writhing and squirming. It wasn’t long before their tongues joined the dance. He was an incredible kisser. Not as subtle as she liked, maybe, but it felt good to have an accomplished lover show such passion. She imagined that he ached for her so fiercely that he forgot himself, grew desperate, and reverted to the awkward fumbling of a teenager.

Meanwhile, his fingers started to really go to work between her legs. One hand continued to press the attack from behind, but he slid the other one down her front and eased his fingers inside her from the front as well. The rough palm pressed against her stiff clitoris and swollen labia felt almost as good as the nimble fingers probing the depths of her womb.

When Steve found her G-spot, she almost died of an ecstasy overdose. Just a few seconds later, he had her melting, her juices flowing over his hands and her body shaking.

For a moment there, she’d forgotten that they weren’t alone. A quick glance to her right found Chris rubbing the front of his pants. Then she looked over at the other couch, where her father sat.

He looked like a deer caught in headlights. The bulge in his pants was gone, seeing as he no longer had any pants on. His fat cock was held tightly in one hand, but he was apparently too stunned to move, so the poor thing received no stimulation from his hand.

From the looks of it, it was around the same size as Jake’s glorious piece, as only stood to reason. The thought of having another monster inside her that night kept her breathing from settling back down after the orgasm.

Evie kissed Steve again then once more abandoned his lap.

Chris’s chest swelled as he drew a deep breath. He fumbled with his pants.

But, once again, he was denied. Steve grabbed Evie and pulled her back into his lap, this time facing away. She giggled as she fell backwards. A few moments later, Steve’s hard cock escaped the confines of his jeans and she was poised to mount it reverse cowgirl.

One of his hands gently caressed her ass. The other smoothed her hair away from her shoulder. “I’ve wanted to do this for a long, long time,” he said.

“Hopefully not too long,” she said.

The only response that got was an amused snort.

With that, Evie began her descent.

He wasn’t as big as her brother and her father, but he wasn’t the smallest guy she’d ever been with either. His smooth helmet parted her lips and the length of him quickly disappeared inside her. There was a lot to be said for being ripped open by a huge beast, but it was nice to have a guy slide right in too.

Steve trailed kisses across her shoulder, up her neck, and over to her ear. As he did, he slowly thrust up into her and fondled her pert breasts.

“God, that feels good,” she moaned, reaching down to toy with her clit.

They continued like that for a minute or two. Then Chris, having finally decided that he’d sat on the sidelines long enough, came and stood before her. His cute little dick, shorter than average but nearly half again as thick as the one inside her, thicker still than even her brother’s, stared her in the eye. The glistening dollop of pre-cum begged to be licked.

Being a good girl, Evie complied.

Chris let out a long, low moan as she engulfed him. For a moment, Evie feared that he might be one of those guys who couldn’t last an entire minute. But though he sounded like he was on the brink of orgasm the entire time, he held out. His strong hands played with hair while she worked. Meanwhile, Steve continued fucking her as best he could.

Just as she was sure that Chris finally was going to cum, she took him out of her mouth and announced that she wanted to change positions. Giving her father a brief look, Evie got down on all fours and instructed Chris to take her from behind while she sucked Steve off.

The fat cock stretched her wide as it slid in. It almost felt like she’d been punched in the gut. Only she didn’t remember ever enjoying that. When he abruptly stopped worming his way inside her and she felt his crotch against her vulva, she whimpered in disappointment.

If only he was a bit longer.

“God, you’re fucking beautiful,” Steve whispered as he ran his hands through her hair.

It was almost perfect. Having one beautiful dick in her mouth and another in her box, knowing that her father was watching it all, and touching himself as he did, was more than Evie could bear. Her insides were on fire. Any moment now, she was going to explode. And it wasn’t going to be a brief little thing, here and gone in the time it took to exhale. It was going to be a monster. She was sure of it.

When Chris pulled out and sprayed his hot spunk on her back less than a half dozen strokes later, Evie nearly cried. She’d been so close. He couldn’t stop. Not now.

Thankfully, he didn’t leave her hanging. Just wiped her back off with something, perhaps his shirt, then slid right back in.

God bless young bucks.

Distinguished older gentlemen had a lot to recommend them. She couldn’t wait to get Steve’s cock inside her. But he’d said it himself. He wasn’t as young as he used to be. There’d be no instant repeat with him. For that, you absolutely had to have a younger guy.

Only, when the pleasure kept coming and coming, she realized it wasn’t Chris.

It could only be her father.

Evie’s head spun. She’d hoped that he might join in, but had figured that he probably wouldn’t. Had he proven too squeamish to take his own daughter in front of his friends, that wouldn’t have been such a big deal. She’d just seduce him afterwards. But she was glad he hadn’t waited. How many times had she fingered herself while picturing something like this? Her father’s hard cock deep inside her and Steve’s in her mouth. If she lived a thousand years, she’d still never again experience anything quite like the rush of suddenly realizing, to her surprise, that she was living out one of her deepest fantasies.

“There you go,” Steve said. “Knew you couldn’t pass this up.”

“She’s…she’s your daughter,” Chris panted.

“Step,” her father said.

That was a lie, of course. But if helped the poor guy make sense of what was happening, that was fine by her.

“Still,” Chris said.

“Funny that you should grow a conscience after fucking my daughter in front of my face,” her father replied. “While she had another man in her mouth.”

“I…yeah, okay,” Chris said.

If she hadn’t had a cock in her mouth, Evie might have laughed. It was clear that the guy didn’t think his sins nearly as bad as those of her father. But his quick retreat was just too funny. He was so awed by the carnal display, by the utter depravity she inspired in these two successful businessmen, that he couldn’t bring himself to argue.

Soon enough, Evie experienced the monster orgasm that she’d felt brewing. It made her insides spasm wildly and her muscles contract and her head spin. Wave after wave of pure ecstasy radiated out from between her legs, making her whole body tingle.

All the pain in the world melted away. Her every anxiety and insecurity ceased to plague her, if only for a short while. The entirety of her existence was bliss. She felt safe and warm and beautiful and loved. As happy as could be.

The constrictions of her womb proved to be more than her father could bear, and just as her own climax was settling down, her father burst, filling her with his warm seed.

Evie pictured her father’s sperm swimming inside her, the same little guys that had created her and her brother wiggling their way up through her cervix. Could there be anything more foul, more depraved, more wrong, than having her father cum inside her?

“Still here,” Steve whispered.

When had he left her mouth? She didn’t even remember. But she was sucking air so hard, trying to recover from an intense climax no one but her Daddy could have given her, that Evie couldn’t possibly finish him off.

“That’s okay,” he said. “I want to cum inside that tight snatch of yours anyway.”

Evie laughed. “I’m afraid it’s a bit messy at the moment.”

“That’s okay,” he said.

A tingle ran down her spine.

“Good god,” Chris said. He covered his face with one hand, but she caught him peeking between loose fingers. “You can’t be serious.”

“Hold on,” her father said. Then he headed into the kitchen.

Chapter 2: Criminal

Tonight will be the night where we show off our skills against, well, whatever it is we’re doing. We received our note in the mail from Master J. It instructed us to show up at Club Fetish at 10pm sharp. Rick was dressed nicely, wearing black jeans, a button-up red shirt and sunglasses (sunglasses at night?!) I was sporting a short red dress that complimented my backside as well as my cleavage, with red spiked high heels. My black velvet choker reminded me of a dog collar, but it sure looked great with my black leather jacket! I felt sexy tonight.

We felt like different people, as we entered Club Fetish. All in attendance were wearing masks, collars (with leashes!), corsets, or other BDSM outfits. But everyone was pretty much wearing black.

As we walked past the bar, I felt many eyes on me. A girl in the corner, who had another girl on a leash, nudged her partner and pointed at me. I man standing at the bar in a 3-piece black suit tipped his hat to me. I imagined most of this crowd was regulars.

We sat at our reserved corner booth and ordered drinks. The waitress delivered a note with our drinks. When I asked her who it was from, she bit her lip and said, “Sorry, can’t help you.”

I quickly opened the note. In neat cursive letters was written:

My dearest Richard and Kristina,

I am so glad you have decided to join me this evening. This is a wonderfully fun and exciting club, one of favorites. I do so hope you have a lovely time.

As previously agreed upon, you will both do a service for me before I am willing to meet you. Andrea has spoken to me in regards to what you are both interested in; all will be discussed before we venture into anything. But first I must request that you get my attention this evening. I don’t care how you do it, just do it. In the event that you back out, please do not contact me again. If you complete this assignment, I will find you here tonight. Remember, I’ll be watching for you!

Sincerely Yours, Master J

My heart skipped a beat as I read through the letter a second time. I looked around the room, squinting to see if anyone was watching us. No one was. We had no clue as to what this Master J looked like.

“Well,” Rick said with a sigh, “It looks like we’re not going to get to meet this guy. After all, we have to get his attention. How are we supposed to get a single person’s attention? I mean, look how packed this place is!”

It was true; Club Fetish was a crowded place tonight. I wondered if it was this busy every night. I was beginning to give up on the whole idea, when a poster above the bar caught my attention. It read, “Amateur Spanking Night”. The contest was tonight!

“Honey!” I said, grabbing Rick’s arm. “Look!” I pointed to the poster.

Rick turned to me, with one eyebrow raised. “You mean, enter the contest?”

“Yes!” I exclaimed. I ran to the bartender to get some contest details, and then ran back to our booth.

“Ok”, I said, catching my breath. “It’s a contest that any couple can enter. You can do anything you want to do on stage, except get naked.”

“Whew!” Rick sighed in relief.

“It only costs $10 to enter. However many people enter is how much is in the pool in the end. All we have to do is put on a good show with a spanking…the crowd will vote! If we enter, we’ll be able to get this guy J’s attention for sure! Geez, we don’t even have to win! He’ll definitely see us on stage.”

Rick though about it for a moment, then agreed that this was indeed the best way to get anyone’s attention in this club.

I grabbed an entry form and paid the entrance fee.

We were going to be the fifth on stage. Numbers one and two were pretty good and number three was awesome! When we saw that couple number four were 2 girls, we got kind of worried. They were really good. They were also really hot! The crowd was cheering for more after they took their bows. My hands were sweaty and my heart raced until I felt it would burst from my chest. I probably would have thrown up if I weren’t trying to stay serious for this Master J business.

Once couple number four exited the stage and the lights dimmed, a soft, sexy music began to play. Each entry gave you a choice of songs and mixes to be played during your “act”. Rick chose a dark song that began off slow. As the woman’s voice in the song sings the line “I’ve been a bad, bad girl“, I step onto the stage. Rick and I lock stares. He flexes his right hand. He’s ready. As the mood begins to embrace me, I can only hear two things in my mind: the song and our conversation from earlier.

He grabs my hair and I know he can see the fear in my eyes,

(Don’t you tell me to deny)

He sits on the chair, pulling me over his knee in one quick move,

(I’ve done wrong and I wanna suffer for my sins)

I feel his hands run along my ass cheeks, down the backs of my legs, over my thighs. I am already wet with anticipation. He pulls my dress up over my ass cheeks and the crowd cheers with approval.

My hands placed firmly on the floor in front of myself, I try to brace myself for the first hit, but he toys with me. When my guard is down, I feel the first SMACK land on me.

I feel two more land on the same cheek. He switches to my other side. Thank god, because I can already feel the burning.

I know the crowd must be able to see my wet panties. I hear a few whistles, but beyond that I am lost in the pleasure, lost in the pain.


“Don’t worry about anything, hon. You know I wouldn’t hurt you. I’ll try to go easy”, Rick tells me. I shake my head, disagreeing.

“You know that if you go easy on me we’ll get booed off the stage!” I tell him. “There is no other way. You can’t fake this. They’ll know the difference.”

Rick sighs. “Well” he says “Then I’ll go full force on you. I’ll give them what they want. But I’ve never been like that on you. A part of me has always held back.” He puts his hand on my face. “You know I wouldn’t feel right if I hurt you in any way”.

I look back at him and say, “Well, don’t hold back tonight. Please.” We nod in agreement. I begin to shake with nervousness, as we approach the stage.


He begins to get hard; I can feel his cock poking me in the stomach as he spanks me harder and harder. He begins to let go of his inhibitions.

I know he is sweating hard. His hands feel my ass cheeks as a stranger would, exploring, deliberately caressing.

His hands must be sore because my ass is swollen and red. The last few minutes have brought on the hardest over-the-knee spanking I’ve ever received. I whimper in pain, but he doesn’t stop.

I kick my legs in a useless protest. He is not holding back. I feel like I have unleashed a monster on myself.

I am now almost drenched in sweat. The pain is great, but the pleasure makes up for it. I know Rick is enjoying himself, as I feel him get harder, his hard cock jutting into my stomach.

His left hand grabs a handful of my hair and pulls back. The crowd can now see the tears streaming down my face. I feel so embarrassed, I wish I could run now, but the crowd seems to approve. They shout “MORE!”

I try to cover my sore behind with my left hand, still using my right hand to prop myself up on the floor. He grabs my hand and throws it. Someone in the crowd yells, “Punish that naughty slut!” I hear him groan with lust.

(What I need is a good defense)

I get hit with about 10 hard SMACKS in a row. Then I feel Rick grab me by the hair and throw my from off his lap. What did I do wrong? He makes me crawl across the stage to where he stands. What is he thinking?!

(‘Cause I’m feelin’ like a Criminal)

He takes off his belt and the crowd goes nuts. I feel so ashamed that I am about to get a whipping in front of these people, but a part of me is deeply turned on. My tear-stained face looks up. He forces me over on all fours.

(And I need to be redeemed to the one I’ve sinned against)

The first CRACK with the belt barely registers on my poor backside, because I’m so numb from my spanking. The next few CRACKS are so loud I can barely hear the crowd anymore, as they chant “WHIP! WHIP! WHIP!” over and over. I think I get about 10 licks, and then I’m done. I lay in a heap on the stage, mascara running down my face as I cry. He picks me up by my hair and “presents” me to the crowd. They howl with approval.

(‘Cause he’s all I ever knew of love)

The lights and music cut out. The stage is black. The crowd continues to cheer.

Rick and I are now backstage. He grabs me in a big hug, picking me up in the air. When he reaches near my ass, I flinch in pain. He realizes this, and then puts me down, apologizing.

“I’m so sorry, baby. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I mean, I know you like it rough. I know a part of you enjoyed being punished in front of all those people”. A smile creeps over his face. “I am so damn horny now, all because of you”.

His hand leads my hand to his crotch. I can feel how hard he still is. He knows how wet I am too. I wish we could just fuck right this second. But we have to wait until the contest is judged and hopefully we meet with Master J tonight. Rick lovingly wipes the tears from my cheeks and plants a tender kiss on my forehead.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make it up to you”, he says. I smile back. We hear the judges call out to the contestants to come on stage for the voting.

We nervously hold hands, standing side-by-side with the other spankers/spankees. The man with the microphone announces to the crowd that they are to yell and cheer for their picks.

He holds his hands over a few couples that were on after us. They get so-so votes. The girls, couple number four, get a huge, loud vote from the crowd. When the man holds his hand over us, the crowd goes nuts. He decides that it will come down to us two couples. He announces that there will be an impromptu contest on stage, right this minute. It will decide the winner. A lump forms in my throat when I think that we have to endure more, especially in front of a rowdy group like this one! All this to meet this “Master J”? I sure as hell hope he’s worth it.

***What kind of torture will Rick and Kristina be forced to endure on stage next? Will they finally meet Master J? Please check back for the next chapter!***

Disclaimer: The lyrics are from “Criminal”, by Fiona Apple. I do not own this song, I’m just a fan.

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