Alyna meets Samuel.

It was sunny on that mid September day. The day of the wedding between Natalya M. and John A.. Though the two of them had been a couple for nearly 4 years, the wedding had come a bit as a surprise to most.

Natalya was a 21 year young woman of mixed Italian-Ukrainian descent. She paired a petite figure (5’1”, 101 lbs, dress 8, 34B, shoe 6 US /153cm, 46kg, dress 38, 75B, shoe 36) with a very fair complexion, straight blonde hair, and a pair of dazzling clear blue eyes, in which men were prone to drown in. She had graduated with top marks in her year at high school, and was currently enrolled at a well known School for the Performing Arts. She had started ballet when she was only 5, and loved dancing and had dedicated most of her free time to it. Some say that she had passed the selection to enter one of the top Dance Companies of the Nation. Though if this was true, she decided to forfeit that opportunity to marry John.

John aged 36 was older than Natalya, and came from Ghana. He was quite tall (6’1”/185cm) with a well trained body, he liked keeping in shape. By some views he could be considered a handsome man. With a clean-shaven look, short hair, penetrating dark eyes, large and strong hands, firm buttocks, and defined but not exaggerated muscles.

He had a ME in Civil Engineering, and had received a job offer to work on projects and live in the U.A.E. As he cared very much for Natalya he had popped the question, knowing that the company that wanted to hire him, would allow him to bring along his wife to the Middle-Eastern Country, but not a live-in Girlfriend.

The Wedding had come as a surprise to many who were close to Naty as she had renounced to what had been her dream during the years growing up, of becoming a professional ballerina, in order to follow the man she loved around half the globe. She was not pregnant at the time of the proposal or the wedding, as she had continued to stay on the pill.

Naty was feeling like as if butterflies were flying around everywhere inside her, as she was hurrying to prepare herself and get dressed for this very special day., just as the rest of her family was bustling around the house getting prepared. But this story is not about Natalya. It is about another young, 18 year old girl, who at the same time was getting dressed in the room next to where Natalya was.

Alyna (Ah-Lee-Na) was the 1st of Natalya’s two younger sisters. With an equally petite figure like her older sister (5’0”, 97lbs, dress size 6-8, 32C, shoe size 6 US / 152cm, 44kg, dress 36-38, 70C, shoe 36) her very pale complexion was even more exalted by her silky dark hair, and her beautiful hazel eyes. Where her other two sisters had taken much the looks of their Ukrainian mother, she has combined them with some aspects from their Italian father. She too had been doing ballet since she was 5 years old, though she would first have to finish high school before attempting to become a professional ballerina.

She looked at herself in the mirror, as she was getting into an azure dress, though she liked the look of it, having to wear a petticoat all day was not her idea of fun. What really was getting on her nerves though, was that she would also have to wear high heels for hours and hours. She of course had learned to wear them and move quite well and not look awkward, but she still found them uncomfortable for long periods and much preferred wearing flats. As she took another look at herself she found herself smiling and thought that the dress did make her look almost beautiful.

Strangely, though many guys found her attractive, and quite cute with her shy mannerisms, she thought of herself as plainly average at best. Of course her boyfriend Marco kept telling her that she was the most beautiful girl ever, and that she was his “Stellina” (Lil’ Star) . But she considered him a bit biased, being that they were a couple, and they loved each other.

Thinking of Marco the smile on her face vanished. He was 4 years her senior, and had enlisted in the Coast Guard. Though he did get a lucky break, being a driver of land vehicles and not on some patrol vessel, he was stationed at about 3 ½ hours on the highway from their hometown. He did get home almost on every week-end, to spend time with his Stellina. He had known her for most of her life, being that she was best friends and classmate of his sister, Chiara.

Though Aly had had a long running hidden crush on him, ever since she could remember, he had not considered her as a possible girlfriend until one New Years Eve, when a bit tipsy from some champagne and taken by the situation, they had shared their first kiss. It had taken him almost 3 months from then, before asking her to go out and for their relationship to start, but once it had, everything seemed to be like as if it had been intended to be.

That was, until he had Enlisted and was away during most of the week. Aly suffered terribly from these forced separations, not being able to see him after school or in the early evening. Only communicating with him via Instant Messaging and phone in the evening. But all the sadness left her on Friday afternoons, when she knew he would soon arrive with the high-speed train.

One thing nice about having this sort of “week-end relationship” was that they had hardly gotten into arguments or fights. Yesterday afternoon, unfortunately was not such a time. They had gotten into one of their worst arguments, as he had told her that he would have to leave around midway through the wedding reception to return to where he was stationed. She had gotten very upset at him, for she was looking forward to being together with him during the party, trying to get him to dance as much as possible with her and feeling him close. Learning that he would be leaving early in the evening, she had gotten very upset at him, and they had parted with her shouting her frustration at him.

She hated fighting with him, as she always felt bad about it, and thought that she was being quite selfish, after all he too suffered from their separations, didn’t he? Also she considered arguing with him a waste of that precious little time that they did have together.

As a certain melancholy started to descent over her, and she told herself in her head:

“Get a grip on yourself Aly, this is your sisters special day, don’t ruin it by being sad or upset all day!”.

As she continued dwelling on things, and getting into her pumps, a short knock on the door jolted her out of her thoughts. A few seconds after the knock a 5’9” young man entered the room, one hand covering his brown eyes. His slender physique formed by years and years of swimming, was dressed in a dark blue custom-tailored suit.

As Marco spoke to her she immediately turned happy again, by his mere presence and the sound of his voice.

“May I look on you, or does it bring bad luck to look at a bridesmaid before the wedding?”

Aly had to chuckle a bit as she moved closer to him, her small hand grabbing his wrist ready to pull his hand away from his eyes, noticing how a smile was forming on his lips.

“Oh silly, that is only for the Bride being seen in her Wedding Dress by the Groom before the ceremony, not for a bridesmaid”

As their eyes looked at each other, Marco leaned forward towards her and they shared a sweet kiss.

He soon took hold of Aly’s slim waist and lifted her up, spinning her around, closing the door to her room, and pressing her with her back against it they continued to kiss each other ever more passionately and hungrily, feeling each other through their clothes. Aly could feel that Marco was getting hard, as his loins pressed against her, and feeling her own pussy tinkle, she wanted him very badly. In between kisses he whispered to her:

“I desire you so much Alyna, and I love you more than anything.”

She replied with a sweet moaning sound to her voice, that she got often in those situations:

“I want you to my love… take me now, please”.

Knock-knock. The handle on the door moved and a knock could clearly be heard. Then a voice rang through the door, it was her other sister, Yelena.

“Aly, damn it did you lock the door? Why’d you do that? Mom said I need to get my hose and shoes, we’ll be leaving in 15 minutes”

Alyna groaned, knowing that there would be no quickie now, and Marco found himself chuckling, though the door had not been locked, their two bodies pressed against it, had effectively kept it closed. They stepped away and Aly opened the door, mumbling “Sorry” to her sis, with whom she still shared that room.

As Yelena, or how she preferred to be called Elena or Ele for short, entered she noticed Marco and said to him cheerfully:

“Oh hi, brother-in-law, well now I can see why the door was locked.” and giggled.

He just answered her with a simple “Hi”.

She turned to her sister and said, though in a not so serious way: “You know this still is my room too, and since tomorrow you’re moving into Naty’s room, I’d appreciate it if I could have free access to it” and proceeded to her drawers to get her hose.

Alyna quickly considered dragging Marco off to another part of the house, but then thought that they had little time and she didn’t want to risk soiling the dress. Though perhaps a little BJ could be possible, she pondered. But not much was to come of her line of thoughts as in that moment another knock on the now open door, again got her attention.

In came her best friend, Chiara, who also happened to be Marco’s younger sister. She had the same brown eyes and light olive complexion like her brother, wavy light brown hair, and stood about 5’5” or 166cm tall, seeming a bit higher today due to her shoes. She wore a pale pink, knee length dress and had a pastry in her hand, that she obviously got from Aly’s mother.

“Here you all are, you know Aly your mother always buys some of the best pastries, I just can’t resist when she tells me to try one.” Turning to her brother she said sternly: “You said you were only going to get her and come back downstairs right away” And continued to munch on the pastry, finishing it. Alyna and Marco exchanged furtive glances, speaking to each other through their eyes.

Alyna, Chiara and Marco then descended downstairs, and when everyone was set they got into the cars to go to the Church for the wedding. She would have liked to be in the car with her boyfriend and Chiara in his car, but her Parents – especially her father, had been very strict about following a certain “style and protocol” for the wedding, wanting to show off as much as possible, and look good in the eyes of the town and also to impress on John’s Parents and relatives who had flown in from Ghana and were staying in 3 different hotels nearby.

John did not come from a poor family, like most in town would expect from a Black African. He did not come as an illegal immigrant on a boat. His family was active in import/export for generations, and all their children had been educated in International Schools and gone on to Study in Colleges and Universities in Britain, the USA and other European Countries.

John himself had received his Education and degrees between Britain and Italy.

Alyna had met her sister’s in-laws the first time a few days back when they came over. She was impressed by their luxurious and lavish appearance, in traditional clothing, and was wondering if they would wear those also on the wedding day. While Mr. Addy came across like a fun kind of guy, telling jokes and anecdotes, his wife Mrs. Addy though did not leave such a positive impression on Alyna. The woman somehow seemed arrogant, not very happy of her son’s choice to marry this poor little white girl like she apparently thought of Naty. If Alyna didn’t know better she’d have said that Mrs. Addy seemed to be quite racist. She also found that her usually cheery and outgoing sister Natalya appeared quite demure and meek in the presence of Mrs. Addy, attempting her best at being pleasing and perhaps a bit approved by this haughty woman.

Alyna’s own family was not bad off either, they were definitely not a “poor white family”, sure they might not have had the powers or the riches of John’s family, but they could consider themselves upper-middle class. They lived in a fairly large villa with a private pool and many other commodities. Both her Parents had a car ,her father the latest Lexus Hybrid Sedan and her mother a Prius, and each of their daughter’s had received a Malaguti motor-scooter when she had been old enough to be able to obtain the license to drive it. They also had a Apreamare 44 on which they spent many days during the summer.

Their father Paolo was a successful lawyer in the nearby Metropolis, though not always well seen by all, as some of his clients seemed to come from the mob. Their mother was a graduate in Business Administration and currently Manager at a nearby 5-Star Hotel. One could say that they had a good standing, and though not loaded rich, money was not a major concern.

Their father had chosen to rent a series of cars, with drivers, which would take them to the Church and then the to the wedding reception, or first to a photo-shoot for the Couple and the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen before rejoining the rest of the Wedding Party at the reception. Another series of cars had been sent to the hotel where John, his Parents and his Groomsmen were staying.

Natalya and her Parents got into the Bentley Convertible, while Alyna and Yelena got into the Maserati Quattroporte, a second Quattroporte would be driven empty by a driver to be used by the Brides Parents after the ceremony. On their way they would pick up the last of the three Bridesmaids, the Maid of Honor, Natalya’s best friend since childhood Maria, at her house. Marco and Chiara followed in Marco’s Volkswagen.

Paolo, though a bit surprised and sad that his Princess was getting married so much sooner than he would have expected and leaving the homely nest, had decided to give her a dream wedding, and to pull all strings necessary. He had payed for almost all expenses, including the dresses accessories and beauty salon visits for the Bride, her three Bridesmaids, and his wife, leaving only the Grooms pre-wedding parties and accommodation of his relatives to them. He had of course payed for the accommodation of his daughter’s in-laws and for the Newlyweds Wedding night.

Though he himself was Roman Catholic, as were the Grooms family officially, his wife Lyudmila, called Mila for short, and the three Daughter’s were Russian Orthodox. The daughters also had the last name of their Mother, as due to a series of problems with his own Parents, Paolo had not been married to Lyudmila when their daughter’s were born.

As there was no Russian Orthodox Church in their town, and not even in the larger city nearby, he had gone to the Archbishop, whom he knew personally and had obtained a rare, though not unheard of, permission to be able to call a Russian Orthodox Priest to officiate at a local church and hold the wedding according to the Eastern Rite, something he knew his daughter had wanted ever since having been at a wedding during one of their summer visits to her Grandmother in Odessa. Though the ceremony was to be Orthodox, the whole wedding had been planned to be an amalgam of different styles which made up the lives and heritages of the two spouses.

The cars soon pulled up in front of Maria’s house, which was only a few streets away. The 22 year old 5’5” / 165cm with her dyed ruby red hair was already waiting for them. She was gleaming beautifully in the azure dress which Natalya had chosen for all her bridesmaids. Though the dresses seemed to be the same, each one actually had little differences in the black and white floral applications and lace inlays.

Natalya had originally wanted an old rose, pale pink dress for her Bridesmaids but while trying them on, found that the chosen tone of pink did not fit very well to her sister Alyna. She jokingly told her: “You are one of the most difficult to dress, you look like a goth even though you aren’t one.”

The azure colored ones fit nicely to all three Bridesmaids, highlighting Yelena’s blue eyes, contrasting nicely with Alyna’s looks, and going well also on Maria. Natalya had been quite bossy about the dresses and looks, choosing the full-skirt dresses and insisting that the girls wear petticoats to give the skirts the right look, white hose/stockings and 4in/10cm high heel black lace pumps. Each of the Bridesmaids had also received a set of jewelery and a Swarovski Crystal Tiara similar but different for each. After much discussion she had relented on the underwear the girls could wear. Alyna had opted for a black lace bra and matching panties, and opaque white stay-ups which she found more practical when going to the bathroom than pantyhose.

As the cars made their way through the tight streets of the town, and many of the townsfolk looked on, Alyna was going again through her head how everything would be carried out. They had had two plain-clothed practice runs of the wedding.

They would meet John, his Groomsmen and family at the steps to the Church, there John would ask of them to give him Natalya and Paolo would then give her to him. They would then proceed to the vestibule of the Church where the Priest would be waiting and the Ceremony of Rings would take place, in accordance with the concord wedding in place in their jurisdiction, the civil papers for the Marriage license would be signed at the end of the Ceremony of Rings, as opposed to a Roman Catholic Wedding where it would happen at the end of the entire ceremony. Then the Priest would lead the couple in procession into the church, followed by the Bridesmaids accompanied by the Groomsmen, the Parents of the Groom and Bride and those guests who had waited outside to see the Ceremony of Rings and were not already inside the Church.

There the couple would step onto a rushnyk and exchange their Declarations of Intent, then Bride and Groom will be given a candle which will be lit, and held lit for the duration of the Service. The priest would then proceed to crown the couple with wedding crowns and a reading of an Epistle (Ephesians 5:20-33) and the reading from the Gospel of John regarding the Marriage at Cana (John 2:1-11). After some more prayers and song from the Svashky (woman’s choir), the couple will share a cup of blessed wine and then proceed to a triple procession counter-clockwise around a table, led by the Priest, and followed by the Best Man who would hold the crowns over the heads of the couple, and the Maid of Honor who would hold the candles. The couple will also be sprinkled by rice and flowers from the wedding guests, each turn around the table would be accompanied by a hymn. At the end of the service, the Priest would remove the crowns and the priest says a prayer upon them. The final act of the ceremony would be the couple standing with their backs to the congregation facing only the altar, and the priest will say the final benedictions of the church. After which the couple will turn again to face the congregation and are now effectively seen as man and wife.

Alyna was wondering what John’s Best Man would look like. Though they had had two practice runs, he had had a stand-in taking his place as he had been busy working. All she knew was that his name was Samuel and that he was African like John.

The cars finally got onto the Plaza in front of the church where the Wedding was to take place. Though Paolo had tried to obtain permission to reserve the Co-Cathedral, he had been redirected to another beautiful church within their town.

As the cars drew closer, Alyna could already see that John’s Party was waiting at the foot of the steps. When the three Bridesmaids got out of the car, they positioned themselves and waited for Natalya’s car to pull up and for her to get out. First to exit the Bentley was Paolo, who then helped his wife Mila and finally his daughter Natalya.

Alyna noticed just how beautiful her sister looked in the chosen wedding dress. A dream in white which combined features of traditional and modern wedding dresses. A full 2-layered skirt bottom with magnificent embroideries, a corset style top with faux-front tie look, letting some skin show through, an incorporated bra and with floral applications around the ample push-up look cleavage, and spaghetti shoulder straps.

She wore a beautiful silver choker and a matching silver and diamond necklace , with matching earrings that had belonged to one of their great-aunts . Underneath Alyna knew that her sister was wearing a white lace string and a garter belt which held up her white semi-sheer stockings. A blue garter which would be removed by the groom during the reception. Her feet were encased in a pair of Valentino Lace and Satin Platform Pumps with a 5.5in/14cm heel and a 1.5in/3.8cm platform.

On her head she wore a hair veil and a Vinok (Ukrainian Wreath) which would be exchanged for a Ochipok and Namitka during the Crowning Ceremony.

For after the service, and the following photo shoot and wedding reception she would change her head dress for a Tiara.

When she turned around again to look at John and his Party, she noticed that all were dressed in western clothing, except for his mother, Mrs. Addy. She recognized Mr. and Mrs. Addy of course, John’s older brother with wife and offspring, his younger brother and his two sisters. She also noticed the man standing next to John, a 6’2”/188cm tall hunk of man, with broad shoulders, large hands, a clean-shaven look, dressed in a Versace Suit, and fine leather shoes. She could not help but think that he sure had style. As her eyes made contact for the first time with his dark eyes, she noticed his penetrating look, and smiled shyly at him, he returned her gesture by smiling back winking playfully.

“So this is Samuel” she thought.

During the service, which was pretty much just another repetition of the rehearsals except with everyone dressed their best and it being for real this time, no skipping through certain parts, and with an actual choir singing, creating the right ambiance, Alyna could not help herself but continue to steal glances at Samuel, and somehow having the feeling as if he too was looking at her when she was not looking at him.

“Get a grip on yourself girl, what’s wrong with you? Your boyfriend is seated close by and you are looking up another man, a black man nonetheless.” Her voice of reason said in her mind. Yet, she could not get a grip on herself, she somehow felt attracted to this giant black man, and memories of something that she had seen several months ago kept flashing in her mind.

It had been towards the end of May, when one day Alyna’s last two classes of the day fell out. Not in a mood to go together with her friends into town for a stroll around the stores, she decided to hop on her scooter and drive home. As it was already a warm day, she was looking forward to lounging around the pool lazily, thinking she’d have the house all to herself until her sisters got home from their respective schools. And her Parents were sure to be off at work until late.

As she got home, she dropped her bag in a corner and proceeded to the kitchen, to get herself some Ice Tea. Finishing two glasses in large gulps, she decided to go upstairs and get into a bikini to lie by the pool. As she got closer to the stairway she already could hear sounds coming from upstairs. Not a virgin herself anymore, and having seen a few porn flicks, she immediately recognized the sounds as those of someone enjoying themselves.

Once she had arrived on the upper floor, she could see the door to her sister Natalya’s room slightly ajar. Initially just wanting to get on, and to her own room to grab her bikini, curiosity got the better of her and she stopped to peek in to her sister’s room.

There she was mesmerized for what she saw. It was just like in some of the vids she had seen. Natalya was on the edge of the bed, lying on her back, her legs resting on John’s shoulders, as he was standing. Moaning loudly as her fiancé John was pumping into her with a breathtaking rhythm. As he was turned with his back to Alyna, she could see his backside perfectly, the muscles flexing and relaxing rhythmically, small beads of perspiration visible. Aly couldn’t help but think “Mmmmh… he sure has one firm cute butt!”

Suddenly Alyna had to hold her breath, as John pulled out of Natalya, afraid that one of them would turn, and see her looking through the partially open door. Fortunately neither of them turned in a way as to look towards the door as they changed position.

John laid down on the bed, and Natalya straddled him, being on top.

This was the first time Aly actually got a look at her soon to be brother-in-law’s cock. Her heart was thumping and her mind was racing and a voice shouted in panic inside her head: “Noooo way, that is not a dick, that is a monster, that is a frakking log of hard wood. How can that thing fit??”

She had never seen such a long thick pole on a man before, the only cock she had seen in person and not on a screen was that of Marco. She had done some research on the web and knew that the average penis size for a white man in her region was said to be about 17 cm or 6.7 in. As Marco had once encouraged her to measure his dick, she had verified that his was well above average at 23 cm or a little over 9 inches. Yet as she looked at the log on which her older sister was impaling herself on it seemed to be so much bigger.

As Natalya was impaling herself on that long hard black dick, she moaned and encouraged John, talking just like as if she had come out of a porn movie. John’s hands were changing between kneading her titties, pinching her nipples, and running down her sides to hold her by her waist, aiding her in riding him, with an occasional spank on the petite girls ass.

As Alyna watched on, the smell of sex that was filling the room, got all the way up to where she was standing, she felt a tinkle come from her own pussy. A growing itch, and her breathing got worked up. She was afraid of being caught peeping in on her sister and her future brother-in-law, but she was so mesmerized that she could not move away from the door even though a part of her was screaming to leave that place.

Slowly leaning slightly against the door frame, one hand of hers slid down and under the skirt she was wearing, slowly caressing her mound over her panties, noticing that they were extremely moist. Her other hand wandered to her breast, just as Natalya again was crying out: “Yes, yes, yes, pinch those nipples hard”, and fondled her own boobies.

Watching her sister ride that huge black man, it just hit her, how beautiful that contrast between Natalya’s creamy white skin, and John’s dark chocolate looked. She watched in awe as her sister started to scream out, and convulse around that cock logged deep inside her. She was watching one hell of an intense orgasm. Just as she thought that Naty might pass out, she heard John’s voice. It was not in the usual kind and friendly tone she was used to from when he was usually around the family, it had an authoritative undertone to it:

“Bitch don’ you dare stop, I ain’t finished with you yet. … Keep ridin’ that cock like you mean it, cunt!”

Alyna should have been outraged at how this man dared to speak to her sweet sister, and for a split second she was, but then somehow and inexplicably she thought that in the context, he was right. She didn’t know how or why, but she just knew it was so.

Naty, who was seemingly in that trance-like state of bliss induced by her orgasms, obliged and continued to slide up and down on that cock, which was shiny from her juices, again John spoke: “That’s it, squeeze it, milk that big fat nigga dick with yo’ tight white cunt”

Alyna’s own panties were soaked through at this point as she looked on, when suddenly John’s head moved upwards and looking around Naty, his eyes met directly with Alyna’s. As she knew that she was seen, she froze in place like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car. John just looked at her, intensely through his dark eyes, not shocked, nor surprised, and no other evident reaction, as he continued fucking Naty. His eyes just stared straight into Alyna’s with no indication what so ever, and for as hard as she tried and wanted to, she could not avert her own eyes, to lower her gaze, to run off to her room. They just looked at each other. Then suddenly John grabbed Naty’s hips and pulled her all the way down onto his cock, holding her tightly in place and he started bucking underneath her, a deep roar coming over his lips, though holding the look on Alyna for as long as possible, until his eyes closed and he shot his hot seed deep into Naty’s belly.

Alyna was amazed at what she had just witnessed, but used the fraction of time when John’s eyes had closed, to silently scurry off to her own room. All thoughts of changing into her bikini and staying lazily by their pool had vanished from her mind. She locked the door and had just the idea to tilt the window open. Then throwing herself onto her bed, she pulled out a box which she kept under it, taking out the purple vibrator she had obtained a while ago. Tugging and kicking off her drenched panties, she immediately inserted the vibrator and masturbated furiously, crying and moaning into her pillows to muffle the sounds, bringing herself to a series of orgasms.

She must have fallen asleep while cumming, because she was awoken a few hours later by pounding on her door. Awakening she found herself lying on her belly, with the vibrator still buried inside her, the batteries dead. The loud pounding continued and as she came to her senses seemed to get even louder.

She could hear her sister Yelena shouting outside:

“What the heck Aly, why’d you lock the damn door? This is my room too, and you can’t just lock me out.”

Alyna only thought “Damn” and hurried to hide her vibrator and was thankful that she had tilted the window or else probably the room would be filled with the smell of her sex. She noticed a huge wet spot on her sheets and tossed a large stuffed animal on her bed to hide it.

The whole time the pounding and anger from her sister outside continued: “Aly if you don’t open straight away, I swear this evening I’m telling Dad!”

Alyna rushed to the door and opened the door, and looking quite disheveled, exhausted and drowsy all at once. She mumbled a “sorry… didn’t mean to… fell asleep…” Upon seeing her sister like that Yelena asked: “Are you feeling OK? You look awful.” And her anger seemed to have vanished.

This whole memory was flashing through Alyna’s mind, as the wedding ceremony continued. Her sister had never mentioned something that would make Aly think that she knew about what had occurred, and John too was just like he had been before, when he was around her. Alyna continued stealing glances at John’s Best Man, Samuel.

She was jolted out of her thoughts when it was time for the sharing of the cup between the couple and the procession of the couple around the table. Aly looked into the congregation and found Marco looking on interested in the entire happenings of the ceremony, and she smiled at him, her eyes twinkling at him. From that moment on, she started looking more at Marco than at Samuel, though every once in a while she still stole glances at that black Adonis standing slightly off-center opposite her.

After the beautifully held ceremony, and leaving the church, she got ready to go together with the Newlyweds, the other Bridesmaids and the Groomsmen for the photo-shoot. She insisted Marco be allowed to follow them, and tagging along, though keeping out of the pictures. Whenever they walked a distance or stood around and her presence was not required to be there for the video or photo camera, she walked close to Marco. Holding on tightly to his arm, leaning her head onto his shoulder, every now and then kissing, and having some small-talk.

After a while they headed to the Hotel, where the Wedding Reception would take place. Instead of a greeting line, Paolo, had opted for a Grand Entrance, making this quicker and faster. The Parents of the Newlyweds were already waiting for them to arrive, and then they made their entrance, led by the Newlyweds, followed by the Bridesmaids accompanied by the Groomsmen and then by the Parents.

The guests were given some hors d’ouvres and an apéritif, various toasts were spoken, and the couple greeted various guests before they went inside to the Dinning Hall. The Menu would be quite lavish, comprising:

a mixed Antipasto;

a course of Risotto, made up of samplers of 3 types of risotto;

a course of Pasta, made up of samplers of 2 types of pasta;

a middle course and sorbet;

a course of grilled meat and vegetables followed by;

a course of fish and salad and still

a course of grilled cheese and grilled vegetables

mixed miniature pastries;

Italian gelato;

various digestifs

fruits and cheeses.

The courses would obviously be spaced apart slightly, allowing people to catch some breath, mingle and enjoy themselves. After the mid-meal sorbet and before the serving of the main dishes, the newlyweds would open the dances. So that those who wished could then skip certain courses and have fun on the dance-floor.

The wedding cake would be cut later on in the evening, and other traditions, like the throwing of the bouquet by the bride, and the groom removing the blue garter worn by the bride using only his teeth and then tossing it to the single men, much in the same fashion as the tossing of the brides bouquet.

Alyna was having a good time, seated at a table with Marco, Chiara, Maria, Yelena, and Maria’s Parents. She was chit-chatting, and was drinking only water and iced tea. Though she didn’t care much for the risotto, she loved the pasta, and was looking forward to Naty and John’s first dance, so that she could then drag Marco on the dance-floor. Though she knew he didn’t really enjoy himself much when dancing, as he found himself to be a bit stiff, she was certain he wouldn’t refuse her today.

As she thought, Marco let himself be taken to the dance-floor and danced with her, making her feel very light and as if she were gliding along, making her very very happy. She made sure not to miss out on the meat dish, but didn’t care much for the seafood as she was not inclined to having to clean the shellfish from their shells and being careful looking out for fish bones. Ever since she was little, people had made her have a panic fear of eating fish, because someone was shouting: “look out, be careful, you could ingest a fish bone, and it could get stuck and you could suffocate.”

Towards the end of the meal, Marco finally told her that he would soon have to leave to catch the train. She started crying, and arguing and begging him to stay at least until the cutting of the Wedding Cake (at midnight) but he told her that he really did have to be back at his base, and had to have a good nights rest before being on duty tomorrow. Though rationally she could see that it was the right thing, emotionally it tore her in pieces, having to part from him. Chiara left together with her brother, promising that she would look out that he made it well to the train station, and saying she might be back later in the evening in time for the cutting of the cake.

As she came back from having accompanied Marco and Chiara to the parking lot, she stopped in the bathroom to freshen up a bit, and look presentable after having shed quite some tears. Once at her table she looked at what she had been avoiding all evening, the wine bottles in the cooler. She filled her glass with some white wine and downed the first glass, filling a second. Due to her petite and slight figure, it would not take many glasses to get her tipsy, and though she would have loved to just drown her sorrows, she didn’t want to drink to much and make a fool out of herself and ruin her sister’s wedding.

She remained seated, looking on to the dance-floor seeing how people were enjoying themselves, while her own joy had somehow left her. Alyna could feel that someone’s eyes were on her, as she looked to the side, she saw Samuel, seated at the table next to hers, his jacket open, and relaxing on the chair, looking and smiling at her. She quickly turned away from looking at him, as she wanted to continue sulking.

A short while later the chair next to hers was drawn and Samuel sat down next to her. Somehow he had gotten hands on another plate of cheeses and grapes, and placed it halfway between himself and her. “Have some, their good.”

She almost jumped hearing his voice. It was one of the most sensual male voices she had ever heard. It was soft, deep, sultry, a bit gravely with a slight slur, and with a great flow. If she would have to describe it by finding a similar voice in pop culture she would say that it is somewhat like a mix between Captain Jack Sparrow, James Earl Jones and Barack Obama.

Samuel talked a bit of chit-chat to her, of which she took almost no notice, she only listened to the tone of his voice, which had a calming and soothing effect on her, getting most of her melancholy out of her. She did notice what he said when he finally came to the conclusion that she wasn’t completely following him.

“Did you even follow what I was saying the whole time?”


“No you didn’t, but that’s OK.” He was smiling at her, and she could see his shiny white straight teeth. She thought: ‘Good dental hygiene’.

He continued on: “Well as I was saying, you know who I am, and I know who you are Alyna, but we haven’t actually been formally introduced, I’m Samuel, it’s a pleasure to meet you” He held out his hand.

Taking his hand and looking him in the eyes she said “My pleasure, nice to meet you Samuel, I’m Alyna”

They both had a small laugh at the things that were just said. They then shared a toast to their new acquaintance, constituting the third glass of wine for Aly. Returning a bit serious though still joyful Samuel held out his hand again to Alyna and asked:

“Would you care for a dance?”

“I’d love to” she replied almost immediately.

He closed up his jacket, and completely the gentleman, led her to the dance-floor. No one really took any notice though, nor did they think anything by it. When they had started out from the table, the DJ had been playing some upbeat old Europop songs. They danced to half of the song that had been playing, and to another, when a slow song was played. Samuel took hold of Alyna and led her in the dance, she followed his lead, pleasantly surprised that he was quite a talented dancer. Every now and then while dancing, Aly caught the eyes of Naty, and at times thought that there was a hint of worry in those clear blue eyes, but she brushed it off. They danced for about an hour, the alcohol in her system having reached her head due to the blood circulation induced by the movement, when she told Samuel that she needed to go for a breath of fresh air. Understandingly he accompanied her outside, as they passed Naty, Alyna again thought that she noted a worried flicker in her sister’s eyes for the fraction of a split-second. Samuel and Alyna went into the hotel garden, overlooking the sea, though now, late in the evening it was mostly dark, besides the lights and the stars.

After a while they stopped and as Aly looked up at Samuel he leaned forward and kissed her. Instead of drawing back like she knew she should have, she responded to his kiss by kissing him back. As they drew apart she realized for some extend to what she had just done and felt guilty about it, but then she herself, perhaps due to her anger at Marco for having left her alone, perhaps because of her alcohol induced light-headedness, initiated a second, longer kiss.

Samuel held Aly close to him, and she in return held on to him tightly, he lent forward, whispering in her ear:

“Alyna, you are a beautiful, sweet, sensual young woman, and I would love to deepen our acquaintance.”

Though Alyna had not been capable of stopping herself from responding to his kiss, and actually deep inside desired to kiss him still, knew that what she was doing there was not right, she loved Marco very much, and she didn’t want to betray him, though perhaps in a certain way, she thought, even her kissing Samuel was sort of cheating on Marco.

“I… I… I can’t…” she stammered “I… I… have a…. boyfriend… and I love him”

Samuel continued to talk to her in his calming voice, which made her knees go slightly wobbly:

“I know Lil’ One, I know that you have a boyfriend” he continued as she looked up at him, “I saw you with him today, when we were having the pictures taken, you two were together. Then how you had to drag him onto the dance-floor, how he moved like one of those Circus Bears, but also how you were enjoying yourself out there, you love to dance, just like Naty does.” Alyna looked a bit surprised by the mentioning of her sister’s name, he noticed.

“Well, I am John’s Best Man, it’s normal that I already happened to know his girl before today, don’t you agree?” he smiled broadly at her, and she couldn’t help but giggle.

“You know, Alyna, I really would love to deepen our acquaintance” he continued, as she was silently begging in her head for him to stop speaking, as his voice was having a deep effect on her, “but I don’t want to do something you’re uncomfortable with. I saw how you were feeling good when you were with your boyfriend, but I also saw how devastated you came back when he had left. He’s hurting you…” she looked at him puzzled, “not physically, but you were very hurt when you got back inside, weren’t you?” all she could do was nod.

“As I was saying, I don’t want to do something that you don’t want…” lowering his volume a bit “or that you don’t need.” She continued to not say anything.

“I don’t want to do anything that will get you into trouble Lil’ One.” he looked at her, with a penetrating look, “tell you what,” she sensed that he was getting to the end of this talk, “I’ll go back inside the hotel now, and I’ll wait a while, maybe even 30 minutes on the second floor landing, if you come so that we can get to know each other better, great. If you don’t it’s OK, I’ll understand.”

She expected that he would kiss her again before leaving, or maybe a part of her was hoping for him to kiss her again, she thought that if he would that it was quite possible that she would follow him straight away. Yet he did not kiss her, he smiled at her, and hugged her before leaving to walk back inside the hotel.

Alyna stood there, not sure what she should do and started arguing with herself in her mind:

“I can’t do this… this just isn’t right… I’m not that kind of girl… I’m not a cheater… I love Marco…”

And asking herself “Why does he have such an effect on me… why do I seem to change when he looks at me…talks to me… what is wrong with me?”

Another part of her was telling her:

“Yet still, I want to go to him… no that’s not true, I need to go to him”

“Need?” her tiny voice of reason asked.

“Yes, need… I haven’t made love to Marco in over two days, he won’t be back for days. Is it wrong to give in to my needs?” her other voice replied.

“It is wrong, I love Marco, if I love him, I must be able to wait for him, I can’t just go around cheating like a two-piece whore.” her voice of reason tried to get herself to just forget about Samuel’s offer.

Her other voice tried to get herself to go to that 2nd floor landing.

“Yes I love Marco, but isn’t it he who got me into this situation? He took my virginity, he introduced me to sex, and made me cum over and over again, getting me hooked on it. And then he just goes off and leaves me here most of the week.”

Again her voice of reason tried to calm her:

“Yes it’s true he went off to join the Coast Guard, but he’s doing it for the both of us, so that he’ll have a stable income and we can be together later”

But her adventurous voice kept spurning her on:

“I need him NOW, not later! He could have stayed tonight, he could have, and now I’m here and you know what Wilde said ‘I can resist anything, except temptation’ he left you here and Samuel knew, he knows what you need, it’ll just be a little fun.”

As this war of will was waging inside her mind, she had been walking back into the hotel, she was standing in the entrance, only a few steps separated her from where the wedding celebration was taking place, she could hear the music, the chatter of the other guests. Only a few more steps, and she too could join the dance, talk with relatives old and newly added and with friends. Only a couple of steps straight ahead. She had already passed the elevators and the stairway that would have led her to the 2nd floor landing.

Just as she was at the doors, she saw another couple standing to the side, kissing passionately. It was then that she just acted, not thinking, not reflecting, just plainly doing something. Alyna turned around, towards the stairway and started making her way up from the main floor to the 2nd floor.

As he had said, Samuel was there on the landing, and watched as she was making her way up the stairs, slowly. He inhaled the air deeply, as if he could smell that the prey was about to fall to the predator. He sensed that she was still fighting herself, but he knew that by coming up here, she was making a decision.

Alyna made it up to the landing, and saw Samuel standing there, with a warm smile, waiting for her. She wondered if he would kiss her again as he had outside, or if she should go up to him and hug him, perhaps kiss him.

He solved her doubts by plainly saying, “Hi” and smiling, to which she to answered with a simple “Hey”. Samuel held out a glass to her, knowing that the three glasses of wine had already been enough for her, she was a bit anxious about continuing to drink, seeing that it was a clear liquid she thought “Oh great, hard liquor, maybe Vodka, maybe Gin, but damn that glass is almost completely filled to the top.”

She looked at him, and decided to confront him about it.

“What is it? Vodka?” she pointed at the glass in his hand, “you know, you don’t have to get me drunk for this.”

He chuckled at what she had said, and she could not believe that he thought it funny.

“It’s only water Lil’ One, plain old water” he said in his calm voice, “I thought you might need it.”

He stretched out his hand a bit further, in a manner that indicated her to take the glass. Alyna took the glass from his hand and held it under her nose, smelling nothing, then she tasted a bit of it, “it’s plain water!” she said a bit surprised.

“‘Course it is, thought I was kidding you?” he said calmly, “I told you, I can give you what you need, even if perhaps you can’t admit it completely even to yourself. But not against your will. I won’t do anything you don’t want, Lil’ One” every time he called her Lil’ One she felt nice inside, “and I won’t drug you or get you drunk, though I do admit you are a bit tipsy, but I did not give you that alc, and in the time we were dancing and then walking through the hotel park, I know you’re not that far out, to not be thinking straight.”

He moved closer to her, and bent down towards her, she immediately got ready to kiss him, and as he crushed his lips against hers, they shared a hot kiss there on the second floor landing. The empty glass of water slipping out of Alyna’s hand, as she moved them to wrap around him, falling to the floor and breaking.

Samuel lifted Aly with ease, and directed her to move towards the right hallway. She thought he might be taking her into a room, but he made her enter into a Guest Bathroom on the floor. It was nicely lit, and relatively spacious, and as could be expected of a Hotel in this category, extremely clean. She heard the click of the lock, as Samuel locked it. Looking at him she noted a certain fire within his eyes.

His lips pressed against hers, as he easily lifted the light young woman up and moving he pressed her first against the second door in the bathroom, their tongues played with each other, and Aly couldn’t help but moan into his mouth. At the same time, their hands were feeling and touching each other over their clothes.

As they broke the kiss, she looked at him, lust and need visible in her eyes. He was holding her with his large, strong hands at her waist told her:

“Bend over the wash basin. Lil’ One.” he said, while at the same time gently turning her already. She obliged to his order and, placing her hands to the sides of the basin on the sink counter, bent forward.

As she bent downwards, her behind automatically stuck out, and Samuel ran his hand down the back oh her dress over her rump. He then proceeded to lift up her skirts, and massaged her upper thighs, especially on the insides, though stopping short from actually reaching her crotch area, still covered by her lace panties.

He lightly kicked her on the inside of her ankles: “Spread those legs wider.” She did so, spreading her legs further apart and bending further down on the sink in the process.

“Nice panties you have there” he said, as his hand moved over her mound, smiling to himself he chuckled, “and dripping wet” He held his moistened fingers in front of her eyes. “You know I think it best that you get out of wet clothes, might you not catch something”

He then proceeded to pull of her panties, she stepped out of them once they were low, and Samuel placed them on the sink counter, after holding them close to her nose.

His fingers caressed her mound, and he gladly noted that she was completely shaved. “You sure know what a man likes, girl” he said, as a moan escaped her lips. He continued working her, massaging her pussy and thighs, careful not to get her yet to orgasm, with his other hand he reached over and under her, and moved the top of her dress so, that her cleavage was exposed, he then also proceeded to slide down her bra cups, freeing her titties. As they were free, with the fingers from one hand playing with her pussy and clit, and those from the other rolled her hardening nipples between the thumb and index finger alternating with caressing and kneading her whole breast.

Alyna was quickly getting aroused and excited, feeling that familiar feeling of her pleasure growing deep within her. She was sure that she was about to orgasm any moment now, but he kept teasing her, holding off just shortly before she could let go. She felt him bend over her, his breath on her neck. As he whispered:

“You really want this, don’t you?”

“Uh-hum” was all she could reply in that moment. As he continued to tease her.

“Please, stop teasing me” she moaned in despair, he only smiled and then said:

“Tell me, what you want”

“Fuck me, please fuck me” she breathed.

“Louder, Lil’ One, I didn’t hear you” he said.

She cried out loud: “Fuck me, I want you to fuck me, please just fuck me and make me cum”

He slapped her lightly on the ass, then massaged the place he had slapped. He again lent close to her ear and whispered, “I will, but before I do so, you must do something for me”.

Her eyes widened as she asked under strained breathing. “What? What? What should I do?”

“Get on your knees” he simply said, and stepped back two steps taking off his jacket.

She spun around, facing him, and sensing of what it is he wanted, dropped to her knees, He stepped back another bit, until he was leaning against the wall, and indicated her to come closer. Scuttling on her knees, she came closer, her right hand reached up to his crotch, feeling already the hardening beast that was captive inside his pants. She looked up at him, her eyes searching his, and her left hand came up to the zipper of his pants, and unzipped it. As she was about to also unbutton it and open the belt he stopped her and shook his head, so with her right hand she reached inside, and freed the gigantic black snake. Her eyes nearly bulged at the sheer size of it, and it was not yet completely hard.

“Damn, he has a log too, how will that thing fit in my tight snatch? It’ll prolly tear me apart, but frak!” she could smell his musky man-scent, “I want it.”

She massaged the cock delicately with her small hand, feeling it grow harder as she was jacking it. Enraptured by it, her head moved closer, and she then placed a kiss on the tip. Samuel was surprised at this action, but he was not displeased by this, and let her continue working it how she thought best.

Aly placed more kisses on the tip and the shaft, and then started licking it with her tongue, moistening this large cock colored like premium dark chocolate. She fondled his balls with one hand and then licked him on the underside from base to tip, then once at the tip, she wrapped her lips around it, engulfing the cock head in her mouth. Sucking lightly at first, inching her way downwards as far as she could go, stopping when she knew she got close to gagging, and found herself slightly over half way down on what she found one of the tastiest dicks (but then again, it was only the second she ever tried).

He placed his hands on the sides of her head, but let her do most of the action, not impending her movements or forcing her. Sure he had felt how she had gotten close to gagging, and he just loved the feel of the spasms in her throat around his cock. He moaned pleased on how this girl was sucking him off. As he looked down he saw her raising her eyes upwards at him, he just loved the look in her beautiful hazel eyes, as her mouth and throat were stuffed with his dark man meat.

Alyna was raising her rhythm and the intensity of her sucking, she alternated pure sucking with licking and also let go of the cock for a little while every now and then, dedicating her attention to the heavy cum filled balls. Her nostril being filled by that strong musky manly smell.

She turned out to be a more talented cocksucker, than Samuel had expected, as suddenly his hold on her head tightened, and he pulled her slightly down, holding her. Alyna could feel how his cock seemingly grew even larger in her mouth, throbbing, understanding the onset of his orgasm. It was to late, even if she had wanted to stop it, to give him time to calm down and to fuck her. His hips bucked, and large wads of cum started shooting out of him, and bypassing her mouth mostly, went down her throat directly.

As he let go of her head, she pulled up for breath, having swallowed almost all of his cum. A little drop on her lower lip, trickling down on her chin, she moved her index finger to catch it and place it back in her mouth.

Though she was still feeling the need of being fucked, she was feeling very good in this moment, having gotten this more experienced black man, off in relatively little time.

“Damn girl, you sure know how to treat a man” he said after he had caught his breath.

“But don’t think I forgot about your needs,” he grabbed her and lifted her first up to her feet and looked at her with lust and passion, “I’ll fuck you good and proper, you really earned it, but first,” his hands moved down to her waist and he lifted her off the floor, and carried her the few steps over to the wash basin counter, sitting her on it “I’m gonna eat your pussy, while my little friend get’s his strength back”

Lifting her skirts again, spreading her legs with his hands his head dove down between them. He started licking her pussy lips, and was already reveling in the sweet juices that were flowing out of her. Then as his tongue entered inside her, Alyna moved her own hands to her round breasts, cupping them, massaging herself. He took to work his tongue around the insides of her pussy, and when he exited completely her pussy, she moaned frustrated, until his tongue would dedicate some attention to her excited clit, alternating the two actions for little time, when suddenly she seemed to get even wetter, her entire body trembled as like a wave orgasm hit her and washed over her, she screamed out loudly. They both knew that there was one floor between them and the party, and even then there was also the music playing down there, so that no one would hear Aly’s cries of passion.

Samuel’s cock was back up and ready for action in very little time. He raised his head, stopping the administrations of attention he had been giving her pussy, to which she moaned displeased, he started getting up, kissing her on each tit, sucking her hard nipples, nibbling on them. Moving upwards kissing her along the way, on her neck, on her chin, skipping her mouth, her nose, and then back to her mouth, where they shared another intense kiss.

He placed his hardened cock on her mound, rubbing it up and down along and between her labia, but not entering, she was moving her hips, trying to draw him inside, but he was still teasing her. With one hand he took his cock and slammed it on her pussy and clit a few times, making her groan.

She looked at him, her needs and wants clearly in her eyes, but she did not speak.

“Say it!” he growled at her.

At what she just looked at him pleading with him silently to stick his cock inside her.

“Say it!” he growled again, “Say what you need”

She said, almost in a whisper:

“Put it inside me, fuck me…” she breathed, “…please…”

He grinned, and lifted her up once again, placing her on her shaky feet.

“Turn around and bend over!”

She did it immediately, and he, lifting her skirt, spanked her three times on the ass. He held her by her hips, his cock poking at her entrance.

“So you want this cock to go inside you, do you?” he asked.

“Yes” she whimpered.

“You want my cock to go inside you, do you?” he continued, rubbing his cock along her snatch.

“Yes” she cried.

“You do want me to fuck you bad don’t you?” he said.

“Yes, yes, yes” she cried even more insistently, “do it, do it already, oh god… fuck me”

He smiled.

“So be it” he said, and with one quick movement thrust his cock into her tight wet pussy. She cried loudly in a mix of agony and pleasure. The fat cock having been rammed all the way into her pussy, stretching her like she had never been stretched before. She thought she was being torn apart, split in half, and maybe if she hadn’t been so wet, some tear might have occurred.

He held still only the time for her scream to come down a bit, and as she was trying to catch her breath and get used to it, he already started a slow rocking motion. She was crying and moaning the whole time, and the initial pain left place to the passion and pleasure. He humped her more intensely, and she started responding by fucking back at him. Samuel pushed her upper body further downward, until her tits touched the wash basin counter, his cock seemingly hitting her even deeper as she was arched this way. He truly fucked her, pounding her pussy, his balls slapping against her, pressing her into the counter. Alyna came strongly, clenching his cock with her pussy.

Samuel grabbed Aly by her hair and yanked her back up, she winced at the sudden pain on her head. He continued, straightening her while still impaled on his dick, and made her move, taking a few steps towards the toilet stall, where he pressed her down to the floor, making her get on all fours, without speaking.

Getting down behind her, he got a good hold of her hips, and resumed pumping into her. He brought her to another two orgasms, and reveled in her pussy’s reactions as she did. All the time pounding her like a jackhammer. The rhythm accompanied by her cries and squeals of passion. To Alyna it seemed an eternity and she was close to passing out a few times. She tried milking his cock, clenching it with all the might she had in her pussy muscles, to get him off.

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