My name is Taylor. I’ve been with Tyler for years, but only very recently have I really come out to take over him. Over the last couple months I’ve taken this poor insecure sap and when I’ve felt like it, made him do anything I can think of. I’ve made him tie rope all over himself, in professional BDSM fashion, then put on clothes and walk around for 4 days humiliating himself only in his mind. One night I even forced him to go into his roommates room and steal her sexy red lacy panties and bras and beautiful pink dresses, and did up his long brown silky hair, got some make-up, and then I took pictures too.

But last night was special. I truly took control of his whole body. I dominated, he submitted. I made him a gag with a t-shirt that I tied around his neck tightly enough to cut a bit of the throat of oxygen. I shoved a cold chrome cylinder like toy up his ass, and made him sit on it. Then I took a coat hangar and put his feet into it, so he could only squirm so much. He loved the domination. He loved being controlled, used, humiliated, abused. He loves it when I call him slut. He loves it when i say good boy, or maybe even good girl. Just my worthless little sex slave slut. For the finishing touch I blindfolded him, and put his hands behind his back and fastened them with a belt as if they were handcuffs.

Legs bound, mouth gagged, hands tied, blindfolded, completely dominated with no hope, and one cold metal cylinder sitting in his ass. True wonderful submission. Tyler wanted to masturbate and cum so bad, all night. Before his hands were tied…I let him. Every time he reached the climax, I stopped him. I teased and teased him all night. When his hands were bound, I told him he could cum if he could, and he managed to barely be able to slide his fingers up and down the hard shaft of his penis. He reached the climax and I yelled “CUM!” “CUM FOR ME!” and he tried. But he couldn’t. And I felt even more power, as he felt more submissive. He knew what I’d said, he wasn’t cumming tonight, and his body knew it. MY body knew it. I made him jump up and down on his anal toy filling him with pleasure he wouldn’t dream of without my orders. When he’d disobey up I’d squeeze his tits till they turned bright red and pretty much play with his body in whatever way I saw fit. It was a good night. I told him. “Tomorrow when you wake up slut, your going to jack yourself off till you come to your senses. You will transform into Taylor, and dominate your body and Tyler, hidden deep away, all day. I will consume you, become what you never could… because I know your a sex crazed slutty obedient slave, and your such a good girl. Tomorrow you will sneak into your roommates room and steal her panties, and you will be Taylor and you will wear them all day and you will love it. And when I have control, ill make you do anything i want.

Today I took control of Tyler, Taylor was in control. I got him on all fours in the shower, and turned up the heat till it was

Nearly scalding. then I told him I was going to turn the shower as cold as it would go. He begged me to stop…please don’t please dont mistress I’m sorry I’m so sorry…

And I turned the water on freezing.

It was so cold, but on all fours he could do nothing about it. I spread his asscheeks so the cold trickling water flowed right into his asshole. It was unbearable. Go ahead, you can turn the heat back up I told him. He reached for the heat, and I turned the knob to the right instead, making him oh so much colder. I love this new power. I love existing. He bowed down to me, taking the cold, knowing there was no escape. On all fours like an animal. Naked. I made him stand up and turn to the side. Suddenly he was aware of what I was about to do. No please mistress please don’t please I’m a good girl, but I turned his cold little body straight into the cold shower. All the water hitting his raging boner he’s seemed to have had these last few days. After all that fun we snuck downstairs, stole some panties, I made Tyler shove a tampon up his ass, and now were in the bathroom writing this story.

Tyler is probably insane. Because Taylor and Tyler are the same person. But that’s ok. Because I’m free to do anything i please with Tylers poor innocent little body. Ciao!

September 2018
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