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Ch 5a

Jason was dreaming again. He stood at the top of his apartment complex. It was not very high, but still. He was looking around, trying to enjoy the view, but every passing second solidified his desire to move out, and into another more fitting place.

All was remarkably clear for him, considering that it was dark. He could see two figures moving in stealth, getting close to his car. He wanted to have a closer look, and see if he could hear what they were discussing. “If it as dream then I can make myself invisible, and float down there,” he did just that. He achieved it quite easily.

Floating down to the two figures, he noticed it was a man and a woman, with dark suits, and stern faces. The woman spoke first.

“Is this the place?”

“Yes. It is. And, here is his vehicle.”

“How can you be sure?”

“The most obvious being that this vehicle does not really belong here. It is out of place. The others around it don’t match the quality of this one. Also, is seems to be imbued with some form of repellant as the other vehicles are not parked near it, and by looking at the parking lot, which is in desperate need of further parking spots, it is highly unlikely that someone willingly would not park next to it.”

“But, that is all circumstantial.”

“Look here. The sign in the center of the wheels, as well as the center of the steering wheel is a ‘T’ not that of a BMW. We were told my Xerxes that this sign is placed upon those that have found the power. It usually cannot be so easily detected.”

“You mean he made this?”

“Yes. Although, I was told that it had been not so long ago that he had come across this power. This is quite impressive for a novice.”

“So this amateur has made a mistake with the sign?”

“Or he is confident that most would not notice it.”

“So either he is a natural genius, or we have been lied to. We should just move in now that we have the element of surprise.”

“Negative. I do not have his exact apartment, yet. And, if he is able to create this vehicle, who knows what else he has been able to create as personal defenses.”

“You’re scared,” jibbed the female agent.

“No. Just concerned.” He took out what looked like a scanner, and pointed it at the vehicle. “Look at this.”

The female agent moved toward him. She was very pretty, and seemed to be tight all over. She had long red hair, with a streak of white at the front. One could see a gun being framed by her suit.

“Do you see that?” Asked the man wearing a similar suit, but he was muscular and well built, with a crew cut. He seemed made to seek and destroy, so it was odd to have him so reserved in this case.

“What is that?” She asked incredulously.

“Here are the normal parts of the car. And these are the modifications.”

“Yes. I know that. But that,” she asked as she tapped on the scanner with her finger.

“That seems to be what powers the vehicle. The scanner does not recognize it so it must be a very new form, or a very old one. Strange. The scanner cannot make a copy of it either.”

“Alright, I’m getting tired of waiting around. When do we move in?”

“So anxious to get the action rolling,” he joked. “You’re going to have to wait a while. We are not allowed to move in until tomorrow evening. Right now we are here for recon, and we have enough.”

“Tomorrow? He will be gone by then.”

“He does not now we are here, so that is unlikely.”

“We can just move in. Go in ‘guns blazing,’ per say. To bad I can’t use my real gun, and instead this damn electric gun, and darts. Anyway, we are good. We’ll have it wrapped up before morning, for sure.”


“Stupid rule,” she responded frustrated.

“Come, lets go look around the building before heading out.”

“You mean we are leaving him unguarded?” sounding incredulous.

“Waxel will be here soon.”

“Oh. Okay. Good.”

Jason saw them move toward the building looking in the oddest places for who knows what. He was concerned about what they had said. He wanted to go back in his body, and try to do all the things he need to take care of. From the looks of it he was going to require all night, and who knew whom this people were. He would like to ask Miranda, but Misty was still there.

After a few minutes he notice another figure walking around the parking lot. This one only glanced at the vehicle as he made his way toward the building. He knew this was Waxel. Everything about him was shady, and secretive. Jason tried getting a little closer, but moved away immediately when he realized that it was as if this Waxel character could feel him.

The two other agents went toward him whispering rapidly. After the information was exchanged they left, and Waxel went to lean against one of the trees, and waited.

Figuring that was his cue, Jason went back to his body, and almost forgot all as he saw himself cuddled against Misty. It was obvious to him how happy were both of them to be sharing blissful sleep. Then Jason remembered the conversation the two agents had had, and slammed into his body.

Jason awoke in a start, but when he realized where he was he stroke Misty’s arm to get her back to the steady sleep she had been experiencing before his upstart. Then getting out of bed, took the book, and went to the living room, leaving all in darkness.

He sat on his couch, but was unsure what to make of all of it, and he really needed guidance. He remembered the bright light from when he called Miranda last, and thought that would be a bad idea to have again, and quite noticeable in the middle of the night.

He opened his computer and logged in to his bank account, now it being at over seven figures. He was prepared, but it still surprised him. For as long as he could remember he had never had more than a couple of thousand in his account. ‘Wont the bank find this odd, and inform the proper authorities. Did they already do so?’ He was becoming anxious, and seeing those agents outside was unnerving. Mind you he was sleeping, but he knew they had been there. There was no doubt. He looked out the window, and could see the red of a cherry as Waxel smoked a cigarette.

He logged in to his email account noticing an email from an investment firm. Technology. The person writing was the CEO, and it was signed Mr. Whitehead. Apparently he had a meeting tomorrow at 1 pm with him. Okay. He wrote the address down, and then checked his sent folder, surprised at email conversations taking place regarding investments, and real estate. He, however, had no such conversation. Or, not that he was aware of. Looking more carefully, he noticed an email that had gone out inquiring about real estate property.

“Shit, I should have read the book quietly from the beginning!” He went to the bathroom with his book, and closed the door behind him. It was the only room without a window, and holding the book said, “Mistress Miranda, I need your help.”

A flash of light went of again as it had the last time, and his eyes fell upon a beaming Miranda, now in a golden dress. “Oh, the bathroom. Are you interested in experience sexual pleasure in the bathroom, young one?”

“No Mistress…”

Miranda stopped him, apparently becoming aware of something, and asked, “How long has he been out there?”

“Um, maybe an hour or so. The others left when he came.”

“Which others?”

“A man and a woman. They had been looking at the car. They said something about Xerxes.”

“Xerxes, are you sure? Of course, Xerxes, otherwise he would not be here. Did they say anything else?” She apparently was not surprised that Jason had been able to hear the conversation as she pressed for more details. Exiting the room she stood in front of the couch, Jason sat, unable to look away from her beauty.

“They were impressed with the car, and the modifications. Also, they said that they would be moving in tomorrow. Mistress Miranda, how was I able to hear them, and see them when I was asleep? And, why do I have over a million dollars in my bank account, and have been having email conversations about investments and real estate without being aware of it?”

“I will only answer the necessary questions, as we have more pressing matters. You wanted to change your situation so you generated the funds, and started the conversations unconsciously. Usually it requires sexual energy in order for them to be effective, but it seems you have found a different away. You and I created the car, also unconsciously. Trust yourself. I’m sure you’ve also created safety nets regarding the money, and the real estate questions.”

“Ok, I will search.” Said a determined Jason.

“Not yet, young one. We have to talk about Xerxes.”

“Is this the Xerxes?”

“No, young one, but a descendent. Ruthless. Callous. They have tried to get a hold of the book for centuries, always coming close to doing so, but never accomplishing it. The fact that they did not move in tonight speaks volumes.”

“They think I am weak.”

“No. They think you are of less value, or that you do not have it.”

“So what do I do?”

“Misty is now compromised. Or, she will be when she leaves the apartment with you. If she leaves alone she will be followed to ensure that she has no connection with you.”

“Misty? I don’t want her to be in trouble.”

“It is too late now. You love her, do you not?”

“Yes,” he affirmed.

“Then you must have her with you.”

“What if she…”

“She will, young one.”

“Okay,” Jason said doubtful.

“Follow your day as usual. Take her to her apartment to get changed, then go to work together. Go to your meeting, and lose the tail. You will have a tail the whole time unless you lose them. After the meeting, pick her up from work, and lose the tail again, and go to your new place.”

“That’s really fast, and how am I suppose to lose the tail?”

“Be sure before you sleep you concentrate on learning how to drive very well, rally, and all that comes with it. They cannot place a tracking device on the car, as the modifications do not allow it, but they will try to keep up. And they will succeed unless you are well prepared.”


“My advice is to drop her off at work, and leave right away. You don’t have to call in sick, or make something up if you do not wish it. Today will be your last day. Also for Misty.”

“But if I lose the tail, wont they try to take her then, to get to me?”

“Not if you are clever. I advice you to be clever.”

“How? I do not have any experience.”

“Trust you instincts.”

“Oh no, do they know about Andrew?”

“I do not think so. Not yet, anyway. If they were serious about you they would have taken you tonight. The Xerxes men tend to be overly confident. But your friend is jealous of you. Are you sure you want to aid him if he gets in trouble?”

“He may be a jerk, but he is loyal, and trustworthy.”

“Very well, young one. Then, you may have to move him as well. But, Misty is priority. They will see her as your Achilles Heel.”

“Fuck me twice!”

“We do not have time for that now, young one.”

“No. I mean. Nevermind. When am I supposed to sleep? I still need to search for the safety nets of the money, and maybe see if there is a way to have the purchases done under a different name so that I am not easily found.”

“Trust yourself, young one. You’ve been doing all of this unconsciously. Continue doing that for now. It happens naturally for your, just as you were able to hear the two agent’s conversation when sleeping, or how you were able to fuck Abby. Because, you did fuck Abby, and you know it as fact.”

“And my mind. You can read it so easily, can they?”

“I will always be able to, as we are connected differently. They cannot, as of yet. But, they will try soon. Tomorrow we will get you, and Misty trained once you are in your new location.”

“Goddamn this sucks!”

“I see nothing sucking.”

“It is an expression. Nevermind. So, I’ll get started.”

“Very well. I will put some surprises around the apartment for when they come tomorrow.”

“How will Andrew get away?”

“If you are serious about helping him, you may have to bring him into your dream.”

“That sounds like fun.”

“And young one. Sexual energy makes it stronger, but you are using another energy as well and combining it. Keep doing that. Tomorrow try and read as many minds as you can, all the time, even if it exhausts you. Eat and drink. It will recharge you.”

“Very well,” and pulling the computer to him, got to business. He worked fast reading all the emails he sent out, and looking over the properties he was interested in. Finally deciding for a place in Pasadena, and sending an email and cell phone number to be contacted in the morning to have a look at, and possible buy. Then, he looked at the investment emails, which he understood quite well, as he had studied this in college, but decided that he did not want to deal with other people’s money, and did not have much money of his own, so he did not pursue it once out. It still took some time, but the thought of Misty being hurt because of him filled him with righteous anger, making him to solidify his precautions.

After a while he had a fictitious name, and would worry about registering tomorrow, figuring that he could make his purchases under that. He sent en email to the Chamber of Commerce to have a package ready.

Jason headed for bed, knowing that he still needed to train in his dreams, and from the looks of it, to train a hopefully sober Andrew. He was pretty lit before he dropped him off, and there was good chance that he continue drinking, then passing out on the couch, or on his bed with his clothes still on. In which case he would still be somewhat drunk, and may or may not feel it in his dreams. Jason had no clue about that.

He had not noticed when Miranda had left, or if she had left at all, and did not ask about the “preparations” she had made. He presumed he’d get all the information sometime tomorrow. He went to the bedroom, undressed and placed the book safely under his pillow.

Jason slept close to Misty, and of racing he did dream.


Jason awoke to the voice of Misty saying, “wake up, sleepy head.” He was suddenly very awake when he felt his cock being enveloped by a warm sheath, and opened his eyes to look into her lust-filled ones, as she slid down on his cock, impaling herself on it.

“Oh wow!” Exclaimed Jason.

“Fuck Jason, you fit so good,” as she rode him. Misty had dreamt of Jason fighting, protecting her, and an alluring woman around, teasing her, and then of Jason winning, and coming to her to take her as an eternal lover, and so she awoke prepped and ready and on the edge of orgasm. She was delighted when she saw Jason’s manhood standing upright. She did not waste time, and immediately fucking him savagely.

“Oh fuck Misty, I’m not going to last long!”

“Neither will I!”

“And no condom.”

“You didn’t care last night. But, don’t worry; I’m on the pill. Now shut-up and fuck me.”

Jason took hold of her hips and pushed up as she came crashing down. Both reaching their inevitable climax with lighting speed.

Misty had her hands on his chest to support her while she energetically fucked him. As she was approaching her orgasm, her nails began to dig into his chest.

Jason loved the feeling of her nails, and loved the wildness of their fucking, and dug his fingers on her hips hard as he approached release.

“Iiii’mmm cuuuumm-aaahhh!” They exclaimed in unison.

Jason had to hold on to her to keep her from falling, but it was difficult as his own orgasm was more than incredible.

Finally Misty collapsed atop him, he hair falling over his face, as they regained breath control.

“Good morning, lover,” she whispered in her ear.

“Good morning, my love,” he replied.

“Your illusion is strong. The bed is still invisible.”

“It’s not really an illusion. It’s more like magic.”

“Yeah right! And you are going to tell me that the chandelier is an illusion as well, right?”

Jason looked at it, noticing that now one of the women was on her back while the man fucked her. The other woman was sitting on the face of the one laying down, and kissing the man, while they played with her tits. It changed. He was sure of it.

“Here, lay down. I’ll prove it.”

She did.

Jason looked at the chandelier, and lifting his hand said, “Everything in this apartment will return to his original form, now!” Nothing happened.

“I knew you were pulling my leg.”

“Right. It doesn’t work that way. I just wanted to show-off. One second.”

He concentrated on how if the agents of Xerxes discovered all this changes they would go after Misty sooner, and he needed time to prepare. He imagined his apartment in the original form, and said “archetype.” There was a bright flash, and all was back to normal. He liked the idea of using words here and there. He figured he would come up with a few mores just to have those at his disposal as assigned to an action.

“Wow, that is amazing! How did you do that?”

“I don’t have time to go into details, but after work I can show you.”

“What makes you think we will see each other after work?” She teased.

Jason stuttered a bit, fearing that maybe she did not want to come with him, but when he looked at her he could see her taunting smile. “I’m moving today to Pasadena. And I thought that maybe you would like to move in with me.”

“Oh Jason, really?”

“Yes. You don’t need to bring anything except maybe a change of clothes. We can get new things for you.”


“I would like to not go to your apartment at all, but am thinking you wont want to go to work in your white gown only, being as I destroyed your fishnet.”


He had to level with her, so lifting himself on one elbow he looked at her seriously. “I’ve discovered something during my latest vacation that has given me the ability to do what I’ve shown you and more. It seems others have become aware of it. I did not know about this until late last night, after we were asleep. Well. They may try to use you to get to me, and I cannot have that happen. There is no way I will allow something to happen to you because of me. So, I want you close to me at all times.”

“Jason. Are these people dangerous?” Misty asked worriedly.

“Yes, young one,” interrupted Miranda.

Misty clung on to Jason chest and exclaimed “ah! Who just spoke Jason?!”

“I did, young one.”

Misty looked toward the door meeting eyes with the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. She seemed to be floating along with her long golden gown. Misty was overwhelmed, and could not decide whether to be angry because there was another woman in the apartment, and had heard them fuck, and maybe even seen, or to say nothing an simply appreciate the beauty.

“I decided to show myself to give more strength to what Jason will speak to you about. My name is Mistress Miranda, and I am the guiding presence of the book Jason mentioned to you.”

Misty still clung to Jason, but relaxed a little as she began to understand. He really was totally not pulling her leg.

Slapping him on the arm she chided, “Damn it Jason! Why didn’t you tell me this before so I would not almost have a heart attack?”

“You would not have believed me.”

“I like her spirit,” Miranda said to Jason. The she addressed a blushing Misty. “What Jason speaks is true. I can see that you have the same strength of love and desire for Jason, as he does for you, and have been carrying it for just as long.” Misty could feel Jason looking at her in amazement, and blushed even more furiously.

She is so beautiful,’ thought Jason as he held her.

Miranda continued, “I can also see that you are not jealous of Jason, or his conquests, but see it as a form of pride, and for that I congratulate you. Jason will bring pleasure to many, and much to you. I can see the raising lust while I say this words to you.”

“How do you know all this?” Misty asked, slightly uncomfortable, but knowing that it was completely true.

“I can read your mind. I am connected to Jason because of the book, the lustful desire we share, as well as our passionate carnal union. Normally, I would only be able to read your mind, even if you had sex with Jason. But due to your desire, and the strength of devotion, I am able to read your feelings, and desires as well. It is even more impressive that you may wish to participate in Jason’s conquests, but have no desire to have another man to satisfy your need to be fucked. The only…”

“Ok, ok. I believe you. But, it’s very embarrassing.”

“Very well, young one. Although, we will rid you of your embarrassment. As I was saying…” she continued.

“One second Mistress Miranda,” Jason said. His heart had been beating rapidly the whole time Miranda was talking, as he heard the words she spoke, filling him with loving warmth. He was ecstatic when he heard that Misty had felt the same for almost as long as he had, and so turning her toward him, kissed her with as much love and passion he could muster at that very moment. If they were not under time constrains, he would have taken her as well.

Misty moaned into his mouth, as she felt her pulse quicken. Once Jason broke the kiss it took a second for her to regain her bearings.

“Wow, who taught you how to do that?”

“Your words,” he told her.

“Oh Jason, take me now. I am completely yours.”

“We don’t…”

“Of course we do, young one. We always have time for that.”

Jason moved in for another kiss. He was as hard as a rock even though he had come in Misty not too long ago. He could not wait to have her again. He easily roller her on her back, and climbed over her, positioning himself to enter. He could feel the heat exuding from her sex. He rubbed his cock head along her opening. Misty was dripping, and his dick was easily coated. Jason pushed in.

Misty felt every millimeter of Jason’s think cock as it entered her. She did not have time to register how that was possible, as she saw Miranda’s sex being lowered to her face. She had never been with another woman, but she had always been curious. And, it was true; another woman was fine for her. The pussy was very close to her mouth, but not completely, so Misty stuck out her tongue, giving a tentative leak. She liked what she tasted, and grabbing Miranda, pulled her to her face, diving in with gusto.

Miranda appreciated the enthusiasm Misty was showing, as she slowly grinded on her face, while playing with her large bosom, and teasing Misty’s erect nipples. Miranda enjoyed the young girls squirming as she teased her sensitive breasts, as well as she was fucked by Jason’s long, hard strokes.

Jason had Misty’s legs against his chest, holding her slightly off the bed, and slowly increasing the tempo with which he fucker her. He loved how Misty’s pussy wrapped strongly around him, and the way it seemed to suck him in. He could feel his balls bouncing on her fleshy ass. The sounds of flesh against flesh, moaning, and licking were music to his ears.

Misty came as soon as he felt someone’s hand on her engorged, sensitive clit.

Miranda was not far behind. She was already very turned on from seeing them fuck before, and the vibrations of Misty’s screams of pleasure made her fill the young girl’s mouth with her nectar.

Jason could hold out no longer, as soon as Misty started coming her cunt squeezed him like a vice, as if trying to force out his seed. He gave in to the sensation screaming “Misty you are mine!!!”

Misty’s breath came in gasps as soon as Miranda released her, and her skin was a light red from the exertion, and the glorious climax.

“Wow, that was amazing,” she said shortly after.

“Wait until tonight, young one.”

“You can call me Misty.”

“No, I cannot. But soon things will be different.”

“Ok. Lets get dressed and get the hell out of here. I’ll just get a couple of things and put them in this bag,” and he materialized a brown, stylish looking rucksack, with a golden lion embroiled, and leather straps. It was not loud, but very nice looking, and of exemplary quality. He materialized a similar one for Misty, but hers had a lioness embroiled. Stepping close to her, and taking her in her arms he said, “you are my Lioness. Mine, forever,” then kissed her.

Misty was slightly surprised at what he had accomplished, but got over it quickly and melted into his arms. Once again she was breathless when he broke the kiss.

Putting his hand on her round ass he asked, “Will the gown and shoes be enough for you?”

“Yes. I am not going to work anyway.”

“Excellent!” Interjected Miranda.

“We have to take care of several things,” Jason said.

“Good. I can’t wait to show off this gorgeous bag, the gorgeous clothing, and the jewelry. I want to make everyone jealous that I am yours. Because, I am yours, completely, Jason. Do you want me to be yours?” She asked, suddenly fearful that he would say no.

He did not respond but spoke into her mind, ‘We are connected. Never fear. You are mine, and I am yours. We will always be together. If there will be other woman, as Miranda says, I want you to choose them for us. I love you Misty.

Misty’s eyes got teary, and kissing him slightly on the lips whispered, “Thank you, Jason. Lets go.”

“How about we first have a shower?”

“Okay. It’s not like I need to worry about work.”


They went to the bathroom, leaving bags on the bed, and showered together. It was very sensual, delicate as they washed each other’s body, Jason paying special attention to her breasts and ass, and Misty to his dick and balls.

His cock started to react.

“Getting hard again?!”

“You have that effect.”

“If we do it again I might be sore.”

“We can stop by to have a shot real quick to numb the soreness.”

“Ha ha, Okay. I love how you feel inside me anyway.”

She turned around, and Jason aimed for penetration. He looked down, and saw how gorgeous her curvatious body was as the water fell over it. He felt the entrance to her depths with the tip of his cock, and softly pushed in. He did not want to ram himself in this time. Jason could not look away as he inched into Misty. They moaned in pleasure when he was completed his entry. He felt he could fuck her forever, and it would never get old. Then he started a rhythm, and for a while looked at the undulations Misty’s ass made as he entered her.

Misty loved the way Jason was taking her. He was not fucking her; he was making love to her under the shower. It was so sensual. She moaned with him. She felt one of his hands on her hip, and the other caressing her breasts, and pulling her back to rest her back against his chest.

Miranda only watched. The way they loved was clear that they needed this time alone, and she did not want to interrupt the young couple. Instead she played with herself through her golden dress.

The young couple increased their tempo, as they grinded into each other. Misty’s hands were on the bathroom wall as she was entered over and again. She squealed when Jason suddenly turned her, and lifting her in his arms, pressed her against the wall and reentered her, his chest pressing against her breasts, his lips against hers.

Misty wrapped her legs around him, grinding into him as he entered her, both approaching their release at equal pace.

Jason was in heaven as he made loved to her, kissing his dream girl. He held her up by her round ass as their pace became frantic. The lovers were close to release. They broke the kiss and Misty nibbled on Jason’s shoulder.

“Mark me, my Lioness.”

She did, and bit in, drawing blood.

That did it, and Jason fell over the edge, pouring his seed into her yet again, as he exploded.

Misty was right there with him, as the squirting of his cock inside her sent her over as well. They moaned each other’s names as they came down from their pleasure. They exited the shower, and quickly dried forgoing their hair.

Miranda went back into her book, and Misty and Jason got dressed in the same clothes they wore the day prior. The clothing seemed as if freshly pressed, but they did not think much of it as Jason slung his rucksack over his shoulder, and wrapped his free arm round Misty. Misty with purse on shoulder, and bling on.

That guy is looking at us.‘ Thought Misty.

‘That is Waxel. One of the bad guys. And from the looks of it he was not expecting you, because he can’t keep his eyes of you, and his mouth is open. I’m having a hard time not to laugh.’

‘I have to get used to this telepathy idea.’

‘You’ll figure it out.’

‘He’s on the move, we should have sunglasses.’

‘Good idea. They will be in the car.’

‘His not being very subtle as he’s getting into his car. Clearly he wants us to see him.’

‘Or as I said, he was not prepared for you, and he realized he totally blew his cover. Miranda said they were overly confident. I have a surprise for him.’

‘Oh really, what?’
She asked as Jason opened the door.

Whack, was the answer as Jason’s hands landed on her round tush, Misty yelping in surprised. “You will see, my love. Get in.”

She did, and they drove off. Sure enough the other guy was close behind.

Jason tested him a few times by being sure he got a few yellow lights that he knew this Waxel bastard had to take on red. But, there was no hesitation as he blew red light after red light.

“Where are the cops when you need them?”

“I dunno.”

“Let’s get a drink.”

“And the tail?”

“I’ll deal with him after, I promise. But I am feeling tired and Miranda said that eating and drinking would recharge me.”

His phone started ringing, and the caller id showed Andrew. “Mind if I answer?”

“Go ahead,” she replied.


“Dude where the hell are you? Terrance looks like he’s about to blow a fuse, and your hot ass girlfriend, Misty, is not here as well.”

“Hi Andrew,” she said.

“Oh shit! I mean.”

“That’s right, idiot. Please address my Misty properly.”

“Ok dude, I’m sorry. I didn’t want to be an ass. Anyway, when are you gonna get here?”

“We are not.”


“What are you deaf?”

“No, but. Okay. Fuck it, then.”

“I gotta go, give me a call when you get out of slavery.”

That got a laugh from Misty.

“Fuck you. Hey bro, I had the weirdest dream with you, and driving.”

“We can talk about that later.”

“Oh shit, I gotta go, Terrance is coming. I hope he did not read my lips, or some crazy shit like that.”

“Tell him we wont come in. Good luck,” and the line went dead.

“If he disrespects you again I will fuck him up.”

“It’s okay.”

“No it’s not. You are mine, and he does not talk to my beloved that way, even if he thinks you cannot hear it.”

“Thank you, Jason.”

“Your welcome, babe. Here we are.” They pulled up to what seemed to be a combination liquor store and hot dog stand. Misty had never seen it before.

“Here?” she asked.

“Yeah. I just want a hot dog, and a small bottle of tequila, and you.”

“You weren’t kidding. Okay. I’ll trust you. I’ll have the same.”

“Good. I like my woman to eat and drink similar to me.”

“I like how you call me your woman.”

They ordered, eating their hot dogs quickly. When they opened their bottles Jason said, “I want you to challenge that asshole. I can’t stand him looking at us, and he wont for long. I want you to lift your bottle to him, then look at me when we down it, and when done flip him off.”

“Why me? And, this is no shot. “

“Because you can drink this no problem, and it will surprise the hell out of him, and piss him off. Fuck that asshole.”

Misty did as she was asked, and laughed loudly at the look of shock that appeared on the tail’s face when she flipped him off. They got in the car, and Jason got to business. Miranda was right. He felt completely recharged. He had to ask what the reasons for that were, and why out of all things alcohol.

Jason’s tires squealed as he pealed off, with a heated Waxel close behind. He was heading in the direction of the bar, then passing it, he was heading toward work.

“I thought you said we were not going to work,” said Misty.

“We are not baby,” he said as he pated her thigh. He was going very fast, and he could see Waxel speaking into a radio in his rearview mirror. ‘Fuck that guy,” he thought and he dropped the car into fourth gear. The engine growled as he began to pull off from the tail.

“Hand me one of the pair of sunglasses in the glove compartment will you.”

“Okay,” she opened the glove compartment and gave one to him. They were black, branded T, with the design of a Lion covering the front part of the glass, and a lioness on hers. She was very happy at noticing how the designed blocked nothing as she looked through them. In fact, everything seemed clearer, and the sun not as oppressive as it hit. Then she realized where he was headed.

“You’re headed for that one windy road aren’t you?”


“And then?”

“To Pasadena.”

“Oh, but that’s one hour in the other reaction.”

“We’ll be there in 45 minutes, at the most.”

“Cool. I like Pasadena.”

Jason was on sixth gear as he was entering the curves. The first cayenne was a breeze. He didn’t even let go of the pedal. The car loved every second. He felt Misty’s slight anxiety and placing his hand on her lap as he took a large right curve said, “Trust me.”

“I do, Jason. Completely, let it rip!”

Jason could see Waxel was having a hard time keeping up, as he fell further behind. He dropped in to fourth gear as he drifted through a curve to the left, and without stepping on the brake, but gliding into it he took a hairpin to the right, staying dangerously close to the railing. Jason was very aware that there was no space for error. If he made a mistake, him and Misty may pay for it with their lives. But, he was not going to make any mistakes. And, Xerxes’ dogs were not going to hurt his Misty.

By the time he was out of the winding roads Waxel was nowhere in sight. Jason did not let up, and continued at full speed, and in sixth gear to his destination. True to his word, forty-five minutes later they were entering Pasadena.


Waxel was not happy. Whoever had decided that not taking this ‘ignorant’ man last night was going to get it. Instead he was made to stand there, and keep watch, and to follow. And the girl! Waxel was a professional. One of the best if not the! But this woman made him discombobulated, until it was obvious that they knew he was watching. He had no choice but to be obvious as well.

One of the things he could not shake off was the confidence the man showed as he walked out the building. At first he doubted it was him as they were pair, and the description had been that of a loner, thin, pale man, and such a man would not have such a woman. But this guy was confident, comfortable, bulky, and clearly a perfect match for the woman. Somebody was going to get it at headquarters. The more he thought about it, the more he was sure.

Then he lost it. Waxel lost his cool, all sense of professionalism out the window. How dare she do that to him? To cheers to him, down her bottle while looking at the other man, then looking back and flipping Waxel off, then laughing mockingly. The action said more that 1000 words. Not only did it mean that she knew he was watching, but she knew the way he’d been watching, and she did not care. Her action clearly said she was light years away from him, and so much more. Waxel punched his steering wheel, making the horn go off consequently.

Had he not been so surprised, he would have caught them right then and there. He had his darts ready, and was an excellent shot. Even more so at that distance. He would not have missed. And they would be sitting now in the back seat, looking dejected, scared, and he would be sure that the woman new what he could do.

‘And where the fuck did THAT driving come from? Come one. Not only was the car at least four classes over this one, but the skill with which he handled the car would put some of the top racers in the world to shame. According to what I was told the motherfucker had a beat up, old car!”

He was livid. He entered a dark gray complex. Marble walls, and austere lighting was the first thing seen. Once he parked his unmarked car, he entered the elevator and headed to the top. He was not looking forward to this. He never failed. Or at least he had not failed in a long, long time.

“So Waxel, what’s the scoop?”

“I lost him.”

“What?!?” Replied the woman from the night before. “How?”

“I was not told he was a professional race driver, with a monster for a vehicle. It was impossible for my car to keep up to the pace.”

“See, I told you we should have taken him last night,” she said as she punched the crew-cut man.

“We were under orders Rachael.”

“Well, he bested Waxel, Adam! The car was screaming professional, and we did not do it when we had him. We had the element of surprise.”

“He did not best me, I was misdirected!” Waxel interjected angrily.

“Whatever, you lost him,” replied Rachael coolly.

“Fuck you!”

“What is going on?”

All three looked toward a tall, bulky man, dressed in black with a black X design on his chest.

“Waxel lost the target, Sir.”

“You lost the target. How is that possible?”

“I apologize. The information I had over him was inaccurate. He was far too advanced to have discovered the power so little time before.”


“Allow me, sir,” said Adam and he took out his scanner to show the automobile. “This vehicle was created by the man. His name is Jason. There were some modifications that the scanner was able to copy, and those are here, but others not, including it’s source of power. It is self-powered, sir.”

A low, menacing voice spoke from the other side making all, including the big man, cringe as if suddenly confront with fear itself, “Miranda! That whore had a hand in this. Can you locate him?”

“No, my lord. Our tracking devices were unable to stick to the vehicle.”

“Am I surrounded by incompetence? I send two of my best men on recon., and the third, a real professional, and all you can provide is ‘you lost him’ and nothing else?”

“Sir, I…”

“I don’t care. Locate him. I want that book. My path to obtaining it will no longer be thwarted. I would punish the three of you if it were not for my need to find this man!”

“My lord,” spoke Waxel, “there was a woman.”

“Ah woman?” Asked Rachael.

“Quite! Go on Waxel.”

“He was with the man when they exited the apartment. It seemed she was quite close to him, so we might be able to find him through her.”

“I have no records here about any woman,” spoke Adam.

“That is right, my lord.” Spoke the tall, bulky man.

“Well York,” now addressing the same man, “find out who put this intel together an be sure that they receive the proper thanks. I expect a positive report by this evening, or I can assure you that one of you will be punished for this failure.”

“Yes, my lord,” they responded in unison as he took his leave.

“Tell me who put his intel together York? I need a word with the person.”


“Excellent. Send her to my office. We will regroup here in two hours. Lets see what we can find on this guy.” Waxel was looking forward to bringing the whip down on Zoyla’s dark skin, as well as other things.

“Did you get a picture of the woman, Waxel?” Asked Rachael.

“Yes. It should already be uploaded. Also of the man.”

“Good. See you soon.”


Zoyla, please report immediately to the office of Waxel. I repeat, Zoyla, please report Waxel’s office immediately.

“Oh, shit!” Spoke Zoyla.


Jason stopped in front of the City of Commerce. Walked inside with Misty in his arm, picked up a package, placed it in his rucksack, and continued.

At the next stop, Jason stepped out of the car, handing his keys to the valet and a $100 bill. Jason enjoyed how a $100 bill made people’s face light up, and change completely. He also liked reaching in to his wallet and always finding it there. It was like a never empty pot O’gold.

Misty was not paying much attention. It had not been recent that she had been to Pasadena, early in the day, let alone in the middle of Old Town, dressed to kill, with a man that loved her. She was enjoying the atmosphere. She noticed the looks she got, but they were all too respectful, and she noticed as well some of the way the woman looked a Jason.

Jason came to her wrapping his arm around her waist, “Shall we?”

“Yes, my love. But, where are we going?”

“First there,” as he pointed to a Jewelry store.

“Jason, you’ve already given me so much.”

They stopped in front of the jewelry store and kissing her he said, “No. Never. Never enough for my woman.” They stepped inside.

“May I help you, Sir and Madam,” asked a petite Asian woman with long black hair. She was impressed by the necklace and bracelet, as well as the ring of the man and knew that they were there to purchase.

“Yes, um, Tan. We are looking for a woman’s pigeon blood ruby ring, size 6. Preferably in platinum molding.”

“Ok, Sir. Come with me please. They went to the back of the store, and Tan took out a card, swiping it, and allowing entrance through a door that was not easily seen. Jason made a note of that. “Follow me please,” and they entered behind her.

“I am taking you to our special collection. We do not keep such pieces of jewelry on display.”

“Thank you Tan,” said Misty. ‘I like how petite she is. I would like to try her out.’

‘Your move.’

‘Let’s see.’

The room they entered was small with a red couch on one side, and a display case on the other.

“Every piece here is secured so it takes a little bit of time as I have to swipe the car every time.”

Jason decided to try and read her mind. Wow, this couple is hot. I bet they are crazy in bed. And the hunk, mmm, I bet he could make me squirm. I don’t know why this girl is assessing me so. It’s good that they do not know that there are not cameras in this room, and it is sound proof. Because, if they made a move I would not be able to resist them.

Jason communicated his discovery to Misty, asking her to try to read it as well.

Misty did as Jason talked.

“So, do you have a ring like the one described?”

“We have three different option,” oh my, he’s coming closer.

“In platinum?”

“Yes.” Jeez, how much money does this guy have?

“What is that?” Misty asked as she touched a brooch the assistant was wearing on her blouse over her breast, and pushed in.

“Oh, this is” ‘did she just do that on purpose? Right over my nipple too!’ “An aquamarine caterpillar.”

“It’s lovely.”

“Thanks. Here, let me take out the first ring for you.” She took out a small piece, and already Jason had decided that he did not like it, but she allowed her to continue.

“This should be a size 6, may I try it on you, Madam?”

“Sure,” Misty gave her hand. I like the softness of her hand.

“Let’s take her,” Misty told Jason.

“Ok, my dearest.”

Jason concentrated, implanting the strong idea in Tan that once Jason and Misty found what they were looking for they were going to take her, but that she was going to be the one to ask for it, and that it was her idea to do so. Also, he decided to add that every time she touched one of the three rings she got exponentially horny.

“I don’t think that is the one, what do you think Misty?”

“I don’t think so either. Can you remove it please?”

“Sure.” Tan took in a surprised breath when she touched it. It was like a shock that went directly to her pussy and nipples.

“Is everything ok?” Misty asked.

“Yes. It’s nothing.” ‘That’s never happened before!”

“Please leave it out. I’d like to compare it to the others.”

“We usually don’t do that, but I’ll make an exception,” and took the next one. She gasped again. “Sorry, it shocked me, haha!” ‘Since when does it feel so good to touch this jewelry?’

Misty was trying hard not to smirk. They continued like that, asking several times to see the first the second and the third, and asking tan to put it on her and to remove it. Tan was having difficulty concentrating, as now she was so turned on that all she could think about was getting nailed by this hot man.

“Ok. We’ll take this one. I think it looks great on you, and it matches the others perfectly.”

“I think so as well, Jason. Thank you!” Misty hugged him, and he pressed her to him, pulling her into him by her ass, grinding his hard cock against her, and tongue kissing her. He was hard from seeing that way Tan had reacted, and could not wait to put his hardness to good use.

They both looked at an open-mouthed Tan when they broke the kiss. “Will you ring it up please? The card is there.”

“Oh, yes. I’m sorry. Right away, sir.” She went to the machine, ran the card, and pressed the button that allowed the others outside to know that a sale was in process and they were not to be disturbed.

Tan turned and had another sharp intake of breath, but this one was a long one, as she saw now Misty and Jason sitting on the couch, but Misty had her plentiful tits exposed, while Jason sucked and kneaded them.

“So, what do we get for the purchase?” Asked a breathless Misty.

Tan blushed furiously, but she had to say it. She wanted it so badly. She had never been so turned on by customers before. “You…um…you get me.”

“Wonderful,” then Misty opened her legs showing her bare pussy. “Then get your little ass over here and put your tongue to good use.”



Tan obeyed. She had never licked a woman before, and really she just wanted to try Jason for size, in her mouth and pussy granted, but still. She kneeled in front of Misty and was sticking her tongue out to taste her, when Misty grabber her head and smashed it against her went snatch. “Get to licking. I don’t have all day! And hurry up and make me cum because I want you to suck my man next. Jason baby, why don’t you be a doll and feed me that gorgeous cock of yours.”

Jason liked to see this side of Misty. How controlling she could be to her play toy, and how lovely she could be to him. He got up, opening his pants, when Misty slapped his hand away.

“Allow me. I want to take him out.”


She loved Jason’s cock. The length, girth, taste, smell, everything! She held it with her right hand and licked the head while looking up at Jason. Her other hand was occupied with holding the girl in place. She licked from his ball sack to the tip several times, giving Jason constant shivers. Then spoke, “oh fuck yes. Lick my clit. Make me cum in your little slut mouth.”

He had not realized Misty had been so turned on, and was going to cum so quickly. Then she began deep-throating him as she came, her moans feeling wonderful around his stiff member. It took all of Jason’s control not to shoot down Misty’s throat.

“Not bad, little slut. Now do that to my man. Sit down, my love.”

Jason did.

Tan got into place. She was determined once she saw the size of him, but was unsure if she was going to succeed. She was not sure if he would fit in her pussy, let alone her mouth. She started to lick him like a lollypop, while Misty busied herself in undressing her.

Misty did not bother with removing shoes, but only moved skirt up, and took off panties, and removed shirt and pulled down bra. She liked how the young Asian’s small pussy looked. She looked up and saw that Tan was only licking Jason. She laid a loud spank on the girl’s small ass ordering, “Get to sucking already!”

Tan immediately took him in her mouth.

Jason was impressed at how large his dick looked in the Asian girl’s small mouth.

Once Misty saw that she was sucking, she licked the girl’s pussy. It was very different from Miranda’s and a bit tangy, but delicious as well. She licked for a bit, then shoved in two, then three fingers, trying to stretch the girl out for Jason.

Jason was enjoying it, but it was no enough. If it were Misty’s deep-throat ability he would not complain.

Misty sensed this and said, “Okay. Lets trade Jason.”

“What are you waiting for? Lick my pussy while he fucks you!”

Tan obeyed.

“Jason dear. Please spank when she does not lick me right.”

“Will do.”

Jason positioned himself behind her. He was already primed with the girl’s saliva having no need to rub against her for lubrication. He placed his mushroom head at the entrance, and pushed forward carefully. He worked himself inside slowly, inch-by-inch, in and then out, until he was all the way in. Her high-pitched moans sounded wonderful as they were muffled by Misty’s snatch.

Tan felt completely filled. She was stretched to the limit, as she’d never experience such a thickness inside her before. But she was unprepared for how it felt when Jason started fucking her with long strokes. Every time he plunged back in his cock rubbed against her clit, having her near orgasm with-in a few thrusts. Then she came, and she had to move hear head from between Misty’s soft thighs.

Jason caught sight of this and spanked her strongly ordering her to lick Misty properly.

Tan was overwhelmed with the sensations the combination pleasure and pain were generating, and soon she was once again over the edge. But she did her best to keep her mouth on Misty’s clit, and get her to orgasm as well.

Jason thought enough was enough, and increased the space to a fast, strong fucking. Plunging in deep, while spanking the young Asian’s tiny ass, getting it nice and red.

Tan had never orgasmed so often in such a short time. She was close to passing out, and so she used all the concentration she had left on getting Misty to cum. It worked, as after a few seconds she started swallowing all of Misty’s nectar, and she heard, far away, her moans of pleasure, as Misty’s thighs covered her ears.

Jason was so close to coming, but did not know if the girl was on the pill, and did not want to get her pregnant. He held out as long as possible, trying to wait out Misty’s orgasm.

When Misty came down from her bliss, he looked into Jason’s eyes and immediately understood.

“Alright slut, take my man’s cum and swallow all of it. Don’t waste a drop!”

Jason pulled out with a pop, and Tan turned around fast, taking Jason as far into her mouth as she could, and sucked as hard as possible, breathing through her nostrils.

“Here it comes!”

Jason came heavily, almost drowning the girl. But she swallowed fast not wanting to disappoint. At first she didn’t even have a chance to taste it. But, when Jason started to slow down she could, and she loved it. It was delicious. Once Jason was done, she licked all over his cock and balls, making sure that she didn’t miss a spot.

“Good job. I liked how you cleaned him. Do me the favor of cleaning me up as well.”

Tan did. She realized that she also liked Misty’s taste, and that the combination of both in her mouth was glorious. She hoped they would play with her again, even if they never bought anything in the store.

Jason and Misty straightened themselves kissing passionately. Jason loved Misty’s body, and ran his hands all over it every chance he got.

Misty did not complain.

Tan got herself together as well, but much more slowly than the others. She decided she was going to take her lunch break early. Besides, her boss would be ecstatic with such a great sale, so she felt she would have no problem achieving it. “This is my card,” she said and handed it to Jason. But he did not take it. Realizing her blunder, “I’m sorry.” Then to Misty, “here is my card. I will be available for you any time you want, or need me.”

“Good. And if it’s in the middle of the night?”

Tan looked at her hopefully, “that will be okay as well.”

When Jason entered the main room he tried to read everyone’s mind at the same time, but it was overwhelming, and slightly dizzying so he stopped, but determined to try again later. Noticing the jealous looks Tan got when the made it back he decided to add a cherry to the pie, as he knew they were over the huge sale. Although, he stopped trying to read, he did catch a bit of it. ‘Let’s make the other’s more jealous,’ he told Misty.

“Thank you so much,” Misty said as he hugged her strongly, “we will not be needing the case, as I want to wear the piece immediately.”

“Oh, okay,” said a surprised Tan. She took it out, and handed it took her, but she did not take it. ‘Damn, I did it again. And it’s so obvious too.’

Jason and Misty were reading her mind, and really wanted to laugh but controlled it. She turned, giving it to him.

Jason took the ring, and hugged her tightly telling her how great she was, and how happy she’d made his day. Then he did what no one expected, and getting down on one knee said, “Misty. With this ring I wish to ask you to be with me always, for the rest of our lives. I will always love you, and protect you. I will share all with you, and my loyalty will always be yours. We will travel this new path together.”

Misty was not prepared. Tears of joy rolled down her cheeks at Jason’s words, and she understood the full impact.

He continued in her head, ‘No matter how many woman we share, how many will follow us, or join us; you will always be my true and only. I want you at my side during all battles. You are the one with which I will spend every night with. Misty, I love you greatly.’ Then out loud, “Misty, do you accept?”

“Yes Jason, yes. I accept.”

Jason placed the ring in her finger, stood up, took her in his arms, and they shared a kiss of love.

Everyone congratulated them. Jason addressed Tan, “We will seek only your services when buying here, and we will be seeing each other soon.”

“Thank you for coming. It was my pleasure to serve you,” she slightly blushed at the puns, but was not obvious.

Jason and Misty exited the store hand-in-hand.

‘I am very happy for the both of you, and am looking forward to the celebration tonight. Get as much as you can done today, then eat a real good meal and be sure to drink lavishly.’

“Miranda,” they said to each other smiling. Jason led them to a bank.

They walked in asking for the next possible private consultation. A tall, white man came to assist them, but Misty quickly rejected him. “Definitely not you. Someone else please. A woman.”

Jason looked at her quizzically.

“I read his mind. He didn’t want to help, he wanted to stare. And, although I want to make everyone jealous of you does not mean that I want to waste our time doing it.”


“Hi! My name is Jessica, how may I help you?” said a petite, but well proportioned Latina.

“Hello Jessica, we are here open up transfer limits, as well as a business acount. Do you mind helping us out?”

“Sure, come with me.”

“Jessica. The amounts are touchy. Do you mind taking us somewhere private?” Asked Jason.

“Of course. Come with me.” She spoke to the manager, who gave her a key, and continue to the office. She liked this people. She was very pretty, and he was very handsome, and she felt comfortable with them. Unable to contain herself she spoke as soon as the door was closed behind her. “I cannot believe you just rejected the manager so easily!”

“He’s a leech!” Misty said rolling her eyes.

“He is!” She was ecstatic, and proud to be helping this couple. “The way you did it. Okay, sorry about that. Please have a sit, but may I first give you a hug?”

“Of course,” Misty said.

The bouncy Latina did just that. “Okay. How may I help you?”

“This is my card, id, and account number. Misty can you please give her your ID as well.”

“Um. I don’t think I have it.”

“It’s in your bag.”

“Oh.” Misty looked in her bag and found all her personal paperwork. So there was no need to go back to her apartment at all.

‘How did you…’

‘Miranda did it.’

‘I have to remember to thank her.’

‘I’m sure you will!’
He winked at her.

Jessica was sure something had just happened, but did not know exactly what. She decided to ignore it, accessing the account. When she saw how much there was, her mouth became dry, and she swallowed hard. She asked with a slight tremble, “Sir, I am unsure if I am qualified to handle this account. I am not so experienced.”

Jason was prepared. He had been reading her mind, pushing himself to look in to her experiences here in the bank. She noticed she was a hard worker, and at times an overachiever, but she really knew her stuff. She wanted a promotion, and really professional. However, it seemed that this manager was holding her back. There was one occasion were the manager had asked for a sexual favor if Jessica wanted to improve he changes of promotion.

“You are more than fine. We are looking to work with one person only, and do not wish to switch around. Since Misty has chosen you, then you will be fine for all our needs.”

“But sir,” she spoke with slight agitation, “it is policy that I should turn over this account to our manager. I am so sorry.”

“Is he the one to decide this?”


“Very well. Call him in here please.”

Jessica got up a bit disappointed, calling the manager inside, then prepared to leave herself. “No Jessica, you stay.”

“How may I help you, sir?” Asked the leeching manager.

“Please have a look at my account.”

“Glad to, sir.” He arranged his coat before sitting down. The slight pomp did not go unnoticed by Misty and Jason. Although, they were sure that it was only to put Jessica down.

Jason did not like him.

“What would you like to do sir?” the manager continued.

“I wish for Jessica to be allowed to, and be the only one to assist me.”

“I’m sorry, sir. But, Jessica is not qualified to handle such accounts. It is company policy that after a certain amount I am to handle such transactions.”

“I will put this simply. Either you allow this to happen, or I will take my complete business elsewhere.”

The manger seemed shocked. He didn’t want to lose the business. The amount this young man had in the bank was quite high, which was unnatural that not only had he not noticed it, but that the young man wanted to work with this woman, and not with him who was the real professional.

“You are running out of time. We have many things to take care-of, and I wish not to waste my time while you ponder.”

Misty had never known this side of Jason. He had always seen him as shy. But, the way he was handling it all was such a turn-on.

The manager stuttered slightly and clearing his throat spoke, “Very well, sir. I will make this exception for you only.” He stood to leave.

Jason stopped him. “Please notate the account appropriately, and give Jessica the appropriate access so she can handle all herself, without the need to contact someone else in the bank, or a headquarters office.”

“But, sir.”

“Is this too complicated for you?” Asked Jason exasperatedly.

“Very well, sir.” He typed for a few minutes. Took a piece of paper out and wrote down a password. Then addressing Jessica, “this is the temporary password. Please change it as soon as you have the opportunity. Do not only use cases and numbers, but other symbols as well. I leave you with your sole assistant, sir.” He left the office.

An appalled Jessica sat down. She did not know what to say. All this meant that she had just gotten promoted. ‘Would there be an announcement at the next company meeting?’ She wondered. Then came back to earth.

“Oh my God! Thank you so much. I don’t know what to say!”

“A thank you will do,” spoke Misty brightly.

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