two women

Even though she arrived with other people, she didn’t stay with them for long. The music was pulsing, as usual, and her heartbeat moved along with it. She started out dancing up in the cage with her friends then climbed down the ladder back to the floor below, not caring who could easily look up her skirt — it wasn’t like she wasn’t wearing anything underneath, she had on a matching black thong. So, once she reached the bottom she decided to keep dancing since she like the beat. She let herself get carried away with the music and at first didn’t notice the hands touching her waist.

It was ok, since they were just dancing. She decided not to even look to see who it was — just go with it. Then she really felt a body pressed up against her ass, but the hands did not seem to match. She looked down to see large dark hands rubbing her hips, definitely a man’s hands. She glanced to her right and saw a petite blonde girl. Behind her was the dark man with either a shaved head or very short hair who sort of resembled Seal.

O.K., this was definitely unique, and because she wanted more of a story to tell her friends, and because this was sort of hot, she decided to keep dancing for as long as she felt she could handle it. She really wanted to push her boundaries this time.

They seemed to feel her permission and started getting into it even more. They pushed a little harder against her ass, the hands pulled and explored a little more hungrily. Before she knew it, the hands were under her skirt and fingers started to explore below her panties.

Whoa, her heart raced and her head began to spin. Was anyone looking? She didn’t really dare to look. This was really hot and she could feel herself getting immediately turned on. The fingers kept going, searching, and found that she was wet.

This was too much. How could this go on in the middle of the dance floor? They were inching closer to one of the large speakers on the edge of the dance floor, next to the wall and the ladder. She was really breathing heavily now, both wanting the fingers to stop and keep going at the same time. They began nudging her closer to the speaker.

God she wanted this, but she also did not want to get kicked out of this club. How would she explain that to her friends? She broke away and started to walk toward the ladder.

She hesitated at the bottom rung, not sure she wanted to go back up to the cage just yet. Then she felt the same warm hands along her rib cage. She almost instinctively raised her arms up the ladder and pushed her ass back into the body behind her, swaying a little with the music. The hands ran up and down her body, giving a slight squeeze as they passed over her breasts, all the while still giving the appearance of dancing.

She put her hands down and back, reaching for the girl behind her & pulling her hips closer into her ass. They danced along like this for what felt like an eternity, the hands more frequently and for longer duration holding onto her breasts. She was totally gasping for air when she finally whirled around.

Their eyes met only for a few seconds, confirming what their bodies had already been pursuing. Then they looked away, again keeping along with the semblance of dancing in a nightclub. The two girls now began to grind against each other moving with the beat. The guy reached around his lady friend and grabbed her ass, immediately going below the skirt and gripping her bare ass. His thumb slid under her g-string, his fingers then sliding down and between her. She could feel the fluids gushing down as he did this and the blood racing from her heart to her extremities.

God, she wanted this so badly she almost didn’t care if she got caught now, so long as no one stopped them. They backed up more closely toward the large speaker. She ran her hands up and down the girl’s front, feeling her hips, stomach and tits. She decided that as long as she was getting felt up she might as well cop a feel as well.

She reached under the girls top and played with her nipples. They were warm and surprisingly pliable considering how hard her own nipples must have been. She wished she could take them into her mouth and suck on them, but then they’d definitely be discovered.

Suddenly the girl leaned forward toward her and she kissed her. They had to stop dancing as much then, and everything else around her stopped as she concentrated only on the feel of the girl’s soft lips on her own and the feel of their tongues now doing the dancing. Once they finally stopped the girl grasped her hand, leaned closer to her ear and whispered, “Let’s go.” She didn’t care where they were going, she simply obeyed.

They led her to an area behind the DJ booth that she never noticed before. The whole place was painted black and there were black curtains everywhere, so it wasn’t that surprising that there was another whole room hidden behind it.

Inside the room was another bar and several couches, tables, and booths set in small nooks. The girl holding her hand was now walking ahead to one of these booths. It was still wonderfully dark with very low lighting coming from the floors. The booth was very large, with huge velvet seats like a plush sofa. Now she started to get nervous. What were they going here? The guy slid into the booth first and the girl moved in next to him and pulled her down into the booth.

The girl immediately began kissing her again as they faced each other. The guy then half stood up and pulled shut the curtains that were on each side of the little inset area, creating a small private room. The table was set back enough so that there was room for more than one person to sit behind it. The guy came around to the other side of the table and sat down behind her.

He wrapped his large hand around her neck under her jaw as he began kissing the side of her neck. The girl pulled up her top and started licking and sucking on her breasts as the guy then reached for her hips. Her head began spinning and she couldn’t believe this was going to happen. That she was going to let this happen, but she dared not do it either. She just had to…

She could feel him start to reach for his pants to undo them. It seemed they were too far gone to stop now. The girl started kissing down her stomach and going lower and lower. He worked with her as they pulled down her panties and helped to maneuver them down her legs and over one of her heels. They left them around her other ankle, possibly so they wouldn’t get lost. All the feelings on her skin intensified and she could feel every tiny bit of the fabric of her skirt now barely skimming the top of her bare ass.

The guy lifted her up onto his lap and she could feel his rock hard cock under her. He leaned back and pulled open her legs as the girl moved forward and started licking her pussy. It was so intense and yet she just couldn’t wait for what was next. The guy behind her reached up to fondle her breasts and ever so gently began to pinch her nipples. He squeezed a little harder causing her to gasp. That was the signal. He quickly reached down and pulled his cock out from behind her ass. He guided it under her pussy lips, teasing her while the girl licked the tip and sides of his penis.

“Oh God, please,” she moaned as she looked down at the view and he seemed to laugh a little at her naïveté. He teased her for only a few seconds more before he indulged her by sliding his cock inside. She almost immediately thought she might pass out with pleasure. She never wanted this feeling to end. He lifted her up and off of him just slightly before guiding her back down his shaft again. Again that feeling of lightheaded euphoria filled her and he kept this up over and over again until she was sure that she was so wet that it had to be dripping down his balls and onto the seat.

She had to hold onto the seat and the table to keep from falling over. She felt so weak she feared she might faint. In the meantime the girl removed her top to reveal perfect and slightly larger breasts than her own. She moved one hand from the table to touch them and the girl moved forward to rub up against her and pressed her nipples against her own.

Her skin felt so soft and slightly cooler compared to any man she’d ever touched. She gently reached up for her neck and pulled her closer to her face to kiss her. As they started kissing more deeply, he drove into her with more force, causing her to gasp over the girl’s mouth.

They stayed still with their open mouths just pressed together as he continued to drive into her. As she got more worked up, she reached down between the girl’s legs, walking her fingers over her bare pussy and then daringly pushed them inside. It was all so warm and wet, she circled her fingers around her swollen lips, hoping that the girl would return the sentiment. She did and with practiced expertise began rubbing her clit in a perfect motion, starting soft and slow at first and gradually increasing the speed. He kept up his tantalizing movements, sliding in and out of her.

She thought again about where she was, the music that was playing, and the lights. Then she let herself feel the ecstasy again and before she knew it she was climaxing. She tried to hold back and managed to push it down for a few more seconds, only to feel that first wave coming on even more strongly than before. “Oh my God” she started moaning over and over until he finally covered her mouth as she became uncontrollably louder with each passing wave that overcame her. It seemed like it would never stop until finally the throbs began to slowly recede.

As she shuddered through the last throes of it, she felt him pull out and he worked his penis in his hands while the girl bent down again to help him out with her mouth. She could still feel part of his shaft between her legs as it pulsated and he came into the girl’s mouth. He convulsed under her as the girl gently pulled out every last drop in her mouth. He then rubbed his hands across the front of her body and cupping her breasts in appreciation.

The girl sat up and she could see how flushed her cheeks were, the moisture of her swollen lips and the faraway look of heat on her face. “Oh, you poor thing,” she whispered as she leaned forward and kissed her. The girl moaned a little and she more aggressively pushed her back onto the seat. She began to greedily suck on her breasts and then kept going down as the girl was moaning more desperately. She had never done this with a girl before, but why stop now?

She slowly explored further with her tongue until she reached her pubic bone. Now the girl was writhing in agony and lifting her hips up higher, seemingly unable to contain herself. She lowered the tip of her tongue down further until she could feel it sinking in between her lips. It felt like velvet. She thought about how it was just a little salty, tangy and yet sweet… not too bad. The girl moaned and shifted her hips and immediately she thought about how she wanted to make her feel.

She started swirling her tongue around and the girl started to writhe some more. This was getting even better and she started to feel herself getting wet again. The guy must have been feeling this as well as she could feel him nudging himself behind her. She instinctively pushed her hips back a bit and that was all the invitation he needed.

Again he plunged inside of her and began slowly thrusting, building in time with their rising excitement. In turn, she kept licking the girl’s pussy as they both became wetter. It was becoming a little harder to keep moving as he was pumping behind her, so she gripped onto the girl’s hips to steady herself.

The girl reached down and grabbed her head to help keep it in the right place. After a few minutes of this, the girl rasped, “Get on top of me.” They both complied without his losing contact inside of her. She straddled on top of the girl, moving one of her legs down onto the floor and ground her pussy onto the girl’s. It only took a few seconds as they adjusted their movements until they worked into a frenzy.

The guy increased his fervor as well until the two girls began coming at the same time. They both gripped each other desperately as they convulsed into each other over and over again. They breathed cries of ecstasy and triumph into each other’s hair. The guy started to groan as well, but he held back until they were finished and started kissing each other in relief. At that moment he finally cried out as he pulled himself out and squirted what little fluid he had left onto her back.

He slowly rubbed his cock over her ass and leaned onto her back and kissed her ear. “See you back here next week?” he inquired. “Yes,” she breathed, not even thinking twice about it.

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