two women one man

After their wonderful escape in the Caribbean, Miles and Dawn had drawn even closer sexually. They replayed the video of the threesome many times during later love-making sessions and tried to recapture the animal lust and satisfaction they’d experienced poolside with a willing masseur. They used her anal beads, fingers and other toys to fill her almost as completely as she’d been on that memorable day.

Dawn greatly appreciated the gift her husband had allowed her especially since there was no jealousy or demands coming later on. She began to dream up ways that she could repay his sexual generosity. She knew he’d love to have another woman join them in the bedroom, but doing so was a bit of a problem. It needed to be someone they could trust and wouldn’t gossip about such an encounter. They lived in a conservative area, a suburb where the country club circles they ran in loved to spread the latest about each other. It needed to be someone he was attracted to, she was attracted to and wouldn’t try to wedge herself into their close relationship later on. A great fling with no repercussions was what she wanted. But how could she pull this off?

She always felt that the anonymous partners she might find on the internet were either scam artists, cops, or blackmailers. She was also afraid of hiring a professional that ended them up arrested. Then it hit her. He had a conference coming up the next month in Las Vegas. “Wasn’t it still known a Sin City?”, she thought to herself. She pulled open her laptop and began to search.

They arrived at the modern hotel suite reserved for them during the conference a few weeks later and settled in. It had a large living room area, bar and separate bedroom and bath. After dinner and some blackjack, they retired for the night. Miles would be in meetings for most of the following day while Dawn planned to relax and shop a bit. He was already gone when she awoke the next morning. After a light breakfast, she left to rent a car and began her visit to one of the famous brothels located outside of the city.

She’d decided on this particular place from her online research weeks earlier. She entered the large, Spanish-style house from the dusty parking lot into a nicely appointed, foyer. She was quickly welcomed with a drink and sat with the female owner in the large living room. They reviewed what she hoped to do for Miles with one of the available young ladies that week. She was shown a large, photo-filled book with descriptions of each girl’s measurements, sexual acts she would engage in and prices. She really was shopping, but not for clothes like she’d told Miles. It was sort of fun. She knew he liked her body type (petite, somewhat athletic with dark hair and eyes) as she looked for the perfect third.

Soon, she’d picked one she thought would fit the bill nicely. She was twenty-six, 5’3 and 120 pounds with long, dark hair and a toned, petite look. Her eyes were dark brown and she had a friendly, bubbly look about her. Her recent medical testing was also up to date indicating a clean bill of health. Dawn thought to herself, “They really are a well-run organization here, very professional.” She paid most of the night’s fee in cash to reserve her for later that night.

Miles returned from a long day of meetings to a room service dinner from the hotel’s five star restaurant. His wife joined him as they relaxed and discussed his day. “I set us up for a massage tonight. I knew you’d need to relax after your long day, so someone will be up soon”, she explained. He shot her a suspicious look as he remembered the last time they had couple’s massage. “No other men this time. I got a young lady who seems very professional” she said without meeting his gaze.

He showered and put on a robe. As he entered the suite’s main room, he saw his wife already getting her rubdown on the masseuse’s table. The young lady eyed him for what seemed like a bit too long. She was massaging his wife’s back as she looked him up and down with a slight smile to herself. He poured himself a stiff drink and sat on the couch admiring the two beautiful ladies. They could almost be sisters. Both had the same build, coloring and friendly look about them.

Dawn was done and put on her robe. She strode over to the bar and started her own drink. Miles took his place under the sheet as he admired the sexy thing about to deliver some well-deserved relaxation. She started on his hands and worked her way up each arm to his shoulders and neck. She next moved slowly down his back and on to his hips. He kept his eyes closed and enjoyed her touch, trying not to get too turned on as she worked her strong hands over his ass. His wife was in the room and he didn’t need any embarrassment or later teasing from her. She rubbed his feet and slowly moved up his legs before asking him to roll over.

He did as asked and she began to massage his chest with oil. He relaxed and closed his eyes again thinking about how good this girl smelled. He felt another pair of hands take one of his hands and start to rub it with oil. He opened his eyes to see his lovely wife beside him, smiling and completely naked. She placed his oiled fingers to her nipple and used his hand to rub her nipples to erection.

His surprise was quickly overtaken by his desire. He felt a pair of slippery hands grasp his cock and start to slide over and over it until he was fully erect. Dawn moved his hand to her pussy and pressed herself up against him. His fingers circled around her clit as she moaned with pleasure. “I thought you deserved to have the favor returned”, she whispered. “Let’s move this party into the bedroom”, she said as she pulled him up from the massage table.

As he entered, he noted that she’d set up his video camera with a cable attached to the flat-screen nearby. Watching themselves as the action happened was a great idea. “I want you to lie on your back and relax. I’m gonna make you feel so good”, she explained. She kneeled between his legs and took him into her mouth. With no slow teasing this time, she began to deepthoat his cock with wild abandon. Slurping and licking the shaft, flicking her tongue over the underside, then pumping him with a slippery hand she made him crazy. The masseuse was now naked, on both knees and facing him on the bed. He stroked her wet pussy for a few minutes and slipped a finger inside. She squirmed on his hand and shut her eyes. She moaned quietly with pleasure and gyrated her hips with his movements.

She then swung her leg over his head and eased down onto his face. He licked her clit as she moved back and forth with pleasure. His wife stopped sucking and climbed up him as well. She straddled his hips and grabbed his cock with her hand, slowly easing herself down onto his manhood. She writhed on him and clenched her pussy onto him, gripping and squeezing him as he slid in and out of her. She was always so hot inside and her juices started to ease out onto his long cock. She reached back and rubbed his cock as he slid in and out of her. Her fingers were now wet from her own excitement, so she used her natural lubricant to rub her finger gently against her asshole. She thought back about the dual penetration she’d enjoyed with her man and a stranger when on their last vacation and laughed quietly to herself.

The two ladies were facing each other, riding his face and cock, smiling at each other and began to rub the other’s nipples. Pinching and gently squeezing with both hands, they groaned and giggled like naughty schoolgirls. They rocked back on forth on his cock and face using him like a sex slave. “I’m ready for a change,” said Dawn after a few minutes in heaven. Both ladies dismounted. Dawn eased onto the masseuse’s willing mouth in a sixy-nine position. They stroked each others pussies with fingers and lapping tongues as Miles stood gazing at the incredible site before him. He stroked his cock for a moment as he took it all in.”Get over here and FUCK ME!” she playfully demanded of Miles. He entered her from behind and slid his cock deeply into her wetness.

Dawn continued to hold herself over the kissing and licking mouth below. It felt incredible to have her clit licked as her man pumped her from behind. Miles looked over at the widescreen TV to see them in action. Watching a live porn movie of themselves was incredibly sexy. It was far better that any porn video he’d ever seen. Two hot ladies pleasuring each other and him at the same time was almost too much. He held back from spurting his cum into his wife and kept going. He rubbed dawn’s still wet asshole with his finger. She opened up to his probing and soon he was finger-fucking her ass, fucking her pussy with his cock and he watching her clit being licked on the TV.

He pulled out of her pussy and gradually eased himself into her ass. The girl below his wife slipped two fingers into her wet pussy and he could feel her fingers through the wall separating her ass from her pussy. She alternated fingering and licking with spreading open her pussy for him to see his wife on the TV. His wife started to tremble and breathe in short, gasping breaths. He continued to pump her ass with his cock and pushed as deeply inside as he could get it. She bucked and squirmed on his cock as he felt her ass spasm and release over and over indicating her waves of orgasm. He saw her squirting a little bit onto the face of the masseuse below her. The girl below licked at the still quivering pussy with excitement.

He felt his own spasms mounting. It began at the base of his cock and seem to flow up in waves as his cum poured out into her ass. His whole body clenched and released as his climax seemed to flow from every inch of his body, down and out his spasming cock. He pulled out of her ass and the girl below quickly grabbed him and licked him clean. They all collapsed into a heap of satisfied flesh on the bed. The girl quietly slipped out with her pay and they slept well into the next morning.

Chapter 1

I married Stan for several reasons; he was dependable, he had a job with a good future, he loved me, he was honest, he knew how to make me have great orgasms, well, that’s pretty good, right? And, of course, I loved him dearly.

He’s wonderful but one thing I now know is that he’s no handyman. He kids that he doesn’t know which end of the screwdriver to hold. He may be right.

So, when we bought our condo, there were some things that needed repair and replacement, no real big things, the inspection caught those. No, it was more a bunch of little things that you find out about after you’ve lived in a place for a month or two, loose shelves, sticking drawers, dents in the wall, a tile that comes loose in the shower, things like that.

Now, I’ve told you that Stan keeps me well-fucked and that’s wonderful, more the better. But, he’s totally inept around the house, or condo, in our case.

So, I asked around the office where I worked and one of the girls I work with, Denise, gave me the name and number of a guy she had used and was pleased with enough that she and her husband have used him a number of times. She told me I would be very pleased with his work and that she was very happy with what he had done for her.

I called him and made an appointment for him to come over and look at the things we wanted done so he could give us an estimate. He was right on time and Stan and I showed him all the little projects and he gave us an estimate right there on the spot. It seemed reasonable to us so we asked him when he could start and it turned out that he could start the coming Tuesday. I figured I would work from home while he did the work to just make sure everything went as expected.

Now, right after he left, my husband said, “Well, hon, I think you caught his interest.”

“What? You don’t mean, like, sexually or something.”

“Yes, sexually or something. He was checking you out the whole time.”

“There was once when, well, he did seem to be looking down my top, but…”

“Hon, he was drooling and you hardly noticed.”

Let me stop for a moment and explain a few things. First, I’m not a Playboy Bunny, I’m fifty-three. Having said that, I do look pretty decent for a woman my age, I’ve gained only a few pounds since I was in college, even my boobs have held up pretty well. Not every woman my age can get away with wearing a blouse braless but I can and they don’t really sag particularly at all. Second, I’ve been married for over thirty years. And, well, I’ve never strayed from my husband ever.

There was once, well, I was about twenty-eight, a fellow that worked to the same company, he wasn’t shy about what he wanted, we even did a little necking in a back room after everyone had left. Had my blouse and bra off and I just made him stop. That was not easy.

Well, this handyman wasn’t the first guy who had shown an interest but, truthfully, it did feel pretty good.

“So, are you jealous that he’s checking out your little wifey?”

“Here, feel,” and he took my hand and led it to the bulge in the front of his pants.

“What got you so excited?”

“Seeing a guy that so obviously wanted you.”

“And that makes you hard?”

“Oh, yeah. I know it sounds strange but I think you should go braless the day he’s here. He’d love a look at those great boobs of yours. Bet he’d love to suck those hard nipples,” he said as he reached out and lightly pinched my nipples which were hardening with the talk of teasing the handyman.

Walt, the handyman, appeared to be in his mid-forties and was in pretty nice shape. He was nice looking and clean-shaven and Denise had told me that he was divorced and also a bit of a flirt. Ah, well.

The next day, I mentioned to Denise that we had hired him and thanked her for the recommendation.

The night before he came to start the repair work, Stan, after supper, almost dragged me into our bedroom and began taking my clothes off.

“What has gotten into you?” I asked as we stood there naked, my husband’s cock hard and stiff like a teenager’s.

I took hold of it, “Look at you, what a hard-on.”

“Well, you’ve just got to give this guy, Walt, a show tomorrow. Braless, that low-cut peasant blouse, short skirt, no panties. Give him something to live for, hon, you are such a hot woman and you know he wants what you’ve got. He’d love to do this,” and he bends down to begin sucking my nipple as he fondles my other breast.

We were soon in bed, Stan up over me fucking me like he hadn’t done in quite a while, this was no love-making, he was fucking me. Now, that’s not a complaint, I’m a woman who loves both. And right then, it felt right, oh, so right.

After our sex, we lay there in each other’s arms as he asked me, “So will you dress like that tomorrow? See what the thought does for me?” and he leads my hand down to his re-hardened cock.

“What is this all about, Stan, you want me to start something with this guy?”

“Well, hon, just go around without panties or a bra and see what happens. You’re a sexy woman, you know he was looking you over.”

“And, what if things go a little further? What about that?”

“Just promise me you’ll have fun, that’s all.”

“So, whatever might happen is okay with you?”

“As long as you tell me all about it.”

“You’re crazy, Stan, but I’ve got a use for this,” I said as I gripped his hard cock and moved up over him and gave him a fucking. Yes, I was turned-on, my pussy wanted action even though I’d had a quite nice screw just a while earlier.

The next morning, Stan watched as I got dressed. No panties, no bra, peasant blouse that tended to dip open whenever I bent forward even the slightest. And a skirt that just came below my pussy and butt cheeks. I may be over fifty but I was looking pretty good.

“God, if I had the time, I’d fuck you myself but I’ll leave you to your handyman. Have fun,” and he kissed me and left for work.

I went to the kitchen for a final cup of coffee and sat there wondering what the day might bring, my pussy, all tingly.

Denise had told me the guy was a flirt, well, lots of guys flirt, maybe that’s all he ever did. Then, maybe Stan was right, this Walt guy really wanted to fuck me. Well, I was probably just becoming a teenager when he was born. Surely he’s got younger women to have fun with.

I stood up, rinsed my cup and walked back into the bedroom and stood before the full-length mirror.

Well, for fifty-three, not bad. Nice tits, you can even see my nipples a bit through the fabric and, turning around and bending over, let’s see, mmm, well, that leaves nothing to his imagination, mmm, pussy lips and all.

I had freshly shaved knowing that things may go farther than I first thought, after all, looking at myself, and feeling the wetness inside me begin to build, well, I wanted to look my best and be at my sexually most appealing. Then, the doorbell rang.

He came in, gave me a brief hug, took his toolbox and painter’s tarp and went to the kitchen where there were several small projects. I went into a spare room we use as an office and began some office work and about an hour later went back out to the kitchen to see if he would like some coffee or something else to drink.

He told me water was fine and showed me two things he’d already done. We sat at the table and it’s obvious that he’s very interested in the amount of cleavage I’m giving him and when his glass was about empty, I got up to fill it and, at the sink, I pulled down the front of my blouse some more and went back to the table.

There’s no question where his prime focus was and I could see the effect it was having on the front of his workpants. When we were finished, I made sure to brush my breasts along his arm as he was getting up and to lean forward offering him an enhanced view for him to think about as he went back to work.

As it neared noon, I went back out and asked him if he’d like a sandwich and I went to make them as he came in to sit at the table. As I was working on our lunch, I pulled my blouse down even further, just keeping my nipples covered, yes, I was turned-on, yes, I was pushing the envelope.

We were just chit-chatting when he moved the subject.

“I must say, Lisa, I’m really enjoying the view, I do appreciate it,” he said as he smiled across the table.

“Well, thanks, Walt, that’s a nice thing to say,” and I leaned forward giving him a better view as I looked directly into his eyes making sure he knew that it was all intentional.

He looked right at me as his hand came across the table and slid into the top of my blouse, right under my breast, as he moved his chair over to me, then pulled my blouse down off my shoulders.

Chapter 2

“Very pretty, Lisa,” and he bent over to take one of my hard nipples into his mouth and began to suck. I petted his face as he sucked me. By now, I was so turned-on, so horny, so aroused, that I dropped my hand to his lap and began rubbing it on his very hard bulge.

I pulled my breast away, got down and unzipped his fly, wrestled his hard cock out, sucked it for a minute, then, got up over him in his chair, facing him as I crammed his cock into me and began scissoring up and down as his strong hands helped me raise me up and down.

“Oh, Lisa, you are one hot woman. And tight, really tight. I’ve been wanting this since I walked into your condo last week.”

“I saw you looking at me, you naughty man. Here I am, happily married, and you come along looking me over, making me get hot, getting me juicy.”

“Oh, you are juicy, all right. I just went right up inside you, right where I’ve been wanting.”

I was grinding down on his cock, twisting my hips, rubbing his tip way up inside me where it felt so good.

“Mmm, I love your cock, Walt, nice and gets deep where I want it.”

“Your pussy muscles are awesome, Lisa, you must exercise them a lot, they sure are making me feel good.”

“I’ve got a dildo that I can stick on the bathroom floor, and, no, that’s not why the tile came loose, don’t even ask. I use it to keep my pussy toned-up, so, you like it, huh?”

“Mmm, your pussy is fabulous, you’re gonna get me off pretty soon.”

“Good, I’m close, too, then, we’ve got to get back to work and quit fucking around,” I gasped, breathlessly as I smiled at him. Oh, yes, this was great. I’ve never fucked another man since I married Stan but he didn’t seem to mind, even encouraged me, of all things, and now, here I am, impaled on our handyman’s lovely, hard cock fucking him up and down with all I have.

“Mmm, mmm, yes, yes, OOH, OOH, UH, uh, mmm, oh, yes, that’s wonderful, mmm,” I groaned as my orgasm took me over and I kept moving, wanting his cum, wanting him to cover my insides with his cum, to leave me full of his body’s love offering to me. Oh, yes, I wanted his cum.

And I got it, “UUNH, UUNH, uuh, uuh, uh, mmm, mmm, oh, that was wonderful, Lisa, you are so good, so sexy, I knew when I first saw you that you would be the best,” and he leaned forward and kissed me long and hard, our tongues fucking each other’s mouths, his cock soaking in his cum lining my throbbing vagina. I loved it and didn’t want to ever move.

But, I also knew that there were projects to be finished and I pulled off him and got a wet cloth to wipe his cock with. I also took the opportunity to suck it a little more because it was so handsome and hard.

About four, I went back out and got him.

“It’s time to knock off work, Walt, I’ve got something that needs some attention as I pulled off my peasant blouse and skirt and led him into the bedroom. He got up over me and we had a lovely, long, leisurely fuck that ended in two wonderfully explosive orgasms. We snuggled and kissed and played with each other until it was almost five, then had a quick shower and off he went after promising me he would be back for more at eight on the money. It’s nice to have a promise.

About five-thirty, the door opened and Stan came in, took one look at me and said, “Well, you have a well-fucked look about you, hon. Have a nice day?”

“Quite a nice day, thank you. I think you were right about our handyman. Seems he was into me. And more than once,” I said with a smile and a wink.

“Still drippy with his cum? Anything left for me, a little creampie, perhaps?”

“Already showered but you can try,” and I sat on the sofa and put my legs up over his back as he knelt before me, lapping me out. Then, he sat up and said, “Well, I think I’ll leave you alone tonight so you’re good and hot for him tomorrow. So, you can really let him have it.”

“Well, that deserves a nice suck for such an understanding husband,” and we changed places. I made dinner with the nice taste of my husband’s cum in my mouth, rinsing it down with a glass of red wine.

Over dinner, Stan just had to hear every bit about my coupling with our hired man and how my orgasms each were in great detail. He was so hard, I sucked him off again. I was so horny when I finally went to sleep, I wanted the morning to hurry so my new lover would be here for another fuck.

I wore a low-cut tee and another short skirt, this one, denim, and Stan greatly approved of my attire before he left.

“Oh, babe, there might not be much work done today after he sees you like this. Save me some cum, so I can eat it out” and he kissed me as I squeezed the large prominence in the front of his trousers.

I was sipping the last of my coffee when the phone rang. It was Denise asking me if Walt was coming today. I told her he was due any minute and she asked if she could stop by to collect on an IOU from Walt since she’d be in the neighborhood around noon. Well, I told her I’d pass it by Walt when he arrived and call her back. Strange.

At exactly eight, the doorbell rang and there was Walt, looking all eager for another day of work and play.

“Come in, Walt, um, Denise just called and asked if she could come by around noon to collect on an IOU. She said you’d know all about that. I’ll call her and let her know.”

“Um, huh, well, sure, yeah, tell her, fine, just fine. I’m sure we’ll all have a grand time of it,” so I phoned Denise and let her know.

“Well, we got quite a bit done yesterday, Walt. I’ve got a few ideas I want to pass by you for today,” I said as his arms swept me up in a kiss and tight hug, his hands under my skirt exploring my bare butt.

“You’re looking so good, this morning, Lisa, okay, what’s your plan?”

“Well, that uniform is so nice and clean, I hate to see it get messed up. Maybe you should take it off to work around the house. And, I could help you, too, hand you any tools you need, I’m good with guy’s tools.”

“Oh, you sure are. Well, I’ll work naked if you will, that’s fair, right?”

“I was hoping you’d be fair. Shall we, then?” and I pulled off my top and unzipped my skirt and put them on the arm of the sofa to stand there naked as his eyes ate me up hungrily. He quickly shed his work shirt and pants along with the briefs he had on underneath. Then his shoes and socks.

“This what you wanted?” he asked, standing there with his cock at full mast.

“This is exactly what I wanted. What about you, Walt?” I asked as I wrapped my fingers around his shaft.

“Exactly what I’ve been hoping for all night long.”

“Well, let’s do this properly and get ourselves in the mood to work by taking a little time out for ourselves,” I suggested and I pulled him down the hall to our bedroom, gripping his cock, never letting go for a single moment.

I had him get down on the bed and got up over him, squatting down as he held himself steady. As soon as his cock touched my wet pussy lips, a shiver went through me, then I pressed down as his hard cock was swallowed up inside me, right where I’d wanted it ever since he pulled it out of me late yesterday afternoon. Now it was back, deep inside me. Mmm.

It was a fantastic fuck, even better than yesterday if that was possible. My pussy was delirious. But, after, we did get up and go to work on several projects. It was so sexy to see Walt in just a toolbelt, his cock hanging down when he squatted to adjust a cabinet door, or up on a short ladder tightening a loose ceiling fixture. I stood below, offering him a steading hand on his hip as I sucked his cock.

“i’m gonna hire you full time, Lisa. It might kill my productivity but I’ll sure be a happy man.”

“I’m sure you tell that to all the helpers who suck your cock.”

We laughed and fooled around some but did manage to get some things done other than each other. Then, Denise called and said she was on her way.

So, Walt and I got dressed, I hoped Denise had a good reason to interrupt our fun.

The doorbell rang and I let her in. She grabbed me and kissed me full on the lips, thanking me for letting her come by, then went right to Walt, arms out and kissed him hello in a way hardly reserved for strangers. Well, well, I thought. Maybe Walt gets a lot of pussy.

She looked at me and said, “Um, about this IOU, well, uh, I brought my van and thought maybe I could borrow Walt for a bit and take him and show him how the inside of the van is set up.”

Walt took me aside and whispered, “Um, see Denise and I did pretty much what you and I’ve done. She want’s a little replay, which is nice of her. But, what I was wondering, well, would you want to do what we were doing with her included?”

Really not expecting this, I told him sure, why not, and he went to Denise and posed it to her. Then, they both came over to me and Denise said, “Well, looks like we all get to know each other a lot better, huh? I always thought you were pretty sexy, Lisa, this should be fun.”

My heart did a little flip when I realized that she meant that we all three would be having sex together including the two of us women. Well, that hadn’t happened to me since college. But, she was pretty and certainly sexy, well, why not and I led them both back to our bedroom where we were all quickly out of our clothes.

Denise immediately embraced Walt as I got on our bed.

“Oh, I want to fuck him so bad. Lisa you get up over him, have him eat you out.”

Well, that seemed fine, I love my pussy eaten and I’d been fucked by my nice handyman a while earlier so Denise had Walt lay down and she got between his legs, facing away, and slid back down on his cock to begin rocking back and forth as his hands rubbed her butt and along her pussy as it went up and down on him.

I got up over his head and lowered my wet pussy down on him and felt his tongue probe in between my lips and wipe back and forth. I wanted to get his face all smeared with my abundant juices and to rub my clit around on his face as well.

“Oh, I love your cock, this is just what I’ve been wanting,” Denise moaned as she rocked up and down. Walt’s hands were now up under me, rubbing my juices all around, easing my pussy open so he could tongue me deeper, rubbing my labia and my clit. He got me off in a wonderful orgasm and I just stayed over him as he continued to lick me.

Soon after that Denise climaxed and she’s a screamer. She let the whole neighborhood know. Then Walt cummed her full. We lay there with Walt in the middle when Denise suggested that she and I have some fun showing Walt how women have their own little romp.

So, she got up between my legs and I was soon squirming and writhing with the second tongue of the day caressing my pussy. It did bring back memories from my college years rooming with Becky McTeague who I had quite an affair with my junior year. Yes, the memories of Becky pleasuring my body brought me my third orgasm of the day.

“Look who’s hard,” Denise squealed as she grabbed our handyman’s newly-risen cock. Here, Lisa, you suck him and get him real hard. I bent over him as I felt two of her fingers slide into me and begin fucking me in and out as I bobbed on his cock.

Soon, I knew his cock was as hard as I could get it, so I lay down and Walt got between my legs and shoved into me. As he was fucking me, Denise got up over my head and dropped her wet, cummy pussy down over my face and began scooting around as I tried to lick and tongue her.

Lost in Eros

Book II: The Forest

The Bull

Tascha had almost no experience with large animals. She hadn’t grown up on a farm or anything. All she could think was that she shouldn’t make any aggressive or fast moves. She was glad she didn’t have a red cape or anything, but then realized that she didn’t even know if that made any sense. Maybe bulls just had poor vision so bullfighters used the bright color to draw their attention. Of course, it was likely that none of this really mattered, since, clearly, this was no ordinary bull.

Sure, it had the head of a dark brown bull, with large, dangerous looking horns. Its big dark eyes were watching Tascha carefully. It had a thick bovine neck, covered with proper bull fur… or was it hair on cows? At the shoulders though, everything changed. From there on down, well, until the thighs, the Bull had the body of a big, muscular man, also dark brown, though hairier than she had ever seen a black man’s body. His thighs started out human, but transitioned strangely into the legs of a sturdy bull, complete with hooves. How he managed to balance effectively on those feet was a puzzle she set aside for the moment.

Tascha held still as the Bull, or, more properly, the minotaur, took a few steps toward her, moving further into the sunlit clearing. Tascha was not surprised to see that it had a large cock between its legs. She guessed that the minotaur was two meters tall at the shoulder, but couldn’t work out exactly how tall it was altogether, counting the head and horns, particularly since the broad neck bent forward. It had very broad shoulders and superb musculature to support that heavy cranium and those big horns.

It looked at her carefully, perhaps wondering why she didn’t run off. Tascha was wondering that herself. As it looked at her, its hand moved to its cock. Tascha’s eyes followed the motion, and noticed that he was getting hard looking at her naked body. She caught herself smiling at the thought, and wondered if there were any she-minotaurs in the neighborhood. Maybe that’s why he’s got a bad reputation, she thought. She decided to try communicating with him.

In her sweetest voice she said, “Have you been chasing the girls with that big cock of yours?”

The minotaur blew a little air out of its nose, as if it was laughing, and then Tascha was sure he nodded his big head a little.

She decided, or decided to assume, he wasn’t going to charge her and kill her, so she stood up. She considered the creature’s now hard sex. It was as thick as the Player’s, but not quite as long. The sight of it was already making Tascha’s pussy wet.

“I’m not going to run away,” she said.

The Minotaur cocked his head to the side, as if he was trying to work out what Tascha was up to.

Moving slowly and carefully, Tascha stepped across the little stream and approached the big male, who towered over her. She found herself unmistakably aroused at the minotaur’s undeniably masculine physique and generous equipment. After her time with the satyrs she was well past thinking of these human-animal hybrids from classical mythology as being too alien for sexual congress. In spite of Nina’s concerns he didn’t seem in the slightest bit like a predator in any meaningful sense. He looked down at her with those deep brown eyes, and Tascha tried to imagine what he was thinking. If he’s like everything else around here, she thought, the XYZ has him completely horny.

“What about it, big fella,” she said in her soft voice, “have all the girls been too afraid of you to help you out with that?”

The Minotaur snorted what she took to be affirmation.

Tascha reached out and ran her hand lightly over his chest. The hair was surprisingly soft, and his muscles were hard under his flesh. She moved her hand up to caress the sinews of his big neck, then down along his firm bicep. When she reached his big hand, she lifted it, a little surprised at how heavy it was. Tascha brought it up to her face and brushed her cheek against the furry back of the hand, and then placed it on naked breast. The minotaur breathed in and began to caress her with a surprisingly gentle touch. Tascha had been a bit worried that he would be too rough and strong for her, but he seemed quite capable of controlling himself, at least for now.

As her body quickened under the bull-man’s touch, Tascha reached out and up to trace her fingertips over the end of his large prick. Due to his greater height, the base was as high as her upper belly, and the length put the head about level with her collarbone. She bent her head down and kissed the tip of it. She reached up with her other hand and began to move both hands up and down his length. She couldn’t get her fingers around it entirely, but she did her best. In any case, she loved having the hard shaft of flesh in her grasp. Tascha began to kiss the head repeatedly, and then opened her mouth wide to get it past her lips. She bobbed her head a bit on him, enjoying having the meaty organ filling her mouth. Given her new-found mission to see how much she could do with her body, Tascha was quite determined to get this beautiful thing inside her. Her hands moved down to caress his big, full balls as she ran her tongue over his cockhead’s slit. She found some salty-sweet precum there and smiled happily up at those big brown eyes.

“It sure is big,” she said, “and so hard. Do you want to fuck me with it?”

The nod was unmistakable this time.

Tascha laughed and said, “Good, but you have to promise to be gentle with me. You can do that, can’t you?”

He nodded again.

“OK, but how are we going to do this?” Tascha looked around the clearing. There was a low rise that looked like it might be of use, but Tascha thought the best option was probably the simplest. She looked around for something she could stand on. She saw a good sized rock near the stream and said, “Can you pick that up and put it over there near that tree?”

The minotaur snorted, almost derisively, and quickly moved over and picked up the big rock as if it was a big bag of groceries. He took it over to where Tascha stood pointing.

“Put it right here,” she said. When it was in place, she stood on it, facing the tree. She was about a foot higher now. Tascha leaned forward, bracing her hands on the sturdy tree trunk. The rock was big enough that she could spread her feet out on it some, which she then did.

Tascha looked over her shoulder and said, “How’s that?”

As if he couldn’t believe his luck, the minotaur carefully reached out to touch Tascha’s naked butt. When she didn’t scream or run away, he moved in closer, and she felt his thick cock against the crack between her cheeks.

Tascha pushed back against him, looked over her shoulder and said, “Well, don’t keep a girl waiting, big fella.”

There was another low bovine snort, and then she felt him pushing himself down between her legs. He must be bending his knees to get the angle right, she thought, and then the big, fat head was pressed against her eager and very wet lips. Then he was pushing into her, and she felt like it was too much for her to take, but only for a moment. Then all Tascha could think was how good it felt to have her pussy filled with that thick cock! She pushed back against him, making the minotaur completely fill her.

“God, that’s good!” she exclaimed.

His big, broad hands grasped her around the waist, almost closing around her, and he began to work in and out of her.

“Yes, that feels so good!” Tascha almost yelled. “Fuck me!”

The minotaur was soon grunting as his massive phallus plundered Tascha’s tight, wet pussy. She felt his hot breath on the top of her head. For a moment Tascha imagined the scene as if someone else were seeing it — her tiny body being fucked by this huge thing with a bull’s head. She would have reached down to play with her clit, but she needed to keep both hands on the tree to keep her balance. She wished there were someone there to see this preposterous and incredibly hot scene.

“Now that looks like fun!” said a familiar voice from off to Tascha’s left.

Tascha looked and was completely surprised to see Amy standing in the clearing watching her and the Bull. She was wearing a cute khaki explorer’s outfit, with a buttoned short sleeve shirt and cargo shorts. She was even wearing hiking boots. There were a lot of things crowding around in Tascha’s mind, none of which were adequate to the occasion of Amy’s sudden appearance. At the forefront, though, was Oh good! He didn’t get scared off. He’s still fucking me. So, Tascha decided to go with that thought and respond directly to what Amy had said.

“Oh yeah, it is!” she grinned. “Are you just going to stand there and watch?”

“That doesn’t sound like me, does it?” Amy laughed and quickly began to shed her clothes.

Tascha turned her attention back to the vigorous fucking she was getting, and pushed herself back on the minotaur’s stiff prick. She found herself eager to feel him filling her with his cum. Then she felt Amy’s hands on her body. The sexy blonde had stripped and was now between Tascha and the tree trunk, kissing Tascha’s breasts. Amy’s fingers moved down along Tascha’s belly, dancing lightly over the pink and red scrapes from Tascha’s descent from the trees, and quickly began to play with her clit. In mere moments, Tascha was coming, crying out and shaking as waves of ecstasy washed over her. As she came, she continued to push back against the minotaur’s hard body. Then, when she was coming down, she felt that beautiful cock inside her swelling even more and then it was pumping hot, sweet cum up inside her.

“Oh god, yes, yes,” Tascha moaned and then began to come again. She sagged between Amy and her Minotaur lover, tears running down her cheeks and a happy grin plastered on her face.

“Wow,” Amy breathed as she hugged Tascha’s naked and sweaty body to her full breast. “Can I have a turn?”

Tascha laughed and said, “I’m sure he’d like that.” She looked over her shoulder, saying, “How about it, big fella, do you want to fuck my pretty friend here?”

The large, horned head nodded emphatically. The minotaur immediately pulled out of Tascha with an audible sucking sound.

“Hey, hey!” Tascha cried. “Take it easy there! We’re not going to run away on you, and it’s just rude to abandon a girl so abruptly.”

The minotaur made some almost articulate sounds that Tascha chose to interpret as an apology.

Amy was helping Tascha keep her balance as she stepped off the fucking-stone, when Tascha saw that there was what looked like a fancy, large area rug in the clearing, with what looked like a back pack or satchel on it. She went ahead and asked, “What’s that?”

“Oh, that’s the flying carpet,” Amy said. “The Wizard lent it to us so we could come rescue you.”

“Um, ooookay. Where’s everyone else, then?”

“They’re at the castle. Don’s fighting the sisters — that’s the right word, right? Don’s fighting them to make them release you,” Amy explained.

Tascha laughed, “Of course he is.” She was suddenly both worried about Don’s safety and charmed by his foolhardy attempt to be the dashing hero. A number of ideas suggested themselves to her in fairly quick succession, but the one that seemed most pertinent was that there was pleasure to be attended to here in the forest. “Can you make that thing hover in place?”

When Amy answered that she was pretty sure she could, Tascha gave her directions and soon the carpet was floating at just the right height and Amy was lying on her back upon it, with her butt on the edge and her legs spread.

Tascha, still standing on the ground, leaned in and ran her tongue over Amy’s exposed pussy.

“Mmm, delicious,” Tascha pronounced, “and already very wet. Want me to go down on you, or have our friend fuck you?”

“Oh, can’t I have both?” Amy asked. She was already running her hands over her tits, squeezing and pulling at her hard nipples.

“Can you wait, boy?” Tascha asked over her shoulder with a smile. She took the minotaur’s snort as a “yes” and promptly bent back down to run her tongue up between Amy’s moist lips, scooping up the sweet nectar with the end of her tongue.

“Oh, that feels so good,” Amy murmured.

Tascha lapped her tongue over Amy’s clit, making the woman shudder and whimper. Tascha began to lick at Amy’s clit while moving her hand up so that she could push two, then three fingers up inside her pussy. Knowing that the minotaur’s cock was easily as big around as her hand when it was squeezed together, Tascha decided Amy could do with the full treatment. Tascha kept licking Amy’s clit as she worked her fourth finger into her wet and grasping pussy. Amy gasped and shuddered, but relaxed her vagina to accept the extra intrusion, and even pushed back, encouraging Tascha.

The floating carpet held its position well, Tascha thought, as she fucked her four fingers in and out of Amy’s cunt. Licking steadily at the clit in front of her, Tascha withdrew her fingers, clustered them together with her thumb and proceeded to push into Amy’s pussy until her entire hand was inside the beautiful woman, who was now writhing on the carpet, clutching her breasts and moaning aloud. Tascha kept pumping her hand in and out of Amy, whose juices were flowing freely, running slowly down Tascha’s arm. All the while, Tascha continued licking and now sucking at Amy’s clit. Tascha now realized that she wanted to be fisted by Amy, Shelonda or Nicole in the very near future — maybe they could take turns! Then, Amy was coming, loud, long and hard. Tascha held her hand still, deep inside Amy’s clenching vagina, and sucked on her clit as Amy enthusiastically and vocally rode out her intense orgasm.

When Amy collapsed back down on the carpet — her full breasts rising and falling as she caught her breath — Tascha slowly withdrew her sopping, slippery hand, turned to the minotaur, and said, “She’s all yours, big fella.”

The minotaur, whose erection had never done more than slightly subside, moved forward quickly to take Tascha’s place between Amy’s thighs. Amy smiled up at him as he pushed the big, fat head of his phallus slowly into her waiting pussy.

“Oh, yes!” Amy said with a grin. “That feels great! Fuck me with that big cock!”

The minotaur didn’t hesitate, and proceeded to push the rest of his massive organ into Amy’s willing pussy. The carpet didn’t budge as he began to fuck steadily in and out of her. Amy encouraged the minotaur with a steady stream of happy grunts and moans.

Tascha clambered up on the carpet, got on her hands and knees and gave Amy a long, deep kiss, sharing the sweet taste of pussy. Tascha loved the sight of Amy’s nice round tits jiggling back and forth as she was fucked steadily. She moved to get her mouth on one of those luscious boobs, but Amy stopped her, saying, “Sit on my face, Tascha. I want to lick you.”

More than happy to oblige, Tascha quickly straddled Amy’s head, facing the minotaur so she could watch him fucking Amy. She lowered herself down until she felt Amy’s mouth and tongue on her pussy and clit. Amy proceeded to lick the minotaur’s cum out of Tascha, while her chin pressed against Tascha’s clit. Wriggling a little in delight, Tascha noticed that the minotaur’s horns were just over her head, and just the right distance apart… She reached up and took hold of them, using them to hold herself in place over Amy’s mouth. In this way the three of them formed a triangle, connected at Amy’s mouth and Tascha’s pussy, Tascha’s hands and the minotaur’s horns, and the minotaur’s huge cock and Amy’s pussy. Like this they swayed and worked together, each of them getting closer and closer to orgasmic release.

Tascha found the sight of that enormous cock sliding in and out of Amy to be incredibly erotic, in part because she was having a hard time with the fact that her own tiny little body had taken that thing in so wonderfully well. She swayed there, between Amy’s talented tongue and the minotaur’s horns, watching Amy’s beautiful pale and perfectly curved body getting plundered by this mythical beast with its dark, monstrous cock, and remembered that that same thing had just a short while ago had fucked her as vigorous and filled her with its thick, sweet cum, which Amy now had so eagerly licked and sucked out of her.

“Oh, fuck!” Tascha sighed. Then she cried out as she came again, pushing down on Amy’s mouth as the explosion of delight swept over her in intense, fiery waves. She held on to the bull’s horns as she shook and shuddered.

Then Amy and the minotaur were coming, moaning and grunting loudly in the clearing. Tascha managed to get off Amy’s face without taking her eyes off the image of the two bodies coupling in passionate carnal union. As Amy shuddered through the tail end of her orgasm, she moaned, “Oh, that was wonderful!”

Tascha smiled down at her friend, and leaned down to give her a long kiss, enjoying the taste of herself on Amy’s mouth. After a moment, Amy sighed and Tascha looked down to see that the minotaur had pulled out of Amy’s pussy. There was a long rope of white cum hanging between the head of his cock and Amy.

“Yum!” Tascha exclaimed and quickly crawled to the edge of the carpet. She caught hold of the minotaur’s hip and urged him closer. When he obliged, she sucked the head of his cock half-way into her mouth, simultaneously getting a mouthful of delicious cum and getting her face covered with the stuff. After sucking down several good swallows of jizz from the minotaur’s cock, Tascha lowered her mouth to Amy’s messy cunt and began to suck and lick up every bit of minotaur cum she could find. Amy happily encouraged Tascha, even to the point of gently rolling the both of them over into a 69, with Amy on top, so every drop of the mingled minotaur’s juice and her own would run down into Tascha’s mouth and onto her face. Of course, Amy also took the opportunity to go back to licking Tascha, this time directly concentrating on her clit.

While they were engaged with each other like this, they were very close to hanging off the edge of the floating carpet. The minotaur, who apparently felt left out, took advantage of this situation and came back over to press the head of his big, brown cock between Amy’s legs, between Amy’s pussy and Tascha’s mouth. With a little help from Tascha and the minotaur, Amy adjusted her hips so he could enter her again, while Tascha could continue licking Amy’s clit.

Tascha lay there on her back, having her pussy and clit licked by Amy, who was being fucked from behind by a big man-bull, while Tascha was herself tonguing Amy’s clit and the underside of the beast’s hard shaft. It didn’t take much of this before Amy was coming again for the third time. Tascha followed soon after, gasping and moaning underneath Amy. Then, to Tascha’s surprise, the minotaur was coming again as well. His cock swelled in front of her eyes and she watched as he pumped cum up into Amy. Of course, there wasn’t enough room for all that cum, so it spilled out around that big cock down onto Tascha’s face and into her eager mouth.

She tried to catch it all, but when he pulled out of Amy, very slowly, a flood of the sticky, delicious stuff ran out into her mouth and all over her face. Laughing, Tascha did her best to lick Amy clean, but it was no use; there was just too much, and it was all over the place.

Amy moved around so that she could help Tascha out, licking and sucking up as much of the cum as she could, or helping scoop it up for Tascha to slurp down.

When they were as done as they were likely to get, the two women sat up and noticed the minotaur was standing by, watching them. His cock was now, finally, deflated.

“I like your friend,” Amy grinned. “Can we keep him?”

“He certainly does have some good qualities, doesn’t he?” Tascha smiled. Then, as she hopped off the carpet, she asked the minotaur, “Do you have something like a club? You know, a big stick you could use to knock things around.”

Chapter 1

I’m new to Atlanta, having moved here from near Chicago, and, being new and working for a big company, I’ve met all kinds of people; it’s been even kind of hard to keep track of them all. In fact, rather than my old circle of friends, there are so many new people I now know that it had left me somewhat insecure and lonely.

A few months ago, I had been introduced to Roy and Carol by a mutual friend and they seemed to like me right away. Roy was tall, about six-two, trim, handsome, wavy brown hair, hazel eyes, around thirty-five, I judged. I liked him right away. Carol, however, seemed a bit intimidating. First of all, she was gorgeous, simply stunning. She was model-material; beautiful ash blond hair that fell almost to her waist, fairly tall, about five-ten or so, and a figure to go with it all. She had nice breasts, not huge, just right for her body, there was nothing the least bit wrong or out of place with Carol, she was perfect. Her tan accentuated her blue-gray eyes to a tee.

We had met at a small cocktail party and the three of us got to know each other over several glasses of wine, like I said, we kind of clicked.

About a week later I got a call from Carol who asked me to join them for dinner at their favorite Italian place the next Friday evening. I gladly accepted and asked them if I could ask a male friend that also knew the two of them. She thought that would be fun, so I called Harry and asked him along.

Now, Harry was a few years older than I was but the vibes clearly weren’t there, at least from my end. He was nice enough but, well, the spark was missing. He was fine for a casual escort but no more.

So, we met Roy and Carol at the restaurant and we were well into enjoying a wonderful meal and some delicious Barolo, when Carol asked me if I wanted to join her in a trek to the ladies’ room. So, we both got up and went off to do our business and when I came out of the stall, Carol was reapplying her lipstick as I stood next to her checking my makeup.

As I stood there, leaning into the mirror, Carol was looking me up and down as I wondered if she might be viewing me as a possible rival for her husband. Well, he was handsome but she was gorgeous, after all.

Now, I am nice looking, five-five, light brown hair with some blond highlights, hazel eyes, and a very nice body underneath it all. I currently measure 34-24-34 and the first 34 is just into a C-cup. I was finally over twenty when I could properly fit a C-cup and I was so happy. In fact, so happy that I went for weeks without a bra.

For this night, I wore a tight-fitting ivory sheath that just made me look so good. I loved wearing it because I feel like the butterfly who has just escaped the chrysalis. It came to mid-thigh and showed my legs quite nicely.

Carol, well, she was stunning in an ebony dress that was skin-tight with a high slit almost to her hips. There was a nice amount of cleavage showing which she had a generous amount of on display.

“I’m so jealous, Kristen, Roy just keeps looking you up and down, he’s been undressing you with his eyes all evening.”

“Oh, now, Carol, I can see you and you simply outshine any other woman in the place, certainly me included.” I had noticed Roy looking me over but just ascribed it to my legs which are two of my prime assets.

“Oh, he’s probably just fantasizing having us both, every guy seems to love the same possibility, I’ve found,” I assured her.

“Have you ever done it? You and another woman with a guy?”

I felt my face redden as the memories raced back from college.

“Well, it was in college. It was with my boyfriend and my best friend.”

“Oh, I’d love to hear about it.”

“Well, it’s kind of a long story, really,” I sputtered.

“Well, you’ll have to tell me all about it another time. I’d love to hear all the juicy details. I’m sure there are some. I’ve had the same fantasy and I’d love to hear your experience. Well, let’s get back, shall we?” and as we were leaving the restroom, she asked, “If you’re not planning anything later with Harry, maybe we could send him off and you could to come back to our place after dinner? We’d see that you got home after.”

“Is this, perhaps to do with your fantasy you mentioned?” I asked surprised that I was so emboldened. Perhaps it was the wine combined with the delicious memories of that wonderful night in college.

“It just might,” she answered and we went back to the table and rejoined the men.

As you can imagine, my thinking was a now bit distracted by our conversation in the powder room as the memories came back of my making love to my boyfriend and him also having my best girlfriend that night. I was never really into girl-on-girl sex and she and I didn’t do anything sexual with each other but, there were a few times when we touched each other that a tingle or spark of excitement ran through me.

I’d seen porn videos of lesbian sex and did feel sexually aroused by it but never to the point that I felt I was especially interested. But, well, sitting there, looking at how beautiful she looked, the lushness of her cleavage, well, then, taking the occasional glance at Roy, wondering what he looked like naked, well, I was getting pretty wet and was hoping that the back of my dress wouldn’t give away my arousal when I stood to leave.

So, on the way out of the restaurant, Carol asked Harry if it was all right with him if I went with them so she could show me some of the jewelry she had made. Harry made his goodbyes and I got in the car with Roy and Carol and off we went.

As we drove down the driveway, the garage door opened and Roy stopped the car. The door was cycling back down as we went in through the kitchen where Roy picked out a bottle of wine and three glasses.

“This way,” Carol said and I followed her down a hallway and turned into their master bedroom.

As I stood there admiring all the beautiful furnishings, Carol stepped over to me and embraced me, kissing me full on the mouth, slipping her tongue between my lips. From behind, I felt Roy’s arms encircle me as I felt the hard bulge in his pants press between my ass cheeks.

Then, their four hands began loosening my clothing as they both worked together stripping me down to nothing, both kissing me everywhere I was being exposed to them.

When I was completely naked, they both stepped back to look at me.

“Beautiful, everything I expected. Isn’t she hot?” Roy asked his wife.

“She’s stunning, such beautiful breasts. I just knew they would be,” she said as they both began removing their clothes.

Carol’s breasts were stunning, just perfect globes tipped with large, pink nipples, each one, hard and erect. They looked delicious. As I was looking at her, Roy pulled off his boxers as his large cock hung down, now just a bit soft, it was pointing down some but on the rise. It looked to be about nine inches and nicely thick around. This was going to be a very exciting night, I thought.

They were now moving back to me, each of them with their arms around me as I felt hands everywhere, Roy now in front, kissing me, his cock pressing against me, Carol behind, kissing and licking on my back, her hands roaming between my breasts and across my pussy.

She took her husband’s cock and started rubbing the tip between my legs, I was so wet, there were juices running down my legs.

“Come, lets go to bed, Kristen,” Roy whispered in my ear followed by his tongue. Carol and Roy guided me to their bed and we all three got in as Roy began kissing my neck and shoulders, then began working his way down my excited body while Carol began kissing me, tonguing my mouth as her hands kneaded my breasts and her fingertips tweaked my nipples.

Roy was now kissing and licking my abdomen so I opened to him knowing where he was no doubt headed and knowing just where I wanted him to head. And, soon, bless him, he was down licking my wetness as his wife sucked my nipples and slowly rubbed her hand so soothingly over my abdomen.

My only other threesome, the one back in college, was with my boyfriend at the time and my best girlfriend but she and I didn’t do anything sexual. So, until this very night with Roy and Carol, I had never had any girl action at all.

Did I like it? No, I loved it. I loved them both making love to me. It was the most erotic moment of my life with both of them pleasuring me. I opened my legs wider to help Roy in any way I could and then heard a buzz coming from below followed by the electric sensation of a vibrator running slowly around my clit as his tongue licked just below.

It was all I could handle, my entire body began to shake and tremble as wave after wave of the purest pleasure imaginable swept over me while my two new lovers continued pleasuring my writhing body.

“OH, OH, OOOH, OOOH, UUH, UUH, uh, uh, oh, oh, so good, mmm, oooh, oooh,” and I just shivered and lay there with them continuing their caresses to my excited body.

He now had the vibrator in my pussy as he softly licked my clit. It was almost too much, two people were almost more than I could handle, but, thankfully, they were slowing down, Roy stopped using the toy and was now moved up to suck my other breast giving me a bit of respite from their sexual advances.

Carol raised up and kissed me on the lips, tonguing me lovingly, then went down and gently opened my labia with her fingers and began licking around inside me, all around the entrance of my vagina. I had my hand on Roy’s cock pulling it up and down, almost in a frenzy from Carol’s tonguing of my pussy.

Roy moved up to place his cock near my mouth and I hungrily moved toward it, taking it in, sucking him fervently as Carol was moving me up to another wonderful orgasm.

She, I think, might have been gently pinching my clit, I wasn’t sure, all I knew was that it was feeling wonderful as she was flicking her tongue in my pussy. She hit all the right buttons again as I started trembling as a bright white light blinded my eyes and I was swamped with the most glorious feelings. I had my mouth full of Roy so was gagged from being very vocal, but it was one of the best orgasms of my life. It seemed to go on and on, much longer than most, maybe because she just kept going and I kept sucking her husband.

He was holding pretty steady, I really don’t like it when guys start fucking my mouth, and I could hear him moaning so I knew I was pleasing him as I was being so wonderfully pleased by his wife.

“Oh, Kristen, mmm, oh, yes, unh, UNH, UNH, UUH, MMM, MMM, oh, mmm,” and spurt after spurt of his warm cum hit the back of my throat as I moved up to try to take him more fully into my mouth.

We all three seemed rather out of breath and soon, were separated sexually, now nestled in each other’s arms, me sandwiched in the middle as our six hands roamed caressing wherever they landed.

Chapter 2

“Suck my nipples, Kristen, would you, sweetheart?” she asked as she moved up so I could easily reach them. I took one of her large pink nipples in my mouth to suck as Roy, behind me, was gently easing his cock against me from the back. I reached around and positioned him right between my labia, giving a slight shove to get him started and then felt his cock part my lips and push deeper inside.

I lifted my lips from Carol’s breast and began kissing her down her front, tonguing her navel, then slowly moving downward as Roy moved with me, keeping his cock inside me.

I think he figured out where I was headed and soon, my head was buried between Carol’s legs, feasting on her pussy as Roy fucked me doggie-style from between my legs.

You know I had a threesome in college but it was sure tame compared with this one. Now I was tonguing a woman while being fucked from behind by her mate, the most erotic moment of my life. My whole being, at that moment, was consumed with sex.

Carol began to tremble and hump my face as I pulled her open for more of my tongue.

“OH, OH, UHH, UHH, AYYE, AYYE, uh, uh, mmm, oh,” she groaned as she clamped her legs around my head. My hips were up in the air as Roy kept at me, fucking and fucking while I kept my face in his wife’s pussy sucking and licking and probing her with my eager tongue.

His hand slipped up under me and began softly rubbing across my clit. That was all it took, my whole body shook as I was engulfed in wave after wave of sheer bliss radiating from my middle.

“Oh, Roy, OH, OH, UH, UM, mmm, mmm,” I moaned as he kept at me, fucking and fucking. Then, it was his turn.

“Oh, I’m cumming, oh, OH, OH, UNH, UNH, mmm, mmm,” he cried out as he shoved deep in me, his warm cum flowing from him to me in spurt after spurt as his cock throbbed out its juice.

He knelt there behind me, now slowly moving in and out, as we all quietly enjoyed the steamy mood in their bedroom. Then he pulled out and there was some shifting of bodies getting me in the middle of them once again as hands and mouths roamed looking for places to pleasure.

“You have such a lovely body, Kristen, I’m enjoying it so much. And I can tell that Roy is as well.”

“I’ve never done much with a woman before but, well, this has been thrilling. And, well, Roy, is a wonderful lover as well,” I told them and they both kissed me over and over, their hands pleasuring me nonstop.

There’s no question that being with Carol and Roy was the most erotic event in my life. They were both highly sexy and attractive people who were certainly not at all bashful about their wants and desires.

We necked and cuddled and just enjoyed each other for a while longer then got up and brushed our teeth and got back in bed and said goodnight.

There seemed to be arms around and over me all night long, it was quite lovely and comforting actually and, in the morning, we each began to awaken and become aware of the lovely position we were all in, three horny naked people who hungered for each other.

“You two have fun while I go get breakfast started. I’ll call you when it’s ready. Come as you are,” Carol joked as she got up and left us in bed.

I reached over under the covers to find a wonderfully-hard cock which I wrapped my fingers around.

“Mmm, what’s this, Roy? Something for me?”

He pulled me close, pressing his cock at me, grunting, “It sure wants you again this morning. You ready?”

“Well, why don’t we go down and keep Carol company, I’m sure we can be creative enough to find some way to have fun in the kitchen, surely you and Carol have had the mood strike while you were cooking? What do you think? She can watch us, think she’d like that?”

“Oh, that’s a great idea, I know she’d love watching us, come on,” and he pulled me up and we went prancing down the stairs and into the kitchen.

“Wow, you two set a world record,” she exclaimed as we walked in arm and arm.

“No, hon, Kristen thought you might like to have some company and you can watch while we enjoy one another.”

“Well, why not move that bowl of fruit on the table and bend her over and have her right there as I make breakfast,” she suggested and we both went to the table and I positioned myself as Roy worked his cock up into me and began.

He stood behind me as I lay over on the table, his cock moving in and out while his hands massaged my back, it was lovely.

“Mmm, Roy’s had me right there, too, Kristen, I know just how you’re feeling.”

“Yes, it’s nice, you have a very nice husband, he knows his husbandly duties quite well,” I jested.

“Oh, he gets lots and lots of practice which makes me quite happy and, I must say, I’m greatly enjoying watching him pleasure you, Kristen, you two make such a beautiful pair.”

“Well, you two do as well, maybe we’re all meant to be together, who knows?” I jested as he ran his thick cock in and out of me.

“About two more minutes and these eggs will be ready, I hate to rush but…” Carol said from the stove.

“Well, babe, scrambled eggs aren’t good cold and we can reheat each other up I think, pretty quickly. What say, Kristen?”

“I vote for the eggs, I’m hungry,” I moaned, hoping he would understand.

I felt him pull out as he said, “Yes, I know right where I left off. Let’s eat and then continue what we were doing, right?”

I got up from the table and agreed and we had a wonderful and wonderfully-naked breakfast. Being with Roy and Carol was so comfortable, it felt so good and right, we just all clicked.

Then, after we straightened up the kitchen, we were back to bed. I got into the center and Carol followed me right in. I lay back and she sat next to me, cross-legged, as she rubbed her pussy, then slid two fingers up inside stroking in and out for a minute, then took them out and put them up to my mouth.

I opened and her warm, wet fingers went in as I sucked her juices, warm and pleasantly fragrant, as she finger-fucked my mouth while I closed my eyes in happiness.

I felt her move as her fingers came out and, as I looked up, saw her leg rotate over me and down came her pussy right over my face as I automatically spread open for her.

There was more of her aroma and taste as she pressed to me while I wiped my open mouth over her, my tongue raised up to dig between her labia as she rocked her hips back and forth over me.

She got her lips onto my clit as she sucked softly, wiping her tongue across it as two of her fingers went up inside me to caress the walls of my vagina.

My hands were up on her soft, smooth buttocks pulling her pussy tight against me as she licked and sucked on me as I held my legs as wide as I could. I don’t know what Roy was doing and, well, really, I didn’t really care right then, I was just enthralled with Carol and me feasting on each other.

Carol’s body was classically-beautiful, I suppose that may have attracted me to her, I’ve never been particularly tempted by the female body but I was finding Carol to be a very desirable lover, much to my surprise and enjoyment.

She was flicking my clit with her tongue which just threw me over the cliff into a wild orgasm which had me bucking and shuddering on and on and on. It was a tremendous orgasm, one brought by a woman, a woman that I was wanting sex with, more sex, I knew she would be in my arms many times in my future.

After our lovely time together, Carol suggested to Roy that he take me from behind which happened to be my favorite position. As he got up behind me and began pressing in, I asked Carol to lay in front of me so I could bury my head between her legs as her husband fucked me.

I just loved offering them both the pleasure of my body which eventually caused them both to have wonderful orgasms along with a grand one of mine. Even though it was now quite late in the morning, they stretched me out on their bed and then both roamed all over my body with their mouths and tongues until I had another orgasm.

Then we all collapsed together in bed with me in the middle and their hands fondled me, petting me and pleasing me as I lay there being kissed and caressed like their little treasure. Again, they both were kissing me all up and down my body bringing me to another peak.

“How long can you stay with us this weekend, Kristen?” Carol asked me. It was Saturday morning, almost noon now, of course, and I really didn’t have any plans that would come close to offering me the joy and pleasure that I was having in their bed, so I answered, “How long do you want me?”

They both asked if I could be with them for the rest of the weekend and I agreed.

Saturday was a day I will never forget, one of pure sexual pleasure from my two new lovers. I have never dreamed of being so thoroughly and completely made love to than I was all day and evening that wonderful Saturday.

My sleep that night was the most solid, peaceful and satisfied of my life.

On Sunday, like the day before, we all three began rousing together and, like the morning before, Carol told us to have some fun while she went to start breakfast.

Chapter 1

I married beautiful Thai woman, petite almost to the point of being tiny, but the first time I got her naked, well, Chanhira was perfect.

She’s four-ten, at least she says she’s four-ten, and weighs ninety-one pounds. That gives you some idea of her size. What you don’t realize from that is that she has B-cup breasts which on lots of Western women is rather average, even considered small by some, on Chan, as she’s called familiarly, she looked quite statuesque, especially naked or in a bikini.

I love keeping her naked because with her tan skin, she’s simply a vision of sexual beauty.

When we first met, twelve years ago, she was quite shy and, I sensed right off, still a virgin at nineteen.

I was really drawn to her simple, happy outlook, she always seemed so cheerful, and we soon were in love. I never rushed her into sex but took my time, letting her gradually experience things so she could get used to them.

The big hurdle, I knew, would be oral sex. She did have that somewhat Asian attitude of attending to your man to provide the most pleasure possible for him but I still knew that I needed to go slowly.

Her English was good, there I was lucky, she had come to the States when she was four with her family who began a restaurant in the city I grew up in.

I loved Thai food and that’s really how we met; she was hostessing at the family eatery and I came in hungry and left full but horny and intrigued by this tiny, so pretty young woman.

As I said, we began dating and after a month or so, I had her top off and I was discovering that she seemed quite proud of her breasts which were simply perfect. They were round and high, actually solid and firm and her aureolas and nipples were brown and she loved me touching them, circling my fingertips around them and sucking them. Her breasts were very sensitive and I could give her orgasms by sucking them, much to my amazement.

Me, I lost my cherry when I was fourteen to my sixteen-year old cousin, Sally, a curly blond who was sex-crazy and she was not the last. So, I was fairly skilled in lovemaking but, with Chan, I knew that she wasn’t. Yet.

I did get her legs parted several months later rubbing the groove I felt in her wet panties, getting her off as she tried to hold back her screams of joy. She obviously had a high level of erotic feeling, it was my challenge to bring that out from behind her natural reticence and shyness.

But as we went along and she experienced more and more orgasms, some really fantastic ones that left her panting and limp in my arms, I knew she loved what we were doing.

I did get my fingers inside her panties and soon after, inside her. I was now feeling her whole pubic area and the massive fur covering that glorious, plump entrance to the wondrous heavens I knew were inside.

Another month and I had her panties off, then soon, completely naked as I told her over and over just how spectacular she looked. She allowed me to take pictures of her which she seemed to be quite proud of as she began dressing a bit differently as well. She now was believing in how beautiful she was and seemed proud of her appearance, clothed and unclothed.

I did talk her into going braless for a few shopping trips to the mall, even to Victoria’s Secret where I helped her try things on in the changing room. I’ll let you think about that.

We were now having sex regularly, even trying out some different positions and such.

It was several more months before I suggested she go out without both a bra or panties and, rather surprisingly, she immediately assented. Then, much to my wonder, she practically raped me when we got back to my apartment. I had never seen her so turned-on and sexually-aggressive. It was wonderful. She liked to do ‘cowgirl-style,’ something that her tight little pussy was so spectacular at, and she pushed me down on the bed and rode me like a bull at the rodeo. She went through three orgasms and I had two. What a woman.

Then, I knew I wanted her pussy in a new way, so as she stretched out, widening open for me to enter, I moved down and held her knees apart, dipping down to lick and tongue amidst all those wet, black curls quickly finding her juicy labia hiding amongst the bushes.

She didn’t stop me, I’d really taken extra time on her breasts and rubbing around her pussy, I knew she was highly turned-on, so she did hold pretty still as I kissed and licked and tongued her.

I eased her open with my fingers and flicked my wet tongue into her which, as I was hoping, sent her skyward.

“OMIGOD, SCOTT, OH, OH,” she cried out as I kept at her. Her body was shaking and trembling as I tongued as far into her as I could, wiping my tongue around her inner labia as she moaned and groaned, then erupted in a huge orgasm as her legs locked around my head pulling my face into the thicket of her love garden.

“Oh, UH, UUH, UUH, OOH, OOH, OMIGOD, CHUN RUK KOON,” which I found out later was Thai for I love you.

We had already told each other that we loved one another but it really felt good to know that she was so taken with oral sex.

I never asked her to reciprocate but just kept on, night after night giving her tremendous climaxes orally and she began to anticipate my oral tonguing as I crawled onto the bed by reaching down and parting her bush to expose her juicy lips excitedly hiding within.

After about a week, after i’d gotten her off orally and was moving up to press my cock into her, she asked me to lie down. Then she moved down between my legs, took my cock in her small fingers to begin licking the tip around and around as her eyes watched my reaction.

Her tongue was sometimes as soft as silk, other times, hard and rigid, as she varied it over and over, adding some soft, wet sucking just up on the tip that was luscious-feeling.

I’d been sucked before but they had all tried sucking the length of my cock and while I’m not a huge guy, just about six and a half inches, it’s the tip and the frenum just beneath that has the most feeling. That was where Chan was concentrating the most.

As she got me more and more excited, she began lapping along the frenum which felt sensational. Then, almost explosively, my cum began spurting up onto her nose and mouth as she licked me to climax. I almost fainted it was so wonderful. I just laid there trembling after being so exquisitely drained.

It was so good that I asked her if she’d ever done that before and she told me that she hadn’t. I thought it was incredible that she had such natural ability and was I happy about that.

We were deeply in love and in lust, the shy reticence of her Asian upbringing had been mostly replaced by a confident, saucy sexuality that she enjoyed to the most.

Chanhira also enjoyed the looks from other men as she became more confident. In fact, she’d become rather a tease and went about in skirts that even showed a bit of the under curve of her butt cheeks. Me? I loved it, after all, if it revved-up her pussy, I was the guy who took her home and let her ravish me.

So, not being either crazy or stupid, I asked my beautiful Asian nymph of a girlfriend to marry me, I wanted her forever, and she accepted.

We were married that fall and went on a honeymoon to her family’s homeland for two weeks and met scores of relatives, they seemed to be everywhere.

She also arranged for us to have a couple massage where her masseuse was male and mine was female and they both brought us to our happy endings at the same time. Rather incredible, but many things are in Thailand.

I won’t go into detail here about our massage (yes, I know, you’re disappointed) but each of our masseuses was quite attractive, in their twenties it appeared, and they were both naked just as we were, of course. They used their hands and mouths mostly and it was one of the most erotic experiences of my life. Chan and I, back at home, often give one another similar massages.

Back home, we settled into married life in our new home which I had bought about three months before our wedding.

Around the house, we both dressed scantily, we loved to buy each other things to wear when we were home together, thongs and such, and I was now shaving her pubic area every day or so keeping her bare and smooth though, to me, I loved her furry or smooth.

Chan was also dressing differently by this time. I often took her out shopping, helping her pick things out, skirts shorter than she would have normally bought, thigh-high stockings, especially white ones that contrasted so beautifully with her skin tone and just looked so good on her, especially when that was all she was wearing. She loved them, too, often wearing just them around the house as she cleaned and dusted the furniture. I never let her finish, of course, and after watching her for a few minutes, I would sweep her up in my arms and take her to bed and fuck her until she squealed in joy.

I had also convinced her to wear short skirts almost all of the time now, leaving the panties at home and to go braless with thin blouses that would show the imprints of her always-hard nipples. The first time she went out like this, we didn’t even get out of the mall parking lot. She had me find a place way off at the corner of the lot and we fucked in the back seat until she had a real screamer.

She became quite confident in other ways as well when she began feeling better about herself as a woman, a desirable, sexy woman. It gave her a general self-confidence that suited her so well once she accepted it.

About a year and a half later, we went back to Thailand for our vacation and the time was mostly spent with her large family with some touring thrown in. But, though it wasn’t cheap, we did have another couple massage.

Back home to the routine of work and play, the play now great fun with Chan as she’d loosened-up so much. Even her family talked about how different she was and she loved every word they said about her new self.

About eight months after that, she told me that her sister had talked with her about having her daughter, our niece, come and stay for a few weeks during the summer.

That was fine with me, she was a sweet girl, I think thirteen the last time I saw her, and was, as I remember, a top student in her middle school which was a college-prep middle- and high school.

We went to pick her up at the airport and when she walked out, I couldn’t believe the young woman I saw.

Sarai was about five-four with long black hair which was pulled back and she was grinning ear-to-ear. She was dressed rather plainly yet I could see that she was actually quite a pretty girl.

She was slim except for her chest. While Chan was pretty normally-proportioned, her niece, Sarai, was buxom, not in the waist or hips, just in her boobs. The girl was really stacked. I quickly looked around and she had already attracted admirers among the airport travelers yet she seemed totally unaware of the attention.

We collected her baggage and got to the car where they both got in the back as I took them home. They giggled and talked like teen best friends, much of it in Thai, though I knew a bit of what they were talking about. I got the drift at one stage of their conversation that I seemed to be the topic of conversation and that my niece thought I was sexy. The Thai word for sexy is basically the same word, at least the way it’s pronounced, so I really wondered what else they were talking about.

During the next few days, Chan took Sarai shopping while I was at work and usually when I’d get home, they would be out back getting some sun. I went out whenever they were because I now saw that my niece had bought some bikinis, string-bikinis and thongs, that I’m sure Chan urged her to buy and now I was seeing just how beautiful and hot this little niece really was.

She and Chan were laying on towels when I came in and stood there indoors looking out at them. Normally my eyes would be on my beautiful wife but her niece was a complete vision of sexy loveliness.

On her back, her breasts rose like mountains, firm and proud and full. The small patches of her top barely covered her nipples which, like my wife’s were no doubt small and erect. The suit, hardly there at all, was gleaming white, a hot contrast to her latte-toned skin. The rest of her body was small and perfect, it was her boobs that were so expansive, so large, she would have had every male and female eye on her if she was at a beach. Mine were sure riveted to her.

So, I slid the door open and went out.

“Hi, Uncle Scott,” she said as she jumped up and ran into my arms, kissing me on the lips like I’d just been released from kidnappers.

Of course, I already had a massive hard-on from looking at these two before I came outside. And the pressure of her super-firm boobs was thrilling as she hugged me.

Finally, I said, “Um, I guess I’ll go up and change,” and then Chan jumped up and followed me upstairs to our bedroom.

“There’s something I want to talk to you about, Scott, it’s about Sarai,” my wife said. “My sister and I were talking a few months back and she was going on about how much I’d changed since I’ve known you, how sexy I’ve gotten and how confident in myself I’ve become.”

“Well, babe, it seems to have been something you’ve wanted.”

“And it’s what you wanted, too, it’s you that changed me, helped me feel beautiful and sexy and desirable,” she said.

“And it’s been fun doing it, too,” I added.

“Would you like to do it again? With Sarai?”

That’s what she said.

“With Sarai? I don’t understand.”

“Her mom realizes that she’s just too shy about herself, that she needs more self-confidence, to become more like me, she said. She wants our niece to come out of her shell just like I have. And I told her pretty much how that happened. And she asked me if that could happen with Sarai. If you could do the same thing with her?”

“But that involves a lot of things. Things like sex and being naked and, well, you haven’t forgotten, I’m sure,” I said.

“Oh, I remember. And Sarai’s mom knows how it all happened, too. That’s what she wants for Sarai and she wants you to bring her out like you did me.”

“Yeah, okay, but what about Sarai. Maybe you two want this but what about her?”

Chan laughed. “Oh, Scott, she knows all about this, she wants to be more like her favorite aunt. She wants to be more like me and she knows that it was you who helped me become who I am today. It’s what she wants.”

“So you’re telling me that your sister, and you, and Sarai, all three of you want me to do this? To bring her out of her shell? You know what that means, right?”

“That you begin fucking my niece, yeah. Her mom understands that and so does Sarai. Oh, she’s all excited about it.”

Well, there it was. She was going to be here two weeks.

She had me change into a shiny black Speedo since they were in bathing gear and I knew that this had to have been all planned out. But, what the hell, right?

We headed downstairs and there was our niece sitting at the kitchen table.

“Come with me, Sarai, let’s relax in the den a while. I want to ask you something,” Chan said and we went into the den.

“Have you ever seen a man’s penis?” she asked her niece.

Chapter 2

Her head wagged from side to side.

“Is it time for you to see one, see what it feels like in your hand? In your mouth?” she asked as I sat there next to my wife amazed at all this as I watched my niece nod her head.

“Okay, Scott, stand up and drop ‘em,” she said and I stood up and began pulling down my Speedo assisted by Chan pulling down from behind.

I knew, of course, that I was fully erect, what guy wouldn’t be, right? So I just stood there as she looked and looked.

“Go on, Scott, go over to her so she can feel it, take it in her hands and play with it.”

I did just that and she put her hand out but hesitated a second or two, then smiled tentatively and wrapped her fingers around it.

Now I’m not about to tell you that I’ve got this foot-long hotdog between my legs, no, just under seven inches is what it measures. But I sure have fun with it and my wife’s pussy is tight anyway, so if it was huge, that would be a problem.

“It’s so big. I could never get this inside me, I can barely get my middle finger up in me,” she said wide-eyed.

“Oh, honey, I thought the same thing when I first saw his cock. I know, my pussy was tiny. But don’t you worry, Scott can get it inside you. You’ll see.”

This was my wife talking. Now I wasn’t totally sure exactly how far she’d planned on this to go between Sarai and me but now I was getting a better idea.

“Take your top off and let Scott see your perfect titties, Sarai.”

She did just as her aunt asked and my eyes were presented with a pair of stunning breasts. They were perfect cones, each tipped with a small brown nipple, hard and erect, which stood straight out from her chest and I would guess C-cup. Remember, she’s a small girl so that means she was large-breasted for her size.

“Come on, Sarai, why don’t you tease your Uncle Scott with those nice boobies of yours,” my wife urged and my niece stood up and rubbed them against my chest, watching my reaction as I took them in my hands and felt their density and firmness. They even felt kind of hard inside.

I looked into her eyes as she stood there nervously smiling at me and then I crouched down to take one of her rock-hard little nipples in my mouth to suck.

Her breathing was, of course, now getting deeper, more labored, as I pulled on her sweet, firm nipple while I fondled her other breast. But I soon moved my hand down onto her flat belly on to her thong and then up under between her legs, rubbing my fingers in her camel toe.

“Take the bottom off, honey,” my wife asked softly from behind.

She pulled the thong loose and it fell to the floor revealing a perfect, plump mound delicately halved down the middle which my fingers began caressing. There was soon moisture to spread around, my niece now reminding me so much of how my beautiful wife was when we first met.

Sarai was standing there, stark naked and stark still as I moved my other hand to her knee to ease her stance open as my fingers dipped under to rub along her crevice while my thumb pressed around over her clit.

There were trembles as I did this so I knew she was deeply involved in the pleasure I was giving her. I kept rubbing, leaning forward to tongue her navel which was so dainty and small.

“Uh, oh, oh,” she grunted as her pleasure mounted. I knew that she was close so I began putting pressure on her clit and on the finger over her slit. I was parting her labia some by now and was in to her inner labia feeling their warmth and wetness.

I kept rubbing, now sensing that maybe I could get a finger inside so I began pressing more and started entering her. She suddenly spread her legs more, now holding onto me with both arms as I began finger-fucking her as she squatted a bit, opening herself further.

“Oh, omigod, oh, I can’t…OH, OH, AYYE, AYYE,” she shrieked as she collapsed in my arms pulling us both to the floor where she writhed in ecstasy. My finger had come out but I did move down to the floor with her and pulled her knees apart and got between her legs licking her and tonguing her as she twisted and turned, groaning as I went on.

I got her legs up over my back as Chan came over to calm her niece as I continued giving her oral.

“Just enjoy, Sarai, just enjoy it,” she cooed as her hand rubbed her niece’s stomach.

“Oh, it’s so good, omigod, that was an orgasm, right?” she huffed, practically out of breath. “If that’s what it was, I’ve…never had one,” she panted as my fingers teased her open to flick and lick inside her opening, making her jump and twitch.

It made me think back to the first time I did Chan’s pussy. She’d never had a guy do it before and it lit her up like I’d never seen before. It was a big part of her change to becoming a sexually-hot woman.

“Make her cum again, Scott, keep licking her,” my wife urged. Little did she know I could eat her niece out forever, she was so nice.

“Feel it, Sarai, feel his tongue on your pussy making love to it. Don’t you want this forever? Doesn’t that make your pussy come alive, make it sabai?”

I knew enough that was the word for ‘happy’ or ‘peaceful’ and her niece was saying back, “Yes, yes, it makes me alive, all new.”

I just kept doing what I was loving and soon she began to jerk and tremble again so I moved up slightly to suck on her clit which made her go right over the top.

“AYYE, AYYE, AAAH, AAAH, UH, umm, mmm, oh,” she cried as her slender calves locked around the back of my head jamming my face into her pussy. Thankfully, she relaxed just enough for me to catch my breath, what a way to go, I thought to myself, suffocated in a pretty little brown crotch. If you have to go, that’s not a bad way.

“Oh, baby girl, you’re cumming now. Was it good, tell Uncle Scott how good he made you feel?” Chan told her.

I raised up and my little niece grabbed me with a strength I didn’t know she possessed and pulled me onto her, gripping me with all her might as she kissed me and kissed me.

Finally, “Oh, Uncle Scott, I never felt like that before. I’ve tried playing with myself and it was never like that. You are wonderful. Can we try sex now? You’ll be gentle, right. I’m really small there.”

Chapter 3

“Don’t worry, precious, we’ll go in our bedroom, it’ll be better in there,” Chan suggested and we all went to the master bedroom and Chan had her niece get down on our bed and spread open.

She reached into the bed stand drawer and took out her smallest vibrator and a bottle of lube.

Chan dribbled a few drops into Sarai’s bellybutton and rubbed the tip down inside coating it, then she placed it on her niece’s pussy lips and began slowly moving it along her crease. As she kept going, I could see that she was pressing it against her. I moved to her beautiful, firm, upright breasts and started licking and sucking. I was hoping that Chan’s niece has breasts just as sensitive as she does, I’ve actually gotten her to cum just from sucking her nipples.

“Open as far as you can, honey, I want to get this inside you, okay?”

Sarai widened even more as Chan began working her smallest vibrator up into her. Then, I heard her click it on and immediately Sarai began moaning.

“Omigod, that feels so good. You got it inside.”

Out of the corner of my eye I could see that Chan was now able to fuck her with the vibe at least part way in and out of her.

“Just relax, baby girl, see how good sex feels? You’ve just started, there’s lots more,” she told her niece as we both pleasured her petite body.

We soon had her writhing through another orgasm and Chan told her that it was time for us to have sex.

“Will it hurt?” she asked and Chan told her that I would be very loving with her like I was with her many years ago.

She pulled the vibrator out and I got up between my niece’s legs to begin rubbing the head of my dick up and down her slit.

Chan got up next to her and reached both hands down between her legs to spread her labia for me as I pushed. It didn’t go in right at first until Sarai gave a push down, then the head popped into her.

“Oh, I feel it. God, it’s big,” she said even though I’m really just about average in the cock department. I pulled back slightly, not wanting to fall out but to give some movement, then pressed back in again going a little deeper each time I did that.

“It feels really tight but I like it,” she said softly as I kept moving in a little more each time.

After about six or seven minutes, I was almost completely inside so I decided to just keep my cock as deep as I could and take little strokes, just a half-inch or so, back and forth.

“You look happy, Sarai, is Scott making you happy?”

“Yes, it’s feeling lots better, Auntie Chan, so good. Better every minute,” she moaned as Chan wet her finger to begin circling her niece’s clit while, just beneath, my cock traveled back and forth.

“Oh, this feels awesome, you got it all the way inside me. I never thought it would but you knew, Auntie Chan, you knew. Oh, thank you. I’d never have done this on my own.”

I could see her face and chest flush some so I knew she was getting up there where I wanted her.

So, I pushed down hard into her, shaking my hips back and forth which set her off once again into a massive climax. She was, indeed, much like her aunt the way her body responded once she was relaxed and aroused and receptive.

She did have a wonderful orgasm and after, I got dressed and went out to get some sushi to bring back. I realize they’re both Thai-descent but they both love sushi and so do I.

I got it back home and there they were, each now sitting with a glass of white wine, just as naked as I’d left them, laughing and giggling about my niece’s experiences to date.

“Oh, Uncle Scott, I told Auntie that you had to take your clothes off just as soon as you came back so you could sit between us and we could play with you,” she snickered and I lost little time complying with her wish and we were soon eating our sushi while both my ladies played with the host.

Our niece was much more relaxed now, Chan kept talking with her about being relaxed and open to pleasure, that this was what her body was made for, this is how people enjoy being together sexually.

I slept with both them that night and, as you might imagine, Chan was about as sexually hungry as I’d ever seen her. She had been so busy seeing to her niece’s pleasure that all her passion had been put on hold and was building until we went up to bed.

We all were together and the light was on for Sarai to watch us make love. I started with oral, of course, my wife’s delicate little pussy is my favorite thing in the world and I love kissing and caressing it until she simply explodes in joy. And that she does, her orgasms are always spectacular. She never has a day pass without at least one. Yes, I’ve brought her a long way and she loves it.

So, Sarai watched as I brought Chan off, then did her doggie-style after. After that, Chan asked me to give oral to our niece again which I was happy to do and , afterward, we all went to sleep with me sandwiched between two of the loveliest women you can imagine.

I can tell you this, my niece was now beginning to take things into her own hands which she certainly did during the night. My cock was almost always in her grip the whole night long.

Unfortunately, I had to go to work the next day, I was taking some vacation time to be with my niece (wouldn’t you?) but did have some obligations at work that I couldn’t get out of no matter how wonderful the sex with my niece was.

So, I left the two asleep the next morning and went off to work. I do know that Chan had her niece practice sucking off her big dildo and also showing her some sexual positions for her repertoire. I also knew that when I got home that afternoon that Sarai was to practice her oral skills on her uncle and that kept me hard most of the day.

I did leave work about four, after all, I knew what awaited me at home, and came into the house and looked around for them but they seemed nowhere in sight. I went upstairs and there they were in our bed, each with a vibrator in their snatch having a little later afternoon fun.

Chapter 4

“You ready to suck your Uncle Scott? Show him how good you are?” Chan asked her niece who pulled her wand out, clicked it off and then licked it off. Oh, yes, she was coming along nicely, nicely indeed.

“I did everything my auntie taught me today, Uncle Scott. I’m excited to show you what I’ve learned,” she told me as I was quickly disrobing. I got down on the bed, my cock eagerly anticipating her display of newly-learned skills as she moved to kneel between my legs.

She bent forward, taking my cock in her small, soft hand, then licking wetly around the crown over and over began sending delicious shivers through me. Then her tongue settled on my frenum right under the head, oh, now I knew Chan had taught her well, as she began licking and flicking her tongue across it just electrifying the head of my happy cock.

“Mmm, oh, Sarai, you are good, so good. Thank you, hon, for teaching her so well,” I groaned.

“I told her that men love their cocks sucked and they’ll follow you anywhere if you’re good enough. So, she’s eager to please.”

“Just like you, hon,” I said as Sarai began slipping her wet lips over the crown, wetly sucking and slurping the swollen head as I laid there in ecstasy. She just slid her lips up and over the head, back and forth, over and over while her tongue rubbed around my tingly head. Then she would take little kissing nips right underneath the head, giving little wet, sucking kisses there.

When I first met Chan, she was sexually shy and withdrawn. I gradually coaxed her out of that by giving her the maximum pleasure I knew how to give. She became an eager learner of all things sexual but I never did anything about her fellatio technique. She was a master the first time she gave me head. Perhaps it was just inside her all the time, I don’t know. All I can tell you is that she has a deep love of a man’s penis and treats it like a god and she gives worship to the crown and the frenum. That’s as near as I can get to how she approaches oral sex. And now, so does her niece.

Most women take a man’s cock in as deeply as they can, sucking all the way up and down the shaft. Now I’m not about to say it’s not wonderful but the way my wife does it, concentrating on the head and frenum, is simply magnificent, stunning in every way.

And to watch her do it, oh, that’s the best. The head of your cock is hardly inside her mouth most of the time and when you begin cumming, it spurts shallowly between her lips and dribbles out the sides and down her chin so sexily that watching her is almost the best part of it. Almost.

And now, Sarai was sucking me the same way.

“See, I told you she learned well, Scott. Just like her aunt.”

“She sure has. Oh, Sarai, honey, you’re gonna make me cum, baby, like right now,” I gasped as my cock began spurting its cum into her mouth while her tongue licked around and around the tip. Her nose and mouth and chin were awash with my sticky cum as she pulled up to begin licking her lips off, gently squeezing my cock which was exuding some more from below as she lapped it away.

I lay there drained, physically and emotionally. She was every bit the cock sucker my wife was and she was world class.

“Oh, Sarai, you are just as good as Chan. She taught you well,” I panted as I pulled her down to kiss her.

She and I snuggled for a few minutes, then Chan asked her what she thought of her first blow job.

“It made my pussy go wild when Uncle Scott cummed in my mouth. I loved it, I can’t wait to get a boyfriend now, I’ll suck his dick all the time, I love it. I thought I was going to orgasm myself, that’s how much I loved it.”

“Good girl, I knew you had it in you,” Chan laughed, realizing that she’d made a joke and we all laughed.

“It really made me horny. Uncle Scott, do you think you could fuck me?”

“I’ll try, but it takes me some time usually to recover these days after I’ve had such a wonderful suck.”

“Here, Scott, get down and you, Sarai, squat over him so your pussy’s on his mouth. I’ll get him hard, then he can fuck you, baby,” she said as I felt her wet lips slide over the tip of my cock.

I know I can’t paint the scene well enough and bright enough that you can fully imagine these two petite Asian beauties, one in her upper thirties but still looking like a college girl, the other, her niece, smaller but with a perfect, tight body who, in pigtails looks like a middle-school girl, how one is sucking me while the other’s rubbing her tight little wet slit over my mouth as I try to tongue up into it as she squeals with such delight.

I was certainly feeling hard again, Chan can work oral magic on my member like no other, and she lifted off, announcing that I was take it and put it into her niece post haste which I eagerly did.

Sarai was up on her all-fours, wanting it doggie-style, and I held it steady and began pushing while I felt her pressing back as I watched her labia part to take me in.

She dropped her head down on the bed and I began taking nice, slow, long strokes in and out of her as I reached under her to tweak her hard little nipples.

I felt Chan’s hand rub under my balls as I stroked in and out of her niece and looked back to see her smiling at me.

I began doing something with Sarai that Chan always liked, pulling my cock completely out, then reinserting it each time I press inward. It really stimulated her outer labia when I did that and she just loved the feeling of my shaft traveling all the way up into her until our bodies met tightly. Then she wanted me to hold there a few seconds pushing, pressing hard, then back out, doing this over and over.

I gave her a really good orgasm followed my a great one of my own when Sarai had rolled over, keeping me in her the whole time, then pulled her legs straight back onto her chest. I knelt there fucking long and slow into her as she shook her butt back and forth.

We did settle down so I could get some sleep, after all, I was working the next day as well.

When I got home the next afternoon, Chan and Sarai were waiting naked in our bedroom for me, both having yet more fun with Chan’s collection of sex toys.

“Hi, hon, we’re keeping our pussies warm for you. Sarai, tell Uncle Scott what we did today.”

“Oh, it was crazy. First she made me dress without a bra or panties…and we were going to the mall. I just knew everyone would be pointing their fingers at me. And, she made me wear that vibrator you gave her for her birthday, the egg one with the remote control. Then she kept zapping my pussy all the time.”

I laughed, after all, I’d done much the same thing to Chan when we went out. I’d bought it for her so I could tease her pussy when we were out somewhere, especially when we were with other people. I’ll never forget a cocktail party we were at about a month ago and I kept a deft hand on the remote giving her some pussy-vibes every time some guy would talk to her. She does attract males as you might imagine and when we got home, she almost raped me.

“I was having fun with her like you do to me, Scott, I had her pussy going all the time. Tell him about the shoe store.”

“Omigod, we went in to try on shoes, she wants me to buy these slutty, fuck-me stilettos that I can’t even walk in. Anyway, the guy is putting one on my foot and she zaps the vibrator. He’s already looking up my skirt, she made me leave my panties at home, he was looking at my pussy, god, I was so excited and she give me a zap deep inside. I don’t know if he heard it or not but I couldn’t believe she was making me expose myself like that.”

“And you loved it, didn’t you, Sarai? You made me take you to another shoe shop, go ahead, tell your uncle the truth. You’re becoming a hot-girl.”

“Oh, I am. I just couldn’t wait to go somewhere else and try on shoes,” she tittered. “I made sure the next guy got a good look.”

“So, are you still a shy girl?” my wife asked her.

My niece laughed, saying, “Well, I loved showing my pussy to the shoe guy. And did you see the boy in the food court, when I saw him looking at me, I opened my legs and let him look for like five minutes while we drank our Cokes?”

“No, did you? Oh, you’ve come a long way.”

By this time I was standing there naked and ready.

“Let’s let our horny little niece fuck you first, Scott. Why don’t you do her doggie, then you can do me?” my wife suggested and Sarai got up on her hands and knees on the edge of the bed, presenting me with her tight little pussy all glistening between her thighs.

I was so ready, I just got up behind her, crouched down and gave her a few licks, then stood behind her as we pushed our bodies together.

“Mmm, this is lots better than that vibrator. Oh, I sure love Uncle Scott fucking me. I just want it all the time now,” she giggled as I watched my wet, shiny shaft move back and forth, in and out of her.

“I’ll bet Uncle Scott’s loving your pretty little pussy, right Scott?”

“Oh, she’s just a smaller version of you, Chan, how could I not love fucking her?”

“You say the sweetest things,” Chan said laughing.

“Go faster, Uncle Scott, I’m so horny after today, I just want to cum and cum and cum,” she said back to me so I began pumping away into her.

She began rotating her hips around while I fucked her from behind and she was soon moaning. Her head dropped to the mattress and I could see how crimson her pussy was now, not the soft pink inside her when she first came to visit. Clearly, her pussy was getting worked overtime.

“Oh, yeah, omigod, YES, YES, OOH, OOH, AYYE, AYYE,” she screamed as her small body trembled. She was pushing back on me and it was just enough that I began spurting her full as her aunt said, “Oh, you two, look at you, so hot, so hot. My shy little niece isn’t so shy anymore.”

“Oh, I’m sure not. I love my pussy, I love guys looking at it, licking it, fucking it. And I love my titties, too. Do you have any topless beaches so I can show everybody my titties. Any nude beaches?”

“Yes, baby, we can go tomorrow if you want there’s one not far from here. Maybe Scott can come with us?”

I told her that I could get away from work about noon and that it was always a place I liked to go with Chan and, now, I was going with my hot niece, as well.

“Oh, I’ll sure try to make you hard the whole time. I’m gonna make every guy there hard. Just wait. Mmm, you’re making me feel close again, Uncle Scott.”

So I pushed hard into her, gripping her hips to pull her even tighter while she wiggled and shook her bottom.

“Oh, YES, OMIGOD, YES,” she shrieked and I followed her down flat on the bed keeping myself deep inside as I felt her vagina contract over and over. It was just enough to send my cum spurting deeply into her as I pushed her right up to the headboard.

We had pizza delivered, not wanting to waste time cooking and we carefully dressed our niece to go to the door and get it and pay the driver.

Chan picked out a cutoff tee which showed the imprint of her nipples really well and a cute little pair of boy shorts below, she looked super-hot.

My wife stood her in front of the mirror and asked, “What do you think, baby girl, will he cream his pants?”

“Oh, Auntie Chan, I love this. I was so scared right at first but you two have shown me how to be a hot and sexy girl. Wow, maybe I should try out for Playboy?”

I was amazed how far she’d come in just days. It took Chan months to open up sexually but, of course, she grew up in a society even more closed and restrained.

Sarai was a hot tease and she was in love with her body and the feelings it was giving her. Once she began enjoying those feelings, she just wanted more and more, just like her aunt did years earlier when we were first together. Now, her aunt had brought her to become a sexual adventuress like her, one who loves her body and is proud of the pleasure it can give and can receive.

So, I had two of these hot females in the house and, though I’m not an old guy, I went and got me one of those prescriptions which did help me keep ‘up.’

The next day, I got home just after noon and changed for the beach and we went off with a picnic lunch to a nude beach Chan and I’ve been to about forty miles away.

We parked and walked back to the part that we knew was clothing-optional and the girls were immediate naked so they could be on display for all to see.

They wanted to be out in the open where they could strut their stuff while I was more in favor of finding someplace remote to enjoy my two naked ladies. They won, of course, and we spread our blanket out and all sat down to have lunch with the two of them also spreading their legs open to all eyes.

I spent the summer living with my twin, Marie (my name is Lee, which rhymes, because mothers are “so” original), in a small town in Idaho. We shared a one-bedroom apartment near the university, where I could bike to work and she could walk to her classes. At the end of August, I heard the news that my husband, Fred, would be going on leave! I had not seen him for over 6 months and I was aching with the desire to make love to him. My only release was with some vibrators and dildos, but those were just cold comfort. At night in my shared bedroom I would silently fantasize about his caress, and his tongue, careful to not disturb my sleeping sister.

Marie and I decided that the best way to celebrate Fred’s homecoming was to have a vacation on the lake. We booked a small, secluded cabin with the south facing the water. When Fred arrived we picked him up at the airport and drove straight to the beach. Marie drove so that Fred and I could spend the whole drive catching up. Even phone calls, e-mails and letters are not enough when you are separated from your lover. He wanted to know if I had been working out, and what movies I had seen and what was the news from anywhere other than the military. He had gained muscle tone and his skin was that terra cotta color that it always turned in the sun. He had also gotten bolder, leaning in to wrap his arms around me and press his lips on my own. His celibacy was worse than my own, as he had even less privacy in the military. We were oblivious to the car and driver as we explored once familiar mouths and bodies. I couldn’t wait to see him naked.

The slowing of the car interrupted our reunion embrace. “Hey lovebirds, guess what? We’re here!”

The cabin was tinier than I had initially imagined it to be, maybe a little larger than the shared apartment, but the view was amazing. Trees separated the beach from other properties and the lake had crystal blue waters. We brought our things from the car and I mentioned we should swim before dinner.

I changed into a bikini with a rainbow bandeau top and boy short bottoms, Marie wore an aqua/brown paisley halter with brown hipster briefs and Fred wore olive green cargo trunks. Fred ran to cannonball into the cool water, while Marie and I took out the sunscreen. Marie suggested we apply the sunscreen onto each other, and as she was rubbing the cold white fluid into my shoulders I pointed to some people off into the distance. “They’re naked!” Marie observed, she sounded shocked at first then intrigued, “You think we could? I mean Fred already knows what I look like.”

It was true, since we were identical the only difference between her and I was that she had an inch or two on me, her breasts (34 B versus my 34AA) and ass were slightly bigger and her blonde hair was shoulder-length, while mine was dyed a light brown and was shorn in a pixie cut. She finished rubbing in the sunscreen then pulled my top over my head, and I discarded my bottoms before beginning applying the sunscreen to her now nude body. As I put the sunscreen on her legs I noticed her arousal glistening on her shaved mound, I already felt wet from the car ride and this glimpse of intimacy only intensified it.

“Hey what’s taking so—” Fred noticed us and his jaw dropped. I pointed over to the group of people who had been our inspiration. I could see a tent in his trunks, and he was frozen in place.

“Let’s have a little fun,” I said and Marie and I started doing sexy poses for Fred. We leaned on each other, wrapped our arms in an embrace, then finally we pressed ourselves close and moved our lips close, tantalizing Fred at the brink of taboo. But we were teasing ourselves as well, warm juices flowed onto the opposite’s legs entwined as part of the pose, and our lips drew together with magnetism. I closed my eyes and let my lips and tongue read the emotions coming from my mirror. My passion removed me from any logical thought, my hands felt curves that were familiar and my body felt a rush that was not.

Fred watched Marie and I, as a hunter watching the Greek goddess Athena bathe. The sagacity of our formation was beyond the mortal world. Fred waded back to the sand, stripped his trunks and crawled over to us and began kissing our feet. Our passion only intensified. Marie squeezed one of my breasts, and threw my head back and moaned at the unexpected pain. My exposed breasts were now open prey for Marie to nibble and suck, and my fingers found their way to my clit. Fred grabbed my fingers before they could reach their destination and shoved his tongue to clean up my dripping pussy. Marie moved to straddle Fred’s chest and began to thrust her hips into him while continuing to play with my reddened tits.

If Fred was in heaven before, then this was levels beyond that. He grabbed Marie’s hips and pulled them back, covering his pulsing head with Marie’s fluids before spearing her. Marie groaned into my breasts, and gave one a small bite, I shrieked in response. I fell back into the sand and watched them for a bit. It was similar to an out of body experience: I was fucking Fred, and yet I was not. I stuck my fingers in the back of my throat, before crawling over to reach Fred and I massaged his anus. I prodded one finger in, but it needed more lubrication so I took it out, and fingered myself before trying again. I got a couple fingers in before Fred pushed Marie off so that I could suck cum that was spurting out of him.

Fred’s semen mixed with Marie’s fluids in my mouth in the perfect cocktail. I turned to share it with Marie while Fred prepared himself for the next round. Our hands were bolder this time and we rubbed each other’s slits intent on sharing the experience completely. It didn’t take long for Fred to harden again and he came up behind me and pressed his cock on my rosebud. “I have been waiting forever for this,” his desire saturating his whisper. He spat in his hand to add more lubrication and slowly penetrated my tight ass. My head reeled. I was feeling his pulsing cock in me for the first time since February and it made me drunk. Marie was stunned, “You do anal?”

I nodded, “Do you?”

She shook her head, “No.”

“It can be amazing!” I was gasping with Fred’s cock filling me. I motioned for her to turn around, then I stuck my mouth in her crack.

By licking and sucking, I made Marie moan and lubed her up for my fingers. I gently slid my middle finger into her ass and wiggled it around to prepare her for more. Her ass was full of shit, so I knew she wouldn’t be ready for Fred’s cock at this moment, but in time she might be. I slid my finger out to lube up another finger and it was covered in a thin layer of dark chocolate. I sucked on it, and it was musky and not unlike my own taste, most likely from our similar chemistry and diets. I once again prodded my twin’s anus with my fingers.

Marie groaned louder with the addition of the second finger and I noticed that she was frigging her clit as I penetrated her. This added to the intensity of my own ass getting pounded and I felt my pussy pulsing on its own. My orgasm shook my whole body and it was all I could do not to collapse. Fred eased his cock out and slid it into my mouth, where I had another taste of earthiness. I sucked his dick clean before jamming it down my throat. Fred groaned at the slimy velvet encasing him and a second round of cum squirted causing me to gag and choke. Marie had continued to masturbate during this and was reaching her orgasm. We all fell back into the warm sand and imagined what the next round would hold.

I’m pretty sure my wife saw her first even though she immediately spun it around on me. It was nothing new, she would do things like that on occasion, tell me the sky was green and one plus one equals three, and I would believe it. I would merely pretend to agree at first of course, but before long whatever she said actually became true. My wife had this power, and I had this weakness and the two complimented each other perfectly.

“It’s okay to look, darling,” she allowed so I did. The girl was definitely her type, long legs petite, with red hair and sparkling emerald eyes. Her pink skin was sparsely sprinkled with cinnamon freckles. The only thing my wife liked better than a pretty girl was a large good looking guy, and I don’t mean large in body stature alone.

We had just cut through the department store to get to our car after having just seen a movie, a chick flick of course. No way were we going to that piece of crap macho man action movie that took up all the parking spaces and made us have to park on the other side of the store parking lot far across the way. We were just supposed to be passing through when she caught my wife’s eye in women’s apparel. I mean, caught my eye I guess, now that I’ve been told, though I can’t recall ever checking out anyone in my life besides my wife without her having instigated it. I’m that pussy whipped.

The pretty redhead was flipping through the lingerie rack when my wife said, “This is just too perfect.” I knew I would be in for a tumultuous ride. That’s how it works when you have the weakness and a girl with the power takes control of you. One minute your life can be going along like any average couple, and just like that things can turn on a dime. I’m not complaining mind you, quite the contrary, just explaining how I can tell before it happens.

Pulling me by the hand as if she were excited about some new outfit, a skimpy lingerie piece hanging on the sales rack, she led us over as close to the girl as we could get. She took it from the rack and held it up for us both to examine, and she made certain she asked me about it as loudly as possible so anyone within ear shot would hear.

“Look at this, darling. Wouldn’t Tommy just love this on me? I think it would make his cock so big and hard. Come on, darling. Just because you’re my husband doesn’t mean you don’t have an opinion on what I should wear to turn my lovers on. You know how much I respect your opinion on these matters.”

The pretty redhead definitely heard. Her eyes got wide and when my eyes met hers she looked away blushing as I felt my face turning as red as her hair. My little erection only confused my shame. My wife pretended to only notice her because she had seen me looking at something. She turned around and covered her mouth as if embarrassed by what she had said.

“I’m so sorry,” she told the redhead, and then she turned back at me blaming me for her outburst. “Why didn’t you tell me someone was there? Do you want everyone to know you are a virgin cuckold who can’t satisfy his own wife? Really, I don’t know what to do with you sometimes. I try and try, but one can only do so much.”

“That’s quit alright,” the redhead spoke up as if trying to defend me while being careful not to make eye contact with either my wife or myself, “I didn’t hear a thing.” You just don’t encourage weirdoes or they might never go away.

“That’s too bad. It might do him some good to be shamed by some pretty girl,” My wife told her.

“Well you’re pretty enough.” The redhead told my wife, finally smiling back at the both of us. She was just trying to be friendly, it seemed but the more my wife scolded and berated me, the more her curiosity seemed to peak. She wanted to know more, just had to. “Did you say he was a virgin?”

With that the ice had been broken and my humiliation could begin. “Absolutely. He’s never had his little tiny penis in anyone.”

“But I thought you said the two of you were married.” Puzzled, the redhead’s pretty green eyes kept darting from one of us to the other awaiting some kind of explanation. This was the part my wife enjoyed most I do believe. She smiled proudly as I cringed.

“Why yes we are, but I wanted to marry a virgin so I found one and he stayed that way for me, and it made him so caring and attentive to my needs that I saw no reason to change him after we were married. I let him out of his cage so he can give himself a little relief from time to time when I feel it’s appropriate and he’s earned it, but otherwise his little penis is just as unknowing as a newborn’s.”

“Did you say you keep him in a cage?”

“Well, not exactly him. Show her, darling?”

“Right here and now..?” I whined, my voice pleading with her not to make me humiliate myself in this way. She just turned and unfastened my belt and the front of my pants and yanked them down below my hips forcefully putting my naked secret on complete display not only for the redhead but anyone who might walk by.

The pretty redhead covered her mouth and looked around in shock unable to contain her laughter. It wasn’t just that my wife had exposed me in the middle of a department store. It was my dirty little secret that the pretty redhead got to see. My cock and balls were locked tightly inside a little cage secured with a padlock that made it impossible for me to get an erection or even touch myself, and thus definitely not touch anyone else with it.

“Not only does it keep them completely faithful, but it also keeps the toilet seat clean of sprinkles since it makes them have to sit down to pee.”

“And you’re okay with this,” the redhead asked me now. She couldn’t believe it. And she was unable to stop her laughing no matter how hard she tried.

“I love my wife very much,” I told her. My eyes started to water from the mixture of shame and the pain of humiliation, not to mention the agony of the cage keeping my cock from getting erect which it always wanted to do during these events despite that illogic. It was something to do with the confusing mixture of conflicting emotions my wife was a pro at creating in me. The redhead became very sympathetic to me causing my wife to slap my bare ass hard.

“Stop being a drama queen and pull up your pants before you embarrass everyone,” my wife ordered me.

“You’re so bad.” The redhead told my wife, but with a tone of admiration and respect that always helped feed my wife’s thirst for power.

“Don’t think he doesn’t love it,” she told the redhead. “Cuckold’s love being degraded and humiliated, and the more you do it, the more loyal and faithful they become. They know you deserve so much more than they have to offer and they’ll do anything to make up for their inadequacies, and I do mean anything.’

“I met dildo here…” she paused a beat so they could both laugh at one of her many pet names for me, “in high school and he was a silly little freshman virgin who was so hot for me he would drool like a waterfall. I was an experienced senior with a well earned reputation, but that didn’t stop him from completely giving into my will.’

“It’s not hard to spot the guys with the weakness if you know what you are looking for. Usually they are already looking for you.”

“I wish I knew how to do that.”

“I can teach you.” My wife told her. She handed me the lingerie she liked and took the stuff from the redhead. Then she pulled a pair of larger panties off the rack and added them to the pile. “Here, dildo, the panties are for you. Make sure the sales girl knows who you are buying each and every item for.”

And that’s what I did with a beet red face while my wife and her new friend both laughed at me. After which we went to our place for some more entertaining fun with me serving and the two ladies getting to really know each other. My wife even let me out of my cock cage so I watch and jerk off.

I moved in with Toby on September 1st of my sophomore year in the nursing program at the University of Chicago. He was starting his senior year in architecture. Our first place was a large one bedroom above a Thai restaurant on Grand, west of North Wells. Adult films were just starting to make their way into the mainstream and when an adult video store opened nearby, we joked about renting one. We passed the doorway to the second floor walk-up, sandwiched between a used book store and a Lebanese bakery, almost daily. Neither of us had ever seen what we called skin flicks.

It was twilight on a muggy, airless Chicago Saturday night. Money was tight and we had decided to rent a movie and stay in with the windows open, the fan going and a mickey of vodka on ice. We walked to the corner store and picked up the newest Scorsese. On the way back we stopped in front of the glass door with the three Xes. We looked at each other and laughed. Toby hadn’t halted first nor had I; we’d stopped as one.

“I guess we want to watch something dirty,” Toby said. I blushed and told him, “I’ll wait here.” He opened the door to the well lit, freshly painted, narrow staircase. The scent of lilac air freshener wafted out. “Nothing gross,” was my only specific request.

Not wanting to be a woman hanging out in front of an adult video store, I strolled a few doors up the street. As I enjoyed the unseasonably warm night air, I considered my secret. Toby didn’t know I was bisexual. It wasn’t that I hadn’t told him, exactly; it was that I hadn’t told anybody. I figured it wasn’t anybody’s business. So what if I sometimes masturbated while fantasizing about making love to a woman? I wanted a monogamous relationship, and if I was going to have one it meant the only person I’d be making love to would be my partner, and every other person, male or female, was off limits.

Still, I couldn’t help but wonder what his reaction would be when he noticed I liked watching naked women as much as he did.

When Toby came out he was wearing a particularly goofy grin. “I’m excited already,” he admitted.

I said, “In that case, we’re wasting time.”

When we got back to the apartment I took off my t-shirt and got out of my bra before Toby had crossed to the kitchen. At the door he turned to ask if I wanted any mix with my vodka. When he saw me suddenly naked from the waist up his eyes got wide and his mouth opened. I loved it that when I was in various states of undress he would look at me with something approaching reverence; the face of a child on the staircase landing on Christmas morning.

I explained my bare breasts by telling him “It’s the heat.” I gave him my best come-hither smile, kicked off my sandals, walked over and slipped the tape in the VCR and got comfortable on the sofa while he went in the kitchen to roll us the last of the weed and get our drinks.

I know some women aren’t comfortable watching a porno with a man and I think that’s because they feel the man will compare them unfavorably to the women on the screen. For me, that wasn’t an issue. I was 19 and had a body to die for: 5′ 4″, thick honey blond hair, a perfect 34D and an ass you could crack an egg on. A hundred and twenty-five pounds of curves covered in smooth, firm, flawless skin. Back home in Minnesota, where there were other Scandinavian girls like me, they called us milk maids, and it wasn’t because we were good with the cows.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not fishing for compliments. I know when a man is checking me out, so I know that at forty-three I’m still a Milf. But being a Milf is one thing: being a sex goddess was something else. It wasn’t the biggest thing in my life but, yes, I liked having men, even old, powerful ones, swivel their heads when I passed. It made me feel powerful, which is a precious thing when you’re a teenager.

In any event, Toby came in with a joint behind one ear and a sweating tumbler of freezing cold vodka, straight with a slice, in each hand. He was shirtless and barefoot. He placed our drinks on the coffee table and sat in the other corner of the couch, a cushion between us. We pulled our legs up onto the sofa and started the tape.

* * *

Two shirtless white men sit in a living room in what is clearly a studio set. They have shaggy hair and monochrome tattoos. The one that looks like he favors the weights during yard time has a handlebar mustache. The other one is tall and gangly, the kind of guy other men call Stretch.

My first reaction is that this thing is going to be too skanky to be arousing. I’m about to tell Toby as much when the woman enters the picture. She is black; blue-black, with a flat African nose, wild hair, a belly, a waist that isn’t quite thick, wide hips, huge breasts and a bubble butt. She is wearing the largest tube top I have ever seen and it is stretched tight. Her eyes are clear, alert, in charge: a Nubian fertility idol come to life.

The men stand when she enters. Yard Time has a body I could definitely enjoy. I flash on him and friends in the prison shower and decide to watch for a little longer.

The woman crooks a finger, signaling the men to her. They approach and slip their arms around her waist. She turns to Yard Time and they kiss. While they are kissing, Stretch slips one hand down the back of her Bermuda shorts. With the other he pulls the tube top down off her breasts with surprising gentleness.

Her tits are an amazing sight; natural and massive. Her night-black aureoles and nipples are huge but only visible at an angle. When she faces the camera directly they blend into the sweat-shiny blue-black of the rest of her.

* * *

“What?” Toby asked.

I couldn’t take my eyes off the woman. “I didn’t say anything.”

“Yes, you did. You growled.”

“Maybe,” I admitted, turning to him. I placed my hands on my flat tummy and slowly slid them up until I was cupping my big, firm, gravity-defying, 19 year old tits. “A growl is not a word,” I informed him. “Grammatically speaking, it’s an ejaculation.”

I released my breasts, took a big gulp of vodka and turned back to the movie. A match cracked and I smelled sulfur, then I smelled grass. After a while Toby’s hand entered my field of vision. It was holding a joint. I took the weed and smoked as I watched.

* * *

Stretch is behind her, pulling down her shorts. She isn’t wearing panties. She and Yard Time continue necking. The bright pinkness of her tongue is as exotic as a rainforest waterfall. He still has one arm around her waist. With his free hand he massages her epic breasts.

Once Stretch has her naked he grabs her tits from behind. Yard Time slaps her bare arse. While he rubs her beautiful, meaty butt he slides his other hand down between her legs. She steps a half step sideways with one foot, opening her pussy for him. His fingers disappear inside her thick bush. She and Yard Time finally break the kiss.

She lifts her chin and sways. She looks like someone in a religious trance as she surrenders to the feel of two hands massaging her breasts, one hand squeezing her ass and one fingering her pussy.

For a while she just stands there, in the middle of the shabby set, while the men paw and prod and squeeze her. They pat and pet and pinch and knead her huge tits, her fat nipples, her ass and between her legs. It is a display of sexuality far removed from romance, coming from somewhere deeper in the brain, somewhere more basic and primal; and maybe closer to the center.

* * *

I was intensely aroused. At some point I had slipped my hand inside my cutoffs and I was rubbing myself through my panties. Compared to what these three people were doing, what I knew of passion was timid and pale.

* * *

The threesome breaks. The woman walks over and sits on a queen-size bed. Her tits hang almost to her belly button. She uses both hands to lift one breast to her mouth. She doesn’t even have to bend her neck to suck on the nipple. Her hot pink tongue darts out now and then as she sucks. The men unzip and free their erections. I see why Stretch is in the movie. He is huge. I want to watch him fuck the woman.

* * *

I may have growled again. I sat up, energized by the vodka. The pot made every sensation thicker, deeper. I downed the rest of my drink. Toby sat up. We kissed with soft tongues. He touched my breasts. I broke the kiss and arched my back.

“Pinch my nipples,” I begged.

Toby complied. It was the first time I had ever spoken during sex and doing so turned me on even more.

“Harder,” I said, pinching one of his nipples to demonstrate. His tiny bud swelled and I bent over and sucked on it. He pinched both of nipples hard and held the pinch while I sucked his nipple and undid his pants. When I wrapped my hand around his stiff cock he moaned and laid back. I stood up, slid his pants off, got back on the couch on my knees, straddling his legs, stretched out and covered his cock with my tits. He put his hands on my back and started to grind. I lifted up and he eased off so I could show him his cock; the hard, veiny shaft and smooth, soft head, sliding between my creamy breasts.

“Oh, Jan,” he moaned, pushing me away. He sat up, swinging his feet to the floor, probably expecting us to go into the bedroom. But that was not at all what I had in mind.

I got to my feet and stood in front of him, my crotch inches from his face. I undid the button on my cutoffs, unzipped them, slid them and my panties off my hips and let them drop to the floor. I slid my index finger up my cunt, the first time I’d ever touched myself in front of another person.

I felt deliciously dirty. Seeing his hunger aroused me even more. I turned around and straddled his lap, my knees on the cushions and my back to him. Years later Cosmo dubbed the position a reverse cowgirl. I took his cock in hand and slid my wet pussy down on him, taking him deep inside. I put the heels of my hands on his knees and leaned forward, creating an even better angle. He grabbed my hips and thrust as hard and deep as he ever had. I moaned when a part of me that had never been touched before felt cock for the first time. I fucked Toby’s cock and watched the dirty movie.

* * *

Stretch lies on his back on the bed, the Nubian sitting on him with his massive penis up her cunt. She is on her knees, like me, but in the cowboy position, facing her partner. She leans forward enough for the camera to get a close up of Stretch’s incredibly thick, painfully long cock stretching her cunt as she rides him. Yard Time comes into the frame and kneels on the bed behind her.

* * *

Toby pounded me. I reached between my legs and slipped a finger up my cunt, beside Toby’s cock. It was an act I could never have even fantasized about before watching the Nubian take on the two men. With Toby’s cock and my finger fucking me I was wild with hunger, approaching ecstasy.

* * *

Yard Time pushes on the Nubian’s shoulders. She goes with it, lying prone on Stretch, presenting her ass to Yard Time. He slowly pushes his cock up her ass, getting himself in three inches deep. Stretch slides back and forth inside her cunt. She stops humping and grimaces. I figure the men have stuffed her so full it hurts. But then she shifts her hips, moving the cocks to a more comfortable position inside, pushes her self deeper down the men’s shafts and resumes fucking with even greater enthusiasm.

The woman’s sexual abandon is complete, and I share in it. I slide my vagina up and down and up and down, again and again, on Toby’s rod. The orgasm is about to crash over me: I ride under its crest like a surfer sliding down the pipeline. Eventually the crest catches up with me and I come, spectacularly, long before the Nubian does.

* * *

For a while Toby and I simply laid, tangled around each other, marveling at what our bodies had given to us. When we finally stirred, the tape was on its final scene. The men were gone. On the TV a woman with short, flame red hair and a nice backside had her face buried between the Nubian’s legs. I turned off the tape and left Toby trying to keep his eyes open in front of Saturday Night Live. When I got back from the bathroom he was snoring. I turned off the TV, woke Toby and took him to bed. We were asleep in minutes.

This is a work of my own creation and, being so, is a parody of many races of fantasy that have been created over the past century. Any similarity of characters with real world is either coincidence or intended with implied differences (Example: If I wanted to write a story on say Jasmine of Disney because she’s hot, the character will be similar in appearance but different physically in ways as well as psychologically). Under no circumstances should anyone under 18, or 21 (under local government law), or any non-Adult read this! This work contains graphic violence and acts of pornography. Regardless of description (or me simply forgetting to state it in the story), none of the characters in my stories are intended to be under eighteen years of age.

With that disclaimer aside, sit back and enjoy the stories filled with sex and (gasp!) plot.

Feel free to send feedback to me.

Chapter 12 — Fields of Anarchy

The hawk’s scream pierced the air as it soared high on the air currents in the sky. The sound would have been audible to any living thing on the ground. However, it was not above the chaos on the surface for miles around. From its vantage it could see two massive armies crushing into one another in a bloodbath that would have turn the most bloodthirsty ill. Despite there being many different humanoid creatures in both armies one could easily tell each apart.

One army was distinctly more organized than the other in its formation. Even amidst the turmoil of the front line, they maintained rank and order as they fought ferociously for their lives. The other army by comparison was simply an oncoming horde of monsters. They charged mindlessly towards their enemy in an attempt to overwhelm and crush. Gradually they were succeeding. The more orderly army was giving ground slowly and grudgingly with its back to the Sonel Sea not far away in the east. The massive army simply hammered upon the smaller repeatedly in its effort to whittle them down to nothing.

Among the grunts of effort and screams of agony an odd sound could occasionally be heard above the anarchy. It was a low whistle that was often followed by sharp metal clash or thud of a meaty impact. Grunts and cries shortly came after those sounds. Another low whistle sounded and a goblin screamed as it was thrown into the air only to be skewered on a raised spear a good distance away. The low whistle announced itself to the world once more. This time a massive orc grunted and crumpled down to the ground quickly, its helmet half caved in with blood pouring out.

Even though the surge of the army continued on against the other army around them, the numerous orcs and goblins surged backwards from the onslaught of this sound to form a ring. In the middle of the temporary clearing a low figure crouched with the source of the sound. Glancing about, the supple figure rose slowly and whipped the metal staff about it so quickly it became an almost invisible blur. The low whistle sounded against as it sliced through the air before terminating as the figure slammed one end into the ground.

“C’mon boys,” a rich sensual voiced purred softly, “don’t tell me that is all you have now?”

Ridiculously in such a dangerous environment, the female lycan confidently leaned against her staff nonchalantly. Her free hand moved up to brush long black bangs from her golden eyes to observe the situation she was in. The orcs and goblins around her gazed hungrily in return. Some hungered simply for her blood as they had watched her drop many of their comrades with ease.

Others gazed hungrily at her body in a lustful desire to possess it. The lycan’s figure was a luscious sight to behold with full firm breasts that bounced only slightly with her movements. Her supple hips and heart shaped ass a sight to behold that often distracted the focus of her opponents all too easily. She was a catwoman whose long midnight black hair was waist length and swayed behind her in a loose ponytail. Much like a cat, a white underbody fur traveled from her groin to cover a significant portion of her front torso to frame an elegant face of beauty. But unlike most cat lycans, this one had tiger stripes across her body everywhere else. Dark black stripes over fur that was red. Blood red. But not from the damage she had inflicted as one would think.

“And I was looking forward to having such a good time today,” Kali Teigra sighed mockingly with a flourish of her hand. “You boys are so disappointing…”

A goblin to her right rear appeared to have had enough as it screamed with its short sword raised and charged. “You damn bitch! I swear I am going to skin your hide for a trophy after I kill you and skull fuck your corpse for a week!”

“Ah! Finally someone with some balls to fight!” Kali grinned as she spun about to face him. Her staff spun with her and arced upward to rise in time perfectly to smash into the goblins groin. The goblin’s angered war cry instantly turned into a high pitched squeal as it was lifted up into the air and sent backwards out of sight behind the circle.

“Well… At least had some balls until that,” she hummed impishly with an innocent look, tail swaying about.

The orcs and goblins growled angrily at her indifferent arrogance. Raising their weapons they readied to charge her all at once again, determined to cut her into bloody bits.

“Now that’s more like it,” she purred softly and dropped into a ready crouch.

Right as the first orc took the first step towards her, jaws filled with sharp fangs snapped closed around its head before the gatorman twisted its head. The orc’s neck twisted with it until a sickening snap was heard. So preoccupied with her, they had failed to noticed a lycan surge moving towards them until it was too late.

“Awww,” Kali moaned with a small pout as the lycan surge crashed through the line and past her. A goblin to her right screamed as a behemoth lionman raised it up in the air before ripping it in half with nothing other than strength alone. At the sight of Dio, Kali’s shoulders slumped while he stomped up to her.

“Kali! What are you thinking!? Did you forget what we talked about?” The lionman asked in exasperation. He waved his arms about before letting them fall limply to his side, “I can’t protect you if you charge wildly into danger like this.”

With the lionman and leader of the lycan regiment towering above her, Kali couldn’t meet his eyes even though she could have. Averting her gaze to the lycans streaming past the two of them to push the enemy line further back, she clenched her staff tightly.

“I told you already I don’t need any special protection!”

“Heavens Kali! If I let you die out here, it would be me that would need the protection from your mother! That tigerwoman would tear me to bits!” He sighed as he peered over her quickly to assess their position and that of the enemy.

Kali leaned more heavily against the staff, not arguing the point that he was right about her mother. She had after all followed the army out of their main village. After being discovered a week later, she managed to convince Dio to let her stay with them. It still surprised her that she had managed to, but she never pressed any more why Dio quickly gave in to her.

“Look, the line is folding and falling back,” he sighed. “This time stay with me and do not charge recklessly into the enemy line again by yourself. I don’t think my heart could take another shock like that again.”

Knowing better to argue with him this time, Kali simply nodded and whipped her staff about to ready herself as the orcs and goblins once again came at them. For a brief moment, she found herself thinking of her big sister and whispering softly to herself as she raised her staff to the onslaught coming once again.

“Times like this I miss having you around Nadine…”


With a sigh, Kali drew up to a halt and rested her hand on her cocked hip. She had arrived a little later than she wanted to and was now forced to wait in line for tonight’s rationing of food. The day had been a long hard one after Dio had caught up to her. She had followed his orders and stuck by his side the entire time. He never ceased to amaze her in the simple yet brutal efficiency in which he killed on the battlefield.

A raised paw caught her eye and she saw Dio waving to her with a smile. She couldn’t help but feel warmed by the gesture and return it in kind before he turned away to head off to the meeting with Queen Roselei of the elves.

Night had fallen across the armies and neither had an interest in continuing to fight in the dark with such numbers on both sides. Kali knew their side was killing the invading horde by the thousands but it hardly seemed to make a dent in their numbers that just kept coming. Meanwhile their side continued to lose many that they could ill afford to. It was getting bleaker with every passing day as they were pushed further east.

Lost in thought so much about the day’s battle, she just then noticed the uncomfortable glances her way and the spacing of others who tried get away from her without her noticing. But she always noticed because they did it every time she came around. Rolling her eyes and sighing with impatience, the catwoman glanced around in hopes the food line would hurry it up.

“Well, well, WELL!” a male voice spoke from a few feet behind her, “I came here looking for food but did not expect my hunger to turn for some pussy…. cat”

A shiver of revulsion ran down her spine before she turned to give a cold glare at whom she saw now was a sneering jackalman moseying up to her.

“Careful now friend,” someone else chimed in a low voice behind them, voice tinged with both revulsion and fear. “That’s the Hellcat you’re dealing with there. She’ll come to you in the middle of the night to drain you of your soul if you cross her.”

“Or drain your blood for sacrifice to the demons and bathe in whatever is left!” whispered another in a trembling voice.

Kali lowered her gaze slightly as she moved forward slowly with the line. Much as she tried to ignore their words and show no effect from them, those words stung like a hot barb to her soul. Her hand tightened into a clenched fist as she resolved herself to get her food and be away from them quickly if they desired it so much.

“Bah!” The jackalman dismissed their words with a harsh barking laugh. “You fools! Demonspawn she may be, but you cannot ignore such an exquisite figure. Such a fine piece of ass to have a nice fucking with and you all would give it up because of rumors!”

Her fur bristled on her neck with indignation at his comments that she was just an object for pleasure and nothing more. Her fist tightened painfully at her side as she tried to keep her temper in check. She was about ready to turn her head and snap a comment towards him at least when her blood went as cold as ice. Strong arms circled about her body from behind with his hands sliding about her fur covered torso. One hand moved up to cup her large breast in a squeezing fondle before his fingers pinched her nipple painfully. His other hand slid down her toned belly towards the destination of his filthy desires.

“Come now, love,” He whispered huskily into her right ear. “All I’m asking is for a little fun that you want to have too, right? Let’s go for romp in my tent. There you can howl and scream like a banshee all you want. Let the entire lycan army hear the filthy, slutty whore you really are!”


Kali gasped as she staggered forward to recover herself. Her vision had gone to hot white in an instant as her body had seized up. The back of her right hand stung so much in pain as she looked down to it in shock. Groggily coming out of her daze, she then heard the howls of agony behind her. Turning slowly, she could see out of the corner of her eye the jackalman rolling about on the ground clutching at a bloody, broken muzzle as others tried to get to him in order to help. Without moving, her eyes glanced about to see the line scattered and everyone backing away from her.

Swallowing back the tears from the pain in her hand and the indignation of suffering this, she simply marched past the others to the large cauldron. Grabbing a bowl quickly, she ladled stew into it swiftly and quietly made her way out of their presence. She could feel all of their eyes burning into her back.

Sitting down at the small campfire she had left by her tent, Kali nearly broke into tears but fought it back fiercely. She wouldn’t cry. She simply refused to! She had endured their fear, their hatred, their contempt all her life and she wouldn’t give in now of all times.

It wasn’t outside the norm for lycans of different animal types to have mixed children through their unions. The lycan race was not so much purists when it came to that. The children of such unions often exhibited physical characteristics dominantly of one of the parents with a select few of the traits from the other. Her father was a black-furred catman and her mother a tigerwoman. Nadine and Kali naturally had the body of a catwoman but the select trait of the tiger striping.

Nadine was a bit unusual in that her fur was black and stripes orange, opposite of a tiger’s true coloring. But she was able to quickly get others used to that with her cheerful attitude to win them over. But not Kali. Her stripes were black just fine. Yet her fur coloring was not orange, but a blood red instead.

She always remembered as a little girl the whispers around the corners about how it wasn’t natural given both her parents’ physical traits. Spawn of the netherworld gods they whispered about her. Her mother whoring herself to demons others surmised in quiet. She still heard them and when she asked her mother about what they meant, she never forgot what happened afterward.

Her mother’s eyes teared up and such a look of sadness overcame the fierce, proud tigerwoman. Her mother knelt down before her and embraced her tightly. Those arms trembled slightly as her mother whispered those words into her ear.

“Never let those words into your heart. Never let them win. Never let them see you cry. You are more beautiful than they will ever know. Take their hatred and fear. Feed on it for your strength. Use that strength to silence their words with awe… Show them how special and incredible you are…”

Kali blinked as a tear rolled down her cheek at remembering her mother’s words. She wiped her cheek and looked up at the stars as those remaining words echoed in her mind.

“As I know you are, my little one…”


Dio growled to himself in frustration as he looked out across the battlefield. That was if he could see the battlefield! A bank of dense sea fog had rolled in from the sea behind them with the land breeze overnight. Hence the source of his growing ire at being unable to gauge the enemy’s distance. Raising his nose to the air and sniffing slightly, he could smell their coming stench of unwashed orc and goblin bodies above the salty tinge.

The lionman stood just out ahead of the line of lycans behind him in consideration of this weather in the early morning. Just maybe they would have an advantage if this fog held on through the day. He recalled the heated meeting the evening prior in the elven queen’s tent. The dwarven and elven general were angrily arguing over the best course of action. The elf wanted to continue trying to press an attack with various strategies from his decorated past in conflicts. The dwarf and his men had been decimated in the underworld and knew firsthand the depth of the forces they faced. The well-muscled short man argued for a gradual retreat until the promised reinforcements from the human armies would arrive to press back.

Dio had simply shook his head and remained silent. Both were wrong in their desperation. No attack was going to work against the massive army out there. They were barely holding off being overrun each day as it was. The army was so large and covering an expanse of land that no retreat was possible. Their backs were to the sea with no escape. Dio preferred it that way. With one’s own life on the line and being backed up against the wall, desperation turned into savagery that gave the men strength to tear into the enemy in their desire to live.

After arguing themselves breathless, Queen Roselei interjected that their best hope was to hold out as best they could where they were until the reinforcements came. Dio nodded his agreement before the other men grudgingly did as well. The situation still looked bleak for the next few days, if they were lucky enough to have such time left.

Peering out into the fog with a sigh, he wished more than ever that Kali were not here. How could have refused her? She had followed them without notice for too long before being discovered in order to send her back. Truth be told, the old lionman was soft at heart when it came to the catwoman. His life mate and child had died in birthing so long ago. His life felt so wretched and worthless afterwards. Then he met Kali. Her fierce defiant eyes dared him to judge her at such a young age. He accepted her when most of the rest would not and had come to think of her as he would his own cub. She’d brought the light back into his life.

Now, after arguing with him for an entire night until he caved, she was here in the army he commanded. The thought of losing her terrified him more than losing his own life. It made his hackles rise in growing fury in response.

The dull ominous horns of the enemy sounded from a distance in the fog signaling the advance upon them had begun. Dio reared back his head and let his lion’s roar shatter the morning fog in challenge. Animal sounds of fury filled the air soon after from his men behind and the horns from the elves and dwarves sounded their charge.

Leaning forward, his great paws launched him forward into the fog as his claws clicked and sprang free in their hunger for blood. Through the wisps and breaks in the thick fog he charged through, a flash of red to his right caught his attention. No one should be out ahead of him already so swiftly! His heart dropped as he caught a glint of metal. No…

Growling as he started running harder, he could only think of how that catwoman was going to make him go gray in the mane before his time!


The air screamed past her ears and whipped into her vision. Fog flew past her in breaks yet it seemed so surreal in it that visually looked like she was not going as fast as she thought. But Kali knew better by the rapid pounding of her feet and bent over low in a full headlong sprint. The catwoman remained silent and grimly focused as she sped out ahead of her fellow lycans. She would show them all her worth! Today she would decimate the enemy so much that they would never forget her!

A break in the fog caught her attention from her thoughts, allowing her to see ahead at least fifty yards. At the same moment she broke out of the fog, her golden eyes locked onto a line of massive orcs and smaller goblins doing the same from the opposite end. Seeing her, they immediately lowered spears and pikes to skewer her. A small grin came to her lips as she sprinted even harder towards them. Above the roar of wind and battle cries, she thought she heard her named called but it was too late now.

Having had it tucked across her back for balance, Kali now whipped her staff around and slammed it into the hardened dirt ground. Her feet left the ground as she launched herself above the would-be piercing spears. Twisting herself in the air as she pulled her weapon with her, she spun around with it before she crashed into the scattering soldiers behind the front line.

“C’mon boys!” she laughed, “Time to dance!”

Her arms became fluid as she spun around with her weapon in an upward arc that crushed a goblin’s chin and sent it screaming high into the air. Her staff whistled through the air as it came crashing down into an orc’s helmet with enough to split both metal and bone. Every movement was executed in her vision clearly as her body moved like liquid quicksilver through the ranks of orcs and goblins in deadly efficiency. Her motions were lightning fast and smooth so much that the enemy ranks did not know what hit them. She tore through them and was gone before they realized what had occurred. This is what she had trained hard for all her life and she was putting her mastery to work. That vicious grin never left her face the entire time.

Kali had never felt so alive! It felt as if she was finally able to unleash all of her anger and frustration freely without consequence. Bodies dropped before her one after another in an endless tide of blood and crushed bones that she reveled in. The rage and sadness flooded out of her into each killing blow as the whistle of her staff turned into a pitched scream above the battlefield’s noise. That and the laughter of one catwoman’s joy!

“KALI!” roared a familiar voice in the distance above the chaos.

Ripped out of her orgasmic bloodlust, the catwoman’s eyes glanced in the direction of the call. She couldn’t see the source above all of the orcs and goblins around her still charging forward. Kali sprung up into the air and landed upon the helmet of a nearby large orc. Perching there briefly as the stupid hulking orc drew to a halt in confusion, Kali looked to see Dio and the others hundreds of yards away. The lionman was fighting as savagely as she had ever seen him to get to her. Coming into full realization of her predicament at how far she had blazed into the enemy ranks, she noticed eyes spotting her position and making their way towards her.

“Oh…. Shit…”

Twisting about upon the orc’s head to look back the other direction until she heard the surprised grunt and pop of its neck breaking, Kali made her decision. Springing from the falling corpse, Kali hopped with lycan agility from head to head and ran above the teaming mass of soldiers below her towards another dense wall of fog. Her gasps came short and fast as her concentration was landing a foot on each moving head or shoulder and moving onwards with as much balance and speed she could muster. Once she hit the fog bank, she dropped to the ground and sprinted through the rushing soldiers. She heard a few cries of surprise as she darted through bodies, relying upon her keen hearing and instincts. All they would ever see as they passed her was a red flash that was gone the next moment.

The catwoman’s ear started to wilt with exhaustion as this fast pace began to seriously take its toll. She was incredibly fit, but even she had her limits. Her calves burned in protest to her movements and her lungs rasped for more breath. Kali’s golden eyes lit up as she burst out of the fog bank into the mountainside forest she knew would be there from past scouting descriptions. It was one of the strategic evacuation routes should any lycan become separated according to Dio’s plans. The army of Koas stayed out of the forest due to its dense mass of trees.

The lycan felt right at home now as her second wind kicked in and she darted through the trees and brush along the incline up the mountainside. Sounds of the battle were soon left behind her. By the time she had reached the crest of the mountain, her energy was nearly spent and the day half gone. With one last gasp and spurt of energy, she jumped into a large tree’s branches. Hopping from one branch to another until she was in a well concealed area of its foliage, the catwoman collapsed with her back against the trunk. Kali was so exhausted by this point she fell asleep just before her bottom came to rest on the branch she sat on.

A sound soon startled her out of the deep slumber she had been in. Rubbing her eyes sleepily and stretching with a large fanged cat yawn, her golden eyes soon gazed upon the half moon and stars filling the night sky. She was amazed she had slept as long as she had. Her body felt sore but rested at least.

Both armies were separated by miles with thousands of campfires filling the land below. She knew she had time now to return since both sides were more interested in rest at this point. Rolling from her sitting position into a low crouch, she looked for the source of what had awoken her. The wind stirred slightly before a sudden flash of light below her made her fur stand on end and nearly caused a scream to escape. Rubbing her eyes once more, she looked upon the figures that stood on the crest near her tree. The odd group was gazing at the armies below. Who were these people? Friend or foe? Bright orange hair caught her gaze as it widened in recognition.


Her lips curled up into a wicked grin, “Well now, this makes things more interesting.”


Blaze sighed inwardly in disbelief as he could only stare helplessly at all of the campfires in the valley below. Damn it all to the Abyss! So many emotions ran through him from wanting to scream in frustration to tears of hopelessness at the size of the army of Koas. Glancing towards the coastline, he would have been amazed at the size of that army had he not seen the other one first. His surprise was how it had not been crushed before now.

It changed nothing though! They were too late! Koas sending a kraken after them in combination with the chance storm had delayed them long enough to allow her forces to gather and start the war. His fists tightened angrily, but he was angrier with himself for failing Stavros. She must have seen his white knuckles as he soon felt the comforting warmth of Kendra’s hand grasp his while she stood silently by his side.

The hiss of steel being drawn startled him and the others out of their shock as he turned around to see Rae raising her ring sabers towards the tree near them. His eyes adjusted more to the darkness in time to see a figured shadow drop to the ground and approach them slowly.

“Nice hearing you have there, dark elf,” chuckled a rich female voice. Blaze’s hand slowly lifted towards one of his blades as he felt Kendra let go of his hand. The figure drew closer to reveal golden eyes that seemed familiar to him.

“I see that you keep interesting company now, dear sister,” the sensual voice purred as if amused while those eyes looked to Nadine.

Nadine gasped to his right before stifling a small sob. Sister? Blaze blinked at his friend as her eyes teared up before launching forward to embrace the strange figure. The catwoman’s speed never ceased to amaze him in the distance she just covered in that instant.

“KALI!” Nadine squealed with delight as she hugged the other so hard that she looked to be crushing the other. By the struggled gasp he heard, he seemed to be right! Blaze’s hand relaxed as Rae quietly put away her deadly weapons.

“Kali! What are you doing here?” Nadine chirped as she dropped her sister down. Looking back to the others, Nadine grabbed the other’s hand and quickly drew her sister closer.

“Taking a much needed break from the action down there until all of you appeared in a flash. What I want to know is who they are, what you are doing with them, and where you had disappeared to! You’ve had us worried sick, Nadine.”

Blaze blinked as they drew close enough to where he could make out this Kali in the low light. She was different in her fur with black stripes over the dark red fur and a white undercoat. She had waist length black hair done up in a single ponytail. Her body was every bit as curvaceous as Nadine’s and voluptuous enough to give Kendra a concern for competition. The Teigra bloodline was one of beauty to be sure! She carried with her what looked to be a metallic version of the wooden bo that his master used to have him practice the martial arts with.

What unnerved him a little was the obvious difference most would not pick up on. Nadine was powerful with her sleekness much like a cat. With Kali, however, he could sense a kindred spirit as she was much like him. Beneath that fur was taut firmness in muscles ready to explode into action, much more like a tiger than cat. Before him was a killing machine that even gave him pause. Her confidence in approaching them alone spoke volumes that she knew as much too.

“These are my friends! Blaze is a human warrior who saved my life from a human mob. Kendra is a succubus who is also his lover. Tyra is a gargoyle that we came across in the ruins and helped. Rae is the famous assassin Death’s Mistress, but don’t worry as she is on our side and my best friend,” Nadine finished with giggle.

Rae snorted slightly with mocked indifference but couldn’t quite hide the small smile that it was true. Kali took all of this in with a cool, calculating gaze to each of them before looking back to her sister.

“But why are you with them still? Why didn’t you come home after this man saved you? Which, by the way, I am grateful to you for,” Kali said with a nod to him.

Blaze nodded in return as Nadine looked to her sister with severe discomfort. If he didn’t know any better, Blaze would say that Nadine had found herself in a position she’d been dreading for a long time now.

“B-because…. Blaze… he is,” Nadine swallowed deeply, “He’s my life mate…”

Kali’s eyes widened as she looked to Blaze then back to Nadine after hearing this. With the words sinking in, her gaze snapped back to Blaze.



White hot pain exploded through his skull before he felt himself crash to the ground. Dizziness quickly turned to sickly grogginess from the pain. In such quickness that even he couldn’t follow Kali had punched him with enough force to nearly shatter his jaw!

“How dare you rape my sister! Did you enjoy forcing yourself on her and taking her virginity?! I’ll fucking kill you!!!” Screamed the livid lycan.

Blaze gasped and spat out a significant amount of blood before looking up. Nadine had placed herself between him and Kali while trying to push her back and talk sense into her sister. Not far off, Rae and Tyra were mightily trying to restrain a furious demoness. By the looks of it they were starting to fail at keeping the succubus’s angry strength at bay.

“Kendra!” Blaze coughed, “I’m fine. Don’t hurt Nadine’s sister, please!”

Kendra seemed to barely hear those words but the significance of how he said them sank in and she begrudgingly backed down. Blaze looked to Nadine and saw her shake her sister so roughly that she managed to get Kali’s attention for the moment.

“I gave him my virginity!” Nadine cried, tears rolling from her golden eyes. Kali looked simply stunned at this and all hostility vanished from her body.

“Blaze had saved my life from the human mob. Shortly after that he was bewitched by a foxwoman. We went to rescue him and I chased her off. But her spell wouldn’t release him so I had to give him something to desire more than her. I willingly made love to him! And I love him with all my heart and soul, Kali! Blaze is a wonderful person! Don’t be angry at him! Strike me because I’m to blame!”

Nadine broke down into a sobbing mess and Kali stood there for a moment in complete shock before shaking her head out of it and embracing her sister tightly.

“I could never hit my sister for any reason. If that is truly how you feel for him, then I am so happy for you to have someone to love so dearly,” Kali choked out the words. After a few minutes of taking all of this in, her golden eyes looked to him where he lay with a solemn look. “And I am sorry for reacting so foolishly. Please forgive me.”

Blaze could only nod through the pain that still threatened to turn his world into black unconsciousness. May the gods have mercy on those that face the wrath of this red furred catwoman. He felt a shadow kneel next to him before looking up into the reassuring eyes of the drowess. Her touch soon followed with the tingling comfort as her magic worked to heal him.

Coming back to his senses after a few minutes, he rose and simply walked over to the solemn looking Kali. He smiled warmly to her and extended his hand in acceptance of her apology, “No worries, Kali. I can understand how it must have seemed to you at first. There is much to explain.”

The warm fur of her hand encased his as they clasped hands and shook. Her golden eyes looked to his with a haunted maturity that surprised him. And she was the younger sister?

“I would like to hear what you have to say,” Kali said with a reassuring smile. “Follow me back to the camp this way and you can tell me all you have to say in the meantime.”

Blaze nodded as the others came up to clasp hands with Kali in proper greetings. He held his breath momentarily when Kendra came up to Kali, but the succubus only smiled and joked that she was the only one allowed in the group to kick Blaze’s ass if necessary and would do it later if Kali still wished. That drew a cheerful laugh from the catwoman before she drew the surprised demoness into a tight, brief embrace. Kendra blinked but soon smiled and reciprocated the hug. With a wave of her hand, Kali led the group down the mountainside and into the forests in the moonlit darkness while she listened to Blaze recount everything that had happened.


Dio sat inside Queen Roselei’s tent as high ranking officers from each army reported injuries and losses sustained during the day long battle. It was late at night and it would not be long before many would try to get some measure of rest. The tired lionman tried to ignore the reports lest he hear the one report he did not dare imagine. His heart was torn into pieces after seeing Kali charge into that enemy line and disappear from his sight. He had not seen her since despite how hard he fought to get to her position.

Strategies were discussed and the lycan general remained silent throughout. He noticed Roselei’s concerned glances his way but she did not press him for what troubled him. He was deeply grateful for that because he feared he could not summon the words had she decided to ask.

“Move aside! Queen Roselei and the generals must see to this matter!” a powerful voice hissed.

All eyes snapped to the entrance of the command tent and words fell silent as the flap was thrown aside. Dio’s eyes narrowed as the gatorman Kaiman, one of his trusted lieutenants, ducked through the opening. The lionman did not grow angry for Kaiman was intelligent and would not interrupt without good reason. Kneeling before them and dropping his snout in utmost respect, he waited for Dio’s acknowledging growl to speak.

“Guests have arrived within the camp and desired strongly to meet with the Queen,” Kaiman hissed as he looked up and gestured with an arm behind him to the entrance. “They came escorted by one of our own who vets for them.”

“There are no such things as ‘guests’ in a war zone! And you just led them here to potentially assassinate Her Majesty,” cried the elven general in indignation, moving to begin drawing his sword.

Dio raised his hand to the elf to stop, “Kaiman is of keen mind and would not do such a foolish thing. I trust his judgment. If the Queen allows…”

Roselei rested her chin upon her hand with keen interest and nodded in permission for the audience. Upon seeing her reaction, Kaiman snapped his fingers loudly to the entrance to signal these guests to enter. The first figure to enter stopped his heart. Kali!

The catwoman saw the shocked lionman sitting there and he could see her wince from the already imagined scolding. A shock of bright orange hair drew his gaze from the sheepish catwoman and he knew his mane had to have gone shock white as Nadine stepped in behind her sister. By the gods, where had she been and how was she here of all places? He sat there stunned as the most unusual group of a cloaked drowess, a human male, a powerful looking gargoyle woman, and a beautiful woman with bat wings followed them in.

“Blaze!” Roselei instantly cried with joy and rose to move forward with swiftness to embrace the human male, startling all the attendants and generals present.

“Before you all make an old beast die before his time by shocking him to death,” Dio’s voice rumbled through the tent, “Can you please explain by the gods who these people are and what this is all about?”

Roselei blinked and blushed slightly as an embarrassed Blaze stepped back out of her hug as she let go. The Queen of the Elves smiled as she moved back to sit in her chair. “General Dio, I give you the group that battled to save my city from the initial hellhound invasion. What I do not understand is why you are all here. You were heading to prevent this war by order of Stavros. This was to be accomplished by destroying the generals of Koas to sow seeds of doubt and fear in her army by weakening her image.”

Dio blinked as he listened to all of this before looking back to the human that cleared his throat. “We were, Your Majesty. Koas sent a kraken after us that damaged the ship we were on and a freak storm shortly after shipwrecked us far off our intended course.”

Roselei looked to him with understanding before sighing in disappointment, “I should not be surprised that the evil goddess could have foreseen this. I am glad that you all have survived.”

Blaze looked back to the others in his company who gave him a silent nod of approval to proceed. Dio sat there impressed that this young man could lead a diverse group with such confidence from them even in silent communication.

“With your permission,” Blaze looked back to the generals and Queen Roselei, “We would like to make amends for our failure and join your forces to fight with the best of our abilities.”


Everyone in the room blinked at the swiftness of the answer that carried the tone of authority with it. All eyes could only stare at Queen Roselei who had dismissed his request without any hesitation. Blaze most of all looked like a man who was told he could do nothing, was without honor, and had nothing left to live for.

“You will not fight,” Roselei said with measured words to make sure her points came across clear, “Because we cannot afford to lose any of you in the mindless fields of battle. You have not failed in your mission. All reports show no visual identification of Koas or her four generals’ presence. You are to continue from here to hunt them down and kill them. If Koas is using them as couriers of her guidance, their deaths and cutting of ties will destroy the confidence they have and create the panic of her lost support. We’ll do our best to continue the fight here.”

Dio glanced sideways in silence to the human boy and noticed his hands trembling in clenched fists of frustration. The look of desperation in his eyes was one that Dio knew all too well as a warrior. The boy still felt responsible for the lives lost because the war had already started and wished to make amends honorably. Dio could respect that but knew that the fields of war would not be kind to one clearly as innocent as this human.

“Rest tonight and tomorrow to prepare,” the lionman rumbled, grabbing Blaze’s attention before he said anything rash. “Think it over and discuss it with your comrades and you will come to see the merit in what Queen Roselei has said.”

Those fierce determined eyes of the human stared back unblinking for a few moments as he considered Dio’s words. The lionman could no longer find himself thinking of this boy as just that. Most men cowered before lionmen and here this warrior stared straight at him without a blink or look of fear. This was a boy no longer, but becoming a man in these harsh times. The demoness stepped up behind Blaze and rested a hand upon his shoulder. Dio noted they shared a look filled with the familiarity of love he so missed from his life mate. Nodding in acquiesce, Blaze and the others bowed to the Queen before turning away to exit the tent.

“We are in good hands with that one on our side,” Dio muttered to himself softly as the flap closed after them.


Blaze sighed softly to himself as he came to a slow walk after exiting the command tent. All of this was so frustrating because he wanted to fight to make amends. Damned the Abyss, if only they hadn’t wrecked in a far off wilderness! That delay cost them so much time and cost these people around him so much more.

“Easy Blaze,” Kendra hummed softly as she took his hand with hers. Her emerald eyes gazed into his and to the depths of his soul. She gave him an assuring smile with those soft vanilla lips, “We’ll make things right before this all ends. Let it go and let us rest.”

With a soft squeeze, she let his hand go and followed the others as Kaiman took them to a nearby tent to rest in the elven encampment of the army. Blaze stopped in his steps and watched the beautiful succubus go. She was such a blessing in his life. Yet he still did not know much about her past. Regardless, he loved her without end.

He glanced back to observe the massive lionman he had seen within the tent standing just outside it with Kali in front of him. The catwoman’s head was downcast and ears wilted as if she knew she was in trouble and in it deep. Blaze simply watched in amazement as the lionman did not strike her in punishment but swept the smaller lycan up into a tight embrace. Kali looked just as shocked before her lower lip trembled slightly with her arms returning the hug. The few exchanged a few quiet words before going their separate ways.

Blaze blinked and quickly turned away as Kali began to walk his way while wiping her eyes a bit. Much to his aggravation, this only returned his thoughts back to their situation at hand. How were they supposed to get around the massive force of Koas out there and find those generals of hers?

“Blaze,” Kali spoke right behind him, startling him so much he yelped out loud in surprise. The catwoman chuckled softly before crooking her finger at him to follow her. In her other hand was two long wooden staves, much like the metal one she had carried with her when they first met. “Come follow me and indulge me for a few, alright?”

“Um sure,” Blaze replied, clearly uncomfortable as he didn’t know what this was about.

The catwoman gazed at him with knowing golden eyes and winked before turning about. As she walked away, Blaze followed her. They passed numerous tents and campfires until his legs began to ache. This army was incredibly large. The thought that the enemy’s force was so much bigger really drove home the fear and tension he was getting from the surrounding people he passed.

Before long, they passed the line of tents into the open grass fields and lines of night sentries on guard soon after. He half expected them to challenge them as to why they were leaving, but nothing was said. The late night darkness soon enveloped him with the tall grasses only lit by the moonlight as they continued further east towards the sea.

“Where are we going?” Blaze finally asked as his curiosity was starting to drive him crazy.

“Nowhere in particular,” Kali purred in amusement as she glanced back to him with that same smile. “In fact, here should be well enough far away without alarming the sentries.”

He was about to ask what could alarm them on the opposite side of the alliance’s forces when Kali spun about and tossed one of the staves right at him. Blaze gasped and caught the wooden pole without fumbling it too much.

“What in the name of Stavros are you doing?” He was in shock as the catwoman dropped into an aggressive stance with her weapon.

“Dio said you would have a lot of built up tension within yourself after that meeting and said I should help you work that out of your system,” Kali replied matter-of-factly.

“Are you really serious about this?” Blaze asked, still in disbelief this was happening.

“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you..”


Blaze’s breath left his lungs in a rush as his knees buckled under the pressure. He had barely raised his staff in time to block her strike. She had moved so damn fast!

The catwoman leaned forward close enough that he could feel her breathe while her lips curling into a sly smile, “At least not much.”

The pressure on his raised staff disappeared, raising his alarm instantly. Her staff was nowhere to be seen in that flash of an instant and only the whisper of air as it screamed through its motion to his left side alerted him to block there. He did just in time! The force knocked him sideways from her powerful muscles. A flash of red in his vision to his right caused him to bring his staff around to his lower right to catch her staff before it caught his right leg.

Dear gods. She was better! For the first time in a long time, true panic in the face of a clearly superior opponent gripped him. In all the tough battles he had been in, he could always have felt some small part of him tell him he could win. This time there was no such feeling as desperation told him he was going to be beaten. I will not give up, he reminded himself. This was not a life or death battle, but he still chose to take the same approach. If he lost, at least he could take it with the knowledge that he gave it his all.

Kali was breathless with the excitement that she always felt when she was in the heat of battle, that smile never leaving her lips. She attacked him without letting up as she just kept herself under killing strength. She wanted to test this Blaze for all he was worth to see if he lived up to the hype of the tales her sister had told her on the journey back to camp. So far the human had only been able to block her strikes with impressive reaction speed. Most would have already been bloodied and unconscious on the ground. Still. She wanted him to attack!

“Come on!” Kali laughed with relish in the blood rush as she danced backwards for a moment, twirling her staff about, “Falling back isn’t all you can do is it? Show me what you’ve got!”

Her golden eyes saw the panic that had filled those eyes of his diminish with the spark of anger and determination. For the first time in this encounter she felt a sense of hesitation in attacking him and it thrilled her even further. Finally! A worthy opponent! Her lips spread into a feral smile that revealed her fangs.

“Let’s DANCE!” she laughed with absolute pleasure.

Both warriors immediately exploded into action at the very same moment. Staves crashed harshly into each other with finger-numbing impacts. The moonlight lit the two shadowy figures moving rapidly about through the tall grass. Their motions were swift as their weapons spun about to become blurs and filled the air in rapid succession of cracks in the middle of the night.

Blaze breathed heavily through the exertion as his muscles screamed from the demand he was putting them through. She was the superior warrior with the staff but he refused to back down now. His fury was boiling over in the determination to win. His body was being pushed to new limits to rise to the challenge. Through the heat of the battle and exertion, he could not ignore her sensual laughter filling the air. Her smile was one of sheer ecstasy and her eyes wide with the feral look of bloodlust that borderlines madness. He was dealing with a lycan that more than hungered for battle, she completely lived for it.

Kali laughed in a near scream of pleasure as she fought with Blaze. No longer was he simply defending himself. The human was actually countering her moves with attacks of his own that often had her go on the defensive momentarily before she could counter herself. She had thought she had been alive when she had rushed the enemy line earlier today. She had been wrong! This was the rush she had been searching for in finding someone that could go toe-to-toe with her with all her speed and strength. His speed, strength, and furious eyes both terrified and thrilled her. Blaze was truly amazing after all!

Yet one thing was picking at her subconscious more and more as the intense spar battle progressed. These motions of his seemed to be familiar. The more she observed his motions and countered with her own, she realized she almost used the same technique of handling the staff. The way he swung the staff around and thrust forward with his foot planted properly at the correct angle. His countering thrust to her stomach as he sidestepped her overhead swing followed by a swift upward jab to her chin. He had been rusty at first but looked like he was coming into his own as the fight went on. This style…. This style…. Kali’s golden eyes went wide with the recognition. Impossible!

It was him…..

Blaze grunted as Kali deflected his last attack with enough power to send his staff flying out of his hand. Her staff whipped around to take his feet out from underneath. His fall was cushioned by the tall grass and he blinked as the end of the staff was stopped right above his nose. He had lost. But at least he had given it his all rather than backing down and was satisfied with that. Half expecting a confident comment from the catwoman, he looked up to her and stared.

Kali stared down at him in return with wide open eyes. Her expression looked as if she had seen a ghost. When she spoke, he barely heard what she whispered.



Kali’s mind flashed back to that day when she was nine years of age and had first been beaten by a group of lycan children. She had to limp home bloodied and hurt. Her mother had treated her wounds but could do nothing more than physical healing. The wounds to her heart and soul had been harsh to where she had resolved herself to run away. That next day she left saying she was going to pick berries, but that was a lie. She went further, much further than ever before. Kali was determined to never return.

It was about midday when she happened upon them. Her ears picked up the voices nearby that drove her heart into her throat and she darted behind a tree. A small young cry filled the air that sent chills down her spine. Her father’s silly saying about cats and curiosity came to mind, but she found herself wanting to see what was going on. Dashing from tree to tree, she drew close enough to peek around the corner. Her golden eyes opened wide.

A small human boy sat in a small clearing in the forest rubbing his head. His lips pouted in a cute way that made her giggle slightly. Standing over him was an older man, grizzled and worn with the look of a warrior much like Dio.

“Richard, how many times must I tell you to think ahead of your opponent when using this weapon? You are only focusing on the single motion I am making. You must think a step ahead of your attack to follow through and even another step ahead of that.”

“But I’m no good with these. I much prefer swords like you have mastered,” whined Richard.

“Yes, I am best with swords without a doubt,” the old man agreed before raising a straight wooden staff, “but a true master is ready to use any weapon at any moment upon need. You will not always have your blades with you. Come now, we have a few more weeks to keep this training up until I promised your mother we’d return.”

Richard nodded with a small frustrated sigh as he picked up his staff which had fallen beside him. He brushed the dirt off his butt and readied himself. Kali watched in amazement for the rest of the afternoon as the older man taught Richard about fighting with a staff. She had never known such a battle style existed outside of physical hand to hand combat that the lycans excelled in. After all, they had claws and teeth to use. External objects were not needed.

So fascinated was she, Kali snuck into their camp after they left to forage for some food afterwards. They had a few spare staffs and she snuck one away for herself. Away from the camp she marveled at how light and balanced it felt within her hands. That night she moved a distance from their camp and practiced everything the old man had covered. The next day and following number of days she would go back to observe before practicing that night. She grew to love how natural it felt and how it twirled about in her hands. Kali also realized she had grown fond of Richard. So very fond in fact that she finally realized she was in love with him.

Then that fateful night she would never forget, she had heard the old man earlier that day state that it was going to be their last day before they headed back home. Kali’s heart was torn. She wanted to go out there to beg them to take her with them so she could be with Richard. But she was frightened of being rejected and beaten once again. That night tears stung her eyes as she practiced the lessons of the master. She didn’t know what to do!

“Very good, little one,” a familiar voice spoke from behind her.

Kali’s fur stood on end as she hissed in surprised and fell to the ground. The old man chuckled as he stepped towards her and helped lift her to her feet with gentle hands. Her patted her back to ease her fear and smiled.

“Don’t worry. I’m not here to hurt you. In fact I know you’ve been watching us for quite a while now,” the old man said with a gruff laugh that reminded her so much of Dio. That helped calm her nerves further.

“You’ve got true talent, little one. It is amazing that you learned to apply so much with that level of execution just from watching. You may definitely grow to be better than Richard even.”

Kali winced at the mention of his name and the old man noticed her eyes tearing up. “What’s this? You’ve taken a strong liking to Richard? So that is why you were crying…”

The old man rested a hand on her shoulder and smiled, “I made a promise to bring him back to his mother soon. You are too young to be out here on your own and should return to your own family. I know of the village you are from because I’m an acquaintance of an old lionman there. I’ll bring Richard back when he’s older to see you then, okay? Until then, you keep training hard with that staff. No. Don’t worry about taking it as you did. Consider it a gift then? Good.”

It all seemed so surreal that he was being so kind to her. With that he gave her some of their rations and left her to rest that night. By morning when she had woken, they were already gone. It hurt. But not as much because of the old man’s promise. Richard would be coming in the future and she would be there waiting for him. She decided then she belonged only to him and no other. She would practice hard to be the best and win his admiration.

The small catgirl returned later that day to her home with staff in hand to a worried and furious mother. When those other lycan children once again tried to beat her up, the small catgirl was more than ready to make them regret it!


Blaze could only stare at the frozen catwoman who had him pinned with her staff to his face. He was not worried about being hurt by her but was more surprised than anything else. His four companions were the only ones here that knew his true name. They respected his wishes to protect his mother by keeping his identity secret. Tyra and Nadine never called him Richard. Rae only used it when being very serious with him and Kendra in their most intimate moments together. He had not once heard them mention his true identity to Kali since they’d met her. So how did the catwoman know at the least his first name?

Kali’s golden eyes stared in pure disbelief in return to the baffled expression on the human’s face beneath her. Her heart was pounding inside her chest so hard she thought it would surely burst. He had grown as much as she had but she could still see the resemblance of her childhood love. When the master had failed to come back many years later, her hope for seeing him again had diminished. But she kept that promise to herself that if Richard would not be able to have her, no one would. Kali was fine living with that.

She withdrew the wooden staff and looked down to it as her mind raced with the realization that not only was he before her now, but that he was Nadine’s life mate. Her sister had slept with him countless times. Jealousy fired up within her instantly with such searing fierceness that she almost screamed at the top of her lungs right there. Instead, her eyes narrowed down at the quiet human beneath her before she tossed the staff away.

Reaching down, the catwoman grabbed a fistful of his shirt and yanked him up to his feet. “Follow me,” she growled threateningly.

Blaze stood there in amazement as he had watched Nadine’s sister go through such a myriad of emotions before powerfully pulling him up to his feet. The catwoman’s fist clenched his shirt in an iron grip that trembled violently. Her growl sent chills down his spine. Why was Kali so angry with him all of a sudden? She had a look of complete fury in those eyes. The catwoman turned from him and began walking through the grass to the east, tail swaying behind her stiffly.

“But… camp is back that way,” he managed to say.

A backwards glance at him with an animalistic growl that sounded very tiger-like made him hop to it right after her! There was no way he was going to be heading back to camp at the moment at least. After a few minutes of silence had passed in following her, the other question he had was nagging enough at him to force him to ask.

“How do you know who I am?”

Kali glanced back at him with those intense eyes before they seemed to soften a little. “I guess you could say we shared a common teacher.”

“Teacher?” Blaze whispered before looking to her in shock, “You knew my master?”

“You can say that I did in a way,” she spoke as she looked back ahead. “I watched the two of you in secret when I was younger. That is how I learned to fight with the staff… But enough talk, Richard! We are almost there.”

Blaze obeyed the firm order from the catwoman as he wondered where ‘there’ was supposed to be. Why hadn’t his master told him about Kali? It was no use asking now since the old man was long gone. The breaking of silence drew him away from his thoughts to where he began to hear the unmistakable lapping of waves along a beach shoreline.

Stepping around a rock formation jutting upwards through the tall grasslands, he stepped out onto the open sand of moonlit beach. Other sounds became much clearer that drew him on edge because they sounded like the cries of people. His eyes adjusted further to the light around and saw few figures along the beach separated by wide margins.

“Where are we?” he asked nervously, unsure if these were the enemy or not.

“A beach of no name,” Kali answered with her back to him still, “but important to many from our army.”

“How is it important?” he asked as he relaxed his tension.

“Members of our forces have started coming to this beach for privacy. The brutality of war and hatred in the killing force many to seek out comfort and tender affection. Many have met and have the same desire to share at least one more moment of that feeling, knowing this night could be their last.”

Blaze looked around him again with realization now. Those cries were the sounds of joy and pleasure in one.

“Why bring me here?” he finally asked.

The catwoman didn’t move or say anything for a moment before she walked forward with a wave for him to follow once again. Human and lycan walked together down the beach in silence as they came across couples oblivious to their presence.

Kali was a raging storm of emotions as she walked forward with the sand giving slightly beneath her feet. She had calmed a little more by the time as she reached the beach with him. Her mind still reeled from the jealousy that her older sister had taken him many times before she could even see him once. The firm resolution to bringing him here for her intended goal began to crumble as she became gradually nervous about the plan now.

A chill ran down her spine as she worried about him rejecting her. She could tolerate the other lycans shunning her. But now that she finally had the gods apparently drop her life’s only love into her lap, she was terrified of him not wanting her now. She was a virgin and inexperienced with sex. She had quietly spied on a few couples from afar from time to time in her home village but never had she even felt the penis of a male. What if she was so inexperienced she failed to please him as Nadine did? Or that she could not arouse him and bring him the utmost pleasure? It would shatter her completely!

The catwoman drew to a stop in her walk when the silence. Her ears twitched as she did not hear his footsteps following her anymore. She turned around to see the human staring off to the ocean in thought. Had she dragged this on too long? Was this the moment where she had to act or lose the chance forever.

Blaze sighed as the lapping sounds of the sea made him think about home. A small wave of homesickness went through him as he wondered how his mother was doing. Did she even know about this terrible army across the sea? He had come so far without much thought of home before now.

“Well hello there,” a soft, sensual voice whispered next to his ear.

The human shouted in shock as he nearly leapt out of his skin surprise and Kali gave a small shriek as her fur stood on end. Both of them were scared out of their minds by the presence of another they did not sense or hear approach. Trying the catch his breath after the fright, Blaze turned to look at the newcomer and completely lost every bit of it.

Standing there was one of the most voluptuous lycans he had seen outside of the Teigra sisters. He could see why they had not seen the figure in their approach as standing before him was a pantherwoman. Her right hand rested on her cocked hip with a sly smile on her face. Just like her lycan namesake, the beauty was all black in fur with long wavy black hair cascading down her back to her shapely hips. The moonlight accentuated her exotic figure especially the large full breasts as big as Kendra’s.

“Evalyn!” Kali gasped in relief.

The Hellcat had been isolated from any chance of forming friendships for most of her life with the exception of one. Evalyn Lunara was the one lycan who had befriended her at a young age. The pantherwoman had been able to relate because of the wariness some lycans had of her race. It was silly that lycans like her father and Evalyn were subjected to the irrational superstition about black cats being bad luck but it existed nonetheless. When she was an older teenager, Evalyn sympathized with the small preteen girl suffering such withering contempt from other lycans and decided to befriend her. Kali had always been grateful to the dark beauty and repaid her kindness every day. She was there to comfort Evalyn in her grief when her life mate had died in an accident building their new home.

A smile grew on her face as the relief flooded through her when she saw it was Evalyn being as sneaky as ever. The pantherwoman was part of the lycan stealth force used during the night for quick kills and reconnaissance. In this battle the enemy’s size was so large they the risk was not worth it. Instead they stuck to patrols at night to warn their army of any possible surprise attacks.

“What are you doing here?”

“My watch is over and I thought I would enjoy a walk along the beach for the night,” the gorgeous pantherwoman purred sensually as her golden eyes sized up the human next to her. Before meeting Kendra this day, Evalyn had been the most sensual person Kali had ever known. She always looked like a sexual predator ready to pounce any tempting male she found a fancy for. That is how she met her life mate after all.

“Oh! Well this is Blaze. He just arrived with Nadine and a few other friends after a long journey.”

“I know,” Evalyn hummed as she determined she was pleased at what she saw. “Word has already spread around the campfires about your unique group that is on a mission to challenge the goddess. To earn the wrath of Koas has given people a lot of hope now that you are here.”

The words of protest caught in Blaze’s throat as Evalyn’s finger pressed to his lips gently to shush him. Her golden eyes gazed deeply into his as if she was judging his very soul. Behind the playful sexual aura around this catwoman, he could see within her eyes a serene maturity. Perhaps she was searching his soul to gauge his worth after hearing the rumors.

“Nice catch, Kali,” the panterwoman purred softly as she broke her gaze from him.

“C-catch?” Kali stammered nervously. “What do you mean? We were just out for a walk is all.”

The younger lycan was rubbing her left arm anxiously to only further confirm Evalyn’s suspicions. The dark beauty simply chuckled at the protest as she began to slowly circle the couple with narrowed eyes like a predator.

“Oh really now? I think we both know why you came here this evening. Everyone comes here for one reason only.”

Both Blaze and Kali slowly found themselves inching closer together nervously as the pantherwoman circled them. Kali found herself shivering slightly as she looked back to Blaze and her words froze on her tongue once again. She so desperately wanted to tell him her love for him and take him right now. Yet she was still terrified as ever before. Powerful arms seized her from behind suddenly in a tight hug that scared her even more than the first time.

“I want you, Richard!” the on-edge catwoman shrieked in her fright.

Those arms wrapped about her waist as she heard the soft chuckle from behind as her friend hugged her luscious body up to her back. “Cat gave your tongue back finally it seems.”

Kali gasped and shivered as she tried to slow her breathing after that scare. She was going to get Evalyn back for that but it would have to wait now that she had confessed to her childhood love her desire.

“You called him, Richard?” Evalyn whispered as the realization came to her. “He’s the human boy you told me about? Then you need to tell him, Kali.”

Those last words were whispered with the urgency of experience. The older lycan had come to fully grasp the situation and wanted her friend to not let her friend become nervous or shy to let this opportunity for love to pass her by. With slow measured breaths and closed eyes, Kali steeled herself by envisioning the rigid strength of her staff within her. Her words came out slowly at first before picking up in speed with the tension leaving her.

“Richard, as you know I observed you training with your master over the span of those days when I was younger. What I didn’t tell you is that I fell in love with you as well. Your master knew I was there and told me on the last day he would come visit with you. I have been saving myself for you ever since.”

Blaze simply looked stunned at this night of revelations from the catwoman. He never knew this lycan before today and now he was standing in front of Nadine’s younger sister where she was professing her love for him. Evalyn saw that it was taking him some time to process this information and his feelings, which was understandable. She purred softly into her friend’s ear to show her approval for finally opening up.

Her golden eyes looked up to him with a stern look that would not be questioned. “Stay there and watch.”

“Eva? What?” Kali began to ask in shock as those arms of the pantherwoman began moving around her body. It was the catwoman’s turn to look stunned as Evalyn’s hands softly caressed her torso before the right hand moved up to grope a large white-furred breast. This new pleasurable sensation caused her to whimper slightly as she pressed her backside against the pantherwoman.

“Just breaking the tension and getting you ready for the night of your life” Evalyn whispered huskily into her ear. Her hands cupped Kali’s tits from underneath before the soft click of her claws. The pantherwoman gently ran the claws back and forth over those pebbled peaks hardening to her touch.

Kali gasped as waves of emotions swept through her body as her mind raced with the thoughts of what was happening. The fact that her friend was sexually groping her in front of him of all people was both frightening and exciting at the same time. A moan escaped her lips and her eyes closed as the pleasure washed through her with the tenderness of those hands roaming her large breasts. This was the first time anyone’s hands had grasped her large bust with pleasurable intent other than her own hands when she was masturbating. Kali could feel her pussy quickly begin to become wet with her excitement as her heart was racing.

“I have wanted to fuck you for so long, Kali,” her friend whispered sensually into her ear before giving that ear a playful lick as her fingers twirled her hard pink nipple about. Kali’s eyes opened wide with Evalyn’s confession. She bit her lip in embarrassment as she looked to Blaze as a moan nearly escaped her. He looked unsure of how to take this other than follow Evalyn’s stern orders. Watching those dark hands groping the large furry white breasts was exciting him to the point of where he thought he was going to rip through his pants.

One of those dark hands released the bountiful tit to slide down Kali’s belly to caress to wet, pink folds. Her fingers spread those lips apart to reveal the catwoman’s excitement as another finger gently probed the initial depths.

“Ah yes, you are so wet, Kali,” Evalyn purred with approval before looking over to Blaze with a knowing smile. “Isn’t she, Blaze?”

Kali could only look to Blaze as she bit her lip and whimper in pleasure as fingers other than her own delved into her wet pussy. Her lush body arched backwards to rub against Evalyn’s body as a cry finally escaped from her when those fingers thrust more deeply. Her legs spread wider as her friend’s thumb began to rub against her budding clit with the fingers stroking in and out. The wet sounds of those fingers pumping her cunt overcame the lapping of the waves.

Kali could have cried from the pleasure as her hips thrust forward now eagerly into those fingers and more of her juices wet her inner thighs. It felt so blessedly good. When Evalyn tugged on her hard pink nipple her mind nearly blanked out from anything else around her. She was being physically manipulated masterfully by her friend. Evalyn hummed again as a high, thin wail of sexual frustration and need to reach her climax escaped the catwoman as her wet fingers drove in over and over relentlessly.

Kali’s eyes opened wide as she looked to Blaze with a wild look in her eyes. “Oh gods! Aaaaah! What is happening? Yes! AHH! Oh gods YEEEESSSSS!” The Hellcat shrieked as she stood on her toes as the orgasm ripped through her violently shuddering body and her cum squirted out hotly from her pussy to soak the sand at her feet. Her body quaked visibly as the most intense orgasm of her life rushed through her and left her weak-kneed.

“Oh! Such a good girl,” the pantherwoman chuckled as she pulled her doused fingers out of her friend’s pussy.

The catwoman dropped to her knees in the soft sand when Evalyn’s arms released her. Shivering in the pleasure as smaller orgasms rippled through her body, she hugged her breasts and looked up to see Evalyn saunter over to a stunned looking Blaze with full dark breasts bouncing lightly and a smirk on her face. The pantherwoman had seen the tent in the human’s pants and that was what her golden eyes focused on now.

“Good boy,” she purred sexily as circled around him as her hand trailed around his chest to his shoulders. That dark hand reached around to seize his shirt as she stopped in front of him. Her eyes narrowed before that sensual smirk grew more. “But you have on too many clothes.”

Evalyn’s sexual assertiveness would be enough to make anyone, including Blaze, feel like a virgin in their first time. Just like that the warrior, who had so many sexual encounters so far, was dominated into compliance as the pantherwoman proceeded to forcefully pull his shirt off over his head to be followed by stripped his pants down in one fluid motion.

“I think I’ll leave them around your ankles so you can’t get away,” she chuckled. Looking down, her golden eyes opened wide as a surprised purr escaped her. “Oh my! A big boy, aren’t you? Not too big and not too small, but just right.”

Stavros help him if this woman joined forces with Kendra. These assertive women would eat him alive! Kali was still lying on the sand as her body was recovering from her orgasm. But her eyes also widened as she finally looked upon what she had so often imagined in her sexual fantasies.

“Kali!” The pantherwoman said her name again to snap the catwoman out of her hypnotic state. “Being this is your first time I want you to watch me to see how to make a man happy.”

Blaze barely registered those words as he looked upon the luscious body lower in front of him before golden eyes lustfully looked up to him finally. The kneeling patherwoman took the human’s cock into furry hand to begin stroking it from the shaft’s base to the head.

Having finally recovered enough, Kali pushed herself to her knees to look on as her friend asked her too. She wasn’t totally naïve about sex as she had overheard a few details from conversations in the past, especially from Evalyn. But she had never witnessed anyone doing it up close and that is why she looked on with interest now to what the dark lycan was doing with Blaze’s cock.

“I..” Kali spoke with hesitation. “I thought you had to do something else though.”

“Oh, you mean this?”

Those words had barely registered to Blaze over the pleasure of those fingers expertly jerking him off before he felt the wet sensation send a jolt of pleasure right through him. Looking down, he saw Evalyn’s rough lycan tongue lick across the sensitive flared head of his cock as her hand continued to pump his shaft. As always with Nadine, the sensation of the feline lycan tongue on his cock made him weak in the knees and moan.

Hearing the human above her moan made her smirk even more. Giving oral sex was always a turn on to Evalyn. She could already feel the rush of excitement through her body. But the wonderful taste of this human’s cock was making her aroused twat wetter than usual. She couldn’t wait to taste more of him!

“Now if you really want to excite him you do this,” the dark beauty spoke to her friend before her mouth opened wide and the head of his cock disappeared inside. Her pussy contracted with a pleasurable pulse as she heard his wordless exclamation of ecstasy. She didn’t want to stop with just the head as her mouth took him deeper and deeper until he was deep down in her throat. Evalyn couldn’t help but purr as no one had ever reached so deeply into her throat before! She finally bottomed out with her lips reaching the base of his cock. Her soft furred tits with rock hard nipples rubbed against his legs while her long tail wrapped about his body with the tip flicking at his ass.

Blaze tightened his hands into white-knuckled fists as he fought furiously to not blow his load into her purring mouth at that moment. The coaxing throat was driving him insane with pleasure.

“Oh gods,” he moaned loudly, “So good!”

The pantherwoman pulled off of his cock and playfully nipped at the sensitive tip as she looked up to him with a knowing smirk. “You like that, huh? Then let’s see how you like this”

The black furred lycan renewed her oral assault on his cock by swirling her hot tongue about his cock several times before her mouth wickedly dove down upon him again and again. Her head bobbed steadily on him with increasing pace while deep throating him every time she went down. Evalyn was purring the whole time and it vibrated his cock every time it slid into her throat. Her fingers caressed downwards to find and cup his balls as her fingertips lightly stroked.

Kali watched intently as she licked her lips while Blaze could only stand there and gasp with shock and awe at being expertly deep throated by Evalyn. He nearly lost it again as she drew off of him and her tongue danced across the slit to taste his precum. She purred loudly as she looked to enjoy the taste as her tongue probed his slit for more before those dark lips spread again so she could suck him inside her hot, wet mouth. She was rapidly moving her head now to where her long dark hair shifted across her body and large tits swaying to where her nipples repeatedly grazed his thighs.

Blaze didn’t think he could hold back any longer as he watched his pale rigid erection move in and out of her dark lips. His breathing was becoming rapid as his balls began to tighten with the need to release.

Evalyn’s ears heard his rapid breathing and felt those shaking hips full of need. She quickly drew off of him and nipped at the head again playfully with a smile. “Oh such a good boy wanting to give me all that human cum. But first… Kali! Come here! It’s your turn to try.”

Kali nearly moved away as she was afraid she would fail miserably after such expertise from her friend. How could she even come close to performing that well for him? But Eva wasn’t having any wavering as she grabbed her arm and pulled the catwoman in close to him.

“Suck his cock like I did,” she spoke reassuringly. “He is so close to cumming and needs you right now, Kali.”

Her golden eyes looked up to him to see the love of her life staring back with desperation in those eyes. Kali steeled her resolve before too much time passed and tentatively gave the head of his dick a slow lick. She tasted his precum and blinked in surprise. It tasted… good. Feeling less hesitant with each passing moment, she suckled the head into her mouth with a wet slurp before she swirled her tongue about the head from inside.

“Deeper now into your throat,” Evalyn smiled encouragingly as she watched her friend giving her first blowjob with pride. Her hand lightly grasped the back of Kali’s head and pushed forward. “Like this. Swallow and swallow.”

Panicked eyes focused on Eva take her other hand to her throat to show Kali how to take him deeper. He was filling her mouth so much. But his renewed groans filling her ears told her that she was making him feel pleasure like Evalyn had. Heartened with joy, the catwoman slowly swallowed repeatedly as his cock entered down into her throat.

“Oh gods, Kali,” Blaze moaned her name loudly as his cock disappeared down the virginal mouth of the luscious catwoman kneeling in front of him. The intense pleasure and pressure that had momentarily lapsed roared back to life within him.

Kali gave a deep throated moan as his hard member filled her mouth and throat. Her head worked back and forth upon it with the rhythm Evalyn had started for her. Her pace increased as she heard his pleas to not stop as he was so close again.

“Such a sweet kitten, huh Blaze? Keep going, Kali. Suck him.” The black furred lycan spoke before crouching down to suck those balls into her mouth.

Their two mouths wetly worked at sucking him with loud hungry slurps. Kali was jerking her head up and down quickly as the force of her fast motion caused those lush tits to sway on her chest. She was so excited about giving him such pleasure and wanted to finally see what a man cumming was like.

Sweat was dripping down his body as the sensation of two hot mouths worshipping his cock and balls gave rise to that familiar rushing of ecstasy. “I’m.. I’m going to cum!”

“Kali! Switch places with me and observe!” Evalyn spoke quickly after hearing his words and releasing him from her mouth.

Kali released his cock with a slight pop and ducked downwards to take his balls into her mouth with a moaning suck. Her eyes looked up to see Evalyn take Blaze’s rod back into her mouth with one swift motion before she masterfully deep throated him again. Her hands moved along his shaft with excitement for what was going to happen.

The sensation of the two beautiful lycans on him was finally too much for any being, mortal or immortal, to withstand any longer. After his incredible fight to last, Blaze’s cock erupted inside that expert mouth of Evalyn’s mouth.

The pantherwoman gave a muffled cry of surprise as thick jets of cum spurted rapidly into her mouth quickly enough to spill if she didn’t swallow. The sensual lycan swallowed. She pulled back off of him and looked up with a sexy smile as she opened her mouth wide for him to see those squirting thick ropes of delicious spunk coat her tongue. She hoped Kali learned that part of pleasing a man was acting dirty for him as she just did.

“Kali, come taste him,” her friend purred to her as she sat back up. Kali’s golden eyes opened wide as Evalyn pulled her in for a deep, passionate kiss. Her mind went nearly blank from the emotions and pleasure washing through her. It was her first kiss and it was her friend’s tongue coated with Blaze’s cum! Her pussy convulsed with a smaller orgasm that rippled through her body. She pulled back from Evalyn with a gasp for air and licked her lips after swallowing the jizz. He tasted better than she ever imagined!

Kali looked up to see Eva looking at her with genuine love and desire and couldn’t help but smile in return. With a wink to her, Evalyn looked back to Blaze with the hungry eyes of a jungle cat just like her namesake.

“Our turn boy,” she growled with desire as she shoved him backwards.

Blaze grunted as he fell backwards into the soft sand. He looked up and could only see two pairs of feline eyes glowing in the night with predatory hunger. He had the mixed emotions between wanting to stay and have the wildest sex imaginable with two exotic women or run for his life before they fucked him to death.

Evalyn firmly took hold of his pants and yanked them off as a sign that there was to be no escape. Crawling up his naked body, the pantherwoman let her soft fur caress his skin. Her large swaying tits moved up to his cock and she pulled the shaft into the dark valley. Pressing the beautifully firm yet soft orbs around his cock, her furry body rocked back and forth to make his cock go up and down between those tits. Whipping her cascading dark hair aside, she looked up to him with those eyes as her sensual smile grew wider.

“Get ready, Blaze. I am going to fuck you,” she said with a low purr, “and when I get off, I am going to drop that tight, little virginal pussy over there on your cock. Do you like that idea?”

Blaze didn’t even have to nod as he did. His member roaring back to life with rigid hardness between her soft breasts was answer enough from his body. He looked down to see her big furry breasts continue to slide up and down around his shaft as her incredible tit fuck brought him back to full strength in record time. Seeing the head of his full erection poking out from her breasts, Evalyn gave it a sly lick with a purr.

“That never fails to get a man back up and ready,” she said with a grin to Kali as she released his shaft from her breasts to move up to where she was straddling his hips with the head aiming right at the wet lips of her pussy. “Now watch, Kali. Get up near his head to see more clearly.”

The catwoman nodded and quickly moved to kneel over him with keen interest on Evalyn. She was a jealous at first that her friend was going to have sex with him before her but quickly shoved any thoughts like that aside. Evalyn was doing this for her benefit. The dark beauty gave her a wink before she raised up with that cock aimed at her pussy to slowly lower herself until the head was inside her.

“See what I am doing? Watch how his cock spreads me,” she gasped before letting out a very loud moan as she sank further down upon him. He was bigger than she thought as her hot, wet pussy greedily stretched to take in his girth. Kali and Blaze could only watch in amazement as the pale cock disappeared further into the dark luscious figure astride him.

Blaze’s head dropped back as the tightness of her hot tunnel surrounded him. However, instead of looking at the sky he found himself looking at a large white furred breast capped by a beautiful pink nipple as Kali leaned over him. It was too good an opportunity to pass up as he leaned up to suck on that hard nipple as his hand reached up to grope her other breast.

Kali yelped in surprise because she had been so focused on Evalyn. His tongue on her breast sent a shock right from her chest down to her cunt. She purred with how good it felt. Her hand dug into the sand as her purrs changed into moans as his tongue flicked across the hard bud.

“Ah gods! You are stretching me so good!” Evalyn purred as she finally bottomed out after savoring his shaft’s length and width. Her furry body resting on his hips with her tail happily swaying behind her, she lean forward as her hips wriggled back and forth. Her full ass moved easily to slide that cock in and out of her pussy.

“Now Kali… you can either… lean forward like.. ungh!.. like this,” the pantherwoman panted heavily as she rode the human’s cock. “Or you can.. oh gods!.. or sit up and… yesss.. ride up and down.”

The pantherwoman gasped as she switched riding techniques and began to ride up and down on that shaft impaling her. Her black furred breasts bounced on her chest now as the wet slaps of her hips meeting his sounded loudly with her growing passion. She had to force herself to slow down lest she climax too quickly. She would almost draw completely off that cock and tease his head before driving back down on him hard.

Blaze couldn’t help but groan as he experienced what he expected to be true of Evalyn. The lycan knew how to have sex as masterfully as she could perform orally. He couldn’t help but continue to constantly groan now into Kali’s tit which in turn made the catwoman above him whimper in her own pleasure.

“Damn you’re so hard and big!” Evalyn gasped as her pace began to quicken again. “I’m going to cum any minute. Kali, please come suck on my tits!”

Blaze gasped in disappointment as that large breast moved away while Kali moved up and over to Evalyn. He also wanted to curse at that moment. Kali’s bountiful breasts were a great distraction to help him hold off from another orgasm. Evalyn’s cunt was exquisite in the way it was milking his cock for that white spunk. Now he was forced to contend with that sensation and site of his cock going in and out of her dark body. To add to his dilemma he also watched Kali taking to her friend’s bouncing jugs with her hands to suck at the dusky nipple hesitantly before with more vigor.

To the pantherwoman’s delight, that plunging onto this human’s impressive shaft and her friend sucking on her sensitive tits made Evalyn true to her claim.

“Yes! Right there! Suck on my tits just like that Kali! Damn! DAMN! Oh gods yes!!!”

The pantherwoman’s eyes rolled up and she unleashed a scream of satisfaction to into the night as she came hard. She lifted completely off of him in the middle of her orgasm to let her cum spill out over his cock and stomach in a waterfall of bliss. Eyes closed and breasts swaying, the pantherwoman’s hips shuddered and thrust forward into the air lewdly as the aftereffects of one of the most intense orgasms of her life.

Evalyn looked down to the human’s cock still hard and ready. She had intentionally lifted off because she knew he would be getting close to where cumming on him would have pushed him over too. Evalyn wanted him to save that for Kali. She could see by his short gasps that he had definitely been close.

Looking over to her friend at her side, she saw the catwoman nervously looking down at that cock. She could understand her friend’s hesitation. Evalyn was a bit taller and fuller in body than Kali. Blaze’s cock had filled her so much and it was only going to be more intense for the Hellcat. But the virgin lycan didn’t realize that she was breathing heavily from the excitement and it was a reassuring sign.

“Get up to where I am now, Kali,” Evalyn whispered to Kali, “and straddle him like you saw how I did.”

Evalyn moved aside and over to Blaze’s head as Kali gracefully move into position just as she had seen. The catwoman drew a deep breath as the moment she had always dreamt about was about to come true. Her large breasts rose high with that breath as her pink nipples were still hard from the arousal in this atmosphere of excitement. Her pink virgin twat spread open as she straddled over him.

“Now go down,” Evalyn encouraged as she leaned forward to grasp the base of his cock tightly to help it point straight upwards at that pretty pussy.

Kali nodded and with a slow breath she lowered herself. A low moan escaped her as the head entered her with a wet pop before more of the shaft followed. The Hellcat could feel him squirm beneath her as she knew she had to be much tighter around him. He must be fighting desperately not to cum inside her already. She hesitated when she felt that impaling shaft finally hit her hymen.

“Oh! Ooooh Richard!” She cried out his name before she shoved herself down. His cock surged through to take her virginity beautifully! It hurt but not as badly as she had been hurt in other times of her life. Just beyond the pain, she could begin to feel the pleasure returning but what felt to be a whole new level she’d never experienced. Halfway down his cock, the catwoman breathed heavily to collect herself before she eased herself down again.

Blaze didn’t know if he could last much longer with the tight, wet pussy constricting around him as Kali continued to lower himself. He had to find a distraction again because Evalyn had once again left him at the edge of climax. He would be filling Kali’s womb before she was even fully on top of him.

Looking up, the young warrior found his answer as well as a little bit of revenge he could have on Evalyn. His hands reached up to seize those big dark orbs and kneaded her tits. Evalyn cried out in surprise and excitement as he began pulled on those hard nipples of her. She leaned up and backwards to increase his ability to tug her sensitive nipples taut as she cried out with more pleasure coursing through her.

Kali was trembling as she had finally dropped all the way down to be fully impaled on his cock. She felt like she had squatted down upon a large post, but instead of pain she felt her body begin to throb excitedly. Her tight sheath was in spasms as she began to rock back and forth as she had seen Evalyn do and her golden eyes grew wide with the incredible sensations.

“Oh heavens this feels fantastic!” The Hellcat screamed with a laugh as a lusty smile soon began to grow as her nervousness disappeared. Soon her hips were rocking back and forth to ride her lover’s shaft with wild abandon.

Blaze grit his teeth as Kali’s invigorated riding with her tight wet twat was wrapping about him in such a way that he knew he didn’t have much longer. He needed further distraction to help him last longer and had to find it quickly.

Evalyn continued to enjoy the feel of those strong hands kneading her full breasts as she watched Kali increase her rhythm as she changed to riding up and down on that rod impaling her. Her long, black pony tail tossed about her body and those large white furry tits bounced deliciously. Feeling her own pussy becoming very wet at the hot sight of her friend whom she had desired for so long, she couldn’t wait to have many more sexual experiences now that both lycans had crossed this line.

“Oooooh yeeessss!” The catwoman mewed sensually, “It feels so fucking good now!”

The pantherwoman yelped in surprise when powerful hands suddenly seized her by her shapely ass and lifted her up in the air. She blinked as she was promptly dropped back down onto Blaze’s face and his tongue lash out wickedly against the pink folds of her pussy.

“Oh hell yes! Eat me!” Evalyn gave a sexy laugh followed by shrill screams while she ground her pussy into his face and that wonderful tongue.

The pantherwoman’s sweet juices coated his tongue as he delved deeply into her cunt with hunger for more. It was a welcome change of focus as it worked to temporarily stave off that perilous edge to climaxing. His hands left her ass to reach up and cup those large breasts of hers. He could never get over the soft fur covering a lycan woman’s large tits while they stayed firm enough to jut out pronouncedly from their chests. The two lycan beauties on top of him were perfect examples of that.

“Going to cum! UNGH! Going to come all over your mouth! Oh FUCK!” Evalyn cried out as her eyes rolled up and her hips rapidly humped his face and that tongue as his moans sent vibrations into sensitive twat to where she flooded his mouth with a quick release. Laughing with exhilaration, the dark beauty’s hands gripped his hair as she leaned back to enjoy that tongue some more.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Kali panted frantically as she slammed her pussy down hard with each word over and over again as she felt her body beginning to burn towards an inferno she yearned desperately to reach as she knew she had never experienced anything like it before. This rapid rise in pleasure resulted from her riding up and down on him. This motion was hitting her sensitive clit each time.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Oh gods, Richard cum with me!!!” She wailed in a high pitched wail as she slammed down on him one final time and shuddered in her climax.

The initial spasms of the avalanche starting through her was too much for her lover as his cock erupted thick jets of cum into her. His climax was so intense that his back arced upwards off the sand as his hips lifted her. He thrust that cock repeatedly up into her as deeply as he could to fill her with as spunk as much as possible.

Feeling that hot cum filling her and knowing that is was Richard sealing their pact sent her orgasm into such an explosion that she opened her mouth to scream but no sound came out. Kali’s cum squirted out of her pussy to coat his dick and drench his hips as her eyes rolled up and tongue hung out the side of her mouth. Her tits bounced with his thrusts as she leaned back with her body convulsing in the pleasure tearing her mind apart.

Evalyn was just coming down from her sexual high when she witnessed her friend experience such a mind-shattering climax. The incredibly arousing sight, those hands tightly squeezing her breasts in a death grip and Blaze switching to suck on her clit fiercely through his own orgasm sent the pantherwoman into a screaming fit as she writhed on his face. She poured hot, thick and sweet cum into his mouth and a drenched his face once more as her breath left her and her body twitched violently.

The moonlit night silhouetted the two lush feminine bodies thrashing about wildly on top of the human as all three shared their mutual bliss in that moment. Kali collapsed against Evalyn as she gasped. Both lycan women held onto each other with trembling arms as they struggled to regain their breath and control of their bodies.

“Oh so good,” Evalyn gasped with wide-eyed wonder as Kali whimpered into her shoulder. She hugged the younger lycan close as pure joy filled her that such a man was Kali’s now. She could understand why those four women were with him as she had suspected there was more to his following. She had mated with different men before, but none compared to the level of passion and attention that Blaze put into the sex to not only enjoy it himself but also that the woman enjoyed it even more. Her golden eyes narrowed with that realization and what it meant.

The Hellcat looked up weakly as she recovered from the orgasm that had left her mind in a stupor until that point. She leaned forward more until Richard’s cock exited her pussy with a wet pop and a mixture of his cum and a little virginal blood leaked out. Looking up to her friend, she saw Evalyn staring up to the night sky with an sad look before a tear formed in one eye and slide down her cheek.

“We are not done yet,” Kali heard her dark friend whisper to herself before looking down to the catwoman with a smile. She wiped away the tear as she moved off of the warrior beneath him. “Help me with him.”

Blaze lay there in the sand as he swallowed and gasped for breath as the lycans moved off of him. Sweat glistened on his body from the heat of the sex even though he was not tired from not having exerted himself physically too much so far. He almost jumped to his feet when he felt two rough tongues lapping at his sensitive cock.

“W-what?” He stammered as he looked down to them. They hadn’t had enough? By the looks in their eyes as they looked back up at him, they had not. Dear Stavros, they really were going to eat him alive with their sexual hunger!

Two wet tongues delicately bathed his soft cock to clean it from the combination of cum and pussy juices with relish like it was a saucer of milk. Having had experience with multiple orgasms before, Blaze’s stamina became evident as the member began to regain life and rigidity once more. Both lycans purred about that extending shaft. Their tongues continued to dance around the sensitive head until it was back to full strength.

“Blaze,” Evalyn looked down to him with that mature gaze after leaning up with Kali. The dark lycan turned around and got down on all fours, presenting her ass to him with her tail raised to the side. Spreading her thighs wide revealed her cunt dripping with arousal. “That is not the only cherry to get to have this eve.”

Kali gasped at Evalyn’s actions and she couldn’t blame the catwoman. It wasn’t uncommon that in lycan cultures one could lose their life mate prematurely. Fights, disease, and accidents were just some of the common realities that could take the life of a lycan before their time. But one’s virginity given in the pact could not be given again obviously. In rare circumstances, lycan culture allowed a widow to take one other life mate should they desire it. But only if they had their other ‘virginity’ to give.

“Yes, Kali,” the older lycan looked to the catwoman with a sad smile. “Despite my sexual endeavors for fun, I never allowed anyone to claim that in case I met someone special to give my heart to.”

Blaze sat up as he listened to this brief exchange between the two friends, not fully understanding what was going on. He froze when the pantherwoman fixed him with fierce eyes that spoke volumes of her seriousness.

“You have gathered an amazing pride for yourself. I want to become part of it. Anal sex is something I have never done and I want you to be my first. One more time tonight,” she growled with both passion and need. “Claim me!”

Blaze simply could not resist not only because of her shapely ass being alluringly offered to him but because of the begging tone within the normally confident lycan’s voice. He rose and moved over to the lycan to kneel behind her. His hands rested on the sides of her hips as she readied herself. His shaft was hard and still wet from their oral stimulation. Pressing the flared head against the dark star of Evalyn’s ass, he eased forward.

“Oh GODS!” Evalyn cried out with wide eyes lowered her head to the sand as she drew in a deep breath while raising her ass to give him better access. He was big as she had expected and she panted heavily as she tried to relax. She could feel herself stretching and her muscles trying to force him out at first.

Kali was watching this with interest as she knew the future held a similar experience to come with Blaze. She scooted around to hold onto her friend’s hand in support and encouragement. Eva had been here tonight to support her more than Kali could have ever asked of her. It was only right she be there for her in this.

The pantherwoman let loose with a long, low moan with her bowed head. She was breathing deeply now with her mouth hanging partially open in awe of the new sensations. Every time her muscles flexed about that shaft easing deeper into her sent a shockwave through her. Her toes clenched and her one hand clawed into the loose sand as she screamed in pleasure when he pressed his hips into her ass. She was fully speared upon him now.

“Ahhhhhh damn!” she cried hysterically. She was not pain but a growing state of euphoria as she moaned repeatedly with growing volume.

Kali licked her lips as she was now in the position to watch the arousing side of Blaze driving a female to new heights of ecstasy. Her breathing quickened and she sat down in front of her friend, fingers reaching down to dive into her pussy and finger herself rapidly.

The young human could only gasp as he bottomed out into Evalyn’s ass and he remained still to give her time to get used to it. His hand gently rested on her lower back to make sure she was okay as he could hear her breathing in deep, shuddering breaths. When he felt the tightness of her clenching him begin to ease a bit, Blaze began to slowly pull that shaft back and before easing back in. Her cries of approval filled the night air as she raised her head finally. Taking this sign of progress, his other hand gripped her tail to help give him leverage as he increased his tempo and strength of his thrusts into those hot depths of her beautiful ass.

Evalyn tossed her head about now, whipping her long dark hair around as the pleasant burning only continued to grow. “Oh gods that feels as good as fucking my pussy if not better! Don’t stop! Don’t you dare stop fucking my ass you damn wonderful human!”

Her tail twitched within his hand as each thrust was greeted with a thrust of her own back towards him. Letting go of that tail, Blaze grasped her hips with both hands now as his pale cock rapidly fucked that furry ass. Each thrust created a nice slap of flesh growing louder and more rapid with each passing moment as the two lovers got into the rhythm.

“Do it! Do it! Do it!” The pantherwoman chanted passionately with tears flowing from her eyes. This bliss filling her was incredible! “Uh! Uh! More! More! Ohhhh! Mooooreeee!”

That keening wail signaled to the human that she was getting closer to that cascade over that cliff’s edge in her body. Her eyes focused forward finally to see those wet fingers of Kali playing with herself. Licking her lips, the mature lycan grabbed the younger beauty and pulled her in close. Her fingers pulled Kali’s away before spreading those pink lips for her tongue to lap at hungrily.

“Oh fuck yes! Eat my pussy!” Kali moaned as she raised her ass off the ground to hump that rough tongue diving deep inside her. She wailed loudly as that tongue was so different from Blaze’s and expertly hit spots only a female of Evalyn’s experience would know.

Blaze was living up to his name by that moment as those hard slaps were coming with each second as the toned warrior thrust into her ass. Sweat was now dripping off his body as he used that conserved energy so far through this night of sex to fuck Eva’s ass to try and make her first anal experience one she would never forget. Her ass was still tight around him with those muscles milking that shaft for the prize she desperately wanted to feel fill her.

Evalyn’s eyes went red with animal lust as she gasped for air with each thrust before she latched onto Kali’s clit and suckled hard. The catwoman went into a screaming fit at the assault on the sensitive bud and her juices flowed more freely out of her pussy. Eva’s tongue swirled around that clit moments later and Kali shrieked in orgasm.

“I’m cumming! Drink my cum, EVA! Yes! YES! YESSSS!” Her hand shot out to grip the back of Eva’s head with a handful of hair and shove her face into her pussy, spraying her childhood friend’s face and mouth with her cum.

The pantherwoman moaned lustily as she hungrily swallowed Kali’s sweet nectar as her body was rocked forward repeatedly from the pounding she was taking. Her breasts swayed beneath her beautifully with each thrust as her eyes looked to the sky with her unleashed primal roar of ecstasy that ripped through her. Her body jerked and clenched at Blaze’s cock tightly. Her cum cascaded out of her cunt to drench the sand around her knees. Unable to resist any longer as he buried himself as deeply as he could before his cum spurted deeply into the pantherwoman’s ass.

Evalyn gasped as she felt his seed pour into her and fill her to seal their pact. “Oh heavens that jizm is hot,” she moaned sensually.

Blaze fell backwards as his chest heaved for breath as he had been putting as much effort into it as he would running a full sprint. His cock slid out of Evalyn’s sweet ass with a wet pop before his rump landed on the sand. With a soft thud he fell onto his back exhausted. He looked to the sky and wiped the sweat from his eyes as he couldn’t believe the turn of events the night had taken.

It wasn’t long before the chill of the ocean air became more noticeable to his naked, wet body. Before the human could shiver, two buxom furry bodies cozied up to him on both sides. Their warm bodies almost felt like blankets as they wrapped their legs and arms about him affectionately.

“We’ll keep you warm for the night so you can get some rest for tomorrow,” Kali smiled to him before kissing his ear tenderly. “My life mate.”

“Life mate?!” Blaze blinked wide at her words and looked to the catwoman. The Hellcat lay there having already fallen to sleep in exhaustion and wouldn’t be able to clarify if he had misheard.

Glancing to his other side, he saw Evalyn looking at him with a sly, knowing smile. “Yes, life mate. As you are also my life mate now, dear Richard. I suppose you may have had your other head thinking for you at the time, but the pact is still binding. You took Kali’s virginity and also my anal virginity. We now belong to you and your pride, lover.”

Oh shit….


Small tendrils of smoke from the campfires still climbed into the air as sound of distant chaos filled the air. The only other sounds were the work of the dwarves, elves, and lycans injured just enough to have to stay back from the battle for the time being. In the meantime, they worked at a feverish pace as best their injuries would allow at fletching arrows and sharpening steel-edged weaponry for their comrades to use.

Blaze sighed as he walked along through the generally quiet camps far behind the front lines. Most of the elves, dwarves, and lycans had risen and formed up rank before the sun had risen in the morning hours. Silently they had moved out to the front line to ready themselves for the oncoming onslaught of Koas’s army once more. He burned with frustration in not being with them out there. All of them were fighting and dying to protect their homes and those they hold dear from the invading brutality.

The young warrior decided to make himself useful rather than sit around and rest with the others as they had been ordered to. He would go to those who were fletching and sharpening to ask if they needed another hand to assist them. He found out quickly that what Evalyn mentioned in the evening prior was true and many knew instantly who he was. Word had spread of the human male who has personally drawn the full wrath of the goddess that threatened their peaceful lives.

They looked to him with awe and respect that made him uncomfortable as he felt he was simply doing what any good person would do. He reflected on himself that he now simply wanted to be a hero for those who needed one to fight for them. A god he was not and did not deserve such admiration. Blaze’s master had often spoken how his peers had treated him like a warrior god as well.

“I am nothing more than I am and such ideas only serve to inflate the ego of the unaware. That sense of fame and glory ultimately leads any warrior to ruin. Those who truly deserve such accolades are those who do not wish for it while performing their good services to their fellow man.”

He remembered those words well and how they made much more sense now. But seeing the hope that filled their eyes knowing they had him there and on their side was something he could not bring himself to crush by denying their feelings. Instead he sat next to them and worked with them to fletch or sharpen while sharing a few stories about his adventures. Irritatingly enough, they always seemed to get a laugh out of when he got to the parts where the ladies beat him senseless in their tantrums of jealousy.

Jealousy. The thought made him remember the last evening when he walked back into camp with his new life mates. He waited for the sound beating to come but strangely enough they were not angry. In the beginning they all had a resigned look like this was simply to be expected of their human lover. The baffled Blaze could only watch in amazement as their expressions turned into pleased expressions quickly as if they were welcoming new friends into their sisterhood.

Nadine was the most happy as she tightly embraced her sister in a hug that looked to crush every bit of air out of the red furred beauty.

“We’re both life mates now to the same man! I couldn’t find a better lycan to share him with than my own little sister!” Nadine mewed as her tail swayed back and forth rapidly in her joy.

Kali gasped in a breath before smiling to them all. She was apparently relieved to have been accepted by all of them. Her golden eyes looked to her older sister before a knowing smile appeared on both their faces.

“Mom is so going to kill him,” they both said in unison before they bubbled over in laughter. Blaze simply felt all the blood drain from his body! That thought still sent shivers running down his body. He needed to remember to bring Kendra along as an added safety measure or else be shred to pieces by the famous tigerwoman.

“Are you listening to me?! Get over here now!” a harsh voice finally drew him out of his daydreaming as he walked along.

The young warrior stumbled to a halt as he looked around him. It was late afternoon and the sun was beginning to get low on the horizon, turning the sky an uneasy red. Pained cries of agony filled his hearing as he looked upon dozens of bodies lying on blankets upon the ground nearby. He looked to the source to see a male elf in a red tunic trying to hold down another male elf thrashing about on a makeshift table. A stocky male dwarf powerfully held the man’s legs from kicking that ultimately kept the screaming elf from falling off. He’d wandered into the medical portion of the encampment without realizing it!

“I can’t hold him down and work on him at the same time! Help me for bloody sake and hold down his arms!”

Blaze hurried over to the elf and forcefully grabbed both the man’s arms and put all his weight into holding them down. He gasped as he was taking everything he had to barely hold the elven warrior in place. Blaze grimaced as he looked down upon the exposed torso of the man beneath to see numerous jagged pieces of metal sticking out as blood readily oozed out of the wounds. The metal looked almost as if it had belonged to a sword but forcefully shattered back into his exposed body. The force to have done so must have been incredible!

He soon realized why the tunic the elf who had yelled at him wore was red because he was soaked through in blood. The stern looking elf quickly grabbed a small scalpel to begin carefully cutting out each piece before quickly inspecting for any internal damage that needed addressing. He couldn’t understand half of what this elven surgeon was doing with all of his tools, wrappings, and salves. But Blaze knew that every time he made a cut the elf below him howled in such horrible agony that Blaze’s arms began to tremble.

“W-why…” Blaze stuttered in his speech, surprised at how shaky and hoarse it sounded. “Why can’t you heal him with magic?”

The elven doctor shot him a fierce glare before looking back down to his work. “Magic? We don’t have it and I am one of the few here trained to do this kind of work!”

“How is that possible?” He heard his distant voice plead to them.

The surgeon simply ignored the question while concentrating on his patient below him. The dwarf looked up to Blaze with a look of pity at the human.

“Because all healers have already exhausted themselves, lad. They need rest to restore their magic but each day takes a greater toll on their ability than can be recovered. Each day their time lessens in which they can help.”

He couldn’t believe the words he was hearing from the dwarf. He had feared magic for so long but had come to see how much it could help people in need through his journey. He owed his life many times over to magic. And when it was needed most to be the miracle they needed, it was nowhere to be found to save the life of this one person.

This wasn’t what he had always dreamed about as a child. Riding in as the hero to vanquish all the evil foes that dared bring harm to the innocent. By his side were others who fought with the same goal to protect those they cared about. They would decimate their enemies and all return home in triumph. All of this suffering, screaming, and blood. It was too much! It wasn’t supposed to be like this!

“Damn it all!” The elven surgeon growled as the elven warrior suddenly gurgled and began to spew blood in large amounts from his mouth, “His thrashing must have caused these few here on his chest to pierce his lungs!”

Blaze almost recoiled away from the table as the spit up blood splashed his chest and arms. He managed to keep his trembling arms placed as the surgeon quickly set about trying to address the chest wounds. Blaze looked down and met the wide blue eyes of the elf below him finally and froze. He wanted to look away. Dear gods, he just wanted to look away but couldn’t as the man’s breaths become weakened in their wet, feeble gasps.

Though he could not speak, the elf’s eyes spoke clearly enough to Blaze. I don’t want to die, they pleaded. Please don’t let me die here. I want to live. Blaze wanted to will the man strength to keep fighting for life with his own eyes. He could only watch in horror as the light began to slowly fade from the elf’s eyes. The light in them extinguished with one last weak exhale of breath before they stared up to him frozen in death.

The surgeon’s fist slammed into the table in frustration as he lost his patient despite his best attempts. It had likely been a futile effort to begin with but it was still his duty to try and save as many as he could when brought to him. He felt the comforting pat on his lower back from the dwarf assistant.

He reached over to gently close the lids over those open eyes with his fingertips, “Rest now, my brother. Surely you are in a better place than this hell you have left behind.”

When the surgeon looked up to thank the human for his help, he blinked in surprise to see that the young man was gone. He was about to go check on the boy as he seemed troubled through this experience before a shout grabbed his attention as another injured soul was brought from the front lines. The elf sighed as he readied himself once again to try and prevent more blood from forever staining this land with his two hands.


The Silver Enchantress sighed as she pushed the flap aside of her tent to quickly make her way back to helping the injured. All of the other magical healers were still resting inside their small tents to try and recover as much magic as they could. Her eyes were hardened as she had soon far too much suffering already and simply wanted this war to end with their enemy’s complete destruction.

Callista felt the small distant rumble of her magic’s destructive power but could not reach it after that incident in the royal palace. If she could understand her magic better, she would gladly have gone to the front lines to devastate Koas’s army with every killing magic she could muster. Unfortunately, that side of her magic was still a mystery to her despite her attempts to capture and harness it.

The beautiful female elf had instead made use of her best talent in healing. As always she found that side of her magic to be a bottomless cave that reached down into the Abyss itself. She never seemed to exhaust the power in the slightest. The only reason she needed brief periods of rest was a more physical need than magical.

Silver bangs swayed over those closed eyes as she shook her head. Who was she to have this much power? What was she? That was the question she always continued to ask herself lately. With a small huff of frustration she opened her eyes to the darkening dusk sky over the camp around her. She was very near to the medical area and needed to focus on those at hand that needed her help.

A small shuffle drew her gaze down to a shadowed figured stumbling towards her in the growing darkness. It slowly stumbled forward as if in a daze while staring down at its raised arms before it. Her eyes narrowed to adjust as she quickly moved towards the figure. Someone wounded shouldn’t be up and moving about like this!

Her breath caught as she froze in her step when she came close enough to finally see who the figure was. Haunted, empty eyes stared through her as if she didn’t exist as crimson blood dripped off arms soaked in it. In that moment, her eyes could tell what had happened and her heart simply leapt to her throat.

“Blaze… Oh gods no…”


Nadine chirped happily as she stuffed a few carefully wrapped bundles of dried meat and fish into a travel sack. Kali could only smile in wonder at her older sister as she hadn’t changed despite her adventure. She couldn’t help but envy her sister a bit as she watched her orange-haired sibling talk happily with Rae and Tyra as they gathered a few more supplies from the army’s supply wagons.

Nadine had made such wonderful friends in her adventure while many others awaited her back home in their village. Kali still did not have any friends outside of Dio and Evalyn. Nadine had been to different lands and seen many different places while this war had been the furthest excursion Kali had ever been on. But she was beyond jealousy now as she had learned that simply did not get her anywhere. Her dear older sister had brought the love of her life to her after all. And now she was finally Blaze’s lifemate and it was something to be thankful to her sister for. Along with him came the friendships of the other women as well.

“Kali!” A voice hissed to her urgently. Her golden eyes lifted to see Kaiman quickly shouldering his way past the throng of returning soldiers to them. Her smile slowly faded from her face by the stern look on the gatorman’s face in his approach. What had she done wrong now? She had seen to the resting and supply preparation of Blaze’s party for the next part of their journey. Those had been Dio’s orders for her as a way to keep her out of the field of war for the day. At least that is what she frustratingly suspected of the orders.

Rising from where she sat as the others looked to the approaching lycan as well, she began to feel a sense of panic that she had somehow done something grievously wrong and Kaiman was fetching her to receive a stern scolding from Dio. This was something she would not enjoy having to go through if it was the truth.

“What is it, Kaiman?” She asked, her voice hesitating in revealing her nervousness. “I’m seeing to Blaze’s group just as Dio ordered.”

“Follow me. Now.”

The gatorman simply turned after stating those words without question that they were to be obeyed and swiftly. Kali looked back to her new companions and older sister with a wary look before giving a wry smile and shrugging as she quickly fell in behind the second-in-command of the lycan army. It was almost difficult to keep up with him as he set forth with an urgent pace as he had come to her in.

“Kaiman! What is this all about? I did what Dio asked. Is this about something else I’ve done?” She inquired nervously as she followed.

The scaly back of the gatorman was her only answer as he moved forward, hissing dangerously at those that threatened to get in the way of his path. Lycans yelped and staggered out of his wrathful path. Astonished gazes followed her and Kaiman as they must be wondering as much as Kali. It was unheard of to see the normally cool and collected second-in-command in such an angry state.

Right as they reached Dio’s command tent, her heart leapt into her throat as she wondered if Dio had found out about her becoming Blaze’s life mate. Was he furious that she had chosen to be with a human? As Kaiman pulled aside the tent flap and motioned her inside, the catwoman very nearly considered turning around and making a run for it to escape. She was not fearful of his anger, but more afraid he would be disappointed in her. To have someone she loved so dearly be disappointed in her would hurt more than any form of anger ever could. Kali still stepped inside as something compelled her to do this or regret it later. It was much worse than either anger or disappointment.

“No…” she sobbed as she fell to her knees by Dio’s side as he lay just inside the tent, his massive hand holding in his guts from the massive slash across his torso. Blood was pouring from the wound and she could see his breaths were already very weak.

Kaiman entered behind her as the flap closed to the tent. He stood off to the side and gave his report. “There is still no sign of the Silver Sorceress. Those I sent to her tent and the nearby medical encampment have returned without her. I’ve sent them to continue searching. I have also brought Kali as you asked.”

The great lionman’s mouth smiled sadly as he opened his eyes to look to Kaiman. “I doubt the Silver Enchantress could make it in time now by how hard it is becoming to fight off the growing darkness. But thank you. I couldn’t have asked for a better friend to have had at my side for all these years.”

Kaiman’s eyes closed and bowed his head. His shoulders shook as the grief filled the normally collected lycan. Why? Kali didn’t understand why he grieved so much for his childhood friend. Dio couldn’t die. He wasn’t dying! She shook her head as tears stung her eyes, refusing to accept it. She closed them and began to question whether this must be really happening. It had to be a dream!

“Kali?” she heard Dio’s voice and she opened her eyes to see him looking at her with heavy-lidded eyes. His free hand reached to rest on hers. “It’s okay…”

Those whispered words of finality broke the catwoman as she burst into tears and buried her head into his shoulder. Her tears flowed freely to wet his shoulder as she desperately held onto him with her harms.

“No! It’s no okay!” She half-screamed into his shoulder before another sob shook her body. “Please… Don’t leave me. I’m not ready…”

“Neither am I,” He spoke with his voice becoming weaker. “One of my wishes was that I could be there on your Vow Day when you found a good lycan male to make you happy as your life mate.”

Kali sniffed and raised her head as she heard those words. She nearly broke again at their meaning but held tight on those tears. She had to tell him to hopefully give him that sense of peace on the matter. She looked down at him and smiled slightly.

“I have, Dio. I found him. Remember how I always told you of the human boy I loved so much. I found out last night that boy was Blaze. I mated with him last night to seal our bonds. He is so kind and loving just as I had hoped he would be.”

Dio’s eyes widened with each of her swift words as they sunk in before he eventually smiled. “That is truly wonderful to hear. From what I have observed, he’s becoming a strong and honorable man that I feel I could entrust you to his care. You both have my blessing in this.”

Kali wiped at more tears beginning to flow as joy now filled her that Dio approved of this when she had been so fearful he wouldn’t. She gave a small laugh as she took hold of his hand.

“Nadine has also given herself to him. He will be able to take care of us both, Dio.”

“Nadine, too? Your mother is going to kill that boy,” the lionman gave a pained laugh.

The catwoman choked out another small laugh as she desperately held his hand close to her chest. Her ears could tell his breathing was becoming much weaker and her hand felt his pulse slowing.

“Listen now,” he cut off her words, sensing the end coming as well. “Kaiman is my witness to my final orders. Kali, you are in command now of our people.”

Her blood went cold. The catwoman shook her head, “No. They will not accept me, Dio! They hate me. And I am no leader of a race of people. I have always isolated myself from them.”

“They will respect my last order,” he gasped angrily before a sharp wave of pain seized him. Kali tightened her grip on his hand. “While you may be a little rough around the edges still, you have the ferocity and command about you that has the makings of a great leader. I have always seen within you something greater than you realize about yourself. As I am sure your mother has also witnessed this herself.”

After another pained gasp of breath, the lionman continued with a faint smile to her. “Do not try to make them to accept you. Prove yourself to them to where they will accept you of their own accord.”

“Dio, I…” she cried.

“Make me proud, Kali,” Dio’s words whispered. “I’ve loved you like the daughter I never…”

Her golden eyes widened as his words faded on the last exhale of life within his massive body before becoming still. She raised his hand within her grasp to nuzzle the fading warmth with her cheek as her body quaked silently. Moments passed before her soundless grief finally found its voice in a wordless scream that shattered the air of the lycan encampment.

Minutes passed before the catwoman could regain herself from her grief. Kaiman stood nearby, leaning heavily against one the large tent’s supports to keep him standing whereas his knees would not. He would respect his friend’s last wishes and fully support the catwoman grieving before him.

“What…” he spoke tentatively, “are your orders, Commander Kali?”

“Who did it?!”

The gatorman jumped slightly at the dangerous hiss filled with venom. Golden eyes looked up at him through her black bangs filled with a roaring fire of hatred and rage.

“A human.” He answered swiftly, knowing the intent of her question.

When confusion entered the commander’s eyes, he understood why she was having trouble grasping this. “Today we encountered a wave of barbarian humans instead of the usual orcs and goblins. Our reports indicate one of the humans was massive and carried a great sword with him. His weapon shattered all others as if they were defective failures pawned off by blacksmiths before he cleaved through bodies and armor with ease. We believe he may be the leader of this human faction by the war decorations he wore and the way the other humans appeared to respond to him.”

Kali placed Dio’s hand on his chest before gently closing his eyes with her fingertips. Her fingers tenderly stroked his cheek one last time before reaching for her staff.

“Then he’s my prey.”



The beautiful succubus jumped slightly out of her thoughts of their current predicament. She glanced about the moderately sized tent that one of Queen Roselei’s captains had generously vacated to allow them to stay in for the time being. Sitting on the cushion on the ground, she looked around to not see the source of the voice.

“Kendra! Where are you?” the voice called again.

She realized it was coming from outside of the tent not too far away. Not only did she realize that, but that the voice sounded familiar along with a sense of urgency. This person was looking for her with great need and worry began to well up inside her as to the reasons why.

“In here!” she called out.

The demoness began to rise as she heard the approaching footsteps when the flap was thrown aside swiftly from the entrance. What she saw made her drop quickly back to her knees in shock. Her suspicions had been right as to the voice’s owner as their recently attained friend Callista looked at her now while supporting Blaze over her shoulder. Her lover’s arms and the shirt on his chest was soaked red with blood. His expression was hollowed with a blank stare that did not see her in front of him. She doubted by the look on his face that he could see anything before him at the moment.

“Callista… By the Abyss, what happened,” she spoke, surprising herself by the rising panic in her voice.

The Silver Enchantress looked to Kendra pleadingly as she helped him inside the tent. The succubus rose to take him from her grasp. Her arms embraced his body close to hers and she could feel now that he was shivering nonstop. Her wings instinctively wrapped about them both as she held him close and held his head close to her chest. Her green eyes looked up to the elf for answers.

“I… I found him wandering like this,” the normally collected elf finally found her voice again. Tears that she had been holding back now flowed freely as she struggled to get out the words. “He came out of the medical encampment. It’s… It’s not a pretty sight in that area, Kendra. He must have seen all the terrible suffering there.”

Her emerald eyes widened with the realization of what he must have seen. Blood everywhere with torn and maimed bodies lying about. And the screams of agony. Dear gods, the screams. Memories of wars past in the centuries she had lived threatened to come back and overwhelm her after having shut them away. It was one of the things that had changed her forever despite being a demon.

“He hasn’t said anything this entire time. I only found you by word of mouth from soldiers,” Callista continued as she wiped her tears away with a gloved hand.

“Callista. Please go back to helping those in need.” Kendra stated firmly before giving her elven friend a reassuring look. “I’ll take care of him but I will need some privacy.”

The Silver Enchantress nodded with a sniff before shakily rising to step outside of the tent. Kendra embraced her lover tightly now as she pressed her lips to his head in a comforting kiss as her own tears wet his hair and cheeks. One of the attributes she loved about her Richard so much was that innocence he held deep down inside. From his youthful expressions of happiness to silly mishaps like tripping when they shocked him always made her laugh and smile. It was a part of him that was pure, uncorrupted by the taint of the real world. She knew his sense of honor and always trying his best to do what is right stemmed from that.

And now that innocence was threatened to be lost forever in the shock he had witnessed. Deaths of those who wished harm on others is seen as justice served for their evil ways. But to witness the innocent and good die is something that can never be prepared for or accepted. It would be something that would haunt him forever. Nothing could change that now. What mattered now was the future that every person faced afterwards. Would Richard become a stronger man from this experience or would it destroy who he was forever? Holding him in her arms, she knew he was fighting the very battle to determine just that.

“Abyss damn this world…” she sobbed hoarsely.

This damn world could sometimes be no different that the demonic Abyss she came from! All of the hate, hypocrisy, cruelty, and savagery she had wanted to leave behind she found in this world as well! Her anger began rise within her like a forest fire beginning to get out of control. Her eyes slowly began to take on a green glow as her fangs began to elongate. Her wings grew with her rage towards the world until they could fully encompass her and Richard as if to shield them both.

“I could destroy them,” she whispered to herself harshly in the dark with him. “I could destroy all of Koas’s army out there with ease in the most horrific deaths they deserve for this!”

Her anger was nearing the point of exploding when the earth beneath them shifted violently in a brief, but powerful earthquake that lasted mere seconds. The startled cries of panic and confusion of the people around her brought Kendra out of her rage. Her breath came in short gasps as she struggled to calm herself and release the anger. Slowly her body reverted back to normal as she held him.

Too close…

Her body had shivered at how close she had come to doing just as she had said. But it would come at such a high cost. She did not want to suffer through what using her powers would cause in consequence. Better to restrain her growing powers so she could remain by Richard’s side. She loved him so much and couldn’t imagine one moment of being without him. They had come so far together after all.

When she looked down to her lover, he was still in the same state before as he struggled to come to terms with what he had witnessed. She released him from her embrace as she decided to help him by removing the blood from his body. She quickly removed his shirt over his head and tossed it into a corner of the tent. Grabbing one of the water canteens the captain had left for her, she soaked a wash cloth in the water.

Time passed slowly and quietly as the succubus tenderly wiped and scrubbed at his chest and arms to remove the blood. Kendra thought it must certainly be an odd sight if someone were to walk in and see a demon so carefully tending to a human as she was. Wonders never cease now do they, she thought to herself with a smile. She had gone through a few more cloths before his hand moved to grasp hers.

“Kendra,” he spoke.

Her green eyes looked up to see his and widened at what she saw. Richard’s eyes were not those of a broken man but hardened as steel. Within those depths she could see resolve and determination in solid foundation of his mind. Even more so was the fire that was burning with the same fury at the injustice that had burned within her not long before when she held him. She couldn’t help but smile in relief to him.

“Thank you,” he said as he smiled in return to her before it faded away as his serious expression returned. His gaze turned to the tent’s exit for a moment before speaking.

“Please send for the others Kendra. We are all going to have an important talk this eve.”

A wicked smile curved the lips of the demoness as she already began to know what was on her man’s mind. She rose to make her way just outside where she grabbed one of the guards and sent him to fetch the others where Kali had taken them. When her friends returned after a dozen or so minutes had passed, they gathered inside around the human that had brought them all together. After listening to his words, their eyes held a similar determination and grimness.

“Alright then,” Blaze said in finality. “We’ll begin in the morning.”


Koas hummed pleasantly to herself as she walked in gliding steps from the window in her room to sit upon her throne of carved skulls. She was in a very good mood by the way she smiled brightly. Any onlooker would view the smile of one of pure joy that must have come from any good soul enjoying the moment of happiness. She looked almost giddy enough to giggle like a school girl and skip across the room. They would be appalled that such ecstatic state came from such an evil, malicious intent.

“Finally!” she exclaimed as she fell back into her throne before throwing her head back to laugh in merriment. “It is about time to move on with this.”

Lexiss had left the room just a few minutes before after giving her report. Her force of evil races was expected to finally overwhelm the smaller annoyance of Queen Roselei’s ragtag army of elves, dwarves, and lycans. The goddess had to admit she was impressed at their tenacity to have lasted this long against such an incredible force without breaking down and fleeing at the futility of their efforts. It was beginning to annoy her!

The dark goddess leaned forward from her throne as she pulled the crystal ball upon its pedestal closer to her to give her a good view of what she desired to see. The orb lit the dark room before being lit with the orange glow of the sun having risen not long ago in the east above the waters of the Sonel Sea. Her glowing red eyes looked at Roselei’s army standing ready not more than a mile outside of their own encampment.

Their backs were truly against the sea and they would be crushed or drowned! Her red eyes glowed with the hunger to see the sight of such savage anarchy as they were killed. Oh the glorious chaos it would be! She moaned slightly in pleasure in her eagerness to hear their screams. With their destruction, the winged fools who worshipped Stavros and the pathetically small humans would be all that remained to resist her. They would fall easily enough.

Her fingers laced together in front of her in anticipation as her forces began to cross the miles of distance between them with their bloodthirsty cries of triumph as they too knew the pitiful state of those who had resisted them for so long.

Koas looked back to the smaller army in hopes of seeing the panic beginning to take form and see them scatter like bugs. Her smile evaporated at the unusual sight see saw next.

“Nooooo!” she hissed in a pained groan as frustration before screaming in rage. “How is this possible!?”

Her red eyes, moments before glowing in their joyful malice, now turned white with unbridled hatred and rage. The goddess’s hands on her skull armrests of her cherished throne crushed the ghastly heads and their grins to dust. This could change everything! Despite the logic that her forces would still be overwhelming enough to win, the goddess knew that fate was playing its hand. It was anyone’s guess now on who would emerge the victor. Lightning flashed across the sky in a chaotic maelstrom in reaction to her howling rage from the fact that certain victory was no longer in her grasp. Her hands seized the crystal ball as she glared with incensed hatred into it.

“I hope they kill you, Blaze,” she hissed with lips trembling in fury. “Or else I swear I will do so myself!”


The army of elves, dwarves, and lycans stood in formation solemnly as the sun rose to their backs. They all simply stood there waiting calmly for the axe from the executioner to fall. No charging into one last fight. Their demoralization was complete and spirits broken. Many of them thought of home as others prayed to the gods with their wishes. Every face was long with the finality that it was the end of everything. They were barely a mile outside of the encampment and word was leaked to spread like wildfire amongst the army from Roselei’s strategists. They would not be able to hold back before the end of the day and be crushed against the Sonel Sea.

The nail in the coffin was the word that the great lionman of the lycans had died the night before from his injuries. Dio had been well respected by all of the races present as they all knew that he was as kind at heart as a person as he was fierce as a warrior. The loss of their leader had left many lycans to howl and cry mournfully into the night.

Queen Roselei wiped a tear from the corner of her eyes as she looked out into the distance from which Koas’s army would come. Dio had been a good friend to her. Should they live through this horrible war, she vowed to build a beautiful memorial to him in the elven fashion with the utmost honor. Shifting slightly upon her horse, she gazed out along the lines of good men and women in front of her. Her keen elven sight picked out the new leader of the lycan forces making her way to the front line and the elf’s heart ached for the woman.

Kali moved towards the front line by shouldering her way through at first before others began to move aside when they witnessed her coming. Tears still wet the fur on her cheeks, but her eyes were hardened and her normally confident demeanor was now one of contained fury. The announcement of Dio’s death had also come with his final command to them to follow her as the new commander.

At first they were confused and unsure about following the Hellcat into battle. But word spread just as swiftly of her intense grief through the night while staying by Dio’s side and it softened their negative views of her. Many had grudgingly admitted respect to her prowess on the battlefield with her staff before this event. Now sympathetic to her loss, they remembered her ferocity over the days that have passed and many soon accepted this.

Their hands reached out to touch her arms and shoulders in silent display of sympathy and support. The catwoman paid them no specific mind but was silently grateful for it. But her mind had one focus now as she stepped out in front of the lead line of lycan warriors.

Her cat ears twitched slightly as they caught the sound of distant war drums sounding the beginning the massive force’s movement towards them. Her hackles raised as her fist tightened upon her staff.

“Kill them,” she hissed lowly in trembling fury. “Fucking kill them all!”

Scores of angry growls and hisses rumbled behind her as they shared the same sentiment and would do as the lycan commander wished. For it was their deepest wish as well to avenge Dio with their wrath. When they quieted, Kali heard another sound that drew her gaze swiftly down the line of the Roselei’s united forces to the dwarves. Many were turning with a growing hum of murmurs and wonderings as they looked behind. What she saw made her gasp in shock.

Among the short dwarves glided a cloaked figure as if Death had finally come himself to see the carnage in person. Kali did not need to guess as to who the dark figure was, as it was surely Rae Nitara. Death’s Mistress passed the front line and continued to walk out in front of the army. Confused murmurs spread quickly amongst the entire army as Kali witnessed Richard and Kendra walk out from the elven army just as Rae did. A soft touch and kiss to her cheek surprised her as Nadine passed her with Tyra alongside, the gargoyle in her armor and hefting her massive spiked mace.

Where they mad? The Queen had told them to leave this fight to them and take care of Stavros’s orders. Kali could only stare baffled as she was as all five stopped nearly one hundred yards out from the front line.

Blaze stared forward to see dust trailing into the sky. The dust drew his gaze higher to see the large mountains to the west. Dark ominous clouds billowed up rapidly behind their impressive wall of rock. Lighting flashed and arced across the sky in the distance in an incredible display of nature’s fury. The storms didn’t seem natural to him before he felt an icy shiver run up his spine as if two eyes burned right through his body to burn his soul to cinders.

Blaze shook off the feeling as he shifted his stance uncomfortably as he felt thousands of eyes upon them and sighed as he hoped this would work. He understood Queen Roselei’s orders clear enough. She wasn’t telling them to go after the generals of Koas as Stavros wanted. With the evil they faced now before them, it didn’t make any sense to continue along that path. Her words had hidden the meaning that she desperately wanted to spare their lives from the impending slaughter to come. He appreciated her feelings for them and would never forget that. But to hell with leaving!

His mind drifted to Dio whom he had not had a chance to get to know better. The young warrior felt a pang of regret over that. But he remembered when Kali told him that the old lionman had mentioned to her his philosophy about this day on their return to the encampment the other night. He believed that being backed against the wall ultimately brought out the ferocity within one to take down more enemies than normally could be done.

Desperation. It was something that Blaze could not bring himself to accept. That same desperation had threatened to destroy him completely the other night. It was only remembering his master’s words that snapped him out of the darkness and this plan began to form in his mind. He could already hear the mutters behind them in growing excitement that eased his mind that it was working. They were the few had driven the goddess that threatened them all mad with rage. These five souls were those chosen by Stavros himself to destroy the powerful emissaries of the Koas. And those warriors now stood at the forefront of the battle to come.

Reaching back, Blaze whipped out his twin blades with a flourish as he stared out ahead. He could begin to make out the small forms of the enemy as more dust rose to the sky behind their immense wake.


“Yes, Richard?” The succubus standing by his side glanced to him as her coiled whip dropped from her coat sleeve.

“No matter what happens today… I have no regrets,” He spoke before looking to her with a loving smile. “Contrary to how I felt that day, it has been the greatest blessing I could have ever wished for in meeting you. To come to know you. And to love you with every fiber of my being as I do now.”

A tear slid down the demon’s face as she looked into those eyes filled with such feelings for her. “Richard, I..”

“Kendra,” he spoke quickly to speechless succubus as their time was drawing short. “Don’t hold back on me out there. I know it was no dream after what I remember seeing last night. But I am not afraid. I’ll have your back as I know you have mine.”

Kendra shivered and wiped the tear from her cheek as a flurry of emotions tore through her. She was shocked that he had seen her transformation and fear quickly surged through her. But his words filled her with relief that he was not terrified of her as most would be. But still. Her hand uncomfortably grasped her right arm as she withdrew into herself in shame. He didn’t fully understand though. Richard didn’t know the immense cost that not restraining her powers would bring.

Her eyes looked to him now as the love she felt for him now flooded through her and hardened her resolve. She could not comply with what he asked, but she would unleash as much as she could without losing control. The succubus turned her icy gaze to the now thundering roar of the approaching army of the goddess. She swung her arm wide to swirl that coiled red whip around her before unleashing a deafening crack that pierced all other sound.

The cloaked wraith nodded with the signal and raised her hands to untie the laced knot to her cloak. Her glowing red eyes gleamed with malice only seen by those who had never survived to see the coming of the next day. Her hands rose to point her open palms toward the oncoming horde as the corner of her mouth curled into a wicked smirk.

“Scream,” the drowess whispered as the dust swirled up and around her body from an invisible whirlwind that caused the very air to shudder and vibrate violently. Her eyes locked onto the confident army in front as her feet squarely dug into the loose dirt.


With the dark elf’s commanding voice, columns of black fire summoned from depths of the magic within her body exploded from her hands. Her cloak was thrown from her body as the concussive force pushed her back to where her feet slid and she leaned into the inferno. Her silvery hair whipped about wildly as the dwarves behind her shielded their faces from the windblown dirt and sand.

The two columns of fire filled the air with a screaming roar that silenced all else as it blazed across the empty fields of a couple miles before them with blazing speed that no reaction could have saved them. Flames crashed into the oncoming horde with a resounding boom that continued to tear through their ranks deep behind their front line!

And they screamed as she so desired in agony before being incinerated into nothing. The columns of fire tore through towards the end of the army before exploding into massive fireballs which tore bodies apart and sent them flying into the sky. Death’s Mistress was pleased at their sounds of agony resulting from the deaths of what must have been a few thousand. Their cohorts slowed in their charge from their surprise while Rae could only hear a hushed silence behind her from the same awe.

Their silence was finally broken when Kali’s scream of defiance shattered all tension and doubt remaining. Roselei’s army erupted into cheers and roars as they raised their weapons into the air in their display of defiance as well.

Rae spun her ring sabers about before firmly gripping the handles, their cheers music to her ears as this is what her Patron had wanted.

“Death! Come my friend and let us feast!” she hissed before laughing malevolently.

Blaze and his friends all leapt forward into full sprinting charge. Seeing this, the men and women roared as they too charged forward with their powerful allies leading them. It was as Blaze had hoped and prayed would happen. Or else this would have been a foolhardy action to take as risky as it was. But his master’s words had been true once again.

“Let me tell you something, Richard. There will undoubtedly come a time when you, your friends, and your allies will have your backs against the wall. I have met many a man who put faith in his last desperation to take more down with him. But you know what is more powerful than desperation? Hope. When you give them something to believe that they still have a chance to make things right in the world for their families and all other innocents, you will find men who will fight like gods. Knowing they will very likely die, they will still fight to take down every bastard in front of them until their last breath leaves them.”

He remembered that day and the fire that burned in those weathered eyes of his master. The five of them had caused wonder and awe through Roselei’s army over the past few days. These people needed them there to be a symbol for that hope that a chance still existed. Even now as the two forces closed the distance, he could see the change as elves, dwarves, and lycans ran with them screaming like madmen. Ahead he could see the hordes of humans, orcs, goblins, and centaurs slowing and even some trying to retreat before being trampled to death. This was not the broken easy prey waiting to be crushed as they had been told. Instead it was an army of thousands bearing down on them with sheer murderous intent.

Blaze and Kendra roared as they crashed into a group of massive orcs as he slashed his blade downwards to cleave an orc’s head and shoulder clean from its body before the world erupted into chaos around him. The crashing of metal and armor with screams of agony and rage was deafening to where it threatened to overwhelm him before he focused purely on killing. His blades dance about him as his eyes were wide and breathing heavy as the adrenaline filled his entire being. Whenever he was open for the briefest moment, Kendra was there to lash down any who tried to get to him.

Down the line Rae Nitara could not stop laughing with joy as she spun about with her ring sabers in a whirlwind of death that even bloodied the sky as she sent sprays of blood into the air while she and the dwarves cut into the line of centaurs and goblins. The dwarves bellowed their mighty yells as their shorter statures gave them the perfect height to take out the centaurs’ horse legs from underneath with their battleaxes.

A goblin speared a dwarf next to her through with a gleeful cackle. She hissed in rage as she sidestepped over and swiftly disemboweled the filthy creature in revenge. Glancing up the drowess saw she was already being charged down by a centaur. She crouched and sprung into the air to meet him. Her action caught him off guard as she created a thin cord of magical essence between her hands that gripped her sabers. He gasped before choking as her forward leap allowed her to press the magical cord against his throat. Rolling over his head with her momentum, she landed on his horseback before giving a firm yank to rip the cord through and behead him.

She jumped from the falling body as hundreds of silvery magical tendrils shot from her fingertips. The tips rapidly extended into glowing spiders that landed upon the heads of the enemy around and in front of her. Hundreds of cries of revulsion and fear surrounded her as they futilely tried to claw the spiders crawling around their faces. She smirked as she hit the ground from her jump and snapped the cords loose from her fingers. The spiders erupted into numerous small explosions before hundreds of headless corpses fell to the ground.

By the Abyss she is going to cum if this keeps up she thought with relish as she stood. White hot pain exploded from her chest and she screamed as she staggered backwards. Looking down she could see an arrow protruding from her chest just above her right breast. She wheezed and fell to a knee as she felt the blood filling the punctured lung. Rae looked up glaring to the goblin with the crossbow running over the corpses up to her as it loaded another bolt into his weapon.

The goblin had the evil wish of finishing a drowess up close. This insult infuriated Rae as she coughed out blood to where it leaked from her lips. The goblin pulled up in front of her and quickly pointed the crossbow at her face. Rae gave a bloody smile before spitting a spray of her own blood into its face. The blinded goblin shrieked and stumbled before she slashed its throat open with a blood-frothed cackle. Her bloody smile returned as she tried to rise while her life dripped away onto her blouse and the ground of the battlefield.

Powerful arms seized her by the shoulders and dragged her backwards. She began to struggle and curse in drow.

“Easy lass!” The dwarf spoke as scores of dwarves charged ahead to protect their retreat with her. “We’ll get you some help”

“No!” she coughed, her breaths come in wheezing pains of torture as her body struggled to function off her one good lung. She frustratingly looked to see the impressive strength of the dwarves had already drawn her a good distance from the line of battle.

“Pull it out!”

“What? That is through your lung lass! It would kill you to do it out here!” He shook his head as he looked down to her. The other dwarf nodded in agreement.

“Do it you vithing runt sized bastard or I will,” she hissed venomously.

Sharing an uncertain glance with his fellow, the dwarf nodded before grasping the bolt firmly. He looked to see that she was ready and, when she nodded, he pulled it hard and fast straight out. Her dark flesh ripped as she screamed from the pain that nearly made her pass out.

Damn it all she was not going to die out here and leave Blaze to grieve for her! Fighting to stay conscious, she wrenched her arm to slap her hand quickly over the wound. Her magic flooded out swiftly to knit flesh back together and close the wound. She carefully removed the blood from her lung and slowly filled it with air until it began to function properly of its own accord.

“You drow were always a tough lot,” the dwarf muttered in amazement after witnessing this before putting himself under her shoulder to help her up.

The old Rae would have been furious at this but she accepted his help as she regained her senses and strength. Those healing lessons back in her youth had more than paid themselves off on this day.

“So were you dwarves,” she said with a smile as she wiped the blood from her lips. “Come on. Plenty of more killing to enjoy.”


A barbarian’s savage cry was interrupted by the spiked mace that crushed into his midsection. Ribs snapped instantly like twigs before crushing lungs as Tyra’s powerful strength sent the human flying backwards to crash into others. Lycans surged past her to quickly tear the fallen human barbarians that had fallen to pieces.

It was near torture not being by Blaze’s side as his guardian. She respected his wishes to fight alongside Nadine to help make sure she made it through all of this alive. Knowing that the demoness was with him always was a comfort whenever her worry threatened to overwhelm her. The redheaded gargoyle instead focused her rage upon those in front of her as she rushed forward with the others.

Tyra’s massive blue claw seized the head of a female barbarian who was screaming wildly as she attempted to cut into a foxman near her. Lifting the evil human up briefly, the gargoyle slammed her down brutally into the ground. The gargoyle howled as she stomped forward with her clawed gargoyle foot to crush the human’s skull as she planted herself to swing upwards with her spiked mace towards another man charging her. The deathblow impacted underneath his chin with enough force that his head was sent flying from his body in a great spray of blood.

Nadine dashed past her gargoyle friend to intercept the downward swing of a sword at another lycan. Her muscles tensed with the impact as her arm blocked his from underneath. The catwoman’s free hand slashed across his abdomen with her claws. He howled in pain before she stepped into him as she raised her back leg. The catwoman thrust the sidekick straight into the human’s throat in a crushing blow that silenced him.


Her sister’s cry saved her life as she looked to her side to see another human thrusting his blade forward to spear her through! Nadine yelped and released the dying man in her arms to jump aside. Pain flared through her body as the edge of the sword glanced her side. Nadine used his forward momentum to trip him.

“Bastard!” Tyra screamed with rage as the human flew forward and she slammed her weapon down into his back. The force literally bent the man in half before the broken corpse crashed into the ground.

“I’m fine!” Nadine yelled to her sister as Kali frantically fought her way over to her. It hurt terribly, but she knew she would receive more of these if she was lucky by the time this was over. She had to endure the pain to make it through this. She hissed and leapt onto another barbarian and savaged him with her claws.

Kali’s worries settled by Nadine’s call back to her as she turned around to sweep her staff around low to topple several humans rushing in to attack her and those around her. Her fellow lycans leapt on them and blood curdling screams were soon filling her hearing. She paid them no mind or pity as they deserved every bit of their grisly deaths. She would have received no pity from them but only joy as they killed her and desecrated her body.

Her staff had just smacked a few others at their temples to send them crumbling to the ground when a furious hiss of rage nearby grabbed her attention.

“YOU!” Kaiman thundered as the massive gatorman shoved aside another lycan as he struggled to make his way to something.

Her golden eyes quickly followed his line of sight to see a human barbarian as immensely large and muscular as her second-in-command. The man had a smile of pleasure on his face as his massive sword swung around to cleave a large bearman in half with ease. His already blood-saturated body had more blood splash onto it from this kill, one of only many and more to come.

Kali’s blood went cold as she realized Kaiman’s intent as this must have been Dio’s killer by the reports. It was the supposed leader of the barbarian faction of Koas’s army. Dio’s childhood friend fully intended to have vengeance. Her blood boiled as her hatred for the man she now finally saw sent her into a wild rage as she rushed towards Kaiman.

Ducking and weaving through the skirmishes frustrated her as she was slowed significantly. Her eyes caught glimpses as Kaiman nearly reached his target before another human stepped in to intercept him. The gatorman hissed in his similar frustration to Kali’s at being delayed in his hunt for revenge. His massive jaws snapped out before the man could react and clamped around the man’s head. Much like his lycan namesake, the gatorman spun around on his feet in his death roll to rip the man’s head off from body before spitting it out with disdain.

“Kaiman!!! NO!!!” Kali screamed before barreling into the side of the barbarian leader.

Her second-in-command had been preoccupied just long enough that the bastard was taking the opportunity to raise his sword and kill Kaiman. She remembered how after a long night of grieving, Kaiman pledged his loyalty to follow her without question. Most shocking was his apology for how he harbored similar foolish beliefs about her like the others until what he witnessed in her that night. His expression to want to make amends and hopefully work toward building a friendship was sincere.

Damn this bastard to the Abyss. He had taken Dio’s life. She wasn’t going to let him take Kaiman from her either! Although, her wind nearly left her lungs as it felt like she had run full on into a brick wall in her desperate lunge to intercept him. Both of them crashed onto the ground. The catwoman quickly rolled away as his hand lunged to grab at her. Rising swiftly to her feet, her golden eyes locked on Dio’s murderer. He was finally tracked down and within her reach.

“Kaiman! He’s my prey!” she shouted as the gatorman had already started once again at the barbarian.

“As you command, Kali. Tear him to pieces for me,” Kaiman hissed hatefully at the human before he turned around to fight off any other humans trying to interfere. She doubted they had to worry about interference as other lycans knew this was her quarry and stayed away out of respect. She suspected this barbarian’s subordinates stayed out of his way simply by fear of deadly repercussion.

“Kali, is it?” The human laughed as he straightened himself up to tower above her. His feral grin split his face as he casually hefted the large sword over his shoulder before shrugging his shoulder arrogantly. “Name is Jubal. Let’s see if you can tear this prey up, pussycat.”

The corners of her lips turned upwards into her familiar smile of bloodlust as she dropped low into a ready stance with her staff, “Alright then, Jubal. Let’s get it on, you son of bitch!”

Jubal smirked before he roared his battle cry and brought his sword down towards the much smaller catwoman. Kali spun aside as she whipped her staff around and upwards towards his head. Her blood hungered for the sight of splitting his skull wide open in the moments to come. She was shocked when he raised his left arm swiftly to intercept the blow. Her arms shuddered with the resounding impact as it felt like she had taken a swing at solid metal post. She gasped as the corner of her vision caught the glint of the oncoming blade from the side.

The nimble catwoman dove aside before being cut in half just like its previous victim. She hadn’t expected he could swing such a large blade one-handed with the ease he had just displayed. Stopping her staff’s force in what normally broke bones only further verified his monstrous strength.

“Good!” she laughed as she rose to her feet again. That smile of bloodlust on her face grew even further as she readied herself again. “It would have been more insulting to Dio’s memory if he had been killed by a wimp that simply got a lucky blow in.”

Jubal simply turned towards her as he shook his arm slightly. Her golden eyes narrowed as she noted his subtle attempt to shake off the pain. He wasn’t completely invulnerable as she had initially feared. Whipping her staff around, Kali moved to block his stab at her with it before recognizing the feint in time. His arms bulged as his arms twisted to redirect the blade from below in a diagonal upward slash. Kali sidestepped in time to feel the wind of the blade pass by her.

The sharp whistle filled the air followed by a sharp crack as she took advantage of his over swinging attack to bring her staff into the side of his knee. Jubal cried out in both shock and pain as he stumbled before being abruptly silenced by the follow up strike upwards into his face. His nose was shattered instantly and blood sprayed into the air as he crashed onto his back on the ground. She heard a few cheers from lycans nearby who witnessed their leader deliver such a blow before they continued fighting the barbarian horde around them.

“Come on, Jubal! I know that didn’t kill you. Get up so I can make you suffer some more,” the nimble catwoman laughed as she danced backwards away from his fallen form instead of finishing him off. Her golden eyes were alight with more than bloodlust as madness for revenge filled her being. She had truly meant what she had said despite a voice in the back of her mind screaming at her to finish him off while she had him down.

Kali instead circled her prey as he slowly began to get back up. Jubal staggered to his feet and the look she got from him sent chills up her spine. His face was covered in his blood and it dripped steadily from his chin in multiple places. His smile was nowhere to found. Her breath left her in a hiss of satisfaction that he was no longer enjoying this battle.

The Hellcat saw his eyes dart briefly to where his sword had fallen a few feet from him. Eager to hear his pain vocalized further she instantly sprung forward with her staff swinging as Jubal leapt for his blade. Her metal weapon slammed into his midsection with enough impact to delight her ears with his grunt of pain. She looked up as she began to move into another attack before her mind froze in horror as she saw his bloody smirk.

His attempt to get to his sword had only been a ruse! He had purposefully taken the blow to draw her in to him. Her bloodlust had blinded her from this and led her right into his trap. She screamed in pain as his hand seized her ponytail and yanked her completely off the ground. Jubal took advantage of this shock loosening her grip to rip her staff out of her hands and toss it aside.

“You bastard!” she screamed as she frantically reached up to try and claw at the hand holding her by her hair. His fist crushed into her stomach with every bit of force from his large muscles behind it. The air left her lungs to silence any more words from her and knock her body limp from the pain.

“Time to pay for the pain you have caused me,” he growled before that smile crept back to his face as he held the helpless catwoman in the air. He was going to enjoy taking his time with dealing out her punishment.

Her golden eyes could only weakly glare back at him before her vision went white with excruciating pain as his meaty fist punched her face. She cried out in pain before another punch silenced her into a whimper as his laughter grew louder in contrast. Her blood sprayed with the next blow that felt like it shattered her face completely. Over and over he beat her with savage closed fists to where she was as bloody a mess as he was with her left eye swelling shut. From glimpses past him between the punches she could see Kaiman and other lycans witnessing her situation and frantically fighting to get to her as more human barbarians intercepted them. A pained sob escaped from her as her only protest to the brutal bashing as her vision tunneled into near unconsciousness.

“Don’t pass out yet, kitty. I want you to feel your death come painfully as I slowly spear you through on my sword,” he muttered before spitting into her face with disgust. Holding her up in the air by her hair still, Jubal walked over to his sword and began to kneel for his weapon before a choked gargle escaped from her.

With a smirk growing on his face, he stood back up and turned her to face him. He always enjoyed hearing his victims beg for their lives pathetically. Jubal intended to enjoy her pleas before he eventually killed her.

“What was that, pussycat?”

Her one golden eye opened to look at him as her mouth opened to speak the blood frothed words.

“Fuck you,” she hissed as a sharp click filled the air. His eyes widened as she reared her body up to raise her legs. Sharp claws, having extended moments before from her feet, sank into the flesh of his chest from her kick. Kali ripped her claws down his torso to open up great gashes. The human roared in agony before dropping her to get away from any further claw attacks. Both injured warriors desperately staggered to retrieve their weapons.

Jubal reached his greatsword first moments before Kali staggered to her staff. He turned around as he raised it high over his head with the hungering intent to bring it down and split her in half. She cried out in panic as she could only manage to raise her staff above her in defense. Sparks flew as his sword sliced through her weapon. Her one good eye blinked wide in surprise when the pain did not fill her being. The dirt at her feet shot into the air where his blade impacted instead. Her prized possession had deflected the force of his swing just enough to where it missed cutting her torso wide open.

Tears stung her eyes as she saw her two hands holding the separated pieces of the staff she had journeyed so far to the renowned blacksmith in the Quinlan capitol to have made for her. She had worked so hard to find the money to pay him to make the best staff he had ever accomplished in his career. Kali always treasured it as a symbol of her pride in herself which she refused to let be broken. How much more would this bastard take from her?

Kali’s blood curdling scream of rage left her throat as she dropped her broken weapon and leapt forward into the exposed and weakened Jubal. Her fangs sank into his jugular as her body tackled him to ground. Her claws on her hands and feet sank into his flesh to lock her onto him as she pinned him down. His hoarse scream of pain barely registered her as she fought his attempts to get her off by biting down harder as the blood poured into her mouth.

She wouldn’t drink his filth though and let it drain out of her mouth onto him and the ground they were on. Her fangs remained locked into his throat until she felt the last breath escape from his body and the blood from his body stilled. Leaning up from her kill she spat his blood out of her mouth before wiping her lips with her forearm.

Cheers went up from lycans nearby as panicked cries spread out from the humans that Jubal had been killed. Kali gasped as powerful arms scooped her up before she noticed they were Kaiman’s as he quickly carried her away.

“Kaiman.. stop..” she protested weakly.

“Count this as the one time I am not going to follow your orders because you need medical attention,” he muttered as he looked down to her. That long gator snout broke into a fanged grin. “That was a jugular kill Dio would have been proud of.”

Her eyes became wet again at the immense praise he had just given to her. She nearly buried her face into his chest to becoming a sobbing mess but held it back as now was not the time. Once back far enough into their forces, Kaiman stopped a nearby rhinocerosman and ordered him to take her to the medical teams that had been moved back to the beaches.

“Kaiman, you better come back to me,” she muttered weakly as he passed her from his arms to the other.

“I will always honor my old friend by staying alive to protect the one who meant the most to him,” he spoke with a grin as he turned about. He called back over his shoulder as he ran off to lead their lycan army. “Nor do I intend to give a new friend a reason to grieve again.”

Her eye stared after him with those words ringing in her ears long after her new protector carried her quickly away from the field of battle. Thankfully he was respectful in saying nothing as she cried into his chest.


Panic seized the barbarian forces as word spread rapidly of Jubal’s death. Many of the humans turned to flee and allowed the lycans to push deep into the continuing tide of evil towards them. A majority of the humans still came forward out of fear of displeasing an evil goddess more so than fear of those able to kill their savage leader.

The other forces of Roselei’s army were not fairing as well despite their inspired passion Blaze and his friends had given them. Their charge had been ferocious enough to stop the beast of a horde dead in its tracks. They even began to push them back to an extent. However, within the passage of a few hours they were once again being pushed backwards gradually by the greater numbers they faced. By midday the forces of Koas were trampling their encampment under their feet. They were now pushed back into the coastal grasslands that signaled their backs were soon to be up against the sea.

Blaze’s muscles screamed at him with burning desire to simply stop moving. But the adrenaline continued to pump through his veins to give him the strength to keep on fighting. He could not afford to let his body quit now that a surge of orcs cut through the elven ranks behind both him and Kendra. Stranded in a sea of orcs, the two of them pressed on as they had been all day in a dance of death.

Twin blades covered in blood slashed through the air to cut both arms off the torso of one orc before he kicked the screaming vermin back into the others behind to create space. Kendra gave a warning shout by his side. His vision caught the orc to his side heaving a battle axe towards him. The young warrior quickly leapt aside to let it fly past him and bury itself into the chest of another orc. Kendra’s hand seized his shirt and yanked him aside to intercept another coming at his back. Her free hand reared back in a tight fist before she lashed out. Powered by her demon strength, the succubus’ fist exploded through the skull of the orc before the headless body’s forward momentum sent it careening into others.

“Blaze! Get down NOW!” Kendra yelled as her eyes took on a green glow.

Blaze dropped down low into a defensive crouch without question. Her wings expanded suddenly into their incredible size that he remembered before hundreds of tendrils of black and red hellfire shot out of their abyssal darkness. Much like her red leather whip, these coiled ropes of fire lashed out and tore hundreds of orcs surrounding them into burning pieces. With a quick inhale they all retreated back into the dark depths of her wings as quickly before her hand thrust forward to unleash an explosive column of that same hellfire which easily dwarfed Rae’s fire earlier.

Cheers went up behind them as thousands more of orcs and goblins were incinerated. Elves poured past them with this break in the enemy’s line.

“That was incredible!” Blaze laughed as he rose to his feet with a smile. He looked to Kendra before his smile faltered slightly. “Kendra?”

The beautiful dancer’s face held a maleficent look that gave him chills as her tongue hungrily ran along her elongated fangs. The earth beneath his feet gave a violent leaping shudder in a brief earthquake that caused many to stumble and fall on both sides of this battle. Swaying on his feet, he saw Kendra become startled at the quaking earth as much as everyone else before the glow in her eyes disappeared. Her body visibly shuddered as if she was trying to contain herself. However, the demoness only gave him a silent reassuring smile when she saw his worried expression.

“Kendra, what…” he began to ask before loud horns in the distance from army of Koas silenced him.

Looking past the elves streaming past them to the west Blaze could only feel the hopelessness of one staring death in the face would experience. Coming from rapidly from the west and towering above their comrades were massive giants. His eyes quickly estimated there must have been over three hundred of them thundering towards them with their long strides. Each carried massive clubs that could easily crush up to a dozen victims in a single blow. The earth shuddered as they crushed any that did not get out of the way quickly enough.

Blaze surmised these must have been the part of Koas’s forces for busting sieges to prevent from long-lasting holdouts from occurring. The leaders of the goddess’s army must have been fed up with any more resistance and were moving their trump card in to deliver the finishing blow. He felt Kendra’s arm wrap around his to hold onto him tight as the frustration of the apparent futility now threatened to overwhelm him. Damn it! The first giant to reach the front line of the elves raised its club to begin the final crushing of resistance.

A brilliant flash lit the clear blue sky before thunder silenced many in shock. Lightning tore through the chest of the giant and set it on fire. Blaze could only gawk as a large shadow passed over him with a roar before the blue dragon crashed into the dying giant. Drisanna’s talons sank into flesh as she used the force of her momentum to send the large corpse through the air to crush dozens of the dark goddess’s forces unable to get away in time.

Blaze and Kendra looked up into the sky as more shadows passed over them. Hundreds of dragons in a myriad of colors filled the sky with their roars of dragon rage before swooping down upon the contingent of giants. A nearby giant stunned as much as everyone seeing the dragons grunted as his back exploded into a bloody spray from the hole having appeared in his chest.

Those not yet to the front lines of combat had their gazes drawn to the east by the unusual sound of a distant explosion rolling past their hearing. Blaze could only look in dismay once more before joy welled up to replace the helplessness that had been there moments before.


Looking through her scope, a fanged smirk grew on her face before Marissa looked to her sister Clarissa. “It looks like we’ve made our introduction will a bloody damn good shot!”

“Aye!” Clarissa laughed before turning to one of her men. “Time to make that whore of a goddess pay for crossing us. Signal that the distance is good for that angle and beyond to the rest.”

“Yes Cap’n Red!”

Clarissa looked back to her sister with that same smile they always shared as pirates ready to have a rowdy good time. “Take from them everything they have…”

“…and give them nothing but hell!” Marissa finished the old pirate saying with a laugh. They both looked to the coastline and bellowed the only word necessary now.



Kendra’s arm tightened around his as she gave a shout of joy as more than a dozen ships in the distance just off the coast waved the notorious flags of Captain Red. Dozens of smoke tendrils appeared from the broadside of each vessel before the cannon fire screamed overhead to tearing into the horde of Koas with explosions.

“Blaze! Look!” Kendra cried out with further joy as warships were visible to the north and south of Captain Red’s fleet and filled the horizon. The ships to the north bore the flag of Quinlan and the while the ships south had the colors of the Shoushan nation. The first of many landing ships were already upon the beach and he could see both Quinlan knights and Shoushan samurai thundering towards them roaring their battle cries. Tears stung his eyes as he yelled at the top of his lungs at the sight. His people were finally here!

Both human cavalries crashed into each flank of the dark army and cut deep swaths as dragons fought savagely with the large giants. Repeated volleys of cannon fire rained down deep behind enemy lines as agile and observant Valorians joined the dragons, whom were strafing the dark army with their breath weapons, in aerial supremacy with accurate arrow fire from above.

Blaze and Kendra moved to join the front line of combat as the tide of battle changed in their favor. His blades cut through the orcs with renewed vigor. A much larger orc than the rest appeared to his left and came down upon him with a powerful swing from his warhammer. He raised his blades to stop the blow and his aching muscles nearly failed in doing so.

“So you are the one she warned us about,” the orc growled angrily. The orc pushed back away from him to avoid the cracking whip from Kendra. When the demoness yanked her whip backwards, the orc moved with surprising swiftness for his size and kicked her in the stomach hard enough to send the demoness flying backwards into another group of orcs. The orcs hadn’t seen her coming and they all went down in a heap of bodies.

Blaze angrily lashed out with his swords in retaliation for the cheap shot to his lover. The orc used the long handle of his warhammer to catch the blades and thrust their momentum aside.

“Who the hell are you?” Blaze cried out amid the din of war around them as he backed quickly out of the long reach of the larger weapon.

“General Zohar,” the green skinned behemoth responded with a scowl. “Koas had her informants tell me about the remote possibility of you showing up. Now I’m going to make sure you die by my hands to win further favor with the Mistress of Discord.”

An orc screamed as his body flew between them. Kendra dropped a lifeless orc from her grasp as she walked ominously towards Zohar with her eyes glowing bright green. The pissed off demoness clutched her whip tightly as she raised her arm to unleash it upon the orc.

“The hell you will,” she hissed.

Agony tore through Blaze’s body as the world went dark before Kendra could finish the orc off. The world went dark as a moonless night as an oppressive weight threw him into the ground. His consciousness nearly went black as well while he struggled against this weight. Confusion filled him as he could feel that there wasn’t anything physically on his back.

“Found you,” a voice from the darkness.

This is the third story I’ve written as I enjoy reliving my life’s favorite sexual experiences through this venue. I have enjoyed reading stories on Literotica for the past seven years and decided I’d try to share some of my own experiences. I’m not a professional writer, just a connoisseur of erotica and having great sex. This is the story of my most unusual wedding day as it actually took place.

Hopefully before you read this story you can take the time to read my story titled “The Day I Met My Wife”. It would give you a good understanding of how our relationship began and how erotic our relationship has been from the moment we met.


I was 46 years old when I met my lovely wife for the first time at her office, it’s now six months later. My wife, Mary is a very sexy 40 year old vixen. She was blessed with a beautiful face, gorgeous natural 36DD breasts, long sexy legs and those “fuck me” eyes. She’s only about five feet tall and weighs 110 pounds but it’s those tits that men can’t help but stare at. She has fantastic tits, not the type that a person would think are fake, her’s actually move as she walks. I love the way her tits sway in the low cut tops she usually wears. Her nipples are perfectly sized and shaped and always stand at attention when she’s aroused, especially on a cool day.

I love it when Mary goes braless but that’s a treat I rarely get to see other than when she’s in a bathing suit. I find myself constantly fighting off an erection when I’m with her. Every move she makes turns me on and she knows how to use that to her advantage.

A little about me, my name is Bill. I’m about six feet tall weighing in at 180 pounds, still work out daily and enjoy getting a few looks from the ladies now and then myself. Most friends say I have a very clean cut, military look about me. I’m always shaven, try to dress nice and always smell nice. My wife says that’s the first thing she notices about a man, his scent. I consider myself to have an average sized cock, about seven inches long. One problem I have is that I have a hard time controlling the little guy, I’m always horny. My wife loves to use this against me as she’s a flirt and a tease.

One day while browsing the computer I decided it was about time Mary and I take a trip together. So without her knowledge I booked a trip to New Orleans including the flight and a hotel on Bourbon Street. It was autumn so I figured it would be a great time to take a trip south to a warmer climate. I had taken a trip to New Orleans a few years back and remembered the great time I had. I was single at the time and enjoyed watching the ladies showing their tits on Bourbon Street and the great entertainment lasting all night long, every night. I figured this was the perfect place for us to vacation.

I emailed Mary at work and told her to put in for a vacation for that week as I explained when and where we were going.

I received an email back instantly containing one word “DONE”.

A month later we were packing our bags getting ready for our first vacation together. Knowing Mary, I knew this would be an adventure I’d never forget. I used one suit case, Mary used three. I didn’t dare ask why or what she was taking but I knew there were a few surprises and treats in store for me. Some things are just better left unsaid.

We left the house at about six in the morning with a full load of suitcases and two excited people in the car. It was about an hour’s drive to the airport, not much was said. I think she actually slept as I drove. We arrived at the airport about two hours prior to our scheduled departure as I struggled with our larger luggage, as the man should. At least that’s what she told me. We hadn’t been together long but I was already catching on to the rules of the relationship. Something I’ve always loved about Mary is that she’s all woman, not interested in woman’s lib but more interested in reaping the rewards of being treated like a lady.

We checked our bags through security and went through airport security without a hitch…..then came the waiting. Our Flight was late as something was wrong with the scheduled airplane expected for our flight so a replacement plane was sent to the airport. After waiting an additional four hours for our flight to come in so we could begin our journey we finally boarded the airplane. We were now four hours late for our connecting flights but were assured everything would be taken care of by the airlines.

Our plane left the ground at noon that day as we were scheduled to arrive in New Orleans originally at noon. Something seemed strange as it appeared we were making a big circle and losing altitude. The pilot announced over the intercom that we were going back to the airport as something was wrong with this plane!

To keep a long story short, we finally arrived in New Orleans a little after midnight. We were both exhausted but also not willing to waste the first day of our vacation. We immediately checked in, dropped our bags in the room and headed out the door to Bourbon Street. There must have been 50,000 people drinking, dancing and partying in the street. Women were showing their tits and being rewarded with beads for their generosity. Let’s just say by the time we went back to the hotel to call it a night Mary had a few pounds of beads around her neck. Her tits were very popular that first night.

I couldn’t believe it but we were both so tired after a full day of traveling and drinking that we both went to our room and went to sleep.

We slept in late the next morning until the maid service knocked on the door. As we looked at the clock and discovered it was after ten o’clock we both got out of bed. We agreed after a shower that it was time to explore the city as my wife had never been to New Orleans. If you’ve never been to New Orleans, it’s a very easy city to find your way around. Bourbon Street is actually a very small, narrow street lined with open bars and restaurants. My wife quickly learned that her heels were not going to work as the sidewalks in New Orleans are all brick and rock, with many holes and ruts to avoid.

I played the role of tour guide that first day, taking my wife to the waterfront, buying tickets for the steamboat, visiting the casino, going to the outdoor marketplace and just exploring the french quarter. Again, by the end of the first day we were beat. But it was time to party!!!! So, we went to the room, showered again and changed. We had another wonderful night exploring as many bars as humanly possible in one night while staggering back to the hotel well after two in the morning.

Although tired, I did have the energy to enjoy a good fuck with Mary that night. I’m sure the neighboring rooms heard us as we ended up on the balcony with me bending her over the railing fucking her doggy for all I had. It was a wonderful climax to our second night in New Orleans. Little did I know that this was tame compared to what was in store for me.

The second morning was much like the first as we got up late. This morning after our showers we decided we were going to the casino early as I enjoy a little gambling now and then. We walked to Harrah’s , it felt great as we entered and felt the air conditioning. It was about one hundred degrees outside.

We decided to gamble during the day to stay out of the heat. I did quite well and was up about six hundred dollars and definitely feeling the effects of the free liquor offered to us while we were at the tables.

For some reason I turned to my wife and said “Why don’t we get married here?’

“Now? Today? This year?’ Marry looked at me as if I were crazy. What surprised me most was what she said next. “Let’s go get a marriage license!”

“No shit? You really want to do this?’ Are we just drunk talking out our asses?”

“I’m serious, let’s do it.” Mary said. “Let’s find out where city hall is and take a cab.”

We left excitedly after asking the dealer to have someone get us a taxi. The taxi was waiting in front of the casino. We both got in the back seat and I said to the driver “Take us to city hall, Please.”

While we we traveling to city hall we started kissing passionately. I could see the driver taking glances of us in the rear view mirror. I figured I’d give him a little show on the way and slipped my hand under Mary’s shirt and started caressing her tit just to see if he was paying attention. At one point I lifted her shirt over one of her tits just enough so he could get a good look. At the same time Mary was rubbing my cock through my jeans. I could see we were really giving this guy a good show and he was enjoying it, squirming in his seat to rearrange what must have been a growing erection. Mary then started stroking my cock while it was still contained by my jeans, I thought it was going to break I was so hard.

I looked at the rear view mirror and noticed his eyes were on us more than on the road and that it was taking a very long time to get to city hall…..I figured I’d really give this guy something to remember and starting sucking Mary’s tit as she released my cock from my jeans with a quick zip. I was shocked what she did next. She said to the driver “Do you mind if we have a little fun back here?”

Up to this point the driver had been very careful not to interrupt us, I’m sure he thought we’d stop if he did. The driver then said “Please continue with what you’re doing.”

Mary’s lips found my cock and wasted no time getting right to work. She slurped and sucked my cock while the driver hardly watched the road. I think he was driving about ten miles per hour. It didn’t take me long to get to the point of no return as she had my cock all the way in her mouth and down her throat. I came so hard and forced Mary’s head to go as far down as possible, I thought she would drown. I came so hard I coulcn’t control my grunts of pleasure.

Mary then sat up, pulled her shirt back into place and licked her lips so both the driver and I was aware that she had quenched her thirst for my cum. Then Mary said “Never missed a drop, you’re cab is dry.”

“Thank you.” said the cabbie. I’m not sure if he was playing with himself or not during this entire episode but he was repositioning himself in his seat often.

As we reached city hall a few minutes later I handed the cabbie a twenty dollar bill as I noticed the meter read twelve dollars. “Keep it, it’s on the house.” said the cabbie. He then gave us his card and told him to call him when we needed another cab.

We both giggled like kids as we exited the cab and entered the city hall. We found the appropriate office and filled out the marriage certificate and found out we could get married as soon as the next day. I guess there’s a twenty four hour waiting period to make sure there were no regretful hangover mornings.

As we exited the hall we noticed the same cab was still there waiting for us so we got in and told him to drive us to our hotel. We did pay him for that fare.

We did some research as we returned to the hotel. I called a little marriage Chapel, a limo company and made plans for the next day. I couldn’t believe we were actually going to go through with this but I had no regrets, neither did Mary. We decided we needed rings so made plans to buy fake rings and replace them with something nice when we returned home.

We left the hotel and found a little trinket shop at the end of Bourbon Street, they actually had a few nice plated bands that would work for what we needed. We brought nice clothes with us and had decided what to wear on our big day. I had scheduled our little ceremony for eleven o’clock the next morning but started wondering if this was really what we both wanted.

“Are you absolutely sure you want to go through with this?” I asked Mary

She looked at me with a puzzled look on her face. I knew then that I had hurt her feelings. I moved closer and held Mary in my arms. “I’m sorry, I just want to make absolutely sure you feel good about this and have no regrets. I do love you more than I ever thought possible. I want you to be my wife forever, I really do.”

I could tell I had just reassured Mary as she began to cry. I started to choke up myself and felt a tear run down my cheek. I held Mary closer and said “I love you.”

“I love you more than anything on earth, you’re my soul mate and I want you to be my husband.” Mary said as she wiped the tears from her eyes with the handkerchief I handed her. “Then I want to take you back to the room and FUCK you better than you’ve ever been fucked.” she said.

“You’ve already done that so many times but I’m up for you anytime, anywhere.” I said as I wiped the tear from my cheek. “We are going to have such an exciting, wonderful life together, we’re so much alike.” “I love the fact that you’re the first woman I’ve ever met who loves to fuck as much as I do.”

“Well, I need to get to work making arrangements for tomorrow.” I said. I called the chapel to make certain we had and did everything we needed to do to get married the next day. Flowers were being sent to the chapel, the limo had been scheduled to pick us up at the hotel and bring us back. I made special arrangements to have champagne chilled and in the room when we returned. I tried to not forget anything as Mary was busy calling family and getting everything ready for the wedding that she needed to do. She had to do her nails, hair, choose just the right jewelry and other private things she does in the bathroom with the doors closed. I love the fact that I’ve never once felt hair stubble on her anywhere……anywhere.

“Once we both felt we had done all we could do to be as prepared as we could be for the next day it was time to hit Bourbon Street again. Our motto on vacation has always been “We can sleep when we get home.”

We started partying at about ten that night and did cut it short at about two in the morning knowing we had to be somewhat sober and proper for the next day. Knowing my wife, I knew she had to get up by eight o’clock to have her regular two hours to prepare and get everything just right. We did a little dancing, had a few drinks then went back to the hotel. When we got back to the room we both decided we could keep our lust in check until the next day so we could get a little rest. We went to sleep just about as soon as our heads hit the pillows.

We awoke to the sound of the alarm at eight o’clock. After my quick trip to the bathroom for my shower and shave I surrendered the room to Mary for what I knew would be a no-Bill zone for the next few hours. I’ve learned to finish my business quickly and not interrupt Mary if we’re sharing a bathroom. Thank God we have separate bathrooms at home.

The time was approaching ten o’clock and Mary was still doing her thing in the bathroom. With hesitation I knocked on the door and said “Mary, the limo will be here in twenty minutes.” I held my breath as rushing Mary is rarely the right thing to do. To my surprise Mary opened the door and stood in front of me smiling. She looked more beautiful than ever before.

She had on a knee length off white dress, spaghetti straps, showing her best assets with a little lift that made them look like basketballs. She was in matching high heels and carrying a matching purse. Damn, she looked nice.

“I’m ready, let’s go.” I could sense the nervousness in Mary’s voice. I held her in my arms and told her how much I loved her.

We left our room holding hands. As we exited the hotel we noticed our white limo parked directly in front of us with a handsome man in a white tux holding the door open. “Good morning, please make yourselves comfortable and enjoy.” he handed each of us a glass of champagne as we entered the limo.

“This is absolutely perfect. I really do love you.” Mary whispered as she kissed me softly.

“I love you.” I was so nervous I could hardly hold the glass steady.

We arrived at the chapel just before eleven o’clock. The chauffeur opened the door and held his hand out to steady Mary as she exited the car. I followed and thanked the chauffeur as I took Mary’s hand as we approached the chapel door. The chauffeur opened and held the door open to the chapel as well.

I won’t go into great detail about our little ceremony as it was quite simple, short and sweet. There were only three people present including the lovely lady who performed the ceremony. It was just perfect for us. Both Mary and I couldn’t hold back the tears as we recited our vows. It was the happiest moment of my life.

As we exited the chapel our friendly chauffeur was waiting and escorted us back to our limo for the ride back to the hotel. The ride was actually quite uneventful as we were both very quiet as I held Mary close in my arms. I think we were both a little shocked that we had actually gone through with it, we were Married!

We got back to our hotel room, changed clothes and left quickly to get something to eat. My new wife and I hired a horse drawn carriage to escort us to lunch. We traveled the streets of the French Quarter and made a quick stop at the country’s oldest pub to get a drink as we proceeded to our lunch time destination.

We had a wonderful lunch and later walked to the waterfront for a ride on the riverboat. We had a wonderful time on our trip along the Mississippi river, drinking and enjoying the scenery. As our trip concluded and the boat docked we decided to make our way to the casino hoping for a little good fortune on our big day.

We spent a couple of hours gambling in the casino and being treated with endless drinks as we announced we had married today in New Orleans. The casino wasn’t very far from our hotel but we were both feeling the effects of the alcohol so we decided to take a taxi back.

The taxi ride only took a few minutes so I really never had the chance to get Mary worked up in the cab but I did give her tit a little squeeze as she stroked me on the outside of my shorts. It doesn’t take much to make me hard and Mary loves to tease so she couldn’t resist slipping her hand up my shorts and giving me a little tug just to let me know her intentions.

We arrived at the hotel, cleaned up and went straight to the first bar we heard music coming from as we exited our hotel. Inside was a Cajun band playing with quite a crowd dancing and enjoying the upbeat tempo of the music. Center stage was a man playing the washboard (I guess it’s a Cajun thing) and inviting ladies from the audience to join in playing the extra washboard circulating around the bar.

We went straight to the dance floor after getting our drinks. It didn’t take long for the man with the washboard to notice my wife as she was shaking what were by far the finest tits in New Orleans. She was on stage within the first ten minutes with the little man already fitting her to her washboard.

Of course he had to give her a quick lesson how to play and her tits didn’t go unnoticed as he couldn’t keep his eyes or hands off them as he stroked the washboard. Mary is a HUGE flirt so she was playing this up for all she had, bending over for all to enjoy as her tits swayed to the vibrations of the washboard.

We never did go to a different bar that night as the band found out it was our wedding day and drinks were on the house. We were both really feeling pretty drunk by midnight and had attracted the attention of a young lady. I thought this gal was a lesbian as she was all over my wife for most of the evening. Every time we sat down from a dance the young lady would ask Mary to dance with her.

The dances were getting quite provocative as the two of them were rubbing their tits together and I even noticed them exchanging a little kiss at one point. The little lady joined us at our table after dancing with Mary for a bit and we all introduced each other as the flirting continued between the two ladies.

Before I go any further I think I should describe our new friend. Her name was Chantell. She was a beautiful little black lady, 26 years old from Texas. She was quite tall, I’d say about five feet nine inches, thin, petite tits, braided hair and beautiful full lips. She was on vacation with her girlfriends but they had all tired early and left to return to their hotel. Chantell was all alone so we invited her to party with us.

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