two on one

Dear Readers,

Here is the first chapter in the continuing story of Lyssa and Emmett and the Wyeth pack. I’ve got a couple more chapters done but I’ll warn you they won’t all come quickly.

For those of you new to the storyline the first installment is Animal Lover and the second is Pursuit of Happiness.



Joanna’s maturation party continues into the early morning hours.

Couples steal off into the woods.

Youngsters are chased off to bed, or back to it.

Others drink, eat, dance, and talk. Some return home, others move to bedrooms or sleeping areas.

Joanna falls asleep in a chair and Ariel suggests to Nathan that he take her up to her room.

While he hadn’t expected it, he nods to the Madam Alpha and moves to pick Joanna up.

She protests, sleepily, “I’m not tired.”

He gets her into his arms. “Dad?” She sniffs and her eyes open. “Nathan?”

Her sleepy blue eyes look at him, her light brown hair lies over his arm, loose, soft, like strands of silk. “Your mom said I should take you to your room.”

Her eyes go wide and she stiffens slightly. She was afraid of what that meant. “Sh. Just to your room, Jo. Just to the door.”

She knew the mechanics, had certainly seen sex in various ways between various mated, and unmated, couples. But she was afraid of what she did not know.

“Um.” He watches her bite her lower lip. So endearing. “Do you know if Cassie had her pup yet?”

“I didn’t hear anything. Is this her first?”

Joanna nods. “Mom said the first one usually takes a while.”

Silence again and he stops at the landing at the top of the stairs. “Which way?”

“Um. I can walk.”

He smiles at her. “Your mother asked that I see you to your room, which I will do. Besides, I’d like a kiss before I go home.”

“You have to go home?” she bites her lip again, realizing how that sounded.

“I have to work in the morning.”

“But, you’ll be back?”

He smiles again. “Yes.”

Erich and Madeline are curled up together off one of the trails. They had been talking quietly and fell asleep in the evening warmth.

Madeline yawns and stretches as someone calls her. Erich groans and rolls as she stands. [Erich. It's time for me to go home. Erich?]

Erich huffs in his sleep. [Madeline!]


She gives Erich a lick, [Thank you.] and heads for the house, for the car that will take her home.

Cassie gives birth to she and Samuel’s first pup, as her nervous mate stands by.

The pup, a female, will be named in eleven days, at the full moon.

Natalie leaves the new family in the birthing room, and heads to bed.

As the guests leave the compound, the adolescent pups are roused, to help with the cleanup. While some grumble, they are reminded of their duty to the pack as incipient adults.

As an unmated male now, Randall invites Calvin back the next day.

Emmett maintains vigilance as their guests take their leave, both to maintain security of the den and to keep track of Lyssa. Thankfully, that is no longer difficult as she’s no longer moving about. She’s curled up in his lap, snoring lightly.


The Wyeth pack sleeps.

Erich wakes alone in the woods. He yawns, stretches, and opens his eyes.

[Madeline? .. Maddie?]

He smells her, her scent clings to his fur, but she’s gone.

He feels a profound disappointment as he returns to the house.

Joanna wakes, alone in her bed, her dress in a pile on the floor.

Then she smiles, thinking of the goodnight kiss Nathan had left her with.

He had brought her to her door and set her on her feet. She looked up into his eyes. They were a startling blue, very light in color, like a misty sky. They held her, drew her in.

He stepped closer to her, took her shoulders and ran his hands down to take hers.

His smell. She had, of course, smelled males all her life. They were familiar, comforting, and made her feel safe. Nathan’s scent made her feel different. Definitely male, it almost made her shiver.

He leaned in, and she traced her hands up his arms, to his shoulders, and around his neck. He placed his hands on her hips, circled her waist, and pulled her closer.

As their lips came together, she felt the softness, the warmth of his. Then, his lips parted and his tongue touched hers, slid into her mouth, and explored.

She opened her eyes and saw him watching her as they kissed.

Then his eyes closed and he groaned, pulling her more tightly to him. She felt the hardness of his body, his muscles, his… Oh, he was aroused. She felt his hardness.

It scared her, made her curious, made her feel powerful.

He groaned once more, pulled her tighter, then released her and broke the kiss. She heard his heart hammering, the depth of his breathing, and saw something in his eyes.

He brushed his lips across her cheek, “Good night, Joanna.” He stepped back and walked down the hall, away from her.

She stumbled into her room and exhaled. “Wow.”

This morning she yawns and stretches, arms above her head. She touches her lips, smiles, and gets ready for breakfast.

Ariel is awakened by her mate’s laving of her neck. His warm hand is on her breast, a fingernail raking over her sensitive nipple. She moans, “Ran.”

“I’d like to dance with you again, El. Would you like to dance?” His mouth moves to her breast now while his hand trails down her body, to stroke between her thighs.

She sighs. “Oh, yes.”

He can smell her. She’s wet, ready for him. He rolls over, onto her, and looks into her eyes. He’s poised, ready to sink into her, his cockhead rubbing against her slippery opening. Her husky request makes him groan and capture her mouth in a fierce kiss. “Hard, Ran, don’t be gentle.”

One firm, hard thrust and he buries himself in her slippery heat. She shrieks into his mouth, digging her nails into his shoulders.

He pounds into her, hard and fast, her hips rising to meet his. It doesn’t take long before his knot swells and he forces it into her well lubricated pussy. He feels her clenching around him as he jabs fast and short, then howls as he empties himself into her.

He collapses onto her as she sighs under his weight and kisses his shoulder. “Mmm. Marvelous wake up, Ran.”

“You’re not so bad yourself, El,” he pants.

The next morning Lyssa wakes to the sounds of the pack, the comforting smell of her mate, and the uncomfortable feeling of his arm across her chest.

She nudges him. “Em. I love your arm around me, just not so much right now.”

He groans and rolls. “Emmett?” His eyes open and he jerks his arm away.

“Oh, Lys, did I hurt you?”

“No. Just didn’t feel so good, even though it did.”

“Huh?” His eyes, her favorite chocolate eyes, were hazy with sleep, his grey hair tousled. He smelled wonderful.

She caresses his cheek with her good hand and he kisses it. “How do you feel this morning?”

“Better. Every day better. But not there yet. I’m so sick of being hurt.”

“Natalie’s gonna take your cast off today. Maybe we can go for a run.”

“If she lets me shift. Hey, did Cassie have her pup?”

Emmett smiles, his eyes lighting up. “A little female. Naming ceremony in 11 days.”

“Do the females ever get to go on the hunt after a naming?”

“Would you want to?”

“Am I not a wolf?”

“Mmm. I find that rather arousing.” He sighs, “but I think I’d really hurt you if I showed you how much right now.”

“There are parts of me that aren’t hurt.” She smiles at him, licking her lips.

He smiles, “Perhaps I can find a spot.”

Roland was very busy this morning. He’s currently sucking on the pussy of the female settled over his face while another is riding his cock.

Cyn and Diana had latched onto him, in more ways than one, and had wormed their way into his bed for the night.

It may have made him a bit uncomfortable at first but was not unpleasant.

Cyn was riding him, driving up and down his hardened length while a low growl rumbles in her chest. She has braced herself against his chest and alternates between scratching his abs and digging into his pecs.

Diana, meanwhile, was sitting on his face. He had ahold of her hips, trying to keep her tilted so that he could use his mouth and tongue to best effect. She has her fingers wrapped tightly in his hair. He felt her muscles clench around his tongue every time he stabbed it into that warm wet tunnel. Then she’d moan or groan as he tongued around her slit, producing little shrieks and bucking her hips when he sucked her sensitive bud into his mouth.

Cyn’s motions were getting jerky as she pumped his staff in and out of her pussy, her muscles starting to tighten around him.

Luna. How did males keep track of two females at one time so that everyone got satisfaction?

So, soon. He flicks his tongue over Diana’s clit as one of her hands goes to her breast to pluck at a tight nipple. He then bites lightly on it and hears her shriek her climax. A gush of fluid hits his face and he sputters, shoving her sideways so he doesn’t drown in her juices.

Cyn continues rising and dropping on him, harder, faster, as Diana yells, “Hey!” and he wipes off his face.

“Luna, woman, you’re like to drown me.”

Cyn stiffens and howls above him as he jerks his hips up to deliver his load into her waiting depths.

Two howls bounce off the walls of his room, one higher pitched than the other.

The three of them collapse into a sweaty heap on his bed.

Cassie cleans off her new daughter with her long rough tongue.

Samuel lies on the floor, head on his paws, staring at his mate and their first pup. A little dark haired female. [She's beautiful, Cass. So are you. How do you feel?]

[A little sore. A little tired. Happy. .. She's gorgeous, isn't she?]

He licks Cassie’s forehead. [Just like her mother. I love you, mate.]

[I'm glad we have a few days before the naming ceremony.]

[It's gonna be busy for the next couple of days, though. And I have duties.]

Cassie flops over onto her side as the pup noses her way to a nipple and latches on, suckling thirstily. Cassie sighs in contentment. [She's a hungry little thing. You still like the name?]


After breakfast, the pack takes stock of supplies and arrangements for the next two days.

The adults discuss the party, the Alphas, the food, the various unmated wolves, the decorations, the clothes. There is also talk of the wolf imprisoned in the outbuilding.

Simon and Anton start preparing for the arrival of their guests that afternoon.

Lyssa made her way downstairs to check on the food and arrangements. She did need to get more beef for the following day and everyone had enjoyed the raspberry trifle, so she thought to order more. The alcohol was holding up better than she expected.

Ariel walked in to check on the work. “I see all is well in hand. Very good.” She looks at Lyssa. “Doesn’t your cast come off today?”

“I’ll go find Natalie shortly. Have you seen Cassie’s pup? How is she?”

“Nervous, as are most first time mothers. Especially with so many strange wolves about. But she’s well. A healthy pup.”

“So, she’s probably going to hide the next couple of days.”

“And we likely won’t see much of Samuel, either. He’s been relieved of his duties to see to his family.”

Their guests begin arriving some time after lunch.

Erich and Emmett are taking a turn guarding Alan. “So, Erich, what happened to you last night? I barely saw you.”

“Had a couple of females sniffing around. They were a handful.”

“Since you’re going to be confirmed as Beta soon, I’m not surprised. Either of them to your liking?”

“Maybe. If they hadn’t both come at me at the same time and pulled my clothes off.”

Emmett tries to muffle his laugh behind a hand.

“Don’t laugh. They didn’t have you backed into a corner.”

“How hard did you try to get away?”

Erich gives Emmett the evil eye as they stand there a few minutes longer. Erich’s nostrils flare and his head swivels toward the house. “Selene! They got Roland.”

Emmett turns to see two females hanging on Roland.

“So. Slept alone last night?”


“OK, Erich, give.”

“I went out to the back garden…”

Calvin arrives early and is greeted by Randall. “How are you doing, Cal?”

“Both excited and troubled in spirit, my friend.”

“Come in. Let’s see what food and drink has been set out.” An exhale. “I have an idea of what may be troubling you but that’s not something we should discuss.”

“Is he still alive?”

“Yes.” Randall stops any further questions with a look. “What is it that has you excited?”

“I find myself looking forward to seeing one of the females of your pack.”

“Stephanie?” Calvin nods. “Tread lightly, Cal, she’s been badly used by males.”

“She seems pleasant enough around me.”

“She’s never looked for a mate and she is not part of this gathering. She will be attending to her duties today.”

Joanna sits on the front steps as Lyssa greets the returning unmated wolves.

Some pair off quickly, others eschew those they had been with the evening before, looking for a different potential partner. Others head directly for food and drink.

A couple of the younger males sit and talk with Joanna for a while, but it’s obvious her attention is elsewhere.

[Jo. I see Severn's here. Did Nathan say he was coming back?]

[Said he had to work today.]

[Well, then, he'll be here later.]

[Uh, huh.]

A couple of the Severn males were absent but would surely show up later. If they had found any of the unmated females to their liking, they would be back. Severn’s duties in the police force would give them less latitude for time off.

Gordon brings food for the imprisoned wolf, who’s beginning to lose his cool.

He’d been fed well since they’d put him here. He hadn’t been beaten, or questioned, simply shackled to the floor. He had no idea how long he’d be there or what they were going to do to him. He had expected a quick, bloody, and painful death. He hadn’t gotten that and it was almost worse. They wouldn’t say what was going to happen.

“Alright, Erich, off you go. See if you can find a nice female.”

“Sure, Gordon, thanks. See ya, Em.” Erich walks back to the house, looking for Madeline.

Calvin eventually runs into Stephanie and she reluctantly resumes their conversation from the previous night.

Joanna sits up as another car arrives and a couple of Severn males step out. Nathan is not one of them and her face falls. Where was he?

She gets up and goes into the house to get something to drink when she hears the sound of a motorcycle. She rushes back out to see Nathan getting off the bike.

He was dressed in a grey t-shirt, a pair of black jeans, and black motorcycle boots.

Nathan walks up the steps, smiling at her.

“Hey, Jo. Did you think I wasn’t coming?”

“You might have had something important to do.”

“Well, I did have to find something.” He holds a small jewelry box out, balanced on his palm.

“What did you do?”

“Got you a present. Here, open it.” He takes her hand and places the box in it.

“You didn’t need to ..” She opens it. Inside is a pair of earrings, small blue glass hearts that dangle from small chains.

“I figured they’d match the necklace. Happy birthday, Joanna. Well. A day late.”

“Oh, they’re great. Thank you!” She throws her arms around him and kisses him.

He slides his arms around her waist and holds her close.

She then steps away and takes his hand. “Hungry?”

“Starving.” She laughs and he walks with her to the buffet table.

One of his cousins grins at him from the other side of the table. [Finding anything to your liking, Nate?]

[Go 'way, Stuart.] The other Severn male chuckles. Joanna looks between them but no explanation is forthcoming. She wasn’t dumb. Probably something about her.

“So, anything happen at work today?”

“Pretty boring, really, mostly reports..”

Emmett stands, staring through a crack in the door at the Ross wolf.

Alan looks at the brown eye that’s watching him. “What do you want?”

“What did you do to my mate?”

“It wasn’t me, it wasn’t me, it wasn’t me!”

“But you helped, you were part of it.” The tone is quiet, with an undercurrent of menace in it.

[Emmett, don't get on the Alpha's shit list. We're supposed to leave him be.]

[He's about ready to crack. I can find out what happened.]

[About ready. Unless the Alpha changed his orders you oughta leave him alone.]

Emmett does not speak further, but continues to glare at Alan.

When Alex comes to relieve Emmett, Alan is practically screaming. “Make him stop!”

“Lyssa told me to tell you Wade and Natalie let her shift. She said you should come find her.”

“Where is she? Why didn’t she tell me herself?”

“She figured you’d have more fun looking for her. Didn’t want to give you any hints.”

Emmett grins, pulls off his clothes, and shifts to the large grey wolf. He sits back on his haunches and howls, clear indication to his mate that the chase was on.

Lyssa tried a few tricks since she wasn’t yet strong enough to elude him for any period of time. While she was mostly healed, there were still little aches and pains, particularly in her arm/foreleg. The bruises had turned yellow. But you couldn’t see that on a chestnut colored wolf.

She ran around a female watching two males fight in the circle, leapt over a pair of females napping together on the ground, apparently having pleasured one another. Huh. She wasn’t aware of any homosexual pairs among the wolves. She knew there was nothing against it in the pack laws. Oh, pay attention.

Run into the small lake to the northwest of the house. Oops. There was Emmett’s howl. He’d be coming after her now, once he figured out where to start. Running into the water wouldn’t distract him for long. Hmm. Where did she want to be caught?

If she had been allowed to shift maybe she started from Medical, but, if he were supposed to find her she must have come outside. Not the garage door. Not the side door. Aha, there was her scent, mingled with others, out the back of the dining hall. Another howl from him. [I have your scent now, mate.] She does not answer. Alright. Nose down, Emmett starts tracking.

Lyssa decided on the spot. She ran three large circles around it, then leapt up on a rock. On the other side was a small depression, under a tree, covered with low growing grasses and some ferns. She turned around twice and lay down.

Emmett smells blood as he passes the circle and settles in to chase down his mate. Lyssa generally couldn’t elude him for long, since he was faster and she wasn’t at full strength yet, she wouldn’t get far.

Smell the sex in the air as he jumps over the two females, one twisting and groaning as she woke.

Further on, to the lake. He chuckles as he sees she had waded in the shallow water. Now, where had she come out? On the opposite side, he sees Erich with a small brown wolf with white socks and a white tip on her tail. Madeline. Erich might well have found his own mate.

Things were going well.

Now, to find his. He finds her prints, where she had come out of the lake. Then, some zig zagging in the woods. Veering left, wait, the trail went both right and left. She had circled back on her trail, and more than once. That meant she was probably close.

He stops, raises his muzzle, and scents the air. Faint. Maybe.

Alright. He’d have to run the circle. He follows to the right, slowly, checking to see where she’d left it. He comes back to her entry point. Nothing. Did she backtrack her incoming trail? His wolf was quivering in anticipation of finding her.

OK, walk the circle and look. He hadn’t smelled anywhere she’d gone off trail. The circle was small enough that he could grid search it quickly.

He walks the perimeter, slowly, nose up instead of down. And now, since he wasn’t concentrating on scent, he knew where she was. There was a little hollow under a tree on the side of a hillock. She had found it one day when her wolf had been exploring. The afternoon they’d spent there. Mmm. As if he needed any further encouragement.

He leapt up to find his mate, [Gotcha!] asleep.

Curled up in the warmth of the day, nose under her tail, she was lightly snoring.

He stepped closer to her, carefully, and licked her forehead.

She jerked and snarled, coming awake quickly, ready to attack.

He stands still, waiting for her to recognize him. [Em, oh, I'm sorry. I guess I fell asleep.]

[I can wait, sweetheart.]

[No, Em, I need to feel you. I want you to love me.] She stands there, backside to him, looking over her shoulder, her dark brown eyes calling to him.

Emmett’s wolf wants nothing more but to take his mate. As she cocks her tail to one side he growls lightly, then takes the scruff of her neck in his teeth.

He stands over her, cock hard and dripping. [Yes, Emmett, my mate. Yes.]

One firm thrust and he was in. Wet and warm, she hugs him tightly as he groans.

[It feels good to be back, Lys.] She pushes back against him and he takes the hint, thrusting into her as she braces herself. He rumbles in his chest as he takes his willing mate and she shudders as he pushes his knot home. Now, it was short hard thrusts until he emptied himself into her depths.

She feels the warmth, the weight of her mate covering her. She feels the pleasant fullness of him inside her and the warmth that flooded into her as his cock swelled and released. She feels some pain in her foreleg and it distracts her.

As he releases the scruff of her neck he makes a querulous sound in his throat. [Shift, mate. I don't want to crush you.]

They both change to human form and, still locked together, he pulls them over onto their sides and cradles her in his arms.

His free hand travels down her body and she stops him when he reaches the dark brown curls on her mound. “No, Em. It’s OK. I’m good.”

“But I didn’t feel… Lyssa, I didn’t satisfy you.”

“For now it’s good to have you with me.”

WTF? He had pleasured her just this morning. It didn’t make any sense, unless, … “It hurt this morning, didn’t it?”

“Um.” She bites her lip. “It was great, but, yeah, more than I expected, it hurt afterwards. My ribs and my stomach still aren’t there yet.” She twists and smiles at him. “I’ll let you make it up to me later.”

He kisses her. “Be assured I will, mate.”

Erich takes Madeline on another run on the trails. She seems much more comfortable as wolf and she was a pretty thing.

They romp through the woods and along the trails. She was energetic, playful, and she smelled fresh and female. He was enjoying himself.

[Erich, this is so nice. Thank you.]

[I'm having a good time, too.] She pounces on him, yips, and darts away.

He wonders how much younger she was as he follows the white tip of her tail. She hadn’t been at the last gathering six years prior, so she had either reached maturation in that time or had declined the invitation. Maybe she hadn’t yet been ready to seek a mate.

So, he chases her, smiling a wolf grin, as she darts back and forth in the woods. And, in standard wolf play, he trips her, bowls her over, and puts his jaws around her throat.

Madeline goes completely still beneath him and he hears her heart start to hammer. She whimpers and he feels her tail creep between his legs to clamp over her belly.

[Madeline?] He steps away, releasing her. She rolls, staying on her belly and not looking at him. [Hey, sweetie, I was just playin'. It's OK.]

She looks up at him and slinks closer. He licks her forehead. [I'm sorry I scared you.]

She slowly comes up to standing, seeming unsure. What made her react that way?

[So, are you hungry yet?]

[Uh, yeah.]

[C'mon. Simon makes a mean steak.] He leads her back to the house.

Stephanie has retreated to the training room and is lifting weights.

Calvin watches her, grabbing some 50 pound weights to do some bicep curls. “So, how often do you work out?”

“Daily. An hour minimum, more if I can manage it.” Her eyes were the color of green jade. He thought they were stunning. She kept her brown hair short.

“What led you to the path of the warrior?”

She looks at him and doesn’t answer. “I’m sorry. I was trained to be Alpha from the time I was a pup. I’m interested in why others do the things they do.”

She stops, and looks at him further. Taking another breath, she lets it out as she pushes the 300 pounds upward. “I was weak once. I won’t be again.”

Calvin had been Alpha for decades and he had learned and seen much. While he didn’t know, of course, the specifics, he recognized the basis for her personality. The comment Randall had made filled in most of the blanks.

Now, for a change in subject, “So, my dear, how often do you get outside the compound?”

Cynthia and Diana have moved on to a Severn male while Roland is talking to a pretty female from Ross.

After having something to eat, Joanna takes Nathan up to the roof.

Gordon and another Severn wolf are there, watching for any signs of serious trouble. Anna and Jeremy are curled up together, dozing in the late afternoon sunlight, in their favorite corner.

Nathan briefly clasps the Severn wolf’s arm. “Hey, Austin.”

“Hey, Nathan, enjoying yourself?”

Nathan’s grin is broad as he nods. Joanna nods at Gordon. “Hey, Gordon.”


They hold hands as Joanna points out their circle, the outbuildings, the small lake. “That’s Erich, don’t know who he’s with. Oh, there goes Lyssa. She’s got the cast off.”

Nathan eyes the large chestnut female. “On the large size for a female, isn’t she?”

“We think it’s cuz she was born human.” They hear a loud howl. “Oh, that’s Emmett. I guess she’s playing hide and seek.”

Nathan closes his eyes at the thought. His wolf was trying to come to the fore, wanting to get closer to this female. To chase her. To catch her. To claim her.

He takes a few deep breaths. Calm. Easy.

He pulls her to him and kisses her, a bit more demanding this time. She’s surprised for a second, then melts against him, her arms wrapping up his back.

One of his hands is in her hair, holding her in place for the kiss. The other is around her waist, keeping her body against his. She smells of violets.

There’s fire in this kiss, the beginnings of a claim. She met him, tongues dancing, and she explores his mouth as much as he does hers.

He pulls her head a bit more to one side and she shivers as he nips down the side of her neck.

It would be so easy to strip off the light blue sundress she was wearing.

He puts his forehead against hers. Both of them are panting lightly. “Joanna. Could I see your wolf?”

She takes a couple of breaths. “OK.”

Why did she feel so nervous? Just thinking about taking her dress off in front of him had her trembling.

So, she turns away a little and listens to him pulling off his clothes. Taking a deep breath, she pulls the sundress over her head and drops it, then hooks her fingers in her panties and pulls them off, her heart pounding. And she changes, light brown fur sprouting over her body, her bones rearranging, dropping to four paws, a cream colored wolf with blue eyes. She turns to him.

[You're beautiful, Jo. You really are.] He’s still standing there, looking at her.

He licks his lips, and she’s half tempted to run and hide.

It’s like she’s never seen a naked male before.

He was about Erich’s size. His hair was darker, his eyes that startling shade of blue. He had a sprinkling of dark hair on his chest and some scars, not all of them from claws or teeth. His broad shoulders narrowed down to his waist, then down to strong legs. In between, she watches his cock twitch twice. And knew it was for her.

[Am I gonna see yours?]

Ah, the double entendre.

Especially unintended.

Since he was certain she meant it innocently.

He only caught glimpses of her body as she shifted. She had a lovely little ass.

She had undressed and shifted rather quickly. But he had seen a small, firm breast with a pink nipple at its peak.

He had stood there, naked and mesmerized, as she had changed to a beautiful cream colored wolf. He thought briefly of the part of her he hadn’t seen, and felt his cock twitch. Then, her nervous question.

He almost chokes and he knew she would blush, if she could.

He takes another deep breath, and begins his shift.

As he drops to his four paws before her, he says [I haven't been on a good run for days. Can we go out?]

[Sure, c'mon.]

Ariel walks around, checking on things, when she spies her mate headed out to the back. [Have you decided what to do with him?]

[There was never any question, El. It was only the manner.]

[You haven't questioned him.]

[He's starting to crack. He'll tell us all he knows, soon.]

After relaxing together for a while, Lyssa says, “I really should get back and check on things.”

“I don’t want to leave.”

“You can stay here. But I really have to go.”

“No. No. Erich’s sniffing around a Tucker female so I should get back, too.”

“Tucker? Which one?”

“Started with an M. Madison?”

“Madeline. Smallish, brown hair, violet eyes.”

“That’s her. He sounded really interested in her.”

They rise and stretch, “So, he might get a mate out of this.”

“It’ll serve him right.” She smacks him. “Ow. What was that for?”

“Serves him right?” Lyssa looks a little peeved.

“He’s always making comments about us.” He pulls his mate to him and nibbles on her neck.

“Really, like what?” She sounds both interested and a little annoyed.

“He’ll find out what it’s like to love someone as much as I do you.”

She laughs. “Nice save, Em. C’mon, let’s go.”

They shift to wolf. She takes the longer route down, not quite trusting her foreleg in the jump down from the rock.

Emmett stands above her briefly, mimicking the tattoo on her left breast, then leaps down beside her.

He practically misses a step on the way back when she asks [Are there homosexual pairs in any of the packs?]

Erich has invited Madeline up to his room. He’s been moved out of the bachelor quarters and into a small suite. He will be installed as Randall’s second Beta at the next full moon.

He takes her hand, his other holds a couple bottles of ale, her other, a plate of tidbits to nibble on.

His room is done in woodland colors, browns with a couple of tones of green, hunter and forest. Like Emmett and Lyssa’s, there is a space for a desk and work area, a sitting area, the bathroom, and the large bed.

“Wow. It’s so big.”

“Yeah. I almost don’t know what to do with it. I only moved in last week.” He gestures to the couch.

“That’s right, your Alpha is gonna make you Beta, isn’t he?” She sits, putting down the plate and leaving a little distance between them.

“Yup,” he hands her one of the bottles, “not much longer. Em and I work well together, which is good, and there’s enough to keep us both busy.”

“What happened to his mate and Joanna? I haven’t heard a whole lot.”

How much to tell? She wasn’t Wyeth pack but rumors got around. But, he also couldn’t afford to be seen as accusing the Ross Alpha.

The pause as he thinks it over has her saying, “Never mind.”

“It’s a thorny situation and I really can’t say much. They were both taken and held in a house off pack lands. Lyssa helped Jo get away and we were able to get there before she was killed.”

“But who? And, why?” She was definitely getting more comfortable around him.

“Evidence leads to another pack and Joanna was the target.”

Madeline’s forehead creases in confusion. “But.. So, what’s gonna happen?”

“Not much we can do.” He clinks the bottle against hers and drinks. She has a drink, too. “So, what do you do at home?”

He watches her face light up. “Me? Oh, I take care of the gardens, the trees,…”

Calvin admires Stephanie’s form as a wolf. She’s a uniform brown color with lighter forelimbs and those wonderful green eyes.

He had seen the scars on her body. Most looked like typical fighting scars, the others, well, not so much.

He lopes along beside and a bit behind her as they move across the lands of the Wyeth pack. She didn’t speak as they ran and he found he was content just to be near her.

She smelled female, of course, but he was struggling to identify the scent that overlaid the female scent.

He watches as she deftly dispatches a rabbit they scared up.

Nathan stops short. [Seriously?] While females in his pack fought males, they tended to be larger. Joanna was so… small.

She turns to look at him, tongue lolling. [Why not? Mom does. And Lyssa's been learning. There's no reason I shouldn't.]


[What just happened to me? As an Alpha daughter, I have an obligation to help protect the pack. To be strong.]

[I can't believe... Who have you been sparring with?]

[Emmett, Erich, Alex. And Mom and Lyssa have been teaching me. Oh, c'mon, I'll show you.] They’ve been heading back to the house and she veers, heading for the circle.

[Jo. I can understand the Beta's mate, she almost as big as the males..]

[Her name is Lyssa. Honestly, Nathan.] He hears irritation in her send.

They come to the circle, but it holds two bleeding males who show no sign of giving up anytime soon.

[Well, we can go somewhere else.]

He rubs against her. [Hey, um, I should really probably go home. I've gotta work again in the morning.]

[Oh. Yeah. OK.] They trot back up to the roof to their clothing.

He watches her as she dresses in the darkness, pulling on the dress. As the skirt falls below her waist, he saw what he hadn’t seen before, the curls, also light brown in color, between the tops of her thighs. And he thought of what that promised.

Damn. He’d be uncomfortable the whole way home, now.

He grabs her shoulders and pulls her lips to his. A deep kiss and he drops his mouth to nip at her neck. As he releases her, he growls out [Stay there.]

Nathan turns and strides away from her.

She stands there, mystified, watching him walk away.

After a couple of minutes, she hears the bike roar to life. [Good night, Joanna. Sleep well.]

[Good night, Nathan. You, too.]

Ariel has now seen the wolf they held, one of those who had taken her daughter. She stands quietly as Randall speaks to Martin and Simon.

He was curled up in a corner, the chain extending from his huddled form. She saw him shudder.

Calvin bids Stephanie adieu with a kiss to her hand.

Emmett checks on Wade and Natalie in the Med ward.

They were currently stitching up a wound on the hindquarters of a Macy male.

“How have things been going?”

“Not bad. Nothing serious. Less than I expected.”

“Now, dear. The last day is generally worst.” Wade looks at his mate.

“OK. So, no problems with supplies or the patients?”

“No, Beta.”

“Alright. Good. Let me know if you need anything.”

Madeline is nestled into Erich’s side as they watch the evening news. He’s got his arm around her.

“They’re probably going to call for me soon.”

He looks down at her. “Stay with me tonight.”

“Oh, Erich. I don’t know.”

“Give me a chance to convince you?” She doesn’t really respond, looking up at him. He takes the opportunity to lean down and kiss her.

She makes a small sound in her throat as he reaches across his own body to cup a small breast. He feels the little tip harden up as he rubs his thumb over it and groans at her taste. Like a mild honey. Orange blossoms.

Her little hand reaches over, to stroke his chest through his t-shirt.

He groans again as she starts making little mewling noises.

He breaks away, leaving them both gasping, and stands.

Startled, she looks up, shifts her hips forward on the couch, and makes to stand.

Erich’s voice is husky. “No. Stay there. Lean back.”

She does so, surprised when he sits on the floor between her knees. “Erich? What are you doing?”

He pushes her knees apart and caresses them. Using both hands, he starts inching her skirt up her calves, “Convincing you to stay tonight.”

She starts breathing more deeply as he pushes the skirt up her thighs. She jumps and giggles slightly when he hits a sensitive spot.

He exposes her blue cotton panties with white polka dots as he pushes the skirt up to her waist.

He puts the heel of his hand on her mound and rubs in tight circles. Looking up at her, he smiles as he hooks his fingers in her panties. “Take your shirt off for me.”

Her little hands go to her top button as he pulls her panties down. She lifts her hips to help him. Two buttons gone as he slithers them down her legs and pulls them off her feet. Another button and he sniffs the panties before dropping them and spreading her knees again. He sees the first glimmering of moisture as she starts to seep.

Madeline pulls her soft green blouse open as Erich pushes her knees apart. She watches as he moves closer and inhales, closing his eyes in appreciation as he does so. [Orange blossom honey. How soft are your petals, my blossom?]

He looks up at her, his green eyes speaking of hunger and passion, before he looks back down between her legs. [The bra.]

She arches her back to get to the clasp as his finger reaches out.

She closes her eyes and inhales as he gently strokes her outer lips. [Soft. I knew it.] His green eyes sparkle up at her. [All the way off, my blossom.]

She likes the way he’s taking charge, not ordering her to do anything but directing her actions to his liking. He was turning her on just looking at her. She felt the wetness leaking from her and he’d barely even touched her.

She finishes pulling off her blouse and bra and inhales as she sees him lick his lips, looking up at her from between her legs. Madeline feels a tingle go through her, straight to her pussy.

She lays her head against the back of the couch as she feels him gently stroke her thighs and lower lips. Who would have thought a male could have such a gentle touch?

“Are you convinced yet, Madeline?”

Of what? Oh. Yes. “Not yet.”

He smiles at her. Was he pleased at her cheeky reply, her invitation to do more?

And so he did. He kisses his way up the inside of her thighs, kisses her mound, and she feels his tongue sweep from the bottom to the top of her pussy lips. Once.

She sighs, grabbing his hair.

Then, a frustrated sound leaves her throat. [Don't tease.]

[Just enjoying my first taste.]

She feels him spread her lips, opening her to him, and his tongue touches her again. Moving, tasting, exploring her folds.

[Madeline. It's time to go.]

[I'm staying here, Tim.]

[Alright, I'll tell the Alpha.]

He was lapping at her slit, sweeping up the juices that were flowing from her as she starts moaning. He ventures to slide a finger in her.

Tight, oh, Selene, she was tight. Although there was no evidence of it, Erich knew not all untouched females had an intact barrier. [Madeline, honey, are you virgin?]

She blinks, breathing hard. [Um, virgin? No.] She yips when he nips her clit. [It's just.. been a while.]

[You're so tight, my blossom. I don't want to hurt you.]

[It feels.. divine, Erich. Don't stop.]

How would it feel to slide his cock into that wet tightness? He was hard, so ready to slide into her, but now he began to think he might hurt her. He wasn’t huge but she was, well, tiny. So, he would continue to pleasure her with tongue and fingers. And he would see how it felt to wake with her in his bed.

But first..

He pulls his finger out and notices her hooded purple eyes as she watches him lick that finger off. He gives her a crooked smile and slides it back in. Her fingers tighten in his hair. [Maddie.]


[Touch your breasts for me. Touch yourself while I pleasure you.]

Another slide in and he feels her twitch around his finger, watches her hand move up her body. He works a second finger into her and she tightens down on them. He stops, looking up at her, but sees nothing but pleasure on her face. [That's it, Maddie, squeeze them, roll your nipples, pinch them for me.] He watches her breasts heave as she runs her fingertips over the small nubs and tugs on them.

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