two men one woman

The key slides into the ignition of the purple Ford Ranger as the young man behind the wheel starts the engine. In the driver seat, twenty-four year old TJ revs the engine, feathering the accelerator pedal at his feet. The young man stands six feet tall with reddish blonde hair and deep blue eyes, tattoos cover his arms and his ears are gauged up to an inch. Dressed in a pair of black skinny jeans and a white T-shirt, he waits patiently for his young eighteen year old girlfriend to get in the vehicle so they can make their way to their local mall on the other side of town. Closing the car door behind her, Kylene buckles her seat belt and looks over at her lover. “I’m ready to be your little slut now.” The young girl says with a lustful tone on her voice.

The young dark haired woman sits in the passenger seat wearing a black skirt, black see through thigh high tights, and a tight white button up shirt. The top hugs her perky breasts tightly, the top three buttons are left undone showing off her cleavage. Her dark eyes gaze over at her boyfriend as she wait for his reply. “Wow babe, you look..,”

“Is your tongue tied baby?” Kylene says biting her lip and twirling her curly shoulder length hair.

“You look so sexy in this outfit” The mesmerized young man replies, struggling to find the right words.

“Good, now lets go show off your slut girlfriend” Kylene orders. The pickup pulls out of the drive way and turns onto the street as the young couple heads to the mall.

Pulling into the parking lot, the two step out of the car and head for the main entrance doors of the building. TJ allows his beautiful girlfriend to walk in front of him allowing him a chance to look upon her gorgeous perky ass covered by the thin black cloth that makes up her skirt. With each step she takes, her hips rock from side to side and the breeze causes the small skirt to float, exposing a glimpse of her cheeks as she walks. Looking back, Kylene gives her boyfriend a playful grin as she knows exactly why he is walking a few steps behind her. As she looks back, she places her right hand on her lower back slightly pulling up the dark fabric, giving him an even better glimpse of her soft tanned ass.

Reaching forward TJ grabs the handle of the glass door in front of them. Opening the door the two step into the food court and make their way to the benches on the other side. Walking by a group of boys, Kylene drops her phone on the ground by their table. “Opps!” She says as she bends over at the hip with her rear end facing the young men. As she reaches down her skirt slides up her ass higher and higher, before they realize it the young woman’s naked ass is in their view. Looking closer they notice that she has no panties on and they can see the puffy pink lips of her vagina between her legs directly under her ass. Grabbing her cell phone, she stands back up and continues to walk next to her boyfriend, grabbing his hand as they walk away.

“You think they liked seeing my ass daddy?!” Kylene asks TJ with and innocent tone.

“They loved it honey! Their jaws hit the floor!” He replies, grabbing her ass quickly before grabbing her hand again.

“I hope their dicks got hard looking at your little slut’s ass and pussy!”

Sitting on the bench, the couple hold hands and people watch as Kylene sits with her legs spread just enough to let anyone paying attention enough a clear view of her tight vag. TJ sits next to his girlfriend as she rests her right hand in his lap, causing a bulge to become visible in his crotch.

“Well I’m glad I make your dick hard daddy!” The young girl points out as she giggles innocently.

“I love how much of a tease you are! Not only to me but everyone here!”

The scent of wet pussy fills the air around the horny couple, as Kylene becomes more and more aroused her nipples begin to expose themselves through the tight white fabric. TJ moves his left hand towards his girlfriends inner tight and he starts to massage her leg slowly moving higher and higher, causing her pussy to become more wet and the scent of her arousal to become more powerful. The dark haired girl moans softly as a shiver runs down her spine and settles in her crotch.

“Fuck TJ!! You’re making me so wet and I don’t care who can see this!”

“Lets go tease some more guys while you’re this horny.” As the young girl stands up a stream of pussy juice trickles down her thigh and runs down to her foot.

Across the way, sitting in the food court a middle aged man watches as the two young exhibitionists make their way from the bench. Quickly finishing his food, he stands up and jogs to catch up and keep them in his sight. He watches as the young girls rear end bubbles back in forth as she walks through the mall. His dick slowly swells in his pants as he becomes aroused by the beautiful rear end ahead. Completely oblivious to the noticeable erection in his pants he continues to follow them. Kylene turns her head to see if anyone is paying attention to her slutty outfit, as she looks back she notices the middle age man and his bulge following twenty feet behind her and TJ.

“Daddy I’ve gotta pee.” Kylene says winking and motioning her head for TJ to look back. Looking back he also notices the man pursuing them.

“Okay babe!” He replies grinning to himself.

In step behind them, the man follows them as the couple disappears around the corner of the hall to the restrooms. Peeking around the corner he watches as TJ squeezes Kylene’s ass, pulling up the cloth and exposing her naked skin underneath. Testosterone pumps through his veins as he gazes upon the sight of her rear. Without hesitation he enters the hall and continues to follow them to the restrooms. Disappearing around the final corner he loses sight of the young adults, quickening his pace he runs down to peek around the corner only to be grabbed by his jacket and pushed through the Mens bathroom door. Realizing that Kylene had grabbed him, he watches as TJ locks the door behind them. Before he can say a word his back hits the wall forcefully and he feels his erection grabbed by the young woman. “lets see this big dick of yours!” His dick swells even harder as the soft hands play with the bulge in his pants, making him light headed. Looking down he watches as Kylene gets down on her knees and her hands unbutton his tan dress pants.

TJ walks towards his lover and the new stranger as Kylene unzips his pants and jerks them down to his knees followed by his briefs. His 8in cock snaps up right and bounces in front of her face, Kylene gasps and instantly her mouth engulfs his member and a wave of pleasure flows through his body. Kylene bobs her head vigorously as she sucks the stranger’s dick, her saliva coats his shaft making his dick shine. “Oh fuck” The man moans. Reaching over to her right her hand finds the leg of her boyfriend and she ferociously grabs the waist of his pants and pulls him over. Without breaking her rhythm she removes her mouth from the stranger’s cock and replaces it with her left hand and begins to jerk him off, while her right hand unbuttons and removes TJ’s pants. TJ’s 9in cock throbs in front of her face as her mouth moves in and begins sucking on it just as passionately as she sucked the stranger’s dick. Her right hand then closes around the base as she pulls her mouth from her lover’s prick and begins to give him a hand job and she looks up at the faces of the two men she is jerking off.

Moaning fills the restroom as Kylene takes turns sucking and deep throating the two large cocks in front of her. She stands up and starts kissing the stranger while both her hands continue to masturbate the men, after a few seconds she moves to start kissing her boyfriend. TJ reaches over and grabs the hand of the stranger and moves it towards his girlfriend’s crotch. The stranger’s hand feels the heat radiating from the young slut’s pussy as it moves closer and without any resistance he feels his index and middle finger slide deep inside her tight cunt. Kylene moans loudly as she feels the fingers slide deep inside her, suddenly she feels her man’s hand slip passed her ass cheeks and the pressure as his index finger enters her asshole.

Kylene begins to cry out in pleasure as both her asshole and pussy are invaded with penetrating fingers. The stranger squats down and moves his face in between the girl’s legs, and begins to suck on her clit causing her to scream with excitement. TJ then steps around behind Kylene and places the swollen head of his cock in between his girlfriend’s ass cheeks. Kylene struggles to catch her breath as she feels the member press against her anus, then she feels TJ push her forward slightly causing her to bend over allowing for a better alignment. Her asshole begins to tingle as the excitement send electricity to her anus and the pressure becomes greater as TJ’s prick enters her ass and stretches her to the brink.

“FUCK!!” Kylene cries out at the top of her lungs.

“Oh daddy fuck your little girl’s ass while this man eats her pussy!” Kylene moans out. Kylene’s ass ripples as she is fucked by her boyfriend and her legs quiver as the stranger sucks her clit. TJ’s balls smack against Kylene’s pussy lips as he plows into her ass. As quickly as the fucking began, TJ stops and pulls his engorged cock out of her ass and grabs Kylene’s shoulders and turns her around placing her ass in front of the stranger. Without even thinking she engulfs TJ’s member, deep throating her lover only to feel the pressure as the stranger enters her rear. A muffled moan tries to escape her mouth as TJ thrusts himself deeper in her mouth. A smacking sound echoes trough the room as the stranger’s ball sack slaps against Kylene’s dripping wet slit. The scent of sex and the sound of moaning fills the air as the three fuck each other in the public restroom.

TJ then steps away and picks up his girlfriend’s bag from off the floor, while the stranger continues to pump his throbbing cock into his girl. He pulls out a small blanket and spreads it out on the bathroom floor and lays down on his back and watches as Kylene’s tits bounce as the man fucks her senseless. Her hair sways with the motion and rhythm of the man’s thrusts. Her hand reaches back and begins to rub her own clit, her fingers circling around the small bulb apove her cunt opening. Soon a violent wave crashes through her body as Kylene erupts in an orgasm, her legs become week and her asshole clenches even tighter around the man’s big cock.

Kylene steps forward, pulling away from the penetrating hardon and places her feet on either side of TJ. Squatting down she feels his dick head be swallowed by her pussy sending a euphoric sensation through her body. She leans into kiss her loving boyfriend as he begins to slam his big dick into her tight wet hole. The stranger watches as the couple fuck on the floor, noticing the pussy juice as it runs down TJ’s ball sack from Kylene’s soaking snatch. Looking up slightly he notices her asshole is in the perfect position.

The man grabs Kylene’s hips and crams his cock back into her ass again and begins to fuck like a rabbit. While inside her pussy, TJ can feel the stranger’s dick through the wall separating her vagina from her rectum rubbing against each other sending a new and incredible feeling through the bodies of both men. Kylene’s body is completely full and she screams out in ecstasy as both men pump their cocks vigorously in and out of her two holes.

“Fuck my tight ass! Fuck my wet pussy!!” Kylene yells between breaths at the two men.

The stranger feels his balls begin to tighten and his cock swell even more as his orgasm barrels through his body and he begins to quiver as his cum erupts into the waiting asshole of the young girl. She can feel the hot fluid shoot inside her as it hit’s the walls of her anus and her moaning becomes more intense as her body milks his jizz out of his prick. The stranger grunts and twitches violently as he grasps Kylene’s hips making her yelp in pleasure. As the stranger erupts inside, TJ fucks his girl harder and faster intensifying the man’s orgasm. So much cum pumps into Kylene that it begins to ooze out around the strangers dick, dribbling down on the TJ’s pumping member. The added lubrication from the man’s cum allows TJ to fuck Kylene faster.

Within a few seconds after the man cums he feels TJ’s cock engorge as he erupts a fountain of jizz into the slut’s hungry pussy. His cock throbs as spurt after spurt of cum flows from his dick head. Kylene feels the hot sticky fluid flowing inside her twat. His body convulses as his seed floods her pussy, oozing out and dribbling down his balls, mixing with the stranger’s cum. Both men pull their pricks from the girls cum drenched holes and stand along the wall where it all started. Before they know it Kylene is at it, switching of sucking their cocks, licking up every drop of cum and pussy/ass juices from their members.

The two men then pull up their pants and the stranger makes his way to the door and unlatches the lock. The unknown middle aged man disappears down the hall leaving the couple alone in the bathroom.

“I love you TJ!” Kylene says as she kisses him on the cheek.

To Be Continued…

I’m not sure how to write up stories like this but I guess I’ll start with telling you about the people involved. Let me start with my husband and me.

I’m Diane, hubby is Ron, I work as a mortgage loan officer for a local credit union, Ron is a project engineer for a commercial construction company.

We met in college, he was a year older than me and a year ahead. I’m now thirty-one, so he’s thirty-two. He’s six-one, one-eighty and it’s mostly solid, and one of the aspects of my hubby that I appreciate highly is his cock, seven and a little more, also pretty solid and nice and thick around. Wavy brown hair, hazel eyes and nipples that get really hard, just like mine, when sucked. So does his cock, of course.

I’m five-five, one-twenty-two, blond hair past my shoulders, often in a ponytail, blue-gray eyes, one dimple on my left cheek, nice, curvy figure, breasts (You guys have been waiting, haven’t you?) are 36-C and have large and puffy pink nipples which really sprout when sucked. Nice, smooth, bare pussy that hubby gets all nice and wet then shaves. Guess how he gets me wet there? Right. I love it.

So, that’s hubby and me. There are others in this story. There’s Kristen, my sister, she’s older, just turned forty, her husband, Jack, is forty-two and they have two boys, twins, Jeff and Ryan, who are eighteen and just starting college this fall. They’re both six feet even, nicely solid young men, each with short brown hair, and hazel eyes. Also identical twins.

This latter point, as with many idents, they’ve had a lot of fun with over the years though they did try to dress differently in middle school, each with a different hairstyle, Jeff, long, Ryan short, as I recall.

They’re also really cute, well, now more, good looking, handsome and each, their mother tells me, is eagerly pursued by girls throughout high school. I can see why, they’re pretty nice.

Now, I would never be called shy or bashful, never have been. Always pretty much able to get whatever I’ve wanted and very confident about myself and my looks. I’m very attractive and, while I don’t try to push the fact in people’s faces, I do look good and enjoy looking good. Am I a bit of a tease? Yes, most definitely.

The time I want to tell you about is the weekend where I learned how to tell the difference between my twin nephews. It was near the end of summer, they would start classes in just a few weeks, their parents were in Europe for two weeks celebrating their twentieth anniversary and their sons were staying with us.

It was Saturday, right after lunch and I went out to our pool in a yellow bikini I bought this summer, one that really left little to one’s imagination, even a small landing patch of pubic hair probably would have shown. I can tell you, I looked so good.

Jeff and Ryan were already out there in shorts and as I walked over to my chaise lounge, I got whistles from both. That felt pretty good.

“Like what you see, boys? Your auntie’s not such an old lady after all, huh?”

“Oh, Aunt Diane, you’re hotter than any of the girls we go to school with. I just love that bikini, is it new?” asked Jeff, I think.

“Yeah, Ryan’s right, you’re hotter than any girl we know.”

Ah, it was Ryan, not Jeff. Impossible to tell.

“Well, thanks, guys, it’s nice the younger set still appreciates an older woman. How about joining me for a swim?”

“These aren’t swim trunks, we’d need to change,” one of them said.

“Well, if you want to wear trunks, then go change, I’ll be right here,” I said, naughtily hoping they would just strip off and join me in the pool.

Ron had come out a minute before and watched as both our nephews ran into the house to change.

“Gee, hon, if it were me, I would have just stripped naked and jumped in.”

“Well, I had my hopes,” I replied with a grin.

“I think you’ve got some naughty plans for your nephews, Diane.”

“Well, I just might. They’re sure looking good to their auntie.”

“Hey, it’s fine with me, I can hardly keep up with you as it is. Maybe between Jeff and Ryan and me, we can make you a happy, happy, girl.”

“Why not leave me alone with them, go on in the house for now, let me see what I can get going?” and he bent down and kissed me.

“What a woman I have, you’re so hot,” and copped a boob-feel then went inside just as my two nephews were coming back outside, now in swim trunks.

“Okay guys, remember, the sun’s really hot. I’d be glad to put sunscreen on you two hunks, even let you put it on me, I need some,” I suggested saucily as I tossed the bottle to them as they scrambled to catch it.

I laid down on the chaise and reached back and untied my top.

“You each want to do a side?” I asked as they came over to my chair. I lay there as I felt the cool gel hit my back then the boys’ hands begin to smear around my back and arms and shoulders gliding smoothly across my skin. It did feel sexy, I must admit. I’m sure it did to them, oh, for sure.

They spread more sunscreen along my legs, even on my butt cheeks which, in this thong suit were mostly on display. I was hoping a hand might dip down along my inner thighs but it wasn’t happening so I moaned and spread open hoping one or both of them would get the hint.

But, alas, it still didn’t happen.

“Thanks, boys, that should so it,” I said and they went back into the pool swimming and splashing around.

I figured, ‘what the hell,’ and got up, walked over to the pool and dove in, glancing in their direction as I did. Their eyes were glued to my tits as I arced into the water.

As I came up, I took a few strokes and stood up. I was just deep enough that my breasts looked like they were floating on the water’s surface, right at nipple height with the bright sunlight glinting off the droplets adhering to my breasts.

My nephews began wading toward me, their eyes hungry. Well, they just didn’t know their Aunt Diane well enough, did they? So I wiggled up the ladder and out of the water. As I stood there dripping with water, I did a little dance for them shaking my boobs.

“Oh, take it off, Aunt Diane, come on, show us your stuff,” yelled one of them.

The other, shouted, “Yeah, let’s see your pussy, come on.”

I moved back to the chaise, took the sunscreen and smoothed it all down the front of my legs, all around my middle and stomach, then, looking straight at them, squirted some in my hands and began rubbing it all over my breasts. I thought their eyes would pop out as I rolled my nipples between my fingers.

“Mmm, nice and hard, just the way I like ‘em. Bet they’re not the only things that are nice and hard, right boys? Maybe I should take this off,” I told them as I lifted up a string tying my bottom thong together.

“No, I guess I won’t, too bad you guys have to wear those stupid swim trunks,” I taunted.

“So, you two want some sunscreen?” I asked and they were immediately up out of the water, standing next to me, trying not to be too obvious about staring at my boobs.

So I started on their backs as the stood in front of me, then arms.

“Turn around, guys, um, which one are you?” I asked the one on my left.

“I’m the good looking-one, that makes him Jeff,” he answered.

I put some more sunscreen on my hands and, standing in front of them, began rubbing my hands on their chests and down onto their stomachs. I just kept going and pushed each hand down into each swimsuit in front of me and, lo and behold, ran right over two erect cocks which I gripped.

Oh, my.

Ryan was on my left, Jeff was on my right. What a difference.

Jeff’s cock was just what I expected, about six inches or so and hard as a rock. Ryan, oh, Ryan, my, my, it had to be at least eight, maybe more, inches in length and, standing there with each boy’s cock in my grip, oh, yes, Ryan was not only longer but thicker around. Very, very nice.

At last I had a way to tell them apart. A way that, perhaps, I wouldn’t share with their mother, my sister, but just keep to myself.

I pulled my hands up out of their trunks, took Ryan’s by the lower hem and pulled them to the concrete. His cock flopped right into my face. Smiling up at him as both boys stood there rather astonished, I opened my mouth, and leaned forward taking him in and sucking him as I smiled up at my nephew, Ryan.

Then I backed-off, gripping his cock and licking all around the head.

“Mmm, god, that’s good,” he moaned. I took in more of him and soon, he tensed, threw his hips forward and I felt the spurts of his cum splattering at the back of my mouth.

I pulled off him, turned to his brother Jeff, pulled his trunks down and took him in my mouth to suck, then licked all around as Ryan watched. I moved my free hand to his cock and held him as I sucked his brother.

I could take all of Jeff’s cock into my mouth and soon had him cumming. I licked the tip off, stood up and pulled them both to me as they each kissed me while their hands roved all over my body.

“Who’s your favorite aunt, now, boys?” I asked.

“Oh, you are, Aunt Diane, no question,” Ryan answered.

“Let’s go find your Uncle Ron, fellows, and we can have some more fun,” I asked them as I started pulling them toward the house by their cocks.

“Geez, is he still home? I figured he went out somewhere,” Ryan asked.

“Oh, don’t worry, guys, he knows I’m a naughty girl. He doesn’t mind at all as long as I let him in on the fun, come on,” and we went upstairs to our bedroom where Ron had been watching from the window.

As we went in our bedroom, Ron said, “You three have been having fun, I was watching from up here. It’s fun being adults now, right, guys?”

“Oh, it sure is when we have an aunt like this one,” Jeff said.

“You’ll find out soon just how much fun she is, right hon?” my sweet hubby told them.

“Oh, yeah,” I said as I pulled the bed covers down, pulled off my thong and got up on the bed, legs wide. “Jeff, wanna be first?” I asked as I patted my pussy, all freshly shaven for the day’s fun.

“Omigod, we’re really doing this, wow,” as he got up between my legs as I asked him, “I love to be eaten first, Jeffie-boy,” and he dipped his head down and began licking and sucking and tonguing me making me think that he’s done this before.

I lay back as my nephew ate me out and motioned his twin to move closer so I could stroke his cock. Ron came over to the other side of the bed, his big cock swinging from side to side and I reached out for him as well. Here I was, on my bed naked, legs spread wide getting eaten out while I jacked his cock back and forth.

“Mmm, nice, Jeffie, come fuck your Auntie Diane, now,” I asked and he lifted his wet face up smiling as he crawled up, gripping his cock as he put it to my wet slit and pushed right in. He pressed in until he was fully inside me then drew back, keeping up the rhythm as I closed my eyes and enjoyed the first of my nephews fucking me.

I just loved the hardness of his cock as it slid in and out of me. I was, by now, so horny, so aroused that I was moaning, getting closer with each stroke as Ron and Ryan watched, each one unable to leave their own cocks alone.

Jeff had his head down sucking a nipple as I began to spiral upwards into a very nice climax.

“UUH, UUH, UNH, UNH, mmm, mmm, oh, Jeffie, mmm, that was lovely,” I groaned, happy with his hard cock inside me.

Right then, he shoved hard into me as I felt the spurts deep inside of me.

“Oh, OH, UH, UH, oh, Aunt Diane, oh, so good, yeah, mmm, mmm,” and he dropped down on me kissing me as I wrapped my legs around his back and pulled him tight into me.

“That was wonderful, you are the hottest woman there is,” he mumbled.

“Well, Ryan, looks like you’re next, guy,” my hubby offered as Jeff pulled out of me and got up off the bed. Now, my other nephew waggled up onto the bed and, like the wonderful nephew that he is, lowered down to give his aunt some lovely oral stimulation, then, raised back up, gripped his nice, long, thick cock and pushed it in through my labia, then, with another shove, all the way in where he began to stroke in and out.

Oh, he was bigger than my hubby, Ron; it felt so good. He was looking down at me, his hands massaging my boobs, smiling, knowing he had a great cock that I was enjoying so intently. And, it was not just big, Ryan was skilled in using it. I raised my legs up over him and moved my hips around as he went back and forth. It was so good.

I pulled his head down and whispered, “Now I know how to tell you two apart and it feels so good.”

He raised back up and smiled as he took long, slow strokes, knowing what I had discovered about my twin nephews. He bent back down to my ear, “Any time you want it, Aunt Diane, it’s all yours. I can’t believe how tight you are. Any time, remember that,” and he kissed me, sliding his tongue in as I did the same. He was a great fuck.

Ryan got me off so wonderfully, it was just the best and I did my hip-wiggling that always gets a guy’s cum deposited quickly when I do it. Then, I knew Ron was ready to add his semen to all the rest as he swapped places with Ryan and pushed right up inside and began pumping me good.

He was up over me stroking his cock in and out of my boy-cum-filled pussy as I looked over at my nephews who were jacking back and forth.

“Come suck a boob, you two,” and they went to each side of the bed and sat leaning over to suck my nipples. Like the good aunt I am I took each of their cocks and began jacking for them.

I lay there entertaining three hard cocks, just enjoying every possible second. Ron was also rubbing my clit like the good man that he is, oh, this was wonderful, so hot.

Ron got me off but good and then had a suggestion to make.

“Why don’t you just let your nephews fuck you until they can’t get it up any more. Let’s see, you’ve had three fucks already. What do you think guys? Hon, you up for that?”

We all agreed and for the rest of the afternoon and evening, I had one or the other of my nephews fucking me, with Ron taking the occasional turn himself. We had four towels under me to catch the overflow.

Now, I love to be fucked and these two horny young nephews were giving me orgasms over and over, just never getting soft. They gleefully fucked their auntie over and over and over.

I kept changing positions, going from on my back, to doggie, to on my side, upper leg lifted. I love the angle that one gets in my pussy. It’s a fast, hard cum every time.

Then, I got up out of bed, widened my stance, bent over and gripped my ankles as they each took turns fucking me from behind. I had rivulets of cum drizzling down my legs.

Then, all of us exhausted, we went out to the hot tub and had a lovely soak as we groped each other. The boys ended up fucking me as water splashed over the side as each thrust created it’s own tsunami of wave after wave.

It finally got late and we all went upstairs and the boys wanted one more go which I let them have and then Ron and I crawled under the covers and they tucked us in. I was fucked-out.

I was still dead asleep when I felt the bed move and a body with a very hard cock press in behind me. I knew it was Ryan, the cock was hard and big and long.

“What do you want, Ryan?” I asked over my shoulder as Ron moved up on his elbow.

“You know what I want, Aunt Diane, here,” and he shoved his cock at my backside.

“Oh, come on, my horny little nephew wants some of Auntie Diane’s pussy, does he? Didn’t get enough last night?” About that time, his twin, Jeff came in the room, also with his hard dick looking for me.

“You’ll just have to wait, Jeff,” I said now easily knowing which was which. I rolled on my back and Ryan got up between my legs and shoved right up into me. They seemed used to Ron allowing me to do what I wanted as Ryan began pumping away while his twin brother watched and slowly stroked himself waiting his turn.

So, with a week and a half before their parents came back, I got fucked countless times, really countless. Not only were the twins just as horny as one would expect at their age, the whole situation had Ron wanting his fair share as well. I had hundreds of semen-injections, I’m sure.

And, guess what?

They’re skipping Spring Break and coming here for a week. Guess they know where the sex is the best. I’m already wet. See?

We actually all went to bed and slept that night, exhausted from the beach trip. The next morning I was called into work early and David had an appointment with the school counselor. I worked an unusually early shift, getting off at 7pm that night. That was my last day of work for a week, yahoo!. I always take the week off of work before school starts so I can really have time to rest. I walked into the apartment and the girls cooked a nice dinner for us. We took our dinner and drinks out to the patio to enjoy the cooler air, it was still like an oven in the apartment. We had a nice time visiting with each other and chatting. Laura was a little melancholy so we all started to grill her to open up. She finally relented in the fact that we all get along so well not only as friends but mutual lovers. She said how much she has opened up sexually and feels that we are all a team, like the four of us are married to each other, but she is depressed that she has to go back to school in a few days.

Carol, always the dominant leader, chimed in, “Then don’t go back, at least not to that school. We can go get your things and we can move you in here with us. You can go to the Junior College here. That will buy you a year to work things out before you transfer to a State College. If your Dad paid for your apartment in Reno then maybe he will give you enough money each month so you don’t have to work. If you take a full load of units then he may go for it. Never hurts to ask.”

Always the clear headed one. It was too late to call her parents and we only had this week to get her enrolled and moved back before Laura has to pay another month of rent. We made a plan to get up early and call Laura’s parents, if all went well we would drive to Reno and rent a trailer and drive back with her things. Laura only has clothes and a few other items, living in a dorm there isn’t much room for anything else.

With that settled we all enjoyed the rest of the evening and the rest of the wine. After a couple of bottles we were all feeling pretty good. Laura went around to each of us and gave us a kiss, sitting in my lap and grinding her pussy against my hardening cock, giving me a nice juicy kiss then leaning back and telling me she loves me. She went to David and did the same, then onto Carol and did the same as she felt her up. Then she got up off of Carol and looked at me “Now Tony you do the same thing, go around and show each of us how you feel towards each person.”

I got up off my chair, pulled my shorts off and threw them in the house, then I walked over to Carol and sat in her lap facing her and kissed her deeply, I looked into her eyes and told her how much I loved her and that her love is special. Carol knew what I meant, that I could love Laura and David, but our love was a little different. I moved over to David and sat on his lap, wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him to me. We kissed long and hard. His cock was growing, pushing through his shorts against my naked ass. I pulled back and told him that I didn’t think I could have such strong feelings for a man and that I loved him. We kissed again. I then moved to Laura and as I went to sit on her lap she grabbed my cock and sucked it in hard and fast, then I pulled my cock from her mouth and sat in her lap. We kissed enjoying each other and the fact that my cock was just in her mouth. When I pulled away Laura said she is so happy and I told her I was to and that I loved her.

Carol then got up and stripped her clothes off. She was standing right by the edge of the patio, anybody walking behind the building could look up at her and see her exposed tits, but nobody ever walks by. Carol sat on David’s lap first and kissed him long and hard making a nice wet spot on his shorts, she told him that she loved him very much and hoped that we can all continue our lives together. She moved to Laura’s lap and pressed her naked pussy against Laura’s naked pussy causing Laura to take a deep breath before Carol started making out with her. As Carol opened her mouth I could see their tongues touching before their mouth sealed against each other.

Carol then ran her hand up Laura’s side and tweaked her nipple. Laura moaned into Carol’s mouth. Carol then pulled away and said she loved having a girl in the house to fulfill her bi side and that she loved her very much. Carol’s dripping pussy lifted off of Laura with a string of cum between them before it broke and fell on Laura’s thigh.

Carol came over to me and sat right down on my hard cock, she was so wet there was no resistance. Carol ground her pussy onto my cock, smashing my balls against my thigh. She then shoved her tongue down my throat and kissed me wet, long, and hard, always grinding against my balls sending both pain and pleasure through my body. She then got up leaving my glistening wet hard cock unfulfilled. Carol gave me a wink and sat back down in her chair.

David was last to shed his clothes, pulling off his shorts and stretching his long lithe body in front of us. We soaked in his pure beauty as we all watched his cock slowly rise before our eyes. David sat on Carol’s lap first. As David lowered his body down into Carol’s lap he dragged his hardening cock between her breasts, down her stomach, and rested his firm ass on her thighs, as he lowered his lips to hers. They kissed long and hard, Carol squeezing David’s firm ass cheeks as they kissed. They broke their kiss and David continued to shower Carol’s face and neck with kisses as he told her how much he loved her.

David then lifted off of Carol’s lap and moved to Laura’s lap following the same process. When he was done he moved to me. David stood towering over me, his cock eye level with my face. David reached behind my head and pulled me into his cock, grinding his balls all over my face. I took a deep breath, inhaling his intoxicating manly smell around his cock. His ball sack was soft in contrast to his hard shaft as he pressed them against my lips. As David lowered his body he stopped to press the tip of his cock against my lips and smeared a clear drop of his liquid man juice around my lips. My tongue instantly darted out searching that cock clit for more of his juice.

David continued to lower his body down, and like he did with the girls, dragged his cock down my chest and stomach, resting his tight ass against my hard cock. My cock lay in his ass crack, feeling the warmth of his body and the sweat from the heated summer. As David ground his ass against my hard cock he pulled my face to his. Looking into my eyes David said “You are such a little cock whore, I love that about you. I didn’t think I would want a guy’s cock or ass as much as I love having yours. I didn’t think I could have feelings for a man until I met you. The four of us together IS the life I want and need.” With that David kissed me hard and deep.

The girls moved over to us and added in their kisses as well, as David continued to sit in my lap we all continued to make out with each other until finally the girls broke away. With the sound of a hand hitting flesh, which turned out to be David’s ass taking a swat, the girls motioned for us to continue this in our bedroom.

Four naked bodies ran towards the master bedroom, grabbing each other’s asses along the way. Carol threw herself on the bed first, landing on her back and scooting herself to the top of the bed. Laura crawled on all fours, and drove her face right into Carols dripping wet pussy. Carol quickly raised her legs in the air to allow Laura better access to her pussy and ass.

I let my hardon point my way as I positioned myself behind Laura’s upturned ass. Laura’s pussy was so hot that I could feel the heat on the tip of my cock as I moved closer to her wet pussy. Laura knew I was going to push my cock into her pussy because she bent her head lower, raised her ass up in the air, and gave it a little wiggle to entice me to fuck her. Like I needed that? I pressed the head of my cock just inside her pussy. I love the feeling of her wet pussy lips as they envelope around my cock head and begin to draw in the rest of my cock. I slowly continued to push my cock into her pussy.

I wanted to enjoy the site of my cock disappearing into her. Laura tried to push back against me, but I held her hips firm. I wanted to watch my cock fuck her. I finally bottomed out as my balls pressed against her shaved pussy. The heat was incredible. I pulled my cock out just as slowly as I entered her. My cock was glistening with her pussy juice.

David came behind me and I felt his tongue wiggling its way into my pussy. David’s big hands held my hips still as he pushed his face between my ass cheeks. Once David had my cheeks spread and his tongue was fucking me good he then reached beyond me and grabbed Laura’s hips. David pushed and pulled Laura on and off my cock at the same time he was tongue fucking me. We got a good rhythm going, with David in complete control of our fucking.

I couldn’t take too much of this and started to force my ass back against David. David knew I was about to blow, so he pulled off of me and pressed his naked body against my back. I forced all of my cock deep into Laura’s dripping pussy. Laura was moaning into Carol’s pussy as she tongue fucked her.

Carol screamed out in an orgasm as she clamped her legs around Laura’s head. We all froze as Carol’s orgasm rippled through Laura. I could feel Laura’s body tense up as she pushed Carol through her orgasm. Laura’s pussy clamped down on my hard cock like a vise grip. David pulled me tight and his cock pressed hard against the length of my ass. David pinched my nipples and whispered into my ear, “Don’t cum.”

Carol finally released Laura’s head from her orgasmic grip. Carol barked out new orders for her fuck slaves. “David get that cock in me now. Laura come sit on my face, I need some freshly fucked pussy to suck.”

We all started shifting around on the bed to accommodate the orders. Laura pulled off of my dick, swung her body over Carol’s and planted her hot pussy on Carol’s mouth in one fluid motion. David climbed between Carol’s legs, lifted her ass off the bed, and shoved his hard cock balls deep in one quick motion, causing Carol to scream out into Laura’s pussy. I felt left out until David turned to me, “Fuck me Tony. Take that pussy dripping lubed cock and shove it my boy pussy. We will fuck Carol good and hard. Pound me hard Tony I need a good hard fucking.”

Quick to oblige, I moved behind David to fuck his boy pussy good. I didn’t want to rely just on Laura’s pussy juices for lube, so I bent over and started to run my tongue up and down the crack of his ass. I felt the heat from his hole as my tongue wormed its way into his dark canal. I love feeling his tight little hole loosen up as my tongue massages into him. I could hear David give a little moan.

David is ready for the fucking he is about to get. I position myself behind him and press the head of my cock against his opening. I grab his hips and press my face into his neck. I grab his earlobe with my teeth, “Are you ready for this baby? Ready to get fucked by my cock? Tell me you little pussy boy? Tell me you need to be fucked like the pussy you are?”

David threw his head back against my shoulder as he started to fuck Carol with dick long strokes, “Yes, please fuck me with your cock. I need a cock to fuck my pussy hard. Slam it in hard. Don’t stop just keep fucking me hard until you fill my pussy with your man juice.”

Carol was screaming out into Laura’s pussy holding on to Laura’s thighs as Laura headed to a wild orgasm. Laura was bucking all over Carol’s face as she screamed out to us, “Fuck the pussy Tony. Ram that cock deep in his tight ass. He likes when men take their cocks and fuck his boy pussy. He’s a cock sucking pussy boy, fuck him hard.”

Laura bent her head down as she came hard. Her own dirty talk threw her over the edge. I was eager to please everyone as I firmly grabbed David’s hips and shoved my cock forward. David’s ass was not fully ready for me and there was some resistance, but David wanted to be fucked hard. I pulled out slightly and then pushed my cock balls deep into his tight hole. David screamed out, “Yes, fuck me hard baby. Keep fucking me. Push my cum out from the insides. Fuck ME!, AAAGHH!”

I started to slam my cock in and out of David’s ass. My hips were slamming against David’s tight ass muscles. David started to cum as his ass gripped my cock. I wasn’t going to let him get off that easy. I pushed and pulled my way to my own orgasm as his ass muscles jerked me off. We all unload torrents of cum into and onto each other. The summer heat and the hot sex made us all slippery with sweat.

We came down off our orgasms when Laura lifted off of Carol’s pussy juice covered face. Laura turned to Carol and began to lick her juices off her face. David leaned forward and began to help Laura clean her mess. David pulled out of Carol’s cum sloppy pussy and moved to her side. I couldn’t let all that cum go to waste so I started to eat David’s cum out of Carol’s pussy. It didn’t take Carol long to start another orgasm, which forced a nice mouthful of cum down my throat.

We all rolled around and fell into a nice, freshly fucked, slumber.

The next day started my vacation, no work what a great feeling. Laura got on the phone and began pleading with her parents to allow her to move back and go to the local junior college to finish her general ed requirements before transferring to a 4 year college. The cost savings was huge for her parents so they readily agreed. They also agreed to provide her with the equivalent to her monthly dorm fees as long as she received B’s and higher, and held down 16 units per semester, to insure that she finishes her requirements and is able to transfer to the State College.

Carol only allowed us to take shorts, tank tops, and sandals. No underwear or bras were to be worn. We were in the car before noon and on the way to Reno. Since we fit all of our clothes in one small backpack, we figured we would get all of Laura’s things in the trunk of the car or it goes in the trash. Save the rental money on something more fun.

We were in Reno by 4pm and checked into our motel. It was cheap but at least it had a pool. We decided to go have a nice dinner and relax tonight and head to the dorms in the morning to pack up. The first stop out was a nice all-you-can-eat cheap buffet. We then headed to the adult bookstore. Memories flushed back to when I went there and met up with Brian.

Carol went in and grabbed some anal lube and two very large strapon vibrating dildos. She also grabbed leather dog collars, nipple clamps, and a paddle. We all went to the cashier and handed him our purchases. The clerk was a middle aged guy that looked at the items then back at us with a grin. He rang up the purchases and Carol flipped him our credit card, “That’s right these pussy boys like hard cocks up their cunts and we like to fuck them hard and rough.”

The clerk looked at her and quickly swiped the card, “Yes ma’am sounds like fun.”

Carol took the card back, “Are you a sissy boy that likes to get fucked? I bet my two slaves here can take you in the back and fuck both your holes right now, would you like that sweetie?”

The man turned beet red, “God I wish I could, but we are monitored and I can’t leave the desk. I get off at ten tonight and would like to be fucked then please.”

“Are you begging for a fucking boy?” Carol pushed on him some more.

“Oh yes, I would like all of you to take turns fucking me. I like it rough.”

“Well we may be back at 10 tonight to come fuck you.” Carol told him as she signed the receipt and handed David the bag.

We walked out of the store and Laura turned to Carol, “That guy was creepy we’re not coming back are we?”

Carol laughed, “Hell no, I was just playing with him. He seemed like he wanted to be humiliated, so I did.”

We all walked out laughing loud enough so that the clerk was sure to hear.

We went back to the hotel, dropped our new goodies in the room and headed down to the pool to cool off. As if home wasn’t hot enough, the Reno dessert was much worse. We went to the pool and dove in as we were. Our clothes clung to our skins leaving nothing to the imagination of what we had, or didn’t have, on underneath. There were a couple of people around the pool that it was obvious we made uncomfortable, but in the sense that the guys could not get up for fear of showing their spouses their hardons. We laughed about it but at the same time we would all gladly fuck and one or all of them.

We headed back up to the room dripping wet and exposed, tomorrow we move Laura.

To be continued…

It had been a long week and I was thoroughly looking forward to spending a quiet evening with a good book. As I was slipping my pjs on, I got a text from Caterina. She’d broken up with her boyfriend a month ago and was ready to stop wallowing and enjoy a night out. I reluctantly agreed but only because she wanted to go somewhere low-key. We decided to meet at the little dive bar not far from her house. I put my jeans and a tee shirt on, brushed my hair and headed out the door.

Caterina was already sitting at the bar when I got there. She looked amazing! Her black hair shimmered in the bar lights. Her green eyes sparkled with a happiness I hadn’t seen in over a year. The green dress she was wearing showed off her perky tits and perfect ass. I was filled with jealousy for an instant.

We had a few beers, did some reminiscing, played some pool, and danced drunkenly to the jukebox.

After a few hours we were pretty drunk and started arguing over which of us would invite the man at the end of the bar home.

After four tied games of rock, paper, scissors, we were about to arm wrestle when Caterina suggested we both take him home. At first I thought she was suggesting a “one night with you then one night with me” style arrangement, but I quickly realized what she meant.

“Wait, you mean…” I had to admit, I’d often wondered what she’d look like naked, but never thought she’d be the type to go for something so risqué.

“Sure, why not? We’re young and single and he looks like he could handle us both.” I looked again and she was right. He was very tall, broad shoulders, strong hands, he could definitely handle both of us. I smiled and before I could say yes, Caterina was talking to him.

“Excuse me. My friend and I wanted to know if you’d like to come home with us.” He looked a little stunned and she had to ask again. I had walked up to them at this point. I smiled and nodded, he threw some money on the bar and we left.

We walked back to Caterina’s place talking, touching, kissing, I could hardly contain my excitement!

Once Caterina opened the door, it didn’t take us long to make our way to the bedroom, striping clothes off along the way. My God Caterina had incredible tits! They were so full and soft. I couldn’t resist, I pushed her down on the bed and, with a handful of one tit, filled my mouth the other. Her nipples got hard under my tongue and between my fingers. I could feel my pussy begin to drip. My hand abandoned her as I reached for my clit. No sooner had I began rubbing than I felt a sharp sting on my ass. I’d been spanked!

“Now that’s not very nice,” he said. ” What kind of manners is that? Playing with yourself while your friend lies there in need?” SMACK!!! Another spanking, and that one hurt!!

“I’m… I’m sorry.” I didn’t know what else to say!

“Don’t apologize to me, show Caterina how sorry you are.” SMACK!! Again! My ass was on fire!! I couldn’t think. How was I supposed to do that?? SMACK!!! SMACK!!! He was using his belt! I was bent over Caterina, my ass high in the air and my face nearly in her… Oh!! That was it!! I tentatively stuck my tongue out and licked the juices from her thigh.

“You’re getting there.” His voice was softer this time, but still full of authority. My tongue explored Caterina’s pussy, inside and out. If she stopped moaning I’d get a good, hard swat with the belt and a stern reminder to be nice. I tried to lower my ass once to avoid the belt and was met with the hardest spankings yet. Up my thighs, across my pussy and all over my ass. I’d never felt so much pain with so much pleasure in my life.

I was rubbing Caterina’s clit with my thumb and fucking her pussy with my tongue. Caterina was moaning and writhing on the bed.

I must have been doing something right, because his fat cock was ready to reward me. With his thumb placed firmly on my asshole, I felt his cock against my pussy. I was terrified he was going to put his thumb in my ass!! But his dick felt so good inside me. He started thrusting and I matched my rhythm on Caterina with his. His cock was sliding in and out of my warm, wet pussy while my tongue ravished Caterina. I was going to cum! And then, he stopped.

He smacked my ass and threw me on the bed next to Caterina. Holding my hands above my head he said “Never send a woman to do a man’s job,” as he plunged his cock into Caterina’s pussy.

My own recently emptied twat was nearly crying out for relief. I tried reaching down to rub my clit or finger my pussy, but he had my hands held tight. I watched, tormented as he drove his fat cock into her pussy over and over again. Caterina’s moans were getting louder and her body stiffer under him.

“That’s a good girl, cum on my dick.” Her body shuddered and Caterina moaned incoherently.

He pulled his cock out, still dripping with Caterina’s juices, released my wrists, only to grab me by the hair. “Now clean it!”

Clean it? What the hell did he mean? I couldn’t move. I couldn’t think. He was holding my hair far too tightly for me to get a washcloth.

Then it hit me. No, literally, right in the face. He smacked me in the face with his huge, pussy-sodden dick.

“I said clean it!” I stuck my tongue out cautiously and began to lick. “There now, that’s not so bad, is it?”

It wasn’t. It was actually kind of nice. I opened my mouth and let his dick explore a little. It was filling my mouth and I could see it wasn’t even half way in. I was moving up and down with a fairly steady rhythm, rather proud of myself for being able to take as much of it in as I had. His grip grew tighter on my head and before I knew it, his cock was filling my mouth and pushing its way down my throat. I could feel a cold terror creeping up my spine as I gagged and sputtered. My eyes were tearing and my lungs burning. Right when I knew I couldn’t take anymore, he pulled my head back and I could breathe!! I gasped and coughed. I took a deep breath, filling my lungs.

I took a second breath, then a third. Just as I tried taking a fourth, he thrust his dick back down my throat, then pulled it out. He kept this up for what seemed like an eternity. His power and control was such a turn on, I was even starting to enjoy the terror of having my mouth and throat completely filled.

I decided to try to give myself some relief. I slowly, carefully reached down to touch my wet, throbbing pussy. I felt my fingers on my clit. Then sliding inside me. No sooner had I thought I was going to get to finger myself than he had me flipped over, my hands held, again, above my head, and his arm wrapped around my throat. Even worse, I could feel his cock pressed against my asshole.

I tried to tell him not to go there, but as soon as I made a sound, he tightened his arm and I knew to keep quiet.

“I didn’t give you permission to touch yourself,” he practically growled in my ear. I could feel his cock starting to open my tight little hole. I wanted to protest, but was afraid to. He had loosened his grip on my throat, but he could stop my breathing at any time.

“Now, you’re going to be a good girl and do what you’re told, aren’t you?” I didn’t know what to do. I was afraid if I spoke he would tighten his grip around my throat again. I was afraid if I didn’t speak he would impale me on his huge dick. I only whimpered.

“You say, ‘Yes sir.’” His cock pushed a little further into my ass.

“Yes, sir!” I practically screamed. I could feel him stretching me open. It wasn’t nearly as unpleasant as I’d expected it would be. I might have even enjoyed it had it not terrified me so much.

“Good girl. Now, what do you want?” How do I answer a question like that with his cock slowly pushing further into me? I wanted him to stop! I wanted his dick as far from my asshole as it could get!! But I couldn’t tell him that. I didn’t want him to leave me like this, wet, empty, desperate for an orgasm.

“Do you want to cum?” That was an easy one!

“Yes, sir!” He started to pull his dick out of my ass and that’s when I realized two things. First, he had managed to work his entire cock into my ass without me realizing it. And second, I did not want it out! I tried to raise my ass towards him to show him what I wanted, but he had me pretty well pinned. I was about to cry out, to beg him to not to pull it out. The only sound I made was a squeal. I didn’t want to be punished again.

“Does my naughty girl want something?” I nodded. “Would you like to ask for something?” I nodded again. “Mind your manners and you may speak.”

“Please, sir, I want you to fuck my ass.” I said quietly.

“What’s that? I can’t hear you,” he whispered as he pulled his dick a little further out.

“Please fuck my ass!!” I screamed. I was rewarded with his cock slamming hard into my ass. Over and over again as I begged him to fuck me harder. I’d never felt so filled on my life. He would bring me near orgasm, then slow his pace. I’d beg him again to fuck me hard and he would oblige, for a while. I thought he’d never let me cum. Finally, as I felt the most powerful orgasm I’d ever had creep up on me, he drove his dick deep into my ass.

“Oh god yes!!!” I screamed as I came. He filled my ass and I heard Caterina cum. I realized she’d been watching the whole thing. A wave of embarrassment and pleasure hit me as I lay shuddering on the bed.

Caterina and I never found him again, but that was the first night (of many to come) that we picked a man up in a bar.

By now, those of you who’ve read many of my previous stories know that, for the most part, I usually try for some semblance of realism.

This story is pure fantasy, as you’ll quickly see if you read further.

I do warn a select group of people: the men in this story do a lot of very NON-straight things in it, and it happens quickly. So, if male bisexuality is a problem for you, please back out and read one of the other fine stories this site has to offer.


I fired up the computer, intent on settling in for a nice, long masturbation session. The wife was away for the weekend, and I had nothing I had to do, nowhere I had to be. It was the first such weekend I’d had in quite a while, and planned to take full advantage.

On the computer desk sat a dildo, one I’d used several times before while surfing the web for porn with my cock in hand. Many was the hour I’d sat with that fake dick stretching my asshole while stroking myself, as I gazed at pictures, read stories or watched movies of the various sexual activities that turned me on. Beside the dildo was a bottle of lube, both to ease the way for it into my butt, but also so that I could edge my way through an hour or more of jacking off, without damaging my most prized anatomical feature.

Now, my interests regarding porn are varied. Being a mostly hetero guy, anything where two women go at it together is definitely fair game. Straight action is most certainly in the equation, and a number of fetishes play large in my naughty activities. However, given all that, I must admit to having watched the occasional gay vid, and over the last ten years or so, male bisexuality is a pretty big fantasy. Therefore, I’m not averse to looking at a guy sucking another guy off, or taking a cock in the ass, especially if there’s a hot woman having fun right there alongside them.

And it happened that I was playing a video on one of the tube sites, watching a hot girl and two guys going at it in every possible combination, my lubricated cock stiff and very happy, when the pop-up indicating an incoming e-mail lit up the lower right corner of my screen.

It’s habit to turn on my e-mail when I’m online, just in case any of my friends happens to send me a message. I’m old enough, I don’t feel compelled to spend all my time on social networking sites, telling the world about every minute, boring detail of my life. No, the friends I have online are a select bunch, who I’ve spent quite a bit of time getting to know. Therefore, when I get an e-mail from them, I know I want to check it out.

I paused the video I was watching just as the blond guy was lining himself up with the brunette guy’s ass, while the brunette was licking the girl’s pussy. Going to e-mail, I discovered the message wasn’t from any of my friends, but from my Internet Provider. This wasn’t anything new, so I almost ignored it for the moment, figuring on checking out later what they wanted. However, the subject line really caught my eye. It read: “Answer your door.”

Just then, the front doorbell rang.

What the fuck? This was like any number of weird conspiracy movies. Or when Neo got drawn into the Matrix. How the hell could this happen? Or was it simply a massively incredible coincidence?

The fact of the matter was: somebody was waiting at the front door, and I needed to go see who it was, and what they wanted.

Ducking into the bathroom, I rinsed the lube off my hand and my cock, then threw on a pair of thin running shorts, so as not to embarrass myself and whoever might be waiting for me. Nevertheless, it was going to be sort of embarrassing, anyway, because the shorts I’d gotten into did very little to hold back or hide my erect cock.

I’d screwed around too much already, though, and I know what a pain-in-the-ass it is to be left waiting at someone’s door when you know they’re home.

Hoping nobody’d notice my hard-on behind the thin nylon, I headed for the front door. Looking through the peep-hole, I realized I didn’t recognize either person who stood there, but they looked kind of official, so I figured they’d be back if I tried blowing them off.

A quick glance to my shorts revealed my erection still hadn’t gone down significantly, so I suddenly found myself hoping they would notice my stiff cock pushing out the fabric, get embarrassed, and go the fuck away.

With a deep breath, I grabbed the knob and swung the door open wide.

At first glance, they resembled something out of the movie “Men in Black.” They were both dressed in nondescript black: the man in a suit, the woman in a tight skirt that fell roughly mid-thigh. Both wore thin black ties and jackets. The man was maybe my own age, about my build, the woman was maybe a bit older, but still fell well into the “MILF” category. She was a stunning. I’m not really much of a judge of male flesh — well, except maybe for what hangs between a man’s legs, anyhow — but I guessed that he could have been called “ruggedly handsome.”

He spoke. “Mr. Robert Smith?”

“That’s me,” I replied. They already knew who I was and where I lived, so there was little sense in trying to deny it.

“May we come in?”

This, I hadn’t expected, so I hesitated a moment, finally stammering, “Uh… sure,” then stepping aside and inviting them in.

When I closed the door behind them, the man introduced, “I’m Mr. Briggs. This is Vicki,” he said, indicating his companion. I nodded in acknowledgment and mute greeting. “We’re from your Internet Provider. We’d like to speak with you regarding your web habits.”

My heart started pounding, and a freezing wave swept through me. What the hell was this guy talking about?

Vicki placed the satchel she carried on the floor, fished out a tablet computer and tapped the face a couple times. When she held the screen up to show me, to my horror, the video I was watching just before answering the door was playing.

“Before you jump to conclusions, you aren’t in any trouble,” Briggs assured me.

Yeah, sure. Then why confront me like this? I wondered if my wife had finally gotten fed up with my screwing off at the computer with my cock in hand and was trying to corner me into something.

“Your wife doesn’t know about your internet habits, Mr. Smith,” Vicki said, with a hint of a rasp to her voice.

“How do you know that?” I asked suspiciously.

“Trust us,” Mr. Briggs told me. “There’s been no activity to indicate that.”

“How do you know all this?” I whined with rising paranoia.

“Your internet activity is monitored. Everyone’s is. It helps us… understand our users better, and how better to serve them.

“It also helps us know when to intervene.”

Vicki tapped at her tablet again, then read from it. “Bibuttboi511, bihubby2344 and cokskrwannabe. Are these aliases you have used in the past? For chat rooms and the like?”

Jesus! What the hell was going on? I couldn’t believe it! They were watching the web sites I was going to? How long had this been happening?

“We’ve paid close attention to what you’ve told others in your online chats, and want to help,” Briggs said, falling to his knees and pulling at the elastic waistband of my shorts. He was so close to my crotch, my half hard cock popped free and nearly hit him in the nose. Wasting no time and giving me no chance to think or protest, he opened his mouth and took me down his throat.

And I mean down his throat! While I’m not hung like a porn star, I’ve still got a respectable length of penis to contend with, and this man swallowed me like I was no more than an inch or two.

Now, my fantasies had usually been of the “bottom” sort, meaning I primarily thought about being the one doing the sucking and being penetrated. I figured, I already knew what it was like being the one doing the penetrating, I was curious as to what it was like to be on the other side of that interaction.

Nevertheless, what was being done to my cock was amazing! Having never had any kind of intimate activity with a man, I had no idea what it could feel like. I can’t say I liked what he did with his mouth more than I liked any of the women who’d done it before, but he certainly did know his way around a cock.

For a brief moment, I felt a twinge about doing this without my wife’s knowledge. I wasn’t sure she’d approve. In fact, I rather doubted she would. I’d never cheated on her before, and had a difficult time thinking I could make myself do so now.

“She’ll never know,” Vicki purred, placing the tablet back in her bag and stepping over to me. I wondered suddenly how she knew what I’d been thinking, but my ability to reason was abruptly stripped from me when the beautiful woman reached up, wrapped her hand around the back of my head, then pulled my face down to hers in a scorching kiss. When she released my head, she said, “In fact, if you’d like, we can wipe your memory of this ever happening, so you needn’t worry about guilt later.”

Vaguely, I thought it humorous how much like “Men in Black” that sounded, but didn’t dwell on it. No, I was getting too drunk on what was happening, how unreal it was, how incredible.

As the gorgeous Vicki kissed me, I felt thin, small fingers begin to cup and caress my balls while the talented Mr. Briggs worked his magic on my cock. I wasn’t sure what exactly was happening, but my body certainly liked it, and my brain was following along.

When I felt a hand reach between my legs and begin to probe my ass, I was already so lost in the sensations and pure surreality of the moment that my only reaction was a low moan. It didn’t matter whose hand it was there, it felt too fucking good to lodge any type of protest. I’d been fantasizing about a situation like this for so long, I was only barely able to convince myself I wasn’t dreaming. The way it was happening certainly emphasized the dream possibility, but any dream sex I’d ever had had never felt anything close to this.

While Vicki continued to kiss me and play with my balls and Briggs continued to slowly work a finger toward my wanting asshole and expertly worked his magic at my cock, I felt Vicki’s free hand guide one of mine to her full, lovely breasts. Since I had both hands free, I lifted the other to join it.

“Tear my shirt open, Bob,” Vicki pulled slightly away from me and purred. “Let me feel your hands on my bare tits. I know you want to feel them.”

I was being brainwashed by these two, but I didn’t really give a damn. Without bothering to stop kissing, I fumbled for the spectacular woman’s shirt, then gave a mighty tug with both hands when I found what I was looking for. I felt and heard, rather than saw, buttons pop, but when I reached out once again, I felt soft, feminine skin beneath my hands, and round, beautiful breasts only barely hidden by a lacy brassiere.

Since I’d been told to rip her shirt open, I reached around the cups of her bra and pulled with all my strength, reveling in the sound of rending fabric. This time when I reached out, I felt smooth, womanly curves under my fingers.

Briggs then gave a push and I felt his finger slip into my asshole. My orgasm became immediately imminent, but I didn’t want to be out of the action so soon.

“Hold on,” I gasped, pulling away with some reluctance from Vicki’s delicious lips. “I’m gonna cum, but I don’t want to get off too fast.”

Briggs never hesitated, but if anything, began to work harder at pleasuring my cock. Since her companion was occupied, Vicki said, “Go ahead and cum, Bob. You’ll be fine.” She then gave my balls a gentle squeeze.

While Mr. Briggs sucked my cock and fingered my asshole, and the spectacular Vicki kissed me and played with my balls and let me play with her fabulous tits, I let my orgasm wash over me.

As I moaned uncontrollably into this amazing woman’s mouth, I fired shot after shot of cum, oblivious to whether Briggs was still sucking me, or if I was simply spraying the room. When I finally came to, Mr. Briggs straightened, wearing a closed-mouth grin, then leaned forward to Vicki’s and my mouth. He then proceeded to kiss us both, letting my cum leak from his lips, coating our kiss in my love fluid. Now, I’d never kissed a man before, had never even dreamt of doing so, but I had no qualms about this, and just gave in to the wantonness of what we were doing. Before long, all three of our chins and cheeks were pretty well coated in jizz, and when we backed away from each other, we all grinned.

And remarkably enough, instead of feeling wiped out like I usually did after cumming, I found myself still ready and rarin’ to go. In fact, my cock was still hard, and I didn’t feel the dull ache at the base that I normally felt after an orgasm. I wasn’t sure what was happening, but I felt like I was going to be able to go indefinitely.

All of a sudden, I was struck with an incredible wave of lust. I pulled Mr. Briggs to me and began to lick my cum off his face, and when I’d finished with him, I grabbed Vicki around the waist and drew her in close, cleaning her face exactly the same way. I’d never felt so desperate to taste my cum after a climax, but I certainly couldn’t help myself now. This was already the fulfillment of any number of fantasies I had, even without my wife present, and it seemed I was going to get to do just about anything I wished with these people.

I’d never undressed another man before, but I turned back from the beautiful Vicki and reached out for Briggs’ clothes. I slowly and methodically removed his suit, while Vicki looked on. In fact, as I swept the jacket off his shoulders to the floor and began to pull his tie out, I glanced over to find her sitting on the arm of the couch with a hand firmly working at the crotch of a very sexy pair of panties.

When Briggs’ tie fluttered to the floor, I turned my face to him, then to Vicki. With a wicked grin in her direction, I placed my hands either side of the buttons on his shirt, then yanked, just as I’d done hers. I grinned at the moan I heard from both her throat as well as Mr. Briggs’.

Pushing his now-button-less shirt off his shoulders, I had to admit, Briggs had a pretty decent physique. Not Adonis-like, by any means, but very nice, even so. I then unbuckled his belt and opened his trousers. Before I pulled them down to expose the bulge I could now readily see, I knelt to remove his shoes and socks.

With him finally barefoot, I reached up, hooked my fingers around the top of both his pants and underwear and tugged.

Briggs’ hard cock, having caught in the waistband of his boxers on the way down, bounced free of the elastic, the tip brushing my cheek, leaving a wet, warm trail of pre-cum across my face.

Oh my god. I’d never been so close to another cock before, but this thing was gorgeous! I was almost afraid to touch it, but easily overcame that reluctance and ran my hands up his thighs, letting them home in on the stiffness before me. Briefly I framed his hard-on and balls with the thumb and forefinger of each hand, before lightly grasping the firm shaft and caressing up and back.

I wanted to take him in my mouth right away, but this impulse I did resist, deciding there’d be plenty of time for that later. Briggs and Vicki seemed to be in no hurry, so I took that as permission to take as much time as I liked.

For the moment, Vicki and her luscious breasts and – no doubt – incredible pussy were forgotten, as I marveled at the cock before me. This was the first time I’d ever held a hard, thick, warm penis that wasn’t my own, and I liked it. The thing that’s most remarkable about an erect cock, is how soft it really is. The skin’s so smooth, it belies how urgently rigid all the blood-filled tissues beneath are. From my own personal experience, when a cock’s this aroused, all those nerve endings seem to really come alive, making any gentle touch a deliciously intense sensation.

Slowly, I stroked up and down his cock, marveling at what another man’s cock felt like in my hand. I could hardly wait to find out what it felt and tasted like in my mouth, but I wanted to get a feel for it first.

Releasing his shaft, I gently feathered my fingers along his length, and smiled at the deep moan of appreciation I received in return. The old saying: “You have to have one to know how best to pleasure one” isn’t entirely off the mark. I was doing things to Mr. Briggs’ stiff cock that I knew worked for me, and if he felt anywhere near as good as I did when my wife played with me this way, I was doing just fine.

When the clear drop appeared at the tip of his hard-on, I knew he was just aching to feel my lips wrapped around him, but just as I love for my wife to do, I leaned in, extended my tongue, and carefully flicked that drop away, only barely touching his pulsing member.

Now, I’d tasted my pre-cum many times before. In fact, I thought it tasted better than my cum. I let Briggs’ pre-cum drop sit on my tongue for a few seconds, then pulled it into my mouth and looked into Briggs’ eyes as I made a show of swallowing it. From beside me, I heard Vicki moan in feminine harmony to her companion.

Mr. Briggs’ pre-cum was every bit as tasty as my own, and I could hardly wait for more. Still, I was still hard after my previous orgasm, and the idea of sucking my first cock just made my erection throb.

Before I did that, though, I turned to Vicki and said, “Come down here. I want you to witness my first cock up close. It’ll make it a lot hotter for me.”

With only a moan as a response, the lovely woman unzipped her skirt and wriggled out of it, then slicked off the skimpy panties she’d worn before kneeling beside me in front of Mr. Briggs’ gorgeous cock. Her beautiful eyes were only inches from my face as she breathed, “Suck him, Bob. We know you want to. You know you want to. I want to see it. It’s so fucking hot to watch two men fuck.”

With that kind of encouragement, I certainly wasn’t going to back down. With a glance up to Mr. Briggs, I opened wide and pushed my face forward.

Guiding the way with my tongue, I let Briggs’ hard-on slide along that wet path into my waiting mouth. The taste wasn’t much different than sucking on a clean finger, aside from a slight saltiness from pre-cum. What was most amazing was how wide my jaw had to open to let him in. Nowhere had I ever read how far apart your teeth need to be to not damage the guy you’re sucking. I instantly had a better appreciation for what all those women go through while sucking their men.

I wasn’t going to let this bit of revelation deter me from what I’d started, though. I’d held fantasies of being in exactly this position for years, with the expectation that it’d always remain that: a fantasy. However, here I was, on my knees with a hard, throbbing cock in my mouth, with a gorgeous woman beside me watching.

I jumped a little when I felt fingers on my balls, but I quickly got used to it, it felt so good. As Vicki fondled my balls and drooling cock, she purred, “This is so fucking hot, baby, watching Mr. Briggs’ cock in your mouth. I hope you’re enjoying yourself, because you’ll be doing a lot of it while we’re here.” The only acknowledgment I could make to that was a long, low moan.

“Kiss it,” she then urged. “Let me see your lips on that beautiful cock.”

Was it submissive to so willingly do the things this woman prompted me to do? I wasn’t sure, but I didn’t really care at that point. If she wanted me to do something, I was ready to do it for her.

Obediently following the pretty lady’s suggestion, I pulled my mouth off Briggs’ cock till my lips lightly kissed just the tip. Briefly, I sucked on the tip of his cock, parting my lips just enough to flick my tongue across the sensitive slit. I’d fantasized about something like this for quite a while, so if I had the chance to try some of the things I’d imagined for so long, I figured I’d try as many of them as I could.

While Vicki continued caressing my cock and balls, I kissed and licked all around the head of Briggs’ erection. Carefully, I traced the ridge around the head, then licked him from the tip to the edge. A couple times, I took the entire head in my mouth, then slowly moved back, putting slight suction on the sensitive flesh.

Briggs was moaning steadily, and I was surprised he was still standing. I think I’d have probably needed to at least sit down long before this point. Still, he gave no indication that he needed to get off his feet, so I was satisfied to stay where I was to continue our play.

I began to lick and suck my way down, then back up Briggs’ shaft, the way my wife used to do me back in the days just after we were married. I lingered at the base of his cock and sucked, lapping my tongue over the nerve endings there, before making another trip toward the head.

It then dawned on me: I was completely ignoring his balls! Considering how much I like having my balls played with and sucked on, I was surprised at myself for having forgotten such a sensitive part of the male anatomy.

Rather than just fondling Briggs’ testicles with my hand, I figured I’d do something else I’d fantasized about for a while…

Kissing my way down his shaft once more, I kept going when I reached the base, going on down until my lips reached the loose skin on his balls.

It was a little surprising to me to see how Mr. Briggs’ balls still hung low and loose, rather than having tightened up against his body, especially after I’d been sucking him. Still, it just meant it’d be easier to take them in my mouth… so I did so.

First one, then the other of Mr. Briggs’ heavy nuts filled my mouth, and I made particularly sure to run my tongue all over them. I felt a presence above me and opened my eyes to find Vicki had taken my place on Briggs’ cock. Her fingers still danced over my genitals, she’d just decided to take a bigger part in the action.

I’d already had so many firsts since these two had come to my door, so many fantasies satisfied, I could hardly believe it. Sucking a cock with someone else – particularly a hot woman – was a big part of my bi sex fantasies. I was loving this.

Leaving Briggs’ balls – at least for the moment – I came back up to join Vicki in sucking his amazing cock.

Vicki smiled at me when I faced her across the throbbing phallus between us, then we leaned in and encompassed Briggs’ cock in our mouths on either side, our lips touching in a strange, sensual kiss. We worked his hard-on with our mouths for some time, naughty gleams sparkling in our eyes as we did so.

After all this, Briggs finally started making noises like he was about to cum. Vicki made no fuss when I quickly got back around to take his cock head firmly between my lips. She simply took the place I’d left, easily sucking both his balls into her mouth. Remembering what a thrill it’d been for me, and how quickly I’d cum, I reached around Mr. Briggs’ butt and started to wiggle my finger between his ass cheeks.

I once more felt Vicki’s hand at my cock and balls and was pleasantly shocked to find I was on something of a hair trigger. I’d only cum a little while earlier, and I was ready to blow again!

I heard Vicki change her position, felt her maneuver herself in front of me. I could feel her body against mine while she kept up her talented work at Briggs’ balls. Her hand worked me expertly, making my orgasm more imminent, just the way Briggs’ was.

Finally, it all happened at once. Mr. Briggs gave out a grunt, followed by a louder, deeper moan, then his cock started to pulse, releasing an enormous load of cum into my mouth. His orgasm set off mine, and I released my cum onto Vicki’s lovely body.

Both Briggs’ climax and mine seemed to last quite a while, and even after another huge cum, I still wasn’t down for the count!

I held Briggs’ load in my mouth long enough to show them both how much I had, then, rather than try to share it like Mr. Briggs had mine earlier, I made a big production of swallowing it all down. Once I had his load in my belly, the taste of it still lingering in my mouth, I looked down at Vicki. I’d coated her with cum. She looked perfectly spectacular, but I felt I should help clean her up.

Without a word, I bent over and started to lap my jizz from this incredible woman’s body. If anything, I think I came more the second time than I had the first. There was cum hanging from Vicki’s chin, all down her throat, dripping from her nipples, down her taut stomach and all over her gorgeous pussy. I lapped all over Vicki’s body, picking up my cum and leaving wet trails behind. I loved licking her skin, loved how kinky it was that I was cleaning her of my own cum, and knowing that I’d eagerly do it again.

When I reached the swell of her cunt, I dove in with even greater gusto. I’d just sucked my first cock, my first set of balls, and received an enormous load of semen for the effort. On top of it, I’d cum twice in a much shorter time than I’d have been able to do twenty years earlier, and I could tell I had more in me, rather than being out of it for hours and hours. I wasn’t exactly sure what was going on, but I wasn’t going to question it too much.

The main thing I knew: the only one of us who hadn’t cum yet was the beautiful pussy before me. I was determined to do something about that.

I continued licking and sucking my cum off Vicki, making my way down to the part of her body I was most interested in. Once I had the last of my jizz licked off her and in my mouth, I looked down, spearing my tongue into the soft folds of her cunt.

Flicking my tongue over her clit, I reveled in the squeal that came from her throat. I wasn’t quite ready for her to cum yet, though, so I worked my way lower, dipping deep into her hole for the tasty, thick fluid inside.

Before long, my mouth was filled with the heady combination of male cum and pussy juice. I was being a real slut for these people, and they were doing nothing to dissuade me. If anything, they were encouraging every fucking slutty thing I was doing and, I was sure, would coax me through even more.

After spending several horny minutes lapping at Vicki’s spectacular pussy, I settled onto her clit and worked on making her cum for real.

It didn’t take long. As I looked up the amazing landscape of her body while my mouth was clamped onto her lovely crotch, Mr. Briggs stepped over her and lowered himself on her sexy mouth. Now, his erect cock and dangling balls were out on full display to me, so there was only one place her mouth could be…

I let out a moan, the vibration translating into added stimulation to Vicki’s swollen clitoris. I watched from my very tasty, sexual vantage point as the beautiful woman moaned her pleasure, while I sucked and nibbled on her dripping pussy. Slipping a finger inside her, I saw Briggs shiver, so Vicki must have doubled her efforts on his ass.

I began to pump my fingers in and out of Vicki’s sexy pussy, looking forward to the hopefully near-future opportunity to get my cock in there. I nursed on her aroused clit, loving how thick and long it was, almost like a miniature cock. Mr. Briggs had begun stroking himself while getting rimmed, so I got to watch that, too, while his big balls bounced.

Vicki got more and more aroused by what was happening, at least if the sounds she made and the way her hips writhed were any indication, and I had a feeling her orgasm would be coming, and quickly. Well, knowing that, I wasn’t going to let up on her anytime soon…

It seemed that Mr. Briggs was much in the same boat as I was, at least as far as orgasm capability was concerned, because his breathing got ragged and his moans more and more, until he finally got off Vicki’s face and came down toward me, pointing his thick, hard cock at the spot where my mouth and Vicki’s pussy came together. With a yell, he let loose another cum load, right on my face and her clit.

The feeling of Briggs’ hot cum on her set Vicki off, her cum bucking her hips off the floor, her pussy actually squirting in my face!

Once I found stuff online about women squirting, I wanted to experience it for myself, but hadn’t had the fortune to find a lady capable of it. I wanted to feel it on me, wanted to get a squirt facial. I thought I’d never get to have such a rare experience, since most women aren’t able to, or aren’t able to relax enough, to ejaculate. Regardless, the woman attached to my mouth was capable, and my god, did she cum!

It was hard not to try to escape the spray that poured from her, but somehow, I managed to remain and get the full effect of what fun a female ejaculation in the face could be. It was one of the craziest, most outrageous and most fantastic things I could ever remember happening to me. I liked it. A lot. It was so hot and kinky, I really wanted to do it again.

When both my companions were finished climaxing, I once more did what I could to clean them both up. Vicki, I licked until my tongue was tired, where Briggs, I took in my mouth to get any cum he might still have for me.

Eventually, there was nothing left to clean up – at least with my tongue – so the only reason to keep Briggs’ cock in my mouth was to suck it off once again, which didn’t seem like such a bad idea to me. Still, he urged me up, then offered to help Vicki to her feet.

My body was vibrating. I’d never had such a hot sex session in my life! Since we were obviously taking a break, I was afraid it was all over. I looked at the clock and was shocked at what time it was. I was soaked with Vicki’s cum, but I didn’t really care to wash it off just yet. It was pretty kinky to be wearing so much sex juice on me that I didn’t really want to be rid of it so quickly. Again, it was like they could read my mind. Briggs assured me, “Don’t worry. We aren’t done yet. There are several things we’re here to do before we go, even if it takes all weekend.”

All weekend? Wow. When they came in the house, the only thing on my mind had been how to get them to go away. Now that I knew what they were here to do, I never wanted them to leave. I’d deal with the wife when the time came to do so. Up until that time, I could hardly wait to find out what was in store…

My mind spun with the things we’d done, and the things I hoped we’d do before Briggs and Vicki decided it was time to go. No one was making any move to get dressed, so I knew the fun wasn’t over yet.

While I stood, wondering at my freakish good fortune, Briggs asked, “Shower?”

I was so lost in my own thoughts, I didn’t hear him at first, but eventually, what he’d asked registered, and I grinned. Showering with another person is always a lot of fun. I loved taking showers with my wife, and I’d done it with girlfriends along the way before getting married. There’s almost never enough room for two to get around one another easily, so to get at the shower head, it’s necessary to rub wet, naked bodies against one another as you trade places. Of course, there’d be no room at all to move with three in our tiny shower, but I was willing to see how things all worked out.

With smile, I started toward the bathroom, then stopped. Remembering something the wife had done with me a few times when she was feeling frisky, I turned back around, gave each of my new friends a leer, then turned again, reaching out for Mr. Briggs’ still-hard cock. Then another thought occurred, so I reached back with my other hand, cupped Vicki’s crotch and hooked my middle finger into her slick pussy. Their respective genitalia delectably in my grasp, I began to slowly lead them to the bathroom.

Once we arrived at our destination, it was with not a little reluctance that I released my two new lovers. It took no thought at all to pop the finger that’d been in Vicki’s beautiful pussy into my mouth, and I made what I thought was a brilliant show of sucking her tasty juices away.

While my finger was still in my mouth, Vicki grinned, then placed her mouth against mine, her tongue sliding in to share some of her flavor with me. When she was finished, she backed away slowly, then gave a saucy little smirk and headed for the shower.

I was mesmerized by the round, shapely butt before me, and started to follow it, but Mr. Briggs held out a hand to stop me. A wave of disappointment went through me, but it was short-lived, because it dawned on me that there was something good coming up, and that I should be patient. If these people had truly been monitoring the kinds of kink I’d been perusing online, then I was in for yet another treat. They hadn’t been wrong yet, so I just waited.

I wasn’t sure how Vicki made getting into the shower such a sensuous act, but if I hadn’t already been hard (yeah, it’d been a while since my cock had softened, but I felt no ill effects, at least not yet), I was pretty sure I’d have been after watching her move.

Once she got herself situated, Vicki turned around to face Briggs and me. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Briggs slowly stroking his cock. He apparently knew what was going to happen, but for some reason, it hadn’t hit me yet what was coming.

Vicki leaned against the back wall of the shower and spread her legs as wide as she could. What she was about to do finally came to me, and I decided to join Mr. Briggs in what he was doing.

When she saw both of us were ready to enjoy the show, Vicki smiled, placed a hand over her mound, while the other went to a round, perfect breast. She then closed her eyes and Briggs and I watched as a stream of pee began to flow from between the lips of her gorgeous pussy.

Now, I can’t say when my interest in seeing women pee began. All I know is, somewhere along the line, the notion appealed, and now, I can’t get enough. I guess part of it is, as a guy, you know where the pee comes from almost from the start, since you can see it every time you go. Once you learn about the configuration between a woman’s legs, you wonder: how the hell does that work? Plus there’s just a fascination with most things regarding the pussy (except that monthly thing — I’m still enough of a guy not to be overly interested in that).

So, anyway, here I was, watching one of the hottest women I could recall seeing in person, and she was brazenly and sexily pissing for the entertainment of myself and Mr. Briggs.

Vicki squeezed and caressed the breast she held, something I only peripherally noticed, I was so entranced by what was going on lower down her body. It seemed she peed for an amazingly long time, but maybe I was just so wrapped up in what was happening that time seemed to slow down or something. I began to wonder what that sexy stream would feel like coursing down my skin, but unfortunately, it was gone before I could move in and find out. I wasn’t so interested in seeing Briggs urinate. I’d seen enough guys pee over the years that it held no allure for me. Just one of those dichotomies about my situation…

When Vicki opened her eyes once more and gave me that knowing smile, I couldn’t help myself. I went to the shower and pressed my lips against hers, my hand sliding to the still-wet lips of her pussy.

I was so lost in fondling and kissing Vicki that I was unaware of Briggs’ location until I felt a hand on my ass. I wasn’t sure what he was up to, but I also wasn’t afraid of what might occur. Pretty much anything these people wished to do with me, I wanted to do.

Briefly, I felt Briggs’ hands leave my rear, then I heard the water start. Not long after that, we were being cascaded by a warm, gentle rain from the shower head.

As I kissed Vicki, it dawned on me that all three of us were in my shower, and we could still move! Considering all the other impossible things that had happened since my new friends arrived, I decided not to think too much about it. That we all fit -somehow – was sufficient. Besides, if we weren’t all showering together, it wouldn’t be near as much fun, now, would it?

When I next felt hands on my body, they were obviously covered with soap. Then another pair of hands joined the first! I pulled away from kissing Vicki and looked to see what was happening. Both Mr. Briggs and Vicki were running slippery hands over me, and the sensation was incredible! I’d felt one set of hands on me before, but two was more than I’d ever experienced. I just closed my eyes and let my new sexy friends have their way with me. I didn’t even open my eyes when I felt hands on my ass and genitals. By this time, it didn’t matter in the least whose hands were where. When I felt a finger probe my anus, I just relaxed and let it in.

Well, by now, you can probably guess my reaction when simultaneously, I felt a warm mouth close over the head of my cock at precisely the same moment the finger in my ass began gently caressing my prostate. I knew from my trips to the doctor that, with enough pressure, that finger could force cum from me without orgasm, but obviously, the owner of the finger knew that fact, and only wanted to give the pleasure which careful manipulation of that organ can give.

And, between Briggs’ finger in my ass and Vicki’s lips around my cock, I was feeling plenty of pleasure, that was for fucking sure. Another finger finally joined the first, stretching my asshole deliciously. I had an idea what I was being prepared for, but I was pretty sure it was unnecessary. While I’d never had the real thing back there, I’d had plenty of practice with my toys, and while Mr. Briggs had a fine, fat cock, it didn’t look like it’d be a hardship to take, even in my virgin hole. Still, the preparation felt good, so I wasn’t about to protest.

Briggs’ fingers kept carefully probing my butt, while Vicki continued to eagerly suck my hard cock. If they weren’t careful, I’d be blowing my load into the lovely lady’s mouth before Briggs could accomplish what he was certainly getting me ready for. Then, I remembered: I’d cum more in a short amount of time — with no negative effect — than I had over the course of several normal days already, and it didn’t appear that I was going to shut down any time soon. That fact both pleased and astounded me, but I realized I had to stop thinking about it so much, for fear it might break whatever spell may be continuing the amazing events I’d already experienced, and had been silently promised in the upcoming future.

When another finger was added to the ones already stimulating my butt, I just let myself give in to the orgasm that I’d been holding back.

Grabbing hold of the sides of Vicki’s head, I let loose yet another load of cum, while three fingers pumped in and out of my backside. I wasn’t sure how much cum I’d just blasted into Vicki’s mouth, but as I’ve stated before, it seemed that each subsequent cum was of larger volume than the last. I reveled in the idea, and hoped it continued.

Briggs’ fingers never left my ass, even when it was obvious my orgasm was over. He kept up what he was doing, to my continuing delight, and Vicki looked up at me with a closed-mouthed grin, then slowly straightened to face me. Without hesitation, she again pressed her lips to mine — an activity I was enjoying immensely — her jaw opening to allow our tongues to dance together.

My tongue eagerly entered her mouth, immediately encountering the taste and texture of my jizz. I was finally working out that I’d be eating a lot of cum, both mine, Briggs’ and Vicki’s, while these two were here. That was fine by me. I was so intoxicated by what was happening, I was finding myself an incredible slut for whatever happened.

Vicki then got her tongue involved, and we pushed my cum back and forth between our mouths for a little while, before she shoved the whole thing back at me, then closed her mouth and backed away with an arousing and aroused grin.

I opened my mouth to display how much cum was on my tongue, and was met with a smile and twinkle from the lovely lady before me. This done, I then made a show of swallowing down the entire load.

With my jizz safely in my belly, I twisted a little to look back to Mr. Briggs, who had a pleased and horny look on his face, his fingers still buried in me.

“You do realize, I’ve been ready for a while,” I commented to him. “Not that I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed what you’ve been doing, but I think I need the real thing now.”

“Music to my ears,” Briggs smiled.

When his fingers left my butt, I felt tremendously empty back there. Still, knowing what was to come, I could stand it.

The water continued spraying down on us, and I wondered briefly if the remarkable things that’d been happening would extend to my water heater. Once again, I decided not to dwell too much on it.

Vicki briefly cupped my balls, which elicited yet another moan from my throat, then released them and turned her back to me. She bent at the waist, and I was treated to the sight of her gorgeous pussy lips and beautiful, inviting asshole.

I was pretty sure there were no taboo holes with these two, but at the moment, I wanted in that spectacular cunt. Taking her hips in my hands, I lined myself up with her pussy and pushed forward.

Just as my hips came in contact with Vicki’s smooth, round ass, I felt Mr. Briggs’ cock slip up and down my ass crack. Wanting to make sure the way was as clear as possible, I released Vicki’s hips and reached back, opening my ass cheeks to show Briggs the way a little more clearly.

From behind me, I heard Mr. Briggs’ moan at my eagerness to get his cock in my ass. I definitely wanted it, and had no problem with helping him take my anal virginity.

Now, since I haven’t made a lot of the feel of Vicki’s pussy as it gripped my hard-on, you might assume that I didn’t like the sensation. If that was your assumption, you would be 120 percent wrong. Vicki’s pussy was beyond accurate description, and she had control of her inner muscles I’d never felt before. I didn’t really need to pump to get a hell of a fucking from this spectacular woman, but I knew that once Mr. Briggs got himself into my waiting hole, I’d be the one doing most of the pumping, and fucking myself on both the in and the out strokes as I did so.

So, while Vicki’s incredible pussy caressed and squeezed my cock, I continued to hold open my ass cheeks for Mr. Briggs. He didn’t waste a lot of time, though, because I felt his thick cock head press against my asshole and push insistently.

For a brief second, I was afraid I wouldn’t actually be able to take him, and tensed up. Briggs felt the doorway close, and he waited, just keeping his cock at the door, waiting for me to make up my mind, and for my butt to do the same.

Then, Vicki started to move her hips, fucking me in earnest, rather than letting her muscles do all the work. The fantastic feeling was enough to distract me from what was going on further back, and once again, Briggs started to push.

Mr. Briggs was a patient man, that was for sure. He dealt with me slowly and deliberately, moving forward when the way was relaxed, waiting and holding when I thought too much about what he was doing and tensing up.

Then finally, it was a moot point. My cock was buried deep in Vicki’s pussy, and I felt Mr. Briggs’ hips resting against the cheeks of my ass. It was only then that Vicki husked back at me, “He’s all the way in your ass, Bob.” How she knew that, I wasn’t sure, since she couldn’t see any of what was going on behind me, but I was trying not to think too much of the impossible things that occurred with these two. “It’s so hot, you know, getting fucked by a man who’s getting fucked at the same time. It’s my favorite way to fuck.”

I was beyond answering with words, but any words I’d have come up with wouldn’t have done the situation justice, so I just grunted an acknowledgment at the most unbelievable sensation I had ever felt. While I was watching videos of bi fuck sandwiches, I wondered just what the guy in the middle felt like. I tried to couple the feeling of fucking a pussy with what I felt, having a toy in my back door, but I’d never had the real thing, and never both at once! Imagination couldn’t hold a candle to the real thing. Sort of like when you’re young, guys, and ready for that first fuck. You dream about what it’s going to feel like: how good must a pussy really feel, and you increase that good feeling in your mind by ten, twenty, a hundred times. And as good as you imagine it would be, that very first time you slip your cock into a real, honest-to-goodness pussy, you can barely believe it. I think it’s why a lot of guys cum way too soon when they’re having their first time. The reality is so, SO much better than imagination, no matter how good an imagination you have.

And once – as a guy – you get over the stigma of having your butt filled, it feels really good, too. Certainly not as intense as that first pussy, but very, very good. And a real, warm cock by far felt better than any of my toys. Less rigid, but more rigid, too. And satiny smooth. It was far, far different than I’d imagined, but far, far better at the same time.

I’d watched enough videos to know that, in this situation, it’s almost impossible to get a synchronized rhythm going if all three participants try to fuck at the same time. The easiest way for it to work is for the two outer people just hold still, and let the guy in the middle do all the “work,” as I mentioned earlier.

And I was ready, willing and able! Vicki had already stopped fucking and just stayed still, my cock buried in her, those talented inner muscles milking me expertly. Briggs knew what to do, too, and pulled himself out till it felt like only the head of his wonderful member was left inside my butt. Carefully, I began moving my hips back, and he adjusted to keep himself in me while my own cock slowly emerged from Vicki’s incredible hole. When I felt my ass against Briggs’ body, I started back the other way. We took our time at first, making sure not to dislodge anyone from the delightful orifice he happened to be buried in. However, after only a few strokes, the fucking began in earnest. Everybody worked out where they needed to be, and I figured out the ideal movements to get the most out of the situation, and started to really go to town.

Before too awful long, we were all moaning like crazy. My ass loved what Briggs’ cock was doing to it, and my cock certainly loved Vicki’s remarkable pussy. I felt yet another orgasm approaching, and from the sounds of my companions, they were getting pretty damn close, too. I determined not to worry about how many orgasms I managed to have, and just let them happen when they came upon me. Whether I’d be multi-orgasmic like this after Briggs and Vicki left, I had no idea, but it’d be stupid not to take full advantage of my sudden ability while I possessed it.

I just relaxed and let the sensation grow and grow, while my friends’ bodies made mine feel so damn good. I fucked and was fucked, and all three of us benefited from it. When I finally let go, Vicki’s pussy clenched on my shaft as it pulsed inside her, and Briggs shoved completely forward against me, and I felt a cock empty itself into me for the first time ever. The wife and I had had simultaneous orgasms before, but it was pretty rare, so I had no idea something like this was even possible! Then again, with these two, I shouldn’t have been surprised.

We all came for quite a while. I probably pumped at least as much cum into Vicki’s cunt as I had her mouth only minutes earlier, and it felt like Briggs’ cock throbbed as long as mine did.

Unfortunately, though, it ended, as it was bound to. But there’d be more, of that I was certain, if the last few hours were any indication.

Well, I wasn’t sure about the cum in my ass. I didn’t intend on eating any ass creampies. Too many potential problems with the bacteria in there to want to ingest them. Even with the miracles that my new companions seemed capable of, I wasn’t sure I was ready to chance it. Still, there was a load inside Vicki’s pussy (perhaps subliminally why I chose that hole instead of her ass – I’ll probably never know for sure) that was certainly fair game.

When Mr. Briggs vacated my ass, I suddenly felt really empty back there. Nevertheless, now that I’d felt his cock in my now-not-virgin hole, I had every intention of feeling it again, as often as I could while they were with me. Without a word, I got down on the floor of the shower and raised my face to Vicki’s smooth, beautiful pussy. I ate her with gusto, now delighting in the taste and texture of both girl and boy cum mixed together. It was something I was hoping I’d be able to experience with the wife, once she was back home. I hoped she’d be open to the idea. I wasn’t sure.

Still, I had two willing and eager partners at the moment, so there was little sense in agonizing over it until I had to. I let Vicki straighten, so as not to drown myself with the water that cascaded down her back and over my face at first. I kept my mouth stuck to her cunt hole, and just let her squeeze out the juices inside her, both hers and mine. I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to give this up, if the wife wasn’t amenable to the idea.

Finally, I couldn’t find any more of our juices to clean up, so I slipped my lips up to her sensitive, prominent clit and just sucked until she had another orgasm.

When I removed my mouth from Vicki’s cunt, I began to wonder what Briggs was up to. As I got out from under the beautiful lady, I saw that Mr. Briggs had soaped himself up, and was enjoying the sight of his companion’s and my play, as well as putting on a show for us.

I’d never really given much thought to guys as a whole. Mostly, I’d just been interested in what hung between their legs, and to a certain extent, their asses. I’ve never really appreciated men as an entire package. I can’t really say that the sight of Mr. Briggs putting on a shower show for us really made me change my mind on that, but to be perfectly honest, it was pretty fucking hot. His cock had gone soft, the first time since I’d seen him naked, and I wondered if he was done. Then I realized that the sight of a soft cock’s pretty fucking hot, too, especially knowing what that soft little thing could grow into.

Judging by the size of his flaccid penis, Briggs was a grower, like me. Though I was still pretty horny, a glance to my own crotch told me my dick apparently needed a short break, too. Fortunately, though, as before, I didn’t feel like another erection was a thing of the distant future, so I just let it shrink, figuring it’d be standing proud when the time came.

Mr. Briggs continued rubbing his body with soap, and when he came to his cock and balls, he didn’t stroke like he was intending to start anything, he just rubbed all around, as anyone would while cleaning themselves. Still, it was pretty nice to watch.

I then turned from Briggs’ show to see what Vicki was up to, and learned that she was doing pretty much the same as Briggs. They were both just washing, but there seemed a bit more show to it than that.

Although both my new friends had started on me, I felt like I should finish myself, since we started playing not long after, so I joined the other two and cleaned up, taking just a little more time than usual to take care of everything, in case anybody was paying attention.

Again, I marveled at the fact that there was plenty of hot water, and there was enough room for everyone to get to the shower head. I was pretty sure the next time the wife and I tried this, it’d be the close quarters it usually was, but as I’ve stated, that’d be just fine.

Eventually, we were all as clean as we were ever going to get, so Vicki, who was closest to the water, turned it off and we all climbed out of the shower. Although I couldn’t remember anyone getting any, there were towels waiting for each of us.

I kept an eye out on my friends as they dried themselves. I had to admit, Briggs’ body was growing on me, but I had a feeling it’d be a while before the sight of a naked man had exactly the same effect on me as that of a naked woman. Still, I found myself taking more time checking him out than I would have previously.

I wondered what was next, since Briggs and Vicki didn’t act like they had anyplace they needed to be. It was perfectly fine by me. If they hadn’t showed up, I’d have been sitting at the computer yet, and once I shot my load, I’d probably have just plopped myself in front of the TV the rest of the weekend.

Checking a clock, I saw that it was getting kind of late. While I wasn’t especially tired, I thought a nice lie-down might be just what the doctor ordered… and might lead to some more play.

I led my friends to my bedroom, where the king-sized bed was. I was pretty sure, with everything amazing that’d gone on so far since they’d arrived, that even if I’d had only a single bed, we’d have all managed to fit just fine.

My butt still felt the effects of Mr. Briggs’ cock, and it was ready for more. Turning to give both my companions a naughty smile, I climbed on the bed and crawled on hands and knees, making sure my ass was on full display, my balls dangling delectably below. It was a view I usually appreciated when I was in the mood for looking at pics of naked guys, especially if the guy’s balls hung nice and low.

My asshole felt really exposed this way, and I looked back to find both Briggs and Vicki watching with a lewd twinkle in their eyes.

Placing my head on the bed, I let my ass stick up as high as it could. It was only necessary to wait a couple seconds before I felt hands on my butt, caressing the cheeks, then tickling the pucker. I couldn’t hold back the moan that came to my throat when two sets of fingers gently caressed down the back of my hanging ball sac. I could have looked up to see who was playing with what, but it didn’t really matter. It all felt spectacular.

Then I felt one set of hands leave my backside while the other continued playing. I found out who had left when a weight settled itself in front of me and I raised my head to find a once-more-hard cock in front of my face.

With Vicki still teasing my ass and genitals, I hesitated not at all in opening wide and leaning forward, stopping only when my mouth was close enough to Briggs’ cock that all I needed to do was close my lips and I’d have it fully engulfed. However, I stopped with my open mouth hovering over his throbbing shaft, and grinned to myself at the moan that I heard above me.

Carefully, I lifted my mouth, knowing Mr. Briggs could feel the heat of my breath all the way, even if actual contact was lacking. I was enjoying teasing him, as I liked being teased in such ways, even if the wife did less of it these days.

Vicki’s fingers kept stroking my bottom and when I came completely off Briggs’ cock, I felt the incredible sensation of a tongue tickling my asshole. Well, I let loose the moan that welled up, then opened my mouth once more, delved below the base of the hard-on I’d had in my mouth moments before, and sucked his soft, hanging balls between my lips.

Up until recently, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to allow myself to give in to my curiosity, even if the opportunity presented itself. I’d managed to answer that question quite neatly with the arrival of Mr. Briggs and his lovely companion. Then again, the audacious way they’d presented the opportunities had left little room for hesitation. I’d willingly become a cocksucker, and I was pretty sure I’d be able to bring myself to do it again, once Briggs and Vicki were gone… that is, if the opportunity ever presented itself after that.

Nevertheless, I was being given opportunities galore at present, and I’d be a fool to let them pass me by. I was giving Mr. Briggs’ balls the sucking I’d fantasized about many times while watching other people — male and female — on video doing just what I was at the moment.

Of course, I was not only enjoying Mr. Briggs’ genitals in my mouth: what Vicki was doing to me from behind was pretty damn nice, too. I wondered where she went when I felt her weight leave the bed, and she no longer licked and caressed me, but I had very little doubt she’d be back, so I just focused on doing what was in front of me, since I presently no longer had to split my concentration between both front and back.

With my new found (and I hoped, very temporary) freedom of attention, it was a little awkward considering my position, but I urged Briggs’ ass cheeks apart enough that I could slip a finger or two up and caress his butthole while I enjoyed myself with his balls, and eventually, his cock.

Knowing what an incredible feeling it is to have your asshole played with, as well as knowing how great it is to have your balls in a warm, wet mouth, I knew Mr. Briggs was loving what I was doing. The only thing that could have made it better would have been if Vicki had been there to take his cock in her mouth, and complete the intense complexity of feeling.

And with that thought, I slowly released Briggs’ balls from my oral attentions and started to lick and nibble my way up the shaft of his once-more hard cock.

I marveled at how much I loved being a cocksucker. I still could hardly wait to get back at Vicki’s spectacular pussy, but in the interim, I certainly could satisfy myself giving pleasure to the thick, hard shaft that stood before my lips.

And from the sounds Briggs was making, I was doing a fine job. Then again, as a guy, I knew that a mouth on my cock felt good, no matter whether that mouth knew what it was doing or not. Still, it was apparent I wasn’t bad, even for a rookie.

I was just about to open up and slide that cock into my mouth and down my throat, when I heard who I assumed was Vicki re-enter the room. I heard some fumbling with something I couldn’t identify, but if it was, indeed, Vicki, I wasn’t worried that it wouldn’t be fun. Then, as I laid my tongue against Mr. Briggs’ cock and engulfed it with my lips, I felt weight behind me on the bed once more, and the feel of something wet, firm and slippery press against my asshole.

After my experience in the shower, I sure wasn’t going to protest having something in my butt. In fact, as I’ve mentioned before, I was looking forward to it again. I let out my own moan over Briggs’ cock when Vicki’s lubricated strap-on began to stretch my ass.

I was enjoying being a bottom to these people. I still wanted to fuck Briggs’ rear, and he really knew his way around a cock, so I’d certainly be letting him have his way with mine some more if he was interested, but mainly, I was happy being where I was.

When Vicki’s strap-on cock popped into my butt, I lifted my mouth off Briggs so I could focus on the sensations back there. Somehow, she’d managed to warm the fake hard-on, but it was evident that it was actually a dildo, and she hadn’t sprouted a cock during her brief absence. However, considering so many of the remarkable things that had happened so far since they’d arrived, I couldn’t convince myself that I’d have been surprised if she actually had.

Regardless, my concentration was presently at the goings-on between Vicki’s fake cock and my stretching hole. There was no argument, I loved having a nice-sized phallus in my butt. I looked forward to getting as much of it as I could from that time forward. I’d have to convince the wife that I found a woman wearing a strap-on sexy, and that I was by no means gay for it…

When Vicki had her dildo buried in me as far as it would go, Mr. Briggs grabbed me by the sides of the head and guided my face back to his erection. Without hesitation, I opened wide and let his beautiful hard-on back in my mouth.

For several long, luscious minutes, I was fucked from behind by a beautiful woman, while a very nice, hard cock was pumped in and out of my mouth. I loved being used this way, and hoped I could experience it again off and on, especially after my friends left.

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NOTE: All characters engaging in sexual activity are 18 years or older. There is no underage sex. nor do I condone it.


Brian’s SUV barreled down the highway, windows open and music blaring. Alan and his gang were almost to Eddy’s beach house.

“Hey guys, check this out.” Eddy said as he directed everyone’s attention to Alan. Despite all the commotion he was fast asleep against the window. “Shhh…” He put his index finger to his lips. Then with a crack, slapped Alan across the face. The boys erupted with laughter.

“Ahh…fuck…” Alan rubbed his cheek with one hand and this eyes with the other. “Not cool man.” Alan was often on the bad end of the guys’ pranks. After some of the sting subsided he tried to get back to sleep but they’d soon be at the beach house, where Alan’s summer would take an unexpected turn.

The boys arrived and unpacked their things. Alan and Greg had a room together and the rest paired off in other rooms. They unpacked briefly before running down to the ocean for their first swim of the summer. The day quickly became evening and Alan and his friends were getting ready to party. Eddy knew a lot of the locals and other vacationers and they found their way to a party being hosted just a few doors down.

Inside, the boys’ dream came true. Most of the party guests were female and being that it was the summer, were wearing little more than bikinis.

“Guys, if I don’t come back alive…tell my mother…I love her.” A wide-eyed and smiling Eddy said as he quickly cruised in and began chatting with a busty blonde.

The group separated and Alan soon found himself in a secluded corner with a girl who looked shockingly similar to his sister. Her large chest, plump limps and soft dirty blonde hair were all there. The biggest difference were her green eyes, not the same as the baby blue eyes him and his sister shared. But Alan didn’t care, she was gorgeous and he was horny.

“Is this your first time down at the shore?” She asked before sipping on her beer.

“Yeah, me and a few friends are staying at my friend Eddy’s beach house. Do you know Eddy?” Alan replied, caught between her big green eyes and her ample breasts.

“No, but I’d like to know you better.” She giggled

“Well how about my name first.” He joked, moving in a little closer.

“I didn’t mean like that!” She gasped in a burst of laughter, almost spilling her beer on Alan’s jeans. “Don’t get to pushy now mister.” Alan knew he didn’t need to be too pushy to get what he wanted. He learned her name was Kiera and shortly after that has his tongue intertwined with hers.

“Can we go back to your place?” She asked in a breathy tone, just coming off of a long kiss.

Without saying a word Alan got up and took her hand to lead her home. It was hard to stand with a raging erection but he assumed most people were too drunk to notice. On his way out he passed by Greg. He stopped to ask if there was a door unlocked so he can get inside the beach house when Kiera interrupted.

“Is he your friend?” Kiera asked excitedly. Alan nodded unsure where this was going. “Hey, come back with us, we’re going to Alan’s place.”

Fuck, he thought. Cock-blocked by my own friend. Greg and Alan tried to resist but it seemed Kiera wasn’t coming unless it was on her terms. The three walked and stumbled a little, back to the beach house. All three were about as drunk as they could get without puking.

“Wow, this place is fuckin’ nice.” Kiera exclaimed as she entered the beach house. Greg went to his bed and tried to sleep and stay out of the way, Alan and Kiera made there way to Alan’s bed.

Under the covers the two were kissing passionately and Alan was removing her clothing piece by piece until she was completely naked.

“Fuck, hold on I gotta pee.” Kiera then unashamedly got up and walked naked to the bathroom in full view of Greg who grew a wide grin on his face. Alan stared at her as she walked away. Her legs were long and smooth like her sister’s and they seemed about the same height. He imagined Kiera’s heart shaped ass was what his sister’s might look like.

While she was gone he stripped naked himself under the covers. Kiera returned and slipped under the covers once more. This time she felt Alan’s nearly 8-inch erection and moaned softly as Alan climbed on top of her.

He leaned over and buried his head into her neck, kissing then nibbling on her ear. He reached down and slowly moved the head of his cock against her pussy lips. He could feel right away how wet she was. So he decided to tease her more and rubbed his tip against her clit before sliding in half of his cock and then taking in out again.

She grabbed his ass and pushed it against herself, sliding his full length inside. “Fuck me!” She demanded in a raspy moan.

He did as he was told and began to thrust his entire length in and out at a steady pace. She was moaning louder and louder and he was sure Greg could hear clearly. He glanced over at his friend as he was naked as well, jerking off in plain sight.

He never saw his friend’s cock before. Well, not since they were kids. It was impressive, as long as his own but a good deal thicker. Seeing this gave his own cock a jump inside Kiera making her moan loudly into his ear. The moment shocked, confused and excited him. Unsure how to act he rolled off her which prompted Kiera to climb on top of him and begin riding his dick again. It wasn’t too long before she noticed Greg jerking off swell.

“Having fun over there?” She managed to get out between moans. Greg just kept jerking himself, now with a view of Kiera’s exposed tits. “That thing looks huge, bring it over here.”

What the hell is she doing? Alan thought. Too drunk to care, Greg shuffled over and presented his pulsing cock to Kiera. She continued to slowly grind her hips into Alan as she examined his best friend’s cock. His balls hung low making them really close to Alan’s face. Kiera grabbed his cock by the base in a fist and began stroking it for him. Alan looked down at her gorgeous body still gyrating on him and then looked up to see his friend’s cock between her plump lips.

This drove Alan mad, in the best way. He was close to cuming and even drunk, Kiera could tell and she didn’t want to fun to end there. She let Greg’s cock fall out of her mouth and climbed off Alan and on to the floor.

She stood toe to toe with Greg and jerked him off. “Get behind me and fuck me.” She demanded. She then bent over the bed and took Alan’s manhood into her mouth and began to suck like he’s never been sucked before. Behind her he could see Greg getting to position and then slide his cock inside her causing her to moan and sending vibrations through his cock and the rest of his body.

Greg grabbed at her round firm ass as he plowed into her. Alan looked up her hourglass figure to her succulent breasts swaying back and forth with each thrust from his friend.

“Mmm my pussy tastes good.” Kiera smiled up at Alan as Greg continued to fuck her.

“Easy boy, you’re gonna break it.” She giggled as she stood up and climbed back on top of Alan.

“Bring it over here I want Alan to try.”

Greg was back in the place he started but this time Kiera was moving the throbbing cock, dripping with her juices toward Alan’s face. Alan looked up at his friend for a response but all he got back as a blank stare. All he wants is his dick sucked by someone, he thought.

“Come on, do it for me.” Kiera moaned as she put Alan’s cock back inside herself.

Alan looked up again and the cock moved closer, almost on his lips. The sweet smell of Kiera’s juices flooded his nostrils. His mind shut off and his cock started thinking for him. Alan stuck out his tongue and tasted the underside of his best friend’s cock. It send tingles through his body. The long and thick shaft pulsed with sexy veins as he moved his tongue from base to tip. Alan found himself enjoying the act and soon has the head of the cock between his lips.

“Holy fuck! That is so hot!” Kiera moaned, riding Alan more furiously.

Alan just continued to suck. Alan was always curious about the male body, often admiring the male actor in his pornos in favor of the female. While he was never unsatisfied with his female partners he was always curious what it would be like to be with a man. He just didn’t think it’d be with his best friend.

“UhmmMmm.” Alan moaned with his mouth full of Greg’s cock. The sensations were too much, he was about to cum. “I’m going to cum!” Alan exclaimed, slightly slurred by the cock still between his lips.

Without missing a beat Kiera slid down Alan’s body and began to suck his cock once more. Her head bobbed intently and her right hand worked his shaft. He was moaning louder, still muffled by Greg’s massive cock. Then it happened. He began to spill his seed, shot after shot into Kiera’s mouth. The feeling was like nothing he ever felt before. And what happened next was the icing on the cake. She then came back up his body, pushed Greg’s cock aside and began to kiss Alan deeply. It only took a second to know she still had his own hot and thick cum in her mouth. Another second later he wasn’t minding the taste and swallowed it all.

It was then they heard the back door open and the sounds of their friends returning. Still hard as a rock, Greg returned to his bed, not wanting to be caught in this compromising position.

“Aw, come on, the party just got started.” Kiera moaned. “Damn, I guess I should be going anyhow. Thanks for the fun time boys.” She said as she gathered her clothes and left the Alan and Greg on their own.

He could see Greg had already passed out and he was too tired and drunk on top of enjoying the afterglow to move. Soon, he was asleep as well.

The next morning he woke up to his pillow being gently pushed and soft whispers.

“Alan…yo Alan. You awake? Come on bro.” It was Greg. Alan recognized the voice but it took him a moment to adjust to the light. When he could see clearly he saw Greg standing above him with one hand in his shorts playing with his cock.

“Yeah?” Alan finally replied.

“Hey man…you think you could give me head again. I never busted my nut last night man.” Greg whispered.

Did that really happen? Alan thought. He squirmed around and noticed he was still naked from the night before and sporting morning wood of his own.

“Come on man, it’s just us.” Greg pleaded.

Maybe it was the penis thinking for him again or maybe he was still a little drunk but Alan reached his hand up and began to stroke his friend over his shorts.

“Fuck yeah, come over here man.” Greg walked back over to his bed and sat on the side, taking his shorts off and spreading his legs revealing his hard cock and full balls to his friend. Alan didn’t hesitate to walk over to the room, ass naked, and kneeled between his friend’s legs.

His cock looked bigger in the day light but still smelled vaguely like Kiera. He opened his mouth and put out his tongue and guided the head to his tongue, now salivating with excitement. He wrapped around the shaft and began to work his cock like Kiera had done for him once before. Greg leaned his head back and moaned softly. Alan though his technique was working so he picked up the pace.

Alan was loving the feeling of the cock in his mouth. It was a sexual experience he never had before last night. It was exciting and erotic and soon he couldn’t get enough. Unfortunately for Greg his blow job was about to be just short once more.

“Are you guys up? Were gonna ma–” Eddy flung the door open. “Guys? The fuck are you doing?”

To Be Continued…

I close my eyes and inhale deeply, allowing myself to fully appreciate the aroma of the air around me. It smells of vanilla, jasmine, and sex. I slowly open my eyes to find him propped on his right elbow, staring at me expectantly. I blush slightly and grin in a way I hope will be perceived as flirty. I’m pretty sure I failed.

I know the rules. I know this doesn’t happen unless I initiate but for some reason, I can’t. I extend my arm, stopping just before I touch his chest. He begins to breathe heavily, as if hoping the rise and fall of his chest would cover the last few inches between my hand and his body. I look into his eyes and I can tell he’s hungry. This is it. It’s now or never.

“Go ahead, baby. It’s okay, I’m here.” I look back over my shoulder and into the eyes of the man I love. He seems reserved but his eyes are full of an unknown emotion. Fear? Pain? Whatever it was, he does a good job at concealing it.

I’m sure he’s wondering about my hesitation when, after all, I’m the one who talked him into this. I wanted to explore sex outside of our bedroom and at the moment, we are about as far from our bedroom as is possible to be. In fact, we are in another city entirely, at the exclusive Couples Sexhibition. When I first presented him with the idea, I could tell he felt inadequate, no doubt questioning his ability to perform as a man. However, after a long talk and a lot of champagne, he agreed to try it. Once.

So, here we are. Laying in a foreign bed, nearly nude and staring at the face of the stranger in front of us. My Husband moves his hand to my hip and kisses me on the neck. I close my eyes and for a moment we are back in the seclusion of our bedroom. Without realizing, I lean forward, my hand resting on something hard and moving. My eyes snap open as I look at what I’ve done. I’ve touched the stranger’s chest. I initiated contact.

My Husband and I both freeze, wondering what the stranger will do. He grins slightly and seems amused, no doubt by our reaction to my slip up. He raises his hand slowly, as if to warn us of his intentions. I flinch slightly as he runs his knuckles down the side of my face. My Husband’s grip on my hip tightens slightly, but he makes no move to stop him. This is what I wanted and he doesn’t intend to deny me of it.

My Husband resumes kissing my neck, never taking his eyes off of the stranger who is now sliding the bra strap off my shoulder. He looks at my Husband, then to back my shoulder. My Husband obeys his silent command and starts to kiss my newly naked flesh. It tingles, as it usually does and I shiver slightly. I can feel rather than see my Husband’s grin against my skin. He’s always known my special places. He has home field advantage.

Without knowing where else to look, I look into the stranger’s eyes. He leans in and kisses me briefly on the lips and when he pulls away, they feel like they’re on fire. I lick them and his grin widens. The stranger utters the first of the few words we’ll hear from him that night, “Bra”. His voice is deep and husky and takes me off guard. I close my eyes to steady myself as my Husband takes a deep breath and slowly unlatches and removes my bra.

I lay topless and exposed, but somehow it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. His eyes move from mine to my chest and he seems pleased with what he sees. For some reason, this pleases me too. As if on cue, my Husband reaches down and slides his hand into my panties, rubbing my sex. I moan soft and low and the stranger’s eyes brighten at the sound. He leans down, takes my breast in his left hand, and begins to lick. I bite my lip and lean my head back so that it’s resting on my Husband’s shoulder. I feel his erection against my back as he stops kissing my shoulder and begins to nibble on my earlobe.

Instinctively, my hand wraps around the head of the man who is now nuzzling my breast. It feels exquisite and forbidden and new. I moan again, and in response, the stranger bites my nipple hard. I gasp and he pulls away, gauging my reaction. When he seems content that I won’t use our safe word (Apricot), he gets up (his fully erect penis swaying slightly), walks around the bed, and pulls me so that my legs are hanging off the end. My Husband frowns as his wife is being dragged away from him by another man, but again, he doesn’t react.

The stranger stands over me, looks down at my panties and with one fluid movement, tears them away from my body. I let out a squeal, more out of surprise than pain, and cover my face with my hands. I peek through a hole in my fingers in time to see the stranger’s head disappear below the surface of the mattress. Before I have time to think, I feel a warm, wet tongue slide over my sex. I’m frozen in place. I look up at my Husband and pain is clearly written all over his face. We both are still; shocked by the man whose face is now nose deep in my vagina.

After a moment, my Husband gathers himself and lowers my hands to the bed. I stare above my head at him, trying to hide the look of pleasure that threatens to cross my face. He’s above me now, hovering over me with both elbows on either side of my head. He wipes a stray strand of hair from my cheek and kisses me softly, Spiderman style.

The stranger begins to nibble my thigh and I moan loudly into my Husband’s mouth. He kisses me deeper, shifting his weight to his right elbow so that his left hand could be free to gently squeeze my left nipple. The stranger runs his left hand up my stomach to my right breast and palms it, squeezing roughly. The sharp contrast sends my senses into overdrive.

I begin to move my hips in rhythm with the stranger’s tongue. My left hand moves to the stranger’s head while my right moves to my Husband’s. I twist my fingers into their hair, willing them both to kiss me harder. My wish is granted by the stranger, but my Husband stops completely.

I look at him, confused by the abrupt change. He makes his way to the edge of the bed and takes off his boxers so that he is fully naked. He looks over his shoulder at me, unsure of what he’s planned to do. He climbs back on the bed and straddles my chest, facing me. His erect penis bobbing over my chin, my view completely obstructed by the sight of him. He palms his penis and slowly moves his hand from shaft to tip and back again. My vagina gets wetter, watching my conservative Husband masturbating inches from my face. I smile at him and he smiles back. He’s enjoying his new-found confidence almost as much as I am.

The man between my legs, momentarily forgotten thanks to my Husband, roughly shoves two fingers into my vagina and continues to lick. I scream out and close my eyes tight. My Husband takes advantage of my surprise and quickly shoves his penis into my open mouth. My eyes shoot open as he lets out a loud moan and starts to pump himself into me.

I almost gag at first, never having been face-fucked before, but I regain my senses almost immediately. My Husband, empowered by his sudden stroke of confidence, pounds away into my mouth, ignoring the man orally pleasuring his wife a few inches away. I position my tongue so that it hits his tip whenever he thrusts and he rewards me with another loud moan.

My Husband starts to lengthen his stride which I know to mean only one thing: an orgasm is soon to follow. I brace for impact and pray that I don’t embarrass myself by gagging. Within seconds, I feel multiple shots of warm, salty sperm filling my mouth. He continues his release, pumping into me, his legs tensing around my rib cage.

When he stops, I’m aware that the stranger has stopped too. My Husband climbs off of me, shock visible on his face. Almost immediately, the stranger tells me not to swallow. I obey, but am nervous to see my Husband’s head snap towards him. I focus on not swallowing as my throat contracts involuntarily. The stranger pulls me into a sitting position and puts his rock hard erection in my face. “Spit” he says, and I immediately look at my Husband. His eyes widen, but he says nothing. I look up at the stranger, and spit my Husband’s sperm onto his penis.

He sighs, as if reveling in the sensation. He takes my hand and has me rub the sperm on his shaft. I’m repulsed and intrigued at the same time. After his penis is completely covered, he lifts me from the bed and bends me over so my back is facing him and my ass is in the air. I close my eyes and bury my face in the blanket. This is it. This is what we came for.

I lift up on to my hands and knees as the man spreads my cheeks. I feel overly exposed and look to my Husband for assurance. His face is unreadable, but he climbs into bed and lies on his back so that his face is under mine. I look down at my Husband, my brave sweet Husband, and kiss him now how he kissed me before, Spiderman style. I feel the tip of the stranger’s penis graze my opening and I tense as he slides in to me.

I gasp loudly but continue to kiss my Husband as the man fills me to the brim, not only of himself but of my Husband’s semen. The thought that both of them were in me at once was comfortingly erotic. The stranger’s moans of pleasure make me wetter, causing my walls to clench around his penis. He smacks my ass as he picks up his pace and growls every once in a while, a low guttural sound at the base of his throat. The sound sends shivers down my spine.

I am now being slammed like never before and trying desperately to stable myself enough to continue making out with my Husband. I start to wince as it’s becoming more pain than pleasure. This is too much. “Stop” I say, but he continues pumping in to me as if his life depended on it. “I said stop”, I say a little more forcefully and he slows to a manageable pace. I sigh inwardly as he pulls out suddenly.

I wait, wondering what he’ll do next when I feel his finger tracing circles around my other hole. “Wait, no” I say, panic in my voice. I’ve never been had there, that place is off limits. He smacks my ass again, rubs his penis on my vagina to gather the juices on his tip, and quickly shoves into my ass. I scream loudly and cry out, pain shooting through every part of me. I start crying hysterically, my Husband’s pained face splattered by my falling tears.

I struggle to remember our safe word and eventually manage to shout, “Apricot! Apricot! Fucking apricot!” But he doesn’t stop; he destroys my hole in pursuit of his orgasm. I cry harder, wishing I had stayed in the safety of my own bedroom. He grabs my hips, shoving violently into my ass until he explodes in me. He shakes the whole bed with the force of his orgasm.

When I open my eyes, my Husband has disappeared from under me. The stranger unceremoniously yanks himself out of my now bleeding hole and I collapse in a heap on the bed. I hear noises, the sound of a scuffle, as my Husband attacks the man who tore me apart against my will.

I close my eyes and cry. That is all I’m able to do now. That is what I am reduced to. In a matter of seconds, I went from feeling like a sexual prowess to being a victim of sexual abuse. I hear a loud crash and a scream and footsteps. Then my Husband is beside me. He takes me in his arms and holds me close as I cling to him for dear life. He bends, grabs his coat from the chair in the corner and awkwardly covers me, all the while whispering, “I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry, baby”. He kisses me hard on my forehead and I dissolve into tears again.

I brought this on myself. I brought this into our marriage. Why couldn’t I have been content with my conservative Husband’s conservative lovemaking? Now I am being carried out of a Sexhibition while the other players stare at us and whisper among themselves. I bury my face in my Husband’s chest and manage not to completely break down until we’re in the safety of our SUV.

He aggressively punches the steering wheel until he wears himself out. He rests his head against it now, breathing heavily. I continue to cry, huddled in a ball in the passenger seat. We sit in silence until I eventually cry myself to sleep.

When I wake, I’m in our bed and my Husband is sitting in the corner, staring at me. I’m still naked from the party and hurry to cover myself with sheets. For some reason, I feel insecure under his gaze now. I sit up, afraid to say anything for fear I might set him off again. I glance at the window and am surprised to see its dark outside.

“How long have I been asleep?” I figure that’s a safe question to start off with. “About twenty-five hours.”

I can tell by his tone that he’s still upset about what happened and I don’t blame him. I talked him in to entering a situation he wasn’t excited about in the first place, only to have it backfire spectacularly. I try to make my way to the edge of the bed and wince as a sharp pain shoots up my back. My Husband tenses in the corner but doesn’t move to help me.

Okay, so he’s really mad.

I stand up and gingerly walk to him. Without a word, I climb into his lap and tuck my head under his chin. He doesn’t move at first but eventually wraps his arms around me. A few minutes pass and I feel a drop on the top of my head. Then another. He’s silently crying into my hair.

I lean up and kiss his lips, then his cheeks where the tears are still falling. He breaths in a jagged, desperate breath. He roughly returns my kisses, picks me up and brings me back to bed. I sit on the edge and pull loose the tie that holds his robe shut. It sways open, revealing his naked body and his prominent erection.

He looks down at me and lightly touches my hair as if he’s afraid he’ll break me. As if I’m made of glass. I relieve him of his robe, pull him on to me and kiss him with everything I have. I want him to know that it wasn’t his fault. I want him to know that he shouldn’t blame himself. I want him to know I’m still the same woman I was before the Sexhibition.

He’s hesitant at first, kissing me lightly on the lips, nose, and eyelids. I, on the other hand, move my hands to his ass and squeeze hard. He hisses and glares into my eyes. We stare at each other, both trying to figure out what the other one wants, what the other is comfortable with. I squeeze again, this time arching my back so my chest grazes his. He closes his eyes as he inhales deeply and when he opens them again, they’re blazing.

He pushes me back on the bed by my shoulders and kisses me as his legs force mine apart. He grabs his penis in one hand and taps it on my sex, causing my skin to break out in goose bumps. My Husband leans down, takes my nipple in his mouth, and without warning, shoves in to me.

I moan loudly, my eyes rolling in my head. He pauses to make sure he didn’t hurt me, then shoves his length in to me again. A shiver rolls down my spine as I realize I’m not making love to my Husband. This man between my legs hates me.

And I love it.

I wrap my legs around this stranger as he thrusts into me again, the sound escaping his lips foreign to me. He picks up his pace, avoiding my eyes and looking straight ahead. This is the first time I can remember having sex with him strictly for the end result. The thought is erotic and empowering to me.

He pounds into me furiously as my hips move in rhythm to his, our breathing irregular and strained. As we near climax, he growls in my ear, “This pussy’s mine. You hear me? This my pussy.” As soon as the words leave his lips, my body shakes with the force of my orgasm. He follows right behind me, collapsing on top of me.

He doesn’t pull out of me and I don’t mind. We lay there at a loss for words until he falls asleep on my chest. I run my fingers through his hair and start to become uncomfortable under his weight and our combined body heat, but I don’t move him.

My Husband, the man who doesn’t have an angry bone in his body, revealed his jealous side and took his frustration out on me through sex. For the first time in our relationship, he fucked me instead of making love to me. I mean, he thoroughly fucked me. I couldn’t help but grin like an idiot thinking about it.

I think I could get used to this type of sexual healing.

Twice a year my best friend, Jim, and I go up to my cabin in the woods to relax, talk about women we’ve fucked, and do little fishing.

Jim’s a vice cop for the Austin PD, a good looking guy that’s aged very well; he’s my height, 6’2″ weighs a bit more 190 (I’m 180), clean shaven, and graying at the temples. My hair is all white and I have a mustache and goatee. Basically, we’re two great guys, in good shape, that had, not too recently, passed the halfway mark; assuming we live to be a 100.

The cabin is pretty big: two full baths with separate showers and one half bath, two bedrooms; a living room equipped with a 48″ TV, a blue ray DVR, a iPhone/iPod hookup, and a fireplace; a large “family room” that I’d converted into an exercise room with all the equipment I needed to stay in good shape; and, there was a full kitchen, with a fully-stocked refrig and pantry; essentially all the comforts of home. I spend at least two weekends a month up there; it’s perfect for relaxing and very quiet when I have a lot of assignments to grade.

When Jim and I went up there twice a year, most of the time, we were bummed that we didn’t have a couple of women to play around with. But, so far we haven’t figured out how to make that happen. The main problem, Jim’s married … and a vice cop.

Since Amy had recently entered my life; I thought I could surprise Jim with a sweet treat this year. I’d already talked to Amy and told her to keep the weekend open and to come to my office at 5 p.m. on Friday.

Then I drove up to the cabin with a variety of toys and restraints and changed the exercise room into a pretty nice playroom. The massage table could come in handy, plus I added a queen-sized blow-up mattress and a 29″ high Burro contractor’s sawhorse that I’d padded the top of.

I also brought a couple of different outfits for Amy, in case we wanted her to play dress up. I didn’t need to bring a school girl outfit … she’d already be wearing something perfect.

Jim arrived at 4 on Friday, thinking this weekend would be much like the others.

After we’d spent about 45 minutes catching up, I said, “Jim, I’ve got a surprise, a cute, college girl is going to join us this weekend.”

“Jon, what are you talking about, I can’t go on a weekend with a ‘cute college girl!’ Damn … I’m married … and a vice cop.”

“What your wife doesn’t know won’t hurt her, and we’ve always dreamed about having a little honey up there with us … now’s our chance.”

“Just where are we going to find this ‘cute college girl?’”

“Well,” I responded, “It just so happens that I’ve got the perfect one. She’s hotter than hell; got the sweetest tasting pussy; gives a blow job that will knock your rocks off; and … best of all … she’ll do anything I ask her to … anything at all.”

“When do I get to meet this honey? I’m not promising I’ll go along with this adventure, but you have peaked my interest.”

Looking at my wall clock, I said, “She’ll be here in 10 minutes. I told her 5 p.m. … she’ll be here at 5 on the dot,” I said with complete confidence.

Ten minutes later, there was a knock on my office door.

“Come in!” I said with a note of pride.

And, in walked Amy, wearing a very short, plaid skirt, cotton blouse, knee highs, and sandals.

A soft “Wow” escaped Jim’s lips.

Amy saw Jim and quickly said, “I’m sorry Sir, I didn’t realize you had a visitor.”

“Baby, this is my best friend Jim. He’s been looking forward to meeting you.”

“It’s nice to meet you. I’ve never met any of Sir’s friends before.” Then looking at me she added, “Sir, can I call your friend, Jim? Or, is there something else you want me to call him?”

“Jim is just fine, Baby. We were just discussing what we were going to do this weekend at my cabin on the lake. I told him that you were coming with us and would provide us with all the entertainment we needed. You are coming with us, right Baby?”

“If Sir wants me to come, of course I will come. I will always do whatever Sir wants me to do.”

“We’ll Baby, now is the time to show Jim just how deep that commitment is. He needs some convincing that it’s a good idea to bring you along. I told him that you gave a blow job that would knock his rocks off. I need you to get down on your knees and show him that I wasn’t kidding”

Amy walked over to Jim … he sat very still … with a shocked look on his face.

Reaching him, she dropped to her knees, quickly pulled down the zipper on his pants, took out his cock, and devoured it. Her head moved up and down quickly, basically giving Jim, not a blow job, but, instead, the mouth fuck of his life. She kept it up for about 5 minutes as Jim struggled mightily not to cum.

Then she turned, looked at me with a frown, and said, “I’m sorry Sir, I’m having a problem making him cum.”

I looked at Jim with a questioning look on my face, and he replied, “I wanted to; I didn’t want to mess up her pretty face … or my pants.”

I laughed out loud, then turned to Amy and said, “It’s not your fault Baby. He assumed he’d have to pull it out when he came. Baby give it another try.”

To Jim I said, “Just relax and enjoy it, she’ll swallow every drop and love it.”

Amy had already begun to service Jim, but she nodded aggressively in support of my statement.

Jim relaxed and allowed himself to experience the silky wetness of Amy’s mouth and throat. It only took about another minute and Jim was whispering urgently, “Oh my God … Ohhh! … I’m going to Cum … Ahhhhhhhhh … God!”

Amy looked over at me with smiling eyes, as she continued to suck hard on Jim’s cock. Finally, she let his cock slide slowly out of her mouth, and, then holding tight to it, licked the head clean. Not a drop escaped her attention.

“Baby, you’re such a good girl. There’s only one problem, watching you service Jim has got me all excited … now I need servicing, too.”

“Sir should know that’s not a problem,” she replied, as she came to me, unzipped my pants, took out Silly (our name for my cock), and treated me much the same as she had just treated Jim. Although it seemed to me that she put even more passion into her servicing of me than she had with Jim; and she often looked up at me with her smiling eyes.

I rewarded her efforts by shooting my whole load down her throat, after which she gave me a big passionate kiss … It was as sweet as ever. How I loved my baby girl.

Shortly after, we all climbed into my Texas-sized pickup truck and began the two-hour drive to my cabin.

We hadn’t gone a mile when Amy asked me, “Sir, may I unzip your pants and stroke your cock while we are driving to your cabin?”

“Of course, Baby. You’d be a very sweet girl to pleasure me in that way. But, since Jim’s my best friend, you’d better stroke his cock, too. You can stroke both of us at the same time.”

“It would be my pleasure, Sir!”

And that was how we spent that two-hour drive. Amy stroking both our cocks, as I drove and Jim reclined in his seat, closed his eyes, and lost himself in the sensations that Amy’s hand was stimulating in, not only his cock, but his entire body. I don’t think he’d been more relaxed and happy in his whole life.

When we arrived at the cabin we had to take care of a few things: turn on the heat; start a fire in the fireplace; put away what we brought along. Amy, of course, had brought nothing with her, but I’d made sure that anything she might need was on hand. After that was all completed we all sat down in the living/family room and I started to speak.

“Okay, since this is the first time we’ve all been together, as well as the first time we’ve had this kind of adventure. I thought it would be good to lay down a few rules for us to follow. If either of you disagree with a rule I’m making, now’s the time to bring it up. Is that clear?”

They both nodded, and I continued, “First, for you Baby, you will be available for both us all weekend, to use you and your body however we desire. We, of course, will do nothing to harm you physically or emotionally and, if we ask you to do something you’d rather not do, your safe phrase is, ‘I’d rather not do that.’ Does this work for you?”

“Yes Sir, that’s fine with me,” Amy replied.

“In addition, you will be responsible for making all our meals. The kitchen is well stocked and you should not have a problem making us what we’d like to eat.”

“It would be my pleasure to serve you both in that way, Sir.”

“Finally, once the cabin warms up, you will not wear any clothes at all unless we request you to put something on. I want you available to us for our pleasure at any time the mood strikes us. Is that clear?” As I finished that statement, I glanced at Jim … the shocked look on his face made it clear that he had not expected this.”

However, Amy responded, “Yes Sir, it is very clear that you want me and my body to be available to you at all times, unless you require me to put on something sexy for variety. Pleasuring you both in this way would be an honor Sir. Would you like me to undress immediately?”

“No Baby, it’s still a bit chilly, let’s wait for it to warm up, I wouldn’t want you to be uncomfortable. You can strip when you feel that it is warm enough for you; it’s your decision, Baby.”

“Thank you, Sir. I will be naked for you as soon as possible, because I know that it would pleasure you very much.”

“One last thing, Baby, if Jim requests something of you that is in conflict with something I had said earlier, you should tell him that you need to check with me first. I will decide which request you should honor. Is that clear Baby?”

“Yes Sir, it is very clear. And thank you, Sir, for letting me know in advance what I should do in case of a conflict. I would have been very confused and afraid of disobeying one of you had you not clarified this for me.”

“Jim, your instructions are relatively simple. First, honor and respect that my Baby Girl is doing this for us out of her love for, and commitment to, me and not for any financial payment of any kind. As such, I expect you to treat her with the utmost respect and care. Not to harm her in any way and to honor her safe phrase whenever it is stated.”

“No problem, Bro … to tell you the truth, I’m still in a state of shock here. I can’t believe that this cute, intelligent, college student is giving herself and her body to us this weekend. How long has this kind of stuff being going on?

“I’m not sure, Jim, but probably since humanity appeared on the face of the earth. One final thing, you’re going to have to leave Sunday morning this time around. Amy will drive you to your car.”

“Whatever you say, Bro.”

“Amy, I want you to arrange to bring Lisa back with you. I’d like to spend Sunday afternoon with just the two of you.”

“Yes, Sir, I will make sure that Lisa is ready and available. We will both be excited to be alone with you on Sunday afternoon.”

That was the end of the rules meeting and the beginning of our time together.

For the next hour or so, Jim and I talked about a variety of shared interests while Amy puttered around in the kitchen, ultimately bringing us a delightful snack. I was very pleased and told her so.

Then around 9:30, Amy came into the living area where Jim and I were sitting and talking and said, “Sir, I’m sorry to interrupt, but I think it’s warm enough for me to take off my clothes now, would you rather I went to your bedroom or take them of here, so you and Jim can watch?”

“You are a sweet baby to know that Jim and I might want to watch you strip for us. I know I’d enjoy that very much.” Then looking at Jim I asked, “Would you like to watch her strip?”

He nodded his head, probably afraid to talk, afraid of what his voice might sound like. This was an entirely new situation for him and I’m sure he still wasn’t completely comfortable with it.

“Baby, did you bring your iPod with you?”

“Yes, Sir”

“Well, I’ve got an iPod attachment over there and I’m sure you’ve got some appropriate music … why not give us a little show while you’re at it. That would please me very much.”

Amy quickly got her iPod from her purse, selected the right song, an Indian melody that would seem to go on forever, and then handed the iPod to me. I attached it to the system and the music began.

Amy started by just dancing for us, twirling and bending so we would get tantalizing glimpses of her panties. Then she flipped off her sandals, and slowly removed her knee highs … one at a time, tossing one to me and the other to Jim. Next came her blouse, one button at a time, turning first to me and then to Jim, continuing to move to the music in a very suggestive way.

Jim sat there, his eyes wide open and his mouth agape.

Then the blouse was tossed aside and there she was; skirt, panties and bra was all that covered her. I loved this a lot and said, “Baby … dance just like that for a while, I love seeing you in just a skirt, panties and bra and I want to enjoy this for awhile.”

Without saying a word Amy continued to dance, twirling, bending, and moving all very suggestively. Once in awhile she’d look at me for a sign that she should continue stripping and, after about 5 minutes, when she looked over at me, I nodded my head and off came the skirt. How I loved seeing her in just a bra and panties.

Jim continued to be dumbstruck. He’d been to strip clubs, plenty of them, it was part of his job as a vice cop, but he’d never experienced a strip like this. What made it so erotic was Amy’s commitment to our pleasure, her intense desire to please us, to serve us. There wasn’t a stripper in the world that could carry that off.

Amy glanced at me with a questioning look in her eyes; I knew she wanted to know if she could continue. I nodded my head, and off came the bra and there before us were two of the most perfect breasts I had ever seen. I relished the times I’d been able to view those breasts, even more the times I’d been able to caress them, to kiss them, to suckle on their nipples, and, finally, the time I had been able to give her both pleasure and pain through the nipple clamps I had used on her.

With her bra off, the dance got more frantic, she wanted the movements of her breasts to excite us even more. And, the bending over … what joy to see those breasts as they hung down, inviting us to imagine what it will be like when she’s on top, riding us with all of her passion.

Then the song ended and so did the dance. Amy came over to me and said, “I hope my dance pleased you Sir.”

“It did, Baby, very much so.”

“Would Sir like to take off my panties?”

“Oh my Sweet Baby Girl, you seem to know in advance what is on my mind.” And, with that she stepped between my legs, offering me a close up view of her silky panties, and the opportunity to strip them from her gorgeous body. I slowly pulled them down and she stepped out of them.

I picked them up and wasn’t surprised to find them to be soaking wet; it seemed that her dance had excited her as much as it had excited us. I tossed them to Jim, who quickly put them to his face wanting to experience her scent from the wetness of her panties.

“They’re yours Jim, keep them as a souvenir of this weekend,” I told him. Then added with a chuckle, “Although, I don’t know where you’re going to keep them so you’re wife won’t find them.” He returned a funny, mean look, but didn’t reply.

Then, I reached behind Amy, grabbed her butt with both my hands and pulled her pussy to my face. I inhaled deeply, also wanting to experience once more the scent of her womanhood. Amy grabbed the back of my head, spread her legs, and held me tightly against her pussy. How I wanted to eat her alive.

But Amy had other things in mind and sensed that I was in a mood to let her proceed with her plan, without question. She always knew, even before I did, what I needed and wanted.

She dropped to her knees, undid my belt, unzipped my zipper, and striped my jeans off of my body. Then she devoured Silly. I grabbed her hair and pushed and pulled her head, wanting another of her phenomenal mouth fucks …

But I was determined not to cum this time and she sensed it, pulling from me, smiling her “you’re in for it” smile, she climbed onto my lap, first kissing me passionately, and then she quickly inserted Silly into her pussy and began to ride me … slowly … Knowing I would enjoy, to the maximum, the feel of Silly in her pussy. Her gorgeous breasts were in my face, moving up and down with the same rhythm of her fucking. Her head was thrown back the line of her neck also before me. What a view … so erotic … so full of feeling … so wonderful.

Then, as if from a fog, I heard Jim say, “I hate to bother you two love birds … I have enjoyed this evening immensely, but it’s getting late and I think I’ll turn in. Good night, see you both tomorrow.” And he disappeared into his bedroom.

“Baby, when we’re through here, I want you to go and sleep with Jim tonight. I think he needs to know that he’s not a fifth wheel, but an active partner in this weekend.”

With a sad look, she said, “Whatever you want, Sir, I know you know what’s best.”

And with that that I threw her to the side onto the couch face up, spread her legs and began to eat her like it was my last supper. I used my tongue, my lips, and my full mouth wanting her to cum in my face, squirt her juices all over me. In addition, while mouth fucking her pussy, I started playing with her asshole, first caressing it, and then inserting my middle finger all the way in. Now I was both mouth fucking her pussy and finger fucking her asshole, it was a combination that she couldn’t resist.

“Sir, … Siiirr … don’t stop. Please Sir … I need to cum, I’m so horny, so excited. Please don’t stop I loooveee what you’re doing to me … Oh, Ohhhhhh, God … Sir, please I’m ready, can I cum? Please Sir, please tell me I can cum … pleeeease.”

For just a moment I pulled away from her pussy and said, “Yes Baby, it’s time to cum. Cum for me Baby!” And then I dove back in, determined to make this an orgasm that she would never forget.

“Oh … God … Ohhhh God … I’m cumming, I’m cumming …” and she screamed in total ecstasy; clamping her legs around my head, pulling me even deeper into her pussy as her juices squirted all over my face and down my throat.

I continued to lick and suck her pussy and clit sensuously, wanting to extend her climax as long as possible.

The moans continued with another scream every so often. Then she grabbed my hair and pulled me up kissing me passionately and then, lovingly, licking her juices off of my face.

“Thank you Sir, that was wonderful.”

“Baby, it pleases me greatly to pleasure you in that way. It pleases me greatly when I make you cum.” At that point I extracted myself from her embrace and, with, not a little reluctance, I stood her on her feet, and said, “Now, Baby, it’s time for you to go and pleasure my friend Jim. Sleep with him tonight and I’ll see you again at breakfast. You should have it ready at 9 a.m. Tell Jim that I’ve said that’s when we will be eating breakfast.”

With that I gave her bottom a slap and sent her on her way. … Then I went to my room, to sleep, and to dream of the wonderful adventures I had planned for the next day.

If it hadn’t been for the hidden video, I probably would have remained clueless and would have lost her altogether. Aira and I had been married for nearly three years, and whereas Aira was the first woman I’d done more than a quick fuck of release with, I had no illusions about her experience. In fact she had been dating a big black guy named Buck when I met her and she made no attempt to hide his sexual prowess from me. I was amazed then as much as now that she agreed to marry me.

I thought our sex life was just fine—at least she managed to get me off quickly, which was helped by her big blue eyes; pendulous breasts; long, flowing white-blonde hair; and that tantalizing little accent of hers. And she seemed satisfied with our lovemaking—or at least I thought so until I happened upon that homemade video she’d been keeping secret from me.

We’d had an electrical storm go through downtown Manhattan one day while we were both at work. She’d telephoned me that she had to work late, and so when I got home, I went around to all of our electronic gear to make sure the storm hadn’t screwed any of them up. She’d left the DVD in the TV set in her office area. I flipped it on to make sure the TV was still working and there she was, in living color. It was a film of her and a black guy—Buck, I assumed—having sex.

I was mad, of course, at first. My first reaction was that I was being cuckolded. Then I decided that this must have been filmed before Aira and I had started dating, and Aira had been honest with me about what she and Buck had done—in fact she’d told me what they’d done so graphically that I blushed, as only red heads like me could do so vividly. Then the anger turned to a sense of hurt, confusion, and frustration. If Aira was watching a DVD like this secretly, what did this tell me about how well I satisfied her in bed?

I sat down and started watching, trying to figure out what he was doing that I didn’t. Aira was moaning and crying out for him and writhing under his attentions in ways she never did for me. It was disturbing, yes, but as I watched, it was also highly arousing. Not just her but him as well. Neophyte that I was, it took me the longest time to figure out what he was doing to her. She was kneeling on all fours at the end of the bed, and he was behind her and pumping into her. It was only when I saw one of his beefy hands snake around her waist and palm itself low on her flat belly and when she lurched and cried out as a finger snaked down and entered her that I realized that he was fucking her in the ass.

I was mesmerized and didn’t even realize that I’d lost my pants and was stroking myself with one hand and probing my own ass with a finger while I watched the black dude fucking my wife in the ass until I jacked off right there in front of her TV set.

I told Aira nothing about what I saw, but I went out and bought myself a big black, cock-shaped dildo, with standout veins and all. I found where she was hiding the DVD—behind laundry detergent stuff on the shelf about the washer, which, I had to admit, was a very clever place for her to hide it. And then when I knew Aira would be gone, I played the film over and over again and became quite proficient at using the black dildo on my ass while I watched the black guy service Aira’s ass on the TV.

I introduced Aira to the dildo too, trying to achieve the same lust level from her by working her ass with the dildo while I fucked her. She never quite got to the same moaning level as she had done on the DVD, although she certainly seemed to respond to the dildo in her ass better than my cock inside her cunt, even though I had nothing to be ashamed of in the size of my equipment or my staying power. I kept watching the film, and I decided that the problem wasn’t with Aira; it was with me. The black dude was in such ecstasy when he was pumping Aira on the DVD that I decided this was the missing ingredient. I wasn’t being aroused enough in sex to heighten Aira’s arousal. I loved that dildo up my ass as much as she did.

I went out and bought a strap-on belt to go with the dildo and tried to interest Aira in putting that on and doing me during our lovemaking, but she didn’t really show interest in doing that.

And then life became so tense for both of us that Aira declared she wanted to go back to Helsinki to see her family, that she was homesick for Finland. Of course I let her go. The worst thing for our relationship would be me trying to hold her here. We were just shy of our third anniversary, though, and I was wondering if it was all over for us in such a short time just because I was a twinky redhead instead of hulking black guy.

I had to do something. I didn’t want to lose Aira.

I made my plans and, fortuitously, was able to set up a short rotation to my company’s London office. This enabled me to convince Aira to meet me in Copenhagen on our anniversary to mark the occasion.

“I can only fly there for a day,” Aira had said. “A favorite aunt is coming down from the north especially to see me.”

“That should be enough, I hope,” I said. And then I rushed on. “I just think we should spend our anniversary together.”

“Will you be meeting me at the airport?” Aira asked.

“It might be hard for me to know which flight you’ll be on at this late date,” I said. “How about just meeting where we’ll start the celebration?” It sounded pretty lame to me too, but I was still excited just that she’d agreed to the trip.


“Do you think you can find a place called Big Dick’s on Radhusstræde near the university? Say 4 p.m.?”

She wasn’t more than fifteen minutes late, which was pretty much how she scheduled her entrances anyway. And a startling entrance she made at Big Dick’s. Every head, male and female alike, snapped around to the door when she appeared there, all white-blonde beauty with those long, long legs and those big breasts. She was wearing a sun dress with straps holding up the halter top and a hemline above the knees and miles above the floor. She was as stunning as the first day I’d seen her, and my heart nearly burst with longing and the pride that she was mine—if I could keep her.

I was sitting at the long bar, at one end, on the side away from the small band that was playing, in the shadows. Big Dick was behind the bar, along with two other bartenders, and it was a slow enough afternoon that he’d taken time to talk with me at length. He left no doubt that he found me attractive. I’d known about his story. Richard Featherstone, or Big Dick as he had been known by, had been a fullback for the New York Giants football team ten years earlier. He was a bulky, strapping black guy with the looks that attracted lucrative endorsements but the appetites that contributed to his downfall. He’d been caught up in an athlete doping scandal—and had the musculature to support the charge he was on enhancement drugs. Before it got to the indictment stage, however, he’d quit football, left the country, and opened up this bar in the red light district of Copenhagen, Denmark.

I had warned him about Aira, but I could see from the look in his eyes and the drool on his chin when she’d shown up at the door that I hadn’t done her full justice in the description. Aira saw me and sauntered over and sat back on the bar stool next to me.

For the next half hour, Big Dick lost all interest in the rest of his clientele and stood there at the other side of the bar, chatting up both Aira and me. Happily, what I’d heard about him when I’d asked around back in New York panned out—he was paying as much attention to me as he was to Aira. But that was a lot of attention. He was turning from one to the other, running his fingers up and down our forearms, and talking up a storm to both of us, capturing our attention with meaningful dark looks with his eyes. It wasn’t long until he told the other bartenders to take over and he came around the bar, lifted Aira off her seat, sat down himself, and then brought Aira’s rear back into his lap.

I was watching Aira’s eyes, and they lit up, as I thought they might, when her ass came in contact with Big Dick’s basket. Big Dick must have caught my gaze, because he took a big mitt of his and reached out and placed it on the back of my head and brought my face to his and gave me a lip-lock kiss that started off in a question and ended up with hungry possession.

Aira’s eyes were as big as saucers when I came up for air and centered myself back over my stool, but they went all glassy when Big Dick then turned her face to his and gave her a kiss of equal intensity. Sometime during that long kiss, one of his hands cupped on of her breasts and the other hiked up the hem of her sun dress and went between her legs. I caught a glance of silky white-blonde hair and realized that Aira wasn’t wearing any panties. But I only got a brief look because beefy brown fingers were settling in on that region.

Aira squirmed under the onslaught, but I wouldn’t exactly say she was fighting it. Big Dick’s hand came off Aira’s breast and moved to between the stools, found my thigh, and then slid up. He was tracing my cock through my straining trousers, testing to see if I was aroused. And finding that I was—very.

When Big Dick and Aira’s kiss was completed, Big Dick said in a husky, low-pitched voice, “I have a very nice room in back. Very private. Would you two like to see it?”

Aira was eyeing me, waiting for me to object and take us out of this bar. Assuming that this was too much for me to bear.

“Sure, why not?” I said. “OK with you, honey?” This was the moment, the most dangerous moment of all. What would Aira do? There had been almost no preliminary maneuvering. Big Dick had gone almost immediately to the big question.

Aira’s hand went to the where Big Dick was palming her belly and making his middle finger disappear, and she held her hand there, making no move to make his finger withdraw.

“Yes,” she said in a faraway voice. The look of her eyes, still intently focused on mine, took on a look of awe, a questioning, a not quite being able to grasp how we had come to this point look. But she obviously couldn’t resist the feel of that finger inside her and that basket pressed into her rear end.

Inside the back room, which featured a large bed, a few chairs and a big ottoman, and mirrored walls, it took no more than a tug of her sun dress over Aira’s head to make her naked. It took Big Dick and me a few more moments to strip down. But then we were all revealed. The beautiful, long-legged, big-breasted, white-blonde Finn who was my wife, The muscular black stud, and the red-haired, slender, twinky, fully aroused me.

Big Dick guided Aira to the bed and had her sit down on the edge. Then he brought out a bottle of lubricant, handed it to me, and said. “Get her ready. Both entrances.”

The start was no more elaborate than that. I knelt in front of Aira, pushed her onto her back with the palm of my hand, tilted her pelvis up, and spread her legs. Between the lubricant and my tongue, I opened and wettened her cunt and asshole while she sighed and flicked her nipples with her fingernails. Big Dick spent some time kneeling at Aira’s head, making her work her tongue and mouth on his cock until it achieved admirable proportions. Then he left the bed, knelt behind me, pulled me up to a crouching position, and was wettening and opening my asshole up as well with lubricant and his tongue. I was doing as much sighing then as Aira was.

“OK, good enough,” Big Dick said at length. “You go sit over on that ottoman and watch for a while. There’s a dildo over there. I suggest you use it. You’ll want to be opened wide when I get around to you.”

I did as he told me. This was all new and fascinating and just a little scary for me. I found the dildo and hunched back on the ottoman, lost in the scene of this big black dude fucking my wife, just as I had been regularly lost in watching the DVD of Buck doing the same. I lubed up the big black dildo I’d found and put it to work on my hole as my other hand stroked my meat.

Big Dick, after rolling on a condom, crouched between Aira’s open, long, slender legs, sank his cock slowly into her cunt and fucked her slowly for a couple of minutes until his cock was all aslather with her flowing mixed with the lubricant. Aira was moaning softly and lifting her hips to meet each of his thrusts down into her.

This didn’t go on very long, though. Big Dick pulled out of her and stood up, bringing Aira up off the bed with him. He then turned and sat on the bed and slowly brought her back down into his lap, her back against his chest.

I watched Aira’s eyes go wild and then dreamy as he slowly pulled her down into his lap, and her lubricated anal canal onto his rock-hard cock. He snaked one arm firmly around her waist, palm on belly, and two fingers on her G-spot, and found her pendulous breasts with his other hand. His lips went to the hollow of Aira’s neck and they started a rhythm of fucking that went from slow and languid to fast and furious. Aira was moaning and crying out in passion as she never did in our lovemaking.

“Now,” Big Dick cried out. “Come over and fuck her now.”

I rose up off the ottoman and crouched between her legs and thrust my cock deep inside her and began fucking her in deep, passionate thrusts. We were all quite vocal now, crying out in lust and ecstasy and panting and moaning and breathing heavily.

Big Dick lifted Aira and me up enough that he could get out from underneath Aira and then he came around behind me and lifted my hips in his beefy hands. I cried out in pain and surprise as he entered me. This was a different feel than the dildo, but I was very lucky that I had used it first. Big Dick was bigger than the dildo and his action was rougher and more relentless than I had been doing to myself with the dildo. Him sliding back and forth inside me, his cock throbbing, wasn’t anything like the controlled movement of a plastic phallus. He’d hold for the longest time as expectation rose and then there’s be a long, filling thrust that took my breath away and made my eyes water. I felt completely in his control and completely possessed.

My cries and moans reached a whole new level of passion. This surprised and further aroused Aira, and she, in turn, turned up her counteraction to my cocking several notches. She exploded in a lurching orgasm underneath me.

“Go back to the ottoman now,” Big Dick whispered in my ear in a hoarse breath as he pulled out of me. “I’ll give her another lift and then I’ll get her to do what you need.”

I pulled out of Aira and went back to the ottoman and sat down there as Big Dick turned her on the bed and brought her up on all fours, ass facing the edge. He buried his cock inside her ass again and reached around her with both hands, one going to her swinging breasts and the other to where he could thrust fingers into her vagina. And he fucked her anally in long, forceful strokes—just like Buck in that DVD did—until her knees turned to jelly, her moans turned to screams of passion, and she melted in yet another long, lingering orgasm.

Big Dick lowered his chest onto Aira’s back then without withdrawing his cock. He held her body up to his, hovering over the bed, like a rag doll. She was clearly spent and fully satisfied. He kissed her on the neck and cheek and whispered in her ear. She was murmuring back to him.

He let her fall gently on the bed. She turned over and watched as he came back to me.

“On your knees, your chest on the ottoman, butt up, legs together,” he said. Big Dick didn’t seem to waste any words. I did as he instructed and turned my head and watched as Big Dick brought out a strap-on device, inserted the big, black dildo in it, and, motioning Aira off the bed, showed her how to strap it on herself.

Within minutes, her hands on my hips, her nipples rubbing against my shoulder blades, and her fine, white-blonde hair whipping across my shoulders, my wife was fucking me vigorously and deeply to ever-higher decibel levels of passion and lust with that black dildo strapped to her. Some of the vocalizing was hers, though, and it was obvious that my heightened passion was heightening hers as well.

When I couldn’t take it anymore, I rose up, took her up in my arms and dumped her on the bed and began furiously fucking her, alternating between her cunt and her ass until she exploded in a third orgasm that met my own ejaculation and flow. Big Dick was long gone now, having left after showing Aira what to do with the strap-on.

Laying there, panting, breath heaving, and our hips still writhing against each other to eke out the last possible stimulation of our shared flow, I whispered, “Happy anniversary, honey,” in Aira’s ear.

“That was amazing,” she whispered back in a guttural voice. “How could this be happening?”

“I arranged it all, Aira,” I said. “I thought we needed—and deserved—saving. I asked around in New York and found that Big Dick offered what we both needed.”

“If only . . . ,” she began and then stopped.

“If only what, honey?”

“If only it could last,” she said. “But, I’m sorry . . . I . . .”

“Hush, hush,” I whispered, feeling myself come to life again and slowly starting to stroke deeply inside her once more. “That’s the beauty of it. It can continue.”

“I don’t understand. Ohhh, yes, like that again. Ahhhhh.”

“I tracked down Buck back in New York. He’s more than willing to threesome. We have a standing date starting from whenever you return from Finland.”

“Oh gawd, yes. Tomorrow!” she cried out, as I moved the dildo back in place and started slowly screwing it in to the rhythm of her panting and thrusting back into it.

The nightclub had lively rock music playing from the speakers scattered throughout and a thin haze of cigarette smoke lingered in the air as Matt and Jill entered. Matt scanned the bar area for a place to sit and saw many unoccupied seats. He grabbed Jill’s hand and led her to the bar taking a seat on the left side where they could scan the bar.

“What can I get yeah?” they looked up at the voice and saw a cute blond wearing a white blouse and black slacks waiting patiently for their reply.

“Bud light bottle and a Smirnoff ice.” Matt said, with a friendly smile.

“She is cute.” Jill said.

“Very, but no girl play for you tonight, you know why we are here. And you promised.” he said.

“Here you go, that’ll be $7.50.” the waitress said as she placed the drinks in front of them. Matt handed her the money.

“I always keep my promises to you babe.” Jill said as she leaned over, placed her hand on his thigh, caressing it and kissed his cheek.

“I know you do, and I know tonight is going to be everything I want and more. Now we just need to find you that man.” he said as he started to scope out the bar scene. O’Malley’s was a nice neighborhood bar that had a live deejay on Friday and Saturday nights. It seated around a hundred people and was usual crowded on the weekends. Besides the music they had 4 billiard tables and two electronic dart board. It wasn’t too crowded yet as there were maybe forty people there. A small group of men at the far side of the club caught his eye.

“Now that looks promising.” Jill said as she pointed her head towards the group. “The one in the red shirt looks like he would be a lot of fun.”

The young man was tall, around 6’1″, lean and well-tanned, with the bluest eyes you have ever seen, and a smile that showed his straight white teeth. He had a short brown mow hawk, and a well shaved goatee. His biceps rippled out of his short sleeved red timberland shirt, and he was broad across the shoulders. His back gave way to a wonderful, well-shaped ass, the kind you just want reach out and grab. He had very long and muscular legs.

“Yes, he does! I can see you riding his hard cock. Now work your magic babe.” Matt said to Jill as he waved at the waitress to get her attention.

Matt ordered another drink as Jill decided to grab the young man’s attention. She turned her bar stool to face the group, leaning forward slightly, running her finger down one side of her lower neck line of her blouse. It was ruby red, matching her lip stick, her skirt was light blue denim, and she wore her favorite boots, a very sexy and revealing outfit, and perfect for flaunting her stuff. Her figure had always gotten her a large amount of attention from both the men and women. She was 5′ 5″, 115lbs, and was built like a dancer. Her chest wasn’t the biggest, but she made up for it with her long sexy legs. Jill would always run a hand up and down one leg to arouse a man, and it worked every time. Her lips full, wet and pouting smirk at him, taunting him. The young man had noticed her and turned; she made eye contact with him and licked her full lips.

Jill took a deep breath, forced her foot forward, and started to walk towards the group of guys. All five were in a heated discussion, probably talking about her. The tall young man studied her out of the corner of his eye, taking in every detail of her sexy body.

She stopped next to him and placed her hand on his fore arm, and whispered into his ear

“Would you like to join me for a drink?”

“Won’t your boyfriend be upset?” he asked as he looked at Matt.

Jill turned and looked at Matt and smiled. Matt raised his drink up towards them and smiled.

“Oh don’t mind him, he lets me do anyone I please.” she said with a shy smirk. “And he wants me to do you if your game?”

“Ok then.” he said as Jill grabbed his hand and they walked back towards Matt.

“What will you have?” Jill asked him as she sat back down next to Matt.

“I’ll take a Bud light.” he said as he sat on the bar stool next to Jill. “I’m Jay by the way.”

“I’m Jill, this is my friend Matt.” she said.

Matt gave him a nod of the head as he ordered another round of drinks.

“You’re pretty hot Jay. I can’t wait to play with you.” she said as she moved her bar stool closer to his. The air between them became electrified, raising goose bumps on her arms. Her nipples instantly became erect at the closeness of his body and the anticipation of being with him made her wet. They immediately fell into a luscious kiss, exploring each other’s lips and tongues. Then to her surprise, she felt a second set of lips on the back of her neck, and Matt’s hand caressing her thigh.

“Let’s go babe. I want to watch you fuck the shit out of this guy.” Matt said.

The three of them got up, leaving their untouched drinks and headed for the truck. Matt got in the driver’s seat, as Jill and Jay squeezed in on the passenger side.

“Show this man what an amazing blow job you give.” Matt said as he started up the truck and headed for his house.

Jill didn’t have to be told twice. She tugged at Jay’s jeans, and unzipped them, pulling his seven and half inch hard as hell dick out of his pants. Jill grabbed his shaft and slowly stroked, watching as his pre cum seeped from the tip. She kissed the end, smearing his juices over her lips, tasting his salty musk. Still stroking, she looked up into his eyes, her lips twisted in a naughty smile. With her mouth open, and tongue out just a little, she leaned in and took just the tip into her wet mouth. She sucked lightly, feeling his cock twitch, her tongue swirling over the head. Jay let out a low, soft moan, as his hand went to the back of her head. She ran her tongue up the underside of his cock, licking all seven inches before tonguing the hole at the tip. His hands urged her head down; she lowered her full lips around his shaft and slowly took him in. Her tongue undulating, her hand and mouth working together to stroke the full length of him, The tempo steadily rising as his cock is pressed against the back of her throat. Her throat constricted around his cock, driving him crazy. Jill’s other hand was foundling his balls, tickling and teasing them, as she continued to please his shaft. Jay’s breathing was getting heavier and he gripped her hair, his hips moved forward and back, slowly pumping his cock in and out of her mouth. His rod plunging deeper with every stroke until the tip hit the back of her throat again, making her gags slightly and he stopped. He slid out of her mouth, and she leaned in and kissed the tip. Jill slowly moved lower, she sucked one then the other testicle into her mouth, bathing each one with her tongue. The sensation made Jay’s eyes roll back into his head, and another moan came from his lips.

The truck had come to a stop, and Matt sat in the driver’s seat watching his women please another man.

“Let’s take this inside you two.” Matt said as he got out of the truck.

Jill released Jay’s manhood from her mouth, and they both followed Matt into the house, where he led them to the bedroom.

“I want to watch you please my women.” Matt said as he slapped Jill’s ass, then leaned in and kissed her passionately.

The men’s eyes met, and they nodded. Jay wrapped her in his arms and kissed her lustily, and she felt Matt slowly unbuttoning her shirt from behind, and take it off her, then came the skirt and boots. She felt Matt’s hands on her bare back, as he rubbed down to her ass, and squeezed. Jay moved his mouth down to her breasts, and grasped one gently. He ran his thumb across her nipple, while his mouth sucked on the other. His hands moved around her, resting momentarily on her belly, before moving them down into her panties. His fingers stroked her wetness for a moment, getting a groan from her, and then he knelt down and pulled them down. Her senses were becoming overwhelmed by the attention she was getting from the two men, and her knees buckled slightly.

Jay led her to the bed; she lay down, and watched him undress. Once naked, Jay lay down on her right side and Matt sat in a chair across from the bed and watched. She arched her back as his hands began to caress her body. Jay made his way down between her legs, and began to flick his tongue along her clit, sucking her lips, and delving his tongue into her pussy. As he made her moan, he worked three fingers into her pussy, and was thrusting them roughly as he sucked on her clit, and the actions sent her reeling into a crushing orgasm. She let out a cry as it ripped through her.

She felt Jay kneel behind her, and he plunged his cock inside her. He reached up, and grasped her breasts in his hands, pinching her nipples. She was almost frantic with lust at this point. She couldn’t get enough of him. He trusted slowly, and then went harder and deeper. The deeper he went the louder her moaning became. Jill’s body bucked and arched against the bittersweet assault.

“That’s it, fuck my little slut. She loves it, don’t you babe?” Matt said as he sat stroking his own cock.

“I want to ride you.” Jill said as she shook her head in agreement to Matt’s question.

Jay pulled out and lay on the bed, grabbing her to straddle him. Jill began to slide his hard wet cock into her hungry pussy. When she was down on him as far as she could go, she lay against his body and rocked, he continued to thrust into her, and manipulate her clit with his finger, as she moved up and down, faster and faster, harder and harder on his hard shaft. Just as Jill was getting into a rhythm she felt Matt grabbing her hair and pulling her head back to look at him. He was now fully naked, and hard as a rock.

Matt leaned into her and aggressively kissed her, then worked his fingertips down her spine, to her ass cheeks. He dipped his fingers down to her wet pussy, which was still thrusting on Jay’s cock. Matt used their juices as a lube, swirling his finger around her asshole, than forced one finger inside her tight asshole, moving in and out of her.

This new sensation quickly got her worked up into frenzy. She knew then that she wanted them both to fuck her at the same time.

“Fuck my ass baby!” she moaned as she looked back at Matt.

He grabbed the tub of lube from the toy drawer, and stood and watched Jill and Jay fuck for a few minutes, before he knelt behind her again. He popped opened the tub and dribbled it onto Jill’s back, just at the top of her ass. Jill gasped, and held still, Jay’s cock still deep inside her. The lube started to run down, he poured a little more into his hand, using one hand to rub the lube onto his cock, while the other spread the lube from Jill’s back down around her tight asshole. Matt worked the lube inside her with a couple of fingers, stretching her opening, and getting her good and relaxed. Matt pressed his cock against her tight asshole, going ever so slowly so he didn’t hurt her. Jill pushed back a little, enjoying the feeling of being stretched as he entered her. Matt sighed with pleasure as he entered Jill, feeling her tight ass engulf his cock. Jay began to move first, thrusting gently, and Matt followed suit. Soon they found a rhythm, and Jill remained almost motionless as the men used her body for their pleasure.

“Faster…please!” she cried, and the men were more than willing to do as she asked. This was no longer gentle lovemaking. Matt smacked her ass as he fucked it, leaving a hand print on her cheek. One than the other slammed into her and the three of them moved like a well-oiled machine. The deviance of the act they performed brought out the beast in all three of them, and the room was full of their moans and the bed creaking beneath them. Jill came with a howl, and her clutching holes drove the two men crazy as they both filled her holes with their juices.

Matt released her hole first and laid on the bed, then Jill climbed off Jay as the juices leaked from both her holes. She lay in between the two men, as they all tried to catch their breath. Matt wiped up the mess from Jill, and pulled her into him, kissing her forehead. Jay pressed his body up against Jill’s backside and they napped briefly, and then she was awakened by a mouth on both of her breasts. The sensation was incredible; they circled her nipples then sucked until they were hard. Then one mouth moved down her body, and sealed himself between her legs. She opened her eyes, and found Jay below. Jay continued to kiss and lick Jill’s cunt. Her pussy began to juice up as Jay ate her out. He found her clit with his tongue and pulled at it with his lips, and sucked on it. He pulled her tight against him, and she let out a cry as he stroked his fingers inside her pussy, then moved one down to her ass, and wriggled the tip up into it. She bore down, and forced more of it inside her, until his fingers were moving in and out of both of her holes.

Matt was now straddling Jill’s face, his hard shaft dangling over her mouth. Jill gently wrapped her hand around the shaft and stroked it up and down, until she could see the pre cum oozing out the tip. She took her tongue and dipped it in the hole of his shaft lapping up the juice and swirling the head. Then she took all seven inches into her mouth, letting it slid down her throat, almost gaging her. Jill bobbed her head up and down, to match the rhythm of Jay’s fingers that where still fucking her pussy.

“Oh baby, you’re going to make me cum and I’m not ready yet.” Matt said as he pulled his cock from Jill’s mouth. “I want to fill you pussy up with my big dick, and watch Jay ass fuck you.”

Matt lay on the bed, and Jill straddled him as Jay kneeled behind her. Jay went first, lubing her up and slowly invading her ass with his cock, spreading her cheeks wide to help her accommodate him. She moaned as he began to thrust, and once she was used to him, she nodded at Matt, as she slowly worked his hard cock into her wet pussy, and she just about passed out at the pleasure they were giving her. As before, things began to get rough as they got worked up, both men working their hard shafts in and out of her holes, in a rhythmic motion, slowly then faster and harder. Jill could feel Jay starting to jerk as his cock start to throb inside her ass, and he let his cum feel her.

Her soft moaning turned into a yelp as Jill bit her lower lip, threw her head back, as her body shivered and was consumed by her climax. The two men continued to thrust inside her helping her to reach her maximize pleasure. The release of her juices on Matt’s cock brought him to climax inside her too. She could once again feel the cum leaking from both holes and running down her legs.

They all three once again lay on the bed with Jill in between them. Trying to catch their breath, and take in the pleasure they had for the night. She leaned over and kissed one then the other.

“Thanks boys!” she said as she got up and headed for the shower.

Jay got up and grabbed his cell phone and called one of his friends to come pick him up, then proceeded to get dress.

“Thanks for pleasing Jill for me.” Matt said as he pulled his pants on.

“No thank you, that was a first for me and very fun, I must say.” Jay said.

“How about I get your number? In case we decide that we want to do this again.” Matt said as he handed Jay a pen and paper.

“Sounds good!” Jay said as he wrote his number down and handed the paper back to Matt. “Sounds like my ride is here.”

Matt walked him to the door, and locked it behind him. He could still hear the shower running, and decided to go join his lover.

“Hi sexy.” he said as he got in behind her, and wrapped his arms around her waist.

“Hi babe.” she said as she turned her head to kiss him. “I told you I keep my promises.”

“Oh that you do!” he said as he grabbed her arm and turn her to face him. “That you do!”

Jill looked into Matt’s dark brown eyes. “You’re still horny aren’t you?” she asked.

“Very! Watching you get fucked by another man was so hot!” he said as he placed his hands on her side and pulled her closer to him. Jill could now feel his erection against her leg.

“But…” she was about to say, as he planted a kiss on her soft lips instead.

Matt tore his mouth away from hers and kissed a path down her neck, licking her collar bone, slowly moving his lips down towards her nipples and sucking them. Jill arched her back and tangled her fingers into his hair, keeping his head anchored in place as she let out a little whimper of pleasure. He pressed her against the shower wall as he entered her with his hard cock. Matt nearly came just from entering her. Jill clenched her inner muscles down on his cock, as her pussy was now soaking wet. He began to slowly stroke in and out of her, making sure to move slowly enough that she would feel the movement against her over sensitive clit and her g spot. Her hands moved to grip his shoulders as both her legs wrapped around his waist, locking her feet together, encouraging him to move faster inside her. Matt began to move faster, thrusting into her pussy more forcefully as she tightens around him every time he pulled half way out. They were both breathing fast now, all their concentration was straining to reach an orgasm. She moaned as he slid his rigid cock in and out of her taking them closer to the brink of an orgasm.

Jill’s nails dug into his back as his strokes became stronger, his every thrust rubbing against her g spot. With a shout Jill started coming, her whole body rocking so hard with an orgasm that Matt felt it too. Her inner muscles closed tightly around him, and he nearly lost control as she continued to spasm around his aching erection. Matt keep thrusting into her, knowing that he was close and wasn’t going to last but a few more strokes….One, two, three strong strokes later, and his orgasm rushed up to meet him, his groans of pleasure matched Jill’s still erratic breathing.

“Damn babe!” she said as she released herself from him.

“I think I’m good for another couple hours.” Matt said with a chuckle.

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