About thirteen years ago my boys and I bought a house together, and the things that have happened since then really turned my world upside down. My name is Angela and I have raised my three boys as a single mother since I was 18 years old. I have had to work extremely hard, but I must admit that I have had it much better than many women in my situation. I became pregnant with my first son, Edward, when I was just 15 and gave birth to him when I was 16. Being the brilliant teenager that I was I got pregnant again just three months later, this time with the twins, Ethan and Allen. The boys have the same dad and we have always had support from both families, but things were doomed for their father and I from the start. Luckily with the support our families provided we were both able to finish school and Brad, the boys father, was even able to get a degree in engineering. He makes pretty good money and has always supported the boys to the point that we could live well with my lesser earnings.

As an attractive young mom to three boys I got a lot of attention from their friends, and rightly so if I do say so myself. I think in different circumstances I could have been a successful actress. My hair is a deep brown with just a hint of red, styled and about shoulder length. Just long enough to be sexy but not long enough to be a pain to maintain. I have bright green eyes and very cute little nose. My lips aren’t full and pouty but they are not really thin either, somewhere right in between the two. I also love my body. Maybe my ego is swollen from all the compliments I get but I really do love it. I am very tall at 5’10″ with C cup breasts and a round booty too. I don’t work out so my tummy isn’t completely flat and muscular, but I still look great in a two piece. I don’t care too much about how my nails look, but I know all the guys like them so I keep them nice because I like the attention they all give me.

Again I may have a skewed perspective, but I think the boys are very attractive as well. They all three look pretty much the same, with very few and very minor differences.Edward is a bit taller at 6’2″ but the twins aren’t far behind at 6′ and his hair is just a shade or two darker. Other than those minor differences my three boys could be triplets instead of twins. They are also very close, it seems like they do everything together. They aren’t really jocks but all three played on the high school soccer team and their bodies were lean and strong. It always makes me proud to see how strong and healthy they are. With all that, add the dirty blonde hair and baby blue eyes, my boys had their pick of the girls in high school, and as I later found out even beyond the school girls.

About six months ago the twins graduated from high school and decided it was time for our living arrangements to change a little. They weren’t planning to go on to college full time right away and they, along with Edward already had good paying construction jobs. I had a good job at the time myself and with all our incomes flowing into the same household we had plenty of money and wanted to buy a home. We had rented up ’till then but something about home ownership just felt right. We talked it over and decided to buy a house together. It was a little strange I’ll admit, but it felt right and has worked out wonderfully. There has been one or two times when it got a little strange though, and the first time didn’t take long to happen.

It took about a week to get all moved in and we were all just in love with the house. Everybody felt right at home, and the atmosphere was super casual. I went grocery shopping that Saturday morning and when I got home I was in for the shock of my life. I walked in on my sons and one of there good friends practically having an orgy with their girlfriends right there in my living room. They even had more girls than guys. I knew they dated more than one girl at a time sometimes, but I had no idea the girls knew about it and didn’t care. It was quite a sight as I stood there with my arms full of groceries. They didn’t even stop when they saw me either. Edward was on his back with a mouth full of pussy and another girl had his cock deep down her throat. Ethan was fucking his girlfriend doggie style while she ate Allan’s girlfriends pussy. Allan’s girlfriend was loving every lick of it while she sucked Allan’s cock and apparently fingered his ass. Their buddy John was on the other side of the room with two girls on their knees sharing his cock between them.

I knew all of these girls and I figured my boys had sex with some of them, but I had know idea it was anything like this. I was just staring in shock for god knows how long. Finally one of the girls sharing Johns cock noticed me and got up, leaving poor John with only one beautiful young lady to service his needs. Gina was the one who got up and came over to me, fully nude with no shame at all. Not that she had anything to be ashamed of, she was stunning and young with long straight brown hair and a slender tight body capped with perky, if somewhat small little titties. As she was walking toward me Gina had to pass the others and when she passed Ethan she paused briefly to kiss him deeply and passionately while he continued railing her friend. After that she looked at me and smiled and said, “Hi Miss Angela would you like some help with those?” reaching out and taking the bags from my hands. I was still in a bit of shock and let her take the bags. As I watched her naked little ass scurry toward the kitchen I had to take a seat and get a grip.

I sat in the leather chair, which was one of the few pieces of furniture not currently occupied, and was fortunately very close. I guess the boys didn’t realize I was there until just then Because Allen looked up from his blow-job and said, “Hi mom,” like nothing unusual was going on at all. Ethan and Edward must have heard their brothers greeting because they each turned and greeted me the same way almost in unison. Their friend John however did one better. He pulled his dick out of Becky’s mouth and walked over to me, leaned down and gave me a hug. I leaned forward and hugged him back like I always did, and when he stood back straight his dick almost hit me square in the face.

He said, “Hi miss Angie how was your shopping trip? That dress looks fabulous on you.” I thanked him and told him my trip was fine, dumbfounded that we were conversing with his cock dangling right in front of my face. “well I don’t want to keep Becky waiting too long,” John said as he turned away. “She gets fussy if she doesn’t get to finish,” he said snickering as he slid his cock right back into Becky’s waiting mouth.

Gina returned from the kitchen and casually sat on the arm of the chair that I was in, putting her arm around me just like she would have done if she weren’t completely nude. About that same time Edward had finished licking Samantha’s pussy to a shuttering orgasm, and he chatted with me while Samantha helped Shelby finish cumming on his cock. “Mom I hope it doesn’t bother you too much, but it is our house too and well, with moving in and all, we needed some good relaxing release, and this is how we do it. I knew it would be a shock for you the first time, but I know we’re close and can work through it,” Edward said, and then dove right back into Samantha’s pussy.

I hadn’t noticed while Edward was talking but Gina was rubbing my shoulder sexily with the arm she had around me and also rubbing my leg right around the point were my dress ended with her sexy naked calf. “It’s really not all that strange you know Angie,” she said to me, seeing that she had my attention again.

“This is definitely a little strange Gina, and me being here watching makes it a lot more strange,” I told her but she didn’t waiver one bit.

“Just relax and pay attention to me,” she said and fluidly place my far hand right onto her nipple, then with the same hand she gently lifted my chin and oh so softly kissed my lips. Surprisingly, I had not noticed my own sexuality in all of this mess. As I instinctively kissed Gina back and rolled her rubbery nipple with my fingers I realized how wet my pussy was. I was soaked through. Gina kissed me harder now and pulled my hand away from her breast as she lowered the straps of my dress from my shoulders, exposing my breasts to everyone in the room, and I let her. I was so completely hot and horny that I had lost all control. Her hands and lips were magic as she touched my breasts and kissed my neck. She had my nipple in her mouth when i lifted myself and allowed her to remove my panties. From the time Gina started touching I only knew her touch until I felt a second wonderful mouth on my other nipple. I looked down and saw John sucking my right nipple gently and cupping the left one that Gina had In her mouth.

Gina released my nipple and put her head up under my dress. I was anxious, I wanted to feel her tongue so badly. John kissed my mouth and our tongues danced as I felt Gina’s tongue enter me from below. I came hard. I was out of control. I had both hands on Gina’s head pushing her face hard into my pussy. A cock flashed before my eyes and I grabbed it and I sucked it. Oh my god John’s cock tasted good. My mouth must have felt good too because within just a few minutes he was cumming and I was cumming again. Such a flurry of emotion. Gina was still licking my pussy and Edward had just moaned loudly as he filled my mouth with his seed. Edward, oh my god I thought it was John but he was still sucking my tits. I looked up at Edward suddenly very in the moment and very much in shock.

“God mom that was amazing,” Edward said, with his cock softening in my hand.

“Yeah Angela,” Samantha said, “no one has ever made Edward cum that fast. Not even me when I took his virginity,” she added smiling.

I had just sucked my oldest sons cock and had no idea what was going to happen next. Edwards dick still had a little cum on the tip, John was now standing with his dick almost poking my cheek and Gina was now getting her own pussy licked by Samantha. I was flying on instinct up till now, but it was time to decide. What next? I looked at Edward and smiled, licked the cum off his tip and told John he would have to wait a minute. “Ethan, Allan,” I announced, “get over here and fill your momma up while I swallow Johns cock.”

Everyone kind of paused while I finished removing my dress, then we all got into our places. Brittany lubed up my ass and Danielle stroked the lube onto Ethan’s cock as I mounted Allan and slid his cock as deeply into my burning wet cunt as it would go. It felt amazing, tight but amazing, as two of my boys were sliding into me at the same time. I sucked on John while they slid in and out with perfect timing. I wanted Edward in me too.

“John honey go get Edward. I will fuck you silly later but right now I want my boys. Go get him. Quick, ” I gently ordered and soon I had my baby’s dick firmly between my lips again. We switched positions briefly with Edward on bottom in my ass with me facing away from him, and sweet Ethan grinding my pussy with Allan’s lovely cock rubbing my face inside and out. That position was strenuous though, so when we switch up again. I mounted Edward, and Allan slid easily into my stretched out ass while I sucked Ethan’s lube covered cock. I was surprised to see Edward lean up, and as I sucked his brother’s cock he took his brothers balls gently into his mouth. Ethan loved it and was soon sending his seed down his mothers loving throat. when he finished Allan quickly took his place with his cock in my mouth and his sack in Edwards, he too drained a load deep down mommies throat.

I had now swallowed all my boys cum and they still weren’t done with me yet. Edward roll up on my back with my ankles almost to my ears and entered my pussy. He pounded me hard and loud, grunting and sweating and thrusting. John slid into Edward from behind and I felt his balls empty into me almost instantly. He didn’t soften though and his cock rammed deep in me every thrust that John rammed into him. I came hard again yelling, “Fuck us Johnny, fuck us.” He came with me, deep in my sons ass.

I was drained and needed a shower. I told them all that I was going to shower and nap. I also told John he could come to my room for some one on one action in a couple of hours if he wanted to, but I needed some rest first. He agreed and I was on my way.

That was the first of many sexual encounters in this house. My boys and I were always close, and after that we were even closer. They are all married now with kids of their own. We are still very close though, and we all even live together still. We have had to buy a bigger house though to accommodate our ever growing family. With all the kids around we don’t have the large group sessions very often any more, but we all still fuck, and every now and again when the timing is just right, my boys still all enter me as one and their wives all seem to love eating their cum out of me.

Pt. 1 of the story provides some background but you can start here if you like.

Danielle walked slowly to the door of their Florida home and welcomed Daniel and his girlfriend Erica into the foyer. “Hey, Phil, they’re here!” she called.

“Look at you!” Daniel said.

“It’s okay, you can touch. I’ve had total strangers come up and touch my stomach in the grocery store.”

Daniel gingerly touched his twin sister’s belly, which was showing the results of seven months of pregnancy. It was covered in a thin tee that she was wearing with elastic-banded khakis, and felt taut and firm. Erica felt it too, and about that time the baby kicked, causing everyone to giggle. Phil made it to the foyer from the back of the house about that time.

“Hi guys! Good trip?” Phil asked as he took Erica and Daniel’s bag. “Let me show you to your room,” he said as he and Erica went down the hall. Daniel naturally tried to follow, but Danielle’s hand on his arm stopped him.

“Wowza, Danny – you didn’t tell me Erica was such a hottie. But then you’ve always had a thing for blondes.”

“Maybe,” he shrugged, and smiled. “I think it’s more the green eyes.”

“Or the big breasts?” Danielle giggled. “Well, don’t leave her alone with Phil too long. He’s been living with this,” she said, putting her hands on her stomach “for months, and he may not be able to keep his hands off her.”

“You look fabulous,” he said, and kissed her on the cheek.

“Run along, bro. We’ll see you out at the pool.”

He caught up with Erica and Phil in the hallway, and Phil showed them their guest bedroom and bath. They went back down to the pool deck and the four of them talked about the trip down and the usual trivia about jobs, the pregnancy, etc.Beers came out of the fridge, with a ginger ale for Danielle. During the conversation, Phil’s eyes did indeed rove a bit over Erica, who was wearing a comfortable, low cut top for traveling and a skin-tight pair of low-cut jeans. He also paid a lot of attention to her in the conversation – they were both reading the latest mystery best-seller, and they fell into a conversation about that. The situation made Daniel feel pride and a bit of lust more than anything. Erica loved attention, and Daniel was certain that she had noticed Phil noticing her. His only concern was that Danielle not get her feelings hurt by it, but whenever he glanced over to her she seemed happy and secure.

After a while Phil announced that he was going to start grilling. The stereotypical thing would have been for the women to go to the kitchen to start getting things ready while the men stood by the grill and watched it smoke while they drank beer, but Erica surprised Daniel by copping that role, speaking up before he did. “Phil, can I help you with the grill while we continue the debate about whether the priest did it?”

“Sorry, sis, I guess you’re stuck with me to help whack up the salad and such.”

“Come on, I’ll put you to work,” she laughed.

The twins began working in the spacious kitchen.”So-o, is all this flirting bothering you? I can have a word with her.”

“No, let’s not have a fuss on my account. He’s mostly harmless. He’s certainly been harmless around me.” She passed him a few celery stalks to cut up.


“Oh, I told you it was going to be this way. He’s actually tried to make me feel good, the poor thing. He’s got two problems. One, he’s convinced he’s going to break me. Two, he just isn’t turned on by this big belly,” she said, rubbing it.

“Honestly, I think you’re beautiful.”

“You and even some men that aren’t related to me. Turns out it’s kind of a fetish with some men, judging by the remarks I’ve gotten in some places. I haven’t told Phil about that, you understand,” she said, patting the back of her hair in a coquettish manner and rolling her eyes. “But for Phil, this isn’t a turn-on. He’s done his best – he may have a callus on his tongue by now. He was hot for me before, and he’ll be hot for me again, but right now he has trouble, shall we say, closing the deal. It doesn’t help that he normally likes to be a little rougher. I adore… I’m sorry. TMI?”

Daniel laughed. “I don’t think we can claim that with each other. Whatever you feel like telling me, sis. Your secrets are safe with me.” He looked out the kitchen window, which overlooked the pool deck and grill. Phil and Erica were standing close and talking, looking like two people who would be even closer to each other if they didn’t feel they’re being watched.

Danielle saw Daniel looking, and checked the window herself. Giggling, she returned to the cutting board. “Sorry, bro.”

“She’s just a girlfriend I’ve had a couple of months. Not much more than a friend with benefits, really. You’re not mad?”

“I – probably haven’t told you everything. Probably should have mentioned this before you came down with her. Since I got so great with child, and perhaps influenced by, uh, our little indiscretion, I decided to let Phil have a bit of an open marriage for the duration. Mind you, I think he’s been more open than I have, present company excepted – and no, I haven’t told him about us. I’m not sure how anyone would take it, especially him, so that’s our little secret – but anyway, I’ve just always seen it as ‘boys will be boys. ‘Don’t get anyone else pregnant, don’t fall in love, and let me know about it, sooner or later,’ have been my only rules. He hasn’t really stepped out that much, but I think he’s getting a little horny lately. As you know…” she put a bit of carrot in his mouth, and while they were close she whispered, “…I give a beautiful hand job, but I think he’s been looking for pussy for a while now. I should have told you. I’ll tell him to keep away if it bothers you.”

Daniel considered it for a moment. He didn’t want to feel like he was in a competition with Phil, but Phil was really no long-term concern. Besides being married, he lived several states away. Anyway, he couldn’t really take any kind of moral high road, considering he’d fucked Phil’s wife, who was also his own twin sister. “Nah, we’ll just take it as it comes,” he said, taking his sister into his arms for a brief cuddle, safely away from the window. She was almost as tall as he was, and the feel of her belly pushing against his flat stomach made his cock twitch. “Thanks for letting me know.”

The next day, they were in swim suits out by the pool. Erica was in a bright blue bikini that accentuated her fair skin and pushed up her breasts nicely. Danielle was wearing a black maternity tankini with a lot of coverage, except when her top rode up on her belly as she swam the backstroke. She swam several laps, as did Daniel, and gave him a pretty good run in an impromptu race lap. Phil and Erica were on the steps of the pool, resting up from the game of “Marco Polo” they’d all played a few minutes ago. “Show him your belly fur, Dan,” Phil called as the twins rested at the other end of the pool before heading back.


She sighed. “I’ll show you when we get back to the other side. That way we can get it over with for everyone all at once. Go!” and again Daniel was surprised by how fast she took off.

This time Danielle got there slightly ahead of Daniel, and when he arrived she said, with a dramatic flair “Okay, everyone, get a good look at what poor Phil has to live with. I’m turning into a werewolf.” She flipped up the part of her top that covered her belly, revealing a light trail of hairs, made more obvious by being wet and therefore darkened and clinging to her skin, running down into her bikini bottom.

“I read about this in biology when I was in school,” Erica said sympathetically, stroking the hair near Danielle’s distended belly button. “High testosterone levels for the win!” she said, and the women high-fived.

“Oh, there’s more. That’s not the worst of it,” Danielle said, pulling down one of the cups of her swimsuit top to reveal a few stray hairs around a nipple, which began to harden to a point as it was exposed.

“Danielle!” Phil yelled, laughing, and reaching to try to pull her strap up.

“Well, we’re married, Erica’s a girl, and Danny’s seen it all before,” she said, smiling up at her husband and slowly adjusting her suit.

“It didn’t look like that before,” Daniel said, getting a laugh from everyone and a playful swat from Danielle. Everyone assumed he was talking about their childhood before her breasts developed;, he was thinking about the fact that her breasts and nipples were even bigger than they’d been a few months ago. He’d been thinking about them since he got there.

As if to change the subject in the silence that followed, Danielle announced “I need to get some things from Publix, and I’m claiming Danny as my chauffeur.” Phil and Erica made the usual noises about how they could all go, but she waved them off with little difficulty. She started climbing out of the pool, and Daniel followed. After they toweled off, they both went into the house.

“So where do you stand on the subject of pregnant women?” Danielle asked playfully as they went upstairs to change. Her heart was thumping. She was lonely and feeling alienated before, and they’d kind of fallen into it. Were they going to do it again?

“I think some pregnant women are very hot,” he said. She’d taken him by his hand, which was shaking a little, and pulled her into the master bedroom with her. “But we can’t…”

“Look out the window. It’s dark in here; they won’t see you. Not that they’re looking this way.”

Phil and Erica were side by side on cushioned chaise lounges, rapt in conversation with each other.

“They’re not coming up here. As long as we don’t waste any time. And don’t forget to go to the store afterwards,” she said, stripping off her swimsuit and putting it in the master bath. “Put yours in your bathroom.”

When he got back, she was totally naked, peeking out the window again. Her perfectly rounded buttocks and toned lower back was on display, and her breasts hung down by her belly. “Look,” she whispered.

He looked out the window. Phil and Erica were still on separate chaise lounges, but Phil was planting kisses on her neck and shoulders. It looked like it was turning Erica on.

The sight of it made the twins feel a little betrayed, despite all their talk earlier. But the fact that their regular lovers gave in so easily made what they were doing feel just that little bit less nasty. Not that they hadn’t both masturbated to the idea of it ever since the first time.

“Is she on the pill?”

“Yeah, I think she is.”

“I hope so, because I don’t think Phil has any condoms down there.” Danielle got on the bed, and pulled him down with her. “Okay, my options are limited,” she said, laying on her side and stroking his cock, which was quickly stiffening. “You think you can stand me being on top?”

“Be gentle.”

“Sit up against the headboard, and lie back a bit.” She climbed on with her back to him, her legs splayed out. She pointed the head of his cock at her opening and gingerly eased down, like a woman easing into a hot bath, and she made the same sound. “Ahhh, that feels good.”

“It certainly does,” he groaned.

“Play with my tits.” He began to rub them and tweak her nipples. “Rougher. Oh yeah, that’s it. He can’t come like this. I’m too heavy.” She pushed up with her legs and let her ass back down in a slow, undulating rhythm, rocking both of them. She rubbed her clit with her fingers, spreading out her lips and working her juices around them. “Ohhhh, I’m going to come quick. I haven’t had a cock inside me in two months.”

“Let it go, sis,” he said rubbing her legs and sides. She spasmed several times, then relaxed, putting all of her weight on him now. He started to squirm.

She gave a throaty laugh and got up, going back over to the window and leaning on the window sill to watch. He still hadn’t come, and after looking at his sister’s swaying ass and pussy for a while, he got up and stood behind her, his cock still rock hard. It slid in easily up to a point, but it was hard to penetrate her fully without pushing harder. The angle wasn’t quite right. Erica had her hand down in Phil’s swimsuit.

He fucked his sister slowly while they watched Phil’s swimsuit come off, then Erica’s bikini bottoms. Danielle’s pussy pulsed around her brother’s cock, milking it slowly.

Erica had a slight tan line around her ass and pussy. Phil maneuvered Erica onto the chaise lounge into a doggy style position, and quickly speared her. They moved into an increasingly frantic rhythm. Erica’s bright blue top was still on, and her breasts jolted slightly with each hard thrust. Phil’s cock looked huge slamming into Erica’s tight little ass, shiny and slick with her juices.

“She’s beautiful, Danny,” Danielle sighed, on the verge of another orgasm. Their own rhythm was slow and gentle. He moved almost all the way out on every stroke, which was stretching her clit and driving her crazy.

“Not as beautiful as you right now,” he said, fondling her swaying breasts and planting kisses on her back.. Her pussy began to clench. It was finally too much for Daniel, and his cock throbbed and shot semen up in her. Daniel’s cock softened and fell out. Gouts of semen plopped on the hardwood floor by the bed as her pussy kept contracting.

“I’ll never get down there to clean that up,” she giggled, coming down from the high of her second orgasm. They paused and watched the pool deck. Phil had finally succeeded in pushing Erica’s top partly down, and Erica’s large breasts were hanging down, pushed out of their confines. They were slightly paler than the rest of her, and her rosy little nipples were hardened and dark. Erica’s head was thrown back. “Oh, yeah, she’s really into it now.”

“It takes forever to make her come,” he said, going into the bathroom and finding some tissues and a washcloth, which he ran some warm water on.

“Poor baby. Ohhh,” she said as he slowly ran the washcloth along her pussy, then his cock, then started to work on the floor with the tissues. They watched Phil and Erica rut for a while longer and finally she said “I guess we’d better get to the store. Do you want to mess with their heads on the way out?”


“Meet me downstairs after you get dressed.”

They made a lot of noise in the kitchen before turning on the lights in the living room by the pool deck, and when they came out onto the pool deck Phil and Erica were both in the pool, side-by-side, close by the edge nearest the house, looking at the twins as they came out of the house, dressed for the store. Erica’s top was in place, everything normal. Provided you didn’t come too close to the pool and look down on their otherwise nude figures, or look in the direction of the chaise lounge with the swimsuit pieces under it.

“You guys heading to the store now?” Phil asked, unnecessarily, trying hard not to say We thought you were gone already, willing them not to come closer. Erica looking away, not making eye contact with Daniel.

“Yeah,” Danielle giggled. “Bathroom emergency. You know how it is.” She made inane chatter with Phil until Daniel thought he was going to burst out laughing.

Daniel finally spoke. “We’d better go before they close the pharmacy.”

After dinner Danielle caught up with Dan in the hallway. Phil and Erica were watching a movie in the living room. “I told Phil I saw them down at the pool this afternoon. I told him he could have her again tonight, if she can sneak out of your bed.”

“Where are you supposed to be while this is happening?”

“I’ve been sleeping in the room next door to his. My tossing and turning wakes him up.”

“Oh,” Dan said, not sure why his sister was working so hard to give Phil a chance to fuck Erica some more.

“I got a foam wedge like that one – you know.”


“It seems to give my big belly something to rest on if I lay over it on my stomach.”

“Okay,” Dan said, beginning to understand.

“Tonight I want you to see how hard you can fuck me on it. I want you to restrain me and put a ball gag in my mouth so I can’t scream and give us away.” Now both their hearts were pounding. “I want you in my ass.”

“Are you sure? Last time…”

“Last time we were at Dad’s house. It was just too soon, too much.”

“If you’re gagged, how will you let me know if it’s too much this time?”

“You’d know. I trust you not to really hurt me.”


“I want it to feel a little dangerous.”

That night Erica was more kittenish than usual when she got into bed with Dan. She licked his cock until it sprang to attention, and mounted him eagerly. After a fake orgasm that wouldn’t have earned her any Oscar awards, she took him in her mouth again. Dan willingly gave in to his orgasm, knowing it would give him more staying power later, and she lovingly swallowed his come. After they cuddled for a while Dan, intending to feign the slow breath of sleep, relaxed and really did fall asleep for a few minutes. He awoke by himself, shaking his head and wondering how much Erica had really thought her plan through.

He put on a robe and crept through the house like a burglar. Danielle’s bedroom door was open, and a light was on. He eased through it and pushed the door closed very slowly. She was in bed, naked except for a pair of black thigh-high stockings, sitting up waiting for him.

A quizzical look: I thought you weren’t coming.

He pantomimed sleep and shrugged, then crept into the bed behind her. The ball gag and harness lay on the bed beside her, along with an elastic hair band. He put it on her gently and fastened it, picking up her hair and putting it back down around it, then putting her hair up in a ponytail. When that was done he embraced her from behind and covered her neck and back with kisses and light bites – not quite enough to leave marks. He palmed her breasts and pulled and pinched her nipples until they hardened. He felt rather than heard a whimper of pleasurable pain.

He reached down between her legs, under her belly, and probed her cunt with a finger. It was wet and fragrant.He heard a familiar moan, but it was coming from the next room. He could only reach far enough to insert his fingers an inch or so, and her frustration mounted as she tried to hump his fingers for more penetration.

When he felt she couldn’t take any more of that, he got up from the bed and pulled her up by an arm. He led her around to the foam wedge, which was on the floor beside the bed. This model was a little curvier than the other one, more suited for cradling a belly and breasts. A deeper male groan sounded, muffled through the walls. She resisted him a little as he pulled her down slowly onto the wedge and fastened the restraints on her arms. A large bottle of lube lay by the straps.

She put her legs together while he was doing this, which only pushed up her rounded ass and made it more attractive to him. He forced a knee between her calves and inserted two fingers into her cunt. She resisted the intrusion, squirming away from him until there was nowhere to go.

He had to taste her. He leaned down and began to lap between her legs with his tongue. When her lips began to redden and her clit hardened to a button, he began to explore her anus, rimming her with his lips and pushing against her with the tip of his tongue. A rhythmic squeak began next door.

When he could feel that she was panting for more, he quit paying her pussy and asshole any attention and began to massage her buttocks and lower back. She began to squirm in frustration and need. Her cunt drooled as she tried to hump the wedge, but he put a hand down firmly on the small of her back. He positioned his cock at the opening of her pussy and slid it in slowly, and was rewarded with the feel of her tight pussy clenching at his cock. He put his hands on the top of her shoulders for leverage as he began to go faster and faster. Next door Erica was either laughing or crying softly. He could feel Danielle’s vocal chords under his fingers, trying to moan around the ball gag. It was hell when he stopped, for both of them, but he needed her to not come yet. With his cock still buried balls-deep in her, he reached for the lube and squirted some on her tight little star.

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Keelie stared at her computer screen for almost an entire hour in exasperation. There was absolutely no record of any book with the name “Haren’s Folly” anywhere. Being a book keeper, she knew all the places a rare book could be found, even the illegal ones; Still nothing. How the hell was she supposed to solve this thing with no information? Where did the bloody thing come from? Wait…of course!

She jumped from her desk and rampaged through her shipment records. She had purchased that particular shipment from an independent seller right here in town. Who was it? She found it! She did a little dance of joy when she found the right order form and looked at the name.

“Shipment sent by Celtic Circle” …Celtic Circle…that’s the MacKay’s company! The MacKay’s were one of the richest families in town. Nice enough people, but if anyone gets in the way of them making money, they better watch out. Grinning like a fool, she barely managed to grab her purse and lock up before running towards her car. She needed to get to the MacKay manor, and fast!

Outside of town on the highest hill, stood a mausoleum of a mansion. Keelie raced her small car up the hidden drive way, passed the oversized gates and up to the large marble front doors. Her car screeched to a halt and she jumped out of it, running up and ringing the elegant doorbell.

She waited several excruciating minutes before she hear the click to the front door, She had expected one of the MacKay’s many butlers to answer but was startled to see one of the Mackay twins themselves opening the door.

“Keelie Maine? Well this is as nice a surprise as I ever saw one.” Nick MacKay flashed a charming grin. At 22 years old, Nickolas MacKay was a handsome man with dark brown hair and light blue eyes. At 5’11” and 155 pounds, he was in good shape and used it to his advantage. “Hey Rick! Look who’s paid us a visit?” he said from behind him. Behind him, an identical man poked his face out and grinned.

“Hello, love of my life. Come on in.” Rick said, as both brothers opened the door. Oh boy… here we go again…she thought.

“I’m sorry to bother you both…is your father here today?” she asked.

“Hear that Nick? She’s asking for the old fart instead of one of us. I feel my heart breaking.” Rick said dramatically.

“It’s horrible! What has this world come too?” Nick agreed with a grin. Keelie had to hold back a laugh. This routine was normal for the two young men, regardless of if the visitor was an old woman or a small child. They especially liked to poke fun of their father.

“Please boys!” she clutched her mouth to avoid encouraging them. “I need to ask your father something about an order I had placed with your main company.” The boys had led her to a large library, with tall bookshelves and worn leather chairs. She had always loved this room in the MacKay house, and the boys new it. She sat down in one of the old love seats and looked up at them.

“Sorry to say, our father is out on business…why else do you think there aren’t any servants here today?” Nick winked at her. It was well known in town that the boys tended to give the household a day off when their father was away. Usually it was so they could get away with mischief. So here she was alone with two handsome troublemakers and a rampaging angel out to get her. Well this was a smart move….she started to get up.

“Maybe we can help.” Nick said, making her pause.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure we sent out that last shipment to you anyways.” Rick said with a smile.

“You did? Well then maybe you can help me…I received a book I had not ordered in the shipment and wished to find out information on it.”

“Oh…you mean that creepy book.” Nick said.

“You mean the one with the angel and demon on it?” Rick asked to his brother. “Yeah that one was creepy.” Both brothers nodded. “Glad to be rid of it” they said together.

“You know it then! Can you tell me anything about it?” She asked eagerly.

“Just what’s in it…Didn’t you read it?” One of them asked.

“Every time I try to…something comes up.” She said

“Well let’s see…” Nick poured a glass of water for her. “The story begins in Heaven. During this time, Heaven and Hell were at the brink of war, as they always are in these stories but in this book everything goes to hell because of one Angel.”

“This Angel’s name was Hermena, a pretty little thing with an unusually twisted mind. The book begins with Hermena placing a curse on her older brother, Haren. Forcing him to love her in…let’s just say, unnatural ways.”

The second name caught her attention quickly.

“Now, before the curse, Haren was an Angel only interested in peace between the two realms, but as time passed and Hermena continued with her forced intercourse with her Brother, she began to warp his mind. Before long, Haren was at her complete mercy, doing whatever she wished to make her happy. For a time, Hermena was satisfied, turning her twisted fantasies into reality with her brother’s help. There was however, one person who refused her advances. The Demon Prince Himself.”

Keelie listened closely.

“Hermena first met the Demon accidentally while he was in Heaven during a peace talk. She quickly became obsessed with him to the point of madness. Each time she would approach him with her most cunning of flirtations, each time, he would see right through her and turn her down. And with each refusal, she would take out her frustrations on Haren himself. She would rape him while screaming it was the Demon prince’s fault, or she would force him to rape others in front of her, implanting pure hatred for the prince inside of him.”

“As time passes, Haren begins to target the Prince himself. And with each attempt on the prince’s life, war grew closer. The Demon Prince however, was no fool. He knew exactly what Hermena had done and he decided to take matters into his own hands. While pretending to finally give into her advances, he tricked her into confessing her crimes. It wasn’t long before the rest of Heaven knew about her sceams either, and in order to save face, Hermena was executed.”

So preoccupied with the story, Keelie did not notice a slight glow in her purse or Nick’s eyes flicker that same dreadful blue. Something was dropped into her water just before she picked it up to drink.

“Now Haren wasn’t happy, as you can imagine, and he wanted revenge. He planned the complete destruction of both realms. Unfortunately the Demon Prince saw it coming and before Haren could accomplish his goal the prince cast a spell that trapped both of them in an alternate dimension.”

“…but why…why didn’t the demon have a name?” Her head felt funny and her vision began to blurr. She didn’t see Rick’s eyes glow.

“The demon’s very name is a powerful curse…” She didn’t notice Rick’s voice changing for a moment. “If one says it without his permission, you give up your very soul…” Keelie’s eyes fluttered closed and she passed out.


She woke up with a pounding headache. She was completely naked and face down on the leather loveseat she had been sitting on earlier with a gag strapped around her mouth. Her arms were bound behind her back with leather straps and her legs were held apart with the same straps. She sighed when she felt something deep inside of her cunt. Here we go again, she thought. She shifted against the loveseat and let out a loud gasp. On both her nipples and clitoris were metal clamps. With just the slightest movement, they pinched harder forcing her to moan in the gag.

“It seems our new pet is awake, Nick.” Rick said from somewhere in the room.

“Well then, I think we should begin.” With Nick’s words, the clamps began to vibrate. She let out a small scream as saliva dripped from her gagged mouth. She could feel her own cum slowly forming between her legs, dripping inside whatever they had placed inside of her. Suddenly, she felt a pair of hands rubbing her ass cheeks.

“Today’s fun will be something special Keelie Maine…and we have to get you ready for it.” Rick said from behind her. Suddenly she felt something cool being rubbed on her behind and slowly, he began to push the cream into her anus. She moaned.

“Let’s pick up the pace.” Nick said, increasing the level of the vibrators.” She moaned louder. Behind her, Rick continued to fuck her ass with his hands, pushing more and more cream into her in the process. She gasped as her body convulsed into an orgasm.

“She’s ready for us…” She didn’t know which one had said that. The vibrators were placed on their full setting to keep her into a continuous orgasm. One of them covered her eyes with a blindfold and lifted her up off the loveseat. She couldn’t see, but Nick lay down on the small couch with his cock full and erect out of his pants at a thick 8 inches wide. Behind her, his brother’s cock was not as thick but was longer than 8 inches in length. Both men had remained fully dressed.

Rick lifted her onto his brother, sitting her up and pushing Nick’s cock into her ass. She screamed out into the gage again.

“Oh fuck she’s tight! I love it.” Nick yelled out.

“Shit, wait for me damn it.” Rick rubbed cream over his cock quickly and pushed Keelie forward. Nick spread her ass cheeks apart, holding her pinned to him as his brother pushed his own cock into her ass. She screamed out in pain as both cocks stretched her anus. Without waiting, Rick began to thrust his cock deeper inside of her, taking his sweet time stuffing her. Below her, Nick pushed his own meat up into her, both men yelling out in pleasure. Keelie’s eyes rode back into her skull as wave after wave of climaxes hit her. They were ruthless in their fucking, not once giving her a chance to breathe. They moved so violently, the clamp on her clitoris snapped off. Both men laughed and quickened their pace. Sweat dripped from all three of them, making each thrust even hotter and even slipperier.

“Damn Keelie! We’re going to do this all night!” One of them said. She screamed out into her gag again in protest. Within a few frenzied moments the shot their cum up her ass. It took almost 10 minutes before they began to move. Rick pulled out of her first, his cock coming out with a pop. Cum dripped down her ass and he groaned with appreciation. Nick lifter her up off his cock and groaned when he finally pulled the glass jar out of her cunt.

“Oh crap, it’s actually full.” He said with a laugh, holding up the filled jar to his brother. They grinned and Nick placed the jar down on the coffee table. Rick cut the leather straps from her legs and removed her gag. She barely had the change to let out a moan when she was pushed down on Ricks cock. The fun was nowhere close to being over. The twins had had so many perverted fantasies over Keelie Maine and the Angel had made sure they would achieve every last one of them.

Inside her purse, the book began to glow an angry red.

She was forced to suck him until he grew hard and then they switched places. When both men were hard again she was thrown to the floor. One of them held her down as another jar was pushed into her pussy. This time, the one at her legs began to fuck her with it. She yelled out in pain, now free from the gag. She still could not see but she began struggling under them again.

“Hold her down damn it!” Nick called back. Her body was held down tighter and she was forced on her side. She felt her leg being forced apart and stretched straight up only seconds before she felt a cock in her ass again. She screamed again as she was ridden. Whoever was currently fucking her finally spilled their cum and she let out a whimper. Suddenly she was forced on her back and who ever had just fucked her sat on her face, forcing their cock back into her mouth. She felt her lower body being lifted up off the ground and suddenly the other cock was in her again. She yelled out again, now with her mouth stuffed. The twins continued this fun till the cock in her mouth was hard again.

“Finish up in there; we have more fun for our lovely lady.” She heard one say. The pace in her ass increased until more semen spilled in her ass. When he pulled out of her, he also pulled out the second jar of cum from her cunt. Barely able to register her thoughts, she managed to swing her leg free and knock the jar out of his hands.

“Shit!” She heard a large thud.

“Don’t worry; they’ll be more where that came from.”

She felt her body being lifted up off the floor and carried somewhere. One of the brothers began to talk again. “Now Keelie, I’m sure you’re wondering where we’re going, right? You see our own father has a secret room in this very study. Normally neither one of us are interested in what he does here…”She heard the sound of a book being pulled out and a door opening. “…but today we will be using the room.”

She felt herself forced down onto something. The leather ties that held her arms were cut free and both her head and arms were placed into something. She heard the click of a latch.

“As you are aware, our father’s favorite hobby was always 16th century Europe. He’s prided himself into being up there with all those famous historians. But you see, there is one thing he enjoys even more then studying their history. It’s practicing their torture techniques.” She screamed out in fear and tried to struggle free.

“Oh no, not THOSE torture techniques. Our father enjoys the techniques they used on women specifically. The sexual torture they had perfected. Fortunately for you, we just like the restraints” The two men looked at her, now strapped into a wooden stock. They forced her ass up higher and restrained her legs in that position. Now it was time to play.

Keelie felt something large and cold shoved up her ass. Whatever it was larger and longer than their two cocks put together. She screamed out in pain.

“Shut her up or this will get really loud.” One of them said.

She felt the gag returning to her mouth and she struggled even more. Suddenly whatever was in her ass began to vibrate. She screamed out into the gag. She felt something else being pushed deep into her pussy and at first she thought it was another jar but it was two small. Whoever was behind her pushed another one deep inside and placed both over her g-spot. Then he pushed something else inside of her, stuffing her vagina full. Before she could even let out a moan, whatever was over her g-spot began to vibrate. She screamed out in more pain. It didn’t end there.

The dildo that sealed her pussy and ass were actually part of the same fuck machine. Nick flipped the switch and turned the second one on, watching as both vibrated inside of her. She screamed again. Grinning at each other, both men decided to leave her where she was while they replenished their strength.

Big Mistake.

Up in the study, smoking a cigarette and looking very angry, Oran waited. When the two boys came back into the room he sealed the door shut. Nick and Rick’s eyes filled with fear.

“Now I know you two know who I am, and I know that both of you are under Haren’s influence, but you went too far.” Crimson eyes glared at them. “Now we are going to go back down there and fix things, but before that…” He pointed a finger at Nick and the man’s eyes glowed red. “…pick up the ladies bag.” Nick did so. “And you…” he pointed at Rick. “Get rid of that jar.” He pointed to the jar of cum they had first collected. Rick’s eyes glowed and did what he was told.

Now both men were under Oran’s control. He normally didn’t bother with doing this, but right now, an exception was made. “Open the door.” They did so. “Lead on then boys.”

Oran followed them down and anger pierced through him at the sight of his lover. She had passed out with the overuse of her body. “Get her out of those straps and remove everything from her.” The twins complied. “Put her bag around her neck.” They did this to. Now Oran picked her up himself and sat her gently down in a chair, wrapping a blanket around her. This was where he would get payback.

“Both of you strip.” They did without question or thought. “Now strap you’re brother down on all fours.” He pointed to Nick. He did so. “Good. Now mount you’re brother’s virgin ass.” Oran watched as Nick, with his much longer cock pushed his meat up his twin’s ass. Rick screamed out in pain but did not move. “Good.” Oran went over to the boys and strapped Nick into place above his brother. “Now fuck him.” Oran said.

He watched as Nick began to thrust in and out of Rick’s ass. “Faster.” Nick complied. “Faster.” Nick continued. Blood dripped down between Rick’s legs as he screamed. As Nick fucked Rick, Oran took hold of a large fuck machine and rolled it over to them. Positioning the attached dildo into Nick’s ass, he placed it on full power. As Nick was forced to keep fucking Rick, he screamed out in pain as blood now dripped from his anus.

Oran’s eye’s began to glow. “Now the two of you will keep fucking in this trance for two hours, unaware of what you are doing. When those two hours are up, you will regain consciousness but will not be able to stop. You can scream and beg all you want but no one will come to your rescue. The two of you will continue to fuck until the stroke of midnight when your restraints will break. Now start moaning in pleasure instead of screaming.” He said with an evil look. Both did just that. Unlike what Harmena had done to her brother, he decided that once the clock struck 10 passed midnight, the Twins memories would be wiped clean. He was furious at them, but he did not wish to have more problems than solutions.

Oran then turned his back to them and picked his lover up gently in his arms. Not looking back, he carried her out of the god-forsaken place and took her home. He was going to clean her up.

To be Continued…

Finn smiled at the shocked faces in front of him. He’d hated the Melbourne twins for as long as he could remember, and now he finally had a chance to get even.

He pointed to his smartphone screen for emphasis, as if they didn’t already know he had just snapped a picture of them making out.

“Man, I wonder what your parents will think of this? Good little brothers and sisters don’t make out with each other, you know.”

Ben and Nadia glared at him, their fine-featured faces wearing matched expressions of hate.

“What do you want, fucker?” Nadia’s blue eyes flashed, and she tossed her golden hair contemptuously.

An idea hit Finn suddenly, and he grinned broadly as he ran a hand through his own dark hair.

“I haven’t had a good lay in forever. Since you two horndogs are clearly in the mood anyway, let’s make it a threesome!” His eyes glinted wickedly. “If you satisfy me, I won’t show this lovely family photo to your mom and pop.”

Ben started to stand, his hands balled into fists. “You son of a bitch!” he snarled. “You think you can blackmail us?” But Nadia laid a delicate hand on his chest, holding him back. Ben was no wimp, but Finn had a reputation as the dirtiest fighter at school.

“If we do this, you have to let us delete the picture so you can’t blackmail us again,” she said. Finn smiled, noting to himself that she was the cleverer of the siblings.

“Deal,” he said.

One short, tense car ride later, they were at Finn’s place. He took advantage of the twins’ distraction as they checked out his place, and quickly texted the photo to his email for safekeeping.

“Enter, please, my friends!” He swept the door open, and ushered them in.

A short time later, they were naked in his room, Nadia sucking his cock and looking up at him with those electric blue eyes of hers. He moaned and thrust his hips, enjoying the sight of the school’s rich princess on her knees serving him.

“Oh, that’s good,” he moaned. “Bet you’ve had a lot of practice on your brother, hmm?” Nadia’s eyes darkened, but she said nothing, and Ben avoided his gaze. Finn just smiled and twined his fingers through Nadia’s hair as he started fucking her throat.

She gagged and tried to push him away, but he just thrust deeper, sighing happily as her tight throat opened to take him all the way down. When his balls started to tighten, he let her go.

“You bastard!” she wiped her mouth angrily. “What did you do that for? I could barely breathe!”

In response, he pulled her to her feet and kissed her hard, until she moaned into his mouth.

“Doesn’t seem like you’re really all that angry,” he smirked. She stuck her tongue out at him, half annoyed and half playful.

Ben had been doing his best to ignore them, but Finn could see that his cock was getting hard despite that.

“Hey, Prince Charming, take a turn in your sister’s mouth while I fuck her pussy,” he said, reaching over to smack Ben’s ass.

The sandy-haired boy waved Finn’s hand away, but positioned himself in front of Nadia’s mouth anyway, and she slurped him down hungrily. Before long, Ben was fucking her mouth just like Finn had.

Meanwhile, Finn moved behind her and slid a fingertip along her already-wet slit.

“You’re enjoying this, you little cocksucker!” He slid his finger deep inside her, making her moan. After finger-fucking her to get her ready, Finn slid his hard dick into her pussy in one motion, making her moan and arch her back. He slid in and out, moaning at her heat and tightness, and growing harder when he saw how every thrust pushed her nose against Ben’s pubes and made her gag.

He slid a hand to tease her clit as he fucked her, and smiled as Ben started tweaking her nipples, making her squirm like a bitch in heat. He smacked her ass and thrust into her hard, loving how her cunt squeezed his cock when he pounded her.

After a while he started fucking her slower, so as not to cum just yet. Her legs were already trembling, and her eyes were watering from deepthroating her brother, but he still had more in mind for her. While he fucked her with long, deep strokes, his thumb slipped to her asshole and started making gentle circles. Nadia gurgled in protest and tried to shift away, and the boys’ eyes met in understanding.

“I’ve never fucked her there,” Ben said, but made no move to stop Finn’s exploration.

Her tight sphincter slowly gave way as he pushed his thumb deeper, and she moaned. Finn pointed to a bottle of lube on the nightstand, and Ben stopped fucking his sister’s mouth long enough to retrieve it. Nadia gasped and tried to squirm away, but Finn held her close.

“Please, not there!” she begged. “You’re too big for my ass, and you’ve already fucked me so hard I can barely stand!”

Finn stroked her back and buttocks soothingly, leaning over her to whisper in her ear.

“I’m going to fuck this tight ass,” he told her. “But if you push out like a good little girl, it will hurt less.”

She whimpered in nervous submission as he pushed his finger deeper, letting his cock slip out of her pussy in preparation for her ass-fucking. She looked to her brother for comfort, and he stroked her cheek as he handed Finn the lube.

“It’ll be okay, sis,” he said. “Besides, I’ve always said you have a hot ass!” She glared at him and moaned as Finn’s now-lubed cockhead pushed at her tight rosebud. She gasped as he pushed past the resistance, deeper into her ass, and she clutched at her brother desperately as her legs started quivering uncontrollably.

Unexpectedly, Ben grabbed her head and started fucking her throat again, muffling her screams as Finn fucked her deep in the ass.

Finn moaned deep in his throat. He was fucking a hot, stuck-up blonde girl in her ass while she gagged on her brothers cock. This must be what heaven was like, he thought.

Before long, Ben exploded in his sister’s mouth with a groan of pleasure. She slurped the hot cum up greedily, swallowing as if by reflex, and licking her lips to get the little dribbles that escaped her mouth. Ben sighed happily and began to massage her sides and back, helping her relax for the rough ass-fucking she was enduring.

Finn could tell she was starting to enjoy it, though, as she lifted her hips up to meet his thrusts. When she started wiggling her ass in little circles, begging for more, he spanked her and fucked her harder. That drew a reaction immediately.

“Oh, yes!” she screamed. “Ream my little ass, you bastard! Fuck me like an ass-slut!”

Finn was tempted to empty his balls into her butt, but he still had one more thing planned, so he pulled out, causing Nadia to moan in distress.

“Put it back,” she pleaded. “I want to feel you cum in my ass.”

“Maybe later,” he replied. “For now, that will be your brother’s pleasure.”

Once again, he enjoyed their shocked looks. Ben predictably started to protest.

“No way, man!” he said quickly, backing away from Finn a few steps. “I don’t swing that way.”

But Nadia stepped in at this point, marching up to her brother and grabbing him by the cock.

“Listen here, mister,” she said. “You let me get fucked in my ass, so you can take the same, or I’ll show Mom and Dad the picture myself!”

With that, she pushed him onto Finn’s bed and forced him to get on all fours, stroking his cock all the while.

With a grin, she grabbed the lube and spread his butt cheeks wide, exposing the tight hole. Looking Finn right in the eyes, she slowly slide a lubed-up finger deep into her brother’s asshole, making him moan uncomfortably.

“C’mon, big boy,” she said to Finn. “Come make my brother your bitch just like you did to me.”

Finn pressed his rock-hard cock against Ben’s asshole, enjoying how he clutched the sheets and wiggled his ass nervously, and how his sister pinned him to the bed with her body weight and spread his butt cheeks to help him get fucked.

When his cock slipped past the resistance into the other boy’s ass, Finn moaned deeply. Nadia moaned too, slapping her brother’s ass hard. Ben groaned and whimpered quietly, trying not to cry out.

That resolve broke down quickly as Finn started to fuck him pumping his cock in and out slowly, going balls-deep each time. Ben made a noise that was halfway between a moan and a scream, but Nadia still held him down, reaching between his legs to play with his cock.

Finn looked deep into her eyes while he fucked her brother, loving the evil spark he saw in those blue orbs. She moved to kiss him suddenly, and he was surprised by the passion.

“Fuck my brother hard, stud,” she said. “It makes me so hard to watch him taking your cock in his ass!”

She kissed him deeper, sliding her tongue against his, and he erupted into Ben’s ass, moaning loudly into Nadia’s mouth as he came. She continued playing with her brother’s cock and balls at the same time, until he too exploded in a hot, sticky mess.

She tossed her hair and smiled wickedly as she licked her brother’s cum off her hand, then leaned down to clean Finn’s cock as it slipped out of Ben’s well-fucked ass.

Ben crawled off the bed sheepishly, carefully avoiding eye contact with either of his partners. Finn smiled and sighed contentedly as Nadia finished cleaning his cock, then laid her head on his chest.

Later, after the twins went home, Finn fired up his computer and checked his email. Noting that the twincest picture was safe and sound, he began dreaming up other ways he could blackmail the siblings. Though given the way Nadia at least had reacted, he thought, blackmail might not be required.


Finn and Nadia became college sweethearts, and married soon after graduation. Every now and then, Ben visits — Nadia jokes that he comes for Finn’s cock in his ass. He always protests, but sooner or later, the three end up in the bedroom, and his ass always ends up well-fucked.

Jenny rushed over to Janet and fiercely embraced her, giving her a very unsisterly open-mouthed kiss. Then she pulled away and slapped her hard on the ass, and not in an affectionate way. “You scared the hell out of me!” she said. “Next time, at least give us a heads-up that you’re going to disappear like that.”

“Sorry,” Janet said. “I didn’t have time to coordinate my plan with the rest of you… that raid caught even me by surprise.” She paused, looking over to where the dickgirls were stripping at gunpoint while Stephanie and Melissa kept a watchful eye on them. “Are we going to fuck them now?”

“I certainly hope so,” Jenny replied, her cock twitching in anticipation.

“Someone needs to watch the security monitors,” Lynn reminded them. “It’s usually Shawn’s job, but…”

The sentence didn’t need to be finished. “I’ll do it,” Amanda said, taking the seat that, up to this point, had usually been occupied by Shawn.

Meanwhile, Kristy and the other unconscious dickgirls were tied up as securely as possible, while Janet and Catherine dragged the bodies off to one side and stacked them in a corner.

Once that was done, the remaining dickgirls were forced to assume an extremely compromising bent-over position, and without fanfare were mounted by Stephanie, Jenny, Janet and Catherine. Sheralyn, Carrie, Tracy and Cindy joined in after only a moment’s hesitation.

The dickgirls being fucked moaned enthusiastically, and all of them achieved orgasm despite the fact they were being raped. “It’s impossible to truly rape a dickgirl,” Lisa explained as she watched the show eagerly with three fingers buried in her cunt. “They always want it, and don’t care how they get it.”

Brooke nodded. Aroused by the show herself, she started to masturbate as well.

“We should make them lick our pussies,” Melissa said.

Lynn smiled. “I like the way you think,” she said. “Wait till our friends have all cum, then we’ll implement your plan.”

Before long Melissa, Brooke, Amanda (Janet had taken over at the security monitors), Lisa and Lynn were all being serviced by dickgirl mouths, and Jenny, Catherine and Stephanie were all getting blowjobs as well.

After coming down from her orgasm, Melissa asked, “Why aren’t the police responding to the gunshots?”

“We do a lot of screaming in here,” Lynn said. “The whole place is soundproofed pretty extensively.”

While Sheralyn, Carrie, Tracy and Cindy took their turn getting blowjobs, some of the unconscious dickgirls that were waking up were dragged over and included in the fun. Melissa twisted Kristy’s nipples repeatedly while the blond was going down on her, enjoying the way that each muffled cry of pain was accompanied by a squirt of milk. Lactating apparently caused sexual pleasure in Kristy’s new body, because eventually in spite of the pain she orgasmed, screaming her pleasure into Melissa’s cunt as the redhead’s own orgasmic juices ran down her face and neck.

Melissa made Kristy lick her cum off the floor, and Stephanie gestured with her gun and told the other dickgirls, “Join her. Clean this place up.”

Once all the semen and pussy juice had been cleaned off of every surface, all the dickgirls who weren’t already tied up were bound. Gerda was tied to a chair, while the others were made to sit on the floor. “We need some information,” Lynn said.

“Good luck getting it out of me,” Gerda sneered.

A few minutes before, Janet had disappeared into the kitchen area while Lisa took her turn watching the security monitors. Now, she returned. She was holding a cheese grater in her hand. “You might want to start talking,” she said. She turned to Amanda and the cheerleaders and added, “You might not want to watch this.”

Gerda’s contemptuous sneer intensified, but she said nothing. Janet placed the cheese grater against her cock, and started moving it up and down.

Gerda’s shriek of agony would have been expected to anyone who was watching what Janet was doing, but it still made almost everyone in the room jump.

“Who else is involved in the conspiracy?” Lynn asked, shouting to be heard above Gerda’s screams. Janet stopped grating for a moment, giving the prisoner time to answer.

“You know already,” Gerda said. “It was just Colon and Cummings. Now, it’s just Cummings.”

“Bullshit,” Lynn snapped. “Keep at her, Janet.”

“This means nothing,” Gerda managed to growl through gritted teeth as Janet resumed torturing her. “Even if you kill me, it’ll be a hollow and temporary victory. In the end, you and I both know my side will win. We have the advantage in technology, numbers and mobility. You stand no chance.”

“Oh yeah?” Stephanie shot back. “Well, my dick is bigger than yours.”

Eventually, Gerda broke under the torture and gave Lynn the names of several politicians, newspeople, judges and law enforcement officials who were involved in the conspiracy.

“What do we do with her now, boss?” Janet asked Lynn.

“Leave her there,” Lynn said. “Leave the others where they are, too. Cummings got away — and has probably alerted the people whose names Gerda gave us to our location — so we’re no longer safe here. We need to torch the place… and I don’t see any reason to leave survivors behind, so these dickgirls are going to stay right where they are and enjoy the light show.”

Amanda seemed horrified by this, but Jenny nodded in agreement. “It’s stupid to let them come after us again later,” she said. “The smart play is to just kill them.”

After dousing everything with gasoline, Janet jumped into the driver’s seat of the van. Melissa rode shotgun, while Lynn, Lisa, Amanda, Brooke, Jenny, Catherine, Stephanie, Sheralyn, Tracy, Cindy and Carrie all squeezed into the back, many of them sitting in other girls’ laps.

Melissa allowed herself to reflect on how good it felt to have clothes on again, in order to put the fate of her enemies out of her mind… she had believed what she said about it being the smart thing to do, but that didn’t make it an easy thing to do.

The warehouse went up in a spectacular conflagration behind them, flames soaring into the night sky. It would have actually been quite beatiful, had the girls not known that people were suffering inside.

Kristy waited until the van started pulling out, then rolled herself over to the shattered windows. She managed to get hold of a jagged shard of glass, and severed the ropes binding her hands. Then she removed the bonds on her feet as well, before freeing the other cheerleaders. As she and Becky were cutting Angie free, the fuse burned down and the gasoline ignited. The flames were spreading too quickly to get more than a few of the other dickgirls free, so Kristy decided they would rescue the rest of their cheerleading teammates and just leave it at that.

Kristy, Becky, Angie, Alison, Heather, Tammy and Tiffany slipped out of the burning building — still naked, as their clothes had already ignited — and hurried off, the screams of dying dickgirls piercing the night behind them.

“I can’t believe we just did that,” Melissa said, shuddering slightly.

“We did what we had to do,” Janet replied coldly, without even taking her eyes off the road.

“They were willing to kill Shawn,” Lynn added in agreement with Janet. “If we’re not willing to kill them, then we allow the enemy to set the rules. And if that happens, then we’ve already lost.”

“But aren’t we just like them now?” Amanda asked.

“No,” Janet stated emphatically. “We’re worse. We have to be bigger badasses than them if we want to stay alive. Leave morality out of it… the only consideration here is survival.”

There was no easy way to argue with Janet’s cold, hard logic, so the van rolled on in silence.

Back in the warehouse district, another van pulled up in front of Kristy and her group. The side door slid open, and Officer Cummings was there motioning them to enter the van. “I’ve been monitoring the radio channels for fire and rescue as well as law enforcement,” she explained. “When I heard the warehouse was on fire, I figured I’d at least attempt a rescue mission. Are you the only ones that made it out?”

“Yes,” Kristy said.

“Shit,” Cummings muttered. “The Commander won’t be happy that Gerda’s dead.”

“There’s a lot for the Commander to be unhappy about,” a redhaired dickgirl with tits almost as big as Kristy’s said from the rear corner. She was wearing leather body armor whose tightness did nothing to hide her sexy curves (or her massive erection), and had a whip coiled on her belt.

“This is Sienna,” Cummings introduced the redhead.

“What’s your deal, Sienna?” Angie asked, eyeing the leather-clad babe’s erection longingly as her own cock grew to match it.

“I’m a cleaner,” Sienna said. “I’m here to help Cummings fix things, and then I’m headed back up to the Sex Star.”

“Oh,” Angie said. “Can I suck your cock before you go?”

“Now’s as good a time as any,” Sienna said with a grin, detaching the part of her armor that covered her crotch with surprising ease and freeing her 13-inch dick.

While Angie sucked her off, Becky went down on Officer Cummings; the other dickgirls started groping, kissing, sucking and fucking each other in a sort of free-for-all. Soon, the floor of the van was covered in a thick layer of cum and pussy juice, as well as milk from the breasts of Kristy and Sienna, who lactated every time they came.

The orgy continued right up until the girls reached their destination, a rather large and ostentatious beachhouse. “Wow,” Tiffany said, whistling appreciatively as she looked around. “Whose place is this?”

“Technically it’s the Commander’s,” Sienna explained. “But he doesn’t ever come down to the surface, so he lets me and some of the other higher-ranking dickgirls use it when we’re on Earth. Gerda’s hosted some orgies here, in the past.”

“Someone should go back up the Sex Star and report to the Commander,” Cummings suggested.

“I’ll do it,” Kristy said. “I’m the highest-ranking member of Gerda’s team left, it should be my responsibility.”

Sienna nodded in approval. “Good,” she said. “Come back when you’re done so I can play with those lovely tits of yours, though.”

“Count on it,” Kristy said, smiling.

“So, where are we going?” Melissa asked after a few more minutes.

“My place,” Lisa panted in between moans of ecstasy. She was sitting in Stephanie’s lap, and the dickgirl had about 12 inches of her 19-inch cock inside the doctor’s pussy. She was moaning too, as Lisa bounced up and down on her massive dick.

“Here,” Janet said, turning into a parking lot. The apartment complex they had pulled into was high-end, and rather expensive-looking.

Stephanie let out a muffled scream as she filled Lisa’s pussy with cum, and Lisa cried out herself as the dickgirl’s spunk triggered her own orgasm.

With that done, the girls made sure their clothes were back on straight, exited the van and headed into the building. There was some groping and kissing during the elevator ride on the way up, and then they were entering Lisa’s luxurious apartment.

“There’s not room for all of us to sleep here unless we sleep 5 or 6 to a bed,” Lynn said, “but we can hang out for a while and figure out our next move.”

DISCLAIMER: The following is a work of fiction. The characters depicted herein are all 18-years-old or older. Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, or events, past or present, are strictly coincidental.

Chapter 2

Like Enjoying An Icecream Sandwich

My 18-year-old twins, a boy and a girl, asked me to teach them how to give head. I’ve successfully instructed my daughter to give such an amazing blowjob that my son nearly exploded through the back of her skull. Now it’s time to teach my son to return the favor.

It had been three months since I shared that private little adventure with my kids. I had done my best to try to put the event out of my mind. I could admit that I’d had a moment of weakness. I’d said and done things no father should ever even think. I’d asked my kids not to talk about it with me anymore and, obedient to the end, they obliged. I didn’t know if perhaps they may still be fooling around… and every now and then, I couldn’t help but wonder and then imagine my kids making out and my daughter’s head bobbing up and down on my son’s groin.

I remembered holding onto Rachel after their initial steamy makeout session that I’d help them to perfect. I remembered the heat pouring out of her cunt like steam. Oh, how I wished I could feel that again; feel it on my hands, on my face, on my dick…

I tried to focus all of my attention on my wife. From playing, to dancing, to dating, and all other manner of romantic situations, I prepped my wife daily for my nightly needs. But my wife was no longer the inspiration for my insatiable hard-on. She was good. She was unbelievable. She was a “yes-girl” and I had no right to be discontent. Yet, I felt like an animal yearning to be free to screw any other female I found appealing, including my teenaged daughter, if she would have me and I knew that she would.

One day, I was out back and passed outside my daughter’s window. There inside, I noticed my sexy nymph daughter was naked on her bed with her door shut and locked. She was alone and touching herself, her back arching as she raised her hips against the pressure of her hand rubbing her dampened slit. My dick began to pulse as I watched her and I then suddenly realized that my wife was still here and could catch me ogling our daughter any minute. I had to calm myself down so I could enter the house though I couldn’t help glancing in through the window at my horny teenaged daughter.

A few days later, my wife had gone down to visit her grandmother again. I was once again outside when I noticed my daughter naked on her bed just beginning to fondle her breasts and touch herself eagerly. I headed inside, knowing full well what I was doing but not at all the reason why. My daughter was horny as hell and I wasn’t content to watch her masturbate again. I raised my fist to knock on her door but then stopped short.

No! I argued silently. It was true that I wanted desperately to break the door down so I could climb atop my daughter and fuck her silly. But I couldn’t. I couldn’t do that. I had to change my plans.

I went back to my son’s room and got his attention. “Has your sister been giving you head?”

My son looked confused. He hesitated and then said, “I thought you didn’t want us to talk to you about that.”

The answer seemed obvious now but I had to be sure. “Well, now I’m talking to you about it.”

Alex hesitated again. He then nodded. “Yeah, in fact, she gave me a blowjob just a few minutes ago.”

Of course. It was obvious now. Giving head had been enough to make her horny but now she needed some special attention of her own. I thought about what I should do. I waved him over and I knocked on Rachel’s door. “I’m coming!” I heard her shout through the door.

She’s coming? “I hope you’ve still got energy left, baby.”

“What?” Her voice sounded honestly confused.

“I know what you’re doing in there, Ray. I saw you through the window. Hurry and open the door.”

The door opened quickly and Rachel stood there in a robe she’d apparently scrambled to put on. She hadn’t bothered to tie it, likely since my pointing out that I’d seen her naked and touching herself pretty much defeated the purpose. The shiny, silky purple robe hung open in front revealing a stripe of skin from her chest down to her damp pussy hair.

“You saw me?” She said with an embarrassed smile. She bit her lip and grabbed at her robe, closing it over her naked skin. She looked at me and Alex as we stood at the door staring at her with our growing bulges. “So… now what?”

“I think it’s time for lesson two.”

Both of my kids looked at me and spoke, “Lesson two..?”

I turned to Alex. “If a girl were to ask you for head, she certainly wouldn’t want you to try to shove your dick down her throat.”

Alex merely nodded.

“You remember how good it felt to have Rachel’s tongue lapping at your dick? Well, now it’s your turn. You’re going to return the favor.”

Alex began to molest his sister with his eyes, scanning down her robe to where her now-hidden pussy had once been.

I leaned in and placed my hands on Rachel’s shoulders. As I kissed her, I felt her hands clasped onto my waist and she began to rake up my ribs to my back as she tried to pull me tighter to her, holding me there. I started to slide her robe off her shoulders and she dropped her arms to let it fall to the floor. I picked her up like a young bride and carried her across the threshold that was the gap from the door to her bed. Alex followed as I positioned Rachel on the edge of her bed. I crawled up onto the bed behind her and Alex fell to his knees in front of her.

At first, he merely stared, but then he began to descend toward her moistened flower. I snapped my fingers and caught his attention. I shook my head. “Not just yet.” I stroke Rachel’s hair away from her neck. “Slow it down. Be sweet to her. Pet her…” I kissed Rachel’s neck. “Like a…” Kiss. “Sweet…” Kiss. “Cute…” Kiss. “Furry little animal.” I placed my hands upon Rachel’s, running my arms parallel to hers as I rested my head on her shoulder and stared down at Alex.

Alex began to use his hands, gliding along her legs, starting low and to the outside and ending in close to her precious treat. I could tell her senses were heightening as the closer Alex got to her nectar the more she shivered in anticipation. Alex kissed her inner thighs, sending eager tremors through her body. He looked up at me and I glanced over at my hand where he watched as my fingers danced along the back of Rachel’s hand. He seemed to understand. Damn, my kids were bright.

Alex was still rubbing along the inside of Rachel’s leg when he slowly slid a hand into her ravenous pussy lips. He slowly stroked along the folds of dripping wet flesh and Rachel began to twitch, her hips jutting down closer to the edge of the bed; closer to Alex’s taunting breath. Finally, he pressed in closer, an outward breath from his nose tickled Rachel’s sensitive love-button and I could feel her hands clawing into the sheets of her bed.

Alex seemed to catch on very quickly, I didn’t even have to instruct him anymore as he kissed and licked and nibbled at her dripping lips. I instructed Rachel to pull her knees up. Alex was still stroking her leg when it began to rise and he placed his hand on the underside of her leg to hold it up against her.

I held onto the opposite leg and massaged Rachel’s belly with my free hand. I noticed she was still clawing into her bed as she breathed heavily, moaned, and shook. I could feel her sweat beading and dripping down her neck.

Alex was now using his thumb to help manipulate Rachel’s pussy as he tried to shove his tongue deeper inside her. Rachel’s moans got louder and louder and I nuzzled her face with mine. She turned to me and kissed me desperately, both of us trying to stifle her wails of pleasure. I slapped my hands on her breasts and dug in as our kiss deepened.

Alex had repositioned his hands back behind Rachel’s legs, pulling her by the waist deeper into his maw. Rachel’s legs flopped down and slapped against Alex’s ribs. His short grunt of pain muffled by her cunt sent an extra tremor through her body.

I leaned slightly, pushing Rachel forward. We stopped kissing when she reached down and dug her claws into Alex’s head and she let out a magnificent shriek of pleasure as she leaned back against me. She placed a hand on my head and we kissed one last time before Alex removed himself from Rachel’s pussy which was soaked with sweat, spit, and cum. Once again, the three of us were breathing heavily and all for different reasons. I rubbed Rachel’s arms as we both looked over at Alex.

“So, did I do that right, then?” Alex said curiously.

I smiled at him. “I wouldn’t know that, son. I’ve never had my pussy licked.” The three of us laughed together at the ridiculous statement. I turned to Rachel. “What did you think, baby?”

Rachel’s eyes were closed in contentment. She smiled and nodded. “It was definitely good, dad. It was so good.” She opened her eyes and kissed me. She then turned back to Alex. “Thank you, Alex.”

“Any time, sis.”

So now both kids knew how to give and receive. But neither really knew anything about traditional sex. I foresee a lesson three on the horizon.

Note: All characters over 18. I plan to do some non-incest stories soon. I really do, but at the moment incest ftw.

8000 words, so not a short story. There is no hardcore force or rape. Just some reluctance.


“I have a proposition for you Kelly.”

My sister looked at me and frowned. We were both slumped on the couch watching mindless crap on the TV. Mum and dad were at work and we were left pretty much alone for most of the day during the summer holidays.

We were both on break from school, but mum and dad had decided we had to do plenty of chores around the house. Something about the devil being in idle hands. Not that we were religious, my dad just like the expression because it let him order us about.

So we had to stay around the house and work several hours a day to complete the chores before the parents got home and give us an earful. It meant we couldn’t catch the bus or train into the city.

I wasn’t affected. I didn’t have any friends to hang out with. I had friends at school, but we were a bunch of guys who hung out with each other, just so we wouldn’t be loners. We weren’t the loser group, but we weren’t far off.

So I was planning to study, play games and relax the holidays away, but I knew my sister would be wanting to leave home. We went to different schools, but I knew she was much more popular than me.

That was where my proposition hinged.

We were twins, but only because we were born the same day, there was no comparison in looks. She was petite, brunette with lightly tanned skin. Kelly had enough curves that every man checked her out when they saw her. Even me, well especially me.

I was just a regular guy, any one of billions. Brown hair, pale skin, medium build. That was me. I think Kelly got all the good genes while I picked up the average ones.

Kelly looked curiously at me. Her being bored would only play into my hands.

“What is it?”

I sat up, crossed my legs on the couched and pushed my hands together. Kelly rolled her eyes.

“I am shit with the ladies. Like I barely register on their radar. So I have needs that need to be met with no possibility anything happening.”

“Yeah you are a loser, you couldn’t catch any pussy if a cat was thrown at you.”

Kelly’s analogy nearly made me laugh. I cleared my throat.

“Exactly. So here is my offer.” Kelly narrowed her eyes and sat up properly. “You want to go into the city don’t you? You don’t want to be stuck out here all summer with just me for company.”

“Uh, yeah.”

“Because of those chores mum and dad want from us, you can’t catch the early train in. What I am offering is to do your chores for certain services from you.”

Kelly stared at me, her face slowly moving into a deep scowl.

“What the fuck! Are you trying to buy me?”

I tilted my head. I needed to stay calm and let her see the benefits. I couldn’t wimp out now.

“Yes. I do your chores and you let me fuck you whenever I want when you are home. I will pretend that you did the chores and you still get the money mum and dad pay for them. Win win for you.”

“No freaking way. You are my brother, my twin brother! I’m not going to let you fuck me or even touch me! If you don’t shut up right now and stay the hell out of my sight for the rest of summer I am going to tell mum and dad. In fact you will do my chores just so I don’t tell.”

I smiled and spread my hands.

“So you say to mum and dad I offered to do your chores for sex? Where is your proof and are they likely to believe you when they know me so well? They know I am the top student of the school and even do community service down at the local mental asylum.”

People always got freaked out when I told them that. They didn’t realise most people at the asylum were perfectly fine and none of them were criminally insane. The worst I faced was having to listen to delusions for hours on end. Though the person was usually so passionate you found yourself caught up. It was like listening to an audio fantasy book.

Only the doctors, nurses and interns copped crap. To the people in the asylum I was just another one of them who visited on weekends. And as such was an ally and friend.

Of course no one knew I had taken the community service to add to my squeaky clean reputation. I enjoyed the work, but I was getting so much more out of it.

I had been planning this ‘proposition’ for a long time. My sister’s body was way too hot and tight for me to ignore.

Kelly stared at me. I continued.

“You may be a top student as well, but you used a lie a lot when you were a kid remember?”

Kelly snorted. She was already a little calmer. I just needed to keep this like a business deal.

“Maybe when I ten or something. But that was way back then, mum will believe me.”

I smirked.

“Parents. How do mum and dad treat you now even though you are no longer a child?” Kelly opened her mouth and a little bit of doubt entered her scowl. “Exactly, they still think of us as kids. To them we are still their little babies.”

Kelly flinched. Mum still called us her little babies and I was glad I never had any friends around to here that. I know Kelly hates it as much as me.

“I am not going to let you fuck me. I can’t let my brother be my… I can’t let you fuck me.”

I spread my hands.

“Come on. You know me. I would barely last twenty seconds before cumming. You’d barely feel my tiny cock. You’d only have to deal with me a short time every day. Meanwhile I will do your chores while you mess with your friends in the city.”

I desperately hoped I was lying. I had never been with a girl, so how was I to know how long I would last. But I needed to sell the negatives of the deal as taking barely any time.

“I don’t have friends to mess with.”

“I don’t mean guys. Girl friends.”

Kelly stared at me like I was an idiot. I had missed something, but that didn’t matter now. Kelly wouldn’t be able to spend all summer here with me. Her reputation would probably die. I imagined she was the type of popular chick near the top of the social totem pole. She certainly had the looks to be the most popular, hell she could be a model in any magazine she wanted.

Kelly got up and looked at the clock.

“I have to go and clean the pool.”

Kelly pushed off the couch and swayed away, not on purpose, but her arse swayed gracefully no matter how she walked. I watched and didn’t even bother to raise my eyes until she had turned around, and then I only raised them to her pert breasts.

Kelly made a disgusted noise and went up stairs to change. I quickly followed her up to change into my swimming trunks and beat her to the pool in the back yard.

Our pool was quite large, while thanks to our large back yard we still managed to have a large square of grass to mow. And plenty of garden beds to weed and look after the plants. All in all I bet dad was glad me and Kelly were home to take care of the high maintenance back garden.

I turned the entertainment system on in the patio and nodded my head along with Depeche Mode’s Wrong. Kelly strutted in just as the chorus pumped out.

“What are you doing?”

“I thought I would help you with the pool. Seems fair for you listening to my proposal. You can give me an answer tomorrow, even if you say no the offer will stay open all summer. Just see how long you can last.”

Kelly looked around. We had high fences all around the yard and the neighbours all worked the same hours as mum and dad. The suburb was practically empty, but Kelly still kept her voice low. Not that I was being any less cautious with my vaguely worded statement.

“Oh I won’t be changing my mind any time soon.”

Kelly started to get things organised while I jumped in the pool with a broom. Dad told us he wanted the sides and bottom as clean as possible. Since the machine only did the bottom and even then not up to his standards we had to scrub with brooms. There wasn’t much to clean, but because of the crappy city water we used the yucky green algae stuff formed pretty fast. Even the chlorine in the water wouldn’t stop it.

It wasn’t noticable until you touched the wall or bottom or didn’t clean it properly once a week.

So we scrubbed the walls and dived down to the bottom to scrub the thin layer of crap off while the machines sucked the crap in.

We were having a break from what was one of the worst weekly tasks when I started my sales spiel again.

“You know you don’t have to do it all at once. We can go by steps.”

“What are you talking about now? I can’t believe I never noticed how deranged you were. I thought you were a goody two shoes.”

“All carefully maintained to ensure no one would believe you when I offered you this deal. Now say I take over your chore of dusting.”

We both did all the same chores, most had to be done at least three times a week, some more. Dusting was an every day chore.

“What so you would take a chore at a time and get more and more off me?”

“Remember you still get the money they pay you, but yes. If I take over your dusting duties I might ask for…”

Kelly interrupted me.

“Why would that help me except to give me some free time to my already empty schedule. Dusting is daily, but that wouldn’t allow me to go into the city.”

I paused.

“You have a point, but I was only using it as a demonstration. If I took over your dusting. I would be allowed to say.” I pretended to think, but I had already worked out a compensation table for the chores. “I would be able to kiss you, with tongue any time I wanted.”

Kelly made a face and pushed off the pool edge.

“I thought you just wanted one thing. Not something intimate like kissing.”

She sounded surprised by the apparently mild request. And she considered kissing more intimate than sex, in one way it was.

“Oh no dear sister. I want all of you. That means I want to be able to touch you everywhere when ever I want and do what ever I want to you. But if you are only comfortable with a few things then I am fine with that. I won’t black mail you or force you to do anything. You are in control.”

Kelly frowned and dived down to the bottom of the pool to scrub. It was hard to get any purchase to scrub hard. I enjoyed watching her flailing legs and tight arse before going back to work.

I would work on her until she gave up one piece of her self at a time.

A week later.

The summer holidays stretched out into infinity as once again me and Kelly lay on the couch. With nothing to do each day seemed to last forever.

I hadn’t let a day pass by or let Kelly do a chore without extending my offer again and again. I knew she was getting close to giving in on some chores. Even I was getting itchy from staying at home so much. When we were at school, home was only there to come home to and sleep before another day of school.

Some of our chores were down right nasty, like turning over the compost heap so the fresh scraps were pushed inside. The rancid remains of the previous lot of scraps almost made me throw up and the smell got worse when you turned the heap. Kelly had that chore today.

“What would you ask for if you did the compost heap?”

I smiled and pretended to think.

“I would be allowed to touch your arse in any way I wanted any time I want from now on.”

Kelly frowned.

“Only my arse, not my puss.. Not anything else? Just my arse?”

I nodded.

“You have my guarantee. I mean my hand might slip or something, but if I do touch your pussy by accident I give up the right to touch your arse for that day. So that will ensure I don’t do it on purpose.”

Kelly stared hard at the floor before nodding. I had to restrain myself from jumping for joy.

“Ok, but you have to go and do the compost first, then shower, twice.”

I nodded.

“Ok, but I need to make sure our deal is binding. I don’t want you to back out after I touch your arse just once. So we have to twin promise.”

Kelly frowned. A twin promise was from we were young and trying to be like those freaky twins you see in films. We were just normal people with no telepathy or secret language. But the twin promise was still deeply binding to both of us.

Kelly finally nodded. She stood up and I stood right in front of her. We clasped hands and stepped close to rub our noses and breath in each others breath.

“By my twin I swear to let you touch my arse any time you want as long as you take over the compost chore for the summer.”

“By my twin I swear to take on the compost chore in return for your sweet arse.”

We pursed our lips and pushed them against other. It wasn’t a kiss, just our lips touching. I had to restrain myself from trying to pash her right there and then, but I couldn’t ruin it.

We separated and Kelly sat down with a slightly worried face. I nodded and went into the backyard, right to the back corner, where our next door neighbour kept his compost heap as well.

It took me an hour to turn the heap, which was full of rotting vegetables and meat people weren’t supposed to put in, but did. I managed to keep from throwing up for the first twenty minutes.

I returned inside with a sore throat and stomach from retching and quickly took a shower. Then completely soaping myself up for the second time. I needed Kelly to not retch at my smell if possible. My cock was already hard.

I went downstairs to find Kelly sitting on the couch. I grinned at her and she rolled her eyes, she looked nervous.

“Ok, take off your pants and lay belly down on the couch.”

“What! I said you could touch my arse, but not…”

Kelly trailed off as she realised I had never mentioned anything about clothing. She would be protesting again in a minute when I started on her.

Kelly glared at me, stood up and ripped down her pants. She was wearing pale blue panties. Something about her being half naked, just made me go wild. My cock twitched hard in my pants as I moved over to her. She was still standing up, crossing her arms beneath her breasts and looking very uncomfortable.

I reached around, careful not to push my erection against her and cupped her soft cheeks. She flinched at the contact as I started to massage her perfect arse.

“You don’t want to stand up all day do you?” Kelly huffed and moved over to the couch. She quickly lay down, her legs pressed tightly together. “Better. If you relax a bit you might find you enjoy having your arse played with.”

Kelly grunted as I kneeled on the floor so my face was close to her arse.

I started off with just cupping and squeezing her meaty globes through her panties. Softly tickling her and pinching her soft, oh so soft cheeks. Her muscles had started to relax at the gentle assault.

I leaned over and made sure she felt my hot breath on her cheeks, before popping my mouth on a piece of exposed arse cheek and sucking.

She groaned in disgust or annoyance. I wasn’t sure. But she didn’t protest as I sucked her arse cheek. I let it go with a pop and licked my tongue up and down her arse not covered by panties. I stopped just below where her arse met her thighs.

I kept this up till she was relaxing again. Then I grabbed the band of her panties and started to pull them down. Her hand shot out and grabbed my wrist. She didn’t say anything.

“You said I could touch your arse and this is what I am going to do.”

“But you’ll be able to see my pussy.” Her voice was soft. “That wasn’t part of the deal.”

I frowned. She might try to wriggle out the deal with this, or at least limit me somehow.

“Ok, remember I offered to dust in return for kisses?” Kelly nodded. “Well I still expect to be able to kiss you, but in exchange for letting me see your pussy. I will also give you five chances each day to cancel my privileges. Each time you rebuff me, I can’t try again for half an hour.”

“Make it an hour and I’ll agree. Each chance cancels all privileges.”

I frowned. Even if she timed it right and stopped me for five hours, we spent over eight hours home alone. Besides I would need to do all these chores and I could use those hours, knowing they weren’t wasted.

“Deal, but you can’t use it today. I will give you five go to jail cards from monopoly tonight.” We had three or four sets so I had enough cards. “Now time to enjoy my sister’s arse.”

Kelly let go and I pulled her panties down, I paused and pulled them all the way down her legs. I moved up to her face and pressed my lips against her own. She reluctantly opened her mouth and my tongue invaded.

I didn’t go all out straight away. I only had one kiss under my belt and that had been off a girl in school years ago who wanted to see what it was like. So I only pushed my tongue in a short way to play with her lips and the tip of her tongue.

I regretted not making her have to kiss me back, but it was too late for that now. I mashed my lips against hers in a slow massage while rubbing her arse with my right hand. Her lips were amazingly soft and face felt impossibly smooth against my own

I nearly jerked back in surprise as I felt Kelly’s tongue finally move and start to play with my own. We both gently encircled each other’s tongues before pressing deeper into each other’s mouth. I moaned softly, kissing my sister was hot, but her kissing me back was ten times as freaking hot.

I pulled back from the kiss reluctantly, Kelly’s mouth stayed open for a bit before she realised I was finished. Her eyes flashed at me.

“I only kissed back because of our deal. Don’t go thinking anything.”

I nodded as if that was true and moved back to her arse. I was done with being subtle. I spread her cheeks and looked along her crack to her rosebud. Kelly wriggled uncomfortably, but didn’t do anything else.

I ran my tongue along her crack before swirling it around her rosebud. Kelly softly squealed.

“That tickles.”

I grinned and moved up onto the couch, pushing her legs wider so I could lay between them. I pressed my face into her arse, licking up and down her crack, getting it wet. Then started to work on her rosebud. Swirling my tongue all over her faintly tasting hole. She must have washed well, because I could barely taste anything.

That didn’t last long as I shoved my tongue inside, I couldn’t get it very deep. Kelly moaned in surprised and I felt her rise up onto her elbows to look back at me.

“Only your tongue, no fingers and definitely not that.” I nodded and she watched me continue to lick and stab with my tongue. “I don’t have enough chores for you to take to let you fuck me there.”

I tasted her arse fully now. Slightly bitter, savoury and a bit sharp. But to me she tasted delicious. I went mad with my tongue, I didn’t even pause as Kelly pushed her arse back onto my tongue.

I pulled my face away from her arse breathlessly. My tongue and jaw were sore from the activity. Kelly groaned slightly and I squeezed her arse.

“Now time for the main event.”

Kelly looked around suspiciously as I started to take off my pants.

“I said you couldn’t..”

I held up my hand.

“And I won’t, but you didn’t say I couldn’t touch you with my dick.”

She stared as hard cock flicked out of my pants to thwack against my belly. She blinked and licked her lips nervously.

“You said you were tiny.”

I looked down.

“I was obviously lying to you. I am probably average. Haven’t you seem a cock before?”

Kelly shook her head. I was surprised, I thought she had had boyfriends. I mean she never told me and I never saw or heard about them. But she is an intensely beautiful young woman, how could the guys leave her alone?

Kelly watched as I leaned down and placed my cock in her wet crack. Her arse was quite small so it had been easy for me to tongue her hole, but that also meant I wasn’t enveloped in arse meat. Not that I was complaining. I thought her face was smooth, but her arse on my cock felt like the highest quality silk.

I moaned in pleasure as I glided my cock up and down her crack. Her pert cheeks grabbing at the side of my cock and increasing the pleasure tenfold.

Kelly looked back me with a half disgusted half fascinated look on her face. I moved my face next to hers and went to kiss her as I humped her arse. She pulled back in disgust.

“No way, you just had your tongue up my arse. I’m not kissing you now, that is gross.”

She looked half scared I would force her and she would have to allow me. But that wasn’t what I was after. I shrugged and looked into her eyes as I fucked her arse cheeks.

“You didn’t think it was gross when my tongue was up your arse.”

Kelly flushed and looked away. I pulled back and really started to thrust my hips. I had been watching Kelly like a hawk for the last week, looking for signs of her giving in. I had pretty much been hard the whole time as her pert and supple body bounced around. I swear she had been teasing me.

I grunted in time to my thrusts, her smooth and tight arse cheeks clenching my cock. I didn’t know if it was my imagination but her arse seemed tighter than I had started. I knew she didn’t like this to react like that, yet.

I groaned as I felt my balls tighten, I grabbed my cock and started to wank furiously. I groaned deeply as cum squirted out of my dick and splashed against Kelly’s arse cheek. She had turned around at my groan and watched fascinated as I came on her arse.

I squirted another two ropes of cum onto her arse cheeks and dribbled a little more onto her rosebud. I rubbed the head of my cock on her hole and groaned at the extra pleasure before my cock softened.

I looked at my handy work and grinned. Kelly sighed and raised her eyebrows.

“Are you going to do this every day?”

I shrugged and wiped the last of my cum off on her arse cheek before putting my cock away.

“Depends how soon you want me to take another of your chores.”

Kelly got up and started quickly for the bathroom. I followed to make sure none of my cum dripped off her arse. I stared at her pussy poking out between her legs. In my lust for her arse I had neglected to look at her pussy closely. From what I could see it was tight and puffy looking. So tasty I knew I had to speed up our progress.

A few days of enjoying Kelly’s arse had made me impatient for more. Things were progressing and if I was honest with myself they were happening faster than I had dared to hope.

Kelly didn’t flinch any more when I groped her arse and she would only giggle when I pushed my hand down her pants and played with her arse. Even when I was rubbing her rosebud and softly pushing she only cooed and looked at me with an amused grin.

If I didn’t know her better I would say she was getting into it

I watched Kelly clean my cum from her arse again, inspecting it between her fingertips. I had the strangest feeling she would have tasted it if I wasn’t there. But I dismissed the thought. She wasn’t a deviant like her twin brother.

“So I’ll wash the cars in return for breasts, belly and back privileges. All three cars.”

Both mum and dad had cars which were straight forward to wash. But the third was a vintage sports coupe mum and dad took to classic car gatherings and Sunday drives. It was a pain in the neck as you had to wash, wax and polish. Each bloody time.

Kelly wiped her arse clean with a wet wash cloth, making sure to get in her crack and clean my cum off her rosebud. Just thinking about it made me hard again.

I held my breath as I waited for her respond. Maybe she was weirded out by me humping and cumming on her arse and didn’t want any more even if I took annoying chores.

Kelly placed her hands on the edge of the sink and looked back at me. I could see her thinking through the deals.

“My go to jail cards cover everything right? And you had better do a good job with the coup. If you mess up you have to own up and say we switched turns. And when you are fucking my breasts doesn’t mean you can cum on my face. That will cost you vacuuming.”

I stared at Kelly and she winked.

“Two can play this game. You are my little brother.” She was older, just. “So having you play with my body doesn’t really mean much. Like a little baby with its mother.”

“Hang on. The house is massive, I reckon I should be able to get blowjobs for that.”

Kelly lifted up her shirt, chucked it on the floor and moved closer to me. I watched her in only her bra walk towards me. Her tight body on full display, her sexy smooth belly and medium sized breasts jutted out perfectly. Her tasty looking pussy, topped only by a small strip of pubic hair, her tight lips looking even better than usual.

Her hands went behind her back and her breasts jiggled slightly as they were released. Her bra was thrown on the floor and I finally saw those perky goodies. They sat straight out from her chest, her small pink pointy nipples looking like they needed to be licked.

Kelly pushed her chest against me and looped her arms around my neck. She pouted and leaned in close.

“Come on vacuum the house and you get to come on my face.”

Kelly suddenly moved forward and pushed her lips against mine and started to kiss me deep. This was the first time she had kissed me after I rimmed her arse. Usually I had to use mouth wash before she would kiss me. I felt her left lift up and rest on my waist and pull me in tight, my hands had gone straight to her arse, but now my left hand was rubbing up and down her back. Kelly pulled back and I breathlessly stared at her.

“Come on say deal.”

She humped against me and I choked out that one word.


Kelly smiled and stepped back. She had won one over me. But she still had enough chores I knew I could get her to fuck me. I blinked. She had made me agree to cum on her face. But she had done it so she didn’t have to blow me. The lesser of two evils.

Kelly leaned down right in front of me and I watched as she pulled my pants down, freeing my hard member. She grabbed it and kneeled up straighter to push it between her breasts. I groaned as my cock touched her sweet soft breasts.

I immediately started to jack hammer my cock between her breasts. Kelly giggled as my cock kept on popping out. She pushed her breasts together with one hand and her elbow, using her free hand to trap my cock inside. I moaned and watched her breasts jiggle slightly from my assault.

Kelly was watching my cock intently as it slid up and down between her perky breasts. While she wasn’t overflowing with breasts like some women, Kelly had more than enough to make my dick feel like it was melting in pleasure.

I grunted and that was all the warning Kelly got before I shoved my dick as hard as I could into her breasts. The tip directly facing her watching face.

I groaned deeply as the first shot fired into her face. She jumped as my hot cum splattered over her cute nose, the second squirt hit her open mouth perfectly. I moaned and kept humping into her breasts as I dribbled a the dregs of my orgasm on Kelly’s tits.

Kelly coughed a little and looked up at me with a smile on her face and a white dripping nose. She stood up and opened her mouth to show me the cum inside. She swallowed audibly and swirled her tongue around her mouth to catch the cum dripping down.

“Ok I’ll let you cum in my mouth as well, but only because you are so tasty.”

I watched open mouthed as Kelly collected the rest of my cum with her finger and sucked it into her mouth. She washed her face and breasts in the basin, the swayed out of the bathroom completely naked.

I shook my head and looked in the mirror. I had a massive grin on my face, stretching my cheeks. Oh yes this was going better than I thought.

The next few days I pestered Kelly constantly. She had to use her go to jail card to make me do my chores before mum and dad came home. I was so horny and once again wanted to step up our deals.

I only had mowing the lawn, looking after the garden (front and back) and washing the dishes left to trade with. The dishes would be a little hard because I needed mum and dad to think Kelly was doing all her chores. And since they were only a room away, it would be hard to pretend Kelly did them when she was elsewhere.

I wasn’t quite so sure I had enough to get my sister to fuck me. I knew she would let me play with her pussy for one chore. But she would seduce me again and probably get the other two chores to let me finger her and blowjobs if I was lucky.

She knew just how to get me, I knew she wouldn’t mind rubbing against me as long as it got her easier deals.

I finally finished dusting the whole house, along with vacuuming and cleaning the pool all by myself. Kelly swimming around in a bikini didn’t help.

I sighed and eased myself down onto the couch, my legs were killing me and for once I didn’t have the energy to harass Kelly.

Kelly walked into the room and plopped into lap, I grunted as her tight arse landed on my hard aching cock. I rested one hand on her bare belly under her shirt and slipped the other through the arm hole to grope her breasts through her bra.

Kelly sighed and wiggled her arse on my cock.

“So I was thinking. Mowing the lawns is such a drag. I think…”

Kelly got up and pulled my pants down, she pulled hers down as well and sat on my cock. I grunted in pleasure as her pussy pushed onto my cock. I quickly moved to slide it between her cheeks before she used her right to stop all fun today because I touched her pussy.

Kelly swatted my hands away and rubbed her pussy on my cock. I groaned again. Her tight and moist lips rubbed up and down my cock. So tight her pussy was almost nibbling at my cock.

“I think you will mow both lawns in return for touching my pussy. Just touching, though I will allow you to finger and lick me as much as you want. Deal.”


I groaned I was in heaven. She could have added all the other chores and I would have agreed.

“Just remember to tell me when you are about to cum.”

Kelly pulled off her top and bra so she was naked and turned to straddle my lap. She sat up and rubbed my cock head up and down her pussy. I wanted so bad to thrust up and fuck my cock inside my sister’s sweet tight pussy.

But just before I humped up Kelly pushed my cock down and rubbed her pussy up and down my length. I groaned and looked down in surprise as I felt my cock get wetter and wetter. Kelly pulled my chin up and shoved her tongue in my mouth.

I was too surprised to respond for a moment then I grabbed her arse and rubbed my finger on her rosebud. Her juices had leaked onto her arse and I took advantage. I couldn’t believe she was getting off on me.

I slowly pushed my index finger into Kelly’s arse and she moaned into my mouth. One hand held her arse cheek open, while the other fingered her tight hole.

By the time I added another finger her hips were a blur on my cock, now covered in a liberal coating of girl juices. I wasn’t so much fingering her arse, but holding my hand steady for her to fuck back one. I was getting hotter from how much she was turned on. I pulled away from the kiss and started to suck on her breasts. Kelly gave a long low groan and started to cum on my cock sliding up between her pussy lips.

“Oh god yes this is good.”

I couldn’t help it, Kelly’s pussy felt too good, her slick juices making our humping fast and hot.

“Gonna cum!”

Kelly quickly jumped off and started jacking my cock while aiming it in her mouth. Her lips so close they were nearly touching my cock.

“Come on and give me some tasty cum.”

That one sentence pushed me over the edge and I started to cum. My cock pulsing with each shoot of spunk firing into Kelly’s mouth. I groaned as I finished. My whole body twitched as Kelly flicked her tongue out to lash the end of my cock and get the last drop from my cock.

I looked down at her as she swallowed my load. She was looking at my cock almost like she was drunk. She looked back at me.

“Gardens at the front get you a blow job.”

I gasped as her hot mouth enveloped my softening cock. I shuddered and groaned.


Kelly rubbed my balls with one hand, while the other was rubbing her pussy while she sucked the head and first few inches of my cock. I groaned as I quickly hardened in her mouth. She was sucking hard at my cock and moving her head up and down, but she was awkward.

I suppose she hadn’t blown many guys. The gears in my head clicked, having been frozen from an overload of lust and I looked down at Kelly. I didn’t want to interrupt her blow job, but I needed to know.

After all she had plenty of chances to go to the city because I had taken her chores but she hadn’t.

“You aren’t popular at school are you?” Kelly looked up and raised an eyebrow as she gave an extra hard suck. “I mean I always assumed because you were so beautiful you were popular.”

Kelly pulled my dick from her mouth with a pop and slowly licked up and down as she jacked my cock. She interrupted her talking with licking.

“I never fit in with the skinny dumb bitches who would bend over for an old fart if they thought they could cum or get something. And while the guys would hit on me I just told them to fuck off. Before I knew it, I was hanging out in the library waiting for school to end.”

I groaned as Kelly gave me one last suck and stood up. I knew what she was going to say.


Kelly smiled and straddled my legs again, her pussy once again holding my cock head right near her entrance.

“Gardens at the back get you a hot fuck whenever I want it.”

I groaned as Kelly slowly started to lower herself down. She hit her lip as my cock head split her lips and pushed her entrance open. She gave a small grunt as my cock head popped into her pussy.

“You know I had a funny feeling my first cock would be my brothers. Now don’t move until I tell you.”

Kelly took a deep breath and slammed her hips down so her pussy swallowed up my cock in one go. She grunted in pain while I gasped and struggled to stop from cumming as her tight walls clenched at me. Kelly wrapped her arms around me and pulled my mouth onto hers. I kissed her back softly as she shuddered on my cock, trying to get used to my hard member in her virgin pussy. She would grunt and groan as her pussy pulsed around my dick

After a few moments I returned my index and middle finger to her arse, fingering her slowly. She moaned into my mouth and pulled my other hand up to grab her breasts. We stayed like that for I don’t know how long, but soon Kelly started to shift her hips while I was impaling her.

I tried to hold out for as long as I could, but she felt too good. I started to hump up into her, making her moan with every thrust. I couldn’t pull out much because she was sitting on me, but it felt great.

I fell sideways and rolled Kelly onto her back. We broke the kiss and my gorgeous sister looked up at me, her face flushed deep red.

I kept fingering her arse, even with the awkward position and started to thrust in and out of her properly. Kelly was moaning and looking up at me with bright eyes.

“Come inside of me. I want to feel you fill me up with your spunk.”

My sister’s word tripped a flag in my head and I started to fuck her hard and fast. Her constant moaning was interrupted every time I thrust inside as hard as I could, making her breasts jiggle.

I pulled my fingers from her arse and shoved them inside her mouth, Kelly sucked hard on my fingers. I didn’t pull them out until her swirling tongue had cleaned them thoroughly.

I grabbed her hips and started to pummel my cock in and out of her recently virgin pussy. Kelly was moaning deeply and playing with her clit.

I slammed into her a few more times until I was deep as I could go and started cum. Threads of spunk shot into my sister’s pussy and I groaned with each shot. I humped her quickly as I rode out my orgasm, pushing my cum even deeper into her pussy. While I was cumming, Kelly’s hot and tight pussy got even tighter as she clamped up and began groaning deeply.

I shot one last wad of cum into Kelly’s pussy and half collapsed on top of her. Her arms encircled me and she licked my ear.

“Now I wonder what you get for doing the dishes for me.” My cock instantly hardened from half soft and Kelly giggled, but she pushed me out of her pussy. “No more today, I need to rest that part.”

I nodded. I imagined while she had cum, she had still felt quite a lot of pain and that wasn’t going to go away straight away.


I pushed my hands into the sink and pulled out the last few utensils and gave them a quick wash before drying them and putting them away. Kelly was sitting at the kitchen table, ready to jump up and pretend to be doing the dishes while the parents were in the lounge.

They were getting ready to go out, while me and Kelly were getting ready to go all out once they left.

The last week I had been on cloud nine. After I first fucked Kelly I had expected some days before we fucked again. But that night she had slipped into my bed for some slow love making and that was what it was. We were gentle with each other, trying to give the other the most amount of pleasure.

Then once we had cum, we fucked each other like animals. I was glad my bedroom was two rooms from our parents.

Kelly still loved me to lick her arse and I had spent a lot of time each day licking and fingering her arse. Of course I spent much longer doing all of my chores plus Kelly’s. Only the fact I knew I was going to get a blow job or sex was keeping me going. Though Kelly helped me with cleaning the pool. Or she would pose in sexy outfits while I dusted or vacuumed.

Mum and dad bid us goodbye, going to some retro 1920′s gangster ball. Dad actually looked pretty cool in a fedora and sharp suit, while mum looked classy in her gown. I always liked the 1920′s, though I suspected the gangsters hadn’t actually gone ‘now see here, meh’ like in the movies.

As soon as they were gone we both moved to the lounge, first making sure they hadn’t left anything behind that would make them return. I made sure to lock the door and close all the blinds.

By the time I had finished Kelly was naked on her hands and knees in front of the couch. I swallowed at the sight, she was so fucking hot and I had her to myself.

I quickly chucked off my clothes and kneeled behind her, shoving my face into her arse and making her laugh.

“It tickles but damn it feels good. Get me nice and wet.”

I played with her pussy as I rimmed her arse, sliding a finger in once she was wet enough. Before long I had three fingers stretching her amazingly tight pussy. I moved my face away and started to finger her arse, starting with one and quickly moving to three.

Kelly moaned, pushing her arse back on my fingers as I slowly fingered both holes.

“I think it’s time.”

I nodded and pulled the tube of lube from my pants on the ground near by. I slid my cock in Kelly’s pussy in one smooth thrust as I quickly lubed up her arse. I pulled out and lubed up my cock.

I took a deep breath. I was about to fuck my sister in the arse. I placed my cock at her rosebud, it was still tight looking despite the stretching I had been doing for the past week.

I pushed and gritted my teeth as my sensitive cock was swallowed up by Kelly’s tight arse. She huffed and moaned in equal measure as I slowly plunged my hard member into her depths. Her soft cheeks pushed against my hips, I thrust a little harder and pushed a little deeper in before slowly pulling out. I repeated the slow thrusts for a few minutes.

Kelly was moaning now and I knew that was enough of a slow fuck. Every thrust in I got faster and faster, Kelly’s tight arse clenching at my cock. Trying to milk a load out of me.

Her arse felt too great and I knew I wouldn’t last long. I started to pound her arse, making her huff and her tight arse jiggle a little bit.

I leant over her and grabbed both breasts, thrusting as hard and fast as I could into Kelly’s arse.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: All characters are 18+.

John Bernard was a nineteen year old senior in his final year of high-school. Yes, nineteen. It wasn’t that he had failed a year or two, but being born in France his family had traveled extensively throughout Europe before at last settling down in Montreal, Canada. Due to a lack of stable education, he had been forced by the school administration to repeat a grade and so would be graduating late. Just a week ago John had celebrated his nineteenth birthday, and though it was a point of embarrassment that he was the oldest student at McGill High, he contented himself by looking at the young, hot schoolgirls running around in the hallways, classrooms, and sports-fields….

On this fine summer day John was in science class, busy dabbling with mixtures of chemicals as a Bunsen burner flamed below. He held a glass beaker in his hand, examining the green liquid inside with squinted eyes.

“Hey, John,” said Dinesh, an Indian boy raised in Canada. “John! Check out Jessica Chambers there. You see her? Look how hot she looks today.” As usual, when Dinesh said this he’d nudge John in the ribs with his elbow. He waited for a response till—

“What!” John hissed angrily. “Can’t you see I’m busy?”

But Dinesh didn’t notice his friend’s glaring eyes; rather, his own gaze was focused towards the top left corner of the brightly lit room. He stared transfixed at the beautiful eighteen year old vixen, his mouth hanging open in a look of idiotic perversion.

Dinesh was tall for his age, around 6’2, 170 pounds with dusky brown skin, short, jet-black hair, and a squarish face, and though he was actually quite handsome for his age Dinesh’s poor choice of fashion made him look quite unhandsome. This afternoon he was dressed in his usual somber colours, a gray t-shirt and dark blue jeans.

John on the other hand was 6’1 and 200 pounds, with curly black hair down to his neck, eyes of vivid blue, and skin that resembled a natural tan. He was both tall and muscular with an air of solemn darkness—an attractive quality in any man—but due to a debilitating shyness around the opposite sex John had yet to lose his virginity.

Perhaps his greatest defect was a lack of confidence in himself. This could be seen by John’s loose shoulders, his ineloquence near the presence of women, or the way his long black hair would hang limply in front of his eyes and serve as a way to hide his otherwise striking face. Much like his friend John also possessed a dreadful sense of fashion, spending most days wearing a red t-shirt with blue jeans. It was no different today.

As John turned his eyes to where Dinesh was looking he noticed Jessica Chambers, one of the hottest girls in school, chatting with a group of her friends. She had vibrant blonde hair that fell in a single wave to her lower back, shimmering jade-green eyes, pink lips usually bright with lip-gloss, and a lean figure that could only be described with that old cliché: hour-glass. That is to say, her petite shoulders sloped downward to her hips, which then inclined and spread out into her long, gorgeous legs.

Quite aware of her feminine charms Jessica usually wore tight, form-fitting outfits which displayed her stunning body (such as the pink top and black mini-skirt she had on today) and though her breasts were but medium-sized, the way Jessica’s pink top hugged against those two youthful globes made them seem all the larger and more delicious. And as often happened in cases with a girl this beautiful, Jessica Chambers was also a total bitch.

“Yeah,” said John without looking at Dinesh, “she is hot. Like you, I’ve fantasized about banging her—but unlike you, I’m convinced I got no chance.”

Dinesh slapped his friend’s shoulder. “Come on, man! We can always dream can’t we?” Sighing, he went on: “But I guess you’re right….We can never get a girl like that. Hell, maybe my standards are too high, but when I finally do a girl I hope she looks half as good as Jessica.” He considered a moment. “…Think it’ll work if I just went up and asked her on a date?” John’s face revealed his skepticism. “Yeah, I know: she’s really into those macho dudes from the football team. It’s so—so….”

Dinesh was groping for the right word, his fist hammering his palm over and over in mute frustration. John volunteered an answer: “Cliché?”

“Yes!” Dinesh shouted, so loud that the students in the classroom jumped at the sound. Several heads turned to stare in dumb astonishment at the two friends before turning back to their science projects. It took a while for the murmurs to die down.

“I know what you mean,” John whispered leaning toward his friend. “It really is cliché. And it pisses me off to know girls like that will always end up going out total assholes then turn around and moan and bitch about it when they get dumped. And you know they’ll get dumped because the guys on the football team are all fucks.”

“What about your sister there?” asked Dinesh.

“What!” hissed John.

Waving his arms in a comical effort to placate his friend, a nervous Dinesh quickly corrected himself. “No! No! That’s not what I meant! What I mean is: what about your sister there, talking with Jessica? Isn’t she one of the in-crowd? She’s one of them…right?”

John looked to where Jessica Chambers was having a busy conversation with three of her closest friends, one of which was his twin sister. The group of four, including Lauren Bernard, were laughing and gesturing with their hands in the typical girlish manner, quite heedless of their frothing science experiment below.

It wasn’t hard to guess that Dinesh had been infatuated with Lauren ever since meeting her years ago at John’s house. In fact, he would make any excuse just to go over and check her out (along with the rest of John’s sisters) even though the chances of Dinesh actually bedding any of them were zero.

As John watched the four girls converse between themselves he felt nothing but scorn. He hated them with every fiber of his being: these were the same four girls that had abused and belittled him throughout highschool, making his existence a living hell. And most of all he despised his sister—the ringleader of this bitch circus—and the one who had emotionally tortured him since childhood. She was the reason John felt so inferior, with her daily insults regarding John’s lack of social life or how he was doomed to remain a virgin forever.

Because of Lauren, all women seemed intimidating.

Fucking whores, John muttered to himself. I hate everyone of them. Wish that damn beaker would explode and mess up their pretty little faces….

As much as John craved to see his sister in agony, the truth was that he felt attracted to Lauren. He knew she was beautiful. At 5’5, Lauren had dyed her hair to a bright, golden complexion, and in wave after silky wave it dropped to the middle of her back. It was the kind of hair that bounced with every step she took, the kind of hair which seemed all the more radiant under the correct lighting. Lauren’s delicate face—lean and with high cheek-bones—was composed of the smoothest curves, vivid blue eyes, and full pink lips. In short, it was the face of an enchantress.

It’s a crime, thought John. It’s disgusting! Why does such a stuck-up bitch have to look so hot?

Lauren turned and playfully slapped Jessica’s arm, revealing a pair of firm, medium-sized breasts held by a snug-fitting black top. And what a pair they were. Pressed tightly together into the confines of her bra, Lauren’s creamy tits bulged over the rim of her black v-neck and thus presented a highly-defined valley of cleavage. In fact, each lush globe was packed in so close that Lauren’s chest seemed all the fuller and more massive, the upper half of the fleshy spheres visible above the margins of her bra while the bottom half lay concealed.

John’s eyes roved over his sister’s breasts, noting how the black top emphasized Lauren’s fair skin and squeezed against every line of her figure, before at last tapering down into her toned and slender waist.

Fuck, thought John, she has the body of a supermodel….

One of the students next to Lauren’s table dropped a pencil. At first glance the event seemed trivial, but John watched as the boy slowly kneeled to the floor and picked it up, and then his motives became clear: instead of getting to his feet right away the boy seemed to linger on the ground, running his hungry stare up and down Lauren’s exquisite legs.

John had seen this often: whenever his sister roamed through the hallways every male student would secretly admire her from their locker, waiting for her to pass just so they could catch a glimpse of her strutting behind. Hell, John had even seen the male teachers take an occasional peek.

And there was a a good reason for that.

The contours of his sister’s naked legs—so long and sleek in the afternoon light—were accented by the pink miniskirt she wore: it hugged against her full thighs, defining their seductive curvature and ending a few inches above the knees. With a giggle Lauren turned her back to John and continued chatting with her friends. As she did so, the miniskirt of pink leather stretched tighter across the round and supple cheeks of her derriere, highlighting each separate buttock and the cleft that lay between.

John felt a stirring in his pants. He couldn’t believe just how amazing his sister’s ass was, though he was quite sure all the male students had dreamed of sinking their cocks into it at some point.

No matter how much he tried to repress such indecent feelings, John constituted that large crowd of horny male teenagers that found Lauren to be at once revolting and attractive. As her brother John knew he should never ponder anything so monstrous, but it was all true, no matter how much he tried to drive such wicked ideas from his mind.

In fact, all the women in his family were hot: they were all French beauty queens. And to live with them was nothing short of torture. John knew this because he would often walk around with a painful erection pressed against his jeans, a state which came about shortly after seeing Lauren emerge from a steaming shower wrapped in nothing but a bath towel. Then there were times his flaccid cock would jump to life after peering at his twin sister in her typical denim cut-offs as she bent over to grab a snack from the bottom part of the refrigerator—she would present her lovely ass to his view, and it would take all of John’s willpower to not reach out and grab those full, supple cheeks.

Sometimes (and he really didn’t want to admit this) John even had wet dreams about his sister….

They would start off in some dark hotel room already in the midst of wondrous passion, just the two of them in bed—naked, sweating, arms wrapped firmly around each others’ bodies. Their bare legs entwined, John would thrust his cock in an out of Lauren’s dripping pussy as the heat of the night would make their moist flesh stick together. Sweat would pour down Lauren’s joyful face, her glazed and pendulous breasts swinging through the air with everyone of John’s raging thrusts into her slimy pink cave.

All of the hatred between these two siblings would burst forth in this one moment of sexual deviance. And for once John would be in control. He’d grab Lauren by the waist and simply pound her vagina, stabbing his colossal prick in and out of his sister’s juicy folds as she lay there and took it.

“Tell me you love it!” John would yell. “Tell me you love your brother’s cock!”

“Ahh—I love it!” Lauren would shriek, lying on her back as her fulsome tits swung and bounced wildly to John’s frantic assault. Her face would be drawn hard with pleasure, her luscious mouth crying out in delight. “Yes! Yes! Yes! I love it! I love my brother’s cock! I love the way it feels inside me! I love the way it tears apart my pussy! And I love the way it….it….OH—IT’S SO FUCKING HUGE!”

They would fuck like animals, the headboard slamming violently against the wall over and over, both lovers grunting like beasts, gasping for air, kissing wildly, their tongues slipping briefly out of their mouths and flicking together.

As John skewered his sister’s gushing cunt, Lauren would arch her slender back at an intensely sharp angle, moaning her brother’s name in ecstasy: “John! Yes John! Fuck me! Fuck me hard, Brother!” And in return John would pump his hips even faster, sinking his fat, rigid cock deep into his sister’s quim as Lauren’s voice would reach a knife-like pitch, those vivid pink lips crying out in relentless hunger for her brother.

“Harder!” she’d scream, fastening both ankles around John’s waist. “Fuck me harder!”

And with every lunge forward John’s tongue would meet his sister’s, their soggy mouthpieces coiling together like glistening snakes in a dance. There’d be no love between them, only savage lust, an unrestrained desire that would compel John to penetrate his sister over and over with vigorous thrusts of his torso. She would bite down on his naked shoulder, squealing her pleasure into his aching flesh, and in vengeance John would maul his sister’s jiggling tits, driving his fingers into the wet and slippery tissue until it blushed red.

“Fucking bitch!” John would growl. “You’re gonna pay for that!”

Clutching his sister’s breasts even more viciously, John would now accelerate the movement of his hips. His massive cock would begin a pistoning motion—swift, violent bursts with which he’d batter his sister’s oozing twat, causing the headboard to ram every time threw his weight forward. Then pulling back, the crimson head of John’s prick would reveal itself for a moment, only to hurtle through the entire length of his sister’s pussy and repeat the frenzied process over and over.

With every shuddering pound Lauren would toss her head back, her face twisting with what can only be described as painful pleasure, blonde hairs plastered whorishly to her drenched forehead, eyes bulging open to squeeze shut in rapturous delight, and spit flying from her quivering pink lips. Of their own volition, Lauren’s hands would begin gliding all over her brother’s naked back, feeling his tense muscles as he plowed her wet and gripping burrow.

Sometimes she’d dig her nails into his sensitive flesh, drawing a harsh groan from John’s lips; at other times she’d let both hands wander down to his flexing buttocks, clenching both cheeks in either palm or running a single digit between the snug valley—pumping it back and forth, back and forth….Then, like some mistress of lust and depravity, Lauren would begin caressing her brother’s scrotum with the tip of a solitary fingernail, raking it ever so teasingly and sending ripple after ripple of sinful pleasure throughout John’s body.

“Ngggggggggh!” John would hum long and loud. “D-don’t…p-play…w-with t-those! C-can you…h-hear me, L-Lauren?”

But Lauren would go on running her nails along the surface of John’s plum-sized testicle, at times flicking it with the back of her finger or rolling the pair between her expert hand, which would immediately trigger a small discharge of her brother’s cum deep inside Lauren’s womb.

“Mmmmhhhhh!” she would mewl. “Cum inside me, Brother; shoot that lovely sperm all around! Make me yours, Brother! Make me yours!”

So in revenge John would bend down and lick the sweat off his sister’s dazzling breast, brushing his fat tongue around the erect nipple several times before latching onto it with his teeth—biting, tugging, grinding, drawing moan after moan from his sister’s panting lips—after which he’d trace his drooling mouth-piece up Lauren’s throat.

“Oh—this is fucking nasty!” Lauren would gasp, her entire body writhing in the throes of arousal. “Your tongue—ahhhh!—it’s so wet! Ngghhhh! It’s like a gooey eel…r-running up my throat!”

An impassioned Lauren would toss her head left and right as John’s tongue continued drifting up her neck, her face wincing hard in disgust. Then their hungry mouths would unite as the two siblings engaged in a ravenous bout of kissing, John aggressively pumping his sister’s cunt while Lauren met everyone of her brother’s feverish strokes by working her own hips in rhythm.

And so the twins would fuck for hours into the burning night. Then, with a mighty orgasm quivering through her pussy and rippling up her chest, Lauren would discharge one final cry of delight, wrapping her sweat-glazed legs tighter around her brother’s naked ass and drawing him deeper into her clenching folds.

That’s when John would awake….

Damn it! he’d say to himself. What the fuck is wrong with me? Why the hell do I keep having these dreams!

Positively terrified, with his eyes wide, heart pounding and lust smouldering in his chest, John would remove the blankets from over his lap to discover that he had cum all over himself. The sheer rapture of an incestuous dream would make him orgasm, and orgasm hard. The first few times it happened John thought he’d be mentally scarred for life. He chastised himself; he felt incredible shame and disgust; he even contemplated seeking professional help, yet before long he grew to enjoy these dreams….

What would it be like, John wondered, what would it be like to fuck my own sister?

“Well?” asked Dinesh, snapping his friend back to reality. “Is Lauren one of them or what?”

“Yeah….” John mumbled. “Lauren is definitely one of the popular crowd. But unlike your sister—who’s actually a compassionate person—Lauren is a bitch. And not just a bitch, but a cruel bitch….just like her friend Jessica over there.”

Dinesh looked pissed. “It’s not fair, man. It’s just not fucking fair! How come we can’t get any girls? I can’t ’cause I’m from a culture that says no to sex before marriage, and you ’cause—well…you just read.”

John laughed, examining the contents of the beaker in his hand before adding a few drops of red liquid into the foaming mixture. “I read ’cause I can’t get any girls. And maybe we’d have better luck if we weren’t so shy all the time!”

Dinesh and his friend were both virgins, a secret they guarded very closely and never dared express out loud even between themselves.

Well, that would change one day soon. Very soon….

The two boys continued working on their science project for the next few minutes after which John turned to his friend.

“Alright,” he said very clearly, “we’re almost done. All I need from you is to pass me the beaker very carefully. Remember, it’s hot—so just be cautious. And then I’ll just add some sulphur to the formula and that should be it. Just remember—be careful.”

Dinesh snorted, using a pair of tongs to lift the beaker. “Do I look stupid?” He held the container towards his friend. “Don’t you think I can do something this simple without instructions?” John laughed, emptying drops of the white sulphur into the beaker as cautiously as he could. But then he noticed something: his friend’s hand began to shake, slowly at first and then more and more violently, and as he looked up at Dinesh he discovered the cause for it.

Dinesh’s eyes were fixed on Jessica Chambers—who had bent over to grab something from her backpack—thus presenting to him a view of her lovely ass, her black mini-skirt riding up her supple thighs and disclosing a pair of bright red panties biting into either cheek.

Before John could say anything his friend’s hand relaxed its grip. The beaker slipped from between the steel tongs, dropping to the floor with a shattering explosion of glass that reverberated around the room. Some of the girls screamed in surprise; others jumped at the sound or swore. A pool of glimmering red liquid now covered the floor with shards of broken glass peppered here and there, the foamy mixture hissing and bubbling at John and Dinesh’s feet.

For a moment no one spoke, and then John felt the teacher’s hand on his back.

He turned around and beheld a furious Ms. Monroe standing with her arms crossed; her face revealed nothing but the utmost anger—and Ms. Rachel Monroe was not someone you wanted to enrage.

“Look at this!” she yelled. “Look at this mess! How could you two idiots be so careless! You’ve ruined it—you’ve ruined my beautiful lab, all because of your stupid incompetence! If you two weren’t so busy ogling girls this never would’ve happened!”

John tried to explain himself. “But I wasn’t—”

“Shut up!” Ms. Monroe cut him off. “I know what you two were doing; I saw the whole damn thing. Now clean this up!” John and Dinesh looked at each other. “Clean this up now!” Ms. Monroe screamed pointing to the floor.

“Yes ma’am,” the boys replied.

Over the next half-hour John and Dinesh were on their knees scrubbing the floor with all the energy they could muster; they soaked up the liquid first with heaps of brown paper towels, after which they repeatedly applied soap, and this was followed by a long, arduous sponging that tested both patience and stamina.

“Sorry man,” Dinesh whispered to his friend running a sponge across the floor. “This was all my fault.”

“You fuckin’ think?” John retorted. His face was winced hard as his arm, sore from the constant rubbing, still worked laboriously to get the floor back to its original shade of grey. “I told you to pay attention you dumb fuck.”

“I deserve that,” answered Dinesh. “But I couldn’t help it: Jessica’s ass was right there. And besides—you looked too!”

John wiped the sweat from off his forehead. “Only because I wanted to see what the hell you were looking at!” He glanced over at Jessica’s table and found something to infuriate him even more: Lauren, his own sister, was looking back at John while pointing a finger at him and laughing silently. Once again she wore a hateful smirk, and John wanted nothing more than to smack that arrogant grin from off his sister’s face.

“Fuck you,” John slowly mouthed. Lauren uttered another silent laugh then quietly flashed him the finger.

“I can’t believe we have to do this,” Dinesh complained. “My arm’s killing me!”

“Yeah,” John replied, “Ms. Monroe could’ve gotten the janitor to clean it up but she wants to make us suffer. She wants us on our hands and knees and in agony. Fucking bitch—she’s always hated us.”

Dinesh smiled. “Yeah; she’s a bitch alright, but a sexy bitch….”

“Quiet!” hissed John. “She coming. Just please don’t say anything stupid!”

Ms. Monroe’s black heels clicked to a stop in front of the two boys as they stared up at her with a mixture of respect and fear. Indeed, Rachel Monroe was as ravishing a teacher as any male student could desire. At 28 years old, the 5’7 beauty was attired in a long white lab coat under which she wore a dark suit and white blouse. Fine curls dusky-brown hair tumbled halfway down her back, providing a rich contrast to her pale-coloured face, a face that looked both stern and unforgiving. It seemed to wear an expression of perpetual hostility, the forehead creased with lines of annoyance and its hazel eyes—resting behind a pair of thin red spectacles—narrowed in constant anger.

It was a perfect portrait of intelligence, hatred, and sexiness.

Yet there were also subtle hints of Ms. Monroe’s womanly charms. For instance, her eyebrows were manicured to perfection, her mouth showed vibrant with crimson lipstick, and dabs of rouge blushed on her lovely cheeks. More so, the first two buttons of the gorgeous teacher’s blouse were undone, revealing a pair of immense breasts crammed into a tight-fitting brassiere, their pale upper mounds presenting to the hungry eye a massive valley of cleavage.

“Keep scrubbing!” Ms. Monroe barked. “I can still see the discolouration. I want it back to its original shade, do you hear?”

Dinesh and John nodded their meek obedience.

“Do you hear?” Ms. Monroe repeated.

It was more of a statement rather than a question.

“Yes Ma’am,” replied the two exhausted friends before returning to their task.

And as Ms. Monroe stood above them with her hands on her waist, John and Dinesh began to scrub so hard that sweat was pouring down their faces. Every now and then Ms. Monroe would yell at them to put more effort into it, and they would have no choice but to do so. All throughout this interval, the vindictive teacher stood with her legs apart glaring down at them, insulting them, calling them idiots, morons, imbeciles, only taking a break when a student would come up to present their completed science experiments.

At one point Lauren walked up to the Ms. Monroe waving a beaker in her hand.

“All done, Ms. Monroe,” she declared, standing with her back to John who was still on his knees. “It was so easy.”

The teacher examined the liquid in the transparent container.

“Hmm,” she mused, adjusting her glasses. “It’s supposed to be a bright red, but this is clearly a brownish tint.”

John looked over at Dinesh to see if his friend was sharing this joyous moment. Instead, he found Dinesh glancing from Lauren’s buttocks in its tight pink mini-skirt to Ms. Monroe’s long, creamy legs accented by a black skirt that ended just at the knees. In fact, Dinesh’s face was so close to the ground that it was obvious he was trying to stare up their panties.

“Oh,” stammered Lauren, “well, you see…it was red at first, but when John broke his container it scared me so much that I accidentally dropped too much sulphur into it.”

John looked up in wrath: he knew that had nothing to do with it. Lauren and her friends were incompetent and that was it. He was about to speak but Lauren, sensing her brother’s treachery, stomped her stiletto heel down on the back of John’s hand, forcing her brother to squeal out in dreadful agony. The pain so excruciating that all the wind had been knocked out of John’s lungs, and all he could do was cringe like a wounded animal and try to hold back the few tears that threatened to run down his face.

“Well,” considered Ms. Monroe, “since it was all your brother’s fault this experiment failed, I’ll tell you what Lauren: I’ll give you a B plus, even though you clearly deserve an A….”

This only added insult to John’s injury.

“Oh thank you, Ms. Monroe!” Lauren fawned. “You’re the best teacher ever! Thank you thank you thank you!”

And then, glancing down at her brother groveling on the floor rubbing his hand back and forth, Lauren flashed him a hateful grin before walking away with a swing of her perfect ass. John could only stare after his sister in mounting rage. Dinesh, too, wore a look of sheer disbelief.

“Get back to work!” yelled Ms. Monroe seeing the two friends taking a breather. She turned on her heels and began going around the class, giving the two friends a chance to talk….

“Man, I can’t believe she did that,” said Dinesh. “She’s your own sister!”

“Now you know—nngggghhh—what I have to put up with,” John groaned.

“How’s your hand?” asked his friend.

John held it out: the tender skin had been flayed and scratched raw, and there was a red tattoo where Lauren’s heel had come down just under the knuckles. Other than that, there was no actual cause for alarm.

“Hurts like hell,” said John, “but at least it ain’t bleeding.”

Dinesh shook his head. “Now I know all those stories you tell me about Lauren are true: she really is fucking insane. Nothing like my sister at all….”

John grunted. “I swear, I just want to slap that conceited look off her face. But I want more than that; much more—I want revenge, sweet, empowering revenge. Hell, I can’t tell you how many nights I’ve stayed up dreaming of ways to get even with that bitch….”

And so till the end of class the two friends tirelessly wiped the floor back to its original shade, John doing all of the work using only his left arm since the agony was still too much in his right hand. At several moments he would experience a quiver of pain shoot through the length of his arm, and John’s face would contort harshly in reaction and make him to squeal like an injured dog. But still he kept at it, using his boiling emotional hatred of Lauren to scrub harder and harder, and before long the floor was back to its original glow.

Finally the period ended, and giving a sigh of relief the two friends picked up their bags and headed for the exit. The miserable events of the day had made John and Dinesh sadder than usual and both walked with their heads down, but just as they reached the doors they literally bumped shoulders with Lauren and Jessica.

“Watch it!” Lauren barked. “Can’t you see where you’re going, asshole?”

John grumbled deep in his throat. Though it seemed inhuman, Lauren did her best to avoid calling John by the name of brother at school; rather, she thought of him as some unfashionable nerd—and Lauren didn’t want to be associated with any nerds. “First you drop a beaker; now you bump into me….you really must be blind or something.” John met his sister’s insults with perfect composure, until she said: “And by the way—how’s your hand?”

Once again Lauren gave an arrogant smirk, and that’s when John felt his fingers curl into a tight, shaking fist, but before he could lift it to smack his sister in the face Dinesh’s hand clamped around his friend’s wrist.

“Don’t do it, man,” he whispered. “You’ll be expelled.”

John grunted like a savage beast as his fingers relaxed back into an open palm.

Jessica giggled. “Aww, isn’t it cute how he listens to his boyfriend? They make such a lovely couple, both of them ugly; both of them nerds; and both having no social life whatsoever.”

John glanced at Dinesh standing beside him: he was smiling widely.

Nope, thought John, that jackass won’t stand up for his best friend—not if there’s a hot girl around.

In fact, Dinesh actually rushed to open the classroom door for the pack of narcissistic girls. They walked out one by one, first Lauren, then Jessica, followed by a stunning Asian girl and a gorgeous black chick, each throwing their heads back and not even thanking Dinesh or acknowledging his pathetic existence.

John looked furious. “Why Dinesh….why would you stoop so low? Why do all these nice things for them if they’d never date you, much less do what you have in mind? I’d never let those bitches walk over me!”

“Because,” smiled his friend, “it makes me feel good. And besides, I think that Asian chick’s into me.”

Laughing, the two friends headed to their Political Science class after which followed lunch, but as this was turning out to be one of the worst days in John’s life he decided to skip his final period and travel home, which was not uncommon for him to do as he was usually ahead in his studies. John realized that Lauren had a spare at this time and she’d probably be home, but it was a nuisance he was willing to overlook.

And so at 1:30 he got off the bus at the end of his street. It was a few minutes’ walk to his house and when John approached he noticed a corvette parked in the ample driveway. It was a magnificent car, glinting bright red under the sunlight and conveying the impression that whoever owned such a luxury must possess great taste and wealth.

What the hell? John marvelled. We don’t own any corvette.

It soon dawned on him that the car must’ve been Jessica’s and Lauren had probably invited her over again. His sister often complained to their parents to buy her a new car (she would never drive a used vehicle) but their father, in his typical stern manner, would merely grunt and say no. Their mother was a bit more understanding and tried to explain to Lauren the values of money and getting a job, something which she had yet to do.

The door closed behind John with a thud. He had planned on grabbing a light snack then heading off to the nearby park to read, but when he walked into the hallway the first detail he noticed were two school bags laying on the floor. The second detail was a small thumping noise upstairs.

Girl stuff, he mused.

John ambled towards the kitchen when he heard another noise, louder this time and almost like a squeal, and so curiosity got the better of him as he crept upstairs. Luckily, the stairs were of oaken-hardwood and didn’t squeak, but John knew he still had to use caution. The fact was that his sister didn’t like being disturbed and could be quite a bitch about it, having thrown massive tantrums in the past at the slightest of bothers.

Once he made the flight of steps John began tiptoeing toward Lauren’s room, dropping on his knees and lightly pressing his eye to the vertical slit in the open door. What he spied from that crack made him suck his breath in with astonishment. On the elegant pink bed was his sister Lauren engaged in a passionate display with her best friend. The two girls were dressed in only their bras and panties, the rest of their clothes lying messily discarded on the floor.

Jessica was on her back, wearing bright red lingerie with most of her naked flesh exposed to the light. John noted her smooth arms and shoulders, the gentle curve of her slender hips, and those long, luscious legs: as usual, her blonde hair flowed in shimmering waves under her back. And on top of Jessica was his twin sister, Lauren, adorned in only her black bra and panties.

Is this a dream? John asked himself. Am I fucking dreaming?

Whether it was a dream or a hallucination, the vision before John electrified him. There was his sister, as beautiful and exquisite as in the most erotic of his reveries, her rich, creamy flesh bared in its naked glory, blossoming under the ceiling light with the tint of youth. John swallowed: he could see Lauren’s toned and athletic body exposed to his hungry eyes. He drank in the arch of her graceful back, the sensuous incline of her hips, and the subtle contours of her feminine thighs.

One of the most beautiful sights was his sister’s tight black panties biting into the cleft of her delicious ass. John’s eye zeroed in on that vision: the black lace stretched across each lovely cheek, emphasizing the fullness and roundness of Lauren’s buttocks.

Shit! he thought, I’ve seen that ass plenty of times in pair of snug jeans…but to see it now—in lingerie—it looks fucking fantastic! His eyes roved up his sister’s alluring back, awed by the supple flesh that was covered only by a thin bra strap.

Lauren was astride her best friend’s stomach as the two ran their hands all over each others’ arms, breasts, legs and asses, both of them mewling softly all the while. At that moment they really did look like twins: both had the same warm complexion; both had the same lustrous blonde hair that fell to mid-back; and both had the same athletic figure, their muscles limber and agile, midriffs and thighs sculpted to flawlessness, their nineteen year old bodies just begging to be touched and kissed and fucked.

Jessica reached up to cup her lover’s bra and squeezed, causing Lauren to throw her head back and gasp. This fondling continued for another minute as the two ravishing blondes panted and hummed with lust, their “Ahhhhhhs” and “Mmmhhhhhs” filling the otherwise quiet room. Then Lauren bent her head over Jessica’s, draping Jessica’s face with the silkiness of her golden hair. They stared into each others’ eyes with passion, their foreheads and noses just touching as they breathed warmly onto each other. It was an intense moment, like the calm before a hurricane….

What the hell are they waiting for? John wondered. This is fuckin’ infuriating!

Suddenly Lauren began moving her head back and forth, letting the strands of golden hair tickle her lover’s face. At first the motion was gentle and full of love, the hairs slowly caressing Jessica’s eyes and cheeks and full pink lips; but soon Lauren fell into a wild and berserk state, flicking her head wildly from side to side, the hairs whipping off her girlfriend’s face and mouth.

“Ahh!” Jessica panted, gripping Lauren’s slender hips. “Your hair feels—Mmmmhhhhhh….so soft….” Her hands began running up and down the sleek curvature of Lauren’s waist, taking great delight in the suppleness of the creamy flesh.

Wow, thought John, girls really knew how to be intimate with each other….

He’d never seen anything like this before, not even in the hours of pornography he watched each day. Here was his gorgeous sister in skimpy black lingerie, her thighs splayed on either side of another girl who was just as gorgeous, just as blonde, and the two were taking slow and deliberate pleasure in hair! It seemed amusing to John but nonetheless erotic. In fact, he could feel his massive cock pushed up against the zipper of his jeans, eager to get out….

Lauren was now gyrating her head in aggressive circles, tossing her thick golden hair in a single unified mass as it repeatedly whipped against Jessica’s left cheek. This went on for a minute till Jessica, growing weary of being only a spectator in the lovemaking, threw her arms around Lauren’s neck and pulled her down into a heated kiss. John watched as their glistening pink lips closed upon each others’ over and over, the wet and delicate smacks filling the silent room like music. The kisses grew wilder as saliva dribbled down the chins of both lovers, the sounds increasing in pitch as two sets of lips clicked succulently together.

“Mmmhhhh!” moaned both girls, their eyes half-closed and dreamlike.

As Lauren and Jessica continued making out John noted that his sister’s black bra was pressed down hard on Jessica’s red one, causing their large and creamy breasts to bulge out of the lacy materials. While this sight was intoxicating, so was the display of two pairs of lush and slender legs entwined as one, the ceiling lights bathing their smooth flesh in a golden luster.

Fuck fuck fuck! thought John. This beats any porno I’ve seen! My heart feels like it’s going to burst. My cock feels—wait, what’s this!—

Jessica’s hands began creeping down her girlfriend’s back, fingertips caressing the naked flesh in miniature circles or gliding down the valley between her spine. Soon her hands found their target: Lauren’s buttocks.

Yes, these were the same pair of delicious buns John had seen in a pair of tight-fitting blue jeans or black bikini, the same ripe and full cheeks that jiggled as his sister ran up to the diving board and plunged into the cool blue water. Now his eyes watched spellbound as Jessica’s fingers spread wide over Lauren’s black panties, exploring the lovely mounds before squeezing down on them ruthlessly.

“Uggghhhhhhh!” Lauren whimpered into her girlfriend’s mouth.

Their glossy pink lips were still locked as Jessica persisted with digging her nails into Lauren’s panty-covered ass, taking sadistic pleasure in her lover’s sharp cries and contorted features. And the cries didn’t stop.

Jessica, up till recently passive and obedient, was now ready to take control. She kissed Lauren harder while mauling those supple buttocks with brutal delight, craving the touch and taste and smell of the soft feminine body above. The transformation was incredible: this once timid and submissive girl had now changed into a salacious, dominating whore. Jessica’s face became twisted with animal passion as her glazed pink mouth devoured Lauren’s, the latter’s urgent cries drowned to silence in her throat.

Meanwhile, John had already unzipped his jeans, pulled out his cock and began stroking it furiously. All the years of repressed anger and lust for his twin sister melted into one of the best masturbation sessions he ever had. One part of him wished that he could just go in there and fuck those two girls senseless, but the more rational part argued against his discovery.

Jessica’s wet lips smacked upon Lauren’s as both girls slobbered drool all over their chins. As this spit fest was occurring, Jessica placed both thumbs between Lauren’s tight ass and pried the snug cheeks apart, sliding her creamy digit up and down the silk-encased cleft and causing her lover to hum with arousal.

“Ngggghhhh!” Lauren squealed with urgent pleasure. “Nggggghhhhhh!”

These noises only managed to drive Jessica’s tormenting hands further as once more she dug her sharp nails into her girlfriend’s black panties, kneading the flesh underneath like dough till it rolled up between her hands in tender clumps. Finally Lauren’s tongue pushed up against Jessica’s as they drew back from their kiss. For a moment they just stared each at other—panting loud and unevenly through their mouths—as if both had come up for air.

“Do you know how much that hurt?” asked Lauren rubbing her sore butt.

“No,” cooed Jessica. “But I’m sure it hurt plenty.”

“You’re such a bitch,” Lauren complained with a playful grin.

Jessica shook her head, the motion causing her cute nose to rub up against Lauren’s. “You’re the bitch. In fact, you’re my bitch.”

“No way!” Lauren retorted. There was a strange glint in her eye, one of anger and perhaps wrath, leading John to suspect that the proud and narcissistic core that made up his sister’s very being had been insulted. Lauren next words confirmed this: “As long as we’re together I’m always the one in charge, got it?”

“Wanna bet?” grinned Jessica. “Let’s just see who can make who cum first.”

“You’re on!” Lauren declared.

Again the sensuous blondes joined mouths and kissed, harder this time and moaning deep into their throats. As they made out they held one another by the cheeks, fingers gliding up and down the silken flesh, teasing, tickling, and stroking. This went on for a minute till Lauren parted her vibrant pink lips from Jessica’s—and that was when John saw something to delight his eyes: a single thread of saliva, with the ceiling light glittering and dancing across it, connected the tip of his sister’s tongue to her lover’s.

Beautiful, he thought. Just fuckin’ beautiful.

With their noses now squashed the two girls began a tonguing contest, agile mouthpieces swirling together in a vigorous ballet of lust and dripping with spit. But this wasn’t just a game; this was war. Lauren grabbed her girlfriend’s shoulders and pushed her down forcibly into the mattress, bending her face lower and running her tongue slowly up Jessica’s throat.

“Ahh!” Jessica moaned, tilting her head back into the pillow. Her face was a study in arousal, the eyes closed and forehead knitted with desire. “Mmmhhhhhh….so nice and wet….Lick me—oooohhhhhh!—bathe me in your spit…..”

And that’s just what Lauren did. Her velveteen tongue, bright pink and oozing with juices, continued drifting up her lover’s throat before flicking off the chin, leaving a radiant track of saliva as a memento of her labour.

John could only stare open-mouthed. He had thus far watched these erotic proceedings with a burning sensation in his chest, desire building inside of his loins moment by moment at the sight of two beautiful lesbians kissing, licking, and making out, but when he saw the vision of his gorgeous sister bathe her darling nymph in spit he grabbed his cock with both hands and tugged like a madman. Nothing turned him on like the spectacle of lesbians licking each other.

And Lauren was far from done: as soon as her tongue had grazed off Jessica’s chin she began lavishing her mouthpiece all over her beloved’s face, eliciting constant gasps of pleasure throughout the short interval.

“Yesss!” cried Jessica. “Oh fuck yes! This is so nasty!”

Even nastier was when Lauren abruptly ceased her oral ministrations and bent her head back; a loud, guttural noise followed deep in the caverns of her gullet as if she were clearing her throat. Immediately afterward her bright pink lips opened wide, pouring out a thick and translucent river of spit from her mouth, dropping ribbon after ribbon, rope after rope of glimmering saliva onto her girlfriend’s right cheek. The sheer quantity of it was incredible, gushing forth in a continuous stream before tapering off, though a few silver ropes—linking the edges of Lauren’s pink tongue to the mess of slop on her lover’s face—still remained before abruptly snapping.

Jessica winced in disgust as she felt the gelatinous fluid creeping down her chin. Before she could protest, however, Lauren’s tongue began taking short, frenzied licks of the thick ooze in a wild display of sapphic desire, spreading the drool all over Jessica’s lush-skinned face. At other times she’d slow things down by raking the dribbling instrument across Jessica’s cherry lips or placing soft little kisses on her beloved’s forehead.

The gorgeous blonde’s face was now smeared in juices, with rivulets of slime running down her cheeks. John stroked harder as he beheld a ribbon of goo trickling down the contours of Jessica’s nose; he could even see her eyebrows swathed in the thick liquid.

“How’d you like that?” asked Lauren.

Jessica continued taking deep breaths, her cheeks flushed and throat panting for air. “‘mazing,” she gasped. “Just amazing.”

Lauren smiled, laying a gentle hand on her lover’s creamy stomach and watching it pump furiously up and down. “Never thought I’d do something so nasty did you?” Jessica shook her head. “Of course not,” she continued, “because I’m the queen of this relationship. I’m your fucking queen, got it?” Jessica gave a smiling nod. “That’s right; I’m the one in charge, and don’t you ever, ever forget it!”

John was astonished as to how much of a control-freak his sister was, and this was proven by her next actions….

Lauren decided to reposition her body by lying flat on top of her best friend, taking Jessica’s wrists in each hand and violently spreading them over her head; then, bending down, Lauren kissed Jessica on the lips, a wet, sensuous kiss which resounded with a moist jingle.

“Mmmhhhhhh!” the girls moaned into each others’ mouths.

Now sitting astride her lover’s stomach, Lauren gripped Jessica’s bare shoulders and began grinding her crotch back and forth. At the same time Jessica took hold of her lover’s narrow hips and ran her hands up and down their tight contours, stroking the naked flesh with the tips of her fingers and causing Lauren’s humping to grow quicker and more frantic. In fact, Lauren’s black panties were now gliding across Jessica’s snug abdomen with an almost violent frenzy, leaving glistening streaks across the warm-coloured skin.

Both girls squealed with excitement, their passions building to an urgent and decisive climax. Jessica had her golden hair thrown back into the comfort of a white pillow, the muscles of her neck stretched tight and her crimson mouth, bright with lip-gloss, open and panting heavily. At the same time she began rubbing her silken thighs together in a desperate attempt to provoke orgasm.

“Need—to—cum!” Jessica cried. “Need—to—cum—bad!”

“Almost there!” Lauren wailed, her voice shrill and her face creased with desire. “We’re almost there baby!”

She was positively grinding her crotch into Jessica’s washboard abdomen, feeling the lips of her twat spread open and rub with savage fury against her girlfriend’s stomach. In fact, Lauren’s entire expression was twisted by lust, her golden blonde hair bouncing with every motion of her athletic hips, her lush thighs clamped tightly around her lover’s waist, her full and creamy breasts (squeezed together into a lacy black bra) heaving up and down with each delirious gyration of her crotch—and all the while her eyes were pressed close as she shrieked in pleasure, holding Jessica by the shoulders for support and to facilitate her movements.

Both girls were so close to cumming.

And they weren’t the only ones. John was fisting his cock almost hunched over on the floor and was just seconds away from orgasm. That familiar sensation in his balls was becoming more and more pronounced; the bulbous head of his cock dripped and glittered with precum; the veins on his shaft throbbed like mad, and of its own accord his left hand moved out and rested against the wall to his sister’s room while the other feverishly pumped his member.

Any second now, he thought. Any second now!

Just then John heard the garage door open. He darted his eyes into his sister’s room—the two girls yelped and sat up on the bed. Through some great stroke of luck John managed to escape being spotted, ducking against the wall and breathing a sigh of relief.

“It’s my mom!” Lauren squealed. “She’s home already!”

“We gotta put our clothes back on!” replied Jessica, a quiver of fear in her voice. As they scrambled to redress themselves John zipped up and scurried downstairs as quietly as possible. Grabbing his schoolbag, he took the rear door into the backyard, opened the wooden gate, and looped around to the front.

There was his mother’s car on the driveway. John pressed himself against the wall as she drove inside and shut the garage door. Then, walking to the front entrance he stood there a minute collecting his thoughts and slowing his heart-rate before finally ringing the bell. For an instant John couldn’t help but feel disappointed at the recent turn of events: he had been so close to cumming, and cumming hard.

Mrs. Bernard opened the door. “ello sweetie,” she said in a lovely French accent. “I jus’ got home too.”

“Hey Mom.” And with those words John stepped into the house and closed the door behind him. “Let me help you with the gro—”

At that moment Lauren and Jessica came bounding down the stairs, looking flushed with their hair a bit frizzled and clothes rather unkempt.

“Oh, ‘ello Jessica dear,” said Mrs. Bernard upon seeing her daughter’s friend. “When did you come ‘ere?”

Jessica was breathing hard. “Half an hour ago, Mrs. Bernard….Great to see you again; sorry; gotta get home.” She picked up her schoolbag, said bye to all (even John) and left.

In the rush of things Mrs. Bernard was left standing with the grocery bags in her hands when John, the excellent son that he was, took them from her care and walked into the kitchen with her in tow. His mother, Rose, was just as beautiful as her namesake. She was 41 years old but looked about 33, having had all her children at a relatively young age. The first of these was Erika—John’s oldest sister—whom she had at the tender age of 17. Next were the twins Lauren and John, both 19, and lastly, Nicole, the clear favourite of the house, who was now 18.

As Mrs. Bernard continued packing groceries into the fridge John got to see her bend over and present her buttocks to his view. He stared for a quick second before looking away, experiencing a momentary flutter in his chest followed by a deep sense of guilt.

How can I look at my own mother like that? he asked himself. She’s such a wonderful, caring person, and I’m nothing but a terrible son—a terrible monster of a son….

After Mrs. Bernard finished with the groceries she came over and asked John in her sensuous French accent, “What would you like to ‘ave tonight for dinner, my sweetie?”

“Whatever you decide, Mom.”

Rose bent forward and kissed her son’s forehead; then with a smile that was at once radiant and full of love she went upstairs to fold the laundry. As she climbed the stairs John watched with a certain awe and reverence. From a very young age he had developed an inseparable bond with his mother, clinging to her long dresses and following her all places and reading with her, and many times even falling asleep in her comforting lap. In a few words: John worshiped her.

Though Rose was a housewife she was also a brilliant woman, delighting in ancient literature and historical texts in addition to the plentiful chores which she performed at home. All in all she was well-read and sophisticated, and her intellect was matched only by her physical beauty.

At 5’8 Rose Bernard was a tall woman with a very graceful figure. She had long, cascading hair that was a beautiful dark, dark red, a colour John had never seen before on any other woman; it fell to her hips in gorgeous, dusky waves that shimmered under the light. To compliment her hair Ms. Bernard often wore elegant dresses, like the white one-piece she was adorned in today that ended at her knees. In fact, Mrs. Bernard could wear any colour and she’d look beautiful.

Rose’s flesh was a flawless pale hue, the sort of tone relished by the aristocrats of earlier centuries; with jade-tinted eyes, lips of bright red, and delicate shoulders which sloped into her slender arms, Mrs. Bernard was the envy of every woman her age. And when it came to breasts she was more than gifted: Rose’s breasts were large, well-rounded, and perfect.

John knew this and it made him proud. In fact, he had admired every detail of his mother’s body both from near and afar, and as Rose climbed the last step of the stairway John couldn’t help but consider that, though his mother’s waist had borne the burden of childbirth three times her stomach was taut and firm, and her hips had the seductive curves of women half her age.

She does play a lot of tennis, John mused. Plus she loves to go for those walks. I guess that helps to keep her in great form.

Now, why did John just consider his mother’s body with such a careful eye? One reason was that she really was beautiful. But the greater reason was that ever since childhood John had been attracted to his mother—not in any perverted or depraved manner—but because she was such a warm and kindhearted woman, the total opposite of that cold bitch of a sister.

Walking into the living room John saw Lauren reclined idly on the sofa with her head facing the television. For a moment he just stared at her—half in anger and half in wonder of her body—and remembering the act of lesbianism he had recently witnessed. Lauren still wore that same tight black top which hugged against the full globes of her c-cup breasts; the short pink skirt had now ridden up her lush thighs, revealing the crotch of his sister’s dark panties.

Lauren turned her face up and instantly John looked away. “What the hell are you staring at?” she asked with a feral growl. Her mouth was set in a scathing leer.

“Nothing,” John answered. “Just thinking about how you treated me at school today.” For some reason he couldn’t meet Lauren’s glare; instead, like a timid mouse he watched his sister from the corners of both eyes.

Lauren let out a hate-filled cackle. “Your fault for trying rat me out.”

John held up the back of his left hand, displaying the vivid red blot that marked the skin just under his knuckles, some of which had begun peeling.

“You see this?” he asked heatedly. “Do you have any idea how much this hurt? And the worst part is you did this to me. You—my own sister!”

“Don’t really care,” Lauren replied. “Squeal on me again and I’ll crush your other hand.” She chuckled, adding: “Oh man, it was so fun the first time; you should’ve seen the look on your pathetic face. I think you were actually crying. Yep, I remember seeing tears…. ”

Once more she was being an arrogant bitch, but whenever Lauren needed help on an assignment or presentation she’d inevitably turn to John (the very same brother she confessed to loathe) and would force his reluctant aid. Though John tried his best to get out of such circumstances he knew “daddy’s favourite” would complain and end up getting her way. In fact, the only reason Lauren was passing high-school was because of John and his sisters.

It had always been like that.

“You can be such a bitch,” John muttered.

Lauren heard his remark and laughed. “And you’re just a fucking loser,” she shot back. “Now why don’t you go upstairs and masturbate? Or maybe you can’t today because of your hand? In that case, I’m really sorry I broke your masturbating hand since we both know how much you love touching yourself.” Lauren burst into a shrill laugh, kicking her feet up in the air while doing so. “Tell me, Brother: are you still a virgin?”

John clenched his fists in anger. She’d never say something like that in front of Dad, he thought.

Though Mr. Bernard loved his daughter and constantly gave into her demands it was only to keep her pure, to occupy her mind from boys. The moment he learned she wasn’t a virgin…well—Mr. Bernard wasn’t above hitting his children.

Lauren kept going on in her insulting manner and as much as John despised his sister at that moment he also felt a spark of lust for her. His eyes focused in on her pink mouth jabbering away, at those soft, glossy lips opening and closing, opening and closing—and an insatiable desire to slide his cock between them devoured him.

I want to kneel over her chest, he thought, and drive my fat prick down her throat. I want her to choke; I want her to gasp; I want her pink lips struggling to accommodate my length…. I’d hold the sides of her little blonde head and thrust into her like mad. She’d be groaning and crying and spluttering and I’d blow a huge load down her gullet before removing my prick…and that’s when I’d see a rope of white cum—thick and creamy—attached to her glistening lips….

John snapped out of it. These fantasies were becoming frighteningly regular, and once again he tried to convince himself it was all because he was a horny virgin, a horny virgin who’d do even his own sister for sexual gratification.

“Don’t worry,” Lauren continued, “I’m sure any day now you’ll find some lucky guy to pop your cherry. Or maybe Dinesh already has….”

Lauren proceeded to taunt her brother and instead of retaliating John merely turned around and walked away, cursing under his breath: “Somehow I’m going to get even with that tramp. And when that day comes, there’ll be no mercy for her—none!”

By 6:30 the entire family had arrived and dinner got started. The six members of the Bernard clan sat in the middle of the dining room, the light-bulbs above their heads glowing brilliantly and making their plates, spoons, forks and glasses twinkle like stars. John ate his delicious meal, a succulent chicken which his mother had so lovingly prepared, while staring through the parted window curtains. It’s gonna rain, he thought. Looks like it’ll be a big one, with thunder and lightning and maybe even—

“Snap out of it and pass the salad bowl!”

John reached out and gave it to Nicole.

“Thanks, Big Brother,” she said with a pleasant smile.

John laughed, musing on the fact that his younger sister was just about the cutest thing in the world. At eighteen years old, Nicole was a petite 5’2 with a thin, willowy body and small breasts which made her look like a tomboy, an image further enhanced due to the fact that she usually wore jeans and a snug t-shirt.

Like her beautiful mother, Nicole had light, pale-coloured flesh along with dark red hair which ended just above her shoulders: it was quite adorable to see her crimson hair framing her cute face, strands of it tucked behind her little ears or hanging down her cheeks, often bouncing as she skipped down the corridors or hopped down the stairs in girlish delight. As with her brother, Nicole had been very young when the Bernards moved to Canada and thus lost all trace of an accent, though when she spoke it was with a bubbly and high-pitched voice.

John looked across the table at Erika. Twenty-four years old, she had just broken up with a long time boyfriend and seemed to be in an angry mood of late. Then again, she was naturally stern. Erika had perfect manners and a stylish sense of dress but unlike the rest of the family who talked and laughed and looked at each other she would just stare down at her plate and eat. When Erika did choose to talk it was with an accent (the remnants of her French roots) and though her accent wasn’t as heavy as her mother’s she still had one that was noticeable. This subtle inflection only added a seductive mystique to her character, a mystique which all men found impossible to resist.

In sharp contrast to her younger sisters Erika had glossy black hair which fell straight to mid-back. For some reason she’d wear it in a ponytail, either to compliment her solemn and brooding personality or to better accommodate her work attire.

Erika had a splendid figure as well. She was tall at 5’7 and had a fit, athletic body that could only be described as perfect—with a waist blessed with graceful curves, long, contoured legs, and large breasts much like her mother. All of these details were however lost or concealed by her professional business suits, but even those couldn’t quite hide her gorgeous lines. Rather, these suits gave a tempting hint of what lay beneath, from the tight-fitting blazers that revealed a peek of cleavage and stressed the size of her fulsome breasts to the skirt which ended just above the knees and displayed her lush, creamy legs.

Yes, Erika was a sophisticated dresser, but she was also one hell of a sexy woman.

John’s eyes came to rest on his father sitting at the head of the table. Leonard Bernard, or Leon as he preferred, was a quite a strapping man: about six foot three and muscular (he worked out regularly) Mr. Bernard had curly black hair much like son and a handsome, rugged face. Dripping with animal sexuality, Mr. Bernard’s exotic good looks and Olympian figure could send quivers of arousal through any woman’s body, regardless of her age.

Yes, Mr. Bernard was a well-favoured man, but John had come to learn early in life that his father also had a nasty temper, a temper which could explode at the slightest of annoyances that John or his sisters had committed.

Throughout the entire dinner Mr. Bernard conversed with Lauren, Nicole and Erika, enquiring about their day and taking an interest in everything related to his precious daughters (especially Lauren), but never once did he talk to John or so much as look at him. No, the man had his favourites….

“And what about you John, dear?” asked Mrs. Bernard. “‘ow was everything at school today? Did you and your sister behave?

John smiled at his mother’s thoughtfulness: she knew he had been feeling left out of the conversation and so expertly shifted the focus to him. “Everything’s great,” answered John. “Lauren and I—” he looked at his sister for a moment—”yeah….we got along great.”

Rose shook her head. Unlike Mr. Bernard (who at forty-two worked at the most law prestigious firm in downtown Montreal and had a wall full of impressive degrees) his uneducated housewife realized that John and Lauren had always despised each other. She would try to ensure good relations between the siblings but such efforts continually proved hopeless. Still, as any good mother she would never give up….

Dinner finished at 7:45 just as it started to rain. Mrs. Bernard, wiping her delicate fingers on a table napkin, turned to Lauren and said, “Darling, please ‘elp your brother with the dishes.”

“But Mom!” she whined, “I’ve had a really tough day at school and got a ton of homework. Can’t John do the dishes by himself?”

John glared at the bitch.

“Of course he can!” said Mr. Bernard springing up from his chair. “Why don’t you go and finish your homework, okay sweetie?”

John watched as his sister bounded upstairs before turning to his father. “Uh, Dad—” There was a nervous dread in his voice. “I have to study for a test….”

“Well you can still do the damn dishes!” Mr. Bernard said gruffly.

“Sure Dad….”

And just like that John was stuck with the dishes while his tramp of a sister escaped with a lie. This happened time and again: Mr. Bernard would give into Lauren’s pettiest demands by forcing his son to carry the load, and John was getting tired of it.

As he walked miserably towards the kitchen Rose came up from behind and slid her arms around her son’s waist. “Don’t worry, John darling,” she said with a beautiful smile, “I will ‘elp you with the dishes. After all, you are Mommy’s dear boy.” Mrs. Bernard kissed John on the cheeks, bringing an unintentional blush to his face and a stir in his pants.

And now, reader, we come to a moment in our narrative that forever changed John’s life, a moment that gave him the power to revenge himself on his bitch of a sister Lauren, on her best friend Jessica, and on every one of those sneering, contemptuous girls she mingled with at school, along with anyone else who had made his existence a wretched hell….

John was in his room after having finished the dishes and the only emotion in his heart was rage. He paced incessantly back and forth while listening to an iPOD, and outside his window there was a storm rumbling and roaring, the sound of violent winds breaking off tree branches and tossing them along roads, of thunder booming and lighting cracking, the fierce noise of rain hitting windows and cars and pavement. It was like the storm inside of him.

“Fucking bitch….” John muttered, striding back and forth. “…thinks she owns the whole fucking world….Dad doesn’t do a fucking thing…always siding with her…if it wasn’t for Mom I’d leave this house….bitch of sister needs a thrashing….”

He stopped. The heat in the room was stifling so John took off his sweater. But it wasn’t enough, and he decided to open up a window regardless of all the rain. After he flung the window open John stuck out his head and breathed in the cool, rejuvenating air.

“Fucking bitch!” he yelled to the streets. “Lauren, you are a mother-fucking bitch of a sister; you are the worst person in the whole fucking world!” Luckily the storm drowned out his voice, and it also felt nice to experience the cold rain on his face and to see the radiant lighting miles away. “You think I’m your slave, huh Lauren!” he yelled some more. “You think you can just order—”

And that was when John saw a bolt of lightning, bright red in colour, suddenly appear from the dark clouds above, and following a loud burst of thunder it curved through the air and struck him in the face.

John didn’t know how long he’d been lying stretched on the floor but it must have been longer than he thought. At least a few hours. The last thing he remembered was a red flash prior to everything going black. He began to get up slowly, sluggishly; his body felt numb in every joint but other than that there was no actual pain, which was unusual since he just got hit by a lightning bolt.

John staggered over to the bedroom mirror and pulled up his white t-shirt. Strange. There were no burn marks on his chest and he looked none the worse, but the iPOD in his hand was dead even though it had been recharged this afternoon. Also, John’s head was feeling kind of odd; a feeling he couldn’t quite describe….

As this sensation passed John went downstairs to quench the thirst in his mouth. Well, he drank one glass of water followed another, followed by five more, before finally deciding to go back up to his room. When he arrived at his door John noticed something about Lauren’s room at the far end of the hall: the light was on.

Is she really doing homework? he asked himself. Does she ever? No, that can’t be it….

He went to investigate.

Standing in front of her room, John thought he could hear some muffled voices coming from inside. But his sister was supposed to be alone….

He knocked on her door.

No answer.

He knocked again.

Still no reply.

This time John slowly opened the door and went inside.

“Of course I’ll be thinking about you tonight. Yeah, love you too…Bye,” said Lauren, taking off her headset and turning off her computer monitor. She stood up from her comfortable leather chair and turned around, stunned to see John at her door.

“What the fuck are you doing in my room!” she asked with a hateful bark. “Did I say you could come in!”

For a moment John couldn’t answer because he had just seen what Lauren was wearing. His sister was dressed in a black babydoll nightie of semi-transparent fabric, and along with this she wore a pair of matching gloves which extended to the elbows but left her slender fingers uncovered.

Wow, he thought, I can see through her lingerie!

Indeed he could: through the delicate material of his sister’s nightie John could make out her black bra and panties underneath, darker in shade though visible within the silken mesh of almost transparent fabric. The low bust of Lauren’s nightie revealed the abundant cleavage of her c-cup breasts while the hemline ended just above mid-thigh, exposing her long legs of perfect cream. In fact, because his twin sister’s skin was so lush and her hair a dazzling blonde, the black material of her lingerie complimented her to a fault.

But why was she dressed like that and who had she been talking to? Could it have been her sexy lesbian friend, Jessica Cambers?

After a moment John’s voice returned. “I did knock,” he replied. “Twice. But you didn’t answer so I let myself in.”

“Why the hell are you here?”

For some reason John was getting nervous because of his sister’s hostile language, even though he was the one who had the right to be furious. “It’s nothing bad, okay?” he stammered. “I just went downstairs for a drink and when I came up I saw the light to your room was on. Being your brother I was naturally worried, but when I knocked twice on your door and you didn’t answer I came in—but it was only because I was concerned about you, that’s all.”

“I’m not some fucking kid who needs to be taken care of!” Lauren replied, folding her arms under her breasts and darting the most resentful glare at her brother. “Unless I give you permission to enter my room then don’t fucking come in.”

John was now livid. After all, he had just come to check on his sister and make sure she was okay (well, also to spy on her—but she didn’t need to know that). All those years of suppressed rage began pouring out of him like a flood:

“You know what, Lauren?” he asked heatedly. “Fuck you!” Her eyes widened in shock. “That’s right, fuck you! You are absolutely the worst sister in the world. You’ve always been rude to me and barely treat me like a human being: you shove your homework off on me and make me do all the chores you’re supposed to be doing and you even humiliate me at school! And today—today you went beyond every limit when you did this to me!” John held up the back of his right hand, showing Lauren the red scar that was still burned onto his flesh.

For a moment he just stood there breathing hard and trying his best to hold back the tears, but a few still managed to creep down his eyes. “Did you forget that you’re my sister?” asked John wiping his face. “My twin sister! There’s supposed to be an unbroken bond of love between us, not hatred. Doesn’t that mean anything to you?”

Lauren took an angry step forward, her loose babydoll nightie rippling with the motion before coming to rest against her naked thighs. She thrust a finger out and barked: “I don’t fucking care if we’re twins! I don’t love you and I never will, you hear that asshole? As far as I’m concerned we’re enemies.”

“Oh that’s right,” John said with sarcasm, “you’d rather Jessica Chambers was your twin and not me. Tell me: how long have you two lesbians been going at it? That’s who you were talking to when I came in, right?”

“What…what the fuck did you say!” the blonde spluttered in alarm. John was going to reply but his eyes were too busy ogling Lauren’s chest: right below his sister’s hateful face were her breasts, the two creamy spheres squished together and looking so full and lovely, pushing up over the low bust of her black nightie and creating a delicious valley of cleavage. For the moment he could only stare.

“That’s right,” John said after a pause. “I know all about you and your lesbian girlfriend. Isn’t that why you’re dressed up like a slut tonight—so you can chat on-line with that bitch?”

“Get out of my room!” Lauren snarled, pointing to her door. John didn’t move. “Get out!” she screamed. “I order you to get out!”

“You order me to get out?” asked John with rising anger. “You order me? Well I fucking order you to run into that wall!”

As soon as he said those words Lauren turned on her heel and ran face forward into the wall behind her. There was a sickening thud as she cried out in pain, pressing a hand tightly to her nose.

“Fuck!” she screeched in agony. “Why the fuck tell me to run into the wall!” She kept rubbing her nose with her hand; too bad it wasn’t bleeding….

“I didn’t think you’d actually do it,” said John astonished. “Why the hell did you?”

Lauren shook her head, the shimmering waves of golden hair flowing with the motion. “I don’t know!” she whined. “Something in my head told me to do it and I just did. It was like I couldn’t help myself.”

John laughed. “And if I told you to jump up and down would you do that?” She shook her head no. “Well, jump up and down.” Lauren just glared at John from the tops of her eyes as she continued rubbing her sore nose. “See,” he said, “it’s not my fault you ran into the wall. You did it to yourself….” And then, at that very moment, a strange voice inside John’s head whispered something unusual. “Lauren,” he said, “I order you to jump up and down.”

And just like that Lauren started jumping up and down. Her lush blonde hair bounced with every leap and her full breasts jiggled up and down with the activity, the black skirt of her babydoll nightie undulating against her creamy thighs.

“Stop!” she cried. “Stop making me jump up and down! I don’t want to! I don’t want to jump up and down! Please make me stop! ….Why can’t I stop!?”

John was struck dumb. Lauren was doing exactly what he was telling her, or more precisely, what he was ordering her. There was just one more test that was needed. “Lauren,” John began in a trembling voice, “do a backflip.” She didn’t respond but continued jumping up and down with a distressed face. Now came the moment of proof. “Lauren,” John spoke up, “I order you to do a backflip.”

The second he finished those words Lauren executed a flip, leaping backwards the air, and for a moment John believed she had been successful but instead Lauren just crashed painfully to the ground chest-first.

That was all the proof he needed—for at that instant John knew he had the power to control minds, a power bestowed on him by that mysterious red lightning bolt. That’s right: Lauren wasn’t just messing with her brother by running deliberately into a wall or jumping up and down to mock him, because there was no way in hell she’d perform an excruciating backflip that could’ve resulted in a broken neck.

John laughed hysterically, laughed because he finally had the power to revenge himself on his nasty bitch of a sister. He thought back on all the wrongs Lauren had done him since childhood, how ruthlessly she had treated him, how horrible a person she’d been to her own brother, and all he could think of was revenge. An exhilarating sense of power flowed through his veins as John realized that Lauren was now in his control—and he wanted her to pay. He wanted to make her do dirty, disgusting things; he wanted to degrade her and humiliate her. And he would—but most of all, John wanted her body.

He walked up to Lauren, who was kneeling low to the floor and clutching her stomach in pain; the babydoll nightie had become hiked all the way up her waist and he could see her black, panty-clad buttocks thrust in the air. She looked up at her brother—luxuriant blonde hairs dangling in front of her eyes—and in her face John read both hatred and fear: she knew that John could somehow manipulate her actions.

“Awww,” her brother teased, “did little Lauren hurt herself?”

She just groaned and scowled at John from the tops of her eyes, clutching her ribs even tighter.

“H-how,” Lauren whimpered, “how’s this p-possible…? It…c-can’t be…r-real….”

“Get up you fucking bitch,” John suddenly barked. “Ooops; I mean, I order you to get up and stand still.”

At the word “order” Lauren promptly sprang to her feet and stood rooted to the spot. John figured her stomach was still hurting but the power he had over Lauren’s mind countermanded the needs of her body. Besides, she deserved to feel a little pain for the way she’d treated him…..

And so John moved closer to his sister, grinning wickedly as he eyed her almost-naked body. He still couldn’t get over the babydoll nightie she had on; it was so flimsy and revealing. Beneath that dim layer of gossamer fabric he could see the darker shades of Lauren’s black bra and panties, and between them the curves of her slender waist. Oh, and let’s not forget those long, sexy legs and shimmering blonde hair!

Reaching out his hand, John clutched one of his sister’s full c-cup breasts and squeezed it lightly in his palm. “Ahh!” Lauren moaned in surprise. “Wh-what the hell do you think you’re doing! John—John!?” He clenched the perfectly round orb a lot harder, feeling the soft tissue warp between his fingers. “Ohhhhh!” Lauren moaned out loud, quivering with the sensation of having her perky breast groped by her own brother’s hand. “John! Stop that! Please brother, I’m begging you to stop!”

“Oh, now I’m your brother?” John laughed. For the moment he continued fondling his sister’s breast before issuing his next command: “Lauren, I order you to tilt your head back.” She complied, tipping her chin up till she was staring at the ceiling. John stepped closer so that his crotch pushed up hard against Lauren’s (he was sure Lauren could feel his swollen erection against her panties) and while clutching her soft breast, John licked his tongue slowly up his sister’s throat. Lauren squealed and shuddered as the pink tongue moved up the rich flesh of her throat all the way to her chin, leaving a glistening track of drool in its wake.

“Ahhhhhh!” she moaned, pressing her eyes closed tight. “J-John, p-please stop! Th-this is…s-so wrong!”

Once John finished licking his sister’s throat he moved to kiss the bare skin of her shoulder, and, ordering Lauren to stick out her arm, he then began trailing soft kisses down the silken flesh till he got to her black lingerie glove. Though the glove encased Lauren’s hand to the elbow it left her fingers uncovered. So, gripping his sister’s hand by the wrist, John inserted her slender forefinger into his mouth and sucked on it back and forth, his tongue soon emerging and swirling around the creamy digit. All the while Lauren was standing there with her eyes closed tight and shaking like a leaf; her throat gasped at the caresses of her brother’s tongue and her breathing had become loud and uneven.

“That was fun,” John remarked, popping the finger out of his mouth.

“Fuck you!” Lauren shot back. “I’m going to fucking kill you do you hear me! John, answer me you fuck! Do you hear what I’m saying! The moment I get out of this trance I’m going to murder you!” Lauren’s arm was hanging stretched in the air even now, and John could see from her helpless eyes that she was lying.

He chuckled. “You can’t do a thing to me and you know it. Face it, Sis: you’re totally in my control.” He leaned in close to Lauren, bringing his lips to her right ear: “From now on,” John whispered, “you’re my slut.”

And as he said those words, John snuck his hands behind Lauren’s back and gripped her firm buttocks through her nightie. “Ah!” she gasped in surprise, her eyes opening wide with shock along with her pink mouth.

The two full cheeks of Lauren’s behind felt so nice and supple in John’s palms, even through the silky black fabric of her lingerie. As his crotch bumped up hard against her panties John proceeded to squeeze and massage his sister’s sculpted buttocks. Sometimes he cupped the two shapely cheeks in his hand and squeezed them tightly, feeling their muscles flex; at other times John ran his palms lightly over their rounded surface, feeling the gossamer fabric caressing his fingers. As for Lauren, with every tiny squeeze of her buttocks she would gasp out softly or let out a little squeal.

“Now didn’t that feel nice?” John inquired, taking a step back.

Though she couldn’t move Lauren’s entire body was quivering as she stood there with her eyes pressed shut. “F-f-fuck you!” she blurted out, as if shivering with cold.

“Lauren,” said John, “I’m going to undress you now, do you hear? I’m going to see what you look like naked.”

Suddenly Lauren’s vulnerable nature took over again. “Please don’t! John, I’m you’re sister! You’re not supposed to see me undressed!”

“Don’t worry,” he said grinning, “I won’t see you completely naked just yet. You see, Sis, I want to do this slowly and painfully; I want you to feel degraded and humiliated. You know, like the way you make me feel everyday?”

Lauren continued to plead but John had taken hold of the double straps of her nightie and began pulling them off her shoulders. Then, drawing the silky material down her chest little by little, he saw his sister’s black bra emerge with the two creamy globes packed tightly inside, presenting to his view such fulsome cleavage. The babydoll nightie kept slipping lower and lower, now showing off the lush-complexion of her taut stomach. And lower still, sliding down her hips and revealing her black panties, down her rich, shapely thighs before dropping to the floor.

John took one step back, whistling in pure admiration of Lauren’s body. Oh reader, can you believe how sexy his twin sister looked in just her black bra, panties, and long dark gloves, all of which showed off her golden flesh to perfection? Her figure had been sculpted through years of exercise to a firm, athletic, and feminine shape, and this was evident in Lauren’s slender curves and toned legs, slim arms and flat, washboard stomach, not to neglect her haughty though gorgeous face, all topped off with a mane of glossy blonde hair.

Yes, Lauren was a bitch; but she was a hot bitch.

John couldn’t wait to get started with his little playtoy. “Lauren,” he said, grinning as he eyed her almost-naked body, “I order you to relax your limbs.” And she did, letting her muscles loosen up. John then took her left hand in his and pressed it to his bulging crotch. “Feel that, Sis?” he asked. “Do you feel my cock throbbing for you? Soon it’s going to be inside your mouth; and then it’s going to be inside your pussy.”

“Don’t do this to me!” cried Lauren. “I’m begging you, John! I don’t think of you that way! We’re family; we’re brother and—”

Her words were cut short when she felt the monstrous organ twitching aggressively against her palm. Lauren’s mouth was wide with shock: she had probably assumed her brother’s penis couldn’t be felt through such a thick layer of denim.

John let go of his sister’s wrist, which fell mechanically to her side. “Now,” he said, “before I shove my cock down your throat and sully your beautiful tongue, I want know what it feels like to suck on it. So, Sis—my next order is for you to stick out your tongue.”

Lauren tried to let out a clamor of protest but her pink tongue had already slipped out of her mouth and hushed all speech. Leaning in, John opened his lips, slid the juicy pink tongue into his mouth, and began sucking.

“Ughhhh!” Lauren moaned in a way which showed her clear revulsion.

You see, Lauren’s tongue was wedged firmly between her brother’s lips, gliding in and out of his mouth with wet and slippery friction. It was so slender and moist that as John kept spearing it in and out of his throat he could feel his sister’s body squirming with disgust. Sometimes his own tongue-tip caressed Lauren’s, teasing it by flicking the tip of her tongue, swirling around it, or skimming across its top. And all the while he could hear Lauren whimpering like a puppy, her eyes and forehead scrunched in disgust of what was happening to her—what her own brother was doing to her.

At last John yanked his head back, letting his sister’s tongue pop out of his mouth; the pink contours looked so wet and juicy with their mixed saliva dribbling down its sides. He took one final lick, dragging the top of his tongue along the bottom of hers before flicking the narrow tip.

“Now,” said John, “it’s time for my blowjob.”

Lauren, her tongue still hanging out of her mouth, widened her eyes in alarm. The poor girl couldn’t even move her head.

“That’s right,” John continued with a malevolent smile, “in a few seconds you’re going to be sucking on your own brother’s cock. Doesn’t that sound humiliating? I mean, it sounds like something only a slut would do! Well let’s not waste any time: Lauren, I order you to give me a blowjob—the most amazing blowjob you can.”

At his command Lauren dropped to her knees. “Please!” she begged as her fingers reached immediately for John’s pants and began unbuttoning them. She pulled down his jeans while pleading in anguish: “Don’t do this, John; please don’t do this! We’re supposed to be brother and sister! Doesn’t that matter to you?”

“Brother and sister!” he scoffed. “I thought we were enemies? No, Lauren; I remember damn well how you said you hated me—how you’ve always hated me. Do you know how much that hurt, coming from my own sister?”

Lauren was staring up at her brother with tears in her beautiful blue eyes; she looked so sad, so vulnerable on her knees. But none of it mattered to John: all he wanted was his revenge. After all, he thought, why should I have any sympathy for the bitch? She’s done nothing but torture me for years. In fact, I can’t even think of one simple gesture of sibling love from her. Not one!

Lauren’s slender fingers gripped her brother’s underwear and wrenched it down his thighs; at once his huge ten-inch cock sprang free and she quickly seized it by the base. Then leaning her head forward and opening her pink lips unwillingly, Lauren let out a helpless cry of “Noooooooo!——” a scream that was suddenly cut short when she took the engorged red helmet of John’s cock into her mouth.

At first she just held the plump and juicy knob in her mouth and couldn’t get it past her lips. But still, the feeling was so intense that John found himself groaning in exquisite pleasure, rocking his head back and forth and bending his shaky knees. This was the first time John had put his cock in a girl’s mouth, and the girl just happened to be his own sister.

“Argghhhh!” he groaned. “T-this f-feels so…a-amazing! It’s j-just like a-all the guys s-say…the b-best f-feeling in….mmmhhhhh….the world.”

For a moment John just revelled in the experience before looking down at Lauren and realizing something. His sister’s face was puckered hard and her breathing seemed to be coming out in harsh, erratic grunts. Because the crown of his phallus was so huge, filling his sister’s mouth almost completely, it caused her pink lips to stretch around the domed head in such a lewd and obscene way. That’s right: Lauren was struggling to take his massive shaft down her oral cavity, and she looked like a whore doing it.

However, her efforts were aided by the fact that the tip of John’s cock was oozing precum and was now glazed with the slippery discharge. Then, with one last unwilling exertion, Lauren shoved her head forward as the swollen knob moved past her lips to rest on her tongue. John looked down at his sister on her knees: though her mouth was crammed full with his meaty shaft her eyes were staring up at him with a glare of fierce hatred, and she was breathing so hard through her nose that John could see her naked stomach pumping in and out.

“A-amazing,” he spluttered, “this feels—mmmhhhhh—so amazing!”

Once more against her will Lauren began blowing John’s prick. The enormous slab of meat slithered in and out of her mouth, her golden hairs springing wildly with every frantic bob of her head. John could see his sister’s pink lips travel half-way down his shaft before pulling back to the tip; at this moment his huge organ would be revealed awash with her dazzling spit. Lauren was getting better at this (however reluctantly she was doing it) as she took more and more of his throbbing length into her mouth. Occasionally the bulbous head of John’s cock would slide too far down his sister’s throat, causing her to start gagging and choking.

But Lauren didn’t stop. No matter how difficult this was for her she persisted with her amazing blowjob.

“Fuck yeah!” John shouted. “This feels so fucking awesome! I’ve dreamed of this moment—this one moment—for so damn long….”

John’s sister now held the monstrous pillar of cock-flesh in her black lingerie glove, gripping it tightly by the base as her naked fingers failed to wrap completely around. Meanwhile, her glossy pink lips were bulging whorishly around the glazed head, which was so fat and swollen that there wasn’t even a razor’s edge breadth of space between itself and his sister’s lips. That’s right: Lauren’s mouth was stuffed completely full with her brother’s prick, so much so that her creamy cheeks were puffed outwards and blushing red with the effort.

“Lauren, dear” John remarked, “I know you can’t see yourself right now, but there’s a hell lot of spit dribbling down your mouth. Or maybe that’s my precum? Either way, you look like a fucking whore.”

His remark was met with an instant and prolonged groan of anger. Oh, how he loved torturing his sister! In fact, that was John’s plan: he wanted not only to fuck Lauren, but to degrade and demean her in the most abject way possible.

As Lauren worked John’s dick in and out of her throat she produced loud slurping noises from the activity. She was slobbering spit with every downward plunge of her head until her chin was glistening both with John’s pre-cum and her own oral secretions. Sometimes Lauren pulled all the way back to the tip while holding the slimy length in her hand; she would then take several lashes of the leaking crown while it was still lurching and bucking inside her mouth.

“Fuck yeah!” John howled, tossing his head back. “I can feel it hitting your cheek! I can actually feel it jerking inside your mouth! Mmmmhhh, Sis: you’re so talented at sucking prick. Are you sure you’re a lesbian?”

Lauren growled at the insult, fixing her resentful eyes on John while blowing his member.

By now it had been about five minutes into the blowjob, and John was quite amazed he had lasted so long. As Lauren frenziedly bobbed her head up and down John felt her wet lips glide down his huge cylinder of flesh, her juicy tongue raking across the bottom of his shaft to about halfway.

However wonderful this was, the sight of his sister—the same sister who had tormented him since childhood—positioned on her hands and knees and blowing his prick was just as hot. Lauren was wearing a black push-up bra which squished her fulsome tits together, and as she plunged her head up and down (her blonde hairs springing with the motion) John could see her creamy breasts jiggle and bounce in tune to such furious activity.

“Yesssssssss,” he hissed out loud, “that feels good, so good! Moan for me, Sis; moan for me if you like it too!”

Lauren didn’t moan; instead, she just grunted hatefully at her humiliation.

This was starting to bother John. His sister’s lack of obedience, her very refusal to surrender, and her unrelenting disrespect for power needed to be dealt with. But how? And in what manner? The answer came to John right away.

“Lauren!” he barked, “you call that sucking dick? I order you to make the blowjob even filthier! Make it filthy you whore!”

Lauren complied right away. She popped John’s cock out of her mouth and held it in one hand by the swollen helmet till it was standing perfectly upright against his chest. Then, bending her head down, she placed the slender tip of her tongue in the valley between her brother’s testicles; soon after this Lauren’s wet tongue began licking slowly up his crinkled ballsacs, traveling up the inflexible shaft all the way to the crown and leaving in its wake a thick polish of spit.

Once she got to the mushroom head Lauren began flicking her tongue against it. The dense knob was now red from her expert sucking as she took quick lashes at it, stabbing the glittering head of he brother’s cock and describing circles around the swollen dome, before at last pressing her mouthpiece down on the piss-hole. Then holding John’s cock in her black lingerie glove, Lauren ran her left hand up and down the ten-inch length in rapid strokes, and as she did so, John could hear a juicy squelching sound coming from his wet prick-head as it rapidly popped in and out of its sheath.

“Mmmmhhhhh!” he hummed lustily. “Oh Sis—you give such a fantastic handjob. You hear that sound? That’s my wet cock singing for you. Soon, it’s going to be singing inside your pussy.”

Lauren drew her hand back, revealing the palm of her dark lingerie glove washed in a slime of both her own spit and her brother’s precum. Against her will, and with a face winced in disgust, she leaned forward and dragged her tongue slowly across the black glove.

“This is disgusting!” sobbed Lauren. “Uh! I can’t believe—” She licked the glove again. “—how disgusting this is! Please, John! I don’t want to do this anymore! Make me stop brother! Make me—”

But Lauren’s words were cut off as she took John’s plum-sized cockhead into her mouth again. She slid her lips forward along the thick column, actually going past the halfway point which she had yet failed to do.

“Yes!” John hissed. “Keep going, Sis, keep going! You’re almost there—take it all down your lovely throat!”

Lauren’s glossy pink lips scraped down the rigid shaft little by little until she had just a few inches left to go. However, these last few inches proved too much and she was unable to make any further progress.

“Don’t stop now!” John shouted. “I order you to keep going!”

Lauren obeyed promptly; her hands reached behind John and clutched his buttocks as she drove her head forward while moaning. It was almost painful for her: John’s cock was so thick that it caused his sister to breathe in and out through her flared nostrils, her mouth balled with sheer effort as a thin line of saliva dripped down her chin. But orders were mandatory, and Lauren gripped her brother’s firm ass-cheeks with her spread fingers and squeezed hard, digging her nails into the sensitive flesh as John threw his head back and groaned in agony.

And then, giving one last forceful push forward, Lauren took the complete length of John’s shaft into her mouth. That’s right: she was now deep-throating him.

“Mmmhhhhh!” John moaned, reaching down and placing a hand on Lauren’s blushing cheek. “I’m actually in your throat Sister; all ten-inches of my cock are actually in your throat. You have no idea how fantastic this feels….” John flicked aside some of the blonde hairs from Lauren’s eyes. “I’ve imagined doing this to you for years now. You hear that, Sis? I’ve actually fantasized about you sucking my prick before.”

“Ugggghhhh!” Lauren groaned in answer to John’s obscene words. Her nose was pressing right up into the wiry hairs of her brother’s crotch while her blue eyes were round and bulging with distress. This was a nightmare, the worst day of her yet-perfect life. Lauren was trying to cry out in anguish, but no sound came to her lips; she was trying to protest her indignity, but not a syllable escaped her tongue. Most of all, Lauren was trying to communicate her hatred for John, the man responsible for her present state of misery. And so she did whatever she could to voice her silent grief….

“Ugghhhhh! Ugggghhhh! Ugggghhhhhhhhh!” Lauren groaned again and again, pleading with John to stop her humiliation.

But he didn’t stop: in fact, he had plans to continue it even further….

As Lauren involuntarily began squeezing John’s buttocks he felt a wad of precum shoot out of his dick and into his sister’s mouth. It was a sign that he couldn’t last much longer. Lauren gripped her brother’s ass even tighter—and that was when John felt his orgasm hit. Semen rose fast and hard from his clenching testicles and traveled with fierce speed down his throbbing phallus, erupting from the tip and spilling into his sister’s mouth.

“Arrgghhhh fuck!” John grunted like a beast, seizing a fistful of Lauren’s blonde hair and pulling on it viciously. “Fuck fuck fuck yeah! Take it! Take it all you whore!”

Lauren cried out in pain as John yanked her golden locks over and over, tugging on them with every subsequent shot of semen which erupted out of his dick.

It felt like John came forever, the head of his cock discharging a river of creamy white jism onto his sister’s tongue. For ten whole seconds John orgasmed, and it was only after this that he began to spurt a few irregular drops before climbing down from his sexual high.

“Oh man…” he muttered wearily, “that was…that was amazing…I’ve never cum so much!” For a moment he just stood there breathing in and out and trying to regather his senses. “Damn, Sis…you have…you have a magic tongue….amazing…better than I could’ve dreamed….”

It was only after a few seconds that John realized something: he still hadn’t told Lauren whether to swallow or spit out his load. He was sure that by now her jaw was beginning to hurt because it was stretched as wide as it could go with his enormous shaft, and he could even note the outline of his bulbous cock-head pressed against the inside of his sister’s right cheek. A thin stripe of pearl-white cum began seeping out of the corner of Lauren’s mouth and dribbled down her chin.

Wow, thought John almost in sheer disbelief, I just came in my own sister’s mouth. I’ve been wanting to do that for years.

Popping his colossal shaft out of Lauren’s mouth, John could see the head bathed in a glitter of both his cum and her saliva. “Lauren,” he said, “I want you to swallow my cum.”

“Ngggghhhhh!” she moaned, her eyes wide with fear. “Ngggghhhh!” Though she couldn’t speak John believed Lauren was trying to voice her disgust over the prospect of swallowing her own brother’s cum.

“Come on, Sis,” he taunted, “I know you’re aching to drink my creamy load.”

Lauren shook her head instantly, blonde hairs flying side to side.

“If you don’t I’m going to order you to do it,” John said. “You know what that means, don’t you? So you have an actual choice here: swallow it yourself, or make me order you.” It wasn’t much of an alternative really, but John was trying to torment Lauren by presenting her with a distasteful predicament, a sort of catch 22. Whatever her choice, only he would win.

Tears began welling up in his sister’s eyes and running in narrow rows down her cheeks. She looked so tragic on her knees, shaking her head and crying at the same time, and for once John almost felt sorry for her. Almost. There was still the angry beast inside him which hungered for revenge.

“So will you swallow it?”

Lauren shook her head a little less vigorously this time.

“Are you sure?”

She nodded.

“Too bad,” John remarked. “It’s not like I didn’t give you a choice.” Then, with a sadistic grin, John issued his next command: “Lauren, I order you to swallow my load.”

And just like that she did. Lauren gulped loudly as her brother’s thick and creamy jism flowed down her gullet, her supple throat pulsing with every drop of incestuous nectar which poured down in white and slimy waves. She had to swallow multiple times because his load was so huge, gulping down wave after wave of cum. All the while, tears were gushing down Lauren’s eyes; she was actually crying at her humiliation while John stood over her—laughing, mocking, teasing—at last feeling repaid for all those years of anger and bitterness and for his crushed hand. There really wasn’t much he could do to further debase her….

Once he was done John looked down at his sister’s sulking form: for the first time that night Lauren didn’t meet his eyes with a glare of resentment. No; she just stayed there on her knees, weeping softly while staring at the floor.

“Oh you poor little thing,” John remarked. “Was that so painful and humiliating—drinking your own brother’s cum?” Lauren continued to weep without meeting his gaze. “Well if you think it’s over think again.” Here she looked up at him worriedly, her eyes red with tears. “That’s right, Sister—we’ve only just begun.” John reached down and grabbed Lauren’s arm, pulling her up without effort. She got to her feet without making any protest or argument.

Strange, she’d been silent for a while now….

“Do you know what comes next?” asked John. Lauren shook her head; there was just a glimmer of fear in her eyes. “Well, Sister; for this next part I’m going to pleasure you—so you can’t ever say that I’m an uncaring brother.” Lauren actually looked confused, her brother’s insinuation failing to dawn. “I order you to get on the bed and lie on your back.”

She followed the command through straightaway as John moved up and saw his sister lying on the white bedsheets, her lovely and graceful form highlighted by her simple black bra, panties, and long dark gloves. Wow she looked sexy! But when John glanced into Lauren’s face he discovered something: her eyes were staring dejectedly back at him in a way which showed her clear loss of spirit and aggressive nature.

Perhaps she’s given up, he thought. Maybe Lauren finally believes it’s hopeless to resist me.

John grabbed his sister’s ankles and pulled her down the bed till her knees were hanging off the edge. Lauren was gazing back at him in surprise, almost in disbelief of what was to come. Kneeling down, John was now at eye-level with his sister’s crotch; in fact, as he stared directly ahead he could see the edges of Lauren’s black panties biting into her soft thighs while the middle portion accentuated the lips of her pussy. It was a delicious sight.

And then, gripping the top of his sister’s panties, John began sliding them down her lush-skinned thighs.

“No!” Lauren protested. “Please don’t do this, John! Haven’t you had your revenge? What more do you want!” Lauren pressed her knees tightly together in an effort to stop her brother, but this movement only emphasized the feminine contours of her body.

“And here I thought you’d lost your fighting spirit,” John laughed.

It was rather easy to continue peeling his sister’s black panties down her long and slender legs, and pretty soon John had thrown them aside and was now staring at her exposed vagina.

Bald. He knew it’d be bald, just like in his dreams.

John was about to attack his sister’s pussy when Lauren interrupted him. “Why, John?” she begged, “Why are you doing this?” She had lifted her head and was now staring down her body. “What more do you want? How much further can you humiliate me? Answer me damn it!”

“I don’t want to humiliate you,” John replied. “Right now I just want to taste your beautiful pussy and for you to enjoy it.”

“I won’t enjoy it,” Lauren declared.

“We’ll just see about that.”

“There’s no way in hell I’m going to enjoy it!” she shot back.

Instead of talking John pulled apart Lauren’s knees and dove in, licking his wet tongue up her thigh all the way to her bald vagina. The skin of his sister’s thigh was so soft and creamy, the flesh sculpted to an athletic tightness through years of exercise. John could even see a glistening band of saliva left across its pinkish surface from his oral play.

Amazing, he thought, Lauren’s body is just perfect. How can such a bitch look so fuckin’ good?

He didn’t have much time to ponder because the second John’s tongue brushed up Lauren’s wet folds she arched her naked back and groaned. John thought she was trying her best not to moan; no, because in her eyes that would mean he was winning. So John kept at it, licking the engorged lips of his sister’s vagina, his tongue-tip tracing along the outer folds before plunging deep into her glistening pink cavern.

“Ah!” Lauren gasped, curving her back sharply. “Ah! Ah! Ah!”

All those sounds emanated from his sister’s lips as John rapidly flicked his tongue in and out of her pussy. As he continued his oral maneuvering John could feel Lauren’s soft thighs—which he held apart in his hands—flexing and clenching with the incredible sensations. Perhaps his sister was beginning to enjoy what was happening to her. In fact, John could see that her pink vagina was now glazed and dribbling with juices, juices which flooded out of her tight cavern, down his mouth, and into his throat.

“Mmhhhhh, Sis,” he remarked, “your pussy’s all wet and dripping. Are you actually enjoying this?”

“No!” gasped Lauren. “Never! I can never enjoy something so sick!”

“Then why are you soaking wet?”

“Shut up!” she argued. “Just shut up!”

Using Lauren’s gasps as motivation, John attacked her pussy with greater passion. First he slid his index finger in and swirled it around, and this was followed by a second finger, then a third, and at last a forth. John worked his entire hand in and out of his sister’s dribbling folds as the noise of her gushing juices permeated the air in tune to his pumping hand.

Every time he slid his fingers inward to their knuckles Lauren would let out a sharp squeal and arch her slender back; her head would thrust down into the soft mattress as she’d heave her chest upwards in the air, the black bra working to contain her jiggling orbs—and at that moment Lauren would clench her teeth firmly and suppress any moans which threatened to escape her throat.

At last John took his hand out of his sister’s pussy, her pink lips clinging to his fingers as they were removed. He was amazed; stunned really. For the first time in his life John had a girl’s pussy juices on his hand, and so what if these juices came from his sister’s twat? He could see that his entire hand was bathed in Lauren’s fluids, sparkling like white wine and dripping onto the mattress in little beads. Well, he wasn’t about to let such precious honey go to waste—so John brought those digits to his mouth and sucked them off.

“Delicious!” he remarked with a smack of his lips. “Who knew your juices could be so tasty? Tell me, Sis: does Jessica Chambers enjoy licking your pussy too? I bet she doesn’t do it as well as me.”

“F-fuck you!” Lauren panted out. “Jessica does it way better than you ever could! You’re nothing compared to her!”

John was compelled to laugh. After all, he could see that his sister was plainly lying: with every faltering word she spoke Lauren was shuddering, and John was positive she was shuddering because of his magnificent tongue.

“We’ll see about that….”

It was time to prove her wrong. So far, as John held Lauren’s butter-smooth thighs apart he could sense her repeatedly trying to close them, doing her best to impede his progress in whatever way she could, but now John deliberately let go of his hold and felt their soft inner sides instantly clamp around his head. Man, they felt so soft and warm against his cheeks! With his fingers thus liberated, John used them to pry open the pink lips of his sister’s quim and stuck his face in, spearing his tongue deep inside and licking around like mad.

“Oooohhhh!” Lauren cried out, throwing her buttocks up and squeezing those supple thighs even tighter around her brother’s head.

Was that evidence of pleasure? John took it as such. Before long his tongue brushed against the nub of Lauren’s clitoris and John felt her squirming through her entire body, letting out a prolonged “Hmmmmmmhhhh!” Her thighs had parted for an instant before closing against John’s skull firmer than ever before, and she went on writhing through her entire frame and letting out heavy panting breaths.

“Like that?” John asked. “You like it when I suck your clit?”

“No!” she gasped with effort. “I—I hate it!”

That was a terrible lie, because as Lauren’s throat gasped out those broken words her hands had made their way down and grabbed her brother’s head, pushing it deeper into her juicy snatch. Her slim fingers now began playing with his dark black hairs, tugging them, yanking on them as John sucked her clit into his mouth and ran his tongue against it firm and hard. Lauren was urging John on by swinging her buttocks upwards, hoping to drive her vagina against his mouth, and as she did this, she would pant out in husky breaths while throwing her luxuriant blonde head from side to side.

“This…this is so wrong!” his sister gasped with her eyes squeezed tight. “This is so nasty! Ahhhhhh! We—we shouldn’t be doing this John! Ooooohhhh! We’re…we’re brother and sister! Stop it! J-just stop, b-brother! ….Mmmmmhhhhh! No more….”

John now had one objective: to prove that Lauren was enjoying what he was doing to her. As he stabbed his tongue in and out of his sister’s juicy folds he probed for her g-spot. It was hard work but he soon managed to find it, and John knew he had found it because the second his narrow tongue caressed its surface Lauren let out piercing squeal and began thrashing around like mad. Her firm thighs locked almost painfully around his skull as she beat her fists against the mattress, her graceful back curving up at the middle.

“No!” she cried. “Don’t lick me there! Stop, Brother! Anywhere but there! Only Jessica can lick me there! No—not you! Only my sweet Jessica—only her! Pleasssssssssseeeee Stoooooooooooop!”

But he didn’t stop. Rather, John tried harder than ever, determined to break his sister’s resolve. So he began stroking Lauren’s g-spot with vigorous speed, pressing his face right up against her dribbling folds till his nose itself was buried inside. It was convenient that his sister’s vagina was bald, because it made licking her all the easier.

“Tell me, Sister,” John asked in a muffled voice, “do you like what I’m doing? Do you like having your g-spot played with?”

“No!” screeched Lauren. “I-I can never like this! You’re a bastard, John. You can’t…you can’t ever please me like Jessica does! I love her…and I hate you!”

As Lauren squealed out her words her face was twisted with what can only be described as pleasure. The once soft, smooth forehead was now creased hard and her bright pink lips were open in a wide yawn of delight, the supple muscles of her throat clenching and unclenching with the playing of John’s expert tongue, and her perfect teeth gritting open and shut to the tune of his oral performance.

Soon the inevitable happened: Lauren experienced a powerful orgasm. Her lithe figure was hit with wave after wave of intense sensations as she began throwing her head left and right and screaming with the ecstasy of release.

“Oooooooohhhhhhh, John!” Lauren moaned. “Ooooohhhh, Brother!”

She actually said his name!

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh! I’m—I’m cumming!” Lauren kept screaming. “I don’t want to cum! I don’t want to cum!” But with every lie John’s sister shrieked she was throwing her juicy cunt into his face while holding his head firmly to her gushing folds. Lauren pulled his hairs in her black lingerie gloves, perhaps in revenge of what John had done to her before, but more likely with the enormous pleasure of her orgasmic explosion. With each heave of Lauren’s hips her slender back would arch far off the bed’s mattress as she’d lean back into the white pillow with a face twisted by delight.

“Mmmmhhhhh…cumming…cumming,” she mumbled, descending from the heights of orgasm.

Meanwhile, John was busy drinking his sister’s honey which was streaming out of her quim and drooling down his lips and chin. Most of it was in his mouth, however, and he could say with all honesty that it was delicious. To drink his own sister’s juices! Oh, how naughty!

John had licked his sister’s pussy for about ten minutes but to her it probably felt like an eternity of bliss. So when it was all over he stood up and beheld Lauren on her back, dressed in her black bra, long dark gloves, and without panties; her eyes were shut tight and a pool of fluids was seeping out of her vagina. By now John had already regained his erection and was hungry for more than just oral sex. He wanted the real deal.

Leaping onto the bed, John crawled over Lauren’s almost-naked body till his face was hovering above hers.

“Know what comes next?” he whispered.

Lauren’s eyes shot wide open. She was staring up into his face with a look of terror. “No!” she argued. “You—you can’t, John! You’re my brother—and…We just can’t! Don’t forget it’s against the law.”

“But that’s what I want,” John replied. And as he spoke those words, John took his very thick cock in hand and began rubbing its head against the dribbling folds of his sister’s pussy.

Lauren gasped and arched her back a little. “It’s a sin!” she declared. “It’s a horrible sin!” She looked desperate at the moment. “Brothers and Sisters just don’t have sex, and neither should we!”

“But that’s what makes it so exciting,” said John, rubbing his cock-head against Lauren’s quim faster and faster, pushing it forward so that the lips of her vagina began stretching around its tip. “This is forbidden fruit. The fact that you’re my sister, Lauren—the fact that you’re a bitch and that I’ve craved your tight little body for years now—the fact that this is incest and revenge all rolled into one…that’s what makes it so hot!”

“Ahhh!” Lauren panted, feeling his bloated cock-head pressing deeper inside her, opening up the elastic walls of her cunt. She was breathing very fast now, and John observed her bare stomach pumping frantically in and out. “Please don’t! I’m begging you, John; don’t do this to me. I’ll…I’ll suck your dick for you everyday. I’ll suck it every morning and every night and you can eat me out whenever you want—but not this! Please, anything but this!”

John merely laughed and edged his prick deeper into Lauren’s folds. Looking down, he could see that the plum-sized helmet was now halfway inside his sister’s pussy, the rubbery pink walls of her slit opening up around his fat crown till her glistening inner depths were visible.

“Give me one good reason to stop,” he said.

“Because I’m a virgin!” cried Lauren.

John stopped at once, hit with the surprise of a lifetime.

“What…?” came his mumbled words. He wasn’t quite sure whether to believe her or not, but glancing into his sister’s face he could see tears pouring out of her eyes and running down her cheeks.

“I’m a virgin,” she repeated.

“Liar!” John shot back. “You haven’t been a virgin for years, and you’ve told me so.”

“But I am!” she protested, sobbing like a child and choking on her own tears. “I’ve always been a virgin, and the only reason I said otherwise was because Jessica’s my lover and I’ve slept with her. But she’s only licked my pussy, and the truth is I’ve never had a boy’s cock inside of me. My hymen’s still intact; so technically…I’m still a virgin.”

“Then why’d you make fun of me all these years!” John growled. “Why did you humiliate me at school? At home? Everywhere I went! Why did you call me a pathetic virgin in front of my best friend!”

He stared infuriated into his sister’s weeping eyes.

“B-because…I liked making fun of you,” she replied. “But I’m sorry, John! I’m so sorry! I promise I’ll never do it again. You can trust me, Brother: I’ll never ever make fun of you or humiliate you again.”

“You see this?” asked John, showing Lauren the back of his scarred hand. “You see this! Do you know how much this fucking hurt? No. You don’t care; and you’ve said so yourself. Did you even think twice before doing this to me? Did you show any compassion to your own brother?”

“Oh John!” Lauren wept. “I swear it was a mistake. I didn’t mean to—my foot just slipped. I promise, Brother, I promise I’ll never do that again.”

“Too late,” John announced. “I want my revenge.”

And with those words John thrust his hips forward, his mammoth shaft plunging all the way into his sister’s virgin pussy and rupturing her hymen. Lauren let out a hideous scream at the same time her back curved up at a sudden angle, her face distorted by the pain she was experiencing.

“You bastard!” she shrieked. “I hate you, John! I hate yoooooooouuuuuuuuu!” Lauren’s fists rained down against his naked back as tears poured from her closed eyelids, and all the while her sleek legs were kicking in the air. She was clearly not enjoying this.

As for John, he was still getting used to the awesome feel of having his enormous slab of meat lodged inside of his sister’s cunt. And the feeling was awesome: Lauren’s snatch was so wet and tight and hot at the same time, her warm pussy juices flowing over his cock in unending stimulus. It was a feeling like no other, a nasty feeling.

“It hurts!” sobbed Lauren. “It hurts so much! P-please take it out, Brother! If you love me please take it out!”

That look of agony on his sister’s weeping face was payback. Actually it was more than just payback—it was revenge for all the years she had tortured him. It was retaliation for today when Lauren had stomped her heel down on his hand and given him the greatest physical pain of his life. It was punishment for her insults, her sneers, her arrogance, her nineteen years of pampered existence. And it was at that moment the depravity of the situation hit John: he had just taken his own sister’s virginity. He was inside of her once-chaste flower, all ten-inches of his prick shoved inside and stretching her out.

“Get ready, bitch,” he sneered. “I’m gonna to rock your world.”

“F-fuck you!” Lauren replied.

John started moving his hips slowly back and forth, appreciative of the fact that he had licked his sister’s quim before entering her. Her snug insides were now moist and slippery with vaginal juices and this helped ease the movements of his dick. Still, he couldn’t rush it. Because Lauren was a virgin the muscles of her pussy were quite stubborn to the invasions of his cock. It was like the head of his erection was trying to squeeze through a very narrow tunnel, a tunnel that was at once hot, wet, and slick, and as John pushed forward, inch by inch, he could feel his foreskin rolling back with cutting pain. That’s how small and tight his sister’s pussy was.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” cried Lauren, throwing her hips up. “It hurts! It hurts so much! John—stop! If you love me please stop!”

But he didn’t stop. Instead, he picked up the pace, moving his hips quicker and quicker and exhilarating in the sensation of his monstrous organ spearing in and out of Lauren’s burrow. Sometimes John would pull out his cock till only the swollen head remained inside his sister’s twat before sliding all the way to the hilt—at this instant his dangling balls would knock against her creamy thighs.

“Guh!” Lauren moaned with a face bent in disgust. “Guh! Guh! Guh!” came her cries every time John slammed his length into her, with each shuddering drive causing Lauren to slide up and down the white sheets.

Soon he had a nice rhythm going, moving his hips back and forth with clockwork regularity….

“How’s that feel?” teased John. “Good? Is what Brother doing feel good?”

“No!” hissed Lauren, her sharp nails digging into his naked back.

“That fucking hurts!” John snarled. “…But it’s okay, Sis, it’s okay. Do you know why?” Lauren shook her head. “Because by the time this night’s over, I’m going to have you begging and crying and screaming for more of your brother’s cock!”

“That…that won’t happen!” she stammered. Lauren was staring up at her brother with a look of defiance, yet as she spoke there was a quiver to her bottom lip. “I’ll never enjoy this or beg you to fuck me! And most of all, I’ll never forgive you!”

John slammed his hips forward, causing Lauren to squeal with pain and toss her head back. Hah! The bitch deserved that. “Oh yes you will,” stated John. “You’ll be so in love with my cock you’ll forgive me for anything. Face it, Sis: I own you now.” Once again Lauren shook her head, but this time there was a touch of panic in her eyes….

John continued fucking his sister, and whenever he moved his prick back and forth in Lauren’s juicy tunnel he could actually feel the sensitive helmet rubbing along her moist inner walls, scraping with delicious ease against her velvet folds and opening them up. “Oh fuck that’s nice!” he moaned. “I love your pussy, Sis! I love it so much I could fuck it all night!”

“Ngggghhhhhhhhh!” Lauren whined, closing her eyes and arching her slender back. It wasn’t hard to see that his sister was in pain, and the longer John went on the more agonizing it became for her. “It’s too much!” she began shrieking. “Please, Brother—please stop! I can’t go on any longer!”

John rammed his entire length into his sister’s pussy once more, seeing the lush orbs of her tits wobbling in their dark brassiere. “What’s too much?” he asked in a hoarse voice. He was too lost in his own pleasure to care.

“Your cock!” screamed Lauren. “It’s—ahh!—it’s way too big! It—ooooooohhhh it hurts! Please take it out, Brother!”

“Don’t lie, Sis,” John taunted. “You love my huge cock, don’t you? You love the way it feels in your snug little cunt. You love how it moves in and out of you. And you love that it’s so big.”

“No I don’t!” Lauren cried with a pained forehead. “I hate it! I hate it! I hate it!”

John continued pounding his sister’s twat, holding her by the shoulders and skewering her pussy in forceful thrusts. His balls were now washed in Lauren’s juices and these would smack wetly against her inner-thighs with each of his slams.

But it was time to mix things up. As John gripped Lauren’s creamy shoulders just over her black bra-straps, he drew his hips back till only the plump crown of his dick remained inside her opening. Suddenly he pistoned his hips forward—all ten inches of his monstrous organ ramming through his sister’s pussy in one powerful thrust. Their bare hips collided with incredible force as the lewd sound of naked flesh smacking naked flesh filled the room.

“Fuuuuuuucccckkkkk!” Lauren screamed, her eyes opening up impossibly wide as she arched her back at an intensely sharp angle. His sister’s black bra catapulted through the air, her full and creamy breasts bouncing and jiggling with frantic disorder in the tight-fitting garment.

John did the same thing over and over again, drawing his phallus back till only the engorged knob remained inside Lauren’s quim before pounding forward. With every thrust his sister would scream out in agony and curve her narrow back, her eyes opening in shock before squeezing shut. At this moment the muscles of her long and elegant legs would flex and unflex, her toes curl then uncurl.

By now it had been five minutes, and something occurred to John at that very instant: Lauren was no longer digging her fingernails into his skin. Rather, her soft hands were roaming all around his naked back, the black silk gloves caressing the sensitive flesh. He also noticed that with some of his more powerful thrusts Lauren would throw her arms around his torso and squeeze. She would embrace him tight, her slender legs bending at the knees and pressing firmly against his sides, her head tossing back as she’d gasp from the depths of her throat.

So John kept going, determined to make his sister love their first fuck.

“Mmmmmhhhhh,” Lauren moaned, tipping her head back into the mattress. “Mmmmmhhhhhh …please stop, John…You hear me? Oooohhhhhhhhh… No more, Brother, no more….aaahhhhhhhhh….too much…’s too much….ooohhhh, your cock’s so big….please, Brother….I can’t—ahhhhhhhhh—I can’t keep going….”

That’s weird, thought John. Lauren’s sharp moans are really at odds with her mumbled words. Is she starting to enjoy this?

Both John and Lauren were sweating profusely now. Their naked bodies glittered with perspiration, John’s large and muscular figure dripping with sweat down his powerful arms or sparkling on his sinewy back, every sleek muscle of his sister’s gorgeous figure bathed in the sticky liquid. Lauren’s taut abdomen was glowing under the ceiling lights with sweat riding down the lush cream surface; sweat also glistened on her smooth forehead and caused threads of golden blonde hair to stick to her temples. But most exquisite of all were the thin bands of perspiration slithering down his sister’s breasts, the fulsome orbs glistening like diamonds that just begged to be touched.

“I can’t take it anymore!” John barked. “I want to feel them—I want to feel them now!”

And with those words his hand shot for Lauren’s brassiere and yanked it down.

“Brother!” Lauren screech in shock, her glossy breasts tumbling and spilling out of their black bra. “Wh-what’re you doing!?”

Since John couldn’t take the whole thing off he’d have to settle for it hanging just below his sister’s tits.

Right away he gripped the silky orbs in his hands and felt their loveliness. They were the ideal size: not too big, not too small, but just large enough to fit in the clasp of his palm. So he squeezed them once, realizing right away that the globes were slippery with perspiration.

“Wow, Sis!” John exclaimed. “Your tits are perfect. You should be proud that even your own brother’s turned on by them!”

“Ohhhhhhhh John, what are you doing?” Lauren moaned. “Stop. Hmmmmmmmhhhh, please stop….” She didn’t sound very convincing. In fact, as Lauren spoke her eyes were half-closed in what can only be described as a look of salacious lust, someone in the depths of arousal; her head was tilted back into a pillow and her bright pink mouth open in a wide oval. “My tits aren’t yours to play with….they’re—ahhhhhhhh!—they’re Jessica’s!”

“I’ll make you forget about that bitch,” John sneered.

After those words John bent down and brushed his tongue up Lauren’s creamy throat, licking up the beads of sweat which glistened there before plunging his tongue deep into her mouth. It was the first time they had kissed, and though his sister groaned hard at the intrusion of his tongue she didn’t struggle or break away. Rather, her arms circled lightly around John’s neck as her slim fingers began playing with his hair.

“Mmmmmhhhhhh….” Lauren moaned, closing her eyes and kissing him back. “Stop….” Her pink mouth was sealed against his own. “….We shouldn’t be doing this….” John kissed her once and felt her lips parting submissively. “….This is so wrong—” Their tongues coupled as Lauren began flicking her wet and juicy mouthpiece against her brother’s, all the while gasping, “….Incest!…this is incest!….dirty dirty incest!….”

As the siblings persisted in their oral sport John grabbed both of his sister’s tits and began pushing them into each other, seeing their curved, supple edges mashing together till there was a deep valley of cleavage between the two globes. Suddenly he began sliding Lauren’s tits up and down her slender chest, thrusting them up till their tops would hit his sister’s chin and cause her to gasp; then he would yank them down hard and start all over.

“Hmmmmmmhhhh!” Lauren moaned, shaking her head left and right. Her arms were still wrapped tightly around John’s neck while her legs were kicking the air with abandonment. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” And amid all the moaning and panting and husky breathing there was something else to mesmerize the eye: beads of sweat were starting to zigzag down Lauren’s gleaming tits, riding the fair-coloured globes in single or twin threads before getting lost in the black bra that still hung below her perky jugs. At times these thin streaks would hit Lauren’s rosy nipple, splitting at the base and running off in even thinner ribbons, or just as lovely, hanging like wine on its supple tip.

For the moment John relinquished his hold on Lauren’s tits and commenced fucking her. Grabbing her trim waist, he took long stabs of his sister’s pussy as she began grunting in tune to his thrusts.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” cried Lauren, enfolding her slim legs around her brother’s back. “Oh fuck, John!” Her ankles locked tightly just over his buttocks, holding on firmly as John drove his cock into her over and over again. “I can feel it! I can feel your cock, Brother!…pushing inside me….so deep inside—Oh—it’s SO big!”

Strange, she wasn’t complaining.

John took that as a sign and began pistoning his hips faster, and at one point he was pumping his sister’s twat so fast and hard that her breasts were describing circles on her chest. The twin globes would swing through the air in opposite, counterclockwise circles before colliding together and in their fury releasing a spray of perspiration from their glazed tops.

With one final lunge of John’s member Lauren cried out in orgasm. It was a moment of pure ecstasy—their naked hips slapped indecently together, a loud SMACK! of incestuous flesh hitting incestuous flesh and resounding thunderously around the room.

“FUCCCCCKKKKKKKK!” shrieked Lauren.

Her face was twisted with pleasure, the brow knitted, teeth clenched and head leaning back. “I’m cumming!” she squealed, closing her eyes tight. “I’m cumming, Brother, I’m cumming!” Lauren had pulled John in with her ankles so that his prick was lodged completely inside of her vagina, and clasping her arms around his neck she had arched her back till her full and lovely tits became mashed against his chest. “John!….Oh John!….Oh my Brother….”

This embrace lasted for a whole minute, an interval during Lauren held John tight against her body and shook and quivered with the joy of orgasm. Her pussy throbbed like mad, its muscles opening and closing incessantly, squeezing the incestuous phallus that was still buried deep inside her flower.

“Mmmmmmhhhhhh,” Lauren moaned, flopping back onto the mattress.

She just lazed there on the white sheets and continued to breathe in and out, her naked tummy rising and falling with each breath she took. Streaks of damp blonde hair lay across her sweaty forehead and lush cheeks, and all this time her eyes were fixed on the ceiling above.

“Now wasn’t that fun?” John laughed.

Lauren didn’t answer.

“Well?” he persisted. “Wasn’t it, Sis? Didn’t you have fun?”

This time she shook her head without enthusiasm.

“Whatever,” he shrugged, and then added: “Sis, I want you to suck my cock.”

At once Lauren scrambled onto her knees and took his dick into her mouth. She began blowing his prick back and forth, her trim fingers clutched around the slimy column of flesh, racing along its length in chorus to the movements of her head. Lauren’s pink tongue popped out of her mouth and took a long, slow sweep up the lustrous organ from its very bottom, brushing up her own pussy juices which coated it.

“Mmmmhhhhh,” John moaned, throwing his head back and gasping. “That feels nice….”

Lauren held the thick slab of meat in her slim fingers, watching it twitch and jerk as her tongue drifted up its length. Once John’s sister got to the fat red helmet (the same one that had been pumping inside of her twat) she began tonguing it all around. John ran his fingers through the blonde waves of Lauren’s hair, stroking them as her tongue rapidly stroked the cap of his phallus.

Soon she took it back into her mouth.

“Hmmmmmhhhhh,” Lauren hummed. Her eyes were closed in a look of deep contentment, almost of peace—then with a few lunges of her head she popped her brother’s dick out of her mouth and looked up at him. There was now a glittering thread of saliva joining the tip of John’s cock to the bottom of his sister’s pink lip.

“Interesting,” he remarked.

Lauren was staring up at him. “What’s interesting?”

“Well, I didn’t order you to suck my prick Lauren, but you did it anyway.”

Her eyes opened wide in shock. “O-of course you did! You ordered me, or I wouldn’t have done it!”

“No, Sis,” he laughed, sweeping aside the blonde hair from her eyes. “I only said that I wanted you to suck my cock. I never ordered you at all.”

“Yes you did!” she barked in anger. “You ordered me! You ordered me or I never would have done something so…so disgusting!” At that moment Lauren was in a whirlwind of panic and self-doubt: she just couldn’t accept the fact that she had licked her own brother’s cock without any sort of manipulation. If she did admit it that would mean she was now his slave—by choice. “No….I couldn’t have….You’re lying….You hear me, John: you’re lying! You ordered me, and I don’t care what you say!”

John laughed. There was no use convincing her, so why bother trying?

“So….” murmured Lauren. “It’s over, right? You’ve fucked me and had your revenge….”

“Oh no, Sis,” said John shaking his head. “It’s only half-over.”

Lauren’s face seemed to brighten a little but she quickly hid it behind another scowl. “Half?” she asked. “Wha…what’s left?”

“That’s right,” John remarked. “Half…because there’s still one thing remaining—a fantasy of mine that I’m dying to fulfil. You see Lauren, dearest sister, there’s only one way to fuck a bitch like you.” She looked confused, staring up at her brother with a knitted forehead.

Suddenly it dawned on her. “No!” she protested. “I…I don’t want to! It’s over, you hear me! It’s fucking over!”

John laughed. “You don’t really have a choice. Lauren, I order you to turn around and get down on your hands and knees.”

With that mechanical helplessness she spun about and placed herself in the doggy-position, sobbing all the while.

John stepped behind his sister and ran a palm up and down the creamy right cheek of her ass, gliding the hand all over her firm, silky skin. While he was at it he also undid her bra and tossed it aside, the same damn bra that had once hindered his access to those full and glorious breasts. And so there he stood, marveling at the sculpted magnificence of his sister’s buttocks; his glance also took in her toned thighs, long legs, slender waist, and the glossy blonde hairs draped along her back. Yes, Lauren was one of the hottest girls in the world, and now she was also his slave….

“I’ve been wanting to do this for years now,” said John with a wicked grin. “So many fantasies; so many dreams of just this one moment….”

“Fuck you!” Lauren immediately shot back. “I hate you John! I hate you!” She was staring at him over her shoulder with an infuriated scowl.

“Let me tell you something, Sis,” John declared, “I promise those words will haunt you tonight. For the first time in your life of comfort and privilege you will be punished for what you say to me.”

“No!” cried Lauren. “I-I’m sorry, Brother. I never meant to hurt you; it was just a stupid game, that’s all.”

“You’re lying,” John replied, “and you’re saying all this now because you’re scared of me—scared of my power. The truth is that you’ve always taken a special delight in tormenting me, in insulting me to your friends and abusing me at school just so you can be one of the in-crowd. That’s right: blonde and popular Lauren, dressed like a slut and hanging around with the trendy group of kids, not even acknowledging she has a brother except when she wants something from him. And worst of all—what’s worse than all this—is that you don’t love me.”

“But I do love you Brother!” Lauren pleaded. “I’ve always loved you!” She was in tears as she gazed over her naked shoulder at John.

“Well let’s prove it,” he said. “If you really do love me then I’ll stop right now.”

Lauren nodded her head timidly. “O-okay….”

“Lauren,” John spoke up, “I order you to tell the truth: do you love me or not?”

“No,” she answered right away. “I only said those words because I was scared of you.”

John grinned in triumph. “That’s all I needed to hear.”

When she realized what she had done Lauren began crying even harder. “I’m sorry!” she begged. “I’m sorry, Brother! Please don’t hurt me! Please!”

“Save your tears!” John growled. “You think they make any difference now? The truth is that we’ve been twins since the moment we were born and instead you chose that bitch Jessica to love more than your own flesh and blood. I can never forgive you for that, Sis, never. You deserve to be punished—and what better punishment is there than dominating your hot little body?”

Taking his cock in hand, and with one hand on his sister’s hip, John began inserting the bulbous head into her sheath. Lauren gasped as her pink mouth opened wide.

“Nngggggghhhh!” she squealed. “It hurts! It hurts! Stop, Brother! PLEASE STOP!”

But John didn’t relent, pushing the glinting red knob of his cock forward, sinking it deeper and deeper into his sister’s pussy and seeing it disappear into her oozing depths.

“Oooooooooooo!” cried Lauren, her forehead crinkling as she still looked over her shoulder at John.

By now John was halfway inside his sister’s cunt and was able to let go of his shaft. For a moment he admired the curves of Lauren’s graceful waist, remembering back to this afternoon when he saw his sister on top of her lesbian friend. With both hands now on Lauren’s hips, John continued sliding the last of his five inches into her twat.

A wave of hot, juicy fluids immediately hit his plump cock-head and washed over the rest of his monstrous organ. He pushed deeper still, the pulsing red crown of his shaft rubbing along his sister’s slick velvet folds and causing him to grunt with ecstasy. Then, giving one final plunge forward, John felt his dangling testicles smack against Lauren’s thigh.

“Guh!” she moaned senselessly.

Well, that was a lot simpler than before….

“Oh Sis,” panted John, “your cunt…It’s so FUCKING tight!” He started moving his hips back and forth, his cock gliding through the satin-smooth pussy without the least friction. At first John only held onto Lauren’s naked waist and plowed her vagina, his tempo slow and unhurried.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!” came Lauren’s rhythmic moans, emerging from her bright pink lips every time John drove length deep into her.

This went on for a few minutes, John skewering his sister’s cunt while gripping her waist and Lauren moaning “Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!” into the otherwise quiet room. But then John picked up the pace, clenching Lauren’s sensuous waist tightly and taking faster stabs at her pussy. Unlike before his cock only made it halfway before pulling back to the tip then lunging forward again. John repeated this manoeuvre over and over at an energetic pace, and as the rate of his thrusts sped up so did the pleasure of their fuck.

“Ohhhhhhhhh!” cried Lauren. “Too fast—ahhhhhhhhh—you’re going to fast! P-Please, John…slow down…. Are you listening? …Why won’t you slow down!”

Lauren had turned her head forward and was now gripping the bed sheets in her black-lingerie gloves. Her white teeth were gritted hard, the muscles of her soft throat clenched and visible, her forehead wrinkled with lines, and her slim fingers grasping the bed sheets into a fist. Sweat was also beginning to form all over Lauren’s body, bathing her naked back in a lush gloss of perspiration—at the same time, all that soggy heat caused several blonde hairs to become plastered to Lauren’s face.

“Nice….” John murmured. He had just looked down and seen both of Lauren’s ass-cheeks covered in a glaze of sweat. His right hand began running all over his sister’s firm and glistening derriere, the perfect globes of cream glinting under the bedroom lights.

“So soft,” he marveled, “….so smooth.”

John moved his palm all over the rounded surface of his sister’s butt and smacked it hard, seeing it jiggle.

“Ahh!” Lauren gasped out in surprise. “D-don’t slap me you bastard!”

“Why not?” he asked with an evil grin. “You have such a fine ass, Sis.”

“Shut up! Just shut up you disgusting pig!”

For the moment John had stopped all activity with his hips and, bending down, he placed a firm kiss on his sister’s right mound. It was a wet and salacious kiss, echoing in the otherwise quiet room. As his lips spread and closed on the creamy surface of her buttock John felt Lauren twitch with surprise; then his tongue began tracing forward on the surface of his sister’s ass, brushing up the beads of sweat that were riding down its curved form.

“Ahhhhhh!” Lauren cried in shock. “Wha-what the hell are you doing?”

John didn’t answer. Instead, his tongue entered the groove between Lauren’s tight-cheeked buttocks and began gliding up, licking the sweat that was there and traveling down to the dip in her back.

Abel Kalitz, Ambassador Extraordinary of the Federation of West Asia to the Dekerin Domains, had just arrived at his new Embassy, which turned out to be a disappointment. It was a dull, Spartan-looking building with only 2 stories and a rather utilitarian décor.

Nevertheless, it was bad form for a diplomat to complain about his accommodations, especially one whose host had provided him with 2 maidservants required to service him sexually. That was one pleasant surprise about his new living situation. His office also proved nice for such a drab facility. It had the rich maroon color associated with a government official, though not the navy blue reserved for the peers and magnates of the State, of course.

What Mr. Kalitz didn’t realize was that things were about to get worse for him. He had visited a planet whose rulers had unwisely started a war with their neighbors. They hadn’t bothered to mention this to him, but he started to notice some disturbing signs of a strapped Exchequer and a private sector oppressed by rationing.

At least his own Federation had put the ancient Arab-Israeli Wars behind it. They were a sad page of history that most West Asians preferred to forget. The Dekerins, however, had a vendetta with the nearby Macureans, who were ruled by an intellectual elite. Apparently, it was a conflict rooted in ideology as well as greed for the mines of certain disputed moons.

The Dekerins accused the Macureans of being a world run by “godless”, pansy philosophers with plenty of book knowledge, but no “common sense” or courage. The latter, for their part, regarded the former as a backward, primitive, superstitious civilization barely worthy of the term.

There was some truth to both sides’ claims, but they were distorted by propaganda. The Macureans were atheists who would have given the late Madeleine Murray O’Hair a run for her money, just as the Dekerins had an oppressive feudal hierarchy. However, the philosophers who governed Macureus had experience with actual administration and proved capable of taking risks. The nobles who controlled Dekeris were more artistically and culturally sophisticated than their enemies wished to admit.

After a day of frustrated haggling with top officials of the Dekerin External Affairs Bureau, Kalitz was tempted to give up. His maids helped relieve his stress, but the next day proved even more exasperating. What was the matter with these inane and provincial Dekerins, anyway? Every thought and feeling seemed directed at preserving as much of the status quo as possible. They wanted to make as few concessions to necessity and reality as they could avoid. How could THEY consider the Macureans impractical, he wondered to himself.

Well, if the arrogant pricks don’t learn to adapt soon, they won’t have a Dekeris to defend. Either that, or revolution would be a distinct probability for the near future. Given their domestic house of cards, that was looking to be the smarter bet.

So the Ambassador thought, when he was suddenly approached by a native member of his Embassy staff, who looked totally ashen. That would have been impressive for an orange-skinned extraterrestrial, if it were not for the nature of his information. He seemed shaken and absolutely stunned.

“What’s the matter, Eupas?” he probed, now quite afraid himself.

“It’s an INVASION, sir! They are here and about to seize the capital! You have to leave, Ambassador! It’s dangerous,” Eupas announced at last.

“Who’s invading? The Macureans?” Kalitz inquired, worrying about what would happen then to him and the staff.

“No, it’s the Akrosian Empire! They have blasted through the planetary defenses and are landing Imperial Marines! 3 battalions of them! They are storming the capital NOW!” he screamed.

“The Akrosians are attacking Dekeris? Why? Are they allied to Macureus or something?” he demanded.

“Not that I know. The AKROSIANS don’t form alliances, or at least they haven’t in the past few centuries. They are imperialists and expansionists, not the peace-loving or treaty-making type of people,” Eupas explained.

“Well, calm down, Eupas. I doubt that even the Akrosians will risk war with the Federation of West Asia. They have enough fighting on their hands for now, I imagine. We’ll be safe, I think,” Kalitz reassured the aide.

Even so, he hurried home to make sure that his maids were not in danger. He had grown very fond of the twins, Prima and Secunda, since they had become his personal servants. They greeted him with a bow, as usual. It was their habit to kneel in his presence. He had added a custom, of course: they were to stay naked in the house.

“Master, what is it?” Prima asked anxiously.

“Don’t worry about it right now, dear. Bend over for me. I want to fuck your ass. Secunda, I want you to clean up for me, licking all my seed from her bottom,” Abel ordered them.

“Yes, Master,” they said together.

Prima gladly bent herself over some of the furniture to let him take her anally. Obviously, sodomy was not condemned in Dekerin society, either. In fact, Kalitz heard gossip about Eupas and others being homosexuals. It wouldn’t have surprised him if that were true. Abel applied some of his lube to the girl’s backdoor and entered her, while her sister watched lustfully. Voyeurism seemed to be ALMOST as common on Dekeris as it was on Earth. The main difference was that the Dekerins engaged more openly in acts that were sometimes still taboo on Earth. That reduced the need for voyeurism to some extent.

For all of their stupid traditions about the role of women and the social injustice that the Ambassador had observed, the Dekerins were smarter about sexuality than most humans, he realized. It was mankind that was still in the Dark Ages about sexual freedom. Dekeris, after all, didn’t have age of consent laws nearly as restrictive as those on his own planet.

On Dekeris, 16 was the age of consent and regarded as “youth”. The Dekerins didn’t have sentimental notions of guaranteeing someone a prolonged childhood. Nor were parents allowed to deny responsibility for raising children, regardless of their age. “Deadbeat dads” were non-existent on this world. Anyone who tried that was flogged in public. It was harsh, but effective.

Kalitz thought about this for only a little while. The tight hole around his cock increasingly made it tough for him to process thoughts at all beyond the pleasure of fucking an alien’s bottom. He slammed into her sphincter with greater force this time, as she was becoming used to it. Evidently, she enjoyed his dick in her backdoor, as she became wet again.

Secunda was also having fun, since she had begun playing with her clit. The key difference between hers and a human female’s was that the former was more sensitive. She found herself getting off very quickly, whereas a woman of Abel’s race would take MUCH longer in most cases. She was a highly sensual person, much like her sister. Apparently, that was normal on Dekeris.

After a dozen minutes of buggering Prima, the Ambassador came in her butt. Pulling his limp manhood from her asshole, he pointed to it, indicating that it was time for Secunda to eat all of it. She didn’t wait for a verbal command, instead putting her mouth and tongue where he had directed her.

The truth was that Secunda was in love with her sister and had been since puberty. Perhaps it was transferred narcissism to feel that way about her own twin, but she had passionate feelings about her. ANY chance to kiss, touch, taste, or please her sibling was delightful to the girl. This was just another such excuse. Prima was clueless about this, because she preferred males. However, that didn’t stop Secunda from loving her.

Her tongue slid hungrily between Prima’s cheeks, lapping up the cum from her twin’s ass. As she devoured her sister, Abel noticed the desire in the maid that reminded him of the way that his brother Moshe used to look at a Palestinian Arab girl in Jerusalem. He seemed to think of her as a nymph. Secunda clearly felt much the same way about her sibling.

The sight of one of his maids rimming the other was exactly the sort of diversion that the Ambassador needed after such a hectic day. He didn’t worry about whether one of his servants was a lesbian. She responded too well to his dick for that. No, she was bisexual, though in love with another female. From what he had seen and felt of Prima, he didn’t blame her sister for loving her.

Unfortunately, while Secunda licked his seed from her identical twin, Kalitz received a dispatch over the computer that returned him to a darker world. The Akrosians had captured the main government buildings in a daring assault that utilized a great deal of special operations. He had to hurry back to the Embassy, to check on the political situation.

“Here, clean my cock so I can get dressed. There is still some cum on it,” he commanded the girls.

Prima particularly showed an enthusiasm to licking the spunk off the cock that had just sodomized her. Secunda was almost as glad, but her enjoyment of the act was less than the pleasure that she took with her beloved sister. Too bad that Prima didn’t know, he thought. I don’t plan to give either of them up, but when I leave, they should be together. They would make a great couple, assuming that the Dekerins didn’t try to keep them apart in the future.

His dick clean at last, he kissed both girls on the mouth and returned to the Embassy, where he encountered Eupas again. The assistant clearly hadn’t gotten past his concern over the Akrosian attack. If anything, he was even MORE bothered by the idea of an alien occupation. What would happen to him and the rest of his people? Would the Dekerin Home Guard be able to repulse the invasion and drive the enemy off his world? If not, would the takeover be mild or brutal?

The Ambassador had to stress somewhat himself about the same basic issues, though from a distinct perspective. The fighting was still happening in the capital, but the Akrosians seemed to have achieved a tactical surprise and taken control of the seat of government. Did that mean that the war was over, or simply that the Council of Magnates had fled the city?

If it was the latter, the Akrosians could expect bitter resistance from the Dekerin military and populace. Even the worst rulers tended to inspire loyalty and courage from their people during an invasion, Abel knew. The 2nd World War in the mid-20th Century was a case in point. Joseph Stalin had brutally persecuted, mistreated, and killed many of his countrymen, but they eventually backed him (for the most part) against Adolph Hitler and his Nazi Germany.

Suddenly, a knock was heard at the Embassy’s front door. When Eupas opened it, an Akrosian Imperial Marine stepped inside. He had a squad of comrades with him. They trained their laser pistols on Kalitz.

“Which one of you is the Ambassador from West Asia?” the soldier demanded.

“I am, sir. What’s your name and purpose for violating my diplomatic privileges?” Abel reacted.

“I am Lieutenant Aldenar of the 16th Battalion of the Akrosian Imperial Marine Force. I have been ordered to provide security for this facility and protect all neutrals. That includes you, Ambassador Kalitz. The Occupational Authority will want to confer with you tomorrow, so that you will understand the full situation and the Empress’s reasons for going to war,” the commander declared.

“Very well, but it’s not necessary. The security detail, I mean. The Federation provides guards for that. Perhaps you’ve noticed them,” Kalitz informed him.

“Her Imperial Majesty believes that your guards will not command sufficient respect from some of the rabble to protect you from terrorist activity. She has decided to station this detail here for your own safety. We apologize on her behalf for any violating of your government’s sovereignty,” the Lieutenant explained.

“Very well. But I will note that it is not the Government that is sovereign in West Asia. That belongs to the People,” the Ambassador stated, deliberately goading the Imperial officer.

“That is a political issue. It doesn’t concern me,” the soldier told him.

Yeah, right, Kalitz thought. This whole fucking thing is political. The Empress is seizing a chance to attack a world that offends her ideology. She cannot accept the existence of a planet where women have no property or rights and the State has no personal sovereign. Well, it’s not me that has to worry about this. I’m a neutral. I can watch and laugh. History has taught me that forcing political systems on people that are not willing or able to accept them, for whatever reason, is a gesture doomed to failure.

Any liberation must ultimately come from within, unless the oppressor foolishly attacks you. Then all bets are off. That’s YOUR situation. The Dekerins will make you pay. I wouldn’t be surprised if this war ends up changing your form of government more than theirs. For all of their social inequities, they have at least grasped the folly of absolute despotism. In that sense, they are astronomical units ahead of you Akrosians.

I can sit back and enjoy your suffering, you imbeciles. I don’t even have to lift a finger, though I suspect that my staff will take part in the resistance and I will just look the other way. Well, at least this assignment will be more exciting and intriguing than I first hoped. No more dull consultations with bureaucrats. Instead, espionage and reports back to Kuwait City about the progress of the war will be my new role; well, that and pretending to be just a smiling diplomat at state dinners.

Something tells me that my new maids are permanently in my possession now. Lord Parlas, if he is even alive, won’t be looking for them any time soon. He has bigger fish to fry for a while. I shall definitely protect and enjoy them as my own, because they are mine as of today.

Again, I would like to thank MidnightFalcon for his large contribution in helping me write this story.


The Stratford Arms is a complex of apartments that is located near my college, the Chapel Hill Academy for women, and the city. The apartments are rather spacious, three bedrooms, a dinette, a large living room a large vanity area and shower, and an alcove with a small fridge and bar. Each pair of adjoining units has a shared balcony. Mine adjoins Brads; he’s a med student at the college in the city and is doing his intern-ship at the local hospital.

One of the few males here, he always has a gaggle of girls from the Academy gathered around almost throwing themselves at him and pleading for him to attend their little parties which were in fact debauches. Though most of the girls chill out around the pool at night, he only goes down there on Saturdays and sometimes Sundays. I like to sunbathe, so I generally go down during breaks between classes or when I have nothing scheduled that day. We know his schedule for working out in the gym so there’s always a crowd around on Sunday afternoons around two.

It was just one of those afternoons when I had free time that I was just closing the door to my apartment headed for the pool. The delivery guy was about to knock on Brad’s unit with a package when I intercepted him and signed for the small box. I figured it was a good way to have a moment with him. He probably would be coming home around seven and I intended to show up in my canary yellow thong bikini pretending to have just come from the pool.

I spent my usual hour getting some sun then went up to play with my computer. I showered and washed the sun cream off. I passed the full length mirror and paused to admire my body………Ummm, not bad I though to myself. I turned and did a little pirouette before sitting on the bed intending to put my shorts on.

Noticing that my pussy could use a shave I went back for my razor and cream. Again I sat on the bed in front of my mirror and smoothed the shaving cream on my pussy. It’s mentholated and before I had finished, I was quite aroused. Oh hell, I thought, I’m horny, so why not. I got my dildo and vibrator from the bed stand and returned to sit before the mirror.

Wetting my dildo in my mouth, I inserted it in my pussy and began to get that tingly sensation. I intended to use the vibrator when I really got worked up. Sort of the grand finally, so to speak. When I masturbate during the day, I have to admit, I love to do it in front of a mirror and talk to myself as if I’m being fucked by my neighbour, Brad.

It’s one of my favourite fantasies I guess, but boy do I get off imagining him fucking me. Anyway I continued to pump the thing in and out and I was really getting juicy. The faster I pumped it the more came out and soon the dong was coated with a milky cream that forms a sort of white ring near the base.

I could feel myself begin to tremble, and I thought: time for the big finish as I turned on the vibrator. Touching it to my clit I let out a long sigh……… “Ooooh Brad, that feels so fucking good. Oh my god you are good,” I breathlessly chanted, “more, yeah just like that baby, just like that.”

Lying back panting, I thought, “God that was intense, I wonder what he would see if he was watching me fuck myself while sobbing his name.” On a whim I moved to the computer and turned on the web-cam. I could see myself and I wondered…..What if? So I started all over again, but this time, not in front of the mirror, but in front of my computer. The naughtiness of the whole idea was even more exciting than I could ever imagine. The more I watched, the better it got and soon my right hand was a blur as I stroked the dildo in and out watching my juices form a milky collar at the base. This time I didn’t even need the vibrator. I came hard and I screamed out his name…….. “Braddddd, I’m cumming for you baby.”

I lay back exhausted and slowly recovered. Then I returned to the computer to see what I actually looked like when I orgasmed……… I’m not a narcissist but I looked really sexy and it actually excited me to watch myself doing it. Then I went into the shower again and put on a pair of tight white shorts and a pullover.

Turning again to the computer I watched myself walking around the room…..I had left the web-cam on.

That evening I put on my yellow bikini, the one which I wouldn’t dare wear at the pool. The girls would have thought me slutty because it didn’t hide a damn thing. Thong bottom and the barest of a bra top that actually let my nipples peek over the top. I heard him fumbling for the keys to the door to his apartment just as I caught up with him.

I introduced myself. “Hi, I’m Adele, your neighbour and…..well this package came for you and I signed for it. Here.”

I waited for a response….. He was looking at me and sort of peeking below the package I was holding out. I think I heard an intake of breath before he answered.

“Thanks, Er… Adele, that’s sweet. Come on in and have a drink if you’d care to.”

Wild horses couldn’t have stopped me. He seemed sort of shy and really didn’t make a very good drink but at that moment I didn’t care how it tasted. I was with my Brad and I was starting to get wet again. Now a canary yellow thong really shouldn’t be worn when you get horny. Especially if you’re a weeper like I am. I mean I get really wet when I get excited. I tried to distract him so he wouldn’t see the growing wet streak appearing at my crotch.

“Nice computer,” I commented. “It has a web-cam too. Ever use it?”

Sometimes, he answered, when I’m conferencing with my family. While I sat watching him opened the package and looked in. At first he seemed shocked, and then a look of anger crossed his face. After that he didn’t say much and seemed anxious to excuse himself so I left.

I had this compulsion to see what he would do after I left and was curious about the package he had received. I went out on the balcony and moved down to his window. Peeking in the end of the blinds I had a fairly good view of his bedroom. I was becoming a voyeur. Again he went to the box and I saw him lift out one of those male masturbating machines, I think it’s called a fleshlight or something similar.

I couldn’t imagine why he would need something like that but I later found out that Shelly, one of the girls I had met in the gym, had sent it as an insult because he had given her the cold shoulder and turned her down when she offered him sex.

I learned a lot over the next week and a half. He showered every night around midnight. He ate liverwurst sandwiches and drank milk, while studying, and best of all. He slept in the buff. Not a stitch of clothing on and he had a perpetual semi erect cock that was shorn of its foreskin. He was beautiful in every way.

Then on Thursday, around one am he came out of his shower and walked into the room. I had emailed him a video I had made of myself masturbating but insured that my face wasn’t in it. He went to the computer and downloaded my attachment. I was hunched down on the balcony waiting to see his reaction, as I was sort of touching myself.

I couldn’t see below his desk but I could watch his expression. I loved the rapt look on his face and I began toying with my swollen clit. When he stood up I let out a gasp and plunged my fingers in my sopping cunt twisted my fingers anxiously, and actually had an orgasm that left me breathless.

There he stood, playing the scene of me on the computer again, and turning slightly, I could see the most massive hard-on I had ever dreamed possible. I was shaking as I waited. I wanted to see if he was excited enough to jerk off. He was.

He went from the screen only to return moments later. I watched him place a hanky or something over the keyboard and standing he began to jerk off. Knowing that he was staring at me, made it even more exciting, and when he came, it seemed as if the hot jets of cum was spurting directly at my image on the display……… I couldn’t let it end there so I went back to my apartment and began to plan.

The next day I again met him in the hallway and suggested that we might go out some time if he ever wanted company….. He stared at me for a moment. Then his mouth dropped open. “You’re the girl. The one who sent me the Email, your not the phantom lady, you’re the real Adele.

I had forgotten the return address on my anonymous Email would be included along with my first name.

Dinner was fantastic and we danced for more than an hour and I was getting so hot and horny I kept thinking of ways to move on him. I thought, “Oh god Brad don’t you see how horny you make me? Don’t you feel how much I want your cock in my hot pussy? Can’t you read my mind?”

And then he got a call that he was needed back at the hospital. He took me home and when we arrived he found the notice on his door knob. It was an announcement about the party that happens twice a month on Friday nights.

They are sort of sex swapping things but I had always begged off because without an escort, you’re open prey and I would have no choice, and have to fuck anyone who asked. I looked at Brad and asked: Would he go with me? Would he like to be my partner?

He must have still been angry at the fleshlight thing and wanted to prove something, so he said sure.

I had done it. I was going to a sex party and he was going to be my escort. His call from the hospital was forgotten. We went down to the pool area. The gates had been secured, but we were permitted in.

We were expected to take our clothes off and place them in a box near the gate. It was awkward and both of us were a bit shy as we stripped. Then we turned and walked in, hand in hand, and the ruckus started. All heads turned and there was a low roar of ooooh’s and aaaaah’s. As we came into view. I felt like meat I mean they had never seen us before and I guess we were fresh and new bodies to be used. Being a pair, we wore blue wristband, Singles wore red.

Those who wore yellow were available for anything. Before there could be any real sex, both parties had to agree on the person and understand what they were proposing to do. Three women approached Brad first and I approved, rather reluctantly, to let them suck his cock.


The first girl got down on her knees. I don’t think she had sucked a cock before, or certainly not one that was as big as Brads. She tried to get it to her mouth but only managed to suck on his large cock head. She finally gave up and was given a cheer by the people surrounding Brad.

The next girl took her place in front of Brad and looked up into his eyes as she jerked his cock and kissed and licked at the it’s head. I could see this was having some affect effect on Brad, but he was exhibiting a lot of self control.

She went at his cock for the full allowed time of five minutes before she was tapped on the shoulder and she got up from the floor, her jaws aching, as her friend passed her a drink to take away the sour taste of Brad’s pre-cum. He was looking reasonably proud of himself when the third girl grasped hold of his cock. She was a pretty blonde with large breasts and I could see a certain chemistry between her and Brad.

She licked her lips whilst looking up into his eyes. She was massaging his balls as he looked down, and as her tongue flicked across the head of his cock, I knew right away that Brad was going to blow his load this time. Her mouth opened and at least 4 inches of his cock vanished in her mouth. Her lips sliding down his shaft as her fingers gripping the base of his cock.

There was now tension in the air. I almost didn’t notice an arm going around my waist. It was one of the girls I knew from the gym. I put my arm around her as well and we watched together as Brads head went back, savouring his latest nymph’s oral performance.

Her cheeks were dimpled as she pulled her head back and sucked on his cock. Brad put both his hands on the top of her head. He twisted his fingers into her blonde hair and he started to rock his hips, fucking her mouth.

My friend’s fingers gripped my waist even tighter. I noticed that she was wearing a yellow wristband. I moved my hand up to her head and she took the hint and moved her head down to take my nipples in her mouth. Her fingers started to play with my clit while I continued to watch Brad fucking the blonde girls face.

My mind was getting confused. There was my latest boyfriend, face fucking another girl and I had another girl bringing me off with her fingers while she stood behind me watching. Brad somehow managed to look straight into my eyes, and then he looked down and pulled his cock out of the blonde’s hungry mouth, and spew his cum across her face and into her gaping mouth. She was trying to capture as much of his cum as possible. He directed some at her breasts as well, and her fingers spread it over her nipples as soon as it arrived. The crowd cheered at the sluttish display.

She then stood up with her mouth wide open, showing everyone the milky mass of Brads cum. I could clearly see her throat muscles move as she swallowed the stringy mass of sperm. Then she opened her mouth and kissed Brad. He seemed to really enjoy what she had shared with him. That’s when I cracked. I asked him if we could leave.

We gathered our clothes and went back to our apartment without even getting dressed. I didn’t want to lose him at that point. I was unsatisfied and having watched that girl suck Brads cock like that, had me dripping wet. He didn’t pick up on my urgency and we kissed good night.

Another night of solo sex was in store for me and I forced three orgasms before I was calmed down enough to drop off to sleep. The next day I decided that enough is enough and I made up my mind to force the issue.

It was ten in the evening. I had let myself into his apartment somewhere around eight and knew that he would arrive between nine and eleven, he always did. I was so damn horny that I couldn’t wait for our planned date tomorrow night, and simply had to have him now.

When I entered I went directly to his bedroom and began unpacking my purse. The incense burner, the candles and all was laid out on the night stand and the remainder of my paraphernalia, I took to the bathroom. I showered, being careful not to get my hair wet. Had that happened I would have to spend too much time drying it and such, and I was simply too anxious to waste the time.

While I lathered myself I noticed that my pussy could use a little trimming. I have this little sculpted patch that is just above my cunt and I keep it trimmed short and in the shape of a little heart. That really was a mistake because after I showered and sat on the hamper I had worked myself up to a point where I was simply ready to explode. I had spent a bit too much time tending to my breast, and nipples, my derrière, and pussy, and now I was bordering on frenzy. I am very sensitive to touches in my secret areas.

I had forgotten my razor so I used his to trim my little sculpture and also either side of my slit. That damn near got me off and I had to fight myself not to let it happen. I giggled to myself knowing that in the morning he would use the same razor to shave with and probably wonder why it wasn’t quite as sharp as it should be. he always get a wee bit upset when I dull his razor.

Now all prettied up I went to his bed and lit the scented candles, one on either side of the bed and decided not to light the incense until he arrived.

I practised posing in various provocative ways on the bed, imagining which he would find most enticing. Tonight I wanted him to finish me over and over until I was exhausted. My appetite for sex tonight was extreme and I was impatient.

I guess I dozed off because when I heard the front door open, it was ten thirty and I was just a little foggy and lethargic from my little nap. I moved my body to the position, or pose, if that is the word, which I thought most sexually provocative. Then I lit the incense and feigned sleep. My hair spread on the pillow formed a halo around my face, my body leaning slightly on my left hip and my knee bent slightly. Much like those poses I’ve seen on those pin-up calendars.

Instead of coming directly into the bedroom he went to the bathroom and showered. Brad was teasing me. he must have smelled the scented candles and he was taking his time shaving. I heard him say something to himself about the damn razor being dull, then silence. I waited and kept up my pretence.

Then he appeared in the doorway and I quickly closed my eyes and the game started. Brad pinched out the candle nearest his side, and sat down on the bed. I felt the bed sag then I felt his touch. Oh he was good. I was fighting my own urge to respond and held my self in check.

Brad’s warm hand was on my hip. Then it slid down over the side of my thigh, almost down to my knee. I wanted to roll onto my back but held still while I endured his soft caress. Slowly his hand moved up to my hip again and along my side until it was near my shoulder. I trembled.

He was torturing me in the most erotic way imaginable, and I couldn’t stand it. I slowly let out a deliberate moan and twisted onto my back as if I was still asleep and just wanted to change my position. Now I was on my back with my pelvis still twisted slightly to one side. My breasts were available for his eyes to enjoy and I breathed slowly and moaned again as if in a dream.

His hand crept across my shoulder, then moved down to my breasts and like a soft breeze, barely touching, grazed my nipples and I truly gasped and drew in my breath. Brad was toying with me. He knew what to do to me and he was playing me as if I was some exotic musical instrument. My nipples betrayed my body. I felt them begin to expand and when he brought his palm back over them they yielded to his touch. My lips moved to speak his name but formed soundless gasps. As he continued to stroke my nipples his breath was the precursor to his lips kissing my closed eyelids. Again I moaned but now it was involuntary. My pussy began to do that crazy twitching thing that always happens when I get excited and his hand on my nipple was making me crazy.

I felt my body begin to respond. My breasts seemed to swell and become more sensitive, the muscles in my abdomen became taunt and my pussy began to become swollen. Almost twice its normal size and it slowly began to twitch. The slow rhythmical pulsations were forcing my pussy to leak the clear fluid that Brad so loved to taste and spread with his fingers. I twisted to lie on my back and then his warm kisses moved to my cheek and across to my lips.

It was impossible to pretend any more. I reached up and wrapping my arms around his neck, drew his mouth to mine. My lips pressed firmly against his, I parted them. Brad’s mouth now breathing his breath into mine, I snaked my tongue in and slowly searched for his tongue. Duelling, and teasing each other for a moment I felt his tongue respond and I sucked it into my mouth and moaned aloud.

I couldn’t help it. My legs parted and as he moved from sitting to laying along side me, I rolled onto my side and straddled his thigh and hip. I slowly began fucking my anxious cunt against him. Spreading my slippery wetness as I ground hotly, trying to satisfy my clit’s need to be caressed.

When he broke our kiss I was nearly frantic. Brad moved his hot mouth down to my throat and licked. Shock waves made my toes seem to curl up and my body went rigid.

“Oh yes,” I thought, “Oh my god yessss, I’m yours… For god’s sake take me please, Oh please darling.”

As if reading my mind he positioned his mouth over my left breasts nipple, and drew my right breast close to it. Then he rapidly moved his hot wet lips from one to the other and I moaned his name.

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