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Second part of my Leverage story involving the sexy blonde Parker recounting the first time she had sex. This is more action than part one including oral both male and female and first time sex, it would help to read part one to fill in any story gaps. All replies, feedback, death threats and anything else you might want can be sent or left on my profile here, hope you all enjoy the story.


“Is it meant to be that big and stuff?” Parker asks curious if it’s meant to be pulsing like a muscle at her.

“No but I’ve not cum for a few days and on top of seeing you along with watching porn has really turned me on,” Matt admits leaning back slightly.

Parker smiles happy she helped add some reaction to that big thing hanging between the guard’s legs. Her hands move down from his hips stroking the tops of his bare legs feeling nothing but the muscles under his skin. Parker squeezes his thighs getting a really loud moan from Matt’s lips as his cock twitch. Running her hands up and down Matt’s tanned thighs Parker is distracted staring at Matt’s big cock. She loves the feeling of his big strong legs but what she is really wondering is what it’s like to grab a hold of that big stiff cock. A crazy little voice in the back of her head is telling her just to grab it. She just wants a feel; she wants it so bad the anticipation alone is killing her but looking down at it Parker doesn’t know if Matt will let her touch it. A sudden burst of adrenaline takes Parker’s right hand off his leg shooting sideways grabbing stiffly onto Matt’s dick.

“HOLY SHIT,” Matt groans suddenly as Parker’s hand wraps his stiff seven inch cock making his body shakes in shock and lust.

“Wow it feels so fleshy,” Parker says ignoring Matt’s loud cries squeezing his ultra-sensitive cock firmly.

Parker is amazed at how soft the big hard cock is while she carefully runs her hand across it feeling over every inch. Matt lets out a whimper as Parker’s hand plays with his sensitive anatomy, her hand feels amazing wrapped around his cock.

“Crap Parker that’s amazing you sure you have never touched a cock before,” Matt moans feeling Parker’s thumb trail under his shaft.

“No never, it feels cool though but are you ok you have kinda gone dead red in the face like when I first came in,” Parker says the obvious failing to dawn on her.

“No I’m perfect even more if you could do that thing you caught me doing before,” Matt says thinking it’s best to teach the slightly off centre girl slowly.

“Oh yeah that wanking thing so what you just move it up and down like this,” Parker says nonchalantly tugging up and down hard wanking Matt’s cock fast catching the young man totally off guard.

“FUCK YEAH PARKER NOT SO FAST FUCK SLOWER, SLOWER, SLOWER,” Matt screams as Parker just pumped his cock almost to the point of no return.

“I see slower is good fast bad got it,” Parker says sweetly sticking her tongue out a little as she concentrates slowing her speed down.

“Trust me Parker fast is good sometimes but I want to let you experience your first hand job for a little longer,” Matt groans happy he managed just to hold in his cum.

“This is called a hand job?” Parker asks scrunching her nose confused, “So what’s the blow one thing then guys are always saying to me because I never understood that, do they mean this?”

Matt takes a second before answering wondering off hand where a teacher, parent or older kid was to teach her these things, “No Parker a blow job is like this but you use your mouth instead.”

“Oh wow cool girls use their mouths on this thing,” Parker grins working her hand faster sliding it easily up and down Matt’s prick, “But it’s kinda big I wonder how girls can fit it into their mouths?”

“MMMMMMMMMM trust me Parker girls can it’s easy it’s like sucking on a big Popsicle stick,” Matt moans loud as Parker’s hand slides up his shaft slowly giving him one of the most pleasurable hand jobs of his life.

Parker wrinkles her nose a little thinking in wonder how a big cock is like a nice ice cream treat but as she thinks her hand automatically starts to move faster on Matt’s cock making the young guard cry out.

“OHHHHHH FUCK PARKER MORE, MORE TUG IT HARDER SHIT YOU’RE THE BEST I FUCKING LOVE THIS,” Matt screams unable to hold back his yells as Parker plays innocently with his throbbing dick.

“Really you love this? Good because I’m enjoying this too such a fun toy to play with I see why you were playing with it when I walked in,” Parker says happily tugging on Matt’s cock a little more.

“MMMMMMMMMMMM you know Parker you can spit on my cock to make it better on your hand,” Matt suggests feeling his cock starting to get sore now with the constant rubbing as the growing impending feeling of cum grows inside him.

“What! Spit on your cock is that ok, like I don’t wanna act a freak just because people think I am,” Parker sounds worried because for the first time she can ever remember she is worried about another person’s reaction to her.

“Spit on my cock Parker, do it you sexy little thief,” Matt barks hoping a sudden order will snap Parker out of this sudden batch of nerves and worries.

Parker reacts to the yell without thinking sucking up all the saliva in her mouth spitting out a big wad right onto Matt’s cock. Matt cries out when Parker’s warm spit splashes onto his throbbing cock making him moans as Parker starts wanking him again. Her hand grips hard on his wet shaft sliding up and down making a squelching sound which echoes though the small office. The man who caught Parker stealing is on groaning out loud, his head tilted upwards making sounds Parker can’t recall hearing before. Matt looks down at Parker seeing her cute little tits bounce around as she jerks his coated in spit dick. He can’t help but be surprised Parker is good at hand jobs, Matt reason’s that she probably has given them before but had no idea what she was doing or what it was called.

Parker pumps harder on Matt’s cock enjoying the control of a hand job learning that she can make Matt produce the sounds that the porno was making earlier. She knows now that they are happy sounds, sex sounds but from the big grin on Matt’s face even Parker can tell he is happy. Controlling his cock seems such fun and so easy Parker has a feeling she is going to love playing this new game with so many other guys. Working his cock faster Parker’s mind begins to wander the blow job thing, it looks scary then again so did the hand job at one time but Parker doesn’t feel this is a decision she can make herself so she slows the wanking down to ask Matt.

“Hey Matt think I could try one of those blow job things?” She wonders looking right into his red sweaty face.

“Really Parker you want to try and suck me off,” Matt says with a little gasp wondering if he died and went to teasing blonde virgin heaven.

“Yeah unless you know you think it’s stupid,” Parker says knowing that is the standard response to all of her ideas.

“No I think it would be great Parker you’re amazing at hand jobs I bet you would be super at blow jobs too,” Matt says enthusiastically.

“Awesome but what happens if you know I bite you,” Parker questions, a fair point when she knows her bite reflex has put teeth marks into coke cans and into certain creepy guys arms.

“Parker honestly you will be fine and anyway a little rough biting is good so long as my cock stays attached to me I’ll be ok,” He says bravely.

Parker nods sliding off the table onto her knees in front of Matt and his hard cock. Licking her lips she looks left at the slutty brunette who right now is doing the same task she is about to do. Parker studies her intently watching the porn star’s mouth open taking the man’s stiff cock inside her mouth then watches the girl’s head rock back swallowing then sucking his cock letting his big hard tool disappear between her lips. Matt leans back against the table wondering if Parker will suck him, this night can’t get any better for him it seems when Parker slowly opens her mouth but doesn’t move forward as she wonders just how the hell she is meant to get that big thing in her tiny mouth. It looked easy for the girl on the video but Parker just can’t think of how she can put something that large and thick in her mouth without choking or biting it.

“Maybe try licking it first Parker to get used to it,” Matt offers the anticipation almost killing any clear thought inside his mind.

The topless thief nods brushing her ponytail back before sticking her tongue out slowly sliding it across Matt’s cock head making him groan and his cock twitch. Knowing that is a good reaction Parker smiles then starts licking around Matt’s pink shaft licking up his smells and her spit. Licking all around his cock Parker loves tasting his big cock it’s almost like a candy treat for her while Matt groans deeply. His fingers dig against the back of the table as the sexy blonde laps away at his hard cock and once again for what seems like the millionth time he is fighting back an urge to cum. Parker’s tongue is just as natural at pleasuring him as her hand was making Matt fight to hold back his load while he moans loudly letting Parker know what a good job she is doing. Her licking becomes more intense, Parker even grabs the base of Matt’s hard cock holding it still as she works her tongue all the way around Matt’s thick shift.

Matt’s groans are getting louder and his breathing more laboured with Parker tilting her head forward closer to his cock so she can really lick and taste him. Deciding to test the waters Matt pushes his hips forward moving his cock up pressing it against Parker’s soft lips shocking the blonde for a second but she lets her hand move away from Matt’s cock letting the young security guard take control. She puckers her lips together against the hard cock rubbing across her light pink lips trusting him to take care of her. She feels an urge to bite his cock but something about the smell and the temptation to copy the fun dirty movie she saw makes Parker feel sure she doesn’t want to bite. Her lips press together kissing Matt’s cock again making him let out a large moan that Parker thinks rivals the one she heard that lead her to this room.

She goes to kiss it again but at the last second something inside tells her to open her mouth so Parker does letting Matt’s cock push inside her for the first time. Matt has to punch himself in the thigh to keep him from cumming as his cock enters Parker’s sweet wet mouth so shocked she did it. Parker is also shocked that her mouth and his cock seem to fit quite well as she stretched her mouth a little almost giggling at the odd sensation of his thing sliding into a place food normally goes. She hears Matt’s gasp and decides this is the right thing to do moving her head further forward. She has to really widen her tight mouth to fit all Matt’s hard cock inside her before carefully closing her mouth around as much of his cock as she can fit inside her. Parker nearly recoils at the first touch of Matt’s cock around the insides of her mouth. Matt moans again fighting the rising urges from his balls as he knows his cock is the first cock to ever be inside this blonde cutie’s mouth.


Parker is stunned at suddenly being in control as this sex is still a mystery to her but she can’t deny that it feels good very, very good. Very slowly Parker eases her mouth forward feeling Matt’s cock slide down her throat filling up her face and it makes both of them shiver with pleasure. Parker slides forward still a little worried about when his cock head reaches the back of her throat but she is starting to enjoy the motion. Parker also likes the taste, she was sure boy parts would taste icky but she finds all that sweat has made it taste pretty good certainly not something she would want to bite. The filling of her mouth is pretty exciting and as Parker moves her head like her on screen guide she finds her loves the feeling of his shaft brushing along her tongue. She feels her spit building up as she breathes carefully though her nose deploying a trick she learnt learning to steal making her as quiet as possible not using her mouth to breath.

She is thrilled that the skill comes in handy here as she brushes her lips against Matt’s cock. Matt gasps as he feels those soft lips against his shaft making his cock lurch inside her mouth while Parker’s tongue moves up tapping the underside of his dick. Parker has never seen a man act like Matt is right now; he is sweating, swearing and looking ultra-stressed, Parker thought sex was just making babies and other such yucky things but thanks to Matt’s pleasant cock and his dirty movie a whole new world is opening up to her. He clearly loves every second of it placing his hand on top of her head lightly stroking her blonde hair. Parker giggles as Matt pats her head like a good girl but somehow she doesn’t feel like a good girl on her knees with his dick in her mouth. She leans back before pushing forward again sucking a little harder, her lips tightening in on Matt’s shaft.

The young guard moans losing his nails as he digs them hard into the wood fighting off his orgasm with increasing force. Parker finds this so much fun and with it feeling so good too having Matt moaning at every move of her lips or tongue. Matt is enjoying this so much too fighting an urge to thrust forward and fuck Parker’s sweet little mouth knowing she is new to this. Parker is getting used to this whole fun dirty sex thing hearing Matt’s cries of passion telling her much like stealing she is nearly a natural at it. Her lips press into Matt’s throbbing shaft feeling so horny, her own juices soaking the crotch of her suit. It’s like an itch that needs badly to be scratched and Parker can’t resist the warm wet feeling between her legs. Bracing one hand on Matt’s thigh as support Parker pushes her other hand down under her tight bodysuit touching her bare pussy. She groans onto Matt’s hard cock opening her mouth fully allowing another few inches to slide down into her throat. Now Parker groans as her mouth is almost completely full up of cock with Matt’s cock head dangerously near the back of her throat.

“OHHHH GOD THIS IS SO GOOD PARKER YOU’RE THE BEST I MEAN IT OH FUCK MY COCK FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD IN YOUR MOUTH,” Matt screams unable to hold back his emotions as Parker’s head rocks back and forth on his hard cock.

Parker grunts onto his dick feeling happy that she is making the dark haired guard make the good grunting noises she heard off the porno. Her bare hand keeps pushing deeper down the front of her suit trying to touch her on fire pussy, her fingertips just brushing across her wet lips sending a lustful shiver though her body. For a first timer Matt thinks she is incredible sucking on almost the full length of his seven inches and she hasn’t choked or spat him out once. She just keeps slowly working her head back and forth, her soft pale lips grinding against his rock hard shaft. The pleasure running though Matt is amazing after all his long foreplay build up he knows it will only be a couple of minutes more before he cums. He moans feeling his cock sliding in her warm mouth, shutting his eyes trying hard to fight back the building feeling of cum from inside his balls. Parker sucks harder amazed at how nice a blowjob is sure her knees hurt slightly but compared to some of small tight holes she has been stuck into this qualifies as comfy.

Also having a nice fat cock teasing inside her mouth helps too Parker giggles finally getting her hand down her tight bodysuit so she can rub her palm against her dripping wet pussy. She groans feeling some sense of relief as her hand rubs against her wet pussy feeling her juices leaking down her thighs. So naughty she thinks touching herself in this way she doesn’t know if what she is doing is the right way but it feels so good that she doesn’t ever want to stop. Matt pushes his cock forward a little more trying to feel his cock head against the back of the young thief’s throat. Parker wiggles her fingers harder against her own sex with her mouth gets used to the big cock moving around inside her mouth. Parker calmly breathes with Matt’s strong had cock stuffed in her mouth and it feels so wrong but has brought up some amazing emotions inside her. She even gets brave lifting her tongue up pressing it against the underside of Matt’s cock.

He lets out a massively loud groan of pleasure with her wet tongue lapping at the sensitive underbelly of his shaft. Parker tickles her tongue around the thick cock poking inside her mouth trying to taste and enjoy this new feeling. Her free hand moves up Matt’s strong thigh resting incredibly close to his balls making him groan more as he never thought taking oral from a virgin would feel so good. The blonde is still confused at how he can get pleasure from having his thing deep inside her mouth but he did make her feel good by playing with her boobs so Parker feels it’s only fair to let him enjoy his weird sex stuff too. Parker could see her doing this a lot more maybe only with nice guys but she still finds it fun even if she doesn’t understand why it feels so amazing to him. She lets him push his cock deeper into her mouth making her feel like wanting to choke and cough but her tongue moves up sliding right down Matt’s cock making the young security guard cry out with joy.

“OH YES PARKER OH YES THAT’S IT I’M CUMMING BABE PLEASE OH GOD I’M CUMMING,” Matt screams unable to hold back his overbuilt load as his balls tighten.

He fully expects Parker to spit his cock out of her mouth but of course she doesn’t have the first clue what is going on or what is going to happen. Matt tries to pull back knowing anyone other woman in Parker’s position wouldn’t want a mouth full of jizz but his first load fires out of him before Matt has a chance to move his cock out of Parker’s mouth. The cute little blonde keeps sucking lightly on her new play toy wondering what Matt is yelling about when she feels his cock twitch in her mouth. Parker is caught totally off guard when Matt’s cock suddenly starts shooting a liquid down her throat. She wants to move back but her throat is already being filled up by this odd liquid so Parker out of instinct starts to swallow the sticky feeling stuff pumping from Matt’s cock. Nothing that has happened today blows Matt’s mind more than seeing Parker swallowing his massive cum load. Parker hears Matt make a strangled like groaning sound but she ignores him too fascinated by the stuff coming out of Matt’s cock. She doesn’t find it too unpleasant but like Chinese food there is an off tangy taste but Parker doesn’t find it too gross.

The only thing slightly bothering her is wondering what the stuff is Matt’s cock is sneezing down inside her mouth. No longer in control watching the most amazing sight of his lift Matt’s balls erupt with another two big loads shooting right into Parker’s mouth. Parker gulps hard feeling more liquid flow from his cock down her throat, she likes the slightly odd taste off the stuff she just wishes she knew why shooting it seems to make Matt sweat and make more happy sounds more. Matt’s balls shoot out one last long built up load making him gasp feeling weak as his cock shoots the last big glob of spunk right down Parker’s throat. He watches her throat bulge as she swallows down his massive almost biblical load as he pulls his limp cock out of Parker’s mouth as Parker coughs up a little staring up at him. Matt’s balls feel so empty and just the mental picture of the amount of cum the virgin just swallowed is mind blowing

“Was that like pee you just shot in mouth?” She asks with such innocent Matt struggles to hold in a chuckle as he pants for breath.

“No Parker that was cum that’s what makes babies and I can’t believe you swallowed it,” Matt admits leaning back against the table panting, heart pumping hard as his body caked in a layer of sweat.

“Ok cum,” Parker says reminding herself of the new word, “Wait why can’t you believe I swallowed it, was I not meant too?” Parker quizzes again worried she has done the wrong thing.

“No Parker swallowing is good in fact swallowing is awesome I just shot a huge load I’m amazed you drank it all,” Matt says wondering if he will ever recover from the massive earth shattering blowjob he got from this hot yet crazy blonde.

“It was easy, tastes quite nice nothing like trying to drink a jumbo soft drink on a roller-coaster now that takes some doing,” Parker says as Matt tries hard to keep his opinion to himself.

He wonders if she took a bump to the head early on in life or was brought up in the Deep South but whatever happened to this poor creature she is clearly out of touch with so many things. Matt feels pity for her but that is soon wiped from his mind by lust as only now does he spot Parker with one hand rubbing down her pants.

“Do you know your touching yourself?” Matt asks as Parker’s head turns back to the video.

“Hey that woman got herself all dirty,” Parker beams pointing at the TV screen showing the busty redhead taking a cum shot delivered right over her face.

“Yeah some woman like that,” Matt says his eyes still watching the outline of Parker’s hand rocking back and forth under her suit.

“Is that white stuff on her face that cum thing I just swallowed?” Parker asks.

“Yeah it is it’s also the same sticky stuff you can feel right now,” Matt says desperate to pull the ditzy blonde’s attention back to her own pussy play.

“Really girls can cum too cool, can we shoot it out like your thing did,” Parker spins around fully now still on her knees looking up at Matt.

“I dunno some can look Parker this is all getting a bit confusing and I don’t think I should be the one telling you this,” Matt admits the guilt overwhelming his hormones.

“Oh I see you wanted to do that cum thing on my face didn’t you,” Parker says glumly getting up, “Wish you told me I would have done it for you even if it got my face all dirty.”

Matt’s cock can’t help but spring back into life as Parker talks dirty without even knowing it.

“You good? You have that funny look on your face again,” Parker says staring at his slightly strained glowing red face.

“Yeah I’m fine I just was thinking maybe I could make you cum?” Matt asks a little nervous at how the clearly unstable thief will react to that.

“Oh my god really that would be so awesome I mean you were really happy by cumming right?” Parker says gleefully.

“Yeah you will love it here change places with me and get up on this table,” A sweaty nude Matt says hoping he can deliver the same joy to Parker she gave him almost accidently.

Parker gets up and jumps up onto the small table top grinning from ear to ear as the sexy naked guy promised to give her something she up to 10 minutes ago had no idea about. Matt grabs the folded up bit of Parker’s black bodysuit pulling them down.

“This is going to feel good right?” Parker nervously admits lifting her own hips letting Matt strip her naked.

“Of course Parker I promise if this is your first it will be the best thing ever,” Matt promises peeling Parker’s tight catsuit down her pale legs off her body.

Matt looks up and moans softly at seeing Parker’s naked body for the first time while Parker just blushes at him clearly soaking in the image of her in the nude.

“Wow Parker you look so beautiful,” Matt whispers stunned at how good the pale blonde looks out of that sexy catsuit.

Parker blushes harder, her legs parted showing off her bare pussy to the young night time security guard.

“Fuck,” Matt groans seeing her bare gleaming wet pussy lips, “I didn’t think you shaved yourself.”

“Well I don’t but if you crawl around enough cramped warm vent shafts hair kinda stops growing after a while I saw some other woman’s thingy and it had lots of hair,” Parker says calmly as Matt just stares between her legs.

“Well I think shaved is best but wow seriously Parker you are a hundred times hotter than any woman on that porno,” Matt grins still stunned at his luck to have an ultra-hot virgin practically drop into his lap.

He gets down on his knees staring at her almost porcelain skin so white and pale like the pretty blonde has never seen sun. Carefully Matt rests his hand on the bottom of her leg slowly rubbing her soft skin making Parker moans softly. She has never felt a man touch her in this way before and he is so gentle tracing his fingers up to her kneecap. Matt moves his hand further up her leg rubbing the soft part of her thigh as Parker coos lightly; his hand feels amazing trailing up her skin. Squeezing down hard Parker moans with Matt touching her legs so sensually while also moving his other hand up inching closer to her pussy. Matt’s hands move up and down Parker’s legs feeling her smooth skin his eyes however only stare between at her bare wet pussy. On his knees Matt leans over lightly pressing his lips against Parker’s wet mound giving her a gentle kiss.

“Oh god that feels real good,” Parker moans shocked a boy’s lips feel this amazing on her private parts making them tingle almost fizz with pleasure.

Matt kisses a groaning Parker’s pussy again getting another loud reaction from the blonde making her twist around in her seated position fighting not to kick her legs as a warn shot of pleasure runs through her skinny frame. Even Matt’s nice boob kissing didn’t feel half as good as the warm tingling feeling she gets when he kisses between her legs. Matt brushes his lips up against her pussy again tasting the traces of pre cum dripping out of her that he hungrily licks up tasting virgin pussy.

“Please, please, please keep kissing me down there oh please Matt it feels so amazing it’s the best,” Parker yells pleasurable emotion overcoming her as sex finally takes a hold on the young thief’s adult life.

Parker can’t believe the growing sexual itch in her body and now Matt’s lips are teasing her into overdrive. Parker has never ever felt this happy and content with Matt traces his sweet lips over her pussy, his hands rubbing up and down her bare thighs making Parker’s every nerve ending burn on fire with pleasure. Matt is touching her in ways she never thought would be so enjoyable and making her very wet which she can only guess is a good thing. She can’t help thinking the sex thing is badly described, poorly told and also feels so fucking good. Parker still has a few niggling questions but they all disappear from her mind when Matt sticks his tongue out pressing it against her sex. Her shriek is so loud neighbours on the other side of the street must be able to hear Parker crying out with such joy. Matt grins at the reaction he gets so he sticks his tongue out again rubbing it in between Parker’s legs tasting more of the blonde’s juices. He runs his tongue up and down her hairless pussy making Parker grab and tug at her long blonde hair while her mind explodes with pure pleasure.

“OH SEX IS BRILLIANT SEX IS ACE KEEP DOING IT BABY PLEASE MORE AND MORE,” Parker screams delighted and not thinking straight as Matt’s tongue dances along her soaking wet lips.

Matt doesn’t think he has tasted anything so sweet as Parker’s pussy hearing the blonde’s loud groans of pleasure probably her first pleasure filled groans ever excite him even more. His limp dick starting to swell back to life as his body is moving closer to Parker pressing his face right into her hairless wet slit. His tongue flicks out again licking around Parker’s pussy making Matt smile to himself as the young blonde screams out. Moving his tongue faster over Parker’s pussy Matt loves the taste of her soaking wet pussy while Parker screams herself silly feeling pleasure hitting her like the pull back on a high wire dive. She groans feeling sweat dripping down her forehead, her hands grabbing onto the edge of the table squeezing hard making her knuckles flash bright white. Matt’s tongue brushes and licks every inch of Parker’s pussy entrance before slowly he moves the tip of his tongue into her pussy opening.

Parker nearly cries out flinging her head back letting out a low body shaking moan as her pussy is entered for the very first time. Her body is ringing with pleasure filling up every sense also making Parker’s head pop though all these new untouched feelings coursing through her. Matt’s tongue feels so good Parker is tempted to snap her legs shut and keep his handsome face forever trapped in her pussy bringing her pleasure. Matt hears Parker’s excited reaction moving his tongue in more, he hasn’t given oral pleasure to many girls but there is something so intoxicating about Parker’s innocence and sweet tasting pussy that means he can’t resist pushing his tongue deeper inside her. Watching it push though the soaking wet folds of her pussy lips pressing inside her and hearing her gasp at having his wet tongue entering her body brings Matt so much joy.

“GOD YES MORE, MORE, MORE OH IT’S SO DISGUSTING BUT SO GOOD YOU HAVE YOUR TONGUE RIGHT INSIDE ME,” Parker squeals bucking her hips forward trying to force more of Matt’s teasing tongue inside her.

Matt hears her screaming request feeling her hips bumping against his face so he pushes forward. His tongue goes deeper into Parker’s soaking wet cunt making her pussy lips rub up against his chin leaving his face soaking in her juices. Matt’s tongue slowly rubs against Parker’s wet pussy walls, the tip of his tongue teasing Parker’s unused pleasure senses and nerves making the sweating blonde scream experiencing emotions she never thought possible. Parker’s head feels like it’s going to burst as so much pleasure courses though her skinny body, every nerve on fire. Her warm messy cum is dripping from between her legs makes her wonder how her body ever held in such wild pleasurable emotions. Her hips buck faster as Matt’s tongue swirls around inside her bringing her to the edge of everything. This is the best feeling of my life Parker thinks before Matt opens his mouth pressing them onto Parker’s pussy lips drinking her cum also allowing him to push his tongue further inside the blonde. He is rubbing areas of Parker’s pussy that have never been touched in her life and when his tongue brushed up to her hymen Parker screams like her head is about to spilt open.


He holds his tongue in place while Parker’s whole body shakes wildly with pure delight. He is only lightly licking the side walls of her pussy as Parker’s cum starts flowing out of her. Matt wants to taste more of this sweet thief so willing leaves his mouth open letting Parker very first orgasm flow into his mouth. He tastes her sweet cunt and just keeps licking away while Parker just sobs and groans out of control of her own body. She is just shaking about, grinding her body into the hard table top almost convulsing as her first orgasm shuns her athletic frame. Parker’s mind and whole world is blown apart, her orgasm breaking down walls opening something beautiful to her for the first time. Matt slows down as Parker comes down from her high just licking away at the last dripping juices from her pussy before resurfacing for air. Parker is still shivering with a shocked satisfied look on her face as Matt licks his lips clean tasting Parker’s sweet untapped juices before standing up leaning against the desk next to her.

“Wow what the hell was that?” Parker moans feeling her private parts still tingling and a sense of warm washing over her while her head is still spinning.

“That was an orgasm Parker that was like what I had in your mouth before, did you like it?” Matt asks a little nervous not having the best woman pleasuring experience.

“Well duh that was great I feel really good all wet and sticky like I dunno but it’s kinda cool though yeah I really liked it,” Parker says unsure of how to verbally describe the mind blowing pleasure she just have but Matt seems to understand.

“Awesome,” Matt beams, “You know Parker I’m amazed no one has taught or tried this stuff on with you before,” Matt says still unable to tear his eyes from her bare pussy still all shiny and wet with the young thief’s juices.

“Well yeah I’ve heard sex stuff before but it always sounded so gross or creepy you don’t make it like that you’re a great teacher,” Parker says grinning.

“Really cool and don’t forget you liked my porno too,” Matt grins back leaning against the counter.

“Oh yeah that too,” Parker admits before looking down and seeing Matt’s slick cock is semi hard again swinging softly between his toned legs.

“MMMMMMM is that good that your thing sorry your cock is growing big again?” Parker asks her big wide eyes staring down at his enlarged organ.

“Yeah it is Parker I think it wants to have full proper sex with you,” Matt says grinning at his little horny nude thief as she eyes up his cock in a way no woman ever has.

“I’d like that I’d really like that a lot,” Parker says a light sweat covering her body while staring at Matt’s rock hard cock.

“Me too,” Matt moans walking across leaning over Parker giving the sexy blonde another soft kiss on her lips.

Parker moans back pressing her lips into Matt shaking softly as she lets the tall security guard make out with her. She likes this kissing thing well she likes soft kissing he has such smooth skin for her lips to rub against. Parker just loves it shutting her eyes leaning in to kiss him harder. Her hands rest on his flat toned abs rubbing them before moving her hands lower towards Matt’s pulsing hard cock. Parker grabs it making Matt grunt into the kiss with Parker taking firm grip on his shaft slowly squeezing it like she is trying to capture it. She tugs on it hard making Matt moan out loudly still unable to believe his luck getting such a smoking hot sexy virgin to teach then fuck. He breaks the kiss looking deep into her big blue eyes and he can see a little hint of fear in them before she lets go of his thick cock.

“What’s wrong Parker?” He asks rubbing her soft chin feeling her warm pale skin.

“What If I suck at having sex what if I’m really bad at it?” Parker wonders aloud making Matt laugh.

“Don’t worry baby you will be great trust me if it hurts or gets too much tell me and I will stop ok,” He says smiling at her, his own big beaming smile making her face twist into a cheeky grin.

“Anyway everything else sex like you have done today has been awesome so I’m willing to bet you will be first class at proper sex too,” Matt says speaking softly wondering if anyone has treated Parker like this before taking the time to explain and be comforting.

Parker nods still smiling at him before feeling his arms wrap around her petite waist easily lifting her up in the air. Wrapping her arms around the strong man’s neck Parker nuzzles her nose against him like a loving puppy as he takes her over to the side of the room where there is small low down kitchen like counter. Matt rests Parker’s cute ass against the soft side of the counter letting her sink down easing the strain on his arms but he letting him keep a good hold on her. His knee pushes against hers slowly persuading Parker’s legs to spread revealing the blonde’s cute shaved pussy all shiny with her own juices. Matt moves closer getting his body in between Parker’s spread legs his cock stroking against the inside of her leg. He looks up into her eyes seeing that same mix of curiosity, a little fear and deep passion he spotted when she first started watching his porn flick.

“MMMMMMMM fuck I hope that feels good in me,” Parker moans watching Matt slide his cock further up towards her hot pussy.

“Trust me you will love it you will never get enough of it after your first time you will become a horny little minx begging for sex I’m sure of it,” Matt grins brushing his hard cock head up against Parker’s pussy lips.

Parker spreads her legs wider remembering how that busty girl in his porn video was placed when the sex thing started so she tries hard to copy that. Matt smiles at her as she gets into position and Parker blushes a little surprised at herself for being proud of making Matt happy. Not many people in Parker’s life gave her an understanding caring look most writing her off as a few cookies short of a full cookie jar seconds after meeting her.

“This might hurt at first Parker you have a thing inside your pussy that keeps you a virgin so I have to push through and break it I promise it will only hurt a little,” Matt says gently rubbing one of his hands on her back to relax her.

The blonde nods biting on her lip bracing herself for any pain she might get while Matt looks down at his cock resting happily at the entrance to her pussy. Holding the base of his shaft he pushes forward pressing his cock head into her wet lips making both of them moan at the close sexual contact. Matt carefully slots a few inches of cock inside her groaning at just how tight the young woman’s pussy is. It’s like a warm wet vice on his cock as he pushes in further entering the blonde’s virgin pussy. Parker suddenly throws her head back groaning with complete and total pleasure finally having her first sex experience. Matt smiles at her lustful moans, he is also happy she is very naive and never asked or questioned if he had any protection. He pushes hard into her ultra-tight pussy making him shout out as his cock is pressed hard against her damp pussy walls. It is Parker turn to cry out loud slapping her hands down onto the counter of the table getting pleasure better than anything she has ever felt before. Matt’s cock slides deeper inside her feeling her pussy walls tighten against his shaft so Matt really has to twist and move his hips around to get his throbbing wet cock further inside Parker’s body.

Deeper into her tight pussy Matt pushes in more, moaning at just how tight and wet the sexy blonde is. Matt is a little worried as his cock head is pressed up against her hymen wondering if the slightly unbalanced blonde is ready or stable enough to take the sudden pain. Just as his mind debates asking her about it Parker lets out a low vibrating roar using her arms still wrapping around the young security guard’s neck dragging him closer. Pulling him forward makes Matt’s cock push harder into Parker’s tight wet hole sinking deep into her sexy tight pussy. Both their eyes pop open and they have loud moans in sync with each other as their sexual organs press against each other. Matt moans smashing right though Parker’s virginity in one clear push feeling his cock slide deep into her ultra-tight pussy. Her vice like pussy walls are squeezing hard on the sides of his cock holding him perfectly in place while his sweaty chest pushes against hers both moaning softly together.

He feels so hot having slid his bare cock this hot blonde taking her virginity in one hard joint effort. Feeling more in control Matt sinks a little further into her soaking wet cunt. Parker just moans panting for air with her entire body sweating hard feeling of pure lust rattle around inside her. She has never felt lust or pleasure like this before feeling like the pleasure is tearing her young body in half and all she wants is more of this big cock in her. She has never felt so good in her life loving this boy’s big thing inside her as she rocks her hips around trying to feel more pleasure though each twitch of his big cock getting pleasurable shocks though her skinny body. Matt leans forward getting his full length inside the blonde amazed at how much he could fit into her considering how ultra-tight the thief is. He can’t wait to start fucking her knowing from his limited experience that a skinny smaller girl means he can really control and pound into her hard.

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