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I stepped out of the portal; I stood there like so many times before, I had studied this woman many times before. She was not one to take lightly; she was a Lt. Colonel in the Air Force, combat tested; and trained to fight. Since she had come to my planet eight Earth years ago, I had stocked her. A female warrior, someone to test my abilities, I would enjoy taking her. She is gorgeous, short blonde hair, full breast, flat belly, firm ass and shapely legs. She is a beauty, even in her fatigues. Here she is in a cropped tank top and panties; she has thrown back the covers and lying on the bed. The view is something out of a photo shoot, I have seen her this way so many nights just standing here watching her sleep. Tonight is different, tonight she will be mine, the nights I stood here watching her, I also was in her dreams. I was loving her, getting her to know me, she couldn’t wait to see me every night. Tonight we are going to meet live face-to-face. I am going to guide her current dream to the point of us together in her bed. She will wake kissing me just as she was in her dream. We will go from there, if she refuses me, I am prepared to take her anyway. I want her either way, I will have her tonight.

I strip and enter her dream, slowly I guide her into have sex with me, we are at her place and are moving into the bedroom. I stop and tell her to put on her sleepwear while I go to the bathroom. When I returned in just my briefs, she is lying on the bed in the pink-cropped tank top and matching panties, the color darkens her well-tanned skin, the contrast is beautifully erotic. She smiles and pats the bed in front of her; I move to the bed and sit on the edge. I lean into her and kiss her full-pouting lips. She puts her arms around my neck and kisses me back. I slid around so I am lying beside her; I lay my hand on her side and slid it up to her breast. Her kiss intensifies, she puts her hand to my chest, she runs her fingers through the hair on my chest. I pinch her nipple and she squeals, she bends and bites my nipple. I push her back and attack her nipples with my lips. She starts to push me away. I pull out of the dream and look her square in the eyes. She screams and tries to leave the bed. I grab her and pull her back. I kiss her, she stops fighting. I break the kiss and smile.

“Who are you?” she asks.

“I am Can’tr, I am from the planet you call EOG-143. I have been coming into your dreams since that day your group come to my planet eight years ago.” I said.

“What do you want with me?” She asks.

“Samantha Carter, you’re a warrior, a beautiful woman, you are a kind, loving woman. I want you as my woman, wife, companion. You know me from your dreams, I am the same here. You know I will take what I want if kept from me. This I do not want to do with you. Our dream life was real, now we just move it into reality. I am here on your bed just as I was a few minutes ago in your dream.” I said.

“All those dreams were you’re doing? You made them to your desires?” Sam asks.

“No, not to my desires, I just walked in your dreams, the dreams were all yours. I offered myself so many years ago, and you accepted me into your dream world, a world that you now can bring out into this world.”

“You’re saying that you didn’t control my dreams, that I brought you into my dreams after you made yourself known to me.” Sam said.

“Yes, I just made myself available, by being in a bar scene, on the base, or there to help. Just as I did in real life, I helped you and your team so many times to escape harm, even on Atlantis.” I said.

“Are you saying that you have been with me all this time?”

“Sam, I have not been there every second, but I have known where you were and if you were in harm’s way every second. If you had needed me I would have been there.”

She had pulled the blankets up to cover herself, I looked at her. I leaned in to kiss her and she leaned into me, we kissed. I put my arms around her waist and pulled her closer. Her arms went around my neck, I felt her melt. I broke the kiss.

“I am yours, I knew this the minute I awoke. I learned to love you while dreaming, now I will show my love for you. What will you have from me?” Sam said.

“What I want is a woman that will give me what I want, she will not question my love for her. She will not refuse me her body for any reason.” I said.

“I understand and will obey, the only reason I would refuse you is if I find you with another woman.” She said.

“Now, see that is something I can’t allow, I have other women in my house. Some you will know and some you won’t, but you will need to share me and learn to enjoy them sexually.” I said. “Fine, I seem too have no choice, I love you and can’t imagine life without you. Damn, that sounds so cliché, am I that bad?” Samantha said.

“No, but you are right.” I said. I raised the tank top and put my lips to her nipple. She grabbed my head and held it tight. I slid a hand down to her panties and over the surface of her covered crotch, I rubbed her clit through the fabric. She moaned. I moved my lips to the other nipple and sucked it. My fingers found their way under the hem of her panty leg, they slid deep into her cunt. She spread her legs giving me full access to her pussy. I kissed my way down across her belly while finger fucking her cunt. She writhed and squirmed under my touch, she was moaning and panting heavily. When my mouth got to her crotch and I rubbed my lips across her clit through her panties. She screamed, “Oh hell, please don’t tease me like this.”

I sucked in the fabric and gripped the material with my teeth, I yanked and ripped her panties off. She squealed in surprise, then arched her crotch up to my face.

“Oh fuck, please eat my cunt. Make me cum in your mouth.” She cried.

I attached my lips to her clit, and sucked. I tongued her clit while four fingers were slamming her hole. She was building to a climax but she was not ready. I had held one thing back in the dreams. I pulled my finger free and reach up and put them in her mouth. She sucked and licked her own juices from them. I lowered my mouth to her hole and licked the lips of her pussy. I extended my tongue into her cunt and licked the walls of her cunt. She came instantly, she shook and trembled as she cum. She didn’t scream or cry out, she just remained there, her back arched, her mouth open as if screaming, and her eyes rolled up into her head. She was cumming and it was a big one. She whimpered and the power withdrew, she dropped back to the mattress and she laid still. I bit her clit lightly and she screamed as another wave hit her, my tongue found its way back inside her. She shoved her cunt up to meet me, she quivered as the wave move out from her twat. I watched as she massaged her own tits, it was a good thing to see. My cock was rock hard and begging to sink into her cunt. She was ready, so I pulled my head away and crawled up her body. I sucked on her nipples then kissed her mouth. She was licking the cunt juices from my face when I drove my cock into her pussy. She roared a growl as my cock filled her hole. Her legs wrapped around my ass and held me there. Fourteen inches had slammed into her wet pussy, she was allowing another orgasm to take her. She was so far gone into the orgasms, her eyes were open and showed only white, her mouth was screaming without sound and every muscle in her body tensed and drawn up. She was a beautiful sight to this man. As the orgasm subsided, her scream returned, her eyes returned to look at me, and her body relaxed.

“Are you going to do this everytime I fuck you?” I ask.

“Yes, gawd, I have never cum like this before, your tongue went places nothing has ever went.” She cried.

“Do you feel my cock?”

“Hell, yes, I am almost choking on it.” She said.

“That will come later, for now I am going to start fucking you.” I said and withdrew my cock and then drove it back in. She went off again, this time I keep drilling her cunt. She didn’t return for a good fifteen minutes, she shook and jerked, she writhed and squirmed under me, her body reacted to my cock fucking her. I never heard a sound from her, but her mouth was stretched as wide as it could go with a silent scream, her eyes were solid white. This woman knew how to cum, this was damn sexy. Her crotch and ass rose up to meet me, both of her hands were ripping at the sheets. My dick was pounding her cunt hard and fast. I fucked her and fucked her more, she had been orgasming for almost thirty minutes while I fucked her. This much reaction was drawing my jizz out, I pumped my jizz deep into her cunt. I pushed it deep and held it there as her cunt milked my cock. Her body quivered then stopped. She relaxed, her scream returned and died out. She dropped to the mattress and was limp.

“Sam, Sam, you all right?” I ask.

“Fuck” she said and passed out.

I pulled out will a sloppy pop, she whimpered, I crawled up and lay beside her, I pulled her head to my chest and held her till she come around.

When she did she wrapped her fingers around my cock and squeezed.

“What the fuck did you do to me?” she said as she moved down and sucked my cock into her mouth.

“I fucked you properly.” I said.

“Yea, I would say that. Think you could do that again shortly?” she questioned.

“Suck my cock clean, then I will ass fuck you properly. Think you could handle that?” I ask.

“My ass, I have never been ass fucked before.” she stated

“Good, a first timer, I know you will enjoy it then.” I said.

“Lay back and let’s see if I can make this thing blow a load down my throat.” She said.

I laid there as she sucked my cock, she would polish the knob for a while. She would then deep-throat it the best she could. She would need more practiced working all fourteen inches down her throat. She moved down and sucked each ball and would lick at my ass. All the timekeeping one hand jerking the shaft, she worked hard for almost an hour before she could swallow a load. She was licking the head and squeezing my balls when I raised my hips up. She locked her lips around the big head and swirled her tongue over it. She looked up into my eyes as she felt my nuts start to spasm. She received a full load into her mouth. She swallowed and swallowed, she took the full load into her belly. She sucked and licked my cock clean. I smiled at her, “Shit, woman, not many paid whores can do that.”

“They are only doing it for the money. I wanted it in my belly, I wanted it to fill me. You have had two of my three holes. Are you ready to take the third?”

“Yes ma’am I am, I am going enjoy fucking your virgin ass. Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter. First I think a shower would be nice, I am hot and sweaty.” I said.

“I agree” She pulled me from the bed, leading me into the bathroom, she started the shower and adjusted the water. While she was busy with that I pawed her body. Damn, her tits were solid for a forty-five plus woman, her ass felt like a twenty year olds, firm and tight. I parted the cheeks and pushed a finger into her asshole. She wiggled and squealed a little but didn’t pull away. She held the shower curtain back. “Sir, if you will.”

I picked her up and stepped into the tub. I put her on her feet. I pushed her back under the spray and kissed her. I put one hand between her legs and fingered her clit. She moaned softly, she had to be the quietness fuck I ever had. I bent to her nipples and sucked each one of them. Before I could do anything else she dropped to her knees and sucked my cock into her mouth. The spray hitting her head and my belly, she squeezed my balls. I got both hand full of blonde hair and held her head in place while I fucked her mouth. She choked and gagged a few times but never fought me. She had me hard again, using her hair as handles, I pull her up to face me. I kissed and said, “Time for a good ass fucking.”

I spun her around and forced her to bend over.

“Here, in the shower?” she ask.

“Yea, in the shower, good as any other place, I won’t let you get away.” I said.

She bent and put her hands on the wall. I soaped her ass up and spread some on my cock. I put the head of my cock at the entrance to her ass. She moaned in fear. I pushed slowly into her arus, she screamed in pain.

“Relax, this is fun once you are adjusted. If you fight it, it will hurt.” I said.

“How do you know?” she said.

“I have spent some time in prisons.” I said.

“Oh” she stated.

She relaxed with that news, I journeyed into the depth of her ass, it was good. She would wiggle and squirm a little making my cock even harder. As I bottomed out, she pushed back against me. I stepped into her and pinned her against the wall.

“What are you doing?”

“This is where the fun starts, fucking your ass with you unable to move.” I said. I pinned her arms to her sides, and started humping my cock in and out of her asshole. She never made a sound. I drilled my cock into her hard and fast, something a first timer wouldn’t take. She moaned with a smile on her face. “My, aren’t we the little whore today, you are taking this monster cock like a real pro.” I laughed.

She squirmed her ass backwards, “This I like, this should have been done a long time ago. That fucking log is ripping my ass open and it feels fucking good. I will be your whore as long as you ass fuck me daily, well at least three times a week.” She moaned.

“Shit, if I don’t, I am sure one to the other women in my house will use a dildo on you.” I stated.

“Shut the fuck up and drill me asshole.” She cried.

I fucked her ass with her pinned against the wall. A while later, I backed off and lifted her off her feet with my cock still in her butt, I carried her to the bed. I rotated her and laid her on her back. I never pulled my meat out of her. I held her feet up over her head as I slammed my cock up her ass. She had started cumming again, her eyes were white, her mouth was open and she was panting heavily. Her juices were running out of her cunt and down her ass and over my cock. Her asshole was well lubricated, she grunted each time my thighs slammed her butt cheeks.

“Please fuck my ass as hard-and-fast as you can, show that hole no mercy. That fucking fourteen inch log will be the only live meat to fill my holes again.” She stated while gasping for breathe.

I pulled out and flopped on the bed, “Your turn to do some of the work. Stand over me and squat down and put your asshole around my cock, then you pump your tight ass up and down on my cock.” I demanded.

She stood over me, facing me. She lowered her crotch down, I held my cock still as it went back into her ass. She started pumping her thighs, she slide her dark fuck hole up and down my cock. This felt damn good, watching this fucking blonde cunt force my cock into her own ass. Her tits bounced around as she humped me, she had a hand between her legs fingering her own clit. As a second thought she started rubbing her breast. I just laid there and enjoyed the view and the ride.

I reached down to her cunt and forced three fingers into her cunt. Once the hand was wet, I brought it to my mouth and licked it clean. Suddenly she dropped downward, jamming my cock deep into her ass. She threw her head back and roared, “Oh fucking gawd” Her cum run from her in a heavy flow, it spread out over my abdomen and down over my balls. She pulled off as soon as she finished the orgasm, she attacked my crotch sucking and licking her juices from my body. I finally grabbed her and spun her to sit on my face, I licked her clean and tongue fucked her cunt into an orgasm again. Her pussy was leaking fluids like a running faucet, I lapped at them tasting her hot cum as it run into my mouth, she has just started to settle when I shoved my tongue into her asshole. This time she screamed, “Oh fucking joy.”

That one final orgasm pushed her into another series of orgasms that washed over her body for a good five minutes. She was still sitting on my head, she fell over to one side of the bed and curled up. She didn’t say a word.

“Hey, you alright?” I said.

“Yea, I need to sleep, we have been at this for six hours. If you want more find someone else. I am all fucked out this session. Just remember that I am here.” She said.

I laughed, went to shower, there were other women in the dimension I wanted to fuck. Samantha Carter was just the first.

Melinda Gordon could see ghosts that made it hard to watch her. If they can see you, you can’t study them. I finally found a wave length that she could not see me at. I studied her as closely as I did the others. She still noticed my presence, but she never searched me out. Her husband had no idea the cravings Melinda had, to him she was the perfect little bride, when the woman truly wanted to be ridden hard and never put away. Her craving for sex was what fueled her ability to see ghost, if she could just find a man to fuck her brains out, she could and would stop seeing ghost. I had been watching her for about four years now. Since I came to this planet after Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter, I had ventured out from the Colonel in search of more women. Melinda was the first special female I found. She is built like gold brick shithouse. Her body is full, curved and supple. The large full breast, narrow waist and full hips down to shaped thighs to small calves and feet. She is a beauty to take in. Her sandy brown hair frames a face worthy of fine art, her eyes are wide, her nose is perfect for her and her lips pout nicely.

I had to decide how I was going to continue with her taking. She could sense me, I had to remain hidden until things were right. I was also studying another young woman. A Jewish woman who had been a Mossad assassin and now works with one of your federal agencies. Her name is Ziva David. She is a small woman with a fine ass, small tits and just plain sexy. Her brown eyes don’t miss a thing, her tanned skin and black hair add to her allure. I think she is ready for my advancement from the dreams to real life. This coming morning I will bring our relationship out of her dreams and into her bed.

“My dear Ziva, are you ready to return to your place for the night?” I ask.

“Canter, I am as ready for you as any woman is for her man.” She said pulling me toward my car. We climbed into the new mustang and drove away from the bar. Ziva had been drinking for the last four hours. She was a little drunk, she was getting sloppy. I laid a hand on her thigh, she grabbed it and pulled it to her crotch.

“Play with me” she begged.

“Wow, you are drunk, fucking you will be easy.” I said.

“Fucking me will kill you, I am a hard one to please. If you don’t fuck me properly, I will hunt you down and ride you into the ground.” She said with commitment.

“I don’t think satisfying you will be a problem, fourteen inches of meat slamming your cunt till you cum. I will fuck you till you drop.” I said.

“Only the man of my dreams can do that.” She stated.

“I am your dream man” I reminded her.

“My dream man” She said as I parked in front of her apartment. She was asleep when I got to her door. I lifted her out of the car and carried her up to her apartment on the second floor. I flipped her over my shoulder so I could dig through her bag for the keys to the door. I finally found them in the right hip pocket of her jeans. I just had to feel that firm ass while it was there. I got her inside and into her bed. I removed her clothing down to her panties. I fondled her tits and belly for a few minutes. I bend and kissed her lips. She kissed me back, so she wasn’t as far gone as she wanted me to believe. I moved and bit a nipple. She slapped me upside the head.

“What the hell are you biting me for?” She cried out angrily.

“To see just how far you were willing to let me go?” I said.

“I offered you my body earlier did I not?” She asks.

“Yes, you seem too have passed out on me. I was testing your reactions.” I said.

“Fuck me” she said.

I removed my clothes; I went to her dresser and found her stockings. I use them to bind her hands behind her back, and to tie her calves to her thigh and her ankles to her wrist. She could not get free of these binding if she wanted too. I got a pan of warm soapy water and one of clear water. I washed her ass and crotch, rinsed it and then dried her. I had gone deep into her asshole with the soapy water. Now with her still tied and on her belly, I licked her asshole. She squealed with delight. I forced my tongue into her ass as I force fingers into her cunt. She was breathing heavily already, she started cumming. Suddenly she realized that she was awake, and not dreaming this.

“Who the hell are you?” She cried out frantically.

“I am Can’tr, your dream man. I am going to fuck you till you can’t take it and then I am going to fuck you some more.” I said.

“I will kill you first”

“Ziva, I have been fucking you in your dreams for a couple of years now. I have come out of your dreams to fulfill your fantasies.” I said.

“You’re not that man, you are someone else.” She said.

“Yea, I am this man now, the same man from your dreams. Let me show you.” I said. I kissed her and licked my way around her body. She fought me then she stopped fighting.

“You do that like he does, you do look like him.” She said.

I rolled her to her side, I put two fingers inside her cunt. Ziva spread her legs, she moaned as I rubbed her clit with the ball of my hand and forcing fingers into her. I lowered my head to her clit and sucked it between my lips. I flicked my tongue across it and she screamed, “YES”

I pushed my tongue deep inside her cunt, she screamed more. My tongue explored her wet juicy cunt walls as she cum. Her screams turned to wails of pleasure, she was cumming so hard her pussy contracted on my tongue. She rolled side to side from the spasms. I pulled my tongue out and licked her asshole, she arched her ass into the air and screamed. She went quiet, she dropped to the mattress, she had passed out. Her pussy was still running liquids as she continued to orgasm. I licked her slit taking the juices into my mouth. Ziva moaned as she come around. I move up to look her in the face, my cock was at the opening of her cunt waiting for her to open her eyes. When she looked me in the eyes and smiled at me, I drove my cock into her tight wet cunt. She sucked air and arched her back into the air. She let out a low whine that turned into a “You fucking bastard”

I pumped my cock into her pussy, she growled, “Fuck me hard, you prick.”

I fucked her hard and driving my large cock into her sweet tight pussy, she writhed under me. She was enjoying my cock as much as I was enjoying her cunt. I lowered my lips to a nipple and sucked, she squealed as I bit that nipple. I guided my mouth to the other tit. “Suck my tits, bite my tits, leave marks.” She hissed.

I abused her tits, she sucked air as she started cumming again. Her cunt contracted on my cock, it was so tight I could barely move in it. She cursed, “Fucking shit.” She trembled as she cum, she cried, “Fuck my ass now, slam that fucking huge cock into my asshole.”

Not one to miss a chance, I grabbed her legs and rolled her face down and drove my cunt wet dick deep into her asshole. She roared, “Fucking yes, fuck my ass, fuck it hard.”

I pumped her ass hard, she bucked back up to meet my thrust. She pushed hard against my cock driving it deeper into her ass.

She was wilder here than in her dreams, this cunt liked it rough. She was cumming, she had been cumming when I flipped her and fucked her asshole. Now she had juices running a river from between her legs. She was crying and laughing together. She begged me, “Fuck me hard you prick. I want it harder, fuck my ass with the log, I want to feel it rip me open.”

I pounded her ass till she passed out again. I fucked her limp body till I cum in her ass. I pulled out and lay beside her and pulled her head to me, she moaned, smiled and said, “Thank you”

I smiled and kissed her forehead. I untied her, she reached down and gripped my cock and pumped it with her hand. She moved slowly down my body kissing and licking till she sucked my soft cock into her mouth. She sucked and licked my cock and balls till she got her taste off them. She come back up to me and kissed me. She pulled her hand from between her legs and stuck it in my mouth, it was wet with her cunt juices. I sucked and licked it. She put it back between her legs and finger fucked her own cunt. She pulled the hand out and stuck her finger into her mouth tasting her own juices. I leaned over to lick the hand and she put it in my mouth again. This time I put my hand between her legs and fingered her cunt. She put her hand on top of mine. I kissed her, she said, “Fuck me some more.”

I moved to my knees and forced my hand into her pussy. She forced her legs apart as my hand slide into her cunt. I formed a fist and started fucking it in and out. She screamed, “Oh fucking gawd, fuck me with your fist.”

Someone started pounding on the door, we both went still. “Fuck, who could that be?” she moaned as she pulled my hand out of her. She got up and put a robe on and answered the door.

“Who is it?” She said before opening the door.

“Lisa, from next door.” Come the answer.

Ziva opened the door and said, “Yes, what may I do for you?”

“One of two things, one, you could share or two, you could not scream so loud.” She said.

I stepped up behind Ziva, Lisa looked down, “Holy shit, three you could let him make me scream.” She stepped in and dropped to her knees sucking my cock into her mouth in one swift motion.

“Help yourself to my man.” Ziva said as she closed the door.

Ziva reached up and kissed me, I lifted her up so she could lock her arms around my neck. She broke the kiss and hung there, “Would you like to see me fuck this blonde whore with my dildo?”

“Yes, I want to see you take her the way I took you. Then she can eat your pussy while I ass fuck her.” I said.

Ziva dropped to the floor and ran into the bedroom. She returned wearing a strap-on dildo about ten inches long. She grabbed the blonde by the hair, “Ok, slut, you come into my home, you attack my man, you want to play, we play my way. Now suck on this.” She shoved the dildo into Lisa’s open mouth. Lisa’s lips closed around the dildo. Ziva looked at me, “Fuck her pussy”

I moved behind the blonde I reached down and gripped her hips and lifted her up so I could drive my cock into her cunt. The woman screamed around the dildo as my cock slammed into her twat. Ziva smiled at me, “Is it dry and tight?”

“No, actually it is wet and sloppy, nothing like yours.” I said.

“Take her ass then, see if it is tighter than her cunt.” Ziva said.

I pulled out and shoved my cock into the bitch’s asshole, she wiggled and screamed as I thrust into her ass. She tried to get away but I held her still and Ziva would not release her head.

“Yes, this is much tighter than her cunt.” I said.

“Good, pull her upright, I want to fuck her pussy with my fake cock.” Ziva said.

I slid my arm around the woman’s chest and pulled her back up against my chest. She still had her nightshirt on, she had not been wearing panties. I grabbed the collar of the t-shirt and yanked it off, ripping the shirt from her body. Her boobs were huge and full, had to be fakes. I mauled her tits with both hands while fucking her ass, and Ziva ramming that ten inch dildo into her pussy. The woman moaned with her long blonde hair running down my back and her head lying on my left shoulder. The slut started begging for more, “Fuck me faster, both of you. Somebody suck my nipples.”

Ziva locked lips on one nipple and I pinched the other. I thrusted my cock upward and Ziva’s toy come out, she was not tall enough to reach the woman’s cunt when I straightened up. Ziva didn’t complain, she lowered herself to the woman’s clit and sucked, while she unstrapped the dildo. When she got the dildo free, she crammed it into the slut’s pussy. Ziva sucked the woman’s clit and fucked her with the toy. The woman cried out, “I’m cumming. Oh fucking hell, I am cumming.”

Ziva sucked the woman’s hole getting a mouthful of Lisa’s cum. She squeezed my balls and I shot a load into the cunt’s ass. Ziva stood to kiss me while doing so she filled my mouth with the sweet fluids for Lisa’s pussy. I pulled out of Lisa, Ziva pushed her out the door, “You’re satisfied, go home and sleep. I still have some fucking to do. Now I want your fist in me again.” Ziva said as she lay back on the couch.

“What would you say to one fist in your cunt and one up your ass?” I questioned.

She grinned, “Can you do that? If you can I want it done and I will give myself to you permanently.”

I sat down at her crotch, I got the lubricant and smeared her with it, I covered both hands. I started with her ass working fingers, then the thumb into her ass, the slurpy sound it made as my hand slid into her asshole made me smile. I started into her cunt the same way.

“Fuck, I have never felt this full before, push your hand into my cunt then start a rhythmic pounding of my holes. I want to pass out when I cum.” She whimpered.

I forced my hand into her pussy, the pounding started, right hand in, left hand out and so on. Within minutes, she was moaning a mild roar, her pleasure level rose, her hips were thrashing about as she started cumming. I was forced to pump her and hold her still at the same time. She was now screaming with her orgasm. She had both hands full of the couch leather and ripping at it. Her mind was so overloaded she was screaming things in multipliable languages. She pushed her hips skyward and roared, “Oh FUCK.” She dropped to the couch unconscious. I pulled both hands from her body, I went in and washed my hands. I returned to her, picked her up and carried her to her bed. I placed her on the bed and kissed her on the forehead. I covered her and dressed.I was writing her a note when she stepped out of the bedroom.

“Going somewhere?” She asks.

“Sadly, yes, I have another young woman waiting for my attention. I will be back, I am thinking of pulling all of you into the same house to live.” I said.

“Another woman” She said, “I am not enough for you?”

“Could you handle that two or three times a day?” I ask.

“No, I guess not.” She said.

I kissed her, “I am sorry that one woman is not enough, but I would fuck just one woman to death.”

I stepped through the portal back into Melinda’s bedroom. I stood there watching her. She was alone on the bed, I slipped into her dream. One of her having sex with a woman she met in a bar. I joined their little party by climbing through a window into the other woman’s bedroom. They both welcomed me onto the bed after I stripped down. The two of them were sixty-nining while I fucked Melinda in the ass. Melinda awoke with me still pumping my cock into her asshole, she went with it. Her moaning was loud as she thrust back to meet my pumping action. She moaned, “Who are you?” and kept up her thrusting.

“The man who is going to take you from here, and this dull life you hate.” I said. “But my husband?” she said.

“Your husband is in the bed of another woman right now. He has been lying to you about working nights.” I said.

“I have dreamed of you before, now you’re here for real?” She said.

“Yes, I have entered your dreams many times. Tonight, I come out of your dream into your real life. I want you to come with me to live in my house?” I said.

“You will fuck me daily?” She asks.

“You and the other women” I said.

“Other women, what other women’ She said.

“My other women, the ones I am collecting for my pleasure, you are one of them. Do this and the ghost will not come to you anymore.” I said.

“I would like that, no more spirits bothering me.” She said, “Yes, I will come, now make me cum.”

I renewed my thrusting into her ass. She grunted each time I bottomed out. She reached up between her legs to finger her own clit, I could feel the movements of her hand working her clit on my flesh. That fueled my pumping motions, she came hard, screaming a loud shrieking sound. I let her finish and pulled out and lay beside her limp body. I run my hand along her fleshy side. She had a good shape, full but not oversized. I rolled her on her back and put my hand between her legs and fingered her clit. She smiled at me and spread her legs, I pushed two fingers into her cunt. She tilted her head back and moaned. I rolled onto my side and pulled her around till I could push my large cock into her cunt. She was on her back, I was on my left side forming a T with my cock in her cunt. I started fucking her and fingering her clit at the same time. She growled and started massaging her large tits, she would suck on her own nipples. I fucked her hard, she started writhing against me. She was really getting into this fuck, I kept driving my dick into her pussy, she was humping back the best she could from this angle. She screamed as she came, she cum for a long while, the scream was now a longing moan deep in her throat. I drilled her till I cum in her cunt. She pulled loose and rolled her back to me. “I am yours” She said, “I will leave this place to follow you.”

This time I stepped out into a police squad room, the woman I have come for is a detective here.

A man in a suit says, “May I help you?”

“I am looking for Olivia Benson, we have a lunch date.” I said.

The man smiled, “I am Elliot, her partner, she did say that she was meeting someone.”

“Yea, we were to meet but I had a change in plans this afternoon so I thought I would pick her up and take her out a little early. I am Canter Burry.” I said.

“Like the Canterbury Ghost?” he said.

“Of the same family, many years separated.” I said.

“Olivia, your date is here.” Elliot said.

“Canter, what are you doing here? I was to meet you at the restaurant.” Olivia asks.

“I have to leave earlier than planned, so I come by to see if you could get away earlier.” I said.

“I don’t know, I seem too have a lot to go over before lunch.” She said.

“Olivia, take a long lunch, the guys will cover for you. You haven’t had a day off in over a month, in fact take the rest of the day that is an order.” The man said.

“But Captain, I have work to do.” She said.

“You heard me, take the day and spend time with your man. Or take the rest of the week off on suspension, your choice.” He said.

“I guess I am yours for the rest of the day.” She said.

“Good, we will need to drop by your place for some different clothes for you. Captain, she will take that week suspension. Our flight for Paris leaves in two hours, private Leer provided by my company.” I said.

“I can’t take that much time.” Olivia said.

“I think you can, remember what we talked about last night.” I stated.

She shut up, “Yes, Sir, I am to obey.” We walked out the door.

“Olivia,” Elliot come up to her, “Is he making you do something you don’t want to?”

“No, just something I need to, but I don’t want to take time from work.” She said.

On the way out she stopped at her desk and put her badge and gun in a locked drawer. She looked at me, and I nodded, she dropped her cellphone in with them and locked the drawer. We went to the stairwell and I checked the stairway, no one about so I opened the portal and pulled her through. We stepped out into her living room. “Get your stuff, bring your personal weapon. I want you to feel save.” I said.

“This is the first time I dreamed about this happening at work.” She said.

“What makes you think this is a dream?” I ask.

“It is a dream?” She said as she come out of the bedroom with an overnight bag full of cloths, “I hope I have the right things for this trip.”

“If not I will buy you what you need. Our car awaits us come the others are excited about the trip.” I said.

“Others?” she questioned.

“Yes, the other ladies, my harem, there is Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter, Special NCIS agent Ziva David, and Melinda Gordon in the car. There will be several others at the mansion when we arrive. A Kate Reed, a lawyer and firm partner of Reed and Reed. A Fiona Glenanne, a former IRA from Northern Ireland, she was an assassin. She is along because her man got himself killed in the line of duty, and not by my doing. I am not a killer, I am a lover. There might be one other I have to decide on her yet.”

“Why me if you already have that many other women?” She asks.

“Why you, I like tough women and you are about the toughest woman I know.” I said.

We went down the elevator, and out to the limo. We climbed in and I introduced the ladies.

The limo headed to the airport, forty minutes later, we were at the airport, once we passed security, we loaded onto the plane. All of them started hitting the bar. I pulled Olivia to me and kissed her, she returned the kiss like it was normal. In my arms, the plane hit some rough air. She startled, I caught her and she spilled her drink down her front. Her white thin cotton blouse was wet, showing her bra-covered breast.

“I need to clean this.” She said.

“There is a bathroom just through that door and to the right. Take a shower if you need to.” I said.

When she come out of the bathroom, she was wearing just the wet top and her panties. She saw me in the chair across the room.

“Oh, I was going to surprise you but you surprised me.” She said.

“You look good like that, come here and sit.” I said patting my lap.

“I don’t know, my top is still wet. I don’t want to get your cloths wet.” She said.

I stood, “Come here now” I commanded.

She walked over to me, I unbuttoned her top and removed it. She stood there in just her bikini panties. I hooked my fingers in the waistband and jerk them off her. She squealed as the material ripped from her body. I kissed her on the mouth sticking my tongue between her lips. She kissed me back pressing our bodies together. I walked her backwards while kissing her until she hit the edge of the bed. I pushed her over onto the bed, I knelt to the floor and pulled her to me. As my tongue touched her pussy lips, she moaned loudly. I licked up to her clit and sucked it hard. She cried out from the pleasure it give her. Slowly, I forced three fingers into her cunt, she force her feet down into the mattress lifting her ass into the air, she wanted more. She cried out, “Lick my clit, finger me harder, make me cum on your tongue.”

I licked the lips of her cunt while my finger drove in and out of her. She was bucking against my hand and tongue as she started cumming. Her juices flowed freely over my fingers and tongue into my mouth. The taste was beyond comparison, the sweet honey of every cunt is different. She lowered her ass back to the bed, I stood and bent to lift her up so my cock would slide into her twat. I entered her and she screamed, “Fucking hell, that fucking thing is huge.”

I pushed it into her and she pushed back. She humped against me, driving it deeper. “Fuck me with that monster, fuck me hard.” She screamed.

I pounded her cunt as hard as I could, she screamed just to scream from the pleasure. She slammed into me, wanting my cock in her. She was gripping the comforter pulling herself towards me, she was fucking me as hard as I was fucking her. I felt her cunt tighten around my cock as she come, she went still, not moving a muscle on the outside, but her cunt was milking my cock hard. In a few minutes, she dropped to the mattress and sucked in a breath. I pulled from her pussy and crawled onto the bed. I moved and sat on her chest, placing my cock on her lips. She smiled and opened her mouth, my cock slid smoothly into her throat. She raised her head and sucked in deeper into her throat. Her tongue licked the length of it cleaning her own juices from it. I slid in and out of her mouth until I felt my juices building, it had been ten to fifteen minutes. I pulled from her mouth and said, “Now you have my prize waiting, flip onto your belly and spread your ass cheeks, my dear.”

“Like hell”

“Now” I commanded.

“No” she cried, she slowly rolled over, “Please don’t hurt me.”

“I am not going to hurt you, you will enjoy this. I tell you this; if you don’t enjoy it this time I will never fuck your ass again.” I said.

She pulled her ass cheeks open. I put some lub in the crack of her ass and worked it into her hole. I put some on my cockhead and placed it at the entrance to her beautiful ass. I eased my cock slowly into her butt, she screamed as the sphincter spread open to accept my large cock. Minutes later, she is again humping against my thrust, driving my cock deeper into her asshole, she just can’t seem to get enough. I fucked her ass until I again felt the juices building, this time I didn’t stop.

“Woman, I’m going to fucking cum in your ass.” I shouted.

“Fuck my ass full of your hot cum, I want to feel it warm my ass.” She shouted back.

I cum and cum in her ass, she cried out, “Damn, what a warm flooding feeling.”

I dropped down onto her back leaving my cock in her ass. She groaned from the weight but didn’t complain. I laid there until my dick went soft and fell from her ass.

“Do you fuck like that every time?” She asks.

“I try too, I don’t believe in letting a woman go unsatisfied.” I said and rolled off her. I run my hand across those nice firm butt cheeks. I pushed my hand down across her asshole and pushed three fingers back into her cunt.

“No, I am to sore now, give me some time.” She said as she rolled away.

“That is fine, I wanted to make you satisfied.” I said.

“Well satisfied for now.” She said.

There was a scream from the other section of the plane. I jumped up and put my pants on. I walked out into the main room, the other three women had the stewardess on her side on the floor naked. One was kissing her, one was sucking her cunt and the other one was fingering her ass.

“What the hell are you screaming about?” I said.

Melinda stopped kissing the woman who said, “She shoved to many fingers into my ass.”

Sam smiled up at me, “She said I could finger her ass.”

“Woman, what would you said if I wanted to fuck your ass now that Sam has it opened for me?” I said.

Olivia come up beside me, “Canter” she said looking down at my hard cock. She wrapped a hand around it, “I will guide you into her ass. Ladies, hold her down, this is going to hurt.”

I lowered myself down over the bitches’ ass, Sam, Ziva spread the ass cheeks, and Olivia guided my cock into the woman’s ass.

She screamed as I plowed into her anus. I stopped to let her adjust, Olivia rose and pushed against my back forcing my dick deep into the woman’s ass. Her scream about shattered eardrums, I was almost all the way in so I bottomed out. The bitch passed out, so I laid there with my dick buried in her ass. Slowly I started pumping in and out, I fucked her while she was out. The pain from the first fucking motions would be gone soon. I had set a rhythm and was humping away when she awoke. She cried, “Stop, please stop.”

“If you want me again, keep fucking her ass.” Olivia said.

“But she ask me to stop, if I don’t it’s rape.” I said.

“If you do, you will have to rape me next time.” Olivia said.

“Me too” each of the others said.

“Her or the four of you” I said.

“Yes” came the reply

I pulled out of her, “I will not rape a woman, you are forcing me to choose your fate, not hers. You, Olivia pushed my cock into her after she ask me to stop. Now you’re demanding that I rape her for your pleasure. No, I would rather rape each of you and hold you as slaves, then hurt her more for your pleasure.”

Olivia walked over and knelt beside the girl.

“I’m sorry, I lost my head for a moment. He will not rape you, he would not have raped your ass except I pushed against his ass with all my body weight. I forced his cock into your ass.” Olivia said.

The pilot come on the intercom, “We will be landing in about fifteen minutes. Everyone must be seated and belted in, Thank you.”

I helped the girl up, “What is your name? Dear.” I ask.

“Karen, and you owe me now.” She said.

“What do you want?” I ask.

“I want to watch you fuck each one of them in the ass. No lub, no foreplay, you bend them over and rape their assholes.” She said coldly.

I looked at the four of them they all hung their heads. I said, “Done, they all played a part in this, I invite you to come watch me dry-fuck each one of their asses this evening. Then maybe we could have proper sex, for you are a beautiful redhead.”

“No, no sex with me, my husband wouldn’t like it.” she said.

“Well, I guess we will just have to finish this nasty business before we leave the plane. One the plane is on the ground, I will send the pilots on and we will have our fun here.” I said.

“I would be happy with that.” Karen said.

“Good, strap in and wait,” I said.

Fifteen minutes later the pilots had left the plane and I had locked the doors from the inside to keep others out. I returned to the main cabin. The four women were naked and standing there. They were waiting for their punishment. Olivia stepped forward, “I will go first; I forced your cock into her with my body slamming your ass.” She said as she bend over. I walked up behind her, I pushed my cock into her asshole slowly at first. Once I had the head started in, I grabbed her hips and rammed it all the way in. Olivia screamed as I bottomed out in her ass. I humped her ass till the pain settled.

“NO, take her again and let her keep the pain.” Karen said, “They take and keep the pain. I still feel my pain, they need to keep the pain.”

“Right, I move on and redo her in a few.” I said. I stepped behind Melinda, she was already crying. I slammed my dick into her tight ass, she cried out, “Oh fucking shit.” She fell to the couch as I pulled out of her ass. Her tears hurt me. I turned to Ziva, she smiled at me, “I am ready, hurt me.” I pushed her to the floor, “Fucking your ass like this would just please you, denying you of the pleasure would hurt more.” I said. I moved to Sam as Ziva cried, “Please, I want you too. Punish me for my part in her rape.”

“I just did.” I said as I shoved my cock up Sam’s ass, Sam screamed and ground down onto my cock. I pulled out of her immediately and pushed Olivia over the back of a chair. I drove my cock deep into her ass, she screamed from the pain. I left her screaming as I pulled out. All four of them have received their punishment. “You didn’t fuck her ass.” Karen said.

“No, I didn’t, not fucking her is more of a punishment than fucking her. She likes the pain, the more pain, the more she orgasms.” I said.

“Fine, I will trust you on that. She is your whore.” Karen said.

“Ziva, NO” I shouted.

“She cannot call me a whore.”

“She just did, and you are my whore, are you not?” I ask.

“Well, yes” Ziva said.

“Get dressed; I have four women to break yet. The car is waiting for us.” I said. We left the plane, Karen went her way and we headed for the mansion, I could have use a portal to come home but the plane was much more fun. Forty-five minutes later we were at the mansion, I lead them into the house. “Ladies, this is home now, you will find rooms on the second floor with you names on them. They headed up the stairs as I went into the living room to find Kate and Fiona talking together.

“Ladies, how are the two of you getting along?” I ask.

“We don’t agree on something’s but we seem too like each other well enough.” Fiona said.

“Yea, we don’t agree on killing.” Kate said.

“As long as you like each other that is all I ask between the two of you. Now if you both will come with me, we have something to do in my bedroom.” I said.

They both stood, Fiona was wearing a light summer dress that flowed around her thighs, it was a cream tube-top with a skirt. She is wearing cream six-inch wedge sandals. Kate was wearing a pink satin blouse, a short black pencil skirt, and pink high-heeled shoes. Both of them had killer legs, and were all around beauties. They followed me into the bedroom I turned and kissed Fiona. She stepped back on smacked me. I smacked her back, “You are still suffering a great loss, but you volunteered to come here for this, you knew that you would have to give it up soon.” I said.

“I did come here on my own and I can leave on my own.” Fiona said.

“No, you can’t. When you agree to come here, you become my property. Each of you did, now I demand your loyalty. I want you both naked except for the heels and on that bed ready to fuck. Now” I said.

Kate started stripping, she was smiling, Fiona stood there frowning. Kate dropped her skirt, she was wearing a garter belt and stocking. “You can leave those on. Kate” I said pointing at the garter belt. Fiona still stood there looking mad.

“You can strip and let me have my way with you on your own or I will take what I want. Fiona” I said.

“I am not giving you anything.” She pulled a pistol, “I will kill you first before I let you rape me.”

I stepped forward and pulled the gun from her hand, “No, you won’t, you need this as much as I want it.” I turned to the wall and said, “Open” a panel slid back revealing a gun case. I put her pistol on an empty shelf and said, “Close” the panel slid shut. I turned to find Fiona holding a knife in front of her.

“Seriously, you’re going to make me work for this?” I ask.

“Yea, I am not just going to give it to you at first.” Fiona said.

I moved and took the knife from her and used it to cut her dress from her body. She shrieked as the knife cut the cloth, her dress lay on the floor along with her panties. I stuck the knife into the ceiling. I picked Fiona up and threw her onto the bed with Kate.

“I want to watch the two of you together.” I said.

“No” come from both of them.

“I am not asking, you will have sex with each other.” I stated.

They stared at me, then they looked at each other. They were fighting it but they kissed. My power over them was greater. They started loving on each other, soon I was powerless.

Kate pushed Fiona back and started sucking her nipples, Kate’s left hand slid down Fiona’s body to find her clit. Kate flicked her finger over Fi’s clit. Fi laid back and moaned. Kate kissed a trail down to where her fingers were moving. She put her lips around Fi’s clit and sucked. Fi’s ass rose to offer Kate more. Kate moved between Fi’s legs, so she could suck the clit better, she also pushed three fingers into Fi’s cunt. Fi was moaning and groaning as Kate finger-fucked her, Kate was slamming those three fingers into Fi hard, her tongue was lashing against Fi’s clit like a whip.

“Ladies, hold on a minute. I will be right back.” I said as I opened a portal I stepped through it and come out on a landing between two apartments. The elevator doors with yellow caution tape over them and a sign that said, “Out of Order.” I turned to the door left of the elevator. I looked at my watch, right on time. I knocked and waited, she opened the door. “Hi, you are Canter?” She said.

“Yes, I assume you are Penny?” I ask.

“Yea, I am. What are we doing tonight?” She asks.

“Seeing a show, I think you will like it.” I said. The portal was still open, I guided her toward it when the door to the other apartment opened.

“Hi Sheldon” Penny said.

“Penny, new man tonight” Sheldon said.

“Yea, this is Canter. He is here visiting and He was a customer at the Cheesecake Factory. He ask me out and I accepted.” Penny said.

“You don’t look like the normal type she goes out with. What do you do?” Sheldon said.

“I work with time portals and inter-dimensional travel.” I said.

He looked at me, and ge-huffed.

“We have to go, the show is about to start.” I pulled Penny into the portal and it closed in front of him.

We stepped out into the bedroom, Kate and Fiona were still on the bed. I lead Penny to the large chair on the wall beside the bed.

“What is this? A live sex show” Penny said.

“Sort of, I am going to watch them fuck while you service me.” I said.

“Duh, No” Penny said.

“I think so, you will spend most of the evening on your knees between my legs. If you do I might let you go home.” I said.

“I want to go home now.” Penny said.

“Girl, do as he says, I want to get this over with. I want some sleep.” Fi said.

Penny looked around tears running down her cheek. “This is not what I want to do.” She cried.

“Girl, do you think either one of us want to be here either. Hell, I don’t even know this woman.” Kate said.

Penny smiled at her weakly, “Fine, I’ll service you.”

“Good, with or without your clothes?” I ask.

“I have a choice?” she asks.

“Yes, you can take them off now or I tear them off later.” I said.

She removed her dress, then her bra and panties. “Leave the heels, makes your legs look better.” I said. I stripped out of my cloths, when she saw my cock she moaned, “Oh my”

I sat down in the chair and Penny dropped to her knees. She had a smile on her face that said she was pleased. I looked at Kate and Fi, “On with it”

Penny had her lips around the head of my cock before the two women kissed. Fi and Kate rolled in each other’s arms, kissing. They broke and Fi dropped her lips to Kate’s tits. Fi sucked Kate’s nipples as they hardened, Kate was holding Fi’s head and mewing with pleasure. Kate was into this. Fi licked and bit her way down Kate’s body. When Fi got to Kate’s bush, she licked her way through it to Kate’s clit. Kate squealed as Fi sucked the hard knob between her lips. Fi forced three fingers into Kate’s cunt Kate spread her legs wide.

Penny sucked on my cockhead while running her tongue over it. She then tried to deep throat my large cock. She gagged a little but didn’t stop trying. She was squeezing my balls while bobbing her head up and down on my stiff meat.

Kate slammed her head back into the mattress as she cum, Fi was sucking hard on Kate’s clit, and fingering her pussy. Kate was a silent one, but she was a shaker, she was all over the place. Fiona was having trouble staying with her. Finally, Kate screamed out with a shriek as she finished her orgasm. Fi crawled up Kate’s body and kissed her. “Now my slut, make me cum” Fi said. Kate smiled and rolled Fi on her back. She kissed Fi hard, she release the woman’s lips and rolled Fi onto her stomach. Kate started at Fi’s neck, kissed, and nibbled her way down Fi’s back. Kate reached Fi’s ass, she parted the cheeks and licked Fi’s asshole. Fi raise her ass into the air to meet Kate’s tongue. Kate shoved two fingers into Fi’s twat and started pumping them in and out. Kate pushed her tongue into Fi’s asshole and Fi trembled as her first orgasm shook her.

Penny was now closing her lips around the base of my cock. She had the whole log in her throat and mouth. She was working on getting my balls in there also. If she did that, I was going to throw her on the bed to be the first one I fucked tonight. I was not going to tell her that because I want her to succeed on her own.

Fi roared a, “Fucking Hell” as she cum, “You fucking twat, what are you doing to me?” Fiona screamed. She pound both fist into the mattress as one orgasm after another racked her body. Kate was driving her mad with her tongue and fingers. Fi shouted, “Slut, eat my ass, fucking shove that hard tongue in my asshole. Oh fucking hell”

Kate removed her tongue and drove three fingers into Fi’s asshole. Fi roared her pleasure, “Fuuuccckkking hell yes, fuck my asshole, cunt” Fi shook her ass in the air. Kate stayed with her driving those three fingers in and out of Fi’s asshole. Kate using the other hand shove three fingers into Fi’s cunt. Fi threw her head back and just screamed with pleasure, then she fell to the mattress silent and unconscious. Fiona Glenanne had passed out. The pleasure was too much for her, pleasure from another woman. Something she would probably never admit too.

Both of them had cum, Penny while sucking my cock and hearing what was happening behind her, had started fingering her own clit and pussy. She was so close to cumming when I pulled her loose and lifted her onto the bed. I crawled up her body and slammed my cock into her cunt. She bellowed as her orgasm took her body. She got both fists full of comforter and ripped at it. I drove my cock in and out keeping her orgasm raging through her. Her young body shuddered as she finished her cum. She didn’t pass out but she just laid there quietly while the tremors ran through her body.

I rolled from her and grabbed Kate. I pulled her to me and slammed my cock into her cunt. She grunted and screamed as I ripped into her. I fucked her mercilessly till she started to orgasm, she was groaning and moaning loudly as I pounded her pussy. She was thrashing about the bed as I held her in place fucking her. My cock was plowing her cunt rapidly, she was loving it. She stopped and stiffened as the big O took her.

I pushed her legs up over her head, bringing her asshole up to bare. Without missing a stroke, I was deep into her asshole. The pleasure screams turned to one’s of pain. “You fucking bastard” she screamed, she opened to my prick in her ass. She started humping back, soon those screams were of pleasure again. Kate roared, “Shit, oh fucking shit, I’m cumming again.” She again stiffened and screamed as her orgasm claimed her. I let her settle a little and pulled out.

I looked at Fi, she smiled and said, “Come to me, mister” I climbed over her I rolled her onto her belly, “Fiona, I want your asshole first.”

She brought her hands around and spread her asscheeks, I put lubricate on my fingers and pushed them into her ass. I worked at spreading her ass open so my cock wouldn’t hurt her anymore then was necessary. Once I had it opened to the point, I thought she could handle the pain. I positioned my cock head in the opening, slowly I forced the cock into her ass. She groaned then started to yell, soon she was screaming as my monster cock slid into her asshole. I, in sheer lust drove it deep and bottomed out, my hips against her asscheeks. She screamed and tried to crawl away. I held her in place. “Fucking hell, that thing feel like a tree trunk in my ass, anyway just fuck the shit out of me. I know it will turn to pleasure soon.” Fi said.

I slammed Fi into the mattress, forcing my large cock into her ass. She screamed with each thrust, her movements started as she forced her ass into the air. She bucked against my thrusting and soon was begging, “Fuck my ass harder, drive that fucking log into me. I don’t need to walk tomorrow.”

I rode her backside for an hour, she had cum twice. She was just lying there now letting my fuck her senseless. I pulled out and she curled up against the wall next to the headboard. She just laid there smiling.

I looked at Penny, she screamed, “No” and ran for the door.

“Fight me, I like it when you resist. I will take your ass shortly whether you agree or not. You are not going home again. None of you are ever leaving here again.” I said.

I caught Penny and pulled her to the bed. I put her on her hands and knees in front of me. I lubbed her asshole, she was still crying. I pushed my giant prick into her asshole. Her screaming tore through the air. I keep pushing it in slowly till I was against her asscheeks. She was just screaming now, I pulled out and pushed it back in. I settled into a slowly pumping, she had stopped screaming and was moaning as the pleasure took over. She was rocking back and forth demanding the slap of my hips to her buttcheeks. She grunted as my cock slammed into her brown hole. She thrusted back if I didn’t thrust forward, I had stopped fucking her ass and let her fuck herself on my cock. Her right hand was fingering her clit and pussy, her head was buried in the blankets as she humped her ass on my cock. Penny slammed hard onto my cock and roared as the orgasm rippled through her cunt and out into her body. She pumped faster as she came, her fingers were rubbing her clit hard-and-fast. She screamed into the mattress as the orgasm slammed her mind. She went limp and fell forward on the bed. I stood there watching as she crawled over to Fi and snuggled up against her. Fi wrapped her arms around the blonde and held her.

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