ts gurl

*This is a true story about my first time with a transexual, or you may call them a TS Gurl, either way, this is a story about my first experience with a TS Gurl. Please enjoy, and, feedback is appreciated!*

I sit in a local bar, very late on a Friday night, most of the women have gone home by now, maybe one or two women left in the bar.

One, in particular has caught my eye, she’s about 5’10, very slim, and, slender, with long dark brown hair, and, a small, but, ample chest, and, I have to be honest, something about her intrigues me.

I get up the courage, and, I walk to her table.

“Hi, I’m Steve! Can I buy you a drink?” I say.

“Hi Steve, I’m Celeste, and, yes, you can buy me a drink.” She replies.

I return a few minutes later with our drinks.

“Have a seat!” She says, softly smiling.

As I sit, I can see that she’s wearing a pink tank top, light blue jeans, and, pink high heels, still, something about her intrigues me, I can’t seem to put a finger on what it is.

“So, Steve, are you looking to get lucky tonight?”

“Yeah, Celeste, I’d like to get lucky tonight.”

She just smiles at me.

“Steve, I need to let you in on a secret.” She says, leaning in to whisper in my ear.

“I’m a TS Gurl, Steve!” She whispers.

“You mean?”

“Yes, Steve, I have a cock. Does any of this turn you on?” She says, sliding her hand between my legs, feeling my cock, feeling how hard it is.

“Yeah, you’re turning me on!”

“You wanna go to my place, or, yours?” She asks.

“Your place, is that ok?”

“That’s fine, I was hoping you’d want to go to my place.”

I just look at her and smile.

“Kiss me, Steve.” She says, leaning in, and, kissing me softly, pushing her tongue into my mouth.

“Let’s go.” She whispers to me.

We walk to my car, get in, and, drive away.

“How far is your apartment?” I ask.

“Turn here, and, it’s on the corner.”

I pull up in front of her apartment, she takes me by the hand, and leads me inside, we’re no sooner in the door, when she pins me against the door, and, drops to her knees.

“What are you doing?” I ask.

“You seem really nervous, I want to relax you with a nice blow job. You do want me to suck your cock, don’t you?” She says, as she unzips my pants, and, pulls my cock form my boxer shorts.

“Yeah, Celeste, suck my cock!” I say, running my fingers in her hair.

She begins kissing on the head, then, slowly running her tongue up and down the shaft, then, softly kissing, and, sucking on my balls.

“Take it your mouth, Celeste.” I moan out.

“Make me take it, Steve! Grab the back of my head, and, make me take that cock!” She says.

I grab her by the back of her head, and, make her take my cock, all the way to the back of her throat, then, I slowly begin fucking her face.

After a few minutes of this, I’m about ready to cum, and, I let go of her head.

“Why did you let go? Fuck my face until you cum in my throat!” She says, taking my hand, and, putting it back on her head, as she once again takes my cock all the way in, bobbing her head up and down.

“Holy fuck! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum! Oh! FUCK!” I yell, as I cum, very hard, exploding all in Celeste’s mouth.

She gags slightly as she struggles to swallow my load.

“That was hot!” She moans out.

“I needed that, Celeste, thank you!”

“You wanna help me feel better?” She asks.

“Yeah, what do you want me to do?” I ask.

Celeste takes me by my hand, and, leads me to her bed, and, sits me down on the edge of the bed.

“Want to see my breasts?” She asks.

“Yeah, show me those tits!”

She stands there, and, takes off her tank top, showing me her pink satin bra, which is barely containing her breasts.

“They’re a b cup, Steve. They may not be real, but, they’re very, very nice!” She says, as she slowly unclasps her bra, letting her breasts pop free, making her nipples stand at attention.

I grab her, and, pull her close to me, and, begin sucking on her nipples, biting on them gently, I can already feel her cock getting hard.

“This is turning you on, isn’t it?” I ask, sounding nervous.

“You’ve never felt a hard cock that wasn’t your own, have you?” She says, giggling.

“No, no I haven’t!”

“Do you want to touch mine?” She asks.

I blush slightly. “No, I want you to feel your cock inside me. Do you want to fuck me, Celeste?”

She stands up, and, unbuttons her jeans, showing off her beautiful pink satin, and, lace panties, which have a very nice bulge, she then pulls her panties, and, for the first time, I see her beautiful cock, which I guess is about 7 or 8 inches long.

“Are you sure you’re ready to go that far?”

“I’m sure.” I say, pulling her in, and, kissing her deeply, wrapping my hand around her thick, hard cock, stroking it gently.

“Ok, lay on your back.”

I lay on my back, and, she pushes my knees up towards my chest.

“I’m going to tongue your ass first.” She says, dropping to her knees.

“Please be gentle.”

She spreads my ass open, and, begins to slowly run her tongue around the dirty rim of my ass, then, licking right on my asshole.

“Oh my God! That feels good!” I moan out.

“Let’s see if this asshole is ready for a good fucking!” She says, sucking on her middle finger, and, slowly inserting it into my tight, virgin asshole.

“Holy fuck!” I moan.

She genlty works her finger in and out of my asshole.

“Ready to have my cock in your ass, Steve?”

“Yes, but, please wear a condom.”

“Of course, lover!” She says.

I wat she reaches into her drawer and takes a condom out from the box.

“Help me put it on, Steve.”

I reach down, and, help slie the condom onto her rock hards cock.

I gasp as I feel her press the head of her cock on the rim of my asshole.


“Relax, Steve, it’ll only hurt for a second.” She says, as she pushes in, just a little bit.

“It hurts!” I moan out.

“I know it hurts, but, I promise it’ll stop, just let me….” She says, as she rams herself the rest of the way into my tight asshole.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD!” I scream out.

“You’re gonna love having your ass fucked!” She says, as she begins to fuck me, slowly at first.

“Please, no more, it hurts, please stop!” I moan out.

She ignores my pleas, and, starts fucking me harder, and, faster.

I can already feel that my ass is bleeding.

“Your ass is so tight, you’re gonna make me cum. You do want me to cum in your ass, don’t you, Steve?”

I just look at her, it hurts so bad, I just want her out of my ass.

“Do you want me to stop?” She asks.

I just nod my head ‘yes’

“I’m so sorry, Steve!” She says, as she slowly begins to pull out of my ass.

She lays down next to me, and, we begin kissing again, and, before too long, I feel her hand go between my legs, and, go around my cock.

“What are you doing, Celeste?”

“I want you to feel good again, let me stroke you until you cum, please, Steve.”

“Ok, but, I like having my nipples played with while I’m being stroked.” I say.

She just lays there, and, slowly begins to stroke me, while, sucking, and, biting on my nipples at the same time.

“Oh God, that feels good!” I moan out.

“Cum for me, Steve!” She says, as the first drops of precum begin to ooze from the head of my cock.

“That’s it, cum for me!”

And, with those words, my cock jerks, and, I cum all over her hand, and, wrist.

She lays back down next to me, and, licks my cum off of her wrist, and, hand.

“Feel better, Steve?” She says, smiling softly.


“Stay here tonight with me, Steve, please?”

“I’d like that!” I say.

“Then let’s go to bed!” She says, turning the light out.

“We can make love again in the morning!” She whispers in my ears, as she kisses me goodnight.

To be continued…..

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