truth serum

(This fictional story is based on the ’77 to ’84 TV sitcom, Three’s Company)

As the airport shuttle van pulls up in front of a Santa Monica apartment complex, Gary Sutton climbs out and grabs his luggage. He walks into the building courtyard and heads toward his ground floor apartment.

“Good to have you back, buddy. How was the vacation?” Gary turns to look and sees Jack Tripper, Chrissy Snow and Janet Wood sunning themselves by the pool. The trio shares an upstairs apartment.

Jack Tripper is a happy-go-lucky kind of guy. He is an aspiring chef who has a platonic living arrangement with his two good looking female roommates.

Chrissy Snow is a ditzy blonde with a knockout body. She’s the daughter of a preacher and she works part time as a secretary.

Janet Wood is a feisty brunette pixie who works at a flower shop. She is a smart girl with a nice body but her personality is a little over-bearing.

How Jack manages to live with these two fine young ladies without ‘tasting the goods” is beyond everyone’s imagination.

Gary puts down his luggage, outside his door, and walks over to the pool. “I had a great time Jack, but it’s good to finally be home,” says Gary.

“Oh, hi Gary,” says Chrissy. She has been lying face down on the pool deck and props herself up on her elbows, giving Gary a great shot of cleavage from the buxom blonde.

“Where did you go on vacation?” asks Janet, reclining in a lounger. “I went to Columbia, South America,” answers Gary. “Why would you want to go there?” she asks.

Gary tells her, “Well, my old college roommate is from there and he has been trying to get me to visit; so I finally took him up on the invitation. I’ve been down there for the last ten days.”

“He lives in Bogotá and I really found it to be a beautiful city to visit. It sits high in the mountains and is actually quite a large city. I went to several historical museums and saw the busy city life there. Then we took a jeep for a few days, and drove around to many small villages in the mountains.”

“I took a ton of pictures while I was there.”

“I would love to see the pictures sometime,” says Chrissy.

“I’ll tell you what,” says Gary, “I’m taking the film in to be developed today. “I’ll get them back this evening. If the three of you aren’t busy; I can come by about 7:30 or 8:00 and we can look at them. I’ll pick up a bottle of wine for you girls and a six pack of beer for me and Jack. We can make a night of it.”

“That sounds great,” says Jack, “but I have to work this evening at the Bistro. I’m closing the restaurant tonight and won’t be back until after midnight. If the girls want to have you over then I’ll just have to see the pictures later.”

Janet and Chrissy both express their desire to see the photos tonight. “Great then, it’s a date,” says Gary. “I’ll come by about 8:00. I’ll be sure and save you a couple of the beers, Jack.” Gary heads back to his apartment to unpack.

Later that day, Gary takes the film to the camera shop and then picks up the pictures early that evening.

He rings the doorbell of Apartment 201 about 8pm and Janet answers the door. “Come on in, Gary,” she says. “Let me help you with those,” as Janet takes the bottle of wine from Gary.

“You can put the beer in the refrigerator and I’ll get some glasses for the wine. Chrissy, Gary’s here, come on out.”

Chrissy exits the bedroom and greets Gary. “I hope you brought the pictures. I just love to see vacation photos,” says Chrissy. She is hopping up and down, like a child waiting for a present.

Chrissy is wearing shorts and a tight t-shirt. Her breasts are jiggling up and down. Janet is also wearing shorts but a looser pull-over top.

“Let’s sit on the couch,” says Janet. The three move to the living room, Gary with a beer and Janet with two wine glasses and the bottle of wine.

“You girls sit on the couch,” says Gary, “and I’ll sit on the ottoman across the coffee table. That way I can explain the pictures to you. I had double copies made so you can both look at them at the same time.”

Janet smiles and says, “That will be perfect.” Everyone settles down and Gary opens the wine and pours a glass for each the girls.

“Before we look at the pictures,” says Gary, “I wanted to tell you two about the gifts that I bought both of you.”

Chrissy beams, “You bought us gifts, how sweet of you.” Janet teases, “Gary, you didn’t have to buy us anything. What did you get us?” Janet is rubbing her hands together in anticipation.

“I bought you each some cologne,” explains Gary “but it won’t be shipped to me for about a week.” Both girls are ecstatic. “We just love cologne,” they both say.

“I found this great boutique,” Gary says. “The woman, who runs it, makes perfume especially for the particular woman. She says that each scent is different on each woman. She says that your skin moisture and perspiration is what activates the scent.”

“She asked me to describe each of you to her. She wanted to know what you looked like and what your personalities were like. I don’t know how she does it but the perfumes that I smelled were quite exotic. I hope that both of you will like them.”

“I can’t wait to try it,” says Chrissy. “I don’t know if I can wait a whole week.”

“You don’t have to wait a week,” Gary tells her, “the lady gave me two cotton swatches that you can try. What she said that you do is to put them in your mouth and get them moist. This evidentially activates the compound, in the swatch. She said that you should then rub the swatch on your wrists and you will be able to smell the scent. Each scent should be different, on the two of you.”

“That sounds very interesting,” says Janet. “Did you bring them with you?”

Gary reaches into his pocket and produces two plastic baggies, each with a cotton swatch.

“Now remember,” says Gary, “keep them in your mouth long enough to get them good and wet.”

Both girls open their zip lock baggies and remove the swatches. They put them in their mouths and move them around for about a minute. When they are nice and wet, they take them and rub the swatches on their wrists and forearms.

Both of them wait in anticipation to see how they smell.

“I don’t smell anything,” says Janet. “I can’t smell anything either,” says Chrissy.

Gary looks disappointed. “I’m sorry girls. There must have been something wrong with the swatches. Maybe I had them in my pocket for too many days. I’m sorry for this but I guarantee you that you will really love the real cologne, when they get here.”

Janet sweetly says, “That’s OK, Gary. You had the best intentions. Anyway, why don’t we start looking at the pictures?”

Gary hands each of them a separate packet of the photos and the girls start to view them.

While Gary was in Columbia, he made a very interesting discovery.

The borrachero tree grows there quite commonly. The flowers of this tree are locally called ‘Devil’s Breath’. The people down there say that the flower will ‘steal your soul’.

This same flower is where they extract the main ingredient to make scopolamine, which is truth serum.

Locally, the extract is used to make a zombie drug. People who ingest the powder extract become susceptible to any suggestion made upon them.

People, under its influence, have been known to completely drain their bank accounts and gladly give the money to whoever asked them to do so.

People have also been known to help others to load up trucks with all their belongings and happily wave goodbye to them, as the robbers drive away.

This drug does not put the person into any kind of stupor or drunken state. They act perfectly normal, except for their vulnerability to suggestion.

The drugged person wakes the next day with absolutely no recollection of having taken the drug, or of any actions they performed while under its influence. Their memories of the incidents are completely erased.

“These pictures of the ancient gold artifacts, in the museum, are breathtaking,” says Janet.

“I can’t believe how beautiful and lush green the mountains are,” says Chrissy.

The girls are quite pleased looking at the photos. They marvel at all the beauty and express their desire to travel there someday.

What they don’t realize is that the cotton swatches they washed in their mouths were contaminated with the borrachero tree flower extract.

After about fifteen minutes of viewing the photos, Gary makes an observation of the two girls.

Janet and Chrissy have been looking at the same photo for several minutes. Their eyes are fixed on the pictures and they are not making any comments anymore. They appear to be under a spell.

“I think it is time to quit looking at pictures,” commands Gary. “Hand them back to me.”

Without saying a word, the girls put the pictures back in the envelopes and give them to Gary. They both then just sit on the couch, with empty eyes.

“How would you girls like to play a game?” asks Gary.

“Sure, why not,” says Chrissy. “I just love games,” says Janet.

“OK,” says Gary, “this is going to be a quiz game. It’s Janet against Chrissy. I will ask the questions, keep score and be the judge. The winner will get a dinner, at a nice restaurant, with me. You want to play?”

Janet speaks up first, “A dinner with you? That sounds terrific.”

Chrissy counters her with, “I’m going to beat the socks off you, Janet.”

“All right then, here are the rules,” explains Gary. “I will ask each of you the same question. I will score you based on your answer. You must answer all the questions and you must answer honestly. I am the judge and you are required to following all my instructions, to the letter. Do you both understand?”

Janet and Chrissy nods their heads ‘yes’.

“Janet, you will go first. I’ll need a paper and pen to keep score.” Janet gets both items and hands them to Gary.

“First question…..Janet, are you a virgin?”

Janet’s eyes widen in disbelief and then she responds, “I think that is a rather personal question.”

Gary corrects her, “The rules are that you must answer every question and answer honestly. If you’re going to play the game then you must follow the rules. Now answer the question.”

Janet makes a sour face and answers, “No”. Gary marks on his paper.

“Chrissy, are you a virgin?” She answers without complaining, “No.”

Gary marks his paper again. “OK, it’s a tie score so far.”

“Second question…..Janet, how many times have you had sex with a man?”

Janet still looks a little perturbed but answers, “Six times.”

Chrissy looks astonished, “Janet!! Six times, really?”

Janet fires back, “If I had your body Chrissy, I wouldn’t have to put out so often to get more dates.”

Gary interrupts their bickering, “No arguing, back to the game.”

“Chrissy, how many times have you had sex with a man?”

Chrissy wrinkles her forehead, thinking, and says, “Twice, I think. The first time I’m not sure but the second time I am sure.”

Gary laughs, “How can you not be sure?”

Chrissy responds, “Well the first time a guy used his fingers. The second time he used his, you know, thingy.”

Gary laughs again, “Fingers don’t count. The score for this round is Janet 6 and Chrissy 1.”

Janet perks up from her disapproving attitude and lets out a self-indulgent cheer. Chrissy has a pouting frown on her face.

“Next question…..Janet, how many times have you given guys a blowjob?”

Janet raises her eyebrows but answers, “Two times.”

Gary moves on, “Chrissy, how many times have you ever given guys a blowjob?”

Chrissy frowns even more now.

“None, but I’ve given a bunch of handjobs before. I like doing that. I like to see if I can make the guy shoot and hit the roof of his car. A guy tried to push my head down one time but I wouldn’t let him.”

Gary shakes his head, “Handjobs don’t count. The score for this question is Janet 2 and Chrissy none.”

Janet is now elated, clapping for herself; and Chrissy is sulking like a child.

“Fourth question…..Janet, have you ever had anal sex?”

Janet snaps back immediately, “Oh God, how gross. I would never do that.”

Gary then asks, “Chrissy have you ever had anal sex?”

Chrissy looks confused, “Gosh no, I didn’t even know people did that.”

“No score for this round, ladies,” Gary tells them.

“All right Janet,” Gary asks, “who do you think has the best breasts, you or Chrissy?”

Janet sarcastically says, “That’s not even a fair question. Of course Chrissy, look how big they are.”

He then asks, “What do you think Chrissy, who’s got the best pair?”

Chrissy thinks to herself, “Finally some points to score.”

“I’ve got to agree with Janet. Mine are pretty nice and big,” replies a grinning Chrissy.

“Well, I didn’t ask who was bigger,” Gary corrects them. “I asked who was best.”

“Since I am the judge; it is my duty to determine the winner of this question. Both of you stand up.”

Janet and Chrissy rise up from the couch.

“Now, stand up straight so I can look at you; and turn around slowly.” Both girls do as they are instructed.

Gary looks at them and ponders for a moment, “I’m really not getting enough information here. I need a little more to make a judgment. So take off your shirts and let me take a look at you.”

Chrissy is a bit surprised by this, “Our tops?” she asks.

Gary confirms his request. “You have to follow the rules. You must do everything that I tell you to do. Now off with the tops.”

Both girls comply, but with reservation, by removing their tops and then tossing them on the couch.

“OK,” Gary tells them. “Now, do the same routine again. Stand up straight and turn around slow. I need to see the real you.” Once again the girls follow his commands.

Gary shakes his head, “No, this isn’t quite giving me the full picture. There is something that I’m missing here. I know, remove your bras.”

The girls look at each other in amazement; and then do what they were told.

“That’s what I’m talking about!” Gary responds in a positive voice. “This is what I needed to see. Now I can get down to making a decision.”

“Let’s see, Chrissy, you were the favorite choice. I’m going to need to feel your breasts. OK?”

She rolls her eyes, “Sure, go ahead, guys have been grabbing by boobies since I was 14.”

Gary walks over to Chrissy. She does indeed have some nice C-cup breasts. The only drawback is that they are a little saggy. He can see these being pancake type, in about 20 years. She has very large, light brown, areolas. Her nipples are average size but basically flat.

Gary reaches up with both hands and starts to caress her tits. “Very nice form here; and a man has plenty to work with here. Let’s just see if we can get these nipples to stiffen and grow.”

Gary starts to suck on one of her nipples and Chrissy lets out a moan. “Oh Gary, I like this game. You take all the time you need to make a decision.”

Getting one nipple to rise, Gary turns his attention to the other one. Sucking that one, he keeps massaging the other and rolling her now erect nipple with his thumb and finger

“I’ve finished up here. Let’s move on to Janet.”

Chrissy lets out a sigh, as Gary quits sucking on her breasts.

Janet is standing there, with her jaw dropped half open, shocked by the proceedings.

Gary walks over to Janet. She has only modest B-cup breasts but they are very firm and round. Her areolas are only penny sized and a dark chocolate brown. Her nipples are incredibly large and long. They look erect normally.

“Your turn Janet, you ready?” Gary says. “I sure hope so” she replies timidly.

Once again, Gary uses both hands and fondles each breast. Janet immediately gasps as her nipples quickly stiffen, in reaction to his touch.

“Do you let guys touch these beauties? They must love these nipples,” Gary says with a smile.

“They sure do like to suck on them,” Janet responds.

Gary lowers his head and takes a nipple into his mouth. Just like a baby on a teat, he is nursing away.

Janet grabs the back of his head and pulls him tighter. “Oh Gary, I can’t take much more,” she moans.

Gary moves to the other nipple and then quits after a while. When he backs away, Janet is swaying from the ecstasy coursing through her body.

“To be perfectly fairs girls, I must call this a draw. You both have equally wonderful breasts.”

The girls are still reeling from the experience. They seem pleased with the scoring though.

“The next question is about maintenance,” continues Gary.

“Do you girls trim your pubic hair or do you let it grow natural? If you trim, do you do it yourself or have it done at a salon? You go first, Janet.”

She quickly says, “Yes, I do trim it but I do it myself and I only trim what is necessary. I tried waxing one time, but it hurts too much.”

Gary turns to Chrissy for an answer.

“Yes, I do keep myself trimmed but I go to a salon for waxing. I like a nice, neat bikini trim,” says Chrissy.

Once again, Gary tells them, “This calls for a decision by the judge. I’m going to need to do a visual inspection. I want you both to remove your shorts and underwear.”

Without questioning him, Janet and Chrissy remove their shorts and panties. They step out of them and leave them on the floor.

Chrissy has a very nice triangle pattern. The light blonde hair is removed almost up to the edges of her pussy lips. It is gone from below her pussy and down around her ass. The top portion is removed so that the smallest bikini can be worn.

Janet has much more hair, and dark brown. She keeps it shaved low on top but only trims it slightly up from the inside of her legs. It is also thicker than Chrissy’s; but they may thin out Chrissy’s hair, at the salon.

“I’m sorry, Janet,” says Gary, “but Chrissy’s wax job just looks so much better. I’m afraid she wins this round. In fact, I’m giving Chrissy two points this time. But don’t get me wrong. Yours looks very attractive too. It’s just that Chrissy’s is quite exquisite.”

Janet seems contend enough with the decision.

“Well girls, we’re getting down to the final rounds. It’s real important that you do well, if you want to win the prize. I wish the best of luck to both of you.”

“The next question is a compound one. You will need to explain your answers completely.”

“The question is has a guy ever fingered your pussy, how did you feel about it and has a guy ever brought you to orgasm doing that? Janet, you go first as usual.”

Gary then points to Janet.

“Yes, guys have done that to me. I guess it feels OK but most guys act like their digging for gold or something. And no, they never got me off that way,” replies Janet.

“And now your answer Chrissy,” pointing to her.

“I told you already that a guy has done that to me before. It felt pretty good but like Janet says, guys seem to fumble around. They’ve never gotten me off like that before either. I don’t understand why they can’t. I can get myself off when I do that, every single time,” says Chrissy.

Janet is standing there nodding her head up and down in agreement.

“I’ve got to give Chrissy another point this time,” says Gary. “She elaborated more on why she can get herself off but men can’t; while doing the same thing.”

“And this is perfect timing for the next event. Now we are going to see who can climax faster.”

“You girls seem to know just how to reach your own climax; so I can’t have you do it to yourself. What we are going to do is see how fast one of you can get the other one off.”

Gary moves the coffee table away to open up the floor area.

“All right Chrissy,” he says. “I want you to lie down on your back, on the floor here.” She does as she is told, and lies on the floor.

“Now Janet,” he explains, “you get down on your hands and knees. Get right over the top of her and face the opposite way that Chrissy is lying down.”

Janet follows the instructions and they are both now in a 69 position.

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